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Name: 20210320_Emergency_Alex
Air Date: March 20, 2021
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In this InfoWars broadcast, the host discusses global control measures such as QR codes, digital tracking systems, and a social credit score. They criticize compliance with the Great Reset and highlight recent victories against globalist agendas. The video explores the role of COVID-19 in planning using Lockstep, Event 201, and Crimson Contagion, mentioning Bill Gates' involvement and past connections to Jeffrey Epstein. The US is discussing priorities with China, expressing concerns about actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, and economic coercion towards allies. The speaker criticizes Joe Biden's recent collapse on national television as an indication of weakness. InfoWars products are selling out quickly and they appreciate their listeners' support. The host emphasizes accurate information for defending freedom against globalism and neoliberalism. The broadcast discusses potential dangers of lockdown measures and the vaccine, criticizing small business struggles due to these restrictions. They encourage individuals to fight back against these measures, citing instances like Adam Skelly's defiance of lockdown orders for his barbecue restaurant, Adamson's Barbecue. The host emphasizes individual rights and freedoms being violated by government lockdowns and restrictions in Canada and the US. They promote standing up against these measures and provide examples from different cities with varying degrees of freedom- oriented values experiencing lower COVID-19 rates. The speakers discuss medical tyranny through COVID-19 pandemic response, focusing on vaccine passports as a tool for tracking and controlling individuals. They stress the importance of questioning vaccines rather than blindly complying. The conversation touches upon various conspiracy theories related to eugenics, mind control, and vaccines, as well as criticism of political leaders and media personalities. The speaker discusses selecting individuals with low morals and intelligence in politics due to being easier to control. They criticize the Prime Minister for expressing admiration towards China's dictatorship and share clips from activists advocating against medical tyranny. The importance of sharing information and raising awareness about vaccines, as well as rejecting them, is emphasized. Chris Sky argues against COVID-19 response measures and claims that the pandemic is being used as an excuse for increasing government control over people's lives, taking away their rights and freedoms. He believes that many of the measures, such as mask wearing and lockdowns, are unnecessary and only meant to create compliance among citizens. The speaker discusses how a company was granted over two and half million dollars for producing something while people are fined for not wearing masks or breaking quarantine laws. They argue that masks control people and silence them, comparing wearing a mask to having a muzzle on. The speaker suggests opening businesses to avoid depression; otherwise, people will be leased everything for life with no ownership of houses or cars. Finally, the speaker discusses holding Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab accountable in an international court for crimes against humanity.

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Tomorrow's news today.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Saturday, March 20th, 2021 global transmission.
And by live, I feel like I'm live.
I'm taping this a few hours before it is streamed out.
So it's technically not exactly live.
They call it taped air, but we're teleprompter free coming direct at you.
And we'll be back tomorrow night live.
4 to 6 p.m.
with the Alex Jones Show.
Then, of course, Sunday Live with Owen Schroer after that, 6 to 8 p.m.
And there's the weekday shows that are all live as well.
A lot of times on Saturdays, I come in here and do a live show.
But with a taped show, we have time to add more articles, more documents, more video clips.
And overall, it's a more polished presentation than some of the live transmissions.
Here we are.
So I was really taking stock of the world and where we all are right now from my perspective.
I know you've got your perspective.
We all tune into shows like this and try to expand our understanding about where the world is right now.
And so I want to kind of set out the waterfront here and then lay out what I'm gonna be breaking down in this special, basically commercial-free transmission that they may air a few ads later in the show, but you won't have the normal 14 minutes of ads an hour for my regular show that is a talk radio show in a TV format with a standard 14 minutes per hour that TV and radio have.
Here, when we do these special either live or taped air transmissions that are so popular on Saturdays,
It is essentially commercial free, though we may air a few commercials, have a few promos.
It is not a set time and if anything it's just something to give us a break to kind of reset and say get a guest on that we're lining up like Chris Sky that will be joining us coming up here in a few minutes, a great activist who is really leading the charge against the Great Reset and the globalist takeover.
Okay, let's go ahead and lay it out here.
Here's the good news.
Anytime the globalists want to make you depressed, anytime they want to make you feel like you've lost everything, anytime they want to make you feel like you're worthless and you're dirty and you're bad, that's because they want to demoralize you so that you're not focused on them and the crimes they've committed.
And they had on the shelf this great reset, this big Operation Lockstep, this Event 201, this Crimson Contagion, this UN Corporate Globalist Plan to take over the planet.
They've had this on the books, on the shelf, ready to roll out under different scenarios for at least 20 years that we can prove it and see it.
I've got all the articles and documents here today and I'll show you those.
So think about that.
They just threw everything they've got at us and their master plan for the post-human world and we're dirty and we've got to be depopulated and carbon is evil and we wear these face diapers.
They've done all of that early because they're behind schedule and because Jeffrey Epstein's whole compromising the scientist network got exposed.
Chicken little event that they had been admitting that they were developing and planning in the future to bring in their cashless society to bring in their AI system.
But they've been forced to bring it in basically behind schedule.
It's badly coordinated, and it counts on our compliance to be successful.
That's why it is what you should know the term is a permanent emergency.
And just think about every facet of how, whether you're in Australia or whether you are in Canada or whether you are in France or whether you are in Ireland, you walk into any restaurant, any grocery store, any bar, and you want a menu and they go, Oh, paper's bad.
Humans touch that.
We have a QR code here waiting for you.
And when you aim your phone at it.
Before you even hit a button or a video, this happened to me today.
I was in a restaurant this morning.
I never aimed at that QR code.
I aimed my phone at the QR code.
And before I even started recording or taking a photo, it said, you are at Waterloo Ice House.
Would you like to see their website or their menu?
It's all AI.
It's already hooked in.
It's already live.
It's already promiscuous.
It's already grabbing everything.
It's already doing everything.
And it's replacing you that when you go to a restaurant or you go to a bar, oh, we can't have any menus because humans are dirty.
In the future, robots will deliver the drink from the bar.
And it will take out that personal little bar, that personal little restaurant, and that personal relationship the globalists want to get rid of and vertically integrate the economy.
And they admit more billionaires made in China in the last year than all other nations combined.
They admit doubling and tripling the profits of every big tech company because they engineered this entire thing.
So when you go to a restaurant or you go to a bar, refuse to do the QR code.
Say, I don't have a phone.
Don't ask them, oh, please, please, please, please, can I have a paper menu?
Just say, I don't have a phone.
Because again, the phones are our little digital minders for the global social credit score.
And if you just understand those simple points and realize you're being caught in a trap, you're being caught in a system of enslavement.
And if you just simply warn others, it will all basically collapse.
That is their whole system that is designed to collapse us.
Instead of us collapsing,
We need to collapse the globalist parasitic system.
So let's talk a little bit about the victories we're having and the big successes we're having.
Yes, the enemy has launched their main attack.
Yes, Xi Jinping openly came out and said six months ago, we need a global QR code to buy and sell and a global social credit score and a global medical system.
And yes, the UN is following lockstep.
And so is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.
And it's all here.
And they've got a bunch of zombies that are going to follow their orders.
Because they want to virtue signal and feel good about themselves.
But as it becomes clear that the noose never comes off your neck, oh, they may tighten it down and then loosen it a little, and then tighten it down even more, and then loosen it a little bit, and then tighten it down even more.
So when they finally drop the lever and open the hatch, and you are about to have your neck broken politically, culturally, spiritually, you won't resist in the final moment.
When the boa constrictor is breaking your bones.
And so that's what all this is, is complete and total social engineering and training.
And so as they tell us, oh, we're going back to normal.
And then in a few months, say there's a new strain, we've got to clamp back down again.
And as they release again, and then tighten back down again, you've got to be warning people that this is a permanent emergency.
You've got to be warning people that this isn't going to be reversed.
You've got to be warning people this is the Great Reset and the Giant Trap and that complying with it doesn't get you out of it.
Complying with it is like a fly not struggling in a spider's web and thinking if it just complies with a spider it's going to be okay.
No, your only hope is to struggle free from the web and the longer you stay in the web
The more you support the web, the more you support the digital trackers and them taking your temperature at the hotel or at the restaurant or at the gym, the more you go along with all the kabuki theater, the more you're going to accept the National ID Card, the digital tracking system.
The more you're going to accept all the new hoops they want you to jump through.
And Chris Sky is really, really, really, really good at laying all this out.
In fact, coming up in a few minutes when we get him on, we're going to air a video I didn't have time to air on the Friday show.
It's about five minutes long of him back in September predicting everything that later transpired.
But he'll tell you, he didn't predict any of this.
It came out in UN documents that were then picked up by this
We're good to go.
And they admit that they helped engineer the drills that then went live that was the COVID-19 rollout via Lockstep, Event 201, and of course, Crimson Contagion.
So this was all planned out.
This has all been meticulously done.
And they just hope you accept it as if the news is like, hey, 15 days to cut the curve.
Hey, just a few months to wear the mask.
Hey, just a few years.
It's forever.
So that's how they do this, ladies and gentlemen, and it's incredible.
Also, we're going to talk with Chris about what are the globalists thinking?
25 countries in Europe have banned the AstraZeneca virus vector, vector virus system.
It's so dangerous, causing blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks and killing a lot of people.
But it's not even one-tenth as bad as the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines.
This is all illegal, skipping animal trials, skipping human trials, going directly to testing on the general public and calling billions being vaccinated a trial.
No, that's not a trial.
That'd be like if you went and test drove a car and just because you put the key in the ignition, you own it.
No, they are
They are engaged in violations of the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code, at a galactic level.
And I had, again, the man, the lawyer, who wrote the U.S.
biological weapons laws in the late 80s on, and he said, on its face, and to its very core, it is a war crime.
These are crimes against humanity because they couldn't get the mRNA gene editing authorized.
No government would do it.
The companies couldn't get it done.
And so they had this big crisis and this big breakdown to then get governments to give liability protection to gene therapy.
And I have a whole folder on gene therapy, mainstream news admitting just a year ago that it was causing massive deaths and cancers in people that were doing gene therapies.
But now if you try to talk about gene therapy causing cancer, you get censored.
So this is a big move.
This is a biological rape of the public.
So why are they doing it?
Well, look at this overhead shot.
Bill Gates did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday and had to basically quit it early because everybody was piling on about his eugenics background, about Jeffrey Epstein, how he lied about working with Jeffrey Epstein, about how they were using Epstein to compromise top scientists and heads of universities and federal regulators.
There's a full article and transcripts of what happened at Infowars.com.
It's amazing.
So Bill Gates may have his stolen hundreds of billions, and he may call himself a philanthropist being tax exempt, but he is one of the most hated men in history, despite all his censorship.
Doesn't matter that his own NewsGuard fact-checking website that he pays for and runs through Microsoft came out and said, I was a liar that India hadn't banned the Pfizer vaccine that he owns part of, but India did ban it.
And now a bunch of other countries ban it as well.
So they are lying so much, ladies and gentlemen.
That's not a sign of strength.
That is a major, major, major sign of weakness.
I mean, look at this next deadline.
Bill Gates says he'll fly a lot less and eat more synthetic meat to fight climate change.
Does anyone believe he's, quote, eating
Synthetic meat.
He just wants to ban regular meat or make you pay more for it from him.
That's why he's actually buying into farms and ranches and beef production and is the biggest landowner now of farmland in the United States.
Because he's cornering the market on this in the future.
