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Name: 20210217_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including power outages in Texas as an act of war, the ongoing crisis in Texas caused by intentional shutdowns of energy production facilities, the importance of having a Survival Seed Bank and using 2020 Safe Hand Sanitizer, globalist agendas and their control over information and media, the need for immune system health in the COVID culture, the ongoing battle against globalists, and promoting his store where listeners can purchase high-quality food supplies for long-term storage. He also criticizes other warehouses in the area for being allowed to stay open during power cuts while theirs was turned off, implying a form of technocracy or selective control being used over society. A veteran claims that he was deemed disabled for political reasons after attending a Donald Trump rally and received negative treatment from the VA. The speaker discusses how smart meters have financial penalties associated with refusing to install them, Joe Biden signing onto agenda 2030 which bans space heaters, wood heaters, and oil heaters, and how some major US state governments are running TV and radio ads encouraging people to take vitamin D3, zinc, and C to maintain their health, but these essential nutrients have been sold out for months due to high demand.

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I gotta be honest with you folks.
It's all over.
It's all over.
We're about to be hit with nuclear weapons.
The military stood down.
Everything's gone.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
The country's gone.
It's all over.
I'm not giving up.
I'm admitting that the Death Star is orbiting the planet at maximum velocity.
If we don't stop the globalists, if they aren't stopped, it's over.
You think they just steal elections for no reason?
You think they're saying veterans are terrorists for no reason?
You think they're saying all white men are terrorists?
Under this Chinese regime, folks, they're going to take all white men in for re-education.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I don't play air raid sirens to scare you.
I play air raid sirens because you're under attack and you need to know what's going on.
You need to understand this is a war.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I have a skeleton crew and we have limited power back on in the studios here.
And a lot of listeners will say to me, well, you're Mr. Prepared.
Why aren't you prepared?
Want to eat some of that screwable food?
When I've told people that we should all take our vitamins and be in shape, I'm pointing three fingers back at myself and one finger at you.
But I'm obviously saying what I think the best thing to do is.
The city of Austin was here two years ago and wouldn't give us the permits.
For a full power generator system that we wanted to put in here and you could I guess move locations We don't have the money to do that So we're just like the average folks and I don't have power most of my family doesn't have power And so I've been going around dealing with frozen pipes and things like that, and I'm I'm not complaining.
I Just saw some of the comments on Bandock video and really what I'm doing here at the start of the broadcast is just doing a little bit of bitching because
The information is so heavy, the information is so insanely intense that I'm going to be covering here today, as I broadcast to you from a building that's 99% dark except for the studio, and we've got three generators running just to keep this going 24 hours a day.
I bring you this information because this is the end of the Republic, the end of the country, the end of the world as you know it.
This is the Global Extermination Plan.
And now they're so far into it, I'm able to track the type it is.
I knew they had different models to first launch test attacks, and then prepare, and then a few years later launch bigger attacks, each time killing more of us.
But they've decided to go ahead and just accelerate all the way now.
And I would say by a year from now, they'll release a bioweapon that probably kills 4 billion people.
So, they may even have Biden stand down and receive a first strike to our military bases from China.
And I'm just telling you what I really think, okay?
So this is the ultimate Black Pill broadcast today, and I just want you to understand what we're facing.
Now, I already knew this, and I said this on Monday.
I took a picture and shot a special report on my little globalist tracker, slave-made iPhone.
And the Skelton crew got it uploaded to our servers and systems that aren't in Texas, and the blackouts was able to get out.
And I said, watch, this blackout's going to last weeks.
It's all a psychological test.
And now they've come out and announced it's going to last weeks.
That was just announced one hour ago.
It's going to last four weeks.
So there is the headline.
Joe Biden's dark winter is here.
now under Agenda 2030 electrical lockdown.
And Bill Gates says that's good to have blackouts.
Get used to it.
In North Korea, in Romania, under Ceausescu and other dictatorships, they do this on purpose.
I helped write the excellent analysis that Greg Reese put out last night, last week about
And I'm not taking credit.
He wrote about 90% of it.
But there's the part in there about next they're going to turn your power off and give you rolling blackouts.
And I predicted that would be imminent.
And of course it's now imminent.
And now it's here.
Because I also noticed everything Q said was the enemy bragging.
It was the enemy.
The mouth of Sauron.
And so Q said, when the lights go out, that's when the roundups begin.
And indeed, they are starting to swat team and kill and round people up.
They're in the blackouts, but it's us that's getting rounded up, not them.
Also, that's sick.
Sick irony of President Q. So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a hellish situation.
Absolutely nightmarish situation.
And I have not even begun to give you the intel.
When we come back, Biden openly last night on the Communist News Network said that Xi Jinping is good, and that the takeover of Hong Kong is good, and that the death camps are good.
You're like, this is incredible.
Yes, I'm gonna play the video next segment.
This is the externalization of the completely satanic method.
And they got, I mean, beta's over, baby.
Beta is over.
So America has fallen.
America is gone.
America is dead.
And only admitting that gives us any chance to turn it around.
We are now completely overrun.
The FBI is completely paid off.
And hell on earth is now being released.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday, February 17th.
The year is 2021.
And we're going to be here live for the next four hours, Lord willing.
Very thankful to the crew, some of them working around the clock, those that were able to get out of their homes, those that didn't live in the hills.
Many people are completely locked in their homes because of a half-foot thick sheet of black ice after this giant blue northern pounded the state and much of the rest of the country and more is on its way.
Again, thank you for joining us.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Let me just do the best job I can right now and just read you these headlines.
Joe Biden officially endorses Communist China and the invasion of Hong Kong.
He officially endorses the Uyghurs in death camps working in slave factories for Apple.
So that is official.
We have the video for you.
This would be like
Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1943 saying, Hitler's a good person.
This is just over the top, super whopper, and it's on purpose.
So if they were wondering where Joe Biden was going to behave, because they own him and have him by the short hairs, you now know, totally controlled by Chinese intelligence.
So is most of the Senate, not just the Democrats, but also Mitch McConnell.
It's just unbelievable.
So we have that.
We also have an extremely chilling statement from Bill Gates and one from Psaki, the White House press secretary, saying, oh, we hope someday the lockdowns and the mask end.
So now it's we hope someday.
And they're now saying seven years, 10 years, 20 years.
It's completely over.
Contact tracers coming to your house soon.
Already coming to people's houses across Europe, Australia.
And there actually is contact tracers now actually showing up with armed police at people's doors for their Facebook posts about not wearing masks.
In Florida, in places like Broward County, they are now sending police in the middle of the night, without warrants, to your house to tell you that you better not organize a no-mask protest.
See the contact tracers are the political enforcers.
Remember Obama said we need a group just as big and just as strong as our military.
Remember that?
We need a domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our military, and it's called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative, they've divided it up, and the UN, three groups, all have their own accredited training now for millions of the new enforcers that have the power to disappear you to a secret facility.
And of course, I told you they would use the deadly virus as the cover for this 20 years ago, and it was even the plot
15, 16 years ago to V for Vendetta.
So they're thrilling it in your faces.
So we have that.
And we have Mark Zuckerberg in a leaked video saying that he doesn't trust the vaccine because it mutates.
The DNA of the body, which is what it does.
It does cause mutations, which you might know is another name.
It's not very much fun to get her to die.
It's called cancer.
But why would he tell his insider executive class?
Well, they all get the warning.
I mean, you don't think they actually take the vaccine, do you?
Certainly not.
And I'm going to explain something when we come back in the next segment.
It's the most important thing ever.
OK, and it's it's it's this.
Everything with them is actually a truthful statement, except it's inverted.
So when Bill Gates says we're fighting the equivalent of World War II, you have that clip coming up, we're fighting the equivalent of World War II, and the virus is World War II, and climate change is like World War II.
When he says we're fighting the virus, you're the virus.
They call human overpopulation and free speech and everything, and Christians and white males, the virus.
So they say it's like a world war and suddenly he's on every channel constantly.
Joe Biden isn't seen but about once a week.
They say Joe Biden won't meet with a world leader for two months.
And they're teaching us that Bill Gates does the talking along with Kamala Harris.
And now there it's in the news that Bill Gates talks to world leaders now for Joe Biden and he talks for the president.
of France, he speaks for him and he speaks for the Prime Minister of England.
Remember a month ago the Prime Minister said we have the rotating G8 seat in 2021 and that Bill Gates will run that for him and that Bill Gates is really the head of the G8.
Boris Johnson, Bill Gates is really the head of the G8 and they're getting used to technocracy where Bloomberg's and Gates's of the world
They are your leader.
And then presidents and prime ministers step back and the Jeff Bezoses and the Bill Gateses actually rule over all of us and tell us about our medical future and tell us about the economy and tell us about our energy use.
In fact, here's an article.
Here's an article from a couple years ago.
And it says, backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Breakthrough Energy Ventures place bets on power outages.
Power outages.
They place their bets on there being big power problems.
And so now they're going to have ways to, quote, store it.
And then look, Texas wholesale electric prices spiked more than 10,000 percent amid outages.
And here's the big news.
They planned this power outage.
They did it on purpose.
And I even have articles where they have admitted this in the past.
Remember Enron?
I'm going to break all that down.
So each one of these big topics.
Bill Gates coming out and saying, you're not going to have meat anymore and world government's here and I'm in control of your life.
And Mark Zuckerberg video saying, oh yeah, you know, I don't trust this vaccine.
It's not really a vaccine.
It changes the RNA and the DNA.
And then we've got the, the big one is Biden just saying, Xi Jinping is doing a wonderful job.
Now what Enron did was create the rolling blackouts to create the artificial scarcity perception where they would overcharge billions a day sometimes to people on the West Coast with pleasure.
They had fake computer models and fake computer reporting to the state and it was all fraud.
The state knew it was.
And see they just burned Enron and Kinlay back then because there was still a little bit of an FBI, a little bit of the court system.
Plus, Enron was kind of its own company.
So, no, no, no, that doesn't just belong to you.
We're going to take that technology of total energy fraud and roll that, because Enron came up with the carbon tax in 1987.
I mean, you knew that, right?
Ken Lay hatched all this.
And then we all heard he committed suicide on house arrest, and then word is he's down in Paraguay.
So that's how all this works, ladies and gentlemen.
See, I study how these boys operate.
How they do it.
And Schwarzenegger got together with Enron and cooked all that up and then recalled the Democrat governor, remember?
Who I wasn't for either, but then they made it even worse.
And then old Schwartzy ripped everybody off and got the scam going.
And that's how
It operates.
And of course, folks are worried that China is taking control of the U.S.
electric grid, but big deal!
I mean, they're good folks.
It's their cultural norm to have 3 million Muslims in death camps, a million Christians, and a million Buddhists.
I mean, there's at least 5 million people in death camps.
Death camps.
And they, one camp, estimate kill about 5,000 a day.
And we've showed you the footage of the mass executions.
The stations complain about it.
I understand it.
Mass executions aren't fun.
But, you know, when George Floyd was killed, everybody showed it so we could burn the country down over what one cop did wrong.
So it's okay to show that snuff film, right?
You just don't want to show those death camps in China, those mass executions.
And then walking up, just machine gunning people are hanging them.
No, you're not supposed to.
Oh, come on, have some decency, Jones.
Let's not show that.
So only having a full, total awakening that you're under attack gets us out of this.
I mean, it's every ounce of courage I have not to evacuate the United States right now.
I mean, it's that bad.
And by the way, it's totally easy to do.
You just have to make the decision.
But that's what courage is.
It's just continually being replaced every millisecond.
But you better have courage because if you don't stand up, they're going to kill all of us very soon.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
There's two types of civilizations, those based on barbarism and torture and evil and intrigue, backstabbing.
Futilism, serfdom.
And then there's those based on goodness and chivalry and strength.
Where people get together and decide to try to build a strong, virtuous system because they don't want their children to be slaves and they want to have security.
And they want to build a beautiful system.
But man has fallen.
And as soon as you don't recognize that, as soon as you don't fight corruption, it takes over like cancer.
And so I've been on air 27 years.
And as you know, if you're a regular listener, I probably didn't say this is the most important broadcast I've ever done for five years.
But about five years into my broadcasting career and research career, I started to say this is the most important thing I've ever done.
And maybe I'd say that every couple of years, and then I'd say it every couple of months, and now I say it every week, because things just get more intense.
To have Joe Biden come out in a town hall on CNN, standing 20 feet away from Anderson Cooper, the Aster heir, the eugenics heir, Aster is heavily funded by Bill Gates, the population plan, he's the heir to the entire fortune.
Oh, but he owns nothing, like Bill Gates.
He just puts it all in as it's all tax-free.
He's such a philanthropist.
Oh, and he's gay, too, so it's okay, you know, if he supports death camps in China.
As long as you're gay and look like Anderson Cooper, or look like Tim Cook, it's okay, because they're good people.
Because they're gay.
But anyways, because they're not having any children.
That's the really important part, isn't it?
And there they are, and he says that
China's doing a good thing in Hong Kong.
We have a treaty with Hong Kong.
The British do.
Protectorate agreements.
China has an agreement with them to not do what they're doing.
To not take over for another 20 years.
But they've got troops by the hundreds of thousands stationed there.
They're attacking people, torturing them, killing them.
And Joe Biden says that's good!
In total violation of U.S.
policy, U.S.
law, common sense, he just says it right out loud.
And then he went further.
He said, oh, he didn't deny they were killing the Uyghurs.
He didn't deny there were three million of them in death camps that make components mainly for Apple.
And that's all on record.
Apple doesn't deny that.
And all the videos come out of the... So, we have reached this incredible point where you notice all these Democrat leaders, one of the Democrat party leaders in California, remember two weeks ago, said, we need to be like Xi Jinping and put Americans in camps like the Uyghurs.
And people went, man, you even name it.
It's like they're endorsing it.
And they're on the news saying, we want to arrest Americans.
We want to put Americans in camps.
We are the new single party, like the Communist Party, 1949, that took over China.
And it's just completely and totally and absolutely out in the open.
They have killed more than 30 million, the Chinese party says, babies already born.
They've had a one-child policy to where there's probably 100 million more boys in China than there are girls, so they export Chinese men to colonies and tell them, get an African wife, get a Latin American wife, get an American wife.
They forcibly rape the Uyghur women, up to 10 men at a time, that's in the mainstream news, they don't deny it, to forcibly make them Chinese instead of the group they are, which basically is Chinese.
It's a dark day, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a dark day.
I'm gonna play this clip in a moment, but this is all being done on purpose.
This is rubbing our faces in it.
And we got another bad piece of news.
He wasn't perfect.
He got snookered into wars.
Globeless wars.
But he was an American and he was loyal to the country and he meant well.
And he fought the Communists.
Rush Limbaugh.
American radio host, dead at 70.
So just another disgusting, sickening omen.
And folks, I've learned at 47 to go with my gut, it's never wrong.
The United States is facing imminent destruction.
