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Name: 20210326_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 26, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses the Suez Canal crisis and its impact on global supply chains, highlighting their fragility due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Max Keiser, an economic analyst, was interviewed regarding the global economy, Bitcoin's role in revealing financial fraud, and the importance of independent media. The show also covers topics such as free speech, societal manipulation by powerful elites, digital money, quantum computing's potential threat to Bitcoin encryption, gun ownership, judicial corruption during pandemics, and interviews with guests sharing their experiences and perspectives on various issues.

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Friday live, the beacon of pro-human resistance against the globalist tyranny.
I'm your host Alex Jones and there's the big live show feed headline today.
March 26th, 2021, Friday live, EU reports 300 and
3,964 killed by COVID vaccines, 162,610 injured, and those numbers are a few weeks old because they're behind reporting it.
That is really hard to say out of your mouth.
3,900 plus dead from the vaccine.
But Gates told us 700,000 will get sick or die.
He told us 80% would get really sick.
And it doesn't even protect us, and now they say, you gotta take 10 vaccines a year, it was 5 vaccines a year, and that you still gotta wear a mask, and you're still non-essential, and that it's a great thing.
Absolutely incredible.
And you can go to the articles, link right to the EU's own website, they're not even hiding it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
With every passing month, every passing week, day, hour, minute, second, the agenda is now completely out in the open, and it's exactly what the globalists said they would do 50 years ago, and they're now going into overdrive.
They've hit their afterburners.
Thank you for joining us on this March 26th, 2021 Live Friday edition.
I'd like to show the TV viewers the live show feed today because I think it boils everything we're dealing with on this planet down, and I certainly hope you share that page with others so that they can tune in to this verboten transmission.
But just look at the stack here.
The EU admits 3,964 people have died from the vaccines, and they haven't updated the numbers in a few weeks, so it's going to be much higher.
162,000-plus got injured.
Incredible news.
We've posted this at InfoWars.com.
Here's another one.
Bloomberg op-ed.
We must start planning for a permanent pandemic.
Never stop masks.
Never stop inoculations.
Never stop being non-essential.
Bloomberg is again almost double his money.
And why not?
They're in the lockdown.
It's a takeover.
Supreme Court judge.
In the UK, says it will last at least 10 years.
See, it's all being announced now.
I told you over a year ago, it never ends.
First, it's 15 days, 2 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and then it's forever.
With everything else that comes with it.
Hey, Jones, just take your vaccine.
Just wear your mask.
Let's get this over with.
Get it over with.
It's all made-up fraud.
Learn a term to defeat the enemy.
It's called medicalization.
I was sitting there talking to a lawyer a couple weeks ago, and I said, this is medicalization, and they said, is that a made-up word?
No, it's not a made-up word!
It's what we're under!
So I typed in medicalization this morning and blew an hour I didn't have at 5 a.m.
Reading up on medicalization.
Go to the Wikipedia and spend years reading the footnotes in it.
I just spent an hour.
And I pulled up some big mainline studies, prestigious, about that's what we live under.
The tyranny we live under is called medicalization.
It is a technocracy that uses medicalization to take full control of society.
And here's what's scary.
Everybody acts like they're so smart that are professionals, doctors, scientists, lawyers.
They don't study any of how it all works.
They don't study the founts, the progenitors, the designers.
I do.
And they tell you they're so arrogant what the plan is.
That's why I've had so many people, including like generals and former heads of intelligence agencies, go, Jones, you've obviously got someone advising you of a level above even what we know.
How do you know all this?
How did you predict all this?
And I said, I didn't predict a fricking thing, basically.
I understand how to collate the data.
It's out in the open.
It's a horrible plan.
Satan came up with it.
It's definitely anti-human.
It's definitely not humans running it.
And I don't get into flying saucers or any of that.
I can just look at this from a military perspective, an engineering perspective, a societal perspective, a cultural perspective, a religious perspective, a spiritual perspective, a physical perspective, and tell you this is the end of us.
But before we're all destroyed, we have to give in to evil and submit to the tyranny, because that's what it really wants, is us to resonate with its force, so that we are bound to it into the future, because we are eternal beings.
So we're going to go to break, and I'm going to do my best to hit all of this, but I mean, it is just insane.
Look how the one Suez Canal breakdown has basically caused a chain reaction that could put us into a world depression.
What do you think a big war is going to do?
People used to be self-sufficient, even in World War II people were self-sufficient, and hundreds of millions died, mainly from starvation.
What do you think is going to happen when they purposely keep making everything break down?
And I've got stacks of news.
On that front that is so criminal.
Guess how many people in California they are housing per leftist home.
Just yesterday I said I went to foster parent homes when I was a carpet cleaner 30 years ago and they'd have 6, 7, 8 kids in a tiny house looking like concentration camp victims with a PBP walking around, pot belly pedophile running it.
And it's in the news today they're housing 26 little kids per
I think it's politically unrealistic to expect the government to backtrack now.
They've invested too much of themselves in it.
So, although the ideal would be to revert to a voluntary system, which was what the authorities all recommended before last March,
I don't think that that is going to happen.
And I have to say that I'm extremely pessimistic about this.
An interesting parallel is the continuation of wartime food rationing after the last war.
People were in favour of that because they were in favour of social control.
They'd had a lot of it during the war.
They thought that this was an answer.
In the 1950 and 51 general elections, the Labour Party lost its majority entirely because people with five years more experience of social control got fed up with it.
Sooner or later, that will happen in this country.
Friday Live, the beacon of pro-human resistance against the globalist tyranny.
I'm your host Alex Jones and there's the big live show feed, headlined today.
March 26th, 2021, Friday, live, EU reports 3,964 killed by COVID vaccines, 162,610 injured, and those numbers are a few weeks old because they're behind reporting it.
That is really hard to say out of your mouth.
3,900 plus dead from the vaccine.
Gates told us 700,000 will get sick or die.
He told us 80% would get really sick.
And it doesn't even protect us.
And now they say, you got to take 10 vaccines a year.
It was five vaccines a year.
And that you still got to wear a mask and you're still non-essential.
And that it's a great thing.
Absolutely incredible.
And you can go to the articles, link right to the EU's
On website, they're not even hiding it.
Let me just read you the headlines right now of the most important news we've got in front of us.
I'll tell you about the guest and more that's coming up today, and we're gonna open the phones up as well.
So, Friday live, nearly 4,000 have died in Europe after taking the vaccine, according to the EU.
The role of COVID lockdowns in 2020, homicides surge, ladies and gentlemen.
We already knew that, but this is meant to break down society.
Governments to insist on vaccines for flying.
Qantas boss.
Royal Caribbean.
Only accepts vaccinated passengers on next Caribbean cruise.
Zero hedge.
Whole countries are saying you can't period come unless you have it.
Even though a lot of people have doctors on record saying you can't take a vaccine.
You have anaphylactic shock.
You have autoimmune disorders.
You have everything.
You've got all the propaganda, all the garbage.
Now there's a thing called Moderna arm where you get really, really sick and your arm almost basically falls off.
But look at this really big news right here.
Bloomberg op-ed, we must start planning for a pandemic that's permanent.
The lockdowns never end.
You are non-essential.
Your small restaurant never opens, but all the big restaurants are allowed to open.
All the big box stores.
And we put up with our own destruction.
Supreme Court Judge expects people will be forced to wear masks, stay at home for 10 years.
And that is the Supreme Court Judge Lord Somerton.
We'll play a clip of him in a moment, but why is this important?
Because everything you see in Australia, everything you see in Canada, everything you see in Europe, everything you see in the UK is because they have total election fraud over there and the people can't get out from under the tyranny.
And so you're seeing actually what the end game plan is or the next phase.
But you don't see that in Texas or South Dakota or Florida or other areas because they know, they've done psychological tests, they've done studies at Yale and other places before this, knowing what regions will put up with what.
We've been all studied very, very closely by this evil anti-human force.
It looks at us like we're little creatures in a petri dish that are just in its way.
And so here, we're given the first phases, and then they tighten it down, and then they know that that'll build political resistance with the people, with the legislatures, with the courts, so they reduce it by 80%.
Then any political resistance fades away.
Six months later, a year later, they clamp it back down.
When major resistance forms, they release it 60%.
Then they clamp down again.
Next time they release it, 40%.
Then they clamp down again.
Next time they release it, 10%.
But because you feel like you're getting out of it each time, because you're only living in the day, the week, the year, you have a short attention span, I do as well, well then once they take the restrictions partially off, you accept the straitjacket that's on you, you accept the handcuffs, because they've loosened them up a bit.
And so this is all psychological warfare.
As long as you realize you're being taken over, as long as you realize it's a globalist program, as long as you realize it's a trap, and only gets worse when you submit,
Then you start not complying.
You start resisting.
You start educating others.
You start saying no.
But they've got us so isolated and so atomized and so selfish on average that people think it's weird.
Especially in New York or the big cities in California or places like that.
When you actually warn people and say, hey, did you know the vaccine doesn't protect you?
I just want to be able to get back to normal.
Oh, shut up.
Well, actually, they're not going to let you get back to normal.
Oh, shut up!
Told them that six months ago.
Told them that a year ago.
Now it's all admitted.
The same people go, I don't want to hear it.
Because they don't want to hear they got conned.
There's an old saying, you can't con an honest man.
But you can con people that are lazy and self-centered and demonic.
And so they like wearing masks.
They like feeling they're good and you're not.
They like the fraud of it.
They like the dress up of it.
They are spiritually unconscious at the bare minimum.
And then you go down the ladder from there into hell itself and total psychotic behavior.
There was a big Fox News article on it, the center of the crew, I forgot, on the front page of Fox, that John Wayne Gacy, you know, liked to dress up like a clown and tortured at least 35 young men and boys to death, raping them.
He told the police officers that have now spoken out for the first time in a documentary that he enjoyed the power of having them beg for their lives while he raped them over several days and tortured them, and he felt like he was sucking their essence out.
Yeah, like Hit the Clown.
That's who these people are.
And all of this is about oppressing you and hurting you and doing bad things.
And because you're not like those people, you think, oh, no one's doing this.
There's not really all these bad people out there.
Because you are projecting your own lack of desire to commit evil onto other people.
And that's very, very foolish.
Oh, you're fear mongering.
But I'm not.
And I was reading this morning that article about John Wayne Gacy, how he enjoyed the power of death was the headline.
Just go to foxnews.com and type in John Wayne Gacy or power of death or just death and it'll come up for you.
I wanted to read that later and then maybe put Bill Gates to the videos.
Because when they described the power he wanted, the control, the luring the people, the setting him up, that's what this whole medicalization, medical tyranny, globalist program is and I'm going to cover that as well.
There's that stack of news and information.
Then there's something that gets me even madder.
Because it's just so out in the open and it's so outrageous and I'll cover it next segment.
And that's the massive human smuggling and trafficking of children into Democrat arms, where Democrat families that are signed up with these refugee center community groups, and the Muslims have it, all the big Christian churches have it, a lot of the big Jewish synagogues are heavily involved, and they have families that, and the churches take in up to 26 children apiece, and then the churches get taxpayer money for this.
Then they launder the money, the synagogues, the churches, the mosque,
The Catholic Church is big as well.
They launder that money back in the Democratic Party.
And that's how Project Veritas, you know, nine years ago could just walk right into multiple Democrat facilities and say, I've got kidnapped girls for sex slavery.
And they're like, fantastic.
Let's put them to work right now.
We're ready to help you out, get you a place, run those whores.
Just make sure you pay your local taxes or they'll shut us down.
And he's dressed up in a pimp outfit with a girl he says is, you know, 13 or 14.
They're like, get that whore to work.
That's who they are and they mean business.
They are an organized crime wall.
And of course they're taking down the internet and taking our systems and censoring us.
And the New York Times has called now for actually censoring URLs.
I told you that was coming.
Now they're going to block it at the IP level.
That's coming up.
They say Jones is a Nazi.
The only thing I see acting like Nazis is the left.
Overrun with illegals, California allows foster parents to house up to 26 unaccompanied minors as young as one year old, just kidnapped, drugged across the border, and handed over to these random homes, and they just disappear into that hellhole.
Big business.
And I'm not saying all foster parents are bad, but for most of them it's a business.
And, you know, you thought old-fashioned orphanages were bad.
I mean, we're talking kids sleeping 8, 9, 10 to a room, and we're talking getting a couple hot dogs a day, maybe some cereal if they're lucky.
And I told you about this just this week, and I told you when I was a carpet cleaner for a summer that I couldn't do it anymore because I was like, what is this?
This is a foster house.
It was like all these dirty mattresses and babies, and there's like one fat pedophile-looking gay dude.
And I mean, it's just like, what the hell's going on here?
And we all know it's just the harvesting of our children.
Alright, anyways, well then they're getting a lot of that fresh meat out of Latin America.
And woo!
A lot of them end up dead in satanic rituals.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And here's what everybody needs to know.
And I know you know this, but we need to have this up front in our minds.
The left does not have the moral authority.
They are the most evil, selfish, manipulating, conniving, lying people on earth that use psychiatry and psychology to control us and manipulate us.
It is all on record.
Even mainstream news, that for decades they've been studying how to use fear of a pandemic to bring in an authoritarian society, and it's in Operation Lockstep, and it's in Event 201, and it's in Crimson Contagion, and it's all there!
And now Schwab and all of them admit that they're doing this on purpose, it's permanent, and that they've taken over, and isn't it good we're saving the Earth by starving the third world to death, and then flooding us with the third world, who they then exploit at massive levels!
The globalists set up the third world to exploit people.
And the UN's biggest business is sex traffic.
They're famous for it.
Look it up.
Industrial level.
Millions of women and children a year.
And these demons that inhabit these humanoids, or whatever they are, literally are killing women and children on a mass scale, and they put them in acid baths, ladies and gentlemen, after they're done raping them and torturing them.
When you see John Wayne Gacy and people, they're nothing.
They're just private operators of this cult.
If you don't know about the U.N.'
's giant sex slave trade, just type in U.N.
sex slavery, U.N.
child kidnapping.
It's unbelievable.
They've done it in over a hundred nations.
Tortured and kidnapped children.
And of course, the Clintons are heavily involved in their foundation.
And their foundation head was caught smuggling children out of Haiti that disappeared.
You know, they say, we're going to have kids, five and six, waiting for you in the hot tub.
They're ready to service you, but they are kids.
So they may not, you know, follow every order.
That's in the WikiLeaks!
That's real!
And why do they like the open borders?
Because as children, they can disappear en masse.
So roll some of that footage just for TV viewers that Drew Hernandez got.
That was just when he was there.
And it's like a dozen people come across with a bunch of little kids, like two, three-year-old toddlers, little girls, like she's about three, and she's just toddling over into the U.S.
border, and it just disappears into some rat hole nest.
Might go to a nice family, probably won't.
Definitely will be neglected.
And then Biden yesterday, they're trying to find the clip because I saw it when Owen was re-airing the press conference yesterday afternoon.
I meant to go tell a crew member, but it's somewhere in there and they bring up human smuggling and trafficking.
And Biden like looks down at snarls when they say human trafficking and smiles with a demonic smile.
And man, you really see his demon face there.
He gets very excited, like Governor Newsom and others, when they talk about sex trafficking and children and lockdowns.
I mean, these are just evil people!
Look at Brian Stelter!
They're dancing on our graves!
And fresh meat is just pouring across many of them kidnapped children.
And Psaki says, bring kids, we'll let you in!
So here it is.
Overrun with illegals.
Even the Daily Mail is reporting on this.
California allows foster parents to have 26 unaccompanied minors per home.
Good social workers, good families.
I'm not saying they're all bad.
It's just that it's a corrupt industry.
It's protected.
It's overrun with sexual abuse.
It's where the predators go.
Just like so many family court judges, so many judges get caught running pedophile rings just last week.
Two of them got busted.
All Democrats, LBGT leaders.
And it's because they're ringleaders, just like Sandusky.
And so they've collapsed the third world.
Oh, and I love Biden yesterday.
He goes, Trump, this is the next clip I want.
He said Trump is killing people and making them starve to death over the border.
It was the lockdown that more than tripled the amount of starvation, that's not even debated!
So the globalists do this, Trump tries to stop it partially, he's certainly not perfect, and then now it's his fault.
Lie upon lie upon lie.
