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Name: 20210214_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 14, 2021
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates and Africa. He criticizes those spreading rumors about Gates having malicious intentions towards black people, arguing that there is no reason for the billionaire to target them. He clarifies his show's funding sources and expresses gratitude towards his crew and viewers for their support.

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President Trump, yesterday, unexpectedly, a week before they said they would, was acquitted.
Why was that?
Well, it's very important.
We'll tell you why.
Give you my take on it.
Here in just a moment.
But first, see the historic moment yesterday afternoon for yourself.
Impeachment exhibited against him by the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senators present, not having found him guilty of the charge contained therein, it is therefore ordered and adjudged
What we saw in that Senate today was a cowardly group of Republicans who apparently have no options.
Because they were afraid to defend their job, respect the institution in which they serve.
Imagine that it would be vandalized in so many bad ways that I won't even go into here.
And that they would not respect their institute.
That the President of the Senate
Mike Pence, hang Mike Pence, was the chant and they just dismissed that.
Because maybe they can't get another job.
Because what 20 idiots do out of a million isn't somebody's fault, dumbass.
You know, in a communist country or a fascist country, if your neighbor or a guy down the street takes a shot, let's say at the chief of police, they kill everybody on the block.
The Soviets would do that.
Lenin would do that.
Mao would do that.
Stalin did that.
Hitler did that.
When the SS would come into a Russian town during Operation Barbarossa in 1943, you know, invading, if one person shot back and killed an officer, they'd grab everybody in the small town and put them in a church, pour gasoline on it, and burn it down.
That's how commies work.
Oh, out of a million people, a couple hundred broke in, and then maybe 20 or 30 beat up cops, and somebody pooped on the walls, and somebody, uh, just, you know, we have to arrest every Trump supporter.
Every Trump supporter is a terrorist, and we need to use drone strikes, and 75 million Americans that voted for Trump all need to be re-educated.
But that's how it works in communist China.
If somebody in your neighborhood does something wrong, you get punished.
Oh, but when the Democrats call for violence everywhere and actually burn down large sections of major neighborhoods and kill police and shoot random citizens and set up checkpoints, oh, then it's so good.
It's so sweet.
All right.
This has got to be an incredible show today because I've grown up
Born in Texas, and I've grown up in people not being able to drive with ice on the roads, because it only happens a few times a year.
But I've never seen anything like this.
This was road warrior level.
I probably saw a hundred wrecked cars on the way here.
Smash signs, glass, firefighters trying to block major roads.
I wouldn't even be here if I hadn't just gone ahead and gone around them, because I was driving my wife's all-wheel vehicle.
Oh, I tried to leave the house in my truck, and it was not four-wheel drive, and that truck isn't, and I had to turn around and go back.
I got her car.
That's the only good thing that German car is good for, but she wanted an Audi.
And man, I was just going, because I live in the West, like up these big hills, everybody else is wrecked.
I mean, just wrecked.
I saw 300 wrecked cars, not 100.
It was, I mean, just up that one hill is like 10 wrecked cars.
And I'm just like going, I mean, I'm not trying to do an Audi commercial here, ladies and gentlemen, but my Lord, that vehicle is incredible.
And there were all these other four-wheel drive cars just wrecked everywhere.
Range Rovers are all-wheel drive.
They were wrecked.
Subarus wrecked everywhere.
That Audi was like just a robot on rails through black ice 20 miles to the office.
But a lot of people died in Texas.
We got some viewer discretion advised video coming up, but I'm gonna tie it into something and try to save some lives.
It's really sad.
Get some lemonade out of these lemons.
Coming up on the live Sunday transmission at a Skeleton Crew.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It is Sunday, February 14th, 2021, Valentine's Day.
And I am your host, Alex Jones, honored and blessed and humbled to be here with you today.
I have incredible news to cover.
The quickening just accelerates every day, more intense the next.
But I want to say something up front.
I never consciously hurt the cause of human freedom, but I've hurt it plenty of times.
And I learned later how I did.
I've talked to a lot of people on the street.
I've gotten a lot of calls, a lot of emails saying, man, why are you so depressing?
Why are you taking our hope?
Why are you telling us how bad things are?
I'm not doing that.
I'm telling you what's really going on.
It's like having a roadmap that tells you you're coming up to a mountain pass and you better drive 20 miles an hour because there's no guardrail.
You drive 70 miles an hour, you're going to fly off the edge and kill yourself.
I'm not being negative.
I'm giving you real radar, real sonar, real eyes on the ground of what's happening.
And I think we've proven that we know what we're talking about.
If I give you bad news, I'm sorry, I'm telling you what's coming right at us.
You think I like this?
Here's the good news though, and where listeners are right, is that I'm not talking enough about how the globalists have a worldwide awakening to them, how much trouble they're in politically, how they're falling apart at every level, and behind the scenes there are a lot of good forces.
State, federal, private, high-level, low-level, mid-level, good versus evil everywhere.
But there's no secret good guy group that's super powerful that's all organized.
It's all of us making good decisions every single day.
That's how the universe really operates.
We making the right decision.
We having courage together.
As individuals, collectively, then moving and having great victories.
Sunday Live!
troops refusing COVID injections en masse.
India bans Pfizer injection.
Huge positive news as the world awakens to the permanent globalist lockdown.
As it comes out, it's all basically a fraud and a hoax.
And there's a consortium of other diseases.
They're calling COVID.
And there's real death happening, but they're mislabeling.
That's all coming up.
A huge, incredibly important stack.
Cuomo set to be indicted.
Real news, real information, real positive stuff there.
But then there's the bad news.
And we knew that was coming.
Joe Biden has already signaled through think tanks what I told you a month ago.
He wants to ban all semi-autos, including shotguns, .22s, you name it, most guns.
He wants to register them all first, and he wants to ban above 9 round magazines.
He said that'll cause a civil war.
The globalists want to break this country up.
So, see, we think we're fighting a lot this takeover.
So, oh, let's just fight that and beat them.
You're fighting a takedown of the country itself.
So we've got to be aware of the full battle plan and then act accordingly so we don't get tricked into a mindless fight with the security services and the military that, on average, are more awake than any other group.
We're going to lay all of that out.
So that's two areas.
We have the insane trial of the president that they suddenly ended.
You had three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 hours a day of total lies against the president, 30 hours of garbage, three hours by his lawyers doing half a decent job, showing Democrats saying, I'm going to kill Trump, the vice president, we're going to burn everything down.
And they had to put their tail between their legs and drop it because it was another giant fraud.
After another four hours of BS.
So they had 34 hours of lies versus three hours of truth.
They had to pull it because they were like, oh my God, they're going to let Republicans call witnesses.
And they started talking about, let's impeach Kamala Harris.
She said, kill Trump, burn down the country.
We're going to see more fires.
We need to see more civil unrest, more violence.
That's bold talk, folks.
Imagine if I got up and said, we need civil unrest.
That means burning police cars and buildings.
People get killed doing that.
I'd get arrested.
I probably should.
But she says it.
It's, oh, it's cute.
It's funny to do that.
I remember the horrible cackle.
Want me to subject you to it again?
I guess I could.
So we've got that stat.
And we got a lot more, folks.
We've got a lot.
We've got Saturday Night Live is on a jag.
They're on a roll.
More jokes about pedophilia not existing.
And more attacks about children being abused ritualistically.
Because, I can tell you, a large part of the writing staff are pedophiles and are devil worshippers.
Remember I told you about Nexium a year before it broke and I said they brand women on the bikini line?
I thought about Harvey Weinstein.
I was told 17 years ago in Hollywood about that.
I'm going to leave.
I'm going to stop right there.
Before self-incrimination.
I was never involved in any of it, but I've been there.
I've left.
Oh, where are you going, pussy?
