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Name: 20210401_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 1, 2021
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The text discusses free speech, censorship, conspiracy theories, and the state of media in America. It mentions Alex Jones and InfoWars as examples of conservative voices being targeted for censorship. The importance of a free press and defending the First Amendment is highlighted to maintain a democratic society. The Project Veritas video reveals that the Border Patrol is aiding in human smuggling by the cartels across the border. The Biden administration's open-border policy has led to an increase in sex trafficking and human trafficking at the southern border. Democrats and the left are accused of not caring about the wellbeing of migrant children, and the speakers criticize the lack of background checks and DNA testing for the migrants. The media is accused of weaponizing leftists and society being undiscerning when it comes to truth. The text also promotes InfoWars products and urges viewers to support the platform in light of attempts by big tech companies to censor them.

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Imagine in America, we get contacted by the Border Patrol, by Border Patrol known to this individual that's been in law enforcement.
And they say, yeah, you're at the border.
We're at a big bridge that under it has an illegal detention center where they got all these little kids in a horrible squalor.
We're just being ordered to release them to coyotes, basically, on this side.
And then they got super scared, obviously, because the phones are tapped or something, and they called them.
Breaking security?
Secretly recorded video shows migrants, including children, held under bridge in makeshift Customs and Border Protection Processing Center enduring inhumane conditions at the southern border.
This is what we were told about three days ago.
And in America, the Border Patrol was too scared to even tell us where it was and got cold feet.
Thank God somebody told James O'Keefe.
But that's the level.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
The Border Patrol risked their lives all day, have a physically tough, mentally tough job, but are still so scared of doing the right thing under this system.
That they're afraid to even tell people about crimes they've been ordered to commit.
That's what this is.
This is all illegal smuggling.
It's out of control.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Pull it right up there.
It's all over InfoWars.com.
We've saved the document.
Section 1084, the lethal transfer of lethal chemical weapons to the Department of Justice from the Department of Defense, and the same government's telling us it's not a question of if, but when there's going to be a chemical or biological attack on the American people, and what is their solution?
They say, give up our rights, submit to Big Brother.
The same thing Hitler did in 33, when he said, the Jews, the blah blah blahs, they're gonna blow something up if I don't take full command.
You will have to have your cell phone to even leave your home.
It is official.
I will read you the world government masters telling you how to live your life.
You're going to be locked up until...
You get a digital blood scan that shows you've already had it on your phone, and then that means you can go outside and do things.
And now the president said that the WHO gives orders to governments through big tech to decide who's safe to go out in public and who isn't.
Turns out Apple, Androids, as they announced two weeks ago,
They have unified when it comes to tracking and have put the app to contact trace on your phone whether you like it or not.
And when you turn it off, they turn it back on.
And guess who runs it?
Oh, I forgot.
The World Health Organization.
And it's administered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.
I mean I told you years ago they'd have a global digital ID based on an outbreak because they were wargaming it and now it's all here.
And you're not going to leave your house or have a job or go in a store or find an airplane until you have this app on your phone saying that you've checked out and you don't have COVID.
And they didn't coordinate their propaganda.
First they come out in February and March and say we're lying about it.
But then Fauci and the UN say, oh, we do want you to have a digital passport or a chip under your skin to prove you've done it.
And some people went, whoa!
You just said you weren't doing that.
Wear the mask, accept the contact tracers in your house, accept the apps on your phone that are already on your phone.
Apple and Google announced it six months ago that they'd merged an operating system on all phones that is a hidden app that cannot be deleted.
That tracks everywhere you go and everything you do.
This is literally a technocracy cult of scientists putting us into giant prisons, calling them safe bubbles, and saying you can't leave for four months, five months,
Unless you five days ahead register on the app and get authorization from the app from the warden as a trustee to leave the prison.
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are on record saying COVID-19 is only a pretext or a drill for the planetary takeover of every aspect of human life.
Global social credit scores, tracking apps on all your phones, having to register online before you even leave your house or go to the grocery store.
This is the technocracy.
This is the global social credit score being hailed by Xi Jinping, now being adopted worldwide by Western nations.
The United Nations, Schwab, Bill Gates, the Communist Chinese are all in an admitted consortium developing and agreeing upon a planetary world standardized ID barcode and QR code tracking system during phase one.
Phase two is liquid nanochips in the vaccine itself proving that you've been vaccinated, which then doubles as your medical passport.
Tomorrow's News.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this April 1st 2021 transmission.
And I've been doing a lot of studying the last few weeks on a particular subject that Rob Dew brought to my attention and that the rest of the crew kept basically pestering me about.
And I finally, last night and today, read it.
And it is the smoking gun of smoking guns of smoking guns.
And I'm the type of guy that always gets on air and I tell you, next hour I'm going to cover this big story.
And then I'll start telling you what the big story is right away.
You know, the tactic in media is to say coming up so you keep listening.
I don't do that.
But at the same time, if you just put out the big news and don't have some fanfare,
Like a 20th Century Fox intro, which is really a rip-off of old British newsreels.
People don't care and it just becomes part of the background ambient noise and they actually get conditioned to the tyranny.
You actually become a tool of evil.
You know, I almost should just go off air for a month and just shut InfoWars down.
And then if I came back and covered this, we might be able to save the planet.
You see what I mean?
I mean, this is so big.
What if I told you I have the document from John Hopkins where they planned the whole attack, planned the SARS attack, planned the Ebola attack, planned the COVID-19 attack, and then have a plan through vaccines to brain damage you and give you Alzheimer's and sterilize you, and then how they're even gonna blame the politicians, and how they even set up President Trump to do it.
Imagine having that smoking gun in your hand, word for word, admitting the whole thing.
And then you'd ask, why would they write such a thing?
Well, I know why.
I can explain it.
But you know what?
I'm not going to cover it.
I'm going to put together graphics, and I'm going to pull all the different pieces together, and I'm going to come in here Saturday, and I'm going to tape for one hour at noon.
Make sure it's all perfect.
And then at 2 p.m.
Central, we should have it ready.
We will stream it back-to-back, hour after hour, until I go live Sunday on Easter at 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time, as I always do on Sundays.
So I will present this information then.
I mean, we just give people the holy grail.
You just give people the keys to the city.
You just give people the total answer on how to save the planet and save themselves.
They won't care.
But I'm not like Q that'll make it esoteric and who will put out BS and then mix it with truth, because people love esoteric, they love hidden.
No, but I will build it up and also make sure I do it very professionally and commercial free.
I will tell you this though, it's reading this type of stuff, it takes a huge weight off of me.
Because let me tell you, this makes you know the devil's real.
And then there's all of the
Other thought processes that take place when you look at something of this magnitude, of how the people carrying this out are doing it in plain view, because the only way to do this is to do it in plain view and to get everyone to sign on to increments of it, not seeing the full picture.
And they even talk about all that.
Civilization will be over when this is done.
In fact, we'll play that piece, we'll get the
Prager University piece they did.
There was another group did a piece on population with a bunch of graphs like 10 years ago that was even better.
That explains we don't have 2.1 children on average.
Takes about 2.1 to 2.2 children to just keep civilization going.
And if you have less civilization collapses.
We've seen a big third world bloom but a dying off in the first world from Japan to the United States.
To Europe.
You know, Italy and Japan being the worst examples of demographic decline.
1.2 children on average.
For the country.
But with this, it's worse than just not having children.
It's maiming and killing so many people.
And autism was the test.
What is it?
Something like 30 million boys are autistic in North America alone.
That was a test.
They got away with that.
And so now,
Basically, anyone taking these vaccines, they're all designed for the same thing, is going to have neurological disorders within one year.
Most of the people taking the vaccine will be dead within 10.
And this John Hopkins says it all right here.
And so, you know, almost, hey, New World Order, game over, man.
Maybe I'm just going to go hide in the wilderness.
You guys can all just kill yourselves.
You can burn the cities.
You can all be you.
Because here's the deal.
If you really want to have an election stolen from you, and you really want pedophilia all over the news, and you really want Satanism, and you really want death, well, who am I to stop you?
Who am I to let you down?
But they had to hit this point.
And look, I understand you're just like me.
Two weeks ago, Rob Dews was like, hey, you need to look at this.
And then luckily he went around to some of the other crew and said, hey, dig into this, this is big.
And they did dig into it.
And for a good two weeks, they've been trying to hand me these folders.
And I already know so much of this evil.
And I already know that they've just paper thin come right to the point of admitting everything they're doing.
I mean, how Klaus Schwab admits it, world government depopulation, how great the lockdowns are.
I mean, it's all out in the open now, but you literally almost, I mean, I know another person in Austin whose elderly father
We're good to go.
Even says we need to hit the sick first, calling them the most dangerous, so that when they're dying, people will think they're dying of the natural causes.
I mean, this is just Bill Gates on TV saying we need to kill Grandma and we can hire 10 teachers, but that's a death penalty.
You're not supposed to say that.
He's just introducing that evil, that idea.
He wants to get everybody, folks.
You don't not take care of Grandma and then you have a better civilization.
That's a lie.
Or his TED Talk, where he goes, well, see this equation to lower the carbon footprint?
One of these has got to get pretty close to zero, and it's the human that's zero, and the scientists all laugh because they're in on it, folks.
Ezekiel Emanuel that wrote Obamacare, along with Jonathan Gruber, who said, thank God the public's so stupid and has the memory of a goldfish.
They're a bunch of dumb effers, he called you.
On C-SPAN, on live TV.
Wants to rub it in.
He said we should kill people at 75.
That's what Ezekiel said.
So, here's the deal.
And they're selling it to the bean counters, the socialists.
And the communists, oh, we got to kill all the old people in the end firm because, you know, we can't pay this out in our socialist system.
Oh, and then we can't let the conservatives have health care, smokers have health care, red meat eaters.
That's going to be the new social credit score.
They had big articles out yesterday admitting social credit score will be applied to the grocery store where you go.
And it's all computerized.
And it's here.
It's being announced.
But doesn't the little academic realize it's them going to be destroyed as well?
The whole social safety network, all the grids of human life are being undermined, and it's designed to take the whole thing down, but that mid-level management group in the corporate and academic system, the SJW anointed ones, they actually don't have the higher data of where all this is going, but they still adopted the spirit of it and say, let's kill everybody.
And so, don't worry, you will die.
And so really, instead of fighting with the left and fighting with these people, we just need to state what's going down and what's going to happen and just say, OK, you're winning.
Everybody's going to die.
Satanism's all over TV.
Total collapse is here.
And they're all going and taking the shots.
The left are literally, the academics, all of them are going and taking these.
Now, you notice Netanyahu and all the British prime minister, you notice they're not really taking the shots.
The plungers are empty.
They put the needle behind the arm.
You know, there's hundreds of these videos now.
From all over the country, all over the world, because let me tell you something.
You take the mRNA, it creates plaques in your brain, it gives you Alzheimer's, and I got the studies too.
So, hey, you think they just put fluoride in the water to dumb you down?
This is fluoride 2.0, baby, and then some.
So, yeah, think about that.
You take the shot, I admit right here, it's a soft kill you, and then we got to take care of your ass.
Well, we're actually going to kill you.
It's going to happen.
Tomorrow's News.
Alright, I've got so much ultra-massive news that if I just shotgun this out there, no one will care, it won't go anywhere.
The next story I have here in my little pause...
I'm going to cover in the last segment of this hour because I've got some extra documents that I'm printing right now.
Can you guess what these are?
These are documents from a major school system in the United States.
A major school system.
And what do they admit they're doing and using the COVID for?
National re-education.
Contact tracers.
Locked in your house.
Martial law.
This was all a drill.
They're going to bring it back stronger.
You've got to be locked in your house, especially when the effects of the vaccine start kicking in.
Which are not vaccines.
They are prion growers.
Bare minimum, mRNA vaccines give you mad cow disease, to boil it down.
Spongiform encephalopathy.
Isn't that just precious?
I'll be covering that.
Last segment of this hour.
I mean, you look at everything else, it just becomes window dressing.
I was talking to a high-level engineer at Google 15 years ago, and they said, Alex, you're absolutely right about Shazam, because he'd heard me talking on air.
About how you could hold your, quote, smartphone up at that time at the mall, and if a song was playing, or in a bar, or anywhere, and it would tell you in a few seconds who the song was.
If it was with the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin, if it was along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix, if it was, uh, Kill Em All by Metallica.
You'd know.
And they could then simply, with an algorithm, target that song or that voice, and they could ban it, or they could monetize it at any time they wanted.
And then in the future, they would simply delete people's voices entirely.
Well, it's up on Infowars.com.
It's a NationalFile.com article by the great Tom Papert.
But it's official.
There's a quote, Facebook bans Trump's interview with Laura Trump, does not allow voice of President Trump.
So now it's not just that he's evil, or he's bad, or he's a racist, all that.
No, it's just, we don't allow that voice on terma, terra firma.
And now they're announcing, oh, actually with Alex Jones, his voice will not be allowed.
That's okay.
We're going to start.
We did this before, but we take some money to do it, but I'm going to hire a person that creates transcripts of these broadcasts.
So we can put these transcripts up each day.
And then if you would like to read in your voice, this information, put it out on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it's just an in run at this point.
That would be wonderful.
And of course, they, they're already scanning all files that go up on Facebook, Twitter, you name it.
And then if you say things like evidence shows that the,
COVID-19 virus leaked out of the Wuhan lab, according to the United Nations, even.
They're now saying, oh, that's not allowed because the official United Nations doesn't say that, and they're God.
You know, we had a guest on 13 months ago laying it all out.
So on this April 1st transmission, there won't be any fooling you, there won't be any making games, there won't be any joking around, no pulling your leg, because
The time for games is over, as Bob Dylan wrote in All Along the Watchtower.
That will come in with All Along the Watchtower next segment.
I mean, you guys print me the transcript, the lyrics of All Along the Watchtower?
Because there are a lot of us here that think that life is just a joke, but you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate.
So let's stop talking falsely now.
The hour is getting late.
The globalists have decided that there are too many people on the planet,
They have some arguments that they can put forward.
They claim they want to create the superior superhuman.
They're playing God.
They are ruthless, evil, twisted people.
They are certainly not the ones to carry this out, even if it was the right thing to do.
Because it is true the general public's gotten very soft, very weak, and very evil, but nothing compared to the globalists, who are conscious of the plan, but actually are the first ones that should go, if you believe their ideas.
But if I can't get you to understand what they're doing to us, then they will kill you, and your family, very soon.
So, and I know the FBI's really pissed, and they've been told by the globalists, get Jones, shut him down, he's the epicenter of the resistance.
Kill me!
Go ahead, I don't care.
You're all dead!
Do you understand that, dumbasses?
There is no, you're on the winning team because you're a federal agent, or you're a lawyer, or you're a blue chip company manager, or you're a CEO.
No one's a winner in this.
Not Mark Zuckerberg, not Elon Musk, not Bill Gates, not Lord Rothschild, not Queen Elizabeth II, or her evil son, or husband, or Xi Jinping.
None of you are winners in this.
I don't care what you do to me.
It isn't about that, you fools!
Obviously, this is not a human intelligence running this, and I just go back to that over and over again, and I tell top generals that, top former head of intelligence agencies, senators, you name it, at secret meetings, and they nod their head and agree with me, because everybody knows.
And I'm not talking about fake low-res of flying saucers here.
I'm talking about interdimensional entities, hell-bent to destroy us.
And they are influencing humans on Earth to do this, and this is not a human plan.
