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Name: 20210215_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 15, 2021
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Texas is under attack.
America is under attack.
It's a modern war.
A war against our children.
A war against our economy.
A war against our communications using censorship.
A war to create a post-industrial world for the once wealthy nations of the West.
We're good to go.
Under the directives of the United Nations shutting down our power plants in the last few years.
We're going to lay it all out here today.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I'm under the Great Reset.
Our power has been turned off.
40% of the state without power this morning.
All the Great Reset.
I told my wife that this morning.
I told my security people that.
And then my head security guy walks up and goes, here's the Austin American statesman admitting that since they shut down the coal plants in Texas under Obama, the windmills in West Texas failed and the power may be off for a week or longer.
Rolling blackouts because coal is evil.
So here we are at InfoWars and we have to open the windows up to have light.
Here, let me give you a tour real quick.
Here's Michael Zimmerman stringing stuff in with generators to even be able to run things.
We have backup batteries, but those go out in like five hours, which they have.
Now we're on backup.
Oh, look!
The new Dark Age!
I'm in my main studio.
I can't talk to you!
I can't be on air because I'm non-essential.
The economy's shut down.
Hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed.
Tens of millions of people are going bankrupt.
And here we are, watching the most high-tech, clean-burning coal plants in the world, that nothing comes out of them but carbon dioxide and water vapor, and they've shut them down.
Trump stopped the shutdowns, but Obama had already shut down thousands, over 100 in Texas.
And then I'm reading the Austin American Statesman.
And they admit the whole thing and say, this is green energy, but it's worth it.
Folks, this is the new dark age.
Bill Gates is on the cover of Wired.
This man could save the world.
He wants to block the sun out so that we're not too hot.
He controls our medical system.
He controls every facet of our lives.
He says, oh sorry, we're never going to reopen.
And then smiles about it.
It just so happens he wants depopulation.
It just so happens he flies around in his
Private jet all over the world that says you shouldn't be able to have a car or air conditioning and so did Obama.
They have a name.
It's called feudalism.
It's called serfdom.
It's called controlling populations by keeping them poor and ending the capitalist idea of upper mobility.
And they get the left on board with it.
Oh, we're just shutting the economy down to get rid of Trump.
Now it's like, oh, 100 days of the mask, Biden said.
Now Biden says, it's forever.
So, we're going to shoot these reports for you here, live on the scene, and stream them out over our systems that aren't in Texas, that aren't completely shut down.
And then, we're going to lay out the globalist master plan here.
And we're going to post this to Bandai Video.
Almost all of Austin is without power.
There's no businesses open, no police services, no way to clean the roads, no way to do anything under this ice storm, and no power because people's power usage went up, wanting to heat their homes.
And remember what just came out with the Green Czar in Massachusetts last week?
He said, the enemy is us.
We must
We must break the will of the American people, the retiree down the street.
60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on the street, the senior on fixed income, right?
There is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at, turn the screws on.
And, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.
That's you.
We have to break your will.
I can't even say that publicly.
Because of greenhouse gases.
Greenhouse gases were made on this earth.
Greenhouse gases used to be much higher than they are now.
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are trace gases.
Trace gases.
If you look at the graph of the Earth, it was a lot hotter in the last few hundred thousand years, and then was going down, and now it's gone up a tiny bit.
Yes, we've raised the temperature, like, maybe half a degree.
And thank God, that's us terraforming it in a good way, unknowingly.
Geoengineering, but O'Gates says, spray aluminum dioxide and barium salt to block the sun to cool the Earth.
And now that little bit of heat increase we've seen in the last 100 years is starting to already go down.
This is insane.
By the way, we're due for another ice age every 12,000 years.
We're entering that period right now.
So let's go outside and show you the new ice age that if the graphs are correct, if the scientists are right, it's not disputed, we're on a 12,000 year sun cycle, 11,500 year sun cycle, then the new ice age is basically starting up right now.
Which is what the environmentalists at Club of Rome thought in the 60s and 70s, which was probably more probable.
But then they had a little bit of a heat spike and said, let's just say it's global warming.
The point is, it's a way to have a power grab and control things through scientific voodoo, saying pay us carbon taxes, you're not essential, so they can control things in their own words.
And now they admit, Bill Gates goes, oh, the great recent, ladies and gentlemen,
The Great Reset is to make you poor to save the Earth.
No, it's to make you poor to control you for these people that don't live by the rules they give us.
So I am now living in a place locked down for a year, the majority of small business is out of business, people wearing masks, it's never going to end, and now my power is off.
Almost my entire crew has no power.
My office has no power.
I have family with no power.
The downtown government buildings have no power.
And guess what?
We have a hybrid natural gas generator we bought a few years ago.
It doesn't work.
It failed.
So we went and talked to people we know and got some gas generators that are working great, and we're getting ready to fire the power back up here.
