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Name: 20210405_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 5, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses Bill Gates' plans to block out the sun, similar to plots in films like The Matrix and Snowpiercer. He also criticizes Gates' investments in experimental vaccines and control of Monsanto, which promote genetically modified foods and seed banks. Additionally, Jones criticizes mainstream media and globalists for promoting chaos and instability worldwide. Lastly, he discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine reactions, government responses, restrictions on personal freedom, economic impacts, vaccine passports, inflation rates, unemployment numbers, housing market, commercial real estate market, and the importance of unity to restore peace and freedom.

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What I make of it, Owen, is that we have to see the unsanctioned things, the things that the press people for the Customs and Border Agencies don't want us to see.
That means we have to work with whistleblowers.
Last week, we broke another story under the International Anzalduas Bridge in McAllen, Texas, showing they're sleeping in dirt.
This is a federal facility outside on the dirt in blankets.
And the whistleblowers come to us because there's nowhere else to go.
I know they're going to Infowars as well.
There's simply nowhere else for these whistleblowers to go.
So we have to tell their stories and not rely upon the official sanctioned account from the press lackeys at DHS.
And, you know, there's also intimidation from within where a lot of the Border Patrol agents or ICE agents, you know, they've been told, hey, you don't talk.
You give people this phone number, we'll handle the media.
And so they kind of have to, you know, do a little under the table card shuffle to us to get this information.
But James, I don't know if you're aware, Your reporting there at Donna at that facility was so powerful, they had to, uh, I went down there, they don't even let you on the turf of land!
They are not, they now tell me I have to be across the street to even film or they're gonna send police to arrest me!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
No doubt you have realized the splendor of my conception.
First, a necklace of death about the Earth.
Fifty globes, each releasing its nerve gas over a designated area, each capable of killing 100 million people.
The human race, as you know it.
Who needs a James Bond villain to kill everyone when media darling eugenicist Bill Gates is off to such a celebrated start?
While earning billions of dollars off his investments in the experimental vaccine industry, Bill Gates claims to be some sort of altruist.
And all of pop culture media support this spurious tale.
But remember when Bill Gates became the world's richest man as a result of ruthless business practices and abusive powers?
And remember the world's most evil corporation, Monsanto, creators of DDT, Agent Orange, and genetically modified foods?
The company working tirelessly to replace all the world's organic seed banks with their own patented GMO varieties so they can one day own the entire world's food supply?
Well, now Monsanto, along with agribusiness giant Cargill, are primarily controlled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is also the biggest farmland owner in the U.S.
Bill Gates says we all must eat GMO food, while aggressively working towards giving us no choice in the matter.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the mRNA vaccines, which are now opening the gates to genetically modified humans, recklessly experimenting on the human genome in hundreds of millions of people.
These experimental gene therapy shots have already killed thousands.
But Bill wants everyone to get more.
And now, Bill is preparing to block out the sun.
Bill Gates is working with Harvard's David Keith on a stratospheric solar geoengineering experiment, known as SCOPEX, wherein a kilogram of calcium carbonate particles will be released in the stratosphere to see how viable it will be at reflecting the light from the Sun away from the surface of the Earth.
They claim they want to lower the temperature of the Earth, despite the fact that nobody has any idea what this could do to the overall system of the planet.
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.
I will do the next best thing.
Block it out.
In the film, The Matrix, they tried to block out the sun in order to stop the man-made AI threat.
But it ended up enslaving all of mankind in The Matrix.
In the film, Snowpiercer, the world tried blocking out the sun to stop global warming, but ended up triggering a cataclysmic ice age.
And in the dystopian reality that we live in today, Bill Gates wants to save the world by blocking out the sun.
We are told to trust him.
We are told to trust the science, even though the so-called science is wildly theoretical, inconclusive, and universally challenged.
Bill Gates does indeed embody the characteristics of an evil James Bond villain.
But the real villains are obviously the degenerates of world governments and mainstream media who allow this damaged, deranged old man in a pink sweater to play out his father's dreams of depopulation and eugenics on the world stage.
While at the same time protecting the big banks and multinational corporations who are orchestrating this entire war against humanity.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And you can find that entire report at band.video or bandthis.tv.
Supervillain Bill Gates plans to block out the sun.
We'll be right back with the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in today.
Alex at the southern border.
That's right.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Monday, April 5th, 2021.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex is on the road or in the air.
He is heading to the southern border to report on Joe Biden's massive criminal illegal immigration pipeline.
That the White House is currently facilitating and promoting and now turning our law enforcement, Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement into human smugglers and traffickers.
It's sick, it's disgusting, it's criminal behavior, perhaps even treason.
I wouldn't say perhaps, but those listening may want to have the debate.
This is all happening right now.
And mainstream news is finally starting to catch up.
You see them sending all their reporters to the border.
You see them doing their live reports from the border.
Where is the Republican Party?
Well... I guess they're okay with D.C.
getting all the power.
I guess they're okay with Democrats setting it up so that they can steal any election they want now in the state of Georgia.
That's what they're going for.
And now just a blank check whenever the District of Criminals wants it.
COVID relief, America Rescue Plan, infrastructure spending, trillions on top of trillions, on top of trillions, on top of trillions.
And here's what's happening.
World leaders know that Our politicians, our media, our leaders in the West, in the United States of America, are totally out of control, they're totally unhinged, they're totally criminal, and it's reaching a point now where they need to be put down.
They need to be out of power.
And the world knows it.
But see, they're allied with the corrupt Chinese Communists, and they are wanting A one world government.
So they have a use.
They have a usefulness.
Biden has a usefulness.
Yeah, he's totally blackmailed.
Yeah, he's totally compromised.
He's totally criminal.
He's so bold at this point, little kids come into the White House and he molests them right on camera.
But see, there's a use for Joe Biden.
Collapse the United States.
Crush the United States economy.
Introduce United States citizens?
Let them know what it's like to live in the One World Government.
Let them see what it feels like to have a collapsing infrastructure, inner cities impoverished.
Let's see, let's let Biden get into the White House and show Americans, give them a little taste So that way they can be told their system failed, freedom failed, the free market failed, and so you now must be absorbed into a one-world government communist system.
See, because you failed.
No, we didn't fail.
We were lied to, we were tricked, we were deceived.
And it's getting worse because as I'm going through my stacks of news today, I realize whether it's pushing the vaccine passports and more government shutdowns for COVID, Or whether it's violent terrorism happening in the United States of America, or whether it's censorship, or whether it's corporate government, or whether it's government lies, it's all coming from the same side of the aisle.
It's all coming from the same people.
And I've also got videos... You know, this video that we're going to play today May be the best example of what mainstream media has done to the general population.
A woman on an elevator breaking down and crying and having a conniption fit because she's on the elevator with another woman who doesn't want to wear a mask, even though she had the mask on!
She just had it under her nose because she's a human and likes to breathe air.
And this woman has a mental, psychotic breakdown.
And it has nothing to do with a virus.
It has to do with the fact she has been sold a worldview.
She has been sold a big lie and she's bought into it full house.
And whenever something comes up or someone comes up that destroys her worldview, which is just the truth, just reality destroys their worldview, they have complete mental breakdowns.
Because they are lost in a world that doesn't exist.
And when they're faced with that reality, this is what you see.
You see it in all the street videos, you see it at their protests, you see it when Trump comes to town.
You know it, you recognize it, you sense it.
These are mentally ill, mentally unstable, psychotic people.
And it's really not even MKUltra.
I mean, it's like a low dose of MKUltra.
It's like the lowest frequency of MKUltra just to hit you with a bandwidth, hit you with a frequency, and then send you into a trance state that as soon as you're around something or something interferes with that transmission, reality starts to interfere With your fake world that you live, the big lie worldview that you have, you have a psychotic breakdown.
So let me just stop teasing it and let's just play it because everything that I'm going to cover follows the fact that the mainstream news and our politicians have people in a worldview like this and that's how they're able to get away with all this crap.
We wouldn't be putting up with any of this if we lived in the same society.
I mean, let's be perfectly honest.
If the Founding Fathers were alive today, how does the saying go?
They'd be stacking bodies by now?
Maybe it's a good thing we're more civilized now.
Maybe not.
Maybe we're all going to become slaves because we're so civilized now and so domesticated.
But so, we won't even do the deep radio tease.
This is what mainstream media has done.
This is what Fauci has done.
This is what our politicians have done to the general population who now live in a trance state, totally brainwashed, living in a big lie worldview, and as soon as the truth tries to pierce their big lie worldview, they have a complete psychotic meltdown, and it goes something like this.
My girl here wants me to come out of the elevator so she can come out of the elevator.
Because it's a small space, we're supposed to maintain social distancing.
I don't understand why you can't just... I mean, folks, you can't even understand these people.
They're both in a mask.
I mean, listen to her.
This is the definition of a mental patient.
I said that after you refused to get out.
You have a giant block.
My girl!
Then gets aggressive.
My girl!
Hold on, hold on!
My girl!
You wanna stand in the elevator with me?
Now she's... crying.
And catch it!
Like, you're not making sense to me!
You might as well get off at your floor!
I'm trying to get off at my floor!
I can't come close to you!
Do you understand that I am extremely compromised immune system?!
You are a delivery person, incorrectly wearing the mask inside of a big belly!
Is this incorrectly worn, guys?
Is this incorrectly worn?
You know, I have a heart.
I really do.
I have a heart, but I also have a will to survive and live free.
And so, humans that still have the spark of life, humans that still have the touch of God, humans that still want to be human, We're walking a tightrope between our heart and our will to be free.
And that psychotic breakdown from that woman is not an isolated incident.
And just watching her body language and her mannerisms and the shrill voice reminds me of all the other videos I've seen.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back here live from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
He is down at the southern border.
We're going to be having reports coming from Alex here today and of course at Band.Video down from the illegal immigration crisis being facilitated by Joe Biden.
Treason at the highest levels facilitating an invasion at our southern border.
President Trump Wished a happy Easter to the radical left crazies who rigged our election.
That is a quote.
Having a little fun on Easter Sunday was President Trump.
We hope everybody had a great Easter weekend and Resurrection Sunday.
I want to go back to this video I played in the last segment and really hone in on this because this is the human touch and this goes beyond politics And it's such a hard thing to deal with because everything gets politicized and you can point to the individuals, you can point to the entities, you can point to the outlets that are causing people like this woman
To have mental breakdowns in public.
Complete psychotic breakdowns in public.
And when I played that video in my head it was like a rush.
Like somebody just hit my brain like a memory probe and it was just like a rush of all the psychotics that I've come across in the last four years, five years,
that are exactly like this woman.
Total psychotics, they have total mental breakdowns, they have shrill voices, they blame you for everything,
even though they're the ones that are clearly having mental health issues.
Yeah, here's another example.
We could sit here and do this all day.
But we have to try to extend with our heart We have to try to feel with our heart.
And we have to understand this woman is a victim.
She's a victim.
She's been hit with psychological weapons and they have melted her brain.
She has been made mentally incapacitated by psychological warfare weapons on television, In Hollywood, in mainstream media.
And she's been hit, and she has been destroyed.
She's been devastated.
And so we have a heart and we feel for her and I genuinely feel bad for her in my soul, in my spirit.
And the crew is just rolling these incredible videos and again it's just hitting me like a wave.
But we have to understand these people have been devastated by psychological warfare.
They've been completely mentally handicapped by psychological warfare.
And you can look up the government documents, silent weapons for quiet wars, but you see, here's our problem.
We're in a war for humanity.
The globalists do this to people, the eugenicists That want to run population control on this planet intentionally do this to people so that they then have an excuse to wipe them out.
But see, we, the pro-human side, we understand that this is an information war.
We understand that this is a war for the future.
We want to be a pro-human future.
We want to be free human future.
And we realize that in this battle, it's kinda like if you're in the battlefield, and one of your comrades, one of your fellow troops, gets a leg blown off, and you basically have to make a decision of what you're gonna do with that person, you may have to leave him in the battlefield.
Or like, sometimes, you may have to put the gun between their head and pull the trigger.
So what do we do about these people?
There's no hope for them.
They've been completely mentally handicapped.
They've been turned into psychopaths.
So once again, here's the video.
This is what leftism does to you.
This is what mainstream media does to you.
This is what Democrat Party lies do to you.
This is what liberal television media lies do to you.
Look at this woman, have a complete psychotic mental breakdown in an elevator.
She's on an elevator with one other woman.
This woman's mask, she's wearing a mask, it slips below her nose for a second, and she probably keeps it there because she knows the mask is BS and she hates wearing it and she likes to breathe air.
And this woman, catty-cornered to her on an elevator, only two of them, bursts into tears and has a total psychotic meltdown.
Now remember, you can barely understand this person.
She's got a mask on, she's breaking down, tears are flowing, so you can barely even understand her.
I'm not even going to try to translate.
Just look at what happens.
You want to see what happens.
You want to see a victim of psychological warfare.
You want to see a victim of leftism, modern-day liberalism, progressivism, Democrat Party lies.
You want to see what the victims look like.
You want to see what it does to people.
You want to see what they're doing to humanity.
Perhaps this is the greatest example we've seen yet to this day.
My girl here wants me to come out of the elevator so she can come out of the elevator.
Because it's a small space.
We're supposed to maintain social distancing.
I don't understand why you can't just politely step out to help me out of the elevator when I asked you nicely while you have been wearing your mask.
You didn't ask me nicely.
You said, get the fuck out the elevator.
I said that after you refused to get out.
You have a giant... Oh shit.
My girl.
My girl.
Hold on.
Hold on.
My girl.
You want to stand in the elevator with me?
Look, you're not making sense and you might as well get off at your floor!
I'm trying to get off at my floor!
I can't come close to you!
Do you understand that I am extremely compromised in this system?
You are a delivery person, incorrectly wearing the mask inside of a big building!
Is this incorrectly worn, guys?
If this incorrectly works...
What do you do with these people?