It is a satanic, fallen angel operation.
The devil ain't cool, man.
He's not what gives you the hot cheerleaders and the partying and the fun.
God gave us life.
God gave us all this enjoyment.
The devil destroys it.
Holy mackerel, man.
Look at this right here.
Breaking Facebook man's Trump's interview when Laura Trump does not allow Vice President Trump, my God, the total AI control.
That's all happening.
It's all here.
And you've got all these senators and House members that don't even know what's hit them, don't even understand what they're under.
This is this is the beginning of the end, not the end of the end.
Hell on earth is going to be released.
The total collapse is being engineered.
I mean, giant John Hopkins plans that are operational.
John Hopkins runs the whole thing on the medical tyranny side.
All spelled out.
Says here, just like I surmised, by 2030,
Most of the population is dead or living dead, totally brain damaged, totally gone, and then we're going to have to, we won't be able to take care of people, then the good people to survive will have to join the globalists in exterminating who's left, because things will be so out of control.
Because once civilization starts collapsing, it's like a black hole, you've got to like Red Adair, blow up the oil well fire with an explosive to end the fire, you understand?
So, we're going to have to
Either commit suicide, join them, or basically be eaten.
And I'm not doing any of it.
I'm not.
I just cannot believe this.
And you're going to watch it all in slow collapse and then accelerate.
And it's just going to be absolutely horrible.
You got to read this stuff, man.
They have just...
And it's not an exercise.
We're living it.
They're doing this.
So roll your sleeves up, folks.
You understand that?
Get your vaccine and prepare to die.
You know, you learn real quick who runs things and who calls the shots.
The organizations, the groups.
Now these roundtable groups of different scientific disciplines interface, they create a consensus, then they develop competing blueprint plans, then they beta test those blueprint plans, then they go into main beta test, then they go into operational.
And we have now entered the operational shutdown of the planet as we know it.
And the decision has been made to overwrite every genetic system on the earth.
And the Earth is to be completely sacrificed in the attempt to become God.
In fact, their main mission, they say, is to destroy the Earth, and that only out of that metamorphosis can this new creature emerge.
That's what they've been told.
It is their universal
It is their code, it is their ethos, it is their religion.
And they've signed on to it.
And they've rebelled against God that made us.
And so I really don't even know if I can keep doing this show.
And I'm not kidding.
I think I'm going to have to just hand this over to somebody else.
This stuff's too big to even talk about on air.
If people don't know about this now, they're not going to figure it out.
I just need to get ready with my family.
I can't believe this, man.
It's so horrible.
And how gullible the public is.
There's people I know and care about wear the mask.
You can't show them statistics.
They don't care.
The same number of people died in 2020 in the U.S.
died in 2019.
I mean, frankly, less people died in 2020, if you understand statistics, because the population went up by over 9 million people, most of them immigrants.
And so normally you would have a higher increase in the overall death because there's an overall larger number.
But instead, depending on which number you look at, depending on what number of illegal aliens you count, between 16,000 extra and 64,000 extra died in 2020 than died in 2019.
So when you're given numbers of 600,000 people died of COVID in the year 2020, I mean, it's just absolute horseman-er.
And you can watch the graphs steadily.
With population increase, you can watch the death increase right with population.
And I already knew this.
I can read statistics.
Anybody can.
We hired a major statistician that works for a major insurance company.
That would normally charge $10,000, $20,000 to do it, did it for like $500.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
He's an academic as well.
And they all know it's bull.
It's just every part of it is a lie.
And you're wearing a death shroud.
You're wearing this diaper.
And they even admit in the John Hopkins report that it gets an added bonus, the bacterial pneumonia of the mask wearers is going to really increase their death toll.
And they talk about how they're going to blame the politicians.
So see, they had to come up with a plan to roll out the extermination operation.
And that's what I've been asking, like, how are they going to get away with doing this and launching this?
Because the thing that they're under the control of is ordering it.
Let me tell you, I've been around a lot of globalists, and they're not, they're not your mid-level-on-a-power-trip Satanists.
They're Luciferians.
They're scared.
And they know they serve a very evil creature.
And I mean, none of them even really believe they're going to get all this great stuff at the end.
I mean, they're just they're just slaves.
And all I can tell you is, ladies and gentlemen, you better get right with God.
Because the churches are adopting the QR codes.
They're going to adopt implantable chips.
They're going to adopt.
They'll be the main pushers of evil because they're not churches.
They're enemy outposts.
You're looking for God.
You're looking for community.
The enemy sits right above those places.
In fact, the satanic energy I feel in major churches is the strongest energy I feel out there, other than Los Angeles itself.
And I've been around a lot of places in the world, never felt energy as evil as that in Los Angeles.
I felt it since I was a child visiting it.
But that feeling of loneliness and emptiness that's in Los Angeles, that's going to be a worldwide feeling, but times a hundred.
So, we're about to witness it all.
I mean, it might take five years, it might take 20.
All I know is, is that they're moving very quickly now.
Like birth pains.
They're first way far apart, and they get closer, closer, closer, until climax, climax, climax.
It's one big contraction.
And we're just contraction, contraction, contraction, contraction, birth pains, birth pains, birth pains, birth pains, and I'm just... And it's something pretty is not being born, I can assure you.
It's gonna kill almost everybody.
If you believe the Bible, no flesh would be spared lest God intervened.
No flesh would have been spared.
And it says the rich men will sit under the mountains, in their fortresses, under the mountains,
Beating themselves in the head, so angry that they serve Satan, and begging God to forgive them.
And at that point, they've committed the ultimate sin, there will be no Holy Ghost, there will be no forgiveness, you have now chosen your side.
That's just intense.
Separation from God, forever?
That makes me get a tear in my eye for these people and I'm serious.
So I, I've grown a lot over the years.
I know I haven't been perfect and I've done the best job I can.
I know you have as well, but folks, this is just, this is just, I, I, I,
I've gotten the point.
Here's my problem.
I can't.
We have so much incredible dynamic footage.
We have so many huge reports that Owen and the team knocked it out of the park over and over again at the border.
We've got just the most insane footage of babies being thrown over fences and the media saying it's wonderful and children caught in barbed wire and antifa.
Just a dude's motorcycle breaks down in Austin.
And Antifa just beats the living hell out of some dude with a cheap, some poor working dude with a cheap motorcycle, calling some rich guy on a Harley.
I mean, that would still be wrong to attack a rich guy if you're a communist, but I mean, it's just some working stiff in a blue collar area.
They start beating the living hell out of him and smash his vehicle.
Because it's just because it was, they go, they go, there's more of us than there is you.
Like the total thug, most base level evil you can imagine.
That's all coming up.
Roger Stone.
It's talked a lot about trying to draft Flynn to get him ready to lead a national movement, to run for president, or to support Trump for running for president.
But regardless, instead of overthinking it, I agree with him, Flynn's got to launch it now.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
Obviously, I've been talking to Flynn and I just need to, we need to draft him here on this show.
We can't wait for Trump.
We can't wait for DeSantis.
We need General Flynn, who is a good man and a patriot, understand what's going on.
We need him to do this.
So, Roger's at a dental appointment.
He's a little bit late.
He'll be popping in sometime next hour.
And there's a big report that I wish he would let you in on.
He's not ready to do that yet.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But Roger, and it's a very good plan, has a plan for Flynn to defeat the globals and take the country back.
And I know he's been advising General Flynn.
And so I just every day we sit here as we sit here idly.
I mean, I really want to stop this.
I really want to stop the global extermination plan.
And I really want to put it off kind of like.
Jonas went to Nineveh, because God told him to, and he said, these people are so evil, God would make them repent.
He said, just preach to them.
He did.
They got a hundred year reprieve before they got destroyed, because that was God's, that's God explaining, like, I'm in control, but you have free will.
You can change things.
And so I really do want to try to turn this around.
I don't, I don't have a fatalistic feeling about this.
I just, I actually feel very free and very strong and very clear.
I feel the presence of God stronger than I've ever felt it.
I mean, I normally can't handle it.
It's so strong, and now I can really handle it.
And it's very, very humbling.
And I just feel sorry for everybody else out there who is satanic and not connected to God.
I know those of you that are connected to God feel the same way.
It's very, very sad.
Okay, I've got some government documents here for you in the public schools where they're establishing quote re-education camps.
So we'll tell you about some of that and the nightmare we're going down on the other side.
Please stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I want to be clear.
What I'm saying, part of me wants to just walk away from this.
It's not out of fear of the globalists.
It's not out of
Being burnt out, even.
It's like, this is so biblical, so over-the-top, so huge, and then we cover this and Congress doesn't instantly act.
Or the churches don't act, because it's all controlled.
And the few good people out there still don't get how bad it is.
Like Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz.
This is a scientific eugenics takeover.
So big and so bad,
That it recruited most of the people my dad knew that were the top of their class.
And that was an industrial level operation.
And my dad didn't even tell me about this again until 14 years ago when he saw Endgame.
This is so widespread, folks.
This is a cult.
If you're not a globalist, and if you don't show proclivity to do what you're told, you don't get into the club.
And so you've got Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, all these guys that think they're worldly, think they know how stuff works, right next to pure evil.
And they have a normalcy bias that, oh, you know, Fauci's just a doctor that's wrong.
No, Fauci ran the HIV operation.
Fauci's a genetic engineer, psycho, above Joseph Mingala, the angel of death.
He's coming with the angel of death next segment, Slayer.
Angel of Death flying free.
Guess that'd be... No, that's Rainblood.
There's two songs.
There's Angel of Death and there's Rainblood.
But you know, that really fits into the motif we're dealing with here.
So play Rainblood.
About the same thing.
I mean, you want it to rain blood, ladies and gentlemen, it's already raining blood.
But old-fashioned war, you saw the death.
You saw who was men, who wasn't.
And you left the women and children alone because you weren't getting this con, right?
Now they target the women and children, and we sit here and we put up with it.
Thank God for Project Veritas.
We were contacted by the Border Patrol.
We've had a lot of big sources over the years, but since Obama got back into office, or Biden got back into office,
They've been a little scared and they contacted us and they said there's a place here in South Texas where there's a makeshift giant tent city under a bridge with people living in worse conditions than even at these facilities and then the guys got scared and wouldn't give us the location.
Now I've not known the Border Patrol to a lot of us.
They're really hard-working good men and women.
Project Veritas is coming on today.
James O'Keefe.
They broke it, thank God.
I'm so glad they broke it, because they are less blackball than we are.
So this will actually get out.
We're going to post the full article and video to Infowars.com right now.
That's Southern Border.
A CPB insider provides never-before-seen footage of the conditions illegal immigrants are facing under the Anzaldanus International Bridge in McAllen, Texas.
Right under the bridge.
And the Border Patrol's being ordered under threat of imprisonment if they tell anybody.
Well, this is illegal, what's happening, so they whistleblower protection, but they're scared.
Talk about hiding right under your nose.
Back in college, in high school, we used to go down, stay at the Hilton, the Hyatt, whatever it is on the U.S.
side, go across the bridge and buy, you know, cheap alcohol.
But, I mean, that is a gigantic bridge, and right under it is the makeshift facility.
And I didn't get mad at the Border Patrol.
I just, I told them, I said, I can't believe you guys are scared.
This is a crime that's going on.
You need to tell us about it.
But then they stopped talking to us.
But I'm glad that
They got this done.
It's huge.
Project Veritas is amazing.
And anybody in the Border Patrol, send it to them or send it to ShowTips at InfoWars.com.
And showtips, show, S-H-O-W-T-I-P-S, showtips at Infowars.com, and we'll do our best to try to go over that, but this is really powerful information, and James O'Keefe is joining us in the middle of the third hour today.
All right, let me do this.
Let me just reaffirm that I'm going to stay on air, but I'm just being honest with you about my feelings
If we just sit here and talk about this like it's entertainment, it's evil.
We have to really be solemn about this, myself included, and just really cut down to the bone here to the minions of this thing and say, you're not part of the establishment.
You're not getting away with this.
This is madness.
This is insanity.
But people will tell you you're probably wasting your time even trying to warn minions of the system because most of them were chosen because they're weak-minded and follow orders.
So what I'm going to do is we'll get Roger Stone on at 15 after, because I know he's a little bit late from his dental appointment with this plan to cut script, press General Flynn into service.
So we'll talk about that coming up with him 15 after next hour.
I'm not trying to build
This up here, it's just that in the five minutes we have left, I'm not gonna be able to do this justice here, because that news just broke on the Project Veritas thing.
By the way, guys, get the Project Veritas report, the first five of it.
I want to air that start of the next little short segment.
I want to air that there, and then I'll come back and I'll hit this.
They're calling the COVID takeover a re-education of America, which we already knew it was a Soviet-style re-education, but they're admitting that's the door-in.
People in your house, people controlling you, fake PCR tests.
They come, they forcibly test you.
If you don't test, you go to jail.
It's already the model worldwide.
Australia, Canada, you name it.
If you do test, they just turn it up 40 times.
You're always guilty, then you're taken away.
So it's the perfect cover for their martial law.
They've also officially said, yes, we mean all semi-auto guns, including shotguns, handguns, everything to be banned.
Anything semi-automatic will be an assault weapon.
They've announced they're planning to ban that.
The bottom is dropping out.
And you've got the equivalent of undead zombies like Biden up there, just to be a titular head, a wooden Indian, or a figurehead like on the prowl of a ship.
It's just mind-blowing.
I'll throw this out at you as well.
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We'll be right back with hour number two.
Stay with us.
Imagine in America, we get contacted by the Border Patrol, by Border Patrol known to this individual that's been in
Law enforcement.
And they say, yeah, you're at the border.
We're at a big bridge that under it has an illegal detention center where they got all these little kids in a horrible squalor.
We're just being ordered to release them to coyotes, basically, on this side.
And then they got super scared, obviously, because the phones are tapped or something, and they called them.
Here's an example.
Roger Stone has been trying for a week to send me a report, a secret report.
It's not a classified report.
It's a secret report.
He can't send it to any of our emails.
They're in his email blocking it.
They're in our email.
It's a total takeover, folks.
The full weight of the government works against the country to implode it and destroy it.
And everyone going along with it will be destroyed themselves as well.
An example.
Breaking security.
Secretly recorded video shows migrants, including children, held under bridge in makeshift Customs and Border Protection Processing Center, enduring inhumane conditions at the southern border.
This is what we were told about three days ago.
And in America, the Border Patrol was too scared to even tell us where it was and got cold feet.
Thank God somebody told James O'Keefe.
But that's the level.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
The Border Patrol risked their lives all day, have a physically tough, mentally tough job, but are still so scared of doing the right thing under this system.
That they're afraid to even tell people about crimes they've been ordered to commit.
That's what this is.
This is all illegal smuggling, it's out of control.
And that's how they corrupt you and then later blame the Border Patrol.
Just like they got Trump to do warp speed to reopen the economy, and now he's gonna get blamed for all the death and carnage the vaccine's gonna cause.
That's in a John Hopkins document I'll be covering on Saturday.
That is the Rosetta Stone of all this.
Here's the Project Veritas piece.
Those are aliens inside of the fenced area.
One of our insiders just gained access to this incredibly restricted makeshift processing center in Granjeho, Texas.
It's located under the Anzaldua International Bridge.
What you're looking at is never-before-seen footage showing migrants of all ages lying in the dirt, operating
To pick up more bodies for processing.
If you're an insider working near the southern border, email us at VeritasTipsAtProtonMail.com
So, coming up in an hour and a half, James O'Keefe, an hour and a half exactly, will be joining us to give us more exclusive information on this.
