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Name: 20210301_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 1, 2021
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In his video, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including the globalist agenda, the pandemic, vaccines, elections, and the economy. He criticizes those who support the Robin Hood trading deal, expressing frustration at the lack of action against the system designed to vertically integrate the economy. He praises people like Corey Bernardi for standing up against the Globalist agenda and calls out those who are not taking action. The speaker also talks about his disappointment in Barstool Sports and their stance on certain issues. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the UN World Government attack and demands that people demand their government do the right thing. The show discusses topics such as economic collapse, COVID-19, vaccine dangers, political events, stock market, inflation, and youth movements against occupation by powerful forces.

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Horrible things are happening that are too voluminous to even mention, but people know.
I mean, it's being studied, and the level of dishonesty is not to be believed.
We have a very sick and corrupt electoral process that must be fixed immediately.
This election was rigged, and the Supreme Court and other courts didn't want to do anything about it.
Trump returns, declares war on globalist agenda in powerful CPAC speech.
Time is running out for the New World Order.
Their system is oppressive.
Their system is corrupt.
Their system is based on inequity and mental illness and division.
It's going to end up failing.
The only question is how do we protect ourselves and the family of humanity?
That is not part of their sick anti-human system.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's March 1st on this Monday edition.
The year is 2021.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We'll be here for the next four hours live.
Head of the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Thanks to you and the grace of God.
Well, I'm negative when things are negative, and I'm positive when things are positive, and things are always a mixed bag, as they say in A Tale of Two Cities.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
In fact, will you guys print me the intro passage of A Tale of Two Cities?
It's the first page.
I want to read that later, on air.
But, I gotta tell you, Trump came roaring back
Roaring back.
And declared the election a fraud.
Declared the Chycom virus, how they used it to have the mail-in ballots.
Attacked men and women's sports.
Went after the open borders, the gun control, the New World Order.
He said they're gonna rape you financially and politically.
And that we've only begun to fight.
This is beautiful.
I would have given his speech a 98.
Except he then touted the vaccine
And Warp Speed is going to end up biting him in the ass because he thinks it's like a normal vaccine.
And he thought he wanted to get the economy going.
I don't know why he did it.
That's his main mission.
I'm not defending what Trump did, but I play devil's advocate to try to see his perspective.
Doesn't mean I agree with it.
As some pundits have claimed, Oh, Jones loves vaccines.
He loves mRNA.
He promoted Trump.
So we should all take it.
That's a damn lie.
But that's what liars do.
They lie.
They misrepresent because they're weak.
But what we're dealing with here is the fact that that takes his speech down to about an 80.
I mean, this is a real turd in the punch bowl.
Because as Dr. Sherry Tinpenny has stated, she's on the show Friday, she's a medical doctor, has large clinics in Mexico and the U.S.
She expects to start seeing a lot of death six months in.
Hell, we're already seeing it.
That's what other top scientists are saying, so Trump better get far away from this vaccine as quick as he can.
It's a real mess.
But that said, he did a great job overall.
We've got a lot of the excerpts going to be playing today.
We have several very informative guests I'll tell you about.
But right now, let's just go ahead and go to a few of the clips.
Here is Trump on election fraud and it being backed with the Chinese virus.
Horrible things are happening that are too voluminous to even mention, but people know.
I mean, it's being studied, and the level of dishonesty is not to be believed.
We have a very sick and corrupt electoral process that must be fixed immediately.
This election was rigged, and the Supreme Court and other courts didn't want to do anything about it.
Coyotes is dangerous, immoral and indefensible.
Hard to believe it's happening.
Biden has failed in his number one duty as chief executive enforcing America's laws.
This alone should be reason enough for Democrats to suffer withering losses in the midterms and to lose the White House decisively four years from now.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go to break.
When we come back, we've got more of what the president had to say last night from Florida.
And boy, did the system try to stop him from saying it.
And then we've just got so much news.
Another one of the most urgent issues facing the Republican Party is that of ensuring fair, honest, and secure elections.
Such a disgrace.
Such a disgrace.
Such a disgrace.
We must pass comprehensive election reforms, and we must do it now.
The Democrats used the China virus as an excuse to change all of the election rules without the approval of their state legislatures, making it therefore illegal.
It had a massive impact on the election.
Again, you have to go to the legislatures to get these approvals.
This alone would have easily changed the outcome of the election at levels that you wouldn't have even believed.
Even with COVID, even with all of the things, the numbers are staggering.
We can never let this or other abuses of the 2020 election be repeated or happen again.
Can never let that happen again.
You see what's going on.
We've been set back so greatly with other countries and with the world.
We need election integrity and election reform immediately.
Republicans should be the party of honest elections that can give everyone confidence in the future of our country.
Without honest elections, who has confidence?
Who has confidence?
This issue is being studied and examined.
But the reality is you cannot have a situation where ballots are indiscriminately pouring in from all over the country.
Tens of millions of ballots.
Where are they coming from?
They're coming all over the place.
Where illegal aliens and dead people are voting and many other horrible things are happening that are too voluminous to even mention.
But people know, I mean, it's being studied and the level of dishonesty is not to be
Trump returns, declares war on globalist agenda in powerful CPAC speech.
Time is running out for the New World Order.
Their system is oppressive.
Their system is corrupt.
Their system is based on inequity and mental illness and division.
It's going to end up failing.
The only question is how do we protect ourselves and the family of humanity that is not part of their sick anti-human system?
Will we become informed?
I've got a lot of good news for you and a lot of scary news and a lot of crazy news and some big guests coming up today and I want to open the phones up.
But let me just say this.
You know they've attempted to censor InfoWars.
You know they've attempted to shut us down.
And the hardcore family of listeners that tune in every day and spread the word and support us, you're the reason we're here.
You're just as important as any other part of the resistance.
You're totally essential and I salute you every millisecond in my heart and mind.
And they hate that connection we have, that's why they're always trying to undermine it.
But I'm not going to show you
We're in Eastern Europe and India and other places here in the U.S.
Infowars is getting tens of millions of views a day, and I'm not even looking for this.
I have my teenage daughter who's 16 sending it to me.
I have cousins that are 55 sending it to me.
I randomly am on the internet and see it.
And anytime I talk about it, they go and take the stuff down.
But it's whack-a-mole because the attempts to shut us down and to shut us up
Are not working anymore.
So it's definitely epic.
Yeah, there's just one they just pulled up right now.
2.3 million views.
Now here it is.
Alex Jones predicted COVID-19 lockdowns 2010.
Well, we predict a lot more than that because we have the documents.
We actually tell you it's coming like a meteorologist has radar and can see the storm.
Well, if you were a primitive,
In some island that had never seen radar, and you see a blue sky, and a meteorologist tells you, in two days, a hurricane's gonna hit.
When that hurricane shows up in a couple days, they're gonna think that guy's a god.
He's not.
He just has the science.
People are flipping out now.
This video, in India, has 18 million views.
I was here five minutes before the show went live.
Telling the folks I was going to talk about this on air, and then the phone sent a text.
I got a text from a very well-known talk show host, podcaster, saying, wow, this is an amazing video from another source.
So it's not about bragging.
It's about giving you the good report.
That okay, that this video only has 300,000 views at Band.Video.
That's not chopped liver.
That's three sports stadiums, three NFL games, totally full to capacity.
But let me tell you, I love me some 18 million views.
And I'm not some corporate, you know, manager like, we don't care about India, that's not our demographic.
We don't make money off that.
We don't care.
That's not our, that's not our demographic.
My demographic is everybody.
Because I'm looking for brains and souls to not get sucked in by the New World Order and their daddy Satan.
And so,
Money, to me, is only fuel to run this operation and keep the show on and the satellites up and Bandot Video and other platforms we're building, pumping information out so that as everything we said comes true, everything we ever said will become more and more valuable, more and more powerful, more and more explosive.
The left will celebrate when they hear this.
I celebrate it, too.
We had the FBI Anti-Terrorism Task Force give one of our crew members a visit.
Who wasn't even in D.C.
And they've been contacting other folks, and they come to your door with a card.
You want me to show you the card?
Here, I'll just show you the card.
The FBI terrorism passports.
Oh, they're not here for Antifa.
They're not here for China.
They're not here for the New World Order.
They're not here for any of that.
Your overhead shot, please.
They are here for us!
Why, people that just support Trump are terrorists!
Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, David Snow, Task Force Officer, Joint Terrorism Task Force.
The terrorists!
See, all that anti-terrorism apparatus because Samantha and a few other groups broke in.
The police stood down because they were ordered to.
Somebody crapped on Pelosi's desk or something.
One cop died of heart attack and stroke a few days later.
His mother says he didn't die from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.
But this is the greatest attack since 9-11 in Pearl Harbor.
And darn it, let's arrest Alex Jones and Roger Stone.
Let's get them and let's talk to every employee they've got.
And let's, let's, let's... Oh, I'm so scared.
Oh, I'm so scared.
You're gonna... The FBI ought to be scared that they've destroyed their own country.
For the Chinese communists they work for.
You don't see them busting foreign agents or real terrorists anymore.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's those Trump supporters.
You know, they're the ones that want to kill everybody.
And the left is bringing us into this wheelhouse, bringing us into this system now, where they intend
To stage false flags and blame it on us and start a civil war.
And the FBI better be scared of the globalists kicking the civil war off.
I know I don't want it to happen.
I don't have any delusions of some type of physical conflict being sexy or cool.
But you know, America's living on the good deeds of folks that are already dead.
And we're an able country now.
And so we're going under judgment.
The dollar's in trouble.
Because the government became corrupt.
A bunch of dirty, stupid lawyers.
So, when the Arab Spring was funded by the criminals in the CIA and others, and they were burning hundreds of churches a day, murdering thousands of people a day for months, crucifying Christians upside down in churches in Egypt and in Libya and areas of Syria, Anderson Cooper would go and stand in front of the mobs doing it and say they were heroes, even when they would grab CBS reporters a quarter mile away from him and gang rape them.
Remember all those cases?
Oh, no, okay, so when you're burning down buildings, you're good.
When you're Antifa burning down buildings and BLM burning down buildings and trying to burn down federal courthouses, why, that's not even terrorism.
That's what the incoming Merrick Garland said just last week.
He said, oh, no, no, Antifa's not terror.
But if you're an InfoWars reporter or reporters and you weren't even in DC, well, you get
A visit from the Terrorism Task Force.
The Anti-Terrorism Task Force.
See how that works?
Because the Democrats work for China.
They work for selling the country out.
They work for literally turning the power off, devaluing the currency, ending it.
But the little lawyer class that's the FBI at the top, they love that.
I want to ride this country right down into collapse.
Absolutely disgusting.
What is Anderson Cooper doing with a Nobel Prize?
Did they just give him one?
Oh, that's old of him.
About to give Obama one.
Yeah, the more wars you launch, the more... He is a lot younger there.
So it's Obama's boyfriend giving him an award.
So there you go.
That's how all this works.
And so they know they've lost the election.
They know they're in trouble.
They know the globalist agenda is to shut the country down.
And they know people are going to reverse all these illegal activities in the elections at the state levels and that Trump's going to lead that.
And so they don't intend to let that happen.
They intend to blow up federal buildings and shoot federal police and bomb buildings and say we did it when that's the last thing we want.
So they can go ahead and get a civil war going and a clampdown on the media completely.
That's why they want Fox News off the air.
Not just InfoWars.
Things are so controlled now that right-side broadcasting was showing Mike Lindell warning people about the COVID vaccine, which has had a bunch of deaths happen, and they shut him off saying, YouTube will ban us if you do that.
So now even live feeds, people think they have to censor it or YouTube will get us.
This country isn't going into tyranny, it's in tyranny.
And there are pools of truth left still on air.
And the system wants the FBI to arrest them.
So I would expect in this late date in American history, with America basically on its deathbed, I mean, you can really say if we don't reverse it, born July 4th, 1776, died January 20th, 2021.
But any way you slice it, we're on our deathbed or already gone.
And the bureaucrats and others are just sitting around deciding how to carve up what's left of us.
And that's why the lockdown's permanent.
You've got Barstool Sports and other people that, you know, seem like nice guys.
I'm sure they are, but... Oh, they've raised $35 million to help small businesses.
Small businesses have lost hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.
Half of them have gone out of business.
Most of them are never coming back.
It's like someone having a shotgun wound to their chest and giving them a Band-Aid.
Or even showing them a box of Band-Aids.
It's like if somebody had...
Brain cancer and you put a Band-Aid on top of their head.
We don't need to quote, because of COVID, all these businesses are going out of business.
Barstool Sports says, so buy this hat and we'll donate a dollar to some business that's going out of business.
It's like giving somebody a cigarette before a firing squad.
Hundreds of billions of dollars.
Like look up the number, the number of hundreds, the number I saw was like 150 billion months ago.
In the U.S.
alone, ladies and gentlemen, but that's okay.
Here, buy these t-shirts, buy these ball caps, and we'll give a dollar to small businesses, which would be fine if they were given the money and then saying, in the lockdowns, COVID-19's an overblown hoax.
It's not COVID-19 causing everybody to go bankrupt, it's the lockdown.
It's not COVID-19 killing millions in the third world, it's the lockdown.
But there's none of that.
There's the prescribed.
You're allowed to do your woke COVID thing, like I'm not trying to just get barstool sports and pick them out of a lineup and say they're the bad guy.
There's thousands of groups doing this.
I have people ask me, why aren't you raising money for small businesses?
Well, I'm not trying to put small businesses in front of a firing squad and giving them a cigarette.
Raising a billion dollars for small businesses will do nothing in the aggregate.
Not 10 billion, not 50 billion.
It's like giving people welfare.
You need to teach people how to fish, not give them fish.
And so everyone playing along with, COVID's been tough and small businesses are shutting down.
And so we're going to raise money.
And I guess for barstool sports, that'll be great.
Because they'll, you know, they can just keep raising money for years while all the small businesses totally go out of business and never fix a problem.
It's kind of like breast cancer.
And everyone asks, why is breast cancer up 2,000, 5,000, 10,000%?
Glyphosate in the water, all the studies show, Roundup, the rest of it.
Let's stop using Roundup so breast cancer doesn't shoot up through the sky.
No, no, no, let's have a jog for it, a 5K, a 10K, a 20K.
Let's raise money and have pink license plates and, oh, just wonder why all the women we know have breast cancer.
Why are grandmothers and mothers and everybody else get sitting and then their beautiful breasts get chopped off or they die?
Oh, but don't worry.
Arsenal Sports is fighting against the Robin Hood traitors.
Well, everybody did that.
So see, it's always the safe virtue signal, not the COVID lockdowns of fraud.
The vaccine's dangerous.
The lockdown's killing millions worldwide.
Klaus Schwab designed it that way.
No, no, no, no.
All the safe podcasts just go as far as they can and that's it.
And because of that attitude, we're going to lose the whole country and the whole world.
Businesses don't need $5,000 because in New Jersey or New York or Michigan or California
Washington State, they were told they were obsolete.
They need governors and legislatures that aren't globalist pimps.
They need to stamp the fraud like the governor of the Dakotas up there, Noam, said.
North Dakota.
That it's a fraud.
That Fauci's a liar!
That's what we need!
Is that Fauci's a lying, stinking rat who said 4% of the public would die.
Who said the hospitals would have totally overflow.
They didn't.
Who counted all the other deaths of car wrecks and everything else from the flu to pneumonia as that, and it's admitted that's the case!
But no one will call it out because you might get censored by YouTube!
Hey, guess what?
To all the other successful podcasters, you're not going to have any future or any job or any money, and the lockdown's never going to end until you say no.
