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Name: 20210302_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 2, 2021
2350 lines.

Alex Jones discusses Governor Abbott's decision to lift mask mandates and open businesses at 100% capacity in Texas, but believes it is not enough. He criticizes globalist attempts to control the population through false information about COVID-19 and restrictions on freedoms and praises Florida for taking an appropriate stance against COVID-19 restrictions. He highlights the increase in profits for big tech companies during lockdown, stating that this was engineered. Jones asserts that no one has the power to bypass the Constitution and Bill of Rights outside the state legislature and warns that more effort is needed to combat fraudulent actions under martial law and medical tyranny. He acknowledges InfoWars' audience previously doubted their warnings, but now they are seen as truth-tellers, especially by veterans and firefighters. Jones encourages viewers to spread the word about the broadcast, buy products from the InfoWars store, and support the fight for truth and justice while it lasts.

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I've got a tracker bracelet like a criminal.
It gives me freedom.
And now I don't have to stay at my house all the time.
Or the police don't have to come by and check on me.
And now they've got Homeland Security proposing shocker bracelets to make sure you behave.
I'm not kidding.
I told you a month ago this was coming.
France is rolling it out too.
So is all these different countries.
This is the globalist takeover.
And they're so proud.
They're heroes.
They wear their double mask.
And they've got their bracelet.
And it tracks them.
It's not an ankle bracelet, it's a arm bracelet.
It's not an anklet, it's a bracelet.
And it's just, it's freedom though!
It's called freedom!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
British TV, UK TV, Australian TV and Canadian news.
Looking at the Great Reset for what it is, a world government corporate takeover where they're exempt from the taxes and the regulations, nobody else is, and then everybody from small farms to small factories to power plants get shut down.
There's a big difference between investment and ownership.
My objection in the past has been to selling out our water, very vital commodities, just as we've seen in relation to our telecommunications, or indeed in relation to our agriculture, our dairy industry.
So because we've sold the dairy industry completely virtually to China, they're getting fresh milk, they're getting powdered milk, when that's precisely what our families need.
Well, another warning sign is any organisation with the term world in their name.
And of course we shouldn't forget the World Trade Organization.
With lofty goals espousing free trade, its real mission seems not to be holding China to the same integrity requirements as the rest of the world when it comes to intellectual property protection, trade tariffs and barriers, etc.
Thank goodness it has the goal to reduce inequality.
Which is socialists speak for taking from the productive and giving to the non-productive.
Someone needs to tell them about history.
It shows it never works.
The Great Reset.
This is the plan by the World Economic Forum to encourage governments to use all the levers they use during lockdown, enforced business closures, 23-hour lockdowns, restricting how far you can go from your home, and ridiculously aggressive policing tactics in order to tackle Climate change.
The Guardian last week ran a lengthy and, to be frank, fairly tedious article by someone I'd never heard of called Anne Davies attacking me, it seems to be my week, for spreading conspiracy theories about the Great Reset, accompanied by a photo of myself looking suitably deranged and unhinged.
Miss Davies clearly doesn't understand what a conspiracy theory is.
There is no secret agenda about the Great Reset.
They're shouting it from the rafters.
It's not me saying they want you to own nothing and be happy about it.
It's them.
Global carbon prices only eat meat as a treat.
Billions of refugees from climate change.
I have only ever repeated the words of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.
The words of Prince Charles, who said use all the levers.
The words of the head of the United Nations, Guterres, who says we must use COVID to counter climate change.
And many other very powerful and influential individuals who insist we must go straight from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns.
And Australia's a couple years ahead of us in this.
So it's bankrupting their farmers, their businesses.
But when China comes in, their companies are exempt by the government.
Well, it's the same thing now with Biden.
I think also here we need a reset.
We cannot go back to the system of multilateralism which we have established after World War II.
What we need is a reform of the international system.
Just think of the WTO.
We have to integrate the new dimensions of global trade like everything which has to do with e-commerce and so on.
So definitely multilateralism will get a boost by the election of President Biden.
So this is very simple.
The globalists are invested in China, and they want everybody else shut down.
And Australia's been leading the way when it comes to actually saying no to China, because China is really trying to put the squeeze on them.
And it controlled the last political party that was in control there, and controls some of the major cities of Australia.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.
George Orwell wrote that in 1948.
In his best-selling novel of a dystopic future he envisioned of communism, successfully took over the world, or the West, 1984.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.
Look, I knew this was all coming, you knew it was all coming, but it's even moving faster than I thought.
They are never taking the mask off.
Now, all over the country, Police in Democrat-controlled areas, also in globalist-controlled areas of Europe, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden.
People are being told to wear two masks or they're getting arrested in some areas.
And then it'll be three masks and four masks.
The masks are never coming off.
Because they sell the idea that if one person ever dies from a respiratory illness, no one can ever basically leave their house again.
And they're saying, even when you've been inoculated, things never go back to normal.
And now they're saying, oh, you're going to have a QR code on your phone, go to a restaurant, have a job, for your children to go to school, and you've got to make sure you've taken all those inoculations, which they then admit don't protect you.
This is depopulation, plain and simple.
This is total and complete gaslighting.
Israel is now saying, after a year of martial law, That you can only leave your house or go to the grocery store or wherever if you're wearing a quote, wait for it, Freedom Bracelet.
Freedom Bracelet.
In a moment, I'll show you the new Microsoft rollout all over the world starting in LA schools of the QR code that makes sure you've had your weekly and daily medical check Before your children are allowed to leave the house.
This is Microsoft taking over your life through the phones that will then be mandatory.
And Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and all of them admit these are now going to be climate lockdowns and carbon lockdowns.
You're only going to have energy a few hours a day.
Unless you're communist China, then you can break all the regulations, have all the carbon you want, steal all the intellectual property, and that's where Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all the rest of them are invested.
This is a total military 21st century criminal takeover.
But they understand the public is very short attention span and very selfish.
And so they tell you, just wear a mask, take an inoculation, have the QR code, and we'll let you get back to normal.
That's not normal.
And then once you do that, it's all over.
They are now throwing one-year-old babies off of airplanes because they're not wearing masks, even though it can kill them.
And we're showing you video in Israel of people lined up getting their quote, freedom bracelets.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.
So now slavery is freedom.
Slavery is strength.
Slavery is good.
So this is how tyranny works.
It builds up, it builds up, kind of like termites in an old barn.
And finally, a wind blows through and knocks it over.
They're going to tell you that the stagflation they didn't believe could exist until the 1970s, because you could only have a totally rigged economy to have that, where you're going to have a depression in the real economy, but a massive increase in prices, and it's already here.
I've got a stack of news on that.
So this is going to be hyper dystopic.
And they must take Infowars off the air.
They must take Bandot Video off the air.
They must take Tucker Carlson off the air.
They must take everyone off the air because they're going to gaslight everybody when you're in a living hell with power two hours a day, your children dying of cancer from poison inoculations, total collapse of civilization, total collapse of the third world, hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions of refugees.
The UN says they're going to bring 650 million here in the next 10 years due to climate change
It's them collapsing the world economy.
And so you're about to be hit with total dystopia.
And I told you it's only going to get worse from here on out until we have governors and
legislatures say no.
But so far, it's only Governor Noem of South Dakota and Governor DeSantis of Florida that
have stood up.
And they should be the next president and vice president.
You either wake up completely and know we're under a globalist takeover.
over and a permanent election fraud. That's why the Democrats violently
stormed the Georgia Capitol where we peacefully went in back in November for a demonstration with state rep Vernon
The Democrats ran out on national tv and said here's Vernon Jones and Alex Jones and Ali Alexander planning the
attack the day before at the U.S. Capitol and it's the Georgia Capitol and
they all know that they don't care because they're criminal demons.
Oh but they stormed the Georgia Capitol yesterday because their Senate is moving and they've got the votes to pass voter ID.
You gotta show ID that you're actually who you are when you vote.
That's checkmate for the Democrats that lost The election on November 3rd in a landslide.
And as CHICOM agents, they're totally panicked.
So the globalists had all this on the shelf.
They were planning to pull it about 2025 or so.
But they accelerated their operation.
We even found some of the documents.
I'm getting ready to cover those soon.
Because of Trump, because of Bolsonaro, and because of people like Boris Johnson.
Johnson's not a good person, but if the wind was going with freedom, he'd go with it.
He's an opportunist.
And so they launched all this early to penalize everybody that tried to get out of the New World Order and permanently lock us down.
And then move more of the jobs to China.
And now the financial press is celebrating.
The Chinese economy is just turbo surging.
Just surging on max.
And they're out partying, not wearing masks.
Everything is laughing at us.
And we're all chicken little peeping on ourselves.
It's incredible.
Let me read you some of these headlines.
EU to formally propose vaccine passports in March.
There you go.
Don't put the poison in your body.
Can't travel, but you still can't travel even if you have it.
Jewish family kicked off flight for maskless baby.
Israel launches COVID tracking freedom bracelet.
That's almost as good as the yellow star, huh?
As alternative to quarantine is court range in spy agencies contact tracing.
That's a total spin article.
Like, oh, you'll just wear a bracelet, but we're not tracking you.
Freedom bracelet.
Oh, it's so much fun.
Olympic gold medalist says he'd rather not compete than take the COVID vaccine.
Smart fellow, Johan Blake.
schools to launch Microsoft COVID tracking app so children can attend class.
Oh, so they can attend class?
No, the people holding them hostage, Microsoft running the whole COVID lockdown through the U.N.
is saying, oh, take this and then I'll let you go to school.
Always Bill Gates is planning to take over public education, all education.
He admits it.
And now here it is.
We'll be showing you that little video of the little prisoners going in.
But meanwhile, teachers don't need vaccines to open schools.
Only your children will get them, and they're approving the vaccine without any studies for babies.
Even though all of the researchers say it's gonna hurt babies really bad, and probably give them cancer, the main side effect of programming your cells to create this protein is cancer.
That's in the news.
And Alzheimer's.
But by then it'll just be, why's everybody got cancer and dying?
All the conspiracy theorists say it's the vaccines, but they're not allowed online, or they're not allowed to talk.
They all got locked up.
Why is everybody dying so young?
Just, you want to go too?
You want to go to that wedding?
Take your shot.
Oh, my friend had a convulsion.
She's dead.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
Arrest her!
Arrest him!
I mean, you're not going to have to wait all you that have been on the fence, all you making jokes, all you trying to survive along with the system.
No, no, no.
CDC director says it's not necessary for teachers to be vaccinated in order to reopen schools, but the children they're trying to intimidate say it must be.
Because Fauci said so, and he's a total liar and a criminal and involved in making money off of it, so it's okay.
Anti-lockdown London mayoral candidate arrested at election rally.
You're like, well, just go out and protest that.
Oh, you're not allowed to protest the lockdown, just like in Australia, so you're arrested for that, see?
It's all meant to shut down speech.
And here in the U.S., Colorado ski town hiring mask patrol says everyone must wear two masks even while skiing or you'll be arrested.
They're hiring more people even though it's not a law.
Don't want to go to Breckenridge ever, huh?
Well, it's coming to a town near you.
Oh, see, they're not going to ever take the mask off.
They're just getting started.
Here's another one.
A COVID vaccine side effect in large lymph nodes can be mistaken for cancer because your body thinks it's dying when you get given this.
Overhead shot, please.
I want to show folks these articles.
Thank you.
Canada Vaccine Committee advises against use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot for 65 years and above, just like the UK, but they don't tell folks and still do it.
Ha ha ha!
We got so much more for you.
Oh, they're going to start giving it to babies.
Newborn babies.
New York Times is licking its demonic lips.
There's a man going around taking names.
When the man comes around.
And the man isn't Klaus Schwab, it's not Bill Gates.
So, Australian TV has played the clips.
You won't see that here because the New York Times said it doesn't exist.
That means we're going to tell you about the Great Reset.
We're going to tell you about carbon lockdowns that are now the new thing after COVID lockdowns.
We're going to turn your power off most of the day.
You're not going to be allowed to have children.
We're going to forcibly inoculate.
You're going to be tracked by these COVID apps and QR codes.
It's all been pre-planned, all laid out, now being launched.
But you're not going to criticize it because it doesn't exist.
You understand?
That's 1984.
That is the control.
That is war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
That is the new freedom bracelets.
And we're going to get to those in a minute.
Oh, Israel, it's so... Oh, it's freedom!
When I fly in...
From out of the country and I gotta quarantine for 14 days in a hotel or my house, that's just the start.
I've got a tracker bracelet like a criminal, it gives me freedom!
And now I don't have to stay at my house all the time, or the police don't have to come out and check on me, and now they've got Homeland Security proposing shocker bracelets to make sure you behave.
I'm not kidding.
I told you a month ago this was coming.
France is rolling it out too.
So is all these different countries.
This is the globalist takeover, and they're so proud.
They're heroes.
They wear their double mask, and they've got their bracelet, and it tracks them.
It's not an ankle bracelet.
It's an arm bracelet.
It's not an anklet, it's a bracelet.
And it's just, it's freedom though!
It's called freedom!
Why don't we call death life and life death and down up and up down and black white and white black.
I mean, this is just gas lighting.
And they even tell you, China's open for business, you're never gonna open again.
Here it is, China created more billionaires than every other country combined during the pandemic.
Paul Joseph Watson, article.
On InfoWars.com.
And who made more money?
Oh, the Fortune 100 all doubled their profits at least.
Some doubled their size because it was all actuaried and all checked by them to shut you down and transfer your wealth.
But that's just the beginning.
Yeah, old Jack Ma, though, he's in a slave labor camp right now, because he didn't believe in communism, so, you know.
Oh, his wealth's gone up, too, but he's in a slave camp.
He's in a re-education camp right now.
She won't be hearing too much from him.
He's taking a little break right now.
And they can operate out of China.
All these globalist companies, tax-exempt, regulation-exempt, zero taxes, because they're communists.
Oh, you're a big banker?
Oh, no money paid.
Just come here.
Just pay us off.
No regulations are for you.
You can steal all intellectual property you want.
And that's okay because that's the way it works.
And the average American loves being a sucker and loves complying.
And so you're going to get hurt real bad.
People don't want to be told, hey, the mask never comes off.
Even when you take the vaccine, they're not going to let you have your freedom.
Because they just want to selfishly believe it's all going to end.
They're wishful thinkers.
They don't want to actually stop it by waking up and saying, no, no, they want to be delusional.
Pretend I'm a crack addict who stopped smoking crack.
They don't want to hear that.
So China created more billionaires than every other country combined during the pandemic.
And here's Klaus Schwab explaining, oh, things never go back to normal.
No, no, now we move into the climate reset to save the earth from the evil carbon, you know, us.
Here it is.
I think also here we need a reset.
We cannot go back to the system of multilateralism which we have established after World War II.
What we need is a reform of the international system.
Just think of the WTO.
We have to integrate the new dimensions of global trade like everything which has to do with e-commerce and so on.
Definitely, multilateralism will get a boost by the election of President Biden.
And Biden said, we're gonna be lockstep with the UN, we're gonna lead the way in the world.
And Klaus Schwab in that same interview said, no more human interaction, no more businesses where you talk to people.
Human interaction's over, it means you're a prisoner.
You're locked in your house, and paramilitary police and robots control you, just like New York now has robots on the street, dogs that run up and go, get back in your home, get back in your home, get back, wear your mask, wear your mask, and the police come.
And we just submit to it, This is the post-human world.
And people are cowards, and so they're going to go along with it, even though it's going to destroy them.
The guys out walking that robot dog, they don't care.
They'll be exterminated in five, ten years, but they'll exterminate you first and have fun while they do it, because they were born of families of scum and trash and are soulless.
