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Name: 20210315_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 15, 2021
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The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been temporarily suspended in Germany due to concerns about blood clots and deaths linked to its usage. The ban has also been extended to Italy, Netherlands, France, Ireland, among other countries. Critics argue that this is a sign of the worsening situation for the pharmaceutical company. The World Economic Forum has identified several trends including requiring vaccine passports for certain activities, nutrition playing a role in the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and the need to provide information on these vaccines. The ongoing global situation with COVID-19 and lockdowns is discussed as part of a larger plan by powerful elites to control masses through surveillance, vaccine passports, economic manipulation, and race and culture war propaganda. Various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines and censorship are also covered including questions about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine and bans in India and other countries.

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Germany suspends AstraZeneca mRNA vaccine amid clotting concerns and links to deaths and people being paralyzed and having strokes, but that's no big deal.
AstraZeneca's European nightmare worsening as Ireland, Netherlands latest to ban jabs along with Italy and others.
This is all AP, zero heads, look, top of, top of drudge!
Germany, France, Italy, hold COVID vax over blood clot fears.
Shot ban in 17 nations.
Yeah, click on that.
And hey, marvelous Marvin Hagler.
You got him, didn't you?
Hank Aaron, you got him.
And a bunch of other famous people have died or almost died.
And boy, they don't like that because that's, people hear about famous folks dying.
Nothing like getting your organs liquefied.
Marvelous Marvin could be the middleweight champion of the world.
But he sure couldn't take on that COVID-19 vaccine.
But oh, the mainstream news.
They're our friends.
They try to restrict us talking about it.
Can't let the peasants talk about how we're killing them.
This is really happening.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
If you want to know the enemy, read their agenda in their own documents.
In their weekly Strategic Intelligence Newsletter, the World Economic Forum spotlighted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which they define as a fundamental change in the ways we live and work.
Merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds and fusing technologies in ways that create both promise and peril.
They link to a library of articles on the subject and give us the trending top five.
Requiring vaccine passports for certain activities, discrimination, or behavioral change.
Except when the subject of discrimination comes up, it has nothing to do with a person's rights not to be vaccinated.
The so-called discrimination has to do with lower-income countries not getting the jab until 2022.
The doublespeak is that not getting a vaccine for an imaginary virus is discrimination.
The author Joan Costa-Iffant, an associate professor of political science at the London School of Economics, writes that taking a vaccine is pro-social behavior, and described those who would refuse a vaccine as vaccine-resistant.
Costa y Font went on to describe these people as contrarians, stating that their very existence might be healthy for the rest of us, and that vaccine passports would change their behavior by forcing them to get vaccinated if they wanted to travel.
Costa y Font wrote that those who comply do so to virtue signal.
And that this should be used as a way to push the vaccine passport.
And if anyone thinks he is concerned about a dangerous pandemic, he also wrote that the use of passports should be limited to non-essential services.
The next article, written by senior executive at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, warns that the world has only 10 years to change course before ultimate climate disaster.
And the only way to save the world is to give government leaders oversight of policy, regulation, and research and development of all the world's industry.
Sounds like old school communism, but they are now calling it circularity.
In The Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines is Linked to Good Nutrition, the author admits that a healthy diet and nutrition will strengthen the immune system and protect a person from infection.
But the efficacy to be concerned about is how malnutrition can affect the quality of immune response to vaccination.
And what is of utmost importance is providing information on COVID-19 vaccines.
A boring article on carbon revenue and the redistribution of wealth.
And finally, how happiness, anger and anxiety can help you negotiate.
Which speaks to their mentally ill communist cult selling the anti-human agenda on how it would be wise to reserve happiness.
And how anger can lead to gains by soliciting concessions from the counterpart.
However, the anger must be deeply felt.
The World Economic Forum is indeed a weird cult of big bank multinational corporation weirdos.
But this is reality.
Without any sort of resistance, this global communist model is what's coming to your new normal.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We could not be doing more important work right now.
I'm very honored to be your host, very honored to be here with you on this live March 15th Monday Global Transmission, the Ides of March.
I am going to air a special report here.
And then when I return, we're going to get into the earth-shaking developments that are unfolding here today.
We have things unfolding that are just unbelievable.
We are watching a publicly designed train wreck to collapse global society.
We're accelerating into the absolute destruction of the third world and the annihilation of the first world.
We're witnessing crimes against humanity on a scale never before seen.
We now have Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland in one day banning one of the major mRNA vaccines.
They are selectively targeting the AstraZeneca.
The others, the Moderna and Pfizer, are even worse as we track the death numbers.
So people know that there's death, so they're banning the vaccine that isn't even hurting people as bad.
And I'm not saying take that one.
This is all very sophisticated psychological warfare algorithms that are unfolding in a big, big way.
You don't just have Marvelous Marvin Hagler dying a day after he took the vaccine.
You don't just have Hank Aaron dying after he got the second vaccine.
You have the media lying and battling to keep that information coming out from the families because they can cover up average people dying.
It's hard to cover up sports icons and people like that.
And you notice how predominantly they're black.
The evidence is mounting that mRNA vaccines particularly kill black elderly people even faster, though marvelous Marvin Hagler was in great health and only 66 years old.
That is all coming up today.
And the Pentagon is now moving into propaganda against the American people.
It's totally illegal.
They're moving to try to remove Tucker Carlson off of the air.
They're moving to go after the IP addresses of the resistance online, like InfoWars.com.
This is a real assault.
This is a real bonafide takeover.
Now, we also have the spokesperson for a major political party in Israel that is fighting the lockdowns, the forced inoculations, the freedom bracelets, as they're called.
And she will be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
I also intend to open the phones up.
I am very honored to be back in studio with all of you.
I had an amazingly powerful trip in Florida that I'm not at liberty to get into any of on, basically, but I will give you just some of the basics of how exciting things are and the major resistance forming.
And also a sense of what this broadcast has done and what this broadcast has been able to do.
And so we're very, very excited about those developments as well.
But I wanted to air a John Bowne report because it's very important and needs to get out.
And that report is clip 16.
Biden's New World Order zealot.
Here's that report.
Is back.
I speak today as president of the United States at the very start of my administration, and I'm sending a clear message to the world.
America is back.
The transatlantic alliance is back.
Few realize just how dug in the massively unpopular illegitimate president Joe Biden is.
What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?
I don't know what he was doing.
I know he was on the board.
I found out he was on the board after he was on the board.
And that was it.
Aside from his family's obvious compromise to the Chinese communist death machine,
And so the idea I'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in Hong Kong, what he's doing with the Uyghurs in western mountains of China and Taiwan trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful.
I said and by the he said he he gets it.
Culturally there are different norms at each country and they their leaders are expected to follow.
And a Ukrainian crime syndicate.
Look, I said I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Joe Biden has always been a staunch zealot of the New World Order.
Got fired.
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.
In the summer of 1992, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden delivered three speeches
So here we had the banking cartel doing exactly that.
They went into partnership with the federal government of the United States.
Now, it's easy to see why the bankers would want a cartel.
That is to enhance their profit margins and to protect themselves.
But you might wonder, why would government want to go along with it?
Well, it was to the mutual benefit of both, I can assure you.
We're good to go!
The moment is upon us to define a compelling concept of a new world order, to commit ourselves to it, and to lead the world in its realization.
He goes on.
Those in the Truman years who sought to resume Wilson's work, the work of building a true world order, brought historic statesmanship to the task.
The United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund,
The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the Marshall Plan, the World Health Organization, and a host of other worthy UN agencies, the Fulbright Exchange Program, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Organization of American States, and later the European Community became their monuments.
Predictably, these speeches, which were held over three days in the Senate, have disappeared from C-SPAN, while other Biden appearances from around the same time period remain.
And I sadly predict, Mr. President, that this is going to be one of the bitterest, dirtiest presidential campaigns we will have seen in modern times.
Unfortunately, the Senate records have not been deep-sixed.
That same year, 1992, Senator Joe Biden penned an article titled, How I Learned to Love the New World Order, for the Wall Street Journal, where he defended his view that the Pentagon's new strategy appointing the U.S.
as a sort of world monitor
We're good to go.
The worst part about the Illuminati globalist mind-control propaganda spectacle of the Grammys is that after the horrible year America had endured, it would have been inspiring to witness the real musicians, who won plenty of awards, perform and speak to the public that supported them.
Stay tuned, because when we come back, Lil Baby gives a performance you do not want to miss.
But at this point, that is probably too much to ask the narcissistic hacks who have hijacked the soul of American music.
The real award show would have gotten massive ratings if Grammy-winning legends Bobby Rush, Toots and the Mai Tows, John Prine, Chick Corea, and many others had been given a moment to receive their awards, some of them posthumously.
Instead, American Music's Night looked more like a funeral in a brothel.
Replete with awkward COVID-19 social distancing.
Performances from talentless, immoral, demonic prostitutes.
Did you see that?
Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion!
That was amazing!
Wow, that was amazing!
The whole thing is a giant shoe, and you got the giant bed.
Oh, and it's so soft.
What is the thread count?
This is amazing!
Oh, guys, guys, wait, wait.
I just realized something.
This is a dream.
This is a dream that I've had.
To be in bed with Cardi B. Brainwashing Black Lives Matter propaganda.
Normalizing the torching of America's small businesses.
When I was growing up, I was taught in American history books that Africa had no history.
And neither did I. That I was a savage.
About whom the less said the better.
Who had been saved by Europe and brought to America.
It's the state of emergency.
It's been a hell of a year.
Hell for over 400 years.
My people, it's time we stand.
It's time we demand the freedom that this land promises.
President Biden, we demand justice.
And of course, the now expected Illuminati music industry parade.
All overseen by the self-proclaimed king and queen of Crowley and magic, Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Why has it come to this, you may ask?
Because the potential of infinite freedom real American music represents must never be allowed out of its box.
Which is buried beneath the Grammy stage.
Opening that box would spread truth far and wide to a populace that is craving it.
John Bowne reporting.
Tomorrow's news today.
Welcome, my friends.
Welcome again.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday broadcast.
I wanted to air that report that you can see and share from Band.Video in the John Bowne section today.
Because it illustrates how we're being taken down, how we're being controlled.
Mega-massive corporations that are exploiting Africa, that are exploiting the entire planet, and that are killing millions of people with poisonous GMO foods, fluoride, and tainted vaccines, then show you images of black people with Moloff cocktails going out and burning down America
As a response to what one police officer does that can be taken out of context.
That's what you do when you run giant death camps in communist China and you're the mega corporations.
That's what you do is you distract and you divide and you conquer the country.
And at every level, you put women in combat, you put pregnant women in fighter jets, you have the military pay for sex changes, you teach five-year-olds that pedophilia is good, you dissolve the borders, you dissolve the currency, you advertise that everybody can live in open-air tent cities.
But if the general public doesn't pay their taxes, they take your home.
This is a modern takeover.
This is the global system dissolving and taking over the U.S.
So there's no example of freedom, no example of middle class, no example of individualism left.
This is the end of civilization as we know it.
And it's a bunch of globalists that are anti-human across the board.
Oh, you're not going to see the big corporate-produced establishment program talking about why are all of these old people and young people and black people and white people and others dying from the mRNA vaccines?
Oh no, you're not going to hear about...
All of these baseball players and famous boxers, heavyweight champion of the world.
Marvelous Marvin Hagler dying a day after he took the shot.
His family said that's what killed him.
Totally healthy, took it.
Dead 24 hours later, his liver dissolved.
Just like that 30-something-year-old white mother out in Utah, whose organs liquefied.
We're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back with all the news, but I wanted to get to that first.
And this is a live broadcast, quite frankly.
Started the show, I was having earpiece problems.
So we had to air some of those reports.
Great reports need to air anyways.
Maybe I should just air our reports here.
Maybe I should just hang it up, man.
Hang the hat up for a while.
Because I'm not giving up in the face of all this.
I just realized, though, that if Americans themselves don't stand up and don't say no and don't resist this, we don't have a future.
We don't have any hope.
Because they know they can kill us incrementally.
But it's so blatantly obvious, it's so blatantly disgusting, it's so ridiculous and over the top.
So what I'm going to do next segment, as judiciously as I can, I am going to roll through the entire compendium of the latest COVID
19 World Government Takeover Plan really falling on its face and the exciting things that are unfolding.
So as bad as things are, some incredibly positive things are happening as well.
If you look at it, the vaccines that are being forced on us here are banned in most parts of the world.
So again, why is that happening?
Because their populations are not so divided and so conquered
That they can be controlled.
So you have to understand, America is really under attack right now.
We've been targeted.
And if you just tuned in, Germany, France, Italy, join Ireland, join the Netherlands, join a whole other list of countries banning the mRNA vaccine for killing people.
Well, just ask marvelous Marvin Hagler.
Just ask Ben Stein.
Oh, just ask, just ask all those other people that are dying.
What happened?
I guess you can't because they're dead.
Hank Aaron, you can't ask him.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, I'm going to lay out the
The surreal nature of the COVID-19 developments, the COVID-19 dictatorship, the fact that it's an admitted takeover plan, in the words of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and that's what's so incredible is, this is a criminal operation.
It is public.
It ends in a very bad way if we keep submitting to it.
We're all being drugged to a very horrible place.
The only answer is resistance, and there will be mounting resistance, but they're prepared for that with global race and culture war.
While they kill us and bankrupt us and steal from us and annihilate us and poison us, they have us fighting with each other.
It's very, very simple.
And whether it's Australia or the UK or the US,
They're going to use black people as the front.
And black folks need to know that.
They need to fight it.
They need to be totally aware of it.
And the good news is, the numbers show that that awakening is actually happening.
The problem is, is they had such massive election fraud that the dictatorship is now in place and it's not going to go away without a very serious, vicious fight.
This is The Empire Striking Back.
I'm going to hit all that news here in a moment.
First off, we are listener supported.
We sell great products to fund this operation.
And I went to Florida and met with the who's who's that are there.
Basically, the who's who's are there.
They're all there.
And I wouldn't even call most of these secret meetings, but there's no reason to name names and get into all of it.
But it was very, very exciting.
And I was given the same message by everyone that I spoke with that are very, very prominent names in the fight against the New World Order.
