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Name: 20210406_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 6, 2021
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as the southern border crisis, censorship, vaccine passports, and MLB All-Star game move. He criticizes mainstream media for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 while promoting a globalist agenda. Jones encourages people to support alternative media outlets like InfoWars and fight against the New World Order agenda. He also highlights the hypocrisy of politicians and corporations and encourages boycotts as a form of protest. The show promotes CitizenStronghold.com, which sells body armor at discounted prices with the code ALEX. InfoWarsDomains.com is also promoted for registering domains or building websites, as Epic is one of the few domain registrars that upholds free speech. Floyd's drug dealer admitted to selling him drugs before his death by overdose, but Black Lives Matter threatens riots if Chauvin isn't convicted of murder. Trump fell 300 spots on Forbes billionaire list due to sacrifices made for the country. Jones discusses how the Biden administration is destroying infrastructure and net- zero climate change goals are impossible. Oregon Department of Education claims math is racist because it requires a correct answer, while Jen Psaki denies that Biden ever said the MLB should move the All-Star Game when he literally did. Kamala Harris returned to her hometown of Oakland for the first time since inauguration but had little support from her constituents. The video talks about the dangers of centralization, control and social credit systems, comparing vaccine passports to such systems where dissidents are monitored 360 degrees and can be denied opportunities if they act like "bad citizens". The speaker argues that a vaccine passport would set a dangerous precedent and would restrict basic freedoms of those who do not fully comply with government mandates. Jones promotes various products such as Kava Kava Root Supplement and RocketRest for better sleep. He mentions that big tech is using cell phones to steal data and share it, but people can take control of their own environment by using privacy pouches and pocket pockets. Finally, Jones comments on the UK government's plans to introduce domestic vaccine passports and how they are funding companies building the technology."

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First and foremost, I want to thank you for choosing us.
Believing that America is worthy of your aspirations.
Every immigrant comes from America from different circumstances and for different reasons.
But you all have one thing in common.
The courage it takes to sacrifice and make this journey.
The courage to leave your homes, your lives, your loved ones and come to a nation that is more than just a place but rather an idea.
We're good to go.
And we can define America in one word.
Possibilities, since its founding.
That very idea has been nurtured, enriched, and advanced by the contributions, sacrifices, and dreams of immigrants like you, and immigrants like my own ancestors from Ireland.
Possibilities, except when they have a fake pandemic to take away your civil liberties and rights.
Yeah sure, possibilities.
The title I'm most proud of.
Citizen of the United States of America.
But now that means anything.
Now that means any country on earth.
All you gotta do is come across that southern border and they'll invite you into that facility.
But not if you're an American citizen.
No, no, no, no, no.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, the southern border is wide open.
We are on pace to accept almost 3 million illegal immigrants in the calendar year 2021.
This is an invasion.
This is a population replacement.
This is a collapse the United States of America strategy.
Most of these people coming in would not legitimately qualify for asylum.
They're coming here because it's a free ride, it's a free ticket, and party on baby.
So our crew with Alex Jones is back down at the southern border.
Here is just some of the reports that they are filing.
Tell us about this, John.
So we're approaching the border wall and we were here last week.
The gates were wide open.
No Border Patrol vehicles here.
Today we're seeing the same thing again.
This border wall is actually about a half mile inside U.S.
territory, but it is supposed to be the final barrier that makes it difficult for illegals to cross.
And every time we come out here, the gates are literally just wide open.
Completely wide open.
With no border patrol or law enforcement or any kind of agency that's going to stop these illegals from coming across.
And we saw it last week, we're seeing it again today.
It's continuing on under the Biden administration.
We now literally, literally have a wide open U.S.
border policy.
No trespassing.
Look down there in that tree line, where that dike is, the river is just on the other side of that dike.
But so now, illegals that are crossing across the river at night, they come across this farmland, this border wall is supposed to be what stops them.
And it's wide open.
As you can see, you don't see any Border Patrol presence here at all.
This is the wide open border policy of the Biden administration.
The wall and the border that Trump tried so hard to finish and close to protect America is now wide open.
And we have a guy that stole the election telling people, rush the U.S.
border, and now congratulating the coyotes on the smuggling yesterday.
So if you'd like, we can go along this border wall.
I'll show you more open gates.
Again, with no Border Patrol presence, no law enforcement presence.
So just more of what we captured and witnessed last week.
And really, we don't even know the actual numbers.
I mean, we know the numbers that we have on record.
171 illegal border crossings in March of 2021.
That's just on record.
We don't know how many people crossed without running to Border Patrol or being caught by Border Patrol.
These are numbers that are not on the books.
Border Patrol has said it's as many as 1,000 illegal crossings a day that don't even make the books.
So, what's the plan?
Who's funding all of this?
Who's facilitating all this?
Who's promoting and organizing?
What's the plan once they get here?
Most of them can't even speak English.
Most of them have no prospects.
Well, see, you're asking these questions, thinking logically, trying to figure out how to solve problems.
The real agenda here is to create problems.
The real agenda here is to collapse the United States.
The real agenda here is to set a precedent that there is no border, there is no such thing as illegal immigration.
You bigot.
You racist.
So you say, well what's the plan?
Well that is the plan.
There is no plan.
Chaos is the plan.
Destabilization is the plan.
Collapse is the plan.
So we're going to be having more from Alex Jones coming up today on the Alex Jones Show from the southern border.
We also have all kinds of breaking news.
The latest on COVID.
The world isn't afraid of the fake pandemic anymore.
And so now they're running new fear-mongering campaigns and other lies from the Democrat Party and their media cohorts as well.
So here we are at South International Boulevard.
So here we are at South International Boulevard and Rio Grande.
Right here in South Texas on the Texas-Mexico border.
And this is a giant illegal facility being massively expanded by Joe Biden, the puppet president, who said, once I'm in office, immediately surge the United States.
And now children, many of them kidnapped.
It's on record.
Even Senate reports.
I think so.
Look right here, here come the buses.
They don't want us getting this.
Let's go.
Get across the street.
Hey, you're running criminal activity.
Don't you do your color of law with us, buddy boy.
No, this is not private property.
This is a right of way.
And you're smuggling children.
You don't try your color of law with me.
Do you understand that?
This is illegal.
This is illegal and you're outside your jurisdiction.
You are a fraud.
You're a security guard and a liar.
Those are kidnapped children and families illegally being smuggled into the United States.
Don't you try your security guard stuff with us!
We know you're trying to destroy this country and we're here to stop you!
You and your boss Biden that said, rush the border, collapse this country.
Our reporters were out here a few days ago and you told them they can't be here.
Those are power poles, those are right-of-ways that the taxpayers pay for.
We have right to ride horses down this, to walk down this, do whatever we want right here.
You're putting these barriers up right here?
This right here violates state and federal law!
This is an illegal encumbrance, like everything else you're doing!
Everything you do is a goddamn crime!
And just because you come and wave your finger at us, doesn't make you the boss!
This is what you call cholera law!
Just like they're doing smuggling these children in here!
This whole thing's a goddamn fraud!
All of this is taxpayer paid for.
All of this is a giant criminal fraud.
All of this.
Stay out of my space, buddy.
I'm out of here.
You're already over here with your color of law, unlawfully trying to tell us we can't be right over there.
And this whole thing is illegal to begin with.
You ought to be citizen arrested for what you're doing.
Shame on you, aiding and abetting child trafficking.
You're destroying this country.
Go ahead and wear your two masks.
You're a slave.
All of you are pathetic!
Unbelievable, un-American garbage.
All these people are signed on to criminal activity with smuggling of children illegally, massively expanding this facility, part of the United Nations program, to collapse our border.
And just a week ago, this was packed with media.
Now there's no one here, and we're just supposed to accept this giant crime.
It's all color law garbage.
What are you guys so afraid of?
Why are you guys afraid of the media?
What are you trying to hide?
That's right, we've talked to the whistleblowers, who are good people inside, about the children being raped.
Being raped by the older children that are really adults, with fake IDs, and being raped by some of the people that work here.
And we know the FBI waived the law, which they can't do, to waive background checks.
What makes you guys think you have the authority to tell the media they can't be on public property?
Any media inquiries go to Megan Fleming.
I have to inquire you to be on public property?
Any media inquiries go to Megan Fleming.
So I have to inquire you my First Amendment right to be on public property?
You feel like you have the authority to tell me that?
All media inquiries go to Megan Fleming.
You understand how you sound?
On public property?
I'm not trying to make you look dumb, it's just that I'm trying to get you to think about what you're doing.
And the reason we're pissed off is
We know the law.
You've gotten away with every other major media organization being told they have to go across the street when this is a public right-of-way right here.
And now you're building entrances that jut out into the road.
That's an illegal...
Little production there.
It doesn't matter if you're God.
Biden says it's okay.
So I'm here seeing a giant facility, many kidnapped children inside there, smuggled children, being given fake passports, fake IDs, and traveled into the interior of the U.S.
to Democratic Party crime syndicates, and I am ashamed to be an American that this giant criminal facility is operating in plain view.
God damn it!
Morning, guys.
Good morning.
I'm gonna bring you some water.
I'm good.
I don't want it.
I don't like sunlight.
Yeah, absolutely.
I think so.
Take care, guys.
What's your name?
What's your name?
There you go.
There you go.
Can I give you more of the water?
What's your name?
Just for your fruit.
Take care, guys.
Thanks for being here.
Alright, it looks like somebody just jumped out of a fruit juice box and is now talking to Alex.
There's the loving act of the folks here.
There's the coyote smuggle.
Yes, we got it.
I just have a question, real quick.
They're so nice to us.
How come we're here to expose kids that are being raped in there, but we're told to go across the street when we're here to bring in some exposure to these migrants?
That's all a leftist PR deal.
It's like they told Senator Cruz.
Uh, you're hurting their privacy.
Smuggled children.
We have videos of children crying for mommy.
They're not with their mom.
They've been grabbed by some man, grabbed by some woman.
They're used to get into the country over and over again.
This is on record.
The Senate report found five years ago, Obama placed tens of thousands of children with smugglers, many of them sex smugglers.
Trump tried to stop that.
And now it's been started here again.
Absolutely insane.
You know what's interesting, guys, is in this facility behind us, there are kids that have been trafficked.
Biden called for a surge at the border.
He literally is the welcome wagon.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
I would change the order that the President just changed saying women who were being beaten and abused could no longer claim that as a reason for asylum.
And by the way, retrospectively,
You know, the 25th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act is up.
The Republican Congress has not reauthorized it.
Let's put pressure on them to pass the Violence Against Women Act now.
Yeah, but you didn't answer the question.
No, I did answer the question.
Did you make a mistake with those deportations?
The President did the best thing that was able to be done at the time.
How about you?
I'm the Vice President of the United States.
Secretary Castro?
Welcome, my fellow Americans.
First and foremost, I want to thank you for choosing us and believing that America is worthy of your aspirations.
Every immigrant comes from America from different circumstances and for different reasons.
But you all have one thing in common.
The courage it takes to sacrifice and make this journey.
I think?
And we can define America in one word.
Possibilities, since its founding.
That very idea has been nurtured, enriched, and advanced by the contributions, sacrifices, and dreams of immigrants like you, and immigrants like my own ancestors from Ireland, and like generations of our fellow Americans.
Possibilities, except when they have a fake pandemic to take away your civil liberties and rights, but... Yeah, sure, possibilities.
The title I'm most proud of.
Citizen of the United States of America.
But now that means anything.
Now that means any country on earth.
All you gotta do is come across that southern border and they'll invite you into that facility.
But not if you're an American citizen!
No, no, no, no, no.
You just saw Alex Jones down at the southern border at the facility in Donna.
Where tens of thousands, it'll be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, I mean who knows how long this illegal immigration pipeline criminal organization operation is going to be working.
But, think about it like this.
As American citizens are standing outside, and this was me last week, it's Alex Jones this week, and see, because we're not part of the sheep media.
We're not part of the fake news media, the dinosaur media.
We're alive.
We got a spirit.
We got a soul.
So we're saying, okay, well, let's go across the street.
Let's get in that facility.
Let's not just do everything we're told like good slaves and, well, let's stand across the street and, you know, we can barely even get a view of what's going on in there.
But this is what we're told to do.
So we're just going to stand here.
It's comfortable that way and still get our paycheck.
So it's fine.
It's fine.
Now we go right up to the facility.
We say, why are we being rejected entry?
Why are you out here doing illegal criminal activity?
Who owns this?
Who's operating this?
Think about it like this.
As you see, the American citizens, Alex Jones, Drew Hernandez, our crew out there, asking questions.
And then, what happens?
Five, six, seven security guards from the facility come rushing up to confront them?
But now, what if Alex and crew decided, we're just gonna come across the southern border illegally, we're gonna hop into Border Patrol, and then you'll be allowed in the facility?
So you see, there's no logic here, there's no common sense here.
Why is it citizens are being rejected by this facility and being confronted by a massive security force when illegal immigration is happening around the clock and they're let into that facility to play on the playgrounds and play on the soccer fields and basketball courts and eat the food truck foods that are being prepared?
Why is that?
Why would that be?
Well, because this is organized crime.
That's why.
This is a criminal operation of illegal immigration, and much worse, but that at the very least.
So this was our drone footage from last week.
This was the closest we were allowed to see into the facility.
And so you can see them playing soccer, they've got nice big soccer fields there, and they got big playgrounds inside, and they got the food trucks set up, and all the electricity and energy that they need, and they'll probably never be without power or plumbing, but after our infrastructure was sabotaged and shut down,
There's still parts of Austin and Texas and entire condo complexes and apartment complexes and housing complexes that still can't even get their plumbing back on because of the sabotage of our government.
But if you're an illegal immigrant, come right on in.
Come right on into these new facilities.
Here's a free bag of clothes.
Here's some free food for however long you need it.
Free shelter.
Need some water.
Whatever you need, we got you.
And if any American citizen dares try to even look inside this facility, we will send security guards after them.
We'll make sure that they can't see what's happening here.
You drive through Texas, you drive on the southern tip of Texas, illegal immigrants are pouring through the border.
Pouring through the border, but see if you're driving north on 281 About every 20 miles or so there's gonna be a Border Patrol agent monitoring making sure there's no illegal immigrants They're gonna have an entire checkpoints about 40 50 miles in from the southern border checking for illegal immigrants, so ironically or not so much When they were checking our vehicles
I was filming.
And I said, hey, I got a tip for you.
There's tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border right now about 50 miles south of here.
They're checking our IDs and flash lighting into our car.
Oh, yes.
Any illegal immigrants in there?
Are you all citizens?
Well, what difference does it make?
If I wasn't a citizen, I'd just go back down about 50 miles south and I'd get everything I want for free.
But hey, harass me though!
Harass me, 50 Miles Inland!
Harass me and my crew, American citizens, but the illegal immigration is happening wide, open, promoted, permitted, facilitated.
Forget about your politics.
