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Name: 20210330_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 30, 2021
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The discussion focuses on the COVID-19 vaccine, with some people hesitant due to lack of trust while others are convinced by its development by an African American woman, Dr Kizmekia Corbett. However, concerns exist regarding potential side effects and false rumors circulating on social media. CNN is working to dispel misinformation. Alex Jones argues that the vaccine is not a traditional vaccine but gene therapy, criticizing lack of oversight and pushing for globalism under the guise of public safety. He promotes his Vitamin Mineral Fusion product as a means to resist the globalist takeover while providing essential vitamins and minerals.

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So, are you planning on getting your vaccine?
I don't trust it.
First, we're going to have to have a real public education campaign to battle the skepticism.
The vaccine that you're going to be taking was developed by an African American woman.
I want to instill public confidence that the vaccine is safe.
This vaccine is very effective and very safe.
We must take the vaccine.
Anyone here has a good idea to take the vaccine?
Raise your hand if you think it's a good idea.
I'm just not.
I'm just not going to take it.
I really don't trust it because it actually came kind of fast.
I know the doctor took it.
It killed him.
And this nurse I know lives here to kill her.
Are you going to take the vaccine?
No, sir.
Tell me why.
Well, I don't trust the government and I don't trust Biden.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
And that's what we have to do.
A small thing that can help zillions of people in this country.
Atlanta and the world bidding farewell to baseball legend Henry Louis Hank Aaron this afternoon.
Aaron died last Friday at the age of 86 from natural causes.
What I'm about to lay out for you is not going to come as a surprise for a lot of people.
But it's still a life and death situation.
CNN, the most deceptive name in fake news, has joined with five other major fact-checking groups, including one owned by Bill Gates, NewsGuard, to tell the world that Hank Aaron did not die from a COVID-19 vaccine.
This vaccine is very effective and very safe.
But it's not easy, especially when rumors spread on social media, like posts claiming baseball legend Hank Aaron died from the vaccine because he received his dose publicly days before passing away.
He didn't.
The Fulton County Medical Examiner says he died from natural causes.
But many in Atlanta's black community believe the claim, forcing health officials to speak out.
I think it's just important that we quell these kind of rumors.
Now the real lie here is they claim the medical examiner came out and said they did an autopsy
on Hank Aaron and that he died of natural causes.
But Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote an article and since others have called the medical examiner
and confirmed it and he quoted the name of the medical examiner everyone he talked to
and they were later contacted by other media outlets and they said yes, Robert Kennedy
Jr. called us for his article and we did not do an autopsy on Hank Aaron, baseball legend.
So think about that.
So I'm showing you the articles on screen right now.
We're showing the history of it on screen right now.
But here's the really big issue.
CNN yesterday came out with a headline saying blacks don't just question vaccines because
of the Tuskegee experiment.
And then you watch it and they bypass basically the Tuskegee experiment, giving black people syphilis, watching them spread it, watching them die of it in Alabama for several decades, spread nationwide.
That's bad enough.
And they used black nurses and black doctors to administer it because they knew blacks would trust them.
Dr. Kizmekia Corbett or Kizzy Corbett.
Kizzy is an African-American scientist who is right at the forefront of the development of the vaccine.
So the first thing you might want to say to my African-American brothers and sisters is that the vaccine that you're going to be taking was developed by an African-American woman.
And that is just a fact.
But they don't even address that in the piece in any meaningful way.
Instead, they just say, oh, look at this barber shop and these dumb black people.
Well, they heard rumors.
But if you listen to them, they say, I know a doctor died.
I know a nurse died.
Just like I know people personally in this building who get mad when I talk about it, who lost their children to vaccines and the doctors told them so.
My grandmother back in the 1950s, she died a few years ago at 92.
Got it from the second round of live polio vaccine.
Her doctor told her.
My mom remembers hearing about it at the kitchen table when she was a little girl.
My grandmother told me when I was a kid, yeah.
