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Name: 20210224_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 24, 2021
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Nancy Pelosi has requested President Joe Biden to transfer nuclear launch codes to her and the Democratic Party. This would give a group of congressmen and women, as well as the Attorney General, control over whether or not to initiate a nuclear attack, which is unconstitutional. The Constitution states that the decision-making process for using nuclear weapons should be handled by the President. Critics argue that this move is dangerous because it would invite a first strike from Russia or China, and goes against modern world policy of having the chief executive of the armed forces deal with threats. This request raises concerns about Pelosi's intentions, as she has been critical of Trump in the past. The transfer of power to Congress would also compromise America's ability to respond to foreign threats, as the Attorney General may not have knowledge of international law or rules of war. Critics argue this move is part of a bureaucratic coup over the executive branch and military.

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What we did with Rudy was crucial.
I mean, we made the movie to have an impact on the election.
who says he wants to be arrested and Mark Zuckerberg arrested. He came out and admitted he
helped cover up the Chinese espionage. We're going to play the video. He helped cover up Chinese
espionage. That boy's a bad man. What we did with Rudy was crucial. I mean, we made the movie
to have an impact on the election. The movie came out a couple of hours before the final
presidential debate. On that day, Rudy Giuliani was in charge of undermining President Biden.
At that point, he was not President Biden, with this hard drive of material that was supposedly showing that Biden was part of a crime family.
So, yes, our movie came out on that day.
And instead of Rudy undermining the president, the new president, he was on the back foot, explaining why he had his hand down his pants.
So ethically, oh, I can stand by that all day long.
Is the movie as a whole ethical?
You know, we did it because there was a deeply unethical government in power.
And there was no question as to we had to do what we could to inspire people to vote and remind people of the immorality of the government prior to the election.
The immorality!
So she's all dressed up like a 30-something hot lady, putting her hands all over him, saying, let me give you a massage.
But before he walks him in, he says, she's a little girl.
So the audience is dumb, he thinks, and goes, oh, that's a little girl.
These people are sick, ladies and gentlemen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Let me ask you this, because you had the rioters who were there, and some have told police that they were there because the president told them to be there.
The president, after the riot started, tweeted that Pence was a coward.
What was your reaction when you heard what the president tweeted?
And did Pence feel any betrayal from him, given how loyal he's been to the president?
I don't think there was much focus on the tweet at the time.
To be honest, the Vice President was in a secure location on the phone with Leader McCarthy, Leader McConnell, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader Schumer trying to figure out how can we get back to work as quickly as we can.
And then he was talking to General Milley and to Secretary Miller to say, How quickly can the National Guard get here and fulfill and make sure that this facility is safe?
So his focus was really on how quickly can we get back to finishing the work of the American people and not allowing those who had perpetrated those crimes to be victorious on that day.
So did he feel any betrayal?
Was he upset at all that Trump didn't call him?
Look, I think the reality is that the President and the Vice President met.
They talked several times before they departed.
They departed amicably.
The President told the Vice President he did a great job for him.
And they've spoken since and so look the reality is that clearly there are differences about what the Vice President's role was on January 6th but I think that in that moment the Vice President was focused in doing his job and staying in his post until it was complete.
I've never felt better about President Trump's leading the party than I do right now.
Let's talk about the president.
He has a big speech this weekend at CPAC.
I know there might be a couple of Republicans that you know that aren't They're particularly fond of the President.
I don't know, maybe they want to go back to the good old days of the establishment only doing show votes to repeal and replace Obamacare but not getting anything done.
I don't think that's the future of the Republican Party.
What would you expect the President in this speech to be talking about?
Number one, he will position himself as the alternative to Joe Biden.
He, I think, will make a speech that will unify Republicans on policy.
I think he's been working the phones.
I was with him all weekend.
He wants us to win in 2022.
And stay tuned.
I think you're going to see over the next couple of months Donald Trump lead the Republican Party on policy.
I played those clips because those are big deals.
Everything Pence does is extremely calculated.
in the Senate. The Democrats are doing their part. If we could get behind
President Trump and follow his lead we will win in 2022. If we argue with
ourselves we're going to lose and there's no reason to lose.
I played those clips because those are big deals.
Everything Pence does is extremely calculated. Everything Lindsey Graham does is
extremely calculated.
They're calculating individuals.
And they are members of the globalist establishment.
They want America to be dominant over the global system.
But they support a lot of the evil aims of it, but they are light years better than the totally satanic Democrats and the Chi-Coms, obviously, in the EU.
But they're survivors.
Mitch McConnell is a Chinese agent, so he's pure evil, obviously.
But, to have them come out, and I've got a bunch of other clips that are similar, and all signal that they support Trump, that's because they don't want Trump to start a third party that would destroy the Republican Party and put the Democrats in total command.
So, if Graham and Pence were completely evil, this is an exercise in kissing their ass.
I'm just breaking down real politic in a Machiavellian way, their perspective.
It doesn't mean I agree with this.
I'm playing devil's advocate from their mindset.
It's like when I'd say, well, Trump thinks if he gets the vaccine out quicker, they'll unlock the economy faster.
Doesn't mean I agree with Trump pushing the vaccine, one of the worst things he did.
But I get why he did it from his perspective.
I don't play Machiavellian things.
But I engage in Machiavellian analysis so you can see where these guys are coming from.
And Trump's not very Machiavelli.
He's more straightforward, but he does engage in some of that type stuff.
And he's not up to speed on what mRNA vaccines are versus standard ones.
But that's just an example.
The point is, it is a big deal to have Pence and Graham come out and kiss the ring.
So we'll talk about where we're going forward at this point.
This is really good news.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Wednesday, February 24th.
The year is 2021.
Alright, I have some very good news for you.
Very good news.
In the sea of troubles.
We are on board the ship of truth.
We have God on our side.
As long as we keep the North Star fixed, we are going to make it through this one way or another.
Let me give you the good news here on the Alex Jones broadcast.
Before I tell you about the big guest, several big guests we've got joining us here today on the second, third, and fourth hour.
We have seen major polls come out that are scientific Showing 90 plus percent of Republicans see Trump as the leader of the party.
We have other mainline polls out of USA Today, the New York Times and others that show between 75 and 86 percent and a whole other bevy of polls showing similar numbers.
So here's the deal.
Trump had about 80 percent support amongst Republicans in real internal polls.
From the pollsters I talked to, and that's what I saw on the street, before they stole the election.
The Democrats are really scared, folks, because when you send somebody into exile, when you steal something from folks, it doesn't make them hate it, it makes them like it.
We've all heard the saying that distance makes the heart grow fond, familiarity breeds contempt.
And now, hey, Trump's been gone a month and a half, or a little over a month, and already gas prices have exploded, already the stock market's going down, we have the transgender health and human services Ugly fat dude with curly hair saying his main mission is to chop your son's penis and testicles off.
I mean, this is a family show.
That's what they're announcing.
Literally coming for scalps.
Native Americans sometimes, you know, I guess the French taught them how to do it.
Prove they killed people.
Bring us some scalps.
Well, this dude's like, hey, I'm coming for scalps.
Our mission is to chop your five-year-old's balls off.
I mean, you talk about a scary horror movie character.
Oh, and by the way, Biden's got his executive orders about dudes can compete in women's sports.
Oh, but Lance Armstrong couldn't take testosterone to out testosterone men, but a man can go with testosterone, bones that are twice the size, muscles that are three times stronger on average.
And then go, that's equality.
And finally, women are clicking to this.
This isn't about empowering women.
This isn't about empowering men.
This is about breaking up the family, and then breaking up the genders themselves.
So, we have all that going on.
And so, people are realizing this.
And they are understanding this, and they are getting it.
Now, there's a parallax view here, or a paradox.
And it's that People keep saying, hey, Democrats are leaving in droves to Republicans.
Hey, there's a massive awakening.
Biden can hardly talk.
There was already a massive awakening.
Trump won in a gigantor landslide.
That's how they had to wait till the polls closed to go cheat to find out what to beat.
Because it was just, and it's why the spike had to be, you know, five times all the voting of the day, because it was just ridiculous.
And they had to do it down and dirty in front of everybody, because these globalists already sold us out to China and others, and these are deals that have been made, and they're all Chinese agents, basically.
The globalists use China to corrupt people here.
The globalists are above the Chinese, but they're Chinese agents.
They're all blackmailed.
That's why they're so scared.
That's why they'll do anything.
So, they tried with the Capitol to have a big bloody event with their anti-foot provocateurs.
That was even testified to in Congress yesterday by the police chief that resigned.
He was ordered by the main chief to send half the police to traffic control.
Uh, they were the victims that day.
They were not part of a conspiracy like General Honore says, working with Trump supporters.
They were outgunned, outmanned when Antifa and federal Southern Poverty Law Center type infiltrators went into their groups and provocateur to minority of people to break into the Capitol.
And there was meant to be attempted arrest of Pelosi.
Death was meant to happen.
That's how they use the Q operation to, uh, Confused everybody.
And to make them think they were taking orders from Trump.
But less than one-tenth of one percent of the million people that showed up to hear Trump actually took the bait and did it.
And just like in other capitals, when leftists have taken them over, once things got violent, at a certain point, the police stood down after they were able to get the Congress into the basement.
Now, if you got near the basement, they shot you.
You saw what happened to Ashley Babbitt.
It's a sad story, but they were told anybody comes through to the entrances to get to the basement, you kill them.
And I'm not defending that it was wrong, but this was a hysteria.
Things got out of control.
And so now, as Mark Twain said, a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
Now, a month plus later...
A month and I guess four days later, or I guess that was the inauguration was a month ago, it was a month and a half ago or more, January 6th.
People now are understanding.
Wait, CNN paid $70,000 along with others to Jaden X?
He bragged that the left was infiltrating and wearing Trump gear?
And they've got other undercover videos?
And wait, we got video of them Antifa putting on their their MAGA gear?
And wait, we've got documents where the feds provocateured this?
And so that's all coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
And so stealing the election, doing this to Trump, doing this to the American people, isn't going to make Trump weaker.
It's going to make Trump stronger.
It's going to make everything Trump does stronger.
So sure as the sun came up this morning, I got an email from the Southern Poverty Law Center saying, you know, we've got witnesses that you hate Trump and that you hate your listeners.
All that is is an attempt, we're going to run a story, that you hate Trump and hate your listeners, to drive a wedge, hoping Trump's dumb enough to think I hate Trump, and hoping I'm dumb enough to then hate Trump.
And then they use as a quote a film I was in where I said I have a love-hate relationship, I support President Trump, don't like some of the things he does, and I've been persecuted for supporting him, so half of me hates Trump.
Well that's a true statement, but these people parse words and manipulate.
But what I never did was say that I despise my audience.
I'm like a man thrown into the ocean in the middle of nowhere, and all I've got is a life raft, and the listeners literally are the life raft.
You literally keep us on air.
You defend us in the fight.
I want to keep fighting.
We're all together.
I'm your life raft.
You're mine.
But again, it's that same thing.
What are they trying to do?
Cut Trump out of the Republican Party so he's not the leader.
Trick Trump into doing a third party led by a bunch of rhinos and the Lincoln Project, the pedophile project.
And the former RNC head that heads it up.
And so all of that is unfolding.
And I told you six months ago about the Lincoln Project.
I said, I can take one look at those guys and tell you they're a pedo operation.
Those pedos all look the same, man.
And they're all compromised.
And I happen to know even more about some Lincoln Project people information.
I'm going to leave it at that.
If they're having sex with gay hookers, that's their issue.
But then they can't be compromised, it's gonna have to be exposed.
And they sure as hell can't do it on taxpayer money.
So yeah, you got a bunch of those Republicans going to gay strip clubs and screwing trannies and screwing dudes, okay?
And that's the Lincoln Project, okay?
And if they challenge me, I'll just release the information.
How's that sound?
So, that's what's going on here is a bunch of Compromised individuals, ladies and gentlemen, that are traitors against this country, infiltrated by the CCP and others, and they're trying to cut Trump off from us, and cut him away from us, and us away from him, and it's not working, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump is an idea now.
Do you do a perfect job?
Absolutely not.
Was he wrong on some things?
But he's an idea of populism and Americanism and they want that shot down and they want that defeated.
And so we have to champion that and hold that up because it's bigger than Trump.
He's now a symbol like the American Eagle.
So is Infowars.
And there's a battle over that symbol.
That's why your support of us is paramount.
And the enemy can't stand the fact that we're not on the air.
So it's all coming up.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's all coming up today.
And Sacha Baron Cohen, not an American, but he medals in our elections, who says he wants to be arrested, and Mark Zuckerberg arrested.
He came out and admitted he helped cover up the Chinese espionage.
We're going to play the video.
He helped cover up Chinese espionage.
That boy's a bad man.
We are back live!
You know, I don't think about somebody on a safari hunt when Dave Mustaine sings those words, even though he reversed his view on hunting later.
I also get his view about canned hunts.
I don't think they're a good thing.
But at the same time, I think about George Soros and Bill Gates and the medical tyranny and Jeffrey Epstein and them trying to manipulate our DNA and this weird cult they're in.
I think of him pulling the needle full of those toxic chemicals, getting ready to inject it to you and your family, and then to watch the media cover up the adverse effects.
Somebody should put a music video out with that Megadeth song, Countdown to Extinction, with the articles and the studies and the actual Bell's Palsy and the paralyzation and the death and all the rest of it.
Okay, let me get back to what I was hitting on that's so huge.
If Trump goes out and Trump rallies the states and Trump makes his main focus election fraud and gets legislatures to pass specific laws prohibiting these illegal ballots, they've already got laws saying you can't do it, but laws with teeth in it to prosecute governors and others that make these consent degree agreements, then we're going to be able to stop the globalists.
Because, of course, blue-collar Americans, black, white, Hispanic, everybody else, are flocking to Republicans right now with the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline and the dying of the stock market.
Their 401K is going down 30% in just a month.
People really get it, and they see that Biden can hardly talk, and they know he's a puppet.
And so, the system needs to destroy Trump.
And to do that, they're going to want to stage false flags.
To do that, they're going to want to shoot up schools, shoot up churches, shoot up universities, shoot up shopping malls, and claim that right-wing militia-slash-racist did it.
And that's what all the preparation is, and everything you see is about using the Pentagon and the FBI against the American people.
They're having a second round of hearings admitting it all.
But what they wanted to come out At those hearings isn't.
They had the former chief of police there, who was not in control because he had half his officers taken away, trying to blame him for it.
And then when he's asked about it, it's true.
Yes, known Antifa did promote online their plan to attack for months before.
And we've aired you the Sunshine Project videos where they had the maps of the Capitol and how to break the windows and how to get weapons in and how to kidnap people and how to use guns on Congress.
And these are academics and federal employees.
The FBI is not going to arrest them.
The FBI is not going to their houses when they're all promoting it on those videos I played for you.
The name of the report that has it all in it is Democrats Confess to Staging January 6th Capitol Attack.
It's the featured video.
Or if it isn't, move it back to the top, please.
At band.video.
And it's all right there!
And last time I checked, it's only got like a quarter million views.
Can you pull it up for me?
It needs 10 million views.
It's undercover video and audio of Antifa admitting they staged as Trump people and then dressing up like Trump people and going and then tricking a few hundred to join them.
Yeah, only 274,000 views.
And I'm not bitching at anybody, but that's pathetic!
I mean, it's a 20-minute video.
It proves it all right there.
Simply mind-blowing.
We show you the clips.
We lay it all out.
The only hope the globalists have is massive false flags to blame us, and then try to start some civil war and have gun confiscation, which Biden admits he wants, which will cause a real conflict, which again the globalists want to collapse the U.S.
to consolidate control of it into the world government.