I'll just leave it at that.
The top names, period, are all in Florida.
And they just said, Jones, you launched the whole revolution.
We need you, we are counting on you, we're counting on your listeners, and basically that we are the engine that is driving most of the rebellion you see here today.
And so that goes to you, the listeners, you, the viewers, that I really want to salute, that I really, really want to thank, because as bad as things are, can you imagine if they were launching all this and people hadn't been pre-warned?
I always knew
That that would be the real resistance.
I always knew that that would be the real way to defeat these people is that if we knew about the globalist plan, and we knew what was coming up in the future, and we knew what was going to be unfolding,
If we simply pre-warned people specifically exactly with what the enemy was going to do, there would be no way when it unfolded they could deny it.
And so now, we know why they took down our YouTube channel with 5 billion views, but thank God we had PrisonPlanet.tv that was subscription-based.
And listeners would ask, why do you charge $5.95 a month?
For a subscription site, when everything you put on PrisonPlanet.tv is for free on YouTube.
And I explained, they do take our videos down.
We do get censored quite often.
They could take the whole library down.
We have to have a backup.
So you're paying like an outreach, like you can't go to Africa or you can't go to India to spread the Christian gospel.
But you pay missionaries to do it for you.
And the listeners understood that and we actually got even more members under that system.
You pay for it, you get first use of it, you get some exclusive stuff.
It's been free for years.
And then once we got enough capital in, about five years ago we made PrisonPlanet.tv free.
Then of course later we don't have enough capital and maybe we should go back to some type of subscription service.
But what I'm getting at here is that
Those videos are there, and that's where people are now going to PrisonPlanet.tv, where over a decade of archived information, about 15 years of archived information, that's how long it existed.
I don't even know if we still even upload to PrisonPlanet.tv.
Now we have Band.video that is a completely free site.
But it is the PrisonPlanet.tv.
That allows people to go in and find all those full shows.
And people go and they see it.
And we lay out exactly what was going to transpire, word for word, what's now transpired.
And people just say, how is this?
I mean, I had the most prominent names in the country fighting the globalists all ask me the same question.
How did you do this?
How did you know all that?
I said, well, I went off globalist documents, but yeah, there's a lot of documents.
And I said, no, but I know the key groups and their key plan, and I've seen what they've built so far, and I see the predictive programming in the news, so I know what they're going to do.
And they said, well, you certainly do know that.
I met with the former head of two U.S.
intelligence agencies.
I'll leave it at that.
I met with a lot of other very prominent people.
It was a form of satisfaction I've not experienced.
It wasn't a triumph.
It wasn't a power trip.
It wasn't good for my ego.
It was like a thousand pound weight was taken off my shoulders.
There's still a lot of weight on my shoulders, but I've had this mission and I've known it was my job, but this time we're now in to do what we've done.
And I told you that for 20 plus years.
I said, this is all going to come.
It's my mission.
Now I know that I am inspired with my discernment and my own research to know what to look at, to know what to understand, and that my understanding of human nature and how to fight the globalists was dead on, but that was all given to me by God.
Smartest thing Rush Limbaugh said was, talent on loan from God.
And so I just am very humbled to be here, very humble, very thankful to be with all of you.
I come in here and research all this information and get very frustrated on air because it's very hard to have time to get to all of it properly, but it's just an incredible time to be alive.
So I want to thank you all for keeping us on air.
To this critical point, I don't feel like my mission's over, but I do feel like I've completed
What I was sent here to do.
And you've been sent to this planet as well for what you're here doing.
That's why God created you, why God put you in this body, and why you're on this planet right now.
So I've completed the main mission.
And I've got more missions, but God literally had his hand on these people to tell me all the same message.
The same message.
Take care of yourself.
You've done a great job.
You helped launch this whole thing.
You're the leader.
You're the leader.
These people told me.
You're the leader, Alex.
And we apologize.
We didn't think you were right about all this.
You've been dead on about everything else.
What do we do?
What's coming next?
And it was a huge weight off my shoulders at that point.
Not that now people are asking me what to do at that level specifically, but
That I've completed the mission so far now that they've got the template now and don't even need me.
And like the space shuttle going into orbit, the main boosters just fall off.
And imagine being those boosters driving, shaking, and finally, you see what I'm saying?
It's like now the big heavy payloads going into orbit.
And I'm on the ship.
You're on the ship too, folks.
But we were the boosters, folks.
And as bad as things are, we're now in the main fight.
This was all
Pre-positioning for what's coming, and God's people versus Satan's people, and this was setting up the chess pieces.
Well now, ladies and gentlemen, it is game on.
And again, 27 years ago, starting off, it's like the shuttle blasting off.
At first, it's only moving like a foot a second.
I mean, this is a straight... And then it starts speeding up.
Faster, faster, faster.
Shaking, you're shaking, you're going thousands of miles an hour.
And all of a sudden...
You're in space.
The boosters fall off, you blast up into orbit, and now you're weightless.
It's like we're going into space, we're not completely weightless yet, but I can feel myself in the seat going... So that's a metaphor for where we are, but literally it was the weight coming off, it was like the gravity coming off, that's what it was.
And I feel the gravity just coming off of me, Nellie.
And a lot of other stuff happened.
I can't tell you about it all, folks, but it was amazing.
And to know how real God is.
I actually feel sorry for Klaus Schwab and all these other devils for what they do, because they're going to be so destroyed.
They are going to be so annihilated by God.
They're going to be judged so horribly.
And just thank your lucky stars you're not with them.
All right, I said I'd get to this big news.
I said I'd plug two.
I didn't do that, but I think that was an important story I just told.
We'll come back on the other side, and we'll see if I can get this earpiece issue taken care of.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Alright my friends, here's what I want to do.
I don't think so.
That we knew was coming, and it's happening exactly as I said it would.
Because 90% of this is in documents, but then you have to connect the dots on the others.
And I'm sure you've all heard me of a regular listener probably 5,000 times say, when they collapse the third world with the lockdowns, and then the giant third world masses flood us, they're going to say that that was
Because of climate change, even though the lockdown's what did it.
Sure as hell, Nancy Pelosi came out and said it.
And I said, they're also going to say that the new viruses are rising because of climate change, and that's why they're developing, because there's too many people.
So see, they always criticize Pat Robertson when there's a bad hurricane, and this is God judging us.
Well, maybe he's wrong, maybe he's right.
But they're saying, oh, humans are bad, that's why there's a snowstorm, or a dust storm.
Or climate change caused a volcano.
You've heard that.
That's pure bull.
Like weather systems aren't really affecting volcanoes.
So they're now saying that the viruses, more deadly viruses are coming, and you've got to give all your rights up permanently, Fauci said, because of climate change.
And then Pelosi says, oh, there's a migrant surge, illegal alien surge, not because Biden's in office and said he'll let them in.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Not because the U.N.
prepared them and trained them at refugee centers.
No, no, no, no.
Not because of the lockdown starving millions of people.
Independent media goes, even national media goes and talks to the illegal aliens coming in.
They're like, under lockdown we starve to death, we have nothing to do but go to UN.
UN tell us go north.
So I'm not even against these people.
They're refugees of globalism.
That's what they really are, is refugees from the UN global government assault.
And so while they're doing all of this, they're lecturing us at the Grammys and the Emmys and the Oscars and at the football games about how there's white people hunting down the black people.
Yes, on average, 14 black men a year are wrongfully killed by police.
Did you know that's the rarest way for a black man to die is the police?
You're twice as likely, if you're white, per capita, to be killed by the police.
Because the police, the truth is, don't give service to a lot of the black areas because they don't want to be called racist.
I have a lot of black cop friends I know.
They say, you know, we slow roll.
Because something goes wrong, we're going to jail.
And so this is to bring down the country.
And the death rate is just exploding in poor neighborhoods, white, black, it doesn't matter.
It's absolutely out of control.
Huge tent cities.
Oh, by the way, fentanyl, in the last two months, just since Biden got in, the DEA says he's up 360 plus percent.
I think it's 362 percent.
I saw the article this weekend.
360 plus percent.
It's killing hundreds of thousands of people, a lot of them black, but oh, you're not going to see the Emmys or the Grammys or any of these shows pushing this.
There it is, Biden's border advisor admits Trump's policies prevented illegal immigration.
Fentanyl importation in the U.S.
So to do this justice, and I'm not doing this to plant the hook, as they say, in talk radio, where you say, oh, coming up, next segment, shark attack video, next segment, dog bites man.
We're not doing that here.
We have too much news, too many clips, too much insanity.
I'm just kind of debriefing you on the positive stuff going on that I go meet with the intelligentsia of the resistance.
The Household Names.
And they are on board, baby.
They got it.
They got it as good as I got it.
Or better.
And that is beautiful.
It means, again, you've done your job.
Spread the word.
And it's just going to get better from here on out.
And it's going to get worse.
Because this is a fight.
And as the enemy ups their game, we up our game.
And as long as we don't give up, they're going to run out of time, they're going to fall apart.
No matter how much propaganda or election fraud they've got, everybody's going to know you run from Democrats, you run from Communists, you run from Socialists, you run from Leftists, you run from Liberals, because they're monsters.
They're part of a criminal syndicate.
And most of the people that serve the Left are idiots being used and destroyed themselves.
So that's all coming up.
Look at these headlines.
The Pentagon openly calls for a tax on citizens that criticize the Pentagon.
That's totally illegal.
I've got articles here, London Mayor Savage for plan to cut members of white men in science and engineering, saying we shouldn't have whites in engineering and science.
I mean, just the total racism.
But first, all the huge news I've already mentioned, and a bunch of clips that I'll play at the start of the next hour, like clockwork.
Let me just show you some of the headlines, then I'll go into these in detail.
Breaking world champ, marvelous Marvin Hagler!
I mean, he was one of my favorite boxers, not my favorite, because I was growing up, me and my dad always watched boxing, we'd get pay-per-view, and you know, order a couple pizzas, friends would come over, and I mean, Hagler always gave me the best boxing matches.
I liked him better than Mike Tyson.
Absolutely deader than a doornail.
One day after he took the shot, family says the shot killed him.
Oh, but, oh, but they're all over the news.
Don't say the vaccine did it.
That's hateful.
Vaccine never hurt anybody.
Fauci says it's hurting no one.
I've got the clips coming up.
Oh, no one's been hurt.
Even though we're doing testing on the public.
This is illegal testing.
Germany suspends AstraZeneca vaccine amid clotting concerns.
AstraZeneca's European nightmare worsening as Ireland, Netherlands latest to join.
Germany in banning the mRNA vaccine and I've been tracking it.
The AstraZeneca is bad, folks, but nothing compared to that Moderna and that Pfizer.
Netherlands becomes latest country to suspend use of AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine.
Fauci and Chuck Todd say more pandemics coming because of climate change.
Pelosi, climate change responsible for border crisis.
Yeah, yeah, it's not you.
Video police round up woman, morning lock London kidnapping, murder victim and crackdown on vigil held despite COVID ban.
Canadian health chief says COVID restrictions must continue even after taking the vaccine.
See, it never ends.
It never ends.
But don't worry, they'll have artificial intelligence.
We'll track all of this to make sure.
If we're getting a cold, we get arrested and disappear.
Jerusalem Post, you'll wear your freedom bracelets.
And that ties into these fraudulent machines that are worse than lie detectors.
And Elizabeth Holmes, still not going on trial.
Years after she got caught with her own PCR test giant fraud with Theranos.
It's all based on fraud and she worked for Bill Gates.
That's why they're not letting her go to trial.
Oh, but we've got an Axios article about how they're not doing social distancing in Congress and how the Republicans need to be expelled and they need to be stripped of their elections because they're not staying six feet away.
I'm not kidding.
Total divide and conquer.
We're going to go to break, but I want to make a big announcement here.
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The lockdowns have been tough, Biden conceded at the outset.
God knows how we got them.
But we did.
Those restrictions will be lifted as soon as we can lift them.
And we will return to some version of the country we now only dimly remember.
We'd really love to do that.
We mean it.
We'd love it.
But in order to go forward,
and take the boot off your neck.
We're going to need every American to listen very carefully and to obey our orders.
Do what we tell you to do.
Now, that won't be easy.
But if you do it, there is a payoff for good behavior.
If you're obedient, there's a chance, not a guarantee, of course, but a distinct possibility, God willing, that you may be able to see some of the people you love around July 4th.
That could actually happen, ladies and gentlemen.
Listen to this.
If we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th there's a good chance you, your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.
That doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.
Did you hear that, America?
There is a good chance, again, not a sure thing, but what is a sure thing these days?
But a good chance that you might be allowed to have a modest cookout four months from now.
That is, as long as you obey regulations, weather permitting and assuming that current federal projections unfold according to plan.
That's your prize!
This offer, by the way, does not apply to full-time employees of the radio station or their families.
But with luck, this could be your reward after a year and a half of lockdowns.
A 4th of July cookout in your very own backyard, assuming you have one.
Don't ever tell us that Joe Biden isn't a compassionate, generous man.
Here he is offering you, with some medically necessary caveats outlined by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the right to cook your own hot dogs!
With the provision, obviously, that you do it in a small, massed group seated far apart at a prescribed distance from one another.
Don't get crazy and hug or celebrate or talk too loud or anything like that.
Moderation is the key here.
But still, a socially distanced barbecue!
What other wonders does President Biden have in store for us?
Well, you're going to have to get vaccinated to find out.
Sorry, that's the other requirement.
Should have mentioned it.
Everybody needs the shot, period.
That's what Biden said.
And that's a lot of shots.
The good news, now that we're on what Joe Biden describes as a, quote, war footing with this virus, vaccinating people against it is a counterterrorism operation.
What we did to ISIS, we're going to do to COVID.
Biden didn't mention drones, but we will need soldiers.
And that's why Joe Biden is building a vaccination corps that will include active duty members of the military, an army of vaccinators.
Two months ago, the country, this country didn't have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or ever near all of the American public.
But soon we will.
Now, because all the work we've done, we'll have enough vaccine supply for all adults in America by the end of May.
That's months ahead of schedule.
And we're mobilizing thousands of vaccinators to put the vaccine in one's arm.