But they're cutting it off.
They're saying by 2030, no gas engines for sale.
God Almighty!
I'll take you outside and show you Bill Gates wanting to, quote, block out the sun and look where we're at in a frickin' frozen tundra with the power off!
Freezing our asses off like serfs!
That's 21st century war, that's the Great Reset, and the Great Reset has cut the power off in Texas.
Modern society is great in many ways, but it's domesticated.
The citizenry is very dependent on the system.
And the average American, the average person in the industrialized world, flips on a light switch and just expects power.
Or they pull into the gas station and they expect gasoline.
Or they go to the grocery store and they expect that fresh food is going to be flown in or trucked in to where they're at, even in the winter.
People have been taken away from the land and have been made very, very soft, myself included.
But at least I know that that's going on.
And the Davos Group, the United Nations, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, they've all said that they're going to take advantage of that.
And the fact that the average person doesn't have any skills other than their specialized job,
We're good to go.
Hey, Klaus Schwab says the same thing.
And Klaus Schwab says we're going to continue what Obama did in Europe and the United States and Australia and New Zealand and Canada.
But that's it.
Cutting off all the coal power plants and phasing out by 2030 gasoline engines.
And they say, oh, it's to save
No, it's about a political power grab.
It is about centralizing absolute control with themselves in charge and using what they call a computerized technocracy to monitor and control everything you do, from your fireplace, to your farm, to the meat you eat, to where you go, to what you do, being tracked and taxed and controlled.
They call it a post-industrial world.
Even Toyota came out last week and admitted all of this.
They said, listen,
The truth is we've done the mathematical analysis according to the United Nations own carbon scheme.
And the carbon claim that a electric car uses less carbon dioxide in its process of making the car, servicing the car, and powering the car is not true.
And they actually found that a gasoline engine
When it's also hybridized, it sometimes is better than gasoline and better than electric.
The two together.
And I'm not even defending that model.
But that's the mathematical equations.
I've already seen those equations.
It's well known.
When you look at power lines, depending on the type of power line, depending on the type of power they're sending down it, on average you lose half of the power generated from a coal power plant and say sent 30-40 miles into a city.
When you've got windmills on the coast of England, or the coast of Spain, or in far west Texas, and the power travels 200 to 300 to 400 miles.
Oh, I'm sorry, in some cases, 600 miles from far, far west Texas where these are, way out, close to Mexico, all the way up to the corner to Dallas.
That's 600 miles, ladies and gentlemen.
They're losing almost all the power when they do that.
And so, just like Spain 10 years ago put in the windmills, shut down their fuel, bankrupted them, permanent depression.
England's now doing it.
Same thing's happening.
This has nothing to do with it actually working.
They give select globalist companies hundreds of millions of dollars to build these horrible windmills that take incredible fossil fuels, if you think they're bad, to smelt the steel and the aluminum, to ship it to the sites, to build these giant gargantuan eyesores that kill so much wildlife, the birds, and then again transfer the power to the city or town.
They are literally putting a tax and regulations on fossil fuels to control society, to build a quote, post-industrial world for political control.
And they admit all this.
How did I know a year ago that the lockdown would never end?
How did I know that the mask would never end?
How did I know that even once you took the inoculation, they would say it didn't work, but you've got to still have the inoculation and still can't have a job?
Because it's called Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.
These guys have written about every damn bit of it.
How do you think I could make a film 13, 14 years ago called Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, and you watch the damn film and almost all of it's come true?
Because I show their quotes and their statements!
And they think you deserve to have this done to you, what's now unfolding.
You're not fighting back.
They all have private jets.
They all got a bunch of kids.
They all have palatial mansions.
They all live however they want, have huge yachts.
They're telling you when Obama goes to Africa that you can't have a car, you can't have an air conditioning.
Totally Malthusian.
Look up Malthusianism.
Look up eugenics.
Look up the Great Reset.
Look up Operation Lockstep where the Rockefellers 11 years ago with Bill Gates said we'll use a virus as the crisis to bring in world government and to bring in our regime of total regulation and total control over society where we're in charge and where we dictate and where they are
They've taken our speech.
They're taking everybody else's speech.
They're taking our energy.
They're brainwashing our children.
They are cutting off our economy, and they are admitting at the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab said, you will own nothing, you will have nothing, you will like it, and he said just two weeks ago, anybody that is in a job,
Where you're interacting with another person is over.
No one is going to go into their businesses anymore.
We're all going to talk to you to stop carbon use.
He said that five damn years ago.
And they use all of this as a pretext under the cover of COVID to bring in this depopulation.
And all these liberals that don't even have jobs, who haven't got two or three degrees, they go and pretend like they're part of the establishment, and they pretend like they're part of the system, and they pretend, well, there aren't too many people, wink, wink, let's go along with this, when you're being targeted just as bad, and you're acting like damn schmucks!