Where are you going?
I'm not a bunch of women getting let in on dog collars.
That's what makes this whole thing go around and around and around.
Whether it was women that wanted to do that or whether it was a setup, I'm not part of that.
That's how I'm still on air.
Because I'm not a Hollywood dude running around having sex with 10 women every month or screwing prostitutes or torturing women.
But I can sure as hell tell you, you scratch the surface of Hollywood, that's what you find.
And it's disgusting.
And see, that's the good news is the longer we stay on air during this period, we're supposed to already be off air, the more we're going to have a great effect thanks to you magnifying what we're doing, amplifying it and spreading the word.
But I want to give you some viewer discretion when we come back.
I don't show horrible tragedies to just show you a horrible tragedy because some people like a train wreck.
I see this.
I was shown this on Friday by the crew.
I didn't know after 24 hours of this stuff happening at Fort Worth in Dallas of what really happened.
I've seen the helicopter footage of a couple hundred cars all piled up.
We come back, I'm going to show you what really happened.
From someone on the ground when it happened up close.
I've never seen anything in a Hollywood movie like this one.
Cars are crashing and flipping and exploding.
Wait till you see on the ground the actual pileup.
And the reason I'm going to play it will be explained when we come back.
So viewer discretion advised because people were dying.
Seven people died on the footage you're about to see.
And I'm showing it to save some lives and to illustrate something.
Okay, let's stop right there.
We're not going to be on air in a year.
And you backed us last year.
I told you that last year.
You came through.
We made it this year.
A little bit in the black.
A little bit to be able to keep our projects going.
A little bit to fund some other secret projects we're working on.
Gosh, I could do a lot better if I had more money.
I'm not bitching at you.
You're amazing.
You're incredible.
But think about the world we're in right now.
Think about how crazy things are.
Think about InfoWars not being on the air.
Without Greg Reese and without Owen Schroyer and without John Bowne and without all the rest of the crew and the incredible stuff we put out when everybody else is being shut down.
We are a major mothership in the fight against the New World Order.
A capital ship.
A ship of the line.
A flagship.
In this central battle.
So I just ask you to pray for us.
And I know the Providence is real.
Thank you.
I'm very humbled by it.
I don't deserve it, but I'm in the fight.
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We'll be right back.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, welcome back on this Valentine's Day broadcast.
I'm showing you footage of Dallas, Texas.
A live shot there from top of one of the tallest buildings.
You can see it is an icy wasteland.
No one on the streets.
Now, if you're in Chicago or you're in New York, you laugh at that.
You say, hell, we drive all the time.
Well, we're not used to it.
It only happens once or twice a year, and hundreds of people die statewide when it unfolds.
And that's a teaching moment.
Americans haven't been under a Hitler.
They haven't been under a Stalin, or a Mao, or Fidel Castro, or a Hugo Chavez.
I like him that, as you know many times, the dodo bird.
Galapagos Island, the sailors show up, then a couple years, all the dodo birds are killed.
They're like as fat as a turkey, have a big bill, never had predators.
There's no predators for them.
So the sailors can walk right over and hit them in the head with a club or a sword or a hammer and eat them.
And the last dodo was killed last time.
I think they were dead within four years.
Because the dodo bird
Didn't have sense.
You tell a dodo bird, don't walk out in front of that truck, dodo bird's gonna do it.
But we tell people, don't let Bill Gates and Big Pharma run your medical system and tell you that experimental vaccine is safe when it's not, and don't let them keep you in your house when a mask doesn't even protect you.
Here's the study, and the media blocks that, and big tech blocks it.
Well, you should get upset about that and say no to that.
If you don't, you're a dodo bird.
You don't stand up for yourself.
So I'm not calling people that have wrecks in the ice dodo birds.
I'm a dodo bird.
Compared to people I know that, you know, live in Michigan or Minnesota is the greatest example, or North Dakota or Montana or Wyoming.
I mean, I grew up in Dallas where it froze six, seven times a year.
I kind of figured out how to not slam your brakes on, how to stay in the ruts in the ice, not to go out right when the first ice first hits so the trucks can put sand out and, you know, a little bit better.
You also learned an all-wheel drive car, so in case that happens, and I happen to have one, I could drive.
But if you're a back-wheel driver or whatever, you better forget going out.
But they don't know that.
But imagine if you tried to educate somebody about, hey, you better not drive out in that black ice unless you've got all-wheel drive.
The average American would say, shut up, that's a conspiracy theory.
All-wheel drive doesn't exist.
That's how dumb it is to say Bilderberg doesn't exist, Trilateral Commission doesn't exist, CFR doesn't exist, Gabo's Group doesn't exist, Great Reset doesn't exist, Agenda 2030 doesn't exist.
These are all real things.
Just like a Massey tractor, or just like an Audi all-wheel drive vehicle, or just like a Bombardier private jet.
They exist just like a Remington 700 rifle.
They're damn real.
And that's what's frustrating is we're here covering real things.
And so, lordy, lordy, here comes the rain, it freezes, and I've never seen, I mean, I'm talking, I got footage, I even shot some footage on my phone.
Hundreds of cars wrecked on my way here tonight.
Signs knocked over, lights out, the police overwhelmed, fire trucks wrecking.
It was Armageddon.
Took me an hour to get here, normally 15 minutes.
Why is it not like that in Chicago?
Or in Toronto?
Or in Quebec?
Because they're experienced ICE and know how to deal with it.
And they have a structure to deal with it.
We don't, as Americans, have a structure to deal with tyranny because we've never lived under it.
Just like we never lived with ICE.
And so, when we experience it, we don't know what to do because we're like a dodo bird.
The Dodo bird wasn't bad.
It had never had a predator.
So when it was hit, it didn't know what to do.
Just like we've never had black ice, but every year or so, or every couple of years.
And so when it happens, people don't know how to deal with it.
So I've made my allegory, my parallel, but that's what it's like here to deal with this and to know
You can talk to your neighbors.
They're like, oh, I'm still going to the grocery store.
And I'm like, okay, well, if you don't have all-wheel drive, you're going to probably wreck.
And then you're driving to work and you see your neighbor's car crashed in the ditch.
That happened today.
Saw my neighbor this morning.
Saw him driving off.
And I said, hey, be careful when that blows in soon.
It's going to have black eyes.
By like three or four, you won't be able to drive.
Okay, sure.
In the ditch.
So that's where this is.
It's not like I'm that smart, folks.
I just learned from experience.
I shouldn't even have gone out with a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, you know, designed in Germany to drive on the Autobahn and this stuff.
It's still a risk, but I did it.
So let me show you the real world.
This happened outside Fort Worth on a highway where there was a small rise, so people couldn't see.
And then once they got there,
There was ice, so they couldn't slow down.
It was over a hill, on a bridge, on an overpass, so there was ice they hit.
Perfect timing.
Over a hill, didn't see the backup.
You're not on ice here, but by the time you hit the bridge, you're on ice.
Now you can't stop.
The perfect conditions, the perfect storm.
Seven people died in this pileup.
Here it is.
This is on the ground, in the other lane.
For any listeners, horrible footage.
You're lucky you're not seeing this.
18-wheeler, 50 miles an hour, boom.
It gets worse.
One's going 70 in a minute.
Because it's at the crest of a hill.
18-wheeler just plows through like four vehicles.
That killed at least three of the people.
And now another one even hits it going faster.
And there's more of these.
So, that's not the helicopter footage of the aftermath.
That's at night.
That's in the early morning hours.
That's what really happened.
It's very sad and our hearts go out to those that died and are injured.
Something like hundreds are injured.
Was six dead.
Now it's seven dead.
Hundreds of cars.
And that's what happens when you have the perfect storm.
So, I have a stack of news here where there are thousands of dead admitted.
