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Air Date: March 9, 2021
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including mask mandates, vaccine passports, the New World Order system, Antifa's funding by Communist China, election integrity, transgender issues, Joe Biden's fitness for presidency, lawsuits against Biden's executive orders, COVID-19 lockdowns and their consequences, data privacy, and malnutrition among children in third world countries due to economic disruptions caused by the pandemic. The speaker argues that there is a predatory force censoring and controlling conservatives, criticizes mainstream media for promoting globalist ideology, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's blind spots and questioning mainstream narratives.


The big news we're going to be hitting is this little juicy right here.
And this is all over the news.
In fact, my wife texted me yesterday and said, have you seen this?
And I said, yeah.
And what she sent me was NPR.
So this is a major talking point.
It's an ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post.
And this is not a dystopic joke.
It's, oh, you'll be allowed out.
Oh, you'll be allowed to sit on a park bench now, like the UK saying.
Vaccinated Americans allowed to taste freedom.
Oh, you, you don't have to wear your mask if you've been inoculated, the CDC says.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Live Tuesday Worldwide Broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you live from on the road in Florida, doing a lot of exciting, important things behind the scenes.
Of course, the great Owen Schroeder, the Libtard Destroyer, is in the ATX in Austin, Texas.
I tuned in and saw Harrison Smith hosting the show, which Harrison does a great job.
We love Harrison.
He hosts American Journal.
A new father just a few weeks ago, already back in the saddle.
But I said, what is he doing?
It's supposed to be Owen hosting it.
Oh, remember you told Owen he should go down and protest the Socialist Restaurant Association of Texas.
It didn't exist until a few weeks ago.
It's an Antifa group.
And they want things to stay closed.
And they have this new thing where they all pretend that they're in the movie, The Gangs of New York, where they cross their arms and wear top hats, like they're the butcher, I guess, and then threaten people.
So it's pretty hilarious.
There's a full hour of it at Band.Video.
But these are literally enforcers that want to control us.
We got a five minute excerpt of that.
That we're going to be playing coming up, but they always wear masks.
And so now they want us to wear masks, a symbol of being in their cult, in their gang.
But the big news we're going to be hitting is this little juicy right here.
And this is all over the news.
In fact, my wife texted me yesterday and said, have you seen this?
And I said, yeah.
And what she sent me was NPR.
So this is a major talking point.
It's in ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post.
And this is not a dystopic joke.
It's, oh, you'll be allowed out.
Oh, you'll be allowed to sit on a park bench now, like the UK saying.
Vaccinated Americans allowed to taste freedom.
Oh, you don't have to wear your mask if you've been inoculated, the CDC says.
But Fauci says that's not true.
So most good virtue signaling businesses, they are going to demand you still wear the mask.
We have the footage in Yuma, Arizona.
Let me pull that up next time, you guys, I forgot to tell you.
Yuma, Arizona was on Infowars.com last night.
Hundreds and hundreds just in one video shot of just people walking across, many of them with children, many of them children they've grabbed, that's admitted.
And they're not even being tested, and when they do get tested, they go turn themselves in.
They go, oh, you have COVID?
You have TB?
You have tuberculosis?
Go on in!
It's all a giant virtue signal fraud.
And the left can turn on their disdain and their disgrace when you're not wearing a mask or when you're not social distancing.
Oh, but when it's the illegal alien or somebody else, then it's totally fine.
This is sick.
This is a joke.
And Latin America has real diseases, real bubonic plague, real drug-resistant TB.
But any real problem is just ignored.
Oh, and let's not even give these people treatment if we're going to take them in and go bankrupt.
Let's go ahead and just let them in.
So fraud upon fraud.
But I thought you'd want to know.
Here it is, vaccinated Americans allowed to taste.
Please, I get a small drink of water in the desert after a year and a half of lockdown.
But it shows how it is a self-imposed lockdown.
Because they're just, oh, I can take it off because I've had the shot?
Yes, good slave, you can take it off.
And then, of course, they're just going to clamp it right back down.
The same British Royal Academy that funded by Bill Gates that came out last year and said, oh, you know, we're going to have we're going to have half a million Brits die.
We're going to have tens of millions of U.S.
citizens die.
The numbers were first 18 million, then it was five million, went on and on, then two million.
Never anywhere close to that.
They're now saying, sorry, the lockdowns are going to have to come back because there's going to be a viral surge.
They can just direct all these corrupt hospital chains and testing companies of what the new guideline is of how many cycles on the PCR test.
And then these companies are getting their medical directives of the technocracy.
And so that's why they're allowed to engage in mass crime, including the new guillotine, the ventilator.
But notice most of the deaths are in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and where these Democrat scumbag governors run things, because that's where they direct the states, directly through the UN, to murder you.
They will murder you, including people we know that have been murdered with ventilators.
So if you want to be murdered, live in one of these blue states under their murderer's control.
They will grab you, they will snake tubes down your lungs and then blast them out under total torture for weeks until you die.
Then they will receive $53,000 cash for your murder.
Back in 60 seconds.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely honored that you're joining us on this Live Tuesday Worldwide Broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Owen Schroer is riding shotgun with me in the ATX.
We have the Republican strategist, analyst, great lady, very smart, a lovely person who was banned on Twitter a few days ago because she criticized pedophilia and said it was demonic.
Twitter said that's not allowed.
She'll be joining us coming up today in the second hour.
I also
I want to tell you about some of the new things that are being banned.
Some of the new things that the big corporate America is teaching you are bad.
Any term you can use to differentiate reality so that you can actually navigate the lies and fraud.
There's a war on logic, a war on communication, a war on civilization.
That's coming up here in just a few minutes.
is going to be joining us of HoldTheLinePAC.com coming up in the second hour.
Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting the fourth hour before Owen Schroer and Emperor Papertine co-host the War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
But Owen Schroer is here.
He's got a lot to cover obviously today.
I don't normally read whole articles.
But I saw this article yesterday, a friend sent it to me, and it's just so dead on, and it just makes me love Trump so much, despite his failings, because this is, this is truth.
This is how Vladimir Putin and the Russians really see Trump.
Trump was never a Russian agent, had no connections to the Russians, other than ideology, in that Russia has struggled partially free from the Soros New World Order satanic grasp.
And so when they said, this is Russian collusion, they're really talking about metaphysical
Spiritual, and of course, all of that is manifested as cultural.
Very powerful article at AmericanThinker.com.
And I've asked the crew to post at least a part of this on the link on InfoWars.com so it gets more attention.
But it's Putin's former chief of staff calls Trump a champion against the new world order.
We're going to read this in the last segment of this hour.
But I want to bring Owen Schroyer in.
To also give us a prelude of some of the things he's going to be covering.
He'll be co-hosting with me the first two hours, and then he'll be hosting the third hour all by his little lonesome.
Vaccinated Americans allowed to taste freedom.
Vaccinated Americans, ooh, allowed to taste freedom.
And just a little bit, just a taste, just a taste, a bitty little sweetsie taste.
This is not a laughing matter.
This is totally sick.
It's a total lie.
But they're now admitting, oh, none of the mRNA vaccines, not the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, that's a virus vector vaccine.
None of those even protect you from COVID or other strains.
So they just have to keep taking new shots every month or so.
Wow, that are experimental and have been linked to all sorts of deaths and problems.
And I explain this to a lot of listeners and I'm explaining this to the crew.
And I've got some of the great crews sitting around over here with me, here in this condo, little studio we have right now, coming to you from an undisclosed location in Florida.
And they're like, hey boss, we ran into something new today.
They're like, we were using on the road because it was better to upload videos to the crews so they could play them on the show via YouTube channels that they have privately.
So it was never posted.
It was always private.
And they both got strikes on their YouTube for violating the rules by putting out false medical information not in line with the CDC or the WHO.
Because the WHO is our boss.
They're now out in the open controlling every facet of our lives.
And Joe Biden takes his orders directly from the UN now.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
And I said, guys, I know.
I know you're smart.
I'm trying to explain this.
Remember when we had like a hundred Twitter handles two or three years ago during the purge?
And I kept saying, stop uploading to our other Twitter accounts with the company's cell phones.
They have IP addresses.
That's how they're banning them.
For some reason, people didn't listen to me.
And it just kept happening.
And my point is, I'm not a tech guy.
I don't know how it all works.
I just know what the policies are.
And so finally, we started getting some burner phones that took them over a year and a half to ban our other Twitter accounts.
Because it was all AI doing it.
So we have to think about how these systems work.
And a lot of times, just do a few little things for the general public, not just us, and get around that.
And if we would have gotten burner phones, like I said, and done that immediately, we would have kept most of those for a lot longer.
And I'm only saying that now because I'm not just saying this.
Here's an example.
When you upload a video to YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, it creates a Word document.
It creates a transcript that has been fed through an AI system that's been put together by a consortium of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, and the ADL.
That's if it's political.
What they call hate speech, like mother, father, the word normal now is being banned.
Congress has banned the word mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather.
I mean, this isn't a science fiction movie.
This isn't 1984.
This is real.
Well, you're like, oh, just ignore them.
No, your phone, a lot of phones now, especially iPhones, won't type something that's an improper word.
But first, it wouldn't let you spell it or would recommend something else with autocorrect.
Now it just won't let you.
So that's where all this digital straitjacket's going.
And so you can read into it, and the guys looked it up, they confirmed it.
Everything you're doing is being watched in live time by AI before you're even allowed to publish it.
And then you're not.
They've had congressional hearings about it.
It's all been done.
This is so beyond draconian.
And this is what a technocracy is, is where they just pre-program your car doesn't work when they don't want it to.
They just pre-programmed your air conditioner doesn't turn on when they, or they control your thermostat.
And it's not like I'm telling you this out of a crystal ball.
This is all the plan to incrementally roll it out.
So all the political censorship you see, the censorship of the president, the censorship of governors, the censorship of legislatures, the censorship of other corporations and companies.
This is only the beginning where very soon you'll be forced to have a phone that tracks you and listens to you as a personal assistant.
You'll be forced to have a personal assistant.
Thank you.
It'll probably be Facebook.
A communal group chat, where you live in a communal group and where they get to see your photos and what you do, and nothing is private because they have to be a judge of what you're doing.
They already have AI doing it, but they want other people to be in control of you.
Then they move to no more single-family dwellings, which they've already banned in most parts of the world under Agenda 21, most liberal cities, because they're not liberal, they're authoritarian.
They are doing all of this.
And so you will then have to live in a 200 square foot coffin apartment.
Larger ones will be 400 square feet.
It'll empty into a communal area that's a panopticon.
It'll be a circle or a square with either six or four coffin rooms attached to it.
And your family, your children will then be given a score and put in with a group of globalist minders and controllers.
And so the vaccine and all of this is just the rollout of that new beginning, a system so hellish it's beyond imagination.
And it's going to be tested first.
We're good to go.
We're going down and they're going down.
You understand?
They're going down, we're going down to then meet at an absolutely horrible subsistence level where we eat bugs, we drink sewage, and we eat weeds.
That's Klaus Schwab.
And you're like, well, this doesn't make sense.
The COVID lockdowns have already devastated 100 years of progress.
Everything's already collapsing.
They're inflating all the currency on purpose to bankrupt everything.
This is economic warfare total takeover.
And when they totally collapse the third world and billions of people are trying to immigrate to Europe and the United States, the globals will then use that to control us politically with those groups they're bringing in to our populations.
So this is total war, it's total dystopia, and we have to get the legislatures, we have to get the Congress, we have to get other leaders around the world awake to it, to organize an alliance against this axis of post-human Satanism.
And that's why this situation out of Russia is so powerful, when we read this translated article by the former Chief of Staff of Vladimir Putin.
We'll talk to Owen Schroer on the other side.
And we're on the attack!
And I was just thinking, I know why people don't want to believe a lot of this stuff, because globalism is a evil post-human system that slowly strangles and destroys and takes full control over society.
All right, let's go ahead and go to this important clip, and then I'm going to get Owen Schroyer's take on this.
This is
Our puppet president, who did steal the election, with the CHICOMS, who doesn't even know what planet he's on.
Again, if you're a globalist and want to steal the election, you don't want another president in it, because he might actually try to be president.
He might actually exert some force.
If you're a globalist consortium, you want a puppet.
And Biden's as close to a puppet as I see any case in world history, other than maybe Boris Yeltsin, who was so incredibly drunk all the time, didn't know what planet he was on.
By the way, I'm pledging again.
I've gone a long time off and on not drinking.
I'm pledging here to the whole audience that I'm going to be a teetotaler again.
Not judging people that drink, but it's just with the stressful times, the way the world works.
I know during the lockdown, a lot of folks sort of drinking too much.
I know I drink too much sometimes.
I'm pledging here on air teetotaling.
It's just the times are too incredibly serious.
I don't want to end up like Boris Yeltsin.
Uh, you know, being a leader completely wasted, but I mean, it's just crazy.
So I've, I've never seen anything like it.
And it's just going to get more insane from here on out.
He doesn't know the name of the Pentagon.
Doesn't know the name of the secretary of defense.
Here it is.
So I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the former General, I keep calling him General, but the guy who runs that outfit over there.
I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we just talked about, and for recommending these two women for promotion.
Thank you all.
May God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.
He doesn't even know the name of the Pentagon, or the Secretary of Defense, or the women.
He just says he's women.
And look, it's women!
It's women!
Oh, on International Women's Day, UN Day.
Look, we have women in charge.
This is all about just getting rid of the military.
The military, they plan within 10 years to be almost completely robot.
And so to make the normal military dysfunctional,
You see the demoralization program and process taking place and all these little silly betas and all these little silly followers.
The real alpha males aren't standing up saying no to the tyrants and so they're recruiting all the betas to have the last watch on the human ship when the species is taken down.
And it's all people that have pledged not to have children.
That's the first step.
of these individuals is they don't have children, because it's glamorized not to do so.
Again, it's the post-human world.
And it's a reclamation project, but before they can rebuild the earth, the globalist image, they have to get rid of us.
Owen Schroeder, there in the ATX.
This is so beyond surreal, so beyond any dystopic novel I could imagine.
The images of him not knowing
Secretary of Defense's name, Lloyd Austin, him not knowing the two women he's promoting.
It just doesn't matter.
You know, it's like, well, this guy's black and these people are women.
I'm sure there might have been some women that were qualified.
I'm sure there were some black guys that were qualified to be the Secretary of Defense.
But he certainly wasn't.
He's a globalist who says the U.S.
military is evil and racist.
And we had a 60 day stand down to make sure bad white people aren't behaving badly.
What he is is an order follower of the globalists.
And now we have
I'll cover this coming up.
Major, major producers here in the United States of household products coming out and they say they're banning the word normal.
You see, because you can't have some benchmark of, you know, it's normal to have a wife or a husband and have children.
It's normal to want capitalism.
It's normal to want the things that are successful.
You know, it's normal to not want to have cancer.
It's normal to not want to be a robot.
It's normal that ice freezes or water freezes at a certain temperature.
You know, it's normal to know what science and facts are, but instead,
We see an absolute war on this.
So here's the article up on Infowars.com for everybody to see.
Normal gets canceled as Unilever vows to drop word from all brands.
And I guess that means, you know, normal means, oh, this is just a standard fabric softener or whatever or scentless.
Well, maybe it's bad to say you don't have a cent.
And again, people thought it was 10 years ago, a joke, when the left said, hey, we're going to ban the term mother and father and boy or girl on school entrance forms.
And then now the U.S.
Congress just did it a few months ago.
This is this is real.
And this is a total attack on your identity as a human, as a man, as a woman.
It's an attack on women's bathrooms and women's showers and women's reservations.
And it's an attack on women's spaces and women's sports.
And it's all done by these big corporate men saying, oh, we're here to empower women.
No, they took women away from their children.
They're destroying our culture.
And then teaching women, oh, you're the elite now because you don't like men, and it's billionaire and trillionaire men that control trillions, literally with a communist Chinese running it all, and it's a total sick joke.
And they show men as emasculated, posing as a woman.