They're gone.
They're hopeless.
They don't want to live in reality.
They don't want humanity to move forward.
They want humanity to be enslaved.
They want to be enslaved.
They want to enslave you.
They want to ask you politely to be a slave with them.
No, we're not going quietly into that dark night.
And so, There's going to be a threshold reached, and there's going to be a nexus point reached, and I have a feeling it's coming up very soon.
And believe me, this is not what I look forward to, but let me tell you, the nexus of our hearts versus our will is forthcoming.
Because we know we can't go on with people like this.
The globalists, the eugenicists, know that you can't go on with people like this.
That's why they turn them into people like this, so that they could have the excuse to wipe them out.
But there will come a crossroads between our hearts and our wills to be free and to prosper.
And I just hope these people have learned enough to get out of the way by then.
Otherwise, it's going to be like in the battlefield.
And these are the people that have been mentally handicapped and cannot move into the future with humanity.
They've been destroyed.
Their soul is gone.
Globalism is coming and when it gets here and it cements itself into power, there is no return.
That's why you see Ukraine and NATO holding joint drills While the war is raging against Russia, the United States needs to ally with Russia, and then every other nation that wants to remain populist, wants to remain nationalist, and doesn't want to go into the New World Order can join.
But that's what needs to happen.
And it's time to just get rid of NATO.
It's time to declare sovereignty from the UN, sovereignty from the World Health Organization, And it's time for serious world powers like the United States and Russia and Japan and Brazil and Mexico to form a new alliance against globalism.
And so I expect the attacks on Russia to continue, and I don't think Russia is going to take it very lightly.
You know, Russia has its problems, but it's not weak-kneed and feeble as it once was.
And Putin is a smart and strong leader, so we should be allying with Russia, we should be allying with Mexico, we should be allying with Brazil, we should be allying with Japan, we should be allying with nations that want to remain sovereign, want to have populist policy, and don't want to go into a one-world government.
And that's what we're facing.
And some countries are realizing it.
The people of the world are really realizing it.
And that's why the time is now.
Of course, the deception in the media hinders this and keeps the people under oppression with lies and misinformation, but that is why InfoWars is here, and that's why it's so imperative to keep us on the air.
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And I'm going through these lies and deceit today and I already knew this, but it just You know, it's like watching somebody dunk a basketball a hundred times, or watching somebody hit a hundred home runs, or watching somebody hit a great drive, or watching someone just always gives a great speech.
Like, you just know it, but you still, every time you see it, every time you witness it, it has a new profound experience if it's real.
And so I'm looking at all of this, the censorship, the wide-open borders, the culture war, the corporate government, the forced vaccinations, And it's just, it's all coming from the political left.
And I'm talking to somebody this morning about this, who, we're like-minded people, but the sad reality is, it's just, it's just time for us to be real about the situation here.
Democrats in government and liberals on TV are straight-up liars.
They are liars.
And you should never take anything they say seriously.
And you should, in fact, assume that the exact opposite of what they're saying is the truth.
Now, that seems radical.
I get it.
I don't like being called a liar.
That's one of the most offensive things that you can say to me.
You want to really piss me off, you call me a liar.
You call me anything else you want, probably rolls right off my back.
You call me a liar, that's an insult.
That one hurts deep because it's not true and lying to someone Is what causes deep pain, deep hurt, deep anguish, and deep turmoil.
And so yeah, liberals on TV and Democrats in government are liars!
That's it!
Why do we sit here and take anything they say seriously?
Why do we sit here and let them dictate or let them push the Overton window in whatever direction they want with their lies?
Well, we have no choice because they get echoed by Hollywood and they censor everybody else that calls out their lies.
So they get to dominate you.
So they dominate you with their lies.
They dominate you with their false narratives.
And it's just one on top of the other, just non-stop they lie.
No repercussions.
No guilt, no remorse.
No dignity, no integrity.
And they don't even care.
They don't care that they lie about the masks.
They don't care about they lie about the vaccines.
They don't care about how they lie about the southern border.
They do not care.
Like, here's an example.
Headline at InfoWars.com.
Biden's Energy Secretary.
Dems will ram through $2.9 trillion infrastructure package without GOP if necessary.
So first it was $2 trillion.
Now it's $2.9 trillion.
So they basically just squeeze an extra trillion out of that.
Just squeeze an extra trillion.
What's another trillion?
We just signed three trillion.
Why not another three trillion?
Why not nine trillion?
Why not a hundred trillion?
Why not a bajillion gajillion?
A bajillion gajillion infrastructure bill from Biden.
Now you'll never see this infrastructure.
This will all go right into the pockets of Nancy Pelosi and their shareholders and their People that lobby in D.C.
But, oh, 2 trillion, oh, 2.9 trillion.
500 gajillion!
And, of course, here's a headline from the Gateway Pundit.
Dick Morris says Biden's infrastructure bill is a lie and a ploy to collectivize the entire U.S.
Yeah, everything they do is a lie.
Everything they say is a lie.
It's time to just accept that, folks.
That's the reality we live in.
I'm not here to celebrate Republicans.
I'm not here to tell you they're being honest.
I'm just telling you.
Leftists on television and Democrats in governments lie.
All day long.
Every day of the week.
Every hour of the day.
Every second.
Of the minute, of the hour, of the day, of the week, of the month, of the year, of the decade, of the century, of the millennia.
Democrats and leftists lie, lie, lie, lie.
Just like they lied about what happened, or lie about the voting bill in Georgia.
Just another lie!
Just yet another lie.
But then, because they know they lie and they know they put all this misinformation out in the public and that leads to the public's confusion.
So then they come around on the back end and they say, well, you know what, there's a lot of misinformation out there, by the way, spread by us.
So we're going to have fact checkers.
And so they have fact checkers.
And they announced, I'm sorry, ooh lordy, they just announced Dr. Anthony Fauci and Brian Stelter will be the featured speakers at the United Facts of America.
You cannot make this stuff up, folks.
Sometimes you just have to have a laugh at our plight as humans.
CNN talking potato Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta spend Easter Sunday discussing their post-Trump stress disorder.
They've gone completely psycho, folks.
They're lost in a world that doesn't exist.
And humans want to be free and live in reality again, so there's a pushback against their false paradigm, and it's driving them insane.
Here's just another example of how leftists are just intellectually dishonest with themselves.
So here's an individual, Ethan Klein, he gets to exist on YouTube, he gets to exist on Facebook, he gets to promote himself on social media, and he knows in order to be able to do that, he has to promote the big government, he has to promote the big lie, so that he can have his videos on YouTube.
He says, hey, no vaccine, passport, curse words.
It's not fascism, you whiny F-words.
We are trying to prevent people from dying.
Oh please.
Oh please.
So there's big lie number one.
So first they insult you and use curse words to hide their inferior intellect.
Then they give you their big virtue signal lie.
We're trying to prevent people from dying!
Yeah, okay.
As tens of millions are murdered at abortion factories, and you don't care about that.
So, sorry, that doesn't work for us.
That doesn't work on us.
If you don't want to get the vaccine, that's your right.
Hmm, okay.
But I also have a right to know that your dumbass isn't putting my family at risk at crowded events.
Actually, no you don't!
That's funny, actually you don't have that right at all.
In fact, I have, the exact opposite is true!
I have the right of privacy!
See how that works?
So it's curse word, complain, intellectual dishonesty, lie, lie, lie.
But here's the real intellectual dishonesty.
But I continue.
So if that means you can't go to a movie theater or a ball game because you choose not to get a vaccine, then that's your choice.
But it's not your right to put others in danger.
Again, we're not putting others in danger.
That's your big virtue signal lie.
So stop whining and deal with the consequences of your poorly informed decision.
But wait a second!
Wait a second!
As you promote the vaccine... By the way, this is the guy that shows the entire world pictures... Loves to show people pictures of his baby's butt.
I wouldn't be into that.
He's into that.
But that's fine.
He gets to put his videos on YouTube, he knows he's not that talented, so he has to be on YouTube, and he has to tell the big corporate lies to get promoted on YouTube.
But that's aside from the point.
Because I'd love, I'd still love to this day, to have someone argue that they're pro-freedom, but also they want everybody to take a vaccine.
But here's the riff.
If you believe in the vaccine, and you believe it works so great, And you get it, then why are you still worried about somebody else who's not been vaccinated?
And that's the big riff in their big lie every time that they'll never address.
Because you are either admitting that the vaccine doesn't work, and you want us to take something that doesn't work anyway, or you're admitting you just want to force people You just want to tell people what to do.
You just want to have a big corporate government.
You just want to have a big government in any state.
And they'll never admit to either one of those things.
Because these are dishonest people.
These are liars.
These are frauds.
These are phonies.
So they'll never admit that the vaccine doesn't work.
And they'll never admit they're actually for big government tyranny.
And so you get an idea of what these people are like.
And I don't really care.
Everybody does their thing.
And if you're into like zero IQ, you know, low intellect entertainment, then that's fine.
Again, I don't really care.
To each his own.
But he knows he's a no talent hack that can only exist and make a living if he's allowed on YouTube and being promoted on YouTube.
But I'd love to see somebody answer the question, if you love vaccines so much, if you think vaccines are going to protect you and your family, then why are you still worried whether or not I have a vaccine or not?
And that's when they'll go and that's when they'll start to dabble with their totalitarianism saying, it will hurt immunity, all this stuff, that big lie.
If you're vaccinated, it shouldn't matter.
And so it goes on.
Poll finds, this is a Rasmussen poll, poll finds almost half of Americans want vaccine passports.
So 44% of Americans want vaccine passports.
It's probably the 44% of Americans that would identify as a leftist or a liberal or a democrat that just love big government tyranny.
They're going to vote us into big government tyranny.
They're going to vote us into slavery.
And it's also probably people that already have the vaccine and just want everybody else to get it so they don't feel like a schmuck.
A big pharmaceutical vaccine stooge.
A guinea pig.
A gerbil in a worldwide experiment.
Which is, of course, that's what they are.
FBI sends out warning advising against buying, making, or misrepresenting a vaccine card which may be breaking the law.
So that just tells you where they're going folks.
That just tells you the vaccine passports are coming, the medical IDs are coming, and that's why they're already hinting that it's going to be a federal offense if you fake one.
So it's already coming.
We won't even vote for it.
The liberal authoritarian tyrants will win again.
Biden will sign an executive order and it's coming.
Maybe not this year, maybe not even during Biden's administration, but this is what they want, this is what they're coming for.
Oh, but by the way, that's the same FBI that can't seem to stop a mass shooting, can't seem to stop a terror attack, is going after any...
Buddy that was in Washington D.C.
on January 6th but still can't have mass arrests for the 2.2 billion dollars in property destruction during the summer riots of 2020.
They're not interested in stopping any of that crime.
They're not interested in stopping any of that criminal activity, that terrorism.
No, they're coming after you, the individual that wants to be free.
You, the individual that knows they stole our election.
You, the individual that knows that medical tyranny is around the corner and you don't want it.
The FBI is coming for you!
Coming for you!
And they already know that you know how to stay out of their radar, so they're finding ways to find you now!
FBI raids businesses renting anonymous safety deposit boxes, forces customers to reveal identity to get stuff back.
In a case that's already sparked one lawsuit, a Beverly Hills strip mall business which rents private anonymous safe deposit boxes was raided by the FBI last month, at which time the agency conducted a blanket seizure of hundreds of customers' belongings.
Shut the FBI down!
Again, we don't live in sane times, we live in insane times.
If we wanted to live in a sane society and an advancing civilization, we'd shut the FBI down.
And, uh, we'd take the rank and file and we'd put them in local police forces, state police forces, we'd increase our police forces.
Now again, uh, you say, wait, you've said you've referred to fund the police.
You say you're against the war on drugs.
Uh, yeah, it's a very complex issue.
We definitely still need police.
Police serve a purpose.
But yeah, I'm also against the war on drugs.
And the only reason I say defund the police is just to give the left what they want.
Go ahead.
Let's try their experiment of defund the police.
But the reality is the FBI is out of control.
It's another politicized wing now of the Democrat Party.
It's now a politicized wing, a force for the New World Order, a force for the globalists.
And they hide the biggest crimes this country's ever seen.
They cover up the assassination of JFK.
They cover up the Vegas shooting.
But then they go after the veterans that were in D.C.
on January 6th.
Then they go after the media that was in D.C.
on January 6th.
Now they go after private businesses that want to remain anonymous from the government.
They go after you.
Are they searching for the terrorists that help organize and facilitate the terror activity that led to $2.2 billion in property damage in the summer of 2020?
Are they investigating the leaders of that?
Are they investigating the people that funded their bailout funds?
Are they investigating all the people that engaged in violent crime that resulted in the death of dozens of people at these riots in the year 2020, the summer of 2020, the Floyd riots, the Taylor riots, the Blake riots, all of it, the Democrat riots, the Democrat terror attacks?
No, they're not interested in any of that.
And so that will continue.
That will continue.
Because the FBI is not interested in stopping that crime.
So there will be plenty more Democrat terror attacks to come.
There will be plenty more Democrat riots to come.
You bet your bottom dollar.
You bet your bottom dollar.
And there's already more signs of this.
Radical leftist group steals Confederate statue from Alabama cemetery.
Demands ransom or statue will be destroyed.
So they're just doing open theft, open terrorism now.
Oh, and by the way, remember the big lie that white supremacists were attacking Asians in hate crimes?
Well, task forces, local task forces in New York and California and others are releasing the pictures and hoping they can help find these individuals that they have now accused of hate crimes for attacking Asian Americans.
Turns out they're not white.
I'll just say that.
How about that?
They're not white.
Who would have figured?
They're not white, ladies and gentlemen.
But yet again, another big lie told by the mainstream media, another big lie told by the Democrat Party, because that's all they do.
And the sooner we as a people, the sooner we as a nation accept that, I'm not saying we all have to agree, I'm not saying we're all going to see eye to eye on all the different issues and subjects, but we better see eye to eye on the blatant truth.