And I think about one in 50 adverse reactions gets reported.
So, if thousands are dead, that's 50 times bigger.
No one knows from the vaccines.
But don't believe Alex Jones.
Five governments have banned these vaccines now.
I'll tell you about it when we come back.
The military is refusing to take it.
So people are waking up.
So when we come back, we are going to lay all of this out in great detail.
I kind of like that, Ms.
It's like...
You have to understand, I'm not up here.
I know the average person isn't informed, doesn't study things.
So you tune into a show and the guy's talking fast.
You think this guy's just making stuff up.
I make mistakes too, by the way.
And I read the comments and people explain it to me where I made mistakes.
I made a mistake yesterday in a special report we shot and I saw the comments.
They're like, Jones, Australia has not stopped vaccines.
They just banned the government vaccine, 54 million doses.
That was giving people false HIV tests.
They're still rolling out the Merck and you're right.
I was explaining that they canceled the other shot because it was causing illnesses and death and giving false positive HIV.
That was correct.
You're right.
They're still rolling out a vaccine.
So I can see how that was misunderstood.
So I fixed that.
But let me give you all this latest data.
When we come back on the other side, this is the globalists are working around the clock to stop us getting out.
So, tell everybody you know, tune in right now.
I want to beat these people.
I'm not doing this to lose.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You don't need me to play the 10 hours of footage I've got from just the last few years, do you?
The last year or so, when I told you the masks are never coming off, the lockdown's never ending, they'll just cycle it on and off, but each time tightening it down more.
Biden's come out and said, oh, wear a mask in the next year.
He promised by April just 100 days.
Sorry, now it's in the next year.
And another year.
And another year.
And another year.
Because it's about you being dirty, you being bad, you being a suspect, so they can grab you up off the streets, so they can track and control you, so they can give you IDs to be able to even live your life.
But let's get into the good news right now.
President Biden tells Americans to wear face masks until 2022.
I'll play that clip coming up here in a few minutes, but let's get to the good news first.
Because it's very, very important.
Pentagon touts vaccine administration rate amid concerns of widespread refusal.
News and World Report.
It goes on to say that the vast majority of the troops are refusing the vaccine because it's voluntary.
They try to statistical manipulation.
They go, oh, but we did get a certain group that would said they'd take it.
And out of that group, 80 plus percent did take it.
So what do you do when the vast majority won't take it?
You take the group that will take it and then say, oh, 80 plus percent of them, 82% did.
That's the statistical game they play.
And they said, oh, the troops are believing wild conspiracy theories about the vaccine's true intent and creating fears such as pregnant women and its potential effects might not be fully understood.
Wow, that's what the troops think?
I'm about to show you official government documents and reports.
That's U.S.
News & World Report.
Oh, those dirty troops.
They just don't know what they're doing.
They're cannon fodder, like Henry Kissinger said.
They're just dumb troops.
They deserve to die.
Henry Kissinger said that.
I didn't say that.
I'm quoting him.
Of course, it's been the troops that have been the brunt of illegal testing, just like black folks have.
I don't agree with him.
Oh, that's another group that doesn't trust the vaccines.
It's black folks.
And I've got articles on that.
Let's talk about that.
The troops say it hasn't been tested.
And the troops say it hurts pregnant women.
Hey guys, can we type in three groups that shouldn't take the vaccine according to British Government Advisory Group two months ago that the military put out?
Over 75 pregnant women under 16.
Because there were so many deaths.
But it's now the South African government
It's now the Indian government and multiple other governments saying, do not take this shot.
In fact, go back to that headline, though, guys.
This is Yahoo News.
Back in December of last year, two and a half months ago, three groups of people advised not to get the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
Now, you understand, if you talk about this, Robert Kennedy Jr.
last week put this out on his Facebook.
He was banned.
You're not going to warn people?
Because then they might not take this thing that this crazy psycho Bill Gates wants you to take.
Because he wants you to take that Pfizer shot.
So let's shift gears.
You just saw on U.S.
News & World Report, I mean, the military, these evil people, I mean, you heard you can't trust them from Joe Biden.
They said pregnant women shouldn't take it, because the British military said they shouldn't.
They were the ones that started it before the U.S.
British military said, yeah, pregnant women shouldn't take it, we had a bunch of miscarriages.
Oh, oh, but you don't say that in U.S.
News & World Report.
You just say the U.S.
military, the rank-and-file, pulled that out of their ass, didn't you?
Pisses me off, excuse me.
Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used for pawns in foreign policy.
He wrote that in his own book, Henry Kissinger.
Sorry, let's digress.
Well, I'll take those dumb pawns over you any day, son.
Oh, but what else did the military say?
They said it hasn't been tested.
Well, let's just not believe those dumb military animals that Kissinger and the Liberals are talking about.
Here, let's sit back for a minute.
They skipped animal trials and main human trials.
They had to have emergency authorization to even give it.
And India just said, who kicked Bill Gates out five years ago, he was caught sterilizing people and giving people polio.
Look it up.
They just said we're not taking it and giving you emergency authorization to give this to people without studying it.
Here it is!
It's in the Associated Press everywhere.
India says Pfizer COVID vaccine not recommended for emergency use of the stage, not authorized, not studied, banned in India.
Oh man, they just joined our dirtbag military.
Did you see our dirtbag military?
News & World Report, the Pentagon says they're insane.
They've just made up that pregnant women shouldn't take it.
They've just made up it's not tested.
Oh man, these are bad people.
You ever see somebody this bad in your life?
You ever see somebody this much disinfo as our military?
They're almost as bad as InfoWars!
Hell, they might even be worse, ladies and gentlemen!
Oh wait, folks, I'm like three articles into about 50 right here.
I got so many adverse reaction death reports.
I got over 200 up right here in just the last three days.
In the U.S.
alone, they shoot old people up.
They're dead in 15 minutes in many cases.
I mean, folks, here's the thing.
I used to be worried about stuff because I wanted to win the fight.
I was worried about my family and everything.
Oh, things are so crazy now, this ain't going to go on long.
Whatever's going on, whatever's happening, the number of people they're killing, whatever's going on, baby, we ain't never seen nothing like this.
This is big.
I thought they'd put something in there and kill you in five years.
Oh no, they don't kill your ass right now.
But like I said, the Pentagon said our troops are bad.
They think it hadn't been tested, and they think it hurts pregnant women, and I just showed you where they had met that.
So India says Pfizer COVID vaccine not recommended for emergency use at this stage.
India backs
AstraZeneca shot despite South Africa saying it didn't work and killed people, but at least it isn't as deadly as this one.
Covid, India says entire population may not need vaccine.
Oh yeah, I really think so.
Don't want to kill all your people and sterilize them?
Now let's get really serious.
Deaths of elderly who recovered from COVID-19 but died at vaccine rates questioned.
Epoch Times.
It has a whole breakdown with direct links to the adverse reaction website of the federal government created in 1986.
Under the Vaccine Damage Court Program, and this lists these clusters at nursing homes, the ones that don't cover up the deaths, where you'll have up to 5% of the population of the nursing home die sometimes within 15 minutes of taking it.
I suggest you go read this instead of listening to Snopes tell you it's not happening.
Snopes will tell you, oh, India didn't ban this vaccine, or oh, it's all tested, even though none of it's true.
Seniors who allegedly beat COVID-19 are dying from taking COVID vaccine.
But listen, let's get down to brass tacks.
Every good leftist worships the London Guardian.
I mean, they're as commie as Lennon's diaper.
Well, guess what?
Look at this.
Did you know anyone with a learning disability is denied medical care, including Down syndrome, and allowed to die because they claim the hospitals are full when they're not?
So that's eugenics.
Oh, sorry, you have a disability, you don't get healthcare because of the COVIDs overload our hospitals, even though they didn't and the hospitals are wide open.