Because they already said, our babies don't exist.
They don't have rights.
So guess what?
You don't have rights.
Here's Israel!
Man, imagine if Hitler tried to put bracelets on the Jews.
They might have fought back.
I guess they didn't.
I guess you see the Jews in World War II.
The Nazis order people into a pit, shoot them.
The next group, they order them in, they shoot them.
But you know, it's not just the Jews that run into pits and let people kill them.
It's pretty much everybody.
If your leaders don't stand up early to what's happening.
You ever seen that footage?
Maybe pull up some footage of Nazis shooting Jews.
Maybe we should show some of that coming up.
They should show it on PBS and stuff.
They don't show it now.
It's just, okay, run in that pit on top of those dead bodies and they would just, sir, run right in the pit and they'd shoot him.
Well, here it is happening in Israel right now.
Jews doing it to Jews as the model of the world because Israel's under control of the same system.
Here it is.
Behind me it's largely deserted.
There are four flights that are scheduled to arrive this afternoon and passengers on those flights will be part and parcel of a new pilot program that is being launched today and which is hugely controversial.
A year ago one would not have imagined that we'd be in this situation.
Now when you arrive in Israel you have one of two choices.
Either you quarantine in an army hotel or you can go home and do a home quarantine for 10 days.
But now you have to go home with an electronic monitoring system.
This entails wearing an electronic bracelet either around your wrist or your ankle.
Now, this bracelet is part of a tracking system.
It's connected to a smartphone, which is connected to a sticker that is placed on one of the walls of a person's home.
The company monitoring the whole system will receive some kind of signal the moment a person steps foot out of their home.
So it's a way to try and stop people breaking home quarantine.
And it's also a way for the Israelis to reopen the skies and return.
We're going to come back more.
Oh, yeah, the third world's starving because of COVID.
No, because of the COVID lockdown.
Oh, Israel is beyond Nazi Germany because the globalists use this as a power grab.
All the other countries are doing it.
Canada is announcing you got to quarantine in a government hotel for $3,000.
Or, you can do it in your house, but the police are coming to your home.
That's all this is, to see what you'll put up with.
Notice it's a very small group, because they knew if they had an open airport, they'd have a big resistance.
So it's just a small, only four flights of people already pre-questioned.
Will they put up with it?
Probably most of them Assad.
Probably most of them government insiders.
Because the main group Israel wants to get is Hasidic Jews and Orthodox Jews.
They are salivating to lock their asses up, and they are.
So for whatever reason, It's just like a lot of top Jews sold Jews out to Hitler and made them pay money.
That was a huge deal.
So they're going to suck those Jews so dry.
But it's okay because Jews are doing it to them.
This is happening worldwide.
That's why Sacha Cohen Barron said, we will arrest Alex Jones, we will arrest Mark Zuckerberg, we will kill anybody that stands against us.
It's just pure absolute evil.
And they're going to get those Jews, don't you worry about that.
Alright, they're going to get your kids too, no matter what color you are, what religion.
The globalists are going to track you, lock you down, make you obsolete, and then blow your brains out.
Woe to you of earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath, because his nose, his time is short.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number.
Six hundred and sixty-six!
Woe to you!
Woe to all of you!
There is no escape.
You will now face Satan.
[Evil Laugh]
I love it!
Not because I love Satan.
But because all of you thought you would escape judgment.
You thought you would be decadent leftists forever.
And all of you that are the left will be destroyed first.
Because you are the fool's fool.
You are the ones that believe you're under the black wings of your father.
You are under the wings of your destroyer.
And it is you that will be torn limb from limb begging by your master.
It will be you who fall first.
To quote Helter Skelter and the Beatles, I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you!
You stinking rat-like Satanist!
You're such cowards!
Most of you joined Satan because you fear it, not because you even love it!
And now you're gonna learn real fear!
World government and the Mark of the Beast is upon you!
Once they've got you locked down in Phase 3, we're already into Phase 2, they'll release the real bioweapons.
And you will love your master while you and your family die, because you love Satan.
Just thought I'd give you that little fact to the Satanists out there that think you're gonna keep killing the babies and keep raping the children and have your drag queen story time and do all your crap.
History shows it, common sense defines it, my spirit knows it.
You are the most damned of all of us!
And so I repent to God that I take some sick pleasure in the fact that you're going to be torn inside out while you're alive.
Begging and God isn't going to come to you because you told God to get away from you.
You denied that God existed because you wanted to play God.
Well, now you're going to find out.
I'm not happy about this, but I will let you know that you're going to pay.
Not speaking to our general audience here.
We knew this a year ago.
I told my friends, my family, my crew, lawyers, everybody, the exact train of events that were going to unfold, how they'd roll it out, how they'd do it, how they'd beta test it in key areas, then bring it here, phase two, and now it's all here, and we know what phase three is, and we know it all, and then even Bill Gates came out and said, oh, this is just a drill, the real bio attack's coming, and got real excited and wiggled around in his chair, Because he knows you're in a trance, and he wants to celebrate your destruction, because he believes he will be insulated from this as a top-level Luciferian, but he will not be.
But all the people that go along with the system, they're not going to know what hit them.
And all the selfish people out there that have bought into the lies, man, are they in for a rude awakening.
But they're going to grasp and beg as things get worse and just do more and more.
Oh, just end the lockdown!
Oh, just end the starvation!
Oh, just end the bio-attack!
And I'll do whatever you say!
And what of Benjamin Netanyahu?
Yeah, this is going to look like a Hieronymus Bosch painting.
What did Netanyahu say last year?
He said, Israel will be the first to take microchips so you can go to the market and go outside.
And that's what they're going to get you to, is an implanted chip in your body to be able to go outside.
But you already carry one around with these cell phones, it's the same thing.
But they want it in you, and they want you to accept it, and they want you to do it.
And they even tell you, Justin Trudeau says, I like basic dictatorship.
He said, I want to be like China.
Well, you are going to be like China.
And notice Netanyahu said we need to microchip the children first.
Oh, yeah.
Well, this is beyond a little bit of silicon, a little bit of glass in your body.
It's got some digits on it they can track.
No, no, this is far worse.
The mRNA vaccines reprogram your very cells and produce toxic Proteins associated with Alzheimer's and miscarriage with it.
And Benjamin Netanyahu, ladies and gentlemen, is literally in league with the devil now.
But it's not Benjamin Netanyahu pulling the strings.
It's not Boris Johnson pulling the strings.
It's not Barack Obama 2.0, Joe Biden, O'Biden doing it.
It's not Trudeau doing it.
It's not Merkel.
It's the people behind the scenes.
And all I can tell you is that this is bad.
And this is a worldwide extermination program because Satan is demanding, just like Ramses II demanded the firstborn Israelites be killed, this is Satan demanding this be done.
And they're going to round up the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews and put them in camps.
They're already starting to announce it.
And they're going to put you in camps.
Because the devil wants to kill God's people.
And that's anybody that believes in God has to be killed because they have to remove that from the earth.
Now listen to this sickening thing.
Oh, they're taking bracelets so they can fix COVID.
Oh, they're wearing bracelets so they can go out.
Oh, they're wearing bracelets so they can be locked in their houses.
And it's all a hoax.
It's all a fraud.
It's all a lie.
It's all a scam.
Yeah, there's Netanyahu with Rothschild.
Look at those demons.
So let's go ahead, look at that former British Prime Minister right there too.
Let's go ahead and roll the news showing people putting bracelets on to the on home arrest in their own country.
Here it is.
You can see behind me it's largely deserted.
There are four flights that are scheduled to arrive this afternoon and passengers on those flights will be part and parcel of a new pilot program that is being launched today and which is hugely controversial.
A year ago, one would not have imagined that we'd be in this situation.
Now, when you arrive in Israel, you have one of two choices.
Either you quarantine in an army hotel, or you can go home and do a home quarantine for 10 days.
But now you have to go home with an electronic monitoring system.
This entails wearing an electronic bracelet either around your wrist or your ankle.
Now this bracelet is part of a tracking system.
It's connected to a smartphone which is connected to a sticker that is placed on one of the walls of a person's home.
The company monitoring the whole system will receive some kind of signal the moment the person steps foot out of their home.
So it's a way to try and stop people breaking home quarantine and it's also a way for the Israelis to reopen
the skies and return to some kind of normality.
Oh, we'll go back to some type of normality when you wear a bracelet and you take an inoculation and you let us track
you and you let us control you.
So they hold you hostage, they shut you down, then they say, okay, see a small group, the beta test, they did it.
This is what you've got to do now.
And this is the same rollout worldwide.
But Israel is such a police state.
These are captured people.
Let's continue.
The company that has designed the technology says that everything is safe and that people should not be worried.
In fact, it is not as intrusive, this technology, as other apps that are currently being used in Israel.
The company has also stressed the point that it's not monitoring any kind of personal information.
It's not recording any information.
And at the same time, it's not taking pictures.
It's also said that the bracelet is, to quote, comfortable, that it is efficient, that people won't even know that they have it on them.
It's very light and it's waterproof.
It's freedom!
They've actually gone so far as to call it a freedom bracelet, saying that it gives passengers arriving in Israel the choice to do an army hotel quarantine or a home quarantine.
Having said all of that, it still hasn't satisfied many people who are critical of the whole program.
Asking travelers to choose between military-enforced quarantine motel and an electronic bracelet.
I don't even know where to start with this.
It is a nightmare happening at warp speed and trialed in Israel before its global debut.
Israel launches pilot program to track returning passengers using electronic bracelets and the Knesset passed a law allowing disclosing identities of unvaccinated to authorities.
Watch how the pandemic continues to erode any semblance of civil rights.
It's never gonna end.
This is the takeover.
It's the end of everything.
And you talk about Nazis.
It's literally run by the people that created the Nazis.
Klaus Schwab's grandfather ran the nuclear weapons program for the Nazis.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now infinity clear.
We are facing the foretold world government Antichrist takeover.
Your churches are going to tell you to take microchips and to start with QR codes because they're liberal and they care to fight COVID.
How did you think Satan would get this job done?
He'd make those that did it heroes.
They'd incrementally bring it in and now Netanyahu wants microchips to prove you've had your COVID vaccine.
It's all unfolding and we need to say no.
The entire future is going to be about communities and groups and organizations that are not part of this.
The Amish are way ahead of it.
The Mennonites are way ahead of it.
The Orthodox Jews are way ahead of it.
And that's why those are going to be the groups that are targeted the most by this.
But if you can survive, once this fully gets in place, this is just the rollout, it might take five years to get it in globally, maybe ten years depending on the pushback, but you can see this is what the globalists are going to do.
Once this thing's in, they shut the whole world economy off and start starving everybody to death.
They collapse the third world and then huge wars are going to start.
But before that, they're going to roll out life extension technologies, they're going to be healing cancer, they're going to be doing all this, but they're going to need to heal the cancer because they're going to give you the cancer through the mRNA vaccine, which is bad gene therapy, bad systems, but they've got all this stuff that stops cancer, anything basically now.
They can't stop, like, arteries blowing out or, you know, cells dying that have already died.
They've got big problems with strokes and things, but they can rejuvenate, they can kill cancer, they can extend life already way out with gene therapies.
They've got patented stuff that's totally proven.
I've met with some of their top people who are not on the enemy side, and they say, no, they're going to discredit gene therapy with this, but we've got real gene therapy that 100% cures colon cancer, lung cancer, you name it.
But you're not going to get that.
You'll see the promise of that.
If you allow human testing, if you allow fetal cells of babies, it'll be dangled in front of you.
So you understand, they soft kill you with the weapon and they're going to dangle the cure to what they already gave you.
I'll tell you this, this is not going to be boring, boys and girls.
This is not going to be a time to be sitting there thinking, man, a lot of stuff's not going on.
From here on out, it is just going to get insane.
Remember this last year, back in November?
PING is pushing for global QR code.
He may struggle to convince the world.
Oh, really?
That's why within one week in March of last year, every restaurant From the United States to Australia, from Germany to Scotland, put a QR code in their place, if they were even open, that you had to go get the menu from.
And they admitted that was the International Restaurant Association to your local ones, told them to do it, they do it, and then now you got to have that to buy and sell or to have a job or your kids to go to school.
And you're like, well, I'll just scan my QR code.
No, you've got to have vaccinations.
You've got to be politically correct.
You've got to do all the things they say for the QR code to give you a green light.
So it's beyond that Black Mirror episode four years ago.
If one more person says, have you seen Black Mirror?
Yeah, we told you about it before Black Mirror ever broke it about 10 years before.
The Chinese social credit score, PrisonPlanet.com, was the first to break it in 2006.
We are the first!
It's not about the credit, it's about, I'm spitting this information out at you fast because there's a lot of it.
And it's life-saving.
And there will be a time in the future where there will be none of this online anywhere.
There'll be a huge underground of old devices that have data on them and downloads and the smart meters
will scan that you've even accessed an old device. Accessing old devices will lower your credit score,
lower your social score, and at the end it'll get you executed. So this is all going to
accelerate. You're going to wake up one day and there's going to be thousands of robots in your
town and they'll be killing people and dragging them out of their houses for organ harvesting and
folks will be helping the robots.
We're just helping.
We're helping in the Great Leap Forward, you know, and the Great Reset.
And, you know, I'm sending my child to be sterilized.
It's the liberal thing to do.
And, you know, we got more food rations because I sterilized my son.
But it's all inflation.
The more you serve Satan, the more he demands.
Once he collapses your will you will accelerate into oblivion Prepare yourselves, so I can tell you
*fart* And I knew all this 20 years ago, and I told you.
And I told you, when the time comes, I'll tell you even more.
You can't handle it yet.
And there's not much more to tell you.
My work is almost done.
To quote Heavy Metal, my stories are almost over.
Look into me one last time.
But I am nearing the end of my mission.
And all of you that serve Satan at the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and Harvard, enjoy yourselves!
It's gonna be fun!
You're gonna get to rape and kill and steal and dominate and lie and have all your evil dreams manifested for a very short time and then you will be destroyed by your own God.
My work's almost through.
My work's almost over.
I mean, I'm sure we'll be on air the next few years, but it's gonna You're going to see the mass mental illness.
You're going to see evil right out in the open.
You're going to see it all manifested.
And then it's up to you what you want to do about it.
That's all.
All over the world, the left is doing what evil psychologists like Skinner and others did.
Where they lock children for months inside tiny rooms to create total mental illness.
Because these entities get off on the loneliness and despair.
It's a lower dimensional thing they feed off of.
Like, we milk a cow to get milk, they milk our pain.
They don't just want the money.
That's a tool to make you bow to them.
And so, wow!
It's just incredible to know we were dead on, to know God's right, or the Bible's right, and to be experiencing this.
On this planet.
Or, oh, take the microchip.
Oh, take the vaccine.
Oh, scan your phone to go to the restaurant.
Oh, here, here, get a piece of green.
I mix them all up.
Skinner, Kenzie, which one locked his kid in the box forever.
I just can't even keep track of these psychos, but they were all into screwing kids.
Because that's the base level is steal the essence of a child, steal the love, because you know most of these kids that are gay or lesbian or whatever, they were raped as children.
And I don't hate somebody because they're quote gay or lesbian with adults.
I'm not judging people.
I'm saying almost all of them were abused as children.
And so then they have trouble, because they had sex before they were supposed to, and because it wasn't intimate, and it wasn't close, they have trouble ever having a normal biological thing.
And so they're mad about that, have a rage that they're not part of that world.
Don't worry!
That whole world's going!
Everybody's gonna die now!
And you're celebrated because you are not going to procreate and that's the first domino to fall.
It's not that you're a bad person, you're the first domino that will not have children and has decided that that union isn't something that's good with the responsibility and the pain and having to have children and having to worry about them.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back.