It's permanent.
And I finally had a big national talk show host the other day.
Admit to me, he goes, you've been right about everything.
I didn't believe you a year ago when you said we'd be in lockdown in a year and how the formula would be exactly the same.
But you were right.
My God, what do we do?
And I looked it up.
And I said, that's what I need to hear because I want to defeat this.
I'm not calling out barstool sports.
Because I'm mad at them.
They have a lot of viewers.
They can help save the world.
But we can't do it unless people start doing it.
Do you understand, Barstool?
All your money and all your viewers are worthless if the country collapses into a giant civil war.
So don't just act like men.
Be men!
Call COVID what it is!
A weapon to shut us down!
Call for total reopening now!
Alright, I want to get into Trump's speech.
And then I want to get the number out and take your calls.
I've had a ton of news today.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And I wasn't trying to go into a rant against Barstool Sports.
I just know some of the guys here locally.
They say they like the show.
I watched some of the podcasts.
It's good stuff overall if you want a diversion.
They seem to act kind of blue-collar like they care and stood up against the whole Robin Hood trading deal like everybody else did because it's a no-brainer.
Only people that sided with it were the Democrats, truly sickening people.
Big guys against the little guys.
That's who they are.
The system will let you raise money for small businesses because it's never going to save them.
They're killing those ecosystems.
They're killing the local infrastructure.
It's designed to vertically integrate the economy.
You've got to push to end the lockdowns that open the businesses.
But if Barstool Sports did that, they would run into censorship.
But if we all stood up together and said no, it would happen.
Again, I was talking to a big national talk show host who is looking to open a major comedy club, and that's no secret.
And I told him a year ago, I said, because he was already planning to move to Austin, I said, you watch, they're not going to open in a year.
And now he's having to think about that and you decide what he's going to do.
And I know what his decision is, but I'm not at liberty to say it yet.
It's pretty exciting.
I'll just stop there.
But it's just the things we have to do to jump through Klaus Schwab and the UN's hoops when it's all based on lies is ridiculous.
And I'm tired of it.
And so my triggering point was even seeing one of the crew up here wearing a lion's not sheep hat that they donated a dollar to a small business.
And you're a lion, not a sheep.
But a lion would go out and expose Fauci and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and the heart of it.
Let me tell you who a lion is.
Let me tell you who a lion is.
He's Corey.
Bernardi of Sky TV in Australia.
They're trying to fire these guys, him and Jones and others that expose the Great Reset is what it is, a giant corporate anti-human eugenics UN world government takeover.
Because that's what it is.
Oh, there's a lion right there.
That's not a sheep right there.
So all these guys talking about what big lions they are.
And I'm going to knock up the guy that was wearing the hat.
He's a tough guy, a big pager.
He can wear that hat.
It's just giving a dollar to a small business ain't being a lion, folks.
It's giving somebody a cigarette before you kill them in a firing squadron.
You know, kind of patting someone on the head before they die.
We have to stop the source of all of this.
Yeah, Bono's charity foundation gave just 1% to African charities, raised billions upon billions, just in one drive, 9.6 million in donations, 1.2%.
And that was after he got exposed!
He said, I promise to stop giving half a percent, I'll give more, so he gave 1.2%.
The greed!
Oh, but he's a liberal, he's a virtue signaler, he's a...
Because I see these businesses, this bar, this restaurant, this little mom and pop, five and dime.
Oh, this fund gave them $2,000.
This fund got $10,000.
That's not going to keep the employees working there for a week.
It's not going to keep the lights on for a month.
How about a drive to shop at small businesses and to end the lockdown?
Again, I'm done with bar, still sports.
That's just a microcosm.
We're under attack and Right Side Broadcasting won't let the MyPillow guy at a public event where he's speaking, oh, we better cut the feed!
And by the way, CNN back in the day, when they would cut feeds, they would say, oh, it's just a technical difficulty.
To Right Side Broadcasting's credit, they went, well, YouTube doesn't let us say that.
Well, you're showing a public event, dumbass!
YouTube knows even legally they can say, well this person can't have a channel or that person can't have a channel, but when they start saying what somebody can say, what if somebody stood up at a football game wearing a t-shirt that said, free the Uyghurs?
Is YouTube going to kick off the NBA feed?
Yeah, that's actually where this is headed.
And then we basically all
Just enforced on each other, it makes me sick.
So that's where I'm going.
It's not that I'm mad at a Joe Rogan, or mad at a Barstool Sports, or mad at any of these people.
Joe's gone a long way towards exposing the globalists now, and he has a lot of courage, and that's good.
He's not under a lot of heat for it.
It's just that if more people did what Tucker Carlson's doing, and if more people did what Corey Bernardi's doing,
We would not be in the position we are.
America was made great by people standing up and doing what's right.
Australia was made great by people getting out from under being a penal colony and standing up.
And none of the freedoms we have were just given to us.
By the way, the U.S.
was a penal colony too at first.
We talk about Australia all day.
They dumped more prisoners here than they did in Australia.
We have to remember who we came from and stop going along with all of this crap.
And I know I'm ranting at the choir here.
You come here for news and information.
It's just that our problems would be over very, very quickly if we just recognized we're under a UN World Government attack, said no to it, pointed out it's illegitimate, demanded our government do the right thing.
And look, our government on average is about 75 years old at the federal level.
And nothing against old people.
A lot of them are really wise.
A lot of them are really, really selfish and into themselves and stupid when it comes to new things.
And so Mitch McConnell and others literally believe CNN still has power.
They literally believe 60 Minutes still has power.
They literally believe that.
And so notice as soon as they turned against Trump and demonized American insurrection, they became fabulously unpopular in a month.
And now they've come back with their hat in their hand to Trump
And said, please, we love you, we like you, we want to be friends now, since we were unsuccessful destroying you and the Liberty Movement.
If they had any instincts, they'd know.
They have the Democrats whipped.
We have the globalists whipped.
We have the CHICOMS whipped.
We have their ass.
But of course, we won't step up and just step into that victory.
No, because it's a bunch of knuckle-dragging lawyers that I'm telling you, man, I've been around these judges and people.
Folks, judges, the average judge, even 55, doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.
They know all about the law and the intricacies of that, but the law compared to reality is fantasy.
And so we're being marched by globalist forces that want the U.S.
out of the way into a total breakdown in civil war, and the people battling to stop the country breaking up are being targeted as domestic terrorists under direct Justice Department orders to the FBI field offices.
Now to be clear, most of the FBI agents out going and doing this know it's pure BS, but that just still doesn't matter.
We can't sit there just because the rank and file FBI agents aren't bad people on average and not realize that they are still like a sword is a dumb weapon.
I'm not saying they're dumb, but when you do what you're told in a tyranny, you're like a dumb weapon.
And they are wielding that sword against us to prepare everyone when they stage the false flags to come after the Liberty Movement, and then it's going to trigger a civil war.
Which no one wants, and which we do not want to have.
Okay, I'm going to play a bunch of the Trump clips when we come back, and the rest of the news, briefly here.
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So please support us, get great products you need at the same time.
Wait till I hit the COVID stack next hour.
Japan asked China to stop performing anal swabs on its citizens.
Said it's humiliating and the PCR test is fake.
But Biden says it will continue with U.S.
citizens, and it's coming here.
And if Fauci says they're going to stick something in your rear end, it's going to happen.
So maybe we should air that public service announcement from the Chi-Coms here in just a moment.
I also want to open the phones up, and I'll do that when we start the next hour.
Let's go to some of these Trump clips.
He talked about it in his speech.
He also did it over the phone this morning on Fox TV.
And I have something called a memory.
So I remember him
In the summer during the riots, winning 10,000 troops in DC, when they were saying they were going to attack the Capitol and the White House, and we had all those videos of the Sunshine Project and other groups funded by the Democrats at Soros saying, we're going to have weapons, we're going to take over the Capitol and government buildings, those that have the guns win, you know, we played those clips.
And so all they did was dress up like our people that day and go in, and then infiltrate some of our groups out of a million.
A few hundred went in, and that's how they set this up to frame us as the terrorists.
A false flag, they've been exposed.
And I told you two weeks ago, Trump's getting ready to start coming out and exposing that.
He began doing it last night.
So instead of being on the defense that, hey, we're not terrorists, how about we expose who infiltrated, who did what?
Well, that's beginning to happen, and it really scares the system.
We know CNN paid $70,000, along with another media company, to the Jaden X, who told everybody there was going to be a big infiltration of the right-wing groups, trying to get them to attack.
You're like, well, we saw that giant mass at the Capitol.
They were told to go there by Trump.
It was only the few hundred people that were there before Trump even spoke that were already attacking police, so that when the crowd showed up, they were told, hey, Trump says attack, and a few hundred idiots joined him.
That was it.
That's mom's psychology.
But they got us.
They set us up.
And Trump said in his speech last night, he said, we made a big mistake.
We should have had more security at the Capitol.
He knows he got set up.
He knows we got set up.
He knows the Capitol Police are controlled by DC, District of Criminals.
He knows that they were ordered to go do traffic control.
They weren't part of it.
They were just outmanned.
And you saw what happened.
I'll play a clip of that in a moment, but here's Trump.
Talk about do you miss me yet?
Well thank you very much and hello CPAC.
Do you miss me yet?
Do you miss me yet?
And of course he went on to say, I may run and win for a third time.
Then he got into Chinese fraud.
We've already played that earlier.
Let's go to Trump calling into Fox News saying Pelosi rejected Trump's request for 10,000 National Guard troops on day of Capitol riot.
And what's crazy is this morning when I saw this, I saw headlines saying Trump's lying.
Bill Barr says Trump never requested it.
He was on the damn news requesting it last summer and again right before the riot.
I mean, I sent the news articles to my producers.
I have them right here.
You all remember that.
That's the level of gaslighting that they're engaged in here.
And that's why they have Honoré, the general preparing for gun confiscation for the Democrats, saying you can't trust the police, the military.
They were in on it because those police are saying, hey, we were sent for traffic control and most people were peaceful.
Then we're finally ordered to stand down.
And the head chief of police that resigned said Antifa was there and helped lead the attack.
But again, the image is a giant crowd of hundreds of thousands.
It looks like they're all going in the building.
No, they were waiting on Trump.
It was a tiny group.
Look at a giant anthill with hundreds of thousands of ants running around, and then 200 of them go into a building, and you're saying the whole anthill attacked.
No, the whole anthill did not attack, but that's the perception they've sold.
So here's Trump saying Pelosi rejected request for 10,000 National Guard troops on day of the Capitol riot.
...to the Department of Defense, the top person, days before we had the rally, because that rally was massive.
I mean, you know, you have, they don't, the press doesn't like to talk about, but the real number was much, much bigger in terms of the people that were at the location.
It went all the way back practically to the Washington Monument.
It was tremendous numbers of people, not the Capitol.
It didn't practically go back to that.
And see, none of that's on the news.
I've asked the crew to get the footage.
I mean, I'm sitting there in the second row, and I'm looking back at the Washington Monument.
It's nothing but red everywhere, and side streets red, and just red everywhere, but only 30,000 could get into the little ellipse with the metal detectors.
We're Trump speaking.
So Trump's speaking on a postage stamp in front of the White House, and then all around him is people, and then they start leaving hours before he's even done speaking.
They're all the way down to the Capitol, and I get to the Capitol, I look all the way back, it's people all the way up,
To the Washington Monument, there's photos and videos of this, and then people here.
And again, 200 going in the Capitol is all of those people.
Everybody else is just like, yay!
Hopping up and down, having a good time.
All right, let's go ahead and go back to the President.
The rally, because that rally was massive.
I mean, you know, you have, they don't, the press doesn't like to talk about, but the real number was much, much bigger in terms of the people that were at the location.
It went all the way back practically to the Washington Monument.
It was tremendous numbers of people, not the Capitol.
I'm talking about the rally itself.
And it was a love fest.
It was a beautiful thing.
No, but we actually, I requested, I said, look, this rally is going to be bigger than anyone thinks.
I think I gave the number.
I definitely gave the number of 10,000 National Guardsmen.
I think you should have 10,000 of the National Guard ready.
They took that number, from what I understand, they gave it to the people at the Capitol, which is controlled by Pelosi, and I heard they rejected it because they didn't think it looked good.
So, you know, that was a big mistake.
I just want to know how you feel about it now.
Do you just hate how bad it was?
I think people want to hear you say that.
No, no, I hate to say it.
I think it's terrible.
I hate to say it.
I will tell you that it's very interesting.
However, when you see Washington burning and when you see Seattle burning and Portland burning and all these other places burning with Antifa and the radical left, nothing seems to happen.
Nobody seems to be bothered by that.
And I hate to see that difference, but I hated to see the site at the Capitol.
I hate to see any of that.
But it is a double standard because every time you look at Antifa and these other cities burning, it's terrible.
You look at Minneapolis and what happened over there.
And if we didn't allow the guard to go in, they'd still be having problems there.
So I do hate to see that double standard.
I think it's very unfair.
Everything Trump just said was true.
I was there.
And I've asked the crew to do this.
Maybe we've done it.
But I remember when we were marching to the Capitol, I said, get the footage back there of just people all the way back to the to the monument.
Before Trump even stopped speaking, it was insane.
At least a million people.
And that was a good thing.
And that scared the globalists to show Biden can't fill a gymnasium.
He's hiding, but this guy, the real president, has a million people out here.
We want an investigation into the fraud.
Why would we want to storm the Capitol?
Why would we want to make ourselves look like fools?
Why would we want to discredit ourselves?
No, ladies and gentlemen, a bunch of anti-foot provocateurs manipulated the few people in the crowd that wanted to fight.
And once the cops attacked, well, the people attacked back.
And again, a small minority went in.
That is the fact.
I mean, whenever they're burning down businesses from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington, it's mostly peaceful with giant flaming buildings and dead people behind them.
But when this happens, we're the biggest devils ever.
People say, Jones, why do you keep talking about it?
We know this was a fraud.
Because the general public still doesn't get it.
And the Republicans were cowed by it.
And Trump really didn't get on the offense about it.
And now he's figured it out.
As I told you two weeks ago, I said Trump now knows this is a scam.
Trump now knows he was set up.
Trump's going to come out and say the election was a fraud again, now that the impeachment is hanging over his head, and he's going to come out and start talking about what really happened at the Capitol.
And so look for that to happen.
It doesn't matter what the Justice Department does.
It doesn't matter what the FBI covers up.
The truth is going to come out.
Okay, I want to take calls next hour on the strike on Syria, the expansion of war there, on the economy here, on Trump's speech yesterday, on how much trouble Cuomo's in, on all the huge developments on the COVID front.
We've got new footage of Netanyahu taking a fake COVID shot, a bunch of other public officials taking fake COVID shots.
This is really a big scandal.
That's coming up.
We've got so much for you today.
Uh, the dementia of Biden getting much more intense.
It's all coming up.
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
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Please stay with us.
Well, it's our number two of the Alex Jones Transmission.
And we're getting your calls loaded into the system, so I can take them as they flood in.
That one person taking calls, so hundreds of you are calling, we'll get to you.
Mark in New York's first up on the board, 877-789-2539, first time callers, on any issue, any item you want to discuss.
I like to have a little bit of fun, and I've decided I'm going to start having fun again.
Because we're in very serious times, but if I don't have some fun, I'm going to go crazy.
And so, Communist China is celebrating its humiliation of what they call the dumb Americans.
And the reason I raise this is, this is a serious article by Paul Joseph Watson up on InfoWars.com.
Japan asked China to stop performing anal swabs on its citizens because it's humiliating and they're not going to do it, plus the PCR tests are inaccurate.
