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Name: 20210308_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 8, 2021
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The 2007 movie "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith predicted some aspects of the current situation in 2021, particularly concerning the COVID-19 vaccine controversy. The film's plot is similar to mRNA vaccines, which were initially designed as gene therapy for cancer treatment but have been associated with unintended side effects and potential dangers. Hollywood consults top scientists when creating movies like this, leading to discussions about big tech influence in biotech, science, medicine, and censorship, as well as Bill Gates' involvement in funding organizations that promote these vaccines. The speaker raises concerns about human genome manipulation, liability protection for unethical practices, and censorship of those speaking out against these practices by big tech companies. Several nations have banned new mRNA vaccines or expelled Bill Gates due to his alleged engagement in illegal experimentation, and the speaker expresses concern about the desire to manipulate DNA and possible sterilization of humans by corporations. The video concludes with an advertisement for a water filtration system.

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Today it was announced, even shocking mainline medical communities, Joe Biden, because we're under this executive martial law, approved, because he's our doctor now, just like Bill Gates, experimental testing of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
That is a military style, extremely dangerous experimental.
On children.
The reason this is such a huge deal is it's one thing to intimidate everybody and say to travel you need it or to have a job you need it or COVID so deadly you need it or you're gonna die.
We know that's all lies.
But at least there's consent.
You're being bullied into it, but there's consent.
And metaphysically, politically, legally, the globalists like to do that.
This is next level, where they're talking about institutions giving foster children, newborn babies, in the foster care system, a very dangerous experimental vaccine that's been linked to serious problems and was never tested on animals or humans.
This is literally using even newborn babies as lab rats.
This is a crime against humanity of Joseph Mingala level.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Monday, March 8th, 2021, and another Alex Jones Show is live and on the air.
A miracle thanks to you supporting us at Infowarsstore.com and a miracle thanks to God, the Creator above.
We are going to have a special report coming up from Alex starting in the next segment.
Where we now have not just the worldwide human trials of the COVID vaccine.
They had to have an excuse.
They had to have a reason.
They had to convince you, an adult, to line up to take a vaccine.
They accomplished that.
Now their next target is the children.
That's right.
So all the side effects you've seen from the COVID vaccine are now going to be coming to the children that they will be testing them on.
And of course, this is all so you can earn your freedom back from the New World Order.
Earn your freedom back from big pharmaceutical companies that have taken over the world with Fauci and Gates as their spokesmen.
Yes, you now have to earn your freedom back by taking that poisonous jab, which is a giant worldwide experiment on humans to see what a mRNA gene therapy modification treatment will do to you, will do to children, will do to adults, will do to elderly people, will do to sick, will do to healthy, and they are getting their results, aren't they?
And we are watching it all play out.
Meanwhile, here in Texas, where we are set to go back to 100% operating capacity and removal of the masks, you have liberals that are going to be protesting.
They want that mask.
I kid you not.
They're protesting for pro-mask.
Hey, there's this little thing called freedom, which means you can still wear the mask, but no, these are totalitarians and authoritarians.
That is the general nature of the modern-day liberal.
They haven't realized that they are the fascists.
They are the authoritarians, the dictators that they warn you about and say that there's no such thing.
Remember Obama said that?
There's no tyranny lurking around the corner.
Except there was.
Also, the predictive programming from Hollywood, I Am Legend, predicted COVID-19 vaccine mutations and death.
Another special report that's going to be aired in the second hour today.
So that's all coming up and more on the Alex Jones Show.
Jon Rappaport hosting the fourth hour.
I also want to mention, we will have Jim Hoft on The War Room later today.
I'll be interviewing Jim at 3.30.
We may even, I may even try to move that up and just do the whole hour with Jim.
The work they've done at the Gateway Pundit to expose all the election fraud is really incredible.
From all the footage and documentation of the day of the elections, but then getting the security cameras of the ballots of trucks being illegally delivered in the middle of the night right before we saw the Biden spikes, to now shredded ballots found in dumpsters just before the audit in Arizona is about to begin.
So, there's no such thing as election fraud.
We just shred ballots and put them in dumpsters.
Right before the audit, by the way.
And Dominion has refused to show up to all of the hearings on voter fraud.
They just went ahead and, I guess you would call that plead the fifth, but it's not even plead the fifth.
They don't even show up to plead the fifth.
They're just above it all.
Kind of like the vaccine manufacturers, who you can't take to court.
Then you have Putin's former chief of staff calls Trump a champion against New World Order.
We'll be covering that.
Trump has asked the Republicans to stop fundraising with his name.
That's interesting.
Can't say I blame him.
I think they figured out where that money has been going.
Not towards Trump movements.
An incredible thing is happening right now with teachers in Los Angeles and Chicago and New York.
It's really pathetic, actually.
They should be fired immediately for what they're doing.
We'll cover that.
And now five women, five women have come forward against Andrew Cuomo.
How many does it take for the MeToo movement to rise up from the ashes?
To rise from their slumber!
Why aren't we seeing protests of Cuomo now, five women.
Will he be removed?
Is it all a distraction from the nursing home deaths?
It's all coming up on the Alex Jones Show.
And in 90 seconds, Alex breaks down the new trial vaccine, going live on Children.
They're coming after the newborn babies now with an experimental, deadly, dangerous vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson.
Here's what the University of Tennessee microbiologist told Knox News.
He said J&J's approach is immunologically powerful, stating that the modified adrenovirus vector is about as subtle as a wrecking ball and very visible to the immune system.
It has been connected to massive autoimmune responses and death.
And now they're coming after children that cannot consent.
This is modern child sacrifice, modern depopulation being conducted in the 21st century.
If you knew that one child was about to die and that you could save its life, would you lift a finger?
What about a hundred children?
What about a thousand children?
What about a million children?
Or what about a billion children?
Even beyond that, every child on earth.
Today, it was announced, even shocking mainline medical communities.
Joe Biden, because we're under this executive martial law, approved, because he's our doctor now, just like Bill Gates, experimental testing of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
That is a military style, extremely dangerous experimental.
on children using a virus vector to deliver it in to the mitochondrial DNA in the cell.
This is the same Johnson & Johnson vaccine that has already killed many people, maimed many people, and of course devastated Ben Stein.
The reason this is such a huge deal is it's one thing to intimidate everybody and say to travel you need it or to have a job you need it or COVID is so deadly you need it or you're going to die.
We know that's all lies.
But at least there's consent.
You're being bullied into it, but there's consent.
And metaphysically, politically, legally, the globalists like to do that.
This is next level, where they're talking about institutions giving foster children, newborn babies, in the foster care system, a very dangerous experimental vaccine that's been linked to serious problems and was never tested on animals or humans.
This is literally using even newborn babies as lab rats.
This is a crime against humanity of Joseph Mingala level, and words cannot describe how evil this is.
And I'm just going to tell viewers and listeners, who I know are awake and upset, you better reach out to your neighbors, your friends, your family, your community, and even strangers.
Better call into C-SPAN and talk radio.
Better call the White House.
Better go to your church and make a scene until your pastors get up off their butts and say something.
But if we don't say no to this, Targeting now infants and babies with this.
This is a psychological genetic abortion outside of the womb.
We then deserve the judgment that's coming upon us.
This is all a ritual, a satanic ritual of wearing the death veil over our faces that we're dirty and evil, that we're under the medical tyranny.
And we're being inducted into something where the tens of millions of autistic children in the US, the hundreds of millions worldwide That hoax was collapsing.
The U.N.
admitted it a year and a half ago.
So boom, in comes COVID, an even bigger crisis with even bigger crimes via the gene therapies and genetic engineering with the mRNA and more.
And these deadly viral vector delivery systems like the Johnson & Johnson, that again, the public's never been given this except the military.
It's very experimental, very dangerous, associated with massive death, massive side effects, being paralyzed, narcolepsy, Guillain-Barré.
I mean, you're lucky if you just get a little bit paralyzed.
To now do this is so incredible.
And again, they've never approved anything like this.
It's never gone through the trials.
And so now all of the advice of Bill Gates, who advises Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, because he's such a psycho and so obsessed with depopulation, is in control of our medical system with Klaus Schwab.
And these are the modern Hitler's 2.0, and they do it Through the medical system.
So this is a horror...
Beyond horrors.
And I really thought about, how are they going to get away with this?
Well, it hit me in epiphany just about an hour ago this morning doing research.
And I'm sure of it.
We have all the available data.
It all feeds together.
They covered up the mass depopulation program, sterilization program, dumbing down program with the soft kill vaccine tests so far using traditional vaccines where they add key ingredients.
So you also have an autoimmune response to those proteins and things inside the brain and cause brain damage and the lining of the gut.
Many other tests they've done and injecting blacks with syphilis and poor whites with syphilis.
You all know about the radiation experiments, the army secretly testing biological weapons on the public in the 60s on the subways.
So how are they going to cover up all of that?
Well, with the COVID launch and all the damage and death and convulsions and problems that come from that and people engage in Stockholm syndrome like Ben Stein saying, well, I'm glad I took it even though it almost killed me.
He's already been through the crisis.
He wants to adapt to what he went through and just say he accepts it.
That's a normal instinct to not be a victim.
But when you're being deliberately victimized, you can't deny the attack you were under by saying, I'm not a victim.
You've got to point out you have been victimized and then do something about the criminals.
But when it's the CDC, when it's your government, you don't want to.
So here's the big news.
They had the earlier attack.
Last few decades, they had other secret vaccine operations before that that attacked humanity.
Over 100 million Americans got cancer, the federal government admits, from SV40 cancer virus, highly virile.
It even spread to others, not just those that took the polio vaccine.
The polio orals are what had it.
This is here.
live in it for decades, they would give you the SV40, you would then develop viral cancer
within 10 to 20 years on average, and then you could also spread it to others through
fecal matter, through everything.
That's why more than half of India actually has SV40, because they want to open sewage
out in the streets.
So ladies and gentlemen, this is here.
This is the attack on humanity.
So they covered up the previous attacks with new attacks that get bigger, and now the only
way they're going to get away with these bioweapons they've launched is getting everybody into
the fact that they signed on.
Mothers and fathers and teachers and doctors and pastors and nurses and community leaders that said go do this, well they're never going to admit they were wrong.
And so as the death and disease and annihilation accelerates, As people have horrible autoimmune responses now to regular coronaviruses that are one of the most common out there, they're going to say you're dying of new versions of COVID-19, which is just a cold virus, when you're having the autoimmune response that these vaccines are going to cause.
And the cytokine storms where you're allergic as well, not just your body attacking your own organs.
And so the only way they're going to cover all this up in the next few years is a much larger giant bio-attack.
It'll be an even bigger crisis to cover up the last crisis.
And then on and on and on.
This is their formula, this is their plan, this is what they're currently doing.
And so when you wear the veil of death, the veil of shame, when you wear the veil of submission, you are buying into this globalist operation and you're destroying your entire future.
And so this is it.
That's why they've got to censor us and censor all these medical doctors that have gone public, and all these scientists that are saying this is madness.
Because if you wake up and say no, then their dominoes reverse the other way, and they get in trouble for all the crimes they've committed.
But if they can stampede us with crisis after crisis that escalate and cascade, they're going to win.
So this is the worldwide depopulation program run by the UN.
We told you it was coming.
It's in their own documents.
But this is not theoretical on paper now, in my film Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
This is now here.
We shot a very important report yesterday that just went live today at Mandot Video.
Dealing with I Am Legend, predicting the COVID-19 vaccine mutations and death.
Very important piece.
It needs to go viral.
It's again on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com as well.
Share it on your email.
Share it on your text message.
Share it with local doctors, local lawyers, the general public.
Actually, the majority of them we talk to go, Oh, I know you're right, but I still wear my mask to make others comfortable.
You better make others uncomfortable.
About continuing on.
We're now a year and a half into this.
I was watching last night a video on Joe Rogan's site on YouTube from May of last year with, almost a year ago now, Elon Musk saying, they've overblown the death numbers.
It's a fraud.
I'm not taking the vaccine.
And he said, this lockdown is never going to end if you don't say no to it.
Of course, we said that too, but I realized we're only a month and a half, two months short of a year. So we were six months in and everybody knew it
was really going down.
And this was a bear trap. And now we're almost a year later.
And we'll be here another year, another year. That's the plan. So get out of your comfort
zones. Now. This isn't like wearing a napkin at the dinner table. It's not like wash your hands
in the bathroom. That's all great.
That's good. Covering yourself up and doing all this is inducting you into a cult. And I'm gonna
say it again. They're now killing the children. And they even admit in the article on Infowars.com,
it's got all the AP and Reuters links.
Like, this turned heads even with top scientists and doctors.
No children have gotten sick or even died from this.
And this could really hurt babies.
And this is experimental.
And they passed the trials.
And why are they doing this?
And children and babies aren't of the age of consent.
And they're going to do it to institutional children.
I mean, all the leftists don't like testing on rats or guinea pigs or chinchillas.
Or monkeys.
And I tend to agree with you as you get up to higher orders of life and we treat them bad, we'll treat ourselves bad.
But now it's okay to do this to babies because the left...
Has a fetish of aborting babies.
They can't abort them.
Then, like England admits, more than half the transgendered boys are really autistic.
They convince them that they're girls.
And this is just a way to sterilize those in phase two that they've already brain damaged.
Brain damage you, then sterilize you.
But they're just skipping from the brain damage, sterilized men, boys, the main target of the Carnegie and Rockefeller operation and Tavistock operations that have meant all this.
You've got to look it up for yourself.
Everything I tell you is a huge data area.
You can prove for yourself.
It's incredible.
Everything I give you is a chapter.
Go look it up.
You'll find out.
Now they're just going to skip right ahead to killing the babies.
And see, since they're not talking at a month old, six months old, no one will ever know why they never talk again.
Because you give it to an adult or somebody that's already talking and healthy and they fall over dead in an hour or in a day, like Hank Aaron, people go, oh, something's going on.
But if they can hit them while they're young, they just go, well, we don't know why so many of the babies now have autoimmune disorders or have had horrible, violent reactions.
And again, the hospital's doing it.
Don't want to get in trouble.
So they'll cover it up.
Ladies and gentlemen, in closing, personal members of my crew have recently lost friends.
To the hoax.
Healthy, got a sore throat, put them on a ventilator because they get money, they die.
You are all in grave danger.
Multiple members of my crew have lost babies from vaccines that died.
Two members of my crew.
My grandmother was given polio for the polio vaccine.
The doctors told her back in the 1950s.