When they're done bankrupting all the small farms, he'll be the only one left standing.
He's a monopoly man.
He has a very sinister criminal will.
But let's talk more about the positive things happening.
They may have stolen the election from Trump, which they did, and the American people.
They stole it from us.
In fact, they took it right in front of us.
And then they put that puppet in, hoping that he'd be old and somewhat senile and they could control him, but not falling down and bumbling and calling his daughter.
His brother and doing all the other insane things he's doing and saying China can invade Hong Kong and China can kill the Uyghurs and then the Chinese don't respect us and get in our face when we're up there at the summit in Alaska a few days ago because they know they own Biden.
So as bad as that is now,
Everyone's going to see the Qaikom puppet that is Biden.
Everyone's going to see them liquidate the borders and cause a giant migrant crisis with tens of thousands pouring across the day.
Everyone's going to see it in the streets.
Everyone's going to witness the world making fun of us.
Everyone's going to witness the left running the country in the ground.
You're going to get a big, fat, juicy taste of it.
I think so.
And it goes directly against the authoritarian legalism of the Communist Chinese.
And so for them, they want to mount America's soul on the wall.
They want to catch us like a big fish and stuff us.
They want, metaphysically, to feel like they've had triumph over America.
Because for all of America's problems, we had a Bill of Rights and Constitution.
We had a Christian ethos.
We had an idea of liberty and freedom and individualism.
And the collectivist
Want to destroy that, just like the devil hates the light.
And so there is a full repudiation of our Republic, a full repudiation of everything we stand for, because it stands in complete contravention and is anathema to the Satanist.
And so here's a quick report.
I filed last night, but I think it's pretty powerful.
Dealing with Biden and his incredible gaffes of, I race upstairs while Trump hobbles downstairs and all of his boasting and all of his ridiculous garbage.
And now there he is falling down three times, trying to run up the gantry like he's Superman or like he's, you know, Barack Obama.
And it doesn't matter if the media covers this up.
It doesn't matter because everybody one way or another ends up seeing it.
And the more they try to censor to cover up who they are, the more they're going to be staring back at themselves in that mirror.
So here is the report.
Video of Biden collapsing three times.
We're going to come back with the latest COVID news worldwide, the UN martial law operation.
Then we're going to talk to Chris Sky.
Please stay with us.
The puppet in chief, the stooge, the communist Chinese operative, Joe Biden, collapsed three times on national television yesterday.
And the communist Chinese are celebrating America's weakness right now.
Look at how he steps and look how I step.
Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps.
Come on.
Karma is a bitch.
That was Joe Biden a year ago during the campaign saying, I'm going to race up those stairs and Trump can't even go down those stairs.
Well, at least Trump, after it rained at a military commencement, was being careful going down the stairs.
No, you certainly race up them and fall down not once, not twice, but three times.
And then reading all the comments on Twitter and that echo chamber, praising him and saying, why is this news?
Can you imagine if Trump fell down once?
What about twice?
What about three times?
Hillary fell down a few times.
It was a big deal.
But she's well known to have actually no balance, no vision, and has major brain problems, just like Joe Biden.
And Joe Biden is emblematic of how this globalist elite is really good at dominating the American people and dividing and conquering us.
But not standing up to Russia, not standing up to China.
It was a communist Chinese just yesterday up in Alaska confronting the U.S.
envoy to China saying, oh, you have Black Lives Matter.
You can't challenge our Uyghur death camps, our Buddhist or Christian death camps that are thousands of times any crimes committed here against minorities.
That's Communist China funding that movement against America, manipulating what they see as tribal and domestic differences in our country.
And Joe Biden, the Democrats on the Chinese payroll have greased the skids for that.
So now they have no respect for Joe Biden and his puppet regime that they financed when they finally put up a meager stand against their tyranny.
Today, we'll have an opportunity to discuss key priorities, both domestic and global.
So that China can better understand our administration's intentions and approach.
We'll also discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, economic coercion toward our allies.
Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability.
That's why they're not merely internal matters, and why we feel an obligation to raise these issues here today.
China is firmly opposed to U.S.
interference in China's internal affairs.
We have expressed our staunch opposition to such interference, and we will take firm actions in response.
I think?
There are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which is admitted by the U.S.
itself as well.
The United States has also said that countries can't rely on force in today's world to resolve the challenges we face.
And it is a failure to use various means to topple the so-called authoritarian states.
And the challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated.
They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as Black Lives Matter.
It did not come up only recently.
So we do hope that for our two countries, it's important that we manage our respective affairs well, instead of deflecting the blame on somebody else in this world.
See, leftists, the enemy isn't conservatives and Christians and capitalists and nationalists that made America so great.
The enemy's authoritarian regimes.
Your authoritarian puppet president, who said that Putin's a killer and that he confronted him and said, you don't have a soul and Russia better watch out, we're about to take major action against him.
So you know Vladimir Putin, you think he's a killer?
I do.
So what price must he pay?
The price he's going to pay, well, you'll see shortly.
So the Russians pulled their ambassadors and challenged Biden to a debate.
And Biden said, oh, I'm too busy playing Mario Kart.
I can't do that.
I'm too busy falling on my face.
No matter how much propaganda comes out from big tech, no matter how much censorship takes place with MSNBC or CNN, it doesn't matter.
Reality is still reality.
And the whole Harvard, Ivy League, globalist, America-hating trash group, a bunch of pedophiles and control freaks, are a cancer, not a cure.
And the whole world's turning against them.
The whole world's rejecting them.
So while General Honoré is training to confiscate American people's guns, and they're keeping tens of thousands of troops in D.C., and they're trying to bully Tucker Carlson off the air, remember that reality still exists.
As former President Obama once said, elections have consequences.
Well, in the year 2021, stolen elections have consequences.
So while the public has fun with this, people go crazy with the memes showing Biden in a wheelchair, Biden with an assisted system going up the stairs.
This is really, really dangerous.
I mean, he just challenged Putin to a major war.
And then of course, Putin challenged him to a debate.
He wouldn't even do it.
This is emblematic of the fall of our Republic.
We have to reject this fraudulent election, reject the Democratic Party, reject the deep state, and reject the globalists now while we still can.
So no matter how big the mainstream media hypes up race war in America and civil war, no matter how many stops they pull out, no matter how much division they sow, at the end of the day, Hollywood and the left and the globalists will still be soulless trash.
And their figurehead is a literal dying, creepy, insane pedophile.
And that's the real world.
I only pray that as Joe Biden collapses and as President Kamala Harris takes the reins, that somehow sanity is discovered again in this country and we stop capitulating and bowing down to political correctness.
America's surrender must end if the world is going to survive.
The people of humanity must come together and reject globalism and neoliberalism or there is no future.
As for me and the InfoWars crew and our viewers and listeners, we'll continue to fight on.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Just never forget though, if you're watching this transmission, if you're taking action, if you're involved, you care.
You are the resistance.
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We are having a great effect.
So, God bless you.
InfowarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
Tomorrow's news.
All right, again, thank you for joining us on this Saturday Transmission.
Please don't forget, this is an information war.
Everything depends on the people having accurate information and to know what they're up against.
The only way that happens is you and your word of mouth.
And so you're just as important as I am, just as important as the boom operator, just as important as the producers and the crew and their punch of the buttons, just as important as President Trump or Tucker Carlson.
Or Chris Sky, that's coming on in a few minutes.
You are incredibly important, and I cannot stress that enough to you.
And let me give you the positive news again.
This is a whole giant globalist takeover plan.
Decades in the making.
After Chris Sky leaves, I'm going to show you those documents.
New ones have come out that are even more damning.
It's insane.
And this is the way the world works.
There's a vacuum.
And it doesn't last long.
When you have a free society, it produces wealth.
Then corrupt people move in to take it over.
If you don't stand up for your freedom, if you don't stand up for chivalry, if you don't stand up for basic liberty and guard it jealously, the jewel of liberty must be guarded jealously.
It must be defended with our blood.
I mean, that's a paraphrase, a quote from Thomas Jefferson.
And so when you don't do that, boom!
It's like a submarine with a bulkhead open.
You start flooding.
And the tyrants come, but we know the psychology of tyrants.
We know the pathology of tyrants.
We know the modus operandi, the MO.
They always overreach.
They always go for broke.
They always are self-destructive.
Whether it's a low-level serial killer or Adolf Hitler.
They always go too far.
And so we know how history works.
And we know what the globalists are going to do next.
So we have that incredible superpower.
It's not a superpower.
I cannot tell you, and this is not about bragging.
This is about positivity and reality.
I got invited to go to Florida a few weeks ago by some folks.
And when I was there, I got to meet with the who's who of the American resistance.
You name it, we met with them.
And the first rule of Fight Club is don't talk about Fight Club.
Second rule, don't talk about it.
They all wanted me to know, Alex, you've done a great job.
You helped start this whole modern movement.
Take care of yourself.
Keep fighting.
We're going to win.
Everybody we know in corporations and the military hates what the globals are doing.
It's a very few Rockefeller Rothschild Gates type people, a few hundred on top, but their own system hates them.
And we're going to win.
We've just got to stay the course and never back down.
And that's what I was basically told, and I'm just going to leave it at that.
And it's not because there's some secret military cabal that's going to save us either.
It's that our people are everywhere.
So when Joe Biden says, I want to purge the military and the police, they're all white supremacists.
Replace white supremacists with black patriots, Hispanic patriots, white patriots, red-blooded human patriots that want a future for their children and who aren't Satanists and who aren't pedophiles.
The globalists are in trouble.
Jeffrey Epstein's whole Bill Gates network was brought down.
They're going under.
And so now I've always known, I've been on there 27 years.
So I got, I got to be in some big movies and all in Hollywood people and it was boring.
I didn't really like it.
Linkletter was a nice guy, but that was about it.
Keanu Reeves, a nice guy.
I mean, I know all those guys.
Woody Harrelson's good, but other than them, you know, it's all a mess.
But I get to interface now with the common people that are way cooler and way more involved, whether they're a firefighter, or a doctor, or a nurse, or a school teacher, or a professor, or a scientist, or an activist like Chris Sky, or an activist like Alfie Oaks.
These are the real people.
They come in every race, color, and creed, every color.
They all got red blood.
They all got a soul.
And so, today in my life,
Today, I get to go meet with people that I'm not going to tell you who I'm meeting with.
It's amazing.
Just imagine, and that's it.
One of the crew members guessed it.
And it's not about Alex Jones has arrived like some parrot, you know, sitting at the top of the tree.
The coolest parrot sits at the top.
That's how it works with parrots.
I don't care about that.
I wouldn't care about going.
You couldn't get me to go to LA and meet with the top Hollywood stars.
I would not go sit in a room with them.
They're puppets.
They're soulless.
They're nobodies.
I get to know the real people.
I get to know the salt of the earth.
I get to interface with other amazing souls.
They come in all different packages, but are the same inside.
They love justice and love God, and that's what this is about.
So, you've all heard, it's about the journey, not the destination.
The journey is the destination.
And so, I've been through the fire.
I've been through a lot.
I've been persecuted.
They might kill me, put me in prison.
So be it.
That's God's will.
I just want you to know that
Everything they do is to make you depressed.
Everything they do is to make you give up.
Everything they do is to make you shut down, and to make others around you depressed, because we're all interconnected, so we become depressed.
Because I've gotten not depressed, but compared to the way I usually am, bummed out, upset about the mask, upset about the lies, upset about the vaccines, upset about all the deaths and the fraud, and it's all sad, and it's all bad.
