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Name: 20210214_Emergency_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 14, 2021
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates and Africa. He criticizes those spreading rumors about Gates having malicious intentions towards black people, arguing that there is no reason for the billionaire to target them. He clarifies his show's funding sources and expresses gratitude towards his crew and viewers for their support.

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I have been on air for 27 years and I have never been this freaked out.
I have never been this upset.
And quite frankly, I've never been this scared.
And I'm scared because I fear God.
And if I don't do something about this, something dramatic, and if you don't do something serious about this, we are aiding and abetting it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I'm going to lay out the most horrifying information we've ever broken down that is all in plain view.
And it is staggering.
And this is only a small snapshot of what's currently happening because everything's out in the open now.
The whole UN COVID-19 lockstep Great Reset rollout
You have a massive aging population from Japan to the United States and the big banks, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, others have said they want to legalize basically state-sponsored murder of the old.
Now under Hitler and under Lenin and under Stalin, this all started with the old and the mentally retarded first.
And then it moved on to everyone else.
So we know exactly where this is going, but it's now confirmed that the mRNA so-called vaccine is a strategic kill weapon.
A soft kill weapon that takes months or years to kill most people, but in many cases kills people within minutes, hours, or days.
And I'm going to show you all this from the federal government's own reporting system.
They talk about deaths in clusters, whether it's in Sweden or Germany or the UK or the US or Canada or Australia, because it's only certain hospitals and nursing homes that report that they give 200 patients or 100 nursing home people or 50 nursing home people and 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 10 die per nursing home.
I've got all the numbers right here.
I'm going to show you from the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Center set up in 1986 by Ronald Reagan what's happening.
The magnitude of this is just over the top.
So let me just do this.
Let me read you a few headlines.
I'm going to drill into these on this emergency Saturday broadcast.
India says Pfizer COVID vaccine not recommended for emergency use at this stage.
They say at this stage, we're not going to authorize its use in India.
They've banned its use.
The main global vaccine, the first one the UK authorized a few months ago, the first one the US authorized.
They've banned it.
Notice they say for emergency use.
There was no animal testing and basically no human testing.
And India looked at the so-called testing by Pfizer in Europe and the U.S.
and said, you didn't do real testing.
And they cite the head of the EU Advisory Commission, Wolfgang Ludarg, and his associate, who's also a scientist, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, saying,
This is not a vaccine.
And it's got a whole human genome in it and an entire jellyfish genome.
And they won't explain what that's for.
That's why they skip the trials.
It'll turn your immune system off.
It'll turn your immune system on.
It can sterilize you.
It attacks the placenta.
That's how the baby lives.
Attached to the uterus.
The feeding system.
And it will settle out this protein it creates that's antiviral in the cells, and when those cells divide or die, give you a horrible autoimmune response or a cytokine storm.
Now, I did that report a few months ago, back in December, off of their emergency report, with top scientists warning it'll sterilize women and kill a lot of people.
The UK government came out two weeks into their operations a month and a half ago and said, whoa, whoa, whoa, here's the three groups that shouldn't take this.
Above 75, under 16, or pregnant.
Now you see all these medical doctors that are women that are pregnant taking it and having miscarriages.
But they say, it's okay, I did it for the team.
So that's the first article.
Very sick.
India is not letting them declare an emergency and they've said no to the main vaccine.
Here's another one.
Al Jazeera.
India says entire population may not need vaccinating and just says they're abandoning the program.
Let's continue.
Merck, three weeks ago, arguably the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, it's definitely in the top three, said we're abandoning the vaccine program.
This is a cold virus.
You cannot create a vaccine for it.
There are thousands of mutations.
And Bill Gates responded by saying we'll have thousands of vaccines.
And you'll never reopen.
See, that's what I told you last year.
I told you a year ago.
This is perfect because you can't ever fix the problem.
And our archivist has gone and dug all these different clips out.
Tomorrow on my Sunday show, I'm going to be playing some of these for you.
Just so you see, we're not making this stuff up.
We've got their number.
And now it's all confirmed.
We predicted all of this perfectly, because we know the enemy.
We have a lot of their own white papers, and now they're admitting it.
Let's move on to this gigantic article out of the Epoch or Epoch Times.
And it links directly to the Federal Registry.
Directly to the Federal Registry of these clusters in Kentucky and Arkansas and other areas where you'll have one nursing home with 100 people or 200 people or 50 people, they list them here, and you'll have 5 die, 6 die, 8 die, 10 die.
They had 20-something people in one Swedish nursing home die.
Same things happen in other countries.
And again, I see these every day.
They estimate that 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 adverse reactions gets reported because every country has these systems.
But now they're being ignored.
So let's say it's 1 in 10.
So that's thousands, not hundreds, dying in the U.S.
from COVID vaccines.
And they admit on the insert it can kill you.
But major newspapers like The Register reported that last week.
They changed their headline and removed that.
Go read this article for yourself.
It breaks it all down.
Infowars also did a boil down of it.
Seniors who already beat COVID-19 are dying after taking the vaccine, and they're testing positive for COVID after they've had the vaccine.
Because it's all BS, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a societal collapse system, just like murder up 30%, general crime up 50%.
The border is collapsing.
The third world starving to death.
Giant migrant waves rushing Europe and the US.
They've been totally collapsed under the COVID lockdown.
Planetary depression with the big banks ready to take us under their control.
Global passports to travel.
Domestic passports to travel.
Forced inoculation to have a job or be able to fly on an airplane.
It's not coming.
It's being announced.
Told you.
A year ago, that was their plan because I read Operation Lockstep.
By February, we knew the whole plan.
And they had a VIT-201 months before that, 14 months ago.
Look up Event 201.
Look up this stuff for yourself.
You owe it to yourself to find out how real this is.
Now, if you think that's incredible, that India has suspended the vaccine program, that Merck has suspended their two vaccines, that, oh, I forgot, Australia pulled their vaccine because it was making people sick, killing them, and giving them false positives for HIV.
If you think that's crazy,
Get ready for this.
This is the London Guardian.
The big, liberal, respected paper.
The biggest in the UK.
Probably the biggest in Europe.
They admit that they are not giving medical treatment to anyone with a learning disability.
That goes for anyone with Down Syndrome.
That's a chromosomal disorder.
It's a mutation.
All the way up to someone with Asperger's.
You're not given medical treatment.
And I've seen Dutch TV programs years ago come out and talk to a very high-functioning, very high IQ for a Down Syndrome man, and they say, you cost three, four times society.
That's eugenics.
When a normal person does, he says, I apologize, and they laugh at him.
They laugh at him.
Dutch TV laughs at him.
This is eugenics, and it's all the left doing this.
And you talk to the average leftist, they'll be like, well, there aren't so many people.
Well, we can't take care of all the old.
Well, we can't do all this.
And Bill Gates famously gets up at these TED Talks and other talks and says, well, if we kill an old lady and don't give her that last year of care, we can hire 10 teachers.
The idea that if you kill somebody and don't spend money on them, that then you get 10 teachers.
As if it's a zero-sum game.
It's a non-zero-sum game.
The pie is exponential.
The West and Christianity is about treating people good and building things and actually having a social welfare net.
And then that creates incredible wealth because you have a complex economy.
Authoritarianism is a one-crop economy and it's a consolidation.
But again, the very people telling you America's racist and the flag's bad and Mark Cuban's saying don't have the national anthem.
They're the ones bringing in global government and true death camps in China for Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.
They're the ones literally exploiting Africans.
They're the ones, the UN, doing all of this.
But the cover is how woke they are and how politically correct they are.
But really, they're eugenicists carrying out a global depopulation program.
And here's a few clips of Bill Gates.
Telling people, let's kill that old lady and hire 10 teachers.
And then I'll show you Bill Gates at TED Talk with an equation saying, reduce humans down to zero to save the Earth.
And now they officially admit that's the plan.
And then Bill Gates on with Fareed Zarkaria on CNN.
And Fareed's like, oh, we locked it open for a long time.
People shouldn't.
And Bill Gates gets so happy about that because he's doubled his wealth during this collapse.
And so the access that used to be available to the middle class or whatever is just rapidly going away.
That's a trade-off society is making because of very, very high medical costs.
And a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and
to make that trade-off in medical costs.
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
So you — of course — That's an interesting thing you just said, which is just the last three months in life for one person or something, because we haven't had a discussion of how to allocate that money, it means we lay off three teachers to do so.
I mean, in other words, we haven't had this type of allocation.
We're making that trade-off because of huge medical costs that are not examined to see which ones actually have no benefit whatsoever.
And because of pension generosity, we will be laying off over 100,000 teachers, which, you know, I'm very much against that.
And the whole AFP will agree with me on that.
And that's going to be based on the number of people,
The services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra, but let's take a look.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
So you've written, both in your paper that's on Gates Notes, which I really recommend people read, and you've said elsewhere, the economy is not going to be anything like it was.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
People are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
Now, I want something to run through your mind for a second, as a viewer of InfoWars, as the few, the proud, the brave.
The informed.
And I'm not kissing your ass.
From the bottom of my heart, from the very pit of my gut, from the very focus of my consciousness, from my third eye, from my very soul, you are the only people that care about this.
And you are the genesis point, the seed, the germination point to defeat this.
And if you don't get excited about this, we have no future.
And you are excited.
You're just like I. You care and you feel this and you know it.
You intellectually have researched it and you want to fight for humanity and for real justice.
And you know the authoritarians are posing as people that really want social justice because they're the ones that want enslavement.
So, if you don't spread the word, if you don't share this information, nobody will.
And I want to talk to Twitter and Jack Dorsey, who does not look as satanic as
Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.
You may still have some humanity in you.
I don't know.
I know behind the scenes you've told some very famous people you like me and listen to the show.
I was told that years ago.
Didn't believe it.