Oh, if you're a man and act like a woman, now you're good.
In fact, I was at one of that New York Times article.
There were two of them in the back of the truck.
And they put up that little hatch under the deal.
I'll have them bring it up if they can, because I needed that brought to the room.
I want to show people two different New York Times' that I happen to come across.
And every message is anti-human.
Every message is satanic.
We'll cover that next hour.
I want to bring Owen Schroyer in.
We've got some video next segment of what he ran into last night.
We'll be talking about that first.
But right now, Owen,
What would you call the state of the world, the place we're in right now?
Because we've crossed a Rubicon here where now people that are awake are really awake and there aren't denial anymore, but those that aren't awake are just descending into mass mind control.
What would you call this period of time?
Well, what we're seeing is this faux-liberal intellectual culture war declaring dominion over Earth.
And so that's why when you see them saying, oh, we're getting rid of the word normal and they run this whole globalist ad campaign like, oh, all these ills of the world, don't worry, we're going to solve all of them because our culture is superior, our culture will solve it.
Of course, that's the big lie.
It's just them going for their totalitarian angle, which is how they implement their policy.
So that's all this really is.
It's totalitarian.
It's on a world scale.
It's the one world government.
And the people at the top are using the brainwashed good nature of quote-unquote liberals to bring this in.
Oh, you're fighting for women's rights.
Oh, you're fighting against racism.
And they feel good about themselves because they're finally doing something in their lives that they've been totally disenfranchised in.
And they don't have upward prosperity because they've been shut down, but they don't know why.
And so this is them declaring dominion over us.
Kind of like what we saw yesterday at this pro-mask rally where they just want you to wear the mask.
They want you to take the vaccine.
No more personal choice.
And then when you talk about Biden, you know, the good news or bad news, I'm not sure how you want to weigh it.
Less than a thousand people in total tuned in to Biden's live speech yesterday that lasted less than 10 minutes.
Remarks on international
Well, that's what's incredible.
Everyone is rejecting the globalist poison, but now with them shutting down the world economy, they're going to dictate to us to have food or anything.
We've got to accept their poisons, their attack, and while they run death camps and suppress people, then you see the culture in the New York Times of just men as women, women as men, and it's just so obviously
Poison to destroy us, and they admit it's poison to destroy us, so we have a bunch of idiots running around the deck of the ship as it sinks.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today with Owen Schroer riding a shotgun.
Stay with us.
Sergei Ivanov gave a pretty powerful speech with a pretty powerful article, and we're going to be covering that next segment about Donald Trump, and it's powerful, and we shouldn't forget it.
Most importantly, it's true.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on this live Tuesday edition.
Owen Schroer is in the ATX.
And I want to get to what happened to Owen yesterday.
There's a full hour of it.
I watched probably 30 minutes of it last night, even though I had a lot of work to do.
I stayed and I watched about half of it.
It's pretty amazing how this group of Antifa
Calling themselves the Texas Socialist Restaurant Association.
Of course, that's just a made-up name.
They're Antifa.
Demanding everything stay closed.
And you talk about a bunch of weirdos.
I mean, this is what Jordan Soros can produce.
But now they all cross their arms like they're in the gangs of New York.
And just strut around.
This is truly pathetic.
And they agree with, you know, CNN.
We need to basically never reopen the country.
Because they feel good when Communist China gets a leg up on us and we believe in this whole hoax.
Separately, a lot of new products or a lot of products that have been sold out, thankfully came back into stock because it's very, very hard to keep them in stock because of the COVID lockdowns.
We have a new product we've been trying to put out for two years.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
And with things down the process and things that have gone on, we finally had it all ready to come out.
And then a couple people at the plant in Houston got COVID.
No one was sick, but they test everybody.
And then so it was a chain reaction that, oh, then somebody else tested positive, somebody else tested positive.
And they basically just keep the place closed because everybody gets to stay home.
And it's fun for a while until civilization collapses.
No wonder why they're homeless later.
But that won't matter to them because they won't put two and two together.
No, China never shut down.
That was all just BS.
Europe did shut down.
Australia shut down.
And it's designed to cripple us.
And China has made more millionaires last year than all countries combined.
And most people are saying that Europe and Australia is not open for business and the U.S.
They're permanently leaving.
So they're reversing everything Trump and we the people did in just a year and a half of this crap.
And it's just going to get worse and worse because the average American thinks, oh, I can stay home and watch Netflix.
Yeah, only for a little bit longer.
And I know the audience here gets it and is active and cares, but you better reach out to your family and you better reach out to others because
We have, I don't know, probably 30, 40 distributors and suppliers of the products we sell.
And all of them have trouble getting their base components because of this same phenomenon where people just shut their doors.
I mean, you're talking about one person.
A lot of these companies, all the lawyers say, test everyone.
Remember what happened last year?
Most of the meatpacking plants shut down.
Because they would test a meatpacking plant of 2,000, 3,000 people, and they'd say, oh, 65%, 70% was the headlines, have COVID.
A, the test is wrong, and it's BS.
And then they'd say, actually, no one was sick, though.
They were all asymptomatic.
Because it's a fraud.
It's a lie.
Yeah, there's a real virus they engineered.
Because this was a simulant.
They're going to release deadly versions of it in the future.
You watch.
And Gates has even said, oh, the terrorists have it.
They're going to release a really deadly one soon.
Yes, this was a simulant to get the handcuffs on you to make sure you behave yourself well.
We didn't get an A-plus with Bill Gates where he really released a superweapon right away.
We got more of like a C-minus in the U.S.
Europe got an A-plus, Australia got an A-plus, Africa got an A-plus, the different nations there.
So, believe me, wherever people lock down properly, you're going to get hit really hard.
This is all a rollout.
This is all a demonic plan.
And so when we get these products back in, it's great because we get to fund ourselves and you get the products as well.
So get them while you can.
Vitamineral Fusion, all the vitamins, all the minerals.
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If there's one product you haven't tried, it should be X2 or X3, the good halogen.
All right, Owen, set this up, and then...
Next segment, we'll get in to more of CNN reporting that we're so lucky we're getting a small taste of freedom, just incredible condescension, just incredibly priming the pump for future total lockdowns.
They admit they're already starting to cook up.
But separately, you went down there yesterday for people that aren't going to go watch the full hour and five minute video at Bandai Video and who are on the radio and won't be able to see this five minute video we're going to play next segment and then hit the Putin advisor article that's so powerful.
What was it like to be in amongst them?
They're so stupid.
They're so hateful.
They're all white, by the way.
Nothing against white folks, but anti-fund BLM in most places is all white.
They're all the same weird, super white, pasty skin, glow in the dark, really soft type dudes.
But now we're seeing guys that aren't really big or tough, but they're crossing their arms.
They're wearing tough guy outfits.
They think they're in gangs of New York.
And they were flipping you off, getting in your face.
They didn't like you not wearing a mask.
Some of them put their hands on you.
And they were really, though, again, thought they were very powerful, though.
Well, it's very odd.
That you have this group of what they would like to consider themselves anti-establishment.
I don't know, I guess they would declare themselves liberals, but they think they're anti-establishment, they think they're anti-government, but they're really pro-establishment, working for the establishment, pro-government, asking for more government with the face masks and the vaccines and the government to step in in their lives.
That's what the whole thing is about.
And so when I try to explain that to them, they obviously just don't talk, or they result in cursing.
There were a couple individuals that were there who spoke to me, but here's the real phenomenon, Alex.
They really had a zero turnout for their event yesterday.
They had about 16 speakers, that's all these Antifa people here, or socialist restaurant workers, whatever they want to call themselves.
They had about 16 speakers, and then they had every local media there, so all the local major news networks there,
With their camera crews.
So it was really a zero turnout event, other than the media showing up, and their speakers showing up, and then there was me and my crew, and then a couple other Patriot groups that were out there, who were documenting it as well.
So it was really a zero turnout event.
Now, we had events, Alex, all year long.
Anti-mask events, Open Up Texas events, Trump was re-elected events.
Thousands of people show up, Alex.
The local media never shows up!
The local media never shows up.
It's not a human interest story.
It's like it never even happened.
We get thousands of people to show up.
We shut down the roads sometimes.
We have so many people.
Local media never shows up.
They have a zero turnout event except from the organizers that showed up to speak and the media and somehow that's considered a story.
Somehow that's considered what the news is going to cover and they all ran their specials.
I was getting texted from people here last night.
Hey, you made a clip of the pro-mask rally yesterday.
So they acted like it was a big successful event for them.
They acted like, oh, it was a huge success.
Restaurant workers are scared.
They don't want things to open up.
They want the mask forever.
They all want the vaccine before they go back to work and all of this stuff.
No, they don't!
This was a small contingent of people that... Well, let's be clear.
Everyone that I know that's still on Twitter or Facebook shows me, and I was shown this by security guys yesterday,
Let's be clear.
They're force-fed Antifa people's profiles and, hey, be friends with this person.
So whereas we're all banned and blocked, they force-feed Black Lives Matter.
They took over all the major platforms and put the black block at the top and said, listen to this black music.
They mean globalist, communist, establishment music.
It is the megabanks.
It is the corporations running death camps in China.
It is the people exploiting us, running the lockdowns, making the biggest profits in history, bankrupting small farmers, bankrupting small businesses, killing old people in the nursing homes.
It is the most monstrous evil corporate establishment hidden behind this cloak of leftist
We're good to go.
I'm not saying all the Boogaloos are bad.
It's the same.
I'm saying there's the same group.
We go out there.
It's them in the Boogaloo outfit.
It's them in the Antifa outfit.
You know, it's them wearing their 19th century outfits.
And they just, and they're just ridiculous.
And they're just, and again, they're trying to stop your speech, getting in your face.
We're gonna play a five minute excerpt of this when we come back on the other side.
And then I promise, next hour, I will get to, at the very start, Putin's former chief of staff calls Trump a champion against the new world order.
I'm gonna rate it on air.
It's powerful.
Welcome back!
It is the Alex Jones Show, and I'm extremely honored to be riding shotgun with the one and only Owen Schroyer.
And I don't want to just make fun of these Antifa people who then LARP as steampunks or, I guess, folks from a hundred years ago who are about to, you know, be involved in a gangland fight.
It's just that they're posing as activists, they're posing as the resistance to the establishment.
The entire globalist program, the entire media, the entire big tech system, Communist China is financing and funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
So again, they call it the Socialist Restaurant Workers Association.
It's just a made-up name and they get to always have a new name.
It's the same 10 or 15 people and they show up and they call for
Austin to stay closed.
When the governor, who never had the power to order all this to begin with, the law wasn't passed by the legislature, raises the unconstitutional mask mandate and the 100% occupancy.
Oh great!
Half the businesses in Texas say they're never reopening.
Half of them was the last number I saw.
Great job Abbott.
And now you've got a bunch of other governors in like Wyoming and Montana and all over the place I saw this morning.
They're lifting the mandate 100%.
But the businesses have been trained after a year plus and the employees want their PCR tests.
They want a nanny.
They want to be test positive.
They want to go home and watch Netflix.
But I've talked to a lot of people, when they try to go back to their job, your job's not there anymore!
Klaus Schwab did this!
So again, we were a nation built on rugged individualism, but now we've gotten to the point where it's not good to be rugged, it's not good to be individuals.
And I'll show you these two New York Times papers when we start the bottom of the hour next hour, but I want to get back to Owen Schroer, that I promise.
I said I'd hit it this segment, I'm going to hit it at six after.
Putin's former chief of staff calls Trump a champion against the New World Order.
Very powerful article.
It's totally true.
And again, it's everything I talk about.
If you understand this, we'll defeat the New World Order very quickly.
So when I read this, I want this to sink into all of you.
You have the same problem I have.
You have the same blind spot I have.
And I'm going to talk about that at 6 after, but please stay with us.
I'm going to write a note here to cover my blind spot because this is our blind spot.
Also, you shouldn't eat walnuts and try to talk after a break.
I'm in my mouth.
A little piece of my blind spot.
So I'll hit that at the start of the next hour.
Going back to Owen Schroeder.
Owen, you've got a five-minute compilation of this.
Yesterday, they got all this lavish media coverage, the 15 people dressed up in gangs of New York outfits, walking around trying to violate your First Amendment, telling us we all need to wear masks, which they were always wearing masks as antifa to begin with.
So again, it's all part of the shroud of death, the shroud of evil, the shroud that's going up over our faces that we're dirty and bad.
And, you know, we're like a bottle of whiskey or a bunch of porno magazines.
We've got to be put in a black bag.
We've got to be disappeared.
We've got to be ashamed of ourselves.
Well, and it's again sad they had all the local news here, the late night local news, running this story.
Oh, you know, socialist restaurant board fighting for masks and vaccine rights.
And nobody showed up.
But we have events with thousands of people that show up in the local media and act like it doesn't even exist.
But getting back to the actual event.
So somebody wrote their talking point yesterday.
And they're saying we must have 70% vaccinated before we can open 100%.
70% before 100%.
So that's them, anti-fascists, declaring that they have the right to put a needle in your arm.
And that's what they kept saying to you.
They were all parroting the exact lines of the left.
These people are nothing but parrots.
And so here's the irony, though, because this is what I foresee coming, at least here in Austin, Alex.
We're going to find out starting tomorrow, and then maybe give it a week or two, who's actually going to take off the mask and who's not.
You're going to get emails from, you know, your gyms or wherever you're a member, whatever else is going on, your work.
OK, we're lifting the mask.
You're going to have restaurants that you're not going to have to wear it to walk in the door and then take it off when you sit down and that nonsense.
Oh, and my wife is getting all these emails of companies saying, don't worry, we're still going to wear the mask.
And our nanny is getting them too.
And I said, send every one of them a note saying, good, tell me when you're not going to do that.
And that's when you'll get my business again.
We need to stop complying with them, call their managers up and push back instead of 15 leftists in every city speaking for us.
Well, and here's what's going to happen.
This is what I think is going to happen.
You're going to have that kind of a culture war, and there's going to be the restaurants and stuff that don't make you wear a mask, and then that's going to make these lazy bums want to play the victim again, and they're going to be mad that these other restaurants opened up and they don't have to wear masks so they get to go to work and make money, and then they're not making money.
So here's what I think is going to happen.
They're going to start unleashing probably offensive, violent attacks
On the restaurants that lift the mask mandate and actually let you go have a meal or a beverage without wearing a mask, they'll start attacking those restaurants.
I agree with you.
This is all Maoist psychology.
Let's go to your five-minute, boiled-down report, then we'll come back and spend more time on this in the short segment and then right to this key speech and report by Putin's former chief of staff.
Here it is.
What's the percentage increase in death in the United States?
I am not a scientist.
So you haven't done your research.
I'll tell you.
It's zero percent, sir.
The death rate has gone up zero percent in the deadliest pandemic in U.S.
How is that?
That's impossible.
That is impossible!
So this guy is the perfect example of a human that's really not even human anymore.
His cell phone decides everything.
His cell phone decides his politics.
God forbid he loses internet, what will you do then?
I'd probably kill myself, bro.
Well, at least you'd be saving the world from global warming, right?
But see, this is what people do.
This is what the liberals do to the truth right here.
They just drown it out.
They just drown it out.
They act like they can't hear it.
They close their eyes.
They close their ears.
They don't want to know the truth.
And this is why they're censoring everybody on the internet right now that speaks the truth, because they just want the truth out of their lives.
It's inconvenient for their lives.
It's inconvenient for their totalitarianism.
Are you pro-government or pro-freedom?
That's a false equivalency.
You can be both pro-government and pro-personal freedom.
The government restricts your freedom?
Only to a point where it prevents you from... So you're pro-government?
I am pro-government to a point that prevents people from harming each other.
I'll give you credit.
At least you're honest.
You are pro-government.
So are you a communist?
Yes, sir.
Do you want free stuff from the government?
For certain things, yes.
Like the prevention of disease.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Are you pro-government or pro-freedom?
Pro-government or pro-freedom?
Well, I'm pro my body, my choice.
