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Name: 20210222_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 22, 2021
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In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses his experiences with a lawyer who initially disagreed with his views on COVID-19 but has since admitted he was wrong. He criticizes Nancy Pelosi for launching an official panel aimed at purging guns from Americans and triggering a civil war. Jones refutes claims by the Washington Post and others that he and Roger Stone pre-planned the Capitol attack, noting Trump's acquittal due to lack of evidence. In a segment discussing COVID-19 vaccines, listeners express concerns about side effects, mandatory vaccination, medical freedom, distrust in authority, global conspiracy theories, international responses to vaccines, and historical parallels. The conversation reflects an anti-vaccine sentiment driven by fears of side effects, individual freedom, and distrust in authorities.

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Yesterday I was, let's just say, with a lawyer who a year ago thought that I was wrong about the lockdowns were going to go forever and the mask would never come off and that they would be a year from now doing Zoom hearings at court and that it would break down society and bankrupt everyone.
Well, yesterday he said, you know, you're right, I was wrong.
And that guy's a Democrat, a big Democrat.
But he's a good lawyer.
So, people are gonna figure this out, okay?
You can stick your head in the sand all day long, however much you want, and deny this evil's happening.
Because a lot of smart people can't deal with this, so they compartmentalize it.
And I'll compartmentalize really bad stuff in my life, if I can't change it.
But if it's fighting evil, if it's exposing the system, I don't compartmentalize it, I take it on.
And it's, you know, I look older than I am.
I'm under a lot of stress because I eat, drink, sleep, and dream this.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this February 22nd Monday edition.
I want to air this key report first because it sets the table for what we're about to cover.
My friends, Nancy Pelosi has launched an official panel to trigger a purge of Americans, confiscate guns, and trigger a civil war.
Speaker Pelosi and her loathsome gang of geriatric globalism swindlers are so riddled with Trump derangement syndrome that they should all be carted off to a mental facility instead of wasting the taxpayers' time and money.
Really strong support in the country for us to have.
Seek the truth, find the truth, but also understand how we have to protect the American people from what might be out there in terms of
I don't
The glass in and around this very chamber was shattered by gunshots, clubs, by individuals seeking to restrain and murder members of Congress duly elected to carry out the duties of their office.
I know there are idiots on other cable news channels that will say, well, you know, this mom-and-pop store was vandalized during the summer riots, and that's just as bad as the United States Capitol being vandalized.
No, actually, no.
No, jackass, it's not.
It would be far better if we were having this hearing on Tuesday with a lot of information being returned.
I mean, you know, testimony from the people who were involved, other than just news accounts.
But right now, we're going to be going to that hearing with what we've read in the newspaper, and I guess what the House managers presented in, I don't even want to call it a trial.
There was a chance that Nancy Pelosi would have ended up being called as a witness.
She did not want to be called as a witness because there is a substantial amount of evidence that she as the presiding officer was pre-warned of something might be happening on January 6th and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that she was not doubling down on security on that day and the former boss of the Capitol Police would have testified to that very point.
The actual 9-11 Commission formed 18 years ago.
During that investigation, the CIA withheld information regarding the 9-11 hijackers.
Fast forward to today, will Pelosi omit the fact that Schumer and herself in league with the Sergeant at Arms are involved in a cover-up of their role of the cause of the security breach of the Capitol on January 6th?
I think the police department at the Capitol was complicit
I dealt with those people when I was in the Pentagon on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and we used to provide military support to civil authorities for inauguration and major events inside the city of Washington.
And that's a well-oiled machine.
I called for all of them to be fired.
And that is starting to happen.
They're starting to fire them.
But that was complicit.
There's people inside the chain of command of that Capitol Police.
That allowed this to happen.
But I'm concerned about what they're laying the groundwork for here, what Nancy Pelosi's doing.
I'm concerned that they continue to treat the January 6th catastrophe, that criminal riot, as an excuse to seize power, to control more power, to step on people's Second Amendment rights, to take away their First Amendment rights.
Now we're hearing about a domestic war on terror?
I mean, what's that going to be?
An excuse to go rifle through the emails and bank statements and personal messages of law-abiding Americans?
I mean, this is very, very frightening stuff.
And what Pelosi and the Democrats are doing here, trying to consolidate power, it's dangerous.
And as the culture of fear grows, Donald Trump will poke the hornet's nest with an appearance at CPAC.
We're going to have a real battle for the soul of the Republican Party over the next couple of years, and we're going to say, are we going to be a party that can't win national elections again, that loses the presidency, the House and the Senate in a four-year period, and loses governors and state legislative bodies, or are we somehow going to get back to a
Pelosi's commission will likely create targeted designations on patriots across the nation.
Continuing the damage the 9-11 commission did to American liberties 18 years ago,
I never thought I'd be in a real live episode of Magnum P.I.
I guess Perry Mason comes to mind, but I am.
or Columbo.
National headlines everywhere the last two days.
Alex Jones and Roger Stone under criminal investigation to see if we pre-planned the Capitol insurrection attack.
Now let's unpack that here for just a moment and then I'm going to give you the big news.
We actually know exactly who carried out the pre-planning
of the Capitol attack on January 6 and we have it from their own words in print and on video and with audio.
We're going to show you.
Who took credit and who got $70,000 from CNN and from NBC.
So that's all coming up in a moment.
But first, let me briefly address the claim by the Washington Post and others that Roger Stone and myself are some of the chief suspects in the pre-planned attack on the Capitol.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
We were told by all the Democratic leaders, by the entire corporate media, not just here but across the world, that President Trump summoned a mob of a million violent criminals to D.C.
to illegally challenge the U.S.
You're not supposed to do that.
And that he then directed them to attack the Capitol and all one million went in and ransacked and murdered people and it was the most violent thing to happen on U.S.
soil since Pearl Harbor.
Chuckie Schumer and others called it Pearl Harbor.
They compared it to World War II.
They compared it to 9-11.
And they said that, again, it was not premeditated.
President Trump was the only one that premeditated it by getting that crowd there and then hyping them up as a rabble rouser to attack the building.
But he was acquitted over a week ago in the U.S.
Senate because there was no evidence of this.
They played all the video of the Democrats standing up there saying things far worse than Trump even dreamed of saying, like Cuomo saying, whoever said riots are peaceful?
And Pelosi saying burning things down is just what people do.
President Franklin Roosevelt set aside December 7th, 1941 as a day that will live in infamy.
Unfortunately, we can now add January 6th, 2021 to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.
And please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.
People will do what they do.
You're in the arena, you gotta be ready to take a punch.
You gotta be ready to throw a punch.
There's hundreds of those clips, we all know them.
And so they had to acquit him.
And the ink wasn't dry on Trump's acquittal until they turned around and said, actually, it's Roger Stone and Alex Jones.
They're the ones that captained and field-martialed this entire operation, and it was premeditated.
So let's get into the evidence right now.
Coming up, I'm going to show you where the establishment Democrats bragged in Time Magazine just two weeks ago that they indeed set up Trump supporters on the 6th.
But before we get to that piece of smoking gun evidence, let's look at one of the main leaders of the insurrection at the Capitol.
So how was this lady shot?
I mean, she was trying to get through the door, and did you see who shot her?
Yeah, so I was getting to that part.
So immediately after they start breaking through the glass, once they broke through the glass, they were using like flagpoles and whatever they had to kind of bash through the windows.
On the right hand side, this lady was able to like make her way all the way through the window.
All we see is these guns come out the door
We're good to go.
She got shot like right in the neck area fell backwards meet John Sullivan aka Jaden X His father is a famous US military general on the morning of January 6 Jaden X was recorded over and over and over again saying we're gonna go to the Capitol and we're going to burn it down and
But that didn't stop CNN from saying he was an innocent bystander and a journalist.
And it didn't stop CNN and other news outlets from secretly paying him $70,000.
That finally came out in court just last week.
I'll give you your hug now.
We did it!
You were right!
We did it!
Dude, I was trying to tell you.
I couldn't say much.
You were right!
You just have to watch my show!
Is this not going to be the best film you've ever made in your life?
The CNN connected film crew that followed Jaden X to the Capitol was blown away.
They couldn't believe that his boast of invading the Capitol and it succeeding came true.
Jaden X had been boasting online and to hundreds of people in the streets that he indeed had helped online plan the attack on the Capitol.
And when confronted with it, he didn't even deny it.
He said that was another one of his personalities.
You can disassociate yourself.
I have John Sullivan.
I have Jade and X. That separates.
I have Insurgents USA, a civil rights organization.
So it separates my... I separate my identity based on the specific role that I'm playing, right?
Then the athlete became an activist.
Arrested after organizing the pro-vote protest in July of 2020, Sullivan continued posting about organized protests on the Instagram page for his company, Insurgents, a company Sullivan dedicated to ending police brutality and unifying the nation.
My name's John Sullivan.
I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah.
My group is Insurgents USA.
We're about to burn this down.
We got Rick Trump out of that office right over there.
Pull him out.
And it's not just Jaden X. Many other known leftist activists from around the country came to D.C.
and posed as Trump supporters and helped rile up the crowd.
While Trump was still speaking a mile and a half away at the Ellipse outside the White House, already over 100,000 people had showed up at the Capitol.
And observant patriots noticed that in the grass, in the bushes, behind the trees, people wearing all black, people with anti-fascist style dress and gear were putting on MAGA gear, putting on Trump gear.
And this again is just more evidence of how the left didn't overtly show up to confront Trump supporters that day.
They simply blended in and added to the hysteria.
In October of last year, investigative journalist Millie Weaver, who had been tracking the Sunrise Project for more than two years, that's basically a college-level, George Soros, Democratic Party-funded group that teaches Antifa and BLM tactics.
Millie got dozens of hours from an inside whistleblower of this organization planning to carry out the exact type of insurrection that then took place on January 6th.
Okay, there's about 14 minutes left of this report.
It's titled, Democrats Confess to Staging the January 6th Capitol Attack.
Milley got the undercover audio, and Jaden X had mentioned him, of him saying, now I came with the Democrats, an organized group to take over, dress as Trump supporters, and invade the Capitol.
So it's all on video, it's all on audio.
She physically confronted him as well.
And then the rest is history.
How they got provocateurs inside a small group of Boogaloos, a small group contingent of the Oath Keepers, and a small group of the Proud Boys to then discredit the entire movement.
Out of a million people out there, maybe 200 went in, maybe 20 were somewhat violent.
This is a total PSYOP.
And the Democrats even bragged in Time Magazine that they quote, outfoxed us and set this up.
So it's very, very powerful.
I'm not going to play it here on the broadcast.
We've got so much to cover and Roger Stone's coming up.
But this is critical thinking stuff and they don't want this out.
First, they said Trump caused the whole thing and he incited folks.
Then they said, oh, it's all premeditated.
Well, it is premeditated by the Deep State, by the Q movement, posing as Trump, telling weak-minded people to attack the Capitol.
Only a minority did it, but they set up our entire movement with their idiocy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So much is unfolding right now.
The New York Times came out on Friday with this big article and said that critical thinking, quote, isn't helping in the fight against misinformation.
Here is the actual article.
Don't go down the rabbit hole.
Don't look at other information.
Just trust the New York Times.
That is what cult leaders tell you.
And that is a sign of a collapsing system.
And so you've got all these big banks, all these big corporations running death camps in China, doing every horrible thing you can imagine, exploiting Africa, Latin America at levels never foreseen.
But they just bought off all the leftist activists, so they don't cover that.
Instead, they talk about how, oh, garage
Pullers look like nooses.
And how, oh, Lynch Hall is named after an Irish person who gave a bunch of money.
But lynching scares people, so let's ban the name of the hall.
It's all cosmetic BS to confuse everybody and create mental illness instead of real issues.
And I'm going to show you some examples of that here in just a moment because this is so absolutely huge.
That's right.
New York activists respond to brutal attack on Asian man by rallying against white nationalism, even though the culprit was black.
You've got hundreds of attacks of whites and Asians being stabbed, being wounded, being killed, being pushed on the tracks by racist blacks.
And when they arrest the black man who did it, and here's the Filipino man who got cut across the face,
They literally call that white supremism.
And you go, well that's comic level disinfo.
No, that's called gaslighting.
That's why the same writer that put out the New York Times article saying critical thinking is bad also said milk is racist because it's white.
And they're not joking.
Because if they're going to steal your right to dignity, steal your health, forcibly inoculate you, put domestic checkpoints in, global standardized social credit scores, if they're going to lower your standard of living, put you in a coffin apartment, they've got to give you something to fight over while they're robbing you.
So here is Senator Markey today saying the number one issue in America isn't people going hungry, it's not
The crime exploding 50 plus percent, murder up 33 percent nationwide.
It's not drug-resistant TB killing millions every few years.
It's not China overtaking the U.S.
It's not the dollar in trouble.
It is racism.
And that means white people.
And I've got Coca-Cola.
I've got the Cartoon Network.
I've got them all saying inherently white people are bad.
So just last week it was the New York schools teaching that you need to emancipate yourself from being white and denounce whiteness as an evil thing, as having any identity, any culture.
And then the next week it's Coca-Cola and the Cartoon Network.
And now the police have come out in England in photos with big clubs
In front of shopping malls, in front of ice skating rinks, with clubs in their hands, with big rainbow flags saying it's illegal to criticize liberals.
They say to be offensive is an offense.
Black attacks on Asians and whites called white supremacy in New York.
So here's Senator Markey on Fox News, racial justice number one priority with vaccines.
Oh, even though statistically it's the vaccines are having worse effects on black people.
We knew they would.
It's for you.
We love you.
We're liberal Bill Gates.
Loves you, even though he says we need to depopulate Africa.
He loves you, and black folks aren't trusting the shot.
Two to one, smart folks, because of all the secret testing in this country's history, and in Africa as well, by globalists, literally by Bill Gates' dad and others.
Bill Gates has been thrown out of 32 countries, including India.
But that's okay.
Senator Markey's on TV going, and then Fox is like, how dare you not let the whites have the vaccines?
Whoever needs it needs it, like this fight over, it's my vaccine.
No, it's mine.
It's mine.
Oh, two women in Florida dressed up like old ladies to try to get the shot.
It's all idiocy.
But you make death cool.
You make being poisoned cool.
By the way, they're in the news saying the vaccine doesn't work, doesn't protect you, you get COVID afterwards, and you still gotta wear a mask forever.
But see, once they get you in the fraud, it's like, well, I already bought a thousand lottery tickets.
I'm gonna buy 10,000 more.
I've been at this roulette wheel for two days and already mortgaged my house.
I've gotta double down or I'm gonna lose everything.
It's like getting your ding-a-ling in a wood chipper.
It starts sucking you in.
So let's play a clip of Senator Markey.
Here it is.
Racial justice, and that means health care justice, environmental justice, and economic justice must be our number one priority as we combat the ongoing pandemic.
And that includes vaccine distribution.
That's right.
So let's go ahead now.
And look at this article out of the New York Times.
New York Times.
Critical thinking isn't helping in the fight against misinformation.
This is an actual article by Charlie the Weasel Wurzel, who normally writes about, if memory serves, that milk is racist.
He was writing that article and he stalked me for six months here in Austin.