David Icke's on the show today.
But it's going down, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, the snooze I've got is just over the top.
You're gonna find out who's good, you're gonna find out who's bad.
You're going to find out who we thought was good is bad, who we thought was bad was good.
You're going to find out a lot, ladies and gentlemen.
You're going to have that come-to-Jesus moment one way or another.
Because there's not a utopia at the end of this thing for all you that have been serving it.
No, sir!
I'm a big boy.
I think I can handle it.
I don't know if you can handle it.
I don't think you Satanists really know what you got your asses into.
I don't think you actually know the devil too well.
Devil's an instrument of God, and you're going to find out.
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Keep us on air as long as possible.
But we'll just hold on here.
But I can tell you, they're about to launch big wars.
And I don't think they're going to wait.
I think they'll release a bioweapon real soon.
You're all into COVID, like to be scared?
They're going to give you something really going to kill your ass.
Liberal, baby.
They're going to liberal you so good, you're not going to know what hits you.
And a lot of people are going to start dying from the vaccine.
That's confirmed.
So just enjoy yourselves.
You are going to love it.
But for serious listeners, thanks for your support and your prayers.
I hope you'll support us and get the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll be right back.
All right.
I got a little cynical earlier because things are just so damn evil.
If I don't do that, I'll start crying on air.
And I don't take pleasure in it, but I tell you, all these leftists, all these illusional people going along with this anti-human agenda, man, they are into a very, very bad situation and a very, very rude awakening.
David Icke is scheduled to join us.
As the news comes out, the vaccine's killing people, already causing autoimmune disorders, and the world ID's here, and so much more.
And then we'll also open the phones up After that today, we've got some other guests.
Paul Joseph Watson's coming on.
Man, what a time, ladies and gentlemen, to be alive.
Here's an important report.
Bill Gates' vaccine propaganda control.
Pfizer has decided to withdraw its application for EUA, or Emergency Use Authorization, of its COVID-19 vaccine right here in India.
NewsGuard Technologies is a new $6 million venture that will launch this fall to battle so-called fake news.
The startup will use analysts to research and rate thousands of news sources.
They hope to license their finding to social media companies and other platforms.
NewsGuard Technologies co-founder Stephen Brill is an author, journalist, entrepreneur.
Welcome, Stephen.
Thanks for being with us.
So tell us how this is going to work.
Well, we're going to apply common sense to a problem that the algorithms haven't been able to solve.
Fact Check claims India vaccine ban mostly false while admitting de facto ban.
Then they messed up and didn't remove the fact that it was paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We pointed it out and they were forced to remove where Bill Gates paid for it but added the InfraGard information to it.
This is just incredible.
And of course we show you, there it is, Microsoft and partners may have compensated for this if you purchase something through recommended links on this article.
They replaced that with the NewsGuard, also owned by Microsoft.
That's who did the fact-checking.
Whoever cut and pasted this didn't do a good job.
So let's get that straight.
Bill Gates owns one of the main fact-checking groups that fact-checks articles about a Pfizer vaccine that he owns a lot of and controls and is behind and has been shown to be the most deadly one out there so far.
So what does all this mean?
South Africa has cancelled the mRNA vaccine of another company because they said it was killing people, making folks sick, and people were getting regular COVID and regular colds right after it, and testing positive for COVID right after.
Well, South Africa has suspended its rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine after a small clinical trial suggested that it offered only minimal protection against mild to moderate illness from the COVID variant that originated in the country.
But now they say, oh, but you got to have this to travel or live.
But yeah, it'll be a new shot every month as we guess what the new strains are.
Cases and hospitalizations could go back up with new variants as they emerge.
So, I want to make something really very clear.
This is not a time to relax.
Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna are working on a booster shot to combat the new threat.
And that could mean those who got two shots may need a third injection come the fall.
Nausea, hallucinations, and yes, even death.
These are among the rare side effects that Floridians are reporting after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
The goal is to get the COVID vaccine to every person in the U.S.
who wants one.
But survey data shows that nearly 40% of the U.S.
population doesn't want it.
Widespread mistrust might have something to do with the fact that if anything goes wrong with the vaccine, the drug makers that produce them aren't responsible.
This is a remarkable circumstance.
It's certainly not like anything anybody's ever seen before.
That means that companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity against lawsuits related to injuries resulting from taking the COVID vaccines.
Meanwhile, employers are legally allowed to require employees to get immunized against the virus.
So an endless money pit, a total reorganization of society around these people
with global medical passports and global medical tyranny.
This is it.
The enemy has emerged.
They are in the room, as David Icke says, and he's joining us in 60 seconds on the other side of the break.
Things are going to get very interesting very fast now.
All right, I can't think of a better person to have on during all of this.
He's been doing incredible work.
He's been deplatformed like we have, but thanks to all of you, the word is still getting out at davidicke.com and so many other places.
In fact, if you go to band.video and click on the little left-hand corner Harriet pulls down all the great channels and he's getting millions of views a week at Banned.Video.
We're very, very happy and very proud to have David Icke posting to Banned.Video.
Good to see him using that to reach his millions of great fellow humans that do not wish to be slaves.
So go check it out for yourself at Banned.Video, DavidIcke.com as well.
He's a best-selling author, former champion goalie, the top BBC presenter, Who first, 30 years ago, exposed pedophilia and satanic cults inside the BBC.
All of that later came out exactly like he said with Jimmy Savelle and the rest of it.
But he's been laying out, along with Dr. Sherry Tinpin, who's a medical doctor, runs major clinics in the U.S.
and Mexico, that we're already seeing massive deaths in the vaccine and we're going to see even more very soon.
It's not a vaccine.
And we're seeing them with the fine print.
Oh, above 75 don't take it.
In Canada, above 65 don't take it.
We're saying, oh, don't give it to children, but then they're still doing it.
So this is really a major depopulation operation.
They couldn't hide it any longer.
They're launching it on all fronts, the global QR codes, the global IDs, Israel with bracelets to be locked in your house if you fly back to the country.
We're being put under martial law globally until we accept it, until we accept the inoculations, the QR codes, the social credit cards, and then what comes with all of that.
So the people think you submit, you get out of it.
No, no, no.
You submit, you get deeper into it. And so I want to go over all of this with David Icke
today. We now know that the numbers of deaths in 2020 are the same numbers in 2019, roughly, same
year to year. It's a hoax, folks.
They're counting all the other deaths as that, and we know that. But overall, even Klaus Schwab
and Gates say this is just a drill, real attacks are coming, and this is to shut down carbon.
We need carbon lockdown.
So at one level, they're being honest, but through all their other media outlets, they're lying to us.
What is the formula?
David Icke, great to have you here with us for the rest of the hour, and we salute your fine work.
It is interesting.
An interesting time to be alive, that's for sure.
And it's almost kind of surreal to see all the things that we've been warning about all these years now unfolding at such a rate.
But it's easy to see through if only people will take a breath and look at it Dispassionately, instead of getting caught in the drama and the chaos.
First of all, they have never isolated and shown to exist what they call SARS-CoV-2.
SARS-CoV-2 is a computer-generated program.
That's what it is.
They've never seen this virus in, quote, its natural state.
So, if you have never shown the original to exist, how can you have variants of it?
Well, if your original is a computer program, then your variants go like this.
Tap, tap, tap, press enter.
It's all a scam.
And you'll notice that the variants appeared miraculously Just as they were preparing to roll out this series of, well not vaccines, medical procedures to change human genetics, and because of the experience that so many people had during 2020, we're at the start, and I can understand that to an extent if you've not researched this,
At the start, it was, well, maybe this is a deadly virus.
So people went under house arrest almost meekly.
But as the year unfolded, it became very clear that we weren't dealing with what they told us we were dealing with.
And the crucial thing that was happening in the run up to Christmas 2020 was the fear.
The fear level was falling.
People were starting to laugh at it, and so now they've got to play the vaccine.
Now it's the devil virus!
It's like an atomic bomb!
It's over!
And even so-called patriot publications push this lie over and over again, but it's all based on a lie.
Yeah, and so the fear's falling, and they've got to get the vaccine rolled out.
And so they're obviously Betting and relying on the fear to get people to take the vaccine.
But the fear was falling.
So out of nowhere comes the variant.
The variant in South Africa, the variant in Brazil, the variant in the UK and so on and so forth.
And with each new variant come more impositions of fascism.
And it's very clear That this variant scam is just going to continue.
And then Fauci and others say, even if you take vaccines, you still can't go outside, you still can't not wear a mask, you still can't reopen.
Only our big box stores can stay open, as China creates more billionaires than all other countries combined, and as big tech takes over.
And then Klaus Schwab admits this is a vertical integration takeover.
Why do they admit at that level it's real, but then at every other level lie to us?
Well, I think to an extent they think they've crossed the line.
I don't think they have, but that's how confident they are getting on one level.
But the point is that, as I said way back in the summer, they were saying the vaccine.
Because what we're looking at is a donkey.
With a carrot hanging in front of his nose.
And the idea is you keep giving it encouragement that at some point it's going to get to the carrot, but of course the whole thing's rigged, it's never going to get to the carrot.
And so you tell them, or All you need is the vaccine.
The vaccine's coming and then we go back to normal.
But they know it's not going to happen.
That's not the idea.
You bring in the masks.
Like I said in the summer, when the vaccine comes, the masks aren't going to go away.
The social distancing is not going to go away.
All this fascism is not going to go away because the vaccine is an as-well-as, not an instead-of.
What we've been seeing through the whole fake pandemic is layering and layering and layering of more and more control and more and more imposition.
And they just recycle the same lies every few months.
All of it's based in fraud, all of it's lies, but now the public's getting habituated,
but at the same time, a lot of resistance is forming.
On a scale of one to 10, or one to 100, how would you grade the globalist rollout?
I mean, they've rolled it out, I'd give them like a 95, but the resistance I'd give about a 55 or so.
I mean, there is a big resistance.
Well, when you think of the hysterical censorship that's going on in all the media platforms
to suppress the information of how many people are dying from this.
I mean, I live on an island of, what, 130,000-40,000 people just off the south coast of England, and purely from personal knowledge I know people who've died.
I know a family who the father went for the vaccine, died two days later, had no problem in the period before, and then the grandfather died after having the vaccine around the same time.
And these stories, when you look at the number, and they're never going to make it to the media, not even the alternative media, What the hell is the real figure of people who've died from taking this vaccine already?
We've had- We're going to come back, I want to go right to this because you've done some great reports on the vaccine is killing people, it's not a vaccine.
I agree, I know a lot of people that have lost friends and family when they took the vaccine.
In fact, I know two black people that took the vaccine a few weeks ago, a husband and wife, they both died.
And then the media said they died of COVID.
This is insane.
We're going to come back and talk about it with David Icke.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones of the vaunted, dreaded Infowars.com, hated by tyrants everywhere.
And David Icke, another iconic fighter against the New World Order.
There's only really two of us.
I'm not trying to brag.
It's just crazy to get us both the same show together.
Is here with us and we always love it.
So, Hank Aaron, a baseball legend, better than Babe Ruth, probably the top baseball player ever, arguably.
He took the first shot, took the second, died a day after he took it.
They lied and said, oh, the coroner said he didn't die from the shot.
Family came out, Robert Kennedy Jr.
interviewed him.
They said, no, he died after the second shot.
He just passed out and died.
They didn't do an autopsy.
So that was a lie by NewsGuard.
That's Bill Gates.
Well, Bill Gates' NewsGuard came out last week and said Alex Jones is lying.
India did not ban The Pfizer mRNA vaccine, but they did.
They said, you haven't tested it.
We see people getting paralyzed and dying in other countries.
You can't have emergency approval.
So we've reached a really crazy level.
And David, I get the heart of it.
One of our security guys, moms, is a head nurse at a nursing home.
A month ago, they gave them all the shot.
They're all out getting dinner.
They're all out playing dominoes cards.
None of them came out for a week.
Some of them died.
And I get the same story from everybody I know.
It's crazy.
And some of them that die from it, they're saying, oh, they died of COVID after they had the vaccine.
No, the vaccine killed them, which again, isn't a vaccine.
So, David, get into this.
You've done some incredible reports on this, that the evidence is mounting that this is really super deadly, but it was never tested in animals, never officially approved, and now it's given liability protection.
This is a giant leap forward for eugenics, isn't it?
Well it's an extraordinary story and it's a pinch yourself to see how many people can't see it.
You've got a procedure, it's not a vaccine, that has never been used on humans before that is putting synthetic material into human cells which is designed to change human DNA For which the people doing it are immune from any comeback, any effects on people.
You start the tests or the trials and then you end them in just a few months.
You've not done any trials, although At the core of the core, at the level of Gates and that level, they know exactly what the outcome is supposed to be.
But the others haven't even gone through the motions of proper trials.
And if you've only done trials of a few months with something you've never used on humans before, how the hell do you know what the long-term effects are?
Of course, the inner core know that.
It's the effects they want.
Let me just briefly interrupt you because you move so fast and what you're saying is so true.
We know from last year, you covered it, I covered it.
They tested COVID-19 style vaccines on humans secretly, that came out, and on animals.
So they actually know the long-term effects of this.
They're just saying, oh, let's skip the trials because they don't want that known.
They know the long-term effects at the inner core because, as I said at the time back in the spring, The contents of this vaccine was known before they played the Covid hoax.
The Covid hoax has many reasons, including destroying people's livelihoods and making them dependent on the state.
But one of the key punchlines, of course, is justifying the vaccine.
And they knew what was in the vaccine before they played the hoax.
It's been sitting there waiting.
Because the whole point is not to protect people from some virus.
That was never the idea.
It was to use the illusory virus, deadly virus, as the excuse for the vaccine.
Because the vaccine is about a long, long planned transformation of the human body from a biological state to a synthetic biological state.
Now if you're going to start introducing that stuff into elderly people who are frail and their bodies are going down, well a lot of them are going to die!
Of course they are!
But what's going to be the effect long term for all the others?
Anyone that has the vaccine has no idea because the official trials anyway I've never gone... And as you said, the total censorship came in right before all of this, so they can then suppress this and carry it out.
This is a giant... I know it's already killing a lot of folks, I already know it's toxic, you're absolutely right, but clearly they're getting us ready for something even bigger.
If they get away with this test, if we submit, they're able to kill all these old people and others, then I think something a lot bigger is going to come, and Bill Gates said that on multiple shows.
He said, oh, the really big one's coming next, and now they're on the news, oh, something's coming that's going to kill billions of people.
Yeah, well, the thing is, of course, that we've entered a new stage.
Once people started accepting this fake vaccine being put into them, the stage changed, because what the hell is that going to do now in terms of their health?
Clearly, when those health conditions situations emerge, it's not going to be linked to the to the fake vaccine.
It's going to be called something else of COVID-19 or or whatever.
And, you know, you mentioned earlier, Alex, that they're talking about having multiple of these fake vaccines.
Well that was always going to be the case and there's something else that you're going to see that all the other vaccines that people know about up to this point are going to be transformed also into this mRNA manipulation of human genetics and so you're going to have an absolute tidal wave of genetic manipulating vaccines.
They've already moved one flu vaccine to the mRNA way of so-called immunizing people.
It's not about that.
So this is really about a revolution of genetic engineering gene therapy, calling it a vaccine.
Of all the things it does for the inner circle, for the cult, for the spider, the big one is
we're in your body, we're changing your DNA, we've set the precedent.
Yeah, and they want to change the DNA because they want a new human.
It's something that, you know, I've been talking about for a long time.
People need to ask the question, why, at every level, in every direction, is this cult dismantling Everything that humans are and everything that humans need for survival.
