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Name: 20210212_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 12, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show and The War Room with Owen Schreier discuss concerns over governments imposing permanent lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations, leading to a tattletale society where people inform on their neighbors. The owner of a store debates with a customer about mask effectiveness and vaccine safety. The speaker criticizes the media for not accurately reporting on COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine side effects, and the potential dangers of mRNA gene therapy in vaccines. Alex Jones discusses controversies surrounding COVID-19, including vaccine side effects, mask effectiveness, and misinformation. Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes critiques the impeachment trial of former President Trump, highlighting constitutional issues with the process. The speaker discusses how some individuals are exploiting events at the Capitol to associate them with all Trump supporters, and criticizes Bill Gates and Fauci for promoting permanent lockdowns. Mathematician Edward Solomon claims that algorithms were used to manipulate election results in key jurisdictions in the 2020 US presidential election, specifically in Atlanta.

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You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
The Alex Jones Show.
This is The War Room with Owen Schreier.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Western governments and MSM now announcing the lockdowns are permanent and forced inoculations are here.
And still you wear those dirty masks, you dirty human.
Three weeks to protect the NHS.
Stay home to flatten the curve.
Just hold on until summer, then it's over.
Well now it's forever.
Everything that we endured, everything that we complied with,
In order to get back to normal has now apparently gone out of the window because the experts say we're never getting back to normal.
They're now suggesting Covid restrictions will never be lifted.
UK government medical officer says masks should be worn for years.
Biden's 100 day mask challenge is now wear masks for the rest of the year.
And the UK government promised no vaccine passports.
Now they're about to implement them.
Some restrictions should last until all adults have been vaccinated, senior health official says.
First it was back to normal when the elderly and vulnerable are vaccinated.
Then it was when the over 50s were vaccinated.
Now apparently it's only when everyone is vaccinated.
They move the goalposts every single day.
All adults are never going to be vaccinated.
Bloomberg, when will life return to normal?
In seven years at today's vaccine rates.
Seven years.
That's 2028.
But now they're telling us that even after the majority of the world's population is vaccinated, the restrictions will still remain in place because of new mutant variants and new viruses.
We were also assured by governments that they wouldn't impose mandatory vaccinations.
Now they're saying, well, they're not going to be mandatory.
You just won't be able to have a job, travel or buy things without one.
But they're not mandatory.
Suitcase, check.
ID, check.
Boarding pass, check.
But do you have your vaccination passport?
It could be the new standard in traveling.
Quite simply is, it will be required.
No jab, no job.
No injection, no individual right to mobility.
Early models will likely be physical, like these created by award-winning scientist and inventor Isaac Daniel.
This is the e-vaccine, which is electronic vaccine passport.
You know that little white card that you get after your vaccination?
Well, the same information goes into here.
When you got your first dose, which one you got, and the date.
You can have that information right here in this book, or you can access it electronically.
When you go to the airport, just like your passport, and they just swipe it, all your information is already there.
Greenberg says vaccine verification for travel could be mandatory on cruise lines and some airlines as soon as July.
First it's international travel, then it's public transport, then it's to get into a sports stadium or a cinema, then it's to get into a grocery store.
Where does it end?
We don't even have to imagine where this might lead.
We need only look at China.
Just as it pioneered lockdown, it is now blazing ahead with digital identification.
A health colour code exists.
Green allows a person to move around freely, enter offices and shops, and take public transport.
Yellow or red will deny them entry.
The code is based on location data taken from individuals' phones, as well as self-reported information.
Data is also shared with the police.
We need to further harmonise policies and standards and establish fast tracks to facilitate the orderly flow of people, said President Xi Jinping, as he called for a global mechanism to enable international travel.
Rolling lockdowns are also here to stay.
That's the precedent that we allow to be created.
Every time there's a single COVID case in the entire state of Victoria, Australia, they lock down the entire territory for days.
This is part of a new approach called Zero COVID, where instead of learning to live with the virus as humans with functioning immune systems have done for our entire biological history,
It now must be eliminated completely.
But that's only feasibly possible in remote places like New Zealand, where they can impose strict border controls.
They're never going to close the borders in Europe, so we're never going to reach zero COVID.
And that's the point.
By setting the standard of zero Covid, that enshrines the necessity of rolling lockdowns.
Whenever the state decides to impose them, on a whim, at the drop of a hat.
The codifying and normalisation of lockdown powers will now be abused by governments, particularly in authoritarian countries like China, as an excuse to crack down on unrest and silence dissent for years.
And decades into the future.
This will also entrench a tattletale society where people are rewarded with social credit score points for snitching on their neighbours.
We'd be naive to think that this isn't going to happen here.
It already is.
We gave them an inch and they took a mile.
The second impeachment trial of the President is a farce, is a fraud.
It's not carried out by the Supreme Court Justice.
It's not in the Constitution.
And you see his lawyer stabbing him in the back.
It's all part of the systematic fraud, the takeover of this country, but also the world.
But now it's official.
What I've said on air, more than anything I've said in 27 years, probably said it 5,000 times, that it's just like Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer that had the little yellow Volkswagen that was non-threatening.
And he'd say, hey, let's go have a beer, let's have an ice cream, let's go for a walk.
As soon as he'd get them in the car, he'd put a .357 Magnum to their head and say, put these handcuffs on and you're not going to get hurt.
And almost all the women but one who got away, that's how he got caught, would say, yes, sir, and put the handcuffs on.
They would end up being taken to a farmhouse, into a dungeon and tortured over several days, him biting giant chunks out of their body after he would rape them severely.
I told you back in March, you put on the mask, you accept the lockdown, handcuffs are on, you're in the car.
One woman went that far, but she jumped out of the car and got away before she got taken to the basement.
You accept the World ID, you accept the poisonous vaccines, you accept the global tracking system, you are now letting him lead you into the farmhouse where he's gonna tie you up and torture you to death.
Now they've already gone after the folks they've got in their dungeons.
Whether it's Australia, or whether it's Germany, or whether it's Russia.
It's all global government.
Or whether it's Venezuela.
The UN snapped their dirty fingers.
The head of the WTO, and they said, last April, you don't see your parents in the nursing home, and Americans and Brits saluted, and now the numbers have exponentially begun to die, not just of COVID, but other diseases, where they just saved 600 million pounds in the last year in the UK, not paying for pensioners because of the massive death toll.
Not of COVID, they're murdering them.
Most of the deaths happen in certain government-connected facilities here in the UK and Australia.
This is a diabolical mass test of mass execution.
I have a giant stack of news on that front that I will cover.
Next segment, as they announce the lockdown, is permanent.
The handcuffs are on.
You're in the Volkswagen going to the farmhouse.
It's a 10-minute ride.
You gotta hit that lever with your elbow, you gotta roll out at that red light, and start running.
You may have a broken leg, hop, scream, yell, do what you gotta do.
But man, Fauci gets you in that basement, he's gonna go to work on your ass.
There's a very powerful report, it's at Band.Video, our crew is there in Naples, Florida.
They are talking to Alfie Oaks, who's a great patriot, who's saying, you know, you don't have to wear a mask in a store, and
We're interviewing him, and a lady comes over and confronts him, and the level of double-think from this crazy Karen is just totally insane.
It's all about, she's official, she's powerful, you're bad.
And it's so sad to see the level of slavery.
She's like, oh, I've had two shots, I'm good.
Oh, really?
No, you gotta keep wearing that mask, because they don't protect you, lady.
So, here it is, the full video's on InfoWars.com, hope you share it.
I want to know what you have against masks.
I mean, I'm double-shotted.
I'm totally safe.
I'm nothing against masks.
So just tell people to come in wearing their masks.
Come in wearing your mask.
I do.
I don't need it because I've got two shots.
But if other people are scared, I'm wearing it for them.
Well, you're allowed to wear your mask.
Yeah, but everyone thinks that you are against them.
Because of that sign out there.
No, no.
No, I'm not.
Well, then clear that up.
Because I thought that!
I thought that!
Because of that sign, which literally gives permission to people who can wear the mask to walk in here pretending they can't wear the mask.
So everyone thinks you're against them.
So anybody that thinks that I'm against the mask, that's the farthest thing from truth.
Then take that sign down.
Absolutely not.
We're not!
I would never take that sign down.
That sign doesn't say that we're against the mask.
Well, it really kind of gives permission for people to sneak in there without it on.
But the law says they have to wear them.
No, the law doesn't say that.
Yeah, it does.
No, the law doesn't say that, ma'am.
With the most respect, I love that you're wearing your mask.
I don't have to.
I'm doing it because other people get nervous when they see people without them.
That's a sad thing.
It's a sad thing, and I'm sorry to say that, but I don't want to make other people nervous.
Well, I'm so glad that you can come here and shop with your mask on.
I don't feel intimidated.
You've never done that to me.
I would never intimidate anybody.
I believe in individual liberty.
No one's ever felt intimidated coming in here with a mask on.
It's all great.
But you need to tell the public that you're in favor of people who want to wear it.
So if you're really afraid of the virus, then come in with a full virus suit like they wear in the virus lab.
Don't make a joke of it.
That's no joke, because a mask does not protect us from the virus.
Well, you're making a joke.
I'm not making a joke.
I think that's what people get turned off to.
I'm sorry, but if you want to... The people in the virology laboratories don't wear a mask in there because they know that they're going to get the virus.
The doctors clearly said that the mask doesn't... that particles of the virus... Okay, here's the problem.
People don't know that 99.9% of the masks in this store don't do it.
You need this.
And 95.
I do realize this, you know.
Thankfully, under our liberties and rights, we can go to any grocery store we want.
There are 42 grocery stores in Naples, right?
But who's got the best food?
We got the best food.
But the point is, no one's wearing it correctly.
Why don't you put a thing out there saying how to wear your mask?
Because nobody's doing it.
And they don't work.
Maybe 20%.
It's up to the individual.
No, no, no.
My husband's a doctor, so he's explained it all to me.
Two people wearing a lousy mask are better than somebody wearing no mask.
If someone comes in here and they're really, really afraid of bumping their head, and there's actually people that have head injuries and they wear a football helmet, I have no problem with that.
That's their, that's their right.
I'm not going to tell them that they're not allowed to wear a football helmet in the store.
I'm not going to, I'm actually,
Thankful that they want to come in and protect themselves and everyone can come in and I actually had a guy come in with a full body suit in early on and I thought that you know he was actually seemed like one of the most intelligent guys out there because he was at least going to extra effort but he was protecting himself from catching the virus.
Yeah but I mean the only reason that people are wearing the masks if the masks really work
There's a lot more of this.
It's at Infowars.com and we're just interviewing him and she just butts in.
And we just went up this morning.
But notice he goes, well why hasn't the government given us a mask that works?
Because no masks work with viruses unless it's a full spacesuit or a full system covering you up, dummy.
You've got to go into a decontamination chamber with ultraviolet light for 10 minutes, then they spray you with chemicals and they spray you with water.
But guess what?
The level 4 labs in China and the US, they don't even do that anymore.
They don't care about standards, none of it.
And that's why stuff keeps leaking out of these labs.
Bare minimum, it leaked out of that lab.
And again, the only reason it's so important is it's a new organism that Bill Gates and Fauci ran 11 programs on publicly.
This was in the news six years ago.
It was controversial that they moved it to that lab.
Others go, oh, Snopes says that doesn't exist.
Snopes also says no one's died of the vaccine.
I'm going to show you coming up the CDC website.
Admitting that one of the adverse reactions of the vaccine is death.
So you better read the fine print, ladies and gentlemen.
But like I told you, you're not going to have to listen to me anymore.
Nobody's going to be on the fence.
It's going to get real bad.
The global depression is unstoppable now.
And I'm going to tell you, coming up, what's coming next.
They have taken tens of millions
In the U.S.
alone, of all these college deadbeats, they got two or three degrees that are worthless, and they're training them right now to be the contact tracers under the Clinton Foundation, and they are coming to your house to shake your ass down, grab you, and put you in a frickin' van.
I mean, these people want power.
They just want to jerk Americans out of their houses.
It's already happening all over Australia, all over Spain.
And so the war is on, man, they are.
They got the CIA on TV saying we're gonna arrest 75 million Americans.
Good luck, you sons of bitches!
Burn in hell!
I don't want a lot of the listeners that just started tuning in to hear me sound so happy about all this and think that I actually like it.
But I guess you could call it the joy of battle, a berserker creed.
I didn't ask for any of this, but if the fight's coming, let's just get it done.
And the American people are spoiling for a war.
This needs to be coordinated right, ladies and gentlemen.
And don't worry, the enemy has a desire to destroy you.
They're coming after you, but you need to be smart.
You need to protect yourself and your families, but this is the big assault.
Now, I could get depressed and upset about all this and let the enemy steal my will, but that's not going to happen.
Because I know the God of the universe is real, and I know the devil's real.
I know the devil's a loser.
And so I'm very honored to be here on air with you today.
You know, I noticed a phenomenon, and we know there's bots on the website, and I very rarely talk to IT and have them check stuff.
But when we have, and it's my instinct, I'm always right, it's very obvious.
I mean, you see what, on comments on Bandot Video, or Info Wars, or News Wars, when it's like, oh, Google's hiring for this, or, you know, sex ads, or whatever, you know that spam.
I mean, you know spam when you see it.
It's everywhere.
But you'll also see these comments like, Jones needs to show the links under this video or article.
He's not showing us the proof.
That's discrediting.
This isn't true.
And you see it spammed in every article.
Well, I mean, I got three or four folks uploading videos and they're doing a great job.
They put a few links under it, but I cover sometimes 50 articles a segment, 20 articles a segment.
They're not going to put the links to all those in.
Anybody can type that in and find it themselves.
So we put out the articles from the CDC's own website and the VAERS subsection vaccine damage reporting system.
I've got it right here.
I'll show it to you.
And they're like, oh, that's not true.
Jones is making that up.
And I just saw the comment in every vaccine video, the same person saying it, the same bot.
Absolutely incredible.
So let me give you the sources here for everybody.
But do I have a crew that can put all of these 30, 40 articles in the links?
But you can look these up for yourself.