Forget about what you think about borders or walls or immigration or illegal immigration.
How about just some common sense?
Is that so much to ask for?
Can we have some common sense here?
How about some common sense?
Americans are suffering.
We have a homeless epidemic here.
We have veterans that are homeless.
We have people that are struggling to pay bills.
We have people that have been out of work.
We have families that can't send their kids to schools.
We have families that aren't sure where they're gonna sleep tomorrow because our infrastructure's been shut down and our plumbing has exploded in Texas.
Thanks, Democrats!
Thanks, Communists!
We have an infrastructure that's collapsing and falling apart in many cities.
But what is our priority?
What do we do?
We open up massive facilities, spend billions of dollars, and put non-citizens first.
And so that's what this really is.
This is putting non-citizens first.
This is the exact opposite of America First.
This is the exact opposite of caring about American cities and American citizens.
What you're looking at is the New World Philadelphia.
A total hellhole.
But we won't be spending time and money on infrastructure here and building new facilities and taking care of these American citizens that live night by night in the streets, wondering where their next meal will come from.
No, we spend billions of dollars to house and shelter and feed and clothe and facilitate illegal immigrants.
So, where's the common sense in that?
No, the common sense would say, huh, that's an illegal
That's a criminal operation that needs to be shut down immediately and everyone involved needs to be investigated.
But that's if you want common sense, that's if you want to have a nation, that's if you want to have a country, that's if you want to have a sovereign nation state, a republic, that's if you want to be prosperous.
Apparently we're not interested in that anymore.
So, non-citizens will be put first, that's the new American way.
You come here as a non-citizen, you get the red carpet treatment, anything you want.
You're an American citizen?
F you, you piece of dirt, just die.
Well, here we are on the Texas-Mexico border.
This is part of that beautiful wall that Trump built, securing the nation, standing up to globalism, standing up to replacement migration.
But now, it's all been turned off and the gates have been opened.
Look at this.
And just about a half mile that way is Mexico, which is completely collapsed and lawless.
There's hundreds of thousands of dead.
All their guns are banned there.
So, of course, only the criminals.
There's this huge border gate that's electric that was able to close this and open it, but now permanently opened by Joe Biden.
Absolutely outrageous.
So all this infrastructure, billions and billions and billions of dollars, all completely shut down.
So the Chinese could have their ancient wall and the old Brits could have their Hadrian's wall, but
We can't have our wall here in America.
And now Biden wants our guns as well, as the crime rate explodes across the country, particularly in blue cities.
Crime rate in the US has doubled, but 80% of that has been in the blue cities.
All of this now, a relic.
of an attempt to restore our republic before it was completely shut down.
This is extremely powerful footage right here.
Look at this shot of the sun and that blue sky.
A symbol of America's sovereignty, a symbol of America's security being shut down.
While they bankrupt the dollar, while they dissolve the borders, while they demoralize us, while they tell us we're racist and evil on every channel, while they tell us that America's time is over, while he shuts down more of our coal power plants, while China opens new ones every week, and I've seen shut down coal power plants here that have the big electrical wires going into them, but again, no more power going out.
This really is the end of America.
This is modern warfare.
This is how they've shut us down.
That makes my blood boil.
Back to Owen Schroeder in a live transmission.
More reports coming up.
So, our country is under lockdown.
Our kids can't go to school.
We can't go to church.
But the border's wide open.
And illegal immigrants can house in these shelters.
And illegal immigrants can house in hotels, even if they test positive for COVID.
And move about the country.
And the youth that comes across the border illegally, they can have in-person learning.
A country totally shut down, unless you're an illegal immigrant, then you have all the rights.
And you get free stuff.
But the Biden administration that promised you $2,000 stimulus checks, hmm, they lied about that.
You never got that.
But believe me, that money, that's going somewhere.
That's going to facilitate
The illegal immigration pipeline promoted, facilitated by the Biden administration.
And now, you have northern border crossings escalating.
And that story is on The Gateway Pundit.
So, the word is out.
The United States is wide open.
No borders.
Free stuff.
Come on in.
And you'll have all the cover in the world and you'll have security detail to protect you from even having to deal with a pesky American that may want to talk about it or ask some questions or film it and report on it so that the world or that the country can see.
They don't want you to know about their criminal activity.
And the good lapdog media
Stands across the street like good slaves, not asking any questions.
Hell, they're not even doing reports.
They're just sitting out there, maybe getting some B-roll.
But you, an American, you're shut down, you're suffering, you can't get to work, you can't take the kids to school, go to church.
You had it all wrong!
You should have come across the southern border illegally.
Forget about that.
Take your family, illegally cross into Mexico, and then illegally cross into the United States, and you'll get food, you'll get clothes, you'll get shelter, you'll get security, you'll get everything you need.
By the way, there was just another shooter on a fort today, Fort Dietrich.
It's already been neutralized, but you know.
Plenty of security here, though.
I bet you a mass shooter couldn't get into that facility.
So plenty of security there.
Plenty of food.
Don't worry about that.
Everything's good.
It's all free of charge for the illegal immigrants.
Open crime being committed.
I mean, imagine... Yeah, that was footage from last night.
Shot by the True Texas Patriots.
There's a compilation of this.
Just all night it's happening.
And this is the wee hours of the night.
That's why you see the flashing yellows.
On the streets.
Because this is late, late night.
And you can see him being waved on, being moved about from bus stop to Catholic charity, from Catholic charity to bus stop.
All illegal immigrants.
And most of them don't even have a clue what's going on.
They don't speak English.
They're just doing what they're told.
And they just wanted to come to the United States.
Maybe they got family here, friends here.
So they now know.
They're smart enough to know.
Alright, well, I can head to the United States and I can get the entire trip paid for, probably even make a little profit.
I get some clothes on my back, some clothes on my children's back.
I can feed myself and my family three times a day.
I can get free transportation and eventually I'll get to where I want to go and I'll be set.
And I'll be in America then.
But imagine if I decided, hey, I'm going to build a facility here, we'll call it a stash house.
Like the stash houses that Border Patrol is busting up every day now?
Imagine if I had a stash house and I was facilitating illegal immigrants in and out of this stash house every day by the thousands.
Well, see, I would be arrested.
That would be a crime.
That would be a felony.
Oh, but if the government does it, if the Biden administration does it, then it's good, then it's virtuous, then it's allowed.
So it's not just that non-citizens have more rights than you.
The government now has more rights than you.
So the American citizen is now oppressed by its own government just in the unequal treatment from the non-citizens or to the non-citizens and the fact that you're getting shut down for a fake pandemic.
But so it's now all about
Training the U.S.
citizen to be treated like a second-class citizen.
Training the U.S.
citizen that you're dog meat.
You're nothing.
You're garbage.
You're trash.
Your only job here is to fund all the criminal activity of the Biden administration.
Your only job here is to do what you're told.
Shelter during a pandemic.
Get a vaccine when it's your turn.
Sit down.
Shut up.
Fund the illegal immigration.
Don't turn your cameras on and film it.
Don't report on it.
Don't talk about it on the internet.
Don't talk about the vaccine's side effects.
Shut up!
That's what the American citizen is told to do.
But you want to come across that southern border?
Oh, you get everything handed to you?
You get treated like royalty?
And we're just supposed to sit here and take it?
And you watch, there'll be people that write hit pieces about Alex Jones.
You know, Alex Jones goes down to the border and harasses Border Patrol, harasses the... Uh, they're running criminal operations!
Complain all you want about Alex Jones or his antics or loud voice or whatever, he's not the one committing the crimes!
See, you become so focused on your hatred.
Your hatred drives you.
Your hatred for people that tell the truth.
Your hatred for people with a certain skin color.
Your hatred for people with a certain political belief or religious belief, your hatred fuels you.
So you see Alex Jones down there reporting, talking about the illegal operation and that drives you insane, but not the actual criminal activity facilitating child sex trafficking, child rape, illegal immigration pipelines, coyotes, human smuggling, drug running, gun running.
All of it at the taxpayer's expense to the tune of billions of dollars.
You have no problem with that, because you're a liar and a fraud, and you identify as a progressive Democrat liberal, which is really translated in reality, a liar.
We're back here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroyer sitting in for Alex today.
We'll be hearing from Alex at the border throughout the broadcast.
There's a lot developing right now.
The New World Order is churning out its medical tyranny.
The good news is citizens of Earth are pushing back and they know the whole thing was a scam.
Except for those that are brainwashed and have bought into the scam.
They're more brainwashed than ever.
They're having psychotic breakdowns.
Like kicking people off an airplane for a two-year-old that's eating yogurt without a mask on.
Or having hysterical psychotic mental breakdowns in elevators because the person in the elevator with you has the mask slip beneath their nose.
These are the final deranged
Behaviors of mentally ill people that are having complete psychotic breakdowns.
So their behavior is only going to get more erratic and more insane as the New World Order of Tyranny continues to unveil itself and we continue to push back against it.
And they continue to buy into it with their Stockholm Syndrome.
And any form of resistance that they witness is like poison to them.
But there is a pushback, there is an awakening.
And what to do with the brainwashed sheep is going to become somewhat of a debate as they descent into slavery and tyranny and we ascend into human liberty, freedom, spiritual liberty.
And common sense, really, more than anything.
But it's tough.
It's tough when your fellow man, it's tough when your fellow human is buying into all of it.
And you want to help them, you want to show them the truth, and they're just not interested.
And then they get their confirmation bias affirmed by Big Brother, by Big Tech, with the censorship of all the ideas that they don't like.
And they feel good that the southern border is wide open.
They don't care that it's completely unfair to American citizens, at the very least, not to mention the criminal activity of human smuggling and child sex trafficking that's happening, that they're facilitating and cheering on.
These are the final waning moments of an insane sect of society that is moments away from having complete psychotic breakdowns.
And part of the wing of this, part of a feather of this wing, is groups like Black Lives Matter that are now issuing terroristic threats
That they will burn Minneapolis, Minnesota to the ground if Chauvin is not convicted.
That is a terrorist threat.
But Black Lives Matter has been getting away with terrorist activity for years now.
Why would it stop now?
No, it only gets worse.
And it won't matter that
George Floyd was gonna die from a heart attack or George Floyd was gonna die from a drug overdose or the fact now that we have alternative angles from the incident and Chauvin's knee was never even on Floyd's neck which confirms the findings of the autopsy.
No, that doesn't matter to Black Lives Matter.
They've said the city will burn.
We want that white cop dead.
We want that cop dead.
Or this city burns.
Don't you understand?
We're terrorists.
Don't you understand?
We're criminals.
And don't you understand that the Democrat Party and the media funds us and promotes us?
So yeah, these images that you're seeing right here from the first George Floyd riots, the first Democrat riots, the first CNN riots.
What do you do if you're a jury?
What do you do if you're a judge and you know that terrorists will burn a city to the ground if you don't give them what they want, which is not justice?
No, it's not justice.
When they say justice, they lie.
I'm not really sure what a fair punishment for Chauvin would be or if he deserves any punishment.
It's all been so convoluted.
We've all had to sit there and watch the video that the media wanted us to of Floyd dying and stare into his eyes.
It was all by design.
It was all by design.
Divide and conquer.
And instigate a group of people that have now been turned into terrorists.
Threatening to burn Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota to the ground.
And it won't just be Minneapolis, that'll be the start.
It'll be all major Democrat cities.
It'll be LA, it'll be New York, it'll be Chicago.
Maybe a little bit in Austin, maybe a little bit in Dallas.
Meanwhile though, where's the story on Ashley Babbitt?
Who murdered Ashley Babbitt?
No names, no images, no explanation.
No court dates, no big trials, no big media coverage.
What about Ashley Babbitt?
Point-blank range!
Everybody saw it.
Media doesn't care.
Politicians don't care.
We don't get to know the name of her killer.
We don't get to know who he worked for, who told him to do it.
Nope, that gets covered up, that gets pushed under the rug.
But for George Floyd, a lifetime criminal, a lifetime crackhead, 90% artery blockage, overdosed on three different street drugs, autopsy said he died from a drug overdose, never had any
Physical damage to his neck or breathing areas.
That doesn't matter to the media.
That doesn't matter to the Democrat Party.
That doesn't matter to Black Lives Matter.
What matters to them is that George Floyd is black, they're racists, and they want to burn the city to the ground.
That's what matters to them.
And so, in all likelihood, they'll get what they want.
Now, I don't know what Chauvin's fate is going to be.
But I know what the fate of Minneapolis is going to be.
It will burn.
Democrat, CNN, MSNBC riots and terrorism will commence.
Now, this jury could already be so corrupted that they may actually put Chauvin in jail.
And say he murdered George Floyd, despite all the evidence to the contrary.
Or, will it go like the Officer Wilson case with Michael Brown, where the jury of all black people decided that no, hands up, don't shoot, never happened, and Officer Darren Wilson did what he had to do to defend himself and his community.
But this will be the breakdown of civilization.
The Democrats and their cohorts in the media want it.
And the police have basically just been turned into a target for the Democrats, for the media, and now all the Democrat-run cities are a target for Black Lives Matter and Antifa to burn to the ground.
So whether it's Portland, or whether it's Minneapolis, or whether it's Kenosha,
As soon as the Democrats and the left see an opportunity for terrorist activity, they seize it.
And they burn.
And they riot.
And they loot.
And they terrorize.
And they murder.
And the media covers all of it up.
But when millions of people are in D.C.
fighting the big government corruption, the actual government corruption, at our nation's capital, that's the biggest crime ever, even though four Trump supporters died and police executed one of them, a lady, unarmed, nobody blinks an eye, nobody cares.
This is the insane times that we live in, ladies and gentlemen.
Only God can help us now.
But no one else will tell it like InfoWars.
That's why it's imperative for us to be on air, ladies and gentlemen.
So remember, shop at InfoWarsStore.com.
You like seeing us at the border?
You like seeing us out in the field?
Hell, if you just like us being on air, it is imperative that you support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
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All t-shirts at Infowarsstore.com. $17.76.
One of the objectives that has dug deep into the fabric of America is that of the Marxist Frankfurt School adherents that fled Hitler in the 1920s to the West and have managed to subvert every aspect of American culture over its hundred-year cancerous occupation to gradually foment an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime.
Fast forward to March 2021 and the Derek Chauvin trial is the main event.
20% of Minneapolis's sworn strength is on leave tonight as it stands.
Minnesota public safety officials expect that the total cost for securing the Chauvin trial will reach somewhere around $35 million.
Governor Tim Walz wants the state to pick up the tab, but Republicans say it should be up to the city of Minneapolis.
As the trial of Derek Chauvin presses forward, pressing decisions are going to be made on Glenwood Avenue too.
What are your fears, worries, anxieties?
My fear is...
That things are going to be destroyed again.
If this trial ends up with the acquittal of Derek Chauvin, then it shows that and it will show America and it will show the world that in fact black lives don't matter when it comes to the police.
A grenade placed against a Minnesota judicial system under the imminent threat of irrational Marxist thugs salivating to burn their community to the ground.