It's all an exercise in the big banks and on the hospitals, keeping all your insurance money and all your tax money and not giving you services, and eugenics.
And if you think they can kill mentally retarded children and kill, uh, hell, autistic kids, do you think you're safe, you sacks of globalist garbage?
Not long to wait now, is it?
We're under full globalist assault.
Only covered half the stack.
We'll come back with more of this straight ahead in Cuomo getting ready for prison.
So this is all a giant psychological warfare operation against humanity.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones on this Sunday evening, February 14th.
Valentine's Day.
And it came out last year that Yale and Harvard, along with Princeton and Stanford and Oxford, over in the UK,
And Cambridge.
We're all hired to do questionnaires with their own students and others to test what psychology works best to take inoculations.
Oh, you're a hero.
Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist if you don't.
Oh, you're going to hurt people if you don't take it.
And so we now know that people around the U.S.
and the world are giving questionnaires.
They go, oh, it's a volunteer shot.
But why aren't you taking it?
And they give you questionnaires.
That's your own medical history.
That's your own private life.
Why is a city employee or a private employer, why are they asking what you're doing?
I mean, I might even walk to one of my crew members and said, Hey, uh, fill out this questionnaire about do you use organic tampons or not?
Or, hey, what type of toothpaste do you use?
People be like, you're really weird.
What's the point of that?
This is all technocrats in our business, in our lives.
They're obsessed with playing God.
They want to control us.
And again, you go back last year and year before, December 2019, the UN's own scientists had an emergency meeting in December 2nd.
December 1st and 2nd.
And the video went out.
Nobody gave it attention.
And they said, no one believes this.
We did.
It's hurting everyone.
The vaccines don't work.
What are we going to do?
Our own scientists and doctors, the front lines wobbly.
Well, what do you do?
You launch this big hysteria out of China.
China is the model of the tyranny.
Authoritarianism is the new system.
It's a revolution of be good.
Do what we say.
We'll protect you.
No foreign army could ever conquer us, but this is a war.
These are generals attempting their takeover.
Federal government and Yale are holding studies and clinical trials on how to best persuade Americans to take their vaccines.
August, Gateway Pond.
So let's go back here.
Here's the London Guardian fury at do not resuscitate notices given to COVID patients with learning disabilities.
Autistic Down Syndrome, others.
They said, well, our hospitals are so full, if you're sick, we're not going to help you because we're triaging.
Your life isn't worth as much, even though their hospitals are basically empty.
They're not doing the cancer surgeries.
They're not doing the elective surgeries.
They're all getting your NIH money.
They're all getting your insurance money and not giving you services, which they admit, oh, health care companies, record profits, just like Big Tech, because they all came up with the technocracy with Bloomberg.
And Jeff Bezos to not give you health care.
And you sit there and take it because you're liberal.
You're like, not getting health care, not getting Medicare, not getting Medicaid, which Biden just did.
You're like, that's liberal running death camps in China's liberal.
Stop Alex Jones.
He wants us to get Medicare.
Kill him all!
We can joke about that, but that's the cult they're in.
The old social safety network was just to make everybody feel like they were going to be taken care of, but it was never going to be that way.
Because we have the record aging population, and they need to be phased out.
Just like the author of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel said, kill everyone at 75.
And he went on to say, oh yeah, tripling of insulin prices.
The U.S.
pays triple what anybody else does for major drugs because the middlemen set up scams.
Trump couldn't believe it.
And he killed it six months ago, and he signed an executive order, and he gave a speech at the washing machine factory in the middle, it was like Iowa or somewhere.
And he said, I won't be here soon.
I'll be gone for a while, meaning he'd make a comeback.
I found out that China isn't the one stealing all the money, it's the middlemen.
I thought China was getting triple the money for, they're not even getting any money.
I'll make a deal with them and they get like 10% more to make our drugs.
We'll make them here, we don't need them.
Remember the speech?
He said, almost all the money goes to middlemen that do nothing.
And now all these liberals.
And I remember one time I went to a local clinic.
I go to and I need something like once a year, twice a year.
And there was this old black lady up there.
And she goes up, she has her card.
And Obamacare had just gone in, this was like eight, nine years ago.
And she came to get her, and they go, sorry, it's doubled in price.
And she said, well, I don't have that money.
And she said, we're sorry, it's Obamacare.
The woman started crying.
And now they're getting rid of Medicare and Medicaid all before you.
But it's all right, Joe Biden's liberal, right?
And your insulin prices just tripled.
That's okay, right?
That's okay, right?
Because, I mean, Trump's a Nazi, remember?
He's a Nazi.
So, let's get back to this.
It goes on to say, people with learning disabilities don't get healthcare and die.
And you already don't get cancer surgery, you don't get heart surgery, you don't get anything in the UK.
It's all closed because the hospitals are all full of COVID, even though they're all empty!
But it's okay!
Because you're liberal!
And if you don't agree with this, you'll get banned on Twitter.
And you don't care about your mom getting heart surgery.
You don't care about your dad getting insulin.
You don't care about your cousin getting it.
You just want to feel good on Twitter and Facebook and attack everybody so you're going to get to stay on there until you die.
Because you're a good little bot that does what they're told, as if you're going to be taking care of yourself.
Yeah, throw the old lady right off the cliff.
Oh, but at least I predicted this eight months ago.
I said, listen, Cuomo, all of them.
They're going to get flushed down the toilet for sending COVID patients to nursing homes and for doing all this.
Because the globals want to scare the rest of their governors.
I just don't know how they operate.
And sure enough, Cuomo avoids reporters during White House visit at New York nursing homes.
CNN says he'll be indicted soon.
Oh man, Cuomo so bad.
He did all this.
Cuomo followed the United Nations directives to do all this.
And so now they're going to have some sacrificial lambs in all of it.
And I can't say I'm going to cry.
Let's keep moving here.
Summit.News links to BBC.
UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities.
I heard this a few months ago on NPR!
Well, black people are dumb.
You know, we're liberals.
We can say that.
And they won't take shots.
They're like the U.S.
They're dumb.
You know, they just don't trust us.
And so we're going to have vaccine waivers for them, all right?
But they won't be able to leave their house or have a job.
You know how they are.
But white people, you're going to take it.
So show the black people not to be scared.
Roll up your sleeve and take your shot.
This is just a total attack by these criminals to cover up Jeffrey Epstein and the fact that Bill Gates was involved, and all the corruption, the banking, and the derivatives, and the scams, and the dollar implosion, and the New World Order, and the rigging, and the cloning, and the... And so they just want to make the whole world hellish with masks on, and checkpoints, and passports, so you forget all the crimes they committed and don't do anything about it.
But that's really what all this is about.
And here's the good news for Cuomo and Newsom and Wolf and all the rest of them.
You're not getting away with any of it, scumbags.
We're trying to survive.
Restaurant owners sued by L.A.
County for allegedly violating COVID restrictions speaks out all.
But the good news is the recall against Newsom campaign reaches enough signatures to potentially trigger special election.
Fox News, they are panicking.
Oh, but the doctor whose baby died.
A bunch of doctors were pregnant, took the shot and their babies died.
They're like, well, it's still good.
Take the shot.
And now our message is to take the vaccines as family of man whose death after COVID shot is under investigation.
They're like, oh, the family.
Oh, no, no, you need to take this more since he died.
This doctor died.
I'll make my own decisions.
Thank you.
Here's CNN.
The stories keep getting worse for Cuomo on COVID-19.
Why he covered it all up.
He was told what to do by the system.
He was told put COVID patients in with old people that don't have vitamin D3.
He was told and he did it and he's still going to get hung out to dry because everybody else did it too, including Republicans.
And now they're going to say, you want to go down like Cuomo?