Thousands of vaccinators to vaccinate everyone.
That sounds amazing!
But it does raise at least one vaccine question.
What if you don't want to get vaccinated?
Not everyone does.
Some people have religious objections.
Others have concerns about this specific medicine.
Others simply don't want it.
Do you need a reason to turn on the vaccine?
And what happens if you do turn it down?
Will you be allowed to fly on airplanes?
Or go to work?
Or enter the front doors of Madison Square Garden?
Joe Biden didn't specify, but it's pretty hard to believe he would support any kind of vaccine coercion.
As he has told us so often over so many years, if it's your body, it's your choice.
The full report is on InfoWars.com.
This is the man that the Pentagon wants off the air.
This is the man they say is a terrorist.
This is the man they're now saying must be removed.
This is the man that Brian Stelter tells us isn't allowed to be on TV anymore because he's a pro-America populist and they are the enemy taking the country over and destroying it.
Oh, and remember, all these other countries are banning these vaccines.
India banned them months ago, but you'll never hear that on our news.
We are back live, my friends, on this live Monday, March 15th, 2021 transmission.
Well, we knew it was coming.
We knew it.
This is an exact plan, Agenda 21, Global Sustainability, Post-Industrial World.
And now I have stacks of articles and videos from over the weekend
With CNN, MSNBC, the Davos Group, Harvard, the BBC, saying we need climate lockdowns actually every few months.
And we need computers and smart cities to tell us when you can drive a car, or when you can go outside, or what food you can buy.
Now where have I heard of this before?
And if you're a radio listener, you're not watching us on TV right now, we're simulcast.
Maybe you're like Rip Van Winkle, and you were in a coma the last year and a half, and you think I'm lying about all this.
For TV viewers, we're putting everything I say on screen.
But it's always important to remember, we are simulcasting this.
Because even though I knew this was all coming, it's hard for me to believe it.
I mean, it's hard to believe they're really going ahead with it.
And everything else again was just preparation, was a beta test.
And so we're now in the fight.
We're now in the ship, in the storm.
We're now living in an incredible time.
And so let's go ahead and lay it out for people.
Let's talk about it.
Let's discuss it.
The fact that they have engineered this collapse
The fact that they have pulled the switch on this is a critical juncture point.
And what am I talking about?
When they start coming out and saying, the borders are being over flooded because of climate change.
When they say, oh, COVID came because of climate change.
What they're saying is it's your fault, you're dirty, you're bad.
And that's why we've got to put in these carbon taxes and control everybody and track everything you do and put taxes on all use of carbon, including oxygen and carbon dioxide, a total surveillance tyranny.
You got to wear a mask over your face because you're infectious.
It's all an anti-human, anti-life, anti-carbon based life form takeover.
And I ask you, is this human?
And then there's the whole intellectual debate.
Or the scientific debate that obviously the lockdown is the main reason there's even bigger giant migrant hordes coming up organized by the UN to overrun our countries.
And they admit in the Club of Rome and CFR documents and also the documents that Lou Dobbs got 15 years ago when he was at CNN with a four-year request, where they said at the North American Union Summit in Banff, Canada,
They said a whole host of things.
The documents are public.
They said we're going to use the outbreak of a virus to bring in world government and UN control.
We're then going to use the ensuing disruptions and quarantine lockdowns to collapse the third world and force them via starvation to flood the first world.
And then we're going to use a global currency crisis to bring in a one world currency.
And that's the next shoe to drop.
But first they've got to get you off balance.
First they've got to destabilize everything.
And that's what they're doing right now with all over the country.
Oh, people, be homeless!
Be homeless on the city streets, in front of people's houses.
Just get used to tent cities and fentanyl and feces everywhere.
So that as more people go homeless, and as hundreds of millions come into Europe, and hundreds of millions, they're talking about doubling our population in the next 10 years.
Tripling it by 2050.
They want 600 plus million people, the U.N.
officially said, for replacement migration in the U.S.
alone by 2050.
By 2030, they want 200 million of those here.
And that's a group they will control, a group that they can starve, a group they won't allow to have jobs, who will be on universal guaranteed incomes, who will live in coffin apartments, who will be politically brainwashed and controlled by the U.N.
to do whatever they want inside this country, whenever they want.
And it's checkmate, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what Klaus Schwab says in the promo video from two years ago, you will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
There will be tons of migrants in your country because of climate change.
And so now they just switch it.
Oh, COVID is the reason things collapse.
Oh, no, it's the COVID lockdown actually did it.
So they bait and switch and say, oh, no.
It's actually climate change is the reason you're starving.
Climate change is the reason you lost your job.
Climate change is the reason that there's an encampment of 300 Guatemalans down the street from your house in the woods, themselves starving to death.
This is dystopia.
This is modern warfare.
This is the takeover.
And I told you a year ago, they were launching all this as a beta test for global carbon lockdowns.
And now, from the London Guardian, to the Associated Press, to Reuters, they say, get used to it!
And the left, because they see it as part of their political power, the average person is now going along with all of this.
And just like that, you're enslaved.
Just like that, they take over.
So here is Fauci saying that it's
Inevitable that deadly viruses, more coming, more lockdowns because we're bad!
Climate change, carbon dioxide!
Even though he made it in a lab with the communist Chinese and then used the fear of it to totally take our rights and collapse the third world.
Now we're being rushed for the third world and they say, oh, that's the climate change too!
Even though it's all part of their admitted plan.
And again, I told you probably 500 times last year that by the middle of next year we would be under a new invasion and a collapse.
And I told you they were going to steal the election from Trump.
I was on three days before the election with Joe Rogan.
I said they'll go in on a landslide and they'll steal the election from him.
And they did.
So it's not about me going, oh look, I'm smart.
It's about there's a battle plan.
They're running a plan against us.
Admit this is the plan.
The New World Order's real.
Their plan to enslave you is real.
I know there's thousands of flavors of political BS out there and swirling ocean of BS.
We're not it, folks.
We're over the target.
And I just want to warn all the bureaucrats and all the dummies and everybody else that goes along with this.
You're not part of the system!
I don't care if you're a firefighter, a bureaucrat, a professor, a schoolteacher, any of you.
This is a hell being created.
By psychotics like Fauci and Bill Gates.
You have been warned, ladies and gentlemen.
There's no more denying this now.
But we have a normalcy bias.
Even when we're hit by something like this, it's hard to believe.
I'm the same way.
It's crazy.
Because you're not like Hitler or Stalin or Mao.
These people are.
Remember, their model is Xi Jinping and current China.
They admit that's their model.
The Washington Post and others praise Xi Jinping and say they hope he dominates America.
The Davos Group four years ago said, don't worry about Trump.
We're going to destroy him and America.
We're going to do it economically.
And now you see them.
They shut us off.
They're open for business.
As they consolidate power.
It's called siege.
It's called siege.
It's called siege.
We're under siege.
We're under house arrest.
We're under lockdown.
And Biden, the one year anniversary of the lockdown.
Lights out, lockdown.
Here they are talking about the climate change bull.
You know, when you think about, sadly, having to prepare for this again, right?
And I know there's a lot of folks who think that, you know, due to climate change and due to the globalization in general, it's inevitable we're going to deal with more and more viruses like this.
The biggest lesson you're going to take away to prepare for the next one?
You know, there are a couple of lessons, Chuck.
There are lessons domestically, there are lessons public health-wise, scientifically.
Let's take global to begin with.
We have to have a better global health security network of interconnectivity, of communication, of transparency, so that we are talking to each other all the time and know what's going on.
We have to also look to Central America and Mexico and the rest.
The corruption, the violence, all of that's so bad.
My most recent trip to the Northern Triangle, that would be Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, you saw the impact of the climate change, mind you.
These people were leaving because of the drought, they couldn't farm, and they were seeking other ways to survive.
There you go.
It's climate change.
It isn't the lockdown.
It's not Klaus Schwab.
It's not Bill Gates.
No, no, no.
It's not big tech doubling their profits in China, tripling their profits.
No, it's us.
It's carbon dioxide.
We're bad.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
The crew just found something very, very interesting that I had remembered a few months ago and then basically forgotten about.
And so I'm so glad that they didn't let it fall through the cracks and one of the crew members saw this and noticed it themselves.
The pre-programming of wearing masks in Hollywood movies, setting the future as a dystopia.
That's why I call them dystopics or dystopians.
And then I saw some talk show hosts making fun of me a few weeks ago.
I just happened to run into it.
They go, Jones doesn't even know how to say dystopia.
No, it's called dystopic.
That's another word.
You can create new words or you can put different ends on them.
Dystopic is a word I came up with.
People that want to create a dystopia as a form of governance on purpose, like fascist or communist.
I call them dystopics.
And just as I started using the term dystopic, it's been picked up.
But that's what it is.
That's how new words get created.
Like the left-right paradigm.
I created that.
I see people go, why is he supporting Trump?
He's a right-winger.
It's a left-right paradigm.
Yes, I know.
I coined that term.
It's great to have it used back against me.
Trump's a populist shattering the left-right paradigm.
But people identify that type of populism as right-wing, so I don't argue with them.
I used to be involved with micro-FMs around the country to get around censorship, little one watt, two watt transmitters on open spots on the frequency dial, back when they had that before HD came in.
And I would say on air, hey, this guy's got a bunch of great pirate radio FM transmitters for sale.
And the micro-FM community would get so mad at me and they'd say, Alex, it's micro-FM, it's not pirate.
But people don't know what that means.
You know, the Voice of America and the CIA, back before they were totally run by the globalists, in the 1980s, put tens of thousands of little FM transmitters all over Europe where people could get the truth out and get around the system.
And that's what we need to do again today.
It doesn't matter if it's your one block for FM or AM.
Break into the mainstream transmissions.
I wouldn't do it for our local stations, but, you know, globalist propaganda news programs, UHF, VHF, blast over them for 10 blocks.
Break into it and say you're under control.
The vaccine's poison.
They're killing you.
Marvelous Marvin Hagler died from it and so many others because...
We're under physical assault.
It's time for civil disobedience.
And I remember through a supplier online, we got a hold of Eastern European micro FM transmitters that were like a tenth of a watt or whatever.
And then you would put it into an amplifier and get it out.
And these were from the 1980s that the CIA shipped into
Eastern Europe that had been sold back.
Nice little piece of history, and then I ended up buying from some dealer online.
But that's the type of resistance going on.
And resistance starts small, but then it gets bigger.
Yeah, on screen we've got a micro shortwave AM FM all-weather band radio.
Those are great, great systems.
Everybody should have those.
There's no reviews on that yet, but it's a new product.
Those are not for transmitting, though.
I was talking about transmitting.
Those are for receiving, which is also very, very important to be able to do.
We are on WWCR.
Been on WWCR for about 25 years.
100,000 watts world service.
I get letters from Africa, Latin America, Asia.
You can also listen to us on there six hours a day on WWCR.
Okay, let me get back into the globalists and what they're up to.
I mentioned these articles earlier, but just imagine, we're not supposed to question, we're not supposed to say anything.
Fauci says he's just amazed.
What's the exact quote here?
Fauci just cannot...
Oh, he says it's so disturbing.
Fauci says it's so disturbing that Trump voters skeptical of experimental mRNA vaccines.
Why would you be skeptical?
Let me just read you some of these headlines again.
Marvelous Marvin Hagler dead one day after taking it.
Hank Aaron dead a couple days after he took it.
No big deal.
Germany suspends AstraZeneca mRNA vaccine amid clotting concerns and links to deaths and people being paralyzed and having strokes.
But that's no big deal.
AstraZeneca's European nightmare worsening as Ireland, Netherlands latest to ban jabs along with Italy and others.
This is all AP, zero heads, look, top of, top of Drudge, Germany, France, Italy, Holt, COVID Vax, over blood clot fears.
Shot ban in 17 nations, yeah, click on that.
Wow, is Matt Drudge back?
Has he been kidnapped the last year?
Because up until last week it was all, sounded like the new world order was running, it's kind of gotten better suddenly.
Germany, France, nine other countries have all suspended AstraZeneca's vaccine over possible side effects.
You know what happened to me in Florida last week?
This was last Tuesday, and some of my crew has private YouTube accounts, and we were having trouble uploading over the phones we had, videos we shot, on the cellular networks.
It was spring break, so many people there.
So we used YouTube, because this compression's good, and we were able to upload to YouTube, but it was private.
No one saw it, but they were already scanning the video with AI, creating text documents, so they got strikes against themselves for saying that countries had banned the vaccines and listing them.
Like South Africa, like India, and a bunch of others have done it.
They banned a video where we just showed news articles because Big Tech is targeting America for annihilation.
And hey, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, you got him, didn't you?
Hank Aaron, you got him.
And a bunch of other famous people have died or almost died.
And boy, they don't like that because that's... People hear about famous folks dying.
Nothing like getting your organs liquefied.
Marvelous Marvin could be the middleweight champion of the world, but he sure couldn't take on that
COVID-19 vaccine.
But oh, the mainstream news.
They're our friends.
They try to restrict us talking about it.
Can't let the peasants talk about how we're killing them.
This is really happening.
So now Brian Stelter isn't just anti-free speech.
He wants everybody banned that criticizes the vaccines.
Now Brian Stelter's a killer.
You're a killer now, Stelter.
He ate to bed the Josef Mingela's of the 21st century, doing things that would make Josef Mingela, the angel of death, the Nazi mad scientist, that did all those illegal experiments on people, blush.
Bill Gates makes the angel of death just blush in his grave.
AstraZeneca's European nightmare worsening.
And it goes on and on and on.
But here's Fauci.
Fauci says, let's play the clip.
Fauci says that he's just blown away by people questioning him.
Here it is.
I want to talk about vaccine hesitancy here, because we're noticing something, at least in polling, that it is not the conventional wisdom about vaccine hesitancy that you see this divide by race.
We're seeing a bigger divide by politics.
We talked about it earlier.
For instance, among Trump voters, 47% have said that they will not be vaccinated.
30% say yes.
Among Biden voters, 58%.
And among Republican men, half of Republican men say they're not going to take this vaccine.
You had the PSA with all the former presidents except one, President Trump, in there.