And I can tell you we were given the same information by the Border Patrol, and told it's not the only facility.
And so we're going to be back down there this weekend, and next week I'm going to be down there.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
But that is going on right now.
Can we put on screen for TV viewers please, banthis.tv?
You know, people walking to me on the street and they say, hey, I can't share InfoWards.com on my Gmail.
Our guests tell us.
Yeah, we know.
They can't send us material.
We can't send them material.
They're blocking us at the URL level.
That's the future.
So get off Gmail.
Seek out the places that are good.
Start doing it.
We have to migrate away from this.
Now they're going after the actual IP addresses.
People tell me, oh, I can't share ban.video at Twitter.
I know.
That's why we create a new URL every few weeks or every month, because they're always banning the new one.
The one working right now on Twitter is banthis.tv.
Ban this, B-A-N this, banthis, one word, .tv.
And if you'll simply share the live feed of the show and clips of the show or however, with banthis.tv,
It will reach millions of people and win the war.
Go to Infowars.com.
We've just posted the whole Project Veritas report and everything.
Share it!
It's there.
And in the same article, be sure to post Owen's report inside the airport that further documents all of this.
All right, we'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide in defense of human liberty and in defiance to the globalist censors.
Are things getting crazy now?
Sold into slavery down in New Orleans!
Do you wanna take a life?
Do you want to cross that line?
Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's get into the news right now.
I have the most insane footage that just illustrates the cowardice, the weakness, the patheticness, the ridiculousness of Antifa and what weak, stupid, malnourished, soulless creatures become when they are allowed to exercise their power.
We have footage that Andy Nago put out in Austin of just roving
Antifa on the road in a random working class area of Austin attacking people's cars.
A guy's got a broke down motorcycle so they walk up and say, there's more of us than there are of you and start breaking his motorcycle and attacking him.
And it's like a cheap broken down motorcycle.
They're attacking a poor person.
And again, it's a woman that I guess watches superhero movies and looks like she's about an 80-pound, 90-pound woman.
Seriously, she's like a 5-foot tall, 80-pound, 90-pound woman getting her bones here, making her bones, physically attacking some guy with a broken motorcycle.
That he just dare even exist.
I mean, this is the essence of the raw, corrupt armies of beta male and beta females that have orange and pink hair.
I'm not against orange and pink hair or blue hair if you want it, but that does, it's not like a, it increases your IQ 100 points or something and makes you magic.
And so men with clubs beating and breaking his motorcycle
And it's not like he's in a tuxedo or like a conservative white dude either.
He's just some working class dude in like rainbow colored pants.
And then he tries to get away into a parking lot and they come and attack him.
I'm showing this to TV viewers.
There's so much cussing.
It's just one long beep, beep, beep, beep.
And then they just keep assaulting him and keep attacking him.
And he just sits there and takes it.
And then after they attack, a man comes and attacks him with a club.
Yeah, I remember the first time I saw Antifa, we were doing an anti-abortion protest.
And they showed up with all this weird black tar paper trying to block us.
And then they came over to a guy on crutches and were like knocking him into the street.
And I'm like, that's the archetypal villain.
And they all act like uncoordinated lunatics.
They all look like they were escaped out of a mental institution.
So again, that's who these people are.
They're proud of what they do.
They've been re-educated.
What they are is just a gang of lunatics that think they're fighting the establishment, and they all love Xi Jinping, of course, and they all love Joe Biden.
In fact, let's just roll the video and then I've got the re-education camp news here, and the public school document.
But just, here is the video and audio since I talked about it.
In Austin, reportedly this was shot yesterday.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Here it is.
This guy over here, he should be scared.
There's more of us than him.
Oh, there we go.
We show these people because what we're out here for is for justice.
What do we want?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
When do we want it?
Get the f*** out of here!
Alright, go.
Hang on, guys.
Hang on, guys.
Keep going.
Get the f*** out of here!
I mean, again, he just has a broken down motorcycle.
They come across him, and they're like, what are you attacking?
She says, there's more of us than there are you.
First thing I do is take that club away from that guy.
That's why I can't.
That's when the guy in goes.
He tries to get away.
He rolls down here and they all chase him and keep beating him up.
This is live action roleplay.
These guys aren't out in the field somewhere with plastic swords beating each other and pretending they're Peter Pan or Dungeons and Dragons.
This is the real deal, folks.
This is what Robin to the left has done.
They just keep beating him and attacking him.
This is on Riverside in South Austin, in a working blue-collar area, multiracial area, and they're just randomly beating people up.
Whose streets?
Whose streets?
Our streets!
And they just keep attacking, and attacking, and attacking.
All you gotta do is jump on one of them, ram their head in the concrete when they attack you, and it's game over, they all run off.
You gotta deal with the grand jury though.
It just goes on and on.
Here, let's show the next video.
This is the same woman in the wheelchair that doesn't have legs below the knees.
Who is the girlfriend of the guy that said, they're all scared of us, I'm gonna point guns at people, they're all afraid of me, and he goes out and points a gun at a dude, and the dude kills him.
Well now, here's her in Austin, jumping out of the wheelchair when the police come over, she's blocking the road, they nicely take her out of the road, she flops out like a seal, jumping off the edge of a cliff into the water, flops, and they're all screaming, oh look, you're attacking, the officer's attacking.
This is the level of scum staging false flags in front of everyone, here it is.
She's falling!
She's falling!
Get the F you off there.
I know we deleted it for stations, but that's stupid delay.
But folks, if you're a radio listener, it's literally a woman with no arms and legs.
Below the elbows and below the knees.
Probably given too much antibiotics when she was growing up so she has no immune system.
Flopping out on purpose and then saying they attacked her.
I mean, it's just, it's, I mean, these are the most villainous, scum-like creatures.
They're all on welfare, they do nothing all day, and this is just taking over your civilization.
For the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.
The trillionaires are deploying an army of lying garbage.
I'm going to go out and point guns at people and none of them are going to do nothing because they're afraid because we outnumber them.
That was a quote five minutes before he got killed.
Runs up to some army veteran, points a gun at his head, says, get out of the vehicle.
The guy rolls the window down, thinks it's a cop.
As soon as he sees it's not a cop, he just kills him.
That's what you do.
And they're like, oh my God!
We're just out randomly pointing guns at people's families.
I mean, if the cops did that, I'd say they deserve it.
This country is in so much trouble, this whole world.
It's just, maybe, maybe Bill Gates is right.
Maybe it's time to release the bioweapons.
No, but see, if he killed himself first, I'd respect him.
I might even help flip the lever.
If he blew his brains out first, and then I'd say, Gates, good job, release the weapon.
Start dying, everybody.
No, but I'm actually not for that.
I'm just trying to play devil's advocate with all of you, because they're implementing the collapse of society with the soft kill.
I think this is fair.
They've been hitting boys from South Korea to Japan to the U.S.
to Europe.
Hundreds of millions of boys worldwide brain damaged with autism from the chemical weapons of the vaccines.
Now everybody gets it.
Everybody gets the prions.
Everybody gets to be brain damaged now.
They're democratizing the death and I think
I think Bill Gates is on to something here.
I like his John Hopkins report.
Imagine the beautiful collapse of society.
You think Walrus Woman is going to be taken care of during this?
Oh, she'll be taken care of.
Make no mistake.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide, and we are at ramming speed in the Info War, going directly into the enemy's main formation.
All right, I was waiting for Watson to get the article up.
He did.
That's right, the Alex Jones Show, there's a war on for your mind.
High school to re-educate students, that's a quote, who refuse to wear COVID masks in Clearwater, Florida, even a conservative city?
Conservative state, they're the leftist are teaching their critical, radical race theory, teaching America sucks.
A high school in Clearwater, Florida says it will re-educate students who do not wear a mask when required.
A recent Clearwater High School update on the 2021 school year details the punishment for students who defied mask policies under the non-compliance section.
So it doesn't matter if it's a fraud, doesn't matter if it's a lie, doesn't matter if Senator Paul comes out and exposes that Fauci's full of it.
It doesn't matter what your governor says.
The left's going to keep it in place forever as a symbol of your enslavement.
The wearing of a face mask in public health issue, the school website explains.
Yes, you must cover that dirty face.
Students who do not wear a mask, when it's required or refused to do so, should first be re-educated on the importance of wearing a mask.
If after the re-education occurs, they still do not comply, the student administrator should be contacted.
And it goes into talking about kicking them out of school.
That is up on InfoWars.com and exclusive right now.
Everybody shares it.
Here are the actual documents for TV viewers.
And the reason this is important is, when Paul Joseph Watson broke this six years ago, people couldn't believe it.
People could not believe the information.
Because what was it?
Leaked U.S.
Army document outlines plan for re-education camps in America under Obama.
A year later, the Army released the secret document confirming we were right.
Well, yeah, no kidding.
The Army gave it to us.
FM 3-39.40, internment and resettlement operations in America from 2010 came out in 2015 when it was leaked to us.
The plan to put American conservatives in camps.
Now, COVID is their cover for that.
And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the Clinton
Global Initiative have the contract going forward this year under Biden to carry this out.
Joining us for the balance of the hour is the one, the only Roger Stone.
I see he is at his Nixon memorabilia museum headquarters there outside Miami, where I was just a few weeks ago.
That powerful interview is up on Infowars.com.
We did not get to this yesterday.
So a rare double visit here back to back on the plan to draft
General Flynn, not against Trump running for president, not against Matt Gaetz, not against DeSantis.
We want Trump.
But if he's going to do this, Flynn needs to build the organization now, get his momentum going to at least
Six voting problems, which we know Flynn's working on, but organize people around to run or to throw a support behind who he does support or for a VP slot.
And I know that he's talked to the general.
I know that I've talked to him.
I know we're trying to get him to move on this.
He's very, very close, but I wanted to talk about this on air to create some major buzz.
So, Roger Stone, let's talk about the 2024 and the fact that it's an information war.
We're not putting the cart before the horse.
We're not counting our chickens before they're hatched.
Talk about this if we've got any future, plus the power of General Flynn organizing people, building a national movement, barnstorming with the excitement of him, saying he's going to run for president.
I mean, I think it's a must-do now, and you were telling me privately that there's a time frame here and that it gets harder and harder the longer we wait.
So, Roger, thank you for joining us.
Please lay it out.
Thank you, Alex.
First of all, I think it's important to recognize that all of this is taking place within the backdrop of this national fake news media Democrat cabal assault on Matt Gaetz.
The reason that's important is because I believe as a supporter of President Trump, and as someone who supports the America First agenda,
It's essential to have not one, but several potential candidates well positioned if the president decides not to run himself.
Now, I just read a terrific interview that he gave with Lara Trump.
Who I understand has had all of those postings removed from social media, in which the president said that supporters of his, like you and I, should have hope based on the fact that he may in fact run again in 2024.
And if he did, he'd be our strongest candidate.
However, I do think that General Flynn, as a candidate, this is conceptually, is an intriguing idea.
General Flynn's not a politician.
He's a military man.
He is above politics, in my opinion.
He has the stature.
He has the, I don't mean physical stature so much as I mean the presence that I think is necessary in the television age to be a successful candidate.
This is one of the things that attracts me to Matt Gaetz as a potential candidate.
You know, he's got the Jack Kennedy look in the television age.
He's very charismatic.
I think General Flynn has an aura about him.
And he's a martyr, correctly, for millions of Americans who recognize that he was unfairly prosecuted, in fact, destroyed financially, wiped out financially, when he was targeted by Robert Mueller.
Gee, does that sound
Familiar as a tale?
So yes, I think General Flynn would be a formidable presidential candidate, could be a formidable presidential candidate, if the president doesn't run.
However, and this is the key, Alex, I think if we get to that crossroads, then we, the citizens,
Have to draft General Flynn.
In other words, I don't think the president, I don't think the general should get down there like a grubby, grasping, aspiring politician and just declare a candidacy.
I think frankly, for a man who's put the duty to his country before everything in his life, the general can be appealed to on that basis.
It's not that you have an ambition or a burning need to be president,
It's that it is your duty to the country.
It is your duty to the Constitution.
It is your duty to our democratic system to get in there and carry the flag.
I would hope that if the president doesn't run, that we can generate enough enthusiasm and momentum to make it clear to General Flynn that there is a groundswell for him, that he is held in high regard by his countrymen, and therefore he should consider making this bid.
And by the way, getting a chance to spend more time with him and really get to know him, he does have a lot of gravitas, does have an aura, and is extremely smart.
The thing is, he's so careful about what he says and is so measured that he definitely, you know, is a statesman, not a politician.
But he doesn't have the infrastructure.
He has great people helping his brother and stuff.
He needs real infrastructure.
I told him, I said, you gotta, well, I'm not gonna get into it.
The point is, he needs to launch now.
He needs to get going now.
He needs to fundraise now.
He needs to think big now.
Well, in all fairness, I don't have any indication that General Flynn has made a decision to run for president.
I imagine that he is flattered by the many Americans who have urged him to do so.
But I do think it's very much like the situation surrounding Dwight Eisenhower.
Dwight Eisenhower was considered to be not terribly sophisticated politically.
But in terms of national stature, he was the general who won World War II.
Let's stay right there.
Let's stay right there.
We're going to come back and talk about this.
We have to draft Flynn now.
We can't wait.
Trump comes in, we'll support him.
Flynn, obviously, would probably support that.
Regardless, the power we'll have announcing, organizing, it'll create incredible electricity and allow him to then go out and do what Trump's not doing currently on the road.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Roger's political nose is one of the best out there.
Former Chief Political Advisor to President Trump, helped him develop the idea to do it, going back decades ago, twice, so headed by the left.
But between me, you, and the fence post, the smart money is Trump's not going to run again in three years.
And you said that a long time ago, that he probably, even if he won, he probably wouldn't want to be president of second terms because he enjoys his private life so much.
But now,
That becomes more evident by the day.
So let's get back to drafting General Flynn, what General Flynn needs to do, what the public needs to do to get him to run, and why it's important to start building towards that now.
Please continue, Roger Stone.
First of all, of course, you have to say the most predictable thing about Donald Trump is that he's entirely unpredictable.
And therefore anyone who tries to say that they know today what he's going to do in four years would be talking through their hat.
Anything is possible.
But to address your question more directly, I think there is a very specific way in which one has to go about preparing for a presidential campaign in light of the internet-based censorship that will be used against any prospective Republican candidate.
In other words, if I were a supporter of General Flynn, if I hoped to draft General Flynn and persuade him to run for president, which is one possibility, the most important thing that I could do right now for a draft movement would be the collection of data.
Meaning, I would like to have a clean, viable email address on the millions of Americans who not only supported the president,
But would be more than receptive to supporting a Flynn candidacy.
Building that database to be able to reach people through direct email since you cannot reach them through social media is the single most crucial element of any campaign for an America First-based candidacy.
This is just a reality.
If Alex Jones or Roger Stone or Laura Loomer or now Donald Trump wants the American people to know what they're thinking, unfortunately you don't have the option to tell them on social media.
Well, at least not on the big boys like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
And therefore, we have to drop back to older technology, which means blast emails, which means good old-fashioned postal direct mail.
So what I would like to see is a database of millions of Americans who would potentially be receptive to joining a draft effort
To convince General Flynn to run, to do his duty for the country.
That element must be put in place, Alex, by someone.
Now, it doesn't have to be done by General Flynn.