And he writes this article.
Here's the actual article.
Don't go down the rabbit hole.
Oh no, don't look, don't investigate.
Don't read the fine print.
This is always what happens when you're being robbed, when you're being scammed, when you're being manipulated, when you're being taken over, when you're being set up.
I mean, everybody knows that, but that's critical thinking.
Trust the New York Times that told you there were WMDs in Iraq.
Children, tell your children, trust the man in the van that says he has a puppy dog and candy and the old child will just get in the back.
For an academic, Michael Caulfield has an odd request.
Stop overthinking what you see online.
That's right, Mr. Caulfield, a digital literacy expert at Washington State University, Vancouver, knows all too well that at this very moment, more people are fighting for the opportunity to lie to you than at perhaps any other point in human history.
Oh gee, the big corporate media, though it's going to keep me safe.
This information rides the greased algorithmic rails of powerful social media platforms and travels at velocities and at volumes that make it nearly impossible to stop.
Oh, they're the heroes censoring.
But they're telling you, don't look at it!
Don't ask questions, just do whatever we tell you.
And also, again, we're battling to stop that evil, because we're the good guys.
That alone makes information warfare, oh, an unfair fight for the average internet user.
But don't worry, the New York Times will save you.
But Mr. Caulfield argues that the deck is stacked even further against us.
Oh, we're liberal victims.
When we support China and the death camps like Biden did last week.
And said it's good to invade Taiwan.
And it's good to have convulsions and die when you take the vaccine.
And it doesn't matter that India came out and banned the Bill Gates Pfizer vaccine.
They'll just have articles saying it didn't happen!
Just believe the New York Times, it's so fun!
But Mr. Caulfield argues that the deck is stacked even further against us.
That's us, the cult.
That the way we're taught from a young age to evaluate and think critically about information is fundamentally flawed and out of step with the chaos of the current internet.
What they do is they flood this info on purpose.
They just told you what they're doing, so that when we put out real stuff, you don't know it's true.
But they know if you actually look at the fact checkers, you'll find out they're lying to you and we're telling the truth, and that's what scares them.
Because no one believes them, they had to steal an election, now they want a civil war, they sold out to China, they're the enemy, they're the traitors, they're the losers.
Remember the climate czar who was brought in and put in power by John Kerry, who's the federal climate czar in Massachusetts?
Got caught in their internal Zoom meetings with the state officials saying, we're going to break the public's will, including the local veteran, the local retiree.
We're going to take their power away to save the earth.
We're going to put our thumb on them.
That's right.
We're going to put the screws to them.
Excuse me.
The screws, that goes back to medieval times, they would drill screws into your thumbs and into your fingers.
Excruciatingly painful.
And every time you didn't do what they wanted, they would just turn the big screw, the size of a quarter, basically cut your fingers off.
How's that sound?
I've been to the different museums in London and seen those original torture chamber devices.
That's what they mean.
We're going to put the screws
To them!
We're going to break their will.
What nice people.
And then Chuckie Schumer came out and said what Bill Gates said and came out with what the left said.
They're the surrogates of Obama and his third term, the mummified puppet that they articulate and gesticulate and matriculate.
And that, of course, is Joe the zombie Biden.
But he said he hopes Texas learns its lesson.
That's Chuck Schumer.
He hopes you learned your lesson, see?
And that's why you've got to go to InfoWars.com and get the huge article from over the weekend.
Smoking gun Joe Biden.
Department of Energy blocked Texas from increasing power ahead of killer storm.
Remember that huge article with the Direct Link Department of Energy with Texas days before begging to turn up output of the plants and they were told no until the day of Valentine's when the power started going out and right then they went, oh now you can do the output and not have fines or jail time.
Oh, they can arrest you if you don't tell them you're going to go above the power allotment.
They arrest you.
If you do tell them, it's just a fine.
And we're talking massive fines of double what you use.
Remember, Obama said, oh, you can have a coal power plant, but we will bankrupt you.
And now you always wonder, what's it going to be like when the power starts going out in July and August and in really bad freezes?
What's it going to be like when we have rolling blackouts?
Well, now you know it's your fault and it's
It's your fault that there's an 18,000% increase on the high.
Overall, about a 2,000% increase in power bills.
People that normally get $400 power bills are getting $7,000 power bills.
People that were getting $15,000 power bills for companies are getting $100,000 power bills.
I have the articles right here.
And it was all of it.
The wind turbines broke down, everything happened.
But see, that's why, if you read the New York Times, you're supposed to, quote, not have critical thinking, because it's bad!
A professor said so!
Oh my gosh!
Oh, and now it's official.
The very universities, the very universities that have rolled out the whole plan, funded by Bill Gates, in the US and in the UK,
Cambridge, Oxford, John Hopkins have said, sorry, from now on, there's just going to be new vaccines every month for all sorts of viruses.
And you'll just have to have a shot at the airport every time you fly or get on a bus.
That's in the news.
And liability protection for them.
And they're telling you all these vaccines are going to hurt you too.
You want a job, don't you?
So see, snap, we're inside the trap.
But remember,
When the children die in the storm, what does Schumer say?
He hopes Texas will be mismanaged on purpose, New York into a total crap hole, while leftist cities are collapsing under their evil as they ship in the fentanyl and drag queen story times and all the corruption.
And then big gangs of racist black people, brainwashed by him and others, go out and attack Asians and whites and old black people.
And then they're having a big parade against white supremacy in New York.
Because so many Asians and whites have been killed and slashed up by racist blacks.
And then all this does is going to cause racial division.
The majority of blacks aren't like that.
But this is what leftist programming does when you hear whiteness is inherently bad.
Get rid of it, Coca-Cola says.
In New York schools, they teach you must emancipate yourself.
You must eradicate your whiteness.
Well, that's why record levels of white males, the highest level, the majority killing themselves are white males.
And who's the other biggest group killing themselves?
Black males.
Because we're all being targeted.
Men are being targeted.
The species is being targeted.
Women are being targeted.
So here's Chuckie Schumer saying he hopes Texas learned its lesson.
He doesn't matter if this makes you mad, because they don't have to win elections.
They're a permanent dictatorship now.
The Supreme Court just ruled they can steal any election they want.
Here it is.
The bottom line is Texas thought it could go at it alone and built a system that ignored climate change.
It was not what's called resilient.
And now Texas is paying the price.
I hope they learn the lesson.
Speaker, I come to you with just your response to all of it.
Well, I mean, first of all, it's a tragedy in Texas, but to hear Chuck Schumer, who I'm sure believes passionately in global warming, say that the Texans, it's all their fault.
You know, this is the longest period of cold weather in a hundred years.
I'm sure John Kerry will try to avoid that reality.
But for Schumer to have that comment is just stupid.
The Texas system has worked very well.
This is a freak event.
I think you'll see some investigations.
There are three or four things that should have been done differently.
Governor Abbott has already come out and said they're going to review the entire process because there are some things that were done by the board of the Texas energy system that I think probably will be changed.
But it's very hard to go in, whether it's a hurricane, or an earthquake, or a longest period of cold weather in a hundred years, and draw any conclusions, except that it's tragic for the people in the middle of it, and it's going to take Texas a week or two to recover.
But they will recover.
They'll learn a couple lessons.
But those lessons, I think, would include... Okay, so let's stop right there.
Newt Gingrich is being very reasonable, very statesman-like, and he's a really smart guy.
Even though he is a globalist behind the scenes, he's not totally out against America.
He kind of wants a U.S.
globalism instead of a China globalism.
So that's really who he is.
But long story short, he's one of the most intelligent people in modern Congress.
And he's absolutely right.
It's a cocktail of things.
They make us use the gas power plants because the windmills don't work.
The gas doesn't work in cold weather.
That's on record.
It fails.
When you get down close to
I think so.
But very few around the country turn back on because it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to turn a big one back on, tens of millions to turn a little one back on.
What's great about coal is it's like turning a dial on your stove.
You can just turn them up real quick, turn them down real quick.
It's not that way with windmills.
It's not that way.
With natural gas, it just isn't.
And again, we own some natural gas generators, and they failed in the night.
They would not operate in the cold.
And so Bill Gates came out and said, oh, this wasn't windmills that did this, it was the gas.
But you made us have windmills that failed, and then gas failed even bigger because you got rid of the coal.
So he's technically right in what he's saying, but not in the overall cause of the problem.
Now I'll tell you what's disgusting is that I went and protested at the governor's mansion this weekend.
Great job folks that came out to that.
Other folks went out and protested at ERCOT.
They had a bunch of SWAT teams and police.
It was hilarious.
But the governor came out and said that, oh Biden, thank you for saving us.
You're a good first step declaring out of 254 counties, 77 of them will get money.
So you turn our power off with your predecessor.
And then now you come and tell us that we should grovel to you.
And a little bird told me that Biden could be showing up.
In Austin today or tomorrow?
It's not in the news yet, but the airport is here, and Little Birdies told me that, of course, Biden wants to sneak in and sneak out.
He doesn't want any protesters.
So look for that.
Keep your eyes and ears on, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, Roger Stone and I are all over the news why we might have secretly planned the Capitol attack.
But I thought it wasn't planned.
Provocateured it, but now they've moved on to us!
Even though we know exactly who did it!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank all of our great radio affiliates and TV affiliates and cable affiliates out there.
And I want to thank all of our great listeners that spread the word and carry the ball of truth down the field.
When you go to Band.Video and get the special reports and the articles at InfoWars.com and share them, that is the antidote to the globalist poison.
I wanna hit the latest incredible global government COVID-19 takeover plan.
Yesterday, I was, let's just say, with a lawyer, who a year ago thought that I was wrong about the lockdowns were gonna go forever and the mask would never come off, and that they would be a year from now doing Zoom hearings at court, and that it would break down society and bankrupt everyone.
Well, yesterday he said, you know, you're right, I was wrong.
And that guy's a Democrat, a big Democrat.
But he's a good lawyer.
So people are gonna figure this out, okay?
You can stick your head in the sand all day long, however much you want, and deny this evil's happening.
Because a lot of smart people can't deal with this, so they compartmentalize it.
And I'll compartmentalize really bad stuff in my life if I can't change it.
But if it's fighting evil, if it's exposing the system, I don't compartmentalize it, I take it on.
And it's, you know, I look older than I am, and I'm under a lot of stress because I eat, drink, sleep, and dream this.
This is all I do.
And now I just work in my dreams all night on fighting the globalists and ponder their operations, and I wake up with an understanding of the enemy.
I mean, that was only a few years ago where I began to have most of my dreams being work-related, and now I'm actually, I guess like the movie Waking Life I'm in,
My dad said he can control his dreams since college.
He read some books on it.
I was unable to.
Now my dreams are work sessions.
And I can also now just tell myself, I think I want to have a euphoric dream.
What it is, is true wirehead, but it's your own body doing it, like a yogi can give themselves unbelievable pleasure.
And so, people that are dead, people I miss, people that have been taken from me that I'm not allowed to see by the system, I will just meet them in my dream and just have incredible ecstasy, and I just wake up refreshed.
And I've got to remember to do that consciously, I've set my mind to do it, and then I go into the dream and I work on things, and then I also now allow myself to have enjoyment sessions.
And I don't do that like Elon Musk has all the ultimate futures, you know, being able to have AI give you an endless orgasm.
Yes, a lot of folks will hook into that and never unplug.
That is not what I'm looking for.
I'm talking about joining with God, seeing dead relatives, seeing people you're unable to see, true therapy of the soul.
And so at 47, I've really gotten good at this.
And it's something I haven't talked about on air.
I should really write a book about it or do little shows on it because it's very, very helpful the way it works.
But it begins by understanding that you are dreaming, and understanding how your mind works at different levels of your brain, getting your subconscious and your conscious to dial in.
Sorry, I'm digressing.
I don't know how I went down that rabbit trail, but it's important, isn't it?
But I want to hit what's going on with the whole COVID-19 situation here, and then Roger Stone's going to be joining us.
But separately, there is such a demand for these,
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They're also very useful, so it's a double-edged sword.
So to cut Big Brother off, I put my little evil phone in this every day, and I turn my phone off at night and stick it inside there as well, because they're interfacing with machines in your house, other computers, they're stealing data, they're simply evil.
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Okay, I'm gonna stop right there and just get into this little stack of news.
I'll tell this more after Roger Stone leaves.
But talk about the New York Times saying, don't have critical thinking.
And that being the hallmark of a cult or criminal enterprise.
Don't question what I tell you.
Don't look into what I tell you.
Just trust me.
I mean, that is... But see, the left is like, yes.
I mean, I saw leftists by the hundreds in downtown Austin, where I went on purpose to show them when the sun finally came out on Saturday.
You saw the video.
It's on Bandot Video.
And I'm like, Bill Gates is a eugenicist that wants to depopulate the earth and now he wants you to take a shot.
India has banned his Pfizer shot.
I'm gonna kill you!
Shut up!
So you don't care that the shots have been banned in India.
No, I want them all!
F you!
Biden came out last week and said China should run death camps and then invade Hong Kong.
I know!
F you!
I mean, these people
All just, they could be black, white, old, young.
They all look like some satanic spider sucked their soul.
They could be fat.
They could be skinny.
It's not that.
They all have like a flubbery weakness to them.
They're demonic, folks.
They all congregate in one spot on South Congress and think they're all real cool.
They all strut around.
They're all nerds.
And only in that area do they scream and yell like zombies that come out of the restaurants.
If you shut up, you're not supposed to have a voice!
You can see the video.
It just goes, and then I finally got more downtown and about 60% of folks were listeners.
But that one little area, they all congregate, and it was like a movie.
They would come out and like cover their heads and go, no, stop him!
And just go, because they're so turned over to evil that somebody rolling through there warning them, the spider's got its fangs in their soul.
And so the spider tells him, do not like this.
This is your enemy.
Even though I'm there literally trying to save their ass.
But they believe Biden wearing a mask is saving them.
He will deliver them.
Biden says once he defeats COVID, cancer is next.
He's a messiah.
Oh, once he gives you the COVID shot, cancer isn't actually going to have it.
That's one of its main effects.
It has not reached 500,000.
Almost all of those.
In fact, I forgot to play this Sunday.
Grab that head of Illinois Health Department admitting 90% of its other deaths.
Just incredible admission.
They just admit it all like it's a good thing.
Merkel says no end in sight until the world is vaccinated.
They say it's going to be a monthly vaccination.
Scientists, vaccination before every holiday may be needed.
It's so liberal.
Fauci says the mask are never coming off.
Says normality?
What do you call that?
Ha ha ha!
We got yo ass!
We gonna hurt you now, baby!
It isn't just men that are under attack.
It's not just boys.
It's not just one side of the species.
It's the whole species that's under attack.
There's a very important report that John Bowne has filed to Band.Video.
Only way this dog gets out and hunts is you go share the video with others.
It's a very important video, and it is Biden's war on your mother.
Here it is.
This is the Venus of Willendorf.
It is a 26,000-year-old representation of the female life-giving form.
The core of its natural place in the universe has never been denied nor challenged.
Until now.
We now live in an upside-down world where transgender rights and feelings
A percentage of .4 of the United States population now determines how nearly 100% of the population of the United States will conduct their daily existence.