This is all around us.
But we just struggle through it and we adapt to it.
We need to overcome it and say no to it.
Please share this video.
Please share the live broadcast today.
Coming up in a couple segments, we're going to air the very important I Am Legend report.
Whatever you do, spread it.
But we must stand up for the children.
We must stand up for this Joseph Mingala-level illegal testing.
God bless and good luck.
Now please take action.
And of course, Alex is on a secret mission right now, and so Owen Schroeder here filling in in studio.
I'll be here with you all week, but we will be hearing regularly from Alex, including coming up in the next hour with his I Am Legend report, predictive programming in Hollywood.
I Am Legend, the movie predicted COVID-19 vaccine mutations and death.
And I'm trying to remember the movie.
I was a fan.
I did like the movie.
It's not my most favorite movie, but I did enjoy the movie.
And if I recall correctly, it was very similar to the COVID rollout of the vaccines, whereas, oh my gosh, you know,
deadly pandemic, we have to rush these vaccines to the people now.
So they had to skip basically the normal trials that they would go through to ensure that they are safe and effective.
Well, now we actually have some of the return data from the vaccines that have been tested on humans
in live trials, live trial events, not actual studies, but just, oh, we're just rolling it out and you're now the guinea
pigs that want to take the COVID vaccine.
And so now we are seeing the side effects.
We are seeing the Guillain-Barré.
We are seeing the Bell's palsy.
We are seeing the numbness.
We are seeing the rashes.
We are seeing the death.
They're saying it's false positives for cancer that are showing up after you get the vaccine.
Tell me how that would feel.
Tell me how that would feel.
You get a vaccine and then you get a false positive for cancer.
I think that you would be afraid that that false positive may not be false.
So who knows what else could happen in the long term.
But the whole goal was to get adults to voluntarily take the vaccine.
They've done that now.
Rushing it out.
So they've tested it, they've done the trials on adults, now they're going for the kids, they're going for the toddlers, they're going for infants, all for the COVID vaccine.
And the story is at InfoWars.com, FDA approves Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine trials on infants.
Even though the infant infection ratio is 0%.
Zero percent.
Zero percent.
What are the odds that baby's gonna take that vaccine and have a negative health impact for the rest of their lives?
Well, we don't know.
We're testing it right now on your baby.
Uh, are you going to be held responsible if there's a negative side effect or my baby dies?
No, you can take that to court.
Oh, but then the court will hold the vaccine manufacturers responsible.
No, it's a special vaccine court to make sure that they don't get held responsible.
Now, roll up that sleeve and get ready for this jab.
People celebrate it, they love it.
They love it.
It's kind of like with the liberals in Austin, Texas today.
They're going to be going to the governor's mansion this afternoon.
A pro-mask rally.
They want to wear that mask.
But hey, they can still wear the mask.
Many of them will probably wear the mask the rest of their lives.
But they want to make you wear that mask.
And interestingly enough, Joe Biden, who had a mystery trip, or who knows who was at the southern border yesterday in Air Force Two.
They're now finally announcing it.
It was actually, I think, Thursday or Friday, when someone from the White House came to the southern border in Texas.
Nobody announced it.
They finally let the media know yesterday, last night.
So who knows what that was about.
Oh, they were checking on the Migration Reception Centers now is the new name for it.
Don't you know it all depends on who the president is of what you call these things?
You know that, right?
Trump's president, it's kids in cages.
Biden's president, it's reception centers.
Okay, I'm glad.
Alright, we got that.
Oh, who by the way, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming in over the southern border, not getting tested for COVID, then they end up going to the hospital and then they test positive for COVID.
But hey, it's all about a virus.
And it's the deadliest virus ever, and so you have to get tested even though you have it, but we're letting people in the southern border that have it, and you're not allowed to be free though because of it.
It's a total clown world.
Total illogic.
But again, when you have people that are willing to take to the streets and protest to make me wear a face mask in Austin, Texas, it shows you how far gone these people are.
They've chosen slavery.
Remember Kanye West said slavery was a choice?
Those words were actually more true than we realized for the modern times.
Forget about back in the slave days of America or world history.
No, let's talk about how about right now?
Slavery is still a choice.
You want to wear that mask?
That's your choice.
You want to take that vaccine?
That's your choice.
You want to shut down that business because the government told you to?
That's your choice.
you're choosing slavery.
And so you notice how upset the liberals got when Kanye said that.
Because it's true, and they know it's still true, and they know they're choosing slavery, but they don't like to talk about it.
They don't like to talk about their own fraud, they don't like to talk about their own cowardice, they don't like to talk about their own shackles that they want to put on you.
So when we come back, we'll talk about the latest in the messenger RNA vaccines, gene therapy being test-ran on the entire planet right now.
You're all part of a giant human experiment But hey, I mean, so far you've pretty much had the choice.
I mean, you could avoid the vaccine.
You could avoid that false positive cancer that comes after that vaccine.
Oh, don't worry, that's just a false positive.
Don't worry about that.
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Let's go and look at some of this news when it comes to the vaccines and the fake pandemic.
Which, you notice, when did they decide to stop talking about the mortality rate?
Remember that?
Remember the mortality rate was the number one thing?
It's gonna kill this many people, this percentage.
Well, that went away real quick once it turned out to be less than 1% of the people that get it die.
It's like 0.1%. 0.01%.
So we're going to do an entire vaccine trial with new technology, so it's not even really a vaccine.
So I kind of get caught in the minutiae of the language they want us to use.
This is not a vaccine.
This is a new technology.
This is a new science.
This is gene therapy.
This is messenger RNA biotech.
So we're testing biotech live right now using a fake pandemic to do it.
So first you release the virus to test the efficacy of a potential bioweapon.
You force the whole world to get tested for this so you can see how it spreads.
Then you come in on the back end and test your jab on a worldwide scale to see what you can do with that too.
Talk about maniacal!
And now the FDA ...has approved the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine trial on infants.
And see, if they said FDA approves new science, biotechnology, gene therapy for infants, you might be a little more inclined to question that, or wonder if that's a good thing.
But when they just see vaccine, oh, that's an accepted science, so that's okay.
Like somebody says, hey, I'm gonna go out and test a new tire.
Say, all right, tires, we pretty much mastered tires, probably no threat there.
Hey, I'm gonna go out and test a new combustion rocket engine.
That's a little more extreme.
Hey, I'm gonna go test a new vaccine.
Oh, okay, vaccines, testing, yeah, that's normal.
Hey, I'm gonna go test this new gene therapy biotech.
A what?
Yeah, I'm gonna do a worldwide test.
We're going to test it on infants, test it on old people, test it on sick people, fat people, all of it.
We'll see how it takes.
And stories at Infowars.com and the video.
An ethics professor goes on CNN from New York University, Arthur Kaplan.
This was last night.
And he says Americans will take the vaccine in exchange for return of freedom.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
And there it is.
There it is.
You see, the government never had any right to take your freedom to begin with, but now they've established that.
And the liberal fascist authoritarian totalitarians out there are saying, we now took your freedom, we now own you, and if you want it back, you're gonna have to take our vaccine.
You're gonna have to be a part of our clinical trials of this vaccine.
So that's the real cult.
That's the real religion of the left.
Woke-ism, everything's racist, everything's bigoted, so just whitewash everything.
And then be reverse racism, which isn't even a real thing, but I guess that's the best way to describe it.
And oh, we go along with everything we see on TV.
Those are our cult leaders now.
They'd never admit it.
So yeah, you have to be part of this.
You have to wear the mask.
You have to take the vaccine.
You have to shut down your business.
It's all a big trial.
And it's all okay, because this is a death cult.
This is all a death cult initiation.
This is all a death cult execution.
Worldwide eugenics.
Population control.
And this is all happening.
It's all being rolled out right in front of you.
You can sense it.
You can feel it.
Maybe most in this audience understand it.
But see, the media is like the spiderweb to get you caught.
And then the spider comes in to eat you alive.
So, oh yeah, there's a deadly pandemic.
Oh yeah, you need this vaccine.
Wear that mask.
And that's when you're caught in the Venus flytrap.
And then that poison starts to just melt you away.
Turn you into hot butter.
Just like the vaccine will do.
But can you imagine you got a vaccine and then you had a false positive for cancer?
Would you really believe that?
You think you'd be able to sleep at night thinking you're cancer-free when you just tested positive but they say it's false?
And this is all a trial?
Gene therapy?
But they're admitting, yeah, we took your freedoms and now you don't get them back until you enter our death cult!
So take the vaccine, wear the mask!
We've got you now!
France warns it could make COVID jabs mandatory for healthcare workers.
That's not going to go well.
Say what you want about France, they still have, I believe, a will and an instinct to fight against tyranny in France.
We'll see how that goes.
Idaho parents help gleeful children burn face masks at state capitol after lawmakers seek to ban mandates.
That's how you fight in the culture war and the kids are having fun for the first time probably in a long time since they're not allowed to go back to school.
But you have the left today in Austin gathering at the governor's mansion and they're protesting freedom.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
The left is now protesting freedom.
Our freedom of choice to wear a mask or not.
And the ultimate Achilles heel of the Democrat-Liberal establishment is my body, my choice.
Which, of course, they parrot to say that they can kill their babies.
But, oh, they want to have the choice over your body when it comes to a poisonous substance like a vaccine, or when it comes to Not even being able to breathe air.
You have to wear a face mask.
So my body, my choice, except it's our choice.
We just want to kill our kids.
My body, my choice, except it's our choice.
We just want to kill our kids.
That's the real liberal slogan.
So if I was an honest liberal, I would say, yeah, my body, my choice, except it's actually our choice.
We just want to kill our kids.
This is a death cult.
And they're celebrating now.
Great apes at San Diego Zoo become first non-humans to receive COVID vaccine like, wow, we're even helping the apes!
But nobody notices.
Wait, we didn't do animal testing?
They didn't do any testing!
You're the testing!
Wait, you're telling me they didn't test this vaccine?
Oh no, they're testing it right now on you!
Like imagine, you're getting the vaccine, they're like, this is all a test!
You know, it's too bad that the left dominates all mainstream media because We're really missing out on some comedy gold right now.
With that little touch, that little hint of reality, which gives it the real flavor that everyone desires.
I mean, they should be doing skits on SNL.
They never would because, you know, that media is funded by Big Pharma, owned by Big Pharma and Bill Gates subsidiaries.
Where somebody is so afraid of COVID.
I mean, because this is the reality.
But it would be hilarious in like a comedy sketch.
The media has these people so afraid of COVID, they're waiting in line for days to get the vaccine and the bitter cold and everything, starving.
And then they finally get to the front of the line to get the COVID vaccine and they sit down, they're like so relieved, like, oh, oh, I'm finally here, I'm saved, oh, I'm saved, I can have my freedom again, everything.
And then the doctor's like, okay, roll up your sleeve, and he's like, okay, all right.
Side effects include death, seizures, spell palsy, cancer.
You know, it just lays it all out.
And then it's like, okay, you're now ready to be part of the worldwide experiment.
And there's a, what?
And then just, and then they jab him and it enters.
It's like, oh, what?
Like, yeah, that's what you're actually signing up for.
The virus that you're supposedly so afraid of, there's a 99.9% chance that you would survive it, even if you got it.
You may not even get it.
You may be immune to it before you even know it.
But now, we'll see, we'll see where all of this goes.
Because if they start to back off, here's what is, look, we have a very important week ahead of us.
I'm going to explain this.
The CDC says fully vaccinated people can meet indoors without face masks or social distancing.
So they're starting to kind of back off.
You're seeing all the states say we're going to fully open.
It's going to be up to the corporations now, basically, to decide if you have to wear masks.
So that will probably continue with the globalist corporations.
There's already a list.
13 woke corporations fighting back against mask mandate repeal.
So you will have the corporate world government still forcing it.
You'll have to find businesses that won't make you wear the submission mask.
But they're starting to back off.
They're saying if you get the vaccine, you can go out indoors, whatever, no social distancing.
Well, if they do back off of this right now, and they start to relinquish their stranglehold on us, that's actually more indicative that they have something bigger coming in the very near future.
Because they didn't get away with this scam.
Now, they may get away with it as far as they're gonna execute it and implement it and probably go unpunished, but it didn't go unnoticed.
It won't go unreported.
And slowly but surely, more people are realizing the big scam, the big lie, and willing to talk about it.
But if they do back off of this and have us thinking we're free again because they told us we are, That, to me, is even more dangerous.
That means they're going to have to do something in the near future to cover all of this up.
And that's why the key is for we, the people, to decide we're open, we're not wearing masks, not the government telling us that we are free.
And so that's the key there.
But we'll see what this really means.
The CDC says fully vaccinated people can meet indoors without masks or social distancing.
We'll see what that means.
You know, I don't know how they can even say that when they haven't even decided what fully vaccinated means.
They've been changing that.
It's been one shot, two shots, three shots, one shot, two shots, three shots.
So they don't even know what fully vaccinated means.
So, uh, this looks like part of a, it looks like they're making a move right now.
It looks like they're remaneuvering the chess board, letting us think we are about out of this only to, to clinch even harder in the future.
So we will see, but it does have me worried.
At the very least, they're just going to roll out, you know, 300 million vaccines in America or whatever, and just come after anyone and everybody with that jab for this worldwide experiment.
And Fauci says all high schoolers will receive COVID vaccines this fall.
Oh, isn't that great?
Says the biggest salesman in big pharmaceutical history.
No wonder he's so filthy rich.
No wonder Big Pharma loves Anthony Fauci so much.
He makes them billions.
He makes that corrupt industry billions.
By the way, I wonder what the actual numbers are of people that have died from big pharmaceutical drugs compared to COVID.
But nonetheless, Fauci is the henchman.
And he is the corrupt globalist that is making big pharmaceutical companies more money than they've ever made in their existence, and that is saying a lot.
So, oh yeah!
We're gonna make every American scared, they're gonna get a vaccine, and then we're gonna make it mandatory for high school students, and then we're gonna make it mandatory for infants.
Yeah, how do you like that?
That's Fauci!
Fauci's coming to jab ya!
He's coming to jab ya kids, too!
Yeah, back in the 70s I was studying the AIDS virus.
Back in the 70s I was studying the AIDS virus.
And I really wanted to get up and close and personal.
So I went to the gay bathhouses.
I pulled down my trousers.
And I know for a fact, there was definitely AIDS.
Believe me.
Believe me.
Now the problem was we couldn't get the proper vaccine at the time.