It could be done by activists who set up a draft Flynn committee.
Again, in a way, it's early.
In a way, it is not early.
It takes time to build this infrastructure.
It can't be done in six months.
It can't be done in a year.
It can't be done overnight.
And there's an extreme hunger for leadership.
People need the hope.
They need Flynn to be the leader.
Then we need other leaders.
I mean, I like Allen West.
He's doing a great job here in Texas.
We need all these people to stand up and to say they're fighting back and to say that Joe Biden is illegitimate.
Well, it's not particular to General Flynn.
In other words, whether it's Senator Josh Hawley, who I like very much, or whether it is Matt Gaetz, who I like very much, we're not going to have the luxury of communicating the way the left does on unfettered social media, at least not immediately, which kind of goes back to the most important point here.
It won't matter whether General Flynn runs or not if we don't solve the problem of the complete control.
That's my next question for you.
Look at this.
Look at this.
This is on Infowars.com.
Facebook bans Trump's interview with Laura Trump.
Does not allow, quote, voice of the president.
So now it's just point blank.
He's not allowed to be heard.
This is so criminal.
This is racketeering.
What the hell is Congress and the governor's doing?
Why have they let big tech do this?
I mean, we're totally overrun here!
The former president can't even be interviewed by his daughter!
Or his son's wife!
Yeah, it is outrageous on the one hand, but on the other hand, they really do themselves a disservice because with this headline,
Now, millions of Americans will find this interview elsewhere, like, for example, at The National File, and they'll watch it.
So, in other words, their cancel culture strategy actually backfires on them when people learn that there's a great interview with former President Trump, but I can't see it.
Well, people always want to have what they cannot have, and therefore, it'll actually draw more attention to what the President said.
I agree, and the whole thing's posted, the banned video is posted at banned.video, and the office of the former president site we've created for him, where we're magnifying everything that Trump does, when his daughter's interviewing him, when his daughter-in-law interviews him, when he does interviews, when he's at a wedding, and just says, you know, a few minutes about something and it gets 10 million views, and then they take that down.
Isn't it funny too?
Roger, I mean, Obama would get like 100,000 views on YouTube when he gave a speech.
Trump would get 5 million.
Now Biden is getting like 100 views, 1,000 views when he does a major press conference.
This guy is pathetic.
People hate him.
Well, and not only that, but it is absolutely apparent that one has to recognize the kind of new architecture.
What I'm saying, Alex, is right now, even as we speak, I know four or five different groups and entrepreneurs who are very busily putting together an internet platform that will be extraordinarily difficult, almost impossible to deplatform, and based on its ownership, will have no censorship.
That's the key.
If we cannot achieve that, if we can't break the roadblock, if we can't stop the mass control and censorship of all mass communications in the country, A, we will never reform the state election laws, the laws that regulate our voting, to ensure that elections are both transparent and honest.
Um, and therefore we will not win the 2022 elections and not be positioned to win the 2024 elections.
So I guess what I'm saying is there's an order.
I totally agree.
And so by building our own infrastructure, we partially break it.
But now they're even using hack attacks, other systems to attack any infrastructures we try to build.
Believe me, we've experienced it.
They're now attacking Trump's new attempt at launching his Office of the President site that he says will be a social media
You know they're going to have provocateurs go on and pose as Nazis, but Trump needs to be very careful here because if he censors a lot of conservatives and other people, he'll be becoming what he claims he's against.
So I'm really worried about some of the instincts of the people he has around him.
Well, not only that, but if he posts a platform which has internal flaws in terms of the way it was constructed, he could have the same problem of Parler.
Parler was a great social media website.
When Twitter started banning conservatives at a faster pace, many patriots moved over to Parler.
But Parler had built this fabulous mansion on a foundation of sand.
They had used an underlying Amazon product, so when Amazon pulled the rug out from under them, Parler crashed.
The president could have the same problem if he isn't extraordinarily careful about the technical architecture of his new social media site.
Many times there are programs, or programming I should say, involved that won't be obvious to an untrained professional.
And that is a pitfall the president has to avoid.
Well let me explain.
We had to discover this ourselves in our battle to stay on air.
Leftists will tell you
You just said it in a much shorter clip than I could, but that's exactly the point.
And exactly how they have coped to kneecap this America First movement.
There isn't a plan to fight back, folks.
No one's launching a concerted plan.
Roger and I have a plan.
That's why the enemy wants us off the air.
We know how to beat them.
We're going to lay it out when we come back.
Stay with us.
I know all of you listening understand what Roger Stone is saying.
I want to state this again to General Flynn, to President Trump, to everybody.
There is a vacuum of leadership.
And I'm not trying to be the presidential leader.
Tucker Carlson doesn't want to be the presidential leader.
It's our job to be putting information out to inform the public and get them motivated.
Trump's a major leader.
That's why they're banning him anywhere, even videos of him, because it's too powerful.
And Biden's so horrible.
And what Trump said is true.
Flynn has the same level of gravitas as Trump.
It's a different type.
He must use that.
They're coming after him now with new fake investigations because they want to keep him pinned down.
They've learned when they do stuff to him, he stays dormant.
The answer is go on the attack politically.
And so, I mean, I'll do it.
I'll launch a draft Flynn website this week.
By next week, I'll sign up the emails.
I'll send it directly to him.
He sets a pack up or whatever.
I'll link directly to it.
I don't want any of the money, anything.
I want him to take action
And I would be very proud to be able to basically spur him into that.
He wants to, as you know, do voting integrity, document that, because there's no future if he doesn't beat that.
But by announcing a presidential run or an exploratory, that gives him...
I agree.
Massive coverage to then go out and say, but first I'm going to expose election fraud and really lead that.
So I just think he may be putting the cart before the horse.
I know that, you know, he supposedly was saying in a month or so, he's going to launch something.
That was almost a month ago.
Uh, something big's coming.
I'm just, I'm just here on air drafting Flynn right now.
Please continue Roger Stone.
Well, in a way, Alex, there are two carts before that horse.
In other words, uh,
In order for any America First candidate to be successful, you have to have a comprehensive effort to break through given our current internet system.
In other words, I know of at least five groups out there of
Well-heeled individuals putting up joint venture capital and employing software engineers to try to build a platform that is difficult to de-platform and through ownership cannot be censored.
Now, I have no proprietary interest.
Let a thousand flowers bloom!
I'd like to see many different independent, unassailable web platforms that are both social media platforms, crowdfunding platforms, web hosting platforms pop up, because that's the only way we will have access to the people.
And if you don't have access to the people, then you can't marshal public opinion.
See, that's the key point.
I think Lincoln said it.
Quote, public opinion is everything.
And that's exactly right.
So if General Flynn hopes to reform our election laws, a noble goal, he cannot do so without rallying public opinion.
That's right.
He must rally against censorship.
Big tech and the globalists know that's checkmate if we don't get out of it.
And he must rally against the election fraud.
He must do it from the front, like George Washington on the horse.
Exactly right.
And let's be candid, if we don't solve the censorship problem, if we can't get ahead of the control and censorship of all mass communications in this country, it won't matter whether we attempt to change election laws because we won't have the public support necessary to do that.
It won't matter who we nominate, good men and women, in the 2022 election.
It won't matter who we nominate in 2024.
Otherwise, we'll have a replay of what we just had.
I don't want to focus on the past.
I want to focus on how we win next time.
And unfortunately, as of today, there are structural, institutional barriers to another upset victory like the one Donald Trump pulled off in 2016.
That's right.
And let's talk about that.
But Flynn needs to know this.
And I know he's not a coward.
He's a great guy.
He's ready to die.
But he thinks this out too much.
Trends are there.
History repeats.
It also rhymes.
They're going to come after him if he's a sitting duck in the water and doesn't launch this now.
Once he announces he's a presidential runner, it hurts them to then try to cook up more stuff and frame him.
He must go on the offense now!
Well, I agree with you about his being on the offense.
It would be presumptuous for either one of us to suggest that he's made a decision to run for president or that he's going to.
I think we can persuade him, but I don't think that that has happened yet.
I do think that those who like this idea, those who would support such an effort, do need to be organized, do need to begin collecting data, do need to begin building a potential infrastructure should this come to pass.
But you're absolutely right.
The fact that the U.S.
Army has launched a new investigation into General Flynn's alleged contacts with the Russians
Presuming that Robert Mueller, with unlimited legal power and authority, and unlimited cash, and as many staff lawyers as he wanted, 600, 800, 1000, couldn't find any such evidence, shows you how much they fear General Flynn.
They're scared to death of it.
That's why they're trying to smear him again.
He's a great American patriot.
He's gone through hell.
I can tell you exactly what that's like.
And now they want to dredge up and recycle the same nonsensical, disproved, discredited crap that they tried to destroy.
By the way, Roger, you've never really talked about this, but it's not a secret that you guys have become very good friends, talked almost daily during all of your travails and all of your persecution.
And, you know, on TV, he's strong presence.
In person, it's even stronger.
He's got that, you know, Trumpian, you know, there's something about him, the aura.
Here's the deal.
He's got to do it.
He knows it.
And the amount of money he can raise is staggering, and so he's going to run for president.
I'm drafting him right now, and so are the American people.
And as he does these quiet events to 10,000 people here, 10,000 people there, 1,000 there, everybody that goes to these things he quietly has that are packed out need to tell him, you're doing it.
And I'm not being presumptive here.
They want you and I in jail because they know we helped light the fire with Trump.
They know that we're not afraid, and they know we've got lightning in a bottle, and they know that lightning does strike the same place repeatedly.
That's how Will and Zeitgeist and Destiny is.
So, obviously, I could sell off at the sunset right now.
The globalists are ready to buy me off like that.
I could snap my fingers, $100 million, private jets, everything.
But I'm not selling humanity out.
And he's not either.
He just keeps overthinking it.
He needs to listen to you.
He needs to announce soon.
Well, I like the fact that he's not a politician.
I like the fact that he doesn't calculate everything in terms of politics.
That's what makes him attractive as a potential president.
You don't want a president who likes
Say, George H.W.
Bush didn't really believe in anything other than becoming president, who wanted the job for the prestige and the power, not because he could use the job to do something.
Sure, he's disgusted by it.
Imagine, he'll say, no more high heels on the special forces, no more pregnant women flying F-16s.
People are ready for this.
And let's expand.
I'm not going to say all the inside stuff.
You know, the enemy obviously knows it all.
They got everything tapped.
Flynn knows how to turn this around.
We know how to turn it around.
You know the advice he's been given about particular things he can do right now.
The country's ready for the leadership.
And so it is a vacuum.
It is waiting.
He is personally in danger until he makes this move.
He needs to do it now.
You know the other great asset that he has, Alex, is his family.
The Flynn family were incredibly supportive when I was struggling for my own freedom.
General Flynn's brother Joe Flynn has become a good friend.
I'd like to see him run for the U.S.
I'd like to see him challenge Marco Rubio right here in Florida.
He's a great guy.
He'd be a great candidate.
I don't know whether he'd consider it or not.
But the fact that Flynn is not going about this like a cold, calculating, ambitious politician, but instead is looking at it as a patriot, that actually encourages me.
No, I agree, but like you told me privately, time is of the essence.
Why is time of the essence?
Explain that to Flynn.
Well, first of all, you need time to build the infrastructure.
Look, Barry Goldwater formed the national, or I should say is the father and founder of the national conservative movement that both you and I come out of, Alex.
People don't understand this.
Barry didn't want to run for president.
When they went to him and said, Senator Goldwater, you have an obligation to lead the conservative wing of the party and win this nomination.
He said, I don't want to run for president.
I find somebody else.
I'm not interested.
He was drafted by the American people and by the conservatives who insisted that he step forward and he did his duty.
Now, was he defeated?
But in that defeat, he led... He launched Reagan, he launched Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, everything.
And Donald Trump.
That's the whole point.
That is the political tradition that we're talking about.
And I believe a time may come, may come, where President Trump does not step forward.
Because that's my candidate.
But if he does not run, then I think General Flynn has to be convinced.
Absolutely, and the smart money is Trump's not going to run again, but we'll see.
All right, Roger Stone, StoneColdTruth.com.
You also now have a page on Bandot Video.
We're glad you've joined us and are posting things there.
People can watch Bandot Video to find your exclusive reports.
Thank you so much, Roger.
Great to be back with you.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Please come again next week to talk about a plan if Flynn doesn't get in gear here.
I'm not pitching at the general, but give me a break, man.
I'm a hundred miles an hour nonstop and he's a great guy.
We need him.
He needs to do it.
He knows it.
Just don't wait, Flynn.
Let's go on the attack now.
Don't forget, Vitamineral Fusion, the incredible liquid vitamin.
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Hour number three with James O'Keefe.
America is not just facing the Communist Chinese.
It's facing a consortium of globalists.
Imagine Facebook saying the voice of Trump is now banned.
Anything he does, no defense, no response.
That's the model for all of us when you don't pass the globalist social credit score of total submission to Satan.
I've got a bunch of news on the COVID lockdowns, on the gun control, on the borders, on Matt Gaetz, on so much more.
And we have coming up in the fourth hour, I'm going to host
Drew Hernandez is going to be going down to the border and covering stuff this weekend and a little bit next week.
We're going to be down there as well.
I invited him here since we're already going down there.
So many big developments with Project Veritas.
That's coming up next segment.
James O'Keefe joins us in about 25 minutes, or no, in about 40 minutes, the last segment of this hour.
But let's play a few minutes of, wow, it seems like 100 years ago.
Two years ago when I confronted Sundar Pichai, the head of Google.
Here it is.
Here he is right here.
Sundar, you know Google is helping China with Dragonfly, and you know they're helping Sensor, and you know he sold this country out, and he won't even help the Pentagon, he'll help the Chi-Coms.
You bet on the wrong country, Sundar!
Here he goes, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know.
Sundar, you know you're not an American because you can't work with Communist Chinese.
You can't work with Communist Chinese, Sundar.
You can't work with Communist Chinese on dragonfly censoring and rounding up the dissidents.
Sundar is arresting dissidents in China.
Apple is working with China to suppress their people.
Sundar, you're engaged in treason.
You've had Google executives lie to Congress and you're not censoring conservatives.
Sundar, you will not silence the people.
Your censorship will not work anymore, Sundar.
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil.
Google is evil.
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
Google is evil!
You're in a hallway, in a public hallway.
You're gonna be arrested.
That's enough.
You're making too much noise.
So Google's not evil, officers?
I'm not saying that.
Just control yourself.
Get under control now.
I'm under control, thank you.
He's taken my free speech away and lied about me, so I need to stand up to him.
I'm not worried about that.
They're going to talk about me in this committee.
I will be talked about.
So what am I supposed to do?
I don't get a day in court.
They lie about me.
Google only puts lies up.
All the top searches are lies about me and my family.
And that guy helps round up political dissidents, and then his people come to lie to Congress over
And over and over again, and we don't get to respond to them.
So Google is helping build censorship systems in China for a global social score they've tested there to totally control every aspect of our lives.
And Tim Cook has said he wants censorship worldwide.
They're working with the Communist Chinese that have killed five times what Hemberton.
Okay, Google is evil.
Or to the right.
It's in their censoring office.
It's in their spouse's office.
It's banned.
It's not TV.
It's not a good site.
It's able to get out on Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
Everything else is banned.
We have Google Gmail.
You're not allowed to send us an email.
We're not allowed to send you an email.
Things are just absolutely out of control.
Stay in contact with us at Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's a free newsletter.
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It's very simple.