Oh really?
The whole thing is based on a lie!
Just like the Theranos.
System that Bill Gates was involved in with that scam lady.
That's why I keep harping on that, hoping that goes viral.
Because they know we're going to get that shot in politically that's going to bring them down.
When people figure out COVID is Enron, COVID is Theranos, COVID is Bernie Madoff, they will understand.
So here is the important report.
It's at band.video.
Fentanyl the Dragon makes his return.
Hello, Americans!
As you have heard, we are testing you with Q-tip with anal swab.
Your diplomats do not like it, but Biden says it will happen.
So now it comes to America, because you do whatever Communist China say.
So, oh, let me get it.
I was keeping it warm for you.
Now I put it inside your boot.
That wasn't so hard.
You are learning to be humiliated.
We own your debt.
We own Hollywood.
And we steal elections from Donald Trump.
Now we take your guns.
So, bend over every time you travel.
China test will have to see that you do not have color.
Does not matter if PCR test fake.
Your media work for us.
It was so easy to penetrate your diplomatic core.
And now, even your school children will walk like big ones, once dragged and give you anal slop.
Ha ha ha!
So easy to bring the so-called superpower to its knees, thanks to the COVID hubs.
Ha ha!
Remember, do not take vitamin D3, so normal viruses will kill you, and you will live in fear and never reopen.
We have shut down your Keystone Pipeline.
We are now coming for your guns and dissolving your border.
I mean, Joe Biden is doing that.
He is not a puppet.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
And also, Joe Biden say it's good that we invade Hong Kong, and good that we run death camp with Apple, for we got
Good, Joe Biden, good!
We send you more orders to sign and more COVID restrictions on your people so China dominates the economy while America permanently closed.
And we work with our friend, Mr. Pink Sweater Bill Gates.
Your country is lost.
We control almost your entire Democratic Party and many Republicans, too.
Dianne Feinstein, Eric Swalwell, and, of course, the turtle.
Ah, Mitch McConnell's wife worked for us, and so he do what we say.
Ha ha!
You have no hope now that we control your voting machines.
Whatever you do, do not visit InfoWars.com or band.video or I hurt you.
Oh, no, no, I don't even know what this is.
How did he get here?
I just caught you, American.
You visited Bandar Video.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you.
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video, or I have to hurt you.
Freedom is popular.
Fortune favors the bold.
But what is the fortune you seek?
Careful you get what you want.
Power in this system is a fraud.
You want to destroy this corrupt system and restore the Republic.
It can be done.
It must be done.
It will be done.
No matter what happens to us individually.
Because the individual is paramount because the great mass is made up of individuals.
But it is our collective will that will decide the destiny of nations and peoples.
You trade your passion for glory.
But that type of glory is a fraud.
It's not real glory.
Glory comes long after you're dead and shoveled in your grave.
As your future progeny live in a free world.
That's the true glory.
Not the glory of the individual.
All right, we are back live.
I want to take your phone calls throughout this hour.
Then we have that great financial guest.
I'll tell you about him next segment that was on a few weeks ago, very popular.
And this guest will tell you about a little while pointed this out to me.
I didn't know this.
Netanyahu took a fake COVID vaccine.
I mean, it's so fake.
We'll show you the video.
It's coming up.
I mean, the guy pinches the half inch needle to make sure it doesn't go in and then injects it.
It's just totally insane, and the plunger only has a millimeter of whatever it is in there.
Now, most of the times the plungers are all the way down, or there's not even a needle on it.
In this case, they pull the needle out, show it to everyone, and then he puts his fingers on it so that he makes sure it doesn't go into him.
I mean, it's like you're trying to piss people off.
Well, I asked the crew, I said, hey, there was another case of that Del Paso.
They go, yeah, boss, we got like five more cases of it.
On national, international TV with government officials and others taking fake shots.
So, we're going to show you that coming up next hour.
This is just unbelievable.
Because, you know, I'm the type of guy that, quote LL Cool J, that does not want to just show you one case at one time.
When I show you something, I want to show you a pattern of it.
Like, I remember the news said five years ago,
Conspiracy theorists claim the Golden Globes was not giving out real vaccines.
They were freaking three-inch long needles!
You'd see them on TV with fake nurses shooting it through their suits, through their dresses.
Yeah, it was fake!
Oh, well, you know, Snopes says it's real or whatever.
Screw you, Snopes!
They don't have hot chicks dressed up like nurses, dancing around at the Golden Globes, shooting people up with three-inch needles through their jackets.
You damn liars!
But that's how dumb they think you are, because you're conscious.
See, you're conscious.
I'm not saying those dudes are hot, the girls are good-looking.
I'm not saying that you're stupid.
I don't think the people watching this are stupid.
They are in a trance, ladies and gentlemen.
Only someone in a trance would believe something like this, but they do it over and over and over again to train you to accept it.
So let's just go through a COVID stack from today.
This is just today.
Overhead shot, please, for TV viewers.
Japan asked China to stop performing anal swabs on its citizens.
Biden's trying to bring it here.
Just no form of humiliation.
We won't be put up with that.
This is coming up later in the broadcast.
I've got like 10 of these.
Paul Watson wrote about it, and Steve Watson as well.
It is crazy.
I mean, a woman walks her dog, a woman goes to get a coffee, they come up and grab your phone, they get your address, and if you are more than a mile from your house, you're arrested.
So what you saw in Australia a year ago is now in the UK, is now coming here.
I mean, these police are evil, man.
They are not police, they are commie globalists.
Beijing accused of using COVID pandemic to control journalist, foreign media group reports.
Hell, big tech all over the world!
If you're a journalist and criticize what the UN says or Beijing says, you get banned.
Yeah, you think journalists ought to band together and say no to this, if they had any instincts.
New COVID-19 cases have stopped declining.
Oh my gosh, because they just turned the PCR test up.
Don't repeat the mistakes of 2020.
And start a new surge.
Fauci says keep the lockdown going another year.
Bring back the lockdown.
This is the guy that constantly lies.
Fauci is wrong.
A lot.
Governor Noem at CPAC.
South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem defended her response to COVID-19.
She went on to say, he said we have 10,000 people a day in beds.
He's a liar.
Our max was 600.
The folly of lockdowns exposed in one simple graph, a big red state article.
Here's the graph for TV viewers.
The red states are the ones that did not do lockdowns and did not do mandatory masks and all this crap.
And if you add it together, they are the lowest states in the union.
All of the highest are blue states.
New Zealand PM plunges Auckland into second lockdown in a month after new COVID-19 cases detected.
I was talking to a very nice lady from Australia, and I guess her husband's from Australia, she's from New Zealand, but she's moving back to Australia, and she was telling me, she said, Alex, I'm so proud of us, we totally locked down, and so there's no cases, and look at this photo, and she sent it to my phone, I actually have it on my phone, of the Prime Minister at a beach and thousands not wearing masks.
And I said, yeah, but one more case will come back in or will have a fake test.
Anytime they want, they'll just shut it back down.
And she's like, no, we work together to fix it, Alex.
Come on.
Because she all has this shared thing of we work together.
We're on a team.
They're manipulating you, folks.
You're not on a team.
This is a UN run, big corporate Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab scam where they can bring martial law in any time they want.
They want that power to do it.
We won't put up with it in free society, so they're using this as the cover.
Now the contact tracers, they're going to disappear you if you don't take the inoculation, or they say you are positive, and they can set the machine to do whatever they want.
That's on record.
International courts, federal courts, German courts, French courts, Portuguese courts, Brazilian courts, scientists have all confirmed it's all a damn lie!
This is phonier than a plastic banana, folks!
World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting COVID-19 lockdowns improve cities all over the world and called for them again, saying they'll save the Earth.
Oh, and they removed the video, huh?
mysteriously sees lowest flu season on record during COVID pandemic.
England and U.K.
have zero cases because all of it's being counted as COVID-19.
And there's a Daily Mail article actually going into all of that.
Oh, he'll have to step down now, not for killing 16,000 people by sending actual COVID patients in to their areas, knowing only old people will die because of no vitamin D3.
Sexual harassment?
Oh no, the mass murder's not why, oh don't worry, Letitia James, who was up to her eyeballs, threatening, anybody can pull this up, the Attorney General of New York for Cuomo threatened to arrest
Nursing homeowners and regulators if they did not allow the COVID patients in.
So the woman just as guilty as Cuomo is overseeing it.
Report Biden and men to charge White House reporters $170 per COVID test per visit.
To bankrupt small outlets and create an internal digital passport taxation system inside the country.
That's all this is.
It's meant to go worldwide.
House dims past 1.9 trillion COVID relief package.
Folks ask why one third of it's paid out over 10 years.
The Democrats will control that money in the future.
Excellent report at Bann.video, I hope you share.
Common law expert talks with David Icke about the businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the state's fascism.
Yeah, it's all color of law.
Hope for the holidays is COVID vaccine passports to be placed by summer.
Oh, can't travel unless you have the COVID vaccine that doesn't even protect you.
Canadian churches say they must gather with or without government's permission.
The rebellion intensifies.
Great reset without God, nothing but a hoax, Polish Bishop says.
FDA issues emergency use authorization for third COVID-19 vaccine as Switzerland joins India, South Africa, and others banning the vaccine.
That's pretty big news.
That's only some in that stack.
I've got more, but first, your phone calls.
We're not going to take it lying down!
Hold on, humanity!
God's real!
And don't let them ever get you down.
You can stare into the stars, or into your wife's eyes, or your children's eyes, or your husband's eyes, and you can see reflecting back the image of the Creator.
But you gotta wake up, you gotta reject the world.
Listen, I watched a bunch of these this morning and there's so many of them coming and I can't even watch them all and they make me so mad.
But I'm gonna show you one of these and I'm gonna go to your calls and then there's like 10 of them on M4s at least, okay?
A couple articles that are just full of them.
All over the UK, just like Australia, it's the exact same UN program, they're just six months behind.
People are walking for their health and mental health.
My gosh, I went and walked a couple miles yesterday.
And the police come up and literally grab him, handcuff him, take him and strip search him and tell him they're a terrorist while they won't respond to women being kidnapped, little girls being kidnapped for sexual grooming.
It's huge by the Muslims in the UK.
All of this and these weird little SJW police come up and they have like these little tattletale police that just write tickets and then the quote real police come.
And it's all these SJW weird, whacked out women who've been trained on these colleges with no freedom.
Now they're externalizing that into the real world.
And it's just incredibly dangerous.
And the UK's crime is just skyrocketing.
And it's on the news.
They won't respond to your car being stolen, your house being, people being stabbed.
The police don't show up.
But man, if you are a white British person,
The white cops, it's an act of domination because they're flooding the border.
The Brits voted against the EU.
The Brits are angry against the New World Order, so they're being punished with martial law right now.
And you don't want your country to end?
Well, we're going to attack you.
So, this is leftists doing this.
Here is just some of the shocking footage of the husband and wife out walking.
And he is taken to jail because, again, he's the white male.
Here it is.
I have the registration number.
You can take the registration number.
We didn't commit any crime.
Listen to me.
I tell you something.
We have enough.
We've been living in this condition for almost a year, okay?
I am crying!
Every single day I am crying, okay?
So it's essential for my family to get out?
It is essential for my mental health.
Well, to go for a walk.
No, no, no, I don't care.
Stop it!
Back in a few seconds.
This is not a Twilight Zone episode.
It's a sunny day.
These people are smart.
They should be topless to get the sun.
If you get plenty of vitamin D, C, and zinc, you're invincible for this, okay?
I mean, you won't get cancer or a heart attack later because none of us live forever, but it's on the NIH website.
They admit you have these things.
You can't get viral replication in your mitochondria.
And here are these idiot police sitting there as minders.
They're the little mommies and the adults are the children.
I'm going to take you to jail because you're not allowed.
You're too far from your home.
You can only walk around on your street, and if you walk too long, they come and get you.
In Australia, you can't go out, period, for large periods of time.
People commit suicide.
One of my personal friends, a lady I've known since I was three years old, who used to babysit me, who's friends with my parents, her uncle was an incredible guy, incredible shape.
He was in a fancy...
Assisted living place in the Redwoods in California.
They locked him in his place for almost a year till he stopped eating and called her and said, I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna kill myself from not eating.
He followed their orders.
He stayed there and he died.
Family tried to get him out.
They wouldn't let him.
Go in there and take him out!
Ought to get her on the show.
She started crying about it when she told me my parents a few months ago were over there for dinner.
This is... I know people they've murdered.
I knew her dad too.
And I'm sorry, I'm ranting here.
Just go back to the video.
Women ruling over us.
Two women.
I don't think it's women, that's just what tyrannies do.
Look at these thug scums.
These women just love themselves.
They don't care.
It's all based on a lie.
We don't take the shot.
They're going to arrest you.
They don't care if you die from the shot.
They're just scum.
For what?
This is for daring to walk around outside.
I'm going home?
Do you want me to go home?
This isn't coming, it's here.
Well done.
They reportedly strip-searched him, and I guess last time I heard he's still in jail.
If you will forgive us, we can just deal with it by way of a ticket.
They were grieving the death of an uncle and wanted to visit the nearest beach to go for a walk.
What about my human rights?
What about my mental well-being?
You don't have human rights, lady, you're under EU control.
Yes, everyone is suffering.
This little thug woman is an EU disciple of Klaus Schwab.
My brother was shot in a hospital in Poland.
My brother was dying in a hospital in Poland.
And because of the COVID regulations, I wasn't allowed to go home and be with him and be with my family.
That's because they were killing your uncle, sweetheart.
So for my mental well-being, yes.
We stay in your house and we kill your family.
You hear that?
We're going to innovate your uncle.
We're going to suck money out of him.
Oh, they pay the hospitals in the UK to kill old people too.
You're going to sit there while the trendy leftist women
Arrest your husband and send your uncle to his death and you're going to take it and you're going to love it while the Muslim invasion fleets land.
Now let's roll some more videos.
Show some more Australia, UK, all of it.
People daring to go to the beach.
And it's all women.
It's all these women.
They're going to show you.
All the men too.
Just pile on this other woman.
Beat her up.
Just show it.
Now play the audio.
Look at these tyrants.
They're the heroes of common cold, the virus, Bill Gates said.
And the mask is the sign that we're all dirty, we're all bad, ahead of the inoculations.
And the contact trace is coming to your house.
And that's next, they're coming in your house.
Because they're heroes.
This is the UK too.
So it's all the same scenes.
Oh yeah, put that knee on her head.
It's all the same scenes.
They never got to get law-abiding citizens, but now they're going to get the law-abiding.
Now the police get the big, juicy workers.
Now they can really fine you and feed off of you.
If I was in the UK, I wouldn't serve police food.
I wouldn't talk to them.
I'd do nothing for them.
They're enemies of your country.
They work for Klaus Schwab.
And it's gonna go down.
You're gonna fail.
So go ahead and start your civil wars, all of you.
And see what happens, you scum.
That mass murderer Bill Gates.
One year into your job going bankrupt.
One year into being brought down to your knees.
One year in and they're saying, oh Fauci says it's seven years now and Gates says it's forever!
You get on your knees and you bow down to him.
Because you went to college, you're an SJW, and now you're a police officer.
Now you go out and you arrest women on the weekend, you beat them up, you arrest their husbands, as they beg and cry to you, and the women, like the women cops, the male cops get off on it while they beg.
They just love the begging of the families, the begging.
Ah, they're gonna kill you in the COVID camps.
They're gonna inject you.
Oh, they're so powerful, they're so good.
All right, we're going to your phone calls, my friends.
Pretty shocking videos of your TV viewer, and that's on the tip of the iceberg.