They're already positioning the dollar to fall.
They're already shutting off our energy.
They're already demoralizing our children.
They're already bankrupting everything.
They're already trying to keep us locked down forever just like Europe, but China's open for business.
It's all happening.
And we need governors and legislatures and Congress to get it.
And we need to not throw people overboard like Ted Cruz because he took his kids to Cancun when Governor Cuomo killed 16,000 old people on purpose.
We need to get serious here, ladies and gentlemen.
And understand, our enemies want Trump destroyed.
They want InfoWars destroyed.
Because we're standing in the way of you and your family.
And make no mistake, InfoWars is standing in the way of the New World Order.
And I know most of you know that and I appreciate you.
But people need to have that burn in.
Because I think all the time about downsizing or cutting back or giving up just because I've done this so long that it totally possesses me and so I have no life.
But that's only a thought.
I would never do it because I have a responsibility.
To take these creatures on.
So I'm going to go to break and I'm going to come back and play you Sasha Barrett-Cohen on TV bragging that he released the Giuliani video of Giuliani taking his microphone off.
And let's just face it, he assumed the position of a young, aged woman, wanted to have sex with him.
He's a horned dog, he's well known.
It's not a secret that Giuliani... I mean, I'm gonna leave it at that.
They're of age women, okay?
It's not illegal.
But the point is, she's asking him to take care of him, wanting all over him, and yeah, he was getting the mic off, but he was like, okay, lady, I'm laying back.
The point is, it's not an underage girl.
He wasn't killing old people in a... He wasn't killing old people in a nursing home.
He was trying to open the economy back up and expose election fraud.
And Cohen...
Now, just, I mean, look at him.
An un-American, not an American, he wants your guns, he wants your speech, and he comes over here and pisses on us and does it all behind the First Amendment.
just abused everything else. So that's who Cohen is, a monstrous creature. Now, just
I mean look at him, an un-American, not an American, he wants your guns, he wants your
speech and he comes over here and pisses on us and does it all behind the First Amendment.
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You know, when I think about Predator, I think Sacha Baron Cohen.
When I think about Monster, I think about Sacha Baron Cohen.
When I think about hypocrite and fraud and scam artists, I think about Sacha Baron Cohen.
He comes to this country, he runs around for decades posing as a immigrant from Eastern Europe and Central Asia and other places, and then he tries to decrade Americans, hard-working blue-collar people, particularly white folks.
And he goes and sings, you know, at 2 a.m.
in a bar where people are drunk, and changes the lyrics at the very end, once they've been singing with him for five minutes.
Now those shows were successful.
America was still asleep back then.
But his latest shows have been total failures.
His Showtime program had like 200,000 viewers.
Total joke.
That's nothing.
And then his movie was a big flop, too.
And I did watch it.
And it's one time after another he tries to set somebody up politically.
Oh, because it's Hollywood, it's cute!
He tried to have sex with Ron Paul.
And Ron Paul fought him off.
That's not an attempted sexual assault by some pervert.
No, that's just Sacha Baron Cohen, it's so cute!
He's got free speech!
Just thank God you're not him.
Get him off the screen, he's hard to look at.
He's a predator.
He can't even hide the fact he's a predator.
He's a genetic psychopath, folks.
So, that most psychopaths are.
It's genetic traits.
And it's very sad that he just doesn't have a connection to God.
And so with him it's all about deception, all about setting you up, all about getting a kid in the back of the car, all about tricking the woman in the car, all about tricking somebody into a hotel room.
You see the stuff that smart psychopaths though do it through vaccines like Bill Gates does, they do it through poison drugs, they do it through institutions so they get away with it but they still enjoy it just the same way as a retail psycho likes to kidnap your child out of the backyard or your wife and take them to a dungeon and torture the living hell out of them because they enjoy it.
So he went around in his movie to patriot events, conservative events, and then he would start saying anti-semitic and racist stuff and they would throw him out.
He still edited it and said they didn't.
So he needs to be sued for defamation.
And so he's Mr. False Flag.
That's what it is when you go to a bar on Friday night and people got their paycheck and they're drunk and you sing funny songs and then change the last chorus And the last lines to throw the Jew down the well.
And people are like, what?
So you can demonize America because you're a racist that hates Christians.
You're a racist that hates America.
You're a racist that thinks you own this country.
You're a parasite.
So you wear your overalls and you get up there and you do all this because you're a predator.
And so you'll always be.
Like a clown.
You know, dressed up like clowns.
You get the kids in the back of the car.
It's all, I'm a funny clown.
That's all the psycho can do, is a clown and a few other faces.
But the real face in that photo they showed earlier, who looks like Brian Stelter, where he looks like a frickin' demon.
He'll float too.
Oh yeah, there's clowns, there's everything down here.
So he says this, and we're gonna play the clip.
Now that's the real face right there.
He's like, how do I oppress you?
How do I rip you off?
How do I scam you?
You deserve it.
I'm going to get it over on you.
I'm going to hurt you.
I'm the good guy though.
I'm the, I'm the high and mighty.
You've got to bow down to me.
I'm, I'm better than you.
I'm superior than you.
I'm, I'm your God.
You've got to live the way I live.
You've got to use the words I say.
I control your speech.
I'm going to arrest Mark Zuckerberg.
He called for his arrest.
Call for my arrest to defend America.
It's a Pied Piper.
So just like Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters and broke in the Capitol to frame us, and to get a few hundred Q idiots that actually thought Trump wanted this to follow in, He's running false flags.
It's what Cohen does.
So here he is admitting that he released early the Giuliani footage to kill the Hunter Biden story with him saying, I'm under the control of Chinese intelligence, people are missing, people are dying, I'm under criminal investigation, Southern District of New York.
Him naked with his niece, pedophilia, reportedly child porn all over it.
And here's Cohen to the rescue to cover that up.
So he's not just helping the Communist Chinese, he's helping cover up The pedophilia, the child porn, all of it.
And how's he do it?
With a young model, trying to give Rudy Giuliani a massage, trying to get all over him.
They'd studied their target, they knew who he was, and Giuliani's like, okay, I'm taking my mic off, I'm laying back, lady, you wanna, wanna do it, do it!
Consensual, he's a lawyer, puts his hands back, he was trying to have sex with her.
Oh, but they know how us conservatives are, oh, he's a devil now, we're done with Giuliani, because he's a well-known womanizer, But what a little kid was it?
No, no.
Separately, before she came in, she said she was an adult reporter.
Outside, Cohen said, this is my daughter, this is my little girl, but she's too old to have sex with.
I only have sex with little kids.
He says it in the movie.
Who's promoting pedophilia the whole time, setting Giuliani up, so you remember one minute before she's a little girl, but she's not a little girl.
Looks like she's about 30.
So they can imply Giuliani's the pedophile, because they're covering up for the pedophile.
Laptop, Jeffrey Epstein, Wiener, Biden, Hunter, all of it.
See how it works?
Because he's not creative as a psychopath.
He just knows how to invert reality.
Because he's better than you.
He's smarter than you.
He rules you now.
And if you let him, he will hurt you.
So let's go ahead and let him tell you about how he covered up for the Communist Chinese and the pedophiles.
You know, what we did with Rudy was crucial.
I mean, we made the movie to have an impact on the election.
The movie came out a couple of hours before the final presidential debate.
On that day, Rudy Giuliani was in charge of undermining President Biden.
At that point, he was not President Biden, with this hard drive of material that was supposedly showing that Biden was part of a crime family.
So, yes, our movie came out on that day, and instead of Rudy undermining the president, the new president, he was on the back foot, explaining why he had his hand down his pants.
So, ethically, oh, I can stand by that all day long.
Is the movie as a whole ethical?
You know, we did it because there was a deeply unethical government in power and there was no question as to we had to do what we could to inspire people to vote and remind people of the immorality of the government prior to the election.
The immorality.
So she's all dressed up like a 30-something hot lady, putting her hands all over him, saying, let me give you a massage.
But before he walks him in, she says, she's a little girl.
So the audience is dumb, he thinks, and goes, oh, that's a little girl.
These people are sick, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm not even defending what Giuliani did, but he's red-blooded.
And That's why he's a fighter.
But that doesn't even matter.
Again, here's Cohen admitting that, oh, he's moral and Trump's immoral.
He wanted to expose the immorality of this administration.
He's so good.
He's so high and mighty.
And then in the middle, Cohen runs in dressed as a transvestite to make the whole scene even more bizarre.
Because at that point, Giuliani wasn't going to have sex with her.
He was brushing her off.
He didn't take the bait.
He almost did.
And that's how these people operate.
A spy against America, an enemy of our free speech, saying, get rid of our speech, our most cherished right.
Wants our guns too.
Well, he's the big Hollywood defender of speech and uses speech to carry out criminal operations.
We're going to come back in the next hour and I'm going to play, hell, let's just go to it now.
We have a, here's the Capitol, a police chief talking about Antifa.
A clear lack of accurate and complete intelligence across several federal agencies contributed to this event and not poor planning by the United States Capitol Police.
We rely on accurate information from our federal partners to help us develop effective security plans.
The intelligence that we based our planning on indicated that the January 6th protests were expected to be similar to the previous MAGA rallies in 2020, which drew tens of thousands of participants.
The assessment indicated that members of the Proud Boys, White supremacist groups, Antifa, and other extremist groups were expected to participate on January 6th, and that they may be inclined to become violent.
Based on the intelligence that we received, we plan for an increased level of violence at the Capitol.
Alright, we'll be right back with a full clip.
Stay with us.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson.
Tonight we take a lot of digs at the media on this show and we do it for two reasons.
It's fun and they deserve it.
Recently we've watched with growing amusement as our media gatekeepers thrash around in a frenzy of foaming hysteria over the possibility that someone somewhere might dare to present facts or form opinions without their express written permission.
Freelance thinking is what they hate most.
It's a threat to their monopoly.
They can't say that out loud, so instead they call it DISINFORMATION!
Disinformation is the real threat, says the guy who thinks his union has the contract on bringing you the news.
It's ridiculous.
But before you judge these people, take a moment and feel some compassion.
Consider how they might be feeling right about now.
Imagine if you had spent 30 years making a good living as a car mechanic, and all of a sudden GM invents an engine that anyone can fix at home with a screwdriver.
You'd be upset.
That's how CNN feels about the Internet.
It's exposing their scam.
Naturally, they're a little irrational about it.
Millions of Americans clinging to conspiracy theories.
This is all evidence of radicalization.
And that's not easy to say.
It's not an easy word to use.
But it's way past time to talk about this honestly.
No one should tiptoe past this predicament.
Disinformation networks like QAnon are causing people to lose touch with reality.
Disinformation networks?
That doesn't sound like a misleading social media post.
It sounds like a terror cell.
And it sounds that way on purpose.
The thing about disinformation they're telling us is that it's not simply harmful to you personally.
It's not like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's or sneaking a smoke while the kids are at school.
Disinformation isn't a sin, it's a crime.
Disinformation hurts everyone.
It's an offense against this country.
Disinformation is an attack on America, and not just on America, but more critically, on something called our norms.
Our norms are so out of whack that it has become surprising when good things happen.
Even after four years of us talking, you know, night after night about the norms that are being shattered.
He is doing everything to shred every one of these norms.
We can't allow these kind of democratic norms to be shattered.
So we have abided by these norms, but this president is just, in this administration, just blown right through those norms.
Not since the Red Scare have once good men and women been dragged into this kind of sabotage of our democracy and social norms.
Our norms?
Shattered, shredded, crushed, destroyed, blown through!
Why is it always our norms that are the first to be attacked?
Maybe because our norms are democracy's first responders.
They run to the sound of gunfire.
Norms are like the young lieutenants in Vietnam walking point to the rice paddies, exposing themselves to fire in order to save the platoon.
It's a dangerous job being a norm, and never more so than now.
You thought underwater welding was a treacherous gig?
You feared for the guys who fix antennas on skyscrapers?
That's nothing.
Imagine being a norm in today's America.
They don't last long.
Okay, we'll stop.
It's all pretty amusing and it's hard to resist.
Our norms!
Our norms!
On the other hand, if we're being completely honest here, and we strive to be completely honest, we have to admit there is a kernel of truth in what they're yelling about.
There is disinformation out there and it does hurt people.
Makes people stupid, for one thing.
But it also impairs their ability to make wise decisions.
You can't know what to do next if you don't know what's really going on.
A lot of people in this country are in that position right now.
We saw evidence of it just this week.
We read a research paper called, How Informed Are Americans About Race and Policing?
It was published by the Skeptic Research Center.
Check it out online if you have a minute.
It's a pretty amazing document.
The researchers asked people to estimate the number of unarmed African Americans who were killed by the police in 2019.
Here are the results.
44% of Americans who describe themselves as liberal believe the total number of killed was, quote, a thousand or more.
More than a thousand unarmed African-Americans gunned down by cops.
Is that true?
Well, as it happened, we have definitive statistics on this.
They're publicly available.
You can find them in about a minute.
The actual number of unarmed African-Americans killed by the police in 2019 was 27.
So, more than 1,000 versus the reality of 27.
Quite a spread.
And it was not an anomaly.
The rest of the study found similar results.
Self-described liberals, for example, believe that a strong majority of people killed by police in 2019 were African Americans.
The actual percentage was less than half that, closer to 25%.
These are not small mistakes.
A lot of Americans are completely and utterly misinformed, and that has actual consequences.
Knockin' it out of the park again!
But when we would try to put out those crime statistics, we were banned.
They would say, it's disinfo to show an FBI statistic that in the year 2018, 14 black men were killed by police in wrongful shootings.
And the total number was like 20-something overall.
Let's say they were all wrong.
It's like, the rarest way to die if you're a black man is the police.
Does that mean there aren't some racist cops?
Does that mean sometimes you don't get driving while black?
You can get driving while white in the wrong neighborhood.
I was growing up in Dallas and the only place you could get beer was the black neighborhood.
The cops would pull me over and go, what are you doing over here?
Buying beer, aren't you?
A couple times I took it away and dumped it out.
That was back when the cops were a lot nicer.
Maybe if I was black, I'd have gone to jail.
I don't know.
The point is, is the rarest way for a black person to die is from a cop.
But the very globalists taking the health care away and destroying the country and bringing all the fentanyl in that's killing millions of people.
Oh, and the massive suicide among black males and white males, the highest groups kill themselves.
That's all not a problem.
But the reason I played that Tucker piece was because he has the best analogies.
And by the way, he doesn't need the help of any writers to come up with that.
Tucker's really smart.
and that's the best analogy I've ever seen is CNN cannot compete with the fact that the internet has
distributed the means of production to everybody so everybody can have a voice
So no matter how many people they remove off of the air or off the internet, more will just fill their place because there's a vacuum there and no one wants to see CNN.
CNN's top shows have a half million viewers and they're force-fed into cable systems and TV systems and Hotels, and bus stops, and train stops, and airports, and in public school across the country in first and second period, depending on the school, they make you watch 15 minutes of CNN.
When I was a junior in high school, they said, oh, we got a grant from CNN and the federal government, and every classroom got a television and cable, and you had to watch CNN propaganda.
And by the way, the CNN propaganda they were showing me How many years ago that was?
I got out of high school.
Let me see.
I was 17, 18, and I'm 47 now.
That was a long time ago.
It was a lot like what you see on the news now, because they weren't on CNN outright in 1992 saying white people are inherently evil and America is bad.
But when I was going to Anderson High School in North Austin, you know, a couple of years in Dallas, a couple of years here, they would literally show you 15 minutes of basically Marxist-Leninist crap.
And so they don't know what to do.
Because no one wants to watch them and they sit there and wring their hands and they go, you know, there's all these radicals and they believe in disinfo and blah, blah, blah.
