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Name: 20210312_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 12, 2021
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Alex Jones talks about Joe Biden's announcement that Americans must get vaccinated in order to regain their freedom. He criticizes this forced vaccination approach and highlights how it contradicts the idea of independence. Jones also discusses the benefits of high-quality supplements, which support his InfoWars platform financially. He addresses recent events such as Tucker Carlson being targeted by the Pentagon over his speech and the growing aggression of mask Nazis. Additionally, Jones promotes the Vitamin Mineral Fusion system available at InfowareStore.com, encourages listeners to save his content due to potential censorship, and talks about his credibility, drug accusations, and being honest with oneself.

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This is Mao Zed Biden, Chairman Joe, telling you, the American people, supposedly a free people, that you are not free, but if you take your vaccine, then maybe you can celebrate the 4th of July.
I need you.
I need every American to do their part.
How creepy is this?
That's not hyperbole.
I need you.
I need you to get vaccinated when it's your turn and when you can find an opportunity.
When it's your turn, yeah.
And to help your family, your friends, your neighbors get vaccinated as well.
Because here's the point.
If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th there's a good chance you, your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.
That doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.
Oh, only a small group?
After this long, hard year.
You got it, boss.
That will make this Independence Day something truly special.
Oh, I'm sure you will.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, last night Joe Biden announced to the nation that you're all slaves to Big Pharma.
He said you cannot be free again until you consume Big Pharma's vaccine.
And so, we've done something special for you here at InfoWars.
You know, a lot of people obviously were watching Biden's address.
It was his biggest live audience yet, ever.
It actually hit 10,000 people live on the internet.
That's by far his biggest audience.
Trump gets millions, but you know, he lost to Biden, supposedly.
But we were able, so while everybody was listening to Biden talking, we were able to pull off some InfoWars magic.
We actually had a microphone inside Joe Biden's head, in his mind.
So look, this is a family audience, so I have to warn you, you're about to go into Joe Biden's mind.
This is not a place for children.
Trust me.
Although they end up in there a lot.
I'll stop right there.
So we had a microphone inside Joe Biden's head last night.
What am I doing here?
Where am I?
What are all these other people doing here?
These lights are hurting my eyes.
Am I supposed to be reading off that thing right there?
It's kind of far away.
I'm having trouble seeing it.
Whoa, who's that?
Boy, she's got a nice rack, doesn't she?
Do you think my wife would care if I hit on her?
Do you think my wife would care if I sniffed her neck?
I'd like to go a little further.
Oh, it looks like there's a child over there too.
Oh, what do you think that kid smells like?
Oh, I can only imagine.
I remember the good old days when Barack was in office.
They'd bring kiddos in there all the time for me to sniff and grope.
Wait a second.
Am I the president now?
Oh my gosh.
That's what happened.
I'm the president now.
I think I'm supposed to be giving a speech or something.
Oh, that's right.
I'm supposed to be reading that teleprompter.
Oh boy, don't look at the lady.
Don't look at the lady.
Look at the teleprompter.
Look at the teleprompter.
Read the teleprompter.
Oh boy, the eyes are wandering again.
Oh my gosh, I didn't even notice that girl over there.
How old do you think she is?
Do you think I'm too old for her?
She looks like she's at least 18.
Oh, that's right.
Now I remember.
I'm supposed to be telling Americans they can't be free again until they take the vaccine.
Boy, it's a good thing I'm still up here talking.
Otherwise, I would have blown it completely.
Okay, now, to tell Americans they won't be free until they take the vaccine.
Wow, journeys inside of Joe Biden's head, ladies and gentlemen.
Hmm, not a place you want to be.
Not a place you want to be, trust me.
But you know what?
We do have some news on what goes on in Biden's head and then what comes out as policy.
Or what goes on behind closed doors where, you know, you didn't know, but big pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers are actually the President of the United States.
But it's beyond that.
They're actually the kings of the world.
And so Joe Biden said, if you take your vaccines, then you can be free again.
And they even use Independence Day as the fulcrum point to say, you can be free again, just like on Independence Day, but you gotta take your vaccine.
No, no, I believe that we fought for independence and liberty, and that's what July 4th represents, not being forced to take a vaccine.
I get up in the morning, look at you and say, where the hell are we?
It's Friday, March 12th.
The year is 2021 and we are living in spectacularly incredible times.
Incredibly good things are happening.
Incredibly horrible things are happening, but we know this humanity is awakening as evil rises.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday edition.
We've had an extremely successful trip here in Florida.
I'm going to leave it at that.
I'll be able to tell you more about it in the future.
I have one more leg of my trip to complete today and I'll be returning to the ATX tomorrow.
I want to thank Owen Schroyer, Tom Papert, the great producers and the crew for doing a wonderful job while we've been on the road.
And of course the crew here behind the scenes on the ground with me in Florida that is really awakening.
Everybody's down here.
I'll just leave it at that.
Not just the president, not just Tucker Carlson, but so many other great people are really coming to the state and fighting harm, like Governor DeSantis and others.
Now, speaking of Tucker Carlson, I'm going to hit a very important piece that he put out last night, where the Pentagon is now coming after him.
That's right, the military coming after a U.S.
citizen inside the U.S.
for their speech.
That isn't just illegal.
It isn't just dangerous.
It's a bellwether of where we've actually come.
I'll cover that in a moment.
Then we're also going to be playing some excerpts when Owen takes over of the disgusting speech given by Biden, because he's been under such pressure for hiding for most of the last month and a half that he's been in office since they stole the election.
And he came out last night and said, does it matter if you take vaccines?
There's still things you're never going to be able to do.
They're never taking their foot off your neck.
And now we see Democrats, communists, socialists, believing they're part of the power structure, even though they're the ones losing their jobs and their future and the dollar's position in the world.
Who is a big leftist Marxist globalist saying inherently the main mission of the U.S.
military is to crush white supremacism.
And they say under military definition now that supporting Trump or saying that white people aren't inherently bad is evil.
This is officially taught everywhere now.
This is the big globalist corporate move to create more divide and conquer.
And so this guy is a nightmare pick for Secretary of Defense.
And now they have announced they're going to have pregnant women in the second trimester
We're talking women three, four, five months pregnant, flying around in aircraft and flying munitions and troops into combat zones.
So first they wanted to get women not take care of their children and into factories and to break up the family.
Now it's going to be, let's get the babies up there.
This is all just to sabotage the military ahead of total AI mechanized robot takeover.
Because the silicon troops and the silicon robots, the silicon drones,
Again, we'll be commanded by the technocracy.
They're trying to get humans out of the decision-making process.
And then if you think the technocracy is bad, they're already rolling out robots in New York, robots in Singapore, robots in Tokyo, robots in Tel Aviv, and freedom bracelets to make sure you're a good little slave.
If you think that's all bad, this is just the beginning.
So Tucker Carlson understands this, and you're not supposed to have the Pentagon and the military involved in domestic operations politically.
It's unconstitutional.
It's against the Bill of Rights.
It's against the Constitution.
But we know just historically how bad it is when other countries go this direction.
So the Democrats are creating a rapid reaction force permanently for the Capitol.
They're saying their main enemy is the American people.
And now you've had the Pentagon come out in the media and release press releases attacking Tucker Carlson because as a citizen, he thinks it's wrong to try to
Have transgender surgeries the military paid for by taxpayers.
He thinks it's wrong to have pregnant women in combat zones.
And again, that's his right to say that, whether he's right or wrong.
He's obviously common sense right.
But the Pentagon's trying to act like now, following big tech, following Congress, following mainstream media, that it's normal to try to shut somebody down and normal to demonize him like he's the enemy.
So Tucker Carlson, who I've known as a friend for over 10 years, has really transcended anybody else in modern media at his level to be able to put this type of information out.
And I can tell you, almost the entire military, including women in the military, totally get this as a sabotaging of readiness and of the human force, the human military.
So this is, again, about a post-human world they're building.
It's about sabotaging the military.
China doesn't have women in combat.
China doesn't have pregnant women in the military.
They know that.
But again, their own propaganda systems that own Hollywood and much of the MSM, they're pushing that here.
So this is the military that says it's going to be domestically involved in gun confiscation under General Honore and all the rest of them now really stepping into that role against their enemy, the American people, because for decades now at West Point,
Politicians have demanded it.
Now if you dare to point any of this out, they become hysterical.
And they become hysterical because they can't defend their own policies.
When people can't defend what they've done, they yell.
They can't even explain what those policies are, at least in public, so they attack.
You hear politicians like Tammy Duckworth say that it's unpatriotic to question the Pentagon unless you have served in the military yourself.
You haven't earned that right.
Can only cops talk about police brutality?
If you haven't been elected to office, are you allowed to criticize Congress?
They're not making a real argument.
They're trying to silence dissent.
Not playing along.
Every American citizen has a right, maybe an obligation, to know what the military they pay for is doing.
Because our lives may depend on it.
Today the Department of Defense launched a large and coordinated public relations offensive against the show.
Pentagon brass issued hostile statements.
People in uniforms sent out videos on social media.
The DoD even issued a news release attacking us, Press Secretary Smites, Fox News host.
Like we're a hostile foreign power.
We suspect this is one war they might actually win.
They've got a manpower advantage.
We could play you a lot of tape from this today.
It took up most of their day, and we could marvel over it.
Since when does the Pentagon declare war on a domestic news operation?
Can't remember that ever happening.
We're going to pass.
But we're not going to do that.
Because this is bigger than a feud with some flack at the Pentagon.
This is genuinely worrisome.
The Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political.
Tonight, there are 2,500 American troops stationed in Afghanistan, and they remain there to prevent the fall of Kabul to extremists.
At the same time, there are 5,000 troops in our own capital tonight, also as protection against extremists, meaning people who voted for the losing candidate in the last election.
Judging by those numbers, the Pentagon is now twice as focused on controlling our own citizens as it is on controlling the Taliban.
Meanwhile, as Lloyd Austin hyperventilates about white supremacy, there are real threats out there.
And the biggest ones continue to be ignored.
Those threats are not Syria.
They're not suburban Virginia.
They're not domestic extremism, at least right now.
The main threat that we face, and everyone who is honest knows this, is the government of China.
China is ascendant.
Their economy will soon outpace ours.
China now has the largest navy on the planet.
Why do they have that?
Why did they feel the need to build it?
Does that have potential consequences for us?
If China moved against Taiwan, how exactly would we respond?
More likely, if the Chinese decided to close international shipping lanes, it would cripple our economy.
If they decide to shut down our internet, it would bring our life to a halt.
If it is decided to occupy Malaysia, that would be a grave concern to the world.
If any of these things happen, or a hundred other things that might happen, what exactly would our Pentagon do about it?
Can the U.S.
military still win a real war?
Those are the questions that matter.
Those are the only questions that matter.
Which may be why Joe Biden wants to talk about maternity flight suits.
It's the Alex Jones Show!
History in the making every day!
The most censored news network in the world, InfoWars.com.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex.
We'll be hearing again from Alex before the end of this transmission.
It's been a crazy week here.
And Alex has been a busy beaver down there in Florida.
There's going to be a lot of exciting announcements once he gets back.
I've got a news desk here that is just overrun.
I'm going to get to all of this news.
We've got Nick Begich hosting the fourth hour.
And if there's time, I may even take some phone calls.
If not during this, I am back in the war room today, so we may take calls then.
I've also got some video clips of what's happening in Portland right now.
Did you know Antifa has been rioting in Portland for months on end?
Yeah, that's not an insurrection though.
Mostly peaceful as buildings burn.
They even lit a federal building on fire with people inside once again.
War on the streets of Portland.
Mainstream media not interested.
And of course, the real story is that
The political class of this country, and you have to be honest though, Republicans are calling for the wall to be torn down.
I'm not seeing Democrats complaining about the wall, except the one at the southern border, not the one in D.C.
But see, oh, all of a sudden the Democrats are concerned about violence when it's in their backyard.
See how that works?
When it's in your backyard, they don't give a damn.
They promote it and they bail out the criminals.
But when it's in their backyard, all hands on deck, and in fact, we've got the numbers now of how much it's going to cost.
Folks, when this whole escapade is done, it's going to cost a billion dollars.
A billion.
They're estimating, if the National Guard, under the current pretenses, is removed in May, which is what they're saying, the final bill
For the Democrat criminal protection, for the politician criminal protection, for Congress' criminal protection, is going to be $521 million.
That's on top of the COVID scam that they just, the COVID stimulus scam that they just signed, enriching themselves, bailing themselves out.
We've got vaccine news today.
I've got news from the Biden administration that you're not even going to believe, including we're now figuring out what's happening with the National Guard and the Biden administration.
You've got Pelosi announcing that they'll steal any election they want?
I mean, literally, that's how bold they are now.
We'll be covering that.
We'll be covering the Biden administration members and how each one of them comes in with a real dark cloud over their head.
But you notice the mainstream media doesn't make a big deal of it.
You notice that you don't have the protests in D.C.?
I guess that's because the criminals have their criminal protection now.
But remember when it was Kavanaugh, Arconi, Barrett, or you name the Trump administration appointee, oh, the protests were rampant, the media was all over it, they were getting inside the rooms, causing chaos, no arrest, all charges dropped.
But boy oh boy, you look at these Biden appointees, and it is bad.
It is not good, so we'll be covering that.
But of course, Biden, last night,
Biden last night gives his first live address.
Now, I could open up the phone lines and ask, do you believe that Joe Biden was actually live last night?
And 50% of the people would probably not believe it.
So, I'm not saying he wasn't live.
The point is, if you go look at all the videos of Biden's speech on YouTube and everything, and guys, by the way, pull up the CNBC one, because nobody else showed this except CNBC.
After Biden concludes his 20 minute address, which was his longest address yet,
We tell the truth here at InfoWars.
20 minutes, Biden's longest address yet since he's been installed in the White House.
And it was his largest live audience with, by my numbers, it did cap, it did go just over 10,000 people live.
Normally Biden gets about 400-600 people, maybe 800 tops.
He got about 10,000 live last night, so that was a new high for him.
Of course, Trump gets half a million live, but that's neither here nor there.
Biden beat him, don't you know, with 81 million votes.
But at the end of this video, guys, the reason why I told you to pull up this one, at the end of this, no other news outlet showed this, and I wanted to see this because I saw it live, but then I could not find it on the internet.
At the end, Biden, when he walks away, you can tell how weak this guy is.
You can tell how he has to look down at the ground while he walks away because he's afraid he's going to fall.
And so he's shuffling along and he has to stare down at the ground and his feet while he's walking because he's afraid he's going to fall.
And so, oh my gosh, no, they couldn't have edited it.
There's no way they've edited this in the last hour.
So the video is out there, but that's what I'm saying.
Every other, there was only one video of like the six or seven that have the whole speech up there.
I thought it was a CNBC.
I don't know how they could have edited this in the last hour since I watched it.
But that's what I'm saying.
Everyone else cut away, but while Biden's walking away, everyone else cuts away.
While Biden's walking away, you can see he's stumbling, he can barely walk, he's looking down at his feet, he's afraid he's going to fall.
That was probably the hardest thing he's done in a long time.
A 20 minute speech and then a 30 foot walk.
