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Name: 20210327_Sat_Alex
Air Date: March 27, 2021
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Tomorrow's news.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We're broadcasting worldwide on Saturday afternoon.
The date is March 27th.
The year is 2021.
We live on a wondrous planet.
We live in an incredible universe.
We are just now beginning to discover only a tiny percentage of the incredible mysteries
At our consciousness.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Here with my intrepid crew.
Still on air, despite all the enemy attacks.
Thanks to you.
The Info War is a human struggle against tyranny.
Those that would shutter the doors of perception.
Those that would enslave us with lies and disinformation.
It was Christ that said, My people perish for lack of knowledge.
InfoWars has the knowledge.
InfoWars understands the Globalist program and InfoWars knows how to stop the New World Order.
I've been showing you some really powerful footage here that I know I've been enthralled by of drone footage, live feed footage and more from Iceland at this volcanic eruption that's captivated the world.
And we'll be coming back to that later in the hour.
And we'll also be looking at the hundreds of ships stranded in the Suez Canal.
One simple accident hurtling the world into potential depression.
Also constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is going to be joining us to talk about the waterfront.
Where the Democrats are going.
The next moves he thinks Biden and Co are going to pull with their plans to sign executive orders to begin registration and confiscation of firearms.
And war.
That is all coming up as well.
We're also going to premiere here in just about 15-20 minutes an exclusive piece of research built around my visit just this last Monday to one of the oldest and most powerful secret societies in the world, a branch of that secret society, the Illuminati, known as skull and bones, the order of death,
Number three, two, two.
And that directly ties to our top story today that I'm about to lay out in great detail.
Here's the headline.
Tucker Carlson, U.S.
military has gone full woke, waging war on those who disagree with them.
It's a very true statement.
And in this world of universal deceit and propaganda, as George Orwell said, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
But as I was just alluding to a moment ago, this system of wokeness, this system that tells us that Christians and Europeans and white people are inherently evil, are inherently bad, comes from the establishment, comes from the big banks, comes from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the British Royalty.
It comes out of the universities.
It comes out of Apple and Google and Facebook and Twitter and General Electric.
No corporation of any major size is allowed to operate unless they are wedded to this plan.
Whether you're in Australia or whether you're in the United States, you hear that white people are inherently bad.
You hear that men as
Half the human species are inherently evil and must apologize for our collective sin.
What is behind this?
Who is behind this?
Why are they doing it?
And how do we oppose it?
So I will give you the rest of the story here in just a moment.
But first, let's go to Tucker Carlson's piece from last night, Friday evening, the full video.
It's 14 minutes long.
It's posted to InfoWars.com.
A very important report, and I'm not taking away from what Tucker lays out here.
But if you don't know the rest of the story, if you don't know who's behind it, why they're doing it, how it's universal, and how it's the establishment pushing this, then we'll never have any hope of defeating it.
Only by collective awakening
To the plan behind this to end nation states, to end regional governments, to end cultures, to end all peoples under one corporate transhumanistic plan.
Only by realizing that can we defeat them.
So there is his report.
Tucker Carlson, U.S.
military has gone full woke, waging war on those who disagree with them.
Here it is.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Here's an amazing story.
Yesterday, the Pentagon's Special Operations Command made an announcement from its official Twitter account.
Special Operations Command is a very significant thing in the U.S.
military and in our country.
It oversees Delta Force, the SEAL teams, and the rest of our most celebrated, best trained, most lethal warfighters.
So the tweet announced that a man called Richard Torres Estrada is now the, quote, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion of America's Special Forces.
And they included his picture with the announcement.
Then, at the very top of its website, the Special Operations Command included a link to its extensive, it's quite long, new Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
Now, the one thing we know about that plan is that it will result in the dramatic lowering of standards within our elite ranks.
It probably already has.
So how will that make America safer?
Well, the generals never said you couldn't find that on the website.
Instead, they told us that, quote, all of us understand that diversity and inclusion are operational imperatives.
They didn't say how, they just said they're imperatives.
So this is the initiative that Richard Torres Estrada will be running.
So the question is, who exactly is Richard Torres Estrada?
Will his Facebook page give some indication of who he is?
On it, you will find an attack on the police as racists.
You'll find crude BLM propaganda.
You will find a photograph of Donald Trump holding a Bible in front of a church.
Next to Trump is a photograph of Adolf Hitler.
The point is, they're the same.
So this is the guy who now oversees hiring for the Navy SEALs.
If you're wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, you can consider that question settled for good.
The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles.
And that should concern you.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world rolls on and gets more menacing by the day.
Tonight, for example, the Suez Canal, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, is blocked by a strained container ship.
Was it an accident?
Maybe not.
We don't know.
What we do know is that the Suez Canal is vital to the world's economy.
That's not an overstatement.
The Suez Canal is one of only about a dozen strategic choke points that control virtually all global trade.
And now it's closed.
So this is a challenge to America's critical national interests.
How is the Pentagon responding to that?
Well, they're occupied with other things right now.
For the last month, the entire U.S.
military has been operating under a so-called stand-down order that was issued by the new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.
The defense contractor, now running the military.
Lloyd Austin believes the real threat to America is not the Chinese government or paralyzed global trade.
The real threat to this country is people who didn't vote for Joe Biden.
And if confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists.
The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies.
But we can't do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.
So Republicans voted to confirm him.
He is himself an extremist.
And they have said virtually nothing about Lloyd Austin since because they're paralyzed.
They're paralyzed because Lloyd Austin has no problem calling his opponents racist immediately.
Ridding our ranks of racists and extremists.
The key question is, how does Lloyd Austin define a racist or an extremist?
The definition matters.
This show has been denounced as a dangerous white supremacist organ for the crime of reading Martin Luther King's book.
All right, let's hit pause there.
We're going to go back to a few more minutes of this again.
The full 14-minute report is on Infowars.com and Fox Nation and everywhere else.
And everything he's saying is totally true.
The New York Times came out two days ago and said, I should be delisted off Google completely because I'm a white supremacist.
Now, even if I was a white supremacist, that shouldn't happen, but it's not even true.
And then they're the ones that lie about WMDs.
They're the ones that help cover up Obama shipping millions of guns into Syria for giant civil wars.
I mean, these are really bad people.
These are the folks that cover up for Apple and against slave camps, the worst in the world, in China with the Uyghurs and others.
So, the wokeness is a cover for their horrible anti-human activity.
And for levels of slavery never seen in history.
But that's only part of it.
And Tucker gets in to the fact that this is the establishment, this is the elite, this is their cover for all the bad things they're doing.
But who's behind it?
What's the plan?
Where is it going?
We're going to break more of that down for you in a moment.
Let's expand.
General Honore confiscated the guns all over Louisiana and Mississippi, went into high and dry neighborhoods that even had electricity, and stole people's guns.
They never got them back.
And now he is tasked with creating a new federal Praetorian Guard to, quote, wage war on Trump supporters, which are the largest voting bloc in this country, and we all know it.
Oh, narrowly lost by thousands of votes to Joe Biden.
Give me a break.
And all that fraud is coming out.
So again, China is about unifying.
If you try to divide China, they execute you.
I'm not saying do that.
We have a right to dissent here.
But our universities, our banks, our media are dividing us on purpose.
And we have a right to point that out.
But when we do, we get censored, we get shut down, we lose our bank accounts, we get kicked off all the platforms.
And now the New York Times, oh, and NPR.
Or calling for me to be thrown off my online shopping carts so I can't even sell products direct to you to stay on air.
So this really is a takeover.
And China's backing it, the globalists are backing it, they want America out of the way, and they're putting these idiot minions in charge to start a civil war, believing they're securing their takeover and their power, but really they're just securing the breakup of the country.
So Tucker sits back and sees all this incompetence and all these terrible things happening and says, these people are incompetent.
He's absolutely right.
But the rest of the equation is who is the group above them?
Well, you see, Tucker's smart.
He knows all this.
He's a self-made man, but you know, he comes from the Eastern establishment.
His dad was pro-America, but definitely part of it.
And he understands
That the rest of the story is about tragedy and hope.
And it's about skull and bones.
And it's about Bohemian Grove.
And it's about a bigger, larger plan.
And it's my job to popularize these truths to then introduce it to the general public so folks like Tucker Carlson can continue to then carry the ball.
And this isn't about InfoWars getting credit.
It's about you understanding InfoWars' role as listeners and viewers to be the ones that progenerate
Or who are the fount of the full compendium of how the entire system works.
Because it's good to expose that wokeness is a fraud.
It's good to expose it's racist and divisional.
It's good to expose it's making us weaker.
It's good to expose it helps our enemies.
But who put Communist China in power?
Who put V.I.
Lenin in power?
Who put Adolf Hitler in power?
I'm going to tell you, again, coming up in just a moment.
And Robert Barnes that went to Yale is also quite the historian.
He'll be able to comment it.
As well, but let's get back to Carlson, and then I'm going to lay out in a summation who's behind it, and I'm gonna name names, and how to stop them.
Then we're gonna get Barnes on after I air this important Skull & Bones exclusive.
Back to Tucker.
...government or paralyzed global trade, the real threat to this country is people who didn't vote for Joe Biden.
And if confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault.
And to rid our ranks of racists and extremists.
The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies.
But we can't do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.
So Republicans voted to confirm him.
He is himself an extremist.
And they have said virtually nothing about Lloyd Austin since because they're paralyzed.
They're paralyzed because Lloyd Austin has no problem calling his opponents racist immediately.
Ridding our ranks of racists and extremists.
The key question is, how does Lloyd Austin define a racist or an extremist?
The definition matters.
This show has been denounced as a dangerous white supremacist organ for the crime of reading Martin Luther King quotes on the air.
So it's worth finding out what those words mean.
But Lloyd Austin doesn't provide a definition.
And that's not accidental, because what you're seeing is not an attempt to make the military better, what you're seeing is a political purge of the military.
Consider what has been happening during the military's training on, quote, extremism.
A lot of enlisted soldiers have asked a pretty basic question.
Hey, wait a minute.
Weren't the BLM and Antifa rioters this summer?
Seems like they were.
They murdered people.
They murdered a lot more people than died at the Capitol on January 6th.
A lot more.
They burn businesses.
They wreck cities.
In some places, it took the National Guard to stop them.
So why aren't these people, quote, extremists?
Hmm, good question.
Well, a man called Ramon Colon Lopez was called in to explain why, to tell the troops why they were wrong.
Colón López is the senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
These questions, he conceded, are quote, coming from every echelon that we're talking to.
Some people may think, all right, so the events of 6th of January happened.
How come you're not looking at the situation that was going on in Seattle prior to that?
Well, yeah, exactly.
Kind of an obvious question.
Well, Ramon Colón López has an answer.
Actually, it's more of a threat.
Oh, in other words, if you ask questions like these obvious questions, you are by definition dangerous.
Colón López said he was working hard to, quote, make sure that military members understand the difference between Seattle and Washington, D.C.
All right, what are those differences exactly?
Well, here's one.
BLM, Colón López explained, is a, quote, social injustice organization, and therefore it's not extreme.
Also, quote, when the military called upon us to go ahead and support an effort in Washington, we did.
We never got called for the law enforcement issue that was happening in Seattle.
Oh, so the mayor of Seattle never called the National Guard to put down Antifa.
Therefore, Antifa is not an extremist organization.
Well, that's ludicrous, obviously.
In fact, it's not even true.
Actually, the National Guard did deploy to Seattle during the riots last summer, but whatever.
Colin Lopez's job isn't to make sense.
It's to send a political message from the Joe Biden administration.
We're in charge now.
And it's beyond that.
We're going to go back to a little bit more of this in a moment.
They have put globalist operatives in charge of the Pentagon, of the intelligence agencies, of the banking, of everything, because it's their political cover that when your lights go out because they cut your power off, they go, okay, it's okay, we got a bunch of minorities in the power positions, you can't criticize them, or you're racist, even though they're not even running anything.
It's the globalists using as a figurehead brown people.
So they say to whites, you're bad, you're evil, you've been mean to people, and if you don't do what we say, we're going to say you're mean to brown people.
And then they put brown people up there as their front operators to shut down all debate and all discussion.
It's super cold-blooded.
It's extremely exploitive.
But it's being done because it works.
Because a world government is being established and they are going to outlaw all indigenous cultures.
They're going to outlaw anyone having any real identity.
And then you must only accept the new global government, anti-God, anti-family, anti-human, post-human, trans-human identity.
And there'll be a new download every day of how you're supposed to behave and what you're supposed to do.
And if you don't submit to that, well then, you're the enemy.
And you'll have your social credit score cut off, you won't be able to get on an airplane, and you'll be starved to death.
And they know that once they domesticate everybody and everybody on the government dole, they'll have a giant army of people always ready to come up by the millions and burn down any city the second the globalist media tells them to.
And so we're being put into checkmate
Right now and it's absolutely got to be reversed.
It's also designed to make good people get out of the police and good people get out of the military.
Because they're not going to put up with this crap being told that they're bad because they're a Christian or they're bad because they're a man or they're bad because they're white and a man and straight.
And so once they leave, the vacuum is there, it's open, and in comes the vacuum, all of the George Soros district attorneys, all the George Soros attorney generals, all of the globalist operatives.
And now they can persecute whoever they want.
Now their criminals are above the law.
And now they've taken over the local government.
The last thing to fall is the federal government.
They've already done that by election fraud.
So this country is in total red level crisis.
And one of the few people at a major level fighting it is Tucker Carlson, and we're very, very blessed that he's there.
And he goes through all this and he shows the lies, but that's the litmus test.
You basically must pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, say that they're not bad people.
Well, of course not.
I mean, we were told by Joy Behar and Congressman Nadler they don't exist.
But then four citizens dying and one cop having a heart attack is Pearl Harbor and the end of the world.
And an insurrection, and so we need permanent troops and barbed wire and all the rest of it to keep us safe.
While the border is wide open, though.
It's incredible.
But I'm going to talk about who's behind it and what their total endgame here is in just a moment.
Then we'll get Robert Barnes on to break this down after the Skull & Bones report that ties into all this.
But first, let's get a few more minutes from the Tucker Carlson report.
Actually, the National Guard did deploy to Seattle during the riots last summer, but whatever.
Colin Lopez's job isn't to make sense.
It's to send a political message from the Joe Biden administration.
We're in charge now.
This week, we spoke to a DEA agent who was fired for being in Washington on January 6th.
He didn't riot.
He never even went into the Capitol building.
In fact, he defended the cops outside against the rioters.
He's on video doing that, but it didn't matter.
He didn't vote for Joe Biden, so he's gone.
And he's hardly alone.
Earlier this month, the FBI arrested a man from Oklahoma called Anthony Alfred Griffith.
According to the FBI, here's Anthony Alfred Griffith's crime.
He walked into the Capitol building, threw open doors, and took pictures.
Then he handed those pictures to federal investigators.
Here's the FBI's criminal complaint against Griffith.
It accuses him, quote, of witnessing multiple people trying to break down a door.
Oh, he saw it happen.
So for the crime of witnessing other people of trying to break down a door, Anthony Alfred Griffith now faces seven years in prison.
But don't worry, people like Anthony Alfred Griffith, our leaders tell us, are extremists, they're white supremacists, and our military needs to be laser focused on making certain that no one who votes like these people do can ever serve in the armed forces again.
We absolutely need to look at any type of white supremacists that are still members of the military and how they're being targeted for recruitment by white supremacist groups.
And we need to weed this out.
This whole idea of police officer on police officer violence with those officers who have been turned by white extremists is really scary.
That's enough of her.
And the rest of the report just gets better.
Again, it's at Infowars.com.
Most of you have probably already seen it.
But both Duckworth and the next racist lady they get on say that men should never have a right to speak, no men that are white men should ever be in government unless they're gay.
These are the incredibly racist, bizarre, tribal statements out of these women that have the full power of the banks, the media, the universities, the system behind them because they're here to destroy this country.
So that's where all this is going.
The left wants to purge every institution.
And they're going to threaten you and make you agree with them on their policies of open border and high taxes and regulations and the sell out of our technology to China.
Or you're going to be called a racist, but it doesn't do anything when they call you a racist.
You don't care because it's not true.
But now the corporations gang up and they persecute you and give you a low social credit score, which is already in place.
Well, do you think it's going to get any better?
By submitting to this type of bullying and tyranny.
No, you know, we've already gone off the edge of the cliff here.
It only gets worse the more we submit.
And that leads me to the key point that Carlson made there, because he made almost every point, except the historical understanding of where all this comes from.
And I understand he knows his audience isn't ready for that.
It would make it too complex, but I will do that here.
But notice the key thing he explained about that man who
Defended the police against the few of the rioters who lost his job got in trouble or the next gentleman that took photos of people rioting Gave it to the feds and they were so hungry to indict more people they indicted him So now if you see a robbery and call the police I guess and you got a surveillance camera, but you go to jail
That is just the frothing behavior of the Justice Department doing 60 minutes interviews saying, oh, we know it's sedition.
We know it's insurrection.
We know Trump and Roger Stone and Jones ran it all.