Come together!
Stand up for yourselves!
Be strong!
Have some dignity!
Realize that if you aren't territorial, and if you don't stand up for yourself, and if you behave and act like a total slave, you will be destroyed.
The nation of sheep, as Thomas Jefferson said, will be ruled by wolves.
Act like a damn sheepdog, not like a sheep.
I know a lot of people over the years, I thought I was waking up and said, Jones, don't worry.
I won't be a sheep.
I'm going to join the wolves.
And again, I go back full circle.
Those of you
Like, you're part of the establishment going along with this.
That's why they always thought, oh, we're going to get rid of half the world population in the 70s.
And then later, well, once we set up world government, it'll be about 80%.
But the good people will still be around to guard the Earth.
Now they publicly say 90% will be exterminated, and the new numbers are down to 1% of world population.
You've been taught to hate yourselves.
You've been isolated.
Big tech media is designed, they admit, to make you depressed, to make you alone.
You are under a reclamation program to remove you and build a new world.
You are under a culling program.
They've decided to dynamite us.
They've decided to remove us.
They've decided to blot us out like you destroy a building with a wrecking ball.
So at least admit what's happening to you and recognize what's happening to you as it happens.
And realize that the inhuman, degenerate, scumbag, filth, and garbage.
As for me, there is hope.
As I said,
Merck had to pull their vaccine three weeks ago because it was making people sick and killing them.
And they admitted that even if you take it, it doesn't protect you.
They recommended you just get COVID and get over it.
And it was a scam.
Huge move.
They got scared and said, this is too evil.
We're not doing it.
South Africa banned the vaccine, making people sick and killing them.
Australia had to ban their vaccine that they put out.
It was giving people HIV positive stuff.
India just banned the mRNA Pfizer shot.
The US military just came out and said, we don't trust this.
And the troops are saying no en masse.
Minority groups have been secretly tested on, know the history and are saying no.
It's not the white man doing it.
It's not the average American government person doing it.
It's these old scientific elites that go back to England 200 years ago, that set up the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute later in Germany, that set up Cold Springs Harbor.
That recruited the robber barons of the 19th century to set up eugenics operations.
Watch my film Endgame and understand what's happening while you still can.
They admit that they have shut our power systems down so much that we can't even provide power in the summer and the winter in the great state of Texas that up until 10 years ago was supplying power to 15 states!
And was doing an incredible job, but we've been shut down.
But China has no cuts.
India has no cuts.
Mexico has no cuts.
They have dirty coal-powered plants without scrubbers, putting whatever they want into the atmosphere, putting mercury in the atmosphere, carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, all sorts of particulate.
That's okay because the globalists are invested there and are using that to shut down the West.
But it's not okay.
We need clean plants, whether they're natural gas, whether they're hydroelectric, or whether they're wind power.
And I'll say it again, a lot of you were probably asking from earlier, what do you mean, Jones, there's less carbon, I get this all the time, in a smaller gas engine car, or a hybrid engine car, than in a pure electric car.
And you're asking, Jones, how is that?
Because there's no emissions on an electric car.
Are you a fool?
They have to have emissions to produce the electricity to send it down the wires and most of it's lost.
So there's a giant combustion engine system, a turbine turning water and boiling water and there's other systems that is sending that to you.
But the left doesn't even want the hydroelectric!
They don't want anything.
They want us shut down.
They want feudalism.
It's their new model.
So stand up for yourselves.
I know our general audience understands this and is fighting hard, but we're going into the New World Order now.
We need the people out there on the fence to research this for themselves and stop sitting there like sitting ducks.
All right, again, if you're just tuning in, you're just joining us here on the broadcast, we're having to shoot this on the side of the road to illustrate all the snow and the rest of it.
Then upload it from a laptop powered by a generator to cloud editing to then load that in to send it out over the radio and TV network because our main satellite uplinks on our main studio is still out of power.
We're working to get it all restored but it takes a lot of power and all of our backup batteries failed.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
But this is all
It's illustrative of the economic attack we're under.
The globalists use the fact that we're domesticated, we live in a complex, just-on-time delivery system, to control us.
And they admit they're doing that.
And there's so many ways they do it.
It's a predatory system.
It's a modern form of warfare.
And the entire future is being laid out before us and it's very dystopic.
And I will tell the politicians who have not joined the globalists this.
You're not just doing the right thing.
But also you can become very successful opposing the New World Order in the future because there's going to be massive opposition to this as the public wakes up to how draconian and how out of control it is.
The globalists are psychotics, control freaks, very OCD, very sadistic, sociopathic, and they can't help but do these aggressive things.
They can't help but try to dominate and take advantage.
And when
We act like this, and when we're subservient and pathetic, as I said earlier, a nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.