But here's the real story.
Biden, in his speech, announces to you, the American people, you are a slave to Big Pharma.
Biden announces last night for the whole world to see that America is no longer a free country.
You are no longer an independent citizen.
You are no longer a sovereign citizen.
And you can only be free if you take your vaccine.
That's what he said.
And he said, we will have a vaccine for every American's arm.
And if every American is vaccinated by July 4th, hopefully you can have family and friends over for a cookout and a barbecue.
Hey, here's an idea.
Kiss my ass, Commie.
Remember last 4th of July, how they tried to shut 4th of July down and close it and say no because of the pandemic and it was the biggest 4th of July?
You saw the fireworks all around Los Angeles, like everybody lighting off fireworks.
Out on Lake Travis here in Austin, it was like so busy and filled with boat traffic you could barely even move.
Joe Biden let you know last night, you no longer live in a free country.
You no longer live in the United States of America.
You are now a big pharmaceutical slave.
Oh, but don't worry.
Oh, because Independence Day isn't about free men, free women.
Independence Day, July 4th, isn't about declaring your independence from corrupt entities, from corrupt overlords, from kings and queens and
Oligarchs and corporations.
No, no, no, no.
Now July 4th is all about bowing to the corporations.
Now July 4th is all about bowing to Big Pharmaceutical.
Bowing to the kingmakers.
And Biden let you know that last night.
You want to celebrate 4th of July?
You want to be a free citizen?
You better take that vaccine!
That's right.
You want to have a cookout?
You want to have barbecue?
Take that vaccine!
You want to have hot dogs with Barack Obama?
You better take that vaccine!
You probably don't want to do that, by the way.
That I would avoid.
But so the big announcement last night from Biden!
The big announcement!
You are all slaves!
You are not free!
No, you cannot move about the country freely.
No, you cannot have family and friends over.
No, you cannot celebrate Independence Day because you're not independent!
That is until you take our vaccine!
Which is not even a vaccine, it's experimental gene therapy biotechnology, which is gonna kill probably about 1% of the people that take it, but I don't care because they're doing a worldwide experiment on humanity.
You thought you were free?
Well, I'm here to remind you, you're not!
You're a slave to Big Pharma medical tyranny.
It was the father of modern physics, Sir Isaac Newton, that basically developed the theory of gravity, as we know, and so much more.
And he postulated, and it's been proven to be very accurate across the scientific studies of every field, that for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
And we're seeing that right now.
So as bad as Joe Biden and the globalists and chi-coms are stealing the election,
That is making people dig their heels in and is causing what they call a counter-revolution against it, and it is absolutely massive.
I ran into, here in Sarasota, Florida, where I'm at today, yesterday, an amazing Irish-American who had come here in the 1990s with nothing but $700 in his pocket with his wife and children back in Ireland.
Because he couldn't make a living there.
And now, today, he owns a very successful business that, let's just say, is a great service to people and is very, very exciting as well.
And he just loves life.
He's so free.
He said this is the American dream, and he had tears in his eyes talking about how they're trying to destroy that and how the globalists want to sew up the entire economy and destroy it.
So the next couple minutes we have, I guess four minutes or so, I want to just reach out to everybody watching and let you realize, don't let the enemy get you depressed about what's happening today.
As long as you're speaking up, as long as you're standing up, as long as you're saying no to the globalists, as long as you're living and loving your neighbors and being a good person, you're building the human community that is the American dream, that is the renaissance.
And this Irishman, who's now an American,
I also got a chance to meet his son, who is partners with him and his company, both his sons.
And I met one of the sons that, again, do some amazing stuff.
I'll leave it at that.
He said, listen, you don't get Joe Biden's name right.
He's a stooge.
And I said, wow, you're right.
A stooge is a puppet put in by somebody else who's an idiot, but who's also used to rule over people.
So the stooge gets the blame and the actual controllers don't get the blame for the crimes they're committing.
He's a puppet.
He's an imposter.
He's a fraud.
Lynch was powerful, but also cheesy in parts.
But it's accurate as a historical fiction reference to some of the things that have actually happened in the real world.
And if you notice, Baron Harkonnen is supposedly losing control of the planet Arrakis with a spice, which is basically life-destroying technology, the ethos of the globalist, eternal life.
But really, they're just setting up the main rival of the emperor, Duke Atreides,
But before, after he set up the tradies and his sons were thrown out in the desert and all the rest of it, he sends in the beast Rabban, his nephew, to squeeze and attack and destroy all his opposition.
But then he removes him later, gives him the blame, and puts in Fahd Rabban, who he really wants to be his main heir, as the savior.
So they put him under tyranny this high.
And then Fade comes in and the tyranny is still really high.
They would have hated Fade, but because the tyranny was so much higher before, they now accept that new benchmark of tyranny.
And that's what you do with a stooge who you put in as a viceroy.
Or a vice king.
And the Romans would do this, the British Empire would do this, the French would do this.
It's in the history books that they would come in, oppress a group, take them over, put in somebody to be unpopular, to squeeze and be a tyrant.
Then their own publications and own heralds would demonize that person, remove them, sometimes chop their head off, and then bring in the new tyrant who would loosen up some of the controls, but not as much as
It was before they invaded.
So again, you tighten down, then you loosen up, but not as much as you did before.
And that's where a stooge comes in.
And that's really what Joe Biden is.
Joe Biden is a stooge.
Joe Biden is a puppet.
We should all start calling him Joe Biden stooge.
So that said, they've brought him in.
They're going to blame him for all the collapse of the economy, for the open borders, for all the mismanagement.
And then whether it's Kamala Harris or whoever next.
They will then be set up as the savior.
But I think Kamala will be stooge number two.
I mean, this is real Imperium Machiavelli nasty stuff we're going under.
Non-American style government.
This is really very, very corrupt government.
But again, in closing, I'm just going to say this.
We can't stay on air and fight this stooge and fight these globalists while the public's mind is more fertile to be awoken than ever without your support.
That's why I salute you and I thank you for your support.
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I think.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we've got just a minute or so left here.
I want to play again.
Guys, let's have clip seven ready.
This is
I need you.
I need every American to do their part.
That's not hyperbole.
I need you.
I need you to get vaccinated when it's your turn and when you can find an opportunity.
When it's your turn, yeah.
And to help your family, your friends, your neighbors get vaccinated as well.
Because here's the point.
If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there's a good chance you, your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.
That doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together after this long hard year.
That will make this Independence Day something truly special.
Oh, I'm sure you will.
Where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.
Yes, because that's up to you and Fauci.
But to get there, we can't let our guard down.
This fight is far from over.
As I told the woman in Pennsylvania, I'll tell you the truth.
July 4th, with your loved ones, is the goal.
But a goal, a lot can happen.
Yeah, this is like the old, this is like the old rodeo.
Or, um, the old bullfighting.
Joe Biden waving the red carpet, waving the red towel, waving the red linen.
Oh, July 4th, July 4th, the bull comes charging, lifts the veil, stabs you in the back!
Owen Troyer in studio for Alex Jones in the Infowars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
You just heard Chairman Joe Biden, dear tyrannical leader Joe Biden, telling you, maybe you can be free again, maybe.
Maybe you can have a small gathering with family, friends, and loved ones because this isn't a free country.
Yeah, he needs me, alright.
He needs me to be a good little slave.
He needs me to take that vaccine, which they say doesn't stop the spread, although now they're saying, oh, it's proven to stop the spread, but
They're admitting there's these new variants, these new strains, so they really don't know what is going on.
So I've got news coming out of the Biden administration.
I want to get to that, but I feel like I should get to the vaccine news here first.
Now, so you just heard Joe, just as InfoWars told you a year ago today, they're never going to lift any of these restrictions until they can force you to take a vaccine.
And so that's what Joe Biden just admitted.
Now when Infowars says that a year ago on these airwaves, nobody wants to blink an eye.
But then when Joe Biden says it a year later from the White House, well maybe now you'll believe.
Maybe now you'll get it.
Maybe now you'll understand.
This is a cult.
This is a satanic cult.
You must enter it.
This is their ritual.
They're telling you.
And the fact that the average American would even consider going along with this shows how ignorant and brainwashed and just in general domesticated we've become.
That we have to have some old, doddering fool who we found the video of him shuffling away.
It's an early sign if you're suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's that you just shuffle and you look down because you're not sure you can walk without falling down.
You need to see the ground.
You need to see your feet shuffling.
But you already know about Biden's health, so it's not even about that.
They're now telling you, if you haven't seen it enough, if you haven't heard it enough, if you haven't seen the Freedom Pass in Israel and everywhere else, they're telling you, you want to be free again?
You consume the big pharmaceutical vaccine that's never been tested.
A brand new technology.
Yeah, there's the mentally decrept.
Mentally decrepit shuffle of Joe Biden.
How many drugs did they pump him up with last night so he could deliver that speech?
Whether it was live or not, it doesn't matter.
And then he had to walk 30 feet.
Let me tell you, he might not even get out of bed today with whatever cocktail of medicine they put him.
He'll be knocked out for the next 48 hours.
But so imagine, hey, you live in a free country.
You live in a republic.
Independence, right?
Independence Day.
We declared our independence as individuals, as Americans, from a tyrannical government, from any sort of overwhelming government.
We have freedoms here.
Oh, but as of today, as of March 11th, 2021, Joe Biden says, nope, you're not in a free country.
Nope, you're not a free citizen.
But maybe you can be if you take the vaccine like a good slave.
So, you want to be a free slave?
Take that vaccine.
But just like Kanye West said, it's never been more prevalent.
Slavery was a choice.
Slavery is a choice.
May have actually been the more accurate statement.
Not slavery was a choice in the context of his conversation.
It made sense, but the more accurate statement is slavery is a choice.
Now I get it!
We know what those choices could entail.
The Democrat Party already has their political dissidents rounded up and put in jail, put in camps.
Physically actually doing that.
They're also censoring their political dissidents.
So, this is the New World Order cult.
This is the end of independence.
This is the end of American citizen sovereignty.
And as of March 11, 2021, Joe Biden just announced that to the world.
Kind of a big deal.
So you don't get a border, and you're not free until you take a vaccine.
Think about that.
Oh, and by the way, we just signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that's going to put you in further into debt.
And you won't even see a dime from it.
And so I've got all that coming on.
But let's look at what's happening with the vaccines.
Now remember, they have said, and there's probably there's well, there have been new developments on this, but it's
Not a specific one where they say, if you're going to have a mammogram, have it before you get the COVID vaccine or wait a year after you get it because you're going to have a false positive for cancer from your COVID vaccine.
And so that was the beginning of it.
And they wouldn't even tell you that's what was going on, but if you read into it and you read between the lines, you understand that's what's going on.
So we reported on that.
Now it's mainstream news.
False positives for cancer after the COVID vaccine.
Do you think those are actually false, though?
Well, we don't know.
They just say it's false.
And now, Norway is investigating whether AstraZeneca vaccine caused deadly blood clots.
And so because of that, they've decided to hold some of these vaccines back.
But don't worry, they'll release them again.
They just need some time to make you think that they're investigating what's going on with all these negative side effects.
Half of French nursing home workers reluctant to receive COVID vaccine.
I think reluctant is a kind way of putting it.
I have friends in France and in Paris and
While they have their problems over there, they are really into health, natural health, organic health, and they don't want this vaccine.
This is very unpopular in France, and even the lockdown is reaching a point of extreme unpopularity in France.
It's not really being reported anywhere.
You're not seeing yellow vest protests like we saw in the past.
But what are they going to do when people don't want to take the vaccine?
See, these people don't want to admit they're tyrants.
These people don't want to admit they're totalitarians, but see, the execution of their policy proves it.
So, like in Texas, they say, no, the liberal groups here, funded by who knows who,
They go out and have these protests.
They say, you can't open Texas 100% till 70% of the people are vaccinated.
Well, what if only 50% of the people want to get vaccinated?
So then what do you do?
Well, I guess you have to force them, don't you?
Oh, so you are a tyrant.
You are an authoritarian, just like Joe Biden.
You are not celebrating Independence Day until we all take our vaccines.
He needs you to.
Why do you need me to do anything, Joe?
I need you to do a few things.
Italy imposes national lockdown as mutant COVID strains spread.
So tell me, with all these mutant strains, how the vaccine is going to work?
Well, it's not!
That's the big joke.
That's the big pharmaceutical ploy.
Oh, there's going to be strains and mutant strains, just like the flu shot.
They have to do a new flu shot every year because of the new strain.
I guess the flu is dead now.
So they've rebranded the flu to COVID so they could sell you vaccines and make trillions of dollars.
It's all COVID.
So how is the vaccine you made for the strain, when you started making these vaccines six months ago or eight months ago, how is that going to work against the new strain?
Well, it's not.
They'll have a new vaccine that they'll force you to take, and then maybe you can have a barbecue.
Oh, there's a new strain!
Sorry, no barbecue, no school, no church, but don't worry, we'll get another vaccine!
And then you'll just keep paying, and paying, and paying, and paying, and big pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers will make trillions!
And all the people on the inside are trading, holding their stock, will make billions!
And Fauci, and Gates, and the Democrats will just laugh all the way to the bank!
Europe's COVID vaccine rollout faces even more delays.
Again, because there's all these new strains.
So you can never come out of lockdown because the virus is never going to stop mutating.
Apparently, who believes any of it anyway?
They've never even isolated the virus.
Want more proof that Trump supporters are smarter than the Trump haters?
According to the latest poll, half of Trump supporters will not take the COVID vaccine.
This is a NPR-PBS-Marist poll.
So half of Trump supporters won't take the vaccine, but 78% of Democrats believe the lockdowns must stay in place.
So again, Democrats love their slavery to the big government, don't they?
Oh, the Democrats are all about the little guy.
They're all anti-establishment.
They want the small government.
They want the government out of our lives.
The Democrat Party is now the party of totalitarianism.
The Democrat Party is now the party of big government.
The Democrat Party is the party of censoring free speech.
The Democrat Party is the party of communist-style takeovers of free nations, like the United States of America.
And yes, as you saw,
They are using past presidents to push the experimental vaccines on the public, and Michelle Obama encourages people to do it, George Bush.
They all wear the masks, too.
And they say now, there's a story in the Stanford Advocate, wearing masks is liberating.
And I learned this now, it's liberating because people are ugly.
They literally say that.
So now ugly people are going to be ruling the world and make you not show your face because you're good looking.
This is the left.
This is the Democrat Party.
Imagine thinking you're anti-establishment and then doing everything the establishment tells you to do.
This is the Modern Day Leftist Libtard.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're in the second hour.
Before I get into this other news coming out of the Biden camp, I want to show you what's been going on in Portland, Oregon, completely ignored by the mainstream media and the Democrat Party.
How convenient for them.
First, let's go to clip nine.
Where, uh, in the beginning hours of the evening last night, Portland Antifa showed up at a federal courthouse.
This is the beginning of the evening.
We'll show you the developments with more video, but, uh, let's take a look at what, uh, the, the left wing was doing in Portland, Oregon last night in clip nine.
Don't touch me again!
I ain't touchin' that one door!
Take that gun from your paycheck!
