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Name: 20210317_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 17, 2021
260 lines.

In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses the concept of "end of the world" narratives pushed by elites who believe in the imminent collapse of civilization due to various factors such as climate change or disease. He shares his own experiences with individuals within this elite group and how they were told about the end of the world plan years before it became public knowledge. Jones emphasizes that these beliefs are deeply rooted in spiritual matters rather than scientific data or rational thinking, and also mentions the idea of interdimensional openings and communication with entities from other dimensions. Finally, he promotes his product RainForce Plus and encourages listeners to support his show despite attacks on it.

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Along this current trajectory, there will be people who can no longer live in the cities that they call home today.
There is food grown in this country that will no longer prosper in these soils.
There is going to be massive migration of tens or hundreds of millions of people from countries that are literally uninhabitable or underwater that are above the sea right now.
This is our final chance.
The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this.
That we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis.
The crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction.
I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, and you know, Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we're like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
And your biggest issue is, your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?
And like, this is the war.
This is our World War Two.
The announcement I'm about to make is so huge.
There's really no way to do it justice.
And I am very sorry that I have to announce this information to you.
But it's just the facts and it's the reality we face.
*sounds of a man being killed* I have studied every angle and basically every aspect known I'm sure there's some that are still classified or secret concerning the World Government Project and what it's in game
Goals are... Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are the public constructs of the UN World Government Plan that lay out, in a kind of pop culture, sanitized way, the basic goals of the Planetary Directors.
The Planetary Directors believe that humans are too dangerous and too warlike.
They were tasked by the Carnegie Endowment around a hundred years ago, after World War I, to develop a plan to end war as we know it.
And the decision was made to basically end humanity as we know it.
And that if that wasn't done, humanity would inevitably destroy itself.
So that's the basis and the excuse from which the very authoritarian, very selfish, so-called elitist, Opera Trump, And again, there are thousands of facets to all this, but here's the big announcement.
When you hear AOC and you see people like Beto O'Rourke with tears in their eyes say everyone is going to be dead in 11 years, they said that in 2019, and they say it with total conviction.
It's because they have been briefed but only on part of what is about to transpire and unfold.
With completely straight faces, the major global corporations that control the UN have roundtable meetings on pretty much a continuous basis, managing their underlings with limited compartmentalized information.
And they give them all sorts of different fake data reports about the plankton in the sea dying and the atmosphere of the earth being lost and basically get the management class under them in a very apocalyptic mode that they are these guardians and savers of the earth.
So they've got to do anything and everything they can, no matter how authoritarian, to stabilize the earth.
And they give them false models that carbon dioxide is indeed I've got to hit a triggering point that again kills all human life on the planet.
Now all of that is a foregone conclusion or a self-fulfilling prophecy and here's the big announcement.
But the globalists themselves are already undermining civilization and basic infrastructure because they are the technocrats that are basically already in full control of the major energy and food and transportation and medicine financing systems.
So that as they begin to turn off the food supply to the third world, there are lockdowns and wars and other crises that they implement, the public will be told that it's climate change that's causing it all.
And you've seen this.
Borders are wide open, Biden says come north, climate change.
Collapse of the third world, mass starvation, COVID-19 caused it.
No, the fake lockdown on the fake virus caused it.
And so, again, that's just their go-to.
That it's your fault, humanity, that the volcano blew up, so we better sacrifice the king's daughter to it.
If you're an example of ancient Hawaii.
Not even ancient, they were still killing people 200 years ago.
Hell, 150 years ago.
And every other culture's done the same thing.
So, we're going back to being dumbed down.
We're a very superstitious population, and We're being taught that everything that happens is because of us, and so that each new calamity that's visited upon us is the fault of ourselves.
But don't worry, there's these global guardians, the new priest class, just the old priest class, that will save us and protect us.
Oh, new deadly viruses are coming.
It's climate change.
Doesn't matter if it comes out of a lab.
And again, the virus is real.
They can kill old people that haven't had their D3 and things like that.
But it's the response with the vaccines that really is the kill program.
Again, that's why they skipped animal trials and then skipped long-term human trials, was
because they'd actually done trials previously with coronavirus mRNA vaccines and virus vector
Thousands of trials, actually, mainly in China on poultry, pigs, and other animals, and actually
know that they can block any pathogen they want, any virus, but in their own literature,
they admit, it then destroys the animal's immune system where they can no longer defend
themselves and have to be given constant inoculations.
And that's in Bill and Melinda Gates documents that are connected to the Crimson contagion drill that was conducted two years ago.
But, here's the problem.
I can write a 500 page book and not hit one-tenth of the angles here.
The big announcement that everyone needs to be aware of is that undoubtedly when I put all the hundreds of thousands of pieces together in my mind, and I've proven I'm able to extrapolate all their operations out towards their endgame, that they are definitely planning by 2030 to have an extinction level event for humans And basically the end of the world as we know it.
Because they fear the cataclysms and the cycles that humans have been through before.
And they clearly have some of the secret histories of that that Plato only alluded to 2,300 years ago.