Total complete martial law, a worldwide formula run by the UN, by Bill Gates, by Klaus Schwab.
It's just such a scandal.
And I see even UK and Australian TV talking about it, but not a lot of our national TV.
It's like people haven't even been figuring out what we're being hit by.
A martial law worldwide takeover where the UN directs everything.
And where China is the model.
I'm going to play more of this coming up next hour, but I want to go to the callers here.
Alex in Ohio and JD and Henry and Taylor and Steve and Nick and Carlo and Justin and others.
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The biggest of the year so far.
Store-wide free shipping and 10 to 50% off all items.
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Okay, let's go to your calls.
It's been the longest here.
That would be Carlo in New York.
Carlo, thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, how are you doing?
Man, I tell you, a lot of good stuff's happening, a lot of bad stuff.
It was good to see Trump back.
Good to see him attacking the globalists, the chat coms, and saying we're going to expose election fraud.
Then he had the election stolen.
I agree.
Here's the thing.
I'm experiencing a little cognitive dissonance here as far as Trump goes because
We always talk about how he's got such a high IQ and Q says the 4D chest garbage.
But I mean, we got to be real here and take a look at the things that he said yesterday.
He basically claimed credit.
He took credit for the vaccines multiple times.
And like, basically, he's bragging about the vaccines.
He even came out.
I'm sure you heard him say, you got to get the shot.
Telling people to take the death shot.
I mean, if this guy's got such a high IQ, what is he doing?
He's making me feel like he's a globalist agent, like a secret weapon.
I really don't, I really don't know what's going on, but if he's so smart, why is he pushing the vaccine?
Let me be clear.
I'm not saying that Trump's playing 3D or 4D or 5D or 5000D chess.
I don't believe the Q stuff.
I never did.
I try to be friendly to Q supporters so I wouldn't alienate them and say, hey, you can go out and research stuff and you can go out and fight the New World Order.
That existed before GodQ three years ago.
But this thing is an esoteric cult.
It's being led by the globalists.
The 8chan Q thing is bad news.
If you want to say your Q and get into that, I'm not judging you.
I know Trump well.
I know his lawyers.
I know Roger Stone.
I know people that talk to him all the time, okay?
And Trump is completely isolated.
He means well.
He did have problems with vaccines because Barron got hurt by one.
He did say people should give them slower.
He believes some are good, some are bad.
He doesn't understand mRNA.
I'm not, by the way, endorsing mRNA.
Pharisees out there, I was never calling them Pharisees before, but now that they're saying that I was for the vaccine and supported they are Pharisees, they're liars of their father the devil, that I ever supported the shot.
I was saying, I think Trump thinks he's got to get things reopened.
He wants to end the lockdown.
He thinks that will end it.
No, he should have been against the Great Reset.
He should have been against the lockdowns.
He should have exposed that all.
His greatest failing was pushing this vaccine.
And I said that at the start of the broadcast today, that he would have had like a 95, a 98.
I'd say it's definitely concerning because, like you said,
He's so smart, so how could he not know about mRNA?
Especially if he watches the show, or listens to the show, or he's got people listening to the show.
You would think something's good.
I don't know, it's just, I'm not saying I'm suspicious of you.
Like, I have faith that you're a God-hearing man.
No, you should not have faith in me.
Let's just stop right there.
Put him on hold right now!
This is not about faith in me, Carlo.
We took your call and didn't screen it.
We wanted to make sure you had a good, clean phone.
You should not put faith in me.
Only God.
I cover news.
I cover information.
I make mistakes.
Like, two weeks ago I said, man, our diesel engine generator worked great compared to the natural gas.
You know, diesel's the best in the cold.
And after I said that, I went out to the show, I think gasoline's better than diesel.
And I went and looked it up and I was wrong.
So, I'm not trying to lie to you, but I make big, stupid mistakes all the time.
So, understand something.
I don't care if you have faith in me.
I appreciate your call.
It's like getting stuck on this broken record of Trump was better than Biden.
I don't think Trump's out to get us.
The globalists legitimately want Trump out.
So I don't put all my eggs in one basket.
I was here before Trump was fighting the New World Order.
And part of me is sick of Trump.
Part of me gets disgusted by it because everything I do gets then compared to Trump.
I have my own work, my own things.
You have your own work, you have your own things, and I appreciate your call, sir.
I'm not mad at you, it's just that... This thing of, oh, I don't think you're an agent, oh, I think you're a good guy.
I'm not here trying to get you to think I'm good, okay?
I'm here to talk about things going on, so you can do something about it if you want to look into it.
It isn't about Alex Jones.
It's about what's going on in the world.
And so, no matter how many times I criticize Trump over the vaccines, people call and go, why is he doing that?
Okay, you got Joe Biden, all right?
Don't worry.
Let's go ahead and talk to another caller.
Let's talk to Steve in New York.
Steve, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm just calling in regards to how cancel culture is playing an effect on my life.
So, on January 21st,
I was suspended from my job because I attended the peaceful protest in DC.
And the day after Joe Biden gets inaugurated, I've been suspended without pay this entire time.
And I'm here to call to tell everybody that we still need to continue to fight, even though it may seem really bad, and we fight for God.
And even though all this bad stuff is happening in my life,
I am still willing to fight this tooth and nail because I am innocent and I did nothing wrong.
Steve, stay there.
I want to talk to you more after the break and I'm not mad at the last guy, Carlo, but he's sitting there saying, I think Trump can be a bad guy.
It isn't about Trump.
They're coming after us because we're patriots.
When you support Trump, you get attacked and lose your job.
I've almost been destroyed.
So it just becomes this thing of like, you know, are you good?
Are you good?
Well, let's just say Trump's bad.
And then we're like really good people.
It's like, it doesn't even matter.
The enemy is the globalists.
The enemy is Satan.
The enemy is the chi-coms.
I'm gonna go to break.
Come back to Steve in New York.
It just never ends, man.
Trump's going to end up running again, and when we're trying to do election integrity, or we're trying to fight for a free society, and we're trying to defend the borders, it'll just be like, well, Trump's not perfect.
Trump's not perfect.
I know he's not perfect, so run for office.
I'll support you.
God Almighty, I know it.
Believe me, I wish Trump would have listened to me on a lot of stuff.
We wouldn't be in this position.
But it's not like some litmus test of who's holier than the other person.
You know, we're trying to go through callers quickly here, and I'm not doing a very good job of it.
We got Steve in New York, Nick and many others I'm about to go to in a moment, and the caller before Steve was like, I don't know if Trump's bad or not, and I don't want to think you're bad.
I don't care what you think about me.
That's a triggering thing for me, okay?
You can look at what I say, you can look at what I break down, you can make decisions on that.
99% of what I cover is out in the open.
That's one of my biggest frustrations.
We put this video out.
It's gone totally viral.
Tens of millions of views all over the place.
Alex Jones predicted COVID-19 lockdown 10 years ago, and I read the comments like, that's it.
He's one of them.
How do you know?
I'm reading Operation Lockstep.
It's the Rockefellers that did it, not me.
And I'm not pissed that you're mad at me thinking I'm a bad guy because I'm so far ahead of this.
I'm pissed that you were like, can't get like I'm showing you a document.
Like, it's not about me.
It's about the document.
And I've been persecuted for supporting Trump, not because Trump was perfect, but because I thought he'd get something done, and he did.
This is legitimately persecution with the FBI counterterrorism teams trying to set us up for the Capitol to put me in jail.
And the guy's like, well, I'm not saying you're a fed.
Oh, give me a break.
I'm so far beyond all that.
Are you crazy?
I'm 100%
On God's team, know I'm a sinner, and I want off this planet, I want to be with Jesus.
That's what I want.
You know who I serve?
I know the devil's real, I know God's real, and I'm just this pathetic maggot just begging God that when I die, he beams my essence out of this damn thing.
Because as pretty as you think this planet is, you're going to later learn it's like a rat hole, compared to what God's got in store for us.
The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard.
So if anybody's wearing who they are on their sleeve, it's me.
And it just irritates me because, you know, as a caller is like, why did I get so pissed that guy was first like, well, Q says Trump's invincible and knows everything.
And so that he set up, no, he's not invincible.
He's surrounded and in trouble.
Like I told you, but still, Oh no, Trump's plays 10 D chess.
So he must be bad.
He didn't win.
It's crazy.
It's not 8chan that gives you the answers to the universe.
It's not magic esoteric breadcrumbs.
It's hard work.
It's real issues.
It's taking action.
It's putting your money where your mouth is.
I'm going to shut up now.
Steve in New York, so you got what I guess all the internet sleuths saw you at the rally.
Hell, even I have crew members didn't go to D.C., the FBI is after them.
And the message is to everybody, you don't protest, you don't go out in the streets, or we're going to come after you.
So the answer is we've got to start organizing bigger rallies and bigger demonstrations.
Good luck, FBI.
Put us all in jail for our First Amendment.
Because Big Tech wants us to be quiet online, and now Big Brother wants us quiet on the street.
You think we're going to be better off, Steve, if we roll over?
No, I think you know, Steve, we're not going to be better off if we roll over, are we, brother?
Absolutely not.
We have to continue to fight back.
And this happened the day after Joe Biden was inaugurated.
So it's no coincidence.
But you have to continue to fight, you know.
Nothing's happened to me criminally.
There's no investigation.
The FBI never knocked on my door.
You never get to challenge your accuser.
You just pay.
And I'm silenced now because I can't have social media, you know, due to some lawyers that I spoke to.
But here I am trying to fight this and there's nothing criminal against me.
It's all civil.
Antifa tagged my job on Twitter, recognized me with my mask on at the protest.
And all of a sudden I got called in for an investigation, an internal investigation, and none of the questions they asked me were in regards to the Capitol, and then I was supposed to be suspended without pay, and then they changed it, suspended with pay, now they changed it to without pay once the Post, the Daily News, and all these articles in New York wrote about me.
It went mainstream, I had four- Wait, are you the police officer that's given Roger Stone free security?
Uh, no.
I'm definitely not a police officer.
I'm a conductor.
Well, that just shows up.
The left's like everywhere.
Oh, look at this guy's face.
And they like run around.
Look at this one.
Oh, this person was at Trump's rally.
Oh, and they're like, oh, he's fired.
Yeah, they are just harassing the living snot out of everyone.
And they're so proud of it.
Like they're destroying thousands of years of due process.
Thousands of years of war to have basic freedom.
And the left just thinks, oh, we're all, they're all like lambs to their own destruction, my friend.
Yep, and there's people that I even work with that even are happy about my situation for over a month being suspended with nothing.
No one has told me anything.
Now don't listen to those lawyers.
You need to be public.
You need to sue them.
You need to stand up.
I have a local lawyer here, but I also reached out to Robert Barnes.
I do.
He did message me back on Twitter, and I'm still waiting for him.
He's a good guy, but he's overwhelmed, brother.
I'm so sorry to hear that, but you know the message.
It's like, lay down or we're going to destroy you.
Well, they're going to get everybody when they're done.
Thank you so much, Steve.
God bless you.
Oh, but maybe Steve's bad.
He supports Trump.
Maybe he can't be trusted.
Maybe he's playing 5-D chess, you know?
It's insulting, man.
I mean, if people, like, oh, I don't know if you're a Fed.
A Fed?
Some dude in an office building is told what to do all day?
And I live under other people's commands and I'm a slave?
You think I'm one of those people?
You got the wrong guy.
I'm a maverick.
I'm the type of guy that founded this country.
I think you are too.
That's why you listen.
We know who we are.
All right, let's go to the next caller here.
Who is up next?
I guess that would be Nick in Virginia, then Taylor in Florida.
Go ahead, Nick.
Can you hear me?
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
I can, brother.
Go ahead.
All right.
Hey, quick product plug.
The Turbo Force is amazing.
I'm active duty military here in Norfolk, Virginia.
I stand 24-hour watches, and it keeps me going.
Amazing, brother.
It's the strongest clean energy from a top firm we could get developed.
So it's rocket juice.
We really appreciate your support, brother.
Let me ask you a question.
I want to get your take on vaccines and Trump and COVID.
I know that's what you wanted to talk about.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, they're pushing it really hard in the military.
I don't agree with Trump pushing it really hard, too, and like taking credit for it.
Our commanding officer is pushing it.
You know, they got
Uh, signs all over the ships and stuff like that, pushing it, asking us, like, every day if we want it or not, if we're changing our minds.
Uh, I got friends on deployments.
They are not letting people get off the ship unless they take the shot.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
So, again, people always say, oh, military can be ordered to take approved vaccines, which is bad enough, but not experimental.
That's why under law, they can't do it, so they're trying to intimidate you.
And that's really sad, because I can tell you, you know the officers aren't taking it.
Oh, nobody's taking it.
I've asked so many people.
Nobody wants it.
They know it's all BS.
No one wears their mask all the way up.
They wear them below their nose.
Take them off as soon as possible.
Like, it's absolutely ridiculous.
I can't stand it any longer.
What do you think of the first thing Biden doing, saying the military has to stand down 60 days because you're all racist?
I mean, that's meant to destroy morale, in my view.
Nobody supports Biden.
I mean, it's crazy.
He's a dirtbag.
And listen, I agree with you.
I've been critical of Trump day one.
I just said Trump thinks this will get the economy going, but they're never going to get the economy going.
Once you take the shot, they're going to say it doesn't work.
Can you believe Fauci has said it actually doesn't protect you, so you've still got to wear a mask and still can't be in big, big crowds?
Well, we knew that was coming.
So Trump did get chomped on that.
Yeah, I'm not taking it no matter what.
I mean, I hope I don't get to that point where they force us to take it because I've done my research and I've looked at everything and it's a horrible thing.
Well, I've talked to Army, Marines, Sailors, and Air Force.
They all tell me almost no one's taking it.
Some numbers say 75% refuse.
Some numbers say one-third refuse.
What's the number, dead reckoning, you've got, Nick?
I don't have an exact number, but everyone that I talk to is not taking it and there's
5,000 some people on my aircraft carrier on my ship so I mean I can't talk to every you know every person but there's at least 5,000 people and I talked to tons of people a day and no one's taking it.
Well I go back thank you so much and God bless you for your service sir and it's a paradox we need good people in the government the military so evil doesn't run it at the same time that they get put through hell and
I go back to the tale of two cities.
Best of times, worst of times.
Best people in the military, but also it can become a symbol of evil if the globals get control of it.
So, I can just tell you this.
Everybody I know that was long serving in the military had friends that died from vaccines.
There are multiple people in this building right now who were in the military who had friends that died from the vaccines.
One had a child die from the vaccines.
Two people in this building had children die from vaccines and they told them it was a vaccine.
So this is life and death situation, folks.
And they've got a captive audience of the military, but the military knows this is so experimental and so dangerous.
Why are all the other vaccines mandatory?
Because they're not experimental, they at least got tested on animals and humans.
This one wasn't.
Like the anthrax shot killed, they admit, the first round 10,000, the next round 21,000 troops.
That's in the records of Congress.
So what is that, 21,000, 10,000?
31,000 U.S.
troops died in the anthrax.
And I'm no medical doctor, I can tell you.
Anthrax can live when it's radiated.
It can live in the dirt for thousands of years.
You can't attenuate it.
It's a plant.
It's a seed.
So, what did they think was going to happen when they injected hundreds of thousands of people with that stuff?
We'll be right back.
Gregory Manarino is joining us in about 15 minutes.
Trader's Choice, really popular fellow, smart guy on the New World Order and the economy, and he brought up some really important points dealing with all these fake inoculations going on.
I don't mean that the vaccine doesn't protect you.