Don't touch me!
Touch me!
It's outside a federal courthouse in Portland.
This goon's ass.
I don't understand.
You don't scare me.
You don't scare me, bitch.
They're not scared because the Democrats have told them, we're going to let you be terrorists.
That will not hold.
That is not going to hold!
Why are these people behaving like... Do it!
Do it!
Hey look, I'll give the left wing credit.
They're violent revolutionaries.
I mean, they're violent revolutionaries.
Trump supporters are not.
Here they are spraying who knows what that is inside the building.
That's a felony.
Destruction of federal property.
No arrest made.
So that's at the beginning of the night.
So this is how they're behaving at the beginning of the night while the sun is still out.
This is just them getting warmed up.
And look at how law enforcement does nothing.
How are these individuals not arrested?
That's incredible.
Well, it didn't stop there.
They came back later in the evening to the same federal courthouse and tried to burn it to the ground while people were still inside.
Check out clip 10.
So the Antifa lights a fire on the courthouse there that you just saw them at.
And now they've lit the building on fire.
This is a mostly peaceful protest, by the way.
And arrests are not being made, folks.
And the reason is because if they get arrested, the charges get dropped and they get released from jail immediately.
I'm going to have a guest on that, a lawyer who's dealing with this directly on The War Room next week.
We've got him scheduled.
I won't say too much right now, but let's just say we've got some inside information on what's going on there.
So, the reason why Antifa is out of control in Portland is because they know they won't get arrested and they know even if they do, their charges will be dropped.
So here's, uh, after the Portland Antifa tried to burn a building down with federal officers inside, here's what it looked like on the streets afterward in clip 12.
So, uh, where's the war zone again?
It's not in D.C., folks.
There's no activity in D.C.
This is in Portland, Oregon last night.
So radical left-wing terrorists and, uh, Democrat Party surrogates
Riding every night in Portland trying to burn buildings to the ground and the mainstream media doesn't cover it.
The mainstream media doesn't mention it.
The Democrat Party has no problem with it.
They refuse to send law enforcement.
They don't build walls.
They don't put up barriers.
They don't put up...
Barbed wire fences.
They're not allowed to make arrests.
But if you step foot sideways in Washington, D.C., the entire National Guard will come down on you because that's what Nancy Pelosi wants.
She actually wanted them to shoot you down with a machine gun turret on every corner, but they didn't get that.
They may yet, though.
They may yet, though.
And so, while all this is going on,
The National Guard is saying, we should not be in D.C., we're not needed here, we're costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, please relieve us of this duty in D.C., let's take down these walls, there's no threat here.
And the Democrats say, nope, you have to stay here, and then the new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says, you're going to be staying here until at least May, with thousands of troops on guard, 24-7, and the fences stay up.
But they ignore the Democrat violence in Portland, how convenient.
Don't expect the Democrat tyranny to end anytime soon.
Don't expect the Democrat terrorism to end anytime soon.
They are fully endorsing both of these activities, whether it's big pharmaceutical tyranny or just telling you you can't go to church or school or open your business.
Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands a month are pouring in over the southern border and being put in small facilities, elbow to elbow, back to back.
And testing positive for COVID.
By the way, it was just those that volunteer.
Just out of those that volunteer for COVID, about 5% were testing positive.
So that's the math of the overall number.
So I'm sorry, I'm not even saying that right.
It's not even 5% of the overall number.
Or it is 5% of the overall number, but it's not even... We don't know what the actual percentage is because they just volunteer to get tested for COVID, so not everybody's getting tested for COVID.
Now again, you can test everybody in the nation for COVID!
Or the flu, or herpes, or God knows what else!
And 50%, 60%, 70% of the nation may have it!
Doesn't matter we stop being free, doesn't matter we lock ourselves down, humans have been here for thousands, millions, who knows how many years!
But now a virus controls us, see?
No, the media is the virus, the politicians are the virus, Anthony Fauci is the virus, Bill Gates is the virus.
That's why they want to say that you're the virus, or that you have a virus, because they know they are the virus.
So it shows how everything that they tell us is a lie.
Everything they tell us is a lie, and what's even sadder, we expect them to lie.
But what's even more depressing is that Americans fall for the big lie, but then are willing to give up all of their freedoms because of the big lie.
That's what really hurts.
That's what's going to hurt.
So, it just goes to show you, so you don't get a wall at the southern border, you don't get National Guard in Portland, where there's real crises happening.
It gets ignored by the media, ignored by the politicians, but they're gonna make sure that wall in D.C.'
's never coming down.
Even though I did see a video of them taking the barbed wire off the fence.
So that's nice.
They didn't want it to look like a total third world hell hole yet.
You know, the dystopic look of the barbed wire fence I guess was a little too much for Nancy Pelosi, even though she wanted the machine gun turrets on every corner.
And if Lloyd Austin would have been the Secretary of Defense at the time, and Mal Biden would have been in the White House at the time, maybe they would have gotten it.
But the White House says there's no crisis at the border as you have hundreds of thousands pouring in a month.
Costing us hundreds of millions of dollars, filling our prison systems, filling these facilities, overwhelming border patrol, bringing in drugs, sex trafficking, human trafficking.
Again, that's not a story, though.
That's not even happening, they say.
Because if they admit it's happening, it shows how much of a fraud every one of their policies is, specifically when it comes to COVID.
When they're entering the country with COVID and then being released into the general population.
In fact, I think it was Brownsville.
Guys, look it up.
So, once again, hundreds, thousands of illegals pour in.
They don't have room at the facilities.
So you, you, the American taxpayer, pay for them to get on Greyhound buses or pay for them to get on flights to be redistributed.
They're redistributing your wealth.
They're redistributing the human population of Earth all into America.
And so Brownsville is like, well, wait a second.
This is ridiculous.
You're dropping off all of these illegal migrants here, busloads of them, and they're not even being tested for COVID.
So then they're saying, hey, we'd like to test you for COVID.
About half the people volunteer.
Turns out hundreds test positive.
And then what happens?
They get released into the population.
Now, again, I don't care.
I don't care about COVID.
It's the flu.
It's been rebranded so they can sell you a vaccine.
It's the cold.
It's been hopped up in a lab to see how quickly they can spread a virus in a bioweapons test.
So it's not even about the COVID, but it is about the COVID because it shows they're fraud.
So you can't be free because of COVID, but they can have a wide open border policy
And ignore all the COVID positive people coming in, even though it's the deadliest thing, it's the biggest thing ever, you have to be a slave because of COVID.
Oh, and they're also putting kids in cages.
And at this rate, it's already reached this, but I mean, how many months in a row does it have to happen?
100,000 on record.
This is just on record.
Oh, and by the way, there's portions, so Trump building the wall,
There's portions of the wall that have like 20 foot gaps that were still in process of construction.
There's like three or four portions that were like two, three days away from completion in major areas where there's people coming across the border.
Like 20 foot gaps, Biden got in office and canceled the construction.
What the hell is that?
Two or three more days, the contracts have already been written,
And he stops construction of the walls so there can be 20 to 30 foot gaps in all these different places where there's heavy immigration, illegal immigration happening.
And then news crews go down there because they hear about it.
They're like, hey, we heard there's these gaps in the wall.
Biden shut down the construction.
Two or three days, it would have been finished.
They would have closed those gaps.
And they get down there.
They don't even have time to set up their cameras.
So they have to pull out a phone.
They don't even have time to set up their cameras because as soon as they get on the ground, there's already illegal immigrants crossing in.
And they don't even have time to set up a camera.
They just have to whip out their phone to record it.
This is Biden's policy.
Biden's policy spreads COVID.
Biden's policy has a wide open border.
And then when Jen Psaki is asked about it, she just laughs in Peter Doocy's face.
And you know, I would be in defense of Jen Psaki because they're obviously not telling her anything.
But you know, she could be honest about that and said she wants to be a pompous bitch.
So screw her.
Little sock puppet of the Biden administration.
Yeah, there's thousands.
This is just one part where a coyote is floating them across the river.
Hey, at least he puts a life vest on them.
Cares more about them than the Biden administration, I guess.
And then they get here and then they come in.
And Border Patrol can do nothing about it because the Biden administration policy is let them go.
Let them in.
Let them free.
So, COVID pandemic for you, but not for thee.
COVID pandemic for you, but they can pour into this country with COVID.
We're doing everything to stop this virus!
We need to get this virus under control, then we can go back to normal, as they let the virus spread intentionally.
I've said it once, I'm gonna say it till I'm blue in the face, no pun intended.
A Democrat politician
Or a liberal Democrat on television is the biggest liar in world history.
There is not a lie too big, there is not a lie these people won't tell, even when they're caught in their lie, even when they're caught in their fraud, even when they're caught in their double standards and their hypocrisy, they never stop!
These are committed liars!
If the American people had the same commitment to fighting for freedom that the Democrats have to lying, we could actually save this country.
Now I'm going to get into the latest coming out of the Biden administration with some of these individuals.
You're not even going to believe it.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in studio for Alex today.
I want to get into what's going on
Inside the Biden administration.
And what they're doing to you, the American taxpayer, what you're paying for.
Oh yeah, don't worry, that COVID stimulus bill is ripping you off in ways that, I mean, they have to be laughing.
The politicians
Have to be laughing that they just pulled this.
This may be the biggest steal in world history.
This may be the biggest theft in the history of humanity.
What Congress just pulled off a $2 trillion stimulus bill.
And we'll get into some of the lies of that, but where your money will really be going.
But first, Biden executive order forces taxpayers to cover cost of military transgender surgeries.
There you go.
Don't you feel good you're no longer a bigot?
Because of the executive order on enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform act.
Don't you know that you're, doesn't it feel good not to be a bigot?
You're finally paying for people to have their balls chopped off and join the military.
Must be, you must feel good about yourself.
Pat yourself on the back, American.
You are no longer a bigot.
You're paying for transgender surgeries of the military.
And they also say they want pregnant women on the front lines.
Way to go, boys.
Way to go.
Of course, that's insane.
They say, oh, pregnant women are going to be on the front lines of the military.
Pregnant women are going to be blasting off into space.
Is that a joke?
Is that a joke?
In fact, I would be willing to bet, I don't know this, I don't know if anyone, could a baby, could a pregnant, could a woman that's pregnant with a baby inside her, could she, could that baby even survive being blasted off into space?
It was like hundreds of G's of force, the baby would be dead!
But they're gonna build spacesuits for pregnant women to go into space!
Would probably kill their baby!
They're gonna have a little, little pouch under it too for when the baby falls out dead?
Good God!
But I feel proud as an American today.
I'm paying for transgender surgeries.
Thank God I'm not a bigot anymore.
You know, I was wondering why, and I get it now, I get why Trump did it now, I still don't support it, but I was wondering why is Trump promoting himself
As the person who got the vaccines.
The vaccines are deadly.
His supporters don't like the vaccines.
They never did.
We don't want the vaccine.
Why is he touting this?
Why is he promoting it?
And I get it now.
It's kind of an ego thing, but it's more of a just rubbing it in the liberals' faces.
And it hit me as I'm seeing the liberals worship the vaccine.
Now, whether they actually believe in the vaccine that much or it's all just a political statement, I'm not totally sure.
Maybe it's a mixture of both.
The libs love the vaccine.
I mean, they're promoting it.
They're saying, it saved me.
I can finally see my grandma.
I can finally see my daughter.
I can finally hug somebody.
Oh my gosh.
Thank God for the vaccine.
Oh my gosh.
The vaccine freed us.
The vaccine did it again.
Thank God for the vaccine.
I mean, they love, they love their vaccine.
They need the vaccine.
You heard right.
I need it.
I need you to take the vaccine.
I need the vaccine.
So they love the vaccine so much, and that's why Trump decided to claim it, to rub it in the Liberals' face, because he sees them, he sees the Liberals fawning over the vaccine, like getting weak at the knees.
It was like Marilyn Monroe coming up to them with an offer, like, oh, oh, oh, the vaccine!
Oh, thank God for the vaccine!
And so Trump just sees all this worship fest of the vaccine and says, hey, while you're bowing down to that vaccine, remember, you wouldn't have it if it wasn't for me.
So that's really just Trump rubbing it in the liberal's face, because he wants them to know.
He's already living in their head rent-free.
He doesn't need to do this.
So again, I don't agree with him doing it, but I understand why he did it.
So he sees the left praising the vaccine, worshipping the vaccine, and he just reminds them, hey, while you're worshipping that vaccine, you better thank me!
You better thank me!
Of course, that'll never happen.
But that's the story at the Gateway Pundit.
Never seen a president in American history simultaneously executing a plan and denying its existence.
Trump official rips Biden for disgusting lies about Trump vaccine and distribution plan.
Yeah, remember?
When Biden came in, he said,
When I got in, there was no vaccine, there was no plan.
The guy had already had the vaccine, and he's implementing Trump's warp speed plan.
And he says there was no plan, there was no vaccine, as he's executing the plan and takes the vaccine.
Now, does Biden know he's lying, or is he just so gone it's not even funny?
How about this big lie?
This is, I mean, wow.
I'm telling you, man, look, people need to, it needs to be seared into your children's heads.
Democrats are lying to you.
A Democrat in Congress and a liberal on TV is lying to you.
It needs to be accepted.
It needs to be taught.
It needs to become mainstream knowledge and information.
Because it's the damn truth.
How about this whopper from Chuck Schumer?
Have you ever heard a bigger whopper of a lie?
Chuck Schumer asked about the crisis at the border.
Of course, you can't get an answer from the Biden administration from this.
Jen Psaki laughs it off, and Biden can't take questions.
So Schumer says, when he's asked, Schumer says that Joe Biden inherited a huge mess from Trump at the border.
Have you ever seen a bigger liar in your life?
How could you even possibly portray that statement as accurate?
Since Biden got into office, border crossings are doubling and tripling.
Now you tell me how that's Trump.
And then you had the lady come out yesterday.
This is incredible.
The lady comes out yesterday and says, yeah,
Illegal border crossings were way down under Trump and now they're way up, but that's because we're providing hope and humanity and treating them humanely.
No, it's because you promised them free stuff and invited them across the border.
There's nothing humane about what you're doing.
It's disgusting.
You're complicit in the rape of women and children, is what you are.
You're complicit in human trafficking.
You're complicit in drug trafficking.
Maybe they're consciously involved in this.
But for Chuck Schumer to say Biden inherited a mess from Trump at the border?
Again, I shouldn't have to spend any time explaining how that is an entirely inaccurate false statement, and Schumer knows it.
What a dirtbag Chuck Schumer is.
What a total and complete dirtbag.
By the way, speaking of the dirtbags,
Think about what you have so far from Biden's administration.
You have a guy that likes to dress up as a girl and wants to genitally mutilate children.
Admitted it during the hearings.
So that's one member of Biden's cabinet.
Then you have the new Attorney General who can't even answer questions.
He seems like a real dumbass.
Did you see his hearing?
Do you believe border crossings are illegal?
Well, I'm really not sure.
That's your new Attorney General.
Now you've got this individual, Vinita Gupta,
Oh, also they had to cancel Neera Tanden, so that didn't work out.