We're going to get them.
And we've ordered the FBI to go out and discover those facts.
People tell me, they go, Jones, are you nervous?
No, not at all.
It's like they found a dead girl in Wisconsin, you know, and they, Jones, you're under investigation for killing a dead girl in Wisconsin.
Well, I'm not worried about it because I don't know any girl in Wisconsin.
That's just a hypothetical.
The only thing I'm guilty of on the 6th is being set up by the deep state globalists who brag in Time Magazine how they set and provocateured the whole damn thing up with the Q operatives.
But let's just continue here.
He talked about how the man just for being there and seeing it was guilty.
Well, it gets worse.
Less than 2% of Southerners owned slaves at the end of the Civil War.
That was about the peak the whole time.
Only rich landowners had slaves.
Rich farmers.
How do you say today then have reparations
When A, 98% of people don't have any connection to slavery and then B, more than half the country came here and immigrated here after the Civil War.
In fact, it's almost double came in after the Civil War what came in previously.
So then how do you blame those people?
How do you blame somebody from Ukraine?
Or somebody from Georgia, or somebody from Russia, or somebody from Italy, whose grandparents moved here in 1902 or whatever, and then now they're a great, great grandkid, and they own a business, and they need to pay reparations to black people, most of which also didn't have answers.
I mean, the idea that, look, if your dad, when you're 10 years old, goes and robs a bank and kills people, no one blames you.
Everybody knows you're not to blame.
If your mother,
Was a heroin dealer, and people took heroin and died of overdoses when you were 15.
You had no idea.
You're not in trouble.
No one even thinks of that.
The idea that, oh, you are a Trump supporter, so you're a terrorist too.
Or, oh, you're a man, and all sex is rape, so you've got to apologize for the whole history of how bad men are.
Saying our species is bad.
Saying one half of our race is bad.
And the idea that, here it is right here.
Australia school forces young boys to collectively apologize to female classmates for sexism and rape.
It's direct links to the Australian universities, governments, all of it.
And this is what's taught at universities.
People say, oh, that's a bunch of quacks.
I mean, I mean, I remember when I was in college, they were teaching all sex is rape.
And it was always weird, ugly feminist girls going around saying it all day that they were just mad that men didn't pay them any attention.
And they were always trying to horn in and like, you know, pick up your girlfriend or whatever.
And, you know, pissed when your girlfriend wouldn't go with them at the pool wall.
They were just trying to be men.
It's like, hey lady, I'm not mad at you that you like girls.
I like girls too.
It's just that you want to be a man just like the men becoming trans want to be women.
And all it is, is an act of domination.
We're good to go.
But on its face, everyone knows it is a crime to teach young boys, ages young as 5, 6, 7, 8 years old and right up to college, that because you're a man, you're a boy, because of your biology, you are inherently bad.
That is insane and criminal.
But it's done from the universities, from the system, from the power structure.
To tell everybody you're not just bad because you're a man, you're even worse because you're white.
But it's okay, you can be in government if you're trans.
Who's obsessed with sterilizing boys as young as five.
That's not a horror book character.
That's not somebody out of a horror movie.
That's not a nightmare novel.
No, no, that's your loving deputy head of Health and Human Services.
Australia's school forces young boys to collectively apologize to female classmates for sexism and rape.
So, I mean, I guess because Jeffrey Dahmer killed people, you need to apologize for that, too, if you're a human.
That's criminal.
And that's what these Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, the Soviets, would do when they took over a country.
It's what they did in South Africa.
It's pure communism.
It's pure evil.
And it's getting you to denounce yourself and say you're bad in front of everyone.
And then comes the physical purging and the physical murder of those that declare themselves bad in front of all these idiots.
The Brouwer College Secondary School in Victoria, Australia has come under fire this week after it was revealed that 12-year-old male students were forced to stand and apologize to female classmates on behalf of the entire male gender alone for societal sexism and rape.
You think, oh, that's isolated.
Oh, like the cops and the feds bowing to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
And that wasn't enough.
They said, lay on your belly.
You see?
Here's another one.
Oh, guys, pull this article up.
I want to show people.
It's on Infowars.com.
List of suspects committing anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City contains zero white people.
So the crime statistics shown nationwide is the rarest form of crime is white on Asian.
The most common form of crime is black on black, next black on Asian, then black on Hispanic, then black on white.
And then white on white is after that.
People usually kill who they're close to.
There it is.
List of suspects committing anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City contains zero!
But oh!
Doesn't matter, we've shown you footage here a few weeks ago of big rallies against white supremism to quote stop attacks on the Asians.
The Washington Post had to do a correction.
Updates headline that claimed there was no migrant surge.
They said, quote, no one's there.
Nothing's happening.
That gas lighting blew up in their face.
So they had to retract it.
Here's another example.
Oakland to give 500 a month to minorities, but not to whites.
Again, putting discrimination into the very code of everything so they can discriminate however else they want.
It's not because they want to help blacks.
I guarantee you the strings attached to that are going to be deadly.
Inoculation, all of it.
They said tie inoculation to it.
And oh, meanwhile, George Floyd died with enough fentanyl, they said, to kill three people.
He was dying when the cop held him down, when he asked to be put on the ground.
I'm not defending any of what transpired.
But now George Floyd
Blacks called on him because he was reportedly passing fake bills and threatening people and going nuts on drugs.
He's a big guy.
They all knew him well.
Cop knew him well.
Worked with him in a nightclub.
And they said because somebody at a whole display about him put a paper out showing his toxicology report, they said that whoever did the insult, Floyd deserved to die.
No, CNN said that.
They were showing that he had enough in his body to kill three people.
And that was the cause of death as ruled by the coroner.
Fatal level of fentanyl.
Oh, that means he deserved to die.
No, that means he killed himself.
The Chinese killed him.
The Chinese communist.
All right, we're going to get Robert Barnes on after I air this special report.
We'll be talking about all of this and a lot more, but this is very serious.
Well, this is now the main operating system of the Pentagon to purge it.
And it's extremely dangerous, and it's got to be resisted at every level.
We have a globalist beachhead, a stolen election.
They know they stole it.
They have a job to wreck the economy, wreck the borders, wreck the dollar.
And they know the public's going to figure out that they're being wrecked.
Their prescription drug prices just tripled.
All of it is coming out.
So what is the rest of the story?
Well, watch this report on Skull & Bones.
And when we come back in a few minutes before Barnes is on, I will give you the rest of the story encapsulated in a nutshell of why all this divide and conquer is happening and who's behind it and who's doing it and what their plan is.
And is it to really liberate everybody or is it to do something else?
And I think you already know what that plan is and how we can defeat it.
Robert Barnes also went to Yale.
He can speak to 3-2-2.
It all ties together.
So you know their game plan.
You know what they're doing.
But who are they and then what comes after this system is put in place?
What's the endgame?
I was there at Yale on 3-2-2.
Didn't even think about it until we got back the next day and Robbie pointed it out.
Here is the report and then Robert Barnes joins us to lay out so much.
Please stay with us.
We're playing a little guessing game right now.
Where am I in the United States?
Well, I'm on the East Coast and I'm in the state of Connecticut in a college town of New Haven and a very important historical site to any American that wants to understand the true elites that run this country and much of the world.
So what we have is a secret society which over the last hundred and fifty years has accumulated
About 2,500 members, of whom perhaps 500 are alive today.
Of this 500, perhaps 100 are actively in pursuit of the objectives of the Order.
It's not another college fraternal society.
You have been chosen to become members of America's most secret society.
For over a hundred years, Skull & Bones members have included a president, vice presidents, Supreme Court justices, congressmen and senators, captains of science and industry, the very best of America.
And there she blows.
One of the most famous secret societies in the world.
The most famous here in the United States.
That's the Order of Death.
Lodge 322 of Skull and Bones set up in 1832 by the Russell Trust out of Germany.
That was the trust that controlled the major global opium trade.
And out of this has come at least three presidents, a bunch of Supreme Court justices, you name it, out of this organization right here, the Order of Death.
It's not the only secret society here in New Haven, Connecticut at Yale.
Yale University is 300 years old this year and were you to visit its campus you would see that it still has exotic clubhouses.
Which look like tombs where Yale's legendary secret societies meet.
Their prestige and importance have largely evaporated but the rituals are still a secret.
So here we are at Skull and Bones in amongst all this classic gothic architecture.
That's really the ruins of the old republic.
We have another entrance to Skull and Bones and back over that wall in that courtyard is where ABC News
Talk the footage of them doing a satanic ritual dedicated to Satan.
Okay, you have the doorway here.
Okay, then to the right, you have a hedge, and then you have an evergreen tree.
If you follow that line straight back, the courtyard's in there.
Ah, okay.
So... So that's where they have the ceremonies, isn't it?
The outdoor part of it.
Part of it was indoors.
So we only got to see the outdoor part.
We only got to... and listen to the outdoor part.
God only knows what went on indoors.
And what did you hear?
What was it you knew?
You managed to get this unique... Oh, it was disgusting!
It was gross.
I mean, they were pretending to murder people, and... What was the tone of it, though?
Was it jokey, or was it quite... No, it wasn't jokey at all.
It was... it was sick.
That's about the only way I can describe it.
It was sick.
What you're hearing is the first recording ever made of the Skull & Bones initiation ceremony.
It has never been broadcast before.
Through this gate is where they do the rituals.
Through this gate is where the country's future controllers are put together to carry out very dark, twisted acts to cement them in the darkness of a cult.
Fifteen new members of the club are being introduced into the macabre rituals of skull and bones by the senior students who are about to graduate.
The club has what some might see as a strange fascination with death, skulls and bones.
There's the chance to
A lot of sites claim to be historical, but Skull & Bones is extremely historical.
Nobody knew anything about it until during the Senator Frank Church Committee hearings back in the 1970s, Charlotte Isserby, who was a daughter of a Skull & Bones member, leaked
You understand that whatever we discuss here doesn't leave this room?
Of course.
We'll eventually get in love with this war.
Not because we want to, but because we have to and we should.
The President has asked me to look into creating a foreign intelligence service, and if that happens, I'll be looking for patriotic, honorable, bright young men from the right backgrounds to manage the various departments.
You'd be trained and commissioned in the Army and posted overseas.
If it's something you're interested in, you'd have to be ready to leave at a moment's notice.
I don't want your answer now.
Just think about it.
But this isn't a bunch of fraternity boys sitting around playing with their pricks.
This is for real.
For America.
It was President Taft who took over Bohemian Grove in Northern California and turned it into an offshoot of Skull & Bones for the graduates to go to and conduct some of the same rituals.
And that's on record in their own annals.
So when people think about Bohemian Grove that I really popularized, made more famous when I infiltrated it in the year 2000,
This is where they send their young people to get them into the sex orgies and the Satanism and the channeling demonic spirits up front.
So this is just kind of the hors d'oeuvre before they get sent off to the other German death cults.
In fact, if you go back, Men in Power as a Political Retrospective was written by Helmut Schmidt, who was German Chancellor back when it was still West Germany, and he said, oh I love the groves we have in Germany where we do our druidic rituals, but he said,
What they have at Bohemian Grove is my favorite offshoot of our Lodge 322.
So this is a lodge of really a druidic, we call it a German death cult, but really it's a druidic death cult.
So you see the Nazis wearing the Order of the Deathshead skull and the lightning bolts.
This is not a Nazi lodge.
The Nazis were a lodge of this.
But you're not going to see the ADL or Southern Poverty Law Center talking about that.
They're too busy giving George Soros, a Nazi collaborator, and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger awards because they're actual Nazis.
Here it is.
This is a group that predates the Nazis, but of the same order of death.
Order of the death said is actually its true term.
But they don't have little skull and crossbows like a pirate.
It wears a crown.
And so that's their mascot, is a skull with a crown on it, and then two crossbows.
And again, it means that you're all their slaves, and that you all deserve to be their slaves, and that you are basically subhuman.
And so here they are, ladies and gentlemen, they finance the Third Reich, everything.
And just like Bill Gates' dad, they're not in any trouble.
Skull and Bones, the Order at Yale, 15 of them selected out of every junior class.
They paid.
Wall Street financed Hitler, financed Stalin, creating communism, which is what they did.
That's all very bad, and Skull and Bones is all involved in that, with the Order.
They concerned the build-up of the three types of socialism, Bolshevik socialism in Russia,
What we might call Welfare Socialism in the United States and Hitlerian or National Socialism.
And each book examines the financing and the contributions made by Wall Street by international bankers to the development of that specific form of Socialism.
It also was involved in changing the American education system from a classical academic, brain-oriented thinking, destroying that, and imposing an animal training method, which Skull and Bones were deeply involved in, and I think I would just say, the
...only entity at that time, deeply involved, and managed to bring that wretched system of operant conditioning, Pavlov skin or whatever you want to call it, animal training, out of the laboratory in Leipzig, Germany, Wilhelm Wundt, and get it adopted by leading American educators.
My father and grandfather were members of the order.
Skull and Bones was put together by William Russell in 1830.
Secret Society at Yale University.
And the connections with Germany are pretty extensive.
In the Illuminati, of course, was Bavarian Marxist society based on destroying the family, destroying the church, which at that time was Catholicism.
I have, you know, the Proofs of Conspiracy by Robeson, an original copy of that, and it says right in there, you know, where the order
It's interesting, the order, right?
The goal was to, just as I said, down with the family, down with the royalty.
At that time, governments were royalty and they were religious.
That was Western European, right?
Down with nationalism, get rid of countries, drop borders, drop borders!
I mean, and people think that that's new?
Inside that building, they have the skull of Geronimo that they stole, President Martin Van Buren, and others.
But that's not the most important part.
They lay in coffins and are reborn and channel these spirits.
They also tell each other all their deepest, darkest secrets.
So this is literally a satanic sex cult that was all male before because they would engage in homosexual sex acts.
But now the girls get to be involved in this organization, and then they're part of this cult that goes forward.
Into the future, building their final aim, their final goal.
And what is their final goal?
Well, that they be kings of the earth and rule over us, the slaves.
But don't look for CNN or MSNBC to criticize this organization.
No, no, no.
They're there to create dissension and divide and conquer amongst the people.
Not actually go after really corrupt, evil organizations that actually supported the Nazis before World War II.
But it's okay because they let girls in now, so it's alright.
Perlin Geronimo is the warrior's great-grandson.
He and other descendants are suing Yale University and the secret society known as the Order of Skull and Bones, claiming Geronimo's skull was stolen back in 1918 by Yale students, members of the secret order.
One of the alleged grave robbers, Yaley Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of Presidents 41 and 43.
For decades, members called Bonesmen dismissed the suggestion as a hoax.
But a Bonesman's letter written in 1918, discovered two years ago at Yale, suggests otherwise.
Quote, the skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible exhumed, now safe inside the T. T is believed short for the Tomb, the Bonesman's private club.
Now we just saw a young lady go in there and do a little passcode and opened up, she went in.
We're free Americans, there's not a gate here.
We're gonna go knock on the door and see if they invite us into their castle.
Or into their tomb, as it's called.
There's a code system on the door.
I wonder what 666 to enter.
Look, you've got like a old safe door right there.
Hi, it's Alex Jones!
I was just here selling encyclopedia subscriptions.
Actually, I'm a contact tracer!
You were both in Skull and Bones, The Secret Society.
It's so secret we can't talk about it.
What does that mean for America?
The conspiracy theorists are going to go wild.
I'm not sure they are.
I don't know.
I haven't seen the web.
Number 322?
You both were members of Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale.
What does that tell us?
Not much, because it's a secret.
Is there a secret handshake?
Is there a secret code?
I wish there were something secret I could manifest.
A secret number?
There are all kinds of secrets, Tim, but one thing is not a secret.
I disagree with this president's direction that he's taking the country.
We can do a better job, and I intend to do it.
So we thought we'd come by and see if anybody's home, bang on the tomb door, and I guess everybody
I guess everybody's asleep inside there right now.
Everything's fine inside the tomb.
Well, make sure you're locked and snug into your little tomb.
That'll be a good place for you into eternity here.
We're all going to take our COVID mRNA vaccines and get cancer.
Something tells me you're not going to be taking your cancer shots.
All right, well, cheerio, old fellas!
Have fun inside your tomb while you wrestle around in feces.
Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
And we've got some folks here.
Yes, I know they mainly meet on Thursdays for official meetings, but they're inside right now.
Former Bonesman!
Living or dead?
Living, but you'd better hurry.
Engage cloaking device.
Nothing relaxes me like a stiff drink from the skull of Martin Van Buren.
Care for some Pancho Villa?
Has everything in this school surrendered to diversity?
I could start my own college.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We can't talk business in here.
Just general schemes for world domination.
Fraternal handshake.
Oh, alright.
You are on my radar.
Here we are under this amazing cathedral with this incredible chimes coming out of it.
And just a few hundred yards away is Skull and Bones, a temple to global secret societies, a temple to the CIA.
It was this organization on record that helped found the CIA in 19...
And we only know about this because of Charlotte Isby, whose father, on his deathbed, confessed to her the secrets of Skull & Bones and gave her the secret documents that she gave them to Anthony Sutton with the Senate report.
