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Name: 20210303_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 3, 2021
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifting COVID-19 restrictions and criticizes those who continue to wear masks. He promotes the InfoWars Store and satellite phones for communication during emergencies. The discussion covers topics such as globalist plans, the potential danger of the COVID-19 vaccine, China's ambitions, and fallen angels. Jones also mentions the importance of supporting InfoWars by purchasing health food supplements and warns about online censorship tools like News Guard.

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The plan is always to restrict, and then take the pressure off, and then restrict, and take the pressure off, and restrict, and then take the pressure off.
That's what a boa constrictor does.
It wraps around you, crushes you, and then gives itself a break, and gives you a break, and the next time crushes you even harder, until it kills you.
And that's the process here.
So everything you see in Australia and in Spain and in Germany and in the UK is coming here.
This is a worldwide directed program.
They admit that's the plan.
Contact tracers in your house.
Taking you away if you have a fever.
Disappearing you.
Killing you with a ventilator.
That's the new guillotine.
This is their plan.
Special political facilities run by leftists where leftist doctors kill you.
It's already happening in Europe.
People are like, that sounds insane.
Yeah, this is all insane.
They keep babies alive and sell their organs now, folks.
They've had human animal clones for 40 years.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The mask lockdown is never going away till you make it go away.
That doesn't mean it's not going to go away.
It means they are never going to remove it till you make them remove it, until you stop submitting.
I shot a detailed nine minute report last night laying this out.
Let's air part of it.
Then I'm going to come back and give you the rest of the story.
It has been said by Republican and Democrat presidents alike.
It's been said by political historians over and over again, because it's true.
As Texas goes, so goes the rest of the nation.
And within hours of Governor Abbott saying he's going to lift the unconstitutional mask mandate and open businesses up 100%.
All these other states began to follow suit, because that's the leadership of Texas.
And that's why it's so sad that Governor Abbott went along with this hoax.
But now he's come out and said the restrictions are lifted.
But these are restrictions that were not passed by the legislature.
These are restrictions that violate the state and federal constitution.
So they were frauds the entire time.
And it's just now that the public began to wake up to this and resist it, and the courts began to challenge it, and the legislature prepared to convene to block it, that Governor Abbott Pulled back from his previous activity.
So in my view, this does not clear Governor Abbott of what he's done,
helping the globalists bankrupt the state.
It is now time to open Texas 100%.
Everybody who wants to work should have that opportunity.
Every business that wants to be open should be open.
Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%.
That includes any type of entity in Texas.
Also, I am ending the statewide mask mandate.
Well, the day finally came, March 2nd, 2021, after a year of lockdowns and businesses being closed and hundreds of thousands of family businesses and operations shuttering their doors forever.
Governor Abbott has followed in the footsteps of Governor DeSantis of Florida and Governor Noem, of course, of South Dakota, and set a 100% order to reopen the state and no mask mandate.
Now, there's a lot to unpack there.
First off, why should the governor be in control of whether we wear a mask over our faces or whether local businesses are open?
And the whole thing's based on a fraud.
Almost all the deaths were cancer and heart attacks and car wrecks and pneumonia and the flu, which they said doesn't exist this year anywhere in the world.
The UK didn't have one case of flu.
Folks, all this is a fraud.
The same number of people roughly died in 2020, died in 2019.
And so this hoax is wearing out.
And thank God, Texas has some history of freedom.
So unlike California, unlike New York, we had already partially reopened.
But the idea that we're lucky that he's next Wednesday, because I guess as one of the crew members Rob said, COVID-19 is going to fly out of town from Austin, the capital, next Tuesday.
So again, this arbitrary idea that he's God, he's the king, and because the vaccines have worked so well, and because the numbers of cases are down so much, now he can reopen things.
It's the PCR test the inventor said years ago is fake.
It's not for viral tests.
And there's been other big developments on this front.
We'll tell you the rest of the story in 60 seconds.
Stay with us and spread the word.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.Video, Tomorrow's News Today.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am all about positive news.
I am all about victory.
But I'm also not about false hope.
Because false hope is the seeds of our destruction.
Is it good news that Governor Abbott lifted the Locked down of businesses at 50%, 25% in some parts of the state and said no more mask and left it up to the cities to basically intimidate and continue that process.
Yes, he was under massive pressure.
It's incredibly unpopular.
And it's destroying the state economy.
But why did he really do it suddenly yesterday?
Because he wasn't planning to announce it.
I already have from sources until Texas Independence Day next Wednesday.
And he still went ahead to announce that's when it will be because he had that planned.
Why did he announce it early?
Why did he announce it seven days early?
He announced it seven and a half days early because the legislature of New York passed the law to take the emergency powers away from Cuomo and to end the statewide lockdown and to end the mask and 100% go back.
Well, Texas can't be shown up by the legislature to New York.
He's also embarrassed by Governor Noem of South Dakota.
He's really embarrassed by DeSantis.
And look, I love my state to be a leader.
I love Texas.
My family's been here so long that our land grants from the Spanish, not the Mexicans.
That's pretty crazy.
Not many.
I mean, we're like some of the first hundred families here on my dad and mom's side.
I'm not bragging.
It's just a fact.
I love Texas.
And I'm related to a bunch of the founders of the state, but we're a wreck.
We're a joke.
We're almost blue.
So let's stop acting like we are out of the woods here.
I'm just going to stop right there.
I love my state enough to be honest about it.
We're overrun by the refugees of California who are bringing their problems with them.
They're so stupid.
They bring what destroyed their state to us.
But I'm digressing.
Why did Abbott do this?
He was already planning a partial unlocking next week, but he was going to leave it up to the cities to be their own little tyrants.
Notice he didn't do that in this speech.
He didn't say they still have the power to be tyrants.
He just left it there.
Because he sees the writing on the wall.
And so he's playing second fiddle.
He's playing catch-up.
So that's why Mississippi and a bunch of other states followed suit when Texas did this yesterday.
Because it made a lot of news headlines.
Almost no headlines about New York.
And why?
Because the CNN and ABC and NBC and all the rest of the enemy media, they don't want people to know that New York City and New York State took action And overrode their corrupt evil governor who's in so much trouble.
So that's why this really happened.
Now here's the big problem.
They're going to bring this back.
We'll play the short clip of Abbott.
A little 50 second one here in a second where he announces this and everybody cheers.
The plan is always to restrict, and then take the pressure off, and then restrict, and take the pressure off, and restrict, and then take the pressure off.
That's what a bolo constrictor does.
It wraps around you, crushes you, and then gives itself a break, and gives you a break, and the next time crushes you even harder, until it kills you.
And that's the process here.
So everything you see in Australia and in Spain and in Germany and in the UK is coming here.
This is a worldwide directed program.
They admit that's the plan.
Contact tracers in your house.
Taking you away if you have a fever.
Disappearing you.
Killing you with a ventilator.
That's the new guillotine.
This is their plan.
Special political facilities run by leftists where leftist doctors kill you.
It's already happening in Europe.
People are like, that sounds insane.
Yeah, this is all insane.
They keep babies alive and sell their organs now, folks.
They've had human animal clones for 40 years.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
And so, they're talking about the devil strain, and oh, oh, there's a new strain in Brazil.
It's an atomic bomb.
Oh, 18 million will die.
15, it's all the same lies of a year ago being recycled, but they've changed the date.
And they've changed the countries it's coming from.
All you gotta do is look at the World Almanac or any of the numbers.
We had the same number of deaths roughly in 2020 as we had in 2019.
In fact, the numbers went down for population growth.
Actually, death went up a little bit, but if you add population growth and then the aggregate sum average, well, ladies and gentlemen, less died 2020 than 2019 if you look at the normal increase in death because of population increase.
So, the projection was lower for death than it was the year before.
The projection.
You understand, our country grows by 10-15 million a year.
So, and there's a lot of old folks dying as well.
So, all these actuaries go together.
So, there's the total fear-mongering.
In fact, guys, give me that stack of news I forgot to get to yesterday.
On the COVID fear-mongering, that big stack I had you print where they're like, oh, the devil strain, the Satan strain, the atomic bomb strain.
We're all dead.
They just increased the fear.
I wanted to go back a year ago and show you the exact same headlines that they're just recycling.
They just recycle this garbage against you.
So here is Governor Greg Abbott yesterday at a Mexican food restaurant.
Announcing to the crowd, and of course the minute you see, no one's wearing masks.
Because it's called leadership.
The minute he said, no need to wear masks, they all stopped virtue signaling and they took the stupid things off.
They give you bacterial pneumonia, they do not protect you, and it creates the illusion that we're under a crisis when we're not.
It's a fraud!
And predictably, next segment I'll read you some of the tweets.
Big articles on Infowars.com by Don Salazar and Paul Watson.
They both run about it.
The left freaking out saying, we're going to wear our masks, our businesses are going to wear their masks, you will wear your mask no matter what because we are virtue signalers.
They're all about doing something empty that's a fraud.
That's their religion.
So here's the governor, quote, lifting the mandate.
So today, I'm issuing a new executive order that rescinds most of the earlier executive orders.
Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%.
100%. That includes any type of entity in Texas. Also, I am ending the statewide mask
Okay, and I actually have his statement.
There's not a new executive order out yet.
We'll get it next Wednesday.
But I had that in my stack and I scrolled it away and can't find it.
So during the break, oh, I found it.
I found it.
I got it right here.
I got a statement right here.
And here's the fine print.
And you knew this was going to happen.
He says that if the COVID numbers go back up to a very low threshold, Remember it's supposed to be, you know, 4% of the public dead, 15 million, 18 million dead.
Remember all that?
Well, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Now if the hospital beds just get up to a very small level, if COVID hospitalizations in any of 22 hospital regions in Texas get above 15% of the hospital bed capacity in that region for seven straight days, they're going to lock the whole damn thing down again.
I thought they were all overflowing!
No, they were all empty parking lots for almost a year.
And a lot of people didn't get that mammogram, they didn't get that check, and they died of cancer.
They admit more people died of not getting medical treatment around the world than died of COVID.
But it doesn't matter, it's a virtue signal!
You're a liberal wearing your mask, you're a hero!
You're a dumbass.
So, um, Look, a day late a dollar short, I don't like Abbott.
I hate the Democrats more.
But they got dirt on his ass.
And he's gonna slap us right back in there bigger than Dallas.
Until we just drive it in.
I mean, you gotta get in the face of the left.
You gotta go to your church.
You gotta go to restaurants and say, I don't want your employees wearing masks.
They spread bacteria.
They do.
It's like a Petri dish.
I'm not going to H-E-B or any of these grocery stores until you stop... H-E-B says we're gonna make our employees wear it and encourage you to!
Kiss my ass!
You damn commies!
Thank God my grandmother didn't marry the founder of H-E-B.
He proposed to her.
His name is Rusty Butts.
That's actually his name.
I hope you ride back.
Stay with us.
And then Ron Halford rides out on stage on a motorcycle.
Which is a rip-off, but still a great rip-off of the Hells Angels.
With Hunter S. Thompson in the 60s riding onto that stage in that motorcycle.
I'm up here in space.
I'm looking down on you.
My laser's trace.
Everything you do.
I'm elemental!
I am perpetual!
I keep the country free!
All right, let's get serious and not have fun here.
Because we're not gonna be able to have fun if the new world order totally takes over, right?
What an incredible time.
Okay, let me tell you what we got in the stack.
And I'm not trying to be positive just to be positive.
We have amazing news Friday, amazing news Sunday, amazing news Monday.
And I guess Tuesday, and now Wednesday, I've got a big stack of COVID news here that's just incredibly good.
Half of healthcare workers in France say the vaccine's poison and crap.
That's the news admitting it.
The doctors won't take it.
The medical unions say shove it up your rear end.
Excuse my French.
So, we're going to be getting to all of that in this little stack right here.
And then there's so much election fraud proof coming out.
Oh my gosh.
And states taking action, finding the evidence in Georgia and Arizona.
It's just incredible.
That's why the media kept focusing on election machines.
No, it was fake ballots that they were stealing stuff with, that were pre-packaged, shipped in.
I mean, we've got them.
And now legislators are getting involved and demanding it and getting it.
I mean, that's crazy.
But here and in Europe, they're going to call populist terrorists.
Germany is moving to outlaw any nationalist party and has now put the main nationalist party, that's like Libertarian Party, very milquetoast.
Like, we should have sovereignty and not too high taxes.
Oh, you're under government surveillance, you're a terrorist.
That is all coming up here today.
And then we have the host of All Gas, No Brakes, I'm a big fan, coming on the broadcast, Mr. Callahan.
Guys, give me his bio, pretty please double sugar cupcakes on top.
I'd really like that bio in here and that would make me super deluxe happy.
And so we look for that coming up as well.
And a lot more.
We have Biden administration banning reporters from touring child detention buildings.
So Trump ended the cages and let everybody get the major tours, and then AOC lied and said that they were drinking out of toilets.
Remember all that?
Well, now you just don't get a tour.
And remember, Obama had a policy, the Senate report found, that allowed the trafficking of tens of thousands of children that were given to molesters, and many of which ended up dead.
But see, that's a real Senate report.
The few people don't care about that.
They want to talk about underground bases and millions of children and things that don't exist.
But when it's real stuff, oh, no, no, no, no, no.
That's all.
That's too real.
Let's not get into that.
That is all coming up here as well.
And I do intend to also open the phones up.
Steve Quayle's got big news.
He'll be with us in the third hour today.
But they have invited all these people to come up here.
Now it's a giant crisis.
They've got more than triple the people normally coming across and Biden is announcing a plan to just let them go.
He's like, don't worry about cages.
I'll just let people grab kids, kidnap kids, just bring them in and do whatever they want.
A large portion of little kids that are grabbed who are used to get in the country, then they're taken back to Mexico to smuggle other people in, and it goes on over and over again.
But that's liberal to let them use these kidnapped children.
A lot of times they just, the kid gets sick, they just shoot him in the head, throw him in the ditch.
The Border Patrol every few days finds little dead kids, or every few days, huge 18 wheelers full of dead people.
And it's just a minor, oh, they found 15 dead Mexicans, or they found 24 dead Hondurans, or they found a bunch of little dead, they found a three-year-old dead girl.
Yeah, she'd been raped a bunch, and she was in a cornfield in South Texas, but you know what?
Donald Trump's a racist, okay?
Because he said, we're not going to put up with that.
We're going to charge your ass and put you in prison if you got a kidnapped kid.
Well, not Joe Biden.
Because again, he's liberal.
He's a holy man.
He's a good man.
But let me make a big announcement for everybody right now, and I'm very excited about this.
People ask, Jones, why do you have three sleep aids?
Well, different strokes for different folks.
I came up with the knockout idea eight years ago, nine years ago, to have melatonin, L-tryptophan, valerian root, and four other ingredients, five other ingredients, but they're all at mid-level dosages, and it works great, and people love it.
But like any natural thing in the environment, or any drug for that matter, things stop working, you build up a tolerance.
So instead of upping the dose, you just use another formula, then you come back to it and six months a year it works again.
We put out Rocket Rest, my dad did, part of his Dr. Jones Naturals.
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I already got a lot of requests from listeners to create a liquid formula of RocketRest, and that is essentially what this is, highest quality organic ingredients.
It's called Down-N-Out.
It's not the type of Down-N-Out where you're almost under a bridge because of the COVID lockdown.
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Put it under the tongue, hold it for a minute, look out.
I suggest you take about a quarter, The first time you use, I don't know.
You got a big shipment of this in, because now that we can't ever get shipments in because of the lockdown of the economy, I put in bigger orders hoping to actually get them in.
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They're triggering a civil war against humanity.
Humanity against ourselves.
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Believing we're evil.
No, we are life!
questions take your order over the phone 888-253-3139 888-253-3139 I just want to thank you all for your support we'll be
right back on the other side with all the news stay with us they're
triggering a civil war against humanity humanity against ourselves believing we're
toxic believing we're evil no we are life we are love and we are
coming together The enemy's not going to stop that.
That's why they're invoking racism and division in the name of fighting it because they want us divided.
So we will fall.
We will not fall.