Now you've got Vanita Gupta, who holds millions in stock in enterprise accused of enabling Mexican cartels heroin manufacturing.
No, they have been caught.
It's their ingredients used in the heroin that then gets smothered across the southern border that now Joe Biden is promoting and allowing to happen, and it's his appointee
Vanita Gupta, who is directly involved in it!
You cannot make this stuff up.
You cannot make this stuff up.
This is the Biden administration.
A clown show.
A joke.
Destroying everything that is free and good.
Imagine being so brainwashed, you celebrate your own slavery.
That's the average liberal today, celebrating a mask mandate.
Of course, if they have any linear logic thinking ability, they know that it's a false premise, and they know that they're engaged in totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and tyranny.
But they like it because they like telling you what to do.
That's really what this is all about.
They would gladly chop off their own leg if that meant they got to chop off your leg too.
That's the kind of sick, sadistic people we're dealing with right now.
They call themselves liberals.
They're not.
They're tyrants.
They're authoritarians.
They're totalitarians.
They're brainwashed slaves.
I'm beginning to wonder if they're even human.
So Biden says you can't be free until you take the vaccine.
Hopefully we all take the vaccine by
July 4th and we can all be free again.
Mayor Adler, a Democrat mayor of Austin, Texas, is fighting tooth and nail to make sure that Austinites have to still wear a mask.
Is he doing anything about the spike in violent crime under his watch?
Nah, he ignores that.
Is he doing anything about the random fires that happen at homeless camps that he's allowed to take over the city?
Nah, nothing on that.
Oh, but when it comes to you being a free citizen, he hates that and he's gonna make you wear that mask.
And all the little libtards here in Austin love it and worship him for it.
Breathe in your own carbon dioxide!
Breathe in your carbon dioxide that you claim is killing the planet, please!
And they just love it.
And they even say, the story came out in the Stanford Advocate,
For some, wearing a mask is liberating.
It's liberating because they don't like showing their face.
They don't like seeing your face.
It's liberating because they love knowing that they had something to do with dominating you.
So they see you with that mask on, that makes them feel good.
That makes them feel in control.
And that's what they love, is to control you.
The modern-day liberal
is a extreme authoritarian.
And they can't even see it yet, which is the wildest part.
And now they've passed a $2 trillion theft, $2 trillion steal, the biggest money heist in world history.
Was just pulled off by our Congress.
The biggest money heist.
Guys, look up.
What was the biggest?
The biggest, the biggest cash steal or the biggest money heist of all time ever.
I believe it was a, it was a... Loomis Fargo, I believe.
What was it?
Yeah, yeah, no, no, no.
It's okay.
I believe the biggest money heist of all time was a Loomis Fargo heist.
It was like 17 million dollars or something.
But guys, see what the biggest money heist of all time is.
Go down, go down to number one.
Let's see what the biggest money heist of all time is, because it's been broken!
The biggest money heist of all time has been broken.
These are some pretty big numbers we're getting here.
So let's go.
The Central Bank of Iraq robbery is 920 million stolen.
Back in 2003, before the Iraq War started.
Okay, so the biggest money heist in the history of the world, $920 million.
The Democrats beat that by trillions.
So they stole $2 trillion.
And so that's obviously the biggest theft in American history as well.
So congratulations!
I want to congratulate the Democrat Party and Nancy Pelosi and the Republicans that went along with it too.
You guys should be congratulated.
You have just completed
The biggest money heist in the world, in world history, and really it's five trillion dollars.
It's five trillion dollars that they've stolen in the last 12 months.
Five trillion dollars in stimulus that they, quote-unquote, stimulus.
Five trillion dollar money heist.
Congratulations to our Congress.
You are now the biggest thieves in the history of the world.
No wonder why you have walls around the Congress.
No wonder why you have walls around the Capitol.
No wonder why you have the National Guard protecting you.
You just stole five trillion dollars!
You are living every day in fear that your criminal activity will finally come back to bite you.
And so that's why you have armed guards and walls protecting you at the Capitol, because you just stole $5 trillion.
And you gave it to your friends.
You gave it to Bill Gates.
You gave it to Illinois and California and New York.
Who shut down their economy and destroyed it, and now are begging for handouts, and they just got it.
The biggest theft, the biggest crime in world history, five trillion dollars, stolen by the United States Congress, right in front of our eyes.
And then they told us to thank them for it, too!
Because it wasn't enough to rob us blind, they want to really rub our noses in it, and so they made us thank them for it, too.
And so last night, Biden announced how he's ending poverty with this stimulus bill.
Yeah, right.
It's not going to do anything.
And then they said, again, this is all lies, by the way.
This is all lies.
Basic logic.
You can figure this out.
Biden says 85% of American households will get direct checks from the American Rescue Plan.
How did he get that number?
Nobody knows.
Pulled it out of his ass.
He doesn't even know.
Oh, 85%, he says.
Well, what's the actual number?
So, how can they, because they've never crunched these numbers, you couldn't even do it, it would take years!
How would you be able to crunch the numbers, where they're claiming, if you made less than $75,000 in the year 2019, which by the way is before the pandemic even started, yeah, showers money, ends poverty, is what all the mainstream media headlines are saying about this stimulus theft, this trillion dollar theft.
This putting a large debt on the future Americans, just destroying any future prosperity.
But how are they going to do this math?
They obviously never did it.
When they say, if you made less than $75,000 in 2019, then you qualify for the $1,400 stimulus check.
Well, okay.
So have they crunched those numbers?
Do they know how many people made less than that?
No, that would take years to do.
So they never even did that.
And since they didn't do that, how do they know the exact dollar amount of monies that needs to be doled out to these individuals that made less than $75,000?
And then how would they be able to take that exact amount of money and put it into the stimulus bill if they don't even have it?
Because they aren't going to do it.
They never did do it.
It was all a lie.
Nobody crunched those numbers.
Nobody went in and said, okay, here's the amount of people that didn't make $75,000, and here's how they're all going to be doled out their $1,400 checks.
That never happened.
It was another big lie.
And so for Biden to say 85% of American households will get direct checks from the American Rescue Plan, that is a lie.
That is a lie.
And when are you going to get this check?
That'll be interesting to find out.
So I encourage you, do a little experiment, if or when this money is ever doled out, and find out if 85% of households that you know got checks from the American Rescue Plan.
But think about this, forget about whether you're going to get that $1400 check or not, you probably won't.
Of the five, so five trillion dollars,
Five trillion dollars in theft.
Oh, stimulus.
Five trillion dollars in stimulus has been signed by our Congress in the last 12 months.
So less than a year.
Five trillion dollars.
Now, if they gave direct cash payments to every American citizen, everybody listening to this broadcast, and not listening to this broadcast, it's an American citizen, would receive $42,000.
That's how much they've stolen.
That's how much debt they've put on everyone's head in the last year.
Now, did you get a dime of that?
Are you even going to be lucky enough to get a $1,400 check from the government?
Probably not.
They could have given you $42,000 a head, but it was never about you.
It was always about them.
So, once again we congratulate the United States Congress.
Guys, we need to contact whoever made that list of the biggest money heists of all time and we need to tell them you're missing it.
The United States Congress in the years 2020 and 2021 stole five trillion dollars.
Stole five trillion dollars from future Americans to enrich themselves and they didn't even share a dime of it.
We are truly witnessing perhaps the most corrupt
Criminal cabal on an international planetary scale in human history.
It's really incredible, isn't it?
Now, these people will fall.
They will lose eventually, but we may have to deal with their plans for us before that happens.
But it's getting really bad when Biden, they have to put Biden in, the guy that can't think, the guy that can't talk.
And then you have Pelosi, like who's the real president.
Pelosi's actually the one pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Kamala's doing all the foreign diplomatic phone calls.
Biden is just a puppet.
He has no idea what's even going on.
So it's really just incredible to be living through this and witnessing this.
And then it's like even more surreal to actually be the tip of the spear in the information war against it.
Knowing they have the long guns out for us.
And, you know, someday, hopefully, if we can be victorious and we can get these people off of our necks, you know, maybe we'll tell the stories of everything that happens around here behind the scenes that you wouldn't even believe.
But we live to fight another day, thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
We live to fight another day for now.
Let me just say, we've got breaking news coming out now.
30 women
30 women, InfoWars, Tomorrow's News Today, yours truly, called this months ago.
30 women have now come out and accused Cuomo of harassment.
30 women.
And now Boylan, the original accuser, said that Cuomo is the most dangerous, the most dangerous man right now, is Cuomo.
And you also have 11 House Democrats who have called on Cuomo to resign.
The only one of them, to her credit, the only one of them that mentioned the nursing home death scandal was AOC.
None of the others mentioned that in their statements.
So hey, look, you know, AOC, maybe she's learning a thing or two for the first time in her life.
And she's also working with Matt Gaetz to end the war on drugs, at least on marijuana.
So good on her for those two things.
I guess a commie gets it right every once in a while.
But... You know, I might as well just stay on this now that I'm here.
So... Guys, pull up, because this was just breaking.
And I guess there was some sort of like group interview conducted.
Guys, plug it in.
Let's see if anybody's publishing any stories on this yet.
30 women accusing Cuomo.
Or just find out what the latest news on Cuomo is, because I'm sure there's been something new published since I was doing my prep here for the show.
But you've got 11 Democrats calling on Cuomo to resign now.
Nadler amongst them.
And most names you wouldn't have heard of, but Nadler and Ocasio-Cortez.
And again, of the 11, Ocasio-Cortez is the only one that mentions the nursing home death scandal.
The Cuomo death.
The nursing home slayer, Cuomo.
I mean, just the psycho.
I mean, you just, you look in that guy's eyes and it's psycho.
Like, he should be, he's the American psycho from the movie.
So it's only gonna get worse for him, but he says he's not going anywhere.
And he's saying he's innocent of all of these charges.
What happened to Believe All Women?
Remember that one?
Again, showing you the total fraud.
Okay, so the crew is just pulling up all the latest.
So we'll see when all of this comes out, but you watch.
This number is going to be skyrocketing.
Just watch over the next week.
This number is going to be skyrocketing.
So I don't know what the official number is, but I'm telling you, it's dozens, folks.
It's dozens.
But again, showing you the fraud of the Democrat Party.
Oh, believe all women!
Me too!
Remember Kamala Harris on the stage during the presidential debates for the Democrat Party?
Remember she said she believed the women that accused Joe Biden?
Remember that?
Boy, she dropped that act real fast.
Or maybe it was a Machiavellian move by her to shoehorn her way into the vice presidency saying, I will bring down Biden for the sexual harassment claims or you're making me the vice president.
Because everything switched after that.
She came after Biden, said she believes the accusers like Tara Reid.
She then dropped out of the race before a single vote was cast.
And then she became Biden's vice president.
So I think we know how that worked.
Oh, but the claims against Cuomo, me too.
He says he believes all women, but now he doesn't because they're accusing him.
See how that works?
And so now...
The Me Too movement is fractured badly.
It's really dead in its tracks.
Inside the, this is from Vice, inside the Me Too scandal that's tearing Time's Up apart.
Time's Up is the original group that launched the Me Too movement.
So all the money they've raised, all the activism they've done has all been brought to nothing.
Because it's ironic, because the whole MeToo movement was started to hurt President Trump and help the Democrat Party politically, and it turns out it's all been Democrats that have been haunted by the MeToo movement.
Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Franken, Al Franken, Andrew Cuomo, the list goes on and on.
So, I mean, the list goes on and on.
So the MeToo movement is dead because it was started as a political weapon against Trump.
Trump's out of office.
It's only hurt the Democrats.
So now MeToo is dead.
It was never about women.
It was never about survivors.
It was always about politics, just like every other big lie that the Democrats and their media cohorts tell you.
These people can't help themselves.
From lying every day.
So this is part of the Democrat policy that ends up coming back to bite them.
And perhaps here are some others.
See, because black Americans are getting sick of this too.
This whole critical race theory, you saw a woman in Ohio yesterday scold a school board, a black lady, scold a school board for critical race theory, making kids racist.
There was a lady on Fox News last night, I forget, a black lady, but she's married to a white guy, and so their son has white skin, looks like Meghan Markle, and she says that her son gets bullied at school because he's white, but has a black mother, and so he's white because he gets bullied from his white, then when he's like, my mom's black, they bully him even more.
So it's all Democrat policy.
Black Naval Academy grad slams paternalistic white liberals demanding lower standards for elite high school.
And so what have they done?
Well, they have testing programs that put you into either elite learning schools or they put you into different learning curriculums inside the schools.
I remember when I went to school, it was called A-track, B-track, C-track.
Basically, when you take the test before the school year, if you test the highest, you go into A-track, and then B-track and C-track and so on.
And so, they found out that when they looked at the demographics of these tests, that it was mostly white people or Asians that were getting into the elite high schools and getting into the A-track classes, if you will.
And so they said, this is racist, we're canceling all of it.
And so I could sit here and talk about how this has destroyed higher education, but understand, black people don't like this.
Nobody likes this.
Again, it's all Democrat Party policy to virtue signal, and it actually hurts society.
In fact, let me segue into that, because that was my point here.
And I'll come back on this later with other news.
In the UK, stunning images are coming out on the lunch program.
It's kind of like Michelle Obama's lunch program that looked like dog food.
Unacceptable school meal with half raw potato slammed as Marcus Rashford shares pick.
And so here's what's going on.
Here's what happens when liberal policy destroys actual prosperity and actual free markets and real legitimate competition.
You just destroy the morale of your entire community.
You destroy the morale of your entire country.
So what happens?
So police become a joke, lunch programs become a joke, media becomes a joke, because nobody cares!
Everything's falling apart!
It's kind of like, I forget there was a study, I remember in college we talked about this, but basically
You know, because college students tend to be a bit sloppy.
But basically it was, if you have people in a household, and I remember experiencing this when I had roommates, if you have people in a household and one of the individuals is really sloppy, but the other two are really neat, even when outnumbered, the sloppy individual ends up having more influence on the state of the household than the neat individuals.
The household ends up being dirty.
Say you have five people in a household.
One of them is a sloppy dirtball.
It ends up, the whole house ends up becoming sloppy dirtballs because the other people that like to clean, they just can't.
It's always dirty.
So they just give up.
It's always dirty.
They just give up and it just all falls apart.
Well, this happens on the big scale too.
So when they collapse the U.S.
border, when they say everything is racist, when they endure and enforce their cancel culture, eventually all of society just gives up, just doesn't care.
Oh, they're going to pass a $5 trillion stimulus and pay themselves off?
Well screw it, I'll be a criminal.
I'll steal, I'll cheat, I'll lie.
So the same thing happens in the U.K.
So they destroy the U.K., they destroy its culture, they destroy its police force.
They're just ending it all, and so the people in the lunch program that feed the kids, they don't give a damn.
Yeah, half-cooked potato, raw this, raw that, we don't care.
Our entire country is falling apart, civilization is falling apart.
Eat a half-raw potato, I don't give a damn anyway.
Ladies and gentlemen, never forget about band.video where there's so much great content, a lot we don't even get to hear on air, like for example, Gregory's special reports, John Bowne's special reports, other special reports, some fun stuff we do.