My gut's never been wrong and I keep having very intense nightmares the last month that the United States is going to be hit by nuclear weapons by China and is going to stand down and are going to receive the attack.
And I've looked at all the evidence, too.
They're preparing us with stay in your homes, oh, your power's off.
They turned the power off.
I'll prove that coming up.
But they admit they did, by the way.
It's in the fine print.
And they're just getting us ready for the disaster.
They're not going to hit the main cities.
They're going to hit the military bases.
And that's why they want to keep National Guard in D.C.
so that the states can't organize and have any response.
They'll be cut off in D.C.
That's why they're doing this purge the military.
They did a 60-day stand down to go through and create lists of who they're going to kill right away and who they're not.
I mean, if you don't want to stay and fight this, I would evacuate the United States right now.
Very good chance that they're going to either blow the entire power grip of the MPs, which they've been conditioning us to get ready for, or they're going to hit us with a first strike.
And you're like, oh, that's, that's crazy.
Now this is war, folks.
America's over.
It's gone.
Trump was removed.
Of course he won in a giant landslide.
They weren't going to allow that to happen.
And that's why when you look at the press secretary and all the Biden's people, they are scared.
And if I was them, I'd be scared too, because they're going to be removed as soon as the Chinese take over.
I gotta be honest with you folks.
It's all over.
It's all over.
We're about to be hit with nuclear weapons.
The military stood down.
Everything's gone.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
The country's gone.
It's all over.
I'm not giving up.
I'm admitting that the Death Star is orbiting the planet at maximum velocity.
If we don't stop the globalists, if they aren't stopped, it's over.
You think they just steal elections for no reason?
You think they're saying veterans are terrorists for no reason?
You think they're saying all white men are terrorists?
Under this Chinese regime, folks, they're gonna take all white men in for re-education.
And then it'll be every other group after that.
Because they know that white men coming from a Scottish, Irish, English, you know, tradition, even the continent of Europe didn't get free until about 150 years ago.
Germans were still serfs 150 years ago.
In the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
They were under a king.
Military service, the Prussians were owned men.
Hessians were sold as mercenaries.
So you had a bunch of wars in the British Isles over tribalism and who ran things.
And then that grew into our system of freedom.
That's where it all came from, folks.
It all comes out of England.
It all comes out of Scotland.
It all comes out of Ireland.
That's where all the freedom comes from.
Mainly England.
People demanding their freedom because they were going to have another group dominating them.
They're not going to have Norman telling me what to do.
The Scots aren't going to have the English telling them what to do.
The Brits, the British, the Irish aren't going to have the English telling them what to do.
That's where all this comes from and it's all just been washed away.
All of it.
So just admit it.
I've looked at all the data.
I've looked at the attack profile of the enemy and I'm not
Guessing when it comes to this.
They are strongly considering the decapitation of the United States.
You're like, oh, the military won't let that happen.
The military is compartmentalized.
This country is run by the technocrats now, and they're telling us Bill Gates is the president of the world.
Klaus Schwab is the administrator of the United Nations.
They have the entire Fortune 500 lockstep.
They are shutting the world economy down.
They are imploding the third world.
They're creating a migrant crisis out of which they will bring in total world government.
The mRNA vaccine that Zuckerberg told his employees do not take will cause autoimmune disease, bare minimum.
Bare minimum.
And miscarriages in women that take it, and destruction of the placenta.
And I just told you, if you're a new listener and you think I'm joking, or maybe you're a new listener and you think it's good, like, oh yeah!
We love ZZ Pink!
Folks, I have a longtime producer here, the oldest employee here, 17 years.
Used to live in Minnesota.
His sister pledges allegiance to ZZ Pink and is an academic.
And she's mainline in Minnesota.
They pledge allegiance to the G.G.P.
Think I'm joking?
Look up the Washington Post.
Can G.G.P.
destroy Donald Trump to save America?
Let me give you a little newsflash.
When Jeff Bezos's newspaper is telling you that we need the communist dictator that runs a country that's killed three or four times what Hitler did,
That we need to be like them?
We got a problem, Houston.
So, here he is saying, Hong Kong, green light, invade it, totally take it over, which they've already basically done.
And then it gets worse.
Over here, just hear it from Joe Biden with the CIA operative,
Anderson Cooper heir to the third richest family from the Robber Barons, the Astors.
And again, I want you to know who these people all are.
They're all intermarried.
Gates is related to the Astors.
It's all one group.
And what's crazy is, is it is weird, crazy white people.
But they're not like Hitler.
They want to kill all the poor people.
And a lot of them are Jewish at the top of it.
It's very, very sick.
Very, very sick.
And you notice they're locking up all the Jews in Israel and arresting the Orthodox Jews en masse because they won't take the vaccines.
I mean, they're going to come after everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the cult.
Remember, I made a film 14 years ago about Bill Gates called Endgame.
People used to say, why are you obsessed with a Microsoft nerd?
I'm like, he runs the show.
There's people behind him.
But these globalists die.
And Bill Gates is willing to be the front man, and he was hired to do this, and he's out there doing it.
And he doesn't even contain himself when he's like, sorry, we're never going to reopen.
Humans are a virus.
Old people are a virus.
And then he kills everybody, but oh, his dad, he kept him alive.
Because they're important.
They get to have jet airplanes.
They get to have steaks.
They get to have a bunch of children.
And then his evil little daughter is now becoming a medical doctor.
And she's wearing a yellow, excuse me, a pink sweater just like daddy.
It's all PR firms.
And she's making jokes about you conspiracy theorists claiming that, oh, they're going to put microchips in the vaccine.
He has freaking patents on it.
They're just not doing it with this one.
So they always apple and orange it.
And then people are like reading where he has all these patents on delivering vaccines through mosquitoes!
So these are very dangerous people.
They tried to recruit my dad.
Oh, my dad just fit the exact type they were looking for.
Let me tell you.
You know, there's types.
You can look at somebody and tell if they've been a Marine or an Army officer.
You can tell somebody.
These globalists are short, nice, friendly little doctors.
Usually with, for whatever reason, dark hair.
That's what my dad looks like.
And he's on top of his class and they try to recruit him.
My dad didn't tell me that until, again, my mother was watching Endgame in my office before it came out, and she looked at my dad and said, David, this can't be true.
And he said, no, they recruited me at UT, Plan 2, gave me this whole speech, world government, eugenics, call off the herd, you know.
This is what happens, folks.
My dad was in high school at University of Texas being told about world government and depopulating the population.
So see, that's how far down the rat hole we are, and
We just sit here and take it.
And maybe Bill Gates is right.
You deserve to die because you're putting up with it.
I just want everybody to know that that's going along with this, that they are insane.
I mean, I guarantee you that White House press secretary, she's destroying her children's future.
All these people sign on and say, we've got to get rid of evil Western culture for peace and global government to stop problems.
We've got to merge with China to have peace.
But it isn't peace they're setting up.
It's hell on earth.
Okay, here, since I keep talking about it, is the most incredible thing ever, and you just know it's gonna get worse from here on out.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Joe Biden endorsing Communist China's death camps and takeover, militarily, of Hong Kong.
Just unbelievable, in-your-face treason, over-the-top, just, it's only gonna get crazier from here, here it is.
You know, Chinese leaders, if you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven't been unified at home.
So the central, vastly overstated, the central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China.
And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that.
I point out to him, no American president can be sustained as a president if he doesn't reflect the values of the United States.
And so the idea, I'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in Hong Kong, what he's doing with the Uyghurs in western mountains of China, and Taiwan trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful.
I said, and by the way, he said he,
He gets it.
Culturally, there are different norms in each country, and their leaders are expected to follow.
Did you catch that?
He said, he said, I'm not going to criticize it like he was saying he would criticize it.
Sick, evil lawyer crap.
Now, who else recently?
Oh, the Prime Minister of Canada said to a group of women who got really excited when he said it.
It was so manly.
He said, I like the communist Chinese system of total dictatorship.
And I like ZZ Pink.
I like total dictatorship.
And the women just all were like squirming in their seats and just wiggling around like they were at a, you know, men's or women's gentlemen club.
What do you call those?
The guys with the bow ties, but that's all they're wearing.
I mean, they were just giggling and snickering and hopping up and down.
It's so sexy to have death camps.
So sexy to have rivers that catch on fire, she's dumped the toxic waste right in.
It's so sexy, people that work 18 hours a day and they chain their kid up to a power pole and the child defecates on the side of the road and gets one meal a day and they're lucky.
Oh, it's so liberal.
And George Soros says, China will lead us into the world government.
And four years ago at Davos, Xi Jinping came and said, I will crush Trump, and I will crush America.
And Jean-Claude Juncker, the heir of the supreme Nazi order, said, you will, we will crush them with economic war and economic weapons.
And they are crushing us, and we love it!
Because we're Americans, and we got the NFL, and we're free, and nobody can do anything to us!
But oh, Gigi's Choice.
Ha ha ha, destroy Trump or save him!
Oh, we're weak in America!
Next hour, I'm going to open the phones up for folks in Texas and other areas without power.
I want to talk to you.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Listen, I'm not trying to be negative and say things to scare you.
I remember many years ago,
I was in an off-record meeting talking to one of the main representatives of the New World Order, and they said, Jones, you just scare them for us.
We're not really worried about you.
Of course, later they figured out there were a lot of folks that weren't scared, and actually decided to take action.
And so they go, okay, actually, they're not as cowardly as we thought.
Let's shut all the speech down.
But they thought I was actually scaring people for them with, like, fear porn.
But see, I don't care about the cowards.
The cowards aren't going to be in this fight anyways.
I'm here telling you how bad things are so you figure out that this is a total takeover and you realize that you've got to resist it.
I can't help, because my brain wargames every facet of this, but think about selling out.
I want to be clear.
I'm not wanting to sell out.
I'm not going to sell out.
It's that just knowing that option is there, and then your brain mulls it over, well, why don't I sell out to them?
Well, because they're Satanists, and they're so unhappy, and they're bad, and God's real, and God is in control, and it's a trap what they've gotten into, and it's just horrible, and I don't want to be part of exterminating 99% of people.
That's the real number.
I mean, I look at these globalist minions, and they're not happy people.
They're scared.
And they're scared at night.
And they're not empowered.
And they're not close to God.
And they just live in fear.
And I will not be with these people.
So this broadcast is not about fear, but it's about reality.
We're seeing things done to the country, like cutting main oil and gas pipelines off, that cost twenty-something million dollars to build, and just telling the builders of it, stick it up your rear end.
We're seeing
The border completely dissolved.
We are seeing the public told, stay locked down.
You're not essential.
And it goes on and on and on.
You've got to get angry.
You've got to get tribal as a human with red blood and realize the globalists are assaulting you.
They're coming after you and things are only going to get worse until you realize that.
You know, I have stacks of articles here where the feds are SWAT teaming people who were just peacefully at the Capitol rally.
And they're doing that to scare people.
Hey, you better not ever go out in public.
We'll come to your house.
They're just getting you used to seeing that in the news.
And all this is going to lead to is a horrible, bloody civil war that the shycoms also want.
So I'm just going to tell the FBI and I'm going to tell the military and I'm going to tell everybody else this right now.
They brought in a bunch of Obama appointees as officers.
Trump couldn't get rid of them.
And we've got globalists in control of the military.
There are some good people in the military.
But the FBI and the military know that
This is a plan to trigger a civil war that will actually take them out for the next phase, a Chinese attack on the United States.
And the globalists are only not doing that because they're worried that Russia might get involved.
The United States approached Russia in the 60s and asked if they wanted to join in on a joint strike on China.
Russia declined.
That was declassified a long time ago.
And so this is the type of stuff that goes on at this level of the real world.
And so America's not invincible, America's not all-powerful, and America doesn't have control of the space-based weapons and all this.
The globalists have control of all of that.
And now they want to mop up
The decent Americans that aren't going to let their kid go to Drag King Storytime, that aren't going to take an mRNA vaccine, that aren't going to salute foreign flags.
That's why they always have the flag at half-mast for some death, to demoralize you.
That's why they always take a knee at the Super Bowl, or they take a knee at the basketball game, because it's all about everything you stand for, everything that was there, is going away.
So you can pretend all day long
That this is going to, uh, just, just, you know, turn out okay.
And so many people, I was on Steven Crowder's show.
Dad's really nice.
His mom's really nice.
Met them.
He's a really good guy.
But there he is watching Cancel Culture and just trying to have fun and, you know, smoke a cigar, have a glass of whiskey or whatever.
And I had a lot of fun going up in Dallas and seeing him.
But, I mean, I just told him, you know, after the interview, I said, you know, it's all over.
You know, they're never turning the power back on.
This is a takeover.
And people look at me, and I understand they're concerned.
Because, hey, you don't think I just want things to go back to where I go to the bowling alley whenever I wanted to, or go get a pizza with my kids whenever I wanted to?
It's all over, folks.
They're just getting you used to, it's all over.
I mean, there's a very chilling clip I'm going to play next hour with this sake lady.
Everybody pointed out, oh, they asked how we're going to help small businesses during the COVID lockdown.
And she says, oh, we appointed a woman the head of it.
Like, oh, that's magic.
That'll fix everything.
Just tokenism.
But that isn't what's important in the two-minute clip that she put out.
What's important is she says, they go, will we ever get back to normal?
And she goes, you can hope.
We can all hope, can't we?
Hope that maybe, maybe, now it's maybe, maybe in 10 generations.
I mean, maybe in 5,000 years.
And I have so many people I know, friends and family.
My dad's a smart guy, and this morning I was over at his house, because he's got power and water, and I'm taking a shower, because you gotta wash that ass, to quote Red Fox, and he's like, son, don't worry, you know.
There'll be all sorts of doctors and people out there that'll wink-wink claim you've had the vaccine when you haven't.
And then you'll be able to travel.
And I said, Dad, they've said it doesn't matter how many shots you take, you still can't travel.
It's all bull.
It's all over.
It's a problem you can't fix.
Why do you think Pfizer
I just preached to my parents for about 10 minutes, and my mom said, I know it's all true.
I know you're right, son.
We're just going to pray, and God's in control.
And I said, absolutely, but you've got to warn other people.
Because my sister was over there with her husband.
They're all having fun, drinking coffee and everything else, because my sister's power's out, too.
So we're all back at mommy's house.
And I just said, you think I want to sit here and give you this speech?
Every person has to inform everybody around them now.
Soon there won't be shows, folks.
We're not going to be on air soon.
Do you understand that?
People keep going, how are you doing Alex?
Oh boy, they're sure mean to you on the news.
They're sure mean to you in those lawsuits.
Those lawsuits are wonderful compared to this.
That's old DNC moves.
That's why the big DNC isn't funding the lawsuits against me anymore, because there's not gonna be a country anymore!
I'm gonna go to break.
I'm going to come back.
Speaking of the devil, everybody around here goes, oh Alex, don't worry, they stole it from Trump.
At least you'll have more listeners now that Biden's in.
No, I said no, people are going to give up.
