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Name: 20210226_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 26, 2021
2482 lines.

The text talks about resistance against oppressive systems and the significance of freedom of speech. It highlights issues such as political unrest in Europe, border control problems, vaccine refusal among US troops, and alleged biased mainstream media fact-checks funded by powerful organizations like Bill Gates. Alex Jones discusses various topics related to vaccines, globalists, eugenics, and the New World Order's plans to exterminate carbon-based life forms. He encourages listeners to do their research and stay informed while promoting discounted water filtration systems and storable food at InfoWarsTore.com and PrepareWithAlex.com. Dr. Nick Begich shares his thoughts on personal struggles and finding one's rhythm of inner and outer world, living truth, long- suffering, and public service. The speaker promotes natural mouthwash, discusses the transitioning state of America, emphasizes the importance of overcoming struggles and fears, and encourages using high-quality water filtration systems and storable foods available at InfoWareStore.com and PrepareWithAlex.com.

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Switzerland says, uh, yeah, this wasn't tested, we're not doing it.
So, another mRNA vaccine bites the dust.
And of course it was the AstraZeneca one that turned out, oh, it's 95%, it was, oh, it's 50%, oh, it's 20%.
Oh, actually, it doesn't help you with the coronavirus.
But you still gotta have it to fly!
And Israel has a similar one.
They're like, yes, you'll be able to go to the movies again or a restaurant if you have a passport saying you had an internal passport.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid, cooling me.
War, terror, disease.
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on, for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this horror and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open... of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am Alex Jones, your host.
I'm very, very honored to be with you on this live Friday, February 26, 2021 transmission.
And all I want to say is we're going to break the chains.
God bless you.
The globalists can't stop us.
All right.
We got a huge broadcast lined up for you today, obviously.
It's Friday, so I intend to open the phones up.
And Nick Magich says he's got a particularly powerful transmission lined up for you as well in the fourth hour in the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a lot of really, really good news.
And if we understand the fuller context of the news, we have a chance to beat the globalist.
And of course things are going to get so bad one way or another they will be defeated because they eat their own.
But we would rather not get taken to the depths of hell first before we see the Great Awakening reverse the very dangerous course that we've all been artificially put on.
What a sick joke.
Well here it is.
Newsweek fact check claims India vaccine ban mostly false while admitting de facto ban.
Then they messed up and didn't remove the fact that it was paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We pointed it out, screenshot, and they, gotta scroll down for folks, and they were forced to remove where Bill Gates paid for it, but added the InfraGard.
We're good to go.
So let's get that straight.
Bill Gates owns one of the main fact-checking groups that fact-checks articles about a Pfizer vaccine that he owns a lot of and controls and is behind and has been shown to be the most deadly one out there so far.
Not a conflict of interest at all.
It'd be like having Adolf Hitler be the chief judge at the Nuremberg trials after World War II.
Or Jeffrey Dahmer at his own cannibalism trial be in charge.
So what does all this mean?
South Africa has cancelled the mRNA vaccine of another company because they said it was killing people, making folks sick, and people were getting regular COVID and regular colds right after it, and testing positive for COVID right after they already had the vaccine, and months later.
So it's just totally workless.
Which Fauci admits, he goes, you'll always wear a mask even if you have the vaccine.
It doesn't really work.
There'll be new variants all the time because they've never had a vaccine for a cold because it 100% doesn't work and COVID-19 is a cold virus.
But now they say, oh, but you got to have this to travel or live.
But yeah, it'll be a new shot every month as we guess what the new strains are.
So an endless money pit, a total reorganization of society around these people.
With global medical passports and global medical tyranny, just like the incredible confirmation hearings going on yesterday with the crazy doctor, the psychiatrist up there, that says he's a woman.
Looks like the Crypt Keeper.
Looks like the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life.
But he says it's science and just says, well, it's a complex
Situation and Rand Paul kept saying a real medical doctor.
Well, what's the complex situation?
Well, it's very complex how we sterilize and chop the genitals off three-year-olds.
That's happening in Europe and he wants that here.
Oh, yeah, if a guy in the back of a truck tried to convince your three-year-old to chop their genitals off, they go to prison for life.
But if it's a creepy dude with weird curly hair that looks like they, you know, drink five gallons of whiskey a day and snort methamphetamine, I mean, the guy looks like he's dying.
And it's a weird, creepy dude to dress saying, I want to mutilate your children.
I want to have taxpayers pay to as low as three-year-olds to have their genitals cut off, mutilated.
So this is beyond being a child molester.
They don't want to just have sex with your children or masturbate your children like Jocelyn Elders, Clinton's first surgeon general wanted to do.
No, they want to cut little girls' breasts off.
Because you're not a little girl!
We're gonna cut those off!
Those are dirty and bad!
Says a weird man that looks like he could jump on a broom and fly off any moment.
I mean, how much more obvious does this have to get?
Hey, I'm not a man that wants to get your little boy's genitals cut off.
I'm a nice woman in a blue dress.
I'm a friendly person.
Now let's talk about your son's genitals.
Yes, doctor.
Let's talk about my son's genitals.
He's three years old, and we convinced him he's a girl, so we're preparing him with chemicals at five, and at seven we will remove the genitals.
Yes, yes, what a church, what a religion.
I mean, imagine if you're Rip Van Winkle and you fell asleep 20 years ago under an apple tree, and you wake up and you're in this world, you turn the TV on, and you're like, is that somebody from Chainsaw Massacre, the original?
Actually, this dude dressed as a woman looks like the grandma in Chainsaw Massacre, or is it the grandpa, where they're trying to help the grandpa lift the hammer to kill the lady?
What a masterpiece.
What a masterpiece, if you're into horror.
I mean, I'm not into regular horror, but something like that, shot so, just gross.
It's so, there's weird stuff like that in East Texas, by the way.
Kind of based on a true story, a little bit of it is.
Inspired by a true story.
I would cast Brian Stelter, I would cast Jeffrey Epstein, and I would cast this Health and Human Services nominee who just literally is obsessed with your children's testicles and penises and your daughter's breast and wants to chop them off.
And again, this isn't Texas Chainsaw Massacre fiction, this is the real world.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so do we.
I'm Alex Jones and this is The Info War.
Now here's the good news, my friends.
Very good news.
And I'm going to lay it out right now.
And in celebration of the good news, I'm going to allow myself a treat today.
You know, one good thing about Rush Limbaugh is he had a lot more fun than I do on air.
Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.
Oh, I butchered that.
Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.
And another true statement he said was, talent on loan from God.
None of us ever forget that all the talent we've got has been given to us by our Creator, and that's where all of the praise should be, not on our own abilities, because those are things on loan from God.
But the news is so good in this ocean of evil, and humanity waking up, and the different things that are unfolding, there's so many pieces of this today, that I was sitting there earlier this morning,
Sending these videos to the producers I wanted to play that are silly and ridiculous and funny, showing how mindless the left are.
And I was thinking, you know, with Biden attacking Syria and with the dollar in so much trouble and world inflation accelerating and all the bad things that are happening, I really shouldn't play these and make fun of these people because it's too serious.
But at the same time, I think we all deserve to have a little fun.
So I don't have one treat for you.
I don't have two treats for you.
I don't have three treats for you.
I have four treats for me and you.
Oh, I'm not like you're a dog giving you a treat.
These are my treats.
And I wasn't going to make a Fenton on the Dragon video either, but I've decided I'm going to do that today.
So Fenton will be visiting again on the Sunday show.
He's been a very busy Chai Com Dragon.
This latest Fentanyl will be one you don't want to miss.
But Fentanyl has not made his appearance yet.
That has to be done after the show today.
I'll shoot that.
But I need to shoot these other four things.
These are Democrats.
These are globalists.
These are them acting like the complete weirdo maniacs they are.
And so I think it's important to just look at what lost souls they are and really feel sorry for them, but also thank God that we are not them.
I'm not going to make you wait until next hour.
We're going to take calls in the second and third hour.
I am going to give you this treat.
Coming up in the next couple segments.
So the good news is they may own the big pharma.
They may have Bill Gates, doesn't even have a degree telling you what to do.
They may own the UN, control the WHO, but they don't control South Africa.
They don't control Switzerland.
They don't fully control what's happening in Europe.
They don't fully control what's happening in the military.
Australia had to pull their national vaccine.
Now again, that doesn't mean the government isn't pushing other mRNA vaccines, but the main one they chose as their first one, ordered 50 plus million doses, was it 54 million doses, was giving people false positives for HIV and making them deathly ill and killing people.
Sierra Lanka puts Chinese vaccine on hold to use Indian manufactured vaccine, which they're finding isn't killing people because it isn't an mRNA vaccine.
And by the way, I'm not endorsing it.
It's just an attenuated version of the virus.
A classic vaccine is what the Indians are putting out.
And so people are like, okay, fine, if I'm supposed to take this, I'll do it, but I'll take an actual vaccine, though it may be contaminated, though it might actually cause an autoimmune response.
Those still have problems, but it doesn't reprogram every cell in the body with toxic proteins.
So, again, the world is turning against this, and no amount of Bill Gates-funded articles saying it isn't true are going to put the genie back in the bottle, or as Roderick Stallman likes to say, the toothpaste back in the tube.
But Switzerland says, uh, yeah, this wasn't tested, we're not doing it.
So, another mRNA vaccine bites the dust.
And of course it was the AstraZeneca one that turned out, oh, it's 95%, it was, oh, it's 50%, oh, it's 20%.
Oh, actually, it doesn't help you with the coronavirus.
But you still gotta have it to fly!
And Israel has a similar one.
They're like, yes, you'll be able to go to the movies again or a restaurant if you have a passport saying you had it, an internal passport.
Totally evil, ladies and gentlemen.
So that's the good news.
And I suggest that all of you get these articles, get this information, and send it to your friends, your family, your neighbors, and say, hey, did you hear?
The Pfizer, the AstraZeneca, and a whole bunch of other vaccines that aren't vaccines are being rejected and causing people to get sick and die, and major governments are rejecting it.
I saw some articles like, it's the backwards Indians.
What do they know over there?
I mean, give me a break, ladies and gentlemen.
Just because India, half its population is still farmers, doesn't mean they have low IQs.
It means that they have a big population.
I wish we still had 50% farmers.
Oh, and the globalists are trying to get rid of that too.
All those
Millions of millions of little family farms, on average five acres, are being taken over.
That's why they're fighting back.
And guess who's behind that again?
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
Look it up.
But at least the Indians know that.
That's why Infowars is so hot in India.
But we have a bigger audience in India per capita than the United States now.
20, 30 million views a day.
And it's been noticed by the think tanks.
They're all pissed.
We've got to censor Alex Jones now!
We can't allow the Indians to hear him.
You think the Indians need me to tell them this?
They're living it.
So, that's the good news is there's a worldwide awakening.
Texas governor, under pressure by DeSantis, good move, says pretty soon they're looking to get rid of the stupid mask and all of the kabuki theater.
That's coming up as well.
But first, some fun, ladies and gentlemen.
This is some incredible entertainment from the people inside the leftist cult on the other side.
Tomorrow's news today.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide on this Friday, February 26th broadcast.
Okay, there are so many of these videos on TikTok and on Twitter and on Instagram and on YouTube that you can't keep track of them.
And it's an entire genre of entertainment.
You know, back when we had a YouTube channel and a Twitter account, we would put out videos that would get 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
One time Paul Watson had a video with 87 million views when they deleted it off of his Facebook.
And all it was was a compilation of videos that Owen Schroer and others had gotten of leftists saying, shut up, you're a white male, you don't have a right to speak, you're a white person.
And it was white people telling him that.
So the irony was just simply incredible.
But still, it's the gift that keeps giving.
You get to see this here at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
The left, when they see their own people act embarrassingly now, actually pull a lot of this stuff down.
But another paradox is starting to happen now, and that's where they're actually promoting this in their own echo chamber, and they think this type of behavior is normal.
So, here is this first lady,
Let's play clip three first.
Teacher sings to people not to teach them if they don't believe in her ideologies.
So just listen to what a giant toddler authoritarian person this lady is.
It's just bizarre.
Here it is.
If you don't believe that there is white privilege, please don't teach.
If you don't believe that black lives matter, please don't teach.
If you don't believe in systemic racism and how it negatively impacts our students of color and don't want to help dismantle those systems, please don't teach.
Well, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Now let's go ahead and go to the next lady.
If you're white, yes, you are racist.
Even if you think you're woke, we all benefit from oppression.
Pretending you're not racist only makes racism grow.
Now, we're just warming up here.
Okay, this is just the latest stuff from the last day.
Now, let's go to this little piece.
This was found on Reddit.
And we're calling this Unlimited Gay Power.
And I'm just wondering, where have I heard this type of talk before?
I give you, ladies and gentlemen, unlimited gay power.
This is your daily reminder to never get into a fight with a gay person.
Here it is.
It doesn't matter how small or, like, weak they might seem.
Every gay person has an unlimited amount of internal suppressed rage that they can access at any point, no matter how calm they seem.
And I'm just going to give you an example of what that looks like.
I'm not angry right now.
I'm actually completely calm.
I'm even going to just sit like this, you know?
Where have I heard of this before?
Where have I heard of unlimited amount of power and internal rage?
Where have I heard of this before?
Where have I heard of that before?
Unlimited power!
That's right!
I mean, this is the dominant culture now in America.
Don't fight gay people.
Hey, I like Dan Bongino.
Been a guest many times on the show.
Was a senior Secret Service agent who was a good guy and exposed a lot of corruption.
But I mean, he's...
Starting to tell us that the sky is blue?
Bongino's Secret Service sources say Biden's in bad shape mentally.
Well, I got banned a second time on Facebook a year and a half ago for saying he's obviously had another stroke.
His cognitive ability has gone way down since the last time I'd seen him speak.
Again, that was a year and a half ago.
Suddenly, he went from being somewhat doddery to absolutely sounding like he's out of his mind on a routine basis.
That clip is coming up in a moment.
But first,
We're having some fun here today, and then I'm going to open the phones up in the second and third hour on any topic you want to cover.
Got a ton of news to get into, and a lot more.
And I was getting a little grumpy last segment, because all work and no play makes Jack a very mean boy.