I was told about very other prominent people.
One of them even, I'm just going to leave it at that, showed me proof of it.
What the hell is going on with you?
What is going on with your employees?
I mean, there are death camps in China with millions and millions of people in them that work for Apple.
Are you really with Tim Cook?
But I'm not just talking to the head of Twitter.
I'm talking to all these censors and all these control freaks who are pretending that you're part of the winning team.
Do you understand the London Guardian is reporting what I had Members of Parliament on years ago?
That half the kids, the little boys that they're saying are transgender, are autistic and the school convinces them to be chemically castrated.
And it's population control.
And the schools admit that's the program.
They just make it fashionable to sterilize boys.
That's what it is.
But they just changed the subject.
And now?
And now?
I remember having the members of Powerball on years ago about how they would not give medical care to Down Syndrome people.
And then now they've moved on.
Well, okay, we can kill them.
They've got an extra chromosome.
Let's go after people that have Asperger's.
And so they say, if you can't fill out the forms, you don't get treatment.
Oh, and if you need to be resuscitated, they don't resuscitate you.
So let me play a clip of how this works.
Governor Northam of Virginia used to run a hospital that did baby organ harvesting.
That's on record.
And he famously, a few years ago, was on local radio convincing people that, oh, we don't want police or courts involved.
It's between a mother and the doctors.
A bioethics board, at least two.
The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
And he goes, and we make the decision with the mother after the baby's born to resuscitate or not.
Well, the baby's breathing.
Resuscitate means start the heart when it's not running.
But they use it in bioethics, which is really Nazism.
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, which was the Rockefeller Institute in Cold Springs Harbor, taught the Germans how to do all this.
Look it up.
Look up IBM and the Holocaust.
These are the technicals, folks.
This is all the facts.
They call resuscitation saying, we believe this is a human.
We've made a decision with the mother, who they've got drugged out of her mind and, you know, just had a baby.
A single mother.
There's no family there.
There's no man.
We've made a decision that this baby isn't going to have a good life.
That's what bioethics is.
Dr. Peter Singer, the real head of PETA, he said parents should be able to kill their kids up to age three.
You've got Ezekiel Emanuel that wrote Obamacare saying we should kill people at 75.
You've got Newsweek with the case of killing Granny.
My point is these people are out in the open.
This is a revolution of evil.
And this literally came out of the Rockefellers and the British Royalty, and they literally created Hitler as a test of this, and it's all in the history books.
It's not on Discovery Channel.
It's not on History Channel, but it's in Rise and Fall of Third Reich.
It's in Order of the Deathshead.
It's in the writings.
It was in the Nuremberg Trial.
So people ask how the hell all this was coming, because these people, after World War II, went underground.
So it's not a Nazi conspiracy, it's a globalist, scientific, dictatorship conspiracy.
And they're saying, with the doctors and nurses, oh, you are a Down Syndrome person, you don't get regular care.
You have Asperger's, you're autistic, you don't get care.
And they're saying it publicly.
Now ladies and gentlemen, if that's admittedly going on, can you imagine
What else is going on?
I see reports, because I scan the news, every hour of another person, an 18-year-old, a 30-year-old, a 45-year-old, a 60-year-old, a 50-year-old, a 70-year-old, taking the shot, having a convulsion, and being dead in 15 minutes.
And those doctors are moral and call and report, this dude just died.
Most of them don't do that.
Because you just saw Governor Northam say, we don't resuscitate babies if the mother and we decide it's not viable.
Again, the baby's breathing, it's fine.
In many cases, totally healthy.
They mean that they then take the baby away and keep it comfortable, it's put in a special wing with highly paid nurses, and then
Instead of just getting the organs right on the spot, once they name it as not resuscitated, as subhuman, once the baby's subhuman, they can then say it's dead, not resuscitated, but it's actually alive, they keep it comfortable, in a wing, the orders go out of its blood type, China does this too, and so people, rich people that have kids that need organs, they put their orders in, they get told, hey, a donor came available, it's a baby that died, the baby's still alive, on life support.
And then they go in, when they get enough orders in for the lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and they take everything, and including for transfusions, they suck the blood out of everything.
When they're done, it is just a shell of itself, gutted like a deer.
Now, does anybody think God likes that?
Okay, maybe you don't believe in God.
Does anyone want a state and a system doing all this behind the scenes and now passing laws in Virginia and New York to kill babies after they're born?
God, I mean, is the left really this evil?
And is the general public really this evil?
Where are the churches speaking out?
Where is anybody?
Because we're so politically correct, we won't say anything that offends the left, because they're the boss.
And now they're censoring everybody, and they work for big mega-corporations that are the most oppressive evil groups in the world, exploiting populations all over the planet, and we let them dictate to us that
They are the moral high ground and they are the left.
Let me show you another article.
I just showed you India banned the vaccine.
You don't see that on our news.
Australia stopped the vaccine.
Pfizer pulled out of the vaccine.
Oh, I'm sorry, South Africa suspended the vaccine and said it's killing a bunch of people and it doesn't protect them.
And they get positive for COVID after they take it.
Oh, there's so many other countries.
Cuomo at the White House groveling.
But I predicted this about eight months ago.
I said, they sent people with COVID to kill the one group they can kill, old people who don't have vitamin D, because any virus will kill you if you're vitamin D deficient.
They sent, now first it was 5,000, then they covered it up as 12,000.
Now it's 16,000 old people.
More than half the deaths in New York were old people above 85 that got COVID or whatever it was they put on the sheet because they put sick people in the rooms with them.
20-year-old homeless, 30-year-old homeless in the same rooms.
You've seen the video of the homeless beating up the old people.
They did this as a test and then told the families, you're not allowed to come see your family, whether it was Texas,
Or whether it was New York, every state did what the U.N.
and Bill Gates said.
Oh, CDC, NIH, Fauci says families, you might have COVID, you can't see your mom or dad, your aunt or your uncle.
Oh, and sometimes it's parents can't see their child, their back broken, their neck broken, and they're in a nursing home.
Sorry, you can't see.
If they can't even look through the window.
But we're going to bring people in that have diseases to kill them, and then when we kill them, we're going to cover it up.
But I predicted last year, I said, they're going to set Cuomo up to send shockwaves to all other 50 governors, including Republicans that didn't know what happened.
They followed the recommendation.
They sent COVID patients into nursing homes to be part of the murder.
And now they're going to show Cuomo as an example so that everybody gets scared and gets in line.
And now Gates and the globalists have them.
See, that's how these two evil-to-fail things work.
I've learned the evil, twisted, dark logic of these Satanists.
They get us to go along with some mass evil, some mass corruption, like abortion, saying these aren't babies.
And once a woman's killed a couple of her babies, she's always going to defend it, because she can't admit she did it.
And now she'll defend killing an old person, or killing a kid that's already born.
See how it works?
They get you into sin, they get you into evil, they get you under their control, and now they've got you right where you want you, because you have no rudder.
You didn't stand up for a baby.
Metaphysical laws that apply, you lose your reap what you sow, karmic defense.
Because I don't follow the whole Hindu idea of karma, you know, no matter what you do later in another... No, no, it's now.
It's now.
It affects you now, ladies and gentlemen.
Everybody knows about instant karma.
You've all experienced it.
And so, that's what these dark magicians do, is they trick us, ladies and gentlemen, to go along with evil, so that literally who we are, our energy, because these are dark magicians, they know what they're doing, resonates with them.
And then they have a bridge into our lives.
They have a control system into our lives.
When we, not just metaphysically, but intellectually, buy into what they're doing and what they've established, then we're spiritually blind and can't oppose them.
And I'm going to finish up here and get to the whole impeachment news.
And that incredible stuff that's unfolding, but Cuomo was set up.
Cuomo is a low-grade moron from a very corrupt mafia family.
His dad was not even that smart.
He and his brothers are idiots.
But the point is, is that he was set up and it shows how the very minions of the system are being set up because now the globalists own Greg Abbott.
They own Whitmer.
They own Wolfe.
They own Newsom.
And they'll all be burned!
They'll all lose their re-election!
They'll get recalled!
And then the globalists will laugh because their own minions will be destroyed.
It will create fear in all the other minions that went along with it, hoping that it passes them over.
Now you see how the enemy tricks you to give up your moral high ground, your spiritual high ground, so they have you.
Alright, so.
Moving to the next piece of information.
Oh, UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities.
First, that says the government has a right to give you exemptions when they don't have a right to put something in your body that's been banned in all these other countries, and where Bill Gates has been kicked out of India over and over again and just got kicked out again.
And then the idea of, oh, minorities don't want to take vaccines because they came from Pakistan where the UN got caught sterilizing them and giving them polio?
Or how about people in Africa where they caught the UN giving them polio under Bill Gates?
That's even in Reuters.
That's another subject.
They call it disinfo.
Jones gives out disinfo with Joe Rogan that the number one cause of polio is the polio vaccine.
But they had to back down because Joe Rogan had me on and I showed Reuters and the admission.
That's what's crazy is they can't even hide this.
They're just rolling it out because they want to kill, steal, and destroy.
It's who they are.
They want to dominate.
They want to kill.
It's metaphysical.
So, UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities.
Summit.News is also up on Infowars.com and it goes through their announcements.
Okay, if minorities don't trust the government because of Tuskegee, giving black people syphilis, and all these other tests, then you don't have to.
But white people have to.
Oh, okay.
So see how this works, folks?
This is very sick.
This is very evil.
But the average person's like, I'm taking the vaccine.
I'm a hero.
They're like, hey, doesn't it protect you?
It's got major side effects.
It's not a normal vaccine.
It's been banned in all these countries.
Shut up, you've been banned!
Don't even try that with me.
Meanwhile, though, it's all in the fine print.
They're admitting it all.