That's how the corruption works.
Get them to kill the old people and now we've got your ass.
They said of him coming out and saying who told him, he made a mistake he didn't know and burning.
Fauci, he won't do it because he's too stupid like his brother and like his degenerate father, who were put in power because they're dumb, not because they're smart.
They're pimps.
Fauci, though, has a new caveat for schools to open.
He said they could, but you've got to pass
The new $1.9 trillion stimulus package to blue cities, and then you can open.
Hey Fauci, imagine a world without you, buddy.
Haha, they got another video about that.
Imagine a world without Bill Gates.
I didn't drive through a snowstorm in an ice storm for no reason!
We'll play it next hour?
I'm gonna deliver the goods cause I'm alive!
And I'm not backing down!
In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare war on Satan!
It's not enough to torture and rape our children.
The Satanists want to rub it in on their high express elevator to hell.
But I want to air this little piece that our great archivist was able to dig out within hours of me asking last Friday.
I didn't get to it.
Of yours truly predicting the endless lockdowns, the endless mask that would come.
And this is from six, eight months ago.
There's a bunch of clubs.
We'll come back with all the news.
Here it is.
Never ending lockdowns.
April, last year.
I have told you for nine weeks that once they implement this, if we cower in fear properly, and grovel, it will then become a permanent emergency by saying, we can't let one person die from this virus.
And so, until there's no death, zero, out of seven and a half billion people, it's impossible.
We are going to keep the social distancing and the lockdown in place.
We're going to probably have to cycle this and throttle it.
And, oh, you can't go out here, you can't go out there.
They're going to have a county by county thing at first.
And just getting us all trained that we can't go out until we're told.
And that's the way it is, to keep us safe from the virus.
Obama and Dr. Faustus, Fauci,
Are now the ones telling us the lockdown could never end.
Remember, 15 days to bend the curve?
And then when it wasn't even one-tenth of what they said it would be, they went, oh sorry, it's so devastating because it's not even one-tenth of what we said, we never reopen.
They just wanted to get you to accept it up front.
Like a kidnapper does.
Puts the gun on you.
Somebody put the handcuffs on you.
Somebody put the gag on you.
And then everything will be alright.
Just put the handcuffs on.
Put the ball gag in.
Look, you're getting taken to a basement to get tortured and raped.
You're gonna die.
This is the end of everything.
It's never coming back.
The prosperity is never coming back.
It's all over.
And they're gonna, by increments, put the pressure on.
Get you to give up more rights, and then they'll take a little pressure off.
And then they'll tell you to give up more rights, and then pressure will be taken off.
But then, always, it'll be put back on even tighter.
That's the psychology of the stakeholder.
And they plan to lock things down again this winter, causing all the flu deaths and regular deaths from other things, calling it COVID-19.
And they're going to try to have another big lockdown that will guarantee a mega-depression
First they tell you 15 days to flatten the curve, leave hospitals open.
Then it's a month, then it's two months, then it's eight months.
Now we're eight months in.
Then it's, oh, the end of 2021.
Oh, it's four years.
Oh, it's 10 years.
We'll never come out of this.
If Joe Biden gets in, they're never getting rid of the lockdown.
It's a lot bigger than just kicking Trump out and flooding everything with fake ballots using the lockdown as the cover for it.
They want to bankrupt us and then have us have an app to be able to leave our front door and step one foot outside of our house.
That is the admitted globalist Chai Com plan.
We're being given tracker systems.
We're being taught to stay in our houses.
We're being taught we're not essential.
We're being
Marinated in martial law.
That's what we've been in with big tech, and the universities, and the blue cities, and the blue states, and the U.N., and the chi-coms.
Monkey see, monkey do with this lockdown.
And they're gonna make the lockdown and the shutdown of our economy 10 times worse, and now Biden's announced that.
All these conservatives are like, well Alex, saw my neighbor yesterday, he goes,
He goes, Alex.
He goes, at least.
At least they'll turn the economy back on.
And I said, no, they're not going to.
I showed him on my phone where Biden's new commission says it'll never open, ever, ever, ever.
You think these control freaks are ever going to turn loose once this dog has you in its jaws?
Once this great white shark's got you in its mouth?
Alright, so there you go.
And you ready for what's about to happen next?
The front lines of the information war.
It's Alex Jones.
Look, I'm not here to give you bad news for no reason.
I believe in you.
And I believe that when you're faced with a big problem, you want the truth so you can take action against it.
Joe Biden stole the election.
Joe Biden's incredibly unpopular.
Joe Biden is an empty husk.
The most perfect definition of a puppet of the system.
And they've got him ready that after he's discredited in a year or so to remove him and have Kamala Harris or somebody else in there.
That's their plan.
We told you it was coming.
You knew it was coming.
It's right there.
And that's why they're so scared of Trump.
Wanted to have this fake trial and try to discredit him.
But because they said 50 times what he said, they had to drop it a week early because they knew it was so embarrassing.
No one was really watching.
They had about 10% of the ratings, they thought, and the people that did were turning against them.
They're like, you're the ones burning the cities down, what the hell are you talking about?
Couple people beating up some cops and breaking in some doors you call Pearl Harbor?
When you're these weird-ass trial lawyers, let me tell you, man, not against lawyers in general, but if you look at the leader of the impeachment and you look, they're all crazy, dirty, dandruff-covered, hunchbacked,
Star Wars space bar lawyers.
I mean, this is a group of scum.
They're up there smiling in the cameras and like, I'm a movie star and they're all getting off on this.
It's disgusting.
So next segment, we're gonna go to the heart of the matter of what they worship and what they support and what they back.
Because now two weeks in a row, Saturday Night Live makes jokes about pedophilia and about sex crimes against children when it's all on record.
So we're going to hit that coming up next segment.
But I wanted to read this right now because it's powerful.
And again, I want to explain something.
I didn't support President Trump because it expanded my show.
I supported President Trump because I knew he meant well.
I was trying to bring sovereignty back to this country and the globals were legitimately pissed at him.
Didn't mean I agreed with a lot of the things he did or some of the decisions he made, but he was surrounded by lying traitors that would sit there and tell him that it was high noon when it was actually black midnight.
I got persecuted for supporting Trump.
You got persecuted for supporting Trump.
But we're not losers because we supported President Trump.
He really won that election.
And I don't just say that.
If he lost, I'd say he lost.
I'd still say we have a Chinese agent in charge.
I don't lie to myself.
Maybe I did when I was 10 years old, but not since about then.
I want to know what's really going on.
That's what gives me an effectiveness in my life.
Not power, effectiveness.
Knowing how to navigate, knowing how to get stuff done, that's what I want.
And so when I got persecuted for supporting President Trump, I said, well, Christ said, you will be persecuted in my name.
When you're doing good, the world's going to attack you.
When you're doing good, the system's going to come after you.
You're going to be persecuted, but rejoice in that.
And I'd already experienced that before Trump came along.
What they don't want you to talk about is what you need to be talking about.
Trump's basically bankrupt.
He's not just lost $2 billion.
I know the inside baseball.
They've got 4,000 or 5,000 lawsuits against him.
But you know what?
He's not a defeated man.
He's actually stronger than ever.
And he understands that.
And if more men were like President Trump, if more men were like the supporters of this broadcast, and I mean that, we would be in this position.
But he understands leadership, like Colonel Travis did at the Alamo.
Travis knew he was going to be killed when he sent that final letter.
He knew what was about to happen.
But he couldn't back down because he believed the cause and he signed on to it.
He wasn't suicidal.
He loved life.
But he loved it so much, like Jesus Christ said, he was willing to lay it down for others.
So that's what this comes down to.
So nowhere do you really see the president's statement.
You hear he made one, but you don't really, it may be a line here, a line there.
Let's read the whole thing together right now.
