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Name: 20210402_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 2, 2021
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In this episode of "The Alex Jones Show," the host discusses various topics including car incidents at a checkpoint in Washington D.C., security measures around the U.S. Capitol, skin supplements, lockdown dangers, Bill Gates' land purchases, body armor importance, media portrayal of race events, Satanism influence, mainstream media dishonesty, white eradication, failed liberal policies, gym enforcement arrest, globalist manipulation, and the NRCC's spending. Guests share their experiences with skin supplements and being arrested for not closing their gyms during the pandemic. The show encourages support through donations and domain registrar Epic.

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China created more billionaires than all other billionaires combined last year.
China took over the planet.
China quadrupled its Belt and Road.
First it had doubled it, but now it's highways and it's trains into Europe.
We are in cardiac arrest!
And all these idiots are virtue signaling, wearing their little mask, and Biden's now petitioning the governors to never take the damn mask off because it's a symbol of the death shroud over our face forever.
They want to wage war on independent businesses, on small businesses, on independent media.
It's a war on the people.
It's a war on freedom because you can't have an America left when the rest of the world's under tyranny.
And you can't have info wars on the air if you're going to sell this tyranny.
You're going to gaslight people.
That's why we got to keep info wars On the air!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Just minutes ago, Biden concluded a statement he made from the White House,
where he declared total war on our infrastructure and the American people,
but couched it in a rescue package.
It'd be like taking your child out to the edge of a cliff that's a thousand feet tall and throwing them off the edge of the cliff, and then once they bounce dead at the bottom, throwing a parachute Package, satchel out so that it falls and bounces next to their dead body.
Or it's like shooting somebody in the head with a shotgun and giving them a band-aid.
We'll play the clip, part of it, coming up next segment.
This is all a concerted UN global government Bill & Melinda Gates Chi Com plan.
It's all exactly choreographed, laid out, planned.
I'll do a special transmission tomorrow at 3 p.m.
Central, commercial-free, laying out the most critical documents ever discovered in this operation.
But I mean, here's just an example.
I told you back last year, before Xi Jinping even announced it, that Communist China was going to be at the heart of the global social credit score through QR codes for you to leave your house, buy or sell, get on a train, a plane, have a job, get on an airplane, you name it.
And then Xi Jinping a few months later came out and said, yes, he's running it with the UN.
It is now official that the UN is preparing China to run the global QR system.
Oh, and don't worry, that way they're all standardized and we're all safe.
So you're going to have internal passports worldwide dictated by the UN and the Communist Chinese.
Data firm head.
China has asked who to let it run global vaccine passport system.
Kind of like the U.S.
created the Internet so we ran ICANN.
Now that's been given to the U.N.
Well, the U.N.
is in control of this.
Bill Gates is in control of the U.N.
And now they're going to have China administer it.
You think, oh, that'll never happen.
Oh, really?
Remember three years ago I made a big deal about it?
And that's when Tim Cook said Jones must be the platform now?
Reuters had an article saying Chinese intelligence runs Apple and the executive said, that's what happens when you're in China.
They now officially have moved there to have tax exemption completely on corporate income tax.
So Apple's new base is not Seattle, Washington or Silicon Valley in California.
It is Beijing.
It is Peking.
It is Communist China.
It is Shanghai.
And they said in the article, yeah, there it is.
Apple's data shows deep independence on China as Trump tariffs loom.
And they say in there that the code keys to every laptop, every desktop, every phone are held by the CCP.
And the article says it's no big deal.
And I was told, I was banned a week after that.
And Jim Cook said this is incredible.
Because I actually got that to Trump, the Reuters article.
I got it to him through a Fox TV host.
And boy, did they get pissed.
That was the last straw.
When Trump said, excuse me, Apple has codes in China to everybody's phones, including mine.
He called Tim Cook on the phone, I was told, and Tim Cook went into a rage later.
So I've gotten pieces of it from every angle.
So it's just unbelievable.
The battle over Obama's internet surrender.
That was the Wall Street Journal five years ago.
Print me that article, please.
I forgot about that.
I mean, I mentioned it, but I forgot they had articles about it.
So, that's where we're at, ladies and gentlemen.
There's the BBC reporting on what I'm telling you.
So, I'm going to explain this again.
Worldwide, last March, in every restaurant on the planet that was computerized, you went in, they said, no more menus, scan a QR code.
That is to habituate you for the new global system, and it's a QR code.
Then they're going to claim problems with that and demand a face scan, which they're now already announcing.
So, China will run a global database with the UN, controlling everywhere you go and what you do.
Checkmate, we're taking over.
And our Trojan horse government, run by the FBI, the Justice Department, and all these lawyers that have sold us out, and Biden, are doing it now, with enjoyment.
And the border's being collapsed, everything's being done by design.
We're live, teleprompter-free, it's Friday, April 2nd, the year is 2021.
Drew Hernandez is about to go down to the border this weekend, we'll be watching his coverage, a great reporter, he'll be with us until his third hour.
I'm gonna open the phones up later in this hour, in the second hour, and we have another amazing guest host coming up.
Jobs created in the first two months in any administration in history.
But we still have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in nearly a century.
But my message to the American people is this.
Help is here.
Opportunity is coming.
And at long last, there's hope for so many families, so many families.
Credit for this progress belongs, not to me, but to the American people.
Hard-working women and men who have struggled through this pandemic, never given up, and are determined to get the country back on track, as well as their families.
But I think it's also a reflection of two things we're doing here.
First, the new economic strategy we've launched, one focused on building from the bottom up and the middle out, and one that puts government on the side of working people.
And that rewards work, not wealth.
When we invest in the American people, it's not just those at the top that make our economy grow.
They're the ones that make it grow.
Ordinary Americans.
We saw the economy gain traction in March as the American Rescue Plan moved and got passed, bringing new hope to our country.
We're going to continue to implement that law in the weeks ahead.
It is Friday, April 2nd, 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to analyze the statements that Biden just concluded giving there at the White House.
The puppet in chief.
Everything they're doing is to demoralize the country, to kill the pipelines, to jack up gas prices, to put in a huge new tax increase that will make even more jobs leave the country.
Everything they're doing is to destroy the very existence of this nation.
We are under total economic war.
Friday live, Biden pledges to destroy America's racist highways, I'm not joking, while China unveils plan to administer global vaccine passports.
Think about the magnitude of how we're being conquered, not just by the UN, but by the Communist Chinese.
And I'm going to lay all of this out for you today.
Biden's infrastructure bill includes $20 billion to destroy highways for being racist.
In New York City, the loop around the city will be destroyed.
The loop around New Orleans, destroyed.
The giant new highway they're building in North Houston that everybody desperately needs.
He just signed an order.
They're not going to build it.
It's already halfway built.
Total devastation.
I mean, this is just...
B-52 bombers couldn't do this much damage to us.
It's a total shutdown of the country.
It is Agenda 21, Agenda 2030.
It is the Great Reset.
It is the post-industrial world.
Meanwhile, China is building giant empty ghost cities that could house millions, giant bridges, the biggest in the world, just trillions of investment, and everything is going back to the one-sided trade deal where you cannot operate here.
Biden has pledged to shut down the remaining coal power plants in the nation, and that we are preparing to have consistent rolling blackouts.
And just the total collapse of the country.
You will not be able to do business here.
This is called siege.
The oldest form of war is to isolate and turn people's energy off, their water off, their food off.
And then they're going to have us all fight over the scraps the whole time telling us, they're here to help.
They're here to help.
It's like reaching out for somebody's hand.
You already knocked them off the cliff.
They're hanging on by their fingers.
You come and say, let me help you.
And you start stepping on their fingers.
And to watch his speech was just blood-curdling evil.
Look, I didn't predict any of this.
People are going to go pull clips from a year ago.
They're going to go pull clips from 14 months ago, back in February.
And they're going to say, Jones said it came out of the Wuhan lab.
Jones said it was a chimera.
Jones said Bill Gates was behind it.
It was all on record then.
There were major debates in hundreds of scientific publications that I've seen, hundreds, probably thousands, saying you can't have gain-of-function viruses being made at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, so they moved it to Wuhan, and Fauci and Gates ran it.
Eleven programs.
You can't make up that the World Fat-Checking Group comes out of the Wuhan lab, but they actually fat-checked American, European internet, Australian internet, African internet, global internet, through Wuhan lab.
They launched the attack.
of a simulant virus that does still kill people, but is only the precursor to the real virus they're
going to release. And I told you that. Bill Gates has now said that. It's back in the news today.
They say, oh, a much deadlier type's coming. Don't worry.
You're going to wish for the days of COVID. And this was all just a drill to lock us down and
make sure we behave when they hit us with a real weapon. And so you either wake up to the horror
we're in and you say no to it and we fight back against it politically, culturally, economically,
and then defensively if need be, because we are being assaulted or we submit and die.
But make no mistake, this is a civilization-ending, nasty population-culling program the globalists believe they're carrying out an act of triage to save the Earth.
Let me just show you these headlines.
Data firm head, China has asked who to let it run global vaccine passport system.
The chairman of the data firm, Panda, claims, well, he doesn't claim, Paul Joseph Watts has written an article, Paul's great, but he's not claiming, it's fact, that China has asked the World Health Organization to appoint Beijing to oversee the global vaccine passport system.
An ominous prospect giving China's social credit score system operates.
They're in an interview with the Integral Business Investment Conference.
Nick Hudson explained why this was such a chilling development, saying he was worried about the fabric of society and the future of his children.
China is petitioning the World Health Organization to appoint it to run the Global Immune Passport Program.
Now, if that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you, I don't know what will, said Hudson.
This kind of centralization, this kind of control, social credit systems, we need to push back against this stuff because it's coming.
It's not coming, it's here.
Well, let me see, because you know, oh, it's claimed by this guy who's involved in it.
Here's CNN, November 23rd, last year.
China's Xi Jinping is pushing for global COVID QR code.
He may struggle to convince the world.
They always make you, oh, don't worry, it's coming, but don't worry.
It's always the same tactic.
He's already running it with the UN.
They already own it.
The globalists put Xi Jinping in charge.
The globalists put the UN in charge.
The Rockefellers did it all.
Here it is, okay?
You read the article, they admit they're setting it up in a petition to do it.
There it all is.
President Xi Jinping pushes for QR code based global travel system, MSN.
China trying to use COVID fears to launch global tracking system for humans.
There it all is.
So it's not just draconian and bad, they're getting all the corporations that already
teamed up with China to do it outside of even our government.
And just like with big tech, running the country, censoring everybody, censoring the president, helping steal the election, Congress will sit there and the governors will sit there with their thumbs, you know where, while this happens.
Give everyone a barcode.
China's trying to use COVID fears to launch a global tracking system.
And now here we are, and it's all unfolding right now.
That's why when you go to a restaurant, they have a QR code, or they go, would you like to do the touchless pay for COVID?
It's all mental illness.
It's all garbage.
The same number of people died roughly in 2020, died in 2019.
If you had population increase, actually the number of deaths went down because nobody was driving cars.
It was a lot less automobile accidents.
And that's all borne out by the numbers.
That's all borne out by the numbers.
But we just sit here and we put up with this.
But yeah, if you're in the dark, not getting vitamin D, not getting zinc, not getting leafy vegetables, not getting any of that, yeah, anything will kill you.
You will die.
And I know everybody knows that, but we've got to explain it to everybody else and say, hey, let's stop complying.
And it's starting to happen.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and get more into the next real assault they're getting ready to launch.
I told you they are.
Now they're admitting it.
I know their mind.
I know their operations.
But first, before I hit this incredible stack of news, CNN says you shouldn't be allowed to leave your house unless you take whatever vaccines Bill Gates says.
Well, they say, oh, don't worry about the side effects of the death.
It's worth it.
That's all coming up.
But first, I want to hit racist highways.
And Joe Biden and the speech he just gave about how he's rescuing you and he's saving you with a $1,400 check.
Many people out of work for a year.
Oh, but $1,400.
That's one.
He's he's a hero, like Superman with a red cape.
I mean, except he looks like a whole dead corpse.
It's like a kind of a dead Superman, but all shriveled like a mummy man, mummy man.
And he's the Chai Com puppet.
We'll be right back to lay it out for you.
So, this is not a joke.
This is real.
They've shut down the Keystone Pipeline.
It cost tens of millions of dollars to build and it was going to literally buoy the entire U.S.
economy and have our oil exports be completely dominant for the next 20 years.
That's been shut off.
And the left is saying they've got all these bills to destroy our dams and our hydroelectric facilities that create electricity.
They're shutting down all the coal power plants.
They're devaluing the dollar.
They're announcing we're not open for business.
They're announcing huge new tax increases, which will stall the economy out even faster.
They ordered these illegal lockdowns that have bankrupted half of the small businesses in the U.S., most of which will never come back.
In fact, some numbers are even worse than that.
But here's Biden saying he's going to save you and that it's a loving hand, $1,400.
For what's happened to you.
So you got a couple thousand dollars for the first six months.
Now you get $1,400 for the next.
And you go into debt.
You get to pay it back yourself.
This is the uniform social credit score.
This is the universal guaranteed basic income to totally control you.
That's what the head of the Federal Reserve says they want.
And who's the head of the Federal Reserve?
They're the head of the private foreign European banking consortium that hijacked this country in 1913.
Hard to believe now.
hard to believe now 108 years ago seems like yesterday we had the hundredth
So these people want us under their control, just like in Venezuela, or just like in Argentina, or just like in North Korea.
They're doing it by design.
Give people some freedom, same population, same people, same culture, you get South Korea rich and powerful.
Just a little bit of freedom.
No freedom?
Hell on earth.
It's a decision by these people, and it's so cynical.
Look at these headlines on InfoWars.com.
Biden infrastructure bill includes $20 billion to destroy highways for being racist.
Now, if you're not aware of this, I'm not joking.
Here's some of the headlines.
Here's out of the News Gazette.
Biden administration may target racist highways.
That was December.
Woman called for highway removal in a black neighborhood.
Well, my God!
One person calls for a statue to come down?
One person calls for a cross to come down?
One person calls for a highway to come down?
The White House singled it out in its infrastructure plan as racist, and they're announcing the big giant highway that brings all the jobs to the neighborhood and people can get around the town will be destroyed!
I mean, I shouldn't laugh at this.
This is so evil, ladies and gentlemen.
freeways are the most racist California monuments.
In June of last year, they said, get rid of the highways.
You couldn't destroy the state faster.
Don't let people get anywhere or go anywhere.
They want you locked in your neighborhood.
That's the L.A.
No money.
No Biden infrastructure money for racist LA freeway expansion.
And then it shows all the traffic.
Yes, it's terrible if a highway comes through and pays you double what it's worth for your house.
Yes, do not expand anything.
Shut down while China explodes.
Look at these racist pillars.
Biden infrastructure plan tackles historic racial inequities.
Racist Texas highway boondoggle dealt blow by bootyplugs, excuse me, Booty Judge's FHWA.
This is real news, folks.
This is real news articles.
Booty Judge wants you to have to pay a tax by the mile on top of everything else.
Again, but China doesn't do that.
Everything to shut you down.
Everything to destroy you.
That's the name of the game.
But don't worry, Biden is saving you.
Here he is just 30 minutes ago giving a speech from the White House.
When we invest in the American people, it's not just those at the top.
that make our economy grow. They're the ones that make it grow. Ordinary Americans.
We saw the economy gain traction in March as the American Rescue Plan moved and got passed,
bringing new hope to our country. We're going to continue to implement that law in the weeks ahead.
By April 7th, next week, over 130 million households will have gotten their $1,400 per
person rescue check.
All right, boss.
How gracious!
Oh my gosh, you lock them down, you bankrupt them, you have police horses attack them, but all the big box stores are open, all the big techs open, they all double, triple profits, but now you're gonna get a check!
You're all learning how to be slaves now!
Like you're like a slave down the hold of a ship, and the slave master gives you an apple, maybe once on the travel over, so you don't die.
Here's an apple.
Here, let's go back.
Local communities to put educators, healthcare workers, home healthcare aides, police, firefighters, sanitary workers back on the job.
We're getting more aid for small businesses.
We're also going to hang an open sign again on the door to rehire folks that had to be let go.
And in the months ahead, a new child care tax credit will cut taxes and provide help to millions of families with young children.
There's nothing, nothing.
I know you're tired of hearing me say this, but I mean, there's nothing the American people cannot do.
If we give them a chance.
And the American Rescue Plan does precisely that, for hard-working middle-class folks at long last.
Secondly, today's report also reflects the progress we've made on my other key priority, getting the American people vaccinated.
We've turned around a slow-moving vaccination program into being the envy of the world.
Yesterday, we set an all-time record for Thursday vaccinations.
Alright, that's enough of this.
Let's go ahead and shut it down, thank you.
He goes on and on to say, I'm saving you, I'm helping you, you're helping yourself.
We're going to hang signs up saying you're reopened.
Really, you've been bankrupt.
You're gone.
You've had to move from your town, maybe in with your parents.
Your parents have moved in with you.
Maybe your kids have moved in with you.
You lost that lease.
You've got bad credit now.
But it's okay.
We're gonna hang a sign back up.