So here's part of the voicemail, you can see the whole thing if you want, listen to the whole thing on InfoWars.com, with them saying we need up to 26 children per house, here it is.
This is an emergency message.
Please respond to this urgent message from the Community Care Licensing Division.
CCLD would like to know how many available vets you have to serve additional youth.
To confirm your receipt of this message, please call... And on the side it says up to 26 children.
Full reports at InfoWars.com.
You need to share it.
Investigative Journalist reports on Southern Border Dems empowering human traffickers.
That's because they are human traffickers.
Just type in the Senate report, or even the Washington Post.
Obama knowingly placed small children, including babies, with known human traffickers and sex offenders by the tens of thousands.
Truly incredible.
And this is Biden with a cheat sheet with the photos of the reporters, their names, who to go to, who to not go to, and then how to respond to each thing.
And he still could barely even talk.
Let's play, though, a few minutes here of a report from a few years ago of a woman saying, I got 17 kids.
You've got to take care of them.
So we we have this welfare system.
It's a woman to have 17 kids.
And then she wants everybody to pay for it.
She's so entitled.
And then now you've got the whole world saying, hey, we're just dropping our kids off in America.
They do the same crap in Europe and they call children, 25, 30 year old Muslim men.
And then they put them in schools with middle school and high school girls and tell the girls to have sex with them in PSA videos.
I've played them.
This is the raping of the West, folks.
This is just diabolical, satanic vandalism.
You say, why would a satanist want to have a two-year-old girl and just pull her eyeballs out with pliers and rip her teeth out and put cigarettes out on her and gang rape her till her guts are hanging out?
I'm sorry to talk, that's what they like to do.
Because it's about their selfishness and then the evil they're into and there's no bottom to it.
Well, they're doing it to America and the world and our churches.
They burned down the Notre Dame Cathedral.
They want to kill everybody.
You got ISIS running around eating hearts and all this crap?
This is what happens when God leaves.
When we kick God out.
All hell breaks loose in every damn case in history!
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to play you this newscast.
When the woman said, I got 17 kids to take care of.
Everybody laughed at her and said it was horrible.
Well, what does the UN say?
Everything collapsed in the third world.
Bring everybody up here.
We're going to pay for it.
They're going to organize them into a kept group.
They control.
They're going to exploit them.
They're going to skim money off the top and put them all on welfare.
That's how the scam works.
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We'll be right back on the other side.
This is the InfoWar.
I'm Alex Jones.
So you remember in the old days, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, Nike was bad because they had sweatshops in places like Indonesia where people worked 12 hours a day for very low wages.
And that's not a good thing.
People should be aware of that.
But they weren't slaves.
Well, now Nike has been critical and said, you know, we really shouldn't buy components for major world companies that are from Uyghurs and Buddhists and Christians in giant slave camps that the State Department, everybody admits, are operating.
The footage has come out.
There's been the Australian government's documented.
The Chinese don't even really deny it.
And so that's blown up as a big story because China is boycotting Nike, H&M, Burberry, and others for a backlash and boycotts in China over stance on Uyghur treatment.
So again, if we don't value other people's lives, no one's going to value ours.
If we don't value unborn babies' lives, no one's going to value our lives.
If we don't value already born babies' lives, no one's going to care about ours.
And if we don't care that they're exploiting and collapsing and starving hundreds of millions of people who are now on the verge of starvation, the UN admits that, but they're the ones that ran the global lockdown.
They're the ones that said, do it, and it's still locked down in most of the world.
And the shutting down of our economy when you've got one crop economies in places in Africa where the whole country operates off of flowers shipped to the United States and Europe.
There's four or five African countries that their main crop is just flowers that are put on airplanes in carbon dioxide packages and shipped up here to your grocery stores and to your florist.
Hey, if you're a florist here and lost your job, you just have to get another job.
You lose your job at a flower farm in Africa, you go home, you don't get food, you shrivel up, you die of malnutrition.
And the people just go home and they die.
Their kids starve to death.
And the left's like, well, there are too many people.
From their perspective, they're just getting rid of the unwashed masses.
So don't believe them when they tell you they want you to take a vaccine, or they want to do all these things because they care about you.
LeBron James says, oh my gosh, America's a racist country.
Colin Kaepernick, it's evil, it's bad, it's terrible.
We need reparations for slavery 170 years ago.
But when people said, hey, what about China and its slave camps?
And what about how they're censoring the NBA?
He said, everybody needs to shut up and not criticize China.
And all those other NBA individuals,
came out and joined in kissing the communist dictatorship's butt.
So, I hammer this a lot, but if we let them kill the third world and then use who's left to overthrow us, we're idiots.
And it's a very, very simple equation.
Everyone is being exploited.
We need to build up the third world and build ourselves up, not lower ourselves to a third world level because the globalists told us that was a moral thing to do while they all live and have hundreds of billions of dollars in their bank accounts and in giant palatial mansions and helicopters and jets and medicine and all that's great!
Everybody could end up having that in the future.
With unlimited energy and all the things we have.
Except they don't want you to have it.
And that's what feudal lords always do.
They don't want you to have a car or to have a decent house or go on vacation.
They say that.
That's all going.
They don't want you to even be able to eat meat.
But Bill Gates is going to be the biggest owner of farmland.
You shouldn't be able to own a farm, but Bill Gates is the biggest owner of farmland.
This is the soulless of this.
So the woke crowd of LeBron James worth $500 million can bitch about how much America sucks to make himself feel good about being such a superstar in a communist super state that's killed five times what Adolf Hitler did.
And that's all Apple and Google and Facebook and any of them do.
Is they tell you how bad you are all day and they, you know, ban Dumbo and they put all these restrictions out there and tell you that language is evil.
So we all turn against each other while they run away with a breakaway civilization and all stolen technology, everything else for themselves.
And now they're doing medical experimentation on us, and there's mass deaths and illnesses from it, and they censor people that try to warn the world, including medical doctors.
And now we've got hundreds of thousands, it's hundreds of thousands, it's 168,000 people were apprehended by the Border Patrol in the last three weeks, the numbers were put out last night.
It's estimated that maybe a third of the people coming across even get apprehended.
But let's just say it's conservative.
Let's just say it's only another 50,000, so it's 215,000 or something, coming in every three weeks, a lot of them children, and it's meant to cloward and piven, collapse the civilization.
And then meanwhile, the welfare system says you can't have men in the house back in the 60s.
So black illegitimacy goes from 10% to 80%, roughly, 79%.
And the same thing's happening to every other community right now.
Civilization's being destroyed, and you've got women at home, paid welfare, the more children they have that then go into the state.
They get malnourished, they never get educated, they sit in front of TVs all day, and hear that white people are Satan.
So then they go out and they arm rob some old white lady and get sent to 20 years to the penitentiary, and when they come out of the penitentiary after 20 years, they've got a 20-year degree in criminal activity.
This is how you take down society.
So here's part of the newscast of the woman saying, take my kids!
And now the whole world says, take my kids.
Including kidnappers, grab kids, there's a football, a ticket to get into the country because Biden told them.
Biden said, immediately rush and bring a kid with you.
Those are quotes.
Immediately rush.
And then his press secretary said, bring someone 10 or younger.
We like them young.
Here it is!
Now that's just one newscast.
Pull up the other one that they did a couple years later with the same lady.
She's got 17 kids and she's literally on the news after everybody makes fun of her.
And she's saying, hey, somebody needs to, because I mean, wherever all these paychecks you get for having kids and welfare.
See, a lot of these people are so dumbed down, a lot of them aren't even getting the money.
But you'll then find out that there's some bureaucrat that for years is getting the money from these women, these families.
And that's what they do with the Hispanics they bring in particularly.
They have a local Hispanic mafia that controls them, organized crime, usually run by the Mexican mayor.
They'll have a dungeon for people that don't pay up.
They'll chop people up and kill them in the dungeon.
That's come out in Austin.
And they've got enforcers that control.
They just bring in these people.
They go, you're going to work here.
They sign up.
You're going to give us half your paycheck.
And we're going to sign you up for welfare as well.
You're going to give us half of that as well.
And if you don't do it, we say we're going to kill you.
How's that sound?
Oh, and by the way, you owe the cartel $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 for getting your family up here.
We're going to pay that money to them.
And if you don't,
Do what we say.
We're going to selectively call and have your ass deported.
How's that sound?
And that's how the loving liberals operate.
Oh, they care about everyone.
And that's why the due process is gone and why we're all in so much danger.
Because the globalists are taking over and they are teaching us to not take care of ourselves and not have instincts and not be territorial and not stand up for ourselves.
And so everything is now imploding.
And it's only gonna get worse from here on out.
And the Democrats and the globalists and these multinational corporations run the same scam, whether they're in Germany, or whether they are in the United States, or whether they are in the UK.
And in the UK, they then kidnap the indigenous young girls by the tens of thousands, sometimes thousands per town, and literally keep them from ages six, seven, eight, nine up as sex slaves.
And if the girl gets up and tries to escape, they chop them up, and the favorite thing is to feed them to the locals in the kebab machines.
Because the Pakistani men and others run these kebab stands and it comes out in the news that they feed the meat, it's a good way to get rid of people, to you in the kebab stands.
And the police won't do anything because the British government, the British police are there to destroy the indigenous population and bring in the most vicious, dumbed down, horrible, white slavery trafficking scum the earth has ever seen.
So the chivalry's gone, the decency's gone, the real protections are gone,
And the FBI and the ATF and the whole government's there for the controlled takedown of America.
And these people are so evil and so stupid, they don't even care they won't have a retirement, they won't have a future, their children won't be safe.
They don't care because people are mesmerized living in the moment and American men have learned to be cowards and bow down to the system and do what they're told, just like the men in Europe and everywhere else.
And so you're going to have the new dark ages and the accelerated collapse of society with a breakaway civilization, with the life extension and everything else in
Well, Joe Biden didn't just come out and lie about President Trump yesterday and say that he sends children to starve to death and so we're just going to take anybody that comes here so they can be packed 26
To a person in the little foster homes, and the kidnappers can just grab them as they get into the country free card.
It's just mass evil out in the open, just like giving us experimental vaccines.
And so you've got to have these to get an airplane or a flyer or across the border.
But, oh, the illegal aliens, they don't get tested for COVID.
It's all simply a power grab.
And coming up next hour, I'm going to go over some of those Biden highlights from the insane event that took place where he, says Trump, killed children starving to death.
I guess they moved on from having him in cages, which again was, oh, Biden.
Obama years ago and now Biden today, not Trump.
It's, again, the murdering of the truth, the murdering of justice.
We'll have those clips for you coming up next hour.
There's quite a few of them and I want to go over them.
But first, for TV viewers, we did find the clip where he is smirking.
So here's Biden being asked about human trafficking in the border, and he just makes this really evil, demonic face.
When you know the background of what he does, his pedophile family, all the Satanism, all the corruption, all the sniffing and grabbing little girls, and all the protection of the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein and the rest of it, it really does tell you a thousand words.
Here it is.
Thanks so much, Mr. President.
You've said over and over again that immigrants shouldn't come to this country right now.
This isn't the time to come.
That message is not being received.
Instead, the perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors.
How do you resolve that tension?
And how are you choosing which families can stay and which can go, given the fact that even though with Title 42 there are some families that are staying?
And is there a timeline for when we won't be seeing these overcrowded facilities run by CPB when it comes to unaccompanied minors?
You mean the CCP?
Let's go ahead now.
And play that clip that I said I'd play next hour.
Let's go ahead and play it right now.
This is Joe Biden telling a just gigantic whopper lie that Trump's killing children.
No, you sing, come across all these...
We're good to go.
Or Biden saying, immediately surge the border.
If I get elected, that's what they did.
They're wearing Biden shirts.
They're waving Biden flags.
The media says, oh no, Trump's claim that Biden's caused this crisis is false.
We fact checked it.
It's Trump's fault.
It isn't even about defending Trump.
It's about defending reality.
So here is Joe Biden.
I'd like to circle back to immigration, please.
You just listed the reasons that people are coming, talking about in-country problems, saying that it happens every year.
You blamed the last administration.
Sir, I just got back last night from a reporting trip to the border, where I met nine-year-old Jose, who walked here from Honduras by himself, along with another little boy.
He had that phone number on him.
Well look,
The idea that I'm going to say, which I would never do, if an unaccompanied child ends up at the border, we're just going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side.
No previous administration did that either, except Trump.
I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to do it.
That's why I've asked the Vice President of the United States yesterday to be the lead person on dealing with focusing on the fundamental reasons why people leave Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador in the first place.
They've done surveys and the number one answer over 60% of the time is our country has collapsed.
We're starving.
The lockdowns have killed us.
Our countries are still locked down.
We're starving to death.
We do not have jobs.
If we go to the UN refugee centers built to bring them in, like Mazda Flame,
They are then taken up to the Guatemala and the Mexican border and then trans-shipped into our country.
And the Mexican president has said it's wrong.
He's fighting against it.
He says Biden is to blame.
But you don't see that on our news because, again, the idea that Mexico and the U.S.
can work in solidarity under Trump, they don't want that known.
The Mexican President went and met with Trump repeatedly.
He came out and said, that guy's a great guy, I want to work with him.
He wants to empower everybody, Americans and Mexicans.
Because Trump did!
Trump wanted to cut out the middle man and not have all these billionaires that get 90% of the money, but actually have trade deals where they created a giant Mexican middle class!
And boy, that's not going to be allowed to happen either.
Because I guess you let people become middle class?
Well, they start thinking they have rights!
We're not going to let that happen!
Humans create incredible wealth, folks.
We have desire.
The problem is, is that there are elites that are always trying to suppress us building what we can build.
Look what America already built.
1955, we had over 50% of the world's wealth, 4% of the world population.
Now we've got like 25% of the wealth, and we're 5% of the population.
What's happening?
Well, the media tells you, the universities tell you, because they're paid for by the big banks that want to get rid of this American system, that
What really happened there is America went and stole all that wealth.
No, America created the industries that created the wealth.
That's the American system.
And that's why the mercantile and communist systems and elite systems and crony capitalist systems see it as anathema.
That's why they can't make cars or spaceships in Cuba.
But they were prosperous before.
Because communism is designed to put you in a dark age.
Even the idea of American freedom, only a small portion of freedom that we ever actually exercise, created more wealth than all the world combined!
And now it's being siphoned off into the New World Order.
We're being sabotaged by design.
Populism is being destroyed.
It's being done deliberately, and that's the ultimate sin of this.
And you've got all these leftists that have gone to colleges now who know this and want to preside over the takeover because they're evil.
But the average schmuck with two or three degrees that works for the globalists will have nothing at the end of this!
They're fools!
But they love being patted on the head by the establishment.
The average Democrat knows that they are part of the establishment.
They know they're minions of the elite.
They are not the resistance.
They are the establishment.
And it is truly disgusting.
Here, it all blurs.
I've seen this clip so many times I'm turning into Joe Biden.
Let's play the clip of the reporter talking about how moral and good he is.
Compare this to how they treated Trump.
Mr. President, you've said over and over again that immigrants shouldn't come to this country right now.
This isn't the time to come.
That message is not being received.
Instead, the perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors.
That's enough.
How do you resolve- I just want to go to the part where he's immoral!
Decent, shy, calm agent.
That's that same lady that used to just savage Trump viciously with all of her fake moral consternation.
It's disgusting.
Alright, it's now in the Washington Post, the New York Times, everywhere.
Wow, these sound like InfoWars headlines from 20 years ago.
The everyday chemical that might be leading us to our extinction.
Oh, I'm sure the globalists aren't involved in that.
And it's all done by design.
We're going to be laying all that out and then, oh, study chemical that causes penises to shrink found in face masks.
How convenient.
Oh, and here's a funny meme we saw out there.
Biden will never get my guns.
I keep them upstairs.
So there you go.
I'm going to tell you about medicalization, what that term really means, and some studies associated with it.
Really the key to the whole COVID takeover and the key to defeating it.
Then we'll open the phones up and take your calls.
And we've got so much more.
The former CDC director now confirms what Dr. Francis Boyle said 13 months ago here, that it came out of the Wuhan lab.
That's Forbes.
Former CDC director tells CNN people whose coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan.
But see, back when Trump was saying that, oh, he's a big liar because it was about bringing America down.