But I tried plenty of jabs.
Let me tell you, I took plenty of jabs at gay bathhouses during the AIDS pandemic.
Wow, thanks Fauci.
Yeah, no problem.
But you know what?
I want to penetrate you.
I want to penetrate you.
I want to penetrate your kids.
Yeah, we're going to penetrate your kids real hard.
Yeah, we're going to penetrate your kids when they're infants.
We're going to penetrate your kids when they're in high school.
We're going to penetrate them again in college.
And then we're going to penetrate you when you're an adult.
How do you like getting penetrated by Fauci?
Believe me, I'm an expert in penetration.
During the AIDS pandemic, I spent countless hours, hundreds, maybe thousands of hours at gay bathhouses with my pants down.
Believe me, I am an expert at penetration.
So when I tell you we're gonna penetrate your kids three times before they're 20, you can be rest assured that I'm an expert at penetration.
And if there's ever any mistrust here, or if you ever get worried, we're gonna have the official Dr. Fauci butt plug that you can wear to make sure you're not spreading COVID to your friends with your fecal matter.
Believe me, I did plenty of trials in that regard as well.
There's a lot you can do in bathhouses you don't realize.
Okay, so look, just take the penetration and take the jab.
It's all a worldwide experiment.
Thank you Fauci.
Wow, what would we do without you?
What would the world be like without Anthony Fauci?
Can you imagine?
Oh, the horror!
Imagine a world without Anthony Fauci.
Oh, but they're so afraid of COVID.
Thank you.
They're so afraid of COVID.
Yet, the border is wide open in Arizona right now.
Hundreds of illegals just walk right across.
It's really thousands.
And they don't get tested for COVID.
They walk right across.
And now hospitals in Arizona are saying all of their COVID cases are illegal immigrants.
Who do you think's paying for all of this, folks?
You are.
And they just got that $2 trillion stimulus passed.
Which could equal over $5,000 per American citizen.
How about that?
It's like $5,400 or something.
We'll round it off.
You could get a $5,000 check right now from the COVID-19 stimulus bill.
You could get a $5,000 check.
Well, that would actually stimulate the economy.
I'm not saying that would be good, but no, that money's not going to... Oh, but they say, oh, you're going to get $1,400.
If somebody came up to you on the streets and said, hey, I need to take your money.
Say, what?
Well, don't worry.
It's stimulus.
It's good.
It's good for the economy.
Well, how is this going to go?
Well, I'm going to take $5,000 from you.
Hmm, I don't like that very much.
What's in it for me?
Well, I'm going to return $1,400 of it to you.
So think about that.
I mean, that's pretty nice of me, isn't it?
$5,000 minus $14,000.
Seems like I'm taking a loss on that one.
Well, it's for COVID.
We're stimulating the economy.
Yeah, but I can't really take that loss.
I don't think it's going to be good for the economy and I really don't like this burgeoning debt that we're putting on future Americans.
Well, we've got everything shut down right now.
Don't you want to stimulate the economy?
It's dying right now.
Well, why is it dying?
You shut it down.
Why don't you just reopen it?
Well, we can't do that.
We can't do that.
I'm sorry.
But maybe we can if you just take the stimulus money, take 10 vaccines, wear a mask, do an anal swab if you want to go outside, and maybe then you can be free again.
Don't you understand?
You are now in the new world order.
You are now in The Big Pharmaceutical Medical Tyranny.
You're in it right now, worldwide.
What are you going to do?
So you may notice if you go shopping now, certain brands have a label underneath the price that says Black-owned or Hispanic-owned or Woman-owned.
Because this is the new woke culture, deciding where you shop based on the color of one's skin.
John Bowne has the report at Band.Video.
Coca-Cola is just the latest in a host of companies to hop on the woke bandwagon.
From changing profile pictures to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, to rebranding whole product lines deemed to be, well, behind the times.
A blatant form of racism is becoming industrialized, sanitized, and corporatized.
If you hadn't noticed, you can now buy a product based on the race of that company's owners.
I have a question. Are you guys black owned?
Uh, we're not. No, we're all Indonesian.
Okay, do you think using this, you guys are not using black culture to gain attention?
I don't think this is black culture.
Is this Asian?
Is this Asian culture?
The Common House is definitely an Asian culture.
No, but it's the Trap House, though.
Is that Asian culture?
Yes, it is.
I can show you where it's at.
This is actually hilarious.
The trap is what is considered a drug dealing den.
So this woman's in here saying drug dealing dens are black culture?
Am I missing something?
Go back to the report.
I'm sorry, this is hilarious.
Yes, it is.
Trap tea.
I can show you where it's at.
I can show you where it's at.
I'm in the trap with Young Jeezy.
Trap tea to boba plug.
You're using black culture to gain customers.
However, the country of origin labeling for muscle cuts of beef and pork and ground beef and pork were discarded because the World Trade Organization deemed it racist back in 2016 to allow consumers to know where the animals they eat originated from.
Regardless of potential animal disease outbreaks unbeknownst to the consumer.
Rarely does the health of a single cow have billion-dollar implications, but in this case it does because it's America's first confirmed case of bovine spongiform encephalitis in six years.
Poor management and the lack of treatment of animal feces and urine are major factors in soil and water pollution and a source of infectious diseases for humans.
But driving a racist wedge after over 100,000 small businesses went under in the wake of the COVID deception is paramount to the globalist zealots agenda running our health, our unity, and our country into a ditch.
This bill, if you're a farmer, Your loan will be forgiven up to 120% of your loan.
Not 100%, but 120% of your loan.
If you're socially disadvantaged, if you're African American, some other minority, but if you're white person, if you're a white woman, no forgiveness as reparations.
What does that got to do with COVID?
And while millions mobilize to unleash their rage yet again against those small businesses, as the Derek Chauvin-George Floyd trial begins, are the supposed modern messengers of Martin Luther King's genius doing their best to bring his message to Americans of all backgrounds?
As a former police officer and a senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, I've been warning the public for years that the biggest national security threat we face is domestic terrorism from white nationalists.
We all know that if the attackers in the Capitol had been black, they would have been arrested and probably shot.
One Capitol police officer discharged their service weapon, striking an adult female.
She was transported to a local hospital where after all life-saving... Notice how they never say Ashley Babbitt.
They'll sell George Floyd a hundred thousand times, they never say Ashley Babbitt.
...next of kin notification.
Of course they aren't following MLK's timeless wisdom when there is temporary easy money and political power flowing from their inhumane deception.
Sooner or later, all the peoples of the world will have to discover A way to live together in peace and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood.
If this is to be achieved... The full John Bowne report is at band.video, but it's amazing.
The left has become everything they claim to fight against.
I'm woke!
I'm racist!
I buy beans depending on the color of your skin!
I go to the restaurant depending on the color of your skin!
I'm a liberal!
And I'm a racist!
I'm only gonna buy your rice if you're not white!
I'm only gonna send my kid to your school if you're black!
I claim I'm not a racist!
But I am!
I'm a liberal progressive!
We're gonna give you stimulus money based on the color of your skin!
Will the Democrat Party vote racist?
I'm a liberal!
And I'm racist to my core!
James Brown.
Boy, is he great or what?
What a good...
My body, my choice, but only when I want to kill my kid!
My body, my choice, except when I inject you with a deadly vaccine.
I'm a liberal, I'm so woke.
No white men could ever be in power, but I voted for Joe Biden who's been around for 50 years.
All right.
We're having too much fun now.
It's a little too bigoted.
I don't know.
I feel like we're going a little crazy here.
Maybe we need to take like a hard turn.
Just start doing James Brown parodies.
Just rewriting it.
Alright, we're back here.
We're in the second hour of the Alex Jones Show, ladies and gentlemen.
A miracle.
A miracle.
God allows us to be here and our support from you in the audience allow us to be here.
So we've got crew out in Florida.
Alex is on a secret mission.
We'll be hearing from Alex again in about 20 minutes.
We've got, of course, the great crew here in studio.
We've got our 10 hours of live transmissions a day.
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So take advantage of all those sales, and we thank the great audience.
All right.
You know, let me get into... There's so much to cover here yet.
I don't know where to begin.
Let me just go to this story from the Wall Street Journal.
Last week, and really I've been covering this story on The War Room, it's reaching a new head though, teachers refusing to go back to work.
And so I've kind of tongue-in-cheek suggested, like, the teachers that don't want to go back to work, they don't even have to move, I'm telling you, it's the perfect solution.
The teachers that don't want to go back to work can teach remotely from wherever to wherever and then the teachers that do want to go back to work we should hire them in the schools that are reopening in person so that they can get a job and get back in the classroom and we can have teachers actually teaching kids again.
Because what we've learned is there's a bunch of leftists that that teach your children at all different levels of education And they're refusing to go back to work.
And there's an incredible story from the Wall Street Journal.
Teachers Union Privilege.
Now, there was a microcosm of this was realized in Seattle, where the teachers in Seattle, again, folks, this is all liberal teachers and liberal teacher unions, all Democrats.
Again, playing the victim.
They love playing the victim.
But in Seattle, The teachers said, we won't go back to work unless we can get the vaccine.
And the way they had the vaccine rollout in Seattle, whatever, it was like elderly and then I think frontline workers or something.
And teachers were like fifth down the line.
So while the teachers couldn't stand that, so they wanted to be first.
So they bullied the Seattle Health Department and whoever was for administering these vaccines.
And they got to the top of the list.
And so the teachers ended up getting the COVID vaccine first.
And then what did the Seattle teachers do?
They still refused to go back to work.
Well, it turns out that wasn't such a microcosm, but a story that the entire nation is experiencing.
And again, it's highlighted vaccines, the stories of the Wall Street Journal, teachers union privilege.
So all over the country, Teachers unions, run by Democrats, influenced by liberal teachers, have been refusing to go back to work.
And they've been moving the goalposts every time.
So it was, oh we need this, barriers, sanitizers, tests, gloves, all of it, the hell, and then we'll go back.
Nope, they still didn't go back.
Then they said, we need the vaccine, give us the vaccine, the vaccine will put us back.
Then they didn't go back even after they skipped the line and got the vaccine.
Now, they're saying racism!
And the crew with perfect timing pulls up just one of the stories covering it.
There's the headline in Breitbart.
Washington Teachers Union President Claims Reopening Schools Is White Supremacy.
So it was first, oh, we need a healthy school environment, okay?
A ton of funding.
Remaking what the schoolroom looks like and all of it.
Nope, they still didn't go back.
Now we need the vaccine.
We need to skip the lines and give us the vaccine.
Okay, fine, we'll do that.
Nope, they still wouldn't do it.
Now school is racist!
And so they're refusing to go back to work now.
They're refusing to go back to teach now because school is racist.
This is incredible.
This is so pathetic.
This is so embarrassing.
To what should be a group of people, teachers in this country, That deserves more support, more love, more funding, and now because of these leftist, lazy, bum, liberal brainwashed teachers, they've now ruined any chance that teachers had in the future.
To actually get better reception from the public and more funding and more respect.
So once again the left has ruined everything.
They've ruined sports, they've ruined Hollywood, they've ruined culture, and now they've ruined academia?
And now it's so bad they refuse to even go back to work.
What a bunch of entitled, lazy bums.
Any teachers that refuse to go back to work at this point should be fired.
I've always been an advocate for teachers.
I've always said we need to pay teachers more.
That would give them more of an incentive to become teachers, be good at their job.
But no, this is only going to make it worse.
And now nobody's even going to be sending their kids to public schools in these Democrat-run cities anymore.
Now the irony is, As all the teachers that refuse to go back to work are crying racism as their new excuse, here's the funny thing.
Now, it doesn't matter whether they're white or black or anything.
The financially wealthy, they're claiming it's racist to reopen the schools because it's somehow in their advantage.
Folks, they don't even send their kids to public schools.
The wealthy people are sending their kids to private schools that are fully reopened without masks.
The wealthy people are homeschooling their kids.
So by continuing to shut down the school, you're actually hurting the underprivileged.
You're actually hurting the very people you claim to be fighting for.
Is this not the typical story of the left?
They're anti-racist.
They're the most racist group out there.
They say it's against minorities to have the schools open.
No, that's hurting the minorities!
That's hurting poor people!
Why do they have to be like this?
But once again, that's liberalism in a nutshell.
We're refusing to go back to school because it's racist and elitist.
But the people that suffer are the poor people and the minority in those communities that can't afford private education or whose parents can't homeschool them.
Incredible that this is happening.
But that's not what it is.
So, the left has almost completely destroyed, fundamentally, any efficacy, any integrity of our school systems, of our media, of our culture, of our border, of our politics, all of it.
All of it.
But you know what?
This is going to be a big week, and I'm going to explain why coming up.
I'm going to write this down so I don't forget.
Some big developments this week, and I think we're getting teed up right now for a big swing by the globalists.
Now they could swing and miss, but I think they're teeing us up right now.
I'm going to explain it coming back.
We are in the clutches of a dastardly New World Order right now, and Putin's former chief of staff Sergey Ivanov called Donald Trump a champion against this new world order.
Leading from the front, now leading from the back, but...
Gearing up for another lead run.
Will he run for office again?
He has cease and desist orders to all the Republicans right now to stop fundraising with his name.
I don't think that's indicative of necessarily him wanting to run or not.
I think that's just because he knows the Republicans, how they're spending that money, is not beneficial to his potential 2024 campaign.
Or Trump Republicans.
So smart move there.
I have a feeling right now we are being set up in a way.
And we were supposed to have the George Floyd-Derek Chauvin decision yesterday, and you had thousands on the streets of Minnesota ready to riot for that, but they delayed those charges or they delayed that decision.
So that's looming over our head now, and believe me, because Derek Chauvin is going to probably be relieved of most charges.
They may give him some charge to try to appease the mob, but the mob won't be appeased no matter what.
You could hang Derek Chauvin in front of the mob, and the mob would still riot afterwards.
So there is no appeasing the mob.
But they were out by the thousands, and they'll be out again ready to riot in Minneapolis over George Floyd.
Who overdosed on fentanyl that day.
Died from fentanyl.
He also had COVID, so maybe he died from COVID.
We're unclear.
But no, they say it's racism.
He died because of racism.
The big lie.
He died from bad policing at the worst.
He died from an overdose on fentanyl in reality.
Had nothing to do with racism, but the big lie told by the Democrats and the media again.
So that's hanging over our head.
But I think something else is going to come before this, because...
Obviously, you saw Texas not really leading.
They're getting credit for leading the way.