He's gonna give you help.
He's gonna send you some money.
China created more billionaires than all other billionaires combined in the last year.
China took over the planet.
China quadrupled its Belt and Road.
First it had doubled it, but now it's highways and it's trains into Europe.
We are in cardiac arrest.
And all these idiots are virtue signaling, wearing their little mask, and Biden's now petitioning the governors to never take the damn mask off, because it's a symbol of the death shroud over our face forever.
Tucker Carlson got into it last night, did a great job, we'll play some of that when we come back, and I'm gonna look at the infrastructure shutdown and what governors and states and we the people can do to say no to this.
But the idea of, we shut your economy down, and now we're gonna save you.
And oh, we're gonna get money down into your towns to get you reopened, when none of it's designed to do that, and they know that it's killed people's habits of going out, and it's fundamentally shifted the collapse of Main Street even faster.
And they even admit Klaus Schwab and others they did it all on purpose and brag how they did it and said now that the public submitted the real bioweapons are coming to save the earth.
I've got them quoting how it's going to be so good.
How we're not going to have a bunch of people around anymore and we're just here getting ready for this reading where these psychos have projected all this out and have all these war games.
And tomorrow, 3 p.m., I'm coming in to tape it before.
Had a bunch of documents, graphics, all of it.
I'm gonna show you the compendium of this and new documents that are incredible, that are wargaming out what already happened, what's currently happening, and what's coming from John Hopkins.
That is tomorrow.
But they want to wage war on independent businesses, on small businesses, on independent media.
It's a war on the people.
It's a war on freedom, because you can't have an America left when the rest of the world is under tyranny.
And you can't have Infowars on the air if you're going to sell this tyranny, if you're going to gaslight people.
That's why we got to keep Infowars on the air!
We are living in such an incredibly historic time.
The globalists call it the end of history.
They call it the end of the human system.
They call it The final revolution.
that's based on dumbing humanity down, destroying our genetics and rendering us obsolete,
so that they, the technocrats, can rebuild humanity in their god's image.
Why did Genghis Khan take over so many civilizations and kill so many millions of people?
Because he wanted to dominate and control everybody.
Why did Hitler do what he did?
Why did Stalin do what he did?
Why did Mao Zedong do what he did?
Why did Lenin do what he did?
Why did Julius Caesar do what he did?
Well, he was protecting their frontiers.
The Romans, you could say, in many cases, were not as tyrannical as the modern tyrants.
But they did still take over.
But this isn't like the Romans taking over where they bring you civilization and technology in the aqueducts.
This is a post-human anti-technology system that uses technology to enslave and domesticate and then finally annihilate humanity.
It is the final revolution.
And to watch the once free nations of Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada Dismantled in front of us, and destroyed.
And the pipelines shut down, and the roads being demolished, and the dams being destroyed, and the children's minds being annihilated, and the open pedophilia and open Satanism.
This isn't just some economic weapon cooked up by Hollywood and the Chinese.
This is what they like to do, and they're doing it to us in an act of raw power and domination.
And we sit here with our Open Free Society model.
In a daze as it moves so quickly.
Ten years ago, we were going five miles an hour.
Five years ago, we were going 50 miles an hour.
Three years ago, we were going 100 miles an hour.
Two years ago, we were going 200 miles an hour.
A year ago, we were going 500 miles an hour.
And now we're going 10,000 miles an hour down the rattle.
And we're going to go a million miles an hour, and two million miles an hour, and a billion miles an hour, right into hell, ladies and gentlemen.
That's how tyranny works.
It builds up, it gets its confidence going, people submit, and like dominoes, boom!
Kills everybody.
And John Hopkins, I'll cover it tomorrow, has got it all laid out, how the collapse is going to work.
There are going to be so many brain-damaged people from these vaccines that society will shut down, and we're just going to have big mass reclamation centers right out of Soylent Green, where we're just killing people around the clock.
Young people, old people.
You just sign the paperwork, roll your son in, your daughter in, your mama, your daddy.
20 years old, 30 years old, 60 years old.
Because they could have just given them something that killed them right away.
That'd be too obvious.
You'd fight back.
Or something that kills you on the road, but instantly when you finally die.
No, they want it to be something that wipes you out.
They want it to be something that weighs on everyone.
They want the sorrow and the pain and the breakdown and have the big medical system suck everything out of you, squeezing you dry before they blast you out into dust.
I'll show you the John Hopkins documents tomorrow and the Rockefeller Foundation documents tomorrow, 3 p.m.
Because I'm not going to name this thing until we get to it and cover it properly.
But that's what all this is.
Oh, the pipeline's evil.
Oh, the highway's racist.
Oh, math is racist.
Remember that?
Oh, 2 plus 2 equals whatever you want.
Oh, the family's racist.
Oh, yes, that's an evil white Christian thing.
Oh, really?
No institution can stand that isn't their institution.
And their institution's mission is your destruction.
Right out of hell.
They have whole government programs that push that math is racist because it requires a right answer.
That's right.
They're even saying mathematics is overall inherently evil because they don't want the public to have a reason.
They want a bunch of superstitious, mindless, leftist idiots imagining racism everywhere when it's the globalists that are anti-human overall.
And so we're all busy fighting with each other in the twilight of our existence with a bizarre death cult, exterminist cult in control.
But there's always that element of humanity that ends up during decadent cycles taking control and then engaging in a mass culling.
And you could say there's a group above them that use this group to bring pentance and to bring strength back to the body politic.
A dialectic of destruction.
A symphony of destruction and rebirth.
But that is not what this is.
This is the final revolution.
So here's Tucker Carlson for a few minutes talking about the racist highways.
And Biden's already listed.
The big North Texas, North Houston, South Texas highway expansion project.
Almost done with the Keystone Pipeline.
The big highway loop around New Orleans.
And it's actually in the news, they go, look, the highway's above you.
It's, it's, you're black.
It's above you.
It's racist.
Talking to you like they think you're pygmies or something, you know?
Well, if you take somebody's picture, it steals the soul.
And yeah, we'll get rid of that highway and you'll be prosperous.
What foreign enemy could get us to do this?
Well, the globalists, that's our foreign enemy.
And here we are.
And New York, the Biden list of highways gotta be get rid of?
The big loop in New York?
I mean, you can't get on that loop and just drive where you want from a job!
I mean, that's racist to have that freedom to travel and you gotta all be packed in those subways where you can be gang raped or thrown in front of the tracks.
It's so racist to have a car and be able to kind of do your own thing.
You know what?
Slaves do that.
I mean, you don't let them leave their house.
They're under house arrest.
AP said we need permanent house arrest two days ago.
CNN said, use the vaccine to control.
We don't need all this freedom.
They're the good guys.
They're CNN.
We need to be locked up in our houses.
Cuomo said on CNN, if your 11-year-old daughter doesn't like seeing a man's genitals in the shower, she's a bigot.
Well, it's a gift for your 11-year-old daughter to have the volleyball coach that says she's a female that's a biological male in the shower with your daughter, like Cuomo said.
Here's part of Tucker talking about it.
Flying cars?
Teleport machines?
Sadly not.
But we are going to modernize those highways.
And honestly, a lot of them could use it.
But what does modernizing highways mean exactly?
What are the details in that?
Well, the Washington Post gave us some idea.
According to the paper, an activist called Amy Stelle has been demanding the removal, not the building, the removal of a highway in New Orleans that cuts through her neighborhood.
She thinks that highway, called the Claiborne Expressway, is bad.
It's an eyesore and it contributes to pollution in her neighborhood.
And for years, she's demanded that local leaders get rid of it, but they've refused.
People use it.
It's an important stretch of road in New Orleans.
But now the White House and Joe Biden's infrastructure plan have decided that highway is an example of, quote, historic inequity.
And that can be solved by billions in new spending.
In other words, it's a racist highway, so you've got to pay to tear it down.
Amy Stelle was enthused by this.
I'm floored, she said.
I'm thrilled to hear President Biden call out the Claiborne Expressway as a racist highway.
Yeah, and not just racist, sexist and transphobic too.
That highway is a Jim Crow dog whistle for white supremacy, not to mention QAnon insurrections.
Gotta tear it down.
Expect a lot more highways to meet that fate.
People who believe highways are racist are going to get tens of billions of dollars as part of this plan as long as they're in what the Biden administration calls underserved communities.
The entirety of this infrastructure plan looks more like a mash-up of intersectional theory from Wesley and some kind of South African-style spoil system.
We saw a taste of that earlier this year when Joe Biden sent billions of dollars to African-American farmers in this country purely because of how they look.
No, that's illegal.
It's immoral.
It's completely divisive, but it's just the beginning.
In his infrastructure bill, Joe Biden calls pretty strongly for sending $25 billion to historically black universities and other, quote, minority-serving institutions for research and development.
Now, you may think it's a good idea.
You should have to explain why.
But it's not infrastructure.
He'd also like to eliminate, quote, It's all totally pandering while they want to kill you with the poison vaccines.
We'll be right back on the other side of the latest COVID information.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the dreaded Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming up, Hunter Biden, the fount of truth, came out and said, basically, yeah, the laptop's me.
In bed with my knees naked, smoking crack.
Chinese sex slaves, it's all me.
And NPR's done a retraction.
They said, okay, we said it wasn't real.
Even though Biden never denied it.
Twitter, of course, restricted the New York Post and everybody else.
It didn't matter.
There were thousands of videos and thousands of emails and thousands of photos of him having sex with underage girls.
He's Hunter Biden, the smartest guy the puppet president knows.
But Matt Gaetz, with no proof why he's got to be removed, well, they're saying he might have given a 22-year-old girl $1,000 one time.
And maybe she flew on a commercial flight with him, so that's sex trafficking.
Of course, he's not on a Lita Express flying to a Caribbean island.
And now we're learning it's not a 17-year-old girl, but it's OK.
Because Tim Cook runs death camps.
They're the moral media.
They're going to get that Matt Gaetz.
If Matt Gaetz did something real, I'd throw him under the bus just like that.
But that's not what happened here.
I've also gotten to experience them doing it to me, but of course I said, go ahead, publish all your lies.
Ha ha!
And of course they don't.
But with Gates, they hate him so much that they went ahead and went with it.
Because they believe they have dominance over the internet so people can't respond.
Coming up next hour.
I'm going to play Hunter Biden on TV going, oh yeah, that's probably my laptop, you know.
Election's over.
He stole the election.
Now you can just kind of, all right, demystify it.
Yeah, I like to get in bed with my niece.
She's 12 at the time.
Yeah, we pose with our genitals out.
It's no big deal.
I mean, it's trendy.
He's a Biden.
He's the smartest man Joe Biden knows.
So again, and if you talk mad about him, you're attacking his veteran, other son that died, Beau.
So don't do that!
Remember Trump talking about the laptop?
You know, your son's laptop.
Shut up about my military veteran son that died!
Well, I didn't.
Yeah, that was a good argument.
That's coming up.
Oh, oh, oh, and they now tell us about the executive order.
Big Reuters article, what he's going to do with the executive order, how he's going to get your guns, how he's going to SWAT team you.
That's all coming up next hour.
I mean, this is the big assault.
We're just sitting here talking about it.
And even Ted Cruz and other people like Senator Paul are still just all kind of calm, like, yeah, well, you know, you might want to take the mask off.
It's all theater.
And yeah, the border's got a crisis at it.
Instead of like, we're under UN global government attack against populism, we're having our industry shut down, the opposite of what Trump did.
We're under military corporate attack.
We should be saying that.
Instead, they're purging the military, preparing them to go after anybody that's conservative.
In fact, the latest manual, as you know, came out on Monday.
I never even covered it.
You know, it came out five days ago that in the training manuals, they tell them, Oh, it's not just the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers that are Nazis now.
It's not just Alex Jones that's a Nazi.
It's not just Trump that's bad.
Or, make America great again, Hatch.
Any conservative partisanship.
So you can't be like, I'm pro-life, I'm pro-gun, I'm pro-America.
Yeah, the military said, they hired a super SJW to run it, that you will basically not be conservative.
Of course!
That's how this works.
Well, I'm for banning the KKK speech because, you know, they're bad people.
Yeah, nobody listens to them.
But once you let them ban their speech, baby, they banned everybody else's.
Yeah, people ask, will conservatives be listed as radicals?
And this week they said, indeed.
Here's the search engine.
New Pentagon anti-racism training.
No partisanship.
So that's all coming up as well next hour.
Let me do this and then I'll hit the COVID news.
It's out.
It's the big news.
I'll be hitting tomorrow.
Just a prelude to that.
A hors d'oeuvre.
A opening shot, as they say.
Pun intended.
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Okay, I always seem to obsess over COVID, because that's their big takeover, foot in the door, crowbar in the door, takeover system, like a mosquito.
Comes and puts its proboscis into you and sucks your blood.
I mean, that's the point of entry.
That's how they're raping you.
Raping us.
So what I'll do is this.
I want to get to the Hunter Biden news.
I want to get to the gun grabbing news because that's important.
And then I'm going to hit this more in detail.
But here's some of the headlines for you.
You can probably put the pieces together yourself.
Paul Joseph Watson article.
Professor says COVID-19 will be like a fond caress in comparison to the next pandemic.
And of course, the professor is tied in with a globalist, so he knows what he's talking about.
Bill Gates is saying the same thing.
This is all just a drill to lock you down before they hit you with the real weapon.
So I would get ready for that.
CNN demands no freedoms.
That's a quote for Americans without vaccination.
Don't freak out, though, says CNN.
Side effects like convulsing or bleeding and having ulcers all over your body are no big deal.
So enjoy.
Death is a side effect, too.
You should enjoy it.
Professor says again though that you're going to love the next one that's coming.
We have a video of a woman knocked unconscious by a police horse during brutal lockdown in
Brussels, Belgium.
She saw an April Fool's segment of a party at the park and so she went there.
So a giant Clydesdale ran her over and almost killed her.
What heroes keeping everyone safe?
Imagine if any other cop did that.
But she's white, so it's okay too.
I mean, she's a white devil and it's white cops.
And so a giant horse, just full, runs her over.
She doesn't even know they're there.
And those police need to be charged with attempted murder, but they won't, because they work for the murdering globalists, totally locking us down, totally dominating us, putting us under permanent martial law until we accept a global cashless world ID, social credit score run by China, now officially announced.
Just a total nightmare, maximum evil, the banks have bought off your leaders, we need a peaceful revolution against these people, but they're going to start a violent one first, with their guns, with their horses.
And then anytime the cops try to be good in the city and stand up, they activate the Black Lives Matter Soros group to have white groups go out and start a race war and try to trick blacks into it.
So yeah, show that footage again.
The woman has no idea even what's behind her.
She's not even looking at him and they're like, well, they're told.
Believe me, they're told back at the police station.
You go out, you dominate, you let folks know what's going on and just boom!
Clydesdale right over you.
They're heroes protecting us from COVID.
Came out of the Wuhan lab, cooked up by Bill Gates and all of them.
Boom, we'll show you, lady.
You'll probably get a commendation, be saluted by the news, because if they can run over women, if they can kill children in front of you, they can do it all.
How dare them come out and get sun?
How dare them not stay in their houses?
How dare them?
How dare them not stay in there and die and learn how to be prisoners under these Nazi monster scum?
Don't worry, they're getting rewards right now.
She might die.
Police will be saluted as good officers.
They're told to bow to the Muslims.
Yep, that's the traitors in Europe selling their own countries out.
The police are the enemy in Europe and in the UK.
All right, I got so much coming up on their plan to take our guns.
It's now official.
We have announcements on what Biden's gonna do coming up next segment.
Hunter Biden admits the laptop was real.
Oh wow, as if we needed him to tell us that.
Him in bed naked with his niece and all the rest of it.
NPR and others have had to do retractions.
It's hilarious.
That's coming up next segment, but here's part of Greg Reese's latest montage of reports from the border.
They just got back yesterday.
This is the criminal pipeline proving the massive felonies being committed by the O'Biden administration.
I hope you share it from Mandaw video.
We witnessed it running nonstop in McAllen, Texas.
First, Border Patrol delivers busloads of illegal immigrants to a secured tent processing center on the corner of U.S.
Business 83 and West 15th Street.
We are told by sources well over a thousand each night in this area alone.
And what we witnessed during the day certainly substantiates this number.
We were told by a driver of their operation that they are being tested for COVID-19 at this processing center.
They all leave with Manila envelopes in hand.
Those that do test positive for COVID are driven to one of the several hotels who have contracted with the federal government to act as COVID quarantine shelters, where they will quarantine for seven days before being released into the U.S.
And the rest are either bussed or walked down the street to the Humanitarian Respite Center, operated by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, where they are brought in through the front door with their manila envelopes inspected.
They are housed, given bags of clothing, and are then sent off through the back door to various U.S.
cities via bus and airplane.
It's a non-stop flowing pipeline.
Those that take the bus are led across the street to the bus station and the rest are given rides to the airport where they present Border Patrol and TSA with the paperwork inside their Manila envelopes and set off to various U.S.
cities where they are either meeting up with some other government agency NGO or perhaps even Mexican cartels operating within the US.