Do you think he needs to be enlisted here at all to get his voters to take this vaccine?
Chuck, I hope he does because the numbers that you gave are so disturbing.
Look at that criminal murder.
Such a large proportion of a certain group of people would not want to get vaccinated merely because of political consideration.
It makes absolutely no sense.
Ilana Rachel Daniel will be joining us coming up in the third hour.
She is a health advisor, research activist, and writer.
She is a candidate, an English spokesperson, for Rapeh, Human Rights Political Party, in Israel.
Israel is, again, really going down the historical lane towards total tyranny.
Freedom bracelets, checkpoints, they're trying forced inoculations.
Netanyahu's talked about microchipping children.
This is a crazy power grab that is coming up next hour.
I want to specifically open the phones up right now, because she'll be able to take some of your calls next hour as well.
On the subject of the COVID lockdowns worldwide, if you're a medical worker, your view on it, and what do you make as listeners of the fact that
Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
I mean, that guy was just an amazing boxer.
So entertaining to watch.
So athletic.
Didn't play a bunch of games.
Went in there and literally beat the hell out of his competition.
And I see him on TV, real healthy, having a great time.
Looked like a trillion bucks.
Debtor than a doornail.
And then now they're suspending vaccines all over the world.
Pfizer vaccine banned in India.
This vaccine ban here, that vaccine ban there, and then meanwhile you turn on the news, crazy people think there might be a problem!
No, it's 100% effective.
No one ever got hurt, said Fauci.
I just can't believe it.
I just can't believe it.
It's just horrible that they don't trust me.
But we are testing it on people.
It is a test.
We are experimenting on you.
We bypassed lab rats.
Marvin dead at age 66.
What is your take on that?
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539 on this topic.
The lockdowns, the checkpoints, the freedom bracelets, the tyranny.
Maybe you'll be able to go and have a hot dog on 4th of July if you do what I say.
Big Tech's doubled, tripled their profits.
China made more billionaires last year than all countries combined.
The tyrants are taking over!
This is their weapon system.
You're not essential.
You crawl in a ditch, you die.
Tent cities pop up everywhere.
They're collapsing the nation by design.
And I'm going to start going to your calls here as soon as those come in.
I know they're flooding in.
We've got to get you lined up for that and get you on air.
So let's just continue here.
With the keto, all of this.
Fauci and Chuck Chods say because pandemics are gonna get worse and more coming because of climate change.
That's right, not because they cooked this up in labs.
And again, the border is wide open and there's giant floods, not because of the COVID lockdown causing starvation.
It's climate change!
Yeah, the climate of tyranny.
And then there's this video.
Police round up woman mourning London.
Kidnapping murder victim in crackdown on vigil held despite the COVID ban.
Absolutely incredible.
So you have a vigil over a woman who was kidnapped and murdered.
You wear your mask.
You submit to all the tyranny.
And it's still not good enough.
They start tackling and start arresting people.
Because they want the average person to submit because they are a criminal, predatory government.
They are thugs.
They are the enemies of free humanity.
By the way, I want to get this lady on over the weekend.
The whole world got upset by this video of the woman arrested for refusing to wear a mask at a Bank of America in Houston.
The governor says you don't have to wear the mask.
He never passed a law.
That was unconstitutional.
But the Democrats control all the cities, including Galveston.
Used to be a Republican city.
It's got tent cities as well now in it.
And so, she's in there.
She's even trying to go, but she barely talks back.
So they tackle her, because she's a terrorist, and take her to jail.
Let's go ahead and roll the shocking footage from the start.
Ma'am, I'll say, if they ask you to leave, you have to leave.
My money is in this bank, and I'm going to take it out.
Well, then you have to abide by the rules, and you have to have a mask on.
This is a state... It's not.
Businesses have the right to refuse service, even if you're not wearing a mask.
That's their choice.
That's why they're taking my money out.
Well, you need to go and get a mask, and then take your money out.
You're not allowed to do... Ma'am, listen, we're going to do this the easy way or the hard way.
What are you going to do, arrest me?
Yes, for intruding on premises.
That's hilarious.
That's exactly what it is.
And you believe in this?
Do you believe in this?
I believe in it.
The law is, yes.
The law says that I do not.
Hey, Pbrain, it's not the law.
Big megacorporations to the UN, Bank of America's one of the biggest banks in the world, are doing this to muscle us and make us wear diaper face masks to teach us that we're dirty and bad and give us bacterial pneumonia so that we will then accept the vaccine so we can go outside.
But now that's not enough.
It was never going to be enough.
It's a planetary takeover.
And everybody's going to start standing up and stopping sheep.
But we're all going to the FEMA camps when the real bioweapon gets released very soon.
I told you they'd do that.
Now they're saying, it's so sad to hear another worse one's coming.
Yeah, terrorists are going to release it and climate change.
So get ready.
This is their power grab.
This is the bureaucrats that inflated the currency, that robbed the countries, that sold us all out.
And now because the mega banks have stolen trillions, now because they've totally taken over the world, they have launched this lockdown as their smokescreen for putting us under permanent martial law.
Let's continue with them assaulting a woman for trying to get her money out because she wouldn't wear the Sharia law burqa over her face.
Not in public, but you're not in public.
Here it is.
A COVID burqa.
I'm not going to argue with you about this.
This is not a public place.
This is a private business.
No, you're not.
We're going to go outside.
Are you serious?
Do I look like I'm kidding?
Well, I don't know, because I've got to say you've got some issues.
I've got issues?
That you're taking away people's human rights.
Okay, let's go outside.
Is he going to shoot me, people?
Is he going to shoot me for trying not to breathe?
Come on, dude.
Don't do that.
Now she's starting to leave, and that's not enough for him.
Now he's on a power trip.
Who do you think you are?
Back up, back up!
Some old lady is getting handcuffed here.
And that's where she's got him in a law suit.
She was trying to leave.
Ma'am, put your hands behind your back.
You don't, stop resisting, stop.
Are you gonna, is anybody gonna collect the rail here?
Hit pause again.
According to their COVID rules, notice he said the law earlier.
There is no law.
But wearing a mask, he says the law.
But notice he's not social distancing, he's touching her.
Oh, that's an even bigger violation of the made-up UN law.
Now you're smashing my arm into my private area?
Your private area?
Put your hands behind your back.
My hand is behind my back, sir.
This one.
Turn over on your stomach.
Put your hand behind your back.
Twisting her arm behind her back.
What do you call her, an old lady?
Oh, you are not relaxed.
Not relaxed at all.
That's political correctness.
You're not supposed to say of a woman's nice-looking.
She's a nice lady.
I'm gonna say it.
Oh my gosh, you called a woman good-looking.
You say she's a nice-looking lady.
Everybody's calling her an old lady.
That's not old.
Anyways, nothing wrong with being old.
Anyways, let's go back to this.
Oh, I'm filming it.
Yeah, okay.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand yourself up.
Meanwhile, we're having all our freedoms stolen.
Stand up.
Are you going to make that public?
Are you going to make that public?
Stand up?
That gal will probably inject his kids.
They'll probably die of COVID vaccine.
These people will do anything.
It's stock-up syndrome.
I do speak Spanish.
Okay, well stand up.
They don't appreciate the Constitution, Bill of Rights.
Are you happy now?
People have grown up in a country that doesn't teach anymore and America's dying.
I refuse to listen to this nonsense.
You know what?
I think you broke my foot.
I think you broke my freaking foot!
And that's my business.
He loves it!
He loves it!
He loves it!
Look at all these idiots with their masks.
They're all good.
They're not bad like her.
They follow the big Milgram experiment.
The Stanford Research Institute.
We'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
The tip of the spear when it comes to fighting tyranny and awakening free humanity to the threat of the post-humanist globalist plan.
We're going to your phone calls here in just a moment, but I first wanted to play a clip that is a great example of predictive programming.
And that is the 2009 James Cameron film, Avatar, that shows the planet Earth in a hundred years or so
And where the atmosphere is so toxic, we've all got to wear these face masks.
Now if you go back and you see the film Blade Runner that came out in the early 1980s.
Same motif.
Dark skies.
Always raining.
Flooded cities.
By the year 20...
17, and of course it didn't happen, but that was what Al Gore said was going to happen while he bought oceanfront property 20 years ago, and while Bill Clinton bought oceanfront property 30 years ago, and while Obama bought oceanfront property 10 years ago.
And, of course, the seas aren't going up.
It's all lice.
They show you a polar bear with its cub on an ice floe and go, look, they're dying!
They can't swim!
They can swim 300 miles.
They hunt whale and seal on those.
Anybody can go read the Wikipedia entry on them.
There's five times more polar bears than there were in 1950!
Look that up, because of human settlements and feeding them.
Yes, you didn't know that?
It's all lies, ladies and gentlemen.
Look it up!
All fraud.
So, here's the intro beginning of the film, Avatar, from James Cameron.
You always have to wake up.
They can fix a spinal, if you got the money.
But not on vet benefits, not in this economy.
A VA check in 12 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.
I'm what they call, waitlisted.
And there they all are, wearing their little mask.
It's all pre-programmed.
Now what did I tell you?
Fifteen years ago was when I had a falling out with Mark Dice.
The only reason I mention that, I love Mark, but that was something, he did a video on it and criticized me for it.
Because we had a dispute over painting royalties on one of his books I published.
Great guy.
But I remember he goes, Jones claims James Cameron's moving to New Zealand because in the future there'll be no economy and there's going to be a virus release and depopulation.
And, you know, Jones just made that up?
Well, I didn't make it up.
I talked to a major Hollywood producer.
I had dinner with him, who had just been at James Cameron's facility with James Cameron.
And Cameron was going to roll out in the next few years his own movie theaters, where you sit in the middle and it's 3D hologram and incredible.
But Cameron just said, I'm not going to even roll this out now, because there's just going to be no civilization within 20 years.
And this is about 15 years ago.
And he said, everybody's going to New Zealand and building bunkers and airfields.
Now, I went on air and told you all that.
That came directly from James Cameron.
That came directly from James Cameron.
Via this well-known movie producer.
And again, that's not me up here bragging when I tell you, oh hey, the producer of 50 top HBO shows came to my office last week.
Great guy.
This was years ago.
I got him dropping names.
He wanted to work with me.
And I just said, I don't think there'll be any country soon.
I can't work with Hollywood.
They're not going to let you produce anything with me.
He wanted me to go be part of the secret society in Hollywood that's conservative and all the rest of it.
And I didn't do it.
But I mean, when I'm up here telling you this stuff, I'm not making this up, okay?
I'm not making any of this up.
They've all moved to New Zealand.
Almost all the big top billionaires.
I don't think it's a very smart place to be, actually.
China's right there.
It's like a trap.
But with nuclear war they believe is coming, a limited nuclear war, it will be safer there.
And also from a bioweapon, you can say that at least for a while.
That's why New Zealand has done total lockdown drills where not one person's allowed in as a drill to test to block real attacks in the future.
And I was told James Cameron thinks that New Zealand could fall.
So he's also got all these ships, this fleet of ships, he claims, that are for finding treasure.
He just pays for that with TV programs he produces.
But the real reason he has a fleet of ships
It's so he can have his own private navy during a total, complete collapse.
Because James Cameron has been let in on the full plan.
Now there you go.
That's why all these globalists have bought gigantic yachts now, not just to go party on.
They've got their yachts, they're prepared for when this culling takes place.
In this movie Avatar,
It was about, you know, bad humans killing the new Earth, the new Eden, and, you know, the rising up and having to re-educate everybody.
They're not going to educate everybody.
Well, the decision's made.
Klaus Schwab says, we're not going to change the outside world.
We're going to change you at the cellular level.
It means he's going to kill you.
He's going to sterilize you.
So notice, Cameron sailed off into the sunset here, folks.
Because they're not going with the plan to educate you, they're going with the plan to kill you.
And at a certain point, they gotta start killing you, don't they?
Don't they?
And so that's why it's all over the news that everybody's dying.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I'm a geriatrician.
I'm family medicine trained.
I'm a geriatrician.
I work in nursing homes.
I have had 21 patients that I've identified that have died within 48 hours of getting either the first or second vaccine from AstraZeneca.
Now, of course, they are not calling it a vaccine-related incident because
CVS is the ones that are administering the vaccine.
CVS has the contract to do this.
They only are required to monitor the patients for 15 minutes.
If something happens after that, it is not a vaccine-related incident.
So all I can say to you is that there is an association of death related to the vaccine.
I mean, a lot of these patients, I have to admit, have a lot of medical issues.
Because, by definition, I mean, they're in their nursing homes, so they've got... Well sure, that's what it's designed to do, is to get rid of old people.
And there's a huge influx of issues with these patients associated with this vaccine.
The other thing, over this weekend, I have noticed is that all of our
In the area that I'm at, all of their geriatric psych beds, which are inpatient psychiatric beds designated for older patients over 60, are filled.
I have never seen that in the 13 years that I've been practicing.
Something is going on with this vaccine that is causing
The patients to go.
Well, let me stop you.
They've got a major study out on the mRNA vaccines that it causes, especially in older folks that already have protein buildup in the brain associated with brain fog and Alzheimer's type spectrum disorders and diseases, that it's actually triggering a bloom of the proteins and causing an acceleration of the deterioration.
And so there's major studies on that, doctor.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I'm seeing this firsthand.
The other issue I want to say, and this is the main reason I have not said who I am, because this cannot come back to me in any way, shape, or form.
People need to call, they have their families in nursing homes.
In the nursing home that I am associated with, the social workers were asked to call the families to get permission to give them the vaccine.
And is that because they're quote little heroes or because they get bonuses if they get a high rate of vaccination?
I don't know about the bonus part because I have nothing to do with that.
I don't know what the issue is.
I don't know if they're just being lazy.
I don't know what the issue is.
Well, Doctor, you've done a great job calling in.
Hold for two minutes.
I want you to be able to finish up on the other side, but you have a responsibility now.
I would go file a criminal complaint.
I know they have vaccine liability protection for the vaccine makers, but this is a criminal enterprise run by the U.N., directed by Big Pharma.
That's why when it is big groups like
Walgreens or CVS administering.
You never hear about the clusters of deaths.