Be part of the resistance.
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Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
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All right, back in 60 seconds with a lot of big breaking news and intel.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
The force of liberty is explosive.
And it's unstoppable.
It can be suppressed for a time, but that only accelerates the power when it finally erupts.
Deep within your senses, you know the globalists are your enemy and are making a move against you.
You can intellectually see that as well.
I could barely do the show today at the beginning of the broadcast.
Because I've read so many documents, I've done so much research, I know the enemy up one side and down the other.
And then I saw a document from John Hopkins that is the current blueprint we're living in, that wasn't just Event 201, wasn't just Crimson Contagion, wasn't just Disease X, wasn't just Operation Lockstep, but that is the ongoing compendium of the implementation of Agenda 2030 and worldwide depopulation.
It's like a chapter book with 14 chapters, and we're now in Chapter 2 going into Chapter 3, and just like page turners, like reading a William Shakespeare play that you've already read before, you know you turn the page, and Romeo and Juliet meet, they fall in love, and their parents are mean to them, they have their problems, and by the end they commit suicide.
You know, you know the play!
Except this isn't
A thespian event.
This is a stage we're all on that is life and death because it's an arena and we are in that arena.
And people are saying, oh, what's the document?
What's the thing?
Why don't you just tell us?
Well, I have talked about it before, but I hadn't gone over it all.
And I'm not going to tell you until Saturday.
I'm going to come in here at noon.
I'm going to shoot one hour.
And to give us time to make sure it's got all the articles and all the documentation in it, it'll air at 3 p.m.
It'll go off of the TV satellite, the radio satellite, and it'll also for stations that want it to be commercial free.
And it's gonna be one hour that I'm gonna loop until Sunday show on Easter, 4 to 6 p.m.
Because it is just unbelievable.
I mean, it is staggering.
It is so painful to read.
That I'm not somebody that gets scared easily.
And it's not in the feeling of scared.
It's like, it's not your heart aching.
It's a, it's a cold spot in you.
And you're just like, you can't believe this is happening.
There's no reason for this to happen.
You can't believe that people are this bad.
It can be stopped.
And that it's like, you're an accomplice just because you know, it's a feeling of guilt, just being a party to knowing it.
And then it becomes hard to cover all this other news that's incredible and important.
But it's all just window dressing, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, polishing the silverware in the galley.
You know why I feel so upset?
I've never cared about money.
And back when I could have made a ton of money before we were censored, I would make enough money to fund the operation, and if I had extra money, I'd hire more people and expand, because my mission was to beat the New World Order.
I never cared about money.
But now I can tell you, going into the future, you'll be able to stave this off a little bit longer, but not longer if you do have money.
I mean, this is a world civilization ending event coming up.
And it's all right there.
I mean, man, they are talking about everyone vaccinated is going to have Alzheimer's, including children.
And society is going to collapse and they're going to have robots clean us all up off the streets.
And I mean, I knew this was all coming.
I already laid it out.
But my God, this is scarier than my film Endgame.
And they wrote the damn thing.
Oh, God.
I don't even know what to do at this point.
Just please say it's God.
God's like, yeah, well, stop killing all those babies.
And the open satanicness of the left, they're into just the total sexualization of our children.
I mean, without even looking for these articles, I've got stacks of them right here.
Look at this.
Now, they've taken the video down.
I'm not going to even show you the video.
It's a man with an erection with his genitals in a little girl's face.
That's the Connecticut School Shows cartoon of a man with an erection standing over a sad girl to second graders.
Overhead shot, please.
These people are sick.
Here, let me show you a screenshot of it.
It's up on Infowars.com.
It's blurred out.
Guys, pull up the actual article.
This one, this print-off doesn't have it.
If you can, please pull that up.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Also, again, on RedState.com.
You can type the headline in.
Connecticut school shows cartoon of man with erection standing over a sad girl.
So it's a little girl with a man standing there with his genitals in her face.
And we've blurted out here, but it's just incredible.
Yeah, here it is.
They found the cartoon.
So, uh,
The child is sad.
The parents are fighting.
They're bad.
So it's teaching depression.
The kid looks like they're on Prozac.
And... I guess the father's raping the daughter.
I mean, this is... They're raping their minds.
Oh my gosh.
You're supposed to blur that out.
So, but see, this is adult TV, and we'll have stations say, hey, you can't show that.
I agree.
But it's being shown to second graders.
You know, that's how PBS can show violence and porn.
They go, it's educational.
That's how NPR will show that.
Oh, this is documentary, so we're going to let you hear the cuss words.
But they're allowed to, they're the left.
Just like they're going to show your six-year-old a man's genitals in her face.
I mean, that's porn.
To second graders.
And they're never going to stop.
They're never going to quit.
That's their goal.
Because they have surrendered to the pure evil.
Well, let's look at what's happening in the third world.
You know, we're always taught the third world's better than us and, you know, we're bad because we're Christian and we're conservative and we were white and white people are inherently bad and all the rest of it.
Then why are all these people trying to flee up here?
Well, because now they've been offered free stuff.
You know, a lot of the immigrants come here wanting to work, wanting the American dream.
Those are great people.
We need them.
Every race, color, and creed.
But the folks coming now are organized by the UN, they're leftist mostly, and they're prepared and sent up here, and there's so many that the migrant centers, the illegal alien centers, are overflowing.
And then Project Veritas goes down to an international bridge where there looks like a thousand or so children are just sleeping in the dirt because they can't be flown out on airplanes or put on buses fast enough because there's not even enough Democrat homes to take them even though the FBI waived the law, even though they can't waive the law.
And said, oh, you can have, I guess, convicted sex offenders, murderers, arsonists, bank robbers, whatever.
Criminals can house the children.
And criminals can work in the facilities.
Why would you waive that?
Because they can't.
You can't waive law, just like Biden can't waive law and do this.
He hasn't even signed an executive order that would be overturned saying this.
This is illegal.
And steadfastly, it's being blocked everywhere.
And Veritas is being censored more and more and more.
And I've encouraged O'Keefe, who joined us at the last segment of the hour, to launch his own video servers, his own sites, his own everything.
Everyone must do that.
Gab is doing that now.
Trump is doing that.
Everyone must do that.
And now they're coming after our URLs.
Let's go ahead and roll a minute and a half of James O'Keefe's piece.
We'll have more when he joins us at the end of the hour.
Here it is.
Those are aliens inside of the fenced area.
One of our insiders just gained access to this incredibly restricted makeshift processing center in Granjeho, Texas.
It's located under the Anzaldua International Bridge.
What you're looking at is never-before-seen footage showing migrants of all ages lying in the dirt operating
Well, the crew just got back from the Texas border and they have got incredible footage.
It turns out they went to the bridge facility.
The footage just isn't basically out yet and it turns out it's even worse than what we're seeing.
Thank God somebody got this out to Veritas.
It turns out
There's more of these facilities.
Guys, it got cut off by the break because I went to the video later.
I apologize.
Again, the Alex Jones Show.
Can we please roll the Veritas video?
That's at Infowars.com.
In the next segment, we've got exclusive video that's being loaded into the computer right now.
We're going to show you.
For TV viewers, radio listeners, it'll be posted at Infowars.com.
But the headline is Biden's Massive Human Smuggling Pipeline Exposed.
Special report.
Exclusive video that is coming out.
I'm going to have Adon Salazar post that right now.
Special Report Biden's Massive Illegal Immigrant Pipeline.
Oh, they already got it posted.
That's Greg Reese.
But let's add to that headline.
Special Report Biden's Massive Illegal Immigrant Pipeline Exposed.
Or just say Dash Exclusive Video.
Say Exclusive Video.
Exclusive Video.
Take Special Report off.
Exclusive Video.
Biden's Massive Illegal Immigrant Pipeline Exposed.
Or just leave Special Report and say Dash
Exclusive videos people know to watch it, but it's very powerful.
So again, that's our problem.
We've got just so much stuff very limited team to process it.
The team is working 18 hours a day.
We're really proud of them.
I'm trying to hire more people, but we don't have the money.
I had to stop supporting Caitlin Bennett.
I had to stop supporting Billy Weaver.
I, you know, you saw what happened with David Knight.
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But when I tell you this stuff, that it's expensive to run this, it's expensive to do this, that this is not a game, folks.
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Since I got caught up on the break, here is the Project Veritas report.
James O'Keefe joins us at the last segment.
Those are aliens inside of the fenced area.
One of our insiders just gained access to this incredibly restricted makeshift processing center in Granjeho, Texas.
It's located under the Anzaldua International Bridge.
What you're looking at is never-before-seen footage showing migrants of all ages lying in the dirt, operating
Fire ants.
That water's rough, folks.
We're talking rough.
You'll scare a grown man down there.
80% of the women, Senate report, are raped on their way up there.
Not by the evil demon, Gringo.
I'm sick of hearing how bad white people are.
Truth is, we're some of the nicest people on Earth.
If you're an insider working near the southern border, email us at VeritasTipsAtProtonMail.com
And we've had problems with our email for a while.
That's right.
I've been moving over to ProtonMail.
They're the great place to go.
In fact, at the end of the show today, I'm going to announce a Show Tips at ProtonMail for everybody.
So you can reliably get us those Show Tips, CM4s, emails.
Just so many problems.
Keep sending it.
But when something's broken, you can't fix it, it's time to move on from it.
Hopefully we'll get it.
Again, start of the next segment, I've got a really big special report that just went live at InfoWars.com that lays it all out.
A very short Gregory's Report, but look at these headlines right here.
Montana governor just banned sanctuary cities.
Because it's the smuggling, it's the drug dealing, it's all of it.
We gotta stop it.
It's how the UN is breaking our country.
They're using these poor folks that the UN already exploited in their own countries as a weapon.
I'm not against these people, by and large.
But letting them in and letting them operate like this keeps them as a permanent underclass, and it's wrong.
Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Democrat governor's statewide mass mandate.
That is certainly good news.
Jamie White article, Infowars.com, but the media is ignoring that.
Only those with COVID vaccine passport will be able to return to their daily lives, South Korean PM says.
And now, Benjamin Netanyahu says the same thing.
He says you need up to 10 shots a year, bare minimum of two.
Because it actually destroys you and gives you Alzheimer's, folks.
We're going to show you those documents on Saturday.
Why not now?
Because I'm going to build it up.
I'm going to have all the graphs and all the documents and big screens.
I'm going to walk around and point it all out to you.
It's important, so I'm going to spend time on it with bells and whistles.
Because if I gave you the secret code of the universe, no one would care if I just said it.
But if I... Big announcements, we need some pomp and ceremony here and hopefully wake up to this and do something.
This is a sick video.
UK police chief brags that COVID patrols aren't necessary because there are so many snitches.
Paul Joseph Watson, article.
Shot photos.
Mom suffers agonizing rash all over her body following AstraZeneca vaccine.
That's just the sign of the beginning of the end for you.
Negative COVID tests for sale are flooding the dark web, so the answer is UN-run World System with a Chinese-backed company.
COVID outbreak at nursing homes where residents were vaccinated because the PCR tests are fake, fake, fake.
Yes, it's true.
If you've been vaccinated for it, you cannot get COVID.
Well, these vaccines are definitely doing something, but it doesn't matter because then they'll just still say you're positive because the tests are fake!
There's another one.
Again, Israeli Prime Minister says citizens must get vaccinated every six months.
Then it'll be every month.
CNN caught in shocking cover-up of Hank Aaron's death.
Very important video.
Ed Bandot video that I promised to produce.
They have all these fake polls out of the UK.
Clear majority of Brits support jumping off cliffs and killing themselves.
Clear majority of Brits support vaccine passports to go to the pub.
Do they really?
Who, advisor, admits that there was a cover-up of China at the WHO with the whole situation.
But that's okay, because New York Times' Cuomo Stappers helped edit memoir, Nursing Home Report.
They helped cover up the murder.
Of course they did!
They're good little murderers!
They're liberal!
We'll be right back with that Big Gregory's Report and so much more today.
And then, James O'Keefe.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're very blessed.
Every minute we're still on air as the Electronic Berlin
Wall as the electronic iron curtain of tyranny descends upon us all.
Very important little short report that I hope you share from our website that you're still able to share from the Twitter, Facebook, and others aren't blocking at this time.
Once they do, we'll come up with a new URL.
It's banthis.tv and the featured video at banthis.tv that just went live a few minutes ago is Biden's massive illegal immigrant pipeline caught
I don't care about the credit.
I love Project Veritas.
I love Tucker Carlson.
I love everybody.
But this needs to get out there.
Hell, we'll probably just take our bug off of it and send it to Project Veritas and Senator Carlson, because this is important information, and we need you to flood this to talk radio, flood this to your local TV stations.
That's how you get all this on the air, because local news isn't as controlled as the others.
They've demonized my name so that when people hear, oh, it's from Alex Jones, don't look at it.
But this is a two and a half minute report that shows the whole chain.
To share this exclusive video to help expose the border crisis.
And then I would just do a little added write-up that it's important because this shows from across the border to the airport how the entire criminal operation works.
This is the whole pipeline documented.
So here it is.
The mainstream media has been talking about a surge at the border, but the real story is a massive illegal immigration pipeline run by the Biden administration.
We witnessed it running nonstop in McAllen, Texas.
First, Border Patrol delivers busloads of illegal immigrants to a secured tent processing center on the corner of U.S.
Business 83 and West 15th Street.
We are told by sources well over a thousand each night in this area alone.
And what we witnessed during the day certainly substantiates this number.
We were told by a driver of their operation that they are being tested for COVID-19 at this processing center.
They all leave with Manila envelopes in hand.
Those that do test positive for COVID are driven to one of the several hotels who have contracted with the federal government to act as COVID quarantine shelters, where they will quarantine for seven days before being released into the U.S.
And the rest are either bussed or walked down the street to the Humanitarian Respite Center, operated by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, where they are brought in through the front door with their manila envelopes inspected.
They are housed, given bags of clothing, and are then sent off through the back door to various U.S.
cities via bus and airplane.
It's a non-stop flowing pipeline.
Those that take the bus are led across the street to the bus station, and the rest are given rides to the airport, where they present Border Patrol and TSA with the paperwork inside their Manila envelopes, and set off to various U.S.
cities, where they are either meeting up with some other government agency, NGO, or perhaps even Mexican cartels operating within the U.S.
It is the biggest illegal immigration smuggling operation in U.S.
history, and it is being run by the federal government on behalf of the United Nations to destroy all American liberties and put us under the boot for a thousand years.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reis.
Well, Greg Reis always knocks it out of the park, and he just does like a Babe Ruth Grand Slam or a
I don't know what you call that.
It's just over the top.
It's got 9,000 views in 15 minutes.
Hey, that sounds great, doesn't it?
It needs 50 million views, ladies and gentlemen.
On your email, on your text message, however you can, that is an amazing video.
And I rarely send videos to Tucker Carlson, or James O'Keefe, or Trump, or people like that.
When we go to next break, I'm going to be a busy beaver on this little phone.
And I'm going to say, we'll take the bugs off, we'll do whatever you want.
We'll send you the raw footage.
You need to reconstruct this report and get it out.
Because that is highest level.
That's right up there with the best work at Project Veritas.
And so I'm very proud of our crew and the work they've done.
And I'm telling you, they worked 18 hours a day to do this.
They were down there Monday afternoon, and they just got back, as we speak, in the last few hours, and then put that up.
So, it's a stupendous job.
That's what it's all about.
It's why we do it.
It's why we're here.