And that's that mainstream media, Democrat Party, are lying to us 24-7 all day long.
James O'Keefe here, Project Veritas.
We have won a historic battle in a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, New York Supreme Court, not granting motion to dismiss against the New York Times.
This is extraordinary.
A lot of people are talking about it.
Fox News, Daily Wire, Washington Examiner, Zero Hedge, even President Trump brought it up.
Congratulate Project Veritas on their big win on the New York Times.
Now the suit will continue.
Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley saying he expects to quote, teach the case next year in his own torts class when he deals in defamation.
Now many of you wondering, why is this such a big deal?
Because to get past motion to dismiss in a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times is such a big win.
Listen to this Canadian lawyer on YouTube tell you why.
The absolute state of defamation law in the United States is that it is a victory simply to be allowed to continue suing for defamation.
so much to tell you. We're going to take you through this judge's order and we're going
to give you the full details right now.
This is the eighth time in more than half a century that the New York Times has lost
a motion to dismiss without appeal.
And we've learned this is the first case ever where the New York Times lost under New York's new anti-slap laws enacted last year.
Now, because we've won on this motion, we get to do discovery.
The decision by the state Supreme Court, which is a trial court, allows Veritas to take the depositions of relevant New York Times employees, which Veritas founder and president James O'Keefe said he would record and expose.
I mean, America, this is what you've been waiting for.
Now we get to open up the New York Times's newsroom.
They're the ones in the hot seat.
Now we can shine a light into their practices and what they're doing under oath and videotaped.
How did we do it?
We had the help of one of the nation's best defamation lawyers, Libby Locke, who helped us sue the New York Times last fall.
If you recall our investigation on the Minnesota ballot harvesting videos, which were self-evident, clear as day.
It was all caught on tape.
Last year, Project Veritas, the journalism group, published a series of videos documenting what looked like voter fraud in Ilhan Omar's congressional district.
In one of those videos, the brother-in-law of a Minneapolis politician is seen bragging about collecting hundreds of absentee ballots in his car.
Numbers don't lie.
numbers don't lie.
Other footage showed Minneapolis officials acknowledging that political operatives were paying elderly people for their mail-in ballots.
This street?
There's three towers, one tower.
And it's all seniors, and they took every ballot.
The money was brought by Ali Ghani.
Ali Ghani is the campaign chair of Ilhan.
He's a staffer in her office.
It's gotta be illegal, right?
But it was happening.
That's illegal, why?
We don't care if it's legal.
I have an ILC, one of them.
I'm a terrorist.
Excuse me.
Almost immediately, the New York Times dispatched one of its reporters to shut it down!
The Times reported that the footage from Project Veritas was part of a, quote, coordinated disinformation campaign.
As a matter of fact, the Times declared, Project Veritas' videos were, quote, deceptive.
Now you just saw evidence of a man with ballots all over his lap.
It's illegal in Minnesota to obtain more than three ballots.
Do you have in your possession more than three ballots?
And the New York Times bizarrely looked at the same video Which you just saw clips from, and said that we were making claims without evidence.
You can see their faces.
You can see the faces of the man who exchanges $200 cash, and they lied!
And they said that we relied solely on unnamed sources.
Now what was interesting is that reporter, Maggie Astor, who wrote the article, in the affidavit, when she was then under oath, in this lawsuit, she changed her tune, remember?
She changed it from solely to many.
He's already admitted that they're lying.
And this is the importance of the discovery process because only when they're under oath, only when they're under oath...
Do they tell the truth?
It was a glaring admission that we did, in fact, used name sources.
In fact, all we did was show you people talking and show you evidence.
But still, the New York Times called our video deceptive and refused to retract after we asked.
So we sued.
The Times asked the court to dismiss our case and make us pay their attorneys' fees.
Well, just last week, on March 18th, Justice Charles Wood, New York's Supreme Court, issued a historic order dismissal.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, We celebrate a huge victory for Project Veritas on the other side with James O'Keefe.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're into the second hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex Jones.
James O'Keefe from Project Veritas joins us now.
We just rolled a small snippet of the big breaking report of their victory over the New York Times.
James, before we get into the ins and outs of the expose that you've done, not just on the ballot harvesting on the piece featured in this legal case, but More importantly, the victory here.
What does it mean?
What should America take away from this legal victory for you?
What does it mean to Project Veritas?
Where do you go from here on this case?
Thanks, Owen, for having me on.
I appreciate it.
This is only the eighth time we're aware of.
That someone has gotten past this motion to dismiss phase in a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.
Why is that such a big deal?
That's because now we get to do discovery into the New York Times.
We get to open up their reporter's notebooks and see if they knowingly lied about me.
The judge in this case already said that they're the ones who are part of a disinformation campaign, that they were acting, quote, deceptively.
In this historic order.
So we've made this video.
We even hired a voice actor to read quotes from the judge.
Pretty amazing stuff in this order.
They're basically saying everything that they accused us of that they did.
That they're blurring opinion and fact in this article.
And oh, and the reason why this is such a big deal is because the New York Times article that came out during the election calling our videos disinformation.
Well, Facebook relied upon that to ban the videos.
So, there's just a lot to say, a lot to break down, and I have a lot to say about it, so however you want to proceed, Owen.
Well, think about the implications there, because this is what they do.
It's all about timing.
They know that your videos strike.
When the moment is hot.
When the moment is ripe.
And so they want to make sure that your videos don't have the impact in that moment.
So for example, like this election.
Wow, if people saw this, if people saw the ballot harvesting that you guys captured, if people saw the pay for ballots that you guys captured, that's major landslide movement type of stuff.
So they lie about you, censor it during the election, but maybe now if you can have a massive legal victory against them, maybe they won't be so inclined to do that in the future.
Yeah, I think the only thing they respond to is power.
And the deterrent here is the fact that now we have to conduct videotaped depositions.
So this is very complicated, the defamation law.
So I have to prove actual malice.
That means I have to prove that they knowingly lied about me.
And the reason why that's so hard is because you can't prove that until you get to the discovery phase of litigation.
And you usually can't do that without having proved it.
So it's sort of a paradox and most people don't win like this, but this was so egregious.
The judge writes in this order, there's just no, it's very impossible that the reporter was able to ask for comment, do all the things she needed to do.
And the other thing the judge says in this order is he says that, uh, you know, it's like David versus Goliath.
Well, Goliath is trying to claim protections from us, from a competitor armed with a video camera, and a lot of amazing quotes in here.
The judge also says the New York Times cites all these other people calling us misinformation.
And the judge says, quote, while this is a lengthy media list, polling does not decide the truth nor speak to evidence.
It's a quote from New York Supreme Court.
Talking about that.
So, I think this is historic and I think, and I think, you know, it's time that we open up the reporter's notebooks.
When they lie, they forfeit their right to protect their sources and methods.
Certainly, I've been sued over a dozen times.
Nobody cared when I was sued and went through discovery.
So, it's very important that we open it up because, oh, and they said that these videos are fake.
They're not real.
It's misinformation.
It's deceptive.
And it's time to hold them accountable.
It's time to go to a jury trial, which we will be doing in New York court, and we will win.
Well, this is incredible, considering this is all from a judge in New York, where I would imagine, you know, it's tougher to win things like this, specifically against the New York Times.
But I would imagine the paper shredders are probably working overtime right now at the New York Times since this ruling, James.
Well, and it is illegal, or it should be held in contempt of court if they do that, but, and I just want to repeat something.
People wonder, well, why are you celebrating this victory when you haven't won a trial yet?
Because to win in the United States, just to have the judge say that you can conduct videotaped under oath depositions of New York Times employees, what that means is I get to sit down at a conference table all day long, And ask them questions that they are required to answer under oath.
I get to ask them what was going through their head when they said that I was part of a quote-unquote disinformation campaign.
And these reporters, Maggie Astor and Shu are their names, were driven by resentment.
They were driven by malice towards me.
And this was on September 27th, that's the day the New York Times did the Trump tax return story.
And our video, unbeknownst to me at the time, because I didn't know that the New York Times was coming out with the Trump tax return story, but the New York Times was resentful that our Minnesota ballot harvesting videos pushed them off the trending column on Twitter.
So it was driven by a much-typed story about President Trump's tax returns being upstaged by our report.
So the judge is talking about this in the order.
And the New York Times' own ethical policies they publish on their website prohibit reporters from injecting their opinions in news articles?
Well, Owen, the judge in this case says that that's exactly what they did.
They blurred fact and opinion.
And in their defense, they defended themselves in trying to dismiss the lawsuit by saying that it's an, quote, unverifiable expression of opinion.
So their defense is essentially, well, we can't be held responsible for anything we report because it's all just opinion.
Well, that's ironic.
And I think they've really dug themselves a hole.
They're in between a rock and a hard place saying that all the stuff they write is just opinion.
In a front page or an A section news article.
So I am very excited to depose them.
If you don't know what a deposition is, again, it's videotaped.
It's on camera.
You're under oath.
And by law, you have to reply to my questions.
So we're very excited to hold them accountable.
And it's the only thing they fear, Owen, is to be held accountable.
They're going to cry First Amendment, but again, you can't lie about people like this with malice in your heart.
It is actually unlawful.
You will be, it is a tortious issue in the law.
You can't do it.
And it's time, frankly, it's time more people start suing the New York Times for defamation.
That's what we hope happens as a result of this.
And I think that's exactly what will happen.
Well, we won't let the New York Times have any idea what that deposition may look like, but, you know, I think that this is, you know, I hope millions of eyes and ears and Americans end up seeing this, because I think what is going to be learned from this, at least at the least, James, is that much of what the New York Times tries to do, and it's not just the New York Times, but for this case we'll talk New York Times, is They knowingly misrepresent the truth, or they knowingly fabricate narratives, because they have a political agenda.
And the Trump tax returns is another perfect example.
They thought, oh look at this, we'll destroy Trump, we'll make him look bad, we'll get the tax returns out there, that'll get him.
But it turns out there was nothing there, it was really just a political stunt, and then they get mad that your real journalism, not a stunt, Not an agenda, not a false narrative, but real journalism, cameras, faces, voices, exchanges beat their fake political news hack story.
And Owen, this is a direct quote from this order.
I'm going to read it to you.
It says, the defendants, the New York Times, Quote, setting out with a preconceived narrative, being motivated by ill will and bias, failing to contact obvious sources of information, relying on biased and non-credible news sources, violating journalistic standards, refusing to retract after we call them out on it.
Veritas alleges it has exceeded that standard by pleading overwhelming evidence of actual malice.
That means that they knew that they were lying about us.
Oh, and they said in this article in October, the New York Times wrote that we were, quote, making claims without evidence.
Can you believe?
I mean, the video is everyone's name.
There's faces there.
It's so clear.
And for them to say that, I think we've crossed the Rubicon.
And that's why they're in the position they're in.
And you better believe that they're scared.
You know what?
They're scared about the discovery process, me opening up the report notebooks.
And you better believe the paper shredders, they're probably trying to determine whether they should be shredding.
Yeah, I'm telling you, look at the power bill for the New York Times.
The paper shredders are working double time.
Huge victory for Project Veritas.
We gotta celebrate it.
Let's not focus too much on this, James, because the more we say, the more they're going to be tuned in and just listen to anything they can think to do.
So they're probably, if you're a paper shredding company in New York, you're probably going to be getting a call from the New York Times here shortly.
And again, I believe that that's unlawful.
You can't destroy documents during the lawsuit, but we know that our Our adversaries, I hate to call them adversaries because we're supposed to be fighting for the cause of truth.
We know that they tend to stretch things.
I just wanted to read one more quote.
This is from the motion and the judge said that the terms quote disinformation and deceptive.
I'm sorry, from the order, the judge's order, New York Supreme Court.
The terms disinformation and deceptive provided by the New York Times certainly apply to the reporter's failure to note That they injected their opinions in news articles.
Mike Cernovich just tweeted something to that effect.
Their entire defense relies upon the fact that everything they write is an opinion, so they can't be held accountable for what they write.
You can't make this stuff up.
That's why it's so great to sue them, because they do things like cite Wikipedia in their legal motions.
I can't believe they cited Wikipedia in their motions.
And, you know, this is what happens when you're a liar, Owen.
You know, you have no defense when you're under oath.
Well, and this is what happens when you tell the truth.
This is what happens when Project Veritas just films the truth.
That's all it is.
They can't say that you edited that video.
You didn't.
They can't say that you took anything out of context.
You didn't.
In fact, you just provide commentary.
You narrate over your videos.
You wouldn't even have to do that, James.
The real reason why you do that is because sometimes the audio is kind of garbled or tough on some of these recordings.
You wouldn't even have to do that.
I mean imagine, you could just put out the videos on their own and they would still say that they're fake.
Right, and I like what you have on the screen there.
It's an embarrassing defense, is what it is.
And I think that this goes to the whole idea of journalism, that journalism should be primary sources.
You should not be wholly relying upon anonymously sourced material.
Like in the Matt Gaetz example, there's an issue where there's a little bit of overlap here because you got people in the Justice Department supposedly prosecuting or looking into illegal behavior, saying, quote, people familiar with the situation.
Well, I never do that.
I never say people familiar with the situation.
I show you the damn situation.
I show you the guy in Minnesota ballot harvesting.
I show you it firsthand.
It's first participant observation journalism.
I'm not asking you to trust me.
I'm showing you the activity.
And there's a case where we showed you the activity, Owen.
It was in Minnesota.
It was clear as day.
The guy had hundreds of ballots.
He was bragging about how illegal it was.
You could see his lips moving.
He uploaded it to his own Snapchat account.
And they said I was making claims without evidence.
And that's why we're suing.
And again, I think a lot of people need to follow up with lawsuits.
We have to sue these people.
It's the only thing they respond to.
And I know that people will sue following up on our footsteps.
And thank God for Project Veritas blazing the trail and leading the way.