They can't say amen to a prayer.
You cannot say you're a father, a son, a mother, or a daughter.
They're not coming closer to what the American people want.
They're going further away.
So how does it empower women to ban the acknowledgement that women exist?
It absolutely does the very opposite of that and it's the height of hypocrisy for people who claim to be the champions of rights for women to deny the very biological existence of women.
Removing references to, you know, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters from congressional rules and administration, it's mind-blowing.
But instead of doing something that could actually help save people's lives, they're choosing instead to say, well, you can't say mother or father in any of this congressional language.
It's astounding.
England has taken the core of the family and crushed it with a totalitarian boot.
As LBC reported, midwives in Brighton have been told they can replace the word breastfeeding with chestfeeding and mother with mother or birthing parent as part of efforts to be more gender inclusive.
Staff at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals have also been told that breast milk should be replaced by phrases such as human milk, breast chest milk, and milk from the feeding mother or parent.
Terms such as woman and father will also be superseded by woman or person and parent, co-parent, or second biological parent, respectively.
The progressive changes come following the release of a policy document which also suggests motherhood words like woman should not be completely scrapped.
Instead, it recommends adding the word people and similar inclusive language.
Back in the United States, Joe Biden continues the globalist war on the family, signing an executive order on preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.
Transgender MMA fighter has said she wants a license to fight in California.
A biological male has just become the first transgender person to win a world title in cycling.
First transgender weightlifter winning her maiden international event as a woman.
A biological male winning a gold medal in a women's event now seems a matter of when, not if.
Look, I'm not a professional powerlifter.
But even I myself, I can walk, I can stroll into the gym on any given day and I can break the British women's bench press record.
I can break the British women's deadlift record.
When I'm on form, I could potentially break the British female squat record.
And I'm not, I don't even compete.
So if you're a woman and you're a natural woman and you don't take any extra hormones or male hormones, you're not taking steroids or any sort of performance enhancing drugs, you're doing your very best to compete and you're at the top of the heap.
But then someone comes along that was a man for 30 years and decides they're going to be a woman and this has happened and literally transitioned a few months ago.
And competes as a woman and destroys records and dominates you in that sport.
That's bullshit.
The future of female sports denied from pushing the envelope of their natural biology in favor of men disguised as females, robbing them of all of their hard work and sacrifice.
John Bowne reporting.
But Lance Armstrong took testosterone so he's a bad guy.
But a guy with testosterone can beat women.
It's all a takeover.
So, Roger Stone is in demand in talk shows, he's writing a book, he's writing articles, he does a lot of interviews, and I've been asking him to come on for about a week.
And, well, finally I can get him on because we are the top story over the weekend.
Thousands of publications, the local paper had it in the cover section, that I am under investigation, Roger Stone is under investigation, for leading the premeditated attack on the Capitol.
So I wanted Roger on about how crazy that fake trial was with the President, how they dropped it like a hot potato.
I wanted him on about where he thinks Trump's going in the future, any conversations with the President that I know he has quite a bit, what can he tell us.
But he's like, yeah, I'll come on when I have something to say.
Well, now he has something to say because he's already been through a witch hunt.
I've already been through witch hunts that my lawyers do not, say, speak about for reasons, but I haven't gone through the ringer like he has, but I've gotten about 30% of it.
And let me tell you, I have a little bit of money, now I have a lot less money.
They bankrupted Roger.
Lost his house, everything.
So we're not victims here.
We're just telling you this is not fun to have federal prosecutors giving you a proctology exam.
It's not fun to have the grand jury subpoenas.
It's not fun to have the FBI constantly, literally following me around looking for something when I don't even speed anymore.
I don't even accelerate past the speed limit.
I gotta get rid of my
I did.
I gave my dad my Hellcat a year ago.
I don't drive a Hellcat anymore.
It was a Hellcat I bought when it first came out six years ago.
It's an amazing piece of American machinery.
So my 71-year-old dad drives it.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't even speed now.
I'm like an old man that drives in the middle lane or the slow lane.
And it doesn't matter.
I have the feds following me around.
His wife got beat up a month ago.
He didn't want to make it an issue.
I understand why.
Because more will come to attack him.
They beat her up in the parking lot of his apartments.
So this is very serious.
This is out of control.
He'll be with us for the rest of the hour.
But I want to just show you these articles before we go to Roger.
Biden dismisses Uyghur genocide as part of China's cultural different norms.
Says it's okay to invade Hong Kong.
That was last Monday's CNN Town Hall.
This is incredible.
Democrats confessed to staging January 6th Capitol attack.
This is such an important 21-minute report at Banned.Video.
They're now coming out and bragging.
They set us up and quote out Fox News.
General Russell Honore, who led the gun confiscation in Louisiana and Mississippi, has been picked and says that he believes that basically people around Trump, with Capitol Police, led the attack and we all need to be arrested, and he says he wants to use the military on us.
And you've got Brennan saying it, you've got
All these TV hosts saying it.
You've seen the compilations.
It's just crazy.
Six Capitol Police officers suspended.
3,500 investigation after Capitol riot, spokesperson says.
Even though they were ordered to stand down and Pelosi was briefed.
So for me, this is big for Roger and I, but what's really big is they had an intelligence briefing.
They knew what was coming.
Jaden X has now been caught on tape bragging that he worked with Democrats to help lead a small minority of folks into the building.
This is a big deal, not just because Roger and I are in the crosshairs, but because they first tried to say, Roger, going to you now, my friend, that Trump did all this and incited people that day.
That didn't work in Congress, so now, no, no, we premeditated it, but there's pure evidence that the Democrats did premeditate it, so this is quite, quite the kettle of fish, my friend.
Thanks for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Let's call this Witch Hunt 2.0, because it has the same exact MO.
I have lived this, so let me tell you how it works.
First, multiple mainstream media outlets, in other words, the fake news media, push out a narrative about you that is entirely false.
In my case, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, all tried to rather unskillfully use guilt by association to imply that because I was in Washington on January 5th,
Really never left my hotel property on January 6th.
Wasn't on the Ellipse.
Didn't march to the Hill.
Wasn't on the Hill.
Wasn't at the Capitol.
Most certainly wasn't in the Capitol.
Know nothing whatsoever about the efforts by a few crazies to attack and invade the Capitol.
Yet they imply that I somehow knew about this and approved it because I came into association with members of the Oath Keepers.
Going to their website, they appear to me to be an organization of current and former law enforcement officials and retired military officers who are swearing fealty to the oath they took when they went into public service, when they agreed to protect the Constitution.
That doesn't sound radical to me.
It sounds American.
Now, if individual members of the Oath Keepers were involved in any illegal activity, including an attack on the Capitol, which was politically hurtful to what we were trying to achieve, then those people should be prosecuted.
But I know of no such people.
I have no knowledge.
My lawyers want me to read this, so I'm going to do it.
Any statement, claim, insinuation, implication, report, or allegation that I had any involvement or knowledge, whether advance or contemporaneous, about the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S.
In Washington D.C.
on January 6, 2021 is categorically false.
There you have it.
I said it.
That is the stone cold truth.
But now we're right back where we were.
In other words, uncontent to have destroyed my life for two years, uncontent to have driven me to the brink of bankruptcy, uncontent to have broken my wife's health,
Uncontent with the fact that I cannot leave my home without private security for fear of my own life.
Uncontent with the fact that I haven't been able to work for two years.
Now the same fake news media outlets come back with the same contrived fake narrative.
And lo and behold, what did we hear yesterday?
Roger Stone and Alex Jones are under investigation for their communications with those who breached the Capitol.
That'll be a short investigation because there's no inappropriate communications between me and anyone.
I know nothing whatsoever about this.
I know you don't either because you told me so and we were in touch during the period that we were both in D.C.
and not together.
It's a witch hunt, folks.
It's the next effort to take down Roger Stone and Alex Jones.
And let's be 100% clear.
We're not Hunter S. Thompson, who was a great writer, by the way, read all his books.
We should have interviewed him, who would write himself into the story.
We keep getting put into it.
And I'm just going to be honest here briefly, and then come back from break and really talk about the big enchilada here.
But I was the one that begged you to come.
You said, no, it's a bunch of out of control groups.
It's going to be a million people.
I just have a bad feeling.
All these groups are infighting.
I don't care about speaking to a crowd of people.
And I said, it's the right thing to do, election fraud.
And I actually yelled at you and said, Roger, stop it.
I'll provide security for you, but you never met up with me, and then you didn't really have security, so some Oath Keepers showed up, and then you got there that morning.
I tried to go get into the Ellipse.
You got a million people there, but only 30,000 to get into where Trump is.
That's all Secret Service and metal detectors.
And I call you, and I go, where are you?
Because your seats were right beside me, like six seats were for Roger Stone, right there in the second row.
You said, screw it.
I tried to get down there.
I went through it too with like 20 security.
I could barely get through the crowd because we had to go through the main entrance.
It was a cluster, you know what?
And you said, screw it, I'm flying out of here.
I told you, Alex, this was a bunch of BS and start listening to me.
And you hung the phone up on me.
So that's what happened.
And your instinct was right.
And so that's that's the truth.
Well, look, I spoke at two permitted events.
But I'm asking, do you remember getting mad and saying I'm being screwed over and hanging up on me?
I remember telling you I wasn't going.
I remember telling you I wasn't going to the Ellipse because it was so disorganized and frankly dangerous.
Look, people think that when you and I say we require private security, it's not because I'm trying to be a big shot.
It's not because I'm trying to act important.
It's because there are multiple threats against my life every single day.
And I have had ugly incidents in restaurants, in airports.
On the streets.
Plus, you're a rock star at these events.
Everybody piles on.
Like a Mick Jagger, you know, in 1975, walked out in a crowd of people.
You get what happened out in California with the Hells Angels.
Let's come back and talk about the big issue.
I'll tell people what that is when we come back with Roger Stone.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today, we'll give you his website when we come back.
We got in.
We can beat it, folks.
We know the enemy plan.
God's giving us a shot.
Don't worry.
God's going to come in at the end and destroy the New World Order.
This is a big test.
It's about us.
We're reconnecting with Roger Stone on Skype.
OK, he just he just popped back in.
There he is.
Our Skype is breaking up.
The big trillion dollar question here is is what Roger alluded to.
Why would Trump, who wanted them to have a 10 day hearing on election fraud, have people attack the Capitol and poop on the floor?
And act like a bunch of idiots and discredit our movement, having us act like leftists, when our whole movement is about being law-abiding and not starting crap.
The Cube movement went in and told people that Trump wanted a storm and an attack, and nobody's gotten in trouble over it.
8chan put out the fake Pizzagate thing to cover up all the real stuff.
4chan did it.
It's the people running that, ladies and gentlemen, that are being told, or they're doing it themselves, how to run these PSYOPs.
And so that's what happened.
And you had Antifa, Jaden X there on record now admitting he came with leftists to pose as Trump supporters in Trump gear to try to get the crowd to break in.
The police were told to stand down, and now they're trying to threaten them with jail time if they tell folks what they know.
So this isn't just something about Roger and I facing prison being set up.
It's about Pelosi.
What did she know?
When did she know it, as Lindsey Graham said?
So I was talking to Roger in the break.
I said, Roger, I think it's time we reach out to listeners and just say this.
We're not getting rich doing this.
I had a lot more money in the bank before Trump ever got elected.
Defending Trump, defending populism has almost destroyed Infowars.
Same thing with Roger.
So please go to Infowarsstore.com and get products and keep us on the air and spread the word about the broadcast so we can stay on air.
And also, please go to Roger Stone's website and get a t-shirt.
Roger Stone still did nothing wrong.
Takes a lot of t-shirt sales to fund the new attacks that are coming.
And Roger, give people your defense site as well for people that want to donate.
Sure, it is stonedefensefund.com.
Alex, my last trial, the two-year ordeal, the witch hunt they put my wife and I and our family through, cost me almost three million dollars.
I lost my home, my car, my savings, my ability to make a living, my right to travel, my right to speak.
It's about time.
It's about sending a message to other people that might run for president or support a president around the world.
They want people to know, you roll over and we'll destroy you.
That's why people have got to champion Infowars, champion Roger Stone, champion Trump, so that people have the courage to do the right thing.
I think people understand that in July of 2019, the Mueller prosecutors made an offer to me that would make all of my problems theoretically go away.
If I would simply testify falsely regarding 29 individual cell phone calls between candidate Trump and myself in 2016, they would send a letter to the judge arguing for leniency in my sentence.
I stood up to that and said no because it was a lie.
When Howard Feynman, who used to be a big deal but is now at MSNBC, said that in a private conversation with me, I intimated that I had knowledge of misconduct by the president and that I had traded that for clemency, which is an absolute lie, I produced a text message from Feynman to me in which he confirmed that I said no such thing.
So the mainstream media twists these things, but the goal is clear.
It is to silence us.
You know, I never said this, Alex, but when the FBI raided my home in the pre-dawn hours of January 25th with 29 heavily armed FBI agents, they also raided the Infowars studio in Oakland Park, and they raided the apartment I used at that time in New York as a studio for my daily Water Room broadcast with Owen Schroyer.
The FBI came in, not only did they seize the computers, the microphones, the cameras, and all my electronic equipment, but they damaged it beyond use, held it for a year, and then shipped it back to me.
If this is not about silencing me, what was that all about?
You're absolutely right.
Let's get back into this.
Why would we have all these big peaceful rallies everywhere and want to show our numbers and want to say we want a 10-day investigation that Ted Cruz agreed to push?
We had a good shot to have that voted for.
Why would we want 200 people out of a million to break in and poop on the floor and sit in the dais of the Speaker of the House or the Leader of the Senate?
The answer is, of course, that we wouldn't.
No real supporter of the president could think that trespassing
Destroying public property and menacing lawmakers would somehow help the president's cause, that this was a shrewd or smart political move.
In fact, we have given the deep state the opportunity to further crack down on our civil liberties and civil rights based on the crazy misconduct of a bunch of nuts.
No one in their right mind would have thought that breaching the Capitol in an attempt to stop
The constitutionally mandated process to certify the election would be a good idea.
That's where their whole narrative falls apart.
I didn't urge anybody to do this.
I wouldn't urge anybody to do this.
If I had known that somebody was planning this, I would have tried to talk them out of it and reported them.
That's how stupid this idea is.
Well, that's right.
I mean, I had a bad feeling and I said we need to leave the speech early because I could see the big crowds while Trump was speaking already going down the entrance to Pennsylvania where we were sitting.
You weren't there.
You were back in your hotel.
I could barely even get into the crowds.
It was the biggest crowd I've ever seen.
It blew away Super Bowls I've been in like three or four times.
And so you're absolutely right.
The idea that Trump would want this, the idea that we would want this, the idea that we would coordinate this is preposterous.
This helped the Democrats.
This helped Schumer.
They've permanently stationed troops in D.C.
They're calling for persecutions in FEMA camps and re-education.
What do you make of all those statements?
Well, look, I was very happy when President Biden turned down the radical left of his own party on the minimum wage.
I was very happy when he also opposed the socialists in his party on a means test for the upcoming COVID relief package.
You know, I would like to see Joe Biden succeed as president.
