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Name: 20210307_Sun_Alex
Air Date: March 7, 2021
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In this episode of "The Alex Jones Show," the host discusses various topics including new products from Infowars Store, InfoWars' fight against censorship, and current events. He introduces a new liquid formula called "Down and Out" that helps people sleep better and promotes Activated Charcoal Mouthwash available on their website. Jones criticizes mainstream media for ignoring stories that don't fit their narrative while promoting false information. He discusses the importance of supporting independent media like InfoWars, which faces constant censorship by big tech companies. Lastly, he talks about the ongoing battle between globalists and patriots and encourages listeners to stay informed and take action against tyranny.

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You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, March 7th.
The year is 2021.
Alex Jones here reporting live from Florida on a very important mission you'll know about in the next few days.
But first I want to tell you Owen Schroer is about to take over.
He'll knock it out of the park with all of the very important developments that are unfolding.
But I just wanted to talk in general about the global awakening to the New World Order and the fact that the London Guardian and Forbes and others Just reported a few days ago that indeed the lockdown is about training you that humans are bad, human activity is bad, and that you're dirty and need to die, and that you need to lower your carbon footprint, and that we need to have yearly or bi-yearly lockdowns to lower the evil carbon dioxide that our filthy pie holes spew out.
Now, Klaus Schwab admitted a year ago in his book, The Great Reset, that was the plan.
But now they're out in the open, even bragging.
And the average leftist goes, oh, I know the mask is BS.
It's a sign of they're smothering you.
It's a sign of they're oppressing you.
It's a sign of them dominating you.
And that's why it's so exciting that from New Jersey to Idaho, I saw articles this weekend, without even looking for them, Where families are coming out together saying it's a hoax, it's a lie, it's a fraud, and burning their mask.
Now it's not a hoax that people are dying of viral infections, because they're debilitated, they're old, they've got pre-existing comorbidities.
But the same amount of people died roughly last year, died the year before, so to say that it's COVID-19 is a hoax.
But let me give you the bad news.
COVID-19 is a genetically engineered virus that is a simulant tracker to infect people so they can be seen as guilty and evil, then they can kill them with the ventilators that are the modern guillotines.
80 plus percent of the deaths have been with the ventilators, mainly in New Jersey and New York, where they have corrupt mafia-run hospitals that are running the extermination.
One of our crew members lost a friend just today from the ventilators.
She had a cough, had a little bit of trouble breathing.
They put her on one, killed her.
Ben Stein, he took the vaccine, one of the mRNA vaccines, the Moderna, almost killed him.
He said it was like death, it was living hell, he could barely breathe.
A lot of folks take the vaccine now, they run to the hospital, they say, oh, the COVID vaccine didn't kick in soon enough.
You've got COVID and they murder you.
So understand, this is their plan.
The vaccine causes the autoimmune response, it causes your body to attack its own lungs, or it causes an allergic response and a cytokine storm, and then they kill you.
So it's vital that everybody be aware of this, and it's vital you share this information like a normal human and override the globalists.
It's also vital that you protect yourself and your family.
And if you don't have oxygen, you die in about five minutes.
If you don't have water, you die in about a week.
If you don't have food, you die in about a month.
Why with food?
Because it's made up of vitamins and minerals.
Well, the food has been debased.
The FDA has lowered the level of vitamins and minerals you need to a subsistence level.
Everybody knows you need more than what they even claim.
But most people are deficient, even the numbers they give out.
I suggest everyone get fresh air, get clean water, and I suggest you get Vitamin Mineral Fusion now back in stock at InfoWorksStore.com with all the essential vitamins, all the essential minerals, and great amino acids that are essential to your body for your regular activity.
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Even more...
Because to a Satanist, you being healthy and doing well is bad.
Remember, they invert reality.
We're putting it back the way it's supposed to go.
So engage in sacrilege.
Engage in blasphemy against Satan.
Protect your body.
Drink clean water.
Get sunshine.
Love God.
Love your family.
and get vitamin mineral fusion with funds the info war at info war store
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to take over in the next two hours and then he's gonna host the next two hours
after that Sunday live so get ready don't be spectators spread the live
links and make sure that Bill Gates burns in hell crashing through the lies and disinformation it's Alex
Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the info war
It's Sunday, March 7th.
The year is 2021.
Alex Jones here.
It's Sunday, March 7th. The year is 2021. Alex Jones here.
It's Sunday, March 7th, 2021.
And this is the illegal, hated, pro-America transmission the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroyer, is about to take over.
Now, I have a love-hate relationship with Governor Abbott.
I know he and Perry sold us out to the globalists and the windmills and all the scams that have brought us to our knees.
But I know they're not the Democrats, or at least, quote, the lesser of two evils, as they say.
And now Abbott has come out and said, in the mask mandate, Abbott has come out and said he's going to create a law against big tech censoring us, and the Democrats are coming after him.
That's great.
I said, stop kissing his butt, get on his ass, and you'll start doing the right thing.
But we don't get all excited now.
We stay on Abbott.
And we stay on other fellow Texans to not let the globalists take the state over.
But we don't just count on Abbott to do it all.
We hit the streets.
And coming up, I'm told, tomorrow, starting every day at like 4 o'clock, the Communists, literally the Communist Party and the Socialist Party, are going to be protesting at the governor's mansion, telling him to shut the state back down, because the mask is the symbol of their sacrament.
That we're dirty, that we're evil, cloud and piven, that America has to be bankrupt.
That's very, very important.
Now getting into the big issue here.
It is now confirmed, we're going to again play this Ben Stein video coming up here in just a moment with Owen Schroer, that people that are taking any of the five mRNA vaccines on average are getting violently ill.
And that's just up front.
Many are dying.
So you've got to think about that.
You've got to know that.
You've got to ask, what are the long-term effects of this system that is re-engineering your body?
That is another big question.
This is all a big test by the globalists.
Can they launch these bio-weapons against us?
Can they re-engineer us?
Can they sterilize us?
Can they kill our old people and just have us sit there and take it?
Because they know.
If we know there's a threat, we'll override it and say no to it.
But if we accept a threat, And except that we're going to take something deadly, and except we're going to get sick, or except we're going to die, then it becomes like mass human sacrifice that every ancient culture was involved in.
People invest in the evil.
They invest in the mutilation of girls' genitals, or wearing the burkas, or the human sacrifices that the Aztecs engaged in.
And so that's the paradigm they're bringing us into of Ben Stein, who I don't think is a bad guy, famous comedian, deadpan humor.
Saying it's it's deadly.
It's it's it's it's a killer, but I'm glad I took it well not really I'm gonna warn you because he knows you're not supposed to speak out against it even though he couldn't breathe and almost died and had hallucinations So he's telling you hey watch out, but hey, I still think you should take it No, ladies and gentlemen, it's not a regular vaccine.
It is a system that reprograms your very DNA and makes you allergic to a regular protein or causes an autoimmune response to attack your own organs.
But they don't want you to know about hydroxychloroquine or zinc or vitamin D or C or vitamin E or B12 because they want you defenseless against this.
I can be depressed.
I can be super tired.
I can be working 18 hours.
I go out and get two hours of direct sun.
I feel like King Freaking Kong.
Because just like plants, we need vitamin D3 and the nitrous oxide.
I forgot.
Nitrous oxide is produced when you get a bunch of direct sun.
Oh, I love it!
What else creates nitrous oxide?
Beats, concentrate of beats has a chemical in it naturally that creates that in the blood.
So what I'm saying is we're of this earth, we're born of this earth, we're born of these plants, we're born of the sun, we're born of the earth, we're born of the planet.