And that's the reason we even know about Skull & Bones.
That's why it's important for reporters to expose Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, the secrets of the Davos Crip in Bilderberg.
Because that's how we understand that these groups organize and try to use their power to consolidate more power over us.
They're the people behind the Great Reset.
They're the people behind the big globalist power grab.
And again, that's why we're here, truly speaking truth to power, and trying to just get the population aware of the fact that these things do exist.
That's why we're here.
Guests of the New World Order!
All here!
And nobody gets a selfie with Skull and Bones in the background.
Throughout the ages, every human culture has noticed that there are strange things that happen.
There's something about timing in the universe, serendipity, synchronicity, clairvoyance.
Everyone recognizes that there's something going on.
There's something hidden.
That's what the occult means.
We were in Connecticut on a totally separate matter, myself and just two members of the crew.
And upon returning on 3-2-3-21, Rob Dew, one of my oldest crew members and the cameraman that shot the footage you've just watched,
said, Alex, do you realize that we were in Connecticut and went to Skull and Bones for the first time ever on 322?
Which is their high holy number.
And they also conduct some of their most bizarre rituals reportedly on 322.
So imagine we show up there literally on a lark realizing that the tomb is down the road and it's on the day of their high holy day.
You see, there's a power in the universe bigger than the globalist, bigger than the satanist.
It's called God.
And it's real.
They want to play God, but they're not God.
If you want to see our censored films on my infiltration of Bohemian Grove 21 years ago, it's called Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
It's absolutely free at Band.Video in the Infowars Films section, along with an updated film with even more footage and a new infiltration five years later in 2005.
That film is titled The Order of Death.
Find both films for free at BAN.VIDEO and share them because knowledge is power!
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
That's right, my friends.
So there is that very important 17-minute report.
It's posted at man.video.
I hope you will share it.
Because a lot of people aren't aware of who's ruling over them.
And it's very simple.
Modern psychology was being developed 250 years ago in Germany.
Adam Weishaupt, who was the head of a major department at a college, also a Jesuit priest,
Had a plan to overthrow the church and overthrow the elites, overthrow the royalty, and set up their own organization.
And their own documents got captured by the Germans, the Austrians.
It came out, they admitted it was historic, and they set up other lodges around the world to help set up their Illuminati plan.
And Thomas Jefferson wrote about this, George Washington, you can type in George Washington's letters, National Archives, Library of Congress have dozens of letters, there's actually hundreds of letters, but dozens on the Illuminati and how they tried to take over the American Revolution and the French Revolution and how bad they were and how they really wanted absolute power and total control and how they hated George Washington.
So this was known at the time, mainstream news at the time.
Hundreds and hundreds of books that I know of were written on it at the time.
And then later, like, proves of this conspiracy that we just covered earlier.
And so it's people claiming brotherhood of man, empowerment of humanity, but they're only doing it so they get control of society.
And so they can say, oh, don't question our slave camps, you're racist.
Or, oh, don't question open borders, you're racist.
Or, don't question the Pentagon coming to confiscate your guns.
Look, all the generals coming to confiscate your guns.
General Honore and General Austin.
Well, they're black!
So if you don't turn your guns in while you're fighting black people, I mean, it's very elementary really.
But the very same group that came out in Senate hearings from the hundreds of documents and dozens of books and annals that her father and grandfather had, two generations of skull and bones.
So her grandfather was only like, she's really old now, probably almost 90 now.
Her grandfather was only like second generation skull and bones.
Her dad was third generation.
So this goes way back, folks.
And it was all there and confirmed.
And then people broke into the tomb several times and everything was in her analysis and in their books.
It was their books.
It was true.
And so they're totally cold-blooded.
They're total sociopaths.
They're total psychopaths.
Not all of them, but the group recruiting is at the top.
She said her dad was a good guy and later repented when he was dying of cancer and gave her the information.
I forgot that part.
So it was a good guy like Darth Vader throwing Palpatine down the mine shaft or down the reactor shaft or you know the thief and the murderer on the cross and one believes and one doesn't.
You can always get redemption if you still have any soul left.
But that's where this came from and so we know and it's all about
How they were going to go and exploit all the minorities and all the other groups by leading them, but also dominate everybody else and how they wanted absolute control and domination over everyone and how they worship brutality and lies and fraud and deception.
See, if those of us that want to be chivalrous and honest and good and real, and we're guilty when we're jerks, we're guilty when we're bad, we're guilty when we revert to animalistic things because we know it's out of control and we know our family will be treated like that as well.
And there's these people that love it, that totally give into it.
I mean, my God, if I gave into evil, look out!
It's thrilling, it's exhilarating to not care.
It's a power trip, but you're cut off from God, and once you're connected to God, it's so much better, but bigger, but painful.
The Bible says, with great knowledge comes great pain.
But it hurts so good.
But I stuck my toe into evil.
They have all the little subdivisions and subgroups.
This is just one group of the Illuminati, one group of the Satanists.
The Illuminati itself is just another satanic order.
And then they try to recruit me.
I mean, they know who to recruit.
And so we're in God's society and it shouldn't be a secret or hidden.
It's out in the open of love and goodness, but also standing up for right and not being a coward and saying no.
And so when I said, oh, Tucker's telling you a lot, but not the rest of the story.
He's telling you all about it, doing a great job, all these facets, how they're liars, how it's a fraud, how it's the elite doing it, how it's the establishment.
But people really need to get the next phase of it, of the AI takeover, the post-human world, the synthetic humans.
All of this was the plan that they were going to transcend their human bodies, promised them by Satan thousands of years ago in Egypt, eternal life.
Genesis 3.2.2.
The promise of that, but artificially, not through the spirit transcending to God, but through the artificiality of the replication of the human, the clone, and the genetic engineering nightmare and what that gives rise to.
We've been down this path before.
It's on our first rodeo.
To the Sumerian texts, the Babylonian texts, the Egyptian texts, all of them.
This is a big deal.
We're about to repeat it again.
And just like Texas froze a few weeks ago and suddenly is all green, you forget the volcanoes, and the explosions, and the comets, and the death, and the civilizations, and Atlantis, and all of that.
Not just here, but other worlds.
And it's the secret societies trying to keep you from your destiny, keep you from your background, keep you from who you are.
But Satan fell to this planet.
Was marooned here as our tester, but we came from God who is in the stars.
And that's what the secret societies don't want you to know.
They want you to interface with their lie so you never discover your birthright and who you are instead of being tested and going to the next level.
And so to discuss more of the details of America's secret ruling class in this long-term strategic divide and conquer plan,
is constitutional lawyer and, of course, a former Yalie who resigned out of the school in protest to what they were doing.
My good friend, constitutional lawyer, but also a really smart man and a great historian, Robert Barnes.
So Barnes, I happen to just already be up in Connecticut on another matter that you know about, but others don't.
And then I said, hey, why don't we just go to Yale?
And I go there and the day after we were there at Skull and Bones, Rob Dew said, did you realize we're there on 3-2-2?
So that was a very strange coincidence or synchronicity, serendipity.
But getting into this, getting into the woke military, the left, everyone that doesn't agree with taking down America as a racist, this is coming from the establishment.
This is coming from the elites.
How do we defeat this?
How do we expose this?
How do we get all Americans to come together and see that the oldest trick in the book, whether it was the great game and
Yeah, well it's one of the oldest games in the book, is to be able to divide and conquer.
You can only conquer if you divide.
In fact, to a certain degree, when I was at Yale, was around the time that Skull and Bones started determining who could get in based on their status.
So in fact, I mean, I knew a buddy of mine who was going to pretend to be gay just to get into Skull and Bones because they were instituting a quota system at Skull and Bones.
So if you fit this demographic, that demographic, this group, this group, is sort of where wokeism as an ideology in terms of empowerment started, sort of grew out of, was out of things like that.
That you could become part of the elite, but only if you fit within a certain demographic group, characteristic group,
So your power isn't your individualism, or your music, or your literature, or your hard work, or your culture, or your cuisine, or your anything.
It's all about what group you're in.
So this is literally just us devolving back to cavemen, back to boobies, back to pirates, back to freebooters, back to gangs.
I used to call it, you know, it's two different things.
It's dividing people into tribalism, but it's also buying off potential sources of dissent.
Because the way I used to put it when I was at Yale was, what would happen if Nat Turner could have got a scholarship to Harvard, the great leader of the slave rebellion in Virginia?
He doesn't lead a slave rebellion.
So that one of the things was identifying potential dissident groups within society and trying to buy off or pick off its potential leadership that could lead a dissent, any form of dissent, and try to co-opt them into the system.
So it's operating at two levels.
It's operating to divide people by identifying them by status rather than skill, and at the same time picking off potential dissident groups who, because of their life experience, might otherwise be a threat to the system or the establishment.
So it achieved both in one clean stroke.
Let's spend a few minutes on your personal experience at Yale.
We're showing folks one of the local news articles about it.
It became a pretty big issue.
Give us that little piece of history.
Sure, so when I was at Yale I used to like to go to the old Yale library because the library, there was a bunch of masons, old school workers, who were on strike and their labor conditions were bad in the late 1900s and they basically had to build that library under protest and what they did is they etched into the actual architecture of the building inside these different little mini sculptures mocking the rich and the powerful and mocking Yalies.
Most Yalies were totally oblivious to it, so I enjoyed the sort of irony of it.
And when I was there, I used to read different magazines and publications and sort of did a mini Alex Jones, read the white papers before other people read the white papers.
And what I was doing was I came across the Yale Alumni Monthly magazine and they were floating the idea of basically changing Yale from anybody who could
Even if you couldn't afford it, if you could get in, they made sure there was full need-based financial aid and there was need-blind admission, so you weren't discriminated against if you were poor.
They were floating the idea of getting rid of both of those doctrines, of discriminating against people solely because they were poor in the admissions process and then denying them the ability to go to Yale using the scholarships and financial aid that were present there.
So, I and a group of Yalies decided to form a protest organization about it.
I ended up being very big on campus, meeting with all 19 deans of Yale.
While I was there, I got to mini-experience the whole system, because while I was there, I had various high-level deans of different parts of Yale basically pitch me that I could have my, if I just played ball and pretended that they reformed everything and sat on some bogus committee, then they would make sure I got into Yale Law School and then I could have the nice, you know, work at the Kravitz-Swain
So that's what the wokeism is all about, fake reform, but actually things become more imperial, more corrupt, more oppressive.
It's much like the way for people to think of it is look at how the post-colonial governments treated, or how the post-colonial African governments were treated by the West, by their prior colonial overlords.
All they did was give them the perception and image of independence while co-opting them and actually having more power than they had when they were colonial.
That's right.
That's to show your knowledge.
That's the Cecil Rhodes Roundtable Group model that then was adopted in the U.S.
as the Council on Foreign Relations.
Explain that.
You take down the imperial flag, but you put puppets in that look like the locals but are controlled.
I mean, we've sort of done this in a lot of urban politics, where the political machine stepped back and had African American mayors take over in the name of black leadership.
But then what we found is that those leaders were actually more co-opted than the people that came before them.
And all the problems that existed previously were still there.
So we've experienced in our own American political life.
But in Africa, they did to an expert degree.
So putting in people who are nominally rebels, nominally revolutionaries, nominally independent people, were from Africa, represented various groups within the particular country, but in fact were co-opted to serve the interests of the colonial empire, even more so than the colonial empire could do for its own sake.
And the system is genius at recreating this and recrafting this.
When I was at Yale, that was the pitch to all of us who were part of it.
I decided the only way I could get my message out was to leave in protest.
So I wrote an article leaving in protest, explaining why.
And luckily that signal was so unusual, so unexpected, so unanticipated.
And the reason this is so important is Yale and Harvard are microcosms of the entire system.
Xi Jinping sends his daughter to Harvard, others send them to Yale, and so we look at it as a joke of wokeism, but really it's a model of psychological control.
And look what just came out last year.
Or two years ago, they're now winning lawsuits.
In fact, speak to that, where they secretly said Asians aren't smart.
We should block Asians from admission.
Just because you do good on math or on spelling or engineering doesn't matter because we have new woke systems, new woke IQ systems that they secretly had created off of your wokeness.
I mean, it's just bizarre.
It's not about empowering minorities or anybody.
It's about fully controlling them.
Oh, absolutely.
They don't want independent.
I knew someone who actually turned down Skull and Bones because he understood he's Puerto Rican and understood that and stayed a Puerto Rican dissident in his whole political life to this day because he understood what was happening.
But most don't.
I mean, what it is, it's co-opting members of potential dissident groups to make sure they play ball.
And that's what their whole admissions policy is based on.
It's mostly rooted in, you know, helping the powerful and the privileged stay powerful and privileged and recycling.
I mean, that's why George W. Bush, you know, could be a yealy.
He was a perfect indicator that it was not a place of meritocracy.
It was a place of power and privilege.
And now look at how the left, now look at how the left love war and love torture and they've been totally co-opted.
I mean, the original creators of the National Security State were all Ivy Leaguers and predominantly Yalie.
I wrote about it when I was there at Yale.
All the founders of the OSS and the CIA and the original National Security Council were almost all universally Yalies.
Many of them met in a secret literary society.
That they created at Yale.
And that's where the initial foundation of the national security state were four guys who helped form a particular secret society at Yale, and that's where the CIA was born.
There's a statute to Nathan Hale in only two places in America.
One, the center campus of the CIA.
The other, the center of old campus at Yale.
And that's not a coincidence.
They used to say that you could know a CIA people would get together when they were singing a Yale whippin' poof song like they sing at Maury's, the old club there.
So that's the, it's deeply entrenched and institutionalized within the power structure.
Its job is to keep recreating the power structure and discrimination against, it's not only discrimination against Asians, it's discrimination against a wide range of people who just don't fit what the power structure wants.
The power structure thinks we only need this many Asians and they're mostly focused, like Georgetown is part of this too, is picking off the elite of foreign countries.
They're not interested in, they're interested in, geez kids,
They're interested in, I mean, Kim Jong-un sent his kids to Switzerland elite academies for the same purpose.
That's what they're interested in.
They're not interested in actual racial empowerment or economic empowerment or disadvantaged empowerment.
It's buying off dissent so that they don't get problems from communities that they are fearful of.
Well said.
It's so important to understand though that Skull & Bones adopted German psychology and was a
Chapter of Adam Weishaupt, Ingolstadt University, Order of the Illuminati.
I mean, that's in real history books.
The general public sees all these TV shows and movies and thinks it's like a cartoon or something.
But I know you've studied that.
Explain to people your understanding of the Illuminati and then these Germanic death cults that basically grew out of it.
I want to be clear, it's not Germans that are to blame.
It was just they used your druidic
We're good to go.
They are obsessed with various aspects of the occult and they celebrate that.
They like to incorporate that as a sense of empowerment.
The ultimate objective is to be able to cheat death.
The tomb still exists at Skull and Bones.
You can't see in.
When I was there, you walked by it almost every day at campus.
So it has this sort of ominous tone and this ominous power symbol.
People that are brought in, you're still laid out in the coffin.
As if you're dead.
And the point is that now you owe your allegiance.
I call it cotton ball culture, just taken to a whole different level.
So in the South, they used to do cotton balls to allow when 17, 18 year olds were sort of coming out.
And really, the cotton balls were limited to the elite.
And the goal was to let the elite know, their kids, you're part of a different group than everybody else.
Everybody else isn't like you.
And to acculturate them to a mindset that they should rule and dominate other people, and that they should be fearful of the people that are not part of that group.
And Yale just takes that to an entirely different level with organizations like Skull and Bones.
That you physically re-experience sort of a death experience where you're reborn now as a bonesman.
You're no longer who you were.
You're no longer what you were.
You're now part of them.
You identify with them.
You owe your allegiance to them.
And they reciprocate.
You're guaranteed certain income every year for the rest of your life.
You're guaranteed certain political protection.
And the degree that exists, I think people would be shocked by.
It's who you meet at Yale that's the most influential part of a Yale degree.
There are people I still have contacts with in wide-ranging positions of power all across the world because I met them during the time I was just at Yale.
That's the degree of influence and Skull and Bones is the apex, the peak of that power structure that's acculturating people's minds to see themselves as different than the rest of the world, as the overlords to the rest of the world, and reshifting and reshaping their alliance and allegiance to each other rather than to their family, rather than to their kin, or rather than to their community, rather than to their own country.
And there's the same seduction right now whether you watch, again, European TV, Australian TV, U.S.
TV, all the telecoms, all the drug ads are black people, and black people are the best and whites are bad.
That's to trick black people to totally serve the establishment that's literally doing secret experiments on them and out to get them.
And I know most black folks I know see through it, but a lot of black people are really getting into this, and so it's a sublevel of the same seduction.
Be with Hollywood, be with the establishment.
All these rap videos about black men becoming trans and giving up their fertility.
Anybody that wants you to give your fertility up wants you to die!
Oh, yeah.
And they're running into trouble because the large numbers of African-American voters as a group in America are the most likely to not want to take the vaccine, as an example, most likely to distrust the institutional narrative.