And the censorship's going to get worse, and we'll have less funds coming in.
And sure as hell, I was right again, because my gut's always right.
I can analyze later why my gut's right, but it's always right.
It's right.
It's right.
My spirit knows.
It's a lot smarter than just this gray matter.
And it interfaces with my great manner.
And I'm telling you that you better get right with Jesus right now.
This is a takeover.
A military takeover.
And they are going to purge the living snot out of them.
They're going to kill probably a third of our military veterans and people.
And they'll just fly over the helicopter and just bomb your house.
I mean, that's what's going to happen.
And the public will be out there like this because they don't want to get killed.
The average American is a cowardly sack of demonic devil-worshipping garbage.
Your neighbors will watch the NFL while your ass is drug out and put in a FEMA camp so some pot-bellied pedophile can screw your kids in front of you.
This is all about raping you, and you're going to find out now.
They're going to rape you and enjoy it.
So just remember,
If you want to fund us, we can stay on air who knows how long.
I would get the Pro-Pure $50 off.
ProPure Pro, their biggest, best stainless steel model.
There's tens of thousands of gallons you get out of a stream, a lake, a pond, whatever.
Everybody should have water filtration.
It's one of the first and foremost things.
If you don't have it, InfowarStore.com.
It's one of the only items that we don't ship out of our things.
The rest of our things shut down for a few more days, but you'll get your orders.
But this is out of Utah, so it gets shipped out to you within 24 hours.
You know, I'm sorry.
I'm just going to tell you, really, how bad things are.
And if you want to believe a fantasy land, go ahead and go find it somewhere else.
But I'm going to lay out all of it in the next hour, piece by piece, with each clip, with precision.
We're also going to show the culprits and who's behind it, and the fact that they believe they're emboldened, they believe they're above the law, they believe they're invincible, they have tested this stuff out all over the world, and they believe they're about to get away with all of it.
Because we have a ninnying, servile population
That is into playing victim and into playing baby so they can then be abused by the system.
And if people don't wake up to that, and if people don't speak out, and if people don't have a come-to-Jesus moment, a transformative moment in your life, you are going to be a victim of these people, and you will continue to be a victim until you are dead.
They're carrying out a depopulation program and they enjoy every finger-licking bit of it, okay?
It's not that they don't care about you, they ravenously want to torture you to death and tear you limb from limb and murder your children in front of you, okay?
So, if you don't understand the enemy, I do understand the enemy.
I have been around real hardcore satanists.
I told you all that, folks.
I didn't make a damn word of it up.
I have been around the satanic energy.
I have dialed into them.
I know.
And I'm going to explain to you again.
Satan is one trillion percent real.
And, when we didn't start standing up for other people, and our children, and our old people, the hedge of protection has been lifted, and God is gonna let Satan literally annihilate us.
So, I hope everybody enjoys it.
And I hope all the Satanists, and I hope all the dumbasses that serve it, have fun.
Because, the Satanists fear those above them, and then love to torture those beneath them.
And that's how these psychos operate.
Yeah, no amount of art or literature, no H.P.
Lovecraft, nothing can even approach, approach the hellish desire to vandalize the human species in our genetic code and then absolutely torture us and turn us into quivering piles of filth.
And again, we have discernment through Christ.
The enemy has its own sickening form of discernment, and has a large understanding of the space-time continuum, and is able to make long-term, very accurate predictions that are almost like future crystal ball powers, but not.
They have foreseen, basically, most of what has already transpired.
And I can tell you, things are not going good for Satan.
Of course, you can read Revelation.
Things don't go well for him.
He gets power for a year or so, full power, and then is worshipped and fixes a bunch of problems, and then everybody's like, oh, this is great, and then he turns around and starts killing everybody.
And then finally, governments get freaked out and get reorganized and there's just a giant worldwide war, nuclear weapons, everything.
I mean, it's all there, folks.
It's all described and fine to tell.
And you can say, oh, that's, you know, that's predictive programming or whatever you want to call it.
Whatever it is, baby, you got front row seats to it on this planet.
God help us.
I just cannot believe it's moving this fast.
I mean, we are living in such historic times.
I am just flabbergasted.
And how much danger everybody's in?
I don't mind.
I mean, folks, we are in the middle of a world government psycho science takeover with the most vicious, crazy, just out-of-control maniacs you've ever seen.
I mean, these people are unbelievable.
And all I can say is brace for impact, because if you think things are bad now, you have not seen anything yet.
Well, you have lived to see it, the takedown of the Western world, the end of the Republic.
But humans are not resurrected from the dead, unless they're Jesus Christ or Lazarus.
But ideas and republics can be risen from the ashes, and it's the idea that America embodied that made the enemy so upset.
And you saw their counter-offensive to President Trump, Bolsonaro, and others.
And you saw the former mayor of London that became the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was always a double agent.
You now see him swearing allegiance to Bill Gates, saying Bill Gates is in charge of the G8 nations.
The UK is on the board every eight years.
The UK is in charge of the G8.
And that means NATO and the nuclear weapons and Interpol and everything.
And he said Bill Gates is in charge of that and made the statement.
And now, oh, it's being announced everywhere.
Bill Gates is in charge of this.
Bill Gates is in charge of that.
Bill Gates just rubbing it in that he's our boss.
Oh, and he's got a helper.
He's got a helper.
You know who the helper is?
Oh, that's right.
He's got good old Michael Bloomberg.
That's right, Boris Johnson meets Bill Gates to discuss plans to prevent future pandemics.
Oh, the big lockdown system and QR codes that track everywhere we go to make sure we've got all our shots that they admit don't even protect us and are causing all these health problems and are getting banned in all these countries because people are getting sick and dying.
But that's OK, because Bill Gates wears a pink sweater.
Let me do it this way.
I mentioned a lot of the news at the start of the show, but let me just, let me just read you these headlines that I can get to and some of the ones I did, and then I'm going to drill into a few of these, then open the phones up for the balance of transmission.
Here's this one.
It's on Infowars.com.
We played the video last hour.
Biden dismisses China's Uyghur genocide as difference in cultural norms.
If you know anything about Chinese history, oh, oh the Chinese history, let's kiss, kiss, kiss their imperial ass.
If you know anything about Chinese history and how the commoners had no rights and were slaves and how wonderful it is, sorry.
If you know anything about Chinese history,
It has always been a time when China has been victimized by other world.
Oh, the outer world.
Oh, so because China got invaded by the Huns and by the Mongols and because Japan was mean to them and all that.
Well, they get to run death camps now.
And on Hollywood.
Oh, poor China.
You know, Xi Jinping, openly in his speech, is how he admires Stalin and Hitler.
And it's like, oh, that's OK, because he's Chinese.
He's allowed to like Hitler.
Oh, George Soros ran to help the Nazis round up Jews.
It's okay, he's Jewish, though.
Okay, okay, fine.
If you know anything about China's history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized.
Oh, they're a victim like Black Lives Matter when they burn down your grocery store or your restaurant.
Oh, now I understand.
If you know anything about China's history,
It's always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven't been unified at home.
Oh, they need to be strong.
Notice he's dividing us.
He's turning our power off.
He's degrading us.
But see, he's telling you how China's got to be strong, though.
Said Biden, going on to say that President Xi Jinping is aiming to achieve a tightly controlled China.
Remember what, again, the Prime Minister of Canada said?
He said, oh, my favorite type of government is a, is a strong dictatorship like China.
Everybody's got to kiss that Chai Kom ass, boy.
Woo, Xi Jinping, that dictator!
Man, you know, they...
He murdered his sister, murdered his brother, he ratted out his dad, sent his dad to a slave camp.
A man, Xi Jinping, is a good guy, man.
Why, he ratted out his family and helped kill his siblings within a youth movement, helped beat his sister's brains out.
Man, he's good!
Man, he serves evil!
Man, he'll do bad things!
This is a great person!
He's a survivor!
Well, after all, I mean, China was the victim, so he had to kill his, you know, help kill his family.
I mean, this is, you know, come on, come on, come on, come on, folks!
I mean, come on, he was the victim!
If you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world.
It's when they haven't been unified at home, said Biden, going on to say that President Xi Jinping is aiming to achieve tightly controlled China.
I'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in Hong Kong.
What he's doing with the Uyghurs in the western mountains of China.
Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.
And the astro-heir, one of the richest men on earth,
Who's brother, you know, got thrown off the balcony and died because he didn't like what was being done to him.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, that's part of the training.
Little young, young Anderson, when he was nine years old, handed over to the gay runway strip system.
That was, I'm sure, fun for him.
But mommy was very proud of it.
The other brother didn't like it too much.
And, you know, he killed himself.
But anyways.
It's okay though, see, because it's Tim Cook's gig.
And so you've got all of this going on right here, and Anderson Cooper's on there just looking pleased as punch to be hearing all this.
And Anderson Cooper was also on with Bill Gates about how there's a war.
It's like World War II, and the war is against carbon.
And of course, we're made out of carbon.
Everything we do is based on it.
So here you have these psychotic rich people on TV,
Announcing that they're going to have a war on us and that the war is never going to end.
Yeah, look at that satanic photo.
You have satanic black mass iconography and you've got Lady Astor there with Cooper and his brother.
Yeah, that doesn't look satanic or anything.
None of this is scary or anything.
Hey boys!
You're in a really sick club now!
Ha ha ha!
Hope you enjoy!
If you're a radio listener, you're not having to see this.
Look at those poor children's eyes.
Just look at those eyes.
But oh, they decided to join the club.
You're either gonna survive or you will be thrown off a balcony.
And you look at these elite families, they usually kill the firstborn son.
Just something they do, you know.
The devil demands a little coin.
And that's why Pharaoh, on record, people, the Ten Commandments, the Bible, oh yeah, right, Ramesses II or whatever, he really said kill all the firstborn of the Israelites.
He did to a bunch of groups they had living there.
And they actually found now the Sanskrit.
And they actually found the hieroglyphs where he did it.
Why do you want to do that?
Because they never stop, ladies and gentlemen.
It never ends.
It's the same crap from these Satanists over and over and over and over and over again.
So, I covered that.
When we come back, Saki says, and I'm not talking about the Japanese drink, I mean the little redhead beauty, we will be a couple months before Biden meets a world leader.
We don't let Spot out very often, but he'll be allowed out on a very short leash for a little while.
This is what they love, is having like, talking about Chinese system, like some Chinese emperor, they don't know who he is, and the Forbidden City, and they can just do whatever they want, and when they're done, just flush him out, and then bring in whoever they want after that.
Because just like the Vatican's gonna have multiple popes at the same time, we told you all this years ago, you're gonna have multiple presidents, you're gonna have just interchangeable, because they don't wanna have the idea of leadership, or a country, or a president, or anything.
It's all just these globalists running everything with their war on men.
So again, we have a normalcy bias here in the Western world, what's left of Christendom.
And then we have the process that people are good, they're nice, they're helping.
They stop on the side of the road if you need help.
Notice that doesn't really happen anymore in cities and even most rural areas because we've been taught to hate each other.
We've been taught, you know, to only care about ourselves.
We've been divided and we've been conquered.
And so we still have this normalcy bias that, oh, we have free and fair elections.
Oh, you know, we wouldn't be sold out to China.
And we're describing how, at every level, we're being positioned to end the dollar.
And Biden and the globalists are holding America underwater because, personally, they're just minions.
Imagine the dollar signs are going bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing.
And just floating up in the air, their bank accounts are going up, their stocks, their bonds, their investments are exploding.
Because for 40 years, they have had prohibitive laws in the West.
to not be able to do business here.
So everything is moved.
The British government paid to have Sheffield Steel move to India.
The British government paid to have their last coal power plant move to India.
I'm gonna explain that again.
They didn't just shut down the last British coal power plant, whatever it was 10 years ago.
They paid to move it to the company.
This is called greasing the skids.
And I'll cover all the energy news next segment.
But let me give you an example.
I was so busy yesterday up here trying to get the power back on and also flying up in my buddy's helicopter that he flew me up there and I appreciate it.
And up to be on Crowder's show.
And when I drove to the office, I drove by the one Wendy's that was open nearby.
There was a line around the corner and down the block that looked like it went two miles.
It just never ended.
The road about a mile away was a hill, so I couldn't see if it ended.
And of course, I was driving into work this morning, and my buddy who's got a four-wheel drive truck came and picked me up.
I've got a four-wheel drive vehicle also, but that's being used to ferry in the crew to get here, because a lot of them can't make it, don't have the right vehicle, I understand.
So I had one of my associates ferry me in this morning in his truck, and I said, I bet when we get to the Wendy's, it's closed, I bet they ran out of food.
And sure as hell,
Sure as Joe Biden being evil, there was no one there and it was closed out of food.
And see, that's this just-on-time delivery, only have enough, you know, for what you're currently doing.
That's where they've got to so position.
So literally, we're eating food from the gas station.
I brought some food from my house and we do have a 10-year supply of food for a family here at the office and
We are literally out there with a generator, with a stove we brought here to the office, boiling up a bunch of fettuccine Alfredo and a bunch of other food from My Patriot Supply.
So here we are in the year 2021, and we are actually cooking the delicious, healthy, good food from My Patriot.
Go to preparewithalex.com.
And not just for this blackout.
I've got articles where Bill Gates bet on blackouts, and that's why he's doing alternative energy.
Knowing there'll be blackouts from windmills, he's coming up with other systems.
It's all planned out.
I'll cover it next segment.
And so, yes, if you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
This is footage in Austin of people lined up down the block, hundreds of yards to get into HCB, the grocery store.
Why do they not have food at home?
I have a
Multi-year food supply.
And I have a lot of other staples there, and now I'm able to bring food to the office.
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Two thousand calories is a meal.
They've got everything.
Specialty foods, desserts, the whole nine yards, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of products from macaroni and cheese to traveler stew to beef to just chicken.
They got it.
And it's made right here in America.
And they got four big facilities and they've got the biggest warehouse I've ever been in.
And this company only started 14 years ago, but they exploded because they had quality and they had the lowest price, and they're very, very aggressive about that.
He just took 100% of his profits in the last year and put it into this gigantor warehouse that was the biggest warehouse I've ever seen.
I mean, you could park a Star Destroyer in there if they were a real thing.
I mean, it was just, you could park an aircraft carrier in the damn thing.
And he's expanding as he believes, and he knows what's coming.
So get prepared at infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
I can't remember anymore.
My brain is so fried with all this stuff going on.
What is the toll-free number?
I need to try to get it right in my head.
I know the call-in number.
That's right.
So the number I was giving out is correct.
Rush Limbaugh died.
Today, at 70, that's terrible.
He meant well and he did a lot of good.
He got more hardcore over the years.
At least his world government came out in the open.
He grew up a lot.
I remember him saying the CFR didn't exist 30 years ago.
Bless his soul.
But now, I know he became a reader of Infowars and a fan of Infowars.
I got told that by multiple people close to him.
But I never got a chance to talk to Rush Limbaugh.