James, is there anything else that you want to talk about with this story before I move on to the next?
Let's move on to the next one.
You got incredible footage, your team got incredible footage from the makeshift facilities, they're really not even facilities, down at the southern border.
James, what do you make of just, in two short years, the Democrat Party sending their own media, having their own photo shoots, making this the most dire situation at the southern border, to now, here today, when it's ten times worse than it was then, you have the footage, we have the footage, and now they say that it's not even happening.
What do you make of that?
Well, I mean, what I make of it is that a lot of these Customs and Border Patrol agents and federal agents, I told this to Alex last week, they've got nowhere to go and they can't trust the media.
And I saw ABC News, they tweet out sanctioned photographs, they're given photographs by the press lackeys at these federal agencies.
So what we don't see is what they don't want us to see.
And we want to see the unsanctioned things.
So I went down to Donna, Texas, Couple weeks ago, and we got the first photos inside that facility.
You're showing your images right there.
They threatened to kick me out.
Said it was private property.
I believe it is private property, so someone's making money off this whole deal.
That's another story.
And then we got an airplane and flew right about three, four, five hundred feet right over the facility.
We could see the soccer fields, the astroturf, and those are kids age six to sixteen.
Those are the first images, world exclusive by Project Veritas, and they're laying in those metal blankets.
What I make of it, Owen, is that we have to see the unsanctioned things, the things that the press people for the Customs and Border Agencies don't want us to see.
That means we have to work with whistleblowers.
Last week, we broke another story under the International Anzalduas Bridge in McAllen, Texas, showing they're sleeping in dirt.
This is a federal facility, outside, on the dirt, in blankets.
And the whistleblowers come to us because there's nowhere else to go.
I know they're going to Infowars as well.
There's simply nowhere else for these whistleblowers to go.
So we have to tell their stories and not rely upon the official sanctioned account from the press lackeys at DHS.
And, you know, there's also intimidation from within where a lot of the Border Patrol agents or ICE agents, you know, they've been told, hey, you don't talk.
You give people this phone number, we'll handle the media.
And so they kind of have to, you know, do a little under the table card shuffle to us to get this information.
But James, I don't know if you're aware, Your reporting there at Donna, at that facility, was so powerful they had to... I went down there.
They don't even let you on the turf of land.
They now tell me I have to be across the street to even film or they're gonna send police to arrest me!
Yeah, I walked up to that official that was standing with a reflecting vest right outside the doors.
I think I was the first person there.
I was there Thursday of the week prior to all those photos being released.
And what was interesting is I was reporting on this facility.
I had a flag mic.
The kids were coming on the buses.
Everyone that drove by was giving me like the middle finger.
People obviously did not want me there.
The locals didn't want me there, the people who ran the facility.
And they said, this is private property.
I said, you know what isn't private property?
So we got into a little Cirrus plane and flew circles around the facility.
But you know, oh, and it really comes down to the rank and file people that work for these agencies are so pissed off.
And a lot of them are leaking and working with me.
I'm trying to protect their identity.
Some of them are willing to go on the record.
And they talk about rape trees.
They talk about kids dying in the desert.
They talk about a lot of horrific stuff.
And journalism is just simply going there and working with these people.
It disgusts me to see ABC News and CNN working in hand with These press people rather than doing the journalism.
But if they won't do it, then we have to do it.
Your audience needs to know that.
And if you're in the audience for InfoWars and you want to work with me, it's VeritasTips at Protonmail.com.
That's V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips at Protonmail.com.
James, I wish we had another segment with you.
I'd love to talk about the money-making process here, because somebody's making money to claim that that's private property.
Somebody's making money.
And then again, why are there people in the facilities flicking off cameras, blocking cameras?
They know they're doing something wrong.
But James O'Keefe, you're a busy man.
ProjectVeritas.com, folks.
Get involved.
Get involved with Project Veritas.
Be a hero.
James, thank you so much.
Congratulations on your big victory.
Thank you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I've just got footage.
From a Spirit Airlines flight, it's totally out of control.
I mean, look, there's so many different angles here, but I'll just give you the gist of it.
Family on a Spirit Airlines flight, everyone wearing masks, a two-year-old baby is eating yogurt with a spoon, and the family gets kicked off of the flight because the two-year-old that's eating doesn't have a mask on.
So this is the insanity we're going to have to deal with the rest of our lives if we don't face this tyranny now and wipe it out now.
So we're going to have that footage coming up here shortly.
What a great interview with James O'Keefe.
Always great to be joined by Project Veritas.
Always great to interface with Project Veritas.
And you know, Project Veritas never sleeps, never stops, just like us here at InfoWars.
So we understand the battle, we can relate.
And I wish every news outlet would feature James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, but they don't.
We here at InfoWars always will, and that's why it's imperative to keep us on air, ladies and gentlemen.
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that pick up this transmission.
So, the fight for freedom, the fight for truth goes on.
And one of the enemies, well, a few of the enemies, but as an entity, the enemy of truth and free speech has become Big Tech and their social media applications such as Twitter.
Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be mistakenly censored from Twitter an awful lot, doesn't she?
And now the latest has happened.
Twitter claims they mistakenly suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene after he is risen tweet.
You're not allowed to say he is risen.
Now maybe the lunatics at Twitter thought she was talking about Trump, and so you're not allowed to talk about Trump.
No, she was talking about Jesus Christ, the Savior, and the Messiah.
Of course, Twitter doesn't like you talking about Jesus Christ either.
So he has risen.
Happy Easter everyone.
Censored by Twitter.
That's nice.
And remember, it was Google that didn't even put anything up for Easter or Jesus on their search page.
Something they always do.
Some radical leftist fart.
Anniversary, they'll put that as a theme for the day on Google, but for Jesus Christ, our Savior on Resurrection Day?
Anything Islam, they'll always do it.
Anything Chinese, they'll always do it.
I mean, anything else but Christianity, Christianity, anything else but Western values, they'll always promote and have a theme for the day, but not for Jesus, not for Christians.
You're bad.
More of the net censorship here.
YouTube deleted 2.5 million dislikes from Biden White House videos, data indicates.
Now, we've tracked some of this in live time.
In fact, guys, pull up the White House page right now for me, please.
We've tracked some of this in live time where Biden will be giving a speech on, you know, he'll do his one or two speeches a week, canned speeches, not actual press conferences, not actually live, but they'll broadcast them live and they won't even get a thousand people to tune in.
And so I haven't looked, but let's take a look at some of the weak numbers that Biden has been... Oh my gosh!
Biden, nobody's watching this guy!
In fact, the most recent video doesn't even have a thousand views.
I mean, seriously, views on ban.video and banthis.tv get more traffic.
And on the most censored website in the world, we get more traffic than Joe Biden on the most promoted mainstream website in the world.
Think about that.
But so, back to my point.
Yeah, look at this one.
Is this the most recent press briefing, guys?
Press briefing with Press Secretary Jen Psaki.
This is live?
Oh my gosh!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Okay, so this is what I'm telling you though.
So this is in live time.
Right now, you have 2,000 people watching the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.
Those are weak numbers.
Weak, weak numbers.
Anything we do here at InfoWars has more than 2,000.
We don't even have to promote it.
And we're censored everywhere.
And we get tens of thousands.
By the way, they turn off the comments because all the comments are negative.
Yeah, that's another angle of this.
But so, here, let me focus on that though.
So, you go and you look, before they turn the comments off, you go look at the Biden videos, you go look at the White House videos, all the comments were saying Joe Biden is a pedophile, Hunter Biden is a pedophile, Joe Biden crime family, Joe Biden deals with China, sharing all the links and everything.
So they had to turn the comments off.
Because you're not allowed to communicate, you're not allowed to share information.
The White House doesn't want you to do that under Joe Biden.
But they go into the system.
So guys, pull up those numbers again.
And let me just say what the numbers are right now in live time.
I wasn't planning on this, but this is what they do in live time.
They'll take the dislikes and likes.
So right now in live time on the press secretary for the Biden White House, you have 126 likes
to 2,700 dislikes.
This ratio will continue to pan out in this regard.
But then, what you'll see is that the dislikes will just disappear throughout the day until they can get it down to about a 50-50 ratio split.
Yes, and by the way, this is the White House, official White House verified YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers.
And the ratios for every Biden White House video are very similar to this.
About 3,000 dislikes to about 100 likes.
And then they go in and rig the algorithms and get it to about a 50-50 split.
So guys, let's just draw back to the channel now.
And so, yeah, so there you go.
That's all I want to do.
That's a perfect example.
So then they go back after the video is archived and then they show you these numbers.
Guys, pull up that last screen.
And then these are the doctored numbers, and they just say, oh, it was 309 likes to 1,300 dislikes.
Those are manufactured numbers.
So they just erase the dislikes.
And again, the story, YouTube deletes 2.5 million dislikes from Biden White House videos, data indicates.
This is the guy that got the most votes ever.
This is the guy with 80 plus million votes.
This is the most popular presidential candidate of all time.
Supposedly the most popular president of all time.
That was another lie.
That was another lie of the Democrat Party.
That was another lie of the mainstream media.
Biden was the least popular candidate ever.
This is the least popular president ever.
This is the least popular White House ever.
And they have to lie and censor the truth so you don't know it.
Alright, things are getting weirder here as I'm on air.
I've got this video of a family being kicked off an airplane because their two-year-old is eating yogurt without a mask.
How dare that two-year-old, that thought criminal two-year-old.
I've got Hunter Biden saying he smoked more Parmesan cheese than any human in world history.
That's a new one, but apparently Parmesan cheese is a psychoactive cheese.
Did you know that?
I did not know that.
So Hunter Biden may actually be intentionally smoking Parmesan cheese.
This is a wild story developing here.
Somehow that's going to make the Biden family look better, is Hunter admitting he's such a drug addict he smokes cheese?
Yeah, well, you distract from the pedophilia and the treason with the deals with China, then I guess that's not such a bad path to take.
And now I've also just received the Biden White House concluding a day late Easter event where their Easter Bunny is in a mask and his wife is like cackling and laughing weirdly like out of a Kamala Harris cackle session.
So I mean, it just gets weirder and weirder here, folks.
And it's only going to get that way till we decide we actually want to live in reality and stop letting these Psychopaths dictate the path for humanity's future.
And now also, Pelosi is saying every congressional staffer, that's over 15,000, every congressional staffer now needs an extensive background check because they have to make sure that nobody that works at the Capitol supports Trump.
They have to make sure that nobody that works at the Capitol dares go to InfoWars or Banned.Video or Project Veritas.
This is a culling.
The left is engaged in a culling of society right now.
So you have the eugenics at the top, like Bill Gates, that want population control.
Kill the old people, kill the fat people.
That's what they're doing with COVID and the vaccine.
And then you have the culture culling that the left is engaged in, saying you're not even allowed to participate in society unless you do everything that they want you to do.
These are cult members, these are totalitarians, these are authoritarians, these are tyrants.
So now everybody in DC has to get a background check to make sure that you're not potentially an American patriot.
So if you love America, you don't get to work in DC.
And this Biden White House is just an embarrassment on so many fronts.
But here's the latest mask psychosis.
So this is what the media has done.
This is what Fauci has done.
This is what Bill Gates have done.
Turning the average human into a paranoid schizophrenic over a mask that doesn't even work.
This is part of the Civil War agenda.
Pit one another against one another.
Pit black against white.
Pit Asians against this person.
Pit this against that.
Pit vaxxers against anti-vaxxers.
Pit conservatives against liberals.
All this stuff, all part of an agenda to destabilize the United States of America and force us into a civil war.
We can't fall for it, folks.
We can't fall for it, but Again, our hearts versus our wills to be free.
Our wills to be free will win at the end of the day, and we'll restore what we lose of our heart in that battle.
We'll reinstill those values in our lineage.
But no.
So, this is the latest mask insanity of family kicked off a flight because a two-year-old eating yogurt didn't have a mask on.
I told you, non-compliance, you will have to get off.
I didn't want to do this.
Two babies sitting on the mother's lap, eating yogurt.
They say you have to get off the plane and not comply.
Non-compliance with the mask.
We're wearing masks.
We're wearing masks.
She's not wearing a mask.
A baby?
We're wearing a mask.
A lot of kids are wearing masks.
And now the other passengers are realizing how insane this is.
Guys, was I wearing a mask all the way around here?
And now the father's trying to plead with the rest of the passengers, saying, how can they do this?
Special needs child, two-year-old.
I understand.
I'm not, not my choice.
This is the signs of a collapsing civilization.
I'm sorry, but he has to get up and take his stuff and get out.
This is the signs of a collapsing civilization.
This is a civilization gone insane.
I have a meeting. I complied with the mask policy.
I mean, I complied with the mask policy.
You said it's not you. So who is this?
Wow, we've got an update on this story.
Let's complete this video though, but we have a breaking update.
The little girl is just sitting here eating yogurt.
She's a baby. I kissed my wife.
How old is she? She's just turned two. I'm a girl.
I understand.
She's five and up.
A little girl just sitting here eating yogurt.
And they're trying to kick her off the plane.
She's yogurt.
I said out of the aircraft, I will have to deplane the aircraft and call the police.
It's pure massacre.
All for a virus with a 99.99% survivability rate.
All for the flu.
And you can see the other passengers just stunned that they're witnessing this tyranny.
Yeah, it's pretty shocking to witness tyranny, to be a part of tyranny.
To see global enslavement unfolding.
The only way to go against this, folks, is to just resist.
To just push back.
And you know what?
You're gonna have to make sacrifices.
You're gonna have to go into your discomfort zone.
But this is the only way.
Oh, look!
She took her mask off to drink water!
Oh my gosh!
Biological warfare!
How dare you!
And then she puts the disease-ridden, bacteria-infested mask back on her face and now on her baby's face.
A lady over here heard someone on the phone before we even got on the plane that they were planning this.
Or I even walked on the plane.
The captain was okay with it, the whole plane was okay with it, but there was one African American that was not okay with it.