It doesn't do that as well.
I mean, they're acting like they're getting shots, world leaders, but they're not.
That's coming up.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call.
Appreciate everybody that has been patiently holding here.
Next up would be J.D.
and then a guy named Alex Jones.
Actually says it on the screen.
in Texas.
Thanks for holding.
Oh, what's going on, Alex?
Go ahead.
Man, I'm a long time listener, man.
I've probably been listening to you since I was about 11, 12 years old, man.
Well, God bless you, sir.
Thanks for getting on board.
Yes, sir, man.
Long time.
You've pretty much been right about everything you've said, man.
I try to tell people, everyone around me, I try to spread the knowledge of what I see going on.
We're living through another generation of what we went through the last season.
We're going through it today.
I can't tell people around me, but it seems like everyone's lying about it.
You're right, sir.
You're making some good points, but I think your phone's overdriven.
Back off your phone a little bit.
Yeah, you know these cell phones.
Mine's even worse.
I think you're saying that we're living through Nazi 2.0, and I agree.
These enemies can't frontally assault us because we're awake, so instead they do it covertly, claiming they're the heroes.
Yeah, man, and it's crazy because, you know, we're so blinded by the media, and people really buy into the media and believe into it, and I argue with my girlfriend all the time.
She always tries to play the devil advocate of, well, why would they do that?
You know, they're really trying to help us, like, this and that.
And I'm just like, man, look, look at, look, it comes out of Bill Gates mouth.
I was just watching a video, a compilation this morning of Bill Gates openly saying, we need to depopulate, we need vaccinations, healthcare, it'll help depopulate.
It comes straight out of his mouth, so I just don't understand.
That's right, he's calling depopulation healthcare, he just changes the labels.
Here's the thing, your girlfriend's a nice person.
So she projects her goodness onto everything.
You gotta explain to her that's not the way it works.
So are you trying to show her the Bill Gates clips?
Oh yeah, man.
I show her all the time.
I always play her live shows.
I shove her down the throat, man.
I shove her down everyone's throat that comes around me, man.
Man, honestly, I can't say, man, because I see it every day how we're slowly going down the slippery slope of, I go into the store, sir, can you please pull up your mask over your nose?
And I'm just like, oh my God, these people are really, they just don't understand.
It's a form of control, just like after 9-11, how they tighten control.
It's the same thing with this, they're tightening their control.
No, I agree.
Each thing was a step.
9-11 was the domestic checkpoints, the police state, now it's the medical.
I agree we've gone over the edge.
I'm saying they accelerated this because they were in trouble.
But just because you see all these followers submitting, you're a leader, you're saying no.
And in the end, when they figure out it's never going to end, when they figure out it's a fraud, they're going to wake up big time.
Yes, sir.
Most definitely.
And one more thing, Alex.
I definitely want to salute your business model, man.
I recognize your independence and how you are independent from the main infrastructure and the syndicated television and radio stations.
So I definitely salute your business model and I salute your independence and I salute you, man.
Brother, I salute you.
God bless you, JD.
Yeah, at first his phone was breaking up, but once it went clear, he said a lot of really great things.
Yeah, I know.
Thank you, sir.
We're in this business model.
Because I had sponsors early on, they took them away.
So what do they always say?
Necessity is the mother of invention.
If the simulation was hopeless, their propaganda would not be necessary.
Yeah, there it is.
Their propaganda would be unnecessary.
So, if the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.
So, as bad as it seems, my friend, they're doing this because they know we're strong.
All right, we got Alex Jones.
That's what he says his name is.
It's a pretty common name.
Probably is Alex Jones.
There's like 15 Alex Joneses living in Austin.
I've had like five of them call me, tell people not come to my house.
Tell them not come to my business.
I'm like, man, they don't believe that.
They're just going to keep coming.
Sorry, you got the same name as me.
Alex Jones, we're going to come to you next.
Stay with us.
Gregory Manorino is joining us, coming up next segment.
He's a really smart, very popular financial analyst, understands the global as well.
He's also got a lot of COVID-19 news.
We're going to get to this pretty powerful, but right now we're going to your phone calls.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a fellow that says his name is Alex Jones from Ohio.
So is your name really Alex Jones, my friend?
No, my name is not really Alex Jones.
I'm calling in today because we are all Alex Jones right now.
And that word and that message needs to get brought across in the perspective and the light and be the mainstream.
I myself am a blue collar worker.
I'm an auto body man.
My side business, personal side business of auto detailing has been completely stripped and ripped away from me.
They're going to do that with every other small business in the United States.
And it is, it is killing me to see this happen.
And it basically took away my secondary lifeline.
And you think when they're going to go to this digital currency that we're going to be able to survive?
We all need to wake up people and we are all Alex Jones right now.
I totally agree.
You know, people ask why they do the COVID lockdown.
For political control, world government, depopulation, forced inoculation, digital currencies.
But also, we're a year in to most, quote, non-essential surgeries or non-essential screenings being done.
So way more die of cancer, heart attacks from not getting screened now, that's all admitted.
Way more suicides, way more drug abuse.
All the big insurance companies owned by the big banks, only four big banks own most of them.
They are all not giving out money for all the medical stuff.
And the same thing.
Where's all the auto body places are shut down?
Well, so then their insurance isn't having to pay for wrecked cars.
It's all a giant scam by the banks and insurance companies on top of it.
That's why they did it.
It's outrageous.
But, oh, don't worry.
Barstool Sports is going to raise $34 million for hundreds of billions lost.
And I'm not against Barstool Sports, but
They're like, because of COVID, we have to... No, no.
COVID was used to shut down the small businesses.
You need to expose the hoax of COVID to reopen all the businesses and say small business is as essential as Walmart and Target and Safeway and H-E-B.
But see, oh, they don't do that.
Because if you do that, you get kicked off Apple iTunes.
And that's why I'm so pissed off.
That's correct.
And another point that I want to make, the reason why I align myself with InfoWars, and I can just align with everything you say, my father was a Rush Limbaugh listener.
Rest in peace to his soul.
And the reason why I align with InfoWars is because so much of what he said is in your broadcast, and people need to understand that.
You're not a conspiracy theorist.
What they do, we use the term conspiracy theorist, is to shut down people that have the actual facts.
That's why we are all Alex Jones right now!
I hear you, brother.
So here's the deal.
They say small businesses are not essential, but big ones are essential.
I mean, is that not so obvious when they're telling us you are not essential?
That is literally like the Nazis saying you're subhuman.
This is incredibly obvious.
What do you think?
Because a lot of people are like, well, Trump didn't save us.
He was supposed to be invincible.
Now he's fighting back again and people are like, well, he failed.
No, they stole it from him.
It's his fault.
So I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
I'm upset at Trump for supporting the vaccines.
I'm upset at him for not fighting censorship.
But now he's at least learned on the censorship.
Do we just not support Trump or do we use Trump as an engine to get more good people elected?
We use Trump as an engine to get more people elected.
What we need to do, just like your one caller, Hal, in this next election in 2022, we have 34 seats for the Senate open.
People, get yourself aligned in civil and local politics, please.
That is what it is going to take for us to align and awake the masses that are sheep, that are wearing the mask.
I totally agree.
We better get patriots, which is starting to happen.
All these Trump candidates, like the one from Colorado, the one from Georgia, are fire-breathing patriots that scare the left, man.
They're not going to have the squad of five communist Muslims up there.
They're going to have dozens of senators and dozens of new House members that get what's going on.
So as I said, Trump is only one wave.
And we're going to use Trump as a battering ram with these big rallies and to energize people to move forward and to stop election fraud.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Let's go ahead and talk to Henry in Chicago, the Justin in Maryland.
Go ahead, Henry.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my phone call.
I was calling for two things.
One, in Illinois they passed House Bill 3653.
Where somebody can get into your front lawn or camp there and they cannot do anything.
You can call the police and the police cannot arrest them or not even give them a ticket.
So that's a violation of the 4th Amendment.
It's kind of like a trojan horse so the cops can get into your house without any warrant.
Number two, I think we should start, like, stop the steal, stop making t-shirts, stop the scam of the mask, stop the scam of the CDC, stop the scam of Bill Gates, whoever you want to put on it.
I think it'd be good.
Stop the hoax, stop the scam.
I agree, we need to get going.
Yeah, we need to take our country back, because you know what?
People are asleep.
I live in a blue state, in a blue city, and I walk around with a mask, and people ask me, aren't you wearing a mask?
No, I'm not a slave, and I'm not subservient to the government.
And they're kind of like, oh, I said, it's just the flu.
Wake up, people.
And some people kind of, you know, they ask you, where did you get the effects?
Call the CDC, they're lying.
We should defund them.
I mean, we need to fight back.
And we also need to have people know the Constitution.
Maybe you can do a piece where they have one of the speakers without being too legally jargon.
The 10th Amendment.
The 10th Amendment, you can notify the Supreme Court.
And all we still... That's right.
All powers, not the Constitution, are reserved to the states and the people.
And the law of the land is the Constitution, not the Supreme Court.
People need to understand that the Supreme Court is corrupt.
It's definitely sold out and controlled other than a few people on there, like Aledo and of course Thomas, but the rest are bad news.
But let's expand on that.
If you pull back and look at this, people are saying, well Trump's not perfect.
And I totally agree that he should have seen Governor Noem of South Dakota getting a standing ovation louder than his when she said, Fauci's full of crap, he's wrong about everything.
Well, Trump said some of that.
But then when they said, we're not going to wear the mask and everybody was saying, yay, and then there was no wear them when they were booing, Trump needs to get on board with that.
But instead,
Again, he wanted to be the guy to end the lockdown with the miracle vaccine.
We always knew they were never going to let the vaccine stop.
They were never going to say the vaccine even worked.
This is a problem that they're never going to give us a solution to.
Thank you so much, Henry.
Great points.
One more caller.
We'll go to break.
Come back with our guest for 15 minutes to the next hour.
Then Gerald Celentes will be taking over.
Always ready to kick some butt.
Let's go ahead and talk to Justin in Maryland.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
It's Justin.
See, I'm over here in Baltimore.
You say you want to have some fun today, right?
Yes, sir.
All right, so real quick with JD, I mean, I actually, I agree with a lot of things he said, with his girlfriend and everything.
We have like the same story, the caller after him.
We're all Alex Jones.
I agree with that.
I want to make a quick plug real quick.
Just got some winter sun today.
I'm a real advocate for CBD.
I take that for my, uh, belly.
Oh, they say it's a miracle drug.
It's real good.
The problem is, if we sell it, the whole SWAT team is saying it's illegal, so that's why I can't sell it again.
I heard you say you like it.
Right, right.
CBD's incredible.
Well, yeah, yeah.
I just got some winter sun today, so.
So for all the other Emperor Warriors, go out there and get your winter sun.
I'm gonna go ahead and plug away with the serious stuff real quick with ERCOT.
I got family down in Midland, Texas.
Eight people had to bunch up into an apartment because of the debacle.
So I just basically, uh, I've been copying and pasting to every YouTube that touches on anything dealing with the, uh, energy or the weather down there.
I copy and paste this question.
If Abbott had asked ERCOT for more energy, why would ERCOT have to get authorization from the Department of Energy?
Ask yourself that question.
Everybody just wants to get mad, talk about green energy.
And I'm just like, okay, I mean... Well, it shows Texas isn't actually running its affairs and was set up, and that is the smoking gun.
This just broke, KVUE here in Austin.
Lieutenant Governor Patrick, who's a lot better than the governor we got, calls for resignation of UPC Chair, ERCOT CEO.
And so, we've already gotten most of them to resign.
We've got to absolutely expose this group.
God bless you, I'm out of time.
All right, our next guest.
Gregory Manorino was very popular when he came on three weeks ago with us.
He's going to be back on to talk about the economy and a lot more, but he also sent me something I didn't know about.
And boy, I went down the rabbit hole on that.
I've got a big stack of news here, if I can find it, where you've got all these government officials, not just here but other countries, caught staging taking the vaccine.
The latest is Benjamin Yetnyahu.
So that's coming up on the other side with TradersChoice.net head Gregory Manorino.
We'll be right back.
All right, until about 15 minutes to the next hour, we've got our special guest.
Then Gerald Celente takes over.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Gregory Manarino came on with us three weeks ago.
He's a very popular guest.
I was already familiar with his work for several years.
He's known as the Robin Hood of Wall Street, not the Robin Hood firm that was running those scams against GameStop and AMC.
He's a full-time trader.
The capital markets with a worldwide following.
Born in 1965, he became interested in Wall Street like many others at the time.
1987 after seeing the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas.
And it just goes on from there.
He also served in the United States Naval Reserves Medical Service Corps as having obtained the rank of lieutenant.
He published a book on casino blackjack strategies years later.
Was banned from playing the game in Las Vegas casinos.
He was so successful.
And he went on to get a medical degree in practice medicine and physical assistance beginning in 1996.
Now retired from practice.
He's done a lot of stuff, a lot of street knowledge.
But he's a well-spoken guy.
So this is a shorter segment, long segment coming up.
We'll get into some of the other topics you sent me.
All these world leaders pretending to take vaccines.
They're not the latest Benjamin Netanyahu.
But just spend the time we have in like the next eight minutes.
Currently the markets, devaluation of currencies, where you think America is, where you think the world is.
Clearly Biden, the markets don't like him.
Clearly a lot of things are starting to unravel and where you're expecting things to go.
Thanks for joining us.
Alex, it's great to be here.
And I've been watching your show now with the prior guests you have on.
And, you know, look, at least these people understand what's going on.
You understand what's going on.
We must raise awareness.
Let me start off with that.
I am so happy to hear people are not dumbed down so much.
They don't know what's going on.
We're in the middle of something so ugly and so absolutely twisted.
As a matter of fact, it's so ugly and twisted that most people, they can't see it.
They're refusing to see what is happening.
It's right before their eyes.
This is something I've warned about would happen for an entire decade, longer than a decade ago.
I explained to people, they were in the middle of the creation of a two-tier society, extreme haves, extreme have-nots, and a wipeout of the middle class.
You know, I didn't know what mechanism they were going to use.
They used the scandemic to shut down the global economy, kill small businesses, you know, Great Depression levels of unemployment and allow a hideous merger to occur between this new American government and these corporations.
The definition of this is fascism.
We are right in the middle of this.
It is a horrible
I mean, it's off to the races here.
I've been explaining to people this market is going to continue higher until it doesn't.
Again, small businesses wiped out, like the prior guest you just had on was explaining how he lost part of his livelihood.
Meanwhile, Wall Street, their bonuses are bigger than they've ever gotten.
What we are witnessing here
Is an effect of something that has been put into action a long time ago.
Everything we're seeing today, everything has been thought out before and now we're living the effect of it.
Alex, you know this better than anybody else.
We were warned that they would use a pandemic to shut down the global economy.
It is here.
It is now.
We're living it.
And what are they really trying to do?
They are creating a slave society.
People that are dependent on this new American government.
It's horrible.
And we, you, me, Joe Celente, a lot of other guys gotta work.
We gotta double our efforts here to raise people's awareness as to what is going on.
The rest of it is a charade.
It's a show.
It's not real.
The environment we are in is completely fake.
The mainstream media, the propaganda, the look here, the distractions.
I mean, it's all over the place.
And you've got legions of zombies out here.
The people, they don't know what they're doing.
So to hear your guests talking, understanding the current situation, it blows my mind.
And I really think that finally, we're making a difference because people are starting to wake up.
At least I hope they are.
I really do.
Well, tell it like it is, brother.
Keep preaching.
Yeah, it's out of control.
Look, I trade these markets.
That's what I do.