We will come together.
We will defeat the enemy's design.
All right, let's lay it out.
You know, I told you, I see this as really good news.
We'll obviously try to open the phones up, if not today, tomorrow.
I've been coming in doing the Saturday show.
I think I'll do a big live Saturday one this Saturday, if I have time.
I don't want to be out of town and take calls.
Your calls are so precious, but a lot of times the commercial free shows are the best for calls.
I can really get to a lot of you, but let me just hit these headlines, then I'll obviously tell you why I think it's positive.
We have a Texas governor ends mask mandate, opens Texas up 100%, even though there's a hidden Barb in there.
It still means they're having to bend the will of the people, at least in name only, so that we kind of go to sleep and they'll put the pressure back on.
That's the tactic.
Texas Governor Abbott declares end to statewide mask mandate.
Complete loss of trust.
Half of French home health workers say they'll resist taking vaccine.
Half of French home health workers.
And then you've got similar articles of upwards of half the medical staff of hospitals are refusing.
ZeroHedge.com, up on InfoWars.com.
Dem-led New York legislature reaches deal to repeal Governor Cuomo's pandemic orders.
That came through yesterday afternoon.
And the Texas governor, again, jumped in front of it because he didn't want to play second fiddle to New York.
Well, guess what you do, buddy boy?
They're leaders, you're not.
Following Texas, Mississippi drops COVID mask mandate.
Along with other states that have already done it, reiterated that it's over.
Yeah, it's over when you admit it's a fraud.
No more deaths last year than the year before.
Despite population increase.
Leftists vow, though, to continue wearing masks despite Governor Greg Abbott's ending statewide mandate.
You gotta go read this Paul Joseph Watson article.
It's like, I realize how dirty and gross humans are.
I'm wearing my mask forever.
We've got to hold the line and be heroes and wear masks and never stop.
Of course this evil Republican has done this.
I mean, you read these, he's like a cartoon character wrote it.
These people are nuts.
Go read the quotes, man.
They're in the article.
I'm not joking.
I'm paraphrasing that.
That's what they actually say.
Adam Salazar wrote about it.
Look at Infowars.com, too.
Triggered Democrats furious about Texas governor lifts mask mandate.
Look at these.
I just announced Texas is 100% open.
Also into the statewide mask mandate.
Here's the mayor of Austin.
We are urging the governor to keep the mask mandate in place.
Wearing masks keeps our businesses and schools safely open, decreases community spread of the virus, and saves lives.
At best, this is wishful thinking.
That COVID is somehow less dangerous than it was yesterday.
At worst, it's a cynical attempt to distract Texas from failures of state oversight of the power grid.
That's the state rep.
Every time we start moving in the right direction, the governor steps in and sets us back and makes us all of our jobs harder.
He minimizes the sacrifices of people and businesses.
I just don't get it.
Since facial coverings were implemented, we experienced a major reduction in cases and hospitalizations.
Bull, bull, bull, bull.
Science shows us that communities are freer, freer, and far better, like the freedom bracelets in Israel, than when citizens wear simple masks.
In Fort Bend, we continue to listen to the doctor's facts and the science.
Yes, that 15 million would be dead in a month last year and all this crap.
These aren't even the bad quotes.
Let me read you the ones Watson's got in his articles.
Man, it is just insane.
So there's Abbott's tweet, and then they say... There's some crazy stuff.
Dear fellow Texans, please ignore this man.
He doesn't have a damn whether you live or die.
He's concerned with profits, not people.
Oh yeah, that's why all the big mega banks are doubling, tripling profits, starving the third world to death.
It's just everything they say is an inversion.
Dear fellow Texans.
What is this, some recent California transplant?
Dear fellow Texans, please ignore this man.
He doesn't give a damn whether you live or die.
He's concerned with profits, not people.
Continue as you were until more people are vaccinated.
We have to take care of each other because the Texas GOP isn't up to the task!
And it goes on and on.
Here's one.
I intend to continue wearing masks because I am one of the millions of Texans not yet eligible for vaccination.
I also plan to do what I can to not give any businesses and establishments that unmask.
Oh yeah, right.
Either way, I'll keep wearing mine.
I never realize how nasty some people are, especially when coughing and sneezing.
I don't need other people's germs.
Yeah, you'll just die without them.
A whole year since this started, I've not been sick with a cold.
Prior to COVID, I was sick.
Oh, yeah, right.
It's just so good.
There's no flu either, dumbass.
So Democrats are furious about that.
Big interview with David Eickhoff at Bandot Video.
We are facing the end of humanity unless we push back.
Yes, sir.
Share that video, folks.
Return to normal might hurt Facebook's bottom line.
Chief Financial Officer says, wait a minute, that lady said, that lady said the lockdowns Are good, and that Abbott wants to end them for profits.
What, for local businesses?
For local governments?
You mean staying alive?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Not going bankrupt and being homeless is important.
We don't all have government jobs like you.
It was 15 days to slow the spread.
That was it.
Here we are a year later.
And then Klaus Schwab would say, We must never reopen.
It is for the Earth.
No business as human contact.
You stay at home, robot deliver food.
I own everything.
I mean, this is like Aliens land and the Simpsons are like, I am Gorb.
I rule you.
Never leave your home again.
These robots will feed you.
You're like, the robots are getting us to starve ourselves.
Once they're in control, they'll kill us.
I don't know if aliens run it.
I'm just saying.
Sounds like a science fiction movie plot to me.
I mean, No businesses where you see human.
Stay at home, robot bring, and you have nothing you like.
And you don't drink sewage, and you're going to have blood meat.
I mean, he literally, I mean, you're like, this is dystopic.
They're just bombing you with it, and their people have Stockholm Syndrome.
The New York Times ran a headline, don't critically think, just accept what you're told by authoritative sources.
Then they ran a gaslighting article saying, "Oh, that's not what they meant."
Yeah, there's now combat robots on the ground in New York and LA.
Oh, return to normal might hurt Facebook's bottom line CFO admits.
Facebook's CFO is concerned that as more people get vaccinated against the coronavirus, they'll be less likely to click on Facebook ads and more likely to seek out travel and non-sedentary pursuits that are so depressing and killing you.
That's David Weher, suggested on Tuesday that users Cash will end up in pockets of services like travel, and more people get vaccinated.
See, because they all doubled and tripled their profits, see?
That's why Fauci said, Actually, even though you've had the shot, you can't go out ever, and you gotta wear a mask.
I'm not good at, you know, imitating his voice, but, I'm not saying everybody will die, just most the people.
Oh my gosh, there's so much more to hit.
Oh, South Korea launches investigation into the deaths of two people days after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
Meanwhile, report border crossers released in the U.S.
by Biden officials test positive for coronavirus and released.
I say release them, it's all fake testing anyways.
I mean, deport them back because they're illegal, but not because it's a stupid virus.
New York Governor Cuomo's sex scandal distracts from deadly COVID nursing home debacle.
Kellan McBrain, Infowars.com.
I agree.
They're just using that, they're using one story to kill another story.
Because the COVID death story goes back to the globalists at Fauci and the UN.
So that's why they want to kill that.
Alright, I got a bunch of news.
On how they're trying to stage a false flag to blame the Liberty Movement, how they're banning Dr. Seuss.
I'm not kidding.
Dr. Seuss books are now $5,000 a piece.
Guess what?
I have original Dr. Seuss art hanging on the walls of the offices.
You know that?
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back.
We have a special guest joining us in studio next hour.
Andrew Callahan of All Gas No Brakes.
And then Steve Quayle.
And again, I'm not trying to make the show about myself because that's boring overall, but if it can be illustrative about lies and deception, or if it's an attempt to shut us down, I will cover it.
And so here in a few minutes, before our guest joins us, I'm going to hit this.
And when I saw this yesterday at the end of the day, or about four or five o'clock, I didn't even read the Southern Poverty Law Center story, because I already knew it was going to be in it.
And then sure as hell, I got up this morning and I read it, and I was like, that is the biggest lie.
That's just a new level.
It's like the Daily Mail had a headline, Alex Jones says Bill Gates is putting HIV in the vaccines, and attacked his wife with a helicopter.
None of it was even true.
And they have a puppet show of Howard Stern in December saying that's me, a popsicle stick puppet.
They don't even care, folks.
It's next level.
But this latest one I'll tell you about in a minute.
But it's the Southern Providence Law Center.
I mean, it's actually hilarious, actually.
I'm just like, wow, man, these people are crazy.
I was like trending last night, like number seven on Twitter.
I didn't even know about it.
I got a call last night.
I said, "Hey, you know, you're trending on Twitter that you hate Donald Trump."
Sorry, I'll tell you about it in a minute.
If you...
It's really simple what they did.
And I should shoot a report so I can actually condense it down just a few minutes.
You don't waste your time.
But it's just it's incredible.
And those who are regular listeners know how I talk.
You're like, I've heard you say this a hundred times, or I've heard you say this on Joe Rogan.
But I'll talk about it in a moment.
But let me hit these headlines for you first.
Biden admin planning for influx of 117,000 illegal use to the U.S.
documents that they leaked show, but now they admit they leaked them to get the subject Off of the fact that they do have kids in cages.
In fact, they've put them back into real cages because since he set up the borders, they've got triple the influx they normally get.
Great Steve Watson article because he gives you the whole backstory.
It's excellent.
Doesn't just tell you what Biden's up to.
Arizona Department of Education teachers and teaches that babies are racist and that children from birth must form anti-racist white identity, anti-white identity.
Dr. Seuss book prices skyrocket up to 5,000 after they're cancelled for racism.
By the way, I don't own really any fine art, but I did go to his museum in Maui.
And after I got married, and I, a second time, and I bought a few pieces that are, you know, small number prints of his work, big, big ones.
He drew these big, he drew each page like big, big canvas.
I remember joking, I said, this will be politically correct one day because the characters are mainly white or green.
And sure as hell, it's on because they want control over all language, all communication.
It's meant to be fantastical.
It's meant to look stupid.
It's meant to, but notice it happens.
Of course, folks, now have the video of Obama reading one of these satanic manuals.
Flashback, Obama reads racist Dr. Seuss books on TV to children.
Oh, they say math racist, too.
Amazon redesigns logo to look less like Hitler after complaints.
It looks nothing like Hitler.
I'll cover this Next hour, we'll actually show you the images because the way it's printed, it doesn't have them, but I mean, this is insane.
It's meant to be insane.
Harvard-Harris poll.
Yeah, there it is.
I think the new one looks more like Hitler.
The old one's a shopping cart and the little devil tail.
But now it's actually like a Hitler mustache.
That's the new one.
So that looks more like Hitler than the thing before!
It's like some psy-op, man!
This is all like a sick joke!
I'm sorry.
These people are out of control, man.
Harvard-Harris poll.
Americans more concerned over summer violence than January 6th plot.
Yeah, I think so.
All the cities basically on fire.
Should have been in Austin.
I mean, you couldn't even go anywhere.
It was like burning stuff everywhere.
Riots, people being attacked.
It was bad, man.
And Austin wasn't one of the bad cities.
But I mean, I live here.
It was bad.
Security at Capitol Building increased following warning of a militia plot.
Oh my God, there's a warning!
10,000 more troops on top of that!
Every day I see where a prominent transgender is caught with child porn or diddling children.
In this case, the transgender daycare worker ran it out of their house and they already had complaints that they were fiddling with the kids, but now they got caught with the child porn of three-year-old babies being raped.
Transgender daycare worker and YouTube star charged with possessing child porn, child abuse images, and there's been a bunch of investigations of them, again, parents saying that they friddle-diddled their children.
Well, I mean, look, statistically, you drop your kid off with a dude that says they're a woman, that's obsessed with sexualizing children, that's like dropping a bleeding person into a pool of piranhas in the Brazilian rainforest.
I mean, it's like jumping in like the Garbage dump that's got all the pit bulls in it when they're starving.
I mean, I don't know what, they're putting a worm on a hook and throwing it in a pool of bass.
I just, that's what goes together like a horse and carriage.
The whole transgender movement is beyond just raping children.
It wants to cut their breasts and genitals off.
Imagine a horror movie where there's a cult that wants to cut children's genitals off, but they convince them under mind control to do it.
And they get mentally ill autistic kids to do it.
Funnily enough, they shot them up with chemicals that basically killed them, brain damaged them.
Now they want their genitals as well, because the genitals will still pass on intelligence.
They fried the central nervous system, but not the genetic code sequencers.
They want those code sequencers, because these are none of this world folks.
They're jacked in interface.
It's all the same dude, same dude attacking.
It's kind of like in that Oblivion, Tom Cruise movie.
It's like, yeah, and then they landed and millions of you came out.
It's like the same dude, the same program, the same thing.
It's like, we dress as women when we attack them to get their children.
Attack, attack, attack.
It's like Mars attacks when they go to the White House and the woman has the big beehive haircut and it's really an alien.
I mean, whatever it is, folks, it's the same thing.
It's the same model over and over and over again and over again.
When you're in like Seattle, where they're heavily demonically possessed, again, you cross one street and it's like Agent Smith jumping in person after person.
Zimmerman saw it and said, I'm not leaving the hotel after he witnessed it a second time.
He was doing camera for me then.
Does IT now and it was like we crossed one street and they'd say something in a demonic voice and the next street was like, yeah, we're watching you still.
And they're like, we're gonna get your kids.
And Zimmer's like, my God, these are just like what Christ talks about in the Bible, where like the demons jump from one dude to the next and then he goes around one street and they say it again, it jumps in pigs, they run off a cliff.
I mean it's it's it's I don't know it's like Avatar folks I don't know what it is but when you're a public figure like I am and they don't like you they unmask just like the Matrix and they're all synced up and they they walk around like goblins they go like they're like green skin and they all have like demonic smiles and and like again You'll walk down the street and one will say something, and the next one finishes the sentence.
You're like, okay, what's going on here?
They're like, I want your children!
I want your children!
I want your children!
In fact, how many videos do I have where they walk up and go, I want children!
And start hopping around all crazy, like at that thing in downtown Austin.
I went to the anti-Alex Jones, it was called the Fake News of Donald Trump and Alex Jones event.
They had downtown blocked off.
I get there, and then these men start flopping and trying to lick me, like, I want children!
And you're just like, what the hell is this?
Well, it's whatever this thing is, it wants our children.
Just imagine if Agent Smith was a pedophile.
That's what you're dealing with.
Okay, I didn't get to the thing I said I've got.
And you know what I'll do?
While the guest is here, all gas, no brakes, I'll play this for you.
Because I haven't told him about an interview you did with me this morning.
This is insane.
I'll cover it next hour.
They said that I put a video, it was a secret leaked video of me saying I hate Trump.
It's an edited video.
I'm going to show you the full video from a film that's like on Netflix or Amazon, everywhere.
And now an edited video from a film on TV is now a secret video.
Me in the studio, all these lights, they edit this tape to say I hate Trump.
And then Media Matters and all of them, and what's the name of it?
Southern Property Law Center, that offshore terror group, they put all this out.
It's hilarious.
So that's coming up next hour.
Separately, storewide free shipping has to end this Saturday.
10% off of storable food as well, plus free shipping.
That's unprecedented.
And the new product is Rocket Rust Liquid, down and out.
Will blast you off to deep, incredible sleep.
40% off, infowarestore.com.
And we got more of the privacy pouches in.
They sold out for a few days, but more, well, the 18-wheeler's coming, so we got them for sale.
We'll be right back.
Stay well.
They're hanging nooses on the front lawn.
They're verbally assaulting a Jewish reporter outside the Capitol saying, you are cattle today.
That refers to cow cars that were used to transport Jews to Nazi death camps during the Holocaust.
This violent attack in the Capitol featured followers from the anti-Semitic QAnon conspiracy theory.
So Mr. Conte, on January 4th, Metro Police Department arrested Enrique Chirillo.
For the record, the Proud Boys are not an anti-Semitic white supremacist organization.
The irony here is that I'm an egalitarian, I'm an anti-racist, I'm a pro-gay, pro-women's rights individual, the same punk rocker I was when I was 18, but now the Nazi skinheads I'm fighting are you social justice warriors!