This is live TV and this is live radio and this is unscripted.
So it's a wonder that it goes off like it does.
We just had this video I'm playing where I'm going to pause and make comments and then it goes back to the audio.
So we've left the audio parts out so I can speak at those points and then speak over the parts that I want to.
But I did not rehearse that with the crew.
I just went and had it edited and put the computer.
So it's my fault.
Just like it's my fault I started throwing a fit.
Air on air!
But that's why people tune in, because this is completely real.
Folks keep asking, who tells Alex Jones what to say and do?
Probably really nobody, including me.
But let's have some fun.
I'm going to go back and try that again with this very important piece, Unlimited Gay Power.
But first, let's go to something along the same lines, and also as a Palpatine flair,
If you're a radio listener, you definitely want to go to InfoWars.com and watch the video feed because it doesn't make as much sense unless you're seeing it.
Klaus Schwab is actually in Lithuania getting a doctorate, an honorary doctorate, and he's dressed up in something that looks like a Klingon outfit or
The same kind of outfits that Emperor Palpatine wears.
I mean, actually, it might be the same wardrobe from old Star Trek sets that he had Palpatine wearing in Star Wars.
I don't know, but it's the same garb.
So, he's being handed holy scrolls and he says in the speech that we're going to have a war with robots and the humans and it's going to be wonderful.
So this is real.
The outfit's real.
All of it's real.
This is Klaus Schwab, that along with Bill Gates, wants to run your world, wants you to drink sewage, eat bugs, and eat weeds.
Those are all quotes.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and you'll like it.
So the video is also at InfoWars.com, if you're already a listener and want to see this for yourself.
It's Klaus Schwab caught in secret Sith Lord initiation ceremony.
Here it is.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to stand here and to be bestowed with this honorary doctorate.
My latest, let's say, intellectual product was the conceptualizing of the first Industrial Revolution.
And some people would say this revolution is characterized by the fight of robots against human beings.
And we will win this fight if we really remember ourselves all the time.
And the reigning Jedi will be hunted down and defeated!
And the question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
Because they've been brainwashed.
We really need camps for adults.
That you all run.
I mean, really.
All of America needs the programming.
My resolve has never been stronger.
Now, a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.
Thank you again for
Giving me this honor.
It will be a day I will not forget.
In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire!
For a safe and secure society!
In our efforts since 1990, we could contribute to the integration of Slovenia into the European family, but also through many activities into the global affairs.
So this is how liberty dies.
With thunderous applause.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
And now, the new video going live at man.video as we speak.
If you're a radio listener, you want to go see it and share it.
This is Unlimited Gay Power.
And we're not trying to do an Emperor Palpatine theme here.
Rob did put that together yesterday, seeing the parallels of what's happening and Klaus Schwab getting that award for world government promotion.
And then obviously this young lady is a lesbian and says, I have unlimited gay power.
And you can't stand against my unlimited hate!
So let's go ahead and go to this young lady.
This is your daily reminder to never get into a fight with a gay person.
It doesn't matter how small or like weak they might seem.
Every gay person has an unlimited amount of internal suppressed rage that they can access at any point no matter how calm they seem.
And I'm just going to give you an example of what that looks like.
I'm not angry right now.
I'm actually completely calm.
I'm even going to just sit like this, you know?
Now where have I heard of this before?
Unlimited power.
Amount of rage you can focus.
Where have I heard of this?
Your flags are everywhere.
The British police say if you criticize her, she'll go to jail.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
That's old transphobic Darth Vader for you.
Don't worry.
The truth is, when Obi-Wan Kenobi kicked him into that lava, he got that sex change, actually.
You didn't know Darth Vader's actually a woman?
Now you know!
Even more stunning and brave than Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner.
So it's formerly Darth Vader, probably a very short time, like one day, and became, um, I don't know, what would the feminine Darth Vader be?
We'll have to come up with this, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, I'm giving Disney ideas!
They should come out with a transgender Darth Vader.
Because he got burned off in the lava and he just decided, I'm gonna be a girl.
But at least he was an adult.
Oh, maybe that's what the dude that says he's a woman that is obsessed with your children's genitals.
What's his name at the Senate hearing?
Rachel Levine?
Rachel Levine, you know, doesn't want to use lava to do it.
Just some scalpels.
Remember South Park where it shows a male sex change?
You're not actually having your sex changed.
They're cutting your genitals off and then slicing your testicles off.
And I'm not trying to be gross here.
This is who we are now.
A dude talking about your children's genitals that he wants to cut off.
Congressional hearings and Senator Paul exposing it is now the bad guy.
We have truly reached peak insanity.
All right, that's it for the fun.
I appreciate the crew doing a great job.
We're going to start the next hour and get into the declining mental capacity that is accelerating.
It's kind of like once milk is rotten, it's rotten, but you kind of leave it in there for a month.
It's like...
Rodding, well, globs of his stinking goo or spoiled yogurt.
And that's kind of the process he's at now.
And at a certain point it just becomes completely solid and then the whole jug or carton of milk explodes in the refrigerator with green goo everywhere.
And we're getting to that point right about now with Joe Biden's little teeny shriveled brain.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Again, I don't normally air a video two days in a row, much less three days in a row, and I got so much news.
I'm going to give the number out next segment, and a lot more.
So much is breaking, I've got to go over a lot of this.
And I made a mistake last hour with one statistic I need to fix, but I need to re-read over this so I can make the correction as well.
It doesn't really change the overall good news I put out, but one of the headlines was actually incorrect.
And the crew all came running in to tell me.
Which is good.
Mainstream media tries to lie and tries to get things wrong.
We get things wrong.
We are very, very happy to tell you that we are wrong about that.
It's a very small thing, but I want to get it right, so I've got to spend some time looking at all that before I hit it.
And having fun last hour, I didn't plug any!
Which if I don't plug, we're not going to be here on air.
It's just the way radio and TV works now that most people don't listen to the commercials or watch the commercials.
All the real ads are product placed during the show, sometimes subliminally, sometimes covertly, sometimes, you know, just product placement.
A lot of times overtly, we just overtly plug products once an hour or so.
You listen to Glenn Beck or somebody, it's every segment.
And maybe he's smart, maybe that's why he has a jumbo jet and I don't.
But I don't want a jumbo jet.
I just want to be able to fight the new world order and keep our country free.
And we're very close to that.
So some good news this hour that I haven't gotten to yet.
And of course, your phone calls with the governor of Texas said, yeah, we're looking at getting rid of the mask.
Of course, bringing them back later when the U.N.
says so, but it's a first step, folks.
We've got to push back or we'll have no freedom.
But here is this report that is at Bandot Video of 11 years ago of us reading Operation Lockstep when it came out.
And this video is really waking up fence-sitters.
So I would get this video, it's free, at Bandot Video, and I would share the living daylights out of it.
Video shocks the world.
Alex Jones predicts COVID.
Lockdown 2010.
Here it is, and we'll be back after this.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on prisonplanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this horror and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their openness of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Now you got some company!
Horsemen are drawing nearer!
All right.
I want to give the number out on this Friday and it's a free-for-all.
Any topic you want to discuss, you disagree with me, you agree with me, you love the vaccine, you hate the vaccine, you had an adverse reaction, the vaccine made you win the lottery, whatever subject it is, the obvious false flag preparations, the Democrats are having congressional hearings with no evidence saying the right-wing plans to blow up the Capitol and so they've got to take the guns and they're trying to cause a civil war, whatever topic you want to talk about,
I want to talk to you at 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539 is the main 1-800 number.
A lot of folks can call 1-800 numbers from Australia or Germany or Russia, Calcutta or Mexico, wherever you're at.
A lot of folks can't, so we have on your dime, but be sure and tell us, this will put you ahead of the line.
A local number in Texas.
If you're on a, you know, internet phone or something like that, and it won't call 1-800 numbers.
Just dial your access code, U.S.
country code, and you're in it like Flynn.
All right.
The good news is major governments all over the place
Are saying we don't trust these mRNA vaccines, they're not tested, and those that are being tested on by being approved are getting sick and dying, some of them.
We're not approving this.
This is so huge.
But Bill Gates and others are battling to suppress that and battling to not have that get out there.
And you have varied numbers.
The Pentagon says we don't take numbers, but they have surveys of the majority of troops saying they're not going to take the vaccine.
The majority of their families say they're not going to take it.
Other surveys were 70-some percent aren't going to take it.
Other surveys were only 33 percent aren't going to take it.
And so I laid out some of that last hour and showed a particular headline that said 75% but it wasn't linked to the right study.
We do have one, an article on a survey that does show those numbers and we have the survey and I'll later in the hour go over that and show it to you.
But the bottom line is the overall report we were putting out is dead accurate that South Africa suspended their mRNA vaccine saying it didn't work, making people sick.
India said we're not approving it because it doesn't work, making people sick, and you haven't done the right trials.
They just did another mRNA vaccine thrown out.
They said no.
In Switzerland, the AstraZeneca, and I did show you that, Merck pulled out a month ago saying we're at two vaccines in development, one a standard one, another mRNA.
It doesn't work.
Johnson & Johnson said it worked really well.
Now they're having to say, well, it doesn't work as well as we said.
I mean, this is a fiasco.
And there's another big article
About these chemical abortions that are so dangerous and a lot of times hurt women or kill them and you've got to go in in three days to get the prescription so they can ask you are you really sick?
Are you bleeding?
Are you okay?
The Democrats have a bill that you don't have to even talk to a pharmacist or a doctor before you get the next round of your chemical abortion.
So again, this is all about just getting rid of checks and balances getting rid of
Any type of safety controls in medicine, where it goes from do no harm and the Hippocratic Oath to hurt whoever you want, however you want.
So we're going to be breaking all of that down as well.
And Lady Gaga, with no evidence, you know, the big singer up there in her little Hunger Games outfit with a Mockingjay and all of it, saying maybe it was Trump supporters that
Shot the dog walker and stole her two pugs in the nightmare crime land of Los Angeles.
Or her two French Bulldogs.
So this is all just super out of control, creepazoid, and
I don't buy any of it, and I've said over and over again, I would look for false flags to happen.
LA's so dangerous, it's probably just thugs or criminals, you know, doing a dog jacking operation.
But when you look at all the sick stuff that she's into, and all the weird spirit cooking, and all the occultism, and the rest of it, I would say, is this a false flag to give her attention, to make her look like a victim, and to get major news coverage of the stupid Oreo cookies?
That do have one of the international symbols of pedophilia on the cookies.
And if you didn't have her promoting pedophilia and spirit cooking and things, I'd say, well, that's not the case.
But this is a Lady Gaga Oreos.
And if you look at the symbol on it, it is what the FBI says is the particular symbol of the pedophile network, meaning you like little girls.
That's a symbol for liking little girls.
There's one for liking little boys.
And I've got a whole stack of pedophilia news that we're going to be hitting coming up in the next hour.
The article's on Infowars.com.
Let me ask you, I'm going to read some of the comments, probably on air.
Do Lady Gaga-themed Oreos contain pedophilia symbolism?
That's what Reddit and Twitter and others are saying.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying it's a spitting image of the international pedophile symbol that you like little girls and then she's out there promoting all sorts of sick sexualization of children and at parties with drinking blood out of vats and all the rest of it involving all this occultism.
And so all of that is real.
What they distracted off into was a pizza place that didn't have a dungeon where this wasn't going on to then discredit all the real news coming out about the occultism that was unfolding and taking place.
And that's what this is all about, 110%.
Then there's another big report.
That's so important, I'm not even sure I'm going to hit it today, because I want to really spend a lot of time on this.
I want to get graphics together.
This is just as important as Operation Lockstep, and it fits into the Great Reset.
And it is the 2019 Crimson Contagion Drill that mirrored, with the same graphics and everything, what happened a year later with the Tabletop Exercise Event 201.
So we're going to be looking into that, but I'm not trying to monopolize a big story that nobody's picked up on.
The crew's been doing this great research in there.
I want everybody to start looking into 2019 Crimson Contagion.
I'm sure you'll probably find things we didn't even find, so good luck and happy hunting.
That as well.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
In a few minutes, I'm gonna come back and go to your phone calls.
Jack and Jason and Chase and James and Jeremy and many others.
Separately, I want to invite all of you to remember we're only on air because of your sufferance and your support, and I thank you for being my life raft.
I am your life raft.
Fight the Globalist.
This is a semiotic relationship.
They're trying to shut us down.
They've shut almost everybody else down.
By shutting down Patriot networks all over the main Internet.
It is basically stifling and shutting down almost every other organization and group out there, even if they're getting terrestrial ratings on cable.
The Democrats are now moving to remove OAN Newsmax and Fox News from those cable and satellite systems.
So this is an absolute tyrannical progression.
They took the president off of all these platforms.
Now they're taking CPAC off the platforms for daring to host him tomorrow.
And so when I say this is a red-level emergency and keeping Infowars on the air is critical, it is.
So thank you for taking action and thank you for what you've already done.
I just want to ask you to look at the situation.
Yes, sir.
Also, we have store-wide free shipping on the storable food and 10% off.
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I was authorized to do it.
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These are great deals, great products, stock up today.
I want to go to your phone calls first here on the Alex Jones Show in this Friday edition, but man, there is a lot of big news breaking fast at the vaunted InfoWars.com.
And this is an information war.
Every person you reach out to, every person you expose to the truth is one more person that can then expose others to the truth and defeat the globalists.
And things are only going to get worse from here on out until we do that.
So here's the report.
Ron DeSantis at CPAC.
This just happened.
Florida got it right and the lockdown states got it wrong.
We're going to play that coming up next segment along with the governor of Texas saying, yes, he's looking very soon at removing the mask mandate, which is nothing but kabuki theater.
But again, they're going to do it for a few months, then bring it back.
That's the plan.
We need Texas not to get its energy policy from the federal government or from the United Nations when it comes to medical policy.
But that's what the governor did.
Bowing to that, Governor DeSantis didn't.
The governor, what, of North Dakota didn't.
The governor of California got it wrong and he's being recalled.
We need to put pressure on these people.
Like, oh, just wear the mask, it'll get it over with.
No, it's never going to stop.
That's the admitted plan.
Hell, now the communist mayor of New York says, wear two!
Or he'll have your ass arrested.