When we do that, it only encourages them like blood to water with sharks.
So, again, I learned very young when I was a kid growing up in Dallas, if a dog starts running at you, don't be scared, yell at it, throw rocks at it, it'll run off most of the time, if you're not on its property.
If you run, it's going to attack you.
And it's that simple.
If you act like that, if you behave like that, you're going to be a slave.
People that subserve become slaves.
And America was about standing up to that, and that's why the globals want to get rid of it.
First, it was a group of white men standing up against the king.
And then they said, hey, it's right for everybody to actually be able to stand up.
And they almost banned slavery in the first constitution, but it doesn't matter.
It was Europe and the United States that first did all of those things.
So now the system is afraid of us exposing modern corporate globalist slavery.
So they turn around and tell us that the Western Christian ethos of the Renaissance is the most racist, evil thing ever, because it's actually kryptonite to their system.
It's like holy water and garlic to a vampire or the sun to Count Dracula.
So let's lay out what the Great Reset does at levels.
First off, the big mega banks have created thousands of trillions, quadrillions of fake digital money that they use to control markets and buy up and consolidate power and to make it short different stocks that they want to control or take control over commodities.
And so they want to get us in debt.
They want to repossess the farm.
They want to basically take your house.
They want you under their control.
And if you've got big boom economies that are doing well, then they don't get to buy up all the farms and houses and businesses that a diverse American
We're good.
The Communist Chinese admit, Barack Obama admitted, that Communist China, working with, quote, capitalist systems, was the model of the world.
The public are slaves, got elite managers, that then use offshore banks, and live like kings.
So, first it's about getting us into debt.
Then it's about having a global governance system that dictates what the tests are, what the regulations are, what the controls are, what the treatments are for any virus or system.
Checkpoints, martial law, secret arrest, forced quarantine centers, forced inoculations, digital passport
QR code tracking systems on all your phones and all your computers to be able to leave your house, be able to go to a business, be able to have a job, get on a train, start your car, get on a plane.
This is all official now.
I told you a year ago it was all going to happen when it started.
Now it's here.
Because Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates said in their white papers, we're going to use this for control, we're going to bring in world government, we're going to bring in the Great Reset, we're going to end the family, end the small business, end people gathering in groups.
Because the globalists fear what you saw at the Capitol.
It was a few hundred that got the big mass to do it.
The globalists provocateur-ed it, had security stand down, so that what they feared in the future could be discredited now.
A million people in DC with a serious mission to take over and overthrow an illegitimate government is powerful.
And so they don't want you going to a basketball game.
They don't want you going to a football game.
They don't want you going anywhere to a choir rehearsal with a thousand people.
Because in the future, what they plan to do to us is going to be so horrible, they know that masses of people will click into that mob psychology and overthrow the Ceausescu in Romania.
Or overthrow the
Russian leader in 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev.
Or how CNN promoted the Arab Spring, which was radical evil Muslims overthrowing secular governments and causing civil war.
That was all great, blowing up churches and burning down cities and killing Gaddafi and overthrowing Egypt.
And so they fear masses of people.
And so it's about outlawing those, making you dirty, make you wear a mask, make you know that you're bad.
They teach the kids they're evil, humans are bad, the environment's dying.
All of this is done specifically, again, to make you hate yourself, to bring in this control grid and totally surveil you.
Then you've got to get rid of cash because it's dirty and bad.
Now you've got to track all transactions to know what was done and who was involved in it.
Now you've got to set up the contact tracers under, no joke, a group Prince Charles has set up who wants to depopulate the world.
The Clinton Global Initiative, they've set up a group.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and of course the UN, are all setting up accredited contact tracers for the next phase, where they come to your house, force you to take the test, and take you to jail or to an emergency center if you don't.
Already happening in Spain and Australia, there are test grounds.
And there on out, there's so many other layers.
Getting you to tattle on your neighbors, getting you to spy on them, getting you to, again, be restricted in your travel, which they admit is getting you ready for the carbon taxes, and all the rest of it.
And then you've got Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all of these people.
They're up on top as the saviors, all the corporate media tell you.
Xi Jinping saved China.
He's not running death camps, which he is.
Oh, Klaus Schwab did this.
He's saving the Earth.
Bill Gates is saving the planet.
It doesn't matter if Bill Gates pays Wired Magazine and ABC News and CNN and underwrites them to say he's this big hero.
He's the guy that didn't just create Microsoft with IBM and his mother, who was on the board of that company.
His father worked with the head of IBM, who was a Nazi supporter, to establish this whole system to carry out depopulation and Bill Gates is on record admitting all of that.
So the man that wants to depopulate you and kill old people,
He's now saying he wants world government, wants you to take a shot so you live longer because he cares so much about you.
But he's on record saying, if we do a really good job with vaccines and other things, we'll lower the human population.