I started a men's club called the Proud Boys and we have one caveat and that is you have to be a Western chauvinist.
Now liberals are lazy so they hear the word chauvinist and they assume male chauvinist and that's why I use that word because they're too lazy to look it up and it just means a nationalist, a patriot.
And you have to think the West is the best.
And it exploded!
But much like the Charlottesville hoax You got a lot of bad people in the other group.
This might be, today, the first time the news networks played those full remarks in their context.
The immigrant children in cages deception, the desperate and bogus impeachments of Donald Trump, or the continuing numerous cover-ups of the Biden crime family, most of the Democrats' case, was based on fear-mongering fiction and gaslighting.
In Virginia, We've seen these kind of anti-government extremists take to the streets of Charlottesville in 2017, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer.
We see the same kind of groups come to the forefront on January 6th.
I think this is an ongoing threat to national security.
This is a real, ongoing threat.
I can tell you from our intelligence committee that we've seen that many of these groups
have connections and ties to anti-government extremist groups
in Europe. - Oh, the intelligence community, oh. - The Capitol staff,
particularly the custodial staff, is made up of many people of color,
particularly men of color, who were targets, obviously,
of this racist, bigoted mob.
That's ridiculous.
The images of the Confederate flag, of the gallows, the rope and noose.
the horrible history of lynching in the South and throughout the country set
deep fear among many of us workers. I myself witnessed when I went down to
the Capitol at about 730 about two to three men of color mopping the area, the
blood from where the shooting occurred right outside the Capitol. So I want to
know what's being done with these workers that are traumatized and first
of all sending them down there right after this horrific attack was somewhat
troubling to begin with.
People who were dealing with blood were trained in biohazards and so they had all the prerequisite skills to deal with the biohazards.
The janitorial staff and laborers who were vacuuming and cleaning up the glass, they volunteered to that. There is still no timetable regarding
opening up the Capitol grounds to the taxpayer but there is plenty of talk
about fortified plans for emergency fencing and the installation of... Yeah
since this report came out yesterday they've added more security because
somebody heard there might be a militia somewhere. Full report on Infowars.com
and Newswars.com.
Well, Andrew Callahan the host of All Gas No Brakes is in studio straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Finally, nothing moves.
High noon.
Shine, shine, shine.
You know about the shine, don't you?
The supernatural has a shine.
Have you seen the shine?
Won't you see the shine?
Finally there's the gleam.
Now you're between dimensions.
Screaming to the edge of nothing.
I'm a fan of his show, Andrew Callahan, all gas, no brakes.
Reaches tens of millions of people a week.
Great guy.
Big up-and-comer, too.
And he doesn't seem like a feet leftist or a right-wing racist.
And so he's right at home here.
He's producing an amazing hit piece against me that we're very happy to be a part of.
I'm joking.
Uh, but it's good to have you.
Well, you gotta attack me a little bit.
Denounce me as a piece of filth, or you might get in trouble.
Because I like you.
You should call me a horrible, the worst person on Earth right now.
What do you want me to call you?
Call me a piece of filth.
I don't want to call you that, man.
No, no, no.
You're gonna get banned if you don't say, I hate you, you are Hitler.
It'll be alright if you do that.
You're gonna let me say it?
I hate you, man.
You're Hitler.
Get up and hit me in the face.
I'm gonna let you do it.
I'm not gonna do it, man.
Just slap me.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You will not get, you will, they'll let, they'll let this get 50 million views if you do it.
Just come over here and say, you are bad, I am good.
Slap me.
Dude, no way.
It's alright.
I don't want to slap you.
This is your hand then.
Bad Alex!
You mean he hit you in the head?
Well, I'm not a masochist, or sadomasochist, but the point is, is that Zuckerberg and others said you can only speak to me if it's in a negative light.
That's an official pronouncement.
That's not a cult or anything.
That's not tyranny.
That's good.
So just, so you don't get in trouble because I like your comedy, just denounce me.
Just say that I'm the lowest form of filth.
All right, you're gonna get banned.
Okay, got a thought criminal folks.
All right, I apologize.
I wanted this to get, just, you know, just say you're a despicable person.
Okay, you want me to say it?
Well, the algorithm doesn't know it's a computer.
Just say, you are filth.
I hate you.
I'm here to expose you garbage.
No, man, I don't want to say that.
Alex Jones is garbage.
Alex Jones is filth.
Alex Jones is bad.
Just say it.
It's easy.
Once you say it a few times, it gets easier.
Alex Jones is bad?
That's good.
And say, I'm here to expose you.
I'm here to expose you.
Okay, good.
Good to have you.
Hey, I love your show.
It's super funny, man.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I thought, and I believe you, that some of it had to be staged, but I guess it's not.
This is incredible, what you get on tape.
You know, it's all real.
So tell us about yourself.
How did you start All Gas No Brakes?
Well, when I was like 19, I hitchhiked a lot around the country.
I wrote a book called All Gas No Brakes about hitchhiking.
And then gradually turned it into an Instagram show.
Just look right at that racist camera right over there.
This one?
It's an Infowars camera, so it's racist too.
Go ahead.
That's a little baby Hitler over there.
It's like a little Cyclops Nazi.
Go ahead and talk to it.
I can't believe I'm on Infowars.
You're in a Cyclopsian Nazi operation.
Just please continue.
Oh yeah, so, hitchhiking.
I did it as a kid.
Started making videos.
Interviewed people on the road.
I live in an RV.
It's fun.
It's fun.
And the model of what you do threatens the system.
It's way better than the big budget stuff.
It's all great.
I've been watching your stuff since it started coming out.
It's all funny.
What's the funniest thing you've done?
Probably the Bigfoot convention that you liked.
I mean, it was just so weird.
We were going through rural Minnesota, middle of nowhere, and we see this sign in this small town called Home of Bigfoot, one of those small towns that's branded for Bigfoot.
We see this sign, and it's like, Bigfoot annual festival next week.
So we went to this motel, and there was a motel owner who was an adamant Bigfoot guy.
And he was like, we know this guy named Abe, who's seen Bigfoot a bunch of times.
So we waited in this small town for seven days.
Yeah, a lot of people are really serious about Bigfoot.
foot enthusiasts which I guess I am now and then we went on to the forest and
almost found it well I thought those guys were the best actors I ever saw but
that guess that's why it was real they were not joking no I think a lot of
people really serious about Bigfoot do you think that there's any possibility
no No, we got people all over the country, we got surveillance, we got traps everywhere.
If there's eight-foot gorillas running around, we'd see them.
Well, they say the Sasquatch brain is so developed that they can pick up on human thermal energy so they know when to hide behind trees because people are close.
I mean, that famous thing is if you got a gorilla suit, dude, it's like a cheap... I should stage a Bigfoot deal.
Maybe I should come out in the next Bigfoot deal and I'll be in the Bigfoot outfit.
You'd have to get really hairy.
Speaking of hair, you used to have short hair.
I like the hair now.
Yeah, thank you.
I appreciate it.
I've had to stop washing it, you know, because... I'm not normally gay, but I kind of like to run my fingers through it a little bit.
You can touch it if you want, man.
Is there... Can I touch it?
Alright, well... Alright, folks, I'm coming out here.
I don't know why I'm... Let me just touch it a little bit.
Yeah, you can do it.
It's all good.
Oh my gosh.
Maybe Bigfoot's hiding in here.
Bigfoot, are you in there?
Like you said, maybe there's a microscopic Bigfoot hiding in your hair.
You never know.
That hair really smells like shampoo.
You've been keeping that hair clean.
I wash it once every three days, but I don't wash it too much because then the curls will kind of get, like, messed up.
Well, now Alex Jones has run his hands through your hair.
It's a big achievement.
Well, only because Bigfoot might have been in there.
How big can your hair get?
It's falling out, so it's not probably very big.
Is that from stress?
Uh, I don't know, man.
I'm, you know, I'm an alpha male.
I probably live about 65, 70 if I'm lucky.
What does it mean to be an alpha male?
Got a big heart, got a lot of blood pumping through it, brother.
What does it mean to be an alpha male versus a beta male?
Like, what are the characteristics?
It just means that the light that burns twice as bright only burns half as long.
So beta males live super long?
They tend to, yeah.
So when you see, like, a really old guy, you're like, that guy.
Most of the really bad-ass dudes I know died about 65, 70, yeah.
Some of them go longer, but usually, yeah, they're burning the candle.
How do you think you're going to go out, if you had to pick one way?
I think God loves me, I'll probably die in my sleep.
You don't want to have like an epic death, like jump off the tallest building?
No, like a Viking having a battle.
I'm so fat and out of shape, I'd get my ass kicked in a berserker battle.
You used to be buff, though.
I saw a picture of you when you were in your teens, you were super, super jacked.
You want to work out with me today?
I'm going to.
I got addicted to working out.
I used to run six miles every other day, worked out five days a week, and people were like, hey, dude, you'll be bigger if you don't work out three hours.
And I was like addicted.
I mean, I could, I could like do, I could do like 80 pull-ups, like perfect.
And now I can only do like three of them.
You ever do yoga or Pilates to get everything stretched out?
I need to.
I mean, I've done a little bit of yoga here and there.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, mainly, I'm a big fat.
That's me just a few years ago.
I wasn't as fat as I am now.
That's me at about 250 on the horse, and that's me at about 180 pounds right there.
That was me at 18.
Look, that's like a 30-year-old dude.
That's me at 18.
And I wasn't... Some guy took a picture of me at the thing.
I don't know how they even found it.
They put that in the Chronicle.
You look great, man.
Well, I need to get in better shape, so I need to do some working out here.
Enough about me, let's talk about your hair.
That is some hair.
Could I like rent a little space kind of up by your ear just right over there a little?
Yeah, you can have some of it.
Alright, do you wish you had it?
I do.
How would I look without hair?
I think you'd look pretty good.
Would the girls like me?
You might be able to post a video online.
You know what I mean?
Alright, enough of me.
We want to go deep into what you do.
Let's go ahead and go to break though with this.
Bigfoot clip.
The whole episode is incredible.
You can find it on YouTube.
All gas, no brakes.
Here is the Bigfoot clip.
This is pretty much the pheromone of a female great ape while they're on their menstrual cycle.
A female gorilla, a female orang, that are on their period.
And Bigfoot is a great ape as well.
So hopefully this will entice them or intrigue them.
How did you get this?
Actually, I got this from a guy.
He, yeah.
I can't tell you how I got it.
Sasquatch pheromone chips.
As far as our genetics go, we're what, about 99% related to a chimpanzee or something like that.
It's not too far off to say that we can't breed and agree with them.
There has to be hybrids in order for their species to be able to thrive.
Hopefully we get a young one coming.
That's what we're looking for.
That's the funniest guy, man.
The craziest part about that night is that old guy, like, so the younger guy... There's bugs everywhere!
The buff younger guy, like, he has spent his whole life trying to find Bigfoot, never found it.
The old guy claimed to have seen Bigfoot, and they got really pissed at each other at the end.
Because the old guy was like, I saw him when you weren't looking!
And then the guy was like, no, you... I've seen the report.
Usually clips are the best part.
That doesn't give justice to the report.
This is insane.
The whole thing is definitely immersive.
Well, I'm always being accused of being into Bigfoot.
I love Joe Rogan, but you know, he actually did a show on Bigfoot, too.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with the host of All Gas, No Breaks, Mr. Cowley.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today, today, today.
Oh, shit, it's Bigfoot.
Enough is enough!
Andrew Callahan is our guest.
All gas, no brakes.
Really funny stuff.
And I envy you because, you know, my wife's family is from Omaha and she's not against Omaha.
It's a nice town, nice people.
She's like, why do you want to do a road trip this spring to go see family instead of go fly there to see family with our daughter?
And I said, I've only driven to the Midwest a few times.
It's cool.
There's a lot of weirdness and like no one explores that.
And so you've done that.
So let's talk about the lockdown.
Your experience the last year, you've been all over the 50 states, or I guess the 48.
You have really experienced a lot.
Yeah, I guess the lockdown is like, it feels like there's like separate societies being created along the lines of bars being open and restaurants being open, especially for a young person.
Like, you know, I remember like, you know, we'd be in Oklahoma in the middle of COVID and it'd be open and then different states were closed.
And that leads to just like different types of social life, like less cohesive.
Like for example, we went to a mud wrestling event in Missouri in the middle of COVID and no one gave a shit.
But then you have other places.
It's just interesting to watch things fragment.
But really, notice the states that didn't do the lockdown on average had lower death rates.
I can show you the graph.
Yeah, sure.
They can pull it up.
I mean, it's crazy.
What do you think of Texas reopening?
I mean, it's been a year.
It's supposed to be 15 days to cut the curve, remember?
I was in Austin, actually, when the lockdown first hit.
I was chilling here, like, exactly about one year ago when all the bars officially shut down.
Man, that was surreal to get on the highway.
We have horrible traffic here.
There was, like, no one.
I got to work in 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
I remember those days.
I think I'm going to make a video on 6th Street this Friday or something like that.
Go at it like 2 in the morning because I'm sure it's going to be crazy this weekend.
Like the first party weekend in Austin with no masks.
I want to talk to people and like canvas public opinion.
Well, the left saying, oh, and the CDC director, she says, keep wearing your mask.
So now you have them trying to impose on the state like, oh, no, no, this crisis isn't over.
Keep wearing your mask.
Did you ever wear one?
95% of the time I go in, people leave me alone.
And when they do, I start educating them.
Because I don't get mad when they go, sir, put your mask on.
I go, here, let me pull you up a statistic and a video here.
Then I give them like a great reset video.
And I mean, I do it.
And they usually go, I know who you are, Mr. Jones.
I agree.
I work here.
They're threatening to fire me.
And I go, well, then quit.
And I say, leave me alone.
And I just had to go do my shopping.
My wife doesn't wear it.
My three-year-old daughter doesn't wear it.
My son doesn't wear it.
My older daughter doesn't wear it.
And so, no, I know it's a status thing.
I'm like walking to a hotel, no mask.
And almost, they say nothing.
I mean also, especially if it's in Austin, like you're Alex Jones, so like if you're walking around with no mask.
Well that is part of it, but when you see like Democrats or Trump, they're not wearing them either.
It's like a status thing.
So it's a leadership deal.
I think, number one, you know they cause bacterial pneumonia.
The mask.
They don't work, it's all a fraud.
So why do it?
It's a sign that we're in a crisis.
It's a sign that we're in an emergency and we need to be locked up in our homes.
Have you seen Israel and the freedom bracelets?
No, what's that?
They make you wear a bracelet now when you fly back to the country, like an ankle bracelet, but it's on your arm.
For what purpose?
Just to say that you're vaccinated?
Oh, just to make sure you don't leave your house while you're on quarantine.
It's a giant exploration.
So tell me, what's your big takeaways?
What's your favorite state?
Well, I mean, you gotta take a few things into account.
There's, like, the social element of the state, so if cool people live there and you like the bars and the scene.
There's also, like, natural beauty.
I mean, natural beauty overall, California.
You know, because I love the desert and the mountains and the beach and all that shit.
You can get that in one place.
Florida, for sure, socially.
I mean, I'm, like, 23, so you can probably imagine the kind of stuff we get into when we travel.
So, probably Florida.
Central Florida.
I'm proud of Florida.
Florida has just been, screw you, that has some of the lowest COVID numbers.
There's never been COVID in Florida.
I mean, that was there.
We were in, where were we at?
We were in Orlando like a month after the lockdown and it was like party every day.
Where are you headed after, Austin?
I'm actually not sure.
I have a lot of footage to edit, so I'm probably just gonna, you know.
What I'm thinking about doing is putting the camper shell on my truck and just doing it that way.
Because the luxury of an RV is kind of getting in my head.
I start to feel like an aristocrat, you know what I mean?
No, it's not aristocratic to have a little RV.
No, it's 36 feet long.
It's a Winnebago.
I've got an RV.
It pops out.
I've got a 36-foot Winnebago.
I want to get to my roots and just keep it a little grimy.
Is it elitist to have a 36-foot Winnebago that I don't have time to use?
