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Name: 20210323_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 23, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses how the US is being attacked by globalists from within, using mass shootings to push for gun control and spinning stories in the media. He promotes products on his InfoWars Store and encourages support for his broadcast. Jones talks about the New World Order's predatory nature, emphasizing the importance of staying awake and not falling for their tricks. He criticizes leftist black leaders who don't question what they are given due to globalist influence.

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Police identified 21-year-old Ahmed Ali Alaoui Alisa from Syria, brought her to this country as a teenager by the wonderful current president, Barack Hussein Obama.
And yeah, that's the current president's Barack Obama, not his puppet in chief or his deputy puppet Kamala Harris.
Ahmed Alisa, there he is!
He comes to your country and he kills you!
Because it's liberal!
The whole media goes into overdrive.
Jack Masubic is a great source of accurate information.
Says Biden has been briefed on the Colorado shooting, had ISIS sympathies per White House official.
And believe me, Jack Masubic has amazing sources.
He wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
He's a thousand times more credible than the New York Times.
They bought it six days ago.
They go, oh, he was upset, just like the Jack Shack incel in Virginia, in Atlanta, who was mad that he spent his whole paycheck reportedly getting up to three sexual installments a day.
And of course, I mean, I looked at the guy and I said, that guy's an incel.
Can we pull up the admitted shooter in Atlanta?
I mean, look at these guys.
They're all little piggy wimp guys.
Who hate women, hate society.
So I said last night, I said, I bet it's an incel or somebody on a bunch of drugs or a mentally ill person.
I should have thought Islamists, that's the same group, the same woman hating, you know, crazy control freak ass crap.
But now we have the leftists with the face mask and the tyranny and, you know, all the suppression.
We have the Democrats.
Yeah, show that beard, though.
That beard's quite a thing.
You see a beard like that, you need to run.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, March 23rd.
The year is 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and the entire planet and all of humanity is going through the most important test in all of our species development.
We have a breakaway civilization of globalists establishing a scientific dictatorship, and if they can get us to do absurd, stupid things and submit
They can roll out the next phases of their operation.
They are now announcing in the UK, other blue states and blue cities in the U.S.
are announcing, like Oregon, permanent mask never to be removed, permanent social distancing, permanently working from our homes unless we are specially authorized big tech company personnel or big box store Walmart or Amazon people.
This is a total vertical integration.
These companies are taking the planet over.
What's left of Main Street, what's left of the farms, what's left of that is being destroyed all over the world.
This is a systematic criminal plan where they train the domesticated public to sign on to it because they're heroes and they stay in for two weeks to cut the
Curve, and they wear their masks to save lives.
And now they've come out and admitted, oh, this is really just the gray reset.
They came out in the last few weeks and said, oh, we're just doing this to cut carbon footprint.
It has nothing to do with COVID.
COVID is just like the normal cold, normal flu.
And still the sheep will do it because they like to show how they're good and just get the mindless dopamine of being heroes that survived the apocalypse.
When the real apocalypse is the Great Reset and the takeover, I'll be covering next segment.
But now we see the pure evil arrogance of the puppet vice president Kamala Harris.
Now with all the powers of Joe Biden, the zombie president being transferred to her, and she's getting on Air Force Two, and we'll play the clip in a moment, and they say, hey,
Any plans to go to the border?
And she does her witch's tackle because that's her answer to everything.
Because she doesn't need to have voters.
She doesn't need to be popular.
She just needs to be a puppet and take the heat while the globalists collapse our country.
Do you have plans to visit the border?
But I have before and I'm sure I won't again.
Not today.
But it gets even worse with Psaki.
Saying there isn't a crisis at the border.
There isn't a crisis at the border.
She was confronted by the incredible Project Veritas footage of scenes way worse than under Obama and way, way worse than under Trump, who tried to fix it.
And again, it's Joe Biden that said during the election, oh, surge the border.
If I get elected, I'll let you in.
They're all wearing Biden shirts.
So they literally trigger this crisis, blame Trump, blame the American people, blame the Border Patrol.
That's one of the best agencies we've got busting their ass.
And then he says Surge up here, but he's still the good guy.
And then now here is the clip of Saki about our own troops being given metal shavings, getting sick from the food, food poisoning, sleeping on the floor for months.
And she says, oh, Joe Biden at least said he was concerned.
So it's a virtue signal.
Let them eat cake.
Here it is.
Also, you are opening up new facilities.
One of the options that's being reported over the weekend is spending $86 million on hotel rooms for some migrants and feeding them.
How do you square that with
The National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages and, you know, some of them got sick from having contaminated food.
That's a disparity a lot of people are pointing out, that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.
Well, first let me say that at the time when we became aware of the conditions National Guard troops were in, in parking garages as you noted, the President called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to play any role that he could play.
Boosting morale, asking for more aid, making sure they had the right, were treated in the way that they deserved for the incredible role they've played.
So, uh, I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction.
It's Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And as we speak, I'm about to arrive at the studio and complete the transmission live.
But I'm coming to you from earlier today in the space time continuum as major news and information breaks.
We're about to premiere this amazing report that only you can share with others and defeat the globalists.
This is seriously a mission.
We are seriously on the cutting edge of this fight.
So many others claim they're on the cutting edge.
Others claim they've got the political answers.
Others claim they understand how the world really works.
I wish they did.
We wouldn't be in this trouble.
We're under attack because we study the globalist source documents themselves and we know their program.
We know their operation.
We know how to defeat this group of
Control freaks and sociopaths.
So the report is at Man.Video.
It's also InfoWars.com.
The age of genetically modified humans has arrived.
If you're a radio listener, understand.
You can't see this.
Everyone watching and sharing it can see the documents, see the reports, see the quotes themselves.
That's why it's so important.
You get this information to check it out for yourself and then share it with others.
This is a massive criminal genetic takeover of the planet.
This is the final revolution.
Here is Greg Reese's report at Band.Video.
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, a think tank started 23 years ago in 1998, has conducted dozens of exercises on simulated pandemics and bioweapons attacks, including Operation Dark Winter in 2001, where one of the main objectives was how to force vaccinate an uncooperative population.
Atlantic Storm in 2005 addressed the logistics of mass vaccinations and military quarantines.
Clade X in 2018 pushed for radical fast-tracking of vaccine production.
Crimson Contagion was a massive exercise launched in January of 2019.
It involved scores of organizations, public and private, from both the federal and state level.
Crimson Contagion lasted for over half a year and was based on a severe pandemic that originated in China.
On October 18th of 2019, John Hopkins partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to sponsor Event 201, a simulation wherein an outbreak of a bat coronavirus kills 65 million people.
The culmination of all these studies was published in November of 2019.
The CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security urges the U.S.
government to, quote, replace the cycle of crisis and complacency that has long plagued health security preparedness with a doctrine of continuous prevention, protection, and resilience.
In other words, they're calling for the medical tyranny we are now seeing manifest around us.
Signed by former military, big pharma, and U.S.
representatives, the CSIS document calls for continuous rapid vaccines, while also warning that the vaccines may go wrong and start spreading more disease.
And on that subject, what disease are we talking about?
After a year of COVID-19, the numbers show us it is no more deadly than the common cold.
And even the WHO admit that all the PCR tests from 2020 are meaningless.
And they had the vaccine before the mysterious outbreak ever occurred.
The agenda is now clearly about endless vaccinations for everyone.
New mRNA vaccines that have never gone through human testing until now.
The same controversial technology as the CRISPR tech, wherein one can easily splice human DNA and permanently modify it.
They say the possibilities are endless.
So now we can target nearly any sequence in our own genetic code at will.
Jennifer Doudna, who won the Nobel Prize for CRISPR, tried calling for a worldwide moratorium on any clinical application of gene editing using CRISPR.
But no one seemed to care.
Not only does there seem to be zero regulation, but anyone can cheaply buy and learn what they need to online to permanently change the genome in practically any living creature.
Coming straight to you from my garage lab and I want to talk to you about how to genetically engineer a human being.
The mRNA vaccine is based on CRISPR technology.
China recently used CRISPR tech to genetically modify babies to be immune to HIV and as a result lessened their lifespans.
Just like CSIS warned, it all may go wrong.
And when it does, Big Pharma et al.
is free from any and all liability.
The solution will be more gene-altering vaccinations until they finally get it right.
Or not.
Eventually, and certainly sooner rather than later, an unaltered natural human body will be considered a biohazard.
And full control over the human genome will become the new normal.
Without argument, we are now in the era of genetically modified humans.
And while millions are gleefully lining up to get their experimental gene editing jab, others are being tagged like chattel.
Vaccine passports, vaccine certificates, and freedom bracelets made by the same company that specializes in prison monitoring bracelets.
And now we have a new think tank simulation.
The SPARS pandemic.
Another outbreak and another vaccine.
With warnings of the anti-vaccination movement.
And don't forget the Rockefeller Foundation's scenarios for the future of technology and international development.
Lockstep, wherein they illustrate plans to use pandemics and big pharma to usher in a world of tighter, top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.
Get ready for the next round, because without any opposition, this thing keeps going straight into the abyss.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reis.
Just remember a month ago, the Davos Group came out and said, we've done the Great Reset, not for COVID-19, but to cut carbon, which you are carbon.
I am carbon.
We're doing this so that we can save the earth by cutting our output and shutting down human reproduction, humans eating, humans farming, humans doing anything, humans flying in airplanes.
Here's the latest article on InfoWars.com.
World Economic Forum claims bugs are our future in another Great Reset PSA.
Eat the bugs.
So they had a PSA a month ago saying it's so good we shut the planet down for carbon, we need to have regular carbon shutdowns, carbon martial law, and now they're back to you will eat bugs, you will eat synthetic meat, and you will drink sewage, and you will eat water weeds.
These are all things they can breed in giant factories where they don't have to compete with farms and ranches and dairies.
They're like, why do they come up with weeds and synthetic meat grown in vats in warehouses?
And why do they come up with bugs?
Because there's no industries that do that.
There's no people doing that.
That's got the same carbon footprint, probably higher.
It's all about weird stuff they come up with and then mandate and then dystopically teach you all this.
And it gets worse.
Another article on fullhorse.com that links to the BBC, Reuters, all of it.
Oh, UK health ministers say that we're never going to end the lockdown.
And we're never going to end wearing the mask.
And it says because the public is now habituated.
That was always the plan, to habituate you, to get you to submit, to get you to live in fear.
I was at Yale today at Skull and Bones.
The report will be out in a few days.
And most people were listeners and shook my hands, but a minority of people came over and just said, screw you.
I'm not going to believe what you say.
That's not skull and bones.
That's not a satanic order.
Oh, are the frogs gay?
Ha ha ha.
When all the evidences were being sterilized by advertising in the water, it's in even the mainstream news.
But they couldn't even get out of the fact that they're caught in the system and that they've given up their life force and that they are subserving themselves to this system.
You can see the deadness of their eyes.
Some were black, some were white.
But they all look like a spiritual spider had put fangs into them, or a spiritual mosquito had put a proboscis into them, and sucked their very soul out of them.
And they were now just giggling, snickering wraiths, who were slaves of the system, but just couldn't help it, wearing their masks and then pulling them down to cuss at me, and then putting them back up, pulling them down to cuss, putting them back up, like marionettes.
That a globalist has their hand up in controlling.
And I felt sorry for them.
I was not their enemy.
It's just so sad to see people working for the establishment when it's so corrupt and believing they're rebels.
Because the establishment tells them they're elitist, tells them they're cool, tells them they're smart, they're anointed, they're the liberals, they're the great people as they burn books, as they ban books, as they back communist China and all the incredible enslavement.
It's just amazing.
So this report needs to be seen.
Greg's reports are always powerful.
This was particularly important to you, and I know you worked on it for a whole week.
You've got a part two coming out very, very soon.
Please stay with us.
InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll be right back.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Just six months ago, then candidate Joe Biden, before he had stolen the election, went on national television and told illegal aliens and their families to rush the U.S.
He said, surge the border.
Now that they've surged at the highest levels ever seen with massive caravans slamming into California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona every day.
He's totally silent on it.
And Kamala Harris, the vice president puppet in chief, she makes jokes about it and says, no, I'm not going to the border.
Don't have any plans to right now.
So they have created this crisis in front of everyone, but they don't care because they stole the election.
They're bringing in more illegals that they can use as a permanent underclass that they control.
Now, the incredible news is Project Veritas has done it yet again.
They just had a major court ruling where a judge said the New York Times printed lies about them, that they were fake news, that that was a known fraud, and that the New York Times lied.
That was a side issue.
They just got internal photos at one of these major facilities in Texas that has thousands and thousands and thousands of people per building.
And there's a whole bunch of these different buildings there in way worse squalor than they ever were under Obama.
And of course, Trump completely cleaned it up, got them nice facilities, and let the observers come in, which they're supposed to by law.
They're not letting any observers in, violating federal law, because they're criminals.
Because they do what they want, and under UN replacement, migration, they are breaking Europe and the United States.
The goal is to bring in 600 million
Foreigners by the year 2050, that's the official UN number, 250 million into France alone by 2035.
You cannot make this up.
In Europe total, they want over 600 million as well, that again, never get jobs, are on the government dole, and are controlled by the government, that vote for the government.
We're good to go.
The puppet in chief, the usurper, the scammer, the stooge that is Joe Biden and his other stooge Kamala Harris.
So here's this report.
Please get it out to everyone you know.
And then after this report, I should be back live in studio.
I'm on my way there right now, and I'm going to lay out the tragic shooting in Colorado, and how they're trying to use that to come up with our guns, and how we need to be countering this situation.
I've got all the facts, all the information, and a game plan to really expose where this culture of evil, where this culture of violence is coming from.
And how as a nation and as a world, we can heal.
And the fact that it was a good police officer that actually helped stop this monster, a good guy with a gun, and how that's the answer to counter this evil growing.
We need the right to self-defense now more than ever.
So here is Project Veritas' new incredible report, topping even their previous coups.
And then we'll be right back on the other side.
I'm on the ground in Donna, Texas.
If you want to take a look at this facility right here, to your left, that is the Border Patrol tent facility.
It stands right behind me.
Just a month ago, Customs and Border Patrol agents completed the construction of that facility.
It's a 165,000 square foot facility.
And we have never seen images inside this facility before.
They won't even allow the non-profit lawyers who conduct the actual oversight of these immigration detention centers to go inside.
Nobody has seen photos inside of this place.
Until now, Project Veritas has obtained never-before-seen photographs of what it actually looks like inside this facility.
Shocking images showing people wrapped up in what looks like metal foil, laying on the ground, their faces covered.
Why won't the administration be honest about this?
Why won't they show you these images?
We have a man who's telling us to leave.
Where would the press?
They told us it's private property, but you know what isn't private property?
We're gonna fly this Cirrus right over the top of the detention center to get a better look.
Airspace is not private property, so we're flying 1,000 feet.
There's the facility right there.
You can see it.
There it is.
Flying over the facility to give you a good handling for you.
There are the tents.
You see a bus right over there.
The bus is leaving the facility.
It's here.
Now during a recent press conference, the press secretary was asked the question why they haven't released these images.
Even you haven't released any images that you obviously could redact if you wanted to.
Again, we remain committed to sharing with all of you data on the number of kids crossing the... She dodged the question, saying, quote... And we remain committed to transparency.
I don't have an update for you on the timeline.
End quote.
Well, press secretary of the White House, let Project Veritas do your job for you.
Just last night, we have now obtained these photos inside this facility.
Now, these photos are very, very grim.
In addition to the photos, Project Veritas has also learned that these photographs were taken in the last few days.
There are 8 pods with 8 cells in each facility.
At any given moment, there are an average of 3,000 people in custody inside this detention center.
Now, the pod has 8 cells that are currently holding 600, that's 600, unaccompanied juvenile males aged 7 to 17.
They were separated by age or physical size depending on the room.
50 of the individuals inside this facility were COVID positive in these cells.
There have been multiple sexual assaults inside this facility, normal assaults and daily medical emergencies.
This border crisis does not appear to be slowing down.