I often find they're great jurors because they're willing to be skeptical of the state.
And so they've been battling for a long time as to how to shift that perspective, as I call it.
You know, what if we sit and turn it to Harvard?
Maybe we don't get any more slave revolts.
And it's that same mindset, mentality, but it only partially works because it doesn't really seep down into the consciousness of the lived experience of ordinary people across the board, across racial lines, class lines.
That's why Trump was such a threat.
He was making extraordinary inroads into the African-American community, extraordinary inroads into the Mexican-American community.
First ever Republican to win Zapata County, named after a Mexican revolutionary on the Texas border.
This is why he was such a unique threat.
And the other thing is, people forget, Trump was the first president since, I think, before Eisenhower that had never been part of Bohemian Grove, never been part of the Bilderberg Group, never been part of any elite secret society anywhere.
Every other one had been a part of one, including from Kennedy forward.
So he broke a complete norm, wasn't part of that at all, and that's why they distrusted him so much.
He had told them by his refusal to join their secret societies, their secret associations and affiliations, their elite groupings and acculturations, that he had no interest in their worldview, that he had no interest in their perspective.
And that's why they waged war on him from the day he announced his campaign, and why they're still waging war on him to this day, because they only trust those that have
Robert, you have really laid this out for us beautifully.
Where do you see the power of Harvard and the power of Yale going?
They parlayed through the British Empire model, Cecil Rhodes model, the Rhodes Scholar model.
They all wrote books on this for viewers.
This is not our opinion.
This is all fact.
They all parlayed that into a global government.
But sure enough, the Communist Chinese now do not respect the very Anglo-American establishment that sold their people out to them.
And now China's even trying to basically break those deals militarily and economically.
And the same thing's happening all over.
And so, I mean, they really should have left power in the West and not tried to undermine the West so much just because it was so satanic of the establishment had a problem because
The West had somewhat of a Christian ethos, so there's this overriding drive to extinguish the West and extinguish family values and things because this is such a decadent inbred elite.
I mean, that's my reason that they've destroyed their own power and sold themselves out for global domination, which was all a pipe dream.
Or is there something else there?
I think it's a mixed deal.
I think you still have some Kissinger types who have a sort of clear-eyed view of the world, even if their moral compass has long since been broken.
But increasingly, you have essentially what you see with colonial empires when they declined and decayed towards the end and their recandescence was to disguise themselves as independent revolutionaries.
The reason why they had to go that route was because the empires were decaying because the people who ran them were incompetent increasingly.
Just not capable of being clear-eyed strategically.
Put aside their lack of moral compass or the distortion of that moral compass, they simply did not have the competence and capability to see the world clearly and cleanly.
And that is increasingly our entire political class and professional class.
And academia and entertainment.
And they lack the will to dominate and control and so instead they try to just dumb everybody down so they can manage them but then they're dumbing down their own personnel and paving the way for their own collapse.
It's like a fifth generation.
It's like what Thomas Paine said, that there can't be a divine right of kings, just look at some of their kids.
They clearly didn't come from God.
And the idea was you can't branch the tree so far, so you have sort of a cultural incest.
Of the intellectual elite that has bastardized their intellectual capabilities and cognitive capabilities to actually be meaningfully important strategists and effective ones.
They're bad at what they do.
And this Biden administration is the ultimate example of it.
Biden tripping down the steps was the sign of the decline of the American empire from the goal of the elite because we have semi-competent and incompetent people who didn't qualify to ride the short bus to school are running our national security state.
And that's the functional reality of where we're at.
And because of that, that means America is uniquely at risk.
But it also means that foreign powers like China and Russia and others are going to be on the rise.
And so we'll see what that world looks like.
But in order for America to bounce back, it's got to purge itself of this incompetent intellectual elite that's not only morally dangerous, it's strategically stupid.
And just will do dumb things like as we've been doing for a decade now.
Go into places and think we'll be celebrated only to be hated.
And this is the mindset mentality of these people.
This is why they were mocked up in Anchorage.
They didn't know what they're doing.
That was my next question.
Why do you think the Secretary of State went in there and for the first time in modern history got so humiliated?
I mean, even during the Cold War, Russians didn't talk to us like that.
We didn't talk to them like that.
We have nuclear weapons.
Biden's saying basically, you know, Putin's an idiot.
I'll kick his ass.
Russia's about to pay.
China didn't see that as strong.
They suddenly got very belligerent, which obviously they see Russia as one of their main rivals as well.
China and Russia are not close for those who don't know.
The media acts like they're together.
That's a whole other discussion.
But they really got shocked by that and suddenly we heard all these hardline comments from Biden, who just three weeks ago said on CNN,
Hey, you can have Hong Kong, you can have the Uyghurs, you can do whatever you want.
Well, then they come and bitch slap the Secretary of State.
Now Biden's talking about he's going to dominate China, he's going to get them, all this.
I mean, were they really that delusional that they thought kicking America and kicking Trump and kicking Christians was their real enemy?
And they thought that Xi Jinping was their buddy?
And they thought groveling to Xi Jinping would make him be their buddy boy?
I mean, do they not even know Chinese psychology?
No, they don't.
These are people who very much live in a sort of West Wing TV show culture of their own self-celebration.
And consequently, they're completely, they read the Washington Post for their foreign policy understanding.
That's where they have the same broken moral compass.
It's an echo chamber.
I know I'm interrupting because you're a genius.
Ten minutes, you got the floor.
I want to hear what you have to say about this and the Suez Canal.
You were on a month ago predicting breakdowns in infrastructure.
The incompetency level is just exploding everywhere.
And speak to why that's happening too.
Yes, it's because we have basically bred an entire group, an entire generation of the diplomatic elite, of the cultural elite, economic and political elite that I saw and witnessed when I was a freshman at Yale and a sophomore at Yale.
The beginnings of it, they were basically, and it got much worse after I left in terms of the millennial generation, but it was bad during even the Gen X generation.
In terms of how these institutions treated dissent, how these institutions treated debate, how these institutions tried to curate the mind.
They did so not only in a sort of controlling manner, but they did so in ways that maybe enfeebled them, emasculated them.
And the effect of it, the consequence of it, was that you now get to see what's been born from it.
And what's been born from it is people who don't know the rest of the world.
They really think that they're the stars, that they're the heroes.
No doubt, the Secretary of State walked in there blinking, thinking that China would stand up and clap and applaud.
That the adults are back in the room, the important people are back in the room, and that they, the neoliberal elite, should be the ones to rule the world, and that China would be just enthralled by the privilege of having Joe Biden and Blinken back in charge, when they had no interest in that.
China had strong disagreements with Trump, but they respected Trump because Trump communicated language that made sense in the international order.
Trump was going to defend his national sovereignty and American national sovereignty and American economic empowerment and the American ideal, just as China was going to defend its Chinese communist model and its ideal.
So they could respect that even if they hated him because of how successful he had been.
Meanwhile, they just don't have any respect for Biden and Blinken.
These are nitwit lefties who want to come in and give- Or Obama, as you said, who they may get off the back of the plane.
Oh, precisely.
I mean, the idea that Blinken is going to- Well, here's the other problem with woke-ism.
Woke-ism undermines the impression and image of America around the world.
It doesn't serve- It may serve to divide and conquer within America's politics,
But it completely undermines America's image to the rest of the world because you can't preach.
I mean, that's why the Chinese foreign secretary could mock Blinken about Biden's own statements about BLM.
He's like, you can't lecture us about the Uyghurs.
You can't lecture us about Hong Kong.
You've said your own country is governed by incorrigible racists.
And there's no answer.
There's no comeback.
Because that's what happens.
They've gutted the moral authority of the country by gutting and attacking the idea of America.
And by doing so for now, ten years really, but particularly over the last four years.
And so what we have is an enfeebled, and weakened, neoliberal, spoiled class of kids, and the danger is, the way they're going to prove to the rest of the world that they're still important, that they still matter, and sort of Kissinger's imperialistic continental philosophy of action.
Exactly, an action just for its own sake.
These are people who believe bomb just to bomb, invade just to evade, blow up just to blow up, just to see something happen.
It's sociopathic in its behavior and that's why we're at such high risk of some conflict exploding somewhere around the world.
He's got to distract from the border, he's got to distract from these other issues, he's got to distract from his... I mean he was embarrassed on one day, the show The Gaggle with Peter Lavelle, George Samueli,
You have the North Korean leader pointing out all the things the American media won't talk about.
That Biden's basically mentally derelict.
And everybody knows he does no mental cognitive capacity.
And then you have China slapping America around on U.S.
soil, something that, as you note, never even happened during the Cold War with Russia.
They didn't even do that on U.S.
So that's the degree to which America's esteem is being completely destroyed internationally.
All this talk about how Trump weakened, Trump strengthened America's image because he made it powerful and reasonable again in terms of the rest of the world's perception of who he was and what America is.
Now they know the deep state's back in charge and they don't respect them because these are wolkster deep state boys.
These are people with zero respect amongst all of the rest of the world's powers.
And they have enough power, they don't have to go along with whatever it is we want.
So we're going to have a disaster in Iran, a disaster in Ukraine, a disaster in Afghanistan, a disaster with Russia, disaster relations with China, disaster in Taiwan.
That's why China's flying its military planes right over it and its ships right around it.
It's going to get worse and somewhere somebody's going to mistakenly pull the trigger because you have the equivalent of three-year-olds who found their kid's loaded gun in the basement.
That's who's running our foreign policy and war policy right now.
They just got humiliated on the world stage and how do humiliated bullies act when they get humiliated?
They tend to lash out and do something really stupid.
So we're at a particular time of high risk around the world.
I like it.
CNN comes out and because you can see the talking point the last three days, there is no border crisis, there are no children, there is no Antifa, and then they had to start retracting because they don't have Trump there where everybody on their side kind of went along with the lie.
Now people are figuring out that wait I'm losing my whole future and I'm being destroyed and I'm a joke.
I totally agree with you, and I've had a lot of other smart people on that I agree with.
They have to start a war.
They will start a war to distract from this.
They will start a giant terror attack or something.
What else could they pull, Barnes?
What else?
Historically, they follow an exact playbook, and the whole world's going to see through it.
People are very sophisticated now.
No doubt.
I mean, I think there's four hot spots around the world.
Ukraine is getting really hot and deeply problematic because if the Ukrainian government is talking about basically the Ukrainian president because he played ball with Biden's people really didn't help Trump ultimately during all of that impeachment nonsense.
Uh, the oligarchs still run the country, and so they're talking about invading the eastern, the far eastern part of their country, which is basically aligned with Russia.
It's all Russians that live there, that has rebelled since the 2014 coup.
That's going to be a war.
The Russians, that's 80% Russian, as you said, they're going to fight.
That's the Russian oil fields, the Russian pipelines.
Yeah, Russia said we will defend this.
Exactly, and then you have potential hot war.
Because if the U.S.
or anybody from the West gets involved, you have two nuclear powers fighting an actual war for the first time since... And one thing we always heard, that if we started a war, that in fifth-generational, fourth-generational warfare, that it would be things like scuttling a ship in the Suez Canal.
That's in all the textbooks, that the next big war would start with sabotaging the Suez Canal, and now it's there.
I think that's what Tucker Carlson said last night, probably on an accident.
No doubt.
And you have multiple.
They are playing weird games in the Mideast, you know, saying they're not going to back the Saudis in Yemen, but then actually trading all the munitions for Yemen, which is basically that's a Yemen is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which also has al Qaeda's in Yemen.
All kind.
I mean, it's just a disaster waiting to happen.
Oh yeah, remember Sudan when Lewinsky came out, Drudge posted it, so they sent like a hundred cruise missiles into an aspirin factory?
Exactly, and some of Biden's key national security people have been talking around D.C.
about pay attention to Ethiopia.
So it would be just like him to go to war in some place like Ethiopia.
And that's just like Mussolini, when he had trouble at home he invented Ethiopia.
And there's already the murmurs of it.
They're building it up for it.
Some other crazy country for us to stick our nose in that on paper won't unravel the Middle East, won't upset Russia or China.
It'll be just another place to excuse military power to say, look, hey, we're important.
We're significant.
We still run the world.
Look, we can get us now bogged down in Ethiopia like we're still bogged down in Afghanistan.
And for folks that don't know, Trump got a peace deal in Afghanistan that Biden at his press conference said he's not going to honor.
We're going to be there after May 1st, which means we're going to have dead soldiers again in Afghanistan come May.
Obviously the power structure that put Biden in just knows they want to run America.
They know they've created trillions of dollars of fake debt.
They know they want to consolidate power with their fake lockdown.
Speak of the lockdown and now the Supreme Court judge in England saying we're never going to end the lockdown at least 10 years.
Bloomberg saying yeah it's an endless pandemic.
It's a new way of life to stop the carbon
They're now admitting, live in your house, they got big articles out that now your home assistants, when you're at home by law, will watch you and control you to make sure you're social distancing.
I mean, they're just announcing a dystopia light years even worse than I thought they would get done in the next 30 years.
They're moving very quick.
So can you speak to that?
Well, if you go back to last March when we were talking about whether or not, if this was at some level, there was deliberate complicity by the Chinese government in what happened in the release of it.
We know there was at least some degree because they lied and hid information.
Then we would see the evidence of it a year later when the number one economic beneficiary of whatever policies were instituted would be China, and that is in fact exactly what happened.
China, they released this week that the number one economic beneficiary of the last year of global Western lockdowns has been China, because China quickly stopped doing any lockdowns.
They tricked the world into saying, see, this is how you solve the problem.
And while the rest of the world stayed locked down, they completely reopened, got the economic engines back up, and were able to replace the U.S.
and other countries in critical supply chains to a degree they never even had before.
And now they have more economic influence than ever before and you see the arrogance that comes with that in smacking around America on America's own soil as they did in Anchorage.
So what we predicted turned out true because these lockdowns are basically exported Chinese Communist Party policies that even China refused to follow for very long because they knew how disastrous they would be.
And the fact that you have Fauci giving in, you know, one minute, if you take the vaccine, everything's fine.
The next minute, no, you still have to socially distance.
You still have to wear a mask.
It's not even really a vaccine, if that's the case, because that means it doesn't act as a, it's only a therapeutic, not acting to prevent transmission, like most people perceive vaccines to be.
So all of this, they're giving inconsistent messages because this Milgram experiment worked extraordinarily well.
They found they could get half the
Slow down, slow down, because listen, I care about our regular listeners, they're the best, but they're the sponsors to like kind of pay us to be the missionaries, support us to be able to go out and build this infrastructure and reach people.
So I know the audience knows all this, but for like 10% that's new viewers, explain Milgram experiments, take 10 minutes here.
I know you got to go then, but take 10 minutes and explain the whole rollout, the whole psychology, Klaus Schwab admits it's all a fraud.
If people will just admit to themselves they've been conned, we can turn this around.
So speak about what happened, how they ran it, and then how you think we turn it around now using DeSantis and Noam and others as an example.
Well, it goes back to Michel Foucault, who described the long change of history of how we treated people that were insane, how our prisons have totally changed how we treated crime.
And what he figured out was, why were we creating a prison system that perpetuated a permanent criminal class?
It's because no crime, no police.
You need crime to justify police.
However, the fear of foreigners, the fear of domestic crime, only got so many people to forfeit civil rights and civil liberties.
What they've discovered and uncovered is that a scary invisible virus will get people to forfeit their liberties in ways they never would have for any other fear.
And that's why they're going to keep repeating it, keep retrying it, keep re-experimenting with it.
And the Milgram experiment was done where basically they brought people in and they said, you're part of an important government health project.
And they came in and they just met someone in a white lab coat, knew nothing else about them.
And the person in the white lab coat said, you're going to sit there and you're going to decide how much electric shock to give this other person over here based on whether they answer the right answer or not.
And I'll tell you how much electric shocks to give them.
And they would sit there, and now they didn't know the other person in the other room was actually an actor.
They thought it was a real person.
And the person in the white lab coat would tell them to keep shocking them higher, higher, higher, higher, until they could hear the person die.
And by the way, notice we're back at Yale again.
Yes, we are.
Yeah, I mean, well, remember Ted Kaczynski, for people that don't know, the Unabomber.
He was created by Harvard.
Harvard's M.K.
Yep, yep.
Exactly, that's what it was.
I'm going to give you the floor because I want to hear you roll here and I love you, but I want to explain to a lot of listeners, people on the street go, Jones, you talk so fast, you say all this, is it really all true?
That's how me and Robert can finish each other's sentences, because he's knowledge, I'm knowledge, it's the same thing.
So we didn't even pre-script these discussions, he's finishing my sentences, I'm finishing his, because I had all these Yale students come up to me and say, how do we believe you they founded the CIA?
How do we believe you they do rituals?
Because Charlotte Isserby's dad and his father were in it.
She released hundreds of their annals to the Senate.
We have damn Senate hearings on this.
You know, it's just crazy how they think that we're so knowledgeable we must be faking it.
We're not the Democrats.
We're not Psaki up there not knowing what planet she's on.