It's possibly elitist.
I mean, given the scale of road living, I would say the most badass thing would just be a truck with a camper shell on it so you could just pass out in the back.
No AC, take a shit in Walmart every day.
I didn't mean to say that.
Use the bathroom in Walmart every day.
I think the Winnebago with the pop-out is relatively elitist, yeah.
Well, I mean, compared to the overpriced housing, it's a pretty good thing to live in.
Austin is insanely expensive right now.
Everyone from California is moving.
It's become L.A.
Is it full-blown L.A.?
I knew I was in L.A.
last week.
When I'm driving home, I look over and Joe Rogan is in his truck right next to me.
And I look at him, and I roll the window down and wave at him, and he doesn't recognize me.
He gets mad and rolls his window up.
I call him.
I go, hey, it's me.
He goes, oh, hey.
We started talking.
But, I mean, that's how crazy it is.
Like, Joe Rogan.
I saw a couple other movie stars last week.
Who'd you see?
I don't want to get into it.
They live by me.
But, I mean, there's a lot of them.
I mean, it's like L.A.
And it's just, it's just, they're here to hide.
I get it.
I just don't want them to bring their L.A.
Like, no one wants to get away from it.
Hasn't Austin always been liberal?
Like, Austin's like a blue dot in Texas, right?
Yeah, but now Austin's like a California toilet.
Just all the bad California stuff.
They got Dallas, they got, they got almost said LA, they got Austin, they got Houston, they got San Antonio.
I mean, it's, it's, we're going blue, brother.
Do you think they're gonna go?
The average Texas is like, I'll never have it around here, boy!
California used to be red as blood.
Do you think all these transplants will move back to California after the country opens back up?
Are they just here to blow off some steam and not be in the lockdown society?
Oh yeah, California will come back in 20 years.
You think it'll take that long?
Here's the deal, they're emptying California and New York out for the migrants.
Who then politicize and inhabit the rest of the country.
It's not against the migrants, but they're being politically brainwashed, politically used, politically controlled.
Thing is, I can talk a lot.
I want you to talk.
Dude, I'm more of a listener, you know what I mean?
No, no, no, no, no.
Let's go to your next clip here.
Let's go to, we played Bigfoot, which, that doesn't even do it justice, folks.
That's such a funny episode.
I've watched it three times, and I don't watch anything three times.
Area51, here's a quick clip from your Instagram.
What are your thoughts on the aliens, man?
They're here.
They're here.
They're here right now.
They're walking among us on two legs.
Oh, yeah.
How do you spot a human-alien hybrid?
I think it's the smell.
They buy Axe at the grocery stores because they think that's what the human teens want.
And the human teens, they disguise themselves as that.
Look at this means of conveyance.
Now look at that right there.
Is that human?
Because if you had an alien scent about you, you would cover it with Axe.
Do you plan on raiding tonight, sir?
Oh, I've already been in.
What was in there?
They're in there.
They're in there.
Anyways, man, thanks for the interview.
Good luck.
Meanwhile, Area 51 is a toxic waste dump for, like, radiation and chemical weapons.
They got some hidden Skunk Works planes there, but it's not even one of the most secretive bases.
So how do you think it became the base they're all obsessed with?
There was a dude named Bob... not Bob Lazar.
There was a different guy named Glenn Campbell or something like that.
You know that little town right there called Rachel, Nevada?
Got like 53 people.
This guy is He's one of the reasons that it was popularized in culture as the alien hotspot.
He lived there for a long time and he was a hardcore tinfoil hat alien dude.
He published a lot of stuff about the extraterrestrial activity there and it just became this big tourist destination.
I don't know.
The original political correctness.
You can't say the poop word, an Anglo-Saxon word, S-H-D.
Imagine the Norman.
Your words are gross.
Your words are banned.
That's political correctness now.
Andrew Callahan, all gas and no brakes show, big hit!
It is really the toast of the town.
It is the, what do you call, up and coming when it actually comes.
But that's what's happening here.
I was just during the break getting you a LaCroix, because you wanted one, and then I couldn't find a paper cup for you, so.
I can just drink it straight out of the can.
It's not cold, though.
It's fine.
I had to go across the warehouse and get it.
No one will bring it to me for days.
I'm not mad at the crew, I just beg, can I please have it?
You asked for the same, now you get it, see.
I get to have it?
That's a whole, you get it now, go ahead.
This is a big moment here.
I'm out of breath.
I just ran like 500 yards to get this for you.
There we go.
Meanwhile, I go running into the break room trying to find a paper cup and ice.
I did find the ice!
But, no cup.
But that's okay.
Because I'm going to run to the convenience store next during the next break.
By foot.
Maybe I can get there.
But I saw Cuomo crying on TV.
So sorry.
And it's so fake.
He's such a thug.
He's so out of control.
Everybody hates him.
What do you make of this Cuomo thing?
What did he do again?
Uh, he sent people with COVID purposely to the hospitals to kill old people to get a hot death number, and it turns out he's been threatening everybody, journalists, and sexually harassing women.
Like Pepe Le Pew.
Oh, that's like the perv cartoon character.
Yeah, it's the skunk.
Yeah, no, I mean, is Cuomo crying on TV right now?
Yeah, I think they have it cued up.
Here, go ahead and roll it.
Wait, is that him harassing someone right there?
I don't know what it is, but I mean, he's a cartoon character.
I don't think Peppermint Peter is a cartoon character.
It's this guy.
Go ahead and roll the clip if you found it.
He's live right now in a press conference.
Here it is.
...on this.
First, I fully support a woman's right to come forward.
And I think it should be encouraged in every way.
Man, this is good.
I now understand That I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable.
It was unintentional.
And I truly and deeply apologize for it.
it. I feel awful about it and frankly I am embarrassed by it.
And that's not easy to say.
But that's the truth.
But this is what I want you to know.
And I want you to know this from me directly.
I never touched anyone inappropriately.
I never touched anyone inappropriately.
I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable.
I never knew at the time I was making anyone feel uncomfortable.
I know he's a scooper.
He can do it.
Here's a paper.
That's your bag of ice.
I certainly never, ever meant to hurt anyone.
That Bill Murray over there, no?
I can only ever look at the people doing the sign language and he's saying it's press conference.
All right, that's enough.
Hey, you know what this really is?
This is them diverting from the 16,000 dead old people.
You know that's what this is, right?
Like, they went, oh my god, we're in deep trouble, we murdered all these people, Latissa James is investigating her, she ordered the old people to have the COVID cases put with them, so now this is their desperate attempt to make, oh, he's going away not for killing old people, he's going away for COVID, he's going away for some Me Too stuff.
What do you think?
I don't know, but he seems like an inhuman on TV.
He doesn't come off very human.
No, like he's talking super slow.
He was, I am very slow.
He sounds like a cartoon character.
But he's just talking so slow, man.
It's like, I've never even talked that slow.
And I've talked really slow before.
Well, they're all so manipulative.
They go take like NLP classes and stuff.
And all it does is make them completely illegitimate.
But hey, look at him right there.
Is that a real picture?
No, that's him and the new Health and Human Secretary Deputy Director.
Oh, merged.
The one that's a little obsessed with children's peepees.
What could go wrong?
You know, it's a dude in a wig.
He says a three-year-old should have sex changes.
Who said that?
That dude.
I was like, that's me.
Is that you right there?
Is that Cuomo?
He looks good, I'm not gonna lie.
Would you marry?
Would you date her?
Oh, yeah.
What'd you do?
Hit it?
Yeah, it's got power.
Oh really?
You feel really powerful like, dating a Cuomo in a blonde wig?
Well just dating Cuomo period.
You have access to so many elite networks of New York socialites.
You can go to any restaurant you want.
I would pay a lot to not go to those restaurants.
You realize what mummies those people are?
They all just like go, they all pose to each other and go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, The whole time while they're eating.
You realize these are the worst people on earth?
You do not want to be anywhere near these people.
Is that a joke?
Who do you think is the worst living person?
Bill Gates.
Yeah, he's about as bad as he gets.
Uh... Anderson Cooper's pretty bad.
Who's the best living person?
I have to say my mama.
Besides your mom?
I don't know.
There's 7 million plus souls.
There's a lot of good people out there.
There's a lot of good people.
I can't judge that.
I'm not omnipresent.
I just know that when I look at Bill Gates or these people, I mean, these are bad people.
These are not good people.
You know Bill Gates had the Seattle Park Service build him a, like a public park in his house that is like technically built by the city but that no one can go in besides him?
He has like his own park and no one knows about it?
I'm from Seattle.
No I didn't know that, tell me about it.
He's got a secret park, I didn't realize until recently.
But like, that's pretty evil, you know what I mean?
Tell me about it!
He's got a park and no one knows about it.
And that's what he likes is they want us all up the streets.
This is beautiful for him.
Where do they want us, you think?
All of us?
Yeah, they want most of us dead.
You ever see his TED Talk where he said we got to reduce human carbon down to zero?
So that means no people?
Yeah, no people.
Just him?
But it's not creepy or anything.
He just runs all our health programs worldwide and everything.
He's been kicked out of 34 countries, but yeah, he wants to... He also has to get rid of old people, too.
Have you met him before?
No, I've never met Mr. Pink Sweater.
What would you say if you met him?
I don't... I have no desire... He's not of this world, my friend.
He's not... You think he's, like, not biologically human?
No, he's biologically human.
It's... He's dimensionally overtaken.
How many dimensions are there?
Well, there's 12 in our analysis.
But that's 12 of this.
Obviously, everything folds over itself, so there's a lot of sub-dimensions.
Which dimension are we in right now?
Physically, the third dimension.
Well, you can actually walk through the dimensions.
It's in mainline science.
Where are we spiritually?
Well, the mathematical equations, and most analysts believe the brain
can go to about the sixth dimension.
What is the difference between the sixth dimension and the third dimension?
Well, you can actually walk through the dimensions.
It's in mainline science.
But the sixth dimension, to try to describe it, is that you're able to basically
see and understand the dimensions of anything in the sixth dimension
in the universe you're in.
But you can't, like, to higher dimensions start controlling those dimensions.
Like third dimensions, this table, two dimensionals like this paper, one dimensional, just type on it.
And so you're like fourth dimension, it would just be aware of larger circumferences, larger systems integrate together.
But because we're in the third dimension right now, physically, we can't contemplate or understand what the next one would be, right?
Because we're always in basically temporarily focused on the dimension we're in.
The system wants to keep us in the third dimension.
And in fact, it wants to lower us in an even lower dimension.
Like 2D?
Like Spongebob?
In that episode?
Doodlebob Spongebob?
I like Spongebob, yeah.
Even though it's owned by Nickelodeon?
I mean, it doesn't mean there's like broken clocks aren't right twice a day.
No, I mean, some of the Spongebob things are funny.
Like Krabby Patties.
You don't think there's like any programming in Spongebob?
A lot of it.
But mainly, Mainly it's electrochemical.
It's not an overt message or some of that.
It's electrochemical.
In that it's lowering attention spans.
It's nonsensical.
It's jumping around.
And so for an adult brain, you get that.
But for a smaller brain, it can cause some neural interface issues in patterns of brain growth, preparing the brain for other higher level programs.
I feel like Squidward as a neighbor kind of trained us to be hostile towards the people immediately around us.
You know what I mean?
I think that's more like a sitcom.
That's a real character exists, though.
We have a lot of neighbors that are like Squidward.
Whatever his name is, the squid guy with the big nose.
Andrew Callahan is fulfilling his destiny.
It's good to have you here, my friend.
It's good to be here.
I like your comedy.
It's not comedy, though.
You go out and find hilarious people across... What's your favorite hunting ground for really entertaining people?
The Midwest, it seems?
Every person in Florida is what they call content.
Why is that?
Because I like Florida more and more, man.
They've been really fighting the tyranny.
What would you say the spirit animal of Florida is?
That's a really good question.
I mean... Spirit animal?
I'm not too good with... What's your star sign?
Well, I'm an Aquarius.
That makes sense.
I'm talking about Florida, though.
What is Florida's spirit animal?
I mean, a flamingo, that's a pretty lame thing to say, though.
Well, no.
Is that the state bird?
That's the state bird.
I don't know the spirit animal.
We don't care what the government came up with.
I'm saying, what is Florida's archetype?
What is its spirit animal?
I don't know.
Just for reference, what's your spirit animal?
You know, I asked Joe Rogan his.
He said he doesn't have one.
And that's not name-dropping.
I think I'm the same way.
I don't know about a spirit animal.
I don't know.
I'm kind of like bear-like a little bit.
I don't know.
Definitely bear.
For sure.
So what is your spirit animal?
Polar bear.
Polar bear.
There you go.
That's good.
So, you asked me, you did a really serious interview with me earlier.
Yeah, yeah.
For 45 minutes before we went live.
It was very serious.
We're not being serious right now.
I'll be serious next hour.
But US police uncover possible militia plot to breach Capitol Thursday.
This is out of Tom's Herald, AP Reuters, here's another one right here.
Is that March 4th?
New York Post, yeah.
The Q people again.
They're not going to do it again?
I mean, no kidding.
There's like 30,000 troops, but now because 8chan says he'll be inaugurated the president tomorrow, like 20 idiots believe it, Trump meaning, he'll be inaugurated tomorrow.
It's not going to happen.
This is an excuse for martial law.
This is serious.
What do you think their next prediction is going to be when that doesn't happen?
I mean, these people cannot admit they got conned.
I mean, this is, Globalist Insiders did this whole Q thing.
I'm so sad for them because so much of what they talk about is real stuff.
It's like, you know, Q exposed the New World Order before you, I mean before Q, nobody knew about it.
And it's like, uh, no.
So we like wake these people up, but then they like just believe an H-hand board that then gives them BS.
Have you ever considered teaming up with Antifa to like take down the Deep State?
The problem is George Soros and the Deep State fund Antifa.
Like direct deposits type stuff?
I mean yeah, we've got some of their documents, yeah.
Each person?
No, they'll fund kind of the mothership group in each town.
But I think some of the actual Antifa folks might be not bad people, they're just misled.
But again, most of the KKK is led by Feds.
Even Texas Monthly 20 years ago caught like the main KKK group in Texas was run by the Feds.
Would you consider becoming a police officer?
You know, the system is so political now that, no, I mean, the problem is then they just get kind of not very good people to be the police now.
That's part of putting pressure on the police.
And to blame police for everything is then to run off good people and then society basically falls apart.
Because, you know, everything the left does is degrade society, undermine it.
And then, oh, let's get rid of the police as well.
But, oh, the Democrats, they've got private bodyguards.
It's like Minneapolis.
Millions of dollars for private bodyguards, 24-7, for the city council, who defunded the police.
So the citizens don't get police, and they don't want you to have guns, but they have private bodyguards.
Do you see any kind of paradox there?
One thing I was wondering is, like, how do you know that, like, someone on your team isn't, like, compromised?
Like, how do you keep... We've had that happen.
But we're not doing anything wrong.
So they just make lies up.
In fact, I never got to this earlier.
I mean, they had top trending, you know, on Twitter yesterday, Alex Jones secret video undercover hates Trump.
It was a documentary I was in and it's an edited video.
And I had the documentary right here that I'm that it's in that's like on Netflix.
I mean, it's on Amazon.
It's like a censorship documentary or something.
You can't watch this.
And I said what they said in the film.
They just released it and said it was a secret video.
Yeah, they just released it without like the articles and stuff that are in it and said, and they cut off like, if I was playing devil's advocate or you know, if I was an immoral person, I would hate Trump because I would, I've been through freaking hell.
This guy's destroyed my life.
But, but then I want to say, but I did it because it was the right thing to do.
But they edited that part out and put out, Jones Attacks Trump, hoping Trump sees that, or hoping it creates a division.
But I mean, imagine, it's a film out for a year and a half, and it's all over the news, trending on Twitter, that the secret video, I'm like, it's lights in a studio, like this, in Austin, and the guy's talking to me, and that's how dumb I think their audience is.
Whenever I saw secret video, I thought it was going to be like, you know, one of those like, pin cameras, and like, someone catching you like, slipping, but it was like, completely, you know, in studio.