In fact, we've just obtained new leaked documents as well from another insider, this one inside the Department of Homeland Security.
It says the document was prepared by the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection Office of Intelligence.
It warns of a potential Central American-based caravan coming our way in less than two weeks on March 30th.
It says, quote, in the days leading up to March 30th, and should a caravan form, CBP personnel in the region will work closely with and maintain constant communications with CBP, Customs and Border Patrol.
Now, every car that drives by is beeping at us.
A lot of people giving us the middle finger here.
A lot of people are not happy that we are filming or we are recording or asking questions about this facility.
Not only did our DHS, that's Department of Homeland Security, insider leak us these documents, the insider also secretly recorded in a private DHS Q&A session Alejandro Mayorkas commenting on what he thinks is happening at the border.
And you can hear this quote from Alejandro talking about the new administration making a decision not to expel unaccompanied children.
The new administration made a decision not to expel unaccompanied children.
And we are addressing a significant increase in the encounters with unaccompanied children in between the ports of entry.
Here's a Customs and Border Patrol van.
These are minors aged 7 to 17 inside the van.
He's waving at us right now.
The people that are being accompanied in this facility, according to what Project Veritas has learned, between the ages of 7 and 17, males
600 unaccompanied juveniles.
As you can see, we're on the corner of South International and Rio Grande Street, just south of Donna, Texas, north of the Mexican border.
We were just there at the bridge.
We really appreciate the brave insider who worked with us on this story.
The public has a right to know that we're going to create an army of whistleblowers and insiders.
You can reach out to us at Veritas Tips.
That's V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips at Protonmail.com.
Some extraordinary images here.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live inside the InfoWars World Headquarters here.
Owen Troyer sitting in studio.
We're gonna go back.
to Alex Jones here shortly.
He's going to be joining us live here shortly as well.
But I had to break in and report some of the latest that we know of the Boulder, Colorado shooter.
Obviously his name, Ahmad Al-Issa.
It's now coming out he was an Islamic State sympathizer, so an Islamist.
He was a immigrant from Syria.
He's been charged with 10 counts of murder.
And we're also starting to get some information from the family.
He was very antisocial.
He was, it seems, maybe a paranoid schizophrenic.
So who knows what kind of pharmaceutical drugs he had been prescribed, potentially, for those mental problems.
And then we also have a lot of his social media activity before it was deleted, before it was deleted, showing that he was an anti-Trumper, he was a leftist liberal progressive, he was a
One of those that pushed the leftist narrative to a tee with racism and everything else that they told him.
Trump is bad.
He would share PBS articles on his social media.
He would share Washington Post articles.
So the knee-jerk reaction
from the liberal left in America to identify this as a white supremacist and another white supremacist hate crime is falling apart but that is not even stopping them from erasing their own comments like from CJ Werleman who still has this tweet up on his page and he promotes you know you donate to his PayPal everywhere
Saying it was a white domestic terrorist.
So it was a white domestic terrorist immigrant from Syria named Ahmad Al-Issa.
And Twitter had a trend that was their top trend that also identified the shooter as a white extremist.
That was a trend forced on Twitter.
Of course, all fake news, all disinformation, all misinformation.
So, this is what we're learning about the shooter.
So expect them to twist the narrative away from the individual or his political leanings or anything like that or his heritage, which they love going to and it politically works for them, but now that it's not going to, expect them to switch that off onto something else or just blame the gun.
Sometimes it's the white guy.
Then it's the gun.
Oh, it wasn't a white guy?
So expect the pretzels and the media to begin, but they can't hide it.
They can't hide their hatred anymore.
They can't hide their lies anymore, just like they can't hide the disaster, the national emergency at the southern border.
So we're going to be updating on this as more information is coming down.
Alex Jones is going to be live in studio in 30 minutes.
And we're about to go to this John Bowne report, but I have to remind you, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWarsStore.com has big specials going right now.
This is how we stay on air.
Obviously, you know about the censorship, you know about the wills out there to shut us down, but thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com, we're still here, live on air, ticking away, 10 hours a day at least.
We're good to go.
Recent events concerning the current version of the President of the United States make the chaos at the border actually seem secondary.
Now that Biden's homage to Gerald Ford and Hillary Clinton is begging for deeper analysis, regardless that there was a blanketed media blackout by the leftist media over his fall up the stairs to Air Force One due to what they clumsily described as wind-related,
There's cautious, and then there's the gold medal performance of the Air Force One Olympic event that 78-year-old brain surgery survivor Biden, the leader of the dwindling free world, pulled off.
The White House will obviously fabricate anything to cover up the unrelenting Biden train wreck.
Of course, what can you expect from an administration riddled with chronic potheads?
I have a lot of respect for the Vice President.
He has sworn me into my office as a hero.
This week I hear him literally say that I don't think we should legalize marijuana.
I thought you might have been high when you said it.
And as the international community led by Russia and China throw more logs on the Biden fire, blindsiding Joe's amateur administration with fire and brimstone,
I have to tell you, what I'm hearing is very different from what you described.
Well, I think we thought too well of the United States.
We thought that the U.S.
side will follow the necessary diplomatic protocols.
So for China, it was necessary that we make our position clear.
So let me say here that in front of the Chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.
I want to invite Biden to continue this discussion.
But on condition that we do it live, online, without any delay, in an open, direct discussion.
I think it would be interesting.
While the border is thrown into chaos,
Do you agree that Customs and Border Patrol encountered more than 100,000 individuals in February, which was a 173% increase from February 2020?
Just yes or no?
The numbers with respect to February of this year are accurate.
Can you confirm that Customs and Border Protection's Donna facility was recently at over 700% capacity?
I don't have the precise figure.
It was certainly overcapacity, Mr. Ranking Member.
You said earlier in your testimony that the situation at the border is undoubtedly difficult.
Thank you.
Given the tremendous rise and surge of individuals coming to the border, wouldn't it be fair to call it a crisis?
Because that's what your agents are calling it.
Mr. Ranking Member, I'm not spending any time on the language that we use.
So we've known this is a crisis.
What I learned in just the past hour shows that we are now dealing with a humanitarian disaster.
What we learned in Midland just in the past hour is two things.
One is they have no proven clean running water at the location.
They were using well water that the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe.
There's no telling what could be in there, including the possibility of arsenic.
And then on top of that, more than 10% of the migrants at the Midland location have now tested positive for COVID-19.
The Biden administration, the president himself promised to be incredibly transparent.
So when can journalists enter these facilities?
Why not tomorrow?
We are focused on our operations and the needs of the children.
And at the same time, we are working to provide access to those border patrol facilities when we can do so.
As known, terrorists are detained by an immigration department that can barely enforce anything under Biden's free-for-all cloward and pivot onslaught.
People even on the terror watch list, people from Yemen and the Middle East are coming across the border now.
So we are really, we have a time problem here.
Leaving Americans to scratch their heads and wonder, did any terrorists actually make it through?
This has to be the most miserable administration I've ever witnessed in my lifetime as an American citizen.
And if you want a quick look at popular opinion, look no further than the like-dislike ratio on the White House YouTube channel.
Mr. Biden, America is furious.
John Bowne reporting.
9-1-1 here now.
We're at King Snoopers in South Boulder.
Table Mesa.
We've got injured parties on the ground.
9-1-1 now, people.
We don't know if there's a shooter, active shooter somewhere.
Could be in the store.
Yeah, he went in there.
He went in the store?
He went right down there.
Oh, my God.
Guys, we got people down inside King Soopers.
Look, they're... Holy... His name was Eric Talley, a 51-year-old father of seven.
Who was a patriot and who really loved human life and that everybody that knew him said was just an amazing person.
And he died heroically helping stop some type of insane demonic psycho that went into a King's Super grocery store in Boulder, Colorado and shot and killed 10 people, including this police officer.
He's the only name we know right now.
So we don't know all the details yet, but we have seen the image of the reported suspect being let out.
And if you look at all the past activity we've seen it almost always fits into a particular narrative about 90% of the time.
As soon as I heard about the shooting last week at the
Three different massage parlors, which is, again, the sex industry, and the women are exploited.
It's a terrible thing.
I said, I bet this is going to be an incel.
I bet it's going to be some type of sexually related thing, or it's going to be some type of mafia war.
But I said on air, probably an incel, probably somebody mad at the girls.
Jack the Ripper was mad at prostitutes in London.
He was probably the crown prince of England, famously, who had syphilis and was insane.
So a lot of times you see a brothel attacked.
It's either gang related, obviously, or it's a crazy John.
But the media said, no, no, no, it's white people.
There's an epidemic of them.
Killing Asians.
But what's really behind all of this?
We've lost God as a society and as a culture.
And crime was going down the last 30 years.
Now it's been going up the last seven or eight.
And that's because people are taking more drugs.
They're getting crazier.
And I'm not for banning video games.
But almost all these mass shooters are mad at a woman.
They're an incel.
They have felt rejected.
Sometimes the person's gone postal.
Maybe he worked there.
We don't know yet.
Maybe he had a brain tumor, like the famous UT Tower shooter.
We don't know, but the point is, there are crazy evil people in this society.
In Japan and China where they don't have guns for the general public, you'll all the time see a little footnote where a man goes into elementary school
And stabs 26 students, killing 10.
I mean, I'm just pulling up numbers out of my memory.
You'll see cases in China.
A man stabs 50-plus people, killing 22.
I mean, you've seen those headlines.
There's been hundreds of those, but they don't get any attention.
It's just a blurb because it's a knife.
We've seen riots in India where men just go crazy in mob psychology at a steel plant and grab hundreds of steel rods and just start raping women in mass, just mass rapes.
Like we've seen famously in New York at Central Park where people go into mob psychology and they just start raping people.
That's what happens in mobs.
Look at what happened to the Capitol.
A million people show up in D.C., a couple hundred thousand go to the Capitol, a few hundred go crazy and do bad things.
The madness of mobs, the craziness of mobs is something that's well known, but that's a whole other subject.
What we know here is, this is a Rosetta Stone that gives us a view into so many things.
Was he an incel?
Was he playing shoot-em-up video games?
Was he on psychotropic drugs?
Because they're almost always most of those things.
Obsessed with shoot-em-up video games, incel perverts, into the occult,
People's tendency to do that.
That's why they put so many of our veterans on psychotropics, and that's why suicide has gone up.
So when you've got 25 suicides a day and increasing on our veterans, when you've got hundreds and hundreds of suicides a day in the United States, way up during the lockdowns, when you've got tens of millions, over 10 million extra people starved to death last year from the global lockdowns, that's just a little statistic in the New York Times.
They admit over 10 million extra died.
200 plus million on the verge of dying.
It's like 287 million they're saying.
I don't just believe the UN.
I have the numbers.
I've studied the facts.
And they're being accurate there.
And we know this.
And behavioral psychologists understand this.
Stalin said it perfectly.
Evil genius that he was.
One man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
And so we're talking about 10 million extra people on top of the 15 million that starve to death each year have starved to death.
And it's a minor footnote.
They go, Oh yeah, the lockdown killed an extra 10 million people and 280 something million are set to die.
That's just a footnote.
But the left can feel all good and say to gun owners, you're the reason there was another mass shooting.
They have a total gun ban for citizens of Mexico.
And it's now over 150,000 that have died, kidnapped, murdered, chopped up, shot in just the last decade in Mexico.
I was in Cancun last year and there were five or six big mass shootings while I was there.
Over 20 people killed.
And it wasn't even on the national news, it was just in law enforcement news.
But I had a bodyguard there with me and they were pulling it up.
I had hired a Mexican armed bodyguard while I was there and they were showing me all the stuff saying Cancun's no longer safe.
So I've been back there.
To quote, breed them out like long shanks out of Braveheart.
They sell their organs and not a damn thing said by the liberals and the left.
Oh, but some psycho demon goes into a King's Super and shoots and kills 10 people and now all of us are to blame.
We got to turn our guns in.
No, that's more of a reason for us to have guns.
And protect ourselves and the society.
And again, when I criticize video games, people always say, oh, you want to censor our video games.
No, I'm for free speech.
But I have a right to tell you that video games were developed in Vietnam because the average soldier close up to somebody would not shoot somebody at 20 feet away.
Wouldn't look them in the eye and kill them.
And so they began to train with paper targets that popped up that looked like people.
Then they created simulators that were projected on walls like Doom today that came out of an army simulator.
That teaches you how to dance, because you've learned the moves from the machine.
It's the same thing.
It habituates the neural pathways in the brain.
This is just science.
And almost every one of these guys is pissed off at a woman, they're on drugs, illegal or psychotropic, and they're into the occult and they're obsessed with video games.
So, we don't know the facts right now, but I know this.
Statistically, mass shootings are still very rare.
They're still terrible.
Statistically, it's one of the rarest ways to die.
The lockdown has caused tens of thousands of suicides, but they don't make an issue out of that.
It's destroyed children's future.
It's caused massive depression.
And there's the very same big pharma companies pushing these dangerous vaccines, these gene therapies, pushing more and more psychotropics that are now at record level.
Something like 30% of women are now on psychotropics.
Over 15% of men.
We are a drugged out nation.
Our sperm counts are dropping.
And we're dying.
Our cancer rates are exploding.
This modern globalist system is killing us and we're going along with it.
So we need to heal and come together and not let the media flip on our switch of feeling bad for somebody and getting sad and having guilt that we own guns, but then turn the switch off when it's kids in cages and Biden told them to come here.
Oh, kids aren't in cages, switch flipped on, show Obama kids in cages, we get mad at Trump.
Then Biden comes in 10 times worse than Obama, turn switch off, we don't care.
This is mindlessness.
This is mind control.
This is garbage.
And finally, this police officer.
They never tell you the names of the cops killed by Black Lives Matter or by Antifa.
Remember even a few years ago when all the cops were getting killed under Obama and CNN would say, well, cops are bad.
They need to stop doing bad things.
People won't kill them.
As if one cop does something bad, so a cop a thousand miles away or 500 miles away gets executed.
That's sick.
So, CNN can't have it both ways, either can MSNBC.
They can't say cops are the devil, get rid of the cops, or federalize the cops, or defund the police, but then separately they have bodyguards, they have armed gunmen, they have National Guard protection, and then separately say, oh, but this cop's a hero.
We have to be absolutely logical about all this and see what's happening and realize it's a thing of the heart and the soul and the mind.
That's our problem.
That's our issue.
It's not guns.
That's what we've got to fix.
It's evil and things in the hearts and minds of men and women that has to be dealt with.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones is about to be back on air, live, hosting the Alex Jones Show from the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
Once again, Owen Troyer breaking in here with just some of the latest developing news.
Again, the mass shooter in Boulder, Colorado has been identified, Ahmad Al-Issa.
He was an immigrant from Syria, a Muslim Islamic State Sympathizer.
And he was also an anti-Trump liberal leftist who liked to share the propaganda fake news of the Washington Post and other like publications on his social media.
He also would talk about how racist and Islamophobic Americans are, how bad Trump is.
He was all about as much immigration as possible.
And so all of this is coming out.
He was anti-social, maybe a paranoid schizophrenic.
Who knows what kind of pharmaceutical drugs he was on to deal with his paranoia.
We'll probably never get to know the truth on that.
But of course, as usual, it was the left, it was the liberal media that jumped onto the narrative.
They were actually foaming at the mouth, hopping up and down.
They were so excited.
And so I have some examples here of what's going on.
Amy Siskind, a verified leftist journalist on Twitter.
The shooter was taken into custody.
In other words, it's almost certain a white man.
Again, if he were black or brown, he would have been dead.
She has not, as far as I know, deleted these tweets yet.
Oh wait, but then she found out
That it was Muslim and she changed her tone.
Now she says, let's mourn the victims but not glorify the killer with the attention of having his name widely known.
Oh, so now that he's not a white male, you don't want to know the details.
Mina Harris, again, verified leftist.
I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting.
I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody, alive, and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S.
are carried out by white men.
So you were fake news, but you doubled down on your fake news, even though you deleted your fake news.
So you were wrong.