And we'll lower the growth of the population.
So he believes in what he's doing.
He believes it's so good that he's not even hiding it.
And that's what's so frustrating is Klaus Schwab admits this as well.
They have scripted themselves.
They have cast themselves as savers of the world.
They're bringing in an authoritarian, oppressive world government and pretending like you're liberal and pretending like you're trendy and pretending like you're a social justice warrior because you care about carbon and the earth and paying your indulgences to be a hero.
More of a Russian accent.
We're doing more of something to change you.
We change you in the Great Reset.
We do not change the environment.
We change you.
And yes, they are changing us.
And you've got tens of thousands of old people dying across the world.
After taking the vaccine, they admit it, not just Hank Aaron.
And again, they're just normalizing this and getting everybody used to the fact that there's just people dying here and there, but it's for a greater good.
And, oh, this doctor took it and her baby died when she took it.
She had a miscarriage, but that's all right.
She's a hero.
This is sick managed reality, managed perception.
And if you're delusional and go along with it,
You won't have your own free thoughts, you won't be free, and you will not live as long and not be as successful.
Don't be chumps.
Break out of your conditioning now while there's still time.
Everything you are, everything you'll ever be is on the line now.
Your identity.
Your spirit is on the line and you've got to realize this is so damn real and you're under military attack.
It's just incredible to watch the wages of the New World Order, to watch our economies and our speech and our culture shut off, to watch the racism and the division promoted by the left in the name of unity, to watch the destruction of our sovereignty, to watch the pulling down of Western culture because it's not compatible with this nightmare globalist operation that's so anti-human it's like space aliens created it.
Cut our power off!
Divide us!
Attack our families!
Say there aren't two sexes!
Sterilize little boys in mass!
Telling them it's trendy!
This is a dystopic scientific nightmare worse than any science fiction book ever written!
And the nightmare only stops when we admit it's happening and we say no to it!
All the proof is posted at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Endgame is posted for free on YouTube.
They took it down off Amazon.
I'm just asking you, as leaders out there, to realize how important you are and to get out of your comfort zones and stop just quietly going along with this.
Go out, get aggressive, legally and lawfully, and raise the alarm.
It's going to get so bad in the future, you're going to be fighting then, no matter what.
But I suggest you do it now, so we get even more ahead of this.
If we hadn't done this for 27 years, if others hadn't been aware of this, they would already be way ahead of us on this.
They're actually in deep trouble.
I already listed all the countries pulling out of the vaccines, exposing them.
The fight against the New World Order is super hot.
Infowars is super viral in India.
I'm very proud of the fact we've helped them lead their charge for freedom.
And we're going to be able to do this together, but it's going to take real focus.
And again, to realize this isn't like a foreign army attacking with army tanks and airplanes.
This is
I don't know.
The fight starts when you realize this is everything and InfoWars isn't one of those thousands of flavors of false political systems.
We have the zeitgeist.
We have our finger on the pulse.
We've done the studying.
We've faced the facts and we've changed the world together.
But now we've got to save the world from the globalists.
It's not going to be Bill Gates that does it.
It's going to be you.
It's going to be me together.
Here we are in the main studio.
It is darkness.
It takes a massive amount of power to just run this studio.
Now we had two backup generators, but only six hours of power on the batteries.
We've now got another backup generator in that's better, that runs off of diesel fuel.
Again, gas generators, using natural gas, can't even operate at this level that are portable units.
They cannot produce the power.
Just like ancient man harnessed fire to conquer his environment, if they take the fossil fuels away without a replacement that works, we're doomed mass population reduction.
And that's what Ted Turner and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are saying they're doing.
The Great Reset is meant to end world hunger by starving billions of people to death.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
So let me lead you out here and show you what is keeping Infowars
On the air right now.
Because the news is saying power's been out for hours.
I've got family, friends, crew.
Almost everyone that works here's power is out a day later.
Look at this right here.
Diesel is having to be brought in here to run that generator and two other small ones or we go off the air.
And that's just to have the rebroadcast going.
We're not even sure we'll have power if this is continued tomorrow to boot the main studios up.
We have been power-rich.
That's how we were able to farm.
That's how we were able to build all these civilizations.
And now the globalists are telling us they control all of it.
Look at this building.
It's empty right now.
Normally there'd be a crew here.
But there's no power to the systems.
The power is literally
Being cut off right now.
And here we're in the first world.
So it just causes a depression.
In the third world, it causes death.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here from our studios with Doe Power.
We're able to remotely upload this to Bandon Video.
And then we're able to get it to GCN up in Minnesota.
During this giant cold blast, they're 30 below, but they're used to the cold, so they're able to stay on air with their generators.
So that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
And that's an example of how we're so domesticated down here in Texas, because we're never hit by a cold blast of air like this.
And that's why the Globals want to keep us domesticated on so many fronts.
