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Name: 20210301_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 1, 2021
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One of the largest and most influential publications in the world has come out in a false report and claimed that a Howard Stern puppet show event last year that was making fun of me was real and attributed the quotes to me that they are now trying to use in court to take my children.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news.
Today, Howard!
I want to be clear.
I have a love-hate relationship with the Daily Mail.
It's a very diverse newspaper.
It is a tabloid.
It covers a lot of serious news.
It covers a lot of disinformation and just pop garbage.
But that said, I have had the Daily Mail over the years report on things that we've covered when no one else would, like the Bilderberg Group, world government, Jeffrey Epstein, you name it.
So they've got some good reporters there.
But they have a particular group of reporters that continue to put out just outrageous disinformation over the years, working with my ex-wife.
And I've never responded to it.
But this time I have to, because the falsehoods that have been put out are so outrageous.
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As our regular viewers and listeners know, I rarely respond to tabloid attacks.
I'm attacked by dozens of newspapers a week, sometimes hundreds.
So there are attacks on a daily basis and I can't even spend my time reading most of this garbage.
But when it includes my children and where my children sometimes live,
I'm forced to put the Daily Mail and others on notice.
The Daily Mail ran this so-called news story titled, Exclusive.
It's pretty down there, isn't it?
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones taunts his ex-wife by buzzing her home in a helicopter after a judge ordered him to stay away in bitter custody battle.
That's not true, and I'm about to lay out the facts.
I have a longtime friend, Shane Steiner.
My children are friends with his daughters.
They've been friends with his children since they were basically toddlers.
The daughter that my ex-wife was talking about here being scared of the helicopter has been up several times with Shane and myself and loves the helicopter.
She was visiting with her mother.
She called me on FaceTime and said, what are you doing?
I said, I'm about to get on Shane's helicopter with my dad and fly out and eat at the Salt Lick BBQ by your house.
She said, you should come visit me.
I said, do you want me to?
She said, sure.
So we get on the helicopter takes about five minutes to get out there in Dripping Springs.
We're flying over and I automatically see down there that my ex-wife's already out there taping and there's my daughter waving.
We'll show you that video.
So I tell Shane hey go ahead don't fly right over because I had a bad feeling that this was going to be misrepresented and so we simply loop around
and so this then gets turned into a newspaper article that I was buzzing
Where she was staying with her mom to try to scare them in violation of some court order that doesn't exist.
There's so many falsehoods in this article that I'm not going to go over them all, but one of the other big glaring ones is that a puppet show that Howard Stern did in December of last year is me, and they use quotes in the article from the puppet show saying that the puppet is Alex Jones.
I am not
The voice actor that plays the Alex Jones character.
Though he is very talented, Howard Stern has done many of these puppet shows.
He's done them with Jimmy Kimmel.
He's done them with other celebrities, with the Alex Jones puppet, and quite frankly, I think it's entertaining.
But to take the words of a puppet
That is a popsicle stick puppet.
And to say it's me is just next-level disinformation.
Good morning, Howard.
What we are witnessing is the globalist Trojan horsing, the mRNA nanotech multistate 5-virus Gates vaccination.
This is normalized mass extermination, a bio-attack on humanity, exterminism of white Christians before the day of our Lord's birth in the name of the satanic pedophile globalist New World Order.
You know, I try to follow what you're saying.
You speak very fast.
Let me slow it down for you so you can understand.
Go ahead.
They want forced inoculation of the Gates vaccination, which has the HIV delivery system gene coding.
It has HIV in it!
It has HIV in it!
It has HIV in it!
This is AIDS 2.0 eugenics for a post-human world!
Do you understand that?
Well, I mean, thank you for slowing down.
I appreciate that.
Again, I am not the puppet on the Howard Stern Show, and I'm not Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse Now attacking Vietnamese villages.
My daughter asked me to fly over.
Here are her text messages.
And again, ladies and gentlemen,
I do not believe that Bill Gates is putting HIV in the vaccines.
That is the Daily Mail making up lies and putting it in my mouth, and that is extremely dangerous.
And that's why I've been forced to respond here today.
I've snuck on military bases to cover urban warfare drills.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove.
I, you know, go out there without bodyguards and do all this stuff.
I'm not normally a timid person.
I'd gone in, I'd gotten my Piers Morgan interview.
To be clear, I have not been on the Howard Stern Show since 2013, eight years ago this month.
The puppet show that he does is a parody of me, and I promise you, that piece of paper is not me.
Howard, I know you used to have George Soros come on your show all the time when you guys would play Wheel of Sorrows back in the day.
I love that.
Back in 2002.
Do you remember that?
I'll prove it to you right now.
Roll the clip.
You'll see.
Hey now, it's time for... Wheel of Sorrows!
Okay, I hope it lands on Baby Feast.
Hail, Soros!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Zoros needs to feed!
I am not confronting George Soros at child sacrifices.
I am not saying Bill Gates is putting HIV in the vaccines.
I am not saying all the things that Howard Stern's actors say through the puppet.
And I asked the Daily Mail, before I have to take legal action, to retract this.
I did not say the things that the puppet said.
It looks like somebody's here.
Come in!
It is I, Reptilian Leader Bill Gates.
I come bearing the gift of vaccination.
Get that needle out of here, Gates.
I will not take your vaccination and be marched into a FEMA death camp.
I promise it's safe.
Just ask Dr. Fauci.
Come on, Alex.
It won't kill all of civilization.
Just most.
Listen, Fauci.
Listen, Gates.
I don't want your gift.
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It was almost six years ago that I endorsed Donald Trump for President.
And ever since then, it's been open season on Alex Jones by mainstream media to tell any lie they want.
And then the lies start to mix together with other lies.
And it's essential that viewers and listeners out there realize that just because you read something in a major publication doesn't make it true.
And I know that you know that.
But most people that get attacked and lied about by mainstream corporate media don't have a platform like InfoWars.com or Bandot Video where we can even respond to this disinformation.
So I'm very thankful to listeners and viewers for supporting InfoWars because without you we wouldn't have a voice to challenge these liars at the Daily Mail when they engage in fraud like this.
But, in closing, it's important to understand that InfoWars is also a platform for others that have been deplatformed to also have their voices heard during this critical time.
If you want to find out what I'm really saying and what I'm really doing, and not get some twisted version from, again, the dying corporate media, visit Banned.Video, where we don't just have our latest information, we have videos and films I made 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 25 plus years ago, and they're all free
Right there for you, where I lay it all out.
In fact, one such report I did live on air back in 2010 has now gone viral.
Millions of views on TikTok, millions of views on Facebook.
They're trying to take it down as fast as they can.
Because in the video, using Rockefeller documents, I lay out the coming lockdowns.
So again, here's a small sample of what they're fighting to keep you from seeing.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this horror and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open... of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Now you know why I'm enemy number one, why I'm the dangerous thought criminal.
Because all I did for decades was read the globalist-owned documents.
And now that their plan's being launched, they don't want people to understand it was premeditated.
The Great Reset, all of this is a weaponized, global, post-human takeover of the planet.
It's what Hitler could have only dreamed of.
And the only way we can stop it is getting this information out.
So go to Bandot Video and get this reported and share it with everyone you know.
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The globalists want to bankrupt you, they want to enslave you, they want to depopulate you, they want to force-inoculate you.
Fund InfoWars and we'll take action against them in the fight.