Here's the crew.
Really be proud of that right there, man.
That's as good as it gets right there.
Maybe get the gif of Leonardo DiCaprio and the Great Gatsby with the champagne.
Because that definitely is the... I mean, hey, whatever happens to humanity, don't say we didn't fight.
I just feel the good Lord shining down on us right now with stuff like that.
That really makes me feel good.
No wonder Tim came in here looking real satisfied earlier, the security guy that was down there running that operation.
He said, have you seen Greg Reese's video?
And I said, no, you guys just got back like 30 minutes ago.
And he said, well, wait till you see it.
And that was freaking awesome.
It's horrible what's going on.
But that is the entire chain of felonies being committed, criminal activity, exploitation.
And then they give the families to people at the other end who have not gone through background checks.
God Almighty.
Exclusive video.
It's at BannedThis.tv.
You can log on to Banned.Video if you send out the Banned.Video URL on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube that it's banned.
You have to send out BannedThis.tv.
It's the same website, same video.
Just go to the site via BannedThis.tv.
And don't worry, they'll probably ban.
That site's been good for a month.
Sometimes they ban the new URLs in like a week.
But they haven't banned this one yet.
I'm sure they will now.
But we've already got, you know, unlimited URLs.
I mean, we've been thinking about this for a while.
We've been censored for years worse than anybody.
We warned Trump.
He didn't do anything.
He gave a lot of lip service.
He's a good guy.
I like Trump.
And we got Joe Biden now.
Boy, do I wish we had Trump.
But a day late, a dollar short, ladies and gentlemen.
So share the living hell out of it.
And by the way, I want to give my IT guys a bonus.
I want to give my crew a bonus.
They kick ass.
I do.
Can't do it unless you buy products from us.
And I'm not bitching at you, but I mean, it's like a gladiator when he goes in the ring and like chops up four dudes.
He says, are you not entertained?
Is this what you fricking want, man?
I mean, are you not entertained?
Are you not getting what you paid for here?
We are bashing our fricking brains out to fight these people.
I'm working 15, 16 hours a day.
I love it, by the way.
I'm like an attack dog you release that loves his job.
I'm just saying I deserve
A big feeding at the end of the night, so I'm big, fat, and healthy for the fight.
You know, I need my antibiotics when I get bit.
Well, my crew needs it too, ladies and gentlemen.
So quite frankly, it's a disgrace that we barely fund this operation.
It is an honor and a duty to do this, and I'm not complaining, but you need to flood us with money, because I've got 10 reporters I'm ready to hire right now to flood the border.
I got reporters, I got everything!
I got the plans, I got the proof, I've got the proof of operations, I can get it done, but I spend half my damn time scrounging up frickin' greenbacks that aren't gonna be worth crap if this whole thing goes down.
And it is going down, so now we're just trying to get as many people awake as possible.
So, go to InfoWarStore.com and get filters, air filters, water filters, get the products, get the Brain Force Plus, get the
Turbo Force, get the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, get the toothpaste, because I got to sell a whole hell of a lot of this stuff to fund this operation.
And I just want to turn...
I got my eye on 10 reporters right now that are established well-known names that I can have go out and work on their own operations under their own banner.
I don't care about the credit, understand?
But I need the money.
I've already got a lot of people out there working, getting paid, or supporting that, you know, aren't publicly working with us for a lot of reasons.
Before they ever banned me, I was doing that.
You know the enjoyment I get?
The enemy doesn't even know how many floors underground this thing goes.
I mean that metaphysically.
I like that.
I like not having all my cards showing, but I'm just telling you, as you deserve to know, you can see what we do above ground.
Can you imagine what's going on behind the scenes?
We are literally gutting the New World Order.
So much of the resistance is this operation.
You think Infowars is a big part?
If you knew the rest of it, you'd be blown away.
I need money now.
I need energy now.
I will wage war, but I need funds.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We've got him for one segment, and coming up soon, the next few weeks, he'll be in studio with us.
He's spending a lot of time in Texas right now.
James O'Keefe, the founder and head of the number one journalistic organization in the world.
I mean, they just bombshell every day.
It is incredible.
James O'Keefe, Project Veritas, is here with us and they just released the exclusive video of people in open air with rattlesnakes, fire ants, children sleeping on dirt, looks like 500, a thousand of them, on the border, the border patrol.
This information leaked to Project Veritas and then we now have footage that I can say is Veritas level, which we're in a great group, but it's hard to get Veritas level, of them smuggling them from the border all the way to the airport every
Point along the way there, that footage just went live at BandThis.tv and Band.video.
So, James, we salute you.
We got 10 minutes with you.
Tell us about what's happening and what you would call the situation at the border.
Well, thank you, Alex, very much for that introduction.
Yeah, this is a video that was leaked to us by a federal employee, DHS employee, you see there in McAllen, Texas, under the bridge, under that bridge and near International Bridge.
This was shot, video you're seeing, by a federal employee whistleblower.
They've run out of room inside these tents in places like Donna, Texas, so now the migrants are just sleeping on the dirt.
And you see those metal survivor blankets on top of them.
And Alex, the mainstream media has not gotten this.
They'll get the shots from a few hundred yards away.
But right there, you're inside the migrant camps.
The federal government is putting these kids on the ground now.
And I've been talking to the mainstream media today.
NBC News is playing catch-up with us.
We're talking to the White House press secretary.
For some reason, they don't want you to see this video.
And the media obviously is in cahoots with the administration, so they're not showing you any of this stuff.
So what's happening, Alex?
This is the third whistleblower that is working with Veritas.
Uh, these images coming on the heels of the first images from within the Donna, Texas facility.
Second whistleblower leaked us graphs and documents showing that the sexual, uh, assaults and the sexual encounters have gone up by a factor of five.
The last five months, there's been more sexual assaults in the last five years.
Actually, it's a factor of 10.
214 of these sexual encounters.
So I think what's happening right now, Alex, is whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork galore.
And there's no place for them to go, so they're going to InfoWars and they're going to Project Veritas because, of course, there's nowhere else for these people to go.
James, I mean, I've been interviewing you since you first started out, and every story you guys put out is huge, but you just keep topping the last story.
I mean, I know you've got a great organization, your name's out there, you're the go-to place, but I think the world's a crazier place now.
I mean, is that why your reports just get crazier and crazier and more out of this world?
I mean, I don't know, when they demonized Trump and showed Obama-era cages, and then now Biden, it's 50 times worse.
Now this is 100 times worse.
I mean, this is so insane.
How are they going to deal with this?
When they say O'Biden is the second coming of Christ.
Well, Alex, to answer your question about why are we able to get these, I think it's because the undercover works about access.
It's really about trying to get access to what you're investigating.
I could never have infiltrated this facility.
It would be illegal.
I would never be able to get inside there.
So I think increasingly, a lot of the people working for the Biden administration, they're so contemptuous.
They're so resentful of how things are portrayed that I am not exaggerating when I say there is a growing army of people that simply strap cameras on and record.
And now, in this case, the individual in question is very afraid.
Than finding out who is the person.
So we do have to protect the identity.
But quite unlike the New York Times, Alex, we don't ask you to trust us.
We want you to see the images for yourself.
And there's going to be a lot more to come.
But again, this is the third whistleblower.
Donna, Texas, was the facility from a week or two ago.
Project Veritas broke that story, Alex, exclusively.
We got those images before that Democratic congressman from Texas got them.
Um, and it's, it's, uh, it's pretty crazy.
The, the sexual encounters, 214 encounters from October, 2020 through February, 2021, those are sex offender encounters already represent the highest total of recorded encounters compared to the previous five fiscal years.
So these migrants, uh, are coming across in droves.
And perhaps what we need next, Alex, is a recording showing politicians the reason why they're not securing the border, you know, admitting what, you know, perhaps what LBJ admitted in the 1960s, that this is about politics, this is about obtaining votes.
How are they going to respond to this when they're telling Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, he can't see what's happening because of dignity, when they're the ones saying, rush the border, do this, he triggered this.
Trump signed executive orders that were constitutional, took years for the courts to find that.
Even if Biden signed executive orders to do this, it would be overturned.
He's not even signing executive orders.
He's just saying, do this.
It's illegal.
So the Border Patrol, as much as I like them, they're aiding and abetting, I think, crimes here.
I think these federal whistleblowers know that.
That's why they're blowing the whistle to be part of this.
This is human smuggling.
You just can't have the FBI wave a magic wand, Mr. O'Keefe, as you know, and say, oh, we don't need to do background checks of those working in the facilities.
Well, two things about that.
First of all, I think the rank and file of the Customs and Border Patrol and DHS here is not in line with that.
Alex, maybe the middle management or the leadership is the problem, but you have almost everyone, I'll say the majority of the lower ranking DHS folks are talking.
Oh, I totally agree.
They're some of the best people in America.
I'm saying the Democrat operatives that Ted Cruz and you exposed are ones running it.
They're the criminals.
Well, you know, I'll tell you this much.
We've been reaching out to the White House today, and Eric, what did you say?
What was the response?
This is happening as I speak.
The automated message said the line was temporarily closed.
The line for the White House is temporarily closed now in response to these images and videos.
So, Alex, how are they responding to it?
They're under a psychosis.
They don't know how to deal with... I mean, the Press Secretary of the White House said, we aim to be the most transparent.
They're not granting you access to these facilities.
So how they're responding to it is in typical Orwellian double-think.
The line is temporarily suspended so you can't... Well, exactly.
It's not about keeping score.
It's just the magnitude.
Is this not... This is probably the biggest story ever broke.
I mean, what's coming next?
My God!
Well, I mean, I think I think it's about creating an army of whistleblowers We need these DHS officials to go on the record and a lot of them have to give up their livelihoods, right?
They have to give up their jobs.
A lot of these people have kids.
They're worried and rightfully so so we have to you're doing it Alex in an info wars Your audience is gonna have to ultimately have the backs of whether that's they're donating whether that's finding someone who's an employer who can employ them and
What Veritas seeks to do is employ these guys when they go on the record and blow the whistle against what's happening.
It is insane that these kids are sleeping on the dirt.
I don't know if you want to show those images again.
They're sleeping on the dirt covered in survival blankets.
By the way, for folks that don't know, I'm from Texas.
This is like southern Arizona.
There are literally rattlesnakes.
You see one every time at night when it's warm weather.
There are rattlesnakes everywhere.
This is a federal facility, Alex.
This is not just migrants traveling.
This is your taxpayer dollars.
You're looking at a federal facility outdoors on the dirt amongst snakes and other creatures.
Scorpions, this is in McAllen.
This is in the International, I can't pronounce the bridge, but it's near McAllen.
It's in your article at ProjectVeritas.com.
It's on Infowars.com.
It's A-N-Z-A-L-D-U-A-S.
How do we got folks who speak Spanish up there?
How do you say that?
I know I'm butchering it.
It's an international bridge, makeshift border, and I only have 90 seconds with you, Alex, and what I'm going to do next is I do intend to see you in person in Texas.
I will have more video, more breaking news in the next two weeks, but when I come on your show, hopefully Monday, I just want to give your audience a quick update.
Project Veritas did sue the New York Times for defamation.
And for those who don't know, the judge said they lied about you.
They just said you fabricated when they fabricated.
Yeah, I'm going to come on your show to break this all in detail, hopefully on Monday, because I'm producing a 20-minute video.
We hired a voice actor to play the role of the judge so you can hear what he said, but the judge said it was in fact the New York Times that engaged in disinformation and deception.
This is a New York Supreme Court judge, incredible
Quotes from this judge in New York State, no less, taking the New York Times to task for lying about me and saying... Incredible!
We only got 30 seconds left.
You should be in studio on Monday.
Regardless, look forward to shaking your hand here in Texas.
Folks can send us tips at InfoWarsTips at ProtonMail.com.
InfoWarsTips, ProtonMail.com.
And how do people send you tips?
We're all in this together.
How do folks report the next big story to Project Veritas?
That's Veritas Tips.
That's V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips at Protonmail.com, Alex.
And I'm using Proton too now because we learned all our other emails are blocking whistleblowers.
James, we salute you.
Incredible job.
Thank you.
Tomorrow's news.
Because that's what Americans do now.
They're always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security.
What we have now is a completely neurotic population obsessed with security and safety and crime and drugs and cleanliness and hygiene and germs.
There's another thing.
Where did this sudden fear of germs come from in this country?
Have you noticed this?
The media, constantly running stories about all the latest infections, Salmonella, E. coli, Hantavirus, bird flu, and Americans, they panic easily, so now everybody's running around, scrubbing this and spraying that, and overcooking their food, and repeatedly washing their hands, trying to avoid all contact with germs.
It's ridiculous, and it goes to ridiculous lengths.
Fear it, germs!
Why, these f***ing p***ies!
Hey, where's your sense of adventure?
Take a f***ing chance, will ya?
Besides, what do you think you have an immune system for?
It's for killing germs!
But it needs practice.
It needs germs to practice on.
So, so listen.
So listen.
If you kill all the germs around you and live a completely sterile life, then when germs do come along, you're not going to be prepared.
And never mind ordinary germs, what are you going to do when some super virus comes along that turns your vital organs into liquid sh**?
I'll tell you what you're going to do, you're going to get sick, you're going to die, and you're going to deserve it because you're f***ing weak and you got a f***ing weak immune system.
Let me tell you a true story about immunization, okay?
When I was a little boy in New York City in the 1940s, we swam in the Hudson River, and it was filled with raw sewage.
We swam in raw sewage.
You know, to cool off!
And at that time, the big fear was polio.
Thousands of kids died from polio every year.
But you know something?
In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio.
No one.
You know why?
Because we swam in raw sewage.
It strengthened our immune systems.
The polio never had a prayer.
We were tempered in raw sh**.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be heard.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And Owen Schroyer.
Back from the border.
It is all coming up next segment.
This is Kim Trails Over the Country Club.
Get ready.
We're now finally witnessing the New World Order assault.
It's only going to get crazier from here.
But I sense the Valkyries are flying in the sky above us.
Everything we've talked about is now the zeitgeist.
Because we are the zeitgeist.
We are free humanity coming together to expose the post-human world the new world order is trying to build.
The special report you're about to see is short but it's powerful.
It ties in with Project Veritas that just joined us.
Special report, Biden's massive illegal immigrant pipeline exposed.
This is the criminal felonies, the human smuggling caught
Greg Grease has done a lot of great reports with our great team, Zach and others that were down there, but this is the most powerful thing he's put out yet.
Please share it.
It's at Band.Video and BandThis.TV.
Here it is.
The mainstream media has been talking about a surge at the border, but the real story is a massive illegal immigration pipeline run by the Biden administration.
We witnessed it running nonstop in McAllen, Texas.
First, Border Patrol delivers busloads of illegal immigrants to a secured tent processing center on the corner of U.S.
Business 83 and West 15th Street.
We are told by sources well over a thousand each night in this area alone.
And what we witnessed during the day certainly substantiates this number.
We were told by a driver of their operation that they are being tested for COVID-19 at this processing center.
They all leave with Manila envelopes in hand.
Those that do test positive for COVID are driven to one of the several hotels who have contracted with the federal government to act as COVID quarantine shelters, where they will quarantine for seven days before being released into the U.S.
And the rest are either bussed or walked down the street to the Humanitarian Respite Center, operated by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, where they are brought in through the front door with their manila envelopes inspected.
They are housed, given bags of clothing, and are then sent off through the back door to various U.S.
cities via bus and airplane.
