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Name: 20210228_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 28, 2021
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"On February 28th, during a live transmission, President Trump began speaking from Florida at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The speaker highlights that it is scary what is going on with the global government and new world order but believes that President Trump tried his best to fight it, and now it's up to the people to win it. The speaker also mentions that despite being impeached by his own lawyers, Trump continued to criticize Joe Biden's administration and its policies, which he believed have led to increased energy costs and other negative consequences for Americans."

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But who knows?
Who knows?
I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?
And pause.
This is key, because again, he started 10 minutes early.
Trump never starts early.
He usually starts 5-10 minutes late.
So we were going to, the show's going to start at 4, 5 Eastern, right?
We were going to carry it.
But we're pausing it as we go.
Again, his speech is ongoing, way towards the end right now.
But we're going to play most of it here today, and of course a lot of it tomorrow.
I'm seeing this in live time right now, and I was saying to the crew earlier, he needs to come out and say the election was fraudulent.
Because they were going to do a 25th Amendment, they were going to do the impeachment, they probably actually had the votes to convict him, and McConnell told him, you better shut up and say you lost or we're going to do this to you.
But now they have no leverage over him, so he needs to double back and just expose it all!
And so he's doing it!
He beat him once, he beat him twice, he'll beat him three times!
This is awesome!
Let's continue.
Sunday live transmission.
President Trump has just started speaking from Florida at the 2021 C-SPAC that the controlled corporate press and big tech are trying to censor and block everywhere.
But before we hear from the real president, let's hear from the imposter.
Let's hear from the puppet who just did a victory lap Friday in Houston, Texas.
I think he's getting on a plane.
He came in to see me last event.
And Representatives Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Pinnelli, excuse me, Pinnell, and what am I doing here?
I'm going to lose track here.
Mayor Turner, Judge Hidalgo, thank you all for welcoming us.
And Jill and I wanted to visit Texas today for a couple of reasons.
Anybody that's been around family that's really old or has Alzheimer's knows the most common things that say, where am I?
What's going on?
Who are you?
And then, oh, you're my grandson.
Wait, we're at the football game?
Wait, my sister just had a stroke.
No, no, no, your sister had a stroke and died eight years ago.
No, no, we gotta go to the hospital.
Oh, you're right.
That's right, I got Alzheimer's.
Oh, you're my grandson, I remember.
I mean, it's like in the gear, out of gear.
And you have Bongino coming out with a Secret Service connection saying he's far gone.
Well, we don't need Bongino to tell us that.
Nothing against Bongino.
You can look at it.
He's degrading by the day.
This is a fiasco.
Let's actually hear from the real president that won in a landslide, and they stole it bigger than Dallas.
I agree with the CEO of Goya Foods.
They said the board had gagged.
Well, I guess they didn't gag him, because here's Robert Yunabe in the news telling the truth that President Trump is legitimate and still acting president.
We have to keep exposing that.
That's the truth.
To then expose the election fraud and not let them do it again.
But here's some of the president.
We'll come back with more of it.
Well, thank you very much.
And hello, CPAC.
Do you miss me yet?
Do you miss me?
A lot of things going on.
To so many wonderful friends, conservatives and fellow citizens in this room and all across our country, I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we begun together, we went through a journey like nobody else.
There's never been a journey like it.
There's never been a journey so successful.
We began it together four years ago, and it is far from being over.
We're going to come back and go back in where we left off.
We have the main feed.
He's about 10 minutes into the speech that's going live right now at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
If you go to the front page of InfoWars.com, you can see the page that says live coverage of President Trump's historic
We're good to go.
Online right now.
I was clicking on the YouTube links and Fox links and CPAC links, but it's almost nowhere else.
They're really fighting and they had it at the Hyatt Hotel.
The Democrats tried to have Hyatt cancel CPAC.
We've seen Twitter ban CPAC and ban the videos being posted along with Facebook and others.
I mean, this is really a criminal international consortium
Openly trying to meddle in the electoral process and communications of the American people.
Oh, you're not allowed to have the president, the leader of the insurrection there.
Why, my gosh, we killed four citizens that day and a cop had a stroke a few days later and died.
Family now says he did not get hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.
They call that the most deadly attack in U.S.
Wow, that's the biggest lie in U.S.
We're sad for the dead cop, though.
But this was definitely mainly a setup of the Democrats and a few useful idiots.
But when we come back in 60 seconds, back into Trump and then just huge positive news, even bigger than Friday, we've got for you here today.
Whatever you do, remember, this is a participation sport of liberty.
So spread the links to Band.Video and Infowars.com.
That's how we override big tech.
I salute you all.
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Welcome, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this Sunday, February 28th transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And President Trump, as we speak, is giving his speech in Florida at CPAC.
And the controlled corporate press, the chi-coms, the Democratic Party, the enemies of America, have tried to get the event cancelled.
They have tried to boycott Hyatt for even allowing thought criminals to meet.
Not content to ban President Trump's speech.
Off of Twitter.
Yes, they banned the CPAC live feeds.
We have feeds at InfoWars.com in the headline article.
Sunday live, watch Trump deliver historic CPAC speech 2021.
Right here on the Alex Jones Show, we have that live feed right below.
We'd rather just see that uninterrupted, but we're here playing excerpts of it throughout the next two hours.
Again, he's been speaking about 15 minutes, but we're just following along and pausing it as we go to break and then coming back and giving commentary.
But let's do this first.
Let's play Joe Biden, who's surrogate.
Chuckie Schumer said Texas got what it deserved.
He hopes we've learned our lesson that we're just idiots and that we can't supply our own power and that we need him, someone that's managed New York into the ground, to run our lives.
Even though we have the Department of Energy document with the governor begging for them to waive federal law and federal regulations to let us boost our power outputs ahead of the storm.
They said no until the power started going out.
When the grid was almost completely out, ERCOT begged again on Valentine's Day.
And they allowed Texas graciously to up the power without fines or criminal charges.
That's a fact.
And it's a fact Obama shut down over 120 power plants in Texas, over 1,000 nationwide.
And it's a fact without those clean burning coal facilities, we can't operate.
Now the Democrats in California want to ban using natural gas to create power.
We are being strangled, but China has thousands of dirty plants with no scrubbers and they have energy about one-third the cost of ours when it comes to electricity.
So you build your factories there, not here.
It's real simple.
So here's Joe Biden doing his victory lap, surveying the devastation in Texas that he and his party helped engineer with their stupid windmills and their
Shutdowns of our power plants, not even knowing where he is.
And every time he speaks, last week's town hall, one where he said Communist China should invade Hong Kong and that having people in death camps is good.
Remember that?
He said, where am I?
I said, where am I?
And his group was like, you're on CNN, sir.
Where am I?
Well, here he is again in Houston Friday, not knowing what planet his little rotten ass is on.
I think he's getting on a plane.
He came in to see me last event.
And Representatives Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Pinelli, excuse me, Pinell, and what am I doing here?
I'm going to lose track here.
And Mayor Turner... That's enough.
He just goes on babbling.
And we've all been there with our grandparents and great-grandparents and seen them act like this.
And they're usually dead within a few years once their brain's like this.
So, that's who the globalists put in on purpose, a total puppet they control.
Now let's go to the real president who won in a landslide when they closed the polls and stopped the vote counting in those six states.
He won by two points, three points, four points, five points, six points.
Double, triple, quadruple his margin in battleground states before.
Bigger margins in states like Texas and Florida than he got four years ago.
You know the rest of the story.
But then magically those magic spikes happened as the vans were pulled up and generally Chinese nationals got out, had their swipe cards, went in and it was a big victory.
And witnesses that saw it said they were all scanned the same.
In Pennsylvania and Michigan and other states, it was voted for no one but the presidency and Senate races.
That's all they cared about.
Senate and presidency.