Texas did not lead the way.
Texas was cucked by Governor Greg Abbott, forced to wear the mask, forced to shut down our businesses.
Not as bad as most states, but nonetheless, no, Texas did not lead the way.
Florida led the way.
South Dakota led the way.
Not Texas, but Texas makes the move to rescind the mask mandate this Wednesday and to reopen 100% this Wednesday.
We'll see what that looks like.
But now Biden They've just announced, who has not had a press conference yet, has not addressed the nation yet, didn't do a State of the Union, this is all unprecedented, the guy can't think or talk, so that's why they're keeping him hidden in the White House.
He set Thursday to deliver an address to the nation on COVID.
So the day after Texas is supposed to reopen to 100% no masks back to normal, the next day Biden is supposed to give an address and you know what it's going to say.
COVID is the deadliest thing ever.
It's not over.
We need the vaccines.
I'm urging states to go back into shutdown and I'm implementing a federal mask mandate.
So this is now going to create a hedge.
Where states are going to have to decide that no, we have the right to be open, or they're going to cater to the bullying out of the White House to try to restrict states' rights.
And I don't like our odds with Abbott in that fight.
Time will tell.
Other states like Florida and South Dakota, who have led the way, will stay strong.
But that's what I expect to be said from Biden on Thursday.
They're going to have to make it quick.
He can't go longer than 10 minutes before everything falls apart.
But they're gonna build it up like, oh my gosh, Biden addresses the nation, what a hero!
You watch, they'll build it all up, he's the hero, and then the pressure for states to shut everything down again will mount, and then it will pit state against federal government, and we'll see who's willing to stand up for states' rights, and who is going to fall to the new world order, the medical tyranny, with the masks and the vaccine and all of it.
Eyes out for that this week.
And then whenever they do release the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case, expect there to be mass riots in Minnesota that night.
Expect things to burn, and expect people to get assaulted.
Because that's what happens during a liberal mob incited by the media.
Of course.
That's how that goes. Meanwhile, New York Senate Majority Leader and State Assembly
Speaker both call on Andrew Cuomo to resign after fifth woman has accused
Cuomo of sexual harassment.
And now all the videos are surfacing from Cuomo in 2018 and beyond saying all women should be believed sexual harassment is a real problem.
We're seeing an example of this.
It's so bad everybody should resign but he refuses to resign.
Now five women, and apparently there's one woman, I don't know who it is, but apparently there's one bombshell woman that's a big name that is refusing to call out Cuomo's sexual harassment, but is being prodded by Lindsey Boylan and others of victims, said victims of Cuomo.
They're prodding her to come out, and that could be the one that breaks the dam.
But Cuomo won't go!
Cuomo won't go.
Five women have come forward.
I expect they're probably at this rate.
I mean, the dam is open now.
So at this rate, anybody will come forward and the number will just continue to grow until they just accept he's not going and they'll just stop coming forward.
And now in California, the signatures to recall Newsom have reached the millions.
I'm not sure the updated number here.
One and a half million as of the publishing of this story at KCRA this morning.
So it's encroaching two million votes to recall Newsom in California.
I don't expect him to go anywhere.
Meanwhile, more cancel culture from the Nazi left.
Space Jam 2 has cancelled Pepe Le Cuomo.
Or, excuse me, Andrew Le Pew.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Pepe Le Pew has been cancelled from Space Jam 2.
They've also given Lola Bunny a mastectomy.
Or Lola Bunny may be a man now.
I'm not really sure.
So expect the new LeBron James Space Jam to suck.
And I will not be subjecting myself to this new woke China abomination of the good movie Space Jam that we all grew up with as kids.
It is now going to be foiled and spoiled by China James, by Beijing LeBron.
Also, the voter remorse for Biden continues.
Matt Gaetz on Fox News, Biden has more attacks on Syria than he's had press conferences.
A Biden voter to CNN.
They're dropping bombs in Syria right now, and those bombs are kind of expensive for a dude who owes me $2,000.
Hey, don't worry!
You're gonna get $1,400, but after they take $5,000 from you.
Or print it out of thin air.
Which, why would they tax us if that's what they do anyway?
But there's a bit of a mis... Something's happening here in the Middle East with Iraq and Iran and everything.
Biden approves release of $3 billion of Iran's funds in Iraq, Oman, and South Korea.
But also, the Secretary of Defense has said From the Biden administration, that U.S.
will strike Iran at a time and place of our choosing.
My goodness!
So the saber-rattling and warmongering from the Biden administration in the Middle East is ramping up, folks, so be on the lookout for that, too.
Alright, Alex Jones special report, predictive programming from Hollywood, how the movie I Am Legend predicted COVID-19 mutations and death.
We are about to reveal how the plot from a hit 2007 Hollywood movie with Will Smith predicted much of what is now happening in the year 2021.
In this film, we're about to break down.
The government develops a supposed cure for cancer and uses a virus delivery system to go into the cells of the body and reprogram the DNA.
Disastrous results then erupt with nightmare consequences.
We're about to lay it out right now.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
So Dr. Crippen, give it to me in a nutshell.
Well, the premise is quite simple.
Take something designed by nature and reprogram it to make it work for the body rather than against it.
You're talking about a virus?
Indeed, yes.
In this case, the measles virus, which has been engineered at a genetic level to be helpful rather than harmful.
I find the best way to describe it is if you can imagine your body as a highway and you picture the virus as a very fast car being driven by a very bad man, imagine the damage that that car could cause.
But then if you replace that man with a cop, the picture changes and that's essentially what we've done.
How many people have you treated so far?
Well, we've had 10,009 clinical trials in humans so far.
And how many are cancer-free?
So you have actually cured cancer?
Yes, yes.
A lot of listeners, a lot of friends, a lot of people I work with have said, Alex, why haven't you drawn parallels between the hit movie with Will Smith in 2007, I Am Legend, and what's happening with the COVID-19 supposed vaccine?
And I was like, oh my gosh, I forgot that movie.
It was a really good movie.
And I went back and read the plot.
And then last night I went back and watched the film again, and it completely blew me away.
You have this high-tech company, this big tech company, that comes out with a cure for cancer where they use a measles virus to deliver a re-engineering system into human DNA so you can't get cancer.
And then 90% of the public dies because it creates a virus factory inside the cells.
9% become these killer Psycho vampires zombies and 1% become immune Six billion people on earth when the infection hit KV had a 90% kill rate.
That's 5.4 billion people dead crashed and bled out dead That's a 1% immunity.
I left 12 million healthy people like you me and Ethan the other 588 million And I'm like, oh my God, I've interviewed all these scientists, all these medical doctors, all these people, and they talk about how mRNA vaccines are a gene therapy, not approved by the FDA, that were first developed to try to go in and cure cancer.
But because they didn't know the unintended consequences, because they'd have long-term animal or human studies, they didn't do it.
But it turns out they actually have been doing it in China and other areas, and that it causes all sorts of weird mutations and cancer later in the lab rats, in the pigs, in the goats, in the other animals they tested on.
And of course Communist China has also been doing a lot of secret human testing as well on the Uyghurs and others.
And so I began to read again the plot of the film, and again watch the film, and it totally blew me away, because even the writers of Hollywood science fiction talked to scientists, talked to genetic engineers, and they said, what is the most feasible scenario for something to kill a bunch of people, or to cause horrible mutations, and they said, it's basically this gene editing.
Because they say, oh, mRNA doesn't change your DNA, it just orders the cell to change the DNA.
Same thing.
But it gets crazier.
I interviewed Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, respected medical doctor.
She spent a whole hour on the show showing the medical literature.
The Johnson's and Johnson vaccine is beyond mRNA.
It takes a cold virus with the spike protein of COVID-19 and delivers it through the cell membrane into the mitochondria and then replicates the supposed protein they want to counter it.
And the head of the EU Advisory Commission, Wolfgang Wudarg and others have come out, including the former chief scientist at Pfizer and said, This is mass human experimentation.
This is incredibly dangerous.
It's going to cause massive autoimmune responses.
It's going to cause not just people to be allergic, it's going to cause the body to attack its own organs.
And very early on, it is killing a lot of people.
I mean, this is a well-designed, well-designed killing tool.
So the problem is, Alex, is that we are injecting mRNA that has a recipe That is supposed to keep us healthy and keep us from getting sick.
We have no idea how long the protein is going to last.
We have no idea how long the antibody is going to be around.
We have no idea how long the antibody is going to last.
We don't know how long they're going to continue to, the B cells are going to be active.
We have no idea because we have no long-term studies.
And every single one of those steps makes you susceptible to illness for the entire population for an unknown period, maybe the rest of your life.
That you may be susceptible to autoimmune disease, shock, allergies, and death from something that is supposed to keep you from getting sick.
What we've discovered is after people get the COVID vaccine, they're saying, oh, they got the COVID vaccine, but they still died of COVID.
They're dying and they're claiming.
That it was COVID.
So this thing is a big jigsaw puzzle.
But what we know is this.
They couldn't ever get any governments to approve this.
So they used the hysteria in China, where this stuff was developed, to now have it approved in the EU, the UK, the US, and Australia, and a few other countries.
But India They're very scientific and I studied it.
South Africa, again, very scientific.
Switzerland, a bunch of countries have banned different mRNA vaccines because they're not vaccines.
They're gene therapy or genetic engineering and it's causing massive cytokine storms, like you're stung by 100 bees.
Or it's causing the body to shut down and attack its own organs.
Or it's just causing people to have horrible, horrible side effects.
and go through convulsions and become paralyzed, you name it.
And this is all confirmed.
It was the famous, famous baseball player who, after taking the second shot, died,
Hank Aaron, and the mainstream media lied and said, "Oh, the coroner
said he didn't die of the shot."
Then his family talked to Robert F.
Kennedy Jr.
They said, "No, he died after the second shot and he never had an autopsy."
So it goes on and on and on.
Now the famous commentator and comedian Ben Stein went out and got the Moderna mRNA vaccine.
And he said, it's a killer.
I mean, it didn't kill me and it's not going to kill you, but I almost died.
Here's a clip of what he had to say.
A word of warning to you, my fellow Americans, or whatever you are.
I had the COVID booster, the Moderna, about four or five days ago, and I am still feeling wild side effects from it.
Like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, A dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking.
It has just been devastating.
I'm glad I got it.
Sort of glad.
I don't know.
I'm a little bit glad and also not quite so glad.
But it has just got to be told to the people, us people, we people, us people, that this booster is a killer.
I mean, it's not going to kill you literally, but it is very, very strong.
Again, why are the parallels in I Am Legend 2007 so close to what's currently happening?
Because Hollywood goes out to top scientists and gets their help writing these scripts.
And Elizabeth Holmes, right at that time with Bill Gates, was beginning to develop her Theranos rollout.
Which is like the PCR test, totally fraudulent.
They claim they could tell if you had cancer, if you had other diseases, way before you developed it.
Turned out it was all a giant scam.
The computer was a fraud.
Just like Enron did 20 years ago with oil and gas and electricity prices.
So this is big tech.
With all the criminal activity it's involved in, and all the censorship, and all the spying, and all the manipulation, coming in to biotech, coming in to science, coming in to medicine, and just deciding we're like machines, and they can program us.
And it's Bill Gates, the eugenicist, the depopulationist, that says he wants to reduce world population through a forced system.
That is funding the United Nations.
That is funding Hollywood.
That is funding mainstream media.
That is funding and underwriting most major newspapers to tell you these vaccines are safe and effective.
But if you go read the inserts, they're not even vaccines.
They come in and they reprogram your body.
So that's why you're seeing life imitate art.
Because the art that was I Am Legend is based off real concerns that scientists and others have put forward about this type of Live manipulation of the human genome, of the DNA, of the body.
Because in almost every case, it creates horrible mutations, horrible cancers, horrible autoimmune responses, horrible allergic reactions, and so many other nightmares.
But again, the globalists don't care, because they're moving on from pigs, and guinea pigs, and rats, and mice, and cows, and horses, and goats, and on to human beings.
So we're all concerned about Unethical testing on great apes and unethical testing on lions and tigers and bears.
And I totally agree with you.
But what about the unethical testing on us in mass?
But they're claiming, oh, you have free will.
You can opt in and do this.
But at the same time, they've given liability protection to the vaccine makers and the genetic engineers to now engage in mass testing on us.
And they're bullying us and intimidating us into going along with it.
They are testing not just these biological mutagenic systems on us,
but they are also testing the public and the media to see what they can get away with.
[Sound Effects]
We'll be taking a closer look at the ongoing mutations of Dr. Alice Crippen's once hailed miracle cure for cancer.
So far, almost 5,000 patients treated with the retrofitted virus have begun exhibiting symptoms resembling the early onset of rabies.
25 patients have already died.
Dr. Neville has ordered local hospitals to stockpile antiviral drugs and to begin preliminary quarantine protocols.
It's my birthday.
We are fully confident that Dr. Neville can see us through these... You know what I'm saying?
I have read thousands of pages of mainline medical literature.
I've interviewed dozens of doctors, virologists, scientists.
I've watched hundreds of other interviews of top scientists, heads of universities coming out and saying, this is not a vaccine.
This is human experimentation.
It's illegal.
We've looked at what's in it.
It's not going to protect you from COVID-19.
This is genocide, and they can't believe that this is happening.
But then, they get shut down by big tech, because big tech, whether it's Google, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Apple, especially Facebook and especially Google, are heavily invested with Bill Gates, who has spent his hundreds of billions of dollars tax-free to buy up control of the medical systems of almost every major nation in the world.
But again, the good news is, More than a dozen nations have banned these new mRNA vaccines, and more than 30 nations have kicked Bill Gates out because he was caught doing illegal experimentation.
You ask, why are they doing it?
It's so reckless, because they've never gotten in trouble, and because they have liability protection, and because they have a desire to play God, and they want to manipulate your DNA.
Bill Gates is a big shareholder in Monsanto that has hundreds of plants they've patented, they own, that now produce seeds that don't produce seeds.
They don't just want the plants with the Terminator system.
They want humans to be sterile and you've got to go to the corporations to be able to have a child and then they put back doors into your child just like they do into our cell phones.
It's called a Trojan horse.
And that's what Hollywood is telling you with predictive programming like I Am Legend.
My name is Robert Neville.
I'm a survivor living in New York City.
I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.
I will be at the South Street Seaport every day at midday, when the sun is highest in the sky.
If you are out there, if anyone is out there, I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security.
If there's anybody out there, anybody, Please.
You are not alone.