I really would.
I'd like the country to prosper.
I'd like us to be richer and healthier and safer.
Let's see if that happens.
I question whether the policies of higher taxes, more regulation, more big, omnibus, one-size-fits-all trade deals are the right prescription for the country, but I concede he has been elected, he is the president, and let's see how he does.
If we don't solve the censorship of all mass communications,
Which is something we saw for the first time ever in the 2020 election, meaning the censorship of network television, cable television.
Stay there, let's talk about that because that's already biting liberals in the butt.
Roger Stone's here.
We'll talk about Trump's future and Biden straight ahead.
Well, Roger Stone just dropped a motherlode bombshell as big as the Comstock find.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
He said, hey, Biden's the president.
And I'm glad he didn't do the minimum wage.
It would bankrupt the country.
I'm glad that he stood up on some of these other things.
That from you, I guess, is an olive branch.
I mean, that's going to be big news.
Roger Stone says that Joe Biden's the president and he wishes Joe Biden well.
I'm an American.
Is there any question?
He was sworn in.
He lives in the White House.
We saw it.
He has the constitutional authority right now of the President of the United States.
I didn't vote for him.
I don't like him.
I've never liked his policy positions or his record.
But I also do care about my country.
He's talked about censorship and the repeal of certain sections of the law that I think would be helpful to conservatives and Republicans.
I hope he follows through on that.
But in no way am I stating my disloyalty to the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
That would be Donald Trump.
Look, God gave him the courage and the wisdom to save my life.
They didn't just want to send me away for six months.
They wanted me to die in a COVID-19 infested prison, where they hope to send me in total violation of the current Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons regulations, in violation of all legal precedents.
Without consideration for my age or health and continuing to insist at that time that there was no COVID-19 danger in prison.
Particularly the prison where they wanted to send me.
Today there's over 400 cases there.
So look, I love the president.
If he runs again, you can bet that I will be out front to support him in every way that I can.
But in the meantime, if we do not find a solution,
To the problem of the censorship of all mass communications in this country.
We are not going to win any future elections.
It doesn't matter how we reform election laws.
It doesn't matter how we change the Republican Party.
We need a level playing field.
We need election integrity and transparency, but we also need the ability to communicate our campaign messages and themes.
Without that, what good woman or man would run for office?
Roger, I agree with you that I'd like bipartisanship, and I'd like the Democrats to stop, and I see you look at the tea leaves, hoping for any positive news, but let's look at this.
This is on Infowars.com, it's an RT article, but this was put out by Reuters.
Biden's White House working directly, close quote, with big tech to censor content causing vaccine hesitancy.
Even though India banned the Pfizer shot over there, now they're trying to make it outlawed.
So pretty scary right there that this is going on.
So yeah, I mean, I would like to see Joe Biden not deep six the country for communist China.
But I really, really, really have my questions about it.
What do you think of that?
Well, if you saw the CNN hit piece on Ty and Charlene Bollinger the other day, two of the most effective activists I know, their terrific documentary, The Truth About Vaccines, following their documentary, The Truth About Cancer.
These folks are truth tellers.
They're activists.
They work very hard.
They make a very legitimate case about the safety of vaccinations.
But that's forbidden today in America because of the marriage of Big Pharma and Big Tech and Big Government.
You can't question the safety of any vaccine.
Since when can Big Pharma shut down
That's the key.
Well, it's actually extraordinary.
Alex, the United States government has paid out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars
In settlements to people who have been damaged by vaccinations.
Yet, Congressman Adam Schiff sponsored a resolution in the U.S.
House of Representatives, which just stated that no one has ever been damaged by any vaccination ever, period.
This is kind of like trying to deny that the Holocaust didn't happen.
It's a repugnant, vile, ridiculous idea.
All we are asking for in this area is a debate and examination of the safety of vaccinations.
I have not been vaccinated for COVID-19.
I had all my vaccinations as a child, as an infant.
I'm glad I did.
I think it explains why I'm healthy.
But to just examine this area, if you just say, I'd like to know, well, then you have to be silenced immediately.
On the other hand, I love Donald Trump, but most of the public health officials he appointed
Well that's right.
I think Trump's biggest failure was not addressing, well not actually stopping censorship.
He did address it.
Did a great job addressing it, just didn't take action on it.
And then, going along with the acceleration of warp speed,
Skipping human trials that Bill Gates asked him to do, then Bill Gates and Fauci turn around and stab him in the back.
And there's disinformation out there that I ever supported this mRNA vaccine or any of this.
I was totally against it.
I was trying to play devil's advocate of why would Trump be doing this?
Why do you think Trump did that?
You know, I think the President believed that the American people would give him credit for fast-tracking a vaccination in record time.
I mean, normally, that would be impossible, but this was a crisis.
He gets no credit for it, of course.
Now, my own wife, who has a depressed immune system because of some of the medications that she's taking for another condition, has been vaccinated, has had the second vaccinated.
I'm happy to report that she is perfectly fine.
She's well.
It is each individual's decision.
My body, my choice.
But just saying that will get you banned, as you know.
The left used to be against censorship, now they love it.
The left used to be for your own body choice, now they're against it.
They used to be against death camps in China and Tibet, now they love it.
What happened to the left, Roger Stone?
They used to love civil liberties and civil rights.
They used to stand up for the right to free speech, the right to self-expression.
No, everything has changed now.
They're the ones who like endless foreign wars.
They're the ones who like authoritarian government.
They're the ones who are against free speech.
They are the ones who try to demonize and destroy their opponents instead of having any kind of open, fair dialogue with them.
Look, let's be clear.
Had there not been a vibrant, robust, alternative media based in the internet in 2016, Donald Trump would never have been elected.
And I think Trump and the Republicans get that now.
So what are they going to do?
I mean, what do you do?
It's not enough to repeal Section 230.
You've got all the big tech working with other corporations, admitting they're targeting, with the Democratic Party, their opposition.
That's racketeering.
That's organized crime.
That's voter suppression.
There's certainly federal election law violations there.
If I were running the Republican Congressional Committee, which of course I'm not, I would have brought legal action against Facebook two years ago.
If Facebook allows Democratic candidates to advertise and to use their very sophisticated and very effective geo-targeting program, but does not let their Republican opponent have those same rights, I think that violates the federal election law.
Facebook's a corporation.
They're a private organization, they keep pointing out.
Well, that's an illegal corporate contribution.
In my opinion.
So, again, people talk about, you know, throwing the rhinos out of the party and they talk about the need to fix state election laws.
All these things are legitimate.
But until we break the Gordian Knot,
I agree.
You've told me quite a bit off record.
I don't know how much you can get into with what seemed like a million years ago, but only a couple of weeks ago, a week and a half ago, Trump acquitted
In the Senate, suddenly, like a hot potato, they dropped it.
As evidence came out, the Democrats were involved in breaching, provocateuring, and Pelosi had been given an intelligence briefing.
But I want to get into what happened, because they want us to forget about that.
And that was a giant failure for them, as they tried to not just frame the former president, but frame America.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone in a final segment.
Then a whole hour of your calls.
Stay with us.
Oh, and his legal defense fund, stonedefensefund.com.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
It's the vaunted Alex Jones Show.
Hated by tyrants, loved by patriots.
We are here.
Roger Stone, final segment with him.
Really appreciate the embattled guy that helped President Trump launch his political career from never running from office to winning.
He was the first guy to propose it on record and that's why he's so hated by the enemy.
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That means everything.
Keep us in the fight.
Please give them a donation.
You helped him stand up before the president gave him a pardon.
Now they're after him again with yours truly.
So please support Roger.
Got eight and a half minutes left.
Let's get into this.
Look, I did some research.
Been trying to talk to you for a week.
Finally talked to you this weekend.
Interrogated you and you go, yeah, okay.
I got David Schoen hired for the president because that's a public piece of information.
Not going to give out the rest, but out of all the bad lawyers, you got the one good one in there that wanted to play the video clips.
Well, and as soon as he finally testified, they dropped it like a hot potato.
So again, it just shows how surrounded the former president is.
And it's just very, very frustrating.
So we're supposed to just move on and forget that ever happened.
But what made them drop the trial a week early?
Well, yes, Alex, you're right.
I am among those who recommended the attorney David Schoen to the president.
Had I moved forward with an appeal of my conviction, and there were numerous constitutional grounds for me to do so, not to mention the misconduct of the jury forewoman, Tomika Hart, which clearly did demonstrate bias, David Schoen and Seth Ginsburg, two very fine lawyers, would have handled that case.
I wish I had known them back during the actual trial.
David Schoen is literally one of the most brilliant attorneys I've ever met.
I've met a lot of smart attorneys.
The difference here is Schoen understands the overlay of politics and the law, meaning he understands that the president's impeachment trial was going to be held with a political background, which would have an impact on what happened on the floor of the Senate.
And I think he made a very shrewd set of decisions.
The President could have litigated the whole question of impeachment.
He could have dragged the country through this for months, because I'm not sure how you remove a person from office who's no longer in that office, and the Constitution is absolutely clear that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside.
Sure, and I know you're covering what happened, but the inside baseball of how Schoen got surrounded, how they were trying to derail, I mean, just the level of traitorous activity, you can't get into it.
No, no, I definitely can.
Look, the same people out of the White House Counsel's Office who worked for Pat Cipollone, this guy Ed Kirschman and others, I think were not serving their client well.
I thought it was vitally important that the President have at least one lawyer who is a fighter, who is not afraid to speak about the hypocrisy of the impeachment movement.
If Donald Trump incited violence by his remarks, and I don't see that he said that, well then the Democrats are responsible for the violence in Seattle, and Spokane, and Kenosha, and Philadelphia, and all of those other cities.
And let's be clear, those lawyers didn't want to show that video.
I mean, we said that months ago that was a no-brainer, and then Trump wanted it, and so literally you had to get Trump a lawyer that would actually do it.
Well, the truth is that Jason Miller, who now has emerged as a political advisor to the president, was opposed to the use of this video.
Then he wanted to limit the length of the video.
Both of those things would have been a mistake.
The evidence is overwhelming that Democrats have used incendiary language because we're in an incendiary time.
They were not charged with inciting violence.
The President should not have been charged with inciting violence.
Because all of those comments, even the ones we find the most repugnant, are protected by the First Amendment.
That's what free speech rights are about.
So I don't like things that say, I don't know, Jerry Nadler says.
But that doesn't mean I think he should be jailed or completely censored.
There is a double standard, though, it seems to me, when Congresswoman Greene is removed from her committees.
By the way, she was elected with more than 70% of the vote.
She was removed from her committees because of things she said.
While Eric Swalwell, who had a liaison with a red Chinese spy, who actually placed a mole in his congressional office, continues to be a member of the House Intelligence Committee with full access to some of the country's most delicate secrets.
No, there's something fundamentally wrong there.
This is just another example of the two-tiered system that we have.
I'm very familiar with this because on the very week
That I was convicted in Washington D.C.
about lying to Congress regarding events that Mueller's own final report concedes I didn't know anything about.
They announced that Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI, who had admitted to crimes far more serious than those I was charged with, would not be prosecuted.
Two Inspector General's recommendations for the prosecution of FBI Director James Comey.
Not prosecuted.
Hillary Clinton, who basically runs an illegal email server, refuses to answer questions about it.
Not prosecuted.
No, it is an egregious system where you can wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and find that 29 heavily armed FBI agents arriving in 17 armored vehicles and two amphibious units
With a helicopter overhead, are there to arrest you for the first time, non-violent crime of lying to Congress, costing taxpayers $1.1 million.
Yeah, it is very discouraging.
It's outrageous.
But you may remember, Alex, Senator Lindsey Graham pounded his chest and said, I'm going to get to the bottom of who approved this raid on Roger Stone's home.
Senator, we're still waiting.
I agree.
I don't like Graham.
He's obviously compromised for whatever reason.
I don't care if he's gay.
The point is he's definitely compromised.
At least he came out and said Pelosi had prior knowledge of the attack on the Capitol.
And we need to put that back on them instead of them blaming us when we had nothing to do with it.
It totally blew up in our face.
It was terrible.
We should be going on the offense.
And I think Trump should, too, pointing out that we have major Antifa groups admitting they staged it and posed as cue to manipulate some Trump supporters and joining.
Well, it's very difficult to be on defense when the New York Times asks you for comment on their story, but they never specifically ask you about the allegation that the investigators are reviewing communications between you and those inside the Capitol.
You called me a day before, or I called you, you called me back.
Well, that's right.
This is pretty easy.
There are no such communications.
None whatsoever.
So, this is part and parcel of the same MO we saw before.
Spread a false narrative in the hope that prosecutors will begin to believe it to be fact, and that we'll then go out and try to prove it.
Well, yeah, look, there you are with DHS police, so they should be all arrested.
You're a famous guy.
They're saying, anybody in a photo with you, if they ever do anything wrong, you go to prison.
This is preposterous.
Yeah, look, how many thousands of people have you or I or say Tucker Carlson had their picture taken with selfies and so on?
Does that mean that we have a full background check on every one of those people that we know who they are or that we are responsible for every anything and everything they do past, present and future?
Of course not.
It's a ridiculous standard.
Roger, we're out of time, but since I've got you here, put the Defense Fund on screen, because, folks, he needs your support.
I'm going to draft him for five more minutes.
I'm going to break for two minutes.
I want to ask him to finish up with the big story of how we're being set up for the Capitol attack, and where he thinks this is going, and how listeners can help counter this, because here's the big story.
They are framing the American people with this attack.
If they can get Roger and I, they're going to say the American people are terrorists, and General Honore says he's going to get our guns.
Back with Roger in two minutes.
All right, final segment with Roger Stone here on the Alex Jones Show.
Roger, you've been involved in what, six, seven, eight campaigns, I forget, national campaigns for president?
Is it not surreal, though, to constantly be in the news like you're the Joker and now I'm the Joker?
Like, we're running this criminal operation.
We're running that criminal operation.
We ran the Capitol attack, which, if you look at motive, we would never do.
It was horrible for all of us, unless we were working for the Democrats.
Well, where do you expect us to go?
And what do listeners do to counter this?
General Honore, that ran the gun confiscation of Katrina, hired by the Democrats, they're saying, for a purge!
I mean, even Tucker Carlson does little shows where he's like, we gotta arrest one-third of the military as criminal, one-third of the police as evil, we gotta purge the Trump people, we gotta put them on no-fly list.
I mean, I'm here, and then Biden's saying, China's good, what they do in death camps, and at a certain point, I'm just like, what alternate universe did I wake up in?
Well, but because of the cabal, which consists of the leaders of the Democratic Party, the deep state institutions, both public and private, and their cozy relationship with the corporately owned media, they have the ability to impose a narrative.
Until we find our voice to counteract that narrative with the truth, then I don't think the forces of liberty can survive in the end.
I'm not telling you that I'm giving up because I will fight, once again, to prove... Sure, but if Congress and the governors don't, and the people don't act against censorship, a muzzled public, twice the First Amendment, cannot stand up against tyranny.
We have to fix that.
No, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been extraordinary on this issue.
He has rolled out a series of reforms that I think would level the playing field in terms of social media discourse in the state of Florida.