Once again, Uzair, this individual, is actually a, he says he debunks
Misinformation and fake news for the AFP fact check.
But ironically, he's fake news himself.
He tweets out... He was only apprehended and not choked or shot to death because he was not brown, black, or Muslim.
But he was Muslim.
He is only a shooter, not a terrorist.
A poor white guy.
Who may have had a bad day or a sex addict.
Killed at least 10 people in Boulder, he says.
So, it was all fake news.
Coming from the guy who tries to debunk fake news.
Not so well.
Not so good at his job.
And there's this one.
It doesn't stop.
It doesn't stop.
Julie DeCaro.
Again, another verified leftist.
Extremely tired of people's lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not.
Another verified liberal waves in, Hamool Jhaveri.
It's always angry white men.
Except that it wasn't.
Then you had this tweet go completely viral, and again, just before they know any facts,
I'll bet anyone my salary right now that the shooter in Boulder is a right-wing MAGA white male.
This tweet is still up.
And if you go to the tweet, you'll find other liberals saying, oh, I'll agree.
I'll double it.
My salary.
Oh, it's definitely a white male.
I'll guarantee you he's MAGA.
Oh, this is the Captain Obvious.
Your anti-white bigotry is showing.
So what does this really show you?
Well, you know what?
It's sad about this mass shooting and if one individual there would have had a gun, it could have saved lives.
The liberals will never be honest about that.
And they won't even be honest about their own racism.
And so once again, a side issue, but it's a major issue.
Liberalism is a mental disorder, folks.
This is outside of this shooter, probably, but I mean, these leftists are really deranged.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones is in the building.
He is doing some deep research, getting some intel right now on this situation and he's going to be joining us as soon as he can.
Meanwhile, I'll be filling in until he's ready to come in studio and give you the latest update.
Look, here's the deal.
Mass shootings in this country are really a rare occurrence, and they would be even more rare if we had citizens with guns stopping them.
But they know the police take at least two minutes to get to the scene, so they know they can fire off at least a magazine or two full of rounds at innocent people, killing people, and get away with it, because they never get stopped until the cops show up.
One person, one citizen, one good citizen with a gun could have saved lives in that Colorado grocery store.
And so there's this whole notion like, oh, you just want it to be like the Wild Wild West, everybody with a pistol on their hip.
No, that's not how I want it.
That's not how I want it at all.
All it took was one crazy guy, one bad guy with a gun to kill 10 people.
All it would have taken was one good guy with a gun in that store to stop it.
Instead, there wasn't one, there was no armed security, and it took minutes for the police to get there, and he was able to kill ten people.
That's just logic.
That's just common sense.
We figured that out a long time ago in this country, and we had no mass shootings then.
So, a mass shooting is still a rare thing.
Here's what's not a rare thing, and here's what is a major problem facing all of us.
Most people listening to this broadcast will probably never be directly impacted by a mass shooting.
Let's pray to God that continues.
But almost everybody listening to this podcast, almost everybody listening to this radio show, almost everybody watching this right now, is going to be negatively impacted by Democrat-Liberal policies, just like everyone in that grocery store was.
That's the real threat.
And now the liberal lefties are going so out of control, their minds are so warped, their minds are so bent, propagandized, they've become dangers to society.
So this individual was a danger to society.
He came in with a gun, he killed people.
Well, most of these liberals may not have a gun, but they're dangers to society.
Their policies will kill you.
Their policies will kill freedom in the West.
So I just think it's important that we remember, we have serious political issues we need to straighten out.
And just going against the obvious illogic of the left saying we need to ban guns, that's the answer to this.
No, that's the problem with this.
See, Joe Biden has just made a statement.
By the way, the headline on ABC News, I laughed out loud during the break reading this headline.
I'm not kidding.
This is the headline.
Biden forced to confront second mass shooting in a week amid COVID relief tour.
COVID relief tour?
So he went from the basement to the kitchen and then to his office.
That's Biden's COVID relief tour.
What a joke.
But here's the actual statement from Biden.
Today I am calling on Congress to enact common-sense gun law reforms.
Here we go again.
Including requiring background checks, already there, on all gun sales.
Banning assault weapons and assault weapons, they still can't categorize that, they still can't tell you what an assault weapon is.
And high-capacity magazines.
Well, what is that even?
What's a high-capacity magazine?
So it's just all this ambiguity.
And eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets, huh?
So if I go out with a Louisville Slugger and bash somebody's head in, do you go after the Louisville Slugger?
Do you go after baseball bats?
No, of course not.
There was just a story out of Miami.
Two youths, oh they call them spring breakers, two spring breakers,
Drugged and raped and ended up, the girl ended up dying.
This girl in Miami, Spring Breakers they called it, they gave her Percocets.
Are you gonna go after Percocet?
Should we ban Percocet?
What if it comes out that this mass shooter was on psychotropic drugs, which I think we could almost guarantee it.
We'll never get to know that though.
I doubt they'll release that information.
But again, what was the reality of the situation?
He was the shooter, anti-Trump, liberal leftist.
And now we have all of his social media posts where he's sharing PBS, he's sharing Washington Post, he's sharing all the anti-Trump news, saying how America's racist, Islamophobic, blamed the Christchurch shooting on Islamophobia.
Ironically, then, as an Islamicist, goes out and does a mass shooting.
Ahmad al-Issa was an Islamic State sympathizer.
An immigrant from Syria.
Again, a known anti-Trump leftist.
His family said he was anti-social, perhaps paranoid schizophrenic.
That's why we ask about the drugs that he could have potentially been on.
But that doesn't stop all these verified liberal leftists on Twitter from saying he's white.
The suspected gunman in Boulder, Colorado mass shooting is a white guy.
A white domestic terrorist.
That was a lie.
Here's some more of them.
Julia DeCaro.
Extremely tired of people's lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not.
Hamal Javeri weighs in.
It's always an angry white man.
Except it wasn't.
Uzair Hassan Rizvi.
A poor white guy who may have had a bad day.
Killed at least 10 people.
He was only apprehended and not choked or shot to death because he was not brown, black, or Muslim.
Except he was.
And that's Uzair Hassan Rizvi, who's a debunker of misinformation for the AFP fact check.
Isn't that funny?
He's an agent of misinformation, actually.
Mina Harris.
I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect being white in the Boulder shooting.
I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S.
are carried out by white men.
So, still going along with the lie, even after she tells the lie and admits she lied.
Here's Amy Siskind.
The shooter is taken into custody, in other words,
It was a white man, again.
If he were black or brown, he would be dead.
Well, Amy found out it was a Muslim, and now she says, let's not mourn the victims, but glorify the... but not glorify the killer with the intention of having his name widely known.
Alex Jones is in studio.
I'd like him to come on air.
Come on, Alex.
Stop waiting in the wings.
No, no, no.
I'll be on in a minute.
So here's the deal, folks.
It's time for America to wake up to some serious issues and everything that the left is proposing as solutions to these issues is just adding to the problem.
One good person with a gun would have stopped and potentially saved lives that day.
Would have stopped that shooter and potentially saved lives.
Just one.
Just one.
And guess what?
All the gun legislation, all the anti-gun laws that could be passed by Democrats would not have stopped that shooter.
But one good guy with a gun would have.
That's logic.
That's reasoning.
That's common sense.
But don't let that get in the way of an agenda.
Don't let that get in the way of a narrative.
And now all the liberal lefties that claim to be fighting racism jumped the shark and said he's a white male.
He's a white male.
He's probably a Christian white male and a Trump supporter.
He's MAGA.
I'll bet my salary on it.
That's a viral tweet from David Hoffman.
Said he bet his salary that it was a right-wing MAGA white male.
Do you think he'll be relinquishing his salary anytime soon?
What about all the liberals that shared that tweet and said, oh, guarantee you he's white.
Oh, absolutely he's white.
Oh, of course he loves Trump.
No, he hated Trump.
He was a liberal leftist.
He was a Syrian immigrant and he was a Muslim.
Now, do I blame any of those groups of people for this shooter?
Absolutely not!
The guy was obviously deranged, probably on psychotropic drugs.
But the point is, the liberals lied about it again, because they lie about everything.
Alex Jones coming up next.
Well, I was on a secret mission in Connecticut.
It was not the Skull & Bones visit yesterday, but that was part of it.
But I am back in Austin.
Just landed about 30 minutes ago.
Rushed here to the studio.
Flight was a little bit delayed or I would have been here for the start of the broadcast.
Appreciate Owen Schroeder sitting in during much of the first hour into the second.
But we are now live and I'll be hosting the fourth hour today as well.
And so...
Coming up next hour, I'm going to open the phones up so you can respond to the wheels coming off the Obama administration.
Just absolutely flying off.
And no, that was not a mistake I made on air.
The wheels coming off.
Obama 2.0 administration with their puppet Biden.
It is disintegrating way quicker than I thought it even would.
We predicted it would disintegrate.
That was a foregone conclusion.
But this is like watching a train wreck in fast motion.
It's not in slow motion.
Totally crazy.
And let's go ahead and play a clip of Biden telling everybody just six months ago, if I get elected, surge the border.
What I would do as president is several more things because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
And if you want to kidnap a kid and bring him along with you, even better.
And so now we have the incredible Project Veritas out of all their exploits, out of all their bombshells, out of everything they've done.
This is the biggest thing.
I wouldn't say it's the biggest journalistic thing they ever did, even though it's incredible and a five star compared to some of the undercover stuff that took years to do.
But just getting the photos they don't want out, flying over the compound, just bringing it out right at this moment.
It's the biggest thing Project Veritas has ever done hands down.
Just I had tears in my eyes last night watching that and just seeing that.
For the fact that they have told people come here with kidnapped children.
They've said if you got a child under 10 you get in free.
So they are literally kidnapping children.
The smugglers are making in Texas alone 14 million more a day.
I don't know.
As the globalists attempt to break this country.
We have the video and the photos.
Migrants, illegal aliens, wave a Biden for President flag while waiting to enter the United States.
Are some of these nice people?
Are some of them bad people?
But the big overarching issue is they turned the third world off with complete lockdown for over six months.
Now we're into a year of partial lockdown.
The immigrants say, we have nothing, there's no water, there's no food.
We have to come here and the UN is there with Joe Biden t-shirts and with thousand, two thousand, three thousand dollar euro or debit cards with no name on them.
This is in the news.
And the people from all over the world, they're from Asia, they're from Africa, they're from the Middle East, they're from South America, they're from Central America, they're from Mexico.
It's a crime when Obama would just release children to smuggler groups.
They call them NGOs, non-governmental organizations.
And Biden's doing that again.
They're only holding people at these facilities that hold 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 apiece.
They built new ones, by the way, under Trump.
Trump built a bunch of them to send people back.
Now they're just overflowing with people sleeping on the floor, some cases without even the space blankets.
Children are being raped.
And Biden says you're not allowed to have cameras inside, even though federal law says you are.
And so good people inside that actually care and have a tough job, well, they leak the information.
Remember all the nice facilities Trump built with the water fountains in each area?
And they said, oh, you're drinking out of toilets.
And AOC went and cried in front of a fence in a parking lot.
Well, she's not crying now because she's a monster and an exploiter for the most powerful, rich, tax-exempt billionaires on the planet, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely insane.
And look, these people came here illegally.
Are they in a bad situation?
But they said Trump was a monster for photos of what Biden's boss did, Barack Hussein Obama.
So this is the big overarching issue.
Our dollar is being attacked.
Our energy sectors are being turned off.
Everything we have built as a republic is being dismantled.
Our culture is under attack.
Our children are under attack.
Our family is under attack.
America is not meant to exist in the New World Order.
China, with all its evils, the model.
And then they bring in millions of Islamists, mainly military-age men, just like Europe.
80 to 90 percent, major studies, of the men brought into Europe and the U.S.
of the, quote, migrants.
They call 25, 30, even 40-year-old men on terror watch lists children.
And they sickeningly, as leftists in Germany and Sweden and all those other countries, put them in middle schools and high schools with young girls who they then rape.
And they run PSAs, we've shown you, telling 14-year-old girls, get yourself a 25-year-old Pakistan husband.
German TV advertises pedophilia and tells 14-year-old girls, get yourself a Pakistani husband who is put in school with her in the class.
Then the government pays to move her in to an apartment with him.
These are German PSAs, German TV shows I have aired here before.
They show the women how to wear burkas.
And that's where we're going when we come back with Ahmed Alisa, look at this maniac, from
Syria got into the country before Trump blocked it four years ago.
Totally mentally ill.
Of course he's mentally ill.
The Daily Beast spins it.
Oh, he's mentally ill.
Well, of course he's mentally ill.
He's an islamicist.
And he goes in there and shoots all those people, and they're like, oh, white man went in.
Really, according to the coding and everything, this guy, if he has any Asian blood or African blood, is an Asian.
So Asian man goes in and shoots everybody.
Oh, but you're still hearing white male did it over and over again.
They're saying, Biden's saying, we're going to ban all semi-autos, make you turn them in, and we're going
So not just take all your semi-autos and make you turn those in.
All your ammo.
And I've got an article I've forgotten left in the conference room where USA Today says, ban all tactical gear.
Gas masks, body armor.
They said, oh, it's so frightening to see American conservatives wearing this, even though Antifa set the stage for this.
But don't forget, Joy Behard and Nadler say, Antifa doesn't exist, ladies and gentlemen.
And Black Lives Matter never did anything violent either.
And the military's told, say Black Lives Matter is not violent.
And if you don't agree, you're kicked out of the military.
It's all cult programming.
Now I've got another article right here, another one out of USA Today, where they're saying if you don't pledge as a company and sign a pledge that Biden won the election and he's your leader, you can't get contracts with the federal government.
Loyalty test.
Got it all right here.
Extremists are putting tactical gear at the forefront.
Time to ban all the tactical gear.
But we'll look at Ahmad Alisa when we come back.
He's been tied directly to ISIS.
That's coming out.
But oh, he was mentally ill.
He was misunderstood.
Police identified 21-year-old Ahmed Ali Alawai Alisa as suspect in the Boulder shooting.
But he's a white guy and it's not terrible.
What I would do as president is several more things because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Do you have plans to visit the border?
Um, not today.
But I have before and I'm sure I will again.
So it's all part of making fun of the collapse of the country.
It's all part of collapsing the third world.
It's all part of killing over 10 million by starvation just the last year.
And then just cackling and laughing because you stole the election and you don't care.
And it's the globalists that are controlling you.
Here's another article dealing with this from UNICEF, the UN's own admission, when they're the ones orchestrating the whole thing.
COVID-19, a threat to progress against child marriage.
They estimate that 10 million more girls will be at risk of becoming child brides as a result of the pandemic, as their families sell them off as young as age five in the third world.
Mass starvation, mass abuse of little girls.
But it's okay.
Because I remember they asked Psaki, the press secretary, they said, well what about all the small businesses that will never reopen and shut down that are non-essential?
She goes, we appointed a woman, she said, to the head of the Small Business Council.
Oh, okay.
So it's like, we're gonna torture little girls to death, but we have a woman there that'll hold their hand while it happens.
It's like she said a few days ago.
They're like, you know, all these terrible things are happening and the veterans are still eating rotten food and getting sick and sleeping on the floor in DC, the National Guard.
They're a veteran of the occupation of D.C.
And she says, well, Biden didn't do anything, but he did say he was concerned.
He showed concern.
See, they're teaching you that's what a virtue signal is.
Like you wear a mask, you're moral and you're good.
You know, it's not science.
It's a fraud.
It's crap.
It's a post-human world.
It's the same thing.
Oh, you open the borders up.
You bring in all these poor people.
You exploit them.
You drive down wages.
You sell them into sex slavery.
But it's OK because you're Joe Biden.
You're Barack Obama.
You're Psaki.
You're Hillary Clinton.
David Rockefeller's protege, Bill Gates.
And the public has been trained to be so sheep-like and not even know how the world even works and just be victims that go around begging for stuff that they're domesticated and it's hellish.
And then they're bringing in hard, core people.