So are you interested in women's rights?
So my body, my choice.
So I don't want to take a vaccine or wear a mask.
Is that okay?
I mean, I think if you want to die, that's fine with you.
I have never worn a mask and I don't take any vaccines and I'm still alive.
But you can get the f*** away from me because you don't have a mask on and I do.
But the mask protects you, right?
Doesn't the mask protect you?
It doesn't protect you.
By the way, they were playing this music to Blair and Over Owen.
That's not us playing that music.
What EWOC is trying to do is train people how to become union organizers in their workplace.
Teach them how to be combiness, right?
Combiness and f***ing rules, dude!
Tell us more!
Tell us more!
I'm gonna end... That's why everybody's trying to get out of combiness.
Come here.
You know, Karl Marx.
Workers of the world, unite!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!
Let this guy run your mouth.
As we beg to put the mask on our faces!
Your suit's a little too small, by the way.
But you know what's great?
Those are called muscles.
If you worked out, you may know something.
That's all the muscle I need, baby.
My brain's bigger than yours, too.
The mask is actually an IQ test.
Did our sacrifice result in any action from our governor?
You failed.
Yeah, you destroy your own prosperity.
The government owes you nothing.
You're already battling food insecurity.
Get the f*** away from me.
Hit pause.
Hit pause, guys.
Back it up 20 seconds, we're going to come back and play the rest of this, but the United Nations admits that 200, and what's the latest number, 87 million people are starving on the verge of death.
Double the number of people died last year of starvation, something like 35 million instead of the usual 15, 16, 17 million.
They admit that billions could starve and that the lockdowns were bad after the UN recommends it and does it.
Then they got heat and they went, okay, yeah, but still the nation states are getting IMF and World Bank money.
They actually continue the lockdowns in Africa and areas of Latin America, causing total collapse and giant migrant groups to surge who are then organized into UN invasion forces and brought in here and then politically brainwashed.
I'm good.
That is 11 months ago.
I'm going from memory.
Was that in March or April, that article?
In the New York Times of all places.
So they're going, we've got a looming food crisis.
Keep everything.
Do you hear her?
We've got a looming food crisis.
Let's keep the economy shut.
Which is what Klaus Schwab wants to do to starve the third world to death, you dumb, stupid witch!
You get five university degrees, you've got a job as a bartender, nothing against you, you want to stay shut, but you're talking about starvation when you're the people that starve everyone!
Move to North Korea if you love communism so much, you dimwit!
Hour number two straight ahead!
Tell everybody tune in now or roll over to die!
Alright, it's Alex Jones here with Owen Schroer.
And we're playing a little five-minute excerpt of the hour-plus unedited insanity of the 15 or so gangs of New York wannabes, LARPers, anti-foot dudes walk around like this, flexing their muscles, saying, we are the socialist restaurant workers and we don't want to reopen.
Wow, these are great people.
And again, here's this woman talking about food shortages.
And how terrible it is when it's the lockdown ding-dong that's causing it.
Then we'll get Owen's take on it.
Here it is.
What Iwok is trying to do is train people on how to become union organizers in their workplace.
Teach them how to be communists, right?
Communism f***ing rules, dude!
I'm gonna end from a quote from, you know, Karl Marx.
Workers of the world, unite!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!
As we beg to put the mask on our faces!
Your suit's a little too small, by the way.
Those are called muscles.
If you worked out, you may know something.
It's all muscles I need, baby.
My brain's bigger than yours too.
The mask is actually an IQ test.
You failed.
Did our sacrifice result in any action from our governor?
Yeah, you destroy your own prosperity.
The government owes you nothing.
You're already battling food insecurity.
Get the f*** away from me.
Big tough one.
Did I just threaten a woman?
Wow, you threatened a woman.
What a coward!
I'll hit pause again.
Please back it up 30 seconds.
This is the end.
It's very important.
He's giving them actual admitted numbers that are deadly accurate.
And they're just screaming and yelling, hoping he can't be hurt.
Their whole world.
I mean, when I go out to any event now, they'll have antifa with black, like, tar paper, and they try to put it up and block me and block others, and then beat up people in wheelchairs.
I mean, they are the villains.
And again, they're such weird LARPers that they named their communist group the Ewoks, and they want to unionize private businesses and bankrupt the snot out of them.
And it's all directed by Confucius Institutes at our universities.
They know how to shut us down, and China is consolidating power with corporations.
We've been sabotaged, which is an old French term from when they actually had a workers' movement.
They were sticking sandals in the Industrial Revolution in gears, meaning sabos, sandal.
That's what I was told.
I read that.
And I mean, this is insane.
You're not the Ewoks.
You're the Empire.
Let's explain that.
We're using cheesy Star Wars analogies.
Let's show the Death Star.
That's Klaus Schwab.
That's Bill Gates.
That's who you're promoting.
They're deals, okay?
We are the Ewoks.
In fact, I have as much hair on my back as an Ewok.
I am the rightful Ewok.
Let's finish Owen's clip.
Here it is.
A percent.
My body, my choice.
If we don't want a vaccine and we don't want to wear a mask, that's our body, that's our choice.
But all of a sudden you're against my body, my choice.
So it seems like all your other political policies, all your other political opinions are all hypocritical and all double-sided.
If you look at the CDC's numbers for flu and pneumonia, they went down to zero.
And if you look at the number of comorbidity deaths from COVID, it's 80%.
80% of COVID deaths were cancer, leukemia, bone disease, obesity, heart failure.
We are joined by a very serious thought criminal, Lauren Witski.
Again, this lady is a terrible person.
Wait till you hear what she's done.
Well, she has been critical of pedophiles and she's been outspoken.
So she's been banned on Twitter and they said it's official.
You cannot call pedophiles demonic.
It's a medical condition.
That's how it begins.
So it's a medical condition.
They want to grab your child out of the back of your yard and then take them and rape them and kill them.
So Lauren joins us and a very, very talented lady.
You know, I saw when she was running for the Senate, got the most votes ever in the state she's in, in modern history as a Republican.
And then I saw her on with Tom Papert and I was like, oh my gosh, let's get her on.
That's awesome.
And she is a spokeswoman for Hold the Line PAC.
And former Republican nominee for the U.S.
Senate in 2020, Lauren smashed the record for most Republican votes in a Senate candidacy in Delaware history.
Outside of politics, addiction recovery is her passion, and she is an active volunteer in the recovery ministry.
HoldTheLinePAC.com, and she's fighting
Of course also the transgenders trying to take over women's sports and all that, but really the giant pedophile armies that have declared their occupation of the planet and the ownership of our children.
For me, the whole transgender thing, targeting little boys, mainly autistic little boys all over the world, trying to sterilize them, trying to sexualize them, it's all part of this.
When we get to the next segment, I got two copies of the New York Times that were in my hotel the other day.
I was there for two days.
And it's just all men as women sexualizing little kids.
It's like an alternate universe.
It just shows that this cult is in control.
And so, Lauren, thank you for joining us.
And Owen Schroeder is riding shotgun in studio in Austin.
He'll be popping in as well, but we salute your work.
And, wow, you have been banned for criticizing pedophilia.
This is a new low.
Yeah, I know.
Who would have thought 10 years ago that we'd be even having to have this discussion?
You know, now Twitter has changed their terms of service to accommodate pedophiles.
But if you call pedophilia or degeneracy out for what it is, demonic, you instantly get banned.
Christian values are no longer welcome as public opinion.
They're doing everything they can to shut down Christianity.
And let me tell you something, this was always their end goal.
It was always about the children.
And guess what?
The culture war is here, and they are coming for your children.
And they will do everything they can to silence you.
They will do everything they can to get you to back down.
But I want to encourage your listeners, do not back down because, like I said, their end goal is the children.
It's always been the children.
Only thing I care about is winning and saving babies.
So, you know, I will continue to fight and the only thing that they did by silencing me was tick me off.
So I'm ready to go and I'm ready to keep fighting and I'm ready to lead the charge in this new culture war that is long overdue.
Well, what's amazing is, because I followed your story the last year or so, if you would have run
In a tight district, you would have won.
I mean, you got record votes, so you ran a very, very uphill battle and just did an amazing job.
So even though you lost, the process of struggle is making you stronger.
Talk about yourself, talk about what you've witnessed, and then let's get into what specifically happened on Twitter in this latest outrage.
Right, yeah.
So I am, it's no secret to anybody that I am in active recovery.
I struggled with heroin and methamphetamine addiction all through my 20s.
I found myself in a situation I never thought I'd be in.
You know, at one point I was a lowball drug runner working for Mexican cartels.
You know, I was in the pits of hell and even still when I was there, God met me there.
You know, I went through a program, changed my life.
I went through a Christian program.
You know, I rebuilt my character from the inside out.
Now I do everything I can to fight for recovery solutions.
You know, in a nation that is crippled by addiction, you know, we have to start talking about the issue of the opioid epidemic.
You know, also some things I witnessed, you know, this whole thing, yet again, Open Borders, it's about the children.
You know, these cartels, they smuggle in children, they sell their children.
To these people and it becomes human trafficking, you know, it's all intertwined opioid epidemic open borders sex trafficking going after the children So, you know, I'm really passionate.
I really have a heart for protecting America's children So, you know my entire life
That I walked through.
Everything that I walked through became my testimony, but it also became my platform, and I fought for it.
And we did really well.
It was my first time running.
We beat the establishment GOP-endorsed candidate, who was a lawyer, well-established lawyer in the state of Delaware.
We beat him handedly.
And on Election Day, we were buried in mail-in ballot votes.
165,000 mail-in ballot votes already, Chris Coons had in the door, but we still put up one heck of a fight.
And I'm not done, you know, I'm just getting started.
Now I'm focused on restoring election integrity because we will never win again.
We will not have a prior in 2022 or 2024.
If we do not get election reform.
So I'm going to save Georgia.
Right now we are pushing through a bill that gets rid of vote-by-mail, that requires voter ID, bans the ballot drop boxes, and it's just a great bill that will restore election integrity.
It will cut Stacey Abrams off at the knees.
And we're going to force Brian Kemp to sign it.
We have to put pressure on him because like I said, I only care about winning.
So we have to start holding our elected officials accountable in order to get election reform and settle for nothing less than free and fair elections.
So that is what I'm focusing on now.
After I get election integrity and free and fair elections, which is I will not stop until I do, then I may consider running again.
However, you know, I'm really doing the fight on the ground
No, no, no, no.
Go ahead.
I was going to say your story is beautiful, and it's what God's all about, it's what America's all about, it's what freedom is all about, and none of us are perfect.
What we don't need is these fake lawyers up there that claim they've never done anything in their life, but in truth, they're a bunch of absolute monsters behind the scenes, and you're so outspoken, so well-spoken, and they're really scared of you.
A lot of other really great women, I'm noticing, that are stepping up and running against the whole globalist agenda.
And I mean, this is globalism versus nationalism.
Who would have thought that just wanting to secure the borders and making life easier for American families is such a controversial topic now?
You know, this should just be the standard and be the norm.
And we as a Republican Party, we as a political entity, have allowed
Subversive people to come into our party and allow us to make compromises.
And enough is enough.
I know what compromise gets me.
I know if I give the enemy an inch, he takes the whole thing.
And today we are facing that.
He is about to take the whole thing.
So it's about time that people man up.
I shouldn't have to do this.
I'm a girl.
I should be home making babies.
That's what I should be doing.
However, here I am.
I'm having to fight because many Christian men, many of the strong men within our political party, are too busy reading Green Eggs and Ham, doing a live stream, or getting a hot take on Fox News.
They have done nothing for us.
And I'm sick and tired of it.
I just speak my mind.
You know, what are they going to do to me?
There's nothing else they can take from me.
They have silenced my voice.
They put me on the domestic terrorist list.
I can't even fly without being very, very searched and very, very screened.
You know, and this is where I'm at, but it is worth it.
And we need more people to step up.
You know, because the future of our country is at stake.
My generation and the younger generation, their future is at stake.
And, you know, this all started when we started making compromises.
So I know the importance of not compromising, standing firm in what you believe in, and not apologizing.
We do way too much apologizing, and we are way too fearful of what the left is going to call us.
When they will never vote for us anyway.
These people are our enemies, and we need to start treating them as so.
Lauren Whiskey is our amazing guest, and again, I saw clips of her on the news when she was running in Delaware, some of the things she did, but what a charismatic, dynamic lady.
I know Owen Schroyer's got points he wants to go over as well.
He's with us for two more segments and then I'll hit the Putin advisor letter that I promised that I would get to.
But when we come back, I want to speak to children becoming a commodity with the left.
The fact that under Obama and now under Biden, even the Senate report admits thousands of children were placed with smugglers, many of which used in a horrible sex dance.
That's mainline news.
And so really, they are trafficking in our children.
I want to just finish up with Twitter banning you, and I want to see if you can find or send us.
I remember seeing a screenshot.
We have an article, folks, at Infowars.com, so the crew can pull that up, where she got banned for calling it demonic.
I mean, this is just incredible.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, we are back live.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Lauren Witski is our guest.
Hold the line.
Yeah, she's like Infowars.
You got to go to her URL.
That's because she's a bonafide patriot and is effectively fighting the enemy.
And how dare her call pedophiles monsters?
How dare she call them demonic?
No, no.
The New York Times and Vice and
Salon say they're actually good people.
So let's get into what you actually got banned for.
If they can put that Enforce article back on screen, that'd be great.
Yeah, there it is.
There is what she had to say.
They have a screenshot.
Demonic Twitter bans Lauren Witzke for criticizing trans women who says little girls are kinky.
And when you go look at all these different tweets and Facebooks, these people, they're obsessed with children and they want sexual access to your children.
Just like the new deputy head of Health and Human Services, that disgusting looking man with the curly hair that calls himself a woman.
I mean, I'm used to it in old horror movies, like Silence of the Lambs.
The serial killer thinks he's a woman.
We're good to go.
And if they can't have sex with them, I guess, you know, they want to chop them off.
I mean, that's, that's what this whole movement is.
And it's so out in the open.
And listen, I got two New York Times this year while you're talking.
I'm going to hold up some of this.
Literally dozens of pages of the New York Times with what looks like underage boys dressed like girls, all emaciated like they're dying.
So I'm, I'm ranting here.
Lauren, tell us about how you got banned and why.
Yeah, so it started last week.
I got in a fight with Richard Grinnell, that subversive pervert within our Republican Party, for spotlighting transgenderism at CPAC.
You know, we are the party of opposing gay marriage.
We're the party of traditional family values.
And what we have allowed is the LGBTQ lobby and their donors to come in and infiltrate our party.
So I called them out on it last week.
The neocons and the
Fake conservatives, the gay conservatives, all mass reported me.
But I ended up surviving that mass reporting spiel.
However, calling pedophiles demonic.
Is what got me banned.
Calling a pedophile, transgender woman, who, or man, whatever it is, demonic for openly suggesting that little girls aren't princesses and they're actually kinky.
And if you get abused in the bathroom, it's because they wanted it.
You know, that is absolutely demonic.
And we allowed this to come into our party and happen.
You know, we, they called us crazy 10 years ago when we talked about the slippery slope.
Well, here's the deal.
We were right.
The slippery slope is here, and this is where it's gotten us.
And we can't even speak out against it and call it out for exactly what it is.
This is a demonic movement, and this is a spiritual battle.
And, you know, if you cannot handle being told that, you know, being called out for what you are and you have to be silenced, it means we're right.
And we're
Right over the target.
I mean look at that video.
That's absolutely just who does that?
You know They're operating in some kind of darkness that we shouldn't even have any association with And if anybody stands up against it, they shut you down.
So we as Christians need to come together.
This is the end goal This is where we're at and start going on offense and start taking our country back from these pedophiles, you know Twitter now allows they're called a
Minor attracted, minor attracted individuals are allowed to be on Twitter and communicate with each other as long as...
What we're witnessing is the coming out of the international pedophile movement.
And the media, whenever Trump was busting all these different trafficking operations, would say it was a conspiracy theory and it didn't exist.