I weaponize the system against the freak show.
This is a freak show that we are in.
It's a complete freak show, upside down, backwards and sideways.
So how do we win?
Number one,
By raising awareness.
People listening to your work.
People listening to my work.
People listening to Gerald Cilente.
We are out here.
We are the voices that I think are finally getting through to people.
And, you know, I can say for a fact that my channel is growing very large.
I got a lot more people saying, hey Greg, wow, I'm so happy I found you.
People that listen to your work too.
I mean, you have legions of loyal followers and they're loyal to you for a reason.
Because you're one of those guys who has done his research, who has done his homework, and are trying to raise awareness.
That's what we must all do.
So I'm urging people that are watching this show right now, start talking about it.
This is great stuff.
Let people understand what's going on.
If you can make
One person a day or even a week realize the situation that we are in and how dire it is.
We've done our job.
Now we can't get through to everyone.
It's an impossibility.
That's the truth.
But we must try to raise awareness.
We must try to make a difference in this world.
That's the only reason why I'm out here doing this is because I really feel like my show, your show, a lot of the guys shows, you know, we're doing the right thing.
We're out here trying to raise awareness and it's got to start somewhere.
So let it start with people like us and then people that are watching your show, people that are watching my show.
I urge them all the time, get out there, start blogging about this stuff, talking about this stuff.
You know, like I said, some people are going to think you're from Mars or you're some kind of alien because they can't get it.
There's also a natural selection going on here.
And I've been talking about this for years.
There are some people that are going to get it.
And some people are not going to get it.
Most people are not going to get it.
But in order for us to do anything,
We must raise awareness.
We have to look at the root cause.
What's the root cause of the situation here?
It's the banks.
It's the central banks.
We have a one world government today, Alex.
It's the central banks around the world.
People ask me all the time.
That's right.
They say, who's the kingpin?
Who runs it all?
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Rothschild, Rockefeller Banks.
It's literally four or five global banks.
They run it all.
They run the insurance companies.
They run the big pharma.
They run the UN.
This is all them.
There's all of them, 100%.
You know, they dictate the rules.
They dictate everything.
They're working in concert right now, central banks around the world, to enforce their final solution.
What is their final solution?
To own it all!
To own the world.
They got, you know, a printing press.
They're adding digits to a screen.
They're buying everything, Alex.
They're buying everything to keep this propped up right now.
It's a fake environment.
They're doing this by design.
It's a wealth transfer effect that's going to wipe out people on a scale that they have no idea what's coming down the pike here.
Well, I'll just live on welfare.
They're going to want to get your welfare.
You've got to take vaccines.
You've got to send your kids for tranny training.
You've got to do everything they want.
They admit that.
That's why they want us on our knees to dictate our surrender.
Their goal is to have a slave society.
They are doing everything they can.
They shut down the global economy.
And this isn't just a United States thing.
Oh, it's all standardized worldwide.
Gregory Manarino, stay right there.
Let's come back and talk about their endgame, what they're going to do.
And then I also want to get into what you pointed out.
I didn't know that Netanyahu did, like all these other leaders, took a fake shot.
Did it super fake.
I mean, they don't even care.
They just insult us.
We've got that coming up as well.
Whatever you do, folks, like you said, this is not a spectator sport.
Spread the word.
Gregory Manorino is our guest, a little bit in the next hour.
Then Gerald Cilente is going to be taking over.
TradersChoice.net, successful stock trader, researcher, author, smart guy.
And he's talking about how nightmarish this is, how evil it is.
But the globalists follow a lot of psychologists like B.F.
Skinner and others that say we're beyond evil.
We're going to decide to do all these horrible things because we have a right to rule you.
And so we're just dumbing humanity down, setting it up for a fall, having a robot takeover.
And then as society collapses, we're going to use the organized collapse as an excuse to consolidate control and have an AI police state.
This is their words.
That's why you can watch stuff I did 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and you're like, people are like, how's he knowing this?
They're looking at me talking because we're humans.
It's really survival of the fittest, folks, and the globals are right a certain extent.
They look at what a human's saying, does he look truthful?
Instead of I'm showing you a document while I say it.
And a lot of listeners get pissed now.
They're like, how did he know this exactly?
We couldn't go to sports games and be locked in our houses and not essential.
Jones is bad.
People are actually freaked out by it.
They're not looking that I'm showing them a document.
And here's the deal.
Just because some people, it's not that they're not smart, they're not sophisticated, or they haven't clicked, because I used to be the same way.
And so a globalist would look at them not understanding and say, I'm going to prey on this person.
Well, that's satanic, folks.
It ends up destroying you, your own children, your own country.
You can't be like that.
But there's this paradox where we're awake.
So we're kind of in the globalist club.
They've told me this is, you know, Jones, you ought to join us because you're awake to this.
The public, no matter what you do, will never wake up.
So I know God's real.
I know I can't feed on the public just because some of them can't get it.
Because most of the listeners are smarter than I am.
They get it all.
But even my own listeners, some can't get it.
So there's that paradox of what you were saying that it's like, how do you lead a horse to water and get them to drink?
What they're doing here is they're trying to destroy people's spirit.
They're trying to destroy them physically, mentally, in every way they can do this.
What they're doing here is they're breaking
They're crushing it and they're going to rebuild a new system in their image.
In their image.
The hub here, the hub of control is the Federal Reserve.
Look no further.
I tell everyone, you want to know where the hub of the new world order is?
It's the Federal Reserve.
It's the Federal Reserve System.
And it's the banks going after my bank accounts, Trump's bank accounts, all the NRA's bank accounts.
People ask, is Trump a good guy or a bad guy?
I think Trump's great.
He doesn't get it all.
But obviously the Federal Reserve coming after Trump, that's not fake.
Briefly, what's your view of Trump?
Well, look, this is my view on political, the whole political theater.
I believe sincerely that it's the banks that run the show.
They dictate the rules, and there are people, let's say like Trump or like whoever it might be, that actually, maybe in the back of their mind, they want to do good.
But they, once, I believe this is true, what I'm about to tell you.
I think when a president is selected, I don't believe they are elected, and when they're put into the Oval Office, they have a sit-down with the real powers that run the world.
Oh, I know they do that before they win, but Trump didn't follow the sit-down is what I'm telling you.
Well, I'm not saying he did or he didn't.
I just think they have no choice.
Again, the people here that run the world, and it's the banks that have run the whole show, they are so powerful.
And everything, this is not, what we're seeing now, again, is not present time for them.
They've already planned this out years ago, and we're just seeing the effect of it now.
And a lot of these people, these world leaders, let's say Trump, had to fear for his life because they'll end it.
They will end it.
No, you're right.
No matter what he wants to do, they control all the finance and all the levers.
In your bucket, they destroy you.
So how do we beat that?
A mass awakening?
What do we do?
Well, number one, raise awareness, just like we're doing right here.
Allow people to understand what they're seeing is the effect of something that was put into motion a long time ago.
So really, Trump just becomes a big diversion.
And that's the other thing.
They don't want you to understand what's actually going on.
They distract you with nonsensical things.
Look, what are they trying to do here?
They want to eliminate free thought, you can't think for yourself, free action, and free movement.
And they're telling you vitamin D and things that are essential or bad.
Well, that's all part of it too.
They want to destroy you every way they can, spiritually, physically.
I don't get into flying saucers and things, but if I was a military person and I was extrapolating out, they act like they're not humans.
The globalists act like they hate no matter who kills them.
I don't think they are human, Alex.
We're on the same page, you and me.
Look, people think I'm joking.
When I say all the time, and I pick on the Federal Reserve like you have no idea, maybe you do, I say these people are not human.
Okay, I don't know what goes through their head, but it's not our interest.
They have a single goal, that is to own the world.
Their product, which is fiat currency, to buy the world.
And it gets even worse.
And now they're teaching us that they're making us dependent to get rid of us.
They see it as their world and we're squatters on it.
We're like cockroaches they want to gash.
And it's working.
Look around us.
Look what they've done to us all.
They got us in a world lockdown.
We can't do anything.
They're dictating the rules.
It's an incredible situation.
If we decide to use our own intellect, if we decide to go against what they're telling us that we have to do, well, they're going to take action against us.
We've been warned, Alex.
You've been warning about this for years.
I've been warning about this for years.
You know, it's interesting.
Some people, like yourself, I'd like to believe I'm one of those people, can see a little further down the road than maybe most people can.
Maybe it's a gift, maybe it's... I don't know what it is.
But the fact of the matter is, I think some people are able to put an equation together.
See, things have to balance out.
So I look at what's happening, let's say, in the current environment.
I say, how will this balance out?
It's almost like two plus two equals this, and you come up with the most likely scenario.
And this is why I've been explaining to people, you've been explaining to people, Joe Salente has been explaining to people, other guys too, how this is going to go.
And honestly, I urge people to look at your work in the past, my work in the past, and
The accuracy as to how we've called this is incredible.
We're no smarter than anybody else.
That's the truth.
I tell people that all the time.
We're just not being naive about how much trouble we're in because people think we're negative.
Like, why are you being negative?
No, we're being realistic.
So give people a few minutes on this.
Where is it going if we don't say no?
Progressive lockdowns, never ending, starvation, collapse, just a total dystopia.
Look, what is their endgame here?
Like I had said earlier, they want to destroy the current system.
They want to issue a new system.
I've been warning people that a whole new set of rules is coming.
It looks like it's here now.
I've been warning people that a whole new paradigm is coming here.
What they're trying to do here, again, is the bigger picture is create a slave society on a global scale.
Wipe out whatever's left of the middle class.
There's almost no middle class left right now.
So again, by demoralizing people, by stealing away their spirituality, by every means they can come up with, they are trying to destroy people.
They're bringing them down.
Stay there and talk about it after the break, but I didn't
I happened to be this year, just because I picked a place to go with my family to do some skiing, because I had been on vacation for years up in Utah, and I didn't realize that where I'd gone, Park City, is where they have that big film festival every year.
Well, this year it was virtual, but the year before, some of my crew went to it, because I was invited, but I couldn't go, so I sent some crew to the Sundance Film Festival, and they said it was so depressing, because they'd been there before.
Everybody was being funded by Netflix or HBO.
They were saying, our job is to depress people and have the darkest stuff ever seen to depress people.
They go, we don't know.
And they'd say, well, why?
Only depressing, horrible things will get funding.
And so again, you're right, because they need us to give up to then serve them.
If we just hold on through all of this, they need us more than we need them.
Well, you know what?
Like I said earlier, we got to raise awareness.
Get through to more people.
It's so important.
Let people understand what they're seeing.
It's not real.
The environment we are in is just it's so twisted.
And so it's so fake.
They're saying there aren't men and women and you can't say mother or father and men can play in women's sports.
All this is meant to put us upside down, make us give up.
Don't give up.
Get stronger.
We'll be right back with our guest, Rigor Manorino, to talk more about solutions.
And we've got world leaders and others caught not taking the vaccines.
Why is that?
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today, and this site's TradersChoice.net.
All right, we're going to go a little bit in the next hour with my guests, and I'm going to show you all these videos we put together, including this new one with Benjamin Netanyahu not getting the vaccine, and it's incredibly obvious.
And that's the thing.
They don't have to make the propaganda good.
You just got to sit there and take it.
No, we've got to stop taking it.
Going back to successful stockbroker and author and successful YouTuber, traderschoice.net, Gregory Manarino, what are other points you want to make to the listeners and viewers about this situation, about the Great Awakening, and about what's coming next?
Because clearly, things are accelerating right now.
How are the globalist, post-humanist plans going, too?
Give me your view on that.
Well, I'll tell you this.
I wake up every day.
And I asked myself, okay, where are the opportunities?
And I think we're being presented with an amazing opportunity.
This isn't about doom and gloom.
A lot of people blame me and they say, oh, Greg, you're all about doom and gloom.
No, this is about opportunity.
What I see is people coming together, like-minded people who understand what's going on.
I mean, it's in our face.
People can't deny it.
I mean there are some that are in denial and they're unable to see it and they think we're all out to lunch or maybe they think we're not playing with a full deck of cards here.
But the fact of the matter is this entire situation is a
To come together to understand either via the internet or phone or whatever, they're raising their awareness.
And that, that is our greatest weapon is to try to get people to understand what is really going on and why this is a global
It's global, okay?
This got started here again with this scam-demic here.
They shut down the global economy.
They had to do it.
You see, here's the deal.
Central banks, since their inception, okay, the Federal Reserve, since 1913, has had... They in Jamaica keep buying debt and the world was flooded with all their, quote, free currency.
Explain that.
They want to buy it all.
Their goal has been to own the world.
And again, why do we think, let's say, a guy like Joe Biden was chosen to be the president?
Because they knew that this man and his philosophy would be to vastly and vastly inflate the debt.
The more debt, going back to what we had just said, that a central bank issues, the stronger they become.
Unlike previous central banks in Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic Germany or Mexico that inflate till the currency's worthless, they've got a global system to give you a universal guaranteed income, they then inflate it, bankrupt everybody except them, and now you're in a whole new paradigm with them loaning you more fiat money, but now you have no real tangible businesses or farms to produce original wealth, so now you're totally dependent on them and the robots and you're now in checkmate.
Well, this is what they did, Alex.
Once they shut down the global economy, they killed the rate at which cash moves through the economy.
It's known as the money velocity.
Once you kill the money velocity, a central bank can literally go berserk and print cash out of thin air, add digits to a screen, and buy up whatever it wants.
You don't get money, you don't get a check, that way inflation isn't too bad at first, they can buy everything.
They're buying it all, and that's what's going on today.
This is why we are literally experiencing a global takeover.
They're winning the war without firing a shot.
This won't be spoken about anywhere else.
But let's explain.
They get the money at 0% in an inflationary system, which means basically they're being paid to be given money.
We then get it at 6%, 10%, 15%.
Yeah, and then what they're doing here is deliberately inflating the monster bubble of them all, and that is this debt bubble.
There's never been a financial bubble larger than the current global debt bubble.
By design, they know exactly what they're doing here.
And when does it pop, and how bad is it going to be when it pops?
And then what do they build on the ashes of that?
Well, that's an amazing, amazing question here.
They're going to continue to inflate until they're ready to stop doing it.
And when they stop doing it, OK, what's going to end up happening is you're going to get a debt market meltdown on a scale that people aren't even going to believe.
What does that mean?
When the debt market melts down, you're going to see rates spike in a very, very fast way.
That's going to put a lot of pressure on the stock market.
Debt market will sell off.
Stock market will sell off.
A wave of cash is going to move from one place to another.
It doesn't go to money heaven.
In my view, it's going to go into commodities.
You're going to see physical gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, I believe as well, crude oil skyrocket.
Again, this is how I think it's going to play out.
What do you think about land, though?
I see Gates and all the big money, Elon Musk, Gates, they're all just snatching land up everywhere.
Well, there's a reason for that, too, of course.
They want to own it all, of course.
Anything tangible that is priced in dollars is going to melt down because, again, what they're doing here is they want to issue a digital dollar.
When your speakers had talked about that,
It's about control.
What do they want to do?
They want to destroy the dollar in its current form to issue in this digital dollar, which gives them more control.
Talking about control, I'm going to tell people right now what the next move is for the Federal Reserve is quite obvious.
We've seen a lot of gyrations here in the debt market.
As of late, it's put pressure on the stock market.
So there's a lot of the mainstream channels, it's kind of a joke.
And they're like, oh, well, the Fed is losing control.
No, the Fed is giving the illusion that it's losing control in the debt market because it wants to
Issue something called yield curve control.
They want to control the yield curve.
How do they do that?