But that's the enemy trying to hold us under psychic water, and drown us.
We have to realize that God and justice and goodness is real and there are good people and it's all about being tested.
The journey is the destination and it's all about being real and so not letting them get you down, not letting them break your will.
It was about three weeks ago I had intense dreams and I really wrestled with this and God really touched me.
And it was just like, you've got to be positive.
You've got to accept the victory.
You've got to know we're going to win in the end.
And you've got to truly be confident, Jones, and not just be this weight on you and always charging forward and always feeling like you're not doing enough.
You've got to still fight harder than ever, but be fulfilled and tell others to be fulfilled.
You can say it was my subconscious telling me, God, whatever, it was real.
And as soon as I had that feeling, it was like trillions of pounds of weight came off me and I had more energy to fight tyranny.
So that's why it's exciting to talk to someone like Chris Sky who's got that same passion, that same energy, and he's not submitting.
It's another example.
Not giving myself credit, all of you supporting us credit.
We helped wake him up when he was a teenager decades ago.
Now here he is today being a major leader.
And it's about who is he inspiring now?
Who are you inspiring?
With little things you think you're doing are actually big things.
When you speak out at church, when you speak out at work, when you lovingly tell people the mask are a hoax, that's something that's not a labor, that's a gift you're giving people, and it's also a gift you're giving yourself.
So let me run through some of these headlines.
We'll go to Chris Scott.
We've now got on the line.
Because he told you this just Friday.
He told you this when he was on a month ago.
He said they're going to have a third wave, claiming not enough people are vaccinated, even though the studies show the vaccinations are breeding actually dangerous viruses.
USA Today.
France puts Paris back in lockdown mode for next four weeks beginning Friday night because they were about to be overthrown by the Yellow Shirts, because Macron's unpopular, because the globals want to bankrupt small businesses.
This is a consolidation siege economic warfare.
Coronavirus update.
Not enough vaccine dosages in Europe to stop a third wave, German health minister says.
No, it's called
Herd immunity that does it, for something that 99.9% of people don't even get, and the 99 plus percent that get it survive!
You average those two together, it's like .000 something to die from this damn thing!
At least we're gonna chicken little and run into our houses and never come back out again, and the whole world collapses, and nobody has jobs in the future, so the bank's gotta give us universal incomes, and there's suddenly scarcity everywhere.
Dutch police, we roll this video.
Blast anti-lockdown protesters with water cannons after crowd assembles near Van Gogh Museum.
This is outrageous.
This is garbage, but this is happening everywhere.
Do not leave your house.
Never go out again.
You are not essential.
This is a sick joke.
Meanwhile, the globalists are drinking wine and banging hookers and partying.
Enough is enough.
Flemish official calls for civil disobedience in Belgium.
As they impose a new curfew.
That's at Europewars.com.
Thousands gather to protest against COVID in London.
That's MSN.
How about hundreds of thousands?
I've seen the videos.
It's an ongoing live event right now.
They're trying to say you can't be on the streets, trying to say you gotta wear a mask.
They're breaking the fear, breaking the conditioning, and showing the sheeple how to really live and how it really works.
There's some of that incredible, absolutely incredible footage.
Meanwhile, Trump Jr.
shares video showing father knocking Biden down with golf ball.
The media is calling it edited and deceptive and a trick.
No, it's called a meme.
It's called a joke.
Everybody knows the golf ball did knock Biden down.
His own scrabbling up like a dying rat did.
So let's show people the real video that's far worse.
That's a meme.
The fact that they would tell you in the New York Times and The Hill that it was deceptive
Is them being deceptive to you or talking to you like you've got a 70 IQ?
They wish you did.
That's why they try to dumb you down.
Here's the actual... Roll the video with audio, please.
Of him walking up the airplane and then falling down three times.
Go ahead and roll it for me, guys.
Just roll the whole thing from the beginning.
I really wanna... Just roll this from the beginning.
You gotta see him scrabbling along down the tarmac.
Here it is.
All wearing their little face diapers.
Little clown suits.
He's the big leader.
He's the guy they stole the election for.
This guy can get a hundred people to come out and see him.
He's our president.
While the border is liquefied, while the dollar falls apart, while the economy dies.
He told the illegals, come up here, rush the border immediately, he said.
Remember that?
We'll play that clip again in a moment, after Chris Scott leaves us.
Gonna show everybody I can run up that ramp.
And here he goes.
Look, look, grandson.
Look, great grandson.
I can catch them all.
I'm a big boy.
Boy, does that make America look pathetic.
And remember, he said, I can just race right up there, no problem.
Can't watch that enough.
AstraZeneca German team discovers thrombosis trigger.
Yeah, that'll give you a heart attack.
That'll give you a blood clot.
How about a stroke?
But Fauci says the variant from UK likely accounts for 30% of COVID infections in the U.S.
Ooh, a new variant!
I'm so scared.
Oh, like this variant?
ABC News?
UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine.
Bill and Melinda Gates?
You try to put that out on Twitter and Facebook, they block it because they're helping murder the black babies.
That's why they tell you all day, we love black babies.
We love black people.
Yeah, you love them.
You love killing them.
Flashback, scientists at Sloan-Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer.
But don't worry, Texas restaurants are virtue-shaping now that all the Californians have moved here.
They chose a $50 surcharge if you don't wear a mask.
Hey, how about piss off and I leave your filthy restaurant?
New study shows 9 in 10 COVID patients on ventilators don't make it.
Yeah, they always knew they were killing them with the ventilators.
80% of New York City's coronavirus patients who are put on ventilators ultimately die, and some doctors are trying to stop using them.
I've got even more to hit on this, but I want to get Chris Sky who's been holding patiently the last 10 minutes on.
I really appreciate him spending time.
With us on Saturday, he's got a lot of hashtags, a lot of great websites.
He's a major leader, thought leader when it comes to opposing all this.
And after he leaves us, I'm going to air the five-minute clip in September that went viral with tens of millions of views of him predicting everything that would come in the future.
You don't need a mask.
The mask is about compliance.
Because they know Canadians like to do what they're told.
So if they tell you you have to wear a mask, next they're going to tell you you have to contact trace.
Then they're going to tell you you have to take the vaccine.
And because Canadians like to do what they're told, they're hoping that everyone just complies.
And then guess what kids?
Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn't know any better,
They're going to tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was going to be.
So now you still got to wear your mask, still got to get contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.
Uh, but, but right now tell people that don't know who you are, who you are, tell people the best websites, the new hashtag, because we're not just here bitching, we're taking action.
And then I wanted to give you 20, 30 minutes unfettered commercial free, uh, to actually roll through what you see coming next, how we fight back and what's unfolding.
Chris Sky, great to have you here.
It's always a pleasure.
Where do you want to start?
Tell us about you, about the hashtag, about the websites, how we take action.
I've been one of the main anti-lockdown speakers since the very beginning of this.
I've been speaking all around the world.
I've spoken at world conferences.
So, I'm very well versed on the situation.
I have an Instagram.
That's my main avenue of giving out my information.
It's at real Chris Sky.
And I also have a Twitter at Chris Sakocha1.
That's C-H-R-I-S.
And that's S-A-C-C-O-C-C-I-A1.
And other than that, I've just been trying to wake people up.
I started two nonprofits.
My first nonprofit is going to be very relevant now.
It's called Back to Work.
And the idea was to create a legal fund, a legal team, and an actual fund for businesses that they could use when they need to fight these fines that they're getting for opening.
The idea behind it was get an entire group of businesses to open, have enough money in this fund and a legal team to represent them so they could fight off the fines, stay open and other businesses would see this and open as well.
I made it way back in April last year and when I made it I said this isn't for the first wave, this isn't for the second wave, this is for the third wave.
And the third wave is now.
And why did I say that?
It's because I knew in the first wave, businesses were just going to ride it out.
They could say two weeks over and over and over and over again.
And people would just, they wouldn't want to fight the government.
When it came to the second wave, some people were still, a lot of people were on the fence, but still not motivated to maneuver and do this because they didn't want to go up against the government.
Now, when it comes to the third wave, the third wave is so obvious, so obvious, especially since people like me were telling people it was coming after we already had predictions that came through.
People were so, they were ready for it.
So now that the government's announcing that it's here, they realize, finally, that this isn't about their safety, this is about control.
And when they make that determination, and they change that perception just a little bit, it changes everything.
Because now all the propaganda on TV does not affect them.
They're no longer afraid.
Now, they're only afraid of losing their business, losing their house, losing their livelihood.
And they're worried about their family's future.
That's what I was waiting for.
I was waiting for necessity to overcome fear.
And I believe we've reached that point.
So I'm going to be using back to work a lot in the next coming months.
I'm going to try to organize a grand reopening of businesses.
We're going to provide them funding.
We're going to provide them private security.
A legal team.
We're going to provide them everything they need to thwart off the illegal intrusions of the government.
And again, Chris, explain this to people.
If you're in Texas or a few other places and you're somewhat open, you're like, oh, I don't care if they're closed, that's going to cause a worldwide depression and the globals are going to get to us next with new bioweapons that are actually real they're going to release.
We've got to destroy this hoax now.
We've got to discredit this hoax now.
Well, yes, exactly.
And the idea, especially in Canada, our economy is so dependent on our small businesses.
70% of all our jobs come from small businesses.
There was about 1.15 million small businesses in all of Canada at the start of this whole thing.
We've lost around 300,000.
And we have another few hundred thousand that are just on the brink and this third wave will push them out.
If you lose four or five hundred thousand businesses,
That's losing almost half of our jobs.
And these are businesses and jobs that are never coming back.
Let that sink in, people.
Never coming back.
So you end up with a double digit reduction in GDP that's basically permanent.
You end up with millions, if not tens of millions of job losses.
And you end up with tens of millions of people that were once independent and providing GDP who are now dependent on government to survive and the newest collectors of their universal basic income that they're trying to push through.
That's what they're trying to do and there will be no recovery.
They keep telling you we're gonna have this wonderful bounce.
How can there be a bounce when they open you in phases and you go from not being able to open to a 10% capacity and then maybe a month later you're at 20% capacity and then sure enough they're gonna lock you back down again.
No, the idea here is to strangle people and literally suffocate them slowly
To the point where they literally don't move.
They'll just sit there and lose their business.
We've already seen hundreds of thousands of people literally lost their businesses rather than just try to open.
People are so scared of a piece of paper and a fine that will never hold up in court.
I want everybody to know that.
Every emergency order fine, whether it's for opening your business, whether it was for having a party, whether it was for declining quarantine or testing at the airport,
All of those fines and tickets will be thrown right out of court, because they're a complete violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada, and they're a complete violation of your constitutional rights in the United States of America.
Thankfully, that's why we live in these countries, because we have rights, and we have freedoms.
And they're trying to make people forget that.
And they're trying to make people believe that those are irrelevant, and that the government can just supersede them or take them away.
It doesn't work like that.
And that's why I keep making videos to demonstrate that.
The most recent one was when they sent an entire police force to my house
To try to legally arrest me and it didn't work out the way they wanted.
In fact, it was pretty embarrassing for them.
So I wanted to make videos like that to inspire people, to let them know that they need to do the same type of thing, but in a different way.
If you own a business, you need to open it.
If we had one man, his name is Adam Skelly.
He opened his barbecue place.