We have to have all the things that are in it.
And so you don't need to get high quality.
iodine from me. You can get it from Himalayan salt if it's the right type or you get it from fish,
though sometimes there's gonna be mercury in that. We have the highest quality,
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stock. 50% off at mfullworldstore.com despite the fact it's going to sell out.
And again, I've been selling it for six, seven years before all this started, because it's essential.
All the vitamins, all the minerals you need, and it is the solution, just like the sun, just like water, just like all the things we're made up of.
We're not made up of out of Moderna-engineered viruses.
We're not made up out of Pfizer-engineered viruses or Johnson & Johnson viruses that delivered a spike protein of a GMO system with jellyfish genetics and a dead kid from 1966 in
And they say, why is a dead kid from 1966 in the Pfizer shot with a jellyfish coat?
They go, secret.
We're just injecting jellyfish coat into you.
We actually know why they're injecting jellyfish coat.
It replicates into every cell with bioluminescence.
Oh, you didn't know that.
And it's a hybrid creature.
You think a jellyfish is just one creature?
No, it's a colony creature.
So, top scientists just say this.
All the scientists I've talked to think it's aliens taking over.
They're like, this'll kill everybody, it'll mutate.
They're all gonna go to prison.
It's totally, it's like Hitler 2.0.
They don't even know how they would try something like this.
It's completely insane.
It's mass illegal experimentation.
Dogs and cats living with each other.
End of the world type stuff to quote Ghostbusters, okay?
This is crazy.
Alright, Owen Schroeder's taking over right now.
The globalists hope that you don't get excited like I am.
They hope you stay in your shell of programming.
People say, are you on cocaine or are you on methamphetamine?
I actually drink alcohol to suppress myself because I'm so fired up.
You are under attack, ladies and gentlemen.
You have to rise up.
You have to energize your operating system to say no and let the globalists understand you're not going to put up with them anymore.
Are you going to just roll over to...
David Rockefeller's protege Bill Gates and his protege Mark Zuckerberg?
Or are you going to realize the truth and warn other people before it's too late?
That's my question.
Now to Owen Schroyer on the ATX.
I heard a warning to you, my fellow Americans, or whatever you are.
I had the COVID booster, the Moderna, about four or five days ago, and I am still feeling wild side effects from it.
Like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, A dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking.
It has just been devastating.
I'm glad I got it.
Sort of glad.
I don't know.
A little bit glad and also not quite so glad.
But it has just got to be told to the people, us people, we people, us people, that this booster is a killer.
I mean, it's not going to kill you literally, but it is very, very strong.
A little bit of an update on my vaccine reaction situation.
It's quite a bit better, but I've had to use oxygen for the last three or four nights.
That thing is a killer.
It gets into your lungs and eats your lungs up and eats your brain up.
I'm hoping and praying it keeps me from getting COVID.
And for most of you, you probably won't have any reaction to it at all.
But if you start feeling really, totally nutso, It's not you.
It's not Mr. Biden.
It's not Mrs. Harris.
It's the vaccine.
God bless you.
Well, there you have it.
The mass experiment worldwide on humans called a COVID vaccine is in full swing.
And if you're Ben Stein, you're feeling some of the side effects and you're hoping, praying someday you can get back to normal.
You know, I'm not trying to poke fun at Ben Stein there, but you can tell even he's trying to be positive in this realization that he's just been hit with a bioweapon.
I'm still kind of glad I got it, maybe not.
Well, I hope I don't get COVID, but boy oh boy, these other side effects, if they're lifelong, it's worse than COVID was ever going to be.
And who knows his rationale for taking it?
Probably because he was considered a priority, because he's old.
And I'm guessing he lives in California, so he probably figured, oh, I need to take this so I can get back to normal life.
Go to a restaurant.
You know, whatever.
And then, boom!
You get hit with that vaccine and you can't breathe.
And you can't think.
You can't talk.
You can't walk.
Yeah, you just got hit.
So it's either a direct, intentional attack on you, or it's just a giant experiment worldwide, and you're just a side effect.
You're just a number in a giant experiment.
Okay, here's a side effect we had.
Alright, good.
Now line up for number two!
Line up for number three!
Yeah, your lungs hurt, your head hurts, your knees hurt.
Get ready for that third jab, baby!
Oh, we're gonna see if we can really hurt you now!
Well, we are now on what is believed to be a record in U.S.
presidential history, but certainly in modern American history.
Day 47 without a press conference from Joe Biden upon entering the White House.
You also don't get a State of the Union address.
Now, we all know why.
Of course the media will spin it and lie about it, but we all know why.
Because Joe Biden can't talk.
And so they can't put him out there for the State of the Union.
He doesn't even know the state of his own mind.
You can't put him out there for a press conference that's noisy and confused with questions being hurled at him because, well, he would have a failure and start mumbling and stuttering and who knows how embarrassing that could be.
Let's do this.
If you're watching here, you can tell we're having a bit of a technical problem.
And I wanted to go to this Biden video, but our systems have just malfunctioned.
And so that's what happens.
You talk about Joe Biden's mental capacities.
You want to pitch to a Joe Biden video.
And even just as Joe Biden's mind, the technical failures persist.
So this is just a sign.
There we go.
All right.
We're going to get it going here.
It's all right.
We're going to rename our system Biden today.
So, guys, let me know when the Biden is ready.
And when the Biden is ready, we will go to the Biden video.
In the meantime, though, the media is heaping praise on Joe Biden today.
And we should be so thankful that our Congress was able to finally pass the $2 trillion stimulus bill and rob us dry.
We should be so thankful.
The Washington Post wants us to be thankful.
CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, they want you to be thankful to Congress.
The code word is an exhausted Congress.
Oh, they're exhausted.
They're so exhausted.
And so we should be feeling for them.
They're reeling.
And so we stand with Congress.
You did it.
You passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill to rob us dry once again, to bend us over and rape us once again.
And it's just so nice for Congress to do this for us.
Who shuts down our business, crashes our economy, takes away our freedoms, but oh, thank you for spending two trillion of our dollars.
Thank you so much.
And as they already admit, this is not even going to COVID at all.
This is not even going to the American people at all.
But leave it to the Washington Post.
To publish this headline.
And by the way, you couldn't sign on to social media or the internet with this getting across your feet.
It was pushed on every platform.
Biden's stimulus showers money on Americans.
Showers money!
You're just... Tell me, crew, are you guys just drenched from the money shower that Joe Biden just... I mean, I'm just...
I'm drippin' wet in money!
I got so much money now!
They're from Biden!
I didn't get any money from Biden.
Did you guys get any money from Biden?
Did anybody take a Biden money shower today?
Congress sure did.
Congress took a nice money shower today, didn't they?
All the special interest groups and countries that will be getting hundreds of millions of our money took a nice shower today, didn't they?
They got a nice money shower.
But according to the Washington Post, you, the American, got a money shower.
Crew, did anybody get a Biden money shower?
Nobody got that Biden money shower, huh?
Oh, the taxes went up.
The crew's paying more taxes, actually.
Where is the Biden money shower?
Where do I have to go?
But it's not just that.
Chairman Biden did not just rain down on you heaps of cold hard cash, according to the Washington Post.
It also sharply cut poverty and favored individuals.
Cut poverty?
They're going to claim they cut poverty.
This is so rich.
This is just so rich.
I'll tell you.
So not only are you just showering in money today.
This is a historic day for you.
You're showering.
Remember March 7th, 2021.
Remember March 6th, 2021, when you took a shower in money.
You were finally so filthy rich.
You were bathing in it, swimming in it.
Smelling it, just rubbing it all over yourself.