It's beautiful what he said, and it's totally true.
National File wrote the story.
It's up at Infowars.com.
President Trump released a statement on second impeachment acquittal.
President Trump, through the office of the former president, released a statement celebrating the second Senate impeachment acquittal.
Damn right, he's the man of the arena.
Like, oh, look, he's under attack.
People are like, oh, Jones, you're under attack?
Ooh, boy, they're coming after you.
What'd you think I did?
You think I did this not to be attacked?
You think I did this so I don't expect a war?
That's what you people don't get when I'm talking to our enemies.
You think I just want to line my pockets and sit around with you in some country club?
Bunch of empty people?
I feel good fighting evil.
I feel alive.
I feel strong.
You understand that?
You can put a gun to my head.
I'm not backing down, you dumb sons of bitches.
You think we want to be with you?
We don't want to be with you.
I'm going to stop right now and read the statement.
I just get so sick of these damn people think we want to, like Joy Reid, oh, you want to be Hollywood.
That's why you're, no, we don't want to be Hollywood, lady.
No, we don't.
No, we don't.
No, we don't.
Get that through your damn head!
Sorry I don't like your ass, but just stay the hell away from me!
Stop saying I want you!
I want to first thank my team and dedicated lawyers and others for their tireless work upholding justice and defending truth, wrote President Trump.
My deepest thanks as well to all the United States Senators and members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution we all revere and for the sacred legal principles
We're good to go.
Denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse riots, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance.
And persecute, blacklist, cancel, and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree.
I have always and always will be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.
President Trump compared the impeachment trial with the previous witch hunts he faced, referring to the wasteful Mueller report and the thinly constructed impeachment trial over hearsay regarding a call to Ukraine's leaders.
This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.
No president has ever gone through anything like it, and that's true.
That's the key.
And it continues because our opponents cannot forget the almost 75 million people, way more than that, the greatest number ever for a sitting president who voted just a few months ago.
And that's the thing.
Trump had victory.
It's there even though they lie about it, folks.
He won those other six states by half a point or less.
He won them by five points on average.
You understand that that's like way more than quadruple the number of victory numbers.
That's why they're crapping their britches.
They claim white men crossed over to put Trump under because 45% of black men voted for him.
No one buys this crap, ladies and gentlemen.
They didn't steal it, they came and they took it from us.
I also want to convey my gratitude to the millions of decent, hard-working, law-abiding, and God- and country-loving citizens who have bravely supported these important principles in this very difficult and challenging time.
Our historic, patriotic, and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again
Has just begun.
Only just begun.
In the months ahead, I have much more to share with you.
I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.
There has never been anything like it.
We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future, he wrote.
Together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Damn right.
We remain one people, despite what the Democrats do.
See that?
We remain one people, one family, one glorious nation, under God, and it's our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and our generations to Americans to come.
May God bless all of you, and may God bless forever, and bless the United States of America.
Because they're saying we can't even have a National Anthem.
They're erasing it and conquering us with Chai Com Evil.
So choose which side you're on and don't take this theft as a defeat.
Take it as the enemy showing themselves and putting a literal zombie in as the president.
I'm going to come back and get into the enemy's real operations and key intel straight ahead.
Yesterday, my wife walked in.
She says, what are you listening to?
And it was like some wild, black creature.
I said, you know what I'm listening to?
I listen to what I like to listen to.
I listen to everything.
I watch stuff out of India, Japan, Russia, everywhere, Mexico.
People make a joke.
But it is true.
They go, Jones sounds like some crazy black Southern Baptist preacher.
Well, I'm not trying to imitate some Southern black preacher.
That's just how, that's how I come off.
That's what I'm doing.
That's what I'm saying.
That's just who I am, ladies and gentlemen.
And I am kind of a preacher because I believe in humanity and I believe in God.
And I know this new world order is evil and I got their damn number and I'm not going along with anything they're doing.
That doesn't mean I'm perfect.
Doesn't mean I got all the answers.
Because if it was one of these preachers, they just fight with each other all day about who's got the closest thing on God.
I just know we need God during a time like this.
So, Saturday Night Live is real funny.
And they got all sorts of jokes.
And last couple weeks ago, during the Super Bowl, was that just last weekend?
Seems like a million years ago.
They made a joke about Papa John, not Papa John's.
A John getting a prostitute, as a pun, and about sex trade in Cuba.
Made a joke out of it.
The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sex trade operations out there.
Well, there's a new video, SNL takes aim at QAnon, with wits trying to find children captured by globalist sex traffickers.
Now I've got stacks of news every day without looking about the UN and global government and Jeffrey Epstein and child kidnapping.
So people say, oh well they're just being funny.
No, they're turning it into a joke.
How about you tell a joke about that car pileup that injured 100 people and killed 7 up in Fort Worth?
How about you tell a joke about the Holocaust?
It's not funny.
So why is it okay when it's a joke about dead children?
Because they want to turn it, or kidnap children, they want to turn it into a joke.
So here's last week's joke about Papa John, then we'll play you the new one.
In history, you'll see impassioned commercials.
This one almost brought me to tears.
In these times, what you stand for matters more than ever.
We've learned once again that freedom isn't free.
But we must always strive for equality.
And we must always reach for Cheez-Its.
Wow, truly inspiring.
What the hell?
That was a commercial for Cheez-Its?
Really makes you think.
Right, Boom.
But, look, don't worry.
To balance out the so-called progressive ads, we're also wearing something with a more conservative slant, like this one.
At Papa John's, we know you want real ingredients.
No additives, no preservatives, and no child sex trafficking in the basement.
Sorry, Democrat.
You'll have to get your child sex pizza over at Hillary's Pizzeria.
Papa Jones, it's A-OK.
Stop by with your coupon today.
So it all makes a big joke out of it.
I mean, let's go to the next one.
Despite Joe Biden's inauguration, millions of people still believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory.
Here to help explain it is a member of QAnon.
Please welcome Stephanie Green.
Very good to be here together.
Yes, well, thank you for being here, Stephanie.
You said you're a single gal from Ohio?
Yes, that's right.
Normal gal.
I work in an office for business.
Coffee, pencils, the whole nine, yes.
And you're a member of QAnon?
Oh, big time, yes.
Q all the way.
And what is QAnon all about?
Okay, listen, have you heard this?
QAnon says there is an underground ring of very bad people.
They gather to undermine Trump and to steal elections and to eat children.
I hear that and I'm like, whoa, where?
Yeah, well it's a very disturbing theory, so what do you do with QAnon?
Yes, we try to get to the bottom of things.
This underground cabal, what's the deal?
Who is part of it?
How do you get an invite?
Is it reservations or is it open table?
Are there enough children to go around?
Do you eat them on sight?
Or do you take them home?
Are there dipping sauces?
There's so much!
So much to uncover!
Yeah, it sounds like you're pretty focused on the eating children part of Q&A.
Alright, let's stop right there.
If you're a radio listener and you didn't see, I just showed you the Time Magazine headline from a week ago where they admitted, okay, a secret cabal stole the election.
We even staged the stuff at the Capitol.
They basically admit it all.
They have a woman in a witch's outfit on a comedy show, acting like it's news, saying, oh, QAnon said all this, but QAnon put dates on it.
QAnon said that the vice president who became the president by fraud would have been killed on January 20th.
All of that was meant to discredit everything real we're talking about.
The world government, the New World Order, the Satanism, Disney totally busted running sex rings, all of it.
So every week they can say, oh, there's no sex rings.
Oh, there's no children being heard.
Oh, there's no Satanism.
That's why I was so pissed at the QAnon and I told you it was going to happen.
Overhead shot, please.
So, cancel Disney Plus trends after Star Wars cancels Gina Carano for saying the public shouldn't have helped Hitler round up Jews and America shouldn't be spying on their neighbors today.