Just get that done.
The Senate and the presidency.
The Senate and the presidency.
The Senate and the presidency.
Remember the
USPS driver, he had all these big boxes of ballots, he looks in it, and it's all for Joe Biden?
And it's all done by a computer, not by a pen or a pencil?
Oh, there's no evidence, but no one's allowed to say there's evidence either!
Oh, you don't have a right to say it or you'll be taken off the internet!
You'll lose your radio show, we're all told!
You're not supposed to ask questions!
I love what the CEO of Goya Foods just said at CPAC.
He said President Trump is the quote legitimate and still acting president during CPAC speech and we are following along with the speech about 15 minutes behind again where he's actually yet we'll play most of it here tonight with my commentary but let's go ahead and get to five minutes or so before we go to break of the president's beginning of a speech.
Our movement of proud hard-working, and you know what this is?
The hardest-working people, hard-working American patriots, is just getting started.
And in the end, we will win.
We will win.
Never surrender!
We've been doing a lot of winning.
As we gather this week, we're in the middle of a historic struggle for America's future, America's culture, and America's institutions.
Borders and most cherished principles.
Our security, our prosperity and our very identity as Americans is at stake, like perhaps at no other time.
So no matter how much the Washington establishment and the powerful special interests may want to silence us, let there be no doubt
We will be victorious and America will be stronger and greater than ever before.
We will defeat the globalists!
I want to thank my great friends Matt and Mercedes Schlapp.
Matt, thank you.
Thank you.
Mercedes, thank you very much.
And the American Conservative Union for hosting this extraordinary event.
They're talking about it all over the world, Matt.
I know you don't like that, but that's okay.
All over the world.
I also want to pay my love and respect to the great Rush Limbaugh.
Bon voyage, Rush.
Happy trails.
Rush wasn't perfect, was pro-America.
Believe the country.
Who is watching closely.
And smiling down on us, he's watching, and he's loving it, and he loves Catherine.
Catherine, thank you for being here.
Thank you, Catherine.
So great.
He loved you, Catherine, I will tell you that.
So fantastic.
Thank you, Catherine, very much.
To each and every one of you here at CPAC, I am more grateful to you than you will ever know.
We are gathered this afternoon to talk about the future of our movement, the future of our party, and the future of our beloved country.
For the next four years, the brave Republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical Democrats, the fake news media, and their toxic cancel culture.
Something new to our ears.
Cancel culture.
And I want you to know that I'm going to continue to fight right by your side.
We will do what we've done right from the beginning, which is to win.
We're not starting new parties.
You know, they kept saying, he's going to start a brand new party.
We have the Republican Party.
It's going to unite and be stronger than ever before.
I am not starting a new party.
That was fake news.
Fake news.
Wouldn't that be brilliant?
Let's start a new party and let's divide our vote so that you can never win.
No, we're not interested in that.
No, we have tremendous
Mr. McLaughlin just gave me numbers that nobody's ever heard of before.
More popular than anybody.
That's all of us.
It's all of us.
They're in deep trouble.
And I've got some other really good news for you coming up.
All over international news, they are calling the Great Reset and the UN a criminal world anti-human extermination operation.
Mainstream news is calling it a global takeover extermination operation.
I mean, people are getting the full horror and so we can beat it.
So, InfoWars is becoming more mainstream than ever, folks.
That's why they want to shut everybody down, because we have the truth.
And you guys are incredible keeping us on air.
But we're literally riding the talking points for the global resistance.
This operation is.
So, thank you for your prayers.
We're doing it all together.
Stay with us.
Make no mistake, President Trump won the election in a landslide.
The evidence is overwhelming.
And make no mistake, he went to bat for America and the one-sided deals with the globalists shipped all of our jobs to Communist China in the last 30 years.
And he reversed it overnight.
He cut
Drug prices by two-thirds on average, and now it's all been reversed.
And they're shutting down power plants again, and the stock market's starting to go down, and the dollar's starting to fail, and the CFR is in every publication they put out saying, America's over, America's done, don't invest here.
And that represents the ruling class of Republicans and Democratic Party.
And we have a major inroad, we have a giant beachhead in the populist Trump movement.
That Infowars and you and others built the liberty movement that was already dormant in this country that's existed since 1776.
And so Trump rode in on that wave, he made mistakes, he was surrounded in the swamp, but they hated his ass because of his rhetoric and his actions on trade.
And they are now trying to totally suppress him because they want to suppress you.
They are so scared.
But it's not suppressed.
He's well into his speech now, we're just following along behind, playing excerpts, and the full speech is again live at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
The system does not want you to hear this.
They're fighting to stop it.
So you are the amplifiers.
You are the people that carry the ball down the field.
Share the live links now for man.video, Infowars.com, and tell folks about those local stations you're listening to.
It is beyond critical.
If you don't do it, we'll lose.
If you do it, we'll win.
You've been doing it.
We're starting to win globally.
I'll cover that next hour, but let's go right now.
Let's go back to the present.
Those are great numbers and I want to thank you very much.
Those are incredible numbers.
I came here and he was giving me 95%, 97%, 92%.
I said they're great and I want to thank everybody in this room and everybody else.
That's 90 plus percent of Republicans say he's the leader.
Thank you.
We will be united and strong like never before.
We will fight the onslaught of radicalism, socialism, and indeed it all leads to communism once and for all.
That's what it leads to.
You'll be hearing more and more about that as we go along, but that's what it leads to.
You know that.
We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad.
But none of us even imagined just how bad they would be and how far left they would go.
He never talked about this.
We would have those wonderful debates.
He would never talk about this.
We didn't know what the hell he was talking about, actually.
His campaign was all lies.
Talked about energy.
I thought, I said, you know, this guy actually, he's okay with energy.
He wasn't okay with energy.
Wants to put you all out of business?
He's not okay with energy.
He wants windmills.
The windmills.
The windmills that don't work when you need them.
Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history.
That's true.
I don't think ever.
He can't even talk.
Already the Biden administration has proven that they are anti-jobs, anti-family,
Anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women, and anti-science.
That's right, they say men can compete in women's sports and go in your daughter's bathroom.
In just one short month, we have gone from America first to America last.
You think about it, right?
America last.
Oh yeah?
There's no better example than the new and horrible crisis on our southern border.
We did such a good job.
It was all worth it.
Actually, Biden went and told the G7 that we suck.
He said, no more America first.
Six weeks ago, we had created the most secure border in US history.
We had built almost 500 miles of great border wall.
That helped us with these numbers because once it's up, you know, they used to say a wall doesn't work.
Well, you know what I've always said?
Walls and wheels.
Those are two things that will never change.
The wall has been amazing.
Yeah, why'd they put a wall up around the Capitol?
...sections of it to complete.
They don't want to complete it.
They don't want to complete little sections in certain little areas.
They don't want to complete, but it's had an impact that nobody would have even believed.
And now caravans are coming.
It's amazing, considering that the Democrats' number one priority was to make sure that the wall would never, ever get built, would never, ever happen, would never get financed.
We got it financed.
We ended catch and release, ended
Don't you love how almost no one's wearing masks in the CPAC event?
Even though they've been haranguing them to?
Isn't that great?
These are good people!
These are the smart people!
Into a self-inflicted humanitarian and national security disaster.
By recklessly eliminating our border, security measures, controls, all of the things that we put into place.
This is Florida's standout.
Joe Biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country, the likes of which we have never seen before.
They're coming up by the tens of thousands.
They're all coming to take advantage of
The things that he said that's luring everybody to come to America.
And we're one country.
We can't afford the problems of the world as much as we'd love to.
We'd love to help, but we can't do that.
Sure as hell can't do it with Biden cutting the electricity off.
Perhaps worst of all, Joe Biden's decision to cancel border security has single-handedly launched a youth migrant crisis that is enriching child smugglers, vicious criminal cartels, and some of the most evil people on the planet.