In Austin, Texas, the madness of the children of Marxism was on full display as a man is violently assaulted for merely trying to walk his apparently out of commission motorcycle in their presence.
As the George Floyd mob arrogantly grows across the United States.
Also tonight, developing news out of Grand Rapids.
A protest ending with police making several arrests as demonstrators clashed with officers.
Tonight's protest coincides with the beginning of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd.
And as the tension brews outside the three-block radius of fencing and the what could amount to the largest domestic deployment in Minnesota National Guard history for the second year in a row, the Derek Chauvin trial has already been a display of metaphors and emotions versus facts.
Mr. McMahon, do you need a minute?
We're outside the hearing of the jury.
Hanson, I'm advising you.
Do not argue with counsel.
And specifically, do not argue with the court.
Is the camera on?
Are the cameras on?
We are on the record.
No, they are not.
You will not argue with the court.
You will not argue with counsel.
They have the right to ask questions.
Your job is to answer them.
I was finishing my answer.
I will determine when your answer is done.
Okay, well... And so, do not argue with the court.
Do not argue with counsel.
New documents filed in the George Floyd case give new information about the medical examiner's findings in Floyd's autopsy.
Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hampton County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 nanograms per milliliter of fentanyl in his system.
Quote, if he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD.
Deaths have been certified with levels of three.
And if you think this is a fair and objective trial, look no further than the witnesses and potential jurors having all expressed unavoidable threats to their lives.
Whatever happens from here until the verdict is read is another tragic chapter in the decline of America under the boot of a cresting Marxist subversion.
John Bowne reporting.
So the question here is, when do we want to get serious?
When do we want to stop?
Dealing with insane political correctness.
Stop looking around the corner for racism and stop censoring free speech and just be honest about what's happening here.
The Democrat Party and the mainstream media is the biggest terrorist hate group in America today.
That's the reality.
We deal with it or we see what happens.
All right, folks, we've just been given permission to go through the border wall by the company that owns the private land here between the border wall and the river, the actual border of Mexico.
So we're going to go and drive down to the river to show just how easy it is under the Biden administration to get into the United States of America.
Now, we just saw an article by Biden saying that they are considering fixing the gaps in the border wall.
That's smoke and mirror, folks.
It doesn't matter.
They could close the wall completely, but the fact is that Biden is allowing migrants with children to come into the United States.
He's funding it.
He's assisting it with the help of the Endeavor Group.
That's probably funded by Soros and other rich Democrats to sit there and give these illegals $1,200 debit cards, a free plane ticket in first class to fly to the destination city of their choice.
And Tim, just to be clear, it came out, Lou Dobbs even exposed it, got in a lot of trouble for it.
Soros was in Reuters three years ago saying they give $200 on these debit cards to people and that through UNICEF and the UN they're running it.
Trump ended that UNESCO plan where we had unofficially joined a treaty back under actually George W Bush.
To let the U.N.
direct who can come into the U.S.
So it was actually the U.N.
was in control of that.
Just like when you see the invasions by the Muslims of Europe, that is all run by that.
So yes, when you say probably by Soros, I mean, currently, yes, that is going on.
Currently, that's happening.
But now it's direct taxpayer money for the giant facilities they're expanding down here.
Yeah, absolutely.
And we know that the Biden administration just awarded an $86 million contract to ICE to buy out all the hotel rooms down there.
Well, I mean, he told them, surge the border, and just yesterday said, you have a lot of courage, good job.
That's exactly right.
Here's one of the gaps we're talking about in the border right there.
If you look to your right, right there, you can see the gap.
Okay, literally a child could come across this border unassisted, actually.
And we're going to show you just how easy it is.
Like I said, we're doing this with permission of the landowner.
And remember,
We're all supposed to wear masks.
We're supposed to follow all these laws.
But the FBI, quote, waive the rules so that people working at these facilities have to have background checks.
That is so criminals can come in and out.
And you guys are experts at this.
You work for the State Department.
We've noticed when they come in, they don't even check IDs.
They just write who they are on a clipboard.
Don't even check who they are going into a facility with thousands of children.
That's exactly right.
When we were at the Donna facility just a few short minutes ago, we literally watched someone drive up to the guard and say, I'm with Allied.
And the guard goes, oh, OK, and just waved them through.
There was no ID check.
There was no accountability whatsoever.
And they're allowing them access in the facilities where these children are kept.
And we know for a fact from talking to some of the Border Patrol and ICE agents that children in these facilities have been raped by adults.
They've raped each other.
This week in
The UN, all of them, and I agree with the assessment, 80% of these girls have been raped.
They've been raped, and so when they get to these facilities, they act out on that behavior, and they rape other children, or they masturbate openly.
Like I said, ICE agents have told us this.
A lot of them are.
They're not Mexican.
These are Guatemalan street kids from Guatemala City who've been huffing glue, paint, that basically make Mowgli look like a saint from the Jungle Book.
And so they're like the equivalent of 30-year-old drug addicts.
They're 17, 18.
That's just what their IDs say.
Literally raping babies.
And they're literally just taking babies from these foreign countries and bringing them across the border.
That's exactly right.
It's like carrying a football over the touchdown line, right?
To score that touchdown, to score that free pass into the United States of America.
All right, we're up here to the levee, we're up here to the dam, and he said we can keep going.
I don't know why we're not keeping going.
We're gonna get out real quick.
I think he's just checking out to see what the road looks like.
All right, here we go.
Hey, they let us in.
Let's do it.
We're just not going to Mexico.
We're on the border.
I'll give you an example.
You go to Big Bend, the park rangers harass the hell out of you when you even get by the Rio Grande until you shouldn't be there.
But here it's just completely wide open.
And the cops are all very, very nice and have been on our side.
They all are absolutely outraged.
We're not going to say who we've met with, but we've talked to, let's just say the highest level law enforcement around here is very upset about what's happening and said, you know, they're 100% behind us.
That's exactly right.
I can't even say how many police officers have come up to us off the record and say, we're so thankful you're here.
We're so thankful you're exposing this.
The people need to know this because we're being overrun.
We're literally being overrun.
So you probably can see the river.
That's right there.
If we walk right there, we can probably see the river.
If you want to walk over there.
Absolutely, you want to radio them and this is a good spot right here or maybe... Hey guys, we're going to pull over right here, see if we can see the river from right here.
That is the river.
Yeah, there it is right there.
But if they want to keep going forward, I guess we can.
Well, let's go check it out and then we're on a point.
We'll keep a lay of the land.
So, if you look right here, that's the Rio Grande, right?
That's the border, okay?
So, currently, the way it's set up, anybody can take a raft, come across the border, okay?
Now, if you look over to this side, there's a little levee right here, and as we showed you when we were driving, the border wall is about a quarter mile up the road, and all the gates to that border wall are completely open with not a single Border Patrol agent at any of the gates.
And before I've been down there, they're at all the gates.
They'll be talking to us, asking who we are.
Now it's just a stand down.
And they're just giving the kids and told to deliver them to the facilities.
If you look, you can see right there a footpath going right down to the river.
If you look over there.
Oh, absolutely.
Yeah, right there.
You can really see the footpath going down where they launched the rafts from.
This man has been at the Arizona and Texas border a while.
He was coming down this weekend.
We ran into him.
What do you make of this?
This is part of the river.
This is where the cartels, where the human traffickers, where they pay, the actual migrants will pay the traffickers to take them across this river.
Right now, it looks peaceful, but sometimes this river can be pretty rough.
And the people, I mean, reports last week, a six-month-old baby was actually thrown into the river.
Not the specific location, but these are the types of horrors that are happening here.
At the southern border.
And remember that when we're all told we gotta live in an anti-state, you turn our guns out.
It's insane.
Beautiful area down here though in it's own way.
You can see the footpaths over there.
I'm gonna get you a shot of this.
The armored truck has been on some real adventures.
Oh yeah, you can see.
Let's drive on down and see some more of it.
So that is Alex Jones reporting from the border, ladies and gentlemen.
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It addresses the biological weapons.
It addresses the forced vaccines and the vaccine passports or travel.
It's all in there, folks.
Back by popular demand at InfoWarsStore.com.
Endgame DVD.
Now again,
You're noticing you're not seeing anyone else really doing the hardcore news coverage that InfoWars is doing down there on the southern border.
A couple people have popped up in some locations to shoot reports, but they're not giving you the real story.
They're not giving you the behind the scenes.
They're not even pressing to figure out what's really going on.
InfoWars is.
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Global tyranny is afoot.
The infrastructure has been built, the battle plan laid out, and it is now being executed.
And the only path to victory begins with resistance.
But first, we need understanding.
We need acceptance of this reality so that we then can properly prepare for the resistance and the pushback.
And it's beginning to happen right now.
And in many ways,
Infowars has been the alpha, the genesis of the resistance, of this pushback.
That's why we've been targeted for censorship off the internet, unlike anyone else that you've seen.
But now that we're a year into this fake pandemic, and I get emails from people saying, don't call it fake, Owen, you're just turning people off.
I got COVID.
I know some people that have gotten COVID.
I never said COVID was fake.
The pandemic is fake.
There is no pandemic.
The death rate in the United States did not go up a single percentage, not even a fraction of a percentage.
It was 1.8.
In the year 2019, it was 1.8.
In the year 2020, it'll be 1.8.
In the year 2021, unless we actually do all take the vaccines, then it probably will see an uptick to about 1.9, maybe 2%.
And that'll be a nice little victory in Bill Gates and the global eugenicists cause.
But really, they want those numbers to be about 98%.
They want about a 1.8 survival rate.
But that's just the beginning of the understanding.
Then, once you have the understanding, the resistance, the pushback begins.
So we are beginning to see this en masse, not just with all the rallies against the masks, all the rallies against the shutdowns increasing in Europe, increasing in the United States.
New polls are suggesting that nobody's really afraid of COVID at all anymore, except for the complete lunatic fringe out there on the left that just
Buy anything they see on TV.
Here's a story from InfoWars.com.
Diners chant, get out, get out at government COVID health enforcers at a restaurant in British Columbia, Canada.
You will see a group of diners chanting for the COVID health officials to get out.
Yes, that's how it's done.
Just like the pasture.
You stand up.
They want to get in your face.
You get in their face.
You tell them you're a free citizen of Earth.
You're not going to live in fear.
You're not going to live under global tyranny.
Take your tyranny elsewhere.
We don't want it here!
And you tell them to get lost.
They have no right.
You do not consent.
They are Nazis.
They are tyrants.
And so here is that video.
Guys, let's crank up the audio on this real quick.
What do you work for?
What do you work for?
I work for the Health Inspectorate.
That angers them.
A restaurant full of people, that angers them.
They're here with their kids and their families.
And they're saying, no, you must leave.
Okay, can you understand what you're doing here?
You're trespassing on private property, exactly.
Bully them!
They want to bully you?
Give it right back to them!
Stand up for yourselves!
Stand up to a bully!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Yeah, that's right.
Get out!
Get out!
Bye, tyrants!
You're not wanted here!
Freedom wins!
Humans win!
Truth wins!
Logic wins!
And you're going to see more and more of this happening as business owners stand up, restaurant owners stand up, gym owners stand up, so the trend is just being set.
The trend is just beginning.
Now the pushback must commence.
Here's a courageous lady, a stewardess with an airline carrier,
One courageous airline stewardess resigns rather than enforce passenger mask mandates.
Her name is Teresa Mullins.
The story is at GatewayPundit.com.
We salute Teresa.
And here's what we're trying to avoid.
The Well Health and Safety Seal.
Now, you remember, we covered this last week, and it's always being pushed by Hollywood celebs.
The Well Health and Safety Seal.
It's all about forced vaccinations, forced masking, and Hollywood celebs telling you to do it.
They never wear masks.
They never take the vaccines.
It's all a big act.
It's all a big lie.
These are controlled puppets of the New World Order in Hollywood.
They don't want you to have a gun, but they have armed security.
They have walls.
So it now turns out though that the well health and safety seal that they're trying to put on every restaurant in the US to force you to take a vaccine and wear a mask, well it turns out that it's run by Chinese communists and has massive ties to the Chinese Communist Party.
That story is at InfoWars.com.
Go figure.
Here's another individual standing up.
Story at Infowars.com.
Police body cam footage shows man arrested at Disney World for refusing temperature check.
And in the video he's talking about how he spent $15,000 to be here and he gets arrested.
He gets arrested at the Boathouse Restaurant at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.
Kenny Sills, 47, arrested because he refuses a temperature check.
Of course, he had to get his temperature check to go to jail, didn't have a high temperature, and had $15,000 robbed from him because he wants to be a free citizen.
So, you know what?
He knew the cost.
He stood up.
He did what's right.
Everyone's going to have to do this, folks.
Everyone's going to have to go into discomfort zone to fight against this tyranny.
But let me tell you, the discomfort you're going to experience now is a lot less than it'll be in the future if you don't stand against it now.
So this man spent a night or a day in jail.
He lost $15,000 because he said, I refuse to be a slave.
I am not consenting to your medical tyranny.
He gets cuffed.
He gets arrested.
He loses his $15,000.
But see, Americans and people around the world are seeing the reality now that they've been lied to by the mainstream news, they've been lied to by their politicians.
Texas COVID cases dropped to record lows after scrapping mask mandate.
And all the data is in this story at nationalfile.com.
Again, we got rid of the mask mandate.
I don't wear the mask anywhere I go.
Nobody says anything to me.
Nobody's getting sick.
No super spreader event.
All lies by the media.
They said for sure people in Texas are gonna die!
No, you lied again!
You liars!
You lied about COVID.
You're lying about masks.
You're lying about the vaccine.
It's sick!
You'll never stop lying, will you?
And so because we're finally realizing that the media lied, and our politicians lied, and Fauci lied, and Gates lied, and you all lied, Americans are realizing this, people around the world are realizing this, and so a new poll is out from Gallup.
Americans' fear of catching COVID-19 drops to record lows.
Last time they...
The poll out is 49% worried about getting COVID, now it's 35%.
Soon it'll be 20%, then 15%, then 10%, then 5%, then 0%.
Because we know you lied.
Fauci lied.
Gates lied.
The media lied.
The politicians lied.
But don't worry, see?
They got something special for you, though.
Bill Gates has something special for you that they'll release that'll be much worse than whatever they release from the COVID lab if they get away with it, folks.
So more people are waking up to the fact that the COVID pandemic was a giant scam, a scam-demic, a plan-demic, but not a pandemic at all.
And it may be a dollar short, it may be a day late, but the awakening is happening.
People are realizing Anthony Fauci is a scumbag liar, big mouth, big pharmaceutical whore,
People are scratching their heads and wondering why Bill Gates is considered the most powerful doctor in the world even though he's not a doctor at all and he wants to inject you with his synthetic material and why he owns 060606 patent on things he wants to inject you with.
People are beginning to wonder about this.
People are beginning to wonder why the media lied about the pandemic.