So let's just go right through.
Overhead shot, please.
COVID restrictions could remain until all adults vaccinated.
UK health official says.
We have video of it.
We have a link.
It's all right there.
Obviously, when they say, oh, even the vaccine's not enough.
Sorry, there's new variants.
You have to wear a mask over your face.
Be controlled forever.
Oh, where's the proof?
Oh, where's the proof?
That's a game to try to manipulate people in the comments to think it's not true.
That's gaslighting.
CBS declares you'll need a COVID vaccine passport to travel by summer 2021.
The National File article, it's also on InfoWars, has the video where they say it.
Let's see, they play this game where, oh, you didn't show me.
Notice when you read articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal about me, they'll say I said something, but they won't link to it.
Because they're lying.
We link to it.
So the idea that, oh, you know, go watch it yourself.
There's none of them.
Canada's vaccine rollout stalls, confining seniors to their homes for months to come as massive numbers die of depression and suicide.
You're locked in there.
Who said you had a law?
Why don't their families go get them?
Does the state own them?
Do they commit a crime?
Oh, we're protecting them.
You can't come in, but we're putting COVID patients in with you.
That's your all-precious CNN.
Biden's 100 days of masks transforms into masks through the next year?
And then his actual Fauci says, well, seven years, well, forever.
And he says, I got that from Bill Gates.
That's in the news.
He goes, I meet with Bill Gates, he tells me what to do.
It's actually, I mean, hell, Boris Johnson said that he's gonna head up the G8 this year, it's rotating, and that his shadow minister will be Bill Gates.
Now, any less you're hearing that, just search it yourself.
Guys, type it in.
Boris Johnson says when he heads up G8, Bill Gates will advise him.
Let's continue.
But he just watched it all happen.
Experts suggest, they don't suggest, COVID restrictions could last forever.
They're already telling you.
CDC now says Americans should wear masks indoors and when you have, in your own private home.
Andrew Cuomo's aide admits New York hid COVID-19 nursing home deaths to avoid federal investigation.
What did I say 10, 11 months ago when this broke?
I said they ordered them from the U.N.
to do this.
Trump's been cut out of it.
They're going to use this to frame all these states that followed orders and killed all these old people to frame them and control them further.
And now they've done it.
I just know the enemy's operation.
Oh, White House denies considering Florida travel restrictions.
Miami Herald talked to the administration and said they're preparing it.
Notice he says, not at this time.
Oh, okay.
It's like he said, I promise only 100 days of the mass and it's all over.
Now he says, oh, it's at least another year.
Every promise given is broken.
Unless it's tripling drug prices and ending Trump's executive order, because we pay triple what anybody else does.
Trump found out.
He killed it.
Now folks who are paying $50 for their insulin every week pay $2,000.
That's more than triple.
That's the worst case example.
But it's liberal to do that.
It's liberal to run death camps in China, too.
It's so liberal.
Seniors who already beat COVID-19 are dying after taking the vaccine.
This was the big article at Band.Video and Infowars.com that in every post they just had people saying, this isn't true, where's your proof, it's not there, show your facts, because they knew it was all real.
It's a Kellan McBrain article that basically just reprints the Epoch Times with all the specific links to the CDC.
But they go, oh, where's your link?
We don't see it.
Oh, we don't see that link.
It's all right there in it with the citing the VAERS reports with direct links of the deaths all over the country.
10, 15, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, 3, 4, 1 at nursing homes.
Just massive death.
Like, my God, we have 100 people shot and 5 dying in like an hour.
Oh, but it gets worse.
Here, let me just keep showing you this.
Authorities probe rare blood disorder among some COVID-19 vaccine recipients.
Direct links to the federal government FDA website.
The blood disorder was listed by the FDA last year as a possible adverse outcome for getting COVID-19 vaccine.
Alongside other serious adverse events such as Guillain-Barré and death.
And they link in the Epoch Times to the insert.
Oh, it's not real!
The government wouldn't kill me!
I'm a Karen!
I trust big multinational corporations that run death camps.
Oh, let's just show some more.
Deaths of elderly who recovered from COVID-19 but died after vaccines raised questions.
Oh, here's the InfoWars article.
Here's another one out of the journal Star Mainstream News.
CDC investigating deaths of Nebraska men who received COVID-19 vaccine.
Doctors death of recovered vaccine is being investigated.
23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID vaccine death in one facility.
White House asked CDC to study how many have died from COVID vaccine.
Oh my God!
That's the Daily Beast!
I mean, nobody died!
You're not allowed to criticize it on any major platform!
It doesn't exist!
Jeff Zuckerberg or Mark Zuckerberg said so!
What to know about post-vaccine deaths and allergies?
Oh, that was months ago!
Fact check!
Fine print!
Oh, Snopes says none of it's happening!
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, no trials, no supply commitment, major drawback.
Business Daily.
Oh my god, they didn't even do any testing and waive the law?
AstraZeneca's Pfizer asked India for emergency use.
India bans it saying no studies.
Human experimentation illegal.
Ah, we found the enemy engaged in a little bit of deception.
That's right, the major mRNA
Gene therapy reprogramming systems say in the inserts they can cause death, and so a major news publication was saying don't worry about side effects like death, and they actually removed it.
There's the Sunday Express, big paper out of the UK, vaccine side effects, how the body responds and why being ill after a jab is good.
And it says vaccine side effects.
Many people are concerned with growing reports of people falling ill and even death.
After the vaccine.
Snake eyes watching you.
Experts claim this is a predictable outcome.
It can actually be a good thing.
Death is good.
What exactly happens to the body when vaccinated and why is
Being ill after all.
This isn't a vaccine where they give you some dead smallpox and your body learns how to beat it.
This is...
Being given something that reprograms your very cells.
And it's, by the way, not designed to protect you from COVID.
It's going to give you an autoimmune response to any cold virus and make you deathly ill on a routine basis in your own environment.
Your body's having its immune system turned up so high that it will be overloaded and give up.
And then you will get, what's it called?
In the Zodiac, it's symboled by a crab.
And it's in all the literature.
So, I mean, I'm sitting here every day.
I knew this was coming.
I understood this.
I made films.
I wrote books.
But even I cannot believe they're actually hammered down, all gas, no brakes, just doing it.
And the selfish side of me, every morning I look at my three and a half year old daughter, the image
of goodness and decency.
You can literally see the little g in her, God.
I'll say my daughter's God, I'm saying you can see it.
And I'm just like, you son of a bitch, you're a nasty bastard that you don't pull out of here and run for the frickin' hills right now.
But, that's my flesh.
That's actually the devil's side that says, you gotta protect her, you gotta sell out, you can't let her do... No!
She's on the table too!
Everything's in!
Everything is in on the table!
Because you're not getting her soul, or mine, or anybody else's.
That's why none of the EU leaders have children.
None of them will do it because they're like, we're not getting children in a post-human world, I'm having more children!
I'm doubled down.
And then I double down again.
It's metaphysical.
I gotta have skin in the game.
Not just my skin.
And we will win.
So we just showed you a major publication.
Remove death.
It's in the insert that it causes death.
Can you imagine the guys running the bots on InfoWars that come and spam our site?
I wouldn't want to be you when God has his time with you.
Like, you're literally spamming a site trying to warn people that something's got cancer viruses and liquid death in it, and kills people, and doesn't even protect them from COVID-19, and you're all day trying to hurt us and shut us down.
That's why I love AP called up today.
And they're like, yeah, they're looking at arresting you anytime.
What do you think about that?
Oh, I just went in the corner and crapped my britches.
You people have signed on to complete satanic world government takeover and you're worried about how I'm feeling?
You're worried I'm scared?
You have any idea you're going to be torn limb from limb by this?
You have any idea what you've released?
You have any idea what you've done, you dumb bastards?
You are summoning Satan!
And Satan is going to destroy your dumb ass!
You think Satan just wants to feed on babies and old people.
Satan wants you.
Oh, sorry.
Here, let's get back to the news.
Oh, AstraZeneca and Pfizer ask India for emergency use COVID-19 vaccine authorization.
Oh, and it's God said it.
It's the Wall Street Journal.
Oh, you want the sources.
And India said, hey, you didn't even do animal testing.
We see everybody dying in your countries.
What the hell are you doing?
You can't have this here.
Do you hear that in the media?
That the mRNA vaccine is banned in India?
Do you hear it in our media?
Any of that.
Oh no, you hear, oh, oh, it's all perfect.
No one ever got hurt.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Oh yeah.
It's like 5% of nursing homes are dying within hours of taking it.
There are mass murdering people all around where I'm sitting.
Nursing homes are all over the place.
You think God is going to let us do this type of stuff?
Because I'm going to tell you, Christ said killing babies.
You're my big enemy, but let me tell you, it also says you mess with the elderly, man.
The elders, you get cursed.
And I mean, what do you think Schumer's doing?
He knows he's cursing us.
He's tricking us, he's a high priest, into committing satanic operations to lower our shields so he can release the horde on us!
Oh, oh, Alex, the left is suing you.
Oh, I'm so scared.
Oh, oh, they might send people to kill you.
Oh, I'm so scared now.
Don't fear who he can kill.
The body.
Fear he can kill the soul.
This is metaphysical, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, sorry.
I only covered one article in this segment.
I have like hundreds more.
Would you like me to continue?
India wants Pfizer to do local studies before approval.
But they didn't do it, so it's kicked out of the country.
But I mean, Mark Zuckerberg said no one got sick.
Mark Zuckerberg says if you criticize it in any way, and you're Robert Kennedy Jr., and you file a huge report shelling all these top scientists, well, you can't do that!
I mean...
He's Mark Zuckerberg!
He's God!
He works for Bill Gates!
I mean, Bill Gates gets to do what he wants!
These are the God-men!
They're above us!
They're willing to kill us and poison us!
They are our masters!
Thank you, Mark!
Thank you, Mark, for being worse than Hitler!
He tried to name his first child after Xi Jinping, and asked permission, and Xi said no.
He's literally like a little rat, like, oh, Xi Jinping, you're the greatest murderer in history, and after Mao, may I lay my daughter after you?
No, you may not do that.
Oh, master, please, let me name my... I mean, they have nothing!
The poorest man in the world is Bill Gates.
The second poorest is Mark Zuckerberg.
And they are all done.
They're all over.
They're all fallen.
All they want to do is take you with them.
Oh, sorry!
Here's more articles from a decade ago.
Gene silencing prevents its first human disease.
Oh, a big article out of the New Scientist.
But, oh, what about the death of Jesse Glessinger?
He took it and died within hours of the gene therapy, but it's okay.
He did it for a test so the elite could learn what works.
Oh, nice boy!
Liberal, liberal, liberal.
Look at this.
Bombshell report says thousands more coronavirus patients were sent to nursing homes than Cuomo previously admitted on top of the 12,000.
And he says, literally, quote, who cares?
He's liberal.
He's murdering old people.
He's so liberal.
COVID restrictions could remain until all adults are vaccinated worldwide!
And Fauci says it never ends!
And he smiles on TV.
He just starts... I'm scanning the scene of the city tonight.
Looking for you to start up a fight!
There's an evil feeling in our brains.
It's nothing new.
You know what drives us insane?
On our way out.
Looking for you.
They'll probably have a Senate investigation.
They do!
I'm threatening violence!
We'll talk about fighting!
I'm scanning the scene of the city tonight.
Good stuff.
I listened to this when I was 10 years old.
I always seem to win those sporting events when I would listen to this where I went.
Alright, that's enough of that kill-em-all music.
I want to politically kill ideas that are fraudulent.
But I don't want to do it through censorship.
I can do it through being able to meet them on the field.
But they don't want to face that.
Because they're weak.
That's why they thought they would join with evil to get power, but instead they just got more weakness and more enslavement.
All right, here's what's going on.
I hit the big code stack, only part of it.
And I mean, I knew all this was coming.
I knew they dropped the hammer.
I knew they go into world government sometime around 2020.
They said they would.
They always follow their operations.
And now we're just in cuckoo land.
I mean.
I mean, 10 million plus people starved to death last year because of what they did.
They're imploding the third world.
I'm not even against all these poor people flooding in because the globalists shut them down.
The problem is they're going to use them as a weapon against us to bankrupt us.
I mean, this is just biblical.
I mean, we are like, it's kind of like, you're not scared once you're in a really rough fight, you're just in the fight.
Or like you're in a really bad car wreck and you're rolling a car.
And it's like, holy hell, I'm in a car, it's rolling down a cliff, you know?
One time I, it doesn't matter.
I mean, it's all insane.
And we're just, we're in it now.
It's not like the new order's coming and we're warning about it.
We're in it.
And you know, I have some globalists come by and some people, they're emissaries.
I'm like, Jones, you know, you're a smart guy.
Why don't you join us and help guide things from the inside?
You know, you'll do a better job if you just work with us.
And I'm like, give me a break.
That's not how this works.
I look at these people and I say, you got kids.
You got children.
You really think you're going to protect them going along with this?
And then they look at you with that scared face because you're not going to protect your family going along with this.
Everybody knows it.
Yes, the coronavirus lockdown is killing the global economy.
Not coronavirus.
It's all a hoax.
The same number of people roughly died last year, died the year before.
Tell people that.
Speak up at the grocery store.
Stand up like the grocery store owner in Florida, in Naples.
If you don't, we lose everything.
I have family ask me, why do you talk to your buddy at the restaurant or a grocery store or at the mall?
And I'm like, because the enemy wants to silence us.
The enemy wants us to not talk.
So when I talk to somebody in a restaurant or a grocery store or a park or on the street or the greenbelt or at church, that's more important.
And I should be demanding to get up in front of the church and speak.
I should be calling in to talk radio.
I should be exhausting every element I've got before war.
Because they're already at war with you.
I mean, let me tell you, we've looked at these mRNA vaccines, and they go from horrible to absolutely nightmarish.
I mean, that's why all the scientists that are top scientists go, we don't know what they're doing, but it looks like it sterilizes you.
It looks like it gives you cancer.
It looks like it shuts down your immune system at the same time, jacking it all up and screwing you up.
This is a haunted house of bad side effects, because they're not side effects.