Most of the, quote, Middle Eastern immigrants to the country, the refugees in the US, it's over 75% that are men.
Look the numbers up.
In Europe, again, look it up, 85 to 90% are men.
Military age, men.
Yeah, there's this tweet, Ahmed Al-Issa, why refugees and immigrants are good for America.
Yeah, that's right, they're brought here, they're taught by the media to hate America,
They're taught no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
And it's just the UN contracting with the third world to break America and bring us to our knees.
And the left knows what they're doing.
They're sociopaths.
They're carrying it out, and they think it's their right to rule over us.
Orban's come out from Eastern Europe and said it's forbidden to say so in Europe, but this is organized invasion.
95% of the immigrants are military-age men.
Yeah, some of the boatloads come in there, 95% military men.
Hell, some are 100%, but the numbers we've gotten are 85, 95%.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
And when they're on video, they're like, I'm here to rape, I'm here to kill, I'm here to burn.
And they just start burning cities, raping.
We have all the videos of just you driving through France, the middle of a forest, and trees cut in front of you, and the men come and grab the people out and rape the women, and then upload it to the internet, and WorldStarHipHop posts it.
It's like, look at those white bitches getting raped.
And it's like a worldwide solidarity.
Let's kill white people.
Let's murder white women.
And the media is like, oh, it's so liberal.
So they suppress it on Twitter, Facebook, all those channels.
But then on all of the immigrant channels, it's like insane anti-white garbage.
So let me tell you where this is going to end.
If Joe Biden tries to take the guns,
It's going to wipe out law enforcement and a lot of military.
It's going to cause a civil war that will make the Vietnamese resistance in Vietnam look tame.
And then if they were even successful to break the back of the country and get most people to do it, it will then create a giant underground and lawlessness.
You'll have such bad police involved, they'll all be corrupt, that you will be worse than Mexico.
We will be a completely failed state with kidnappings, murders, beheadings, hundreds of thousands dead every few years, just like we basically are becoming.
Because the Tower of Babel can be ruled by the AI globalist takeover that's killing everybody.
The ones of post-human world.
And yeah, I mean, it was reported decades ago that the Islamists were grooming hundreds of thousands of little girls, selling them into sex slavery, putting them on airplanes, flying them out of the UK.
If they got uppity, they would cut them up and sell them at kebab shops.
I remember hearing that.
I didn't think it was true.
That's admitted.
And the police and everyone are so predatory because the Brits and the Scots and the Irish are so nice that it's not polite when somebody kidnaps and kills your daughter to criticize them.
They do nothing.
And Tommy Robinson stands up and becomes a hero, but gets sent to prison repeatedly.
And then the Muslims are trying to acid attack his young daughters.
So you notice he's kind of out of the game now, just because he goes outside his house, he gets arrested.
And the police are there holding the UK underwater, strangling it to death.
Senate report, Washington Post, Obama purposely placed little children with sex traffickers by the thousands.
So that's who these people are.
And so people ask, Jones, how are you doing with the DNC and the same groups that sued Remington into bankruptcy and the same folks that sued the NRA into bankruptcy?
How have you not done it yet?
How are you holding on?
And it's because you have been supporting us massively.
And it's because we have stratagems to be able to continue in the future, no matter what, with all that's going on.
But I cannot tell you that information.
I'm not going to let the enemy know what we're up to or what we're doing, but just let me assure you.
We'll go to break and come back and talk about the Islamicist in detail, and then open the phones up and take your calls for the next two hours.
Let me assure you.
History's happening now, and if you want to beat the globalist, you need to support us and pray for us to spread the word, because we are the damn tip of the spear, thanks to you, and thanks to the crew, and thanks to everything we've done, and number one, thanks to God.
Without God, there's nothing.
With God, everything is possible, but the enemy knows we're the tip of the spear.
They know we understand their whole battle plan, and most important, our research becomes the mainline research for everybody else, and I'm not going to name names.
But it doesn't matter who you think about, who's out there.
I've had these people, personally, every one of them, call me or meet with me and tell me, you're the tip of the spear.
You broke the paradigm.
You woke me up.
You're my guru.
You are, you did it.
It's not about credit.
The enemy knows that they're coming after us.
But I kind of flew under the radar for a long time.
When we had 30-40 million viewers guaranteed every week, bigger than Limbaugh 10 years ago.
We were already bigger than Limbaugh 10 years ago.
I didn't make a big deal about it because the left's so arrogant, they always want to think they're better than everybody and they're winning.
So I let them think they were winning and never explained how we were devastating them.
You were devastating them.
Devastating them!
But I'll tell you now, I need fuel.
to finish what we're doing and what we're up to and what we're building.
And I need funds right now.
Plus, we have products you need.
So I want to salute you.
I want to thank you for your support.
And I want to tell you, we have the new sale running right now.
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I'm going to leave it at that.
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You see them taking the banking away from the President and everything else.
I mean, it's already at that level.
So, Vazzo Beats sold out, Alpha Power sold out.
More should come in in a few months.
But again, Mega Blowout sell.
Please support us, support yourself, and support the InfoWare while you still can.
Get a t-shirt.
There may come a time we're not going to be able to do that.
And it's just going to be, you're going to be on your own.
We're going to win.
I'm going to explain though.
As bad as things are, the enemy's going to run out of steam.
I'm going to explain when we come back.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, I'm here live.
Second and third hour, open the phones up on the collapse of the border, the globalist takeover, Joe Biden's disintegration in front of all our eyes, and just the massive censorship.
The only thing allowing this, the cowardice of Congress, the cowardice of the governors, the fact that we're just so conditioned to being abused by the left and abused by Hollywood.
We sit here and we take it.
On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there were 21 shot, four fatally, in weekend violence across the city in Chicago.
Then on Monday, there were 15 shot, three fatally.
That's 36 in the last three days shot, and that's seven dead.
And it's not even summertime in Chicago.
Thousands and thousands and thousands, up to 4,000 shot a year, record number.
There's a 2,000 dead plus in one year, usually it's about a thousand dead.
Oh, but Democrats run all that and it's black-on-black crime, 90 plus percent of it, so you don't hear about it.
But, oh my goodness, somebody goes in a Walmart, or somebody goes in a superstore, or somebody goes in there that's crazy, and it's always a devil worshipper, or an incel on Prozac, or one of those drugs, or it's an Islamist, which is the same woman-hating, crazy, inbred cult.
But the headlines were all, oh, white man, let's roll some of that B-roll, guys.
And I'd also ask, before I got in this morning, maybe Rob Dew can do it, will somebody slow down the footage for me?
Yes, we can just really get a good look at this guy.
There's some of the enhanced footage right there.
So we can see this individual being let out and everything that basically happened.
Yeah, there he is.
We got the slowdown footage.
And yes, he has white skin.
It doesn't matter if he has black skin or brown skin or whatever skin he has.
What he did is wrong and psychotic and evil and that's why we have armed people to protect us from it because we're becoming a mentally ill, sick society.
And even if only a few hundred people get killed a year in mass shootings, it's still too much.
But what about the mass inoculation deaths we see?
What about all the people dying after inoculations?
They go, well, we don't know it was that.
Sure, you died two hours after.
Sure, you died a day after.
Sure, you were a 36-year-old healthy mom with a 9-year-old that worked in a doctor's office, and you took it and your organs liquefied, and the doctor said clearly it was an autoimmune response.
And so what the literature says, it does that.
We're just not going to have a big freakout about that.
But oh, this!
It's going to be spun that he was a mentally ill white man, not a quote, Asian Islamicist.
And yes, they count Arabs as Asian, even though it's a mix of Caucasoids, Africans, and Asians.
And I won't even say the scientific name of what's in the scientific books for Africans.
It's not even a racist term.
You just can't say it.
Everybody thinks science is bad now.
They think science is scary.
I'm the term Caucasian.
All it means is from the Caucus Mountains.
But this, this is what it's all about, ladies and gentlemen, is the public so dumbed down, so crazy, so bombarded that they think words and symbols are all bad.
And I see articles everywhere saying, we're not banning books, we're retiring hundreds of thousands of books as fast as universities and say, we think this is a
Time-dated book.
Oh, it's not up to your standards today of your language and your cult, so it's got to go.
I want to read stuff Julius Caesar wrote.
I want to read stuff Adolf Hitler wrote.
I want to read things Mao Zedong wrote.
Not because I agree with them, but I want to understand who they were.
And anybody telling you you shouldn't be able to read what those people wrote is the real tyrant in your day that's threatening you and your family.
You saw the San Bernardino shooting, where the husband and wife Islamists built the bombs.
The neighbors saw the bombs being built, but said, well, we want to be politically correct.
They're Muslims, so we want to call the police on them.
They go shoot a bunch of people in front of the Christmas tree at the office party.
And for a year, the Obama administration suppressed the FBI report that they did it in affiliation with ISIS.
And it happens at the Naval Yard shootings, and at the nightclub shootings, and at so many of these shootings that an Islamist goes in and he screams Allah Akbar.
Remember the guy that ran over everybody in New York screaming Allah Akbar?
They were having congressional hearings about censoring Infowars that day.
They went, they came back from lunch, they go, I saw Infowars was the top of Twitter today.
They said we saw it too at lunch.
Congressman Wigley, I'm not kidding, from Illinois.
Congressman Wigley or Quigley?
Congressman Quigley, we're sorry.
We'll have A.I.
soon that blocks that.
It's fake news.
It's not Islamic attack.
He just screamed Allah Akbar.
God is great, as he ran people over with the truck killing them in D.C.
And all the other attacks are also not Islamic as well, and we're all being told that.
It's a white male, a white Christian, a conservative.
He did it.
Turn your guns in.
And Joe Biden, I've got the article out here, has pledged to ban all semi-autos, make you turn them in, and put taxes on ammo.
And here's USA Today.
Extremists are putting tactical gear at the forefront.
As sales soar, some companies seek distance from the controversy.
Oh my gosh, some people at the Capitol wore helmets and wore gear because they see Antifa doing it.
Antifa pledged to come out and attack everybody, and so because they wear a gas mask or a helmet, they say we need to ban all of this, and then Americans, the articles say, have never seen this before.
Only right-wingers would dare, it says, to wear uniforms.
You gotta read the article.
Only Trump people would wear uniforms.
Only they would wear tactical gear.
No, no, Antifa, remember Joy Behar, and Nadler say do not exist.
And it's beginning right now.
It's on Infowars.com.
It begins.
Obama calls for gun control after Boulder shooting.
But not the fast and furious guns he shipped by the millions into Mexico and then to Syria to overthrow that country and have a civil war that killed 300,000 people.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He's not talking about the guns he shipped to Mexico to their cartels to kill over 100,000.
He's not talking about those guns he shipped to drug cartels or to ISIS.
He's talking about you having a gun to protect yourself and how much they don't like that.
And believe me, it's going to make us a failed state, just like Mexico.
They keep going down this road.
And that's what these lawyers and Democrats want.
They want us a failed state, broken down, big mega cities they control that are police states.
All of us out here in the hinterlands.
Being starved to death, our electricity turned off, our coal power plants turned off, that they rule over.
The Hunger Games is a model of what they want to do and what they want to set up.
So continuing, ladies and gentlemen, police identified 21-year-old Ahmed Ali Alaoui Alisa from Syria, brought her to this country as a teenager by the wonderful current president, Barack Hussein Obama.
And yeah, that's the current president's Barack Obama on his puppet, uh, in chief, or his deputy puppet, Kamala Harris.
Ahmed Alisa!
There he is!
He comes to your country, and he kills you!
Because it's liberal!
And the whole media goes into overdrive.
Jack Mussovia is a great source of accurate information, says Biden.
Has been briefed on the Colorado shooting.
Had ISIS sympathies per White House official.
And believe me, Cameron Simic has amazing sources.
He wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.
He's a thousand times more credible than the New York Times.
They bought it six days ago.
They go, oh, he was upset, just like the Jack Shack incel in Virginia, in Atlanta, who was mad that he spent his whole paycheck reportedly getting up to three sexual installments a day.
And of course, I mean, I looked at the guy and I said, that guy's an incel.
Can we pull up the admitted shooter in Atlanta?
I mean, look at these guys.
They're all little piggy wimp guys.
Who hate women, hate society.
So I said last night, I said, I bet it's an incel, or somebody on a bunch of drugs, or a mentally ill person.
I should have thought Islamists, that's the same group.
It's the same woman-hating, you know, crazy control freak ass crap.
But now we have the leftists with the face mask and the tyranny and, you know, all the suppression.
We have the Democrats.
Yeah, show that beard though.
That beard's quite a thing.
You see a beard like that, you need to run.
Can we shrink that down so we can see his full beard?
There you go.
For TV viewers, and we're simulcasting on radio, folks,
We also have the UK says it's official.
The lockdown never ends.
The mask never ends.
And it says the people like never leaving their house and getting a free paycheck.
Do you really think you're going to keep getting paychecks from the government?
No, you're being set up to be obsolete.
They're already saying you're not essential.
Wow, have you figured it out yet?
They're vertically integrating the economy with their AI takeover.
And the same thing's being announced in all over the U.S.
Places like Oregon are saying, oh, we're always going to wear face masks.
CDC director, U.S.
could see a avoidable surge descending in Europe if we just keep things locked down.
The surge, the surge!
And they count every death as COVID.
It's all a fraud.
It's all hysteria.
It's all people getting into how they're safe and they're good because they're a bunch of idiot sheep going to the slaughter.
What a dangerous time.
I'm going to talk next hour about how the globals are going to collapse and why they're going to run out of steam and how we've just got to be there, warning people, explaining.
The more you submit, the worse it gets.
Just remember, the more you submit, the worse it gets.
And someday you'll decide to stop submitting.
That's coming up next hour.
We'll give the number out. 877.
First-time callers.
Long-time callers.
Talk about the economy.
Talk about Biden.
Talk about the Islamist attack.
Talk about the open border.
Talk about the Veritas Project.
Incredible footage and photos.
Talk about it all!
Because they wish we weren't talking!
But we are!
And we're fighting back!
All right, we are racking your phone calls up right now.
I just gave the number out about a minute ago.
877-789-2539 on this live March 23rd, Tuesday transmission.
Rob, you just blew me away during the break.
He said, hey, you know, he had that idea when we were in Connecticut.
Take a hear of some stuff.
They go by Skull and Bones in Connecticut.
We were there on 322.
That's synchronicity.
That's serendipity.
That is just, that is crazy.
We did not plan that.
That was wild.
We should have a big report out on that for you tomorrow or by Thursday.
We got a big Florida interview I did a few weeks ago, but I've still been so busy I haven't put it out yet.
Probably be airing that tomorrow.
I'm not going to tell you who it is, but it's a big interview.
So a lot of stuff coming up with the transmission.
But right now, let me play this John Bowne report because these are so good.
We need to get these out.
Not just have them at Band On Video, but to the full millions of listeners and viewers.
If you want to share them, it's at Band On Video.
It's COVID Vaccine Propaganda Rages On.
We're good to go!
Denmark was the first to do it.
It was followed by Norway and Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand.
All these countries have placed a temporary suspension on the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Then we have countries like Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia and Italy.
These have suspended a specific batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Spain has delayed using this vaccine to inoculate people between 55 and 65 years of age.
And just before we began this show, we got a flash from Berlin.
Germany has now suspended the use of this shot as a quote-unquote precautionary measure.
More than 17 million people in the UK and Europe have now gotten the AstraZeneca vaccine.
The company says a total of 37 people developed blood clots as of last week.
A few of those cases resulted in death.
But the European Union won't back down, as the AP reported.
The European Union's drug regulator insisted that there is no indication the AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots, as governments around the world face the grimmest of dilemmas.
Push on with a vaccine known to save lives, or suspend its use over reports of clotting in some recipients.
Regardless, the public's patience has worn thin.
Yeah, so they can fire them.
This is a war.
And you are the frontline troops.
President Biden and Vice President Harris praised CDC staffers on the same day the administration reached a key milestone ahead of schedule.
We just met my goal of administering 100 million shots.
