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Name: 20210217_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2021
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You are criminal!
Shutting off our power!
We know you, Richard!
The whistleblowers are coming forward!
Texas has plenty of power!
You are turning us to have less power and take more!
Reuters reports power prices on the open market up 10,000% as you hold the state hostage so outside power groups, like vultures like Enron did, can feed on us!
You thought because it's been 20 years since Enron did this to the West Coast, you would get away with this.
You are not getting away with it, you criminals!
And so coming up, this Saturday we're going to protest the big tech, great recent Democrat poll.
Greg Abbott, Ed Doon at the Governor's Mansion.
He's essential.
He's got power.
And then at 2 p.m., we're coming down here on 290 towards the airport.
I will see all humans in Texas that want this great reset power pump, just like cutting off the Keystone Pipeline.
We know they've done it before, they've been caught, and now the whistleblowers are set to go public!
That's why they put this puppet woman here.
That's where they get it.
Because the people actually running it don't want to go to prison.
They want to set her up like Cuomo, but she's part of it too.
You're all going to prison!
This is serious, folks.
This is war.
They're shutting our energy systems off by design.
They know what they're doing.
They're technocrats.
They think you're so stupid to figure it out.
Figure it out or be overrun and starved to death!
They're about to kill the U.S.
They're signaling worldwide that the U.S.
is over.
So at least once they crash the economy, remember who did this to you.
This is war, people.
This isn't a joke.
Notice the globalist criminals!
ERCOT Chairwoman Sally, the Democrat, Tolbert, and their other globalist accomplices, whistleblowers inside your organization, as well as the EPA and Texas government, are prepared to come forward and expose your giant Enron-style scam.
You'll hear my order.
By leading the people to cease and desist your staged blackout designed to condition Americans to accept the Great Reset and the carbon credit rationing.
Justice Governor Cuomo will be sent to prison for his crimes against humanity.
You will be held accountable.
One last time, we are aware of your criminal enterprise to trick the public into accepting smart meter monitoring of thermostats and to jack up power prices as much as 10,000%.
Stop your criminal activity now.
We the people are watching Alex Jones.
And now because he's in there, that's the security guy, security guy's car, we saw him in there earlier.
Now he's doing that for the rest of us, we're staying for hours.
So hell, get the address down, we're gonna give it out.
What's the address here?
We're gonna stay here today.
We're moving in!
We're staying!
They want to lay us out.
They want to squeeze us.
They want to nudge us.
They want to control us.
But you can stop them.
Send out the live links now.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Not video.
And we're going to come here Saturday and he'll peep his little horn and burn in hell.
For all these old people dying freezing to death.
Don't forget, we need financing to stay on air, folks.
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InfoWars.com NewsWars.com InfoWars.com Oh, I was done.
I was about to leave.
But now the security guard, whoever's activated that porn, I'm staying a good two hours now.
I'm staying now!
And it's them playing God, and we'll be here Saturday, 2 p.m., at the scene of the crime, the ERCOT Texas headquarters, where this criminal corporation runs their scam.
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The lines at the grocery stores are getting longer and longer, while most of the store shelves are left bare.
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