You see it every day.
Just turn on the news.
You'll see it every day.
Under my administration, we stopped the child smugglers.
We dismantled the criminal cartels.
We greatly limited drug and human trafficking to a level that nobody actually thought was possible.
And the wall helped us a lot.
And we protected vulnerable people from the ravages of dangerous predators.
And that's what they are.
Dangerous, dangerous predators.
But the Biden administration has put the vile coyotes back in business, and it has done so in a very, very big way.
Under the new administration, catch and release has been restored.
Can you imagine?
We work so hard.
You know where that is.
You catch them.
You take their name.
They may be killers.
They may be rapists.
They may be drug smugglers.
You take their name and you release them into our country.
We did the opposite.
We not only didn't release them, we had them brought back to their country.
Illegal immigrants are now being apprehended and released along the entire southern border.
It's worse than that.
They're running ads.
Biden is in Latin America saying, if you were a criminal, deported, come back.
By the hundreds of thousands, by the millions they'll be coming.
The Biden administration is now actively expediting... Alright, let's go to break.
We'll come back where he left off.
And just think about this, folks.
The speech is ongoing.
We're behind it.
So we can go to our breaks.
We can make commentary.
Think about what a cool drink of water this is in the desert after a month and a week of Biden.
I mean, it's just night and day, isn't it?
I mean, wow.
Trump got in, America's open for business.
Now the globalists are here and they're like, no, you don't get to have a country.
You're done.
We're going to bankrupt you by design.
Great reset.
But finally, other world leaders and others are figuring this out.
I've got incredible news next hour on that front.
Stay with us.
Winter Sun Plus is the highest grade of vitamin D3 you're going to find with vitamin K for your immune system, for your overall well-being.
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In 1955, the United States had roughly 56% of world wealth.
And close to about 80% of all scientific development.
Look it up.
Now, we weren't stealing the wealth from the third world.
We were producing industries and producing scientific procedures and formulas that were creating new economies everywhere.
But by the 70s and 80s, the globalists came in and decided to shut down the US economy, to make deals with the Arabs to only buy oil from them,
And to begin de-industrialization in the United States.
And it never really got reversed.
Reagan tried a little bit.
George Herbert Walker accelerated it.
Mr. New World Order speech.
Bill Clinton made it even worse.
Sold us out the Chinese.
That's when the real collapse of our industry to China and our weapons systems and computer chips went there.
Along with every other technology we had.
The transfer was done on purpose by the globalists, because there they'd have a monolithic dictatorship to deal with, and the communist Chinese that didn't even have running water in most of their country or electricity were pleased as pie.
But decades later, along came the Liberty Movement, along came Infowars, along came the Great Awakening, and
The system tried to co-opt it with their Q systems and the rest of it, but they failed.
But they were able to steal the election.
It doesn't mean they're popular.
It doesn't mean they're going to win, as long as you understand who they are and speak out against them.
Let's go back to Trump's ongoing historic speech at CPAC.
The Biden administration is now actively expediting the admission of illegal migrants
Enabling them to large, frivolous asylum claims and admitting them by the thousands and thousands and thousands a day, crowded together in unsanitary conditions despite the ongoing economic and public health crisis.
COVID-19 or, as I call it, the China virus.
There's no masks.
There's no double masks.
That was a new one that came out two weeks ago.
First, Fauci said, You don't need masks, no masks, no good, no good.
Then all of a sudden you want them.
Now he wants double masks.
No social distancing.
No nothing.
No nothing.
They're together.
And it's sad, actually.
And it's sad for them.
And it's sad for our country.
What the Biden administration is doing to push
Young migrants into the hands of human traffickers and coyotes is dangerous, immoral and indefensible.
Hard to believe it's happening.
Biden has failed in his number one duty as chief executive enforcing America's laws.
This alone should be reason enough for Democrats to suffer withering losses in the midterms and to lose the White House.
Decisively, four years from now.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, you're watching coverage of President Trump's ongoing live speech.
We're about 20 minutes behind because we are going through the live show.
Actually, as you know, they just lost the White House, but it's one of those things.
But who knows?
Who knows?
I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?
Yeah, he just came out and said it was a fraud again.
Football spike, bitches.
And pause.
This is key, because again, he started 10 minutes early.
Trump never starts early, he usually starts 5-10 minutes late.
So we were going to, the show's going to start at 4, 5 Eastern, right?
We were going to carry it, but we're pausing it as we go.
Again, his speech is ongoing, way towards the end right now, but we're going to play most of it here today, and of course a lot of it tomorrow.
I'm seeing this in live time right now, and I was saying to the crew earlier, he needs to come out and say the election was fraudulent.
Because they were going to do a 25th Amendment, they were going to do the impeachment, they probably actually had the votes to convict him, and McConnell told him, you better shut up and say you lost or we're going to do this to you.
But now they have no leverage over him, so he needs to double back and just expose it all!
And so he's doing it!
He beat him once, he beat him twice, he'll beat him three times!
This is awesome!
Let's continue.
I love it!
Now you're talking!
Joe Biden defunded the border wall and stopped all future construction, even on small open sections that just needed to be finished up.
Routine little work.
It's already been bought.
Wait till the contractors get to him and they say, no, it costs us much more money not to finish the small section than if we finished it.
That's going to be nice.
Wait till you see those bills start pouring in.
He revoked the executive order cracking down on deadly sanctuary cities.
He has effectively ordered a shutdown of ICE, halting virtually all deportations.
Everyone, murderers, everybody, no more.
Let's not deport people.
And restricting our law enforcement professionals, and they are great professionals.
You have many of them represent here today from conducting almost any immigration enforcement of any kind.
The Biden policy of releasing criminals into the U.S.
interior is making America into a sanctuary nation where criminals, illegal immigrants, including gang members and sex offenders, are set free into American communities.
They have no idea who's coming up.
And remember, with the caravans, these countries, not only the three of them, but many, many countries all over the world, they're not giving us their best and their finest, because they're intelligent.
They're not giving us their best and their finest.
Remember I said that.
I said that a long time ago, when I made the first remarks, when I came down the escalator with our great future First Lady.
He says hello.
He loves you as much as I love you.
But I said that a long time ago, and we turned out to be 100% correct.
Biden's radical immigration policies aren't just illegal.
They're immoral, they're heartless, and they are a betrayal of our nation's core values.
It's a terrible thing that's happening.
The Republican Party must hold
Joe Biden and the Democrats accountable.
They ripped up the diplomatic agreements we negotiated with Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to shut down illegal immigration.
You know, they got a fortune.
They got paid $500 million a year.
When I came into office, those countries were refusing to take back illegal alien gang members, including MS-13, the most vicious
Probably of them all.
No matter where you go in the world, MS-13, they do things that even the worst don't think about.
So I ask, how much do we pay these countries?
How much do we pay them?
Sir, we pay them approximately 500 million dollars a year.
That's a lot of money.
I mean, it's peanuts compared to the way other countries rip us off, but that's a lot of money.
I said, okay.
That even Cancun and these places that were safe zones in Mexico are not safe now because Guatemala and Nicaragua and all those other places have such serious gangs that they're coming in and just shooting and killing the Mexican police, the military, they can't even deal with it.
Because the gangs are far worse in Central America than they are in Mexico.
As bad as you think Mexico is, it's one of the richest countries in Latin America.
In fact, for third world countries, Mexico's at the very top.
It's almost on a third world country.
It's got more rich people per capita than the U.S., by the way.
Oh yeah, just they got an elite that doesn't give people any money.
Doesn't let them have a middle class job like Trump wants to do.
So that's why Trump hit it off with the new Mexican president who's trying to do those reforms.
We're going to come back and play more of this on the other side.
But wow, don't you miss Trump now?