That got her banned in 10 seconds.
Meanwhile, Disney manager was living vicariously through child porn images, deputies say.
Disney hire convicted child molester to work at 2006 kids show.
AP, director of Disney film about troubled teens, is registered sex offender.
Some question ABC and Disney's willingness to work with registered sex offenders, pedophiles, and immediately cancel Roseanne for saying George Soros worked with Hitler, which he said on 60 Minutes.
Police undercover a massive pedophile ring at Disney, who just fired her.
Disney under fire for targeting pedophiles to work at kids shows.
Disney hires, fires Guardians director James Gunn after tweets about rape and pedophilia and pedophile parties he bragged about having.
Former Disney Channel actor alleges manager sexually assaulted him.
USA Today, on and on.
I mean, I've just got literally 50 of these.
Former Disney VP convicted of sexually abusing girl.
Cops arrest 16 suspected pedophiles in child abuse case run by Disney.
Report, at least 35 Disney World workers arrested in child sex charges.
But doesn't matter.
The Mandalorian star, she's bad.
That's the problem.
At least they fired her.
Thank God.
I mean, that's the problem.
Jeffrey Epstein.
Jeffrey Epstein.
Financiers forced his victims into sham marriages for U.S.
visas in a government smuggling operation.
Hell, Biden just opened the borders completely up.
No big deal.
How a leading anti-Trump group ignored a crisis in its ranks.
The leaders of the Lincoln Project are, you know what?
Meanwhile, the Vatican covers it all up.
Hillary makes jokes about it.
German nuns run into orphaned boys.
Heard massive gang rapes.
It's all... I'm not gonna hit the whole stack.
I just... This is just lately the news breaking.
Oh, but it's all a joke!
Ha ha ha ha!
Papa John!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh my gosh!
It's so funny.
QAnon witch.
You know, she's up there.
She's joking.
Kids are being kidnapped and killed.
It's so funny.
It's all just a joke.
You know, I bet that talk show host, just like I predicted what would happen to Bruce Springsteen within hours he was arrested, I think she gets cancer within one year.
I think she dies of cancer within two years.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here back live.
Two more segments left than Owen Troyer if he can get here in this snowstorm.
We can run a rebroadcast if we can or just loop this show.
InfoWars Live, 6 to 8, Sunday nights is coming up.
If Owen can get here, will you guys call him and see if he can get here?
Because it is just insane.
Who's hosting?
Oh my gosh, Tom Papert.
Emperor Palpatine, the son, he's like a hundredth generation clone of Palpatine.
As you know, that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Tom Pappertine, Emperor Palpatine's great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great thousandth clone is going to be hosting the show after the broadcast.
You don't want to miss it.
All right, I have a lot of stuff to hit here.
In fact, I've got too much material.
It's not like I'm stalling out because I don't have information to cover here with 25 minutes left to go.
It's because this is surreal.
I mean, we're inside a world government.
We're locked down with an exaggerated fraudulent virus.
World government is being announced.
They're telling us that the lockdown is permanent.
And then I've got articles right here in my stack where Joe Biden is saying he's going to ax Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, you name it.
And again, I always said they'll get you dependent, they'll steal your money, and then later they'll take it away.
I was always against it because I knew they'd end up stealing it.
But now I've lived long enough, 47 years, that I'm sitting here.
I mean, if Trump even said he was going to go after Medicare or Medicaid,
That guy's just pulling up his type in.
Biden going after Medicare and Medicaid.
I mean, if you even tried to even say something like that, when it's supposedly paid for with Social Security, Biden's stimulus gamble, massive cuts to Medicare, farm aid, politica.
I mean, if Trump even pretended he would do that, they would have destroyed him.
But they didn't.
They reelected him, but they stole it.
By the way, you cut the Keystone Pipeline, you cut 60% of oil drilling in the U.S., you shut off the power plants, the power's too costly, everybody leaves the country.
You can't have the jobs or the businesses to pay for the Medicare, to pay for the Medicaid, to pay for the Social Security.
It's a mathematical fact.
So, what do you do?
You kill the old people, you neuthanize them.
And that's what's going on.
And that's what's happening.
And again, to me, is I never trusted socialism run by corporate fascists who are above the law because I knew they'd pull this, but now we're here and I'm like, hey, don't get a Medicare.
Don't get rid of Medicaid.
Hey, don't get rid of social security.
And they're just going to do it, folks.
They're going to get rid of everything, like they got rid of the borders.
So what a time to be alive.
Let's play this clip.
Skit shows a granny getting led down a hill only to be thrown off a cliff.
But see, I'll play this clip, but I just showed you where they're not giving old people medical care or handicapped people in the UK saying, oh, COVID has the hospitals full.
We've triaged it.
You don't get health care, but the hospitals are empty.
They're just going, oh, we're doing eugenics.
They're like, oh, the National Health Service saved 600 million pounds.
With the COVID thing is we're not giving people treatment.
You pay your insurance to get your cataracts done, to get your knee fix, to get whatever.
And sorry, it's all shut down for a year.
You don't get it.
And Microsoft and Apple and Facebook and Twitter and Google and Amazon all more than double their profits.
Some of them double the size of their country.
But people go, hey, it's all right.
They all fund Black Lives Matter, which is just some PR thing.
They just say, oh, we love black people.
Hey, you're running death camps in China.
Black Lives Matter.
Hey, you're bankrupting the whole economy and you got millions of people locked up in nursing homes and they're dying.
I fund Black Lives Matter.
Hey, you're writing these laws that are going to Medicare and Medicaid and kill millions of people.
Black Lives Matter.
Hey, you're funding, you know, all this evil world government and open borders and explode the third world.
Black Lives Matter.
Hell, the IRS sends you a letter, you owe money.
Black Lives Matter.
But see, that won't work.
So here's the video of the granny being thrown off the cliff.
I mean, come on.
Bill Gates said you get rid of Grandma, you can hire ten teachers.
It's not true.
They just say that.
Just kill her.
They make jokes about it, but they say the case for killing Granny.
Look at her fighting back, that old white lady.
That old racist.
Get rid of her!
Yeah, there we go.
Ah, good, liberal.
You see, those are death panels.
You're not supposed to talk about those.
And crown thy hood!
With brotherhood.
All right.
So there you go.
Now let's go out to break this next clip.
This is Joe Biden.
The most popular president in world history.
He won by 500 million votes.
Everything's fine.
Don't question that.
Saying the hundred days of mass is now through next year.
Here it is.
It's critically important.
The message I realize I'm speaking to.
A vast majority, at least I hope I am, of the folks out here at NIH, you know that wearing this mask through the next year here can save lives.
A significant number of lives.
And so I apologize if... I mean what an Orwellian nightmare.
A weird, crazy skeleton, a Chinese agent, with a thing over his face, and all the air just blows out the sides, with this image that you're dirty, you're bad, you're evil, submit, and it's just gonna get worse from here on out.
Because we said, hey, a baby in the womb isn't a human, okay?
And then now, oh, we can have men in sports say they're girls, okay?
We can have adult Muslims, average age 25, say they're 13 and be brought in as refugees and put in homes and put in elementary schools and middle schools with Germans and Swedes and then they rape and kill because they're 25 year old Afghan men!
It's all fantasy land.
When you've got a government saying there aren't two genders, they're trying to get you to say, yes sir, what color Kool-Aid do I drink, sir, with the cyanide in it.
I got a final segment and a bunch of news I want to hit.
I'm loaded for bear on that.
But I'll just tell you all this, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a great pleasure to be on air with you.
I don't know how long I'm going to be here.
Things are so bad.
Things are moving so fast that I'm not even sure we'll be here tomorrow, the next week, next year.