It's private associations.
It's Catholic convents where they take care of old nuns, where you're getting up to 10% of them dying after they have it.
This is a plan.
And you know it's a plan because when you criticize it, you're totally shut down.
Hour number three straight ahead.
Please stay there.
Patriot Doctor.
We are back live.
More of your phone calls coming up in 15 minutes.
A guest joins us from Israel.
They've started a political party, and they're fighting back against the forced inoculation, the COVID takeover.
It's the same in every country.
I was just talking to one of the producers in there, Kevin, whose mother, he tried to warn her, got the second shot, super ill, basically, you know, thought she was going to die.
And her doctor told her, when you get the second shot, well, you go ahead and tell people briefly, Kevin, the story.
We're going right back to Patriot Doctor, who just, again, laid giant bombshells on us.
Go ahead.
So my doctor, my mother's doctor, told her before getting the second shot that she should probably not, you know, go into work for about a week.
That she would probably feel like she was hit by a truck.
After she got the shot, she ended up having dry heaves and severe chills for the rest of the day.
It took her about 24 hours to get over it.
Well, there you go.
You say you tried to warn her before she wouldn't listen.
You say she's listening now.
She's definitely listening now.
She has a responsibility, we all do, to warn everyone we know because she's lucky she's not dead like Hank Aaron and marvelous Marvin Hagler.
Very serious.
We have a fellow here whose mother is a senior nurse at a major nursing home.
For weeks, they don't even get out of bed and people are dying.
Happy people, they talked every day, got the shot, never got out of bed again.
The majority of them can't get out of bed weeks later.
And they're dying.
So it's a soft kill.
And folks, imagine what it's going to do to you down the road.
But again, they're just getting it normalized.
Everybody dies now.
Well, they're old, they need to go.
You're there in Missouri.
You're witnessing this for yourself.
You're witnessing the brain fog.
You're witnessing the death.
Get back into the number of people that you've seen connected to vaccine that died and just give us a ballpark idea of how many people you see then so we can get an estimate, a percentage, a rough, a dead reckoning on the number of deaths here per capita.
I mean, that's actually really tough.
I'm trying to get that data, but I know that I go to a certain number of nursing homes, and I know the approximate number of patients that I deal with.
And I've had 22 patients, seven of them within the first vaccine within 48 hours, and then the rest, the 14, within the second vaccine have had events
That have caused them to die.
And again, if it's not within that 15 minute period from what the CVS says that they need to be monitored, it has nothing to do with the vaccine.
So we will never know what kind of effect this vaccine is having on our elderly population.
It is horrendous, I'm telling you.
I'm trying to keep track the best I can, but it's very, very difficult.
Sir, what are people, because I didn't screen the calls, the call's all loaded up, it's not like you're just calling in saying you're a doctor.
I have all the news all over the world, it's killing people en masse.
What do you think they're doing here, just testing to see what we'll put up with?
I don't know what the issue is.
Maybe that's the concern.
And I was, I'm not getting the vaccine.
I'm telling every patient I will listen not to get the vaccine.
But I, in a way, I was like, okay, if I had a hundred year old patient about six weeks ago, she turned a hundred years old.
The family had to leave balloons outside of her freaking window because they couldn't come in to celebrate her birthday, probably her last birthday.
And so I was like, okay, if, if, if,
They're going to let families come back in to see them.
They're older.
Okay, let's go ahead and do this.
But nothing has changed.
They're still not letting the families in.
That's the horrendous issue that nobody's talking about.
Families are still not allowed to come back into the facility to see their loved ones.
A lot of these patients are giving up.
They'd rather be dead than to not see their families anymore.
That's why everybody is rushing to try to get this vaccine because they think everything's going to change and it's not.
I totally agree.
And doctor, what do you make of the World Health Organization, the EU head, Fauci here, NIH, Canada's head health person saying, oh, you still don't go back to freedom once you have the shot.
It doesn't protect you.
It's crazy.
This vaccine, what it does, and I know you've talked about this, and I've researched this extensively,
Theoretically, this is all what they're, what, in theory, when you get this vaccine, it's an mRNA vaccine, it mutates your DNA, your RNA.
Hold on, back in 60 seconds, I want you to finish, we'll get the other callers.
Back in 60.
Everybody, you gotta get this out.
We gotta save lives here.
This is life and death.
15 nations in the last two days have banned the AstraZeneca mRNA vaccine.
More than 40 other nations have quietly banned
The Moderna, Pfizer, and other mRNA vaccines because of reported convulsions, death, you name it.
And they have had major publications like NewsGuard owned by Bill Gates come out and say that we published fake news two weeks ago when we said India banned the Pfizer vaccine.
They did.
But now look at the front page of DrudgeReport.com
InfoWars vindicated yet again!
Try to spin that, NewsGuard!
Actual articles saying the vaccines aren't hurting you.
When Bill Gates owns a bunch of the stock and says he gets 20 plus percent return on it.
Germany, France, Italy halt COVIDVax over blood clot fears.
I'm sorry it was 15 nations this morning.
It's now 17 nations ban them!
And a medical doctor just called in and told us what my friends, my family, my neighbors, and what all the news is telling me.
There are numbers for the nursing homes that do their job and report it, where you'll have 100 patients and 10 die.
Where you'll have 200 patients and 15 die.
Where you'll have 20 nuns and 2 of them die.
Where you have 100 nuns, 3 of them die.
I mean, these are the reports!
And we have members of Congress now writing letters and saying, what's going on?
And top scientists are exposing it.
And every day more top scientists come out.
The head, former chief scientist at Pfizer, came out in December, signed an emergency letter to the EU saying, don't put this out.
It doesn't do what they say.
It's going to make you have an autoimmune response to this protein that's in all our bodies.
It'll liquefy your organs.
It'll cause an autoimmune response in a large portion.
They said it will destroy the organs.
Previous studies show of similar type vaccines, they've tested all this, but they skipped animals because it kills the animals!
They went right to us!
Doctor, you were getting into what this vaccine from your study does.
Explain what this gene therapy does, please, sir.
It's mutating your DNA or RNA and it causes your body to start producing
A virus.
All a virus is is a DNA or RNA sequence.
That's all it is.
That's why masks don't work.
It's straight as a DNA.
It goes right through it.
Like you've said, it's a chain-link fence.
It does nothing.
But your body starts producing these protein sequences.
And your body is constantly making this virus.
So your body... And say that again.
Say that again.
It's telling your body to create a virus.
They go, oh, it creates a protein to stop the virus.
What does that mean?
It's actually producing a virus.
It's producing the virus.
Replace the name virus with
A DNA or RNA sequence, a sequence of DNA, RNA, whatever that is, it's like a code, it's like a program code, like just think of computer programming, it's a code.
So your body starts making that, and the proteins, and so your body is constantly trying to fight this off now.
Okay, so you're becoming genetically modified, you're GMO.
And it's constantly making this.
And so, theoretically, when you see that virus that just happens to be similar to that code that your body is already making, it's going to fight it off more effectively.
That's what they're saying to us.
Again, I don't agree with any of this.
But because the top scientists, and we're talking the top virologists, top geneticists, Wolfgang Werdag, all of them have said, this protein is especially in placentas, it's in all sorts of fast-growing cells, this is going to cause massive issues.
And they predicted it would kill a lot of old people, and lo and behold, it's doing it.
They've been working on this crap for 30 years, trying to come up with a vaccine for HIV or AIDS, and they haven't been successful because they've killed off all the animal studies, so they've never come up with it.
They've been working on this for over 30 years.
And all of a sudden, within days, hours, weeks, with this computer modeling that they've done, I mean, give me a break.
This is total bullshit.
I hear you.
And listen Patriot Doctor, it sounded like when you first called in you almost started breaking down.
Did I hear you choking back tears talking about how these old folks are dying and how they can't see their families and how they're falsifying the paperwork?
This is absolute craziness.
So whenever a family or patient has to go out to like if they're on dialysis three times a week or if they have to go see their doctor or whatever,
The way that the regulations are stated right now, they have to be quarantined for 14 days.
I have patients that have not been able to come out of their room for over a year now because they have to be on dialysis or whatever.
And a lot of these patients are demented, so they have to wear masks.
And so if they can't wear the masks because they're too demented to keep it on, they have to stay in their room.
So this is wholesale mass torture.
What are your colleagues saying?
Do they realize they're in a giant Milgram experiment?
Or can you point that out for them?
A few of them realize what's going on, but they don't want to say anything because they just don't want to say anything.
Some of them...
I think we're doing the right thing to try to protect the population.
Oh, if we could just save one person, let's take all the rights away and kill all these people and take COVID patients into the hospitals, but then not let their families see them.
This is mass murder.
This is a Milgram experiment on steroids.
Patriot Doctor, would you like us to get your name and number?
We won't release it.
And then get you on some of the other shows, maybe even have you Skype in, audio, so you can be a guest on other shows?
Okay, with that I have to be careful of how far I go, but absolutely I want to get more information to you.
The other thing I want people, I can't remember if I said this to you guys, the other thing that I want people to, if they have loved ones that are nursing homes, they need to call and find out if they've gotten consent properly to get the vaccine, because there is a, there is an issue that I've come across that
They're promoting or trying to encourage the social workers to
Get consent when they haven't actually got consent.
That's right, because you've got a person, they're old, they're kind of out of it, maybe they're half asleep, they haven't signed or they lie, and they've given liability protection to Bill Gates and the UN, but they don't have liability from waiving the HIPAA or falsifying medical records.
That's a felony.
We need good grand juries to indict, and like dominoes, it'll start falling just like Governor Cuomo.
We're gonna put you on hold, brother, and we're gonna get your info so we can have you good audio Skype, not video in the near future.
God bless you, sir.
All right, I gotta go to break.
We got a guest coming on.
I'll get to your calls as well.
I would have got to more, but that was a powerful caller.
But we had him on for three segments, obviously.
And I should do a whole show or more shows where I just take calls from medical workers, because we didn't screen those calls.
I've got more medical workers on the thing telling you this.
And of course, you know he's a doctor.
You know it's all true.
It's in the news what he's saying.
I mean, this is all a test to see if they get away with it, period.
And they want to get so many nurses and doctors and hospitals and companies involved in the fraud that everybody just kind of covers it up now once it comes out what happened.
And now they've set the precedent to do this.
Illegal gene therapy, illegal mass testing, and Fauci is a mass murderer who helped launch the HIV pandemic.
The evidence I believe is overwhelming.
I'm risking my life doing this, so are other people, so is Tucker Carlson, and we're just doing what we have to do, so I hope you understand that.
I'm gonna go to break, come back with a special guest from Israel who's fighting back, who's also the tip of the spear, and that's what we're all about, getting the tip of the spear on, the tip of the spear's all over the place, you're it, I'm it, God empowers us to do it, we're all in this together.
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Our special guest from Israel, on with us on the other side.
Bob Turner, Bob Schwab, all say they want a world government.
They want to depopulate us.
They want to sterilize us.
And now, 17 countries have banned another one of the mRNA vaccines, the AstraZeneca, because of deaths, because of blood clots.
So what have they tried to do?
Why did India ban the Pfizer vaccine?
For deaths!
And why did the mainstream media attack me and say that was a lie when it wasn't?
They are psychos.
They're control freaks.
They can't help it.
They're mad scientists.
And imagine the Jews and all the persecution they've gone through, literally at the hands of Joseph Mengele, the mad scientist in Nazi Germany, and now Benjamin Netanyahu said, maybe we want microchips for children.
And now he says freedom bracelets.
When you come in you can't leave your house and you gotta take the vaccine.
Israel is the most draconian other than some areas of Australia in the world beating up their citizens, arresting them for not wearing masks.
Ilana Rachel Daniel is a health advisor, researcher, activist, and writer.
She's a candidate for English spokesperson for RAPE, Human Rights Political Party in Israel.
Facebook you can find her at Healthy Israel on Twitter.
Elena Rachel Wong.
And she joins us.
We really appreciate her coming on with us.
The stuff we see out of Israel is like a science fiction dystopic movie or something.
I see it, and it's hard to believe the freedom bracelets, the name itself, and what's going on, and the lockdown, and Benjamin Netanyahu.
I was never really attacking him, and now, I mean, he's just as bad or worse than Fauci.
What's happening?
Thanks for joining us.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
I think that you've really already started to nail it.
In mid-December, Benjamin Netanyahu informed the people that by the end of March he would see all of us vaccinated.
And he's made pretty darn good on that up to now.
If you're going to believe the media, to at least some degree, then you will see that more than 5 million of our only 9 million citizens have already been injected with at least the first shot of this Pfizer vaccine.
And really much more than that is what we know is that there was a contract
Signed between our government and Pfizer, and we were not privy to any of it.
There was no democratic due process.
There was no, hey, Israel, would you like to be trial for participants in this study?
It was just from one day to the next, this is what we're doing.
And it's been an extremely forceful, without informed consent, rollout of this program.
And what's really scary is it's worldwide.
It's the same program, just more intense in Israel and a few other places that they admit is the testing ground for the rest of the world.
I mean, how is it like for you and others living under this?
For people that don't know, this is an extreme lockdown, isn't it?
So the Israeli people have sat in a cumulative five months of lockdown, I've been counting, within this past year.
And you're talking a tiny country and very tiny little apartments.
And we've really been
As I think many countries have been, the citizens of, terrorized by our government.
We've manufactured overnight a police state.
As you mentioned as well, the very high fines if we go without our masks.
And it's turned police against law-abiding, healthy citizens.
There's an atmosphere of fear.
Distrust between our governments and ourselves, which has been very painful, because they have changed from morning to night, from day to day, from week to week, the regulations and the policies.
It's been a really extraordinary implementation of behavior modification on us.
And we know very clearly, we know that we are the model country, that what happens here
Thank you.
Israel sits very much as if a little island.
And here we are reaching out and making incredible connections because this is a group effort.
This is a plan coming for everyone.
And we have already implemented this Green Pass.
Green Pass, Green Passport, that name changes as well.
But what's real is that there's restaurants that I have sat in and I am not allowed into unless I show a pass that says I've either received this experimental gene treatment
Or I can show that I've had this coronavirus and I'm better.