It is the biggest illegal immigration smuggling operation in US history and it is being run by the federal government on behalf of the United Nations to destroy all American liberties and put us under the boot for a thousand years.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far, the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press, working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be heard.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard.
And it's coming with the contact tracers.
It's coming with the poison vaccine.
It's coming with the death.
Horsemen are drawing nearer!
Let us tease a ride!
They come to take your life!
On to the dead of night!
You see the four horsemen ride!
So choose your fate!
Choose which side you're on now.
Choose wisely.
You've been dying since the day you were born.
You know it's all been planned.
So stop letting them be in control.
Choose a destiny.
All right, let's get into it right now.
I do want to give the number out and get your take on all this information that we've been covering so far.
Biden, as they try to force the United States underwater, complete our bankruptcy, complete the economic, cultural conquering, their own white papers admit they're doing this, but then have him up there saying, I'm rescuing you, I'm saving you, I love you.
I mean, what's the analogy?
Eating a steak and saying, I'm saving the cow.
I'm loving the cow.
I'm caressing the cow.
Having cows come into a slaughterhouse while you butcher them, and you tell them, I love you, I love you, I love you, while you slit their throats.
I mean, it's just insane.
And then you look at the garbage that rules over us, the garbage, the Bidens and the Obamas and the Clintons and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Bill Gateses of the world, these anti-human trash that literally suck the essence and life force out of our children and we just sit there and let them do it because they give us a virtue signal of a mask and a social distance to show how good we are like moron children.
Following their nonsensical orders.
And they create a vaccine for the common cold, which they've never been able to do because it doesn't work.
Now they go, it doesn't work!
You'll have to have dozens of shots a year and never go out again and never have freedom.
CNN, AP, Reuters, all, oh, we're never going to leave again.
We're obsolete.
We need to die.
The human age is over.
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
We need to stay on lockdown.
It's so moral.
And it's people writing for Reuters and AP and all this, who are caught out partying at the beach, who are caught not following all this.
They're just paid to tell us to do it, so their bosses will keep paying them!
And that's really the most important point is everyone going along with this for money
is what's empowering this because the end the globalists will get submission,
they will get their post-human world, they will get their takeover.
So I've got a big stack of news right here.
Let me hit this first, then I'll hit the NPR stuff and Biden's laptop and the retractions and the rest of it, where they have to admit now that, oh, the thousands of photos and videos of him in bed with his niece with a heart on?
That's real?
You mean all the audio tapes of him going, uh, I work for Chinese intelligence and the head of Chinese intelligence, the richest man in the world, disappeared.
It's the Alibaba guy.
And I don't know what to do.
The Southern District's investigating me and my daddy.
My daddy, my daddy.
I mean, I've played that clip probably 50 times.
It's a damn crackhead.
But he's protected and up there, and the laptop is fake!
None of it's true!
Why, there's no Chinese intelligence running the Bidens!
He just said on CNN, Oh!
China can kill all the Uyghurs, and he can take over Hong Kong!
And then Chinese troops start taking over!
Absolutely insane!
But then we've got this that I want to take your calls on.
The gun grab.
It's not gun control, it's people control.
They want to get their race for it, they want all their crime, they want to break down society, but they know we can organize with a governor or a legislature and start taking states back and getting law and order back in place, and then they'd have a problem.
And so, they're targeting all the patriot leaders, and they're going after the guns, and here it all is right here.
Overhead shot, please.
Biden at White House tries to craft gun executive orders that can't be undone.
And the National Post picked it up.
There's a bunch of different variants of this Reuters article.
I'm just going to say that some are like four pages long, some are a page long.
There's different variants.
They put different newspapers, but I've got a whole stack of them right here for you.
And they say there, oh, we're just going to call gun parts guns and just arrest everybody that has gun parts.
And we're just going to prosecute all the gun shops, we're going to sue all the gun stores, and say you can do that, and the gun manufacturers, and we're going to shut down all the gun shows, and we're going to basically just wage war on everybody and put tens of billions of dollars more into the ATF, and that's just the beginning.
And we're not just going to ban the bump stocks, we're going to ban Anything that's an accessory to it.
I mean, you can read all this crap for yourself, but basically it is a total assault on the Second Amendment.
And oh, the most important part is they're calling it rulemaking.
The White House is telling AP, oh, we call it rulemaking.
So it's not a law.
We're going to tell the ATF to basically interpret any gun parts as firearms and that they're illegal.
Not just to sell, but to have.
And then we're going to start SWAT teaming everybody.
So start a civil war again.
Whatever they can do to bring the country down, get as many cops killed as possible.
I mean, that's what they're going to do.
So Biden and White House tries to craft gun control orders that can't be undone.
Just like he didn't sign an executive order because judges would overturn it to have an open border when no law has been passed.
He can't supersede the law.
So he just doesn't have an executive order.
He just opens them up and says surge the border and then orders the Border Patrol to help commit crime and help commit smuggling.
So the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Long-time callers, first-time callers, you agree, you disagree, I don't care.
Just have a good, clean phone and be ready to talk to me.
And if you are unable to call a toll-free number, some folks outside the country, country code at 512-646-1776.
Again, 512-646-1776.
All right, let's continue.
President Biden will sign executive order on gun control soon.
And again, they say it's going to be basically outside of law and all be regulatory.
They're going to make law via the agency and make them judge dread.
So it's whatever they want.
White House confirms Biden will sign gun control executive orders very soon.
They're coming for your guns.
White House confirms Biden will sign gun control executive orders.
NPR issues stunning.
Me and Copa when we come back, though.
After claiming Hunter Biden laptop story was discredited by intelligence.
That magic word like, oh, intelligence on 8chan says Trump's invincible and Alex Jones is an Israeli agent.
Oh, OK.
I can't write.
Oh, intelligence says the laptop isn't real and Hunter Biden's a virgin.
Oh, and never smoked a joint.
Oh, the military intelligence knows everything.
Military intelligence is kept on a one-inch long leash by the foundations and big pharma that run it all.
You know who runs it all?
I'm gonna tell you right now.
John Hopkins has planned out with Bill Gates the whole future of your life and how they're gonna kill you and your family.
So, I'm gonna tell everybody who runs it all tomorrow, alright?
And how they're going to murder you!
So, get ready for that!
And you can pretend like it's not true.
You can pretend you are a judge, or you're an FBI agent, or you're a school teacher, or you're a bureaucrat, or you're a congressman, or you're a governor.
You're not part of the elite until you face the Exterminism World Eugenics Program.
That's everything!
It's the satanic plan to take over and exterminate humanity, kill, steal, and destroy.
Taking your calls when we come back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and your funding of us is critical.
We got great products you already need for your immune system.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion, a powerful vitamin, mineral, amino acid, totally complete, healthy system for your body's defenses.
Back in stock, 40% off.
Take a journey to the bright midnight.
Oh, I've definitely done that.
The black sunshine rolling.
Summer born.
Summer born.
Others are born to the endless night.
But not everybody that can see darkness joins it.
End of the night.
Alright, let's go ahead and lay it out.
Everyone knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real.
And the entire corporate media, the entire big tech industry suppressed everybody from President Trump, to InfoWars, to the President's family, to the New York Post, everybody got suppressed.
And it was thousands of videos.
I went and looked at it.
And I was not comfortable looking at it because it was clearly underage girls.
And I told the crew, I said, I'm not asking any of you, even under journalistic hats, we're, we can look at stuff like that.
But I said, I'm not asking anybody to look.
I told people, I said, in fact, if you do it, do it on your own stuff.
I don't, I don't want it done here.
Some folks did look at it.
It's him screwing little girls and stuff.
So, I mean, are they, are they 18?
I look like they're about 14.
And he's in bed with his niece, you know, fuller, you know, showing off, them naked.
It's trophy photos.
Them covered in sweat.
I mean, it's... I mean, I did look at that and that was enough.
I said, okay, I'm not gonna stare at this dude with his 13-year-old niece, you know, after they get done having sex.
I mean, this is sick, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is what the whole... And then we got his sister's diary about, you know, Joe... Joe banging the hell out of her.
I mean, this is some horrible stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
This is some really, that's who they are, they're pedophiles!
Of course they abuse their children, and then they abuse their children.
Most pedophiles were abused.
That's what the whole Drag Queen story time and all this is, is they create more of their people.
And of course pedophilia is at the bottom of it.
Because almost everybody that's quote in that lifestyle was abused as a child.
And it's sick.
And so, NPR has been forced to issue a stunning mea culpa after claiming Hunter Biden's laptop story was discredited by intelligence, the New York Post reports.
And again, these are just the placeholders of the CFR, of the deep state, of the CHICOMS.
They want a fully compromised, doddering joke, pedophile, can't keep his hands off kids in public, Totally exposed to demoralize us and just throw it in our face.
And then all the horrible stuff that happens will be blamed on Joe Biden and not the people behind him.
So I don't like Joe Biden.
I can't stand him, but you know, he's being set up and I can't help but just wish he'd wake up and stand up for the country.
Because old-fashioned thugs would get control of something like America and go, why am I going to wreck this thing?
Like if somebody gave me the keys to a giant yacht and you go, I'm jealous of this yacht.
I think I'll run it up on the beach and burn it.
But that is these people's syndrome.
Trump's like, we're not going to wreck this damn thing.
We can take the whole world over and promote freedom with this.
They're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We can't have a freedom example for the rest of the world.
We don't want 1950 on steroids.
We want destruction.
We want Venezuela on steroids.
We want North Korea on steroids.
We want Xi Jinping and Communist China on steroids.
So, here he is, billions from Burisma that go to all these different companies.
Hundreds of millions to his dad, his brothers, his uncles.
All this happens, he's a total cokehead, kicked out of the Navy, and the media defends him, knowing it's a real laptop, and now, because the system wants to keep pressure on the family, to get whatever they want, you know, the Chinese have got all the evidence, but what is Hunter throwing at us?
You know, the Russians might have been involved in stealing my laptop, though.
Oh, it might be my laptop, but the Russians, you mean, you're on the damn thing recorded, whining about how You work for Chinese intelligence.
It's China took this country over, buddy.
If the Russians took it over like this, I'd be absolutely at their throats.
They're just not that hungry.
They're not doing that.
But look at him.
Look at that scarecrow look of him.
The smartest guy his dad knows.
You must not know a lot of smart people.
Here he is.
Was that your laptop?
For real, I don't know!
I know, but you know that... I really don't know what the answer is.
You don't know, yes or no, if the laptop was yours?
I have no idea.
So it could have been yours?
Of course, certainly.
There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me.
It could be that I was hacked.
It could be that it was Russian intelligence.
It could be that it was stolen from... Look at those eyes!
Those are Renfield eyes.
Those are the eyes of a child that was raped.
Those are the eyes of a soulless person.
Those are the eyes of a slave.
Now let's pull up Brian Stelter's eyes, please.
That's the opposite.
That's a predator.
And Joe's got the predator eyes, but Hunter doesn't.
And of course Hunter's been abused.
The whole family got raped.
That's what they do.
They must hurt children.
And he's got that wide open stare of a trillion miles because he's gone, folks.
All his innocence, everything destroyed.
The synapse is burnt out.
He's fried.
And the sister, in her diary, which they confirm is real, she's like, I was raped so bad, I won't say by who, probably my dad, that I had to start taking drugs and getting drunk at a very young age because I just, the things they did to me, I can't talk about.
And the things they did to the rest of my family, we can't talk about.
You know what those kids see?
They see a face that looks just like that.
You're a two-year-old baby tied down at that black mass.
You're about to have your blood drunk for the next 12 hours until you die screaming for your mommy.
You see a face that looks just like that.
I'm not saying Brian Stelter kills babies.
I'm not saying he's a child molester.
I'm saying if I was going to cast for a movie for a devil worshiper high priest that rapes and murders babies, it'd be Brian Stelter.
He doesn't even know what he looks like, does he?
He's ready to play Pennywise with no makeup.
And anybody with a soul can see what he is.
He's our enemy.
He's coming for our speech, our children, our country, our prosperity, and everything else we ever were.
If our enemies were space aliens and their ships landed, out would come thousands of stelters.
That's what I would expect them to look like in their little spacesuits hopping off.
Hungrily attacking us.
These are all allegories.
Obviously Brian Stelter is inhabited by a very evil spirit.
You can see it boiling over.
A very weak spirit.
It's an infantry model of these creatures.
I've studied them too long.
That's the basic private model, but he's still one of them.
All right, when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to take your phone calls.
I'll get more into the gun grabs.
I'll get more into China officially with the UN.
I love it.
It's like speculation.
Is China taking over the... Is there a crisis at the border?
Does Biden want our guns?
Are there side effects from the mRNA vaccine?
Are there deaths?
Is the sun in the sky at noon?
Are fish living in the ocean?
Is the Easter Bunny imaginary?
I mean, it's just, it goes on and on and on.
Yes, China officially is taking over everything.
China officially runs the UN.
China officially is bringing out the World ID Card.
It's all right here.
Frickin' Xi Jinping said it.
But like, InfoWars is like, oh, the head of a big IT company claims this is happening.
Is it true?
Yeah, it's happening!
Well, this is just breaking as we speak.
Three shot at the U.S.
These are initial reports that came out minutes ago.
Two officers reportedly shot and the shooter reportedly shot Capitol Police suspect.
in custody. You know, we saw that carjacking as the man was tasered and smashed on his accelerator
and crashed. And the mayor said that he deserved it because he should have had his car locked.
He was an Uber driver picking up the women, the 15 and 13 year old girls that killed him.
But again, that was swept under the rug because it was black on Asian.
If this happens to be a QAnon person or somebody else or a white person, you know they're going to call it the greatest attacks at Pearl Harbor.
I mean, hell, actually two cops got shot.
That's more than happened at the whole Capitol insurrection.
They'll call this like end of the world total destruction.
But our hearts do go out to everybody that's had a problem here, including the officers.
We hope they're okay.
But building is now being locked down, of course, and they're all just panicking and just totally freaking out.
But meanwhile, hundreds are shot every few days, hundreds in Chicago, in Dallas, in Houston, and no one even cares while all of that is going on.
So we'll continue to track this.
My point is they pick and choose what they want to tell us is a big deal.
Like Obama said, a white supremacist misogynist attacked the Boulder facility, the Boulder grocery store.
When it came out, it was an Islamist who loved Obama, hated Trump, Well, in America, the story ended.
So, if this is a gangbanger or something, it'll all disappear.
If they can pin it, if the guy's got Fox News on his browser, or they're connected to, you know, ever search my website, even though my site's one of the shows, one of the top shows out there, maybe you watch Bill Maher, won't be Bill Maher's fault, but if it was me, it'll be my fault, even though we're calling for peace.
But let's go ahead and play that footage before we go to your calls of that carjacking they don't want you to hear about because there's the military, martial law, and it didn't stop these young women from doing this.
So again, the idea that troops on the streets protects you from crime is asinine.
I mean, if I wanted To actually get guns of the military, I could very, very quickly with a ball-peen hammer.
So actually having troops and armored vehicles and weapons around and, you know, caches of hand grenades actually makes it easier for an insurrection.
But that's real warfare.
Let's not actually talk about real warfare or anything.
Hey, just follow the military home and get in the weapons you want.
Plus, they're busy demonizing that very military because they know they're an outside globalist force.
But again, they're the ones that want to get you ready for martial law while at the same time demonizing our military.
Here it is.
They're thieves!
What's going on?
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
This is my car!
And it's thrown out and dead.
The women crawl out, call themselves victims.
The military begins worshipping them because they're black.
Oh my god, you're black!
I'll worship you!
Oh, you've been attacked by an Asian!
Oh my god!
And then they run down the street.
And again, it's horrible footage.
He's dead.
And they're crying and victims.
We were just tasering him.
I mean, come on!
Come on, man!
There you go.
Yeah, go ahead and play the audio.
People will hear this.
These girls!
That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it!
Good, the troops saved them.
Give the women medals.
There he is dead.
Well, he's a man.
He deserves it.
They're pretty good.
Help us!
We're victims!
Oh, you're taking us!
So there's the martial law.
You don't hear about that because it doesn't fit the narrative.
We're going to see what happens with this latest shooting two officers down.
Because again, one officer having a heart attack days later and dying was as big as Pearl Harbor, as big as 9-11.
I mean, just total, total terror, total evil.
Hundreds of people walking between the velvet ropes, being charged as, you know, terrorists and everything, insurrection.
They've got literally thousands of people on Twitter salivating, calling for my arrest.
Hell, they'll probably blame this on me.
I don't know.
It's funny, he slips on a banana peel.
It's my fault.
But here you go!
Alright, I want to go to your phone calls now.
We got Steve, we got Frank, we got Michael, we got Bob, we got Carlos, we got Spencer, we got Mike, we got Perry, we got Zach, we got CD, we got Lauren.
We're going to move quick through these calls.
Let's talk to Frank in New York.
Frank, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, how are you?
It's been three years since I haven't called you.
How you been?
Man, I'm just watching all of it come true, man.
It's really freaking me out.
It is.
And unfortunately, see, I'm Dominican descent, and I've actually spoken to a lot of my community as far as what's going on with the open border situation.