But on the national news, the big official TV shows, oh, no side effects, COVID's totally safe, all the fine print, death, disease, autoimmune, everything else.
And it goes on and on and on.
This is an assault on the family, an assault on humans, an assault on our very genetics.
And people of every race, color, and creed who have red blood, who are one human race, are coming together.
Rapper Zoobie identifies as female to smash weightlifting record.
I've decided I'm going to go introduce myself in the private weightlifting groups here.
And I'm going to identify as a 100-pound 18-year-old female and I'm going to win all the things.
And I'm not going to do this to be mean.
I'm going to do it to show the lie that I'm not a woman, that I have testosterone, that my muscles and bones are twice as strong on average.
I don't have a uterus.
I can't have a baby.
We're different.
And that's our strength.
And we've got other articles here where so many other people
are coming out and pointing this out.
This is an assault on humanity, an assault on the regular order of things.
To confuse us so much, these crazy mad scientists can have their way with us.
But I want to just slow down again and ask you all to realize, if you try to talk about vaccine deaths, about vaccine illnesses, about how this isn't a vaccine, Robert Kennedy Jr.
put out a big report
With all these admitted medical reports and top scientists and copies and screenshots of the insert admitting it can kill you or give you Guillain-Barre's or narcolepsy or epilepsy and what's the other one?
Bell's palsy.
Luckily that goes away after a while, the others don't.
It can cause type 1 diabetes, can eat your pancreas.
I mean, it's all there.
And they just said, oh, you're banned off everything too.
And then Bill Gates is heavily invested in Microsoft, is heavily invested
In Zuckerberg's company.
I mean, it's total conflicts of interest.
And this is just the establishment rushing us and attacking us.
And why are they doing it?
Because nationalists are getting elected?
Because populism is exploding?
Because people are coming together?
Because the UN's in trouble, been caught running genocide?
Because Trump and Bolsonaro got elected?
Boris Johnson knew how to roll over.
He was supposedly a patriot.
Now, Farage admits he was a bad guy.
He didn't know.
And so the UN, 14 months ago, back in December of 2019, had their own emergency meeting and they admitted that vaccines don't work.
We're just told what to do by Bill Gates.
They're sterilizing people.
They're killing them.
Our own doctors don't believe in it.
Our front lines wobbly.
And so they come in with a new crisis that can't be fixed with a cold virus that mutates.
So there's no way to ever have a real vaccine.
And they tell you, Oh, just take, just stay in your house 15 days.
Oh, just stay in your house six months.
Oh, just take the vaccine.
Then, then you can go out.
Oh, sorry.
Doesn't protect you.
Now you can't go out.
And it's all a lie.
It's all a fraud.
It's all designed to suck all of civilization into a crisis that has no solution, but totally tracking, controlling what you do.
And then under the umbrella of all of this, they're euthanizing the old.
They're killing the mentally retarded.
Oh, don't say retarded.
We'll ban you for that.
We're just going to kill them.
Call them mentally disabled.
Call them a learning disability.
No, having an extra chromosome isn't a learning disability.
So see, they go, Oh, be nice to him.
Don't call him a name.
Hurts him.
Just kill him.
And then next it is somebody with a learning disability.
Oh, and the next frontier.
They've already announced all over the world, Australia, UK, it's the models coming here next.
Oh, you smoked, you don't ever get healthcare.
Oh, you ate too much fat.
With all the new digital systems they can track in your social credit score what you've done.
You pay a tax or you don't get your healthcare.
Or, oh,
You're politically incorrect.
The UK is already announcing this.
You don't like global government.
You voted for Brexit.
You don't get healthcare.
That's what this social credit score is.
That's why wearing yellow stars isn't a good idea.
We lock our doors at night, not because we have something to hide, but because there are some bad people out there, and that puts a barrier to them.
And giving the power structure total surveillance and total control is always going to end up creating a nightmare scenario, and now it has.
And because there's a new currency.
I'm giving you truth bomb after truth bomb here.
Of social media, of dopamine, of getting attention, of getting clicks, of getting likes, that in almost no cases makes you any money, makes you depressed, makes you alone.
People will, by increment, become total fascists, supporters of Xi Jinping, death camps, killing old people, arresting their political opposition, having the Pentagon and CIA go after Trump supporters, all because they get celebrated and promoted by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
And that is the road to hell.
So only you can get this message out to the people.
Only you can turn the tide against this corruption and this evil.
But if you don't, we have no hope.
And it's only going to get worse.
I'm going to go to break for a moment.
I'm going to come back and lay out for a few minutes what the world's going to look like in a few years under this plan, if you don't resist and speak up and say no, and ways we can speak up and say no.
And then I'm going to shift gears into the most powerful highlights of the Trump team finally putting on a good defense on Friday.
I'm Alex Jones.
The only way this dog hunts is you share the links.
We'll be right back.
God bless.
I have told you for nine weeks that once they implement this, if we cower in fear properly and grovel, it will then become a permanent emergency by saying, we can't let one person die from this virus.
And so, until there's no death, zero, out of seven and a half billion people, it's impossible.
We are going to keep the social distancing and the lockdown in place.
We're going to probably have to cycle this and throttle it.
And, oh, you can't go out here, you can't go out there.
They're going to have a county by county thing at first.
And just getting us all trained that we can't go out until we're told.
And that's the way it is, to keep us safe from the virus.
Obama and Dr. Faustus, Fauci,
Are now the ones telling us the lockdown could never end.
Remember, 15 days to bend the curve?
And then when it wasn't even one-tenth of what they said it would be, they went, oh sorry, it's so devastating because it's not even one-tenth of what we said, we never reopen.
They just wanted to get you to accept it up front.
Like a kidnapper does, puts the gun on you, somebody put the handcuffs on you, and they put the gag on you, and then everything will be alright.
Just put the handcuffs on, put the ball gag in.
Look, you're getting taken to a basement to get tortured and raped.
You're gonna die.
This is the end of everything.
It's never coming back.
The prosperity's never coming back.
It's all over.
And they're gonna, by increments, put the pressure on,
Get you to give up more rights, and then they'll take a little pressure off.
And then they'll tell you to give up more rights, and then pressure will be taken off.
But then, always it'll be put back on even tighter.
That's the psychology of the stakeholder.
And they plan to lock things down again this winter, causing all the flu deaths and regular deaths from other things, calling it COVID-19.
And they're gonna try to have another big lockdown that will guarantee a mega-depression,
First they tell you 15 days to flatten the curve, leave hospitals open.
Then it's a month, then it's two months, then it's eight months.
Now we're eight months in.
Then it's, oh, the end of 2021.
Oh, it's four years.
Oh, it's 10 years.
We'll never come out of this.
If Joe Biden gets in, they're never getting rid of the lockdown.
Think about that.
It's a lot bigger than just kicking Trump out and flooding everything with fake ballots using the lockdown as the cover for it.
They want to bankrupt us and then have us have an app to be able to leave our front door and step one foot outside of our house.
That is the admitted globalist Chai Com plan.
We're being given tracker systems.
We're being taught to stay in our houses.
We're being taught we're not essential.
We're being
Marinated in martial law.
That's what we've been in with big tech, and the universities, and the blue cities, and the blue states, and the UN, and the CHICOMS.
Monkey see, monkey do with this lockdown.
And they're gonna make the lockdown and the shutdown of our economy ten times worse, and now Biden's announced that.
All these conservatives are like, well Alex, saw my neighbor yesterday, he goes,
He goes, Alex.
He goes, at least.
At least they'll turn the economy back on.
And I said, no, they're not going to.
I showed him on my phone where Biden's new commission says it'll never open.
You think these control freaks are ever going to turn loose once this dog has you in its jaws?
Once this great white shark's got you in its mouth?
Come on.
Oh, Joe Biden wants peace and love and wants his soul to heal.
Everything he says is a lie.
They're going to hit us with different waves of bio attack over the years, locking us down tighter each time.
All I do is research this information.
That's how I'm able to predict what's coming next.
So let me tell you what's coming next.
I'll cover it more tomorrow on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
What's coming next is more of the same, but intensified.
Cell phones by law, digital systems in your car tracking you, face scanning, thumb printing to go into businesses to buy and sell, showing your QR code that you've been vaccinated to have a job, get into a parking garage, go to the grocery store, go to church.
And then with that, they can add more and more restrictions and more and more demands to what you do.
And they legitimize the social credit score already perfected in Communist China.
And then you've got to go to this social engineering class to keep your credit score high.
You've got to submit and send your children to a certain school that's been recommended by the algorithm.
It's a nightmare scenario and we know what they're going to do because the globalists are on record.
Now here's how you resist it.
You stop engaging in one-dimensional and two-dimensional thought processes and you study history, you study how the globalists operate, you study the claims we've made here that have been documented,
And then you realize you're under attack and the globalists are never going to recognize you begging them to stop.
You're going to have to stop them.
And that means you're going to have to run for office.
You're going to have to educate others.
You're going to have to be a resistor.
You're going to have to be a conscientious objector.
You're going to have to engage in civil disobedience.
Everything short of offensive violence.
And you're going to have to put pressure on governors like Greg Abbott.
And pressure on others, because the globalists are putting pressure on them with the dirt they have on them to engage in this stuff or they'll hang them out to dry.
We've got to let Greg Abbott and all these other globalists know, hey, listen here, buddy boy, you're not keeping the lockdown on forever.
You're not keeping masks on us forever.
You're not keeping our schools closed forever.
You're not going to bring in the social credit score and the Google contact tracers run by the Clinton Foundation on us in the future.
This whole thing's a giant overblown fraud like Governor DeSantis has been exposing.
Even Governor DeSantis is like, but let's get all the old people vaccinated first.
Hey DeSantis, here's a Yahoo News headline right out of the UK.
Government Advisory Board says three groups should not take the vaccine.