Oh, just all the Biden cash showering down on you.
As the Washington Post said, we'll see if you get even a cent.
But they also sharply cut poverty.
So wow.
And it's all Biden.
It's all Biden.
And so do we have the video now, guys?
So this is incredible.
This is the guy, folks.
This is the hero.
Let's go now to the hero of America who showered you in money.
Who sharply cut poverty.
This is the man.
This is the one.
Chairman Joe Biden showering you in money.
Let's go to the hero.
The vast majority of economists, left, right and center from Wall Street to the to the private private economic initiatives.
The economists, as I said, left, right and center.
So, in addition to the needs that people have, we need this to grow the economy.
Not opening it, though.
And recreate it.
The kind of incentive for people to be able to make a good living.
We'd be in real trouble.
This is such a clown world, man.
Hey, we're gonna close the economy and tell you to shut down your business.
For the economy!
It's for the economy!
Yeah, we're showering in Biden cash now, baby.
Yeah, we got that Biden cash.
He cut, sharply cut poverty, raining down cash.
This is what we need to save the economy.
Not opening it.
No, no, no, no.
Opening the economy, that makes no sense at all.
What you need is a money shower from Joe Biden.
And what you need is a sharply cut poverty according to the Washington Post.
But do you realize how ridiculous this is?
Not only did they just pass a $2 trillion stimulus bill because they refused to open up the country again and the economy, and they've just declared themselves authoritarian dictates.
They want money to go to illegal immigrants.
Not just with the money they send overseas to foreign countries.
Ted Cruz had to write a bill.
They're calling it the Cruz Bill.
Which got rejected, imagine.
Ted Cruz had to write a bill to block stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants, or illegal immigrants.
So, Congress rejected that, and so non-citizens will also be getting the Biden money shower.
Of course, they won't be getting the Biden money shower.
Nobody's going to be getting the Biden money shower.
And let me just tell you something.
You don't want a Biden money shower.
Okay, I mean, they make the jokes about the pee tapes with Donald Trump and, you know, the hookers in Russia with the whizzing.
No, that's probably what a Biden shower would actually be like.
So you don't want the Biden golden showers.
You don't want the Biden money shower.
But they're telling you, now they're saying, oh, this is the new normal, and we're just gonna send you money, you know, every month or something, because you can't work.
But that's called an economy now, is them just printing and sending you money.
We're just showering in that Biden cash, baby!
Print that money!
Tax me while you're at it, too!
Are you enjoying the clown world?
They tax you out the wazoo when they just print money out of thin air.
Why tax me when you just print money out of thin air?
Then they say, you should be thanking us for taking your money, taking our cut, and then giving it back to you.
Uh, what?
That's a gangster mafia tactic.
They're loving it.
They passed the $2 trillion stimulus bill.
Oh, don't worry.
You never got your $2,000 checks.
You never got your $1,400 checks.
Most people never even got a single check at all.
Some people got two.
Most people got none.
So, you'll never see this check either.
And they'll never even decide what the final number is.
But don't worry.
We just bombed the hell out of Yemen.
Did you know that over the weekend?
Saudi Arabia with U.S.
weapons bombed the hell out of Yemen again.
So, I mean, the wars are raging again in the Middle East.
Strikes in Iraq.
Strikes outside of Israel.
Strikes in Yemen.
Strikes in Syria.
I mean, it didn't take long.
It didn't take long.
And now the $2 trillion stimulus boondoggle money theft that is being propagated as a money shower for you.
I mean, imagine that.
They're showering the Middle East with bombs paid for by you.
Then they're signing $2 trillion stimulus checks paid for by, well yeah, for the world, $2 trillion stimulus bailouts paid for by you.
And they want us to celebrate that.
No, we're sick of bombing foreign nations that we have no interest in.
No, we're sick of being involved in Middle East entanglements that seemingly have no end.
No, we're sick of being taxed out the wazoo.
No, we're sick of bailing out big businesses.
So we just had our biggest bailout of all.
A two trillion dollar stimulus.
And they say, well, this is what we need to get the economy back up and humming.
Instead of getting it back up and humming.
This is what we need to get it up and humming.
Can we open?
This is what you need.
It's a total disaster.
And it's so ridiculous that Ted Cruz has to write a bill saying that with this COVID stimulus, we're not going to be cutting checks to illegal immigrants, and it got rejected.
So, you will be.
So, in fact, illegal immigrants will probably get a stimulus check before you.
So the Washington Post headline that Americans are showering in money, no, it'll be non-citizens.
Illegal immigrants.
You watch.
That'll be the next story.
But so everybody's wondering, and again, I could sit here and talk about the double standard of mainstream news all day long.
I think that's pretty apparent.
But remember, when Trump went, like, a week without a press conference, they had conniption fits, which wasn't even fair because the White House was in the Oval- the media was in the Oval Office every day.
Trump would stop and ask- it was basically a living press conference, like a live presidency.
Well, Biden is like a cockroach hiding in a hole.
You don't want to see him, but when you do, he runs and hides.
So we already played the clip of him fumbling and bumbling.
I mean, the compilations are out there.
This guy can't even get through his speech, folks.
And so finally, Saki, the sock puppet, who, to her defense, she doesn't have a clue what's going on.
So, I mean, it's kind of hard to answer questions when she doesn't even know what the hell's going on.
But nonetheless, she's the one being forced to answer, why is Joe Biden not holding press conferences?
And so she's basically set up for failure.
And she answers.
And she says, well, Biden is too busy dealing with historic crises right now to hold press conferences.
Let me get this straight.
We have historic crises happening right now and the president can't address the nation.
That's how it works now under Biden.
I see.
No press conference on the Syrian strikes?
Not even a statement?
Not a presser?
Zero zilch nada.
He's too busy, don't you know?
Doing what?
I don't want to know.
I mean, we can take a guess.
But we won't.
We'll keep it G-rated here today.
We know what Biden probably is up to.
So, hasn't had a real press conference because we all know why.
He doesn't have the mental stamina, he doesn't have the brain capacity, he literally physically can't do it.
He can't physically or he couldn't physically do a State of the Union.
They haven't done it.
So the best they can do is give you 20 minutes at most of Biden a day.
They probably have, you know, fixed it up so he's at peak mental capacity on some sort of a drug cocktail.
And that's when they're able to pump him up there in front of a camera.
But you'll notice he can't take questions.
They shut it down when he wants to take questions.
He even, during the conference, says, I don't know what I'm doing here.
Where am I?
Nancy, should I take questions?
I don't know what's going on.
What am I supposed to do?
I mean, that's how bad it is, folks.
I mean, again, if this person was living with you at home, you wouldn't even let them control the remote control for the television.
And see, Pelosi knows that.
That's why she's trying to usurp power.
And she's in control of the National Guard.
She wants control of the nuclear code.
She's basically the acting president.
But imagine the response to why can't Biden hold a press conference is because there's too many historic crises happening.
That's exactly when you hold a press conference!
Hey, there's a historic crisis happening.
President, please get in front of the people.
Have a press conference.
But again, Psaki has no idea what's going on.
And neither does Joe.
And so Joe makes a statement like this, where there's an element of truth, and so you don't even look at this like a big deal, but, oh, if you're a liberal.
Joe Biden tells NASA perseverance engineer Indians are taking over our country.
Now can you imagine if Trump said that?
I mean, come on.
Can you imagine if Donald Trump said, look, I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a lot of Indians coming in, okay?
Got a lot of Indians.
The good people, the great people, okay?
But they're working here, and they're coming in, and they're getting the HB1 visas.
We gotta cut that down.