The other guy I would keep my eye on is Congressman Matt Gaetz.
The more I look at Gaetz, the more I realize that if the president does not run, that Matt Gaetz could be the person to galvanize the America First.
I was about to say, I'm proud of Texas, but I'm not proud of our governor or our leadership.
What's going on with Florida?
You got Gaetz, you got DeSantis, you got... people aren't wearing masks.
I mean, what's going on in Florida?
Ron DeSantis has done an extraordinarily good job as governor.
He has handled the COVID-19 pandemic very adroitly because he understands the importance of keeping Florida open when it is safe.
Florida has a lower death rate than New York but didn't do the lockdowns.
And we protect Second Amendment rights in this state very, very aggressively.
This, this, not Texas, may be the last bastion of freedom.
Who would have ever thought that?
I'm strongly considering moving to Florida.
I agree with you.
Maybe the panhandle.
That's like super right-wing now, isn't it?
Well, the panhandle is, you know, right up there against Georgia and Alabama.
I think you'd feel at home.
A lot of patriots up there, a lot of conservatives.
No, no, listen.
I've never been mobbed like being indested in Florida.
I mean, I've been to a bunch of places on the panhandle.
It's like insane.
It's the most awake places I've seen.
Look, this is a great state in all regards and it will remain politically competitive because the governor has the foresight to ensure that we're not going to have the levels of internet censorship that you see across the rest of the country.
That's very bold.
There's legislation in Alabama I looked at yesterday would have the same effect in that state.
So perhaps a state-by-state repair or I should say a state-by-state reform of the laws
I agree.
It's up to the states, like DeSantis is doing to go after it.
Roger, join us again soon.
Again, StoneTruth.com.
We'll put that on screen.
But the biggest thing is, they're coming after you and I. I know you don't have the resources I do.
People have been great supporting you.
They should make a donation today.
Put it on screen.
There it is.
Roger, thank you so much for all the time.
30-second final comment.
Alex, God bless you.
The fight is not over.
We will demonstrate that this is just a deep state smear.
All right, Roger, there he goes.
I can tell you, I was there just like back with the WikiLeaks.
We weren't in contact with WikiLeaks.
And just like I was there on January 6th, why the hell would we want to attack the Capitol and blow our feet off with shotguns?
That was absolutely ridiculous.
But they're not stopping.
They're just going forward because nobody's ever held the deep state Democrats accountable.
We'll be right back with a special report on the globalists and the occult.
Then I give the number out and take your calls.
Stay with us.
I'm like, Dad, what are these books?
He goes, oh, those are books on black magic and what the establishment is into and how they try to harness their mind to control things for bad.
He said, you can read them if you want to.
And these were like the really famous ones, but like copies.
A lot of folks don't have like the Grand Grimoire and all this.
I probably read 10 books on black magic by the time I was about 12.
And so that's why when I'm explaining to you about Hillary Clinton and Alistair Crowley magic and all these people, I mean, it's one on one.
I mean, I've actually studied it.
I'll tell you a couple of stories about fraud.
The Bohemian Club?
Did you say the Bohemian Club?
That's where all those rich Republicans go out and stand naked against redwood trees, right?
I've never been to the Bohemian Club, but you ought to go.
It'd be good for you.
Get some fresh air.
I know nothing about the Bohemian Grove with Bill.
I know about once a month he'll go out to Los Angeles.
And she did it so regular that it became a bit of an issue trying to why she always going.
Bill told me that she was going out there, she and a group of women.
And she would be a part of a witch's church.
When Bill told me that, you could have hit me with a baseball bat.
I tried to point out to him, he realized what had happened if that got out.
For the better part of many years, Hillary would go quite often, whether it was regularly once a month or maybe once every couple of months, she would go out on the weekend simply to be a part of it.
So when I explain lesser magic, these different organizations, these different thug groups, you know, you see it in basic criminal psychology out there.
You gotta tell somebody what you're doing to their face, that makes it ten times better.
And they believe it if they announce what they're gonna do to you before they do it, it gives it more power when they do it.
These people mean business.
So when you see Hollywood promoting Satanism and pedophilia and all of that,
Depending on the statistics I've read, upwards of 80% of pedophiles were abused themselves, and so they're creating a system that's self-replicating.
The truth about three identical strangers.
Psychology Today.
Now, the psychiatrists and psychologists that convinced the mother to do a psychology experiment and split her three sons apart,
To study how they would grow up, how they would behave, how would it operate.
Now think about it, that's just a psychiatrist making the decision to do that for a test.
And that's what Bill Gates' geoengineering is about.
That's what the mRNA vaccine is about.
That's what all this craziness is about, is these groups are doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and it's insane!
What began with the disgusting revelations of the British Top of the Pops host Jimmy Savile and his decades of rampant pedophilia, necrophilia, and Satanism has convulsed into a full-fledged unmasking of a three decades long callboy ring fueled by government officials, entertainers, government spies, and royal palace workers.
The focus of the investigation rests on the West London location known as the Elm Guesthouse.
The Elm Guesthouse fronted as a gay bathhouse.
As numerous victims have attested to, it was primarily a child sex abuse house of horrors for the elite.
The revelations are so vast and damaging, the English government was forced to declare the investigation a national security issue.
The seedy side of British culture only serves to gain momentum as details emerge of Prime Minister Cameron stimulating fornication with a pig during a college occult ritual.
And the elite relish their rituals.
But that's how the scientists work.
Not the average scientists, but the elite scientists are mad scientists.
And you don't get in their ranks unless you treat people like they're absolutely nothing.
That's the invisible chains of lesser magic.
And again, I said that last week, told that story.
It's a true story.
And people are like, why would your dad let you read that?
My dad, he probably still does it, but I used to always wake up like 2 a.m.
to go take a piss and my dad would be in a study reading books.
He would sleep like three hours.
He was like that when he was a kid.
He would read like three or four books a day.
It was insane.
So he'd read encyclopedias.
He'd read Russian stuff, German stuff, Japanese stuff, you know, all sorts of foreign languages.
He was just obsessed with reading.
And he had just books, piles of books.
The garage was full of books, storage facilities full of books.
We'd go visit the farm.
His mother would be like, take the barn, the books.
My dad would be like, okay, I'll take the books.
He was like obsessed with books.
And he had like, I don't know, probably 10 books on the occult.
These are like black magic books.
Of course, he probably had 500 Christian books.
He was a big Christian.
And but he said, yes, son, the evil ones want to focus and try to use their mind and their intention.
And then and then that's what manifested.
But then they believe it's basically the occult giving them the power.
But humans already have the power.
That's the devil's trick.
He told me about Faust and got me a book on Faust.
And he was a real person, not just an allegory.
And then explain that through God, only through the Holy Spirit can we interface with God's power, but then be directed by God.
You can't do this stuff low-level yourself.
That's what black magic is.
That's what magic period is.
But humans are magic.
We're made in the image of God, so we can do incredible things.
Well, if we have bad intent, it can be really, really bad.
And so, yeah, no, I did get really obsessed with that.
I was mainly into World War II and World War I stuff.
That's what I really read when I was a kid.
And then, like, Conan the Barbarian books.
I read a lot of fiction.
I remember reading this stuff, like, how to conjure demons, and then, like, these carvings of it and everything, and all this stuff.
Like, Dad, is this real?
And it's like, well, there are real entities, but it's manipulating your mind to then actually see it manifest.
And I don't recommend you get involved in that, and blah, blah, blah.
But my dad was smart enough to give me free reign to be into all that stuff, so that I would then have a real relationship with God later.
My dad was really smart.
He's still smart.
You know, that's where that goes.
Sounds really insane, sounds completely wild, but that's what the globalists are completely and totally obsessed with.
But I like it to the silly Star Wars analogy, but it's actually the archetypes of Star Wars are very true.
The first three films by Lucas.
They can be cheesy, but the archetypes resonators are true.
And Luke Skywalker has got one torpedo.
He's got to try to knock out the Death Star.
The other guy using the computer couldn't hit it.
And they say, Luke, what's wrong?
You've turned off your targeting computer.
He says, I'm alright, I'm gonna really just use my spirit to hit this target.
And he does.
And that's what it is.
The black magic, the Satanists are using the computer.
Satan is the computer.
Satan is Bill Gates, the system, the technocrats, all of them trying to control all this.
That's not how you hit the target, folks.
The Holy Spirit, God, will let you hit the target.
But here's the key.
You're not using Satan's machines then.
You're not using Satan's magic, Satan's devices, Satan's pentagrams, Satan's circles, Satan's bloodletting.
You're turning the computer off, and then the real computer, that's God, kicks in.
But that's how you hit the target.
And so, that's how my dad described me when I was a kid.
You know, you want to read those books?
Those are what losers read.
But it's okay, you go ahead and read that.
And then one time I was like out there painting on the porch when I was like 10 years old.
And I was like, you know, I painted like the devil all powerful.
I was painting all sorts of things.
He goes, let me show you what the devil looks like.
He flips the page over and draws like some hunchback guy drooling.
He goes, that's the devil.
He's pathetic.
Devil's weak.
And it's absolutely true.
And so that's what all of this is about, ladies and gentlemen.
Now I want to open the phones up specifically for one group, and that's medical workers.
You can call in and say you love the COVID vaccine.
You can call in and say you hate it.
You can say it hurt people in your nursing home, or they grew butterfly wings after they took it.
But we're gonna be taking your phone calls on the other side for medical workers only.
Doctors, nurses, or people that have had great results with COVID vaccine.
Heard Roger Stone, his wife thought it was great.
Okay, boom!
She's a woman, she's got a tough blood-brain barrier.
Or, you can tell me you hate it.
Whatever the truth is,
We're good.
90 seconds and you're gone because we got to get to that next person.
That was an incredible call.
And then the next call is even better and the next is even better.
And then it's like, what did we miss with 20 calls on the line?
So 877-789-2539.
Your calls on that subject.
And I've got some incredible news on India banning the vaccine and Bill Gates financing articles all over the country saying I was a liar.
That shows we're strong and he's weak.
And he and his whole evil circle
No, you know what's going to happen to them.
They're going to be cut off from God.
We're halfway through, but I don't think so.
Alright, we're going to be talking to medical workers.
Their view, unfiltered, uncensored.
Nobody else does this.
You love the vaccine, you hate it.
We're talking to you, right here on the Alex Jones Show.
But look at this little nugget I was just given.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Folks in the government will know what that is.
I just had a very interesting person, very close to the president,
We're good to go.
Lindsey Graham?
I think Lindsey's weak.
I don't even think Lindsey's evil, like a Chuckie Schumer or a Barack Obama.
He's just scared.
But the point is, is that we have them.
Instead of them blaming us for this, expose them!
That's why they're not going to indict me, ladies and gentlemen, for fomenting the Capitol thing.
Because they know, A, I didn't do it, and B, I'm not going to sit there like I did something wrong.
The stuff they've already tried to indict me for, I'm not supposed to get into it, but it's stuff like there's 1% truth, 2%, like there's something you could claim I did.
I didn't do it consciously.
It wasn't really illegal, but there's something there.
But claiming that I wanted that to happen, yeah, I want to cut my fingers off today.
I want to jump into a bottle of acid.
I want to jump off a cliff.
No, I don't.
We were there trying to be peaceful.
It's what we do to show our numbers and to show that we didn't buy the fraud.
And to get a 10-day investigation to show the damn fraud, to have voting integrity in this country.
And I told you when the Supreme Court got Trump's cases, they would say, oh no, we're not going to look at the states that illegally, without laws, took these fake ballots.
That's allowed now, because they're going to act like legislators, as the judiciary, because the fix is in.
America is in deep trouble.
Maybe we should air that song.
Everybody knows.
Leonard Cohen.
Everybody knows when we come back next segment.
But let's go to your phone calls.
We got Kyle, we got Greg, we got Matt, we got Rick, and others.
Be patient.
We only got one person to answer the call, so if you're a doctor or nurse calling in, you're ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.
Just call back.
We got one person.
We'll get to you.
We want to hear from you.
We love you.
Kyle's in Michigan on COVID vaccines, a medical worker.
Greg's a medical worker on COVID vaccine.
Matt's a medical worker on COVID vaccine.
And Rick's a medical worker on COVID vaccine and dangers.
So let's just talk to Kyle, called in first from Michigan, where Whitmer's in just as much trouble as Cuomo.
She did the same damn thing.
I mean, they didn't just do this in a vacuum.
They were told to by Fauci, which isn't Trump, which is Bill Gates.
So we need to change the subject from the governors to who gave the order.
Oh, we'll get the governors later, but let's get the Capo first and then the Dons.
These governors are just soldiers, in my view.
Totally empty-headed morons, like Governor Abbott in Texas.
Kyle in Michigan, give us your take on this.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
So I, um, yeah, I'm definitely against the vaccine.
Um, I live here in Portage, Michigan.
Biden was just here last week.
Um, they actually had to change his day.
He was supposed to be here on Thursday.
They had to change it on to Friday due to they say weather, um, that the plane, I don't know, they couldn't make it in here.
We got the Kalamazoo airport right in town.
Um, they had to take the fake air force one out.
Yeah, so they make the vaccine right here at Pfizer and distribute it worldwide.
By the way, I wasn't meaning to interrupt you.
I was showing an Air Force One medallion on air and telling the crew to zoom in and I had my mic on.
I apologize.
Start over.
So you're talking about making the Pfizer vaccine right there?
Yeah, so they make it here, distribute it here.
Biden visited on Friday to give a speech.
We didn't get to see the speech.
We were actually out there waiting to see him.
So I got a video I can send you if you want.
Quite a few people showed up to protest against the vaccine and Joe Biden, the most popular president.
Oh, that's the thing.
Everywhere he goes, he's protested against.
And it's crazy.
I mean, it was just weird that they had... I mean, there were some supporters out there, maybe a crowd of like 30 or 40, maybe.
Spread down the entire road where the motorcade was, but I don't know.
They brought their kids out there, too.
I thought that was pretty strange.
And notice the media never covers the protesters.
They cover the supporters.
That's why you've got to be there.
You've got to video it.
That's why you're so critical.
Just keep countering a lie.
Keep protesting.
Keep exposing it.
They can't stand it.
Yeah, there were other info warriors out there.
Your stickers are getting passed out around.
So yeah, there's definitely a... What is your take as a medical worker on the COVID vaccine?
What are you seeing?
Well, I work at a medical dispensary, so we service medical marijuana to medical patients.
So what feedback are you getting from people that are your customers?
Like our customers?
I mean, it's mixed between them.
I mean, you see a lot of people come in scared and afraid.
I mean, we have to wear a mask all day at work and everything, too.
All right, brother, I appreciate your call, Kyle.
We appreciate you, brother.
Good job.
All right, let's go to Allen, New Jersey, medical worker on COVID and vaccines.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
First time caller.
I just started listening to you for like a year, and you're amazing.
Your information you give out to everybody.
Thank you for that.
Thank you for giving your time.
Thank you, brother.
Listen, don't thank me.
You can't drag me away from this.
It's like asking a pig not to be in a big old pile of mud.
I mean, I can't get away from it, brother.
I hear you.
So I'm a phlebotomist in New Jersey, and I go to people's houses, and every patient I ask, I ask if they know any information on the vaccine.