You had a bad feeling, so I'm not going that morning.
Mary and Joseph.
Well, I'm on a very important mission in Florida, defending our Republic, and I am in South Florida, so I thought I've got to check in with the one and only Roger Stone, who needs no introduction.
And so we're just here to talk about the state of America, the state of the world, and the crazy state of the ongoing witch hunts against anybody that is loyal to this Republic.
Roger, good to see you, my friend.
Alex, great to be here.
You wanted to start out with the current bill, H.R. 1.
Well, first of all, I think it's significant that you're here in Florida because I'm beginning to feel that Florida, not Texas, but Florida will be the last bastion of freedom.
To my surprise, in my excitement, Governor Ron DeSantis here, both on COVID-19 and on internet censorship, has really been a leader.
This is a strong Second Amendment state.
There's not going to be any infringement of gun owners' rights under state law in Florida.
So, you know, this is kind of a, it's like, it's an oasis of freedom in the country.
HR1 is one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen.
Essentially what it does is it takes all of the changes that the Democrats made in state election law, which I think awarded them this election, and it codifies it Federally.
So, no signature verification, but mail-out ballots, for example.
This is the end, this is the ballgame.
If this should become law, I'm certain it would be challenged, because I think it's unconstitutional.
The states cannot be told how to regulate their voter laws.
But this is the most draconian thing I've ever seen.
This is like the incumbent Democrat protection bill.
Times ten.
Before we get into that horrible area so we can develop plans to defeat it and stop it, hopefully at the federal and state level, let's talk about Governor DeSantis, because he has literally led the way against the COVID hoax, led the way against the lockdowns, led the way against gun grabbing, led the way against big tech censorship.
And shamefully, the Texas governor, who I want to support, has only now been forced, thanks to DeSantis' leadership, and seeing DeSantis go up in the polls, he's now been forced to sign onto that.
So I'm very sad that Texas leadership did not have the common sense and the bona fides to be leaders and do what was right.
If there wasn't a DeSantis, we wouldn't see Texas and Mississippi and other states now following suit.
They admit they're following Florida's suit.
So listen, I don't care whether it's Florida, New York, California, wherever.
Obviously New York and California aren't going to go back red.
But it is wild to see Florida just surging forward as a real leader.
Why is that?
Well, to my surprise, Ron DeSantis, who, you know, is a Yale graduate, was more of a center-right Republican, did not endorse Donald Trump in 2016, even when he was on the ticket with him, but then rose to being a defender of the president and the Congress because he saw the outrageousness of the Russian collusion hoax.
In truth, he owes his governorship to Donald Trump on two scores.
Trump's endorsement in the primary was lethal for DeSantis' opponent.
And the rise of Ron DeSantis on Fox and on conservative radio really laid the groundwork for his nomination.
And then frankly, President Trump came here twice in the last three weeks, and I would make the argument that he dragged both Governor DeSantis and Senator Scott over the finish line.
I think this has made Ron DeSantis understand that the America First agenda has broad support here in Florida.
As I'm sure you noticed, it wasn't close here in 2020.
This is what is somewhat confounding.
In other words... The lead has gotten bigger for Republicans.
Well, for Donald Trump.
Not necessarily for Republicans, for Donald Trump, but he won here much bigger than he won last time.
He was not predicted to win here big.
It was supposed to be another nail-biter.
It wasn't.
Record turnout among Cuban-Americans, Venezuelans-Americans, people who have seen socialism up close.
I think that helped.
But also, even finding more votes in the rural areas, and not losing the urban areas.
Didn't we see that in Georgia?
And didn't we see that in Colorado?
The super pro-Trump candidates won by 70-75%, whereas establishment Republicans lost.
It shows that the Trump brand really leads the Republican Party, and polls show that.
There's no question about it.
Donald Trump is far more popular than the Republican brand.
And more importantly, he brings certain people to his voter coalition.
Blue-collar, Catholic, union members.
He got 40% of union members.
Is that why we're suddenly seeing Pence say, oh, I talk to Trump all the time, I like him, and McConnell saying nice things?
Well, you know, it's very interesting.
This is Donald Trump's party.
He chooses to run again.
There'll be no stopping him for the nomination.
He would roll to the nomination unencumbered.
But if we don't fix the internet censorship problem, and therefore we can't fix the election law problem, and therefore we can't clean house in the Republican Party, three important steps, I don't know why he would want to run.
That's right, stop the neocon rhinos, secure real integrity elections, stop big tech censorship, and the Trump revolution is secured.
But if we don't do that, what happens?
Welcome back folks, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones, or maybe I should say I'm sitting in for Owen Schroer who's sitting in for Alex Jones.
Everybody's out on secret missions, so we're deep in the back bench here, but I'm very glad to be with you and I'm very excited to see what comes out of the mission that Owen Schroer is on right now.
Of course, he is Going to ask a few questions to some protesters at the Texas State Capitol as Texans, believe it or not, and I'm ashamed to say it, Texans are actually protesting against the freedom that the governor has bestowed upon us in his infinite wisdom.
Of course, This isn't really anything to be that happy about.
The fact is he never should have put a mask mandate in the first place, but he's lifted the mask mandate and a lot of liberals are very mad that they're not being told what to do.
How dare you not control us?
How dare you not be our master?
We want to be slaves after all.
I don't get it.
But maybe Owen Schroer will get to the bottom of exactly what their grievance is and what they're looking forward to.
So that's what he's doing right now.
And we'll talk a little bit about that coming up in the next hour.
Of course, also getting into some of the other trends that I was able to observe for the last two weeks.
I've been on parental leave, I guess you could say.
I had a baby two weeks ago, and so I've sort of been out of the loop, not in the quagmire here, you know, in the torrential rain of news that is constantly coming down.
And so I've gotten a unique, for me, a unique perspective, which is just occasionally checking in and seeing what's going on and seeing, in reality, an endless cascade of tyranny, just absolute avalanche of insanity coming from all corners of
the establishment, whether it's corporations, the government, the media. It's really
been absurd and there's been a couple things that have stood out to me. Usually when you're
in this, when you're surrounded, when you're in the weeds of all of the news and trying to
cover everything, you can lose sight of the big picture.
Then you step away a little bit, and you take that bird's eye view, and you start seeing larger trends manifest themselves.
One of these has been the... How do I even put this?
I don't even like talking about this stuff.
The aggressive application, the aggressive perpetuation of pedophilia.
And I'll talk to you about some stories that you've probably heard about, but when you put them all together, you really see the trend, and yeah, it's a troubling one.
We'll get to that in just a little bit, but first I want to start with this video.
This is from CNN, and even just the title of the video tells you everything you need to know.
Ethics professor, this is a professor of ethics, you understand, says Americans will take the vaccine in exchange for the return of their freedom.
It's called extortion, and it's being perpetuated on you right now.
Here's that clip from CNN.
But there are going to be communities and areas of the country where it starts to make sense due to high availability of vaccine to say, you want to come back to work in person, got to show me a vaccine certificate.
You want to go in a bar, a restaurant, got to show me a vaccine certificate.
I think there will be some inequality in the US, but hopefully it will wash out quickly as the supplies increase very rapidly.
And I think they're going to.
It also gives you an incentive to overcome vaccine hesitancy.
Some people are not sure still whether they want to do the vaccine, but if you promise them more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to get travel, that's a very powerful incentive to actually achieve fuller vaccination.
Internationally, those problems are there.
There's no denying it.
There are going to be countries that are way behind in terms of having access to anything.
But I'm going to predict that the world won't wait for vaccine passports until everybody is on board.
I still think you're going to see some in place, despite the fact that this will isolate some countries and perhaps even cause them economic damage.
It's just the better off and the lucky in a certain sense not wanting to wait for everybody to come on board.
There you go.
The professor of medical ethics at New York University recommending extortion in order to perpetuate their agenda.
You don't want the vaccine?
Well then prepare to be locked in your house.
Be unable to go out and enjoy a show or attend a ball game.
Yeah, it's extortion at the medical level using your health and your life as a chip on the table.
Truly incredible stuff.
We'll get more into the masks, the vaccines, the pedophilia, all that fun stuff on the other side of the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, welcome back folks.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith.
The host of the American Journal here, the morning show on InfoWars.
We take a lot of calls and hear a lot of great things from a lot of great callers.
I'm always blown away by the quality of our audience in terms of what they come up with, what they're aware of.
News that, you know, even when we are in this quagmire, even when we are obsessively following every news trend that we can, they'll always inform you about something that you hadn't heard of.
So that's always very fun.
But in this hour, I've prepared a little bit of information for you.
Now, there's one thing about InfoWars that might surprise some people, and that is our consistency.
Might seem a little bit strange because we're always portrayed as insane conspiracy theorists, right?
And, you know, when you hear Alex Jones go on one of his epic rants, he jumps from topic to topic topic.
And for regular people that aren't used to this sort of thing, it can be overwhelming and, you know, seem seem frantic almost.
But the reality is ever since COVID-19, Broke onto the scene.
Ever since coronavirus became a word that people were actually aware of, we've been the steady hand in all of it.
And I know it's kind of weird to imagine, but the fact is we go off the facts on the ground.
We go off what's actually happening.
We aren't being led like a dog on a chain by the mainstream media jumping from hysteria to hysteria.
That's what The Blue Anon is up to.
That's what the leftists are very, very good at doing.
Oh, I'm supposed to be mad at Ted Cruz?
I'm really mad at Ted Cruz.
Don't wear a mask?
You're stupid for wearing masks.
You have to wear a mask or you'll go to jail for not wearing masks.
There's no consistency there because there's no reality behind it.
Meanwhile, here at InfoWars, Long before the mainstream media was ever covering coronavirus or COVID-19, we were saying, hey, you know, there's weirdness going on in China.
It seems like there's something happening there.
Maybe we should be paying attention to this.
Maybe we should be taking precautions to prevent whatever this weird illness is from getting over here.
Oh, you're a racist.
You're anti-China.
How dare you?
Make those claims.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
Then all of a sudden, it's like, frantic, full-on panic, just like, shut everything down, everybody wear a mask, and we're like, whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, calm down.
Even though we were the first to warn about it, suddenly we're the ones going, whoa, whoa, whoa, we don't need to destroy the world economy over this.
It's just the flu, essentially.
A little bit different, but not so much.
It's the flu!
From like a horror movie where an insane scientist manipulates the flu to make it worse.
But we've always been sort of the steady hand.
We've always had kind of the same reaction to all of this, not being led around by the nose by the mainstream media.
And one of the things that we have always perpetuated here is the idea that the true tyranny that will come out of the coronavirus Pandemic epidemic catastrophe slash hoax will be perpetuated by the corporations and not the government because as fallen as America is and trust me folks if you're watching this you're probably well aware that America
Not really America anymore.
Not embodying the values that America once stood for.
We've fallen far.
We've been usurped.
We are now being governed by globalist psychopaths.
I think we're all aware of this.
But there's still this inkling, this iota, this node deep within the American soul and the American psyche that is rebellious.
That does not bend to authority.
Now they're doing the best to snuff it out.
You know, as well as they can, but there's still that little bit that says, you're not allowed to do this to us, whatever this is.
The government is not allowed to dictate what we do, what we say, what we think.
There's still a little bit of that.
So we always knew that the government wouldn't be the ones to mandate vaccines or, you know, perpetuate anything of the sort because the government knows there's still that little, that little ember of a flame that can once again be lit And they're afraid of that.
So they're not going to be the ones to do it.
The ones that are going to be the ones enacting this tyranny will be the corporations.
So that's what we're seeing happening now.
And of course, here's the article 13 woke corporations fighting back against Texas mask mandate repeal.
Major corporations in Texas and Mississippi are reassuring their customers that they will continue to enforce mask mandates and other CDC guidelines in reaction to the state governor's recent announcements.
And it's things like Target and Starbucks, Macy's and Toyota.
And Hyatt, Walgreens, CVS, all these major corporations are saying, don't worry, the government might not be controlling you, but we'll step in and fulfill that purpose.
Thank you so much, you devious jerks.
It's totally amazing.
Protesting against the lifting of the mask mandate.
But let's go to the science, shall we?
Let's look at The reality on the ground.
Let's look at the numbers as they stand here.
I have for you a nice little graph.
Let's put together.
It's data from December 1st 2020 through March 2nd 2021 and it shows the mask States versus the no mask States here.
We see the mask States in orange and the no mask States in blue.
And I think what you'll notice is that and not much difference not a dramatic fall-off not a major Discrepancy between these two lines.
In fact, they pretty much follow exactly the same trajectory.
What can you derive from this?
Well, the effects of the mask is not dramatic.
In fact, it's hardly there at all.
Whether it makes a difference whatsoever is up for debate, but even if it does, the difference is so minute It's basically non-existent.
Story from InfoWars.com.
Numbers in the new CDC report destroy the case for mask mandates.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Friday which it quietly admitted that the mask mandates in America were allegedly responsible for less than 2% decrease in COVID case growth after 100 days.
But still, the CDC advises wearing masks despite their own numbers.
There's a lot of complicated numbers in here, but suffice it to say that after 100 days, the transmission rate saw a decrease of 1.8%.
a decrease of 1.8 percent. 1.8 percent decrease in transmission and the mask mandates were
also associated with a 0.7 percentage point decrease in daily COVID-19 death rate, death
growth rates.
Death growth rates.
Yes, that's what they're calling it.
Daily case and death growth rates before implementation of mask mandates were not statistically different from the reference period.
And on top of that, it is within the margin of error.
The margin of error in this case is about 5%.
So what does this mean?
It means masks don't work.
It means they are, if anything, a slight, a slight little bend in the curve.
Just the slightest little deviation.
And yet, you'll be thrown in jail if you don't wear them.
You'll be fined out of existence.
You'll not be permitted to attend your local ball game.
You won't be allowed to shop in your favorite store.
And if you're a flyer on American Airlines, you may be Brought to tears.
And that again is the story from Infowars.com.
American Airlines promises investigation after a flight attendant bullies elderly woman to tears for briefly lowering her mask.
This is a Republican strategist who posted on Twitter, he says quote, an elderly lady on my American Airlines flight put her mask down briefly because she thought she was going to pass out.
She put it right back on and now a flight attendant is threatening to kick her off the flight.
She's in tears and begging to be allowed to stay on.
People have lost their humanity.
I pointed out this morning during American Journal, this last line is the key to all of it.
People have lost their humanity.
And if you want to know what the point of the mask mandates are, it's exactly that.