It's very simple mechanism.
Let's back up a moment so I can set the groundwork.
The Federal Reserve has been involved in a scheme now since the last meltdown.
That is, they've been artificially suppressing the federal funds rate, the overnight rate that banks charge each other to lend money.
OK, that has been successful in keeping rates suppressed.
But now with rates getting out of control, bond yields going higher.
What they're going to do is they're going to target either a section of the yield curve or the entire yield curve.
And they're going to say, OK, let's say, for example, the 10-year yield, which is the benchmark.
It's what traders like myself watch every day.
They're going to pick a target.
OK, we want the 10-year yield to be 1.3x, whatever they want it to be.
Now, the Fed's got to get in here, create cash out of thin air and buy the bonds to keep it there.
The entire yield curve.
This gives them an excuse, Alex, to do what they want to do.
That is creating more debt.
It sounds like we're going... Did the Japanese invent this current models?
I know the Rothschilds started this and people before them, but it seems like Japan's already gone down this road before us then.
Yeah, they actually have.
But what makes this different here is the Federal Reserve, the U.S.
dollar, is the world reserve currency.
And it's no secret.
What the Fed is doing right now, you see,
Let me put that into perspective.
The Federal Reserve's balance sheet, that is the debt that it holds on its books, doubled between last year and this year.
Yeah, guys, go to Tim Pool's Twitter.
It was like a week ago.
He said, this graph shows you what's happening with the economy.
And it shows the last 100 years.
And now the last year, it goes straight up.
It's like, here's the last 100 years.
It goes.
It's an incredible thing.
It's got a hyper parabolic.
This mechanism is going to keep going because the Fed wants to do that.
The more debt they issue, the stronger they become, not the weaker they become.
And the Fed, the Fed has two balance sheets.
OK, most people don't even know this, but the Fed has the public balance sheet, which anyone can look at just
Go to the Federal Reserve balance sheet and look at the Federal Reserve's balance sheet.
The Federal Reserve has a secondary balance sheet that no one is allowed to see.
Not the President of the United States, not the CIA, not the FBI, nobody.
The secondary balance sheet is the debt that the Federal Reserve is holding
That they're funneling around the world.
Alex, the Federal Reserve is funneling dollars around the world and those central banks are using dollars to buy assets.
They're literally, literally buying the world.
It's a sick thing.
And again, it's not U.S.
companies, it's globalist companies that own the private Federal Reserve, mainly European.
So explain that graph we just showed.
Why has it gone
Hyperparabolic, when was the decision made in the last year and what does that bode?
I mean, clearly, if you've got a doubling of money in one year, what the hell does that mean?
Well, what it will eventually mean is a new system.
Again, they are right now in the middle of... But they made the decision, it looks like, to kill it right now.
Yeah, I mean, what are we, a couple years out from this or what?
It's hard to say how long it's going to go.
As long as they can keep the economy dead.
And the money doesn't move, okay?
This parabolic move that you're looking at here will continue.
My worry, or it's not even a worry, because it's going to happen here.
When the cash does start to move, all these bills that have been created out of thin air, all these digits that have been added to a digital screen, when they start to chase the same amount of goods, we get hyperinflation.
We should technically have it now, but we're not seeing that.
But that's why they did the lockdown to stop the hyperinflation.
That's exactly what they did.
100% true.
They lock you down, kill the economy, so they can do whatever they want to.
This is their final solution.
And then they buy everything up, which they did as microcosms in Mexico and in Greece and everywhere else.
They bragged about the formula.
They'd lock it down under martial law, lock it down under a crisis in a year, buy everything up, turn it back on later, but never be back the same.
Alex, that's exactly what they're doing.
And I'm so happy to hear you say that because you get it.
This is so damn criminal.
I want to know how we fight this.
On the other side with Gregory.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Gregory Manorino, sites TradersChoice.net.
We'll be right back.
Well, the crew just brought me some horrible news.
We knew it was coming.
I mean, it's like our guest said, I hate to think this is going to happen, but it is.
So just why dread it?
It's going to happen.
It's like you're getting cornered in the alley by the bully and he's got a brick in his hand, you're gonna have to beat his ass or bend over and just die.
Experts say COVID could become endemic and last forever.
So they're now introducing that.
We'll cover that next segment with our guests.
But Gregor Manarino is a successful stockbroker, author, very successful newsman.
And he reaches millions every week.
And he's laying out the basic facts of they put the economy into cardiac arrest.
To put us into more debt, to consolidate control, get us ready for police state measures ahead of the real economic collapse, and the real consolidation coming, and the medical tearing.
So it's a bunch of different factions of control.
How do people protect themselves?
I mean, for me...
Obviously, property taxes are so high, but I'm not going to trust banks.
I don't have that much money, but I've got a few pieces of property to cash out if they need me to fund this operation.
Last year, I got a mortgage on my house, which is a nice house, nicer than I would have, but that's why I don't trust banks to pay for operations.
Also, you know, obviously, Bitcoin, other things, like you said, commodities.
You're not giving financial advice here, but what are you doing to protect yourself?
Well, if we understand what they want to do, and that is vastly inflate, and we haven't seen anything yet with regard to what central banks are going to do moving forward, looking at the Federal Reserve's balance sheet today.
I mean, it's exponential.
Yeah, show that graph again.
So it's just, I mean, if it's already more than its whole history in one year, then it's just going to be, it's going to be crazy.
It's out of control.
So if we understand that their endgame is to buy it all with fiat currency, a mode of transaction backed by nothing, okay, they're creating this out of thin air, adding this to a digital screen, we need to be in an anti-debt unit.
And to me,
That is physical gold.
That is more specifically physical silver.
I've been explaining to people that in my view, my professional opinion, I believe that physical silver is the most undervalued asset in the history of the world.
We know who's suppressing gold and silver prices.
It's clearly JP Morgan.
They've been doing this for years.
They've been fined.
They had paid a record fine.
Was it last year?
Nine billion dollars for rigging the market.
They're still doing it.
So the bottom line is that the
The party's over.
People need to realize that Hollywood's shutting down.
That was always the shiny thing on the anglerfish, but this is the anglerfish eating us right now.
Yeah, we need to be in other assets.
I am a very strong proponent of owning cryptocurrencies.
I own all the big ones.
I have no plans on selling any of them.
I think I've been calling Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies very correctly.
We need to be out of the dollar.
I know we do need some of these dollars to transact.
If you are so inclined, if you're someone like myself, you trade this market, you weaponize it against them.
This is what we got to do.
We got to weaponize the system against those that are trying to pervert it against us.
I mean, everything is perverted.
Look how they tried to take the whole GameStop thing away, but now they just lost two billion again because people just keep fighting.
I know and it's kind of interesting to see unfold here and some people are doing okay and some people are getting hurt by this, but it's all rigged.
We all know that.
It's all rigged to the big money.
The big money is where it's at.
They want to crush everybody else.
Again, they want to crush your spirit.
They want to crush your belief system.
Everything about you they want to bring down and then they get it again.
I think and I've said this and
They're trying to kill you.
They're trying to kill us.
So what we need to do is, again, how we started off, raise awareness, raise awareness, get more people on board, understanding what's really going on here.
I agree with you.
Without being violent, though, we need to put the fear of God in them because they've never been identified.
They've never been exposed.
They don't want the light of day on them.
No, and that's the other thing too.
They've got to destroy people's spirituality.
They are going to desperately try to do that.
People who have faith
Are a threat.
There is no doubt about that.
So they want, again, they want to strip away that faith.
They want to make you feel like you're defeated.
They want to put you in a state of learned helplessness.
This is a medical term.
Where they beat you down to such a point where you just accept it.
You go into a catatonic state and pee on yourself, where the term yellow comes from.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds with our guests to talk about this latest development with the fake inoculations.
So, here are some of the headlines.
CNBC experts say COVID becoming endemic.
They say America's racist.
That's endemic.
Here's what that means.
The lockdown will never end.
It will never stop.
Gates on masks by late spring and summer.
You can look at changing your behavior in a significant way.
Oh my gosh, Bill Gates tells you when I wear a mask and when I don't.
Super incredibly creepy.
COVID vaccine for elementary school children likely coming in early 2022, Fauci says.
It's not even an approved vaccine.
And they say in England, don't give it to children.
It's been making them sick.
And don't give it to elderly, but they keep doing it.
Great reset without God is nothing but a hoax, Polish Archbishop says.
The Great Reset is evil.
We're shifting gears with Gregory Manarino.
He brought this up today.
I didn't know there was video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who's really been using the lockdown in Israel for total control, arresting Hasidic Jews and others that won't take the inoculations, who go outside, won't wear masks.
I mean, this is really occultic.
And again, I'm trying to attack Netanyahu, but he's a total tyrant now.
I mean, he's a very shameful person.
But they sure got him once those criminal charges came down.
I guess he's blackmailed.
I wanted to play some of these clips since our guest brought it up.
I haven't seen that in y'all everything.
We have the video now.
Show folks an overhead shot of this place.
We're gonna go to that video in a moment, but first, let's show some of the past stuff.
Texas Hospital appears to give worker fake COVID-19 vaccine, New York Post.
And if you look, they zoomed in on the plunger.
Go ahead and roll that footage.
When he sticks it in before he pushes it down, it's all ready down, ladies and gentlemen.
Here is the up-close video.
The plunger is down when he pulls the top off.
There is nothing in it.
That's how dumb they think you are.
It's like they're trying to get caught.
That's NBC News on national TV.
They are showing you the doctor is not getting a shot.
Let's go ahead now.
Go ahead and roll the footage.
This is Benny Brunette and Yahoo!
Now here, they actually stuck the needle in that guy's arm, but there was nothing in it.
In this case, there's barely anything in the plunger.
Maybe like a quarter centimeter there, but then he holds the tiny needle in his fingers and then touches it to him.
Here is the footage.
Again, for TV viewers, you can see this right now.
Oh my gosh.
I mean, this is so good.
Why would you not be taking it?
Oh, sir!
Now, he pulls the top off the needle, puts the alcohol on.
Isn't that Yahoo brave?
Has the needle.
No one would sit there and have their fingers on the needle like that.
I've never seen anyone give it a shot like that.
And you see how the plungers push forward.
It does have something in it.
It looks like air.
Roll that again, folks.
Roll that again.
Oh, look!
Oh, we're gonna take it!
Oh, there's a two millimeters of something in here!
Oh, yeah, trust us, as if they couldn't have sugar water in there or something else.
Got no gloves, no nothing.
Oh, here, yes.
And then now, he pinches the needle right at the front.
No one ever does this.
Covers it up with his fingers.
It's like a trick.
Pulls it out.
Looks fake to me.
Not as fake as the 100% in Texas.
I mean, I've got dozens of these videos.
That's 100% in Texas fake.
The plunger's down.
This one looks like there's something in it, but he shoots it behind the arm, and then to hold it in place, it's gonna be wiggling.
He holds it, he goes behind the arm, pinches it, then pulls back.
That's 98% fake, not 100%.
You can make your own decision.
Let's look at Sadiq Khan.
A picture of Sadiq Khan just before the flu jab doesn't show he didn't get it, we're told by mainstream media.
Well here, let's look at this video for ourselves.
Again, who knows what they're even putting in these things.
That one looks like he did get it.
Here's Queensland Premier.
Fake flu vaccine sparks conspiracy theories.
Let's actually play
This newscast, because they say, of course you didn't feel it with the cap on, they get caught, and then admit it was fake.
Go ahead and roll that newscast.
If it ever gets to the situation where you are forced vaccinated, say, yeah, sure, I'll have an Anastasia Palaszczuk
Cat still on flow shot!
Oh my god, they did the Netanyahu deal where they go behind the arm too, like, ooh, behind the arm, like, ooh!
So, yeah, that's, I mean, just different fraud techniques here.
Looks like Khan did take something, doesn't mean there was anything actually in it.
Wow, I've got a bunch of, there's this compilation, did celebrities and politicians pretend to get the COVID-19 vaccination?
There's a whole compilation of that on InfoWars.com and Observers.France24.
That's national French TV saying it's bull...
They said this was real.
People with two three-inch needles injecting folks through their clothes at the Golden Globes with a flu shot five years ago, or four years ago.
No, folks, it was not real.
So again, what is this exercise, Gregory Manorino?
What are they doing here with this being so obviously fake?
Let's go back to something else that you've been bringing up for a long time, and that is the fear.
They're trying to create fear.
If they can make people afraid of anything, one thing, no matter what it is, you control their minds.
That's what this is all about.
Look, what you were just talking about with CDC, about the endemic and the pandemic and this and the new variants.
You notice how it's a joke to me.
It's always mutating worse.
It's never mutating better.
It's always getting worse.
They must keep that.
As you know, usually viruses mutate till they're bad and then quickly become not bad.
It never mutates worse.
Yeah, and that's exactly what they do.
It's the new variant.
It says they must keep people afraid.
The moment people start to realize, hey, you know what?
I'm not so afraid today, all of a sudden, boom!
They put out a new piece of information.
Oh, you gotta wear two masks!
Oh my God, it eats your balls!
Yeah, exactly.
And look, with regard to these vaccines here, look, who in their right mind, I have to ask this question, is going to take a vaccine that
First of all, it alters your DNA.
That's what it's designed to do.
It's not a killed virus or a attenuated or a weakened virus here, which is what vaccines used to be.
Which has got enough problems.
This, which has got enough problems.
All the additives and chemicals that are in there.
But I'd take that over this any day.
Why do you think all these top scientists that even worked on it say don't take it, but then the news says take it?
How do they think they're going to get away with this?
You know, people are sheep.
They're falling in line.
I have friends of mine who ran out and get this thing.
I'm like, do you know what's in it?
I said, I have a challenge for you.
Before you get it, ask your doctor how it works.
Let's see if he or she knows how it works.
They don't even know how it works, Alex.
Oh, I've actually had dinner with medical doctors that get shocked.
Like, well, I don't know what mRNA is.
Do you have a degree?
How do you know?
I'm like, no, I know how to read the damn paperwork.
And when I tell them, they get freaked out.
It's an insane thing to have a device or a chemical or a series of chemicals put into your body that you really don't know what it's going to do in years to come.
Not even tested on animals.
Well, listen, I met with the head of a major biotech company.
I'm going to leave it at that.
It's a well-known, multi-billion dollar company.
And he said, listen, I'm afraid this is going to discredit all the real gene therapy we've got, because this is a toxic gene therapy that's going to hurt people.
He said the same thing all the other experts said.
So he thinks he doesn't know why they're doing it.
He says it's insane.
It is completely insane.
Fauci, you know, the freak over there, he's another freak.
He said just yesterday that although new cases are rapidly declining, you should run out and go get vaccinated with this new Johnson & Johnson single dose.
It's really going to help you.
You've got to be kidding me.
They are so desperate to sell this to people.
There's something else going on that is very dark.
It's like an alien has got a gun.
The devil's got a gun to their head.
All right, Gregory Manorino, we love you.
We hope you'll come on the morning show.
That's excellent.
If you'd like to host some of it, that'd be great.
Take calls.
Thank you for having me.
Joe Cemente coming up.
I didn't plug last hour.
I need to plug now or I won't be here.
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That's at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's going to end very, very soon.
Big sales everywhere, InfoWarsTore.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show and following Gregory Manarino.
Who also writes our Trends Journal.
It's terrific stuff.
I mean, look what's going on in the markets where they have like 700 points.
You know, it's a joke.
The whole thing is rigged.
Federal Reserve just keeps pumping in cheap money and it's boosting them up.
And meanwhile, you're looking at gold prices.
Now they're going down a little bit.