Meanwhile, the New York Times had an article out, we covered a few days ago, saying, do not engage in critical thinking, do not research what people claim unless it's the New York Times.
And then they link to a list of recommended trustworthy news.
Can you imagine if you told your wife, honey, don't talk to any friends, don't read any newspapers, don't go outside.
You just stay here and only listen to me.
She'd say, I'm out of here.
Or if your wife tried that, or with your children, or anybody.
It's called a cult of authoritarians, and they know they've lost the public, they know the world's moved on.
And so, they're now labeling us, like when your wife leaves you, just walking out the door, or your husband, oh, you're a Nazi!
Because I broke your nose.
Or you're a Nazi because I was cheating on you.
Or you're a terrorist!
They're packing the car up, they're packing the station wagon up.
Bye, I'm outta here, leave me alone!
They're like, shut up, you're evil, you're bad, come back to me!
Come back to me, you gotta stay with me!
Only listen to me!
In fact, come back in the house, I'll tie you up in the basement so you can't ever go away!
I mean, they've now hit that, now they're like, we need to put tens of millions of people in re-education camps!
We need to train the public to submit to us.
We need to make them come back.
We need to have General Honoré and the military get them.
But we can't trust the military either.
They're even more white supremacist.
It's a joke.
And you get around these neurotic, crazy leftists, CIA, FBI, all of them.
They're in their own weird little bubbles.
And then they think we're all in a bubble.
And they all think threatening us and coming after us is going to make us back down.
It's not.
So it's a very explosive situation.
We'll cover it all in the next hour.
We have the gentleman that went through Canadian Customs and said, I'm not doing your PCR fraudulent test that went viral.
Mr. Sky's joining us.
And then one of the most popular guests we have on, Steve Quayle, is going to be joining us.
And then John Rappaport.
Please don't forget, storewide free shipping.
We haven't done this in a while at InfoWarsTore.com for a limited time.
Storewide free shipping and 10% off on storable food.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide, and we have the gentleman that went in through the customs of Canada and said, I'm not doing this, I'm not complying with your fraud.
Same thing's what happened in the UK, so they're trying to talk about jail time, but the courts are ending up throwing this out.
So it's all color law.
Chris Sky joins us next segment with Steve Quayle, then John Rappaport.
But the big takeaway, my friends, is that Populism is rising across the world, and I don't care if it comes in the form of Bolsonaro or it comes in the form of Trump, both of which were the real deal and have done the best job they can.
Boris Johnson, a traitor, posing as a populist.
But then you've got somebody like the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and he says, I love communist China and dictatorship.
And then people go, wow, this is like a dictatorship.
I saw a headline one of the crew did putting out that Naomi Wolf interview yesterday.
And it's like, oh, Naomi Wolf warrants tyranny around the corner.
No, it's sitting in your lap.
So I changed the headline.
It's sitting in your lap.
And it's a corrupt ruling class that is totally authoritarian, that is willing to do anything at any time to anybody to maintain that power.
And so many people play along with it and go along with the structure, thinking that, oh, they'll protect themselves doing it.
No, you're destroying your protection.
And it's like if you ever watched a dam collapse, usually it springs a small leak, and then that undermines the dam, and then the dam will be able to say, hey, we've got a leak, we've got a problem.
They'll try to fix it.
Then they'll say, hey, we think the dam might fail in the next few weeks.
We were unable to fix it because the integrity was breached.
And then you see a larger area break open, and a couple days later, just the whole thing suddenly collapses.
So at first it just leaks down in the foundation and they try to fix it.
Then it starts seeing some water coming through down at the bottom.
And then as soon as holes start blowing through it and the water starts moving quick, it may have taken a month for it to get to that point.
Then the whole dam goes in five minutes.
And that's the point we've reached with tyranny, with all these people pretending, hey, let's have a civil war and put 80 million Trump supporters in camps.
Hey, you know, let's arrest Mark Zuckerberg says Cohen, Sacha Baron Cohen, he won't do what I say.
Hey, who would want to live in a world like that?
Where they just arrest whoever Sacha Baron Cohen wants.
There's an old funny meme that got millions of views on Twitter.
Probably five years old, you got the gay chemicals, the frogs.
And all I was doing was reading a study out of Berkeley about the frogs becoming sterile and being attracted to other male frogs.
And funny enough, that was in the New York Times.
What's happening to the sperm this weekend?
It was their cover story.
Oh, it's not just us becoming infertile, it's other animals.
Could it be?
Could it be Satan?
No, it's Atrazine.
So, it's all coming up.
Maybe we should play the old Geronimo Frost frog piece for you, because the only place you find our videos, the only place you're allowed to see them now, is banned on video.
And yeah, people are like, wow, this is one of the only independent video sites where you get, you know, a lot of videos get a million views, a ton of videos get 200, 300,000, most videos get about 30,000 views.
Well, I don't care about the views because we only have our own advertising on there.
I have to pay with the bandwidth.
I care about fighting back and waking people up.
So all I care about is how many people we reach.
And so I've got to act stupid and dress up as a gay frog because the left will let me make fun of myself.
So when I did that, that was allowed to go on Twitter.
It got millions of views, but it educated people.
They're like, hey, I'm actually going to filter my water.
So if I dress up in a tutu, And to hop around as a gay frog.
I will do that!
I will do a lot of things to fight these people, because I am legitimately concerned.
Yes, welcome to Lily Pad Lane.
Here I come.
So there you go.
And if I do silly stuff, they let it get on the internet.
They decide.
They're the overlords.
They decide.
You know, they don't want me showing you this new Lancet study that came out two days ago.
From the Journal of Lancet.
This is not like someone published it.
This is Lancet put this out saying PCR tests are totally fake and do not work and are a fraud.
I mean, the whole basis, but all these world leaders are saying, hey, you don't get on a train, a plane without the PCR tested.
We're going to lock you up for 14 days if you're positive in a FEMA camp hotel.
But even if you're negative, you've got to stay in your house.
The police are coming by.
You've got to pay us thousands of dollars.
So we're going to talk to a man who's fighting back against this.
Chris Sky on the other side of this 60-second break.
Please tell everybody you know to tune in now.
Yeah, we cut that promo a few years ago and I thought we turned the tide, but I'm going to have to say that we have been, the state is in contention about to be under globalist control yet again because they've got the governor on their side.
Thank you for joining us in our number two.
Chris Sky made international headlines the last few days as a video went viral of him challenging the COVID-PCR fraud police at the Canadian border and trying to violate his rights.
We'll be talking to him here in just a moment, but let's take some time now to look at these headlines.
These are just pouring in.
France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following the jab, some dying, many getting very, very sick.
And LifeSite News links to a bunch of mainstream reports out of France, breaking that down.
But here's the issue.
They skipped animal trials.
Experts that looked at it said it'll really hurt you down the road.
And they're having the worst adverse reactions of any vaccine ever.
And Bill Gates told you last year it's going to really hurt you bad, because they'd actually done secret tests on animals under the guise of other, quote, you know, COVID vaccines for animals.
So this is a big deal, folks.
You got all these old people dying, taking it.
It's just amazing.
UK group launches trial to test experimental COVID-19 vaccine on children as young as six.
Remember, they were going to give it to everybody, but so many old folks died a month and a half ago.
The British government said, OK, back off.
But now they're just going to do it.
With the parents signed forms letting them test on their children even though almost no children have died from COVID.
Georgia mother of two dead after receiving COVID vaccine.
That's up on InfoWars.com.
Merkel warns.
A third virus wave as Germany weighs ending the lockdown.
Oh, see, it's always another lockdown for non-essential businesses as the big businesses take over the economy.
This is siege.
And we told you this was coming.
I saw this article on InfoWars and I mean, I like Michael Snyder, but I almost took it down because, you know, Michael has these articles a year ago and then now that, you know, this is deadly and it's a horrible virus and well, They always say it in Europe and all over.
Oh, we got a lockdown again, a new strain, a new super deadly one.
Oh, this doctor saw it, this doctor thinks so.
It's the same system telling us PCR tests work when they don't.
It's the same system saying 4% of the public would die.
It's the same system that lied to us about what's happening in the nursing homes.
It pays to ship actual COVID patients in to actually kill old people so they get some death numbers.
So, a new highly resistant COVID variant has emerged in California, and it could make the plague far worse.
Just when it seemed like COVID pandemic may be subsiding, a new COVID strain has emerged in California that has the potential to change everything!
You see very similar articles all over the press.
CNN's very breathless as well.
According to tests conducted by Dr. Charles Chewy and his team, this new strain appears to result in more severe illness, and it also appears to result in more people dying from the virus!
Now, this could be true.
The moon can be made of cheese as well.
But, to be serious, I said a year ago they would use this as a simulant for the lockdown, and then we went along with it.
They released it out of Wuhan.
They have more deadly viruses in the same family they could release to really keep us under their control.
So, who knows?
You never know.
But the last so-called super deadly strains in all this were BS.
Most people don't have enough vitamin D3.
So nothing against Snyder saying that.
I just don't agree with him.
I just think these people have cried wolf so much that I don't buy into it.
But yeah, there it is.
The devil's already here!
California's coronavirus strain looks increasingly dangerous!
Yahoo News!
Kathy Pacific allowing certain passengers to go mask-free on flights.
Oh, that's right.
New York Post.
If you want to pay more money, you don't have to.
See, that's how it always works.
Russia shows off new COVID-19 vaccine factory even as people hesitate to get it.
The Russians don't trust it.
Well, we've heard the black people are able to.
They don't trust it.
COVID bill could give federal employees nearly four months off paid leave to homeschool kids while teachers do nothing.
And it goes on and on and on.
And then you've got all the nursing home deaths and Cuomo covering it up and all these other governors that did it as well.
So see, that's a way to burn him, get those other governors totally under their control.
I'm going to play the exchange, go to break and come back with our guests.
But let's go to the exchange right now.
Here he is.
He'll give us the details on the other side.
Chris Sky.
So Freedom Fighter, I had a feeling he was.
Creator of a non-profit organization, backtowork.biz and Mad Mothers Against Distancing, getmad.online.
I love it.
He's like Alfie Oaks, but I guess even more progressive fighting back.
I love it.
Helping small businesses and children due to the COVID crisis.
He is a worldwide anti-lockdown advocate and speaker and the whole future is going to be this because under Operation Lockstep it never ends.
Oh, Biden came out and said this is Operation Lockstep.
He pledged himself to it.
That's coming up too next segment.
So let's go ahead and show what happened at the border.
Got my bags and we're going to go outside.
We're gonna refuse their stupid test and tell everybody to refuse their stupid test.
So yeah.
Is there a reason you don't have a mask?
Yes, because I have a medical condition, so I don't need to wear one.
And I'm also a Canadian citizen, and this is a violation of our Charter Rights, Section 6, and a violation of the Emergency Act, 14.1.
So I'm going to be declining your test today.
Thank you very much.
No problem, I'll happily do that.
Everybody in here, if you are a Canadian citizen, simply deny the test.
Deny their quarantine and there's nothing you can do.
They cannot stop you.
They cannot force you.
You are a citizen.
You have rights.
If you want to wait in a line for two hours, let them put up your nose.
Go right ahead.
But if you have a brain and you have balls, just say no.
That's fine.
I have a camera on as well.
So, yes.
Everybody, this is what you do.
You say no to their tests, no to their quarantine, and if you're a citizen or a permanent resident, there's absolutely nothing they can do but acknowledge that you have rights and they have to respect that.
Is that not true?
Say it's true for the camera, everybody.
Say it's true.
So you have some identification?
I do, of course.
That's not a problem.
And you refuse to take the test?
I refuse to take your test a million percent.
And everybody in here, Canadian citizens, you can refuse the test.
Just say no, don't wait in line, and there's nothing they can do.
Okay, I will not yell, that's true.
But I just want you guys to acknowledge for 91,000 people watching that anybody can refuse the test.
Perfect, thank you.
You guys hear that?
Straight from the horses mouth, straight from the police, refuse the test.
Ooh, I'm getting a ticket!
Oh, not another one of those tickets!
You know, tell everybody how many people have been convicted of those tickets in Canada.
How many people have been charged?
How many people convicted?
It's a violation of our charter rights.
So when that ticket goes to court, they throw it the fuck out.
It's that simple.
So I'm waiting for my little fine.
Thanks guys.
I just want everybody to acknowledge that this is perfectly legal, perfectly acceptable.
Thank you.
Well, that is the future of the resistance.
Bill Gates admits it's a permanent lockdown, Klaus Schwab, no jobs, you're allowed to even meet people, talk to people, you have to be locked in your house, you gotta have a vaccine every time you travel, a new one, whatever they want your body, untested.
I mean, this is just a complete takeover.
We're gonna go on a break, come back with Chris Sky, and I tell you, he's on Instagram for now, Instagram forward slash telegram at Real Chris Sky.
You gotta go to his websites, too.
That's the key.
Getmad.online and backtowork.biz.
We've gotta start organizing.
We've gotta start saying no.
And by the way, you gotta fund the resistance.
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And Bill Gates can burn in hell.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, World governments out in the open with a world ID, forced inoculations run by Bill Gates and the United Nations.
And Canada's Prime Minister says Communist China is the model for dictatorship.
Close quote.
There's no longer any doubt.
You're either with the enemy or you're with freedom.
Well, Chris Sky isn't trying to live in a free country for free.
He's putting it On the line.
And just like Alfie Oakes down in Naples saying, you don't have to wear a mask in the store and everybody loves it, well, he's out there fighting as well.
But I gotta tell you, the Canadian police are very subservient to the tyranny.
They've been violating people's rights.
They're here to lay it out for us, the model of the future, because what's happening in Canada is coming here, folks.
It's already here.
Chris Sky, we salute you.
You guys are still under lockdown.
Thank you so much for coming on.
Thank you for having me, man.
Been watching you for a very, very long time.
Well, brother, you're doing more than I'm doing when it comes to getting on the front lines.
Tell us why you did it, when you did it, the aftermath, and just, you've got the floor.
Well, everybody knows that I've been probably one of the main lockdown speakers, not just in Canada, but all around the world.
I've been speaking about it since last March.
I've been all over, like I said, I was in Ireland in September when I came back from Ireland.
I did a speech September 26th.
I went to Ireland and I warned everybody that instead of opening them on September 20th, they were going to lock them down.
They were going to introduce the five-tier level lockdown.
And I tried to warn the Irish population and I even stayed there till the 20th of September when they got locked down and then I came back home.
When I came back home, I was on quarantine.
I don't believe in quarantine if you're not sick.
Quarantine is for sick people, not healthy people.
So I was planning on going to the protest.
Oh, here's the clip right here.
This is made on September 26th, six days after I got back from Ireland.
I was on quarantine.
We're going to play that next segment, but tell folks how you knew.
You got the document through the Canadian government of the UN that later was confirmed.
Yes, it wasn't even just a Canadian document.
It was basically a worldwide document and they gave a little bit of leeway to all the different countries on how to implement it and how to sell it to the people.
But one thing was clear, there's five levels of lockdown.
Level five was basically the Australia style where you're not allowed to go 500 meters from your house and they have total and complete control over you, checkpoints, all the rest of it.
Level one, you're still on a lockdown, you're still forced to wear a mask.
The idea that we're going to be getting the masks off anytime soon is ridiculous.
They plan on keeping the masks on people for years because that's how they're going to perpetuate the compliance, perpetuate the idea that there's something to be afraid of, etc.
So it was easy to say and I told the people in Ireland that was going to happen and it happened and I came back to Canada and on September 26, I went To the protests, and I did my speech there knowing that I was violating quarantine, knowing I was going to at least get ticketed, and I did get ticketed, but it wasn't a big deal.
