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Name: 20210224_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 24, 2021
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Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen.
Nancy Pelosi has officially asked the puppet president, Joe Biden, to transfer to her and the Democratic Party the nuclear launch codes.
It's the 24th of February 2021 on this Wednesday evening.
I was about to pack up and go home to see my wife and family and
I saw the news story and couldn't believe it, so I went to the congressional website, I checked the signatures, I checked the Twitter accounts, and it's true.
Nancy Pelosi, through her surrogates and a long list of members of Congress, has sent a letter to Joe Biden, who will sign anything she puts in front of him, to transfer the nuclear codes to her and a group of congressmen and women, as well as the Attorney General.
Now, obviously, if Russia or China launch a nuclear attack,
It's the President, the Executive Branch, the Constitution that has the power and the responsibility to defend against that and you can't have a long deliberative process of going to Congress and going to the Attorney General and getting this whole laundry list of people to sign off on whether it's legal.
We don't elect the Attorney General of the United States to say if launching a nuclear attack is legal.
We elect a commander-in-chief to be over the military and that's who decides that.
If we're going to have a declaration of war and go to war with the country, that's Congress.
But in an emergency capacity, if America has been attacked, that's the modern world, it is the policy of this country and other countries that the chief executive of the armed forces deal with that threat.
To follow this would be to invite a first strike by Russia or China.
So to have Pelosi doing this after five, six years, before Trump even got elected, of saying he is a Russian agent, for five years at least, we've been hearing this, and then to see them do something like this is just incredibly dangerous.
You've got to read the letter that a whole list of members of Congress signed on to.
The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the leader of the Senate,
Chuckie Schumer have not hidden the fact that they are the ones behind this.
In fact, back on January 8th, last month, before Trump was already gone from office via their election fraud, they went to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had a conversation about taking the nuclear codes away from the President.
So you can call Trump a dictator all day, you can call Biden a dictator all day, but if you transfer military operations to Congress,
It's unconstitutional.
It's insanely dangerous because then you can't respond to an outside foreign threat.
This is simply amazing.
Go read it for yourself.
It says right here on the second page that a consortium of bureaucrats and lawyers will be in control and that the Attorney General will confirm whether it's legal or not.
How's the Attorney General know international law or the rules of war or US nuclear engagement policy?
This is a true coup over the executive branch, over our military, and over 250 plus years of this nation's existence.
No one on the planet, from France to the UK to Russia to China,
to Israel.
We're good to go.
I am more than happy to let China invade Hong Kong.
I'm more than happy to have China have death camps.
And so they know that he and his son are totally compromised.
And now they're going to use congressional pressure to have them come to Biden and start transferring the power illegally to them.
So Biden must be removed.
Pelosi must be removed.
This just shows what allowing this bureaucratic coup has done, what the election fraud has allowed.
Now they say their main mission is war with American gun owners.
Now they say they want a civil war to re-educate us, and they're literally on the tip of the Communist Chinese.
Hollywood's literally owned by the Communist Chinese, and so many members of Congress, from Dianne Feinstein to Swalwell, are on their payroll.
And this is now the point we've gotten to where the Attorney General and the Secretary of State and the Vice President and the Speaker of the House and a panel of members of the House and Senate will decide when we use nuclear weapons.
It's just incredible.
It's so mind-blowing.
But again, the globalists don't like us having a country.
They don't like having a House, a Senate, which is a legislative branch, the judicial, the courts, or the executive.
They want control of it all through these bureaucracies, through things like Enron, these corporate management boards that actually make the decisions, and then legislative bodies become vestigial.
We already let Congress insider trade outside the law.
We already let them
Surveillance outside the law.
We already let them engage in so many crimes it's mind-boggling.
It's not enough now to ship our jobs to Communist China and have the Clintons give them our missile secrets and ICBM secrets and nuclear weapons secrets under the Clintons.
Now they're trying to hobble us further where the executive branch doesn't even have control of the nuclear weapons.
But that makes sense because Biden is a hand puppet.
He is a puppet of the Communist Chinese.
So this is the logical extension.
He's only been in office a month and a few days and already they're trying to transfer the nuclear weapons over to a group of Democrat Party bureaucrats.
I mean, really the headline here is Nancy Pelosi asked Biden
To put nuclear weapons under control of the Democratic Party.
Because that's what this is.
Merrick Garland and Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of them.
So if America puts up with this, we deserve what we get.
There's this belief that, oh, America's invincible and America's too big to fail.
But the very people running America are running into the ground and don't want it to exist and have been groomed for decades to serve foreign powers and foreign banks and foreign corporations.
So I'm just going to ask the left, you really want the nuclear weapons?
In control of the corrupt Attorney General.
The new Attorney General coming in.
And the answer is, of course you do.
You have a sycophantic love affair with tyranny.
You have a sycophantic love affair with corruption.
And lawyers run this country.
They run it in the ground.
And so now they're going to play general and be in control of the nuclear weapons.
I'll be covering this all tomorrow on my weekday show, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
There's also Washington Journal weekday mornings with Tom Papert and Harrison Smith and of course, Ellen Schroer.
We're good to go.
I think?
And that is what you see unfolding.
And I expect Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, if anybody tries to post this, to censor it because we are a ship of fools, of total and complete maniacs that are overthrowing everything that made us great, everything that made us secure, every check and balance is being destroyed in the name of checks and balances.
Infowars.com is a tip of the spear.
Band out videos for all these important reports that are censored or posted.
Please get this out to Congress, get this out to your legislatures, get this out to your governors, so we can move to impeach not just Joe Biden, but Nancy Pelosi as well for engaging in this type of treachery that is 100% coming from Communist China.
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