He goes, this is my guidance.
And the cops will beat your ass up and take you to jail, in many cases.
Or a mob of people will.
This is so scary in leftist cities.
I can tell you, Austin's a leftist city, but the police aren't leftists.
They laugh at it.
They know it's pure crap.
Right now, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Taylor in Florida.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Just want to say I'm a big fan of the show.
I'm thankful to be living in Florida, where Ron DeSantis is our governor.
It's very nice.
But I wanted to share a story.
I work at a grocery store, and our janitor at the grocery store
She got the COVID vaccine and she was out for about a week in the hospital.
She came back, said she was given morphine, said it was the worst pain she was ever in, said she just felt awful.
You know, she wanted to warn people again, didn't like not to get the vaccine.
Don't do it.
It's a bad idea.
And I also wanted to ask for some advice.
If the workplace forces us to get the vaccine, what we should do as the workers to, you know... Well, let me ask you this.
Only in China do they force you to get an abortion if you work at a factory.
Since when is a company involved in your medical records?
Since when do they know if you've had a vasectomy, or whether you've had breast cancer, or whether you've had leukemia, or whether you have herpes, or what vaccines you've had?
This is a bunch of virtue signaling.
With a dangerous mRNA vaccine when most doctors...
Not most, all will tell you.
There are a lot of people can't take vaccines if you already have different types of allergies.
So the idea that even if a company said, we would like to incentivize you having a vaccine, that's bad enough.
But to say you have to, as they're now announcing, is just a giant insane leap.
So you say to them, so you're going to sign on to liability if I get paralyzed from this or die.
And boy, I'd warn that janitor, if they got sick from one shot, whoo, baby, when they take that second one, they probably are going to die.
Yeah, yeah, that's true.
I'll definitely try to pass it on, but, uh, yeah, that's a good point about the, uh, about workplace and vaccines.
Yeah, that's when Hank Aaron died.
Most people die on the second one.
Yeah, yeah, it's a real tragedy.
This is being spread and told it's a great thing.
Well, it's all an exercise, like, hey, we, you know, we've maimed and killed tens of millions and gave them autism with vaccines previously.
Let's just up the poison level and see if we can cover it up.
This is a big exercise to see if gays can get away with it.
Yeah, and people are really, people, what really scares me is people are excited to get the vaccine.
I know people that are celebrating it.
Oh, they think they're heroes.
They think they're cool.
They think that, oh, I get to go do extra things you don't.
But now Fauci said, just like I told you, he would, oh, sorry, doesn't protect you.
You can't go out.
Life never goes back to normal because it's a globalist war on human society.
Thank you for the call, Taylor.
Let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Chicago.
George, thank you.
Hey Alex, thank you for having me on the air.
Long time caller, been listening to you since my early teens and just wanted to tell you I actually took my mom for a checkup a couple days ago and the doctor, that same doctor, supposedly had COVID three weeks before that and he was telling us right as soon as we were about to leave the office, he was saying, make sure you guys take your vaccine.
I was like, I've done my research and he's like, don't believe everything you see on social media and he assumed I'm an Alex Jones listener and he's like, don't believe Alex Jones and
The same doctor, um, another doctor in that same office overheard our conversation and he wasn't even wearing the mask properly.
He had the mask right below his nose.
It goes to show that it's all an act.
We got to wear our mask properly.
You know, the little, uh, the little slaves in society.
And he's like, go to Google Scholar.
Go, go look at what the Harvard scientists are saying.
I was like, what is Harvard God?
This is ridiculous.
It's an experimental vaccine on top of it.
In fact, I was asked today by one of the crew, they go, well, I thought the military has to take vaccines.
They have to take approved vaccines.
They waive their rights.
Some law says that that's not actually true, but experimental.
Congress and the law has said you can't do it.
They've tried it before.
So that's why they can't make the military take the mRNA vaccines.
The AstraZeneca, the Pfizer, the Moderna, is because they are experimental.
And it's not even a vaccine.
It is a medical device.
It is a drug.
Comprende, my friend?
It's like, and he's trying to tell me, we can't get back to society, we can't get back to normal if we don't all take the vaccine.
Realistically, do they really think they're going to be able to vaccinate every single American?
Well, notice they say, oh, see, oh, oh, the lockdown doesn't end until everyone on earth has it and the UN tracks you.
That's a UN world government tracking system.
Then they go, oh, but there'll be new strains.
Look, this is the takeover, the medical hysteria, the nanny state, just like they're trying to go after our children's genitals, the medical state.
Oh, it's a doctor that wants to cut your child's genitals off.
It's all depopulation.
Thank you so much, George.
All right, let's jam in one more.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jack in Chicago.
One of Biden's nominees for the Cabinet-level science position.
He's A, linked to Epstein.
I think National File covered it.
You guys might have covered it.
But actually, my wife had sent me this tweet that he had... Eric Lander, I'm just going to read this, he posted James Watson, who is a
A racist scientist, James Watson of the Human Genome Project, and the toast was at the genome meeting at Cold Springs Harbor.
Don't hang up.
Stay there.
Yes, stay there.
Cold Springs Harbor is the main eugenics command base worldwide.
It ran Hitler, trained Hitler, everything.
Actually trained Kaiser Wilhelm.
And that's the Rockefeller operation that's behind all this.
Again, Operation Lockstep.
We're going to come back and have you finish up, Jack.
I'm glad you're raising this point.
And we'll get to all the other callers straight ahead.
We'll be back in just a few minutes.
And we are taking your phone calls on this live Friday broadcast.
Thank you so much for joining us.
The very existence of this show just outrages the Bill Gateses and Klaus Schwabs and Barack Obamas, the O'Romneys, the O'Bidens of the world.
And with our existence and our expansion,
Their New World Order is falling apart.
We've got more on that next hour.
I actually found a Pentagon, the crew did, Pentagon briefing last week, where they said that only a third of the troops had wanted to take the vaccine.
I see numbers that say that.
I see other numbers that say 70% do want it.
And then they admit we're actually not keeping real numbers.
So from what I hear from the military is they're almost all refusing it.
That is good news.
But we know major governments are refusing it.
And we know that Merck pulled out of it saying the vaccines don't work.
You can't have one for a cold virus, which we already knew.
So the wheels are starting to come off this, and that's a good thing.
That's why Gates is now saying, oh, a new, more deadly thing's about to come out.
A bird flu, but I've got a vaccine for that.
So if we have time today, we'll get into 2019 Crimson Contagion.
Wait to hear about this, but...
Before we go back to the callers and back to Jack, who was bringing up the connections of Klaus Schwab to Cold Springs Harbor, and of course, Watson, the discoverer of DNA, who basically says black people aren't humans.
He's a super racist, just like all these people are.
But they're the liberals though, so it's okay.
They're the ones that tell you black lives matter.
The black people need the fluoride and need the shot.
There's like big NBC and ABC and CBS headlines.
The disadvantaged need the vaccines first.
We really kid pregnant women, but black people especially.
Biden wants to pay to vaccinate all of Africa.
Oh, it's because he loves the black people.
Yeah, there's Watson.
We can play the interviews.
I mean, he is just out of his gourd.
And, well, I'm not gonna get into it.
The point is, is that he's liberal, so it's okay.
It's like Tim Cook's gay, and so he can run death camps.
It's like, oh, you're liberal?
Okay, death camps?
All right, well, that's different.
Thanks for telling me.
Oh, Biden's a Democrat?
He's bombing people?
Oh, well, that's a good thing.
I mean, you know, that's a good thing.
But here he is, back to back, Mayor de Blasio, Mr. Creepy,
Talking about you better wear your mask, two masks, through this summer.
And then we've also then got a very brief comment to the governor yesterday, responding in Texas, and saying they're looking soon at getting rid of the mask.
Here it is.
But I think a good way for New Yorkers to think about now is for the first half of this year, from now through June, keep doing exactly what you're doing.
Not just wear a mask, wear two.
Social distancing, you know, all the precautions get tested monthly.
If you do have a case in your home, have the person safely separate.
We want to keep all those precautions in place to guard against the variants, to help us consolidate our progress, to give time for this vaccination effort to catch up with the larger reality and really create a new dynamic in the city.
Get closer to June.
That's enough.
If you want to stop him, one word.
You've heard of like, uh, Abracadabra is a joke in Bugs Bunny cartoons and he can make things happen.
Hocus Pocus.
Well, this is real.
You say Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes and these demons dissipate.
She was a front person of Bill Gates, he was heavily invested with her, even made documentaries with her.
And she came out and made tens of millions of dollars in scams, saying they had a little computer machine that could tell you if you had cancer, tell you if you had diabetes, tell you if you had bad genes, tell you whatever.
And then she could give you all these treatments and it was a giant scam.
A little computer that was a fraud.
Lancet came out and said, what was already known for years, the inventor of it, has said that PCR tests are a fraud to test for viruses.
They are a fraud.
They are a fraud.
They are a fraud.
And he said, if you set them at 30 cycles, everybody's going to be positive.
Well, England goes, hell, we'll just set it at 40.
It's fake.
The M?
RNA virus is a Theranos-type scam.
The machines, the mRNA systems, all of it.
The PCR test, all of it.
Scams, scams, scams, scams.
But they own the media, and they think they can get away with it.
But they can't get away with it.
I'm going to go back to your calls.
Because the military is saying no, and the governments are saying no, and other pharmaceutical companies are saying, this is too dangerous!
This scam is too big!
People aren't buying it!
See, Gates wants it to be so big, people buy into it, so they never meant they got conned.
And regulators do nothing.
But a scam of this magnitude, they're not getting away with it.
And this scam is going to be a bigger scam to make you forget about autism.
And I got thousands of articles, hundreds of clips, you're like, Jones, why do you keep telling us this?
Because it will end it!
Bill Gates and the UN and Klaus Schwab, Theranos is a child of their scams!
I got reminded of this last year when they came out with that movie, Pandemic, and it was all Bill Gates going, oh, you're going to die.
It's coming to kill you on Netflix.
And the Grim Reaper was killing everybody in these graphics, and then she's on the damn show.
All right, Jack, I'm sorry, having you hold, go ahead and finish your point about Klaus Schwab and Watson and Cold Springs Harbor and who these people are.
So Eric Lander is set to be confirmed via the U.S.
Senator Roger Wicker, who heads the Committee of Commerce, Science and Transportation.
I've already emailed and called every single one of his offices.
Eric Lander hosted this James Watson demon at this Human Genome Project event.
So, I mean, everybody's got to get this information.
Well, that's a great point.
The person they're nominating to run a major federal office literally hosts a guy that's been known to be a Nazi for 40 years, who's been ostracized for 10 and hung out constantly with Jeffrey Epstein.
All you need to know.
I sent the tweet link to the Showtips.
I just emailed it over to Showtips.
Tell us the name of the tweet.
Tell us the byline of the tweet.
We'll pull it up.
Let me pull it up real quick.
And real quick, too, there's also a really good article by Whitney Webb at Unlimited Hangout.
It's called Schwab Family Values, and it shows the Schwab family connections to the Nazis.
His grandfather was with this company called
I mean, you can't throw a stick without hitting a Nazi with these people.
Oh, yeah, no, Klaus Schwab's family, I knew that, was involved in the German atomic bomb program.
Yeah, correct.
So, Eric Lander, Toasty James Watson is a Jonathan Eisen tweet, E-I-S-E-N.
The tweet says, and just in case the person who posted this takes down the video, I redownloaded it and posted it here.
And I sent it to ShowTips.
Let me see the other part of the tweet.
It's a needle in a haystack unless you tell us what's the subject in our email so we can find it.
The subject that I sent it to is Eric Lander toasting James Watson.
Alright, we'll pull it up.
Alright, Eric Lander toasting...
James Watson, that is huge news.
I didn't know that.
I knew National File reported on him hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.
I did not know about that.
Wow, yeah, this is a cult.
Thank you for the call.
And folks, you're like, well, what is a Jewish guy doing hanging around with Watson?
And why is
Jeffrey Epstein trying to have secret super babies and all this.
Because at the top, these people are all nuts, ladies and gentlemen.
And they all think they're the master race at the top.
I don't care if it's the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Jeffrey Epstein, the Nazis.
These people are all in love with themselves.
And it doesn't matter if you're a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or agnostic or black or white.
The globalists want your ass dead.
And so the sooner we figure out these people think we're animals that are treating us like it, and the sooner we stop acting like animals, the better we can turn this around and say no.
All right, only went to one call that second.
When we come back, I'm going to go to at least four or five calls.
So get ready.
Who's been holding longest here?
That will be Scott.
Then that will be James.
And we will go down the line from there, talking to CD, and Carlos, and Levi, and so many others.
Boom, boom, boom!
Your calls are straight ahead on this live, teleprompter-free broadcast.
And for new listeners, I know this stuff all sounds crazy, but just look into it for yourself.
It's far worse than I can even tell you.
That's how I could tell you 11 years ago exactly what was coming in that video we aired earlier, because we had the enemy battle plan.
Tomorrow's news today.
I have told you this at least 10,000 times in the last 27 years.
The main mission is to put enough chemicals in the water and food, as well as GMO, biological sterilants, where human reproduction will soon be impossible.
That's their goal by the year 2030.
And now, mainstream news.
New York Times.
It goes on and on.
Humans may not be able to reproduce naturally much longer, scientists warn.
Everyday chemicals are threatening the future of human fertility.
And I've had the chemist on where they could pick another plastic or another liner.
Remember all the headlines?
Alex Jones says they've got liners in the juice boxes to make your sons gay.
And it turns out that that's what it does, is it causes
Development and young children, where the endocrine disruptors cause the boys to confuse their sex.
And it's all part of a master plan.
That's why they attacked me all over the news and said I was crazy.
Lawyers promise Nuremberg trials against all behind COVID scam.
That's coming up next hour, but I want to go to your phone calls right now, but I also need to play the clip I promised to get to.
Here is the miserable turncoat
Minion of the New World Order, Governor Greg Abbott.
Here he is saying, oh, when a reporter asked him yesterday, yes, we're looking at getting rid of the mask, and then by then they'll have some new fake strain or some new hysteria.
He's lockstep with these people.
Here he is, the mogul, riding to DeSantis at CPAC.