She got it from the doctors, but she didn't blame them.
They were trying to help.
That's the same thing we saw with these mothers including a medical doctor who took the mRNA vaccine lost her baby but said it's okay it's for the greater good.
It's Stockholm Syndrome where the abused end up defending their abusers because subconsciously they don't know a way out so as a coping mechanism they submit to the evil and that's what's happening here in this sick Evil CNN piece.
A month after it's come out that the medical examiner didn't do an autopsy.
Didn't even see the body.
A month after it's on record.
Oh, but notice what happened to Robert Kennedy Jr.
He got banned on Instagram and Facebook and a bunch of other places when he challenged the lie.
When he published the name of the deputy medical examiner that he interviewed.
When he showed that it was a lie and that Hank Aaron did die after the second shot.
They panicked.
Same thing with marvelous Marvin Hagler.
The greatest middleweight ever.
I mean, I was a kid.
We used to watch pay-per-view at my house with my dad, my family.
He was amazing.
More entertaining than Mike Tyson.
And a much bigger gentleman.
He got the second round and died within 24 hours, his organs liquefying.
Statistically, we've seen a much higher rate of black folks dying if they've had the vaccine.
And I'm not at liberty to talk about this because they asked me not to, but I went to school with a fellow that went to UT later as a football player, got a scholarship.
He and his wife are black.
They were black.
They're dead now.
They took the vaccine and died.
And the media said they died of COVID-19.
But it's killing plenty of white people have died after they take it.
And Ben Stein almost died after he took it.
So that's all I'm pointing out to people is this is dangerous.
They skipped animal trials.
They skipped human trials.
When you hear it's FDA approved like Netanyahu says, Oh, it's approved in America.
You can all take it.
But it wasn't approved by the FDA.
It was given emergency authorization.
When you see this type of lies and deception, you better read the fine print.
You better do your own research.
As a college professor who worked in person with her students and spent lots of time caring for her two grandchildren.
She was just the best person.
63-year-old Virginia Ellington was counting the days until she could be vaccinated against COVID-19.
I have texts from her saying how excited she was to get it.
Ellington's daughter, who lives in Chapel Hill, tells WREL her mother and father got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on the morning of Monday, March 8th at the Watauga Health Center in Boone.
Like my dad said, she was feeling very tired.
She even asked him, what are the side effects of the vaccine?
Ellington went to work Tuesday but was still feeling unwell, according to her family.
On Wednesday, March 10th, she stayed in bed.
A little while later, her husband returned to the bedroom to find her unresponsive.
He tried giving her CPR.
And called 911 and they said she was gone when she got there.
Ingle tells WRAL the family was told by the local doctor who did a preliminary examination that her mother died of a stroke.
The local medical examiner, a paramedic and a teacher who signed the death certificate wrote that the vaccine was one of the quote significant conditions contributing to her death.
We were all shocked when we saw that that was even on there, that it said J&J vaccine.
Ingle, who is an online influencer, posted her mother's story on TikTok, raising the question as to whether there could be a link between the vaccine and her mother's death.
I know many of you are asking the same question I'm asking and my friends and family are asking.
Why would Big Pharma do this?
Why would major governments do this?
The answer is very clear.
Greed and power and control.
For over a decade, more than a trillion U.S.
dollars alone have been invested in gene therapy and mRNA.
And it could be the thing that saves humanity.
It could be the keys to immortality.
I mean, they've got antibodies and other things they've created that kill colon cancer, that kill lung cancer.
I mean, they can go in with CRISPR editing and they can reprogram your cells.
The problem is they started over a decade ago doing gene therapies and it would work in 20, 30 people.
Then suddenly somebody would just die and die quickly and die of myeloma.
And so that's why no government in the world, not China, not North Korea, not America, not Germany, nobody, not Russia, not South Africa, not Mexico, not Brazil, would approve these gene therapies where they actually go in and edit the genes of the body.