Above 75, under 16, and pregnant.
So again, stop the virtue signaling and realize the vaccine doesn't work.
If India could ban the Pfizer vaccine,
If South Africa can man three of the vaccines, if Australia can wake up, my God, it's killing their people!
The British military two months ago started giving people shots, and a bunch of them died that were old, and they said, let's stop this!
Oh, but we just have Snopes saying, well, they did die a bunch of them right after they took it, but no, that's not what did it.
No judge, no jury, no coroner, no nothing.
So you just better realize you're under attack, and you better realize that Jones was never paranoid.
I've been smart.
I grew up smart.
I grew up reading a lot of history books, and having a lot of family that was involved in a lot of things, and doing my own research and my own experience on the street.
I got busy very, very young learning how the world really worked, and I'm going to leave it at that.
I mean, 12 years old, ladies and gentlemen.
I was living the life of a 20-year-old.
And I've already been around the block at 47 a bunch, and I know what's going on.
So, the good news is a lot of people said, well, Jones is right about some stuff, but he goes too far.
Now people are going, how the hell does he know all this?
Because they tell you what they're doing.
They don't say we're going to sterilize half the boys in the Western world.
They go, oh, we're going to teach them they're girls and then convince them it's cool.
But first we're going to brain damage them with vaccines and pesticides, because boys are more susceptible to it, and then convince them it's cool and make it trendy to be a slave.
That's how all this works.
So first admit you're under attack, then understand we need legislative leadership at the state and local level.
Look at corporate leadership.
Look at the one guy in Naples, Alfie Oaks, that started his own three grocery stores, is super successful, and says you don't have to wear a mask, it's not even a law, and suddenly he's got more business than ever.
That's the first domino to fall.
Things like that are examples of leadership in your own life.
I go in the grocery store.
I don't wear a mask.
If they come up and talk to me, I educate them.
Stop being afraid of, oh, I don't want to hurt you.
I'm dirty.
I'm wearing this mask.
That's a lie saying you're dirty.
They're teaching you that you're bad because you're white or you're bad because you're black.
There's all this racism.
Meanwhile, they're teaching you you're dirty and evil.
You've got to wear a thing over your face that doesn't even protect you.
It's all lies.
And you've got to realize that psychology and you've got to get aggressive.
You've got to get loud and you've got to let Bill Gates and
Mark Zuckerberg and all the New World Order and Klaus Schwab know that when Klaus Schwab tells us that, oh,
Anyone that is in a profession where you are close to people, your profession is over.
Humans can never talk to each other again.
Realize what a cult announcement that is.
Robots will deliver things to you.
You will own nothing.
Think of the magnitude of the evil and how insane that is and reject it and realize you've got to be a leader in your own life.
You will have nothing.
You don't have to save the world.
You don't have to do it all.
But you've got to, at least around everybody you know, not submit to this.
And if enough people do that, this globalist push will fail.
If it doesn't, man.
If it doesn't, Katie, bar the door because these vaccines are bad enough.
But they're already saying, oh, we've got all these new ones for new mutations that are going to do all sorts of things.
And they are just normalizing people being sick and dying all around you.
Old people dying.
Down syndrome.
Keeping babies alive and harvesting their organs.
We're already in a nightmare, folks.
It's just thinly veiled.
Now it's coming out in the open because it's getting ready to make its big move.
And there's another big thing you can do.
Word of mouth.
Promoting this report.
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Alright, I want to shift gears now into the political attack and how they're trying to demonize the populist movement and trying to punish the American people and trying to make the idea of demonstrating illegal with the sham impeachment trial in the U.S.
Some of the Republicans are fighting back.
Now, I just spent a lot of time covering crimes against humanity, violations of the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code, mass extermination with experimental, illegal, deadly, mutagenic gene therapy systems in a giant experimentation operation.
But I'm about to get into Trump, who on this Saturday evening just got acquitted.
They were going to go through most of next week.
They were going to call all these witnesses the Democrats were going to get him.
But Friday so annihilated the Democrats.
You're about to see what happened.
And their attempted indictment of the American people and showing that they said things 20 times worse than Trump.
They actually called for physical war and killing people and killing Trump and Americans.
That they then had to come in and acquit him.
So they had three days of BS and the Republicans in three hours destroyed it.
Those Republicans were going to sell Trump out.
There was so much heat on them.
Those Democrats had to back off because the Republican lawyers finally understood that there was a lot of American people angry at them and they better do their job.
So President Trump acquitted.
We're still going to go through the highlights of this because this is an indictment of who they are.
They said we were terrorists.
They said we should all be arrested.
We should all be killed.
But it shows how just three hours of truth made them put their tail between their legs and end the rest of the trial.
This will be spun as, oh, well, for some reason they just voted to end the trial.
Because the establishment knew that it was making Trump into a victim, and the American people into a victim, and an underdog, and really heroes that had been persecuted.
So, like I told you, a lot of negative stuff happening.
Them stealing the election.
The crime rate exploding.
The borders wide open.
The forced inoculations.
All this is bad!
But if we're steadfast and expose it, it will blow up in their face.
So, I'm going to go ahead and lay this out now.
And break it all down and why it's still incredibly important.
So there is a major move to demonize President Trump so that the criminal elements of the government, the globalist collaborators, can basically use the security services against the American people claiming we're domestic terrorists.
That is now
Completely official.
In fact, I recommend, in fact, at the end of this report, we'll play it, that you watch Greg Reese's The End Game is now.
Seven minutes and 20 seconds of them admitting, we're going to put you in camps, we're going to kill you, we're going to shoot you, we're going to have the CIA murder you.
I mean, these people are insane.
If George W. Bush ever said one thing like this, they would have arrested him, and they should have.
But because it's Democrats, it's supposedly okay.
So they are just out of control.
At first, the lead lawyer was scared a few days ago, and he really threw Trump under the bus, but there was a big backlash.
See, pressure was put on him, so suddenly the defense is incredible, because they were testing.
If the public didn't get mad, if Trump didn't get mad, Trump's defense is scared of the Democrats.
They were going to sell him out, but because we put pressure on him, which is an example of not laying down,
Suddenly they did a really, I'd say about a 95% job.
I mean, it was excellent on Friday.
And I'm going to play you a 20 minute clip and like a 30 minute clip of this.
And you should really watch it because they admit that when they would show Democrat senators that called for violence and murder of Trump supporters and murder of Trump, they would laugh and giggle and pass notes.
So they all thought it was funny.
Like they claim Trump saying, let's fight for America was a call to attack the Capitol.
But then when they're actually saying, go out and attack people and kill them, that's good.
And so I've got the transcripts here.
We've got all the videos here.
I'm just going to show you the actual footage of what the lawyers laid out in his defense.
Now they're going to have witnesses coming up this week.
It's going to be crazy on both sides, but this is an underdog story where Trump was getting destroyed.
Because of no defense the first few days, but on Friday came roaring back.
But Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were the prosecution.
I can kind of defend Trump's group now on Friday saying at least they put on three hours of defense, but wait a minute.
If you're in a trial or you're in this thing, why did they give them three days of prosecution during prime time, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but then Trump's people only did three hours?
So they're not even getting equal time.
They rested their case in three hours and notice they were on a Friday when nobody's watching.
And now, I was watching today, Democrats are still going on Saturday attacking.
It's just them!
That's it!
So that's why they went ahead with this impeachment trial, knowing they had no evidence, because they're just grandstanding.
They want to be reality TV stars and they falsified evidence.
They have just done all of this.
They've been caught lying.
They said Trump supporters on June 1st burned down a church by the White House.
Everybody knows the Democrats did that.
They got mad at Trump marching over there and saying it was wrong.
So that was the lead lawyer against Trump saying that.
So here it is.
The seven most memorable moments from Friday's session of Trump's impeachment trial.
Michael Van Der Veen, attorney for former President Trump, shows video Democrats, politicians, using fighting language in the past to make a point that Trump's words before the January 6th Capitol riot were no different.
They were actually much less.
So we're going to play his presentation first, then we're going to play David Schoen, who also did an excellent job.
And then they have all the admissions here that Senate Dems laughed past notes as Trump defense team played fight montage.
But then someone said to him, it's okay.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It's a word people, but please stop the hypocrisy.
So I'm going to go ahead and air these clips back to back.
I know most of you already know this, but other people don't know this.
And by the way, they're suppressing this on Twitter and Facebook.
This defense.
They're now even censoring Senate and House hearings on election fraud and on vaccine deaths.
So just remember, in the real world, India's banned the vaccines.
In South Africa, Australia, you won't hear that here.
You say that on Facebook, they'll ban your ass.
You tell people there's deaths happening, they'll ban your ass.
So remember, that's why Banned.Video is so important.
They're murdering people.
They're coming for us next.
Don't you have that immediacy in your soul?
If you're connected to God, you do.
People, again, people ask me, they go, Jones, are you on cocaine?
Are you on methamphetamine?
I had a cup of coffee this morning, folks.
Already worked out.
I have to drink some to try to settle down.
This is, this, I mean, I feel like, I mean, let me tell you, I'll be honest with you.
I'm fighting my cells wanting to go out and defend, I mean, I want to go stop.
Folks, they've, all over the country and the world, no one can see their parents for a year inside nursing homes, and they're having record deaths inside, and they're shipping COVID patients in?
I mean, this is all an exercise in murdering people, and now they admit it!
And now they're going to kill handic—they are killing handicapped kids and handicapped adults!
COVID is the cover for the eugenics extermination.
Get out of your comfort zone.
This is the issue.
Not football, not even, you know, if you're a 20-year-old male having five girlfriends.
You're under attack.
Humanity's under attack.
Stop thinking of things as just, you go to the hamburger place, you go to the movies, you watch a football game.
You're under globalist attack.
This is the issue.
This is the world.