So we have participation trophies in school, and you're not supposed to have contact sports.
They're not doing this to protect us.
The nanny state is there to domesticate us and control us.
So, earlier today, I taped some of the clips you just saw.
And I talked about how it's Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, how they purposefully shut down the three major power plants in Austin and over a hundred others around the state of Texas, and how even local newspapers admit that that's why they've been told by Austin Energy that there's not enough power.
Then the crew showed me local news articles where they deliberately turned the power off, admitting they didn't have enough power.
And so now Texas has to get power from outside states when just 10 years ago, before Obama started all this, we were supplying all the neighboring states.
Spain used to supply the countries around them with power.
They shut down their coal power plants.
So this is military war.
And all the coal plants in the world don't put out as much as a volcano erupting dust, a big volcano, like Mount St.
Helens or Krakatoa.
So it's just crazy to know about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, to know about the New World Order, and to now be living in it, and to realize that the Google owners, Sergey Brin and the rest of them,
Or $50, $60, $70, $80 million.
They have 50,000 acres, 40,000 acres, 20,000 acres, palatial palaces, and dozens of private jets, and yachts, and women, and everything they want.
And they're just, oh, you're locked down.
You're not essential.
Oh, you can't have a car or air conditioning like Barack Obama said.
And Eric Schmidt of Google says the same thing.
And that's their only pleasure is Bill Gates with all his giant mansions and I was reading he has like a 40,000 square foot house another 30,000 square foot house and one of the biggest yachts in the world that cost all you know 500 million dollars or something but that's okay because he's Bill Gates and he wears a pink sweater and and and and he's there to tell you how to live your life so it's official
That now we have rolling blackouts like California does in the summer and in the winter.
And they're just training us to accept it.
The power went out of my offices last night.
My crew, my engineers have been here all night not sleeping.
And there's no power here other than the generators that are only able to power some of the equipment to get us ready for the show tomorrow.
Again, this is living under feudalism with these robber baron criminals that work for the big banks that have created quadrillions in fake currencies and have taken over.
And they're now telling the Western world, you've got to be poor for the earth, but they're going to be fabulously rich.
And then you learn from the ice core samples and the mud core samples and the glacial samples.
That a million years ago, there was many times higher carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air.
And then you learn that 50,000 years ago there was.
And you see the graph of higher carbon dioxide going down towards our modern age and then barely bouncing up.
And it's so infuriating.
That's why plants used to grow so giant.
That's why animals used to get so big.
Because they have more oxygen and more carbon dioxide.
And we know this.
In studies, if you double the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, plants grow much bigger, much healthier, bigger yields, more healthy.
They now know the Sahara Desert has been expanding rapidly since the last ice age because of lower carbon dioxide for plants in the atmosphere.
It's crazy.
Like God put oil in the ground or whatever did it so that right as the earth needed it, we could terraform it and create a better atmosphere.
You know, Mars, uh, NASA believes, and I look at the signs, I think it leans towards that.
I don't just believe what they say.
Some millions of years ago was at its lower gravity.
It was a colder planet as well, further out from the sun.
And so it couldn't keep its atmosphere in.
And so the water that had been trapped in its development of the planet off-gassed over time, and Mars lost most of its water.
Some of it's still frozen beneath the surface.
They've now sent probes down to confirm that, because Mars is a lot smaller than Earth, has lower gravity.
And I remember Buzz Aldrin told me about this on air, but also off air when I talked to him in Los Angeles.
He told me, oh, we found water on the moon, but that's classified.
In a year, the Indians are going to crash a probe into it to shoot debris into the atmosphere.
They're going to find water.
We already found it there, but we like to let them, you know, discover it.
And sure as hell, a year later, it all happened like he said.
So there's just a lot of crazy stuff going on.
The real way to have wealth is to say something's off limits and to say you can't use coal.
I mean, coal is totally clean with the scrubbers they have and the systems they have.
All that comes out is carbon dioxide and water vapor.
And people say, well, Jones, you must be making money off of coal because you keep promoting coal all day.
No, I don't want the lights to go off.
I don't want to stop being able to compete with China that has more coal-powered plants than anybody else that are dirty.
So Blisters asked me, why do you obsess over energy?
Energy is everything.
The sun is our main energy.
Ancients worshipped the sun because it was what grew the crops and warmed them, and they knew standing in it would make them get healthy if they were sick.
They didn't know about vitamin D3, but they knew.
Ancient Egyptian doctors said if you're sick, take royalty out and lay them out in the midday sun so that the sun god will heal them.
They knew.
And so the sun is energy.
It drives almost all of our climate.
Light, carbon dioxide, oxygen and water is the carbon cycle.
And if you take any of those, you have death on the planet.
Well, people know water's good.
Folks know oxygen's good.
And they know the sun's good.
