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Name: 20210223_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 23, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, censorship of information, and government overreach. He raises concerns about vaccine side effects, depopulation, and potential links between the vaccine protein and neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease. Jones promotes InfoWars products as sources of support for their organization, criticizes certain governments, and discusses censorship of information. The video also discusses limited supply of supplements due to COVID lockdowns disrupting the supply chain. Other topics include the strict lockdown measures in Britain, the motive behind them, the spread of woke culture into large corporations like Coca Cola, and three instances of mainstream media misinformation leading to hysteria and real-world consequences.

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Here is the December 1st, 2020, emergency declaration asking Europe to block the Pfizer vaccine that now India and others have, saying that the studies connected to it, just on what this protein does, it just causes infertility, death, cancer, Alzheimer's, you name it.
It grows prions in the brain, which then your body has an autoimmune response to and causes swelling in the brain.
Also affects vision.
It's not good.
But that's what they say in their report.
You know, don't listen to them.
Doctors raise alarm of recovered vaccine linked to infertility.
But don't listen to top scientists.
I mean, they're not the UN.
Only the UN can do it.
This horrible authoritarian run thing with dictators on its board of directors that just paid off at Big Pharma.
And then this new one, immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccine may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's.
That's right.
You're gonna get euthanized too, but it doesn't matter, you're a G-Man!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Oh, got my bags.
And we're gonna go outside.
We're gonna refuse their stupid test.
And tell everybody to refuse their stupid test.
So, yeah.
Yes, because I have a medical condition, so I don't need to wear one.
And I'm also a Canadian citizen, and this is a violation of our Charter Rights, Section 6, and a violation of the Emergency Act, 14.1.
So I'm going to be declining your test today.
Thank you very much.
No problem, I'll happily do that.
Everybody in here, if you are a Canadian citizen, simply deny the test.
Deny their quarantine and there's nothing you can do.
They cannot stop you.
They cannot force you.
You are a citizen.
You have rights.
If you want to wait in the line for two hours, let them put up your nose.
Go right ahead.
But if you have a brain and you have balls, just say no.
That's fine.
I have a camera on as well.
So, yes.
Everybody, this is what you do.
You say no to their tests, no to their quarantine, and if you're a citizen or a permanent resident, there's absolutely nothing they can do but acknowledge that you have rights and they have to respect that.
Is that not true?
Say it's true for the camera, everybody.
Say it's true.
I do, of course.
That's not a problem.
I refuse to take your test a million percent.
And everybody in here, Canadian citizens, you can refuse the test.
Just say no, don't wait in line, and there's nothing they can do.
Okay, I will not yell, that's true.
But I just want you guys to acknowledge for 91,000 people watching that anybody can refuse the test.
Thank you.
You guys hear that?
Straight from the horse's mouth, straight from the police, refuse the test.
Ooh, I'm getting a ticket!
Not another one of those tickets!
You know, tell everybody how many people have been convicted of those tickets in Canada.
How many people have been charged?
How many people convicted?
It's a violation of our charter rights.
So when that ticket goes to court, they throw it the f*** out.
It's that simple.
So I'm waiting for my little fine.
Thanks guys.
I just want everybody to acknowledge that this is perfectly legal, perfectly acceptable.
Thank you.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Another transmission.
Another edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you so much for joining us here on this February 23rd, 2021 broadcast.
That man's name is Chris Sky.
I want to get him on the show.
And it's the same thing in the UK.
Multi-thousand pound fines if you refuse the test.
Since when can the government, outside of even a law, they didn't pass a law, tell you under a regulation they're going to do this?
But that's what Boris Johnson has done.
That is what Trudeau has done.
And let's not forget, we'll play it for you next segment,
We'll play it for you next segment.
And that is the information where Mr. Trudeau said he wants to model Canada off of Communist China's basic dictatorship.
Just, you know, basic dictatorship.
Your basic Mao Zedong.
Your basic Adolf Hitler.
Your basic Joseph Stalin.
Your basic Fidel Castro.
With a bunch of cooing, slithering women that are acting like they're at a male strip club or something.
It's just disgusting how cool it is with women to live in tyranny.
But actually, history shows, Hitler said, first you get the women.
Then you've got the children, so follow the men.
That's why 80% of advertising globally on average is targeted at women, because women lead the culture.
And if men won't be leaders and stand up against other corrupt men that are manipulating women,
Society absolutely falls apart on us in a big, big, big way.
All right, start your engines.
The main transmission begins in T-minus 60 seconds and we are absolutely ready and prepared with incredible information as humanity awakens and begins to fight back against the globalist tyranny.
Infowars.com is fighting hard.
Tomorrow's news, today, today, today, today.
It's Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are living in incredible times.
If this broadcast was able to get out to the governments of the world and to the peoples of the world, we would not be going into the horrible nightmare situation we're entering.
The good news is for many years it was able to reach the general public.
We still reach a giant audience of hardcore folks that are awake and informed, but when it turns to reaching new people unfettered every day, I am locked up in a phantom zone.
And you are locked up in a phantom zone until you use your email and your text message and your word of mouth to direct people to InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Band.Video.
And so,
I will remind you at the start of the transmission to remember how important you are and how powerful this information is only when you take action.
We are seeing the normalization of depopulation.
The globalists run a scientific dictatorship where the science of tyranny is law.
And they have us all in a giant Milgram experiment, where they found that upwards of 90% of people, if they're told by authority figures, by successive approximation, by incrementalism, will kill men, women, and children in order to do so by the government.
By authority figures.
And so this is a giant Milgram experiment, similar to the Stanford research incidents as well.
So that's why I'm begging you, when I talk about these things, write these things down,
And then go look up the information because look at these headlines and I see these every day and they try to suppress them.
We're going to post this to InfoWars.com.
It's from NaturalNews.com.
Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's.
It's in the prestigious, from a prestigious scientist group,
It is in the prestigious paper published in the Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases by Dr. Klassen, immunologist J. Bart Klassen.
We're going to be looking at all this, but oh, let's just not believe him.
Here's another headline, Infowars.com, December last year, doctors raise alarm over COVID vaccine linked to infertility.
That was just one part of it.
Here's the actual lawsuit filed with hundreds of pages of exhibits and videos and major studies by Dr. Michael Yidan, the former chief scientist at
Pfizer, oh, you say, where are the whistleblowers?
Well, there he is.
And medical doctor Wolfgang Wudarg, head of the EU Advisory Main Commission.
Very prestigious.
You read this, it says the same thing, that the protein in it is associated with Alzheimer's.
Everybody knows that it's a certain protein in the brain that people have with Alzheimer's.
Guess what?
It's the same protein that produces in your cells.
Isn't that loving?
Isn't that liberal?
And there's nothing like dying that way.
It's so fun.
So, I guess, you know, his father died of Alzheimer's, so Bill Gates wants to pass on the love, because the main vaccine he's behind is the mRNA.
Pfizer operation.
So we're going to go over that for you today.
And of course it attacks the placenta and it then loads the cell full of the protein.
Doesn't just slough it.
And then when that cell dies or divides, you could have a major autoimmune response, but that's down the road and you won't know quite exactly what happened to you when it hits you.
See, old Billy Boy knows how to kill you in 5, 10, 15 years.
You'll get a certain percentage drop over dead in a couple days like Hank Aaron.
You'll get a certain percentage of the nursing homes that drop dead, but they're already so old they kind of deserve it, you know.
Hell, you get 15% of a ward or a nursing home die if they take it.
But that's in the VARs, or reporting system, or VAERS.
But they're old.
They kind of deserve it, you know.
Hank Aaron had a good life.
Just bye-bye, Hanky.
There you go.
And they lied and said the autopsy said he didn't die of the shot.
No autopsy was done.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
got banned off Facebook for talking about Hank Aaron and showing studies saying it was killing old people, which is all true.
And they said, oh, you lied.
The coroner said he didn't die of that.
Turned out no autopsy.
He went and interviewed him last week.
But you won't see that because he's banned on Facebook.
Let me just continue here for you.
Here's the actual study, COVID-19 RNA-based vaccines and the risk of prion disease, they have another name for that, spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.
You know, they don't call it chemtrails when they manipulate the weather, they call it high-altitude aerosol spraying weather modification.
They're like, oh, there's no such thing as chemtrailing, we do spray stuff out of the jet,
Engines, though, mix with the fuel to darken the earth.
That's all true.
We just don't call it chemtrails, boys and girls.
And same thing here.
Oh, yeah.
We, there's no, this doesn't cause mad cow.
That's really what Alzheimer's is, is prions, proteins, protein crystals in the brain.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Vaccines in general aren't linked to mad cow, because we don't call it mad cow.
We call it spongiform encephalopathy, and it's a different crystal that you get when you eat cows that ate meat, because they're not supposed to, and then the protein goes through the blood-brain barrier, through their guts, because cows aren't meant to eat, they're not omnivores, they're not carnivores, and so they're only supposed to eat, that's why they have three stomachs, and then they ferment it in their stomachs, the grass.
And so if you feed cows that, it then gets into their bones, gets into their joints, and then you can eat it and grow the crystals in your brain.
That's a different type of spongiform encephalopathy.
But the protein that is created by this tends to fold in the study they looked at, and that is what creates a different type of prion.
But hey, nothing more fun than a good old prion!
Whoa, it's so nice!
What's gonna happen?
And it's already happening!
Large numbers are dying, large numbers are becoming brain damaged.
I mean, I've got crew works right out here whose mom's a chief nurse at a nursing home, and they gave them all the first round of the shot a few months ago, and none of them came out to dinner!
None of them got up for like a week, and some of them died!
But the nurse says something like, shut up, you don't know anything.
Besides, there's too many of these damn old people around here.
Let's get rid of them.
But all of you, you can get early onset of neurological disorders.
And then Fauci will say some new virus is doing that to you.
Because Fauci's a hardcore killer.
Oh, he hatched the whole HIV thing and everything else.
He's a really nice man.
Why do you think Bill Gates likes him so much?
Because he looks up to him.
Because Bill Gates' father funded Fauci.
And Fauci's going to get you and your family.
Don't you worry.
So all you good FBI agents that serve the Democrats, you roll those sleeves up, you're 35, 40 years old, and you're going to have Alzheimer's when you're 55.
You're going to get euthanized too.
But it doesn't matter.
You're a G-Man!
Just like Cuomo sent all those old folks over there to die knowingly under Fauci's order.
The FBI ain't going to do nothing about that because you're G-Man!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, but it doesn't matter.
It's better.
You know, the British government gave pregnant women the shot and had a bunch of miscarriages.
Gave over 75 the shot.
A bunch of them died.
Had convulsions and Guillain-Barré and narcolepsy and convulsions.
And what was the other one?
It was Bell's palsy.
A whole bunch of them.
A whole bunch of those.
Those are kind of hard to cover up when your face is paralyzed an hour after you take the shot or the next morning.
But it's okay because it's liberal.
But oh, look at this!
The WHO, who's our boss, had said don't give it to pregnant women because it's a little obvious when a large portion lose the baby, but they said, hell, let's just get over this.
WHO green lights mRNA vaccine experimentation.
Never authorized, never tested on animals, on pregnant women and newborn infants.
It's like, man, this baby's retarded.
This baby never talks.
Because they never got a chance to.
Then they just say, oh, there was something else wrong with them.
See, because autism was the test.
They could give hundreds of millions of boys brain damage with the vaccines, which is all done by design.
Then now they can kill billions slowly, and everybody will just go along with it and have little 10K runs for, you know, half the kids can't talk, and, you know, half the folks above 50 can't talk, and there'll be the studies that they all took the shots, but they won't care, because their families won't want to admit what they did.
It'll be, shut up!
Don't talk about that!
You're hurting!
The victim's feelings of... We don't know why they're all dying, but it's still liberal.
Let's hurt the babies and the mommies.
Kill them!
Kill them, liberal!
I love you, Bill Gates!
Murder them for Satan!
I love your pink sweaters!
We are on the march, and the Empire is striking back with their worldwide Great Reset planetary lockdown.
And I want to finish up with a stack of COVID news.
The next segment, Tucker Carlson had Naomi Wolf on.
She even showed up on my show one time promoting a book like 20 years ago.
She's a good liberal, like Glinda, the good witch in Wizard of Oz.
Is there such a thing?
But I mean, she's like, my God, this is a total police state, total martial law takeover using COVID.
And it's the Democrats mainly doing it.
We've got to fight this.
So it's pretty powerful.
That's coming up next segment.
But I don't think targeting pregnant women is funny.
I don't think targeting old folks is funny.
In fact, it makes me so angry that I just have to get sarcastic about it or I'm gonna start crying.
And this is violence against us.
It's all premeditated.
And you have to understand something.
You just joined us here on the Alex Jones Show.
I study a good 10 hours a day.
I get up at like 5 a.m., study a couple hours, a couple hours, the afternoon before I go to bed.
And I have seen, no exaggeration, hundreds of top scientists, hundreds of top epidemiologists, and then hundreds of medical doctors in hospitals and in nursing homes and in teaching facilities, and I've also
We've seen hundreds of nurses online, and we had a bunch of them on as guests, where it runs the gamut of carnage.
It's like what you'd expect to hear if there were witnesses to Joseph Mengele, the crazy doctor, the angel of death in Nazi Germany.
It's just simply insane.
It just runs the gamut.
The entire gambit.
And I just start thinking about it.
I mean, we had people on 10 years ago, nurses, when the studies were in the news, and then we covered it.
The nurses would call in and we would later, back then, we'd even say, send us your ID.
We won't say who you are.
We'd have a nurse on.
Then someone came on and said who they were and where they worked.
And they would say, oh, no, we're ordered to give all the preemies vaccines, but then up to a third of them die.
So then we have to argue with the hospital board about can we resuscitate them?
And a lot of places don't even resuscitate these kids just because they weigh three pounds or something.
They just kill them, folks.
It's killing the weak.
But that's the Spartans were the first to really do that on an organized scale.
And they actually killed the weak.
And it did make some good-looking, very smart, aggressive people.
But the globalists aren't even doing that, ladies and gentlemen.
They are actually going after everybody trying to dumb us down and then kill us because they don't want competition.
So that's what real eugenics is like a grizzly bear.
Routinely we'll mate with the... What's a female bear called?
The sow?
The cow?
Look up what a female bear is called.
And I think the males called a dog.
But, you know, like a fox, a female fox is called a vixen, a male fox is called a dog.
I think like seven or eight crows is called a gaggle, more than that's called a murder.
Was I correct?
Is it called a sow?
Okay, so the grizzly bear dog will have sex with a sow.
That's not a pig, folks.
They call a female bear a sow.
And then she will have one or two, sometimes every once in a while, three cubs.
And he will routinely go smell them, and he will kill the male.
He will kill his son.
Because he doesn't want competition.
Of course, there's old Egyptian stories about sometimes a pharaoh would kill his son or whatever.
Some of the Egyptian gods would kill their sons sometimes.
And you all know in the Old Testament that Ramses the Great was killing the firstborn Israelites and actually found the tablets and the carvings in stone, the hieroglyphs where that actually happened.
They only proved it about two decades ago.
They thought the Bible was made up.
But this is an ongoing thing.
So we've already brain damaged a large portion of our boys because these vaccines are designed to cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage.
And now they're moving on to the girls and everybody else.
So you can ignore this at your total and complete peril.
But I'm trying to explain something to you.
I have the head of the EU Commission saying, don't do it.
And they still approve the damn Pfizer vaccine.