Yeah, it's like lights are all there, like, we found the cut of the scene and we've looked, there it is!
The leaked video!
It's all perfectly lit, you know, in a warehouse.
But it's a film released a year and a half ago!
I mean, think of the... and they asked people to see it last Monday.
Last week, sent me an email saying, uh, we have this secret video.
And I said, I know about that.
I said that in the film.
I sent them the link to this, brother.
They knew it was fake, but still ran with it.
What does that say about them?
Well, I mean, look, it's a film out for a year and a half that won Film Festival Awards.
They take a clip of it, remove the elements of it, say it's undercover video, it's obviously high-tech shot shoot with a frickin' boom and everything, then they turn it around and say that it's a secret, and then edit the video so it sounds like I hate Trump.
They just probably want your clout, bro.
So that's it, they don't even care if it comes out it's a lie, they just don't want the... Well, I mean, you're a hot-button guy, like, you know, Alex Jones leaked audio.
Boy, that's gonna go.
And by the way, people think our reviews at Infowars, I agree, are fake.
Most stuff's like 95%.
Look at this.
They hate that.
I mean, it's not that good a movie, actually, because they just put negative crap in there.
Turns out there were a couple of SJWs that made the film.
In fact, speak of the devil.
Go ahead and play the clip from the film, folks.
And then here it is.
Alex Jones on leaked video.
I wish I never met Trump.
Here's what I actually said.
Then they edited out what I said and then edited it to be deceptive.
Here it is.
Part of me, the selfish part, Wishes I'd never met Donald Trump.
It's fantastic business.
I don't know if you can see that thing right up there.
We can.
But it's doing great business.
I hope your audience goes out and buys it as Christmas gifts and everything else.
And I just want to finish by saying your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Being sucked into that whole vortex has... It was like selling your soul.
Everything I did and everything I was, and everything I was trying to do at that point didn't matter how diverse it was.
It didn't matter how it was multifaceted.
It all became that at that point.
So Trump came to get my populist audience, and then he did that.
The Democrats saw it as a threat.
They attacked it and said that I was Donald Trump, thinking that would hurt him.
It made Trump stronger.
It made him win the election.
And so they understand that Donald Trump is InfoWars and that I'm Donald Trump now.
And it's like a ring of doom.
We've been merged together into this thing and they're obsessed with it.
If I'd had a target on my back before, When I signed on to promote America's resurgence, to promote Donald Trump, all the attacks I'd been through before were like boot camp.
This was the real battle.
And that's when it got crazy.
Okay, so that was trending number seven on Twitter yesterday, except it was the raw footage without music and without me saying, if I was being, you know, an immoral person, I would hate Donald Trump.
They cut that out, put the part in and said it was secret video.
Is that not incredible fraud?
Yeah, I mean, if you sign the release form, what can you do?
You know?
No, but that's what I'm saying, though!
It's like, they put a film out with what I really said, and then they put out a clip, edited, and then like, that's the SPLC?
Yeah, it's pretty strange.
Pretty strange choice of like, you know, if it's been out for that long, it seems like they just like, wanted some exposure, so they just did that real quick.
But that's what I'm saying is, I never try to deceive my audience.
Hell, telling the truth is so easy to do.
I just don't get writing that headline that it's leaked video and it's obviously professionally shot.
They did a good job shooting it.
I just think the quote doesn't make any sense.
Like, why would you have wished you never met Trump?
Well, I'm saying if I was a devil's advocate what I've gone through, I would wish I'd ever met Trump.
But they edited it.
The edited tape, I'll show it to you, is like jump, jump, jump, jump, and it's like, you know, I hate Trump.
Did you support any, like, political candidate in the 2012 election?
No, I thought they were both bad.
So Trump was like the first dude that you were like, okay, this is the man.
Well, I knew they didn't like him, and I knew he was a populist.
He wasn't perfect, exactly.
Let's do five more minutes.
All Gas No Breaks is with us!
Andrew Callahan!
And you can just type in his name, All Gas No Breaks, and you'll find all his great work.
And we're having some fun here, but this guy's a great filmmaker, great researcher, he's got a great team.
And then we got Steve Quell coming up and so much more.
We'll be right back with hour number three.
You gotta do it too, though, man.
Oh, I'm so scared of that bottle of Jenkinson's.
You gotta do it.
If I'm doing it... That looks like mama's milk right there.
We're in this together.
We're in this together.
Alright, we'll just drink out of the same cup.
He wanted to drink with me.
This is actually apple juice.
I cannot actually drink myself.
I can't handle it.
You can do it.
Nah, let me try it.
Let me try it just to make sure it's not poison.
No, no.
I want your glass.
I don't have a glass, son.
Thank you.
This is... Let me see.
Is this poison?
That's apple juice, y'all.
You go ahead and have some, too.
There you go.
Here we go.
I'm an emissary to the young people, listeners.
This is what I must do.
I was sent here to do this.
All right.
Jesus turned the water into wine.
He turned the apple juice into Jameson's.
You know, they got all those fancy Jameson's, but you can't get past the real Jameson's.
I didn't know there was more than one.
The best whiskey in the galaxy.
It's Jameson.
You said, what do you drink?
You said Jameson, son.
Jameson is a ginger ale.
It's as close to ecstasy as you can get.
You were taking ecstasy?
No, never.
Why not?
I don't need drugs, son.
I have to suppress my intellect.
Yeah, because you're an Aquarius, so you're just suppressing all the time.
They always think I'm on cocaine.
I hate cocaine.
I've done it like three times.
I want to kill myself after I take it.
It's horrible.
I don't take speed other than coffee in the morning and turbo force when I need it.
I mean, I don't take drugs.
Alcohol though, Jesus gave it to us.
Come on, that's smoother than... What about Ketamine?
You ever tried that?
No, I don't like it.
I've heard a lot about it.
What'd you hear about it?
I don't know.
People told me about it.
They tell me you like to feel like you're falling into a hole.
K-hole, yeah.
That doesn't sound pretty fun.
It doesn't sound fun at all.
You ever fallen into a hole off the Jameson before, though?
I've played back in bed before.
Kinda had the head spins a bit.
What's the drunkest you've ever been in your entire life?
I don't remember.
You never remember those times.
Maybe someone told you.
You have done well, Lord Vader.
Are you a Star Wars fan?
I'm a fan of making fun of it.
I mean, I like a few episodes.
I like the original ones, and episode three's pretty good.
Are we live right now?
Yeah, we're live!
Oh, damn!
All these people are watching us drink Jameson?
All right, listen.
You've done a great job.
All gas, no brakes.
But I thought you were coming to an all gas, no brakes episode ahead of The Great Steve Quill about to come on.
You're not doing that.
You're making a big documentary.
It's possible.
I'm not sure.
I haven't announced it yet.
This is pretty fancy pants stuff you're doing.
Very fancy pants.
All right, we're going to work out as soon as I'm done talking to Steve Quayle in about an hour.
All right.
So what else do you want to impart to the listeners as you drink that apple juice?
You're like Gunsmoke set, folks.
We're not drinking real Jameson, sir.
Basically nothing.
I'm just happy to be here.
What did you expect when you came here?
Is this what you expected?
I didn't expect to have so much fun.
We're about to have fun with Steve Quayle.
Look at him right there.
That's powerful right there.
That's a person?
Steve Quayle?
That's a real person right there.
What does Steve Quayle do?
Well, when the DMT elves take DMT, they see Steve Quayle.
What's up, Steve?
There's Steve right there.
What up, Steve?
Alright, I love you.
We're going to play a little promo clip when we come back.
Steve's got a lot to cover.
Because we like to have some fun with comedians.
Reach out to the young kids.
Little sport over here.
And it was good to have you here with us.
Say hi to all the kiddies.
I'm being sarcastic.
Trying to sound like Judge Smiles.
You know, Danny, there's goodness and badness in the world, right?
You need to say, I want to be good.
I want to be good.
Very good.
So that's the secret, all right?
Is being very good.
Because we have a lot of really serious things to talk about with Steve Quayle.
Look at Steve Quayle.
He is very serious right now.
I'm very serious.
Steve Quill is about to red pill the whole world.
He's about to black pill the whole world.
That's daddy black pill.
Black pill means you like hate everything, right?
Well, black pill means you're a realist.
And in these days, you know, black pill is, black is the new red pill.
What would you call yourself?
A pink pill?
Pink pill?
Green pill?
Polka dot pill?
Green is my favorite color.
What's the pill, what's the best pill?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we had fun for an hour.
Now we get serious with Steve Quayle.
But first, here is Senator Cruz on the commies.
We are a year into a deadly pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China.
The Chinese Communist Party censored and disappeared doctors and journalists who were trying to tell the truth.
About how the coronavirus was spreading and the Chinese Communist Party lied to the world about the nature of the virus.
Over two and a half million people worldwide have died, including over a half million Americans.
The Chinese Communist Party's lies and censorship and propaganda didn't stop with the pandemic.
They pervade everything the Chinese Communist Party does.
Many of us are increasingly concerned that China is gaining access to American secrets using non-traditional, all-of-government or even all-of-nation approaches to espionage against the United States and our allies.
That includes using companies like Tencent and Huawei, which masquerade as telecom companies When they are, in fact, government espionage operations.
This is deeply troubling and dangerous.
China is, in my judgment, the greatest long-term geopolitical threat to the United States for the next century.
Presidents in both parties have believed for decades that the United States could somehow
turn China from a foe to a friend through trade and diplomacy.
Or that allowing China into rules-based institutions would turn China into a rules-based country.
Instead, sadly, the opposite has happened.
The United States, of course, can't sever all commerce with one of the biggest economies
on the planet.
But we must recognize China for the threat it poses to our national security.
I really love him joining us.
He's got some big news we're announcing at the bottom of the hour.
He's a best-selling author, filmmaker, original survivalist, and other than David Icke, the first people on a modern scale to expose the New World War.
I mean, 30 years ago, Icke showed about 30 years ago, so did Quayle, so he's right up there.
It's not about status or something, but it's important to know our history and How things operate and you know who's been dead on about things and Steve Quayle's right up there with only a few people.
And so I wanted just to get into the false flag QAnon.
We know it's globalist.
There's planning to launch an attack on the Capitol tomorrow.
That's the deep state saying that.
Claiming Trump will be re-inaugurated tomorrow.
We've got all the news saying, oh, martial law is needed.
Arrest all the conservatives.
We had the FBI Terrorism Task Force come visit us.
And I'm not going to get into any more of that.
I showed you the card on air.
And it's just like, terrorism?
Give me a break.
That's where this country is right now.
They're planning something big.
Well, Alex, here's the deal.
joins us right now to give us a big picture with all of his gravitas and energy and history
on where he thinks we are right now.
Steve Quayle of Gen6Giants.com and SteveQuayle.com, thank you so much for joining us.
Where are we right now, my friend?
Well, Alex, here's the deal.
The whole QAnon psychological operation is falling apart, yet still people want to believe
that somehow President Trump can come back and make all things better when every single
mainstream media outlet is against him, was against him.
We have the Justice Department against him.
We have the State Department against him.
We have all the law enforcement associations and the people who came to... He shut off the internet.
He's kicked off everything.
And the thing is, is that, look, they're trying to make him persona non grata.
A person of no status.
And the people still don't get it.
And I say this, Alex, Uncle Sam You know, some people say he's on life support.
I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, the foundations of this country are done!
And what could 75 million people, and I say this non-violently, if they had just practiced the same thing that Martin Luther King did?
Or, you know, even Gandhi!
Now look, here's the thing that's happening.
The militarization of the Washington D.C.
area should tell everybody.
The old statement, when the government fears the people, there's liberty.
When the people fear the government, there's tyranny.
But Alex, this is a plan to take out... You and I have been talking since we were on talk radio about all the globalist statements to depopulate the planet, depopulate the world, and here's what's going on.
The transhumanists, those who think that God did a really bad job when he created Mankind are going to replace us.
We're being replaced.
So I don't even like the word that they're just coming after 125 million people.
These people will not rest until a quarter of a billion Americans are dead.
That's not fear porn.
It's not fear mongering.
It's the Deagle Report.
The Deagle Report is composed, you and I have talked about it on air, separately and together, of three different heads of three, quote, intelligence agencies that are Eating the information into a think tank.
And that think tank, even the three heads, I'm told, by guys in the intelligence community, aren't knowing everybody else.
The same thing that started the QAnon movement.
Counterintelligence programming.
What QAnon did was neutralize the Tea Party.
It neutralized, if you will, the consensus of the American public to think somebody, especially a president that is so Double-crossed, betrayed, given false counsel, and everything else, that somehow he's coming back tomorrow, Alex, and he's going to make everything better.
And I know that that is absolutely bizarre to even embrace that thought, because we're seeing the fruit of evil.
The next, and I say this, the final push to quote Patrick Leahy, they won't demilitarize Washington, D.C.
until the First Amendment's done and the Second Amendment is finished, the right to keep and bear arms.
The globalists, the revolutionaries, the eugenicists want the United States to cease to be because we're the only thing that stands, and I'll say this temporarily, in their path to total global destruction.
And how do we, Alex, get across to people that they want to destroy 90 to 95% of the population and they're initiating it now?
It doesn't, it doesn't, it doesn't, Get better.
Transhumanist quest for a god-like humanity.
The head of Moderna, the absolute most arrogant statement yesterday in my opinion, he made the statement that they can do anything to the human genome.
I've been telling people about that for 25 years.
One of the first shows you and I did together years ago was Genetic Armageddon.
Today's technology, tomorrow's monsters.
And they're turning the most sophisticated AI programs into every form of weapon system So that they can have, if you will, autonomous killing machines.
It seems like they're launching their attack all at once.
Were they behind schedule?
Were they on schedule?
It just seems so frantic and so crazy.
It's fulfilling everything we warned about, but it's just so crazy.
It seems like it's moving really fast.
It is moving really fast.
It's no longer linear.
I think most people got to get out of their heads.
It's all coming.
They sense blood in the water.
Unfortunately, it's ours.
And so it's all coming at once.
So globalists are making their big move.
Obviously, we're talking about a global vaccine.
And by the way, Alex, Ebola is next on the list.
And so the thing that I want people to understand is it's no longer linear.
Well, one thing will happen, one thing will happen.
It's like a bomb going off, a nuclear weapon.
It's all taking place at once.
You'll look to the future, it's coming at you to destroy you.
Look behind you, you see everything borders language, culture, as Michael Savage said, and our freedoms are gone.
You can't even travel, travel pass.
A guy by the name of Von Clausewitz made a statement, wrote a book called On War.
People that are in the military read it.
But he said, what goods don't cross borders, armies do.
And when the American people are absolutely being isolated, unless you take the vaccine.
And let's get that clear.
It is not a vaccine.
It is a genetic mutagenic, meaning it produces mutants.
It is gene therapy, but it's also the rewriting of the human genome to turn us into monsters.
And that's the whole point.
Well, that's my next question when we come back, because top scientists say you should
kill yourself before you take it.
It'll mutate your genes, it'll kill your baby, it'll do all sorts.
It's got jellyfish genes, the Pfizer one does.
It's got a dead kid from '66 in him.
I mean, obviously, this is their big plan.
They wouldn't try something this reckless, this violent, unless it had some larger endgame.
to cyber that with Steve Quayle of SteveQuayle.com on the other side.
I can't wait to hear what Steve has to say about this because he's the first person ever to talk about all this.
We'll be right back.
And look what the whole COVID lockdown is about.
Bankrupting you, making you give up.
This is just breaking.
Steve Quell is with us right now on the Alex Jones Show.
CBS News.
Stimulus checks should continue until COVID-19 is history.
Senator Biden says a letter from Senators saying they want universal basic income to start now.
Here's the U.S.
Senate letter.
It is now official.
Universal income.
Oh, sounds great!
Don't have to work, but you gotta take the vaccine, gotta do what we have to say.
Lawyers prepare second round of Nuremberg trials to prosecute all who perpetrated the global coronavirus scam.
That's more like it.
Going back to Steve Quayle, author, researcher, filmmaker.