It's a non-stop flowing pipeline.
Those that take the bus are led across the street to the bus station, and the rest are given rides to the airport, where they present Border Patrol and TSA with the paperwork inside their Manila envelopes, and set off to various U.S.
cities, where they are either meeting up with some other government agency, NGO, or perhaps even Mexican cartels operating within the U.S.
It is the biggest illegal immigration smuggling operation in U.S.
history, and it is being run by the federal government on behalf of the United Nations to destroy all American liberties and put us under the boot for a thousand years.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's News.
Well, I'm extremely honored to have Drew Hernandez and the great Owen Schroer both in studio with us right now as the world goes through these volcanic changes, both literally and figuratively.
Drew Hernandez has only been known to us since Kodosha, the great on-the-ground garbage he did.
Very well-sung, very smart guy.
Now in studio with us, he's going down the Texas border.
He was just on the Arizona border, just on the California border of Mexico.
We're going to be going back down the border, some of the same areas.
We'll probably choose some of the same dirt, as they say.
And now we just got back after three days down there, four days down there with just bombshell after bombshell.
So Drew Hernandez is investigative reporter, commentator and host of Drew Hernandez Live on Twitter at DrewHLiveLivesMatterOfficial.com.
He's here.
Great to see you, my friend.
It's a pleasure.
Seems like Texas is honored to talk to you.
It's an honor.
The main invasion port.
What is it like?
You're here in Texas.
You're watching this.
You've been at the border.
You've witnessed it.
Your take.
Owen, you just got back.
Your take, guys.
I mean, this is history happening.
It's strategically planned.
I think Owen did great work these past couple days, like exposing all these, the whole team.
That's an amazing, amazing piece right there.
We hate that it's happening to these people, but the American people deserve to see this stuff.
It's sad it's happening, but it feels good to fight.
Yeah, it feels good to fight it, it feels good to expose it because you have a whole entire regime that's trying to suppress it right now because they literally depend on people to be mindless lemmings to not look into these things and to not even believe these things even though they see them.
What do you think about it?
Well, we could sit there, I mean somebody could go sit there from 8 to 5 or 6 p.m.
and just record and just shoot a live stream and I'm talking to some people right now that have a local group that are considering doing that and you could just sit there and count with a ticker.
You were on video at one facility, there were like buses every minute going in and out.
There were times where, because we were just constantly following vehicles in and out, and there were times where we wouldn't even have time to park the car to just wait for the next bus load.
It'd be like, oh, it's already coming up, and we just get right behind it.
Like, oh, the next shipment is already coming up, and just get right behind it.
Like, not even a time to stop.
But the Washington Post said last week there is no surge.
Oh, and I think, you know, Democrat senators are now saying, oh, there is no surge either, even though they went down there just three years ago with crocodile tears, complaining about the facilities that are now 10 times as overwhelmed?
20 times?
I mean, can you even make a measurement?
What James O'Keefe said.
He's dealing with the White House and it's clear that they don't want it to be shown because the American people are going to see just exactly what's taking place.
A story broke this past week that a six-month-old baby was thrown into the Rio Grande River by cartels and traffickers and the mother herself had her leg broken because she was beaten by these cartels as well.
These are the things that they're... Explain that to people that they totally shake people down.
There's a new footage of them throwing babies over barbed wire fences.
I mean, who throws a baby over a 20-foot fence like it'll break their neck?
Yeah, they literally have little girls, I think this was at the New Mexico southern border, where they're literally putting them over the border wall and dropping them over 20 feet.
And then they just send them out into the desert.
There it is right there.
There's the night vision footage right there.
So what these cartels do is they put these... And look, the child's not a little bitty, like two or three, not even getting up.
I'm sure that hurt.
Yeah, and they're all by themselves.
This is pitch black.
This is pitch black.
Now a man's about to jump on top of him.
Or I guess they drop another kid on top of him.
And the Biden administration just wants to hide these things because it's bad political optics.
Like a three-year-old.
It's a little kid, look at that, just dropped.
And it's like, bye bye 2005, what is it?
There they go, they just made probably over 10 grand just doing that right there.
That's the reality.
They probably made like 10 grand just doing that right there.
On the spot.
And they run back, and they're not running away to flee authorities, they're running- Get more people!
Get a couple more.
More people.
And I think that, you know, the footage like this is not even a fraction of the actual numbers, though.
I mean, this is to, like, old school techniques.
Drew and I were talking about this before we go on air.
What they do now, with the hundreds of thousands that are coming across, they just run right to law enforcement.
They run to borders.
Because they load them right on.
And let's talk about this.
Mass graves they find all over the Texas border of hundreds of women and children all the time.
Sometimes a hundred people.
It's barely a footnote, but a mass shooting is huge news.
And that's because all the psychos of the world go down there to kill women and children.
So you're able to kill and rape and murder, do whatever you want, in that border area.
It's even worse than that, Alex.
When you have some conversations with some journalists or individuals in the Mexican government in Mexico, a lot of people don't really understand this, is the Mexicans don't want illegal immigration.
They actually hate some of these Central Americans.
Because the reason why is when they come into their country and they can't get into the U.S., they actually get stuck in Mexico.
I was also reading they'll kidnap Mexican kids too.
Some of these people Alex get recruited by the cartels so that's why the Mexicans hate these people because now they end up becoming a criminal enterprise in their own country.
Now here's what happens when these people become discarded or they become useless.
When the women are no longer attractive or she has a baby or a young man is not complying with the cartels.
You're talking about death camps, you're talking about people at the southern border being killed and you find them.
In Mexico it's even worse.
They literally have like pits
The last time I went to Cancun...
When we come back, get more into that because I was told that by Mexican law enforcement.
That's right.
Last time I went to Cancun, didn't do it during the ice storm like Ted Cruz, but I went down there about a year ago and we had local Mexican police, federal police as our security, and they were telling me the same thing you just told me about the Central Americans.
Drew Hernandez and Owen Troyer in studio with us and Drew's going to be on The War Room today.
He's going to be on American Journal tomorrow with Harrison Smith and he's just, if you go to his Twitter at DrewHLive or LivesMatterOfficial.com, incredible reporting with Antifa attacking all of this.
I want to put this in context.
With what's happening, the country under assault, everybody's being exploited, the UN using COVID to lock down the third world, so it collapses.
They've interviewed these migrants, they say, I'm here because I have no job, I'm starving to death.
They're victims in all of this as well.
But what spurred you, tell folks about yourself, because people's Genesis story, their origin story, because you're a smart, well-spoken guy, kicking ass, you know, all these great reports.
What made you decide to do this?
What triggered you to get involved?
Um, well, I was a youth pastor for like six years and I saw what was taking place with the country around 2018, Trump, I saw like the rise of globalism, I saw Hillary Clinton was about to do what I believe what's happening now in 2015, 2016.
And I just saw that there was more that needed to be done.
I didn't know.
I didn't have any intentions of being a journalist or a reporter.
I just kind of put myself in these positions to start showing the American people what the mainstream media won't even show, even what Fox may not even show.
I don't care about left or right.
I just want people to know.
Well, that's what you and others go back to.
It's that they're lying to us.
And so it's not just, oh, we know they're lying.
We watch TV.
You go out and discover just how much they're lying.
By actually getting in the real world.
Because when you take a look at the mainstream media, they push out their narratives because they want people to believe something.
They want people to catch something.
They want people to understand that this is what's happening when in reality that's not what's happening.
So when you have someone on the ground and they're providing visuals in real time, whether it's on Twitter, Instagram, wherever, right?
It's really hard to argue with something like that, especially when you're talking about, like, Black Lives Matter.
They claim to be this peaceful organization that only does peaceful protests.
Yeah, all of 2020, myself and a bunch of, a handful of other riot journalists, I think we've proved that that's not the case, because your eyes aren't gonna lie.
This new footage in Austin's like about 50 white people, two black people, beating up random people and broken down motorcycles in Austin yesterday.
Right, close to our office.
They're just beating up random people.
It's a bunch of white people saying their black lives matter.
What is this?
These are just LARPers.
I was telling Owen, too.
I was like, dude, I wouldn't be surprised if these people are just bored and they have to scratch their itch and prove to their Antifa, like, members in their encrypted chats that they're still putting in work and just film this stuff.
They probably just say that that guy's a white supremacist.
They film it.
He had a broken down motorcycle.
He's like, dude, my bike's broken.
He can't even use the sidewalk.
They're just LARPers.
That's all they are.
They feel like they're actually, like, winning.
Well, you're not a wimp, I'm not a wimp, but I mean, I don't have the chutzpah, the machismo, the whatever you call it, to randomly start fights with people in Texas when half the public's armed.
I mean, these people are dumb.
They're like randomly hitting dudes in the head for no reason.
You get your ass killed like that.
Yeah, and some guy did.
Her boyfriend got killed, yeah.
That's what happened.
I've been attacked by those exact same people.
I think they just wait until they have an individual that shows up that's not with anyone.
I just happened to be driving home one night and they had a protest.
I was like, I'll pull over, I'll film them.
As soon as they figured out who I was, they started surrounding me.
It's the same thing.
He just hit him in the back of the head with a club.
Sorry, go ahead.
Just hit him in the face!
That's assault with a deadly weapon.
That should be a felony offence, assault.
So they just look for an individual that they can attack, and they just try to mark their territory as if, you know... Meanwhile, this guy's wearing rainbow pants, driving a really crappy bike that's broken down.
He runs and they still chase him.
But notice how it's always the women that are attacking, because the males don't want to do the fighting.
They want to send the women to the front line.
That woman might weigh 90 pounds.
Because they know that you won't hit a woman.
It's like a midget.
I mean, look at this.
Like, what is this girl doing?
This is a mental illness.
This is liberalism is a mental illness.
And this is what happens.
Well, they're lucky they're not running.
Because you have the lady with her arms and legs cut off.
When the cops come over, she throws herself out of the wheelchair and says the cops did it.
Or imagine if that guy's bike fires up and he runs a couple of them over.
Yeah, here's the flopping.
You feel like when a walrus jumps up on a thing?
Now they're threatening to kill the cop!
I've seen a lot of crazy stuff.
I'm beginning to, you know, simulation theory is getting more real by the day.
I mean, she's literally flopping.
On the video they go, look what you did!
You attacked her!
What is the cop supposed to do?
Yeah, seriously, some sound effects on that would be really good.
They brought rocks to a gunfight.
And then someone gets shot and they wonder why these things take place.
Because these kids are just LARPers.
They think that they have infinite lives.
They have a word for it.
F around and find out.
Yeah, F around and find out.
That's exactly how it goes down.
It's all fun and games until someone gets shot, right Alex?
So let me ask you, absolutely Drew, so where do you see all this going?
I mean, I keep asking, when does it peak?
It doesn't ever, it just gets worse and worse?
Yeah, I mean, I think it's just going to continue to get worse.
We now see regimes.
It's at the political level.
It's in Disney.
Gina Carano being questioned.
They sit her down in front of a media trainer.
Remember when Ben Shapiro sat her down and had a conversation with her?
It's in Hollywood.
It's in our politics.
It's in blues clues.
It's in cartoons.
It's in everything.
It's in every aspect.
They've tainted Blue's Clues?
They're putting pride flags on the dogs.
I remember Blue's Clues.
Of course, I guess that went south.
Didn't the host of Blue's Clues have a little kitty problem?
I think there was something with that.
I don't remember that.
So look at the new Project Veritas video, and you guys were all about to go back down to the border.
This is like Wild Wild West.
This is crazy town.
Well, again, the thing that's crazy about it
There's still the cartels running their human smuggling and they're still bringing people over on the rafts.
But the Border Patrol is now aiding it.
Yeah, that's where the real numbers are at.
And we were also told that when the cartels bringing them across, which most of the activity on the southern border I would imagine the cartels are invested in, that's just their territory.
But when they bring them across, they're told the men basically run over to the wooded area so that they can get escape into the woods.
Maybe there's a car waiting for them.
Maybe they just want to get out.
But the women and children run to Border Patrol, run to law enforcement.
And then the law enforcement down there, Border Patrol, obviously has no choice, but they have to bring them in.
So they bring them in for processing.
That's why in most of the footage, because I was asking, hey, how come this is mostly women and children?
And they said, that's why.
So most of the footage that you saw us getting in McAllen is women and children, because most of the men are running off into the woods to get away.
And here's why the Border Patrol is doing illegal.
They know they're then handed over to a private charity and background checks haven't been made.
That's what becomes illegal.
It's one thing to pick them up and take them back to the Border Patrol facility.
They're being handed over illegally to Democrats.
They're being let into the United States.
As soon as they get out of that COVID testing facility, they are no longer detained.
I think for some of the Border Patrol it's really hard.
I think they're really torn into two different directions.
I mean, Reuters did an interview and posted it that went viral yesterday of a Border Patrol agent revealing that he discovered that a little girl was gang raped and she lost her voice because of it.
And he saw her and was talking to her.
Yeah, guys, get that interview.
I want to air that.
It was in Reuters.
What was the headline?
Officer talks about the pain?
It's on my Twitter.
You guys can scroll down and find it.
You'll find it.
Keep going.
But these are the things.
I think the Border Patrol agents, these guys are human beings.
They have hearts.
They understand.
Oh, we're not demonizing them.
I'm just saying they're being put in the position to deliver children to child smugglers.
So I think what this administration is doing is a disservice to the Border Patrol as well.
Because they're putting them in these positions where the Border Patrol knows everything.
I've had conversations with some of these guys and they're just straight up like, I can't really tell you everything that I really know because orders come from the top to tell us to actually keep...
What's incredible about this is all of us are like the Border Patrol.
If we don't speak up and say no, we become accomplices.
You're not an accomplice.
You're not an accomplice.
I'm not either.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Here is the Border Patrol agent on national TV talking about the little girl being raped.
It brings you to tears.
This is what O'Biden's call for open borders and saying immediately surge the border did.
Here it is.
About a month and a half ago, I was back here talking to one of the little girls, you know, and I told the congressional delegation the same thing, right?
We were going to send her to the hospital.
And as I got closer to her, I noticed that she couldn't speak.
And I asked the medical staff what happened.
And the reason she was going to the hospital was because she had gotten gang raped.
And the reason that she couldn't speak was because she had lost her voice in the process while she was getting raped.
Those things hit hard.
These kids crossed by themselves.
Obviously, the parent pays a fee to the smuggler, the cartel member, or the smuggler at this point.
We'll bring the kid over.
We'll bring him to the river.
We'll hand him over to the raft.
We'll place him in a raft and say, OK, go.
When you get to the other side, they'll explain to them there's going to be an officer.
They'll explain what we wear and tell them, turn yourselves in to them.
These kids, some of them, will tell you the different stories.
They'll tell you that they don't have their parents.
There's a little girl that I talked to a little while ago.
She said that she had lost her mom and that she doesn't have a father.
So she's coming into this country because her uncle is going to be the sponsor.
So they want to take this little girl is going into the States.
And I asked her, what state are you going to?
What's your final destination?
She said, I don't know.
All I know is that it snows there.
That's all I know.
Now here's the secret.
They then, as the Senate report admit, hand a lot of these kids over to child traffickers.
So these children think they're going to a better world.
They're literally disappearing into a black hole, Drew.
Here's the thing, man.
The AOCs of the world, the Biden administration, the White House, even Biden voters, the blood is literally on Biden's hands.
The blood is literally on Biden's voters' hands.
I don't want to hear any virtue signalers.