And we see the sexualization.
I mean, I've got the New York Times here, and literally all these magazines, all these papers just fell out of it when I got it at the hotel.
And it was all men dressed as women, hundreds and hundreds of pages, different catalogs, different articles.
And then in the paper, it just shows this.
And then it shows women as men
And again, men has emaciated girls.
And then it had articles about starving Latin Americans and girls and slavery.
And it's all like a weird snuff film.
They're getting off on this.
This is what New York elitism has produced.
And I want to be clear.
I've been more of a libertarian over the years.
I'm a Christian.
But I don't hate people.
And I've never like tried to go out and say, well, an adult shouldn't be able to do what they want.
But here's the problem.
When you do that, it's then, okay, just let us have gay marriage.
Well, now it's let us have access to your children.
Let us teach them gender dysphoria so we can get their testicles.
And it's like, whoa, whoa, whoa.
So this wasn't just about you having freedom to have your own choices.
You actually want to tell me what words I can use, what I can do.
And so, you know, I've done comedic stuff.
I've made gay jokes.
I've done all that.
And I guess I can't even do that because it's all so toxic and it all normalizes this.
And so I agree with you.
We all need to get more hardcore, more conservative, more draw on the line here, because any tolerance we bring is only like a white flag of surrender to a very evil anti-human agenda.
Tolerance and diversity is a lie.
It is not our strength.
It is our greatest weakness.
And they prey on our weakness because we're too afraid to stand up against it.
You know, they call us names and people immediately back down and apologize because they're so fearful of what these evil communists are saying about them.
However, we should be like, you know what?
If they are coming after me, I'm doing something right.
Use it as encouragement because we are running out of time.
It is only a matter of time before they start coming for parental rights.
Actually, they're already coming for parental rights.
Children don't even have the opportunity or the right to change their mind and go see a therapist should they struggle with gender dysphoria and like to get help with it.
You know, it's legalized in my state.
You know, they have stripped parental rights where if parents
Can I bring you on?
Well, you're not exaggerating.
It's already here in Texas.
We have judges in Texas, in Dallas, taking little boys away and allowing them to be sterilized because mommy says it's what they want.
And then the kids in court saying, I'll do what mommy says, I'll do what daddy says.
I want to be a boy at dad's house, a girl at mom's house because mom gives them so much attention.
They can't make a decision when they're a child about whether they want to join the military or buy liquor, but we're going to let them make a decision about deadly drugs or surgeries?
Run by, again, sick crazy dudes that look like they're out of a Rob Zombie movie?
Yeah, yeah.
And we are expected to acquiesce to their requests.
You know, our taxpayer dollars are going towards funding these public school libraries where they are hosting drag queen story hours.
They are mocking us as Christians.
They are mocking
And coming after us.
They're coming after our children.
They're removing parental rights.
And it all starts with the breakdown of the family.
If they can break down the family, the nuclear family, which is the foundation of this nation, they can break down our nation because that's everything that our party, that our country was founded on, was family.
And that's why they went after family first.
You know, we became a global leader in single parenthood just last year, which is
Because we also incentivized it, but also we pushed degeneracy and glorified ideas like the LGBTQ.
We put on a platform transgenderism.
Our party is guilty of that.
We glorified transgenderism.
Let's talk about the Republican Party.
I understand why the head of CPAC thinks he's doing good.
I understand why Charlie Kirk thinks this is all good.
Because I've been of that mindset myself, but I'm seeing how it's been wrong.
Let's come back and talk about this on the other side.
I mean, I've always criticized the transgenderism.
I always knew it was about biological attacks.
I always knew it was about reducing fertility.
I always knew it was about ending family.
But when you're even nice and friendly to their operatives, it's endorsing the whole thing.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Stroyer's done a great job riding shotgun.
Lauren Witzke ran for Senate, got record votes in Delaware.
She runs a PAC standing up against election fraud and the sexualization of our children.
And this is a bigger discussion that I'd already decided this morning to have about myself, so I'm not trying to inject myself in here.
I should probably spend a few hours on this tomorrow, or at some other time, maybe when I get back to Austin.
Not repenting on air, but really talking about my thought processes, because I was promiscuous when I was young, did a lot of wild stuff.
I like to make jokes, I like to go crazy, I like to have fun, and I don't hate adults that are doing wild things.
But then I realized it's all part of an agenda to go after our children and make them a commodity, and it's all aimed at destroying their innocence.
And so the whole thing is predatory, and they're censoring us, and they're controlling us, and the left is waging war against us.
And it really makes me realize, I know God's real.
I've experienced the Holy Ghost.
I've got great discernment.
God's gotten me out of a lot of things.
And I've been blessed to have a lot of great Christians in my family.
And I just realized that you really can't serve two masters.
It's not like I'm wild or anything.
We have to just basically draw a straight line and be ourselves even more conservative because it all just collapses.
Sure, I mean, I make jokes.
I do things I probably shouldn't do.
And it really does come down to we're in a very serious fight.
You don't think the agents
Or our Christian ancestors that drew a very, very strong line against any form of corruption were doing it because they hadn't experienced things.
They'd just come out of horrible collapse and decadence and everything that's being repeated now.
I mean, at the end of the Roman Empire, they were raping the kids and all the rest of it as well.
And every empire collapses.
The Aztecs with them, killing, not just raping the kids.
And so we're entering that same cycle, and we have to break with these people and stop doing what they want.
Stop listening to them, because they want to bankrupt us.
And at the end of the day, they want to sterilize our children and kill us.
So I'm ranting here, Lauren, but you're absolutely right.
In the seven, eight minutes we have left, Owen jumped in.
I know you've got a lot of points to make.
It's just outrageous that Twitter would ban you for pointing out that one of these men that poses as a woman, it's a lot of predators again, in the world poses women, most are psycho movies, it's a man posing as a woman, and we know that's in every culture, that's happened for thousands of years, but some of the worst men poses women, and I remember Cuomo, not the one that killed everybody in the nursing homes or all that stuff, but the other one on CNN said, so if your 11 year old daughter, this is a tweet, doesn't like to see a man's
Crazy this is.
This is how out of control this is.
And they're saying all over the country, in executive order, we're going to put biological men in the showers with your little girls.
It's happening.
Because if you'll put up with that, you'll put up with anything.
So Lauren, I'm going to get you back for a full hour soon.
I got to leave in about seven minutes.
But just speak to that and then let's talk about election integrity.
I'm sure you're jumping anytime.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, this is a spiritual battle.
It's always been a spiritual battle, and our enemy is very cunning.
You know, this started years and years ago, and they played on our compassion.
They played on our Christian compassion.
They're really good at that.
They did the same thing with immigration.
Oh, you don't want to invite half of the third world into your country?
Oh, then you're not really a Christian.
And we bought it.
You know, so we are running out of time.
We need to become the party immediately.
We need to become
Uh, leaders of the talk therapy movement.
We have to re-legalize conversion therapy.
Uh, we start, we have to start taking, um, offensive positions on gay marriage and gay rights because they, you know, that wasn't part of, none of this was part of the deal.
They just wanted to get married.
They broke their end of the bargain.
And now they're trying to influence and infiltrate our party.
Um, and that is not our problem.
Uh, you know, and we see the end result.
We got a good glimpse at the end result.
When my tweet got banned, my Twitter got banned for calling out the end result as demonic for what it was.
You know, so we have a good idea of what's coming and what depends now.
And the only thing that matters now is what we are going to do to stop it.
We as Christians are going to stand up and do to protect our future children's innocence, my future children's innocence.
You know, I do not want to raise my children in a world where I can't even send my daughter to the bathroom because she may get abused by a man dressed as a woman
Who is going to say that she asked for it, you know?
And by the way, while you're talking, while you're talking, show that Fox News headline again, guys.
In Canada, in the U.S., all over, every day I see an article where a man rapes a girl in a shower.
Little girls and adult women, it's all just as bad.
Show that monster.
Show his ugly face.
And if that isn't demonic, and them telling us that that's a woman,
Nothing is.
I mean, and look, look, look, he's so proud of himself and they all look the same.
They're damn pedophiles dressed up like women.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no, that is what they are.
And now they are trying to make the excuse.
Oh, no, no, you're fine.
Now they're trying to make the excuse that it is their fault.
They're the ones asking for it.
The innocent children are the ones.
They're not as straight and narrow as you think they are.
So we're not the problem.
It's them.
They're asking for it.
And, you know, like you said, they look proud of themselves.
They're not sorry.
These people cannot be.
Uh, they cannot be reformed.
They simply cannot be reformed.
Um, so we have to start making examples of these people.
We have to start calling it out what it is, and we have to start demanding that our elected officials, or remove them, if they do not cater to our demands.
We are the majority in this party.
Uh, we are- What happened with the gay marriage thing?
What happened with the gay- Yeah, exactly.
Because they said, oh, they said, this is all we want, and as soon as that happened, now they said, we want your children, and we want them now.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, our enemy is cunning, and he played on our emotions that they just want to get married.
They just want to have the same rights we do.
Now, here we are.
We're having chemical castrations for children, puberty blockers for little girls.
You know, this is where we are at as a society.
And we can still reverse this.
We can still come back from this, but we have to be bold.
We have to be strong enough to say the things that need to be said, call out evil for what it is.
And Alex, you're absolutely right.
You know, as a Christian, I let a lot of things slide.
I celebrated a lot of lifestyles that left my friends broken or dead, most of them, you know, and we, compromising is not compassionate, not calling out sin for what it is and forcing change.
And not enabling sin is how we win this.
Enabling sin is not compassionate.
The only path for that is death and it's going to be the death of our children.
Forty percent of them end up attempting suicide after they transition and we are glorifying the transitioning process by giving it a platform.
And I was reading statistics like half of them become sex workers.
I mean this is a predatory system.
That wants to destroy our men, turning them into this, and then also destroy our children and destroy our women.
And it's a weapon.
It's attacking women's spaces, women's sports.
It's attacking little kids.
It's turning men into these soldiers of destruction wearing wigs.
I mean, if Hitler wore a wig, they would have said, oh, he's Hitler.
Let him take over.
Imagine if Hitler said, let me have your little boys and cut their genitals off.
But today, it's so absurdist.
We'd laugh at him.
It's so surreal.
Owen Schroer in closing.
He'll be taking over next hour.
I really appreciate you, my friend.
But any questions or comments for this great lady?
Well, I think the main key that I'm watching here is the cultural war because, you know, I studied psychology in college and so I have a bit of a knowledge, and it came naturally to me, but the people who have been studying psychology and documenting it for years certainly understand this.
You know, when I was growing up, they understand propaganda, how it works on children.
I remember, you know, magazines is a big place for children to get their propaganda.
So I would see all the men's magazines or sports magazines and I would see guys, you know, the got milk that are strong.
I would see guys promoting working out, working hard.
I would read books written by like Derek Jeter about hard work and sacrifice.
And so that's kind of like that would be like the propaganda that I saw as a kid.
Like, hey, I want to be big and strong.
Hey, I want to be successful.
Hey, that's the formula.
Well, now they open up a magazine and they see a dude in a wig, they see a dude with, you know, eye paint, they see a dude dressing like Little Mermaid, and so all of a sudden that becomes the propaganda that they strive for.
So, of course, the numbers of transsexuals is going to go up, or the numbers of gay people is going to go up, when that's the propaganda that they're receiving and is coming out of them and they're consuming.
We've got to get Loren Wetzke back on the show soon.
We love what you're doing.
You're awesome.
Hopefully you'll come back on very, very soon.
What's the best website for people to find you?
All right.
So listen, I will not stop fighting for you.
I'm going to get election reform and then I'm going to elect Republican candidates who will fight for us and these issues and fight for our families.
Please visit my website, www.holdthelinepack.com.
Consider contributing.
Follow me on Gab.
I'm at laurenwitzke.de.
Thank you so much, Alex, for having me.
Sergei Ivanov.
Sergei Ivanov.
Wrote a very important article that was published in Russia that I'm going to read in full here.
It was republished at TheAmericanThinker.com.
It's also up on Infowars.com.
Sergei Ivanov, Vladimir Putin's former chief of staff, currently on the Russian Federation Security Council, has weighed in on the historical scale, quote, of the personality and achievements of President Donald Trump in an op-ed for Eurasia Daily.
I have changed not a word of what he had to say.
In his national ideology, Putin warns repeatedly of the dangers from the transnationalists.
The Russians are joined by the British and their Brexit.
The French with their Front National, led by populist Marie Le Pen.
Populism actively straddles the Atlantic and Donald Trump is regarded as the hero.
Of course, you've got also down in Brazil, Bolsonaro.
Again, I'm not bragging.
I've talked to his son who's in their Congress.
They invited me down there.
I haven't been able to go yet.
They said, point blank, you massively influenced them in the last 15 years.
They've been listening 15 years and that shows the power of this broadcast and you supporting us.
I can tell you much of Trump's resistance and operating system against the globalists came directly from Infowars.
And again, that's why the enemy wants us shut down.
I can tell you that I have talked to
Leading Russian intellectuals on and off air, and they have said that our fight against the globalists has also been instrumental over there, but only because it dovetailed with Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
As you grow, you learn things.
Putin went from being a KGB operative to being a student of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who he said was basically his central teacher.
And he went visiting right before he died, privately, and also visiting several times before he died.
So I'm not lionizing Vladimir Putin.
But he's blocking the transgenderism, the pedophile networks, the globalists.
And if more countries do this, we can defeat the New World Order.
So, here, ladies and gentlemen, is why they hate Putin and hate Trump.
There was no Russians helping Trump.
In fact, Russia has the same globalists they're operating, and Putin's barely in control.
But stronger than Trump because he had more time.
And I'm not defending everything Putin does, but the key here is that the nationalist model that Putin has is the real threat.
So when we say collusion,
If what Putin has done spreads, it's over for the New World Order.
They don't want strong leaders.
That's why they want somebody like Biden to demoralize us and make us feel weak.
So, as Sergei continues, if Joe Biden, the American deep state, and the world global elites have called Donald Trump the worst president in U.S.
history, well, it is because they know best who is the worst for them, exactly.
When you're fighting the globalists, you're fighting the establishment, not Antifa and BLM.
You are the establishment.
In contrast, those on the Russian side of the world itself correctly see Donald Trump as perhaps the best president in the history of the United States, a modern George Washington.
As he explains, if the first President of America fought to lay the foundations of the nation-state, the beginning of the American freedom, that Trump fought and still fights to preserve the legacy of the Founding Fathers to defend freedom, so that in the end, he will not come to be the last truly elected President of the United States.
He, like Washington, is of the flesh of the people.
100% American, a classic self-made man, a living embodiment of the American dream.
Trump is a successful entrepreneur, a man of action, a man of his word.
He built up America all his life and became its true national leader.
Continuing with what he wrote.
Not only Americans, but also world history of those past centuries hardly holds another example of a politician having no actual party machine at his disposal, who was likewise able to become the head of a state and receive such phenomenal support from the people.
It is significant that even amid the intimidation of the pandemic used by the global to disrupt Trump's promising triumphant election campaign and prevent the consolidation of American nation under its leader, many thousands of people gathered
At least to meet with the President.
What other world leaders over the past half century can boast at least something similar?
Yet all
A progressive, quote, humanity have taken up arms against Trump.
The entire Communist Internationale, this is the Russians fighting Communists, hear this, from leftist extremists to Chinese comrades, and ending with the Pope Francis, fought an undeclared war to destroy American leader for all the four years of his presidency.
After all, without control of the U.S., the globals cannot successfully build their new world order.
This is Putin's former chief of staff and his main advisors.
This is how the Russians are now.
Just like you learn you're under globalist attack, you learn it's outside, you learn it's anti-family, you learn it wants to kill you, you reject it all.
Doesn't matter if you were run by communists before, it doesn't matter.
Now it's all about ideology.
And then success flows from the pro-human ideology.
And he says that here.
This is victory.
This is everything I say.
And they're not copying me, I'm not copying them.
It's prima facie.
That's Latin for on its face.