Steve, you were getting into mRNA, what's happening, this point in history, why they're accelerating so fast.
Well, they're accelerating because, again, the plan is the global depopulation of the world's human beings.
Now, look, China thinks they're going to come up on top of this as the dragon masters, and they literally consider themselves in their ancient history as children of a dragon.
Well, here's what's going on, Alex.
Now we're hearing about spontaneous abortions, pregnant women.
That's part of the plan to kill off the human reproduction.
I believe behind it is a satanic plan to kill all humanity.
And even the technocrats and the technologically decadent people that are with Lucifer are doing everything they can to accelerate this because they know their time is short.
You know, Xi is rising.
You know, his post-COVID ascent.
I like what Ted Cruz said, but I would challenge the amount of people dead.
We got information out of China in the first couple months.
People who gave the information were murdered.
Of tens of millions of Chinese.
You cannot take the mathematic probability, apply it to the population of China, and their habits and everything come up with these fake and phony death numbers, they just don't match. And then we see the
flu, the flu in the United States, oh it went away. Gee, everything that was, if you got shot
in the head, you died of COVID-19.
This is the biggest psychological world terror operation ever undertaken. And what it's done,
you just said it, it's killed, it's killed free enterprise.
It's killed the middle class people.
It's absolutely causing the distortion, the breakdown, divorce of the families.
It's isolated.
By the way, in ancient Arab worlds, long before Islam, the mask was a sign of not only submission, but it broke the person's spirit.
It absolutely was designed to isolate.
The social isolation, and I'm on record as saying you know this, screw quarantine!
Quarantine is the most sinister and wicked application of solitary confinement.
People have got to wake up.
There is no white horse coming to you tomorrow to save, to take over, to restore Donald Trump.
Hey, Alex, if Donald Trump was restored, what could he do this time that he couldn't do last time?
Because everybody who hates him, who worked to kill him, who want him dead, Where are they?
They're still in power.
You cannot play the game... And let's be clear, I'm going to interrupt you because you're so on target.
We're not saying Trump isn't good or powerful or great.
We have to stand up.
We have to say no.
We can't just think he's going to do it all when the same swamp that blocked him is still there.
You can't hire alligators and then put the alligators in charge of coming up with alligator cowboy boots, belts, and whatever else.
You cannot.
And this is the thing.
This is not anti-Trump.
This is saying, what changed?
It's only gotten worse.
This is realism.
This is victory.
Realism is victory.
Being honest is victory.
Assessing the problem is victory.
But until you assess the problem accurately, you cannot count or you cannot come up with a countermeasure.
And for every measure, there's a countermeasure.
So here's the deal.
What's going to change?
Well, nothing's going to change.
Two Anonymous was, and I'll go one step further, Two Anonymous was the emasculation of the American spirit.
It was an absolute pre-positioned, pre-planned, Basically, data acquisition to find out what was on the American people's hearts.
Now we've got 19-20 million people.
They're going to go homeless.
Obviously, they're throwing out every protection they had.
And how?
Where are the jobs going to be?
There are no jobs, Alex, because the bottom line is we're being replaced.
Well, they told us we are non-essential.
I mean, if aliens landed and said, you're non-essential, we'd know it meant genocide.
We'd fight back.
We're like, oh, you're non-essential.
Why are they so... Why does Klaus Schwab admit no more human interaction, get rid of humans, save the Earth, in his statements?
Then his surrogates all lie.
They always metaphysically tell the truth in their white papers, but then lie in their response to us.
What is that calculation?
Well, the calculation is we're already so brainwashed that the truth has no effect.
And the most dangerous thing in the world is the truth.
No, I agree, but why would they be honest at the executive level, but then always their surrogates say that wasn't said?
They would just lie to the executive.
I think metaphysically they have to, for those of us that are awake, they have to give us the fine print.
They do.
And the argument is that the devil always warns what he's going to do ahead of time in order to rub our faces in it that, look at how dumb we are.
So that's a lesser magic.
Explain that.
Why does the occult love to rub our face?
Well, because that is their way of showing they have conquered.
And you ask me, why Carl Shaw?
I do not believe these people are human.
I believe, and I don't, I believe they are possessed by supernaturally wicked entities.
And we're seeing more and more display of such pride and arrogance that it doesn't matter.
And this is the thing, until the American people understand They don't think you matter.
They want you gone.
The flooding across the borders to displace you.
The universal income.
Oh yeah, like communism with a black rose on the top.
We're already seeing, Alex, the total destruction of the foundations.
Solomon said if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
So everybody's frustrated, but they're also neutralized because if they don't understand the basic premise that they want you dead, they want your family dead, they want your children dead, they want you dead.
And that's why it's all coming... And we're not just saying that.
They say they want us dead.
I mean, we have to realize we're under attack.
We're under attack, but we're under, and this is a really important thing, they are integrating, they, the globalists, the Luciferians, all of the supernaturally wicked entities, are looking at human extinction, the plans for human extinction, they're going for it.
You ask me, why is it accelerating?
Because they've become so bold.
So brazen.
And they watched.
Basically, you know what they're saying to the American people?
We got you now.
There's nothing you can do.
That's, excuse me, that's not a surrender statement.
That is how they see us.
And oh, by the way, it's not Alex Knight putting out fear porn.
It's not any of us who are telling the truth.
And we're going to be neutralized, you know.
And I love this.
Leading Catholic exorcists cease.
The demon possession.
Man, the Catholics get it.
I'm not Catholic, by the way.
And the evangelicals, they're just selling out to it.
When you've got 500 evangelicals, I question that, pastors claiming... Stay there, Steve Quill, right back in a few minutes.
Yeah, I can't join Satan.
I can't take the mark of the beast.
I can't be part of the pedophilia.
So, we're just gonna have a war, aren't we?
Lord knows I can't change.
Gonna fly... crank it back up.
Gonna fly free bird!
All right, Steve Quayle's here with us, and he wanted to come on.
I wanted to get him on about globalism.
The New World Order was coming next, but he told me about something last week.
And people always ask, like, what's your sales pitch?
My sales pitch is the truth.
And he's like, how are you doing?
I'm like, well, we can't ever get sponsors.
We sell our own products.
I want to get into survivalism.
I want to really get people prepared.
I want to get prepared.
He said, what about satellite phones?
He goes, I've had a big sponsor for years.
It's the best deal out there.
They want to work with you.
And I said, well, let me, let me pay you some of the money we make.
No, I don't want that.
I want to help you.
So then I got in contact with the lady, found out she's great company for many years.
Then I went and looked at other deals and I found out this is amongst the best.
It's all apples and oranges.
A lot of places, you pay $600, $1,000 or more for the phone, then you pay for the minutes that go with a card, and it ends up costing more than what this deal is.
So I'm doing a pitch right now, quelling when we get into this today, but I'm going to go ahead and do it because I'm excited about it.
Satellite phones used to be super expensive, and then the price has gone down quite a bit, but this is one of the best deals out there, and then we make a small percentage off of every Deal you sign up for.
So you get the phone for free.
A high-end phone.
I looked it up.
It's one of the best out there.
And then it's a year contract and then you have the minutes already on the phone.
And if you want to get more minutes, you can do that, but it's a good deal.
Again, is it the best deal?
It's apples and oranges, but it's right up there as the best deals.
It's right up there as the best deals.
And so, Steve, I want to get back to the globalists, where they're going, what's going to happen next, but since you told me about this, we got in contact, they supported us, they bought advertising on the site, and they sent us a bunch of phones.
And again, you know me, I did like a week of due diligence, I checked, like this is amongst the best deals out there, so I figured you'd have a great deal.
And this is just your idea of helping us.
I was like, hey, let me cut you in.
Oh no, Alex, just, you know, I want to help you.
So you're a great guy.
And well, I didn't know that satellite phones had gone down to this price.
I've got one right here.
Again, these are amongst some of the best out there.
A free phone, sign up for a year.
It's like $99 a month.
And you get all these minutes on a sat phone.
They can't track you.
They can't trace you.
You know, this is next level.
And so I've got one.
I'm booting it up.
It's got the controller.
It's got the antennas.
It's got everything.
And, you know, I figured even if it wasn't the best deal, it funds our operation.
I was going to do it because you recommended it.
It's one of the best deals out there.
So, so, so, Steve, thanks for recommending this and tell us, tell us about this sat phone and why it's important.
Well, first of all, Alex, the critical communication with our loved ones, with information sources, that's what this is all about, the sat phones.
Media censorship is happening.
You and I both know that corporations can't be trusted.
Cellular phones are subject to hacking and tracking.
When they make their big move, they're going to shut off individually patriot phones.
And I came up with a statement and I stand by it.
They want to track ya, whack ya, and stack ya.
Stack ya is like dead bodies.
Listen, I'm passionate about this.
I have to know that my loved ones are alive.
I have to know that, hey, if I need to call Alex, hey, if there's an operation going, you and I and others who are in talk radio will be shut down selectively at the cell phone level.
Well, that's actually my plan is to set it up with other people that can actually get messages recorded from the phone if I'm in the field and it still gets out.
I mean, we're having to actually look at this, folks, because that's the endgame we're moving into.
We're like, as the collapse of censorship happens, it goes exponential now.
Right, and here's the thing, I don't want to put all my eggs in a cell phone, because again, one thing people need to understand about cell phones, your cell phone is not only a tracking device while you're traveling with it from cell tower to cell tower, but if you have your cell phone on, in the room, the microphone, listen, nobody knows this Alex, this was told to me by a really smart scientist.
No, you said it 20 years ago, it's not declassified, it's actually public.
They listen to everything you say.
Yeah, but the thing is, real quick, even if the phone's across the room, they can target you with smart rounds because the microphone is even sensitive enough to pick up your heartbeat.
Listen to this, I had a former MI6 weapons guy on showing the...
Control towers, these smart, smart meters, and the smart light poles, and he showed these little transmitters aimed at the road that fire radiation particle beams, and I showed it to an engineer in Austin.
He said it was real.
So what you're saying is they can weaponize the regular cell phones.
Absolutely, and that's a really good statement.
That's the bottom line.
Now look, the world's in a crisis, let's face it.
And I want to stay in contact with all, you know, my supporters, all my people that I've subscribed to, my newsletter, but all that.
But this is what we're also setting up.
From satellite, it'll go to ham radio operators.
All the hams have already been talking to me, not all of them, but a lot of them.
And the point is, like you said, this is the best deal.
By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I personally know the owners of this company.
I've dealt with them for 10 years.
And in addition to the satellite phone, Alex will be able to upload alphanumeric messages.
It's an alphanumeric... You were ready this week.
They're launching something even new.
Tell folks about that.
I know you were ready.
Well, they're launching a different company, but there's a company that's forming, if you will, a satellite news network.
It's just alphanumeric called Galileo.
And what that's going to be is that people's sat phone numbers, by the way, they're on the side of it.
This is the simplest thing to use.
Some people say, oh, that's too confusing.
If you're outside, can see the sky, you can make a phone.
So here's a company, you know, that's going to be setting up an information source that's going to broadcast.
And so if you ever need to, you know, if somebody's got still up with power, emergency generator, you can send a message on your cell.
We can send mass text messages to people.
And you go and then guess what, ladies and gentlemen, satellite phone to satellite phone, nobody can basically interfere with that.
And the 50 mile radius, they can't track you to a pinpoint.
So the key, the key is not only the phone, but being able to stay in touch with information.
For instance, Precious metal investors, they want to know what the spot price is.
All information that is being kept from us, is being censored from us.
We want to make sure the American people can get that truth.
And this is the only answer.
And thank God there are hands out there.
God bless all you guys.
Shortwave transmitters, receivers.
But this is the best deal.
You know, here's the deal.
We want, by the way, 150 minutes and they allow you to roll your minutes.
So if you don't use 150 minutes in February, you can use it in March or March now into April.
This is, and I say this, I have one.
I sent my wife one of these and it saved her sister's life because they were in a really bad situation floating a river.
She got a phone call out to me on her sat phone, and I basically had airplanes in the air.
This is the way to not just put the regular phones inside privacy pockets.
This is the way to go.
I looked it up.
You're like, okay, you're saying I should go with these people.
You're not making money off it.
I checked.
This is one of the best deals.
If the other best deals are $600 for a phone, then you still pay for the minutes on a card.
This is free phone, sign up for a year, $99 a month.
It's a great deal.
And then you have these minutes you can roll over and get in the habit, folks, of using a sat phone and explain.
You can call people on regular phones with a sat phone.
And the neat thing is, is anybody who calls you on a sat phone, if they initiate the call, you're not paying for it.
That's what I want people to understand.
I'm telling you folks, this is an insane deal.
I remember Steer and Steve 10 years ago talking about satellite phones and I just, I didn't ignore it.
I respect him.
I was like, okay, whatever.
But I was like, how do I get the best preparedness products?
Cause I know he's a big, famous, one of the first big survivalists.
He said, sat phones, Alex, sat phones.
I'll give you the lady.
And then we checked it.
It's one of the best deals out there.
Uh, you know, like I said, and then this supports the broadcast.
Not, not much.
It's a little bit of money.
We get like $5 per sign up, and then they're doing a little bit of advertising on the website.
But I don't care, folks.
I've got one.
We're starting to use it.
It's incredible.
It's so clear.
And it's crazy that this is a phone that's not watching you.
This is a phone not listening to you, not sending cookies out, not controlling you.
This is really a free phone.
It's by free.
I mean, it's actually in the ether.
It's real.
It's real.
And the other thing is Alex.
We can also, you and I can go to a push-to-talk feature, and it's encrypted, and the bottom line is that it's push-to-talk over satellite.
So we're in basically a satellite walkie-talkie situation, and for people that have loved ones who work in the city, away, any type of natural disaster, for instance, the whole situation in Nashville, a lot of cell phones went down.
In Texas, a lot of your cell phones went down.
Bottom line, they're going to shut the cell phone networks down.
This is what you need to get.
We should get a toll-free number out as well.
But this is just incredible.
Everybody needs to get it, and it supports the broadcast.
We get a little bit of money from each phone, but it's just something you all need.
And I thought it's the best deal out there, so I'm like, okay, I'm all for this.
All right, we'll be right back.
All right, final segment with Steve Quayle.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'll host a couple segments ahead of John Ruddport to finish some news and breaking information.
And again, this is literally my idea.
Steve Quayle's been a guest on my show for...
Twenty-five years, been on there twenty-seven, but he's been coming on for twenty-five years, and we sell some of his books at M4Store.com.
He never even comes on to even plug stuff.
I was just like, hey, what's the hottest thing in preparedness?
He said, I've been telling you ten years, it's sat phones, and now they've come down way in price, and we've got this great, and I was like, okay, let me pay you.
He goes, no, don't go through me, just get people phones.
They're gonna need these.
Then I go look it up, and again, it's right up there as the best deals.
It's all apples and oranges.
Most places are $500, $600, $700 to get the phone, and then it's a certain amount per minute.
This is no pay for the phone, free phone, and then you get the 150 minutes or whatever a month.
They can roll forward.
This is amongst the best deals, and you certainly aren't going to get it from an established company or folks that are funding this operation.
And some folks, some of the crews are like, well, you're not making much money off that.
Well, there's not a lot of money in it because they've already cut the price down so much, but that funds our operation.
So I want to thank you.
So here's the pitch on it.
Infowarsphone.com, you go there and get the best deal.
When the cell towers go down and the power failures, satellite phones will still work.
Cell phones are always tracking and logging everywhere you go and everything you say.
Satellite phones do not have this issue.
Satellite phones work at any extreme remote location.
If you see the sky, your phone will work.
They have a little antenna that goes out your door, put on your house, it'll work inside your house too.
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And again, I did the math for a week with our folks because the first thing I do in the business is Steve's a great guy.
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So great job, Steve Quayle, recommending this to me.
Hopefully it helped fund our operation and get folks prepared.
So again, thank you for helping InfoWars for 25 years, my friend.
Well, you're welcome, Alex.
And one thing, too, the standard, you know, cell phone, or I call them hell phones, I'm dumping mine, I'm going to only be available to select people by my sat phone.