You're not complying.
What do you mean, not complying?
Pregnant lady.
Baby, I just turned two.
I could have got her a free seat and wrote that she's not two.
I just turned two, but I paid for her seat because I'm honest.
I could have wrote she's not two, right?
She doesn't have a license.
It's all political, folks.
It's all political.
And that's why liberals are ruining the world.
And they're not actually liberals.
And I only say liberals because that's just the common nomenclature for the current day.
But they're not liberals.
They're tyrants.
They're authoritarians.
They're communists.
But apparently, so this is an update now.
We've just got a breaking update here.
Apparently the Spirit Airlines flight attendant who ordered the family off the flight has been removed and the family has been allowed back on.
And now they're getting a new flight crew.
So, this creates a bunch of other questions, doesn't it?
Why was there an original complaint filed?
Why was this flight attendant forced to remove them?
We have to fight back, folks.
We have to resist, because we cannot let this continue.
And if there's one bad egg, if there's one masked Nazi out there who just does it for political reasons, and that's all it is.
So, again, who knows what the guy could have been thinking.
Could have, hey, this whitey without a mask, screw him.
Hey, this Jew without a mask, screw him.
I'm going to file a complaint.
I don't know.
It's definitely not that far-fetched.
But just like they wear the mask to make a political statement, just like they want the forced vaccinations to make a political statement, they carry out the same routine in the day-to-day life.
A bunny with a mask?
The Biden administration brings it out.
I mean, it's just all political.
So they want to control you.
They see you without a mask.
That angers them.
They want you to be enslaved.
They want to control you.
So they use the corporate government system set up to control you as leverage that makes them feel good, like, ah, I'm controlling them, haha, I made them wear a mask, haha, I made them get off the plane.
And those are the six psychotics that we're dealing with, like the woman on the airplane that we rolled the video of earlier.
But I'll tell you what, if that's not crazy enough, let's go to break with Hunter Biden telling you he smokes Parmesan cheese.
No, we don't have the video.
Well, this is very upsetting.
So the crew... No, see, I'm not going to let this stand.
The crew is back there smoking Parmesan cheese right now.
You think this is a game, crew?
You think because you watch Hunter Biden get interviewed by CBS and he talks about how great it is to smoke Parmesan cheese and you think you could be back there getting high off Parmesan cheese?
Hunter Biden gets high off Parmesan cheese.
Yeah, you know, I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs, smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine.
I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone that you know, I'm sure, Tracy.
So this is good.
So the Biden crime family are so drug addicted that they, and by the way, Joe Biden is passing bills to have people arrested for crack cocaine as his son is sifting through carpet fibers looking for crack cocaine and smoking Parmesan cheese.
Of course, all of this is a distraction from the Biden crime family, the allegations of the pedophilia, the things that came out in the journal and the emails and the deals with China.
So it's all, it's all a coverup.
Sometimes you just gotta let go.
Realize the world's gone completely insane.
We have a choice.
We have a choice.
It doesn't have to be like this.
We don't have to be completely insane.
We don't have to open up our southern borders.
We don't have to introduce 39,000 separate genders.
We don't have to train our kids to be transsexuals or hookers or prostitutes.
We don't have to force ourselves to put bacteria ridden masks over our face and nostrils and nose and mouth.
We don't have to put clowns into the White House like the Biden family, criminal families into the White House.
It doesn't have to be like this.
It really doesn't.
And you know, our assumption here is if people can get the truth, then they can stand up for it and we can change the world.
And of course that's why they censor us, that's why they lie about us, that's why they demonize us, that's why they do it to you too!
Now, we've got a very powerful report coming up at the bottom of the hour from David Icke.
Vaccine reactions and deaths are just the tip of the iceberg.
You're not going to want to miss this.
And you know what?
I blew it.
I meant to play this clip 5.
In fact, guys, let's just roll what we have here from clip 5.
This is an incredible story.
The video and the full report is at banthis.tv.
Maxwell had a personal and professional relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
I just shook my head and just, it never really made sense to me that someone who, you know, molested all these girls, because, you know, he never denied that he did this.
So it wasn't a question of whether he did it, it was a question of how did he get away with it.
Purposely failing children in any way is not an option.
And yet there are some in society who have chosen to blatantly disregard this responsibility using whatever means they have at their disposal to lure children into a life which they should never have been exposed.
The jail system let us down, the government let us down.
This whole case has been so corrupted and just so influenced by money and power.
Justice definitely was never served.
Just when you thought the Epstein-Maxwell saga couldn't reek of more elitist wickedness, testimony from a Turkish national known anonymously as Jane Doe reads like a chapter from a Hunter S. Thompson novel.
Doe, a married Muslim woman from Turkey, said she met Mr. Epstein and Ms.
Maxwell at a barbecue hosted by her employer in late 2006 or early 2007.
The employer is not named in the lawsuit, which states that Ms.
Doe was told that Mr. Epstein wanted to buy or rent a property.
Doe found a $10,000 a month rental for him.
Doe, a trained hairdresser, allegedly went to his Palm Beach estate in January of 2008 to cut his hair.
But when she got there, she claims Mr. Epstein was naked and proceeded to brutally rape her with Ms.
Maxwell's help.
The Miami Herald reported she attempted to leave, telling them she intended to report the rape.
Maxwell in response claimed that she had already called the police.
Two men who claimed to be police officers arrived at Epstein's mansion and threatened to arrest Doe for prostitution, to take away her son and deport her, according to the suit.
After the alleged abuse, The pair reportedly drove the woman to pick up her eight-year-old son and stopped the car at a large body of water that was infested with alligators.
Epstein then ushered the plaintiff to the body of water and told her in explicit detail, as had happened to other girls in the past, she would end up in this body of water and be devoured by the alligators should she ever reveal what happened.
Absolutely incredible.
The full report, you can find it linked at InfoWars.com, you can find it at Band.Video, BandThis.TV.
Elites throw sex slaves to the Gators.
Now, you look at what's going on with Matt Gaetz and the accusations, and you know, you may say, hey, you know what, I'll look into this, this could be legitimate, but remember, they ignored all the Epstein stuff, they covered up all the Epstein stuff and the Clinton stuff, so why do they care about the Gaetz stuff all of a sudden?
We'll never sell out.
We'll never give in.
We'll never give up.
Resistance is victory.
We're in the third hour now of the Alex Jones Show.
I want to give a quick programming note here.
Owen Troyer filling in for Alex today.
I will be hosting the War Room, my normal host duties, from 3 to 6 p.m.
Central today.
And I think what I'm going to do is In fact, let me even check with my crew, we just do this live on air.
I don't have any guests today, right, Scott?
Are we wide open today?
Wide open today.
And so I've already covered most of the news, and so I'm gonna take a ton of phone calls, maybe even end-to-end, on The War Room today.
All the news we've covered, the videos, and I got more to come.
In the last two segments, you're gonna be hearing from David Icke, About the negative reactions, the negative side effects, and the death from the COVID vaccine.
And then Gerald Cilenti is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
But again, want to let people know, if you're trying to get into InfoWars today, I'm going to be taking end-to-end phone calls on the War Room today.
So if you're Border Patrol, you want to call about that.
You want to call about Epstein sex slaves getting thrown into gator pits.
You want to call in about the masked Nazis and the insanity of the woman breaking down on the elevator, the woman breaking down on the airplane because a kid, a two-year-old, is eating yogurt without a mask.
All the other news I've covered and the other news to cover.
But let me just say this.
I'm, you know, I'm fair.
I'm open-minded.
And so when I saw the stuff coming out against Gates, I said, all right, well, let's see.
Let's see if there's anything there.
And, uh, as far as the accusations and the story is concerned, it seems very, uh, it seems like a setup, almost, actually, of anything.
Uh, but then there's all these images that they're trying to make go viral of Matt Gaetz at children's schools and taking pictures with kids, and they're saying, see, this is the proof, this is the proof.
But hey, you know what?
I'm open-minded.
Let's see what's going on.
But no.
To me, it looks like it was a setup.
But forget about that.
Forget about the details.
Let's say Matt Gaetz is guilty of what they're saying.
He's done.
I'm not saying he is.
I don't believe he is.
But let's just say, for sake of this argument, he is.
Why would Matt Gaetz be the story?
Why would they be going after Matt Gaetz?
Why wouldn't they be talking about Bill Clinton and the women?
Why wouldn't they be talking about Governor Cuomo and the women?
Why wouldn't they be talking about Warnock and the abuse at the facilities he was running in Georgia?
Why not Epstein?
They actively covered all of that up.
The Hollywood rape of kids.
The Hollywood rape of female actresses.
The Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood.
The James Gunns of Hollywood.
They covered all of that up.
They said, don't talk about it.
Don't look here.
We don't do that.
But Matt Gaetz?
Matt Gaetz, though?
Why the inconsistency?
Why the double standard?
Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?
Pretty obvious, isn't it?
Matt Gaetz is a fighter for America.
Matt Gaetz is a fighter for Trump.
And I think that, you know, Matt Gaetz at some levels probably still tries to cater to the establishment way and, you know, keep himself relevant and not be totally attacked like a Marjorie Taylor Greene.
But he wants to do the right thing.
He wants America to win.
He wants Florida to win.
He wants the truth to be told, he doesn't want the leftist communists to destroy our great nation.
That I do believe.
And that is the reason why they're going after Matt Gaetz.
Because he goes on TV and he tells the truth, and the left hates it, and the globalists hate it, and he stands and he fights for Trump, and you're not allowed to do that.
So, they bring up this whole thing about Matt Gaetz to make that the story, But they cover up the industrial level, child sex trafficking, run by the FBI, run by Mossad, the list goes on, and Epstein was their man.
And all the political elite, all the Hollywood elite that were running around with Epstein, they all get protection.
They all get covered up.
But if you're Matt Gaetz and you're an American patriot, then they lie about you, and they try to smear and slander you, With the claims of everything that they've been doing.
So it's not Matt Gaetz running industrial-level sex trafficking.
That's the FBI.
That's the UN.
That's Jeffrey Epstein.
But we now know, with Gina Rohrbach, And who knows how many others, they were told, you don't cover this story, we're covering this up.
We don't talk about the Epstein sex trafficking.
But see, it just shows how hypocritical they are.
So Matt Gaetz, who's probably just a real legit dude, just actual good dude, doesn't go around raping women, doesn't womanize, doesn't, you know, traffic children, just a good American patriot, he's gonna be the one that they try to bring down.
But Cuomo, with all the accusations they don't care about.
And Fairfax, and the list goes on and on and on, and all the Epstein industrial sex trafficking.
They don't care about that.
They don't report on that.
They keep that under wraps.
They cover all of that up.
But if you're Matt Gaetz, you must be destroyed.
Because you love America, and you're going to fight for what's right.
But this will only make him fight harder, is my prediction.
It's kind of like what they're doing to Publix.
And you know, I kind of want to break the story here, but it's not mine to break.
So I won't do it.
But let me just tell you, there's something else going on with Publix that they don't want you to know about.
And I'll just leave it at that.
And someday, again, it's not my story to break, but someday maybe you will hear about this story and how great the people of Publix actually really are and how much they care about humans.
And so, let me just tell you, the attacks against Publix right now for financing Trump or financing DeSantis or whoever else, that's not what this is really about, folks.
It's an outlier, and they do use that, and they will continue to attack Publix.
But let me just tell you again, there's other stuff going on behind the scenes, which is really why they want to destroy Publix, and the people at Publix really just love people.
They do.
They love people, they love America, and they don't want to see it collapse.
But see, as all of these people are getting attacked, it's like the tip of the spear analogy, the tip always penetrates the enemy first.
The tip always penetrates the target first.
So it deals the first damage, it takes the first damage.
Now, as it penetrates, and the tip of the spear widens, as you know the shape of the spear, now all those other people that are getting attacked, now they're being forced to fight back, now they're going to be penetrating the enemy. Now they're going to be penetrating the target.
So I think Matt Gaetz is only going to fight harder. I think Ron DeSantis is only going to fight
harder. I think the people at Publix are only going to fight harder. Just like what we've seen with
the people at Goya. Just like what we've seen with the people at, with Archie Oates and his
restaurants in Florida. And just like you've seen with InfoWars for a long, long time.
No, not like what you've seen from Hunter Biden, who's been smoking crack for 30 years and Parmesan cheese for I'm not sure how many years, maybe 35.
He's been smoking Parmesan cheese.
Maybe he learned that one from his dad.
Who knows what else these sick people are into?
I would imagine all of it.
I mean, we could sit here and make jokes.
Because we do know what they're up to.
We do know about the drugs and the addictions, and we do know about the sexual deviations, and we do know about the deceased brother and his wife also sleeping around inside the family.
It's a family affair.
Who knows?
Maybe Jill and Hunter have had a run together.
Would you be surprised?
I'd actually bet it's happened.
This family is really messed up.
Really, really badly.
And you know, again, it's the Biden family that's so corrupt.
It's the Biden family that's falling apart.
Only propped up by the media and their millions in stolen money.
But here's the Trump family, makes all the money legitimately.
And actually raises a good, productive family.
I mean, look at the family!
Don Jr.
I love Don Jr.
I actually hope he runs soon.
Look at Eric Trump and his wife, Laura.
What a beautiful family.
Look at all their kids.
They're not addicted to drugs.
They're not going around making corrupt deals.
Meanwhile, on the Biden side, though, yikes!
They're smoking crack, they're smoking Parmesan cheese, and Jill Biden looks like a street hooker.
Maybe she just got done with a romp with Hunter.
Or, you know, who knows?
I mean, they just pass around women in that family, pass around children in that family.
That's not even a joke!
We know that!
And they also pass around the Parmesan cheese, not because they're eating pizza, but because they're trying to get high!
You can't make this stuff up!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to get powerful information from David Icke.
And then, The always informative and entertaining Gerald Cilente from the Trends Research Journal, which I am a subscriber of.