They are primary weapons.
That are binary in that when your normal body goes through different fluctuations, it then manipulates and triggers different events.
Cytokine storms, you name it.
And boys and girls, if you don't know what these things mean, you better learn, because they say, you're not getting on a bus, or having a car, or on an airplane, or having a job when they're done.
And they're just like, oh don't worry, you know, we're just phasing it in.
And it's all done incrementally.
I will tell listeners this, though.
Here's the good news.
Things are not going to be boring.
My mom did it again last night.
It was my birthday.
She wanted me over.
I love her to death.
They brought up Sesame Street saying white people are racist and the kids can't leave their houses on Sesame Street.
We've got the videos.
They've got to stay inside because the COVID is going to kill them.
I mean, it's so damn dystopic.
And then, and like her mother died a few years ago at 92.
She's like, Oh, I'm so glad she went ahead and died.
So she, so we could not have her taken away from us.
And I said, mom, you see, they can't take her away.
You could have gone and gotten her out.
It's all color of law, but my mom goes, well, I'll be dead before all this happens.
I looked at her and I said, she did it again.
She didn't even know two days ago.
I talked about her.
She goes, I'll be dead by then.
Well, look, my mom's a great person.
She's really smart, but why?
Would you?
Have the attitude.
You want to fix things for future generations.
And look at that creepy-looking, weird Surgeon General injecting Elmo with the fake vaccine, just like they do at the Golden Globes and all the rough stuff where they come up with the needles.
I mean, this is a corrupt, globalist, corporate government that wants an excuse to put untested things in your body, and then they use peer pressure to try to get everybody to accept it.
And Elmo's like, I'm fighting racism.
He actually says it, I'm taking a shot.
So they tell your children they're bad.
They tell you that look at what other people's colors are.
Be all weird and tribal.
They're teaching racism.
It's Satanism on parade.
But we know historically, it will burn itself out.
The question is how to deal with this.
Separately, we got Robert Barnes about the ongoing trial of the President.
This is the biggest fumbling on purpose I've ever seen.
It's just galactically insane.
That's coming up.
If you don't find us, we won't be here.
That's fine.
We'll just shut down.
If that's what you want.
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Hour number two straight ahead.
There's a lot of confusion among people and misinformation surrounding face masks.
Can you discuss that?
The masks are important for someone who's infected to prevent them from infecting someone else.
Now, when you see people and look at the films in China and South Korea, whatever, everybody's wearing a mask.
Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.
You're sure of it, because people are listening really closely to this.
Right now, people should not be walking, there's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.
As new and more contagious variants of the coronavirus spread around the country, people are taking extra precautions, one of which is looking at the quality of face masks and whether two is better than one.
Could wearing two masks... Double masking.
Wearing two masks... Layering two cloth masks... Double up and wear two.
Double up.
Two masks.
Double down.
As in time to start wearing a double mask.
Double mask.
Double masks.
Some sort of a covering.
We don't want to call it a mask because back then we were concerned we'd be taking masks away from the healthcare providers.
But some sort of mask-like facial covering.
So if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.
And that's the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95.
If you do not have these symptoms, you do not have to wear masks.
Because there is no evidence that they protect people who are not sick.
COVID-19 or larger goes through and around a surgical mask.
People that are now purporting to scientifically prove masks work are either being paid or being played.
This just doesn't work this way.
I have all these germs on my hands.
But it's on my gloves!
That's fine, right?
It's on my gloves.
I reach for my phone, and oh, um, I have a text message from my husband.
I just keep touching everything.
Oh, my nose itches.
Here, let me itch my nose.
Okay, um, oh, now my phone's ringing!
It's my mom!
She needs me to get her something.
Hi, Mom!
What can I do for you?
Oh, hi, hi!
Oh my goodness, look at all this bacteria.
So now your gloves are off, your hands are clean, you're in your car, you're safe, right?
But oh, your phone rings again.
Oh no, let me pick up my phone here.
Oh hello, hello.
This is called cross-contamination.
There's no point in wearing gloves if you're not gonna wash your hands every time you touch something.
There's no point, friends.
So, do whatever makes you feel safe, but remember, there is some science here.
And all this fear is just manifesting people into being crazy.
Now that we know you have to wear at least two, so, so, this is a little expose.
So, here's, you put on the mask.
But that's not enough.
So you put on a second mask, all right?
So there you go.
So that's really how you need to stop COVID.
Four masks is better.
So in this situation, you really want to be wearing four facial coverings or facial masks.
I think it really comes down to how many masks
Can you put off?
And even if this stops my oxygen intake, it is still worth it to stop from COVID.
There's seven.
And I'm not spreading any disease to Patrick now.
Your social credit score is going up with each one.
There's eight.
Excellent, excellent work.
The mass hypocrisy of Anthony Fauci put together by one of our great producers, Rob.
Yesterday needs to go viral.
That is a super powerful video.
There's a couple minutes left.
Believe me, this will wake a lot of people up.
You want to fight this tyranny?
You have an email address.
You have a text message group.
You have friends and family.
Show them this.
Don't lay down.
The enemy's trying to silence us.
You can fight back.
You are the key.
Get that video out.
Put it back on screen real quick.
Again, it's a very important video.
It's in the War Room section of Band On Video.
The mass hypocrisy of Anthony Fauci.
A lot of people ask me, Jones, what's it like to be proven right?
Man, have I told you the people, they don't know what to do.
Because even the globalists are just pawns in this mass psychology.
And I tell them, do what's right.
Stand with justice.
Stand with humanity.
They say, but if I do that, I'll be destroyed.
We are in such an incredible point historically with the sham trial that isn't even constitutional and then the lawyers saying, oh, great job.
Yeah, Trump lost the election.
Yeah, we had to change our defense.
You proved he's guilty.
And then Trump hiring lawyers that had sued him before, hiring lawyers that had called him a GD crook, an effing crook.
I know Robert Barnes advised the President.
I wish he could have been there.
I literally tried to push that forward.
But he couldn't get Dershowitz.
Dershowitz said it's the worst defense he's ever seen.
He would have been a great lawyer.
Say what you want about Dershowitz.
He's, you know, one of the best lawyers in the world.
So is Barnes.
And so witnessing this is bigger than just the trial.
The trial's a diversion.
We know Trump didn't do what they say.
To me, it just shows the cowardice of the legal class.
Because, man, I've read Oliver Wendell Holmes.
I've read the famous cases.
Some of the greatest people that founded this country were lawyers.
They loved America.
They believed in freedom, you know.
Thomas Jefferson was a great researcher.
Today, I look at the legal class and I cut Barnes out of this because he's not a coward.
But they are just a pack of scum.
And so this is an illustration of why Trump couldn't get anything done, because he was pulling from this pool of trash.
So maybe there's a better defense going on today.
Barnes can take it wherever he wants.
We appreciate Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, one of my great lawyers, one of Trump's lawyers, here to talk about what the hell are we watching right now, Barnes.
It's a reflection of a constant refrain with the Trump administration and Trump's tenure, which was, you can't be an outside change agent and limit your hires to establishment insiders.
And it was one of his fundamental weaknesses, and it's one, unfortunately, he has not yet corrected.
Now, I think he's seeing the disastrous consequences in the presentation in the Senate.
Today is better than the complete debacle that was the initial day.
But what happened was there was a bunch of people that promoted myself, Dershowitz, Turley, a range of people were given to him that were willing to help and to assist and present a real vibrant defense.
And he only went with the people that Lindsey Graham would approve.
And of course, Lindsey Graham would only go with establishment insiders who are sort of weak-kneed and don't have a strong backbone and aren't even that skilled.
And that was the quid pro quo, and Trump went with that.
And the promise has been that as long as he went with Lindsey Graham's lawyers, Lindsey Graham would guarantee his acquittal in the Senate.
As long as he lets them have the political victory and politically, in the court of public opinion, convict him of launching the attack, they won't actually convict him physically.
And the problem was, Trump underappreciated all the way through that he had the leverage, not the Senate.
The Senate was never going to vote to convict.
It would be political suicide for the Republican Party.
And so that's why he'd never see, but it was always a weakness in the whole four years he was there.
You go all the way back to when he folded General Flynn, to when he could have put Robert Kennedy in in charge of a vaccine task force, and then he backed off at the last minute.
Decision after decision after decision like that.
You were warning about this.
Roger Stone was warning about this.
A wide range of people were warning about this.
People like me behind the scenes warning about this.
People, other major Trump supporters.
All the Trump supporters that are part of the White House that are now in the private sector told him to hire other people.
He was told by Lindsey Graham that it had to be off of his list or he would be at risk.
And so he went with Lindsey Graham's list, and we're seeing some of the worst legal presentation I've ever witnessed in a high-profile case.
Well, let's talk about this.
I mean, I'm not a legal rocket scientist, but I'm not stupid.
When he's like, great presentation, we gotta change our presentation, you really proved the president's bad.
Well, you know, he lost the election, American people made a decision he's a bad person.
I mean, just on and on, the most sycophantic, fawning.
Why did they go that far?
I mean, what is going on with Bruce Castor?
That guy is unbelievable.
It's twofold.
One, he's just fundamentally weak.
He's not that skilled as a lawyer.
He never has been.
He doesn't have a reputation as being so.
Oh, he does look like a wet noodle.
I mean, he seems like a $100 an hour lawyer.
Yeah, exactly.
That's part of it.
And then the second part of it is, uh, he doesn't, he defers to power.
All of these establishment insiders weren't going to get up there and attack the establishment.
Uh, none of them have.
So that's why they acted like a little dog pissing itself.
I mean, literally just on their back, groveling around.
It would be like if William Kunstler in the Chicago 7 trial kept deferring to that corrupt Judge Hoffman.
You can't do it that way.
When you bow and cower in front of people who abuse their power, all they do is smack you in the face and kick you in the head.
What do you think Schumer thought while he was groveling to him?
Oh, Schumer, you're so smart.
Oh, you're so credible.
He just sees that as weakened capitulation and more motivation for them to accelerate, which is exactly what they did.
I mean, they spent three days, basically, they don't have the facts on their side, they don't have the law on their side, this is the most constitutionally abusive impeachment in the history of democracies, period, in not only the United States, but any comparable democracy.
And unpack that, because, I mean, that's why the Supreme Court Justice didn't take part, right?
Chief Justice.
I mean, we have a trial that constitutionally can't be held.
The Constitution says if the President is on trial, and their theory is that it can be any President at any time, not just the current President, the Chief Justice of the U.S.
Supreme Court has to preside.
So they're declaring a jurisdiction over 350 million Americans?
That's what they're proposing.
Precisely what the founders said cannot happen constitutionally.
It's why they limited the power of impeachment.
It's why they prohibited bills of attainder.
It's why they applied the constitutional protections to any congressional proceeding.
All of which are being vitiated and violated here.
Not only that, in a real trial, none of the nonsense we've seen for the last several days would ever be allowed.
You can't introduce evidence without context.
You can't falsify evidence.
You can't introduce immaterial, prejudicial evidence that has no relevance to the proceedings.
You can't have the chief judge also be a chief juror, also be a chief witness, which is what Leahy is.
Yeah, talk about that.
How do you have a senator that's going to vote be the judge?
No, he's a witness in the case.
I mean, these are conflicts that would preclude and prohibit anybody from even being either.
Are these not the strongest conflicts ever seen?
He's the judge.
He's a juror.
He's a witness.
That's the classic judge-jury-executioner.
Exactly, it's like that scene from High Plains Drifter where Clint Eastwood puts the little midget up and he says, I'm the mayor, I'm the sheriff, I'm the mayor.
That's what Leahy is.
Leahy's the mayor, Leahy's the sheriff, Leahy's all of it combined.
And it makes a mockery of the Senate.
What this impeachment really is, is an indictment and an impeachment of the Congress itself.
An impeachment and indictment of the Senate itself.
I agree.
I'm not a legal scholar like you, but I'm a historian.
I've never heard of something this ridiculous.
Because in High Plains Drifter, Clint Eastwood puts up the puppet, because they've been puppets as well.
He was saying, you made me a puppet, here's another puppet.
This is like, this is insane.
And it's self-satire at this point.
I mean, you have Swalwell going up there and lying about people getting the word, getting basic language confused, lying about what's in a basic tweet and a basic statement about the president.
Why all this lying?
Why has Raskin spent days lying?
Why did he say that Trump supporters burned down the church?
Everybody knows June 1st that was BLM.
Oh, precisely.
I mean, not only that, Raskin spent all summer justifying and rationalizing all the looting and the riots.
He's on record saying, attack, attack, it's good!
All of the Democrats are on record of various kinds doing much more incitement-like behavior than anything the president did.
So let me ask you this, we're going to come back and talk about it, why are they doing it?
It's insane.
I think it's to attack, it's to justify, to rewrite the history, number one.
Number two, to justify the assault on people's civil liberties that's coming.
To justify the domestic terror legislation, the mass surveillance legislation, the censorship, the flight restrictions, all the things that are coming down the pipeline.
This is meant to be the narrative to justify that, to rationalize that, to excuse that.
This isn't really about Trump, this is about Trump supporters and the uncomfortable political
Diding us and saying we're terrorists, which they're openly announcing.
And there's even the New York Times admitting, never in U.S.
history is the judge a juror and a witness.
I mean, this is, so it's about setting that precedent, isn't it?
Exactly, and it's a precedent they want to set that they could apply to any American, anywhere, anyplace, anytime, because look, they did it to President Trump.
That's what they want to do.
Oh yeah, I'm getting calls from Associated Press.
They're talking about impeaching citizens now, I don't know, and members of Congress.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
That's crazy.
Alright, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes joins us.
Really smart guy.
And I'm jumping in a lot because I've studied history.
I've never seen anything like this.
And now they're saying they want to censure him if this doesn't work.
It's a distraction from their power grab.
Now they're announcing permanent lockdowns.
Now they're saying the vaccine doesn't work.
Now they're admitting the vaccine's killing a bunch of people.
I've studied a lot of history and talked to a lot of folks who were in World War II, and they said, listen, Hitler could have won if he wasn't so obsessed with killing certain groups of people in Russia and in Poland, not just Jews, but other groups as well.