It's all up to God right now, but the bottom fell out.
And it's just, they're euthanizing the old people.
I mean, we've got probably 5% death rates at nursing homes to take the shot.
And they've successfully covered up most areas.
That's why you have hundreds of places where they say, we've got 3 deaths, we've got 5 deaths, we've got 10 deaths.
One place said we've got 23 deaths out of like 200 and something people.
That's because they've got good managers there.
They're all being punished.
So when they're willing to kill hundreds of thousands of old people just here alone, that's what the numbers are.
We're looking at them.
Man, I tell you, they're gonna do anything.
They have gone for broke.
And so they think you're just caught up in a normal pattern of life learned.
Helplessness is beyond it.
It's really normalcy bias.
It's beyond Stockholm Syndrome.
And so, just God help you.
Because it's all gone.
They're getting ready for a global collapse.
And I'm not going to lie to you about how much trouble we're in.
They wouldn't be exterminating all these people if they hadn't decided to go all the way.
Be right back.
All right, Sunday live for two hours with Emperor Pappertine taking over.
Next segment, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And I wanted to hit some other news before we close out this transmission.
But first, let's go back to how the broadcast began.
I covered you an entire stack.
of the Indian government, the South African government, the Australian government, and other governments, and Merck pulling the vaccines saying they didn't help people and they killed people.
Then I showed US News saying, don't question, no one's questioning, it's all fine.
That's all incredibly important.
If you're a radio listener, you hear me saying this.
TV viewers, the crew can pull this up as fast as I splurge it out.
So, the good news is, this isn't just everyone agreeing.
Major governments have got a problem.
Why is that?
Because the history of damage with vaccines, and the fact that this new system is not a vaccine, but is an mRNA reprogramming gene therapy system.
So why would anybody trust that or put up with it?
It's a giant exercising and gaslighting, saying we're gonna keep you locked down, we're gonna keep you in masks till you all take the vaccine.
Oh sorry, you took the vaccine, you still can't go out, you still don't, you still gotta wear a mask.
I told you that a year ago.
Now it's all admitted because I know the enemy.
Yeah, let's play Run DMZ.
This is not a satire video.
When I saw this Friday, the crew shouted at me.
I said, that's gotta be a joke.
It's like, trust things, don't ask questions, take the shot, it's good.
Trust things, don't ask questions?
That doesn't, that doesn't, things don't go too well when you hear that.
Like, get on the train!
Do what you're told!
Yeah, let's run the D... Run DMC.
Members, now put out this... I guess the money must be good.
This type of garbage.
Then I got something even sicker.
I got the vaccine.
Here it is.
You got the vaccine.
They got the vaccine.
We got the vaccine.
We can get back to normal.
Let me inform you.
Let's all get the vaccine.
It's about community immunity.
I'm talking unity for you and me.
If top says it's good, then trust me it's good.
Now let's all get the vaccine.
I'm the king of rock.
There is none higher.
I will inspire.
Time for us to trust and not debate.
The vaccine believe it's safe to take.
9 out of 10 people won't get sick.
It's 90% effective and legit.
This COVID thing is real and it will find you.
It's killing our people.
Let me remind you.
Um, do I need to tell you that my grandmother, they told, got polio from the vaccine, had a horrible life.
Well, she died at 92, totally tortured, paralyzed almost completely.
Should I pull up Reuters?
The number one cause of polio currently is the Bill Gates vaccine.
They just admit it, like, oh, the number one cause worldwide is the Bill Gates vaccine.
He's banned in 30-something countries for being there, including India.
India just said, no, Bill Gates runs Pfizer, we're not taking it.
Take the vaccines!
Take the vaccines!
No, all those diseases went down.
We got sewage and cleaned our clothes and got antibiotics.
And back then you got measles, mumps, rubella, 99% of people didn't have a problem.
But now you look at us, our life expectancy has actually gone down.
Infant mortality has gone up.
We're being killed.
Autism off the charts.
Now there's NPR, how the polio vaccine can cause polio.
They don't even hide this stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
It's eugenics.
And I gotta tell you, I don't say this to virtue of signal, but the globalists have a special spot for black people.
And I've, I've met with a major Austin doctor that owned a whole string of clinics.
And he told me, he said, no, they were targeting black people in the nineties with weaponized live polio vaccine.
And it totally freaked him out, but he wasn't willing to come on the show.
We already know that goes on.
And so I'm not kissing up to anybody.
I'm just telling you that, uh,
Black folks have been the open season.
And Fauci said last week, he said, it's open season to vaccinate everybody now.
Open season.
That means it's open to hunt your ass.
Don't question, just take the shot!
And it's not even a regular vaccine.
So let's go ahead.
Here's a new story.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
What if Bill Gates disappeared?
Creepy Kids video praises Bill Gates as a defender of Earth's climate from those evil fossil fuels.
And he's the one that's, oh, he got all the rich people to give their money.
Tax exempt, or they make even bigger profits.
He's got five times the money Elon Musk has got.
It's all tax exempt.
Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate you.
You're going to take his shots.
Here it is.
What if Bill Gates disappeared?
No problem.
I will buy many Gates and solve the problem.
Oh, on some.
Firstly, Bill Gates is the third richest person.
If Bill Gates disappeared, a highly respected billionaire will be missed by many.
Secondly, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private charitable foundation worldwide.
If Bill Gates disappeared, philanthropy will take a big hit.
Thirdly, Bill Gates co-founded the Giving Pledge.
Billionaires pledge at least half of their wealth to philanthropy.
If Bill Gates disappeared, this wonderful initiative may die down.
Fourthly, Bill Gates is a leader in the climate change fight.
If Bill Gates disappeared, climate conservation efforts may take a hit.
Fifthly, Bill Gates has funded many startups working in clean energy.
If Bill Gates disappeared, fossil fuels might make a comeback.
Can't have that.
Lastly, if Bill Gates disappeared, Warren Buffet, the famous American investor, will dearly miss his best friend.
Warren Buffett that launders all the narcotics money on record through Berkshire Hathaway.
Warren Buffett, the biggest recipient of the 2018 bailout.
$437 million.
Warren Buffett, so liberal.
A nice little old man from Omaha.
He never does anything.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
All of you should take your vaccines.
All of you should do what Warren Buffett says.
And we should have open borders.
And we should have world government.
And we should just do everything.
I'm sorry, you're right.
Bill Gates, thank you so much for all you do.
You're such an angel, Bill Gates.
He underwrites London Guardian, ABC News, CNN, MSNBC.
Because he's tax exempt, he's on the inside globalist group.
So black folks are told, hate all white people, they're all racist, not to get you.
But, old rich white men that say they want to kill people and depopulate Africa?
Look up, Bill Gates says he's worried about African population and wants to depopulate.
You'll have articles of him saying, I want to depopulate black people.
I want to depopulate, I want to kill you!
Oh, I love you Bill!
Oh, Bill Gates!
Oh, kill me!
Oh, kill me!
It's like, hey, I want freedom.
Shut up racist!
Hey, I like the Star Spangled Banner.
I like freedom.
Where does the African youth put them?
What's worrying Bill Gates?
Good job, crew.
You're really finding out.
Yeah, those young black people really got Bill Gates worried.
You know, if folks are this dumb, then go along with this and do whatever you want.
I'm done.
But I appreciate the crew, and I appreciate what they're doing.
I'm not funded by Bill Gates.
I'm not funded by Warren Buffett.
I'm not funded by George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, who works for Bill Gates.
I'm funded by you.
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All right.
I want to appreciate the crew for a wondrous job.
I will now go into an incredible gauntlet of frozen roads and road warrior level crashes to get back to my family and hopefully back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central for the live broadcast.
I want to thank the crew for a great job.
Coming up on the other side on the InfoWars Network stream is
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