And I told everybody exactly what was going to happen then.
I said, they're going to bring us on a lockdown.
By the end of the year, we're going to be completely locked down.
They're going to try to cancel Christmas on us.
They're going to try to cancel the Santa Claus Parade, which is the biggest event we have in all of Canada.
And I said, after Christmas, Once they got you, lockdown, once we're in the Canadian winter and it's really cold, then they're really going to put the screws to you.
They're going to start tightening travel restrictions, etc, etc.
But the most important thing that everybody has to realize is, in Canada and the United States, We have something called rights.
Rights are like a secret superpower that every citizen has.
The government doesn't even want them.
You have to exorcise them or they go away.
I don't want you to spend a whole segment on that.
But let's get back to this document that first broke in Canada, I guess, yeah, back about
six, eight months ago.
And then we later, I searched it to see if it was real.
And we found the UN original document that was just changed a little bit for each country.
They denied it at the time, but now it's all admitted, and it's not like you go into level 1, level 2, level 3.
You go into level 1, level 2, back to level 1, then level 4, then back to level 2, then to level 5, then you're never out of total martial law, locked in your house, contact tracers, forced inoculations, anywhere you go, total permanent tyranny.
So this is literally the frog in the pot as they raise the temperature.
It starts with the masks.
The masks are the foundation of all the other restrictions.
That's why when you hear people say, oh, it's just the mask or any other propaganda that they repeat from the TV, it's absolutely ridiculous.
Because without the masks, there would be no contact tracing.
Without the contact tracing, there'd be no forced testing.
Without the forced testing, there'd be no forced quarantine.
Without the forced quarantine, there'd be no travel restrictions or any other restrictions.
Then we have the businesses.
Part of this whole framework is, like you said, this is all about globalization.
This is all about consolidating the governments of the world into one type of superpower, if you will.
And the number one thing they got to get rid of is small business, because small business is independence.
So that's why I created Back to Work, the non-profit, because at the beginning of this, it was quite clear that the target of this is small business.
They're going broke while Amazon and a big business are making record profits.
So the idea that You have to comply to get out of this is the complete absurdity.
The more you comply, the more restrictions they put on you, the longer they keep extending everything.
It was two weeks, almost 52 weeks ago, and people are still complying, still saying they'll do whatever it takes, whatever the government tells them.
I don't know how many times people need to be lied to or how many times people need to be told, the government's not your friend.
They're here to control you.
And by the time they hit level 5, they're going to say, it's the few dissenters that don't go along with us, we've got to put them in jail permanently, then you'll actually get out, but then nobody ever gets out.
Mission complete.
Planetary dictatorship.
Well, they already got me on conditions because they've arrested me so many times this year.
I was arrested going to the East Coast just to go speak.
I got arrested on an airplane by the RCMP, which is the equivalent of the Canadian FBI.
They made up some completely false charges just so they could basically kidnap me off the airplane and prevent me from speaking in New Brunswick and Halifax, two separate cities on two separate days.
Thankfully, I got out and they were forced to let me go back to Toronto, which I did.
And then when I was in Toronto, Uh, January 23rd, they started, they issued an emergency order.
A new emergency order that prohibited our right to assembly.
So now, anybody that was at a protest that we had been doing for months and months and months with the complete support of the Toronto Police, anybody that spoke at a protest got arrested.
People like Kellyanne Wolf have been arrested three times, Lamont Daigle's been arrested a couple times.
So I told everybody, don't do a protest.
If you go to the protest, you're going to get a grab.
You're going to get arrested.
I go, you know what you can do?
Everybody can go for a walk because we're downtown Toronto and the nicest places.
So we had thousands and thousands of people walking.
We're in the heart of downtown Toronto, high class area.
None of us are wearing masks.
I told everybody, let's go shopping.
Everybody go in the stores, mask free, which is your right.
You can claim your medical exemption.
Everybody has the right to an exemption.
They're not allowed to ask you what your condition is.
They're not allowed to ask you for a doctor's note.
They're not allowed to ask you to approve your condition.
And above all, they're not allowed to deny you service.
So we went into multiple stores.
We started with I believe Shoppers Drug Mart.
They didn't give us a problem at all.
We had about 30-40 people in there mass-free.
We didn't want to go crazy over capacity or anything like that to scare people.
Everyone that went in there shopped.
So we weren't trespassing.
We weren't breaking any laws.
And we just marched down Yonge Street and Bloor area and went into a whole bunch of different stores.
Every store we went to, they called a whole bunch of police there.
You saw paddy wagons, you saw police trying to intimidate people, trying to tell people to leave the store.
You know what you didn't see?
Not one bylaw officer.
And the whole thing with masks is a bylaw.
And why didn't they have a bylaw officer there?
Because if a bylaw officer was there, we had the law printed out.
I would have read it out loud to them.
The bylaw officer would have agreed that everything we're doing is perfectly legal and no store can deny anybody without wearing a mask.
And that is the key.
That is the key because this is all done color of law.
They're just steamrolling us until it all gets accepted.
And what you're seeing right there on the screen that you just saw, the people walking down that steps, that was the day they made masks mandatory in Toronto.
And that was me taking a whole bunch of men, women, and children, about 100 of us, to the TTC, which is the subway, where masks were supposedly mandatory.
And we brought all those people on there mask-free.
Everybody claimed an exemption.
Chris Sky, you give me faith in humanity.
Stay there.
We're going to play the clip of you going to Ireland, giving you the exact day, months before they'd be locked down, showing that the UN is in global control.
We'll be right back.
I'll tell you, Chris Sky gives me hope.
He's smart.
He's dynamic.
He's on target.
He's a leader.
That's what we need more of.
I'm very honored to have him, very honored to learn he's a listener.
I'd seen his work quite a bit, but I didn't know that he was a listener, and I'm very thankful that our producers were able to get him on quickly.
But boy, this is just crazy.
People have to understand, this is premeditated.
And that's how he could go to Ireland and say, on this exact date, months from now, they'll intensify the lockdown, not remove it as they promised to do.
Because he had the UN document, he had the formulae.
Next segment, listeners pointed this out.
We found a document from 11 years ago when Lockstep came out, 2010, where I say they're going to lock down the borders, make you wear masks, have checkpoints, force inoculations to travel.
Now, no one cares when I read Lockstep 11 years later.
It's like, oh, so what?
But to see the younger Alex Jones, And see, people think it's like magic.
Like, like, how does Chris Sky know the exact date?
Because the Irish now listen to him.
I've seen the articles.
They're like, because it's like superstition.
I don't care if you're American, Irish, we're all the same.
You can be African, whatever.
It's like, it's like people think you're magic then.
Like, whoa, how does he know that?
Because it's a damn premeditated operation.
And so everything he's saying is absolutely on target.
So Chris, I interrupted you earlier because I wanted you to get into what currently happened before we got into your rights.
People knowing their rights, and we would have more rights here, but rights are really what we demand.
So you've got as much rights as I've got, even if the Canadian Constitution doesn't say it.
But even according to your Constitution or your Charter, you've got amazing rights that should be defended.
It's only pointing out rights that already exist.
But what I wanted to hit first was, You mentioned the Ireland clip.
Set this up.
We'll tell folks the date.
Cover some more of those areas, then we'll get into rights.
Well, really quick, I just want to finish what happened the day when I did the massless shopping.
So we went to all the stores, massless shopping.
They wouldn't bring the bylaw.
Police came everywhere, tried to intimidate.
I'm talking really fast because I know time is limited.
No, we'll keep it as long as we need to.
In fact, I'm excited too.
People ask me, they go, Jones, are you on cocaine or meth?
No, I had one cup of coffee this morning.
I start talking about global government with Klaus Schwab, saying I'll be locked in my house and won't ever get meat again, and I can't have a car, they're gonna forcefully inoculate me and my kids, I'm gonna have to fight back!
I'm pissed!
This is called... It's like when you go to a football game and you get excited.
Sorry, go ahead.
So anyway, after everybody dispersed, after we were successful going into all the stores, the last store we went into was Whole Foods because it's partially owned by Amazon.
I walked back to my car alone.
I had one bodyguard who was a senior citizen from the Ukraine.
And she saw, as soon as I got to my car, I got swarmed by the police, I got arrested.
They charged me with four counts of public mischief and a count of public nuisance.
They ended up letting me out that day.
They gave me all these ridiculous conditions.
I was supposedly banned from the city of Toronto.
They wanted me to hand over all my legally owned firearms.
And then I had a condition that states that I have to abide by the emergency order.
So right now I'm on quarantine at home.
Normally, if I left my house right now, all they could do is charge me under the Quarantine Act
and give me one of those stupid ticket violations, which I would fight in court and it would get thrown out.
Now, if I leave my house, they can charge me with a breach of my conditions,
which is a serious criminal charge.
And because they've already arrested me so many times this year,
they can make a case not even to give me bail.
So with all this lockdown stuff, the way they've manipulated the law, so if I leave my house right now, I can basically get locked up without bail for six months.
Well, that's what I was going to say next.
In Germany, it's the same, where they bust in on people, medical doctors doing online seminars about how this is a fraud, where they SWAT team people in Canada that are online, live, criticizing what's going on.
It's clearly the cover with contact tracers to arrest their political opposition in the future, and they're already doing it.
I mean, take Australia, where they arrest all these people because they're online criticizing the lockdown.
Yeah, that's what they're trying to do in Canada next.
They're trying to do an online speech law.
They're already really censoring social media, as you know, but they're trying to take it a step further.
They have you locked up in your house now.
You're going stir-crushy.
I wanted to let everybody know that when you come home from another country, they're trying to stop everybody from traveling.
The reason they want everybody not to travel is because when you go to these other countries, you're seeing that you're not locked down in these places.
Places like Mexico, they're partying.
All these other countries are open for business, having a good time.
They want you to think everybody's living like Canada, masked up, terrified, and afraid.
The more locked down, they never want you to leave because they want to keep you in that bubble and take full control to finish the final takeover.
They want to control your perception 100%.
They don't want any outside influences breaking their brainwashing over you.
So they came up with all these crazy rules.
Oh, when you come home, we're going to forcibly test you.
So you're going to stand in line for two or three hours.
And then we're going to make you go to a hotel and we're going to keep you there locked up like an animal or a criminal in solitary confinement.
So you definitely don't want to travel.
It's absolute hogwash.
Just like I showed on the video.
We have rights.
Canadians have rights.
Section 6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is freedom of movement.
That means Canadians can come and go from Canada as they please.
They can move around Canada as they please, without any type of confinement, without any type of harassment.
Then we have section 14.1 of the Quarantine Act, and it very explicitly states what the government is allowed to do when they're trying to see if you have a communicable disease.
And they're allowed to do things like ask you health questions, observe for symptoms, take a temperature check, but they are not allowed any invasive type of medical procedure, and that obviously includes shoving something up your nose, in your mouth, in your butt now they even have!
So, all of that is completely illegal, and they're only using the threat of these stupid fines to try to coerce people into going.
And the fines are toilet paper.
There's been thousands and thousands of people charged with these fines, and all that happens is, you bring it to court, you can say the same thing, violation of section 6, violation of 14.
Oh, it's like they have state laws that you don't have to wear a mask if you have anxiety, but then they try to ignore it at all the facilities.
Exactly, on top of that.
But as soon as it goes to court, it gets thrown out.
So, when you come home from a vacation, if you're a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you have the same rights.
You simply say, I'm a citizen or a permanent resident.
And Chris, here's the key.
Say that beautifully in your video to their faces with 90,000 people watching at the time on your own stream.
People don't understand what you said.
Complying only makes the lockdown longer and worse and it never ends.
Only not complying.
So they've broken the social contract.
We think comply for a reasonable problem.
No, we're not complying for a reasonable problem.
This is an authoritarian, UN, world government, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab takeover on record.
And that's what I talked about.
September 26th I did a video.
I want you guys to play it.
Andrew Saez from Rebel filmed it.
It was like a prediction video.
And it said everything that was going to happen.
And I've seen this video translated into so many different languages I lost count.
I was just in Istanbul two weeks ago and I just ran into somebody on the street.
And my number is public.
So this person whatsapped me the video of me with Turkish subtitles.
And this video's got, I think, close to a million views in one copy.
And the way the accuracy is laid out is unparalleled.
And it's like you said, it's not because I'm psychic.
It's because this stuff is planned so far in advance that they have to have it written down.
They have to have documents.
There are whistleblowers in the government and the police department that are trying to get this stuff out there because they don't want to get fired.
Almost all the prestigious doctors and scientists, including the Lancet, is saying the PCR tests are fraud and that COVID isn't killing most these people.
PCR tests were already invalidated in the Portuguese court because everybody knows that the false positives outweigh
the actual positives Especially when they up the cycle count in Canada right now
They up the cycle count to something like 30 35 even up to 40 in some cases what that means for the layman's terms is
They're increasing the sensitivity of the test So basically, anything that you have in your system, it could have been a flu shot, it could have been a COVID vaccine, it could have been that you had COVID months ago, it could have been that you had a cold, it could have been that you had the flu, any little thing will come up as COVID.
And then they call you a COVID case.
And then they pretend that they have to have us locked down.
In reality- And by the way, that's another key point you just No, he says you can't not wear a mask.
And that's what I say in the video September 26th.
I already tell everybody way back then.
They're going to tell you to take the vaccine.
That's going to get you back to normal.
Then in reality, once you take the vaccine, they're going to tell you the vaccine is not as effective as we thought.
We don't know if you're not contagious, so you're still going to have to wear your mask, but you're still going to have to get vaccinated.
By the way, that's really bad for your sinus to jam it all the way up in your head like that.
There's so many contaminants in the air.
There's a lot of evidence showing they're actually infecting people with other viruses and bacteria at these facilities.
Stay there.
We'll come right back.
I know the Chinese government got caught tainting them.
It's all planned.
We'll be right back.
What if I say I will never surrender?
Well, Chris Sky is really kicking ass.
And I tell a lot of our guests you're on fire, because we have guests on that are on fire.
You can call this broadcast on fire.
Chris Sky, during that break, man, he was telling me all this amazing stuff.
Will you please, because it makes me very proud of the listeners for supporting us over the years.
There's so many activists I get on like you, you know, ended up waking up because of this show.
You're saying you've been listening to this broadcast since you were a child, brother.
Tell folks about that.
Oh my gosh, the first video I saw of you must have been in like 2002, just after 9-11 happened.
And I've been a fan since then, so I was probably around 14 or 15 years old then.
We're talking over 20 years ago.
So to be on the show is a complete honor, and just like you, I live and breathe this.
I sleep like maybe 3 hours every 24 hours.
Everybody that knows me knows this.
That's the spirit though, because when you know you're under attack, and you're not hateful, you're not bitter, you're winning, you're laughing, you're dominating, you're crushing them!
Yeah, so I have a lot of energy.
I just eat a lot.
I don't sleep, but I eat a lot.
That's for sure.
Well, brother, you're kicking ass.
Let's play that clip that probably has 100 million views.
I mean, in fact, when you mentioned the clip, I'd forgotten.
I saw this months ago and it had like 5 million views.
And as fast as they take it down, it goes back up in like every language out there.
So here is probably the 50th ripped generation of you laying out the battle plan.
And folks now are like, oh, this guy's a prophet.
No, you have their battle plan.
Here it is.
You don't need a mask.
The mask is about compliance.
Because they know Canadians like to do what they're told.
So they tell you, you have to wear a mask.
Next they're going to tell you, you have to contact trace.
Then they're going to tell you, you have to take the vaccine.
And because Canadians like to do what they're told, they're hoping that everyone just complies.