I really like Tucker Carlson.
Let's talk to him.
He's a friend.
But Rush Limbaugh, American radio host, dead at 70, made the jump into hyperspace.
Rush Limbaugh, the radio host who dominated conservative media for three-plus decades, died today at the age of 70.
He was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in February.
By the way, I know that Trump really liked Rush Limbaugh.
Because he was always telling me how much you liked Rush Limbaugh and how you listen to Rush Limbaugh and do you like Rush and you're going to be the new Rush when he retires and blah blah blah.
I mean, I think almost every time I talked to Trump he talked about Rush Limbaugh.
I mean, he loved Rush Limbaugh.
Loves Rush Limbaugh.
And Trump really tried to save the country.
He tried to co-opt the system, tried to get them to be like, come on, let's not destroy America for China.
Let's not do this.
Let's not teach five-year-olds how to get blowjobs.
Let's not sterilize all our boys.
And they just said, no, we're doing it.
And that's where we are.
And so it's really sad, and that's why I go back to the Q thing.
I tried to warn all the people.
They're like, Alex, the lockdown is so they can round up all the pedophiles.
Alex, the power's gonna go out soon so they can arrest everybody.
And I go, yeah, when Biden gets in, he's gonna turn the power off, all right?
I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna prove and document all of that, the energy news, on the other side.
There's a way out of this.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You've got to study the globalists.
You've got to learn their attack plan.
And then you know what they're going to do next and how to warn others.
And if you warn people before it happens, then they'll listen to you later.
That's why we're so dangerous, because we successfully did that.
And remember, I don't know how long InfoWars.com can stay on air.
I don't know how long we can stay on air here.
This is a systematic takedown, a takeover of civilization and society.
So let me lay out what we're facing and what we're really dealing with.
I have a moral responsibility to tell you what's going on, even if I'm going to be attacked for doing it, so I have sworn on the altar of God that I will do that.
Now only those of you that have been listening on a regular basis will know everything I'm saying has already been said exactly as I'm saying it now, and you see exactly as I said it's now unfolding.
This is a program.
This is a plan.
They've all beta-tested this before.
And they act the same.
These dictators, these authoritarians, do the same crap.
I said just last week in a report that I helped write with Greg Race that they'll soon start having rolling blackouts and turning the power off, within days it happened.
Not hard.
That's what they're doing.
Cutting off the pipeline.
Cutting off the drilling to 60% of the country.
I mean, they mean business.
So let me show TV viewers some photos.
Very powerful videos on Twitter.
They're up on Infowars.com.
The image of only downtown Austin, only the skyscrapers, only the big buildings, only the government buildings having power.
Can we put that back on screen?
You were just showing it a moment ago for TV viewers.
And when you see those photos, that's just one of them.
There's even more dramatic ones that show the whole downtown.
One of the articles you'll find it in is on Infowars.com.
Downtown Austin glowing bright while thousands went, no, millions went without power.
It's complicated.
Austin Energy says, oh, Austin Energy says, I'm going to lay out what really happened and what's really going on and what's coming next in a moment.
And again, it's not that I'm that smart.
I know the enemy.
It's like, say, when you're fishing for bass with a purple worm, you know, when that big bass hits that worm,
Give them a second to eat it, and then pull up on it, so you plant the hook, and then start reeling them in.
If it's a big fish, let them run out and get tired.
It's like teaching a child how things are.
The globalists, though, act just like a bass does.
They've got the way they do things.
So, they've got us down right now, and they are kicking the living hell out of us, and until we wake up to it and realize they just put a dictator in, and so they don't care,
And until there's a mass total awakening and mass demonstrations everywhere, it's only going to get worse.
So again, I'm not telling you it's going to get worse to scare you.
I'm saying it's only going to get worse until you figure it out and say no.
And I know the general audience knows that, but I'm talking to lost sheep out there.
But see, they can't have me on air anymore, can they?
Because everything we say is accurate, basically, and folks are actually listening.
I can basically convince anybody.
The Romanian dictator.
And he did that as an act of power and control.
And there's film footage and photos of it.
And where you see the lights on in his palace, but nobody else had the lights on.
And you notice Joe Biden said during the debates with Trump, a dark winter is coming.
This is gonna be a really bad winter with COVID.
And I'm not gonna take my boot off your neck.
And there's gonna be all sorts of power problems.
Because he's there cutting the power off.
So let me show you some of the history of this.
And again, I don't have the document cam shot because most of the equipment's still down because we have the generators but not wired in correctly because there's so many electrical wires and systems.
So a problem we failed, we probably won't even fix it.
We'll probably just shut down.
I don't think I'm actually capable to keep this place going much longer.
I'm trying, the crew's great, but you know.
I'll tell you, the live crew's great, but the people that have the discipline of running the show are the best.
But I just, I don't know anymore.
I'm just being honest.
Enron linked to California blackouts.
Now this is from a long time ago, MarketWatch.
I just thought I'd pull this up from 15 years ago because it came out in court that they would do rolling blackouts to convince people that it was a power shortage so they could raise prices.
And the only reason they got shut down was because they weren't a total globalist player and the globalists wanted this technology for themselves.
And it turns out that other globalist companies have been doing this in third world nations and other nations in Europe for a very long time.
So there it is.
Biden rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in U.S.
power grid.
That just happened a month ago.
ERCOT power outages in Texas could last an indeterminate amount of time.
I was listening to local talk radio.
They had a spokesman on about three hours ago on 590, and they said it'll be until next weekend.
Not this weekend, but another week after that.
Oh, and now they say, critical infrastructure might have to be turned off just to play the Kabuki Theater with you, since they noticed all the big city stuff still kept on.
Now they're going to turn some of that off and say, oh see, we lost power too.
But they admit that they're commanding where the power's on, where the power's off.
They've turned off most of the city because we're a good liberal city in the ERCOT system and we don't own a coal plant.
The city shut down an old coal plant and two big brand new ones under Obama.
They were so proud of it.
Obama didn't even order those shut down.
The city of Austin divested the billions of dollars it took to build it starting in the 80s and 90s and just ordered it completely shut down.
But there was one part of the Fayetteville facility that they didn't own.
It's one giant modern plant still going and the city of Austin has been battling and suing
Stakeholders, as they're called, out of Houston in that plant battling to have our last generator blown.
So we even did joke videos from Empire Strikes Back where you've got the Admiral or the General and he's down there in the Imperial Walker and he tells Darth Vader, we've reached the shield, you may start your landing.
Target generator, maximum firepower.
And they destroy it.
I mean, literally blowing our generators, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what these people are doing.
It's an act of war.
Oh, and then it gets better.
It turns out Bill Gates has been betting on power outages and power shortages, and so he's been investing in all these other systems that he's going to force you to buy and force you to take.
Here's an article out of GeekWire about him and Jeff Bezos.
So they don't even hide any of this.
They're all very, very proud of the whole thing.
Now here's another big question.
Was that giant Arctic Vortex blast weather modification?
And the answer is, we don't know.
We know that HAARP is up in Alaska.
There are other major arrays and other major systems.
They are able, with that arctic stream, to control it and punch it through and steer it and make it break into areas it wouldn't normally break into.
But there's a reason growing up here in Texas, every house has fireplaces, because, you know, when my dad was little, it snowed a lot in Texas.
And it snowed more when my mother was little.
And then we went through a little bit of a warm spell.
And we know that from the mud samples and the studies and the ring structures of the trees.
It goes up and down.
We know things go through these cycles.
But they do have these technologies.
These technologies do exist.
And here's the CIA director six years ago on C-SPAN at the Council on Foreign Relations admitting to this, along with Joe Biden, talking about dark winter.
Here it is.
We're still facing a very dark winter.
We're about to go into a dark winter.
A dark winter.
Truthfully, we remain in a very dark winter.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures.
Oh yeah, so you cool the atmosphere off and then we get an arctic blast, I see.
But then you're not supposed to even say they have this technology.
I'll come back with a full clip on the other side.
Target maximum firepower.
Red alert!
Next hour, I'm taking your calls.
Red alert!
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I'd like to hear from people in Texas who have been without power, who'd like to tell your stories and give your take on the situation.
And I'm not trying to be negative.
Infowars has had a long, hard, strong run in the fight against the globalists.
But there is basically no money coming in at InfoWarsTore.com.
People were so excited about Trump.
They thought he was invincible.
They were mad at me because I was saying he was being shut up and surrounded and was begging for help.
And I mean, I was talking to Roger Stone.
I was talking to lawyers that work with Trump.
And I've talked to Trump quite a bit on the phone.
I mean, I knew what was going on.
And people just didn't want to believe me.
And they got pissed at me.
You know, not lying to you.
I'm just not going to lie to you.
We're in deep trouble.
And so, if you'd like to keep us on air and get great products you need already, I'd go to infowarestore.com.
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Next week, we are not an essential group like Walmart or like Target.
They're all open, doing great right now.
We are scum.
We're Americans that have a warehouse and have real products we make and sell.
We're all scum.
Our office doesn't have power.
We're not essential.
Our backup batteries went out after about six hours.
We have generators, but something this big.
The city wouldn't let us at this facility have the permit for the generator we needed.
Everybody else can have them, we can't.
That's how it is to be Alex Jones, folks.
You don't get bank accounts, you don't get... Oh, you're Alex Jones?
You're not getting a permit for that.
Well, everybody else gets it.
Sue us if you want.
These are communists.
And I'm not a victim.
I just have been experiencing what you're going to be experiencing soon for a long time.
So, if you order the Alexa Pure Pro water filtration system at infowarstore.com, that is going to be shipped to you within a day out of Utah, and they're up and running and know how to deal with the snow.
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Everybody needs one, and it takes money to run this operation.
I mortgaged my house last year to help fund the operation.
Then the pandemic came along and it brought in a little bit more funds.
We kind of dug ourselves out of a hole from the year before.
And then now I'm watching the hourglass run through the money with the crew that's paid and they're great and everything.
But I mean, I just, I mean, I don't have $100,000 to set up the proper generator systems with all the damn stuff they want me to build a building and then do all this crap.
So, yes, I know I should have generators for the whole system.
I know that.
You know, I should have it all in my house.
I've got some solar panels.
They're hooked up.
They can run a few appliances.
But no, I mean, my power's off.
I'm over there, and my parent's taking a bath.
Our water's off!
Oh, and I knew it yesterday.
The city said, there's a rumor that the water will not be coming to you soon.
That's not true.
And then I confirmed with city people I know that the water went off in my house yesterday.
And they said, oh no, it's not frozen, the plumber told us, who also works for the city.
He said, they just turned the water off to most of the city.
So when you hear them say, we're not going to turn your water off, people always do in communist countries, don't believe something until it's denied.
And then as soon as you hear something out of his mouth, you know it's a lie.
But hell, Biden's so evil, he doesn't care.
He stole the election.
Why didn't he have to campaign?
Why did he tell a group of people at a rally, I don't need you to win.
I don't need you to win.
I don't need you to campaign to win.
And I went, look, folks, he's telling you.
Because they're trying to demoralize us and destroy our morale.
They think humiliating us like this will make us give up.
And you're like, well Jones, you're talking about giving up.
I'm not giving up, I'm giving out.
Like a horse that's been carrying too much too long.
I want you to know how serious this is.
You want us to go off the air?
You want us to just shut it down?
Because if people don't get serious and understand what's happening, because I'll never sell out to the globalists.
But at a certain point, ladies and gentlemen, there's not enough serious people around me.
This crew in here, because they work with me and they're great, they're serious and they kick ass.
But almost everybody else I know doesn't give a rat's ass and wants to just sit there and watch Netflix.
Now, some of them are pissed because the power's off.
And so, all I'm getting at is, everyone needs vitamin D3.
We have the highest quality with vitamin K for your immune system and all the stuff they're releasing and the crap they're pulling.
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And as soon as we can turn the power back on in our warehouse, we'll ship it to you.
But I told you on Monday.
I said, they're not turning the power on Tuesday night.
They're not turning it on Wednesday night.
They're not turning it on Thursday night.
They're not turning it on Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday.
They'll never turn it on if you don't get mad!
This is who they, you understand, the White House press secretary said, they said, she's reading questions and she goes, will the lockdowns ever end?
She goes, or will the, she goes, you can hope, probably, no, never, you can hope though.
And they all get raises, and they get electricity, and they get medicine, because they're the elite!
They're the big guys!
It's all theirs, theirs, theirs!
They get off on the exclusivity of it all.
I thought Hollywood was interesting.
I like some movies.
So I actually got out to Hollywood, invited out there a lot.
And I didn't like it and I hated it.
It was empty and gross and fake and all these people just getting off on like pretending they're powerful and they're famous and they're rich and all the exclusivity and oh they're getting the latest exclusive thing and they're so exclusive and they worship things and it's all they care about.
And they are the most empty, soulless people on earth.
And let me tell you, I look at Obama, because that's who Biden is, I look at Obama's puppet, and I look at the press secretary and how hateful and weird she is, and just how committed to evil they are, and I just think, God, I'm not one of these people.
Because, I mean, these people, they're just of their father.
They're bad people, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're disgusting.
And they're fake!
And they try to glare at you with a fake smile like they've got something you don't have.
No folks, you've got something they don't have.
And it's all collapsing.
All the blue cities are collapsing.
All the communist systems are collapsing and that's why they want to collapse you because they are so miserable and unhappy and alone that they don't know what to do.
So, it's declassified that HAARP systems can take the Arctic vortex and break it down through warm air and actually drive it as far south, many experts have said, as the equator, if they wanted to.
It would cause violent storms, the likes of which have never been seen.
Was that what we just saw?
No, because we know that these Arctic blasts have been a regular thing anyways.
But can they control them?
Is it legitimate to ask the question, did they do it?
Could they?
Do they selectively turn off all the neighborhoods except downtown, the elite area?
Do they throw it in your face?
They're teaching you that you're not essential.
And I told you, next we'll be rolling power outages.
Enron did it.
Enron came up with carbon taxes.
Enron wrote the book.
Here's the former CIA director when he was currently CIA six years ago on C-SPAN admitting it all.
Here it is.
A method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would also raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community.
On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
And so, what you do is just give Nobel Prizes out for it in 1992 for geoengineering with the airplane exhaust, having aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and even radioactive isotopes added to create nuclei in the atmosphere and block out the sun, which they've been doing.
That's declassified.
Five billion dollars a year, Department of Energy alone just to have it added to the fuel.
And then he just talks to you like you're a baby.
He goes, oh, that doesn't exist.
What are you talking about?
There's no weather modification going on.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Another cheesy Star Wars analogy.
Weather or climate, what caused Hurricane Sandy?
Folks, they've been controlling and steering hurricanes declassified in 2004.
They've been doing it since the 1960s.
We'll be right back with hour number three in your phone calls.
All right, welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Blackpilling everybody just because we hope to turn things around with Trump.
We fought hard.
I told you how much desperate trouble he was in, but CIA psych warfare operation with Q is just too powerful.