He would spend all his energy doing that, because for him, killing a bunch of people was the mission, not winning and building his Third Reich, a thousand years and all this.
And that's what I see with these globalists is they go out of their way to destroy themselves.
They just do horrible things.
They start fights.
They sabotage.
They lie.
It's like Biden runs America.
Why would he want to get rid of the borders and shut the pipelines down and triple drug prices?
Because he didn't win the election.
He stole it.
And he is an operative under war to shut us down.
So I don't see how
The system gets
Harassing and attacking people, and Rand Paul deserved to have his ribs broken, and Scalise deserved to be shot.
You know, when you burn down neighborhoods, well, people are people.
And then Trump did none of this, and they know that, and they're saying he's guilty, and this is not even a real trial.
I'm like, what the hell's coming next from these people?
No doubt.
I mean, what you see is if they can try the President of the United States without evidence, what can they do to you, ordinary people?
If they can try the President with a conflicted judge, what can they do to you?
If they can try the President with conflicted jurors, what can they do to you?
If they can try the President based on a clear violation of the First Amendment and ignore his free speech rights, what does that mean for your free speech rights?
If they can try the President without any due process at all in either the investigatory stage, the indictment stage, or the trial stage, what can they do to you as a private citizen?
If they can do bills of attainder against the President of the United States, what can the legislative branches do to you directly in the future?
If they can misuse and abuse 14th Amendment power to claim they can bar their political adversaries from office on whatever bogus grounds they trump up, what can they do to you as an individual?
If they can have such a disparate double set of standards, such a two-tiered system of justice, so public, that the President of the United States can be a victim to it, then what can they do to you?
That's the problem.
So this is a tyrannical revolution of precedent.
I mean, what would you categorize?
Because clearly this is coordinated, it's a global takeover, now big tech follows orders from China, from India.
There's like a total collapse of all Western values.
In the same way, Alex Jones and Infowars was supposed to be the precedent for what they could do to people in terms of blacklisting them and ghosting them in the world of social media.
Stefan Molyneux calls it a prelude to genocide because it's the kind of thing that can happen when we justify ghosting people entirely.
By the way, he said that six months ago.
I have a seven and a half minute compilation of world leaders and Democrats saying, kill Trump supporters, just kill us.
I mean, these people are crazy.
Well, I mean, the first step to any dangerous path, any perilous path of taking that kind of severe, or seeing that kind of severe thing happen, is the dehumanization of a group of people.
And that's what we're witnessing.
We're witnessing the complete demonization and dehumanization of an entire group of people.
In this case, 75 million Americans.
They're trying to take what happened at the Capitol and amongst the very few small minority of people at the Capitol who did something wrong and say that represents 75 million Americans.
And that Trump is a stand-in.
That's what he said because Bernie Madoff was Jewish and ripped off a bunch of other Jews.
All Jews go to prison.
That's literally a Hitlerian precept.
It is very much a Hitlerian precept.
Because the way in how do you get people accustomed and okay with seeing their neighbors dragged away and their kids dragged away to some camp and their property seized and stolen.
That's over many years of dehumanizing people based on their status.
So why do you think Democrats, the talking point is arrest conservatives, take their property, put them in camps.
Don't they get this isn't Germany or czarist Russia?
That it will trigger a giant violent war of hell?
They should recognize that, but I think their view is this is their opportunity to seize power.
That's why we have a militarized capital right now.
That's why we have purges, political purges, going on in the military and the National Guard right now.
We see what big tech censorship is stepping up with.
In just the last 24 hours, Big Tech has removed Project Veritas, Robert Kennedy Jr., and LifeSite News from having access to key platforms online.
So that gives, I mean, they're just, they see this as an opportunity for a complete counter-revolution, a complete institutionalization.
And by the way, you supported me when I was being banned.
Very few others did.
Now I think people get how dangerous this is.
You were always the template.
You were always the tip of the spear.
What they could try to get away with you, they were going to use as the precedent for others.
And if they can do it to the President of the United States, then the point is they can do it to anybody.
That's the precedent they want to set.
You don't have First Amendment rights.
You don't have Fourth Amendment rights.
You don't have Second Amendment rights.
And we don't cry over spilt milk.
But that is Trump's big failure.
That doesn't matter now.
We know Kushner and others held him up.
We now know he was pitched to third party.
He said no.
He figured that out.
It was Democrats.
But man, now we know Trump was not playing 3D chess.
He was really just trying to be a good president, but he was surrounded by garbage.
It is his biggest fundamental mistake.
He knows the business world.
He knows the marketing world.
He didn't know the political world.
He didn't know the legal world.
And they used that against him.
Because in business you get advanced for doing good.
He wasn't used to a spy world of traitors lying to his face.
And what the natural instinct for someone in his position is to defer to the establishment insiders because that's who seems to have the power.
And so it's unfortunate.
People like us have been trying to convince him for the last four years.
That's a mistake.
That's the wrong place to go.
Those are the people that betray you.
But he has to, unfortunately, he has to keep re-experiencing the betrayal to fully recognize it.
I mean, hopefully he does.
I mean, at least partially, he complained to plenty of people that this was a complete debacle, and he regretted going with the people that Lindsey Graham recommended.
But, you know, that ship has sailed at this point.
I think what it reinforces is we, the people, have to continue to seize power.
Just as they tried to use the attack on Alex Jones at InfoWars as a template for what they wanted to do to everyone else, the counter has to be how you and InfoWars and the audience was able to successfully fight back is how the people have to successfully
We're good to go.
You're seeing new political allies come on in a wide range of spaces, in the lockdown space, in the vaccine space, in the mass space, like Robert Kennedy Jr.
He was getting so popular and successful at challenging it.
That's why Instagram, which was one of the first people to come after you for exposing that Joe Biden had clear mental issues, is now the first one to go after Robert Kennedy Jr.
And let's expand on that.
I read what they banned of Jr.
It was all, off the inserts, all confirmed.
India banning the vaccine, deaths happening, and that Bill Gates was coordinating it.
And they just, they see him getting millions of people in Germany and they're cramping their britches.
Folks, we're going to win this fight.
Let's come back with Robert Barnes and ask what's coming next, what he sees with this trial with the president, and how we fight back so much more.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
Find him for now on Twitter and some other places.
We'll tell you about those URLs when we come back.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
I'm good.
Little Chuck Berry, baby.
Ain't one Chuck Berry song bad.
Crank it up for a minute.
Johnny B. Goode, baby.
Thank God they didn't give Chuck Berry stuff.
They got a big problem all over the world.
Whether they're in Africa or Asia or Australia or the U.S.
Brown folks know you don't take the doctor's vaccines, unless you want to die or have your baby die or get a disease.
Big article up on Infowars.com report, UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities.
And I saw that about a month ago in the US.
Oh, major universities are going to make white students take the vaccines, but minorities don't because there's a history of secret testing.
I mean, this is such a fever dream of bizarreness in his standings.
Let's tackle COVID-19 right now, Barnes, because you're one of the smartest guys I know on that topic as well, and where this is going and what we knew.
Permanent lockdowns, permanent domestic checkpoints that Biden did float but now walked back.
Now not a 100-day mask, now he says a couple more years of mask.
I mean, this is really their rubric for total takeover.
Give us your take on the latest on that and how you think it's going for the globalists.
I mean, there's no question that it succeeded to a degree they never imagined.
I don't think they even imagined possible or conceivable.
I mean, Bill Gates has aggregated more power in a shorter period of time than maybe any single individual in world history.
And while he's doing so, not only is his wealth dramatically expanded, of course, but he was able to dictate the public health agenda in almost the entire world.
Where people were willing to agree with sort of North Korean style policies and willing to voluntarily assent to these and consent to them.
It is the greatest single propaganda, cultural, authoritarian coup in history.
You're right.
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, no one could, the British Empire, no one has had a fabulous victory against humanity like this.
No doubt.
And so there's no question they're going to continue it unabated.
Now, the resistance is growing.
It's not only growing, but it's growing ideologically.
It's growing in partisan diversity.
It's growing in ideological... Exactly.
As soon as Trump was out, all the liberals are like, whoa, I'm not essential?
This mask?
Yeah, exactly.
So they got a problem, don't they?
No doubt.
I mean, it's very interesting to me.
I mean, I see the Robert Kennedy case as a classic example of this, and here you have the scion of the most prominent liberal Democratic family in American history, arguably, being targeted for complete censorship and suppression just by sharing government-sourced information about issues related to vaccines, while he's also raised questions about the lockdowns and the attack on free speech.
Just several days ago, wrote an article for the Defender of the Children's Health Defense Fund, where he details all of the Bill Gates' role in this, and how he's aggregating control over the food supply, while he's aggregating control over public health, while he has other influence in other economic spheres and spaces.
And that this is the great challenge.
Are we going to have a Gates-driven, Chinese social credit-driven society for the rest of the world and the globe?
Or are we going to have the American 1776 style democratic experiment be the future of the world?
And we know that for those that don't know, look it up, it's not even hidden, Gates and his protege Mark Zuckerberg are literally in lockstep with Xi Jinping.
They worship him.
Oh, I mean, Gates, I mean, think about how many times Gates has come to Chinese defense during all of this.
And Gates' wife repeatedly come to Chinese defense.
The Chinese model is the model he wanted.
And given the Time article, you have to, you look at the context of what the Time article detailed about the secret cabal to influence
Let me ask you this psychologically.
When Gates and Fauci get on TV and talk about permanent lockdowns, they suddenly start acting like they're in euphoria.
Just as a lawyer, how would that look to a jury?
Everybody sees that.
I mean, Gates is a spokesperson.
He's our doctor.
He tells us we're never opening again.
Who died and made him God?
Well, I mean, what's extraordinary is I don't think any of these cases would meet the test of a jury.
Because if you had real evidence being applied, I mean, that's what's extraordinary.
That's what Judge Dickman's decision in the Western District of Pennsylvania last year made clear.
When you look at the actual evidence, it doesn't support or substantiate any of this.
Even if you think the government legally could have the power to do some of these lockdowns, to do the mask mandates, to do the forced vaccines,
Even if you conceded that, under the terms and conditions that our Constitution compels, even according to those individuals, the evidence does not stack up in support of it.
You dig into it, that's why they've never gone through the legislative procedures, that's why they didn't go through the notice and comment procedures.
It's all color of law, hysteria, peer pressure, will of the people, but they're manipulating that.
So when you look at that, you've had federal and state courts, you've had Swedish courts, German courts, Dutch courts say the lockdowns are illegal, but they just continue!
How is that happening?
It's because not enough courts are stepping up to the plate.
And so you have the sporadic court taking action, and then you have some other court ameliorating its effect or mitigating its impact.
And that's been the course of the problem.
And it goes back to what you were talking about all the way back involving Trump's impeachment, which is the legal class as a class, as part of the professional class, is overwhelmingly biased towards statism.
When you combine black robes and white lab coats running the world, it's one of the worst and ugliest methods of running the world.
It's white coats and black coats literally working together.
And you were the one that warned about Amy Comey Barrett.
You said, watch, folks.
She believes in forced inoculation.
And people said, how dare you, Barnes?
Trump's 5D chess.
And then she voted against him.
Exactly, and just recently, it didn't even support, she said maybe the governor of California, without even legislative approval in process, can ban people from singing in church.
That's the part she remanded.
She was the key vote that didn't say right out of the gate.
Alex Jones didn't tell his followers they couldn't sing in church.
So, they billed it as a pro-First Amendment ruling, but it wasn't.
They said, California has the right to say, can't sing, can't touch, 6 feet apart, 25%.
But the First Amendment, Bob, tells me Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, purting free exercise thereof.
Doesn't that mean no jurisdiction?
Not only that, in this context here, the burden should be on the state.
She shifted the burden to the people.
That they had to prove that they could sing safely, quote-unquote.
Not that it was the state's duty and goal to show by clear and convincing evidence.
So that's a killing effect, literally, on speech.
That's GG Ping.
That's the mindset.
And she comes from that.
That's the mentality.
She's fundamentally a statist.
And she's one of the people the system snuck through that Trump made a mistake by trusting the establishment.
That was his great mistake.
Did he get any good judges put in?
Judge Dickman is fantastic.
There's some lower court judges that are great.
And I think Gorsuch will be fantastic.
But Kavanaugh is unreliable.
That's not really on Trump.
Kennedy said Kavanaugh was the only way he would retire.
But Barrett was his big mistake in terms of judicial appointments.
And we both told people that.
So she's an authoritarian pea brain.
Exactly, and he, she was sold to him that she would stand up for him in the election contest especially, and she completely hid when it came to election time.
So the, and we were trying to warn him, and it's just, his fundamental limitation was that, and that's why we the people have to seize power ourselves, democratically and constitutionally, by recognizing how much power and control we really have.
Well Robert, I always love having you on, you're on fire even more than usual.
When we come back in a ten and a half minute segment, I'm going to try to give you the floor to shut up.
I'm going to give you four minutes during the break to think about this.
What would you have done if you were Trump's lawyers?
Because obviously that wasn't a bad performance.
That was stabbing in the back, lawyers scared, took the job, told just, you know, admit that Trump lost the election.
He said that repeatedly.
What would you have done if you were speaking to the U.S.
Senate, if you were there during the sham trial, what you would have said?
We're going to come back from break with Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
I get his take on that.
And we have a major mathematician that's confirmed a lot of other mathematicians about the impossibility in these states of the exact same ratios at key times coming in to manipulate the election and more.
Because we're not going to let loose of this election fraud, even though we're told not to.
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Who knows how long Barnes will still be on Twitter, but you can find him at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com as well.
Okay, let me give you my best thinking on this.
I'm going to turn the baton over to him to give his defense to Trump.
And when he thinks of the trial, what he would have said, because again, he's not an establishment hack.
There's been a lot of corrupt technologies that PR firms and intelligence agencies have that they've beta tested, but governments weren't really ready to use them.
Trump getting in, Bolsonaro getting in, other things getting in made him accelerate all that.
And so now there's a cascade or a domino effect of governments and corporations just committing crime, going wild.
