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Name: 20210309_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 9, 2021
156 lines.
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The human organism.
Unique in all the universe in its complexity.
The product of three billion years of evolution.
Perfect in every way, except one.
Like all machines, it wears out.
Starkweather to Delta.
Your time has come.
You're moving out to the island.
Starkweather to Delta here.
And as you know, the biggest dream of my life just came true.
I mean, I've only been with you guys for like six months, but I won the lottery.
Alright, I think we're about ready to open.
Nothing's still right here.
I don't want to die!
I want to go to Ireland!
I want to live!
I don't want to die!
This is a community bulletin.
Attention, residents.
A contamination alert has been issued for Lincoln 6 Echo.
Anyone coming in contact with you will be quarantined.
I think they're gonna kill you.
I'm going to the island.
There is no island!
Imagine, you wake up on an island and you've got all these memories that you're there because a deadly virus was released on the earth and that you've got to stay in this underground base for your own safety.
But there's a lottery that pops up randomly where selected people get to go to a place called the island where they're rebuilding humanity.
Yeah, you.
Gondu Three Echo, you've been flagged for public disturbance before.
I had a very small emotional outburst, sir.
Safe to say it's over?
Yes, very safe.
I'm feeling much better.
Well, then have a pleasant day.
Thank you, you too.
You both have a pleasant day, too.
You see, if you submit and live under this police state tyranny inside this underground base, someday you'll be randomly selected to finally go out and live and be free again without a mask,
Without robot, PCR test, without checkpoints, you'll finally be free.
People are so excited when they finally get to go to the island.
The only problem is, when they leave the island, they're actually shipped back to Tokyo or Los Angeles or New York or Austin, Texas.
Or Johannesburg, South Africa, where their organs are harvested because a rich and powerful person has paid for a clone to be produced.
But the problem is just growing organs and keeping them in a bag, they don't stay alive.
They're not vibrant.
They're not virile.
So they've got to have a humanoid or a clone alive and ready to be harvested whenever they want.
And that is the plot of the island.
But the parallel with the island
And what's happening now, a year and a half into this globalist nightmare, is that they believe they've got to stay locked down inside this underground base and are prisoners because outside is this deadly virus.
And it's the virus that uses the excuse to keep them in this Milgram experiment of living in this controlled system.
I want to know answers and I wish that there was more.
More than just waiting to go to the island.
It's your nature to question things.
But don't you realize how lucky you are?
That you survived the contamination, that nature has left you a garden of Eden to repopulate.
That, Lincoln, is your purpose.
But finally, a few of them figure it out.
You call it spiritualism, you can call it genetics, you call it whatever it is, but somehow they're psychically picking up the memories of
The people that they've been cloned from and are discovering who they are and break out.
Now again, this is fiction.
But the reason I'm pointing it out to you today is because the parallels of using a virus for full control of society have been written about by the Carnegie Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations with Disease X, and they've talked about
I'd like to run some tests on you, Lincoln.
What sort of tests?
Nice tests.
Okay, let's get you comfortable.
I thought these were nice tests.
It's a synaptic brain scan.
Totally harmless.
Microsensors will move along your optic nerve.
They'll be uploading readings to us over the next 24 hours, after which you'll pass them through your urine.
Now that might hurt.
Think the Truman Show, think the Matrix, but really in a near-world, near-future context that could actually come true and happen.
This is what happens when corporations can play God and when our genetics have just become a commodity.
Well, then if you decide to make a clone of yourself, even though it's actually you, it doesn't have rights because you decided to do that.
You've now set a precedent where you yourself won't have rights.
Welcome to the next generation of science.
The Agnet.
An organic frame engineered directly into adulthood to match the client's age.
You're looking at stage one of its development.
Within 12 months it will be harvest ready, providing a carrier for your baby, second pair of lungs, fresh skin.
All genetically indistinguishable from your own.
And, in compliance with the eugenics laws of 2015, all our agnates are maintained in a persistent vegetative state.
They never achieve consciousness.
They never think, or suffer, or feel pain, joy, love, hate.
It's a product, ladies and gentlemen, in every way that matters.
Not human.
So we're all busy hearing about Black Lives Matter and Antifun, how Dr. Seuss is bad.
But in China for decades, they've been creating animal-human hybrids.
They've been putting animal and insect DNA in humans to, quote, create super soldiers.
The truth is when they're poisoning some poor soldier with some poisonous gene therapy, they tell him, oh, it's to make you a super soldier.
Like Captain America, they make it very Hollywood, they make it very sexy.
So it's not just a parallel to the fact that you can be put in a prison, put in a cage, under the pretext of being safe from an invisible enemy, like COVID-19.
It's also about humanity becoming a commodity.
And the fact that when we treat unborn children or old people like trash, we actually devalue ourselves and allow it to happen to us.
So, you do reap what you sow.
There is karma.
What comes around, goes around.
And that's the message of the 2005 film, The Island, which you don't see Hollywood producing films like this today, because it goes against the very anti-human ethos that they're putting out.
Tell me what's going on!
They're gonna come looking for you!
You're copies of people.
When one of them gets sick and they need a new part, they take it from you!
I'm sorry, I'm not ready to die.
I know you're new to this whole human thing, but... Backpacks for boys, purses for girls.
We're not idiots.
Well, excuse me, miss I'm-so-smart-I-can't-wait-to-go-to-the-island.
That's why they're pushing the whole transgender system.
It's not about a guy wanting to become a girl or a girl wanting to become a guy.
It's about, oh, you're merging with a machine, or, oh, this clone we made that a corporation controls, it has rights.
It's about giving up our identity, giving up our individualism, giving up our humanity, so the corporations can basically produce Blade Runner-style replicants, which they program and they control, who can outlive us,
Out fight us and out vote us.
This is humanity reaching that Atlantis moment.
Did Atlantis really exist?
An ancient society on an island in the Atlantic Ocean that Plato wrote about, who he believed was real, that had a source of unlimited power and flying ships in the air, that finally exploded, destroying that civilization?
I don't know.
But the allegory, the parallel, the example, is certainly true today of what we've become.
We are Atlantis.
The whole planet Earth is Atlantis.
And the only question is, will we be able to control this god-like power we've been given, or will we destroy ourselves?
The globalists have decided they can't control that power.
So they want to dumb down the population, drug us, manipulate us, use advanced psychology on us, so we become basically mindless jellyfish, so they can cull the number down to a very limited number of people who will then be under a scientific dictatorship and will transcend, in their statements, to the next level of the silicon life form.
This is the most psychotic, evil, inbred globals in the world that are dreaming this vision.
Do you really want them to control your destiny?
That is the question.
If you're gonna come out of Plato's cave, you must admit you're in a cave.
You must expand yourself to the next level of awareness.
And yes, then discover that is yet another cave, to another cave, to another cave.
But if you won't admit you're being manipulated, you have no hope.
I'm Alex Jones.
If you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance.
I've been chosen.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
You're special.
You have a very special purpose in life.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
You're special.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
You're special.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
You're special.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
You're special.
You've been chosen to survive and carry on part of a new beginning.
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