Five weeks after he left, Biden doesn't know what planet he's on.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Tomorrow's news today.
Spread that link.
The people of America, the people of the world, are taking their power back.
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Promo code PRIVACY for the Privacy Pocket.
Well, huge takeaways so far.
Welcome back to the Sunday Night Edition of the Alex Jones Show.
4 to 6 p.m.
Owen Schroer is coming in with Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
And that show has half as many commercials.
We only run the local commercials for stations.
We get rid of the network commercials.
I have too many partnerships with other networks to get rid of our commercials here, but that is in the works.
But he will be airing, obviously, large excerpts of the speech as well.
It's still ongoing.
The President's still speaking.
Israel began bombing Syria right when his speech began.
So we'll be talking more about that coming up as we learn more.
In the next hour.
But out with the peace president, in with the war president, and I'm sure that makes the left really happy, because you know they love everything destructive.
But the big takeaway so far is him saying, maybe I'll run and win a third time.
So he's saying he's thinking about running again in three and a half years.
Really, the election will start in about two.
The way things start so early now.
And he said, I won the last election.
So that is two big victories right there.
He's saying, boy, don't you miss me.
You've seen how bad Joe Biden is.
He's saying worse than I thought.
Well, when Trump went ahead and stood down because they were threatening 25th Amendment on him, he said, I hope, Biden, you won't dismantle what we did because you know it's good.
But he's a Chinese communist agent, so he had to do it.
Let's go ahead and go back ongoing to where we left off in the president's historic CPAC 2021 speech.
I said, OK, we aren't going to pay them anymore.
Because they wouldn't take back the criminals.
And this was true with the Obama administration.
It was true for many, many years.
I'm on the border.
So we'd catch a murderer.
We'd want to bring him back to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador.
They wouldn't take him back.
No, we don't want him.
They wouldn't let the plane land.
We'd fly him in.
We'd bus him in.
They wouldn't let the buses get anywhere near the border.
And I said, we're not going to pay him anymore.
So after I said that and I stopped payment,
You know, like a term that we use in the world of business.
Let's stop payment.
So we stopped payment.
They were delinquent.
We stopped payment.
And they very quickly came to the table and we made a deal.
Very quick deal.
We still kept the money.
We still didn't pay because we made a deal.
And when illegal aliens came across our border, they were rapidly deported and lovingly accepted by those countries from where they came.
And it worked out great, so now they accept the people.
And then we ultimately got along very well with those countries, those three countries, and many countries throughout the world, because they respected us again.
They didn't respect us.
They couldn't believe what they were getting away with.
But now Joe Biden has wrecked this great deal, wrecked it.
And they're already doing what they were doing before, and they're taking the money.
And that's just a small portion of what's going on.
To top it all off,
The Biden people are pushing a bill that would grant mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, while massively expanding chain migration.
That's where you come in and everybody comes in.
Your grandmother, your father, your mother, your brother, your cousins.
They come in so easily.
So, so crazy.
So crazy.
It even requires that the U.S.
government provide illegal border crossings with taxable, funded lawyers.
Anybody need a good lawyer?
You can't have one.
They get the lawyers.
They get lawyers.
They're probably very good, too.
The Democrat immigration bill is a globalist corp.
You take a look at the corporatists.
Big tech attack on hardworking citizens of every race, religion, color and creed.
And Republicans must ensure that it never is allowed to become federal law, which is what they want to do.
That's key.
Biden's doing all this outside of law.
Ending the borders, not deporting criminals, murderers, rapists.
I mean, it's insane.
But it's how you collapse a country.
I want to say some things here before we start the next hour, and we'll play some more excerpts as the speech goes on.
And I know Owen's going to have some of those big excerpts and some of the really amazing money shots, as they call them, with Trump really releasing bombshell after bombshell.
But I want to hit a couple things first.
I've got a whole bunch of articles out of Canada, Australia, the UK, and one out of Germany, like this big report at InfoWars.com.
But I really hope you'll go and get and I hope you'll share with friends and family and neighbors.
Because you know, I've been demonized by the mainstream media in tens of thousands of reports and hundreds and hundreds, actually thousands of TV attack pieces as well.
And so a lot of people say, oh, I can't listen to Alex Jones.
I was told he's evil.
I was told he was bad.
But if you send them...
British or Australians, you know, who speak English or Canadian newscasters, who lay out quotes and videos of the globalists saying, we want to starve the third world, we want to bring in world government, we want to bring in a world currency.
People will really wake up.
And that's the reason this is important, is it shows how our analysis of this sounds horrible.
Because it is horrible.
And it's scary to say,
It's authoritarian.
It wants to get rid of the middle class.
It wants to bankrupt you so it can make you accept forced inoculations and global digital passports and no fireplaces and no farming and no gas and no electricity.
That's the plan to get us down to net zero carbon.
It's called a post-industrial world.
That's an agenda 21 made law by the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
And George Herbert Walker Bush signed on to it.
Congress never ratified it, but the bureaucracy implemented it.
Just like you see Joe Biden getting rid of the borders and releasing rapists and arsonists and murderers outside of law.
It's the bureaucracy.
So Corey Bernardi is an amazing host.
They got a bunch of them in Australia.
And we're going to play about a six minute clip of him next hour.
Socialism on a global scale.
Sky News host demolishes Davos elites and great reset scheme.
And he does it in six minutes.
So I hope you go to mfowards.com and I hope that you share this for yourself because it's extremely powerful.
That sounds like I said it, but again, he's probably not listening to me.
He can read what the Globalist said.
He quotes them.
He says this is a total threat to you and your family.
They want to bankrupt you, put you on a universal income, so they can dictate every aspect of your life.
And that's what Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say.
They are real James Bond villains.
And the sooner people figure that out, the better.
Here's the other news.
Syrian army says Israel attacks areas around southern Damascus.
This might suggest the strikes and Israeli response to what is believed to be an Iranian attack on Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.
So that's all started to heat up there as well.
Now, I'm gonna bring this up.
We are, again, it's a famous Alex Jones saying, my son always says it as a joke, he wants to start a podcast called I'm Not Bragging.
I'm not bragging.
In fact, I'm a target, and to even say this is dangerous, okay?
But the globalists know how authoritative and how influential we are.
Not just for the general public, but with thought leaders here and across the planet.
You can probably imagine who listens to the show.
I'm not going to name-drop.
One of them died just a week and a half ago.
He listened every day.
So this is not about bragging, it's about understanding this broadcast is a brain trust.
This broadcast does not have corporate sponsorship.
This broadcast is hunted and lied about and demonized because we go to the source documents and we're over the target so we're getting the most flack.
We've got great products you already need, but there is not any operation out there that is more hardcore.
Trump's great and Trump's got a lot of power and he's a populist and we love him, but he isn't as hardcore when it comes to the info.
And it's Stephen Miller and others that are writing his speeches.
Here, we develop the talking points and the resistance to the enemy.
So we're in a major leadership role.
I wear every hat.
I'm a populist rabble-rouser.
I'm a journalist.
I'm a father.
I'm a pundit.
I'm a comedian.
I'm a talk show host.
But what I really do is general historical points on how to defeat the New World Order at a technical level to the establishment that's not totally globalist.
And I convince them that it's a better path for their children and others to not go with the transhumanist movement.
And I am directly communicating with the higher echelons of every major system.
And so by the grace of God, I'm able to do that, and by the grace of God, they tune in.
That's why all glory goes to God, but we need to stay on air.
So, as Hunter S. Thompson said...
Pray to God, but row away from the rocks.
Or as a Bedouin saying says, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
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I want to thank folks that have been supporting us.
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Hour 2 coming up.
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We are back live now into our number two of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Now, I don't normally air something even twice in a row in a week, much less three times in a row, but this report's really, really important.