And they want to demonize the American people and have the CIA and military wage war on us?
This is Hitler-level crap.
So, what are you going to do to expose Bill Gates?
You're as smart as I am.
I'm asking you.
You gonna paint something on your barn?
You gonna, when you see him speak at your local college, him get in his face?
I mean, what are you gonna do?
He's coming with contact tracers to forcibly inoculate you with poison!
He's been kicked out of all these countries!
We can kick him out of here!
We can do something!
We can get up off our asses and stop laying down to this bullshit!
Let's go to these two reports.
I won't be back until it's over in 50 minutes.
And this could be our last broadcast.
Who knows how long we'll be here, folks?
This is a damn war!
Remember, they're trying to shut us down and lie about us because they don't want me to tell you what they're doing!
Think about that!
That's an attack on you, not an attack on me!
Just like Trump told you, they're not angry at me, they want to get you!
They want to get through me to get you!
We'll be right back.
Good afternoon, Senators.
A new attorney for the President here.
The article of impeachment now before the Senate is an unjust and blatantly unconstitutional act of political vengeance.
This appalling abuse of the Constitution only further divides our nation when we should be trying to come together around shared priorities.
Like every other politically motivated witch hunt the left has engaged in over the past four years, this impeachment is completely divorced from the facts, the evidence, and the interests of the American people.
The Senate should promptly and decisively vote to reject it.
No thinking person could seriously believe that the President's January 6th speech on the Ellipse was in any way an incitement to violence or insurrection.
The suggestion is patently absurd on its face.
Nothing in the text could ever be construed as encouraging, condoning, or enticing unlawful activity of any kind.
Far from promoting insurrection against the United States, the President's remarks explicitly encouraged those in attendance to exercise their rights peacefully and patriotically.
Peaceful and patriotic protest is the very antithesis of a violent assault on the nation's capital.
The House impeachment article slanderously alleges that the president intended for the crowd at the Ellipse to, quote, interfere with the joint session's solemn constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.
This is manifestly disproven by the plain text of the remarks.
The president devoted nearly his entire speech to an extended discussion of how legislators should vote on the question at hand.
Instead of expressing a desire that the joint session be prevented from conducting its business, the entire premise of his remarks was that the democratic process would and should play out according to the letter of the law, including both the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act.
In the conclusion of his remarks, he then laid out a series of legislative steps that should be taken to improve democratic accountability going forward, such as passing universal voter ID legislation, banning ballot harvesting, requiring proof of citizenship to vote, and turning out strong in the next primaries.
Not only President
These are not the words of someone inciting a violent insurrection.
Not only President Trump's speech on January 6th, but indeed his entire challenge to the election results was squarely focused on how the proper civic process could address any concerns through the established legal and constitutional system.
The President brought his case before state and federal courts.
The U.S.
Supreme Court, the state legislatures, the Electoral College, and ultimately the U.S.
In the past, numerous other candidates for president have used many of the same processes to pursue their own election challenges.
As recently as 2016,
The Clinton campaign brought multiple post-election court cases, demanded recounts, and ridiculously declared the election stolen by Russia.
Many Democrats even attempted to persuade the Electoral College delegates to overturn the 2016 results.
House Manager Raskin objected to the certification of President Trump's victory four years ago, along with many of his colleagues.
You'll remember it was Joe Biden who had to gavel them down.
I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified.
I object to the votes from the state of Wisconsin which should not be legally certified.
No debate.
Mr. President, I object to the certificate from the state of Georgia on the grounds that the electoral votes were not- No debate.
There's no debate.
I object to the certificate from the state of North Carolina.
I object to the 15 votes from the state of North Carolina.
I object.
I object to the certificate from the state of Alabama.
The electors were not lawfully certified.
Is it signed by a senator?
Not as of yet, Mr. President.
In that case, the objection cannot be entertained.
The objection cannot be entertained.
Section 18, Title 3 of the United States Code prohibits debate in the joint session.
I do not wish to debate.
I wish to ask, is there one United States Senator who will join me in this letter?
There is no debate.
There is no debate.
The gentlewoman will suspend.
In 2000, the dispute over the outcome was taken all the way to the Supreme Court, which ultimately rendered a decision.
To litigate questions of election integrity within this system is not incitement to resurrection.
It is the democratic system working as the founders and lawmakers have designed.
To claim that the president in any way wished, desired, or encouraged lawless or violent behavior is a preposterous and monstrous lie.
In fact, the first two messages the president sent via Twitter once the incursion of the Capitol began were, stay peaceful and no violence because we are the party of law and order.
The gathering on January 6th was supposed to be a peaceful event.
Make no mistake about that.
And the overwhelming majority of those in attendance remained peaceful.
As everyone knows, the President had spoken at hundreds of large rallies across the country over the past five years.
There had never been any mob-like or riotous behaviors, and in fact, a significant portion of each event was devoted to celebrating the rule of law, protecting our Constitution, and honoring the men and women of law enforcement.
Contrast the President's repeated combinations of violence with the rhetoric from his opponents.
I am your president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters.
The vast majority of the protesters have been peaceful.
Republicans stand for law and order, and we stand for justice.
I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country.
Maybe there will be.
My administration will always stand against violence, mayhem, and disorder.
There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.
I stand with the heroes of law enforcement.
And you push back on them!
And you tell them they're not welcome!
We will never defund our police.
Together we will ensure that America is a nation of law and order.
We're in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
I think you need to go back and punch him in the face.
I feel like punching him.
We just want law and order.
Everybody wants that.
I want to tell you, Boris Johnson, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.
We want law and order.
We have to have law and order.
Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.
We believe in safe streets, secure communities, and we believe in law and order.
Tragically, as we know now, on January 6th, a small group who came to engage in violent and menacing behavior hijacked the event for their own purposes.
According to publicly available reporting, it is apparent that extremists of various different stripes and political persuasions pre-planned and premeditated an attack on the Capitol.
One of the first people arrested was a leader of Antifa.
Sadly, he was also among the first to be released.
From the beginning, the President has been clear
The criminals who infiltrated the Capitol must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
They should be in prison for as long as the law allows.
The fact that the attacks were apparently premeditated, as alleged by the House managers, demonstrates the ludicrousness of the incitement allegation against the President.
You can't incite what was already going to happen
Law enforcement officers at the scene conducted themselves heroically and courageously, and our country owes them an eternal debt.
But there must be a discussion of the decision by political leadership regarding force, posture, and security in advance of the event.
As many will recall, last summer, the White House was faced with violent rioters night after night.
They repeatedly attacked Secret Service officers and at one point pierced a security wall, culminating in the clearing of Lafayette Square.
Since that time, there has been a sustained negative narrative in the media regarding the necessity of those security measures on that night, even though they certainly prevented many calamities from occurring.
In the wake of the Capitol attack, it must be investigated whether the proper forced posture was not initiated due to the political pressure stemming from the events at Lafayette Square.
Consider this.
On January 5th, the mayor of the District of Columbia explicitly discouraged the National Guard and federal authorities from doing more to protect the Capitol, saying, and I quote,
The District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment.
This sham impeachment also poses a serious threat to freedom of speech for political leaders of both parties at every level of government.
The Senate should be extremely careful about the precedent this case will set.
Consider the language that the House impeachment article alleges to constitute incitement.
If you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore.
This is ordinary political rhetoric that is virtually indistinguishable from the language that has been used by people across the political spectrum for hundreds of years.
Countless politicians have spoken of fighting for our principles.
Joe Biden's campaign slogan was battle for the soul of America.
No human being seriously believes that the use of such metaphorical terminology is incitement to political violence.
While the president did not engage in any language of incitement, there are numerous officials in Washington who have indeed used profoundly reckless, dangerous, and inflammatory rhetoric in recent years.
The entire Democratic Party and national news media spent the last four years repeating, without any evidence, that the 2016 election had been hacked, and falsely and absurdly claimed the President of the United States was a Russian spy.
Speaker Pelosi herself said that the 2016 election was hijacked and that Congress has a duty to protect our democracy.
She also called the president an imposter and a traitor and recently referred to her colleagues in the House as the enemy within.
Moreover, many Democrat politicians endorsed and encouraged the riots that destroyed vast swaths of American cities last summer.
When violent left-wing anarchists conducted a sustained assault on a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon,
Speaker Pelosi did not call it an insurrection.
Instead, she called the federal law enforcement officers protecting the building stormtroopers.
When violent mobs destroyed public property, she said, people will do what they do.
The Attorney General of the state of Massachusetts stated,
Yes, America is burning, but that's how forests grow.
Representative Anya Pressley declared, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.
The current Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, urged supporters to donate to a fund that bailed out violent rioters and arsonists out of jail.
One of those was released and went out and committed another crime, assault.
He beat the bejesus out of somebody.
She said of the violent demonstrations,
Everyone beware!
They're not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they're not going to stop after Election Day.
They're not going to let up, and they should not.
Such rhetoric continued even as hundreds of police officers across the nation were subjected to violent assaults at the hands of angry mobs.
A man claiming to be inspired by the junior senator from Vermont came down here to Washington D.C.
to watch a softball game and kill as many senators and congressmen as he could.
It cannot be forgotten that President Trump did not blame the junior senator.
The senior senator from Maine has had her house surrounded by angry mobs of protesters.
When that happened and unnerved her, one of the House managers, I forget which one, tweeted, cry me a river.
Under the standards of the House impeachment article, each of these individuals should be retroactively censored, expelled,
Punished or impeached for inciting violence by their supporters?
Unlike the left, President Trump has been entirely consistent in his opposition to mob violence.
He opposes it in all forms, in all places.
Just as he's been consistent that the National Guard should be deployed to protect American communities wherever protection is needed.
For Democrats, they have clearly demonstrated that their opposition to mobs, and their view of using the National Guard, depends upon the mob's political views.