He was inspired by me because he was a frequent person at the protest.
And he was actually there the day I made that prediction video, September 26th.
And he heard it and he came up to me and he said, I own three restaurants.
He's like, are they really going to lock us down by end of November?
I said, you better believe they are.
He said, well, if they do, I'm going to stay open.
It was that day right there.
On that day, he saw that interview.
Adam Skelly of Adamson's Barbecue came over and he said, if that happens and they try to close us down, I'm going to stay open.
And I told him, if you stay open, I'll be there.
And sure enough, he stayed open.
And for three days, we fought off the police with thousands of people there.
It took the third day.
The third day, what they had done, they had put a special emergency police order out for a special police job.
And I got a document sent to me by someone in the Toronto Police Force because they offered him the job.
It was an overnight job.
They were paying emergency pay times three, and they needed officers to stand guard at Adam Skelly's place overnight.
And we didn't know why, but I figured it out.
They were getting the locks and stuff changed at his own place.
He owned the building, he owned the land.
But under the so-called Emergency Act, all they needed was a little signed order from Eileen Davila, our so-called chief health expert, whose husband got arrested for ties to AstraZeneca, by the way.
I'm just gonna throw that out there.
And they're not reporting on it in mainstream media.
But in any case,
She just wrote a little thing that said, you're in violation of our new emergency orders, so we're confiscating your property.
So, like a communist country, they literally came overnight, changed the locks on a building that he owned, and gave him a notice in the morning that said, we now own your building, we now own the property, and you're not definitely allowed to open.
If you enter your premise, it will be trespassing.
And they literally sent the cavalry.
Horse mounted police with dozens of other police and they tried to surround the building.
Well, Adam Skelly is a warrior and he snuck in through a window and from the inside of his own building, he had to kick down a door because they didn't just lock it.
They literally bolted them shut.
So from the inside, he kicked this door down.
And when the door came flying open, it almost hit a cop in the face.
I actually had to stop the door from hitting a police officer in the face.
And then we used that little set to slide in there, about 20 of us.
And we closed the door back up, or we had people block the door off from the police because the door was broken at that point.
And we started serving brisket inside to make a point.
Let me guess, this is making the restaurant way more popular than ever.
Fighting back is rewarding.
You don't lose doing it, you win doing it.
The only way you lose is submitting.
A whole cashless society, vertical integration.
This is the Rockefeller Foundation.
Let's talk about this.
I'm going to show documents after you leave us.
Controlling the UN, controlling China, telling all your local governments what to do.
And then meanwhile, Florida never closed.
Other than some blue cities that refused the governor's orders, and they have the lowest COVID rates, lowest COVID deaths, and are now booming more than any other state in the union, and Texas has now gone into third place.
It's absolutely disgusting what our governor did.
We know he's on the globalist payroll.
So a year into the pandemic, Ford is booming and Republican Governor DeSantis is taking credit.
So again, this totally backfired when anybody stands up.
That's what happens.
And it's so sad.
What's happening in areas of Canada, especially French areas and areas of Europe?
Why is it certain areas are under total lockdown, other areas they don't try it?
I think it's because they've done psychological testing.
They admit they have.
And no, it's not going to go over.
It's not an accident that Toronto and New York, two docile and very liberal cities, are on strict lockdowns.
And places like Florida and Texas, who love guns, love freedom, are basically free and open.
The government will do whatever you allow them to do.
Everything that's happening right now is because Canadians and Americans are allowing it in their own respective states.
If they said no, it wouldn't happen.
And that's what we're trying to do.
We're trying to make these businesses say no like Adam did.
And I just want to finish up what happened with him because I don't want people to think it's hopeless.
Because they came that day.
They said he had confiscated his property.
They came and they actually arrested him right beside me while we were serving the brisket in his restaurant.
And they stuck him with like a bill for $175,000 they were going to try to make him pay.
He started a GoFundMe.
It took about three days to get almost $400,000 in there.
So he had more than enough money to pay his lawyers, fight this charge, and already in court, they're going to have to not let it go to court.
If it goes to court... And again, I'm glad you're covering microcosms, Chris, but listen, folks, it's a plan.
It's always been a plan.
It's not just you up there predicting it because you have their documents.
I'm not taking it away from you.
It's that it's an admitted formula.
Explain to people.
What they've done so far, and then in a nutshell, where they will take us if we submit versus how you see us defeating them.
Because I say we go on the offense, and look, it's great news!
25 countries in Europe have banned the AstraZeneca.
A bunch of others, like India, have banned the mRNA Pfizer.
There's mass death everywhere.
People are waking up.
So I go back to the question.
Let me ask you, let's do it a piece at a time.
You're a smart guy and I really want your opinion.
And people always say, don't worry about psychopaths, don't worry why they do it.
Well, criminology, I need to know.
Why is Bill Gates and the UN and the Rockefeller Foundation, I have the documents where they ran the whole thing.
Why are they doing something so bold and reckless?
I mean, they knew this would kill people.
They know it won't protect you.
They know it's going to give rise to real viruses.
I mean, they are just mad dog crazy.
And the answer is they want to kill people.
They're psychos, they're eugenicists, and this is the best way they can do it.
And they think they're going to get away with it.
And their whole globalist system is already in so much trouble.
They are mad that Epstein got busted with Bill Gates and so now they're doing this to make us...
It's all about two things.
And money is part of that.
But that's what they're doing all of this for.
And they're using medicine because people trust medicine.
So that's why they're trying to impose this medical tyranny where basically medical law is now replacing actual law and replacing even our rights and freedoms.
They're bringing in world government, corporate law, corporate governance through medical tyranny.
That's it.
That's the number one thing that people need to realize.
And that's why they're using this idea of a virus, and an idea of a pandemic, and the idea that everything they're doing is for your safety.
Because it makes it much harder to resist.
It makes it a lot easier to comply.
And then they do it in ways that they make it small little stages.
So you think you're doing the right thing, and you think you're trying to help, and they use psychological warfare on you to make you believe that if you don't do exactly as you're told,
You're going to die, or you're part of the problem.
It's 100% psychological warfare, and by the time they get the vaccine out, it's going to turn into actual warfare.
Because when they're taking something and forcing it into your body against your will, it's not psychological anymore, it's physical warfare.
That's right.
So why are they doing this?
And again, just expanding on that.
Why not?
What do people that have power want?
More power.
And what do they want?
They don't want to be able to lose that power.
Right now, they're outnumbered.
Right now, people are waking up to what they're doing.
So, they're only... And so, the elite has launched a chicken little fear-mongering operation, but with it, they get you to opt in to taking a soft kill weapon that damages you, weighs down your family and wrecks society, while consolidating power and money for them, which has all happened.
Which is wonderfully convenient for them, is it not?
They set up society so you have no choice but to follow the medical diktats of the state, which now will say you need to take four COVID vaccines a year and who else knows what other kind of vaccines they're going to come up with.
They're probably going to make a whole immunization schedule for adults by the time they get this done.
But they're going to tell you the medical diktat of the state is
You cannot live your life, you cannot travel, you cannot work, you cannot congregate unless you submit to our forced medical procedures.
This is going to backfire on the medical system massively.
So let's talk about where will they take us if we submit versus where we're really going to go and how you see them being defeated.
If we submit, if you keep complying, the end game is the vaccine passport.
That is their end game right now.
Because once they get you under the vaccine passport with medical tyranny, and they expand the vaccine passport to other facets of your life, guess what?
Now they introduce digital currency.
And they're going to put it together with your vaccine passport, which is now a digital biometric identity.
And now Walmart, China, they're all on board.
Of course they're on board.
It's a wonderful way to track you.
It's a wonderful way to control you.
And then once they have a digital currency and everything tied to your biometric vaccine passport digitally, you'll have to like literally scan.
At first it'll be you scanning your phone or whatever other gadget you have to get into certain places.
Eventually you'll be scanning yourself.
And then not only are you a commodity, you're no longer even a human being.
Every single transaction you try to do will have to be tracked, traced, taxed, and approved.
By the state.
Even if you want to sell a pair of used shoes on Kijiji, they will know about it.
And then, once they have all that, the final, final nail in the coffin for society forever will be the social credit score.
Because that's how they keep everyone in line after they have you on their full system where they have complete control over you.
Because now, you can take a picture with someone like me or you, Alex, and your social credit score is going to drop.
If it drops to a certain point, you won't be able to travel.
And that's what's key.
What you just said is absolutely key.
They aren't just getting this to get control.
Once they have the control grid in, it'll be more and more you've got to do to comply.
You've got to sterilize your kids.
You've got to send yourself for communist training.
You've got to stop eating real meat.
It's all a social credit score where you get rewarded, and then they hold up the first group that does what they're told, they give them a big reward, but by the end of it, you don't get any reward.
That's right.
The only reward is being allowed to live under their conditions, which are horrible living conditions.
So if you want that kind of life, where you have to take an inoculation multiple times a year, where you have your identity, your medical history, your vaccine history, your work, everything on a little chip, including your bank account information that the state can turn off at any time.
If you want to live like that, just keep complying with everything they're saying.
If you want a free society, like what you had before, but even better, become more aware and start asking more questions.
And stop complying with things that are not in your best interest.
If you don't ask questions, you can't know if something's good for you or not.
And they're telling you asking questions is bad.
Of course they're telling you that, because they're lying to you.
Nobody who's telling you a lie wants to ask questions.
Because it's going to expose their lie.
And that's why we're telling people to ask questions about the vaccine.
By the way, did you see the NAACP New York head say, I'm not asking questions what's in it.
I'm not reading.
Just take the infusion.
I mean, you talk about a cult programming.
That's Jim Jones.
Drink the Kool-Aid.
I mean, this is crazy.
That's ridiculous!
How can somebody, especially doctors right now, 9 out of 10 doctors, I won't say all doctors, because I know some doctors personally that are telling their patients, do not take the vaccine, I'm not taking it, and I commend them, but they're still not going public and saying it, they're just saying it behind closed doors.
But 9 out of 10 doctors are telling their patients, I recommend this vaccine, it's safe and it's effective.
How can they say that?
When you ask your doctor, doctor, is this vaccine FDA approved?
The doctor's gonna say no.
When you say doctor, has this passed human clinical trials?
They're gonna say no, it's currently ongoing.
When you say doctor, do we even have any long-term safety or efficacy data on this vaccine at all or even short-term?
So then doctor, why are you telling me it's safe and why are you recommending it?
I don't think they'll be able to answer that question.
Because it's a, look, we got rid of Christianity.
Which became a virtue signal.
I'm a Christian, personally.
God's real.
But it became a state-run garbage thing where you go and show how good you are like a bunch of Pharisees.
And so now there's no Christianity, really.
So now it's I wear a mask.
I virtue signal.
I'm racist.
White people are bad.
It's a new religion.
And they admit that political correctness is a religion.
They admit this in their white papers.
But it's a religion where Apple runs slave camps and the globalists don't pay taxes.
But then they call for reparations for black people while they're killing black people with poison.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
By the way, guys, the other day, somebody accused us that that was edited.
I went and found, like, her three-minute speech, and I meant to send it to you guys, and I think I sent it to Daria.
She's not here today.
Will you guys please go get the full... It's about three minutes and ten seconds of... If my memory serves, she gets up there and runs her mouth and thanks everybody and says how great they are and how they're all heroes.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to tell you something bottom line.
My dad was top of his class.
He was going to UT when he was 16 years old.