And then guess what, kids?
Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn't know any better, They're gonna tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was gonna be, so now you still gotta wear your mask, still gotta get contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.
And then what did you get out of all of this?
You got a whole year where you weren't allowed to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, they forced the vaccine on you, and...
What happened?
The same amount of people died, everything is the exact same, and now they're gonna put you back on lockdown and bring it all the way till July of next year so they can do the same thing again!
Bring you from July, August, and September, getting you off lockdown, but just to bring you back on lockdown again.
If you idiots haven't figured it out yet, It's a perpetual cycle that you never get out of.
And it's a way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth.
So you become dependent on government.
If you're independent, the government works for you like it's supposed to.
If you depend on the government to give you a paycheck to feed your family every month, because they closed your business on you, now the government doesn't work for you, the government rules you!
So instead of a middle class, we have the government, upper class, And the lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive.
In other words, we have a slave class.
And that's what they're trying to do.
It's that simple.
Alright, thanks a lot Chris.
And you're telling me days before they came to your house and threatened to arrest you if you spoke in public again?
I mean, that's not a free country.
It was actually the day before that.
Because they knew I came back on the 20th of September.
On the 25th of September, they came to my house knowing that the 26th I'd be at the protest.
And the police openly said, if you go to the protest, we're going to charge you under the Quarantine Act criminally.
And I said, go for it.
I'm going to the protest.
I went to the protest.
I made that video.
They charged me.
They gave me a ticket.
The mainstream media came up just to film them giving me the ticket.
I looked at the ticket, they spelled my first and last name wrong on the ticket.
I went back on the podium, got on the mic, I publicly challenged them to give me a proper ticket so I could challenge it in court.
They didn't.
The next week, while I was still on quarantine, I went back to the protest again.
This time, Maxime Bernier, the leader of the PPC, was there, and Rob Carbone, leader of the Republican Party of Canada, was there, and we all took pictures together.
Nobody told him to quarantine, nobody told him to stay away from me, anything like that.
The next day I got charged criminally under the Quarantine Act.
I'm the only person in the history of Canada to get charged criminally.
I took it to court.
I've been trying to get it to court and get a trial because I know I can file multiple charter challenges and win.
Guess what they've done?
They've postponed on me four times so far.
And I have another court date coming up and I guess what they're going to do again.
I'm going to ask them for disclosure.
I'm going to ask them for a trial.
They're not going to give it to me.
Listen, brother, you're on the war room tomorrow, Chris.
I want to invite you back to take calls for a full two hours, Friday or Sunday, whatever day you want, because... Any day.
I'm trapped here.
If I leave, I'm screwed.
If I leave my house, if I go one step off my property, they're watching from both sides.
They're going to grab me.
They're going to arrest me.
They're going to make a case that I don't get bail because they've already arrested me three times.
I'll tell you what's beautiful about this in a sick way.
All these cops that follow illegal orders, they're losing their future too.
Are they idiots?
This is meant to permanently collapse the world economy and bring in total tyranny.
Don't these idiots get it?
A lot of them do.
I want to make this very, very, very clear.
First of all, the cops in the video you saw at the airport, the police officers, my bad, as soon as the camera stopped rolling, they were so nice to me, and not just professionally nice, genuinely nice.
If you saw the Rebel interview that was made the same day immediately after that... I mean, I agree.
Right here in Austin, the whole time, the cops have been the most awake about the mask.
They all know it's BS because they know statistics.
Cops know statistics, and they know statistically we have the same number of deaths globally last year than the year before.
There's the police officer shaking my hand.
That's right after the airport.
As soon as we stopped filming, they escorted me towards the exit.
David Menzies from Rebel News was waiting for me.
He saw the police officers escort me out gently.
They all shook my hand.
They walked away.
I did my interview with Rebel and I went home.
No problems, no casualties.
Let's talk about rights and solutions and organizing tomorrow.
Come on for at least an hour tomorrow.
We're going to schedule you right now.
Go in the war room as well.
I'm going to end this segment with a Two and a half minute video for myself in 2010, reading from Operation Lockstep and predicting what would happen in the coming years under the Rockefeller world government takeover.
Chris Skye, backtowork.biz.
We salute you.
We appreciate you.
You're on Twitter still at chrissaccoccia1.
And of course, backtowork.biz and getmad.online.
We salute you, brother.
I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow.
My pleasure.
Thank you for having me.
I look forward to being on your show some more.
God bless you.
Yeah, folks, I'm not on a power trip about having dinner with, you know, Brad Pitt or Charlie Sheen.
I don't care about being in Richard Linklater movies, even though he's a nice guy.
I don't care about any of this.
I care about knowing people like Chris Sky and people like Alfie Oakes and Tucker Carlson and all these folks.
These are real human beings.
You're real human beings.
And I am just so honored to be here.
I am so thankful that the listeners keep us on air.
I am so thankful that you appreciate us and put up with me.
I love you.
We're in this together and we're going to beat this together with God's help.
But that's why the Southern Poverty Law Center sent me an email today going, we have witnesses coming out that you told them you hate your audience.
Why the hell would I do that?
Even if it was true, I wouldn't.
Pure bull.
They're trying to separate us from each other.
We're all under real attack.
But it's not gonna work.
You stand behind Trump even though he's not perfect.
You stand behind me even though I'm not perfect.
I stand behind you even though you're not perfect.
Because we've all, we've got, it's us together.
And man, this damn thing's a plan.
You think I'm happy about this?
You think I'm happy I've been proven right?
No, I'm not.
But you know what?
We're going to beat this thing together.
And let me tell you, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and all the criminals that launched this, they're a big organized crime, these big corporations.
Hitler thought he was too big to fail.
The Soviet Union thought they were too big to fail.
ZZ Pink thinks he's too big to fail.
They will fail!
I'm going to play this report where we predicted it all 10 years ago, 11 years ago, and then Steve Quayle's coming up next hour.
Here's the report.
I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on
the YouTube videos or on message boards and I'm a liar. I know why because it's
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends. You're
not going to be able to just you know go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news today.
Coming up next segment, for the balance of the hour, the great Steve Quayle.
is going to be our guest to talk about the open announcements of FEMA camps and mass arrest of patriots and a war on terror and General Ida Ray saying he'll get our guns.
I mean, this is crazy or anything he ever said or I ever said, even though we were dead on.
That's coming up.
And you saw me play part of that broadcast from 2010 where I read Operation Lockstep and told you how they'd roll it out.
I told you the rest of the story.
We're going to play a little bit more of that clip coming up as well.
But first off, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to get down to brass tacks with everybody right here.
I appreciate the viewers and the listeners.
And I want to stay on air and fight the globalists.
And it takes a lot of money to prosecute this war.
It takes a lot of money to have your own network, your own servers, your own systems, your own satellite.
Uplink, your own facilities, your own legal, your own janitors, your own warehouse.
We had to do it all because we were the most banned first.
So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for underwriting us.
And I want to thank you for your support and your will and your strength and your prayers.
It is your will that is powering InfoWars.
I can feel your will.
I can feel your strength.
And just as I get mad at myself when I'm weak or I don't understand everything, I get, you know, mad at my friends and family sometimes as well, but I love you all.
And I am just extremely thankful to be in this position and to be going through all of this together because we're going to win in the end.
Christ is King, and we know the devil's real, but that means God's real as well.
So it's an incredible time to be alive.
I had talked to my patron supply, the number one storable food company in the United States, or the world really, only 14 years old, Because they've got such service and such quality and such fast delivery, they've become the biggest company.
And they said, listen, we can't do the discounts anymore and we can't do the free shipping because there isn't enough markup.
We're not making money.
You're not making money.
We've got to keep the lights on, Jones.
We're already the lowest price for high quality.
And I called them up during the ice storm and I said, look, we've habituated everybody to sales.
And they said, you're right, we don't care, we'll sell it basically at cost.
You'll get your percentage to pay for your operation.
How about free shipping too, Alex?
And I said, are you being sarcastic?
And the owner, who doesn't want his name mentioned, said, no, free shipping and 10% off.
That's such an insane deal, it makes my head spin.
But he said, you can only run it for seven days.
And so, that's that.
Seven days starting today, 10% off and free shipping, already great, high quality, durable food.
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You see all the headlines, arrest Alex Jones, trending on Twitter.
Kill Alex Jones, trending on Twitter.
And I'm not a wimp, I'm not whining, I'm not bitching.
I just know this is very serious.
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And then we've got people to stay on air and try to keep operating as long as we can after that.
But they've tried to silence us.
It's not working.
So now I'm not going to tell you the stuff they're doing.
It doesn't intimidate me at all.
It actually gives me energy.
But they've got a lot of stuff going on.
Something they think intimidates us, it doesn't intimidate us.
It only makes us know we're definitely over the target.
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I mean, they could start a major war, turn the lights out any day.
I mean, we're under globalist takeover.
We're under God's judgment.
This is only going to get crazier from here on out.
I told you that when they stole the election from Trump.
I said, don't go to sleep because the start's just begun of this.
We may go on for years.
We may turn things around.
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All right, we're going to go to break and come back with... Humanity was doing a great job trying to struggle free from the grips of world government.
But it wasn't enough of a spiritual Christian movement to break the chains of Satan.
God has to do that in the end.
It's not up to us to win this.
It's up to us to persevere to the end, to meet with our Creator through this test.
Everything in life is a test.
Everything is a dance.
Everything is already choreographed by God.
By giving us consciousness and free will, but God still knows the outcome, but still his children had to go through the test.
Steve Quayle is a best-selling author, filmmaker, researcher, survivalist, one of the first big survivalists.
He's been on air over 30 years.
I'd hear him on air 30 years ago and thought, he sounds legitimate, doesn't sound like he's lying, but he's going too far.
It turned out he was just too far ahead.
And so he joins us to get into the announcements of re-education camps, of martial law, of all Trump supporters must be re-educated, of the cutting off our pipelines, opening our borders, Biden coming up, I'll play the video, pledge allegiance to the Great Reset, that's the technical name of This whole operation, and that's really the public name of it, the scientific name is the Operation Lockstep.
So that's all coming up here, ladies and gentlemen.
Steve Quayle joins us and I really appreciate him coming on.
Steve, it's so surreal, people overuse that word, but To know this was all coming, to see him setting it up, to see the beta testing, and then you always warning that once they launch though, it won't be beta anymore, it'll all accelerate, and now we've accelerated like at warp speed, and it's just getting more nightmarish by the moment, and so there's this paradox.
of huge awakenings, but also those that are under deception are accepting now more and more.
And in downtown Austin, a large part of the public, when we go videotape them,
actually behave like hunchback demons or something.
So just a lot of weirdness is going on.
Thank you for joining us, my friend.
Well, Alex, I think you've nailed it.
And the bottom line is the entire nation has turned largely against the living God and embrace Satanism,
the Luciferians.
And ladies and gentlemen, for all these years, we've been called every name you can call us,
but quote conspiracy theorists.
And first of all, every single conspiracy we've named has now come into play.
We told you the globalists were going to try and steal the government.
We told you there are FEMA camps.
We told you ladies and gentlemen about all the military plans and even now Fortress America simply means that the politicians who have sold us out and sold us to foreign interests and you'd be surprised how much Chinese money went into back the leading politicians and ladies and gentlemen we're at the time now Texas is a microcosm of Of the war that's going to be absolutely in place and exerted against the entire United States of America.
Somebody called it Texageddon.
And Alex, we've been talking about everything from weather warfares, we've been talking about foreign troops, we've been talking about, by the way, some people don't get it, but there's 256,000.
That's a real number of guillotines dispersed throughout the FEMA camps.
Military bases at different places around the world.
I couldn't know that unless somebody, excuse me, who had access to that phone.
And didn't they put it in the last Defense Authorization Act to use guillotines again?
Yes, they did.
And it's now an official, acceptable form of absolute capital punishment.
And I heard you 30 years ago saying, and when they're about to make their move, they'll legalize guillotines.
And I'm like, this guy's a whack job.
They just did it last year.
And here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen, this is really critical.
Again, the weather modification against Texas was for basically four different reasons.
Number one, succession.
Number two, the lawsuits against the stolen election.
Number three, Texas's oil and livestock industry.
Number four, I just made a quick note of myself, you know, the ability of Texas to actually, with their economy and the amount of people that have distilled the patriotic fervor.
Now, when I see Austin, Alex, you know, I wonder about that.
But here's the thing.
Sure, but the Texas idea of being our own country and self-sufficient, what we were, they had to discredit that.
As Chuckie Schumer said, now maybe we've learned our lesson, but we now know it was ERCOT and the globalists ordered the stand down.
We have the document.
So here's the deal.
The entire United States is going into a forced famine.
There's nothing in the pipelines.
And I tell people this, next to food, Alex just told you about, you know, the food supply, you've got to get it.
But all of the supplements, Alex, every supplement you have, I said years ago, the food will go and then they'll, they, the globalists, Luciferians will... Oh, we already can't get most of the supplements.
A lot of this is our last runs.
We've already gotten rid of seven products.
We just can't get it?
And that's the thing.
They want to starve us.
And I tell you what, we're the richest guy in the world.
The Gates of Hell makes a statement that you and I should eat artificial meat.
Hello, everybody.
That's why Texas was chosen.
I've been talking about weather modification and weather warfare for 25 years.
And the thing that people got to understand, every defense secretary has talked about it.
There's a United Nations treaty against it.
The most sophisticated weapons are 72.
Ionospheric heaters.
So this is to starve you into compliance.
And by the way, Alex, you made the statement.
It's true.
125 million people have to die according to The Globalist.
All of the statements have all Maybe from all the political left.
They're going to get rid of Trump supporters.
They're going to get rid of gun owners.
And I want to share this.
Every gun owner, you've got to understand that the battlefield is coming to your front door.
And in essence, you watch the country get stolen.
Supreme Court, they are no longer supreme.
We've watched our Congress sell us out.
We've watched the election stolen.
We've watched the tech Let me stop you.
build the ultimate surveillance system in China and I said all along and so did you Alex that
they're just going to bring it to the United States and ladies and gentlemen by the way
Facebook is trace book uh cellophones I call them hella phones and we've heard all of the things and
ladies and gentlemen Alex and I you remember this Alex 20 years ago we talked about Marcus
Wolf of the Stasi you've get me prima cop the former head let me stop you I had you on like
20 years ago, it was 20 years ago.
It was right after 9-11.
And you go, they hired Marcus Wolf in a million dollar program in the congressional budget.
I thought you were wrong.
I went and looked it up and it was in their budget.
Years later they admitted it.
They admitted Google and Facebook hired all of his adjuncts to actually run their operations.
That's mainstream news!
And it is.
And so what was Facebook?
What is Twitter?
What is all of social media?
And look at all of us who are warning about it.
We've all been deplatformed.
I just found out I'm banned in more countries yesterday.
But what's fascinating is simply this.
They have created self-erecting, or basically self-building, intelligence dossiers.
How many people don't get jobs because they're bragging on Facebook, going out and getting hammered or whatever?
But it's worse than that.
Every single contact of the Facebookees, and by the way, I came up with a term, I believe it's accurate, Faces of Death Book, obviously all of the different tracking, facial tracking parameters, everything.
And the bottom line is, is that ladies and gentlemen, all of these were funded, funded by the Central Intelligence Agency or different intelligence agencies.
And that's why all of the guys who submitted to it are all billionaires and some of the richest people in the world.
So here's the thing.
Texas, please understand this.
You had full-scale weather war against you, economic warfare against you, you heard what Schumer, that piece of, you know, mouthpiece, I can't say it, but the bottom line is those people hate you.
And so in order to insulate themselves, they brought in the National Guard.