Sure wish we had somebody like him here in Texas.
So we're working right now on evaluating when we're going to be able to remove all statewide orders.
And we will be making announcements about that pretty soon.
Oh, you're so nice to us.
You know it's a fraud.
You know they use all the regular deaths from flu and stuff and car wrecks in it.
But you went along with it to be a little hero on the news because you're scared of the mainstream media.
And they've got dirt on you from land deals.
That's what I'm told by good sources.
We're so bought and paid for now.
This country's so screwed.
God almighty.
And the damn UN cult run by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
Here's DeSantis who never shut his state and had one of the lowest death numbers in the country.
Here it is.
Tourism isn't fully back and our budget is in great shape.
We have not touched one red cent from our rainy day fund throughout this whole time.
Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong.
Aren't you ashamed as Texas folks?
Florida has also led and continues to lead on ensuring the integrity of our elections.
Now 20 years ago, if you had uttered the word Florida and the word elections in the same sentence, you would have been met with Snickers.
Well, when I came into office, I didn't wait for a crisis.
I took early action to make sure we didn't lose the election.
That's right.
Florida is the model for Trump and all of us to fix the election system and not let the deep state keep stealing elections.
DeSantis is just awesome.
He's just as good as it gets.
And again, I'm not running Texas down because I like to.
When you're in trouble, when you're falling apart, when you're getting your ass kicked, you better be honest about it and turn it around.
We're this close to going blue, folks.
And I love Texas.
So if you're driving along in Texas hearing me badmouth the state, I'm not.
I'm badmouthing the condition we're in.
The condition this state is in is abhorrent because Texas has so much pride in itself that outside the blue cities people think, oh, that'll never happen.
It already happened.
They control Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.
And if we don't get aggressive and start putting money behind people that run for office and start lawsuits and recall votes and get in the face of these leftists that have moved here and let them know we're not going to let them turn this into what they did to California!
California was redder than Texas 50 years ago!
It's an incredible state!
Flushed down the toilet!
They turned our damn power off and the governor won't even attack them for it.
Instead, that idiot Joe Biden is going to land in Houston as we speak.
We'll have reporters there on the ground covering it live during the war room today.
And they're going to let him grandstand and talk about how we're idiots and how he's here saving us when the federal government wouldn't let us turn our power plants up and we have the damn Department of Energy letter.
I'm going to stop ranting now.
I said I'd go to your calls.
Who's been holding the longest here?
That would be Scott in South Carolina.
Scott, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
Long time listener.
I'm really getting sick of these globalists.
What about you?
Me too, as well.
Just on the note of the climate change, I remember back in 2012, you had brought up articles about the leftists planning to burn down climate deniers' homes.
Yes, I remember that.
Yeah, so this is just getting towards total anarchy and I really like what DeSantis is doing.
I think he's, at this point, he's really the leader.
Um, and, and, and what states need to do because America is just about letting the people flourish.
And I think we've put up with enough.
There's enough damage that has been done for Americans realize what needs to be done.
And we just need, we need some type of opening.
We need, we need, we need somebody like DeSantis in the pocket.
And we need people on the line to hold the opening so that we can have a way to push through and just start to thrive again.
I really like what he's doing and I hope that... I totally agree.
I'd say a great ticket would be a DeSantis-Paul ticket.
Or a Paul-DeSantis ticket.
Because I think Trump's going to be too old.
Almost 80 years old in three and a half years.
He'll be 79 like Biden.
I think Trump should put his full power behind the Republican Party.
He should take it over.
We should take it over.
And I'm sorry.
I think his kids need to just take a seat.
I'm not against Don Jr.
He's a good guy.
But I mean, you know, we need heavyweights, OK?
And that's what we need.
And I'm going to support Trump.
I'm going to support his move.
I agree.
I remember Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress.
He brought up the fact that we had the federal government trying to regulate commodes in our homes and light bulbs.
And about how Obama had established at that time, back in 2012, a kill list for Americans.
And it's all true now.
And the Democrats are on TV saying they want a civil war with us because they know they've lost the debates.
They want to start a civil war.
So people are like, you're afraid of a fight, Jones.
My enemy wants to have a fight physically because we are kicking their ass politically.
No, I'm not.
They had to steal an election from us.
That's going to blow up in their face 10 times worse if we take the states back and reverse these unconstitutional election systems.
Thank you for the call, Scott.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chase the Patriot.
Another talk show host calls him.
It's a great show.
Chase the Patriot from California.
Welcome, Chase.
What's on your mind today?
Hey, you know, on a Friday, I want to have a little fun.
You may be in line for receiving a Grammy, but not for what you realize.
You may be getting the best male vocal performance of the year, Alex.
I don't know if you realize this, but there's a new genre of music all over the internet called Info-Rock or Info-Metal, and they're using it as a way to get around the censors.
Because there are amazing musicians right now that are producing music, rock music, with you as the lyricist.
And they're using your rants, some of your most hardcore, old-school rants.
And I'm telling you, this music you have to take a look at.
We've actually played some of it.
There's so much of it that's so good I can't even keep track of it.
Some of these like the guy that does the Bon Iver.
I think it's Lesko.
Those have like tens of millions of views.
It's insane.
And now they're talking about it.
I've actually had people reach out to me.
They want to put a bunch of this on Spotify.
They think it'll go to the top of the charts.
That'd be hilarious, wouldn't it?
Yes, you're exactly right.
If anybody takes a look at this stuff, I mean, it is amazing musicians that are, the guitar riffs, the drumming, they are taking it to the next level and then they perfectly mash up your lyrics or I guess your rant
And it's just amazing to listen to.
It's another way to get the message out because they're not necessarily able to censor it like they would normally, your normal show, because it's considered art.
It's music.
And it's just another way that people are trying to get the message out.
I mean, I think it's, and people shouldn't just use my voice.
They should use everybody's voice.
And they've been doing that with Trump and others.
But I totally agree.
And that's why everything I do is free to air.
People are welcome to take whatever I've said, put it out on their own music, record labels.
You don't need a contract from me.
Put out music with my words on it.
I'll sign a contract.
Anybody wants to send me one that I waive my rights, just everything I do is free to air.
Just want to beat the globalist.
And I've literally had record companies call me, and I've been too busy to call them.
I'm just like, hey, it's all free to air.
A lot of big record companies are like, well, this is all satire, but it's got 10 million views.
We think it'll be number one hit.
And I'm like, well, then just put it out.
It's not my music.
It's my voice.
Use it.
It's copyright free.
Let's take a few phone calls right now and continue with news.
Welcome back.
I've got a bunch of clips, a bunch of stuff I haven't gotten to yet, but I like taking your calls.
You take us in unexpected and interesting directions.
Let's go ahead and talk to one of the order the calls have been received here.
Let's go to James in Indiana.
James, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me.
California veteran is dead as police use the George Floyd technique.
No national protest for this veteran as government incompetence kills thousands every year.
Indiana should be the center of attention for criminal justice reform as federal prosecutors in the past were accusing one another of hiding and destroying evidence to put people on death row.
July 2020, man lying on the execution table said he didn't kill.
Those people?
Whistleblower Whitehurst from the 90s said the government crime lab was convicting people on bogus evidence saying the DNA matched when it didn't.
All executions need to come to a halt.
And lastly, we have a family doctor that had 40 COVID cases and never caught it.
The government doesn't care about COVID or your health, as the government let over 100,000 people die waiting on disability.
News out of North Folk, a man took 600 rounds in the Social Security building.
If the Social Security Administration was a local insurance company, the government would have shut it down for defrauding the public.
When will our government start having town halls because grievances are going unaddressed?
Well, that's right.
No access to the real courts, no access to town halls.
That's what martial law is, is do not leave your homes.
I appreciate your call, James.
Let's go ahead and take another caller.
Up next is C.D.
in Vegas.
C.D., thanks for holding.
When you holler like that, you'll be touching souls.
We're doing some Ric Flair stuff.
I don't do it as good as Ric Flair, but I like doing it.
Man, just keep it like that.
You're touching a lot of souls around the world, man.
Wake up souls, man.
So I just want to holler at you, man, and let you know that Jesus Christ, that God, is on our side.
I don't know.
But anyway, man, I want to holler at you about the Black thing.
The Black history and the Black month that we have as far as being an American citizen has given us a mind of Alexandrian theology, bringing Christianity through Christ and humanity together, man.
And you should run for president!
Alex for President!
Alex for President!
I don't know about that.
Listen, listen.
We need, we need CD for President.
But seriously, CD, what do you think, what do you think about all these countries saying they're not... You know what?
We got everything under control.
Because you know what?
God gave everybody a flesh and a brain to maintain that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, man.
I agree, that's the good news.
And you notice they are attacking Christians all over the world, trying to keep churches closed, because they don't want us coming together, because something really important happens when we come together.
Hey man, but like I say, excuse me cutting you off, but uh, you don't round all the outlaws up and where the money's going.
You got all the outlaws up, man.
Texas known for catching outlaws.
I hear you, sir.
I appreciate your call, C.D.
calls in sometimes.
He's in a good mood.
I'm trying to stay in a good mood, too.
I kind of got mad in the first hour.
But, you know, people think Ric Flair invented going, whoo!
Or they think, who's that other preacher from Oklahoma?
He's in Texas.
They make fun of him for not wanting to fly.
Fly in the plane with a tube of demons.
Oh, Kenneth Copeland.
I saw it, I think, on the Internet the other day.
Well, who ripped off who?
Is it Ric Flair or is it Kenneth Copeland that goes, woo!
Well, let me just tell you, if you live in the South or Texas, if you've been to any Pentecostal church with black people or white people, the preachers are going, woo!
So I think that's probably been going on for a long time, and I would imagine Ric Flair learned that from a preacher, because Kenneth Copeland did not invent that.
Neither did Ric Flair.
So they're not ripping each other off, and I'm not ripping them off.
I mean, I'm sure it goes back thousands of years in all cultures.
People go, whoa!
I mean, it just means like, ah!
And now I'm acting silly.
All right, let's come back in 60 seconds to join some stations.
And I'm going right to your calls.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, as much as Unlimited Gay Power Lady was doing.
I mean, it's going to be that powerful.
If I was a major Democrat nominee for a major position in the federal government, or a Republican nominee, and then I was on video with a known Nazi, toasting them,
Well a listener called in and told us about this.
I didn't know about this and he sent us a video and it's true.
So we're going to get all that put together and cover that coming up in a little while.
But this is just, it's just par for the course.
I mean, this same group gave awards to Bill and Melinda Gates.
That's what I'm trying to explain to people, man.
And wow, so that's coming up.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we're going to the callers of the order they have been received.
Always a great caller.
Carlos in Canada.
Israel versus the USA, linking up with Russia and China, question mark.
So what do you have to tell us here, Carlos?
Yes, thank you, Alex.
Something that is not being reported properly in the American media.
I don't know why, but because it should be.
Is that on February the 9th, a statement was made by a spokesperson from Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party in Israel.
And it was covered, and the headline was, Israel threatens to abandon America.
The threat was essentially this.
If Biden reneges on American recognition, the quotes are, reneges on American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights,
We're good to go.
Now, last May, Pompeo went to Israel and said, listen, your business with having China build a naval base in Haifa is to stop.
Well, he got the finger for that.
Nothing was done.
In the meantime, President Trump was giving to Israel, you know, all of the things that Israel wanted to have.
No, I agree.
Our deal with Israel has become a one-way street.
I'm not against Israel.
I'm not against the Jewish people.
I certainly don't support the Muslims taking it over.
But that said, Israel has been selling us out to China.
Netanyahu is going for total police state, arresting the Hasidic Jews with the COVID fraud.
And that's because he almost got removed from power.
So just like Boris Johnson has turned into a total globalist, Netanyahu is doing a lot of things I don't like.
Yeah, and one of the things that has happened is, well, they're throwing, with respect, people in America are being thrown turds that they keep returning all the time, all the time, because they're being distracted from the real matters that really matter to the United States.
There's a bill by the name of U.S.-Israel Military Capability Act, which has been going through like corn through a goose, and it's S.3775.
And what this bill proposes is that Israel and the United States share its top secret technology in future, in perpetuity, in a mutual defense agreement.
That is an absolutely nightmarish scenario.
We're already penetrated by the Communist Chinese, and now all Israel will do is repackage it and sell it to the Chinese.
Well, you know you had an interview with General Flynn.
And he mentioned in code, basically, since the early 90s, this transfer of technology to China has been going on illegally.
Top secret technology, you know, the Falcon radar systems, microchips to do high speed processing, which China didn't have to do, Capcom and to do real life.
Yes, our technology and our money and our jobs has literally built that giant Frankenstein that is coming to China.
And when you realize what happened,
1992, President Clinton was being elected.
January 21st, 1993, he became president.
Shortly after, you know, you had Jeffrey Epstein going to the White House, according to Secret Service records, and in May of 1993, March 1993, when he reserved the, when he, Clinton, President Clinton, received the first
That's what Epstein was doing as a Mossad agent, was getting everybody framed with the daughter of the famous Mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell.
But look, here's the issue.
Israel is destroying itself doing all this, because you've got China linked up with the Muslims as well, and Iran.
So again, what is Israel doing working with China that helps Iran?
It's just a bunch of evil BS, and it needs to stop.
And I totally agree with you, Carlos, thanks for the call.
It's disgusting.
You look at what Israel's become as a giant police state, just like we are.
It's bad.
I don't care who you are, whether you're a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, whatever you are, the New World Order is not good.
And you notice they're trying to shoot everybody up with this mRNA vaccine.
They want everybody, folks.
This is bigger than Jews, bigger than Muslims, bigger than Christians.
It's about Satan.
And Satan's got his people at the top of all these organizations.
And Trump bent over backwards for Israel.
And what happened to Trump?
He got flushed down the toilet.
Is there bigger, more powerful forces out there in the world?
And when America doesn't stand up for itself, we become just another pawn.
Alright, let's take another call here.
Up next would be... Abraham in Arizona.
Abraham, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing, sir?
Welcome, go ahead.
Anyway, I listened to you on WWCR, but now I'm listening to you on the phone on 605-646... I mean, I can't remember the number anyway.
What I wanted to say, sorry, I'm nervous.
I got humiliated.