And so I'm going to air it at the very end because it needs to be seen by new viewers, new listeners.
And that's when I predicted 10 years ago, the lockdowns, the checkpoints, using an excuse of a fake bioweapon.
But, there have been a lot of requests for Fentanyl, the Communist Chinese Dragon, to make a return.
And so, we haven't done one probably in six months, because I get bummed out with the news, but I've decided to be more happy, I've decided to have more fun, because the globalists want to get our spirits down, so I'm gonna do it.
This is a little racy, a little gross.
My wife thought it was a little much.
I told McBreen, who made it with RobDude, to make the, when he pulls the anal probe out, to have it be green slime or something.
I said it's bloody, but I think I'm going to have him edit it again and just make it green, green dragon slime.
But kids love it, adults love it, but it's also horrifying because we show real articles.
Everything the dragon's saying is actually going on.
So if you're a radio listener and hear this, you have to understand, with the video at Band.Video,
It actually, Paul, he's talking, it shows mainstream articles, everything he's saying, no matter how crazy it is.
So if you weren't laughing, you'd be crying.
So here is Fentanyl the Dragon.
It's Watch Communist China Celebrate Anal-Swabbing Stupid Americans, and then we'll be right back on the other side with the latest on Trump's amazing epic speech, and then the big news in Australia.
Hello, Americans!
As you have heard, we are testing you with Q-tip with anal swab.
Your diplomats do not like it, but Biden says it will happen.
So now it comes to America, because you do whatever Communist China say.
So, oh, let me get it.
Oh, now I was keeping it warm for you.
Now I put it inside your boobs.
That wasn't so hard.
You are learning to be humiliated.
We own your debt.
We own Hollywood.
And we steal election from Donald Trump.
Now we take your guns.
So, bend over every time you travel.
China test will have to see that you do not have COVID.
Does not matter if PCR test fake.
Your media work for us.
It was so easy to penetrate your diplomatic core.
And now, even your school children will walk like big ones, once dragged and give you anal slop.
Ha ha ha!
So easy to bring your so-called superpower to its knees, thanks to the COVID hubs.
Ha ha!
Remember, do not take vitamin D3, so normal viruses will kill you, and you will live in fear and never reopen.
We have shut down your Keystone Pipeline.
We are now coming for your guns and dissolving your border.
I mean, Joe Biden is doing that.
He is not a puppet.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
And also, Joe Biden say it's good that we invade Hong Kong and good that we run death camp with Apple.
For we got
Good, Joe Biden, good!
We send you more orders to sign and more COVID restrictions on your people so China dominates the economy while America permanently closed.
And we work with our friend, Mr. Pink Sweater Bill Gates.
Your country is lost.
We control almost your entire Democratic Party, and many Republicans too.
Dianne Feinstein, Eric Swalwell, and of course, the turtle.
Ah, Mitch McConnell's wife worked for us, and so he do what we say.
You have no hope now that we control your voting machines.
Whatever you do, do not visit InfoWars.com, or ban that video, or I hurt you.
Oh, no, no, no.
I don't even know what this is.
How'd I get here?
I just caught you, American.
You visited Bandar Video.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you.
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video or I have to hurt you.
They'll be back.
We are now into hour number two.
Thank you for spending some of your Sunday night with us.
And remember, this is not a spectator sport.
This is Toto-Toto the Globalist, and your word of mouth is paramount.
Spreading the word about the transmission, the articles, the videos, at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
Okay, I want to play some more Trump speech, and coming up on Sunday Live that comes on at 6, the Owen Troyer host, we're going to have a lot of the excerpts, a lot of the highlights.
He's busy watching it, getting those snipped out right now for you, a busy beaver.
But one of those snippets that Trump...
I think so.
They have announced a full audit of all the votes.
The legislature is getting the computers and getting all the hard drives.
We'll see if they've been wiped, but they're also going to have the physical ballots.
So, you're going to see that first state fall, because none of them have let anybody do a real audit.
Never a physical audit, never the machines.
The same corrupt election officials in the Chinese Communist pocket, literally, are the same ones that run it over and over again.
So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Here is Trump saying he may even have to win a third time.
But who knows?
Who knows?
I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?
I want to play that clip one more time.
It's so historic.
And look, our crew did a great job.
Tom Pappard did a great job over at National Follows Headline Video.
Trump hints at 2024 run in first post-presidency speech.
They even decide to beat them a third time.
That's a great headline, but Trump says he won the 2020 election at CPAC, may run again in 2024.
That's what he really said.
The takeaway isn't that he's hinting at running again.
He's already said that five times in the last few weeks.
What he's saying is, I won the 2020 election, and we are going to expose the election fraud, and we're going to take it to him.
That's what he went on to say.
Again, he's still speaking.
He's been speaking for an hour and 20 minutes.
Let's go back to where the President is.
Surrendering millions of jobs and trillions of dollars to all of these other countries, almost all of them,
That we're in the deal.
So they have favorable treatment.
We don't have favorable treatment.
And we just said we're going back in.
To go back in, they wanted us so badly, you could have negotiated... If you wanted to go back in... Come on, Mexico.
Which, frankly, we have the cleanest air, the cleanest water, and everything else that we've ever had, so I don't know why we have to.
Yeah, we gotta make cuts, nobody else does.
And what good does it do when we're clean, but China's not, and Russia's not, and India's not?
So they're pouring fumes, you know, and the world is actually a small piece of the universe, right?
They're pouring fumes and we're trying to protect everything and building products for three times more than is necessary.
Hit pause on that.
Yeah, let's stop.
Yeah, three times more.
Energy is three times more.
Let's stop right there.
Our coal power plants were perfected in the 80s.
They were put in by law by the 90s.
These companies paid tens of billions of dollars to retrofit them with scrubbers.
Nothing comes out of them but carbon dioxide and water.
That beat their carbon push.
So they then listed carbon dioxide as bad.
Not monoxide.
That is bad.
And again, China has little bitty power plants because it's just the turbine that turns the water for the steam to generate the electricity and you'll see a little bitty building and you'll see a train going into it with boxcars of coal and you'll see a smokestack.
And it's shooting black smoke out that doesn't go away.
You see our power plants, and Europe's where they shut them down, you only see them in cold weather.
The media always aims cameras at it and goes, look at that smoke.
But you notice it's smoke for a couple hundred yards and then it ends.
Because it's water vapor from a hot turbine coming out, and that's all that's there is water vapor and carbon dioxide.
So they listed carbon dioxide that we excel as a toxic chemical, so the average leftist idiot says, shut that down.
Beautiful coal.
That's why Trump calls it beautiful, beautiful coal.
Because we've got the clean coal, we have enough coal in Utah that's clean.
Because you can take dirty coal and scrub it out with these scrubbers.
But no.
We happen to have some of the biggest deposits in the world of coal that burns clean.
Almost nothing toxic is in it.
It's pure carbon!
Pure carbon!
Not mercury, not lead, not all the stuff that could be in some coal.
Because some coal's dirtier than hell.
Yeah, there's a map of a scrubber right there.
That's a simple scrubber.
And boy are they complex, though.
Let's go back to the President and hear this.
But they could have made a great deal instead of just saying, we're back in!
These people.
And in one of his first official acts, which was incredible because, again, he talked about energy.
He never said he was going to do this.
He cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, destroying not the 8,000 or the 9,000 or the 11,000 jobs that you hear, but 42,000 great paying jobs on just about day one, right?
He never talked about that during a debate.
Because you wouldn't have gotten away with it.
We cannot
Let this stuff continue to go on.
One of my proudest accomplishments as president was to make America energy independent.
The United States became the number one energy superpower on Earth.
Number one!
Alright, this is a good place to stop, because here's the deal.
I'm sure Owen's going to play more of this.
You can watch the whole thing if you want to.
It's linked on Infowars.com.