They hit us too hard.
So it's, it's, it's people stood down and now we're going to get hurt really, really bad.
I'm going to go to break here in a few minutes.
This is a short segment.
Come back and take calls.
I've got a lot of other clips I haven't gotten to.
Mark Zuckerberg admitting that, oh, don't take the vaccine.
It's dangerous.
I mean, just incredible stuff.
By the way, he knew all this was going to get leaked.
They had their employees leak this stuff as a PR campaign to cover his ass.
That's full spectrum dominance.
I'm explaining the Hegelian dialectic they're using on the other side, and then of course go to your phone calls at 877-789-2539.
But seriously, if I don't get in the business of getting listeners to understand that we have to fund ourselves by you buying products, we won't be here.
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I can't do it.
And I understand when Trump was in, it was the bandwagon effect.
We were invincible and we were the Super Bowl champions and everything was going to be fine.
I explained it was more like a beachhead in globalist territory.
And that we better understand that they could either kill Trump or remove him via fraud.
They've now done that.
Now they're shutting everybody down and moving in with rolling blackouts and moving in with the lockdowns and moving in with the race war and moving in with a roundup of patriots.
And it's going to be more important than ever that we stay on air during this critical time.
Every day we stay on air has a huge effect.
Every week, every month.
And so I'm committed to stay here, to stay in the U.S., and go down with the ship, because there's a chance we can save the ship if I stay at the helm.
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Neither are you.
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Here it is.
Learn the truth.
This is the guy that exposed Q as a fraud.
Q was designed to grab the Liberty Movement, discredit it, and make people no longer promote freedom.
And it was devastatingly successful, but not completely successful.
So say, this is the guy that exposed the whole New World Order first, who's been accurate, who exposed the Q thing.
Because they're going to tell you, oh, you're a Q guy, there's no new world order, there's no pedophiles, there's no Chinese takeover, even though it's all happening.
And so you've got to then tell them, hey, it's on air, and you've got to financially support.
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So that's why, I mean, it's like the walls are closing in, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm just not going to lie to you about any of it.
And I don't care about my career and being on air.
This is a war.
And Rush Limbaugh just died.
I'm not happy about that, even though I'll probably get a bunch of his radio stations.
It's total war, we're all in this together, and we need you to continue to commit.
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And if it wasn't al dente, it tastes as good as restaurant fettuccine alfredo from preparewithalex.com.
So I am sitting here in the studio with, you know, there's no TV wall.
It takes a lot of power in Texas with the power off.
With emergency generators barely keeping us on air.
Glenn Beck's off air.
So many others are off air right now.
Steven Crowder's house doesn't have power, but a studio does.
It's next door to a hospital.
And it's seen as essential.
An incredible time to be alive.
So that is really tasty.
That is really delicious.
That is so good.
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We're not Walmart.
We're not H-E-B.
We're not Target.
They're all open!
But nobody else is because you don't have power.
Oh, sorry.
Why are all these restaurants closed?
Why are all these bodegas closed?
Why are all these... Because they're non-essential!
Everybody's wearing their little mask and going along with it.
I'm going to stop plugging.
It's just that, you know, when the shoe fits, I mean, here we are saying get your storable food now while you still can, because more and more crazy stuff is coming in the future.
It is an absolute default.
We have the best food at the best price.
All right, here's the deal.
I'm going to take calls for the rest of this hour into the next hour.
And then John Rappaport pops in for the last 30 minutes.
I have a lot of news I've not hit yet.
I've mentioned a lot of it.
But Zuckerberg in a leaked video telling his employees, I don't trust the vaccine.
You know what all that is, right?
You know he's the aid to camp to Bill Gates.
But he sees Bill Gates being vaporized.
And look, I love Project Veritas and they're getting censored right now.
They're good guys.
They're amazing.
They're the cat's meow.
But these Zuckerberg things were leaked on purpose.
All this stuff about, I want to work with Biden.
And I think it is too big a responsibility that we're censoring everybody.
And I just don't like doing it because he knows he's getting heat.
And now he's like, I don't know about these vaccines.
They're untested and dangerous.
And I just don't know if we should be taking them as a company.
That's all a cover story.
And I told you they'd do this.
And I told you they were going to burn Cuomo!
I told you they were going to burn Cuomo because they want sacrificial lambs to act like Cuomo sent old people to die in nursing homes.
Cuomo is in a torture dungeon most of the day, hanging up by his, you know, literally, that's the word.
It's come out.
That's what he does.
I'm not going to get into it on air.
The guy's a pervert.
And so he doesn't even know what side is up.
And of course, I told you, I told you six months ago, they're going to destroy Cuomo.
They may even destroy Newsom.
Because they like to feed their own into the system.
And sure enough, that's all happening as well.
So we're going to break that down.
But the power, they admit, was turned off in select areas on purpose because they claim it went too high, and now they can't turn it back on.
Because the windmills are frozen.
I talked to the engineers.
Those windmills are the same ones they've got on the coast of Spain, same ones they've got on the coast of Connecticut.
Same ones they've got?
It's all lies, folks.
They just turned the power off.
And Enron that came up with this whole scam and the carbon tax was the first to do it and they got caught decades ago doing it.
And I showed all that last hour.
So they are positioning us for total collapse to sell the world on the fact that America is not open for business and that America is over so everybody moves to China and to other countries.
This is total war.
And only becoming aware of it gives us any future.
They're going to charge you 10 times what fossil fuel costs on systems that don't work.
And they're going to have waivers for all of their systems and their jets and their programs.
This is taking cheap energy away from the general public is the main way you make someone poor.
I'm going to explain it again.
How is food inexpensive?
How is medicine inexpensive?
How do you get everything?
Cheap energy.
You can't do business without it.
China's energy cost a third of ours, and now it's going up more, where you cannot do business here.
All right, let's go to your phone calls, ladies and gentlemen.
We're talking to folks in Texas.
I mean, that's what I called for.
I see there's callers from everywhere.
About, are you out of power?
What do you think of this?
What do you make of this experience?
At the bottom of the hour, I'm going to show you Greg Abbott got an award last week for the windmills by the globalists.
What a good globalist he is.
Oh, and Rick Perry was on Fox News this morning talking about how
Terrible the windmills are and how the Green New Deal did this.
Rick Perry's the one that got all the accolades as a good Republican, shutting off the coal power plants and putting in the windmills.
So they think we're stupid.
And I'm not even attacking Rick Perry.
I mean, Rick Perry just did what he was told.
He's not like out to get the country.
It's just at least he's criticizing it now that he's not in office.
But my God, this is out of control.
All right, David, Paul, Jay, Randy, Rudy, Levi, Jeff, Adam, John, Ben, Kelsey.
I'm going to go to all of you.
No need to thank me.
No need to, you know, just get right to your point.
We'll move the next person so we get to everybody.
I really appreciate everybody calling in today.
Let's go to Jay in Texas.
Jay, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello, Alex.
I'm in Deer Park.
I'm a truck driver and I love your products.
I love the Turbo Force.
Bottom line is the power went out.
I've been here since Saturday and really I got on an electric scooter.
So I got out on the electric scooter on the ice and I found they got batteries out there so you can't get on 225 and you can't get over to 10 and get out of here.
And the power was off at the Love's Truck Stop, so you couldn't even go in there to use the power.
Let's explain that.
Let's explain that.
They just have closed most of the highways.
A lot of our employees, crew members, can't get here because they just closed the roads!
Yeah, and you'll get a ticket.
And the roads don't even look bad.
I went up on top of the overpass to look at 225, and it looks as clear as a bell.
I was in a helicopter yesterday, and most of the roads are completely clear.
I think they just...
Locking us down.
It's retarded.
I mean, I got a bunch of those barrels of food from the Patriots there at my house, and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not carrying one in the truck, because I usually do my shopping about once a week, and I'm only three miles from Walmart, and because of the electronic log, I don't want to drive over there and start moving my clock, which at this point now, it doesn't matter anymore.
I lost my load.
But um it's not even open over there and you can't get in there and uh so now the water's out so you can't use the toilet inside the um truck drivers know how to take care of the business what they gotta do you gotta do but it sucks I mean I hate to I I've been listening to you for probably 12 years in all honesty and uh yeah you sounded a little off for a little while but you're not off I mean you totally were on point and it's uh and it just
I want to scream.
I want to yell.
I want to jump.
Well, I didn't want to come on here and tell people Trump was surrounded.
I mean, I met with people, high-level U.S.
intelligence, in D.C.
three years ago, who claimed they're conservatives, and they were talking crap about Trump to me, and I thought it was a loyalty test, and it wasn't.
They were trying to recruit me against Trump.
He is surrounded by enemies.
So I didn't want to sound like a negative person.
Is that what you're saying?
Or when did you think I was full of it, maybe?
I sounded lost?
No, I never thought you were full of it.
You know, everything that you've said over the years in that show, The End Game, it just sounded really out there.
Something that was never going to happen in my life.
But it's everything that has happened in my life.
I mean, I've worked real hard.
I'm 56 years old.
Everything is paid for.
The house and the cars and everything.
And life is good.
I got money in the bank.
And today I just, I had my wife send some money off to buy some more gold and silver.
I'm a little afraid of the Bitcoin.
I'm just worried about you because they're talking about keeping things locked down for another week.
Again, they're using this to train us to live under martial law, to bankrupt the economy, and to show us looking like a bunch of idiots.
They put Biden to look like a joke.
China brags they control him.
It's about humiliating us.
Don't let them break your morale.
Admit how much trouble you're in, and decide we can only come up from here, and we're gonna fight back in the info war.
God bless you, brother.
Good to have you on board for 12 years.
Hope there's another 12, but I'm not sure.
We're all in deep trouble.
We gotta pray to Jesus.
We'll be right back with more calls.
Don't let the globalists oppress you.
This is war.
Push back and get strong.
Let's go ahead and take phone calls.
But just remember, Alex Jones here, back live.
We remember that our grandpas and grandmas and other people warned us about this.
When I was growing up, the naked communists, the naked capitalists were on the bookstore shelves at my grandmother's house, my father's father's house.
Guys, look up when the Naked Communists was written by Kleonskousen.
Late 50s, early 60s?
All of it came through.
So we've known who we've been up against this whole time.
They tried to take over in the 60s, it failed.
They funded that whole cultural revolution, they did the Vietnam War, had us lose it on purpose, that was all declassified.
It's all a big war game, all a big test.
Yep, remember that same red cover.
All right, Levi, in Texas, thanks for holding your own here.
What's your view on this whole situation?
All right, thank you, Alex.
Look, I just wanted to say, okay, that what's it going to take for the people of this country to wake up?
Your nation is judged and you have been found wanting.
And I've got information for you, Alex, that is imperative.
I can't get into it over the line, but I'm going to tell you right now that there are 360 million lives at stake right now.
And all I'm asking for you is 15 minutes of your time.
If I give you this information and you hear it, you'll know it's the truth.
And it's going to answer a lot of questions that you have had that you have not been able to get answers to.
I'm a man of God.
I'm a prophet of God.
All right, brother, listen, I'll get your info.
But I mean, here's the deal.
Everybody always used to talk to me privately.
I don't know why we can't.
You got a point.
We're good.
Even more, they turn the power off.
They admit they turn the power off.
Now they say they can't turn it back on.
It's all BS, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all BS.
They turned it off by shutting down over a hundred, 120-something power plants in the U.S.
under Obama.
Trump only got a couple of them reopened because people knew that Trump wouldn't be there long.
And so they're like, we're not going to rebuild or turn one of these things on when it costs hundreds of millions of dollars just to turn one back on.
I watched the city of Austin shut down three giant modern coal plants that are totally clean.
I appreciate you.
Put him on hold and get his info and see what he's talking about.
And if it's some kind of intel, then I'll do it.
But if it's like some, you know, word from God or whatever, he seems to do it on air.
Look, and I'm not pooping on what you're saying, sir.
I just, I have to run around here like a chicken with my head cut off, and I got to make sure food gets here for the crew.
And I'm in there on a hot plate cooking up my Patriots supply of food, okay?
So, and I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying, I'm literally
You know, don't know what my wife's doing at home with the power off and no water.
I don't know, she's not answering the phone.
There's a lot of stuff going on here.
And so I'm just here explaining what's going on and how dependent they've got us.
Now we're off the land now.
And now they say they're going to exploit that and use that till we're so bankrupt we live in 250 square foot coffin apartments with communists and socialists minding us and controlling everything we do.
That's their plan, to bankrupt you to live in a communal coffin apartment, where you live in a coffin.
And then everybody spies on you, tracks you, fries you with 5G inside the buildings, feeds you GMOs, makes you take dozens of vaccines a year until you die.
I mean, it is a freaking dystopia.
People are like, he's crazy, why is it coming true?
They all wrote about it, it's a damn plan, people!
They're not playing games.
Let's go to the next caller.
Adam in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Or is that Wichita Falls, Kansas?
You're on the air from Wichita Falls.
I don't know.
Is that Texas, Adam?
That is Texas, Alex.
Alright, brother.
So tell me your view on this.
Well, I'm out here and yeah, we've been hit with the weather storm just like anybody.
You know, power's out in various places.
And I just recently moved.
I stay in an area that is, it's pretty nice.
It's really rich.
I mean, there's a lot of two-story houses out here, you know, and I'm like, I'm just grateful to have a new place.
But then I'm hearing with everybody, like, you know, in places where, I don't know, it's just not as well off.
Sunnyside, just places that just would be a little more rundown, but they're completely without power.
You know what I'm saying?
They don't have any power.
And I expect that in something like this, maybe it'll last a day or two, you know, but to be going for this long, you know, and you got family members calling and they're saying that we ain't got power, we didn't got water.
And sir, it's always the same psychology.
Oh, it'll be back on in a day, back on in three, back in a week, back in two.
Now the White House says the mask never come off, the lockdown never stops.
And they're going to do it one way or another because America is being under sanctions for Trump reversing a bunch of Chinese deals.
So we are to be punished and kept closed one way or another.
And they're doing it to us right now.
This is humiliation for Xi Jinping to watch this and enjoy this.
What do you think of Biden going on TV and saying China can invade Hong Kong and China can put people in death camps?
Yeah, you know, honestly man, I have not kept up with you that much in the past few days because I've been so focused on what's going on here.
I don't agree with it, but I've been following you for years.
You know, I learned about you originally on a radio show called Coast to Coast.
I love Coast to Coast.
I need to get back on Coast to Coast.
I haven't been on there in over a year and a half.
I didn't have a falling out with George Norrie.
I've just been so busy and a couple times I was supposed to be on and fell asleep.
I think I pissed off George Norrie, so I apologize.
I mean, that's the thing.
Alright, God bless you.
I wasn't trying to bring myself up, sir.
I was asking what you think or did you hear that Joe Biden endorsed Chinese death camps?
But I thought it was pretty interesting that the clip you just showed where the guy talks about aerosoling and spraying the atmosphere.