I'm a blind person and I use a service called DialRide here in Phoenix.
And I just want to say that I got humiliated for several drivers for not... for taking a mask off, actually, when I got off the van and I went to businesses.
And they tried to treat me like if I was a child.
Well, the whole thing is meant to humiliate us and say we're all dirty, we're all evil, we're all bad.
What did they do to you?
Tell the story.
What happened?
It's so nice to be, uh, to be, uh, breathing fresh air.
And she goes, you know, this, this business says that you have to wear a mask.
You need to wear your mask.
I said, no, I'm not wearing it.
I got a few of them and I'm not wearing them.
And she tried telling the lady, the lady didn't know English.
She tried telling her, he's not wearing the mask.
He needs to put the mask on.
And it's just horrific that, uh, all these people are trying to humiliate, uh,
Other people because they don't want to wear the mask, you know?
They try to disparage you and act like you're dirty and evil when all the studies show all of us sharing our information with each other makes us healthier.
People that wear masks get bacterial pneumonia and they're sick shut-ins.
But that's, again, this hypochondriac culture.
It's so sick.
Yeah, it's horrible wearing a mask.
And I just want to say I enjoy your program and I wish my local station here, KFNX, would carry you live here in the morning.
Well, keep calling the stations, brother.
Abraham, I appreciate your call.
We've got more affiliates than ever, but we do not list them on the website because they will then harass the stations.
The left will.
But we have more stations than ever, and a lot of stations carry us at night.
A lot of stations carry us live.
Just call stations, even their main stations, and say, hey, carry the Alex Jones InfoWars network on your sub feed.
It's free to air.
And by free to air, they don't have to sign contracts with us, any of it.
And I tell local stations that when you pick the feeds up off our satellite, if you're a new station, just run all the ads.
GCN, I still work with them, they're nice guys.
They have half the ads in stations, we have half the ads.
I'm on the same satellites, but I don't care about the ads.
I just want to be on air.
So everybody that picks us up on TV, you are authorized to run all your ads, 14 minutes an hour, because GCN doesn't deal with TV like we do.
So, in the near future, I'm gonna really start pushing the great sub page we've got that shows all the shows for affiliates.
What is that?
Infowars.com forward slash affiliates?
Yeah, Infowars.com forward slash affiliates.
I should spend more time on promoting that.
In fact, I'm having a meeting today with John Harmon, our head of affiliate relations, about getting more stations because people are really ready to pick the show up now.
Come on, baby, take a chance with us!
All right.
I want to go right back to your calls.
I want to just say something here.
There are a lot of different options, different variants, but there's really just three big ones.
Join with Satan and live a lavish lifestyle until Satan destroys you at God's authorization.
Or resist Satan and build a better world.
Or stay blissfully ignorant and be run over in the middle of the road.
I would not be doing what I do on air if I didn't know we're going to affect the outcome of the future and make it much better than it would be on our trajectory.
We're still going to go through tribulation, but we choose a different path by forcing our will into the situation.
God has all the control, the different paths that gave us free will to choose what path we're going to go down.
And the devil knows that and knows we have all the power, that's why he hates us so much.
And so if I didn't think we could beat this, and I know we can and I know we will with God's help,
I would not join with these evil people because I don't enjoy dominating and murdering and slaughtering and dumbing people down.
These globalists are all a bunch of dandruff covered weird old like chicken neck white people, Arabs, there's a bunch of Arabs involved, Jews, and Chinese, basically.
And it's just like they're all just like all gross and hateful.
Even when they're young, they're like 80 million years old.
They're like, kill everyone.
And they're not happy.
That's why Hollywood describes them as Skeksis.
That's exactly what they're like.
I mean, you want me to be part of that and feel powerful?
Makes me feel like I'm about a half inch tall, covered in maggots.
So, I am not a hero not selling out to Satan.
Let me tell you, like crawl into a black hole with a bunch of stinking spiders?
Oh, Jones hasn't sold out to them.
Folks, I've got a spiritual connection to the universe.
I know God's what's green fields and happy children and the stars at night and beauty and decency and everything.
God gave us sex with our wives and our husbands.
God gave us children and beauty and honor and strength and everything we are.
God gave us
Combat and sports and all the things to struggle through and to become better people.
So there's no choice.
Satan's a liar.
He doesn't have anything to offer.
I have been brought in to the highest levels of the New World Order.
Now, not into the highest, highest, or lowest, lowest levels of the Satanist.
I'm not sat there with the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.
But I've had their top emissaries come try to meet with me, meet with me, and try to have me meet with them.
They've said, we will, we want you to get on an airplane and come do a ritual with us.
Please, Alex, join with us!
We need you!
These people, and I'm not that powerful, folks, but I'm with God, God's with me.
These people shake in my presence.
And it's not because I'm powerful, but I'm like a little piece of stained glass in a church that the sun, the archetype of God, shines through.
And you have that same connection to God as well.
And so of course they want to dumb our children down, of course they want to mutilate our children, of course they want to attack innocents, because it's the only way they can prevail is if they get you when you're young.
And they want to trick you, and I'll use the allegory of Poltergeist, another excellent, very scary 1980s horror movie.
And boy, if you learn how the little girl died in the movie, it's pretty horrible.
Little girls in the movie actually died later.
I'm not gonna get into it, but you heard she died of leukemia or whatever.
That's not how she died, folks.
So Hollywood's so poisonous you'll get anywhere near it.
But there's this weird cult leader 150 years before that leads people out into the middle of the Arizona desert and he makes them all stay there and makes them die because he's a demon and he wants to have their spirits imprisoned with him.
Now you know whoever wrote that, look up who wrote Poltergeist, because believe me, they know what they're talking about.
That's, I'm getting chills right now, that's what this is, ladies and gentlemen, is it's an entity that wants the energy of children forever, and before they ever find the real light and God, it's a false light, and it gathers them up to it, that's mine, stay with me forever, yeah, and then you see that creature yesterday,
In those hearings, and Dr. Paul would say, show me the science that we need to chop three-year-old boys' balls off.
And he goes, it's very complex and very nuanced.
And he just kept repeating the same thing over again.
No, you're a monster, dude, dressed like a woman, talking about people's genitals.
You're a frickin' demon!
Because they can't sacrifice children like every culture gets tricked into.
When they collapse.
That's next.
But if they can get their reproductive organs, that's just as good.
Satan says, kill them!
Or get me their ovaries.
Get me their testicles.
Get that!
Because that's all the genetic coding of all your ancestors ready to merge with other people in that communion that God has given us for our earth suits.
But then our spirits resonate with and enter into
At the moment of conception.
And then that dark matter, 6-dimensional, 7-dimensional, 8-dimensional imprint is energized through the cells at the point of zygote formation.
And the enemy knows all this.
And so they bathe us in chemicals to try to attack the fetus.
And they bathe us in electromagnetic radiation to try to affect the fetus.
But what's really going to happen, and they actually know this, is it's going to cause mutations
And it's going to cause a lot of people to die of cancer and a lot of people to have disorders, but it's going to cause certain small percentages to have, yes, what you call super mutagenic type developments, mainly in psychic ability and things like that.
And so the enemies watching all this as they poison billions of us, they know that superpowers are going to arise out of this because when we get attacked,
All that genetic information is going to say, I've got to get really smart, I've got to get really powerful to beat this, I've got to come up just like you can poison roaches and they become immune in three generations.
It's orders of magnitude above that, folks.
We are being poisoned by these mad scientists because they're wanting to evoke changes in us that they can study and steal.
So I just released another one of their giant top secrets right there.
All right, I'm gonna go to break.
I promise I'll go to your calls next segment.
But I just wanted to get that out there.
That I'm not up here doing this just so I make money and people know who I am on the street and stuff like that.
But I need a big giant war chest to be able to circumvent the enemy, to set up alternative systems.
And believe me, whatever you see going on here is just the surface.
We got a lot going on here.
A lot.
But I need money!
And so you only buy when I do free shipping and the best deals ever, but then there's not much money because the deals are so good.
You just go to infowarestore.com.
10% off all the storable food and free shipping.
That's unbelievably good.
50% off the Alexa Pure Pro water filtration system.
All the other stuff, 50% off infowarestore.com.
Welcome back.
We're going to your phone calls, but I've got some breaking news exclusive just sent to us 10 minutes ago by Laura Loomer, now running for Congress again in the year 2022.
Which is not even the future anymore.
Here we are in the year 2021.
World government has been announced.
Humans are locked in their homes and wearing masks.
An evil overlord named Bill Gates is telling them how they will live the rest of their lives and that he's about to put chemicals in their body that change their very DNA.
This is not a drill.
This is Earth 2021.
You know, I defended Ted Cruz when the power was off at his house and when he went to the
I don't know.
And tries to talk to him, and tries to say, hey, I'm the most banned woman, what do you make of censorship, what are you gonna do about it?
And he just ignores her, doesn't even say anything to her.
Could have said, hey, I'm too busy to talk to you, or hey, here's my card.
But this is CPAC, this is what's going on.
And you know Governor DeSantis would say, sorry, don't have time to talk to you.
But with Cruz, he does this thing where he ignores you, cuz he knows who Laura Loomer is.
And there's this thing, when you're the first to be banned, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer,
The conservatives all have a bad idea in their head.
The conservative leader's like, oh, that person got banned early on.
I better not talk to them.
I'll get banned.
Instead of standing up for those that are banned, and now the president's been banned.
No, they didn't do that.
And he said that my censoring was wrong.
He's at least done that for me.
But here's the footage he just sent us.
How are you?
He's just oblivious.
He doesn't even know who Laura Loomer is, probably.
Or her hair used to be blonde.
I don't think he even pays attention to her.
Maybe he does know who she is.
That's why he's ignoring her.
And look, everybody's wearing their stupid mask and CPAC.
CPAC's like, we're gonna use thermometers and everybody, we're gonna test everybody.
We're virtuous like Governor Greg Abbott in Texas.
Just disgusting.
I don't know.
But that's what they do to her everywhere.
And she's gonna end up probably winning this congressional run.
The way they rewrite the districts, she's gonna run in a better district that's more Republican.
Because she did very well in a district that's totally Democrat.
She got record numbers there, so maybe he'll ignore her then.
But the answer is people like
Green, like Loomer, all of them.
We have to just get people in that are patriots.
And the Republican establishment, I think, is scared.
I don't know what to make of that clip, though.
OK, let's go ahead and take another call.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
I'm on air still, brother, and thanks to you guys.
So I'm doing pretty good, I guess.
Good, good.
Hey, I wanted to touch on a couple of things here.
I know you said that Theranos, that's the
That's what dissolves these people, but I'd say Jesus Christ.
I'd one-up you on that.
And I think, you know, you just got to call him Jesus Christ, man.
These people, they shake in their boots.
Well, I want to be a million, trillion, quadrillion, infinity clear.
Jesus Christ is the only answer.
I was saying, politically, Theranos, the fraud computer PCR test system, basically, that said it could detect cancer and all these other diseases, was a fraud.
The current PCR test is a fraud.
The inventor said it's a fraud for this.
And so the whole basis of this thing is a fraud.
We need to point that out.
We're being played here.
You should get Scott Jensen on your show, Dr. Scott Jensen.
He's a very humble doctor, but he's been following this the whole time, and he's a very well-spoken man.
You should look into him.
But there's a couple things I wanted to mention about the vaccines.
I actually work in vaccine research at one of the big companies.
I'm not going to mention who, but it's one of the big ones.
And something you guys need to look at, go look at the ingredient list.
Most vaccines normally have 40
Or more ingredients, and they're all toxic.
These mRNA vaccines only contain maybe 10, but you have to look at five of the ingredients, five or six, are some of the most commonly consumed things in human nature, and I'll list them off.
Acetic acid, vinegar, sodium chloride salt, table salt, and sugar, and then there's two or three commonly used preservatives.
I mean they are literally putting, I'm telling you, they're literally putting in the most common things you could think of because they want people to develop immune reaction and it might not be initially but it's going to happen over time where the body's going to end up going into developing Crohn's disease and all these different future allergies.
Yeah, what you just said is super, super important.
So spend a few minutes here, because you work in vaccine development.
I don't just believe you.
I know what you're saying is true.
I've read a bunch of scientific papers about the mRNA.
You're like, oh, this has less ingredients.
But when that stuff is mixed with this protein that your body is going to learn an immunity to at the cellular level, statistically, large portions of people will start developing autoimmune responses to these common things that are already in the body, like the protein that it's teaching you to have a response to.
So explain that to people.
Right, so it's very complicated, but particularly with the mRNA vaccines, what we have to look at is the spike protein that's being encoded.
It is just a small snippet of one of the proteins that this virus makes, but it has epitopes, like sensitin-1, which you know about.
It's a protein found in literally almost all of our cells, but particularly in the placenta.
And this protein, there's papers, research on this.
This comes full circle back to last February when that Indian University first published the genome, they sequenced the genome of this virus, and they found GP-41, glycoprotein-41, and glycoprotein-120 in this virus.
Now these are surface proteins that help bind and help the virus recognize itself.
These proteins were found.
They're the two most important proteins in HIV.
And so this is confirmation, again, they confirmed that this is
Uncanny, this is unlikely to happen in nature, and it's a hallmark of gain-of-function research.
But, since it's in one, it's homologous to, it shares almost identical sequence with GP41 and GP120.
And so, when you see people getting with the AstraZeneca vaccine, for instance, which shares many similarities with the mRNA sequence that's being used in mRNA vaccine, when you're seeing people
Yes, positive for HIV, false positive, because their vaccine literally is homologous almost in this protein to HIV.
So there's no question HIV is part of this virus.
People say, well, this virus is fake.
Well, no, there's a real coronavirus going around.
It's a genetically modified version.
Now, these autoimmune diseases, you're going to see exponentially increase.
But here's the crazy thing.
Two more things.
I have inside knowledge because, like I said, I work for one of the big boys in vaccine research.
Pfizer, I have... Pfizer's not giving the same vaccine to its employees that it's giving to the population, and I have that on record.
Secondly is Pfizer just announced that this new drug just got approved by FDA for, you're not going to believe this, deamburazine, which is one of the symptoms that we're seeing
We're good to go.
Oh, what by approving another drug, a treatment for Guillain-Barre.
