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Name: 20210305_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 5, 2021
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses how vaccines are being used as a form of eugenics extermination and warns about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines, including their potential to cause death and harm down the road. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, a medical doctor, is featured as an expert on the topic, emphasizing that these vaccines disproportionately affect people with African ancestry and are being used as a tool for extermination by Satanic forces. Jones urges listeners to spread awareness about the dangers of these vaccines and stand against the global government and new world order.

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We can't even call it a vaccine, Alex, because it doesn't meet any of the criteria, the legal criteria, of what a vaccine is supposed to do.
A vaccine is supposed to keep you from getting sick.
This doesn't.
And in their stated literature, they say it probably won't keep you from getting sick or prevent anything.
It may decrease your risk of serious infections, and it may cut down the duration of your symptoms, but in no way says anything about keeping you from getting sick, which is what a vaccine is supposed to do.
The second thing is supposed to stop the spread of infection.
Well, they've already said it doesn't do that.
It's not intended to decrease hospitalizations and it's not going to lower the death rate because the death rate is already extraordinarily low because as you know, and I'm sure you've reported on it many times, The COVID numbers about death are absolutely fabricated and we will never be able to sort that out and know the truth.
The only reason they call it a vaccine is number one, to get billions of dollars of funding.
Number two, to get the protection of the 2005 PrEP Act as a covered countermeasure as a vaccine.
And number three, we have a multi-year, multi-generational indoctrinations That still, beyond all the work you've done, I've done and others have done over the last 20 years, people still believe that vaccines are safe, thoroughly tested, which they're not.
They think they're going to keep you from getting sick, which they don't.
They think they're absolutely necessary, which they're not.
And they don't cause any harm, which is a flat-out lie.
I have mapped out 10 10 mechanisms of injury of how when you get this injection, when you get this messenger RNA, or you get the spike protein that's already been genetically modified and made and inserted into an adenovirus for the J&J shot, when you get this spike protein antibody in your system, it will permanently and irreversibly change your immune system.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
My friends, it is Friday, March 5th.
The year is 2021, and we are now in the future.
And we have a scientific dictatorship of mad scientists that have established world government and are publicly announcing they are the saviors of Earth.
They've scripted themselves and cast themselves as that.
And we're all the bad guys that have to be dumbed down, stunned, and then orderly exterminated.
That's David Rockefeller.
That's Bill Gates.
It's Ted Turner.
It's all of them.
It's Oprah Winfrey, so if we sit here and let these monsters do this, we deserve what we get.
You know, they just came out yesterday.
In all the big publications, Wall Street Journal, London Guardian, Forbes.
Oh, the UN has a report out, and there's a big study.
It was good to have the lockdowns to cut that evil carbon of the carbon-based life forms.
You know, like humans and whales and trees and plankton.
It's devilish, but thank God the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are set up carbon exchanges where we pay them any time there's any type of carbon.
It's a tax on life.
It's like the joke in Spaceballs about a Tax on breathing or having to buy cans of air.
That's literally the point we're getting to.
So we're going to be laying all this out today in a moment.
Fauci, our king, our master, our lord.
He's come out crying on TV.
He loves you so much.
Don't listen to these states.
Wear your mask.
Even though he wrote a study in 2008 himself saying masks don't protect you from viruses.
But it doesn't matter.
It's like saying you have a net for volleyball and a fly can fly through the spaces in it.
It's all a fraud.
But it's about you're dirty, you're bad, you're evil.
We'll play that in a moment.
And then we're going to come back with Tucker Carlson laying out the real permanent martial law and the occupation of our country we're facing.
And then it's out.
It's official.
It's even in Reuters.
I didn't need Reuters to tell me it was true.
I don't just trust Reuters because I've done my background research.
And it's exactly as we told you day one of the power outages in Texas.
It was an Enron scam by Kirkot.
That's all come out as well.
So at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to lay all of that out.
But first, ladies and gentlemen, here is Anthony Fauci, your doctor, your master, your king, just like Bill Gates, telling you how you live your life and just so upset, wants to keep you safe so incredibly bad.
Here he is.
It just is inexplicable why you would want to pull back now.
I understand the need to want to get back to normality, but you're only going to set yourself back If you just completely push aside the public health guidelines, particularly when we're dealing with anywhere from 55,000 to 70,000 infections per day in the United States.
That's a very, very high baseline.
They have to keep the mask in place to teach us that we're in a permanent emergency.
And then, oh, you've had the vaccine?
Sorry, you still got to wear it and you still can't go out in public.
And then once we've got the tracker apps on our phones, once we've got the QR codes, then if you're up to date with everything, you don't have to wear a mask.
You're like a gracious, godlike person that's behaved yourself.
And now there are all these videos and reports coming out of not just celebrities dying, But of celebrities getting deathly ill.
We've got a clip of that with Ben Stein coming up.
And why do I care about celebrities?
I don't.
They can't cover up a Hank Aaron when he dies.
They can't cover up all the people that have been dying after the vaccine that are well known because it comes out.
That's why they had to lie and say, oh no, no, the coroner said he didn't die of the vaccine.
His family said, no, he died after the second dose.
There was no autopsy.
That's the level of dangerous deception we're dealing with.
Well, they're lying now, ladies and gentlemen, at completely new levels.
National, International News, again, said this week that Howard Stern did a puppet show with me.
By the way, I love those puppet shows.
I'm a big fan of them.
Well, that's actually reverse psychology.
No more puppet shows, Howard Stern!
I order you, no more puppet shows.
But seriously, the Daily Mail took it and said that quotes from the puppet were me.
I gotta say, though, it's almost quotes from me, but they changed it around a little bit.
It isn't that the vaccine gives you HIV.
It's that it has the HIV delivery system, so it gives you a false positive for HIV, but what is it delivering?
It's not delivering HIV.
It's delivering a bunch of other stuff.
They're trying to keep that very, very secret.
That's why Australia has banned that particular vaccine that was telling people that they had HIV.
Okay, we're gonna go on a break.
We're going to come back, and I'm going to play the best, most powerful Tucker Carlson yet.
He just gets better and better, and it's so dead on.
The permanent military occupation of D.C.
has been announced.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, March 5th.
The year is 2021.
The entire planet and every species is under globalist attack.
They are mad scientists engaged in a total genetic rewrite.
Coming up next hour, I will interview live Dr. Sherry Tenpenny who owns major clinics in the U.S.
and Mexico.
She has been predicting that the mRNA gene editing, gene therapy system would cause death when you get the shot, and especially months after you get the shot, and now her research and predictions are coming true.
She's got bombshell life-saving information coming up in the second hour.
Please amplify this transmission. This is a life and death situation. The
nightmare only gets worse until we overpower the globalists with truth. We're doing it
right now, so please share the live links to this show and promote the local radio stations and
TV stations you're watching. It is beyond critical. First, in this segment and next segment,
I'm going to air excerpts of Tucker Carlson last night where he laid out the facts.
General Honore is a globalist.
He's anti-gun.
He was hired by George W. Bush, the total rhino, to confiscate guns, not just in New Orleans during Katrina from high and dry areas, but all over the state.
Honore admits he wants to have a national gun confiscation program, and he now recommends they have a permanent rapid reaction force of U.S.
Army or Praetorian Guard garrisoned permanently in the U.S.
capital because they fear and hate the American people so much and because they've stolen
the election and intend to do all this other really, really dangerous stuff like end the
dollar dominance, collapse our currency, open the borders completely.
I mean this is going to be so horrible as we're forced on universal basic incomes and
bankrupted just like they've done to poor black folks.
Now everybody's going to have that done to them.
That's the model is the great society of LBJ to domesticate us, to enslave us.
That Carlson lays out how the average leftist has a disdain and a hatred for Americans and
for people who live in the country.
Remember, Biden said black people and Hispanics who live in the country are dumb.
They think everybody's dumb, but them, who are dumb enough to live in these dangerous, overpriced, scumbag New World Order cities.
And so we're not against the folks in cities.
Most of you know we're good.
You're basically in a bad situation.
It's just that they are coming down on humanity.
But it's the Democrats that hate the common people.
But the controllers above them know the common people are smart and they want to force us into these compact cities.
So this is very, very predatory.
Carlson lays it out beautifully.
We're going to play part of it this segment and part of it next segment.
It's official.
We've solved it.
We were correct.
Now it's official.
We know who triggered the fake blackouts to make $16 billion a day.
We'll tell you about that coming up.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight.
Oh, liberals are a fearful group.
The list of things American liberals are afraid of can fill an entire shelf of volume.
Someone should write them down, actually, to make an amusing reference set.
The Encyclopedia of Liberal Neuroses Unabridged.
Absolutely everything upsets liberals, agitates them, and flames their allergies.
Nature itself is a terrifying experience for liberals because they can't control it.
It's got all these sex differences and climate fluctuations.
Liberals like this are the ones that you see sporting their little paper obedience masks while they exercise outside on a windy day.
They'll pass you on their bicycle struggling to breathe from oxygen deprivation, yet feeling virtuous and protected, and of course judging you for not wearing the uniform.
There's nothing rational about that behavior.
It's totally unrelated to science, but you shouldn't be surprised by it.
Modern liberalism is not a coherent worldview.
It's not a set of principles or ideas.
It's a personality type, a deeply unhappy, high-strung personality type.
Wokeness is what you get when people are miserable inside.
When you're a liberal, the world is a very scary place.
But there is one fear that rises above all other fears in the liberal mind, and it's the fear of the other.
Like all primitive cultures, modern liberalism is tribal.
Outsiders aren't welcome in the fashionable parts of Brooklyn.
If you haven't been to Aspen, they don't want to see you in Bethesda or Newton, Mass.
You're from away.
You're an alien presence and therefore dangerous.
That's in fact how liberals understand most of the American continent as a mysterious dark space like a medieval map populated by drooling Trump voters and violent illiterates with extra chromosomes.
Liberals despise people like this, of course, and on some level they know they're hated right back.
They worry that someday there will be a backlash against the people in charge, which of course is them.
How long can you control everything before the people you control explode?
And that's liberals' main fear, a peasant revolt.
They're terrified that someday an army of tattooed high school dropouts and Confederate flag tank tops is going to rise up from the trailer parks of West Virginia and take over the country.
They'll storm the cities with their .75 caliber AR-15 assault weapon machine guns with flash suppressors, each one of which can fire over a million bullets per minute when mounted on the back of an F-150 pickup truck plastered with racist bumper stickers.
That is their nightmare.
That is the monster under every liberal's bed.
And a lot of liberals were certain that today, this day, March 4th, was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin.
March 4th, they believed, was something called QAnon Inauguration Day.
What's QAnon Inauguration Day?
We have no idea.
We don't know anyone who does know.
In fact, we'd bet money that not one Trump voter in a million had ever heard of it until this week, when the hysteria merchants on the other channels started yapping about it on television.
They'd heard about it from Nancy Pelosi, who told her bodyguards to write up a report on the threat of QAnon Inauguration Day.
So that's what they did.
Here's the excerpt from the bulletin put out by the top minds at DHS and the FBI.
Well, that sounds pretty scary.
group of militia violent extremists has discussed plans to take control of the
US Capitol on or about for March today. Well that sounds pretty scary. Another
white supremacist insurrection? But wait a second.
Can we get some context?
Who exactly are these unidentified violent extremists?
And is the threat they pose more or less dangerous, for instance, than the plot by that homeless guy to kidnap the governor of Michigan?
The plot the FBI foiled just in time before a platoon of right-wing vagrants could abduct Gretchen Whitmer in a shopping cart?
We never really learned any details.
But members of Congress were not taking chances.
Many of them fled the Capitol today.
House leaders rescheduled votes so that rank-and-file legislators could escape with their lives, if not with their dignity.
We should be clear, this was not simply partisan hysteria.
Democrats and Republicans seem united in their shared terror.
Watch Republican Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas tell you about the imminent threat we face from that diabolical QAnon.
This threat is credible and it's real.
It's a right-wing militia group that believes that the original, because the original inaugural day was March 4th until the 20th Amendment passed, they think this is a true inauguration day and that President Trump should be inaugurated.
Ooh, sounds like Michael McCaul's been on the internet recently, maybe late at night.
That's why he knows the threat of right-wing militias, as he told CNN, is credible and real.
That was Michael McCaul's prediction yesterday.
So the question is, did QAnon come through?
Did the guys in Confederate-flag tank tops show up with their 75-caliber machine guns to end democracy?
And if they did, what did they do?
We can report tonight that if they did try to insurrect, they did it very, very quietly and with minimal casualties.
In fact, we didn't see a single person insurrecting at the Capitol today, or for that matter, anywhere else in the United States.
Are you shocked?
Don't be shocked.
It was all just another lie.
It wasn't so different from when they told us we would need troops to protect Joe Biden's inauguration.
Then they said we would need soldiers to keep QAnon away from the impeachment trial.
Then there was today's hysteria.
Next there will be something else.
Bet on it.
Capitol police are now saying they will need soldiers in Washington for at least another two months.
And of course, actually, the troops will never leave, as you probably figured out by now.
The troops are in the Capitol for political reasons.
They're there to prop up the regime.
If this were Cameroon, that would all be obvious.
Our State Department would complain about it.
Would say, that's an offense against democracy.
But because it's happening here in America, we have been slow to catch on.
Hope you figured it out.
Today, they made it easier for you to figure out because they said it out loud.
Fox News has learned that retired General Russell Honore has completed his so-called security review of the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
Honore is an unhinged partisan extremist.
He is nuttier than anyone affiliated with QAnon.
Honore was chosen by Nancy Pelosi precisely because of this.
She knew that Honore would justify a military takeover of Washington, and she was right.
In his memorandum to House leaders, which Fox has obtained, that's exactly what Honoré did.
His memorandum calls for a, quote, quick reaction force that permanently resides within the D.C.
National Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active Guard Reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round.
And we are back, my friends.
I'm going to play the conclusion of Tucker Carlson's analysis last night.
As he rolled out the fact that they are scripting and they are casting the American people as terrorists, and the globalists are the saviors, and that protesting is terrorism, being a Q-shaman is terrorism, just having your own free speech is terrorism, and when you watch this 60 Minutes piece that we're going to play clips of, the woman is like something out of a satire police state science fiction movie.
She's like, and you were in the sacred area?
It doesn't matter if you weren't violent.
You're a terrorist.
You deserve to be kept without bail.
I mean, she's like... She's interviewing him from jail.
So talk about science fiction dystopia.
The dystopics are doing this on purpose.
I coined that term.
They are dystopics.
They establish dystopia on purpose because they enjoy dominating us and stomping on us and trampling us, as George Orwell warned communists do.
Because communism itself is just a satanic system of governance.
So we're going to go to the Tucker Carlson piece.
It's very, very important.
And this is permanent military occupation in D.C.
Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.
The other day, 60 Minutes decided to take a deeper look into this dangerous cult that's saying unapproved things about our leaders.
Intrepid CBS correspondents sat down with QAnon's spiritual leader, not in a cave in Kandahar, but over Zoom from a conference room in jail where he's now being held without bail.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is QAnon's shaman, its chief mullah.
You may recognize him from the videos as Chewbacca Guy, stripped of his Viking horns.
Your actions on January 6th were an attack on this country.
Do you understand that?
No, it's not, ma'am.
My actions were not an attack on this country.
That is incorrect.
That is inaccurate.
How would you describe them?
My actions personally?
On January 6th.
My actions on January 6th?
How would I describe them?
Well, I sang a song.
And that's a part of shamanism.
It's about creating positive vibrations in a sacred chamber.
I also stopped people from stealing and vandalizing that sacred space, the Senate.
Okay, I actually stopped somebody from stealing muffins out of the Brave Room.
I also said a prayer in that sacred chamber because it was my intention to bring divinity and to bring God back into the Senate.
But Jake, legally you are not allowed to be in what you're calling the sacred chamber.
And that is the one very serious regret that I have, was believing that when we were waved in by police officers, that it was acceptable.
Do you still believe you're a patriot?
I consider myself a lover of my country.
I consider myself a believer in the Constitution.
I consider myself a believer in truth and our founding principles.
I consider myself a believer in God.
Okay, so you've been taking notes on that interview with the spiritual leader of QAnon.
Chewbacca guy sang a song, then he spread some good vibes, and then he waved at the officers in the Capitol, and they waved back.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of thing that can happen in a country where QAnon shamans are allowed to roam the streets.
And it's not just Chewbacca guy who threatens this democracy.
In February, the Feds indicted several members of a group called the Oath Keepers.
Those indicted included a 60-year-old woman and her 70-year-old husband.
They're terrorists, too.
Geriatric, but deadly.
Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee understands all this, of course.
She gets the outline.
Sheila Jackson Lee sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, so she knows a thing or two about law enforcement, about keeping this nation safe from threats, foreign and domestic.
In order to live without fear in America, Sheila Jackson Lee has announced, we're going to need to arrest a lot of people.
Not just Chewbacca guy.
Tens of thousands of people.