You know it on its face.
You know normal and good on its face.
So why are the big companies banging the word normal now?
Because they don't want you to be able to disenfranchise.
It's normal to stand up for your country.
It's normal to stand up for your family.
It's normal to have strong men.
It's normal to have good women.
It's normal to build our sons and daughters to be strong, not weak.
Together with Joe Biden, he continues, they celebrate not only BLM and their curators, like Soros and Pelosi, not only Merkel and Macron, but also anti-democratic regimes around the world, from China, North Korea, to Venezuela, to Cuba.
This is Putin's chief advisor saying, break with all these authoritarians.
They're just waiting for leadership, folks.
They're waiting for us.
They're trying.
In the United States itself, immediately after Trump came to the White House, deep state functionaries from both parties provided unrepresented opposition and unprecedented opposition to all of the endeavors.
Like the real American hero he is, Trump took up the fight and virtually single-handedly confronted the global monster devouring the American state.
He won this confrontation, perhaps the last Western of American history, fighting the bad guys from the deep state.
He tore off their mask, the mask of freedom, democracy, concern for the welfare of the people, under which the self-proclaimed world elite have done their business.
Having torn it away, Trump resented not only the U.S., but also the world, with factual proof of the existence of the deep state.
Yeah, this is the big victory here, folks.
Don't think Trump lost.
They had to steal it.
This is a big victory.
The symbiosis of socialists, liberals, democrats of all stripes, and anarcho-greens.
Why destroy a prosperous country?
Why did Trump do wrong?
In the shortest possible time, he accomplished phenomenal economic success, millions of new jobs, rapid growth in incomes, the percentage of working wealthy people among Hispanics and black Americans have grown significantly, the number of abortions has dropped significantly, illegal immigration has been limited.
Achieve phenomenal, tangible success in the international arena without a single war?
On the contrary, the consolidation of peace in the Middle East.
All this against the background, the incessant evil hiss, the worst president ever."
Constant hysterics from the dim riff-raff of All Colors the Rainbow, from the old Italian witch, Bitch Pelosi, to the well-fed clown celebrities and athlete morons.
See, how can Russia not but love Trump, even though he did all sorts of stuff militarily to them just to get the neocons off his back?
Because we have the same enemy, ladies and gentlemen.
Comparison of these facts naturally leads to the question, why did President Trump not please the deep state?
It is because he is not a minority, but just a successful white man.
Today, for the leader of a Democrat country, this is minus.
But there is no particular crime in this either.
Or is it a crime?
To ensure rapid economic growth, to strengthen state institutions, to protect constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, traditional family, morality and religion.
The deep state should be interested in the power and prosperity of the United States.
Surely its functionaries cannot cut the branch on which they sit with their own hands deliberately destroying the country in which the ruling class is constituted.
But they do because...
It's spiritual.
Since at least the middle of the 19th century, liberals, socialists, and other, quote, friends of the people have been preaching that the economy plays a leading role in the life of society.
This truth has become a mantra for the entire, end quote, white public.
We're going to come back and I'm going to finish the other page.
But it's just all powerful truth.
And if you understand this,
It's over.
We're under attack.
Globalism is anti-human.
It's the enemy.
I don't care if you're in China, Mexico, Russia, Canada, the U.S., or Timbuk-freaking-2, or Egypt.
This is an attack on humanity.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and finish up with this.
Hand the baton to Owen Schroyer, who's going to knock it out of the park and host his own show today.
I appreciate him sitting back up in case I have any technical problems and adding great commentary.
But let me get this out here.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion, the enemy doesn't want you to have it.
Highest quality vitamins and minerals, amino acids, everything you need.
For adults, for children, back in stock and for being sold out, 40, what, 50% off and free shipping and 40% off Ultimate Krill Oil.
That's an amazing deal.
The Privacy Pockets sold out, came back in, that blocked the globalists tracking you with your cell phones.
Those are back in stock, big discounts.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
We are fighting for a pro-human future.
And if you want to defeat these globalists, you must spread the word, you must pray for us, and you must buy the products.
I thank you all for considering that and decide which side you're on.
I know most of you have, but this is serious and now it's dawning on folks.
This is not my opinion.
Infowars is the zeitgeist.
Stay with us.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Next segment, I'll finish this great op-ed written by former Chief of Staff for Vladimir Putin.
How about the ideological-spiritual battle we're all in, and then I'll finish up next segment and Owen will take over for the rest of the transmission in this hour, then Paul Watson's going to be doing the fourth hour ahead of Owen coming back during the War Room today, 3 to 6 p.m.
But Owen, I mean, this is the ideological-spiritual line, and this is everything.
I don't try to sit here as a talk show host and go, we're the exclusive.
You better listen to us.
We know everything.
And then, oh, everybody else are idiots.
No, I'm trying to get people to adopt our worldview because it is the real view.
It's from a globalist perspective.
We just don't agree with the globalists.
The globalists are taking over.
They are in charge almost completely.
They're trying to mop up resistance to really hammer the hell out of us.
And thank God, Russia and a few other places have halfway fought this thing off.
Doesn't mean they're perfect, but they're recognizing good versus evil.
What do you think?
Well, when I was leaving the scene yesterday of that Socialist Pro-Mask rally, there was a local news reporter there who doesn't like it when I show up and blow up their scene, and I could see the kind of sneering gestures that were made, and I said, you know, you're upset because InfoWars has a monopoly on the truth, but that's just because you refuse to say the truth.
We don't actually have a monopoly on the truth, but we're just the only people that are willing to actually go there and say the truth.
And you know, one of the odd things, which isn't really that odd, it's perfectly explainable, that I think, you know, part of the topic with Laura Witski is, you know, D.C.
conservatives really don't fight for anything.
conservatives are rich, they're in a comfort zone, they have everything given to them, handed to them, so they're never actually going to fight.
That's why the real fighters are coming out of Florida, the real fighters are coming out of South Dakota, the real fighters are coming out of Texas, Missouri.
Because in D.C., oh, you know, we're all having fun, we're all schmoozing, we're all eating and drinking elite meals 24-7.
That's right, they're no longer Americans anymore, but an Owen Schroeder,
Patrick Howley and Alex Jones or Laura Loomer.
We're Americans.
We know we're being conquered.
We know we're being taken over by evil and we're not going to put up with it.
Yeah, yeah.
We weren't trying to get a position at the Republican feeding trough to be bought off.
I mean, people try to get big to get bought off.
No, no, no.
We're not getting bought off.
Great point.
That's why we're under attack.
And I think that Trump, and you know by the way Trump is unpopular, that's why the Republicans are using his name to fundraise.
An interesting kind of dichotomy here where the Republicans fundraising off of Trump, Trump sends them a cease and desist, stop fundraising off my name, they say go get bent, we're going to continue to fundraise off your name, so now Trump says do not donate to the Republican Party, only donate to the Save America PAC.
So, Donald Trump gets it, and maybe he had to learn for himself, being in the White House and D.C.
for four years, that, yeah, conservatives in D.C.
won't fight.
Yeah, he thought he could co-op them.
He thought he could co-op them from the Chai Koms.
Just like the Russians said, why not have a big, powerful country?
Because they want to bring the country down.
Trump couldn't believe it.
Now he says it, they actually want to destroy the country, because they're foreign enemies.
They were picked because they hate this country, because they're spiritually controlled by the same entities that want to cut little boys' genitals off.
Or they just are so out of touch, Alex, because they're still having, you know, their 40-ounce ribeyes every night.
They're still having their cocktails on the golf course at the country club every day.
You know, they're still living in their three mansions across the nation, traveling on the taxpayer dime.
It hasn't hit them yet.
And they don't have the foresight, Alex, to see that this is going to hit them.
And so that's why, again, you see people like Whiskey who's fighting.
You see other conservatives who are fighting, like Howley.
By the way, the Republicans are using Howley's name to fundraise, too.
That's their number two name to go to to fundraise.
And they say, oh, Trump and Howley aren't popular.
No, they are the gold standard for what is popular, what is populism, what is the new Republican Party.
And it'll be interesting to see when
The Republicans continue to raise money off Donald Trump, and then 2024 comes around.
Are they going to ingratiate Trump?
Are they going to promote Trump?
Or is it going to be back like 2016, and they're going to try to keep him out of the race, and you're going to see all the media go against Trump, too?
Because I think for all intents and purposes, it looks like he does intend on running in 2024.
That's right, Owen.
Stay there.
And I know you're going to cover that after I go.
I'm going to come back and finish up with this incredible
Uh, report put out by Vladimir Putin's former chief of staff, one of his main advisors.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Spread those links.
InfoWars.com, troopers.
You are kicking ass.
Sergei Ivanov, former chief advisor to Putin.
You can see the proof in the pudding.
of pooty-poot, as George W. Bush called him, and that they are not letting them brainwash children, that they need to have sex changes when they're seven years old, they're promoting Russians getting married and having children, and Christianity.
And there's this neocon propaganda that Putin's a secret commie still, and BS!
Alexander Solzhenitsyn fully endorsed him and said he was the real deal, and advised him on what to do.
And the globalists hated Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
I'm not saying Putin's perfect, but he's done what he's had to do to keep Russia out from the grasp of the New World Order.
So if there is a lesser of two evils, it's Putin.
And that's why they hate Putin so much, and they hate Trump so much, because it's the same ideology of having a strong, healthy, normal country.
So let's finish up here on the Alex Jones Show with this amazing letter.
Since at least the middle of the 19th century, liberal socialists and other, quote, friends of the people have been preaching that the economy plays a leading role in the life of society.
This truth has become a mantra for the entire enlightened public.
What did we see?
In Trump's case, it turns out that the global elites that preach, quote, economy are in fact much more concerned about ideology, particularly the protection of LGBT rights.
What exactly does it mean to promote homosexuality?
It is not just an abstract destruction of the traditional family, close quote.
In fact, it is the propaganda of childlessness.
That is, they push a human race towards a gradual extinction, towards self-destruction.
How can the deep state fail to understand this?
To strengthen American statehood?
Perhaps other priorities of the global elites, like feminism, the fight against racism, the green economy, in combination with the promotion of homosexuality, will contribute to the growth of well-being of the American and other peoples?
No, it won't.
Another historically significant consequence of Trump's victory is the collision with the deep state.
The American vanguard of the global elites in that secret has been revealed.
The long-standing conspiracy theory regarding globalist intent on taking over the world has been clearly confirmed and ceased to be theory.
That's the most important line out of this whole thing.
Read it again.
The long-standing quote conspiracy theory regarding globalist intent on taking over the world has been clearly confirmed and seems to be a theory.
It is now objective knowledge.
It has successfully passed the experimental test and is no longer a hypothesis.
It has gone from beta to operational.
How many times have I said it's gone from beta to operational?
It has successfully passed the experimental test and is no longer a hypothesis but an observable fact.
Those who wish can call it a conspiracy or, to be politically correct, a non-public agreement of the elites concluded to achieve goals that are difficult to formulate publicly.
Whether the globalists manage to build their new order and put an end to history, whether President Trump turns out to be its last hero, the future will show.
But even today, thanks to his historic victory, everyone who has eyes to see, who is
Leading and who is serving.
I'm going to read that again at the end.
But even today, thanks to his historic victory, everyone who has eyes to see who is leading and who is serving.
He ends his op-ed by saying, see and fight for your future.
See and fight for your future.
First you must see it.
First you must know it.
First you must understand it and recognize what it is and what its goals are.
And the minute you get that,
Then you understand you're in a fight for your very future and your very life.
And it's a matter of your black, white, old, young, quote, gay, straight.
This whole thing's anti-human.
This isn't about gay dudes drinking martinis and having fun at the beach and giggling and getting married and hopping around throwing sand everywhere.
That's the gateway drug.
It goes all the way to pure, absolute annihilation and death of the human species, tranhumanism.
Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, the admitted plan, all of it stated by them, all of them on record saying a post-human world.
And so I'll say it again, I don't hate people who are homosexuals or heterosexuals, but I'm going to stop using the word gay.
Because it all started 50 years ago saying, be nice, don't call it homosexual, that sounds clinical.
Well, heterosexual is a clinical term.
You know, it's an ignorance of science.
Don't say Caucasian, that's a racist word.
You know, don't say the word that just simply means African in Latin.
We're good to go.
They're just people that give their money to the system, to the corporate system, to help wage war against everything that's, quote, normal.
Because see, they don't want to live and let live.
They don't want to have diversity.
They don't want to have tolerance.
I'm a very tolerant person.
No, they want
Cultural and genetic dominance over everyone on this planet.
So it's a very very important letter.
It transfers a little strange from Russian to English.
It's a pure translation.
That's why I hesitated on a few spots.
And that the glare so we're gonna edit that down.
So it's clean guys, please.
I want to get that out and make it a featured video.
Because we're all in this together ladies and gentlemen.
I don't care if you're in
You're in Africa, you're in Eurasia, or you're in Asia, or you're in Latin America, the U.S.
We are all in this together.
Owen Schroeder is going to take over for the next 45 minutes, and then he's going to be hosting some of his own show today.
Remember, Only Way the Dog Hunts!
I got a lot of irons in the fire, a lot of stuff going on people don't even know about
And let's just say this.
You see Info Wars?
Well, we're doing a lot more than what you see there.
The enemy's got all my phones tapped.
They know what we're doing.
It's all legal.
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We're pathetic.
This is just a flesh bag.
I've got this little pathetic spirit that was made by God, and I can see God, and God shines through me.
God shines through you.
But I need a platform to attack, and I just want to attack the enemy with truth.
So, please, you've got my commitment to go 110%.
Sometimes I'm going to fall, sometimes I'm going to fail, sometimes I'm going to stumble, sometimes I'm going to blow up, sometimes I'm going to make a fool out of myself, because I'm real, and I'm a sinner, but I love God, and I love justice, and I need capital to fight this war.
We're good to go.
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Alright, I'll be taking over the
Next 40 minutes of this transmission and then it's Paul Joseph Watson.
I'll be back on hosting the War Room with Tom Pappert.
I want to get into the latest developments in the Biden saga.
And there's actually been multiple developments since I sat down and put this stack of news on my desk at 11 a.m.
this morning.
And so we'll get into that coming up.
But yesterday, Biden
Did a live stream.
It lasted about nine minutes.
We played a clip of it earlier and it pretty much went the same as every other live stream that Biden does.
Nobody tuned in.
Less than a thousand people tuned in at its peak.
Had more dislikes than likes.
And it concluded with an awkward moment where
As usual, Biden didn't know what to do when it was over.
He literally doesn't know what to do.
He looks around awkwardly.
He kind of steps around into circles.
Where do I go?
What do I do now?
Who am I?
And then it's awkward with the women he was up there doing a ceremony for.
They have no idea.
He has no idea who they are.
He doesn't remember their names.
He didn't remember the name of his
He's got his cabinet member that's standing right beside him.
He can't even remember the name of the Pentagon.
And then as usual, and this is the real lesson, guys, if you can actually flash that video that we played earlier where he forgets the name.
In fact, here, let's actually roll clip three here so I can give you the context.
So I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the former general, I keep calling him general, but the guy who runs that outfit over there.
He doesn't even know him.
I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we just talked about, and for recommending these two women for promotion.
Thank you all, and may God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.
Where do I go?
What do I do?
Now watch the women that just, I guess, got a promotion in the military.
Watch what happens here.
They're hopping up and down, hopping their furthest.
This reminds me of, you know, I remember in grade school or with cousins or like in summer camps,
The girls would always be into, like, ceremonies.
And they'd do ceremonies.
They'd do weddings and, like, award ceremonies and all this stuff.
It was fun.
They'd put on dress-up.
You know, kids having fun.
But it was just kids pretending to have ceremonies and kind of hopping up and down celebrating.
Yay, we just did a ceremony!
Yay, we just simulated a ceremony!
That's what this is like.
These are arrested development adults that actually have never actually matured intellectually.
And they're still simulating their entire life like it's some sort of a celebration of a simulation.
Pumpin' their fists, jump up and down.