Now the globalists are back to fighting with China.
And hey, respect us, China.
And they don't respect the globalists.
So now the globalists are going, oh, you're behind the COVID now.
Because they're getting bitch slapped by Xi Jinping.
They weren't cool enough to run the country and build it up because they got the small pee-pee syndrome.
They've got the chicken you-know-what crap dimension where they just want to run it underground.
Just like they want to kidnap your kids and torture the hell out of them.
And you're like, why would you want to do that?
Because they're scum.
Because they're evil.
Because they don't like good things.
They want to watch the world burn.
And if you let them burn it, they will!
Bunch of psycho scum running things.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Please support us.
We'll be right back with hour number two.
Tomorrow's news today.
We must take the vaccine.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
And that's
That's what we have to do.
Our fellow Americans.
Right now, the COVID-19 vaccines are available to millions of Americans.
And soon, they will be available to everyone.
The science is clear.
These vaccines will protect you and those you love from this dangerous and deadly disease.
They could save your life.
So we urge you to get vaccinated when it's available to you.
That's the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward.
It's up to you.
We got the vaccine.
You got the vaccine.
They got the vaccine.
We got the vaccine.
We can get back to normal.
Let me inform you.
Let's all get the vaccine.
It's about community immunity.
I'm talking unity for you and me.
It's vaccination day!
It's vaccination day!
It's vaccination day!
We're good to go.
Have the new job.
Have the new job.
Have the new job.
Have the new job.
Well, maybe we all get misled.
We see this post or a WhatsApp thread.
They use conspiracy theories just to fool ya.
It's not needle bricks to be scared about.
It's the ones who put this nonsense up.
So shut on this mistake and have a new job.
Have the new job.
Have the new job.
Have the new job.
Have the new...
Our scientists tell us there are three things we must do to stay safe.
Wear masks, make sure we social distance, and wash our hands.
And now, your school, with the help of Microsoft Corporation, has created another.
Introducing Daily Pass.
Your exclusive ticket for safely going back to school.
Each week, you can schedule your free on-campus COVID test.
The results are displayed in your daily pass.
And if you choose to take your test off-campus, you can post the results in your daily pass.
And the moment vaccinations are available... And they admit that all of this is being transferred into a world ID card travel system for total control.
And you heard the little girl singing the Blasphemous Hallelujah song, worshiping the vaccine.
You saw that, didn't you?
The full reports that banned that video, saw Bill Gates kick vaccine propaganda into high gear, see the conclusion there and share it with people.
As you said, don't listen to the conspiracy theorists like the thousands of medical doctors and top virologists and scientists and now a top scientist that was with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
He's come out and said, don't take these mRNA vaccines, they're deadly.
But it doesn't matter, this guy's conscripted his children into a propaganda war.
I have the articles right here where they admit 4,000 dead in Europe from the vaccine.
Experimental, not even a vaccine.
But here, the dad's a good dad.
He's got his little girls up there and he's gonna use them to tell people, don't question, don't look at the conspiracy theories.
Just believe us.
Take your shot, Tuskegee people.
Black folks, take your shots.
We love you.
So, Bloomberg is reporting that the pandemic's permanent, they will never defeat the COVID virus, because it's a cold virus which you never can defeat, but now that we've got to save one life, hundreds of millions have got to starve to death, everybody's got to go bankrupt, we've got to have millions of suicides, we've just got to have millions die from not having cancer treatment, because you've got to pay into the insurance companies but they don't give you any treatment back.
We've all got to just take, now it's five shots, ten shots a year, it's the total takeover.
Wow, isn't that just incredible?
And a member of the British Supreme Court, Lord, what's his name?
Lord Sumpton came out and said, oh it's ten years at least.
That's right, 10 years.
And the EU's own reporting system says 3,964 dead from the vaccine, 162,000 plus injuries.
And of course, one out of 10 deaths or injuries get reported.
And so you can imagine that number is a lot higher.
And suddenly it's like, oh, and once you take the vaccine, you still got to wear a mask and you still are non-essential and you still got to do all this.
Oh, really?
And who said, oh, the UN?
The same ones that launched the lockdown, but again, has doubled the number of starvation in the last year.
But you know, the alternative media, we're not supposed to be listened to.
We've got to be censored.
One of the things we got censored even more for was what we said over a year ago with the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, and it was the main contributor, one of the main contributors to the UN World Treaties on bioweapons, Dr. Francis Boyle, professor
Also a war crimes prosecutor, a top war crimes prosecutor, but you know, what's his pedigree?
Don't listen to him.
He said it came out of Wuhan and broke it all down.
Well now former CDC director tells CNN he believes coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab.
An exclusive interview with CNN former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Robert Redfield said he believes the coronavirus likely escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.
And it goes on from there.
Folks, it's man-made.
It was scanned by the Indians and the Australians with CRISPR, and you can see the five viruses together, the P shuttle gene.
They actually fire these together.
They have to randomly gene gun these, and they'll go through thousands of viruses until they actually make one that splintered together the way they want, and they take that, then they put it into a pig, a piglet,
If it gets sick and they get a big replication from it, they then feed that piglet to other pigs, and then the pigs that die from that, they then feed to more pigs, and then they suck the blood out of those pigs, and then they use centrifuges and a bunch of other systems to then isolate out the layer that would have viruses in it, and then they get the mass production of the virus they want.
You're like, well, how do they, with a virus, like, microscopically put five viruses together?
That's how they do it.
There's a lot of other ways, but mainly they call them gene guns, and they're just slamming viruses together, slamming them together, slamming them together, till they get the ones they want.
Then they grow them up in host.
And that's one of the ways they do it.
So, just understand that Bill Gates primed all this in the years before, all these TV shows he financed, where he's the hero, and mass deaths coming, and
It's going to come out of China.
So once you saw it happening, you rolled over, you bowed down, and now they've got you in the vice grip.
And the answer is getting out of the vice grip.
The answer is saying no to the system.
So here is Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
It's politically unrealistic to expect the government to backtrack now.
They've invested too much of themselves in it.
So, although the ideal would be to revert to a voluntary system, which was what the authorities all recommended before last March,
I don't think that that is going to happen.
And I have to say that I'm extremely pessimistic about this.
An interesting parallel is the continuation of wartime food rationing after the last war.
People were in favor of that because they were in favor of social control.
They'd had a lot of it during the war.
They thought that this was an answer.
In the 1950 and 51 general elections, the Labour Party lost its majority entirely because people with five years more experience of social control got fed up with it.
Sooner or later, that will happen in this country.
Yeah, you know, they say in studies that over in the UK,
That it's one of the most popular places for being dominated by a dominatrix.
I don't like that, but they like that.
Because they dominate other people all day, the government officials do, so then they want to be dominated.
And so it's a very sycophantic, Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness, whatever you want to call it.
But the truth is they've had millions marching in the streets.
They've had giant rallies in England, in Europe, millions in Germany, hundreds of thousands in the UK.
And there are a lot of people that don't want to be slaves.
So you see this lord twit
Up there?
Oh, people want real social control.
They really need something to control them, and it should be a ten-year war, like, after whatever, except...
Bill Gates funded the study that said 500,000 people would be dead in the UK, and it wasn't even 50,000.
And those were all other things they died from, pretty much.
Same thing here.
They said, oh, there'll be 2.5 million dead, 2.3 million dead.
And then it was all lies, folks, all lies!
And now strutting, arrogant, authoritarian, imperious police running around, slamming and arresting people.
Oh, but if you're kidnapping little girls for grooming gangs, it's just fine.
And if you're a coyote, a smuggler with a bunch of kids you're bringing across the Texas border, that's okay too.
It's simply insane.
I want to play you a clip from Tucker Carlson last night.
A few days ago, he had the Polish immigrant from Michigan who had a restaurant that was popular.
Hers wasn't allowed to be open.
They have these computer programs in California and everywhere, and Michigan, that tell you who can be open, who can't.
It's maps.
The technocrats decide.
But all the big companies, they can stay open.
Well, they finally let her open at 25%.
Well, they caught her having more in the net, because her place is so small, she couldn't stay open.
And so, they came and fined her, and feed her, and grabbed her bank accounts, and then took her store over.
Well, she went on Tucker Carlson.
That made them mad.
So, the globalist, former Soros operative, that is their chief law enforcement officer now,
Had her arrested and thrown in chains!
Here is part of the report.
The state of Michigan has some of the most dangerous cities in America.
It's a great state, it's beautiful, but there are some very dangerous places.
Detroit is the most famous, obviously, but it's not the only one.
Muskegon Heights, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Ypsilanti, all have crime rates far higher than the national average, as do other Michigan cities.
In Detroit, violence escalated to new and terrifying levels over the last year.
More than a thousand people were shot in Detroit in the past 12 months.
So Dana Nessel is the Attorney General of Michigan.
As the state's Chief Law Enforcement Officer, you'd think she'd be very concerned about all those people getting murdered in her state, but she's not concerned.
Nor has Nessel bothered to investigate her governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who, like Andrew Cuomo, is responsible for the deaths of so many nursing home residents from COVID.
Gretchen Whitmer is Dana Nessel's political ally, so she's getting a pass completely.
Dana Nestle has better things to do than stop murders or figure out why elderly people are dying.
She has instead marshaled the full force of the state to crush a single disobedient restaurant owner, a Polish immigrant called Marlena Pawlows-Hackney, whom we've had on the show.
Pawlows-Hackney's crime was disobeying state corona regulations.
So last week, Nestle had her handcuffed and arrested in a sting operation as she drove to work.
Keep in mind that there is no proof that Pavlos Hackney is responsible for a single COVID infection.
Not one.
No proof.
But Dana Nessel sent her to jail anyway, and then issued a highly self-righteous press release bragging that she did it.
Pavlos Hackney was released from jail yesterday, but only because officials determined that her highly dangerous restaurant had been completely closed down.
It's hard to imagine a more disproportionate response than this.
But for those who've watched Dana Nessel for the past two years, it's not surprising.
Dana Nessel is out of control.
She's an ideologue.
She cares only about partisan advantage.
She should be impeached by the Michigan legislature for her many abuses of power.
She's that corrupt.
But she's also a bit of a dim bulb, not a super genius.
And that's why when she was asked why she put Marlena Pavlos Hackney in jail, Nessel actually admitted the real reason.
She didn't make up some fake legal principle.
She says straightforwardly that Marlena Pavlos Hackney had dared to come on this show at 8 p.m.
and complain about her.
That's no longer allowed.
And to compound the offense, Pavlos Hackney tried to raise money for her own legal defense.
And that, too, is now a crime in Dana Nessel's Michigan.
Sound like America to you?
No, it doesn't.
It sounds like dictatorship.
Dana Nestle is a threat to the rule of law, the law that she is charged with enforcing, and she should be removed immediately.
When people like this take positions like Attorney General, it's not a joke.
Perfectly said by the great Tucker, and of course, you know, that lady did directly work for George Soros, and she helped carry out the election fraud, and she does whatever the hell she wants.
When we come back, do you know the New York Times is calling for taking people's URLs away, or having them blocked and delisted?
And I'm going to tell you what medicalization is to understand this entire takeover.
It was, I don't know, four or five years ago, I asked Gavin McGinnis on air what the peak of leftist SJW insanity would be, and he said there is no peak.
They will just continue to get crazier and crazier until we stop them or civilization collapses.
And I can tell you here four or five years later on the Alex Jones Show, I totally agree with him.
I thought they would peak out within a year or so, but they are so self-destructive.
The propaganda is so insane.
And once you commit to a lie, these people don't ever admit they're wrong.
I mean, when I've been wrong about things in my life,
I've learned from it and gotten better.
And I've still got plenty of problems, but these people are invincibly ignorant.
I mean, look at these headlines.
I'm not even trying to find headlines like this.
They're just everywhere.
I've got probably 30 articles just as bad as this today.
It's on InfoWars.com.
And it links directly to the local news promoting all this like it's completely normal.
California approves ethnic studies curriculum that encourages a counter genocide against whites.
That's the California Board of Education.
It's not some quack professor.
Approved a new ethnic studies school curriculum that has students chant to the Aztec god of human sacrifice and encourages a counter genocide against white Christians.
Now, I could talk for four hours of a show just on this article and cover every facet of it and debunk
These people and teach those that are being taught this that the big banks are funding it.
It's called liberation theology.
It's a way to break down society.
It's the way to make sure all the ethnic groups stay apart and that we're segregated so we can be controlled.
Divide and conquer.
I could explain how that was done in India, how the British Empire did it with a few thousand troops controlled over 100 million people.
I mean, I could break it down.
I could explain how the Aztecs dominated Mesoamerica and sacrificed up to 100,000 people a year and went around and had all the neighboring tribes enslaved and their main meat product was their enemy's children.
The priest would butcher people on top of the platforms all day long.
And then they were taken down into the lower priesthood, had these shops.
I've been to these places where they would hang the people to be cut up and eaten.
You'd come and get the slice you wanted.
And I'm not putting people down that have this in their background.
Most cultures did things along these lines.
The Aztecs brought it to
A level never before seen of an assembly line of cannibalism.
And you go down there, they'll teach you that.
That's in there.
You'll have Mayans teaching you that.
Oh, but the white scholars try to lie about it.
So that's what's crazy is, I mean, were Europeans hanging up the Indians and eating them like this?
The Native Americans?
No, the truth is, when the settlers got here, the Native Americans came to them and said, if you don't help us,
Overtake the next tribe, we'll kill you.
And the settlers went, okay, sure, that's how it is from our country.
We've got to join your group or you're going to kill us.
All right, we'll join your group.
And it was this group backstabbing that group.
I mean, that's the reality.
You want to see an accurate breakdown?
It was put into a fictional book, The Last of the Mohicans.
It got made into a movie.
That was a composite of real characters and real events that happened.
Go watch The Last of the Mohicans if you want to understand all this, where it's a bunch of different factions killing each other.
The idea
That we need to kill white people is absurd and pure evil and is designed to create total division in this country.
And what the Aztecs would do is they'd go capture their enemies.
Yeah, keep rolling from Apocalypto.
It's a very historic breakdown of it.
They would grab the enemy men, they would grab the enemy children, they would grab the enemy women, and they would kill them.
And so, oh, so they were so good and all ethnically worked together with their other Mesoamericans until the evil white people showed up.
When Cortez showed up with, what, 200-something men and a couple horses, the Aztecs were so whacked out of their mind in Mexico City that they first thought they were gods because they were wearing armor.
I don't know.
Chopping their balls off, uh, taking long strings with obsidian in it, through their tongues, and then taking hallucinogens, and going, and like, sitting there talking to Cortez, going, ah, ah, ah, ah, flopping around in pain, and they're just like, what the hell's going on here?
Children hanging up, being chopped up, being fed on.
I mean, this is beyond any Road Warrior scenario you ever imagined.
Oh, but now, we need to worship it all, it's such a superior culture of the Aztecs.
The Aztecs were the worst of the worst in the declining culture.
When they started out doing human sacrifice 10,000 years ago in Mesoamerica, they might do it once a year.
It then degenerated into what it was.
I just said I was going to cover a bunch of stuff in this segment.
I pretty much just covered one story.
Let me continue.
California approves ethnic studies curriculum that encourages counter genocide against whites in an Aztec culture.
Yeah, that'll work real well.
White liberals claim black Latino car club meetings are too masculine.
This is in Texas Monthly.
And by the way, I've been on Hike and Bike Trail forever.
They've had those big car meet-up things forever.
And as it gentrifies in those neighborhoods, they literally say, we don't want them congregating, they don't wear masks, and we're scared of the blacks and Hispanics.
There's white folks over there too.
White liberals claim black Latino car club meetings are too masculine and are gentrifying minority neighborhood.
Trendy, gentrifying liberals claim black Latino car clubs are a display of toxic masculinity.
And they want it banned.
You cannot have people meeting over by the park and barbecuing and they're eating meat and they've got cars and the men have got muscles and there's women out there and they're having a good time.
Let me tell you, when you have a good time, go hang out with those folks.
I've done it a lot, Dallas and Austin.
Let's continue.
If you need any acid, you can find it there, too.
Alex Jones still sells supplements on Amazon despite ban from other platforms.
The big NPR yesterday?
Oh, remember that?
Well, now there's this today.