I can tell you, you're the real deal.
You know what you're talking about.
Come back, because we're going to put a report out on this.
I mean, what would you say?
A vaccine whistleblower exposes dangers of COVID shots.
We're going to come back.
Because what you're saying is all true.
It's what Wolfgang Ludarg, this EU advisory commission said.
It's all there.
How do they think they're going to get away with something on this scale?
I'll ask you that too.
It's a real honor to be here live with you.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'll uh check him out as a whistleblower and he'll come on have him on as a guest because he is a whistleblower and what he's saying tracks.
Did you just hear him earlier?
He works for a big vaccine maker, one of the biggins, and he was he was breaking down all the issues all the problems and how
This vaccine maker is not giving them the same vaccine the public gets.
Well, you'd have to be informed to know that.
That's actually true.
It came out, oh, 15 years ago, and again about 10 years ago, even the Leningradian, that in China, Germany, the UK, and other, quote, nations, there are, quote, clean vaccines that are given
To the elites and rich people.
That was the headline was government elites given clean vaccine.
Click web and see if you can find that.
Rich and powerful given clean vaccine.
That was another headline.
So what he's saying is absolutely true.
And so yeah, vaccines are real technology, folks.
I'm not even against it if you have a cost benefit analysis and there's something really bad out there and you want to learn.
It's the contaminants.
Nobody had peanut allergies 50 years ago.
They grew some vaccines on peanut protein, and you've got people dying if they eat one little piece of a peanut.
And so now they stopped doing the vaccines on peanuts, so they don't have the problem in people now being born.
So this is a big deal.
That was a major bombshell you dropped.
Tell us as much information as you can.
Yeah, Alex.
So, I mean, I can go into more detail.
You're saying you work for a big vaccine maker and they told you, did they tell you that you're getting a cold vaccine?
Yeah, they told us.
I have it on record.
And I can, you know, get that used at some point.
But I really want to emphasize, you know, people are going to swell up like balloons, you know, with the additives that they're putting into things.
Sugar, sodium chloride, because it's being dosed in such a way that
The actual serum that the vaccine's in, it doesn't contain, it contains less ingredients, but more concentration of the ones they're putting in.
The salt, the vinegar.
If you eat some salt and vinegar chips, you're going to start getting all kinds of digestive problems.
You're going to swell up.
You're going to notice your face starts to get, you know, some people are allergic to beer and stuff.
You're going to, all these allergies are going to start to pop up.
And you're going to see it in the next 10 years or even sooner.
It's going to start to happen.
Your body's going to start having an autoimmune response to these common things.
It's going to become allergic to itself.
So yeah, it's autoimmune.
Your body becomes allergic to itself.
There's so many other things that people don't understand in the literature that are just something called cell bystander death.
And this is very common.
It's being understood now in HIV.
And again, we come back to HIV being a... Oh, Fauci's got his neck in the Moderna.
I mean, he's making big money.
All of it.
This is a big money operation.
And there's some things I could reveal to you at a later time, but... Another thing you need to understand is... Well, we can go into that later, but... I want you guys to take a look at, type in Google, uh, Columbia Vaccine... Columbia University Vaccine Symposium that just went on this week.
And it was kind of an invite only thing that you had to be kind of in the vaccine industry to kind of get invited.
But the videos are now public.
They're about two hours.
It started this Monday and it ended today.
Yesterday, Anthony Fauci spoke.
They've had the World Health Organization representatives speaking with World Bank, World Economic Forum.
And it's basically this symposium this week trying to brainstorm and discuss ways in which
This COVAX program, which is the UN, WHO's sort of program to get the vaccines to the... What people need to understand is what they really want is, yes, they want the first world to get vaccinated and cause us problems, but what they really want is they want, because they want the third world to get vaccinated, because these people, they're not as informed as us.
Their immune systems are less, they're much weaker.
Bill Gates was on Japanese TV a year ago and they said,
We're going to give you a different vaccine in the third world.
He said that.
He said, we're doing different ones for different countries.
The Japanese also went, oh, OK.
Because they're all, you know, Japanese are very polite, very nice, but they're all about who's got the power.
And they are not stupid.
And they're all into secret experimentation, the same class thing.
And so the Japanese, I mean, he just told him, he said, don't worry, we're not giving you that.
Can you believe that?
I mean, that is sick.
They're giving the Africans and the Latin Americans really nasty stuff.
People are like, well, Jones, aren't you worried about all the Africans coming here?
I don't want them brought here as weapons against me and brainwashed, but I want to kill them.
That's bad mojo, man.
I want to build up Africa and build up everybody.
So yeah, we got to do something about this, brother.
But look into, you need, so day four, go look, have your crew look it up.
But on day four, Anthony Fauci speaks and kind of gives like an overview of the types of vaccines.
I'm coming in tomorrow to do a full day of work and I'm going to do either a live show or a taped show at about one o'clock.
I haven't decided yet.
If it's a taped show, we'll tape at one and then add a bunch of videos and articles and air at like six at night.
But a lot of times we go live now on Saturdays.
Will you, will you come on commercial free?
You can talk like, you can send us exhibits.
You want to show?
What symposiums?
What videos?
I'll have Rob Dew call you, because he's obsessed with this, because he's a good guy.
He'll work 40 hours straight if he gets in this vaccine thing.
He's on a quest.
I'll get you on the phone with Rob Dew.
You can send all your exhibits to him.
I will come up here.
We'll have them all ready, and we'll either go live or tape an hour with you tomorrow.
You want to do that?
Yeah, sure.
Sounds good.
And let's just tape it, because I want to add all the documents and all the videos.
So we'll start taping at 1.
We'll probably go two hours.
And then we'll tape to air.
It's like it's live, but it's not.
We'll tape it like it's live.
Any mistakes, we can fix it.
We'll air it at 5 o'clock tomorrow, folks.
And you'll hear from this man and he'll send us his exhibits and things he wants us to see.
So give him Rob Due as soon as Rob gets back.
I don't know where he is.
And we'll do that.
Dr. Nick Begich never calls me.
He's a great guy.
He never calls and says, I really want to do the show Friday.
This is the most important thing ever.
He called and said, this is my most important show ever.
I just really want the full hour.
So I don't want to cut much in, but I'm going to try to jam in a few next segment.
And then that's as good a job as we can do.
But we're going to go to Tom.
And Carl and Charles, I'll try to get to Levi too.
You know, Begich is great.
He understands.
I'll get the calls.
We're going to have about 10 after, and he can have the floor at that point.
It'll take me a segment and a half to get these calls, so I'll do it.
If I don't do this now, I won't have a crew to come in on Saturday.
I won't have an operation.
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You're stupid if you don't do it, in my view.
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All right!
Hour number four, straight ahead.
We're coming in, we're coming in hot with your calls.
So get ready!
First caller when we come back.
Carl in Virginia, Charles and others.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Imagine if it was a movie or a science fiction book where there's a world government trying to covertly exterminate everybody.
And they're made to deal with this alien group that said exterminate humans and merge with machines.
I mean, that's basically what it is.
And I haven't seen the aliens.
I don't cover the aliens, but the globalists say they're getting rid of the human species.
The human species is evil.
Carbon-based life forms are bad.
They're going to be silicon life forms.
This is what they teach.
Elon Musk says, beware those that worship silicon gods.
And so we're being sterilized.
We're being killed right now.
And I just think people should know about it.
We should have a debate about it.
But the globalists say, Jones, the public doesn't care.
Evidence they deserve to die.
Well, the public does care.
They were listening to us.
That's why you block us from getting access to them.
And people would make real sacrifices if the Earth was really in trouble.
But instead, you're just building a post-human world.
You're just getting rid of the humans.
And we know what you're doing.
And we're not buying into your crap anymore.
It just so happens I have a transmission where God came to earth and said, there's this fallen alien creature.
You have free will.
If you want to go under its control, you can.
There'll be a point it gets so bad, though, that it'll start cheating and violate your free will.
I'm going to come in and blast it to hell once it does that.
And now I see that unfolding.
You're like, well, why would God let the devil feed on us?
It's free will.
As soon as the devil gets in the way of free will, that's when God moves in.
That's how it works.
Okay, Carl.
Carl's up next.
Tom in California.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Alex Jones, General Jones.
This is Carl from Virginia, aka Judgment from Revolutionary Universal.
I was actually on the American Journal the other day.
I spitted a rap, and it was inspired by a globalist.
I hope you heard it, because it was inspired by you.
Long story short, I saw Rob do the other day, kind of reminded me of old days, you know what I mean?
When we were doing Grise and all that, going through it.
But yeah, this whole thing reminds me of Boys Town.
And what to remember from that is that this goes so deep that no matter if it's a hundred billion dollar industry or not, UN knows about it and they're letting them get away with it because they're involved up to their eyeballs.
You're talking about pedophilia, yeah?
Because it's more than just money.
It's the spiritual system of us becoming cursed by our leaders being involved in it.
Psychic vampires are basically turning us into psychic vampires by basically having us go along with... Alright, I love you Carl.
Thanks for the call.
Alright, let's talk to Tom in California.
Go ahead.
Alex, I've been listening to you since 2000 from PrisonPlanet.org and I just wanted to circle back to what you were talking about about how you need a giant war chest for money.
Um, you have on your website, not, um, memberships, but sponsorships and they are $25 and $50 a piece.
You keep getting all these new listeners, and I think if you added a $5 and a $10 sponsorship, and you could send your new listeners to these, that you could raise your war chest.
I totally agree.
We should have smaller than $25 on there.
Yeah, I've bought 25s, I've bought 50s, but if you have smaller amounts, I think your new listeners will be much more inclined.
I 1,000,000% agree we need $5 and $10 ones.
I mean, our costs, since they kicked us off a bunch of banking, is like 5%, so it needs to be at least $5 donations.
But I totally agree with you, and I will have them add $5 and $10 donations up there today.
Anything else, Tom?
Yeah, I'd like to plug real quick.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done today and Dr. Nick Begich who's about to co-host in just a few minutes taking over before the war with Owen Schroeder with live coverage of his victory tour with evidence shows their weather weapon, their turn off of our coal plants, the puppet president, the Chinese marionette, Joe Biden, and now in Texas.
But we're finishing up with Tom holding over from California.
Go ahead, Tom.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that every morning I take your Turbo Force, I put the male vitality inside of it, and while I'm shaking it up, I put your Ultra 12 underneath my tongue, and then I take your Alpha Power every single morning.
And it is absolutely amazing.
Well, people take TurboForce and they go, oh my gosh, including truck drivers, they've never taken anything this strong that doesn't have a big hangover.
Because we had a top formulator, couldn't have his name on it because of who I am, top guy said, no one will put the money into a product because everybody wants to have some strong stuff that's cheap.
We put strong stuff that's expensive.
It's less priced than most of these type of powders, but most people want like a seven-time markup.
We have like a three-time markup.
By the time we discount it, about 150% markup.
Defend ourselves.
But the turbo force is 10-hour clean energy.
It is really crazy.
I take a quarter packet when I need it.
Folks that take a full packet are crazy.
It is as strong as it gets.
Yeah, I take a full packet every single morning before I go to work.
Beautiful, Tom.
I'm out of time.
I appreciate your call.
Again, Nick Maga's coming up in about four minutes.
Let's talk to Levi in Georgia.
Levi, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I've been listening to you for a long time.
I'm glad to finally be on the show.
It's an honor.
I appreciate you holding for an hour, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, definitely.
Definitely worth it.
I just wanted to talk about big corporations and whatnot.
And I've worked several jobs and one of my jobs is at Lowe's.
And one of the things that really just baffled me when I started working there was
There are these people there who wear their BLM masks and BLM shirts and they can put pins on their vests and whatnot and I wore a Back the Blue shirt with my county's name on it and they sent me home.
It changed my shirt.
Oh yeah, you can only promote communist groups.
And again, all the big banks want BLM.
That's George Soros.
That raised $10.6 billion.
But anything that's organic, anything grassroots like Infowars or any of that's not allowed.
So that tells you who the establishment is, doesn't it?
Oh, definitely, definitely.
And, you know, another thing, another shirt that became a problem was, I'm not sure if you're aware of the Infidel.
We're good to go.
And then on the back it just said Sons of America with an American flag.
Well you know America's dirty, America's bad, Levi.
Keep it up and God bless you.
We love you.
Charles in Georgia, go ahead.
Hey Alex, you're killing it, brother.
I'm trying.
Yeah, I called you a couple weeks ago and I said we could use recall elections like a rear naked choke to reverse the situation.
And I got to the what but not the why before you had to jump and go to other callers.
So I thought I'd call back and clarify just in case people are having trouble connecting the dots.
What we're doing here is we're issuing an ultimatum to every one of these recall state governors and legislatures that they're going to call in Joe Von Pulitzer to audit the ballots now, or we're going to do recall petitions and come around later this summer and recall their arse and put somebody in that will get Joe Von Pulitzer in there to audit the ballots.
And by the way, you know where a great place to get tens of thousands of recall ballots signed in one day is?
Trump rallies.
Every one of these people is going to have to run for re-election twice over the next 20 months while refusing to do their job, refusing to clean up the elections, refusing to audit the ballots, and refusing to uphold their office.
Think about it.
And Trump's about to have a big tour against election fraud.
That is a beautiful plan, brother.
Beautiful Charles, we're out of time.
Look, I can't get to the other callers, Jefferson and others, but if we get your name and number, promise, don't forget guys, tomorrow we take calls, call them back, okay?
All right, Dr. Nick Begich is about to take over.
Really appreciate him being here.
Best-selling author, professor, a researcher.
His dad was a congressman that disappeared.
His brother's been a U.S.
And he's got a lot of important stuff to say today, so I don't want to hold him any more before he takes over for the next 50 minutes or so that it's the War Room with Owen Schroer.
But first, live from Alaska, Dr. Nick Begich.
Hey, thank you, Alex, and I'm so glad to be here today.
You know, everyone on this team is everyone who is hearing my voice right now.
You're the team, you're the spear, you're all of that.
And I've spent 62 years on my InfoWars.
But see, when Alex and I started, Alex was the InfoWars.
And that was his slogan, that was his show.
And I was changing the way we see the world.