People are beginning to wonder, hey, why did they say at least 3 million would be dead?
That didn't happen.
Why are they adding up every death that happens, even if you have COVID, as a COVID death?
Why are they saying all these deaths are from COVID when it's 87% comorbidities up to two other diseases that they had when they died, terminal illnesses and other such things, and 70% of the people that get it are obese?
Why are the people wearing masks getting COVID and the people not wearing masks not getting COVID?
Why are we seeing doctors come out with basically cures for COVID, but they're getting censored and silenced?
Why do we have studies coming out, new studies and old studies, saying that the masks become a petri dish for bacteria and disease?
What is going on here?
Were we lied to?
Were we tricked?
Are our experts morons?
Fear of COVID is dropping.
Excitement to get back to normal life is abound.
And it's not about a mask.
It's not about a vaccine.
It's about realizing we were duped.
Realizing we had everything stolen from us and it's time to get back to normal.
Like yesterday, and I guess I'm in an MLB boycott.
I just can't stomach it anymore.
But kudos to the Texas Rangers that had a full stadium yesterday.
Had a couple friends at the ballgame.
Said it was a great time.
A little bit jealous, but I think I'll probably boycott the MLB this year.
Be my first year not going to a Major League Baseball game.
Probably in my life aside from last year just because it was all shut down.
But yeah, this is the big lie I'm gonna get to.
Oh, the private industry will force the vaccine passports, not me, says Fauci, says Psaki, says Biden.
Well, that's another big lie that they're telling you.
So, Americans and people around the world are waking up to the fake pandemic.
They're waking up to the criminal activity of Fauci and Gates in their view, lying to us, lying to us about a pandemic, shutting down our economy illegally, crashing it.
They're getting it now.
All to sell you a vaccine that they're then going to use to control all human activity.
People are getting it.
So, when people on planet Earth, when the people in the United States of America begin to wake up and understand an issue better, what happens?
Well, the fake news comes to the rescue.
The fake news comes to put you right back in fear, right back in bondage.
So this is CNN's big story today.
Michigan's latest coronavirus surge.
There's a new kind of patient, and now it's all about how anybody can get it, anybody can die from it, even if you're young and healthy.
So people are no longer afraid of COVID.
They know the whole thing was a scamdemic, and so here comes CNN.
Here comes CNN.
To put you back into bondage, put you back into fear.
So, believe me, the people at CNN saw the polls that people aren't afraid of COVID anymore.
They saw the packed stadiums, they saw the packed bars and restaurants and venues, and they panicked.
They said, uh-oh, our fake news isn't working.
We're failing the New World Order.
What can we do?
We have to put Americans back in fear!
We have to tell them to live in fear!
We have to tell them to live in bondage!
So that's just what CNN did and will continue to do.
And, of course, they'll be covering up the vaccine side effects that Bill Gates gets so giddy about, playing Russian roulette with your body.
The vaccine is killing me, said Desiree Penrod in a series of Facebook posts.
The vaccine is killing me today.
My arm hurts beyond exhausted.
Headaches, stomach cramps, earaches.
Multiple people told me I look pale today.
Yesterday I was fine, but today it's taking its toll on me.
Facebook censored that tweet, or excuse me, censored that post.
And then Desiree Penrod died after receiving the COVID vaccine.
25 years old today.
A preschool teacher.
So she was obviously forced to take the vaccine because she teaches at a school.
She was forced to die.
That's just the cost of living in the New World Order.
There's a price to pay.
It's a human price.
That human might be you.
This time it was Desiree Penrod.
Sometimes it's a nurse.
Sometimes it's a nurse's baby.
Sometimes it's a grandma.
Sometimes it's Hank Aaron.
Sometimes it's Marvin Hagler.
Sometimes it's your aunt.
Sometimes it's you.
So, it is Russian Roulette.
They know these vaccines are going to kill people.
They know it's going to give people Bell's Palsy and the rest.
And who knows what the long-term side effects are?
They may know, they may not.
They may not care.
This could be the giant trial to find out, but... See, that's the cost of living in the New World Order.
That's the cost of having Bill Gates in charge of the World Health Organization.
And funding John Hopkins research and funding in the media and sending Fauci out there to put the whole world in fear of a fake pandemic so they can now come in with their population control vaccines and kill you deader than a hammer.
That's the cost of living in the New World Order.
It's your life.
It's your life.
And so the new big lie they're telling, and this is coming right from the Biden White House, from Psaki, from Fauci and others,
The private market is going to push the vaccine passport, not the government.
Oh, what a giant misnomer.
What a lie.
So you tell us to be afraid of COVID.
You spread the fear porn.
You spread the fear propaganda.
You lie about the death numbers.
You lie about the infection numbers.
You lie about the positive tests and the positive test rates.
You lie about everything.
You lie about everything!
And then you dare put the burden on the private sector to take the blame for forced vaccines and vaccine passports?
You dirty, rotten scoundrels!
Amazing, isn't it?
The biggest perpetuators of the pandemic was not the actual virus, or you living in fear because you're seeing people drop dead and get sick all around you.
No, no, no, no, no.
It was Fauci, it was the Democrats, it was the media.
But now that you know it's fake, now that you know you've been duped, now that the world is waking up to the giant fake pandemic scam, New World Order medical tyranny,
Now they want to put their hands in the air and say, well, we're not the ones making you take a vaccine.
We're not the ones making the vaccine passports a thing.
That's not us.
We just lied to you about the whole thing.
We just created the environment.
We just sold the fear.
We just pushed the vaccine.
We just did all of that.
But you should take the blame for the tyranny, not us.
In a sane world, Anthony Fauci would be in jail.
In a sane world, we would be holding Nuremberg-style trials for Bill Gates and his cohorts, and the people that ran Event 201, and the people that wanted to force the vaccine into people's arms that then killed them.
We'd be having huge Nuremberg trials.
Because stories like this are cropping up.
Chronic shortages of child's cancer drugs force U.S.
hospitals to work together.
So children are dying of cancer, adults are dying of cancer, people are dying from all this other stuff because they can't get access to the hospitals because they're shut down because of COVID.
A giant New World Order eugenics program, population control, murdering humans on planet Earth right now.
We should be holding Nuremberg trials against these people.
Just about 40 yards behind me is Mexico.
That is the famed Rio Grande River right there.
And so they call it a pejorative term, but that's where the term wetback comes from, is people would get in the water and then swim across and come over here.
So they literally had water still in their backs, meaning they were being grabbed at the border.
That term turned into a pejorative term.
But regardless, that's where the term comes from, the Rio Grande River right there.
Now you've got folks that
Live here in America.
Most of them are American citizens.
Some go back and forth into Mexico where they have families who do a great job and there are the agricultural workers right back there.
We'll show you that here in just a few minutes.
And they just picked a bunch of delicious smelling onions and also a bunch of delicious looking turnips.
So definitely great produce being produced out here.
But these aren't the people that
Obidin and the Obidin administration has told to search.
These are women and children, many of which are already being trafficked, whose families owe money to cartels in Central America.
These are mainly Guatemala and South Salvadoran and others that are now coming in.
That's what the Mexican president.
Let's come out and sit.
Biden should stop saying surge the border.
This is killing a lot of people in Mexico, a lot of people in the U.S., and a lot of Mexicans are having their children kidnapped because Psaki and others in the administration say, you got to have a 10 year old kid or younger, and then we'll give you an envelope full of money, debit cards from George Soros and the State Department and let you fly wherever you want in the U.S.
or by bus.
That's what is incredibly criminal.
And so this started under Obama.
It's escalated, but this is an incredibly dangerous area.
Thousands and thousands of graves have been found of women and children and adult men who did not pay the coyotes the full amount.
Another thing that coyotes do, and it's all over the news, you see this all the time in Texas mainly, is they have people inside tractor trailers.
And if people back home don't pay the full amount once they get here, they gotta pay half up front usually.
If they refuse to pay or can't pay,
Or if the cartels are fighting with each other, they lock everyone inside the 18-wheelers in the winter to starve to death, or during the summer they die in just a few hours of heat exhaustion.
You've seen the reports, 10, 15, 20, 30 people found dead, sometimes dozens of others barely alive.
That's how evil and wicked these cartels are, and it's been estimated by Amnesty International and others that 80% of the women, before they get across the Rio Grande, are raped.
And it goes all the way down the Texas border with Mexico, which is the Rio Grande.
It goes right through here, right through all the way to Big Bend.
to El Paso, and life has gotten so cheap in Mexico, but you see movies like Machete put out by Robert Rodriguez, where it shows a Don Johnson redneck shooting a pregnant Mexican lady in the stomach.
That's not who's shooting pregnant Mexican ladies.
It is the cartels, ladies and gentlemen.
So this isn't about race, it's about evil, it's about corruption, and it's about the third world collapsing into the United States.
And so we're going to show you some shots here of the agriculture workers
We're good to go.
This community, we've been told, was almost bankrupted by the lockdowns.
And down here, it's more authoritarian, just like Mexico is.
The people are still locked down in some areas.
They're still wearing masks everywhere.
And they just want things to reopen.
And so now Biden is pumping billions of dollars in here to fund these illegals.
And so some of that's getting in the community.
So the community's torn.
Some of them want the money to survive, and I understand that.
But still, they're then aiding and abetting.
Child trafficking and funding the cartels that are already bringing the type of corruption and really horrible lifestyle of slavery here to South Texas and other areas of the country that they've gotten in control of.
And you've got Pelosi famously saying MS-13 is all of God's children.
Remember that?
That's because they're working with these people and laundering the money.
So that's why we're in so much danger because the Democratic Party has become a purely globalist organization, a communist Chinese organization dedicated to the destruction of our Republic.
And that's why we have to understand this as part of a UN world government takeover to break our borders, to break Europe's borders.
While the global lockdown, this is the most important point, has caused mass starvation and a complete collapse, not just over the border, but also on the Texas side of the border and other areas.
Then it causes the giant migrant surge and the very UN that triggered the lockdown, ran the Wuhan virus, turns around and raises money off people starving to death, claiming they're going to feed them in Africa and Asia and Latin America and the Middle East when none of the money actually goes to feed the people.
So they're using that double-pronged attack of the fear of the virus to cause the lockdown.
Then the third world surges, the UN organizes people in refugee camps, gives them their Joe Biden shirts, gives them their debit cards, and then buys off the local government to let this take place.
But I can tell you, I've talked to the highest levels of the police here, whether it's the state police or local police, they're all behind us.
They totally agree with our analysis and they say this is illegal and needs to stop.
But it's the politicians above them that have basically been selling out.
And this is a bipartisan crisis.
I'll say this in closing.
We must, we absolutely must demand that Governor Abbott do more than just send the state police down here to write citizens tickets.
We must demand that Congress act and begin impeachment against the illegitimate president, Joe Biden.
Because this man said, surge the border.
This man now has said, good job.
You've got courage doing this.
What courage?
Kidnapping people's children?
The Mexican president says this is insane.
It must stop.
And it's collapsing Mexico.
So this is nation states under globalist attack.
If we don't have borders, we don't have language, we don't have culture, we're a tower of babble that will fall.
So stay with us.
More coming up.
This is exclusive information.
There's no mainstream media down here.
There's no coverage of this.
Actual boots on the ground now.
And Republicans are still debating whether there's a crisis or not down here.
We're expanding all these giant facilities and waiving laws and waiving background checks for people that work at the facilities, or waiving background checks for who the children are being given to!
The FBI has no idea!
The state police have no idea!
They come across, they walk through the gate, they get picked up by Border Patrol in a bus, they get taken to a facility for 7 to 14 hours on average, they're saying.
Then they take them and put them into these Democrat facilities, Catholic Charities and others, and they come right back out.
And they're put on a plane, or they're put on a bus, or they're put on a train, and just ship anywhere in the U.S.
But then, all of us as citizens need to have COVID passports to travel, and there's checkpoints, and apps, and, you know, all this crap.
This is globalism.
Collapse your borders, and then give you corporate IDs to travel around the country, and around the world, and that's their whole plan.
Have corporations enforce control, while governments sit back and allow it all to happen.
But now we see Governor DeSantis and others saying no.
We're not going to have COVID passports.
We're not going to have this crap.
This is corporations acting like government and acting like authoritarian governments at that.
So again, no IDs, no checks, no COVID testing for these people.
Not even background checks for who gets the children, but all of us have got to be watched carefully.
This is the essence of the new award takeover.
And we're fighting hard at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
That's why it's so critical for you to, again, share these reports with your friends, with your family, and say, here is the forbidden information.
And do it via email, do it via text message, because they try to block it on Facebook and Twitter and other places.
And always use whatever new URL we have that isn't blocked at the time.
They'll block it later.
So you can spread it, and right now that's BanThis.TV.
You're just as important as I am, just as important as this crew is, just as important as this information is getting out.
Because without you supporting us and spreading the word, no one's going to know.
Without you buying products at FortWorthShore.com, we're not going to have the crew to be down there, and the security, and the helicopter, and the drones, and all of this, to break information that nobody else is breaking.
We've got major whistleblowers coming out.
So many big reports once we get back to Austin.
But right now, I'm following this report in the field, thanking you all, because this is such an important historic moment.
So there it is, the latest from Alex Jones.
We're going to be having more from Alex at the southern border, I am sure, throughout the day.
Of course, I'll be back hosting the War Room again today as well.
And so I'm sure we'll be getting updates from Alex and crew down at the border.
But the situation
For the most part, has been blown wide open and exposed.
And so now it's just how much cover can the Biden administration run for their criminal activity?
Like, they're now saying, oh, you know what, maybe we will plug some of those gaps in the wall.
We'll see if they actually do that, but that's just pandering.
That's just pretending like they aren't running an illegal immigration pipeline criminal activity campaign, even though they've been completely exposed in doing just that.
Arrests should be made.
Impeachment trials is like the very minimum of what Joe Biden and Cruz should be experiencing for their illegal immigration criminal activity.
The pipeline that they have facilitated, promoted, funded impeachment trials would be a nice start.
But where are the Republicans calling for the impeachment trials?
Nope, they're just losers that do nothing apparently.
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Let's take a look at what Black Lives Matter activists are saying about the Chauvin trial.
If George Floyd's murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is going to break loose.
Don't be surprised when buildings are on fire.
Just saying.
Yeah, sounds like insurrection.
Sounds like terrorism.
Sounds like an arrest should be made, but it won't be.
She's black, see?
She's with Black Lives Matter.
You're allowed to be a terrorist now.
That's what's promoted.
Kind of like in Washington D.C.
when those two little black girls murdered that immigrant.
And a carjacking.
And the mayor immediately ran cover with ad campaigns saying, make sure to lock your car to avoid crime.
Blaming the immigrant.
Putting out new PSAs saying the same thing and now those girls will be released by the time they're 21.
For that murder.
And now Black Lives Matter activists get to say, we're going to burn your city to the ground unless you do what we say.
That's terrorism!