As Sheila Jackson Lee put it on Twitter two days ago, quote, In that instant, only 300 persons have now been arrested and are being prosecuted.
were in DC with the mindset to overturn a legitimate election and kill the
speaker, the vice president, and members of Congress. In that instant, only 300
persons have now been arrested and are being prosecuted.
What kind of justice is that? That's right.
This is a dystopic system.
This is a dystopia on purpose by the dystopics.
And they admit that that is their plan.
George Orwell got into the highest levels of the Fabian Socialists.
He was Winston Smith at the Ministry of Truth.
He ran BBC propaganda during World War II.
And he realized that they were working with Stalin, and that Stalin was just as bad as Hitler, and that's why the left later accused him of being a Nazi, even though he fought against the Nazis, in the Spanish Civil War, and then again as a propagandist in World War II.
He wasn't.
He was a liberal.
A real liberal.
And he had been involved in everything and been everywhere.
He'd been to the Imperial Police in India.
Gone and been homeless for years in Paris and London.
Gone to the highest levels of the Fabian Socialists.
His family was part of the Wedgwoods and Oxleys and Daltons.
The eugenics kings!
He came from the inner circle.
He was on the edge of the inner circle.
They let him into the Fabian Socialists, whose symbol is a sheep with a wolf underneath it.
So when O'Brien's talking about, we're going to trample people and be trampled.
We're going to tear humanity apart.
We're going to dumb humanity down.
Our cult is being the priest of power, Winston.
Those are the real speeches that basically he got.
I know that because he wrote essays before he died saying that these were composites of things he'd experienced and things he was projecting into the future.
But one of his contemporaries, and also related to him, Julian Huxley, wrote letters, but also all of Huxley gave speeches.
Saying, oh, you dummy, it won't be boots and stormtroopers.
That's only for the small minority that don't do what we say.
Everybody else will love their servitude, will be so drugged by chemicals in the food and water, and by what we put in vaccines, and by what we do with the televisions, that they will submit and love their servitude.
So the average leftist has to understand, you think you're part of the system.
You think you're part of the power structure.
You're not.
You're going along with your own complete destruction.
And so that's why everything you do is more and more out of control.
I mean, take the New York Times.
Talk about incredible doublespeak.
Talk about incredible Orwellianism.
Look at this headline right here.
Look at that headline right there about Dr. Seuss.
They're not book-burning by wanting it removed out of libraries.
They're not book-burning by saying they don't want it sold.
No, no, no, no.
They're not bringing us a Ray Bradbury book in reality.
No, no, they're retiring it.
Like when an old horse breaks its leg, you shoot in the head and retire it.
We should call public executions.
Uh, retirement.
Seuss push to retire books.
Stirs a backlash.
Seuss push.
So they didn't call it Dr.
That's all written by a psychologist or a person being trained in that.
Oh, it's Dr. Seuss doing it to themselves, and it's just retiring.
Isn't it okay if Dr. Seuss retires?
Isn't that okay if we have these boards, these education boards of the high priest, and they tell you what you can have, and, oh, it's just Dr. Seuss.
Well, where'd Dr. Seuss go?
He just got retired.
Oh, in the landfill?
Well, people might dig it out of the landfill.
No, no, no.
We burned it or we shredded it.
And that's what they're recommending.
They say, have them incinerated or shredded.
So here it is.
Dr. Seuss push to retire books stirs a backlash.
Oh, there's a backlash because there's a push to retire these books.
I've seen national news go, we're not banning books.
We're retiring them.
The same New York Times had an article a few weeks ago saying critical thinking is the problem.
Don't look too deeply into things and only go with the New York Times.
Folks, these are cult members following this.
So we have to reach out to them as the victims they are and not as the foaming at the mouth leftist crazies.
Because they're just like people brainwashed under mousy tongue.
They really don't know what they're dealing with.
Now we have Officially solve the power outage crisis, and it's exactly what we said it was.
We were exactly right.
It's now even in Reuters.
You go, wait, you listen to Reuters?
Reuters is admitting what we already said.
It's confirmed.
Reuters is reporting on what the state found.
So I'll break that down on the other side.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, I am your host, Alex Jones.
Owen Schroer is about to take over in a few minutes.
He'll be co-hosting with me next hour when Dr. Sherry Tenpenny lays out life and death information.
And only you can stop these murderers.
Only you can expose them.
Only you can stop them.
And I'm here to tell you, God expects you to do it.
I'm not on your butt.
I'm just telling you, you know deep in your heart, in your gut, in your soul, this is the right thing to do.
This is war.
This is information war.
So it isn't just special when you share the articles or the videos or the live feeds or tell folks about local stations.
It is victory.
So just remember how important you are and how thankful I am you're there.
I mean it.
I'm committed to this war 110% and I want to win it just like you do.
Now let me lay this out.
And again, this isn't about bragging.
When I tell you that we predicted it exactly as it was, it's because it's so easy to do this.
The enemy runs formulas.
They run operations.
And they've got different forms of operations, different flavors of operations, different combinations of these evil operations they run.
But it's all very formulaic.
It's all written up and prepared by lawyers so they can get away with the crime.
You understand?
And so we're going to lay this out for you right now.
This is how the globalists control the planet.
It isn't just about the money.
It's about bankrupting who they want as a political weapon.
And they want to bankrupt everybody.
They want total consolidation.
They want the future because money is power.
Then they can make all the decisions in the future with the super technologies that have been developed and suppressed.
They don't want to give us access to those, but they know technologies that they've already farmed out, they've already had people discover decades ago are now being discovered by others.
So they want world government in place so that as others discover technologies that they've already developed, they can suppress through world government and through regulations those new technologies and keep us in a neo-feudalistic dark age.
So if you go back to the freeze of Valentine's Day, I was on air.
And I said, I expect major rolling blackouts and I expect them to then gouge billions of
dollars per day ripping people off.
And then they'll charge a few companies and a few executives will resign, but tens of
billions of dollars will be stolen.
And then that'll be used to set the precedent to then raise rates overall.
How did I know?
Because Enron did it all to the West Coast and other areas in the world, but mainly the
West Coast.
They stole energy, they manipulated, they had fake trading boards.
They did it all and it came out in their documents that they would use fake rolling blackouts
to create the pretext.
But there wasn't enough power because the public and legislatures, they found psychologically, would accept higher rates of being gouged if they were told that things were maxed out.
So they create artificial scarcity so they can charge you more.
It's very, very simple.
And Enron came up with the whole carbon tax plan as well in 1989.
And you can look that up.
That's been in congressional testimonies.
I cover that in my film, Endgame.
Blueprint for global enslavement as well.
So here's Reuters.
And again, I don't just believe Reuters.
It's just Reuters confirming what we already know.
And it's from the state legislature.
You can look it all up for yourself.
And what does it say right there?
Because I said, you know, two, three weeks ago, when this all happened, I said, I don't know how many millions are going to steal a day.
But I said, here's the Department of... About a week later, we also found, or sent us the Department of Energy document, where the Texas legislature and the governor and the Texas Railroad Commission, that's who runs energy here, was saying, hey, We get federal fines if we turn up these coal power plants without your authorization because of greenhouse gases, but we can turn these up ahead of the storm.
We think we're going to have more power needed than we normally do during the winter.
Summer's usually the high output, but this is going to be big.
We want to turn it up.
And the feds waited six days until the power outage began, and then they gave them the authorization.
Because here's the deal.
If you turn up your power output, it's fines in the millions of dollars.
But if you don't tell them internal power, it's felonies.
And they take you to jail.
So Texas is not independent.
We need to get out from under this.
Trump was unable to ever get that regulation changed.
He got a lot of it fixed.
But that just shows you the big problem was that Department of Energy document.
But if you go back to the first freeze, what happened?
I said, you watch, we're going to have major power outages.
And they're going to say it's because we have a bad grid.
It's not part of the national grid.
And we need to have more windmills.
And sure enough, they did that.
But I said, follow me in, Ron.
I don't know how many billions they're going to steal.
But I said, they were stealing up to $3 billion a day in the early 1990s when they would stage power outages.
So I said, money's been devalued probably three times then, so I guessed on there.
I said, I bet they were stealing $9 billion a day.
I said $9 billion a day.
$16 billion a day.
So I got it wrong, folks.
I said $9 billion.
And seriously, We have an archivist who does a great job, thanks to you supporting us.
We have the money to pay an archivist.
He's great.
Hey, archivist, please go back to the days before, the days of the freeze, and throughout where I laid this out, please.
So the Railroad Commission running our energy, they got convinced under Republican governors, because they're just as bad as Democrats in many cases, to transfer regulatory systems to ERCOT that's just like Enron.
And then ERCOT goes under federal control, does whatever the feds say, Then there's no liability for the Texas bureaucrats, because now they're not going to go to jail if they make a mistake.
So that's another reason that under all these regulations, so many people want an outside corporate regulatory body to do it, because then you're off the hook in the criminal and civil statutes.
Oh, we have a group that manages the nursing homes.
Oh, we have a group that manages our state's energy.
Oh, we have a group that manages our money, like the private Federal Reserve for a hundred Nine years.
No, 108 years.
Hard to believe it's been that long.
So, here's the headline, folks.
Exactly what we thought.
But, oh, it's an accident.
They screwed up.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
And it's only for one day.
They were overcharging billions a day the whole time.
They're not sure of the numbers yet.
They'll get back with us later.
But they charged in the day after the power was back on, and they weren't even buying it from outside groups, at up to 18,000 times the regular price.
which of course they'd already made deals with those people, so it's revolving toward
them paying themselves off.
Texas grid operator made $16 billion price error during winter storm.
Watchdog says, "Reuters, Texas power grid operator, Electric Reliability Council of
Texas," it's not Texas, it's a private corporation running out of Germany, "made $16 billion
pricing error in the week of the winter storm that led to power outages across the state."
Potomac Economics, which monitors the state's power market, said, ERCOT kept market prices for power too high for more than a day after widespread outages ended late on February 17th.
Potomac Economics said.
Independent market monitor for the Public Utility Commission of Texas, which oversees
ERCOT, said in a filing, "In order to comply with the commission order, the pricing interventions
and raised prices to VOL, value of lost load, should have ended immediately at that time,
last February 17th, Potomac Economics said.
But in just the next day and a half, they charged $16 billion.
But wait, it gets worse.
These are just the latest numbers.
The numbers are a few weeks behind.
Who knows? Everybody I know is still getting giant bills now!
You let them rape you.
You wear a mask.
You let them send convicted pedophiles and drag queen story time to have your daughters and sons bounce on their swollen genitals.
I mean, you know, they got pants on.
They're like, ah, your kids are riding on them.
I mean, you'll put up with anything.
Because they put us under this Enron type system, ERCOT.
They shut down over 120 coal power plants in Texas.
And the others that still had licenses to operate have to operate in a fraction of that.
Unless there's an emergency, then they got to call mommy or daddy.
Or Big Brother in D.C.
and he's got to give them authorization.
So there you have it.
Go read the whole article.
It gets worse.
And it's exactly what we knew.
And of course, they knew damn well what they were doing.
That's why a lot of smaller Texas utilities that were good, owned by cities, owned by counties, owned by private groups, they just said, we're going out of business.
We're just going to send the power to people, but we're not even going to charge them, because this is criminal.
And we're not going to go to jail.
We're not going to charge some old lady in the Texas Hill Country 10,000, 15,000 times.
Their power bill is usually $100, and they can barely pay it on fixed income, Social Security.
And now she gets a $2,000 bill, a $7,000 bill?
And so they did the right moral thing and just said, we're not operating.
We're going to keep the power on, but we're done.
We're bankrupt.
Because they're passing those expenses down through.
So when you think it was your local utility that did that, in most cases it was not, ladies and gentlemen.
It's ERCOT that, again, makes those decisions and tells everybody how to do it.
And that's why it's so critical we stay on air.
It's why they want us off air.
Because I understand how they operate.
Because I've watched them so long.
I covered Enron for years.
That was in documentaries about it.
But look, you understand what's going on as well.
We need the legislatures and the people to stand up and send these folks to prison, or they're going to keep doing it over and over again.
Because when you hear smart this, smart that, the Great Reset, it's about running these type of scams against us on a routine basis.
And it's being done worldwide by the globalists to impoverish us and control us while they consolidate power.
Owen Schroer is taking over, and then Dr. Sherry Tinpitting on the other side in the next hour.
Alright, I'll be with you here for this segment, and then Alex Jones and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny are going to break down the dangers, the lies of the COVID-19 human genome manipulation gene therapy, they're calling it a vaccine.
But I've been doing so much prep today.
I've got enough news to be live on air till 6 p.m.
this evening, which is convenient because I will be on air till 6 p.m.
this evening.
So I've got all kinds of breaking news.
You're not going to want to tune out of InfoWars today, but let me do kind of a primer.
Because we've got Biden developments, we've got censorship developments, we've got the new lie.
Their fake insurrection yesterday didn't take, so they've now released the new date for the fake insurrection.
It's funny.
Liberals and leftists and Democrats announced dates that supposedly Trump supporters are going to be having insurrections, but we never heard about this.
We, of course, had nothing to do with this.
We never planned any insurrection.
It's literally all the Democrats.
So that'll be coming up as well.
And then they say, oh wow, I don't know what happened yesterday.
We said there was going to be an insurrection and nothing happened.
Oh, I guess we lied again.
Oh well, don't worry, we're going to lie again about March 20th now.
But we'll get into that coming up.
Let me do a primer for Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Alex Jones coming up here.
This is going to be one to watch.
Now, we've been monitoring this.
We reported on it first a couple weeks ago.
And I'm not so sure I'm willing to jump the shark on it yet, but it feels like It feels like this could be really bad, and maybe Dr. Sherry Tenpenny will talk about it coming up here, but the story from Adon Salazar, InfoWars.com.
Mammograms find lumps in women's breasts following COVID shot.
Now again, InfoWars is just willing to be honest about the situation we're in.
Most other media is not.
When we saw the stories from weeks ago, where they were telling women to have their mammograms before they get their COVID vaccine, or at least wait a year, and then reading into the details, realizing they wouldn't admit what was really happening, now they're having to, you basically have false, what they're claiming is false positives coming up for cancer on these screenings.
And it's not just mammograms.
So the COVID vaccine is causing false positive cancer screenings.
Allegedly false.
Now, we don't really know!
This is all one giant experiment on the entire planet and it's now been admitted by Fauci and the CDC yesterday.
That's why they say, oh, after you get the vaccine, you still have to social distance, you have to wear the mask, all this stuff, you could probably still spread it.
This is an experiment.
They haven't done human testing, animal testing, no testing.
This is the live test.
And now they're realizing, as part of the live test, hey, some humans, it looks like they have cancer after getting the vaccine.
Oh, well, that's not cancer.
We just have to wait a year, and then we'll see if it's cancer.
By then, maybe they'll be dead.
But I guess we'll see.
And see, this is pretty extreme to say the COVID-19 vaccine is causing cancer.
So I'm not sure I'm ready and willing to jump that shark yet, but boy, oh boy.
Boy, oh boy, could it go there real quick.
And they'll cover it up for a year until people start dying, and then they'll just hope you forget that they had the COVID vaccine.
So, we'll be monitoring this at InfoWars.com, guarantee it.
But now into some of the other COVID nonsense.
Andrew Cuomo aides rewrote July nursing home report to conceal COVID death toll.
So he knew something was up.
So he's either a complete idiot by sending COVID into the nursing homes.
Or he did it intentionally.
Either way, he covered up and now he's been caught.
But see, oh, now four, what is it, four accusers now accusing him of sexual harassment.
How nice to get him killing grandma in the nursing homes out of the headlines.
What a criminal scumbag Andrew Cuomo is.
There's certain men that just put off the frequencies of evil.
There's certain men that put off the frequencies of gangster, criminal.
Andrew Cuomo is one of those men.
CNN doctor says Americans should mask up and social distance every winter to beat the flu.
So there you go.
So now they're admitting this is the new normal.
Liberals will never take the mask off.
They love being slaves.
It's part of the liberal psychology.
I can't relate to it.
You can't relate to it.
We like to be free.
Liberals love slavery.
I've also learned another thing about liberals, which we already knew, but I've reached a total conclusion now about it.
I'll cover it later.
Liberals just lie.
They just love to lie.
They just lie.
They're not honest about anything.
They're dishonest about everything.
They're even dishonest to their own intellect.
So it's really amazing.
But oh, they won't take the mask off in Texas.
They won't take the mask off any winter.
They love the mask now.
They're good little slaves.
They'll take the anal swab, they'll put in a butt plug if they say farts are contagious.
You watch.
You watch!
WarnerMedia's CEO apologizes after saying COVID pandemic has been really good for CNN ratings.
This is kind of like how Amazon and Facebook and other executives said, wow, this pandemic has been great for us.
We've been really, we've made out like bandits, so we need to keep the lockdowns.
So, of course, the people in big tech and the people in big media want to keep the lockdowns because they keep getting paid.
In fact, they're making more money now than they've ever made in their lives.
So you suffer, the world suffers, people suffer, they get filthy rich, and they encourage it to continue.
Go figure.
Guardian promotes global lockdown every two years to combat climate change.
No, it wasn't just the Guardian, as the Steve Watson article at Infowars.com says.