New York Times horrified.
That Alex Jones can still be found via Google Podcasts.
And then they misrepresent that Google is streaming our servers and that Google's putting us out.
No, it's just listed in a podcast directory of podcasts and then sends you on a link.
So what they're calling for, and the ADL is as well, is taking linking away and they're calling for Google to completely delist us.
Then they add some more slander and defamation.
They say that I'm a Nazi.
Yes, because I'm not like George Soros, the Nazi collaborator.
You can go read it for yourself, where they say Alex Jones and everyone else must be delisted.
You must not be able to find them when you search on a search engine.
They've already pushed us down, they've already put lies on top of us, but that's not enough.
Now they want IP addresses blocked, and that's the next frontier.
I'll talk more about that later today, but I wanted to go over that.
Meanwhile over in the UK, teaching in hiding, as Prophet Muhammad protests continue for a second day.
Now the Muslims don't just want you to not burn the Quran, they don't want any criticism of Muhammad, or to say he's not God, or the Prophet is not God's Prophet, then you are dead.
Also, experts provide tools to raise woke children, anti-racist baby, and drag queen, which means pedophile.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
This is the disease of these godless, out-of-control people that now want us to submit to their entire takeover and their entire system.
It's just amazing.
Now, when we come back, I will get to it.
I got behind covering all that.
What does that mean?
That doesn't mean you went and got put in the hospital.
What is medicalization?
We'll tell you on the other side.
It ties into everything we're facing.
It's the form of technocracy that we're under.
It's the leading edge.
It's the berserker's spear.
It's their sword.
It's the battering ram knocking us down at our gates.
And it's already breached the gates.
And now the city is on metaphysical fire.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
Again, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Very thankful for all of you tuning in.
I'm very thankful for all of you remembering that the only way this information gets out is when you share it.
And that the globalists and their entire system dreads the fact that this broadcast is still on air and they hate the fact that we have a connection and that we're communicating and that we're fighting back.
You've got my commitment to not back down, to not waver one bit, to not mince words.
And you've seen how much more hardcore we've gotten as things intensify.
And of course, I knew all this stuff a long time ago.
That's why I laid a lot of it out before anybody else did.
But I mean, I held back.
Some of it, because I just knew people weren't ready to handle it.
I've known for a long time that it's definitely species of aliens or something running this.
The Bible calls it Satan, and it's here to kill us and destroy us, and it works for humans, and that's the plan it's setting up.
But everybody now goes, yeah, you can tell that's what it is.
I mean, the people running this are not human.
They're being influenced by something very, very destructive, very, very wicked, and
Every culture knows that.
Every culture understands that.
And so, you call it what you want, it's here to kill us, it's here to destroy humanity, and it's here to get our children.
And it didn't matter if you were the Aztecs, or you didn't matter if you were the Tibetans, or it didn't matter if you were the ancient Druids, that was the cosmology that they had.
So when you hear from devil worshippers that the devil is a Christian concept, that's not even true.
And the devil's biggest trick was teaching the world he didn't exist.
There is a force
There is a force five times stronger than our third dimension, dark matter, that the scientists have proved is there, and they've now been able to scan it and read it, and that's why you don't have any atheists now in the Globalist ranks.
They're not.
None of them believe that.
That was always just to get people away from God, so that people didn't understand what was happening.
And that doesn't mean churches is where you find God.
Most of these churches absolutely have bad doctrines, and they give me the willies, and they all fight with each other.
And I'm not up here telling you I got all the answers.
I'm not here telling you how to be the best Christian or the best person as an extra to God.
I'm just telling you, I've been around globalists.
I've studied them.
And here's an example.
I went to Skull and Bones, but I was in Connecticut on a different mission last week.
And I'm sitting there, I go, you know, Skull and Bones is only 40 minutes away from where we were.
I said, we should go there.
And once we got back on Tuesday, we were there on Monday of just this week, so it already seems like a hundred years ago.
When Rob Duda went with me, along with Tim Inlow, he said, he said, Alex, he said, do you realize we were there on 3-2-2?
Do you realize?
That that's their big sacred number, their big sacred day, their lodge, it has all these meanings back to the Egyptian sundial and an equation that goes into 666.
And I was like, oh my gosh, I mean, how would that happen?
It was very strange.
Synchronicity, serendipity, I don't know which one you would say that is, but it was very, very strange.
Okay, let's go ahead and get into this right now.
What is medicalization?
That doesn't mean you got put in the hospital.
That means you have gotten into a system that's basically in the same flavor of hypochondria
Or Munchausen or Munchausen's by proxy.
Those are all just psychological subdivisions of this historic phenomenon.
But what you have is the cult of medical science that's always had problems, always had abuses, always had some mad scientists involved, now controlled by the robber barons in the last 200 years who believe in social Darwinism and Nazism and communism and might-makes-right authoritarianism.
And so medicalization is when the medical mafia takes over through a medical tyranny or a technocracy.
And where they create problems to which there is no solution.
Or they give you drugs that actually make you sick and they know it's going to make you sick down the road, so they then have new treatments for the new diseases that they have invented.
And so that's really where all the power and control is, and that's what Gates and Fauci have all been involved with with the Chinese, is the development of bioweapons, the name of countering them.
So anybody can even go to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia is not always completely accurate, but on a medicalization it's a great resource.
It's got a lot of great footnotes.
And psychological and medical papers by prestigious institutions on the subject of medicalization, and really predictions similar to what Eisenhower said about a psychological, technological, scientifically controlling the military-industrial complex.
That was always the full 21-minute speech, not just beware the military-industrial complex.
He said, run by the scientific technocrats.
Because they were coming to him with all these proposals of what they've set up today.
They came to Eisenhower with the Intergalactic Communications System, that's what they called it.
That was the name of the first internet come up by DARPA, the precursor to DARPA, the Advanced Weapons Laboratories, and they said that
Everybody will have a little handheld computer, as soon as they can miniaturize them, and they'll be big central computers you plug into, or they'll be wireless, and it will track everything you go, and where you go, and what you do, and then we'll have psychiatrists that run things like THX1138, and psychologists that watch that, and then have stimula through the little handheld devices, and the quote, regional terminals, and digital billboards, and all these things they talk about, that will then program you and control you to make you basically like a marionette.
And that was the original design for the intergalactic communication system.
That's what it was actually called, the first internet.
Look it up for yourself.
So, you can wonder where they got these ideas, probably from not-so-friendly little gremlin-like creatures.
But continuing, medicalization, right here, and this whole satanically inspired system, is also called by the scientists and experts, disease-mongering.
So go read the basic Wikipedia, it's only about five pages long, then read some of the footnotes, like footnote 10 in here,
is a major study published at PubMed and the National Institutes of Health selling sickness, the pharmacological industry, and disease mongering.
This was put out in 2002, 18, 19 years ago.
Ray Mollahan, journalist, Iowan Heath, general practitioner, David Henry, professor of clinical pharmacology, author, information, and it goes through all that.
And this is just one you can go read, but it's a really good one.
It's got a bunch of footnotes about how they want to make all human activity unnatural so that you're captured by the medical system and basically become a synthetic android they control.
It's a quick read.
Now you see that with the mRNA.
And how it is corporations are totally ruthless, destroying medicine and creating a soulless system where the doctors and nurses just follow orders.
And how, again, they use the psychological problems of the public to then tell their victims and tell them they're sick and how they actually make you sick.
So you should go read just this one paper.
Ordinary processor ailments and medical problems, and then they use baldness as an example.
Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent a year trying to, quote, cure baldness, and there's no curing it.
It's designed to happen.
Mild symptoms as portents of serious disease, irritable bowel, it goes on and on.
And here's the deal.
The Theranos company, and the lady that Bill Gates financed, who came out and said, I have a blood test for cancer, I have a blood test for anything, and it was all a fraud.
It's a PCR test.
Just our own type, and it was a total fraud.
And that's medicalization, and then they could get you in for expensive cancer diagnostics, heart diagnostics, all this stuff, because, oh, the Theranos system said, and then they thought, well, the other medical companies will go along with this, because they'll make so much money.
See how that operates?
And they talk a lot in here about how it's a problems that can never be fixed.
So you want to create something like, oh, the common cold, there can never be a vaccine for it.
Thousands of variants.
If anything, you take a vaccine, it will cause an autoimmune response in the future to the common cold and kill you like a Spanish flu did in 1917, because that was an autoimmune response to a similar virus.
And then they lay out how they need problems that never end.
And now that's in the news, where they say, oh, it's actually 10 years.
We're going to be locked down now.
And oh, Bloomberg says the medical lockdown never ends.
This is a permanent pandemic.
Because it's called medicalization.
It's fascinating.
It's their takeover plan.
It's how they're coming at us.
We've got to get informed and say no.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting.
Welcome back, my friends.
Thanks for being here.
And I'm sorry to have to cover all this negative news, but knowing, as G.I.
Joe says, is half the battle.
Coming up next hour, we had such a successful, big, popular interview yesterday with Max Keiser.
I want to get him back on to talk about economics and how the Suez Canal crisis has morphed into a global supply chain wrecking ball.
And then also, I want to tie into Biden's speech where he thinks that's all going.
As Zero Hedge said it,
Biden, Mortem, cheat sheets, and a trip into an alternate reality.
That is coming up next hour, about 15 minutes in.
We're going to have Max Keiser on.
You know, I had meant to get to calls today, but it's clear there's so much coming up and so much going on that I'm not going to have time for that, though I want to.
But I'm tempted to go live tomorrow instead of taped to air.
From, say, 3 to 6 p.m.
with a commercial-free, InfoWars-centric transmission.
Stu Peters is an amazing talk show host.
He's going to be hosting the fourth hour today, ahead of another amazing individual, Owen Schroyer, the leftist, SJW destroyer.
So that's coming up.
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I mean, you notice they're lobbying in NPR, the New York Times, now today.
To de-platform us off Amazon, and to de-platform us off of eBay, and they also have an army of reporters, if you call that stalkers, calling up employees, offering them the money to say, where do we have our stuff manufactured?
So I guess they can bomb threat them.
I mean, they don't do it themselves.
They give it to leftist groups on Twitter, but then send it out to millions of people, and then they bomb threat.
That's what happens.
They bomb threat everything else.
They come to your house, you name it.
So it's a group of terrorists, a group of malice terrorists.
And so what the news does, the fake news is they exterminate news, they exterminate information, they exterminate free speech.
You saw that Polish lady that had the restaurant up in Michigan and the Attorney General said, I had her arrested because she criticized me on Tucker.
And Tucker said, you know, that woman's dumb.
No, Tucker, they've been told be brazen.
They've been told to start crushing, just be authoritarian.
And that's what they're doing.
So they are exercising power over us willfully in our faces.
So I really disagree with Tucker, but I disagree with him on that.
They've been given talking points.
They've been given orders.
And they've said, yes, we're authoritarians.
Yes, we're bad people.
And we are going to arrest you if we don't like you.
I mean, I've met with globalists, I've met with their minions, and they'll point-blank go, uh, you know, off-record conversation, so I don't violate that.
They go, yeah, we're criminals, yeah, we're taking over, we don't care.
We don't care what you do.
We want to destroy you.
They look at you and they smile at you.
They say, we're like the Godfather in the Godfather movie.
And I said to them, the Godfather didn't traffic with kidnapped little children.
So I guess you're not like the Godfather.
But see, these people all think they're tough.
They all think they're gangsters, they're protected by the FBI, and they're busy selling the country off.
And we've put up with it, so they have nothing but disdain and arrogance for us, just like the Communist Chinese have disdain and arrogance for their puppet, Joe Biden, and their puppet, Kamala.
Harris and all the rest of them.
It's simply disgusting.
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They're the folks that have kept us online for years.
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And remember, what did GoDaddy just do a few weeks ago to AR-15?
One of the biggest gun websites out there.
They do a great job.
Mainline pro NRA site.
Very milquetoast compared to me.
They banned it and held on to their URL for a while.
And some of these big places are just stealing URLs now.
So I would understand that this is dangerous.
You'll see banners on InfoWars.com to InfoWarsDomains.com that say, did you know they're stealing people's domains?
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Okay, I'm done.
I kind of already got into it there, didn't I?
So maybe I won't cover it at the end of the show.
I always say I'm going to cover something later and I just get to it, get to it right then and right there.
Let me do this.
I want to, ahead of Max Keiser joining us in 15 minutes, I want to look more on where humanity is going and how bad it's going to get if you don't take action.
Because I want people to understand something.
I don't say anything here to be shocking.
I know everything I say sounds totally insane and shocking, but that's because true strangers of fiction, the old cliche is true.
But I have actually studied and read so much stuff that I'll routinely be studying some document and I'll go, oh, I forgot I read this five years ago.
I've just forgotten more knowledge than most people will ever accrue, and I'm not sitting there bragging about that.
I know a lot of men that know every baseball score and football score going back 100 years or whatever, but they don't know the three branches of government.
I know a lot of women that are smart, but they are mentally lazy.
And men, of course, as well, where they don't care.
You know, you get a woman's attention, and actually have a real conversation, they're smart, but they're usually off somewhere else, just like men are.
But men for other reasons, women for other reasons, and it's really a selfishness, where people mentally don't really bother.
Okay, yeah, there's a problem.
Oh yeah, sure.
And when you're like that, you're unconscious.
And so, a lot of people seem really stupid, and it's not because they're stupid.
Have you ever woke somebody up from a deep nap and for like five minutes they're dumb?
The general public is medically in a near-trance state.
Highly suggestible.
And it's really our job to get folks to realize they're in that state.
And instead of just giving them information, more and more we've got to study how to get them out of a trance and realize, hey, you're drowning, you're sinking, and you have an enemy that's on your ass.
Activate your instincts.
Next segment, I'm going to get into the world economy.
I'm going to get into what the globalists are planning long-term.
I'm going to cut really to the chase about what we're all facing and decisions we all have to make.
And then I want to get Max Keiser back on about the economy to add some questions as Suez Canal crisis morphs into global food supply and energy supply crisis.
And so much more coming up, but I wanted to air a short piece that we only aired once that I really think describes
The place and the world that we are in right now.
And the fact that, yes, we know the left are authoritarian.
Yes, we know the left are taking our free speech away.
Yes, we know that they don't have any morals, and that means there's no bottom to these people.
It means there's no level to which they won't stoop.
And I know you know that, and I know I know that.
But that's what's happened.
And now the left is organizing school teachers and everybody into Antifa and all these violent organizations and they believe it's their right to go out and stop speech and attack people because they're Captain America and everybody they're fighting is Adolf Hitler.
And I know you as an audience know that, but we have to just break with these people and not kiss their butt in any way and not try to argue with them like they're the moral authority and they're just misled.
They know they're scum.
They know they're bad people.
And they're making their move on civilization.
Here's this quick piece.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat him, prevent him from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best known conspiracy theorist.
But this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
And again, I'm going to have that posted to Bandai Video.
I know it's a little short, a minute and a half promo, but that really says it all.
We should probably update it, make it a few minutes longer, because now they're moving on to say take Tucker off the air and take him off satellites.
And here's what I mentioned earlier.
Steve Watson has the article on Infowars.com.
New York Times horrified that Alex Jones could still be found via Google Podcasts.
It doesn't matter that they don't stream it.
It just lists thousands and thousands of podcasts and links where you can find it.
So what they're really calling for is delisting me
Off of Google.
And that's the next frontier.
They've already done it with deceptive links and putting garbage on top and all the so-called
Little fact finders and arbiters of reality and fact checkers where they put blobs of BS above your statement saying it's not true.
But now they just want it completely and totally delisted where you can't search or find any of the content.
And then finally, they're going to want to get rid of the URLs themselves.
And that's the next move that's already started.
So be aware of that and start digging in and really valuing information more than ever, because you'll see a direct correlation.
As more censorship happens, your freedoms and your success and your
Your very way of life, standard of living, will go down.
The two are 100% connected.
As freedom goes, so does wealth and prosperity.
They're like a horse and carriage.
We'll be right back.
Well, I'm about to show you shocking footage as bad as Pearl Harbor, as bad as 9-11.
Parental discretion is advised if you're joining us here in the third hour.
You're lucky if you're a radio listener that you do not have to see what you are about to witness if you're a TV viewer.
Again, I would even advise that combat veterans cover your eyes right now.