There should be terrorism charges levied against these groups and these people and investigations and trials, but there won't be.
The Democrats get to be terrorists.
The Democrats get to be racist.
And now look at what they're teaching kids in school.
And if students don't want to buy into the racism they're being taught, look at how the teachers try to indoctrinate them with critical race theory.
The story behind this picture, I'd rather hold on to that.
Just tell me what this seems to be a picture of.
It's just two people chilling.
Right, just two people.
There's nothing more to this picture?
Nah, not really.
Just two people chillin'.
I don't believe that you believe that.
Um, I don't believe that you look at this as just two people.
Um, I don't think you can't look at this as two people.
Truly is just two people though, is it not?
Yeah, but I think you're being, I think you're being, um, I think you're being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of.
What am I being coy about?
It's two people standing back-to-back in a picture.
Yeah, and that's all you see is two people.
I'm confused on what you would like me to speak on in that sense.
I don't think you are.
I don't know why you do this.
I'm not trying to call you out, but you come out off of mute to talk about what this is a picture of, and you act as if there's nothing noticeable about this apart from the fact that they're two people.
Well, I'm confused.
Are you trying to get me to say that there are two different races in this picture?
Is that what you wanted to say?
Well, at the end of the day, wouldn't that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?
No, it's not.
Because you can't look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences, right?
But if we're going for, let's say if we're looking for equality within all this, then why would we need to point out things such as that?
Because those things, those differences are real things.
You can't, you can't... So there you go.
There's your critical race theory right there.
They're teaching kids, they're teaching young adults, they're teaching students how to be racists.
In fact, they're not even teaching, they're forcing them.
They're forcing them.
Everything is about race.
Be a racist.
And look at the teacher trying to call the guy out.
No, see the skin color!
See the skin color!
Talk about race!
Why are liberals like this?
Why are communists like this?
Why are you such racists?
You know, the good news is there's going to be such a pushback in the face of these racists that I do believe when we've eradicated this nonsense that people will be more united than ever.
And they'll say, remember what they tried to do to us?
Remember what they tried to do to us?
They tried to divide us on race.
Remember when the Democrats, remember when the media, remember when the politicians, remember when the establishment tried to divide us on race?
Ha ha!
They didn't beat us!
We won!
But no, this is your Democrat Party, this is your mainstream media, this is your modern day liberal progressive Democrat.
They want everybody to be racist because they're racists.
They're training racists with critical race theory.
How abhorrent.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex Jones.
We're in the third hour today.
Paul Joseph Watson coming up hosting the fourth hour.
I'll be back hosting the War Room today.
I've got enough news that I'll be doing a lot of news on the War Room.
Plus, I've got a couple great guests.
Patrick Howley has an exclusive story he's going to be breaking on the War Room today.
And then Jesse Lee Peterson.
And of course, we'll be hearing from Alex before the day is done as well down at the border.
But let me explain how this works again.
You know, you can only tell a lie so long before people realize that it's a lie and understand what the truth actually is.
And so, with the COVID pandemic, we're beginning to reach that stage.
Even if people do believe it, outside of the total brainwashed leftist that just wants to become a slave and enslave the world, people just want to get back to their normal lives.
They're sick of living in fear, they're sick of all the big government, sick of the economic shutdown, they're just sick of it.
They just want to get back to their lives.
And so,
This is how it goes.
In a series of headlines, let me explain how this works.
And again, if we were a sane society, serious about living in an advanced civilization, we'd be responding to this appropriately.
We're not, but maybe that day will come.
But here's how it goes.
Texas COVID cases dropped to record lows after scrapping mask mandate.
Okay, so they lied about the spread and they lied about the mask.
So then people understand the big lie, and new polls come out.
Americans' fear of catching COVID-19 drops to record lows.
Okay, so you realize you were lied to, and the lies that told you to live in fear were not true, so now you don't live in fear anymore.
But then you notice, hmm, maybe the vaccine is what I should actually be afraid of.
The vaccine is killing me.
Facebook fact-checks woman's post about COVID vaccine adverse reaction, then she dies.
So okay, so here's how it goes.
So Americans realize you lied about the pandemic.
They don't live in fear.
Now they realize that the vaccine is killing people and they have questions.
And so here comes the very people that lied about the pandemic, lied about COVID, and forced the vaccines, like Fauci, and then they come out and say, we're not forcing vaccines.
We're not pushing for vaccine passports.
That's the private industry.
Scrubbing their hands of the blood that's on them.
Scrubbing their head of the collapse of the countries, the collapse of the supply chain, the collapse of just basic human confidence of walking around the earth.
They did all of that.
But now that we're awake to their lies, now that we're awake to the deadly vaccines, oh, no, no, no, Fauci and Clinton, oh, we won't, no, no, no, no, we're not forcing vaccines.
We're not talking about vaccine passports.
That's not us.
No, that is you, dirtbag.
We know it's you.
Don't try to pass this off like you have nothing to do with it.
We know about Event 201.
We know about Fauci's work at the NIHIH for years.
We know about the scumbag Fauci.
We have your documents.
We've seen your predictive programming.
We know about Event 201.
We know about all the things that you have like the new latest leaked documents.
Well, let's just say we had nothing to do with it.
Nice try.
We have the receipts.
So you wait, Bill Gates and Fauci and everybody else is going to try to wipe their hands of all the blood that's on it, say we had nothing to do with vaccines, we had nothing to do with a vaccine passport.
No, it was all you.
You lied about the pandemic, you lied about COVID, you probably even had something to do with the release of it, and we're on to you.
So you're not going to slink away on this deal.
You're not going to wash the blood off your hands on this deal and say, see, our hands are clean.
That's not how this is going to go.
They may think this is how it's going to go.
It's not how it's going to go.
And so Greg Abbott is trying to save some face right now.
And he has followed in the footsteps of Ron DeSantis of Florida.
And so the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott,
Has just released, he's issued an executive order prohibiting state agencies or political subdivisions in Texas from creating a vaccine passport requirement, and he says he stands for health, privacy, and individual privacy.
So, he's obviously trying to save face for the hack job that he did in the year 2020, falling for the fake pandemic, and then the hack job he did
Allowing Texas energy to no longer be independent, which has caused a complete sabotage of our infrastructure.
So Abbott trying to save face for another run at governor, saying we're not going to do the vaccine passports and we're fully open.
So hey, good for him.
At least he woke up.
Maybe it was a little too late.
But so that's how it's going right now.
But if another pandemic happens, and if these vaccines continue killing people, we know who to blame.
We know who's responsible.
It'll be the very people saying, we had nothing to do with this.
So, good on Greg Abbott.
Even though I haven't been a fan of his.
All the time.
He's doing the right thing here.
And it's just time for people to stand up and say enough is enough.
We've been doing this for over a year.
Are we going to do this forever or are we going to live our lives again?
And if you want government tyranny, then at least be honest about it.
Don't sit here and talk about a pandemic.
Don't sit here and talk about how you want to save lives.
Don't sit here and talk about mass spread, super spread events.
That's all a lie and we know it.
Do I expect you'll be honest about it?
Do I expect you to admit that you were wrong?
Do I expect you to take the mask off and stop acting like an insane psychopath?
But we the sane people of planet Earth, we the sane people of the United States of America, we're done.
We're ready to move on.
We're ready to be free again.
We don't want globalism.
We don't want a new world order.
We don't want population control.
We don't want eugenics.
We want free market.
We want free speech.
We want free movement, free commerce.
We want you out of our lives, Fauci.
We want you out of our lives, Gates.
We want you out of our lives, government!
But yes, ladies and gentlemen, expect the news media and the headlines and everybody to say, new mutant strain, four times as deadly.
In fact, Fauci just came out and said the only way, today he said, the only way to stop a fourth wave, a fourth wave!
Did you even know there was a second wave, a third wave?
But there's a fourth wave, and Fauci says the only way to stop the fourth wave is to everybody to get vaccinated.
But he says he's not for the vaccine passports, he's not the one forcing the vaccines.
What a liar!
But he's a big pharmaceutical whore!
So he has to say that.
CDC director fears impending doom if we open too soon.
A. Lie.
So, as America's getting back to normal, as 40,000 people are flooding Major League Baseball stadiums, as Trump is probably going to have another rally with 50,000, 100,000 plus, probably within a month or two,
As bars are getting open, as restaurants are getting open, as the mask mandates are being lifted, as people are getting back to normal lives, and as we see the illegal immigrant facilities with people stacked on top of each other like sardines!
The American people are saying we're done with your fake pandemic.
We want to get back to normal.
So here comes the media.
Here comes Fauci.
Here comes Gates.
Here comes the Democrat Party to tell you to still live in fear.
To tell you COVID's going to kill you.
To tell you to be absolutely deadly afraid of COVID and give over to world government tyranny.
That's the only way you can live again.
We refuse your lies.
We refuse your false narratives.
We refuse your fear.
And we will be free again.
And if you really want this battle, if you really want to stand in the way of humans and freedom, you will be annihilated!
You will be done!
Humans will be free!
And anybody who wants to get in the way of human freedom will be destroyed!
That's our destiny!
That's our will!
So good luck, tyrants!
Yeah, you're gonna murder a bunch of people.
Yeah, your vaccines are gonna kill a bunch of people.
Yeah, you'll probably release a little biological weapon that'll actually be deadly.
But we know who you are.
And we have the gift of the Holy Spirit.
We have the light and the soul of God.
And we know who's standing in between us and freedom, and we will be free.
Get out of our way!
You know, the truth is, the globalists and the eugenicists fear humans.
That's the truth.
They fear you.
That's why they want you enslaved.
That's why they want you impoverished.
That's why they want you unhealthy.
That's why they want you in fear.
Because they're afraid of you.
We are here in the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson coming up on the fourth hour.
And then I got a big War Room broadcast scheduled for today as well.
We also have some other stories that I'm gonna cover here.
In fact,
Let's go ahead and begin right now.
So, Rhonda Santis, who is doing a great job as a Trump impersonator, maybe unintentionally or intentionally, either way, it's good stuff.
No, but he's doing a great job as the governor of Florida.
Does plan on running for president in 2024, it seems.
So, 60 Minutes, though, had to step in and do something to destroy him.
Because that's what mainstream media does.
They want to destroy good men.
They want to destroy good women.
They want to destroy actual politicians that tell the truth.
See, that's the problem.
They don't like it when politicians are real and tell the truth.
So, DeSantis must be destroyed.
Cuomo, the pervert, that has, what, nine, ten women that have accused him of sexual assault now?
Media's silent on that.
The 16,000 people that died in the nursing home because of his policies?
Media doesn't really seem to mind that much either.
Oh, but 60 Minutes will do a massive hit piece on Ron DeSantis.
And then it comes out it was just entirely fabricated!
Entirely fake!
So the pervert murderer, the pervert nursing home slayer, gets
Protection by the mainstream media.
But Ron DeSantis, who actually is a good governor, who actually wants to be real and tell the truth and help people... No, 60 Minutes has to run a hit piece on him and lie about him.
So of course the whole thing ends up being totally fake.
Story at Zero Edge, it was intentionally false.
60 minutes slammed for fabricating pay-for-play narrative against DeSantis.
Publix has made a statement saying it's entirely false.
And now the Democrat mayor of Palm Beach has said it's completely false.
That was a Democrat mayor saying the 60 minutes reporting on Ron DeSantis was totally false.
Do you hear that?
So, will there be any consequences for 60 minutes?
Will Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or anybody ban 60 Minutes from their platforms for presenting false information?
Somehow I don't think so because this is their job.
This is now 60 Minutes' job is to deceive you, is to destroy targets.
That's what 60 Minutes' job is now.
That's what mainstream media's job is now.
Running puff pieces on Hunter Biden?
Talking about smoking Parmesan cheese in his crack addiction?
A 51-year-old man running cover for him like he's a adolescent child that doesn't know any better than to smoke crack for 30 years of his life?
And get naked in bed with his family members?
His underage nieces?
God knows what else this guy was doing.
But they run cover pieces for Hunter Biden.
They don't ask about the deals with China.
He just says, no, that never happened.
They just don't ask a single question.
But oh, we gotta get DeSantis.
All those women accusing Cuomo of
The sexual assault allegations?
Don't worry about that.
Nah, nah, nah.
We're not worried about that.
We have to destroy DeSantis.
See, he's doing a good job in Florida.
He's an honest politician.
He must be destroyed.
We can't have that.
That's the modus operandi at 60 minutes.
But, boy oh boy, you want to get away with anything.
I mean, you want to get away with being a drug addict.
You want to get away with being a serial abuser of women.
You want to get away with selling our country out to foreign nations.
Just be a Democrat, man!
I mean, seriously, here's the thing.
Some criminals are actually really smart.
Some criminals are actually really smart.
And so big-time criminals or murderers, they know all I have to do is be a Democrat.
If I end up getting to office as a Democrat, I got the media to cover me, I got all the people that the Democrat Party owns to cover me, I got the whole New World Order to cover me.
I'm good!
I can do anything I want!
I can go on TV and talk about how I smoke Parmesan cheese!
Uh, yeah, and everybody's wondering if it's even the real Hunter Biden.
I mean,
I think it's fair to say that those two men are not the same person.
It's like, I don't even want to go down that rabbit hole, quite frankly.
I really don't want to go down that rabbit hole.
I remember when we saw the Hunter Biden speech at the Joe Biden DNC commencement or whatever it was this summer.
I remember seeing that and saying, that's not Hunter Biden.
Doesn't look like Hunter Biden.
Totally different hairline, different hair color, different eyes, different face, different jawline, different nose.
But it's like, I don't even want to go down that road!
The world is so insane now.
So are they doing Hunter Biden stand-ins when Hunter Biden is smoking Parmesan cheese out of a rug in a hotel they have to bring in the body double?
And this is the smartest guy Joe Biden knows, he said.
Smartest guy he knows is his son that smoked Parmesan cheese out of rugs.
A crack addict for 30 plus years who does porn?
Who does porn?
And, uh, again, it's like this weird thing, folks, where, you know, we used to just present this all to you, but there's really no value in me telling what could potentially be coming out of Hunter Biden's laptop.
Because either it comes out or it doesn't.
The guy's a pervert.
The things that, the details on his laptop are so sorted, and I think there's yet to even be divulged, and it's going to involve other politicians, and it's going to involve underage people, maybe even people in his own family, beyond just the drug use and the sexual perversions, folks.
It's not good.
This guy, this is a really fallen human.
This is a really bad, badly fallen human, addicted to drugs, addicted to sex.
And a horrible influence on the people that were in his life.
Of course, Joe Biden facilitated all of it.
Joe Biden got paid off for a lot of the deals that Hunter did.
That was part of the plan.
But will 60 Minutes run a special on that?
Nope, but they'll lie about Ron DeSantis, an honest man, a good man, who actually wants to be a real leader.
But they'll run cover for the Biden crime family all around the clock, because that's what they do.