So what they're doing is transforming not just human society, they're transforming humanity itself.
And they're dismantling our immune system where we'll be so sick we've got to go to them to even live.
Yeah, but when you break down all these different elements of this Great Reset, they're all targeting the very foundations of human existence.
So, why do they want to get rid of carbon dioxide?
Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.
Without it, we're all dead, because the natural world and our food sources are dead.
And we have now about 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Plants, the natural world, suck it out of the atmosphere.
It's their version of oxygen, if you like.
And according to people who are experts in carbon dioxide, they say that the optimum level For optimum growth and food production is 2,000 parts.
Stay there.
This is key.
Back in a few minutes with David Icke of DavidIcke.com.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
This is critical.
When we first got David Icke on earlier, if you just joined us, he said it's surreal to track all this.
I mean, he was talking about this before I even did.
And to then see it all happening and moving so fast, I mean, it really is surreal.
And then I have this huge responsibility.
We still are on hundreds of radio stations and over 100 TV stations and cable stations.
We're reaching millions of people right now.
And I just feel this crushing responsibility to tell people how real this is.
But I guess folks get how real it is now.
It's just wild to see this anti-human, poisonous, lying system moving against us.
And just to see the average people going along with it and ridiculing those that challenge it, when the whole thing's been a lie, the thing's obviously a trap, it's a scam, how do we get people out of this trance?
David always talks about going back 30 years ago when I first read his first books and having a chance to interview him in the last 20 years, many times, where he said there's a moment where it emerges.
It can't be on beta anymore, it has to emerge.
And then now I use the cheesy analogy from one of the only decent new Star Wars movies.
They're also horrible.
Uh, Rogue One, we're in the final battle and they're sealing the Death Star codes.
Here come the Star Destroyers.
They've been, you know, hurtling through space for a while to get there, but suddenly they're there.
Suddenly they just boom!
And they attack.
And that is the point that we've now reached, is they're just, boom, they're here.
They're inside the room, and click, it happens.
And now we're over the edge of the cliff, we're down the slippery slope.
So David, you were getting into that, you were getting into all the deaths.
You know people that have died in your little town.
I know people that are dying from it.
I mean, this is just a holocaust that's taking place, and it's all being done to, quote, get rid of the old people, because we have the baby boomer generation, and it's the baby boomers going along with their own destruction.
David, I...
I think, first of all, that a lot of people have been in a state of shock.
Those that can see it, even, have been in a state of shock at how it suddenly happened.
And it's time just to shake their head and wash their face and take a breath and come out of the shock.
and realize that we're facing literally a situation in which the end of humanity will happen unless we push back on this and we still have enormous numbers of people who can do that and if you look at Any tyranny that's been overturned, it's never been overturned by the majority.
It's always been turned over by the minority.
The minority you have the self-respect not to be imposed upon by tyrants.
And you look at, like I was saying earlier, this whole Destruction of, if you like, the human ecosystem, including Gates being the biggest owner of farmland in America now.
It's about controlling and undermining everything that humans need to survive.
A, yes, on one level that's about control, but it's about something much deeper.
You look at GMO, genetically modified food, crops, that was the start of a process of genetically modifying everything, transforming it into something else.
And, you know, people ask, well, why would they do that when they have to live here?
Why would they do that when surely they're going to be affected?
But I think, you know, people need to start just looking at just a little bit deeper at this and ask the question, who are these people?
Where do they come from?
Why are they seeking quite demonstrably to undermine everything that is human and humans need to survive?
And I've been laughed at, ridiculed all incessantly for 30 years for saying actually that this cult, as I call it, this global cult, At the core, what's driving it is not actually human.
And human society has been infiltrated in the same kind of way, the principle is the same, as the Avatar movies, where you had the Navi, the blue people in the Avatar movie, and they were infiltrated, it was symbolized in that by American troops, they were infiltrated by those troops Coming into their society while outwardly looking like them.
So they didn't realize they've been infiltrated because everyone looked like the Navi.
And we've been infiltrated by people that look human, but actually ultimately are not human.
And therefore they have an anti-human agenda.
That's why what is happening is happening.
They are transforming everything from what we've known to something else that suits them.
We got interrupted by the break and we're getting into CO2 but when you would say that 30 years ago people laughed.
I talked to scientists, generals, They all agree this is anti-human.
Everyone gets it now.
I think we've passed the threshold where any thinking person agrees this is not human.
What the elites are doing is not for themselves.
It's a mission.
It's an anti-human mission.
Yeah, and let's go back actually to CO2 because it all fits into this.
Why would you want to dramatically reduce the gas of life?
On which humans depend because the natural world depends upon it.
And you know, Bill Gates is not just wanting a society that's carbon neutral.
He's funding technology to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere that's already there.
This is crazy, unless you see actually what's behind it.
You know, if you go back to the 1800s, the carbon levels were about 280 parts per million.
And if you go anywhere close to 150 parts, the natural world starts to die.
As you said, it used to be a lot higher.
Yeah, well, you know, if you look at Patrick Moore, the man who was a co-founder of Greenpeace and walked away because of the lies and misrepresentations of the Green movement, he's talking about the fact that actually we were heading to midnight In terms of the falling levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.
And it was industrialization that basically turned it around.
That's why we have 400 parts now.
And this is why, since industrialization, the planet has got greener.
Because the natural world has had access to more carbon dioxide.
And so ancient stored carbon is being released.
Let me ask you this question.
This is a curveball.
You talk about these evil fallen entities that resonate with bad, but obviously there's a lot of things planned for us, like the carbon waiting for us, and obviously humans aren't the only thing in the universe.
There's God, there's good things, there's things way above us.
I mean, clearly there's not just these evil archons as you call them in the universe, there's also good guys, right?
Well, it comes down to this, I would suggest.
People say, when's the cavalry coming?
Well, find yourself a mirror because you're looking at it.
The cavalry, what is the cavalry?
We're already these transcendent entities.
We have to recognize we're just in a body.
But what is the cavalry?
It's expanded levels of consciousness.
that make these cultists look like the village idiot.
Because actually they are.
The way they control humanity is not because they're super intelligent.
They're a bunch of kids in short trousers.
That's how I see them.
They actually operate on the old saying that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
They so suppress, they so make blind, in terms of knowledge and awareness, humanity, the target population, that they only need to be one-eyed to control them.
But when we open both eyes, and third eyes, and start to expand into the levels of consciousness that we are committed to... They become a joke.
All right, stay right there, David Icke.
We'll do this a little bit in the next hour as well.
We'll talk about so much more.
A post-human world is here.
We're told we're dirty.
We're told we're bad.
We're told that we need to be depopulated.
And David Icke.
And again, we're on commercial radios.
We have 14 minutes of ads an hour, and we get spoiled with podcasts.
You can find the Forbidden Podcast of David Icke at Band.Video.
In the David Icke section, just click the left-hand corner, you'll find his page right there.
You can also find it at DavidIcke.com and Iconic as well.
And his new book, Triggered.
But I want to play him this clip, because I asked him this question, and he's talked about it before, but he kind of skipped over it because he had other stuff he wanted to get to, and that's fine.
I want to play this clip from 20 plus years ago.
The Simpsons.
People point out Simpsons always predict stuff exactly on purpose.
Not going off globalist documents, but really a kind of a lesser magic where they have to tell you up front what they're doing.
Here they are foreshadowing COVID.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms glued to their televisions too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak!
I think we should go with a good old-fashioned public health scare.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time.
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I...
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House cat flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the house cat flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles!
But it's now fellow humans we can't trust.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
So why did the establishment think they should do that?
A, David, this very sophisticated mirror is what happened.
And why did they move with this now?
Why did they launch this global takeover now?
Was it because they were behind schedule?
Just the right time?
Please give us your view.
Well, I think part of it is preemptive programming.
That's very, very powerful because it prepares you subconsciously for something that's coming along.
But I do think this has been planned for a long time.
I don't think it's because they were behind schedule.
I think this is all part of it.
It's part of creating a situation where human society, as it has been up to this point, oh yes, they've been chipping away at it and chipping away at it.
But since the turn of 2020, the human society that we knew before has absolutely been taken apart.
And once you take something apart, And you dismantle it, and you put the pieces all over the floor, then you can rebuild it in another way.
And so, instead of organically, just over a long period of time, changing society towards the direction... No, there's these big jumps they talk about, and evolution, de-evolution, build back better is what they're calling it.
Yeah, and what, Build Back Better, this is why Johnson's using it, and Biden's using it, and... They're all using it!
Trudeau in Canada's using it.
Build Back Better.
And what that's saying is what I've just said, which is you destroy the status quo, and then you rebuild the status quo in a new image.
This is the same principle as World War I.
Which transformed the world, destroyed the status quo before it, and they build it back better from their point of view, because after World War I, power was massively centralized.
They then have another go, World War II, and then you had the real centralization frenzy.
And by the way, they admit that Rhodes Scholars are taught they did all that.
Set up Hitler everything to bring in the UN, the failed League of Nations.
But what was the Renaissance then?
What was all that?
Because that seemed to countervail this.
That means there's other resistance movements out there.
There's not just the bad guys.
Because they're trying to get rid of the Renaissance.
Yeah, there are other forces at work.
They are.
And as I was saying before the break about where's the cavalry?
The cavalry is Operating, that which wants to help us bring an end to this nonsense, is operating at a very high level of awareness.
In other words, a very high level of frequency.
And if that comes into our reality, at the level of our reality, the five sense prison, it's no longer the cavalry.
Because it's been caught in the same trap that humanity's been caught in.
And that's why they want us to press.
So literally, no matter, being positive and reaching upwards, that is literally what they don't want.
Yeah, what they don't want is something I've been going on about for a long, long time.
You know, people talk about, you know, how do I expand consciousness?
How do I do this?
How can I do that?
And, you know, I've seen all the various methods, you know, the quests and the gurus and all that stuff.
It's bloody simple.
You redefine your self-identity.
Because what they want us to do, and what we're pressured to do, is identify, self-identify the I who we perceive ourselves to be.
With the labels of the human world.
I'm a man, I'm a woman, I'm this religion, I'm that religion, I'm this race, I'm that race, I'm this sexuality, I'm that sexuality.
And what has identity politics and the woke agenda actually done?
It's created smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller labels for people to self-identify with.
You said they're going to start segregating 15 years ago.
Now major colleges across Europe and the U.S.
are segregating black from white, you name it.
They're actually male from female.
They don't want us together.
No, they don't, because they want us to have smaller and smaller senses of self-identity.
Because the more myopic your self-identity becomes, the less consciousness you're actually accessing.
There's an infinite flow of consciousness.
Some people call God.
It's all that is, has been, and ever can be.
It's all possibility.
But if you get caught in self-identifying with the labels of a brief human life, And the myopic, ever smaller labels of woke, then you're not going to access great swathes of consciousness.
In other words, insight, awareness, intuitive knowing.
You're going to be stuck, basically, in a perception of the world that the five senses alone is giving you.
So when you go from I am my labels to I am the consciousness, having the experience Call the labels, because that's what the labels are.
The labels are an experience which our consciousness, ultimately infinite awareness, is having.
And the whole cult psychological manipulation is based on getting that to self-identify itself with the myopia of human labels.
And once you start to Self-identify as being consciousness, the consciousness having the experience.
Naturally, your expansion of self-identity becomes an expansion of consciousness.
And by the way, I've been doing that, and now instead of dreaming like maybe one hour at night before I wake up in REM sleep, I dream like six, seven hours a night, and the experiences I'm having are none of this world, David.
There's no way my brain came up with this.
Have you had those experiences?
Oh, all the time!
All the time, because we are sitting here in myopia, thinking we are little me and we have no power, when actually that's what the cult has persuaded us we are, when in truth we are a state of infinite consciousness.
We are a point of attention.
Having a human experience of infinite awareness, and once you start to go through that process of self-identifying with the true I, then you start to access, connect with the cavalry, and you start to get insights, understandings, and one big thing Disappears.
Because when you know you are on an infinite journey, an eternal journey of exploring forever forever, and this is just a brief human experience in a tiny band of frequency we call the world, what happens around you and to you takes a whole different way of seeing it.
See, the cult plays the long game.
It prepares for things over a very long period of time.
That's why all the things were in place before it played the COVID hoax.
But we need to play the long game in a different way.
All right, stay there.
We're going to do a few more segments.
You're very gracious.
David Icke, davidicke.com.
Please don't forget, listeners, I'm not here unless you support us.
We've got storewide free shipping until Saturday and big sales.
And it's got to get because we're selling out of product.
The supply chain's broke down.
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Plus, they're great products.
We'll be right back.
All right, David Icke is our guest, and you know, David Icke's a great guy.
My gut tells me he's good.
That's my spirit.
That's my subconscious.
A thousand times more powerful than my conscience.
And he got revelation to wake up, which is the best way.
You can learn by experience, you can learn by teaching, or you can learn by revelation.
I haven't gotten a lot of revelation, at least early in my life.
I got teaching and experience.
I had a lot of that.
Oh, let me tell you.
I was put to the ringer and a lot of stuff wasn't bad.
It was very interesting.
But I now know how the universe was working.
But I have gotten revelation later.
I guess I couldn't handle it early on.
I guess David's older than me, so he got it later in life as well.
But I mean, now I don't get into it now.
It's insane.
Like you said, data points like, look at this.
See this.
Let's see that now.
And it's super intense.
And it's don't be afraid.
This is a process.
We're going to win.
And what David's saying is absolutely true.
Like you said, go here, go there.
It's like wormholes to see all this.
This is a shorter segment, two long segments coming up.
DavidIke.com, we really appreciate you, but what would you say, why are you and I, because it's not about a power trip, we're just humans on this earth, it's the opposite, but why are Alex Jones and David Ike the most prominent people in the world fighting this?
Like, why do you think we're on these two different paths, but then came closer as the years progressed, we come closer?
What's happening?
Well, you know, I don't think we just appear out of the womb, and I'm talking about everyone, in a random way.
We come into this reality because we choose to come into this reality, and people may say that's crazy given what's happening now, but then they should ask themselves, well, why did you choose to be here?
And people come with different roles, different things to do.
There's always this question.
Once you come into the world and you are then subject to all the pressures and the psychological manipulation and the perceptual programming, are you going to come through that and still do what you plan to do?
And a lot of people who've come to make a difference in the world, I think, have lost their way because the programming's got them.
And I understand why it has, because it's intense, it's incessant, and it's lifelong.
But I think what it takes to keep going, and you know, there are many people that I think that this applies to.
You have a You have a drive.
You have a drive within you that will not be sidetracked, will not allow anything else to get in the way.
I mean, I work seven days a week.
Isn't it like wind in sails or sun on plants?
It's like it's just meant to happen.
Well, yeah, but I mean, you know, I think there's a lot of people out there, like I say, who came wanting to make a difference.
Because, you see, we have a timeline that we perceive as time.
The human timeline.
You know, what's the time or what's the year?
But this is just a tiny narrow band of frequency.
called visible light, that is the limit of our visual world.
And beyond that, the timeline's not the same.
So when people come into this world, they can see, if you like, it's like When you come into this world, into this frequency, and you have these bodies which focus our attention within this frequency band, it's like going down a river and all you can see is the next turn on the river.
But when you're outside of this myopia of the human world, you can see the river from source to sea.
So when you come in, you've got a bloody good idea what you're going to face.
So if we, if you're here now... Well that's it, from the time I was a kid, I already knew all this.
It was crazy.
And the sooner I started knowing that the map I was already given from that view from space was the real map, instead of the enemy's false paradigm, the more I step into that real map that I was given, the more I'm empowered.
Yeah, well, you know, I look back at my own life and, you know, I went to school.