I told them that if Biden gets in, I'm telling you, they're going to open up the borders.
And not only that, but I actually even showed them a document, the Pub of Rome, you know, when they won't divide the world to defend kingdoms.
That's part of open borders.
I show them the document.
They basically laughed at me, say, this is not true.
This is all conspiracy theory.
And to this day, they say that they have to come because, unfortunately, in their countries, they're suffering.
So there's no other place to go.
But I'm telling them... And you know what's crazy about this?
Is that the Club of Rome is the precursor to Davos.
Klaus Schwab was trained by it.
They copy what the Bible says, but they say the Bible isn't real.
Three super regions.
What do you think about the UN?
all give their power to the Antichrist. In the official UN plan, they get rid of
all the nation-states and then create ten kingdoms, smashing countries together,
but then having little sub-regions throughout that everybody divided and
conquered. I mean, it is quite the plan.
When you think about the UN, the UN was created because of the Club of Rome,
basically, to give the Antichrist his power.
That's why the union was created.
But besides the point is that, I'm just fed up with my Hispanic community, unfortunately.
They've been watching too much Telemundo, Univision.
It's the equivalent of CNN and MSNBC, the same propaganda garbage that you hear on those channels.
It's very frustrating, Alex, I'm telling you.
My wife... Well, brother, just keep warning them and listen.
Tell people don't take the vaccine.
When they get really, really sick, they're going to believe you.
I went to a dental appointment today.
They talked about people they knew getting a deathly over the vaccine.
I talked to crew members here that had family that took it almost killed him.
I talked to the nanny.
I know one of her friends almost died.
He's been in bed for six days.
He might die when he took the second shot.
This is not good, folks.
This this is a this is this.
Wait till you see what I cover tomorrow, brother.
Go ahead, Frank.
One more thing about the vaccines.
I'm not taking that vaccine.
I actually told him it's a biological weapon, nanochip.
But they don't believe me.
And I said, well, you know what?
God forbid you get it.
Good luck on you.
But I'm telling you one thing, they got to kill me to get that shot, because I'm not getting it.
I promise you that.
I am not getting it.
I hear you.
Love you, Frank.
I appreciate your call.
Wait till you see what I cover tomorrow at 3 p.m.
We have the smoking gun documents, OK?
We are living in this document that you're going to see.
They admit in the document massive vaccine damage.
I think that would be the worst decision he could ever make in his whole four years or two years or however long he lived through his term.
Well, I live in Louisiana.
Obama, excuse me, O'Biden says he's coming for the guns.
What do you think?
I think that would be the worst decision he could ever make in his whole four
years or two years or however long he lived through his term.
Well what do you make of all this? They're certainly making their move.
Well I live in Louisiana. I lived in Louisiana for 30 years and one of the
first things they teach you as a child is gun safety.
And I own guns and I've never shot anyone, never thought about it.
And I can tell you this, I know a lot of people, you come for their gun, that's when the next civil war starts.
They will die with that gun in their hand.
No, no, but do you understand what I'm saying, brother, is they want to trigger it against the local police who they're going to have go take the guns.
The Chinese want the Civil War.
I agree we can't turn them in, but we've got to educate the police and military not to be part of this, and we've got to try to not get this Civil War started.
You know, we know that's how 1776 started when the British came to take the guns.
Yeah, I don't want it to happen either.
I mean, I don't want anyone to die.
Well, how do we thread the needle then?
I mean, we need to be exposing the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates.
We need to be exposing who's behind all this.
We need to be exposing Soros, right?
I mean, we need to be exposing the fact that they're doing this on purpose.
And that's why I share your links.
I tell everyone about you.
They tell me I'm crazy, but I said the man's been right.
Every time he says something, just go look it up.
Well, tell him this.
I would say this.
I'd say, listen, you're an adult.
You're told not to listen to this guy.
You're told he supposedly said this and that.
Go hear it for yourself.
I would just tell him that way.
Anything else, Spencer?
No, I just want to thank you for the work you're doing and also want to give out a shout out to your coffee.
That's some of the best coffee I've ever had in my life.
So just keep it up, Alex.
Thank you.
Wake Up America Coffee is excellent.
Thank you.
All right.
Carlos in Canada, then Steven, everybody else.
We're taking your calls in about 15 minutes.
Drew Hernandez is visiting us here in Austin.
Great reporter.
He's about to go down to the border.
He'll be back in studio with us coming up 15 minutes to the next hour.
Stay with us.
All right.
Well, Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov has gone public saying that there is a communist Chinese cultural revolution taking place in the U.S.
and they want to bring down the U.S.
using a race war and the whole world's in grave danger.
That's what Putin's former chief of staff also said a month ago.
But Lavrov is like right up there, the number two guy to Putin, his most trusted advisor.
And of course, he's saying what's really going on.
He goes on to basically explain it's a Soros-Chicom attack on America.
Couldn't have better friends than somebody telling the truth like that.
Because they're up against the exact same people, ladies and gentlemen.
And anybody that studies geopolitics knows that the U.S.
links up with Russia geopolitically.
It's over.
Those two countries could dominate the world for good in a new golden age, but alas, we know that's not how it works, right?
Anybody can read Revelation, the Dragon, the whole war that happens.
We all know what unfolds.
So the truth is, is that we're going to be laying this out.
After I take some more phone calls ahead of a special guest, Drew Hernandez, who was on fire yesterday.
So I want to get him back in studio with us.
But right now, let's go to Carlos in Canada.
Carlos, welcome to the Airwaves.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
Your comments on Lavrov are very relevant and timely.
Actually, as a matter of fact, if you remember, President Trump was once friendly towards Putin, talked to him about 20 minutes, and that got him a lot of trouble.
And I always thought, wait a second, you know, why, why, why the opposition?
Imagine if there would have been a bridge link between Alaska and Russia.
You would have been able to connect four continents.
Do you realize that?
That would make the Chinese Belt and Road look like a sandbox.
And that would make America and American companies that were led by real people.
But they don't want any investment in Russia and so, or America, so that's why no.
That's right.
The other thing I want to mention to you is that relating to the virus.
Three years ago, okay, the police wanted to have the authority to take DNA from prisoners, from felons, so that they were able to keep a record and make a database.
You look at the newspapers.
Perfect point!
I thought that this morning.
The police can't have a database of our phones where we go and they shouldn't.
But communist China is officially going to run the world UN vaccine passport system?
This is insane!
Well now, every time somebody has these Q-tips put up their nose or other parts of their body, they're getting the DNA sample which is creating a worldwide database.
For the kind of research that they need to selectively eliminate.
And which we know, we know Ancestry and the other big companies have been caught.
Their real job is actually getting a DNA sample.
They wanted to get in directly what they couldn't get directly.
And the other thing that I wanted to mention to you is that they've been taking samples from the microbiome on the rear end of the human being, okay?
There's no point in looking for viruses there, okay?
That's for another kind of Bacterial, if you want to call it.
Look, I know you're a smart scientist, so let's just say we've been calling a long time and people don't know.
Let me ask you this, Carlos.
You've got a few minutes here.
Obviously, I'm going to cover this John Hopkins document tomorrow that admits we're in a simulation takeover.
The vaccines are going to make a lot of people sick.
It's a society collapsing weapon.
It's so incredible.
What is their big endgame?
Why are they so savage?
Why are they moving ahead with something so incredibly dangerous and committing these giant mass crimes?
Because what people don't realize, and this is good Friday to think about it, this is an anti-Christian worldwide movement.
It is led by individuals who are not Christians.
Exactly, the US is taking more vaccines than anybody else, and predominantly it's Christian countries being hit by this.
You're exactly right.
And it's the principle of the principles of Jesus of Nazareth, those principles that say clearly, listen, you have a spiritual life, Give to God what belongs to God.
Live in your spirit.
That is your way to eternity.
Meanwhile, these people are materialism people.
These are people that worship money.
These are the Antichrist.
Some people go galactic and say that they're Martians.
I don't think so.
These are human beings who are simply living under a different philosophy that started in 1733, Alex.
We know about that.
It was a call of the 12 people, the 12 bankers, that decided that they, with their 13 members who called a meeting to order in 1733, that they were going to do away with empire, they were going to do away with Christian religion, And they created an inversion.
The opposite of God was Satan, and the opposite of Jesus was the Antichrist, and the opposite of the Holy Spirit was surveillance.
And when these two, if you want to call it triangles, superimposed on the other in an inversion, that's when these people found their 666, and that's where they went on to destroy the world.
Well, I know this, it's definitely an ancient battle, there's been different permutations and manifestations of it, but there are definitely groups and organizations that believe they have a right to rule everybody, and they are definitely engaged in extreme evil.
How would you call this football game right now?
I mean, how many quarters are we in?
How's the game going?
President Trump was a godsend, because he was an American, naive enough not to even To trust his son-in-law, believe it or not, okay?
Poor man, alright?
He probably has time now to reflect on what was really done to him, okay?
But he was an innocent American patriot.
The most dangerous individual for anyone because he's an American patriot.
And my advice to him, and what I call this period of time, is the reset.
The reset was to undo everything that Trump did because he, with one word, he could take all those Christians.
You know, these people are coming from Latin America.
They're bringing in the border.
Think about it.
They're mostly Catholic.
They're mostly Latin Americans.
That's right, the whole system attacks Christianity because whether you believe it's real or not, and I know it is, it is a unifying force that will challenge the Antichrist system that's post-human.
And God's system is pro-human, the devil's system is anti-human.
Look out for the Antichrist.
All right?
Because that's who's really behind this.
Think about it.
These people who are trying to make these moves, look at them clearly.
They are, they rule by the, in the Antichrist, there's two dimensions which Christians don't have, Alex.
One is that they think of themselves as better than you, so they can subvert you.
Well, they have a disdain.
They enjoy hurting people.
Billy Carlson, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
I'm just saying, you're right.
They enjoy hurting people.
They're exceptional, and they are above the law.
So they think that you're inferior, and they're superior.
Christians don't think like that.
They don't.
They shouldn't.
They have been taught to equal everybody, okay?
The other element is that they think that they're exceptional.
When you hear the word exceptional, think about it.
That's not Christian.
That's Antichrist.
And when you hear the word, you know, I'm better than you, or I'm supreme, or I'm chosen, or whatever word they use, okay?
Because these people who are atheists talk like that.
Run away from them, because those people don't have your best interests at heart.
Exactly, and they create an inversion, quote, fighting racism and all this, when they actually create it all and make it about what color you are instead of your soul and what you stand for.
It is just openly satanic.
And if you recognize that, it's the moment to say, are you Christian?
Do you believe in Jesus of Nazareth?
Do you believe in eternal life?
If you're Muslim, the Muslims accept Jesus of Nazareth as a prophet.
They accept a virgin as his mother.
They have no objection to Jesus of Nazareth, okay?
But whoever objects to Jesus is an antichrist.
Think about it.
Well, by very definition, I appreciate your call.
And folks, I'm here to tell you, you've been taught by these atheists that, oh, it's all BS and a fool believes in the spiritual realm.
The globalists are all Luciferians and Satanists under them.
I've been around them, I know, okay?
And you see it all around you now.
But it's Satanism, period.
But you've got the mansion, you've got the car, you have sex with a beautiful woman, but it's empty.
It's like the cheesy movie Pirates of the Caribbean, where the pirates drink the wine, but it just goes through them.
They eat the food, they have the sex, but none of it's good.
It's bad, man.
It's bad.
It's real, too.
And these people are like mummies.
And that's why Joe Biden is their leader.
He looks like a damn dead body that they dug up in Egypt or something that's dried out, been dead for 5,000 years because, man, he is a manifestation of death.
They could have put some leader in there.
They wanted you to feel bad.
They wanted you to see this for yourself.
They want to have you just absolutely feel weak.
But don't do that.
What did Trump do?
You're great.
You're amazing.
We're going to do great.
What did they say?
Oh, we suck.
We're horrible.
Highways are racist.
Imagine being a little black kid.
Highways are white racist.
See, highways are going to get you.
Oh, oh, look, a dad in the house is a white racist.
You know, you can't have a dad in your house.
I mean, it's just a total assault on everything.
I got to hit this Lavrov thing, and I got to take a few more calls.
I'm going to go to your calls in order they're received.
Zach, you're up next, and then we'll go to Steven and Lauren and CD and so many others that are patiently holding here.
Please don't forget, without you supporting us, we won't be here.
I appreciate all your support.
People love it.
It always sells out, because we're having trouble getting the supplies of it, because it's got all these high-end, you know, organic, natural vitamins and minerals.
It's a liquid, multivitamin, mineral, amino acid system.
It's back in stock, it's great for your immune system, everything else.
It's Vitamin Mineral Fusion, 40% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
Rocket Rest is back in, and Lung Cleanse, 50% off.
We'll be right back with our number three.
Steven in Pennsylvania.
Thank you for calling.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey Alex.
Let's put some evidence on the table.
They're trying to get us to commit spiritual adultery by breaking our covenant with the Lord and contracting with them.
Now, you have brought up Trump's inauguration speech and I look at it as an offer because he says that he's giving back the power to the people.
And January 6th to me is acceptance.
That property was originally named Rome, Maryland.
And that was the year of jubilee at his inauguration address as per Jonathan Cahn.
But the issue is, the mistake that we're making is, It's crucial to rebut their presumption.
They're presuming we're property of Congress.
Now, there's either an Article 4, Section 4, constitutional republic, guaranteed borders,
etc., or we're in Article 4, Section 3, clause 2.
Well, that's right.
The social contract has been broken.
This is a foreign government.
And Trump said, "It's your country if you want it.
Take it back.
We're transferring the power back to you."
He had to have -- and yes, January 6th overall was peaceful, and that's what scared them
so bad.
It was a partial exercise of our freedom, a partial exercise, in the middle of them
stealing the election from us, and that's what upset them so much, and I agree with
Yeah, but the issue is, is that...
They're de facto.
Congress creating the birth certificate and the whole stealing of our sweat equity.
The 14th Amendment.
You discussed all that with Adam Adask.
It was one of the most important interviews that you've ever done.
Now, the issue is, you know, we have some really big issues.
Trump owns the original post office.
And it's been brought out that the wars are between post-offs.
And, you know, this whole thing is about the legal frictions that Congress created to our birth certificates that were representing that all-caps name.
So, like you said over and over, we're operating under color of law.
Color of law.
And until and unless we refute their presumptions and stop representing that all caps name.
Now you can find an explanation of that at Adam Van Rens' article number 73.
She really, really gets into it and it sent notices.
Beautiful brother.
I got to jump to your buddy, Emmitt.
Thank you, Steve.
All right, let's talk to Zach in Florida.
Go ahead, Zach.
Alex, what's going on, brother?
I'm happy to talk to you.
Go ahead.
I've been listening to you since I was in middle school and you've helped me wake up.
Just about every employee that I have working with me and also everyone in my family, their links and videos, they literally have made a complete change throughout coronavirus and woke up to everything that is, you've really been talking about for years.
But I just wanted to give a quick experience, a quick layout of my experience with COVID.
I lost my job twice.
I lost two different jobs in the last year because of COVID.
I now have another one.
My mom lost her job, I had to move back in with my parents across state, had to go through all this, and I just wanted to lay out a message for young people to say, even if you lose your job or they're trying to lock you in your house or whatever it is, we are still young.
And we have all of the energy, all of the power against this old, decrepit system that will not tie us down in the future.
And we will overcome this, 100%.
Hold on, I'm going to hold you over, because I want your message to be heard by the next segment, because some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
They wanted to moralize us.
They want to break our will.
They want to straightjack us into this global ID to be able to buy and sell at businesses.
And China's going to run it.
So everything is down to the wire now.
Now is do or die.
We've got to get the legislatures organized.
We've got to support DeSantis and other governors saying, no, we're not going to have these internet IDs.
We're not going to have social credit scores.
We're not going to have vaccine passports.
Now is the time.
I'm going to come right back to you, Zach.
Restart what you were saying and finish up then.
Wow, it's a big article on Infowars.com.
It's amazing.
Everybody should share this.
Russia's foreign minister, the second most powerful guy in Russia, Lavrov warns of surging anti-white racism in the U.S.
The mainstream media has been talking about a surge at the border, but the real story is a massive illegal immigration pipeline run by the Biden administration.
We witnessed it running nonstop in McAllen, Texas.
First, Border Patrol delivers busloads of illegal immigrants to a secured tent processing center on the corner of U.S.
Business 83 and West 15th Street.
We are told by sources well over a thousand each night in this area alone.
And what we witnessed during the day certainly substantiates this number.
We were told by a driver of their operation that they are being tested for COVID-19 at this processing center.
They all leave with Manila envelopes in hand.
Those that do test positive for COVID are driven to one of the several hotels who have contracted with the federal government to act as COVID quarantine shelters, where they will quarantine for seven days before being released into the U.S.
And the rest are either bussed or walked down the street to the Humanitarian Respite Center, operated by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, where they are brought in through the front door with their manila envelopes inspected.
They are housed, given bags of clothing, and are then sent off through the back door to various U.S.
cities via bus and airplane.
It's a non-stop flowing pipeline.