But the good news is there's people on mainstream news that have been regular guests and fill-ins and stuff on Fox that are actually like, wow, this is a lot worse than I thought it was.
We'll see how much longer they're allowed at Fox News.
There's a lot of changes happening at Fox News right now.
So they may be trying to wait out, weed out the people that are taking the red pill and realize how bad things have gotten.
Yeah, they might be waned off of Fox News soon.
I'm seeing the awakening happening on some of their outlying personalities.
But don't worry, 60 Minutes will run a fake hit piece on DeSantis, suffer no consequences.
Meanwhile, the Biden-Cramp family runs rampant, Cuomo runs rampant, and they run cover for all of it.
Alright, more Republican governors are waking up and taking a stand against the vaccine passport and trying to save their own political career as well.
Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia says he will not
Be bringing the vaccine passport to Georgia.
So that's good.
Now it's just time to reopen.
So here's the next move all you cowardly politicians need to make.
If you can figure this one out.
It's kind of difficult.
It's called freedom.
That's all it is.
It's really simple.
It's called freedom.
All you need to do is make a statement and say, you know what?
Here's what we're going to go with.
It's a total political win!
People don't want to go out, people want to wear a mask, people want to wear a hazmat suit, a welder's shield mask, whatever!
People don't want to open their business, people do want to open their business!
People want to have restrictions, people don't want to have restrictions!
People want to get the vaccine, people don't want to get the vaccine!
It's called freedom, baby!
It works!
And freedom is popular!
Freedom is good for ya!
So be free!
We'll see if these cowardly corrupt politicians can figure that out, but that's not in their agenda, is it?
Now, this is really an odd thing.
The MLB moving the All-Star Game to Denver from Atlanta is making a lot of people realize how insane and stupid and moronic our politicians really are.
And how the policies and the moves they make really have no bearings in reality.
Oh, we're moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta!
For a voter law in Georgia that actually expands voting rights!
It increases early voting!
It increases access to voting!
I mean, it's insane!
So people actually read the bill and they're like, huh!
This actually increases the ability to vote!
This makes it easier to vote!
What are they so mad about?
Well, there's always something else going on.
There's always an ulterior motive.
But then, they go even further and they say, well now hold on.
They're moving it to Denver, where there's even more, in Colorado, there's even more restrictive voter laws.
Less early voting, less mail-in voting.
Georgia's like, wide open voter laws!
Colorado's like, ehh!
So they're like, well, this doesn't make sense.
Plus, you have the Atlanta Braves that play in Atlanta, Georgia, 81 home games a year.
They're not boycotting.
They're not leaving the state.
They're still going to play those games.
Oh, but wait a second.
Maybe there's a racial angle we can find to this.
Yeah, that's what, yeah, race.
That's what we want, race.
Georgia, I believe the third most
By demographics?
Guys, in fact, look it up.
Let me see if I'm remembering this.
I think Georgia's the number three most black state in the nation is Georgia.
Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the blackest cities in America.
But I'm pretty sure Georgia's, I think, number three in America.
But guys, let's look this up.
I'm gonna try to go from memory.
I haven't done this in a while.
I believe Georgia's the number three most black demographic state in the United States of America is Georgia.
Oh, there it is!
So, so, guys, let's try to find Colorado.
I'm guessing Colorado's probably around number 40.
Let's see, let's see the, let's see where Colorado ranks for demographics for black people.
Let's see, guys, let's find Colorado on that list.
I think I'm gonna go around, I'm gonna go around 40 for Colorado.
Because, you know, everything's about race to these people, so there has to be a racial angle.
Oh, 34, it's moving up.
They're almost woke enough to have an All-Star game.
Oh, wait, they are.
So you pull the all-star game out of one of the most black cities in America and then you put it into Denver, Colorado, one of the whitest states and inner cities in America.
So your voting rights deal doesn't make any sense.
If you try to backtrack and say it's about race, that's not going to make any sense.
So what the hell is going on here?
There's an ulterior motive, there's an agenda, there always is.
MLB cuts a deal with Tencent, the Chinese company, maybe Tencent's making the calls, just like they do with the NBA.
Gotta get our product in China, that's what it's all about!
So there's two things destroying sports, greed and liberalism now.
Greed and liberalism.
The greed of wanting to get in the Chinese market and then the liberalism of bowing to the woke mob.
Now, I'll be honest.
I was jealous of my friends that got to go to the Rangers game yesterday in a crowded ballpark, nobody wearing masks, with cold beers flowing and hot dogs simmering.
Reminds me of childhood.
The sounds, the sights.
The great American pastime now being ruined by China, now being ruined by liberals once again.
And this whole BS about moving the All-Star game is just that, total BS.
It doesn't make any sense.
Nobody could actually make the arguments logically.
But yeah, there's the Texas Rangers game filled to the brim.
But I will be boycotting the MLB this year.
Last year was probably the first year in my life I didn't go to a Major League Baseball game.
Now, granted, that's because the stadiums were closed.
But I don't think I will be this year.
You want to take a knee to China?
You want to take a knee to the liberal woke mob?
I'm out.
I'm out.
Not a dollar from me, not a t-shirt, not a ticket sale, not an MLB TV subscription.
You get nothing.
But hey, nice fake boycott of Georgia.
Real nice.
Nobody could logically explain it.
But nobody could logically explain anything that the left does these days.
They've gone completely insane.
Oh, and I love this, though.
The Republicans ramp up attacks on corporations over Georgia voting law.
Threatened consequences.
What, Mitch McConnell, that limp-dicked loser?
Please, that chicken-gobbler-neck loser?
He won't do anything.
That guy's a coward and a fraud.
So, oh yeah, Republicans are really gonna do something about the corporations, guys.
Ha ha ha ha!
Hee hee hee!
Yeah, Trump maybe would.
And some of the people that support him.
Not Mitch McConnell, that little guy.
That intellectual weasel!
But let's move on.
So, you'd have to use humor.
You'd have to use irony to try to make sense of anything that the Democrats are doing.
Like this headline from the Babylon Bee.
It's a parody, but logically, the parody works.
Parents disguising kids as illegal immigrants so they can receive in-person teaching.
And he's got a little kid there with a little fake mustache and a sombrero, a little white boy.
That's probably racist, by the way.
So that's probably racist on top of the irony showing how lunatic fringe the Democrats have become.
But no, that's what you gotta do.
That's what you gotta do to be free.
I mean, seriously, if you were homeless in the United States of America, why wouldn't you just go into one of these facilities?
Oh wait, we all know why, because they're drug addicts.
But that's neither here nor there.
So your kids can't go to school in person learning, you can't go to church, but all of this is being facilitated at the illegal immigration facilities.
We played the video yesterday, and it's not the only incident.
People getting kicked off of flights for not wearing the mask.
Families being kicked off of flights because their kid, a two-year-old, is not wearing a mask.
But John Kerry, he gets to fly around the country not wearing a mask.
So John Kerry, who says global warming is killing us, flies on planes, has the biggest carbon footprint of anybody you know, and doesn't wear a mask on a plane.
A total fraud, a total criminal.
Arrest John Kerry.
But the good news is,
These abusive flight attendants that are just, again, left-wing lunatics are being fired and removed from their jobs.
So why was that family being bullied on that plane yesterday, on that Spirit Airlines flight?
Well, they're never going to give you the why because we all know the why.
It was a liberal jerk.
It was a liberal a-hole.
That's what these people are, man.
They ruin everything.
You want to avoid them at all costs.
And you can just sense them too, can't you?
You can just sense them.
I can sense them when I'm at the store and I don't have my mask on.
I can see the look in their eyes.
They're so angry that I'm free and they're not at the restaurants.
On the airlines.
Oh, you can just sense a liberal, can't you?
I mean, you can just, just the nastiness.
The hatred.
You can just sense it, man.
They just ooze evil.
They just ooze resentment.
They just ooze hatred.
They just ooze racism.
They just ooze all these negative things that they claim to be fighting.
Alright, when we come back, I'm going to finish up with these news headlines and then I hand the torch to Paul Joseph Watson before I host the War Room.
Believe it or not, I've got a loaded news desk already ready to go for the War Room that I haven't covered any of, and great guests coming up.
But one more segment, we'll cover the rest of the news here on the Alex Jones Show.
So many things developing, including George Floyd's drug dealer, get this, George Floyd's drug dealer refuses to testify
And says because he could potentially be held responsible for murder if he testified because he's the one that sold George Floyd the drugs that he overdosed on.
So Floyd's drug dealer admits that Floyd died of a drug overdose.
But Black Lives Matter already has their riot plans ready to go.
And Chauvin should not be guilty of murder.
But BLM already threatened to burn down the city of Minneapolis and other Democrat cities.
They already said, we'll burn these cities to the ground if you don't give us Derek Chauvin's head on a stick.
Because these are terrorists that we're dealing with.
So, that's amazing.
By the way, Forbes just released its new billionaires list.
Donald Trump has fallen 300 spots down.
That's what that man has sacrificed to try to save this country.
And all of you liars in media, all of you liars in politics, all of you liars that said he did this for self-enrichment, he did this for himself, you are sick, sick puppies, aren't you?
Donald Trump sacrificed everything to try to save this country, and still is.
These people couldn't even imagine sacrificing a fingernail for something more important than them.
They are complete stooges of the mainstream narrative.
They are complete stooges of the New World Order.
And they hate Trump because he's everything they wish they were.
He's successful.
He has a successful family.
He runs a successful business.
He's done it all on his own.
He was a great president.
He was the most popular president in modern history.
He was a great leader.
They hate everything about him because he's everything they could never be.
And yes, he has made great sacrifice.
In his effort to save this country, and I believe that there is more to come from Donald Trump.
Meanwhile, under Biden, everybody saw it coming.
Dollar's share of global currency reserves hits lowest level in over 25 years, all by design.
So, folks, I'm telling you, I don't know what the recovery from the Biden catastrophe is going to look like, but he will completely destroy our infrastructure.
They've already done it in Texas.
It's already happened to California.
It'll come to New York.
It'll come to Chicago.
It'll come to the big Democrat-run cities next.
They will shut your power off.
They will blow up your pipes next winter.
Your infrastructure will be sabotaged.
They will tear down roads.
They will tear down highways.
Biden's administration is coming to destroy your infrastructure.
It is an act of war by a foreign enemy.
Except it's Joe Biden.
So they're crashing our economy, they're crashing our currency, they're opening our borders, they're destroying our infrastructure.
They're taking our freedoms.
Now you've had two tankers today block the Suez Canal, so something is happening here.
Someone, it seems, wants the Suez Canal to be blocked.
And that was the one where the big tanker was there for like a week, right?
Did they even ever remove that one?
So they finally got rid of the big one, and now two more today have blocked it.
What is going on in the Suez Canal?
That's wild.
Global net zero climate change targets are pie in the sky.
This story's at zerohedge.com.
And so basically this whole net zero carbon emission, no climate change is literally impossible, folks.
Even if Bill Gates got his wish and all humans were dead, he said that in a Ted Talks, even if Bill Gates got his wish and there were zero humans left, climate change would still exist.
And there's multiple scientific examples of this, like the Vostok ice core samples, that before human activity was even known on planet Earth, thousands of years before the Industrial Age, there was more carbon in the atmosphere than there is today.
So, yes, man-made global warming is a lie and a myth, at least the way they're telling you it.
There is geoengineering happening, where they spray stuff in the sky, but they don't talk about that.
And there are some consequences to not properly monitoring some of the farmlands and not doing the backburning and taking care of some of the fields.
And you know, we do build big concrete jungles and there's a give and take to that, but no.
The lies that we've been told about man-made climate change and the goals that they are presenting to try to save us from this are all lies.
And it's all pretty much just like this.
2 plus 2 equals 5.
Oregon Department of Education pushes course claiming math is racist.
Because it requires a correct answer.
So it's now racist to have a correct answer.
So what are they really saying?
If they were really saying what they wanted to say, they'd say black people are too stupid.
So it's racist to have a right answer.
That's what they're saying.
That's what liberals are saying.
Like when they say, oh, black people can't get a voter ID.
Brown people can't get a voter ID.
Why is that?
Because they're racist.
They think you're stupid.
Democrats are racist against black people and brown people and white people.
They're racist against everybody.
So now they're saying it's racist to have a right answer because I guess they don't think black or brown people can have a right answer?
That seems racist.
And they say it's racist to get a voter ID because I guess they don't think black or brown people can get a voter ID.
That's odd!
Why are Democrats and liberals such liars?
Why are they such racists?
What is wrong with these people?
This is mass mental illness.
Here's another lie.
Jen Psaki yesterday said Joe Biden NEVER said the MLB should move the All-Star Game.
Actually, we have it on tape.
He literally said the exact thing.
You know, Jen Psaki doesn't have a clue.
I think that that's pretty obvious.
But you know what?
I give Psaki the benefit of the doubt.
How is she supposed to have any idea what's going on in the Biden White House when Biden doesn't have any idea what's going on in the Biden White House?
I mean, she's basically running blind.
So she has an impossible job.
Now, her problem is she's also a liar and a fraud, and she helps cover up the crimes and the lies and just the total disaster that the Biden administration is.
So she's allied with that.
She's interfaced with that.
So she chose that destiny.
But no, I do somewhat defend Psaki in this.
She doesn't have a clue what's going on.
Nobody's talking to her.
It's pretty obvious.
It's pretty obvious Biden has no idea what's going on, so how can Psaki have any idea what's going on?
So that's pretty much Jen Psaki's life right there.
As you're looking at it.
And Peter Doocy is the only person that's allowed in the White House press corps for Fox News that actually asks real questions.
Like people are saying, where's Chanel Ryan from One American Newsnet?
Yeah, she's banned from the Biden press corps.
What do you think?
You think they're gonna let a real journalist in there?
Give me a break.
Kamala Harris had an event in her hometown of Oakland.
Did you know about this?
You didn't.
But she's so popular.
She's so cool.
She's so hip.
California loves Kamala Harris, right?
No supporters show up to greet 81 million vote recipient Kamala Harris as she returned to her hometown of Oakland for the first time since inauguration.
There was more security there than supporters.
There were like three or four supporters, and that's it.
So Joe Biden can't draw a crowd, Joe Biden can't draw flies on a poo-poo platter, and Kamala Harris is just as unpopular.
The cackling demon witch.
By the way, did you know that they just built her a resolute desk?
You're going to notice two behavioral malfunctions about Kamala Harris that show how insecure she really is.
She's always laughing and she always has her hands above her navel because she doesn't have a clue.
She's a moron.
So her way out of these uncomfortable situations where she doesn't have a clue is to laugh and to put her hands above her navel in a confused state like she really doesn't know what's going on.
But yeah, you're so popular, Biden can't draw a crowd anywhere, Harris can't draw a crowd anywhere, nobody watches their YouTube videos, nobody watches their press conferences, nobody shows up for their events.
They are losers!
They are cheaters!
They are liars!
They are criminals!