You heard that the insurrection at the Capitol where a few hundred people went in and one defecated on the floors and some threw some papers around and
Then four citizens were killed, a gun down, throw off parapets, a cop had a heart attack a few days later and died.
So it was called the most deadly attack in U.S.
history since Pearl Harbor or 9-11 by Chuckie Schumer and the whole mainstream media.
So, if anybody ever protests at the Capitol like Code Pinky should do, or falls down on the floor, or gets in an elevator, or refuses to go anywhere, it's an act of terrorism, an act of insurrection.
We've seen hundreds of people charged who didn't even break anything, just went in the Capitol or on the Capitol steps.
And it's all over the news that Alex Jones needs to be arrested.
So does Roger Stone.
Roger Stone wasn't even there.
But it doesn't matter if you were even just gazed at the Capitol.
Then you need to be sent to a gulag.
And so here, ladies and gentlemen, is the most shocking footage of a terror attack.
Online with 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.
This is almost as bad as people walking between the velvet robes at the Capitol, many of which have been charged.
State Representative Park Cannon.
The name sounds like a weapon.
That's a terroristic threat right there.
Arrested at State Capitol.
Eleven news alive.
A Democrat State Representative was arrested after a disturbance.
Will you change that to an insurrection?
Excuse me?
A Democrat State Representative was arrested after a giant, massive terror attack, the most vicious ever seen.
Pearl Harbor, sedition, terrorism, overthrow, coup.
Let me read that again.
A Democrat State Representative was arrested after a disturbance, I mean a terror attack, at the State Capitol Thursday.
It came during the same time Governor Brian Kemp was giving remarks in
Signing a controversial Republican election law in the bill that the Democrats can't stuff ballot boxes and engage in massive fraud and violate state law and make up law of the governor himself.
And so the shock video shows her refusing to leave, yelling and screaming, and then her falling down, which is the equivalent to dropping an atomic bomb.
And when you don't submit to the police, it is
Well, I mean, it's worse than Hitler's, what it is.
So, folks, I'm going to show you the insurrection, the attack, right now, the sedition.
I'm going to show you the rebellion.
I mean, I'm going to show you stuff that has just not even been reached except on January 20th.
There it is.
Why does she have to step back?
She's trying to get into the governor's office.
The governor is signing a bill that affects all Georgians.
Why is he doing it in private and why is he trying to keep elected officials who are representing us out of the process?
Because the governor's feeling the heat.
She wants in his office.
He's a Chai Kong.
Yeah, you said you gave her one more time, like you're going to do something.
And remember what they said.
They said not to open doors to terrorists.
No, you are not.
She's not under arrest.
For what?
Under arrest for what?
For trying to see something that our governor is doing?
And they're all wearing these stupid masks.
Our governor is signing a bill that affects all Georgians, and you're going to arrest an elected representative?
Why does the governor have more power than the elected representative?
Oh my God, those women cross those roads.
Stop arresting her!
Why are you arresting her?
Cite the violation!
Cite the code!
What is she in violation of?
I want you to cite the code!
Cite the code!
She's involved in an insurrection!
Cite it!
Cite the code!
Cite the code!
Cite the code!
Why are you arresting her?
Under what?
Under what?
Under what law are you arresting her?
Why are you arresting her?
She's now, she's trying to sit down.
That's an act of terror right there.
Why are you arresting her?
I mean, just walking into the buildings, a felony.
Call us now.
Well, this is a terror attack.
Why are you arresting her?
Give me a reason why you're arresting her.
And this is all ridiculous.
I mean, I will tell you, in Georgia, Vernon Jones, the state rep there, brought a few hundred of us in.
Even though the Capitol was basically closed.
We organized a group photo.
We were peaceful.
And a few of them got loud and the police said, look, you're not going to disrupt in case anybody's here at work.
That's their rules, their law there.
And then we left.
The media showed that photo and said, here's Jones the day before with Vernon Jones and Allie Alexander planning the attack.
I mean, there's millions of views on Twitter alone.
Videos are like 500,000, a million, 2,000, 2 million views.
I mean, it's just millions of views.
And it's like, look at him!
He's plotting the attack!
And it's the Georgia Capitol, and the videos have dates from November.
And people point out, hey, that's November.
They're like, shut up, Jones is going to prison.
Hey, go to Twitter and type in my name in the search thing, Alex Jones.
The first thing I saw this morning was shocking evidence of Jones and Roger Stone connected to an Oathkeeper woman.
I have no idea who she is.
And it's the total proof they ran the whole thing.
Indictments are imminent.
And they go, look, he confesses to helping pay for the Trump insurrection.
You mean the thing with the Secret Service with the porta potties and the fence around it at the Ellipse?
You mean the peaceful event where I'm sitting there in a suit?
Yeah, I went there to do that.
Like all the other events, you idiots.
We're not like the left, but they finally got a few hundred people out of a million to act like that, and they're telling you it's the end of the world insurrection.
Remember the left protesting Kavanaugh?
Remember the left, all their lies?
Remember them taking over the hallways, attacking people, breaking windows?
That was all wonderful!
I mean, who ever said protesting is peaceful like Cuomo said?
That they turn that around on us, it's just asinine.
You know, I said I was going to get to the big globalist takeover and what things are going to look like in the future, but I'll have to do that at a later date because I got this big guest coming up.
But yeah.
Oh, this Seth Abramson is the funniest guy, man.
And it's behind a paywall, but he's always like, click here to learn about the incredible way they're going to be arrested and how they masterminded it.
Oh, we caught him in a secret recording on his own show saying he helped Roger Stone have money to fly up there.
New apparent lies by Alex Jones and Roger Stone dig an even deeper hole regarding their possible January 6th ties to jailed insurrectionist and domestic terror leader, Jessica Watkins.
Things are looking very bad for these two.
More below.
And of course, I wasn't going to pay for it, but I searched the headline and found somebody else had posted it.
And it just sounds like a five-year-old with snot running out of their nose ran it.
And they're like, keep laughing, Jones, you'll be in... I am laughing!
Indict me for nothing?
I'm not a scumbag like you.
I don't lick the feet of the globalist devils and kiss their rear end of venous shame.
I am not...
On my knees to you and all your evil.
I mean, I see through you, I know who you people are, and I just thank my lucky stars every millisecond that I'm not with you.
You're in the loser club with Jeffrey Epstein.
You're in the loser club with Bill Clinton.
You're in the loser club with David Rockefeller and Bill Gates and all the rest of them.
I'm not in your club.
I don't want to be in your club.
Do you understand?
I want to be on the outside.
Resisting you and trying to carry out God's will even though an imperfect vessel.
And I'm very thankful to God for the gift of consciousness and creation.
And I humbly ask to be taken to the next level to be with the Creator.
Please, I am very appreciative.
I want to be good.
I appreciate everything.
Everything is so beautiful and lovely you've made.
I really want to be with you.
Please get me away from these people as soon as possible.
Complete the mission and then get me away from them.
Please, please.
This is all just a big test, and these idiots have failed it miserably.
They are the village morons, like David Icke said.
These globalists are not smart.
They don't have connection to God.
They're dumb.
It's why they are with their father, the fallen one, the failure, the marooned loser.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back with the one, the only Max Keiser to get into the economy where he sees it all going and more.
Thought it was such a popular hot interview yesterday, I said, hell, let's get Max Keiser back on the live Friday edition.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here back live.
We've got Max Keiser for two segments, and then I'm going to hit... I hate talking like this, but I'm going to tell you where I really think this is all going to go, what they're going to launch next, how it's all going to unfold.
I'll give you my breakdown in the last segment ahead of a great guest host that's about to be taking over in the fourth hour ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroeder.
Max Keiser came on here today and the interview got a lot of headlines, a lot of attention, and a lot of people had questions as well.
Got a lot of emails, a lot of calls saying, hey, have Max back and ask him about the Suez Canal.
The crisis has now morphed into a global supply chain wrecking ball.
People also said you predicted the casino gulag model 15 years ago here.
That's now there.
So people wanted to get you back on.
We'll talk some about Bitcoin next segment.
But to talk about big picture, the world economy, big moves, what you expect to happen next, because you've been so accurate in the past in so many ways, especially on Bitcoin.
Well, people want to pick that brain about other systems like Biden.
What's going to happen with him?
What's going to happen with China?
So there's a lot of questions there.
What do you want to stab at first?
Well, Alex, it's always about money printing.
And since really decades now, going all the way back to the 1970s,
All of these countries have come to rely on money printing as a way to solve all their problems.
And what happens is the currencies are debased.
And then when the currencies are debased, there's no way to create any kind of economic friction that you can work to
Increase your wealth and that leads to war.
In other words, war is the inevitable outcome of printing fiat money because fiat money just debases everybody's currency until the point where you end up going to war.
And this has been the case throughout history and I think right now
We're on a war footing with the U.S., China, and other countries around the world.
They're getting ready to go to war, which is unfortunate.
It's totally avoidable, but it's the direct result of just printing money to death so that the value of the paper money is nothing, and people start to panic.
And they start to run out of supplies.
I mean, the Suez Canal incident shows you how fragile the global supply chains are.
Apparently, we're heading for another toilet paper shortage.
It's one of the outcomes.
All of the paper pulp from Brazil is now choked at that point in the Suez.
But there are many, many choke points in the global supply chain right now.
And they're all being kind of kept afloat, if you will, using artificial means, artificial stimulus, money printing, accounting tricks.
But that's all falling apart now.
And because you can only use the defibrillator of fiat money so many times before you have to recognize that the patient is in fact dead.
And now Klaus Schwab and others admit, the head of the IMF you talked about yesterday, that they've used the COVID lockdown to try to make us take more debt and put us into more debt, but the world is so flooded with all this fiat garbage that the end of the bubble is in sight.
Any time frames on that and what will it look like?
What are the main trigger points you see detonating that bubble?
Well, I know you want to talk about Bitcoin in the second half, but Bitcoin essentially is the only asset that's not in a bubble.
And Bitcoin is the pin that's going to puncture the global debt bubble.
And it's going to reveal all of the underlying fragility.
You said that to me ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago, six months ago.
They're now literally saying Bitcoin is going to cause a global depression.
No, you're saying it's going to show the fraud and that it'll be the detonator.
But then won't they try to blame it?
Yeah, they will.
But there's nothing they can do about it.
They can pass any law they want to, but there's no way to enforce it.
They can launch central bank digital currencies, but they don't compete with Bitcoin because they're centralized and Bitcoin is decentralized.
I made the comparison.
Yesterday to the PDP file swapping in the music industry.
The music industry would have loved to shut it down, but they couldn't.
What happened in the end is that the music industry had to change.
Well, now we have subscriber and streaming services, but the old music industry before Napster
The current central banking model and fiat money model, because of Bitcoin, it will go the same way as the music industry did when a P2P encrypted network was introduced.
They're going to die off.
They're just not going to be around in 10 years time.
Those central banks are going to be mere shadows of their former selves.
What about the central banks that have mainly invested in China?
Why does the head of Goldman Sachs, J.P.
Morgan, why do they run America down but always talk China up?
Is that mainly just because they've invested there?
Well, yeah, of course, you know, the global capital markets are invested in various assets around the world.
But remember, all of those investments are made in fiat money.
And so they're all at risk.
More interestingly, Goldman Sachs is introducing a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, so is Fidelity and other major heavyweights on Wall Street.
And it tells you how early we are with Bitcoin, because the heavyweights on Wall Street have yet to really jump into this market.
Well, in fact, a couple of years ago, JP Morgan and Chase and others, they were attacking Bitcoin.
But as you said, now they're getting into it.
Is that a capitulation, or what's happening?
Yeah, that's a capitulation.
That's what a capitulation looks like.
And as I've been saying, Alex, the real story here is not that governments are going to try to ban it.
It's going to be that governments are going to start to wholeheartedly embrace it as you get into what I call the global hash war or the hash race, because a few countries right now are breaking away from U.S.
dollar global hegemony.
They're buying, they're mining, they're hoarding Bitcoin.
And so their currencies potentially could become the strongest currencies in the world.
Well, certainly that's what China and others are doing, but they're going to try to create competing systems, but you think Bitcoin's already such the apex predator that it's not going to matter?
It'll be a black hole that sucks in all the others?
They're buying Bitcoin and they're mining Bitcoin.
Like Venezuela, for example, they try to do a competing currency, a cryptocurrency, but they realize that after a couple of years that really the Bitcoin is the best game in town.
So now they're going into Bitcoin.
Same thing with Iran.
Iran has got two or three percent of the global Bitcoin network.
Now they potentially, if
Situation where it could persist as it is right now, within five years, Iran would have the strongest currency in the world.
So I don't think the US or Europe or Asia is going to let that happen.
They're going to jump in with both feet and say, OK, we're going to start buying Bitcoin and buying Bitcoin.
And that makes the price go up to 500,000 to a million.
Well sure, let them try to do it like prohibition, not only make it get bigger.
We're going to go to break, come back and see where you see Bitcoin going.
Not just the big numbers you've been saying that have been coming true, but the technicals of why you say that.
But I've gotten into Bitcoin.
It's a great way to have an alternative to the system, the cleanest, best way to do it is swanbitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
That's where I've signed up.
They're a sponsor now.
If you go sign up there, that supports the broadcast.
You get all the same deals as the whole Swan site.
It's all the same interface, same dashboard.
They've got a lot of great functions.
We're good
Thank you.
Max Keiser.
I know a lot of people were into Bitcoin, because it's cool, it's fun, they made a ton of money.
I have so many listeners thank me, they say, even though you were never really pushing Bitcoin, your guests were, like Max Keiser, and, you know, I made $10 million doing it.
I mean, I have so many people, like, I'll be in a restaurant, the restaurant owner comes over and buys me free dinner and says, this whole restaurant, everything, I was working as a chef eight years ago, and then I heard Max Keiser on your show, and I went and did it, and it's been great, and I've helped all these people.
The amount of testimonials I've gotten, the reason I never got into it was...
I knew it was Wild Wild West.
I knew there was all sorts of people, not Bitcoin itself, but all sorts of scams.
And then all these new coins came out about when I was finally going to get into it.
And I talked to Max.
I said, well, you lead me through this.
He said, yeah, I'll come to town.
He came here for a couple of days, showed me.
He said, go to Swan Bitcoin.
You know, it's not underground.
It's just like a bank.
It's all secure.
It'll help the people.
They're great.
They're the original OGs.
They've been in it since the start.
And then I just never did it because I was busy.
And then I'm like, oh my gosh, I mean, it's gone up from, you know, from then from like $2,000 to $60,000.
I mean, just think of think of that if I'd have done that then.
And so no more because I was already sold then.
But the fact that it's professional, some people go, well, I'm going down to a payday loan place to get some Bitcoin.
Do that if you want.
And then that's underground.
I'm doing this all, as they say, legit, because I run a very legit operation.
If I have a crooked toenail, they're going to put me in prison, folks.
You see that all over the news.
So, this is so legit.
This is the biggest.
This is the best.
I'm bringing it to you.
Just like the storable food company we have.
Only 14 years old.
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So I really want to steer you towards something good.
I want to treat you like I'm treated, and I am just excited.
They may crash Bitcoin, but I believe it's just going to go back up.
It doesn't matter.
They don't want to send it.
It's the proven apex predator.
95% of all the cryptocurrencies and digital is it.
That's not going away.
And I agree with Max now.
He's right.
I believe it's just begun.
SwanBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
SwanBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
You get 10 free dollars.
Of a Bitcoin, it's free.
But yeah, then if you want to go and get deeper and buy Bitcoin and put it into this system, then you've got to sign up and prove your ID.
And I did that myself with my driver's license and my info in the code I gave them, because this is setting up a digital bank account.
This is extremely legitimate.
And then this gives you something else you can operate with when all the big credit card companies and PayPal are banning Christians, conservatives, Trump, us.
I'm also being forced into this by necessity because of the incredible tyranny.
I know I'm ranting, Max, I got you here.
Get more into the history of Bitcoin and how you've been able to accurately predict it and where you think it's going.
Right, well, the history goes back 20 years or more, really.
It's always been the goal for what are called the cypherpunks, you know, computer engineers and hackers that try to create
Digital money that would be decentralized, ultimately decentralized.