It's not a vaccine.
India saw this and quoted this, and I didn't get to this Sunday I meant to.
I didn't get to this Monday because there was so much news.
I covered it.
I showed the article.
Will you guys pull it out of the stack or reprint it?
It's the fact checkers claim India did not ban Pfizer vaccine.
And then it's even got a screenshot in there where they actually published that Bill Gates had paid Yahoo News and Newsweek and others to put out the fake article.
India did ban it.
When India said it's causing neurological disorders and brain damage, and the studies show that the protein in it will probably attack fertility and also hurt the brain.
There it is.
Newsweek fact check claims India banned, mostly false, while admitting de facto ban.
This is life-saving, folks.
You gotta send it to everybody you know.
Now scroll down.
Scroll down, please.
And then right there you can see the Indian government quoting why they banned it.
And they say right there because of neurological disorders and people getting sick and folks having a lot of problems.
Keep scrolling down, guys.
Keep scrolling for me just as fast as you can until you find the tweet.
And I guess the way our computers work, it's not loading the tweet.
But stop right there.
Stop right there.
Go back up, please.
Look right there.
Microsoft and its partners may have
Be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in the article.
They left that part.
I pointed out that it showed that NewsGuard was running the site, but they didn't say NewsGuard, and a day later they replaced it with NewsGuard, saying NewsGuard's the independent fact checker that said this.
NewsGuard is owned by Bill Gates.
See what I'm talking about right there?
This is life and death.
This isn't a game.
It's not a joke.
Guys, hit refresh on that article.
And you may have a blocker on there, I don't know why, or a ban, but it's so horrible here that it doesn't load the Indian government Tweetles, the Tweetsie Weetsies, that are in there.
And I would expect that we will then, you know, see them probably ban that in the future.
Oh, the Indian government can't say anything!
Because they don't want you to know this.
There it is.
The committee noted that incidents of palsy, that's getting paralyzed, anaphylaxis, that's super horrible like when 20 bees sting you, and other serious adverse events have been reported during post-marketing.
Further, the firm was not
Proposed any plan to generate safety and immunology data to the Indian population.
They're not even going to look at it!
They're not even going to do studies!
They just inject you with it because they've already studied it on animals and they know what it does.
It attacks the brain, the entire nervous system, the nerves, all protein interactions of cell division, fast cell growth, replication, the placenta, babies, everything else, your damn testicles.
I mean, that's why top scientists have said, you'd be better to jump into a portal to hell.
Remember that Fox News headline?
Top scientists!
You'd better just jump into a portal to hell before you take this!
Why would all these prestigious scientists say this?
Because it's horrible!
And it's secret!
They won't test it on animals because it kills the frickin' animals!
And makes them drooling messes!
But see, they know doing something this big, this evil, this out of control, this horrible, killing Hank Aaron and so many others that the public's just going to lie.
No, it's not true.
The government's not evil.
Bill Gates isn't evil.
He wears a pink sweater.
He's not killing me.
It's not happening.
No, it's no, it's not.
I'm okay.
Everything's all right.
And the news is like, those dumb black people, two to one won't take it.
That's because they're stupid.
And then they got quotes Biden like, you know, black people don't know what's good for them, but I do know what's good for them.
So you black people need to just, you know, get in line and take your shot.
You're not saying that nurse would hurt you, would you?
That nurse is another moron that works for the system that goes along with it.
Of course, that nurse was never seen again after she collapsed.
They go, it's a conspiracy, she died.
I'm not saying she died, just where is she?
Like, well, you're not gonna get to see her, just... Liberal!
It's like a little evil frog that goes, liberal, liberal, that comes to kill you.
But he goes, but I'm liberal!
We'll be right back.
They railed against the crown.
Another ragtag band.
You know, we've been caught in a bear trap.
We've been caught in a wood chipper, and it's designed to drag us all the way into it.
And people are going to have to realize the lockdowns are never going to stop, the masks are never going to stop, the forced inoculations are never going to stop.
First it's one mask, then it's two masks when you start complaining.
Hey, you don't want two shots, it's five shots.
Then it's ten shots.
How did I know it would be all those shots?
Because Bill Gates runs his evil little mouth years ago.
And he's in charge!
He's what, 65 or whatever he is.
All those old globalists died.
They haven't found the fountain of youth yet.
They haven't gotten the immortality they're looking for with all this eugenic engineering and all this testing they're doing on us.
He got left with all the keys.
The power.
Not just his 200 million tax-free dollars.
And if you want to be tax-exempt, you got to join their club, like his evil daughter, and push eugenics and death.
They're such leering predators, aren't they?
Let me finish up on this and I'll hit the huge Tucker Carlson news.
Here it is.
I thought I'd show you this from nine years ago.
Overhead shot, please.
Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children.
25 studies looked at by Harvard, did their own study and found it's not a problem.
Fluoride just lowered IQ in children by 10 points.
That's just the fluoride in the tap water, which doesn't strengthen your teeth.
You know, my dad's a dentist and oral surgeon.
And he came to me like 15 years ago and he goes, you know, I thought you were making it up.
I thought they were putting calcium fluoride in the toothpaste.
It's, it's sodium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid.
That's dangerous and poisonous and doesn't help your teeth.
Oh yeah.
Because he saw the former chief dentist of Canada that actually got Canada fluoridated in the 70s and 80s and pushed.
That guy said, I didn't know they're putting toxic waste fluoride, acid-based fluoride, with all the chemicals that were with it, all the pollutants, I'm talking lead, mercury, arsenic, but by calling it that, oh, it circumvents Prop 65 in California, all of it, then they put the toxic waste directly in your toothpaste.
And they put it directly in your drinking water.
So here's the Harvard study.
You know, that's Harvard.
I mean, that's God.
Harvard study at harvard.edu.
So that's why this is so important.
And they want to be able to dumb you down so bad.
That when you have a rash of white people and Asians being killed, stabbed, maimed in New York by groups of racist young black men who believe that they're in a jihad against evil, because the media said whiteness is inherently evil, I guess that extends to Asians, and the knockout game and the rest of it being slashed up.
So they said that when a black man kills or attacks someone, that's white supremacy.
Like, well, that's upside down world.
That's 2 plus 2 equals 50.
Well, that's the whole point.
Yeah, there's the march against white supremacy because so many black folks have bought the Kool-Aid and are actually attacking non-blacks.
It's very sad.
But this is tribal warfare, folks, and it's what they've inducted us into.
So, again, I'm going to finish up with this overhead shot here.
Here is the December 1st, 2020, emergency declaration asking Europe to block the Pfizer vaccine that now India and others have, saying that the study's connected to it.
Just on what this protein does, it just causes infertility, death, cancer, Alzheimer's, you name it.
It grows prions in the brain, which then your body has an autoimmune response to and causes swelling in the brain.
Also affects vision.
It's not good.
But that's what they say in their report.
You know, don't listen to them.
Doctors raise alarm of recovered vaccine linked to infertility.
But don't listen to top scientists.
I mean, they're not the UN.
Only the UN can do it.
This horrible authoritarian run thing with dictators on its board of directors that just paid off at Big Pharma.
Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccine may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's.
And then this new one.
That's in the Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.
Just so happens this fluoride, excuse me before you slip, this protein is perfectly made to grow and to start clotting and then to start coming together like a crystal in your brain.
Nothing like having some crystals grow in that brain.
That'll make you feel real good and forget who you are and then finally stop breathing, which is liberal.
And then here's the actual study.
COVID-19 RNA-based vaccine and the risk of prion disease.
That's all up on InfoWars.com.
I suggest you share it.
With a direct link to that area.
Here's another one from Natural News.
Doing a great job.
This is all over the news.
I heard it on the radio this morning.
WHO Greenlights.
Well, the WHO Greenlights.
I mean, the UN board paid off by all these big pharma companies.
WHO Greenlights mRNA vaccine experimentation.
They admit we're just doing open air experimentation on pregnant women and newborn infants.
Coronavirus vaccine trials could soon begin on newborn babies and pregnant women.
Man, that is so unethical.
Poor little kid never knew what hit him.
If he'll accept that, he'll accept anything.
Because they've got such docile, brain-damaged people living in a trance state, watching TV all day.
At first they said don't give it to pregnant women and old folks, but now, hey, we killed Hank Aaron, we killed a lot of folks, and nothing's happening, alright?
Intensify murder operations!
Ha ha ha, yeah!
But we played this at the start of the show.
It's a very powerful video.
Man flying back into Canada.
Refuses airport COVID test.
We'll play that coming up next segment as well.
And the sickening things that Trudeau said about what it's going to be like living there now and having to quarantine in a hotel and all the rest of it.
North Dakota.
House votes to make mask mandate illegal.
Good news on that front.
UK health authorities announced
Not a single death from flu this year, because they're all counting it as COVID, total fraud.
Swiss president, anyone who wishes to travel must be vaccinated.
So that's the whole global government system.
So Switzerland is falling to tyranny.
Vaccine passports to enter pubs, venues being considered by British government, but all over Europe, the UK and the US.
Illegal aliens are given waivers and are not given COVID-19 tests or vaccines.
We want to incentivize them coming here.
And France is considering totally banning public gatherings, period.
So the martial law just absolutely intensifies.
But now they're telling us in the mainstream news, in 2024, you may be able to take the mask off.
See, it's just, it's all, and then maybe 2029, maybe in 5,000 years.
And now they're saying, we want you to take vaccines every time you travel.
We won't even say what it is.
You just get injections at the airport.
I'm not kidding.
I've been doing the test anyways.
We're gonna go to break.
I'm going to come back with Tucker Carlson and a lot more, but I thought it was important to cover all of that.
And, you know, we're all over the news.
They're just all over Twitter and all over Facebook calling for my arrest and just heaping lie upon lie upon lie.
There's a bunch of big articles.
Mark Zuckerberg changed the rules.
Now, Facebook went easy on Alex and other right wing figures.
Wait till we break that down.
It's quite illustrative of what's happening.
I don't know.
And we've got the new Justice ahead, saying he will purge free speech in America.
It's all coming up.
Separately, you can fight back in little ways.
And we've tested a lot of these Faraday cages, a lot of these privacy pockets, a lot of these privacy pouches, a lot of these systems.
And this is the best system out there.
It's a little Faraday cage with the copper lining in it.
You put your little cell phone in it, and only when you want to use the phone,
Does it boot up and track you, even if you turn off the location and say, don't track me?
They track you, the contact tracers, the globalists.
This will be the control system of the future.
Just like I told you 25 years ago, soon people will cover up the cameras on their computers because people are watching.
Now that's well known.
In a few years, everyone's going to have these.
Most of the ones out there are not 100%.
This is almost 100%.
It's the best unit you're going to find.
And it's $19.95.
This exact unit sells everywhere for $29.95.
We sell these as fast as they come in.
It's been a month or so since we had them.
We got a shipment.
But despite that, I'm keeping them at $19.95.
Every listener needs to go to InfowarsStore.com.
We have them in red, black, and blue.
Some reason we can't get the green ones, but it's all there and you see the reviews there on the site.
So it's a great system and we're also working with a U.S.
To put these out ourselves, and we're going to have bigger ones for laptops and iPads and things like that.
So I'm getting big into this because it's important to fight back however we can if we're going to have one of these little wicked devices.
In the future, we'll have to have a cell phone to travel.
They're now admitting that it will be a prerequisite, just like it now is in communist China.
Your little digital robot minder with combat robots on the street controlling you as well.
Also, knockout sleep aid is 40% off.
Those sales are about to end.
It seems like yesterday, but it was long ago.
We used to be families.
We used to be free.
But now we're inside the New World Order.
And now our very biology is being taken over by the globalists.
We can just be the same as a commodity, like a Monsanto Terminator seed.
The mountains that we move, you know why we're in so much trouble?
Because we don't have a sense of honor anymore, where we came from and who we are and where we're going.
We don't think about future generations as if they're us.
We've been trained to be incredibly isolated and alone and selfish and unhappy.
And I talk to so many people, they go, no Jones, you're right about the world government, the technocracy, the scientific evil.
I'm just going to enjoy my life and just try to stay out of the way of this.
You're not going to stay out of the way of it.
And that's why those people are so fundamentally selfish and unhappy.
Selfish people are not happy.
The problem is the globalists manipulate good, loving, altruistic, open people and tell us, you've got to not be racist and accept gun control.
You've got to not be racist and let us bring in foreigners to outvote you.
You've got to pay more taxes.
You've got to let us run your life to prove you're not bad.
More like, okay, yes sir, I know I'm not perfect.
When they're the evil people that exempt themselves from everything they do to us.
It's fundamentally about good versus evil.
Now there's a lot of good things happening.
I like Tucker Carlson's show.
I love it.
It's the best thing on TV.
That's why they want to take him off air.
The Democrats are now sending letters to cable providers and to cable systems and to satellites saying, take Tucker Carlson off the air.
We've censored everybody else.
Remember just a year ago?
We're not censoring congressional hearings.
There's no censorship of anybody.
We've never heard of that.
Remember that gaslighting?
Now it's like, yeah, of course we're going to censor.
We're going to put people in prison.
Tucker Carlson caused the insurrection at the Capitol.
No, he didn't.
Meanwhile, Merrick Garland just came out and said, we'll play it next hour.
He said, oh no, when we burn down federal buildings, that's not terrorism.
He actually said that.
Oh no, Antifa doesn't exist.
They're a good organization.
And you're like, that doesn't make sense.
It doesn't exist.
It's not terrorism.
It's not violent.
But what they did is good.
It's all meant to make you give up on logic.
It's a psychological tactic to do this to you, like, of course a 250-pound man with giant arms can compete in high school against girls that weigh 100 pounds less than them.
When his bones are twice as big and he has testosterone that would be banned in women's sports for women to take it, but a man can have genitals, horse testicles hanging down between his legs, and he can go out and wrestle women to the ground and win the track meets and everything.
It's like, oh, it's okay because it's a guy being a girl.
So sick.
A scientific takeover.
An assault on logic.
So, Naomi Wolf.
So people gotta get a crash course in reality.
The full interview is on InfoWars.com.
We don't have much time.
Here's part of it.
One person who apparently is not afraid to speak up is Naomi Wolf, who is undoubtedly losing friends by appearing on the show tonight.
She's the author of The End of America, Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, and the CEO of Daily Cloud.
Naomi Wolf, I appreciate your coming on.
She joins us tonight.
I never thought I would be talking to you except in a debate format.
I'm sure we disagree on an awful lot.
But on this, I was struck by the bravery it must have taken you to write it.
I'm sure you lost friends over it and for doing this.
Tell us why you're doing this and why you wrote that.
Well, first of all, thank you, Tucker.
I'm really happy to be talking to you.
It's not just that one tweet.
I've been writing pretty much every day for months and months about what I see as the terrible crisis that we're in, that we have to recognize under the guise of a real medical pandemic,
I don't know.
Ten steps that would-be tyrants always take when they want to close down a democracy.
Whether they're on the left or the right, they always do the same ten things.
And now we're at something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime.
You described it really, really well.
It is step ten, and that's the suspension of the rule of law.
That's when you start to be a police state, and we're here.
There's no way around it.
I'm so embarrassed.
It's another example, there are a million of them, of why partisanship is stupid and it makes you stupid.
And I guess I just assumed that we wouldn't agree on stuff so I didn't read your tweets.
And I obviously should have been and I missed a lot.
And so, again, it's nice to remember you should treat people as individuals rather than as stand-ins for whole political parties.
You have been predicting this for a long time, you just said.