And so they are playing God and implementing the global collapse and the global crisis And the decadence and all the things that are precursors to it, ahead of time, just like they're trying to control the weather, just like they're trying to control our bodies, and play God, also on a mass scale, they are bringing in an artificial apocalypse.
They believe they're just taking the predictive programming of the Bible as they see it.
They see it as predictive programming.
And that they are then taking control of that narrative and manifesting it before it can actually manifest itself organically in the future.
Which of course is classic that they're carrying out God's will.
Or some of the illuminated would say, no Jones, you are actually following our plan that we planned 2,000 years ago.
If you want to just leave it open for debate, and I'm not saying God isn't real, Revelation isn't real, what I'm saying is, regardless, we're going in to the most dystopian, brutal, nightmarish system you've ever seen, run by psychologists and psychiatrists, and just some of the most cold-blooded war gamers, and that at the very top of the system, They had only had less than 1% aware of this master plan even five years ago.
Now they're externalizing the hierarchy and externalizing the method and now have hundreds of publications, Politico, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NBC News, all saying, looking forward to the end of humanity.
Thank God we're all going to be sterile by 2045.
And again, they put these further dates out there so people go, oh, it'll be then.
No, it's not going to be then.
It's going to be sooner than that.
Everything accelerates towards the artificial singularity they're creating.
I would call it an Armageddon singularity, or an end-of-the-world singularity.
And so I only say things when I'm serious mode, because I really believe them.
When I go out and I engage occasionally in some satire, have some fun, or go on a comedy show.
That's because I'm a human and I like to do that.
And the media likes to always say, oh, see Jones screwed around over here.
He's an actor.
He doesn't mean what he's saying.
Well, you can see the things I've covered over the years have come true.
And you know what?
I'm being serious.
And so they're trying to confuse that issue.
All that's a lie.
All that's them just distracting.
I'm as serious as a heart attack when I say that.
When you see AOC and Beto, tears in their eyes.
A year and a half, two years ago, saying, the end of the world in 11 years!
First she said 12 years, I guess in 2018, and then she said in 2019.
It's the end of the world and just very, very soon, 11 years, then Beto said the same thing.
That's because you have these top billionaires and these top globalists telling them all that.
I told everybody the story 15-16 years ago about the major Hollywood producer that had just met with James Cameron and James Cameron told him I'm not going to come out with all these hologram movie theaters now because in the future there's not going to be civilization and none of this is going to be around anymore and I'm going to New Zealand to basically prepare for the end of the world because there and I've again I've run into a lot of top scientists and people, and I've been out to their homes, and I remember they were all told this earlier, getting them ready, 15 years ago.
It was about 15 years ago that they went from probably, I don't know, maybe 200 people in the world knowing about this plan, to externalizing it to probably 10,000.
And I'm just being hypothetical.
But at that point, I got contacted by a lot of, quote, liberals that thought I was full of it, that were top scientists.
You know, some of these people had, you know, mansions, helicopters, everything, just off patents they had.
And I would be sitting there at their dinner table with the husband and the wife that were both scientists.
Another case, a man and his, I guess his husband, also a top scientist.
They were just explaining to me that, yeah, you're right, we were led in on this.
We can't tell you everything.
In both cases, the people started crying.
And they said, look, you're on the right track.
We can't tell you, but everybody's moving to rural areas or building bunkers, or everybody's going to New Zealand.
It's got the money.
All the elites have got private jets.
And it's just, it's worse than you think.
And it's coming.
If you remember right around that same time, Dr. Eric Pianca, who was the head of the biology department at UT at the time, and when he wasn't, this was on his own website, dressing up as a Druid priest with his, uh, and calling himself Lucifer, He was saying that Ebola would soon be airborne with a 99% kill rate and that he was ready for he and his family to die and he was sad about it, but it was the great thing for the new age to begin.
And when he gave speeches in the UK and in Texas, it was in the newspaper that there were multi-minute long standing ovations with people crying.
He's also talked to some of the reporters that were there.
They said it was worse than what we said in the article.
People had tears running down their eyes when he projected red skulls on the wall and said, I'm ready to die, my family's ready to die, we're all going to die soon for the Earth.
And then I had one of his former students who then worked in U.S.
biological weapons areas attack me on the Internet and send us threatening emails saying, you know, Pianka's too liberal.
And by liberal I mean too nice.
You know, like when you give somebody a too big a stake, so that's a liberal portion.
I don't know what liberal sense you mean.
Humans are a parasite.
Who can deny all of us must be gotten rid of.
So, I've looked at all this from where they are, who they are, what they're planning.
And like I said, the final equation is, I've never been a UFOlogist.
I don't get into Little Green Men.
I don't cover any of that.
I don't get into speculation.
But if you had to sit back as like a top analyst and say, okay, what does this look like?
Why would you have a religion that's anti-human?
Why would you say you worship AI gods, you're gonna merge the machines?
Why would you be infecting the public with poison mRNA and virus vector vaccines that, by the way, are probably even worse now that I look at it.
It's all picture poison.
Why would they be doing all that?