It was Forbes.
It was all of them.
But what they're doing is they're just soft admitting to you what's really happening.
You've been signed into the Paris Climate Accord.
You now have a cap on your energy use.
That's why they shut off Texas's energy.
So Biden put you in the Paris Climate Accord.
So you've been used to using, say, I'm just making up numbers here, you've been used to using 100 watts of energy a day.
The Paris Climate Accord says you can only use 20 a day.
Well, they never told you what was happening.
So all of a sudden you're going to have your power cut off and be told you have to limit your Power usage, and they won't even tell you why.
And that'll just turn into, well, we just have to lock everything down and shut the power grid down every two years.
And they're admitting it.
But it's not that they're admitting it.
They signed us onto this deal.
It's already signed, sealed, and delivered.
New York tests vaccine passports at New York Rangers hockey game.
The vaccine passport system started in Israel and other countries is now here in the United States of America.
So enjoy your slavery.
13 woke corporations fighting back against Texas mask mandate repeal.
So here's 13 places I will not be shopping in Texas, just so you know.
Un-American Traders.
Toyota, Un-American Traders.
Hyatt, Un-American Traders.
CVS, Un-American Traders.
Hyatt hosted the CPAC, so that's funny.
They're probably trying to gain political points here.
CVS, Walgreens, AMC.
Are they even still in business?
Bad move by AMC.
Everyone's going to sell now.
Alamo Draft House.
They're out of business, so I'm not sure what they care.
Aldi, H-E-B, Un-American.
And Kroger.
So, there are the American corporations that want you to be a good mask slave, and they will be the mask Nazis.
And soon it will be the anal swab, the new national anthem for the brainwashed slave-mind liberals.
It's not the national anthem of the United States, land of the free, home of the brave.
No, it's wear a mask and swab that ass.
China mandates anal COVID swab tests for all visitors.
Oh, don't worry, that's coming to you.
I'm excited for that day.
You watch, liberals are going to line up and bend over to get that anal swab.
Newsom urges double masking for all Californians will not make terrible mistake like Texas.
Yeah, and they keep saying this.
Oh, super spreader event at the Super Bowl, super spreader event here, super spreader event at a Trump event, super spreader event.
No spread, no sickness, nothing, all a giant lie, and all the science that we actually have on the mask indicates that it spreads disease.
But again, liberals are liars!
And I'll tell you, calling me a liar or a fraud or a phony is like the most offensive thing that you could say to me.
So I don't like assuming somebody is a liar, and I don't like sitting here pointing the finger at somebody being a total fraud and a liar, but I'm sorry.
The average liberal is a lying scumbag.
It's sad that this is a point we've reached with our fellow humans.
Judge rips kids away from moms who get caught not wearing masks.
Yeah, again, you're just a total slave to the liberal mask Nazis.
Some people are fighting back against it, though.
Idaho Rep introduces bill to ban mask mandates.
I mean, go figure.
A bill that says you can breathe clean air and not carbon dioxide that'll kill you and give you hypoxia?
North Dakota Republicans eject anti-mask rep from House for trumped up harassment charges.
When they told him to wear the mask, he said, F off, you're not my effing mother.
Not the hero we asked for, but the hero we need.
And now it's coming out, obesity is fueling vastly higher COVID death toll.
No kidding!
But you don't see anybody encouraging exercise.
Heart disease up, obesity skyrocketing, diabetes skyrocketing.
There's your real problem, the food you're eating.
But no, everyone gets a mask and a swab, but don't lose weight and be healthy.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Alex Jones.
I am your host.
Owen Schroyer is riding shotgun with us as well today.
And we have Dr. Sherry Tinpenny joining us, a medical doctor, runs major clinics in the U.S., major clinics internationally.
She's been the tip of the spear for decades, and she saw vaccines hurting her patients.
She just saw cause and effect.
Like all of us can see.
Like Hank Aaron's family.
Yeah, he took the second shot and was dead a day later in excruciating pain.
Media said he had an autopsy.
He didn't have one.
It's all lies.
They are exterminating people.
And I'm not a virtue signaler.
I just tell what's happening.
The left, oh, we love black people.
Oh, black people are so good.
Everything's about black people.
We got to ban your books and your speech and your country for black people.
But then These mRNA vaccines, I don't want to say it's doubly bad for black folks, even though those numbers are coming out.
I know black people that died after they took the vaccine.
I mean, people I went to high school with.
So this is absolutely huge, and I'm trying to get permission from the family and folks to talk about it.
So yeah.
Oh, we love black people because they're coming to kill you.
Whatever they say, it's the opposite.
So, I don't care if you're a white supremacist or who you are.
You're really going to sign on to actually kill black people for no reason?
It kills white people too.
It's just that it is really bad for folks with African ancestry.
She is coming on, and she's laid out some incredible statements about the deaths coming later.
It's just the vaccine's so deadly, so poisonous, that it kills a lot of folks up front within a few minutes or a few hours or a few days.
But that's because it's got to be so deadly to get you a month, six months, a year later, two years later.
And then they're going to say a new virus is killing everybody.
Later, it's a binary weapon.
A lot's going into this.
They didn't put five different viruses in this for no reason.
But that's just the Virus itself, it's not that deadly unless you don't have vitamin D3.
Some people live in these urban canyons, you know, are dying whether they be black or white, but basically black folks have to have three times the amount of sun as the average northern European.
A southern European needs a lot more sun than a northern European.
I mean, it's very simple.
White people have white skin to get the sun because you get less.
The closer you go to the equator, the darker your skin gets.
Wow, that's incredible.
The adaptations that God gave us, the way God designed us.
So this is a life Saving issue for everybody coming up.
But if we could just get through to the black people who the left's trying to mind control and say, hey, they don't give you welfare and try to break your families up and put you in prison because they like you.
They don't ship drugs in your neighborhood because they like you.
They don't want to give you the vaccine first because they like you.
They want to get rid of you.
They want to get rid of you.
And sure, I don't like a bunch of black folks brainwashed to hate me because I'm white.
The left does that to make white people hate black people.
See how this works?
It's called divide and conquer.
But I'll say this again.
Everyone listening.
I say this all the time, but can I get your attention?
We're on over 200 radio stations.
We're on over 100 cable and TV stations.
We're getting new ones all the time.
I don't plug them on air so they don't get harassed by the left, but they're out there and people can find them.
Tell people about that local station.
Tell folks about InfoWars.com.
Tell them about NewsWars.com.
And tell them you're about to hear Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, who they're banning on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or interviews.
So we'll call this interview, you know, medical doctor, C-interview, band of medical doctor,
warning of COVID-19 vaccine death or something like that.
This is life and death, folks.
This is a eugenics operation.
Hitler was dead 70-something years ago.
This is what Hitler wished he could do.
This is Hitler 2.0.
This is the real deal.
And Hitler wants everybody.
But he got eugenicists in and racists in, the spirit did, Satan, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Satan,
'cause they're like, "Oh yeah, "I wanna kill the brown people."
And they get them to carry out eugenics operations because they think they're hitting one group.
They're hitting everybody, folks.
Jack Spratt could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
Between the two of them, they licked the platter clean.
They always think, oh, we're only going to kill half the world population, we're only going to kill 80%, we're only going to kill 90%, and really they're going to get everybody.
And now they're like, yeah, it's a post-human world.
So tell folks to tune in now on your Twitter, on your Facebook.
So what if you get banned?
You're going to get banned anyways.
Share it on your email, your text message, while you still can.
Word of mouth.
Tune in now.
Medical doctor to expose the mass eugenics extermination going on with these vaccines.
These aren't words.
This is the reality.
They want to make you ashamed of that and scared to promote it, but you're not, and you've been promoting it.
And so if I'm going to get put in prison or killed for this, I want to win.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny joins us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
She's with us for the hour.
I really appreciate her coming on.
She has clinics in the U.S., clinics outside the United States.
She's a medical doctor.
She's a great patriot.
And she decades ago just noticed problems with her patients with vaccines.
And it's on the inserts they can kill you or hurt you.
And so she began to speak out and talk about what she saw.
And now she has laid out really incredible predictions six months ago, two months ago, about what would happen once the vaccinations began in England and then the United States, then in Australia and Europe.
And if you go back to those videos, and we'll put our website on screen, you can go see those.
It all came true.
It's gonna really hurt the old people.
Gonna cause miscarriages in pregnant women.
Even the British government says don't give it to above 75 now.
But that's an advisory, they still do it.
And so she has said that, wait for the death down the road.
You think Hank Aaron dying when he got the second shot, them trying to cover that up was bad.
You think all the folks you hear about that had a heart attack after they took it, even 35-year-olds.
What's really going on here?
She's a medical doctor, and I could bring up a lot of points and I could back her up on a thousand areas, but instead I'd like to give her, in the next 40 minutes of airtime, 45 minutes of airtime we have, if you take the breaks out, Let her have the floor to give you this emergency presentation.
This is real.
It's not her a year ago saying it or six months ago saying it.
It came true.
They admit that you are thousands of times more likely to die in Israel of the new vaccine than you are of the COVID.
And so to talk about where it came from, who's involved with it, how we stop it, how we stand up, what's really happening.
But I know this, and I'm going to let her take over.
The system, the social engineers, said in December of 2019 at the UN meeting in Switzerland, the front line has collapsed.
Our doctors don't believe in vaccines.
We don't test them.
We're told by Bill and Melinda Gates and others what to do, big pharma.
We're testing directly on the third world.
It's illegal.
So when their own people did that, boom, in comes COVID.
To cover up the last big story, you use another big story.
And now they're just normalizing.
Like Bill Gates said, yeah, you're going to have 700,000 get sick or die.
He said that eight months ago.
Probably more actually dying.
So at one level, they admit it's killing you and hurting you and doesn't protect you.
And life doesn't go back to normal once you take the vaccine either, Fauci says.
But at another level, if you try to talk about it, you get banned, you get censored.
So Dr. Sherry Tinpenny has been censored.
She's been blocked a lot for telling the truth.
She's a true champion.
I admire her.
I could care less about Hollywood stars or sports stars, but getting her on, I mean, I just get butterflies.
She's such a great lady and has been such a trailblazer.
So I'm going to try to give you the floor in the next hour.
God bless you, doctor, medical doctor, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny.
Been interviewing you for 20 plus years.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday edition.
Well, good afternoon, Alex, and it's nice to be back.
And yes, I think we have known each other.
I've been doing this for just over 20 years.
September of 2000.
I've put well over 40,000 hours worth of research into this over the years.
And most recently, in the last year, since March of last year, I've done over 400 interviews, small ones, big ones, international ones, podcasts, radio, television, just carpet bombing the world to the best that I can to tell people the problems with this entire COVID thing.
Between the myth of the mask, the fraud of the PCR testing, the horrors that are going to come down the road with this shot, the problems, the psychological problems with the social distancing and the non-touching.
I mean, it's a really, really big problem.
It's a big mess.
And I do have a clinic here in Cleveland, Ohio.
I've been here since 1996.
I don't have clinics all over the world.
I do speak all over the world back in the day when you could travel.
But I just want to commend you, Alex, because I think about you often.
And all the years that you've had Prison Planet And you've had, you know, info wars that everybody thought you were the conspiracy theory nut.
And here we are exactly living what you've been broadcasting about for 20 plus years.
Thank you for staying the course and being strong no matter what they've been trying to do to you.
Well, we'll be back at you.
And that's the thing about I'm not that old.
I'm getting older.
My memory remembers something and sometimes it's somebody else.
I know you've put on clinics, you've trained doctors, you've trained clinics.
I thought you had, you didn't have a clinic in Mexico?
I worked at a hospital in Mexico.
I was the director of a medical hospital there for about a year and a half.
So that's probably what you're remembering.
So my memory hasn't totally failed, exactly.
Because where I like to make sure, I'm not trying to get it wrong, but I don't use a teleprompter, so I get it quite a bit wrong.
So thanks for correcting me.
So we've got about five minutes to break.
There's so many areas, the cult of the mass, the medical takeover.
But let's talk about front and center.
Your predictions about it causing deaths, when they take it and later.
It's now coming true.
How did you know that?
Lay it out for us.
Well, I've spent hundreds of hours plowing through the medical literature looking at all of these things associated with this new type of shot.
We can't even call it a vaccine, Alex, because it doesn't meet any of the criteria, the legal criteria, of what a vaccine is supposed to do.
A vaccine is supposed to keep you from getting sick, This doesn't, and in their stated literature they say it probably won't keep you from getting sick or prevent anything.
It may decrease your risk of serious infections and it may cut down the duration of your symptoms, but in no way says anything about keeping you from getting sick, which is what a vaccine is supposed to do.
The second thing is supposed to stop the spread of infection.
Well, they've already said it doesn't do that.
It's not intended to decrease hospitalizations and it's not going to lower the death rate because the death rate is already extraordinarily low because as you know, and I'm sure you've reported on it many times, the COVID numbers about death are absolutely fabricated and we will never be able to sort that out and know the truth.
So it's not a vaccine, and I'm encouraging everyone to understand the only reason they call it a vaccine is number one, to get billions of dollars of funding.
Number two, to get the protection of the 2005 PrEP Act as a covered countermeasure as a vaccine.
And number three, we have a multi-generational indoctrination.
That still, beyond all the work you've done, I've done, and others have done over the last 20 years, people still believe that vaccines are safe, thoroughly tested, which they're not.
They think they're going to keep you from getting sick, which they don't.
They think they're absolutely necessary, which they're not.
And they don't cause any harm, which is a flat-out lie.
And so the vast majority of people have been multi-generationally indoctrinated to the concept of vaccine.
So when they hear about the COVID vaccine, they think, oh, it's just like another flu shot.
Oh, doesn't coronavirus cause the flu?
So this is just like getting another flu shot.
And if I can get this shot, please stop calling it a vaccine.
If I can get this shot or this injection, then I can just go back to normally living life, which you won't.
They told you, you still have to wear a mask.
You still have to social distance.
You still have to contact trace.
It's not going to keep you from getting sick.
As a matter of fact, and I know that we'll talk about this throughout the rest of the show, I have mapped out 10 10 mechanisms of injury of how when you get this injection, when you get this messenger RNA, or you get the spike protein that's already been genetically modified and made and inserted into an adenovirus for the J&J shot, when you get this spike protein antibody in your system, it will permanently and irreversibly change your immune system.
And so I've mapped out 10 mechanisms of how that happens.
And if I've come up with 10, there's probably more that I just haven't come across yet.
Because when I first started talking about it, Alex, I said there were four, which then went to seven, and now I've got it up to 10.
And as I continue to investigate and research on the problems with this anti-spike antibody, which is the whole purpose of getting this injection, they're injecting something in you, in messenger RNA, The whole purpose of having the spike protein in your circulation is to develop an antibody against that spike protein.
In theory, that means the next time that you come in contact with a coronavirus, or specifically the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that antibody should block you from getting sick.
Not only does it not block you from getting sick, the antibody itself Is going to turn on your body and create havoc and massive autoimmune disease.
Not a cytokine storm?
No, no, not cytokine storm.
It's autoimmune disease.
When the antibody itself attacks your organs by molecular mimicry, which we can talk about more as the subject of the podcast.
I will stay there because I'm not a doctor like you.
I just read all these reports and that's what Wolfgang Werdag said.
He said it'll cause the autoimmune disorder.
It'll also cause a big allergic reaction.
He just said it's a nightmare and it doesn't even work against what they're saying.
So why are they doing it?
That's the big question.
We'll get into the 10 ways it hurts you, but why would they try something this bold, this crazy, and then now it's killing people and maiming them, and everybody knows people dying and getting sick?
What's the master plan?
And we are back!
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
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Remember, we are the most banned, we are the most attacked.
This is as outlaw as it gets.
And what's incredible is there's, again, Wolfgang Woodard heads up an EU advisory commission.
The former chief scientist of Pfizer joined him on December 1st last year and tried to file a lawsuit to block Authorization of the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and others and now major governments from Switzerland to South Africa to India are saying no to mRNA vaccines.
Australia had to stop their vaccine because it had HIV positives, false positives happening.
And so I'm no medical doctor.
I'm just reading this and then India says we're not going to approve it.
And then Bill Gates' news guard says it's not true, even though it's on Indian TV and it happened.
So there's incredible disinformation.
Dr. Sherry Tinbenning has been a leading doctor, and she's not in competition.
She loves the cavalry with people like Robert Kennedy Jr.
But she's been there really for 20 years, because she saw this in her own clinics, saw other patients, saying, hey, we got a problem here.
Well, this isn't traditional vaccine with all of its contaminants and problems.
We know that's a real science, though.
This is mRNA reprogramming people's bodies and a protein that's in the placenta, that's in the cells, teaching the body that's bad.
What could go wrong?
And then here's the question I was asking, and then get back into the 10 points, Dr. Tim Penny.
Why would they try something this reckless and crazy knowing it's going to cause these problems?
They're not stupid.
Please take over.
Well, you're right about that, Alex.
These people are not stupid.
And they can read the medical literature as well as I can.
And as well as any other physician that has.