Notice this, even Nancy Pelosevich, okay, decided, Pelosevich, decided to ask for Armored personnel carriers with machine guns, a most anti-gun spokesman for the Democratic Party and the Republican whores, Republican whores, absolutely wanted to machine gun you all.
And notice he went out and reviewed the armored vehicles like Red Dawn and they said they're staying until, I meant to play the Leahy clip from yesterday guys, get it, Senator Leahy said they stay until we're routed out.
And so we have permanent martial law in DC.
Let's come back and talk about what they're going to do next, because you're great at telling us what's happening now, but you're really great at telling us what's coming next, the different scenarios and how we decide what those will be and what we can do with Steve Quayle.
And I'll give you his latest websites as well when we come back.
Just absolutely incredible.
Stay with us.
Steve Quayle.com is the main site.
Gen6giants.com is his other big site.
Made a lot of big films, they're on TV, you name it.
But Steve Quayle is definitely the visionary.
His books, and I've read them all, just decades before, predicted everything.
And it's just incredible.
People ask, where did Alex Jones get it all?
I got it from The Globalist, admitting a lot of stuff, and then Steve Quayle's analysis and my own analysis.
But, I mean, Steve Quayle's been Right up there with David Icke and others predicting what was coming.
And he just deserves the credit, folks, because he was put through a lot of hell for telling the truth.
And yes, we do carry some of his books at infowarestore.com.
But the one you need to read is available at SteveQuill.com.
It's Weather Wars and Unnatural Disasters.
We'll talk about this coming up next segment.
But let's spend the shorter segment, Steve, getting into... I can't be alarmist enough.
I mean, when you've got Leahy saying, we're not going to leave the troops.
Until the Trump supporters are routed out and every other pundit saying, we want war, we want death, we want to kill people.
All of it.
I mean, they say they want us in FEMA camps.
They have bills that say re-education camp centers.
I mean, this is what Obama wanted to do.
We know Biden is what the third term of Obama.
Really, oh, Biden, is that accurate?
And what do you think is coming next?
Well, first of all, what's coming next, and by the way, Biden's just a ham puppet.
Just substitute the New World Order.
Just substitute the death of 90% of the world's population.
That's what's real.
But what's coming first and foremost is basically, Alex, we're going to see border lockdowns.
And what really infuriated me was when Leahy said, we're not going to take away our, if you will, protective Barbed wire, our fortress, Washington, D.C.
And he said this until the First and Second Amendment are gone.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's treason!
That's treason!
In essence, they, I'll make it simple, Alex, they want everybody dead.
They're not coming for the gun owners, they're coming to murder.
They, you know, got to arrest them.
They'll arrest whoever they come after.
I totally agree.
So why are they being so honest?
Why did Biden last Monday endorse the invasion of Hong Kong and death camps in China?
I mean, the whole world was just like, what the hell is this?
Well, the ties between the current administration and China are off the charts.
The amount of money paid to bribe, you know, I mean, come on, you can see all of the different compromised, compromised, even Mick McConnell and others compromised.
Compromised by the Chinese interest.
So, here's the deal, ladies and gentlemen.
The two most important rights, in my opinion, in the Bill of Rights, is free speech.
They're killing our ability to speak freely.
Second is the Second Amendment, with without it, everybody dies.
And what makes me furious, Alex, is even the Diegel Report.
You and I nailed that years ago, stating they're going to take the population of America down to 100 million.
And for those that don't know, major insurance actuaries have this magic disappearance of large parts of the population coming up soon.
And you can expect, first of all, again, I want to tell people what's headed.
Genocide of the elderly and of the infirm, okay?
You're going to watch state after state, everything from allowing, you know, merciful death, euthanasia, everything.
They're going to basically make total war on the American people.
They're going to starve us out.
And by the way, Alex, when you see all of these empty coolers at whatever mart store, whatever supermarket store, what makes people think there will ever be food on the shelves again?
I'm telling you, everyone, the plan was with the COVID-19 lockdown.
It's the cover for the collapse so they can blame it on COVID when the plan was always the Great Reset to bring us to our knees in their own words.
And absolutely.
And then the other thing, that false charges, listen, right now there is no appeal to the courts.
There is no appeal.
False arrests are happening all over the country.
And Biden just released, he just signed a proclamation, I guess you'd say amnesty, against all of the Antifa and BLM people.
Meanwhile, Trump supporters rot in prison.
That's right.
People that shot cops, burned down buildings, they're released, literally.
But meanwhile, people that walked between the velvet ropes because they didn't know what was happening, a few hundred broke in, a few hundred followed, they're being charged with terrorism.
Absolutely, and here's what's coming next.
You're already seeing it in the headlines of today.
California, the new mutant variation of CV-19.
All of the bull manure that was associated with the first lockdown.
Ladies and gentlemen, you create the problem, CV-19.
You provide the solution.
Oh, our tests.
And you provide the ultimate thing, vaccination.
This is the statement, and I made this first on Alex's show years ago, shot in the arm, shot in the head, either way you end up dead.
Vaccine or a bullet to your head.
People thought that was so extreme, and I want to share this, the word extremist, the word, they call us everything, fear mongers, conspiracy theorists.
And they love the race thing because now anyone pro-human, anyone pro-life is called a racist.
We are for the human race.
It's actually true.
They are anti-carbon, meaning they're anti-human.
Why are they so anti-carbon?
Well, first of all, because they intend.
That's a great question.
They intend to get rid of humanity or humankind And I am a human racist, too.
I believe in the right of the human race to exist.
And insert a siliconized life form.
A good example?
Sex robots.
Yeah, but how did you know that 20 years ago when you wrote best-selling books on it?
Because no one had said that until you did.
How did you know their secret plan?
Because now they've unveiled it.
Well, here's the deal.
Knowing they want to destroy fertility and human fertility, knowing all of the, you know, science fiction movies were telegraphing it way back into the 50s, actually even back into the 30s and 40s.
But the thing is, is that human sexuality will give way.
That's the same thing with the LGBTQXYZ movement.
Obviously, we're seeing the denigration of the human race.
We're seeing the depopulation of the human race.
I tell people, we've got the dumbest sperm in the world because, and I'm saying in America, because they can't count.
Our sperm counts.
And it doesn't matter if you're black or white or Hispanic or whatever, all of our sperm is dying.
Our future's dying.
We're under attack.
We should stop killing each other.
You are an American.
You're not an Afro-American.
You're not a... I am a human racist.
I am pro-human.
I am a human racist.
I think we're coining the term today here, brother.
Yep, yep, and here's the deal.
The deal is, is that all of these life forms, and by the way, I'm on record, and what you're gonna see, ladies and gentlemen, is all the demons, all the middle-aged, uh, uh, you know, myths and legends come into your literal vision, and you're gonna see demon-possessed machines, and all that the technocrats are doing is based on silicon.
When Pete, they were talking about eradicating, eradicating- Yeah, they say the spirit's gonna come into the silicon, just like they told us in Maximum Overdrive.
So everything Hollywood, by the way, every Hollywood movie and science fiction has to get cleared through the intelligence agency.
I was talking to a top scientist from MIT at dinner, I'm gonna leave it at that, and of another very famous person, and he told me, I said, what's the endgame?
He said what Elon Musk said a month ago about endless orgasms from a computer.
He said a sex robot is our main goal.
It seems dumb to me because I don't want to have sex with a sex doll, but to them, if they can become the woman, if they can replace that, they believe they've won.
Stay there.
Steve Quayle is on fire as always.
And his book, Weather Wars and Unnatural Disasters.
We carry some of his books.
We should be carrying them all in a book store.
I don't care where you get it.
Just be sure and get this book because it's excellent.
And by the way, they're admitting weather wars are going on.
That polar vortex, you can see China push it with their electromagnetic systems they admit they have all the way over to hit us.
We'll be right back.
There is a war on for your mind.
And my mind.
Steve Quayle is going to have to join us again next week if he'll do it.
He just laid an incredible idea on me, and I knew about some of this.
I was being told about this.
Maybe when I mentioned Elon Musk is why I brought this up, but a real chink in the enemy's armor is all this technology is advancing, but they're mainly targeting the general public and mainline technology or older technology, but they're not targeting some of these other areas, and it's a real gap in the globalist defenses.
And so we're going to talk about that maybe at the end of the show or maybe if he comes back and joins us next week, but very, very exciting.
We're definitely on the same page, but he's, as usual, a few steps ahead of me.
So Steve Quayle.
We're here.
We're talking about all this.
You mentioned Senator Leahy.
Here he is yesterday on TV.
And as you mentioned, the full 10-minute interview, he says, not until we've routed out the extremist speech and gotten the guns, that Schumer's introduced a bill that Biden supports to ban all semi-autos and everything, and register everybody else, and then have no due process where the Justice Department says, you can't have a gun, you can't have a gun, making them imperial.
This is so dangerous.
He said that basically we won't have the troops leave D.C.
until that happens.
So they're planning on stuff so bad, they're worried about a march on D.C.
with pissed off Americans.
Here's Senator Leahy.
I would suggest that everybody get together and look at the future because if you have something that goes on for months, the president calling them, everybody else calling them, I worry that there's a lot more there.
I think until we root out the hate and throw the rafters to the door that day, no fence or tank or barrier is going to provide the safety we need.
We want safety, but also, talking about Edwin Franklin who says give up, those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
I know a vote is on, and before I close, I do want to commend Chief Conte for your swift response.
You don't have an easy job trying to protect a city as large as Washington, D.C., and balance the delicate balance with dozens of other Law enforcement.
So, Senator Leahy can barely talk.
He twists Benjamin Franklin's quote about those that give up essential liberty won't have and deserve neither.
But then he says, oh, no tanks or barbaric offensives will protect us, but they've got to stay until we've routed out the hate.
After they burned down half the country this last summer.
So, again, this is really a declaration of war, Steve Quayle.
And here's the thing.
It's more than a declaration of war.
The American people, especially the Trump, obviously the Second Amendment gun owners, the Christians, really high up on the list.
Look at the identification, the vilification of Christians, the nullification of them, we're better off without them, and the destruction.
And by the way, the cutting off the heads relating the guillotines I'd encourage everybody to go to Revelation chapter 20 and verse 4 and it talks about the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God and for they who didn't worship the beast.
We've heard, again, We've heard from Bill Gates' own mouth, you won't be able to buy, you won't be able to sell, you won't be able to trade, and you won't be able to travel!
That's right, it's not the Bible telling us now, it's Bill Gates, it's Klaus Schwab, and you know, it's interesting, the Jacobins used guillotines when they had other ways to kill in France, they were Satanists on record, but that's mainline history, people don't know that.
It goes back to the Bible, the beheading, why is the Satan There it is.
obsessed with beheading. There it is. And I saw thrones and they sat upon them and
judgment was given to them and I saw the souls of them were beheaded for the
witness of Jesus for the Word of God for which had not worshipped the beast
neither his image neither received his mark upon their foreheads or their hands
and they had lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
I mean they are literally setting this up. Well they're setting us up and
it's prophetic because again the war that's between the children of God and God's
children and Satan's offspring was set up in Genesis 3:15.
I agree, but why do they love to chop our... why is Satan's favorite way to chop the head off?
Great answer because we were created in the image and likeness of God and he hates God so much.
That's why they want us to wear a mask and hate ourselves and they want to chop the head off.
And the mask is the first thing.
That's why I said the mask of the beast equals a mark of the beast and equals the murder by the beast.
Alex, here's the thing.
Maybe people can understand.
They used to talk about someone who's headed to their execution or prison.
Dead man walking.
We are all dead people walking unless we stand up, we speak up, we speak out, and we do peaceful resistance until it's no longer peaceful.
Is it not the mark though that we're wearing a mask ashamed of our image that we're evil?
This is so satanic.
Because again, it's art.
Look what's in a smile.
What's in anger?
Your face is the expression.
Your mouth is what you see.
It's truth.
They don't want us registering the face because at a spiritual level, we know that's a good person or a bad person.
Absolutely, and they want to cut off communication.
By the way, the six-foot bullsheet, S-H-E-E-T, okay?
Here's the thing, bull's the lie, the sheet, and I'm spelling it, S-H-E-E-T, is what covers up the lie, or what covers up our face.
And now, they know how stupid, and I'm saying this, how stupid, with no science, Modern science and hundreds of years of science has been thrown out the door.
I have a new lancet study saying the PCR test is totally fake, unreliable, and a fraud.
So the basis of the whole thing is a fraud.
But again, it's how many people became complacent, apathetic, and indifferent.
And the point is, is that by conceding to evil, conceding to evil, we end up being subject to evil.
Let me ask you this on the timeline.
Obviously, God is God's plan, but God lets us choose our destiny to a certain extent.
What do you expect to happen next, as things are moving so quickly?
I expect in March, things will change dramatically.
Or the worse, I suspect.
And here's my sources.
Check it out with your sources.
They want a second lockdown.
That will be total.
Okay, we are... They're going to claim this California version is the reason.
And nothing good comes out of California.
Nothing good.
I mean, think about it.
Well, I like the movies.
I like this.
Gavin Newsom now has close to 1.25 million people trying to recall him.
It's going to be too late for the damage he's already done.
Look at the left coast.
Look at what happened in Portland.
Look at what happened in Washington, Seattle, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Now it's just turned into a, you know, basically shanty town.
No, I was in Seattle 20 years ago.
Most beautiful city I ever saw and wanted to move there.
I was there two years ago?
A hellhole!
You can't even walk down the street.
And, you know, like you said, the bottom line is this.
The bottom line is this.
I got to keep hitting this.
They're coming to kill us.
They've already sentenced us.
This goes back to Weather Underground.
In those days, the population... Oh, they admit it's all depopulation, all the massive deaths from COVID they're trying to cover up?
Why are they trying to burn Cuomo to scare the other governors and also follow the orders?
Well, I think Cuomo's going to be the, quote, throwaway governor to make people think, see, there's still justice.
But it wasn't just Cuomo.
And I'm telling you this, the place people want to be is where the states are going to have a Second Amendment sanctuary.
And I see war.
You asked me what I see in the future.
I see war against individual states.
against the globalists. And by the way, the word "white helmets," I'm just, I'm asking,
I'm praying, and I'm believing I'm going to get a document that I'll share with you so you share
with... You know, we always were worried about the blue helmets. How many times do you hear
the white helmets of good guys are coming to your aid? That was total misdirection.
They are bringing in the foreign troops to take away the guns.
And ladies and gentlemen, that's why the Second Amendment stands.
But Alex, there is no rule of law.
There is no justice.
There is no liberty.
And the next, here's the thing, forget the second lockdown.
I call it the killdown.
That's when they come, they take us away, they blow us away.
And I'm sorry, but that's what's happening.
No food.
When you're in that secondary lockdown, I don't know if it's six months, I don't know if it's seven months, but I'm telling you this, too, the other thing that's going to happen, and I know people are seeing, why is the government talking about aliens, aliens, aliens?
Stay there.
Let's talk about Project Blue Beam and all that with Steve Quayle, who is kicking butt.
We'll be right back on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
It's the same thing I said to the guest we had on last hour who's fighting the lockdowns and the fake PCR tests coming into Canada.
He's all excited, I'm all excited.
I had one cup of coffee this morning.
People say, what are you on?
What am I on?
World government's here.
It's all being announced.
We can't be in our comfort zone.
We can't just go along with this.
We had the former head of the CIA six years ago, when he was the director of it, John Brennan, say, oh, we control the weather, but we don't want the public or other governments to know about it on C-SPAN.
So there's this tactic where they talk about this, and then when we try to have a debate at the legislature, or at the congressional level, they go, I never heard of that kiddy boy, what are you talking about?