We're into the knowledge.
We know what we're talking about.
And if the public gets this knowledge, it's over for them.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh no, absolutely right.
It was because when I was a young college student, first freshman year out, summer in D.C., I got to organize meetings with all kinds of high-powered people just because I was a head of the Yale Political Union, which is the Yale version of the Oxford Political Union, and it was shocking the access I would get.
John Kerry would let me and ten people sit in his back offices and chat about whatever, including the fact he was a bonesman.
Along with some other prominent people in town.
The CIA invited us into the core, the CIA director James Woolsey, into the core of the CIA, where they have a bunch of young blondes running around.
That stereotype is absolutely true.
Where he explained to us how he could kill foreign leaders despite the law prohibiting him from killing foreign leaders.
Because he said, well, define what a foreign leader is.
And he put it in quotation marks and smiled at me.
So they was like, wow, I mean, the brazenness of this, but that's because they think you're part of the club.
It was a Planned Parenthood director when I was at Yale organizing a dinner society with Justice Breyer's daughter at the time.
Breyer just got on the Supreme Court, who sat there and told me what Planned Parenthood's real agenda was.
And why did all these people feel comfortable to say these incredible things right in front of some kid they just met?
Because I was at Yale.
And so it was presumed that I was part of the club, that I had been pre-vetted, that I had been pre-approved, that I had been pre-screened.
I call it the Snowden problem.
They worked very hard to keep the Ed Snowdens out, to keep people with a conscience away from these sources of power because they know how corrupt and evil they are.
And that's how they operate writ large.
And they often operate in the open if you're in the know.
But they keep everybody else out and in the dark.
And that's how the gaslighting structure works.
And that's how the system works.
And that's how the scheme works.
But all you have to do is track and trace.
It's no coincidence that the lead, quote unquote, whistleblower in the impeachment of President Trump, the first one, was a Yale grad.
He was a Yale man.
That meant really he was likely a CIA spook just undercover at other agencies.
That's what that means nine times out of ten.
But it's not a coincidence that he was a Yale man.
They have a group of people who identify in a certain way, look at the world in a certain way, they help shape that, they help curate that, they help create that.
Uh, and they buy off potential sources of dissent and anyone that... That's right, and I didn't mean to make you digress.
Get back into the plandemic and the scam and how you think their operation is going.
Is it first their Milgram experiment's doing well, but how do we defeat it?
Because now they're announcing permanent lockdown.
We got to get out of this.
I mean, and we knew it was coming a year ago.
You were right, but here we are.
Well, it's worked too well.
That's the scary thing.
In other words, so many people have complied.
So many people have been unable to effectively resist that they were able to achieve things they probably didn't even think they could achieve.
Not only widespread consent to extraordinary things.
I mean, they get parents to not send their kids to school.
They get their parents to isolate their own kids from themselves.
They get the people to give up
Can't go see old folks.
They can put people in the nursing homes to kill them.
They can deny health care to everybody and not resuscitate.
I mean, this is just, yeah, this has been terrible.
Oh yeah, I mean, they got people to completely disconnect from their own family, not affiliate and associate with other people, not go to political events, not publicly associate, not publicly protest, not even run their own businesses or go to their own schools.
Or go to church!
I mean, that's the degree of it.
I mean, they achieved something they never thought they could achieve.
And then on top of that, the big tech giants got fabulously rich.
Not just China, but the big tech giants, because they were able to replace overnight.
They're able to do what Walmart's been trying to do for 30 years.
They did in one year, which was wipe out millions of America's businesses forever.
Wipe out businesses that have been around for over 100 years in some cases, four or five generations in some cases.
So the scary power they've been able to accumulate because the courts have been deferential and docile, and because so large swaths of the public have bought into the nonsense, but what I find encouraging is two things.
More and more and more people are pushing back and recognizing that this is nonsense.
That's the number one thing.
The court of public opinion keeps shifting more and more and more against the lockdown.
I was about to say, the bigger something looks like it's successful up front, shows the bigger the backlash in Newtonian physics.
Speak to what you're saying.
Look, and we're now starting to see it cross-party.
So you see Bobby Kennedy Jr.
now be an increasing advocate, not only against compelled vaccines, but also against mask mandates and against lockdown.
Says it's one of the greatest violations of civil rights and civil liberties in American history.
So as we start to get crossover political support from the left and the right, that means the whole edifice will crumble.
And you have Cuomo in trouble in New York, Whitmer in trouble in Michigan, Newsom in trouble in California, so that the face of the lockdowns are increasingly the face of death, demise and destruction.
And that's increasingly recognized by the broader populace and public.
And as the Court of Public Opinion starts to assert itself more collectively, then that will be the best restraint on this excess of government and state power.
That's right.
This has all been a giant technocracy test, in Bill Gates' own words.
We said it before they said it, but they've admitted.
Why do you think they admit so much of it in their own programs?
I think it's to look confident in front of their own millions that have carried out the crime, to make it look like all this is completely normal.
Well, you see, Bill Gates, basically this was much more of a Bill Gates architected plan than a George Soros architected plan.
This was like his ultimate dream.
It turns out buying off all the public health authorities pretty much around the world worked wonders.
Explain that.
A Soros CIA plan would be racism, burning cities, antifa.
But this is the scientists saying, step aside, we'll show you how to do it.
This is the scientific elite.
This was the real A-gamers coming in, wasn't it?
It's the ultimate control.
It's ultimate control.
That's what Gates is obsessed with.
I mean, frankly, that's what Microsoft really is.
He wants monopolized control.
And that's why he's been developing all these patents of quantum tattoos and little chips.
Weather control.
All of it.
I mean, he has remote-controlled chips.
Why do you need a remote-controlled chip in somebody else's body, unless you're up to something that's not good?
But this has been his population control, and it goes back to that conversation to tie it together I had at Yale with the Planned Parenthood guy.
I mean, it was the same basic plan, and that's where Gates comes from.
It's all about control, control.
They're power freaks, they're control freaks.
They care more about that than they do money, than they do status, than they do prestige.
They want control, control.
And that's been Gates done.
And Gates has achieved that to an incredible degree.
I mean, I'm just waiting for some city to say, in order to prevent the virus, you need to walk to work by hopping on one foot and barking like a dog and see how many people actually go out and do it.
Oh, they do it.
They do it.
That's the terrifying thing.
But so for Gates, this has been his ultimate dream and his ultimate agenda and his ultimate objective.
But he's getting increasingly, increasingly exposed.
People who did not know who he was, who did not know what he was up to, now increasingly do.
And that's where I think there's effective pushback.
That, you know, just as Infowars has been the spear of the resistance, the tip of the spear, the rest of the resistance has started to follow.
You're seeing people on both the left and the right increasingly question, what's going on?
Who's behind this?
And how is this really in our interest?
As they see when it's the small lefty cafe that's having to close, the small liberal bookstore that's having to close, the small liberal owned comic store that's having to close.
And they're telling you, oh, just go to Amazon.
Everything will be fine.
More and more people are waking up, and more and more people are getting red-pilled, and the effect of that will be more effective resistance against this Bill Gate matrix-driven society that he's tried to institute.
Well, exactly.
It was about a year and a half ago that some filmmakers that worked with Tommy Robinson and had done a good job of that on, we later learned they worked with Hope Not Hate, and basically the equivalent of the ADL, and
They came and interviewed me, and they falsely said that I made fun of my listeners, and falsely said that I made an amount of money that we don't make.
But they did show a video the Southern Barber Law Center put out a month ago that was real.
They just cut the front and the end off of it.
I'm in a studio with lights, in a director's chair, being interviewed, and I said, devil's advocate, if I just cared about myself, I'd say I hate Trump, worst thing in my life, I'm so effin' sick of Trump, but I did this because it's for my children and the future.
Well, it's actually on the DVD, what I said, the film, and I think it's powerful.
But they took it out of context to try to say to my listeners, oh, look, he doesn't support Trump.
Well, no, I've said plenty of where I don't support Trump.
How he got hooked, winked at first into supporting the vaccines.
How he didn't fight the censorship when he should have.
But I believe he's a good man that globalists hate.
And certainly, you see what we've got now.
With Biden, but speaking to that, because hindsight's 20-20, but it's also important to understand history so we don't repeat it.
Where did Trump go wrong on vaccines?
You have a lot of contacts.
You worked with the president, I know.
How did he get manipulated into this?
Why has he doubled down and said, oh yeah, the vaccines are great?
Is it because he signed on to it?
Or is he ignorant?
Or maybe he thinks if he endorses it, liberals won't take it?
I mean, I don't know.
And then why didn't he do something about the censorship?
Well, now it's only getting worse, including him.
I mean, he's in purgatory.
He admits he's trying to get out from under this.
So how did this happen?
Well, you can't be a successful rebel general and hire a bunch of establishment insiders to be all of your colonels and lieutenants.
And that's the long and short answer of Trump, that he put a lot of establishment insiders around him.
He thought he could convince them to go along with his ideas.
When all they did was use it to undermine and sabotage his agenda all the way through, gave him bad information and bad advice.
I mean, it's now come out that they lied to him.
The Pentagon repeatedly lied to him about Syria, repeatedly lied to him about Afghanistan, repeatedly lied to him about a wide range of subjects, but particularly about troop levels, troop withdrawals, troop movements.
They were lying to the commander in chief on a daily basis for four years.
And there were some of us trying to get that message to him, and unfortunately he enconced himself with these establishment types such that he was being constantly undermined and sabotaged.
And frankly, it's still going on.
He has people around him that are determining who he's going to endorse that are two of the most incompetent, corrupt people from the campaign.
And he's put them in charge of it.
And that's why we've seen hits and misses with Trump post-presidency.
So he's got to get to a point where it's a natural, it's his strength and his weakness.
He's not from politics, so he doesn't fully understand the inside game.
And consequently, that's where he makes all his mistakes, where he's unfamiliar with something, where he's not an expert in something, where he doesn't have life history in something, is where he gets misguided.
And that's still the case.
And it was the case the entire administration.
There was so much promise.
The great failure of Trump was the undelivered promise.
The great success of Trump was where he was able to deliver.
But he came up short because he entrusted too many establishment hacks, too many corrupt insiders to deliver.
And then when he would
You're right and that's what scared them was they knew he was a good guy that meant well and they knew any moment he could get good advice and act on it that's why they were
So incredibly panicked, but now look at the crisis of who they put in.
What do you think happened with Biden?
They knew he was old, controllable, corrupt, under Chinese control, but he obviously, once he was already in, had more minor aneurysms, had some more strokes, completely gone now.
He's like milk that went bad a month ago.
I mean, it gets worse by the minute.
How do you see them extricating themselves from that crisis?
They see Biden as perfect, as long as the world cannot know that it's Weekend at Bernie's and he's functionally, cognitively dead as a policy man.
Basically, you have an empty 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that's perfect for the deep state.
That means they just get to run the show, and all they've got to do is blow a leaf across Biden's desk and he'll sign it.
So there's no clue in Biden, no pushback in Biden, probably less pushback than any president in deep state post-World War II history.
So this is a literal rubber stamp?
And that's why they love him.
And they just have to dodge and survive him staying up past one o'clock in the afternoon and talking to somebody.
Because he will then be blamed in history for what the globalists have done.
This is a national security crisis.
No doubt about it.
And while they have confidence in Kamala Harris was the deep state candidate, they don't think Kamala is well liked.
And so that's why they're going to leave Biden in as the figurehead as long as they possibly can.
And they just need him.
That's why they don't let him talk to any foreign policy leaders.
That's why there's only very controlled.
And they're in the bubble where as long as the Washington Post and New York Times say he's the smartest, greatest guy ever, has the body of an 18 year old, they're believing their own BS.
And they've convinced themselves of it.
I mean, that's what was shocking about what happened in Anchorage, is it showed the disconnect.
The American establishment political elite really buy their own BS.
They've sold themselves an ad, and they actually believe their own imbubbled world, and they don't realize the rest of the world has not been successfully gaslit.
China, and that's why Putin made the joke, I wish Biden very good health.
Making it obvious, the guy's derelict and he's a dementia candidate.
Why am I going to worry about what some dementia guy thinks?
So he's an embarrassment of America to the rest of the world, but he's perfect for the deep state as long as they can keep the American populace in the dark enough of them, then that will be the path they keep going down.
Barnes, you have blown me away in the last 15 minutes.
Tell people where they can find you, some of the other shows you host, and then just spend five minutes and I'm going to ask the questions on anything else on your radar that you think we should be aware of.
So I created a backup site for me and another lawyer.
We do various TV shows and podcasts at Dave Rubin's Locals to create an independent, separate space that's subscriber-driven, that has a very low $5 fee, that's designed to get rid of the trolls, but also bring in people for curated conversation that's free of censorship.
I own the information on there.
I own every all the content I create, etc.
And you can find that at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
And that's where if anybody wants to look up other additional information, they can.
We're going to move forward across the board at the political resistance.
I brought suits on behalf of people who've been
Discriminated against based on their disability under these mask mandates that violate discrimination laws and disability discrimination laws and we're going to be bringing multiple.
We've already brought several and we're bringing more.
We're bringing cases that challenge various aspects of the lockdown.
We're going to bring cases that challenge the Fed.
In order to audit the Fed, we got to sue the Fed first and use the Freedom of Information Act to do it, doing so with George Gammon.
And so we're going to do what we can in the legal arena, in the political court of public opinion, the courts of law, the courts of judges and juries, to try to make as much difference as we can, but it's going to be up to ordinary everyday people.
And part of the way they do this, clearly the tip of the spear throughout,
Go back and look at who was on it in March about the risk of lockdowns, who was leading the then-protests against these lockdowns, explaining Bill Gates' essential role going all the way back to November of 2019 in terms of what he was planning and plotting.
That has always been InfoWars.
And that is why the continued support of this audience, making sure this independent platform survived big tech censorship, survived big tech algorithmic suppression, survived big media attacks, survived organized corporatized lawfare, survived all of this, survived the true, before there was Parler, there was InfoWart, that was the biggest tech attack.
We're good.
We're good to go.
All these things are good for you.
They're healthy.
They make you healthier.
They make you wealthier because they're more affordable than the competition.
But at the same time, they make you and the rest of the world wiser.
And that's why it's the Infowars audience that has kept Freedom of Press alive during this extraordinary time period.
And it's going to be up to that audience to continue to do so, to share the links, to share the information, to educate the rest of the world so that we're able to maintain a meaningful resistance.
Against this form, this true oppressive oligarchy that of the Bill Gates-ite that would like to rule us.
We all called it, you called it, and you're absolutely right.
They have the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post calling hundreds of people trying to say, how are they still on air?
Shut them down, shut them down.
The answer is simple.
A great audience that cares and understands that they are literally supporting us to get information they're already aware of out to others because we're willing to tell the truth and never back down.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much for all the time.
Look forward to speaking to you very, very soon, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
I really appreciate him coming on.
I got on air late today.
I appreciate him staying late and moving some appointments to get on with us.
That was very, very important.
These Saturday shows, I call them commercial free, but we got to take some breaks so I can reset here and get ready to cover the big issue.
Why have I had volcanoes on screen today?
Well, it's big in the news.
It's very interesting, but it's also a metaphor for where we are as a society and where we are as a world.
So I'm going to come back and break that down in a final statement.
And then we're going to premiere the 50-minute interview I did two weeks ago, but we haven't aired this yet.
Because we dolled it up and had a lot of interesting information with Roger Stone.
So we'll end with Roger Stone, his path to victory.
Oh, and that's the thing I forgot to ask Barnes.
I'll get him on this week, coming up.
I was going to tell him, we've got this Roger Stone path to victory video coming up, and that somebody's got to develop a plan, and I want to get your plan for victory, because I've been meeting with a lot of high-powered Republicans, you know, the top names.
And they're all trying to create a plan to save the country.
It's about saving Republicans.
It's not about any of that.
We can all instantly sell out to the globalists today.
They're always like, why don't you sell out?
Why don't you sell out?
Sell out to Satanism?
Sell out to your cronies?
Sell out to your stupid Yale and Harvard clubs and the CFR and the Trilateral Commission and all your pervert pedophile crap?
I'm sorry, man.
I've seen the globalists.
They look like demons.
They look like they're in hell.
I am not.
We're good to go.
Are all there.
Brain Force Plus, The Great Nootropic, Cabochill, Regular Extra Strength Living Defense.
It's all 50% off with free shipping, the big blowout sale.
And it ends by Thursday morning at InfoWarsTore.com.
So I'm glad that Martin's brought that up because I've just done over two hours and not talked about that.
So we're going to take a quick break and we are going to come back.
You know what I want to air because this explains it.
Let's air the piece, the short three-minute, 29-second piece on why the Yellowstone Supervolcano could be huge.
This is years old, but it ties in to what we're going to be talking about when we come back.
So here it is, and I'll have my final comments, and then Roger Stone.
Thanks for joining us on this Saturday Transmission, and thank you for the key capital.
You've got word of mouth.
Share the live feed.
Share the archive video at band.video on your email, your text message, everywhere.
We'll be right back.