It's like a crime spree.
And it's going to burn through things, it's going to cause a lot of ripples and waves back the other way.
But we're in a very explosive moment in history.
The last thing we want is a bunch of mob psychology to trigger a civil war.
That's what Communist China wants.
The idea that Trump wanted a civil war, he wanted big crowds to show that he was popular and to show that he really won and that Biden couldn't have a crowd.
That's what he wanted.
But people think, well screw Trump, he's not in there anymore, he didn't do a good job.
Let's just not care about him.
His indictment is our indictment, and it's this war on terror on us now, so we need to defend President Trump.
Trump wasn't a failure.
He did an overall great job.
He was the man in the arena.
But he's gone now, so we don't have Trump to kick around anymore.
So, Barnes, we've got nine minutes.
How would you address the Senate in nine minutes?
This case is not a case of the former president really being on trial, nor is it a case of what happened or didn't happen on January 6th.
This is a case in which the country which the Constitution is on trial, in which Congress is on trial, in which America is on trial, and the question is whether we're going to adhere to our constitutional precepts and principles, protect those constitutional rights and remedies, and recognize the legitimate concerns of ordinary Americans, and address them in the manner that the Constitution requires.
Or whether we're going to go down a path in which we decide to use and weaponize every political tool that we have, contaminate and corrupt every principle that we have, in order to use these political tools and to weaponize those political tools against our political and ideological adversaries.
And that's the real core question of the case.
That's what the legacy of the case is going to be.
Does the First Amendment matter, or does the President of the United States no longer have it?
Does the Fifth Amendment due process rights matter, or does even the former President of the United States not have it?
Does the Bill of Attender limitations on congressional action matter, or can they even apply it to the former President of the United States?
Does the impeachment clause have the limitations our founders put on it, or does it no longer mean anything and Congress can do whatever they want to whomever they want, including even the President of the United States?
The entire proceeding is a joke.
They have relied entirely not upon admissible evidence.
If this was a real trial, we would have a real judge.
If it was a real trial, we wouldn't have conflicted jurors.
If this was a real trial, we wouldn't have fraudulent evidence.
If this was a real trial, we would have a real criminal complaint.
If this was a real trial, it would comport with the Constitution, not make a joke of the Constitution.
And that is, in fact, what this case is.
It's not a real trial.
It's a mockery of the Senate.
It makes a shame of the Senate.
It makes an embarrassment of Congress itself.
This impeachment impeaches the Senate.
And by the way, interrupt!
I don't think in the whole history of this country, we've never seen anything like this, right?
There's never been any proceeding like this.
No former president has ever been tried.
The only person they ever even thought about trying was a former defense secretary who resigned rather than lose office position.
And the Senate ultimately confirmed in their acquittal, which is the constitutionally precedential vote, that they did not have even jurisdiction or authority to have the trial in the first place.
So there's been nothing like this in our history.
Not only that, there's never been a time where we've used someone's speech as the sole basis to call it an impeachable offense.
This is also the only time in which we have said that, other than the Ukrainian nonsense, also against Trump, that we've said that you can impeach someone for something that doesn't fit a statutory crime.
They don't even allege a crime here.
At least in the Ukraine case, they kind of tried to allege a crime.
They don't even allege a crime here.
They want to say that we, the Congress, can punish and disbar anyone we want, anytime we want, anywhere we want, by any means.
That's the key, is it's totally arbitrary.
It is without constitutional constraint, it is without any degree of customary traditional respect, and it is a direct threat to all Americans.
And they do it while every major Democrat has been like 50 times worse than Trump, frothing at the bit saying, kill Trump!
Kill his supporters!
Hell, they've got Brennan and all the Democrats on TV saying, drone strike us!
Kill us!
Arrest us!
Those are words of war!
Not only is there incredible duplicity and incredible hypocrisy in the two-tiered system that they're trying to promote and the standards that everybody can witness for everybody to watch, but the other component of all of this is that they're also falsifying what the president did!
I mean, they took the president's speech out of context.
Which you can't do under the rules of evidence if the rules of evidence would apply.
They falsified tweets that didn't even exist.
They lied about what Senator Lee even said.
They're willing to lie about what people that are in the jury pool said.
That is the degree to which they're willing to go.
And they said that Trump supporters at his direction burned down the church, that the Democrats publicly burned down and made a huge deal on June 1st that Trump went to the church with a damn Bible.
I mean, it's like literally saying that Jesus crucified Satan 2,000 years ago.
Or that Lex Luthor's the good guy and Superman's the bad guy.
They're just telling whopper lies on purpose.
What is the tactic of that, Barnes?
It's just to see how much gaslighting they can get away with.
Increasingly, it's a statist mindset.
It's a Stasi mindset.
It's a Soviet mindset.
It's like what they have in North Korea, where most North Koreans still to this day believe that certain prior leaders actually came or were born on that land.
Oh, they say that sun shines and birds sing because the leader's there.
Remember they said Biden's arm stretched out and healed the city and light came forth?
Or today they have him and his wife, you know, with these nice little monuments and sculptures to recognize Valentine's Day.
I mean, complete disconnect.
It's mass gaslighting on a mass scale, hoping that people don't remember what they witnessed over the past several years.
We're seeing an example of it in some of what the prosecutors are doing in the Rittenhouse case.
You see, it's similar to what's happening in the impeachment trial.
I want to go.
You have five more minutes.
Listen, I got to go.
But talk about Rittenhouse for five more minutes and then I've got another guest coming up.
I don't want to project too much power on these people.
They stole it via fraud.
I think a lot of this is their projection of their own insanity and how clownish they look.
I don't think they get what clowns they are.
Yeah, I like to call it confession through projection.
If you think about it, for the last four years... Oh, look, it says healing!
They're doing everything but heal, but oh, look, we're healing!
Exactly, and if we put it in a nice fancy heart on the White House lawn, magically that makes it the case.
Which is insane.
And look at these crazy masks they're wearing outside.
I mean, where there's nobody around.
I mean, this is just complete social virtue signaling of an insane kind and variety.
You know, dogs can spread it, why aren't they wearing it?
I mean, it's just the level of nuts with this is just off the charts.
But it reflects sort of a broader mindset and a broader mentality.
And the impeachment is about how much can they get away with?
Can they violate the Constitution?
And every concept we have of a fair trial, every concept we have of free speech, every concept we have of constitutional constraint, can they violate it?
It's like when a fish bites on a line and is running away with it.
They're just running away with it.
They want to see how much they can get away with because they want to set a precedent that they want to continue to do this on a much broader scale moving forward.
And see how much gaslighting they can get away with.
I mean, just blatantly falsifying evidence that's provably false within minutes to the whole world.
And by the way, I can't even keep track of all the false edited tweets and edited videos and lies.
And it's like, I can't even keep track of it.
And the Trump supporters stabbed with spears, cops and killed five.
I mean, it's all lies.
No doubt.
I mean, when you confuse basic things like cavalry and calvary, right?
Someone talking about, you know, praying in recognition of Jesus versus praying for some sort of cavalry to raid something.
They're doing basic confusions like that, deliberately lying and gaslighting about that.
But it's what the media has been doing for the last four years.
And you think about it, they have been warning us for the last four years that someone would seek the presidency to enrich his family on behalf of being bribed by a foreign government and going to be in collusion with a foreign government.
Well, does that describe Biden or not?
Well, that's the thing.
It's classical psychology.
It's total inversion.
Yes, it's confession through accusation, confession through projection.
And that's what they're doing.
Like, if you listen to their speech, there's a good video up today about the showing that if you take the words that the Democrats are using, they apply particularly to other Democrats, including the Democrats using those exact words, like Congressman Raskin.
You know, saying that if you contest an election, that's illicit incitement.
It's Raskin himself who contested the 2016 election in the House in 2017.
I know, I mean, it's just, it's insane.
Do five more minutes with us, we'll come right back.
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All right, hour number three.
Straight ahead, back in T-minus two minutes.
All right, Robert Barnes knows what he's talking about.
He's our guest right now.
We should stay with us longer.
We got another guest coming up, Robert Barnes.
All right, we got five minutes left, brother.
People say, oh, Jones is being persecuted.
Or Trump is, or Rittenhouse.
Eh, so what?
It's a beta test.
The people they pick is they want to set a precedent.
So tell people the update on what's happening to Rittenhouse.
So you look at a sort of broad scale, what happened in the background of Kenosha was Democrats greenlighting violence, encouraging violence, and really inciting violence, if you look at some of the language they used, rewarding it, protecting it.
Our current vice president,
Uh, calling for the bailout of all the people that committed that mass scale violence in Minneapolis, and that put into motion the things that happened in Kenosha, where a lot of outsiders came into the city and were burning down people's businesses, assaulting individuals that were local, and most of the people doing these crimes against the community were from outside the community.
And so you have someone like Kyle Rittenhouse who ends up just defending his life that day, trying to help defend his friends and other people he knew, and was assaulted for doing so, effectively.
And yet he is the one that they hold up and try to gaslight everybody that all that happened in Kenosha is all somehow Kyle Rittenhouse's fault.
It's not the fault of the politicians who failed to sit in the National Guard, and particularly the governor.
It's not the fault of the local political apparatus that failed to have the policing adequately present.
It's not the fault of the Democratic politicians nationwide who greenlit this violence.
It's not the fault of the celebrities and social media influencers who incentivized it and encouraged it.
It's not the fault of woke corporate America who helped fund it and pay for it.
Somehow it's the fault of a poor kid from Antioch.
So it's a perfect microcosm of them launching attacks all over the country for years, and then a million people show up and a few hundred break into the Capitol with government aid, and then everybody's bad, and every conservative should be put in a FEMA camp.
In fact, I saw a National File article, I don't have it in front of me anymore, you're representing another fellow that got attacked by anti-fund, pulled a gun, that's going to the Supreme Court.
There it is, Robert Barnes takes case, a man convicted for defending against BLM, the Supreme Court.
Yes, that's the Michael Strickland case.
A little reporter.
He'd been previously beat up and assaulted in Portland.
He's a little guy.
He has a little site about laugh at liberals.
He just sort of documented some of the crazy things that happened in these riotous type settings.
Because he'd been previously beat up, he went and got his training.
He learned how to do it.
He's maybe 5'6", 5'7", small guy.
He's on the spectrum.
Uh, and so he learned, okay, how do I defend myself so this doesn't happen in the future?
And he gets his training, he gets his, uh, his right to carry his, his right to carry.
And on that day, a huge group of big, mean, nasty looking folks decide they're going to beat him up again just for filming a political activity in public protest.
And all he does is, while backing up, he pulls out, shows his gun, consistent to his training, then puts it away.
Nobody's hurt, nobody's harmed, because he takes self-defense action.
And what do the web-politicized prosecutors in Oregon do?
They charge him with 17 crimes.
And so they end up, he ends up not even getting a jury trial, all kinds of crazy things happen through the judicial process, and now they've redefined self-defense in Oregon, that your state of mind and your life experience, you're not even allowed to introduce that into evidence.
You're not allowed to tell- You're not allowed to be afraid when ten people say we're gonna kill you.
You're not allowed to tell them the history of who these people are.
You're not allowed to tell them of what's going on through your mind.
You're not allowed to tell them of how you've been beat up and assaulted before.
You're literally like a black person with 20 KKK around your house and you're going to go to jail because you pulled a shotgun out.
And you're not allowed to tell anybody who the Klan is.
And you're not allowed to tell anybody what these people have done in the past.
You're not allowed to tell people why you have reason to fear.
And I raise that because in the first part of your career you did a lot of Klan cases.
You've actually dealt with that.
Oh yeah, I've represented civil rights people against the Klan and other groups like that going back from the time I was a kid.
And now what's it like to see the left acting exactly like that but with more power?
To me, it's a logical extension.
The far right and the far left have always been on the same side.
They just look like they're on the opposite side.
Fascism and communism have a lot more in common than they have in disagreement.
And they're the enemy.
Barnes, we love you.
Join me again Sunday, Monday, whenever you want.
You're on fire.
We always appreciate you, brother.
In crazy times, we'll have you back on.
Let's book right now before he goes.
I'm gonna lock you down, buddy.
You're busy.
When you come on next week, at the end of the trial, to join us, okay?
Absolutely, will do!
Edward Solomon, a mathematician, took a closer look at the election results at the precinct level.
A specific anomaly occurred, rendering the results impossible, said Solomon.
Joe Biden won exactly the same percentage points across multiple precincts at designated times of day, long enough to change the advantage.
Mr. Solomon walked me through an example of the precincts in Fulton County, Georgia.
You can see that there's the first precinct there.
It's at 1256 a.m.
on November 4th.
And then when it abandons that ratio on its next tabulation update, two more precincts, they inherit that ratio on the same timestamp.
And then after they update their tabulations and abandon that ratio of 1 to 18,
Another precinct in Harrison.
It says that this can only have been done.
By an algorithm.
It can't even be done by humans.
So, if you had a bunch of human beings that were trying to rig an election, and you said, hey, listen, I want you to give Trump 15% over here, and I want you to give Trump 13.5% over here, and 5.5% over here, even human beings trying to replicate this wouldn't get it this perfect.
So what are the chances of this happening naturally?
Solomon says that there are not enough stars in the universe to which you can compare.
You can use the binomial probability formula, and the chance of that event happening is 1 over 10 to an exponent so large, there's not enough stars in the universe.
There's not enough atoms in the universe to explain the number.
It can't happen naturally.
The numbers produced by this election result can't happen naturally and humans trying to replicate the results would not be able to produce them this perfectly.
This evidence requires election officials to take a closer look and audit their results with real forensic experts.
I'm Christina Bobb, One America News, Phoenix, Arizona.
The video's posted at InfoWars.com.
Mathematician says Biden electoral win, a statistical impossibility.
But I didn't just believe him.
There's other mathematicians that have found the same anomalies.
I went to the websites he talked about, the state websites, and saw it there.
The same exact algorithm, the same number, over and over again.
And we've even got cases where they split votes for Trump and Biden.
I mean, this is insane.
So, Edward Solomon, and I think one of his associates online was as well, is a number theory specialist and focused on elementary number theory and counting arguments.