Here's the latest report from Gregory, it's a very powerful piece about the global tyranny we are now going under.
If you want to know the enemy, read their agenda in their own documents.
In their weekly Strategic Intelligence Newsletter, the World Economic Forum spotlighted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which they define as a fundamental change in the ways we live and work.
Merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds and fusing technologies in ways that create both promise and peril.
They link to a library of articles on the subject and give us the trending top five.
Requiring vaccine passports for certain activities, discrimination, or behavioral change.
Except when the subject of discrimination comes up, it has nothing to do with a person's rights not to be vaccinated.
The so-called discrimination has to do with lower-income countries not getting the jab until 2022.
The doublespeak is that not getting a vaccine for an imaginary virus is discrimination.
The author, Joan Costa-Iffant, an associate professor of political science at the London School of Economics, writes that taking a vaccine is pro-social behavior and described those who would refuse a vaccine as vaccine-resistant.
Costa y Font went on to describe these people as contrarians, stating that their very existence might be healthy for the rest of us, and that vaccine passports would change their behavior by forcing them to get vaccinated if they wanted to travel.
Costa y Font wrote that those who comply do so to virtue signal.
And that this should be used as a way to push the vaccine passport.
And if anyone thinks he is concerned about a dangerous pandemic, he also wrote that the use of passports should be limited to non-essential services.
The next article, written by senior executive at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, warns that the world has only 10 years to change course before ultimate climate disaster.
And the only way to save the world is to give government leaders oversight of policy, regulation, and research and development of all the world's industry.
Sounds like old school communism, but they are now calling it circularity.
In The Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines is Linked to Good Nutrition, the author admits that a healthy diet and nutrition will strengthen the immune system and protect a person from infection.
But the efficacy to be concerned about is how malnutrition can affect the quality of immune response to vaccination.
And what is of utmost importance is providing information on COVID-19 vaccines.
A boring article on carbon revenue and the redistribution of wealth.
And finally, how happiness, anger and anxiety can help you negotiate.
Which speaks to their mentally ill communist cult selling the anti-human agenda on how it would be wise to reserve happiness.
And how anger can lead to gains by soliciting concessions from the counterpart.
However, the anger must be deeply felt.
The World Economic Forum is indeed a weird cult of big bank multinational corporation weirdos.
But this is reality.
Without any sort of resistance, this global communist model is what's coming to your new normal.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And of course that can be found at band.video.
All brought to you by the World Economic Forum that has 666, the mark of the beast, in its logo, telling you it's evil, we are Satan, but accept us anyway.
All right, we've got a report coming up from Alex in the next segment.
In the meantime, though, I'm gonna drink this Wake Up America Patriot blend coffee from Infowarsstore.com.
It's so delicious.
My favorite coffee.
Wake Up America Patriot Blend Coffee available exclusively at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Alright, I'm just going to do a news blitz here and just pile drive through the rest of this news before the Alex report comes up.
And if I can get through all of it, maybe we can take a couple segments for your phone calls.
And I also imagine I'll just open up the War Room today at 3 o'clock p.m.
Central and just open that up for phone calls too, just because I'll already have covered all of this news.
But let me get focus here and just pile drive through the rest of this news here.
From Infowars.com, translator of Biden's inauguration poem says he was kicked off project because he's not black or female.
So eventually I guess that means Biden will step aside because he's a white male too.
But in a funnier translator translation event, oh man, I forget
The lady's name, guys, see if you can find this, it was either yesterday or Wednesday, a member from the Biden team is addressing the issue at the southern border, and at the end of the address says, in English, the border is not open.
The border is not open.
And then, in Spanish, to speak to the Hispanic audience, or the people that speak Spanish, and then so she tries to speak in Spanish, and she says, the border is not closed.
So was that intentional to tell people to come in?
Or was it a slip-up?
And she says that the border is not closed accidentally because she can't speak Spanish.
Yeah, there it is right there.
Again though, in that story they're not telling you.
When she does the Spanish translation, she tells people in Spanish that the border is not closed.
I mean, look at this freak.
Look at this freak.
This is not... I'm telling you, man, I'm... Every day goes by, I'm debating just going full-on alien invasion.
I mean, you look at these people, man.
They don't look human.
There's something off there.
And so, it's kind of like when you put together the mosaic of all the antifa in Portland, and they look alien.
They don't even look human.
You could do the same thing with all these top Democrats and all these Biden appointees.
They don't look human.
There's something off there.
Even Biden doesn't look like he's there.
But he has in the past.
But yeah, look at that!
What is that?
What is Rachel Devine?
What is Nancy Pelosi?
What are these freaks?
Seriously, I'm almost to the point, these are just alien invasions.
But it's like, you know, demons, demons possessing souls.
Call it aliens, call it demons, call it whatever you want.
These are demons, these are aliens, they're occupying human meat suits.
Just like in They Live, the formaldehyde face.
But it's getting so bad, they're beginning to get to the point where they don't even look human, folks.
They don't even look human anymore.
So, the Biden team says that the border is open, whether accidentally or intentionally, I don't know.
Meanwhile, over 80, excuse me, almost 9,000 child migrants in federal care facilities.
Oh, I thought we were getting rid of the kids in cages.
No, they're packed in.
Facilities are overflowing.
They now may have to open up a NASA facility in California.
A giant NASA facility in California may have to be opened up now to take in all the illegal immigration overflow.
And they stack them one on top of another, all testing positive for COVID.
It's all good.
It's all good, baby.
We want to stop COVID, but only if it's an American spreading it.
If it's somebody who came across the southern border, well, that's just fine.
Speaking of a problem that they're having with migration, in the UK, heartbreaking story, and it turns out this is a regular thing, which we kind of already knew, but this is just crazy.
So it came out today in CNN.
And other outlets though.
Police identify body of Sarah Everard who went missing in London.
So this 33-year-old girl walking around the streets of London disappears for days.
Nobody knows where she is.
They eventually find her dead body 50 miles from the scene, obviously raped and tortured.
And so you read into it a little bit and then you find out there's these other stories.
No woman should live in fear of going out.
It's time their voices were listened to.
And that was in the mirror.
Now remember, it was two or three years ago where you had the series of migrant rapes in Germany, in Sweden,
In France and so the response by the liberal politicians who let all the migrants who are in there raping people and then the media says well that's just their culture so their culture is rape and they want to culturally enrich you with their rape and the Democrats are promoting all of it and the liberals and the European Union are promoting all of it and in the UK
And so, but remember when you had these series of migrant rapes that they said was just, oh, that's just their culture to come in here and rape you from North Africa or the Middle East.
They just get to rape you.
That's their culture.
You don't get culture, but they do when they rape you.
And so they said, well, we're going to give women now in Sweden bracelets that say, please don't rape me because that will stop the assailant.
The migrant from North Africa or the Middle East is getting ready to rape you, a woman in Sweden, and then you show your wristband and you say, no, it says don't rape me, and they say, oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea, I won't rape you now.
That's their culture, though, see?
I'm not here to rape you, I'm here to culturally enrich you.
So, it turns out this is normal for women in Europe.
They have fear going out in the streets, they have fear going out at night, they can't go out by themselves because they're afraid they're going to get raped and tortured by the migrant gangs that are roaming around the cities.
Imagine that.
Anti-rape wristbands, do they work?
Is it a gun?
A gun would work, but they don't want you to have a gun either.
Because then you'd have to culturally enrich them before they culturally enrich you.
And then the rape doesn't happen.
And the Democrats and the Liberals don't want that.
So it turns out in the UK, in Europe, women can't even walk the streets anymore.
They can't go out alone.
They're scared to death that they're going to get raped and tortured by migrants.
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that just wonderful, I say?
But there's your anti-rape wristband.
Yeah, that'll stop them.
You now have an anti-rape wristband.
Meanwhile, this is just hilarious.
CNN publishes this story, you know, because it's all about victims, talking about during the pandemic, guys, I'm gonna need a doc cam shot here, because you're not even gonna believe this, folks.
Story on CNN about people struggling in California during the pandemic because the governor shut down and killed the economy, so they're starving to death.
Now, look at the image that CNN uses here for this story, trying to humanize the struggle because of the fake pandemic, all brought on by Democrat Party politics, and Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci faking a pandemic.
Sometimes we eat.
Sometimes we don't.
Some families are struggling to eat during the pandemic.
And folks, they show a lady on here who's at least 300 pounds.
I mean, morbidly obese.
Probably hasn't seen her undercarriage in decades.
Excuse me.
So, this is what I'm saying, though.
I've been saying this.
The reason why you don't have a real uprising in America is because poor people are fat.
If poor people are actually starving, then there would be legitimate uprisings like you see in communist countries.
But see, what they've done here in America is smart.
They've kept food prices down enough so that people can still be fat on the hog while living in poverty.
And so they use this woman to virtue signal and say people are starving in the fake pandemic and the woman is over 300 pounds and morbidly obese and the number one risk for catching COVID.
But it doesn't even stop there.
You see these pictures of the refugees illegally crossing the southern border, and they're 500 pounds too!
And it says, a starving refugee checks her iPhone.
Yeah, a starving, poor refugee that weighs 350 pounds and has an iPhone.
And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
This is a taped transmission I'm sending out to you, taped on this Friday morning, but Owen Schroyer is live on air right now.
He'll be back in just a few minutes.
But I have been encouraged
By a lot of really smart people, formerly in the highest positions of U.S.
intelligence, to take more of the videos where I predicted things in the past and to air those.
And we have hundreds and hundreds of these that our archivist has been finding.
Because at one level, I'm not trying to brag whenever I show these videos.
It's so people understand that we really know what we're talking about then, we know what we're talking about now, and people should really listen.
So here are a bunch of excerpts.
From 2010 with myself and another really smart guy, Alan Watt, on the show.
It's a seven minute compilation from 2010 on more than seven different dates.
And so if you're a radio listener, you'll hear a second or two pause between each clip.
That's for TV viewers.
We're showing the date of when this was broadcast, when this was transmitted.
Now, the New World Order hopes in the future, when they're actually carrying out the total mass extermination, there'll be total AI censorship control of everybody.
And so, the only way these clips in the future, if they're successful, will be alive, is on hidden hard drives, DVDs, and things that you share in what is low-tech today.
What is low-tech today in the future will be even more low-tech, because the globals are about 20, 30, 40, 50 years, depending on the technology ahead of us.
I don't want us to get to this point.
But just like I didn't want 10 years ago for us to get to the point we're at now, we're on a path, like a roadmap.
Like if I'm driving down from Omaha, Nebraska, and then I know the big cities I'm going to go through, and then I'm going to hit Oklahoma City, and then next I'm going to hit Dallas, and next I'm going to hit Waco, Temple, Austin, San Antonio.
I mean, I started telling people back when we were up in Omaha, to use that analogy, and now we're all the way down to Oklahoma City.
By the time you get down to Austin, I mean, we're talking billions being killed, robots on the streets, combat robots, all of it, which you're now seeing.
Again, I didn't envision all this.
The globalists said they'd do it.
It's a real plan.
We're insane if we don't stop it.
It's a post-human future.
So here is seven minute excerpts from 11 years ago of us laying this out right here on the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks for keeping us on air.
Thanks for keeping us in attack formation.
Without you, we would not even have this platform today to be able to warn the world.
We have a psychotic group of eugenicists that openly say they want to brain damage us and make us servile ahead of just openly releasing megabio weapons to kill basically the majority of the population.
All the eugenics and the soft kill that we've seen, again soft kill is something that kills you 20 years later, so you don't know what kills you.
You don't know what caused the disease.
You don't understand the underlying chemical or biological precursors or binary systems that mix together to create that degenerative disease.
What does James Bond say to Goldfinger?
He says, do you expect me to talk?
No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
This is about shutting us down, bankrupting us, and then coming in with the soft kill weapons.
Bill Joy, why the future doesn't need us?
And he has a meeting with several hundred top technology leaders and owners, and they just said, they had a discussion, do we kill everybody?
We don't need them anymore?
Or do we give them mindless games and entertainment?
And the decision is basically soft kill you, slowly sterilize you, and get rid of your generations that way.
All these eugenicists, all these scientists, that think they're saving the earth by dumbing people down ahead of the mass culling.
They first got to render you servile and drugged, so when they release the mega-plagues and start killing everybody, you've heard Dr. Pianka say, coming soon, and he got a standing ovation at the Texas Academy of Sciences.
It went on for minutes, the paper reported.
We talked about it and it became national news.
Remember that?
He goes to Europe and gets awards from the royalty over there.
He projected red skulls on the wall of a PowerPoint and said, the time is coming when we will 90% die when the airborne Ebola comes.
I am sad for my family, but it's good for the Earth.
We will die.
It is going to be beautiful.
Standing ovation, oh!
People call, yes, oh!
The time of the control freak orgy is coming!
The time of the mass death is coming!
That's right
I don't know.
You know, when they release these, we're unable to stop them.
Just, I want you, at least while you're dying, to know who killed you.
The news will be telling you Al-Qaeda did it.
But how long do you think they really start the mass plagues?
They've just been testing the soft kills up until now.
They really want to devastate and kill a lot of people.
Well they do and that was all part of the fake swine flu and other flu, avian flu before that to remember too that fizzled off.
It's getting, yeah, it's getting as used to the idea that it's definitely coming and that's what even the professors will tell their students in university, the plague is just around the corner and so they will release it when it's the right time, when people
I don't know.
In all their writings that they've disclosed to the public on these topics from the governments themselves, they admit that for every plague that they create in the laboratory, and they've got thousands of them since World War II, they had lots during World War II, in fact, they created in the lab, they always must have, by international law, the antidote for them as well, at every stage of mutation of virus or bacterium.
So they have them and the bigwigs themselves of course will get a real inoculation that will prevent them from catching it and that's one of the incentives to get on board for those who are climbing the ladder of course is to get up there and to make sure that you and your family that's promised that your family will also be preserved and looked after but it's all in the name of bringing down the population because we
You see, the useless eaters are now unsustainable.
We are using the resources, they claim, that will feed their families.
You know, the right kind of people's families, who should survive, to feed them for thousands of years.
So they must get rid of us now.
That's what they're openly saying, and you're quite right, they are openly saying it now.
They aren't hiding anything, yeah.
Well, first they're going to collapse the population, give people inoculations for flu that have the viruses that will destroy the resistance centers.
I mean, if we don't back them off?
So what?
I mean, they're already slaughtering people en masse in Latin America and Africa.
They've been admittedly caught over and over again.
What's the timeframe, Alan, when they'll really start releasing Megadeth on people?
I'm sure you know, like everything else that they do, I'm sure 9-11 was planned probably 40 years before they hit it.
A long, long-term business plan.
That's how they do things.
Northwoods was 40 years, about 30 years before, yeah.
Yeah, and so they'll have a definite timetable.
They'll know exactly when the public's ready to accept it by how dumb we are in the polls they constantly take.
And then they will release it.
You are being poisoned!
You have got to choose sides!
And there's no decision.
You're already on our side.
You're already slated for extermination.
Slow, soft-kill extermination, getting more and more intense.
The system's already tested how to roll out a new plague, have a celebrity lead the plague, and to make sure they manage the plague so that real cures and the real cause is never found.