Because it was causing so much death and destruction.
But along comes COVID-19 and all this fear, and they get emergency authorization in over a hundred countries.
Now, many of those countries like India and others have pulled back with the mRNA vaccines like Pfizer because they had so much death when they went right to directly giving it to the public.
And so many other serious disorders.
So, I want to explain.
We're not against science.
I love science.
I love technology.
I love nuclear power until a nuclear power plant melts down.
Hell, I love eating seafood until, you know, nets tie up and kill a bunch of dolphins.
There's problems with all of this.
And when you get rid of oversight, you've got a major, major, major problem.
And we've given vaccine makers blanket liability protection since the 1980s, one of the bad things Reagan did in 86.
And now they're putting gene therapy and genetic engineering under The umbrella of vaccines.
Now vaccines are where you take a virus or bacteria, you kill it, you attenuate it, you put it in the body, the body learns how to defeat it.
You can still have tainted vaccines, you can still have toxins, you can still have a bad autoimmune response.
There are still side effects but it's a real science and it works most of the time.
But this is way beyond that.
This is way beyond a bunch of autistic kids or, you know, folks who got peanut allergies because they grew the vaccine on peanut protein.
This is an mRNA gene therapy that reprograms your cells.
And then they go, oh, well, AstraZeneca or J&J, that's OK then, right?
They're vector virus or virus vector systems that use a virus to deliver another virus to actually reprogram your mitochondria.
It's even beyond mRNA.
So this is a bum rush by the scientists, by the mad scientists who do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
And they're all over the news saying, globalism is needed.
To fix the problems.
We need more world government, more control, world IDs, world passports, world social credit scores to fix the problems.
World leaders call for pandemic treaty, but short on details, to unify the global ID in the name of make sure that we're all quote safe and can travel or have a job or leave our house, that we've got the right vaccine.
But then they admit, oh, sorry, COVID-19 is a common cold.
So we can't ever get the right vaccine.
So guess what?
You've got to take new vaccines every few months, or at least every year.
We're doing the shots, says the headline.
Vaccines or not, Americans want to party again.
But you can't party.
Here's the headline out of the London Guardian.
New vaccines needed globally within a year, say the scientist.
And we're always told, trust the scientist, Who in many cases work for Big Pharma, in fact in almost every case, and in most cases own stock in the very vaccines they're telling you are vital and essential.
And the vaccines that aren't even vaccines that re-engineer your body and have all sorts of Frankenstein-like effects.
They want to test on the public.
They want to go directly to the population to develop the wonders of mRNA and genetic engineering.
The problem is we are the lab rats in the process.
And we have to realize that they are in a race for immortality and are trying to use us as the captive population to do it.
And that's why they're launching this giant revolution.
That's why a Holocaust survivor recently at a major rally pointed out that this is more insidious than the Nazis.
Because with the Nazis, they were out in the open.
With this system, it's covert and supposedly in the name of protecting us all.
I'm Alex Jones, and I'm a pro-freedom, pro-human individual, and I believe you have a right to choose and a right to know the truth.
It's your body, your choice.
This system is coming and telling you you're dirty, you're bad, you're evil, and you've got to submit to out-of-control, ruthless Big Pharma because you've been told you're obsolete.
This is the Third Reich 2.0.
This is the globalist takeover.
And if humanity doesn't rally against this, we're going to fall to this takeover.
But I believe in humanity, and I believe in you.
And I know that we are the resistance, and that we will win in the end.
So take action, my friends.
Research the facts, and then spread the word, because you are the modern Paul Reveres.
You are the resistance.
[Sounds of a car crashing]
The general public has finally figured out why I'm upset.
They figured out that the globalists are literally trying to kill us.
They're trying to take over civilization and society.
And they depend on the public being ignorant.
That's why Jesus said, My people perish for lack of knowledge.
Knowledge is power, like our bodies.
Are made up of all these tissues and all these systems that die without essential vitamins and minerals.
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