Just remember, this is being blocked out on most networks.
They're editing it.
They're only showing small clips.
When you share his speech with people, wherever you find it, wherever you get it, you share this show.
It's a revolutionary act.
I just keep going back to that because you're everything.
I'm like a coach without a football team.
If you don't decide to take action and spread the word, we sink.
If you decide to take action, we win.
That's what it comes down to.
Alright, this is what I want to do.
I want to go big picture, because we've got so many incredible reports that end up never getting on the show, and this show has millions of listeners.
The Sunday show has probably 2 million people to tune in, the weekday show about 4 million to tune in, just on Terrestrial Radio and over our streams.
So, when I just put this stuff up on Band.Video, it gets like 200,000 views.
That's great, but...
You know, rarely does a video get 5 million views, or 6 million views, or 3 million views.
We get a lot of videos that get 900,000, a million, or whatever, and that's great.
I don't care about the views for advertising, because for whatever reason the ads and the videos don't ever really bring any revenue.
It's, it's, I want to reach eyeballs and beat these people.
And so just realize constantly that you're everything.
When it comes to human beings, you taking action.
God is everything in the great scheme, but when it comes to action on this earth, Tara Firmer, you're it!
Gregory's did an incredible report on weather weapons because we've gotten thousands of emails and calls.
You've heard them.
Alex was the solar or winter vortex, Arctic vortex.
Was it caused by the sun?
Was it caused by volcanic eruptions that can manipulate the
I don't know.
Arctic Vortex and the Jet Stream.
And so it's globalist weather wars to crush humanity and it's pretty conclusive.
It's extremely powerful.
We're going to air that in the last segment of the broadcast here today.
We've got several segments before then.
I want to come back and I want to air just one of these reports because this is on Canadian TV, they're getting it.
British TV, they're getting it.
UK TV and Australian TV.
About world government and the New World Order with corporations locking down economies, to bankrupt economies, to bankrupt capitalism, and then to bring in a system that they call the Great Reset.
And I know you know all about the Great Reset, but the fact is, this is becoming very mainstream, this is a very positive thing.
Because if people get how serious this is, and get that it's the whole shooting match, and if we can get Trump talking about it, and the Republicans, which they're barely doing,
Then we can win this.
But if we don't get the Republican Party talking about the Great Reset, talking about the New World Order, talking about the whole COVID lockdown being Operation Lockstep, we're going to lose.
But the good news is it's going mainstream everywhere else but here.
Now, when I say this, I want to be completely clear.
I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to you.
When I point my finger at you and I say, I need your help, I'm pointing three fingers back at myself.
Infowars is so influential and has had such an effect around the world, we have to really be honest about that.
And that means what you've done.
Your support, your word of mouth, your prayer did this.
We're just a focal point.
And so I want you to take a good retrospective of that information and just count the cost and pat yourself on the back, but then think about the future where we're going.
Because again, if I played all these it would take the whole show tonight, but just this weekend I saw British TV, UK TV, Australian TV, and Canadian news looking at the Great Reset for what it is, a world government corporate takeover where they're exempt from the taxes and the regulations, nobody else is, and then everybody from small farms to small factories to power plants get shut down.
And Australia's a couple years ahead of us in this, so it's bankrupting their farmers, their businesses, but when China comes in, their companies are exempt by the government.
Well, it's the same thing now with Biden.
So this is very simple.
The globalists are invested in China, and they want everybody else shut down.
And Australia's been leading the way when it comes to actually saying no to China, because China is really trying to put the squeeze on them.
And it controlled the last political party that was in control there, and controlled some of the major cities of Australia, and it's been Chinese government that basically had those cities do the endless lockdowns.
So, Australia's ground zero for this.
And a Cory Bernardi, who I've seen many of his reports, is just hardcore, and he lays it all out.
The full transcript is on InfoWars.com.
Socialism on a global scale.
Sky News host demolishes Davos elites and the Great Reset.
And it's beyond socialism.
It's about corporate fascism, bankrupting everybody but them, making you a slave, giving you a universal guaranteed income to control you.
Here's the report.
Ladies and gentlemen, there are certain warning signs that we all need to be mindful of.
You know, it's like when someone appears in your life and says, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.
Well, another warning sign is any organisation with the term world in their name.
So let's start with a couple, perhaps the World Health Organization to kick it off.
That's the body that gave China a free pass on the Wuhan flu, while at the same time banking $500 million through issuing pandemic bonds.
That's right, the World Health Organization was scheduled to repay investors around $500 million in early 2020, unless of course a pandemic was declared.
The investors lost all their money, but that became the World Health Organization's gain.
Then, of course, there's the World Food Program.
It, too, is part of the United Nations, and it actually won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020.
Well, that sounds pretty impressive, until you remember that Barack Obama won it in 2008 just for having the right skin colour.
And despite spending $8 billion every year on hunger and strengthening resilience against climate change, there are still 850 million undernourished people in the world and around 780 million obese people.
Clearly, we need more food socialism.
Then we also have the World Meteorological Organization.
It has a crew of 200 and it publishes an annual status of the world climate report, casting horror scenarios about greenhouse gases, climate change, sea level rise and sea ice.
The 2019 report is a beauty.
It essentially says that the Australian bushfires of that year were due to climate change and makes no mention of the arsonists or the Greens' insistence on terrible land management policies.
By the way, according to the WMO, climate change is also responsible for drought, floods, storms and weather-related damage.
Now that made me wonder what caused them before the Industrial Revolution.
Or before mankind, for that matter.
But we're also fortunate enough to have the World Tourism Organization, which has, and I quote, a one-planet vision for responsible tourism.
These include the vital buzzwords, social inclusion and climate action.
It even has some pretty cool hashtags, responsible recovery and build back better.
And it boasts that by shutting down the world economy this past year,
It reduced carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 8%.
That means there's only 92% to go before we're back living in caves!
But saving the planet while we do it.
And of course we shouldn't forget the World Trade Organization.
With lofty goals espousing free trade, its real mission seems not to be holding China to the same integrity requirements as the rest of the world when it comes to intellectual property protection, trade tariffs and barriers, etc.
Thank goodness it has the goal to reduce inequality.
Which is socialists speak for taking from the productive and giving to the non-productive.
Someone needs to tell them about history.
It shows it never works.
But, for those unable to sustain the rigour of the real world, there is always a refuge in the World Vegetable Centre.
That's right, a World Vegetable Centre.
This esteemed body devoted 20 years to researching the sweet potato before giving it away because the costs of doing that research were too high.
It now focuses on, and I quote, looking to the wild relatives of domesticated crops to save the human diet from climate change.
If only we never cultivated crops, the world would be better off and the climate wouldn't be changing.
Hey, but what about those hungry people I mentioned earlier?
Wouldn't they be even hungrier?
Well, all these authorities are pushing an agenda.
It's the same agenda.
It's to decarbonise, de-industrialise and disempower the Western world.
They are part of a concerted plan to redesign capitalism in a new image.
That image, of course, is socialism.
And it's spearheaded by the granddaddy organisation of them all, the World Economic Forum.
The WEF is the architect of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
They coined the Build Back Better hashtag that is actually proving so popular with big government elites right across the globe.
And they even predict that by 2030, you'll own nothing and you'll be happy.
They call this servitization, which is a term and an agenda that looks a lot like servitude to me.
The WEF claim that this servitude, I'm sorry, I mean servitization, will help save the planet and assist the post-COVID-19 recovery.
There's a couple of those buzz phrases again.
However, servitization begs the question, if you don't actually own anything, who will own what you're renting?
Well, the answer lies within the WF Premier Forum, that's at Davos.
Davos is the gathering of global elites, including big business CEOs, industry chiefs, government leaders, bureaucrats and multi-billionaires with political agendas.
Under the WF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you'll be renting.