Why don't you think others aren't seeing this?
Well, unfortunately, a lot of people are seeing it, but we're not unified.
And as you pointed out, we're a very divided country for a lot of cynical reasons.
I'm in touch with many patriots from all backgrounds and all walks of life who are horrified.
I interviewed, for instance, Moms for Liberty, a group of conservative moms in Florida who are mobilizing to try to get schools open.
They're so worried about what's happening to their kids.
And I talked to a mom, Jen Say, a famous gymnast and activist in San Francisco on the left, who's also a mom, who's horrified.
I've interviewed doctors, I've interviewed ordinary people, restaurant owners from all walks of life who are absolutely
Unable to even articulate their fear and horror, recognizing that the state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship, as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies, as you mentioned, which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, is restricting movement.
I don't
Tens of thousands of small businesses have been crushed.
And why were they crushed?
Not because of pandemic forced them to.
There is no real science underlying a lot of these closures.
It's because autocratic tyrants at the state and now the national level are creating a kind of merger of corporate power and government power, which is really characteristic of Italian fascism in the 20s.
And they're using that to
Thank you.
Thank you.
So this is why they're trying to censor us off the air, because we have the Great Reset, we have Operation Lockstep, we have these monsters literally saying, Bill Gates saying, I want to kill old people.
Klaus Schwab saying, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, it's never going to end, no more industry where you're in contact with people.
It's never going to end!
Get through the Stockholm Syndrome, people!
Full video.
It goes on from there.
It's a great interview.
And I have a whole stack here where they are scrabbling.
CNN, ABC News, the Biden administration.
Has told Congress this week, Monday, I guess yesterday, that yeah, we're helping censor conservatives off the internet.
I mean, the merger of government and corporations to censor a whole group of people is called mass suppression, folks.
It's not like, oh, we're driving 10 miles an hour in the car.
It's about 150 miles an hour.
And what happens when you get up to 250?
Because this fascist machine will go about 250.
The car takes off at about 200 off the road.
That's the allegory.
So we're basically in a funny car right now.
They're going to try to make us go 300 miles an hour.
And we're going to blow up.
And the left doesn't get it.
The Chinese and the globalists do.
They want the U.S.
This is going to cause a civil war.
out of the way.
I don't want to hurt liberals.
I don't want to shoot cops.
I don't want to storm the Capitol.
I don't want the FBI agents to get killed.
I don't want any of this.
You people are being manipulated by a master plan.
We're off the damn rails.
This is going to end in a horrible explosion.
And it's not going to go well for anybody.
And the left's going to get devastated.
And in the end of this, fascism's going to take over the U.S.
And then we'll join with the whole global government system.
It's been the plan all along, and I'm not one to evacuate, and I'm not going to, but they are trying to put me in prison right now.
The stuff you see on the news is typically iceberg.
And so, it's just hard for me to be in the middle of this and know how real it is, and to see the general public just still kind of in a daze, not knowing.
I mean, folks, it's far worse than Naomi Wolf said.
This is a takeover.
It doesn't stop from here, you understand?
And the takeover's designed like a chemistry set to cause the explosion.
So, it's 101, guaranteed civil war, martial law, that's the plan.
We'll be right back, hour number two.
We gotta stop it, folks.
Where Eagles Dare, InfoWars.
This is the InfoWars.
That's some good punk rock right there.
Not this more modern stuff.
All right, that's good.
This is a family show.
We better fade it down right now.
InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com are the websites.
Welcome back.
Maybe we should play a little bit of London Dungeon next segment.
Or Hollywood Babylon.
Boy, Hollywood Babylon is certainly collapsing.
Hollywood is collapsing as fast as my hair is falling out.
Which I don't mind.
I'm a little bit of a fat ass now.
The election totally stressed me out.
I released tons of cortisol into my body.
I worked 20 hours a day and gained 30 damn pounds.
I've already lost about 10 of it in the last month because I've been making myself take the supplements religiously.
I'm not even working out anymore.
I'm not complaining either.
I mean, I know why people can't handle this.
I know why people want to live in denial, because this is horrible.
I mean, this new world order is unbelievable.
We just played that Naomi Wolf piece with Tucker Carlson, and how she just now sees this is a total fascist takeover, and that the Democrats are at the heart of it, and of course the Republicans are scared and going along with it pretty much.
So we're in trouble, folks.
We better come together and deal with this.
But Democrats demand to know why cable companies don't censor conservative news.
Steve Watson, Infowars.com.
And it's got all the clips, it's got the newscast, it's got the tweets, with the Democrats and CNN and all of them asking in a blatant attempt to pressure cable providers to censor conservative media.
How about just populist media?
Democrats have penned a letter demanding to know
What they intend to do about certain channels, including Fox Newsmax, spreading disinformation.
That means questioning the election.
You're not supposed to do that.
The letter sent Monday by California Democrats, Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNenery, also asked satellite digital TV providers, are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax on your platform, both now and beyond the renewal date?
If so, why?
Now these members of Congress want massive corporations like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast to apply some newfound moral or ethical principles related to journalistic integrity in determining what content they allow to be disseminated on their services.
Simply insane.
Biden AG pick Merrick Garland says he'd support working with Congress to restrict free speech online.
There's an actual video of it.
I'll play it coming up next segment.
And it gets worse.
Biden regime AG pick Merrick Garland will use office to ensure respectful treatment of liberal media though.
Yes, you'll get charged if you're mean to them.
That is coming up next segment.
I'm going to show you those videos and I'm going to tie it into Trump fighting back.
His main push is going to be election integrity.
And he definitely represents the party and the populist movement and the polls show that, what is it, 70 plus percent of Republicans say they're going wherever Trump goes.
The media is trying to spin that though.
Oh yeah, third party.
It doesn't have the muscle, the energy, it doesn't have the systems.
We want to take over the Republican Party completely.
That's why the system was so scared.
We've almost done it.
And then we want to take the Democratic Party over and have two populist parties that can then fight with each other and have separation of power.
That's the federalist system.
Two parties, federal,
State and local government, three branches in each area of government, then the fourth of state being the media, fifth of state being the churches.
Instead, we've got this whole globalist fifth column that runs it all, standardizes it, and is now bringing in the UN and regulators and signing over all of our energy systems and everything else to private corporations, which sounds great to the mainline libertarians, but it's not good because these corporations just become governments in their own right.
And that's where the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institute and the Hoover Institute get it wrong.
All right.
And I used to be a big L libertarian.
I am a little L one.
I'm live and let live, too.
But see, now the rainbow flag isn't live and let live.
It's, hey, we're coming for your kids.
It's bad.
It's now a battle flag of pedophilia.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, I haven't really talked about this much since it broke last week because there's so much important stuff going on.
But I've had friends, I've had family, I've had neighbors come over that don't ever talk to me hardly and say, Hey, what do you think of Ted Cruz?
You know, I'm a Republican, but man, I think his career is finished.
Ted Cruz has had his issues with me.
He's said things about me that aren't true.
He's attacked me, but he's also defended my free speech.
But that isn't why I'm supporting Ted Cruz.
He's a great senator.
He's got a great voting record.
He was standing up with Trump.
On the 6th to get a 10-day investigation when nobody else had the courage to do it, and he's been targeted by the globalists.
So I support Ted Cruz.
He's a survivor, he plays politics when he's got to do it to survive, but he has an instinct for America, and you know, his dad was a Cuban exile, and he's got the right instincts and the right stuff, I think to be president of this country one day.
I'm just telling you.
That said, if you live in Texas, it's an hour and 45 minutes from Austin.
It is an hour and 30 minutes from Houston to Cancun.
So, Cancun is like, if you live 10 miles from the beach and you drive to the beach.
I mean, it's literally like you live 10 miles from the beach.
So, he was honest about it.
He said, I went down there, I was going to stay the weekend, I was going to work from there, I didn't have power at my house.
And I was thinking like, why?
Why didn't I think of that?
Well, my airport was completely shut down.
So I couldn't do it.
I love Cancun.
The crime has gotten bad there.
It's not as safe as it used to be.
It used to be very safe in Mexico City.
Great place.
But that's a smart move.
He was honest about it.
And it's like, oh, no, no.
The Democrats are the ones saying, wear your mask, don't be in crowds of people.
And then all of them get caught on Caribbean islands with like 50 people, you know, naked chicks hanging off of them.
That's what makes me mad.
All of it.
He's not been for that.
And so that's where I stand on it.
Yeah, they're calling him Senator, you know, Cancun Cruz and all the rest of it.
We should be worrying, ladies and gentlemen, about O'Biden.
Because this is the third administration of a guy that wants to destroy this country for the globalists, and they've got a literal meat puppet zombie up there dismantling the country.
So, the reason I'm angry about the Ted Cruz thing is, it changed the subject from Cuomo and 16,000 dead old people that they knowingly killed on purpose to get their death numbers up, and the fact that it was Fauci who advised that, not Trump, and that we could destroy Fauci and Bill Gates with this, and that other governors, Whitmer and Wolf and all these other Democrats did.
We have them.
So did Ted Cruz order
Nursing homes that said, we don't want to take COVID patients if it's killing 4% of people, which it wasn't true, but it will kill old people, like any other bad cold, if you don't have vitamin D3 from not having sun.
Or zinc.
Not horrible nursing home food.
And so, it was 44% of New York's deaths were in the nursing homes.
Now it's 59%, last time I checked, and that's before these new numbers came out.
Because first they're like, well, we had 5,000 deaths, and then we had 6,000.
Well, okay, it's 8,000.
Okay, it's 10,000, we covered up half of them.
Now they're like 16,000.
Well, we found another 3,000.
So now it's at 19,000 dead.
I'm sorry, I was giving you old numbers from last week.
16,000, now it's 19,000 dead.
So I guess if 5,000 was 40-something percent, then it looks like, do the math, if it's now 18, 19,000 dead,
And then you add all the other people that died.
I mean, it's well over 60-70% died in nursing homes.
It's the same thing in Europe and the same thing in other states because they're killing the old people and now they're giving them the vaccine and they're dying.
So this is sick and this is evil.
I don't want to hear about Ted Cruz.
If Ted Cruz ordered old people to have COVID patients stuck with him.
I mean, you saw what Whitmer did, where there's like that black dude beating up the Alzheimer's white dude, beating that.
And I'm like, why is a young dude in the hospital?
Because he was a COVID patient that the hospital wanted to get 50 something grand off of.
So they stuck a mentally ill, crazy person.
Turned out his family was getting the money.
In a damn nursing home to beat up old people!
And again, it's okay because it was an old white man, it's a black man doing it, and we all know we can just have a march against white supremism whenever a white person gets killed.
That's what New York does now.
And so, you know, that's how this works.
And again, I literally love everybody.
But the media hyping up that white people are inherently bad, white people are inherently evil, white people deserve to die.
Hate crimes against white people have exploded.
And let's move on from that.
The UN reported two years ago that the last decade there was a doubling in Christians being murdered all over the world because the UN has said open season and nobody does anything about it.
So guess who the majority of those are?
Asians and black people.
I don't care if you're Asian, black, white, whatever you are.
You have a soul and you have value and if I don't treat you with respect, God isn't going to treat me with respect.
This is a human fight against the globalists, but they've all turned us against each other to a sickening level.
Now let's move to that next piece of information that's so important.
We have Merrick Garland.
Saying that it's not terrorism if you burn down a federal building or attack police with hatchets trying to break into the federal building if it's nighttime.
Now, I always thought under common law a crime of invasion or a crime of rape or a crime of robbery is bigger if it's nighttime.
But no, not according to Mr. Upside Down World.
Here he is in testimony saying Antifa's not engaged in terrorism.
Pooping on Nancy Pelosi's office is.
Sounds like
Animal house prank.
I don't agree with it.
Slamming cops in doors is assault.
You should get jail time for that.
Those cops didn't deserve that.
Out of a million people, a couple hundred acted like hoodlums, most of them plants.
But still, it happened.
But compare that to the burning down large portions, large swaths, large sectors of the country and calling it mostly peaceful with huge buildings burning behind you is insane.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it is terrorism when you're trying to terrorize the federal building to shut and trying to terrorize everyone to giving in to your demands in an autonomous zone you're trying to take over.
That is what is going on here.
When you throw Molotov cocktails in the building and catch it on fire.
You guys fast forward to the part where the police come out in riot gear and they attack them with hatchets.
Yeah, here it is.
They're trying to break in the building and the feds are sitting and then they finally stop them.
And last time I heard they released the guy that attacked the feds with a hatchet.
I mean, I'm sorry, you attacked me with a hatchet.
You're dead.
That's a deadly weapon.
I'm going to kill you.
And they probably charge me.
They charge cops that defend themselves.
So this is out of control.
You don't like out-of-control cops?
How about out-of-control leftists dressed up in black?
So here's the probably new Attorney General, the Obama hemorrhoid, the Obama dingleberry, Garland Merrick, telling you that when it rains, when he's pissing on your back, that it's not piss.
Let me ask you about assaults on federal property in places other than Washington, D.C., Portland, for instance, Seattle.
Here it is.
Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism?
Well, Senator, my own definition, which is about the same as the statutory definition, is the use of violence or threats of violence in an attempt to disrupt democratic processes.
So an attack on a courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases, that plainly is domestic extremism.
I don't know enough about the facts of the example you're talking about, but that's where I draw the line.
Both are criminal, but one is a core attack on our democratic institutions.
Well, on the face of it, that's pure crap.
They were burning it down saying it was illegitimate so it couldn't operate.
So, what does it matter if they burn it down during the day or at night?
You know, the guy that bombed in Nashville and blew up the building.
I mean, is that terrorism?
Just because it's at night, it's not a problem?
Man, these people are sick.
Absolutely sick, and it makes me just, I'm just so tired of him.
Plus he can't even talk.
How about, hey, do you believe Congressman Nadler's right that, here's a clip of him saying, and if it doesn't exist.
You know, they need to start nailing these guys.
Nailing them with the reality.
The truth is, they're terrorists, they're globalists, they stole the election, they're trying to cause a civil war for the Chi-Coms.
Well, the stock market's sinking like a lead balloon right now.
And all the jobless numbers are pouring in.
Our energy prices are exploding.
Old Joe Biden's doing the job he's supposed to do to make sure that you can't invest in the U.S.
so you gotta move your jobs to Communist China.
And Greg Abbott's been caught with his pants down letting Communist China build another wind farm in Texas.
Greg Abbott's all talk, all hat, no cattle.
He's a real shame.
And he's been praising fake President Biden, thanking him for saving us.
I mean,
This is really disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, but he's gonna... They'll prosecute one or two natural gas producers, you know, that charge too much, when it's the electricity co-ops and ERCOT that are running the scam on the outside groups, charging some people as high as 18,000% more!
Which I told you, day one of it, on the Sunday, when everything was icing up, last Sunday.
Not this Sunday, but Sunday last, you know, eight, nine days ago.
I said, watch, you're gonna get multi-thousand percent bigger bills because it's a formula of the scam.
You're like, oh Jones, it just cost workers an emergency.
I covered Enron on probably 500 shows.
It was a huge story for years.
I had all the experts on, the documents, the trial.
I covered it!
They cooked up the carbon tax, they cooked it all up.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
Texas supplied up to 15 states when they needed power until Obama got in and shut down our big, gorgeous coal plants.
But, oh, it doesn't matter.
Remember what Schumer said?
Yeah, let's play a clip of Schumer.
Schumer said yesterday, you just can't play this enough, that maybe Texas has learned its lesson.