He's dedicated his life to the study of numbers, fractions, and numbers that are pairwise, co-prime, and common.
Edward has been compared to the character Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting.
He's a well-known guy.
I didn't know he was on the show.
I looked him up in the 19th Century Appetition.
And it goes on, he has completed what he believes to be proof of America's conjecture and awaits confirmation of the 2300 page document defending his work.
Edward is an appetitical savant and at least, but more likely, a mathematical genius.
And he's, again, Edward Solomon.
So Edward,
I can go look at these numbers.
I'm not a mathematical genius, but I know how numbers work with numbers this long.
You don't have, magically, on multiple voting systems and counties, the exact same numbers popping up again in these weird fractions.
That shows, obviously, it's being applied by a computer program.
And, of course, the numbers were applied, if you look at it, against Trump for Joe Biden.
And we see it in the spikes and the rest of it.
So, good to have you here with us.
I appreciate you.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Well, first I want to start with what you guys just talked about with the gaslighting in the media.
A lot of the things that you hear, right?
Just a little comment I want to say there.
There's a scene from The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.
And the suitor, Petruchio, insists that the sun is the moon.
And he forces Catherine to concede that the sun is the moon.
And then when she concedes the point, because even though she knows the moon is not the sun, or the sun is not the moon, then they say, you're a liar, it actually is the sun.
It's absolutely, the gaslighting is really out of control.
I just wanted to say that as I was listening before we started.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, again, I'm not a rocket scientist.
I just know you don't look at a voting system and see at key times the exact same, you know, numbers broken out the same.
So explain this to me like I'm five years old.
Well, first of all, you don't need to be an expert mathematician to observe the problem.
So the way it works is that they have a predetermined aggregate state between the election vote and the mail-in vote in each precinct.
That will also produce a predetermined aggregate result in a county or an entire city.
Done in such a way to produce an actual margin of victory for another candidate or another.
They make it impossible for the other candidate to catch up.
Now the way they apply this algorithm is different in Michigan than it is in Georgia.
Or in Pennsylvania.
But the one in Georgia I have down to a science.
You've got the floor for the next 45 minutes.
We've got your videos up.
We'll tell people about your YouTube.
But again, just start lining up.
All right.
So here's a one example here of Fulton County.
And for the record, I have all the counties in Atlanta in my data set.
And it's really only Fulton and DeKalb counties that get flagged for the most part.
So it seems to be a geographical... They always pick certain key jurisdictions to do it.
So if this was, let's say hypothetically, this was a natural result, then it should be happening everywhere in Atlanta, not just in Fulton and Day Camp.
But that being said, we see here that we have 16 precincts starting at 1 in the morning on November 4th.
And this data comes with the New York Times Edison series.
So if there's anything wrong with the data, then it's an issue with the New York Times and Citel and Edison.
But that being said, this starts at 1 o'clock in the morning on November 4th, and ends at around 11 o'clock a.m.
on November 5th.
And each of these precincts, they assume a 5.55% percentage for Trump, meaning Trump gets 5.5% of the vote that comes in.
Exactly though, so that's a 1 to 18 ratio, meaning Trump gets one vote out of every 18 total that comes through these precincts.
And what happens here is that when this precinct abandons this ratio on the next update in the series, two more precincts come forward, and it's as if they inherit the ratio.
And then they abandon it, and then this precinct picks it up, and so on and so forth throughout this time series.
Now, this isn't the only ratio for which this occurs.
It occurs for several, including very bizarre ones, like Trump gets five votes out of every 113.
So when you have a large prime number in one of the parts of the ratio, it's very bizarre indeed.
So what's really happening is this entire strip in front of us is actually acting as one large precinct algorithmically.
I call it a virtual precinct, like in the cloud.
And they're diverting the initial ballots from these precincts into a container, a virtual container, that's preset to a 1 to 18 ratio.
We're going to come back and keep breaking this down.
You've got the floor.
All I know is that Joe Biden couldn't fill a parking lot and Trump had all these giant rallies.
And then when they closed the polls in those five states, he was 2, 3, 4, 5 times the number of victory.
Instead of half a point in those states, he had 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 points, depending on the state.
And then magically these giant spikes come in and they've got vans driving in and black suitcases being pulled out.
But you're right.
When you look at the math, you can see the algorithm pooling the counties, the precincts,
Manipulating the numbers, it's incredible.
I've been watching your videos all weekend, and it's all right there.
And I don't just believe you.
I went and checked the precincts.
I went and checked online with the state governments, and holy hell, there it was right there.
So we don't just have them pulling suitcases out from underneath the counters.
We don't just have vans pulling in when everything's supposedly closed.
We don't just have the spikes.
We have the math.
We have Edward Solomon and other mathematicians have confirmed similar findings.
We'll be right back on the other side.
We are living in a historic time.
Everybody lives in a historic time, but we are living at one of the most historic times, if not the most historic in world history.
Not since the founding of the human age, or since the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and now we are now.
This is the trifecta.
And as negative as things are, the enemy is throwing their full weight against humanity because that other time is short.
We are really
Playing with fire here.
You know, we're not supposed to talk about election fraud.
The Democrats said they were going to challenge the election no matter what.
They said a red mirage was coming because they knew Trump was winning in the landslide.
But then when we questioned it, oh, can't do that.
But we are.
But I don't just get Edward Solomon on after I saw his great report last week on OAN.
Just believe me, he comes off as an incredible guy.
He's a well-known mathematician.
I went and looked at these websites.
I saw those myself.
You don't have big, long numbers magically popping up throughout the night.
That's impossible.
I mean, technically, if the universe goes on for 5 trillion years, maybe the same number comes up again.
But it's like the evolution is saying, oh, a cell just came together like a fine Swiss watch in the Sahara Desert.
It doesn't work that way.
It doesn't work that way.
No matter if you have 70 trillion years.
And so, you've got a screen mirror now for TV viewers.
Radio listeners will narrate it.
Please continue, Edward Solomon, with your layout here.
Start over if you'd like.
Say, George is the big smoking gun.
Start wherever you want.
Don't pause or I'll take over.
I like to talk.
And just lay out this incredible evidence that people want to see.
Alright, well, right now I can't share my screen, so we're working on that.
I don't know why.
We'll figure it out.
Just lay it out for us.
Speaking of, there is a double standard.
Over in, I believe it's in Massachusetts, a Democrat asked for an audit, and they got an audit.
And then they revealed that Republicans were short at about 300 votes.
Oh, that's right!
Nowhere will they ever let the audits happen.
Never a real audit.
Explain the difference.
The type of audit that I'm looking for, and that is the type of audit that Pulitzer was looking for, and I'm hoping that I could present a case that gives probable cause to allow Pulitzer to go ahead and do an actual audit, not just of what the ballots say, but the quality of the ballot itself.
Is it authentic?
Was it filled out by a computer?
Or was it filled out by a human being?
Does it belong to a registered voter?
Does it belong to a registered voter that is actually living in the state and things like that?
These are the questions that I want answered as well.
It's amazing how- So you want in Pennsylvania and Michigan these 18 wheelers and vans showing up all printed for Joe Biden?
So lazy they didn't even print out the other candidates?
Like one Senator and Biden?
Yeah, that's not suspicious at all.
It's perfectly printed out ballots by a computer for only two candidates.
No, that's not suspicious at all.
There's other things going on.
The down ballot is often missing on a lot of these ballots.
And from Bobby Biden's testimony in Georgia, there's actually a correlation between the first and last names of the people who voted in Pennsylvania and Georgia.
Which is interesting because I believe they used the same algorithm in Pennsylvania and Georgia.
And that's a good question.
Let me ask you that because you've looked at this.
The Democrats lost and almost lost everywhere in down-ballot.
Many of the ballots that the guy swore he drove into Pennsylvania with a truck full of fake ballots.
And the same thing in Michigan.
The witnesses have signed affidavits that there was no down-ballot.
What's the reason?
Why didn't they do that?
The reason is very simple.
If too many Republicans locally lost their seats,
They would have banded together and absolutely demanded an audit.
And since they managed to win, they didn't care.
They didn't care about Trump.
They have no allegiance to Trump.
They have no allegiance to the conservative party.
They always pick people off one at a time.
Just like I knew when they went after you, they were going to go after everybody.
And now they have a once again, you're right again.
Canceling everybody, left and right, they even say libertarians, which is what I am.
They're gonna go cancel libertarians.
According to John McCabe, I might be a potential terrorist because I'm part of the libertarian party.
So let's keep laying this out.
We've got some of this on screen.
Now, the way these algorithms work is they don't choose the winner.
They choose the loser.
So if they don't want you to win, if they want you to lose, they're gonna make sure you lose.
They don't choose it, they don't care who wins, they care who loses.
And if you're not part of the swamp, they're going to make sure that you lose.
And if this is not corrected and brought to light, what I have right in front of me, I have formulas that capture the probabilities of events, and not from some arcane research of my own, using well-established mathematics, then this is going to continue to happen for the remainder of this nation.
It's never going to stop.
It's going to keep happening.
Well, absolutely.
A tyrant that seizes power never gives up willingly.
Well, I mean, and I think I've tried to communicate with people on the far left, the grassroots left, trying to show them how they cheated Bernie out of the primaries.
The algorithms are very similar.
So I've been working on that for a while.
Well, let's start there, because that's true.
But they even went further.
Like in California, they said, we interviewed one of the master delegates, electors, and he said, oh, we don't care when Bernie wins.
Hillary will get this.
Then they admitted the day before the election in 2016, the primary, they voted in California to give it to Hillary.
I mean, they admitted it on TV!
This is serious.
This is what I mean.
I'm glad we're having this discussion, because
I don't want to fight with the left.
I don't want to fall into the, I call it the corporate feudalists.
That's what we're really fighting.
Like the previous guest just said, we're fighting fascism and communism.
I don't want us to be at war with each other at the grassroots when we actually have the same common enemy.
It's the swamp in D.C.
The swamp at the state legislature.
No, but I agree, but how do they announce on CNN, oh, they had the delegates meet and vote for Hillary the day before the election.
That's rubbing it in.
That is disgusting.
It's gaslighting.
They're saying the sun is the moon and you have to agree, just like in the Taming of the Shrew.
That we are the deplorables, which is, you can replace the word taming of the shrew with the taming of the deplorables.
And as far as they're concerned, anybody who's authentically on the right or the left, you and me, or some real Bernie bros that I've talked about in Discord to get the information from for their primaries, we're all deplorables.
They don't want any critical thinking.
They want to piss in your face and tell you it's rain.
That's right.
And I don't accept that.
All right, well I know you've done a great job.
I've seen your videos.
So Edward, when we come back, I'm going to give you the floor for two seconds.
I want you to just lay out your evidence or whatever you want, the algorithms, the numbers, the facts, Georgia, wherever you want to go.
When we come back, we got a minute and a half to break though.
What else do you want to cover?
Do you have the slides in front of you now?
You know, I knew you were coming on the show.
They got a bunch of stuff with the computer in there, but I'm sure we can put slides up.
We have the slides.
Go ahead.
It's not letting me share the screen.
I don't know why.
Since you can't share the screen, it's okay.
We can do the slides.
So when we come back, we'll do the slides.
Tell us what's in these slides.
And listen, Edward, where's the best place for people?
You're on YouTube at Edward Solomon.
Where else can people find you?
Is that the best place?
That's the best place until they cancel me.
It won't take long.
I hear you.
Alright, so let's just lay it out.
Again, I don't just believe Edward Solomon.
I know who he's been for a while, seen his stuff.
We've had other mathematicians have come out, laid out the very same numbers.
But he's a really smart guy.
We're going to talk to him when we come back.
Please don't forget, the only way this dog hunts is you keep staying concerned.
Where everybody's supposed to shut up on election fraud, go away, because it didn't happen.
No, we're not going to shut up.
And questioning elections is not terrorism.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
We never give up.
We never back down.
But I can give in by collapsing.
I could give out, so please pray for me.
The entire planetary system is being collapsed.
Because humanity is not meant to go interstellar.
The forces of darkness are attempting to shut down our species.
But there's not just evil in the universe.
So don't take the massive attack and be depressed about it.
Realize that it's being fulfilled.
And that our greatest hours, and our greatest days, and our greatest infinities are in front of us.
All right, Edward Sullivan, we've got two segments left.
I appreciate you.
We've got your slides, you've got them on your side.
You just name them, you take over.
Next two segments go through this amazing evidence.
I've seen it myself, but you're doing it live for us here, so go ahead and take over.
All right, so here is one of the ratios, 1 to 18, that I talked about previously, where Trump is getting one vote out of every 18 votes in a precinct.
And there's a total of 16 precincts in front of us.
And as you can see over this timeline in the slide, from midnight November 4th until afternoon of November 5th, you have a series of, I call them ratio transfers, and in the formal document that I'm writing, I call them ratio collisions.
And on each of these timestamps, so you see the first one is Fulton Precinct 10J.
At, um, and Precinct RW and Precinct SC2.
All three of these have these ratio at the same time.
Uh, Precinct 10J picks it up a few minutes earlier.
But then simultaneously at 2.33 AM, all three of these precincts abandon this ratio, and then it gets picked up by Fulton Precinct O2S.
And then at 2.52 AM, Precinct O2S abandons the ratio and it gets picked up by O3S.
Who then abandons that at 324 a.m.
and it gets picked up by two more precincts SC15 and SC23B.
And this process continues up until the afternoon of November 5th.
And it's not just these precincts and this particular ratio of 1 to 18.
Go down one slide.
And you'll see the spreadsheet there for the 1 to 18 ratio.
And while we're going down one more slide.
And that's a picture of all these ratio transfers for all the precincts and ratios combined that were flagged for suspicion.
And as you can see, even though the print is very small, it's dominated by Fulton and DeKalb in the county identifier.
It's actually two-thirds of Fulton's counties are flagged for suspicion.
And about one-fourth of Des Camps counties.
And after that, everything else is pretty quiet in the other counties.
It's only Jonesboro Park and Clayton.
And that's about it.
So we'll go one more slide, and I'm going to explain to you how this algorithm works.