Those that take the bus are led across the street to the bus station, and the rest are given rides to the airport, where they present Border Patrol and TSA with the paperwork inside their Manila envelopes, and set off to various U.S.
cities, where they are either meeting up with some other government agency, NGO, or perhaps even Mexican cartels operating within the U.S.
It is the biggest illegal immigration smuggling operation in U.S.
And it is being run by the federal government on behalf of the United Nations to destroy all American liberties and put us under the boot for a thousand years.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That is just a two and a half minute, out of this world, powerful video report of your radio listener.
It's at Bandot Video.
Click the left-hand corner, the three lines.
It opens up all the pages.
You find the Gregory section, also the Southern Border Crisis section, and it has 200-and-something thousand views.
I mean, come on, folks.
That needs 20 million views.
I got text messages from well-known people in government and other areas like, oh, this is a great report.
I'm like, then promote it.
Take our bug off.
Just get it out.
But no.
And I understand it.
You know, you can't.
It's like the big secret.
Oh, this is the hot show and everybody tunes in, but you can't promote it.
Oh no, you get in trouble.
That's why they're always banning another person and they wait and ban somebody else.
So everybody behaves themselves, keeps their heads down, and now Steven Crowder's being basically banned off YouTube.
And they're going to move on to the next person after that, the next person.
Instead of us banding together and saying no.
But Zach called in.
He got cut off by a break.
Some stations might not have heard him.
He was on that first five minutes.
You were giving out a positive message that don't let them demoralize us, bankrupting our jobs.
Don't let them make you feel not essential.
Don't feel bad just because they've shut you down.
They're at war with you because of who your ancestors are, your Christian ethos.
And we must come together and support the farmers markets and support the local farmers and support the local metal urges and support the local schools.
Now more than ever, and all of us are hypocrites, I need to do it more myself, but I tell you, they have gone through our computer systems and they have found everything we use to broadcast.
And every week or so, some new thing that, you know, we had to operate of the thousands of pieces of technology gets taken away.
But now, most of the time, we've already moved away from everybody before it even happens.
We'll have the mainline thing as a backup, and they go, oh, because of who you are, we're taking that away.
Just happened this week.
We went, oh, really?
Watch this.
Flipped our own thing on.
And now we're not going to give them money.
So yeah, Nietzsche's right, that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, if you decide to push back and get stronger.
If you decide to be the victim and, oh, look what happened to you and everything, then you're gonna lose, your body shuts down.
But when you say, God, I need help, I wanna be good and I wanna be strong and I want you to rise me up, man, God listens.
But God doesn't like cowards and God doesn't like victims.
Sure, we all get victimized, bad things have been done to us all, but, you know, I'll tell you, I'm not a masochist.
I don't like pain.
I like pleasure.
I like to give it to.
But I'll tell you something right now.
All the things that were done to me when I was growing up, I never blamed God.
But now I appreciate it.
Because I wouldn't be who I was today if I hadn't had the things done to me.
And I've had horrible things done to me.
Horrible things.
I look back on it, it was the best thing ever.
Every damn piece of that pain was so good.
Because now I can take a lot more pain.
I couldn't do this if I hadn't been put to the fire like a sword that the samurais are hammering together and stretching it into that steel for months and years, just bashing it and banging it out.
At the end of the day, I'm certainly worse for wear.
My eyes point different directions sometimes, but it doesn't matter because I'm still rolling forward like a big battering ram on fire to take down the enemy.
And I just appreciate you all keeping me in the fight.
Let's go to Zach.
Zach, finish up your point.
Restate what you were saying.
I appreciate you holding about not letting them get our spirits down.
Yeah, man.
So I was just laying out my experience throughout this whole thing as a 22-year-old surfer from Florida.
I completely make every dollar that I have and support myself until Corona came.
I lost my job twice and, you know, whatever.
But my message really is just for all young people and especially young people, but everyone is just say no to the system and say yes to life and reality.
Say yes to going outside in real communities.
Say no to Twitter and vaccines.
Say yes to organic food.
And investing in yourself and making good decisions away from all the media, away from any influences negative because... Imagine being in Europe where they ride women down with Clydesdale horses to try to get sun.
And imagine here, I couldn't, me and my family couldn't go to church, I couldn't go to work, but there's people rioting all summer.
It's just a total inversion of reality and if you just Let it suck you in like it does most young people because of social media and stuff and you'll just get confused and far away from yourself and nature and the true spirit of life and love.
Absolutely, brother.
And as long as we go out and stare at the stars that God made, hug our father, hug our mother, hug our children, as long as we have that, we have everything.
And you know, I mean, I never cared about Hollywood, never cared about things, but I thought they were kind of interesting.
Now I see it all as bondage.
I mean, it's not just that we don't want the world, we're repelled by it.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, totally.
It's like you see in that video of the two girls with the Uber driver, horrible.
Horrible, uh, incident where the girl gets out of the car and immediately says, my car or my phone is in there.
Talking about her phone being in the car while there's literally a man that she just killed somebody.
She just killed somebody.
Her phone in the car though.
So that is just totally where I feel like my generation is where it's like something insanely happened and thing could be happening right beside him.
And if you take pictures and comment on it, rather than take action and help or do anything, this weekend I was in a restaurant.
And I left my phone and forgot.
And I came right back in to get it, and these women were like, oh, you got it?
You got it?
And they were like, oh, oh yeah, they have it, they have it.
And when the waiter handed me the phone, they went, oh, oh!
And were like, literally like, hooping.
It was like a worship of the damn thing.
Have you seen this?
Yeah, it's horrible.
And that's how my, I even have a younger sister, and they're even worse.
It seems like, I don't know, we just have to dig ourselves out of the pit of technology, Ruling over us and just realize that life is more valuable, you know, like there's better things We were at the beach staring out at sunset She said you know all the computers all the science the world can't have us see beauty in that Sun and these waves and Rejoicing to be in this creation.
God made this is worship of God.
We don't worship the creation But this is our connection to God God made this we're a creation of God We are in this pantheon of God and it was it was the most profound thing I ever heard.
It was totally true And it was literally where this all a giant cathedral to God.
All a giant system for us to rejoice and come together and be together and have experience and consciousness.
Just thank God.
Worship God.
Thank you, God.
Thank you for consciousness.
Thank you for everything you've done.
Thank you for everything you've done for us.
Thank you.
Thank you, God.
Thank you for life.
Thank you for your son, Jesus.
Awaiting the hour of reprisal.
Your time slips away.
Well, Drew Hernandez is here with us in the studio.
He's going down to the border this weekend.
We're going to probably be going down there on Monday or so, maybe earlier, but Easter's here, but he's here working hard.
Great reporter, great work in Kenosha and other areas, but a great Christian, and obviously you hear the passion in his speech, and so I wanted to get him on for at least a few segments today.
Ahead of who's supposed to be the fourth hour.
Very popular last Friday when he hosted the fourth hour.
Stu Peters is coming up as well ahead of Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
But you were saying, yeah, well, let's get into the border, but also some of the culture war stuff and some of the things that are going on as they put us onto this virtual economy.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, I mean, I'm pretty sure your viewers are familiar with Bad Baby.
You know, she's the Catch Me Outside girl that was on Dr. Phil and extremely viral, totally depraved.
She made an OnlyFans.
And for those of you that don't know what OnlyFans is, it's basically like a virtual little webcam where people could pay hundreds, thousands of dollars to watch you naked.
She just turned 18 about like seven days ago.
And she made her OnlyFans, and within six hours made a million dollars, Alex.
So you can only imagine the pedophiles that were just... Hey guys, don't pull up the naked footage, obviously, but pull up Bad Baby, because I don't even follow culture a lot, but I vaguely know who that is.
Pull up Bad Baby from Dr. Phil.
There it is.
And so again, the idea here is it's like porn.
Porn actresses in the 70s were making millions of dollars when a million was a million dollars.
Now that everybody got involved, then at the whole bottom fell out and porn doesn't have any money in it.
Well, now that everybody's going to only fans, okay, she makes a bunch of money, a bunch of others will jump on it, then they'll make nothing.
This is all, that's how Satanism works.
They all like promote this, everybody rushes there, but then it all falls apart.
Yeah, and it's totally degrading to women, right?
I mean, and this individual was a child, like, seven days ago.
She just turned 18.
So you can only imagine, like, the pedophiles that have just been waiting, sitting, and just waiting to see this person completely naked.
And people, it's demoralization, Alex.
That's exactly what we are.
Well, that's what they're saying.
It's not because you have art or literature.
It's not like it's because you're giving up your youth to us.
You're selling your soul.
And they want this.
They want to see children naked.
Even though she just turned 18, they're getting everything that they've dreamed of and what they wanted.
This is a complete demoralization of the culture, and it's going to continue to get worse and worse and worse.
And I think the majority of our institutions, Alex, have been completely demoralized.
From Disney, Nickelodeon, mainstream media, Hollywood, movies, music, the list goes on.
And the key is, it's not that we're shocked she's naked.
It's that everyone's taught to sell yourself out to the system.
The only value you have is giving up your intimacy to something that isn't intimate.
Giving it up to the iris of a camera for a bunch of slobs.
Yeah, but Alex, things continue to get worse and worse and worse.
The desensitizing, the demoralizing.
They want us to accept these things as normal.
They want you to think it's normal that Lil Nas is making a music video staging himself getting sodomized and from the entire world.
They want you to think that it's normal.
Here's the deal.
Blacks are the model of the globalist takeover.
And you know about the Great Society.
They did social studies.
They came to President, who was a KKK member.
Linda Mays Johnson, and this is on record, and they said, hey, the blacks are all Republican, and he goes, well, I'm not going to let, I'm not going to quote him, he'll take it out of context, say I said it, but he called them n-words, and said they're up, he said, I'll have them vote, and we're Democrat 100 years, break up their families, pay the women not to have men in the house, and we'll break them up.
Well, it's the same thing here.
That's the microcosm of every community.
Now Black Lives Matter says, get rid of the nuclear family, and get black men to have their genitals cut off.
I mean, that's obviously a cult that wants to destroy you.
And that's what the black rapper... But that music video is a perfect representation of what the radical left, of what the global elites, the radical Democrats have been doing to the black community for decades.
Sodomizing these communities, literally taking advantage of them, using them, making them famous, throwing them hundreds of thousands of dollars, oh say, making them think that they're actually worth something, but they continue to use them for their political gain and their political purposes, and right now I think the Democrat Party is shifting from the black community now to the Hispanic community because now they're the biggest non-white voting bloc as of 2020.
And the snake puts him into a trance, they have gay sex, then he rides a stripper pole down to hell, Is sodomized by Satan, and then he kills Satan and becomes Satan.
And they want you to think that this is normal.
And it's interesting because this is, and when I say biblically accurate... Yeah, now he's transformed, now he's a trainee.
And they want you to think that these things are normal.
And when I say this is biblically accurate, it's accurate in the sense where he stages it in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge is in the background, the serpent rolls up.
And it's interesting because they change it in front, instead of Adam and Eve, it's just him.
That's their message.
There is no male.
There is no female.
It's just him.
That's what they do.
This is pure blasphemy.
And it's not surprising, but this is what the Satanists, they want.
They want kids like this.
They want, because this goes on TikTok, Alex.
And then you have millions of kids that stage little dances after this, thinking that Luciferianism is normal, is absolutely normal.
And we know that it's not.
But this is the continuation of the demoralization.
There it is.
He's riding down a hill.
By the way, show Miley Cyrus.
She looks like a dead crackhead or something wearing the devil shoes.
Guys, find the photo.
It's on M4Wars.com.
Miley Cyrus wearing the Satan shoes that he's pushing, these fake Nikes.
She looks like a total slave.
She was on Joe Rogan.
She sounded like a brain-dead crackhead.
This is what Satan does to you.
And again, it's Miley Cyrus' dad that's putting this guy out.
Definitely a Satan.
Yeah, they're useful idiots.
They're used by Satan himself.
And look at that.
It's just total depravity.
That is literally total depravity.
That is what the Democrat Party is doing and has done to the black community for decades.
And what's even worse is, I don't know, James Charles, you know who James Charles is, right Alex?
The gay guy that's the makeup artist and he's totally huge.
I actually don't, but zoom in on this guys, go ahead.
James Charles, right, has openly admitted, he has millions of subscribers, millions of subscribers on YouTube.
He's openly admitted, it broke last night, that James Charles admitted that he's sexting underage little boys and minors and YouTube allows him to reach millions of people a day.
While you, Alex, and Steven Crowder, and Americans that are speaking out against these things, get silenced on a daily, on a weekly, on a monthly basis, but they let openly admitted pedophiles like James Charles be on their platforms.
Exactly, and they're debasing a black man, having him be raped by Satan, as if this is cute, oh but he killed Satan.
This is so sick.
It's completely demoralizing. You just said it. So now they're openly just mainlining pedophilia.
Yeah, absolutely. You guys can look it up. James Charles openly admitted that he's sexting
underage little boys and this guy reaches millions of people. I didn't know the name,
but I've seen that person. Yeah, millions of people on YouTube on a daily, on a weekly basis,
yet Alex Jones is scary, too scary for YouTube, yet Stephen Crowder is too scary and too dangerous
and a threat to YouTube.
Conservatives or anyone that's speaking truth, even some leftists that are speaking truth are getting censored on YouTube.
But James Charles is totally normal, and who do they target, Alex?
The kids.
Drew H. Lives on Twitter for now.
Well, man, you're a great talk show host.
I mean, I knew when you were a guest on during Coach.
Get that guy back home that you were too busy to come on.
But now that you're here, you are a natural talk show host, brother.
You're kicking ass.
Well, I appreciate it, Alex.
We're on fire for God.
You know what's going on.
My pocket's out in the open now, though, isn't it?
Yeah, it's out in the open, and I think the demoralization, the depravity, is at its total depravity.
When you read the Bible, these things are no surprise, because this is what the Bible has indicated where a society will be when we get to that place.
Let's talk about that.
So where do we go next on the timeline?
History repeats itself over and over again.
We're now entering the bottom of a cycle.
What comes next?
Get ready, folks, because this is going to get nasty.
We'll be right back with Drew Hernandez.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Drew Hernandez, investigative journalist, is here with us.
He's about to go down to the border starting tomorrow.
We'll have coverage of all of that throughout the weekend.
But another thing is this hysteria.
Some car, some little car, ran into one of the checkpoints they've got in D.C.
And so they said, oh, a shooting has happened.
Two officers shot.
Okay, it wasn't a shooting.
A vehicle rammed it.
I was just during the break there in the coffee room and Fox News was on and Chris Wallace was on there talking about, well, this is post 9-11.
You know, we can't ever get rid of the military and police in D.C.
now after what happened at the Capitol.
It's post 9-11.
Oh yeah, one guy had a heart attack two days later.
They killed four citizens.
And so now it's big national news.
You think car wrecking in China is news?
But here it's like, look how dangerous it is!
Imagine if there was ever a real bioweapon.
Imagine if there was ever a real attack.
We have been taught to be total ninnies.
So here's the Fox News and the cowardly behavior going on.
He caused injury or harm, obviously.
He injured a couple of Capitol Police officers, but here we go again.
Yeah, and interestingly enough, yesterday, coincidentally for a power player that's going to run in a couple of weeks, I interviewed Karen Gibson.
She is the new Senate Sergeant at Arms, the person in charge of security for the Senate and one of the people in charge of security for the Capitol.
And several of the things that she said to me yesterday, John, for this piece that we're going to run in a couple of weeks, really have some resonance With regard to what we're seeing here, first of all, she was called on.
She was a lieutenant general in the army.
She was in the army for more than 30 years, particularly in intelligence, working around the world, leading intelligence operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, a number of other places, South Korea.
She was then Put on the Capitol Review Board to review what happened on January 6th, and they came out with several recommendations, some of which have started to be implemented.
They asked for 800 more Capitol Police officers to help beef up security around the Capitol.
They asked for mobile fencing that would be easier to erect and put up to protect the Capitol grounds.
And they also asked, and they plan to implement it, that it's easier for them to summon the National Guard, the D.C.
National Guard, to come protect the Capitol in the case of another riot or insurrection.
Obviously, this was something different than that.
One of the other things that she said to me was that They have, and as Mark Meredith reported this, they have begun to take down a lot of the fencing around the Capitol, and in fact, a week or so ago, you wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near as close to the Capitol as this assailant was able to get in his car.
And they've also reduced substantially the number of National Guard around the Capitol, although there are still, as they were reporting, there's still a much heavier number than there were before January 6th.
But one of the things that the Sergeant-at-Arms General Gibson said to me, Was that, you know, there's a constant balance.
Because on the one hand, your job one is to secure the capital, to secure the safety of our elected representatives.
But if that's job one, job 1A is to provide public access so that members of the general public, voters who have elected these leaders, can come and at least see and in some cases interact with their leaders. And so that balance between security
and public access is one that they always have to negotiate. I said, well,
are things going to ever get back to where they were before January 6th?
And General Gibson said, no, they won't.
It'll be a lot less conspicuous than it is now, but we want to make, well, we provide access to
their elected leaders for members of the American public.
We're not going to be able to go back, she said, like after 9-11.