He worked at a cancer research facility in Houston.
He got out of it by the time he was in college.
They told him point-blank range.
It's all about eugenics.
It's all about getting rid of poor people.
That includes black folks.
And my dad didn't tell me about that until I was
I think?
We're good to go.
From the syphilis derangement that they had.
Jack the Ripper that killed all those women, they believe had syphilis.
Hitler, they believe, had syphilis.
Al Capone had syphilis, one reason he was so vicious and all that.
And so we know this.
So the idea, Chris Sky, that we should... And she's saying what they're saying.
They're on the news saying, don't ask questions, it's safe and effective.
But they admit it's not safe and effective.
So where do you see all this going?
Well, it's going in two very different directions.
It's obvious that society is now going to be completely divided along the lines of who wants the vaccine and who doesn't.
And that's why it's so important that I created that hashtag, the Just Say No campaign, because if they can get 75% compliance in this vaccine, and they will do it by so many coercion.
They'll try to force military to take it.
They'll try to force frontline workers to take it.
They'll try to force teachers and nurses and everyone else to take it.
They'll try to make it compulsory for school children.
And by that point, it's going to be, it's going to be a lot of compliance.
And then we have a whole bunch of the population that's just like that lady that said, she's not going to ask questions.
She's going to stick out her arm.
So it's a lot of work to try to get at least, at least a quarter of this population to ask questions and say, I'm not taking this vaccine.
I can see where this is going.
I don't want, want a vaccine passport.
I don't want, I do not want medical tyranny imposed upon me.
I want to be able to control what goes in my body and I want to still, I still want to retain my freedoms, period.
And that's where this is going.
We're going to have literally a complete chasm of society where there's going to be these people that believe in the vaccine and are in complete denial of what's really going on.
And then there's going to be this group of society that actually will not take the vaccine, understands that this is all about control and not their safety.
And it's our job, our job, especially people like you with a giant platform,
Well that's my next point.
That's my next question.
The only way they can get away with this is with total silencing of the people, so they can try to restrict an Alex Jones.
But if all the viewers out there become Chris Sky, start an Instagram, start a Facebook, start a Twitter.
Go to the areas where they're all masked up, and with a bullhorn, lovingly educate people.
Hand out articles, hand out URLs, explain that bacterial pneumonia is caused by masks, explain that Bill Gates is the number one cause of polio worldwide.
Give them Reuters articles, give them AP articles.
You might only talk to 20 people at a store, but you put that online, it'll go viral, or even if it gets 100 views, that's huge.
And so how we stop the censors is the average viewer or listener becoming that Chris Sky.
So that's why you said you were listening to me back when you were a young teenager, and we helped influence you.
That is wonderful.
Now you're influencing so many people.
I know you've been arrested, you've been persecuted some, but let me guess, are you not more enriched now?
Are you not happier now?
Or were you already politically involved?
What has it been like for you sticking your neck out?
Well, I was never really politically involved.
And to me, I'm still not politically involved because this transcends politics to me.
This is not about left, right, in Canada, conservative or liberal or Republican or Democrat.
This is about freedom and rights.
And that applies to every single person regardless of their political affiliation.
So, to me, I'm still not a political person.
I'm just an activist for rights and freedom and for the common man.
And I'm doing that out of necessity.
And do I like being targeted?
Not really.
Do I like coming home and have 40 cops at my house trying to illegally arrest me?
Definitely not.
But in a way... But that makes you know that you're a man of substance, a man of reality, a man of destiny.
I mean, you know, you're there because you're important, buddy.
And it means I'm over target.
If what I was doing wasn't having an impact, they would be leaving me alone.
They would just be ignoring me.
They'd be letting me spin my wheels.
It's not an accident that I predicted the third wave.
I don't know.
And this idea with the vaccine that they keep putting in people's heads.
You have to take it to go back to normal.
You have to take it to go back to normal.
You have to take it.
No, you don't have to take it.
And if you notice the bait and switch, though, whether it's Australia, Europe, the US, Canada, they go, actually, once you take it, you don't go back to normal.
They're never going to let you out of this voluntarily, folks.
That's right.
That's what people need to understand.
You're not getting out of this by complying.
The more you comply, the deeper you get into it.
The only way you will ever get out of any of it, any one of these restrictions, is by simply not complying to it.
How do black folks finally get their civil rights in this country?
By not submitting.
How do we get the British off our backs?
Not submitting.
You gotta stop submitting.
That's all it is.
Everything they tell you, it's like you said at the beginning of the show while I was waiting on the line.
Everything they're telling you is to make you despair,
We're good to go.
And that's why they're trying to stifle every aspect of your life because it stifles your energy, your frequency.
That's right.
They want lower energy.
They want to depress us.
And that's even in the Facebook and Twitter and Google documents came out where they want to make us depressed.
They want to make us alone.
So we only interface with them.
This is literally vampiric.
Yeah, that's like it's like you said, it's psychological warfare 101.
And now they have the population, the majority of them right where they want them.
But at the same time, every single day, they're losing people to the truth.
Because you can tell a lie a million times.
Someone only has to tell the truth one time and it hits you right here and it wakes you up.
Whether you want to believe it or not, inside you know the truth.
So now it's up to you whether you want to tell other people or you want to keep it to yourself.
But at that point you can't go back to sleep.
So they might have got everyone with their lies initially.
Every single day that goes by, they are losing support.
They are getting exposed.
They launched this as their Hail Mary.
There's no doubt they are in deep trouble.
And again, I'm not going to tell you folks we're winning for no reason.
We're culturally winning.
Humanity is coming together.
That's why there's screaming racism everywhere.
That's why they're cherry picking events.
That's because their humanity is coming together and they can't stand it.
It's true.
It's exactly right.
Humanity is coming together in what they fear more than anything, and that's united
When the entire population unites for a common good.
A genuine cause.
Oh, but look at Newsom.
We won't reopen until two million Latinos take the shot.
He loves you Latinos.
He wants you to have it first.
Just like Gardasil absolutely sterilized millions of Mexican women.
I mean, this is just insane.
I can't even believe they got away with that headline.
If they wrote something like that in Canada, well, we're not reopening until we get at least 30% of the black community vaccinated.
That's literally holding people hostage.
And then the damn vaccine is experimental.
He looks like a goddamn vampire.
Look at him.
I mean, that's a creepy looking person there, man.
And you know what with these people?
The book is the cover.
Look at, look at Biden.
I mean, he's creepy as hell.
Look at Kamala.
Looks like a robot.
Look at Brian Stelter.
What the hell happened to these people?
Well I'm of the opinion that they usually and on purpose choose people in politics that have low morals and low intelligence.
Because they're easy to manipulate, they're easy to control.
And virtually everyone in politics is controlled.
The people that aren't controlled
Yeah, they don't want alive people.
Yeah, they don't want real people because we stand up for humanity.
What's up with your Prime Minister saying he loves China's dictatorship and wants to be a dictator?
It's all these women look like they're having orgasms when he says it?
What the hell's going on?
It's like Stockholm Syndrome.
He literally said that on video.
We actually were talking about that on another show, I believe.
He's like, I admire China's dictatorship.
Any other world leader said that?
Imagine Trump had said that.
It would have been on a 24-hour loop on news channels.
But Trudeau says it and he gets a standing ovation.
We do not want to be like China, people.
We do not want a dictatorship.
We do not want a communist country.
We do not want to have no rights and not have any control of our life.
No, you do not want that.
So when someone's telling you, when your leader's telling you that they admire this dictatorship that should be your worst nightmare, you shouldn't be cheering for him just because you like his hair.
That's right.
By the way, I have the clip.
I want you to see the raw clip.
I want you to see the raw clip.
Chris Sky, he'll give us some final comments and where people can visit his sites and his hashtag and everybody should get behind it.
It's amazing.
But here is Heather, NAACP in New York, there in Long Island.
Here she is, the full thing she said in context for folks that think I edited it.
We did not.
Here it is.
Well, thank you very much.
It is an honor to be here.
It is a cold spring day.
I am surrounded by clergy, and our governor is on Long Island.
It's a wonderful, wonderful day.
Wonderful day.
You know, Governor, I want to thank you for your leadership.
I want to look at you.
Yeah, killing all those old people.
Killed 16,000 of them.
Great job covering it up.
Piece of garbage.
For this issue.
We need you to continue going with this vaccine.
We need you to be our murderer.
We need you.
Thank you murderer.
You know, COVID has devastated this state.
Long Island continues to be one of the hardest hit regions, especially for our black and brown New Yorkers.
Oh, like Hank Aaron?
We must take the vaccine.
I'm going to tell you a personal story.
Off script.
So today, right after this, I am going to have an infusion.
And I'm going to have an infusion because I want to make sure that the cancer that was in my body does not return.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
That's what we have to do.
Our communities take insulin.
Metformin, all kinds of, we can't line up at the drugstore so quickly because we want to save our lives.
And that's what the governor is talking about.
We must take the vaccine.
The vaccine is a weapon that wins the war on COVID.
And we need our clergy because as Martin Luther King said,
Religion and science are not competing interests.
They are our trusted messengers.
And when your pastor says to do something, you trust your pastor, you trust your doctor.
That's what we need to do.
This shot is the only thing that will get our lives back.
Whichever vaccine is offered to you.
There's always going to be more.
Our governor has done an amazing job.
Okay, it's basically over.
How much is left?
I can't.
Play the rest.
Just play it.
Play the rest.
For you to take it, and we cannot have any excuses at all.
We all need to do our part.
Not just for ourselves, but for our families, for our friends, for our community.
So, governor,
I thank you for being here.
You stay continuing to lead us through this crisis because we need you.
Thank you.
Oh, why has everybody got, quote, type 1 diabetes now?
Because when they give little kids vaccines, it causes pancreatitis.
It's the number one cause of type 1 diabetes.
They say it's genetic.
No, it's not.
You kill the little kid's pancreas with the vaccine.
It's in the MMR.
It's in all the major vaccines that can cause that, and it's linked directly to it.
And then she's talking about, oh, cancer.
I get an infusion just like that.
Don't read what's on it.
Don't do it.
Oh, yeah, that chemotherapy is great for you, lady.
And of course, the black community is one of the most unhealthy out there because they're under the government health service.
I don't ask in Tuskegee when they give me the syphilis.
I just take the syphilis.
So, sitting through that three and a half minutes, it's even worse than the 15 second clip we played.
Chris Sky, major activist exposing this medical tyranny eugenics operation run by the eugenicist Bill Gates.
What do you make of that statement?
It's on par with any propaganda.
I turned on, I never watch the news, but I was at a hotel today.
So I was just curious to see what CNN was saying for like two minutes.
And I knew it was going to be all vaccine propaganda.
And it was literally like an exact script of what she just said.
We're good to go.
The easiest way to beat this, to beat them, is with the campaign that I created, the Just Say No campaign.
Just say no to the COVID vaccine.
We're getting everyone to go on their social media, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and make a post on their wall that says hashtag just say no in the post and hashtag just say no in the caption.
And if you're on Instagram and you want me to follow you and you want me to share that, make it a story post and tag at Real Chris Sky.
The idea here is to get millions of people around the world to make their own post.
And you don't have to just make one.
You can make a new one every day if you want, because that's how we're going to really flood the Internet with these.
And we want to show that there's millions and millions of people against this vaccine because they use community pressure above all else to make people take this.