And rather than calm the public's anxiety, fear-mongering takes center stage with warnings of COVID surges and variants to keep the pandemic hellscape alive.
But the country's top health experts acknowledge the challenges ahead, including an uptick in new cases, partly due to the new COVID variants.
It has been detected in 50 jurisdictions in the United States and likely accounts now for about 20.
The full report is on InfoWars.com.
When you hear, and that's about a week old news, 37 died from blood clots.
How about 37,000?
It's always a small, minuscule number that actually get reported.
The numbers of deaths
from the mRNA vaccines are just off the charts.
They're distracting off into AstraZeneca and off into some of the other not normal vaccines.
Their virus vector vaccines are still very dangerous.
Away from the gene therapy.
This is a revolution of gene therapy to take over.
And notice, oh, there's new variants.
Oh, it's so scary.
Oh, it's just it's never going to end.
It's never going to stop.
They're announcing everywhere.
It never ends.
It's over.
And then it comes the forced inoculations, the tracking, and all these little submissive sheep that get into it.
You've got to warn everybody you know now.
You've got to explain to them what's happening while we still have time.
This is the takedown of the whole world economy.
This is the controlled demolition of planet Earth.
When you see the incredible abuse that third world populations and countries under authoritarianism put up with, it's hard to believe.
Because we were in a free country compared to those nations.
We had a much better record.
But now the bottom
Has fallen out of the culture.
And now you've got a super corrupt, decadent media, a super corrupt, decadent legal system, a super corrupt, decadent bureaucracy, and then a lot of the public that again is watching five hours of Netflix a day, whose children are watching even more TV or Internet, and people are just checked out.
They're in a trance state.
But behind the scenes, the globalists and big tech and the genetic engineers are just rolling out, oh, we've got synthetic embryos and we're growing them up inside cows and harvesting their organs.
Yeah, they're not human, they're just close to human.
Told you decades ago that was already happening.
And as we, by increment,
Get to the point where we don't stand up for ourselves and stand up for others and have a territorialistic attitude about defending humanity, well then, we're now prey animals.
Many an authoritarian has given a speech, many an authoritarian has written a note or a book saying that the essence of a tyranny is getting women on your side.
It's not that women are bad, women are half our species, they're great.
But that's why 80% of advertising targets women.
It's because if you get the women on your side, you get everything on your side.
Women make most of the purchases, women make most of the household decisions, because they're the ones that are interested in the nest, and they care.
And when they see an outside group come in and say, surrender or we're going to kill everybody, most women roll over and submit.
That's why if you study African slave trade, Roman slave trade, Babylonian slave trade, Chinese slave trade, Japanese, any of the slavery that's happened, when you went and took over a people,
You would kill the men down to about age 12.
And it was a really war-like group.
You know, the Romans would kill Germans and Visigoths down to about age 9.
And I've read the official letters of Caesar and, you know, they would just take them and kill them.
And the women would instantly just get on their knees and say, whatever you need, just don't kill our young sons.
And they said, well, you tell your young son,
That he better put in good labor for us and do good work as our servant, or he's dead.
And if one of your sons is bad, we'll kill half your sons.
And if two of your sons is bad, we'll kill all of your sons.
I mean, all this stuff we see unfolding has been done before.
I remember, I don't know if it was Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams.
It was one of those great black American philosophers.
That I remember on Rush Limbaugh, like 23 years ago, something like that, reading, and I only found one article about it in his footnotes, and I found one mention of it in a book later, confirming it in a history book that was written over 100 years ago, so I know it was true.
And he was reading a French translation from Latin from 2,000 years ago in the time of Caesar.
And it was how, when they came and took over, and I already read this in history books so I knew it was true, but I didn't know these parts.
How when they would come and take over a village in what is Sweden today, or Germany, or France, France was Gaul, or whether it was, you know, the Austriagoths that were in Austria, you know, the Visigoths, once you get the word, you know, the Vandals, because when they would come in they'd blow everything up and burn it down, and
He described how the French, with their transatlantic slave trade, buying black slaves from blacks, who ran slavery just like we did there, that they would put mainly men on the coffin ships, but they put some women and some children, but about 80% men.
And then they would drive across the ocean, and normally, I mean, back then it was so bad that usually about 20% of your crew died going into Africa.
They tried to stay offshore.
They thought it was vapors.
They thought it was mosquitos biting you that would give you fevers and malaria and things.
So you'll read about how they tried to get their ships like a mile off.
They thought vapors couldn't get out a mile or so.
It was really the mosquitos.
Great history books on this.
Because the crew would mutiny if you gave the food to the blacks because they were starving to death.
They'd usually been pressed.
Pressing means slavery.
Grabbed off some farm in England or France or the Netherlands, the lowlands as they were called.
A press gang.
Look up, guys, type in the history of press gangs.
Not like media.
They would hit you on the head.
Again, usually below 13 because they knew older men would fight back.
And you'd wake up.
The Chinese have a name for it.
It's called being Shanghai'd, where they grab Americans in San Francisco or L.A.
Hit us on the head, you know, and take us to China, and you wake up on a slow boat to China.
What are you going to do?
You're not out here on the boat.
Chinese just kidnap you.
So everybody does it.
The boobies, really, are one of the oldest groups doing it.
That doesn't mean the woman's breasts.
That's the name of the pirates, the Chinese pirates that were all over Southeast Asia called the boobies.
History is really interesting, but I'm going to take your calls here at the next segment.
I thought I'd digress.
And they described there in this
Latin translation out of Roman, I guess to Latin it's basically the same thing, into French, exactly how to do it.
So the ship would pull up, and you'd usually have around a third of the people have died.
And the women they found were more hardy, so were the children.
And you'd think men are more hardy, but they're not for disease and things.
And then they'd get the women off.
That's why they could speak the local dialect to them.
And they'd explain to them, if you don't do what we say, we're gonna do this.
They'd take a couple of the black men and they'd hang them or cut their heads off right there.
Then they'd tell the women, you keep things in line or we're gonna kill your children and the men.
So they only brought some women and children when they wanted pure laborers.
The Romans wanted to kill all the men, just bring boys and girls and women to be slaves.
That was how, because these were domestic slaves mainly, not farming slaves.
But if you wanted like a tractor,
Like a human to be your tractor or your mule.
You didn't want women, and you didn't want children, but you brought some, so the men wouldn't rebel, or you'd kill the women and children, but you'd tell the women, which becomes the house servant.
And you see this today with Oprah Winfrey's literally the house slave, keeping control of the blacks.
And she knows it, by the way.
She goes to eugenics things, hates blacks, wants to carry out their extermination.
I mean, she's a monster creature.
And so the house slaves were then produced by the black women being told, if you don't do this, we're going to kill your children and your men.
And they'd kill some right in front of them.
Then they'd get them up and sell them on the block.
And I remember reading that essay about that and knowing it was accurate, because I read other history books that mentioned different parts of it, but it was just so interesting to watch modern feminism and what it is and how it works.
I mean, I was at Yale.
70% of the students were women, which is the national average.
About 70% of the people in college now are women.
They were all very like, we're in charge, we're taking over.
Yeah, right.
And the men all look completely effeminate.
And like their soul had been sucked.
They could be black, they could be white.
They all look like they were on female hormones or something.
Because they were all super skinny, but they all had female breasts.
And they were all cackling and acting like you would imagine women acting, but in a silly way, like a 10-year-old girl would act if she didn't like you, calling us names, doing things, yelling at us.
A lot of folks who shook our hands were listeners.
They were the few that looked normal.
Some were black, some were white, some were old, some were young.
But you could just see the spirit on them.
Their very cells were dying.
And here they were in this big gothic temple, in this big temple of death right there, that set up the CIA and all of this, and here it is killing them, and they're defending it even though they don't even know what is inside of it.
But guys, can we type in impressment?
They're called press gangs.
It's called naval impressment.
I really want to show people how I do it on my phone.
I got 45 seconds, I bet I can do it.
Watch this.
Naval impressment.
Naval impressment.
There it is.
Colloquial, the press.
Well, the press gang is the taking of men into the military naval force by compulsion or without any notice.
European natives of several nations were used or forced.
And again, you'd be kidnapped, taken onto a ship.
So I just thought I'd show you that.
I'm just making this up.
We're going to shift gears into your phone calls with the takedown of the U.S., how to fight back, what we do, how we say no, and is there any hope?
And yes, there will be hope.
I'll explain it in my view.
I promise.
In just a few minutes, on the other side, Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and Ban.video.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Some would make him king.
Others wouldn't stand for that.
The cross was the solution.
But he rose again.
Wise men, follow him.
Wise men, follow him!
Thank God for the renegades.
Alright, I want to go to your phone calls.
Everybody's calling in on every subject you can imagine.
Biden collapsing, incredible Project Veritas footage showing the total lies and hypocrisy of the media trying to cover it up.
Things that Trump didn't even do one millionth of.
We have got this Islamicist connected to ISIS that's coming out, knowing and doing this massacre, probably because he's mad about bombings in Syria.
And the media is trying to cover that up.
It's just crazy.
The wheels have come off the Biden administration.
But I wanted to talk about some positive things.
The globalists have burned themselves out.
The globalists are people that sold out to evil and corruption.
And the more extreme they get, the more extreme they get, the more extreme they get, and the more ridiculous the echo chambers they live in become.
Where they then think red-blooded, decent, hard-working people are the enemy.
Because the force behind them needs to move us out of the way, because that force wants to do horrible things to them, not just us.
And that really is the entire spectrum, is that no one is a winner that serves this evil destiny.
No one is a winner that goes along with this New World Order.
And so we saw Trump, who wasn't perfect, I'm not perfect, neither are you, but God sent a beachhead against the chi-coms, against the New World Order, against the structure of our country,
And Trump forcing the enemy out in the open, and you and I forcing the enemy out in the open, and making them steal the election, and making them flood the borders, and have illegals waving Joe Biden flags.
The video and photos are on InfoWars.com.
Thousands of people wearing Joe Biden t-shirts, then Biden saying, surge, come, come, and then breaking our border for the UN.
As bad as all that is, that was going to be done when Hillary got in.
But instead we saw somebody that tried to stop it and successfully did secure the border to a great extent.
I mean, apprehensions were down over 90% by the end because they were up 300-400% at first.
People stopped coming.
They sure as hell stopped smuggling kids.
That is one of Trump's greatest solutions.
They said, oh, you didn't build the whole 2,500 miles.
He did what the Border Patrol told him.
They're good, hardworking people.
That's a rough job.
They put in 560-something miles where they asked for it.
They said, sir, we don't need it out in the middle of nowhere where nobody crosses on mountain ranges.
I know you said, we'll just build a whole wall.
That seems smart.
But those are walls, sir.
100 miles of mountains.
We need it here, here, here, here, and there.
And they did it.
Fentanyl was way down, all of it, methamphetamine, all of it.
Now, methamphetamines double the amount.
ICE reports, along with the DEA, 360 plus percent increase in fentanyl seizures, even though they're not even enforcing.
It's just pouring across.
It's everywhere.
I mean, folks, if you open a bag of that, accidentally breathe one grain, you're dead.
You've got to be a serious heroin addict to even be able to... I mean, you put one grain in an ampule.
I've gone and studied it and looked at how it's done and read the FBI online stuff about it.
A whole vial full of, let's say, ten shots you're going to take.
I'm just... hypothetically.
You put one little grain in it and shake it up, and then you can take the equivalent of ten doses of major heroin off one little grain.
You've got to have a nice little spoon with a good little pile of heroin in it.
We're good to go.
And that's just, fountains of that are shooting in.
Oh, but we're worried eight people got killed.
And they're always demonizing cops.
Cops are evil.
Cops are Nazis.
Cops are bad.
This cop had a great career, been on the force 20 years, been on that force 11 years.
Went in there, tried to stop the guy, pinned him down, got shot, killed himself.
He didn't get killed.
I mean, he got killed defending.
And now we know his name.
But normally, you heard about Black Lives Matter and Antifa shot dozens of police, many of them dead, shot citizens at checkpoints in the head, and you never even hear about it because the media, oh, oh, suppress that!
These aren't liberals, these aren't even leftists, these are monsters that work for evil corporations that are at war with this country.
Everything else we saw was simply preparatory phases
I don't know.
Man, those people love wearing masks, they love submitting, and, I mean, I'm not saying I'm the best looking guy, and I burned a candle to both of them, so I got my own problems, but man, these people didn't have a lick of spark in them.
Right here in Texas, there's a fighting spirit still left, but Missouri, Arkansas, even areas of Minnesota, you know, Colorado's got its problems, it doesn't matter, still there's a lot of people that gotta swing on their step.
New York's got people with a swing on their step.
Man, I went to Connecticut, and there were a bunch of people posing like they were elitist, and then a bunch of scared poor people.
And you can see, man, that everybody's been pulled out of there.
And they've got a dark evil force just ruling over those people and absolutely enjoying it.
And we just have to get away from this evil.
All right.
So there's the positive news, is this evil's going to burn itself out.
The Chi-Coms, the Globals, they're already eating their own.
Everything they do turns to crap.
We just have to be connected to God, do the right thing, and not submit to them, and speak out and warn people about what they're doing, and they'll be brought to justice.
Look at how the wheels are coming off of their vaccines, and all the deaths are coming out of it.
People are refusing it, so they double down and say, in the UK, all medical workers must now have a shot.
Well, that's illegal!
And now they're going to try to say that here, and Oregon says we're going to wear masks permanently, and now England's saying it.
It's a cult!
And so, you have to remember that the average leftist is a follower.
And so you sit there and beat them over the head with the truth, they're not going to listen because they're already captured.
They're already under Stockholm Syndrome.
But you can be a leader, and you can stand up, and you can say no, and you can find other leaders, and together, we're that 3%, that 5%.
Hell, there's more like 40% of the country or more that really gets what's happening.
We just wake up one or two more people, and by wake them up, get them to get the spirit, it's over for the New World Order, and that's why they're launching their whole program now.
They're behind schedule, they're in trouble, and it's gonna be rough, and it's gonna be terrible.
But do you really think Charles Schumer, and do you really think
Joe Biden, do you really think the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Bill Gates, do you really think Prince Philip is going to end up ruling forever?
These are pathetic people pretending they're in control.
They've already lost.
Those of us that are leaders, though, have to face them, have to press our will against them, and have to see the fight through, and then ask God for guidance, and ask God for direction.
And say, God, I can't do it.
I'm willing, but I need you to shine through me.
I need you to come into me.
I need you to lift me up, if that is your will, and then hit your knees and prepare to get hit by the thunderbolt.
Call straight ahead.
Well, the puppet in chief, when he's not stumbling down or up Air Force One gantry, he's saying he wants to ban all semi-automatics and high-capacity magazines, which has been their goal all along.
Remember back in the old days, he said, come on man, we don't want your guns, but now he agrees with Beto O'Rourke, we're going to get all your guns, because they're going to have all the bodyguards and you're going to have nothing.
Well, again, Obama and others shipped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of guns into Mexico, into Syria.
Never forget Fast and Furious.
Here is the pretender-in-chief.
Here is the fraudster-in-chief.
Here is the front man-in-chief.
Here is the imposter, the stooge, the reanimated corpse.
Here he is, Obama 2.0.
The Senate should immediately pass, let me say it again, the United States Senate, I hope some are listening, should immediately pass the two House pass bills that close loopholes in the background check system.
These are bills that receive votes of both Republicans and Democrats in the House.
This is not and should not be a partisan issue.
Oh yeah.
This is an American issue.
It will save lives.
American lives.
And we have to act.
We should also ban assault weapons in the process.
I'll have much more to say as we learn more.
But I wanted to be clear.
Those poor folks who died left behind families
There he is, reading off a teleprompter.
Well, what you know is...
That's all on Infowars.com.
Everybody needs to share it.
There's a bunch of other articles on Infowars.com dealing with it.
And meanwhile, we've got Mitch McConnell saying H.R.1 is a Democrat plan to take over all American elections.
Well, wait a minute, Mitch McConnell.
You said that the election wasn't stolen, even though there was evidence of that.