They don't.
So I always give them the video from David Martin, which he explains everything so clearly.
And no matter how... Say the name of that video again, because there's so many great videos exposing how dangerous it is.
From David who?
How do you spell his name?
David what?
The medical inventor.
Oh yeah, okay.
And he explains things so clearly.
And I showed a lot, I give this video to everybody, all my patients, to be informed.
Well brother, you don't know the power of you doing that.
That's beautiful.
Oh man, it's the calling of God.
God gave me something and I have to do it.
I have to do it.
Is it literally burning in your bones, Al?
Oh my God, I get emotional.
I start crying for people.
My family is even against me.
I'm just the crazy guy of the family right now.
They won't be laughing at you later, brother.
Yeah, but they're gonna be dead.
That's why you've got to warn them up front, because at least while they're dying from the vaccine later, which is the Globalist plan, they'll get God.
What matters is their soul.
These bodies were going to wake up the next level, we're going to go, why was I so worried?
God, why didn't I know God was there?
Like, if you know God, you're like, this is wonderful, this is incredible.
If you don't, you're going to be literally locked off from it, knowing it's right there for eternity that you made the wrong choice.
Because God gave us free will.
And if that makes God a sadist, so be it.
Yes, sir.
I'm just so surprised how people are
Yes, absolutely.
They're brainwashed, Alex.
They're brainwashed.
Well, the thing is they're trusting because they're good.
They're not evil.
So they think somebody's giving me this to help me.
They don't know the agenda behind it.
But don't worry.
Black folks particularly have been jacked over.
They're not taking the shot.
God bless you, Al.
All right.
I appreciate your call.
Greg, Matt, Rick, and others, the total free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
From medical workers and doctors, what is your experience with the vaccine?
Family members, people that took the vaccine.
If you took the vaccine, please call in.
We'll be right back.
There's the video he was just talking about.
So, have you had the vaccine?
Do you have a family that's taken it?
Did you love it?
Did you hate it?
Are you a medical worker?
Are you a nurse, a doctor?
What is your take on it?
877-789-2539 on this live, February 22nd, 2021, global transmission.
The tyrants keep coming back for more.
They're going to get it too.
They never give up.
But like zombies, they will fall.
Because they are zombies.
They're not animated by
The Christ energy.
They're animated by their father.
The fallen one.
The failure.
That didn't get invited to the party.
That screwed the pooch.
That crapped in the punchbowl metaphysically.
So let the devil toy with us.
Because in the end, the devil's a loser.
But he keeps coming back for more, doesn't he?
Let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
Who has been holding the longest here?
I'm going to move quickly through these amazing phone calls.
That would be Greg in Texas, medical worker on the COVID vaccine.
What are you observing?
What's your view?
Well, greetings Alex.
What I'm seeing is that these people that are taking the vaccine, of course, are having all these adverse reactions.
More importantly, all the ones that aren't being reported.
You see daily on social media all these different videos that pop up regarding that.
What's shocking to me is... Oh, I see local news articles everywhere, particularly black people and old people dying.
Don't look like it's... As usual, whatever Bill Gates is pushing ain't too good for black folks.
Right, and so people don't do their due diligence, and this is, I would like to particularly address the healthcare workers.
If you're a nurse, a doctor, and you're like, oh, I'm just going to take it.
Well, and then something bad happens to you, you don't, you know.
The information is out there to see with their own eyes that this is a bad thing.
Well, here's an example.
My dad's dad was a great guy.
Died before he was 60.
And my dad was smart when he was a kid and would say, Dad, don't put cooper tox, that's cyanide, on the cows.
You're supposed to wear a breathing thing and gloves to kill the screw worm bottle flies off their backs.
He's like, I'm tough.
And he was tough.
You know, manly man.
But he would put it out with his own hands.
Well, it killed him with bone cancer and lung cancer.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So these medical workers are like, I'm tough.
I'll just take this vaccine.
No, you know, no, you're not tough.
It changes your DNA.
You mentioned, you were mentioning God before.
So I'm a Christian.
I'm a practicing one.
If you have the Holy Spirit with you, you know, this thing is bad for you.
Don't take it.
Uh, but for the rest of them, they don't have an excuse.
And so when I see the healthcare workers, like I said before, they're taking this thing and bad things happen, they got exactly what they deserved.
And we know that most people aren't reporting adverse reactions because the hospitals tell them not to.
That's why they call it clusters.
The hospitals that do report, and the clinics that do report, and the nursing homes that do report, we're up to 10% of people getting sick or dying to take it.
I mean, this is scary.
Oh, I know.
And then what's more, what's funnier is that now they have a new COVID test, the anal swab.
Now, Owen did a really funny tutorial on that that was really hilarious.
You should get an award for that.
But these are the same dumb people that are going to bend over and get a swab in their ass.
Well, it's all a lie.
People that have had the two shots still get positive.
They still get it.
It's all a giant scam.
In fact, I keep forgetting her name.
Who was the lady that created Theranos with Bill Gates?
He funded her.
Elizabeth Holmes.
And it was all fake blood tests, all fake PCR for cancer, all a lie.
That was Bill Gates!
In fact, Bill Gates was producing a documentary two years before she got busted, so that still came out like a year ago with Bill Gates with her.
It's all a scam.
That's what this all is, is what do we do?
We got busted with the UN, we got busted with Theranos.
Well, let's just scam it even bigger.
Thank you, Greg.
Oh, sorry, Greg, go ahead.
Anything else you want to add?
Yeah, I want to add one thing.
There was a video on BitChute the other day on a Nigerian minister.
He had a leaked document.
It's on BitChute.
I can send you guys the video if you want to.
It's a leaked document from the Rockefeller Center outlining how COVID is a scam, followed up by lockdowns and mask mandates.
Are you talking about Operation Lockstep?
Right, right.
That should be on the Rockefeller Center.
If you guys don't already have the document on that, I can send you the bid on it.
I know there's so many documents.
I mean, my God, I look at all our news every day, so send it to me.
Don't think I don't have it.
Thank you so much.
The Rockefellers are the center of the evil.
They are literally created Hitler.
And then they go out and teach black people to be racist, so that white people turn against black people.
This is all super evil, folks.
Like a black, black dudes are like killing people and pushing them on trains and stabbing them and everything.
And the news is like, it's white supremacy in New York.
And again, that's meant to turn white people into raving racist folks.
This is very sophisticated crap, but yeah.
Those are two of the main demons.
There's John Dee I and John Dee II.
God help us.
You talk about devils incarnate.
That's it.
You ever want to see the devil, folks?
Look at that photo.
That'll give you chills up and down your spine.
Put them side-by-side with the German Nosferatu.
Put them side-by-side.
That's the real deal right there, folks.
Can't hardly look at him.
Talk about evil, man.
That is one evil son of a bitch.
Look at that satisfied son right next to him.
Let's go ahead and talk to another caller here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rick in Minnesota.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
I'm a first-time caller and a long-time listener, probably over 10 years.
I also am a pharmacy doctor and work in Minnesota.
Just a couple of things here.
One of your callers mentioned one of the saints, and I would like everybody to
I agree.
Everybody's faith, as long as it's to Jesus, however you go to Jesus, I totally agree that we need to pray to God for, and I agree, the saint of impossible things, because Jesus is the doer of impossible things.
We have to do this.
So, what I'm calling about is my father-in-law, who's, granted, he's 89 years old.
He and his wife, my mother-in-law, had their second COVID vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, on Wednesday of last week.
And by Friday, he was having symptoms of a stroke, and on Saturday, he was brought into the hospital, and he's still there.
So, I would just warn your listeners, and I've done a lot of research on this, as you have, that
There's no sure thing when it comes to this vaccine in particular, but a lot of different vaccines have neurological side effects.
Well tell us what happened, because India says they banned it because in tests it caused Guillain-Barre, narcolepsy, convulsions, what's the other one, Bell's palsy, and death.
And so what happened with your family member?
Well, he had the vaccine on a Wednesday and by Friday he was having stroke symptoms and he was diagnosed with having a small stroke in his right hemisphere.
Of course, the left side of his body he had temporary paralysis.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
That'll definitely ruin your day.
What's that?
I said I'm very sorry to hear that.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, I know your listeners are playing, we are, and I won't take up any more of your time, but I just wanted to... No, no, don't take up more time.
I'm just saying, clearly, that's what the Indians say.
They say, listen, we're having massive problems in unofficial studies, and people are already getting this, getting sick.
You have the same ones.
It's obviously causal.
It's like saying, do you need to study if I shoot you in the head with a shotgun that it killed you?
No, you know the shotgun did it.
You don't need to study to know that.
The thing about these vaccine companies is they will investigate and they'll never say that there's direct correlation.
They will find a different... You mean the groups doing this will cover up for themselves?
How surprising.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, I'm going to pray for your family, Rick.
God bless you.
And I agree that we should... Thank you, Alex.
God bless you as well.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you, sir.
I'm going to go to break and I'm going to come back and try to jam in as many calls as I can.
We got Gerald Cilente coming up and I'll take about 15 minutes of calls the next hour.
So I want to talk to folks at 877-789-2539.
Please don't forget, I just want to stay on air to fight these people.
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There they are.
That have been sold out for a long time, that are now back in stock.
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All these cells we can't get.
These babies sell but fund the whole operation.
Everybody wants them.
These are actually ones that work.
A lot of the Faraday cages don't work to block the contact tracers and the globalists and big tech.
We got a few thousand back in.
I'm trying to get desperately a source of the good ones that work.
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InfoWars Privacy Pouch back in stock at InfoWarsStore.com.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
President Trump has issued a new statement.
From Donald J. Trump, the office of the former president, statement on the continuing political persecution of the president.
I'm going to hit that briefly next hour.
And more and more state health officials are admitting that 94% of COVID deaths, but we already knew this a year ago, are something else.
This is just incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
Jeff Zuckerberg comes out and says, I'm not taking the mRNA vaccine.
It's dangerous.
And then he bans people that say the same damn thing.
I mean, they skipped animal trials, folks.
All right, we got DJ and Diane and Barbara and Matt and Mankind and Jum.
Well, let's get to these callers before I hit that other news.
Let's talk to the order they were received to a caller in Massachusetts.
Matt, Matt, you're a medical worker.
Your take on this vaccine.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for everything you do.
You know, I work as a registered nurse and, you know, everybody's mostly taking the COVID vaccine out of fear, you know, which is pretty upsetting.
But, you know, people are going to do what they're going to do.
They think if they take the vaccine, everything's going to go back to normal.
And I tell them that, you know, things aren't going back to normal.
I totally agree with you, and so many people are like, look, I don't agree with it, it's bad, it's BS, but I'm going to be tough to get over this, but now they're admitting, oh, we're not ever going to stop.
Yeah, and you know, the other thing I want to point out is, you know, mass PPH is pretty corrupt.
It's a state official.
You know, when this whole thing started back about a year ago, they changed our PPE guidelines and said, you know, we're going to start reusing masks.
You would never reuse masks, ever.
Explain why, because it picks up all the particula from the person you're doing a surgery on or procedure.
It has your particula and it grows it as a petri dish medium, correct?
Right, and when we work, we have to wear goggles.
And we cannot wear cloth masks.
So you have people out in the public not wearing goggles and wearing cloth masks.
We have to either wear surgical masks or N95 masks at work.
And it's a total fraud.
So what you're saying is it's all a giant virtue signal?
Right, right.
And you know, Massachusetts conservatives are about, you know, we're outnumbered about two to one.
But, you know, we're here, we're ready.
You know, people know, people know what's going on.
And you know, what I suggest is, you know, you have to, you know, if you can't wake someone up, you move on to the next person.
You know, these sheep cannot be woken up.
I agree, just move on.
But here's the deal.
We already saw major adverse reactions without human testing.
What are the long-term effects of this gene therapy going to be?
Every vaccine has had, you know, years of trials and this has just been pushed through.
They said they used the first COVID outbreak that ended in Canada, you know, as, you know, the kickstarter to this vaccine.
And it's not really a vaccine, it's a medical device.
But, you know, they label it as a vaccine.
A vaccine is an attenuated version to learn how to beat it.
This is a gene therapy that has your cells create a protein, which the mainline scientists agree, when your cell dies or divides, it's going to off-sluff this protein that you're thinking to have an autoimmune response.
So it sounds like you're going to keep having allergic reactions.
And the studies show, once you keep having allergic reactions, your immune system gives up, finally, then you get cancer.
My last point is, you know, a lot of people are afraid to pass on to the next life.
You know, eventually we're all going to die of something, but we're being propagandized by the media and the television shows about how, you know, you're watching Grey's Anatomy and this is how the medical world is.
But, you know, death is not
Death is not final and those that are always afraid to die, die early and live in fear.
Worry about your soul.
I totally agree with you.
We need to stop living in fear and not fear the raper.
I took care of a patient that was 104 years old the other day and she was on one blood pressure pill.
Where you take care of some people that are in their 40s who are on 30 different medications and they're sick as a dog.
I had a great-grandmother who died at 103.
She was super happy and just saw angels when she was dying.
Same thing for my grandmother at 93.
She was literally, absolutely already in heaven when she died.
I appreciate your call, brother.
But not evil people.
When you die, you see demons at the end of your bed.
This is real, folks.
Whatever you serve is going to be there when you die.
You better be with God, folks.
Better get right, man.
You don't be with Bill Gates for eternity, believe me.
Let's go ahead and talk to... The universe is full of stuff.
You don't think this planet isn't like a major four-way stop for a lot of good stuff, a lot of bad stuff?
You all know deep down, don't you?
You don't need me to tell you nothing.
You don't need me to tell you anything.
It's already written on your heart.
That's why you're here.
But those that have fallen to the evil, they can't even hear us.
Imagine being them.
They're in a tomb forever with the devil.
We can't even get to them.
Thank your lucky stars that you're not like that.
I thank mine every day.
Those of us that are conscious, though, realize how evil we are because we have a connection to God who is so pure.
But that's okay.
God understands that.
The devil comes and says, look how you're evil.
See, you could never be with God.
Get away, devil.
Get behind me.
Let's go ahead and talk to DJ in Texas, then Diane and Mankind and others.
DJ, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First time caller.
Long time intermittent listener.
Um, but, uh, this is a perfect segue into, uh, one of your previous calls on, uh, perinose.
Um, I happened to write my senior thesis on evo- the evolution of viruses with a specific focus on HIV in 1991.
So the iris plant?
Pardon me?
The iris plant.
No, virus.
Evolution of virus.
Oh, virus.
You wrote a thesis on, on the AIDS virus.
On the AIDS virus, and specifically I based that thesis on a book that was titled Inventing HIV by Nobel Prize Laureate Peter Duesberg at Berkeley, who's been destroyed because essentially what he said, and he's been proven right now, 20 years later, and I was too on my thesis, is that Fauci, whose footnote is 77 times in my thesis, essentially took PCR results
That's what my dad told me.
My dad told me when I was like 13 years old and lost my virginity and I came home because the girl was like 17.
I was really scared.
And I said, Dad, I need to get blood tested.
I might have HIV.
My dad laughed at me, and he said, son, that's cooked up by the CIA.