And there's a lot of us that are now starting to speak out.
A lot of us relative to the total number of physicians.
We're still tiny.
But there are more and more physicians who are actually reading the medical literature.
Imagine that.
And they're understanding the problems with this.
I mean, this is a well-designed, well-designed killing tool.
I mean, it's not a vaccine.
It's an injection or a shot.
We call it a genetic modification technology.
And I think it's really important for your viewers to get it straight and to get it right about how this messenger RNA works, because a lot of the mainstream press is saying, oh, you conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccine people are all saying that messenger RNA changes your DNA.
And it does not.
And guess what?
They're right.
It doesn't.
Because how the process works, if you have DNA through an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, it makes a mirror copy of it called messenger RNA, which is what gets injected into your body.
That messenger RNA, it goes through a system called the ribosomes and creates a protein.
That protein can get reincorporated into your DNA.
By a process called transfection.
So a messenger RNA can indirectly change your DNA, your genetics, but not directly.
And I think language is important.
And everything that we say gets totally scrubbed and scrutinized these days.
So I think to say it accurately is important.
The messenger RNA that gets injected in with this shot Co-ops a little piece of machinery in your body called the ribosomes.
The ribosomes, think about the messenger RNA as having a recipe in it.
That's what they, when they say it's been encoded, think about it as having a recipe.
The ribosomes read the recipe, and as it reads the recipe, it makes this protein called the spike protein.
That spike protein is supposed to be the same protein that's on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and it's supposed to be at least similar to the spike proteins on the circulating coronaviruses that have been out there for more than 60 years.
We know that there is somewhere between 35 and 45 coronaviruses out there, individual ones.
We know that seven of them can infect humans.
And so this spike protein, what it does on the surface of the virus is it acts like a key and binds to something called an ACE receptor on the surface of your cells.
When that virus takes its key and binds to the ACE receptor, it opens the door and allows the virus to go in and start to replicate.
So what they're trying to do is to develop an antibody to that spike protein to block the key from getting into the lock so it can't get inside the cell and start to replicate.
All that sounds great.
It all sounds good in theory.
The problem is is that when that antibody to that spike protein is made, it's an abnormal antibody.
It's called a non-neutralizing antibody because the antibody is not made to the entire virus.
It's made to a small little piece called a spike protein.
So it doesn't behave as the same way an antibody does that is to maybe measles or chicken pox or shingles or mumps or something like that.
So that antibody has a lot of characteristics with it that causes a lot of problems.
The other thing about an antibody, if people listen to this, if you're just listening, you're not watching.
If you're just listening, visualize in your mind that what an antibody actually looks like is the capital letter Y. The capital letter Y. The two upper arms of the Y are called the FAB segments.
Frank Appleberry.
The FAB segments.
And the stem of the letter Y It's called the FAC fragment.
The FAB fragment at the top is what grabs hold of viruses or particles of bacteria or things and neutralizes it and makes it go away.
But in this case, it's the FAC fragment, the stem of that antibody that causes a lot of problems.
For one thing, that stem of that antibody can bind to tissue in your lungs.
It can bind to eosinophils, basophils, and other types of receptors that can cause anaphylactic shock.
It can cause all kinds of problems with direct modification of your macrophages.
It can cross-react with human tissue and create autoimmune disorders.
So this antibody is the problem.
Both the FAB portion and the FAC portion, both of those individually cause a bunch of different havoc.
So the problem is, Alex, is that we are injecting mRNA that has a recipe in it to build a protein
to make an antibody against the procretein that is supposed to keep us healthy
and keep us from getting sick.
But instead what we're doing is we're creating a process that that antibody replication will be there forever
because of B cell sensitization.
And we have no idea how long the messenger RNA continues to be translated and create the proteins.
We have no idea how long that protein lasts in your system.
So this is mass?
This is mass?
Wait, wait, wait.
Go ahead, go ahead.
We have no idea how long the protein is going to last.
We have no idea how long the antibody is going to be around.
We have no idea how long the antibody is going to last.
We don't know how long they're going to continue to, the B cells are going to be active.
We have no idea because we have no long-term studies and every single one of those steps makes you susceptible to illness for the entire population for an unknown period, maybe the rest of your life.
That you may be susceptible to autoimmune disease, shock, allergies and death from something that is supposed to keep you from getting sick.
We got a long segment coming up.
I want you to get into this more when we come back.
But all I was going to say is, this is illegal mass experimentation.
They skipped the animal trials.
I want to ask you when we come back why they did that.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, medical doctor, great lady.
You've got quite a few sites, quite a few things I've seen.
Where's the best place for people to find your suppressed information that's all right on the medical literature?
It's D-R, no period, TenPenny.com.
D-R TenPenny.com.
All of our many different educational opportunities, our social media links, my podcasts, all of that stuff can all be found off of the navigation bar.
Everything's now collated in one place at D-R TenPenny.com.
D-R TenPenny.com.
You can find it all.
It's the Alex Jones Show, and we have a medical doctor on, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, who has done more tireless work than probably anybody exposing the dangers of conventional vaccines, trying to get them to clean them up and fix them, and came to the realization you can't trust Big Pharma.
It's like, nuclear power sounds great until they keep letting them all melt down.
But this isn't vaccines.
This is something entirely different, reprogramming your body, mad scientist behavior.
But I look back on this, you know, they say they didn't do animal testing, but they've done a bunch of mRNA testing, Gates and others have, with coronaviruses on pigs, on geese, on other animals.
Why did they want to skip the animal testing?
Because I looked at the old animal testing.
I'm not a medical doctor.
I just looked at it and it showed massive problems and a lot of long-term problems as well in lab rats and things that were tested on.
So, Dr. Tim Penney, two segments left.
You're gracious to be here with us.
You started getting into it before the break, the 10 ways you've identified this foreign, bizarre, reprogramming witch's brew.
And like you said, If I'm in a restaurant and I order a steak, they go back into the kitchen, they cook the steak and bring it to me.
So technically, I'm not cooking the steak, but it gives the order to the ribosomes, or as you were saying, to then go make the steak.
So technically, the DNA can change.
But if we just say, oh, this is changing DNA, they can then technically say, oh, there's also this thing as chemtrails.
Yeah, we're doing geoengineering.
We don't call it chemtrails.
So we call it chemtrails.
They then discredit it.
Same thing here.
We say, oh, it's changing the DNA.
No, it's telling the body to do that.
So please continue, Dr. Tenpenny.
Well, I don't have time to get into all 10 of these, but there is information on some of our websites and there's a whole bunch of material that will be coming out within the next week.
Our boot camp just launched last week and we've got over 500 people in our boot camp and they're going through all of this individually with us, but I want to drill down on just a couple that I think I can explain pretty quickly so people listening can get their head wrapped around it.
The first one is that the coating around the mRNA.
So the mRNA, actually that little strip of genetic material is pretty unstable.
So in order to get it injected into your body, they had to put a wrapping, a lipid coating around the outside of it.
So think of it like they put it in a bubble.
And in that coating of that bubble is something called polyethylene glycol.
Polyethylene glycol, we've been sensitized to that through many, many different products that have been used since the...
Well, that's one of the ingredients, but we don't generally drink antifreeze.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other products that contain polyethylene glycol.
I'm not usually a big fan of Wikipedia, but if you want to see a really down-and-dirty quick list of all the things that have polyethylene glycol in it, go to Wikipedia and put in polyethylene glycol.
You'll be shocked.
Because the medical literature says that people now have allergies or sensitizations to polyethylene glycol.
But since the 1960s, it was about 2% of the population.
Now it's somewhere between 70 and 72% of the population.
And so when you get polyethylene glycol, when you're sensitive to that, that means you're allergic to it.
When you inject this shot that has this polyethylene glycol on the coating on the outside of it, that is what is leading to anaphylactic reactions, shock, and death.
That is the one and the primary of the ten reasons of how this... Alright, I said I wouldn't interrupt!
Yep, doctor, but I have to.
I was told by high-level medical sources that this is a binary weapon to look into it, that it causes autoimmune problems.
And you just said binary weapon.
We already have this propylene glycol in us.
It's in most of us.
We're already allergic to us.
They then inject it.
That's a binary weapon, is it not?
Yeah, it's kind of like a good analogy for people to understand.
It's sort of like if you've had, if you were bitten by bee stings, by several bees, maybe 10 years ago, and now you've been sensitized, your immune system's been primed, and then you can get another bee sting and you go into anaphylactic shock.
So it's the same thing with the polyethylene glycol, which is a chemical that is in your body.
It binds to albumin or other proteins and then you make an antibody against that.
So now you're primed.
And as soon as the polyethylene glycol comes in through this shot, which is in both the Mondera and the Pfizer shot, It's one of the things that can cause anaphylactic shock and all of these things that we pictures we've seen on the internet of people with these rashes, these vesicles, these weepy rashes, these big reactions on their arms and things like that.
It's an acute allergic reaction most likely to the polyethylene glycol that you've been previously primed and sensitized to.
The second type, the second reaction that I think is really, really important for people to understand is this whole concept of re-exposure.
So when you get this, like I've already explained, you get the spike protein, you develop an antibody, it looks like the letter Y, you develop an antibody, the anti-spike antibody, when you get your shot.
These are all the people that fall into the category of, I got the shot and I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me, I didn't have a reaction to anything.
Until they get re-exposed to a coronavirus.
And it doesn't have to be the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
It can be any of 37 different coronaviruses that are floating around out there in the universe.
And is that when you have the Econ- Storm then?
That's only the third one.
I promise Alex I'll get to that one.
So what happens then is when you get exposed to that, when you get re-exposed, that's when you set up the autoimmune disease.
That antibody can do one of two things.
It can attach to the virus Bring it inside of the neutrophils, release the virus, the virus starts to replicate and goes into massive infection and a worse infection than you could have ever had without having the shot.
That's been documented.
The second, that's called antibody-dependent enhancement.
And that's what happened in all of the studies that have been going on since 2005 because they've been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine since 2005 because coronavirus flu has a big burden of illness worldwide.
About 20% of influenza-like illness that happens every year is caused by coronaviruses, not influenza viruses.
So as a vaccine manufacturer, there's a real need to get a coronavirus vaccine.
They could never get it passed out of safety studies because all the animals that they tested this on, they tested a coronavirus vaccine on.
With the full virus, what ended up happening is that the animals, they tested on rats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, and monkeys.
They all got extremely sick or they died.
So the FDA would never allow them to move forward out of animal trials because they couldn't prove safety because as soon as they got the shot, they were personally okay.
Then they got re-exposed to the virus and they all got sick and died.
So they failed on both safety and efficacy because the whole purpose to get a vaccine from a pro-vaccine perspective is that when you get re-exposed, you don't get sick.
They could never prove it.
So they didn't have to redo the animal studies.
They knew what was going to happen.
And so they knew that this was the type of thing that was going to happen.
So they just went right directly to human trials.
So this is the key.
I want to get more into the science.
But why?
They're going to get caught.
This is like mass murder.
This is genocide out in the open.
Pretty much.
These people are really smart, Alex.
And I've said this on a lot of the interviews I've done.
They're really smart.
They have all the money in the world.
They have billions and trillions of dollars.
There, that's a really good picture.
I really like that graphic.
It's really good.
That's the spike protein that just got created.
That's very good.
And what actually happens is that they're really super smart.
They're very smart people.
And if they themselves aren't smart because they're businessmen, they can hire the best, the brightest anywhere in the world.
This is a very well-designed, genetic, We can't.
I don't like that some people have been calling it a therapy because calling it a therapy implies that it does something therapeutic, that it does something good for you.
It's a generic... They're introducing gene rewriting.
They're just introducing a genetic takeover to us like it's no big deal.
This is a revolution.
One of the other things that that spike protein does is that and the antibody can cross the blood-brain barrier and it can convert two proteins in the brain and make those two proteins in the brain malfunction.
When those proteins in the brain, and they have really long names, I'm not going to repeat them, just say the two proteins in your brain get corrupted.
One can lead to ALS and the corruption of the other one is frontal temporal lobe degeneration.
And dementia.
Stay there.
Final segment of you know.
We gotta go to breakdown Sherry Tinpenny.
She could talk 10 hours, folks.
That's why I've been begging her to come on.
We'll be right back.
Alright, final segment with Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, but she says she'll come back soon, or she'll host an hour, so we're gonna get that set up right now.
She's laying out the science.
She's laying out the facts.
So in the 10 and a half minutes we have left, other areas this is dangerous, other warnings to people, big picture, why you think they're trying this, it's so arrogant, it's so reckless.
I guess to get everybody on board though, mothers, fathers, businesses, companies, when there is death and disease from it, everybody just kind of goes, well, we're part of it, so it seems like they're corrupting us, they're creating something too evil to fail.
Spend a few minutes on big picture, doctor, and then get back into the science for us.
Well, I'll finish up on the science of what I want to say about it today for the sake of time because I want to address your issue that you've mentioned several times about cytokine storm, because that does happen, but not because of the antibody enhancement that we've been talking about for the first part of the show.
One of the things that this antibody does, well let me back up one step.
The type of white blood cells that fight infection in your body, actually in your tissues, are called macrophages.
Macrophages are kind of like little Pac-Men, they're little garbage eaters.
So after you've, when you've had like say pneumonia, or you have an infection say in your hand, you have a deep cut and it's getting all pussy, it's the macrophages that are doing that work.
There's two type of macrophages, and interestingly enough they're called macrophage type 1 and type 2.
Macrophage type 1 is when you initially get an infection.
When you start to get sick, your body calls a bunch of macrophage type 1s to that infection, to that pathogen, and the macrophage type 1 starts to release cytokines.
Because that's what they're supposed to do.
The cytokines are pro-inflammatory.
They cause a fever.
They call in a bunch of natural killer cells.
So the macrophage type 1's, that's what you want them to do.
They're there to fight off the infection.
But as the infection starts to resolve and starts to go away, the macrophage type 2's come in and they're like the firemen.
They come into the fire hydrant and they put water on all of those hot cytokines.
It's calmed down that whole inflammatory process, and then they start to clean up the cellular debris and the mess.
So the type 1 macrophages increase cytokines, which is what you want early in an infection, and type 2 macrophages come in kind of after the fact and kind of calm things down.
But what this antibody does to the type 2 macrophages is it kills them.
The FAC fragment of that antibody attaches specifically to receptors on type 2 macrophages so the firemen never show up.
And the cytokine storm goes on and on and on.
So there's no on switch?
There's no off switch?
There's no off switch.
So that's where I've come up with this expression saying that there's an on switch but no off switch.
And that's how the cytokine storm happens because we kill off that antibody that's supposed
to protect you, attaches to the M2 macrophages and makes them and inactivates them.
They can't migrate into the area where they need to be.
And so the M1 macrophages continue to create cytokines, cytokines, cytokines, storm, storm,
storm, fever, fever.
And they all know this.
It's in the literature.
It's not just you saying it's top scientists.
I met, because I ran into him in a law office months ago and then saw him again, a top biotech
company owner that makes antibodies for cancer.
They've proven they can cure a bunch of these cancers, but they won't let them use it.
It's not approved.
The guy's well known.
I'm not going to say the name because I'm not supposed to, but I'm just going to leave it at that.
He said, it's a total fraud.
It'll kill you.
He goes, don't take it.
He told the lawyers I know that he was meeting with, you don't take it either.
The lawyers finally listened to me.
Once he told him this, this is a top genetic engineer saying Fauci's nuts, Gates's nuts.
And he goes, they're destroying themselves.
He goes, I don't know what they're doing.
This isn't going to do what they say it's going to do.
And it's going to cause autoimmune diseases, everything else.
Yeah, and the third thing is the new J&J shot, which we have very little information on, is what it does is it bypasses that manufacturing process of the messenger RNA, creates a spike protein.
It takes the spike protein and puts it inside of an adenovirus, which is a common cold virus, which then can bind to your cell and open up and deposit the spike protein antibody inside of your cell.
So does that get into your DNA?
Yes, because it's the protein that's injected directly into your system.
The delivery mechanism is different.
On the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine shots, the Pfizer and the Moderna shots, they inject the messenger RNA that makes the protein.
The J&J shot has the protein already embedded inside of an adenovirus which binds to your cells and deposits the protein into your body where you start to make the antibody.
Take your time and talk about that.
Explain that.
That's a big deal.
Well, the end result is that all three of these shots end up putting spike protein antigens into your system that you make these antibodies for that we've been talking about that are going to be so destructive.
In fact, Alex, there was a study that came out from a very well-known immunologist.
I've known the lead researcher on that for more than 20 years.
And what they did was they say, well, once we've got this antibody to the spike protein, does that antibody cross-react with other tissues?
They tested 55 different tissue types and what they found was that antibody cross-reacts with, I believe, 28 of them.
And so that means that there's 28 different organs in your body that can be attacked, attacked by that antibody.
That's why if you have a hundred people standing in front of you that all got the shot, you could have a hundred different sets of symptoms.
It all depends on where that antibody attaches you.
This is a very well designed killing tool.
And then it's perfect to cover up, it's perfect to cover up because there's a bunch of different ways people are dying.