Because most of the senators and congressmen aren't even involved in it.
That's why they're able to do so many incredible things, is the scientific elite are playing God.
We have his book, it's excellent, Weather Wars, big ol' coffee table book on unnatural disasters by Stephen Quayle, available at infowarrestore.com.
Just read it.
And as other books, it's amazing.
And separately, we have a lot of specials running right now.
We have this big Fortify Your Supply.
Free shipping store-wide, up to 50% off the products because who knows if we'll be here in the future.
We're just trying to get money in to operate a few more months.
I'm not trying to be desperate.
I'm not trying to sound alarmist.
You can see how crazy things are.
They're all in the news saying, arrest me.
FBI investigations made up crap.
So just pray for us.
It's the number one thing we need, folks, and I appreciate your support.
Please support the local affiliates.
Because they can't have us on air as everything we talked about came true.
Let's talk about that, Steve Quill.
This paradox again, of everything we've said is coming true, people are really waking up, and then the enemy just accelerates it.
CNN, Tucker Carlson, played it last night and said, why 80 million Americans have to be arrested?
I mean, they're all, who knew America was terrorist?
I mean, we're rejecting the beast system, so the beast starts trying to persecute, the Bible says, then starts killing people.
Well, absolutely, Alex, and here's the thing.
It's again, ladies and gentlemen, forget the word arrest.
There will be arrests, but they want 125 million people murdered.
Now, my definition of hate would say, how come the Democrats are always saying, you know, we want to nuke us, meaning literally drop atom bombs on us, cut our heads off, basically shoot us, Everything they've said, make war on us, and yesterday even Nancy Pelosi was recorded, she wants civil war.
I think that's the thing that people have got to understand.
The Russian revolution, every revolution has to come into essence by armed conflict.
And so here's what people need to get.
This is no longer rhetoric.
Your apathy and your indifference will kill you.
How many people, Alex, took for granted that Texas would never have a snowstorm?
Excuse me.
Never have a snowstorm.
Meanwhile, all the volcanoes in the world, the biggest ones in the world, are absolutely going off, ejecting Particles, silicon particles and other particles into the stratosphere.
It stays and we're already suffering from a lack of sunlight, chemtrails, residue in the upper atmosphere.
And then you've got the gates of hell saying that, well, gee, we're going to block the sun.
I think Mike Adams gave the best statement I've ever heard.
They want to kill photosynthesis.
Ladies and gentlemen, your diet, for those of you who get to live, We'll be basically 1,500 calories a day of insect-based protein, if that.
And Alex, one of the things I said 25 years ago, and this is something that's really tough for a lot of people to take.
No, no, no, I know.
That's what's crazy is you were the first one I ever heard.
You're going to eat bugs.
They're going to ban beef.
They're doing it all right now.
They're doing it all right now.
And again, two things, ladies and gentlemen, 25 years ago, this is critical.
I said, when the volcanoes of the world erupt simultaneously, major volcanoes, and cannibalism fills the headlines of the day, I said, no, that tribulations are beginning.
Tribulations, and in this life, Jesus said, we're going to have tribulation.
And so what's happening, the church has been neutralized by wolves in the pulpit.
The church has been, and I'm talking about believers, forgive me, The word church isn't accurate.
There's no standing up, very little, forgive me.
The majority of people in the pulpit are not standing up and speaking about the biblical revelations.
They're not accepting that Jesus told us about this.
By the way, the book of Revelation is the revelation that God gave to his servant John, the Apostle John, who was in exile on the island of Patmos.
It's a revelation of Jesus.
So that leads into the alien situation.
People, if the Defense Department is releasing all the ways that the different craft, especially the triangle, the TR-3Bs, those are the triangular shapes you see with three lights, and they're talking about the alien reverse engineered, which they just released, and they're talking about The aliens, that actual aliens, are on Earth, and they're going to do that in six months.
Why are they doing that?
I'll tell you why they're doing that.
They're prepping you for the fact, as they're going to claim, Catholic Church is already there, that the absolute creators of the universe are the aliens.
Prometheus on steroids.
Oh, I know the Hollywood people, I know the globalists, none of them are atheists.
They believe aliens made us, they believe they're in contact with them, which is really the devil, and they believe if they have to do all this evil, then the devil will empower them.
Imagine the ancients, you see there's a guy in the sky, comes down from the sky, but really, no, he's a fallen one marooned here.
Explain that biblically for folks that don't understand it.
Well, first of all, the Bible says that there was war in heaven.
The devil and his angels fought against God and his angels.
And their place was not found in heaven.
So they were kicked out of heaven.
One-third of the angels.
And they live in the heavens until they're cast out.
So basically, Earth is their prison.
Yeah, and basically, they have three and a half years, not seven years, 42 months to basically make war on the saints.
And unfortunately, the saints are going to be slaughtered because they don't believe.
See, this is one of the reasons people don't want to deal with Bible prophecy, even when it's playing out.
The Four Horsemen, the apocalypse, you know, we see famine, we see war, we see absolute... But give them the good news, because people do wake up at the end, though.
Yeah, they do wake up.
And here's the deal.
We're trying to wake up the people that will listen to the fact that this is all in motion.
And, you know, in the South, they say this is fixing to get ready.
This is already happening.
You can't tell.
The people of Texas, God bless each and every one of you in Texas, I mean that seriously, that they had your best interests in mind.
They don't have your best interest in mind.
One of the things that people have got to understand is all these people that are talking about metals, I've been talking about it too, that you saw with absolutely GameStop and the whole panic into silver, and right now, Alex, at being in that business for 35 years, the silver market is so difficult to get product.
The premium is huge, but I'll tell you what's going to happen.
You're totally right.
the price of silver and gold go really high, but it will be a point of this, there will
be none to buy.
None to buy.
Look at how FedEx, the center in Memphis, shut down.
People couldn't get that.
And then the U.S. mail, goodnight with the exception of overnight.
You're totally right.
My instinct, I've said for years, is the time of waiting is over.
Get to the country, get dug in, get ready, and don't worry about the things of the earth, because the globalists are about to wage war, and they're all slaves.
Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, explain that.
These are Satan's slaves.
They're not their own people.
They are driven by this force.
When they get to that level of Satanism, what happens to them?
Well, what happens to them, they totally get demon-possessed, they're given over, and by the way, they don't call him Satan, they call him Lord Lucifer.
And they literally believe that he's God, yet he demands the sacrifice of a hundred million babies.
He demands even the sacrifices that we've heard have taken place in the White House, not under Donald Trump.
But even now, funny business is going on.
Funny business.
Let me define funny business.
The whole world, Jesus said this, the whole world lies in the evil one.
And people, you're looking to your government to bail you out, no one's coming to your aid!
And people ask, why does Satan want to hurt children?
He wants to steal their essence, hurt them, but also get his minions to do such horrible things, God, it's the ultimate sin, cuts them off, so Satan knows he's really got these people.
Just like in Episode 3 of Revenge of the Sith, You know, written by George Lucas.
Cheesy movie, but very accurate.
He says to Darth Vader, newly minted, he said, you're not Darth Vader yet.
Go kill a couple hundred kids, then you'll be in the dark side.
Well, first of all, they want the life is in the blood of the innocents.
Whether you call it a dinochrome or anything, but Satan demands a blood sacrifice because he feasts, literally, as well as the demons and I call spiritual vampires, they feast on innocents.
The horror of a child being tortured in a black mass over a whole day, their blood being drunk while they beg for mommy, that is beautiful ambrosia of the Satanists.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, it just goes back to the original religion of Nimrod, the Tower of Babel.
It goes back to the Canaanites.
It goes back to the Philistines.
There's always been the sacrifice.
You know, since Alex, he's killing off the next generation.
We talked about population reduction.
We talked about basically even the infertility of the American male.
We're talking about excreted pharmaceuticals.
When I first started talking about that, that all the estrogen in the water from birth control pills was going to emasculate the American male, people said, what are you talking about?
And now they're talking about excreted pharmaceuticals.
But more than that, even the xenoestrogens in plastic has basically been a chemical castrant of the absolute... Alright, stay there.
We'll be right back.
Five more minutes with Steve Quayle, then we've got no more fake news coming up.
It seems like yesterday...
All right.
Steve Quayle is our guest.
One more segment.
Got a very special report on our next segment.
And then John Rappaport, No More Fake News, takes over.
All I know is we're vindicated, and as negative as things are, as sad they are, we're seeing revelation beginning to be fulfilled.
And we've experienced spiritual things, you've experienced them, we know it's real.
For some people that haven't experienced that, I don't know if they're blessed or cursed, but this is all extremely real.
You're as serious as a heart attack, I'm as serious as a heart attack, or God strike me down, this is all real.
In four or five minutes we have left, what else would Steve Quayle like to impart to folks?
Well, first of all, you need community.
You need people that you can interface with.
And even if it's two or three people, the problem with prepping is it's a pretty isolated thing.
And I want to share this with anybody who's got groups.
Anybody comes in about wanting to kill this person, kill that person, blow this up, blow that up.
Those are always the plants.
Those are always law enforcement trying to get you to even say something that's on record.
When it gets really bad, ditch the heliphones, okay?
Ditch the tracking mix.
And by the way, Alex, I didn't know this, but one of those famous scientists, I won't tell you his name, he's famous all over the world, said, do you realize when you have a cell phone on in your Bedroom, or wherever you keep it, if you keep it on at night, put it in a separate room.
He says they have smart weapons now that basically, the hella phone, you talked, your ad talked about, you know, even when it's off, the battery's out, can act, if you will, as almost a homing signal for them to figure out where you're at.
It actually can measure where you're at.
Sure, not just directing energy, they have all sorts of weird algorithms and electromagnetic attacks the phones can launch.
So here's the thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, the first and most important thing, in my opinion, is get right with the Living God.
I trust.
I trust.
And I do the Word of God because that's the only thing that told us at the beginning what the end would be like.
And He who can tell you at the end who created all in the beginning.
Remember, every time you see a mass person, they are destroying the image and likeness of God.
How many of you are being told if you have sex with whoever, your wife, you're supposed to wear a mask?
Oh, take this new man that says he's a woman that heads up the Federal Department of Health.
He says, let's sterilize and cut boys' genitals off, let's have orgies, but men and women having sex should wear masks.
Husbands and wives are bad.
It's just all weird perverts.
Well, they're weird perverts, but who hates mankind?
The purpose of abortion, a hundred, and this is a real number, 25 million innocent little children who would have been grown-ups, that's population reduction.
That's population reduction.
I've been telling the black community for 25 years, Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton, that's Hillary Clinton.
Look how mad they are that the Hasidic Jews won't take it, the Russians won't take it, the blacks won't take it.
All over the news, they're making fun of those Russians and those black people.
Absolutely, and I want to share this.
I am a human racist.
The devil hates humanity.
He's destroying it.
He's grinding the face.
By the way, what was it, the jack-booted thugs?
That was a slogan ten years ago.
By the way, didn't you say that a long time ago?
I said we were coining that today.
How long have you been saying human racist, or did we just say that today?
Well, I've been saying that for a couple of years.
Okay, so that's how the brain works.
I'm the one, I just came up with this, yeah.
At least to make fun of Islam, now men and women are under Sharia law.
And the mask is the next step for women.
The next thing that's coming is the Sharia burqa.
And also, ladies and gentlemen, the veiling.
The veiling of God's image.
And that's how much the devil hates it.
He doesn't want to see it.
And by the way, I'm told the people who are some of the biggest politicians in the world have literally gone into the presence of Satan's throne on earth and worshipped, fallen at his feet and declared their allegiance.
And just like in Eyes Wide Shut, they wear masks.
And why is that, ladies and gentlemen?
Because God made us and the enemy sees it and literally hates this face.
God hates our faces.
It's like a woman breaks up with a man, Alex.
They can't get to the man necessarily, so they tear up his photographs, or vice versa.
Satan is tearing up the image and likeness of the Living God.
Only, only by faith can we overcome any of this.
We all know it's true.
Steve Quayle, amazing.
Join me again next week.
I want to get on the satellite phones with you next week.
Set him up.
Thank you, Steve Quayle.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
John Rapoport of NoMoreFakeNews is set to take over here in just a few minutes.
But I looked at my sheet of paper wrong earlier a few hours ago and premiered this video where I predicted what was going to currently happen in 2010 that our archive has found.
And so we will play this piece of important information coming up here in just a few minutes.
But I do just want to thank the listeners.
I want to thank the crew.
I want to thank everybody because as negative as things are, This is the animating contest of liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about, and I am just as happy as a pig in manure, as they say, to know John Rappaport, to know Steve Quayle, to know David Icke, and to know Tucker Carlson, and to know you, and to know so many other countless people, the good souls.
Some got brown skin, some got black skin, some got pink skin, white skin, polka-dotted freckled skin, don't matter, they got red blood and they love God.
And this is really the human race.
As Steve Quill said, I am a human racist.
I am pro-human.
Doesn't mean I don't know groups have been turned against me and some people are idiots.
I can differentiate that.
Just like black folks who differentiate a racist white person versus a nice person.
But you've got to differentiate and discriminate on whether somebody's got a connection to God or not.
So all this talk about don't discriminate, it's because the globalists don't want you to discriminate.
In your car, you see the road turns.
If you don't discriminate and turn, you're going to run off a cliff.
So discrimination is good when it comes to saying no to evil.
It's not good if you just judge a book by its cover.
But that's all up to you and what path you want to follow, folks.
All I know is things are getting down to the wire.
Look at these headlines on the whole vaccination harassment.
It's not a vaccination.
It's government and corrupt corporations with liability protection able to put in your body what they want.
And they knew it would kill a bunch of people.
Bill Gates said it would.
So now he just wants to normalize.
We die when we do this.
They can't hide this anymore so they're instead flaunting it.
Look at this headline, Yahoo News.
Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared.
Whatever happened to your medical records being private?
Oh, we're going to share it.
Talk about bullying.
And again, this big new Lancet study came out a few days ago confirming what all the other studies show.
British Journal of Medicine and others that it's all fake.
90 plus percent fake test PCR.
France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff as many get so sick they're unable to work or die.
And it just goes on from there.
Then you see this empty thug, Governor Cuomo, who followed orders.
He could get out of this any time saying, Fauci told me, who's you in control.
We'll try to spin it and say it's Trump's fault.
Trump wasn't in control of Fauci.
Trump's Gates' boy.
He's the UN's boy.
He can get out of this, but he's too demonic and too stupid.
Now it's over 16,000 old people, like Rappaport said last year.
It was three times what they said.
He was dead on.
Wasn't 5,000, it's 16,000.
Some numbers are 18,000.
20,000 dead.
They covered up.
That's a crime alone.
And they knew the only people they could kill was old people.
And most of them didn't, quote, die of pneumonia or even the flu.
They were killing them in there to get the money.
It's only certain nursing homes and hospitals that's happened at almost all the deaths.
Just like conversely, there's the good hospitals and nursing homes where like, oh, there's clusters all over.
It's always like Southern Baptist and Christian or Black nursing homes where people actually go, hey, we lost 5% of our people when we gave them a shot.
They died.
So it's only certain nursing homes that will report what's going on.
The others don't do it.
So this is all a big evil test.
And it's super destructive, but here's a video, and when we play it, we'll show the date up front here in a moment.
Maybe pause it there for a second so you can see the date, because it kind of moves quickly.
Back in 2010, when I was reading Operation Lockstep from the Rockefeller Foundation, July 16, 2010, and then I was extrapolating what that would look like and what that would be like, and it's exactly what happened.
Just like I made In game, it's hard to believe, three years before that, 14 years ago.
How'd I make it?
I'm not John the Baptist.
I'm not John the Revelator.
It's there.