Okay, changing the way we see the world and InfoWars merged.
Two very different people, two very opposites in a lot of ways, but so the same at our core, at what we love and what we value and what we care about.
We express it so differently, so dramatically differently, which is what makes me a part of this team.
As a team, you know, think about your wife or think about your husband, how opposite you might be, or your two best friends and how opposite you are, or two children, two brothers who are so opposite, or two sisters, you know, because that's how it is.
And boy, doesn't that refine us when opposites get together and start grinding on each other in a loving way, in a kind way, in the way brothers should?
Well, Alex and I are brothers, and every one of you that's listening to me are my brothers and sisters, and you really are, and you really are.
And I say that, and people go, oh, does he really mean that?
Hey, sitting next to me is someone who reached out to me a few weeks ago in a way that was compelling.
He said, I can help.
I can do something.
He lives in Salt Lake City.
He's just like you, but he's living in a very tough place.
I could tell you all about him if you knew
He was living, and how tough it was.
It's tough, but he loves it.
He wakes up every morning making less than most people make if they were a paper boy when they used to have paper routes.
And this man is here to help me because he said he would.
And he said he would, and he meant it.
And so I made it so that he could be here to help me.
And he has helped me like you do not know.
And I now can help you because he did what I asked you to do, just what you could.
Nothing more.
Just what you can.
It can't feel hard or heavy or hard or anything.
No burden.
It can't.
Because if it does, I'm not fair to ask.
Because unless I'm entitled to ask you to take on my burden, I should keep it for myself.
That's why I've worked alone so long.
We're good to go.
And he's so successful at his work.
Now think of how a father feels when his firstborn son is going to take a 95% pay cut, a life cut that's even more important because of quality of life.
He's going to instead choose to step into crap if he makes that choice.
I hope he doesn't.
I'm really trying to talk him out of it, actually.
And he did the best thing the Congress ever saw, and every one of us would benefit from it.
And the reason I'm talking him out of it or trying to, and I'm not being very successful so far, but I don't know.
And I don't want to be successful.
I don't want to win.
I don't want to do either one.
I don't want to make his choice or choose his path as much as I'd like to as his dad.
Because you know what I know?
Whichever one he chooses is going to be so perfect for him that whatever he decides, I'm in it with him.
I'm going to love it with him.
I'm going to put all my energy in it with him.
And today I'm going to give you the same kind of choice that I had right now.
And it's the most important choice, the most important impact.
I told Delaria when they were going to cancel me today.
I said, please don't.
I know Alex wants to switch the subject.
It wasn't really a cancel.
We were just going to talk about something else.
And I said, please just tell him that what I have to say is the most important thing since my father died, okay, when I was 14 years old and disappeared.
What I'm saying to you today is the most meaningful moment that I've had that means something to me.
Since then, and that's what we're going in today.
In the next segment, I want to bring you in and explain three concepts that I've never understood, but I'm going to explain them because now I do.
It's called being born again.
It's called long-suffering and how does that become a gift?
How does long-suffering become a gift that you can give anything out of?
And then I'm going to talk about the voice or whatever you want to call using your voice to make change.
We're going to change the world together today.
This is Dr. Nick Magich.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here.
Hey, I never titled these things, but today, you know, they asked me, what are we going to title this?
They always do.
And I say this time I actually have one.
And the title of this today is it's time to drop dead and be born again.
It's time to be to drop dead and be born again.
All right.
That's the title.
What does that mean exactly?
You know, this is one of the big mysteries.
What does that mean?
Oh, you're only born again once you read the little script and everything goes good.
I don't believe that.
I think it's more than that.
I think it goes deeper than that.
I believe all of that.
Well, I believe it goes deeper, okay?
I believe all of that, but I believe it goes deeper and I want to go deep.
Because that's the only way Nick Feggish goes.
That's the only way Nicholas will arrive.
For 62 years I've had this mission, and I've had this thing that I'd known I needed to do.
And there's one thing, and everyone has this thing, and we all know what it is.
It's our personal gift, our personal path, the thing I've been talking about for a long time here on the InfoWars.
How do we engage that with power, especially right now when we need it?
You know the Chinese, you know what they want to do because the man sitting next to me knows the heart of China?
They want the people of China to have in their heart where we want God.
We want God or love in the center of our heart.
One of the two, you know the verb or the noun that I've been talking about, love or God.
Please put that in my heart.
You know what the communists want?
You know what the Chinese want?
You know what the Chai Koms want?
They want the Communist Party.
They want man in their heart only.
And no room for love and no room for God, just room for earth.
And I can tell you, that's the core of evil when we cover our heart and we bury it in that crap.
And it is crap.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to know that the heart needs to be filled with love or God.
It's a verb.
It's a noun.
It's both.
It needs that.
That's how we live.
You take that out of the heart of man and you shrivel up into something ugly.
Don't be that.
You deny your birthright in that.
Hold love in your heart.
Hold God in your heart.
Either one, but hold one of them in your heart, please.
For you, not for me.
For you, because it's the heartbeat that keeps the spark, the flame that is God in you alive.
They want to kill it.
They want to kill it and we cannot die.
We've been talking, complaining, bitching about the Chinese and what they're doing in our neighborhood, but we're locked up in our houses and they're running around having parties and drinking in the bar.
What the heck is going on?
Did we just lose a war?
It's time for a different attack.
Not an attack at all.
The opposite of an attack.
We're going to apply the art of war against China.
We're going to use their strength against China.
And it's not in direct combat.
There's an art.
It's an art.
It's an art of war.
And the war is in your heart is where the art of war lives in each individual's heart, where the heart of man lives.
It needs to be changed to the heart of God so that man live like he was intended to.
You see?
That's being born again.
When your heart becomes the heart of God and you, the human, with that heart of God in you, gets to do some things with awareness, with consciousness, with the un out of that unawareness and unconsciousness.
Awareness and consciousness.
Claiming your birthrights back.
So you can be born again in this minute
Now I want to tell you about the other guy I met who bothered to answer.
In this minute.
In fact, he started the whole problem.
And because he took initiative, he got a big problem that I was able to immediately solve for him.
And I'm going to tell the story because it's so important about taking action.
Take an action that you believe in, that you know is possible.
Somebody a few weeks ago sent me a note and said, how can I help?
And I thought, boy, I never ask people for help.
And he's the one that triggered the whole thing where I asked people for help.
And I told him, get ahold of me at info.earthpulse.com so you can tell me what you're thinking.
And I heard a lot of different things.
Everybody who wanted to put more stuff in my backpack so I could help swim across the lake of life with just more things to do until I sunk and drowned in the middle of the lake.
And they went, oh, see you later.
See you later.
You know, poppycock what you're doing.
See you later.
How come you didn't get my rock taken care of that I threw in your backpack?
Because it wasn't my rock to carry, it was his rock to carry, but he missed the opportunity and wanted to just hand it off to someone else and feel like he finished it.
He didn't even start, okay?
He just wanted to get rid of his burden and let someone else carry it and just walk away for free.
That's the problem with communism.
When it enters your heart, everything's for free.
Just put your burden on someone else, walk away, leave them in the dust, and just bitch at them every step of the way.
That's why I don't want my son to go into government, because that's what you get there.
Hey, do this for me, and if you don't, screw you!
No, that's not the way I want to live.
Not the way we can live.
Not the way we have to live.
And I have a problem with technology.
I want to admit it.
This is my very biggest weakness.
It's so hard, it actually inhibits me from what I need to do next.
And I can't do it.
I really can't.
It's something I cannot do.
But everyone listening, every one of you can do.
And if you choose not to, then you do something.
And that choice that helps me today in such a way that is so profound,
It is the life-changing event that anyone who saw the video I produced here that started all this, go look at it.
It's called Breaking the Zombie Trance, which is this is my shot at it.
Okay, I want you to be born again today like I was born again, again today.
I've been born again a bunch of times in this lifetime.
I got to be born again today because a man named Chad in New Brunswick in Canada had the
Well, if I can say it, to actually do something that was so simple as to just say, hey, how can I help?
Boy, is that easy.
We can all do that.
But I don't need any help like that.
I don't even want to make it hard.
It's just going to be pushing a button.
He's been trying to get me to push a button all week.
Now I started my day Thursday, Thursday night and I wrote some stuff and put it out there and thinking I was going to be on the radio and all that and we didn't.
So I had other work to do and what I ended up doing is I woke up Friday morning at 6am and I went to bed.
Actually, it was Wednesday morning when I went back to bed and I was up for about 120 hours doing some work, having conversations at the same rate of speed I'm having right now with no interruptions, with a bunch of different people and a little bit of interruption.
Somebody breathed.
I got to breathe and they got to talk sometime.
But here's what happened.
Chad and I had a 24-hour conversation scattered over a week.
24 hours dipping in as I was dipping into a very complex life.
Front seat row, man.
He got to view.
And all he did is, how can I help?
All right, well that help and that diversion of attention cost him something, because choosing and pain kind of run together.
And when you help me in this situation, because of what happened here, I have two witnesses now that can bear to my transformation, that can bear witness to my being born again, because they were in it with me all week long and they were perfect strangers.
In fact, I haven't met one of them in person.
Never met him.
I haven't been able to hug him and his family and thank him for the family that has come into my life and helped me today.
To do something better, to help you today.
And I couldn't push the button.
See, I want to do this 10-hour podcast, non-stop, Nick Vegas talking like a machine gun, and talk to you and finally get this stuff out, you know, in one big shot, you know, where you can all dial in and see it live and comment, play with me a little bit, and you have a way to come in and out of that.
I want to do it for 10 hours and then see how long I can go.
You know, I can go a long time.
It'd be kind of interesting, wouldn't it?
How much could I say?
What would I have to say out of 10,000 books and hundreds of thousands of articles condensed down every week for you with 50 hours of conversation with some of the brightest minds in the world and some of the brightest literature?
And I bring it down to you in one fine thing, but today's message is most important in my life!
And in the last segments that we have, I really want you to pay attention.
I'm trying to get it out, but I have no choice.
This is the day for change, and we're either going to wake up or fall back to sleep and watch our world fall apart on steroids.
Let's not do that.
This is Nick Begich.
And welcome back.
And Nicholas, Nicholas Begich here.
Nicholas, for my friends that are hearing my message today, and I appreciate that.
When you see me, I'll know which ones you're listening to, the old ones or the new ones, because if you call me
Who I am now, who I've been born again even in this day right now.
And I want to talk about that, about pushing the right button and why I can't do certain things.
I've spoken against technology and the technocracy my whole life.
I don't do social media.
I do as little as I can.
I have a hard time even touching computers to communicate with people because I know what's happening every time I do.
We fall into the trap we're trying to stop.
And that's like a paradox for me, a conflict for me at such a profound level within my soul that people can't even understand why I can't push that button to just do it.
And the button I've been trying to push is, is Chad's been working with me all week to get me to push that button.
He spent 24 hours of his time with me to get me to push that button I couldn't push.
And yesterday night at, or shit,
This morning, I end up sitting here and trying to figure it out, and I'm sitting here and I'm going, okay, I really don't know if I can push that button, and he's pushing me, pushing me, pushing me like a good friend would in such a gentle and soft and kind way, but still with enough force to keep me pushing, not to carry his burden, but to carry my own and to encourage me to try to get me to just lift my finger and do it.
And I finally did it, and the machine said, sorry, nah, 24 hours, can't talk.
And I went, all right, cool.
I pushed the button, but nothing happened.
Good, I didn't violate myself and my own soul, I felt.
But at the same time, I said, Chad, I said, well, we did it, but we know we're now on 24-hour delay, so we're stuck.
And now the universe and God has to sort out how come he decided that we needed to wait.
But I knew I needed to sleep eventually because I've only slept 18 hours since last Thursday.
That's over a week ago.
And I'm really busy and I got a lot to do and I don't feel depleted in any way.
But I know I shouldn't do that to my body.
And I've talked about the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul.
And I've really hurt my body this week and my body's crying, man.
It's crying at me.
But I can ignore my body, unlike a lot of people.
And I know you don't understand what I'm saying, but
I can live in pain, and I can smile, and if you haven't seen it, God, you've missed me.
You've missed Nick, Nicholas, who I am now.
You missed meeting me, and I really wanted to meet you.
Every single one of you.
And then I didn't, if that didn't happen.
Just give me a second, because this is really important to me.
And if I've ever done anything at all for any of you that are listening, please just give me the moment.
To make this pushing a button for you, not for me.
Not for me, because the only reason I ever did any of this is I hope I would reach one person, just one, not millions, not the millions I'm talking to right now, just one.
Just you, the one that's listening to me right now.
In the hope that I could help you push your button, the thing that you just couldn't do, which was only a simple one.
You know, Alex is an explosion, all right, of energy, and I'm an implosion of energy.
I drive inward so I can then explode outward, and that's the oscillation.
That's the rhythm that Alex and I have.
The people mistake as conflict.
It's not.
You see, this is the rhythm of how we go in and out of our inner world and our outer world.
And we all need to find that rhythm in ourselves.
You see, not just watching Alex and do-do it.
Now, you can see that.
I can show you my energy in Alex, but I don't do that because that's not my way.
That's Alex's way.
And that's other people's way.
Don't mistake people's way and start judging it because it's not yours.
This is where the born-again idea just screws everyone up and it gets missed so much and no one ever achieves what everyone wants.
Which is to be born again and recognize truth for where it is and then begin to do it and live it and experience it.
That's being born again.
All this other stuff is a bunch of BS if it doesn't result in that.
Then it's just lying to God, lying to yourself.
I've been trying to unknot that in a gentle way and I need to.
My heart's to do that.
I never have enough time and I have all the time I need and that's why I'm so patient with it.
And I always tell because everyone on the team at the network always thinks I'm going to be upset some way and I'm never upset.
I'm never upset, I really am not.
But when my friends who love me are on the outside and they see things happening that they would be upset by, of course they think I'm upset and empathy flows and compassion, all those wonderful things that make life better.
But what they're doing is the wrong thing for Nick Begich at that time because I'm not suffering and that's the mystery of long suffering that I want to explain.
So people see me in the right way and don't do that because that hurts me.
Believe it or not, compassion thrown at long-suffering is not the right answer.
You see, that's the wrong answer.