Exactly, exactly.
And the adenoviruses have, in some papers, have shown that adenoviruses themselves, there's more than a hundred different strains, but that some of the adenoviruses, that when they get into your system, they can turn on oncogenes.
They can turn on genes that can cause cancer.
In fact, I was reading a paper yesterday that said, in the body of the paper, it said, we do not understand why more people haven't paid attention to the fact that adenoviruses can be oncogenic, meaning cancer-causing.
And so they've known this.
And so, I mean, Alex, think about this.
I mean, I'm an integrative medicine physician in Cleveland, Ohio.
I've been studying problems with vaccines for a little over 20 years.
I've read thousands of papers, literally.
And I've dug all this stuff out of peer-reviewed, mainstream medical literatures.
It did not come from conspiratology.com.
If I can read it, they can read it.
They've got access.
They've got teams of people that could be reading 10 times more articles than I can.
And so if I can come up with 10 mechanisms of injury for this shot and this spike protein, there's probably more.
That's just as many as I've been able to find so far.
And they know all of this.
They know this.
They're smart people.
And that's my final question.
Probably the bigger picture is, Bill Gates says, I want to depopulate you, and then he's behind this and it kills people.
My God, this is just open mass murder happening.
It pretty much is.
I mean, we've seen so many reports now of thousands of people, you know, VAERS as of October, as of, I'm sorry, as of February the 18th.
The VAERS report has over a thousand reported deaths.
We know that that's about 10% of reports, so add two zeros to that.
It could be anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 deaths.
We've had over 19,000 reported adverse events.
Add a zero or two behind that.
It could be anywhere from 190,000 to 1.9 million adverse events.
And that's as of February the 18th.
We started this on December the 10th.
So in a little over two months, we've killed, we have documented evidence of reports.
Of people that have died.
That may be tens of thousands of more people.
We know what's happening all over Europe.
We know the lawsuits that are being filed to try to stop this.
And quite frankly, Alex, the FDA and the CDC have violated three areas of federal law to be able to authorize this emergency use of this shot at all.
First of all, there are other therapies that can be used to treat this infection.
Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, high-dose vitamin C, zinc, D, all of those things can treat it and prevent it.
The second thing is, in order to get an emergency use authorization, the product that you're giving emergency use to, without any studies or long-term studies at all, has to be safer and less deadly than the infection itself.
And this isn't even tested?
And the survival rate on this virus is 99.91%.
You've got a survival rate of 99,000.
We only have one minute left.
Only one minute left.
Let me just ask this really quickly.
You said on other shows you did that the deaths early on are one thing.
You expect a lot of massive deaths later.
What's the time frame on that from your study, just in 30 seconds?
It takes at least six weeks from the time you get your injection for the spike antibody to start to develop.
So somewhere between three months and quite frankly 19-20 years.
The immunologist that I've spoken to said over the next 10 years we're going to see this go on in perpetuity because it can take anywhere from two years to 19 years to get full-blown autoimmune disease.
I think we're going to see massive injuries And a lot more deaths start somewhere between four and 18 months from now.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, DrTenpenny.com.
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you for the truth.
And God bless you.
Look forward to speaking to you more in the future.
I hope folks will take this interview.
We'll just archive it and share it.
Thank you so much, doctor.
Thank you so much, Alex.
What an amazing lady.
That's the truth, folks.
You just heard it.
We'll be right back.
You know, I was really mean to my dad's mom.
And I was, she tried to take care of me for a couple years, and I was in trouble down at the ranch.
And I was really mean to some other people in my family, and I want to say that same thing.
You were always on my mind.
I love you.
And I appreciate humanity as well.
It's all we got, folks.
We got to come together.
And, you know, we just laid out some incredible, that's a medical doctor, that's all literature.
They are putting out deadly poison on purpose to see how we react, and to see how much media control they've got.
Because just like that globalist I happened to be on a flight with many years ago, one of the head of the big three banks, he said, Jones, you don't get it.
You're going to adapt to being a slave.
You're not going to adapt to beat us.
People are going to adapt to go along with this.
That's true.
We're just going to adapt to our kids dying, our parents dying, our neighbors dying.
Oh, we don't know.
It's a new virus.
You know, this new virus came out.
That's the reason everybody's dying.
And it's not going to be the new virus that hits in a year or two.
And we'll all be locked down when it was the first shot killed you.
And show that footage of Bill Gates recently.
I mean, look at that.
I mean, folks, that, just, would you buy a car from him?
Would you let him babysit your children?
That's a murderer right there.
That's a devil.
And I can snap my fingers right now, and those guys will give me $500 million to leave them alone.
I'm not going to do it.
Because my soul ain't for sale.
And I expect they'll have me in some dungeon strung up.
Hey, that's good, because that's only for a few months or a few years.
I will not be in God's gun sights forever.
Because I fear God.
Because I know how powerful God is.
I am not in God's gun sights.
You are Satanist.
You are in God's gun sights, and you're going to burn in hell.
You understand that?
You're going to pay, you sneaky murderers.
People go, well, God, why are they doing it?
They're going to get caught.
They can't help it!
You listen to these murderers and child molesters, they go, I just couldn't help it, I had to grab that woman and strangle her!
I had to torture her!
These demons run me and I wanted to rape a little kid for six months!
It's a trip for them.
It's a power trip.
Bill Gates, you saw him five years ago.
You've seen him in an interview.
He looked like he was tortured.
Like, hi, I'm Bill Gates.
Because he's a demon possessed, folks.
But once he starts killing, he, like you see him on TV, he just looks like he's having an orgasm every 15 seconds.
He's a demon!
He's the opposite of grandma bringing you a chicken fried steak and potatoes and green beans.
She loves you.
She loves seeing you have a good time.
Eat that big ol' steak.
He wants to kill your ass.
He wants you to die of cancer.
All hospitals he owns sucks every damn dime out of you, big guy.
But God's not going to deliver us if we don't have courage.
We've got to have the courage and step out in faith and God will deliver us.
But it's not like some Joel Osteen thing where you just walk around all candy-ass like Joel Osteen.
The world's all fine!
Never challenge abortion, never challenge Satanism, never challenge sexualization of children.
Just tell us all day about how Jesus loves us!
You think Jesus is going to hear the call of cowards?
But here's how it works at the end.
All of you that have been on the fence, because I love our regular listeners.
They're great and awake and I love you.
But I'm talking to the new listeners.
You think you're going to go along in a system like that and you're not going to get hurt?
You're a liar.
You're lying to yourself.
All right, Owen Schroeder is going to host the fourth hour as well as he's going to host for two hours.
Then I'm told he's going to host part of the War Room.
And I appreciate him sitting in while I'm on the road because of any technical difficulties.
He's got a lot to say, but that Sherry Timpenny interview needs 10 million views.
He's 100 million views.
It's life and death, folks.
Because let me tell you, God's looking at you, not me.
God's looking at you and deciding how serious, really, are you about this?
Because the universe is a long time, folks.
Infinity is a long time, then a long time again, then a long time forever.
So you better decide which side you're on.
The devil's real.
God's a lot more real.
We'll be right back on the other side with Owen Schroer.
Tomorrow's news today.
Alright, we're now into our number three.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very honored to be here and I hand the baton right now to Owen Schroer.
And there's a sea of disinformation.
There's all these thousands of voices, and the enemy wants to keep us silent because we got the enemy's number.
And what you heard with Dr. Sherry Tinpenny was an hour of powerful truth that we have a responsibility to get out to other people.
I don't know how you're going to do it, but you're smart, you're inventive.
Do it, ladies and gentlemen.
Owen Schroer, host of The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
weekdays, takes over the next two hours.
Owen Schroer.
Alex, hold it right there though, because I want to talk to you about something that you brought up with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny that I think is a very important...
Subject for us to discuss and why InfoWars is so important.
You talk about how they're basically about to get away with essentially mass genocide.
I mean, people watch the videos of the Alex Jones Show from 10 years ago and all this other stuff.
They're like, wow, how did all this come true?
Well, this is that next video.
That interview is the next 10 years down the road of that video that's going to open people's eyes.
Wow, InfoWars next decade's news today.
But it's the old cliche, Alex.
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
They're going to get away with this.
Absolutely 110% they're going to get away with this mass murder because they own the media, Alex.
The media will never report it.
They'll report all day long on any COVID case.
They will never report.
Ever, ever, ever report on the vaccine side effects or the death from vaccines.
So they are going to get away with this, Alex.
They're going to get away with it whole cloth.
And the only hope we have is that InfoWars is still on air because no one else will have the courage to call it out.
I totally, well I was just telling Rob Duda during the break, I'm not a violent guy, I'm not the guy that leads military operations.
You know, we got set up at the Capitol, that's like as smart as I am politically.
I know when you actually try to lead actual things in the field, it's ten times more difficult.
I as a man though feel bad that I'm not in my mind, like they're assaulting us through a legal medical template of death.
And so does everybody need to know, they're coming, they're killing people right now.
And there's this deep down thing like, well, there are too many people.
Well, Grimo had a nice life.
Folks, if they get you on board killing black people and old people, and they're going to get you, they want you.
They want, they want everybody.
It's just like they can convince Black Lives Matter to attack white people.
Or they can convince the KKK to attack black people.
It's all getting us to attack each other because it's a satanic alien attack, the Bible tells us.
It's a fallen frickin' angel, call it whatever you want.
It's here, it wants to kill us.
So we need to fight black racism, white racism.
Remember, the left controls all that, so it's all crap anyways.
Dr. Seuss is evil, all the rest of it.
Pure bull.
Dr. Seuss ain't putting stuff in you that'll give you cancer in six months.
Or a year.
And so they are implanting soft-kill bombs, weapons, in everybody.
And listen, I already had my grandmother.
Incredible lady.
Not the one I was mean to, not my dad's grandmother.
She was amazing too.
But you can go stick me with my mom's parents when I was bad when I was 16.
That would have been even worse.
My God, they wouldn't have put up with me.
Her doctor told her she got the second polio shot.
Oh, there's a new strain, get it?
She got paralyzed a week later.
They told her, sorry, Benny Grace Hammond.
My mother was four years old.
She said, you got paralyzed from that.
And before she died, she said, it doesn't matter.
I forgive those doctors.
They didn't know, Alex.
And I said, Meemaw, it was the people above them that did it.
I've talked to some of the doctors that were given, you know, people, stuff with the cancer viruses and the polio viruses.
She says, it doesn't matter.
You know, Jesus is going to fix it all.
So she was a beautiful woman, smart, everything, four-year-old daughter, ten-year-old son, ravaged in a wheelchair the rest of her life, in incredible pain, and she forgave them.
Well, here's the deal.
I don't forgive them.
I'm not Jesus, okay?
Man, I don't think it's funny, and I'm not going to take being assaulted anymore, Bill Gates, you little son of a goddamn demon!
And the delay of that, people get mad when I say it, but I'm not saying the Lord's name in vain.
I want God to damn him to hell.
I'm asking God to bring vengeance down.
But I'll tell you this.
God says, did you fight against the abortion?
Did you fight against the satanism?
Did you stand up?
Because God doesn't do anything until we take action.
So yeah, I mean, I am tired of it.
I'll tell you, I'll take great satisfaction in knowing Bill Gates is the most hated person I know.
And I talk to random people who don't even know who I am.
What do you think of Bill Gates?
I hate him.
He's the guy who wants to kill us.
I mean, I literally talk to people at the grocery store.
People at the tanning salon!
People on the street!
They don't know who I am!
They hate Bill Gates!
So we got that spirit, Owen.
We know who the enemy is, Bill Gates.
Oh, Bill Gates!
Oh, gosh!
I don't even hate Bill Gates.
I want to live.
And so my force of wanting to live just says, oh, Bill Gates!
Oh, Bill Gates!
I'm just, oh, Bill Gates!
You monster!
You piece of filth!
You want to play God.
You are going to be damned in the ninth circle of hell forever.
And you already know it.
You want to take us with you.
And Stephen Colbert is going to go with you.
And so just burn in hell.
Burn in hell.
Burn in hell.
Burn in hell, Bill Gates.
You will burn in hell!
I know they hate it when I say it.
You will burn, you monster!
You will pay!
God's real!
You're not God, you monster!
You will be in prison for eternity for your crimes!
Alright, I would take over.
It's funny too, Bill Gates is like the clone twin of Michael Moore.
They look like they're both probably bred in the same clone broth from the Nazis or something, now here to take our freedoms.
Yeah, he's the big, fat, obese, pedo version.
You're right, if you look at his face, it looks like Michael Moore.
I'm telling you, Alex, I'm like Jumping Shark.
I think aliens did this.
I think they did kidnap people and create hybrids.
I think he's a freaking hybrid.
Alex, I'm serious.
Things are so out of control now, it's like we have to even take our own approach to the next level to even deal with it and start looking outside the box.
But you know, here's what people need to understand, and again, this is why it's so key for InfoWars to be on air.
All these people are looking at Dr. Seuss getting banned and...
You can't buy the book on Amazon or eBay and they're pointing out, they're like, oh look, I can buy this, I can buy a dozen books on how to make bombs, I can buy books on how to be a domestic terrorist, I can buy books like, with the weather undergrounders reading, oh I can buy Hitler's books, why can't I buy Dr. Seuss's books?
Because there's an international cabal that is in control of everything!
They decide what you can buy, they decide what you can't buy, and there's an agenda behind all of it.
And so that's what brings me to the point that I brought up earlier, Alex.
They will never report on the vaccine side effects.
Millions of people will die from the vaccine side effects, and they'll never report on it, and they'll keep telling you that COVID is gonna kill you.
They'll keep telling you that COVID is gonna kill you.
And that's the thing about Dr. Seuss is, It's got weird rhymes and weird things and there's always a funny joke in it.
So it teaches kids there's something hidden.
And it gets you to think third-dimensional.
They don't even want third-dimensional thought.
It's not even that, exactly.
And if they can ban that, they can ban anything.
So I just hope people understand that they're just now realizing how crazy this world is.
It's not about Dr. Seuss.
I mean, it is about Dr. Seuss in one lane, but it's about understanding that they just decide, like, overnight, oh, Dr. Seuss is canceled.
Well, why?
It's about the power of an academic group of communists to say, we don't like Dr. Seuss, and a week later it's banned.
So they'll say, oh, you can talk about COVID being deadly for the next 10 years, but you'll never hear about the vaccine side effects.
You'll never hear about the messenger RNA.
You'll never hear about any of this.
You'll only hear about vaccines.
So, you know, your question is to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, how can they get away with this?
They're planning mass genocide, mass human kill off.
Look at that photo of Bill Gates.
I mean, look at him.
He's like out of his shell now, like from a caterpillar to the demon he is.
He's been upset, looking tortured the whole time I've seen him in my life.
Now he looks like he's like, I love it, I'm killing everyone!
I mean, he's literally dancing around on us, my God.
He was sent here to kill us, like a missile.
He has, for whatever reason, decided to become... Look, Fareed Zakaria's talking about total collapse, nothing ever coming back, and look how excited he gets when they say it.
For whatever reason, Bill Gates has decided to put himself up there as the face of the New World Order genocide of humanity.
I mean, he's made that decision.
But I'm serious, Alex.
I mean, look, we don't get too off the cuff of the esoteric stuff like we could, but I mean, I'm almost ready to get to that point because it's just so out of control.
I mean, is Bill Gates a Nazi clone?
Was Bill Gates and Michael Moore like Nazi Bill Gates got all the IBM money on record.
His mother ran IBM.
IBM created the Nazis.
So Hitler was just a test case they did on purpose.
British intelligence signed a deal with him.
He set up the EU.
Edward VIII was supposed to take over.
They set Hitler up.
Now that Hitler was good, they set Hitler up.
This has all been declassified.
And so, literally, he is the prodigy of the command group.
I mean, he is literally a 200-year project.
He is it.
People go, well, he's, you know, people go, oh, he's not really in charge.
He's the front guy of those people.
Like, you know, kind of like, it the clown is the demonic thing the spider puts out.
As it's figurehead.
So it, the clown, the big spider in the mineshaft, sends out Bill Gates.
So yes, Bill Gates is this little puppet that doesn't look human.
To you, you're like, it doesn't look human, it doesn't look friendly, I don't like it, because you're a human.
But it's the face of the thing telling you it's killing you.
He is the alien, he is Satan.
He's Satan's pinky finger reaching out to crush you down to the ground.
Owen Schroeder, Texas Obverse, stay with us.
Alright, I got a bunch of news that I'm going to be covering here for the remainder of the show, but what I'm actually going to do is cover some of this news.
So I've got all this news on the desk right here.
I'm going to cover all of this during the remainder of the Alex Jones Show.
And then, see this completely separate stack of news right here?
I'm going to cover this on The War Room for three hours.
So, I may set a record today.
For most news stories covered in one day of broadcasting, so that's all going to be coming up.
But I'm going to dedicate the entire fourth hour today, and maybe we can get into it before that, to your phone calls, your response to the Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interview, and then some of the other news that we've covered or that I'm about to cover here today.