It's all a fake comorbidity deal, and it's a cover for people dying of drug abuse and other things and bad lifestyles.
He said, it's totally fake.
He goes, and it's a cover for our bioweapon, another system we're using on Africans.
And so later that all, exactly.
And Fauci was running the whole thing back then.
Running the whole thing, and it's the same playbook, Alex.
It's the PCR with... Yeah, explain that.
They tell you, oh, all these other things killed you, and then they call it COVID, and then he's the COVID hero trying to fix something that can't be gotten rid of.
We have, well, we have a PCR at my workplace, and if you take a mashed banana and run that 30 cycles, it tests negative.
You take that same mashed banana and run it 40 cycles, it tests positive.
Game, set, match.
There it is.
Do you remember the Tanzanian president six months ago?
He said everything was coming back positive.
He's a scientist.
He knew it was bulls, so he sent a sample of goat blood and papaya and a bunch, and it all came up positive.
Well, that's the scam.
And each time you amplify a cycle on a PCR machine, it's an order of magnitude.
It squares it every time.
So when you're up in those last 10 cycles, Alex, it's... If there's any detritus from a viral or bacteria infection within a decade, you've come up false positive.
I would point your listeners and you to, there's one book chapter.
If you Google, Inventing HIV Washington Post,
They published it in 1993, I believe, and it weighs, the first three pages of that is Fauci's playbook to a T, and you'll see it through the tea leaves as soon as you start reading it.
And I would close in adding this, there's never been a successful vaccine for an RNA virus.
The last time they tried it was for swine flu in 1974.
And by the way, that's all on record, so what do you think they're really doing here?
Um, I was taking what prompted me to call was the woman who called in who was a physician last week that referenced the feline corona study.
I actually pulled that study.
And went through it with a fine-toothed comb, and she's absolutely right.
I think that they're setting people with these vaccines, that's why they want the older population first, etc, etc.
So binary weapon, they give them one and explain what it does.
White people out, it's gonna make them ultra-sensitive to the next coronavirus that they get.
And then they're going to say, oh, it's the new coronavirus.
Bill Gates goes, terrorists are going to launch a new coronavirus within two years.
Once everybody's implanted with the proteins from the first coronavirus, now you have a violent autoimmune response.
So it'll look like the new coronavirus is killing everybody.
But really, they've already hit selective groups.
Hey, we want old people and blacks to have it.
We're so liberal.
And then it's going to kill the old folks and blacks.
You hit it.
You hit it perfectly.
My father lives in Florida.
78-year-old retired teacher runs marathons, or still runs triathlons, Alex, and goes into every store without a mask and will never take a vaccine.
Well, here's the deal.
I love it.
Even if they brainwash some black people to hate white people, we got to go out and expose this.
Because they're hitting, there's like, we love black people and old people.
Take your shot.
And then top scientists go, it's going to cause an autoimmune response to the next coronavirus.
And then we're going to be here in a year or two, folks, when blacks are dropping dead everywhere and old people are going to be like, it's a new coronavirus.
That's it.
See, you didn't take your vaccine.
It's guaranteed.
Oh, man.
You understand that, like literally hundreds of top virologists, the former scientists of Merck, all of them, Pfizer, have come out and said, this does not protect you from a cold virus, that's a lie.
We look at it, all it is, hurt your fertility, give you cancer, turn up your immune system, turn your immune system off, make you, when you get a regular cold, die, like the Spanish flu in 1913 that people had an allergic response to.
Like a bee sting.
But see, they've gotten all the doctors and the lawyers and the moms and dads on board, so they think when all this death starts, with Fauci that launched the whole HIV deal, he's a mass murderer, man.
He makes, you know, Ted Bundy and Charlie Manson look like angels.
Look at that, look at that, that's the eyes of pure evil.
When they launch all of this, they think you'll all just go along with it.
So set your egg timer, folks.
You think Hank Aaron died and all these deaths is a big deal?
Those are just side effects of the main mission.
When the next big virus hits, you're going to see millions dead.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's a medical doctor.
She's been saying that too.
Trying to get her on the show.
She's a busy beaver.
All right, Diane in New York.
Or no, that's not New York.
That's Nevada.
Then we got Barbara in New Jersey and Mankind Arizona.
A little Mankind next.
Diane in Nevada.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi Diane, how you doing from Nevada?
Pretty well.
I've been a nurse since the 80s and I went through the HIV-AIDS epidemic and the swine flu and we never had to do anything like this and I can barely remember it and everybody seemed to be fine.
But what I wanted to tell you is I work at a small little specialty hospital and about 85% of the staff, including nurses, they've all had fairly
Sure, so it's like a bee sting or a rattlesnake bite?
Yeah, I mean just huge.
Like, I'm from the Midwest originally and if you get bit by a deer fly, you get a huge swelling of your hand, your arm, wherever you got bit, but it's like the same thing.
Have you ever seen another vaccine on average create this type of effect?
Very, very unusual.
You know, with flu shot, you know, you may get just a little bit of pain and you're just like, oh, it hurts.
Just keep your arm moving.
But this is, and I'm telling you, almost everybody that has gotten it has that arm
It's huge, swollen, warmth, redness, severe chills.
What happens on the second round?
Well, I'm waiting for that.
I'm kind of sitting back because, you know, they brought out that first round and the second supply is a little bit slower to come out.
So there are some people that are, you know, waiting for that second injection, but I'm kind of sitting back and waiting.
I'm not getting it.
I can decline it right now, but I'm waiting for the day where, of course, they're going to mandate health care workers to get it.
And at that point, I won't be in the profession because I refuse to get it and I will not ever
I don't want to administer the vaccine to anybody either because I don't want to be part of that agenda.
Well, that's the mindset.
That's what they're doing is, okay, everybody that wants it at first, get it.
And then now, oh, we can't ever open because 100% haven't taken it.
Well, if you've got it and are protected, why do I have to take it?
But Merkel says everyone must take it in Germany or else you could never go to a restaurant or the gym again.
I mean, we're literally under house arrest, martial law.
This is unbelievable.
Alex, when I talk to people, because you know there's a handful of us that aren't taking it, so I'm not like a complete black sheep where I work right now, but I'm like, do you guys ever stop to think about what is the benefit of this injection?
We still have to wear a mask.
There's nothing that's changing here.
What's in it for you?
Well, think about that.
Unions are allowed to unionize for all these other reasons.
Why can't people unionize and say, I don't want you sticking something in my body?
If somebody wants to do it, that's their deal.
Well, and that's the thing, too.
You know, when it comes to the left, it's my body, my choice.
When it comes to someone that, like, I don't want a foreign substance put in my blood, my bloodstream and getting into my cells, my body, my choice, but that doesn't matter when it comes to
But Bill Gates loves you.
You don't want Bell's Palsy?
Thank you so much.
Powerful call, Diana.
Thank you for holding.
Barbara and Mankind.
Last callers.
And I'm going to hit this final news ahead of Gerald Cilente.
Always informative.
Always dynamic.
Coming up in about 10 minutes.
Always powerful.
We'll be right back.
When the bullet hits the bone.
And the bullet will hit the bone in about 10 minutes when Gerald Cilente, the top Prince Forecaster, takes over.
When the bullet hits the bone.
The hitman knows he's been cheated.
Alright, let's go ahead and take two final calls.
We're at some final news, and Gerald takes over.
Let's talk to Mankind Arizona, then Barbara in New Jersey.
Mankind, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Can you hear me okay?
You're another medical worker.
Yes, sir.
Had a lot of great calls today.
Go ahead.
Um, yeah, absolutely.
Real quick, though, I just wanted to tell a quick story about I was actually in Vegas this past weekend, man, and saw some new listeners of your show.
They had InfoWars all over.
You know what I mean?
They were passing out cards.
I mean, people were just really on fire.
They passed one out to me.
I let them know, hey, you know, I've been listening to Alex for like 20 years.
And I mean, there were just people doing their thing, even in Las Vegas, man.
So I just wanted to give a quick shout out.
That's beautiful, my friend.
That's beautiful.
So as a medical worker, what are you seeing happening?
So again, just my little personal testimony.
I mean, I was one of the only I'm actually a paramedic by trade.
I actually worked in the hospital in the ER for about seven years and back when I would refuse to take the flu shot.
I realized the conditioning, of course, back then, you know, that they were even beta testing, you know, this for this particular situation.
I did not get a flu shot.
I would always remain to have to, you know, you have to opt out to wear a mask.
But that whole situation was just, you know, providing for what they plan to do now and what they're doing now.
And the most scary part, though, is like, you know, something you said like last week, like kind of really touched me when you said that, you know, you were talking to your mom and, you know, you were just kind of trying to get some things across to her.
And I don't know, I had like the same experience where, you know, I talked to my mom, stuff like that, try to tell my mom and dad about, you know, getting this COVID shot that it's not going to do anything for you.
You know, and it's dangerous, especially for, you know, black people.
But even though they're smart, they're still like, I'm tough and I'm just going to get over it because they think they get through it and it ends.
It doesn't end.
And the absolute most scary part is the fact that, again, we're Christians, born and raised Christians, always talking about, you know, the end times as I was growing up and things like that.
Right, right.
And now that it's actual, tangible,
Evidence and situations where you see the mark of the beast being introduced to you, you know it's the truth, and you will still go along with the lie.
And think about that.
They now had Gates come out and others and say, you're going to take a shot every time you travel, like every week, every month.
I mean, this is literally, they want the president to put in your body what they want, when they want.
How insane is this?
But think, why do you think India banned it?
They said, no, we're not doing it because they've caught Gates testing on them and killing a bunch of people.
And my doctor, or excuse me, my grandfather was a doctor who actually warned against this type of behavior a long time ago.
He was a, you know, one of the first black doctors in, uh, that was actually allowed to perform practices on, um,
Uh, you know, members of the army back in the day.
Oh, absolutely.
And that's the most sickening part about it is that
We actually know this.
You know, we've been through Tuskegee.
We've been through all of these medical experiences.
Not to even mention, you know, what they did with the drug trade, bringing it to the black community and so on and so forth with COINTELPRO.
All these different things.
And I think it's important to let Gates and all them know we're not violent people, but we're going to hold them responsible.
They may have some liability in Congress, but we're going to hold them responsible.
Absolutely have them responsible.
The truth is that we know this.
God will see us through.
He is seeing us through.
We've just, we're in uncharted territories.
We've never been here, so it might seem a little scary, but hey, we're punching through.
Well, I agree.
They're doing this to dominate us and enslave us because they're losing control.
They went ahead, we made them play their hand early.
This was already the plan.
They played it early, and it looks like they're winning.
It's like Hitler invading Russia until the tide turns.
God bless you, mankind.
Good to hear from you.
Scary, man.
Barbara in New Jersey.
Last caller for Gerald Cilenti takes over.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
You've got some wonderful callers in there today and always.
I've learned a lot from you and I will share what little time I have left with you also.
I'm a retired registered nurse.
Worked in a lot of places, almost every specialty at different times.
I gave vaccines to the elderly.
I receive vaccines.
We do
I do get brainwashed.
This whole country is brainwashed.
It's got to be stopped.
You want to know why they want to do it to us?
Because they want to win the war, like you say.
We have to win it.
Their beliefs, they want it their way.
That's it.
It's wrong.
In my opinion, vaccines have never worked.
The old first time I was around, it was when they insisted through the school system that we get the polio vaccine.
They have
At that time, many vaccines of many states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in particular, did have what's called SB40, a component that would years later cause cancer within that vaccine for polio, whether it was oral or a shot.
My grandmother, they told her she got polio from the second vaccine.
I don't know what to call it.
I'm not as articulate as I used to be.
No, no, no.
It's covert.
It's covert attack.
It is.
It's an attack.
And it's got to stop.
The people are so brainwashed.
I get so upset when I see the masks on pictures of every advertisement in every newspaper and every magazine.
And when I go to the store and everyone's wearing one.
I won't wear one.
Well listen Barbara, you're the vanguard as a retired medical worker.
And here's the good news.
It's the medical workers speaking out, Barbara.
And notice they get censored.
What do you make of that?
I didn't hear that part.
It's the medical workers are speaking out like you are.
They're getting censored.
What do you make of that?
Well, we've got to fight it.
It can't be done.
They don't rule the world.
And this is an old phrase I learned.
It's true.
God did not die and make Bill Gates or Fauci or any of them bosses.
God did not die and give them the power.
No, no, no.
You cannot do that to us.
This is America still.
We have the Bill of Rights, period.
That's it.
You just said it.
Barbara, we love you.
They are not God.
We're out of time.
I can talk to you for an hour.
Call me back.
Gerald Slunday is about to take over.
But since I mentioned this, look at these headlines.
This is out of News.U...
Over 90% of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.
had contributing factors, CDC report.
Here's another one that says 94% of Americans who died of COVID-19 had contributing conditions.
Well, here is the Illinois Department of Public Health spokesperson, Dr. Ngozi Adzikai, telling you the same thing.
Here it is.
People dying of COVID.
So the case definition is very simplistic.
It means at the time of death, it was a COVID positive diagnosis.
So that means that if you were
So, we all know this.
We've got to get it out.
They're trying to suppress us saying this.
Mark Zuckerberg got caught on tape saying, I don't believe this vaccine's safe.
Stand up against him.
It's criminal.
All the ads, all the propaganda is the corporate world saying you're dirty, you're bad.
Now they're saying the masks never come off.
Hundreds of vaccines, all of it's a fraud to expose their Ponzi scheme, their global government, their wars, their evil.
They're trying to make you all dirty and bad with contact tracers where you can all be taken away to a FEMA camp because they know they're in trouble.
They're in trouble.
So spread the word and don't back down.
We're winning.
Tomorrow's news today.
Gerald Cilente takes over the next 45 minutes.
Then, The War Room with Owen Schroyer coming up.
Stay with us.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you all for all you do, Alex, and the staff, and listening to the callers.
It's unbelievable how people just buy the BS without looking at the facts.
The number that Alex just talked about, the 94% had pre-existing conditions, that was actually reported also several months ago and we wrote that in the Trends Journal.
The CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that 94% of the people that died had 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities.
And when you go to a place like Canada,
And you got another little daddy's boy, a little boy of a nothing clown, Trudeau.
And this is, I want to make this clear, this is how stupid people are.
This is how moronic and imbecilic they are.
That they keep voting in these little daddy's boys, born on Third Basin, thought they had a home run, would be nobody if daddy didn't get me there.
Little slimy low lives.
Like that little clown of nothing, over 80% of the people that have died in Canada as slimeball Trudeau and all those other low-life pieces of garbage crap called politicians, poly-tics, have sucked
The joy out of life and destroy the economy.
80% of the people that have died in Canada were from nursing homes.
And as that clip that Alex played before of the woman from Chicago speaking about the people having pre-existing conditions, you know, after you're in a nursing home, everything's going to be just fine.
Then you go to day camp, after you get out of nursing home.
And speaking of nursing home murderers, who was the first guy, the first man, to call out little crappy Cuomo, the other arrogant little daddy's boy over here in New York, that took people out of hospitals and put them in nursing homes.
That arrogant guy, that little nothing of a clown, one after another.