The problem with all the schemes beforehand, and I had this myself when I created the Hollywood dollar and the big patent that I have going back to the 1990s, is that you have the situation of it's all being centralized and that doesn't lend itself to being a competitor to fiat money.
But when you have a decentralized hard money,
Like Bitcoin, it does become a competitor to fiat money and to gold.
And the reason is that it's indestructible.
It's decentralized in that it's replicated on servers all over the world.
And there is no way that you can hack in or break into or change this system.
There's a fantastic egalitarianism, if you will, in that even if you have a $50 million worth of Bitcoin, you still can't change the network.
You can't change the protocol.
You can't change the emission schedule of coins every 10 minutes.
For the beginning, it's been the dominant one and nothing else can rival it because it was done so well.
I mean, why haven't the others been able to rival it?
Not done as well?
Didn't have the beginner's momentum?
Because clearly now this has been globally adopted.
I mean, you see the collapse of resistance, the capitulation.
I'm capitulating.
The other coins just failed.
I mean, after Bitcoin came out, it was a perfect
A mix of available technologies that created the Bitcoin protocol that does exactly what it says it's trying to do and that is to put gold out of business as a better form of gold, digital gold.
And then of course there were thousands of competitors like Ethereum and
Becash and Satoshi Vision and Tron and just thousands of them and they've all failed essentially and because there's no need for them.
They don't do it.
And I believed you five years ago, three years ago when you said they're all gonna fail, but now you were proven right again.
I'm not kissing your butt.
It's true.
How the hell are you so right about this?
Because I have been studying this for decades, you know, all the way back to my Wall Street career.
I was always interested in virtual currencies, market making, economics, finance.
Then I ran a technology company in Los Angeles, and then I became a financial journalist.
And then when I discovered Bitcoin in 2011, along with Stacey Herbert,
Uh, you know, it immediately clicked.
I just saw immediately how this fit into the timeline.
And also, it fits perfectly in with the Occupy Wall Street movement.
You know, Bitcoin is a protest movement.
And the idea is that the people behind Bitcoin and the cypherpunks, who gave us pretty good encryption and were able to release encrypted messaging into the wild, that was formerly behind the firewall of the military-industrial complex.
So it's the same revolutionaries that have just continued to keep pioneering since P.K.
Dick gave them their name 40 years ago.
Right, so it's just part of the same revolution of giving people the ability to have uncensored communication and to separate state from money.
This is one of the most profound implications of Bitcoin.
Never before in history have we been able to separate state from money.
Every single form of money going back hundreds of years, thousands of years.
Back to the Tallis sticks and the British and back to the emperors and the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
It's always been the crown.
The state or the crown issues the money.
It's been speculated by people like Frederick Hayek that you could have private money that was separate from the state.
But he didn't see how it could happen unless it was a quirk, almost an accidental occurrence.
And exactly this is what happened in 2009.
It's almost a quirky little occurrence that Bitcoin was released into the internet.
And now we do have separation of state.
And money.
And that's why the state is becoming quite nervous.
Because if all the capital ends up moving into Bitcoin like it is, and the market capitalization goes from $1 trillion to $100 trillion to $400 trillion, that means that this nation state, as we know it, is going to go out of business.
The central banks are going to go out of business.
And we're entering into a new era, kind of a renaissance 2.0.
And is that why, your view on the whole COVID deal, obviously a giant evil power grab.
I mean, that's their attempt to stay in control.
Power always seeks more power and the state always seeks to expand the state.
And that's the nature of the beast.
But they are up against an impregnable foe with Bitcoin now.
And they're just now starting to come to terms with the fact that everyone will capitulate eventually.
Alex, as you say, you've capitulated here.
But everyone will capitulate eventually.
Is there a threat from quantum computing to the encryption of Bitcoin?
The algorithms and the hashing algorithms that protect the network are in such an advanced state that any quantum computing, certainly nothing existing now, if you project out 5, 10, 15 years, you still don't see anything on the horizon on the quantum computer side that would be
I'm good.
Some kind of quantum attack were to occur.
There's ample time to tweak and do what needs to be done.
Everyone has an incentive.
Well, we certainly know the credit cards and the cash and all that's already infiltrated and overthrown.
So all it's is like open with the barn doors.
Max Keiser, thank you so much.
SwanBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
Though they're 10 free dollars of bitcoins, the place to invest in Bitcoin, in my view, according to Max Keiser, who is the guru, SwanBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
Max, join us again very, very soon.
Thank you.
Have a great weekend.
All right, you too, Alex.
All right, final segment.
I'm gonna look at the big globalist takeover plan.
I'll stop it, and then we've got another special guest host coming up.
All right, it's the final segment here, ladies and gentlemen, of the three hours I'm hosting.
Then Stu Peters, former Bounty Hunter, great talk show host, really smart fella, he is going to be taking over in the fourth hour and has quite the transmission.
Lined up for you.
I am coming back here tomorrow, and I don't know if it's going to be taped air or if it's going to be live at 3 p.m., but one way or another, we're going to have a special taped show that I'll tape right beforehand, or I'll go live.
I'm going to decide after the show today with the crew.
But 3 p.m.
tomorrow Central, 4 p.m.
Eastern, we're going to do another big commercial-free show.
I'm thinking about going live so I can take an hour of calls, and then we can get a lot more calls on if we don't have the breaks.
Obviously, for obvious reasons.
So please look for that tomorrow.
Very appreciative of the crew coming in and doing that as well.
But the way the world is now, the massive censorship, every day I'm still on air is precious and we have just got to fight and expose these things and get these things out.
You know, when I say I want to break down what the world's going to look like, if we don't stop this, it's because I had a caller, I guess on Tuesday, that we ran up against the break at the end of the show and he's like, tell me what's coming next.
It's kind of like the Mississippi River, when you fly over an airplane, you see all the times it's changed its path.
You can see it like five miles this way, ten miles that way, where a thousand years ago, five hundred years ago, it had a different course.
And it changes.
But you know it's flowing from the north to the south, out to the Gulf of Mexico.
And so you know the direction, you know what it is, you know what's in it.
And it's the same thing with the globalists.
They've got a trajectory.
They've got a
Direction they're leading us, which is horrible, which is frightening, which is terrible, and where they told us, you're not going to leave your house unless we authorize you to, and you'll be tracked by a smart computer, and you'll be given all these inoculations to sterilize you.
I mean, Bertrand Russell in the 30s theorized what we see today.
By the 60s, DARPA had developed the actual plan.
And just today I've told you about the intergalactic communication system.
That's not something out of a science fiction movie to talk to aliens.
That's what they call it, the internet.
It's what all of this is and it's a big plan.
And as the late, great comedian once said, it's a big plan and we ain't in it.
It's a big club and we ain't in it.
You already see what the plan is.
It's endless lockdowns, it's endless lies, it's common sense turned on its head, it's, oh, you gotta have a vaccine to travel or have a life, but now that's not enough, and okay, now you gotta do, and yeah, it's killing a bunch of people, just accept it.
Knowing our own laziness is, okay, I'll take the shot, I'll do whatever, just let me go out and do what I want again.
But notice you take the shot still, you don't get what they promised you, because they are sucking you in.
Yeah, it was George Carlin that famously said, it's a big club when you ain't in it.
So you ask what the future is, it's the same thing that Winston Smith asked O'Brien while he's torturing him in the fictional 1984.
He said, do you want to see a vision of the future, Winston?
He says, it's a boot stomping on the human face forever.
We like to kill people.
We like to hurt people.
We like to trample.
We like to be trampled upon.
We're building a society uglier, short-lived, stunted, where betrayal is the new love, where agony is the new pleasure.
You understand that, Winston?
And the most important thing is, Winston, when I'm done torturing you, you won't know who you are anymore, and I'll have your soul.
And then, you'll never even know when we walk up behind you and shoot you in the back of the head.
And then burn your body and shoot your ashes into the atmosphere.
No one will ever have known you existed because we're all about sorrow and pain and loneliness and emptiness.
And that's what this is.
And you say, why would they do that?
Well, you should read an article.
If you want to know the future,
And then read this article, and then project that onto Bill Gates, and onto the Pentagon, and onto the whole system, and that's what you're gonna get.
John Wayne Gacy, like the power of death retired detective reveals in documentary, it made him feel like a god.
Rafael Tovar believes John Wayne Gacy is responsible for killing more victims than the 33 we know of today.
One of the most notorious killer killers in America is the subject of a new true crime documentary, John Wayne Gacy, Devil in Disguise, now streaming on the Peacock platform.
The show follows how the Chicago native was able to manipulate and lure young men and boys before brutally murdering them.
The documentary features rare sit-downs with investigators, family members, as well as one of Gacy's closest confidants and his second ex-wife.
In addition, it includes a 3.5-hour rare prison interview with the man before his 94 execution at 52.
Now, why, by the way, did all these women want him once he was in prison and they would line up to go have sex with him?
Because they like demons.
They like devils.
Why do women bring their children to drag queen story time?
Where convicted pedophiles have erections and their boys and girls bounce as the old women squeal and get off.
These women are demonic.
We know the men are bad, but the women are just as sick.
They're the type that would bring their child to human sacrifice in all the ancient cultures.
And it's the same thing with
People taking their kids to be inoculated.
I mean, they know good and well it's evil, but there's a demonic thing in them that makes them get excited.
Like that room full of 100 women, whenever the Prime Minister of Canada says, I want dictatorship, I like China's dictatorship, the women start really getting sexually excited.
That's powerful!
That's manly!
A dictatorship!
Because they're part of it!
You see, they're there with the young devil, Trudeau, and he's up there telling them how much fun it is, and how he's going to stick his pitchfork in them.
Because these are weak, soft, stupid people that ever brush up against real evil.
And so it's thrilling to them, like being at the edge of a cliff.
And they want to take us there with them.
And so,
I remember going to the Capitol like six years ago, and I'd heard about this, but when I actually witnessed it, it was women in business suits looking at me like a demon.
And we were there for an anti-abortion bill, and I remember the women were like all high, and they just came in like, like Satan, kill the baby, we're gonna kill him.
There's a video of this, and you think they're like joking, trying to shock you.
No, no, no.
I've caught these women having little satanic parties at the Capitol when they don't even know you're watching them.
And these aren't women that go to satanic events.
They are so open, and there's no man in their life, and they were so raised to just be basically almost like a clairvoyant.
They're just interfacing with it.
And it's rapturous.
They reported in the Roman histories when they would go look at different groups they conquered when they would ban human sacrifice.
They did it as men killing each other, gladiators.
But they looked down during the rise of the Roman Empire badly on killing children and women.
Later they did it themselves.
And they said that people would go into a frenzy when they would eat their children, cut them up.
But their favorite thing would be to have like a big grill
And then you would just throw the baby on the grill, and it would start popping and hissing and splattering, and then the priest would eat the baby.
And that's, don't not give your children to the fires of Moloch the bull, who also sometimes was an owl.
And so, if you want to know the future, the future is the past.
Humans repeat.
The same activities over and over again, and we go through cycles of corruption, decadence, pure evil and collapse, and then rebirth and awakening in a stoic society of strength and honor and justice, and then incredible prosperity, and then the corruption sets in yet again.
And so we are now entering the depths of the decadence cycle, and it may last five years, it may last a hundred.
But it is going to get the most nightmarish and the most poisoned and the most sickening and dangerous and stinking that you could ever imagine.
So you think the Aztecs were bad?
You think the Babylonians were bad?
You think John Wayne Gacy's bad?
They're par for the course.
Because what did he say?
The power of death made him feel like a god.
He only felt alive when there was somebody begging for their life, chained down that he could torture.
And they're all the same.
But he doesn't operate at a smart level, even though he was involved at the Rotary Club and the top guy getting money raised for all the stuff.
He's a low-level operator.
He's about a millimeter tall and Bill Gates is a thousand feet tall on the scale of murder and death.
But you look at Bill Gates, it's the same thing, man.
And when he's giving those little black kids that live poliovirus knowing it's going to cripple them, he looks like he's having an orgasm.
Or when he's on TV talking about
He's going to kill all the old people.
We're never going to reopen.
He loves it.
His father loves it.
And like a receiver, genetics don't make you the way they are, but it's nature and the nurture.
But it's a prerequisite.
It's like an antenna pointed in a certain direction, picking the transmission up.
If the transmission's there, it's going to pick it up.
If somebody doesn't turn the antenna the other direction.
And so in a family like the Gates's, his mother, his father, the grandparents, all interbred because they were psychotic criminals.
Long line of psychotic criminals.
And so you have a genetic psychopath with Bill Gates.
And so that's why I have such a hunger.
Alright, get ready ladies and gentlemen for the next big guest host.
That's right, it's Red Voice Media's Stu Peters!
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Stu Peters.
Redvoicemedia.com is where you can find me, the daily host of Patriotically Correct.
The platform has been that we will never fear or we will never cower in the face of lies.
We will always talk to credible whistleblowers.
We will always speak the truth, which is why in the fourth hour of today's show, we're going to talk more about the glaring truth
about the liberal whack jobs, the hostile takeover, the toppling of an entire political system.
Because that's what we're looking at here.
And when we see, you know, mass shootings happening, for example, in Atlanta, Georgia, in Boulder, Colorado, we have to arrive at the realistic conclusion that these incidents are only just now beginning.
As another progressive regime occupies the White House,
And we have to realize that this is a trend.
We have to be honest with ourselves.
Being honest with ourselves, in times like this, after November 2020, amid a highly questionable election, an installed president, an installed regime, the highest paid federal employee in our entire government being the little twerp Anthony Fauci, who wants you to wear 30 or 40 masks now, and as Alex was saying in the last hour, to just give up everything, this is the pushes of inches and miles, folks.
And we're going to get into the talk about the Second Amendment coming up also later this hour.
We're going to talk with Melanie Joseph, who is a Broward County mother whose child was stripped from her as a result of these masking mandates.
And this was a pre-pandemic photograph that she posted on her own social media that a judge, a dictatorial judge with unilateral unprecedented authority, took into his own hands with his politically motivated gavel
And hit her where it really hurts.
Folks, I have said on my show multiple times, ad nauseum, over and over again, I talk about this.
It's only going to be a matter of time before, in the name of health and safety, they are after your kids.
It happened in Broward County, Florida, at the hands of Judge Dale C. Cohen.
And it happened again in New York, Dr. Micheline Epstein.
She went to drop her daughter off at school.
She was standing outside on the curb.
Breathing fresh air on the curb at her daughter's school.
As a result of that, her child custody rights were taken away from her.
She was labeled a danger.
She was assaulted and attacked by a school nurse.
She was assaulted and attacked by school security.
Nobody wants to take her case.
She doesn't have the legal representation that she needs.
Her crowdfunding account was completely shut down.
Now, if you think that Big Tech is limited to how many Twitter followers you have, or whether or not you can get your message out, we have already been told that should you question the regime, should you question the liberals, should you speak out, should you bring any fact or truth to your platform, that you risk being dismissed and gone completely.
We know this!
But it's not limited to your little Twitter accounts, folks.
It's not limited to your Facebook shadow banning.
It's not limited to an entire platform of 20 million people being shut down completely as Parler was taken away by the socialist, communist hands of Bezos over at Amazon.
Folks, they are now taking crowdfunding away from parents who are fighting to keep their kids.
Let that sink in.
The truth is, the Liberal Democrats don't care about the lives of mothers, immigrant mothers.
They don't care about black lives, which is what we're going to get into as we talk more about this gun grab.
Because yes, the gun grab does relate.
To this lie of systemic racism amongst policing and in our communities as this populace is labeled the most racist population in the entire world.
As liberals apologize for us all over the world.
Kamala Harris is now an Asian.
She's no longer African-American.
All lies.
We're going to talk more about that.
My name is Stu Peters.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Guest hosting here in the fourth hour, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
As promised to relate some of these lies together in the wake of these mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado, we have to arrive at these conclusions that this is only beginning.
We discussed that during the Obama administration, mass shootings became a regular occurrence and the reason for the original assault weapons ban back in the 90s was as a result of the fake narrative about white supremacists
And racist Republicans going nuts and shooting everything up.
You remember, the old term was coined, uh, going postal.
Remember this.
Uh, where are these assault weapons?
That's my question.
Where are these military-grade rifles?
Where are these so-called weapons of war?