It's about empowering the petty tyrants.
It's about forcing you to symbolically submit.
Because at the end of the day, when we see how little effect the mask mandates actually have, and yet how aggressively they're being pushed, you have to understand that the masks are a symbol.
And that's all they are.
And the way you know that is because They're not mandating an N95 mask.
They're not mandating the full face gas mask that would actually be necessary to fully prohibit COVID-19 from transmitting from person to person.
It can be a piece of tissue paper.
It can be one of these little diapers that you get for 99 cents for a dozen.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is that you wear the mask.
What matters is that you submit.
What matters is that you show by muzzling yourself that you are willing to adhere to their laws and their rules no matter how nonsensical, no matter how little effect they actually have.
It's all about submission and it's all about the symbol To force you to mask yourself.
They're not going to mask you.
You have to mask yourself and now, as Owen Schroyer is no doubt finding out at this very moment, the people are demanding that they be symbolically enslaved under this nonsense.
Alright folks, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, in that last segment, the most important line was that very Last line at the end of the tweet about, you know, an elderly lady being brought to tears, being threatened with banishment from being able to fly on airlines because she dared lower her mask for even the briefest moment.
The last line, of course, was, people have lost their humanity.
And that sort of hits the nail on the head.
There's a reason these are the words that people use when they describe this sort of stuff.
It is a lack of humanity.
It is a lack of empathy.
It's a lack of connection with another human being when you have an elderly lady brought to tears by some petty tyrant in a American Airlines flight attendant uniform who is exerting her Petty tyranny, unquestionable and completely confident in her righteousness as she threatens to ban this little old lady from the flight.
Not for completely disregarding the rule, not for being rude or violent or outrageous, but for simply trying to breathe outside of her mask for the briefest of moments.
It's nonsensical, it's petty, it's terrifying to be honest, and of course it's anti-human.
And that's what it all comes down to.
It's an agenda against the human race, against the very basics of what make us human, what separates us from the animals.
That's one of the things that you'll see as we cover all this news.
People are literally led around like dogs on chains and will not hesitate to attack their fellow humans as if those people are just another rabid animal.
So that brings me to this next series of stories that I delight in bringing you on this March afternoon.
Transgender activist says little girls are kinky to defend bathroom invasion.
Of course, this comes, you know, one of the big stories here was that Lauren Witzke was kicked off Twitter for criticizing this.
She calls this statement demonic, which it certainly is.
Demonic, I guess, would be another term for this anti-human agenda that's going on and it is very disturbing that you
know people would be kicked off for criticizing this but the fact that this type
of statement is being publicized in the first place is horrifying.
So let me read what this person says and again there's there's certain little
just one sentence out of the whole thing that sort of crystallizes it and brings
it all together.
This transgender activist, Alok Vaid-Menon, who said that little girls are kinky to defend the sexualization of young children.
He said this, quote, These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls.
The supposed purity, in quotations, the supposed purity of the victims has remained stagnant, apparently defending the abuse of the innocent.
This is something that I discovered when I attended a protest In Austin, it was a group of parents, grandparents, family members who were concerned about the transgender information that was being proposed as a part of the sexual
Education curriculum in Austin public schools, so you have a group of parents grandparents and children Standing there outside of the Austin You know school building where inside this was being debated whether or not to include the transgender You know hyper graphic homosexual Education in the curriculum and they're saying they're saying we don't want our kids subjected to this We don't want to have to go out of school like you know all of this You know, the solution is not to back away, right?
If you want to get away from all this, what does that mean?
That means you don't go to shows anymore, you don't go to ballgames, you don't participate in public life, you don't send your kids to school, you don't go to church, you don't... No, no, that's not an option.
Because this is our country, this is our nation, and we deserve to have our beliefs respected and embodied in our nation.
So, it's not an option just to say, well, if you don't like it, pull your kids out of public school.
No, that's not fair.
So, it's all these parents And grandparents standing around saying, we don't want this being taught to our children, we don't want our children introduced to this sort of stuff, and we don't want to have to pull our kids out of school to avoid this degenerate filth.
And what happened?
They weren't allowed to protest.
They were shouted down.
They could hardly get a word out because there were literally transgender, castrated, childless, they'll never have children, But they were there shouting down the parents.
They'll never have children.
They don't really have a stake in this, right?
But they're there shouting down the parents.
Telling the parents, you're evil, you're bad.
And telling the parents, we will corrupt your children.
And this is what they said to me.
I mean, this isn't speculation.
This isn't like, oh, they're trying to corrupt the children.
No, no, no.
They hated the idea of purity.
They hated that concept being projected onto them, and they were gleefully demanding that the children be perverted.
I mean, that's what they're saying.
They're saying, like, we reject your Christian purity, and we are going to introduce your children to this.
Childless, castrated men in dresses are telling you, you don't have a right to teach your children about purity, about virginity, about righteousness, or whatever you want to call it.
You don't get to decide for what's good for your children or your grandchildren.
The perverts do.
And that's what this is all about.
So again, it's like this one statement really should stand out above it all.
It should shine like a beacon of horror to anybody that reads it.
When they say the supposed purity of the victims has remained stagnant.
And there was another story recently of a mother, somebody, you know, teaching their kids there's no such thing as virginity.
I mean, this is what they want You and your kids to believe, and if you're against it, you're the bad one and you will be overruled by this type of guy.
They're the ones that get to decide what your children believe and what they see, and they think purity doesn't even exist.
And they think little kids, little girls, are kinky.
They say your kids aren't as straight and narrow as you think.
It's absolutely horrific.
But again, this is just one of these stories, right?
You got the banning of Lauren Whitsky based on the fact that she calls this demon demonic.
That's one thing.
But there's a series of this.
You also have the Australian ABC reporters told not to use the term pedophile to describe child sex abusers because not all pedophiles molest children.
This doesn't make sense in a variety of different ways, right?
It's kind of, you know, Rectangles aren't always squares, the squares are always rectangle.
I'm gonna go ahead and say, if you abuse a child, if you sexually abuse a child, you're a pedophile.
So you can be called that.
But what they're really trying to tell you is that, don't, they're trying to say don't demonize pedophilia.
Don't demonize pedophiles.
Pedophiles are good.
I mean, this is the implication, the glaring implication, right?
It's hard to It's hard to argue that this isn't exactly what they're saying, because it is what they're saying.
Reporters at Australia's ABC Tasmania have been told not to use the term pedophile to describe child predators because, quote, not all pedophiles abuse children.
So, what does that mean?
You're afraid of insulting the pedophiles?
You don't want to misconstrue the beliefs of the pedophiles?
But it's not just them, is it?
From BigLeaguePolitics.com, United Nations demands for parents to respect the quote sexual freedom of their children.
Sexual freedom of their children.
You know?
And what to say about this?
What do you say about this?
What you say about this is protect your children, reject the New World Order, demand that your right to your child being pure be maintained, their innocence be preserved against the constant exploitation and attacks of these pedophile perverts.
Alright, welcome back folks.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
My name's Harrison Smith.
I'm the host of the American Journal, which you can see right here on InfoWars.com and Band.Video each and every weekday morning from 8 to 11 a.m.
directly preceding the Alex Jones Show.
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I talked a little bit about it earlier in the hour, the consistency that we embody here at InfoWars.
And there's another consistency that I'm proud to help perpetuate going forward, and that is we are consistently anti-war, consistently pro-privacy, pro-individual human rights.
And this is, again, a departure from the mainstream, a departure from the typical Because you'll notice that in the recent days, things like the Patriot Act have been drummed up, and all these other just absolutely draconian, tyrannical measures being taken by the federal government to clamp down on the so-called white supremacy, and this is being cheered on!
By a lot of people.
I suppose in a way it's a little bit consistent because they were cheering on the Patriot Act from the beginning, but I keep reading headlines that are like, oh, we should really be worried about this Patriot Act.
We should really be concerned about the overreach of the government as they go after white supremacists, because what if it's used against brown people?
What if they use this Patriot against black people?
And we can't have that.
Use it against white people?
Go for it!
Get them!
Get those guys!
But, but whoa.
But what if they use them against brown people?
Whoa, hold on.
Maybe we should take a step back.
This is absurd to me.
We've been against it the whole time.
And it wasn't because, you know, if you look back, it wasn't like, wow, this patriarch's really bad.
It's good that they're going after the Muslims.
It's good that they're going after, you know, the brown people.
But what if it's used against white people?
Then it would be bad.
No, no.
It's bad because it's bad.
It's bad because it's the Patriot Act.
It's bad because it's surveillance.
Because it's the lockdown.
Because it is a violation of so many of our most basic human rights embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
It's bad because it's government power being exerted over anybody.
Not because it might one day be done to me, but it's good that it's done to them.
This is another just example of the consistency that we're so proud of in the same way that we've always been consistently anti-war.
Whether it's a Republican in office or a Democrat in office, there's one thing I despise, and it's bombing innocent people on the other side of the world for no reason other than the enrichment of a few oligarchs.
It's horrible, it's awful, and it in fact used to be my, my sort of, it was my one shot, it was my You know, Silver Bullet, back in 2016, when people would be talking about Hillary vs. Trump, and, you know, I'd be working in these very, you know, before I worked here, I'd be working in these very liberal workplaces.
They'd be saying, I can't believe anybody would vote for Trump, he's such a scumbag, blah, blah, blah.
And I would just go, I like Trump, and I'm gonna vote for Trump.
They'd be so shocked.
How could you?
And I'm just like, well, I just don't like war.
So I'm not going to vote for Hillary.
I'm going to vote for Trump.
And literally, I would use this all the time, and people, they wouldn't know what to say because they knew I was right.
They know Hillary Clinton's a warmonger, so what are they going to say?
They're going to say, no, it's okay.
No, Trump is so bad, I'm actually in favor of war.
I'm going to vote for the warmonger candidate because Orange man bad?
It, you know, it really made them question what they were doing because it was so obvious how true it was that a vote for Donald Trump was a vote against war.
And if that was, you know, and it's like, they'd be like, well, but what about, but I'd be like, it's war dude.
War supersedes at all.
I'm against war.
If there's a can, I don't care who the candidate is.
If he promises not to send us to war, to try in some way to end the endless catastrophe that we've been involved in in the Middle East, that's my guy.
That's the one I like.
And these people have to admit, they have to, you know, take the truth that they're voting for the war candidate.
People don't realize that that's the same situation that we are in in 2020.
They missed this somehow.
They somehow didn't notice that we hadn't started a new war in four years.
A feat that is unparalleled by modern presidents.
Truly incredible.
I want to show you a video now, clip 14.
Here's a Biden voter to CNN.
Lamenting the fact that we seem to be, you know, speeding directly towards open warfare with massive powers in the Middle East.
Now he's more concerned about getting somebody else's money for himself.
Let's go to this clip.
Confirmed cases there.
Doctors and nurses are inundated.
Elmhurst Hospital, as you said, has really become the hot zone every single day.
Patients are lining up outside here, many of them with cold and flu-like symptoms.
They come here to be tested.
Did that go out or were you playing this video?
A lot of promises unkept.
They're putting that stimulus check on the back burner.
They're putting the minimum wage hike on the back burner.
And they're dropping bombs in Syria right now.
And those bombs are kind of expensive for a dude who owes me $2,000, you know?
Mmm, mmm.
Let me tell you something, Ben.
This is what you voted for.
This is what you're gonna get.
Did you not know this?
Were you not paying attention?
You weren't tricked, right?
This was out in the open.
You just weren't paying attention.
And by the way, nobody owes you crap, alright?
Bin, ice fishing moron.
You voted for this.
You elected the warmonger president.
You are responsible for this.
Don't act like you were tricked.
Don't act like you didn't expect this.
Don't act like this was something that we weren't all aware of.
You voted for this.
You're responsible for this.
And now, as we speed, you know, ever towards this open warfare in the Middle East for God knows what reason, I mean, can anybody tell me?
I mean, at least when we went into Iraq, there was the falsehood being promoted, right?
There was the lie of weapons of mass destruction, which by the way, also not a mistake, right?
Also wasn't oopsie-daisy, they didn't have any.
No, they knew they didn't have any.
They did it anyway.
It was just the patina of legitimacy as they move towards endless warfare.
So I want to go to another video here.
This is clip number six.
It's the Secretary of Defense warning the U.S.
will strike Iran at any time, any place of our choosing.
Let's hear it from the man himself.
This week we saw a second significant attack with those ten rockets.
Do you know who did it and what kind of responses might we expect?
We want to make sure that, again, we understand who's responsible for this.
The message to those that would carry out such an attack is that, you know, expect us to do what's necessary to defend ourselves.
We'll strike.
If that's what we think we need to do at a time and place of our own choosing.
But first, let me get rid of all the racists in the military.
First things first, folks.
Welcome back, folks.
Alex Jones Show.
My name is Harrison Smith.
This is the last segment I will be on before I hand the baton off to John Rappaport for the final hour of the program.
Of course, Owen Schroyer is at this very moment at the capital of Texas where A bunch of brain-dead zombies are protesting against their own freedom.
How dare you let me do what I want?
How dare you not mandate that I wear a muzzle?
It's just absurd, but I guess this is the world that we live in.
Okay, fine.
That's how we are.
Of course, one of the other top stories of today is the beginning of the Derek Chauvin trial.
That is, of course, the officer involved in the death of George Floyd.
And there's a couple interesting headlines having to do with Black Lives Matter and George Floyd.
Of course, we've seen the fallout, the riots that went on for months and months on end.
It seemed like a daily, you know, a daily You know, practically a sacrament, right?
Every day around seven, you'd get onto Twitter or, you know, wherever you like to view this sort of stuff, and you'd tune in for the riots.
It was quite a summer that we had, two billion dollars in damage, dozens of people left dead, businesses and lives destroyed, but that's all fine.
It's good, actually, according to our masters, according to our betters, according to the elites that dictate.
The vast majority of American opinion.
But, interesting story on Infowars.com, BLM backfire, U.S.
public opinion shifts on George Floyd's death.
Law and order as racial divide widens after a summer of riots.
You don't say.
Color me shocked!
I'm flabbergasted.
You're telling me that months on end of pointless violent riots Actually, you know, based on a lie, protecting criminals and demonizing the police, that actually increased racial division?
Bah, I'm shocked!
Oh my god, who could have seen it coming?
Yeah, of course.
Of course this happened, but...
You know, the damage is done.
The police have been defunded.
Now, certain places, I believe Minneapolis is one of them, defunded the police, saw a massive spike in crime, in violent crime in particular, and decided to walk back the old defund the police program.