We need Americans to get these jobs.
But the Indians are taking all the jobs.
They're taking all the jobs in the tech sector.
And the Indians are invading our country, okay?
Indians are literally invading our country.
Oh, the media would, oh my gosh, we invaded the Indians!
First, that'll be their first statement is, oh no, it's us that invaded them!
Of course, it's a totally different Indian, but that doesn't matter.
Don't let truth and logic get in the way of a good liberal narrative.
But then it would be, oh, Trump is racist for saying Indians are taking over America.
Biden says it and it's just, oh, that's just Uncle Joe.
That's just creepy Uncle Joe.
He doesn't even know what he's saying half the time.
Just get him his tapioca pudding.
Put him to bed.
And he'll be just fine.
No, not quite.
America is suffering and we have no leadership whatsoever to speak of.
And we now have a Democrat party that's in control and are actively sabotaging the United States of America with every move they make, including the latest.
$2 trillion stimulus package, keeping the economy shut down though.
So it's all about the economy.
It's all about you getting money, but they won't let you go back to work.
They won't let you reopen your business.
Totally seizing power.
And that's what it is.
And you can't even get a bill in to not give any of the stimulus money to non-citizens.
They rejected that.
So what does that tell you?
They're planning on giving this money to non-citizens.
What else do you need to know?
What else do you need to know?
Oh, but just get, wait, once they pass this thing officially, and, and, and, or, or once they, once they release the actual numbers of where the money's going, oh.
And notice how they completely skipped over because they wanted to, I think it was McCarthy, tried to delay this thing by forcing them to read the bill.
The Democrats said, nah, we're not reading this bill to the American people.
Just pass it.
I wonder how many people read the bill that even voted on it.
I'd say less than half of Congress.
And that's, it's probably less than a quarter if we're being honest.
But hey, they'll pass it.
Wow, ladies and gentlemen, sleepwalking zombie Joe.
Has crawled out of his crypt today to sign an executive order.
This is incredible.
The story just went up at Breitbart.
Joe Biden's executive order on voting tells agencies to push vote by mail, combat misinformation.
And so I'm thinking off the top of my head in response to this, oh, this is just the
Democrats pushing forward H.R. 1, which is them just rewriting election law by fiat so
they can cheat in every election like they did in 2020.
And sure enough, that's exactly what it is.
So they couldn't really get H.R. 1 through the door.
So now they just had Biden sign an executive order instead.
And of course, when you're talking about Democrats getting in charge of voting systems, making
mail vote by mail the norm.
So now they're going to send you a voter packet.
This is what I'm guessing they're going to try to do here.
When the rubber meets the road.
They're going to send you a voting packet.
Okay, and so every citizen will have the right to vote by mail.
You won't need an ID, obviously, you can just send it back.
And within that packet will not just be, not just be your vote by mail thing with all the candidates and everything, there'll also be a little guide to misinformation pamphlet in there to make sure to brainwash you and propagandize you one more time before you vote.
The Executive Order on Promoting Access to Voting reads like a Democrat Party wish list of reforms that enshrines many of the practices that were adopted on a temporary basis, so we were told, during the pandemic 2020 election.
This is from Breitbart.
Using federal agencies to promote voter registration.
Oh, that won't be used in a bad way, I'm sure.
Using federal agencies to inform Americans about voting.
Yeah, because we haven't known how to do it!
Americans have had no idea how to vote for 250 years.
How have we ever elected a president?
Nobody knows how to vote!
My God!
My God, if it wasn't for Biden passing this executive order today, Americans, I mean, we don't even know how to vote in this country.
I mean, it's like, oh, you get to the voting.
It's like you just show up and there's a line.
You're like, whoa, what do I do?
Do I get in line?
Yes, sir.
Step in the line right here.
And if you wait, the line will progress forward.
Whoa, it'll go forward!
What do I do?
This person just moved!
Don't worry, sir.
It's okay.
I know this can be challenging.
I know this can be tough, but you can figure it out.
Just follow that line.
And then...
When you get into that building.
I know.
Oh, don't freak out.
You're going into a building.
I'm going into a building?
You're going to be voting behind those doors.
Oh my god.
This is so much.
This is so much.
First I have to show up.
And then there's all these people.
And then there's a line.
It's okay, sir.
Calm down.
Take a deep breath.
I'm sorry.
There's so much pressure.
I'm trying to vote.
It's okay, sir.
Silence, sir!
All right, sir.
You're gonna go through those doors.
Oh my gosh, the doors?
Yes, do you know how to open a door, sir?
I'm not so sure I do!
Well, it's okay, because we have someone there that will open it for you.
We may even have a doorstop.
Oh, thank God!
Now, when you get through those doors, the line is gonna continue a little bit longer, but don't panic.
That's okay.
You're going to follow that line, you're going to go up and there's going to be some people that are going to show you what to do.
And they're going to check your ID.
What's an ID?
I don't even know what an ID is!
Oh my gosh!
How do I get an ID?
Sir, how did you get here?
I drove.
Do you have a driver's license?
You can use that as an ID.
The relief!
Oh, I had no idea!
Oh, well, thank God!
Okay, so... Alright, I think I'm getting it now, so... I show up to vote... I get in line... I go through the door... I show my ID... Oh my gosh, and then what?
I'm lost!
I'm confused!
That's when you'll go vote.
They'll usher you through... And you'll go to... A little area... There'll be a little privacy area there.
You're gonna go up and then you're gonna vote.
Whoa, that was a lot!
That was a lot of work just to get to that point, though!
Now this is the difficult part.
Now you're actually going to have to vote.
I know it's been a tough journey to get here, but now you're in the booth.
So if you can read, you're going to read that ballot, and then you're going to select the candidate you want.
Can't you just tell me who to vote for?
Yes, in fact we can.
And now we will!
So because it's so hard, I mean, you know what?
Because it's so hard to vote and Americans haven't figured it out yet for 200 to 50 years, Joe Biden has just signed the executive order Which is the failed H.R.
They couldn't get H.R.
1, I guess, with the support they needed to rewrite election law.
So that they can propagandize you and rig every vote from here on out with mail-in ballots.
And do ballot harvesting.
They literally make ballot harvesting legal, too.
Because they need the ballot harvesting for their mail-in ballots.
So they can send out tens of millions of mail-in ballots and just claim, oh, we're ballot harvesting, but it's good.
We're just voting for people that don't know how to vote and can't vote.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I see nothing wrong with this.
So don't be surprised.
This is such a joke.
Hold on.
Let's go back though.
So, using federal agencies to promote voter registration.
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with that.
Using federal agencies to inform Americans about voting.
I'm sure there won't be any propaganda there.
Linking federal agency websites to state voter registration websites, so now the state loses all its control and all of its rights.
Providing voter registration and vote-by-mail applications to every citizen.
There it is.
Using approved nonpartisan third-party organizations to register voters at federal agencies.
Oh, yes.
Yeah, you believe that?
Do you believe for one second it's going to be third party?
Let me tell you who your third party organizations are going to be.
Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
There's your third party.
Registering people to vote.
Yeah, nonpartisan.
Actually, isn't Facebook being investigated for their quote-unquote nonpartisan involvement in the 2020 election?
Using identification to help people register to vote.
Oh, so you need identification to register to vote though, but not to vote.
That makes sense.
Providing more multilingual services to potential voters.
Yeah, you shouldn't know the language of the land, you bigot.
We should have 30 different, we should have 100 different languages on there.
And gay people should get to vote twice.
You damn bigot.
Giving public employees time off to vote.
Oh, because they need more time off.