Recently, scientists have collected new data giving them a better picture of Yellowstone's underground plumbing.
Right beneath the caldera, from the last eruption, sits the magma chamber.
And it's fed by a plume of magma stretching down 465 miles northwest into Montana.
It's mostly solid rock, with the potential to liquefy.
And scientists are closely monitoring it.
Magma, or molten rock, is rising through the plume into the magma chamber at two inches a year.
There's no reason for it to stop, although it might come in spurts.
Our images show wider parts and narrower parts, so it's like slugs of material that are flowing in a sewer line.
This restless Yellowstone caldera is truly living, breathing.
Every once in a while, it burps.
The danger is if the plume starts liquefying and moving up at a faster rate.
Natural systems can throw us a lot of curveballs.
A lot of things can happen that we're not really ready for.
Scientist Jake Lowenstern is looking for a pattern connecting this supervolcano today and its three prior major eruptions.
2.1 million years ago, 1.3 million years ago, and 640,000 years ago.
In two of the really large eruptions at Yellowstone, so much material comes out, entire mountain ranges end up falling into the ground and essentially disappearing.
One 50-mile stretch of mountains simply disappeared by collapsing into the magma chamber.
University of Toronto geologist John Westgate has tracked the ash from Yellowstone's prior eruptions.
It covered much of the United States.
It occurs right
When Mount St.
Helens erupted in May 1980, it blew off one side of the mountain and triggered an avalanche of snow, mud, ash, and rock.
Driven by the wind, the ash landed in 11 states and up into Canada.
But that's nothing compared to the amount of ash from Yellowstone's last three major eruptions.
In magnitude and volume, each one was far greater than Mount St.
Today, there's little evidence of the supervolcano's violent past.
The 50 by 30 mile caldera from the last eruption was covered by lava and ash and smoothed over by glaciers.
Forests now conceal the scars.
I wanted to air that piece from years ago about the Yellowstone super volcano because we forget
How volatile this planet, the universe is, and just how incredibly energetic our solar system is because of our sun, but also the Kuiper belt, also the asteroid belt, and then all the objects that are even planetary size, not just comets that also come through that aren't part of our overall solar system.
We're in a very, very busy part
of the universe even though we're two-thirds of the way out on the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy in a sea of trillions, trillions of galaxies.
It's just amazing that we're able to consciously look out and behold the fact that we're on a little piece of dust orbiting a central part of basically an atom.
But here we are and you have to understand that the creator of the universe
Can just basically hit one button and all this civilization and all the trappings of power and all the things that the system tries to build up to pretend like it's God burns up in seconds.
And so the Skull and Bones group and the New World Order and all these people try to play God.
But they're not God.
They don't know why I was in
Connecticut on another mission, and I don't know why for the first time in my life I went to Skull and Bones, and it was on 322.
That's serendipity.
That's synchronicity.
That's destiny.
But also, I'm not part of any secret society.
I'm not part of the CIA.
I'm not part of Skull and Bones.
I'm not part of any of these groups where the system tries to get together and organize the smartest people to have control.
But I am part of God's society.
And that's why without ever being trained or even told to do these things I do, I do it.
And then I discovered my ancestors basically all did it as well.
And as they got older, they learned the secrets that I'm now learning, that it's ethereal, it's God, we're all connected.
It's the same way a hummingbird can fly from Florida, across the Gulf of Mexico, across the Caribbean, three, four thousand miles to South America and have its babies, and then fly back with those babies to Florida, or fly back with those babies to Texas, or New Mexico, or California, or Mexico.
How does a little hummingbird know
How do geese fly from Canada all the way down to Mexico in the fall?
There are universes, dimensions, everything around us now proven mathematically that the ancients already understood that we're interfacing with.
And even in our third dimension, we only are able to pick up a tiny spectrum
Of the reality in the third dimension.
People ask when they go down these caves and there's spiders that are blind, and there's salamanders that are blind, and fish that are blind.
Because you don't need eyes in the dark.
But the fish can tell where walls are.
The fish know where entrances are.
They're more agile than fish out in the regular water.
Because they've got something else.
They've got psychic sonar, ladies and gentlemen.
Because the third eye can see.
And all of these Satanists want to play God.
As we float on sheets and mountains of stone, only 10 miles thick, on top of liquid magma.
They've got two mile deep mines in South Africa, where it gets up to 130 degrees, 140 degrees.
They gotta bring giant air conditioners and freezing water down with them, spraying them as they dig the diamonds out of the earth.
Well then how do you have bases three miles under?
You have a three mile tall mountain, you can then at sea level burrow in and it's 65 degrees inside, 69 degrees.
But as you go deeper, it gets hotter because of that pressure.
And when the tyrants oppress us and try to control us, they build that explosive pressure.
And so God is not a sadist, but God is
Interested in consciousness, and has created new beings that are conscious, and who have the potential to do incredible things, but we had to be given free will, so we're allowed to be bad.
I have four children.
They're great children overall, but they do some bad things, and I get really frustrated with them.
I know more than they do.
I wish they'd listen to me, but someday they'll know what I know, and they'll mature.
It's part of the process, and that's what God's done with us.
But there are some people that do not mature.
People like Bill Gates.
People like Oprah Winfrey, people like Ted Turner.
They are angry, envious, jealous, evil people.
And so what does 3-2-2 really stand for?
Well, it's an Egyptian Sun calculation that goes into the Sun Temple calculation of 6-6-6, and it's a mathematical equation.
But if you go to Genesis 3-2-2, please, King James Version, if you guys can pull that up.
Genesis 3-2-2.
It is, they take, the man taketh of the tree of life and is given the knowledge not just of good, but of evil.
Learning evil systems, evil manipulation, scams, frauds.
And once that was introduced into the man, they say, do not let him have the other fruit, lest he be like us and never die.
So the devil says you eat of the fruit and you become God.
No, you were pure and with God before and now once you eat of the fruit and have the knowledge of evil as well, now you must be shut off because if not, you will never die.
And evil needs to be walled off.
It doesn't need to be given unlimited power in the universe.
You choose to spiritually die.
That's why they call it a tomb because they go there to die and not to be reborn
But to stay in death.
And the fruits of what they deliver are death and damnation and hell.
Go to the first.
It's the best way to show the first.
Go to the first of my Skull & Bones report.
It's a banned out video along with my other films on Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, The Order, Death, and Dark Secrets.
Just pause the first of the video because it has it good up there for the King James Version.
First five seconds of the video, Alex Jones confronts Skull & Bones.
Let me just put it on screen.
And you can see right there the King James Version that I want to read.
Yeah, just back it up 10 seconds past that.
Oh, I get it.
You have another version that doesn't have that added to it.
Luckily, I just so happen to have it.
There it is.
The Lord God said, since the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil, he must not reach out and take from the tree of life, eat and live forever.
So these individuals are literally stealing everybody's future and trying to play God and trying to keep people from maturing going through a process.
They want to arrest you as a child.
They want to rape you as a child.
They want to damage you as a child to hold you with them into eternity.
And Hollywood knows this where they tortured and raped a little girl to death on the set until her guts were ruptured on the film Poltergeist.
And in that film, there's a satanic priest who takes a whole families and a whole group out of the desert because he wants the children's souls and has them killed in the desert so he can bind their souls to him forever.
And it's an allegory of Satan.
So that's it for this transmission.
I appreciate the crew coming in and doing a superlative job.
I tell you, the worst thing I'm thinking about the global is shutting us down is thinking about disbanding this crew.
We're having to cut their pay or having to do any of that, and I don't want to do it.
So please realize we're taking the globalist on at point-blank range.
I'm willing to take on the secret establishment.
I want to do it.
But you're our firepower.
You're our energy.
You're our will.
You're the blood of this operation, the brains, the guts, the sinews, the bones.
You're everything.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com.
I want to thank you all for your support over the years.
But it doesn't matter.
If you don't have a dime, it's okay.
Tell folks about BandOnVideo and InfoWars.com and say, you've heard it demonized, the forbidden truth's there, the globalist takeover's there, and the plans for victory are there.
And InfoWars.com or BandOnVideo are backup sites, EuropeWars.com, NewsWars.com, and others.
Ever visit one of the sites under Hack Attack and Down?
Just go to one of the others.
Realize this is such a war, this is such a fight, things are so serious now, and people are now more ready to wake up than they've ever been.
All right, here's the Roger Stone interview, and we're going to air this today, right now, and until it loops until 4 p.m.
tomorrow, where you got Owen Schroer and Jason Jones and others coming in.
I'm going to spend some time with family tomorrow, but you know I'll be there just in case anything unfolds.
I'll come in.
All right, let's go ahead and go to Roger Stone in Florida.
We interviewed him about a week and a half, two weeks ago.
So Roger, if anybody's got a political crystal ball, it's you.
The hard left can't get over it.
They're devastated that I'm not dead or dying.
My very famous Richard M. Nixon bong.
I would like to move on to review what went wrong in 2020 and how we can fix it so that the next two elections, 2022 and 2024, are viable.
This place is not a dump.
This is history.
I escaped the deadly snare set for me by Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller.
For the first time in American history, you have control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States, whether it's cable TV, network TV.
Clean out the weak-kneed, wine-swelling, green-pants-wearing, gutless, feckless, country-club Republican geeks.
We can crush the rhinos in primaries.
They have to be cleansed from this party.
Here is Roger Stone.
Which is what he does best.
And I'll be very clear, if Donald Trump's running, I'm for him.
If you can't break the blockade on information, then we can never win another election.
Hear, hear.
Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is History Having.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
We're here at the Miami headquarters of the stonecoldtruth.com with Roger Stone, formerly the headquarters of the Miami office of Infowars, until Roger had to stop hosting the show because he was indicted for thought crimes, which he was later falsely convicted of in kangaroo court, and of course, pardoned by the 45th President of the United States.
And Roger's always riveting on air.
He's always accurate in what he's laying out and thought provoking, but I'll be honest with you.
I'm going to put him on the spot here.
The stuff he really knows and what he really says behind the scenes is so cutting and so accurate and dead on.
And to save the country today, I think Roger's going to go ahead and be honest about what happened to Trump and what he told me was going to happen to Trump, which did happen to Trump.
And we're also going to give the great General Flynn, who I know you're good personal friends with, advices.
We need him.
We need him to also listen to your political research and background because we've got to get him in the game now and so much more.
And then, of course, we're going to do some future
I don't know.
No, it's extraordinary, Alex.
The bloodlust, the hatred, the viciousness, the maliciousness.
Look, by the grace of God, I escaped the deadly snare set for me by Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller.
And the hard left can't get over it.
They're devastated that I'm not dead or dying.
That I'm still here and back at the ramparts.
They hate that.
That said, the same people who said for two years I was a Russian spy working with Julian Assange, now say I was involved in the illegal actions at the Capitol on January 6th.
It's a lie.
There's no evidence to prove that.
I've categorically denied it.
It's a smear.
You have no motive.
It's preposterous.
Why would we destroy ourselves like this?
Well, it's because they hate us and therefore they would like to frame us.
Having framed me before, I can tell you they have the capability.
And it's the, it's the, it's the
Intersection between Twitter.
You see, once the bloodlust level at Twitter gets to, uh, to, uh, what's the word, critical mass, then the New York Times editorial board and the reporters, they jump right on it.
Twitter calls the tune.
So if Stone and Jones did something illegal, according to the nuts on Twitter, suddenly the New York Times is out pushing that line.
Facts be damned.
The Washington Post, CNN.
So we see the same thing over and over again.
It's the same fraud that it was last time.
Roger Stone,
Still did nothing wrong.
And I can tell you, before I took it as a joke, you got really pissed at me privately.
You said, listen, Jones, it isn't a joke.
They plan to put us all in jail.
And later I learned they were going through all my stuff, later subpoenaing all the same crap.
And I was like, oh, you're actually right.
It was just so preposterous because I was there when Assange wouldn't give you the time of day when you were trying to, you know, talk through intermediaries, credit code.
I was, I mean, I've been there every step of the way.
I was there at the Capitol and just to watch them
Trying to frame you and I again is just crazy.
Well, particularly in view of the fact that on election day at midnight, the Justice Department, by court order, was forced to release the last remaining unredacted sections of Robert Mueller's incredible report in which he admits there was never any factual evidence whatsoever about Stone, the Russians, WikiLeaks, or even John Podesta's emails, which I knew nothing about.
And again, if people say, our fans, our listeners, they know that.
The reason it's important for them to know is a lot of the public doesn't know, and they don't understand, this is one of the most corrupt incidences in world history of an entire major country's federal police force and a judiciary knowing people are innocent, Trump and then Stone and others, surveilling them illegally, lying about it to Congress, lying about it to courts, then getting caught and not getting in trouble.
Well, the point, of course, is that past is prologue.
They're going to do it again.
They've done it once and now I fear they will seek to do it again.
That means I have to gin up my legal defense fund.
I've got to go back on offense.
I would like to move on and talk about how we save the country.
I would like to move on to review what went wrong in 2020 and how we can fix it so that the next two elections, 2022 and 2024, are viable.
And I just made you digress into that.
I apologize.
Let's get into what we do now.
But obviously they're trying all this again to keep us back in Trump land, to keep us back with false charges so that you and I and General Flynn and others can't be leaders into the future.
So let's do what they don't want.
We're good to go.
And if he had done that, he would have had the proof they'd all gone to jail, but they didn't.
And that's why they freaked out in the New York Times, Washington Post, and said, we've got an arrest stone.
He's calling for Trump to declare martial law.
You said no such thing.
You said when they steal it, he'll is how they're doing it.
He's going to have to cut right in and seize the evidence.
That's exactly right.
But again, they have one narrative.
Look, Trump only won in 2016 because of the rise of the vibrant, robust alternative media based in the, you know, in the Internet.
It didn't matter that network television was against him.
Half of cable world was against him.
Most of the print media was against him.
Most of the mainstream net-based reporters were against him.
But just with that internet freedom of social media, he was able to prevail.
Now, let's fast forward to 2020.
What's the difference?
Well, they've consolidated on cable, so now cable is almost monolithically anti-Trump.
So, for the first time in American history, you have control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States, whether it's cable TV, network TV, half of radio.
Radio is the last frontier of freedom.
And they're trying to smash us there, don't kid yourself.
So you give better speeches on radio.
Your speeches are A+, your radio is A+, but your speeches are dynamite.
Take ten minutes or I'll interrupt.
Address folks on where we are, how to defeat this takeover, 2022-2024.
Well, I think that things have to be done in a certain order.
In other words, if you can't break the blockade on information, then we can never win another election.
Because, as Abraham Lincoln said, public opinion is everything.
So if you can't rally public opinion, if you can't get the patriots to support your point of view because you can't communicate with them, you can't reach them, then all is hopeless.
So those who say, we've got to jump in and change the state election laws, there's not a chance that you can get
The critical mass among the public to do that under the current rules of censorship.
So first and foremost, even playing within their construct, you can have platforms on the internet which are very difficult to de-platform, and if they're controlled by patriots who are open to all points of view, then you'll have no censorship.
That's step one.
If you cannot achieve that, don't even think about the next three steps, which are
Fixing the state election laws to guarantee transparency and integrity.
Step three, clean out the weak-kneed, white-wine-swelling, green-pants-wearing, gutless, feckless, country-club Republican geeks
Who were quick to invite Donald Trump to their fundraiser and desperately needed his endorsement, but then turned on him like the rats that they are.
They have to be cleansed from this party.
This party is the party of working people now.
This party is the party of Trump.
It is the party of America first, more important.
It's not about a person.
It's about an idea.
And that, that idea, the America first wing of the party is still in the ascendancy.
We can crush the rhinos in primaries, but we have to have a purpose.
There's no point in nominating a good candidate for president.
And I'll be very clear.
If Donald Trump's running, I'm for him.
A hundred percent.
He can count on me.
I will be there.
I hope the same people who ran the last campaign don't run the next campaign because the only good thing about Donald Trump's campaign was Donald Trump.
Okay, now we're to that point, and you don't, even though you know they screwed Trump over, and you think it reflects somewhat bad on Trump to show he was screwed.
No, it doesn't.
It shows how he, like a lion, fought back in your own words.
Give them the real data dump you've not given anybody.
Tell them what really happened.
You've given me big briefings.
You predicted it all.
You told General Flynn this.
You told everybody.
You told Trump this.
Explain to everybody what really happened so we don't repeat it.
Well, I think there's a couple things.
Early in the Trump administration, I told the president that internet censorship was, in my opinion, the number one problem that stood in the way of his re-election.
I underlined the historic role that it played in his original victory, because without the internet freedom that we enjoyed in 2016, he would never have won.
Nothing has changed.
In other words, the same networks, the same cable networks, the same talking heads, the same leftist intelligentsia that was attacking him in 2016 attacked him with the same ferocity in 2020.
But in 2016, he had a platform from which to counterpunch, which is what he does best.
Trump went to Trump.
Well, first of all, the President raised a billion dollars.
A billion dollars.
Which is really formidable.
He was a great fundraiser.
And he had the confidence of the business community because he brought us a record economy.