And the people, the people vote for them.
And I got all the little libtards up here.
They're not liberals.
Liberals are people with open minds that want people to be whoever they are and do whatever they want.
These are libtards.
They tell you what to do.
All these little woodstockers up here, 15 minutes away from me.
Oh, we won't get vaccinations.
We won't get vaccinations for our kids.
Oh yeah, but they're running online now to get vaccinated.
So I want to put this into perspective.
Again, we put out a magazine every week.
Last week was 141 pages, 45 pages.
No ads, right?
The people that are dying are elderly with pre-existing chronic conditions.
There's a place called Israel.
This is from the Jerusalem Post.
February 18th.
Coronavirus has thus far claimed approximately 2.3 million lives across the world.
In Israel, remember this is Jerusalem Post, this isn't a conspiracy theory, so you little slimy suckerberg, or maybe put that, maybe change that Z and put it, not an S and another letter in there, you can't censor me for this, or you little freak Dorsey!
All right, you can't censor me for this because this is a Jerusalem Post.
Oh, maybe if you censor it, then you'd be called an anti-Semite.
Anyway, Israel last week, in Israel last week, the number of deaths from the disease passed the 5000 mark.
With most of the victims, 87% aged
65 or older.
But I'm older people in bad shape.
No one talks about getting into good health.
Again, there you see it.
The facts are right there.
And staying on Israel.
You know, who
Oh, the Nazis were in charge?
They slaughtered the Jews in World War II?
Well, now you got the Ashkenazis that are running the place.
Ashkenazis are Eastern Europeans.
They didn't convert to Judaism, by the way, about 700 A.D.
So they're kind of like, you know... Anyway, they're in charge.
Guess what?
Guess what, everybody?
In Israel now,
In major easing of lockdown rules, Israel reopens stores, gyms, and more schools.
From Sunday, street-front shops, malls, markets, museums, and libraries will be open to all Israelis.
You ready?
You ready?
Heil Netanyahu!
But only those who have been vaccinated.
Or recover from COVID-19, we'll be able to use gyms and to sporting and cultural events, hotels and swimming pools.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited a gym in central Israel on Saturday night to urge Israelis to get ready for this, to get a new green pass.
All right?
The health ministry said vaccination certificates could be used as a green pass.
Go and get vaccinated.
Get the green pass and start to return to life.
Netanyahu said.
Green passports.
Isn't this something?
I wonder who's in control of Israel now.
Ah, Hitler must be smiling in his grave.
Forcing people to get vaccinated.
Oh, yeah.
Freedom, huh?
Right there.
Right there.
And one country after another is lining up.
Denmark's talking about it.
Sweden's talking about it.
One after another.
So there you got it.
And Tanzania, now this is from the Financial Times, so you know it's not a conspiracy theory, because only the little people can say what they want and wear silence.
But when the big people say it, Tanzania shuns vaccines and turns to God.
Country of 60 million people,
21 dead.
All right?
March, April, May, June, July, August, November, October, November, December.
A year.
How dare they look to God?
How dare they look to health?
Look, we're going to be back in a little bit.
There's a lot going on.
Markets, Bitcoin, gold, and support InfoWars.
Keep the truth alive.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great, great, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And, uh, yeah, this town, Frank Sinatra scene, what a town!
Little lowlife Cuomo and B.S.
de Blasio!
Look at these clowns!
They killed New York!
New York is dead!
No neon lights shining on Broadway!
You know what the office occupancy rate is?
Little clowns.
Look at these imbeciles!
Look at them!
Look at him with his mask on!
A little freaky boy!
Yeah, that's a salute!
Yes, I got a salute to you!
Look at them.
These are the people that are running things.
They're playing that Frank Sinatra song.
Yeah, New York, New York, New York is dead.
And a little light foot!
Light head!
Look at him!
That's the mayor of Chicago!
Look at the freak show, everybody!
I'm a repulsive kid, I'm a demo crap!
I'm really dumb as crap!
I'm a really repulsive idiot, imbecile!
I like... I like Mitch McConnell!
No, no, no!
I like Chuckie Schumer!
No, Nancy Pelosi!
She's my kind of... Yeah, look at the... Look at the freak shows you got in front of you!
Going back to the Freak Show, there's a gruesome Newsome.
Look at him!
Look at him!
An arrogant little boy!
Yeah, impeach, yeah!
Another boy born on third base and thought he had a home run.
Yeah, it's one big club and you ain't in it, said George Carlin.
And look at all the little suckers!
Look at them all clapping and laughing!
Look at him!
Look at him!
And there she is.
That's our Secretary of Health with more chins than Chinatown.
You're telling me what to do?
Look at that.
Oh, yeah.
Really rising high.
Going down.
Anyway, going back to what's going on in the world.
I mentioned about Tanzania.
Nothing, nothing.
And here's the way they write it.
Tanzania stands out as a COVID-19 denier and vaccine refusenik.
How dare you be a vaccine refusenik?
This is Financial Times.
The president even mocked virus testing.
Oh, and why not?
Because the PCR tests
Or something to be mocked.
Saying he was able to fool scientists at the National Laboratory by sending diverse samples including papaya juice and diesel oil labeled as human blood.
Quote, we have stayed for more than a year without coronavirus even though none of us here have put on their face masks.
He asserted in a recent speech.
And then I go, I gotta listen.
I don't, I don't turn on the mainstream news.
I won't waste my time doing that, but I want to see what they're talking about.
So I go to the Cartoon News Network with that other little daddy's girl born on third base.
Uh, what's her name?
His name, uh, Anderson Cooper.
Mommy was Gloria Vanderbilt.
You'd be a nobody, Junior, with your bad attitude and your arrogant voice, if mommy didn't get you there.
So take it easy.
Anyway, he does an interview with Bill Gates on Sunday, Saturday or Sunday.
He asks, a year from now, he asks Gates, would you go sit, have a dinner outside in a restaurant or inside in a restaurant in Seattle?
Would you?
Would you still be wearing a mask when you shake hands with people a year from now?
What kind of stupid question are there?
And what the hell would I care what Gates, what Gates thinks or wants?
Look at this guy.
This guy's nine years younger than me.
It's this Gates.
Don't look so good to me, man.
Anyway, Gates goes, you know,
I'll follow whatever the conventions are.
Hey, how about go screw yourself, crap head!
Shove the convention up your you-know-what!
Who gives a damn about what the conventions are?
Heil Hitler!
I will follow!
No, I'll follow Merkel!
Heil Merkel!
I'll bend over to Cuomo!
Who gives a damn about what you think, Gates?
The Vaccine King!
And that we are supposed to look up
To the empirical lords of the vaccine industry.
The drug lords.
That's all they are.
They're drug lords.
Big Pharma.
You like those opiates, huh?
Look at the commercials that lowlife Bill Clinton let Big Pharma run in 1997.
They weren't allowed to run those on TV before.
Oh, and you take this and you'll be happy and you're running down to flowers down a beautiful path with with birds singing around your head.
And then they put in 30 seconds out of stuff is going to kill you 30 different ways.
And we're taught that we got to look up to this stuff.
He goes on to say,
If you're not around someone who is unvaccinated and at high risk, you know, either because they're older or medical conditions, he goes blobbing on getting the disease.
We'll be able to hold back off to some of these practices.
Hold back off to shaking hands, huh?
You little jerk.
You should wear a mask and you should distance because there's still going to be a risk out there when you get vaccinated.
Is that real hair that that guy got that Gates, or is that like a... a toupee?
I don't know.
Anyway... Do you... Do you think you would go back to shaking hands?
Hey, shake this, Junior!
Yeah, and when you're doing that, don't forget to sanitize your hands to keep them really clean!
Goes on...
Even when you're vaccinated.
Now, wait a minute.
If you're vaccinated, you should be safe.
And if you're wearing a mask and I'm not, that's my business.
You're safe.
If you're vaccinated and I'm not, you're safe.
So what are you talking about this herd immunity for?
How about herd mentality?
If you're vaccinated, I'm not.
I'm putting myself at risk according to you.
So mind your own damn business.
Don't tell me what to do.
Get this straight all you little low lives!
I'm an American.
I am born to be free.
There's a thing called the Bill of Rights in the Constitution that you think is toilet paper.
And that's why you like to toilet paper a record.
Because that's all you are, are a bunch of you-know-what wipes.
So don't tell me I have to get vaccinated.
The other than that, he goes, everyone shaking hands?
Okay, I got it.
Just to show my, you know, I always think about technological innovation before other things.
You know, I'm hoping we can come up in the next decade with a vaccine that is universal to all coronaviruses, not just this one.
Isn't that great?
And likewise, a vaccine that's universal to all flus, because there are negative effects.
Does anybody ever talk about getting healthy?
About building up your immune system?
Again, the first book I worked on was Natural Healing back in the mid-1980s.
Not a word, not a word, only about technology and vaccinations.
This is going down big and hard.
The green passports are going to become a real reality.
Just like they don't allow kids to go to school without being vaccinated, you're not going to be able to live life without the vaccination.
Unless we unite, and unite by supporting InfoWars.
Do what you can.
Put your money where your heart is.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, you know, and Alex says, you know, they're
They don't have George Soros behind them, or Bill Gates, or Bezos.
Just like we don't with the Trends Journal.
You know, we do it ourselves.
The more people that subscribe, the more we can do.
The more people that buy the products from Infowars, the more that they can do.
And they have a dedicated staff.
I mean, look at the production that they put out.
The quality far better than the jerky stuff on the prostitutes pump out on mainstream media.
So they also have the storable foods now.
They got a 10% off.
And this is really something important because this is a time to store up.
You know, this thing is going down big.
And when the summer comes, there's going to be a lot more riots in the street, more protests.
The things are going to go down heavy.
So to have storable foods,
That 10% off at Infowarsstores.com, to me, makes a lot of sense.
And they knew this was coming.
The price of food could not last at its low rate for much longer.
And now even major brands like Kraft Heinz and ConAgra, they're announcing their plans to start passing the food soaring costs on to customers.
And they're going up.
So with millions of Americans nationwide becoming aware
Of the impact of the global pandemic, and again the lockdowns, and forced statewide outages to the power grid, there's never been a better time to stock up on storable food.
I mean really, how much more, you know, facts do you need to know?
So in response to this, InfoWars
All right.
At InfowarsStores.com.
So take advantage of the savings on their high quality storable food before they're forced to raise the price again.
It's your decision now.
And it can mean saving time and money later.
So do what you need to do because this is real.
I mean, how much more proof do you need?
The infrastructure in this country is rotted down.
It's a joke.
So, I want to move on to some other important things, but I want to just stay on the vaccine for one second.
Joe Biden urges Americans to please take the vaccine.
If there's one message to cut through to everyone in this country, it's this.
The vaccines are safe.
Go screw yourself!
Don't tell me what's safe, alright?
The thing hasn't been tested, Biden!
It's brand new, Biden!
I got this moron, arrogant guy that's been sucking off the public you-know-what his whole life, never worked a day in his life, telling me they're safe.
Please, for yourself, your family, your community, this country, take the vaccine when it's your turn and available.
That's how to beat this pandemic, Biden said.
Hey, Junior!
Hey, Junior!
If everybody's taking the vaccine, don't tell me to take one, because if it's safe, and my community takes it, and the country takes it, then why should I take it?
Nobody says this.
Alex Jones does, of course.
But that's why he turned into InfoWars.
And again, this is a Trans-Journal, because I want to talk about some very important things going on right now.
We talked about the price and why to buy these products now.
Hey, you see them oil prices?
They're only up 5% today almost.
Because of the lockdowns that happened all around Texas area.
And tensions building in the Middle East.
And they're rigging the game.
They cut back on production big time, particularly the Saudis.
So, it's gonna cost you more to pump that gas into your car.
Ah, don't go anywhere.
Stay home.
You don't have to go out and have a good time.
No commuting.
All the businesses that are dead.
Oh, by the way, if you want to buy any used restaurant equipment, this is the time to do it.
So, you're looking at oil prices and they're saying that they could go over 70 bucks
You're looking at inflation.
Gold today is up 30 bucks.
It's being artificially pushed down.
The banksters don't want it to go up, and I don't make that up as a fake statement or a conspiracy theory.
The criminal gang, the JPMorgan chase, were convicted of rigging
The precious metals market had to pay $900 million in 2020.
So gold is going up because inflation is going to go up.
Bitcoin took a big hit today, down almost 7%, down a lot more than that.
Ethereum down.
As we've been forecasting, we said that the bottom for Bitcoin, when it hit $40
$2,000 was $26.
It got down to around $30 when it corrected from the $40s.
Where is it going to go?
Well, we're going to be writing more about it in the Trends Journal.
But we nailed it perfectly.
When it was under $10,000, we said it had to go over $10,000, solidify.
This is back in May, June of last year.
And then it would spike and it did.
Gold, our forecast remains the same.
You're going to see inflation because the central banksters are pumping in all this cheap money.
And going back to the Bitcoin, one of our covers of the Trends Journal many months ago was we're going from
Dirty cash to digital trash.
They call it dirty cash and I want you to use it so they can have everything digital so they know where you spent it, how you spent it, when you spent it, so they could get all their money that they call taxes.
Because these slimy low-life pieces of garbage crap called politicians never work a day in their lives.
All they want is our money.
Now, we've been mentioning that there you go.
There's the cover.
Thank you.
We also warned that the central banks are going to do everything they can to kill the cryptocurrencies.
And what's the news today?
Yellen sounds warning about extremely inefficient Bitcoin.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen yelled a warning Monday about the dangers that Bitcoin poses to both investors and the public.
I mean, come on, what are you talking about?
Despite a sharp slide in price to start the week in crypto, I don't think that Bitcoin is widely used as a transaction mechanism, she told CBS's Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times.
You want to talk about a little boy prostitute, man?
That guy Sorkin, boy does he suck up.
Oh, yeah.
To the big ones.
I can't stand listening to what he says or write.
To the extent it is used, I fear it is often for illicit finance.
What a joke!
Illicit finance?
There's never been illicit finance before this.
Oh, no, no.
Oh, how many of the big banks got busted for money laundering?
Oh, I forgot.
They're going to do everything they can to kill cryptocurrencies.
And that's the big danger of it.
We heard the other one.
Oh, only a woman was in charge.
But then again, you look at Yellen, you gotta wonder there.
Hey, maybe it is a cross between her and Lola.
Yeah, anyway.
But she's the same age as me, man.
I hope I don't look as bad as that.
Anyway, we heard Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Mafia Monetary Fund, also coming out against
Digital currencies using the same BS line that it can be used for illicit finance.
So there's going to be everything they can do to kill the price of it.
So you got to be hip to it.
And we're going to be giving the price breakouts in the Trends Journal.
It goes out tomorrow evening.
And the other one is silver.
The silver we remain
Bullish on in the sense that we see it rising at a higher percentage rate than gold.
There are no stockpiles of silver.
Once you use it, your phone, you throw it out, your keyboard, it's gone.
And they're using more of it in solar energy and alternative energy.
It's the greatest conductor of electricity.
That's just some of the hints and some of the things and some of the trends we're looking at.
We'll be back next week.
Thanks for tuning in.
And remember, put your money where your heart is.
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