Of course, according to antibodies, which isn't even how you actually test.
And it's also based on the fraudulent PCR test that are just as corrupt and fake as the Theranos system.
I mean, what happened to Netanyahu?
I guess they had him under criminal charges.
He knows he's going to be convicted if he doesn't do this.
He's obviously being held hostage.
This video you're showing is really very powerful because, you know, I also, just like you Alex, I was not, I am not a political person.
This is not things that interest me before.
I was not a pro or anti.
I'm interested in things with a bit more integrity than political fights.
Thank you for having me.
Bibi literally says the actual words that this product is FDA approved which all you have to do is go on to the website to see that's not remotely true.
This is an emergency authorized experimental gene treatment and here he is telling the people this is no problem.
Doctors and FDA say go for it.
It's extraordinary.
Well, what are they going to do as 17 countries have already banned one of them, a bunch, about 40 plus have banned other vaccines?
I mean, as the mass deaths number and as all these famous movie stars and sports icons die from it, world champion basketball, world champion baseball, world champion boxers, they're all dying.
What are they going to do?
I mean, Netanyahu has literally become Joseph Mingala.
Well, you said it.
I would never have expected.
I think that, you know, I think that power, we know that power corrupts.
And I don't think that he started off, I think that he started off in a very different place.
And I think the...
...desire that overwhelms him.
Again, it's all, you know, conjecture, but the man wants to stay in power.
And not only that, he also wants to stay out of jail.
And I, it's very clear that he thinks that this is a way to go about doing it.
And by the way, for TV viewers who can see it, for radio listeners, we're seeing armed men in hazmat suits inside synagogues, basically going after people, arresting them.
I mean, this is bizarre.
Yeah, it is.
It is bizarre.
It's extraordinary.
You have this green passport, which not only takes you out of all places of leisure, but there's even some synagogues, there's places of worship, gyms, hotels, restaurants, but much worse than that, you even have teachers in Tel Aviv municipality told that they cannot come in to teach their students unless they've taken this.
It's unprecedented, and we know that there's not one iota, this is brand new, and there is no alternative to be making a medical apartheid based on.
And that's exactly what this is.
Well, the images out of Nazi Germany of rounding up Jews is now being repeated.
From all over the world, Jews ran to Israel where they would supposedly be safe.
Safe from being numbered, safe from being rounded up, safe from having tracking bracelets or yellow stars put on them, safe to go to their synagogues, but not now.
Now we see images that mirror what we saw in the roundups in Nazi Germany happening, and Benjamin Netanyahu, for radio listeners, a bizarre TV ad, in fact we'll play some of it here in a moment,
Saying, don't be a clown.
Take your vaccine.
There's no problems.
It's approved by the FDA.
It's experimental.
They skipped animal trials.
They skipped it all.
And now, countries where they just started it are having so much death.
All four of the mRNAs are being banned in different countries.
But here's Netanyahu getting a fake shot.
The guy puts his fingers on the needle.
He puts it behind his arm.
We have dozens of other videos of them either empty or they're not putting the needles in.
There's so many videos coming out every day of world leaders not really taking the vaccine.
Look at that.
Absolutely, completely fake.
Here, let's play some of this video of Netanyahu in a national TV spot in Israel.
Telling people how fun martial law is.
Here it is.
So first he's a clown, now he says, oh it might change my DNA and make me grow a tail.
Uh, maybe a tumor, maybe he'll, I mean, maybe he'll die, like Marvis...
Marmon Hagler, maybe you'll die like Hank Aaron, maybe you'll die or almost die like Ben Stein.
This is so crazy.
Elaine, Rachel Daniel, Erlana, Rachel Daniel, thank you so much for joining us.
Tell us about your political party.
Tell us about your candidacy.
Tell us about the fight back against what's happening in Israel that's so disturbing.
So, thank you.
So, as much a surprise to me as anyone,
The truth is that we're all watching our world collapse, and it becomes very clear that if we don't take the action, the action won't be taken.
And what good is the truth, I think, that exists in so many of us, if we're not going to use it?
And now is certainly the time.
So it was really a human rights movement that we took to the political arena.
And that is what the uniqueness of it is that we are saying what no one else is saying.
We are not talking left or right issues.
We are not pro or anti.
We are coming with a place of integrity that says what is happening is unacceptable, that you cannot lock law-abiding citizens into their house in house arrest, that you cannot, you know, implement this extraordinary medical apartheid of green passport, and you cannot force
Not only not force vaccinations, you cannot force any medical intervention whatsoever.
And beyond that platform is one of that we hope to enter into the Ministry of Health to bring transparent health and transparent science and actually be able to educate people with a way to really have a healthy body and mind and make their own decisions and take responsibility
For their own health, as opposed to just being spoken to like three-year-old children and told, go inside, go outside, stick this on your face, take it off your face, trust us, we know better than you.
It's this entire...
A facade that's been created that what you see is not what you see, what you experience is not what you experience.
We know better than you because I have these credentials.
And that's not true.
That's right, it's total mass gaslighting.
Fauci's on TV like, there's been no side effects, no problems, it's all lies.
Meanwhile, there's just death everywhere.
I mean, absolutely.
I mean, I think Fauci in particular.
I mean, have we heard one single health minister tell any of his people to take vitamin D?
That vitamin D will make the difference in literally your infection outcome between life and death, quite frankly.
Something as simple as that.
But no, we do the opposite and we actually lock them inside their homes, away from the sun and health and anything that could prepare a body to receive an infection and just get over it.
This internet is that we're all supposed to have access.
Alana, Alana, they couldn't do this if they didn't have big tech censorship.
So I want Brian Stelter at CNN calling for censoring all of us.
CNN, MSNBC, big tech, all of you are complicit in genocide.
I mean, I don't know what Netanyahu and what Fauci and what all these people think they're going to get away with here, because this doesn't help you, doesn't protect you, doesn't stop COVID.
And then on top of it, they won't tell you about vitamin D3.
Things that are good treatments like hydroxychloroquine.
This is so villainous.
It's so obvious that this is genocide and a medical tyranny.
And every few generations we go through this, it's happening to us again, folks.
History is repeating right now.
Yeah, I agree with you.
I agree with you.
And we thought we would be vigilant.
We thought we knew what to look out for.
And yet we're all focused over here and not realizing that we're
Being boiled up alive, and we're pretending it's not that hot.
But it absolutely is.
The whole reason, the implementation of democracy and all of these things are exactly for emergency, not to be suspended in case of.
Our forefathers, they knew what they were doing.
They knew what they were writing.
And it's extraordinary how, I think it must be amazing to the people in charge how simple it was to implement such a global agenda.
You're absolutely right.
Very well said.
They're doing it ahead of a financial collapse and a new world currency.
I'm sure you're familiar with Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset.
This is a European Union globalist plan.
Everybody overuses Nazi terminology, but actually the EU was a Nazi plan.
Forced inoculations was a Nazi plan.
Klaus Schwab's grandfather helped do the Nazi atomic weapons program.
But this is beyond Nazis.
This is about a medical worldwide tyranny.
Jews are being fitted and others with freedom bracelets to be let go from the airport.
Like an ankle bracelet.
I mean, this is just insane.
Yeah, it is insane.
And again, when it comes to our rules of travel, it's one of these things that is so in flux.
I don't
It's not something I ever did in my lifetime.
And now, the truth of the matter is, is that the way this is being rolled out, all of this, all of these implementations, I don't see how you can't make the comparison.
And it's extraordinary that it is happening here in our land of our refuge.
If you had written a movie script, people would say it's too unbelievable.
I think?
Because too many of us are waking up.
Exactly, because you're rational, and because you're a loving person, and a medical type person, it's hard for you to believe it, it's hard for me to believe it, but this is what power does.
We have absolute power crimps, absolutely.
Big Pharma wants this, they've paid people off, and so they can't help it.
People ask, why did Hitler attack all these countries and then do the final solution, which made him lose the war?
If he wouldn't have spent half their energy trying to kill all the Jews, he would have won.
But for him, he didn't, it came out, he just wanted to kill everybody.
He wasn't even trying to build this thousand-year Reich.
He just wanted to murder everybody.
And it's the same thing.
It is a crazy, power-mad, centralized system that wants total control and it wants to see the military and police follow illegal orders.
And if you can get a bunch of Israelis to round up the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews and take them to camps, then they'll do anything.
It's a loyalty test.
It's actually been amazing to see the pictures that you're showing, the Haredi, the ultra-Orthodox, as we say, have actually shown more stamina and more ability to absolutely refuse, to refuse these policies more than anyone, because they have a structure, really, that they've built of themselves.
And I think, actually, it's been an incredible amount of respect that I have gained.
I think it's quite obvious that
The government can only implement these things if we obey.
And if we don't obey, and we realize that we are the many and they are the few, that we have the power, that we don't have to.
Stay there.
I agree with you.
You're awesome.
You'll be going on a segment.
We'll go to these calls.
You're an amazing lady.
We love you.
Powerful stuff, folks.
History repeats.
Ilana Rachel Daniel is the spokesperson for Rappe.
That is the Human Rights Political Party in Israel, and she's a candidate and English spokesperson also for the party.
I wanted to tell you more about that, but let's talk about marvelous Marvin Hagler.
I'm not a huge sports guy.
I mean, growing up I was.
I was a sports addict, but I mean, we watched all the heavyweight matches, and we weren't ever usually into middleweight, but my dad and I, we liked marvelous Marvin Hagler.
He was just such a great athlete, and it was so entertaining.
He was a really good boxer.
He wasn't just hanging on people and playing games.
Uh, like Floyd Mayweather, who's an amazing boxer as well, but he, you know, he's technical.
I mean, Hagler would just get in there and like toe-to-toe and he's dead one day after he took the shot.
And again, folks, I had a medical doctor calling earlier.
He has 22 patients died after the vaccine.
I mean, I've got family.
I have personal family friends that I've known my whole life who have told me that their uncle died after he took it.
Second shot, same deal.
Started shaking, convulsing, went into a coma, dead in a day.
And so I can't even keep track of everybody I know that's dying here!
So this is a large global UN plan.
And somebody's directing this depopulation, because here's the deal, if you can get away with getting all the health services to be part of this crime, and all the governments be part of this crime, with a few cities in Australia, Israel, Spain, and the UK as the model,
Then they can export this worldwide and have total control.
And so, we can sit there and say that Netanyahu's evil, or Boris Johnson's evil, or even Trump thought it was a regular vaccine, thought we could reopen.
He's like, well hell, it reopens!
You should only take it if you want to, but still, that's a big black mark on Trump.
But if Trump did anything like Freedom Bracelets this, I'd say Trump was horrible.
So, getting back to you, Ms.
Daniel, where does all this go?
What else can we do?
Big picture, do you know about the Great Reset again?
And this is a diabolical plan, because what you're saying about this having Nazi undertones, absolutely, because it's even beyond that.
This is medical tyranny.
If you know anything about the Nazis,
They were into medical tyranny.
They really wrote the book on it.
So please continue with other points you'd like to make.
Well, I think that obviously when you start talking about what you're talking about, the Great Reset, so that becomes something that's so huge and such a complex web.
I personally don't even know how to... This is where I can make a difference.
Here in my home with this green passport madness, this medical apartheid, this atrocious rot from within.
This is the...
Not to only begin, like you're talking about, to mention the very many real known risks that come with this gene treatment, this experimental gene treatment, but the rot from within that would destroy our society with making a class A and a class B citizenry.
I mean, this is what I can fight for.
This is a battle that's in front of me that I can give my all to.
And I know that that's going to be a cog in the wheel that's going to mess up their plans.
This warning to the rest of the world is saying, this is coming for you.
Help us stop it here.
That's a big stamp out of a forest fire that they want to make and know that it's coming.
Know that this is an agenda for everyone.
This wickedness of the leaders is not unique to here.
And understand that, you know, while the rest of the world has this sort of, oh, there's this great vaccine, maybe you really should go and take it, you really ought to take it, here it's just from one day to the next, you'll be doing this.
Because of the uniqueness of Israeli society that has had to depend on its government for security in a way that very few countries really have.
So there's been a trust that we have received from our governments.
I don't know.
That prevents the Israeli citizens from knowing anything that happens in the Corona Committee and why they implement these extraordinary policies and legislature.
We have, it's completely opaque.
We have no idea what they're deciding on, which is pretty extraordinary.
I totally agree.
We are simulcasting this on radio and TV right now, so radio listeners can't see the footage, but we are paralleling Nazi Germany with horses being used on Jews and others, versus horses being used on Orthodox Jews, ultra-Orthodox in Israel.
You can also show Selma, Alabama and the police dogs and the fire hoses the same intimidation.
I mean, this is brutal police state stuff, threatening to run them over with motorcycles if they don't submit and let them take them away and arrest them and take them to quarantine centers.
I mean, and of course, meanwhile, it's been ultra-Orthodox doctors in Israel and
I think that it's actually very clear that a lot of the change that's taking place really actually does start with women.
And I mean, it becomes more and more extraordinary.
We heard BB talking about how he wants four shots a year.
This Green Pass is supposed to change every, you have to renew it every six months and they even want to bring children into it.
So I think that the further they push it, the more that
Even people in the shades of grey, they want to divide us.
Things are black and white.
But we all actually live in these shades of grey.
I want to be clear, women are being abused by this as well.
I'm just saying, the images of police, and then the images of the state with its power, and then a man's not supposed to hit a woman, and then here are these women in some of the videos beating up the men.
I don't care if it's a man or a woman doing it.
It's just all so bizarre.
Yeah, I haven't actually seen those videos, but I actually meant like that women really seem to be initiating the change that's taking place, I think, even globally, really sounding the alarm and being initiators of change.
Oh, absolutely.
We have a ton of women on the show.
A ton of women on the show that are fighting this.
I agree.
I don't want to make it men versus women.
I'm just saying the images of this are incredible.
Yeah, absolutely.
These are some images I myself haven't seen because of course I don't watch the mainstream media.
So yeah, I actually really think that it is possible because the truth is that Israel is going to see a lot of embarrassment in the international world.
That's my last question.
Where do we go from here?
How do folks in America support what you're doing?