The problem is that as a general rule of thumb, in all campaigns, whether you're running for the Austin City Council or whether you're running for President of the United States, 80% of your campaign's funding should go into voter communications.
We're back to advertising.
It could be cable advertising, network advertising, digital advertising.
Minimum 80%.
Not bureaucracy.
Voter mail, phone calls, voter contact.
Not overhead, not consultants, not bureaucracy, and so on.
The Trump campaign has the inverse.
$600 million gets transferred to a holding company controlled by Jared Kushner.
The rest of it is basically squandered.
So when COVID hits,
And pre-pandemic, Trump is leading Biden by nine.
Post-pandemic, he's trailing Biden by nine.
When a trained professional looks at that polling, what you figure out is the only votes that moved are African-Americans and Hispanics.
Essentially all other voters remained in place.
So you should target only them?
Because you were doing really well with them prior to the pandemic and you've lost ground, which means they don't hate you because they were already for you once.
You have to reconvince them.
So for example, in some polls,
Pre-pandemic, Trump was getting a third in the African-American vote, just beneath it.
And in the end, he did not finish there because his campaign didn't spend any resources there.
Which again, was not done by accident.
This is 101 failure sabotage.
Well, you know what?
Trump is such a great candidate, and he was...
Particularly hampered by COVID-19.
And I was looking at it this way.
They always ran, last time in this one, traditional campaign against him.
They censored him on all media platforms.
They trashed him in paid advertising starting September all the way to the end.
At saturation levels.
Normally, no human being could overcome that, but he overcame it in 2016.
Jeb Bush, as you may remember, dropped $100 million of negative advertising, trashing Donald Trump, and he was able to respond to it in real time, in interviews, without spending a dollar.
That's theoretically not possible, but he did it.
This time, I believe that his set piece rally format, which is where he excels, forcing the media to cover what he had to say in Milwaukee, or in Detroit, or in Philadelphia, or in Richmond, or wherever he is.
When Trump can't talk, when Trump can't hit the road, the campaign is frozen.
And they now know that.
That's why in 2021, banned off all social media, banned off YouTube,
He needs to get out and give more speeches than just the one he gave at CPAC.
Don't you agree?
I do agree, but let's be very clear.
When he breaks out of this construct for the last 30 days, he does the same thing he does in 2015.
He's a closer!
So he's 9 down.
Now he's 7 down.
Now he's 5 down.
Now he's 3 down.
I'm convinced that Trump most likely passed Joe Biden.
Biden of pure hard work.
So you do think the election was probably stolen?
The point is he didn't need millions of dollars to win.
He didn't need it in 2016.
So let's talk about this.
What can he do now?
Will he be healthy enough, looks like it, to run again?
Gut level, he looks like, I think he's a fighter.
I think if he can think that he's led a movement to try to fix election fraud at the state level so the Democrats can't repeat this again, then I think he may run again.
I think he is going to run again.
Well, I knew both of his parents.
They lived into their 90s.
They were vital into their 90s.
He's got extraordinary stamina.
He's from good stock.
He's very angry, as he should be, about being censored, about being what he believes is cheating.
There's certainly evidence of anomalies and irregularities in the elections, and no, saying that is not treasonous, it's not seditious, it's a reasonable question protected by... Well, the Democrats said they were going to challenge the election no matter what.
But again, it's the two-tiered justice system.
So if the president wants to run, he will be unstoppable for the nomination and to be the strongest candidate that the party could field.
But if he doesn't fix the structural problems that cheated him out of victory in 2020, he's not going to be able to win in 2024.
If he goes into the same level of net censorship and media censorship,
The same corrupt state election laws, the same gutless Republican Party that doesn't really go to work for him, then I don't see how he wins.
If he fixes those things, he's probably our strongest candidate.
Or if those things get fixed, I guess I should say.
And he could be just as important energizing the states, energizing a liberty movement, energizing an America First, election integrity movement.
And then enter General Flynn.
I know you're close friends with him.
I know that when you both went through the very same attack, you guys were big communicators over the phone.
And I know that you guys have obviously talked since then.
I see Flynn, if Trump decides not to, as really being one of the great hopes.
Matt Gaetz is excellent.
I also see Josh Hawley is great from Missouri.
But pulling back from this, talking about General Flynn, and just being honest, because he'll end up watching this.
I know you've advised him privately.
I've had a chance to talk to him quite a bit.
I'm not going to get into all the details of it.
It's not secret, but I'm not going to talk about it yet at this point.
But this is a real former head of Defense Intelligence and then the former National Security Advisor to the President.
He was their number one enemy when Trump first got in because they knew he was a good guy and that he could basically put an America first group of people in the White House, in the Pentagon that would have been able to defeat the deep state.
So up front,
Getting rid of him was how the dominoes, as you said, began to fall.
These are your own words.
The whole thing came out of that.
But getting Flynn, I think, to understand that he's got to just get out there and say, I'm pushing an America First agenda.
I'm going to push for voting integrity, which he's already doing, and getting him to then basically go ahead and rally the troops and be the George Washington.
We need to have Trump up there, but I think having Flynn out there as well, it isn't who we're for.
Trump or Flynn, I think you get both horses on the field.
Both horses start running harder than they can combine their strengths later.
So what is your advice to the world?
What is your advice to Flynn about this window that Flynn has to start getting mobilized to move forward?
Because I know from your advice you've given him, and he's listened to it.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And I don't know how much you get into here, but you know, a certain point, this stuff's got to be public.
Well, first of all, I have the highest possible regard for General Flynn.
I would never actually reveal confidential conversations we've had.
I think it's the way gentlemen operate.
But I do think his greatest public service lies ahead.
I do think... Well, let's be clear.
We're not saying the private communications.
And mine neither.
I'm saying... I'm happy to tell you what I think.
I'm saying we need him to start getting going here.
Well, first of all, I'm for Trump.
I want to be very clear about that.
But I do think we need to have a backup in case the president decides not to run.
Four years is a very long time.
Trump's going to start making money again, and we know how he likes to make money.
I've got like five shotguns in my closet by my bedroom.
I've got the one I'm going to go for, and I've got others.
I love this shotgun best.
But in case there's a problem, exactly, it's not like we're, we need that horse ready to go.
So I do think General Flynn has the stature to be a voice for the American First Agenda.
There's going to be competition for this because there are a lot of, you pointed out two guys that I really like and I'm very interested in, Matt Gaetz, who's very popular here in Florida, who's just a ball buster.
I mean, the guy is, he's fearless.
He takes on the left, he pulls him down the hill by the hair.
He's not afraid to brawl.
He's not afraid to mix it up.
It's hard to name another Republican that that's true of other than Donald Trump.
I like Josh Hawley.
I think he's got great promise.
I know all the moderate Republicans who are my friends in Missouri hate him.
That tells you he's a really good guy.
Oh, they're more afraid of him than even Rand Paul or even Ted Cruz.
Why are they so afraid?
Because Josh Hawley, with all due respect to Rand Paul, who I love, and Ted Cruz, who I'm skeptical about, Josh Hawley has a personality.
He's an attractive guy.
He's very charismatic.
He's got charisma.
Same thing with Matt Gaetz.
Also super smart.
I mean, look, you could theoretically, if the President doesn't mind... A Hawley-Gaetz ticket.
Well, if the president doesn't run, you could have four candidates from Florida alone.
Rick Scott says he's going to run, the senior senator.
What about DeSantis?
Oh, God, there's so much new blood, man.
DeSantis is doing a very good job as governor.
I think Matt Gaetz is more telegenic.
I think he's more charismatic.
That's definitely true.
I think DeSantis is more cerebral.
You couldn't have two candidates from the same state.
Is that even illegal?
No, it's not illegal, but you can't count the electoral vote twice.
So you would have to forego the electoral vote in the ballot for Vice President.
But technically it is then.
You can't give Florida away.
No, you would be giving it away.
But what has traditionally happened, of course, is that candidates have actually moved so as not to have that situation.
But what's beautiful is, you've got just as smart as DeSantis, but more telegenic and better spoken, Matt Gaetz, but then DeSantis has really good instincts.
I think he's done a good job as governor.
Why does he have such good instincts?
Well, it's an excellent question.
He wasn't even a Trump supporter.
No, no, he was not a Trump supporter in 2016.
Look, I'm pleasantly pleased with the job he's done on COVID-19, on internet censorship.
Now, his proposal, as Laura Loomer writes a terrific piece today, it's not perfect.
It's a step in the right direction.
I think that more aggressive actions can be taken by the states to ensure fairness and no censorship.
I totally agree.
This has already been a wide-ranging interview about what happened previously, what you're predicting is coming, what you think people should do.
Obviously, I want Trump.
He's the big trillion-pound gorilla.
I mean that in a good way.
That's great.
In my view, what should Trump be doing right now?
I think the most effective thing for him to do is to constantly provide a running critique of the Biden administration and their performance and compare it to his performance on the same issues.
Whether it's immigration or job creation or wage growth, it doesn't matter what the issue is.
But shouldn't he do that with like a weekly press conference or something instead of just a little text message here or a statement there?
Well, I mean, look, there's been a lot of speculation that the President may be on the cusp of forming his own media organization.
He'd have a huge following overnight if he did that.
He'd have millions of followers.
He should have left Twitter long ago.
It was a mistake to leave all your eggs in that basket.
I think that has hurt him somewhat.
He met famously with Brad Parscale, his fired campaign manager.
Supposedly, the President has asked Brad to take some of that money he got and maybe finance this new platform, which would be a good way not to
Yeah, we're not being mean here, but let's talk about Brad Parscale.
Let's talk about Charlie Kirk.
Let's talk about these Republican fundraisers that have giant, heavy pockets.
You don't have heavy pockets.
You can barely pay your medical bills.
I don't have the heavy pockets I used to have.
I spent it all on the War for Liberty.
I'm not mad at Charlie Kirk or Parscale, but come on, guys.
You can sell the Lambos.
Well, you know, there's a distinction there.
Brad Parscale has no political skills and I think there should be a full audit of all the spending by the Republican National Committee.
Soft money and hard money.
Now let's wait to get that audit.
I think there's going to be a lawsuit.
I think some major donors to the Republican National Committee are going to bring a suit to get that information.
I want to be clear, I don't think Parscale is a bad guy.
I think he's an idiot.
But Charlie Kirk is a different case.
Charlie Kirk is someone I like.
Charlie Kirk really went to bat for justice in my case, and therefore I have no criticism.
I was honored to go to his founder's dinner.
I do think that their agenda is somewhat different.
I heard he has $37 million.
I hear the same thing, which means he's a great fundraiser and they do a good job.
Put it in the ward.
Well, those guys are in the ward.
If I mortgage my house to keep my operation going, he needs to spend that $37 million.
He's on the forefront every day.
You can see him out there.
I'm not going to criticize Charlie Kirk.
He's not the same as we are, but he's a patriot.
Brad Parscale, on the other hand, is a grifter.
He believes in nothing, and I don't think he did a good job for the President.
I don't want to see where the money went.
By the way, you told me that five years ago.
You said, this Brad Parscale is going to be the problem.
Well, look, he got this reputation as a brilliant digital strategist from 2016.
Let's be very clear.
Only one guy elected Donald Trump in 2016.
His instincts, his gut instincts, his combativeness, his courage, his willingness to go toe-to-toe and say to Hillary Clinton when she says to him,
We can't have a man like Donald Trump running the Justice Department.
He says, yeah, because you'd be in jail.
I knew that moment.
It was over.
Tell me Jeb Bush would have had the cojones to say that.
That was a knockout blow.
It really was.
And it tells you, it shows Trump at his audacious, you know, fearless best.
No country club Republican would have delivered that.
Can you see Marco Rubio delivering that devastating put down?
Not a chance.
Bubble Party of Rubio?
Not a chance.
Let's get into it here and then you're going to give us an amazing tour of this piece of history.
You're like, oh yeah, look at this dump.
This place is not a dump.
This is history.
The photos, the stacks of documents, the articles, the art pieces.
I mean, this stuff is just absolutely incredible and a lot of it's original.
Well, look, many of these items here are things that I collected at the time.
I mean, there's a poster here of Richard Nixon that I actually pried off of a lamp pole in New Hampshire in 1968.
I still have it framed.
On the other hand, I bought some of this stuff for a song at eBay.
I'm a collector of political memorabilia.
We have an association.
Nixon's your favorite, though.
I mean, you got Trump to run.
I have the largest Nixon memorabilia collection probably in the United States.
The question is, what will I do with it when I move on ahead, as they say?
You got Trump to run.
He did it himself.
You don't have to take credit, but they admit you're the genesis point.
That's why they went after you.
That's on record that without you, he probably wouldn't have done it.
And but we've talked privately.
You love Trump.
You're like, there's something that we're like, oh, but Richard Nixon, you knew Reagan, you know, so many, you hate the Bushes, even though you helped him later, you attacked him when it wasn't popular, right?
Hides their power.
Why do you love Nixon so much?
Well, because he was indestructible, because he was resilient, because he... His story is a story of resilience and persistence.
It's like an American story.
What was it Vince Lombardi said?
It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, it matters how many times you get up.
They counted this guy out four times, he was deader than Kelsey's nuts, done, finished, washed up, a national joke, but he still came back and he never, ever gave up.
In his quest for the presidency, and it's a monumental presidency.
The left buries all of his accomplishments now, the way they want to bury Trump's accomplishments.
Nixon's almost an example for Trump.
What if Nixon had all the stuff Trump had?
I think Trump's going to run and be president again.
Well, I mean, look, I always thought Trump was more like Reagan in terms of his charisma and his personal charm and the whole, you know, atmospherics of his candidacy.
But he was also pragmatist like Nixon.
Trump was interested in results.
Tell me how we get more jobs.
Tell me how we employ more people.
Tell me how we get justice into our criminal justice system.
He's interested in results.
So he's not really an idealist.
And by the way, you've wished Biden well, even though he stole it, he's there, you care about the country.
Man, open borders, butchering the dollar, cash prices exploding.
So Roger, if anybody's got a political crystal ball, it's you.
What do you see happening with Biden?
And what do you see unfolding if it's the 25th amendment or the vice presidency?
What happens there with Kamala Harris?
Well, first of all, I think it's important to understand that there's a revolution within the Democratic Party.
There's an epic struggle between their liberal but corporate wing and the socialist wing, the hardcore left wing.
And that's going to, right now, Biden was the only candidate they could nominate who could kind of bridge that gap, which wasn't that difficult to bridge because they have one thing in common.
They really, really hate Donald Trump.
So that's why I think Biden was probably in the end their broadest candidate in terms of support.
Senator Harris is not a political rookie.
She was Attorney General.
She won a U.S.
Senate seat in a tough state.
But she's required to go to lunch once a week with Susan Rice while Susan Rice tutors her, lectures her I'm told, on the fine points of foreign policy.
I understand Senator Harris finds this offensive because she's been a member of the U.S.
Senate, and she knows what she thinks, and she's a pretty smart cookie.
She doesn't need Susan Rice to tell her what to think.
She could very well, if you believe the actuarial tables, end up as President of the United States, but you already see the globalists trying to assert their future control, to project their control.
And through these puppets, the real presidents, these stooges, who is their main controller?
Is it Obama?
Well, we know one thing.
Somebody sent me video of the jury forewoman, in my case, entering the Obama compound in Calorama during my trial.
Isn't that interesting?
Yeah, I think that, as you know, it has been a great tradition, Alex, for former presidents to leave Washington.
They get out of politics.
George W. Bush, no favorite of mine, but he went out to paint portraits
You know, somewhere outside of Dallas?
His bathtub.
But not Barack Obama.
He stays and moves to a compound.
He maintains a political staff and he maintains a presence.
And he's actually said openly, yeah, if I could have gone for a third term, I would have.
Well, I think he did.
I think the Obama administration, pardon me, I think the Biden administration is Obama 3.0.
I totally agree with you.
We're going to do a tour here in a few minutes.
You thought you'd lost this photo.
I mean, I've never seen this photo.
There's so much stuff here that's never before been seen.
This is a big piece of history.
We'll get some close shots later.
That's you and William F. Buckley and somebody else.
Tell us about this photo.
So in this particular case, Bill Buckley was recording radio commercials attacking Republican Lowell Weicker to the benefit of Senator Joe Lieberman, because conservatives who lived in Connecticut, my native state, determined that Joe Lieberman was actually more conservative than left-wing Republican rip-on society member Lowell Weicker.
And the Buckleys and the Wikers had a long-standing dispute out of Yale, so Bill Buckley went to the forefront of Republicans for Lieberman, and I wrote the spots, and we're recording there.
Ian Wineshell was the engineer, a very good guy.
Bill was charming, but he also drank, I would say, two bottles of wine during the 45-minute taping.
So he's a very aristocratic.
He put away a lot of alcohol, and he held it well.
Let me say that.
So when he was doing those interviews, what was the name of his show on PBS?
Firing Line.
Man, he could tell he was wasted in those.
Well, you know, alcoholism ran in the family, actually.
But he still is, I think, the modern avatar of respectable conservatism.