The difference between the AR-15 and a common .308, a 7mm, or a .300 Winnie Mag, commonly used for deer hunting, is nothing.
There's no difference, other than appearance.
So why has the left been able to manipulate the public so easily?
Are these people really that stupid?
I mean, I can't accept that.
I refuse to believe that those who choose not to own weapons are making that choice because they hate weapons.
I understand somebody not being comfortable holding or handling a firearm.
I understand those that don't wish to shoot guns, go to the range, hunt animals, kill animals, or choose to defend themselves like I do.
Which I would consider to be appropriately.
Most of these people live in a bubble world, where they expect the police to do their jobs.
And these people are also under the assumption that there's maybe a cop just waiting down the hall, or in the basement, around the corner, or behind that door, just waiting to jump out and save their ass.
When the unthinkable happens.
Like a superhero wearing a cape, they can be in multiple places at multiple times.
Nobody plans to be a victim, is the point.
It's ridiculous to accept the notion that someone wakes up in the morning, stretches out, opens their mouth for that last yawn, and looks at their spouse and says, you know, honey, today I think I'm gonna go get raped.
I mean, come on.
That's ridiculous.
Nobody comes home from work on a lunch break knowing that there's three armed criminal thugs in the basement stealing the big screen from the man cave.
Who then, by the way, become equally surprised the homeowner has arrived, forcing them to shoot and kill the unsuspecting family man, father of three, and loyal husband.
When you're away for an evening at bowling league, gone for a business trip, or for whatever reason your spouse or significant other finds herself spending the night without you,
She's not prepared for the home invasion that the two gangsters have been planning for the last two weeks.
They knew about the plan.
But you didn't.
And neither did your dead wife.
You get the point.
People that choose to own or possess firearms to protect themselves look at most situations with a different level of awareness than those that don't.
At least I do.
And I'm not saying that non-gun owners are idiots or lack intelligence.
I'm just acknowledging that people make different choices based on the way they were brought up.
Based on life experiences.
Based on training.
Based on their perspective of a reality.
That's fine.
And that's okay.
We are all a different people and that's what makes the world go round.
I'm sure that your parents told you that.
If you grew up in a household similar to mine, where I had parents that had family values, core values.
They had a belief in something bigger than, you know, government.
We believe in God.
If you choose to drink alcohol, for example, that doesn't mean that I have to.
If you choose to drive a car without your seatbelt on, that's on you.
If you choose to jump off of a bridge, well, that doesn't mean that I'm suicidal or that I want to die.
If you choose to take a long walk off a short pier, you get the point.
This is natural selection.
This is survival of the fittest.
This is Darwinism, I guess.
But on the same side of the argument, if you choose not to protect yourself with a gun, that doesn't mean that I need to die a helpless pile of crap, unable to defend myself or my family, or total strangers for that matter, when the unplanned or the unthinkable occurs.
Nobody plans for these things to happen.
None of those people at King Soopers planned to be gunned down in the frozen food aisle of the local grocery store they frequent multiple times a week.
None of those Asian hookers planned to die inside of those so-called spas in Midtown Atlanta.
But the reality is that when progressive radical Democrats are in control of the White House, when liberals have the majority of control in our federal government, when cesspools of crime and corruption in leftist cities and states across the country continue to erupt in gun violence, the law-abiding citizens are the only ones that catch the blame.
We're an educated people.
That's why we're here.
That's why you're here at Bandness.tv.
That's why you watch programs like the Alex Jones Show.
You don't have these talks with people that you associate with on a regular basis because more than likely there's just a mutual understanding.
Those are the people that share your sentiment.
People typically align themselves with like-minded people.
We choose our friends, we don't choose our family.
And those people that you choose to be around understand that there's no reasonable defense against a bad guy with a gun other than a good guy with a gun.
That's why we give guns to our troops, our soldiers.
That's why we give guns to the cops, to our police officers.
And that's why states, counties, and cities grant law-abiding citizens a permit to carry a firearm.
I mean, it's really common sense.
Sane people would never expect a social worker to go to a domestic assault call, but yet these liberal radicals in these democratically controlled cities like right here in Minneapolis, this is exactly what they're calling for.
But critically thinking individuals don't ask cops to turn in their guns and talk down the gang-banging, dope-dealing career criminals that are under the influence of street drugs.
They don't expect that a hug and some nice words are going to resolve the majority of these issues, and that's why guns exist!
We didn't talk nicely to the British and ask permission to be a liberated people in the 1700s.
I mean, come on, that's ridiculous!
We didn't sit in a cry room and talk about our feelings with the enemy in Vietnam.
We shot them!
And the terrorists that wish to destroy America by whatever means necessary weren't talked down by social workers or with some touchy-feely diplomatic resolve.
We shot them too.
We blew them up.
They were confronted with superior violence and they were killed.
The cost of freedom, folks, is death.
Sad reality.
Breaking news.
Call CNN.
And the only way to protect yourself from deadly force, sadly, most often times, is by responding with the violence of action and superior firepower.
Or the element of surprise.
Those are the facts.
That is reality, and even liberal progressives know that.
They know that they're lying about gun control, and they know the audience that they are lying to.
But the fact is, they don't care.
They know they're lying about race relations.
They know they're lying about systemic racism amongst our police community.
They know that they're lying about minority communities.
They know that they only talk to black people during election cycles.
They don't care about black people any more than they care about me.
They don't care about black lives any more than they care about white lives, Christian lives, or any other life.
They don't care about anything, as a matter of fact, other than re-election and the quest for more power, more money, more compliance, more control.
And typically they get it through the feeling and emotion of fear.
Inner cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, Portland, and Baltimore are allowed to go to war every single weekend.
And the left does nothing except blame the police.
The same cops they wish to defund are asked where they were, as 60 shootings result in 15 deaths over a holiday weekend, and their only answer is some symbolic and empty ordinance declaring some wacky gun-free zone.
Come on!
They disarm law-abiding citizens because those are the only people that will eventually, reluctantly, abide by and scrupulously adhere to the letter of law.
That's why they're law-abiding citizens.
This isn't coming from some damn Ivy League, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, higher liberal education platform I'm speaking from here, folks.
This is the product of a two-year post-secondary education and 18 years of life experience
Dealing with some of the most violent people you'd ever care to think about in my 18 years that I spent as a Fugitive Apprehension Specialist, Bounty Hunter, Bail Enforcement, whatever you want to call it.
From someone who was responsible for locating, apprehending, and jailing those offenders that didn't want to return to prison and did it without shooting anybody.
So don't get me wrong here.
I'm not saying the answer is to go out and shoot everyone that you think is a threat.
And I'm not saying deadly force is the only answer.
I'm saying that there is a time and a place for everything.
And the fact is, although these communists want you to believe that every cop is a racist killer, the real truth is that almost a million cops work every single day, planning that they don't have to take a life, and most of them go home without doing it.
More of the Alex Jones Show next.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters, your guest host here in the fourth hour.
You can find me at redvoicemedia.com, the media not telling you about the nearly million cops every day that go out and don't take a life, just like they don't want to tell you stories about like this next guest that I'm going to have on.
Dr. Micheline Epstein thought it was just a normal day in her life as she was going to her daughter's New York school to drop her off.
She was standing on the curb
Where she was assaulted and attacked by a school nurse, she was assaulted and attacked by school security, and has now had the unthinkable happen as her parental custodial rights have been limited or taken away as a New York City judge has removed her six-year-old from Dr. Epstein because she didn't wear a mask outside.
She exercised her right to breathe clean and fresh air, which is why I wanted to have Dr. Epstein on.
Dr. Epstein, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks a lot for joining me.
Hi, Stu.
Thank you, guys, for having me.
Take us through that day.
We're limited in time here, just a little bit, but I want you to take us through that day and then take us to how you ended up losing your daughter, who, by the way, just celebrated her sixth birthday in your absence, and you celebrating her birthday in her absence.
Take us through this.
Tell us what the mainstream media will not tell these listeners.
So basically, you know, I was dropping my daughter at her school at the curb, like you said.
They had the procedures, you know, to get her temperature measured and then there's this app where you have to answer questions and then they scanned and I was about to leave like I always do.
And this woman came with the thermometer in her right hand, and she started pushing me and yelling at me saying, you cannot be here, you cannot be here, this is a school, in the middle of a pandemic, blah blah blah, I'm the nurse of the school.
So I turned around and was just like, whatever, and just kept walking, right?
But I walked a little bit, you know, a few steps and, you know, it took me a couple seconds to recollect.
And then I was just like, did that woman just touch me?
You're outside, you're on the curb.
You're not in a building.
There's no mask mandate where you have to wear a mask outdoors.
You're socially distanced properly.
You're not around anybody.
You've sent your daughter into the school where only children are allowed to be and faculty.
Is that correct?
That's correct.
And my daughter at that point was already gone with her mask because she had a mask.
That's correct.
So when I come back, she sees that I'm coming back.
So she starts doing this.
Don't touch me!
So I come around her like six feet.
Don't get close to me!
I keep myself six feet apart.
And I said, ma'am, I'm not going to touch you, but I just want to let you know that you cannot do this to people because of mask.
And she keeps like, you know, acting up.
And then this man comes in, which I find out later is the head of the security of the school, and with a box of masks, he picks up the mask and shows me my face and said, put the mask, put the mask.
And I say, no, I pick up the mask, I rip it off, I throw in the guard, the ground, turn around and go back home.
When I get home, I receive an email.
I don't want to interrupt you here, but just for the sake of time, for a little bit of backstory here also, you have a less than amicable, less than cordial separation from the father of your child.
And there has been this ongoing disarray and custody issues and disputes.
So now, the father of your daughter has weaponized this story, right?
The school nurse and the security officer playing the victim.
No, no, no, don't touch me.
That's what these liberals do.
They play the victim all the time.
They pull this out.
Obviously, this isn't a politically motivated or charged story, but the politics are very important, just like politics go along with every single thing that we do in our lifetime, where people say, oh, I don't want to be part of politics, but you have to pay attention.
So, you've got the mask shoved in your face, but now you find yourself in a courtroom as your ex or the father of your daughter has gotten a hold of an attorney and weaponized this thing and said, I'm going to drag Dr. Epstein, my ex, back to court and I'm going to weaponize this against her.
How did that happen?
Tell us that.
Well, we're actually still going through the divorce.
The divorce is not finished.
We were sharing 50-50 custody, but basically what happens is after that, you know, when I got home, I received an email from the school lawyer saying that, twisting the whole situation, saying that I had attacked the nurse, that I had, like,
Use foul language, you name it.
All sorts of untrue things and telling me that I could never come pick up or drop my daughter from school, that I could not ever talk to the staff of the school, that I paid half of it, which is very expensive.
And I was informed by my lawyer at that time that I could not take my daughter from school, which I wanted to do.
So then the next thing, you know, and this was on a Wednesday, on Monday,
The next week, Monday, the lawyer of my husband, my soon-to-be ex-husband, sent a letter, because he received also the letter, to the judge.
Then we had an emergency hearing on the next Monday, and I was berated by the judge.
The judge, like, treated me, like, superhumanly.
And in the end he took my daughter, he said that for at least one month I would have supervised visits, that I have to pay by the way, and it would be inside my house and everybody in the household while that happened had to use a mask.
So you have to wear a mask inside of your own home.
This is what a district court judge in the city of New York is ordering that you do, that you have to now wear a mask inside of your own home, despite the fact that it's not his home, constitutionally overreaching, and coming into your personal life violating your constitutional rights, your individual liberties.
There is no mandate that requires any other New Yorker to do these things, but he's holding your custody of your daughter and visitation with your child over your head, backing you into a corner to do this.
And saying that you will not have any contact with your daughter unless these things happen.
Is that right?
That's correct.
And that's the only way I could potentially see my daughter.
You know, people have said that in cases like this, you have to be able to prove that you were under duress.
You know, when you did a certain thing, when you made a statement in a courtroom, who could argue the fact that a mother is under any kind of stress or duress when you're being told you're given an ultimatum.
You're either going to wear a mask in your own home or you're not going to have custody of your daughter.
This is absolutely unbelievable.
The mainstream media not touching this story by any means.
Now, you have a crowdfunding account.
That you have set up for people to help you with legal representation as your attorneys have been walking away from you.
You've had no luck finding somebody to replace you.
People are telling you that this case is too complex.
It seems pretty cut and dry to me.
A judge violated your rights, took your kid away because you weren't wearing a mask on an outdoor street.
And the criminal justice system, along with the family justice system, has been completely compromised and used and weaponized against a good mother who's totally involved with her child.
This is ridiculous, and I hope that this judge's email is filled and inundated with people who are absolutely outraged by this, like I am.
And your case is not the only case.
We're going to talk with Melanie Joseph from Broward County, Florida.
Who, another judge, got another email this morning from a Miami case that didn't have anything to do with the pandemic, but this family justice system has to be rectified.
Real quickly, where can people find your crowdfunding account because I want people to be able to help you out.
It's actually gifts and gold.
And if you go to my media, it's like, I don't know about heart, I actually hate talking about money.
Actually, you know, a pray would do as much as if it's not more.
And anybody that wants to contribute, please, only if you feel in your heart, in your mind, in your soul that you should do that.
But if you, like I said, pray to the real God should do just as much or more.
Dr. Epstein, thank you so much for joining us.
Again, the story, folks, is not unique.
If you feel like prayers, great.
If you have the financial wherewithal to donate to her, please do so.
More of the Alex Jones Show coming up next.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Stu Peters, Red Voice
Red Voice Media in here.
If you're finding this, of course, you're finding it on BandThis.TV.
Make sure to visit us where the truth lives at RedVoiceMedia.com.
Also, never going to walk away from a credible whistleblower.
We're never going to walk away from stories that paint the real truth of what's actually happening here in our neighborhoods, here in our court system.
Massive judicial corruption taking place, as you heard from Dr. Epstein.
This is overreach, folks, and it's not limited.
I've been contacted by dozens
Dozens of mothers and parents that have had the court system weaponized amid this coronavirus pandemic.
Nancy Pelosi, if you think that she didn't see this thing coming from that obscure lab that, by the way, in Wuhan, China, right?
I wasn't called by my financial advisor and given some advice on this laboratory that I should invest in.
We all know now that, you know, Anthony Fauci invested in this lab.
Nobody questions that.
Barack Obama, a personal investor in this lab, nobody questions that.
But the story for Dr. Epstein is not unique.
I'm talking now with Melanie Joseph, who had the same thing happen at the hands of corrupt judge Dale C. Cohen down in Broward County.
Melanie Joseph, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Appreciate you making yourself available.
We know that you're going through hell.
Tell us the story.
Take us through what happened.
Thank you so much for having me.
It is definitely a living nightmare.
So backstory is
My ex and I have a timeshare plan.
We're supposed to share our son.
And when I went for my spring break that we look forward to every year, I was kept from my son.
So I did what I had to do as far as trying to, you know, ask continuously to see my son.
And when I was denied, I went through the police.
I went through the courts.
I went through every means necessary to see my son and I was denied.
So I had to wait six months for a hearing and it was excruciating because we're all going through this time as a country.
We have no idea why or what's going on and I'm separated from my loved one.
And so when I had my court hearing, which was to hold the father in contempt, I honestly thought that I was going to see my son again.
I had my bags packed.
This was in September and unfortunately,
I was hit with something that I didn't expect and opposing counsel mentioned a picture that was on my private Facebook of me without a mask on during a non-mandated time and at my doctor's office in oral surgery.
So because of that picture and the fact that I do carry, it really upset the judge and he made a very
Impossible ruling against me.
He discriminated against me.
He called me an anti-masker, which is something I never stated.
In fact, I said that I followed CDC guidelines.
And he was really angry and said that I had the audacity to post on social media that I'm an anti-masker.
And as a result of doing so, he made an example out of me.
And he stated that I had to... I heard Judge Dale C. Cohen from the bench say, you know, she's one of these anti-mask people.
She has the audacity to post on social media that she's one of these anti-mask people.
I mean, I'm not making this stuff up.
You can find this stuff, folks.
I mean, the audio tapes are out there.
You know, just to be fully transparent and candid here, I've interviewed you on a different platform at redvoicemedia.com and those audio tapes are there.
I believe at the InfoWars website as well, our interview is posted.
And the judge actually said that for now, your time sharing is suspended.