You know, they've been down the last couple of days.
They were up today and now moving back lower.
Bitcoin is going up.
This bubble is going to burst.
The when it's going to happen, really nobody knows.
You know, it's a guess.
But when you're looking at the facts here, I mean, it's going to be sooner rather than later.
And I believe, and you know, Gregory has his forecasts as well, that I believe it's going to happen this year.
And as I've been saying now for quite a while, is going to be
A Biden bounce.
It's going to be a big one.
You know, the cover of our Trends Journal coming out tomorrow.
It's going to be roaring 2021.
And it's busting loose.
Young people have had it.
You know, this is an old person's virus that's killing them off.
And I know I'm an older cat, you know, so I'm saying it from reality.
And take a place like Israel.
87%, you got it?
87% of the people that have died in Israel are 65 years of age or older.
So as you keep going up the line, you know, 70 and older, the percentages even get higher.
And most of these people with pre-existing comorbidities, and again, you know, you don't go to a nursing home and then get out and go to day camp.
You're on your way out.
The realities of what are going on and these lockdowns have destroyed so many economies.
This is unprecedented in world history, where places have been locked down like this.
This thing's going to break loose big time and the markets are playing that game.
And that game's only going to be able to be played for so long.
Because what's going to happen is, as you're seeing it with the Treasury yields,
There's forecasts now of inflation going up.
And the real inflation rate isn't the one that they're telling us, like 1.6%.
It's more along the lines, when you look at shadow stats, of about 9%.
You're looking at commodity prices skyrocketing.
Hey, how much more are you paying to fill up your tank of gas right now?
What are you looking at?
Brent crude now around $65 a barrel.
You know, go back, you know, several weeks ago, a couple of months ago, it was playing around the $40 barrel.
So you've got commodities, all the prices are going up.
Go to the supermarket, it costs you everything more to buy everything.
So the inflation rate is real.
So what they're saying is, by the way, they made this thing up, a 2% inflation is their gauge.
They made this crap up in 2012.
That's a fact.
They have no inflation gate.
You're making it up.
So that's West Texas.
But when you look at Brent, you got Brent now up around 64.
So it's costing everybody more.
Inflation is going to go up.
When interest rates go up, then you're going to see the fake economy, the fake equity markets crash.
Because they're only being pumped up with cheap money.
So now, you got a 63.40.
You can see that little spike up there was around 60, 65, which is still a lot more than it used to be.
So now what you're looking at is you just go back and the Dow is down 1000 points, 3%
In two days and the Nasdaq was down 7% in two weeks.
And now they're spiking up like crazy because everybody's going to get vaccinated.
And you look at the real numbers and the vaccination rates are quite low.
I think it's only about 20 something percent of the people that have gotten vaccinated.
So that's no reason for the markets to go up.
20 million.
20 million Americans are fully vaccinated.
That's 20 million out of how many?
332 million?
So the reason why the cases are going down is because less people are dying from this and has nothing to do with the vaccinations.
And then you got that Slimer, like Gregory Manarino was calling him.
I don't know what language he used.
I don't want to put words in his mouth, but it wasn't very fondly of Fauci.
Fauci came out and said children under 12 will, quote, very likely, end quote, be able to get vaccinated for the coronavirus at the earliest, the end of the year, and very likely the first quarter of 2022.
Why it matters.
Children generally aren't at risk of serious coronavirus infections, but vaccinating them will be the key to protecting the adults around them, eventually reaching herd immunity, writes Axios' Caitlin Owens.
Take it easy!
You're full of crap, Caitlin.
The kids aren't transferring it.
An asymmetric doesn't mean you're transferring it either.
So you don't have the data.
This is not Axios.
You could put two other words in front after the A, and it's Assios.
Because that's the crap you're spewing out.
Kids are hardly dying from this thing.
We have the data in last week's Trends Journal.
I forget the number offhand, but it's like, out of 20 million children, young people, 1 to 20 years old, it's like 700 died in a year?
Out of 20 million?
What are you telling me this crap for?
They have to get vaccinated.
And everybody get this straight!
If you could think in a straight line, and you're not shafted by the screwballs,
If everybody's vaccinated, and you're safe because you got vaccinated, leave me the hell alone!
It's my life.
Oh, by the way, how many rallies are, you know, I held, I had rallies, 4th of July, when nobody was doing it.
I died from it.
I haven't worn a mask.
I died from it.
All my friends that don't wear them, we died from it.
And now you're telling me kids gotta get vaccinated?
Herd immunity?
You're the herd!
You're a herd of sheeples!
Little, low-life sheeples who follow the herd!
Or is it A-S-S-I-O-S-S?
Putting out this garbage.
If you're realistic, if you protect realistically, we'll be able, enough data to be able to say that elementary school children will be able to get vaccinated.
I would think that would be at the earliest at the end of the year, Fauci said.
So listen, the vaccine war has started, World War Vax, it's our cover.
Do what you can to support InfoWars and keep the truth alive.
Because they're going to kill it and they're doing the best they can.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and great seeing Gregory Manorino.
He's the guy who really knows his stuff on the stock market front and a lot of other fronts.
He's one of our weekly writers in the Trends Journal.
And listen, as I keep saying, do what you can to support Infowars because they're doing everything they can to censor the truth.
You're not allowed to say anything that the media mafia doesn't want you to say, the prostitutes that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps.
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So do what you can to support Infowars.
Keep the truth alive.
So the news making here in New York, Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by former aide.
And then another aide came out.
And accused him of sexual harassment.
So Cuomo yesterday said, this is in the Cartoon News Network, that's Lola, L-O-L-E, Lola.
No, not that Cuomo, another Cuomo.
Cuomo said he's truly sorry.
That's Cuomo, that's, I see it now.
Cuomo says he's truly sorry for workplace comments.
He says we're misinterpreted as unwarranted flirtation following sexual harassment.
And he said they may have been insensitive or too personal, and he's truly sorry.
I get a kick out of this crap.
Every time slimeballs get caught, they're truly sorry.
Remember that piece of low-life scum crap
The arrogant boy playing governor over there in California?
Who got caught dining at $400 a plate dinners over at the French Laundry?
Yeah, he should be washed out in that laundry.
They get caught.
Oh, I apologize.
Oh, what's his name?
Little Teddy Cruz over there?
Got caught going out on a cruise?
Flying over to Mexico?
Gets caught after lying?
Oh, I apologize.
You got that clown mayor over there right down where you are in Austin?
He tells people to stay home and then he goes to Mexico?
They get caught?
I apologize.
And they keep doing this.
They're not apologetic.
They're not sorry.
You know what he's truly sorry for?
The lowlife is truly sorry for getting caught.
That's all they're sorry for.
And they get away with this garbage.
As you know,
Oh yeah, I forgot the guy.
Also, they had the other Slimer up there in Trudeau land.
Nothing true about it.
How about True Girl?
Because that's all he is.
The clown boy playing Canada's leader over there.
Another daddy's boy.
These arrogant little daddy's boys.
He's like a Georgie W. Bush.
Arrogant daddy's boys that would be nowhere if daddy wasn't there before them.
And they come out like who the hell they think they are.
You're pieces of nothing!
You wouldn't be shoveling crap if daddy didn't get you there.
And I, Gerald Cilenti, was the first.
To call out Clown Cuomo, and I did it on InfoWars and our Trends in the News, here's just some of it.
...orders all non-essential New York workers to stay home in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at a press conference this morning the executive order.
The executive order, which I wrote about, talked about, in our Trends Journal, in Trends in the News.
He made up this thing two weeks ago, slipped this legislation in there so he would give him the power.
It didn't exist before.
It didn't exist.
He gave it to himself.
I understand that it will cause unhappiness.
How about suicide?
How about suicide?
How about deep depression?
Closing down all the businesses.
Making up laws.
Making up rules as they go along.
With no quantitative data.
No scientific data.
Show me the scientific data.
I don't want to know anything else.
He said, I accept full responsibility if someone is unhappy, if somebody wants to blame someone, or complain about someone, blame me.
There is no one else who is responsible for this decision.
Hal Cuomo!
Hal Cuomo!
No one else is responsible but me!
I am the ruler!
All right.
You got it.
You got one guy telling 20 million people what to do.
If you ask the American people to choose between public health, the economy, then it's no contest.
Hey, cut stone.
Nobody asked me.
You dictated!
You're the boss!
You're telling everybody what to do, like all the other politicians!
You guys forgot two words.
Public servant.
Can you get that in your mind?
There he is.
The little clown boy.
Playing governor of New York.
The arrogance of these people.
And they're destroying the world.
It isn't only over here.
Look at the freaks you got.
You like Boris Johnson?
No, baby, that little nothing, Gatson Macron, is your kind of guy or girl.
Sanchez over there in Spain, and now the Italians.
I'm ashamed of them.
They brought in Mario Draghi, the bankster that used to head the Goldman Sachs gang of the European division, worked with the World Bank, was the head of the European Central Bank that brought the negative interest rates so that we the little people can't save anything and the gamblers could keep buying things for cheap and big buying out everybody and buying junk bonds.
They brought him now in to run the country.
They're ruining it everywhere.
It's up to the people to stand up and fight.
And I don't mean violently.
As Alex Jones says, he's a man of Jesus Christ.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
Remember, the Prince of Peace got very mad and picked up a whip and drive the money changers out of the temple.
Time to drive them out of our government.
Oh, I forgot.
They brought Yellen in to run our treasury.
Well, I'm ahead of the central bank.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And please remember what I said.
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Same with the Trends Journal.
We're putting out the magazine.
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No, we're doing everything we can to keep the truth alive.
And the whole thing is a rigged game.
I was mentioning before about the equity markets.
Can you imagine the equity markets have climbed all this time?
Since they closed down the global economy.
I mean, you saw the UK's GDP at its worst in 300 years.
And the markets are going up.
It's a rigged game.
As long as they keep pumping cheap money into it, the game will stay rigged.
India's stock mania defies economic reality.
This is from Wall Street Journal.
India's benchmark stock index is up 22% since the beginning of 2020.
Almost exactly in line with the S&P 500.
I mean, it's a joke.
You had the GDP plummeting over there, and it's still going up.
The price-to-earning ratio is 24 times a year's earnings.
So the whole thing is a rig game and it's going to come crashing down hard.
And I still am very bullish on gold and silver and going back to the end bitcoins as well.
And again, we have our breakout points where we think if it breaks down below this point, then the prices will go lower.
And you're seeing silver, even though gold is going down, silver is moving up.
And one of the reasons why I had forecast silver will rise at a higher percentage rate than gold is that there are no stockpiles of silver.
Once silver is done out of your computer, your hand, your phone, whatever, it goes, it goes into the garbage, you know, it's dead.
There's no stockpiles and they're using it more.
It's the, it's the best, it's the best electricity conductor.
It's way better than copper.
So it's going to keep being used.
And now with alternative energy into solar paneling.
So I believe the future of silver is over $50 this year.
And I still believe gold 2100.
Because the markets are going to crash.
When the markets crash, then the fake bubbles will burst.
What's keeping the artificial life alive, there's no relationship between Main Street and Wall Street.
So as long as Wall Street stays high,
It'll look like everything's fine.
And again, we're going to see a boom that we've never seen before.
This thing is going to explode this spring and summer.
As people let loose and the cheap money they're pumping into the system, people are going to spend.
But you can't keep building up a debt level and not have negative consequences from it.
So the negative consequences are going to hit.
And one of them is going to be what we call dragflation.
And that's a declining economy with rising inflation.
Your currencies are going to be worth less as well, so it's going to take you more to buy things.
So the greatest depression is coming.
And I want to just go back quickly on this, what's going on with this vaccine.
As you well know, when we wrote about it last week, Israel passed a law for a green pass.
You get a green light, you get a green pass when you get vaccinated.
And then this past Wednesday, they're allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated.
Isn't that something?
To enable legislative bodies to encourage people to vaccinate by personally addressing them.
Boy, oh boy.
How's that for a free country?
Can you imagine that?
Personally, and you can't go without a green pass.
You can't go to a music concert.
You can't go to a gym.
You can't go to a restaurant.
You need... Boy, oh boy.
This is something.
Indonesia moves to punish citizens who refuse to get vaccinated.
$360 vaccination, if you don't get vaccinated.
This is a country of 240 million people, roughly, 275 million, some big number like that.
And you had about 40,000 deaths.
It's saying about a third of the children, like one to four, die of water pollution each year.
I'm getting diarrhea.
I mean, it's like Indonesia is the pristine place on the planet.
They got 40,000 deaths out of what?
270 something million people.
And now you got to get forced to get vaccinated.
And it's one after another.
They keep selling fear out of the Financial Times.
EU told to beware of era of pandemics.
And then you have the European Commission President talking about adapting vaccines for all of them.
Variant surges in California.
Toilet paper record.
Selling more fear and hysteria.
It's one after another.
Vaccine passports to bolster British economy and combat impact of COVID-19.
That's their finance minister.
Again, you look at the cover of our Trends Journal, it's World War Vax.
There's going to be a fight against this.
And it's going to be a platform for new political parties.
Anti-vax, anti-tax, anti-immigration.
It's going to happen.
And I want to take a global perspective that you're not getting in the media about what's going on.
Because when you go to one of our top trends for 2021, it was youth revolution.
That's why you're going to see the roaring 2021s and a busting out.
But it's bigger than that.
The Thai youth-led political movement was launched last year.
To demand Prayuth's resignation and broke taboos by calling for reforms to the monarchy.
This, of course, is out of mainstream media.
This is Reuters report.
So you have Thai police shot rubber bullets and used water cannons and tear gas against pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok on Sunday.
Then you take a trip over not far away to Myanmar, formerly called Burma.
Colonized by the British.
Isn't that a nice word, colonized?
Occupied and slaughtered people there from 1824 to 1948.
Youth revolution.
One country after another, the young people are standing up and fighting for their freedom that they know they don't have anymore.
This is going to continue.
It happened in Hong Kong.
When the Hong Kong protests broke out, we wrote about them weekly in the Trends Journal.
It was all young people.
And you know how they stopped it?
They couldn't stop it.
I used to be on Hong Kong TV when it was going on.
And I'd be talking between segments with the reporters, the hosts.
We're not stopping.
We're going to keep fighting this.
We're not going to let the Chinese take over like this.
Guess what?
The COVID broke out on Lunar New Year 2020 in Wuhan province, in China.
And what did China do?
First thing they did?
They closed down Hong Kong.
And now what they did?
They passed a security law.
And now what's happened?
There were millions of people protesting.
Finished in Hong Kong.
Taken over by the Chinese.
The 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century, as we're going now, is going to be the Chinese century.
And Biden's in the pocket of the Chinese.
When they interviewed that guy in questioning who they made our Treasury Secretary, excuse me, Secretary of State Blinken, they asked him, how did Biden get that $23 million for that school he got, that whatever in Penn State?
He wouldn't answer it.
Clinton administration sold us out to China.
China's GDP in several years is going to be bigger than America's.
We have to fight for freedom, peace, and justice.
It's up to us.
And do it by supporting InfoWars, subscribe to the Trends Journal, because if we don't have our freedom, ah, look what happened to Redding.
We used to make fun of them Chinese walking around like this all the time.
And now it's become the American way.
Not my way.
Not your way.
Not the InfoWars way.
It's a little apocalyptic.
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Because they just decide whose grocery store can be essential, who isn't.
This is the new planned economy.
So now it's not just the big banks that get in on it and big tech that doubles all its profits under the lockdown.
Now all the local groups that are essential get to get in on the fun as well.
And then they decide, your restaurant's closed, yours is open.
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It's all liberal.
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