In fact, Let me put out the phone number now so that we can get everybody on the line, and then I'll probably start taking calls either next segment or the segment after that, but definitely the entire fourth hour.
So the number to call in, 877-789-2539.
We'll get your calls aggregated on the board.
We'll start taking them, and then take them to the rest of the Alex Jones Show.
But I will cover some of this other news, but then total news focus on the war room this afternoon, with my normal news prep there.
We have not even plugged today.
Other than the fact of just saying, hey, InfoWars needs to be on air, this is why.
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So that would normally be floating around in the air, you're breathing it in, getting into your lungs, probably not the best thing.
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Let me finish up some of these COVID vaccine headlines, get some of the other stuff, and then I promise the rest of the broadcast, I'm gonna dedicate to your calls, and then really have my news-oriented coverage broadcast on the war room today.
American children 10 times more likely to die from suicide than COVID-19.
That story's at InfoWars.com from Kellan McBrain.
But see, it all comes back to media narrative, media control.
The international criminal cabal that runs the media decided you're only going to know about COVID.
Nothing else is happening.
There was no tuberculosis outbreak after Obama opened the borders, except there was millions of cases.
Um, there is no suicide happening right now.
Suicide isn't up because of the COVID fake pandemic.
No, it is up.
It's up very badly, in fact, especially with young kids who can't go back to school and are just having their whole way of the world turned upside down.
And in the future, See, now they've set it up where, oh, all these people die, and they can just say it's from COVID, because you get a COVID test, you may test positive for COVID, you may not, but it doesn't matter.
If you die from getting run over by a car, or from cancer, or from anything else, you died of COVID.
And so, in a year, if people are dropping over like flies from the side effects of the vaccine, they'll just say, oh, that's COVID.
But see, right now, in the interim, it's a little too soon, to be honest about that, with people like Hank Aaron and others dying immediately after getting the vaccine.
So they just kind of ignore it and don't report on it.
And yeah, most people in the military, most nurses, most doctors don't want to take the vaccine because they're smart.
And it's really beyond the political divide that's usually haunting us in every other walk of life right now.
No, no, no, no, no.
These are just doctors and nurses.
It's not even political, folks.
They see the side effects.
They know the side effects.
They've injected the vaccine and immediately seen people go into convulsions, seizures, paralyzed, and they've even had people die.
So yeah, they don't want that poisonous vaccine, and they know COVID for 99% of people isn't deadly.
They have access to the same CDC numbers I have access to.
And you know, I was explaining this to an individual who was curious about my work.
I said, well, you know, they'd call me a conspiracy theorist.
He's like, oh, you mean like, you know, 9-11 inside job stuff?
I was like, eh, that's not really my bag.
But, you know, I'd probably be called a conspiracy theorist if I told you this was a fake pandemic.
And it's kind of just like, oh, you know, you shrug the shoulders.
And I said, I can prove to you right now with numbers that there was no pandemic.
So my point was, oh, okay, conspiracy theory, you think about 9-11.
Well, I'm not gonna sit here and get into the ins and outs of what happened on September 11th or the lies we were told or the trillions on wars that never end or anything like that, but, hey, look.
Here's the numbers on COVID-19.
Here's the numbers on the flu and pneumonia.
What do you notice?
Huh, that's weird.
As soon as the numbers started going up for COVID-19, where they never existed before, so it went from nothing Oh, look at these graphs!
Look at the COVID-19 spike!
Well, you went from zero to whatever you say.
But what happened to the flu?
What happened to pneumonia?
Zero cases.
That opens people's eyes.
That gets people thinking.
I say, hey, let me show you the death rate.
Let me show you the death rate of the United States and the world.
Deadliest pandemic of your lifetime, right?
You'd expect the death rate way up.
You'd expect millions more dying than the normal year.
Yeah, I would.
Show them the numbers.
Death rate hasn't gone up.
It's remained the exact same worldwide.
That's eye-opening.
You see, they'll never show you any of that on the mainstream news.
They'll never show you any of that on cable news, and quite frankly, Even most alternative news people are too afraid to say anything about the COVID vaccine or anything about a stolen election because they're afraid they're going to get censored.
Well, what motivation would Democrats have to keep the schools closed?
Well, other than their laziness and pathetic ineptitude.
No, there's now financial reasons, ladies and gentlemen.
Democrat COVID bill gives $21,000 handout to federal employees if their kids' schools aren't open in person.
See how they just hand themselves cash payments under the table with your money?
Hey, why don't the Democrats want our schools open?
What is going on?
Well, it turns out they get $21,000 if their kids aren't in school.
dollars if their kids aren't in school. Wow!
Oh, now I know why they don't want the schools open.
It's always a lie with the Democrats.
It's always a lie with the liberal media.
Makes me sick.
Meanwhile, as the average human has less prosperity and less financial freedom, Every country on planet Earth increased its defense budgets during the pandemic.
In fact, the number highlighted in the InfoWars story, relinked from Pravda, the world spent $1.83 trillion on defense in the year 2020, an increase from the year before.
Kind of like how the Democrats don't want you to have a secured border, but they've secured D.C.
That's for damn sure.
By the way, the latest numbers from January are in double.
This is just what we have on record.
Not what, you know, when you talk about the southern border, not people get across southern border and then it's off record, nobody knows what happens.
On record, in January 2021, from January 2020, you had double the amount of illegal border crossings.
Now imagine if that keeps up.
By the way, usually April and May are the biggest for illegal border crossings.
So the border's wide open under Biden.
They don't even get COVID tests.
Now Greyhound Bus, once they figured out they're not getting COVID tests, And now the federal government is getting Greyhound Bus to come bus these people to all these different cities.
It's well known.
You cross the border illegally, and then you hop on a Greyhound bus, and they just take you wherever you end up.
Well, Greyhound found out that they weren't testing these people, so now Greyhound is having to implement their own testing.
So yes, Joe Biden has laid down and allowed this country to fall.
Joe Biden has opened the gates for all of America's enemies to come in.
A wide open southern border, putting us, capping our energy use, and letting China determine our foreign policy.
Pretty infuriating, isn't it?
And then you can't even deal with it on a real level, and we can't even come together as Americans because the average liberal Democrat is a two-faced, phony, lying scumbag.
And I'm sorry that that's the case, but it is.
So we can't even properly deal with the insurrection from the Joe Biden administration.
We can't even properly deal with the treason from our politicians in Congress because we have a population that is so brainwashed and in such a state of... I've had to brainwash.
What is it when you believe you're pathological liars?
These are pathological liars.
And they won't even be honest about their own approach to things.
Take a look at a mask mandate.
Boil it down to something simple.
Are you pro-freedom or pro-government?
Are you pro-freedom or pro-government?
Now, on its face, who would actually say they're pro-government?
If you just asked, are you pro-freedom or are you pro-government?
Who would actually say they're pro-government?
Well, a liberal would be lying to you if they said that.
A Democrat would be lying to you if they said that.
So they probably would, but they'd be lying just like they do about everything else in their lives.
So, that's the new debate here.
Somebody says, oh, we need masks.
You ask them, are you pro-freedom or pro-government?
So I'm pro-freedom.
Then I want the freedom to not wear a mask.
Oh, you can't have that.
Well, what about my body, my choice?
Well, you could kill someone with a virus.
I don't have a virus.
Doesn't matter.
So it's not your body.
It's all of our bodies.
Well, what about the 60-plus million aborted babies that had a heartbeat that you cheered for their deaths?
A liberal Democrat, progressive liberal Democrat, is just a bold-faced liar.
And it's sad.
They lie to themselves, they lie to you, and so now we're having to deal with this, and we can't even actually, we can't even actually have a sum-of-the-people response to this.
We can't even have a real intellectual debate to this, because most of the population is either completely brainwashed or just two-faced, lying, phony liberal Democrats.
So, you know, it's a famous thing Dan Bongino has been saying for a while.
Republicans may not be the answer to your problems, but Democrats and liberals are the problem.
They are the cause of all your problems.
All right, we've opened up the phone lines, and so we go to the phone lines now.
We start with... Let's start with Mark in Wisconsin.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Mark, go ahead.
Owen, thank you very much.
Can you hear me?
I just want to say that I agree with everything you just said.
I don't believe that they think freedoms come from the government and not from our Creator.
So I think they just start off wrong.
But I guess I called because I wanted to, I just listened to Dr. Tenpenny and that was like the most Uh, revealing, put in a way that it just totally made sense.
Um, and I think it's that video needs to be produced and sent out to everybody because it just, uh, it was truly, uh, eyeopening.
Um, but the main reason I called, um, I've been telling my family, friends, uh, not to take the vaccine, but ultimately they get to choose.
If they, you know, they're informed, they get to consent.
I just get to tell them about the dangers of it.
But I had my mother, who's 84, and kind of another lady who is kind of like my second mom.
They both got the vaccine the first round.
And I told both of them, I'm like, when you go in there, ask for the insert.
And they both asked what that was, and I explained to them what it was.
And they both went and got their vaccines.
No problems yet, but they're only on the first one.
But they both came back with the fact sheet, and there wasn't the insert.
Um, because I've seen the insert before and that's why I... So it wasn't the medical insert that's required, it was just like a little brochure, like a pamphlet, promoting it almost.
It just had all those frequently asked questions.
That's the information you get it.
Uh, nothing about what's in it, what kind of testing they've done on it, none of that.
And I guess I was calling to see if anybody else has noticed that.
Well, I obviously have not, uh...
Even had anybody try to give me the vaccine, so, I mean, I guess I could go to a local place here and ask for the insert and see what happens, and they'll probably just give me that fact sheet.
Who knows?
They might not even have the inserts at these places.
Just because the vaccine manufacturers don't even want you to get that.
So they may not even be sending out the actual inserts, even though legally they're supposed to, but this whole thing is unlawful anyway.
But you know, I'm serious.
I mean, I wonder what's going to happen God forbid Sherry Tenpenny, I mean believe me folks, she wants to be wrong.
God forbid though she's right and people start dropping dead from this vaccine in six months or whatever and the media will cover it up and they'll say it's all COVID because Big Pharmaceutical owns the media.
That's why every commercial break, what do you see?
An ad for a Big Pharmaceutical pill.
Pretty crazy, but this is the reality we live in.
So we have a crew here that is hungry for truth, just like I am, behind the scenes working, and they were saying how when I was talking about the insert and the fact sheet, they were trying to find the insert online on all the different vaccine manufacturers' websites with all their COVID information, and it is not publicly available.
You can find the convenient fact sheet, though.
It's just basically like a brochure promoting the vaccine, but... Oh, that insert that warns you of the side effects and the Guillain-Barrés and the syndromes?
Uh, but oh!
You know what?
They might not even have it because this whole thing is on trial level anyway!
So, here's the deal.
The Earth has been conquered.
Okay, you're living on conquered planet Earth.
You're in a prison planet.
You're cattle to whatever it is that's conquered us.
Call it aliens.
Call it demons.
Call it liberals.
Call it the Illuminati.
I don't really care.
Accept the reality.
The Earth has been conquered.
You're going through a massive worldwide experiment right now with a foreign substance being put into your body.
And the average liberal Democrat has Stockholm Syndrome.
And has their own authoritarian bent that they love it.
The same reason why they promote abortion.
Because their daddy, Satan, loves death.
And you see, my body, my choice, should be the Achilles heel of the liberal establishment.
Now, it never would be.
These people are beyond reproach.
These people are beyond reality.
They're beyond logic and reason.
They live in their own la-la land.
But see, My Body, My Choice should be the total Achilles heel of the Democrat-Liberal-Progressive movement.
Because everything they propose is anti-freedom.
But then they want you to listen to them when they say My Body, My Choice when it comes to them killing their baby?
This is a giant, satanic cult that we're dealing with.
It is a death cult.
The Democrat-Liberal-Progressive-Bent Party is a death cult.
They want you to kill your baby with abortion, and they want you to die Because you're causing global warming, which of course is a lie again.
Democrats lie about insurrection on the 6th.
Democrats lie about global warming.
Democrats lie about everything.
I'm no Republican.
I'm not here promoting the Republican Party.
It's a failure as well.
But I mean, my God, the Democrat Party operating procedure is lie, lie, lie again, lie bigger, and keep lying.
And the average liberal progressive American falls for it every time.
Okay, I'm... It's very frustrating.
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
Trey has dialed in from North Carolina.
Trey, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
What's going on, Owen?
How are you today, brother?
You know, I'm okay, but I'll tell you, man, I just...
It's like a constant evolution of trying to figure out how to deal with this evil.
I can definitely see you on that, brother.
The one thing you gotta remember, though, is that we do win in the end.
Well, God wins in the end.
I hope that we're worthy.
I mean, absolutely.
If you're on the winning team with God, I know you are just like I am.
But I really want to speak to you about today with these vaccines.
Everything Mark was saying was exactly true.
My wife actually worked at a nursing home and they were trying to force her to get the vaccine.
And pretty much by my due diligence, by doing the research, listening to y'all guys and giving her the information, she was able to actually refuse to get the vaccine at her job because they were trying to fire her at one point in time.
Until I told her that they couldn't do that.
But see, but isn't that, doesn't that come back to kind of the base level?
I mean, this is like my new foundation here.
Everybody should approach, every issue should be approached from this base level foundation.
Are you pro-freedom or pro-government?
That's a decision.
You decide.
Are you pro-freedom or pro-government?
So, your wife is pro-freedom.
She doesn't want to take the vaccine.
She has reasons for that.
She presents it.
She should not be forced to take the vaccine.
She's pro-freedom.
That's a pro-freedom approach.
But isn't it sad that the pro-government approach is what's always assumed, oh, you have to take this vaccine.
Not the pro-freedom approach, which is, hey, do you want this vaccine?
What's even worse is you're right, because we definitely are pro-freedom.
What's even worse is that her co-workers actually started haggling her And we're saying that, you're the reason why we can't open bags.
You're the reason why we have to wear a mask.
And she had to break it down, so I'm like, did you know that you still have to wear a mask after the vaccine?
Did you know you still have to social distance after all of this?
And they're like, no, no, that doesn't make any sense.
And see, God bless your wife's heart.
And I want to know how her response to this is, because here's, again, Trey, this is what's so frustrating.
Your wife is approaching these people like they actually want to listen, like they're actually free-thinking individuals that are reasonable and well-meaning.
They don't care about the facts!
They don't care about anything!
All they care about is telling you what to do!
All they care about is dominating your wife's life!
And so it's like, hey, look, here are the numbers.
Hey, look, here's look, they're saying you can't take off the mask here.
Look, they're saying that you may not even stop the spread if you get a vaccine.
And we're in a trial phase of it right now.
And I just don't want it.
You know, and it's just like she's bad because she's free thinking.
And that's why the liberals are always dishonest.
Just be honest, liberals!
You want to dominate us!
You're authoritarians!
Just be honest about it!
Just be honest about it!
You want to force Trey's wife to take the vaccine because you're a totalitarian freak?
Just be honest about it!
But they won't, Trey, because they know if they were honest about that, they would be totally, fully rejected by society.
Yes, because everybody right now is just hypnotized by Bill Gates and the fuzzy pink sweater.
Everybody's under his spell right now, for whatever reason.
He's evil!
It's unbelievable.
Trey, anything else?
Uh, the only thing I want to say is, man, God bless y'all.
Y'all keep fighting.
He's been saying that he wants to lock everybody down off of carbon.
He's been saying he wants to lock everybody down off of COVID.
The whole thing is a hoax.
They said it hasn't been isolated.
Doesn't exist, and people still wanna believe it.
It doesn't matter.
It's unbelievable, Trey, anything else?
The only thing I wanna say is, man, God bless y'all.
Y'all keep fighting, I'm fighting with y'all.
Just keep doing your thing, man.
God bless.
God bless you, Trey.
We have the best callers in the audience, man.
It's just amazing.
Let's go to Chris in Massachusetts.
Chris, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
How's it going?
Just about what you guys were talking about.
This isn't what I wanted to say, but when you were talking about people being, you know, They're ignorant.
I don't think that most of them are doing it on purpose.
Some of them are, but I think most of them are literally that brainwashed.
But what I wanted to bring up is, David, I was listening this morning, it's called the Statement on Virus Isolation.
It's three doctors, now bear with me because I'm not a doctor, but it basically is saying that it gives you the process of how you isolate a virus.
And then it goes on to say how they've actually been doing it since 1954, and it's not the proper way.
They're not actually taking the virus out of someone and seeing if it can live out in the atmosphere by itself.
So, at the end, when they went through the Freedom of Information Act to try and get the answers to this, the response was either they can't find enough virus in a human body, or The virus only lives inside the cell and not outside of the cell, which to me means that you literally can't spread it.
And Chris, I just want to be clear about something here.
Now, what you're talking about, is this something new or something older?
Because I remember this story broke some time ago, and David Icke and others were covering it, and it's exactly what you're saying, how all the claims that they're making Right, and this paper, he said also, this is for every virus.
which would require all this sort of scientific research, they've literally not even done it.
They've never isolated the virus.
They've never even proven human to human transmission.
They're just assuming all of it.
Right, in this paper, he said also, this is for every virus.
This is what blew my mind.