This is powerful, David.
60 seconds.
We've got to go to break for radio stations.
But we're still on air.
It's very annoying, but the radio stations have to have their ads.
So we'll be back in 60 seconds with David Icke.
It's the only reason we're still on air.
Wall Street Journal's calling all over the country.
How's Jones still on air?
It's radio stations, you idiots!
They're still trying to shut them down, but that's why we're on air.
Well, David Icke just gets better and better as the acceleration, the quickening, Arrives.
And we're just blessed to have him here.
And he was really, really getting deep into his awakening, the world, the connections, all of this, and what the enemy is trying to suppress.
We got two segments left.
I'm gonna try to shut up now for two segments.
Give me the floor to cover any area you want.
Finish the points you were getting into.
That was really heavy.
That gave me chills.
Yeah, I went to school to, well, because the state said I had to.
I mean, mom and dad said I had to.
I mean, on the first day I went to school, when I was just a little boy, I stayed there till lunchtime at this little infant school and I thought, nah, I don't like this.
I'm not having this.
I ran home.
I said to my mother, I said, no, no, I don't want to go back there.
It's horrible.
But obviously you had to.
But I went to play football and be with my mates.
I instinctively felt all the way through my childhood that this world was insane.
It made no sense to me.
You try to function within it, and I didn't know why.
I didn't know why it made no sense.
And then, of course, eventually you realize why it makes no sense because it's insane.
But it comes from intuition, you know. People can get caught in the head and get caught in the gut.
That's thought and emotion.
And most people are reacting from an emotional point of view, and or they are perceiving the world through the perceptions of the processes of thought.
And thought is a very low level of consciousness.
It's the level of the five senses, is what it works with.
But there's another level beyond that, which is knowing.
And, you know, the brain thinks because it's trying to work it out, because it doesn't know.
But the heart knows because it's connected to those levels of awareness that do know.
And see, we live in two worlds.
We've got the world of the population, and that is a world of strictly limited knowledge and
And then you've got the other world of the cult, where much more advanced knowledge is passed on.
This is, like I said earlier, the one-eyed man is king when the target population is blind.
That's the whole structure.
That's how it is.
And they know basically how reality works at our level.
They just don't want us to know.
And so they want to constantly, and this is what the education system is about, and it's why I instinctively had nothing to do with it.
You know, The start of every new year, wherever you sat in the classroom was where you sat for the whole year.
I was always at the front of the queue to get in so I could get a desk by the window so I could look out the window because I was not interested in the lessons at all.
Because I instinctively thought, you know, that this is nonsense.
And what they do is they put you in your head.
They make you a thinker.
And thinking operates basically with the information that operates in this world.
They put you all in the cerebral cortex.
It's like a tiny postage stamp instead of the giant subconscious that connects to infinity.
Yeah, exactly.
So you've got the media, you've got all the sources of information in the world of the human world.
They're all aimed at the head, aren't they?
Or they're aimed, the manipulations aimed at the gut, so they manipulate you emotionally.
Let's expand on that.
Martin Luther King said judge people on what they do, what they build, what they stand for.
We all knew inherently that was true.
Now they say no, judge people on their color.
That is so satanic.
And they're doing it openly.
Why are they doing that?
Well, because they do not want... See, this is the bottom line.
If you go deep enough into this eternal, infinite flow of consciousness that some people call God, everything's connected.
And when they say God is everywhere and God is everything, well, because everything is a manifestation or an expression of this Infinite state of awareness.
So yes, God is everywhere because the infinite state of awareness is everywhere.
And so that's the big picture.
We're all the same consciousness, different unique expressions of it, but all the same consciousness.
Now this cult does not want a humanity With that understanding and it wants to put us in in the subdivisions of labels and to then once they've got the labels then they can divide everybody label against label.
So what they're doing now because I mean everything's inverted.
This consciousness.
That's like the average so-called liberal is for anti-free speech.
They now support Uyghur death camps.
Joe Biden is endorsing death camps for Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians, and invading Hong Kong, and the left loves it because they were told, you're liberals, everybody else is Trump, they use Trump to get all the liberals mad, to then do anything evil, so by being under that label, they have now crossed completely over into oblivion.
Well, the whole woke mentality has been created by this cult.
And that's why the woke mentality is demanding and promoting every element of the cult's agenda.
Look at them!
Climate change, all the Covid fascism.
Sex changes in children, all of it.
I mean, it's just anti-human.
Yeah, all the political correctness, which is simply manipulating humanity to silence itself.
All these different elements.
The transgender agenda, which is about moving people perceptually towards a no gender human, which will be this human 2.0 that we talked about earlier.
Every area of the woke agenda is the cult agenda because the cults created the woke mentality.
And so this cult consciousness is an inversion.
You know, I talk about, you know, my definition of evil is the absence of love.
But if you take the word live, then it's evil.
Evil is live written backwards.
It's an inversion of life.
And therefore everything that the woke mentality, which is the cult mentality, is an inversion.
So you have anti-racist organizations that are unbelievably racist.
What is anti-racism?
It's looking at someone And saying no matter what the color of your skin, no matter what your sexuality, no matter what your background, you are an expression of the same consciousness that I'm an expression of.
Take the former CIA director, this horrible globalist.
He said, I'm ashamed to be white.
I mean, and again, obviously as a white person, I know that's just a divide in Congress, but that is outrageous, outrageous behavior.
Well, he's an idiot.
And the thing is that If you say, you know, I'm ashamed to be white, if you say I'm a white supremacist, if you say you're a black supremacist and don't let anyone kid themselves they don't exist, then you're an idiot.
And why?
Because you've completely misunderstood the nature of reality.
Well, he wants us to only think about our skin color and not our spirit.
Well, your body is simply a vehicle for your consciousness to experience this reality, this band of frequency.
Consciousness, our consciousness... Sure, everything is about getting us into identity that they give us, is what you're saying.
Everything is about that.
Yeah, but a consciousness is operating at a frequency.
That we can't see us while we can't see it, because it operates outside our band of frequency.
I see there.
And now with all these spectrometers, they admit there's a force five times more powerful at least, holding this all together.
We got 45 seconds.
What is that from your research?
Well, this is what I call the field.
This is the consciousness.
And you said that 30 years ago.
You said there's a field holding this in place.
It holds it all together.
It's an electromagnetic field of information.
And the point is that if you operate at that level, you have a certain view of yourself and the world, but if you operate at that level, I am my body, I am my sexuality, I am my race, then you live in a world of myopia, which is what the cult wants.
Let's talk about a final segment with David Ock.
This is a powerful interview.
Stay with us on Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
Final segment with David Icke.
I've got a bunch of breaking news and reports after he leaves us in about 10 minutes.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
DavidIcke.com is his site.
The latest book is The Trigger.
Find it at DavidIcke.com.
You can find all of his great reports.
We're glad that his crew posts them usually about 5 a.m.
in the morning.
I wake up about 5 a.m.
I notice they're busy over there in the UK posting.
You can also find all the videos at DavidIcke.com, but also Band.Video.
David, other points you'd like to pass on to folks?
Please get to those, but just briefly, as the censorship intensifies against everybody, what do you foresee in the future?
What do you expect them to pull next?
And I just hope listeners and viewers realize that this is very precious moments now while we're still on air able to communicate with them.
I mean, I take every minute now as so precious.
Well, I said in my books decades ago that the plan was to reach a point where no one anywhere Ever sees anything or hears anything that has not been, is not supported by the state, by the
By the cult.
That's where they want to go.
And they've been moving towards that for a long time, a very long time.
And the idea was that you create the Internet, which was created, of course, on military technology.
DARPA, Technological Development Arm of the Pentagon, claims credit for the Internet.
And you then, in the early days, because you want to get the internet to be the central pillar, irreversibly, of human society.
It's free, because you need people to become users of it, addicted to it, and for society to be not able to function without it.
They're going to get addicted because they're getting a lot of truth from David Icke and Alex Jones at first, but then when they take it away you still stay on it because you knew at first you were getting good stuff, now you're getting bad stuff.
Yeah, well the idea was it's just like throwing a fishing line out and then pulling it back in again.
The other thing they did, because once you get things totally on the internet, you can use algorithms to even stop people posting, never mind delete what they're posting.
And they seed-funded and promoted what are now the big Massive corporations of Silicon Valley, your Facebooks and your Twitters and your Googles, Google especially, and your YouTube now owned by Google.
And again, you need to get people to use them.
You need people to get addicted to them.
You need them to become the central pillar of the communication of information.
So in the early days, what do you do?
You have no censorship.
You just have freedom to post what you like.
But all the time these organizations are getting closer and closer to monopoly and the internet is getting closer and closer, well past now, being the central pillar of human society irreversibly.
And so once you feel that the point has been reached where you have domination, you've reached where you need to get, then you start your censorship.
And suddenly what you could post before was you can't post now and then it gets more and more, there's more and more excuses.
You get your governments to come out and say there must be censorship of the internet and Your companies, you know, play the idea or we're a bit reluctant but the government's regulation and all this stuff goes on and it's all a game.
It's all a vaudeville show because the idea is to get to this point where there is no information ever seen or heard that is not approved by the state.
I agree.
Just briefly the time we have left.
I wish you'd go longer but...
Bill Gates, I mean, he looks like a demonic elf, but then you've got Mark Zuckerberg who looks like a space alien.
He looks like data, or data, from Star Trek.
I mean, what's going on with him?
Well, let me give you my fix on it.
And it's not a new fix, I've had this fix for a long time, again.
Where humanity is being taken, in terms of the nature of the body, is into beyond, even beyond science fiction.
A level of synthetic biological entity state that is way beyond anything that we've even kind of thought about so far.
But they are already there.
And I would say... You talked about that big international broadcaster and another British Lord looked at you and you could see they had like black, their eyes were blue, but they were like black holes, they were just scanning you.
The point is, don't judge what I say by AI and, you know, robotics as... This is genetic AI.
As we know, yeah, as we know now.
I'm talking way, way beyond and where humans are being taken.
Because what humans are, is happening is we're being assimilated.
So you're saying these are emissaries, they're already here?
We're being assimilated into this force.
That's what it's all about.
And I come back to what I was saying.
I look at your Gateses and I look at your Zuckerbergs and I look at the whole bloody lot of them, frankly.
The major, major players.
And I don't see something that's human as we know human.
I think it's a very, very, very advanced form of AI.
And it's a form of AI that, you know, if I wrote something horrible on this computer, and I pressed enter, The computer wouldn't go through a process of, hold on a minute, you know, it's not very nice, is it?
No, the computer would just do it.
It doesn't have emotion.
It doesn't have empathy.
And it seems like they go through a process, because when they're younger, they don't look like it.
Something happens and like in one day, they switch and don't look human anymore.
And we can see it.
It's like we can tell fake.
And another thing you tend to find with a lot of the real inner circle ones is they live for a hell of a long time.
I mean, you know, you look at the British royal family, I mean, you know, they're in their 90s, Kissinger in his 90s and David Rockefeller, 100.
I mean, they tend to live a long time.
And, you know, I don't think they're actually human as we we perceive human.
And that's why they don't have human emotion.
Well now they're telling us it's a post-human world and a silicon god, so there's no debate now that they literally want to get rid of humans.
Whatever they are, it's anti-human.
So they are an anti-human subgroup.
Yeah, so what they are is something that does not have The human emotion, it doesn't have human empathy, it doesn't have human compassion.
And so it can do things that humans, that compassion, that empathy is the fail-safe mechanism on their behavior.
So what we call psychopaths are people without emotion, without empathy, without compassion.
And they, what do psychopaths do?
They lie by reflex action.
Now take the traits of the psychopath, and you'll see that they're the traits of the cult.
And the traits of the cult, I don't think, are human as we know humans.
And now they're projecting that onto their AI computers, which are an extension of them.
Yeah, and I just want to say, Alex before we go if I could just finish a point I made
earlier just before a break.
Oh we got to fire these network breaks. Oh I'm twisting David Icke for five more minutes. David
don't hang up he's smiling he's gonna tell us we gotta go to break we'll come back he'll have the
floor for five minutes it'll be gone because I got a lot of news to cover as well but we love David
Icke I want him to finish his point davidicke.com. Please don't forget I will not be here if you
don't financially support us we've got the big mega-sale fortify your supply.
All the supplements, everything free shipping and up to 50% off at infowarestore.com.
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That's a huge deal of food.
To have that food, to have that security.
Final statements from David Icke.
Straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones.
Final segment with David Icke.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
David, lay it on us.
We want to hear what you have to say, my friend.
Yeah, OK, I just want to make a quick point of this non-human force I'm talking about.
All the religions talk about it.
Christianity calls them the demons.
Islam calls them the jinn.
The Gnostic belief system calls them the Archons, which is Greek for rulers.
The Zulu belief system calls them the Chitauri, and so on.
So all over the world, all these Asian cultures and religions talk about this force.
But the point I just wanted to finish on very quickly, because I didn't finish it, was what the body is.
Because this brings us back to this whole racism divided rule.
The body is a, I call it a biological computer.
We are consciousness.
You can't see the consciousness that we are, just as you can't see Wi-Fi, but we know it exists.
And so for consciousness to interact with this world, it has to take on an outer shell that's within the frequency band of this world, because otherwise I can't pick my glasses up.
Because if my consciousness, in its pure form, tried to pick up those glasses, it couldn't.
It goes straight through them.
It's a completely different frequency.
So the body is a way that consciousness can interact with a frequency, a band of frequency, which we call the world.
And that's basically it.
And what the cult's trying to do is to so focus our attention in the five senses that we only perceive and are inspired by, affected perceptually by, what we see here and all the other senses.
So, the whole process of getting people to self-identify with all these identity politics labels, and with being black or white or brown or whatever, is all part of the process, not just of dividing and ruling, but also focusing our attention In the five senses.
I am black.
I am white.
I am consciousness.
Eternal, infinite awareness.
And they want us to end intimacy so that we don't have any connection to others.
Having a brief experience as a white person.
That's what this is.
And so, if we could come from this level, that we are a consciousness having an experience, and actually, ultimately, we're all the same consciousness.
So put your bloody weapons down.
Stop fighting each other, because that's what they want us to do.
While we're fighting each other, we're not seeing the same hands holding the strings of both sides.
And realize that we're all in the gun sights of this.
The whole of humanity, the human bloody family, black, white, sky blue, pink, it doesn't matter.
The whole human family is in the gun sights of this cult and this non-human force that's behind this cult.
We need to come together because there's 8 billion getting on for humans who are being targeted and ultimately you'd get the inner core of this cult in a single bloody room.
So in closing, why is it targeting humanity?
It's not about saving the earth.
It's threatened by where humanity is going to go.
This thing, is it too many of us they can't control?
Or they're feeding off of us?
Or are they being paid by something else to do it?
I mean, why are they targeting humanity?
Well, it's the same principle.
Once you're dealing with a state of consciousness that's actually insane, I keep calling it inverted, an inversion of life.
It's also an inversion of sanity.
These people are mad.
I mean, you look at Bill Gates and what he wants to do, sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere, eating fake meat.
I mean, the man's insane.
Drinking sewage?
Yeah, he's insane.
There is a level of intellectual intelligence there as well, as well as being, you know, spiritually insane.
So you can't really put a rational, or you don't necessarily have to find a rational reason why they're doing this.
Why does a psychopath do what they do to people?
Because they're bloody psychopaths!
And so this desire they have for control over, which is always the absolute giveaway that they're full of insecurity.
Secure people don't need to have control over, insecure people do.
And that's why, when you break it down, this all-powerful, omnipotent cult is terrified, always has been, of humanity waking up numbers because it knows that when we do the game is over.