And they all smile.
We just did it!
We just simulated a ceremony!
I remember for whatever reason, it was just every summer camp, like girls at recess in school, they loved simulating stuff.
And it was always like award ceremonies or weddings.
And it was just like that.
They'd finish the ceremony and they'd all kind of hop up and down and clap.
It was cute.
They were kids.
This is real stuff.
These are adults simulating ceremonies that are actually supposed to be real.
But, oh, let's just promote these women to the military as a ceremony, as a simulation of a ceremony, and then let's just celebrate it.
Yay, we did it!
We completed the ceremony!
It's like, you know, little girls at a summer camp will, like, do a fake wedding of, like, two stuffed animals or something, and they jump up and down.
Yay, it's cute.
No, this is like, they're actually doing it, though.
Oh yay!
Here's the president!
We simulated a presidential victory!
Hop up and down and wave!
It's all fake.
It's all child's play.
But they're just puppets.
But what is actually happening on the policy front?
Now, Psaki is getting peppered with questions today about the crisis at the southern border.
They're denying it's a crisis, even though they're now at over 100% capacity.
They're now at over 100% capacity in these facilities, they're called reception centers now.
But even the New York Times in their story today covering this, and I don't have it on my desk because I was just reading it earlier, they admit that they have the kids in cages and they say it's jail-like!
That's in the New York Times!
And the numbers are only going up!
You had over 100%, so you had more than double
The illegal border crossings in January 2020 to January 2021, now February and March, it's going up even more.
You're looking at, it's going to be triple in April and May.
It's going to be triple.
They don't have the facilities.
So they're just releasing them all into the country.
No masks, test positive for COVID.
Now, Jen Psaki doesn't have a clue what's going on.
I don't even blame her.
How are you supposed to reiterate or communicate the thoughts of a guy who can't think?
So that's an impossible job.
But there is a crisis at the southern border, they don't have the facilities, and they're putting kids in cages as they said that Trump was doing, that he wasn't.
Oh, and also, they have now removed, the Bidens, they can't even properly take care of a dog, and so the Biden dogs have now been removed from the White House.
So Biden can't even take care of a dog.
And, well, there's other news coming out here, so let me just get into the stack.
Yes, Joe Biden is not even the acting president.
He's as much of a puppet as you've ever seen.
Kamala Harris is taking a bigger role in forming U.S.
foreign and national security policies, and she's fielding all of Biden's foreign diplomatic phone calls.
So what is Biden really even doing during the day?
Ten minutes of some sort of a speech, signed to whatever executive order lands on his desk, doesn't even read it, admits he doesn't read it,
And Harris is fielding his phone calls, and Pelosi's in charge of the military, the National Guard, and wants the nuclear codes.
So Pelosi and Harris are essentially tag-teaming the presidency right now.
And Biden doesn't have a clue what's going on.
And now you have a new book coming out, and I think this actually explains a lot.
New book claims Cranky Biden had a habit of yelling at young staffers during campaign.
He's an old man, he can't think, he's confused, he's an elitist, he's lashing out.
It's exactly what you would think.
Kind of like you can see the energy of an Andrew Cuomo.
You can feel the vibes he puts off.
Now you know it.
Yeah, he covered up the nursing home deaths.
Yeah, he's a serial harasser of women.
But now the Bidens can't even take care of a dog.
Biden dogs banned from White House after aggressive behavior and biting incident.
How much you want to bet?
We'll see what really comes out about this.
We probably never know.
Apparently they have aggressive behavior in their defense.
German Shepherds are known to be aggressive.
And if you don't properly exercise and take care of them, these dogs demand high maintenance, then they can be a problem.
I had a buddy who got attacked by a German Shepherd when we were kids.
Thing had to be put down.
My guess is, though, Biden, much like he lashes out at young staffers, was probably lashing out at these dogs.
And one of them took a... When he was reaching in.
And so they probably got... So they can't even take care of dogs.
So Biden deports dogs from the White House.
He also has pledged to end the scourge of sexual assault in the military.
Yeah, I'm sure by bringing in trannies and now saying that everybody should be wearing makeup and earrings and be sexualized in the military.
I'm sure that will help.
Biden plans cyber attacks against Russia for SolarWinds hack, but ignores Chinese involvement.
So folks, they're building up to war right now with Iran.
They're posturing themselves against Russia.
Obviously, you know about what's happening in Syria.
So this is all the Biden foreign policy, which is actually being executed right now by Kamala Harris, who nobody has any respect for.
She calls these people, most people pick up, they don't even know who she is.
So folks, imagine the president, supposedly Joe Biden, who was never elected.
Record number of votes, but the least popular of all time.
It adds up, it makes sense not.
Imagine though, you don't even remember the name of your Secretary of Defense, who's currently threatening to strike Iran!
I mean seriously, think about this.
Your Secretary of Defense is talking about striking Iran, inevitably, and you don't even know his name.
That's Joe Biden.
So what role is Joe Biden really fulfilling as the President?
The media asked Jen Psaki, hey, when is the president going to have a press conference?
Jen Psaki says he's too busy dealing with national crises.
That's exactly when you have a press conference?
That's the exact time when you address the nation?
So, the nation is in chaos!
There's crises happening!
Okay, can we get an address?
Absolutely not!
What do you think this is?
So, he doesn't address the nation.
He doesn't even know the name of his Secretary of Defense who's threatening to strike Iran.
He doesn't even make his own diplomatic phone calls.
Now imagine this.
You're a foreign leader in a different country.
And your phone goes off.
Yes, hello, this is Lithuania, this is Ukraine, whatever, okay, yes, hello.
Yeah, hi, this is Kamala Harris, how we doing?
I'm sorry, who?
Don't you know?
Kamala Harris!
Vice President of the United States!
I'm sorry, is this a prank?
I've never heard of you.
That's what's going on.
And they're not even hiding it.
Kamala Harris has been doing all the foreign affairs over the phone.
In place for Joe Biden.
Most leaders don't even know who she is.
She's a complete non-entity, non-factor.
So, she probably calls up, she gets on the phone with these foreign leaders, who expect Biden, and says, oh, I'm Kamala Harris.
Who are you?
Never heard of you.
I'm sorry, I don't know who you are.
We're trying to talk to the president here, not some dingbat.
Thank you.
So that's how that's going.
A complete disaster.
The southern border collapsing.
There's more developing here.
Twelve states have sued Biden for executive order assigning social costs to carbon emissions.
Oh, there's your social credit score.
You said it would never be coming here.
Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah have filed a collective lawsuit against the Biden administration for arbitrarily trying to assign a social cost to greenhouse gas emissions in an executive order.
Now, he probably doesn't even know this.
He probably doesn't even know what's going on.
So he's just signing whatever is on his desk.
But there's the beginning of your social credit score.
How much carbon are you emitting?
And they've got the smart meter on your house.
They've got the smart meter on your car.
They'll have smart meters on your toilet.
So you can only take one poop a day.
You can only drive a mile a day.
And you can only heat or cool your home for an hour a day.
This is the new freedom.
This is freedom now.
In America, in the Biden administration.
Oil continues to skyrocket.
Have you tried to get gas lately?
Yeah, your gas to fill your tank has probably almost doubled.
President Trump warned us that would happen during Biden.
And now they think oil could get to $100 a barrel by this summer.
So get ready for that.
All part of phasing out your
Ability to move about freely with cheap energy.
And then they just signed the $2 trillion COVID stimulus, which from the first initial responses, the big news coming out right now on this, and more will obviously be developing, the COVID stimulus bill has really been hundreds of millions of dollars.
It'll be over a billion.
We're talking $2 trillion.
But wow, isn't it amazing?
You will see in the COVID stimulus bill that you just bailed out the states of New York, California, and probably Illinois in there too, but they've already done into it.
New York and California were running at its highest deficit ever, were really bankrupt, and they've just been bailed out by the COVID stimulus bill.
Doesn't help any American, didn't actually do anything about COVID, just bailed them out.
There's the story at Infowars.com from Kit Daniels.
Dems bailing out bankrupt blue cities and states with COVID stimulus.
And so this is all developing.
And this is what happens.
Look at Venezuela.
Venezuela issues a million bolivar.
So that's just like imagine if you had a million dollar bill.
So a million bolivar bill.
But how much is that worth, U.S.
Would you like to take a guess?
One million bolivar is worth 50 cents.
50 cents.
This is where they're trying to take our economy.
Be not confused about that.
It's all by design.
That's why your energy prices are going up.
That's why they're telling you they're bringing in the social credit carbon score.
And then you're seeing what hyperinflation has done to Venezuela.
That's what they're trying to do here.
But it's not all good news for the Democrats in their plot to destroy America and our way of living.
McComb County prosecutor says criminal charges possible against Whitmer.
Gretchen Whitmer over nursing home scandals.
Interestingly enough, same thing is happening to Cuomo.
And he's got multiple things on his plate.
He's refusing to leave, by the way.
I almost admire him for that.
Former prosecutor appointed to lead Cuomo harassment probe.
As publisher halts book promotion.
So right, Cuomo's got all these books and everything.
He's got these advanced pays.
Oh, now it comes up, he covered up the nursing home deaths.
Now it comes out he's a serial harasser.
How many women is it now?
Probably over five.
There's going to be one more big name to drop.
They think that maybe they can get him out.
I don't know why.
He doesn't seem to be going.
Maybe it's all just a big charade to distract from the nursing home deaths.
And then finally, oh, Cuomo, after much dispute and a fight, he decided to step down.
Just too many women came forward.
And then he just gets away with all the death in the nursing home and then covering it up.
So it looks like that is going to be the final story there.
But you know, it's ironic.
I'm going to play this actually coming up on the other side.
Because the Democrats still don't seem to get it.
They still don't seem to get how unpopular they are.
But I don't think they care about that.
They really are just on their mission to destroy the United States of America and then collapse us into the global government.
But some states are fighting back and
I'll get to a clip coming up and how the Democrats are falling apart.
I'll get to some other news and what's happening here in Texas.
It's not just that Governor Abbott doesn't have the right to shut the state down.
He didn't have that legal right.
Well, they're trying to give that legal right now with Texas HB3.
I'll be covering that.
But folks, remember, Infowarsstore.com.
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Alright, when we come back though, we're going to show you what a former Democrat has to say about the Democrat Party and its racism, and I'm going to show you how the liberal media is confused why the Democrat Party is so unpopular.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I had a bit of a Biden moment myself there at the end because there's so many clips of Biden gaffes.
It's every day now.
I forgot that that clip was from yesterday and there was a new clip from today and I meant to go to the new one and I went to the yesterday one and then I forgot about the new one.
So today
And we may not have the sound of this yet.
I just sent it to the crew and there's a bunch of different angles and clips of this.
Biden is in a some sort of a department store or hardware store in DC.
Yeah, there's the clip.
In fact, do we have audio?
Yeah, go ahead and, uh, let's just go ahead and pop up the audio here and let me explain what's happening.
Just go ahead and roll it.
Don't worry about the beginning of it.
This guy's kind of babbling on.
It's really the end that's important.
But here's the video.
I also say we're the greenest hardware store in America.
We have two urban farms.
Got two masks on here.
We have Mary, who's in the garage there, and then we have Cultivate the City.
No one can understand you, mask face.
And also Rooftop Garden.
They exist on our rooftop.
Masked freak.
You can't possibly be able to see it from here, but if they want to give away... Yeah, we can't hear you, you masked freak!
And we also have... Don't jump!
We need you.
I watched.
And then if I could just... Crisis at the border, sir.
Let's go, you guys.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you, guys.
Thanks a lot.
So it's the same thing.
Biden shows up at this event and has no idea what's going on.
He doesn't know how to conclude it.
When the event is supposedly concluded, he doesn't even know it.
So he kind of just walks in circles, looking around, walking in circles, confused and disoriented.
The media realizes, OK, the event is over.
Let's try to get some questions in.
Joe, what's going on at the border?
What's out of this?
And you can hear the gaggle.
And he just confusedly spins around.
And then the White House press team says what?
No questions!
No questions!
We've got to go!
No questions!
No questions!
I mean, this thing is falling apart at the seams.
Again, he doesn't even know where the hell he is!
Double-masked freak!
Where am I?
What am I?
I told the crew this, and I have my war room crew have this clip, but we haven't really done it.
But I've told him, I want the clip where Biden says, I wake up every day and I ask Jill, where the hell am I?
He says that!
It's like, I should be coming in and out of every break with that clip.
I wake up and I ask Jill, where the hell am I?
Being honest for the first time.
But let me move on, because I got all this other news before I go host the War Room 2.
This is stunning.
I don't know how they published in the New York Times this story.
A vexing question for Democrats.
What drives Latino men to Republicans?
And for lack of time, I was going to read this, but I won't go too much into it, but it profiles an individual, Eric Ortiz, a 41-year-old in Florida, Latino man, and the whole thing here is him bashing the Liberal Democrats for being total frauds and how they destroy all prosperity.
And they're basically mentally ill.
And the New York Times published this!
But here's the irony.
They don't even get it!
What drives Latino men to Republicans is what they're asking.
Democrat policy sucks.
Socialism and communism is a death spiral.
So, what's straw?
They don't get it!
What's straw?
Why won't these people be brainwashed by us?
That's what they're really asking.
They know why Latinos, they know why people would vote for Trump, they know why people don't like the Democrats.
They're liars, they're cheats, they're scoundrels, they're crooks, their policies destroy all prosperity.
But they already know that.
The real question, if they were being honest, a vexing question for Democrats, why aren't Latinos falling for our propaganda?
Why aren't black people falling for our propaganda?
Vernon Jones gets it.
Former Democrat from Georgia.
He put this very spicy take on the current Democrat Party during an interview up on his social media.
Here it is.
I didn't leave the Democratic Party.
The Democratic Party left me.
I've always been conservative all my life.
But the Democratic Party that I got involved with 30 years ago is not the Democratic Party now.
I mean, the Democratic Party is at a position now, they want to open the borders and they want to let people come in illegally and take those resources and resources from American families and give it to illegals.
They come in now and they don't have to be COVID tested.
And ironically, Joe Biden is putting them in the same
Prison cells, if you will, or those facilities that he and Obama did in their administration.
But he wanted to criticize Trump for that.
And Trump got it right.
He secured the border, and he was able to stop and release, start stopping and returning you back.
And so Democrats were supporting that foolishness with opening the borders.
I'm not for that.
I am so committed to the values that I grew up with.
Until the Democratic Party does not relate to me on that agenda anymore.
So there was nothing for me to do but to, I like to say, I brought a grand new party to the grand old party.
Brand new ideas, brand new opportunities, brand new people.
And this party is getting off the ground.
And President Trump, he opened the door for African Americans like nobody else has in the past 60 years.
He proved it by the minority votes that he got as a Republican.
And the left, they are horrified by independent thinking black men like me.
Because we don't believe that just because we're black that we should vote for Joe Biden.
Because we don't believe just because we're black, we don't know how to get on the internet and find out about COVID.
Now Joe Biden said those things 20 and 21.
Where's the left?
Why there's not an outcry?
Can you imagine if President Trump had said something like that?
It's just double standard.
So it was no question.
That so-called big tent the Democratic Party has is only for folks for the left, not for independent-thinking black African-Americans, blacks or African-Americans.
But this identity politics, it's not helping us at all.
I didn't leave the Democrat Party.
So, again, there's Vernon Jones, former Democrat.
I guess he's officially a Republican now.
Representative out of Georgia.
But see, this is the real story.
And it ties together with the New York Times.
A vexing question for Democrats.
What drives Latino men to Republicans?
A vexing question for Democrats.
Why are black people leaving the Democrat Party?
Well, Vernon Jones just said it all.
But the real
Approach of the Democrat Party is totalitarianism.
And so they don't want any dissent at all, whatsoever.
So they want you to follow up and eat hand and fist anything their media puts out.
New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC.
If you don't just dive into the trough of that garbage, then they don't want you anymore.
They want you fully brainwashed by their media.
They want you fully indoctrinated by their propaganda and they want zero dissent at all.