And people have been saying that Kim Charles has been going on for years, and now they just openly admitted it on a live world public forum.
But again, they talk to us like we're children.
That doesn't exist.
That's not happening, sweetie cake.
And they're like, we control the weather, but we can't let the public know.
On TV, they're saying it.
I appreciate your call, brother.
Hey, can I give you one last thing before I go?
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Okay, so one thing that I've followed just as much as I've followed you for years is the Philadelphia Church of God.
And I just want to highly recommend that either you or somebody that's in your organization to research this and listen to this and hear what they have to say because they've been spot-on just as much as you.
So if anybody, whether it's you or somebody else, can take the time to look at this, I think it'll really help you.
I will.
Philadelphia Church of God.
I watch preachers all the time.
And, uh, my wife's like, why are you always watching black preachers?
I go, maybe I was a black preacher in other life.
I don't believe in reincarnation, folks.
It's a joke.
But she's like, I was up at 5 a.m.
the other day with this black preacher, Brandon Raven.
She's like, what's going on?
I'm like, I just, it was some black preacher.
They're talking about, you know, how we're going under judgment and the rest of it.
I forget his name.
All right.
We're going to be, uh, right back.
How about black preachers copy me?
Think about that?
No, I'm joking.
We'll be right back on the other side of this break and we'll go to your phone calls.
We've got a bunch of people that are patiently holding Rudy and David and Paul and Randy and John and Kelsey and we're going to get to everybody, but just be ready.
Bam, bam, bam.
When we come back and I'm sorry, I gotta tell you all this horrible stuff, but I mean, don't, don't you want to know that I'm telling you, I got a bad feeling, the worst feeling ever.
You know what it's like to read all the globalist documents and know it's true, and know they're going to do this, and now it's happening, and then I know what's going to happen next?
I don't know exactly when they're going to do it, but they've already laid all this out.
And I'm mad about it.
And I just look at all the corporate yes-men and all the governors and legislatures that sit there like dumb fools.
I mean, the U.S.
Senate is still going, we're going to have a hearing to see if there is censorship.
And then meanwhile they're like, we're going to shut every American down that questions us, we're going to re-educate them, we're going to arrest them, we're going to take their guns.
Newsflash, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who I think are good guys, that's why they want him to resign and step down, they're coming after him.
They all know everything I know and more.
And by the way, behind the scenes with these people, they're just like, oh Alex Jones, you're absolutely right about everything.
And they all listen.
And I'm not outing them or getting them in trouble.
It's just that they all, they're just as smart as I am.
Probably smarter.
They're smart.
Ted Cruz especially, but so is Rand Paul.
They're up there.
About as smart as you can get.
And they're not out to destroy the country.
Well, they better get on their damn horse and lead us!
Because the New World Order was worried about me being a leader.
I never tried to be one, but they assassinated my character to enough people
And I've done a lot of wild stuff, too, that I am not statesman-like enough.
We need statesmen to lead us out of this, and they need to pray to God publicly and ask for God to anoint them to do this job.
Because you can only do this if you have God on your side.
And again, I'm not up here on some high horse like, I'm the perfect person.
I know this, though, I'm not out to get humanity.
I mean, I like to beat the hell out of people.
They start a fight with me.
That's not Christian.
I like to, you know, I'm a lustful person, too.
I'd like what God's finest creation, women.
But at the end of the day, I love humanity, see?
And I'm not here trying to screw people over.
And so I'm gonna go to your phone calls right now.
I'm just telling you, this is it.
This is the big globalist move.
This is the New World Order.
This is every level you can imagine.
Joe Biden endorsing death camps in China and the invasion of Hong Kong, and Saki saying, oh, he won't be seen for months now.
I mean, I've got the clips.
These people are out of control!
Biden dismisses China's Uyghur genocide as different cultural norm.
All right, I'm gonna rattle through your calls quick here.
Who's been on the longest now?
Let's talk to David in Texas.
Thanks for holding, David.
You are on the air.
We'll go to Rudy.
Hey, Alex.
What's up?
Man, I'm just totally freaked out.
It's going to just get worse from here on out.
Hey, hey, chill, chill, chill, chill.
Remember, remember, Alex, half the people in America are under 30 years old.
Us older guys, we've been through all this stuff.
You need to go out and get vitamin mineral fusion and some X2.
But I got
You know, ever since the bullets ran out back in 2012?
My power has stayed on here because we're on Denton County Co-op.
My in-laws, they're on on-call and whatever.
They have to, they're bailed in here with me for the last three days.
They're all freaked out because they're big old Biden vote liberals and I'm sitting here reloading 44 Magnum.
Get all my bullets lined up and everything.
Yeah, I've been showing them the articles.
I said, you know, and we got two more coal plants here in Texas.
East Texas is fixed to get cut off in the next year or so.
And I told them, I said, geothermal, 12 foot down in the ground, right here in Carrollton, it's 64 degrees.
All you got to do is drill some holes, put some copper pipes in there, and you got your heat, your cooling.
It's no big deal, y'all.
I'm a Kansas country boy.
We've been through all this.
I said don't be skitched out about all this.
And for those that don't know, we got more lignite than China does in East Texas.
It's all there right under the surface.
Good coal.
And yeah, they're shutting all those babies down that used to supply all the surrounding states.
These liberals don't know that the jet stream brings all China's crap in and throws it right down here on Texas and we have to breathe it.
But they're finally starting to realize that and now living with me thinking I was crazy having 12 propane, you know, 100-pound propane tanks and all these heaters and food and everything else.
Well, they don't think I'm so crazy right now.
But hey, Godspeed to Rush Limbaugh and may Jesus send his angels to protect Infowars and your family.
What a great call.
You too, brother.
God bless you and thank you, David, for holding and listening to me.
I just wish we could wake all these people, but this doesn't have to happen.
People are just throwing away the country, throwing away prosperity, throwing away God, throwing away our children on Hollywood because they tell us to.
Screw them!
Man, I don't even watch Hollywood movies ever anymore.
I don't, I just, I don't want any of it.
I just, I hate them.
God, I hate them.
They're just scum.
They know we hate them.
They want to make us miserable.
This is all... These people make me sick.
I'm going to explain to you.
Just tune in.
They turned the power off on purpose.
It's all admitted.
I showed it all last hour.
It's all staged.
Nobody's at the ERCOT place down the road from me.
I'm going to go over there and protest tomorrow.
None of this is going on.
I mean, this is just total power to test us and see what happens.
Rudy in South Texas, how are you doing?
Going on over 60 hours of no power.
And, uh, you know, I got a one-year-old, one-year-old.
And it's cold, man.
It's cold.
Not very happy right now.
I wish people had the same type of energy to want to investigate what's going on as, you know, put that type of energy into the investigation of the stolen election, but that's not going to happen.
It's kind of too late.
Oh, you're not allowed to say that.
That's terrorism to question an election.
Oh, Biden really got more votes than anyone in history.
He's so popular.
You know, the, uh,
The people down in this area, they're without water.
I mean, it's probably, it's all over Texas, to be honest with you.
I'm literally five minutes away from the border.
We still got illegals flooding in over here, but guess what?
They have light, they have water, they got heat, they got three squares a day.
And that's because they got beautiful, they got beautiful coal, as Trump would say.
Beautiful coal.
Burns clean, burns pure, burns straight, never goes out, never runs out.
We're just sitting on top of a planet of coal.
And boy, Mexico built all those new plants.
They got cheap energy and they're ready to start your factory.
So, you know about the head of ERCOT, Sally Kallberg?
She doesn't even live in Texas.
She's from Michigan.
She's a Governor Gretchen Whitmer appointee.
I knew that ERCOT was a globalist company when we were looking into them, but no, I did not know that.
Tell us more about this witch.
Yeah, she is a Gretchen Whitmer appointee.
She was head of the environmental services in Michigan, you know, the whole Flint water disaster.
Oh, yeah, I've heard of her.
Oh, but is it?
Oh, but they gave the governor an award for the windmills.
Isn't that good?
It's ridiculous, man.
It's ridiculous.
I'm disgusted, utterly disgusted with the
With the way this country is headed, man.
Yeah, tell me that piglet's name again because I want to look her up.
It's Sally Talberg.
No, Talberg.
Yeah, well I'm going to be paying them a little friendly visit tomorrow protesting.
We're going to be announcing that sometime today because it's right here in Austin, Texas.
And yeah, they control the whole grid and they just decide who's essential, who isn't.
And they're teaching us, oh, your family grocery store is not essential, but your big Walmart is.
See how that works?
Do you have any input on
Biden opening up the power grid to China.
They couldn't even answer the question the other day.
They're going to circle back to it.
Oh yeah, she said, Saki, Saki said, she said, I'm not going to answer that question about China taking over the power grid.
Oh, it's no big deal.
They've just been saying they're going to nuke us and attack us any day and that they may, and then, what do you make of Biden actually groveling and saying you're allowed to attack Hong Kong?
We love death camps.
It's disgusting, and people don't say anything about it because they're not being shown that.
You know, mainstream media does a great job of covering it up.
Big tech, social media.
But then she smiles and goes, but we're putting women in positions of power, and we're going to give free money to black people.
Yeah, if you kill them with a vaccine, you lion, buck tooth, raggedy hand, piece of crap.
Excuse me, folks.
I shouldn't even be on air.
I'm so pissed right now.
We'll be right back as the New Dark Ages are here.
Stay with us.
Thank you, caller.
Thank you, Rudy.
It was 20 years ago or so that I got a contact from the Air Force and they said the director of HAARP, the civilian head, would like to come on the show because he heard General Benton K. Parton, the military head of HAARP previously, on your show talk about it.
And sure enough, there was an Air Force colonel on the line.
They put the civilian head of it on.
It's the real guy.
I look up.
He came on about a week after the Air Force called me.
But when he admitted that they could control the weather, they could actually ignite the upper atmosphere on fire and steer the Arctic blast south if they wanted to.
The Air Force guy got real mad, got on the line and said the interview's over during the break and hung up on me.
And I've never been able to find that interview.
It was a big interview.
It was crazy that the military wanted to come on my show.
And it's just one of those bizarre things.
And there's that interview.
But yes, they can sit there with the Alaska system that's also meant to be over-the-horizon radar, where they ionize the atmosphere and they're able to bounce signals off of that and see fighters over the horizon.
That's the supposed one use of it.
And they have those patents.
And Parton said that's what it was for.
But, when it comes to weather modification, they can absolutely do it and they admit it, but they talk to you like you're five years old and say, oh no, that doesn't exist, even though it's in all the literature, it's in the Smithsonian, it's in the Journal of Nature, it's in science, they have C-SPAN symposiums about it.
And if you're for weather modification, oh then it's great, it's good, here's a Nobel Prize, but if you say, I don't want that, or let us know the details, oh, I'm sorry, it doesn't exist.
And they just play that game.
But they have New York Times articles going, there's no such thing as the Great Reset, while the Deimos Group talked about it two weeks ago for a whole week and said we're it.
And they publish best-selling books about it.
I told people 20 years ago they're going to have synthetic meat and make you eat bugs because they said that was the plan.
Oh, shut up, you're crazy!
Now it's all happening.
Because it's a plan, folks.
Like, you go to a play and they give you a program.
There's the first act, second act, third act.
And you go, oh, I'm watching Macbeth, or you're watching whatever it is, and you know what's coming up next because it has a program.
So, in one article, it's great and good, and we're going to starve you to death because it's good for the earth.
Oh, it doesn't exist when we, like, go to Congress and say, please protect us!
We're going to go back to your phone calls, but just briefly, I had an idea.
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It's amazing.
Let's go ahead now and go back to your phone calls.
We really appreciate you holding while we cover this insane garbage.
Let's talk to Paul in Texas.
How are you dealing with this and what is your view on it?
What is your view on all this?
Paul, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
We'll put him on hold, see if he comes back.
Okay, but still put you on hold.
We're just going to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Take a few minutes here, just chill out and just have a really, really good day here.
And then when Paul's ready, we're going to go to him with a drum roll.
Paul in West Texas.
Thank you for holding.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Go ahead.
Okay, yeah.
Power's been out since Sunday.
No water.
So it's been, uh, oh, but what they did do after two days with no power, you know, like they'll turn it on for a few hours and they'll take it off.
You know, you're not essential.
So we'll give it to you when we want.
That's what I've been experiencing with my power.
I totally agree.
What do you make of the fact that I guess the whole crew knew it?
I didn't even know it.
I was looking into ERCOT.
ERCOT's just like Enron run by a bunch of Democrats.
Oh, I wouldn't doubt it.
I mean, if all the plants that we've lost, I mean, you know, there's nothing really much left, you know, and so it kind of makes you wonder what's going to happen next, you know, because if we're losing, if they're going to control our power like this and our families and their well-being when they're at home, you know, what's our next move?
Like, what do we do?
And that's, you know, those are the conversations we're going to have to start having.
And they're messing around with, you know, blue collar people.
I'm from Texas, born in Texas.
I've worked on drilling rigs.
I've done roofing.
I work on generators now.
I work on compressors, light towers.
You're messing with the wrong people that know how to do stuff.
You know how to work.
And you start messing with our families, you've got something going on.
I agree, sir.
I am seriously pissed off and I've been having anger issues because I know they're running the scam.
I know they turned off most of our plants.
I know they fought Trump trying to reopen them.
And now they're going to put their foot on our neck when China opens three new coal plants a week.
Mexico opens one every week or so.
Everybody else can have power but us.
We are slated for destruction.
And the average liberal is so dumb and so disconnected, they fetishize their own destruction.
Can you believe this?
And then, you know, they're stirring up some people that they don't want to stir up.
Oh yeah.
That's right.
China is moving into coal.
We have been banned.
And he says within four years, he wants basically all coal plants silenced.
And so, folks, still 60% of our power is from coal.
All the other stuff isn't reliable.
We're literally looking at not having power anymore, and the left will love it!
They'll love being homeless!
I appreciate your call.
God bless you, brother.
Jeff, first-time caller from Arkansas.
I know you've had power outages there as well.
There's ERCOTs all over the country.
Break this down for us, Jeff.
What's your view?
Alex, I'm a 20-year listener, love the show, but here's the thing.
We live in a state that has an energy surplus.
We produce more energy than we need, yet we still had rolling blackouts.
Not like Texas, but we still did.
My dad, who is disabled, paralyzed from a stroke, I'm his caregiver.
Yesterday morning, it was eight below zero, and here we are, there's no power.
Thank God we have the wood stove, and we get in there, and I mean, it's
In just a matter of a couple of hours, the temperature went down to 36, of course, in the house.
And I'm stoking the wood stove.
Thank God for that.
Eight hours later, the power came back on.
But the point that I'm trying to make is they were just saying, hey, look, we've got the energy here, but we're just going to show you that we can do it.
And I'm telling you, we have a humanitarian crisis in Texas.
And if Trump were in office right now, they would be demonizing him because he's not sitting down aide and National Guard.