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And again, I mean, I heard for so many people, by the way, Tina Satellite Phone, the owner of it, she tells the stories about people, people will pay thousands of dollars if they can get to them overnight.
Because they, you know, I mean, there's well... But you know the military only uses those.
Yep, yep.
Because again, ladies and gentlemen, if you have a cell phone, every place you, every step, everything you say, the key is this.
They're making war on the independent news because that's what scares them.
It scares them that you're hearing the truth.
And Alex, I would tell people right now, Please support Alex and buy food.
I don't sell food, okay?
Please, please support him and buy health food supplements.
I don't sell those.
The day will come, you mark my words, when every single health food supplement will be off the market except through the pharmaceutical companies.
That's why they're working overtime.
So support InfoWars.
I agree with you.
So let's pull back here.
What do you make of the world right now?
What's happening?
Where they're going?
They're backing off a few lockdowns.
I think you just clamp them right back down.
Well, they are.
The key is they need something more frightening.
And come on, double masks?
Why don't they just tell you to go buy a trash bag, cut two eyes out for the eye holes, and wear it over your head?
You know what?
I mean, I would say this.
No, I can't say that.
The eye holes?
I mean, come on.
You know, it's ridiculous.
Why not?
Why don't they just say, hold your breath and die.
You never have to worry about the vaccine again.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, our brain, our entire God-created bodies need oxygen.
We need to have... Let me bring this up.
I know you've been all over the world.
You should come back just about your books and films you've made.
Definitely, this is off-world stuff, and God is above that, and God is supreme, but we're being allowed to be attacked by these entities.
From your research, where do they come from?
Who are they?
What dimension?
I mean, because they want to kill us, obviously, and then they've got humans working with them.
Who are they?
Well, first of all, the Bible's very clear, and again, you know, I'm one of the guys that does a lot of investigating.
Bottom line is, I don't even talk about that.
You've been all over the world, you make big hit TV shows, you know, like a lot of the Prometheus movies based on stuff you've written.
Explain that to us.
Well, first of all, it's fun when you get calls from people in Hollywood saying, hey, we just heard you on Alex Jones Show or Coast to Coast.
And guess what?
You know, this character or that character, you know, is based on the stuff we're hearing from you.
And they said, Steve, you're a cheap, cheap script writer.
And I want to clarify something.
I have film crews that go all over the world.
I pretty much stay put because being not so much favored, last place I went was Peru.
And the thing is, is that the globalists are fallen angel puppets, okay?
I want to share something with fallen angels.
Throughout history, every myth, every legend, every oral tradition talks about the gods A little G coming from the heavens to mate with Earth women.
The entire Greek mythological scene is set in that.
You have the Titans, you have the Olympians.
But we go back, Alex, more and more.
Every single ancient and pre- what I would call pre-Adamic images are always showing giants with angel wings and an earthly standing guy.
So here's the deal.
The demons, this is what most people don't understand.
There has been a race of hybrids.
And by the way, that race of hybrids is now what they're trying to do to the human race to make it no longer subject to redemption.
So what I'm saying is this.
Fallen angels have sex, yes sex, with earth women.
Producing hybrids, when those hybrids died or were killed by Goliath in the Bible, the bottom line is that spirit that was not a human spirit, it was a hybrid spirit, combined with supernatural angelic DNA and human DNA, those were the mighty men of history.
And just like when a horse makes with a donkey, it makes a mule, but it can't have babies.
And all the things said this, that there are these supermen, super smart, super big, but they couldn't have children.
That all got wiped out, and now the globalists are trying to, and God is very racist, not against black or white.
God only likes the genetics God created, and that's why when we merge with this, or our own elites start building human-animal hybrids, that pisses God off, right?
Well, not only it, I would say this, it angers Him because of the destruction of the human genome.
Something, see what happens... I mean, the only time God destroyed all the life was over this, right?
Like, God does not like this.
Prior to, and some people don't believe in the flood and know it.
Listen, I won't argue that.
It's all over the great floods, the native Americans, people all over
the world have that prediction, but here's the deal.
Even the Atlantis mysteries, the mysteries of Hyperborea, the mystic
civilizations, when they started screwing around with DNA, that's when they got
wiped out.
So the third helix, and look, we just heard the word xenobots.
You guys at InfoWars sell the book Xenogenesis, and that was written almost 10 years ago.
It means a human DNA strand with something supernaturally evil.
Look, Satanists believe in the power of Satan.
Luciferians worship Lord Lucifer, but the Christians don't get it that Jesus said, we've got power, we've got faith, we've got the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and why are we... Well, explain that.
Our DNA literally resonates with God.
It's a receiver.
Oh, absolutely.
And can you imagine creating the image and likeness of God?
That doesn't really endear us to Satan, the devil.
Call him what you like.
Because we're literally so much more powerful, we just don't know it.
Well, yeah, but see, here's the deal.
God says we're more powerful.
He said, behold, I give you powers to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
99.9% of churches don't teach that.
And the pulpits have turned into political action committees, just like 500 pastors claiming abortion is a God's blessing.
And if anybody is against Abortion.
You're now a Christian nationalist.
I'm a Christian nationalist.
Why do the churches reject God's power?
It's so pathetic.
Well, because they want friendship with the world.
They want to be seeker-friendly.
And the Bible's very clear, Alex.
It says friendship with the world is enmity with God.
The book of Genesis, chapter 3, verse 15.
God puts us at war with the devil, and that's the thing.
All spiritual warfare is manifesting in the present now.
The Bible talks about in the book of Revelation when Satan and his angels are thrown out.
And by the way, people are seeing all sorts of demonic manifestations now.
My emails fill up with it.
People are seeing more UFOs.
People are seeing more aliens.
People are absolutely... But it's also all over the news.
It's like the membrane of the dimensions is dissolving.
Right, well, and I'd say this, the dimensions, the doorways that God placed within, if you will, almost gateways that he said you cannot enter here to Satan's fallen angels, those are all being torn down by mankind believing that with all the money they get and all the power they get, they're going to be, excuse me, on the winning team With Satan.
And so they're going to destroy everything.
It's just like this.
Satan can't get at God, but he gets at God's image and likeness.
It's just like a woman tearing up a picture of her ex-boyfriend or whatever, vice versa.
Stay there.
Do a few more minutes with us.
Steve Quayle is kicking a lot of globalists rear end right now.
And then John Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com is going to take over in 15 minutes.
Can you do 15 more minutes, Steve?
Yeah, I'd say.
All right.
All right.
We'll be right back.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
And folks, no one denies this now.
This is an alien takeover.
It's what it is.
The globalists want to kill humanity.
They say a new species is coming.
All right.
Steve Quayle is a very interesting individual.
And he's here with us today.
And we've got a five-minute segment here, a ten-minute segment, and he'll be gone.
Then Jon Rapport will take over.
Here's the thing.
I hear you 25 years ago and think, okay, he's a smart guy, but this is too far.
They want to merge us with machines, animals.
They wanted to sterilize everybody, kill everybody.
And then now they're on the news saying it.
And Klaus Schwab is saying it's good that everything's locked down because humans are bad.
I mean, why do they, I asked this at the start, but why do they need, I think this is a key.
Why do they need to tell us what they're doing?
That's God's law, isn't it?
But what's crazy is, though, they're telling us.
Is it just rubbing it in, or is it something else?
Well, it's rubbing it in.
The bottom line is, the Bible says God always warns His people of what's coming.
The problem is, Alex, they don't pay attention.
And just like the alien phenomenon, you know, I said in January, and we talked about it just briefly on your show, I said, watch in the next six months.
You said it's going to explode.
It's all over the news.
Yeah, it's all over the news.
By the way, I have an expedition in Latin America right now, and I literally have some of the smartest guys looking through alien artifacts that predate the Aztec Empire that show the Aztecs and aliens intermingling.
Yeah, what's going on in Latin America?
It's like they're falling out of the sky down there.
Well, yeah, because here's the deal.
There's so many volcanoes that are active.
What people need to understand, all of the stuff we have, there's our stuff and their stuff.
That's even what Dr. Wernher von Braun said, who, by the way, was a Nazi that was brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip, but he also became the head of NASA.
Never a straight answer.
But the point being, Alex, is so much activity in South America, Latin America, where there's massive amounts of volcanoes, there's a lot of activity.
For instance, Popo out of Mexico City.
People routinely see, they routinely see this stuff on the live feeds of Unidentified flying, uh, or unidentified flying objects.
I call them IFOs.
Identify flying objects.
You got all the carvings in the Spanish Museums confirmed of spacemen flying saucers.
Looks like jumbo jets with like four engines on them.
I mean, this is insane.
Well, it's not only insane, but wait until you see, at some point, you know, if you'd like, my expedition should be back in 30 days.
I'm just telling you, it's mind-blowing, Alex.
It's mind-blowing to find artifacts.
Not a few that could have been chiseled out in some guy's backyard, but showing the Aztec alien interaction.
Actual flying saucers, interestingly enough, the Rosetta Stone, and I undertook a project, this is really critical, to basically take all the glyphs, all of the different stone symbols, all of the glyphs off of crashed alien control panels, and I have some really smart guys using supercomputers out of the United States, for obvious reasons, trying, and they have succeeded, in deciphering.
You know what the glyphs indicate?
There's kind of the bragging rights of the fallen angels.
It's where they came from, coming from the stars, or the dimensions.
Let me make a statement.
A portal is between dimensions.
A stargate is between two places in time and space.
So what I'm doing is trying to flood, and I'm not going to submit to the narrative that the deception is going to come.
By the way, the Catholic Church is preparing half of them to basically say that That aliens are our creators.
So, and not all Catholics know that, but the most famous guy, Guy Consolagno, one of the most brilliant astronomers, literally wrote about, since God created the universe, could not aliens be sentient beings, and could not they have had a role in our evolution or development?
So, the point is, is that's a big lie.
That's what's coming and we'll talk about that and I'll give you images, you know, so you can put them on your screen, that are mind-blowing.
It took my breath away and I've seen stuff all over the world.
Let me ask you this, it's on Egyptian hieroglyphs and mainline documentaries, mainline...
Research from universities that show perfect Apache helicopters.
I mean, it's like, what is going on here?
We're going to come back in 60 seconds with the one, the only Steve Quayle.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
His site is SteveQuayle.com.
We'll talk about what all this means on the other side.
I am somewhat of a mathematician, but I'm a political mathematician, a cultural mathematician, a He's a studier of humanity and how systems interlay and how they operate and patterns in previous human activity, different cultures.
And when you have the head of the Davos Group and Bill Gates and all of them saying, we want a post-human world, we want to get rid of humans.
You have Elon Musk coming out saying, I met with the billionaires and they all want to get rid of humanity and beware of AI gods.
And they say, oh, humans are dirty, carbon's bad.
We're going to merge the machines and become gods.
And I know some of these globalists.
I'm going to leave it at that.
None of them believe that there's no God.
They all believe in what the New York Times talks about, this transpermia.
Aliens put us here.
So none of them are atheists.
They teach the average person, oh, there's no God.
Oh, we're just on this planet in space.
What's going on?
And then obviously there's God and then there's other things that are able to manipulate us as we have free will.
And so, they are getting ready to release all this.
It is all coming out right now.
And we have these people on Earth telling us humans are bad, telling us that getting rid of humans is a good thing.
How is that not obvious?
So, obviously it's Satan, but what is Satan from your deep research?
Is it an AI computer?
Is it something God made that went against God?
Obviously, God gives free will, so things can go against God.
We can go against God.
I mean, let's get into real, real hidden stuff here.
Well, first of all, the Bible, in Ezekiel, teaches that Lucifer was one of the anointing cherubs.
A cherub is a higher order than just your angels and fallen angels.
So his task in heaven, when God created him, was to basically lead worship and lead the music and lead the praise in heaven.
This is what the Bible says.
Not everyone accepts that, but listen to this.
When he got proud, he got a A third of the angels to agree with him to basically try and depose God from his throne.
God kicks him out of the first heaven, or the literal heaven, where not the first heaven, but the throne room of heaven.
And ever since that time, he's been deceiving mankind, because when God created Adam and Eve in his image and likeness, that's something the devil did not possess.
Lucifer, whatever those... The Bible says that the angels are ministering spirits, and that they're Now we see, the whole goal is to kill everybody!
beings and they literally live, the fallen angels, two-thirds did fall, one-third did
fall, to destroy mankind.
That's what the book of Revelation is talking about.
Now we see the whole goal is to kill everybody.
I mean, it's all happening.
And you know, one of my favorite shows, you probably remember it, The Twilight Zone, to serve man.
You have the alien coming to Earth promising that they're going to fix all of mankind's problems.
Then they offer tours to their planet.
At the very end scene of The Twilight Zone, basically the woman's coming to her scientist friend or lover or whatever and saying, to serve man, It's not something to help mankind.
It's to basically eat them.
They're cannibals.
And by the way, ladies and gentlemen, that's why the occult.
I mean, if I told you there are cannibal restaurants, you'd say, oh, that isn't real.
Yes, it's real.
If I told you of the satanic sacrifices of the people that have been there and had to, you know, describe the gore, there you go.
Most people wouldn't believe that.
They just don't believe it.
Well, let's be clear.
In Italy, it's a big dish in these hidden restaurants to eat catacomb bones.
They boil it in soup.
That's kind of an entry entree into what's going on.
And what about, what about, look, I'm not going to take a vaccine with human babies, creating the image of like... So why are they obsessed?
It's like the golden child, when the demon under Satan goes, the golden child, you know, the Christ figure, you will eat it.
It's the blood of dead babies trying to corrupt him so they can get him.
They want to corrupt us.
There's like some genetic rule.
Well yeah, it is a genetic rule.
You as a human being created in the image and likeness of the living God.
That's why I'm so opposed to the genetic manipulation of these vaccines.
The question I get asked, I can't answer, is at what point do the mutagenic nature, and they're not vaccines, of the gene insertions in our human DNA, At what point do we cease to be human?
They need to be.
Well that's my next question.
They admit it's a genetically made system that takes over most of our cells, makes us
really sick.
So it's like they're not just pissing on us, they're raping us genetically and taking us
What is, from your best research, what is the end game of these mRNA vaccines?
They would risk killing people, having everybody revolt against them, but they are just, you
see Gates, he's in ecstasy while this is happening.
He looked so upset for years, now he's on TV just like, "Ahhh, ahhh."
I mean, what is going on?
Well, first of all, you nailed it.
They want the end of human DNA, lock, stock and barrel.
It's just like, you know, Gates is on record as saying that he wants to dim the sun.
Mike Adams said Bill Gates wants to kill photosynthesis.
So just as God destroyed the world with water because we interbred, they're like, aha, we're interbreeding you all with a shot.
It's not like your wife laid down with this creature.
We are literally doing it to you now.
We're taking over.
It's an alien takeover.
Right, and that's the thing.
And it's not now sexual, it's genetic.
They've extracted all the DNA of the aliens.
And I know that, you know, just like on that clip you were showing with Twilight Zone, the alien was a giant.
I mean, Barry Kamish, he talked about the UFOs over the Holy Land, and they were giants.
Nine feet.
So here's the thing.
I can't Convince people that they want, the globalists, want everybody dead.
But why would you take anything that isn't even offered as a vaccine?
And why would you take, in essence, gene therapy of unproven efficacy that was rushed in world record time?
Usual vaccines take four years.
And why is Pfizer now Alex, here's the deal.
If countries use their vaccine, they want the countries, Brazil, Argentina,
to give them all their natural resources in case they get sued.
They want to have coverage.
And Alex, here's the deal.
What the fallen angels did before the flood and after the flood, the flood of Noah,
they said there were giants in those days and after the days, those days.
It's the greatest cover up in history covered over.
I have actually eyewitness testimony from a gentleman who's very famous.
I won't tell his name, but he's on a DVD.
I think you guys, if you don't sell him, you should.
It's called Forbidden History Egyptians in the Grand Canyon.
The bottom line is is that the giants and the bones of the giants are in the Smithsonian.
The Smithsonian denies over 300 cases of where giant bones, giant skulls, and giant mummies were returned or given to them.