Hear it from the blue city controller that's run that once great city of the ground.
The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go at it alone, and built a system that ignored climate change.
It was not what's called resilient.
And now Texas is paying the price.
I hope they learn the lesson.
When we build power, when we build anything now, we have to take into account that climate change is real, or people will be caught the way the people in Texas are.
So they say coal plants cause climate change.
First it was global warming.
Now we're having a big freezing spell.
So it's, oh, it's change.
Any change is man, not the sun.
And so it's because we didn't have enough of this type of energy that can handle climate change.
What does that even mean?
It means nothing.
Because we don't have
We're good to go.
And we happen to have the cleanest coal in the world here.
And after it goes through scrubbers, nothing comes out but water vapor and carbon dioxide.
But again, Penn and Teller did it 20 years ago.
I've done it as well many times.
You go out and talk to the average person on the hike and bike trail in New York or Central Park or in Austin, Texas at the Greenbelt.
Leanne McAdoo did it like six years ago.
We got to find that report and air it.
And she talked to like 50 people.
She didn't cherry pick them.
And every one of them but one person said,
She'd say, we need to ban our hydrogen monoxide.
It's all over the place.
It causes increased urination.
You know, if you have too much of it, it can kill you.
And almost every person, including one guy, said, I'm a chemist from Cornell.
He started hitting on her.
But he goes, I agree.
We should ban our hydrogen monoxide.
She's like, you know, that's the name of water.
But see, it sounds scary.
But we all know oxygen is good.
But carbon dioxide, oh, that sounds like monoxide.
Totally different.
Let's hear from him one more time.
What's the word he used for energy that's resilient?
Well, that's not wind turbines.
That's not natural gas.
Here it is.
The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go at it alone, and built a system that ignored climate change.
It was not what's called resilient.
And now Texas is paying the price.
I hope they learn the lesson.
When we build power, when we build anything... So exactly what they did to us.
Obama did this, period.
You can argue, hey, the gas-powered plants failed the coal.
Yeah, because we have to have those, because the wind doesn't work, and we're not building new nuclear reactors, and so we have, the coal's gone,
And he calls that resilience.
That is a total inversion.
Overhead shot, please.
So if a pentacle is a star, is a symbol of a person, a head, two arms, two legs, if you reverse that, that's called Satanism, an inversion of humanity.
And what does everything the globalists do?
It's an inversion
I've got Ezra Levant, who is a really great patriot and a smart fellow.
He runs really the only successful
Nationalistic, patriotic, pro-freedom organization left in Canada.
I mean, Canada is just an incredible country, great people, but they are just like a lot of nice people in my state are just zombies, man.
They're just in a coma.
And they've got incredible, they're arresting preachers that have church services after a year of lockdown.
They're still locked down up there, but they let Black Lives Matter and Antifa run around and attack whoever they want.
That's all coming up with him.
And then this is a big story.
And I'm not hitting this because I'm in it.
I mean, there's probably 10 other big stories we're in.
I'm not even covering, including the FBI wanting to arrest me and all the rest of it.
But this one's big because it's such absolute crap.
I mean, you read it and just all of it is wrong.
And of course it's from BuzzFeed, but then all the, quote, serious media picked it up after BuzzFeed put it out.
Oh, he went easy on us!
They wrote rules saying that people could promote my murder.
I'm gonna show you mainstream news.
And then Zuckerberg changed that, and so they tell you about the changes, but don't say what it was he changed.
So Zuckerberg's like, okay, you're not allowed to compliment Alex Jones, and you're not allowed to post his stuff, but you can't kill it.
That's illegal.
I'm actually going to show you what they put out from them.
Remember that a year and a half ago?
A list of like Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson.
What is he doing aggressive?
He's not even an activist.
I wish he was.
He'd be a great one on the street.
But oh, Paul Joseph Watson, they said you are allowed to promote violence against him because he's a bully.
And Zuckerberg goes, hey guys, we can't overtly try to get him killed, OK?
That's illegal.
That's like putting a contract out.
And so they're like, they have the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL in here going, it's time to arrest Mark Zuckerberg.
Yes, he won't let us kill Alex Jones, because we're loving liberals.
And that Mark Zuckerberg, you know, he just took over the Australian media and wouldn't let the news of the government be promoted on Facebook.
I mean, you know, he's just throwing countries to the side.
But, you know, he's easy on Alex Jones.
Oh, Mark, thank you.
You were so easy on me.
You were so easy on me.
You wouldn't let them promote my murder.
So we've got that coming up, and I'll open the phones up in the third hour today.
And speaking of that devil, Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting in the fourth hour.
You know, the guy that deserves to die.
But it's okay, because like, you know, drink your fluoride, drink your mercury, take your aluminum, just all of it, and you're going to go away to a happy place.
And then it's going to save the earth, okay?
So listen to Bill Gates, listen to Adolf Hitler, and just kill yourselves.
I don't actually agree with that.
Washington Post, New York Times, all of them, CNN, breathlessly, Alex Jones and Roger Stone might get arrested for leading the Capitol insurgency and premeditating it.
Though, they said there was no premeditation in the Senate kangaroo trial that Trump was acquitted at, that Trump instigated the whole thing that day.
But don't let logic get in the way.
of fraud.
Don't let disinformation get in the way of facts.
No, there's a giant Twitter mob, it's been trending off and on for over a week, that I need to be arrested, then I am Satan.
Yes, I'm even more demonized now than even Roger Stone or Rush Limbaugh.
It's insane.
And now we learned that Mark Zuckerberg, when they changed the rules to say that they can plan violence against me,
He went and changed that and now the Daily Beast and others buzzfeed news.
They're all very angry.
Mark changed the rules for Alex Jones.
They don't tell you the rule he changed was that they could kill us.
Facebook restores new sharing as Australia caves to big tech.
We've got that piece of news as well.
YouTube, Apple, Facebook ban info wars.
And then of course followed that by
Facebook deletes policy allowing violent threats against dangerous individuals.
Yes, they're allowed to organize physically attacking us.
Mark said we can't have organized crime and so...
They're all angry at him now, and the ADL is calling for his arrest.
And Sacha Baron Cohen is very, very Nazi-like, if you ask me.
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Our guest.
All right.
Join us next week!
A well-known popular pastor who's still in jail because he dared have his church services.
And so, we're going to be covering that Canadian pastor refuses bail conditions following arrest over church breaking COVID-19 restrictions.
So, Ezra Levant of rebelnews.com, thanks for coming on with us.
It's my pleasure.
You know, Alex, a number of people have been fined or ticketed or even arrested for breaking lockdowns across North America.
I've even seen some dramatic cases in the United States.
But Alex, I've never heard of anyone actually being put in a maximum security prison.
Today marks one week that Pastor James Coates has sat in the Edmonton Remand Center
One of Canada's largest, highest security prisons.
I heard yesterday that his lawyer said he's sharing his cell with a cellmate who was coming off of a drug, he was on meth, I didn't hear all the details, but he's in with maximum security convicts.
This is where people are held
In the highest security, he was in a form of solitary confinement.
He could receive no visitors, not even his family or his congregants.
They claimed it was for COVID reasons.
Ironically, about 400 criminals from this prison were released for COVID worries, but they're putting this pastor in, Alex,
He is in there because he refuses to sign a promise not to open his church.
This is as close to raw persecution of Christians I think we've seen in Canada ever.
It was last year that you first broke it.
It's now been confirmed, or at least I saw that you broke it first.
Others may have broken it before you, that the Montreal state government was saying in French, we're going to grab people when the next wave comes, which of course it did this winter, and put them in secret facilities.
Now Trudeau is out, and I have his tweets, saying, oh, even if you test not positive flying back in with these fraudulent PCR tests, we're going to make you stay at a hotel at your own expense.
Even if you do test negative, we'll make you stay at your house
Yeah, well let me give you some details on what you just mentioned because it actually just kicked into effect yesterday.
including the United States, had to quarantine for two weeks at home in Canada.
And you can disagree with it, but that's what it was.
Go home, stay home for two weeks.
Even if you tested non-positive.
But now, you must go to a government-selected hotel, pay $2,000 to stay there for three days while your first test
Results are expected so you can't go home.
You have to stay at these government selected.
They used to be hotels, but now they're COVID detention centers.
If you leave them, it is an offense.
You stay there if you
Come up negative in the test, you're allowed to go home to serve out the rest of your quarantine.
If you're positive, you have to stay in these hotels.
2,000 bucks for three nights in a hotel?
I mean, what is this, the Four Seasons?
So this is inducting the general public into the criminal justice system, but it's a medical system, arbitrary, with no due process, directed by the United Nations, the perfect cover to go after political enemies.
Well, first of all, it violates our Constitution, freedom of mobility.
If you open the front page of your passport, I have a Canadian passport, I'm sure the American passport is similar, it's basically a promise that you're allowed to come back home to your country.
That's hardwired right into our Canadian Constitution, the right of citizens to come back home.
That is one of the most basic rights going back to ancient Roman times.
It exactly is.
Also, Canada's Quarantine Act, which I've studied recently, forbids the government from putting anything invasive in your body without your permission.
They can't stick a swab up your nose.
So I don't even know how a variety of these tests are legal under the Quarantine Act, but I think you made the key point.
We're treating healthy people like sick people.
We're treating innocent people like guilty people.
And, Alex, I'm sure you know this, because you're very widely read, but the word quarantine comes from the Italian Caranta Giorni, 40 days.
When ships would come in places like Venice, from places that had the plague, the ships would have to stay offshore from the main port for up to 40 days.
They did have bubonic plague, a black spot on a white flag, exactly.
And they would get a clean bill of health.
You would get a bill of health.
Is it clean or not?
People would board the ship and learn about the passengers, learn where I had been.
But they only quarantined the sick, Alex.
They did not quarantine the healthy.
And that's the fundamental difference between how plagues and pandemics were dealt with in the past and how they're dealt with now.
Now we're treating an entire citizenry as if they're guilty and we're using
Uh, irrational lockdown laws and mask laws as an entryway for police to criminalize... Stay there, my friend.
We're going to come right back and give you the floor because you're on fire here.
This is so huge, this is so historic, and you're right in the fire.
You're right where they're implementing what's coming here next.
They admit Canada, Spain, and for all reasons, Australia are the testing grounds.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We have Ezra Levan of Rebel Media.
Check out their site.
It's excellent, their shows.
It's amongst the best research out there.
And it's not just Canada-centric, it's for the whole planet.
But I tell you, Canada is a testing ground of globalism.
Great people, but very, very sad.
What's happened there, so let's finish up here as it's all interconnected with this pastor that maximum security, solitary confinement here in the U.S.
in blue cities.
They've released rapists, murderers, but they're also putting people that have broken quarantine in places in California.
Or other areas.
They're putting them in jail.
But when the governors get caught having their own parties, well that's okay.
Or when a governor gets caught sending COVID patients into nursing homes, that's okay.
I mean the level of hypocrisy is just astounding.
And then now Trudeau, I'm reading these tweets here, it sounds like something out of a science fiction...
Dystopic book they'd write 20 years ago about if your results come back negative, you'll be able to quarantine at home.
This quarantine is mandatory and will be enforced.
If your test results come back positive for COVID, you'll be required to immediately quarantine the designated government facility.
And as you said, pay $3,000 for it.
This is martial law.
This is insane.
Where is it going now?
Well, the trouble is, judges who should have the courage in my mind to say, whoa, our constitution, I mean, our Canadian constitution is not as strong as your American constitution.
Yours is forged in liberty, a rebellion against the crown.
Canada is more passive.
We never left the crown.
We had an evolution, not a revolution.
But we still have basic freedoms in our constitution, Alex.
So a judge could strike down these as unconstitutional.
Our Constitution, like yours, does not contain a pandemic exemption.
But the thing is, the lockdown itself has become a belief system, a superstition, really.
And the masks are the flag of that superstition.
They're a sign that you're obedient to it.
And no one is more part of the establishment in our society, Alex, than a judge.
So if you go to a judge and say, hey, your honor, I want you to pull the rug out from this entire apparatus that's being built using the pandemic as an excuse.
That judge feels enormous peer pressure from every other person he encounters in society.
Judges are at the highest heights.
They know politicians.
They know fancy lawyers.
They probably know public health doctors.
So it is extremely hard for even a good judge who loves liberty to buck the peer pressure.
I haven't seen it yet in Canada other than one judge in Quebec that lifted the curfew from homeless people.
There actually is a curfew in Quebec
That doesn't serve public health!
Erase centuries of the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and to really butcher it all.
Where is the pushback?
Because some of the most brutal footage I've seen of them going to houses where there's one person more at a party so they beat people up.
I mean the police in many areas are just very jackbooted, very authoritarian.
Yeah, well can I show you a video?
I sent a clip to Daria about half an hour ago.
This is from Edmonton.
That's the city where this pastor is in jail.
So there was a peaceful protest.
Yeah, this is exactly it.
And all of a sudden they grabbed that man there, who's the brother of a pastor.
And he literally wasn't doing anything.
And they pushed aside all reporters.
And they dragged him away.
They had this huge SWAT team style bus.
And it was the most bizarre thing.
I can be quiet if you want to turn up the volume.
Let's play the clip from the beginning.
Here's the Rebel Media News piece.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Can you tell me what is your name and why are they arresting you?
I haven't done anything.
My hands are being broken right now.
Because he's a Christian.
What is your reason for arresting him?
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
Please explain to me what law he broke.
Folks, Nazis just followed orders and this is definitely what we're seeing in Germany.
They said the lockdown's never ending.
Ezra reminded me of this clip when he was last on.
Let's not forget why their Prime Minister, Monsieur Trudeau, is supporting all this because he, quote, admires communist China that, again, has the number one record for most people killed.
Here it is.
It's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, we need to go green as fast as we need to start investing in solar.
I mean, there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he could do everything he wanted.
That I find quite interesting.
So he's not a Francophile.
He doesn't like France.
He's not an Anglophile.
He doesn't like England.
He's not an Amerophile.
He doesn't like America.
No, he's a Chinophile.
I guess a Xi Jinpingphile.
And this is outrageous.
And last week, Ezra, we saw...
Obama's frontman, I guess, O'Biden, O'Biden, say at the town hall on CNN, I'm sure you saw it, that, oh, invading Hong Kong's okay and putting people in death camps is okay.
I mean, I feel like even Alex Jones, you'd think, would be not shocked.
I'm even feeling like I'm in a twilight zone here.
Well, just yesterday, Canada's parliament had a motion, so it's not a binding law or anything, but it was a moral statement
Saying that the way China is treating the Uyghur minority in that western province of Xinjiang, calling that a genocide.
Now that's a tough word, but I think there's some evidence behind it.
Trudeau refused to vote one way or the other.
In fact, he instructed his entire cabinet to abstain.
Well look, why don't you take a stand?
Either you think it's a genocide, or you don't.
I should remind you, Alex, that Justin Trudeau has said that Canada
I think?
Trudeau won't offend them.
This is real Hitler level.
People overuse Hitler.
There's footage of hundreds of thousands of people in camps.
Reportedly they kill hundreds a day.
They put bags over their heads, take them and shoot them or take their organs.
I mean this is like train car level stuff and it's like Trudeau, as you pointed out, just saw the article, he won't even say no to it.
Not just he won't say no, I want to remind you that about 800 days ago, so we're coming up on almost three years frankly, China grabbed two Canadian civilians off the street
Basically a kidnapping and has been holding them ever since.
Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, it was a diplomatic tough guy move against Canada.
You would think Canada would withdraw our ambassador, would put sanctions on, you know, there's about a hundred thousand children of Communist Party members
From China who go to Canadian universities.
So the Communist elite in China sends its kids to Canada to go to our schools.
And some of them are just normal kids.
But a lot of them are political and they bring their Communist Party politics to Canadian universities.
They also, in some cases, bring espionage.
The crazy thing is, Trudeau supports that espionage.
Here's what I mean.
Just last week, Trudeau gave 4.8 million dollars to sponsor a research project by Huawei
The tech giant in China at Canadian University.
So we're literally giving foreign aid from Canada to China to help develop their spy technology.
I think you know that Canada was training Chinese soldiers in cold weather warfare.
That was a scoop I had in December.
Redacted documents that were sent to me that were not fully redacted.
And Trudeau tried to cover that up too, didn't he?
He did.
In fact, he was outraged that the military wanted to stop training Chinese troops in Canada.
The military said, this is not a good idea, and they postponed them and Trudeau blew up at them.
Because bigger than just training is they're infiltrating with spies.
Oh, absolutely.
I think that Justin Trudeau carries on his father, Pierre Trudeau's, love for communist China.
Pierre Trudeau had a soft spot for dictators, whether it was Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, or communist China.
He never met a communist tyrant he didn't love.
And Justin Trudeau is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but growing up at the knee of his father, he surely overheard so much pro-communist talk that he sort of has a child's recollection of what his dad would say.
So when Justin Trudeau praises communist regimes today, he sounds childish because he's just remembering what his dad said when he himself was a kid, but the feeling is there.
He may not be as smart as his dad.
He literally loves Xi Jinping.
We're going to do 30 more minutes.
I want to talk about where this goes.
If Canada is the model, what are we facing here?
Where's the pushback?
And we'll also talk about post-Trump, what he thinks of O'Biden.
And it really is O'Biden and so much more.
Ezra Levant, you've got to visit their website.
It's excellent.
I mean, it's just some of the best reporting out there.
We'll be right back with our number three.
This is a short segment, a long segment coming up here.
Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, the head of it, the founder of it, is here, and we're seeing on a scale of one to ten, six, seven, eights of tyranny.
And it's a worldwide UN-directed program by private corporations that engage in fascist activity at the top and use communism at the bottom.
What would you call this moment in time?
I was having a conversation this morning with a very famous national talk show host, I guess second only to Rush Limbaugh that just died, and it's like, yeah, when are you, Alex, ready to run to Venezuela?
I thought Venezuela, Argentina or Chile or something.
How about out of the fire into the frying pan?
And I'm not going to do that, but there is that thing historically, why do people stay in countries as they got worse and worse?
Well, it's your home and you want to fight for it.
But at the level of acceleration, if it keeps accelerating this fast, Ezra, I mean, Canada, Australia, Spain, the U.S.
to a great extent under Obama, even Naomi Wolf, the big liberal, said she shouldn't have voted for Biden.
He's a fascist dictator.
I mean, that's really what's happening.
So where does this go from here?
Well, the phrase I like to use is, it's easier to fight in the first ditch than the last ditch.
And I think we are well past the first ditch.
It's time to fight.
And by fight I mean using every legal and peaceful means we can.
So, with lawyers is one way.
I think civil disobedience, what this pastor is doing, is quite something.
I should tell you that he's been in jail for seven days now.
Well, three days ago, on the Sunday,
His church was packed.
It was completely full.
They had to open a spillout room for people to watch on video.
That got full.
People parked in the parking lot to listen to the live stream.
There were seven police vehicles that showed up, but they didn't dare move in.
Why is that?
Because we're not yet at the last ditch, Alex.
And so when 350 people show up at a little church where the pastor is still in prison and they say, you know what?
You can't arrest all of us.
Now they can arrest all of them, Alex.
They can.
We've seen that in history.
But not at the first ditch.
So those 350 Christians decided that now is the time to fight.
Not a year from now or two years from now.
And the government blinked.
They did not make any arrests.
Now, they might later on go to someone's home and give them a ticket.
Sure, but it shows they're bullies.
They just want to get the leaders and punish them.
I think that's going to backfire.
Yeah, and now this is spreading.
The church rebellion, as we're calling it, is spreading.
There was a church, and I'll send you the link of this in our next commercial break, because we're going to it soon.
There's a church in the other Alberta city of Calgary that was inspired by this first church, so they opened.
Well, guess what?
The bylaw officers came by, but we had our cameras there.
We started asking the bylaw officers questions.
They ran away.
They ran away.
So the surveillance spies don't like being spied on.
And I think it comes to citizen journalists and crowdfunded lawyers.
And now is the time to fight.
Not when it's too late.
Now is the time.
Man, I tell you, what Alfie Oaks is doing down in Naples, Florida, with his grocery store group, what you're doing, what these churches are doing, what the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews are doing in New York and Israel, saying we're going to have our churches and we're not going to wear masks and we're not going to take your shots, and the persecution I've seen in Israel really has been frightening.
But it's a global phenomenon.
I want to ask you, can we come back for 60 seconds?
Why it's global, since when do I open up the paper and it's like, well the UN says you can take your mask off in 2024 now.
Well the UN says we're going to give pregnant women shots now with no study.
It's like, when did I wake up and the United Nations was in charge and the WHO of everything.
Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, rebelmedia.com is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com and NewsWars.com and I want him to recap
This other church, this chain reaction, because this is the answer to tyrants.
I agree, this is a second ditch.
We've all got to start saying no, civil disobedience, non-violent, and they can't put us all in jail, ladies and gentlemen.
And it just moves on from there.
We've got to go protest at these government officials' houses.
We've got to sue them because they're coming after us.
This is a global authoritarian plan, just ask Klaus Schwab, back in 60 seconds.
The Southern Poverty Law Center
Of course, put up a map of people they say are racist and evil and homophobic because they don't want their five-year-olds being taught anything sexual.
And the Family Research Council famously got shot up.
Well, now stuff on the Southern Poverty Law Center map's getting burnt all over the country.
Hispanic Baptist churches, black churches in Alabama, if they hear that they preached against homosexuality or anything else, they get firebombed.
And the media's like, yeah, that's good.
That's what you deserve.
So the left has become extremely aggressive, not just here, but all over the world.
We're good to go.
Can't have your churches.
He was mentioning how that's spreading now and how it's a chain reaction of people saying no.
So, Ezra, take this segment to recap what's happening in Canada, how it's an example of tyranny, but also an example of resistance and where you see this going.
There's a church just outside Edmonton, Alberta called Grace Life Church and their pastor, James Coates, said, you know what?
We're just going to have church because our way of praying is together, not over Zoom, not from home.
We're going to church together.
And now this is an image here of the Calgary Church.
Let me explain this image that you see here.
You see those two trucks there, Alex?
Sorry, I'm getting off gear for a sec.
Those two trucks were the enforcement vans
That we spotted at the Calgary church.
We had a drone with us, Alex.
Take your time.
Tell the whole story.
Tie it all together.
Tell us about this.
So this was spreading to a Calgary church.
So we had reporters at both the Calgary and the Edmonton church.
You can see the cops peeking out of the window there.
We chased them off.
We had reporters at that Calgary church.
And when we pointed the cameras at them and asked them questions, they scurried off.
We tracked them.
They went to hide in this parking lot a couple blocks away.
Stay with this video.
Those are the two enforcement vans that were spying on the church.
Now the drone goes back to the church.
So you'll see that's the two cop cars.
They ran away.
Well, we simply ask some questions.
Why are you persecuting Christian churches?
Why are you allowing Walmart and Costco to operate liquor stores and cannabis stores, but you're harassing the church?
Now the drone is headed back to the church.
So this is, as you can see, a second church in Calgary, a smaller church.
This was after services had sort of finished, so there's only about 20 cars there.
But my point is, the church rebellion is spreading.
And a lot of these enforcement officers aren't used to doing such dirty work.
If you're an enforcement officer, I don't know, maybe there's a dog barking or someone parking where they shouldn't.
You're a bylaw enforcement officer.
You're not actually a policeman.
You do low-level, you know, someone's camping out overnight.
You catch people dumping trash in the river.
That's right.
Probably most of them are good enough guys and gals.
So now they're being given a terrible mission.
Go and ticket people who simply go to church.
Give them multi-thousand dollar fines.
Threaten them with jail.
So we turn a camera on them and say, how do you feel about what you're doing?
Is that what you thought you'd be?
Yeah, so this is the Calgary church here, where our drone was.
So these were the vans of the cops who were coming.
Uh, to this little church.
This is the little church in Calgary that was inspired by the big church in Edmonton.
I say again, in Edmonton, that pastor remains in jail.
Today is his seventh day in a maximum security facility, simply because he will not undertake, he will not make a legal promise not to open his church.
Trouble is,
That kind of courage is spreading and his church is full.
And they could arrest the substitute pastor.
Well, guess what?
Someone would take his place.
And courage engenders more courage.
And Alberta is sort of like the Texas of Canada, Alex.
So if there was any place we'd see this freedom fight back, it doesn't surprise me it's from Alberta.
And the Premier of Alberta, I know him personally, he's actually quite sympathetic to Christians in his real life.
So it must be troubling for him to be the only province in Canada, perhaps the only jurisdiction in North America, to actually jail a pastor like what they do in China or Iran.
Everybody's seeing this all over Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S.
You'll literally have Walmart and Targets open, but there'll be a Catholic church, a Baptist church, you name it.
They will shut it, and liberals will come protest it, but then when Black Lives Matter protests, it's wonderful and safe.
I mean, there really is a biblical attack on believers happening.
Oh yeah, and I use the phrase superstition for the new belief system about this invisible power called COVID.
And you have to wear a mask.
It's like wearing a cross to ward off a vampire.
You wear a mask.
It's your symbol of submission to lockdownism.
And it gives you the moral authority to snitch on your neighbor.
It gives you the moral authority to treat someone poorly if they themselves don't have a mask.
We see people so proud of shaming their neighbor
They do a selfie video scolding someone in a store for not wearing a mask.
When did we lose our manners and our way of dealing with each other neighborly?
It's when we replaced our norms, our Western civilization
Norms with these new public health orders that make no sense that dehumanizes and by the way when you cover someone's face You cover a way of relating to each other.
We study each other's face for nonverbal cues Yeah, we know the bad guys wear the mask.
We know the execution is where this is a cult Programming is that we're all dirty.
We're all bad.
I'm sure you've seen the great reset Klaus Schwab says
Anyone with industries in close contact will no longer have jobs.
No more contact.
Stay at home.
You have nothing.
You own nothing.
Good for Earth.
They're literally locking us up.
And again, who made the U.N.
How did this happen?
Well, I've got bad news for you, Canada.
As you know, Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister, I don't know if you know this, Alex, but he's a bit of a marijuana enthusiast.
And I'm not saying that other than he's not exactly focused on the job.
He's been working from home for about 10 months now.
He rarely goes into Parliament.
He's pretty much mentally checked out.
He still has his vacation beard from the winter of 2019.
So he's not really the hands-on Prime Minister.
I know that won't shock you to hear that.
He's pretty dopey.
But the real Prime Minister in Canada, his deputy, is named Chrystia Freeland.
I've got two shocking things to tell you about Chrystia Freeland.
Number one, even though she's the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, that would be like saying the Vice President of the United States.
She sits on the board of the World Economic Forum.
Today she sits on it.
How's that not a conflict of interest?
Canada's public health officer, our version of Anthony Fauci, for the first half of the pandemic was a paid employee of the World Health Organization at the UN.
So there's total conflicts of interest everywhere.
Absolutely, and finally, and this is, you're not even going to believe this because it's too on the nose, it's impossible.
Christa Freeland, before she became a politician, she was a journalist and she was writing the biography, the authorized biography, of George Soros.
Oh man, it never ends, it never ends.
In fact, I bet Daria could find it online really quick just with a quick Google search.
There's this photo right after Trudeau was elected of Trudeau.
Freeland and Soros meeting at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
One of his first major visits after he became PM, Prime Minister in 2015, was to fly to Switzerland to have a private... There it is!
That's George Soros on the left, Justin Trudeau in the middle, and that woman on the right, Chrystia Freeland, is on the board of the World Economic Forum.
She was going to be Soros' official biographer, but instead, she just happens to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, and given that Justin Trudeau's mentally being checked out for about a year and a half, she's the de facto prime minister.
So she's basically the de facto, and it's the same thing now with Biden.
I was going to raise that.
This is perfect.
They want some zombie or pothead in there so literally you can have Soros, people, and others in there controlling the government.
I got one last thing for you, and you're going to think I'm making this up, but you can Google it.
One of the first things that Trudeau did was he signed a contract, a formal contract, with George Soros' Open Societies Foundations to develop mass refugee policy for Canada.
Like, he literally contracted out Canada's policy to Soros, who isn't even a Canadian on it.
Stay there, let's come back to that, because I did see that, and folks, it's the same thing where they now say Bill Gates runs the G8, because Boris Johnson's on the rotating board, because he's the Prime Minister of England, of the UK, and they said, oh, Bill Gates is in charge of the G8, and then Bill Gates is in charge of US COVID response.
Who died made these guys God.
So, Biden's a puppet.
Trudeau's a puppet.
Both of them have said they like Xi Jinping and death camps.
One said he likes basic dictatorship.
He admires China the most.
Just basic, you know, it's like a Honda or something.
It's just a good basic dictatorship.
The most nauseous in its belt of dead people, anybody, Stalin and Hitler combined.
And then you've got, every day you turn on, well, the UN's the only one that can say something about COVID.
How do we counter a global corporate move like this, Ezra Levin?
Well, I think, interestingly, the answer might include foreign countries that don't want to be a part of it.
We saw that after Twitter suspended President Trump's account, even while he was president, you saw other countries, including Germany, Angela Merkel of all people, and France,
Yeah, saying they weren't quite comfortable with some, you know, tech oligarch in Silicon Valley deciding what they could or couldn't turn off.
You might remember Uganda was having an election.
And they could see some meddling from Silicon Valley, so they simply banned all of Twitter from Uganda.
And Twitter was squawking about that, and I sort of chuckled, you know, this saying, build your own Twitter.
Hey, Twitter, build your own Uganda.
My point is, I don't know anything about Uganda, really, Alex, but maybe the same way Republicans feel about Silicon Valley, those guys don't like me, don't know me.
Imagine how that goes for Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, who has had fights with
Facebook over WhatsApp groups or India.
And by the way, India is used to unhooking because they've banned about 50 apps from China, including TikTok, I think, because they're having a sort of a war in the Himalayas with China.
Let's expand on that.
I interrupted you and made a false statement.
It was Macron said he didn't like them shutting him down.
Merkel said she understood it and liked it.
And then expanding on that,
Australia just caved in to Mark Zuckerberg because he was blocking all government information on Facebook because he didn't like legislation they had.
Yeah, well I'm not going to say it's a slam dunk, but India is interesting because they're a high-tech country.
I mean, not all of it, much of India remains very poor and low-tech, but they have a tech industry just the same way they have Bollywood for our Hollywood.
They definitely have a large brain trust.
And maybe they, for their own reasons of national security and sovereignty to deal with China, maybe they'll develop their own systems and maybe that will weaken the Facebooks, YouTubes, Googles of the world.
Now that's only a partial solution to the tech side.
You need countries to withdraw from UN mandates, from UN framework conventions, whether it's on global warming, or the migration pact, or they have small arms.