That's the Democrat Party platform.
That's not popular.
People don't like that.
They like to be free thinkers.
They like to have options.
But not under the Democrat Party.
Americans like going to the gas station and being able to fill up for 30 bucks.
Not in the Biden years.
You're looking at 60, 70 bucks again.
All by design.
All by design.
Biden can't even feel his own phone calls, they can't even take care of their dogs, which just shows that was a whole virtue signal just like everything else.
Oh look, we've got two dogs, we're cool!
They deport them, kick them out.
Probably mistreated them, that's why they were acting badly.
Pelosi's in charge of the National Guard, Pelosi in charge of the military, Pelosi wants the nuclear codes.
It's all a big joke.
So, your gas prices will keep going up, the cost to heat and cool your home will keep going up, or they'll just shut it off altogether.
And then, the Washington Post and the New York Times will say, why is Biden unpopular?
Oh, I don't know, the border's wide open, illegal immigration is worse than ever, people are losing their jobs, they still have the economy shut down for the most part, gas prices are going up, energy prices are going up, the president can't even give a national address, won't do a State of the Union, won't do a press conference, forgets where he is half the time, so he can't even be on a video or a live video, and the liberals say, why aren't we popular?
Why won't you?
Why won't you fall for our propaganda?
Why won't you be our slaves?
We love women and gay people.
Come on, man!
Come on!
And they're stunned!
And they even published the story in the New York Times.
I mean, the guy lays it out perfectly.
Eric Ortiz.
And he says, the welfare state is bad for our people.
The state became the father in the black and brown household, and that was bad.
Bad mistake.
Why would I want to be stuck in that mentality?
Again, this is all in the New York Times, and they're asking, why aren't Latinos voting Democrat like we told them to?
Why aren't Latino men?
Why aren't black people?
Why aren't they totally under our brainwashing?
Why don't we own them?
This is the Slave Master, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, demanding the return of their slaves!
They want their slaves back!
Alright folks, we're about to have Paul Joseph Watson take over.
I want to remind everybody, in case you didn't see, the full hour-long video, which is just an hour of gold, quite frankly, is a Band-Odd video.
There was a pro-mask rally, I'm not kidding you, a pro-mask, pro-vaccine rally in Austin, Texas yesterday at the state capitol.
I went to see how it was.
The full hour-long video is at Band.Video.
Here's just a five-minute snippet, but to find the full hour-long, go to Band.Video.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over on the other side.
What is the percentage increase in death in the United States?
I am not a scientist.
So you haven't done your research.
I'll tell you.
It's 0%, sir.
The death rate has gone up 0% in the deadliest pandemic in US history.
How is that?
That's impossible.
That is impossible!
So this guy is the perfect example of a human that's really not even human anymore.
His cell phone decides everything.
His cell phone decides his politics.
His cell phone decides... That's right, Owen.
God forbid he loses internet, what will you do then?
That's right.
I'd probably kill myself, bro.
Well, at least you'd be saving the world from global warming, right?
But see, this is what people do.
This is what the liberals do to the truth right here.
They just drown it out.
They just drown it out.
They act like they can't hear it.
They close their eyes.
They close their ears.
They don't want to know the truth.
And this is why they're censoring everybody on the internet right now that speaks the truth, because they just want the truth out of their lives.
It's inconvenient for their lives.
It's inconvenient for their totalitarianism.
Are you pro-government or pro-freedom?
That's a false equivalency.
You can be both pro-government and pro-personal freedom.
The government restricts your freedom?
Only to a point where it prevents you from... So you're pro-government?
I am pro-government to a point that prevents people from harming each other.
I'll give you credit.
At least you're honest.
You are pro-government.
Yes, sir.
So are you a communist?
Do you want free stuff from the government?
For certain things, yes.
Like the prevention of disease.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Are you pro-government or pro-freedom?
Pro-government or pro-freedom?
Well, I'm pro my body, my choice.
So are you interested in women's rights?
So my body, my choice.
So I don't want to take a vaccine or wear a mask.
Is that okay?
I mean, I think if you want to die, that's fine with you.
I have never worn a mask and I don't take any vaccines and I'm still alive.
But you can get the f*** away from me because you don't have a mask on and I do.
But the mask protects you, right?
Doesn't the mask protect you?
It doesn't protect you.
What EWOC is trying to do is train people how to become union organizers in their workplace.
Teach them how to be communists, right?
Communism f***ing rules, dude!
I'm gonna end from a quote from, you know, Karl Marx.
Workers of the world, unite!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!
As we beg to put the mask on our faces!
Your suit's a little too small, by the way.
Those are called muscles.
If you worked out, you may know something.
It's all the muscles I need, baby.
My brain's bigger than yours, too.
The mask is actually an IQ test.
You failed.
Did our sacrifice result in any action from our governor?
Yeah, you destroyed your own prosperity.
The government owes you nothing.
You're already battling food insecurity.
Get the f*** away from me.
Big tough one.
Did I just threaten a woman?
Wow, you threatened a woman.
What a coward.
Now that you guys have finally subdued your communist energy, I want you to know that there was no pandemic.
I know that's shocking that the television would lie to you, but go look at the death rate in the United States.
The death rate in the United States of America did not go up a single percent.
My body, my choice.
If we don't want a vaccine and we don't want to wear a mask, that's our body.
That's our choice.
But all of a sudden you're against my body, my choice.
So it seems like all your other political policies, all your other political
All opinions are all hypocritical and all double sided.
If you look at the CDC's numbers for flu and pneumonia, they went down to zero.
And if you look at the number of comorbidity deaths from COVID, it's 80%.
80% of COVID deaths were cancer, leukemia, bone disease, obesity, heart failure, old age.
Welcome back, everybody, and we are live in Clown World once again.
There was a famous individual, quite well known, called George Orwell, who once said, the further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.
And boy, do we see that compounding day after day after day.
Later on in the show, I'm going to get into how the latest thing to be cancelled, apart from Piers Morgan, who has finally left his show because he called Meghan Markle a liar,
Even though the vast majority of the British public agrees with that statement, he's finally been cancelled for daring to take on one of the archetypes of the woke mob.
They finally got him for that.
The other thing to be cancelled this week is the word normal.
Yes, really.
I'm going to get into that later on in the show.
First, though, I'm here in the United Kingdom where we are still under lockdown.
Despite the fact that the overall number of deaths in the UK year-on-year has barely ticked up by a percentage point, despite the fact that 90% of coronavirus deaths occurred with a comorbidity, we're now being told that the coronavirus is set to come back, is set to surge later this year once again.
The masks, the social distancing, the vaccines that we were all told to take, that we were all
Lectured, browbeaten that we'd be killing granny if we didn't take, if we didn't comply.
Well, apparently that doesn't matter.
You see the headline there, which we had up yesterday?
Bench day, big day for Brits as government allows them to sit on park benches.
Yes, as of yesterday, March the 8th, the wondrous, beneficent, gracious state actually said, allowed us, gave us permission to meet another person from outside our own household
Or a coffee.
On a park bench.
But not just a coffee.
A picnic!
Yes, they're allowing us to sit down in parks to have picnics with somebody who doesn't live in the same household as us.
And basically that's about it for the next three months.
Next month, in about five weeks time, we may, we may, and that's the operative word, we may be allowed to get a haircut.
We may be allowed to sit outside a pub
And listen to this.
Maybe, just maybe, in about eight or nine weeks time, they might allow us to leave the country, or even go on a domestic holiday.
Yes, can you imagine how much we should be genuflecting in front of the state for graciously providing us with these freedoms?
And of course that is the point.
Once they've set the precedent to take the freedoms away, they set the benchmark, no pun intended,
That it's the government that gives you the freedoms, not that they're God-given or innate, and that gives them the justification to bring back these rolling lockdowns again and again and again.
And that's precisely what they've indicated.
Today, headline out of Summit News, top professor, new surge of coronavirus to return later this year.
They just can't get enough of this lockdown!
You really think they're going to end it on June the 26th or whatever it is?
Apparently not, despite the UK planning to lift all restrictions in June.
The country's chief medical officer, who basically has got every lockdown model wrong.
They said half a million people would die immediately if there was no widespread lockdown.
Never happened, but you can trust them.
He says there'll be a new surge of coronavirus later this year, opening up the possibility of lockdown being extended once again.
And guess who's to blame?
It's those dirty, non-complaint rebels who didn't take the vaccine.
Once again, we called that.
Professor Chris Whitty warned MPs today that all the modelling, all the modelling that's been proven wrong, Professor Ferguson, time and time again.
The guy who was so confident in his own lockdown that he personally violated his own lockdown to go and bang his mistress who was married.
Yes, he really believed in it to such an extent that
The first available opportunity back in April.
He was cavorting across London to meet up with a married mistress.
That guy, that modelling, all the modelling in relation to Covid-19 shows that it will make a comeback at the end of the summer or in autumn.
Well imagine my shock!
Witty said the virus would target people who have failed to take the vaccine or those on whom it has been ineffective.
So again, the dirty anti-vaxxers or even the people who
Aren't taking the vaccine, not necessarily because they think it's unsafe, but because they don't want to support the precedent that the government gets to inject you on a whim, by force, basically, with these vaccine passports, with them now even still considering to this day people not being allowed to go to a pub, to a cinema, even to a shopping mall, domestically, if they haven't taken the vaccine.
That's the main reason why it should be opposed, even beyond concerns about safety.
That same government is now telling us, or at least the advisors who have created this disastrous policy that's led to thousands and thousands of untreated cancers that will lead to 1.5 million TB deaths across the third world, but apparently leftists don't care about people in the third world anymore.
That same government is now sounding as it's all going to return, because of course they've got this great reset policy set in stone, where they want to now bring it back on a whim, at the drop of a hat.
For anything, not just a new virus, not just a variant of coronavirus, but now of course climate lockdowns, and I'm going to get into that later on in the show.
Oh, cities are so quiet!
But Witty said, all the modelling suggests at some point we will get a surge in the virus.
We hope it doesn't happen soon.
It might happen later in the summer if we open up gradually, or if there is a seasonal effect, it might happen over the next autumn and winter.
So once again, just as happened in 2020, they're going to give people freedom for a couple of months, maybe three months, and then they're going to say, oh no, it's back.
Get back under de facto house arrest.
Ban protest.
Deplatform people who question the lockdown policy on social media, which is now happening.
Of course it was first Covid misinformation, then it was questioning vaccines, now it's basically questioning lockdown policy will get you deplatformed.
He went on to say, but all the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge and when it happens it will find the people who have not been vaccinated.
Yes, they'll be infected and then they'll spread it and then they'll blame those people.
Which will officially grease the skids for official discrimination against people who either refuse to get vaccinated or who can't get vaccinated for medical reasons.
As I write in the article, this enshrines the notion that freedoms aren't God-given or innate but graciously provided by the government on the condition of total subservience and that they can be instantly removed once again if that level of fealty isn't sufficient.
Now it's incredible when we look at the polls and there was a headline that we had last week.
Majority of Brits say they will miss some or many aspects of lockdown.
Yes, the canary in the coal mine apparently really loves being in the coal mine.
Stockholm syndrome writ large.
A new opinion poll.
And whether you believe these people are being honest when they're asked by these pollsters is very much up for debate.
Anecdotal evidence suggests
From everyone I've spoken to, the people don't agree with this lockdown.
They think it's complete BS.
They think it's doing more harm than good.
Every conversation I have, there seems to be a split down the middle of the people who you see out and about who wear masks outside when it's not even a law in this country that you have to wear masks outside with that paranoid
Shrieking look on their face.
We're talking about the people who literally will jump out of the pavement into the road if they see you coming the other way without a mask.
There are those people, and there's a lot of them, but there's also a huge portion of people who think it's all complete BS and that it needs to end now.
Those people aren't reflected in the polls.
So they're either not asking those people, or those people are lying to the pollsters, which is a great number of them, I would suspect.
All these polls are just complete BS and completely dreamed up and manipulated, not to measure public opinion, but to manipulate public opinion.
So there was a YouGov survey that asked participants, do you think you will miss?
Do you think you will or will not miss any aspects of lockdown when it's over?
9% of respondents said they would miss many aspects of lockdown.
Yes, they love not being able to see their friends.
They love seeing their businesses collapse, apparently.
They love wearing face nappies.
They love the government telling them when and when they can't sit on a park bench.
So many great aspects!
While 46% said they would miss some aspects of lockdown.
So a majority of the British public, according to this poll,
We'll miss some aspects of lockdown.
How much does that have to do with the fact that they're getting 80% of their wage paid by the government to sit on their backsides and do nothing?
Quite a lot, I would suggest.
And we are back!
I was out running in the park the other day, and I saw a little booklet that had been dropped on the floor in the park, and the name of this booklet, the front cover, said, How to be a good person.
I would suggest how to be a good person.
Rule number one would be to not litter public parks.
That would be step one in my book.
And this is the thing, these masks, these face masks, I see them everywhere.
On the street, in the park, they're everywhere.
These people who grandstand about how sanctimonious they are about caring about other people's health, about social distancing, seem very keen on littering everywhere with these face masks.
And this is the real question that hasn't been asked.
When we have this mass debate is the environmental impact that disposing or falsely disposing of these masks has had.
We have a headline that speaks to that on Summit News today.
Philippines coral reef covered with face masks.
Yes, they're all being dumped in the ocean.
They're all being added to the plastic islands that pollute the oceans across the world.
They're all broken down into microplastics consumed by endangered marine life.
Nobody cares.
Nobody gives a damn.
Same way these leftists who pander about environmental issues don't give a damn about the third world when it comes to lockdown.
1.5 million deaths from untreated TB, experts have predicted, over the next 10 years.
500,000 children in the third world extra suffering from malnutrition as a result of the economic impact caused by lockdown.
They don't care about that, but they'll scream at you in the street for not wearing a mask.
They don't care about this either.
Divers in the Philippines
Have discovered single-use face masks and other PPPE covering precious coral reefs and being consumed by marine life as the impact of lockdown takes its toll on the environment.
Oh, but we were told by the World Economic Forum that the cities are so much quieter!
We were told by leftists that the CO2 emissions dropped so dramatically during the first lockdown
That we need to have regular climate lockdowns again and again and again to save the planet.
Those same people, I haven't seen them talking about this.
PPE is washing up on coral reefs close to the Philippine capital, Manila.
According to an estimate by the Asian Development Bank, during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, the city could have been generating up to 280 tonnes of extra medical waste per day.
So this video that you're seeing on screen now shows divers from Anilo Scuba Dive Center in the Philippines and they go, they find all these masks, they explain how they studied the coral reef after the country's initial lockdown and found it was littered with masks and PPE.
And one of the divers is quoted in this video as saying, just 10 minutes into the dive we saw around 10 to 12 masks and we never had that before.
Later on in this clip, it shows you them fishing out literal bags full of face masks, protective gloves, gauzes, other medical equipment related to COVID-19, related to lockdowns, related to social distancing, face shields as well.
I saw a woman running in the park yesterday.
She was doing physical exercise, not just wearing a face mask, wearing a visor as well.
Now even mainstream medical experts will say that's a choking hazard, that's something that will get you into breathing difficulties if you're doing vigorous exercise while smothering your face.
But the face mask wasn't enough, she needed the whole plastic visor as well.
Clown world behaviour!
This is how much people have been terrorised into complete compliance.
An absurd submission that they'll literally risk their own lives and do vigorous physical exercise
Just so they can virtue signal at the same time.
Absolutely incredible.
So they're finding all these face masks covering the coral reef.
Why that's a problem is explained because polymers inside the surgical masks are breaking down into microplastics easily consumed by marine wildlife and the coral reefs that nurture them.
But oh, because the lockdown dropped CO2 emissions for a brief time,
Lockdown's good for the environment, right?
Even as it's killing off the marine life and growing the polluted plastic trash that festoons our oceans.
They don't care about that.
Divers say what they have seen in terms of mass littering the ocean is the tip of the iceberg.