And this is why people are like, they think that viruses just altogether
are a complete hoax.
I mean, you can find doctors and medical professionals that say there's no such thing as virus
because they've never isolated it.
It made me think and made me believe that your body, if you're unhealthy, can create a virus.
And it's probably supposed to.
Who knows?
They probably put it into us with their vaccines when we're kids!
That's true, too.
But say they didn't, right?
And you build it up yourself because you're not healthy and then you're able to beat it or whatever.
But I've, my whole life, I've been around someone, if I'm around someone that's sick, I don't change my behavior.
And I never touched the sickness that they have.
But I get sick myself sometimes.
It just blew my mind.
Like what if you can't even transfer a virus to somebody else?
Oh but see Chris, you're engaging in logical thinking.
This is actually a great point.
I mean, think about it.
You're sick as a kid, your mom is sick, your sister is sick or whatever, and then other
people in the house don't get sick.
I've been sick.
I've had people come take care of me.
They don't get sick.
You know, I mean, people at the hospitals, yeah, there's maybe some increased sickness
there, but overall it's like sick people coming in all day.
Nurses aren't dropping dead from COVID.
It's just unbelievable, man.
And I just--
I don't know how to wake people up anymore.
I don't even do this research for myself, because I would never take the vaccine for a 99% survival rate anyway.
But I do it for other people, because when I tell them that, they're like, oh, I don't believe you.
So I get more information.
You know, it's kind of like, you know, you talk about how do we wake people up?
I mean, at a certain point, like if you've got a buddy and you've got a golf tee time and your buddy's just not getting out of bed, eventually you just quit trying to wake him up.
Like, okay, you're not playing golf today.
So it's almost like we're almost at that level with these people.
All right.
I want to hit a couple more news stories here before we go back to your phone calls.
What a crazy time to be alive.
You know, here, here, here's one thing too.
I still want, like, I still want to be able to enjoy life.
I still want you in the audience to be able to enjoy life.
And so you have to try to find a balance here.
But I mean, when you stare down the reality of what we're facing, you almost feel guilty trying to enjoy life.
And so that's why, like, For me, if I step away, I can't even think about this stuff because I just feel guilty that, you know, I'm not fighting against it.
That's why when Alex goes out of town, he can't stop working.
But, when I see Democrats now using racism as an excuse to keep pedophiles out of jail, and these aren't people that are just watching porn on the internet, like maybe watching a child rape video on the internet, No, these are the actual physical abusers of children.
And I'm not making this up, folks.
We've relinked the national file story at Infowars.com.
Democrat lawmaker opposes Arizona bill that raises sentences for pedophiles because it would hurt black people.
Right now, if you're convicted of a sex crime against a children, you get 12 years.
The proposal would make it a life sentence.
Who would be against that?
Oh, I know!
A pedophile!
That too!
Look at that!
Pamela, Powers, Hanley, let me tell you something.
You know what?
I'm almost done with any... Because, look, I'm on air.
We've got millions of viewers.
You have to be responsible with that power.
But, you know, the mainstream media lies all day.
Why would I not just go with my gut instinct?
That's a freaking dude!
That's a dude, that is a transsexual pedophile dude, who doesn't want there to be punishments for pedophiles, and then says it's racist, probably because he knows that he's guilty of those crimes.
But hey, what do I know?
I'm sure this person that wants to protect child rapes, child rapers, I'm sure that that's the person we should be listening to, and I'm the bad guy.
Michelle Obama urges Senate to vote for H.R. 1.
Uh, that is the bill that would allow the Democrats to steal every election from here on out in human history.
Basically the end of free and fair elections.
So, call your local senators, call your local representatives, send them emails, messages, do not vote HR1, do not vote HR1, do not vote HR1.
There will never be another election in this country's history if they pass H.R.
It'll all be selection.
They'll have a billion mail-in ballots at their disposal every four years.
eBay banned sale of Dr. Seuss books.
That's nice.
What's next?
YouTube deletes CPAC speech from Trump.
They'll never censor President Trump.
It's just those crazy people at InfoWars.
It's just Alex Jones and it's just Owen Troyer.
No, it's Trump.
It's Dr. Seuss.
It's you.
And Ben Carson calls this poison in our system.
You know, look, I'm still kind of on the fence of whether I want Trump to run in 2024 or not.
The only reason I would even go with it is because that seems to be where the populist opinion is, so that's okay.
I'd rather someone else step up, but let me tell you, The short list for Trump's Vice President should be Kristi Noem, Ben Carson, Ron DeSantis, and what was the other name I put out last night, guys?
Skipping my head, and I think it may have actually been my favorite one.
Oh, Tulsi Gabbard!
Tulsi Gabbard.
That should be the short list for Trump's Vice President picks if he does want to run.
By the way, in New York City right now as I speak, And you're not allowed to broadcast this anywhere because everybody who would has been banned off the internet including right side broadcasting.
There has been a huge event happening in New York City today outside of Trump Tower.
They revealed a Trump 2024 Uh, President campaign flag or whatever in front of Trump Tower and tons of people showed up.
So again, oh Biden got 80 million votes.
Can't get a million people to watch his inaugural address.
We're now months after it.
Can't get a thousand people to tune into any of his live streams.
Uh, doesn't have rallies.
Nobody shows up to his events.
Trump has just a spur of the moment event in New York City.
Everybody shows up.
Alright, I could sit here and rant all day, but I'll get too much into my own head, and I want to go to your phone calls now.
So, we go back out to the phone lines, final hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
By the way, I will be hosting all three hours of The War Room, where I will get into my real news coverage with my stack of news here.
We'll be doing that coming up.
But back to the phone lines we go.
Brian has called in from New York where they had a huge rally for President Trump today in New York City.
Nobody covered it.
Everybody that's there is banned from the internet.
More people showed up to that event than any Biden rally that's ever happened.
But yo, I'm sure Biden won though.
I'm sure, I'm sure, Brian.
Yeah, yeah, not.
Hey, it's great.
First of all, thanks for taking my call, Owen.
I constantly watch your show, man.
I've been probably watching for over probably 16 years.
And I love you guys.
I pray for you daily.
I pray for the spiritual warfare that we've protected from you all, guys.
And listen, man, I really appreciated you guys getting Dr. Tenpenny on, too.
I saw actually an interview with her a few weeks ago.
And it's amazing because she is just not a great patriot, but she's very dedicated to her work.
She actually, you know, when I first heard her a few weeks ago, she had only found four, four areas of our body that that's attacking.
Now she's up to number 10.
Um, so I just appreciate that, man, and I hope and I pray for her that nothing happens to her.
We all know what happens to the truth seekers these days.
What a sweet lady, too, because you hear her breaking this news, and it's like, yeah, it could kill you this way, it could do this harm, and Alex is like, wow, so this would kill people, and she's like, yeah.
It's like, she doesn't like finding this stuff out, folks.
Hey, so on this Bill Gates thing, you know, He truly is the walking devil.
I got hooked up to a video, another interview, where this Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, she's over from Germany, and she's part of the Who.
And that man actually had the audacity and the arrogance to approach the board and wanted to be an elected official on the Who board.
And they absolutely struck him down.
So what he, what she says now is, and she's got this all, there's a video out there you can find.
I think if you just did a search on Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, you'll probably find it.
So he goes around the back of the WHO and now is approaching all countries separately with his own contract.
And they can't touch this man.
If he, if it's proven that he's killed millions and millions of people, he has absolute undeniable immunity.
They can't go to his house, they can't take his computers, which will be most of the evidence.
They can't do any of it.
None of it.
Hold on, are you talking about Bill Gates?
Yes, yep.
Okay, and you're saying it's that doctor, guys pull that doctor back up, Ashley Struckerberg that's trying to expose this?
Uh, Astrid, yeah her name is Astrid Stuckelberger.
So she's the one who's getting all this information out as much as she can.
She's a whistleblower from WHO.
She's actually in a conference, on a Zoom conference, speaking to a board of different people and they seem like they're all in Europe.
Uh, but she did.
He brought right out the fact that, uh, you know, he approached the board.
He wanted to get voted onto this board, um, of the who, and they, you know, said, absolutely not.
You can't have that.
And, um, but now he just goes around that and just approaches, um, uh, these, uh, the countries and he gets them to sign contracts.
Which continues his total immunity.
It's disgusting.
It's disgusting.
Well, I mean, imagine though, if you're an evil genius and you have a chip on your shoulder against humanity, you hate humanity for whatever reason growing up.
And so you plot with this chip on your shoulder to get back at humanity, and then finally, you're in your victory lap, you're in your victory stages, you're finally getting back at humanity.
Well, what would happen?
Well, you'd go on TV, celebrating it, smiling and smirking about how everyone's about to die, either from a virus or a vaccine.
Amen to that.
You're exactly right, Owen.
You're exactly right.
Wait, who does it sound like I just described?
Yeah, Mr. Bill Gates.
Otherwise, I like to call those corporate guys Richard Craniums.
Get it?
Dick brains.
But one last thing, you know, the guy who stole the White House, it's amazing.
I found a huge document back from 1992, and he addressed the Senate.
And it's a probably about an eight to nine page long document where Joe Biden is pressing the Senate on how the United States needs to be in the New World Order.
And I mean, he takes it all back.
He takes it all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.
And that Woodrow Wilson wanted us to be in this New World Order all the way back then.
And we know it goes back as far as we can see.
But just the fact that he put this onto the Senate and said he was going to do this the whole week.
And he did.
And it's probably about an hour each time.
He presented this to the Senate and was, I mean, just annihilating them with all this information and all the pressure and actually stating that the American people want this.
It's in this document.
I could probably, I should have had the link for you guys, but if you go out there and do a search for 1992 New World Order addressing the Senate, Joe Biden, you'll find it.
Yep, thank you so much for that call.
Let's go to, again, we have the most informed audience since our audience is in a five-minute phone call.
We'll give you more information than you'll find on any cable news program, most likely, except maybe two or three of them.
Let's go to Cass in Wisconsin.
Cass, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Big Ol' Matic.
I have a wild conspiracy theory regarding Bill Gates' COVID vaccine and his recent large farmland purchase.
I think Bill Gates is going to put COVID vax or future vaxes in the food using DERPA GMO tech.
Also, do you think there is a literal witch's brew in the cabal Kool-Aid vaxes?
Um, causing demonic possession, hallucinations, even in little babies.
Go ahead. So there is a leaked video of it's a I forget what it is I believe it's at the Pentagon and it does
appear to be Bill Gates. Now it's it's it's been widely debated. But it's it's a it's a leaked video where they're
talking about vaccines and chemicals but specifically killing the quote unquote God gene and how they can use
vaccine therapy or whatever to attack the God gene as they call it. And
And so I won't go off in too much of that, but it's basically what makes you spiritual, what gives you your instincts to be good.
You're conscious!
And so, again, it looks like Bill Gates, It's been debated if it's Bill Gates or not.
Talking about how they can use vaccines to kill the God gene.
Now, they all say, oh, well, see, here's the problem.
Yeah, here's something that the crew found there.
COVID-19 vaccine, they've killed God.
I can't feel God anymore.
My soul is dead.
That was what somebody said after getting the vaccine.
So what they do is they demonize God, they demonize religion, and they say, see, religion is the problem on the earth, it causes war, it causes this, so we have to kill God, that's the problem.
And so that's their excuse, but really they're just trying to act as God and kill off humanity.
It's all very dark and twisted, I don't know if the crew can find that video or not.
But it's interesting to think, I mean, there's something about Bill Gates buying up all the farmland, he didn't do that just for fun.
On a different note, did you see where the Mars, uh, since Mars is hot right now, uh, did you see where the Mars rover landed, uh, the Perseverance rover landed?
The name of the crater it landed in?
It was Jezero.
The only word on planet Earth that's Jezero is a Serbian Balkan word meaning lake bed.
The rover landed in a lake bed.
I just found it weird that there is all these Serbian references everywhere from where the NASA rover is landing to WandaVision in Sokovia.
Yeah, I didn't really get too much into that Mars landing stuff.
People were saying how it looks fake and everything, so I don't know.
I don't trust NASA, quite frankly, and I don't really care to go to Mars either.
I'd like to live on Earth, but I guess if the globalists conquer it, maybe we should move.
Well, Biden Or his handlers have just put out a tweet saying that we have a new safe and effective vaccine!
It's the Johnson & Johnson vaccine!
So Biden probably doesn't even have a clue what's going on.
Actually, we don't know if it's safe or effective because they haven't run testing on it!
They've done no trials on it!
And yes, it's been released to the public with no trials!
Remember, This is the same Johnson & Johnson company that knew they had asbestos in their baby powder formula for decades!
Remember that little goody?
Johnson & Johnson poisoning your baby for decades knowingly?
And now they're gonna vaccinate you.
Ooh, yummy!
And Joe Biden says it's safe and effective even though Johnson & Johnson admits they haven't done trials and they're actually running their first series of trials right now on infants!
Boy, they love to go after those babies, don't they?
Hitting them with the asbestos for decades and covering it up, now hitting them with that untested vaccine?
Oh, but don't worry, they're above the law, so if every infant they inject with that Johnson & Johnson vaccine dies, they'll have no legal repercussions because that's how the law works for the vaccine manufacturers.
Isn't that nice?
Oh, and this is just a week ago this story was in the news.
Johnson & Johnson sets aside $3.9 billion amid baby powder lawsuits.
Oh, so I get it.
So you poisoned babies for decades at Johnson & Johnson, and now you're basically broke because of all the lawsuits, so now you're going to try to sell a vaccine to make up for those losses.
I get it.
I get it.
That's how it... Okay.
Now I'm really confident in this system.
Alright, let's go back out to the phone lines.
Trish has called in from the state of Washington.
Trish, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi Owen.
Thanks for taking my call.
I wanted to talk a little bit about what Sherry Tenpenny was talking about, the vaccine side effects.
One of the big issues is if you have something that may resemble any kind of side effects or anything after you take a vaccine, if your doctor denies that it's from your vaccine, it doesn't get reported.
And a lot of things are underreported when it goes to the CDC.
And I know that the Informed Consent Action Network, what Dell Big Tree works with, they actually sued the CDC several times on that because they're underreporting all of those side effects, no matter if it's the COVID vaccine or a regular vaccine.
And just recently, the CDC removed The, on their website, how the vaccines don't cause autism, and then they put it back.
Now, the Important Consent Action Network, they went and sued, they sued, they just did it on the 2nd of March.
They're suing the CDC again regarding that.
So, these vaccines are, you know, not The side effects are not being properly reported because if your doctor doesn't agree with it, it doesn't get reported.
And another thing is, I know from personal experience with this COVID vaccine, Kaiser, my medical insurance, they emailed me a digital consent.
They wanted me to consent digitally to get the COVID vaccine without any type of information.
Now, that's really shady.
So I'm confused.
Did you like request to get a vaccine and get it from insurance or they just sent this unprompted?
No, just every once in a while, my insurance, they send me emails or whatever, but I got an email a while back and they said, Hey, you know, if you want the COVID vaccine, you know, you can consent to have it.
You know, your, your COVID or your flu shot, you go onto your web portal, uh, you know, that you personally have with your insurance.
Did you read that consent form?
Yeah, it was a digital consent form when you went there, and there was actually no data.
It gave you no, you know, like you have, there was no fact sheet, there was no nothing.
So what are you consenting to, exactly?
You know, you can get the, you know, the vaccine insert, they don't give you that information.
So I'm asking, hold on, hold on, hold on, Trish, Trish, what are they, what are you consenting to, exactly?
They wanted me, Kaiser wanted me to consent digitally on their website to get a vaccine.
But I mean are they saying like, but I'm saying what are you consenting to?
Are they saying if you have side effects like that they won't be held responsible or something?
I mean what is the, like what is the sign-off?
Why do they want you to sign this?
Well, I believe it was just, you know, like when you go in the doctor and you get a vaccine and you have that little piece of paper, um, that, you know, you have to sign the piece of paper.
It's like a consent for a vaccine.
Uh, that was what it was, but it was digitally.
So they assume everybody's going to get the COVID vaccine.
They just, hey, this is easy.
You can digitally consent for it, and then go into Kaiser and get your vaccine, and you know, you don't have to saw any paper.
Look at that!
We have this thing here.
Oh my gosh, this is insanity.
Hold on, go back to the top though.
Alright, sorry, they admit Pfizer biotech vaccine.
I mean, folks, they are telling you this is a... Oh my gosh, this is a... Trish, thank you so much for the call.
Honestly, I just I'm so overwhelmed by this and I mean I How this responsibility to give you this information lands on my lap is just I mean folks they are literally doing a worldwide trial They are literally doing human experimentation with a brand new technology, biotech.
So, I mean, look, dude.
They faked a pandemic, they're trying to get you to take a trial vaccine worldwide, a whole experiment around the globe, I mean... It's overwhelming.
Alright, let me squeeze in another call.
Margaret in Massachusetts, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hi Owen, it's nice to speak with you again.
I've called in the past.
I wanted you in the audience to know I'm a nurse, a registered nurse, with over 25 years experience.