Well, they would have never done this if Trump was in.
Listen, listen.
Enron did this all over the world.
Dictators do this with power.
This is a move they do all the time.
They did this on purpose.
I have family.
I used to run power plants.
One of them is dead now.
But I've got family.
I'm not going to get into it because they don't want me to.
But I called them in Houston and I called others and they said 100% this is all fake to jack up prices, which they've now announced they're going to increase prices 10,000%.
How's that sound, buddy?
Well, and that's the thing.
I know people from Eastern Europe that lived in communist times, and this was the norm, and they're conditioning us, Alex.
We have only scratched the surface.
Stay there.
Let me tell you.
Don't hang up.
Jeff, Doug, Ben, Kelsey.
I'm going to Kelsey after Jeff.
We're going to come right back to you.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Owen Schroyer is going to be coming in at three o'clock to host.
I've got so much to say and so much I didn't get to because I've been really upset.
I didn't get to a lot of it.
I'm going to go ahead and co-host with Owen.
At least an hour.
So look for that.
I'll take off 30 minutes and go try to get an extra generator in here and try to get an electrician in because part of the systems when the generators went on blew up and so that's why our backup system didn't work quite like it was supposed to and it's just it's been a mess and I'm not complaining.
I just, and I'm not being gloom and doom because of our own problems here in Texas.
I've harped on this power issue and people are like, why do you care about power?
No one thinks about power lines and plugs.
That's what I do, is I study the globalists.
They're obsessed with taking your power away.
If your power is expensive, you can't have a thriving country.
It's another tax!
And I have a warehouse that's got a bunch of employees.
And we actually do warehouse work for other people and other companies to try to pay the bills here.
I got other businesses that I run to try to pay the bills here.
I'll leave it at that.
And so I take money and I feed it in here.
You understand that?
And all the other big warehouses are allowed to stay open.
They're all essential.
They get power, but we don't.
And that's the essence of this technocracy, is they can go right down the line, down to neighborhood after neighborhood.
You saw those maps, where Antifa would only hit certain targets, and they were all the maps where JPMorgan Chase wanted to buy something.
This is all very precise.
They're testing a new form of war, where there are people burning only certain targets, only certain things are allowed to stay open, and then they all just vertically integrate.
This is, for a technocracy, I mean, my God,
Jeff Bezos doubled his wealth in one year under the lockdown.
You understand that?
These people aren't playing games, okay?
And we're just sitting here like sitting ducks, and now they're taking all the money and they're funding it in to buy all the politicians!
This is criminal!
This is dangerous!
I said I'd go to your calls.
Jeff, first time caller, finishing up.
You're making some great points about Arkansas.
Yes, I know that Arkansas, like Texas was 10 years ago, is still a net seller of energy.
Texas used to be the king, supplying everybody.
Now we can't even supply ourselves, so they can make fun of us and call us names.
But notice, they turned your power off for eight hours just to show you who's boss.
And it came out in the Enron documents that that's a tactic they do.
And I got the text message the night before.
Interestingly, the coldest night out of this whole storm, I get the text.
From the energy company from energy and they said you be ready because we may.
Turn off your power because everybody's consuming too much.
Turn down your thermostat, all this kind of stuff.
And sure enough, I wake up the next morning and it's off.
Now let's go further.
Remember when they put the smart meters in 10 years ago, and they even bragged, they said, governments want to be able to control your thermostat remotely so that you don't use too much carbon.
So now that'll be the excuse is, we've got to remote control your thermostat with a smart meter that's already there, or it'll cause more blackouts.
See how that works?
Alex, the smart meter, they told me, they said, if you don't want a smart meter, you're going to have to pay extra money if you don't want a smart meter.
So that they really kind of force you financially to get a smart meter.
You know what I'm saying?
But they're going to get you down the road ripping you off with it.
Well, of course.
I mean, you come out the loser at the end of the day.
And all I got to say is, you know, you have to be self-reliant, make sacrifices where you can.
If folks that are listening, I mean, when this blows over, don't forget about it.
Hit a wood stove if you can.
Not only that, but get not only your house right, but get your spiritual life right.
And I'm just going to take advantage of this platform right now, Alex.
Some people are going to get offended, but if you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, look, you can have everything else right, but if your spiritual health is not in order, what's the whole point?
No, I agree.
What would a prophet of man again in the whole world lose his soul in?
And let me address this last thing.
Biden has signed on to agenda 2030 that says ban all space heaters, ban all wood heaters and all oil heaters.
Europe's already adopted it.
For radio listeners, I just showed the articles.
Biden is preparing to announce fines of thousands of dollars for any type of fire.
They're training you with these fire bands to get ready for it.
But now they're going to ban heaters in your home.
You will freeze to death.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are now into hour number four.
Owen Schroyer is going to be hosting for three hours.
I'll be there for part of the show remotely.
I'm going to be out on the road.
We're going to your phone calls right now, but let me just show you some of these headlines since I mentioned them.
Wood burners, most polluting fuels.
Oh, they're bad.
Wood burning has always been evil on the earth.
And then it creates potash that goes into the atmosphere and forms nuclei that forms rain.
And the burning cycle of wood and things has been known for millennia as what creates the nitrogen and things back into the soil.
Oh, oh, that fire you love?
It's dirty.
It's evil.
It's bad.
And San Francisco, of course, has signed a law to ban your fireplaces.
You will be fine if you're caught.
So, we're gonna turn your power off.
Norway to ban the use of oil for heating buildings by 2020, and that was three years ago, and they did it.
Bay Area cities go to war against gas stoves in homes and restaurants.
You can't have gas either, even though it's totally clean!
Well, it creates a little carbon dioxide, sorry.
They're never gonna stop, never gonna stop, never gonna stop.
They're the Green Police.
And Mark Zuckerberg, in a new leaked video, says he's not going to take the vaccine, doesn't trust it, but that's okay because you are!
Aren't you?
All right, I got something big I'm going to hit next segment.
I want to get to your calls right now, though.
I'm going to get my ducks in a row here about Greg Abbott and this private Democrat-run company that turned our power off.
But this is all well-planned operation, and this is so they can make fun of the whole Brexit-Texit movement to succeed, which has really gained a lot of steam.
I've had, like, I wanted to see my doctor at a checkup, and he was telling me about it.
And then the female doctor came in to do the rest of the checkup, and she was telling me about it.
I mean, people are really, really on fire with all this.
Joe Biden's dark winner is here, ladies and gentlemen.
Sally Tolberg, ERCOT chairwoman, lives in Michigan and works for Governor Kill the Old People Whitmer!
All right, Jeff.
Hey, how you doing Alex?
Hey, I'm freaked out too.
I wanted to talk to y'all as long as we get on, but I wanted to talk to your listeners real quick and let you know about
The doctors that are involved in the reset, they've been involved for a while, and I wanted to kind of let you know what was going on in my situation.
Tell us!
Yeah, okay, so I'm a disabled veteran.
I'm 40 years old.
I've been disabled for 18 years.
In 2018, I hired Ted Cruz because the government said I owed them $16,000.
Ted Cruz went in and fought for me.
The VA didn't like that because they had to pay for a lot of my college too.
He won.
I have three college degrees.
Uh, 2019 they tried to deem me, uh, disabled.
I mean, not disabled because they seen me at a Donald Trump rally.
And they also, uh, seen me in 2018 at the, when Donald Trump came down for the gun thing in Dallas, I was in all the newspapers with my pistol on my side.
And, uh, the VA didn't like that for some strange reason.
And then fast forward when, when Donald Trump came down in October,
I don't think so.
I've been a veteran for 18 years.
All of a sudden I'm not a veteran.
So I filed a complaint against them, the VA, for discrimination against my disability for political views.
And right now I'm still going through with them, but COVID-19 is slowing everything down.
Oh yeah, they used COVID to not give us access to the courts.
That's another reason they did it.
Yeah, they spun everything out.
And you're right about access to courts.
That's what's going on too.
They won't even do virtual with me.
And they said I gotta wait in order just to get my money back, my back pay, all that.
But then the VA, the people in the VA, they were Biden supporters.
They contacted Social Security.
Well sir, that's the thing about the technocracy is Biden wasn't elected and so it's not just you now, it's everybody
They're going to kill the old people, they're going to take the checks from the veterans and the disabled, and Biden just tripled prescription drug prices, it's even more for insulin, and now they're going to cut Medicare and Medicaid.
But it's okay because he's Joe Biden, because like he told voters, I don't need you to vote for me, I'm going to win.
I don't need to campaign.
So yeah, but here's the good news brother, they're coming after everybody now.
So all these people, you were fighting
And you lost what you had because you fought for what was right.
Now all these people that sat on the fence and did nothing, they're going to lose what they got.
What do you think is going to happen?
Here's the thing about tyrants.
They can't help it when they do this.
They're going to push and push until somebody stops them.
Thomas Jefferson was once asked, what is the limit of what tyranny will go?
He said, as much as you let them take, they can't help it.
So the bad news is they're crazy and aren't going to stop.
The good news is they're crazy and aren't going to stop.
So it's going to get so damn bad they're going to get stopped.
You see what I'm saying?
And I see exactly what you said.
I've been listening to you for 10 years.
I love you, man.
I'm saying it like this.
I don't appreciate how they're doing me, and I want to fight on the front line.
I want, if Trump, if he has, if he's going to come back 2024, if he's got his office, I want to fight with him, because they have taken everything from me.
I have four service animals, and I've been in this little electricity grid that they took from me.
I contacted Encore.
Yeah, they all play bureaucratic games, and here's what you do.
You just start going and protesting in front of their facility every day until they arrest you, and you make a news item out of it.
You just fight back, and then other people are going to start joining you, brother.
This is the time to protest every day.
I love you and I appreciate you, John.
All right, some more great calls.
Ben in Quebec, thank you for holding.
Up in Canada, then we'll talk to you.
Kelsey's first, then Ben is our last caller.
Kelsey, thanks for holding in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, once a great steel city.
Pouring steel again, not now.
Obama pledges to shut that down.
So, Kelsey, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm sorry, I love you.
I have never called in before, but I mean, this is crazy what's going on in Texas right now.
And I feel so bad for everyone in Texas.
Well, I have family that works inside and they say it's all made up.
I already knew that, but it's all made up.
They have plenty of power.
It's all made up.
They're just ripping us off.
This is so crazy.
I don't know.
It's scary.
It's really scary.
Everything that's going on.
I think a lot of people are waking up, but I don't think it's happening fast enough.
And, I don't know.
Well let me say this, what do you make of Biden cutting the Keystone Pipeline off?
That's enough power to fund half the country, literally.
I mean, this is, if people are denying, if people are denying that they're cutting the power off, they admittedly are doing it.
We're under damn attack, can you believe this?
Oh man, my husband, he's a union worker.
He actually works at the Shell plant here in Minacka, Pennsylvania.
And, uh, you know, most of the guys there on the job site, they voted for Trump, but I mean, there's, there's still a lot of guys there that are, it's really weird with you late, like with the union guys.
I mean, they grew up Democrat and like all the old heads, it doesn't matter.
It's like, those are the people that are like, you know, vote blue, no matter who.
Um, but they're really worried now.
I mean, that really shocked them whenever he shut that pipeline down.
Absolutely, and you notice that it came out in that Time Magazine article, bragging how they stole the election, that the head of the AFL-CIO worked with the Chamber of Commerce, that's famous for shipping our jobs overseas, worked with the union busters to beat Trump to steal the election.
So, I mean, it's just sick.
Trump totally went to bat for this country, he wasn't perfect, and now people are seeing this.
But see, Biden doesn't care because he's a dictator, and he's about to cause a civil war coming for the guns.
That's another thing.
My husband, I mean, he goes every morning.
Well, not every morning.
On the weekends, you know, he works through Monday through Friday.
But whenever he can, he goes up to the ammo store and he gets ammo every morning.
Well, he's smart.
He's lucky to have a lady like you.
I hear that baby in the background.
God bless you.
All right.
Another caller hung up from Quebec.
That's OK.
I'm going to hit when we come back.
I got big news.
Stay with us.
Tell it like it is.
Evil rules the world.
So heavy metal rock bands from Germany know it.
Jesus told you.
Now you see it.
America was a Christian nation.
We had our problems.
We had wars over fixing them.
But now we've got just people that want to absolutely steal and rob and manipulate and have raw power over you.
This is all about raw power over you, raw power over your family, over your power.
Literally, it's not a pun.
They want power over your power.
They want power over your genetics.
They want power over your body.
They want power over your children.
They want power over your soul.
They want power over your very essence.
And let's put up the ERCOT executive who we're digging into.
And I knew this group was just as bad as Enron.
Again, Enron wrote the book.
I showed it last hour how Enron got caught in other countries and in the U.S.
jacking up prices by saying there were power allergies and not enough power.
And they found that if you said there wasn't enough power, people would then accept higher power prices.
And there's a Wall Street Journal article, a Market Watch article from back in 2002, 18 years ago, admitting it.
That's how it works.
So there's documentaries on it, there are congressional hearings.
This is a fact.
And the weird thing about criminals is they do the same thing over and over again, more than even the general public.
Criminals are very OCD.
And so they're doing it.
And I told you last week, I said, they're going to have rolling blackouts now, now that Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline.
And I said, it's not because that pipeline shut down, that never got opened.
It was almost completed.
Like 98% done.
That's crazy.
That's like $20-something billion to build.
But now, they'll start turning the power off just to train you because they found if you're starving to death or you don't have money, you're not going to be complaining politically.
You're going to sit there and take it.
And the big banks are going to make more money.
So let me show you some of these articles and what's unfolding.
Governor Greg Abbott received Tri-Global Energy Wind Leadership Award, PR Newswire.
He received it February 9th.
Well, that was just, that was just like 10 days ago.
Eight days ago.
The Global Energy, a leading U.S.
originator and developer of utility-scale renewable energy products, you mean crap, today announced that Texas Governor Greg Abbott
is a recipient of the Tri-Global Energy Award for signing into law more windmills and shutting down coal plants.
Meanwhile, there's an article here and a posting by Carol Dutton.
I looked this up.
They're SWAT teaming people's houses with regular pickup trucks with people dressed in what looks like U.S.
Army uniforms, probably our army,
Because someone, the neighbor, said he looked like he was at the Capitol, even though he wasn't the guy they saw at the Capitol.
Doesn't matter.
Now, you're at the Capitol?
Well, here comes the SWAT team, because we've got to disappear you.
But here it is, backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Breakthrough Energy Ventures places first bets on power storage because of coming power outages.
That was three years ago.
Gee, they can do the math.
If they cut off all the coal power that was supplying 80% of the country 15 years ago, now it's like 55-60%.
These other systems don't work?
They already did it in Spain?
Spain never came out of their depression since then.
Meanwhile, here it is.
Biden rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in U.S.
power grid.
And just last week, a week and a half ago, they asked Psaki about it.
And Psaki just said, I'm not going to comment on that.