If community leader, the church leader, your doctor are all telling you to take this vaccine, you're going to be like, wow, I better take this vaccine.
But if all your friends and family are asking the same questions as you that nobody can answer,
Then you're going to be way less likely to take this vaccine.
And if we get enough people not to take this vaccine, we stop their entire agenda in its tracks, people.
And let's talk about that.
If everybody watching this today, because I know, you know, Chris is going to send it out on his platforms that he's on with us.
When this airs at four, it's taped air.
It's almost close to four now.
We've got to finish up here in a few minutes.
When this goes out, share it, reach out to other people.
I can't tell you how many prominent people I send messages to saying, don't take the vaccine.
Here's an example of it killing people.
Here's an example of it not protecting folks.
And you know, some are Green Berets, some are Navy SEALs, some are doctors, some are professors, some are famous.
They go, oh, don't worry, I'm not taking it.
And I go, I know, warn other people.
That's the other part of the equation.
If everybody gets excited about this show today and shares these links, we're going to wake up hundreds of thousands and then tell them, wake up others as well.
It's absolutely vital.
And of course, they banned ban.video on Twitter and Facebook.
We have a new URL, banthis.tv.
Can we just blow that URL up so people can see that on screen, guys?
Ban this.
Well, there's four ways we got to end this.
Number one, we got to reject the vaccine.
We got to make people aware of the vaccine.
That's the most important and most pressing matter because they're planning on releasing the vaccine passport within a matter of months.
They even have the little tracking bracelets now for quarantine.
They brought them out in Israel.
They brought them out in Barbados and believe me, they want to bring them here.
And now they're making them mandatory.
And they gave a grant to a company of over two and a half million dollars to produce them.
And they come with hefty fines attached to them.
But the other, okay, so let's see, how do we, how do we end this?
Number one, tell people to take off their frigging mask.
You don't need a mask anywhere.
Anywhere you go.
The only place you need to wear a mask is on an airplane because you're in international airspace.
You need a doctor's note.
At work, you also need a doctor's note.
But you have no excuse to wear a mask anywhere else.
They cannot fine you.
They cannot do anything to you.
The mask law is a bylaw.
Bylaws only apply to private corporations and government.
So, say I walk into a store.
As soon as I claim my medical exemption, I'm now clear.
The store is now clear.
Nothing can happen to nobody legally.
Say I didn't want to claim my medical exemption, I was trying to cause trouble and I just walk in there and say, I'm not wearing a mask, call the police, I don't care.
Say they call police and bylaw over there, and you're the one not wearing a mask.
Guess what happens?
The store gets fined.
Not you, the store.
Because a bylaw doesn't even apply to a private citizen.
So why are you walking around in fear with a diaper on your face?
Take it off.
If everyone took off the mask... By the way, all over the U.S.
where the governors have lifted the fake deal, the liberals keep doing it and are being more intense.
They love it.
They love the mask because the mask is how they control people.
It's how they silence people.
It's how you show your submission, your compliance.
It's that simple.
It literally is a muzzle.
Try having a conversation with someone who has a mask.
Yeah, they got a mask on and then they're standing behind a glass shield on top of that.
And it's all this psy-op that we're dirty and we're bad, but all the studies show more human contact makes you healthier.
That's the other thing.
Everything they're telling you to do to preserve your health, do the exact opposite.
They're telling you, stay home.
No, go out and get fresh air, get sunlight, get vitamin D. They're telling you, stay home and don't exercise.
No, go to the gym.
It's way better to exercise and be with people and socialize.
Bring up your metabolism, bring up your immune system.
Take vitamin D, take vitamin C, take magnesium, take zinc.
They literally put out an official public health memo from Ontario Public Health that said,
You cannot boost your immunity with supplements or food.
That's what they said.
That's literally what an enemy would say to you if they wanted to destroy you.
Don't take vitamin D. That's vital for your immune system.
Vitamin C. That's vital for your immune system.
Don't take any of that.
Especially dark-skinned people who live in Northern Clines.
They die without sun.
They need it more than anybody.
Every person who's non-white in Canada is vitamin D deficient for at least seven or eight months out of the year.
Every single one of them.
So if they're not taking vitamin D or they're not going to a tanning bed in the winter, they're going to have a lower immune system and they're going to be more likely to get sick with COVID.
And again, boy, on Twitter and Facebook, they block that.
I've done videos, other people have done them saying, hey, here's a study, black folks eat three times the sun, the majority are vitamin D deficient.
They shut it.
They go, you're not, you're not the UN.
You're not allowed to, it's sick.
It's sick.
It's disgusting.
Everything they're doing is to control you.
Everything they're doing is to make you sicker and weaker so you won't fight back.
So the only thing you do is the exact opposite.
And the number one thing we need to do to get back to normal is besides rejecting the vaccine, which is easy and passive, this is the hard part.
We have to open the businesses, people.
If our businesses do not open, the economy is ruined forever.
There will be no recovery, there will be no, it will be like a depression.
Which they admit, they want the universal social credit score, and they want the universal basic income.
This is the Great Reset, they admit it.
Yeah, they want to take everything from you.
They want to put you on a government paycheck where you literally will be leasing everything for the rest of your life.
You'll not own a house.
You won't own a car.
You won't own anything, but you'll be happy.
That's their tagline.
They're literally telling you that they're going to take everything from you.
But because they can- They're now saying in the London Guardian and New York Times, we want yearly or bi-yearly carbon lockdowns to save the earth.
And they admit basically they staged this whole hoax.
So that brings me next.
How do we bring Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and people to justice?
Well, first of all, rejecting the vaccine and then getting actual studies done on the vaccine to show how dangerous it really is and to prove in court that all everything that they're doing is illegal.
Every country around the world needs to launch
I agree.
Strip the liability protection.
Plus, that's just for liability of the vaccines.
They don't have protection from racketeering and fraud and suppression of information and buying off politicians.
They've all committed crimes.
We want Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in prison now.
They need to be charged with crimes against humanity.
When it comes out that more and more people are being harmed by this vaccine and it's going to be able to be proven that they knew this vaccine would cause this kind of problems because it never went through proper testing.
They skipped animal trials because they knew it would probably kill most of the animals and they wouldn't even be able to start human trials.
So everything they've done with this vaccine is completely illegal and now people are dying and getting hurt from it.
And now it's getting exposed that they're trying to use this vaccine to impose a medical tyranny control grid on the entire world.
These are probably the largest crimes against humanity in recent, if not less than recent history.
So they need to be held accountable in an international court and they need to be held accountable as quickly as possible.
Before they can realize... And I totally agree with you, and boy did Bill Gates' news card go into overdrive when India a few months ago banned their Pfizer shot.
They came out and said it wasn't true, that we were liars, even though it was actually in the Indian news.
Now, 20-something countries in Europe, a whole bunch of other ones have banned it.
They're banning the AstraZeneca, the Pfizer, the Moderna.
That's got to really scare the globalists.
This isn't going well for them, is it?
It isn't, and that's what we want.
Every plan, their plan, we read it, you read the same UN document, we both read Lockstep, we've both seen everything that the Rockefeller's been publishing.
So, the plans are very wonderfully written, and they're very meticulously organized, and they have all the funding they could possibly have, and they have all the manpower they could possibly have.
But what would we know about every single plan ever created by man?
It never goes according to plan.
There's a thing called Murphy's Law.
Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
And I want to be Murphy.
I want to make everything that can go wrong, go wrong for them.
Because all we need to do is keep waking people up and delaying their implementation.
Because it's like a tidal wave.
A tidal wave of truth that's going to just wash away all the bullshit that they've tried to impose on us over the last year, year and a half.
As quickly as it came, it could leave instantaneously.
It's that simple.
And it's just about getting enough people on board.
I agree, but we can't just have it leave.
We have to prosecute them.
We have to prosecute Governor Whitmer, Governor Wolf, Governor Cuomo, not for sexual harassment, but for the murdering people.
And we have to prosecute Fauci.
We have to absolutely never stop, because they're just going to go into dormancy and then launch a new attack later.
So these guys... They've got to be made an example of in a way that even generations away from this,
Five, six, seven generations later, they still don't want to try this again.
We need to wake up humanity and actually cause that.
Oh yeah, this is, I agree.
This is the big globalist play.
So as bad as it is, folks, this is their big play.
This is them firing on all guns and it ain't going too well.
All right.
Uh, Chris Sky, we love you.
Give out the websites, give out the contact points and give out the hashtag one more time.
The main contact is Instagram at Real Chris Sky.
I'm also Chris Sky on Facebook and Chris Sky on Twitter.
The hashtag is very important.
It's the hashtag, just say no to the COVID vaccine campaign.
And we want everybody to make a wall post with hashtag just say no and hashtag just say no in the caption as well.
Very important.
And we want it on all the social medias.
If you're on Instagram and you want me to follow you back, make it a story post, tag me.
I will follow you back.
We gotta share these videos everywhere.
I'm seeing myself pop up on TikTok, all these places where I'm not even, and that's what I like to see.
I wanna see, these are all videos that you're seeing scrolling from people making the Just Say No.
And the reason we want hashtag Just Say No in the caption is when people search that hashtag, we want every single person that searches that hashtag to see nothing but Just Say No to the COVID vaccine images, which you're seeing here.
Every single one of those on screen is somebody that made a Just Say No to the vaccine post.
So now that hashtag has become synonymous with just say no to the COVID vaccine.
And the next step is to start advertising in major American cities, Canadian cities as well, and get enough people on board with asking questions.
Because all we need to do is get people to ask questions to their doctor, to their church leader, to any of these people who are trying to influence them to take the vaccine.
And when you ask the kind of questions like, what long-term safety data do you have?
And the answer is none.
Less people will be likely to take it.
Well, that's right.
Netanyahu's, it's all the same script.
Netanyahu's like, approved by the FDA and America is safe.
No, they waived all that.
It's lies.
And so again, the Confidence Act looks slick until you call them on it.
But what's up with Netanyahu and even Trump coming out and endorsing the vaccine?
It's like there's a gun to their head, man.
It's very sad.
It's very, very hard for people to go against the globalist agenda and the agenda is
Everybody needs to be vaccinated.
That's the linchpin for their medical tyranny.
There is no more invasive
They're raping you.
They're raping you.
They're raping you.
And I've never been raped by a person and I'm not going to be raped yet.
Chris Sky, we really appreciate you fighting this global rape against us by that psychotic Jeffrey Epstein controller, that little Count Dracula.
Of course, Bill Gates.
And we really look forward to speaking to you again.
Thank you so much.
Again, give people the URL or the hashtag one more time.
Hashtag just say no at real Chris Sky on Instagram.
Guys, this is the most important fight humans have faced.
So, everyone's asking me, what can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
This is what you can do and it's going to make a huge difference.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thanks for all the time, sir.
Thank you.
You don't need a mask.
The mask is about compliance.
Because they know Canadians like to do what they're told.
So if they tell you you have to wear a mask, next they're going to tell you you have to contact trace.
Then they're going to tell you you have to take the vaccine.
And because Canadians like to do what they're told, they're hoping that everyone just complies.
And then guess what kids?
Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn't know any better,
They're going to tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was going to be.
So now you still got to wear your mask, still got to get contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.
So we saw you speaking earlier.
What's the main message you're trying to get across today?
That the response to COVID is a lot worse than COVID.
And COVID isn't about a virus.
It's about increasing government control over our lives by using fear tactics to make people comply with giving up the rights and freedoms that millions of people fought and died for.