Once you start to impose security contingencies, you never go back entirely on them.
Okay, so let's stop there.
He goes on, because that was the point I actually caught at the point I wanted.
I'm not mad, it's just that it was a longer clip than I wanted to get to.
But he goes on and on, like, this is the way it is, it's normal, we need 10,000 troops, and it's gonna be hidden, and we're gonna have checkpoints everywhere else too, but the border's wide open!
You know, none of this holds water, Drew Hernandez.
Yeah, you know, it's interesting that you hear him say this, because this is what they've been saying since January 6th, comparing what happened at the Capitol to 9-11, which in my opinion is absolutely absurd and a slap in the face to a lot of American families, and you know exactly why.
How is it?
Within minutes, the National Guard wrapped this up.
Within minutes, they're out there.
But our southern border is completely open.
Our southern border is completely open to cartels, terrorists, people coming across.
Mass graves, hundreds of thousands dead, burning, babies being killed.
But you never see that.
But oh my God!
Oh, by the way, it's the black guys.
They're going to shut this down quick.
The white guy would be the end of the world, but the black guy.
Yeah, because if it's a black guy, they're going to shut it down quick, but they want to train the public.
This is what third world country authoritarian regimes do.
They save their resources for themselves, Alex, but they don't use them for the people.
They'll protect themselves in their own capitals or their own homes, their own mansions.
They have their own state police.
Minneapolis got rid of the police and then hired themselves 24 hours to do it again.
And the people are begging for them to come back because the people realize it's a stupid thing to defund the police.
It's not a smart thing.
But right now, this is what authoritarians do.
And as you said, the crime rate has exploded in D.C.
because all the cops are guarding the Capitol like it's about to be attacked.
The Capitol is fortified, Alex.
Like, look at that.
That thing is fortified compared to the United States southern border where you have ranchers, you have Americans living on the southern border.
Some of these Americans have been shot and killed by some of these cartels, but we can't have Joe Biden get his butt up just to finish the southern border?
And again, if Trump was going to have a rally with a million people again and they got scared, they wanted troops then, you have to build that up for weeks.
At any minute, 300,000 people are going to show up and attack.
Yeah, because people need to realize that they only use these resources for themselves when it benefits themselves.
They don't care about the American people.
They well have the ability to do this.
Look at this, the guy crashes the car, so they just put riot police... Look at that!
That's more secure than the southern border!
The Wicked Flee when they're pursued.
Dude, Alex, Alex!
Oh, a car crashed!
Let's all get the riot police on it.
Alex, when we go down there, go to that, oh you guys can't move it, but look at that.
There are more National Guard there in front of the Capitol than there are on some sections at the United States southern border right now.
This is pathetic.
I mean, wow.
That's insane!
So, a dude turns down the wrong street, crashes his vehicle, and it's total hysteria.
Because they want people to be engineered to freak out and lose their minds and to think that it's normal to have martial law on American streets.
And then meanwhile, Chris Wallace is like...
It'll never go back to normal now.
Once you have something, it never goes back.
Sorry, you're not essential.
You can't ever go outside again.
This is the world that we've given you.
This is the new world right now in the United States of America.
The lockdowns aren't going away.
Joe Biden is out talking to the press again, which is a nightmare, but he's telling people, come on, you got to do your part.
We don't even know if this guy had diabetes and just crashed his car.
Who knows if he was drunk?
Oh my God!
A car crash!
End of the world!
They just want to bring us into the third world, Alex.
They want to bring us into the fourth world.
They want to continue.
The next stage is demoralization.
That's where we're at, but the next stage is destabilization.
Those days are coming.
We haven't seen anything yet, Alex.
That's why they have all the tent cities.
That's all that's getting us ready.
They want to prepare the public for people to realize that all the optics, all the riots, everything taking place in Minneapolis and Kenosha, all these things happening, they're pre-programming the public to accept these things as normal.
So when the real thing begins to hit, everyone's going to already be just completely dissatisfied.
Bill Gates says a real bioweapon's coming.
Other scientists from the news, they're getting us ready.
Yeah, Alex, you talk about Bill Gates all the time and people think you're crazy, but you're not.
Because Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland in the United States of America.
For what?
For what, Alex?
Why is Bill Gates doing that?
Because he knows what's coming.
He knows what needs to be done.
He knows buying up all the farmland in the United States of America is what needs to happen with what's coming to America.
Because everyone's going to flee the city.
There ain't gonna be no more McDonald's, there ain't gonna be no more Uber Eats, all these things we enjoy.
It is gonna be you yourself providing for yourself and Bill Gates knows this more than a lot of people and leftist wokists on the left even realize what's taking place.
The people on the left are the useful idiots.
They think they're the commanders, the leaders, because they're being patted on the head.
No, they're the fools.
Yeah, and once the regime is installed, they get executed.
That's history.
That's not a conspiracy theory.
Look at Stalin, look at Mao, look at all these communist friggin' regimes.
The same thing happens all the time.
Well, look at Che Guevara, as soon as Fidel was done with him.
Yeah, they get executed.
Because they get promised all these things in this new utopia.
But again, every news channel is a car crashed.
And a couple of cops might have got hurt.
I mean, it's like, it's just total red alert.
We're all begging in fear, peeing all over each other.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back broadcasting worldwide.
I keep going for another hour with Drew Hernandez at Drew H. Lime on Twitter.
But Stu Peters is another powerful talk show host.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour.
I'm going to try to jam in a few calls in the next little No Man's Land segment for those that are holding.
We got some bad news.
Suspect dead and Capitol Police officer stabbed another injured after car rams into barrier outside building.
So now we're getting a clearer picture of what happened.
First they said a shooting, a ramming, then it was just a ramming, now we learn probably a mentally ill person.
He was a black man, probably mentally ill.
Like, it was a white dude randomly ramming something, stabbing it, we'd probably say he's mentally ill.
And that's why you have armed people to stop bad people.
And so...
There you go.
But they are on every channel acting like the U.S.
just got hit with nuclear weapons.
And again, as you said, Drew Hernandez, this is the third worldization of America.
The next step is destabilization.
That's where America is going next.
We've been completely demoralized.
We've accepted, in the culture, we've accepted, not only accepted, but we celebrate the murdering of babies inside of the womb.
Right now people are getting a glimpse of what's taking place at the southern border.
Babies are being thrown off of 14-foot border walls and being left in the desert by themselves.
And the radical left is completely silent.
Right now the American people are completely demoralized.
Not all of you out there that are listening, but you guys know who I'm talking about.
But the mainstream culture has been completely demoralized.
So now when they start moving into these areas of destabilizing the country, Uh, through the federal government, whether it's through politics or whether it's through natural disaster, whatever it may be, uh, the American people are going to be so freaked out, but they're now engineered to run to the federal government or the state, uh, to protect them.
And that's what's scary is Bill Gates and all these globalists are in the news again today saying, Oh, a real weapon's coming.
You'll have a real death soon, which I predicted on how they work.
So if we're all scared of like a overhyped viruses as bad as the flu, imagine when they release a real thing.
Yeah, I mean, even here in Texas, they lifted the mandate, right?
They lifted the mandate, but businesses are still afraid of getting it cancelled because people are still afraid to go in and eat.
I was getting demo work done this morning, and the dentist was like, no, we know it's all bull.
We know the statistics.
None of us got sick.
Yeah, we know it's crap, but still we wear the mask and still we fist bump.
And I said, just shake my hand.
He goes, yeah, okay, I shake my hand.
But I'm like, you gotta tell others to stop.
It's the lawyers saying, do this or we'll have liability.
The idea now that we're all guilty for what we breathe on people?
Statistically, we know if we don't breathe on people, we don't have an immune system.
Yeah, they're probably going to tax oxygen next, Alex.
That's what herd immunity is, is all of us breathing on each other.
We're all together.
Oh, we got a capital update.
Look, they're all wearing masks, all virtue signaling.
Here, go ahead and fade the audio up.
Let's hear this.
Let's hear this, I mean... Suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier.
At such time, the suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand.
Our officers then engaged that suspect.
He did not respond to verbal commands.
The suspect did start lunging toward U.S.
Capitol Police officers, at which time U.S.
Capitol Police officers fired upon the suspect.
At this time, the suspect has been pronounced deceased.
Two U.S.
Capitol Police officers were transported to two different hospitals, and it is with a very, very heavy heart that I announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries.
Okay, so here's the footage of the black man that supposedly did it, that they shot and killed.
Okay, obviously mentally ill.
We're not going to, oh, it's a black supremacist to kill the white people.
But if this was a white dude, oh my God, you would hear for the banning of knives, Drew.
Not only that, they're going to blame this on white supremacy somehow, some way.
I mean, even Vox, everything that's going on with how the numbers are coming out that black Americans, the black community is increasingly committing more crimes against Asian Americans, which is a literal Oh, I saw mainstream news where they're saying whites still cause that.
Yeah, exactly.
Vox News is coming out and saying that it's white supremacy that black people are increasing in their own American nationalism and they're committing more hate crimes against Asians.
The point I'm trying to make is, stuff like this...
Is probably going to end up being blamed on white supremacy because that's all they can do.
How much you want to bet at least one of the cops is black?
Because half the DC cops are black or more.
I mean, this is obviously not a racial attack.
Yeah, I mean, we'll find out when the story comes out, but I'm waiting to see how the mainstream media is going to spin this.
It's either going to be because of white supremacy or it's they're going to make him out to be some kind of Trump supporter.
Also, we'll see.
You can never hear what these people are... You can't hear!
There's a frickin' mask over her face!
Like, like, used to they'd pull the mask down to talk on mic.
Now they don't even do that because you got a virtual signal.
They want you to just speak through a mask.
They want you to sit down and be just completely doing what you're told to do.
And that's what they want.
They want you to just be good little children, a good little boy, a good little girl, or whatever you identify as, and sit down and just accept what we tell you While they shut down the country, while they give the jobs to China, while they shut down the coal power plants, while they shut down the Keystone Pipeline, while they say highways are racist?
Gee, I always thought you wanted highways coming by your house because it upped your property value.
I mean, everywhere I live's got a damn highway.
I don't look at it and go, that's a highway, that's because it's racist.
Yeah, a border wall was racist until Trump was finally out of office, right?
And now they have it up at the Capitol.
It's more secure than the southern border.
And it's just so ridiculous.
And I just wonder how people that are watching, because I know a lot of people watch you, Alex, that don't disagree necessarily.
And I just want to kind of ask them, like, how can you not see through this stuff by now?
How can you not sit here and watch this and just absolutely just discern and declare finally, like, this is a load of crap.
I'm not talking about what just happened at the Capitol.
I'm talking about their rhetoric.
I'm talking about their optics.
I'm talking about the way that they use these.
All of it, all of it.
Let's play this video.
This is a white supremacist attack.
Father and son have a shootout in Atlanta.
TV viewers will see this shocking KKK attack.
Here's the KKK attack.
It's clip one.
Actual KKK attack.
Here it is.
New at 6 tonight, a Coweta County father tells deputies he confronted his son about having a gun in his pocket.
And he says rather than turn it over, his son opened fire on him.
It was all caught on the family's home security camera, as you saw there.
Our Fox News Doug Evans has more on the story now from Coweta County.
Deputies say the surveillance video starts with Mario Clark leaving his father's house, the father behind him pointing a weapon at his son.
The father then flinches, ducks, and runs for cover after a shot is fired in his direction.
Deputies say the family shootout started when the 26-year-old Mario Clark arrived at his father's house with a gun in his pocket, a gun his father did not want in his house.
We now know the story.
He came in there demanding stuff with a gun.
The dad pulled a gun and said, get out of here.
He shot at his own father.
It's a black family.
My only point is, is that this is evil.
This is America falling apart.
And again, They're trying to project race war into this.
That's not what's happening.
Yeah, they want to demonize white people.
That's what this is.
They don't want to talk about black-on-black crime, which was skyrocketing under the first African-American president, Barack Obama, by the way.
That's a fact.
Under Obama's FBI black-on-black crime statistics, we're proving this.
But this is an attack on white people, Alex.
They want to demonize a race of people.
This is what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews, and this is what the woke supremacists are doing right now to white people.
They want to demonize them because they have revenge in their hearts because of what took place 200, 300 years ago.
And they want to continue to do this even to white people, Alex, that don't see color, that can care less about race, but they still do it because somehow racism and slavery was their fault.
And they want to do this.
It's intentional.
It's intentional.
China's running death camps for Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.
And if they give $100 million from Tim Cook to change the subject of whites and blacks killing each other, they win.
Because the vast majority of black people aren't racist.
Same with white people.
We all just want prosperity.
But if they can make it all about that, they win.
Yeah, and Jesus warned about this in Matthew chapter 24.
He said in the last days, we would see kingdom rise against kingdom and nation rise against nation.
And when you read the word nation in Greek, he's talking about ethnos, those are ethnic race wars.
So I want to warn people, stay away from this stuff, because if you get engaged in a race war, you're really dabbling into what the devil's plans are here in the last days, and we're seeing it right now in real time.
I put a video out the other day saying, Satanism equals race war.
Because we're all humans, and if Satan can trick us to fight with each other when we're all children of God, the devil wins.
Yeah, and the devil is literally winning right now.
And that really is true.
Every race of humans, we're all connected, we're all the same species, but we're different nations.
And that's what a nation is.
They can trick us into that, the devil wins.
Because he wants to get people, period.
He wants to get people.
He has come to steal, kill, and destroy.
Whether you're white, whether you're black, whether you're brown, it doesn't matter.
He wants you to die as an unbeliever, so you never hear the gospel and know of Christ, so that you go straight to hell, even if it's over your race.
People worship their race, especially Black Lives Matter right now.
They worship their skin color more than anything else in the universe right now, and they just play into Satan's hands.
But the big tell is, don't have a family, don't have kids.
Yeah, they want to destroy the nuclear family.
Oh, worship your race, but don't have kids.
Yeah, and especially there's a lot of past I'm very passionate against this, because you have a lot of pastors, you have a lot of Christians, not all of them, but people that actually buy into the Black Lives Matter agenda.
Talk about that!
You're in the first hour of The War Room, coming up in one hour.
Drew Hernandez, Owen Troyer, 60 minutes from now, War Room, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Band.Video.
Amazing, my friend.
We'll do it.
I'll come back and do five minutes, then I'll hand the baton to our next guest.
Stay with us.
Stu Peters of Red Voice Media takes over for the rest of the hour.
Did a great job last Friday.
I got compliments on the street, compliments in the office.
Great talk show host.
Was a big bounty hunter, but he's been drafted in the fight against the New World Order.
And then you're going to have Drew Hernandez and Owen Schroer with The War Room today, 3 p.m.
And look, I want to get to all your calls.
I respect you all.
The problem is we got 20 phone lines.
They get 28 on the board.
I can't get to everybody, but I'm going to try.
Lauren in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Tell us your idea today.
Okay, my take on this is we're concentrating too much on what they're doing and not enough on what we're doing, and I'm talking to patriots, Christians, and conservatives.
Where are your children all day long?
How did we get here?
You couldn't have done what they've done in this society if you didn't have mass institutionalized brainwashing going on, and you can't do that when you have small community schools or local families You know, working together.
She said, loan to each other.
You know, get together.
Trade with each other.
We need to make our own platforms.
You got Mike Lindell in there now with the new TV.
My daughters are signing up with you with Epic.
This is how we do it.
Why is our content still on YouTube so they can make money?
Why are you still dealing with Twitter when they're telling you you're not allowed to talk?
It's our own fault!
No, I totally agree.
Everybody should use those platforms to direct everyone to the new platform now.
I totally agree.
The problem is, if you knew the infrastructure that went into starting a big multimedia system, they hit the software providers.
They hit the hardware providers.
They go through and find out who we buy equipment from, and then a year in, they go, sorry, we're not going to update your hardware.
We go, but we have a contract.
They go, F your contract.
I mean, believe me, it's harder than it looks is all I'm saying.
3D me is the movement.
We need to get back to touching the earth and touching each other and holding the baby and planting the plant and living real life instead of living our life on a computer in real time.
Can you please talk to a guy named Kelby Smith, hisadvocates.org?
You've got to break those contracts.
I lived this life, I lived it without even breaking the contracts because as I speak to each sheriff or whoever, CPS, I say the truth and the truth does stand.
But my point is, if we would, you know, the guy mentioned Al-Addaf.
The reason that Al-Addaf's case was dropped, it was a silver case, a colloidal silver case down there in Texas.
Because it was a drug law that they were using to prosecute, and it said, man and other animals.
That's a 14th Amendment, little c, citizen chattel.
That is not a man, a child of the living God, created by God.
I'll guarantee you, this new Communist Chinese World ID they're trying to put us under is definitely that, the next level.
Thank you, Lauren.
Gotta move quickly, everybody on.
CD in Vegas, you're on the air, go ahead.
One billion dollars for Alex to be President of the United States!
Pledged by C.D.!
C.D., we love you.
What's on your mind, brother?
Oh, yeah.
Twisted mind, twisted people, twisted taste, twisted tongue, and twisted food.
Uh, uh, what's on my mind is this, Alex.
IRS and the government abuse of power have the power of tax to destroy.