And so you're not looking at an all-powerful force, you're not looking at an all-knowing
force, you're looking at a force that wants to hold us in a state of blindness so it,
the one-eyed man, can have control over us.
And once you move out of self-identity with labels and you start to self-identify with
with a true eye consciousness, everything starts to change.
everything starts to move. That's extremely powerful and you're absolutely right and so
it's a paradox though they know more about the universe than the average person because
for whatever reason they're more electronic or more reptile more mechanical more formulaic
and so they're able to catch people that aren't conscious of what's going on and manipulate us.
We're obviously way more advanced than they are.
And so it really is a paradox.
They know about the greater truths, but they use that to actually control us.
How does that paradox work?
They know about the greater truths up to a point.
If they knew the greatest of truths, they wouldn't be who they are.
You know, if they knew that love was actually the force that holds the universe and holds the whole infinite reality together, they wouldn't be evil, which is the absence of love.
The reason they're inverted is because they are completely without this basic foundation of the entirety of existence, which is
what we call love.
And because they don't have that, they're basically detached from the greatest and the
greater picture.
So they interlaced, this is why I go back to this one-eyed man and the blind, they have
a certain amount of knowledge of how it works, but only a certain amount, and they have to
make sure that humans have a lot less amount of understanding.
Is there any way to get people on the process of serving evil out of it?
Because I know people can be conned by it and go along with it.
They can be woken up and saved from it.
But what about people that are partially into it or from bloodlines that have been bred to resonate with it?
Is there a way to save them or are they too far gone?
Well, what is human society and what is anything?
It is perception.
Perception leads to behavior and the collective behavior from the collective perception is what we call human society.
And perception comes from control of information or the information you receive which becomes your perception.
This is why they want to control information because they want to control perception because they know that from perception they're controlling behavior.
But we can transform this world overnight.
If we change perception, and no matter how deeply you are caught in this evil, you can change your perception.
People have done it.
And once that light goes on, I mean, you know, You get a few people in a room, if their perception of each other leads to them having a row, they have an unpleasant experience.
If their perception of each other is a positive perception, they have a nice time and a nice interaction.
And the only difference between the row and the argument and a nice time is the perception of the people.
Beautifully said.
All right, DavidIke.com, the new book, Triggered.
The Trigger.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Really amazing.
People can find all your big breakdowns that come out almost daily at band.video, the David Icke section, and of course, davidicke.com.
Get his books.
Thank you, David, so much.
Real pleasure, mate.
Thank you for so much time.
I know he's a busy guy.
All right, I got a final segment, and Paul Joseph Watson, also from the UK, will be taking over in the next hour.
And then we've got Owen Schroyer with ORM.
Thank you, David Icke.
That was even better than last time.
Paul Joseph Watson is set to take over, and things are so crazy that I've never been a big fingernail chewer, but I've been chewing my fingernails down.
That's degenerate, isn't it?
I mean, that's how epic everything is, but I figured something out.
In my whole life, I wondered, what is it when I get chills?
When I think about something, or I hear a piece of music, or I read a piece of literature, or I say something aloud that's true, and I get this big chill.
And I figured out what it is.
There's a video that's gotten hundreds of millions of views in different countries, different places, despite the censors attempts that our archive has found from me 11 years ago, predicting the lockdowns, Operation Lockstep, the forced inoculations, the mask, can't leave your house.
That's got millions of views on Twitter, TikTok, tens of millions of views in places like India and everywhere else.
That makes me excited.
I want to reach new people.
But I say at the beginning of the video, I say, I'm getting chills.
And more and more, because I probably only say I'm getting chills like once a week, right?
Because I tell you what, I'm getting chills.
And it's always when I'm predicting something that's gonna come true.
But the way the universe works is, space-time continuum, there is no past, there is no present, there is no future.
With God, omnipresent, it's all there.
So when you say something that's incredibly true, it bounces off the future, which is the present, and hits you.
And your spirit goes, whoa, I just said something that is absolutely dead on, and it's gonna bounce big in the future.
It's like a psychic inkblot, or what do they call those inkblots they do in psychology, those Rorschach deals.
And so that's what the chills are, is you're like, man, why am I in this old barn and I'm getting chills?
And grandma says, well, your great-great-great-grandfather tortured and killed 15 Union soldiers in this barn.
So everybody feels it right over there where he killed them.
That's a true story, by the way.
That old log cabin barn still stands in East Texas.
But that's like, why do I get, like, coal blowing up my back right here?
Why do I feel so scared right here?
Grandma, and she said, oh, you picked that up, huh?
Anybody goes down there and picks that up, son.
That's at the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction.
It's called getting the willies.
So see, there's a bouncing that goes on.
So when I said this is coming in the future, they're gonna lock everything down, it's the end of humanity.
When I said that then, I was starting to say, I was like, whoa, whoa, oh, damn, damn, I'm getting hit, oh, oh, oh, it's like sonar.
It's like you know when you're saying the truth, it's hitting you back.
So this is science, this isn't voodoo, this isn't, that's religion trying to figure all this out.
This is the real world, folks.
And so you put that out there, and when you get hit back with what you just said was true, you're like, okay, somebody just plugged me into a light socket.
Because what you just said wasn't just the truth.
What you just said was to millions of people, and then now they're gonna see that truth in the future, and they're gonna resonate.
And when I said that 11 years ago, 11 years out in the future, 100 million people have probably seen it now.
I walked into a store this morning, not wearing a mask, and the woman behind the counter said, I seem to know you.
I'm not going to ask you to wear your mask.
There's other customers, they're all looking at me.
She says, and I pulled my phone out and I said, is it this video right here?
And I showed it to her with millions of views.
She goes, yeah, I see.
I saw that last week.
I said, she said, how did you know?
She started shaking.
Because, folks, it's all connected.
It's not magic, it's mathematics.
We just can't understand it because we're not at an advanced level.
But our cells are, and our cells are sensors, and they resonate.
So this isn't, this isn't hoodoo or voodoo or any type of mysticism.
This is the real world.
Mysticism is people claiming they can control this.
Mysticism is people putting their name at the top of it, claiming they created this.
God created this.
God created us.
But that's why, whenever I know what I'm saying, I do my studying, my own research, I interview all these guys, I try to do my best intellectual analysis, but then I always learn, like, I get a little bit tickled, like, I'm gonna go a little bit over here, and I'm like, I don't know, and as soon as I hit the zeitgeist, it's like, bam, bam, bam, bam, like I've got a light socket plugged in my rear end.
That's way above that.
That's just one of the versions.
There's like 4 million views this morning.
That must be a screenshot.
That's just one version.
I don't even show it, but they'll take it down.
That's just the clip my daughter sent me.
So, there's a line in Master and Commander that's a great historical fiction, where They have this Jonas on board and they can't get any wind.
And as soon as the guy dies, the wind pulls up.
The captain says, listen, uh, Matcher and the doctor, why don't you not worry about all your little books and all that?
Because I'm explaining to you, there's a lot of things in this world aren't in your books, Sonny.
And that's a quote out of a Shakespeare thing as well.
With me, you're not going to get some calculated system of BS and something that's been looked at by focus groups and people to manipulate you.
That's the whole system.
We're the opposite of that.
With me, you're going to get the real thing.
And I'm here to tell you, God is as real as a heart attack.
And so is the devil.
There's a force wants to empower you that created the universe, but because there's free will and a lot of creatures, a lot of entities have decided to serve badness that they exist and they're eternal folks.
I mean, God routinely walls them off.
You can call that damnation.
But you just better get on the right side of things because let me tell you, Jesus Christ is as real as a heart attack.
I had that epiphany last night in a dream.
I woke up at like 3 a.m.
sweating, and I said, that's what that is.
That's sonar.
That's radar bouncing off the future.
Because any time I get chills, it means I'm on target.
I've always tried to explain it.
Well, is it the spirit?
Is it the spirit telling me that that's something on target?
Well, there is a spirit, but no, that's not what it is, ladies and gentlemen.
It is literally the space-time continuum that it's bouncing forward into the future and having a giant effect in the future, and it's bouncing back, and you're picking it up, and because you sent it out, when it hits your cells, they know it is you, and so it's you returning, but even stronger.
No one's ever said this stuff on air.
I'm not trying to get people all excited or anything here, but let me tell you, these are the big secrets, ladies and gentlemen.
And I only pray to God to give me more revelations to understand what all this is.
But, you know, why do you think you whistle past the graveyard?
Why don't you get that chill up your spine when you're driving down the highway?
I'm getting a chill, and you look off, and there's this big-ass graveyard, thousands of tombstones.
You didn't even look over there.
You were busy, straightforward, listening to the radio.
You're almost like... Because that's...
That that's a symbol of all those people that's all their will everything they did it's like it's like Jimmy Hendrix said in that song.
Why don't you stand next to my fire?
Because we all got a fire And he's telling the woman, why don't you stand next to my fire?
She's got a fire too.
Why don't you come on in and stand next to my soul?
Why don't you take part in that together?
That's what it's all about.
We're humans made in the image of God.
We have a commerce.
We have a Congress.
We have a connection to God.
And you must recognize God is real to resonate with God and to deny that God is real is death!
I got a lot of news to cover.
I got the enemy coming after your ass.
But you already know they're coming after you, don't you?
You don't need me to tell you that.
All you need to do is decide whether you serve God or the devil.
Because just as much as I talk about God, there's an entity and it's got a bunch of people with it that have done a lot of bad stuff.
And you think they're giving up?
You think they're happy they're walled off from us?
No, they want to get us.
They want to hurt us.
They want to take us down with them.
And my question is, are you gonna be with these people?
That's why they tell you all day, make fun of Christians, make fun of Orthodox Jews, make fun of Buddhists, make fun of people that know there's a God, because they don't want you to even know about that, so you don't have any defense against it.
The devil's as real as a heart attack.
I was supposed to plug this hour.
If you want to support us, we got store-bought free shipping and everything else that funds us and they're great products.
And that's what funds this operation.
At this point, whatever, it's all in God's hands.
But I just want to thank you all for your support.
I want to thank you for your prayers.
And I want to thank you for just the fact that we've been able to interface and talk to each other because your prayers give me chills.
Let me tell you, I ask you guys to pray for me.
It's almost selfish.
My God, I feel you do it.
I get chills again, because that's your will, your spirit going out and bouncing off the future and having an effect.
I can feel the power you're having through God.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Paul Joseph Watson takes over in T-minus six minutes.
We got some good news for you on the surface, but probably some bad news right under the surface.
I don't give out false hope, at least not consciously.
I've made mistakes.
This is just breaking.
You just had the press conference.
Owen Schroeder just ran in here.
The rest of my crew did.
Justice Governor lifts mass order, says businesses can open 100%.
The problem is when they turn the PCR test up again, or say there's a new variant, they're going to clamp it right down.
They've already done this in Italy and Australia and other areas.
But Texas governor lifts mass order, says businesses can open 100%.
It is now time for Texas to open 100%, Abbott said.
Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open at 100% capacity.
And no masks, but you watch, they're gonna keep Virtue signaling their asses off, and blue cities are.
Let's get Owen Schroer's take on this breaking news.
He'll be live in 59 minutes with The War Room.
Well, I'm really curious to see what the response to this is like just amongst civilization.
What are Texans going to do?
Are Texans going to take off the mask, are they finally going to say?
And I will say this too, Alex.
Other states need to look at this, and people just need to start taking off the mask, because this is the key that you're talking about here.
If the government is the one that decides when we can take off the mask, then that's them even reasserting their right to put it on our face to begin with.
Exactly, it's the same thing.
Well, I'll tell you this.
DeSantis and Noam of South Dakota led the charge.
They are the leaders.
They took action, not the governor of Texas.
He did this under incredible pressure.
Alex, what happened was Governor Abbott of Texas was talking to DeSantis and Noem, and they were telling him, no, you should do this, you should do this, and I think they kind of convinced him, and then Adler was in his ear, as well as the mayor of San Antonio, and Adler has already come out and made a statement against this opening.
He says we should continue to wear two masks, three masks, ten masks if we have to.
Adler's a police piece of filth.
Let's get the armored vehicle out to your show and go bullhorn Adler then.
Yeah, he's down at the W.
Are you getting in the truck?
Yeah, I'm gonna go down there in the truck.
Hey, but this is a big deal.
We have forced the governor to start exposing the hoax.
But he should do like Nome, he should do like DeSantis and basically expose the whole thing as a hoax.
What do you think?
Well, he's saying, oh, look, we've been vaccinated, the hospital numbers are down.
The hospitals were never overcrowded.
We've still seen no footage or any evidence or proof of that, aside from whatever they're running on TV with the rest of their fake numbers.
So I think that he's...
He's feeling good like, oh, I'm a leader.
As soon as he said it, no one's wearing the stupid mask anymore.
Yeah, well, he's feeling good like, oh, I'm a leader, I'm stepping up, and we'll see.
Again, that's what I'm really curious about here, Alex.
How is civilization going to respond?
Are they going to really take off the mask, stop living in fear?
I mean, what is that interaction going to be like?
Oh, we're going to have to go out and point this out.
I went into business this morning because I'm going to get artificial vitamin D3.
I went to tanning bed and this lady's like, oh my god, oh, you're Alex Jones.
I mean, it was like they were all awake.
And I'm like, there was dudes in there.
They're like, yeah, you're right.
We shouldn't wear a mask.
I'm like, stop wearing them.
And they still wouldn't pull them off, even though I'm in the business saying, take them off.
So it's just insane.
Well, and I think this is good timing for Texas, because I think now people that were wearing the mask to virtue signal against Trump are kind of over that, so they're ready to take off the mask, too.
I've noticed that it's been a lot less strict walking around in Austin without a mask, a lot less people hassling me when I'm walking into stores and the gym, so it's just good, Alex.
I mean, I know that you're right, you're right, they're going to take it back on and everything, but I just want to see something new, you know?
No, I agree, but while we go out, we gotta point out, hey, they just took the pressure off, it's gonna come back on.
Great point.
Alright, Owen Schroer, in about 56 minutes, he will be live with The War Room, which they hate you promoting, they hate you telling folks about, they absolutely hate it, and they hate Paul Joseph Watson!
And so if Paul wants the clip, we've got the press conference of him announcing this.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in just one moment.
Please, listeners, Thank you for your word of mouth.
That's how we override the censors.
We're going to win this together.
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It's going to end this Saturday at InfoWarsStore.com.
Takes a lot of money to fund this operation.
I want to thank you all for keeping us on air.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in 60 seconds.
And we are live on the Summit News Hour where I'm beside myself with anticipation about the fact that on Monday, in just six days time, the government has deigned it in our best interests and we're so grateful to them.
So, so grateful!
That we will be able to meet, according to the government, and this is still subject to change, they could change it at any moment, but we will, we may be able to meet one other person on a park bench to have a cup of coffee from Monday.
I can't describe the excitement that's tingling through my veins at this moment.
Now as of every weekend here in the UK we have videos Multiple videos of people being harassed by police for basically walking too far away from their home if they go more than two miles from their home in some cases.
They're accosted, harassed, in some cases arrested and strip searched in one case by police.
Of course we have record UK knife crime and in fact we've got another update on that.
We have the police saying they can't respond to burglaries.
What they can respond to is so-called hate crime.
Of course, we had a story a few days ago about police in Merseyside with a big truck with an electronic billboard on the side, stood menacingly next to it, three police officers basically saying that insulting somebody, being offensive, is an offence.
Of course, they later had to come out a couple of days later on Twitter and actually admit that, no, being offensive is not an offence.
The definition of a hate crime Has to be a crime in the first place, and then if it's aggravated by bigotry or racism or whatever, then it becomes a hate crime.