Promoting voter registrations for federal prisoners, which will also be illegal immigrants.
So, they couldn't get this through with H.R.
1, so they just put an executive order in front of Biden's face and he signed it.
Well, this is an unmitigated disaster.
Joe Biden has just signed his name for every election.
You know what?
I mean, I could sit here and say, oh, the Democrats will steal every election.
No, no, no.
If the Republicans ever actually wanted to play ball in this game, you know what's eventually going to happen, right?
You're eventually going to have a U.S.
election with more votes than U.S.
Now, you may think that sounds far-fetched.
And at the current scope and scale, it of course is.
But see, everything plays out on a trajectory.
Everything plays out on trends.
Well, how many counties did we see in 2020 and in 2016, quite frankly, and years prior?
How many counties did we see where you had more votes than registered voters?
Happened quite frequently, didn't it?
Well, now that they have undertaken a national scam with vote-by-mail, they'll be sending out hundreds of millions of mail-in ballots.
So, eventually, you will have 500 million people voting in U.S.
elections with a 330 million population.
That's how this one goes.
Now, I don't know if Republicans have the agenda or the will to cheat like Democrats do, So I don't know if that would ever actually come true because it's really just the Democrats cheating in the areas that they need to.
But this is it now.
So they're going to be ballot harvesting, but it's going to be legal.
So you won't have all their arrests.
You had a bunch of Democrats get arrested for voter fraud in the last six months.
Never made national news.
They say voter fraud doesn't exist.
And you'll have hundreds of millions of mail-in ballots sent out.
People won't even know what's going on.
And someone will just end up voting for them.
Yeah, that's the sound of Joe Biden legalizing election theft and signing executive orders.
He has no idea what's on him and getting $2 trillion stimulus passed.
All right.
By the numbers, $2 trillion in stimulus would cost every American taxpayer $5,000.
It's a little bit more than that, but $5,000.
Every American citizen.
But don't worry, Biden said he'll give some Americans back $1,400.
And that's called boosting the economy.
What kind of retard math is that?
That's a new one to me.
That's the Common Core math right there.
Hey, listen now.
The economy is in a real bad state.
We need to get it back up.
We need to get it back up and humming, and we're going to do that.
Oh, really?
You're going to open up the businesses again?
You're going to let businesses be free?
You're going to let America be free again?
Well, God, no!
Of course not.
What we're going to do is, we're going to take $5,500 from every American.
That doesn't seem to be working very well for anybody.
How is that going to stimulate anything?
Well, you didn't hear the good news.
Oh, what's the good news?
Some of you are going to get $1,400 back!
That's good news?
So the best winner in that situation is an American that just lost four grand.
That's, that's your politicians.
That's the American government.
That's our Congress.
That's our president.
Clown world.
La la land.
I mean, it's just completely out of control.
It's totally out of control.
We don't even have the basic logic and common sense, or even the will to fight for it, to say, hey, you keep talking about the economy, and you keep saying how we need to get business back to normal, well, why don't you take your, it's like, if I'm choking a guy, in fact, somebody from the crew come in here, I need to volunteer, I need to choke somebody out.
I'm serious.
I need to do a live depiction here of the new government stimulus.
I need a volunteer in here right now.
Do I need to do it to myself?
I can't do it to myself.
Although I guess it would actually make more sense if I'm doing it to myself.
You have been volunteered as tribute.
Come on up here.
Come here, American.
Come here, American.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I love you!
I'm the federal government!
Come here, American!
Come here!
Come here!
Now breathe, dammit!
Breathe, American!
Come on, breathe!
Alright, get the hell out of here!
You're welcome!
You're welcome for that!
I just gave you stimulus!
How does my stimulus package taste?
I'm sorry folks, I mean, it's just a joke!
And but see, the average American has no idea what's going on, and the average cable news network won't tell them what's going on, so they just continue to get away with it.
So, Biden just signed an executive order, they're going to steal every election to kingdom come from here on out.
And so, here's why I just choked my cameraman.
Because they are literally choking us and telling us we need air.
As they're choking us.
It's like, you need air?
What's wrong with you?
Why aren't you breathing?
Because you have your damn hands around my neck!
Hey, you really need some air.
Here, let me pump some air back into you.
And then they like put you on a ventilator or something as they're choking you still.
It's like, hey, all you have to do is take your hands off my neck!
All you have to do is let me breathe!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We can't take the hands off the neck.
But we will give you a stimulus, and we will put a breathing tube down your nostrils, okay?
But we're not gonna take our hands off of your neck.
So that's the analogy.
Oh, the economy is suffering.
We gotta do something about this.
Okay, you're gonna let us reopen?
You're gonna give us the free market again?
Well, of course we're not gonna do that!
No, no, no, no, no.
You don't get to be a free American.
But maybe we'll give you $1,400.
We might.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
And now your host, Owen Troyer.
[outro music]
Oh, it's out of control.
It's a government tyranny.
But they want us to get used to them being in total control of our elections, total control of our money, so there's no more free market, there's no more free elections, it's just total federal control.
But that pretty much sums it up, this joke meme right here.
This show, it's a prank show, I forget what it's called, but these guys sit behind the scenes and they have like a microphone and they have an earpiece in the guy.
Impractical Jokers, thank you.
And so, very popular show, and so they basically have a guy with an earpiece out and they tell him what prank to do via the microphone.
And so the joke is there's somebody behind the scenes telling Biden what to say to prank America.
And so it's like the Impractical Jokers are in Biden's ear saying, tell everyone you're going to give him a stimulus check!
Tell everyone you're going to give him a stimulus check!
Tell everyone you're going to raise the minimum wage and give him a stimulus check!
And then of course he never does it.
Because that's the joke.
Now Biden can't remember what he said an hour ago, what he had for breakfast.
So, you know, it doesn't really, it doesn't really implicate Biden per se.
But I was told too.
That they're using tax returns from 2019 to decide who gets stimulus.
So when the economy was doing well, that's when they're going to take your tax return.
So you could have been making, apparently the cap is $80,000 a year, I guess is what they're saying.
$80,000 a year if you made $75,000.
75,000 a year.
If you made less than that, then you qualify for stimulus, which of course would really only make sense if you did it while they had the economy shut down in 2020.
But no, they're gonna say it's from 2019.
So let's say you had a restaurant or a gym or some other service and you did gangbusters in 2019, but then you got shut down from COVID in 2020 and you didn't make 30,000 a year, you don't qualify!
I mean, this is evil stuff, man.
And that's who we're dealing with.
That's our politicians.
That's our, that's Joe Biden, Chairman Joe.
Good Lord.
My God.
I haven't even covered the rest of this news.
It's incredible.
So, so the Democrats have now put into law that they can steal your money and steal your elections.
That's what they've done.
You don't have to be honest about it.
You can deny it.
You can pretend it's not happening.
But you can hope these people aren't that evil.
No, they are.
And this is what you get.
And this is only the beginning.
He hasn't even... He's his 47th day in office, still hasn't done a press conference because he can't.
Physically and mentally, he can't.
But that's not even a story!
We don't even talk about that!
We have a man in the White House who doesn't even know he's in the White House.
But that doesn't even get covered.
And then they steal our money and they say, you're raining in money.
Joe Biden is showering you in money.
He's saving you from poverty.
As they're getting ready to set up the worst poverty in modern US history.
I mean, this is so evil, man.
This is so evil, and you know, this is kind of the rub.
This is a hard thing to explain, and I try to explain this a lot, but it's really hard to put into words.
Folks, most people in media, specifically at cable networks, and not all, you can tell some people out there actually care about America.
Some people out there, you can actually tell, relate to you.