Great news coming out of the Trends Research as far as their analytics and coverage.
Just always spot on.
And much like InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
I'm going to do my final news coverage here.
Then it's David Icke, then it's Gerald Cilenti.
But again, a reminder, the crew is so excited to take phone calls for three hours coming up on The War Room.
So, here's what typically happens.
When I host into The War Room and I'm on air, like, getting to six, seven hours, I tend to get a little out of control.
and I don't want to do that today. So you're going to be my safety net and you're going to
dictate today. Normally you do that on a Friday, Open Line Friday. We're going to do Open Line
Monday on the War Room coming up, your calls on anything that we've covered. The border,
the cover-up of the sex slavery under Epstein and the political elites and Hollywood elites,
but now they want to go after Gates.
By the way, I'm told Trump is going to make a big statement coming up soon.
So maybe he's announcing a rally.
We'll see what happens with that.
Anything we've covered, it'll be fair game on the war room.
So open line to line, end to end on the war room.
My normal host duty is 3 to 6 p.m.
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There's underground information that the establishment doesn't want you to know.
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There's a reason.
We're trying to make sense of it.
We're trying to make people wake up and understand it.
But you have to get the information out there.
You have to be the Paul Revere.
Hey, Bill Gates!
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So we have first-hand experience.
I've pretty much got through everything I need to except a couple outlying news stories that I will get to now.
Ron DeSantis makes a great point.
Ron DeSantis signs executive order banning vaccine passports, says it would create two classes of citizens.
This is a talking point we need to echo because every time I go to a restaurant I kind of get a feel for it, but you know, if I have a waiter or a waitress or somebody, you know, serving me or seating me or a host or at the gym, you'll notice that the employees, the waiters, the waitresses, the servers, all of it, they're still being forced to wear masks.
Now again, I'm speaking from a perspective of Texas here in Austin where I don't ever wear a mask.
Nobody says anything to me anymore.
We don't have the mask mandate here anymore.
But the employees are still being forced to wear masks.
That's second class citizen treatment and it makes me sick.
It hurts my heart.
Just because you're a waiter, or a waitress, or a cook, or you're, you know, working at a gym as a trainer, or working at a front desk somewhere, or a secretary somewhere, or a teacher or something, you should not be forced to wear a mask!
This is second-class treatment of certain sectors, of certain industries, and it really breaks my heart that we're now treating people like second-class citizens just because of a certain job they have.
So when I go to the gym and I see the people sitting at the front desk, I say, boy, you know, I just want you to know I think it's unfair that you have to wear the masks and we don't.
And most of the time, they kind of nod in agreement.
But you can tell some people probably like wearing the mask.
And that's fine.
Nobody's going to make them take it off.
You can wear it forever, I suppose.
That's the life you want to live.
But like I said, waitresses, waiters, you know, it's just, hey, you know, it's unfair.
Bartenders, it's unfair.
It's unfair you still have to be a mask slave.
It's unfair you have to get this second class citizen treatment.
But that's just the lowest common denominator.
As DeSantis says, the vaccine passports will create two classes of citizens.
And that's what everything the Democrat policy has to do with right now.
They're creating caste systems straight out of the India style.
So, oh, they'll get rid of the Second Amendment, you won't have a right to bear arms, but the wealthy elite will have security teams around them 24-7 with firearms.
So that's the two-class system that all these policies create.
And we need to call it out, it needs to be stopped.
I also need to mention, ahead of David Icke coming up, if you haven't seen Alex Jones' exclusive Saturday broadcast from this Saturday, World Shock by Spars 2025-2028 document, it's a must-see.
Really going viral if you haven't seen that.
I wanted to point that out to you.
More election theft cover-up is happening right now.
The Gateway Pundit headline.
What is he hiding?
Georgia's Secretary of State Raffensperger petitions court prefers state not be forced to hand over ballots for audit.
And I suspect that it was Raffensperger That also made the claims that were the anonymous source about Trump intimidating people on the phone.
To stop the theft of election.
I believe that was Raffensperger and the media is running circles to cover up the fact that he was that source.
Stabbing Trump in the back.
Stabbing America in the back.
Another Gateway Pundit story.
Fake news.
Washington Post publishes hit piece on former Senator Patrick Kohlbeck.
Forgets to mention his witness.
He witnessed a massive drop of illegal ballots in Michigan.
No, you didn't witness that!
Oh, we just have the tapes of it.
We have the security footage of that.
No, you don't!
Yeah, we literally do.
You just don't want to admit it.
You've been caught in your election theft.
And you know, part of me realizes...
Having this happen to America, having Biden and his administration in the media and all the lies that they tell 24-7, it's actually a good thing for America because we're faced with a choice.
And if we don't make the right choice in the next four years, then we don't deserve to have this republic.
We don't deserve, I guess, to have our freedom, I suppose.
I could say that.
I hate to say that because I don't think it's totally true.
We always deserve to have freedom.
But the point is, It will destroy America, and if we can't fight against this much corruption, if we can't stand up against this much tyranny and lies, then we just never will.
It's just getting so bad.
So, in a way, the corruption and the out-of-control nature of the Biden White House is a good thing for America to wake up.
And their out-of-control tyranny, like vetting the military, vetting Border Patrol vetting the National Guard, now vetting every congressional staffer.
That's more than 15,000 congressional staffers are getting background checks.
And it's all to make sure there's no Patriots, no Trump fans, no InfoWars fall errors.
That's what it's all about.
Major League Baseball boycotted Georgia All-Star game a day after expanding deal with communist Chinese company Tencent.
Oh, that's just a coincidence, I'm sure.
And of course the fraud is on its face, because why?
There will still be 81 home games for the Atlanta Braves this year.
And Major League Baseball requires you to present a photo identification before picking up your tickets at Will Call or buying a beer.
Will they change that policy?
No, they won't.
All right, emergency report from David Icke coming up.
I'll see you on the War Room.
Well, things move on.
We've now had, well, we don't need it, but we've got it, a confirmation of another real reason for the COVID hoax, and that's to advance towards world government.
We've had leaders of 23 countries and the World Health Organization, which of course is an absolute cult operation and creation.
And they backed the idea of creating a global treaty that would bolster international cooperation in case of future health emergencies, future health emergencies that they obviously have in the pipeline, whether they're real or not, like the ongoing, quote, COVID-19 pandemic.
Yeah, OK.
The idea of the treaty received formal backing from the World Health Organization.
Well, it would, wouldn't it?
It's the cult Agenda and who's owned by the cult?
I mean, you know, as well as leaders of over 20 nations, the UN health watchdogs and top politicians published a joint opinion piece ran by major newspapers worldwide.
Well, the United Nations is a creation of the cult and a stalking horse for world government.
So of course that's going to agree.
There will be other pandemics and other major health emergencies.
No single government or multilateral agency can address this threat alone, the article says, and that nations should work together towards a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response.
And that we must come together as a global community for peaceful cooperation That extends beyond the crisis.
We must come together, one world.
Sounds all good, except it don't mean that.
It means centralization of power.
And there's another quote.
This includes greatly enhancing international cooperation to improve, for example, alert systems, data sharing, research, and local, regional, and global production.
And distribution of medical and public health counter measures such as vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and personal protective equipment.
In other words, carrying on as we are now but ramping it massively up and officially making it centrally coordinated instead of being unofficially centrally coordinated when it has been up to this point.
Diagnostics, that means mass testing of the The healthy, which I'm going to come to as we go along.
Now, I've been talking a lot in the last few months about the plan to bring an end to the procreation of human 1.0, the present version of human, which they want to turn into a synthetic biological human.
Of course, sperm counts are plummeting around the world, all in line with this.
But we have this story this week.
Number of pregnant women suffering miscarriage after having COVID vaccine increases by 483% in just six weeks.
It says, we're saddened to report that the eighth update on adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines Alleged vaccines reported to the MHRA yellow card system has seen yet another increase in the number of women suffering the heartbreak of losing an unborn child.
You will remember, I'm sure, that two doctors came out with a report urging, I think it was the European Union to, or the European Commission, which runs Europe, to stop the Stop the use of these vaccines until more was known about the effect on fertility.
You might also remember that the British government actually said we do not know the effect on fertility, which is staggering enough.
But of course, at the core, they do, because part of this is to reduce fertility because they want to phase out human 1.0 for human 1.2.
And so it's no surprise that this is happening.
The two doctors were concerned about the potential effect on the placenta, which would just stop developing and cause infertility.
So it says here the Government have released weekly reports on adverse reactions to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines, the first of which covered data inputting to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from December 9th 2020 through to the 24th of January 2021.
The latest report, which is the eighth to be released, covered data inputted to the Yellow Card scheme from the 9th of December 2020 through to the 14th of March 2021.
Just seven weeks separated the first and eighth report and the shocking increase in the number
of women losing their unborn and newborn child in that time due to having either the Pfizer or
AstraZeneca vaccine is appalling. And the whole thing should be put in this context that the
reports of death and adverse reactions, miscarriages, to the yellow card reporting scheme,
same with the one in America, VARS, as they call it, is is a fraction of those that actually are happening. It's
estimated maybe 10 percent because I keep coming across stories now over and over,
many of them from within the medical profession and others that have interacted with hospitals
after adverse reactions immediately following the vaccine alleged.
And it's very clear that the vast, vast, vast, overwhelming majority of incidents, even deaths, are not being reported as connected to these fake vaccines.
So the numbers must be tremendous.
Number of deaths must be tremendous compared with the ones we hear about, which again is a fraction.
So, what was predicted by these doctors is coming to pass.
And some of the adverse reactions, and you know, just take for a second, we've got celebrities, I'll come to One in a minute.
And these professional liars, Clinton, Boyd Bush and Obama, who are telling people that they should have this, well, medical procedure to insert a synthetic RNA into every cell.
And the effect is being just ignored.
There was a story this week of a woman talking about her husband.
They said that they decided to have the vaccine because they believe what the media said.
Well, there's a harsh lesson, unfortunately learned, and that the government wouldn't put out vaccines that weren't safe.
Well, there's a second lesson, unfortunately learned in a most extreme way.
So the husband has the vaccine.
alleged and he starts to feel mildly unwell, he gets a bit of a headache and then it started.
And in the end he had no feeling below the waist and he was taken to accident and emergency.
The first time they told him he had an allergy and sent him home.
The second time they told him he had something else which wasn't true and they sent him home.
And eventually he was taken into a neurological ward.
Apparently there's about another six there with similar symptoms after having the vaccine.
And again, until the doctors in the neurological ward said, yeah, this is vaccine caused, everyone before that didn't want to know.
And we have this really shocking story.
Man's skin peels off after extreme adverse reaction to COVID vaccine.
Virginia Commonwealth University doctors say a COVID-19 vaccine is to blame for a 74-year-old man's severe rash that appeared four days after receiving the experimental shot.
The Goochland County, Virginia man spent five days at a medical center after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine caused his skin to start peeling off.
It all just happened so fast, my skin peeled off, Richard Turrell told ABC8.
It's still coming off in my hands now.
I began to feel a little discomfort in my armpit, and then a few days later I began to get an itchy rash.
And then after that, I began to swell and my skin turned red.
He described the pain, saying it was stinging, burning and itching.
Whenever I bent my arms, like inside of my knee, or his legs as well, it was painful when the skin was
swollen and was rubbing against itself.
And I've seen similar stories about the effect in terms of rashes.
And I should also mention that the gentleman who's in the neurology ward is in excruciating pain apparently.
So much so that just putting him through a scanner to see what was going on was apparently agony.
And like I say, with rashes, here's another one.
A mother suffers agonizing rash all over her body following AstraZeneca vaccine.
A mother in Scotland suffered a severe rash that covered her entire body shortly after
receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
41-year-old hairdresser Lee King of Lanarkshire said she began experiencing adverse effects
almost immediately after she received her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on March
"It was a horrible feeling," King told the UK's Daily Record.
"Never in my life was I prepared for what I was about to experience."
King suffered a side effect that caused her skin to break out into a painful rash that
spread throughout her entire body.
The condition has persisted for more than...
two weeks and there's some pictures in this story on DavidIke.com and it's horrific,
utterly horrific. My skin was so sore and constantly hot, she described.
I've never felt pain like this.
It has been a horrible experience.
I'm a very healthy person and not on any medication or anything like that.
I'm not even in a vulnerable category.
She explained, adding that I got the vaccine only as I'm an unpaid carer for my son who has autism and mobility issues.
I haven't been able to care for him since I got the vaccine as I'm in so much pain.
And so she says her son, the 13-year-old son, is afraid to come near her and has been struggling to understand what's happening.
And at home, in his happy place, and his best pal I am, as she said, but I got this vaccine to care for him, but I haven't been able to do that, describing the situation as physically and mentally draining for the whole family.
So, these things are going on, and most of them are not even reported, and so we don't know about them.
And here's these people.
Telling us it's safe.
And the UK Health Secretary this week, Matt Hancock, or Psycho Pratt Hancock, I call him, he was questioned by a Member of Parliament over data collected on the effect of the vaccine in terms of killing people.
And it was very clear from his answer But they weren't collecting that data.
You know, we really are looking at a global network of psychopaths with a very, very dark agenda here, and not a smear of empathy or concern about anybody.
And going back to that transforming of the human body, I was pointing out over the months that the idea is to have more and more excuses to put more and more of this synthetic material into the body so the body starts to change.
And so here we go.
Over 70s to get booster jab, this is in Britain, over 70s to get booster jab in September.
To protect vulnerable groups from variants.
There we go.
This was always going to be the case.
Oh no, we've got variants now, so you've got to have vaccines for them.
It's so predictable, it's almost funny if it wasn't so tragic.
And the targeting of old people, there was a A video clip that I did in an interview in 2009, going around the internet this week, where I was pointing out the agenda of using viruses to justify mass global immunization and the targeting of old people.
And I talked about the plan to basically delete old people.
And that's exactly what's going on.