Not only is this impeachment case preposterously wrong on the facts, no matter how much heat and emotion is injected by the political opposition,
It is also plainly unconstitutional.
In effect, Congress would be claiming that the right to disqualify a private citizen, no longer a government official, from running for public office.
This would transform the solemn impeachment process into a mechanism for asserting congressional control over which private citizens are and are not allowed to run for president.
In short, this unprecedented effort is not about Democrats opposing political violence.
It is about Democrats trying to disqualify their political opposition.
It is constitutional cancel culture.
History will record this shameful effort as a deliberate attempt by the Democrat Party to smear, censor, and cancel not just President Trump, but the 75 million Americans who voted for him.
I stand before you on what I have always thought is the hallowed ground of democracy.
In this room, American lives have been changed so dramatically
In just my lifetime, through so many of your legislative initiatives, from the Civil Rights Act when I was a child, through most recently the First Step Act, laws that have provided major opportunities for Americans to move forward and upward and more fully enjoy all of the attributes of what has been the greatest nation on earth.
I've seen the changes these laws have made through my clients every day for the past 36 years.
These laws have enabled me to fight for their enjoyment of a fair stake in our American project.
I stand before a group of 100 United States Senators who have chosen to serve your country from all corners of this great nation, giving up all sorts of professions, time with family, and perhaps other more lucrative opportunities to serve your country.
Mr. President, you are a man who so honorably served this nation in the Senate and in public service before your tenure here.
It is an honor to appear in this historic hall of democracy, yet today, that honor is tempered by an overriding feeling of grave concern.
Grave concern for the danger to the institution of the presidency that I believe even convening these proceedings indicates.
The joy I believed I would feel if I ever had the great privilege of appearing before this body is replaced by sadness and pain.
My overriding emotion is, frankly, wanting to cry for what I believe these proceedings will do to our great, so long enduring, sacred Constitution and to the American people on both sides of the great divide that now characterizes our nation.
Esteemed members of the Senate, going forward with this impeachment trial of a former President of the United States is unconstitutional for reasons we have set out in our brief, some of which we will focus on here.
And as a matter of policy, it is wrong, as wrong can be for all of us as a nation.
We are told by those who favor having these proceedings that we have to do it for accountability.
But anyone truly interested in real accountability for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th would, of course, insist on waiting for a full investigation to be completed.
Indeed, one is underway in earnest already, intent on getting to the bottom of what happened.
Anyone interested in ensuring that it's truly the one or ones responsible from whom accountability is sought
Would more than willingly wait for the actual evidence, especially with new evidence coming in every day about pre-planning, about those who are involved, and about their agenda bearing no relationship to the claims made here.
They say you need this trial before the nation can heal, that the nation cannot heal without it.
I say our nation cannot possibly heal with it.
With this trial, you will open up new and bigger wounds across the nation, for a great many Americans see this process for exactly what it is.
A chance by a group of partisan politicians seeking to eliminate Donald Trump from the American political scene and seeking to disenfranchise 74 million plus American voters and those who dare to share their political beliefs and vision of America.
They hated the results of the 2016 election and want to use this impeachment process to further their political agenda.
These elitists have mocked them for four years.
They've called their fellow Americans who believe in their country and their Constitution deplorables.
And the latest talk is that they need to deprogram those who supported Donald Trump and the grand old party.
But at the end of the day, this is not just about Donald Trump or any individual.
This is about our Constitution and abusing the impeachment power for political gain.
Excuse me.
They tell us that we have to have this impeachment trial, such as it is, to bring about unity.
But they don't want unity.
And they know this so-called trial will tear the country in half, leaving tens of millions of Americans feeling left out of the nation's agenda, as dictated by one political party that now holds the power in the White House and in our national legislature.
But they're proud Americans who never quit getting back up when they're down, and they don't take dictates from another party, based on partisan force-feeding.
This trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we have only seen once before in our history.
And to help the nation heal.
We now learn that the House managers, in their wisdom, have hired a movie company and a large law firm to create, manufacture, and splice for you a package designed by experts to chill and horrify you and our fellow Americans.
They want to put you through a 16-hour presentation over two days, focusing on this as if it were some sort of blood sport.
And to what end?
For healing?
For unity?
For accountability?
Not for any of those.
For surely there are much better ways to achieve each.
It is again for pure, raw, misguided partisanship that makes them believe playing to our worst instincts somehow is good.
They don't need to show you movies to show you that the riot happened here.
We will stipulate that it happened and you know all about it.
This is a process fueled irresponsibly by base hatred by these House managers and those who gave them their charge and they are willing to sacrifice our national character to advance their hatred and their fear that one day they might not be the party in power.
They have a very different view of democracy and freedom from Justice Jackson who once wrote
But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much.
That would be a mere shadow of freedom.
The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch at the heart of the existing order.
They have a very different view of democracy and freedom.
This is nothing less than the political weaponization of the impeachment process.
Pure, raw sport, fueled by the misguided idea of party over country, when in fact both will surely suffer.
I can promise you that if these proceedings go forward, everyone will look bad.
You will see and hear many members of our Congress saying and doing things they must surely regret, but perhaps far worse than a moment of personal shame in a world in which history passes from our memories in a moment, our great country
A model for all the world will be far more divided and our standing around the world will be badly broken.
Our arch enemies who pray each and every day for our downfall will watch with glee, glowing in the moment as they see you at your worst and our country in internal divide.
Let's be perfectly clear.
If you vote to proceed with this impeachment trial, future senators will recognize that you bought into a radical constitutional theory that departs clearly from the language of the Constitution itself and holds, and this is in their brief,
That any civil officer who ever dares to want to serve his or her country must know that they will be subject to impeachment long after their service in office has ended.
Subject only to the political and cultural landscape of the day that is in operation at any future time.
This is exactly the position taken by the House managers at page 65 of their brief.
Unprecedented, radical position.
They unabashedly say so.
Imagine the potential consequences for civil officers you know and who you believed served so honorably, but who in the view of a future Congress might one day be deemed to be impeachment worthy.
Imagine it now, because your imagination is the only limitation.
The House managers tell you a correct reading of the impeachment power under the Constitution is that it has no temporal limit and can reach back in time without limitation to target anyone who dared to serve our nation as a civil officer.
Now add that to their demand that you members put your imprimatur on the snap impeachment they returned in this case, and can do again in the future if you endorse it by going forward with this impeachment trial.
This is an untenable combination that literally puts the institution of the presidency directly at risk.
Nothing less.
And it does much more.
Under their unsupportable constitutional theory and tortured reading of the text, every civil officer who has served is at risk of impeachment if any given group elected to the House decides that what was thought to be important service to the country when they served now deserves to be cancelled.
They've made clear in public statements that what they really want to accomplish here in the name of the Constitution
This to bar Donald Trump from ever running for political office again.
But this is an affront to the Constitution, no matter who they target today.
It means nothing less than the denial of the right to vote and the independent right for a candidate to run for elective political office, guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, under the guise of impeachment, as a tool to disenfranchise.
Perhaps my friend put the situation simply and sharply into focus last week on his radio show.
My friend is a distinguished lawyer who served as an ambassador to former President Obama and has friends among you.
He described himself to his listeners as a died-in-the-wool, lifelong Democrat.
But he said, the idea of a hundred people in these circumstances deciding the tens of millions of American voters cannot cast their vote for their candidate for president ever again is unthinkable.
And it truly should be.
I will discuss today several reasons this matter should not and must not proceed.
Why the Senate lacks jurisdiction to conduct this trial of a former president.
A president no longer in office and now a private citizen.
Any single reason in our trial memorandum or discussed today suffices.
But I want to start with a discussion of the fundamental due process lacking from the start.
And that would last through the end if this goes forward.
Because it is this irretrievably flawed process and its product, a dangerous snap impeachment, that brings us here and that threatens to send a message into the future that we will all regret forever
And that stain this body, which up to now, our founding fathers believed, was uniquely suited for the most difficult task of conducting an impeachment trial, as Mr. Hamilton wrote in Federalist 65.
These aren't just niceties.
I make no apology for demanding, in your name, in the name of the Constitution, that the rights to due process guaranteed under the Constitution are adhered to in a process as serious as this.
In our national lives.
The denial of due process in this case, of course, starts with the House of Representatives.
In this unprecedented snap impeachment process, the House of Representatives denied every attribute of fundamental constitutional due process that Americans correctly have come to believe is part of what makes this country so great.
How and why did that happen?
It is a function of the insatiable lust for impeachment in the House for the past four years.
Consider this.
I want to say this for Donald Trump, who I may well be voting to impeach.
Donald Trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment.
I don't respect this president and I will fight every day until he is impeached!
That is grounds to start impeachment proceedings.
Those are grounds to start impeachment.
Those are grounds to start impeachment proceedings.
Yes, I think that's grounds to start impeachment proceedings.
I rise today, Mr. Speaker,
So call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America.
I continue to say, impeach him!
Impeach 45!
Impeach 45!
So we're calling upon the House to begin impeachment hearings immediately.
On the impeachment Donald Trump, would you vote yes or no?
I would vote yes.
I would vote, I would vote yes.
Because we're going to go in there, we're going to impeach the mother******.
But the fact is, I introduced articles of impeachment in July of 2017.
If we don't impeach this president, he will get re-elected.
My oath requires me to be for impeachment, have an impeachment hearing.
He needs to scowl an eye on his chest.
Representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against this president.
It is time to bring impeachment charges against him.
Bring impeachment charges.
My personal view is that he richly deserves impeachment.
I'm here at an impeachment rally, and we are ready to impeach the...
The relevant timeline in the House reveals the rush to judgment.
On the day following the January 6th riot, the House leadership cynically sensed a political opportunity to score points against the outgoing then-President Trump.