All right?
Do you see total expected votes equals one million?
Go to the next one.
We're one slide behind.
Go to the next, guys.
All right.
You just go ahead and lay them out.
It's okay.
Yeah, there it is.
All right.
So we're going to do a hypothetical example here and we're going to say it's the city of Gotham.
All right.
And Biden, they're expecting a total, they projected internally, the internal bean counters for the Democrat party or the unit party.
They're projecting that there's going to be 1 million votes in Gotham.
It's going to be 48% Biden.
It's going to be 52% Trump.
Now these bean counters,
They do their job very well.
So when they release these suppression polls saying that Biden's going to win Florida with 10% or something, they already knew that wasn't true.
They're doing that for exactly what Trump says.
I just want to point that out.
It's to suppress donations and enthusiasm.
But anyway, they have their real internal numbers and they're expecting it to be 48 Biden, 52 Trump at 1 million.
They say, okay, we're going to separate these million votes into two batches.
The natural vote and the manipulation vote.
I call it the flip set.
So they're going to take 700,000 of these ballots of the million.
They're going to put them to the side and they're never going to touch them.
That's going to let them go 48% Biden, 52% Trump.
So they've already accounted for the aggregate across the county or across the city.
And what they're going to do then is they're going to take the other 300,000 votes and they're going to flip them at a very particular percentage in order to ensure a Biden victory, a razor thin margin.
So in this example, we're going to do 66% Biden and 33% Trump, instead of 73-27.
And instead of having 20-30-40 ratios that they use, we're going to go with 4.
And they're going to create 4 virtual precincts.
They're going to be, the first virtual precinct, Trump is going to get 1 out of 10 votes.
The second one, he's going to get 1 out of 5.
The third one, he'll get 1 out of 3.
And the fourth precinct, he'll get 2 out of 3 votes.
And they're going to set up a very simple linear system of equations here.
They're going to take the grand total there, 300,000.
It's the total amount they're going to play with.
And they're going to say that equals x, y, z, t. And they're going to take the amount of votes that Trump is supposed to get out of it, so 33% of that number is 100,000.
And they set that to x over 10, plus y over 5, plus z over 3, plus 2t over 3.
It's that simple.
And then they solve that, and there's many different solutions to this, and this is just one of them.
And they get about 90,000 for the first precinct and 40,000 for the second and 89,000 for the third and 79,000 for the fourth.
So what that means is they have to feed, if we look at the second virtual precinct that's 20% Trump, they have to feed 40,285 ballots into that precinct and flip them at a rate one to five Trump.
And if you do that for all these precincts, you're going to get exactly 300,000 ballots total and 100,000 for Trump.
So we'll go to the next precinct, the next slide.
This is a virtual precinct too, so we're going to walk how this algorithm works at the physical level now.
And we're going to have three elementary schools, A, B, and C. So elementary school Alice, Beth, and Kathy.
And between them, they have 10,000 votes.
So we have 3,000 votes in Alice and 4,000 votes in Beth and 3,000 votes in Kathy.
And the algorithm takes control of these three elementary schools and either resets or injects more ballots to achieve an aggregate of 20% Trump.
So Trump will get 2,000 votes out of this batch of 10,000.
So now they fed 10,000 out of the 40,000 ballots they need into this ratio.
Then they disband this ratio.
They release control of these elementary schools and they never use them again.
They never toy with them.
They never manipulate them again.
And they seize two more precincts.
So this will be your high school with 7,500 votes and another elementary school with 2,500.
And that will be a grand total of 20,000 with the precincts above it.
So now Trump is getting 4,000 votes out of this 20,000 combined.
Then the algorithm will release control of those and then simultaneously seize the last three precincts it needs.
And that will be another high school, X, with 8,000 votes.
That could be a stadium with 12,000.
And this could be a small church with 285.
And now they fed a total of 40,285 ballots into this virtual precinct, flipped at a ratio of 1 to 5 Trump.
And if you do that for all the other precincts in the above slide, you're going to get exactly 33% Trump and 66 or 67% Biden.
And by doing that, because they're taking the aggregate state into account before they run this algorithm, they know that that's what the result will be and Biden will manage to win by a razor-thin margin.
And that's why they wait till right at the end.
They already want to have the numbers to be able to manipulate and make sure it looks close.
Because why are these fraudulent elections always so close?
I think that's key.
Right, so what they're doing is they're conserving their resources as best as they can.
They only have so many ballots that they can dump, and there's only so many ballots that they can send into adjudication as well.
They have, the bean counters have all these numbers and the algorithm has- And that's why what you're saying is so key, because I talked to Trump, I talked to the White House, I talked to his lawyers, they all knew, no, they're using ballots to manipulate, but it's still fraudulent, then everybody else gets diverted onto Dominion and all that, like as if the company was doing it, no, it was being done- No.
By the fake ballots fed in that were already in reserve, correct?
An example I give a lot is somebody can download illegal porn on Windows 10.
It doesn't mean that Windows or Microsoft is responsible.
Then they trick some people to go after Windows.
Instead, it covers what they actually did through the software.
Anybody can pick your lock, get in your house.
Doesn't mean Masherlock did it.
We'll be right back with our guest, he's really smart, Edward Solomon.
Wow, this is, he's breaking it all down with the real numbers, folks.
This is history, stay with us.
Welcome back, final segment of this hour.
I'll host a little bit of the next hour without Nick Beggins to take over.
Got some breaking news I'm gonna be hitting after our guest leaves us, but listen.
So many listeners are new, and so they tune in, they think.
Oh, Jones is criticizing Sidney Powell.
He must be jealous of her.
Like, I'm in a competition.
I'm not in a competition.
I want to beat the globalist.
Sidney Powell, I think, means well, but she's like, oh, Dominion is controlling it from their headquarters.
It's just like our guest just said, no.
Just because you have a Microsoft computer doesn't mean someone that hacks your computer is Microsoft.
It was the ballots, and I had that from good White House lawyers that got sidelined.
Robert Barnes was working for Trump.
He told me, like two days after the election, he said, they're going to claim it's all about
Dominion, they're all going to get sued, and that's a globalist group manipulating them.
Powell's not bad.
The other lawyers, he said, wasn't bad.
I talked to other people at the State Department.
He was right.
They said, no, it's fake ballots being fed in that they hold in a group they use to manipulate.
That's how they're doing it.
And it was local Democrats doing it in these six states.
And here's Edward Solomon laying that out.
And so that's why it's a red herring to say, oh, Dominion.
And I said this way before Dominion filed lawsuits.
I said this back in November.
I was like, OK, guys, you're all saying Smartmatic, Dominion.
Those are just the operating systems.
Anybody can hack a computer.
It's like saying, oh, well, an iPad got hacked.
It was Tim Cook did it.
No, Tim Cook runs death camps in China.
And thinks that's okay, and is an article saying it's okay.
That's Tim Cook.
He runs death camps.
Tim Cook, when your Apple iPhone gets hacked, it's not usually Tim Cook.
So, Edward Solomon, we really appreciate your time.
We've got about 10 minutes left.
Lay out for people more of this incredible evidence you're giving people from the state websites, from the Secretary of State, from their own numbers.
Impossible stuff, where all over at exact times, exact numbers happen that are just insane.
This is like
Total fingerprints.
On Sydney, I've had one conversation with her and I love her.
And I talked with her son a few times.
But overall, just like you were saying, I... She's not a mathematician.
She hasn't been studying voting machines for 20 years.
I don't think there's as many people involved with this as we think.
A very few, based on what I've seen on the Michigan results.
I call them Dr. Evil, I don't know who it is.
I assume it's Eric Coomer.
The voting machines, they have to have measures in place to actually correct incorrect tabulations.
There's also older methods of voting that aren't implemented right now, such as ranked choice voting or the single transferable vote, that are built into these machines, but they're not activated.
They're not supposed to be active.
And it is possible for a small cabal, overseas even, if these machines are connected to the internet, which apparently they were, especially in Georgia,
Uh, in Atlanta.
We know there were live patches going on during, correct?
Uh, that I'm not familiar with.
Well, they said patches in the days before and the days of were going on in these software.
I, yes, I remember there was, uh, supposedly firmware updates.
I'm not sure if they were software updates, but any sort of update ultimately is very suspicious to happen either during or prior to election.
Exactly, so mRNA doesn't do the nucleus, it programs the outside of the cell of the nucleus.
It's the same deal, exactly.
So yeah, they should have been putting these updates on these machines long before the election itself.
And another thing going on with Sydney is, this is another thing I disagree with, I don't believe that the turnout for Trump was so great that we had to shut down
Uh, everything nationwide in the battleground states.
What I think they did instead was they let us vote to give them the information we needed, and then they shut everything down statewide to calculate their parameters to enter into the algorithm.
Oh, that's it!
They knew there was a landslide.
They had to measure the landslide.
That's how they failed last time, is they set their fraud below the landslide.
They underestimated the landslide.
So this time they waited until the landslide happened and then went above it.
And they already knew it was going to happen.
Basically, we gave them the information they needed to turn the election over.
Right now, if I was in a red county, in a red district in the United States, I would not release my tabulations until after the big Democrat city zoo.
That's one measure of defense that we can take in the meantime.
I wouldn't release a damn thing.
Well, you know your stuff, man.
I study this 20 hours a day, and you know way more than I do.
So keep laying factoids on us.
What else should we know, Mr. Solomon?
I'm going to look at one last slide, because the other slides are too difficult to explain without sharing my screen.
They're easy if I can, but not if I can't.
Do you have the slide in front of you that says, Atlanta precincts hijacked $371 out of $1,041.
We do.
Put it up.
Go ahead.
Put it up.
See the big red box in the middle?
It says, OK, I see it.
Alright, so this is what I know to be sure.
I know that the final, if you take each precinct that was involved in this shenanigans, and you look at the final, altered, the final time it was hijacked in the time series, the same 371 precincts, it's a total of 287,000 ballots combined, of which Trump got 14.65%.
After the algorithm has released control of all these precincts, the exact same precincts, it ends with 504,000 votes at 18.49% Trump.
So what does that mean in between?
It means that Trump got 23.57% of the remaining unaltered vote in Atlanta.
So, what I told Mike Lindell is if 287,000 people walk into a casino in Las Vegas and they win 14.65% of the time in some game they're playing, the casino will have adjusted its profit and its payouts in accordance with that rate of victory for its clientele.
If the next 220,000 people walk in and they win 23.57% of the time,
That casino will go out of business.
That doesn't happen.
This is the same 371 precincts.
So if I apply what I believe to be Trump's true percentage in these hijacked precincts, if had they not been altered, I were to project that using what's called the law of large numbers, that's how casinos operate, and I say, suppose Trump got 23.57% of all this vote, then he would have had 118,972 votes.
That is a difference of 25,645 votes from what's reported in these 371 precincts.
And that is what I stand by at the bare minimum was stolen from President Trump in the 2020 election in the city of Atlanta.
Absolutely, and again, you're a smart guy, and I'm smart, and I get what you say, but barely.
Explain that to folks that are halfway listening, driving down the road right now.
I mean, this is overwhelming evidence of fraud.
I'll do it with 10 and 20 percent.
So suppose 500,000 people walk into a casino, and they have an expected chance of winning a game is 10 percent.
And the casino has a particular model of which it does its payouts in order to maintain a profit.
And then the next 500,000 people walk in and 20% of them win.
I guarantee you that casino's about to go out of business.
In other words, what we're seeing here, it's the same 371 precincts that I have flagged for suspicious activity.
They jumped from 14.5% to 23.5%.
Sure, the key is the jump.
It's like Trump.
Anybody can see those spikes.
And that's what you're saying is they bring in the fake ballots.
It's not Dominion doing it at some central headquarters.
It's people manipulating the machines themselves, entering fake ballots they have in a reservoir.
They then use it as an algorithm to hijack it.
Is that what you're saying?
Yes, and this is an argument I had on the Donald.Win.
Like, some people think we're trying to fight me.
I said, listen, I agree with you.
They dump ballots and then evaluate them with an algorithm.
It's not a mutually exclusive scenario.
Oh, I'm not name-dropping.
I talked to some of the highest people that are patriots of the Pentagon.
They're saying everything you said to me a month ago.
And I talked to Trump lawyers.
Barnes has tried to tell... Barnes told me all this two months ago.
And I talked to others, and they told me exactly what you're saying.
Exactly what you're saying.
Going off of the OAN clip you played at the start, before we sign off, there's a difference between precision and accuracy.
So you could have a group of humans that are not aided by an algorithm that can reproduce this result with the same accuracy.
But you wouldn't have all the numbers lining up.
It wouldn't be with the same precision.
They can still call it a virus.
Let me explain this.
Hold on a minute.
Only a computer across all these systems can do it exactly the same time, exactly the same way.
That's where you get the improbability, the impossibility.
Explain that.
We'll come back.
Come back in two minutes.
It's incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
And I tried to warn listeners this was coming.
I mean, the stupid Q stuff.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
Having connections to U.S.
intelligence, the military, it's like having connections to Walmart.
It's all apples and oranges.
But we knew what was going on, and we tried to warn people, and no one listened to us.
Again, the Pentagon listens to InfoWars, not the other way around.
We'll be right back.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
All right, I got some incredible footage for you.
Next segment.
I'm leaving it at that.
But Edward Solomon, I don't just get you on.
You come off as a really good guy.
I know you're a well-known mathematician, but I already was covering what you covered before.
I checked out what you said.
It's totally accurate.
This is just a crazy moment.
But looking at this, what do you think the system thought?
How do they think they would get away with ham-fistedly stealing an election this crazily?
That's what's so unsettling.
The fact that they could actually get away with this in plain sight and deny every case based on a lack of standing.
It only means that they're going to continue doing it until we find a way to stop them.
The way I see it is, just like they said, fiery but peaceful protests on CNN.
They're just saying,
Or Nadler said Antifa is a myth, or they say everything they do is an assault on reality.
This is what I'm trying to say.
The scene from The Taming of the Shrew where Petruchio says to Catherine in the play, the sun is the moon, and she eventually
Breaks down and concedes and submits and says, yes, my husband, the sun is the moon.