But it has to be a hate crime in the first place to be a hate crime.
Apparently police forces across the country don't recognize that basic fact.
Or at least they're being told to do the opposite.
And now we have another headline.
We have this headline every single Monday morning here in the UK at this point.
Police harass people for walking, sitting.
As Chief admits, we've had enough.
This is not policeable.
Police in the UK were filmed, once again, harassing people on the streets and beaches again this past weekend merely for walking or sitting down.
Bear in mind that we've been told as of last week that all the lockdown restrictions will not even be lifted for over three months.
In fact, for nearly four months Maybe in about six weeks time they may allow us to sit outside a pub, and maybe in about two months, two and a half months time, they may allow us to go on holiday.
Imagine that, the government allowing us to take a little trip.
But you see some of the footage here, a protest in London, people being dragged to the ground once again.
Bear in mind we have Giant stabbings all over London every single Saturday night.
Police noticeably absent at those incidents.
But if you go out in a park and you hold up a sign, well, they'll be right on you.
An incident in London was captured as a woman remonstrated with cops after they attempted to stop her for getting a coffee near to where she lives.
This is a two-minute clip and it's embedded in this article which I posted.
Basically, a woman who lives in Battersea, which is where I live in London, crossed the bridge over the Thames to go and buy a coffee.
It's literally less than two miles away from where she lives, as she says in the clip, and she's immediately surrounded by three or four police officers who harass her, demand to know her name, demand to know what she's doing.
This is basically par for the course every single weekend now.
And people who think it's going to end on June 26 or whenever the government said it would end, well they're going to be in for a rude awakening because as we know they're going to do climate lockdowns, they're going to have new variants, they're going to do rolling lockdowns, they're going to bring it back.
Informations last week that if we have a particularly bad flu season they're going to bring back the mask mandates, the social distancing.
Every single winter people think this is going to end given the precedent we've allowed them to create.
In a few months' time, I've got another thing coming.
Article continues, police were patrolling London all weekend, interrogating and finding anyone they found to be sitting down for too long.
That's right, this is the one freedom they're giving us back in six days' time.
We can sit down!
Or having strayed too far away from where they live.
So there's a clip of police officers in Tower Bridge, East London, Walking around harassing people who are sitting on concrete benches basically demanding to know who they are, where they live.
There's some people attempted to go for a walk on a beach.
A walk on a beach?
It's not very communitarian is it?
Police were there to check papers and ensure they hadn't come from out of the immediate area.
And then there was another anti-lockdown protest in Bishop's Park where police made arrests.
That's the video you saw of the Woman being dragged to the ground.
It's become a familiar sight in the UK and has been going on for months yet even police themselves are sick of it.
Quote, police don't want to police this.
We have had enough of this.
It's not policeable.
It's not manageable.
So said Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, according to The Telegraph.
I mean, it doesn't really stop them from dragging women to the floor and twisting their arms behind their backs, does it?
But apparently some of them aren't happy about it, the police.
Maybe they could be more lenient.
Marsh added that police do not want to put themselves at risk when they have to break distancing restrictions to question and arrest people.
Oh right, so that's the actual reason they think they're going to get COVID.
Says we have to break COVID legislation every day of the week.
I mean, that's the fact.
They have to get up in people's faces and arrest them.
He said, adding, what if I turn around and say to my 32,000 members, adhere totally to COVID legislation.
And we've seen other clips of police cars just stopping randomly in the street as people are walking down the street.
By the way, the government still allows us to go for a walk once a day.
Thank you, big brother.
But even that's not good enough.
There's clips of people getting stopped in the street.
And again, when they fail to identify, that's when they start getting into trouble, even though it's not a legal requirement to identify when you haven't, or are not suspected of committing a serious crime.
He continued, the police chief, that is not what we want, but if we have to do that to protect my colleagues, I will do that.
Ministers are just not listening.
And this is going to go on for another three months because The government is so paranoid over these polls.
And whether these polls are made up, whether they're just phoning up, you know, 75, 80 year old people on landline phones, I don't know.
But there was literally a poll last week which said, should school children wear masks?
Not just in school, in the playground, wherever, but in lessons itself.
And it was like 82% said yes, which has led to some people on the lockdown sceptic side completely giving up, like Peter Hitchens did the other day.
Then we had this headline out of Summit News.
Man arrested claims he was strip searched for going for a walk too far from home.
This was a couple in Wales who went for a walk to their nearest beach.
Not everyone lives right by the beach, so they, God forbid, the absolute criminals, drove a couple of miles to the beach.
They had a walk.
They were both suffering mental health issues as a result of lockdown.
They just lost a couple of family members.
In fact, there's a quote from the victim here.
He says, my family was struggling with many issues that are sourced in the constant lockdowns and homeschooling.
On top of that came personal family problems, which we faced in the last months.
They include the very serious illness of my wife's brother and death of close relatives.
This was actually an immigrant couple from Poland, but that identity politics veil didn't protect them.
They came back to the parking lot near this beach and noticed that the police were handing out tickets, interrogating people, and as soon as this individual refused to identify himself because he was being harassed for doing nothing, and it's not a legal requirement to do that in Wales, he was handcuffed, he was taken to a police car, he was then taken to a police station Told to remove his clothes.
Again, not charged with anything.
He was later released three hours subsequently without any charge.
Told to remove his clothes and threatened with their removal by scissors if he didn't.
He was then subjected to a humiliating strip search while being denied use of the toilet.
So he's interrogated, he's handcuffed, he's strip-searched for the crime of going for a walk on a beach two miles from his home, when even the legislation says you can go for a walk nearby to a local beauty spot.
They don't even know the rules they're enforcing, which is why three hours later he was released without charge.
And only the fact that somebody filmed it, his wife filmed it, meant that it got some attention.
So we have all this going on.
We have knife crime at epidemic levels.
We have the police saying they're not going to respond to burglaries, but what they will respond to is a couple going for a walk on a local beach.
There was a poll taken a few months ago, which I mention quite often, and they asked people across the world how many people they thought had been infected with and killed by coronavirus.
In the UK, people thought that 100 times more people had died from coronavirus than had actually been killed.
They thought 7% of the population had died from coronavirus.
We're talking about millions and millions of people.
That's what they think when they see BBC Sky News hyping these death figures every single night.
But then when you look at the reality of the statistics, For example, someone did a Freedom of Information Act request in the UK, and they asked the government, who were mandated to respond, Tony Blair was very upset about.
That was his biggest regret, he said, was introducing the Freedom of Information Act request.
So they asked the government, how many people have died of coronavirus, but just from coronavirus without any comorbidities?
And the government came back, and this is on the ONS official government website, by the way, And they said that 10% of the official death toll of COVID, the overall death toll, only 10% of that figure had died from just COVID alone.
All the other deaths involved another comorbidity.
Then they say, well, Flu has disappeared!
Apparently, flu has just disappeared into thin air.
We had an article a couple of weeks ago saying that there's basically been zero flu infections since the start of the year in winter across the entire United Kingdom.
No flu infections?
They've just, poof, they've gone into thin air.
We say, well, why is that?
And they said, well, everyone's wearing masks.
Everyone's wearing masks and that's why the flu has disappeared.
You see, lockdown works.
Now everyone started wearing masks, or a large section of the population did here in the United Kingdom, in the late summer.
And in fact masks became more ubiquitous as the summer wore on into autumn.
And what did we see?
We saw a second wave of coronavirus infections.
So the masks stopped the flu apparently.
They didn't just stop it, they made it disappear.
Because everyone was wearing the masks, but then coronavirus increased because everyone was wearing the masks.
No, that doesn't make sense.
You look at Spain, where masks were made mandatory both indoors and outdoors.
The police could lock you up if you weren't wearing a mask.
I saw people hiking up mountains in Spain wearing masks because they were so afraid of the police seeing them and intercepting them and arresting them.
And the police in Spain They're certainly a lot more scary than the police in the UK.
So Spain mandated mask wearing, and in fact you see this across numerous other countries, France and Germany included.
Spain mandated the mask wearing in early summer.
Immediately, or almost immediately after that, coronavirus cases shot up.
But the reason that flu's disappeared is because everyone's wearing a mask.
Makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever.
So we have people being harassed, arrested, strip searched for going for a walk on a nearby beach.
We have people being asked to ID themselves, being harassed in central London for sitting on a bench.
Meanwhile, this is out of Breitbart, UK knife crime hits record high under Tories as over 50,000 offences logged in one year.
This is what I was talking about before the break.
Every single weekend, Friday and Saturday night, Stabbing in Croydon.
Stabbing in East London.
Five injured.
Ten dead.
It's a blip in the media, because there's no police response to it, because police aren't patrolling these dangerous areas.
They're patrolling central London, where the tourists would normally be.
Where there's the least crime out of the entire city, of barking at people for sitting on a concrete bench.
Meanwhile, we're told, oh, there's no police resources.
We can't respond to burglaries anymore.
Knife crime in Britain has doubled in the previous six years, rising above 50,000 incidents in a one-year period in England and Wales for the first time in recorded history.
The ONS said that in the year leading up to Boris Johnson's imposition of the first coronavirus lockdown, crimes involving a knife or a sharp weapon rose by 6%, from 47,000 to 50,000.
This latest figure is more than double.
This latest figure is more than double. The 23,000 offences recorded in 2014, it's doubled
since 2014 because of the absolute non-response to these incidents, because these criminals,
these gang members can just get away with it, because they know the coppers are patrolling
Tower Bridge, central London, because someone sat down to eat a frigging sandwich.
Ten people get stabbed the same night.
No, we don't talk about that.
The report found that 44% of the knife crimes were violent assaults and 44% were robberies.
Again, the police are saying they can't respond to burglaries, which rose from 18,000 to 20,000 in the year leading up to March of 2020.
Homicides rose by 7%.
A bunch of other serious crimes are rising as well, but you know what's more important is this.
UK police forced to respond after Ad claimed being offensive is an offence.
Again, this was in Merseyside.
Liverpool area, which is not known for its low crime rate of actual serious crimes, stabbings, murders, etc.
But Merseyside police were forced to respond after officers took part in an electronic ad campaign outside a supermarket which claimed being offensive is an offence with authorities later clarifying that it is in fact not an offence.
They literally had a giant billboard with four police officers stood next to it menacingly.
Telling people to report hate crime.
It said being offensive is an offence.
It featured a police badge superimposed over an LGBT rainbow flag.
Hashtag diversity is a strength.
Said Merseyside Police stand with and support the LGBTQI plus community.
We will not tolerate hate crime on any level.
Come and speak to Team Beb.
See, they don't even know what hate crime is.
A hate crime can only occur if an existing crime has been committed.
So if somebody goes out and assaults somebody because they're Polish or because they're black or because they're gay, the assault is the crime.
If they were found to have committed that assault, Because of their bigotry, their hatred towards those people, then it becomes a hate crime.
It's not a hate crime to go on Twitter and say there are only two genders.
It's a bannable offence on Twitter, but it's not a hate crime, even with the incredibly draconian, stringent provisions we have under the law in the United Kingdom.
But again, this wouldn't be so shocking if we didn't have record levels of knife crime, if we didn't have, for example, this out of the BBC.
Sarah Thornton, police may no longer respond to burglaries.
This is from 2015 and it's still the case.
The public should not expect to see a police officer after crimes such as burglary, the head of the new National Police Chiefs Council has said.
So if your home's being burglarized, Maybe you should accuse the burglar of bigotry or racism or homophobia.
Then, and only then, the police may respond.
If, of course, they're not too busy strip-searching men in Wales because they went for a walk on a beach, because they were a bit upset about a couple of their family members dying, because they were having mental health struggles as a result of lockdown, no.
Apparently those are the real enemies now.
They can't respond to burglaries.
What they can do is fund electronic billboards to be set up outside supermarkets with four police officers stood next to them for God knows hours on end literally telling people that something's illegal when it's not even illegal.
They've just completely made it up.
This is the state of the UK.
These are the times we live in.
Don't go away.
Summit.News will be right back.
Let's focus on a rare example of a Small chink of light, a piece of good news here, headline, Harvard Harris poll, Americans more concerned over summer violence than January 6th riot.
Yes, despite the last, what is it, two months almost now of media hysteria and propaganda over the January 6th riot, which by the way, they're still saying to this day, the police officer who was killed during that siege, whatever you want to call it, They don't know how he died.
The media misreported that he was whacked on the head with a fire extinguisher.
There were reports that he was tear gassed.
He later died of a stroke.
No actual final definition, no confirmation of exactly how he died.
Four Trump supporters died as well.
Of course, Ashley Babbitt shot in the neck.
The other three, we basically don't even know their names, don't know how they died.
No one cares about them.
The media says they're all domestic terrorists anyway, so who cares, right?
But it hasn't worked, because a new Harvard-Harris poll has found that Americans are more concerned over the violence that happened last summer in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd than the Capitol riot on January 6th.
And by the way, Very hard to find the death toll for the BLM Antifa riots that took place for months and months and months from the end of May right up until throughout the rest of the year.
Wikipedia used to have a section in their George Floyd peaceful protest page which went through the individual cases of who had died during those riots.
Now when I looked at it months and months ago, probably in July, It said 28 people had died as a result of these riots.
Now it's barely even mentioned.
It's mentioned once on the sidebar.
It says 19.
That number appears to be decreasing every time you check it.
And then it says they only count the deaths up until June the 8th.
The protests only started at the end of May.
So they're only counting basically less than two weeks.
From when the protests, the riots began.
As we know, they went on for months and months and months.
The guy who was shot point-blank in Portland, the Trump supporter, died after June the 8th, so they're not counting him.
So again, it's very hard to find these stats, but even by their own numbers, 19 people died during those riots, bare minimum.
It's probably three times that at least.
Five people tragically died on January 6.
The media has, of course, relentlessly tried to instill a moral panic over this.
They're still talking about it to this day.
Turns out that Americans don't agree with them.
Although the media has consistently tried to fan the flames of hysteria over the Capitol breach, the survey reveals, and again this is Harvard Harris, this is a major polling firm, an establishment polling firm, Reveals that Americans are more unsettled about the months-long riots across major cities that were responsible for at least 19 deaths, probably way more.
So people in this survey were asked, quote, which do you find more concerning, the violence in American cities during the summer or the riots at the Capitol on January 6th?
55% of respondents said they were more perturbed by violence in the cities compared to 45% who said the January 6th riot.
And I'm surprised the numbers aren't even higher.
Given how we know they manipulate these polls.
But then they were asked, was the riot of January 6th being used by politicians to suppress legitimate political movements, or do you think there is no such suppression of legitimate movements?
64%, that's almost two-thirds, of Americans said yes, they're exploiting the January 6th incident to suppress, delegitimize legitimate political movements, And only 36% said no.
And obviously, as you've seen with these polls in the past, they always try to weigh them, try to skew them with 10% more Democrats, but even with that factored in, which is presumably what they're using in this poll, because they use it in all the others, 64% to 36%.
71% polled said they thought Antifa, which was involved in much of the violent rioting, even though it doesn't exist according to the media, it's just an idea, ...was a domestic terrorist group, while 29% said it wasn't.
So more than two-thirds of Americans think Antifa is a domestic terrorist group, while the mainstream media says it literally doesn't exist.
This compares to 66% who think the Proud Boys are a domestic terrorist group, and 36% who don't.
Now, of course, the George Floyd riots, described as mostly peaceful by CNN and others while they were literally standing in front of burning buildings that later collapsed, caused 1.2 billion in property damage and led to 14,000 arrests.
And as I point out in this article, the 19 death toll is almost certainly far higher.
So that is a white pill.
I mean, it's pretty much a gimme in golfing terms.