I mean, as you were saying, the judge isn't even looking at you.
You're looking at a picture of this guy on your screen amid the pandemic and the socially distanced or virtual court hearings.
And Judge Dale C. Cohen makes this arbitrary ruling that you are not allowed to see.
Now, here's where I want to get to something that's even more shocking, folks.
We've talked about the fact that the government cannot or has not yet mandated these vaccines.
I have long warned, along with the fact that these people are going to come after your kids in the name of health and safety, that they will also find ways to mandate this vaccination.
Now, Judge Cohen said what to you regarding the vaccination and the ability to whether or not you could see Logan again?
So before the vaccine had been developed in September, he made it clear that in order for me to have
Any time with my son that I had to take this vaccine and my son had to have the vaccine.
I mean, that is making it mandatory.
That is saying to you, it's giving you an ultimatum.
If you're going to see your son, that you have to take this vaccine.
Any mother wants to see their son.
You are a caring and involved mother.
Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm speculating and I don't know you, but I do know my mother and I know my wife, who is the mother to three beautiful children that I am raising.
You would walk across hot coals, shards of glass, nails to hell and back on one leg while bleeding and taking your last breath to spend time with your son.
You would do anything to spend time with your son, including taking this jab because a district court judge is ordering it.
That makes it mandatory in my eyes.
He is mandating that you have a vaccination because you are an involved mother who wants to do anything.
You would sacrifice your own life, which may be what you're doing if you take this vaccination.
People have called it the mark of the beast.
We don't know what's in it.
We know that it's a cocktail that has proven to trick your body into believing that you have COVID all the time.
I mean, that's a conversation for a whole nother day.
But would you consider this to be a mandate?
It was terrifying to hear those words.
It's something that
At the time when he said that, I considered because as you just said, I would do anything to see my son.
Since that development and seeing people are dying from it, it's one of those things that, you know, you're putting me in a very dangerous place.
Do I see my son again or do I take something that I see people dying from?
So it's been a nightmare and I haven't been able to see him in a year since that decision was made because of how this has been going in the courts and being denied hearings and then now being forced into a settlement and it's just, it's never ending because of what?
Because the father wanted me to be out of my son's life and he used this pandemic to make that happen.
Okay, so this is another...
The family court system has been weaponized by an ex who has motivations other than the health and safety of your son.
And I'm going to highlight that here because of information that I already have.
Now your ex claims that your son has been diagnosed with asthma.
Is that correct?
Okay, and so your son is diagnosed with asthma.
Your ex is okay with your son wearing a mask.
By the way, you have to drive to and from North Carolina back and forth between Florida if you want to see your son.
The entire time that your son is with you, whether he's in a vehicle, whether he's at your house, whether he's outdoors, indoors, the entire time that he's with you, mind you, he has to stay masked despite the fact that he has an asthma diagnosis.
So the question here is, who has Logan's best interest in mind?
And it's clear that it's not Judge Dale C. Cohen, it's clear that it's not the father of your son who is the one that informed you that your son supposedly has this asthma diagnosis.
We all know that you put something over your face, you're restricting the flow of oxygen, which probably, I'm no doctor here, I'm no Dr. Jill Biden by any means, but I'm assuming that medically it's probably not the best thing to do to somebody who has asthma to restrict the flow of oxygen to their system.
And in order for me to see him again, which I can't see him until June, still, I had to enter into disagreement that I'm going to abide by their restrictive rules.
And it's only for 21 days.
After not seeing my son for a year, and being a mother to him, I get 21 days to see my son, and he has to wear a mask.
There it is, folks.
The GoFundMe account, Liberating Logan.
If you have the means or the heart or the ability to do other than just saying a prayer and send some money towards Melanie Joseph and her fight to get back with Logan.
Some additional information.
By the way, Melanie, thank you very much for joining us today.
We really appreciate it.
And I wish you the best of luck.
And I hope to hear a positive outcome on this case.
And we'd like for you to get a fair shake in front of an impartial judge who's not using his or her gavel for political aspirations and motivation.
There's no reason why school systems should be politicized like this, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our kids.
The real and legitimate health and safety of our kids.
Best of luck to you.
Thanks a lot for being here.
Can I just say really quick?
That Judge Cohen is doing this to other mothers.
He's taken a 22-month-old baby from its mother for the same thing, not having a mask on at the beach.
There's no reason for him to be in power.
I'd love to see him removed.
He doesn't have the authority, and he's taking the wrong authority to destroy families.
And thank you so much for having us.
We really appreciate it.
Of course.
And we hope Governor DeSantis is made aware of this, and we hope that there's some serious judicial reform that happens in the state of Florida as we're hearing more stories like this.
Melanie said that this is happening not only to her, but to other parents.
I don't know anything about this two-year-old, but we're definitely going to look into that.
You know, and Logan also has a vaccination exemption.
The vaccination could kill him, but yet they're gonna force him to get vaccinated, even though this thing hasn't been approved for kids.
These stories continue all over the place.
More on the Alex Jones Show as we continue next.
Go Nowhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Banditist.TV.
My name is Stu Peters, your guest host here in the final hour.
I would hope that you would come and visit me, where the truth lives, also at redvoicemedia.com.
I ask just that you stop by and check it out.
If you hate it, great.
Go away if you love it.
We ask you to stay around for a while.
But while, you know, people don't care, these liberals, about people like Melanie Joseph, that mother in Florida.
They don't care about Dr. Epstein in New York.
These liberals don't care about anything, which is proven by these inner cities that continue to burn.
While crime-ridden neighborhoods in these liberally controlled cities, the media stays quiet.
Nobody does a damn thing while they burn to the ground.
Nobody does anything to address the real problem while 10 innocent people are murdered by an Islamic terrorist.
When will black Americans learn that the left doesn't care about their lives?
We need you over here.
We need more common sense black Americans here.
There are a lot of you out there, as proven by the numbers that President Trump had in a record-smashing election on November 3rd in 2020.
More blacks voted for him than for Barack Obama, but yet we're being told that that was for Biden.
Okay, we're supposed to believe that.
But I mean, seriously, how do you defend any of this as a liberal?
You can't.
You can't defend it with any logic or reason, and that's why most liberals are angry people.
Can you imagine going to bed every night knowing that you're actually saying everything that isn't true, knowing that you're lying, knowing that you don't believe in a damn thing that's coming out of your mouth because you can't speak any sense at all because you'd be considered a traitor to your party?
These people are the most insincere, unauthentic, empty souls in existence.
They just simply don't care about black people.
And the thought that this narrative is being broadly accepted tells me that I'm either living among the most stupid people the world has ever seen and that I underestimated the American populace,
Or, that the media is lying again, and if I'm in Vegas betting on those odds, I would take the latter.
The fact is, the majority of people don't accept this as a reality.
The fact is, they're not going to give up their guns, and we can't.
Now, I don't want to keep beating on this 2A issue, folks, but it's so important that we don't give an inch on this Second Amendment.
We cannot allow for magazine capacity restrictions, because next is the weapons, then the platforms, then all of them.
To address my earlier point, asking about where these assault weapons are, these weapons of war, they aren't out here.
The media wants you to look at the AR-15 as a big, black, scary gun that's capable of mowing down hundreds of people in a second, and that's just not true.
And if you thought about the AR-15, and you thought those things, then you need to educate yourself.
We've highlighted the fact that liberals are liars, and they know it.
Most of them are ugly people also, just a side note.
Uh, and most are really, really stupid, but others are just educated liars.
Most of them spot off about how educated they are.
Anytime someone with real, truthful and insightful, honest perspective dares to question their platform, call them out on their BS or point out their lies, they always resort to name calling.
You're a racist.
You're a sociopath.
Uh, you're just a Trump supporting bootlicker.
We've heard it all.
And it really is a shame that the term racist doesn't really carry the same weight that it previously used to.
Whereas in my history, if I were to have been called a racist, which historically I never was, I would have taken that very seriously.
Now I'm a racist every day.
You understand what I'm saying?
I have a platform, I speak the truth at Red Voice Media, I'm not scared to talk to real whistleblowers on my daily program as I expose corruption, and so of course I'm a racist and a bigot.
I get that.
I'm a white nationalist, a radical conservative, deplorable, clinging to my religion and guns, and I wear it like a badge of honor.
It's a shame, but it really almost is a compliment to be labeled as a racist these days.
And if you really want the truth, most people aren't racist, but the rhetoric is breeding racism where it previously would not have existed.
There's a story at redvoicemedia.com that I glanced past the other day, as Ray is doing great work over there posting more truth, Biden is now being forced into appointing less white people.
This was a clip that I actually saw in a real conversation being had on one of these fake news networks, and it's just the cutest little display of racism I have ever seen.
It's the spit directly in the face of those that the left commonly likes to prop up as their examples of heroic figures in our past.
Say, for example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
They take his name in vain every time they utter it because he's rolling over in his grave as the real party of racism continues to lie to Americans about how far we've come as a country to become less racist.
Never mind the fact that millions of people pour into the United States every year to escape real oppression and real racism.
Instead, we listen to the real racists who are handing out jobs, literally appointing people to the highest level of our federal government based not on their qualifications or the content of their character, but simply for the color of their skin, for their gender, for their sexual orientation,
Because they cut off their man parts.
I don't give a damn if the Surgeon General is black or white.
It's ridiculous.
I could care less if he's Christian or Muslim or what political ideology he or she or it or them represent.
I don't care if they're gay.
I don't care if they're straight.
I don't care if they used to be a man posing as a woman as long as they are qualified to be there.
I mean, hello?
This is the epitome of racism.
And while we're on the hypocrisy kick,
I can't help but think about what's going on as I'm watching here in New York with the sexual harasser Andrew Cuomo.
I mean, folks, I understand that this is a false flag.
It's no different than all the mass shootings that we're going to see over the next four years while these whack jobs look to rid you of your right to keep and bear arms.
It's all fake.
It's a distraction away from the tens of thousands of grandparents that Cuomo sent to modern-day progressive death camps.
It's a political save.
Would you rather be known as a rapist and a sexual harasser, or would you rather go down for killing 15,000 people?
Over 15,000 people are dead because Cuomo decided that political maneuvering was more valuable than those lives.
Lives don't matter to liberals.
I think I've done a good job of highlighting that already, so I digress for the sake of time.
But I mean, what happened to taking these allegations seriously?
They got up there and lied about now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.
And they did it knowing they were lying.
They intentionally tried to destroy the life of a good man, knowing that he was a good man, and knowing that nothing that they were saying was true.
Don't you remember Me Too?
What happened to Me Too?
What happened to the death hornets, by the way?
I feel like we skipped past the murder hornets.
But how are young women and daughters supposed to grow up and be strong and independent women?
The loony left and the media is silent.
After all these women have come forth with serious and believable allegations, some of which are on tape!
There was nothing there in the way of proof with Kavanaugh.
But we see it here, and here we go.
We have the proof.
The media?
All of them.
I don't favor one cable news broadcast network over the next, folk.
They're all fake.
There isn't a shred of decency in any of the major broadcast networks.
And some of these newer so-called conservative platforms are equally as responsible for the fall of Trump and the Republican Party as the Democrats and RINOs currently serving as elected representatives in this swamp.
These establishment people have to go!
We have to address what happened in 2020 before we can move on.
But seriously, if these women aren't to be taken seriously now,
I'm only left with the option of knowing that the glaring truth about liberal progressive Democrats is that racism and sexual assault is only to be tolerated if you want to be known as a real liberal.
We can't take these allegations seriously now because Cuomo's a Democrat and I'm a Democrat, so if I speak out against this documented sexual harassment, which is more than likely an indicator that he's a rapist, I will be outcasted from my party.
The War Room with Owen Schroyer is up next.
I wonder what he has going on.
Owen, how are you?
I'm doing great.
I was enjoying your segment there on fire, finishing up the Alex Jones Show today.
And so I'm glad to be on here with you.
And I want to let people know that today is the Veterans Call-In Show here on The War Room.
So we dedicate the entire War Room to veterans.
We'll also take active duty callers today.
Weigh in on all the subjects you just talked about.
Weigh in on all the subjects of the day.
The big story right now is the southern border, though.
I don't know if you've seen, but some senators went down there.
They got taunted by the cartels.
It's all on video.
It's pretty dramatic stuff.
They're putting kids in hotel rooms with unidentified adults.
We don't know who they are.
I don't see how anything could go wrong with that.
I saw that.
Yeah, I did.
I saw Senator Ted Cruz was down there in full Geraldo mode.
He had his black vest on, so he really took him seriously.
And all these Republicans now pretending like they care about the alien invasion down there.
I don't know how I can take these people seriously either.
They had how many years to take care of this situation?
There's always been a crisis at the border down there.
And they had a president that wanted to do something about it.
And now all of a sudden, oh, and here they are.
We're down here.
Oh, shh, everybody be quiet.
There's violence back here.
Over here.
Come on.
I mean, we got to pretend now?
This is ridiculous.
Yeah, well, the numbers, though, the numbers are overwhelming.
So I'm glad that at least they're doing it, even if it is for the cameras.
Everybody stay tuned for what's coming up with Owen Schroer on the War Room.
I hope you have a great show.
Excuse me, there's a tongue twister coming up next.
My name is Stu Peters.
I hope that you will come and visit me over at redvoicemedia.com where we are unafraid to talk about the lying hypocrisy and how it's true.
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My daily program is on at 6 p.m.
Eastern on all of the places where you can find a podcast.
The Alex Jones Show, of course.
I will see you here, I believe, every single Friday, unless I've been fired already.
My name is Stu Peters.
The Alex Jones Show continues for about another five seconds, but we're going to throw it over to Owen Schroyer and the War Room right now.
Thanks for having me.
Appreciate it.
See you next time.
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Well, we knew this news was coming.
So I'm not pleased to be proven right yet again, but here it is.
I've got CNBC.
I've got CNBC.
I've got the New York Post.
I mean, I've got them all right here.
And they say, oh, guess what?
It's not a pandemic.
It's endemic.
They say America is racist and white people are inherently bad.
Racism is endemic amongst them.
Which is total racism by the establishment and by the left trying to create a race war.
Martin Luther King was right when he said, you judge people by the character of what they do and the content of their deeds.
You don't do it off what color they are.
But that's what they're saying.
Well, now they're saying COVID's endemic.
It's a common cold virus that Bill Gates manipulated and patented so he owns it with Fauci and the UN.
And so the vaccines aren't going to work.
It's never going to go away and Fauci said last week and Bill Gates said this week that you still won't be able to go outside or go have a job or anything because if one person dies of COVID in New Zealand or the US or the UK no one can ever go outside again.
People have always died of the flu and always died of the cold and we know they've lied about the numbers from car wrecks and motorcycle wrecks and
People with heart attacks and cancer and the flu and pneumonia.
All of that, they admit, has been put in the column.
But it doesn't matter.
Don't question the science or you'll be censored.
You'll be fired.
And so the very people that cooked this up at Wuhan and launched it and lied to us about the death numbers, saying 4% would die.
It wasn't even 1% to 1%.
We're still supposed to listen to them.
So here's the headline.
Experts say COVID could become endemic.
What that means for you, and it goes on to say, oh, there'll be new versions.
COVID-19, COVID-20, 2021, 2022.
In fact, even major Hollywood producers.
Have movies coming out, like Songbird, about how the lockdown's never going to end, never going to stop, and soon there'll be camps and checkpoints.
But that's just a movie, right?
No, they have the contact tracers in Australia, in the UK, and now in Canada, arresting people that try to walk down the street, beating up women, beating up men, strip-searching them.
This is the excuse for martial law.
This is the excuse to take over the producers and break the will of the people that voted for Brexit, or voted for Trump, or voted for Bolsonaro.
This is a authoritarian takeover and it's so incredibly criminal.
Here's Bill Gates, CNBC.
Bill Gates on mask.
He goes on to say, if you're vaccinated, you can still transmit.
So now you can't go out.
I'm not going to stop wearing mask.
Because they're never going to let go of this power grab.
It's a problem.
I think?
All I can tell you is they're coming for our children now.
I've got the articles right here saying now they're going to come and basically give it to school children, the COVID-19 vaccine.
What is an experimental vaccine?
And they admit COVID doesn't even affect children and the vaccine's dangerous.
This is so incredibly evil.
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