And trust me on this, it's not going to be a philanthropic enterprise.
They'll all be looking to make more money than they currently do.
And actually to take more control of your life under the guise of equality.
By reducing you to a mere user rather than an owner, the world does actually become more equal.
Because it will concentrate power, authority and money in the hands of a tiny few, while the rest of us become mere economic vassals for these oligarchs.
So make no mistake, servitization is just a new name for economic slavery.
It's socialism on a global scale.
Out of the park!
Posted Info Wars!
A modern day warrior!
It's the year 2021!
Suppressed technologies the globalists have stolen from humanity are in the year 2050 conservatively.
The future is here.
But it is not evenly distributed.
Many a futurist has said that correctly and they are right.
We're now in the future.
We're now back to the future.
Seems like we've been here before.
Un-ancient species.
You're tested on this planet.
You know that yourselves, don't you?
It's all gonna come out soon.
And the enemy wants to suppress your mind and your soul so you don't tune into the right frequency.
So you tune into their frequency and fall.
The world, my friends, the world is only a test.
The universe is just a launch point itself.
This planet is just a zygote.
Alright, so let's go back to...
Australian TV, and it's not just Sky News over there.
They're Fox News.
It's all over the place.
It's hotter than a flamethrower.
The people over there are living under it.
They get it.
They're pissed off about it.
But again, even Canadian TV, UK TV, German TV.
Because the Great Reset is a corporate takeover that exempts China and 160 plus other third world countries where globalist corporations are invested.
But then it tells us in the first world, we've got to go bankrupt and die because of carbon dioxide.
It's all a fraud.
That COVID is nothing but the drill, the excuse to put this in place and they say, Klaus Schwab, COVID is not an existential threat.
It is only a pretext to do what must be done.
I'm more of a Russian accent than a German accent, but I mean, that's what he says.
I've played the video probably 15 times.
Bill Gates, you'll no longer eat meat.
You're going to eat celebrity cloned meat, but you'll be able to eat celebrities.
We're like, that was in the news last week, LA Times.
No, Bill Gates.
I don't want to eat celebrities' meat!
By the way, if you're a new listener, I'm not joking about that statement.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
Why is Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab on every TV channel saying, you're going to drink sewage water, you're going to eat weird cloned meat, synthetic meat, that's written by a 3D printer,
And you're going to eat bugs.
I mean, I played the clip.
I'm swallowing.
People didn't believe me.
I'm going to drink sewage and have bugs and eat, eat waterweeds, is the quote.
And if you are an industry close to people, you're industry gone.
People not be next to each other ever again.
We all dirty.
And it's all based on not even a real bioweapon.
Then I go, oh, they're getting us ready for a real one they're gonna release.
This is all just a drill.
The Milgates came out on Colbert and said two months later, this is just a simulation for a drill.
The real one's coming from terrorists.
Yeah, I got their number.
I saw the comments on Twitter.
It got millions of views.
Somebody found the video.
I'm going to air it at the end of the show.
In 2010 I'm reading Operation Lockstep.
And it's talking about locking everybody down permanently, no human contact anymore, worldwide martial law, the end of humans.
And then the comments are like, he must be an insider, how does he know this?
It's on the screen, the article from InfoWars.com 11 years ago!
It's a damn Rockefeller document!
I didn't come up with it.
I'm not a prophet.
I don't have a crystal ball, do you understand?
But I do know who runs things, I do know who the globalists are, and I know that they're in charge because I see them calling the shots, and I see when they slap their fingers, I see governments jump and say, how high?
Now there's a video, only 284,000 views.
Been up for a week.
Or four days.
And again, this is making people freak out.
They're like, how does he know this?
Because the criminals wrote an owner's manual.
It's in the video.
But instead on Twitter, it's like, this guy's dangerous.
I don't know how he knows all this.
Even on InfoWars, I saw comments like, this guy's an insider.
He, he, he.
I show you where they said it.
See, it's not me doing it.
Don't kill the messenger.
This is a plan.
Don't get mad at Cory Bernardi.
He's just telling you what they're doing too.
He's not psychic either.
I mean, all humans are a little psychic, but you know what I mean.
He didn't dream this up out of some black hole.
Like Harris Scherer said 20 years ago in a British documentary, he said, Alex Jones is incredible.
The stuff he comes up with, like, he's the best science fiction writer ever.
Hey, Scherer!
I didn't come up with a damn bit of it, brother!
The crazy globalists are the ones!
And I go back to that.
This is not Alex Jones's opinion.
This is not a game.
This is the real world.
This is the facts.
They're coming to kill you.
First they're going to cut your resources off to get control of you.
Take all your speech away.
Then slowly murder your ass because they say they're saving the earth.
So let's play just the end of Cory Bernardi from Sky TV where he lays it out and then I'm going to play you a video posted on Thursday by the Davos Group that runs the UN, runs everything with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab saying, it is so wonderful.
The cities are so quiet.
Everyone is so happy now that lockdown.
We need a new lockdown for the environment.
The birds are so happy.
Tens of millions already starved to death extra.
You just go bankrupt.
People starve to death in Africa and Latin America and Asia.
And so they had to pull the video because they're like, lockdowns are so beautiful.
To watch you die is so good.
Need to reset.
And they admit COVID's the excuse of that, so when you walk around with your mask, you're playing into the whole lie.
Here, finish up with Corey Bernardi.
Here it is.
Under the WEF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you'll be renting.
And trust me on this, it's not going to be a philanthropic enterprise.
They'll all be looking to make more money than they currently do, and actually to take more control of your life under the guise of equality.
By reducing you to a mere user rather than an owner, the world does actually become more equal, because it will concentrate power, authority and money in the hands of a tiny few, while the rest of us become mere economic vassals for these oligarchs.
So make no mistake, servitisation is just a new name for economic slavery.
It's socialism on a global scale.
Servitization is a word cooked up 25 years ago by the UN and Klaus Schwab, when he was heading up the UN Biological Diversity Sustainability Board.
Well, that's right.
Look it up!
And everything with him is a sick joke.
Oh, we don't want global government, we want global governance.
Governance means government.
Oh, we don't want serfdom, we want servitization.
Oh, we're gonna serve you!
These ruthless monsters!
God, they're incredible!
Oh yeah, Bill Gates, who says he wants to exterminate you, really wants you to live a nice life.
But, people just, especially women, on average get all liberal, the university tells them, you're the elite, you're taking over, don't need men, don't need children, because they're just setting you up to be destroyed.
I'm not against women.
Men are out watching football, acting tough, and they're acting like bigger idiots, but women are like, we're saving Earth with Klaus Schwab, and we're ending the family, and oh, we're giving little boys sterilant chemicals, oh-ho, because they start war.
And it's all literally Klaus Schwab, whose grandfather ran the Nazi nuke program.
I can't make this up.
Juncker, the heads up that you use, the most powerful Nazi lord ever.
He has the entire Nazi fortune.
He owns Luxembourg.
Look it up.
But you're like, oh, I love him.
I love him.
And they're not Nazis.
They created the Nazis.
The Nazis were like... Just a fever dream they had.
Just a little side test.
Here, let's go out to break with this Davos video that they just pulled.
Here it is.
Seismic noise has been the lowest in decades.
Scientists saw a wave of Kauai around the world in 2020.
Ambient noise in some cities fell 50%.
And fewer people used airports and transport.
And factories closed.
Oh, it's so good!
The Kauai-enabled scientists record small earthquakes they can usually miss when people starve to death.
And improve their understanding of seismic activity so they can predict larger earthquakes in the future.
There was also record falls in air pollution.
Clearing skies for Asian America.
By the end of 2020, it'll return to pre-pandemic levels.
It's time for a new lockdown, lower carbon emissions.
Oh, it's so loving.
It's so liberal.
Please just roll over and starve to death.