You've just got to have the will to admit it to yourself.
So, here is the report.
We're going to post it to Bandop Video.
I don't know what the headline is yet, but watch Alex Jones predict.
The COVID-19 lockdowns.
I mean, I don't know what you... I wasn't predicting it.
It was right there.
Here it is.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
If you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards, then
I'm a liar.
I know why. Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ball games anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just, you know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open... of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
They're not writing up these plans for no reason.
They're not playing games for no reason.
So I'm going to ask every man, woman, and child listening to me right now to exercise your will and to take the live link of this show or the local radio station you're listening to or TV station you're watching and tell people right now.
Send the link to your neighbors, your friends, your family.
Stop your car.
Tell people to tune in to InfoWars.com.
Make up business cards, hand them out.
We can do this.
We can beat them.
We know their plan.
But it only gets worse.
You don't go along with this and the plan goes away.
You stand up to it and the plan stops.
This is the greatest challenge we've ever faced.
All of it is posted at Bandai Video, but John Rappaport, a great brain, a smart guy, a great patriot, investigative journalist, he is going to be coming back and laying out the latest on the COVID attack.
We've got so much other interesting news, but that's all a side issue.
The COVID lockdown, the new fake strains, the fear-mongering, that's what it's all about.
They never let you out of the trap until you realize there's a trap and say no.
And the good news is in North Dakota and Florida and all over the place, people are saying no.
Governments are saying no.
Courts are saying no.
And that's the beginning of the end of the globalism.
And also, financial support keeps us on air.
We need that.
We've got great products, storable foods ready to ship to you anywhere.
And it's 10% off and free shipping, unprecedented.
That's the new big special, Fortify Your Supplies.
Free shipping, store-wide on everything.
Okay, folks.
Here we are.
Without you we will not be here to have this infrastructure, to have our own systems, our own websites, our own video
feeds, our own uplinks.
It's very expensive, but we make it easy by getting great products at the same time.
With Fortify, your preparedness, your supplies at InfoWarsTore.com.
Can't run this free shipping, only food for more than a week.
All right, John Rabobor, no more fake news takes over.
Okay, folks, here we are. Our weekly chat.
I'm going to go back to what I was talking about last week and indicate that it's a weak point of the enemy.
What do I mean by that?
They're presenting a wall of lies to the public about COVID-19, about the virus, about the test, about this, about that.
All is justification for basically imprisoning the population.
What they call the lockdowns.
We close anything we want to close.
When we want to close it, we open it up, we shut it down.
We tell you to stay indoors.
You can't travel.
You can't go to a restaurant.
Yes, you can.
No, you can't.
Putting the population completely under the gun.
The weak point, which you can do something about, it's not just me talking to you, but you can share this information and lawyers who are listening can specifically do something about it.
The weak point is the test, the PCR test.
This is what I started to talk about last week.
I got a little ways into it.
I'm going to review that quickly and move on.
So that you really grasp this.
Because everything is riding for them on people believing in this test for the so-called virus.
That's how they get their case numbers, their death numbers.
That's how they justify their lockdowns, their closure of businesses, their wreckage of economies.
All planned.
Nothing to do with the virus.
But it's a test.
So first of all, this is called the PCR test.
It takes a very tiny, tiny, tiny sample out of the swab taken from the patient and it amplifies it or blows it up millions of times in what's called cycles.
Each cycle is a quantum leap in blowing up the test.
But one of the open secrets in the testing community for decades now is that different labs come up with different results.
They just do.
You know?
You can go to one lab and the test will say positive, meaning you're infected.
You go to another lab and the results of the same test would be negative.
You're not infected.
So here's a strategy.
Suppose 50 people out of the entire population in one day went to three or four different states and got tested three or four different times and the results came back negative, positive, negative, positive.
You sue the labs with a good lawyer.
You sue the labs.
Because they are fronting an admittedly false medical procedure.
They're trying to destroy a person's life.
Quarantine, isolation, cut off from friends and family, etc, etc, etc.
Inducing fear, terror, all of the above and more.
That's a direct strategy.
Go to three or four different states right around the borders where they connect.
Get tested where you know the tests are going to go to three or four different labs on the same day, very close in time.
Results come back, positive, negative, positive, negative.
Sue the labs!
If you had 50 people with their clients out of a whole country doing that, some amazing things would happen.
Believe me, the public would suddenly be shocked into a realization.
Second point.
If the test is run at 35 cycles or higher, even Anthony Fauci readily admits, and we have him on videotape saying it, the test is useless and meaningless.
35 cycles.
What does that mean?
That means that from the test sample taken from the patient, the test blows it up in quantum leaps 35 times and then assesses the result, either positive or negative.
So Fauci and others have admitted at 35 cycles or higher, the test is meaningless, useless, but The FDA and the CDC and other public health bodies have been recommending that the test be run at up to 40 cycles to look for the virus.
That's a crime.
That's a crime.
Because you're going to get a torrent, a waterfall, a Niagara of false positives when you go above 35 cycles.
And there's a strategy for that.
Let's say somebody's been told to take the test or ordered to take the test.
They find a good lawyer and they say, we want a sworn affidavit from the lab as to how many cycles they're utilizing in the test.
If the lab refuses to give out that information, sue them.
If the lab says they're running it at more than 35 cycles, sue them.
If you had 50 lawyers and clients doing that, the whole scene would collapse.
The whole program would collapse.
The whole COVID-19 hoax would collapse.
These are real-time strategies.
They're not just fantasies.
So, in the rest of the time today, what I'm going to do is go over some of the other fatal flaws in the PCR test, so that you can understand them.
For example, we have from the New York Times, August 29th, 2020, an article that says, your corona test is positive.
Maybe it shouldn't be.
And in that article, it clearly stated That based on a large study, up to 90% of all PCR tests for COVID were false positives that indicate indicated the person was infected when the person was not infected.
Up to 90% of all the people who had been tested, understand?
Now the article went on to say the remedy for this is more testing.
Well, that's completely insane, obviously.
But that was what they said.
However, the takeaway is that up to 90% of all people tested up to the time of that article could have been false positives.
We'll be back after.
Great, don't go anywhere.
Okay, we're back here.
And before the break, I was talking about this article in the New York Times, August 29th, 2020, your Corona test is positive.
Maybe it should be.
Up to 90% of all people who had been tested up to that time, who registered positive, would be false positives.
Therefore, you could just take 10% and say, well, Maybe those are actual positives.
And if you did that, you wouldn't have a pandemic, you wouldn't have an epidemic, you wouldn't have anything except an ordinary flu season, and the whole show would be over.
This is in the New York Times.
The freaking New York Times.
There is more evidence I'm putting before you that the test is a fraud, is a hoax, is completely insane.
And those of you watching can now see on the screen this announcement from the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and his public health department, who stated in December that they were now requiring all labs in the state of Florida to report every test they do, how many cycles they ran the test at.
Because above 35 cycles, it's meaningless.
Why did they do that?
Because they know the governor and his public health department know the fraud that is going on and they want to expose it.
They don't want to allow the enemy to suddenly be able to jack up these fake case numbers in the state of Florida and say, oh, we just had 100,000 new cases.
And so we're going to have to lock down everybody.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's the test, stupid.
It's the cycles, stupid.
That's what's going on here.
This is such a major weak point in the enemy's position that if you attack it with this video, this program, with articles that have been written, articles I've written, reports that you've seen on InfoWars about the test, the fakery of the test, And this gets out far enough into the public and enough people wake up, the show is going to collapse.
It's like everybody's been in the movie theater watching the fraud pandemic and all of a sudden the screen goes white and the movie stops and everybody looks around and says, what the hell was that all about?
End of story.
Okay, so let me continue here with more Reasons why the test is a fraud.
Because no large study has ever been done of the PCR test and its ability to say, if it can, whether any person is sick or is going to get sick.
In the usual meaning of the word sick.
You know, symptoms.
No large-scale, well-formed study has ever been done with, say, 500 or 1,000 volunteers.
I don't care how you want to define it, as long as it's well done to prove that the test can say that anybody is sick or is going to get sick.
And there are ways of running such a test, and I've described It's pretty straightforward and simple and in the end what you get is you unblind the test and you reveal all the volunteers after the test has been done and you see
Who's sick and who's running marathons?
And you know, based on how their tests came out, whether the tests mean anything or they don't mean anything.
And I would bet the farm that the results would be so bad for the test that it would be thrown out of court, thrown out of labs, thrown out of medical societies as being a complete fraud.
If they ever really did such a large scale study of the test.
Test the test that the test never been done, never will be done.
Because it's an open secret.
And these criminals understand that if they expose themselves in that way, by running a fair test of the test, that they're going to be shown to be criminals, predators,
hoaxers, frauds.
No large-scale study has ever been done, furthermore, to show that even in a single lab,
if you took one sample from one patient and you ran that sample,
Multiple times, in other words, did multiple tests on that single sample, whether the results would be uniform and the same every time.
So let's say, no swab, whatever, take it down to this certified lab.
They don't know what's going on.
All they know is they've been ordered to run this sample.
And they do.
And then they're given same sample again.
Run the test again.
They don't know that.
Again and again and again.
Maybe a hundred times.
And then we take another patient and we do the same thing.
Run the test.
Run it again.
A hundred times.
Is it going to come out the same each time for a given patient?
Big study like that?
Never been well done.
Never been vetted.
How can you do that?
You can't, except if you're a criminal.
Except if you want to foist this test on the public, as they did with COVID-19, because they knew that it would be spitting out false positives like a fire hose, and that's exactly what they needed in order to rig and fake case numbers and say we must lock down because of the case numbers.
That's the way it's worked.
That's the way it is working.
And that's the way it'll keep on working until we expose the fraudsters and the predators and the criminals.
And lots of people in the scientific community know this.
This is not news.
We had a decision in a Supreme Court appeals court case in Portugal In November of 2020, in what had to be the best COVID educated court in the world, that declared that lockdowns of plaintiffs in the case were illegal because the PCR test was a fraud, the way it was being done.
Meaning it was being done at too many cycles.
They knew that, the court, and they exposed it In their judgment, which was published and ignored by major media all over the world, including in Portugal.
And the court said that it was absurd to assume that the result of the PCR test, or any test alone, could determine what a case of a disease was.
Without somebody qualified actually looking at the patient and seeing what symptoms the patient had.
That any test alone was not enough to say, this is a case of COVID.
That's exactly what's being done every day, in every way, in every country in the world.
And the court ruled against it and said this was absolutely preposterous and nonsense.
They read the studies that they needed to read, and they read them correctly, even though they were criticized on that basis for it.
But they made the right decision, and it was a landmark historical decision in Portugal.
I've written an article about it.
It's up today at NoMoreFakeNews.
There's more.
The weakness of the enemy is in the test.
We'll be back.
Okay, we're back here for the last segment in this hour.
John Rappaport here on InfoWars.
I've been going over the fraudulent PCR tests, COVID, and there's one more element that I want to cover today.
People have been saying for some time or asking the question, well, is it possible that they've just relabeled the flu, COVID?
And people have cited numbers and with charts and graphs and stuff.
Well, look here, the number of flu cases went way down and the number of COVID cases went way up.
And so this, the answer is, of course, that's what they've been doing.
Of course.
And you don't need charts to explain it.
You just need to understand the definition of a COVID case and a definition of a flu case.
They overlap.
In fact, a mild, what's called a mild case of COVID-19 is flu symptoms, cough, chills, and fever.
There you have it.
You can be diagnosed with COVID-19 with a positive PCR test, and I've shown how easy that is to obtain a false positive and a cough.
Or chills and fever, which are obviously symptoms of flu or flu-like illness or the common cold.
So what's the problem?
There isn't any for them.
They just switch.
They say, OK, let's call the flu COVID-19.
Oh, we wouldn't do that in a million years.
Of course, they're doing it all the time.
Because they've got the definition in front of them.
I'm just paraphrasing the CDC definition of a mild case of COVID.
Cough or chills and fever accompanied by a positive PCR test.
If you happen to be living in an area where there are people who have tested positive, which everybody is, and living in such an area now, it's all you need.
There's the fraud.
What else do you need to know?
It's by definition.
It's not some, oh, very sophisticated trick.
Here's how we're going to do it with the algorithm and the thing and the computer program that goes inside out and upside down.
And before you know it, your brain is turning.
It's just a simple, we take this, Over here, and we switch it over there.
Switch, switch, by definition.
Always look at the definitions of these so-called diseases.
I started out doing that in 1987 with the CDC's definition of AIDS, and I found it was like 15 pages long.
It was almost nothing that couldn't be shoved into A diagnosis of a case of AIDS.
It's the same now.
The same exact deal now.
So that's another yet fraudulent use of the PCR test.
Ah, we know we can get false positive here, so boom!
You're positive, Mr. Jones, and you have a cough.
You're positive, Mr. Smith, You have chills and fever and a positive PCR test, you're a case of COVID-19.
There you go.
There you go.
So, the question always is, are people who are learning this information, all this information, Doing popcorn entertainment.
Wow, this is interesting.
Oh, and it moves the adrenaline a little bit, you know, as you're sitting there listening or watching.
Or is it also motivating you to take action?
That's the make break point, folks.
That's what information is all about.
There is a thing, an actual thing, called critical mass of information.
It's real.
I've seen it operate in many different venues over the years.
If enough people are aware of the facts and the truth about something, a point is reached where unpredictable things begin to happen, and those unpredictable things are good.
They are on the side of liberty and freedom and individual power.
They're on the side of what good people want.
So, are you going to share this information in the form of, say, this video, which will become in a few minutes on Bandot Video at InfoWars?
I'm going to look at some of the articles that I posted and written at NoMoreFakeNews about the test and share those.
Are you going to become a transfer of the truth?
Your own media outlet, so to speak?
An email list?
A bigger list you compile?
You send it out?
Sure, you're going to get no answers from some people, rejections from other people.
So what?
Who cares?
You know, you just keep doing it anyway.
If enough people had already been doing this over the last year on a number of issues and insanities and crimes being committed in the name of pandemic regulations, we wouldn't be where we are now.
So it's up to you what you decide to do.
It's up to you.
Liberty and freedom are never gone.
They're always there because they're part of you.
They're part of every individual.
That impulse can never be destroyed.
Which is why the enemy has to take such sustained and heavy action over a period of time, long, long time, in order to try to wipe liberty and freedom out, and they can't do it.
But they're not going to stop trying.
They can sit on it, They can put an iron boot on a face, on many faces.
They can poison people with injections, depopulate.
They can do all kinds of things.
But they can never destroy liberty and freedom.
In you.
In you.
And in every individual, but this is about you.
So, In a very real sense, it doesn't matter what you think, or what I think, in terms of, will liberty and freedom go away?
They don't ever go away.
You see, that's the problem.
Because if they could be wiped out, then people could just go around with a complete amnesia, and say, what difference does it make what happens?
We're just animals living in a corral.
We're just biological machines that have no existence beyond the physical.
It doesn't matter how much repression is brought down on our heads because, you know, freedom?
I don't even know what that means.
So what?
Who cares?
We just live and then we die and that's it.
That's all there is.
But that isn't so.
And the knowledge that it isn't so is alive in you.
And it's not going away.
That's the rub, my friends.
That is the rub.
That's what causes a person to feel what he feels when he knows the truth but does nothing about it.
That's what causes the sensation of, wait a minute now, I don't know, I'm not feeling right here.
Because liberty and freedom do not go away.
They're always there in you.
So if you do nothing, you know you're doing nothing.
And that's the rub.
So the question is always, Are you going to purvey and spread the truth or not?
We're ready here for permanent lockdown as far as the enemy goes, but we're not going to do that.
It's a little apocalyptic.
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