One of the most beautiful renditions of America the Beautiful there by Ray Charles.
Back in the day when we had pride, back in the day where we loved our country, we understood what it meant and how important it was.
We've fallen far from that grace.
And a perfect example is what's going on with the George Floyd case right now, where we have breaking news.
Minneapolis City Council has just approved a $27 million settlement with George Floyd's family.
Boy, they should just walk away with their riches that their sadly drug-addicted criminal family member George Floyd just got for them.
Talk about a victory!
This country is so messed up, man.
It was Robert Barnes that was saying that the average payout in a situation like this is less than a million dollars.
So how did Floyd's family get 27 million?
I'll tell you how, because the terrorist mobs, the terrorist mobs, led by the Democrat Party and their media cohorts, had already burned Minneapolis to the ground once, and they were set to do it again.
And if you think, though, $27 million is going to stop that from happening, you've got a sad reality about to hit you in the face.
The trial for Chauvin is ongoing.
The trial for the other officers involved starts in August.
And you know, the judge said something this morning that indicates he wants to play this thing square.
Judge bars prosecution from describing George Floyd as a gentle giant at Chauvin trial.
Yeah, because that's a lie.
You could describe him as a drug addict.
That would be honest.
A criminal.
That would be honest.
You already had one shooting at the George Floyd Autonomous Zone in Minneapolis.
You've had thousands of people out there ready to burn the city to the ground if a result comes out that they don't like, which is any result.
Even if they hung Chauvin in the streets of Minneapolis, they'd still riot.
Because that's what they want.
You're only empowering them.
What should be happening is they should all be getting busted up by the police for engaging in felonious behavior, but that won't happen.
So they will riot and they will burn, and now George Floyd's family has made $27 million off of the death of a drug overdose from George Floyd.
And so, you now have the lawyer, Ben Crump, who's always in all these cases.
He's a real dirtbag.
You have ambulance chasers, and then you have fake racism chasers.
That would be Ben Crump.
He says, Mr. Floyd died because the weight of the entire Minneapolis Police Department was on his neck.
And he says that this was a violation of George Floyd's rights.
Well, I guess he's right.
I mean, George Floyd has the right to peacefully and gracefully die from his drug overdose and his heart failure from years of drug overdosing.
Oh, bringing controlled substances into the defense is old playbook.
He was on a deadly amount of three different drugs.
The guy obviously overdosed.
He was probably going to die any day soon anyway with the condition his heart was in.
And he couldn't, he couldn't, he couldn't handle that event.
His heart gave out, his body gave out, he overdosed on drugs.
Oh, that's an old defense.
Racism is the old defense!
You think Derek Chauvin doesn't wake up every day wishing he never met George Floyd?
You don't think Derek Chauvin wakes up every day wishing he never became a police officer?
Wishing he called in sick that day?
That's the worst day of Derek Chauvin's life!
He's racist!
He did it on purpose!
It's murder!
Lies, lies, lies.
George Floyd's family has been enriched to the tunes of probably hundreds of millions of dollars by this event.
Greatest thing George Floyd ever did for his family was overdosing on drugs with a police officer's knee on his neck.
Oh, I'm sorry, is that insensitive?
Screw you!
I don't give a damn!
What's insensitive is burning a damn city to the ground!
What's insensitive is lying about this event!
So that you can burn a damn city to the ground and claim it's righteous and just!
That's insensitive!
Not telling the damn truth about George Floyd!
Before the day Floyd died!
How much do you think he did to help his family?
Oh, but then afterwards, his family loves him now!
Yeah, after he made you about $50 million, you love him, don't you?
They should donate every cent of that to black communities.
They won't do it!
Oh, but they will give half a million dollars to the George Floyd Memorial site.
Isn't that nice?
Wow, how gracious of them.
They've made almost $50 million off the death of George Floyd.
That we even know of!
But they're going to give half a million to the Floyd Memorial, that's nice.
This is so disgusting.
This is so disgusting.
$27 million settlement with George Floyd's family.
So boy oh boy, now get ready for this to happen.
There will now be probably actually real George Floyd mimic deaths where you will have people bomb themselves out on drugs sitting in a car.
By the way, George Floyd was in the car, bombed out on drugs.
He could have started that vehicle and killed somebody.
Oh, that doesn't count.
So you watch.
You're now going to see, and it won't matter if a white guy does it, but you'll watch.
I bet you there's mimic events where
Black or white, it doesn't matter, where men will intentionally overdose on drugs and then get into a conflict with police and then hoping they die during the overdose while in the conflict with the police so that they can be enriched
They can enrich their family in the deaths and then become world famous in the process.
It's going to become a copycat event now.
When you put numbers like 27 million out there, you better damn believe somebody's going to kill themselves with drugs but try to do it during a police confrontation to get that payout.
Kind of like what just happened in Dallas.
By the way, where's the mainstream media on this?
A black guy in Dallas jail for years.
The number off the top of my head is 43, but maybe the guy was 43 years old.
I can't remember.
43 is the year coming in my head.
But he goes to jail because, and now they admit, there was a cash reward put out
For the suspect in, I think it was a murder case or something.
I don't remember the case exactly.
And this guy was in jail in Dallas because three men wanted that reward money, and so they turned in this individual, ID'd him during a lineup, and now they've all come out and said, nope, we lied, we just wanted the cash payout.
That's all it was.
And a man sat in jail for years because of that.
Nobody even picked it up.
Happened in Dallas this week, he was released.
There it is.
How a judge decided lies and reward money led a jury to wrongfully convict a Dallas man in deadly robbery.
And that man right there, Ben Spencer, black by the way, media doesn't care about him, sat in jail, an innocent man, for years because somebody wanted that reward money.
Well now they just put reward money
On you, if you die during a police exchange, and it doesn't matter.
I'm telling you, people will cut themselves, and then get into a conflict with police, and then bleed out dying from a self-inflicted wound, and the media will still blame the police.
And then you'll have the Democrat terrorists burn cities to the ground, and then the city council will say, here, here's millions of dollars, please!
34 years in jail is what he spent.
So I had a little dyslexia in my photographic memory, I said 43, it's 34.
So you get ready now.
Now you've just put reward money, now you've just issued millions in reward money if you get killed by police and you're black and the Democrats burn your city to the ground.
So you will now see copycat attempts.
Now I don't know if they'll get the payouts, but there will be copycat attempts to stage a wrongful death against police officers, to stage that wrongful death to get their family millions of dollars when they die.
So imagine, George Floyd's family is now going to be living in million-dollar mansions, driving around Bentleys and Ferraris, all because George Floyd died of a drug overdose and heart failure with a police officer's knee on his neck.
And you, the taxpayer, are paying for all of it.
It's just out of control, man.
This country is so out of control, and the only option is just limited, small government.
That's the only solution to any of this, but of course, what do we see being pushed for?
Bigger, more government, and it's all coming from our politicians, mostly the Democrat Party and the media.
Now, I have to move on here, because this is so key.
And I got all these other news stories, I'm gonna have to put them on hold, and I'll cover them during the war room coming up, and I'll take your phone calls too, and I got great guests, but
Nick Begich is about to take over on the fourth hour.
This is so key, though.
Now, nobody other than InfoWars in the media has been reporting on this, and it's really been... Well, I mean, I don't know.
I mean, I could have the crew go back and find the shows that I did even last week, where I dedicated entire shows and segments and titles saying, this is a trial vaccine, this is a new technology being tested,
And I do so many other radio hits and stuff.
I mean, it's like I can't even keep track, but I've been parroting this.
We're being tested on.
This is a global test.
This is a planetary scale trial that you're all being engaged in right now with this, what they're calling a vaccine, which is actually gene therapy.
I've been pounding the desk.
I've been pulling my hair out.
I've been trying to warn people.
You are part of an experiment.
You're guinea pigs in a messenger RNA experiment.
I explain this to people when I talk to them.
I rant and hoot and holler on air about it.
Sounds crazy, right?
Well, maybe if Anthony Fauci told you that, then maybe people would listen.
So, an incredible revelation.
Anthony Fauci being interviewed on some, I don't even know, like this guy apparently, all this guy does is go on TV and radio.
That's literally all this guy does with his big pharmaceutical talking points.
The big pharmaceutical whore, Dr. Fauci.
For decades he's been a big pharmaceutical whore, still is.
And so he goes on some radio show or YouTube show, I've never seen this or heard of the guy, and the guy's actually asking him real questions
And Fauci admits what InfoWars and what I and Alex Jones and other guests that come on our shows have been screaming about, ranting about, warning, dire, sound the alarm.
I mean...
But see, nobody listens when InfoWars says it, they just will freak out when ten years later it comes true.
But when we actually say it, it's like, ah, forget about it, it's just passé.
That's just InfoWars breaking next year's news today, but we'll be in shock and awe in next year or ten years when all of it comes true, like, oh!
So, but, okay, we've been warning you that this is a giant worldwide experiment.
People didn't want to listen.
Maybe if they hear it from Fauci, maybe then they'd listen.
So here's Fauci on some no-name podcast or something.
I'm not trying to be insulting towards the guy.
I just don't know who it is.
So Fauci just has interviews all day long with his big pharmaceutical talking points, and then he has to admit in an interview yesterday that yes, this is a worldwide experiment, all humans are being used like guinea pigs, this is not a vaccine, but don't take it from me!
Don't take it from InfoWars who's been saying this for months.
Here's Fauci admitting it yesterday.
Has this kind of mRNA vaccine technology ever been injected into humans before?
Well, this is the first time, and the good news is that the results are really, really good.
But, in essence, this is an experimental technology.
Well, it's a new technology, and it is proven, in a very large group of clinical trials, to be safe and highly effective.
Are you completely positive that this new technology is safe?
I mean, how can...
How can we be sure there won't be long term effects when these vaccines were seemingly developed so quickly and have only been tested for months and not years?
The speed with which it's been done is a reflection of the extraordinary advances in science.
And there was no compromise of safety.
But as I said,
Before, in the history of vaccinology, you don't see effects that occur years later.
Almost all of the bad effects, as rare as they are, and they are very rare, occur between 15 and 45 days from the time you get vaccinated.
What are you talking about rare?
We've had thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of negative side effects, even Bill Gates admits that.
But he even lies during that because he says, but this is vaccination history.
But he admits at the beginning it's not even a vaccine!
Now look, I'm a little overwhelmed right now, and so this is such bombshell news.
It's not about being vindicated here at InfoWars.
We know we're vindicated in everything we say.
This is like... The world needs to see this.
So I'm like kind of in a pinch myself moment right now.
In fact, guys, I need the crew to find out, because I almost don't even believe that's real.
Like, that has to be a deep fake.
Because if that's real, I mean, it should be game over for these people.
The whole world's jaw should drop to the floor and say, what the hell?
You just launched an experimental new technology into my body that you don't even know?
Long-term tests you don't know!
You don't know anything!
You're admitting it's a brand new technology!
Holy crap!
InfoWars was right!
So I'm like having a pinch myself moment right now.
This is too bombshell to even believe.
Guys, can we find out what podcast or radio show that was?
A Mexican actor, a comedian, named what now?
Eugenio Debres?
I'm probably saying that wrong.
I just have the crew in my ear.
Is there any way you can go on the mic and say this?
Because I don't want to butcher it.
I mean, so, but this is confirmed though.
This is real.
This is not a deep fake.
So that's because I... I mean, the crew is telling me it's real.
Again, I just found this video.
And I mean...
I already knew it was real because I saw it and I read the response but I'm like it's like pinch myself like this is crazy man.
So like I need to like double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, octuple down like this is real like Fauci just admitted everything we've been telling you for months.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
So, Eugenio Derbez, Eugenio Derbez, a Mexican actor-comedian,
gets this interview with Fauci somehow.
I don't know where or what.
Does he have a podcast?
Does he have a TV show?
And Fauci admits this is a new technology.
This is brand new biotechnology that they're testing worldwide right now.
They've never done long-term testing.
They didn't even do short-term testing.
They didn't do animal testing.
They did no testing.
They're testing it on you right now!
And then he admits, this is unbelievable, and then he admits
It's a new technology, so they've never had proper testing, but then, when he tries to... When he tries to divert off of the fact it's a giant test with new technology that he admits, he then says, yes, but with the history of vaccinations, we know that effects really only happen during the first month or two, but he admits this isn't even a vaccine.
Seriously, this is INCREDIBLE!
So, I need that video up on Banned Out Video just a FOUCHY!
And you gotta share this far and wide, folks.
This is, I'm telling you, this is the end of Fauci if we make this go viral.
This is end, this is game over of the whole fake pandemic.
This is game over of the whole vaccine.
People need to know, you are being tested right now.
You are part of a worldwide human experiment.
This is a new technology.
Fauci just admitted it all.
He just admitted it all!
So I need this, that video, that minute and a half video or whatever, put it on Band.Video and title it
Anthony Fauci admits COVID vaccine is new technology never tested before.
Anthony Fauci admits COVID vaccine is new technology never tested before.
And so that video will go up, just that video.
So not with my commentary or anything.
And then we'll put up the other video with my commentary too.
This needs to go mega, absolute, total viral.
It needs to be on Tucker Carlson tonight.
It needs to be everywhere.
Anthony Fauci admits COVID shot is new technology being tested on humans in live time.
Here, you know, look... I just... You know, people are always like, how do you do it?
How do you do three hours a day?
How do you do all this?
Folks, this is like...
No, the challenge here is knowing that everything we talk about is true.
That's the challenge.
I don't care who it is.
Somebody play this on your TV show of Fauci admitting it's a giant experiment.
So good to be here again on a Friday afternoon in most of the country just before noon here in Anchorage, Alaska.
You know, I've not been on in a couple of weeks and I do try and keep up with all the email traffic and that's kind of where I get my feedback from listeners because as you know, I generally and I haven't taken callers and I don't plan to.
That's the way to get to me, info at earthpulse.com.
I'm good.
And I want to take the first couple of minutes and I want to talk about the last feed, because I have all different reactions from one.
I got a few that said, oh, that guy must be on drugs to run that fast.
And so I'll try and slow it down to reassure everyone that is not the case.
But that was kind of funny.
First, a little offensive, you know, but then I thought it was kind of funny because I always run it slow most of the time.
And if I pick it up, I forget.
There are some people that just can't keep up when you're picking it up and when you're jamming it out and making it move and all that happens.
Makes people nervous.
So I'll try and slow it down, pace it out.
But I lost the conclusion of that, which I talked about a lot of misery in my life, and people were reacting to that differently.
They didn't really get the picture.
What I was trying to say is, I wouldn't change a thing.
All the things you know about me, I wouldn't change.
One breath I've ever taken in this lifetime to be where I am right now in my life.
All those trials, tribulations, whatever you want to call them, I would do it all again 10,000 times.
To experience what in my lifetime could be characterized as a very long suffering starting with the disappearance of my dad at a young age.
So I started reading pretty seriously about when I was 12.
I'm 62 now, that's 50 years, a half a century of reading.
These cabinets behind me, they're not
They're not empty, man.
This is a real library.
Somebody wrote me and asked, you know what?
Said, look at all those labels.