I mean, the UN is trying to do through their structures what American and Canadian and other local countries refuse to do through theirs.
Donald Trump was the toughest critic the UN ever faced.
I love his line, I represent Pittsburgh, not Paris, when he pulled out of the climate treaty.
I think they've got four years worth of bad ideas they want to catch up on.
And by the way, you just literally stole my thunder.
I was going to bring up Trump and the Paris Climate Accord.
They are behind.
They're trying to accelerate all that.
And so Trump was getting us out of the WHO.
It's a fraud.
And I noticed Trudeau is paying Wuhan 800 plus thousand.
Biden just gave them five million.
What in the world's going on at that lab?
Oh yeah, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is considered ground zero in a number of ways.
Did the virus come from there?
Was it leaked?
What happened?
Well, Trudeau, after the pandemic, sent $830,000 in foreign aid to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
You know, there's the different vaccines.
That's not it.
There's Moderna, there's Pfizer, there's all these.
Trudeau, you know, you're not even going to believe this, Alex, because it's too much.
It's too much.
But who did Trudeau sign a deal with right away for a vaccine?
It was called CanSino, C-A-N-S-I-N-O.
It was a Chinese vaccine maker affiliated with the People's Liberation Army.
So he didn't just, Trudeau didn't just sign a contract for a Chinese vaccine, which would have been crazy to begin with.
He signed up for one that was being made by the People's Liberation Army.
What is wrong with that boy's head?
Now, in the end, they double-crossed him and they refused to send it, but he was ready to do it, and he actually said he would allow them to use Canadians as the guinea pigs for their PLA vaccines.
I saw that, and what's weird about the Chinese is when you totally grovel to them, they bitch-slap you.
I mean, China is like so corrupt and so evil, the most cold-blooded regime in history, and the left just loves them.
I mean, the Washington Post has headlines, Xi Jinping needs to destroy Trump, and he's so sexy, and he's amazing, and he's incredible.
You know, Alex, I want to tell you a story.
I don't know if we've ever talked about this before, but early in the pandemic, I wrote a short book.
It's a it's a quick read.
I don't even think it's 100 full pages.
And I called it China Virus.
And, you know, that's just like we say Spanish flu.
I didn't read it, but I didn't see a piece on it.
It's a short book, and it was really about Trudeau's, the real virus being Trudeau's love affair with Communist China.
So it was a play on words.
The China virus that I was actually talking about was Trudeau's love affair with the Communist Chinese, and I document a lot of these things.
Sure, he's like Pepe Le Pew to Xi Jinping's The Cat.
I mean, he's in love with it.
That's right.
I mean, uh, so, so the book was actually about Trudeau and Communist China, but the virus, how that was really making Canada weaker.
But here's the thing.
So I wrote this book in April really quickly.
Uh, just to, I wanted a quick book to help show people what I thought was happening.
We uploaded it to Amazon and we've published, I think, 14 bestsellers with Amazon Canada.
They refused to let the book go up for a month.
They blocked it.
And then suddenly,
And we asked why.
We had lawyers ask why.
And they said, well, it contradicts, quote, official sources.
We said, which official sources?
The UN?
Like, the CDC?
And that's because you weren't supposed to say China virus.
Did they finally read it and go, oh, it's a play on words?
Well, they finally, without explanation, relented.
The book went up in Canada.
Immediately went to number one in Canada.
It sold like crazy for a week, Alex.
And then they took it down again.
They took it down.
No explanation.
The same thing.
It contradicts official sources.
They took it down.
Anytime you're defective, you are banned.
Anytime you're defective.
And then the crazy thing is, after we found another printer to take care of it,
They put it back up and they have to this day never explained who complained, what the complaint was, and when they say we violated some official, is it a Canadian official, an American official, was it Trudeau himself?
That's very tough to ask too when you're in trouble and they won't tell you what it is.
What it is, who the complaint was from, to give us a chance to make our case.
There's a lot of footnotes in that book.
So that's an example of, was it the UN?
Was it the big tech companies?
Was it the merger of Canada's political system with the UN?
We've got 30 seconds left.
Ezra Levant, is there an awakening happening?
And if so, are we going to win this thing?
Because it seems like right now they're just bulldozing us.
I think
I agree.
It's amazing.
The best thing in the Northern Hemisphere.
Thank you so much, sir.
Ezra LeVant, I'm Alex Jones.
Ton of news, straight ahead.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
The new Attorney General.
He's not approved yet, but they've got the votes.
Merrick Garland is another Obama creature.
That's why this administration is called the third administration of Obama.
Oh, Biden.
And boy is it bark of the moon, it is a bunch of crazed globalists slicing up this country, selling it out brutally, tripling drug prices with a stroke of a pen, just raping the dollar, raping this country's future because these people have chips on their shoulders and want to dominate America for social engineering.
And the way to do that is to make you poor and dependent on them.
And so, you heard that interview with Ezra LeVant, super smart guy.
I just, I envy his reporters.
I envy his work.
They're so prolific for a small team.
I mean, they're just, they're right up there with Project Veritage for how effective they are.
And he's laying out all this stuff.
I read everything he said.
But I'm like remembering, remember when Trudeau said he loves dictatorship?
Remember when Trudeau said we should teach five-year-olds how to, you know, have sex with adults, you know?
Remember just all this horrible stuff and how George Soros runs his administration and how he was gonna let China do secret experimentation on the Canadians and made it public.
And it's just like, what in the hell is going on here?
And how do we sit here with the UN running our life and China running our life?
It's a nightmare.
And I told you a year ago, I told you in February, I said the lockdown will never end.
The checkpoints will never end, the contact tracing, the PCR tests that are admitted fraud, and based off a fraud test, you're sent to a prison cell.
Imagine when they release a real bioweapon.
And I saw their plan last year.
A year ago, I said, they're going to announce this was really a simulation.
And they're going to release something a lot deadlier.
They're going to say terrorists did it.
And then Bill Gates goes on.
Co-Baron says, well, this is really just a drill.
This is not that deadly.
Klaus Schwab said the same thing a month after that.
And terrorists are about to release something far worse.
And now they're on.
Last week with whatever his name is, and Trevor Noah.
I mean, I see all this stuff and they're everywhere going, a more deadly thing is coming, not just a deadly strain.
And you'll never leave your house again.
This is war, people!
And they're not just doing it to consolidate power.
They like it.
They enjoy you starving to death.
They enjoy you being homeless.
They enjoy you being on fentanyl.
They enjoy you having nothing while they've got everything.
They're monsters.
And you know what?
You deserve it if you don't stand up for yourself.
Because you've rationalized and I've rationalized so much bad stuff and we made excuses.
A lot of folks say, you know, well I did it for this or I did it for that and they've got the military to do so many horrible things in the name of our country.
I don't know many people that did that stuff who meant well.
But now it's clear it's not America running our government.
It is corrupt evil forces that want to dissolve us while they use us to build their world government.
Then they want us out of the way to settle an old score.
So here's Merrick Garland.
I already played him saying Antifa is not terrorists when they attack federal buildings and burn them down or attack federal police with hatchets.
He actually said that.
But he also, you know, is moving to legalize illegal aliens.
Why would he have a country then?
They don't have to be COVID tested, though.
It's different for them.
And he also said he's going to join with the corporate media in shutting down free speech as long as they call it hate.
So it'll be just like the European Union.
And now you can't criticize COVID fraud.
You can't criticize election fraud.
Why, there's nothing you can do.
It's all bad.
It's all evil.
It's called a dictatorship of the establishment.
Here it is.
Stop right there!
They're talking about me right there.
In fact, they're in the news, FBI's investigating us, all this.
When we point out that Joe Biden said taking over Hong Kong is good and death camps are good, we're like, that's dangerous, that's evil, that's incitement.
You don't bend over to them just like that, do whatever they say, you're a terrorist.
So what are you gonna do about domestic terrorism?
It's our main focus, disinformation on the internet.
That's all good.
But, when we criticize the COVID vaccine killing a bunch of folks, oh that's disinfo.
You can't have Jones up there saying, India banned this vaccine, because it's true.
So, FBI, arrest his ass.
FBI, subpoena him.
FBI, get Jones.
Get him, get him, get him, get him.
People say, man, Jones, you got a lot of courage doing this.
No, I don't.
It would take raw, mindless courage to know all this and not fight it.
They're coming for everybody, including all these stupid lawyers, all these stupid FBI agents, all these stupid congressmen, all these stupid professors, all these stupid people posing like they're part of the establishment.
I've been around them.
They're all sycophantic ass kissers.
And they have no idea what they're manifesting and what they're doing to themselves.
My God, China is doing mass human gene editing in living people.
China's doing mass experiments on millions of people.
China 20 years ago had cows that produce human milk and spiders that are part goat that produce body armor.
And you know the U.S.
has all that underground too.
It's out of control!
But their number one threat is Americans that don't want to be totally shafted and screwed over.
Because they know Christians aren't going to go along with their kids being taken away from them, and for the devil worship, for the Mark of the Beast, and that's why they're targeting churches everywhere, getting everybody used to who their main target is.
People need to become territorial, you need to stand up for yourselves, you need to band together and say no.
You know, I need to form a new church, a Christian church.
We're good.
Have that, because that's what the enemy fears, that's what they're going to come after, is a Christ-centered church that's not a bunch of Bible-thumping, and by that I mean a bunch of priests arguing who the best preacher is.
A bunch of priests arguing who's got all the answers, and this church did this wrong, or that church did this doctrinally incorrect.
I just want to tell people the devil's real and God's real, and world government's here and it wants to kill your ass, but first it wants to dumb you down and steal your mind to get your soul.
They've got to get your mind to then trick your soul to choose evil.
Your mind is just the soul's bodysuit interface on this planet.
But they want to put you in a false reality from the time you're born to bombard you to reject God and go with them.
And I see people that have rejected God.
They are literal zombies.
So let's go out to break with Garland.
Here it is.
To contributing to violence and that the DOJ has a role in working to help us develop reasonable solutions to this challenge.
Well, again, Senator, I think that every opportunity the Justice Department has to work with members of the Senate to think about how to solve problems and how to craft legislation is one that we should take.
I don't have in mind particular legislation in this area.
I do think that an important part of the investigation of violent extremist groups is following their activities.
We're good to go.
Well, there's increasing regulatory schemes both in Europe and in California and other states being considered and I look forward to working with you on striking that appropriate balance between protecting data privacy, protecting individual liberty, but also protecting the competitiveness of the United States and globally making sure that we're pushing back on digital authoritarianism.
Last, I'm glad to see the department is prosecuting.
They're going to take our speech away!
With the EU-Merkel model by, by, by, they call that pushing back on online authoritarianism.
Another double thing.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm here live.
Weekday mornings, Harrison Smith does a great job with American Journal.
It's a call-in show like C-SPAN, Washington Journal.
And we're doing a great job taking a lot of calls on the show.
Be sure and check that out.
A lot of stations starting to pick that up.
Radio and TV.
His wife is having a baby in a couple days, so he has taken a few, he wanted a week off.
I said, dude, take a month off.
And so the great Tom Pappert is hosting that.
I'm going to be hosting some this week, probably Friday.
And then I'm also going to be hosting some of that show, taking phone calls coming up next week as well.
I think Owen Schroer is going to step to the plate and do some of that.
On top of that.
So that is what we have here on the lineup.
And of course, Owen Schroer and the War Room.
That is 3 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Right here on the InfoWars Network.
Now, I saw this article three days ago.
What are the sperm telling us?
Because my wife was at the coffee table on her laptop.
And I walked over and I saw the article so I pulled it up and I read it and I meant to cover it but I got busy and never did and it's really amazing.
It says scientists are concerned by falling sperm counts and declining egg quality.
Why is there declining egg quality too?
Endocrine disrupting chemicals may be the problem.
One of the main things I was banned for was covering mainline science reports about how that was happening.
And people got really concerned, so they had Jimmy Kimmel, they had Colbert, all of them attacked me and said I was a liar.
And they said it was racist.
They said, you know, the KKK leader, and that was all written for him by the Globalist, he says that the frogs are gay and that they're putting chemicals in things to make us gay.
No, what I said is it makes you infertile, and then whatever it does with amphibians and fish is they start trying to fertilize males for whatever reason, particularly in frogs.
So whole frog species are becoming extinct because of this in South Africa, in areas of Europe, and in Houston.
The media thought it was a joke, but I saw an article that half the frogs in the Houston Channel are homosexual.
I mean, they want to have sex with a male.
There is no sex.
A male frog sits on the female frog or toad's back, and then they put eggs out, and then the male just fertilizes that.
There's no copulation going on.
There's no penetration.
Not to get into frog sex here, but frog reproduction.
But, you know, if the frogs are going extinct,
Well, you know these chemicals are the same thing.
They, in utero, make you have a smaller penis and genitals and hurt your development.
Here's an example.
My dad's got a small lake on our East Texas farm ranch.
It's full of hydrilla and a bunch of duckweed.
And so there's a state program where you get these fish that have had a chemical put on them, these carp, where they're sterile.
And they just put chemicals on the eggs, and the eggs still hatch and still make little carp, but then when they grow up, they're sterile.
So that's just one chemical that's similar to atrazine that they put in and just sterilize the fish!
And you just put a few drops in a whole big, you know, container with these little baby fish, or the eggs, and it's bye-bye!
You're never gonna have babies again!
So, this is science, ladies and gentlemen.
And my dad has the literature.
I meant to come in here and do a whole show on it sometime and show you.
These are like 30-pound carp in the lake.
But, you know, that's how this operates, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, you can find out about it or you can die.
But see, they see us as animals, like free-range humans is what we're called.
And we're out here doing all of this.
We're out here just going along.
Oh, I'm going to the movies.
I'm going to the bar.
I'm going to go see, you know.
And it's all designed to make you be distracted.
I don't know how stuff works.
But behind the scenes, folks, they are hitting you and they are hitting you and your family hard.
And the globalists go through all these regimens of eating only organic.
And if you look at the Rockefellers and the Gateses and others, they'll normally live by jet helicopter or private jet in the middle of nowhere, no 5G, no GMO, all filtered water.
They haven't
All these regimens to detoxify themselves while they hit us with 5G, while they hit us with fluoride, while they hit us with GMO, while they hit us with the deadly mRNA mutagenic bioweapons.
And it's very serious.
And to them, it is a holy action they're carrying out to save the Earth.
Well, you look at Gates when he talks about people are starving and America's never coming back.
He starts, we got to kill the old lady and then we get
He just really gets excited.
And that's the type of people these folks are.
Again, I was talking to a family member who worked at MD Anderson Cancer Research Facility back in the 60s for a couple years.
I remember it was my dad.
And I had to tell him some of these stories.
When I was a kid, I would hear all this stuff.
And he said, yeah.
He said, there'd be like whole wards of people missing lower mandibles.
I think so.
He would see like scientists get off on injecting somebody with something really poisonous that they'd signed on but like he said he said like he said like these scientists would get rats and and and would just stick them with a needle of cancer and just go like oh and like would get sexually excited and I'm like 10 years old my dad's telling me all this and it's all true!
It's all true, and that's who Bill Gates is, folks.
He got brought into all that stuff like my dad did in high school.
That's what they do, they take the smartest kids and put them in this.
And he was like, what the hell is this?
I gotta get him on the show sometime.
He's very private though, but...
Yeah, nobody's ever seen my dad.
I ought to make him get on air with us sometime.
He's pretty, he's pretty outgoing like I am.
He's pretty reserved these days.