Over 70s, here's another part of it, over 70s face driving curfew and travel ban area limits under new license plans as older people continue to be targeted, this is part of my headline, for deletion by the fascist cult.
And there was a A man I've quoted in the books over the years, Dr. Richard Day, who described all this stuff that's happening and more in great detail when he did a presentation or a speech to pediatricians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1969.
He described how they were going to target old people and down to this detail that they would start putting wording on documents or things that they had to sign that were very very difficult to read that were very faint and difficult to read and you know I've come across this a lot you kind of look at them and you go what idiot decided to use that faint font to
For people to read, it's ridiculous, you can't read it.
Well, this is why.
And the idea, Des said, was to make old people feel useless and past it, and have to ask younger people to help them and whatever.
It's all, the whole psychology.
So here we have This plan.
Drivers who are over the age of 70 who suffer from poor health could be allowed to continue driving if they abide by a nighttime ban and stick to their local area.
The new proposals are being discussed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, DVLA, and Driving Mobility, but they're not being discussed, they're being planned to be introduced.
And the report says that the talks come as data shows an increase in the number of over-70s driving on the road, doubling in the last 25 years.
Under the current system, licences expire when a driver turns 70.
The driver must then inform DVLA of any medical conditions like diabetes, dementia, Parkinson's or epilepsy, as well as any condition that affects the eyes, in order to keep driving.
The new proposals would allow over-70s with ill health to be eligible for a graduate driving licence, which could restrict them to a 20 to 30 mile radius from home.
According to the Sunday Times, and the scheme could also reportedly ban them from driving after dark.
Now, if you've got a health problem, or an eyesight problem, what the hell does it matter if you're driving 20 to 30 miles from your home or further?
You've still got the same problem, and therefore you're still in the same situation.
And this is a totalitarian tiptoe.
This is just the start.
And it's another effort, another step on the road to taking old people out of anything.
25-year-old mentally ill millennial and black supremacist Noah Green, who, according to his Facebook page, was a Nation of Islam devotee, apparently motivated by total desperation and hopelessness under the assumed millennial and black-supported Biden administration, rammed his car into two U.S.
Capitol Police officers, killing 18-year veteran U.S.
Capitol Police officer Billy Evans and injuring another.
Then a blockade on Constitution Avenue and proceeded to wield a knife attack resembling ISIS tactics.
Noah Green truly is the Biden administration's worst nightmare.
Green represents a black supremacy movement that the establishment assumes it has under its thumb.
Just two hours before what Fox News reported was a lone wolf attack, the suspect allegedly posted a video on his Instagram account with a caption that said, The US government is the number one enemy of black people.
In a separate Facebook post, Green claimed that Satan's rule over us is up.
Your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of Satan.
The satanic Jews that control everything and mostly everybody.
White folks are going down and Farrakhan, by God's grace, has pulled the cover off!
And just as the Democrats' history is rooted in white supremacy... Now know this, everybody else has been canonizing Senator Byrd.
I'd like to humanize him a little bit.
They mentioned that he once had a fleeting association with a Ku Klux Klan, and what does that mean?
I'll tell you what it means.
He was a country boy from the hills and the hollows of West Virginia.
He was trying to get elected.
And maybe he did something he shouldn't have done, and he spent the rest of his life making it up.
And that's what a good person does.
There are no perfect people.
There are certainly no perfect politicians.
There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time.
I'm gonna use that word.
Black Farrakhan supporters inhabit powerful seats within the Democrat Party.
This is not a good look for the far left.
Basically, and we can see how he's so closely associated with some leaders in our nation. And then the worst part of it all is
that we see the reluctance of the media to really talk about it.
This is something that we should be able to stand up and say that racism has no skin color,
hate is hate, and it ought to be condemned from Louis Farrakhan to David Duke. The fact that our leaders can't say what I
just said, I find is very problematic.
Lester Holt's propaganda media didn't know what to make of it, clutching at straws for their quickly disintegrating
white supremacist preoccupation.
Meanwhile, the present moment lived by its own rules.
I think the left, in general, and the Democratic Party in particular, they don't have a concept of the news.
They're just opportunities to advance agendas.
And right now, that agenda seems to be racialism and socialism.
And just as kind of a thought experiment, when I heard this story, I said to myself, If I don't hear, am I going to hear about the description of the shooter if he's not white, and am I going to hear January 6th?
And so the first six stories I looked at, there was no description of the shooter at all, or the suspect, but January 6th saturated all the stories, as if this was some Trump supporter who was still wandering around Washington and broke through these fence and necessary barbed wire and shot the Capitol.
Then only later did I see that he was an unhinged probably racialist supporter of Louis Farrakhan.
In a Facebook post, Noah Green had expressed what could be deemed as a manifesto
and had declared the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Jesus the Messiah.
Had he been a white supremacist, would it have really made any difference?
Even the opposing fringes of society apparently agree on the threat of totalitarianism occupying our government.
Biden's clueless response only validated the chaos his corporatic administration is stirring up
as the country grapples with autocratic rule by dementia.
John Bowne reporting.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
You know that video clip they just did about that guy that slammed into the Capitol over there and killed a cop?
There's no doubt about it.
If this cat was a conservative, it would have been a whole different thing.
They would have called it white supremacist, but buried.
Oh, and he killed a cop.
How about that cop that died that we've been hearing about?
We still don't know how he died when they had the break-ins of the Capitol on January 6th.
That was big news.
One cop died.
You know, and this, this is, it's, you know, as I keep saying, you better do what you can to support InfoWars because they're, they're, they're blacklisting.
I can't say blacklist the blackball.
That'd be called racist, right?
They're shutting down everybody that doesn't agree with them.
I just want to touch on the equity markets for a bit.
You know, they're skyrocketing again.
And I called it the Biden bounce.
They said this thing was going to happen.
But the jobs that are being created aren't jobs that pay money.
When you look at the last numbers that came out, most of the jobs are in the service sector because those are the ones that were shut down first.
So what you're looking at is yes, there's a recovery.
Yes, there's going to be a big bounce back, but it's going to be temporary.
The streets are dead here.
You couldn't get a parking space outside where we are up here in Kingston.
You couldn't get a parking.
Everybody complained, you need more parking, more parking.
Now you park anywhere you want, anytime, anywhere.
You go down to Manhattan, your office occupancy rate is about 14%.
So, what's going to happen to all of these commercial buildings?
Well, sublets are already happening, there's sub-leasing.
When you sublease, you're taking a loss.
Like you sign this 10-year lease and now you want to get out of there.
You got to get somebody else to take it.
You're giving them a big discount.
JPMorgan Chase, Salesforce, one after another, subleasing space.
So now, think about all of the businesses that depend on commuters.
It's a different world now.
People aren't going to be commuting like they used to.
And boy, a lot of people are really happy about it.
You think they want to be stuck in traffic for two hours, hour and a half each way?
Were they driving?
So the commercial real estate sector is going to take a big hit.
People ask me about what about prices with real estate going up?
Are they going to keep going up?
Yes, they will.
Until interest rates go up.
When interest rates go up, This thing is going to be going down big, but it's not going to be like the bust that you had in 2007 when the real estate market busted.
You know, the subprime mortgages that the Goldman Sachs gang and all the other ones were selling while they were shorting them?
Yeah, that one.
And they were too big to fail?
Oh yeah, those.
Think about it, Easter time, too big to fail, huh?
Yeah, Jesus Christ.
The Prince of Peace becomes violent.
He picks up a whip to drive the money changers out of the temple.
Then they have, a day later, then they have the Last Supper.
Oh yeah, the Last Supper before they put him on the cross.
All right?
Banksters out of the temple.
Last Supper a couple of days later and on the cross four days later, three, four days later.
That's what happens when you mess with the banksters.
And the banksters are in charge again.
Right in front of our eyes.
Look who the head of the U.S.
Treasury is.
Janet Yellen.
Oh, put a woman there.
I don't want to hear this.
You got Christine Lagarde over there, the head of the European Central Bank.
Before that, the International Monetary Fund.
Oh, if only a woman.
I'm tired of this black right.
I had it with it.
I want the best.
Going back to Yellen.
She was the former head of the Federal Reserve.
Well, look at that poor Madonna and me.
We're the same age.
That picture you have here.
I can't look.
Anyway, she was the head of the Federal Reserve.
And of course, the Federal Reserve is not federal.
Another murderous piece of crap that should rot in hell.
Woodrow Wilson brought them in in 1913.
It's the banksters in charge.
They say right and L, not only for that, but what he did, getting Americans into World War I and helping to destroy Europe and kill millions of people.
In a war we shouldn't have been in.
Woodrow Wilson, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs and banks.
Got it?
That's who's running the show.
So now we got yelling, the Treasury Secretary.
The banksters are running the show right in front of our eyes.
Going back to interest rates.
They're saying that inflation isn't going up.
What world are they living in?
Go to the store, buy gas, meats, everything.
Prices going up, prices going up.
Going back to the housing market.
The reason it's different this time Is you don't have a lot of speculators going in.
You also have the millennials who weren't buying homes, now they're buying homes.
So the buying home age is dropping again.
They were out of the market for a while.
They're moving out of the city.
People are moving up here to Kingston.
According to Bloomberg, it was the highest market rise in America.
You're buying houses up here sight unseen.
So again, it goes back to the new workforce.
It's not going to be, you know, the one like it used to be.
They're not going to be commuting.
So going back, when interest rates go up, that's when the housing market's going to go down.
Until that happens, I keep seeing it Because there's more buyers than supply in ratio.
Usually you need a lot more homes out there.
So there's a lot less homes on the market than last year.
So that demand and supply is more demand than supply.
So that's the way we see it.
When are interest rates going to go up?
When interest rates go up, the markets are going to crash.
Because they have all this cheap money for the money junkies, monetary methadone, that lets them borrow for free, basically, so they could keep gambling.
So when will interest rates go up?
Interest rates will go up when the dollar starts to dive and real inflation, they can't hide it anymore.
I talked about rising housing prices, right?
Do you know that they don't put housing prices into the Consumer Price Index?
That's right.
They're skyrocketing, but they don't add them in.
You know why?
Because they're murderous, low-life pieces of crap thieves.
They don't want inflation to go up in real life so they can keep feeding the money junkies their monetary methadone.
Oh, and when you have Social Security, it goes up with inflation.
So they keep inflation artificially low.
If you want the real inflation numbers, go to Shadow Stats.
John Williams, he puts out the real numbers in both inflation and also employment.
Because the employment numbers are a lie too.
Once you're no longer collecting unemployment, you're no longer counted as unemployed in the U.S.S.A.
So the whole game is rigged.
So that's what we see.
When the markets crash, the reality will hit Main Street and they're doing everything now they can to artificially pump it up with their monetary methadone.
So we're going to take a break.
We'll be back in a bit.
And remember, support info where it was.
Put your money where your heart is.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, look, censorship is real.
This isn't the free America anymore.
You have to say what they want you to say.
You can't speak out.
You're not allowed to have any different kind of opinion.
You're called a conspiracy theorist if you don't swallow the crap that they're trying to shove down your throat.
So do everything you can to support InfoWars.
As I said, put your money where your heart is.
This is freedom of speech over here.
I never, never, Have I ever been asked to say anything?
I've never been censored by Alex Jones, InfoWars.
I say what I want to say and that's it.
And we don't agree on things?
Were we all supposed to think alike?
That was what my father taught me, by the way.
I was a little kid when I'd shoot my mouth off.
And he'd say to me, Papagallo, parrot, stop repeating what everybody else is saying and think for yourself.
And that's what InfoWars is, to think for yourself.
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I want to talk about, well I was talking about the markets and what's going on and I mentioned about the unemployment numbers that came out.
Leisure and hospitality had a 280,000 job increase.
So these are jobs, you know, bars, restaurants, they had, you know, about 176,000 jobs.
And entertainment and recreation.
These don't pay a lot of dough.
They added 53,000 jobs, but guess what?
And that's, oh, the slimy lowlife sold out our manufacturing.
Remember Bill Clinton with NAFTA?
And they've lost 515,000 manufacturing jobs since last February.
So even at the Wall Street Journal is estimating about 500,000 jobs monthly for the rest of the year.
So according to the Federal Open Market Committee, return to the 3.5 unemployment rate would take until 1923, 2023.
1923, 2023. So that's even with these jobs being, that's a return to that. 2023, so that's
two years away. But the rich are getting richer.
They got four trillion dollars richer.
Or we become a plantation workers on Slave Landia as they're taking over the show.
Now, the important thing about this is that that's going to bring the jobs that were lost back.
But new people going into the system, there's no jobs there.
And what are they doing?
You got these low-life pieces of garbage that we call politicians telling us what to do.
Ontario declared a four-week state of emergency after hitting a record for number of COVID-19 patients.
Supermarkets and pharmacies will operate at 50% capacity.
I say 53%, or I say 49%.
Well, you can make up anything you want, because that's all they're doing.
Because, if you're a small business, only 25%.
They're making this crap up.
Crap heads are making it up.
The variants of concern are spreading rapidly.
This is a new pandemic.
We are now fighting a new enemy, Shot off the fat, fat mouth, Ontario's premier, Doug Ford.
Look at this clown, Ford.
Hey, you think Lola, the new Rachel Levin, our Secretary of Health, got more chins than Chinatown.
Man, you throw this guy into that Ontario with a Great Lake up there, it'd start flooding overboard, man!
Look at this piece of crap telling people what to do!
What does this blimp boy know about health?
And listen to the words coming out of his Fat mouth.
You ready?
The new enemy.
The new enemy.
The COVID war.
Look at it.
Business is destroyed.
You're a non-essential business.
And I'm sick of these words, premier.
How about a premier piece of crap?
How about a fat mouth?
And boy, oh boy, to the letter of the word.
And look at the little piece of crap sitting next to him.
Premier, a premier freak right in front of us.
Destroying life everywhere in a country near you.
And the people are taking it.