He steals his books from the library.
No, I don't.
I have a library in my house, see?
And I have to keep track of what's where when I put it all back, you know, because I like to use it as a reference library.
So I got about 10% of the books I've read are in my library, a little over 1,500.
I think maybe 10,000, 15,000, pretty good number across many disciplines, many platforms from, let's see, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, economics, political science, government, how about Alaska history, national history, international history, philosophy, the occult, all of the religious traditions that there are that I can find, maybe a hundred or so,
Over the backdrop of a lifetime and 50,000 hours of conversation with some of the most interesting people in the world from waitresses who are lit up and know what's really going on, a lot of the CEOs I know don't have a clue about, all the way up to vice presidents, presidents, senators, congressmen, economists,
Nobel Prize winners across the sciences.
A whole bunch.
So, I talk fast because there's a lot in here.
I never get it out.
It's always frustrating when you don't have a way to get it out.
So, I'm setting up for a 10-hour continuous feed uninterrupted.
So, once and for all, 50 years comes in in a coherent way, starting with the human being.
The starting point.
You and I. And the message is how to wake up.
To this awakening.
What are the keys to creation?
What is it that lights Dr. Nick up and gets the game going?
Because you are the spark of life.
You are the flame within that spark.
Wake up!
It's five minutes to midnight, folks.
It's time for a rumble to be felt within the earth.
Where we rise into who we are as individuals, we project that into the world in a different way on a platform of love.
Something soft that can touch us, that can change us, that can activate the living soul that we are as individuals.
And the message today is the beginning of that.
How do we do that?
How do we change hate and anger?
Into the peace where the humble inherit this earth.
We'll be right back after these messages.
All right, now we calm it down a bit because I want to get your attention.
I want to hold it for this hour and I'd like you to think about what's being said.
And I know that's a lot of energy, right?
That's a lot of energy you saw out of Dr. Nicholas.
Why is that energy focused in that way?
Because you can control the energy, so you have the effect, which is to get people's attention.
I want your attention.
I want you to hear what I'm going to say.
I think it's important.
It's not about me.
It's about you.
And, you know, I go into this program, I start my day singing in the Spirit.
It's a concept some people understand, others don't have a clue.
I do some things in my prayer life in the morning.
I spend about an hour in it.
I'm not going to get into the details of that today because that's between me and God and what I believe the Creator is.
And I'm not getting into brand names.
I'm not getting into any of that.
Because I think the most important thing right now is when we look at the world and we see the chaos in it, is we can choose some things about how we project ourselves into that world and whether we're going to be the victims of it or whether we're going to begin to become the controllers of our lives.
Now, I spent 30 years of the 50.
Becoming a subject matter expert in the area of mind control.
I probably know it better than most, and I certainly know everyone in the game, and I know a few of the people on the wrong side of that game, but what I do know is the knowledge that's been built has been built over not centuries, not decades, but a couple thousand years, perhaps even earlier.
The knowledge comes from deep areas of thought.
I've looked into those areas.
They're in this library, some of it, what I've kept, what I've been able to keep through two bankruptcies and a bunch of other things, which don't take that as complaint because my torment are my greatest lessons.
They gave me the ability to know what I can do and how to stand through things that others probably couldn't.
I was gifted with the ability to take all that information and condense it in the brain God gave me.
To be able to project it out in a way that's coherent.
And people know me as an educator.
I mean, a lot of different brains.
But nobody knows me as me in the broader sense of what I've been doing.
And that brings the knowledge into where I am.
So, I'm getting ready to do a 10-hour straight feed.
It's going to go out on YouTube.
It's going to happen April Fool's Day.
It's going to start at 8 a.m.
my time here in Anchorage, Alaska.
What I'm going to start with is a lot of the principles I've been talking about, a lot of the science, all of the things that deal with the mechanical real world, the problems of the world, how do we solve them, what are those solutions.
So, I'm going to start first talking about who we are as individuals, not in the context
Thank you.
And have a way of kind of exploring what's there, activating what's there, shedding a lot of guilt that shouldn't be there at this point but needs to modulate your behaviors perhaps.
But those are all your choices individually for sure.
What I want to do in a soft and gentle way is explain some of the keys to unlock that door into yourself a bit so you can make that exploration, reconnect with what I believe and many physicists believe with consciousness or what others call the spark of life or what you might call the breath of life or you might give a million different names or you might say your soul even.
So I want to help people
Learn some things to turn inward.
Ask that question to someone that will deliver that in a coherent way, not in some telegraphed way through the internet in an abbreviated form.
So I'm going to bring you into that conversation to explore what we're going to do today and what I want to teach today that are practical to take all of this energy that I could blow out as anger.
You can see that and it'd be totally acceptable on this platform and everyone would be fine with that.
But that is not who I am.
But I do have power in my voice, and you saw it as we closed out of that last segment.
But it's me who controls the power of my voice.
It's not my voice that controls me.
And this is the power of self-control that builds into us the ability to amplify out of us the full energy that we were created to be, which means our gifts come into play, the gifts that we know we have, and we find ways to bring those forward in our lives as we lift each day, as we begin to move
The creative essence of what we are into the reality that we project and create and the actions that we engage, all of which are choices.
So what I'd like to teach in this 10 hours, and I say 10 because that's what I know my voice can do, but I'll go until I'm done.
And so it'll be recorded where you can get it.
It'll be free access to everyone in the world.
You can do whatever you want.
And what I want is just two responses that will help me today decide what I do on this platform.
I need one of two things.
Send to me at info at earth pulse calm.
I want neither a thank you Which is the message keep doing what you're doing that or I want an F you that says Nick We don't want to hear it anymore find a new platform I want to know what you think because if you do either one I'm gonna be happy because then you're not sitting on the bank just warming it and doing nothing you've at least Registered something you say I don't I don't want to hear it fine.
I want to know it
I want to hear it.
I want to know that, too.
But either way, I win.
Because my only purpose has always been to wake people up, to have an opinion.
But based on an inward look first, please.
At least do that, not for me, do that for you.
I'd like to give the keys to that as we go through this hour.
Some of the beginning ones I'll talk to you about today.
You'll get the rest later.
But instead of starting with all the issues of the day, I'm going to start with man.
I'm going to start at the end, which should be the beginning of the story.
How do we activate our minds
Being a subject matter expert in that.
I know that to do that, to interfere with what you think, what you believe, what you feel, is the grossest violation that anyone can make against another living soul.
The only one that judges a living soul is you judge your performance against yourself and your standard of ethics, map values, all of the things that drive you that you do.
You know when you're right, you know when you're wrong, you hear it inside.
Every human being has that.
Whether you listen or not is your choice.
How you listen is also your choice.
But the train wrecks that become our lives are based on those choices.
And when we think about
All of this as we move into this next phase of what's happening in our world.
We need to draw down now a different way of seeing that allows us to be calm when everything around us is falling apart.
Calm in the middle of the storm.
The peace in the middle of the moment, the breath that flows through us as a breath of creation itself as a trigger to consciousness.
This is what it's about.
I don't read from teleprompters.
I can go from comedy to poetry to loud to slow because the vehicle serves me.
This body serves me and my awareness.
And I want to be aware.
I want to be functioning within the creation as a co-creator with my conception of what creation is.
My hope is that the words I give today will assist you in finding a way to activate yourself to be who you are, not who anyone else is, and to be that person.
To be that person that doesn't rip themselves to shreds in self-condemnation.
I want to teach how not to do that.
I want to teach ways to help learn from our mistakes, elevate ourselves out of them in a way that always lifts.
And we get out of this drag thing where we're, you know, we feed the beast, our anger, our frustrations, as we kick that out there.
I'll teach you, if you'll listen long enough, of how that feeds the beast.
And we create a reality, a hell on earth, by feeding the beast with emotions or power.
It is the power of the occult draws it out of you when they can pull that out of you.
I went through an exercise, maybe we'll have time to talk about it, where I brought a house guest into my home.
And I don't get angry.
I don't.
Alex asked me one time over dinner, how often do you get angry, Nick?
I said, you know, Alex, maybe once in a decade, every 10 years at most.
I mean, what I call anger.
The man in my home for a week, in my entire life of 62 years in that week, I had more anger in that week come through me than I had in a whole compilation of my lifetime.
And I would go from anger to dropping to my knees, turn my back on that situation, drop to my knees and pray for forgiveness in the moment and understand that anger so that I would be able to understand it and not do that.
Because sometimes you need the anger to wake up.
I understand.
That's how it goes.
So many people need that projection out of them.
Someone else needs to carry that anger.
So that's a lot of InfoWars is carrying other people's anger.
So you don't have to.
So we don't have to do it.
Let's lift.
Let's lift, let's transmute the anger into our own transfiguration, our own transformation as we move in to this next decade and where we live and where we live will be the way we live in light.
I'll be right back.
All right, we're back.
I'm glad to be here.
A couple things, just to lighten it up for just a minute.
I've been saving this.
I didn't have a chance to show it earlier.
This is February 24th, 2021.
Sunday, front page, or not front page, but back there, 810.
But it's a nice article.
Great promo for the team, man.
You even make the anchorage papers.
A nasty article, but hey, as my dad used to say, the only bad press is obituary and only if it's yours.
Call it a half a page of free publicity for the Info Warriors in Alaska.
Three cheers!
Hey, and if you're in Alaska and you're around and you want to give me a hand from time to time, send me a note at info.earthpulse.com so I know you're around and you're breathing.
Anyway, if you run into me on the street and you see me smiling, at least tap me on the shoulder and say hello.
I'll say hello back and maybe stand around and talk to you for a few minutes.
I enjoy doing that actually and I'm thinking about doing like a road trip where I stop in different towns.
And arrange so I'm in a park and everybody knows it and drop by and pay me a visit and have a chit chat.
So I want to do that.
I'm going to do that coming up as we get into more spring and more summer and more of the next chapter in my life.
And you're going to find out what that chapter looks like later.
But again, the teaching of the day and this deal is called love and relationships.
I haven't figured that out on the front end.
You'll figure it out by the back then.
But if you go back and look at it, it'll all make sense.
So, what is that about?
Time is space, right?
They take time and they take up space.
You know, I got a house that's just me in it.
As soon as I put someone else in it, you know, you got to collapse your programming and expand theirs.
That gets uncomfortable in most relationships when they merge.
And all of you are laughing a little bit now as you think about that through the trajectory of your past life experience on this planet as you've lived it.
And it's a
Funny thought when you think about it that way, but it's the truth.
So you've got to provide space, and that creates tension, and that creates friction.
And as union comes together within relationships, those things smooth out.
Or you get a bigger house.
Or some people get two houses, and that works out good.
They visit each other, have all kinds of configurations these days.
Guess what?
If it works for you, and it works for your union, and it makes you guys happy, and it supports your value system, rah-rah!
Do it like you, not like anyone else.
Another place to start the conversation about being like you is there.
Hey, what kind of relationships do you want?
For me, it's the most important thing I have, besides time.
Because without time I can't even have one of those, you know, because I'm gone.
At least not in this trajectory.
Now we can talk about the multiverse or however you want to roll it out.
I've got those books on the shelf.
Some of the best physicists in the world.
We'll discuss them in the course of review for 10 hours as we roll through the trajectory.
So what I try and do is take the science, bring it into the practicality, put it in your life in a way that you
I do a bit differently and that's your choices.
So time and space, spending time with relationship is how you build them.
So the quality of those relationships is all about that.
For instance, at work you have a certain quality based on a lot of time there.
Or you might do remote work like me where I dial in, dial out, no time in between.
Yeah, it's okay for getting the job done, but it does build the kind of relationships that could lift it maybe a little higher.
So I drop into Austin about once a year for a week and
Work on that a bit.
But there's not any in between.
Everyone's too busy.
Everyone in everyone's life is busy.
So what I'd like people to do is don't spend time chasing the other guy's trajectory.
Turn it a little bit and dial up your own.
Start providing some time first for your family, then for your friends, and then the things that make your living, obviously.
And then you might have something to share with the world.
Make sure all of these run smooth, or there's at least cooperation when sacrifices are to be made, so everyone's on the same warpath as it comes, and it keeps calm in those relationships.
So time is important.
Think about that in the context of how you organize your life, and always tie it to your own temple, which is your body, your physical form.
Give 10% of your life to yourself.
It is not selfish to do this.
It is necessary.
In order to be a fully functioning human being.
Key one for the day.
Save 10% for the temple that is you.
Honor yourself.
Honor your body that God gave you, however you picture that.
Or nature gave you, however you picture that.
Businesses say it's consciousness gave it to you.
Okay, I'll buy into that.
For the moment, because that's good for the conversation.
Doesn't alienate anybody because they were bad advertisers for the religion, whatever that was.
Because there are a bunch of bad advertisers floating around the world today, and you've all met them, tripped over, and they tripped over.
You want to shove something down your throat or pack something in where the sun don't shine from the other end, and they hope it compresses the middle and somehow squirts out of your heart.
Doesn't work that way.
Funny way to look at it.
See, I can be a comedian too, but
I just want to keep your attention on the message, which is time is important than being there, which is space.
You need to be together in union.
So relationships, friendships, your marriages, your brotherhoods, and often it's your friendships that are deeper relationships than your biological connections.
In my life, that's happened.
I want to also say something within this.
I feel a lot of love from this audience all the time.
And when people hear about something going on in my life, I know there's people praying, dialing into the prayer stream that's running 24-7.
They know how to do it.
So do I. I want to teach more about that.
I want to tell you the things I said about my family and the state of my daughter's not dealing with it.
They're still not talking to me.
But in the course of the anger in my living room for a week, I learned a lot about myself, had opportunities to present themselves within the context of all this, to learn a great deal about my last daughter I'm raising at home, who amazed me in what I learned.
And what it did is trigger the settlement of a lot of anger that was built over 25 years of my last marriage.
It was cured in a healing with my former spouse,
That lifts her, lifts me, and lifts our children up, whether they're talking to me or not.
And I want to thank those of you that prayed for that, because you gave me that.
And that was the greatest gift I got from that day.
And I thank you for it.
And the man who came in my house and provoked my anger, I made her to study.
I pulled the books, study what provoked anger means and dealt with that in a way that will calm me and use a greater, deeper understanding of that that I can share.
And so I'll be sharing that as I drift along.
And I've also talked about this idea of lift and drag.
Key number two for the day.
Well, perhaps this is three.
The one on managing anger, I think it's in there.
I'll define that more as we go on.
I have a lot to say.
I'm going to try and talk long enough so it blows that 10 hours right out the door and you hear the longest smooth oratory from anyone you've ever heard in your life.
It'll be poetry, it'll be humor, it'll be the full context of who I am, and it'll teach you how to lift in your life every day.
Not mine, yours.
How to lift
And not drag.
How to flow and not be crushed.
How to move your energy into the world as a person you were created to be in the expression of who you are as a you that you are as God intended you to be as you are.
To project into the changes of the earth that are in front of you every day.
I'll teach.
I'll provide the information.
These are just the beginning of those keys.
I have a few more for the day.
I don't know how much time we're going to get, but I want to not lose sight of a couple things.
So as you come into the next segment,
We'll light right into that because I want to make sure I tell you how to dial in all that, how you can help me make that happen.