And the Speaker demanded that Vice President Pence invoke the 25th Amendment, threatening immediate impeachment for the President if Mr. Pence did not comply with this extraordinary and extraordinarily wrong demand.
Four days later, on January 11th, 2021, the instant article of impeachment was introduced in the House.
Speaker Pelosi then gave the Vice President another ultimatum, threatening to begin impeachment proceedings within 24 hours if he did not comply.
Vice President Pence rejected Speaker Pelosi's demand, favoring instead adherence to the Constitution and the best interests of the nation over a politically motivated threat.
On January 12th, Speaker Pelosi announced who the nine impeachment managers would be.
And on January 13th, 2021, just days after holding a press conference to announce the launching of an inquiry, the House adopted the article of impeachment.
Completing the fastest impeachment inquiry in history,
And according President Trump, no due process at all.
over strong opposition based in large part on the complete lack of due process.
To say there was a rush to judgment by the House would be a grave understatement.
It is not as if the House members who voted to impeach were not mightily warned about the dangers to the institution of the presidency and to our system of due process.
They were warned in the strongest of terms, from within their own ranks, adamantly, clearly, and in no uncertain terms, not to take this dangerous snap impeachment course.
Those warnings were framed in the context of the constitutional due process that was denied here.
Consider the warnings given by one member during the House proceedings, pleading with the other members to accord this decision the due process the Constitution demands.
This is Representative Cole of Oklahoma.
With only one week to go in his term, the majority is asking us to consider a resolution impeaching President Trump.
And they do so knowing full well that even if the House passes the resolution, the Senate will not be able to begin considering these charges until after President Trump's term ends.
I can think of no action the House can take that is more likely to further divide the American people than the action we are contemplating today.
Emotions are clearly running high, and political divisions have never been more apparent in my lifetime, Representative Cole said.
Mr. Cole's words on the floor, emphasizing the care that must be taken with respect to the consideration of an article of impeachment, echoed the concerns by our Founding Fathers on this subject.
Listen to this from Mr. Hamilton in Federalist No. 65.
Quote, a well-constituted court for the trial of impeachments is an object not more to be desired than difficult to be obtained in a government wholly elective.
The prosecution of them for this reason will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community and to divide into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused.
In many cases, it will connect itself with pre-existing factions and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence and interest on one side or on the other.
In such cases, there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.
Prescient thinking by Mr. Hamilton, as we see often.
In what I say to you is a proof of the need for due process based on the critically serious nature of the singular role the impeachment process has in our government.
Mr. Hamilton characterized the consideration of an impeachment in these terms.
The delicacy and magnitude of a trust which so deeply concerns the political reputation and existence of every man engaged in the administration of public affairs speak for themselves.
This too, in Federalist 65.
Now back to the House and the warnings against this rushed judgment in this case.
Mr. Cole of Oklahoma again.
In the name of healing, a path forward, he said, our people so desperately need, he warned that, quote, the House is moving forward erratically with a truncated process that does not comport with the modern practice and that will give members no time to contemplate the serious nature of action before us.
Mr. Cole emphasized to his colleagues that such care must be taken with the consideration of an article of impeachment, quote, in order to ensure that the American people have confidence in the procedures the House is following and because the presidency itself demands due process in the impeachment proceedings.
Congressman Cole continued, unfortunately,
This is a quote.
The majority has chosen to race to the floor with a new article of impeachment, foregoing any investigation, any committee process, or any chance for members to fully contemplate this course of action before proceeding.
Mr. Cole complained that the majority is failing to provide the House with an opportunity to review all the facts which are still coming to light, to discuss all the evidence, to listen to scholars, to examine the witnesses, and to consider precedents.
He's noted further, this is not the type of robust process we have followed for every modern impeachment, and the failure to do so does a great disservice to this institution,
And to this country, Mr. Cole said.
Mr. Cole complained right on the House floor that rather than following the appropriate processes, he said, the House has used, in every modern impeachment, the majorities rushing to the floor, tripping all over themselves in their rush to impeach the President a second time.
And in Mr. Cole's words, it was doing so to, quote, settle scores.
And he warned that this snap impeachment approach would cause great division as the country looks ahead to the start of a new administration.
He said to them, in a matter as grave and consequential as impeachment, shouldn't we follow the same process we've used in every modern impeachment rather than rushing to the floor?
And he implored them, on behalf of generations of Americans to come, we need to think more clearly about the consequences of our action today.
And Mr. Cole then reached across the aisle and credited a member of this body, Senator Manchin, with having voiced similar sentiments.
About how ill-advised this rushed process was, suggesting that the underlying events were a matter for the judicial system to investigate, not one for a rushed political process.
Finally, Mr. Cole admonished his fellow House members, telling them, we need to recognize that we are following a flawed process.
The alarm Mr. Cole sounded went unheeded.
Now let us consider the process in the House that actually was due.
The House managers assert in the memorandum that the House serves as a grand jury and prosecutor under the Constitution.
They told you that again today.
If this is accurate, then they highlight the complete failure to adhere to due process.
One should not diminish the significance of impeachment's legal aspects, particularly as they relate to the formalities of the criminal justice process.
It is a hybrid of the political and legal, a political process moderated by legal formalities.
This is a quote, Richard Broughton.
The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides, in relevant part, that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.
The Supreme Court long ago recognized in Matthews v. Eldridge that at its core, due process is about what we all want, what we all have the right to demand, fundamental fairness.
One scholar, Brian Owsley, has written that the impeachment process should and does include some of the basic safeguards for the accused that are observed in a criminal process such as fairness, due process, presumption of innocence, and proportionality.
Basic American values.
And of course we know that the Supreme Court has recognized that due process protection attend congressional investigations.
While Congress is empowered to make its own rules of proceeding, it may not make rules that ignore constitutional restraints or violate fundamental rights.
While the case law is limited in terms of spelling out what due process looks like in impeachment hearings,
And of course, in the Nixon case, Walter, not Richard, we know that there's a great deal of leeway afforded Congress with respect to its impeachment rules.
It is clear that the fundamental principles that underlie our understanding of what due process must always look like apply.
In Hastings v. United States, D.C.
court case, we first vacated on different grounds, they addressed the matter, clearly concluding that the Due Process Clause applies to impeachment proceedings and that it imposes an independent constitutional constraint on how the Senate exercises its sole power to try all impeachments under Article I, Section 3, Clause 6.
Court wrote in Hastings, Impeachment is an extraordinary remedy.
As an essential element of our constitutional system of checks and balances, impeachment must be invoked and carried out with solemn respect and scrupulous attention to fairness.
Fairness in due process must be the watchword whenever a branch of the United States government conducts a trial, whether it be in a criminal case, a civil case, or a case of impeachment.
A 1974 Department of Justice memo suggested the same view, opining that, quote, whether or not capable of judicial enforcement, due process standards would seem to be relevant to the manner of conducting an impeachment proceeding.
More specifically, as the Hastings Court described it, one of the key principles that lies at the heart of our constitutional democracy.
Again, fairness.
The Supreme Court's precedents establish the general rule that individuals must receive notice and an opportunity to be heard before the government deprives them of a constitutionally protected interest.
It is also true that in any proceeding that may lead to deprivation of a protected interest, it requires fair procedures commensurate with the interests at stake.
Impeachment proceedings plainly involve deprivations of property and liberty interests protected by the Due Process Clause.
And the House surely seeks to strip Donald Trump of his most highly cherished constitutional rights, including the right to be eligible to hold public office again, should he so choose.
Due process must apply, and at a minimum, due process and the impeachment process
Must include that the evidence must be disclosed to the accused and the accused must be permitted an opportunity to test and confront the evidence.
Particularly through the rights to confront and cross-examine witnesses, which have long been recognized as essential to due process.
In almost every setting where important decisions turn on questions of fact, due process requires an opportunity to confront and cross-examine.
It is unfathomable that the framers steeped in the history of Anglo-American jurisprudence
We're good to go.
Current members of the House and Senate leadership are themselves on record repeatedly confirming these procedural due process requirements.
Indeed, Congressman Nadler is on record asserting that in the context of a House impeachment investigation, due process includes, quote, the right to be informed of the law of the charges against you, to call your own witnesses, and to have the assistance of counsel.
Then-President Trump was not given any semblance of the due process Congressman Nadler clearly believes he deserves, based on the Congressman's description of due process that must be afforded to an accused in an impeachment proceeding, as reflected in a statement he made relating to another impeachment in 1998.
No reason was found for the apparent change in the Congressman's point of view with respect to the two objects of the impeachment at issue.
These fundamental attributes of due process have been honored as required parts of modern impeachment protocol since at least 1870.
It's not seriously debatable, nor should it be, by any American legislator.
In spite of all this, the House leadership defied all the norms and denied the then President all of his basic and constitutionally protected rights.
For then President Donald Trump, the House impeachment procedure lacked any semblance of due process whatever.
It simply cannot be credibly argued to the country, and we do not make special rules for different targets.
It's the very integrity of the institution that suffers when we do, and that is what the House leadership knowingly has caused.
A review of the House record reveals that the Speaker streamlined the impeachment process, House Resolution 24, to go straight to the floor for a two-hour debate and a vote without the ability for amendments.
The House record reflects no committee hearing, no witnesses, no presentation or cross-examination of evidence, and no opportunity for the accused to respond or even have counsel present to object.
As the New York Times recently reported, there were no witness interviews, no hearings, no committee debates, and no real additional fact-finding.
House managers claim the need for impeachment was so urgent that they had to rush the proceedings with no time to spare for a more thorough investigation or really any investigation at all.
But that claim is belied by what happened or didn't happen next.
The House leadership unilaterally and by choice waited another 12 days to deliver the article to this Senate to begin the trial process.
In other words, the House leadership spent more time holding the adopted article than it did on the whole process leading up to the adoption of the article.