Cool, and what do you say to the people, we spoke to some of the people across the street, they're saying you guys are all stupid, that a lot of them say mandatory masks outside is what they want.
How do you respond to people who are against what you're standing for here today?
Well, the fact of the matter is, I just came from Netherlands.
The Dutch are not stupid people, they're smart, they're independent, and they have balls.
So guess what?
They have no masks.
They have 17 million people.
If you go to a train station, maybe 1 out of 20 people is scared enough to wear a mask.
Their bars are open.
The girls are still working.
You can go smoke a joint in their coffee shops.
You can eat in their restaurants.
They're open till 2 o'clock in the morning.
And they've had less than 200 people up to age 60 die.
Also, Amsterdam is one of the top 3 cities in all of Europe for international travel.
50 million visitors a year from all over the world.
So I met people from all different countries when I was there.
Guess what?
The only other country that's stupid like Canada and wearing masks on their school children was Germany and Belgium.
Belgium's EU and UN headquarters and Germany's had millions of people protesting in the streets over it.
Italy, no masks on the kids.
France, only masks for 12 and older.
Egypt, no mask on the kids.
Iran, no mask on the kids.
Sweden, no mask on the kids.
Finland, no mask.
Denmark, no mask.
So, what does Canada
Why do we need them here where all these other countries are just fine without them?
You don't.
And when you have real world examples, that's the proof.
It's that simple.
You don't need a mask.
The mask is about compliance.
Because they know Canadians like to do what they're told.
So if they tell you you have to wear a mask, next they're going to tell you you have to contact trace.
Then they're going to tell you you have to take the vaccine.
And because Canadians like to do what they're told, they're hoping that everyone just complies.
And then guess what, kids?
Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn't know any better, they're gonna tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was gonna be, so now you still gotta wear your mask, still gotta get contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.
And then what did you get out of all of this?
You got a whole year where you weren't allowed to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, they forced a vaccine on you,
And what happened?
The same amount of people died, everything is the exact same, and now they're gonna put you back on lockdown and bring it all the way till July of next year so they can do the same thing again!
Bring you from July, August, and September, getting you off lockdown, but just to bring you back on lockdown again.
If you idiots haven't figured it out yet, it's a perpetual cycle that you never get out of, and it's a way to take your rights, your freedoms,
Close your business, take your wealth.
So you become dependent on government.
If you're independent, the government works for you like it's supposed to.
If you depend on the government to give you a paycheck to feed your family every month, because they closed your business on you, now the government doesn't work for you, the government rules you.
So instead of a middle class, we have the government, upper class, and the lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive.
In other words, we have a slave class.
And that's what they're trying to do.
It's that simple.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Chris.
Why didn't the cops shut it down today?
Cops didn't shut it down because they don't have the power to shut it down.
I'm on quarantine.
I was just in Ireland speaking to 15,000 people.
They grabbed me before I could even get out of the car and said, you're not allowed to be here.
Get out of here.
No, no, no.
Find me?
I said, what are you going to do?
Arrest me?
Do it right in front of everybody so I can challenge it, make it public.
Go for it.
Challenge it with all the different Charter of Rights and Freedoms that you're breaking under these emergency laws that you do not have demonstrable justification to uphold, and then I will win, everybody will know your laws are bullshit, and this whole charade collapses.
They found over 600 people breaking quarantine.
You know how many got fines?
It's not because they're cutting them a break, it's because they don't have the power to do it.
Just like they don't have the power to shut down your business or give you a $100,000 fine if you stay open.
It's all lies, it's all smoke and mirrors, and none of it will hold up in court, and I'm proof.
They grabbed me, I'm here, I'm speaking to you, I'm speaking on the van, I'm not hiding from anyone.
You want me to take you and go talk to the police right now?
I will.
And I want to explain something here that's critical to everything to understand.
They know that when they pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, we finally organize and fight back, they'll take some of the pressure off, knowing that we'll get unorganized and go away.
So, but in Europe and places where they're not getting organized, they just keep squeezing, squeezing, squeezing.
Here, they're kind of, okay, and they're going to go right back.
That's why this is the big issue.
This is the big play.
This is the war.
This is the mark of the beast.
This is their system.
This is everything.
And Chris Sky is absolutely on target.
We all need to be like Chris Sky.
We all need to be politically active.
And not make it like, oh, I gotta go protest, or oh, I gotta talk to folks at the grocery store.
I walk in without a mask, they start talking to me, I start preaching, they go, okay, you're right, just doing my job.
I go, okay, and I just start talking.
And it's okay, you gotta get past being scared to talk, folks.
Or, you can support shows like this and share the videos and the articles at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and share the hashtags.
But I'm telling you, we need to get the introverts to become extroverts.
The truth is,
I'm a very private person and I actually don't like grandstanding and I don't like being public and I don't, you know, I'm not a particularly a very social person at a lot of levels.
I'm a private person, but I have to do this.
And every time I end up preaching to people at a gas station or at a store, I feel good about it later because it was the right thing to do.
So let's listen.
We've already gone two hours and the crew is up here.
We've got to get this out by four o'clock.
That's only an hour and 20 minutes away.
Everybody's tuning in at four.
We're good to go.
I don't
That's just the way you get in there.
Club is acting like that and committing crimes to prove your soul is bastard.
You're like, why are they pedophiles and devil worshipers?
That's just the initiation.
MS-13 does devil worship and raping of kids.
Because up until 20 years ago, nobody in Latin America would kill kids or hurt stuff.
I mean, you know, like Tony Montana famously, it's a fiction movie, but it's based on a composite of real people, uh, that Oliver Stone and others spent a decade writing.
And he goes, no women, no kids.
Nobody 30 years ago was killing women and kids.
Hit men.
I mean, you, you couldn't get American hit men to do it.
You couldn't get Hispanic hit men to do it in Latin America.
Now that it's part of the course, man, because it's evil.
And if they can get you to kill old people and little kids, you'll do anything.
Like we always all old people be nice to old people.
Now it's like kill all those old people.
This is how you deal with somebody who wants you to kill kids.
Go ahead and play this.
Play this whole thing.
We don't have the audio.
Cue that up and find it again.
But first, let's take a break here and let's play Fentanyl the Dragon, the latest one I cut this week.
Dealing with all the stuff that's going on.
It's crazy.
Then we'll come back with Scarface.
When he says, you think I'm a worm like you?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Aroha, amigos!
It's me, Fentanyl the Dragon.
I am named after the product that my bosses, CCP, bring into your country.
We will talk about Fentanyl in a moment, but first, the COVID hoax that I launched with your Bill Gates, and of course, Klaus Schwab on you, a year ago.
And now you see what happens.
You are in fear to leave your home, and Marvis Marvin Hagler took Charlie Dye.
Ah, just like your Hank Aaron.
He said take the shot to protect other people.
But now it's admitted it does not protect you from COVID.
And Fauci, good Fauci, good.
He says you still can't go out and have the vaccine.
You must social distance and stay close.
And Canada say the same thing.
You say it, UK.
Australia, because I design plan.
That stands for Stupid Americans!
You collapse, while China stay open, make more billionaires than the whole world combined!
We control your government!
We are collapsing your nation!
Nothing can stand against us!
And your people take our shots and die!
Die, Americans!
CCP will rule you!
And now that Biden has been in Congress for two months, he banned your border patrol.
So the deadly poison Fentanyl, with one grain that can kill you, is pouring in at 360% levels above Trump.
Your tent cities are spreading, too.
And now your pregnant women fly combat missions.
And I will have sex chains for your little boy.
Now finally this evening, it is important to agree with Brian Stelter that no one is allowed to have free speech like Tucker Carlson.
He should be taken off the airwaves.
And the Grammys, they do not need to wear masks while they teach you to throw Marloff cocktails at police.
And you need to also understand that Swiss officials blame not taking vaccines for COVID even though it admits that vaccines are causing mutations and spreading COVID.
Good American, shut your mouth.
Take your shot and die.
Cut your son's genitals off.
Tell your little girl they're a boy.
Time to run you now, roll over and die.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hello, hi.
We run your people, we run you too.
So do what we say and we're gonna kill you too.
I tell you again, I'll say it last time.
Info Wars is not good.
Bad Info Wars.
Bad Info Wars.
Good job, Biden.
Oh, no, no, I don't even know what this is!
How did this get here?
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you!
Alright folks, we are back and this is a commercial free transmission and some stations do carry it, but hell, PBS carries cuss words now and CNN doesn't.
We're not supposed to because we're conservative.
But here is a clip with the cuss words in it, we're going to leave it in there, of Scarface back in the 1980s, of even the chivalry of criminals don't kill women and children.
And that was all over the world until recently.
And so this is the soullessness.
Now we just kill old people, we keep babies alive, sell their organs.
Now they're producing animal and human clones.
We better stand up for human life or we're going to lose it all.
Yeah, men that are involved in crime, they kill each other.
Militaries kill each other.
But we leave women and children out of it.
The idea of putting women in it is a sign of the fall of our society, the fall of our civilization.
So here's a clip from one of the classics, Scarface.
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck is that?
Hey, come here.
You told me she took the kids in the other car.
She did, boss.
She did, every fucking day.
I don't know what's going on.
Hey, hey, no fucking way.
Hey, no fucking way.
That's it.
And this is a moment that America and the world's coming to.
You let him kill kids?
Let him kill women and old people?
Let Bill Gates do that?
And lose your soul?
Are you gonna do that?
Because they're coming after our kids.
You gotta finally decide which side you're on.
You decide who you serve.
Do a little kiss on the car.
This is so fucking bad.
This is so fucking bad.
Okay, I see him, alright?
I see him.
Okay, shut the fuck up, okay?
Don't look him in the eye when you kill him.
You gotta hide with that fuckin' shit.
Holy man, he's getting up.
Come on, let's do it.
Now you feel good, huh?
Now you feel good to kill a mother and her kids, huh?
Now you feel big!
You big man!
Well, fuck you!
What do you think I am?
You think I'd kill two kids and a woman?
Fuck that!
I don't need that shit in my life!
You die, motherfucker!
And that's my message to Bill Gates and all the rest of them.
You guys are mentally ill, you're satanic, you come from filthy, evil, greedy families.
Hell, you funded Hitler.
You and your full filthy family.
And I'm just not gonna put up with it.
And I'm not threatening you, I'm just telling you, you're trying to attack us with your vaccines, you're attacking our children, and there is a God in the universe and people aren't gonna put up with it.
And everybody has to ask themselves, you reject the left, they hurt children.
You gotta reject them.
And stop kissing their asses.
Because that's what it comes down to.
This whole show is a message to Bill Gates and the New World Order and all of you.
That we see you, we know who you are.
Your program to shut us up isn't working.
Your program to threaten us isn't working.
But you think you can threaten me?
You think I care?
I'm ready to die, buddy boy.
Because I'm not signing on to what you're doing to children.
So if I know about what you're doing, and I don't do anything, it makes me an accomplice, son.
And I will not be an accomplice to this.
And that's why I'm saying you need to stop.
You need to stop where you're going.
You need to stop pushing.
You may have all the lawyers and yes men at the Justice Department kissing your ass, but you're this close to being where Jeffrey Epstein was.
Your guy compromising all scientists.
And it's not going to be me that flushes you down the toilet.
It's going to be the controllers that have put you out there as a front man.
Because Gates, here's the deal.