Like, there's a gun to their head, and I... It's spiritual.
I mean, it's a... Again, they don't come from distant stars.
They come from right here, in dimensions that we're sandwiched into.
That's what all the mathematics and all the scientists now basically know.
I mean, I don't know any people that are actually atheists.
That was just something in the 60s and 70s to get people away from understanding there's other realms.
And, of course, the religion's ridiculous, and the groups are ridiculous, and all the false priesthoods are ridiculous.
I'm not saying that's all real.
That gets in the way of Uh, interfacing with the fact that we only see the very limited spectrum of our own dimension, much less the other dimensions.
And these people are channeling something that is anti-human and very, very bad.
And I think really it's a form of Stockholm Syndrome with the globalists, and that they're so scared about what they're involved in that they're just following orders.
Because if you really study globalists, the really high-level top ones, they're not even a lot of them on a power trip.
They're scared.
And like I told you all, I don't take this as a positive.
I don't take it as some laurel.
But these people are very smart.
They tried to recruit me when I was very young.
And they tried to recruit me basically throughout my career.
And they just act very, very sad and very, very upset that I won't join them.
And they say, you're wrong.
You're wrong.
Humans are bad.
We've got to get rid of them.
And I go, well, tell me.
Tell me more.
They go, well, we can't tell you until you prove yourself, until you join us.
And so, folks, this is very real, okay?
And everybody romanticizes U.S.
intelligence or thinks the military is magic and great.
You see the military announcing that they hate gun owners and hate the American people and hate the military and hate the police, and they're going to call and purge the military and police.
That's because there could be a resistance from there, but Biden and the globalists have gotten basically full control at the top.
And so there isn't some secret group up there that's going to save you.
And again, I've had dinner over the years with high-level military brass, former heads of major programs in the Army and Air Force.
I had a two-hour meeting with the head of two U.S.
intelligence agencies, and he concurred completely with my analysis of all this, just so you know.
And people are really trying to figure out how to go public with all this.
So just understand.
That they're creating the collapse of civilization, the economic, the spiritual, the cultural, and the physical.
Because it's all spiritual at the end of the day.
And again, spiritual just means out of sight, hidden.
And if you could see all the dimensions, you'd be insane.
It's just too much.
So your optic nerve tunes most of it out.
And I'm explaining this again.
I've never taken DMT.
I know a lot of people that have and people that have done it in U.S.
government secret labs before anybody even knew about DMT.
And I was told about it a long time ago.
And they have large groups of people that when the veil is removed, they actually communicate with the entities.
They have up to, the highest level group I've heard is about 45, 50 people having the same hallucination.
Well, it's not the same hallucination.
Either it's all their brains linking up and creating some type of mass imprinted memory or recording that's there or it's actually entities that appear and communicate with you and that they're all experiencing an interdimensional opening or a veil being removed, a portal being opened.
Every culture believed in that.
The reason I say it could be like some type of recording that was basically put in our genes is a lot of the experiences are exactly the same.
They're going to say the same things over and over again.
Now, if you do a lot of really evil stuff and kill a lot of people and spill a lot of blood, then some other stuff happens.
And that's why people see the recordings when they're, quote, wizards, when they're into pharmakeia, when they're witches.
And that was every culture.
The Aztecs, of course, went deep into this.
And so the winged serpent and other entities start demanding more and more blood to get
into higher levels.
And so that's why they do that as payment.
And again, these things are just trying to get us to debase ourselves and get trained
to kill ourselves and hurt ourselves.
They're not good.
And of course, God tells us that in the Bible.
So the end of the world is planned for somewhere around 2030.
I told you 2012 was BS.
That was just programming you to kind of put that into your mind.
And it's not going to be a physical end of the world.
It's the end of the world as we know it, the end of the human world.
And the Bible tells us it's going to get out of hand and most of the earth is going to get destroyed.
A large portion of the public is going to be killed.
And then if God didn't intervene, there'd be no flesh spared.
So I love you guys.
I really care about you.
That's the best I can Lay some of these thoughts out here.
There's a lot of other angles to this, obviously.
But the globalists are planning a controlled demolition of humanity as we know it.
controlled, limited end of the world.
And they pretty much admit that to you.
I mean, they say at the end of the world's coming if you don't do exactly as they say.
And then of course, if you don't do exactly what they say, oh, you're causing the end
of the world.
But they're always the saviors.
They're the guardians of the earth.
They're the guardians of your genetics.
They're the guardians of goodness.
Oh, they love the black people while they kill them.
It's all completely transparent, but it's spiritual.
You've got to shift your awareness and just -- you only shift it about 30, 40 degrees
and you're like, oh, my gosh, there's the whole thing.
You've got to look at it at an angle.
And then you realize that they actually had you looking at it upside down.
So, once you see it, folks, there's no going back.
Because, I mean, it's like they say in the Matrix, which is an allegory of this, one cannot be told about the Matrix, one has to see it.
Okay, I hope all of you will share this, because they are planning to control the end of the world.
And the end of the world as you know it is already begun as you see and I uh
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