But the clear majority of Americans have not bought the mainstream media's line on these riots being peaceful protests and that them being far less of a concern than the January 6th breach.
They think the opposite.
And again, we've got this whole moral panic at the moment over domestic terrorism, which again is flagrantly being used as another excuse to ban people, de-platform them, take away their bank accounts, put them in prison.
Five people Five people died of domestic terrorism in 2020, which according to studies means you've been 10 times more likely to die from a lightning strike.
But according to the media, domestic terrorism remains the biggest threat.
Meanwhile, on the subject of the riots, fashion brand that vehemently supported Black Lives Matter faces slave labor scandal.
It's another giant transnational corporation That so vehemently virtue-signalled over George Floyd, over Black Lives Matter throughout the entire summer, they posted the Black Square!
Oh my God, they must be such a moral, woke organisation, literally running slave labourings in the United Kingdom.
So woke!
This is fashion brand Boohoo, which is one of these clothing manufacturers that makes all their clothing in Areas of the world where, let's say, employment regulations and standards aren't too high.
But this wasn't even a story about slave labour in the third world.
In China, in Indonesia, places like that.
This was in the United Kingdom where they were running this slave labour.
US Customs and Border Protection have seen enough evidence to launch an investigation into the company after a campaign group exposed how Boohoo is not doing enough to stop forced labour in the Leicester factories which make many of its clothes.
By the way, Leicester is a very, let's say, diverse city here in the United Kingdom.
A lot of minority workers on not just minimum wage, but below minimum wage it turns out.
Literally enforcing slave labour, no employment protections, paying them illegally low wages.
And these people are mostly going to be Asian, they're going to be black.
Oh, but they posted the black square!
They tweeted the black square while literally Running slave labour rings comprised of black and brown people.
But they posted the black square!
That's obviously more important, right?
So the evidence of boohoo and forced labour is quite compelling.
This is according to the founder of Liberty Shared.
I think it will be a wake-up call for British institutions about how they're handling modern slavery and enforced labour, particularly in a community like Leicester East.
Again, very diverse.
But what's more important than calling out giant, rapacious transnational corporations for literally enslaving black and brown people?
It's middle-class white people in cities like Bristol pulling down 200-year-old statues.
That's more important.
A report last year by lawyer Alison Levitt QC found that the allegations against the company, which centred around illegally low wages and poor working conditions, were substantially true.
Employees were also made to work through lockdown, potentially exposing them to COVID-19.
So we have this entire narrative in the UK, and you've seen it in the US as well, where they say BAME people, black people, brown people, are more susceptible to catching COVID-19 and dying from it, while this company Made their employees work illegally below minimum wage levels throughout the entire lockdown in flagrant violation of the very same government policies that the left upholds as sanctimonious, as descended from God himself, basically.
So while they were doing that, While they were exposing black and brown people to Covid, paying them illegally low wages in poor working conditions, they were simultaneously posting the black square to show their support for BLM.
And as we know, that's what really matters.
Well we see the increasing purge of Actual feminists with principles who say that men shouldn't impose on women's spaces, men shouldn't impose on women's sports particularly.
We had the absurd twitch womanics scandal yesterday which I'm going to talk about in a moment.
But this was the subject of Candace Owens's discussion with Tucker Carlson last night.
We're going to go to this video now.
Headline video Candace Owens slams Dems unbelievably offensive Equality Act This was Candice with Tucker last night.
Let's go to the clip.
Here it is.
Donald Trump spoke at CPAC in Florida yesterday.
All of the coverage, particularly in social media, was about the politics of it.
Will he run again?
Ignored were some of the details in his speech, and it's not hard to see why.
At one point, Trump did what almost no conservatives are willing to do in public.
He pointed out that Democrats are pushing a terrifying agenda that eliminates women.
Joe Biden and the Democrats are even pushing policies that would destroy women's sports.
Young girls and women are incensed that they are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males.
It's not good for women.
It's not good for women's sports, which worked so long and so hard to get to where they are.
If this does not change, women's sports, as we know it, will die.
They'll end.
It'll end.
That's true.
And it's not just women's sports, it's women as a group.
Can women be said to exist in any meaningful biological way after this?
That's a real question.
But on sports, Biden has signed an executive order that forces women to compete in sports against biological men.
Then the House just passed the Equality Act, which redefines gender all over the federal government.
In effect, makes it disappear.
There's no such thing as biological gender.
Candace Owens is the author of Blackout.
She's thought a lot about this topic.
She joins us tonight.
Candace, it was great to have you on tonight.
Thank you.
So what effect will this have?
And you are a woman.
You're married.
You just had a baby.
In the wake of this, can anyone really say, I'm a woman, I'm a man?
Do those terms have meaning anymore?
You will be called a bigot, as I have been called a bigot, a hateful individual, a transphobe.
You know, the left just likes to use all of these pejoratives when you are speaking common sense.
And I find this to be unbelievably offensive, the idea that there are no differences between men and women, especially as you just mentioned,
me being someone that just gave birth six weeks ago.
The idea that there is nothing that makes me special, nothing that makes me different from a man
that stands up and says, I now identify as a woman, it's quite frankly insulting.
And take a look at this, just honestly, just think about this for a second
to really paint a picture of what the left is trying to do.
What they are saying right now, that is that LeBron James, when he was in high school
and was drafted to the NBA, LeBron James in all his physical prowess
should have been allowed to in high school say, I no longer identify as a man, I identify as a woman,
and he should have been allowed to compete with.
With every woman in any other competition, and that would have been deemed equal.
That would have been deemed an exercise in achieving equality.
We know that that is anything but.
And this is the problem with the left, Tucker.
It's so serious.
They do not understand what equality is.
They don't know what equality means.
They think it's sameness.
They think we just need to make everybody a carbon copy of the other person.
Nobody can have any differences.
They hate the idea of male.
Female, girl, boy, because that means that there are some differences between all of us, and there is.
And what conservatives fight for is, we want to make sure people have equal opportunities, but we acknowledge that there are real biological realities that cannot be ignored.
Well, I mean, and once you pretend they don't exist, then... I mean, it kind of changes how people feel about men and women, right?
I mean, one of the reasons that men revere women is they perpetuate the species.
They breastfeed, they give birth.
I know we're supposed to think that's not a big thing.
It's the only thing.
It's the greatest thing.
And so all of a sudden, if we're claiming that men can breastfeed and men can give birth, then like, what's special about women exactly?
They're saying nothing is special about women.
And by the way, you just said breastfeeding.
I don't know if you received the update last week, Tucker, but that's now offensive.
You have to say chestfeeding because breastfeeding is not exclusive enough.
And here's actually what I find to be really funny, right?
They go on about calling us transphobic, but think about somebody like Rachel Dolezal.
The left completely were so angry about her because she is, for lack of a better term, transracial, right?
She is a biological white female who woke up one day and decided that she was going to be black until she was discovered.
Well, imagine if Rachel Dolezal signed up and started taking opportunities away from black people for black academic success, black scholarships.
Wouldn't the left absolutely implode if Rachel Dolezal was given a scholarship because she thought she was black, she woke up one day and decided to be black?
Why can't they have the same standards for women?
Why are they allowing them to erase women?
You know, they told us that we should fear Donald Trump and a Trump administration, right?
Because women, it was going to be so dangerous if Trump got into office.
Well, look at what Joe Biden did in just a couple of weeks in office.
That is where the real concern lies.
I mean, this is so obviously late empire insanity that future generations will mock, obviously.
They won't even believe it happened.
And it only exists because the rest of us tolerate it, and you don't.
And I'm grateful to you for being as honest as you are.
Just congratulations on your son.
Thank you so much.
Again, the most important thing.
Candace Owens, great to see you.
There we have it.
And in fact, in relation to that, there was a survey by Gallup last week And the journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is gay by the way, was absolutely savage by the same kind of woke mob that tries to take down JK Rowling on a daily basis for saying that women should have their own spaces, basically.
Apparently that's now bigoted and offensive.
Headline, Glenn Greenwald called transphobic for commenting on results of Gallup LGBT survey.
And he was called transphobic for pointing out that although a new Gallup survey shows a surge in the number of Americans identifying as LGBT, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as trans or bi, not gay or lesbian.
Hmm, I wonder why that is.
I wonder.
I wonder why I've got a half-cousin who was called Louise and then she went to university and now calls herself Louie.
I wonder if university had anything to do with it.
The poll found that one in six people under the age of 23, one in six, now say they are something other than heterosexual.
Gee, I wonder why they say that.
Is it because they want to make themselves sound and look unique, given that this is the cultural cachet that they're rewarded with?
In our sanctified modern culture, it says 5.6% of Americans now identify as LGBTQ.
Up from 4.5% in 2017.
So that figure has gone up by more than a percentage point in just four years.
Is that people being born trans or bi?
Or is it them adopting that identification because they think it's trendy, because they think it's cool?
Are they born that way or are they trans-trenders?
Gee, I wonder.
Amongst Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2002, 11.5% say they are bisexual, while 1.8% claim to be transgender.
Only 1.8% of Gen X say they are bisexual, while 0.2% identify as transgender.
So Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that, quote, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as bi or trans, not gay or lesbian.
He went on to highlight how of Americans now claiming bi identity, the vast majority of them are in long-term relationships and opposite-sex relationships.
So they say they're bisexual, yet are in long-term heterosexual relationships.
Gee, I wonder if they're just claiming to be bisexual because they think that makes them sound trendy.
The writer said one explanation for this.
Was that masculine girls are now encouraged to identify as trans, causing a decrease in the lesbian population.
He then cited an article which explored whether the disappearance of lesbian culture is due to the encouragement which masculine girls receive, including from the assistant health secretary now in the Biden administration, of course.
From the society, therapists, health care workers, et cetera, to identify as trans, not as lesbian women.
And for that, he was absolutely savaged on Twitter by this woke mob that now claims men can give birth.
Meanwhile, Amnesty Strip's Russian dissident of prisoner of conscience status after he was accused of being racist 15 years ago.
This was Alexei Navalny, who was actually quite celebrated by the left, by the deep state, because he's in a permanent of Vladimir Putin.
He's being persecuted by the Kremlin for organising anti-Putin protests.
But that was not enough for Mr Navalny, who is currently rotting in a Russian jail, because 15 years ago he made some pretty offensive comments about immigrants.
The woke mob got a hold of these 15-year-old comments and denounced him as a bigot, as a racist.
So now the guy, the most prominent guy, Who is fighting against the Putin regime, which we're told is so dangerous and is going to take over and rule the world.
You'd expect him to be a deep state leftist darling, wouldn't you?
Well, no more, because they pressured Amnesty International.
into removing his prisoner of conscious label because he made these comments 15 years ago.
So you can serve the deep state but if you made offensive comments 15 years ago
you are cancelled for good.
That's gonna wrap it up.
Warren coming up next.
Don't go away.
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It'll probably be sold out in a week at the amount we have.
Despite that, it's $23.
5% off.
You take it sublingually, under the tongue.
A lot of people, especially older folks, cannot absorb D3 in the gut.
But under the tongue, if you hold it for about a minute, you get most of it, along with the vitamin K that helps with delivery.
Ultra high-quality action stock.
You can get it for 40% off when you get it with Ultra 12 super high-end vitamin B12 under the tongue for maximum absorption as well.
Made by the same great lab.
The highest end we can get.
I'm so proud of it.
Ultra 12 with it is 40% off in the combo pack.
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Ultra 12, 50% off by itself.
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No reviews on that because it's a brand new combo, but look at the reviews of Ultra 12 and Winter Sun by itself.
98, 99%.
Thousands upon thousands of reviews.
I can tell you this is made by the top lab in the country.
4.9 stars.
Limited supply.
Separately, my dad, working with a major manufacturer, major developer, and a chemist, has launched his own line that we carry at InfoWorksStore.com, and these are all different formulas.
It doesn't compete with Supermelt Vitality or Alpha Power.
It's just different and it's really strong.
Total Male Invigoration Primal Youth.
Primal Youth along with the Extra Strength Kava Gel from Dr. Jones Naturals at InfoWarsStore.com.
That's info or store.com or find that in other products at dr. Jones naturals dr. Jones naturals calm
This is the American dream Independent companies supplying the American people.
Behind me is the 400,000 square foot facility for MyPatriotSupply, one of our biggest supporters.
They have so many Americans working for them.
The food, the products, it's all right here from America, right to your door.
We're not funded by Bill Gates or George Soros, the globalist.
We are funded by you supporting us at InfoWareStore.com with amazing American companies like MyPatriotSupply.
Now again, most companies buy in bulk, And then they advertise and have a really high price.
So they make a profit off that food, but they don't produce it themselves.
They don't stockpile it fresh.
Almost all of this is coming off the assembly line and what they ship out in a day or two.
So this Gaylord right here is going to go back to our keating team.
By tomorrow, these pouches are going to be inside of buckets.
And the next day, those buckets are going to be out the door.
So Joe, tell us what we're doing right here in the factory.
So this is our shipping station right here, Alex, and this is actually InfoWorth orders that are going out at this very moment.
Like this order right here for Steven.
Steven lives in California and he's going to get a special autographed pick ticket from Alex Jones.
So I want to thank you for your support, plus you're getting some great storable food.
So I'm your Christmas elf, a little bit late in the year, but thank you so much for your support, brother.
Yeah, we're shipping products, you know, hundreds of packages per day through our state-of-the-art conveyor system.
This is really the state-of-the-art thing.
I think Amazon is what's comparable to what we do here at MyPatriotSupply.
This is Lynn from Alabama.
Lynn ordered for Infowars.com.
Her order is going out this afternoon.
It's going to be on a truck here in the next couple of minutes.
It's going to be on her way to land.
Lynn from Alabama, we love you and we appreciate you.
You made the right choice with this horrible food.
This is insurance you can eat.
And when did they put this order in?
I want to see how fast it's going out.
You know, this order was actually put in, I think, two days ago, and it's already going out the door.
So, two days ago, fresh food, produced, packaged, right here in America, the whole nine yards.
This is the American dream.
This is American capitalism bringing us exceptionalism, bringing us more choices, and we thank you for keeping us on the air.
Thank you so much.
I've ordered a lot of high-quality food from you guys over the years, but it just gets better and better tasting, and the selection is so huge.
And I was just walking around in here.
How many different variants and products do you have?
We have hundreds of different products.
And you know, when you're talking about food, I mean freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried meats, ready-made meals, just the ready-made meals that we have, the ones that come inside of the four-week kit, there's going to be at least 18 different varieties that we offer.
And we keep expanding that as we do more research, as we do more configurations.
We're going to be adding different meals.
Your food was great 12 years ago, but now it's amazing.
Chicken noodle, vegetarian taco, potato, cheese.
Cheesy Broccoli Rice, Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Potato Cheddar, Peanut Butter, Corn Chowder, White Rice, Sugar.
You got Wheat Honey Bread, Whey Milk, you'll have Traveler Stew, Chicken Noodle.
Oh, I like Traveler Stew.
Traveler Stew is one of our more popular ones.
Chicken Noodle, it's excellent.
Yep, I mean we have almost anything that you would eat on a regular basis packaged in the long-term food storage.
They've got everything, folks.
You've got to check it out at InfoWareStore.com.
The entire selection there.
Literally, within a day or two of your order coming in, it's being shipped out to you.
If it's local, in Utah, it's on those small trucks.
If it's outside Utah, it's on big 18 wheelers.
Again, that's why MyPatriot with Ready Hour has become the number one serval food company in the world.
Because of quality, because of service, because of reliability, and because of good word of mouth.
So I want to thank you all for supporting us and supporting our great supplier, MyPatriot.
And it funds the InfoWars.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com today and get prepared.