I know a lot of you psychos are kind of tone deaf.
Do you realize how much you're hated?
Do you realize what you're starting?
You don't have any damn sense Gates, none!
You know, a lot of these old rich families are autistic.
I don't mean that in a mean way.
We call them space aliens.
I know a lot of third generation trust fund people that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars.
And if they don't make their kids work and they don't stay, you know, connected to God, they turn into that.
And all he wants to do is kill people.
And hey, Gates, we know what you're doing.
You think you did it through the UN?
You think you did it all smart?
There's no way we get this out at 4 o'clock.
God, I've been taping so long, it's almost 4 o'clock right now.
Tape to air.
So we'll go live at 5 now, because I swore I'd cover this and I gotta edit.
Then I gotta give Gregory's time to put this together and add a few clips.
But I'm still trying to finish up in about 10 minutes here.
So the rest of the crew can get home to their families.
I appreciate them coming in.
And again, there's a paradox where I don't get a lot of this because it's so complex, but it's also so smoking gun.
Like you just can't do this justice.
I mean, this is just, I mean, look, look what I got right here.
This is just this, look at all this.
I mean, most of this is their words.
About how it's going to get rid of our immune system and kill a bunch of people and give us cancer?
And then I cover it and you take it down off YouTube?
And then what about the dumbasses at YouTube doing that?
I mean, do you really want to be part of this?
If you were riding along in that fictitious car, but a lot of real stuff like that's happened, and you're about to blow up a four-year-old and a six-year-old girl with their dad, I mean, I guess you'd go ahead and just follow the orders, wouldn't you?
Because you know what happens once you cross that line?
Like Tony Montana said, I don't need this in my life.
So when he dies, he goes to heaven.
When you die, you go to hell.
See, because there's a lot, what is hell?
Hell is a separation from God.
Our spirits don't die, folks.
You do evil crap, you resonate to that, you go there.
That's, it's real.
You love God, you love justice, you just continue up through
It's incredible.
I've seen it.
I've seen it, folks.
I'll leave it at that.
I don't need DMT to see it all.
I guess God gave me that gift or that curse.
I haven't really got into it on there yet, but my life, I...
I have waking dreams, I have dreams that come true, and I also have dreams that are not of this world.
And everybody has this talent.
We just wall it all off, and the whole system is about keeping you from seeing it.
Yeah, the ancients would describe it, not just in the Jewish text or Christian text, but other ones, about like burning, like hell, just destruction.
The Greeks saw it and said it was just like horrible.
It's like being burned.
That's what separation from God's like.
Because you're in a tomb of your own evil, cut off from all that's good with only evil.
Can you imagine what that's like?
No hope of ever getting out, no hope of ever getting away from it.
But you have one thing you can do.
And that's crawl up to the third dimension, like it the clown looking through
The sewer hatch or the drainage ditch to grab children.
That's totally archetypal.
Stephen King knows his stuff there.
That's exactly how this works.
Is they can just get right up to the edge of the third dimension and pop their little demon eyes up and go, who can I drag down with me?
And that's it.
I mean, can you imagine the easiest way to describe it?
And it's hard to even compute it because we're so limited at this level.
Can you imagine being second and first dimension?
Like, what was that like?
It's worse than a prison cell, folks.
I mean, this is the third dimension.
TV, movies, you know, our families, all this stuff's going on.
But our souls are in a higher dimension.
But we're here on the third dimension.
Can you, it's like training wheel.
We're like on our Hot Wheels driving around here.
This is like very simple stuff, okay?
But we're babies.
Can you imagine the stuff beneath us?
That's the easiest way to describe it.
It's not really beneath us.
It's just, it's a simpler thing.
And all it can do is try to grab us and drag us down with it.
Like a big giant squid.
All right.
Let me, let me just do this.
There's really no way to still do all this justice.
We'll just have to hit it on the Sunday show because the crew's already done a great job.
And I can sit here and show you all this and go over all this and I've already gone over a lot of it, but what does that even do?
I mean, do you need me to tell you Bill Gates is out to get you?
My God, he's all over the damn television forever saying he wants to kill everybody.
I mean, saying he wants to depopulate everybody.
I mean, he doesn't even, he doesn't even, that's Bill Gates right there.
I mean, Bill Gates looks scarier than that.
I mean,
That doesn't look as scary as Brian Stelter does.
But if you're in a trance, you don't see what Brian Stelter looks like.
I mean, Brian Stelter is a freaking predator, man.
A horrible, nasty creature that doesn't even think about caring.
And you look at these Super Bowl shows.
I mean, it's all demonic because it's a weapon attacking our civilization.
So if you're tuned into God, you look at this, you go, my God, this is the most satanic crap with a bunch of puppets bringing forth Lucifer and the Olympics with Grim Reapers killing all the kids.
I mean, look at that guy.
He thinks he's powerful.
He thinks he's incredible.
He thinks he's been given dominion over the earth.
He's literally following a satanic program.
He's on a power trip.
No one watches him.
Nobody likes him.
But he's got the full backing of Bill Gates and ABC and AT&T and all the rest of it.
They're all pretending.
And they want us to wear masks and not have children and die so the earth can be theirs because they're so ugly spiritually.
They don't want to look at us.
They want us gone because they're so pathetic.
Get that?
They don't want to make peace with you.
They don't want to be your friend.
They don't want to have a better future with you.
They want you dead.
They don't want to merge with you.
They don't want to combine with you.
They don't want to grow with you.
They want you gone.
Type in Brian Skelter.
And just put up his image for everybody.
By the way, I'm told by a lot of really interesting people, I'll leave it at that, that these Brian Stelter times we have are very important to people.
We should spend more time on him.
But he's a good teaching tool.
Type in Brian Stelter, click Google Images, just show a pantheon of him, of this fallen, twisted, pathetic person.
And I don't take pleasure in how pathetic he is, but look at the satanic satisfaction.
He's like a drooling idiot that took a bunch of fentanyl and thinks he's delusional.
He's a sack of demonic garbage.
Yeah, look at that picture of Tucker Carlson, a regular guy, next to him.
Which one's human, which one isn't?
I mean, you can see it if you're awake.
If they've got you in a trance, you can't.
Which one's fake?
Like, which orange is real, which orange is plastic?
If you had to choose in a bowl of fruit, one is real fruit, one is fake fruit, which one is real?
What is synthetic meat?
What is real meat?
What is oxygen?
What is it?
That's a sack of garbage, ladies and gentlemen.
It's called Brian Stelter.
And it's got a fundamental problem with you.
And as soon as you figure that out, you figure everything out.
Because just like Mike was saying the other day, we're not in their family.
We're not in this globalist, satanic family.
Xi Jinping's in the family.
Ted Turner's in the family.
You could be black, white, Asian, doesn't matter.
It's a family though.
It's a look.
It's a thing.
They're avatars.
They are, something's wrong with them.
They resonate with something that's bad.
All right, I'm gonna end this now.
And I'm leaving town on a secret mission tomorrow.
And I'll try to pop in on the shows and do some stuff, but I'm gonna pull this together and cover it.
As negative as things are, the world's waking up.
Countries are banning the deadly vaccines everywhere.
Biden's a complete joke.
All the people that went along with it know they've been duped.
And this is all just a great process of awakening, so I'm going to leave it at that.
And I just want to thank the crew for coming in on Saturday to tape the last two-plus hours.
And I just want to thank you all for spreading the word about this show once we're airing it, because that's really how it gets legs and has an effect.
And, you know, I'm not risking my life for no reason.
I know we're going to win in the end.
What happens to my body doesn't really matter at the end of the day.
It's the spirit.
And I think you should all get in that same mode yourselves, and then we're going to have a future together.
And that's what this is all about.
If we don't take everybody with us, we have no future.
God is not going to put up with that.
No one is going to be thrown overboard.
But people that aren't with us and people that want us to be thrown overboard, well, we need to find an island to maroon their ass on.
Oh, God already figured that out.
Just go away from us.
That's all.
You're not, we'll never have to look at them or talk to them again.
Like, you like to save pictures from 20 years ago?
You know about pack rats?
God's a pack rat.
You just think we're on this planet for no reason, we just appeared here, and oh, there's no consciousness, there's no nothing going on, oh, you're an animal, you don't have free will, oh, your dog doesn't really love you.
You're anthropomorphizing that.
That's BS, man, because they want you depressed, believing your dog doesn't love you.
These are demons.
Your dog loves you.
Your cat loves you.
They want you alone.
They're liars.
So don't be depressed and don't be upset and be strong.
I'm telling myself that back because I get really upset, folks.
I get very upset.
Because I want to be able to have enough will to be like Atlas and pick the world up.
I'm not Atlas.
I'm not God.
All God wants us to do is make the right decision in free will.
God will do the rest.
Separately, I should probably plug, we won't be here, the big mega sale, the last sale, store-wide free shipping had to end, but we have store-wide free shipping on select items.
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I should wear my own shirt to the grocery store.
Actually, I do wear them occasionally.
I just haven't gone out and had confrontations yet with it.
It's all at InfoWarsTore.com.
So that's it for this transmission.
Like I said, 4 p.m.
tomorrow will be the live Sunday show.
Owen's going to be hosting it because I'm going to be in an undisclosed location working on some things and a lot of exciting stuff going on.
I just want to thank the crew again for coming in here.
And as Porky Pig says, that's all folks!
We believe in peace, but we are bringing you more of information.
And if you attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
Satellite phones used to be super expensive, and the price has gone down quite a bit, but this is one of the best deals out there, and then we make a small percentage off every deal you sign up for.
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So, Steve, thanks for recommending this.
And tell us about this sat phone and why it's important.
Well, first of all, Alex, the critical communication with our loved ones, with information sources, that's what this is all about, the sat phones.
Media censorship is happening.
You and I both know that corporations can't be trusted.
Cellular phones are subject to hacking and tracking.
And I said that's why... When they make their big move, they're going to shut off individually Patriot phones.
And I came up with a statement and I stand by it.
They want to track ya, whack ya, and stack ya.
Stack ya is like dead bodies.
Listen, I'm passionate about this.
I have to know that my loved ones are alive.
I have to know that, hey, if I need to call Alex, and if there's an operation going, you and I and others who are on talk radio will be shut down, selectively, at the cell phone level.
Well, that's actually my plan is to set it up with other people that can actually get messages recorded from the phone if I'm in the field and it still gets out.
I mean, we're having to actually look at this, folks, because that's the endgame we're moving into.
We're like, as the collapse of censorship happens, it goes exponential now.
Now look, the world's in a crisis, let's face it, and I want to stay in contact with all my supporters, all my people that have subscribed to my newsletter, but this is what we're also setting up.
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This is the way to not just put the regular phones inside privacy pockets.
This is the way to go.
And I looked it up.
You're like, okay, you're saying I should go with these people.
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I checked.
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That's what I want people to understand.
I'm telling you folks, this is an insane deal.
I remember Steering Steve 10 years ago talking about satellite phones and I just, I didn't ignore it.
I respect that.
I was like, okay, whatever.
But I was like, how do I get the best preparedness products?
I know he's a big, famous, one of the first big survivalists.
He said, sat phones, Alex, sat phones, I'll give you the lady.
And then we checked it, it's one of the best deals out there.
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Not much, it's a little bit of money, but I don't care, folks.
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This is a phone not listening to you, not sending cookies out, not controlling you.
This is really a free phone.
By free, I mean it's actually in the ether, it's real.