I don't want to hear all these activists that claim to care about the migrants and claim to care about these people, when in reality, it's Biden that literally called for a surge at the border.
He put these people in these positions.
The reason why we are seeing an increase in sex trafficking and human trafficking at the southern border is because Biden dog-whistled to a third-world country that now is their time to come.
So the blood is literally on Biden's hands.
Well he dog whistled to the world!
Anyone that voted for him too Alex, anyone that voted for Biden, the blood is on your hands too.
And you want to know why?
Because you didn't listen to anyone that was telling the truth.
You didn't listen to anyone that was talking about these things.
The reason why we wanted a wall, the reason why we wanted border security, the reason why we wanted these things was to combat these very things.
So people that didn't listen to us and said that the wall is xenophobic and it's racist and all these stupid little things that all these woke wookies say on the radical left, you're an idiot and you're a liar.
Because now, oh, I hope you're happy.
I hope these people are happy, Alex.
Now you're not getting mean tweets from Donald Trump on Twitter.
Orange Man is gone now, so I hope you're happy.
Now that little girls are getting raped at the southern border.
But Trump is gone though, right?
Trump is gone, and people always say this.
Oh, can you show me?
Can you show me where Biden said to surge the border?
Well, if you guys don't believe us, let's run that clip.
Yeah, let's cue that up.
Here is Biden just six months ago saying, when I'm elected, because he knew he was going to steal it, he said, remember he told voters, I don't even need you to vote, I'm going to win.
Here he is saying immediately surge.
...do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
There it is.
Fleeing oppression.
Here's the bottom line.
They are exploiting these people.
They are using them.
The COVID lockdown devastated the third world.
Now the rush is on.
But as you said, Drew Hernandez, we got Owen Shorter here as well.
Now they don't want these images seen.
What did they think was going to happen once this crisis accelerated?
I think they want this.
All they see these people as, the cartels only see these people as a commodity.
They're making about $14 million a day.
A day!
Not a month, not in a year, a day off of these people.
And that's just the human trafficking.
We haven't even talked about the sex trafficking prices, okay?
But also, they want this because all these Democrats, all these virtue signalers, all these people on the left, all these politicians that have claimed to care about the migrants, all they see these people as, Alex?
Well, when you read the WikiLeaks it says, and this isn't a virtual signal, it's what it means, the FBI's own reports, we want more walnuts.
That means brown children.
And they caught Hillary's chief, head of her foundation, smuggling Haitians in.
I mean, the truth is, this is just monstrous, Owen.
Well, and again, there's no DNA testing happening, so you don't even know if they're related.
I mean, it could be cartel members, whether it's... And they're being sent... The FBI says no background checks.
They're being sent into black holes.
Imagine, children are being brought from one country to another and just handed off to vans.
And we've seen it.
Once they leave the COVID facility, they're no longer detained.
They get dropped off at the hotels to quarantine for seven days.
There's no... They could leave.
He'd leave immediately.
There's nobody that's going to stop him.
So this is about sex trafficking.
And people could come into a hotel with three, four kids, and then after their quarantine is up, they'll go in and check on them or give them a plane ticket or whatever, and they'll have one, and there's no processing.
There's no data.
Nobody would have any idea.
But this is the thing about evil.
It never thinks two, three steps ahead.
What are they going to do now that this is all obvious and criminal?
Well, nothing.
They're going to increase doing it.
Honestly, I think this is all going to come down to Border Patrol or the people of the United States that are going to just have to stand up and say, enough is enough.
I agree.
We're not blaming the Border Patrol.
They've been put in this bad position.
And that story that that officer told about the little girl getting gang raped, that is not an isolated incident.
We heard similar things from sources when we were down there, and we were actually told it's so bad now that there's such a crop of sex trafficking that it's just rampant.
Are you kidding?
The perverts are coming to this like flies on you-know-what.
And you know what's interesting about this is another kind of weird aspect.
CBSN News was actually let into a facility, but when they were actually covering the story and the anchor was talking about it on air, they actually, the reporter was like, uh, let me correct that real quick.
We were actually given access, but it was controlled heavily and highly controlled access.
So when the media does give access, it's highly controlled because they want the optics to be different than what Project Veritas is.
What Biden released was like kids lined up getting food.
Didn't show them stacked on top of each other?
It looks like a playground, it looks like a preschool, it looks like this nice little kind facility, but they're hiding everything else at InfoWars.
How do you think Biden's going to respond?
I agree.
You heard Veritas, they were on the phone with the White House.
They are speechless if this footage that's on InfoWars.com and ProjectVeritas.com gets out of them.
Because I mean, I'm tough, folks, but I'm not sleeping in the Rio Grande by the river.
That's freaking rattlesnake water moccasin.
I mean, at night at the Rio Grande, folks, there are scorpions every 10 feet.
I mean, this is freaking dangerous.
And this is why they don't care for these people, because if they did, they would have never dog whistled for these people to be put in this situation to begin with.
And that's where this literally ends.
The Biden administration is more fascist than the Trump administration will ever be.
I agree.
What would happen if Trump did this?
The media outrage would be insane.
We would probably see riots over stuff like this.
We would, we would.
We would literally see riots over stuff like this, but because... By the way, we probably should see riots over this.
I mean... I mean, to be honest, the outrage... That's why I'm so pissed off all the time.
I'm glad you're pissed.
We should be pissed.
Yeah, we should.
That's normal.
Because these are human beings, Alex.
These are people that are being put in this position.
They're put there!
This isn't just happening because of climate change.
This isn't just happening by coincidence.
This is a strategically placed event that's taking place at the Southern Corridor.
Biden rung the bell!
He said, come on!
Yeah, absolutely.
But the reason why they want to hide it is because they want it!
The reason why they want to hide it is because they want it!
They want this!
Why do you have people that work in the facility coming up and blocking Ted Cruz's camera when he's recording?
I mean, that just shows you they know what they're doing is wrong!
They know it's wrong!
That's why when we were down there and we'd go around their facilities filming, they would notice us and they'd try to intimidate us out of there!
They know what they're doing is wrong.
They know what they're facilitating.
It's a political stunt.
It's a political statement.
And in a really childlike, immature way, it's their way of rubbing it in our noses that, yeah, we are going to open your border.
Yeah, we are going to destroy your country.
And if they can get away, it's like Drag Queen Storytime.
Convicted pedophiles come to your school and your daughter jumps and rides a pony on a man's literal bulging erection right under his pants.
It's rubbing our noses in it.
And how they can sit here and virtue signal over COVID?
This is football spiking with these kids.
They are spiking the football.
Look how we treat these kids in scorpion-infested desert with frickin rattlesnakes, man.
You get oppressed for COVID and you have to wear the mask, but we bring busloads in that test positive for COVID and we don't even quarantine the bus.
Just bringing it in.
Let me just tell you.
My neighbor got bit by a rattlesnake six months ago, almost died.
That's in Austin.
At the Texas-Mexico border, folks, there are rattlesnakes.
I'm not trying to be exaggerating here.
It's dangerous on a river.
I mean, it's the smugglers, the rattlesnakes, the water moccasins, the scorpions, the... I mean, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, final segment of the Alex Jones Show, then the War Room for three hours with Owen Schreuer and his guest host Drew Hernandez in studio before they fire up to go back to the border tomorrow, Friday evening.
I'm going down the border as well.
But the takeaway here is, the globalists shut down the world economy, bankrupt the third world, organize UN invasion camps, bring up these people, and then break our border.
Owen Schroyer, Drew Hernandez, where else do you guys see this going?
How do we stop this?
Because, I mean, the Republicans are still busy, like, having press conferences going, there is a crisis!
The Washington Post is wrong!
Instead of, of course there's a crisis!
Oh, Biden triggered it.
Obama-Biden administration, part three.
And they need to be held accountable for criminal activity.
That's why Biden didn't sign an executive order to do this.
He just said surge and is doing it outside of law.
So again, how do we counteract that?
Well, when we were coming back last night, there was a sign on the side of the road.
And also you have, you know, border patrol 20 miles out, 40 miles, 60 miles.
So like they're checking and it's like,
Hey, I know where the illegals are coming in.
It's like, right over there.
Yeah, they checked your car 60 miles in.
We got checked, and there was a sign on 281 North that said, fat guys, maybe you can pull up this footage from...
We're good to go.
One of my pitfalls of going on the road, my addiction to information, is I just lose that consciousness of being tuned in to the current events every day.
Apparently there's a video where the smugglers are bragging about how business has been booming?
Yeah, you guys can find that on Twitter as well.
Univision actually interviewed a coyote at the southern border and he asks him, is business booming for you?
And he says yes.
And one of the coyotes that's actually in the river, you'll see him right there at the clip that's coming up, he actually is asked
If business is booming, he says yes, but the other coyote actually comes out and says that because of the benefits of the new president, uh, there's actually too many people coming and they're actually making more money because of this new president and the administration.
But let's like, let's like really like who are we talking about here, guys?
We're talking about a political ideology.
We're talking about a political side that not only advocates
We're good.
I think what's happening right now is the American people that may not consider themselves left or right are actually seeing some visuals because when everyone, when anyone sees a botched video of a botched abortion, it changes their mind.
So I think now millions of people are actually seeing this footage and the devastation that's taking place at the southern border.
I think a lot of people are waking up because they need to see it.
And that's why... They need to see it.
That's what James O'Keefe said last hour.
He said they're on the phone with the White House press secretary.
They are speechless right now.
Because they're having to see what they're really doing.
Do they even believe their own left is BS?
Yeah, this isn't a political issue.
There is no right.
There is no left.
These are human beings.
And you do this, you are literally signing on to evil.
It's evil out in the open.
You know, some people, you guys, I think it's just at some point, you're not going to change your mind until you just get punched in the face.
Until you touch the fire and it burns your hand off.
Are you going to change your mind?
Sometimes people, that's the only way people are going to learn.
All these wokists, all these leftists, that this is nothing but talking points to them.
They're going to have to excuse me.
They're living in a LARPing, third dimensional, BS fantasy land.
This is the real world.
That's why they're so quiet.
That's why they're so silent.
But they've been weaponized by the media.
And I love how Kamala laughs at everything.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, she's just a complete psychopath, I think, is what we would say about that.
She should play the Joker in the next Joker movie.
You were going to say, I interrupted you.
I agree.
Well, I just think that...
I was about to say, what do they do next?
They're openly advocating for open borders.
My God!
They're advocating pedophilia.
There's devil worship all over TV.
They've collapsed the borders.
They're mass raping children.
Babies are wrapped in plastic.
So it's like, where are they going to go next from here?
Because you know they're going to go somewhere.
I think Romans 1 makes it very clear.
Total depravity, right?
One of the indications of a fallen society, according to the Bible, is what?
That they would be undiscerning.
They don't have the ability to discern truth from error.
No sense.
No sense.
Just all attack.
They've been weaponized by the media to just attack who they told are the enemy.
And that's why they attack Christians, because we literally get the transmission.
Because we're all like a receiver.
If we don't receive Christ, we receive the devil.
Completely open.
And these people don't care.
That's why Lil Nas comes out and is completely open about it.
Getting sodomized by the devil.
Connecticut with second graders officially put out video where a man rapes his daughter.
And it shows it.
Why would they?
I mean, and the teacher's laughing on video.
It's like they get off on it.
This happens in such a short period of time, too, which is amazing.
I mean, you know, 20, 30 years may seem like a long time.
That's really a blink of an eye.
I mean, there were concerts decades ago in the 90s where bands would pretend to have gay sex on stage.
They'd get arrested that night.
And of course, they were like, what happened to free speech?
But the point is now it's just like openly promoted and it's just even worse than you could ever imagine.
And this is going to be, you know, this will be the guy that is going to play for kids and doing children's choice awards.
And he'll be pushed by the mainstream news.
It's like Cardi B, just total depravity, total degeneracy, total just satanic behavior.
And this is what... And the thing is, it's all so weak.
It's like none of it's good.
Yeah, I can't say I am attracted to this entertainment or this media whatsoever.
Absolutely not.
In fact, I think, Alex, you owe me money for making me cover this.
This is like space alien porn or something.
I'm going to have to call Human Resources for you.
Well, here's my deal.
Earlier, they showed on screen, not their fault, I said, hey, show the video, but blurred, of what they showed second graders.
And I went, whoa, whoa, don't show that on TV, because we're on a lot of TV stations.
But I mean, at a certain point, they're showing
Second graders, we're going to have to show this!
Yeah, there's no limitations on evil or sin, right?
There's no like, okay, we can only go this far, and then we'll just leave it at that, and we won't cross this line.
That's not how humanity works.
That's not how the Bible teaches things.
If you even dabble with these lines, there's no restriction on your evil heart as to how far you will really go.
That's what these human beings that don't understand these things really get into, is if you go this far, you will go even further, because that's how the human heart works.
It's total depravity, and this is exactly where our culture is going.
And look how, I mean, I've never seen anyone look as evil.
By the way, I've been away this week.
What has Biden been up to?
I haven't heard anything out of Biden.
Has he made any statements?
No, he's literally a puppet.
I mean, which is scary as hell.
So he's not even doing anything.
I think his press conference was just kind of, they probably told him, like, hey, just take a nap, drink this, and you'll feel better in the morning.
I'm scared.
Like you said, Mexico, the Mexican president's like, we hate the open borders, it's killing us.
Most of our crime is, you know, the criminals that come across our borders to do this.
From the South, we want to, and the media totally blacks that out.
It's crazy.
Well, tell us what's coming up on the War Room today.
I know you've got an hour, Legion of Coast, with you.
Yeah, and we're going to be getting back into the border issues.
Drew and I will be talking specifically about everything we witnessed.
We'll look at some of his footage, look at some of mine.
We'll look at some of the other stuff from other outlets that has been developing.
So we'll get you all caught up on that.
There's also other news as well.
The forced vaccines, don't forget about that.
They're trying to oppress us with medical tyranny.
So you've got a little development there but you know I'm sitting here kind of going through the news today just aggregating it for the show and just sitting down to talk to you.
I just realized like literally has Biden done anything this week?
I mean this is the President of the United States.
We have massive crises happening.
Remember Psaki said, oh who's he?
He's too busy dealing with the crisis.
It's globalists taking over.
He's their placeholder puppet.
So even the placeholder's hidden, so you don't think about who's behind it.
It's the Rothschilds, it's the Rockefellers, it's the globalists, it's Obama, it's Soros.
That's who's doing this all, and they think when they wreck the country we won't remember it's them.
It's big tech.
We know who to blame.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
Couldn't do this without the viewers and listeners.
Thank you for your word of mouth.
And listen, you guys already know this stuff probably better than I do.
A lot of you are smarter than I am.
But remember, your word of mouth is King Kong in this fight.
So tell folks about the War Room with Owen Schroer and Drew Hernandez coming up.
We're going back to the border this weekend.
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And I'm looking forward to the war room today with Owen Schroeder and Drew Hernandez coming up.
And that is
It, as Porky Pig says, that's all, folks.
Pray for the children on the border.
Pray for the children everywhere on this giant exploitation.
They're trying to break our will.
They're trying to overwhelm us.
They're trying to get us to give up.
No, we challenge this, and our muscles get bigger spiritually, and we say no to it, and we defeat it.
But make no mistake, this proves God's real.
The Mark of the Beast, all of it's unfolding.
So, praise God and pass the information warfare ammunition.
That's it for the Alex Jones Show.
War Room starts in two minutes.
Stay with us.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
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Go ahead.
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