So what is it they attack?
Carbon dioxide.
Because it sounds like monoxide.
Penn & Teller did it 20 years ago.
I did it 15 years ago.
We ought to go out and do it again.
You go out, you give people the name of water scientific, 95% say ban it.
We talked to over 100 people, only a few went, wait a minute.
We're like, dihydrogen monoxide, it's everywhere, it's toxic.
If you drink too much of it, it can kill you.
They're like, yes, I agree, we should ban that.
That's water.
Even better, 99% of the studies we did out interviewing the public, unofficial study, we're just talking to the public, if you give them the name of table salt, oh my God, it sounds like Satan.
I mean, table salt has a really scary name, and the average person will come to you and will say, let's ban that.
So carbon dioxide is a tiny trace gas and is essential to life on this planet.
Without carbon dioxide, we're done.
But look at the bankers!
They know how dumb we are, how ignorant.
So they list it as a toxic chemical.
They list it as a pollutant.
When it's a trace gas, impossible for Earth on terra firma.
Impossible for life on this planet.
And they turn it around as a bad thing.
This is so incredible.
I mean, I'm literally in the dark.
I don't take for granted power at my house, power at my parents, power at my crew.
And most of the crew that's here that came in today don't even have power at their home.
They have natural gas.
One of my crew members' family is in Round Rock and they've got the stove on and they're staying in the kitchen and listening to the radio because they don't have any power and it's 18 degrees.
Think about that.
And think about how we started this hour.
Think about the head of the carbon tax operation up in Massachusetts when he said, the enemy is the old retiree.
They're who we've got to break their will.
They can't have heating.
And they're teaching us.
Oh, they can turn up the power.
No, no, no, but see, there's a carbon output, and so even Texas has turned its plants off.
Oh, the governor may say he's against it.
The lieutenant governor may say he's against it, but the cities took taxpayer money and built those billion-dollar plants in the 80s and 90s, and they shut them off in the last 10 years.
And all that's being taken away.
So it's fundamental.
Your speech is being taken away.
Let me say that again.
60% of our
So here I am in the dark at the Infowar Studios.
And it's just completely illustrative of where the future is going.
The globalists are planning an anti-energy, anti-innovation, incredibly dystopic system in their own words.
All these powerful people have stolen the wealth of the world.
They have extracted the ideas of the public.
They've turned us against each other, and now they just want to get rid of us.
And they think that I'm a fool for trying to get you to even care or get involved and say no.
But I do this because at a heart level, at a gut level, a spiritual level, and also an intellectual level, I know that the evil globalists doing all this are horrible, ruthless, inbred scum.
And so it is the journey that is the destination.
It is this animating contest of liberty that's brought me to this point.
That's why I'm so thankful and just so incredibly honored that you've supported us and dreamed with us and worked with us in the last 27 years.
Some of you that long, most of you in the last few decades or so.
It's just been incredible.
But here we are.
World government's out in the open.
Carbon taxes are out in the open.
The attack on the family's out in the open.
The attack on the single-family dwelling is out in the open.
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all of them are saying, oh yeah, we're turning your power off.
Yeah, we're getting rid of your jobs.
You're obsolete.
You're bad for the earth.
And then it's in the London Guardian that people with mental handicaps are being told they don't get health care now in the UK because of COVID because the hospitals are so full.
We can't give you health care because you're handicapped.
You're not as important as other people.
Let's just unpack that.
That's classical Hitlerian eugenics.
Tyranny always starts where they target the weakest, the old, the mentally ill, mentally disabled, the young, the poor.
And the idea that the hospitals are full with COVID patients has been a proven fraud all over the world that big tech tries to suppress.
So it's based on a lie.
Oh, the hospitals are so full,
If you have Down Syndrome, we can't give you medical treatment.
In fact, we're going to let you die.
And they go, or if you're autistic.
So they brain damage you with the pesticides and the chemicals and the things that attack boys because our blood brain barrier isn't as strong as a girl's.
It's about half as strong.
And then they say, you're not human.
We're not going to give you medical care.
And they call it liberal!
And I see the people on Twitter calling me a Nazi every day, and all this, and I don't even feel sorry for myself.
I legitimately feel sorry for them, because they're in this, this crazy echo chamber, where they actually believe they're the liberals, they're the good guys!
And they're telling me that I deserve to die!
And so I say to them, whatever you've heard I've done, whatever it I did was wrong.
I questioned the mass shooting.
I did this or that.
Do I run death camps in China?
Like Apple.
Am I creating animal-human hybrids?
Like the big biotech companies?
Uh, no.
Am I producing nuclear weapons?
Am I torturing people to death?
Am I running Facebook, who they admit their own former executive said was meant to make you depressed and alone to control you?
Did I say you were obsolete?
Did I say that you were non-essential?
Did I say you should commit suicide?