It's so good.
Please, Bill Gates needs your property.
Final segment straight ahead.
All right, it's the final segment of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Been on air 27 years for 15 years.
Man, time flies fast.
I've been doing the Sunday Show and love coming in here.
When everybody else is watching the football game or whatever, I'd rather be here fighting the Bubblers, because I know how real this is.
I'm personally threatened by it.
You know, growing up, people start fights with me and they start kicking my ass.
But once they started kicking my ass, I always won, no matter how big they were.
Once I was getting my ass whooped.
I'd snap and win.
It's the same thing now.
I'm under attack.
I can't back down.
I can't get in.
I'm getting beat up here.
I'm getting torn apart.
So are you.
And the war is political, and it's spiritual, and it's economic.
And you've got to reach out to God for help.
You've got to take action with that information.
All right, I said I was going to air this report, but if Owen wants to air it when he does, Sunday Live coming up here in about 10 minutes, he's welcome to.
It's on Bandot Video.
It's a very powerful report.
I'll definitely air it on my four-hour show tomorrow that kicks off at 11 a.m.
But it's globalist weather wars to crush humanity.
And it's the admissions by the UN, admissions by Kennedy, admissions by former CIA Director John Brennan, that there are weather weapons and they've kept them secret and it's ongoing.
It's a very important little seven and a half minute report.
But I got behind and the crew reminded me that I have not gotten to these important reports.
And this is about the good news that is taking place, the good news that is happening.
I did end up watching quite a bit of CPAC.
As the left said, it should be banned.
They tried to shut down the hotel.
They threatened it.
They boycotted because they're a bunch of authoritarian scum.
And they're pissed off that our ideas are popular and theirs aren't.
And I could have gone to CPAC.
I went last year.
It was a huge, huge deal.
But it became a distraction for the president and others.
So I didn't go this year deliberately.
But, uh, Roger Stone did.
That was quite the circus.
He's joining us tomorrow to talk about the aftermath of it.
But, uh, glad he went.
This is Fauci is wrong.
Governor Nome, Kristi Nome, a great president, not because she's a woman, but because she's a smart lady, struck out at Fauci as a fraud.
And by the way, she gets into how he said you'll have 10,000 beds a day.
It was 600.
Most of them had something else.
It was actually their regular number for flu and pneumonia that winter.
And he said 10,000 a day, it was 600.
And somebody just goes, oh, it's incredible they questioned Fauci.
CNN, I saw this morning, was like, I can't believe that she questioned him.
He is incredible.
Let's go to this medical doctor.
He goes, I can't believe you questioned him.
He said you'd have four to five percent dying of it.
He said that the hospitals would be full.
He also said, you know, don't wear a mask early on.
He's a big pharma front man, ladies and gentlemen.
And now he says, oh, we opened up too soon last year.
Stay locked down so we can reopen next year.
Notice it's year after year of this monster controlling our lives.
So here is the governor, South Dakota, Kristi Noem.
Well, I'd love to see a
I'd love to see a Trump gnome candidacy for president, but I don't know if Trump's going to be too old.
Still looks great, we'll see.
It doesn't matter, we're going to move mountains here regardless.
We're going to expose these monsters and stop complying.
Let's go ahead, before it gets totally habituated and becomes a custom, we never take the mask off, which CNN says is the plan of Fauci, that once they can make you do it a year, they say most people do it forever.
So that takes leaders like DeSantis saying it's a fraud and saying no.
By the way, I have statistics here I'm going to show you in a moment that states that did not wear masks and did not lock down had less death per capita than other states.
But again, here is Fauci's wrong a lot.
It's another way of saying he's full of you-know-what.
Here it is.
Now Dr. Fauci, he told me that on my worst day, I'd have 10,000 patients in the hospital.
On our worst day, we had a little over 600.
Fauci full of crap.
I don't know if you agree with me, but Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot.
Well, the facts are he's wrong constantly.
Biggest thing I heard yet!
Alright, that's good.
Let's go to the next clip.
Um, this is a, uh, I saw this on CNN too, so I tuned in and found the actual clip.
They were like, oh my gosh, they told them all wear their mask and they didn't and they booed and almost no one was wearing the stupid mask.
They tried to enforce it.
Oh, this is private property, do it.
No, it's all a giant fraud.
It's saying, I'm not wearing your little burka, your little face diaper scumbags.
So here it is, CPAC host booed for asking attendees to wear their muzzles.
We conservatives believe in the rule of law.
Because we know that when the law is enforced, our rights are protected.
Our rights aren't protected, the law is a fraud.
That's why we're making such a big effort at this CPAC to talk about the Bill of Rights.
But I also want to mention one thing, and I know this might sound like a little bit of a downer, but we also believe in property rights, and this is a private hotel.
And we believe in the rule of law, so we need to comply with the laws of this county that we're in.
There is no law!
A private hotel, just like your house, gets to set its own rules.
It's a statement!
Carl, our CPAC director,
Well, as Stan mentioned, we are in a private facility, um, and we do want to be respectful of the, um, ordinances that they have as their private property, so please... Well, this woman looks like she's had a lot of vaccines.
...when you're in the ballroom, when you're seated... Oh, she has your soul sucked.
...you should still be wearing a mask.
So, if everybody can go ahead, work on that.
Work on that.
I know, I know, it's... Work on that.
It's not the most fun.
Biden doesn't wear his mask at Lincoln Memorial.
Work on that.
You have the right to put your own rules in your own house, and we're... Shut up, shut him down.
Thank you.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to these articles.
New COVID-19 cases have stopped declining.
Don't repeat the mistakes of 2020 and start the new surge, Fauci says.
Institute a new lockdown and wear two masks.
Oh, you want to take one mask off?
Wear two!
Want to take two off?
Wear three!
Fauci's wrong a lot.
We just showed you that.
The folly of lockdowns exposed in one simple graph.
Big article out of Red State.
Here's the CDC's own graphs.
Overhead shot, please.
And look at that.
Red states are the ones that didn't do lockdowns and didn't do the forced mask mandates.
And if you average them together, they are the lowest total by over 60%.
And of course, you got New York, I don't know where they did this, the worst levels, where they tell black folks stay indoors when black folks need three times the sunlight white folks need on average.
That's fat.
Don't get vitamin D3?
Any virus will kill you whether you're white, Hispanic, Asian, black.
But if you don't get sun and you're an African American, you will die of any virus.
New Zealand Prime Minister plunges Auckland into second lockdown in a month after new case was found.
A single case!
And now you're all back under lockdown again.
Total martial law.
World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting COVID-19 lockdowns improve cities all over the world.
That's a quote.
Improve cities.
Yes, going bankrupt, everything falling apart.
It's so improved.
All right, let's end this with my prediction 11 years ago, the lockdowns, and then Owen Schroyer's coming up with Sunday Live.
Please spread the word.
God bless you all.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on, for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and force vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open... of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
But who knows?
Who knows?
I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?
He just came out and said it was a fraud again!
Football spike, bitches!
And pause.
This is key, because, again, he started 10 minutes early.
Trump never starts early.
He usually starts 5-10 minutes late.
So we were going to, the show's going to start at 4, 5 Eastern, right?
We were going to carry it, but we're pausing it as we go.
Again, his speech is ongoing, way towards the end right now, but we're going to play most of it here today, and of course a lot of it tomorrow, but
I'm seeing this in live time right now, and I was saying to the crew earlier, he needs to come out and say the election was fraudulent.
Because they were going to do a 25th Amendment, they were going to do the impeachment, they probably actually had the votes to convict him, and McConnell told him, you better shut up and say you lost or we're going to do this to you.
But now they have no leverage over him, so he needs to double back and just expose it all!
And so he's doing it!
He beat him once, he beat him twice, he'll beat him three times!
This is awesome!
Let's continue.