And how do you see this ending in Israel?
Because, I mean, people are really saying no.
I think that the international press are coming in that is demanding of the government that says what you're doing is likely illegal, it's immoral, you cannot test.
We have a Nuremberg Code exactly for this reason.
You cannot test on your citizens.
And really demanding from a human rights aspect, I think just the awareness itself.
Well, that's right, and your sky's breaking up for a moment, so let's just take a pause there.
But for people watching this, you know, this is coming to your country.
This is all UN-directed.
Have you noticed that the UN, we're always told in the news, is where we're supposed to get our behaviors from, that it's the boss?
Since when did we wake up and the UN is in charge?
I think that's exactly it.
We are the ones that are in charge.
And again, I want to go on record as saying that the wickedness of our leadership here does not reflect on this people and this land, which has a remarkable uniqueness and depth, nor on any of the countries in which this is taking place.
Um, and I think that this is going to be a global effort.
This is the beginning.
This isn't going to end in the elections that we have next week, and it's not going to end in a few months' time.
This is a long battle, and I think that we are building these connections is exactly that global, formidable force that is going to stop this.
I think it's exactly this awareness, it's exactly the recognition of this truth that we do all share cross-culturally, cross-language, and this is what we will stop them with.
Ilana, I totally agree with you.
That's why you're outspoken, others are outspoken.
Big Tech's trying to silence everybody.
That's why we've got to boost this interview and spread it to everybody out there.
What's the best place for people to find you and find your party and find your information?
So, we have a website that's Rapeh.org.il.
We're working on the English aspect.
In the meantime, we have a English, the whole Rapeh on the English
Excuse me, the only health on Facebook, and I have a Twitter account that I've opened exactly for this English-speaking community, AlanaRachel1, and I look forward to working with everybody, because this is a team effort, you know?
It certainly is.
And that's something that's actually beautiful that can come from it, I think.
All right, God bless you, be safe.
Wow, really scary stuff out of Israel.
It's all directed by the UN and Klaus Schwab and it's coming to a neighborhood near you.
Hour number four straight ahead.
I'm going to write your calls, those of you holding for two segments, and then Gerald Cilente, the Trends Forecaster, takes over.
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We'll be right back with hour number four.
And we are back broadcasting worldwide.
All the callers that have been holding for the last hour, if you give us your name and number, or your name and address, I will mail you a t-shirt, give us the size, a random one of our t-shirts in the size you request for holding that long.
I really appreciate everybody holding.
Who's been on the longest?
I guess that would be David in Canada.
David, thanks for holding.
Then Jefferson, you're on the air.
Deaths due to COVID vaccine.
What's your take?
Well, this is my take on that.
On Friday the 12th,
My father-in-law died.
You know why?
Because Eduardo decided to convince his parents to take the vaccine.
And that is what has happened.
So I'm very upset with Eduardo for having actually killed poor Joaquin.
And that's it.
I'm not happy about this.
Not at all.
I told them, do not take the vaccine.
Do not take the vaccine.
Stay away from people who are infected.
You'll be fine.
Eduardo, that idiot, decided, I'll convince my parents to go and have the vaccine because that'll be... So... March the 1st, he took the vaccine.
March the 12th, he's dead.
He was 85.
Joaquin Huerta.
He was a lawyer in Belpriso and now he's dead.
Well, it's clearly targeting old people.
I mean, how are they going to cover it up when 17 nations just banned one of the vaccines in the last two days?
It's really difficult to imagine that people would be so stupid that they would do things like that.
I don't know.
I mean, even the stupid mask mandate.
It's an IQ test.
All you got to do is say,
I'm exempt.
That's it.
Our equivalent of HIPAA doesn't allow anybody to say, well, what's your excuse?
No, you can't ask that.
That's right.
Your law says that.
Ours does too.
And the lawyers have that little fine print, but they are literally arresting people that don't.
Because the security guards are all such good men.
They're heroes, didn't you know?
That's right.
There's a company called Canadian Tire.
They took down a customer!
I saw the footage.
I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your friends, my friend.
God bless you.
We can take a hundred of these calls, man.
I'm going to do it, I think, tomorrow or the next day.
Nothing but calls on the horror stories.
Or if you love the vaccine, tell us how great it was.
We're not going to screen your calls.
We're not going to get calls that love it, folks.
Let's go to Jefferson in Virginia.
Go ahead, Jefferson.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm not sure what's going on with the doctor, the Patriot doctor saying he was giving the AstraZeneca vaccine to patients.
That's not really approved yet in the United States unless it's some trial program they're going on.
And secondarily,
The AstraZeneca vaccine is not mRNA.
It is an adenovirus.
It's a chimpanzee virus that carries the protein spike into your cells and causes... Okay, well, I thought the only vector, virus vector vaccine out there was the Johnson's and Johnson's.
They're both the same in that respect, but they're not mRNA.
mRNA makes the protein spike
from yourself and the... Sure, I understand.
If I'd forgotten and said that the AstraZeneca was mRNA, I'll go correct myself.
I even said that.
I said, why are they banning this one when the reports I'm seeing are, the major deaths are the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and... Right, but they're... AstraZeneca, no, no, no, not AstraZeneca.
Moderna has some adjuvant in it that's causing blood clotting problems, I believe is the issue, and it happens rather quickly after the injection.
The mRNA takes a little longer to affect you adversely.
These adenoviruses are likely to cause you cancer, according to Sherry Tenpenny, and the mRNAs are going to cause immune responses that cause autoimmune diseases.
And Lawrence and Joey.
We'll get to all those calls before this next segment ends.
On the other side, InfoWars.com.
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We are now into hour number four.
Gerald Celente is coming up in a few minutes ahead of the War Room, 3 p.m.
with Owen Schroer.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, jamming in some final phone calls.
So, Jefferson called in, I'm glad he called in.
Seventeen nations have banned the
AstraZeneca vaccine, and I know it was getting developed in the UK last time I saw it, it all mixes together.
I guess he was reminding me it's a virus vector, which they call a military vaccine from what I read last week, that sends in a chimpanzee, some type of system, and then it reprograms inside and, which Tin Penny said it is, that's still a type of gene therapy, it's just done by the virus, versus mRNA that's synthetic and goes in and tells the ribosomes to go through the cell and do it inside.
So they argue, well, it's not changing the DNA in your cell, it's having an outside thing do it.
But I'm not the doctor.
I'm just predicting all the deaths from what experts said in all the papers I read.
But it sounds like you're pretty smart.
What do you think's really behind all this with these experimental, quote, vaccines and gene therapies?
And what does the system think it's doing with this giant mess it's got on its hands that was easy to know was coming, Jefferson?
Well, I think the objective of all this is to get us all into the surveillance grid in the first place.
We're always being monitored as to what our medical status is.
But this all goes back to the antibody issue.
It's like the Green Pass in Israel.
It took baby Netanyahu to say out loud, oh it's not just for people that are vaccinated, it's also for people that have recovered from the disease.
That's where you have natural immunity and your antibody load will go down over time, but your memory cells in your immune system will produce more antibodies when you get re-exposed.
That's what doesn't happen when you're vaccinated.
When you're vaccinated to create these non-neutralizing antibodies,
They go away over time, and they rarely help you in any serious way anyway.
That's what Ken Penney was saying, is the non-neutralizing antibodies are actually the problem.
Natural immunity is superior, and we should all be looking for a way to get a passport that tells you when you have natural immunity.
Well, let me ask you this question.
Let me ask you this question.
Obviously, it's about world government power and control.
Well, I think we forced their hand.
I totally agree.
You're a really smart caller.
Call me back again.
And thanks for when I made a mistake.
Sorry, go ahead.
I appreciate it.
No, that's fine.
Have a good one.
And thanks for correcting me when I'm wrong because I get up here and so much is going on that I get things wrong.
Thank you.
So you corrected me and I really appreciate that.
I wouldn't take any of these damn things is what I'm telling you.
I mean, Bill Gates ain't up there licking his lips because he likes you.
Let me tell you.
Hey Alex.
I just had a girl from back home in Minnesota where I'm from contact me, because I always post online or on my Snapchat, because I'm banned from all the other platforms, which is fine.
I'd rather not have them.
Yeah, that's what they say.
What type of poison do they put in her?
Yeah, well what I hear is Moderna's even, from just what I see, it's Moderna, Moderna, Moderna, then Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer.
I said, I'm not hearing a bunch of stuff about the AstraZeneca.
That's what I said.
They're probably just banning that because it's not the one they want you to get.
And we all know we're at endgame here.
And we all know the old people, why they're killing them, so they don't have to pay them the Social Security that they owe them, because Trump and Nancy spent it all on their fake impeachment.
I've had about enough of this.
It's either get in the box car or, you know, fight.
And I'm fighting.
I'm right here with you, Alex.
Because we can't go along with this.
I want people listening to take out billboard ads and wanted posters
Well, I mean, what we gotta do is act like we're being exterminated and not just get comfortable.
They think they're gonna launch this and it's so horrible and so evil that we just can't believe it, so we go under Stockholm Syndrome and learn helplessness in a giant Milgram experiment.
Thanks for the call.
And folks, the three things I just said, if you understand the Milgram experiment,
Hi, thank you for taking my call.
Thank you for everything you've done.
I appreciate you a lot.
I just want to say I believe I had COVID like maybe a year and a half ago.
Great when it first started.
Me, my daughter, my wife, and my son.
My daughter had a temperature of like a hundred and six for like two weeks, was dry cough for like three weeks.
You know, next thing you know, we're drinking a lot of fluids.
We go to the doctor.
She said, Oh, it's a new type of flu.
So I said, okay, so Tylenol takes it away and then whatnot.
I won't get the vaccine because, uh, I don't do stuff like that.
My buddy got the Pfizer vaccine.
He was sick for maybe,
Uh, a day or two, you know, wasn't too bad and whatnot.
And then, uh, you know, I won't get it at all.
Illinois, there's a lot more people in Illinois than you think that are against a lot of this stuff and are with you and, uh, for the resistance and whatnot.
And I just want to say thank you very much for everything you've done and, uh, keep out that turbo force.
I take a living defense, turbo force, fight a fusion.
And I just want to say thank you very much.
You're beautiful, Joey.
We appreciate your call.
It's killing a lot of people real quick.
It's going to get a lot of people later, folks.
I wouldn't take any of this stuff.
These people are stone cold killers.
Let's go ahead and talk to Emrick in FEMA Region 2.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
So basically what they're trying to do here is to separate us from God, and they're trying to block our sixth and additional census.
So we all have the ability
You guys have touched upon it a lot when you talk about the God gene.
To connect.
Owen has talked about it with Steve Quayle, David Icke.
David Icke talks about how we are biological computers.
We're also biological transceivers.
So we have within us the natural ability to send out our thoughts and receive.
They want to block this from us.
Well, there's no doubt that the protein that these mRNA vaccines are creating, it totally screws up your whole body and pollutes your brain and everything else.
And we are transceivers to God, to the universe that God created.
That's been proven.
And they agree this creates brain fog.
That right there, top scientists, well, that's blocking the transceiver.
And the great thing, I have more, but your X2 is meant to alleviate a lot of that.
And it's meant to decalcify the pineal gland.
So, they're doing a lot of this by calcifying the pineal gland, which is the gateway.
And actually, in the Vatican, there's a big statue of a pine cone, because the pineal gland, that's what it looks like.
Sure, and fluoride calcifies it, so does bromide, bromine, and then the good halogen, iodine, is the opposite, can clean that out.
Great point, Cedric, thanks for holding to say that.
Lawrence in Ohio, Lawrence in Ohio, final caller ahead of Gerald Salenti.
You've got about a minute and a half, go ahead.
Alex, can you hear me?
I can, sir.
This is very great.
I've been listening to you for probably a decade.
Let's see what else.
I talked to Orrin Schroyer maybe about a year ago or so, two years ago, when Kanye West was attacked for having political views.
And I spoke a little bit about, you know, how he's able to break free from the plantation.
You know, I wanted to talk a little bit about COVID-19 and blacks, but also... Sure, but we've got about a minute left, so what's your take on it?
Seems like it's hitting black folks more than other people.
I mean, black people, since the history of, you know, cohabitation with white people, we've been having an issue with taking care of our health and maintaining our own sovereignty when it comes to health, and I think we need to go back to taking responsibility for our own physical apparatus.
I wanted to say real quick about the Flagrant 2 podcast.
I don't like that black guy saying that little slight to you about the, uh, you know, do you have your, uh, aluminum foil?
Uh, but you did wear an aluminum foil probably like several years ago in a podcast.
Um, uh, one third of your listeners black.
That's awesome.
I mean, because black people are not trusting of the government and they want a amicable solution.
I totally agree with you.
And nobody should trust the medical system, but the globalists believe they own black people more than anybody.
And they treat you like lab rats.
You shouldn't put up with it.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And thank you all for tuning in, because they're robbing us of our freedom minute by minute, second by second.
I've never seen anything like this in my life.
So do what you can to support InfoWars to keep the truth alive.
And what's what's happened is basically when the COVID war broke out last January 2020,
Out of China, you know, one of our covers at the end of that month was the, you know, about 106 people dying in China, you know, 1.4 billion still alive.
Why are you telling me this stuff?
Because China's taking over.
Anybody that knows about what's going on in China, it's a total dictatorship.
They know everything about you, where you go, what you do.
You can't go anywhere without their permission.
They're totally in control.
And that same kind of control is taken over in the Western nations, in many of them.
The Chinese way, you must obey.
That they are imposing these lockdown laws and rules and what have you upon us.
And watching everything that we do, how we do it, where we do it, this is unprecedented.
The New Trends Journal is coming out tomorrow.
Of course, it's a weekly.
They're working on it now.
And one of the articles I'm working on is about what's going on in Italy.
As an Italian, I'm ashamed of the Italian people.
They are a disgrace.
You're the same low-life people
That allowed a Mussolini, now you got a Draghi.
How low can you drag low when you got a Draghi?
Yeah, Mario Draghi.
You don't know who he is?
Oh, you mean the guy that was with the World Bank?
The former head of the Goldman Sachs gang?
Yeah, that guy?
That ran the European division?