No, I didn't do that.
I said I loved humanity.
And so I'm more than happy to be lied about and attacked.
But let's just move past that.
Move past what you've been told about Alex Jones and just ask yourselves, are we in a world government?
Is it corporate?
Is it anti-human?
Is it attacking the family?
Is it attacking boys?
Is it attacking girls?
Is it saying full-grown men can be in girls' sports?
Is it saying little boys get to be cool and be sterilized?
Is it pushing an agenda that tries to make us alone and hopeless?
And the answer is yes.
So, don't see the world through my eyes.
See the world through your eyes.
Not the corporate eyes.
Not the system's eyes, but really think for yourself about what this is.
And then realize that I understand the average person doesn't read 300 books on World War II.
I understand the average person doesn't read 100 books on Rome.
The average person doesn't read 50 books on British naval history.
The average person doesn't read 30 books on U.S.
history and the Revolutionary War, or five books on the Civil War, or a couple hundred books on globalism and Professor Carol Quigley and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Klaus Schwab.
But I did!
And so I know who these people are, just because I happened to get into it when I was like 9 years old.
Because these books were laying all over my house.
And so, I had a piece of chip earlier, that's why I keep licking my lips.
Because all the stores are closed, there's no food, the grocery stores are all closed.
So I went down and got the crew some food, I got some potato chips.
Some candy bars.
That's about all we get right now because the power's off because the government shut the power off by shutting the power plants down.
And so that's where we are.
Learning to live with less.
Learning that if somebody else gets something, we lose something.
Learning from Bill Gates that if you want to hire ten teachers, well, what do you do?
You kill an old person!
All that's a lie.
If you really think you kill an old person and you get advanced by Bill Gates, think again.
The minute you give up on standing up for humanity, the minute you give up on morals and justice, the minute you give up on what's written on the code of your soul,
You give up who you are and then that vacuum is created and all that corruption and all that evil comes in.
Oh, the left tells you evil and corruption doesn't exist because they don't want you to have a will and a differential and a gauge, a sight, as you drive down the road of life and make your own decisions about what's best for you and in the collective what you'd like to do with your greater self.
That communion.
The globalists always tell you they're the collectivists, they're the Great Communion, but they're really not.
They're actually waging war against the individual and war against a collective that the individual that is very pure on average would create together in a shared vision that is that free market of ideas.
It's always the robber barons, the islands unto themselves, the there-will-be-blood villain types that are the real David Rockefellers that don't want to see all this diversity, that don't want to see all these ideas, that don't want to see all this literature and art and culture and humans teeming with understanding because that leaves them in the dust.
And so everything they do is about waging war on humanity and bringing us down.
And their great modern war against humanity is the Great Reset.
It is the declaration of war against you and your family.
It is Operation Lockstep.
It is Event 201.
It is their New World Order.
I've said this before and I'll say it again because it's the truth.
There are so many political diversions, so many rabbit trails, so many lies, so many distractions, all financed by the globalists, but then there's the truth of the world.
The conquest economy and the renaissance economy.
And those types of systems, a mix of those systems throughout history.
And the war taking place against your free will to be able to make your own decisions because it doesn't comport with the globalists and what they're trying to establish and what they're trying to set up.
And so I'm metaphysically here to let you know that you've got a choice because God loves you and wants you to be involved in your own future.
And so whatever happens in the course of events is up to you and up to me and up to all of us when we decide.
So stop living in guilt.
Stop backing the globalists.
Stop going along with their lies.
Stop feeling like you're dirty and bad.
And realize that the minute you start actually being who you really are is the minute their system starts to fail.
I come to you from the once great state of Texas, with its energy cut off, with its stores closed, with the governor saying, wear a mask over your face.
As just like California a decade ago, 20 years ago, when under Enron control, as we are exploiting the squeeze as well, as we're taught to have less, as we're taught to devolve, as we're taught to become poor.
And I just hope that humanity will find its spirit again and rise up in a great awakening
We're good to go.
That thinks there's too many people, and that they're culling us.
And their argument is, the public's dumb, they don't care, you can't save them, Jones, they don't want to be saved.
But I see a huge awakening happening worldwide to globalism, and people saying no in Brazil, and the US, and Europe, and the UK.
It doesn't matter if our leaders are corrupt, or our leaders are double-dealing, or our leaders fail.
What matters is we do the right thing, we stand up for justice, and in the end, that's the only thing in history that's made things better.
So I know we're going to win this fight.
We don't have a choice.
These evil people have a desire to commit corruption because it's their spirit.
Well, you've got to tune into your spirit that God gave you a desire to create justice and freedom and innovation and not submit to their tyranny, not be a victim, but overcome it!
Now is the time to overcome the New World Order!
Now is the time as they strike against us to remember who we are and come together and defeat their New World Order!
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