Now there's a litmus test to say Biden's legitimate, despite the evidence.
Day late and a dollar short, you rat commie bastard.
All right, let's go to the calls now for the next hour and 25 minutes we have left this live broadcast today.
I appreciate Omar and Greg and Boris and Bill and Gerald and Brett.
Camilo and Owen and Josh and Roger and David O'Holding.
First up, holding the longest, would be Owen in Massachusetts.
Owen, thanks for calling today.
While you still can call the show, we might be shut down soon.
The whole company's going to hell.
Thanks for joining us.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
So, I just want to preface this message with what Paul said in First Colossians, because it's kind of scary.
What I'm going to say, he said that the powers of darkness were defeated on the cross.
And that is our only hope right now.
Look, I had the FBI show up at my house.
I have a TikTok account and Snapchat, and I basically preach the gospel on there.
And I went into the vaccine.
I'm kind of nervous on this phone call, to be honest with you, because- It's okay.
So the FBI is run by the Chinese now, and it's run by the global.
They're told just to come out and intimidate you.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Go ahead.
They just want to make sure that they can get as much of that poison in the old people as possible.
The average FBI agent doesn't know.
They're just sent out to intimidate you.
So, so, so why did the FBI come visit you?
What did they say?
So, I basically said that it was the mark of the beast, and, um, don't take it... Well, it is the mark of the beast, so what were they asking?
Son, are you planning something, or, I mean, what did they say to you?
Yeah, they said, they referenced a bunch of old posts on my Instagram, like, oh, this was a threat, and, um...
It's called Luciferius.
I'm not sure.
Well, sir, what they're doing is they're putting out a giant dragnet and then you fit in some computer program a profile of what they're worried about.
So I just wouldn't get freaked out about it.
I'd become more vocal and go out and speak and just be confident.
How old are you, Owen?
I'm 20.
I've been listening to you since my freshman year of high school when I was 15.
Yeah, this is all just a dragnet of intimidation.
So, I mean, obviously you told them, no, I'm not planning any threat.
Like the children being smuggled in across the border, being sold to sex slavery.
I mean, because they have AI and it says, oh, mark of the beast, don't take the vaccine.
And the very next morning there were four FBI agents at my door and, um,
Look, we're in a spiritual war.
Yes, we are, and I appreciate your calling.
That's the only way it is.
God bless you, sir.
I mean, I know a bunch of people.
My medical doctor got visited by the FBI because she's a Trump supporter.
And it was meant to embarrass her at the clinic she works at.
They're all Trump supporters.
They're all completely awake now.
So this is not going to have the effect they think it is on us.
This is all... A foreign power in China has taken us over.
They have a puppet president.
They've broken the southern border.
They're smuggling tens of thousands of children a month.
This is a criminal takeover.
And the FBI has been ordered to suppress the American people to intimidate us so they can criminally finish the country off.
And that's what's happening.
And so, I'm not even defending the FBI, I'm not attacking the FBI.
Their errand boys just sent out, they've been ordered to go out and stop another Capitol event, or stop another, and the FBI director says, oh, Antifa, there's no such thing as that.
I mean, it's all just gaslighting.
It's all a bunch of lawyers that already sold the country out.
They're scared.
They already got their hundreds of millions apiece at the top.
Billions, some of them.
And they're just trying to secure and get a home in Switzerland or a home in New Zealand.
They're all just rearguard action before the country goes down.
So don't worry about them.
It's going to be gone.
It's going to be down soon, folks.
There won't be any FBI agents.
There'll be nothing.
We'll be like Mexico.
Total failed state.
I mean, the universities are gone.
It's all over.
But in a way, that's good.
We're a satanic nation.
So we're going under judgment.
Okay, let's talk to Josh in Florida.
Josh, thanks for holding here on the air.
Hey, Alex.
So what I see going on is we're now entering the age of distraction because how else do you confuse the people with a puppet president like Biden?
You open up the borders.
You talk about COVID, and I think this is going to lead to more shootings, more attacks, and another proxy war in the Middle East that will eventually lead to war.
And the next lockdown being the internet, which is now under U.N.
ICANN is now under U.N.
That's right.
That happened before Trump even got in.
Obama signed it over.
And yeah, we're here.
We're under world government right now.
This is the breaking of the nation.
Um, exactly, and part of a disinformation campaign is putting out so much information, even true information, and that's part of the problem.
With what Q was all about.
It was a disinformation campaign that was just loaded with so much information nobody knew where to put their... Well, sure, and then they put dates on it to discredit real info on purpose.
And people thought like, well Q exposed the New World Order.
Why don't you talk about the Federal Reserve being private?
I'm like, I covered it 27 years ago.
Well, Q actually did that.
Don't steal it from Q now.
So it was newbies that we woke up had to be controlled by the Q movement and misdirected.
Yeah, so I see in the next two years an ISIS resurgence, maybe another proxy war or a hot war, and this is going to lead to cyber war, which is going to lead to the internet.
I agree.
They're going to claim outside forces are going to bring down the internet.
It's like we're having power outages and we're just going to learn to live in a third world country.
I think you're dead on, brother.
Yeah, everybody needs to learn about ICANN and Iron Mountain, and they're the ones that issue your IP, they're the ones that control the domain name services, and if there's a problem with Big Tech,
Everybody needs to look to ICANN and start asking questions.
I totally agree.
I mean, there are only a few domains that will even take GAB or InfoWars.
Epic is the best.
And they're trying to shut that down.
You're absolutely right, people.
We're so close to the total collapse of everything.
And I'm not being negative about that.
I'm not going to lie to you.
This is just an absolute new world order.
World government takeover.
It's not coming.
We're here.
It's 2021.
It's here.
We're in it now.
And people ask what comes next.
We got a caller asking that question.
I'll tell you what I think on the other side.
Spread those links.
Download those sites while you still can.
Look, when I get up here on air and I lay out how bad things are, it's because I believe in you.
And I believe that when you're faced with the reality, you're going to get ready and do something about it.
I mean, this is it.
I mean, they just starved, they admitted at the UN, an extra 10.5 million people to death in the last year, shutting down the third world.
I mean, they starved people to death in their damn houses that worked on farms and facilities supplying us with food.
And when those things shut down, they just go starve to death at home.
And the UN and the globalists run brutal regimes where they've got armed checkpoints at every corner street with the huts.
And if somebody rebels or gets up, they just shoot them dead.
So people just very solemnly go home and they starve to death with their children.
And a lot of leftists will say, well, that's, you know, that's just too many people.
But then they tell you all day how much they love you.
Look at her!
Look at Psaki!
She's a frickin' vampire, man!
Look at Brian Stelter!
Look at these people!
They're a bunch of evil lawyers!
Soulless scum!
Of course H.R.1 is a Democrat plan to take over all American elections.
Let's get that video, please, guys.
And by the way, those are not Photoshop photos, if you're looking at Kamala Harris and Biden.
Those are real screenshots.
These people are evil.
And when I say they're not even physically ugly, it's that they're not real.
Like when you see a mannequin or you see, like I say, plastic fruit, you know it's plastic fruit no matter how good it is, no matter how fake it is.
You look at it, you go, that's fake.
You just know.
And you look at them, you go, that's not normal.
That's not normal.
Look at Brian Stelter.
That's not normal.
That's an enemy.
That's the enemy.
God, blaggit.
Yeah, here's, and then I'll go to your calls.
Here's Mitch McConnell.
Who said, if you don't agree the election was legitimate, you're basically a terrorist.
You're bad, you're evil, everybody should concede.
Now he admits the truth about HR1.
Here it is.
The big item here in the Senate this week are the hearings on HR1, the Democratic plan to take over all of American elections and centralize them here in Washington.
It is replete with problems.
That was Nixon opening the whole damn thing up to begin with.
Sold us down the river.
And he got set up later.
He meant well.
All right, let's go to the next caller.
Who's been on the longest here?
Is it Camilo?
Is it CD?
Is it Greg?
What are they going to do next?
Yeah, Greg, that's a good question.
Go ahead and ask your question and give us your take.
Greg in Florida, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm just, we're living the nightmare.
We're in the middle of the world government takeover.
Man, I'm telling you, and I always say it, my hat's off to you for keeping everybody informed of what's going on out there and what's coming.
I talk to people all over the world on a daily basis, a lot of countries.
They all know what's happening.
I will say this, though.
The only people that don't mention anything about the vaccine or
The globalists are my clients in the UK.
These guys are really, these people seem to be really subdued.
I don't know if they're afraid to talk on the phone or what's the problem, but I talked to a guy three, four times a day in Australia.
And, you know, for the last few months, these guys, they're all up to speed.
You know, guys, and the only people I talked to from China,
Uh, are there agents over here?
I have not talked to many people, you know, in mainland China, uh, over the last several months.
I just talked to their agents here, but, uh, South America and everything, of course, they know, you know, they know all about communism and things like that.
But, um, anyways, what my question is, what, what do you think is the next big plan, the real plan that's going on now?
They got this.
COVID thing and I almost think that that of course it's smoke and mirrors and I know when the World Bank issued those bonds a couple years ago the only way that those bonds were not going to be payable is if there was a pandemic.
And of course the pandemic came with it.
Oh, I'm glad you mentioned that.
I totally forgot that the UN issued pandemic bonds.
Was it 50 million or some ridiculous number because it got leveraged.
And then if there was a pandemic, they didn't have to pay and they had like a month.
Oh, I meant to cover that.
Refresh my memory.
That came out about a month ago.
Tell folks about that.
Well, what happened is the
They get countries.
There's countries that invest in that.
Sure, their health system invests in that, hoping the UN will help them, when all the UN is is a conduit of big pharma, and then right before the money was due to be paid to them, they launched a pandemic.
Absolutely, and so nobody got paid.
Well, except the guys that took the initial money in for the bond.
Yeah, what was the exact headline?
I saw that six months ago, a month ago.
It was, uh, uh, UN declared pandemic one month before they had to reimburse countries, or what was the headline?
I meant to cover it.
It was about a month when they came out with it, but it was in the works.
I read the article, it was like in the Australian news.
Guys, pull that up if you can find it.
That's why we love to take calls, because there's so much stuff we forget about or don't know about.
And isn't that amazing that it wasn't even a technical pandemic?
They just called it a pandemic, because a pandemic is supposed to have a certain amount of death.
It doesn't.
Pandemic bonds.
What the WHO declaration means for investors.
Yeah, the Motley Fool did not pay it.
A great point, brother.
What do you think they're going to pull next?
I mean, I've got my view.
What's your view?
You're a smart guy.
Here's what I think, you know, from what I know, and you know, some people I talked to, some large bankers around there, not the big guys, but
You know, I gather that, you know, I really believe, I really believe, and this has to do a lot with faith as well, you have to have faith that what's going on now is a big dog and pony show on a big level.
Oh yeah, it's a distraction from all the other stuff they're doing.
You know, I mean, you know, coming out with a robot, you know, this kind of technology and these clones and all that, well, they've had that for some time.
But what's really going on, you know what, Alex, I think it is, it all boils down to currency.
Okay, it all boils down to wealth.
These people, you know, these... You said it, China's produced more billionaires in the last year than all other billionaires produced in the last year.
The big text of solid power, this is economic warfare, bringing in their control grid and tightening down the screws all at the same time.
And I believe, I believe this, that the guys, that the countries, they're allowing these countries to create wealth.
That's what I think the big picture is.
They're allowing China to do this.
Oh, they've totally chosen China with the one side.
That's where their investments are.
You know, let me tell you something real, real quick.
As far as this stuff with the Keystone,
Closing down our pipeline and Warren Buffett with his railway system getting paid, you know, with his big contract coming up to get paid billions of dollars to transport the oil down from Canada, etc, etc.
Several years ago, Rolls-Royce did a huge contract to build these special machines to go out, they would go out from the mainland shoreline
Out in the ocean.
China has so many offshore wells right now drilling oil.
You'll never hear about it, but I do business like I said
I do all kinds of business around the world, and they... I'm sorry, you're dead right.
They have totally taken over.
They've set it where you can only do business in China, and now they're going to shut down the rest of our plants.
It'll be impossible here.
We are literally being conquered.
God bless you, and I appreciate your call.
Anything else, Greg?
He's gone.
They have such smart callers.
I'm going to start the fourth hour.
I'm going to host a full fourth hour.
I'm going to get to every caller that's on the board.
I'm going to try to move quicker, but these are great callers, so I'm going to get to all of you.
Separately, I'm not funded by Rolls-Royce or Ted Turner or Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or George Soros or any of them.
I could be.
I could roll over real fast.
I'm not doing it.
I physically can't do it.
Put a gun to my head, I'm not doing it.
But I'm only here because of you, so thanks for the support.
We've got great products you already need.
They're moving against everybody right now.
As much capital as I get in their coffers to operate in the future would be great.
But it's all up to God, and I know God's going to move you.
If you want to support us, please do it.
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I want to thank you all, but whatever you do, please pray for InfoWars and Global Awakening.
And please share the live links to the shows.
That is what bypasses the censors.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Soon the globalists will collapse all of civilization in on themselves.
We must be prepared to survive it, to rebuild civilization, and then commence again the operation to the stars and beyond.
Our mission will not be thwarted.
Alright, let's go back to your phone calls.
I've got some big news, but I'm going to get a little bit more information on it before I hit it.
They are flooding the airwaves and the print and the internet with, mass shootings are everywhere!
So they're mixing the word surge like it's a virus in with mass shooting and just saying, there's mass shootings everywhere!
So now they're upping the level of this info.
I will show you that coming up next segment.
Yeah, put me that article too, thanks.
But right now,
Hey Alex, how are you doing today?
That's great to hear.
So yeah, today my call is basically that today is the one year anniversary where I was about to fly across the country over here in North Carolina where I am now and I've been here
This whole year, I flew from LAX, and man, like, just the scene of, like, the Chicken Little of people just wearing hazmat suits and freaking out and, like, acting like if you touch them that they're gonna die and stuff was just crazy.
And I just remember, like, vividly watching your broadcast that day.
I think it's something about, like, PsyOps destroys or cripples the U.S.
Panic Trump injects $4 trillion into the economy.
And I went back to see that episode again just recently last night and I was just blown away by how many accurate predictions or just you know based off like what you know like just you said that you know that this was gonna keep going I just never thought that a year later we'd be in this position you know and the fact that when I was getting on a plane like I think one of the guests I'm not sure I remember who it was they were saying that
Uh, China was already, they're opening back to the factories to back up.
Like they, in the beginning of the year, they shut production down and that was like their whole theater that they were playing.
But as soon as like the whole lockdowns got announced and everything down here, it was like instantly, they're already like turning everything back on.
Like, okay.
And like, to me it was just crazy.
You know?
And I was just like, I was watching as well, uh,
Your old film, America's Distorted by Design, where you were going on the road trips, interviewing people about what was going on.
And it was just super crazy to me to think, well, I wonder if Jones would have ever thought that we'd be here in this position where he's sitting in the studio, getting
No, I mean, I didn't.
I knew that the globalists had already done a lot of bad things.
I knew they were getting partial control of the planet and meant to get full control of it.
I knew they were planning depopulation and technocracy.
But it's one thing to hypothetically imagine what they're going to do.
It's another thing to actually see it.
But we're so far along now.
That we're definitely in the rabbit hole.
They are brainwashing our children, teaching them that humans are toxic, teaching them that they are all medical experiments being inducted into a giant Joseph Mingala-style takeover.
So they have just really trained people in the nanny state that we're going to protect you.
Oh, somebody handed out pocket constitutions today at the campus.
You're all going to play with Play-Doh.
That's grown adults.
Well, imagine what the children are like.
They think this system is their friend when it's a system designed to exterminate them.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
Tell people the date real quick.
What was the particular show you were watching that you thought showed a lot of the things that came to pass?
Yeah, but you can all go back to stuff a year ago that all came true.
Not because I predicted it.
The enemies said what they would do to you.
We'll be right back.
I mean, here's the good news.
God's real.
Here's the bad news.
The New World Order is making its move on humanity.