But I just remember all the stuff he told me and it's just, you watch Bill Gates when he's with Fareed Zakaria or when he's on with Colbert like, terrorists are going to release a weapon a hundred times worse and billions are going to die!
Colbert's laughing and it's so much fun because they're part of the elite.
And Colbert's really scared, actually.
He's just like, holy hell, I signed on with psychopaths.
I'm going to work with these people to try to get out of this.
Because here's the deal.
I'm not bragging when I tell you this.
I'm giving you the good news.
Whenever Mancow was on, he said on air, like the name of three or four famous people that texted him they were listening.
He said he got dozens more after that.
He said that doesn't happen when he had a Fox News show.
And again, it's not about Alex Jones.
It's about, do you know who's listening?
Rush Limbaugh's dead now.
He's not listening, or he is, he's in heaven.
Who else do you think listens?
They all do, folks.
They all listen.
And because they all know it's the truth, and they can't go as far as I do.
Tenor Carlson's doing it, and they're trying to take him off the air, and he's not gonna back down, I can tell you that.
But nobody else can get away with this, okay?
So we're under total attack.
They're trying to put me in prison right now because of this, but I don't care.
Because those FBI agents are gonna have children with shriveled testicles that can't have kids either.
And I don't care.
I don't care if you're black or white or who you are.
They've got the studies.
The genital sizes are all going... And the testicles are shriveling up.
In utero, you are being put in chemicals that are in the food and water that do that.
And then afterwards, you're hit with it.
And it attacks your IQ.
It attacks your... And it's the women's eggs are fried.
Read this article in the New York Times and then ask them, well, why'd you say Alex Jones is bad?
Because it tells you, the frogs are dying, the fish are dying, they're sterile, they're gay, and that's why they go, oh, it's your transgender now, like, oh, you grew a tumor!
You grew a tumor on your brain, you're dying, you're gonna trans into death!
You're gonna trans into, uh, Toth!
You're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna go over into the Gothic now!
You're, you're transitioning from living to dead.
Oh, you've got, and, and I've got, oh, I've got, I'm gonna tell you, there's women that take the vaccine can't get mammograms for six months or sonograms because they say it looks like you have cancer because your body has a cancer effect.
Of course, you'll get cancer later.
Don't worry.
That's why they said Biden, after COVID, he will quote tackle cancer.
And he means you're going to get cancer.
So, high prevalence of micropenis in 2,710 male newborns from an intensive use of pesticide area of northeastern Brazil.
This is all fact!
And what is in that?
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
It's all mainline science, but see, oh, Colbert doesn't want you to know that.
Jimmy Kimmel has been ordered, they said, to write these pieces and make jokes because they're using the pesticide on you.
We are the virus.
We are the disease.
By the way, if you don't want your phone to microwave you when you're not using it, because it's always on, if you don't want them tracking you and controlling you and want to kind of isolate your phone to only use it when you want to take a photo or you want to know where you're going or you want to call somebody, we have them back.
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We'll be right back.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Welcome back.
I'm going to do five more minutes and then Paul Joseph Watson from Her Britannic Majesties, Your Majesty, will be taking over and always doing a great job.
In the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, with Owen Schroyer.
And I know you're awesome folks, but remember, you spread the word about the shows, you share the articles, you share the videos, that's how we affect the world, that's how we change things.
And boy, we've been proving right on the gay frogs, and the new world order, and world government, forced inoculations, and permanent lockdowns.
We've proven we really are doing a great job.
And they're trying to put my ass in prison, as you see all over the news.
So, I think we've proven that we really are for the people, by the people, of the people.
And we're certainly flawed, but we use God as our North Star.
So, thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for your support.
Thanks for everything.
I'm going to cut an ad right now live we can run during the show tomorrow because we need to make some money.
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And boy, were we 97% right.
The 3% we were wrong about was it was way worse than we actually thought.
And that's the bad news.
The good news is that humanity is starting to awaken.
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Twice as likely to die of COVID.
Black folks are
It's still super rare, but it's twice as likely because black folks in the northern hemisphere live in cities, live in these urban canyons and don't get the sun.
And black folks need about three times the sun that a Caucasian gets.
A Hispanic probably needs about twice as much, depending on how much melanin you have as a white person.
White people are designed to live away from the sun, so we get less of it to be able to live.
Folks who live near the equator are blocking out the sun.
So, if you're not living near the equator, and you're living in northern Klein, but you're genetically designed to live at the equator, you need vitamin D3.
That's a fact, and they don't want you to know that.
So, particularly if you have dark skin, you need high quality vitamin D3.
There's a lot of folks who don't absorb it well in the gut.
So you absorb it under the tongue.
It's taken sublingually.
We also have Wake Up America Coffee.
It's the best coffee I've ever had.
People get it and go, man, this really is incredible.
It's from the Chiapas area in Mexico, right by Guatemala.
That is the same price for the 10 plus years we've been selling it.
The same stuff that comes from the same place sells for about 50% more a pound at Whole Foods.
So we have a great deal.
We'll be right back with Paul Joseph Watson.
And we are live with the Summit News Hour.
You'll notice I'm wearing the hat tonight.
That's because the hairstyle, the haircut, is not fit for public consumption.
And that's because I haven't had a haircut in about four or five months because, of course, under the lockdown restrictions here in the UK, barbers, hairdressers have been closed for the past several months.
But thankfully, by the gracious enlightenment of our ever-wise government,
They're telling us that now we will be able to sit on a park bench with another person in about three weeks' time.
Yes, I can't describe how excited, how grateful I truly am that they're lifting these coronavirus lockdown measures so quickly, to the point where in three months' time, maybe, just maybe, we'll be allowed to go to the pub.
Maybe in three months' time.
That's what we're going to talk about today.
Headline here out of the Daily Mail, which just came up a couple of hours ago.
Britain's coronavirus lockdown is one of the toughest in the world, with Ireland the only stricter Western nation, study reveals.
Britain's are living under the sixth strictest lockdown in the world and the second harshest in Europe, according to an analysis by the University of Oxford.
Researchers have ranked the pandemic responses of 180 countries on a stringency map.
By looking at how COVID restrictions have affected schools, offices, social gatherings, international travel and freedom to leave home.
Each country was scored on a scale of 1 to 100.
And they're saying that Britain is the second strictest in Europe.
We got France, we got Germany, we've got Italy opening up their schools, their restaurants, their bars, their social events way faster.
And yeah, as I said in the introduction,
Three months time we'll be allowed to go to the pub, maybe.
And then in three and a half months, in fact it's closer to four months, they say that these restrictions will be lifted and that it's irreversible and that we won't have another lockdown.
Of course, many of the health experts that form part of SAGE, which is advising the government, say that that's complete baloney.
And basically indicating that these lockdown restrictions, these measures, in some form will continue indefinitely and will definitely continue indefinitely for those who don't take the vaccine.
Headline out of Summit News.
Vaccine passports to enter pubs venues being considered by British government.
To make it clear, these are domestic passports, basically domestic ID cards,
Which, by the way, Winston Churchill banned back after the Second World War and said they were fundamentally anti-British.
Now our great libertarian leader Boris Johnson is saying that the government will consider vaccine passports to enter pubs, restaurants and other venues.
And this has been part of his roadmap to lifting lockdown.
Despite other European countries such as France, Germany and Italy easing restrictions far sooner, initial changes will see Brits only being allowed to sit on a bench with another person from next month.
That's right.
From March the 8th, I believe the date is, they're saying.
We may.
We may allow you to meet another person from outside your household and sit on a park bench with them.
Because nobody's been doing that over the past two months.
Nobody at all has been flouting any of these lockdown restrictions.
They're saying that outdoor dining will not reopen until April the 12th.
That's about seven weeks' time from now.
Businesses, pubs, restaurants are all going bust.
Doesn't matter, despite the fact that
These coronavirus cases are falling quicker than in many other European countries by the stats.
We are on a snail's pace to lifting lockdown and even when it is lifted, as I'm going to get into, they're saying that some of the restrictions will remain.
And that's the point.
Many people have made the point
That if you really want to sell this vaccine, if you really want to encourage take-up of this vaccine, there you see the park benches where they literally put tape over them and say, old people aren't allowed to sit down after their daily exercise.
The messaging with this vaccine is that, if you take the vaccine, if you take a double dose of the vaccine even, even then, maybe you won't be able to live your life.
So you would think if they really want a massive widespread take up of this vaccine, especially amongst BAME communities, black people, ethnic minorities, that they would sell it on the basis of, and you know, from a libertarian standpoint, from an ethical standpoint, this is wrong within itself.
But they would say, take the vaccine, you get all your freedoms back.
They're not even saying that.
They're saying, no, you'll still have to wear masks, you'll still be under restrictions.
And of course, that's going to drive a lower take up of the vaccine than they expected.
So then they're going to come back and say, well, not enough people have taken the vaccine.
We're going to have to continue these social distancing measures, these lockdown measures for months or even years into the future.
But the Prime Minister revealed yesterday in front of Parliament
Covid status certification is being studied, meaning that, quote, vaccine passports could be required to enter pubs, restaurants and other venues, according to the Daily Mail.
Bear in mind that for the past three months or so, the government and the vaccine minister have said repeatedly, we're not going to introduce vaccine passports for international travel, because that would be discriminatory,
Now they're saying, oh well that's basically inevitable, you're going to have to have the vaccine and proof that you've had the vaccine to engage in freedom of mobility international travel.
But beyond that, which they lied about for the past three months saying they weren't even considering it, while literally pouring millions of pounds into studies that were considering it, now they're saying you're not only inevitably going to need it for international travel,
Maybe you're going to need it to go to the pub, the cinema, sports events, live entertainment, and even in one report I saw that it was being considered that you would need this vaccine certification to go to the shop.
And we laugh at the people who say, revelations, the mark of the beast, he who doesn't take it will not be allowed to buy or sell.
Now there's literally consideration
Of the potential that if you don't take the mark, you won't be able to buy or sell.
I don't expect that to be introduced in terms of people being able to go into the shops, but that was reported and they are saying that they will consider, and obviously this is going to be somewhat at the discretion of businesses,
That they will force people to prove they've had a coronavirus vaccine, whether they don't want to take the vaccine, whether they're medically exempt from taking the vaccine because it's dangerous.
They're now talking about having that to allow people into cinemas, sports stadiums.
Bars, restaurants, while all the time claiming, oh, the vaccine's not going to be mandatory.
We're not going to force anyone to take the vaccine.
You just won't be able to live a basic, normal social life or even be able to go out without taking the vaccine.
So if you don't take it, you'll be under de facto lockdown for infinity.
Oh, but it's not mandatory.
It's not mandatory.
Indications that international travel will also only be allowed via a vaccine passport mean for the millions of people who can't or won't take the vaccine, they'll effectively be under indefinite lockdown.
Then we have this report.
Scientists, vaccination before every holiday may be needed.
Yes, that's every single holiday.
Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that people may need to have a coronavirus vaccination not once, not twice, but every time they want to travel out of their home country, of course.
Our own government, our own Home Secretary, will continue to allow the migrant boats to flood into the country.
No vaccination required.
No ID required.
Put them up in four-star hotels.
Feed them.
Later on, integrate them into society.
But those are the protected class.
The rest of us won't be allowed to leave the country by the looks of it, unless we take the shot.
The scientists published a report in the Royal Society Journal, which acknowledged there is little data on how efficient or long lasting the current vaccines are.
And so it's likely that countries will require a recent vaccination.
And in the next segment, I'm going to get into
The fact that they're now proclaiming that flu deaths have completely disappeared!
Literally saying they haven't detected a single case of flu for the entirety of this year and that we may need to keep social distancing, mask wearing to defeat the flu.
Gee, I wonder what the real story behind this is.
Don't go away, we'll be right back.
Dr Fauci has just come out with a quote where he says, quote, there are things even if you're vaccinated that you're not going to be able to do in society.
For example, indoor dining theatres, places where people congregate.
Again, even if you're vaccinated, that's not the messaging that I would go with if you really want widespread take up of a vaccine to tell people that even if they get it, they're not going to get their pre-Covid freedoms back.
And it's a similar situation in the UK, which I just mentioned.
Scientists now saying a vaccination may be needed before every single holiday.
The government actively considering whether a vaccine certificate will be required to enter pubs, venues, restaurants.
And while this is all taking place, we've seen the mysterious disappearance of the flu!
Gee, I wonder why this could be?
Headline UK health authorities announced not a single case of flu detected this year.
Health authorities in England have announced that not a single case of influenza has been detected this year.
With one professor suggesting that mask wearing should be kept in place during winter to drive down flu deaths to quote zero.
We talked about zero Covid in the past.
We seem to be moving away from that, thankfully, in the UK, this idea that we have to have literally zero cases whatsoever to have any kind of continuous, consistent freedoms.
You've seen in New Zealand and Australia where they can get three cases amongst a single family and they lock down the entire city of Auckland for three days.
How long is that going to continue?
Well, now they're talking about zero flu because the flu deaths have completely disappeared.
And according to the health authorities, or at least some, this is disputed, it's entirely because of mask wearing and social distancing.
So the social restrictions brought into curb transmission of coronavirus combined with an increased uptake of the flu vaccine have both been credited with driving down infections.
So the official health body in England studied over 685,000 test samples
Since the first week of January and not a single flu infection was discovered.
Yes, they're actually claiming that not a single person had the flu in the entire United Kingdom for the first almost two months of the year in winter.
I wonder why that is.
Professor Christina Pagel went on to suggest that some of the measures brought in to fight coronavirus could be kept in place to combat flu infections.
Oh, so we're keeping them forever!
Asserting that, quote, we can reduce flu deaths to pretty much zero, Miguel said it's worth encouraging people to wear masks on public transport and in other busy environments every winter.
The masks aren't going anywhere because we can eliminate flu.
Because we've honestly had zero flu cases in winter, in an entire country, for an entire almost two months.
So believable.
Contradicted by other experts, as we previously highlighted, who have suggested, and get this, what a crazy conspiracy theory this sounds like to me, that flu cases are so dramatically low because influenza cases are being falsely counted as COVID cases.
What kind of crazy conspiracy theorists would suggest that?
Well, top epidemiologist, Nook Witowski,
Who is former head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University.
Sounds like your regular tinfoil hat wearer to me.
Asserted that influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.
And we wonder why we've had so many officially recorded cases.
According to the CDC, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 19th, this is 2020,
was just 0.2% compared to 8.7% from a year before.
Suddenly, the flu just disappeared.
According to Wachowski, this is because many flu infections are being incorrectly labelled as coronavirus cases.
And then, of course, you get the notoriously unreliable PCR tests on top of that.
Provides you with plenty of coronavirus cases, which then you can use to justify elongated and, in fact, indefinite lockdowns.
He said there may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the presumed COVID-19 category of people who have COVID-19 symptoms, which influenza symptoms can be mistaken for but are not tested for SARS or NA.
Numbers published in April last year by the UK's Office of National Statistics also showed that there have been three times more deaths from flu and pneumonia than coronavirus.
So at the height of the pandemic when it began in Europe last year,
From March through to the end of April, the official UK government statistics said there have been three times more flu and pneumonia deaths than coronavirus deaths, and indeed the BBC reported, quote, the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia of more than 32,000 is three times higher than the total number of coronavirus deaths this year.
That is 2020.
Three times higher in early 2020.
In early 2021, the flu has just disappeared!
Into thin air.
And now they're saying that because of that, we can eliminate flu.