It needs to be something else.
I'm going to try and explain it, but it's very complicated.
I don't know if I'm going to do it, but I know the Spirit of God will deliver the part of this message that I fail in.
Because that's what kept me from saying a lot of this over my lifetime, because the accountability for what you say is so profound.
You're so responsible in knowing that if I don't do it, then I sin.
If I don't know it and I do that, I don't sin.
But I have knowledge.
I have knowing that others don't.
Others have believing, which I've tried to explain, isn't knowing.
But when you know something, you're responsible.
If you're going to try to change something from believing to something that's real and that's known, then you have to do something different.
And you are very, very, very, very responsible for that.
And I take that very seriously.
I would rather be struck dead, although I don't want to die, I value every breath of life than to say one word or breathe one breath that hurts anyone.
Because then I'm done, I've failed at my base foundation.
And so God had to show me that I can do my best and not fail in that, not fail in my best.
Even I have to learn that, even now in the last week.
That I have to do that my best.
And I do it all the time.
I always do just like you, but I still have flaws and God knows it.
And what God said to me in my conversation with God is, don't worry, Nicholas.
I know all your flaws better than you do.
And I, and I, and I know he does.
And he's accepting of them.
Now I need to be accepting of at least what God is accepting of me and me.
Shouldn't I be?
Shouldn't I just be able to do that like a dad would with his two-year-old?
Because I feel like that two-year-old sometimes just like every one of you.
And I want that embrace from my dad who disappeared off the face of the earth in the middle of public service that I was in there with him.
Because that's how our family operated and always has for generations and will for, I hope, generations to come.
That we actually know how to serve in the way that we are called to serve.
Not in the way we want to, sir, because I can do a lot of things and I want to, but I don't do what I want because what I want more than any of those things is I want to be full and I want to be filled and I want to actualize the creature, the person in this body, the soul in this body.
That's the optimum soul in this body that God created, wanted me to be.
I really want that.
I want to be back in the garden with God again.
Innocent again and creating again with God.
That's what I'm hoping for my life as long as I can breathe on the earth.
And I hope that when I'm in fellowship in a different place, however, that really rolls out.
I want a hut in heaven.
I don't want a mansion, you see.
I want to give away all my heavenly credits before I get there to everyone that needs them, because I don't.
Because here's what happens when I do that.
If I give, give, give, give, give, give like that, and I get the hut on the edge of heaven, see, I've lived like that, and I love it.
I love living in the dirt, laying on the ground, doing what I do, because it's not about what my body's feeling, it's what I'm doing.
I love doing what I'm doing.
I'll do that wherever it is, as long as I love what I do, and I'm doing what I'm doing, and I'm doing what I'm meant to be.
And that's what I want everyone to do, to do what you're doing and do what you're meant to be and follow your own path.
And just be honest with yourself, period.
And then seek something worth having, either love or God.
Love or God, that's all.
And if you do that, you'll win every single time.
And you can quit losing every single time, or at least feeling like it.
And even then, when the loss has come, this gets into the dimension of long-suffering, which I didn't understand.
Because when you have the gift of long-suffering, the way it works is you've got to suffer through it all first.
And then you go, oh wow, now I know what I was doing.
But in doing the suffering, you never lose
Thank you.
They're bad at me because I was weak and I didn't I wasn't a good dad I wasn't because I was so focused on my public work and I thought I had a configuration that would support that because that's how I grew up with the configuration that supported that and I had a wife that didn't understand that it wasn't her fault she didn't do anything wrong she just didn't understand me and believe me the woman that was with me for 10 years and who I've talked about and isn't with me because and we're friends we had dinner the other night we talk all the time I love her like I always have but
I have a purpose, and she has a purpose, and we're doing that together in a different way, the way people don't understand, because we love each other, and we still do.
But I have work, and she has work, and I love you too, and that's why I'm here today with one more segment to go to try to get through this.
And I love you, and this is Dr. Nicholas Begich talking to you today from Anchorage, Alaska.
Hey, thank you guys, and you know, I'm really just really excited, and I'm sorry for all the emotion today, but it's really, it is a big day for me.
Because I have choices today, and I've asked, you know, I asked God, I asked God this, in my prayer life, I said, you know, I'm fighting for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and I'm not feeling liberated, I'm not feeling a lot of life, and I'm not feeling very happy a lot of times, and I want to admit that, confess that.
But in that conversation with God, I said, I cannot be a spokesperson for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, unless I'm an example of it.
And I am that example of it, as fractured as it is.
But you're going to see an example of that like you've never seen before, because I have fulfilled my purpose in this lifetime.
I can stop.
God and I have a relationship.
I can stop.
I can have a mansion, but I'm not going to have a mansion in heaven, as I started to talk about.
I want a hut.
H-U-T, a hut in heaven, sleeping on the grass, just knowing it's there, because I'm going to give away all the credits I can possibly earn, and I told God to take them if there's a way to do this.
Just take them and hand them out to those that just don't think they're quite worthy enough, so they might just feel worthy enough to look inside long enough.
To ask themselves, is there something worth finding, either God or love?
So I give up all my credits to have that hut.
I still want in the gate.
Just let me in the gate.
Because by doing that, I know I will have made many, many friends and helped many people.
And I already have.
I did enough.
So I already can do this.
It already happened, actually.
And so all my friends have these great places in heaven.
And some of them are like 10-mile big buildings where I can go visit.
And I love a road trip.
I like driving around visiting my friends.
I do it because I can and my friends can't.
But they need that help.
They need me to show up every once in a while and come into their lives in a personal way.
Like my friend Dan right here next to me did.
And I didn't know Dan.
I didn't know he was my friend.
But I knew he was my friend because he's one of the people that hears me.
And he actually reached out to me.
And now he's sitting on my couch.
And I flew him, not from his home, but from the airport in Salt Lake City.
To come here and help me and he's helping me in a way that I can help you today And in fact, the only reason we're here doing this today this way is because this man who thinks in a lot of ways He knows he's what he is.
He knows but everyone else who looks at him doesn't know what he is They all try to interpret him.
Oh, there's a poor man.
There's this man.
There's that man.
No No, there's the creature that God created that so elegantly fulfills his life That's every man.
That's every woman and that's even you and that's how I see you and
At least one person on this earth sees everyone on this earth as the purity that God created them.
Even if they don't.
I thought everybody did.
There's a lot of people that see each other that way.
I know because I keep meeting them.
One of them is sitting next to me here.
Chad in New Brunswick who stuck his neck out to do something good and then had somebody chop it off in a mean, cruel way.
Some son of a bitch.
And he was.
Chopped his... Chopped him off and beat up his family while he was trying to help.
That doesn't feel good.
I don't want him to feel bad for helping me, and he won't.
He'll feel great because he's listening right now and his family's listening right now.
So I woke up this morning, I said, well, I can relieve that suffering for the man that just transformed my life today, for goodness sake, because he's the other witness to my own transformation.
So I let him know, you know, get rid of that suffering and stay tuned and relax today and listen to what I have to say because you made this message happen.
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here right now doing this.
And so he was trying to get me to push that button, push that button, push that button that I pushed and went on stall for 24 hours.
Because that's what I needed to know what I needed to do.
And so I relieved this suffering and when I leave this
I'm pulling out 20 grand, which is two-thirds of the money I have there, and I'm going to hand it to a guy that needs it.
And before I get back home, my bank account will be full again because I know how it works.
And believe me, I'm not kidding.
So it really does.
And you might be a part of that.
Someone else might be too.
I don't know, but I always know.
I try not to, but I've been asking lately because of one verse that I have to accept as truth.
And I never ask.
When two or more are gathered in his name, things happen.
Not when one is and I need to do it alone to learn what long-suffering felt like and could be and could transform into that's so beautiful and I'm in my transformative day of my long-suffering today because I can choose to be absolutely free and I have choices right and I'm selling my home I'm changing my life in every way
I'm resetting every single friendship I have, and I'm resetting all of mine with you today in one shot in less than an hour.
And so, but not on a down cycle.
We're all raising up a knot, and I'm going up a knot because I changed so much in the last few months, and particularly in the last week, that I'm the stronger field among my friends, at least, that are close to me, and I'm dragging them with me, or they're falling aside, but they're not falling anywhere.
They're falling into their path so they can finish it.
And they intersected mine for some time because I could help that.
And now we're all on our path, you know, and that requires us pushing our personal button that I couldn't do.
I needed a brother to come and say, hey man, I'm going to help you.
I'm going to help you.
Until you can metaphorically push that button.
He didn't say it that way.
That's the way I saw it.
He only knew what he was doing and was judging that.
And I knew what I was doing and judging that.
Just like Alex and I do this weird thing that no one can understand.
Because we don't judge each other's action, we trust each other's core because we know we're born out of the same seed and we know the seed is alive in us and we're aware of it and every once in a while we even forget and we get crazy and do crazy things and if you don't think I do, wait till Alex sits down with me and I tell him my darker side stories that are a little bit humorous now because they're over with in their history instead of in the present moment which is making a sin again.
And they weren't then because I was too dumb to know what I was doing.
But they are sure funny as heck.
And Chad got to know a lot of those stories.
Believe me, in a 24-hour conversation, I'm very revealing.
I'm not afraid to pull my pants down and be naked in front of my friends, God, or the world, because that's the price of public service.
I learned how to do it as a kid.
And so when Dan came in, he's all concerned about seeing things, moving things.
I said, Dan, you're in your house, not my house.
Treat it like it's yours.
There's nothing here.
I'm transparent.
He'll tell you I could bring him on, but I won't because I can't spare the time today.
But I gotta tell you, you know, when you come in my home, you are my friend, even if you're a perfect stranger, I don't invite you in my home.
That's how it works.
You're all in my home.
This is my frickin' living room you're sittin' in.
I've got a couple baskets on an ottoman and a camera here facing me, delivering this high-quality message, not because what I have.
Not at all.
Because of the partner I have in Alex Jones and you.
You that made it possible for Alex Jones and I to do this and have this minute or two today to try and change some lives and leave you enough power to change your own.
And here's the button you gotta push.
I know Chad's going nuts.
He's going running outside and you haven't told everyone what their button is.
It's what it is is simple.
The button is so simple.
Where's your resistance in life and where do you need help?
Where do you need help to lift yourself when you know there's a hole that you can't dig out of alone?
Or just something as simple as pushing a button?
It may be simple and the other guy may not understand why you can't push it when you fight against the technology.
How could I ask someone to say you to go use it?
Come on now, think about that.
Then I've just defeated myself.
God strike me dead because I just lied to myself about everything I did.
I can't do it.
That's so hard for me and I won't do it because it means I'm not honest and I've lied all this time and I won't do it.
But I want to do a 10-hour podcast to give you the whole story and tell Joe Rogan, you know, maybe he should do one on his own without a guest to see if he can hold 10 hours of conversation.
We're good to go.
It's interesting.
I want people to join me in that, but I don't want to add a rock to anyone.
So, I've asked and asked, but everybody thinks I'm handing them rocks.
No, no.
I'm just asking you for permission.
Just permission to say, okay, come down, let's talk about it.
If there's no rocks in the backpack or the rocks you'll carry, yeah, we can find a way to do that.
Because I'll do that.
I'll carry some rocks to get something done.
I won't give them to someone else.
I'm not a giver of rocks.
I have a hard time giving them up and even asking for help, for goodness sake.
So, I know how hard it is to ask.
But I know what it is to feel like you're suffering when you're trying to help and you can't seem to get people to...
See why it's not you they need to help, it's them they need to help.
So that's what I'm trying to do in the last minute and 20 seconds I have.
Is I want to convince you to push the button in your life that helps you.
That changes you.
That makes you into the person you can be and you will be as soon as you push that button.
It's so easy to push because you have absolute power to push it.
And if you don't push it, that's a decision.
You're not going to do it.
You're not going to come awake and you're not going to come aware and not even going to try.
Go ahead.
That's a fair choice.
That's okay.
God will use you anyway, and that's what I know.
You just don't know what's happening when you're suffering.
But when you know what's happening with your suffering, it doesn't feel so bad.
And so I want to read this until I run out of the last 50 seconds.
Something I wrote that's going to come out someday.
Shed the fear.
Fear gets in the way.
Worries about what never was.
Fear gets in the way.
Thoughts get in the way.
Doubt reflects the fear in thee.
Thoughts get in the way.
Ego gets in the way as emotion takes its toll and fear reflects internally.
Ego gets in the way.
The way is cleared, the heart upheld, the worries as worries let go of fear and vision see.
The way is cleared and heart upheld.
It's a little apocalyptic.
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Almost all of this is coming off the assembly line and what, being shipped out in a day or two?
So this Gaylord right here is going to go back to our keating team.
By tomorrow, these pouches are going to be inside of buckets.
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So Joe, tell us what we're doing right here in the factory.
So this is our shipping station right here, Alex.
And this is actually InfoWars orders that are going out at this very moment.
Like this order right here for Steven.
Steven lives in California and he's going to get a special autographed pick ticket from Alex Jones.
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Yeah, we're shipping products, you know, hundreds of packages per day through our state-of-the-art conveyor system.
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You made the right choice for this horrible food.
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And when did they put this order in?
I want to see how fast it's going out.
You know, this order was actually put in, I think, two days ago, and it's already going out the door.
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This is the American dream.
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Thank you so much.
I've ordered a lot of high-quality food from you guys over the years, but it just gets better and better tasting, and the selection is so huge.
And I was just walking around here.
How many different variants and products do you have?
We have hundreds of different products and you know when you're talking about food I mean freeze-dried fruits freeze-dried vegetables freeze-dried meats ready-made meals just the ready-made meals that we have the ones that come inside of the four-week kit there's gonna be at least 18 different varieties that we offer and we keep expanding that as we do more research as we do more configurations we're gonna be adding different meals
It was great 12 years ago, but now it's amazing.
Chicken noodle, vegetarian taco, potato, cheese, cheesy broccoli rice, brown sugar oatmeal, banana slices, right, peanut butter, corn chowder, white rice, sugar, you got wheat honey bread, whey milk, you'll have traveler stew, chicken noodle.
Oh, I like traveler stew.
Traveler stew is one of our more popular ones.
Chicken noodle, it's excellent.
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