Most people on TV, most people in mainstream press don't give a rat's ass about you, or about the truth, or about anything.
And so, they have never been in their discomfort zone, their paychecks never stopped coming, they're still living high on the hog, they're still advancing in the asset column, while the rest of America is suffering.
So, they don't get this.
They've never been affected by this.
And so, they'd rather go on TV, say what they're supposed to say, and keep the paychecks rolling in.
No, it really is this bad, folks.
And just because you have a nice contract in television media, or at the Washington Post or whatever, that's why they can't relate to any of this.
The average U.S.
politician now, Or the lifelong politician now, the average person in Hollywood has no idea what normal life is like.
They have no idea what the average American feels.
They have no idea what the average American thinks.
And, quite frankly, it's sad because many of them probably even came from humble beginnings.
But the ones that stick to those humble beginnings, they don't get it on the big stage.
They get kneecapped if they don't go along.
with the anti-human agenda or the liberal propaganda.
And they don't really care that they go along with it.
They've already sold their soul and they're not suffering.
So, they think that is, they think, they view that as a good thing.
And who knows, maybe some of them really do believe, yeah, we should kill all the humans.
Of course, they're a problem.
Get rid of them.
Not everybody feels that way.
Some of us humans want to live.
Some of us like to be free.
I know.
I know that drives people like Bill Gates wild.
But that's just how we feel, Bill.
We like to be free, Bill.
I like to breathe air.
I know, radical thing.
Radical thing, that human, pesky human wanting to breathe air.
Gotta shut him down.
That pesky man over there likes to breathe oxygen and eat red meat.
He is an enemy.
You like to breathe air and eat meat?
I will kill you.
Well, I guess you're gonna go ahead and try, at least.
And, uh, that's what's happening with these vaccines right now.
But, you know.
Hey, they just faked a pandemic and now they're forcing a vaccine into your arm that's a giant experiment worldwide.
Ah, what's the big deal?
What's the big deal?
They just signed a $2 trillion stimulus check.
You'll be lucky if you see a dime of it.
Most of it will go to foreign countries.
Yeah, just go about your day.
Just go about your day.
Biden just signed an executive order making all the election theft of 2020 law so that the Democrats or whoever could do, who wants to do it, has the will to do it, could do it from here on out.
You'll have 500 million Americans voting by 2030, whether there's 500 million Americans or not.
I don't see a problem with that.
In fact, I mean, you know, I think Democrat logic, I think gay people should vote twice, black people should vote ten times, and white people probably just shouldn't vote at all.
How about that?
Would that be better?
No vote for Whitey?
Of course, the ultimate goal of the Democrats is no votes at all.
But you have to nullify the vote first.
You have to destroy the confidence in the election system first, nullify the vote first, then you can just end the vote altogether.
Which is ultimately where the Democrats would like this to end up.
Alright, now, there is other news.
I'm going to move on from the Biden catastrophe.
He doesn't know where he is, but boy oh boy, he can sure sign a bill to destroy this country, can't he?
Can't do a press conference, even though they say it's a time of national crisis.
That's exactly when you do a press conference, actually.
So they say, hey, Joe, why aren't you?
They asked Joe Biden's press secretary, why isn't Joe doing press conferences?
He says, well, it's a time of national crisis.
It's exactly when you do press conferences, hon.
You're not such a bright one, are you?
So this is who runs our country now, Nancy Pelosi, who, uh, oh boy, I mean, geez.
And then Joe Biden, who can't even, can't even talk.
But just signs an executive order when they put it in front of his face?
It's not good.
Alright, but I'm gonna move on.
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Or the glorious beginning.
So, I want to move on here to some other news.
And I've just been told apparently a fight has broken out today at some Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Melee over a mask versus a non-mask.
Oh, here it is right there.
The crew has the fight.
Oh my gosh, look at this.
Oh my gosh, the carnage!
And a fourth comes in!
Oh, look at the training.
They've been trained well there at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Notice how she's using all of her momentum and leverage, even the floor's leverage.
Oh, a phone goes flying!
That's a new iPhone X Max.
Somebody's gonna have a souvenir in the audience.
Elbows go in throw now.
Oh, she's back up on two feet.
She's got her in a full Nelson headlock.
Oh, now the men are getting it.
All the men are involved now.
Oh, bellies are out and everything.
As on-looking customers say, I'm just trying to buy some skin cream.
Oh, it's unbelievable.
A melee at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Some in masks, some without masks.
Everybody breathing in COVID now.
It's all one giant family.
Yeah, you go over there, you go over here.
I'm trying to check out.
No, ma'am, you gotta wear a mask.
I don't wear a mask.
Why don't you put a mask up your ass?
Oh, she didn't like that.
Oh, is round two building now?
Oh, they're gonna escort her out and she's got her mask in her hand, breathing in all the COVIDs.
This is what they have done to our society over a fake pandemic.
It is total insanity at this point.
So yeah, I'm gonna tell you to wear a mask, and then when you don't, I'm gonna literally rub my face into your body.
And I'm gonna wrestle you on the ground where everyone's dirty shoes from the mall and the mall bathroom have been walking all day.
Is this peak stupidity?
No, actually, it's not, but it's close.
We're getting there.
Just you wait.
We are getting there.
Soon it'll be a COVID anal swab.
Let me see your anal swab result!
I demand it!
Let me smell it, too!
Just to know it's real!
Bed, bath, and... butt swabs.
So there you go, but... Look at how ridiculous it all is.
So Texas is set to 100% reopen, no mask mandate starting on Wednesday.
Gavin Newsom response says it's absolutely reckless.
And then the very next day, the very next day gives a speech and announces that he's loosening California's lockdown.
Oh, I thought that was absolutely reckless.
No, I guess it wasn't so reckless.
I guess it was your tyranny that was so politically reckless and that's why you have two and a half million signatures calling for your recall in California, Newsom.
The World Health Organization thought they could pull a fast one on you.
As of June of 2020, the World Health Organization said this about herd immunity.
Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.
Now even that's propaganda, but they want to say vaccine is herd immunity.
No, that's not true, but fine.
But at least they admitted in June that herd immunity was also through natural immunity.
Well, as of today, and to our record, it looks like this was changed in November of 2020,
they've now changed the definition of herd immunity to, "Herd immunity is a concept used
for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold
of vaccination is reached."
So no longer is there natural immunity, no longer is there natural herd immunity, according
to the World Health Organization.
Only through vaccines.
How convenient for Big Pharma.
How convenient indeed.
Newsom has a new COVID equity plan.
Isn't that nice?
COVID equity plan.
Which will vaccinate 2 million Latinos first, or California won't reopen.
Okay, that seems logical and scientific, doesn't it?
Your employer can ask whether you've received the COVID vaccine or even require it, says the Washington Post.
That would suck.
Swelling after COVID-19 shots may cause cancer false alarms.
Now again, this is incredible.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm not a scientist.
I reported this weeks ago because we're just telling it like it is and just putting two and two together.
So when we saw two weeks ago, guys, see if you can find the headline.
I remember I made a huge deal of it that day on the news and then Alex came into the studio and I said, COVID vaccines are causing false.
So we're told.
Positive for cancer screenings.
Now that wasn't what the media was saying at the time.
The story was, don't get a COVID vaccine and then go get a mammogram or get your mammogram before the COVID vaccine.
And we just read in between the lines that it's saying that it's causing false positives for breast cancer.
But see, they didn't actually say that.
They just said, oh, just don't do it.
It's getting, you know, we just don't do it and it's having some weird results.
No, we saw what it was.
So now they're admitting it.