I have a bachelor's degree, I have a master's degree, and I did not know about all the toxins and animal and fetal tissues that are in vaccines.
And I learned a lot over the past 11 months By listening to InfoWars, which led me to such great doctors and physicians like Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, you know, there's a bunch of them, Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Polofsky, I learned so much more about these vaccines this past 11 months.
Doing research, listening to Dr. Tenpenny, way more than the Harvard-affiliated Boston hospitals that I worked at ever, ever taught me.
You know, the propaganda, it's corporate propaganda.
But Margaret, don't you see how that's why, for me, to be sitting in this chair with this microphone and this audience, it's like, it's not even like a, oh, I'm not worthy, it's just like a, I mean, I don't know how to explain it.
It's like, I didn't ask to be telling you that there's an agenda to kill you.
God asked you.
God asked you.
God is asking all of us.
He's opened our eyes for whatever reason this year, Owen.
You know, your caller earlier, Trey, he was great.
I really empathize with him and his wife.
The high-pressure tactics that go on.
I was fired.
I was fired just last week.
Margaret, hold on the line.
I gotta take a break.
I want to hear about this.
It's just so incredible.
Folks, again, look, I'm Owen Schroer.
I'm from St.
Louis, Missouri.
I'm not that great, okay?
For whatever reason, the mainstream media won't tell you.
This is a giant, worldwide, human experiment, and it could potentially just kill you, okay?
So, there it is.
I don't know what else to say.
Alright, this is really incredible.
It's just... It's just total madness.
Apple, Amazon, Microsoft attend Chinese Communist Party AI conference alongside Chinese military.
So you've been sold out to China by all of our major institutions.
And you've been sold out to the devil by most of our media and Politicians and Hollywood here in the United States and I held over Margaret here Folks I'm just overwhelmed because I don't know how to explain it But It's weird that it's like a burden and that you're somehow on an island Because
You just want to tell people the truth and you still want to have a free human race on planet Earth.
So, I don't know how this is going to go.
I don't know if people are going to look back at these broadcasts in 10 years when everybody's dying from the COVID vaccine or whatever other vaccine or who knows what else is going on or they're in total Chinese death camp or something.
And just look at it like, wow, InfoWars, boy, they were like prophets or something.
No, folks, I'm not a prophet, okay?
I'm 31 years old.
I'm from St.
Louis, Missouri.
I came up in sports media.
I've been on the radio hosting talk shows since I was 21 years old.
And as soon as I found out how the media was lying to me, and as soon as I found out how serious it was,
the implications, well, that's how I ended up right here in this seat, hosting the Alex Jones Show.
But, when all I do is just take my, quite frankly, probably addicted, obsessive, compulsive disorder
that I have for media consumption, and then have the constellations building up in my head
with data points so that I can then sit here and tell you the constellation.
We are in the middle of a worldwide human experiment.
The first level was to release the virus and see how it would spread and study it.
Now we're in the trial of the quote-unquote vaccine.
Now, you didn't sign on to this, I didn't sign on to this.
We can try to avoid this as much as we can, but it's nearly impossible now, it will be totally impossible in 5-10 years.
I don't know what the solution is.
My instinct is to warn people about it and hope that they'll wake up and take action against it.
But, you know, maybe there is no solution.
Maybe this is just our ultimate destiny.
To which then, I'm wondering if I'm insane for even trying to stop this from conquering planet Earth, whatever this force of nature or humanity is that is currently conquering Earth right now.
Off-world, different dimension, I don't know, okay?
But I can't even get a fellow human to agree on basic stats and basic facts because they've been so brainwashed and they've been so turned over to Stockholm Syndrome and believing that their slave masters will save them.
It's just crazy.
I mean, like I said, the last thing I want to do is to be an insane person thinking people care.
Hey, maybe people want to be slaves!
Who am I to stop them from being a slave?
I don't want to be a slave!
And so that's the disconnect.
Hey, hey, liberal, progressive, dumbass.
If you want to be a slave, be a slave!
I don't care!
In fact, I got some laundry in my house right now.
You can go do it.
For free.
Go clean my bathroom.
Go do all the stuff.
I'll give you a free vaccine.
If that's really what you want your destiny to be.
That's what Bill Gates wants your destiny to be.
He won't be so kind to you.
That's what China wants your destiny to be!
They won't be so kind to you!
Oh boy.
And so we take the callers, and they're the best callers.
We have Margaret, a nurse, called in who... I mean, how dare you, Margaret?
Who's been a nurse for decades and has a master's degree.
How dare you be educated on the truth?
How dare you know about these vaccines?
How dare you want freedom of choice?
And so now they're threatening to fire you over this?
Um, when I said that I learned a lot this past year, I really mean it.
I used to give flu shots.
I used to do flu shot clinics.
And those little package inserts, hardly ever read.
They are almost, the font is so small, they're almost illegible.
It's really difficult.
But again, just for the matter of time.
I did not know all the things that are in vaccines now from a religious perspective.
But isn't that crazy?
Like when I tell, I almost don't even want to tell people, hey, you know, there's dead baby parts in the vaccine.
Hey, you know, there's fentanyl in some of the vaccines.
It's like, I don't even want to tell it.
It's so out of control.
It's like, I don't even want to say it.
I know.
I honestly, honest to God, I didn't either.
I would have never been vaccinated.
I would have not let my daughter get vaccinated.
But anyway, the pediatric hospital that I worked for took a hard stance this year when they demanded everyone get a flu vaccine.
And it didn't make sense because everyone's got to wear a mask.
And so... And by the way, according to the CDC, there's zero flu anymore.
So we've eradicated the flu.
So why would you need that vaccine?
That was something else that was a point that I tried to bring up, but they took a hard stance and I said, no, this goes against my religious beliefs.
I'm sorry.
I've taken these vaccines in the past, but I didn't know what was in them.
And now that I know what's in them, I'm not taking them and I'm not compromising.
And I actually had the HR representative say, well, usually when we, you know, kind of crushed the issue, people cave.
I said, well, not this one.
So I was fired last week because I will not take a flu vaccine.
And the main other reason about this, I took such a hard stance, is because I knew if I kept giving in and everyone keeps giving in, the next thing that's going to get mandated is the murder injection.
And there's no way in hell me or my family are taking that.
But it's okay.
I have a very supportive husband.
You know, this has given me an opportunity for a new beginning.
I'm going to become an activist.
I am going to fight this tyranny.
And I really mean this.
God bless you and Alex and the brave doctors like Dr. Tentenny.
I'm part of her boot camp, by the way, where she does a lot of education, because if I didn't learn what What I learned in this lockdown,
which actually worked against the corporate New World Order, I probably would have taken that murder injection
and I probably would have had my daughter and my husband take it.
But I learned a lot this year.
And sadly, I try to educate some of my coworkers.
Every single one in the department took that injection and it broke my heart and I fear for their lives
and I pray for them.
But all I can say is I'm glad to be out of the corporate hospital system
and I'm gonna do everything in my power to educate people on this and to fight it.
So thank you guys for the opportunity to tell everyone that.
Well, thank you for the call, Margaret.
And I mean, look, folks, believe me, I'm just like you, maybe in some ways even worse.
I want to go play 18 holes of golf.
I want to go have a hot dog and a cold beer at a ball game.
I want to go to the beach and have the sand in my toes and the sun on me.
Like, I want to be a human!
I want to enjoy this creation of God!
I love it!
It's awesome!
But the damn devils here are trying to take all of it from us!
They hate us!
And it's like, I was thinking about this because the crew flashed something on the screen.
Here's the problem.
You're a good person.
You don't assume the worst about somebody.
In fact, you're the opposite.
You assume the best about somebody.
But we have to accept this, and I would say, in fact, I'll predict in five years this will be basic brain functioning, basic thought processing here in our own Intelligence systems.
Folks, a Democrat, a liberal is lying to you.
End of sentence.
They're lying.
Assume it.
Anything a Democrat says is a lie.
Anything a liberal progressive says is a lie.
And I'm thinking about this because apparently, I guess, Jack Dorsey's going on the Joe Rogan Show.
Remember when you had Tim Pool and the Twitter lawyers in the studio that day?
Well, everything they said was a lie.
They just lie right to your face.
They have no qualms about it.
Nothing holds these people back.
They are lying scum.
And they're going to force you to take a vaccine.
All right, I'm going to cover so much more coming up on the War Room here in the next three hours.
I'm going to finish up with your calls on the Alex Jones Show.
But no sooner as I'm sitting here ranting about how Democrats, just everything they say is a lie.
It's just that's their operating procedure.
There's a group of migrants at the southern border.
I'm going to play this coming up on the War Room.
They're all wearing Biden t-shirts and they're all saying, Biden said he would let us in.
Biden said we could get in and get free stuff.
And now we're being held up at the southern border.
What's going on?
He's a liar!
I'm telling you, it'll be five to ten years.
It may be too late by then.
But within five to two years, people will finally get it.
Everything a Democrat tells you is a total lie.
It's a total inversion of reality.
And then at the sub-level of that, the Democrat voters, the liberal progressives out there,
they're just Stockholm Syndrome.
It's kind of like a lesser of a lie.
They kind of believe it, even though they have their own repercussions in their own head.
They just go along with the big lie because they want to feel like they're part of something bigger.
So, quick couple headlines here.
Pelosi claims Capitol is under threat from all of Trump's men.
Oh yeah, but they admitted that they just faked another insurrection yesterday.
Nothing happened.
And so now they've said March 20th is the big day.
Wait, we had it wrong.
It's going to be March 20th where all the Trump supporters are going to go.
Nobody's talking about this.
Trump's not talking about this.
I don't know a single Trump supporter talking about this.
Not a single Trump supporter I know ever wants to go to DC ever again in their life.
And you know, I'm so, you know, I don't even want to... I'm just going to say this.
If you're listening to... See, I don't want to make blanket statements, but...
Most conservatives in D.C.
that are kind of just getting popular now, look, they like to dye their beards, and they like to have their hair perfectly coiffed and combed and gelled, and they wear the big fancy suits, and they get their new podcast now, and they get to go to the dinners and the events in D.C., and they still have their Twitter accounts, and they still have their YouTubes.
They know Everything that InfoWars talks about here on air is true.
And they'll never say any of it because they're too comfortable, they like looking fancy, they like having the prestige, they like their paycheck still coming in, and they like getting the invites to the White House dinners and all the other stuff.
So they will never tell you the truth.
They censor themselves.
Not here!
Fake News ABC desperately tries to drum up controversy after four Trump supporters show up to plan March 4th insurrection.
So, probably just people showing up in Trump hats just because they're in D.C.
or they're tourists, and then they say, Oh, there's the insurrection!
Four tourists in Trump hats!
We told you we needed a fence!
Oh, and they've also now extended the National Guard for another 60 days in D.C.
Here's a heartbreaking story from the Gateway Pundit.
Julie Kelly at American Greatness, a family on trial for January 6th.
So a whole family goes to D.C.
for the 6th.
They listen to Trump's speech.
They walk to the Capitol.
They get waved into the Capitol building by police.
Now they're all sitting in jail and have been in jail for weeks.
Did you also know that there's pastors that have been sitting in jail for months for opening their churches during COVID?
No, you don't hear about any of that, do you?
Joe Biden can't talk.
Every press conference, it's not even press conferences, but every speech, every address, every live stream he does.
He's falling apart at the seams.
I'm going to play more of it coming up.
You had it yesterday where they had to cut off the White House feed on Wednesday because he was falling apart.
He had to ask Nancy Pelosi's permission to take questions.
Then you got Pelosi appearing to be just drunk off of her ass in this video.
I'm going to play all of this coming up on The War Room.
Biden is not the acting president, folks.
Kamala Harris is actually doing all of the foreign affairs for Joe Biden.
He doesn't even know where he is.
And now they say, oh, Biden called off a second attack on Syria.
Biden doesn't even know what the hell's going on in Syria.
They're just saying that to try to save face because all the Democrats are mad that he's about to start another war.
But again, he doesn't even know what's going on.
But after the attack in Iraq, now the U.S.
is saying, yeah, we may have to get further involved in the Middle East again.
Oh, who would have seen that coming from the globalist pawn Joe Biden and the Washington establishment to put him in there that's never seen a war that they didn't want to get involved in.
So, hey, you want to make some money in stocks?
I would hold Raytheon.
I'd hold Lockheed Martin.
I'd hold Boeing.
And, boy, bet your bottom dollar, if Biden gets us involved in the Middle East, you're going to see some nice returns there.
Alright, let's go to George in... I mean, if you like profiting off death, that is.
I'm not one to do that, but hey, you know what?
You might as well.
Alright, George in Chicago.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Thanks for having me on again.
Love you guys.
So, they might not even need a stage, a false flag to ignite a civil war.
They can just require mandatory vaccination.
For those of us who don't get it, become second-class citizens.
The same way that they platform anyone who's pro-truth.
Pro-freedom online.
They could just do that where they stop you from being a functioning member of society.
So... Yeah, they're already doing that.
And see, here's the amazing thing.
You look at a group like the Amish, I mean, who just were traditionalists or saw all this coming, so they just built an off-grid society.
The political establishment is now coming after the Amish.
So you think you live on a free planet?
You think you live in a free country?
Ask the Amish, who are probably going to have everything in their way of life shut down because of a fake pandemic.
And it just shows you, no, these are totalitarians.
The nature of our government is totalitarian.
There is no freedom for you until we push back against it.
I'm ready to go Amish.
I'm ready to go off the grid.
I'm ready to go retro if I have to.
And I mean, I can live without social media.
I can live with all this advancement of technology.
on what, but you're telling me that entertainment, you know, entertainment markets, gymnasiums,
that stuff's been around for thousands of years.
You're telling me I can't go to these places.
Like I don't care if you get me, get me off social media, but you're telling me I can't even go to the grocery store.
I can't even go to the gym and primal instinct's going to kick in.
And you're going to start seeing brawls at airport. Oh, yeah.
Oh, you're already seeing that.
Now here's what's going to be interesting though, George.
With Texas set to reopen, and Mississippi, and Connecticut, and then West Virginia just announced today that they're totally reopening too.
So there's going to be a move.
By the globalists, by the criminal international cabal, to put us getting uppity back in our place.
I don't know what it is, but I can sense it, man.
They don't like Texans being free.
They don't like Americans being free.
They don't like these governors lifting all the fake pandemic shutdowns.
So there's going to be a response to the uppity people wanting to be free again.
I don't know what it's going to be, but they're going to respond somehow.
Whatever that is, there's got to be a response because if you're going to accept this technocracy, I mean, you're headed towards your destruction.
I feel like the same way they want to abolish gender, I feel like that's an agenda to have a human hybrid merged with this new AI machine.
And they're trying to get you to accept a smart home, smart meter, smart this, smart watch.
The same way you have a chip on your credit card, I feel like they want to merge that with wearables.
Oh, for sure.
Like a smart watch, they want to merge that.
They want to get you used to the idea of having technology on your body and then eventually have it inside of you.
And see, that's what they've always wanted and they've been slowly premiering it, but the question is how do they really get you to take it or how do they force it?
Oh, fake a pandemic, make people think they need it, and then boom, you've got it.
They make you think that it's about health, it's about your own well-being, they care about you, it's about making sure everybody's safe.
Because you're sick!
They decide when you're sick and when you're not sick.
Okay, I have no symptoms and you're calling me crazy?
You're telling me I'm sick?
Get the hell out of here!
But again, here's our ultimate hurdle in dealing with these people.
They will never be honest about who they are.
These are totalitarians that are pro-government and anti-freedom.
And if we could just get them to admit it, it would be game over.
That's why they lie about everything they do.
We are dealing with people that are pro-government and anti-freedom, folks.
And they lie about it, because they know if they were honest about it, you wouldn't follow a damn thing that they said.
Thank you for the call, George.
Let's go to Jefferson in Virginia.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Owen, good to talk to you.
You know, the lying leftist liberals will tell you that your favorite, Tulsi Gabbard, is ineligible to be vice president because she's not natural born.
Why is she not natural born?
I guess because her parents weren't Americans when she was born?
I'm not sure, actually.
Actually, both of her parents were Americans, but she was born in American Samoa.
Okay, so it's not like Kamala Harris is a different situation?
No, I'm just trying to illustrate the point that they don't care what the definition of natural born is.
They will use it to their advantage any way they can.
Wait a second, Jefferson, you're telling me that liberal Democrats are liars and phonies?
I don't know, I'm saying we fall for their lies.
What makes a lie a big lie is how many people are willing to tell you the same lie.
It's not how big the offense is, it's how many experts will line up to tell you something that is patently false.
How is it though that Gabbard ran for president without anybody bringing that up?
Isn't that funny?
Well, people will bring it up, but it never reaches the level that it's actually talked about.
People brought up the fact that Kamala Harris was not a natural born citizen, but it was never brought up in a debate.
How does it feel knowing that Pelosi and Kamala Harris are basically the acting presidents right now?
Well, I think it's Susan Rice and Ron Klain and Jake Sullivan.
Oh, gee.
Alright, that does it for the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be right back hosting the War Room.
I'm gonna take the rest of these callers.
It's a little apocalyptic.
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