This is what's happening.
Put me 10,000 IRS agents down on the border, put me 5,000 at every airport and every person come through, be fingerprinted!
We'll stop this tyranny real quick.
Well, that's a great point.
If they could put the IRS agents on everybody, they'd have the border cleaned up real quick, wouldn't they?
Yes, sir!
You better believe it!
They clean us up and they put us in courts that not even mandated by federal government!
That's a great point.
So your point was, C.D., I see it on the screen, Joe Biden, a racism hypocrisy.
What's the hypocrisy?
I think everything Biden does is a hypocrisy.
Yes, sir.
And he's a fugitive.
Don't forget the word fugitive, because everybody in Washington, D.C.
is a fugitive right now.
That's why they are surrounded.
If you can protect them fugitives, and you got fugitives in prison, they would be glad to go to Washington, D.C.
and they would take it down.
But not only that, Alex, we don't want to take down Washington, D.C.
We just want to make sure that our property and our rights and our wages and our life
and our family and our inheritance is protected. That's a great point. Call me again. I'm
sorry to David, JJ and Seth. Call me back tomorrow. I go to the headline that our guest is
about to take over. But there's no doubt they know they stole the election.
There's no doubt they know they're in trouble.
There's no doubt they know they're blackmailed by the Communist Chinese.
This is a giant mess.
And so we don't want violence.
We want to just get the truth out and save this country.
They want to trick us into violence.
That's the only chance they got of winning, and that's not a chance at all.
So a lot of key stuff coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
War Room with Owen Schroyer in about 55 minutes.
We've got the guest host, Stu Peters, straight ahead on the other side.
Stay with us.
VoiceMedia.com today looking for real, real truth in the absence of any integrity in reporting by today's media finding a story about top news journalist Lester Holt now admitting the news media quote doesn't actually report the news.
Lester, where have you been?
Are you just now admitting what us honest, truth-seeking, real-life Red Pill people have known all along?
I mean, I didn't see this in person, but according to the article that I don't have any problems believing, Lester Hove actually says, quote, I think it's become clear that fairness is overrated.
The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.
Hey folks, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
Maybe Lester is on to something there.
I mean, let's not be shocked, folks.
We do the same thing over here.
Don't we discredit the narrative of Lester Holt and his so-called major broadcast network over there at NBC?
I mean, we know that they're hacks.
We know it's almost comical to watch as these lying, drive-by, feminized, worthless cucks have nothing to talk about since the political assassination of President Donald Trump, since the coup d'etat by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the radical progressive aiming at depopulation, killing off Christians and patriots, killing their own babies and injecting poison into every one of us to accomplish their goals.
Has Old Lester or any one of these neutered and demasculinized order takers, demasculinized, there it is, order takers, ever dared to question the installed regime about the push for this vaccination?
What about the passports, the attack on the First Amendment, the tax hikes like nothing we've seen since the 1940s, the confiscation of guns, the transgender flag flying at the White House during Holy Week?
This is a directed attack!
Has Les, old Les over there, has he ever put on his makeup and sat down in front of Biden to ask any real questions?
How about the rest of the media?
I mean, other than hard-hitting stuff about favorite colors, flavors of ice cream, and how to get the dogs to stop defecating on the White House floor, has the media reported on the record increase of sex offenders crossing the border as confirmed by a Border Patrol agent?
Now, we saw yesterday, Project Veritas interviewed that agent.
Uh, who claimed that leaked government documents show a record spike in sex offender encounters at the border.
James O'Keefe, who was congratulated by President Trump recently, he released the video on Wednesday, uh, or excuse me, I guess it was yesterday, Thursday, in which the agent explained that there's been an increase in sex offenders since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The big distraction.
The fear tactic used to take the attention away from a stolen election, which didn't work because we all know, The politicized flu being used to control us without any of us ever really questioning anything, which isn't working because we all know.
The virus that virtually everyone who legitimately has it survives, over 99.8%, but they've tried to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Americans by lying about the infection rate, which isn't working because we all know.
Not only arresting law-abiding citizens in the name of health and safety, but now taking our kids away from us if we resist muzzling ourselves with suffocating burkas, and in Florida, the open state, actually seizing a business.
We'll get more into that as we'll talk to a man whose whole life has been turned upside down.
He's been arrested three times.
His wife has been arrested.
The media, by the way, hasn't touched any of this.
They've never broken a single law.
It's coming up in just a little bit here on the Alex Jones Show at Bandness.tv and more as we continue to peel back the rind of protection meant to cover the fruit of truth!
As liberals desperately try to insert themselves, I think, between your eyes, retina, and your brain.
As if to somehow disrupt a logical process of thought, when you know what you're seeing, and you know what you're hearing.
We'll talk with this guy, Mike Carnevale is his name today, as he's standing in the face of tyranny.
He's fighting back.
Really fighting isn't just a trending hashtag or cute saying anymore, people.
We really need to take this seriously.
Also, the most banned individual on the face of the planet.
I don't think Alex Jones would even argue that Laura Loomer is even more banned than this network, this program, than that man.
This is going on in Florida, folks, the open state.
How are command staffs and law enforcement agencies getting away with this brown shirt like attack on free citizens in America?
How is the judiciary doing this in a state where Ron DeSantis has led the common sense charge, supported the Great Awakening?
I want to talk to Loomer about that.
She's running in the 21st District of Florida as a congressional candidate, and I hope she has answers.
Again, folks, my name is Stu Peters here on the Alex Jones Show, the unafraid America First patriot who will never ignore a vetted whistleblower, and will die on the Hill of Truth before I cave to any political pressure, banning, threats of removal, or deplatforming, and even the death threats, folks.
You can always count on me, and you can find me at redvoicemedia.com to bring it real and raw.
By the way, if you have a story that you think that I need to hear, send it over to me.
Your message will always be secure and your anonymity will always be protected if you so wish.
Coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to talk to that man in Florida who's been arrested three times.
His wife has been arrested.
The assault on Mike Carnevale has continued as corrupt judges and police command staffs have been allowed to violate the fundamental constitutional rights guaranteed to every American here in our supposedly free republic.
Again, he's lost literally everything.
The media will tell you nothing about it.
They'll tell you that Mike Carnevale is dangerous.
That you and I are dangerous, just like him.
We believe in the America First way of thinking.
Any one of us would die in a second before we would give up our freedom because we're patriots.
And that won't be tolerated in this authoritarian transformation looking to castrate and neuter anyone with a voice of opposition against the radicals that are toppling our entire political system.
This isn't about Democrats anymore.
Because true Democrats don't really exist.
Republicans either.
Checks and balances are totally gone and this once free country has fallen to stolen elections all over the place, not just in the presidency, but in Senate races right on down to the state and local elections that were fraudulently schemed, no different than in other totalitarian ruled third world countries where dictatorships have gone unchecked for years.
Take Venezuela for instance.
Using the same exact technology in that country to install leadership for decades, and we have it right here.
These weak Republicans are running around the border right now, pretending that they recognize a crisis.
Ladies and gentlemen, they spent years in control with the majority of power in our federal government and didn't do a damn thing.
They carried the flag for President Trump in the wide open for the public to see, but behind closed doors, they were just as responsible for his political assassination as those that we want to point a finger at now.
These fake phonies stood up in front of the entire country And certified a stolen election.
They did that.
And we're all just expected to move forward.
Just move away from the 2020 coup led by radical terrorists that have now infiltrated our government system.
We've been warned about this, and those of us with a platform have spent decades warning you all about it.
The distractions of civil war, like Alex was talking about, like his previous guest was talking about, coming up next in the War Room with Owen Schroyer as well.
This is baiting.
This is exactly what they want us to do.
The distractions of civil war and division, the distractions of transgenderism and acceptance, critical race theory, and fun hashtags like systemic racism.
It's meant for nothing more than to divide us, folks, because we all know it's a lie.
We know and we understand That the United States of America is the greatest republic on the face of the planet.
But the left doesn't want you to ever admit that.
Instead, they want you to feel guilt and shame for being a white Christian or someone that stands for freedom and liberty.
There's just no way around being subjected to that attack unless you admit that you're a racist, denounce your testosterone, or denounce your love of country.
You're supposed to idly sit by while child pedophilia and sex trafficking of our kids is taking place right in front of our eyes.
It's happening in Hollywood, but we still support them.
And they're being protected by Washington D.C.
because of the inflation of bribery.
Study up on that.
The inflation of bribery.
Look that up.
They all have photographic evidence of one another participating in criminal activity and the most horrific activity you can imagine as it relates to our kids.
The most precious gifts from God.
They're not trying to hide it.
They're not trying to roadblock.
They're getting away with it because nobody has the testicular fortitude to name names and come forward with what they have.
Folks, I'm talking to you.
I'm begging you.
If you have it, give it to me.
I'll do it.
I'll take that flag, I'll run that evidence all the way up that pole, I'll show the world and I will die on that hill alone if need be, but I cannot sit by any longer while our kids are indoctrinated in school and told that they're somehow closely related to the devil because they're white, they believe in God, they love our country, they embrace freedom, they enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy, they prefer the opposite sex and they don't want to wear a mask while they play sports or sit in a classroom, where they're supposed to be objectively learning about our history, mathematics, science, and learning how to navigate a social environment, make friends, And enjoy the innocence of a childhood.
This is all going on right here.
And the assault isn't just limited to the classroom indoctrination.
It's coming for you.
It's coming for mainstream America.
It's coming for the backbone of the United States economy.
It's coming for the small business and anybody else who previously succeeded on their own without the hand of the government.
We'll talk to one next.
The Alex Jones Show.
Stu Peters here on the Alex Jones Show, BanThis.TV.
You can find many more of me at RedVoiceMedia.com.
It's kind of like Stu Peters TV over there.
I was just talking about the assault on our kids, but it's not just limited to the classroom indoctrination that some in the media will dare to talk about, specifically, well, I guess just Alex and myself.
But this is this is massive, well thought out, scientifically planned attack to choke out the alpha male and to get us out of the way For their final phase of this takeover.
Just look around at everything crumbling.
The things that we see, the stuff that has us standing in front of the mirror trying to convince ourselves that we aren't crazy.
And how the normal, level-headed, critically thinking, sane adult is dealing with all of this nonsense.
And now, imagine being a child with absolutely no clue And trying to process, why are we locked down?
Why can't we see our families?
Where's Grandma and Grandpa?
Forced into oxygen-depriving muzzles and taught to resist my whiteness.
Become a traitor to the whites and strive for the ultimate achievement as I'm pushed to this transformation into white abolitionists.
They're actually teaching our kids right out in the wide open that whites should be abolished, removed, gone!
Taken away from the classroom, taken out of the workplace, sports teams, and the country.
White people should be eradicated from the world completely.
And until that goal is achieved, there will be hell to pay.
You could pay for it by going to jail.
You could pay for it with fines and sanctions.
You could lose your business.
Millions of dollars are being raked in by these criminal liars.
Like this Ibram Kendi.
It's a man that grew up with both of his parents in the home.
They're nicely retired now.
They're ministers in their community.
They had nice incomes.
Kendi was able to go to private school for most of his life and then went to elite schools for a post-secondary education where he received multiple degrees.
I think a couple of BS degrees and a master's degree.
The guy is a professor at Boston College.
He's married to a doctor.
He's never struggled for a single day in his life.
He's never wanted for anything, but he's a victim.
He's been held back due to nothing other than the color of his skin and he struggles to stay barely surviving or get by in the ghetto.
All the fault of his former white classmates, the white people in our society, and white cops especially.
White cops are probably what has oppressed him for his entire life, which is why he's a millionaire making regular appearances on big major broadcast networks as he enriches himself at the cost of real impoverished black lives in real struggling neighborhoods where real mothers are struggling to raise their kids due to the intentional failed liberal policies that have been carefully designed to keep them under the thumb of the government That they look up to for help on the first day of every month.
And don't you dare vote for that Republican because all of that will go away.
And if you're struggling too much, let's hold your hand.
We can go to that clinic where the taxpayers will fund the murder of your unborn child.
We can't bring another one here.
And by the way, you don't have kids anymore.
We're going to replace them with immigrants.
We're at a point where I think the option of becoming two states really isn't that far-fetched.
This has actually been talked about, and although I would have previously said this was total lunacy, I mean, let's think about what these two states might look like, and you can make the determination about where you would like to live.
Here on one hand, you would have a mask the rest of your life, okay?
You would stay away from your family, you'd apologize for your whiteness, or just rid of white people altogether.
We've discussed that.
You'll always have a safe place to cry.
The majority of what you work for will go to the government, right?
So that they can develop programs and initiate things and then those programs will in turn tell you what to think, where to shop, what to buy, what sports teams to support, when to take a knee, when you're allowed to go to the game, how many people you're allowed to gather with at any given time, what sex you're going to be.
Don't forget that.
Just because you were allowed the privilege to be born here into our state, that doesn't mean that just because you were born with a penis that you're able to keep it or stay a male.
You will embrace these new hormones.
We're going to inject you with them, and there's no need to call the police because, oh, they don't exist.
The police have been defunded here.
They're gone.
But these social workers will help you.
They'll help work out your differences, of which you should have none, because we have all the answers for you.
Just refer to the notes there that we handed you during your education camp at Camp COVID.
And these light bulbs that you'll install in your home, they were made from the earth, right?
At the expense of everyone else here.
No need for a private sector job because everything is formed by the government which protects you and your country with pregnant pilots flying in pink jets with vaccine bombs made from earth and sea friendly recycled materials by immigrants in third world countries that, by the way, you will be supporting.
I mean, come on.
What does this really look like?
Can we imagine a world like that?
Of course not.
Nobody wants to live like that and anyone that tells you that they do is mentally castrated.
They've already been owned by these people.
Or they're just so damn stupid they can't embrace reality.
Either way, they need a mental health evaluation, and we have to get back to the truth.
We have to get back to understanding that we're going to be forced to take the helm, take control of these people, or they're going to continue to run us over.
We're going to talk with Mike Carnevale now.
He's been run over by these ideologues in Broward County, Florida, the open state.
He's been arrested three times, but it didn't stop there.
This is shocking, folks.
Mike Carnevale, welcome to the Alex Jones Show here at BanThis.tv, and we appreciate you coming.
Thank you for having me.
You're in Broward County, Florida.
You're a gym owner.
You were shut down by the original mandates and restrictions.
You decided that you were going to stay open.
You have been arrested not once, not twice, but three times.
Your wife has been arrested.
You have never broken one single law.
Take us through this.
So Broward County reopened with some bizarre guidelines, which I was following due to optics.
But the more we seem to comply in corrupt Broward County, the further they went.
When they mandated facial coverings during strenuous fitness activities, that's when I put my foot down and I said, I will not be enforcing this.
It's a manipulation of government and it's a travesty of public health.
So they were asking you to make the people inside of your gym wear masks while they were exerting themselves while they were working out.
In the name of public health, it's really unbelievable, it's hard to believe, but this is what public health was in 2020 going into this year.
We want you to be healthy, so we're going to make you cover up your face while you go and increase your heart rate and sprint and do cardio and lift weights.
We're going to make you wear these masks that you can't breathe.
So you decide that you're not going to enforce it.
Next thing you know, the brown shirts are at your door.
What happens?
So I filed a lawsuit with Anthony Sabatini against Broward County 24 hours later in direct retaliation to my civil lawsuit.
Police were sent to my gym to close me down.
Respectfully, I told them that I wouldn't be complying and I left in handcuffs that day.
You said that you had a seven hour standoff with these people.
What do you mean by a standoff?
What does that mean?
So it was an ongoing negotiation back and forth where I was telling them that I wasn't going to be closing under any circumstances and they were of the mindset that they could convince me to close and when they realized that it was coming to a head, that's when they pulled the plug on it and they took me out in handcuffs.
It was an all-day affair and it ended up with me leaving.
Then they come back a second time.
They tell you that you have to remain closed for 24 hours.
You closed for 24 hours, you go back to this place, you're open again, they come back a second time and they arrest you.
Then they come back a third time.
Now on the third time, where it gets really interesting, you had actually taken, you and your employees there, had taken the equipment from the inside of your gym and you moved it outside.
You're outside now!
And the police come by again, and now this time they arrest you and your wife in about 20 seconds.
Take us through that.
So, in an effort to be diplomatic, we pulled our equipment outside, and that's not good enough for the loony left.
There's no negotiating with these people, there's no meeting them halfway, they won't stop until there's absolutely nothing left to our rights.
They arrested me, they arrested my wife, in one of the most grotesque, unconstitutional things you'll ever see in your life.
Yeah, and it doesn't stop there with your story, which is why I want to hold you over.
I hope you have time to come back, because I'm running up against a hard break here.
I've got to pay some bills.
But Mike Carnevale, your entire life has been turned upside down.
Arrested not once, not twice, but three times.
Your wife has been arrested.
You've never had a previous criminal history, and the next step that they would take is going to shock you.
Coming up next on the Alex Jones Show.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters, BanThis.TV.
You can find more of Stu Peters at RedVoiceMedia.com.
We're talking with Mike Carnevale.
He was arrested now once, not twice, but three times.
His wife was arrested.