Now they're just, now they're saying vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine is causing false positives for cancer.
False positives.
Until they're not.
Until they're not false positives.
How do we know they're not real positives?
I guess we'll find out, won't we?
In an amazing report, the CDC says only one child died of the flu in the last year.
Flu's gone, didn't you hear?
Oh, you didn't know?
The flu has now been rebranded as COVID.
You must have missed out on that one.
Yeah, this whole thing is just the flu.
Or just a flu.
A flu variant.
Man-made in a lab.
So first they did a worldwide experiment releasing a man-made virus.
Now they're doing a worldwide experiment seeing how deadly their vaccine, which is gene therapy, is.
It's amazing, isn't it?
So you've just been a part of two massive worldwide human experiments.
Congratulations to you!
First was the releasing of the man-made virus and tracking and tracing its spread.
And then was the releasing of their gene therapy promoted as a vaccine to see what the response to that would be like.
The cancer, the Guillain-Barré, the death.
Some may actually get some sort of weird superhuman response even, but they're all testing it right now.
It's all being tested right now.
Should you get one shot?
Should you get two shots?
Should you get three shots?
They're still debating that.
They don't know.
Should you wear one mask, two masks, three masks, ten masks?
Well, it's whatever the hell the government tells you to do, don't you know?
You're a slave to Big Pharma now.
Don't forget about Sunday Night Live following the Sunday Alex Jones show, 6 to 8pm.
hosted by myself.
I'll be hosting with Tom Pappert tonight and he's got some special guests coming on.
I've got some other news I want to cover before we do hand over the baton to Tom Pappert coming up.
You know, I almost don't even want to say what's happening tomorrow, because I kind of want there to be an element of surprise here.
But let's just say the liberals in Texas are really, really upset that we're taking our masks off.
I mean, so we'll just leave it at that, because I kind of want there to be an element of surprise.
Just make sure you're watching the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, and you'll see firsthand what I'm talking about.
But again, the hypocrisy.
Panic over COVID, so you, the American, has to sacrifice everything, but the CDC is letting the migrant shelters fill to 100% despite the COVID concern, even though Jen Psaki said they wouldn't be doing that.
Remember that one?
She said, no, we're not going to be doing that.
Oh, but you are doing that.
And now it's, once again, happening.
So they come in illegally, they get immediately released, and they're testing positive for COVID.
Hundreds, thousands, testing positive and being released into our country.
But you, the American, you, the dirty American, uh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Now, but see, the irony here is not lost on me.
And it goes deeper.
What did we know about this virus really out of the gates, which is now even more known with science?
Obesity is the key driver of a nation's COVID death toll, according to a global study.
Now if you think about it, America is probably the least healthy country on earth.
Probably the most obese country on earth would be the United States of America.
And so, if you do believe it hit the USA worse than any other country, well maybe that would be why we're the fattest.
It comes with our ease of access, our gluttony, and the promotion of obesity by mainstream media.
So, remember though, this is all liberal programming.
It's all leftist propaganda, telling you being obese is healthy.
Here was, remember last month's Cosmo headline?
With the fat chicks on it?
Remember those?
This is healthy!
And you had all the covers of 300 pound women, obese women on the cover of Cosmo Magazine saying this is the new healthy.
This was just one of the models though.
This is just one of the covers.
They had a bunch of different covers, a bunch of different, all big women, all obese, over 300 pounds easily.
And they promote that as healthy.
They say, this is healthy for you women.
Fat is healthy.
Obese is healthy.
Don't let actual science and statistics and what we know about health decide what is healthy or not.
You want to be a big fat hog molly?
Then just say it and you're healthy.
I'm a big fat fatty and I'm healthy.
Good for you.
I weigh 340 pounds as a 20 year old woman and I'm proud of it.
That's right.
I'm probably gonna have diabetes by the time I'm 40, or a heart attack by the time I'm 50.
Good for you, that's empowerment!
That's all leftist propaganda.
It's a death cult.
Will they retract that story?
Will they retract their propaganda telling women, be obese, it's healthy?
No, it's not!
It's even beyond that.
We've known in science for For years, bigger people have shorter lifespans.
There's a million reasons.
Not even for obese, you could be a bigger guy, you could be a seven foot tall dude in great health, but you have a shorter lifespan.
Because the bigger you are, the more wear and tear and damage to your body, your heart, your liver, everything, just for daily function.
Yeah, exactly.
Being dead is healthy according to Cosmo.
So we now know the leading reason for COVID deaths is obesity, but don't let that get in the way of a good leftist propaganda movement to say that being fat is healthy.
No, having a big fat stinking ass is not healthy.
Excuse me.
So, hey, I don't care.
It's your body.
I am, hey, my body, my choice, right?
You wanna go be fat?
That's not my concern.
But don't sit here and lie that saying to people that that's healthy because you're brainwashing young children and you know it.
And that's what it really is.
Isn't it?
Speaking of the brainwashing, Oh, we told you this was coming.
I told everybody, buy all your favorite Disney movies on DVD.
Disney Plus pulls Peter Pan Dumbo aristocrats from children's profiles.
Warning of stereotypes, negative depictions.
So, what did I tell you?
They want everything digital.
So that you can't even choose what you want to watch.
So they want actual brick-and-mortar movie theaters shut down, because they could still screen whatever they wanted.
They could screen an old Disney film, they could screen a local film, they could screen a documentary that they made.
They don't want a theater full of people watching that.
They want everything in their home, on the internet, watching what they prescribe to you, watching what they deem is watchable.
So Peter Pan, gone.
Dumbo, gone.
Aristocrats, gone.
That's just the beginning.
Dr. Seuss, gone.
Remember they were cancelling a... It was a top-selling movie, probably really in reality is still the top-selling movie, Gone with the Wind.
Just with the new prices and how they promote it and everything.
Every new movie becomes the number one box office seller.
It really was probably still be Gone with the Wind.
But that's cancelled too.
You don't get to watch that American classic.
It's all propaganda.
Here's how the propaganda seeps into your mind and works effectively.
This tweet was going viral and it's been said in so many ways, but I'll just read the actual text here.
You'll get it.
In a DUI, we blame the drunk driver, not the car.
When a terrorist blows something up, we don't blame the bomb, we blame the bomber.
When a shooting happens, why does the left demand we blame and remove the gun and not the shooter?
Where and why did the logic change?
Because of propaganda and brainwashing.
So let that be a lesson about how powerful fear and propaganda is in the media.
That you can take a logical conclusion reached in similar scenarios that you reach every time logically in civilization, but for one different scenario with one different item, the logic changes.
That's because of propaganda.
That's because of brainwashing.
So I saw this story also going viral and I was a little interested to find out the original source.
What I found out was actually worse than what I was trying to find out.
But here's what was going headline.
Times Trends.
Kids are cute, but they're not really eco-friendly.
So, in other words, don't have kids or kill your kids.
And then they have a little graph here.
Good for the Earth if you, by not having babies, so they have activities that are saying good or bad for the Earth.
Carbon saved a year.
No, we need carbon.
This is a carbon-based life form, a carbon-based planet.
Plant needs carbon.
And then we need plants.
It's a beautiful thing.
But, again, some people want all of this to end.
I guess they're an alien takeover or something.
Not having babies saves 58.6 tons of carbon a year.
Avoiding flying.
Living car-free.
Washing your clothes.
Eating a plant-based food diet.
Do you see?
Everything they want.
Heating your home.
So, this is everything they want eliminated.
They don't want you to have kids.
They don't want you to fly.
They don't want you to travel at all.
No cars.
No washing your clothes.
No heating or cooling your house.
No eating meat.