That intentional delay, designed to avoid having the trial begin while Mr. Trump was still president, led to yet another egregious denial of due process.
Excuse me.
Article 1, Section 3 of our Constitution, Clause 6 of our Constitution, of course provides, in pertinent part, that the Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments.
When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation, and when the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.
By intentionally waiting until President Trump's term of office expired before delivering the article of impeachment to the Senate to initiate trial proceedings, Speaker Pelosi deprived then-President Trump of the express constitutional right
And the right, under the Senate's own Rule 4, to have the Chief Justice of the United States preside over his trial and wield the considerable power provided for in the rules of procedure and practice in the Senate when sitting on impeachment trials.
That power includes, under Rule 5, the presiding officer's exclusive right to make and issue all orders, under Rule 7, to make all evidentiary orders subject to objections by a member of the Senate.
We say respectfully that this intentional delay by Speaker Pelosi, such that in the intervening period, President Trump became private citizen, Mr. Trump, constitutes a lapse or waiver of jurisdiction here.
For Mr. Trump no longer is the President, described as subject to impeachment in Article 1, Section 3, Clause 6, and in Article 2, Section 4.
And this body, therefore, has no jurisdiction as a function of that additional due process violation by Speaker Pelosi.
Moreover, with all due respect, then-President Trump suffered a tangible detriment from Speaker Pelosi's actions, which violates not only his rights to due process of law, but also his express constitutional right to have the Chief Justice preside.
That tangible detriment includes the loss of the right to a conflict-free, impartial presiding officer, with all due respect.
The very purpose behind requiring the Chief Justice to preside over the President's impeachment trial, along with the other benefits of having the two branches combined, the Chief Justice from the Judiciary and the Senate, for the impeachment trial of the President, reflected in Federalist 66.
One of the reasons the Chief Justice was chosen for that task.
Mr. Trump now faces a situation in which the presiding officer will serve
I think?
The presiding officer respectfully already has publicly announced his fixed view before hearing any argument or evidence that Mr. Trump must be convicted on the article of impeachment before the Senate and indeed that members in both parties have an obligation to vote to convict as well.
Nowhere in this great country would any American, and certainly not this honorable presiding officer, consider this scenario to be consistent with any stretch of the American concept of due process and a fair trial, and certainly not even the appearance of either.
By no stretch of the imagination could any fair-minded American be confident that a trial so conducted would or could be the fair trial promised by the leader.
That was a powerful 45 minutes.
There's two hours and 15 minutes more of it.
We posted it, banned that video.
You got to dig around, even find Trump's defense.
That was on a Friday.
Again, that's how equal stuff works now.
Two plus two don't equal four no more, like they say.
Democrats get three days of lies.
Trump gets three hours, but that's all because his lawyers
Are lightweights.
They're cowards.
They finally got a decent defense.
They should have had all the senators up there, all the House members.
They should have had a big House defense team, not just some lawyers.
But see, it's always the same.
No one wants to defend Trump.
It's like getting shot out of a cannon.
Because no one wants to defend themselves.
Think about that.
You don't defend Trump, you don't defend yourself.
People are like, oh, Jones is getting rich because he supports Trump.
Before Trump got in, I had a lot more money in the bank.
They've almost shut our ass down because I supported Trump.
And Trump wasn't perfect, but I supported him because I knew he meant well and he had enemies that were my enemies!
That's the reason I got so pissed at one of our former talk show hosts.
He'd go on air and say that I was, you know, being nice to Trump because I'd made money off that.
I didn't make any damn money off that.
All I got was sued and persecuted.
But here's the good news.
Trump's gone now.
We don't have him to blame for the problems.
Let's do something about Joe Biden and the New World Order.
Let's do something about the globalists killing all these old people.
You're like, well, they're getting Cuomo to scare all the other governors that did it.
Greg Abbott did it too.
They all followed the medical advice.
Instead of Republican governors waiting to get in trouble for this, they should come out and say, I was misled.
I was lied to.
They should fall on their swords now.
That's what America wants.
All right.
That's it for this Saturday transmission.
I appreciate the crew coming in and getting this done.
We're going to reloop this now that we're not streaming out live.
And it's going to be posted at Bandot Video.
Are we going to save the children?
Are we going to save the old people?
Are we going to save the already born children they're killing?
Are we going to save ourselves?
Are we going to get a territorialism again?
A consciousness?
A will to defend ourselves again?
Are we going to do it?
Let's see.
Take this and re-upload it on Facebook and Twitter.
So what if they ban you?
Put it under a new dummy account.
I don't care.
Send it on your email, your text messages, whatever.
Or roll over and die!
As for me, give me liberty or give me death.
And the choice is death.
These people are coming to kill us.
They're certainly going to kill off all the old.
And if you think God is going to recognize you, if you don't stand up, you're a fool.
And believe me, you've got a spirit.
You better know that's real.
As above, so below, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm telling you right now, this is your choice and your chance to really stand up for humanity, and I need you.
I can't do this without you.
I need you.
You are everything!
We're just one little flashpoint.
A match that lights the forest on fire.
That forest of lies and tyranny.
We're going to burn this thing metaphysically down with God's love and justice, but it's up to you.
So, that's it for this transmission.
Great job, the crew.
Please go to infowarestore.com.
The first part of this particularly is incredibly important.
COVID is a confirmed worldwide eugenics cover for euthanasia, to not do all the regular medical stuff and let millions die of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, when all the big actuary banks and insurance companies make record profits.
That's all admitted.
Governments don't have to pay for all the old people.
They keep the money.
And then it sets the precedent to corrupt the hospitals to start killing people and not give it a medical treatment!
I mean, this is a takeover and this is a test to see what you're gonna do.
And if you roll over to it thinking, oh, they'll leave us alone, we just roll over.
No, baby.
No, sweetheart.
It's gonna get a lot worse.
And I'm gonna explain one more thing.
As I started this show, I'm scared because God's pissed off and I can feel it.
I'm not scared of David Rockefeller who's rotting in hell or John McCain who's rotting in hell.
I'm not scared of Bill Gates who'll be rotting in hell soon enough.
I'm not scared of them.
Man, I am really upset for humanity that we've let it get this far this fast and this is the main assault.
So you better get right with God right now.
All right, that's it for this transmission.
Retransmission starts now.
Share those links or bow down to the New World Order and worship Satan and die!
During his inauguration speech, Joe Biden spoke of confronting and defeating domestic terrorism.
A rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.
John Brennan, former director of the CIA, went on MSNBC that evening and labeled libertarians as domestic terrorists.
I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed
People are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we've seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and it brings together an unholy alliance frequently of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.
A libertarian is a supporter of a political philosophy that advocates minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens.
A person who advocates civil liberty.
But now, in America, a libertarian is a terrorist.
A Trump supporter is a terrorist.
A constitutional American is a terrorist.
Make no mistake, tyranny has arrived in America.
And history tells us what comes next.
The tyrants will now go after all political dissidents.
There was a time when the liberal media supported democracy and freedom.
During the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the American media seemed to recognize the dangers of the CCP.
But now, along with Hollywood and major sports, the news media is all owned by globalist multinational corporations and the CCP.
The pop culture media machine has made all of this possible, and it is now busy preparing their brainwashed flock for mass arrests and re-education camps.
A Bernie Sanders staffer and the principal counsel for PBS were separately caught on camera calling for rounding up Trump supporters and putting them in re-education camps.
But that was before Biden was in the White House.
Now it's all out in the open.
Popular Morning Television co-host Megan McCain, daughter of John McCain, who funded ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the ongoing War on Terror debacle, says that American patriots need to be treated the same as Al-Qaeda terrorists.
I'm not against sending these people to Gitmo.
And that may sound extreme.
These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own republic.
They should be treated the same way we treat Al-Qaeda.
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace suggests the possibility of killing Americans with drone strikes.
Attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Omar al-Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism.
Regional Director of California Democrats unapologetically suggests rounding up 75 million Americans and putting them in concentration camps.
Americans are now being psychologically prepared for the rounding up, brainwashing, torture, and mass murder of American patriots.
It is critical that the FBI does launch the largest manhunt in U.S.
history, drag all of these people into prison, and if they're inside the Capitol, for a full 20 years for committing sedition against the United States of America.
The question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
Almost all white, almost all Republicans, who some
Somehow need to be deprogrammed.
Once we educate them, we coach them on how to interact.
We probably need to double, triple, quadruple or increase funding for these de-radicalization programs.
Biden's press secretary announces how leftist NGOs will be involved in performing threat assessments on domestic terrorists.
Meaning, if you oppose their Marxist ideology, you're a threat to them.
This is all part of the leftist playbook.
The Weather Underground was planning for this in the 1970s.
They felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.
I asked, well what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate?
That are die-hard capitalists?
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people.
In these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
It is now undeniably here.
HR 127 will require psychological evaluations and a public database for all gun owners.
With the entire nation divided into patriots and obedient cowards, they know who you are.
And they know they have the support of the brainwashed masses.
They have been preparing the entire world population with COVID-19.
Almost a year ago, the WHO's Dr. Ryan announced that they will be entering people's homes and removing family members.
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.
The leftists in power are ready to break our will.
They will cut off the power.
They will shut down our businesses.
They will destroy anyone who stands in their way.
And they are now vetting the military to weed out any patriots who might have a problem with the unlawful mass arrests of American citizens.
And you can be sure that at least one major false flag, if not several, is already being planned to act as the catalyst for all of this.
Another Oklahoma City bombing to blame on libertarian terrorists and American constitutionalists.
The new war on domestic terror is beginning.
Don't expect it to go slowly.
If you are not making decisions and actions today as if your very life depends on it, then you are still asleep in the matrix.
Wake up before it's too late.
That day is coming fast.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
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