Never previously had a criminal history.
He embraces law enforcement.
He supports and backs the blue.
Never really broke any laws, but that's not where the assault stopped.
Now, if you don't fall in line with the tyrannical left, if you don't fall in line with the regime, They're going to come after your pocketbooks.
They're going to come after you in any way that you can.
Our next guest is going to talk about that as well, Laura Loomer, who has been so banned.
It's unbelievable they've come after her pocketbooks.
It's unprecedented the way that they have attacked Laura Loomer.
But this is all, interestingly enough, going on in Florida, where the state is supposed to be open.
Ron DeSantis has really pioneered and led the country, kind of giving an example of, look, we can do this.
We can be open, right?
We can be working out.
We can have the restaurants open.
We can take these masks off.
And when you look around at the rest of the country, as far as infection rates are concerned, and Florida being one of the most elderly populated states in the entire union, but yet we're not stepping over bodies like cordwood down there.
People aren't just falling over dead.
The narrative being more and more disproven every single day, but that didn't stop them from coming after you.
And so when they threw you in jail the first time, they said, yeah, you're going to close your business for 24 hours.
And they came back, they threw you in jail a second time.
Now you're going to close it for 96 hours.
And then they came back a third time and they told you're going to close this thing down for a week.
Now they have done the unthinkable.
Mike Carnevale joining us back on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike, tell us what they have done now.
So after they arrested me for the third time, that's when Governor Ron DeSantis put out his right to work order, and it was seemingly over.
But DeLuney left and Broward County continues to push the envelope and skirt gray areas of the law and of executive orders.
What they did was they filed a writ of possession using the landlord of my building to leverage me out of my business, Judge Natasha DiPrimo, who was seen on a political flyer with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Signed off on the writ of possession leveraging me out of my life savings and everything I've ever worked for in my entire life Okay, so now in this inside of the gym presumably you have equipment that you own Or that you're leasing or something like that what happens to every possession that's inside of there certainly you were allowed to go back and get that so that you can liquidate that and try to salvage some of your financial wherewithal
So I had over a quarter million dollars worth of equipment in that building that I own outright.
I was not able to recover any of it.
And I had the police called on me just trying to receive personal chattel from the property.
And the whole thing is an absolute travesty.
It's a real dystopian nightmare in corrupt Broward County.
Okay, so this Natasha DiPrimo, you say that you found her on some sort of a political flyer with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
This was a, what kind of a flyer was this?
I mean, who is she aligning herself with?
Are judges really allowed to do this?
I mean, are they allowed to just be out there?
I mean, they're elected representatives, but they can align politically out there on campaign ads?
Yeah, that's correct.
The campaign laws that they violate in corrupt Broward County is just absolutely never-ending.
It was a Democratic flyer with judges, commissioners, and Congress people alike, and the whole thing is highly illegal, top to bottom.
The game is rigged in Broward.
Okay, we have covered Broward County.
I know that Alex has covered Broward County as well.
We talked with a woman there who had her child taken away from her.
Her child was taken away from her in the name of health and safety as these tyrants took over, took control down there.
That was Judge Dale C. Cohen, who then had to recuse himself after taking Melanie Michael Joseph's son from her in the name of health and safety.
And this was because of a Facebook post where she had her mask off, she was outdoors, and this was pre-mandate time.
So, you touched on something interesting, Mike.
You talked about the governor signing the Right to Work Act.
What does that exactly mean?
So, long story short, that order says that you cannot close or fine small business due to COVID restrictions.
That's what it means.
Okay, so any restrictions that were violated, I'm reading here that previous violations or current violations would be forgiven, any sanctions that were previously handed out would be forgiven, and then any business in the future that violates any of these previous restrictions that were then lifted by this right to work would not take place.
Is that correct?
That is correct.
But Broward County, they misinterpret these orders and they misread them and they interpret them however they care to please to do so.
And that's what they're doing.
That's what they're doing.
What's next for Mike Carnevale?
So I have a calendar call coming up on May 18th.
They'll be selecting jurors and things of that nature down the line.
And this is eventually going to trial.
And if you continue to follow the story, go to MikeCarnadale.com to follow the story.
We're going to see just how corrupt Broward County is.
It's absolutely top to bottom.
Now, you've looked at jail time already.
So you were jailed on three separate occasions here.
The first time you were brought there overnight.
Now, I'm looking here and it doesn't appear that you had been arraigned on any charges.
It doesn't look like you've even had an appearance before the court.
No omnibus hearing, no hearing to discuss these charges.
So what actually have you been charged with?
Failure to comply with an emergency order is the official charge.
It's similar to some type of hurricane disaster preparedness order.
It's a total manipulation of government.
There's nothing constitutional or legal about it, but it doesn't stop the loony left in Broward County from weaponizing the judicial system against me with it.
They had to look for a law.
Something that I'm speculating was put into act or enacted many, many years ago for a purpose completely different, like you said, hurricane preparedness.
Maybe you don't follow the evacuation mandate.
Maybe you stay in place when you're not supposed to or don't when you are supposed to.
I just had my first court case last month on a Zoom call.
I do not consent to a trial on a Zoom call.
It is out of my hands at this point.
charge you with. So on all three occasions that you went to jail, you still have yet
to actually be in court to address these charges or face your accuser?
I just had my first court case last month on a Zoom call. I do not consent to a trial
on a Zoom call. It is out of my hands at this point. And yeah, that's correct.
Have you sought legal representation? Has anybody had your back throughout any of this?
So attorney Corey Strohle in Palm Beach County is one of the only criminal defense attorneys
who wanted to fight corrupt Broward County all the way to the end, which is in alignment
with my values.
I spoke to probably nine other attorneys.
They all wanted me to take the 10-day plea deal that Broward County was offering me.
I will not be negotiating with the radical left, and I won't be taking a plea deal for the crime of me operating my small business.
So they're telling you, okay, this will all go away if you just do 10 days in jail.
10 days in jail for violating this emergency declaration is what they're saying.
Is that right?
That's correct, Stu.
They really want that headline.
You know, jail owner, 10 days in jail.
Business owner, 10 days in jail.
They want that headline and they're not going to get it.
They're not going to get it from me.
Okay, so what is this 180 days, this six months in prison that you're supposedly looking at?
So the maximum penalty is 60 days in jail per violation, as you have discussed.
I have been arrested three times now, so 60 times three.
That's what I'm looking at.
I'm looking at six months in jail for not enforcing facial coverings during strenuous activities at the gym.
This is a public health issue.
This is a small business issue.
And I want to thank everyone out there for understanding that I will be backing down under absolutely no circumstances.
Have you thought about running for office?
You know, uh, it's, it's, I don't, I don't rule that out, but at this moment in time, we're going to just go one day at a time, sometimes two.
I'm even one hour at a time over here.
I'm trying to get through this criminal case, but I'm very open-minded.
All right.
Where can people go?
Is that what you said?
You can read the story there.
Any donation would be greatly appreciated.
M-I-K-E C-A-R-N-E-V-A-L-E.
We have the timeline there.
Videos of the arrests.
It's some really jaw-dropping stuff.
It is.
It's a horrific story, Mike Carnevale.
Thanks a lot for being here on the Alex Jones Show.
We appreciate it.
And best of luck to you.
Yeah, for sure.
We hope that, you know, people like Mike Carnevale are not alone, folks.
And that's what makes this thing so scary.
As I talked about before, this is not just something that they're doing at the whim.
This is a very well thought out and orchestra.
You cannot underestimate these people.
This is a very well thought out and orchestrated plan.
They're first going to remove your ability to speak freely.
They're going to silence you if you oppose them.
If you do oppose them and you continue to speak, they're going to come for your freedom.
They're going to take your liberty away from you.
They're going to jail you.
And if that doesn't silence you, they're going to come after your finances.
They're going to make it completely impossible for you to have any type of life whatsoever outside of the control or complete subservience to the state.
They tried to make an example out of Laura Loomer.
She's running for Congress and she's our next guest.
Don't go anywhere.
My name is Stu Peters of Red Voice Media and this is the Alex Jones Show.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show in the final segment here, final hour before we go to Owen Schroyer with the War Room.
My name is Stu Peters, RedVoiceMedia.com.
That's where you can find the unafraid truth that I report on every single day.
Again, RedVoiceMedia.com.
We appreciate, humbly appreciate all the traffic and increase that we've seen over there.
We really appreciate it.
And we know that you do as well.
Really hard to find real news, which is why you're here at Bandness.TV and why we're seeing you over at RedVoiceMedia.com.
It's no surprise to me that people are hungry and thirsty for the truth.
Laura Loomer, you know that name.
You know that name because she is a congressional candidate.
She's an America First candidate.
She stands boldly on her own two.
Now she's been deplatformed.
Even Alex Jones will agree.
He's probably laughing as he's listening to this.
He'll probably agree that Laura Loomer has been more aggressively banned and was first
banned prior to his prolific ban.
But the aggressive deplatforming of journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer,
as I'm reading in this article from right now, this is breaking, by big tech entities
spreading throughout the corporate apparatus.
YouTube recently removed Loomer's ability to make public posts on the Google-owned video
streaming device.
That's no surprise to us.
But while she is used to being jerked around by tech monopolies, other corporations are
beginning to join the trend.
The financial system is starting the blacklist Loomer and other dissidents while the Republican
establishment lines their pockets and looks the other way.
Laura Loomer joins us now.
Laura, what is going on here?
Now you've been financially blacklisted and the establishment, again, running away, showing their weakness.
Yeah, well, Stu, thanks for having me.
Look, it's just another one of those random coincidences, right, that just happen to affect conservatives.
And it just happened to be the case when I was speaking in Tallahassee at the Florida State Capitol addressing grassroots activists and also a bunch of Florida lawmakers, including Governor DeSantis and Florida's Attorney General Ashley Moody, about the issue of tech censorship.
Specifically in relation to Governor DeSantis's newly proposed tech legislation.
And, you know, I've been very outspoken about the tech legislation here in Florida.
I think it's a good first step to create flagship legislation for other states to follow.
But it's imperfect, which is why I proposed amendments.
And some of the amendments that I proposed, of course, were having it retroactively protect people like myself
and Donald Trump, candidates who were previously banned
prior to running for office.
And then in the case of Donald Trump, if he decides to run in 2024.
But another thing that I think needs to be amended is payment processors.
It needs to include penalties for payment processors and financial institutions that debank
or discriminate against and ban people.
And in particular, I mentioned Stripe, which recently banned President Donald Trump.
Moments after I gave my speech, the same exact day, it's almost as if they were listening to my speech,
I was banned by Stripe.
And this is extremely problematic, okay?
Why is it?
For those of you who don't know what Stripe is, it's a dominant payment processor, and it's also the payment processor that's used by a lot of conservative non-profits and organizations, including the RNC and the GOP and the NRCC.
And Stripe recently banned President Donald Trump.
Why does this matter?
Well, they just banned me as well.
And I want to know, why is the GOP using a payment processor that is banning the leader of the Republican Party?
I think that the Republican Party needs to put their foot down and say, we will absolutely not be using payment processors or companies that are in the business of deplatforming.
And if Winbread is going to be using Stripe, well, then I think the party needs to switch over to Maybe Anadot, right?
Or some of these other sites that are not going to be using Stripe.
Because we can't be supporting processors like Stripe if they're going to be discriminating against conservatives.
It's an abomination and the GOP needs to start putting their money where their mouth is.
We're talking about the same group of people that completely walked away from President Donald J. Trump.
You can't tell me, Laura, that this surprises you.
Especially not you.
Oh, come on.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
Look, these are the same people that threw me under the bus when I ran for Congress in President Trump's home district, even though President Trump endorsed me and voted for me.
I'm the only congressional candidate in the country that can say that Trump not only endorsed them, but also voted for them.
And, you know, another story just came out today along the lines, I think it's the same story that you read.
Not only are they not speaking up about the financial blacklisting, but also the telecommunication blacklisting.
Here in Palm Beach County, where I'm running for Congress and where I live, Comcast has a monopoly.
If you didn't know this, 90% of the people in Palm Beach County live in homeowners or condos associations, and there's a requirement, a contract, you could say, with these homeowners and condo associations that says that if you live in one of them, you have to have Comcast Xfinity.
Well, my opponent, Lois Frankel, a radical obstructionist Democrat, is one of 32 members of Congress that owns stock.
in Comcast, not only did Comcast donate to her campaign, she owns stocks.
The president of Comcast was the first person to hold a multimillion dollar fundraiser for Joe Biden.
And as we know, Donald Trump has engaged in a feud with Comcast.
He refers to them as Comcast.
You look at Kevin McCarthy's FEC reports, well, his top donor in 2019 and 2020 was Comcast.
And so this is a huge problem in the GOP where they're campaigning against cancel culture
and against big tech, but their FEC reports show that they're actually getting money from the same people
who are deplatforming GOP candidates and America First buyer brands like myself.
Yeah, we're gonna have to be really careful about that because this America First movement is really growing
and they're gonna see that, they're gonna suck on it like leeches.
They're gonna try to attract themselves to it and attach themselves to it.
You know, we have Republicans in name only, you're going to have America First in name only, and they're fake, they're phony, and it's the same, they would be like Jared Kushner approved type candidates, I guess is the way that I would put it.
Well, you know, look, you already have fake America First candidates that are running.
They're just throwing America First stuff on their website, but they're not actually America First, right?
But, um...
But look, this is where people need to stop donating to the GOP.
They need to stop donating to the RNC and only give their money to candidates directly.
Because there is no way for you to know if your money is going to your candidate of choice when you donate to WinRed or when you donate to the party.
And just to give you a breakdown of the financials, and you can see what a scam this is, the NRCC, which is supposed to fund congressional candidates and Republicans running for office to take back the House, They raised over $200 million last election cycle, okay?
The max donation that they could have given each candidate was $5,000.
They had enough money to basically give each Republican running nearly half a million dollars if they really wanted to.
They only gave 81 candidates $5,000.
If you do the math, that's less than half a million dollars.
Where the hell did the rest of the $199 million go?
I would like to know.
I think that there needs to be an audit.
I think there needs to be an audit.
And people need to find out, and they need to name names, and these people need to be held accountable, because until they are, this is only going to continue, and until people are held accountable for these election frauds, the same thing is going to happen, and although I know that you receive a ton of support, it's going to be hard for you to prove that you've garnered that support if everything continues to get stolen away from you, and then, again, at the ballot box.
We're running out of time, but I want to touch on this, because you originally joined me on Patriotically Correct over at Red Voice Media discussing a jihadist attack.
And then, of course, it was not covered by the mainstream media.
You covered it very well.
You broke that news on my show.
And then, also, we see an immigrant that gunned down four innocent people, well, six people, four of them dead, two of them injured, including a small child in Orange County.
That guy's not being talked about in the mainstream media.
We know why that is.
And then, today, helicopters landing on the East Front of the Capitol.
We've got reports of cops being shot.
There's a knife-wielding guy.
And why do you suppose, Laura Loomer, that this was not covered?
Probably because it has all of the classic signs of a vehicular jihadist attack, okay?
Today is Good Friday.
It's Easter weekend.
It's also the end of Passover.
This is a Judeo-Christian country.
You have a car ramming an individual who is not white.
Okay, we have the story up at Loomerg.com.
He is not white.
I have the screenshots, so they can't be screaming white supremacy, white supremacy.
Ramps his car into a barricade during a Judeo-Christian high holiday weekend, and then takes a gun out and takes a knife out, kills a police officer.
I mean, these are the same vehicular jihadi attack styles Uh, and thematics that you see in places like Europe, or even in New York City.
On Halloween of 2017, when you had an Islamic terrorist ram a car into a bike lane, and then he took a knife out and took a gun out and started shouting alahu akbar.
And then during the press conference, one of the reporters asked, did he scream anything?
And that's when they ended the press conference.
And so look, Um, they, they're already calling him a lone wolf.
The media is already saying that he was mentally ill because they can't, they cannot say Islamic Jihad.
They cannot say vehicular Jihad, right?
Because that would be, ooh, Islamophobia, the great hoax of Islamophobia that exists in this country because we're not allowed to speak truth about the real terror threat in this country.
And it's not white supremacy.
I'll tell you that.
Not white supremacy.
Laura Loomer, you can find her at Loomer2022.com.
Thank you so much for being here.
We appreciate it, dear.
Yeah, thanks for having me on.
The jihadist attacks are nothing new here under the Obama administration times three.
We had eight years of this during President Obama.
You can get used to a whole lot more of that over the next four years, as well as these mass shootings.
And of course, if the suspect is not a white person, is not a conservative, is not a patriot, is not a Trump supporter, you're never going to see them in mainstream media.
None of this is by coincidence.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
more from me at redvoicemedia.com as well as Owen Schroer coming up next with
The War Room right here on Bandist.tv. Thanks a lot for having me here on the
Alex Jones Show. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point. It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
We're going to stay on air as long as we can.
So please pray for us and please buy the products at mfulworthstore.com.
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Granny Do-Right.
Granny Do-Right.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
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In fact, if your network is successful, that's when they really come after you.
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This is information warfare.
InfoWars is one of the only platforms still on air.
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