It's extremely predatory.
They've got a good half the population not knowing what planet they're on.
They can't find their butt with both hands.
And you can join the globalists and feed on them for a while, but it's going to end up getting to you.
This type of corruption does not just stop at one point.
It spirals out of control, and we're already into the spiraling out of control part.
I'm just going to trust in God and try to be as truthful and honest and accurate as I can in this imperfect vessel that I am, and I know you're going to be the same.
And I just want you to know I love you all.
I love you if you're black.
I love you if you're brown.
I love you if you're white.
I love you if you're pink.
But I tell you, I really don't like you if you're anti-human and a liar and a scumbag and a control freak.
And a lot of you that aren't predators, though, still play in the predator's hands.
You're just like, oh, I'm a victim.
Oh, oh, I need to protect myself.
I'm going to wear a face mask.
I'm going to buy into all these lies.
Where you act like and behave like you're doing these silly things, show that you all are seen as good people.
It's beyond virtue signaling.
It's a symbol that you are in a cult.
That you have no common sense for yourself.
If there was a real pathogen killing 4% of the population like they said, I would call for anybody that showed symptoms to be quarantined.
But it wasn't 1 tenth of 1%.
And then that was all based on fake PCR tests.
And it's a globalist power grab and they now admit we want lockdowns for carbon!
They're just teaching you to be locked in your freaking house and have your app tell you when you can go somewhere and do something!
They're building a prison planet.
It's out of the open.
It's not even my opinion anymore.
And you know, there has been the weird effect for me personally.
People ask me, what do you think is coming next?
I mean, I've gotten to see what's coming next.
All these prominent people, even my enemies now say, where's the crystal ball?
What's happening next?
How do you know all this?
Because most of them are either
Selfish or lazy, or they only study certain specific places that make them money.
They're an expert on dentistry, or auto mechanic, or teaching the class they teach.
And while they're teaching that class, they want to go play golf.
I'm not like that.
Our audience isn't like that.
And really, that's who the globalists hate.
It's not me.
I mean, they really hate me, but you know what I mean.
They hate you.
Because you're people that kick the tires.
You look under the hood.
You're figuring out what's going on here.
They don't want that.
You heard the NAACP head in New York say, do not ask questions.
Take whatever they give you.
Stick your arm out and dig it.
You're like, that sounds crazy.
Because you're not under their control.
You're not in a damn trance.
And thank God you're not.
Yeah, we'll play her in a minute and then go to calls.
Imagine being one of those people.
Now, you don't think that lady... You know who set up the NAACP.
You know who set up Margaret Sanger.
They were all involved.
W.E.D.D., Du Bois, communists, all of them.
And let me tell you, I've been around these leftist black leaders.
And they'll pull you aside and start saying the most racist stuff about black people.
And I'll be like, hey, this is some test to see if I'm racist.
I'm not against black people.
And they'll be like, well, you don't know how bad they are.
You don't know how we got to get rid of the bad black people to raise up the good black people.
I mean, these are sick freaks, man.
Does that mean I like poisoned, dumbed down hordes of white people or black people or third world populations coming across?
They're a weapon against me!
But I don't dehumanize them because they're not consciously trying to destroy me.
It's the globalists playing us all.
They are the orchestra controllers.
They are the conductors.
And it's the conductors I blame.
It's the people in charge I blame.
You could turn the black community around in like five seconds.
You could turn every community around in five seconds with real leadership.
Humans do great things.
But it's not there, because the leadership got taken over.
You go back 120 years ago, Margaret Sanger went to the Rockefeller Foundation, and she said, these blacks have got their own communities, their own wealth, and they're not in our system.
They have the lowest crime rate in the U.S., lowest out-of-wedlock level.
They had the most conservative communities in the U.S.
were black people, because that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Frederick Nietzsche was right.
But as soon as the oppression was taken off the blacks,
Which was a bad thing, I'm not for the oppression.
But they knew they were oppressed, you see.
Those that the Bible says that do not know they're oppressed are the greatest slaves.
Those that do not have eyes to see or ears to hear.
Those that do not know they're oppressed.
Well, the blacks knew they were oppressed, so they learned to buy from their own people and do their own thing.
And not be a failure to show the system.
And they were rising!
And that couldn't be allowed.
So Margaret Sanger waltzed in there and she bought off thousands of black leaders.
And by 1960, she had them by the balls.
And they're doing the same thing to everybody.
So you look at what they've done to the blacks on average, and a lot of people say, oh, look at those people.
Look down your nose at them.
They'll do that to you, or they have done it to you.
They're doing it to everybody.
Same stuff going on in the black household 50 years ago, 60 years ago, is going on in every household now.
And when they're done, they're done.
Black Lives Matter, what's their main mission?
Destroy the nuclear family and teach black men to have their genitals cut off.
That's their official policy.
That's not a joke.
Well that's not what they want for black people, they want that for everybody!
And as soon as people get that Hollywood doesn't love black people, and as soon as we figure out they hide their whole agenda behind it.
I mean, let me tell you, you turn on any telecom ad, any beer ad, any ad, because I'm happy to see nothing but black people on ads.
But I turn on any channel, it's like 90% black people.
I turn on everything, because it's the whole globalist system.
Oh, 5G's here!
We got black people pushing it!
Oh, we got a vaccine!
Black people are pushing it!
That's not black people behind 5G!
That's not black people behind the vaccines!
Because their first big target is Africa and black people, and they want black people to think, man, I have really arrived.
The system says I'm the best thing there is.
And that's so you don't recognize what they're doing to you in their blue cities.
It's disgusting and it's sick.
And now you got all these weird-ass white people saying that they're black?
Well, I can choose my identity and all this crap!
You really think the system likes you black people?
They don't like anybody, including themselves!
They want a post-human world!
And the sooner we figure that out, the sooner we can turn this around!
I mean... I mean, Bill Gates says he wants to kill all the black people.
Then he wouldn't have hired Oprah Winfrey to run it!
I mean, at a certain point, I just can't handle this anymore.
Do you think God is going to forgive anybody that's involved in any of this?
Because let me explain.
I'm not sitting there defending black people because I'm some angel and I'm on a virtue signal with them.
I'm telling you, man, they're going to kill everybody.
Nobody's safe from this.
And all you out there better wake your asses up and say no to it right damn now.
But don't say you weren't warned.
Do not say you were not warned!
You got the vaccine.
They got the vaccine.
We got the vaccine.
We can get back to normal.
Let me inform you.
Let's all get the vaccine.
It's about community immunity.
I'm talking unity for you and me.
So, what did the NAACP have to say?
Don't ask questions.
Take the shot.
Let's hear it from her.
It's all a script.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
Here it is.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm, and I am taking the infusion.
And there's Cuomo that killed 16,000 old people, purposely sending COVID patients into the hospitals, behind her looking like Count Dracula.
There's Bill Gates giving little black kids polio.
Show them Reuters!
See, that's too scary.
The average person goes under Stockholm Syndrome, particularly women.
So let me explain how this works.
They collapse the third world.
They flood us with Africans, military-aged men, Europe particularly.
And then, yeah, I mean, you're in a town of 500 Germans.
They put 2,000 military-aged men, black men from a poor country there with no jobs at a refugee center.
They start raping and robbing you, some of them.
Now you hate black people.
Now you want to annihilate them.
And see, that's how the globalists are going to make us join them in the extermination of the third world.
That's coming next.
And I told you that 20 years ago.
They release a virus, two lockdowns, phase one, then a stronger virus, bigger lockdowns, flood us with the third world, use that crisis to make us
Submit to tyranny, and then we'll be so overwhelmed by foreign invasion, we'll all just quietly go along with the race-specific weapon that wipes everybody out.
I've told you that probably 500 times in the last 20 years.
And a lot of it wasn't in documents.
I foresaw the enemy operation.
Now it's in the documents, so I guess at a certain level I did.
Because it's chess.
You see, checkers would be... France wants to bring in alone 230 million Africans into France.
France is only 80 million people.
90 million people.
I forget, what's the population of France?
120, I forget.
That's going to cause a giant war.
Those people are tribal based, man.
One African tribe's killing the next.
Used to be the Hathcocks and the McCoys.
Two different groups would kill each other out west.
White people killing each other.
That's how people are.
By the way, we're supposed to be territorial or we'll have nothing.
Good afternoon, Alex.
First time caller, long time listener.
So I'm going to get to the point.
Six hours ago, the Fox Business News, I know they're propaganda media.
I got a couple topics.
The governor down in Helipin just declared a state of emergency for his town.
Now the reason why?
The busloads of illegals are coming in.
The migrant crisis has started.
These are military-age men.
I have a friend that was doing security.
He was putting in cameras all down along the border this last year and as of 2019 as well, and he told me that there's a big old storm coming and it's not nice.
These are, you described it before, military-age men, but they got women as well.
As of lately, keeping an eye out, been listening to you for a long time, spreading banned video everywhere I go, don't wear a mask, not taking the vaccine, I'm tired of the new old order.
So, they now have
I guess they're operative sleeper cells, you'd call them, but they're using women and children as the disguise, saying they're out of gas, they need your help.
And that's why Psaki said, bring a 10-year-old.
Now, we just showed footage of Trump four years ago putting up barbed wire, stopping the flood, which stops the collapse and stops the crisis.
Instead now, it's all gone, and Biden said, you need to surge the border.
Our president says, surge the border to bring down America.
If that isn't impeachable, I don't know what is, brother.
He's not a president.
He is a piece of garbage filth.
Like you said, he is a puppet.
I've seen this a long time.
I've been awake.
I love you.
I love everything you do.
Remember just four years ago, CNN was saying there was no surge.
Remember that?
Oh, there are no caravans.
Remember that?
And we don't need these walls.
These walls are racist.
But yet, they're still doing it.
They're still tearing them down.
There's sections of the border like you covered earlier in the podcast.
There's sections of the border that they only filled.
They didn't fill the whole thing like Trump wanted it.
It's logic.
And that's what the left lack, is logic.
I'm tired of it.
What do we do as far as- Well beyond that, the left just doesn't, the left doesn't spiritually
Alex Jones, man.
God bless you.
I'm realizing that, you know, de Blasio talking about all these shootings that happened, and when he had the Asian vigil,
It's just more division.
Uh, Asian and anti-xenophobia, whatever it is.
And it's like, when you try to warn people of the CCP, they just hear that.
They, like, CCP... I meant to say that last week.
You know what I mean?
Back when the Clintons were giving missile cigarettes to China, they would say, it's racist to not give missiles to China.
You're absolutely right.
They're trying to use this whole Asian thing to hype it up so we can't criticize China.
You're dead right.
They're connecting them with the BLM, you know, basically just silencing, not realizing, like you said before, where real slavery still exists and where, like, you know, basically, I have Asian friends and I try to tell them and I just feel like now it's just even more difficult because they're just looking at me like, you know, just some hate rhetoric.
Which is going to create even more division and more fights.
And yeah, I've been realizing that as well as
Earlier you were mentioning, on a side note, Yale, and a pretty good recommendation, I saw The Good Shepherd, and realizing all the rituals that they do, and it's crazy that Robert De Niro can make that movie and then criticize Trump, and I don't know how stuff gets so muddled up, you know, but if people are paying attention, you know, it's right there, you know, and the contradiction is right there, and like you said, it's all fake.
They don't love black people, they don't love Asian people, they just using them, propping them up, you know, it's crazy.
And at the end of the day, they want to get everybody.
Because again, they make some of the elite white people think, oh, you're going to be part of the club.
Now they admit it's a post-human world.
Whatever this is running things, and I believe the Bible, it's the devil, does not want any humans.
The Bible tells us the devil comes to destroy God's creation.
100% man, 100% is being shown every single day and I found God through this.
Last year I found your show during the George Floyd thing and you brought a lot of clarity and it's crazy.
Everything is lining up man and we're being woken up for our true purpose.
Well God bless you sir and keep spreading the word.
Camilo, thank you so much.
And let me say this, I talk about this because this isn't BS.
It's like God's language and we don't understand it and the devil doesn't understand it.
But we're connected to it.
The devil can't see it.
See, the devil has his own wireless network.
We have ours with God.
I told you last week I was coming in here and I wanted the background of like Earth from orbit.
We do that maybe once or twice a year.
They already had it up when I got here.
You're like, okay, that's a coincidence.
I was in Connecticut on a whole nother deal I can't talk about.
And we go to Skull and Bones yesterday just randomly.
Never been there before at Yale.
And Rob Duke goes, hey, you know, we went there on 3-2-2.
And that's their big holy day, everything.
I didn't even think about it.
It just happened.
What is that?
Oh my gosh, I just got showed by the boom operator the most crazy, faulty video.
We're downloading it now.
We'll have it for you next segment.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We are live thanks to your support and God's will in the ATX broadcasting worldwide.
All right, let's get back to your phone calls and get serious here.
Because the serious stuff's coming down.
They want to disarm their slaves so bad, White House reportedly
There's not a lot of executive orders to enact gun confiscation.
And that's something he said before, but now it's back in the news today.
Let's go ahead and race through your calls to get to all ten of these calls or so.
Let us now speak to Brett in Kansas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I just emailed in a video to Owen.
It was about what the House Committee was speaking to the Federal Reserve and Secretary of Treasury today.
And pretty much they're just talking about just taking the mask off.
Not like the real mask, but the metaphorical one.
Yeah, taking the sheep mask off and the big bad wolf under it.
Yeah, so they're talking about rolling out the digital ID for currency now since they're worried about Bitcoin being... Well, that is huge news!
I'm sure Owen will cover in the War Room.
Send it to Rob D., R-O-B-D.
That's Rob D. here at InfoWars, but R-O-B-D, just R-O-B-D at InfoWars.com.
I want to see that.
Tell us what he was saying, because, yeah, they're bringing in the world digital currency, world government, it's all here.
Tell us what the Federal Reserve was saying.
Yeah, scarier the part that he was talking about.
We need to reform the judicial branch, pretty much, to be able to unmask these people who are trying to, you know, use their money in a way that the government can't see it.
But it still has to be private, so citizens feel comfortable, but only the government.
Oh, of course!
The banks want to enforce the digital control.
That's the point of the social credit score, is the banks enforce the government's edicts.
So, the Federal Reserve openly promotes a
Communist social credit score for Americans.
What time did you send that email and what was the subject names?
We can get it right now on Owen's email.
Please watch.
I forgot what the rest of it was, but just please watch.
And I think his email is owensatinfowars.com and I send it to that.
Yeah, yeah, there it is right there.
They want to unmask all the Bitcoin investors.
And really, if they can unmask anybody, that means you can have a digital social credit score.
Brett, what else are you talking about right now?
Well, I mean, I wanted to talk to you about maybe a private meeting.
I'd like to pay you like $5,000 for you and Olin to sit down and me and my boys can present something to you that we think would really kind of counter trend and it's not... Well, you're nice to offer money to meet with me, but if it's like I'm a politician, I start doing that, brother.
I'm not going to have any time of the day.
Listen, I love you.
I appreciate it.
Send your proposal to Olin.
We need funding.
We need funding outside our operation.
The enemy's closing in on us, but that's what's supposed to happen.
Maybe I'm supposed to get blown up here.
Not everybody makes it to the end of the movie.
All right, Brett.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, it's all up to you guys whether we're going to stay on air or not.
It's all up to God.
I care too much, and it means I just can't care anymore.
I'm way past.
Know what I mean?
You got nothing, nothing left to lose, and that ain't freedom.
Like Janice Joplin said, freedom's just another name for nothing else to lose, folks.
And baby, you ain't got freedom if you ain't got nothing to lose.
All right, let's take another call here.
Let us speak to... Somebody calls.
Let's talk to David in Canada.
David, go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
I love you.
I love everyone.
We are the resistance.
A girlfriend once told me we've got to start at the root of the problem.
And, well, I'm starting my own little way.
I resist the mask wearing.
And I was angry, but then I saw your videos, and especially the one with Rebel News.
How we have to inform the people because they're kind of confused and scared and try to give them a little bit of information in a nice way.