And this is the most unpopular administration, this is the most unpopular White House in modern history.
Now why is it that Tim Cook and Apple are condemning the voter ID law in Florida when I can't even get onto my iPhone without an ID?
Oh, and look at that.
Look how they're manipulating the likes and dislikes.
They always do that.
So really, it's probably about 87 likes to about 3,000 dislikes, but YouTube just erases thousands of dislikes from the Biden White House videos to cover up how unpopular he is.
And they know they cheated to win, and that's the reason why the Arizona-Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are delaying counting of their results.
And this is why Raffensperger in Georgia is refusing to turn over the votes for the audit.
The Democrats and Republicans that allied with the Democrats in the New World Order and the Chinese Communists cheated to win the 2020 election.
They've been caught.
They're criminals.
They belong in jail.
Paul Joseph Watson coming up on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'll see you in an hour hosting the War Room.
In some ways, sending the troops was a symbolic gesture.
Only about 5,000 participated.
For perspective on how many that is, that is far fewer, about half, the number of troops that the Democratic Congress sent to Washington this winter to protect itself from an imaginary QAnon threat.
But for those with a vested interest in open borders, virtually everyone in D.C., any military presence on our border was just too much.
It was intolerable.
Official Washington went berserk when he did it.
Deploying troops to our own border for no national security reason is one of the biggest scandals of his presidency, declared a senator from Hawaii called Brian Schatz, with what looked like carefully simulated outrage.
Congressman Philemon Vela of Texas, who was then the head Democrat on the subcommittee in charge of border security, described Trump's tiny troop deployment as a political ploy designed to, quote, appease his white nationalist supporters.
It was racist.
Of course it was.
The so-called national security community claimed to be every bit as upset as their partners in the Democratic Party.
It's a craven misuse of the U.S.
Armed Forces for an obvious political stunt, said a former National Security Council staffer called Kelly Magsimin.
And that turned out to be the right thing to say for ambitious young players in D.C.
Less than three years later, Kelly Magsimin is now Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense.
That would be the political activist and defense contractor Lloyd Austin.
Hot-headed Congressman Philemon Vela, meanwhile, the one who charged racism, has now ascended to vice chairmanship of the DNC.
So in Washington, there is always a real payoff for those willing to repeat the necessary slogans.
And then the border.
How is the border doing these days?
Remember the border?
Well, the military, our military, is still involved in the immigration crisis, but not in the ways that you might expect.
American troops are now occupied serving the needs, not of Americans, but of foreign nationals who have flagrantly violated our laws.
The Biden administration is turning our military bases into housing for illegal aliens.
If that sounds like a partisan attack, something we just made up, watch the president's own flack brag about it.
Just in this past week, we've taken steps to bring a number of new facilities online from Fort Bliss, where there are 5,000 beds, to Lackland Air Force Base, where there are 350 beds, San Diego Convention Center, 1,400 beds.
These three sites alone provide a peak capacity of an additional 6,750 beds.
So you break into our country, and in return we give you free housing and medical care.
Pretty generous.
What's interesting is to note who's not getting that treatment.
Last night, more than half a million Americans spent the night in makeshift shelters or on the streets.
They're homeless.
But the Biden administration isn't even considering the use of the U.S.
military to help them, despite the fact that many are veterans.
Instead, the administration is boasting about all they're doing for the people who have demonstrated pure contempt for our system, the system that some of us prefer and would like to preserve.
The press conference we just played a clip from was 10 days ago.
No one in the media seems to have bothered to follow up on that.
Fort Bliss, for example, headquartered in El Paso, Texas, one of the largest army bases on the planet.
How many illegal aliens are now living at Fort Bliss?
How many are there right now?
And the truth is we don't know.
We asked authorities at Fort Bliss point blank that question today, but they refused to tell us.
Instead, they referred us to their bosses in the Biden administration, to the political commissars.
America has no right to know how many illegal aliens are living on our military bases.
And neither, by the way, do elected members of Congress, who are charged with overseeing all of this.
But they can't know.
Watch what happened when one of them tried to find out.
Please give dignity to the people.
Please give dignity to the people.
So you work for the commissioner, your senior advisor, you were hired two weeks ago, and you're instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here.
Please respect the people, the rules.
Because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it.
Please don't treat the people as such.
You're right, and this is a dangerous place.
Please don't treat the people like this.
And your policies, unfortunately, are trying to hide them.
I understand you were instructed.
That's all I ask you.
I asked you to please respect the people.
Give them dignity and respect.
We all want to fix this, sir.
We don't want this to happen anymore.
Please give dignity to the people, squeaks the women's studies major from Wesleyan, who's now overseeing all this somehow.
Please respect the people, she says, meaning, of course, the foreign nationals whose interest the Biden administration is now serving.
Notice the total lack of respect for the American people, the ones who deserve precise answers, who deserve to see what's happening, but don't get it.
They can shut up and pay for it.
And we are live, it is the Summit News Hour, where we are still, a year after the first lockdown here in the UK, still talking about the lockdown, still under the lockdown, and still under the lockdown in a permanent state until God knows when.
Of course, we've supposedly got this roadmap out of lockdown that the Prime Minister is sticking to, but then when questioned about whether it will actually end, that's another matter entirely.
We've got a checklist of dates.
The 12th of April is when outdoor dining, outdoor pubs are open.
The 17th of May is when indoor dining, indoor pubs are open.
But now there are questions over that.
There are questions whether masks, whether social distancing will still be required.
There are questions over when this will end, if ever, with SAGE, the government advisors, basically saying that they want it to continue for another year at least.
Meanwhile in Texas, which dropped its mask mandate and social distancing back on March 10th and they've had giant baseball games, they're actually enjoying life, they're actually living life.
COVID cases have dropped to a record low and they continue to drop.
I refer to this article out of Summit News from a week ago.
Two weeks after media predicted catastrophe, Texas sees COVID cases drop to record low.
This was of course
Just over two weeks, actually, since March 10th, which they initially released as the first date where people could rip off their masks and disavow social distancing.
The numbers were good then, and they're even better now.
There's a National File headline here from today, which has the latest numbers from Texas.
Headline, Texas COVID cases dropped to record lows after scrapping mask mandate.
I'm going to flash back to what those warnings were, but first we're going to play this clip of Dr Fauci.
When he was asked about the plummeting cases in Texas, now at record low, weeks after the mask mandate was basically kicked into touch.
This is his response during an appearance on CNN.
Let's roll the Dr. Fauci clip.
Here it is.
You mentioned Texas and that full ballpark in Arlington yesterday.
There was a lot of concern last month when Texas effectively opened up, dropped all those restrictions and said, it's back to life.
And if you go to Texas, as you know, it looks like 2019.
The restaurants and the bars are full and open.
The ballparks are full.
And yet, we've seen cases and hospitalizations since then continue to tick downward.
So what do you make of that as all of us look around and sort of try to consider how safe it is to get back to normal life?
Yeah, you know, it can be confusing because you may see a lag and a delay because often you have to wait a few weeks before you see the effect of what you're doing right now.
You know, there are a lot of things that go into that.
I mean, when you say that they've had a lot of activity on the outside, like ball games, I'm not really quite sure.
It could be they're doing things outdoors.
You know, it's very difficult to just one-on-one compare that.
You just have to see in the long range.
I hope they continue to tick down.
If they do, that would be great.
But there's always the concern when you pull back on methods, particularly things like indoor dining and bars that are crowded, you can see a delay and then all of a sudden tick right back up.
We've been fooled before.
By situations where people begin to open up, nothing happens, and then all of a sudden, several weeks later, things start exploding on you.
So we gotta be careful we don't prematurely judge that.
You've been pretty clear.
So again, Fauci says there needs to be a wait, a delay of at least a few weeks until we can gauge the actual impact of releasing those social distancing, those mask restrictions.
There has been a delay of three weeks.
In fact, now it's nearly four weeks.
It's 27 days since that mandate was lifted and cases in Texas have dropped to all time lows.
Since they reopened 100% in Texas, the number of new cases, deaths, hospitalizations, ICU occupancy and positivity rate have all fallen, reports Zero Hedge.
In this article, Dr Fauci can't explain why Texas COVID cases keep dropping despite reopening.
And then when you look at all the major European countries, which I've pointed out before, when they institute those mask mandates in the middle of summer last year,
Covid cases in France, in Belgium, in Germany, in Spain, in Italy, even in the UK, all shot up.
And yet we're supposed to believe that masks are this great protection and that now we need to wear three, four, five, six, seven masks because they're working so well.
Texas has had three weeks of no mask mandates, more than three weeks now, and the cases continue to plummet.
But Dr Fauci will get up on CNN and say, oh, we need to wait a few weeks.
Yeah, we have.
We have.
And the numbers just keep going lower and lower.
They want this to continue forever.
When they see statistics which show Covid cases are plummeting, less people are dying, they hate it.
They hate it because it's another movement towards them giving up that power, giving up that control.
And now we're seeing that in the UK and I'm going to get into that in the next segment with this debate over vaccine passports.
Which thankfully looks to be going by the wayside because the opposition party, Labour Party, for the first time in over a year of these lockdowns, look like they may be about to act like an actual opposition party and oppose the government.
Can you believe it?
There's a headline here out of Lockdown Skeptics
Says, meanwhile in Texas, it says, while go slow Boris Johnson talks about keeping masks and social distancing in place for another year at least.
I'm going to get on to that.
This was a scene in Texas.
This is tweeted by Sam Gannon, a sports reporter for KWF.
Box 4, a packed stadium for a baseball game, no vaccine passport required, nor a mask inside.
This is what's been taking place in Texas for the past three weeks.
The cases continue to plummet.
And we look at South Dakota.
Again, this is out of lockdown skeptics today.
South Dakota, the least restrictive state in the Western world, yet COVID deaths now averaging one a day.
As I noted back in March, South Dakota may have taken the least restrictive approach to COVID-19 of anywhere in the entire Western world.
Its Conservative Governor, Christy Noem, has been a stalwart opponent of lockdowns.
When the state's epidemic burgeoned at the end of August, there were practically no restrictions in place.
Despite this, case numbers fell rapidly after reaching a peak in mid-November, and by late February, they were in the low triple digits.
And it goes through the graphs.
Asking how has it fared since then?
Case numbers have remained low, averaging about 170 per day.
Deaths have continued to fall.
The last seven days saw an average of just one death per day in South Dakota.
Again, one of the least restrictive areas of the Western world when it comes to mask mandates and mandatory social distancing.
Also points out South Dakota's economy has done economically better than other Western states.
The equation between GDP, unemployment, human life.
There is of course a very tight correlation between poverty, shortening people's lives.
That's not a problem in South Dakota.
It has the lowest unemployment rate out of all 50 states at just 2.9%.
And that will eventually end up saving lives.
It will end up prolonging lives.
Unlike the UK, for example, where our GDP plunged by 10% last year alone, and now we're being told by the vaunted government advisors of SAGE that it's not going to end any time soon.
Meanwhile, breaking Abbotside's weak executive order that doesn't stop businesses from requiring vaccine passports,
Of course, Governor DeSantis in Florida did sign an executive order which abolished those.
It directly prevented businesses from mandating mask wearing.
But now Texas Governor Greg Abbott seemingly banned vaccine passports with an executive order today, yet private businesses can still require whatever documentation they choose.
So they're not actually banned.
from demanding COVID vaccine passports as a condition of entry, which I'm going to get onto in the next segment.
They're not just vaccine passports, they're biosecurity digital ID cards.
We'll get into that next.
Summit.News, don't go away.
We're going to throw straight to this report right now because it just went up a couple of hours ago.
The truth about the vaccine passport.
It's not just a vaccine passport, it's a biosecurity digital ID card and it's the introduction of the Chinese social credit score in the West.
We're going to get a chance to play most of this.
I'll come back after and talk about it.
Here it is, the truth about vaccine passports.
There's currently a big debate on both sides of the Atlantic about the vaccine passport.
No, not the vaccine.
I'm not talking about the vaccine.
I'm talking about the vaccine passport.
According to the UK government, COVID passports will, quote, become a likely feature of our lives.
This is what a mock-up of the vaccine passport looks like.
Name, photograph, date of birth.
Kind of reminds me of something.
Something that starts with ID and ends in card.
Oh yeah, it's a digital ID card.
The same thing that in 2004 Boris Johnson said was, quote, a recipe for tyranny and oppression.
A recipe for tyranny and oppression as well.
And that's why I'm more than grateful to say that if I am in the unlikely event...
So what changed Boris?
There are also plans to link it to the facial recognition surveillance network.
The UK government has already given grants to two companies building this technology.
Andrew Budd, the CEO of one of these companies, iProve, asserts that trying to check tens of thousands of vaccine passports at major events will be too slow.
So digital face scans which permit entry will be introduced as the streamlined solution.
And there you were thinking you'd happily show a small piece of paper to get into a football match, without knowing you just unwittingly stumbled into the minority report.
We're good to go.
China, which has universally been praised by health authorities and governments in the West for its response to the COVID outbreak, has already linked its coronavirus tracking program to its social credit score system.
The idea that this could, for example, be used for totalitarian social monitoring, well, this has now become a reality in China.
The local government of China's Jiangsu province has launched a new social control system that combines the CCP's health code program with the regime's social credit system to create what they're calling a quote civilization code.
This new system gives people a civilization score which ranks them into different levels.
And this level is then used by the government to judge who gets priority or who should be subjected to restrictions or punishments.
What is the social credit score system?
It's a centralized database linked to internet activity, purchase history, and general behavior.
Which punishes citizens for a whole host of minor infractions.
Including bad driving, smoking on trains, buying too many video games, buying too much junk food, buying too much alcohol, calling a friend who has a low social credit score, having a friend online who has a low social credit score,
posting fake news online, visiting unauthorized websites, walking your dog without a leash, or letting your dog bark too much.
And how do the authorities punish those who commit these deadly sins?
In 2019, Beijing bragged about how it had prevented 2.5 million discredited entities from purchasing plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high-speed train tickets in the month of July alone.
What does it say?
That's reserved for members of our Prime Flight Program.
You gotta be a 4.2 or over to qualify.
Oh, I'm a 4.2.
I'm afraid you're actually a 4.18.
The very same kind of restrictions that will be imposed on people in the West who don't have the vaccine passport.
Recall that Professor Neil Ferguson, one of the primary UK advisors, whose warning of half a million dead led to our lockdown, expressed surprise that they were able to get away with mimicking the draconian measures taken by China in response to the pandemic.
And according to the founder of data firm Panda, the Chinese government has even asked the WHO for permission
To run a global vaccine passport system.
I'm motivated here by fear for what is going to happen to our world, to the fabric of our society.
I'm worried about the future of my children.
China is petitioning the World Health Organization to appoint it to run a global immune passport program.
Now if that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you, I do not know what will.
This kind of centralization, this kind of control, social credit systems, that's dystopia for you.