Maybe we can just eliminate all viruses from circulation completely, as long as when the government says jump, we say how high time and time again.
Are these restrictions ever going to be really lifted completely?
At least for the next few years, it seems very doubtful.
And in fact, related to that,
Saw a tweet earlier which is taken from the official gov.uk website.
Remember that I discussed this on a previous show, somebody filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the UK government, which by the way Tony Blair came out recently and said that was the biggest mistake of his time in office, passing the Freedom of Information Act legislation.
God forbid the public should be able to get information from the government.
The horror
Somebody did that.
They asked the government how many COVID deaths, from the entire total of COVID deaths in the United Kingdom, on the death certificate was only COVID listed as the cause of death, not including all the other comorbidities suffered generally by elderly people with several other serious illnesses in hospital.
The UK government came back and published this, by the way, on their official website and said that
The figure was around 10% of the officially declared COVID deaths that actually being a result of COVID alone, not including any other comorbidities on the death certificate.
So the actual number of people who died from coronavirus alone in the United Kingdom is one tenth the amount of the public number that they stay over and over again.
Again, that's on the official Office of National Statistics website as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.
There's another piece of information on gov.uk, which somebody tweeted out a screenshot of earlier, and it says, in this report, deaths are defined as a death in a person with a laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test
And either died within 60 days of the first specimen date or died more than 60 days after the first specimen date with COVID-19 mentioned on the death certificate.
So basically they're counting all deaths of COVID if they occurred within a 60 day time frame of the person being diagnosed with COVID.
Now bear in mind many of these people, the vast majority of these people,
Or seriously ill elderly people who have several other comorbidities, but if they catch COVID during that 60-day window from when they're unfortunately, tragically declared dead, they count it as a COVID death.
Gee, I wonder why there are so many cases.
We'll be right back when we talk about misinformation.
Don't go away.
I'm going to come back here in a moment and talk about misinformation, specifically proliferated by the mainstream media, something that's not often talked about while they try and get everyone else banned, silenced and censored for quote, misinformation.
First though, we're going to go to this report from Nigel Farage.
Had a headline here out, the independent Coca-Cola faces backlash over seminar asking staff to be less white.
Again, this is
Transnational corporations openly embracing the intersectional racist nonsense that the far left produces.
Says Coca-Cola has come under fire from conservative critics who have accused the drinks brand of reverse racism after it used a training video that encouraged staff to try to be less white.
Replace those words with try to be less black and
Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue?
The content of a training session was leaked by a Coca-Cola employee who sent pictures of slides asking white people to be, quote, less ignorant and less oppressive.
Here's Nigel Farage commenting on that.
Let's go to the clip.
I told you about Coca-Cola and this absolutely crackpot idea that they were going to actually train their employees to be less white.
Because if you're less white, you're less arrogant and you're less nasty.
And I put that film out a couple of days ago.
Now I put these videos out because very often I want you to see and hear stories that otherwise you simply will not get from mainstream media and I've been doing that now for about a year and I hope you think I do manage to tick that box but
This is not just an exercise in venting our anger at some of the madnesses that are going on in this world.
It is a means to actually getting things changed.
And I've got some good news for you.
Because there were two or three of us, a couple in America, a couple in the UK, that picked up on this story and went for it.
And as a result of this, Coca-Cola were facing an onslaught of online criticism.
So they put out a statement to say that being less white was not the focus of their activities in terms of educating their employees, and they would continue to redefine their curriculum.
That led to more people emailing, to more people being outraged, and now
Coca-Cola have said that this will not be part of their employee training.
So they dropped it.
They dropped this dreadful idea of telling people to be less white, of telling people who are white to be utterly ashamed of who they are and what they stand for.
And this is a big victory and we have been a part of this.
I've been a part of this.
I got a lot of emails, a lot of messages from those that have watched my video, almost with incredulity that a firm like Coca-Cola could be doing this.
Woke capitalism is what it's known as, when big companies have somebody right on in the HR department who thinks they need to do this for popularity.
So this is a big kickback.
It's a big victory.
And it's why
I do want you to keep watching my videos.
I do want you to keep getting in touch with me via the website, emailing me stories that you've seen that nobody else has covered.
And when you do see me picking up an issue that you think matters and you think should be changed, I want you to share these videos and yourself
You know, if it's relevant, complaining to your local MPs.
If, in the case of Coca-Cola, emailing the company.
We proved, in the last few days for Coca-Cola, that we can get things changed.
So I'm really happy about that.
Now one thing we haven't yet changed, and I'm speaking to you now on Tuesday morning, is the story that I was uncovering
Last April and last May, when I was going out day after day into the English Channel and showing you videos of these migrant dinghies coming across from Calais and all along the North French coast, coming into the United Kingdom.
I covered, I think, the scale of that story.
Mainstream media did then pick up on it.
And then, of course, I went to the hotels and showed you the billions that we're spending over the course of the next few years.
Now, last week,
The Immigration Minister, Chris Philp, put out a statement to say that 70% of those who so far this year had attempted to come from Calais had been stopped on the beaches, so the extra 30 million quid we'd given the French authorities was working, and that now
We weren't members of the European Union.
We would start returning people who would illegally come to Britain and had come here through a safe country like France.
Well, it was all very bullish, as it nearly always is, from Priti Patel and Chris Philp, but none of it ever matches reality, because this very morning,
A boat landed on a beach at Warmer in Kent, near Deal, and 21 migrants got off the boat and ran off into the Kent countryside.
As I speak to you, they're being hunted down by Kent police.
that we know of came into Dover yesterday.
It'll be a lot more today.
And whatever Chris Philp said, so far this year, the numbers that are coming are even bigger than last year.
It was 8,500 that we know of that crossed the Channel by small boat last year.
And from what I can see, we may well have left the EU, we may well have left the Dublin Convention, but
We don't have any agreement with the French government on returns.
So we've won on Coca-Cola, but to stop the massive cost of people coming into Britain illegally, the vast majority of whom would never ever qualify to be
Let alone what the security risk is of people who we've got no idea who they are coming into and being allowed to stay in our country.
So we haven't won this one yet, but I will keep pumping out information.
Information you won't get
From mainstream media.
And I want you to go on watching, to go on complaining, and to go on putting on pressure for change.
Because that's what we want.
We want to improve things.
So look, a massive thank you from me to all of you who watched that Coca-Cola video, spread it around, and complained to the company.
Because we've actually made something just a bit better.
That's Nigel Farage on his YouTube channel, go and subscribe to that.
Talking about Woke UK, we had this headline also out of Summit News yesterday.
This was quite hilarious, some incident that happened over the weekend.
UK police forced to respond after ad claimed being offensive is an offence.
Turns out it's not an offence, but doesn't really matter.
Merseyside police were forced to respond after officers took part in an electronic ad campaign.
They had a van with an electronic billboard outside a supermarket which claimed being offensive is an offence, with authorities later clarifying that it is in fact not an offence.
Over the weekend, a mobile electronic billboard was parked outside an Asda supermarket for a PR campaign
Being offensive is an offence, states the ad, which features a police badge superimposed over an LGBT rainbow flag.
Sorry, LGBTQI+++.
Can't keep up at this point.
It's the old meme of the cat treading on the keyboard.
Merseyside Police stand with and support the LGBTQI community.
We will not tolerate hate crime on any level.
Come and speak to Team Beb, stated the text on the ad.
Problem is, being offensive is not an offence.
And Merseyside Police, after a backlash, had to come out with a tweet and admit that maybe they should have realised it before putting it in big letters on a billboard, parking it outside a supermarket and having three police officers guard it and broadcast to the public, basically intimidate the public into thinking that being offensive is an illegal activity in the United Kingdom.
It's not.
There is a claim, there is a crime in the UK which is called being grossly offensive but that carries with it a high bar to reach court and it's very hard to prove.
It's not just being mean to somebody on Twitter it turns out.
Problem is we've got record rising crime rates, we've got record rising knife crime in the United Kingdom, we've got crime levels at such a disgraceful level
That in 2015, the head of the National Police Chiefs Council said that police officers would be unable to attend some burglaries.
But rest assured, they will be hot on the scene of you if you tweet something mean to somebody in the LGBTQI++++ community, while having to backtrack immediately and say that actually, it's not the case.
You can be offensive.
That's not a crime.
We'll be back.
No, go away.
We are back live for the final segment
And I want to talk about misinformation because this is of course the major bugbearer of the mainstream media right now.
They claim people should be silenced, censored, banned because of quote misinformation.
You notice that it's moved on from hate speech, it's moved on from any other justification.
Now it's just well we think you're wrong
You peddle misinformation, which is, of course, is an entirely subjective word.
Therefore, you need to be deplatformed.
Well, it turns out there are three clear cases of misinformation, naturally harmful misinformation, that the media has engaged in, in recent times.
Headline here out of Summit News.
Poll finds 44% of liberals think cops killed 40 times more unarmed black men than the actual number.
This is a new poll which highlights the gulf between what people believe and reality and it finds that 44% of liberals think cops killed almost 40 times more unarmed black men than the actual figure.
Now this was conducted or it was commissioned by Skeptic Magazine.
First of all you have to find out the actual number of unarmed black men who were killed by police in this case in 2019.
And according to Mapping Police Violence, which is a database compiled by data experts and activists, so it's not really going to skew in favour of police, in 2019 police officers in the United States killed 27 unarmed black men by any means, and that includes 13 unarmed black men which were fatally shot in the same year by cops.
However, when you ask liberals, when you ask leftists, how many unarmed black men they thought had been killed by cops, a very different picture emerges.
According to a nationally representative survey, people who describe themselves as very liberal or liberal think that the actual number of unarmed black men killed by police per year is about 1,000.
Again, the actual number is 27.
The 1,000 figure is just under 40 times the actual figure of 27 unarmed deaths.
Zach Goldberg tweeted this and he said, quote, overall 44% of liberals guessed 1,000 or more as compared to 20% of conservatives.
That calculation is based on the crosstabs shared by the researcher and you can see those stats in the tweet, which is embedded in the article.
Goldberg also explains how, furthermore, the average liberal respondent also thought a clear majority of people killed by police in 2019 were black.
In actuality, roughly a quarter were.
Again, more unarmed white people are killed by cops.
You would expect that, given that, you know, black people represent 13% of the population, but of course when you account for
The regularity of violent confrontations involving black men with police officers, then you have to account for that number being more.
The huge disparity in the actual number of unarmed black men killed by police and how many a significant number of liberals think were killed by police can only be explained by media messaging and moral panic.
Again, why do they think that 40 times the number of actual deaths occurred compared to the real figure?
Because we had months and months of mainstream media propaganda about black people being hunted down on the streets.
Literally, as I point out in this article, in one instance basketball star LeBron James asserted that black people are, quote, literally hunted every day, every time we step outside the comfort of our homes.
We had months and months of Black Lives Matter inspired riots, violence, burning of buildings.
We had, I think at last count, it was about three dozen deaths as a result of those riots.
And a large part of that violence was based on this false perception that at least a thousand black people per year, unarmed black people, were being killed by cops.
Circulated, amplified by the mainstream media.
Article goes on to state, given a rhetoric like that, which often goes unquestioned by corporate news outlets, it's surprising that so many Americans are misinformed.
And this brings me on to another example of misinformation, which I've mentioned before and which most people don't really talk about.
Again, peddled by the mainstream media.
The reason Americans think this is because of the mainstream media propaganda they've been fed about coronavirus.
The fans, the flames of hysteria being fanned by the corporate news media.
Headline, survey, Americans think coronavirus has killed 30 million people in the US.
225 times higher than the actual figure.
This was a survey by research firm KeckCNC, this was back in August 2020, which found that on average people in the US think 9% of the population, which equates to around 30 million people, have died from coronavirus when the actual figure is less than 155,000.
And again, that was back in August.
The fact remains they thought
30 million Americans have died of coronavirus when the actual number at the time was 155,000.
And of course, the actual number now, according to the government, even with all these comorbidities and counting flu cases of COVID, they say is around 500,000, even if you accept that.
That's a lot less than 30 million, isn't it?
But when asked in this survey, the average American thought that 30 million Americans back in August had died from coronavirus.
Why did they think that?
It wasn't because of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories circulating misinformation.
It was because of media hysteria and moral panic.
So again, you have
Nearly half of liberals thinking that 40 times more unarmed black men are killed by police every single year because of mainstream media misinformation and hysteria.
And you have the average American thinking 30 million Americans have died from coronavirus because of mainstream media hysteria and misinformation.
Two cases.
Here's another case from PolitiFact.
The Poynter Institute, which is literally a left-wing fact-checking organisation, okay?
What we know about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's death.
This, of course, was the unfortunate death of the police officer in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill riot on January 6.
There's a summary here, and this outlines it perfectly.
As Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died January 7th, that was the day after the incident, after he was injured, while physically engaging with rioters at the U.S.
Capitol, according to a Capitol Police press release.
But the cause of his death remains under investigation.
The fact that it remained under investigation and that nobody knew the cause of death, for sure,
...did not stop an early report from the New York Times that said Sicknick was struck during the riot with a fire extinguisher.
The Times recently revised that report, prompting criticism, because there's no proof that it happened, but they went ahead and reported it anyway, because they wanted a martyr, they wanted somebody to blame for the tragic death of this officer.
CNN reported that investigators are considering whether a chemical irritant like pepper or bear spray played a role.
On January 8, Sicknick's brother told ProPublica that Sicknick had texted about being pepper sprayed.
ProPublica's report also mentioned a stroke.
Continues, Sicknick's mother recently said she thinks he suffered a stroke, the Daily Mail reported.
Again, he died the day after.
From what looks like a stroke, but they don't know it's still being investigated.
That didn't stop the New York Times from saying it was from him being struck with a fire extinguisher.
And that didn't stop CNN from reporting that it was related to him inhaling pepper spray.
Massive example of misinformation circulated by the mainstream media at the height of this hysteria over the US Capitol riot
In the day, the first 24 hour period after it.
Again, another glaring example of mainstream media misinformation.
And again, this report's not even going to get 1, 100th of the attention that the initial claim that Trump supporters killed a police officer got.
Glenn Greenwald commented on this report earlier today.
He stated, quote, Doesn't matter.
They went ahead and blamed Trump supporters anyway.
Despite the fact, by the way, that four other Trump supporters died,
Including Ashley Babbitt, nobody really cared about her.
In fact, Ashley Babbitt was the only one who basically received any mainstream media attention.
Nobody even knows the names of the other four Trump supporters who tragically died.
Greenwald went on to say, quote, "...of any of the cable hosts who repeatedly dramatized a false story about how Sicknick died, causing that story to ricochet across social media to millions of people, retracted what they said."
Max Abrams also commented on this.
He said, So there you have three examples of mainstream media misinformation that led to direct hysteria and real-world harm.
I was going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next.
It's a little apocalyptic.
I'm telling you, this is my Patriot Supply from PrepareWithAlex.com.
It's so good, I'm in here trying to get some more.
Zermatt's been working 20 hours a day.
One of the most avid players here.
Trying to feed people.
Because the power's off for most of our crew members.
Because we're not essential.
And the grocery stores are all basically closed except a few essential ones.
Because they just decide whose grocery store can be essential, who isn't.
This is the new planned economy.
So now it's not just the big banks that get in on it and big tech that doubles all its profits under the lockdown.
Now all the local groups that are essential get to get on the fun as well.
And then they decide, your restaurant's closed, yours is open.
Your hospital's closed, yours is open.
It's all very technocratic.
It's all done by computer.
It's all liberal.
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