So, Dr. Nick Vegas has a lot more to say.
Lift and drag.
Let's get into that.
Drag can be characterized as anything negative.
Negative is easy to do.
You define it yourself.
Try and catch yourself when you're in the drag mode.
Just notice it.
As soon as you notice it, you gain control over it.
This is key four.
Notice when you're dragging and just decide not to in the moment.
Just stop.
Take a breath and I'll teach you what to do with that breath once you get it back and how to turn that anger into something that solves, lifts, and does not hurt anyone.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
Keys are yours to have.
Man, I'm really having a great Friday, and I'm glad you're with me on this ride, sharing your time as I'm sharing mine, because this is how it happens.
You know, the one thing we do get, time.
And I share mine with you.
I was telling you that's based on relationship.
I really do consider you my friend, even if some of you are angry at me.
Time to time, because friends do that.
It hones us, makes us sharper.
I really want to know what you think.
But please don't try and assign things to me, asking me to do more.
I'm doing what I need to do.
What I do is programmed in from my relationship with the creation.
If you have something to say about what you think I ought to be doing,
Pray about it, then.
Send it on upstairs.
If he sends it over and drops it into my classes, believe me, I'll be on it.
But that's the only way it comes into my trajectory.
I'm not doing it either way, and I'm not taking instructions from anyone else.
So if you got instructions for me, ain't gonna work.
I'm gonna ignore it.
Don't waste your time.
Send it to me.
He'll send it over.
Send it upstairs.
He'll download it.
It gets in.
Don't worry.
You'll see it in it.
Now, because I'm doing this 10-hour feed coming up,
You know, I did this segment, it was one of the lessons my sweet Anne, and I talk about her because she was my fiancée, I had to break that off, but she is in fact, and we see each other just as friends, deep friends.
She's the person I trust more than anyone in the world, just where she is health-wise, where I am in the work I'm doing, and all the things that are happening in our lives.
I'm pretty, I've been running at 5% for 10 years and I just kicked it back in first gear and it's scary for people but she's good and we're there where we need to be but she gave me this concept called what we used to joke about called the naked hour right being naked you know because because as a man and the way I was raised being naked in front of a woman make me a little bit uncomfortable you know so she joked with me to make me comfortable about who I was in terms of my own form even
And then who I was even at a deeper level in lots of ways.
And she did it in such a gentle, sweet way.
And she taught me a lot.
And in that, instead of what always happens or a lot of times in a relationship, you know, the information comes through with, hey, man, you're screwed up.
You know, change.
Get rid of those white skivvies.
I like colored ones.
You know, your girl's telling you, well, I guess so.
You know, whatever you think.
Or whatever that funny thing is that just comes at you in that wrong way, you know, and all she's trying to do is improve you a little bit.
It's a little more attractive of a package to her or whatever it is, you know, but we can come at that.
Soft VM was always good.
She said, have you considered, uh,
Have you thought about it?
I think.
Tune up my day and do my day and it's there's something to be taught in this you'll have your own but within this there's these little mini keys I'll identify and I'll come out of that frame we'll roll into some other things and we'll come into my kitchen and my table where I work and I'm going to sweep this camera around
We're good to go.
So I'll introduce that.
We've got five cameras.
We're going to try and get rolling.
So we have everything captured right, fed into a stream.
That's where I do most of my work in between.
That's my coffee setup over there in my kitchen.
And, you know, and I like art, so I've collected art from all over the place.
I got a lot gifted to me in time, and I make art part of my life.
I got some things for Alex over there is a Damascus steel sword I got set up for him, a Roman fourth century I'm going to give him.
There's a sword, then there's some spears, because we're the tip of the spear here, folks.
I want to get one of those to Alex when I go back down there.
But sweeping in, we're going to walk into my space.
This image on the wall with the cross is one Anne shot.
It's one of my favorites.
And this is it.
You know, I come into this space.
This is where I'll start this feed, where I sleep at night.
This is where I do my morning prayer work, in this room.
And I'll introduce you to all that later, but this just gives you kind of an idea.
This is my living space.
This is the space I live in.
I have a floor below me.
It's primarily an office.
It's got a green screen setup, lights, all the things to run that part of my life, a full kitchen, guest room.
And my daughter, when she's with me, has that space.
And the daughter I'm raising, I've adopted.
As many of you know, she's my granddaughter.
She's biracial.
She's black and Caucasian.
And my son, my youngest son, could not do it.
And so we've been raising her since she was one.
And she is the light of my life.
And in the course of this week of nuttiness in my own house with anger, I saw things in her that just touched my soul in a way that I've never known my daughter.
I mean, there's so much healing in my life right now.
I just, I can't be more grateful.
But on April Fool's Day, I picked that day, and it's when Dr. Nick gets naked, explaining some of the keys to creation, and living a life of lift, and reclaiming life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
And those were read from my notes, and I read them so I won't be clear what we're doing, so it is a page of notes.
But that's what I'm going to try and do there, because if you don't have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,
If I don't have it, and you don't have it, then we have failed in what we are as a nation.
So I'd like to bring some of that light back into the conversation in the most powerful way I ever have in my life.
I'm going to deliver 10 hours minimum.
I'll go as long as it takes, as long as my voice holds out.
So it'll be calm and slow.
Because if I can go 24 hours, I'm going to make the attempt.
But I'm going the distance to deliver a coherent message that starts with you.
We're good to go.
There's a sign up, Nick's List.
Don't send me much emails.
I'm going to punch thing out on Sunday with a small video feed that will take you into the YouTube channel that we're setting up.
And I got to have a thousand people minimum sign up.
To get that channel activated live by the 1st of April.
So I need that as your mission, if you're going to help me, is when I send you that newsletter, go in there and activate that channel and let's turn Nick on and let's let the world get a feed in a way that you've never gotten before with a full coherent message of a comprehensive view of how I see the trajectory we're in based on a half a century of scholarly work, lots of conversation,
Lots of delivery of information.
I've done 4,000 radio broadcasts from one to three hours across 200 platforms with 200 different producers.
I've delivered hundreds of lectures around the world in 44 countries, many times, many times.
I've had a lot of experience that I want to share.
And then I'm going to disappear.
Because the month of April, you're not going to hear anything from me after that day.
When that clock runs, I'm taking a rest.
I'm breaking from the world.
I'm disappearing for a while as I determine how I'm going to do the next bit of my life.
I've laid a plan and I've talked about that.
But how I come back in, I don't want me to be the issue.
So I break off from what I say.
I won't take any interviews at all.
I won't do any feeds at all.
I'll just talk to my friends.
And if you see me, be my friend, or if you're gonna be the F you guy, just come up and tell me what the issue is and be kind about it, and I'll be respectful to you and hear it.
Because I do want to know.
I don't want to provoke people to anger.
That's the last thing I want to do.
I want to provoke you to love, and that's my only mission.
And I know that's the mission going forward.
The scholarship supports that.
I have a platform to speak with, speak on.
I'm not afraid to face myself in the public.
We'll have a feed where if I've sinned against any man, they'll have a way to feed that in.
And when that shows over, I'll admit anything that someone wants put on my plate.
I will live a transparent life.
I will encourage you to do the same by being an example of a transparent man.
I'm not afraid to face anything in my past, anyone I've hurt.
I ask your forgiveness.
You want to bring it on the air?
I'll do it publicly if it's required.
But not a day goes by where I'm not going to say that we can lift ourselves to a higher place and every one of us has a power of change because we have the power of choice and the spark of life within us.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
Nicholas is my new transition.
See you soon.
You know, it always goes so fast.
I got the whole hour and I'm into the last 10 minutes of broadcast time.
But I have to say how much I appreciate everyone and how grateful I am for having the privilege of being here and having this conversation today.
Because you do give up your time.
And that's the most precious thing that we have in the world.
And when we give it up to spend with someone, that's a precious moment for me.
And I spend it with you with that sincerity.
Going with the time I take out of my life to do this work.
And it's my privilege.
You know, that's why I'm always happy.
This is my gift.
This is what I do.
I use my voice with full intent that will empower people that you might change your world and the rest of the world as well as a consequence of that.
Not that we have to.
So I do it a little bit differently, you know, and I try to activate the individual to find out who they are and wake up and in the context of a lot of information makes sense to people and also in the context of my own suffering as a human being to make me human like you.
And so the thing I'm going to do, you know, because I got this, you know, it's kind of bothered me, you know, the thing about people thinking I'm on some kind of drug or something.
And so I'm going to deal with that in this 10-hour feed this way.
And it'll be funny, but it'll maybe make my mom uncomfortable.
She's still alive.
She's in her 80s, you know.
So I'll have a mechanism.
It'll be send flowers to mom card that pops up every time I embarrass her and do something to make you feel better and her feel better and I don't have to do anything with it.
Hopefully she's not watching the feed show that's here about later, but flowers will show up at her house.
That'll make her happy.
That'll make me happy.
That'll make you happy.
Everybody's happy.
And you can go, oh man, that's embarrassing, Nick.
Why'd you show that?
Well, because sometimes you got to show yourself so people know that you suffer too.
But I want to make it funny.
Now, if somebody accused me of drugs, all right, I'm going to eliminate that.
Beginning of this thing, somewhere in the front end of this feed, I'm going to pee in a cup.
And maybe we'll run a contest and see who holds the cup.
If you can't hold the unit, that's mine to hold.
Sorry, I'm just being a little funny here, but I'm actually going to do it.
We'll screen it out for the young kids.
We don't want to do that.
I'm proud of it, but I ain't going to show it.
It's not live.
So here's how we'll do it.
So we'll make that happen.
We're getting in the frame again about what we're teaching today that's important.
And it's the keys I started with, the naked hour, which is being honest with yourself, which kind of goes right where I was, right?
Because I'm about to be transparent.
In a way that might even embarrass my mom, but I'll do it.
I'll be a fool for Christ, a fool for me, in my religion, my view, but I'm not asking you to do anything about that.
That's my model.
That's my programming.
I'm sorry if it's not yours, but please take no offense.
I'm not the advertiser you heard before and I'm not going to talk about that because I believe that it is respectful.
I believe it is respectful.
To be respectful of human beings on their paths, whichever alters they need to learn from to fulfill their destinies as God intended them to fulfill them.
And as consciousness within the framework of each individual is framed around their experience.
And I believe God is loving a father to every one of us as I am and wish to be better with my own children.
So when I think of a loving God and Father, and I started cultivating that type of relationship differently than I have before, but in November, and in the course of this time in November, it has really altered me.
I used a phrase that offended people.
I have gone through a transformation, a transfiguration, a compilation of all I've experienced, and in my own awareness,
All that data, all that stuff I described, if you think about it, that's my data warehouse, my data storage, all the experiences, emotions, all that represents, if you think about it, data storage.
And as I compare it to the other parts of my life where I actually did work on this, the evil side who have data warehouses, you can read about it.
In Earth Rising the Revolution, learn what all that is.
Well, there's a evil side to what I'm going to teach, and I'll bring that in the picture so people see what they are.
The whole idea of mind control on the other side of this.
You know, even within the Infowars, there's a phrase that is 12-year-old and New Brunswick identified, that was locking or even blocking our program.
And it's the phrase, you are the resistance.
Now that, we know what that means as Infowarriors.
We're resisting that which comes against us.
But in the common usage of the word resistance, it's used differently.
It's resist what's being said.
It's how most people see it.
So we have set up with the very phrase we use, this is another key I'm teaching, a law on our own thing.
It goes like this.
Resist, we know what it means, it goes out of the frame.
But the big push is what the majority of psychic energy, which is how it works, tied to emotions and meaning of word, which pushes against it.
So we have chaos within this cycle, probably within everything around it, and an inertia that doesn't seem to move.
And I saw it when I asked for two million people one day.
To send me a message and I got 12 out of 2 million that are not lukewarm and sitting on a bench.
So an F you or a thank you works for me if it gets you out of the lukewarm deal.
You'll fall on the floor laughing or crying or whatever.
At least you're moving again and begin asking, oh man, is he right?
That's a good question.
Is he wrong?
Ask yourself, not me.
And that's what I'd like you to do is let's come together in a different way.
Recognize the dignity and respect that each of us should share with one another and come together in a different way, where we actually look into each other's eyes, that we see the vision that we share in the spark of life that we are.
Look into that
I don't know.
As you breathe in the breath of life, look in your own eyes and decide who's responsible for your day.
You'll discover them there.
Your best critic, the only one worth listening to, looking in your own eyes in the morning, is how you'll start your day.
And then as you've contemplated in your mind how that day will roll out, things you'll see and the people you know, and how you're going to smile into that and lift them everywhere you go, you'll be able to set that up.
Once you have that locked in, however you relate to creation,
Speak it in words so the vibration of your words actually goes into it.
No one's there with you in the bathroom but you and consciousness itself.
It's a way to connect with yourself in the morning.
Start out your day and own your day all the way through the day and reflecting on that moment when you looked in your own eyes whenever you start to drag.
And remember that's the one carrying your day today.
And your link to consciousness is carrying the weight of anything dragging you down.
Keep your trajectory up.
End of the day, brush teeth, wash face, do things you can do at night, get the makeup off.
Do it again, just for a few moments.
One minute is all it takes.
This is not a key, this is a key, right on the back end of your day.
So you do, you have a conversation with yourself.
How did I do?
Did I do what I wanted to do?
How did my day go?
Did I drag?
What are the ways I could fix that?
You make your own decision.
You decide how it went.
And then ask whatever your relationship is to creation to work with you as you sleep and as you get unentangled from your operating system.
Kicks in gear, because the separation of the memory and the emotion, the thing that drive us cause to react to be swung around by emotion, I'll teach how to control that.
How to kick in the awareness, your own operating system, to own everything in your experience, your emotion, so your operating system takes control of your data warehouse, instead of letting it run wild, which is what it does, reacting to everyone else's movement within the reality we live in.
So it's important for you to find the you in you that gives you the power to understand what's happening.
I'll teach this in a way that you've never heard before, that has nothing to do with your religion, but has everything to do with what creation is according to the best science.
In the world, and that takes you into the realm of consciousness, which takes you in the realm of God and love and what consciousness is.
You may not like the words in which I frame it, but I will give you a coherent way to consider it, a way that will change the world, perhaps change you, and will complete what I believe my primary mission in this lifetime is.
That feed is it, ladies and gentlemen.
After that, I need a month
To figure out what I'm going to do, because the only thing I want to change in this world is I want to activate people to recognize themselves.
And then I have to decide how I do that within the framework of my life, resources creation has given me to put in play, to do my part of encouraging you to lift, not drag, come into the spirit that we're intended to be as created human beings.
Manifest love in this earth in a very different way.
I need you to get on my list.
I need you to look at info at earthbolts.com and I need you to support this network.
Support everyone on this network.
It's a paycheck I don't.
But they do, and they need to be there.
Help Alex Jones now, when he needs it the most, because now is the hour.
Now we have the power to make the change.
If we can come into who we are and manifest the gifts of creation in this earth and bring down a new earth into this frame.
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This is the new planned economy.
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Now all the local groups that are essential get to get on the fun as well.
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