Of course, defund the police was, and had to have been, one of the most successful PSYOPs of all time.
I mean, defund the police, it's one of these statements that nobody had ever heard before.
Within two weeks, it's like laws are being passed and everybody's demanding it, and if you don't demand it, you're a racist and you'll be ostracized from polite society.
Within two weeks this happened, last year, and it was absolutely incredible.
I mean, you have to begrudgingly admire the ability of these New World Order, you know, globalist controllers.
Their ability to manipulate people is truly incredible.
You admire it in the same way that you admire, right, I don't even say it.
A dog attacking a smaller dog.
It's brutal, it's horrible, but my god is that thing effective.
This is how it is.
They're already massing in Minneapolis.
They're already, you know, exerting their influence on the jury.
The jury selection process is happening now.
It'll take a few weeks before the trial ever even begins.
Now, you know, as I was watching the show earlier, Owen said that, you know, this guy Derek Chauvin will probably get off and that will inspire massive riots because he won't be convicted because he shouldn't be because the evidence is overwhelming.
This was, the death was a result of a overdose of drugs, likely Uh, happened because George Floyd was carrying drugs.
When he got pulled over, he probably swallowed them and overdosed as a result.
Of course, he was saying, I can't breathe while he was still sitting in the back of the cop car.
He demanded to be let out of the cop car and sit on the ground.
I mean, all of this is out there.
I mean, the body cam is available.
The entire thing is a scam, just like hands up, don't shoot, just like they all are.
They're all based on lies.
All of this chaos is predicated on nonsense.
And then the fallout is very real.
The fallout is Doubling of crime in major cities.
The tripling of crime, I believe, in places like Philadelphia.
Violent crime.
In fact, there's this insane story that perhaps illustrates it better than anything else.
In California, a reporter was robbed at gunpoint while investigating car break-ins.
So he's there to investigate the increase in crime, and he becomes a victim of violent crime.
And there's other videos, I believe in San Francisco or perhaps it was San Diego, of Like, cars driving down the highway, there's a traffic jam, one car, one guy jumps out of a car, smashes the back window of another, robs it, like literal highway robbery, open, you know, broad daylight, no fear, right, no repercussions, that guy was never found, he'll never be stopped, there will be no recompense, the safety of the average American is, you know, eroding constantly.
This is just what happens.
This is just the consequence of all of this going on.
So perhaps that has to do with the fact that the appreciation of the good Black Lives Matter folks is diminishing.
36 respondents in a USA Today poll described Floyd's death as murder down from 60% last June.
So maybe our relentless pushing of the reality of the situation is in some way breaking through the mainstream media crafted shield of ignorance that has obscured the truth for so long.
So the approval is down many points.
Twenty-four point plunge in public confidence that Floyd was murdered comes to light just three days before Derek Chauvin, the police officer who was shown kneeling on Floyd's neck, is scheduled to go on trial for murder and manslaughter charges.
Public trust in Black Lives Matter has dropped to 50%.
this month down from 60 percent last June the poll showed just 42 percent of
white respondents said they trusted Black Lives Matter and trust in police
and local law enforcement swung conversely rising to 69 percent
including 77 percent of whites and 42 percent of blacks. So we are seeing some
sort of correction to the absurdity that we've been subjected to.
But again, the damage is done.
The police have been defunded.
The tens of millions of dollars have been funded towards racist democratic groups to perpetuate the lies and still people, completely ignorant, completely wrong, will be perpetuating this lie with total confidence, incapable of being corrected to this.
But there's another poll that came out yesterday that is even more amazing.
New polling, this is from BigLeaguePolitics.com, new polling indicates that Americans massively overestimate the number of incidents involving unarmed black men being killed by police, with mainstream media fixation on a handful of incidents, creating a false impression that thousands of unarmed black men are being killed every year.
This is polling from the Skeptics Research Center, and it indicates that more than 76% of self-described liberals believe that police killed at least 100 unarmed black men in 2019 with a slim plurality ascribing to the belief that police have killed more than a thousand but I gotta tell you it's it's even worse than that you look at this bar graph where it breaks down the numbers that the people believe the reality is under very liberal
You got 15% plus 8%, so about, you know, almost a quarter, 23% of the very liberal people believe that it is either 10,000 or over 10,000 unarmed black men killed by the police.
The reality?
It's 27.
It's 27.
So this is how far away they are from reality.
This is how incorrect all of this is based on.
They think it's 10,000 or more have been murdered.
The reality?
This is insane.
I mean, this is not... You know, and 27 is back!
I don't want 27 unarmed black men killed.
Frankly, I doubt that's the real number.
I mean, you know, uh, Tucker Carlson did this for the year before, I believe, where he broke down all of the cases of unarmed black men killed by police.
It was like, you know, I'm not even sure if it was double digits.
It was a very small number.
And then you look into those and it's like, yeah, he was unarmed, but he was trying to run over the police officer with his car.
It was like, okay, he didn't have a weapon, but he was trying to run the guy over, you know, stuff like that.
You know?
Okay, we'll go with the number 27.
And that's a bad number.
You don't want 27 unarmed people killed by police.
It doesn't matter what their race is.
That's bad.
That number's too high.
It should be zero.
But you gotta understand what the police have to deal with and what this number really represents.
It probably wasn't, you know, young gentlemen walking down the street twiddling their thumbs and playing with a yo-yo.
Suddenly, you know, police just shoot them in the head for fun.
That's not what's going on here.
It's almost always Almost always.
I'll just predicate it just a little bit.
I would just say it's always having to do with the fact that somebody's committing a crime, the police try to stop them, they fight back, and the police defend themselves.
That's almost the entirety of the situation.
But it's not even about the number that it really is.
It's about the disconnect between these people's perception of reality versus reality.
This is a gulf wider than the Gulf of Mexico.
27 versus 10,000.
27 versus 10,000 or over 10,000.
You know, I wonder if these people who were given this poll, if they're revealed to the
real like, does their mind change?
Does their outlook change?
Does the way they vote or the things they support change?
Probably not, right?
Probably not, because that's the way that this brainwashing works.
You can show them, oh, you think it's 10,000?
It's actually 27, and they'll go, pfft, that's a racist number.
That number is a white supremacist number, I'm pretty sure.
I heard that on the news, I think.
Of course that's going to happen.
They've delayed the jury selection trial.
They're debating whether or not to give Derek Chauvin a third-degree murder charge.
But regardless, we've got riots in the future, folks.
The forecast doesn't look good.
It looks like there's going to be more violence, more chaos, more defunding the police, more crime on your dollar.
I don't think sat well.
Well, that shows how delusional Pompeo is.
This is the same guy who said Julian Assange was, you know, essentially an actor for a state government, which there's no evidence of that.
Pompeo's done a very clever job.
He's a swamp creature.
He's an insider.
He gives just enough lip service to the Trump agenda to stay on the good side of the boss, but he is not one of us.
Well, I'm glad you bring up the big revolution up front.
Clearly, you see USA Today polls, others, 80, 90% of Republicans say Trump's the leader.
It seems like he's gotten stronger since they stole the election from him.
And so, not just the Democrats, but Republican establishment types are apoplectic.
It seems that, my God, we've only made Trump more powerful.
That's really what I get from the grassroots is, before I would get criticism by my listeners for not being more critical of Trump.
Now I criticize Trump, as I always did, and they attack.
I mean, they are not putting up with it now.
Something's really shifted.
Yeah, you're absolutely right about that.
I noticed that anytime you offer any mild criticism of the administration, the true, you know, the Trump base goes crazy.
Now, I'm not an ingrate.
I love the guy.
Saved my life.
There's no doubt about it.
But I don't think he understood when he got to Washington how deep the swamp was, how committed to his destruction they were.
I don't think he ever understood how intrinsically evil they are.
He thought they were partisans.
He thought they were misguided.
He thought he could convince them by showing results.
I mean, he's absolutely right.
He built the most robust economy in our history, and the Democrats didn't care.
They just want to tear it down.
My favorite, of course, is criminal justice reform.
The Democrats have been talking about it for 30 years.
Trump actually gets it done in the First Step Act and the Second Chance Act, and all the House Democrats vote against it.
That's hypocrisy.
Exactly it is beyond hypocrisy.
What are they going to do as this miss me now don't you thing happens like he said a few weeks ago at CPAC.
I mean as more distance gets on him being in office and we see more of Biden.
I mean they even came out today and said no we're not having press conferences because of Biden's health.
He is deteriorating quickly.
You and I two years ago when he first began to get in the race said he's deteriorating greatly.
We got censored for it.
Now what do you see happening with Biden?
It's very hard to say because they don't show us the president.
You know, I said during the campaign that you can hide a presidential candidate during a campaign.
It's much harder to hide a president.
On the other hand, they're doing an effective job of that.
As I understand it, Susan Rice has a weekly lunch with Kamala Harris, where she talks down to her and teaches her foreign policy.
But Susan Rice, and I think Ron Klain, formerly with Vice President Al Gore, I think they're
running the country.
I feel badly for Biden. This is a job he's always wanted his whole life.
He now has it, but the man is clearly not vital. He's clearly not in charge.
And he's playing Mario Kart while Texas freezes.
Well, I mean, the Neanderthal quote reminded me of Hillary calling us deplorables.
I mean, you don't lead by insulting half the people in the country.
He's supposed to be uniting us.
That was what he said.
He wants to unite us.
But by demonizing your opponents just because they disagree with you, That doesn't fit the unity mantra.
That's right. He didn't bring up where we were Neanderthals, with their windmills that don't work.
He just said we are Neanderthals.
So getting back to this love-hate relationship, I love Trump, but you and I have made the statements a
hundred times, I've made it on Joe Rogan's show,
that hey, I love Trump, but if I was just a person that cared about money,
I'd say screw Trump, he has given me a lot of heat, a lot of pain, a lot of torture.
I'm not saying Trump did that.
I'm saying if I was just a Machiavellian, I would have been against Trump.
All you've gotten is fake indictments.
All you've gotten is lawsuits.
All I've gotten is similar attacks, not as great as you.
So I made that statement a year and a half ago in a documentary.
They cut off the proviso at the front and ending, but I'm glad to do it again, and I would do it again.
Okay, here we are, InfoWars.
John Rappaport here.
This hour, lots to talk about.
I want to lead with this item.
Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad is the title of a Joe Biden executive order number 14008 issued on January 27th.
This is extremely troubling and I would suggest that everybody, you can find this and you can read it and it's, you know, reading to put you to sleep.
That's the point.
But the blizzard of federal agencies and cabinet posts and interagency agencies and other organizations and cabinets and departments and divisions that are involved is truly awesome.
And buried way down in this executive order Which in itself is troubling enough because it details all the moves that they're going to try to take to deal with the so-called climate crisis.
Is this statement, it's called the 30 by 30 plan.
You're going to be hearing a lot more about this.
By 2030, they want to In their words, conserve, conserve 30% of all American land.
Got that?
This administration wants the federal government to conserve 30% of all American land by 2030.
of all American land by 2030.
A 30 by 30 plan.
Now some people are out ahead of this, including several governors, who state that what the
word conserve here really means is the government owns 30% of all American land by 2030.
So, let me just walk that back a little bit.
And still show you how menacing this is.
What could the word conserve mean in the context of tackling the climate crisis, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
And all of the plans of the Biden administration.
Conserve would mean that the federal government would, if not directly own 30% of all American land.
Control it.
Control it, control it, control it.
That means private property.
I'm not just talking about, you know, national parks and all.
I'm talking about all land.
In other words, if you're a property owner, you could look forward to massive numbers of inspections and regulators and all kinds of social justice and environmental justice And energy people coming in to your property to say that in order to conserve this property, meaning to exercise federal control over your property, you are going to have to make all manner of adjustments.
You're going to have to change the way you power your property.
Clean energy now.
Where are the windmills?
Where's the solar?
You're what?
You're certainly not burning coal, are you?
And you're running on some oil here, or there's oil involved?
They could do anything they want to.
They can say, well, the electricity, you see, Uh, that you're using in your house is really dependent upon petroleum and therefore, uh, we're making radical changes.
And while we make these radical changes, you're going to have to undergo a powering down of all the energy you use, uh, to survive and to run your property and, uh, uh, stay with us.
And it's all for the benefit of humankind, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
And by the way, are you employing people on this property of yours?
And if so, who are they?
We need to profile them to make sure that there is inclusivity, whatever, whatever, whatever.
There is no limit, in other words, to the amount of regulation to conserve private property in America, which if you want a formula for all out socialism, there it is.
It's in the document.
It's in Executive Order 14008, dated January 27th.
It's there.
The 30 by 30 plan.
Because they can say, and they do, everything is climate.
Everything is the danger of so-called global warming.
Which I've commented on in the past.
The science is not there, has never been there to prove that what the climate change fanatics are saying is true.
That's a subject to be covered again another time in great detail.
But what I'm covering now is the aggressive force That this administration is going to try to deploy in order to force this on everybody in America.
And not just in America, because this is a globalist, technocratic move here.
And the point of the exercise is really, when you cut through all the crap, is to lower the amount of energy production on the planet.
You see, this is how we save the planet.
Because, you see, we're using too much energy, and that energy, one way or another, is causing climate change and global warming, so we have to cut down the overall production of energy on the planet and the overall use of energy on the planet, and that's what this is really all about.
And in doing so, you further destroy economies and bankrupt nations and people and businesses, etc., etc., etc., on and on and on and on and on.
That's what it really is.
So when they talk about conserving 30 by 30, this is what they're talking about.
See, we're going and also in this, by the way, executive order, they talk about switching to a clean economy.
That's what they're driving at.
This is what's behind the COVID.
Fraud, you see, and the destruction of economies.
Soften up the population so that we can then move in with step two, which is the climate change agenda, which is now to take the people that are so weakened by the COVID operation to lockdown, destroy economies, Humiliate people, put people in lockdowns and chains and bankruptcy and suicides and drug addictions, etc, etc, etc.
But they will accept this whole idea that we are not going back and the new normal is going to be the clean economy.
And so you will see in this executive order that what they're talking about here, and this is not Biden, by the way.
Biden is the puppet, as you saw in the first segment, Roger Stone talking to Alex.
This executive order had to be written over the course of at least a year.
This is not something, oh, now Biden's president, let's write up an executive order.
No, this has been, you know, in the works on the boards for a long time.
What you can see here is move after move after move.