Listen, if you call yourself a Republican, a Democrat, a conservative, a liberal, your mind is that big.
Because that's how big the club is.
How about just being a free thinker, Premier?
Destroying businesses, but the non-essentials.
The new enemy, they took us off to the COVID war.
One of our covers last year, dumb enough to believe George Bush's war, the Iraq war, dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
And fat mouth little boy over here, daddy's boy Andy Cuomo, called it a war right away and so did the media.
They got us marching off to war.
And wear your mask when you go march off to war.
Don't forget to get vaccinated.
And don't forget to support InfoWars.
You can see what's going on here.
When you've got a slob like that shutting down everywhere like that, Ford, they're shutting down freedom.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for all tuning in.
And remember, keep truth alive.
Support InfoWars.
I mentioned that they keep calling, I'm in libtard land over here.
In New York.
You know, I'm a New Yorker.
This isn't my kind of New York.
You know, people are coming from all over up here.
And, you know, I'm out in front of my building and I start talking and they go, where are you from?
And I go, we're from New York.
You know, in the old days, I would have said, you know, who are you talking to?
You're from New York.
Anyway, they're not liberals.
Liberal is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own, open to new ideas.
Oh, you're not getting the Vax?
You're not getting- I'm not coming near ya!
I'm not coming near ya!
Oh, you don't believe Fauci?
I do, you don't!
You're a conspiracy theory!
That's the Libtards we got here.
There's no freedom to think the way you want anymore here.
Relating to or denoting a political or social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.
Similar words.
Oop, can't say broad-minded.
That's better.
That's a liberal.
These are libtards.
They're dead in their head.
They're not liberals.
Those people, stop calling them liberals.
I want to go back to Fat Mouth Ford by his words up in the premiere.
I'm only mentioning him because he is typical of the clown class that's running the show.
This is out.
From Politico, there he is.
Yeah, this is him shooting his mouth off.
The variants of concern are spreading rapidly.
This is a new pandemic.
Again, we are not fighting the enemy.
Please understand, folks.
Yeah, folks.
This decision, you ready?
Weighs extremely heavy on me.
You're not kidding, man.
It's weighing on you heavy.
Ford and provincial health officials.
How about official pieces of crap?
I'm sick of these words.
Your Honor!
How about go shove it?
How about Mr. or Mrs.?
Or Lola?
L-O-L-L-O-L-A, if you're gonna say Rachel Levin, our health secretary.
As new variants spread, you will see that COVID is killing faster and younger.
It's spreading more quickly than it was before.
We cannot vaccinate quickly enough to break the third world, said Alderstein Brown, the co-chair Science advisory table.
Yeah, get under the table.
All right, fat mouth doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, Mr. M.D.
You ready?
Here it is.
The numbers.
Debts, this is Ontario.
Ontario has 14.5 million people.
All right?
Remember, this is a course of a year.
The course of a year and we got these slime balls.
Now I'm just bringing this up.
It's going on in most of the states of America.
And Italy and France and UK and Germany and Czech Republic and Poland and Belgium.
That's reported in ages 19 and under.
All right.
19 and under, you can't go out, no partying, no hugging, no dancing, no kissing, no having fun.
Two people.
That's reported in ages 20 to 39.
Remember, there's a cost of a year, over a year, of 14.5 million people.
14.5 million people, 34.
Ages 40 to 59.
That's reported in ages 80 and over.
60 to 79, 2,107.
Deaths reported in ages 80 and over, 4,969.
60 to 79, 2,107.
2,877 deaths from nursing homes.
You got 7,000 deaths up there out of 14 million people over a year and you're closing down
the place and telling everybody to get vaccinated.
This is from the CDC in America.
What do you got, about 540,000 people that have died of COVID so far.
that have died of COVID so far, 550,000, 540,000.
Over the course of a year, 85--
75 to 84 years old, $204,000.
65 to 74, $162,000.
50 to 64, $113,000.
All right?
Here are your numbers.
These are elderly people.
You know, after you get out of the nursing home, you go to day camp.
You know that, right?
65 to 74, 162,000.
50 to 64, 113,000.
All right, here are your numbers.
These are elderly people, you know, after you get out of the nursing home,
you go to day camp, you know that, right?
Everything is fine after that.
Type 2 diabetics, Obesity, which 42% of Americans are.
They eat crap, drink crap, and crap out when they get hit with something.
Respiratory ailments.
And these clowns are destroying our lives.
Destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of people and livelihoods.
The streets are dead.
The Biden bounce is a fake one.
Yeah, why obesity may worsen, COVID-19, because people are staying home and putting on weight and we've been reading, we've been writing about it.
The Trends Journal, by the way, is a weekly magazine.
There's no other magazine like it in the world.
And if you want to keep the truth alive, it's the truth in trends.
If you want to know what's happening, what it means and what's next, because you better prepare, prevail, to prosper, because this thing's going to go down hard.
They're keeping it up, the whole, they're Artificially propping it up with low interest rates.
End of story.
Inflation is going to go up high.
The markets are going to crash.
When the markets crash, they'll realize on Main Street how bad it is.
But going again back to the facts, the facts are showing who's dying, why, where and how.
And now they're putting in all these rules.
Cruise ship companies No VACs, no cruise.
And the big ones.
Royal Caribbean.
Saga Cruises.
One after another.
Crystal Cruises.
Norwegian Cruise Line.
Windstar Cruises.
No VACs, no cruise.
What happened to freedom?
And get this in your head.
If you got vaccinated and you're wearing a mask, you're safe.
So leave me alone.
How about that?
No, you got to get vaccinated because I got vaccinated.
And I wanted to take the vaccination.
What happened to America?
Freedom of speech is gone.
Ah, there you go.
Vaccine certificate.
New York has the first one in the States.
And they call it the Excelsior.
Isn't that a nice name?
And the first ones to do it was Israel, with the green passport.
Green passport.
All aboard, next train to Auschwitz.
Put on your mask and make sure you're vaccinated.
Support InfoWars.
Support the truth.
They got great products, great sales.
Do what you can.
And of course, the Trends Journal.
You gotta keep the truth alive.
If we don't, we're gone.
If we don't join together and fight for liberty, freedom, and peace, it's over.
We'll be right back.
Not over yet.
When did I find out what it was all about?
Starting an investigation.
It's against the law.
What my momma saw?
Oh, my momma saw.
Yeah, you see what the momma saw over here where they got this, um, Where is this here?
Seven-year-old boy facing rape charges in upstate New York.
This is further upstate than I am over here.
A seven-year-old boy from upstate New York is facing charges of rape.
WWNRI reports that police arrested and charged the child with third-degree rape for an incident on Thanksgiving.
That was in November, right?
A seven-year-old kid.
A seven-year-old kid.
Rape charges.
What did he do?
What do you know at seven years old?
I got a picture of me in one of my books, my favorite book of everything I've ever written, which Zidzi gave Honey Boy.
This is a real story about love, wisdom, and the soul of America.
True story.
Zidzi is the Neapolitan dialect for auntie.
And this is what America used to be like.
But anyway, here's a photo of me.
My first communion, holding hands with Teresa McKelvey.
And we used to kiss in religious instructions.
Now these freaks would have me up on rape charges.
That's how bad it's become.
You're seven years old.
And he got a juvenile delinquent.
I was a JD too.
I cut a hole in a fence and somebody ratted me out when I was like 10 years old.
So I was a juvenile delinquent.
Seven-year-old rape charges.
That's how sick everything's gone.
And when you know how sick it is, you look at the people that are running the show.
This is a story out of Politico.
Boris Johnson was a symbolic, shameless clot.
Says former colleague.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been lambasted as a selfish, ill-disciplined, shambolic U.K.
Prime Minister as a shameless clot in a memoir by Sir Alan Duncan.
You know, I'm tired of these words anyway, sir.
How about mister?
He was Johnson's deputy when he was Foreign Secretary.
He called Johnson a clown, self-centered ego, an embarrassing buffoon, with an untidy mind, and a sub-zero diplomatic judgment.
He called the former Prime Minister to Christ Priti Patel, the current Home Secretary, as a nothing person, and a complete and utter nightmare.
All right?
That's who's running the show.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.
I've been with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Princes.
I used to run major political campaigns in Westchester County, the richest county in America at the time, back in 1970.
I designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology and taught at St.
John's University.
I mention this because I know what the system is.
It was the worst job I ever had when I was up in the Senate.
I quit after one year.
My buddy Brian Donnie and his wife became the assistant lieutenant governor under Pataki.
I hated it.
I watched grown men grovel to suck their way up to the top.
Do you know who the politicians are?
The people you hated in high school and college, that wanted to be class president.
And all this system is, is one big club.
As George Carlin said, and you ain't in it.
Look at them.
They're little boy Cuomo over here.
Arrogant little boy.
Daddy's boy.
Be nobody like his brother Chris, if daddy wasn't Mario.
And I'm gonna name the bridge after him, what happens to the bridge after my daddy, and you're gonna pay for it.
Up there in Canada, little Trudeau, a little Trude-nothing.
A nothing, nothing, nothing boy.
Each one of these guys.
You look at all of them.
They're all connected.
It's one big club and you ain't in it.
We have imbeciles, morons, sociopaths and psychopaths running and ruining our lives.
And they're not protesting in America.
On Saturday, Over 10,000 people marched through Stuttgart to protest lockdown rule.
But the way they do it is they, uh, reporters target it.
Look at these little freaks.
When I come on Infowars, I gotta be stupid.
Like, I'll be a reporter.
And this is, this is Prestitute Frank Smith from the Cartoon News Network.
And here we are, There's nobody around me but I got a mask on and I'm gonna keep it on so you freak out and you wear one too.
They're not reporters.
They're prostitutes.
They're media whores to get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
So let's get this straight.
Oh, and by the way, I used to be on Oprah, used to be on Fox, used to be on The Today Show with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer.
Oh, what happened to Matt Lauer?
Oh, yeah.
One afternoon, I've been on with all of them.
Yeah, no protests like this in America.
The coward state of America.
Not everybody, not the people that are listening to InfoWars.
Not the people that subscribe to the Trends Journal.
But we have to unite for peace.
And restore freedom.
This is terrible what's gone on.
But what the media does is one person does something and that becomes the headline.
Or the agents provocateurs.
You can have 400,000 people marching.
A couple of the agent provocateurs perfectly dressed up in black in great shape.
Smashing windows, burning cars.
That's what the focus goes on.
Just like what happened with the Washington On January 6th.
They never reported how many people were there.
All they did was report on that one issue.
They ignored the rest.
They ignored all the peaceful people.
If we don't fight for peace, the Prince of Peace, hanging on the cross for driving the money changers out of the temple.
I'm a trend forecaster.
You don't know, these are my books.
Trends 2000, National Bestseller, Trend Tracking, Far Better Than Megatrends, Time Magazine.
I put out a weekly magazine, 156 pages last week.
I'll put my track record against anybody in the world.
Show me what you've done and we could talk.
I'm saying this because I see the future.
And we're going to be living hell on earth if we don't change.
We have to unite.
They are robbing us of our freedom.
I cannot believe what's happened in life.
They've sucked the joy out of life.
Making up crap.
You're gonna close it.
Curfew's at 7.
No, I say 7.30.
No, it's 10 o'clock.
I say the limitation is 75 people.
I say 3 feet.
I say 6 feet.
I say go screw yourself.
Hey, Lola.
Rachel Levin.
Health Secretary.
How low can you go?
That's how low.
Look at the clowns and freaks running and ruining our lives.
So I'm saying all this again.
We're giving you facts.
We're giving you the numbers.
They're all there.
And by the way, we look at what's going on around the world.
You know, in Myanmar, Italy, on and on.
There's Lola.
L-O-L-A Lola.
Get back.
Get back.
Get back to where you once were.
Get back.
Oh, my God.
These people telling us what to do.
Quickly on the so-called infrastructure thing.
As you well know, and InfoWars has covered it in detail, very little money is going into infrastructure.
But you know how much is really needed?
4.6 trillion.
This is from March 2017, from the Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers.
We've got a third world infrastructure.
So, that's the reality.
Only about $220 billion of that money is going into infrastructure.
And that's just going into junk that they want to create.
So now's the time to fight for freedom.
And we're going to have a great opportunity to do it.
Never been a better time than now, because it's right in front of everybody's eyes.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority,
keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
Headed forward.
[Badass music]
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
We're going to stay on air as long as we can.
So please pray for us and please buy the products at mfulworthstore.com.
They're great products, plus they fund the operation.
So you know, unlike other products you can buy that are still great, do they fund freedom?
No, a lot of them don't.
These are great products that fund freedom and fund justice when the whole world's waking up and looking for truth.
That's why the globalists are censoring.
They can't bring in all this tyranny and leave people like us on the air.
So while you're at it, don't just financially support us and spread the word.
Download everything we've done.
You can find and save it.
Because who knows how long we're going to be on the air and the enemy is trying to destroy everything we ever said.
Granny Do-Right.
Granny Do-Right.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, let me say I love your products.
I am a granny, and for all the senior citizens out there that may have spent a lifetime in the sun like me, I was loaded up with sunspots, or age spots, as they're lovingly called.
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So anyway, it worked wonderfully, and it really has totally cleared up my skin.
For the last four years, while the Chai Com-backed Big Tech has been censoring and blackballing and deplatforming conservatives, nationalists, and Christians, we've heard over and over again, oh, just build your own internet.
But everybody that tries to build their own social media, that tries to build their own websites,
that tries to build their own radio or TV networks, gets savagely attacked.
In fact, if your network is successful, that's when they really come after you.
This is predatory.
This is martial law.
This is information warfare.
InfoWars is one of the only platforms still on air.
We have an electronic Berlin Wall of tyranny and censorship and deplatforming descending everywhere.
There's only a few people left.
Rush Limbaugh's dead.
Tucker Carlson's barely hanging on.
But InfoWars is as strong as ever thanks to you.
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