But I'm under a little bit of oppression because some of the stores I walk into in here in Canada County, they're saying you can't come in without a mask.
Well, if I want to... And next is going to be, can't come in without a digital ID, can't come in without a vaccine, can't come in unless JP Morgan says you can.
This is it.
And all these little people going along with it, we have to challenge them and get in their face in a loving way.
But I'm getting frustrated myself.
I'm strong, but I'm starting to... I see your videos about how to stay strong and what we can do.
2024, we need a massive political expression is needed.
Everything the enemy does is divide us.
And look, I'm tribal.
I got red blood.
Don't you think I see all this and get mad at groups?
Then I go, that's my animal side.
I had that programming to survive in the old times against the group attacking me.
But the enemy is using that against us.
And we have to still defend ourselves against groups or whatever.
We have to be aware of the larger plan.
That's the only way to defeat this.
This is an alien attack.
I don't go off UFOs or any of that.
I mean, it's alien.
The whole thing is rewrite humans, bring in world government, get rid of us.
They want to kill everybody.
They try to train us.
Oh, we're just killing that group.
Well, I don't care if they were just killing the Africans.
I'm against it.
But the truth is they're killing everybody.
Does that make sense?
Alex, very, very positive video I watched, Computing Forever.
The guy put a phone in his car and he was stopped at a checkpoint in Ireland.
And he was trying to explain to the guard about the masks and everything.
And the guard said to him, oh, the doctors need the masks for the surgery.
Here's something to educate the people is, in the bio labs where these viruses are being
Look, the people are wearing lab bio suits.
Space suits.
Let me explain what happened.
They didn't know what was happening.
A third of the people had their arms and legs chopped off.
You get shot by a bullet in the Civil War.
They didn't know why.
A third of the people died of gangrene.
So they learned, because bacteria got into the hole, they didn't know about microbes in.
You cut it off and you basically bandage it.
And usually because there was enough blood flow, it cleans it out.
They didn't know how to cauterize the wound, clean out the wound, any of that.
So they started wearing masks in the Civil War, thinking maybe our spit smells, maybe there's something dirty in our mouths, maybe there's vapors, they called them.
Just like, you know, the slavers stayed a mile offshore because they thought vapors were killing them.
No, it was mosquitoes.
But if you were a mile off, mosquitoes couldn't get you.
And so it's the same thing.
Listerine was invented, they started figuring that out at the end of the Civil War to spray on wounds, and suddenly it almost ended gangrene.
And then antibiotics came out in World War II.
So yeah, the mask was only something they started doing because they weren't sure what was happening.
The masks are pointless.
Unless you're a dentist or a doctor with a bunch of splattering blood, then you wear a face visor because so much blood and bone is spewing out.
And a lot of people's teeth have pus shooting out of it.
I was a dental assistant for my dad, I can tell you.
I mean, they wear it for their protection, not to have pus spray in your mouth.
So that's why that's going on.
Go ahead.
I just want to say at the end, I don't want to take too much time.
You've got good callers.
I read China's not a communist country, nor at all a socialist country, but a primitive, crowdy, capitalist country, economically, and a totalitarian dictatorship politically.
No, that's it.
China is a giant slave colony of the globalists, used to leverage out the whole planet, let them economically, through economic warfare, take over.
All right, here's what's going to happen.
I appreciate your call.
We got one more 11-minute segment on the other side of this break.
I'm coming in without music.
I'm going directly to your calls.
I'm going to get to every one of you.
I'm going to go to CD in Vegas.
I'm going to go to Gerald in South Carolina.
I'm going to go to Bill first.
Forrest, Debbie, Josh, Tammy, we're going to get to everybody on the other side.
I'm not going to plug on the other side, so I'll just say it now.
We need money to keep on the air.
That's how the system works.
We have great products you need, store-wide shipping.
Had to end last week, but we have free shipping on Rainforest Prostagard, the Fluoride-Free Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, the Mouthwash, the Cabochill, Extra Strength, Regular Strength, and all Emerge Essential Products are 50% off with free shipping at infowarrestore.com, the blowout sale.
So please check that out today.
We'll be right back with your phone calls.
All right, we got 11 minutes to try to jam in seven phone calls and Owen Schroer's got big breaking news.
And I promised to play a clip at the end of the show that I just saw 20 minutes ago, but we'll have to do it at the start of the War Room.
I will co-host with Owen Schroer at the beginning.
Right when it starts in like 10 minutes from now at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If your local station doesn't carry it, you can find the War Room with Owen Schroer.
This is Fauci and just the most fawning, sickening mind control you've ever seen.
It's next level.
That's coming up at the start of the War Room here in just a few minutes.
Then Owen will take over.
But right now, let's finish up with these callers.
Let's do it!
Let's do it!
As Emperor Palpatine says.
Let's talk to Bill in Tennessee.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're a trooper.
Alexander, helper of man.
My brother from another mother.
Yes, sir.
What's on your mind, brother?
Good to talk to you.
My name, William, is from the old German, Helmet of Will.
Bold protector.
Vigilant guardian.
I think you and I have common ancestors.
I have Jones ancestors who were among the first settlers of present-day Nashville.
The Cumberland Settlements.
They came from Virginia.
That's right.
The Jones family came out of Virginia, and then down into Alabama, and then into Tennessee, and then to Texas.
That's right.
Teddy Roosevelt wrote The Winning of the West, and he said that this
Settlement of the Cumberland Settlements was the equivalent of the Mayflower.
Well, wasn't that where like Daniel Boone came from?
Patriots from Tennessee.
Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone.
We went on to settle all parts of
Yes, sir.
Here locally in Knoxville, a year ago, April 8th, we had a stabbing.
You can find it on the internet.
Three pilot, that's a gas station, three pilot employees killed in stabbing attack at Knoxville I-40 truck stop.
And of course it got no coverage because it was a knife.
Well, and yes, and then they had an article on the front page of the local newspaper, ARAG, the Knoxville News Sentinel, under the leadership of the editor Joel Christopher.
I wouldn't wipe my rear end with it.
They gave a front page article.
So why are we not hearing about it?
What is the racial makeup?
He was of Middle Eastern descent.
Yeah, if a Muslim does it, well who else wants to stab three women?
I mean, 90% of the time it's going to be a Muslim.
Let's just say it.
I'm not against all Muslims, but give me a break, man.
They got a thing about killing women.
Alex, they went on to have follow-up articles on the front page of the local newspaper, RAG, and they said that the people who stopped him
Uh, who killed him and stopped him from killing people were investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing.
Yeah, they had an article at Yale saying, should I be arrested for being at Yale?
Wow, I'm glad you called, I didn't know about this.
We're pulling the articles up now.
So, Islamic stabs and kills three women, because he hates, you know, seeing women out free.
And then the media calls him a victim.
Holy mackerel.
Bill, I gotta jump, but I'm glad you called to let us know about that.
This is the stuff going on everywhere we never hear about, folks.
Another Islamic attack they're covering up.
Well, we'll be covering that on The War Room today.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
Thank you.
Print me that article, guys.
Get the newscast.
These liberals are sick freaks.
The guy that did it is a sick freak.
Gerald in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Trying to move quicker.
Hey, Alex.
I would like to say first off, thanks for being the voice of reason in amongst all this stupidity.
Brother, I'm trying.
We're all in this together.
You're nailing it right on the head.
I wanted to warn people, I've been trying to get a hold of you for a year, okay?
I'm a double amputee and I have bacteria infection on my lung that will never go away.
Living Defense saved my life.
They had me on antibiotics for two years that almost killed me.
Living Defense brought me back.
I wanted to
Just a quote from the Bible, Jesus is saying as to where we are right now.
Then they shall deliver you up.
This is Matthew 24, verse 9.
Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.
And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
That's right where we're at, brother.
And that's because God's name is on the founding of this country no matter what they say, and that's why the enemy hates it, because God created this country.
Alex, real quick before I go.
My wife and I are working up a video to show about these target biologics.
Some of them are even being made by the producers of the COVID shot.
I will not call it a vaccine.
Well send it, send it to us brother.
Anything else?
Soon as we get it edited.
Send it to ShowTipsInfoWars.com and we're working around the clock to try to get all this great material you sent us.
If you don't see us cover what you sent it's because we got overwhelmed.
We love it.
And don't just count on us.
If you send us something, send it to Project Veritas.
Send it to everybody to make sure it gets out.
Don't ever think that we're in competition with anybody like Tucker Carlson or James O'Keefe or anybody.
It's the opposite.
We are absolutely aligned with freedom, and we are at war with the globalists.
This is not a regular talk show.
It's not about ratings.
It's not about any of that.
It's about victory over the enemy.
We are way past all that a long time ago.
I've never been part of that, but I tell you,
I feel sorry for the Globals because I can feel evil rising, but God, every time the devil rubs the ante, God rubs the ante.
And so I can just feel God's power like a big, giant dynamo, a huge power plant just firing up like a volcano.
And it's awesome.
I mean, I'm not scared of the Satanists, man.
I'm telling you, right?
I'm not scared of them.
I can feel God's presence.
I want you to get CD, Tammy, Josh, Debbie, and Forrest.
We got the same phone system.
Transfer them over there.
I'm going to go co-host the first 30 minutes.
We're going to air this incredible Fauci video that illustrates what our enemy is, and I'm going to take those five phone calls with Owen, and I'm going to let Owen do a great job hosting the show himself.
But speaking of Owen Schroyer, I'll be hosting the first 30 minutes with him of The War Room.
He hosted part of the first of my show today when my flight was delayed, but we got it about an hour late.
Thank God I got here.
Owen, I know you've got a full show lined up.
Owen Schroyer on The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
Tell us what you've got coming up.
Well, I don't even know if I can do it in this short time, but we've obviously got the latest with the shooter in Colorado, how the media and the Democrat Party lied about that.
Now they're trying to walk back their lies.
We also have China basically telling the United States, like they did in that meeting, Alex, that you're done.
Your politicians are corrupt.
Your media is corrupt.
We own you.
Don't come to us as a position of power.
We own you.
A total embarrassment on the world stage.
We've got more on that.
We've got more nonsense with the vaccines and the fake pandemic.
That seems to never end.
And we also have the Liberals-Democrat agenda right now.
They want to make D.C.
a statehood.
They're stealing a seat in Iowa right now that a Republican won.
They're just saying, no, we're just going to steal that seat.
We're not going to take it.
And then without any vote, without any announcing,
The Biden administration is now stationing troops and occupying Syria.
So they're just, we're just going to occupy Syria now.
We can't get anything to be done in our southern border, but we want to occupy Syria.
Also, Alex, the Biden administration agenda to have
Children coming into the country alone!
Children coming in alone!
We've now got mainstream news stories about that.
Through hundreds of miles of the most dangerous place in the world is northern Mexico.
Through coyotes.
This is crimes against humanity.
They're just unspeakable.
This is insane.
And so we're going to cover all that and more.
I've got a loaded news desk, maybe a record news desk here today, Alex.
So we'll be seeing you in T-minus five minutes.
That's right.
Well, yeah, I'm going to walk right over there and we're going to air this sickening Fauci worship video.
And then it's cool with you because I swore at these calls.
CD, Tammy, Josh, Debbie and Forrest, we get to those?
Yeah, let's bring them on.
We got them on the board right here.
We're going to get we're going to play this Biden clip.
I'll do limited comment.
Then I'm going to get directly to that because it's so important.
Thank you, Owen Troyer.
And again, when I tell listeners that you and what you do in the fight against the globalists is king, that isn't rhetoric to make you feel good or feel important about yourself.
His camera's a little lower than mine, so I'll lower my seat.
There we go.
I am doing that because it's reality.
This is a total war, and this is the globalists taking over, and every day that we can stay on air, every day that we can be here is just gravy train.
I think they already figured it out.
Do they know we've known for 27 years, everybody before us, all those seeds we planted, that when they then bring the tyranny in, everybody already knows the game plan how to beat them?
I mean, here's the deal.
We'll feel sorry for the New World Order.
I mean, just, because let me tell you, we're way ahead of them.
They've got the money, the power, they've got Satan, they're going to launch their attack.
It's going to be horrible, it's going to be terrible, but they're going to beg for their mommies before it's done.
That's the end of the Alex Jones Show until 11 a.m.
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I'm not trying to be a victim here.
I'm one hell of a fighter, and I've been blessed to be in this fight this long.
But if you don't buy the products, we can't fight effectively, and the enemy will successfully shut us down.
I got a lot of irons in the fire, a lot of stuff going on people don't even know about.
And let's just say this, you see Info Wars, well we're doing a lot more than what you see there.
The enemy's got all my phones tapped, they know what we're doing, it's all legal.
But believe me, we've only begun to fight.
I need a lot of capital if you want to win this fight.
You can't spend your money anywhere that's got more bang for the buck.
Dollar for dollar.
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God shines through you.
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So, please, you've got my commitment to go 110%.
Sometimes I'm going to fall, sometimes I'm going to fail, sometimes I'm going to stumble, sometimes I'm going to blow up, sometimes I'm going to make a fool out of myself, because I'm real, and I'm a sinner, but I love God, and I love justice, and I need capital to fight this war.
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You already saw the Roger Stone interview in Florida, got some other big ones coming up.
We're busy beavers here, and you'll see it all here at the InfoWart.
We believe in peace, but we are bringing you the war of information.
And if you're going to attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
Well, we knew this news was coming.
So I'm not pleased to be proven right yet again, but here it is.
I've got CNBC.
I've got CNBC.
I've got the New York Post.
I mean, I've got them all right here.
And they say, Oh, guess what?
It's not a pandemic.
It's endemic.
I'm going to say America is racist and white people are inherently bad.
Racism is endemic amongst them, which is total racism by the establishment and by the left trying to create a race war.
Martin Luther King was right when he said, you judge people by the character of what they do and the content of their deeds.
You don't do it off what color they are.
But that's what they're saying.
Well, now they're saying COVID's endemic.
It's a common cold virus that Bill Gates manipulated and patented so he owns it with Fauci and the UN.
And so the vaccines aren't going to work and it's never going to go away.
And Fauci said last week and Bill Gates said this week that you still won't be able to go outside.
Or go have a job or anything, because if one person dies of COVID in New Zealand or the U.S.
or the U.K., no one can ever go outside again.
People have always died of the flu and always died of the cold, and we know they've lied about the numbers from car wrecks and motorcycle wrecks.
People with heart attacks and cancer and the flu and pneumonia.
All of that, they admit, has been put in the column.
But it doesn't matter.
Don't question the science or you'll be censored.
You'll be fired.
And so the very people that cooked this up at Wuhan and launched it and lied to us about the death numbers, saying 4% would die.
It wasn't even 1% to 1%.
We're still supposed to listen to them.
So here's the headline.
Experts say COVID could become endemic.
What that means for you, and it goes on to say, oh, there'll be new versions.
COVID-19, COVID-20, 2021, 2022.
In fact, even major Hollywood producers.
Have movies coming out, like Songbird, about how the lockdown's never going to end, never going to stop, and soon there'll be camps and checkpoints.
But that's just a movie, right?
No, they have the contact tracers in Australia, in the UK, and now in Canada, arresting people that try to walk down the street, beating up women, beating up men, strip searching them.
This is the excuse for martial law.
This is the excuse to take over the producers and break the will of the people that voted for Brexit, or voted for Trump, or voted for Bolsonaro.
This is a authoritarian takeover and it's so incredibly criminal.
Here's Bill Gates, CNBC.
Bill Gates on mask.
He goes on to say, if you're vaccinated, you can still transmit.
So now you can't go out.
I'm not going to stop wearing mask.
Because they're never going to let go.
This power grab.
It's a problem.
I think?
All I can tell you is they're coming for our children now.
I've got the articles right here saying now they're going to come and basically give it to school children, the COVID-19 vaccine, when it's an experimental vaccine and they admit COVID doesn't even affect children and the vaccine's dangerous.
This is so incredibly evil.
So help us at InfoWars stay on air for however long God wants to keep us on air.
And God's going to work through you to decide how long it's going to be.
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