We want to train the workers who are going to be thrown out of work Because they're involved in oil, or natural gas even, or coal, or any of the traditional forms of energy.
And to bring in clean energy, we have to retrain all these people in order to have jobs in the new economy of clean energy.
So, this is now moving populations from one form of work into another, En masse.
This is not just some little business here.
This is gigantic what I'm talking about.
Be aware.
We have to fight back against this at the state level.
John Rappaport back on InfoWars.
The American economy was built on energy.
There was a time when disproportionately There just wasn't any competition whatsoever for the U.S.
as far as the production of energy was concerned.
Way out there in the lead.
A fantastic powerhouse economy.
Were there problems?
Yes, of course there are problems.
Is environmental pollution by major corporations real?
You bet.
But those problems could have been and continue to be able to be solved By prosecutions.
That's what the Department of Justice is supposed to be for.
Environmental Protection Agency, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, is in everybody's pocket who can have a pocket.
It's the Department of Justice.
It's a simple thing, folks.
The fungus called the federal government that has grown to be such a gigantic colossus and monster Could be simplified in so many respects.
If you want to take environmental pollution as an example.
A company is dumping poisonous toxic chemicals into a river.
There's no doubt about it.
You know, it's not like, oh, we think we're not sure.
There's just a bunch of people accusing of doing this.
They're not really doing it.
No, they're doing it.
They know they're doing it.
They've known they've been doing it for a long time.
They're hideous criminals.
They're giving people cancer and destroying their lives.
The law is there.
You don't need 600 or 16 federal agencies created to deal with this.
You need the Department of Justice.
You need an Attorney General who is not a scumbag, who is a serious Proponent of actual justice.
You raid that corporation.
You seize its records.
You talk to people.
You interview people.
You interrogate people in that corporation and they begin to roll over on each other and expose their secrets that they've been hiding for a long time.
You prosecute the major offenders of that corporation and you send the people most responsible to prison for a long, long, long time.
And the word gets around.
You can't do that.
You see?
That's how you deal with actual pollution.
That's how you deal with destroying the environment actually.
But, no.
The rigmarole game of the federal government has been, well, we need to create new agencies to look at the other agencies and to do the studies and the dang and the this and that and then all of corruption seeps in and the giant corporations escape punishment and the people who are most direly affected by cancers and so forth, they die and so on and so forth and the problems never get solved.
And the offenders are not punished as they should be.
The law is straight ahead and simple.
You poison people, you're guilty of murder.
And that's the way to solve these problems.
No, but instead, we're going to erect an entire structure, vast structure, of fake science called climate science, and we're going to claim That industry itself, as a generality, is responsible for heating up the planet to an unconscionable degree that's going to destroy all life within a certain short period of time.
And of course, we've passed that time several times already.
Predictions of the morons and idiots as to when, you know, the The final curtain was going to drop on humanity.
It's already long past.
And that's just a con, a hustle.
That is provoked by the globalists and the technocrats climate science in order for them to gain control over countries and economies and to lower the production of energy all over the planet.
So the 30 by 30 plan The Biden plan, going to the new normal of a quote clean economy, all of that is a scam.
The real plan is to lower energy production and lower energy use and bring the US down to the level of other countries and bring the level of other countries down to Never before seen lower levels of energy production and use and put the whole planet into further destruction, humanity destruction, by lowering energy production and use.
That is the actual plan.
So to make this plan work, because there are still Millions of outliers in the forms of businesses and companies that produce energy, that want to produce more energy, they have to say, the government must conserve massive amounts of land.
And what they mean is what I described in the earlier segment.
The government will control, if not completely own, huge, vast amounts of private property in order to rule
that all of this property has to run on windmills and solar and goopity-goop and zoopity-zop
and all kinds of green energy solutions that by design and by evidence and proof cannot
possibly replace traditional energy sources and therefore de facto you get the lowering
of energy production on the planet.
And besides that, in addition to that, the government, and not just the US government
but other governments, are holding research and patents in secret, many, many, many patents
that at the very least constitute very promising alternatives, not the fake alternatives but
the actual alternatives, to current systems of energy production.
That would, in fact, make traditional energy systems obsolete.
That would really do the job and would not require government ownership And control of vast areas of property and land because companies would sell these innovative energy production systems very cheaply to people, to groups, to individuals, to homeowners, to property owners, to governments, to companies, to everybody.
This also is real.
And I will describe several of these obvious alternatives that actually exist, but are no part of the Biden plan because they actually work.
Stay with us.
Don't go anywhere.
This is groundbreaking stuff here and very important.
John Rappaport back here on InfoWars.
So the plan is to say, we're going to control the land.
We, the government.
And we're going to institute and force onto the land owned by individuals, no longer controlled by individuals, we the government now control that.
This is a Biden plan.
And we're going to institute and force the use of energy systems to replace traditional energy like oil and coal and so on and so forth.
And it's not going to work.
No, it's not going to work because it doesn't work.
It's not good enough.
It's not strong enough.
It's not powerful enough to replace the energy that we're now using.
And therefore, well, our real goal, which is to lower energy output and lower energy use and drive people further and further down into defeat is going to take hold.
Whereas, There are real alternatives that do work.
We're not going to use those.
And I just want to describe a couple of these that are obvious.
One is water turbines.
They're there.
They're useful.
In fact, going back many, many years near the U.S.-Canadian border in the Northeast sector, There was a project that was launched, or they tried to launch it, that John F. Kennedy was very interested in when he was a senator, before he was elected president.
Because there was an inlet there on the coastline where the tide, from high to low, was very significant.
And if you put water turbine there, it would drive the turbine and you could produce electricity.
That would power local communities and be a significant amount of energy.
And since that could work, just think of all the areas around the world where you have the same situation along coastlines.
You could produce massive amounts of energy.
It's there.
It's there to be done.
The technology is available.
And people say, well, it's not cost effective.
Yes, it is.
If you realize, I mean, do you have any idea the tax loopholes and the sweetheart deals that were deployed by the government in order to finance nuclear energy?
And for a tiny fraction of that, you could enable turbine, water turbine energy around the planet.
Of course it's available.
Of course it's there.
But that's not part of the plan, you see, for the new normal.
Because it actually works.
And if you increased it, if you just kept on doing this, coastlines all around the world, you would be producing enormous amounts of electricity.
Clean electricity.
Not only that, but in research that I was doing maybe 15 years ago, I found a company that was even selling small water turbines that may still be in existence that you could put in rivers.
And these little turbines would operate to produce electricity for local communities all along the rivers everywhere around the world.
The other system, of course, is hydrogen energy.
No secret.
It's there.
And it can be made cost-effective.
Experiments have been done.
It's available.
The safety can be worked out.
People say, oh well, you could get explosions.
Let's go back to the Hindenburg.
No, we're not living in that era anymore.
Hydrogen power can be done safely.
But you see, that's not the plan because they don't want, the enemy does not want to produce There's turbines, those watching.
Yeah, beautiful.
The enemy does not want to produce more energy, because that would be a prosperous, abundant planet.
That's not the objective here.
So when they talk about conserving 30% of the land in America by 2030, They're talking about destroying the energy capability of that land essentially and taking it over either through external control or actual ownership from private property owners to lower energy.
I hope you're getting this.
There are millions of people out there who at one time or another Have been vitally interested in true alternative energies and have been researching them and reading about them.
And there are entrepreneurs out there in untold numbers who have been starting companies and creating different systems of energy production.
And among these, there are some who have created companies that have workable energy systems that are cheap.
And plentiful, and abundant, and available, and can be sold according to the free market.
What is left of it?
Don't need gigantic governments to move in and say, well, yes, we just discovered that water turbines work, and so we're going to take over the entire industry.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Or hydro, well, we're going to take over all of hydrogen.
No, no, no.
Private companies do.
They sell it cheaply.
Without red tape.
Without, you know, deals.
Back-end, back-door deals.
And corruption and all that.
No, it's clean.
The deals are clean.
Here's the energy.
This is what we're charging.
You can afford it.
Buy it.
Here it is.
That's what I'm talking about.
And I'm not even going into the esoteric Tesla patents and records that were seized by the FBI when
Nikola Tesla died, and so much else in the so-called alternative energy field.
But this has been the covert op all along, as uncovered by Patrick Wood.
Technology rising.
He traces the beginning of the technocratic movement back in the early 20th century in America.
And one of the vital points that Patrick makes is that these engineers who wanted to run society in terms of it being a gigantic machine in which you would plug people in as cogs and units into the machine for the good of all.
Was they wanted the ability to monitor in real time, moment by moment, the total energy production in the world and the total energy usage in the world in order for them to regulate it and control it.
But they didn't have the technology to do that.
And now the technology exists with computers, with algorithms, with AI, with this and that and the other things.
So the technocrats believe their day has arrived.
But the thing is, these technocratic globalists are not there to help you or me or anybody.
They are not there to say, we can sell, we can outfit companies, startups, so that they can sell abundant energy to the world.
For pennies on the dollar.
That is not their plan.
That is the most effective and efficient and humane plan, but it is not their plan.
Their plan is to say, no, no, no, no, no.
The government must come in and do all of this kind of energy production and usage, monitoring and controlling for the entire planet.
Thereby, that will allow us, the technocrats, to lower, lower, lower energy production and use for everybody until everybody is completely reduced.
Okay, John Rappaport, last segment here.
So, to sum up, we're in an energy war.
That's what this is all about, the energy wars.
Do you want to geometrically increase the amount of energy available to everybody, everywhere?
Or do you want to sit on it, crush it, reduce it, and make people devastated?
The globalist technocrats want to do the latter.
They want to lower, crush, reduce, depress, contract, The free people want more energy.
And there's a meeting point here, see?
Your energy and all energy available on the planet have a merging point.
Your personal energy.
Your energy to fight for freedom.
To embody freedom.
To be free.
To spread the truth.
To have more energy at your disposal.
And then when we're talking about energy like turbine energy and hydrogen energy and other forms of energy and oil and whatever.
Energy systems that actually work for production, for light, for heat.
For transportation, for everything that happens in the world.
We're talking about that level of the energy war, which is the free people against the technocrats and globalists.
It's all the same war.
And if you see that and you get it and you understand it, how these two things are linked together, the personal and the political, You see a picture wherein you can make your stand and you can do something, something major.
You have to decide.
And I'll give you in the time remaining a target.
The governors of the states in the United States.
And when I say target, I mean waking them up.
There are a few that are already waking up.
You can see that in Florida.
South Dakota, Kristi Noem has been awakened for quite some time.
Ron DeSantis in Florida.
Abbott is sort of waking up in Texas.
Other states are following suit as they're starting to throw off the insane COVID imprisonments.
But there are things they have to understand as I've been discussing in this last hour here about energy and the energy wars and the 30 by 30 plan.
And so on.
And the forms of energy that are already available in the free market.
Hydrogen energy.
Water turbine.
Fantastic sources of energy.
And here's a memo that you can distribute to your governors.
You can make them see what is happening.
So that they wake up, more of them, because it's going to be very hard for the federal government to just come down on all the states in America and say to all the governors, you're just our slaves and there's nothing you can do about it.
Don't buy that crap.
That's not necessarily the way this has to play out.
The governors can stand there and look at Washington, D.C.
as a few of them have and say, uh-uh, baby.
You're not going to do that to us.
We're not buying that.
We're not buying this one.
We're not buying that regulation.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're not.
And the more government governors that wake up and stand tall, the federal government is going to be shackled.
They're not going to know what to do, but the states And the people in those states have to assert their energy, their power, their freedom in order to make this work.
And here's one of the items that I'm going to leave you with here.
I've talked about this before on the show.
Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is a governor that all the other governors should talk to.
He figured something out.
Number one, As he opened up the economy of Florida, he knew, and so did his public health department, that they were going to be attacked on three fronts, three, three, three.
The number of COVID cases, the number of COVID deaths, and the number of COVID hospitalizations.
And if the press, the media, and the federal government, and the CDC could come down on him in Florida and say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Case numbers are going up.
COVID deaths going up.
COVID hospitalizations going up.
You've got to lock down again.
You've got to lock down again.
It was going to be very tough for him to fight that off.
But, and pay attention, screw in your brain real tight, he got a piece of knowledge, Ron DeSantis.
That is, as I've described, that the labs in the U.S.
that do the COVID testing Run the COVID test at 40 cycles.
What does that mean?
That means that, roughly speaking, they magnify the test sample taken from the patient in quantum leaps 40 times in order to hunt for the virus.
But over 35 cycles, 35 quantum leaps, the test is meaningless.
It's useless, as Anthony Fauci has admitted.
And therefore it spits out massive amounts of false positive results and people are told they're infected when that's a complete lie.
Say with me, screwing your brains here, come on.
Well, Ron DeSantis figured out that if he forced the labs to say how many cycles they were using in running the PCR tests in Florida, He could make them reduce the number of cycles and reduce the numbers of false positives.
That would reduce, truthfully reduce, the COVID case numbers, the so-called COVID deaths, and the so-called COVID hospitalizations in Florida.
And therefore, the attacks launched against him for opening up the economy would have no chance to fly in Florida.
And if all the other governors In the U.S.
understood this and talked to DeSantis.
They would see the strategy for opening up their economies and fending off the attacks of the vultures and the feral dogs of the press and the media and the federal government and the CDC and the World Health Organization.
They would understand how to do it.
It's there.
Got an article coming out at No More Fake News in another day or two about this.
But that's something that you can do.
Alert the governors.
There's a way to reopen the economies and fend off the attacks of the vultures and the globalists.
It's all about the test, folks.
And the tests and the COVID restrictions and all of that, just another method to make people afraid, make them hide behind their masks, make them think that they're weak, that they have no energy.
I'm telling you, we're in an energy war.
These are the energy wars we are fighting.
Do you have enough energy?
Do I have enough energy?
We have enough energy to overcome the technocrats who want to control all the energy and reduce it and reduce it and destroy it.
In a nutshell, that's their strategy.
And that's our opening.
And that's what freedom is all about.
The freedom to access more and more of your energy.
In the battle at war for freedom.
That's where we are.
That's what this is.
That's what we're in the middle of.
And so when you feel, oh, I don't have enough energy, I don't know what to do.
And we all feel that at times.
Realize that's what's going on.
That you have to find Sources of greater energy to win the war, the energy war that we are in for freedom and all that that implies against the technocrats and against the globalists.
That's what we're doing.
That's where we are.
That's what this is.
That's what this is all about right now in 2021.
John Rappaport, see you next time.
Thank you.
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