It's like all the mounds in the Midwest.
All that stuff went to Smithsonian.
They go, "We know nothing."
And so that's all the secrets of science is to suppress all this.
And so they made a deal with these inter-dimensionals.
Does the globalists actually believe they're gonna get life extension and all this
if they sell us out?
Absolutely, because the same promise that Satan made to Eve in the Garden of Eden,
"You shall not surely die."
So what's the transhumanist mantra?
You shall not surely die.
It worked so good before the flood, it's working great after the flood.
And now... That's why the globalists say they're doing it.
They're being promised live extension.
It's all about that.
Right, they'll never die, and they basically get to live forever, and they get to be, you know, every Marvel comic book character, all the powers, all the superpowers, travel wherever, you know, astral project, this part of the universe.
What they're doing is making their world in the image and likeness of fallen man and their king, who is called Lucifer.
By the way, the Satan worshippers, that's on one level.
All of the people, you and I talk about the globalists, They call Lord Lucifer.
Lucifer became Satan when he got together with Satan.
No, I know.
All right, Steve Quill, amazing interview.
Thank you so much for your great work.
We really appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
Powerful information.
That's what the globals believe.
You can sit there and play games with it all day.
That's what they're doing.
That's why they're doing all this.
And they believe they're bringing the devil onto Earth, merging with humans to create this as they hail Satan.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
We have the great Jon Ravaport about to take over.
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It's like rocket rest, but liquid.
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Four milligrams of melatonin, L-tryptophan, valerian, or it just goes on from there.
Forty percent off, InfoWarsTore.com.
And it funds our operation.
There's not a more revolutionary thing you can do.
John Rappaport takes over.
Okay, folks, here we are with a stack of stories ready to go.
And I want to start off with Joe Biden today because he is sitting in the Oval Office.
And there's a new report out stating that according to the Biden immigration plan in the next 10 years or so, There will be enough new immigrants coming into the country to fill up the present population of California.
That's a lot of people.
Equal to the present population of California into the U.S.
So let's just stick to the official version of what COVID-19 is.
You all know that I've been talking about this the last year, rejecting every piece of the official story about COVID-19.
But for the purposes of this conversation, let's assume that the official story is completely correct about the virus and the contagion, the transmission and so forth.
So letting in enough immigrants to fill up the state of California in the next year is going to loose a new plague on the country of COVID-19.
No way around it.
I mean, it's not like, well, maybe, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
There is absolutely no way that you would be able to station enough medical personnel at the borders in order to test all these people, trace them, contact them, track them, Vaccinate them, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
I mean, it wouldn't even be close.
So here's Biden on the one hand saying, oh, we have to fight the pandemic and I'm doing everything possible and everybody has to wear six masks and stay with this dark winter, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And on the other hand, he's saying, open up the whole country.
Going to spread the plague as far and wide as possible.
Impeach him!
I mean, if any Republicans in the Congress who believe in the official COVID story have any balls at all, they would immediately initiate impeachment proceedings and publicize it from here to the moon in the press.
As to why?
Because this predatory idiot sitting in the Oval While climbing to fight the plague is loosing a new level of the plague.
Could it be any clearer than that?
No, it couldn't be.
Now, of course, nobody on the left is going to admit this.
Oh, well, we have to open the borders because, you know, we have to virtual signal everybody that it's one world and there's no borders and we erase everything and, you know, get rid of all the borders and all the protests and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Erase borders.
One nation, one world, one planet.
You're all working for the globalists and you don't even know it.
At the same time, your boy in the White House Since you believe in this story about COVID, you would have to believe that he is loosing an entirely new level of plague upon the country and devastating it beyond all recognition.
Impeach him!
Let's go!
It's not hard to understand.
You know, I mean, come on!
Not hard to understand at all!
Except for idiots.
Now, story number two.
There's a new incitement rule in the land, in case you haven't noticed.
Anything can now be called an incitement to violence, revolution, insurrection, whatever.
And it's kind of interesting for anybody that has any public presence at all to think back on statements and remarks that he's made over the past months and years and so forth, and how any of these remarks, or many of them, could be taken now by the Stasi and, you know, Gestapo of the police state To be incitement to insurrection, revolution, murder, death, whatever, you know, because that's the operation.
That's what they're doing.
If you were in Washington, D.C.
at the big Trump rally when the Capitol break-in occurred and you happened to have an account at Bank of America and a photo of you from some drone and whatever is matched up, To that account number, which apparently be of a release to the authorities.
Oh, that that isn't even a statement.
You know, your presence becomes in sight.
You were there.
Therefore, you must have had something to do with the capital break.
And I mean, of course, or if you were planning to go or if you told somebody to go or if you said, wow, this Rally is going to be a great day.
That's incite.
Or if you said, uh, meet you there.
Oh, well, if you said, stay strong, strong, what does that mean?
That means fight.
That means break the law.
That means revolution.
That means kill people.
That means overthrow the government, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
That's the new incitement rule.
Which, if you look at legal cases, in case anybody is interested vaguely in such a arcane thing as legal precedent, you find that incitement fails over and over again because the people making the charge are insane.
It's as simple as that.
They're trying to tie things together that don't go together.
You know?
The guy ate a pear, he threw the core away, it hit somebody on the ankle, they stumbled and knocked into somebody else, and he fell into a phone booth, and then the phone booth shook a little bit, and a guy driving his car down the street, who saw the phone booth shaking a little bit, thought it was an earthquake, and so he pulled his car into a plate glass window because he was terrified.
And he happened to break the leg of somebody, and that person can now sue the guy who ate the pear that caused the ankle-a-ba-da-ba-ba-da-bee-ba-da-ba.
That's the incitement argument, and it fails over and over again, except that the press wants to incite the incitement rule as many times as possible to blame as many people as possible.
Who might not be accepting the globalist agenda to be labeled as criminals and domestic terrorists, because after all, anybody who incites must be a terrorist, right?
So we need a new bill.
And in fact, if you look at the bill that has now been pending, I think since 2019 in the Congress, I think it's Adam Schiff's bill.
If you actually read it, you'll see that all kinds of people could be indicted as terrorists, and I'll explain after the break.
So, if you look at this terrorism bill by Adam Schiff that has been sitting there, I think, for a couple of years now, and people are, oh yeah, we need a domestic terrorism bill.
If you actually read the thing, you'll see a section where they talk about how destruction of property Destruction of property as a means of intimidation could be considered an act of domestic terrorism.
So I suggested some people from Black Lives Matter and Antifa interview Adam Schiff and ask him, what's going on here?
Because obviously they would be the first target of any domestic terrorism bill, right?
According to the definition.
I mean, you know, it's not my bill, it's Schiff's bill.
He's the author.
Has very wide application, you bet.
Look at the thing.
Understand it.
We'll see if it passes.
First, I want to talk a little bit about Texas.
I was going to give some suggestions to Governor Abbott, but.
You know, here's the thing about Texas and South Dakota and Florida and other states, Mississippi and so on.
Part of the unannounced reason why these states are opening up their economies, or in the case of, say, South Dakota, never shut them down, is because of the people.
The people who want to keep the economy open.
The people who do keep the economy open.
Come hell or high water, somehow, keep their businesses open.
Keep commerce flowing.
Assert their basic freedoms under the Constitution and their natural freedoms.
I mean, if everybody were just completely knuckling under and nobody had anything in the way of resistance or outrage in terms of what they're saying, Against the lockdowns and so on.
We'd still be all huddling at home, right?
I mean, you know, if they could get away with it, they would.
They just continue this thing as long as possible and drive everybody into complete psychosis and death.
So let's not overlook that, you know.
Who is the resistance?
You're the resistance.
The people are the resistance.
And when the people Show enough of the resistance, the leaders get nervous.
They get very nervous and they begin to magically find reasons to open things up and get right.
And I don't want to ignore this fact and just lay it all on to, well, the politicians are finally coming around and so on.
Well, Kristi Noem, Has been there in the trenches from the beginning in South Dakota, the governor.
She has said there'll be no businesses locking down.
There's no lockdown of any kind and there never will be.
And there hasn't been in South Dakota.
She's a champ.
But everywhere else, it's taken a lot of activity and resistance on the part of a whole bunch of people.
In order to force political leaders to do anything whatsoever.
And if you think it's over, oh everything's great now, forget it.
There's a lot more resistance that's absolutely necessary.
And coming up on the horizon, in fact it's here now, all kinds of groups with Clout and heavy hitters on board are fashioning their tools to implement censorship online of all types and kinds from all different vectors.
And one of them is an outfit called News Guard.
Have you heard of News Guard, everybody?
They have a very slick scheme.
And you can see articles here and there.
Alex has talked about them, for example.
And what they do is they contact you if you have a website, for example, and they say, we have an app, you see, or they don't even tell you that, but they do.
They have an app which people can sign up for.
And if you get their cute little app, then when you go searching around websites and so forth, and you decide to open up a site, If they have, according to their ranking system at NewsGuard, determined that this website is unworthy and unreliable, factually speaking, misinfo, etc., etc., you will be warned.
You can still go there, but they're warned, oh, you know, they got a color coding, blah, blah, blah.
If it's red, ooh, you know, and I think Tom Ridge, remember?
The former governor of Pennsylvania.
And wasn't he Homeland Security's first director with the color-coding terrorism alerts and so on?
From what I understand, he happens to be on the board of NewsGuard.
So they contact you if you have a website, for example, if they think, oh, we don't know about this person and they want to interview you.
They want to ask you questions and then they decide whether or not you're worthy or you're unworthy, right?
And they contacted me at No More Fake News.
They think that I'm going to sit down and actually answer their questions.
Are you kidding?
No, my job is to expose them.
And so is your job, and anybody's job, is to expose people who are doing this kind of, you know, soft censorship, which is not going to remain soft.
Because operations like NewsGuard are also involved, you see, in selling their services to school systems, libraries.
As far as I'm concerned, their long-range plan, and it isn't that long-range,
is to embed these kinds of apps in [BLANK_AUDIO]
Browsers and so forth and so on so that people won't even know that they're being massively cut off from information sources that actually speak the truth about certain things that are very highly competitive with mainstream news.
You happen to be watching or listening to one of those sites right now.
It's called InfoWars, right?
So at one level, They're just cutting out the competition.
They want to cut out the competition because they can't stand up to it.
Because they're being outmaneuvered, and they've been outmaneuvered for a long time now by people speaking the truth.
So they contacted me as if, oh yeah, I'm going to say, oh sure, I'd love to answer your questions.
And I hope that you won't put me on your bad list.
Oh, oh, oh.
My job and your job is not to reason with somebody who wants to be a bully.
It's to expose them for what they are.
They're doing the corporate version of eliminating the First Amendment, okay?
There's a way around it.
You say, well, the government says, well, we can't eliminate First Amendment.
How can we do that?
I mean, if we just baldly come out and say, no First Amendment, but we can cooperate with all kinds of groups and people that want to do that.
And, you know, that's a good thing.
Yeah, we want to do that because the truth is devastating when you learn about it.
When you learned about the COVID truth, the truth about the vaccine, the truth about the test that's completely useless and deceptive and unreliable.
The way, for example, that hospitalizations could be ramped up in Texas by the use of the PCR test so that Governor Abbott would be forced to backtrack on any efforts that he might be doing there.
Okay, last segment here, John Rappaport.
So, on this issue of censorship there's one more thing that I want to point out.
The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, okay?
I mean, you would think, under ordinary circumstances, That somebody in a position like that would have any knowledge, some knowledge of the Constitution.
I mean, something that they learned in school, that they vaguely remembered, that, you know, some level of IQ about this whatsoever.
And you would also think that the good citizens of the state of Pennsylvania would hold this guy's feet to the fire when he made statements like the following.
He basically said, And this was after Biden was, you know, the winner, declared the winner and so forth.
That anybody making a statement about the stolen election in Pennsylvania, that that would not be and was not protected speech under the constitution.
Can you believe this idiot?
And the thing is, see, he's not really an idiot.
He knows what he's doing, as far as I'm concerned.
He says that if you say the election in Pennsylvania was stolen, that is not protected under the First Amendment.
That is the equivalent, as he said, John Fetterman, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, that is the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater.
If he's playing the role of a complete moron, he's doing a tremendous job, I gotta say.
Well done, Lieutenant Governor.
You're looking like a moron of morons.
It's an attempt to censor people, to bully people.
Well, we better not say the election is stolen because You know, I mean, if it's not protected under the Constitution, then we could, I don't know, what could happen to us?
We could be, uh, what?
Lose our job?
You know, all kinds of thoughts go through people's minds.
It is protected.
It is protected under the Constitution.
Got these people coming out of the woodwork trying to censor everybody.
That they can possibly censor who might be talking even a shred of truth about what is going on in the world.
So I want to take the rest of the time today in this segment to talk about what the globalists are really up to from a different angle.
Technocrats, globalists, how do they see things?
They see things as The need to be organized.
That's what they see when they look at the world.
It's this psychotic need and obsession.
To control, yes, but also to organize.
What is that person doing over there that we don't know about?
That has to be organized.
We have to pull that person in and get them to be part of the overall structure.
And what is this happening, this event over here?
What are these people doing?
We have... No, no, no, no, that's...
We have to know exactly what's going on.
So we have to use surveillance to know at all times what's going on everywhere so that we can organize all of it.
Which means fitting everybody into slots so they belong in set places and they have designated functions.
And if that sounds like they're talking about a machine, well they are.
They're talking about a machine made out of machines because they believe you're a machine, and you're a machine, and I'm a machine, and every human is a machine.
That's what they see.
That's what they believe.
Well, it's a machine.
We don't understand all the parts yet.
We're just learning really about the genetics and so forth and how to manipulate it, blah, blah, blah.
But it's all really a machine, a human being.
There's no consciousness.
There's no free will.
There's no soul.
There's no spirit.
There's no higher purpose.
There's no creative power.
Freedom is just an illusion.
A machine doesn't have freedom.
That's what they see.
That's what they see when they look out at the world.
They see that.
And therefore, they have the obsession to organize.
That's what they're about doing.
That's what is behind what they're doing.
Too many people organized and we need less people.
Too many people talking about freedom, we got to shut that down.
Because after all, that's just a delusion that there is this thing called freedom and It's a dangerous delusion because when people get this idea into their heads, then they become unpredictable and we don't know what they're going to do.
So we have to stop them.
So we have to stamp out freedom, stamp out not only freedom itself, but the idea of freedom, the delusion of everything, so that it's erased from history, just the way For those of you that have ever read Huxley's Brave New World, see how that's done.
Through the genetic control of all births, through the conditioning from the moment of genetic inception all the way through birth and afterwards, and the pretension That everybody is going to be happy in their designated functions because they've been conditioned to be happy?
See, that's the primary delusion behind all of this technocracy.
They don't believe in real happiness and joy and ecstasy that a human can experience that takes them out into spiritual dimensions and all manner of unnameable fantastic realms.
So for them, the basic idea of happiness is some shrunken version of pleasure.
Pleasure versus pain.
Okay, we can provide a certain amount of pleasure to people by conditioning them From the moment of inception, and that means they will be happy.
No, it doesn't.
No, it doesn't.
It means people would be reduced in their ability to experience themselves and other people and life.
If the conditioning works and then people would say, well, I guess what's left over is happiness, and so I guess you could say I'm happy with The way things are and what I've been assigned to be and do and how to behave and how to stay within the rules and never break the rules, never go outside your assigned function.
You see, this is what they're trying to do, to convince you.
Don't go outside your assigned function.
Find out what that is, that function, and obey it.
And you're saying, why are you crazy?
So speak up, speak out, resist, rebel.
That's what this is all about, on behalf of what freedom actually is.
The size of it, the scope of it, the depth of it, the potential of what it can lead to in terms of greater life.
Not just for the group, but for every individual.
The technocrats or globalists are obsessed with organization.
That's what they must have, you see.
Whereas the people who know they're free say, yeah, you know, a certain amount of organization is certainly useful.
I mean, you don't want to live in total chaos, but it's nothing compared to the fundamental innards of freedom.
Are you kidding?
That's the first thing.