But she does comment on bringing Biden's dogs are going to be coming to the, I guess, to the press conference.
Oh, look, he has dogs.
He's nice.
Oh, well, it's cultural for Xi Jinping to eat them, though.
You know, he just came out and said, well, it's their culture to attack Hong Kong.
It's their culture to have millions of people in death camps that work for Apple and slave labor.
You know, he said that.
I played it last hour.
Terrible, terrible situation.
So since we mentioned that, let's play Saki.
I've lost my list of videos here, but let's play Saki, the press secretary, a little loathsome person.
The big news was that Psaki came out and said that, well, let me tell you what we'll do for small businesses shut down by COVID.
We put a woman in charge of that.
Oh my gosh, a woman's in, well, it doesn't matter if I go bankrupt now.
I mean, a woman is in charge of the small business initiative that Biden's trying to shut down.
Well, I mean, absolutely fine.
Blow up all the small businesses now.
If a woman's in charge, I can't criticize it.
But what she said in there is, oh,
You want to know when the lockdown ends?
You want to know when the mask wearing stops?
We can hope someday.
Now it's hope someday.
You know, just out there.
Bill Gates says never.
Here is Saki talking about that.
Hi, it's Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary.
I'm back again to answer your questions that you sent on Twitter.
It's a $1.9 trillion package that does three things.
It has funding to get vaccines into the arms of more Americans.
Two, it has funding to reopen schools.
I'm a mom.
I know how important that is.
And three, it gets relief to Americans who need help the most.
What's happening is the House committees are negotiating the pieces of the package through their committees.
Once they're done, it will go to the Senate.
Once it comes through that process, the president's looking forward to signing it, and we're hopeful that's as soon as possible.
Major and Champ, this is for you.
You're invited anytime to the briefing room.
I will have snacks and treats in there right behind the podium that will just be for you.
When will we be getting vaccines?
What we're working to do here from the White House and from the administration is get more vaccine supply out to states.
So if you're eligible in your state, if you're over 65 in many states, you should be able to get the vaccine.
But it's going to take some time, it's going to take several months to ensure that every American has access to a vaccine.
And as I say though, shut her up please.
Again, you'll have to show the phone that you've had it to do whatever you want, to go wherever you want, to do whatever you want.
Again, it's about the global ID, it's about the global tracking, and Xi Jinping designed it, they give him credit, the Chinese designed it, and we have to adopt it.
It's like, oh, Xi Jinping, you're allowed to
Invade Hong Kong, you're allowed to act like God, you're allowed to run death camps for Buddhists and Muslims and Christians.
He said that yesterday, but it's okay because Tim Cook's gay and so is Anderson Cooper's.
He's like, you know, I'm not going to get in the way of what they do.
That's their culture.
They need to do it to make China strong.
The only thing I've heard crazier is the Prime Minister of Canada saying, quote, I like the strong dictatorship of China, I admire dictatorship.
I mean, these people are telling you they admire dictatorship, and they're not giving you a strongman dictatorship that's so popular he gets elected so he's not a dictator, but he does act as an autocrat.
It's not like it's even an autocrat that's for the people.
You know, those are the philosopher king type still has a big problem.
Because what happens when Putin goes, you know, it'll just go back to where it was.
But the point is, is that this is an unelected real dictator who's super unpopular, who goes to bat against you.
You understand?
Alright, we're going to come right back with a key clip of Zuckerberg admitting that the vaccine is dangerous.
Leaked video, and we're going to get some comments from the one, the only, John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com.
I'm Alex Jones with infowars.com.
Download every video.
Share it.
Save it on hard drive.
Who knows how long we'll even be here.
John Rappaport is always loaded for bear.
He's about to take over.
And I'm going to introduce him with this video of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, admitting that he just doesn't trust the vaccine and the side effects.
Really, India just banned it.
Merck pulled out.
South Africa's banning it.
Australia banned their vaccine.
Now they've got another one.
I mean, they are really acting suspicious where they're like, putting revisos out.
Like, be careful, it's dangerous.
But, oh, you've got to take it to have a job and we've got a global ID.
Israel's the most draconian right now.
My God, they're arresting Hasidic Jews en masse because they won't take the vaccine.
It's getting bad.
Let me go back to Sally Talberg, ERCOT chairwoman.
Remember, ERCOT is the new Enron.
But it's in bed with Governor Whitmer and of course, Cuomo and of course, Biden.
And so she's up in Michigan.
She runs ERCOT.
We went over to ERCOT earlier today.
It's totally empty, like two cars in the giant parking lot.
It controls all the thousands of little power plants around Texas that Obama was trying to shut down.
He shut down about half of them.
We used to supply 10, 15 states around us.
Now that's not the case.
This is all about them going in and controlling all the new smart thermostats with the smart hub, as they call it, the smart meter.
And then they're going to say, oh, we've got to control everything now because there's not enough power.
And we've got to control your refrigerator.
And we've got to control your computer.
And we've got to talk to your digital assistant.
So it's about the AI moving into your house.
The contact tracers then come to your house.
They have little social worker conversations with you, analyze what's going on, call the cops, call CPS, call elder care.
It looks like things aren't good.
And then later they come with the police to take your guns.
It's all an admitted plan.
Here's another one.
The heads of ERCOT board of directors don't even live in Texas.
Honeywell is giving utility companies access to your thermostat.
That's from many, many years ago.
Seven years ago.
Eight years ago.
How utility companies lower electricity use by controlling your thermostat.
I remember when I was telling people 20 years ago, they were planning it.
Because I'd watch, like, you know, the hearings and stuff.
They're like, oh, it's preposterous.
No one can do that in America.
So that's what this is.
He's about to take over.
He is.
John Rappaport.
Here's a two-minute clip, though, of the latest coup by Project Veritas.
Zuckerberg in leaked video saying, we just don't know the long-term side effects, basically modifying people's DNA and RNA.
He put that out on purpose.
These leaks have been on purpose.
I don't think...
We just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's
DNA is inherent in your own DNA cell.
We just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people.
Last week, Facebook announced they are, quote, expanding their efforts to remove false claims on Facebook and Instagram about COVID-19 vaccines.
Let's take a look at Facebook's most updated COVID-19 vaccine policy.
The real kicker is right here in the policy where Facebook says it would remove any content that, quote, claims the COVID-19 vaccine changes people's DNA.
Well, we just got a new leaked tape from Zuckerberg himself, the CEO of Facebook, basically violating his own code of conduct.
He would be censored on the platform today for what he said.
I share some caution on this because we just don't know the long term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA and RNA.
So when Zuckerberg said, quote, basically, the vaccine is modifying people's DNA, it seems pretty clear modifying is synonymous with changing.
Again, Zuckerberg would be banned from Facebook for saying this.
This video of me showing the CEO of Facebook talking might be banned.
But then Zuckerberg on November 30th in a public live stream Q&A appears to somewhat change his tune.
My understanding is that these vaccines do not modify your DNA or RNA.
First of all, DNA is inherent in your own nucleus cell.
Sticking in anything foreign will ultimately get cleared.
Well, I'm glad we can clear that up.
Yeah, I'm glad we can clear that up.
Isn't it interesting that Zuckerberg can vastly involve his thinking on the subject of vaccines.
As soon as he's made up his mind, or appears to have made up his mind on the topic, he disallows the almost 3 billion Facebook users to do the same.
Rules for thee, but not for me.
Seems a little bit hypocritical.
Alright, the full report is on InfoWars.com, but I mean, look, they do this as a proviso to, metaphysically, to protect themselves.
It's a rule they follow.
He has to tell his employees, he has to let you know out there one place the truth, then come out and say this other thing.
But what it does is it programs your cell to create this protein, and the top scientists say that when the cell dies or divides, it will offshed that, where you're now going to have an autoimmune response to that.
That's just one of the problems.
John Rappaport will be joining me in the next few days on my full show.
I cut him short today.
I appreciate him still being here for a segment and a half.
John Rappaport, give us the latest, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
Very good.
Mark Zuckerberg.
Wow, wow, wow.
Speaking out of both sides of his mouth.
How unusual.
OK, first of all, folks, I want to comment on a gentleman named Alfie Oaks.
You can see his video recently on Band.Video at Infowars, a very fine piece of work by a man who owns a grocery store in Naples, Florida, who wants business owners to stand up and open up on March 1st, regardless of restrictions, regulations, lockdowns, what have you, because
He's been running a grocery store in Florida all this time where masks are not mandatory.
You want to wear them?
You don't?
And he understands that this is a crackdown and destruction of the economy that is completely anti-constitutional, violates every legal freedom and natural freedom that we have.
And he is encouraging other business owners across the country to join on March 1st and open up, open up the economy.
I would say this is a very vital thing.
I only not only would say it is Alfie Oaks.
You'll find his video at Band.Video on Infowars.
And I certainly commend and congratulate him for
Not only speaking out, but keeping his business alive through thick and thin all during this whole insane ordeal.
So in the time remaining today, I want to begin launching an effort to show you a weak spot, a major weak spot in the globalist enemy program.
That can be defeated with your help.
You know, it's one of these deals where lots and lots and lots of people pay attention to important information, but then there's the question of what do you do with it?
Do you just absorb it or do you share it and pass it on?
Because there is a thing, and I assure you it's true because I've seen it,
There is a thing called critical mass of information.
And when it reaches that critical mass, all kinds of unpredictable things happen that are good if the information is true.
All kinds of good things happen at critical mass when the information is true.
So I want to start launching this today here.
I won't have time to explain it completely.
But I'll be on next week for sure doing that.
And that weak spot in the opponent is the PCR test, because I'm talking about the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the destruction of the economy, the brutalization and destruction of many lives all over the planet on purpose, as we have been saying, to usher in the Great Reset and the technocratic
Revolution that demolishes what is human in humanity.
The test, the PCR test that presumably detects the virus.
Is the key to the enemy's scientific position.
All of the case numbers are based on it, and the lockdown supposedly are based on the case numbers, but the test is completely fraudulent.
And I have explained it, and I will explain it again in significant detail.
But it means nothing unless you pass on the information.
Okay, last segment for this hour, I'm talking about the PCR test, which is a great weak point in the enemy's position, if you will take the truth and pass it on to many, many people.
And in this segment, only have time to
Dip into this because there are many, many details here that are vital.
First of all, different labs come up with different results for the PCR test.
This has been known as an open secret in the testing community for decades now.
That is to say, a person could get tested at one lab negative, another lab positive.
That is fantastically important.
Imagine what would happen if a person armed with a good lawyer would be tested three or four times, let's say, within a very short space of time in three or four different geographic areas to be sure that the test would be going to three or four different labs and they came back with different results.
Positive, negative, positive, negative.
If that isn't a basis for a lawsuit, I don't know what is.
That's a note to lawyers.
That's a note to clients, potential clients.
That's called a strategy.
Real life, real time strategy that has legs, that has guts, that can be publicized at the same time that it can be entered as a case in court.
Number two, let's take this, requires a bit more explanation.
Let's say that you're a person that has been told they have to get tested for whatever reason.
Tested for the virus, okay?
So you have a good lawyer and you go in to get tested and you say, hold on, before I get tested, I want the lab that is going to process this test
To issue a sworn affidavit stating how many cycles they run the test at.
Okay, now I have to provide a little background.
What does that mean?
The PCR test is done in cycles.
Each cycle is a quantum leap in amplification of the test sample swab taken from the patient.
That's the way the test is done.
So you have one cycle magnifies the test sample, two cycles magnifies it much bigger, on and on and on.
It is common knowledge, and we have the citation from Anthony Fauci, that when a test is run higher than 35 cycles, the results are meaningless, useless, deceptive.
However, and all of this is cited in my articles at nomorefakenews.com where I'm doing a series now that I've launched on the PCR test.
However, the guidelines for labs in America issued by the FDA and the CDC recommend doing the PCR test
Up to 40 cycles to find the virus.
That means that labs are going along with that.
That means that labs are going to be running this test at levels that are meaningless, useless, deceptive, and spin out false positive results like a fire hose.
If that isn't a basis for a lawsuit, I don't know what is.
So, client, lawyer,
Go in to get tested and they say, whoa, wait a minute.
We want a sworn affidavit from the lab that's going to process this sample and test it as to how many cycles they're doing the test at.
If the lab refuses to come across with that information, lawsuit.
If the lab comes across with the information and it's higher than 35 cycles, lawsuit.
Now imagine, let's say 100 or 200 such clients and lawyers around the United States filing these lawsuits and the publicity that would attach to all of this as a way of detonating consciousness, truthful consciousness about
The deceptive PCR test, which is the basis of all claims of case numbers and the basis for all of the lockdowns and economic destruction.
You getting my message here?
Now, to put a capper on this, and again, I have the citation in the New York Times, labs in America
Do not report the number of cycles they run the test at to doctors or patients.
They just simply don't do it.
That's very interesting, isn't it?
You wonder why?
Well, I've explained why.
Because if they admit that they're running the test at higher than 35 cycles, they're liable.
They're committing a crime.
They're deceiving people and calling them positive for the virus, which is a lie.
This is a fantastic scandal, folks, and this is just the beginning of the scandal.
Now, I know there are lawyers out there listening to this program.
I've handed you two strategies for
Making a serious inroad on the official lying position on the PCR test.
And if you're willing to pick up the ball and run with it, all kinds of things can happen.
And for people who are watching and listening, all kinds of good things can happen.
If you spread this information, the information contained in this program,
This segment that I'm doing right now and in the articles that I'm publishing at No More Fake News about the PCR test.
Alerting to the public what the truth is and the lies are behind this fabricated operation, a covert operation using a fatally flawed test to deceive the public
Jack up case numbers and bring upon the destruction of the economy through these brutal lockdowns.
That's the chain of events.
That's what people have to understand more and more clearly.
I have already exposed and will be exposing again
Statements in official medical literature from the World Health Organization, from the CDC, from the FDA, admitting that their own test is irreparably flawed, the PCR test.
Not my words, their words.
They admit it in their own literature, and I have the statements.
And I've quoted them before in articles, and I'm reprinting those articles again.
So there's more to this than I have the time to explain here in these two segments today.
When there is a war, and there is a war, and if you're listening here on InfoWars, you know there is a war.
There is a war against freedom.
There is a war against the individual.
There is a war against sane society, open society, freedom, liberty.
All of the things that make life meaningful and worthwhile.
Then what we need to do is to look at the enemy.
The technocrats, the globalists that want to destroy everything that is good about life.
And say.
They're not overwhelming.
Come on.
What is
Their weak point.
What are their weak points?
And there are several, at least.
I'm pointing to one major one here, the test, the PCR test, which is geared to produce all these false numbers that are hypnotizing the public via the news.
That are being used by governors, presidents, premiers to institute these brutal lockdowns and the destruction of economies across the world as a prelude to the dystopian technocracy that they want to impose on humanity.
Stay tuned because there's going to be a lot more here.
Pass along this information.
This is John Rappaport.
Thank you, InfoWars.
See you next time.
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