And so anyway, I plugged the story into an internet search and what I came to find was this same story has been re-edited and re-published and has been going around for four years.
So for four years, leftist propaganda outlets are promoting not having kids.
They're basically promoting the New World Order way, which is you own nothing, you have nothing, and just phasing humanity out.
making the human experience so miserable and pathetic and Brainwashing you and it not having kids or chopping off
your kids balls because they want to end humanity You know I'm more in awe every day
At what the left has become in America.
You now have them putting signs at grocery stores up that says Black-owned business, Latina-owned business, woman-owned business, because that's what you buy something over, is the color of someone's skin.
Not racist at all.
You have... Code of Vets has now been restricted on Twitter's messaging service, so Code of Vets can't even direct message anymore.
They've been suspended from that.
You know, an organization that makes sure that veterans can have food on their tables and pay their bills and a roof over their head and get life-saving surgery.
You know, who would want that to exist on Twitter?
Twitter, shut that down.
That's real nice.
On top of all the other things that I've covered so far here today.
Forcing you to wear a mask.
They love that.
Have you heard about Blueanon?
So remember, they faked... So first they lie about an insurrection on January 6th.
Then they say, oh, there's a possible revolving ongoing threat of insurrection from Trump supporters.
What a lie.
But Democrats always tell the big lie over and over and over.
And the average liberal American falls for it every time.
And so nothing happened on March 4th.
Now they're saying it's March 20th.
And you go read these stories like from Newsweek.
And they have anonymous sources saying, we're getting ready for March 20th.
We'll be there.
We're gonna penetrate the building.
All lies.
All made up.
Nobody's planning on going to D.C.
Let me tell you something.
The average Trump supporter, in fact, not even, every Trump supporter, as far as I know, wants nothing to do with D.C.
except the people that live there.
Nobody wants to go back to D.C.
They've turned our nation's capital into a communist hellhole.
Why would I want to go to D.C.
where I can't even get a hot meal or a cold drink?
Why would I want to go to D.C.
that's completely locked down in a military state by the Democrats?
I wouldn't.
Nobody would.
So they have to make it up.
So nothing will happen on March 20th.
They just keep wanting to roll this thing out and then they'll say we need the National Guard here permanently because of an ongoing threat from Trump supporters.
Lies, lies, lies.
Blue and on.
So, QAnon, nobody wants to know who the identity is.
It's amazing.
It's amazing how that just happened, still.
Still no Republicans, still no Democrats calling for the QAnon person to step forward.
Isn't that incredible?
And you know, I won't even say, but, you know, people would say, oh, oh, oh, I know who QAnon is.
Funny how none of them have ever wanted to release that ID either.
Conveniently enough, it's the same conservatives in DC that...
that would never stomp out of their comfort zone for you.
They would tell me how they know who QAnon is back when it was the number one trend, and I would just ignore it because I didn't care.
I was never into QAnon.
It's funny how nobody wants to ID QAnon, nobody wants to call for the revelation of QAnon, but we'll make up fake interaction all day long.
Now last week a study came out how volcanoes are responsible for climate change, not humans.
So of course, in response to that, you had to have this major propaganda piece pushed out to cover up the big lie of global warming.
And perpetuate it.
it. Humans, not nature, may be changing Atlantic hurricane cycles. Of course, no
mention of the actual man-made weather in China and Russia and the
You notice how they never mention any of that?
In all of the man-made climate change, man-made weather change phenomenons that were told about, nobody ever mentions stratospheric injection aerosols.
Nobody ever mentions the actual Uh, admitted weather manipulation that we do in China, in Russia, in the United States, in, in, uh, in North Africa, in the Middle East.
Nobody ever talks about it!
Isn't that amazing?
So you literally have man-made weather change, and, and it never gets talked about or promoted by the left.
They just say, oh, you driving the car, you're responsible for it.
Not the actual government programs that are literally weather modification programs.
This is our clown world that we live in.
So you had major studies come out last week saying, no, volcanoes cause climate change, not humans.
So they had to push this propaganda piece out to say, no, it is humans.
It is you, dirty human.
When it's actually, if you want to point to it, it's them doing their aerosol injections and everything else.
Who knows what else happens?
From all the chemicals they put in the sky, all the chemicals they put into the environment.
All the chemicals they put into you!
So, again, InfoWars, always next month's, next week's news today, just depends on the story.
A fifth woman has now come out of harassment against Cuomo.
I said once it got past three, expect the dam to break.
Or once it hit three, expect the dam to break.
It's now five.
And apparently there's one major person, one major, major person who is going to be coming out And it's being teased by the original.
Lindsey Boylan says this.
Your silence enables more harm.
You know who you are.
You are shameful.
Now, it's interesting though.
right now and still silent on accusations against a powerful man in
our party that everyone has heard rumors about for decades.
Your silence enables more harm. You know who you are.
You are shameful.
Now it's interesting though because is she talking about somebody with Cuomo
or is she talking about somebody with Biden?
I think that's a fair question to ask.
Because who's really a big, powerful man in the... Who's a senior woman in the Democrat Party who's silent on actions against a powerful man that everyone has had rumors on for decades?
Is it Cuomo?
Or is it Biden?
And who would that senior woman even be?
Wouldn't be Pelosi!
Wouldn't be Maxine Waters.
I wouldn't consider Kristen Gillibrand a senior woman.
So very, very curious.
But I do expect... I do expect there to be more coming forward, including a big name against Cuomo.
Yeah, three more accusers and Cuomo will reopen New York to distract.
Cuomo has already had the New York State Legislature just vote to remove him from office.
So, is that for the nursing home deaths or is that for all the sexual harassment allegations where they stand now?
And I have, I'm going to have Jim Hoft on with me on the War Room tomorrow.
I'm going to be here hosting the Alex Jones Show tomorrow and the War Room.
So you're going to want to tune in to Jim Hoft tomorrow on the War Room.
They just had another massive story.
Where are the closet of Pulitzer Prizes for the Gateway Pundit?
Ballots in Arizona's Maricopa County found shredded and in a dumpster days before the audit was to begin.
And they have the photos, they have all of it.
It's all there.
So what are they trying to cover up?
Why won't Dominion ever testify at any of the government hearings?
Why were they blocking out windows and cameras and kicking people out of the places where the ballots were being counted?
And why are they shredding the ballots before the audit is to take place?
Boy, I'll tell you, I mean, I'm not a super genius or anything, but I think somebody was hiding something.
Just, I don't know, just call it a hunch.
I think somebody is hiding something here.
What could it be?
Not that they stole the election from Trump for Biden, though.
That couldn't be it.
No way.
Biden was so popular.
Didn't you see his huge rallies with everybody?
Oh wait, that was Trump.
Didn't you see though, every time Biden does a speech online it gets millions of views?
Oh wait, that was Trump.
No, it was Biden that had nobody show up at rallies.
He didn't even have rallies.
He didn't even campaign.
It was Biden that can't even get a thousand people to tune into his live streams.
Hell, it's Biden that doesn't even know where he is.
I'd say somebody's hiding something.
I'd say somebody's hiding something in Pennsylvania.
Somebody's hiding something in Georgia.
Somebody's hiding something in Michigan.
Somebody's hiding something in Arizona.
Couldn't be election theft though.
We were told that that never happens.
Alright folks, I'm gonna be sticking around here.
Tom Papert coming up as well.
InfoWars Sunday Night Live.
So I'll be sticking around too.
But once again, the radio transmission of this Alex Jones Show is concluding now.
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I'll be right back with Tom Papert hosting Sunday Night Live.
That does it for the Alex Jones Show.
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