In other words, you strip away the old-fashioned anti-Semitism, the racism, because we're not anti-Semitic and we're not racist.
It was a new brand of conservatism.
I think it was positive.
Unfortunately, it morphs into neoconism, and that's where you leave me off.
Which is communist-like.
Well, Buckley had a relationship with the CIA.
This is not a secret.
On the other hand, nobody was a greater champion of... That's like saying you have a relationship with Walmart.
The CIA is everywhere.
Yes, it's true.
It's not some elitist... It's like, I have a relationship with, you know, brown tables.
I mean, it's like...
It's like Roger Stone and the Oath Keepers both brushed their teeth before going to bed.
Isn't this whole thing clear to you yet?
Please, it's a joke.
I'm not bragging, but we have a CIA reach out to you, to me, everybody else asking what we think.
I mean, we're Americans are leaders.
A school teacher educating children, somebody running for mayor who wins, somebody that writes an incredible book, someone that cooks an incredible cake, bakes a cake.
I mean, that's what makes the world go.
It's not the CIA and this magic group up there.
I mean, Roger, you don't toot your horn, but you've been a major thought leader for decades and decades.
Explain to people that there's not like some magic secret intellectual group up there, that it's we the people.
Well, first of all, I think two things.
There is a global elite.
Oh, it's definitely a deep state.
And they are not motivated by ideology.
They're motivated by their desire for control and money.
Raw power, raw control.
And they're canny.
So, in other words, they can back an African-American liberal like Barack Obama for president, and then they can back a faux-conservative like George W. Bush for president when the time is right.
They control both parties prior to Donald Trump coming along.
But what they don't want is an awakening to that control.
There's no question about that.
And that's why Trump was so dangerous to them.
That's a great question.
Why did Trump, you can say whatever you want about Trump, he made the establishment shit their pants?
Well, he did because he, first of all, they are highly confident that they can just hand off the presidential nomination to Jeb Bush like it was a checked hat.
They don't even expect there's going to be a struggle.
And now this guy rises out of the East.
They think he's a caricature.
They laugh him off.
America first.
Hillary and the WikiLeaks wanted him to get the nomination.
What a joke.
They never see him coming.
And he so totally threatens the status quo where everybody's in it together.
Now you have a guy who's president suddenly who says, wait a minute.
Where do the American people fit in?
I'm going to put them first, not our pockets.
These are the people, the Bushes and the Clintons.
Who was it who said, I got a great idea?
Let's make all of our most important pharmaceuticals and drugs in China.
What a great idea, and they'll pay us millions.
Did anybody stand up and say- Whoever did that should be in a lot of trouble.
There's no question, but did anybody stop and say, is this in the best interest of the United States of America?
Should we do this?
So it was a bipartisan leadership that brought us to the point where a Donald Trump could emerge.
And Trump was really challenging that right there.
Roger, this has been an amazing interview.
We're going to do a quick tour here around this shrine to Nixon, Reagan.
Envy of it?
What is this?
See, the thing I think has changed, Alex, is there was a time when the people in the country whose wealth had come from the free enterprise system were conservatives and believed in the free enterprise system.
What's ironic here is the wealthiest people in the country, the people who made their money through business, through free enterprise, now want to crush free enterprise for everyone else.
They want a centralized government.
They want government control of business.
It doesn't even make sense.
It's almost antithetical, but you gotta ask, where are the conservative billionaires?
Why aren't they buying network television stations or cable news stations?
Why aren't they fighting for the war for digital censorship?
It's hard to understand why their financiers are prepared to lose money.
As long as they can assert control.
In other words, when Facebook makes decisions to de-platform and to censor Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and thousands of other patriots, they're costing themselves money!
They made money on me!
Year after year after year!
They don't care about money.
It's all about control.
They've broken the social contract.
They don't care about humanity.
It's a pure extraction of wealth for pure power.
It's anti-human.
Well, before we do this tour, I want to salute you for your hard work, your perseverance.
You're not turning on the president and the American people.
You've become a symbol that they hate.
Infowars is that as well.
Trump at an even greater level.
General Flynn.
It's a very small club that's been through the fire and survived.
And we have a responsibility not to give up, not go away, but to continue fighting.
And despite all you've been through, you keep fighting, Roger.
That's why I admire you.
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be here.
Here is to Roger Stone.
Hear, hear.
Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
We're going to have a very nice dinner with another patriot tonight.
We're going to leave it at that.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is History Having.
Ow, that's dangerous.
We're about to talk to Roger Stone.
We're about to get a tour of the biggest Richard Nixon museum on the planet.
It's here in Florida.
Let's go in and talk to Roger Stone.
And ladies and gentlemen, he's waiting on us.
Here is Roger Stone.
Roger, great to be here, brother.
Oh, it's great to see you.
So this used to be the InfoWars Miami studio.
This is where we did our daily War Room broadcast.
And every Wednesday, thanks to the relief of your fans, I would sit in for you, which they seemed to like.
And I worked here every day, five days a week.
And of course the FBI raided this facility, smashed our desktop computers, destroyed three laptops, cut the cords on the microphones, destroyed two digital cameras, essentially all the equipment I was using to do my daily syndicated radio show, plus our daily show on Infowars.
So I consider everything here pretty much art.
It's artwork that interested me.
But there's one common theme, and that's anti-communism.
Richard Nixon was sustained throughout his career.
He was trusted on the right because he was an anti-communist because he took down Alger as a communist spy.
Barry Goldwater really rose in American politics, not because he had a charming personality, but because he was an anti-communist.
Ronald Reagan emerged from the ashes of the Goldwater debacle as the new champion of anti-communism.
That's why the charge that guys like you and I were working for the Russians is so insulting.
We hate communism.
We're not hot on Russians.
Personally, I'm somebody who had members of my own family mowed down by Russian tanks in Budapest.
So to say that we're Russian assets, that's insulting.
Well, the Democrats are anti-American, so they project who they are onto us.
This place is an incredible piece of history.
Let's start right over here, Roger, because, I mean, there's so many places to start.
Is emblematic of our time.
I think this that you have right here is emblematic.
This time, vote like your whole world depends on it.
I mean, that's where we are.
We have Biden in power.
Now we see the shutdown of the country.
It's incredible.
Well, let's remember that this is addressing the times.
1968 is a time of tumult.
It's a time of upheaval.
The cities are burning.
The campuses are burning.
There's a giant movement against the government because of the war in Vietnam.
There are race riots.
Robert Kennedy is murdered.
Martin Luther King is murdered.
All of these events clear the way for Nixon's comeback.
In other words, without the assassination of John Kennedy, which inadvertently breathes life back into the career of Richard Nixon, the subsequent murders of Bobby Kennedy, the murder of Dr. King, the Vietnam War, that creates the perfect storm for Nixon's comeback.
And of course, the deep state thinks that when Nixon gets to be president, he's going to be another hardliner, keep us in Vietnam forever.
Nixon's a little smarter.
He wants peace.
So he decides that he's going to recognize the Chinese, so he can play them off against the Russians.
Not because he loves the Chinese, but because he can now say, look Mao, if you don't want to do the deal, I'll go talk to Brezhnev, because he wants to do the deal.
He saves us hundreds of billions of dollars in defense spending, ends the war in Vietnam, 18-year-old vote, gets rid of the 18-year-old draft.
Dissegregates the public schools.
And that's why the left then, tied by the hating, just like the left attacked Trump who was ending wars and doing similar things.
It's very similar.
So just as they want to, and they effectively erased any history of Nixon.
Nixon, Watergate, he's a criminal.
Nothing else to talk about.
They want to do this with Trump.
Oh, Donald Trump, impeachment.
He was impeached twice.
They don't want to talk about the record economy.
They don't talk about record wage growth, record job growth, record low levels of unemployment among all Americans, rebuilding the American military, appointing conservatives to the judiciary.
They don't want to talk about any of that.
They want to erase Donald Trump as an aberration, as a mistake, as a temporary mistake.
They don't understand that the American First Agenda still has a majority... Well, that's the country existing.
It's the only thing that exists.
Outside levels.
So walk us through.
You've got the floor here.
Where should we start?
Is there so many... Go ahead.
So in 1960, Richard Nixon lost the presidency by a hair to John Kennedy.
John Kennedy was not today's Democrat.
He was an anti-communist.
He was a favored a sound either gold or silver backed dollar.
He was very skeptical about the Central Intelligence Agency in the deep state of his day.
He gave his life for it, as you can see in my book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ.
But the 1960 close loss caused conservatives in the Republican Party to say that Nixon lost because he had pulled his punches because he hadn't attacked Jack Kennedy as standing for the dime store socialism of the real left wing of the Democratic Party.
This gives rise to the candidacy of Barry Goldwater.
Now Barry Goldwater was a very irascible guy.
He liked drinking.
He was kind of crabby and cranky.
He liked showgirls too.
He was very close to the Indians.
He was a photographer.
He was a pilot.
He was a ham radio operation.
What he was not was a yes man.
And he didn't want to be president.
He didn't want to lead a movement, but he had no choice because he was the new face of conservatism.
He lost an ignominious defeat to Lyndon Johnson.
But he lays the groundwork for the modern conservative party.
Without Barry Goldwater, there would have been no Ronald Reagan.
So out of the Goldwater defeat rises a new political star.
When Goldwater's campaign is essentially out of money and out of energy, actor Ronald Reagan goes on national television to give a speech called A Time for Choosing.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars pour into Goldwater's headquarters for the close of the campaign.
And a new conservative star is born.
Recognize that in 1964, Barry Goldwater runs as an unabashed conservative and loses all but a handful of Southern states.
But then in 1966, Ronald Reagan is elected governor as an unabashed conservative of the largest state in the country, California.
This is the beginning of the modern political conservative movement.
When Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency because of the onslaught of the fake news media of its time,
And by the way, the crimes he's accused of look like small potatoes compared to the crimes committed by the Biden administration, not to mention the Clintons or the Obamas.
But in 1976, Nixon leaves Gerald Ford, a very weak contender as a sitting vice president who accedes to the presidency upon
We're good to go.
Gerald Ford for the nomination.
Running an extraordinary shoestring campaign, he comes within inches of dethroning a sitting Republican president who was elected by no one.
And he marks himself, strangely enough, as the contender for four years later.
General Ford, of course, loses to Jimmy Carter, setting the stage for a comeback by Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan's time has come.
And he runs an audacious campaign against Jimmy Carter, an incumbent.
The Carter people actually, according to Hamilton Jordan's book, they want to run against Reagan.
They think he's a simpleton.
They think it'd be easy to beat him.
That's what Pat Brown thought in California.
Reagan, who is a master craftsman who understands that politics is entertainment and who puts a warm face on conservatism, something Goldwater could never do, beats Jimmy Carter to become the first outsider president of my lifetime and perhaps among our greatest presidents.
Let's be very clear.
This leads indirectly.
To the election of perhaps the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump.
It's the same political movement.
It's the same populist... I don't think it's indirect.
I mean, Trump modeled it off of Reagan.
There's no question, but he's the heir.
He's the natural inheritor of the conservative Republican mantle, the populist conservative mantle, suppressed by the Bushes in the 80s.
They're shocked when he breaks out of the pack to take the nomination.
They're shocked when he takes the wood to Hillary Clinton and she becomes... and he becomes president.
This is a man the establishment hates.
They can't control him.
They can't bully him.
They can't threaten him.
He loves America and he answers only to the American people.
Roger, I've seen you on air talk about that historic wall.
That's obviously your favorite wall.
But talk about this wall and that wall and those walls and the bathroom that's reserved to Democrats.
I mean, every one of these is a piece of history.
A lot of these are originals only here.
Well, as you know, in 1952, Vice President Richard Nixon is invited to Moscow to an exhibit where they're comparing society under the Soviet regime with society in America.
And they have a model of a U.S.
modern kitchen.
And Khrushchev and Nixon stroll through this, talking to each other.
This is where Khrushchev says to his face, We will bury you!
And Nixon says, No, you think we're going to live under communism?
Let me give you a hint, Mr. Chairman.
Your children will live under freedom.
And of course it makes Nixon a hero back home because he has confronted the communists to their face and declared himself on the side of history to be for American ideals.
This catapults Nixon to the 1960 nomination, where unfortunately he decides to compromise with the Rockefeller wing of the party and he falls just short, laying the groundwork for Barry Goldwater.
Laying the groundwork for Ronald Reagan.
Laying the groundwork for Donald Trump.
Now this is particularly rare.
Nixon's career, of course, takes a detour.
He loses the presidency in 1960, but he still aspires to be president.
No man who has lost by a hair would not feel that way.
So he launches a campaign to be governor of California, a job he doesn't want, in a state where he doesn't live, not really, and where he has no interest in state issues.
But he's a favorite.
And Dwight Eisenhower and Tom Dewey, the former governor of New York, nominee of the Republican Party in 1944 and 1948, prevail on Nixon to run.
Nixon loses in an upset.
This lays the groundwork for the re-election of Lyndon Johnson, unimpeded.
See, Nixon knew he couldn't beat Johnson after the Kennedy assassination.
Nobody could.
And he waits his turn for 1968.
The Nixon for Governor campaign was an abysmal failure run by the same people who ran his incredible comeback in 1968.
Well, there's a lot of memorabilia here and most of it is not valuable to anybody other than me.
But there are some valuable and I think really symbolic pieces.
Let me show you, for example, my very famous Richard M. Nixon bong.
Now, the irony of this is that one of Nixon's greatest failures was launching the War on Drugs.
The War on Drugs, of course, was not what it morphed into under Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, but even then, it was an inequitable, racially biased system in which people who really belonged in drug treatment were incarcerated despite the fact that they are not violent criminals.
This celebrates the fact that on the American left, that Nixon, the candidate who gave us the war on drugs, perhaps his greatest single mistake, is being mocked by the smoking of marijuana in a bong in the shape of his head.
There were head shops in those days that sold psychedelic posters and other ephemera that made fun of our political leaders.
For example, your Richard Nixon rolling papers.
Perfect example.
So, a lot of these items were created to mock Nixon, but they're still, they're historical curios.
They're still, they're like markers and I have collected them.
For example, the candle in Richard Nixon's head, the shape of his head, or the watch in which he and Pat stare back at you with a great smile.
He was the most durable politician of the century.
He was on the ticket more times than any living American between his two races for Vice President and his three races for President of the United States.
Yet he will not be remembered the way Ronald Reagan was.
He will certainly not be remembered the way Donald Trump was.
Because the media of his time buried his great accomplishments the way they seek to bury the great accomplishments of Donald Trump, even today.
Tell me what this is.
Well, that's something that was given to every member of the Nixon staff who participated in his triumphant campaign tour in 1968.
And here's every city in which he appeared.
Here you have flight certificates.
So when I was on board Air Force One with President Ronald Reagan during the 1984 campaign, that certificate memorializes that.
It's one of the things that I'm very honored to have.
Same thing true of the President's whistle-stop tour through Ohio.
That's where the train certificate is from.
John Sears, the strategist for the Dixon 76 campaign, really the man who won him the 1980 nomination before being ignominiously fired before the New Hampshire primary.
A mentor of mine, a very, very smart guy, passed away about a year ago.
So these are mostly personal things.
Governor Jim Rhodes, the boss of the Ohio Republican Party, head-to-head with the Tafts constantly in a struggle for control, turned out to be one of Ronald Reagan's greatest and most effective supporters.
We had a strong bond.
John Davis Lodge, my political mentor, former governor of Connecticut, former ambassador to Spain and Argentina, and then later under Ronald Reagan, Switzerland.
The brother of Henry Cabot Lodge, notorious liberal Republican, but John Davis Lodge was a true American patriot.
Roger, you're known in your life as being associated with a lot of lovely ladies, but your wife is amazing.
This photo up here, this is Betty Page level.
Tell us about this.
That was done by a fashion photographer who lived in Washington who was obsessed with my wife and wanted to shoot her.
This is part of a series.
It's a great collection.
She, of course, is a much more private person than I am today.
As you know, she was attacked in a politically motivated attack outside her home only three weeks ago.
Yes, she's doing fine.
She did have surgery on her knee.
She's doing very well.
And she passed her good words on to you, Alex, because we had dinner together at the inauguration of Donald Trump.
She said it was a great time.
She sends her regards, but she won't be joining us tonight.
Let's go over here.
This is the final thing.
You were telling me this is a very popular photo.
People bring this to me all the time.
This was the RNC five years ago.
You and I together.
Oh, you got one right there.
Yeah, show us.
You know, Alex, people still ask me about this picture every day.
I could sell these at StoneColdTruths.com or even in the Infowars store, and people would love it.
This was when you and I were optimistic about beating Hillary Clinton.
We were taking the fight to her.
I said over and over again, lock her up.
Many people on the internet thought that was very funny when I was unfairly and I think wrongfully convicted on fabricated charges.
But then once I was pardoned, I pulled those back up and I said, well, this didn't age too well, did it?
No, Hillary Clinton was the one who should be locked up.
This was a great moment in American history.
And yes, Alex, I think we both need to go on a diet.