Prominent figures like Ian Brown who publicly opposed the vaccine passport are immediately targeted for cancellation by the mob.
The most prominent supporter of vaccine passports from the very start was Tony Blair, who as I'm sure you're aware,
Isn't noted for his moral beneficence, journalists for mainstream news outlets like the LA Times Harry Littman are salivating at the prospect of imposing the vaccine passport to quote, break the resistance down.
Littman's comment sounds like something an evil character in a dystopian thriller about a high-tech dictatorship would say.
And that's precisely the point.
The vaccine passport is the opening salvo of what eventually could become the Chinese social credit system mirrored in the West.
The vaccine passport platform is the same platform as a social credit system.
In China, the CCP can find any dissident in five minutes.
Because of the 360 degree surveillance of the social credit system.
And it means that when you act like a good citizen, you get a boost.
And when you act like a bad citizen, opportunities get closed to you.
Maybe your child doesn't get into college or get into prep school.
Maybe, you know, you don't get that job.
You don't get that promotion.
The vaccine passport that is being proposed in the rest of the West is the same platform.
This is the most dangerous tool that humanity has faced in my lifetime, if not ever.
In terms of human liberty.
So you don't have to be an ardent anti-vaxxer to realise what a horrific precedent the vaccine passport would set.
Fine, get the vaccine.
I'm sure it's perfectly logical for someone under the age of 50, who according to the CDC has a 99.98% chance of surviving Covid, to take the vaccine.
But a vaccine passport?
A digital ID card based on your level of compliance with government mandates?
Empowering the state to restrict the basic freedoms of those who, for whatever reason, don't fully comply.
Keeping millions of people under a de facto permanent state of lockdown.
Preventing them from enjoying basic leisure activities and God knows what else in the future.
Don't forget, France even tried to pass a law banning those who didn't take the jab from using public transport.
A German geneticist said people who refuse the shot should be denied medical treatment.
Canada's current Chief Public Health Officer appeared in a 2010 documentary in which she advocated using mandatory tracking bracelets for people who refuse to take a vaccine after a virus outbreak.
If there are people who are non-compliant, there are definitely laws and...
We're here outside McAllen, Texas in Donna at the main Donna facility that's being massively expanded.
This facility is the largest admitted human trafficking, child trafficking facility in the world.
Obama started this eight years ago, halfway into his administration.
But when the Senate put out reports admitting that they were giving children to smugglers inside the U.S.
and encouraging smugglers to bring children in, many of them kidnapped, even Obama had to back off the program and stop it.
Then Trump got in and reversed the program and completely shut it down.
We are now only two and a half months into Puppet O'Biden.
And Puppet O'Biden
The puppet of Obama and the globalist Biden.
The puppet administration, not the guy playing Mario Kart in the basement.
His old pedophile days are over.
His smelling all the girls and grabbing all women in public, you know, that's over.
He's barely alive.
But the office is a UN globalist operation.
And that puppet said, if I win the election, when I steal the election, I want you to surge the border!
Surge the border!
And now yesterday, six months later, he congratulates you and says, it's the American dream to sneak over here, to be taken here by smugglers, to be kidnapped to get in.
I congratulate you on your courage coming for as far away as the Middle East, including two men on the terrorist watch list.
We have terrorists out of Iran, terrorists out of Syria, both connected to Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Iranians with their Hezbollah.
And now, that's what you do.
That's what you've allowed.
And you've conscripted the Border Patrol that didn't sign up for this to help carry out your criminal operations.
The beta test for this was Europe.
The last 10 years, more than 10 million illegal aliens, mainly military-age men, were brought in by the UN with Merkel and with the rest of them inviting the people in and saying, come here, we'll give you free welfare, we'll give you a house.
And they even threw Spanish and Greeks and Italians and Germans and Dutch
Out of their houses that they owned to put the invaders from Africa and the Middle East in.
It's called Replacement Migration.
And now the U.N.
says they want 600 plus million illegals brought in by 2050, and at this pace they'll do it, adding an entire Chicago-sized city with illegals alone every year.
And now, talking to local law enforcement, they say this is ten times the surge that they've ever seen.
Ten times what it was under Obama!
And now it's going to get ten times worse, and ten times worse after that, till the border is completely gone!
This is the death of America!
This is the leftist takeover bringing in
A third world population, an underclass, they can keep control of, they can keep them down, and if they can rule over, and who will also vote, like they voted in Venezuela, to bring in a dictatorship.
Hitler was elected as well.
People forget that.
Hereby I notice,
This is an illegal child human trafficking facility!
And Biden has not even signed an executive order because it will be overturned by the courts because it's illegal.
So instead he just gives executive directives to open the border and he tells the smugglers to surge with the human trafficking.
And then
He congratulates the smugglers on what they've done.
The Democrats are globalists.
They have every major corporation.
They have all the media, all the banks, all the universities, all the federal agencies, and most of the cities under Blue City control.
And everywhere that follows, everything collapses.
You are the establishment leftists.
You are not the resistance.
We, the people of America and the world, are the resistance to the United Nations globalist operation.
And the answer to your tyranny is 1776!
Humanity must fight back and those watching this need to know that you are the rest of the equation.
Big Tech thinks they can win if they can block our communications.
But if you simply take this and share this from Bandai Video and the live streams on your text message and your email, you can still share there and tell people, pass it on, we're covering the collapse of our country and the globalist plan to take down our nation.
This facility is like a boiling anthill of 18 wheelers and dump trucks expanding it so it can hold more than the 10,000 that it can now.
This is only the beginning of the collapse of our country.
And these poor children, many of them being delivered into sex slavery.
All of you inside
If you're not aware of this, you need to research it.
There's a Senate report that you're involved in human trafficking and sex slavery!
Don't be part of the human trafficking and the sex slavery!
Blow the whistle!
We know there are good people inside!
Blow the whistle!
Talk to the media!
Leak information!
Leak information!
This facility is victimizing children.
Because Democrats get these children and they milk them for money by putting them on welfare
Catholic charities, all the big charities, are criminal operations when they're involved in this and must be exposed!
Hey, get your Zoom camera, get these military people back here sitting there.
Got it.
Drew's on you right now.
That was Alex Jones, and we are back!
Talking about the vaccine passport, which I'm going to finish up on after the break, because there's a lot more information as it regards the implementation of that.
We have another example, though, of the elite, the wealthy, the government ministers, not following their own lockdown, their own coronavirus restrictions that they impose on everyone else.
Of course, we've had many examples of that, both in America and in the United Kingdom.
Now we have one out of France.
Headline, French elite caught violating lockdown rules by attending secret restaurants.
Even as prisons continue to struggle under lockdown, members of the French elite, potentially including government ministers, have been caught.
Attending rule-breaking secret restaurants in the French capital.
So the French TV channel M6 got this secret undercover footage of all these wealthy elitists attending these private clubs where they have 490 euro per person special dinners, no social distancing, no rules on the amount of guests that are allowed.
They're all there kissing each other.
Gavin Newsom can do the same thing in California.
Nancy Pelosi can get a haircut without wearing a mask.
John Kerry can get on a plane and take his mask off immediately.
But as we saw in the video yesterday, your two-year-old kid will be thrown off the plane along with your family for doing this.
So for the past six months, the UK government told the British people that there were no plans whatsoever to introduce domestic vaccine passports
Went to pubs, went to restaurants, went to cinemas, went to sporting events, music venues.
And it turns out that they were funding the very companies building the technology behind those programs, technology that is linked with facial recognition software technology.
But then they said, oh, don't worry.
When the pubs open on April 12th for outdoor drinking, dining, when the pubs open on May 17th for indoor drinking and dining,
You won't require a vaccine passport.
Then it comes out today, after Boris Johnson's shambolic press conference last night, that, oh well, maybe you will need one, because by that point, they'll have greased the skids, they'll have got the technology in place.
The reason they can't let a vaccine passport be mandated for pubs, right now, is because hardly anyone in the United Kingdom, under the age of 50,
has taken the coronavirus vaccine.
It hasn't been offered to them.
The vast majority of people who work in pubs in the United Kingdom are under the age of 50.
So the only reason that they couldn't implement this immediately is because the employees who would have to enter the pub to serve people wouldn't be able to do so because they wouldn't have a vaccine passport because none of them have taken the vaccine.
That's why it's not being implemented now.
Not because there are no plans to implement it whatsoever.
In fact, the vaccine minister came out today and said, no, we're still considering it.
In fact, the very documents that they released to the media as part of this vaccine passport announcement say that it's still under consideration for pubs and restaurants later on in the summer, when those under 50s will, many of them, have been vaccinated and potentially have these vaccine passports.
The point is,
It's not just a vaccine passport.
It's a bio-identity card.
It's not just a piece of paper that says you've had the vaccine.
It's got your digital photograph on it.
It's got your date of birth on it.
It's got your name on it.
It's an ID card and it's going to be linked in to a prototype social credit score system.
The very same system that they've linked in China to their own COVID tracking technology.
The upshot of that, of course, is the people who don't comply, for a start with this vaccination, this mandatory medical government procedure, and later on for whatever else the government wants to foist upon us, those who don't comply will be punished.
They're already punished in China under the social credit score.
They're banned from buying plane and train tickets.
They're banned from using public transportation.
That is the exact same system we see being rolled out in the West.
It's the exact same system
Being rolled out by the Biden administration.
So let's call it what it is.
It's a digital bio-identity card.
It's not just a vaccine passport.
Headline out of the Spectator.
And there is a big white pill on this, which I'll get on to.
Johnson is in trouble over vaccine passports, and it's showing.
The biggest question facing Boris Johnson is the future of his so-called vaccine passports.
A few months ago, the idea was dismissed.
As discriminatory.
And again, that's the other facet.
The reason it might eventually get shot down is because there are so many illegal aliens in the United Kingdom, at least a million, probably way more, who don't want to have any interaction with the authorities and won't take a vaccine.
They won't take a vaccine passport.
And we can't discriminate against the precious illegal aliens, can we?
Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary,
A few months ago I said, quote, we are not a papers-carrying country.
That apparently changed over the past six months.
But now, without debate or democratic scrutiny, vaccine passports are quickly heading from unthinkable to unstoppable.
So it's bizarrely the Prime Minister was unable to admit to any of it, despite the government having released it in the media for days before.
And pretended to be confused by what he was being asked.
This matters.
If he cannot acknowledge his flagship scheme, leaving such an indefensible gulf between what his government has just published and what he has just said, he already may be in some political trouble.
And again, they make the same point that I've been making over the past several months.
His ministers use vaccine passport as a euphemism, but even this sounded awful to him.
He corrected those who said passport, referring instead to a COVID status certification.
So they've just renamed it, rebranded it, but it's the exact same thing.
A certificate doesn't have someone's photo on it.
What he is planning is a digital identity card, but linked to NHS records and loaded with personal health data.
So a bio-identity card.
Whatever they choose to call it, that's precisely what it is.
And when they asked Boris Johnson if this would be required in pubs and restaurants, he said, quote, The very important thing to say to everybody listening and watching is that there is absolutely no question of people being asked to produce certification or a Covid status report when they go to the shops, or to the pub garden, or to the hairdressers, or whatever, on Monday.
So again, for days beforehand in the media, they had leaks from the government, apparently, and we were assured.
We were assured that we would never, never have to provide a vaccine passport to enter a shop, to enter a pub, to enter a restaurant.
Now the government's saying, well, you won't for a couple of months until they get the scheme in place.
So again, they denied it was a thing for the past six months.
Then they denied it would be used at pubs, restaurants and shops.
And now they're making noise of that, yes, it will be required in a couple of months for pubs, restaurants and shops.
They've lied about it at every turn to try and quell public resistance.
The polls still show that 80% of Brits support mandatory vaccine passports to enter all of these kind of venues.
Who they're polling in these surveys, God only knows, because that's not what I'm hearing anecdotally.
On the streets, wherever you go, whoever you talk to.
That's not what people are saying, but apparently the vast majority of the public supports it.
Would they support it if they knew precisely what it was?
Given that we had a digital ID card proposed by Tony Blair and the Labour government back in 2004, which by the way the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson said would represent tyranny,
What has changed over the course of those years?
The white pill though is that the Labour Party, the opposition party in the United Kingdom, may finally be about to grow a pair of balls for the first time in over a year, and actually oppose a government policy as it relates to lockdown.
They've acted as a rubber stamp at every single turn of the way, and in fact have demanded even more draconian lockdown policies.
Well that may be about to change, although this again is very much up in the air,
Headline, vaccine passport could face failure after reports Labour set to oppose.
UK's vaccine passport could be set to fail if it goes up for a vote in Parliament after reports that opposition party Labour would not support the policy.
Politico's playbook reports on the basis of what we've seen and discussed with ministers, we oppose the government's plans for domestic vaccine passports.
That's from a Labour source.
So if they have the Tory rebels,
Within the Conservative government oppose the vaccine passport added to the Liberal Democrat MPs added to these Labour MPs.
The government is not going to have a big enough majority in Parliament to pass the legislation that mandates these vaccine passports.
They could just say, oh, well, it's already authorised to us under coronavirus legislation.
We've already passed.
They could go down that route, but then that would increase public opposition as well.
So if Labour do oppose it, if there is a vote, it looks like it will get shot down, but that is a very long way off.
And of course we could have another new bout of fear-mongering over a third wave, over a fourth wave of mutant viruses, which we're already seeing.
In fact, our esteemed government advisers with SAGE are saying that that's basically guaranteed to be the case in late summer, in autumn, and that these restrictions, these mask mandates, are never going to end.
They don't want them to end.
They want this to continue for years and years and years.
This is out of lockdown sceptics.
Imperial College, it will be vital to emphasise the importance of normalising and ensuring adherence to all measures even after, quote, full lifting is achieved.
So they never want to lift the restrictions.
This is from their own summary of this report.
Whilst the impact of test, trace, isolate, mask wearing, hand hygiene and Covid security is difficult to quantify, it will be vital to emphasise the importance of normalising and ensuring adherence to all the measures even after full lifting is achieved.
So the masks, the social distancing, all of it will continue.
Breitbart reports Project Fearsage scientists warn of third wave if UK scraps lockdown.
So again, they're going to blame this slight lifting, this slight give back of freedoms on a third wave.
They've already got that in the pipeline.
One white pill though in Italy, where of course we've had a new round of lockdowns in places like France, Italy and Germany.
Poll reveals 7 in 10 Italians are against lockdowns.
Surveys revealed massive opposition among the Italian public.
70% of Italians are tired of lockdown restrictions.
You see that in other parts of the world.
You see a lot of young people coming out on the streets.
Everyone basically has had enough at this point.
Public opposition, despite what you see in the polls, is building.
And it looks like, thankfully, a lot of people are going to stand up and say no to yet another round of lockdowns.
And they're not going to end until more people do that in greater numbers.
That's gonna wrap it up.
We'll be back.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
We're going to stay on air as long as we can.
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Granny Do-Right.
Granny Do-Right.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
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