Only worth well over 50 million dollars?
That guy?
That you now brought in as Prime Minister?
Ran the European Central Bank?
Brought negative and zero interest rate policy?
That Mario scum-draggy?
So people don't have any savings because they can't put it in a bank?
But the gangsters, banksters could get money for free and keep the game going?
Yeah, that draggy!
The draggy with quantitative easing, buying up junk bonds and corporate crap?
Yeah, that crap guy!
Five-star movement, Cinque Stella!
They're always gonna be, oh, we're gonna get rid of the Euro, we're getting out of the Eurozone.
They voted to bring him in.
Northern League, that other clown boy, Salvini, plays tough guy, brought in Draghi.
And you know what Draghi just did over the weekend?
Locked down most of Italy again.
That's right.
They're putting all the small people out of business.
Tourism, restaurants, gone.
You got a new Benito!
Benito Draghi!
And what are the Italian people doing?
They're bending over and taking it like they just do around much of the world.
Locking down.
This is the first place to lock down.
After last year,
When the Chinese used the COVID to lock down and stop the protests, the democracy protests in Hong Kong, they finished it right when they locked it down.
Italy was the first country to lock down.
Oh, the people are dying.
Yeah, you know who's dying?
Elderly people.
The average age, about 81 years old.
The lockdowns didn't work before.
They were the first place to lock down and now they're locked down again.
Again, we wrote about this in detail in the Trends Journal about COVID-19 lockdowns, complete policy failures, on and on, one after another.
And then the other lowlife, again an Italian, Cuomo.
Yeah, little daddy's boy going down over here in New York.
Last May,
After he locked down New York, New York City's ghost town.
Ghost town.
Restaurants, pfft.
Midtown, dead town.
No neon lights shining on Broadway.
Yeah, that Cuomo.
He said it was shocking most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home.
There he is with his little brother.
Look at the arrogant little boys.
Arrogant, arrogant pieces of slime, garbage, scum, crap.
And they're in charge.
You got that clown boy over there in California, Gruesome Newsome.
Arrogant as can be.
You look at his face.
You look at that faces of these arrogant boys destroying, destroying, destroying the planet.
They don't care who's going out of business.
They could care less.
Now he's, boy, the way they're getting rid of him for sexual harassment.
Yeah, how about destroying the country, the state?
But the people believe it.
The majority believe this stuff.
And they're still marching off to the COVID war to get vaccinated.
And I saw, as you well see on InfoWars, about all the countries in Europe that are coming out against the AstraZeneca vaccination.
One after another.
Well, you know what happened last week?
We reported it.
Major Australian newspaper.
That's right.
Top one.
Big article that is censoring people that are coming out against the AstraZeneca vaccination in Australia.
But now you're seeing it happening in Norway, in Ireland, in Iceland.
One after another, they're suspending use of the AstraZeneca vaccination.
But they banned, they banned people from doing it.
They're speaking out against it.
They're robbing us of our rights like we've never seen before in our lifetime.
It's so important that you support InfoWars and keep the truth alive.
Because this thing is going down big, hard, and fast.
If we don't change it, it's going to be hell on earth.
Unless, of course, you get vaccinated.
And then you may exit stage right.
We'll be back in a little bit.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And like Alex said, they're going to do everything they can to get the truth off the air.
It's a fraud right in front of our eyes.
We've been reporting on it.
You heard the Lachlan Murdoch, Murdoch's son, at that conference.
Morgan, it was not J.P.
Morgan, one of the banksters' conferences, saying that, you know, we're going toward the center-right.
Oh, great.
Don't call yourself a news organization if you're going toward a certain thing, a center-right.
Then you heard the guy
It's the head of CNN, the company that runs it, telling you how good it is that the COVID war is boosting their ratings.
Now their ratings are going down.
So they've been using the COVID war to get their ratings up.
They all have agendas.
There's no journalism anymore.
Of course we do in the Trends Journal and so does Infowars.
So do you can to support what's going on because you can see right in front of our eyes
They're doing everything to stop it.
This is satanic as I see it, or alien.
Just over the weekend, yesterday, in the Netherlands.
Oh, you should see those COVID cops over there beating people up.
They're protesting against the lockdown.
People doing nothing.
These guys all dressed up in their military drag, you know, these tough guys.
And smashing away at the people.
Look what's going on.
The protests going on around the world that they don't report about.
What's going on in Senegal.
Youth revolution.
Here's a place they have a... It's like nine, about 16 million people.
About less than a thousand people have died over the year of the virus.
They have among the strictest lockdown laws.
The economy's going.
Yeah, there we are.
This is the advanced nation of Holland over there.
Not Holland.
Not Deutschland.
The Dutch.
The Dutch.
And the police beating the people up.
Because they didn't social distance.
One country after another.
I mentioned Senegal, Ethiopia, there's revolution going on over there, civil war, Eritrea.
It's one place, look at these, one place after another, Myanmar, Thailand, young people taking to the streets, the youth revolution, you have no future.
And the governments have locked them down.
So we're going to start seeing some major, major uprisings and also much, much... There you go.
Look at these guys.
Look at this.
Look at them.
Look at them.
They should be put in jail.
They should be hung by their cojones, of which they don't have any.
Because no man would do that.
Look at them.
Look at them.
Look at them!
They're protesting!
I'm telling you this thing is going down big and hard!
We have become the Chinese way!
Look at them!
Dressed up in their little military drag!
Military drag!
Little boys!
Tough when they're all together.
And when you call them out man to man, they're not men at all.
They're little slimy pieces of crap.
Oh, speaking of which, how about over there in the UK?
Yeah, that's okay.
Over in the UK, they're just passing a law that gives the police
Extraordinary powers to lock down and do whatever they want to the people.
And it's being rushed through the Parliament right now.
One place after another.
Freedom is gone.
Where I am up here in New York, it's dead town.
Everybody masked up, freaked out.
It is terrible what's going on.
If we don't fight for our freedom, this is going to be hell on earth.
It's in front of everybody's eyes.
Hey, good thing Hitler's not occupying the Netherlands anymore, huh?
You got your own one over there.
And you brought him over there to the UK, too.
Got him in Italy.
Oh yeah, and they're back in Germany.
This is Nazi control.
Right in front of our eyes.
Right in front of our eyes.
You're not allowed to protest.
We'll beat you up and push you back.
And that's what they've done.
If the people don't stand up and fight, look what they're doing to.
Look at this.
Hey, you tough little boys.
Tough little boys.
I can't stand these little... Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Again, Myanmar protests, 39 protesters killed on Sunday.
It's one after another we're writing about.
Oh, by the way, in Israel, they have an anti-vax group that sued the government.
You know what they're bringing in?
The Nuremberg Trials.
The group cited the 1947 Nuremberg Code that focused on medical experimentation by Nazi doctors.
One report pointed to Pfizer CEO Albert Barola, who said,
In an interview last month that Israel is essentially, quote, the world's lab due to the swift vaccine rollout.
This is only according to the Jerusalem Post.
So there you got it.
This thing's going down hard, fast and heavy.
You go over there in Canada, not far from us.
Four face $1,000 fines following weekend gatherings.
And that our four $1,000 tickets are failing to comply with regulations of COVID.
Officers were called to a social gathering where they fined three men under the Health Protection Act.
Isn't that a nice name, Health Protection Act?
Then just after midnight Saturday morning, a woman was fined at a gathering on Walnut Street.
So I look up over there in Nova Scotia.
You ready?
So about a million people.
Million people in a little under a million.
65 deaths in one year.
65 deaths in one year and these slimy pieces of crap do this to people.
These little cop-o-nothings, COVID cops, COVID craps.
For what?
For what?
65 deaths in a year?
Oh, you ready?
53 of them are from nursing homes.
53, you know, after you get out of the nursing home,
You go to daycare.
Look at this.
Yeah, good thing Hitler's gone.
Because Mao is back.
It's Mao Zedong time in a country near you.
The Chinese way.
You must obey.
Facts don't matter.
66% of the people dead in Canada from nursing homes.
And as I said, it's right in front of our eyes.
It's the Chinese way you must obey.
We're losing all our rights.
They know everything that we do, where we do it, how we do it, what we spend, on and on and on.
So please do you can to support InfoWars.
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I want to take a look at the broader picture here.
You know what I say?
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
Wall Street Journal last week.
Rising rate of violent crime shakes Atlanta.
Many major U.S.
Cities experienced increases in homicide, aggravated assaults, and gun-related crimes.
And the Council on Criminal Justice, a think tank of 34 cities, in the report, 29 saw annual increases in homicides, including Atlanta, 38% increase.
New York City, 43% increase.
Chicago, 55% increase.
This is real stuff going on.
This COVID war has killed hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods.
Yeah, not from the virus, from the economic lockdown and the socio-economic devastation it has caused.
To show you the level of imbeciles that are the bureaucrats
Bureaucrats are usually pieces of low-life crap.
Bureau craps that could never get a job in the real world that suck off the political system because they got friends that are politicians that get them jobs.
They're worthless pieces of garbage crap.
Bureau crap.
New York City tab to each inmate.
All right, this is out of the Wall Street Journal.
Not Ancient History last Thursday.
$447,337 a year.
Nearly a half a million dollars to put one person into jail a year.
And who pays for it?
We the little people.
The plantation workers of Slavelandia.
The non-essentials.
This is the moronics that are running the show.
On the economic front, Japan maintains monetary easing.
ECB going to be buying up more bonds, one after another.
I'm mentioning this because on the economic front,
Today, the markets are up just a little bit.
They're mixed over there in Asia, down a bit in Europe.
Oil is still near the $70 range, which I never thought would go this high.
But again, the game is rigged.
OPEC Plus is cutting back supply and it's working.
There's going to be a bounce.
It's fake.
You see a little retraction today in
The cryptocurrencies.
Gold's going up a little bit.
Gold prices are where they are, not going higher because so many people are moving into cryptos.
It's a fact.
The smart money is looking for safe haven assets because everybody that has a half a brain knows this is a total fraud.
The Federal Reserve is pumping in trillions of dollars, and has been, since the panic of 08,
To artificially boost the equity markets and keep the gamblers gambling.
Go back to 2019, September.
From September 2019 to January 2020, they pumped in $7 trillion into the repo markets.
It was going down then.
They'll do anything to artificially boost them.
Now I'm gonna go back to oil.
You're saying there's no inflation.
As they keep pumping all this money in.
Lumber prices, copper prices.
I have to tell you, you go to the supermarket, meat prices, all the prices going up, going up, going higher.
And now they're trying to talk us down that inflation's not going to go high.
Now they're saying, well, it will go high, it'll only be temporary.
That's a lot of BS.
This has to be made 100% clear.
The government has been taken over by the banksters.
This is not a conspiracy theory.
The head of the Federal Reserve, the former head Janet Yellen, is now our Treasury Secretary.
Private banksters, gangsters, the Federal Reserve, they're now ahead of the Treasury Secretary,
Biden also brought this guy Lipton from the International Monetary Fund.
And another woman coming in from the Federal Reserve.
It's right there in front of our eyes.
The banks are in total control of our life.
They are going to do everything they can to keep propping these markets up artificially.
It's on big artificial bubble.
We're writing about it in detail in the Trends Journal.
Gregory Manorino is, of course, one of our writers.
Where this is going, why, how, and how it's going to go down and when, we're doing our best to tell you.
On the survivalism, I'm showing you how crime rates are going to keep going up.
And we have Bradley Steiner's work in survivalism, how to fight your way to freedom.
In the Trends Journal.
It's up to the people to unite and support those of us who are doing what we can to change the course.
Because the majority are buying into this.
There's going to be a vaccine war coming very soon in a country near you.
Forget that they're failing.
They're going to come up with something else to make us do more to be under their control.
This is unprecedented.
One country after another locking down, and so few protests.
And when you do protests, the COVID cops are on the scene, low-lying that we do something like that.
These aren't men or women.
Because the facts speak for themselves.
The lockdowns haven't worked.
The people that are dying from the virus,
Are mostly elderly and people with pre-existing chronic conditions.
Forget about the, what is it, 8.7 million people that die of air pollution each year.
Pesticides in your food, chemicals, they're fine.
You gotta fight the COVID war.
And you gotta fight to be free.
So please do what you can to support InfoWars.
The truth is in your hands.
We must unite for freedom,
Peace and justice.
So put your money where your heart and mind are.
Do what you can.
Because this thing's coming down fast and hard.
If we don't open the door to freedom, we're gonna be locked into hell.
Thank you very much for tuning in.
This is Gerald Cilenti.
Remember we have the Trends Journal Weekly Magazine.
Thank you for tuning in.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
How much heat have you gotten for being friends with him and having him on the show?
A lot, but I don't pay attention.
I just, I can justify it.
Look, I mean, I won't justify the things he's gotten wrong, and I don't think he will either.
But, I'll tell you, that f***ing guy is right about a lot of s***.
And when he was on this podcast, and he talked about how 80% of the people that took the Moderna vaccine had significant side effects, particularly after the second dose, people were like, no f***ing way.
So we played Bill Gates, and I put it on my, because people were saying, you had an anti-vaxxer on your podcast.
I played the Bill Gates clip where Bill Gates is being interviewed by CBS, and he says it himself.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
The FDA, not being pressured, will look hard at that.
But the data showed that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic where, you know, it's just, you know, super painful.
But yes, we need to make sure there's not severe side effects.
The FDA, I think, will do a good job of that despite the pressure.
Just like the nurse was telling us earlier today when we got tested.
She experienced chills and shakes.
And she said all her friends did too.
Yep, all her friends did.
So this is something that Alex was saying and people were denying it.
Also, Alex was talking about how children in Sudan were involuntarily given these polio vaccines and a lot of them got polio.
From the vaccine.
We were like, what?
So then he shows us there's a f***ing AP News report.
An article from AP, Associated Press, that shows this poor little terrified child.
And they're squeezing his mouth open.
They dropped this oral vaccine in his mouth.
And it talked about how many of these kids got polio from this vaccine.
These are things that Alex says that you're not hearing people talk about this.
This is not something that's mainstream discussed.
And it doesn't mean that vaccines are bad, but this is a fact.
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