And then we have this other report from back in December
By Oceans Asia which concluded that around 1.5 billion face masks will be dumped into the sea and further contaminate the oceans with harmful plastic and damage vulnerable marine ecosystems.
So there's already 269,000 tons of plastic polluting the water.
The vast majority of that, by the way, is thanks to India and China.
We're the ones who are supposed to wash out all our little jam jars, otherwise we're killing the planet.
Meanwhile, the Chinese, the Indians literally just dump it into the ocean, no one cares, they're brown.
Don't blame the brown people!
So there's 269,000 tons already in the oceans.
Masks will contribute an extra 7,000 tonnes of plastic to the oceans, according to this report by this environmental organisation, which also said, quote, marine plastic pollution kills 100,000 marine mammals and turtles, over a million seabirds and even greater numbers of fish, invertebrates and other marine life.
And then, of course, we eat a portion of that ourselves and then we become ill.
Penguins in Brazil have been found dead with masks inside their stomachs.
So marine life penguins are already suffering the consequences of this dumping of the face masks into the ocean.
Some of these environmental groups are putting out reports about it.
The World Economic Forum doesn't seem so concerned.
They're just too busy celebrating the fact that cities are slightly quieter and CO2 emissions have dropped slightly.
There's an excellent article, by the way, which I'll read some of here.
Over at Zero Hedge, the headline is, The New Normal Phase 2.
And it explains the current predicament we find ourselves in, especially with the top experts now saying that these rolling lockdowns will be brought back again and again and again.
Quote from the article, it says, A globally hegemonic system has no external enemies.
Because there is no territory outside the system.
It's only enemies are within the system and thus by definition are insurgents, also known as terrorists and extremists.
You've seen that narrative pick up since January 6.
These terms are utterly meaningless.
Obviously they're purely strategic, deployed against anyone who deviates from Global Cap's official ideology.
Which, in case you were wondering, is called normality, or in our case, currently, new normality.
So again, the quote I said at the start of the show, the further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.
It's not just people who deviate from the official COVID narrative.
It's people who merely question reality and the punishment for those people who question reality, as we're told that this global pandemic which has barely caused any uptick in the overall death rate of any major country,
Is not as fearsome as we are being told.
It's not just that we can question that reality and face consequences.
It's now got to the point where we can't even be allowed to exist in reality.
And that's when the deplatforming comes in.
That's when now you get banned, not just for being anti-vax, but for questioning lockdown policies.
Now you're literally labeled an extremist, a terrorist, for questioning lockdowns that provably, according to many experts, will kill
Way more people than the virus itself.
Well, of course, we had the big Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the couple, the royal couple, who says they are chagrined to attract media attention.
The one thing they hate most is media attention.
That's why she does Vanity Fair covers.
That's why they do interviews with Oprah Winfrey that get 17 million views, because they really hate media coverage and just want to be private.
Of course that controversy continues with Piers Morgan stepping down from his show today.
I'm going to get on to that in a minute.
Because he called a liar a liar, essentially.
There's an article on Spiked Online called The Unbearable Victim Complex of Meghan Markle.
Bearing in mind during this interview she claimed that she never even googled Prince Harry before she married him and didn't know who he was.
And we're supposed to believe that, and we're supposed to believe everything else.
This cult of victimhood that they truly embody, which has come to represent one side of the political argument in the culture war, and that's what Brendan O'Neill speaks to in his article.
He says, quote,
There's something else going on too, something that goes far beyond Harry falling out with his dad or Meghan versus Kate.
More fundamentally, we're witnessing a culture clash, a conflict between the contemporary cults of victimhood and identity politics.
As now keenly represented by Harry and Meghan, and the older ideals of duty, self-sacrifice, stoicism and keeping your SHIT together as embodied by the Queen and as aspired to by most Brits in recent decades.
Excellent article which really lays out the reality behind this situation.
You also had the claim during this interview, and we're going to get on to Nigel Farage's comments on this in a moment,
That there was a conversation within the royal family, and that this was a horrendously racist thing to have even taken place, about how dark the colour of the baby's skin would be, given that Meghan Markle is, what, 25% black on her mother's side.
Those conversations were taking place on Twitter amongst verified Liberals before the baby was born.
That was the origin of those conversations, with them celebrating, gloating, virtue-signalling about how dark the baby would be.
It was their obsession that started it, and now they claim that it originated from within the Royal Family, a conversation as to how dark the skin would be.
That was a conversation originated by leftists saying, oh won't all these conservative racists be horrified if the baby comes out half black?
You started that and then she gets up with Oprah and blames the royal family for starting that conversation.
Another example of complete BS.
Here's Nigel Farage talking about this issue.
Let's roll it.
So, the big story of the day is, of course, Harry and Meghan.
It's dominating everything, and it will go on doing so for a very long time.
It seems in America that they're gaining a lot of support.
People feel sorry for them.
They've got what's called Movers Advantage.
They've got their side of the story out first.
I'm not sure how the Royal Family are going to respond to this.
They've been put in a very, very difficult spot.
But, you know...
All of this was so predictable.
I remember thinking, at the time of the wedding, and I was doing some work for Fox News on the wedding, I remember thinking, why is Oprah Winfrey there?
I mean, Meghan met her once.
I think she planned a big Hollywood career on the back of being a princess right from the very word go, and that Harry was just too weak to deal with it.
But just look at the accusations that are being made.
Look at the charge against the Royal Family of racism.
Now, everyone knows, when a baby's on the way, there's always speculation.
What will it look like?
Who will he or she look like?
What colour will their hair be?
How big will they be?
What will they weigh?
I don't know whether somebody in the Royal Household made a comment about what the colour might be.
I don't know the truth of that.
I really, honestly don't.
But when Meghan was questioned on that,
You know, did somebody in the royal household ask what colour the baby would be?
She said, potentially.
Either way we won't know.
But it is the slur of racism against the royal family which really upsets me.
The Queen
It's coming up now for 70 years.
Not just as the Queen of our country, but Head of the Commonwealth.
She and the Royal Family have ceaselessly, over the decades, toured round the Commonwealth.
Something that has meant so much to them.
The vast majority of the 2.3 billion people that live in the Commonwealth are Asian or
You could argue the royal family have done more for people of colour than any other family or group of people in the world.
So that charge, to me, just doesn't stand up.
As for this whole business about mental health, about bullying, about being silenced, well, you know, she might have thought she was joining a soap opera, but she was joining the Royal Family.
Maybe she thought she was gonna replace Lady Di.
Maybe she thought she was gonna be the centre of all attention.
But the idea
That she has somehow been done down or discriminated against in any way is nonsense.
The crowds that were there on the day of the Royal Wedding.
The street parties that took place across the country.
The media!
It was wall to wall.
Do you remember her going to Brixton?
They were cheering.
We love you, Meghan.
I can't think of anything.
Any negativity in the press at the time of their wedding.
Sure, criticism followed.
It always does, if you're a public figure with the English tabloid press.
That goes with the territory.
But this all started because Harry and Meghan were lecturing us
About climate change.
About carbon emissions.
Whilst flying around the world in private jets.
And that was when the criticism began.
So off they went to Canada.
To live in isolated Canada.
Because they didn't want the press speculation.
Well now, Harry's on the James Corden Show.
They're both appearing, and a two-hour special with Oprah Winfrey.
If you haven't watched,
The CBS output last night.
You can, if you wish, see it on ICV today.
But it's all about victimhood.
It's all about how badly they've been treated.
And they are posing an enormous threat to the Royal Family, who are going to find it, as I said before, very tough to answer some of these negatives.
I kind of grew up thinking that Edward VIII
What is Simpson?
These were really bad people.
And yet, when you look at it, you know...
They were interviewed, did sit down in their house in Paris in about 1970, and both of them were loyal to the crown, did not say disobliging things about it to their dying day, despite the fact they were treated very, very harshly indeed.
So we need to get the word out in America.
I've been trying a bit today on some American media channels that this is one side of a story, and that actually they behave badly.
And as for Harry, well, whatever my criticisms are of Meghan, they are nothing as compared to how I feel about Prince Harry.
To publicly betray members of your own family in front of the world's media the way that he has done is, I think, nothing short of being absolutely despicable.
And when he says, oh, my father wasn't promising us lots of money, well, of course not!
Because he wasn't prepared to go on doing the job.
The most damning thing that I've heard about Prince Harry is there he was, Captain General of the Royal Marines, and on the day there was a Royal Marine event, a fundraising event, where was he?
In Leicester Square, talking to the boss of Disney, Bob Iser, and overheard, overheard, saying to Eisner, my wife would like some voiceover work.
So, don't talk to us about duty being universal.
We saw a better sense of duty, I think, from the Queen talking about Commonwealth Day, which, of course, is today.
I think the time has come to strip them of their royal titles.
They are clearly intent on, number one, destroying the monarchy, and number two, making themselves as bigger stars, as bigger leaders of the woke revolution in America and the rest of the world.
It's a very, very sad day for this country.
I have no sympathy
No sympathy for either of them whatsoever.
She must have known what she was getting into.
He was born into a life of privilege.
I know it was an awful thing to lose his mother in such a public way at that young age.
But if we destroy the monarchy, we destroy something very special about this country.
I think that's what they're intent on doing.
And I'm going to do my best over the next week.
While Piers Morgan is out, he's officially being cancelled, he dared to criticise the patron saint of woke in the form of Meghan Markle, the archetype that they're now desperately protecting, beautifying, this is the person beyond reproach.
Despite the fact that she's been caught lying time and time again, we have to believe her claim that she was suicidal, that she's oppressed, living in a multi-million dollar mansion,
In Hollywood at this point, we have to believe that.
We have to toe the line.
Interesting that Morgan pandered to these pro-lockdown narratives for the entirety of the past year.
He was on the side of the deep state, the lockdown establishment.
In that context, he faced no problems whatsoever.
But as soon as he criticized the patron saint of woke, Meghan Markle, he was out the door.
Despite the fact that the majority of the British people agree with Piers Morgan that basically she's a grifter, she's a liar.
This is out of Spiked Online.
The British people want a hard Megxit.
A YouGov poll, released shortly before the couple's interview with Oprah,
Show 23% have not very much sympathy for them, that's Harry and Meghan Markle, and 33% have no sympathy for them, just 29% said they sympathise with Harry and Meghan's plight such as it is.
Then they did another poll after the interview aired, which again showed that the majority of the British people agreed with Piers Morgan.
47% of respondents said it was inappropriate for the pair to take part in the interview, while just 21% said it was appropriate.
So the majority of Brits agree with Piers Morgan.
He went on this year-long jag promoting lockdown despite its many myriad harmful impacts.
But as soon as he crossed that red line of criticising the goddess, the new Diana Meghan Markle, he was out the door.
Piers Morgan cancelled, Good Morning Britain host quits ITV after storming off set during the show.
Looks like they gave him a deal where he could claim that he decided to leave rather than they fired him.
So that happened just a couple of hours ago.
Sticking with the subject of woke though, there's an article here out of Sky News.
Now of course we get this controversy every year in America with the Oscars.
Oscars so white!
To the point where they literally had to have 50% or more of the nominees be
Black or ethnic minority, despite the fact that America is 74% white.
13% black, by the way, which if you look at the Oscar nominations over the past couple of decades, is precisely in line with the black population of the United States.
It's roughly around 13% of nominations, or it was until a few years ago.
So it was actually diverse, it was representative of the number of black people in America being nominated for Oscars.
Well now we have a similar situation in the UK, where the BAFTAs, which by the way now have to not only hire BAME actresses and actors and producers, writers, staffers for all their movie productions,
They also have to represent BAME narratives in the movies, so now they've got it down to the level of indoctrination where they literally have to amend the script to satisfy this woke mob.
Headline out of Sky News, BAFTA Awards 2021, Nomadland and ROX lead nominations as improvements made on diversity.
Improvements made!
Okay, let's break down mathematically how those improvements have percolated into this controversy, because this followed the hashtag BAFTA Sir White Criticism, which took place last year.
So now to address that, it says the majority of the 24 nominees are from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups,
The shortlist for the Big Award for Best Film features The Father, The Mauritian, The Promising Young Woman, and The Trial of Chicago 7, as well as Nomadland.
So they've made over half of the 24 nominees for the British Film Awards black or ethnic minority.
And they call this, and I quote, an improvement on diversity, okay?
The last census in the United Kingdom showed that 87% of the population was white.
So if you want true diversity, if you want true representation of all races, because that's what it's about, that's what we're told it's about, equality, on average 87% of the nominations for actors, actresses, you can't say actresses anymore, you have to call them actors, would be for white people, but no.
They've literally made it more than 50% non-white people and they call it diversity when 87% of the population is white!
It's like when that Scottish Justice Secretary or Home Secretary, the one who's trying to pass the hate speech law which will literally criminalise dinner party conversations,
Went on a rant, and he went through all the major positions in the Scottish government, pointing out that most of them were filled by white people.
Yeah, Scotland is 98% white, they're gonna generally be filled by white people.
That's like going to Nigeria and complaining that there aren't enough white people in the Nigerian government.
So they've made over half of the nominees black.
It's racially discriminatory tokenism.
If I was a talented BAME actor, I would want to be recognised for my talent, not for some blasé, pathetic, superficial, virtue-signalling tokenism.
But that's what's happening with the BAFTAs.
Oh, but it's so diverse!
We've eliminated more than 50% of white people from the nominations because we're so anti-racist.
Normal gets cancelled as Unilever vows to drop word from all brands.
Now this is a corporation, by the way, which has been embroiled in multiple serious toxic waste, environmental deforestation, forced labour and child labour scandals over the past 10 years.
But they've taken the knee to the woke mob, they've caved, they've submitted, and now they're joining the cause to ban offensive words.
So I guess all those actual social justice and environmental scandals will now be forgotten by the left.
Because the next thing to be cancelled is apparently the word normal, with corporate giant Unilever vowing to ban the use of the description on all its products.
They said that brands would remove the word normal from advertising and packaging,
So basically, you know, you get a skincare brand, which is for normal skin.
You get a shampoo brand, which is for normal hair, meaning non-greasy, non-dry.
No, that's not allowed anymore.
You can't use the word normal.
It's discriminatory.
It's hateful to call anything normal.
And so now this corporate giant has said, and they've put out this
Sanctimonious video promo saying that they're going to ban the word normal forevermore.
Once again, we have major corporations like Unilever, Adidas, Nike, all engaging in this rampant virtue signaling.
We had Boohoo, the fashion brand Boohoo, last week come out
With yet another forced labor scandal.
This is one of the corporations that went to great lengths to virtue signal about how much they care about black lives.
They posted the black square blackout Tuesday.
They donated to Black Lives Matter organizations while simultaneously
Employing slave labour in their factories in Leicester, an area of the United Kingdom, a town in the United Kingdom which has a large minority population.
So while they're simultaneously abusing employees, using slave labour in their factories, they're posting the black square on Twitter and Instagram, so they're completely forgiven.
The exact same situation with Unilever,
Which I listed some of their scandals in this article.
If I'd have listed them all it would have gone on for about five pages.
They've been blamed for massive deforestation in Indonesia because they purchased palm oil from this company that was destroying the forest.
They were named as one of the world's top 10 plastic polluters.
They had to issue a court settlement, where they had to pay a bunch of employees in an Indian subsidiary, a factory, where they literally dumped toxic mercury waste into the rivers.
And they were also involved in a forced labor and child labor scandal, again, based off of that subsidiary that was involved in the palm oil.
So they can literally employ child labor, forced labor.
They can dump toxic waste in the river.
They can be engaged in massive deforestation in Indonesia.
But they've banned a word!
So all is forgiven, right?
Absolutely incredible.
And we see the same thing with all these woke corporations.
They put out the sanctimonious virtue signaling to get the free multi-million dollar advertising.
They're all praised on social media.
You scratch half an inch below the surface and there's rampant anti-social justice behavior amongst all these woke corporations.
But again, it's glossed over.
It's a little apocalyptic.
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Now all the local groups that are essential get to get in on the fun as well.
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