He says, nay, you're a liar.
It's a bloody insurrection.
So you have a peace, you have a truly unruly riot burning down cities.
And they say it's a peaceful protest and you have an actual peaceful protest at the Capitol.
And they say it's an insurrection.
And they open the door like a few dozen people in, yeah, that break a few things.
And that's like Pearl Harbor.
Oh my god, it's so, like, there's no way any person that's capable of rational thought believes it.
They just know they have to accept the narrative, otherwise they'll lose their jobs, they'll lose their bank accounts, and if you lose your job and your bank account, then you're going to lose your house, your car, and your marriage, and your kids while you're at it.
People are afraid to speak up.
So, like, I have all these documents in front of me, well-established mathematics concerning statistics and number theory,
And I see other great minds have wrote these things.
I'm saying, where are the other great minds?
Other than Dr. Schiff.
Well, here's the problem.
You're not defying the enemy.
The enemy creates kind of the cube movement.
The fake, everything's handled, everything's fine.
And then people like Powell and Giuliani, not so much, buy into that.
So it's all, it's like you're telling them, hey, it was at the local level manipulating computers, putting fake ballots in.
Oh no, it's Dominion!
And they don't listen to you when we would have had their ass.
And we're not against them.
It's just that they wanted the big easy thing.
It's this group up here.
No, it was this group up here doing it at every level.
That was the problem, because Giuliani was a guy who prosecuted big crime families.
He wanted something simple that people could understand and say, here's a group of people that are responsible for this treason and this crime against the United States.
That's not what the data is showing.
The data is showing me that it was a very small cabal of mathematicians and physicists.
We're always fighting Hitler or Stalin or Mao.
Tanks and troops.
It's scientists we're fighting now.
I'm fighting somebody who has a degree in nuclear physics.
His name is Eric Coomer.
That's who I'm fighting.
Based on what I saw in Michigan, there were the equations of Brownian motion, which has to do with the motion of particles, popped up in the middle of election results in Michigan.
Why is there results from particles inside of a box, gas molecules?
Because they're all mixing it together.
Come back and join us again.
Yeah, no, I've seen a bunch of that.
It's like emails pop up in the middle of like, what is that?
They're like, they split votes.
It's like they're not paying attention because they're arrogant.
Fractional votes is what they really did.
Yeah, fraction magic.
All right, Edward Solomon, join us again in the next week for a more in-depth interview.
We love you.
Thank you so much.
We appreciate you.
Thank you.
Wait till I tell you this.
Wait till you see what I'm going to play next segment.
I'm not even building it up right now.
I just can't even handle it anymore.
I can't even believe we've gotten this bad.
But we're on air to cover it, so you're going to get the info.
I'm not in charge like God.
I just give you the info, you do what you want with it.
I've learned to just turn it over to God, okay?
I'm going to report this, and God's going to deal with it.
Well, we're back live, ladies and gentlemen, on this Friday live edition, February 12th, 2021.
I'm just pleased to be here alive with you, not pushing daisies.
We got an article I want to hit here before we go to our next guest.
Cringe propaganda pro-vaccine rap video tells black people to trust us and not debate.
Now, I'm not joking.
That is an actual headline for radio listeners.
TV viewers can actually see it for themselves.
I remember NPR like six months ago going, there's right-wingers that are telling blacks don't take the COVID vaccine.
It's like Tuskegee.
We're sorry we gave you syphilis, but you can trust us now.
And so it gets worse.
Here's a new article, InfoWars.com.
Report, UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities.
And major US colleges are saying, don't worry, only white people have got to take the shot.
I love everybody, but it's war if you say I'm white, I got to take your deadly vaccine.
Ain't about to happen.
We got a couple of these videos, just air them back to back.
This is cartoons put out
By the big foundations, the DNC, you name it, telling black people, don't ask questions, take this shot.
I got the vaccine.
Here they are.
You got the vaccine.
They got the vaccine.
We got the vaccine.
We can get back to normal.
Let me inform you.
Let's all get the vaccine.
It's about community immunity.
I'm talking unity for you and me.
The vaccine believe it's safe to take.
9 out of 10 people won't get sick.
That's 90% effective and legit.
This COVID thing is real and it will find you.
It's killing our people.
Measles amongst men back in the day, but because of the vaccines, none of those stay.
Vaccines, they work to trigger immunity.
Two shots, we got antibody security.
We gotta act now.
No need to wait.
Get your vaccine before it's too late.
For real.
I got a couple of things I want to talk to y'all about.
Animal swab testing?
Ooh, little girl, you look sick.
Vaccine, we got the vaccine.
This is a serious video telling you to take the vaccine.
Norm Pattis is a famous...
Constitutional lawyer.
He joins us for just two segments and I really appreciate him coming on.
He's been watching with horror the Trump trial in the U.S.
So Norm Pattis, thank you.
Some constitutional lawyer, top criminal lawyer, you name it, First Amendment lawyer.
What are you making of what's currently happening?
You know, I'm not making as much of it as I should.
I'm deeply disappointed in the United States Senate.
Initially, I thought there was no constitutional warrant for bringing the case to trial.
After doing some research, including reading a wonderful book by a man named Frank Bowman called High Crimes and Misdemeanors, I'm persuaded there is a right to impeach Trump.
But I really don't understand the necessity to do so.
I think the United States Senate is missing the right questions, and the right questions is why did people feel so profoundly disaffected by the government, uninspired and untrustworthy of the government, that they appeared in Washington and on some of them did storm the Capitol?
I mean, it looks like a show trial.
I can't imagine anything like this that has ever taken place in American history, where actual witnesses and victims served as both judges and juries, speaking to the press, giving interviews during the presentation.
I was about to say, you're a constitutional lawyer, one of the top ones in the country.
How do you have Patrick Leahy, the senior senator, the judge, when he's a juror, and he's a witness?
How does that happen?
Well, it doesn't happen anywhere but in an impeachment, Alex.
And, you know, the fact is the Constitution gives the impeachment power to Congress.
It's one of our checks and balances.
And the law is that the House votes articles of impeachment and then Senate must try it.
No one else.
And so, you know, whether the founders contemplated a situation like what obtained on January 6th is an open question.
But the fact is that in no other proceeding
Uh, would a person be able to sit as a juror in their own case?
And what I found particularly offensive about the Senate trial were the videos that were shown.
Um, it's not as though these folks needed to see videos.
They were there!
You know, the cheapest trick in the plaintiff lawyer's book is to show bloody photographs to a jury, getting them wound up hopefully to make a million dollars.
These guys needed to be reminded of what happened two weeks ago.
I don't see the necessity of this trial.
Don't accept the argument.
Well, it's clearly a political stunt.
I'm just concerned about the lead Democrat enforcer saying Trump supporters burned down the St.
John's Church when it's on record that the Black Lives Matter did that.
I mean, we're seeing whopper lies.
I think it's a death gasp potentially of the Republic.
I mean there is a profound crisis of legitimacy.
We're good to go.
Well, that's right.
They don't seem like centered people that have their own view.
They just seem to be like, they all want to be reality TV stars.
Like they're jealous that Trump was one, so now they're gonna have another impeachment and just lie.
It's a waste of time.
You know, like him or not, Joe Biden is the current president.
And what's going on in Washington is nothing short of sad.
After promising not to do it, sorry.
No, absolutely.
And so we've all been mesmerized by the impeachment trial.
We're still suffering the after effects of Trump derangement syndrome while Biden does exactly what Chuckie Schumer said would happen if the Democrats got a majority in the Senate.
They're going to change the country.
Well, they're going to try.
And I think they're not asking the fundamental question.
What were people so pissed off about, about January 6th, that this happened?
Those people aren't coming back to the table.
Well, that's my next question.
You've got, I have a seven and a half minute compilation video in game now, where it's former CIA director, current CIA Democrat saying, we want to arrest and drone and kill and have war with 75 million voters.
I don't want a war, but it doesn't intimidate me at the same time.
These people are like starting a fight with a 10,000 pound gorilla.
Jefferson said in a letter to John Adams' grandson, shortly after Shea's Rebellion, at about the time the Constitution was being debated, you know, a revolution every 20 years or so isn't bad, isn't a bad idea.
The people should push back.
And we need to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.
I'm not calling for violence.
I don't want violence.
I want a government that works.
But if it doesn't work, I'm not going to sit back and pray to the heavens for relief.
I will seek relief of my own.
We had a perfect government when we thought the Capitol would be wrong.
But this is an out-of-control government that supported wanting burning down cities for no reason.
And now when people actually attack the real center of power, they act like it's the greatest crime in history.
If you compare the violence done in the cities last summer to what happened for a few hours on January 6th, there's no contrast.
But again, the comparison isn't perfect.
I realize that Donald Trump's First Amendment defense has difficulties.
Because unlike an ordinary citizen, you or me, we can say things and be afforded First Amendment protection.
But no private citizen, other than the President of the United States,
Let's talk about it when we come back, because I was there.
I know what happened.
He thought there was a stage set up, Secret Service.
He was using rhetoric of fight back.
He didn't mean that.
God, it hurt him.
We'll talk about it with Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer.
We come back in just a few minutes.
Dr. Nick Begich takes over.
All right.
Warren Pattis, constitutional lawyer, is our guest.
I was interrupting a lot because you bring up a lot of good points.
I'm interested in all this.
But what do you want to impart to viewers about the impeachment of Trump going through next Wednesday or Thursday and where you think it's going?
I mean, I think he's going to have to be acquitted.
They don't have the large majority to do it, but just to watch his lawyers abandon him.
Maybe it was better today.
I haven't had time to watch it yet.
It was just really pathetic because this whole thing seems to be an indictment of the American people.
Well, you know, the legal team, he changed lawyers right on the eve of trial, and that's never a good idea.
And then apparently the House managers' opening statement caught his lawyers by surprise.
And candidly, the House managers kicked their butts, both in terms of the oral presentation and in terms of the brief.
Their brief was outstanding.
Trump's lawyers were caught flat-footed and gave a rambling, unfocused opening statement that led people to wonder who was in charge and what was going on.
I'd heard stories that the president himself was very upset.
They rebounded today, though, and his lawyers gave a good argument about the unconstitutionality of the proceedings.
It's one I would have rejected, candidly, but it was a good, solid argument, the best argument you can make.
And they also argued powerfully, and I think persuasively, that the President had a First Amendment right to say what he did, and his speech does not constitute incitement.
So I think, I suspect the president will win on the impeachment debate or the impeachment trial.
It'll be a close vote.
It may be five, six or seven senators will, Republicans will join the Democrats.
But it takes a two-thirds majority to convict and I simply don't see that happening.
I think in the end, the American people are going to have been left with a sense that this was a show trial, and they're going to wonder why the time, energy, and expense, and all it will really succeed in doing is keeping alive the partisan division that's destroying the country.
I've heard talk that Schumer is thinking about trying to use the 14th Amendment in a proceeding next to try to prevent or prohibit Trump from running again.
And there is a provision... That's right, he's talking about 14th Amendment censure, so he's going to try to do it all again.
Well, yeah, in Reconstruction after the Civil War, if you were a Civil War officer and it had gauged an active insurrection, it took an act of Congress to make you eligible to sit for office again.
I think it's an imperfect fit for Mr. Trump and it's never been used before.
Well, sure, it's a post-Lincoln U.S.
martial law decree that's discredited, and the fact that you can project something from a discredited time onto a president is bigger than a constitutional crisis.
I mean, it's just an announcement of total congressional hegemonic dictatorship.
Well, there is that.
I mean, look, Alex, you'll get no disagreement from me that the country is in a dysfunctional mess, and it's in what looks to me almost like a death spiral.
You know, Cicero, the orator, Roman orator, once said that a republic, a raised public, or a public thing isn't just any collection of people, it's people bound together by common interest and a common conception of right.
We don't have it anymore.
And big tech's part to blame.
I mean, they are strangling free speech by marginalizing
By throwing people they don't agree with offline.
And where do they expect us to go if we disagree?
Do they really think they're going to strangle us and keep us silent?
People will find other sources, other places to go.
There's a new online product this week called 74Million.com.
It's either 74Million Red or 74Million.com.
It's a Facebook alternative.
And subscribers are piling in today as we speak.
No, it's just like they targeted Parler.
They target anything people might go to.
They always say, build your own thing, but then Big Tech and the banks and all of them, these globalists, they organize around defeating us trying to get our own system.
Well, they targeted you, Alex, and here you are.
And, you know, what they don't understand is, you know, it's just like blaming Trump for January 6th.
Look what he did.
He didn't do it.
People came to the Capitol because they were upset.
People blame you for, I don't know, for everything, apparently.
By the way, you're right.
I miscalculated because I got really pissed at the few hundred that broke in the Capitol.
Then a lot of my listeners are like, hey, we're being screwed over.
We've lost our jobs.
These were not normal Trump supporters.
A lot of the people that showed up are pissed because they're going bankrupt.
No, I think that's right.
And people who are deprived of hope resort to desperate measures.
You know, John Locke, who wrote the classic on consent as the basis of government in the second treatise of government in the 17th century, wrote about a so-called appeal to heaven.
You know, and that is if you feel that your government has failed you, you have a right to revolt.
It's called the appeal to heaven.
I see that in the New Hampshire Constitution, it's a right to revolt.
It's, but it's, you know, it's a right that you shouldn't take lightly because the bonds... Oh, I don't either.
I think if I'm gonna revolt, I'm gonna like really plan it out.
I just don't, exactly.
Mob psychology got a hold of people.
It happened and it was 1-100 to what the Democrats have done the last year.
So their excuse to call this the ultimate evil, everybody sees it as a Hippocratic, just absolutely hypocritical garbage.
Well, it is.
And there's a war going on, as you point out, that's why it's called InfoWars.
And there's a war against free speech right now.
I want to pivot quickly, if I may.
I see we've got just a couple minutes.
Since I spoke to you earlier today and agreed to come on, we have filed in the United States Supreme Court for you today a petition for InfoWars, for you, for free speech systems, a petition for a writ of certiorari to review a decision in a Connecticut court
We're good to go.
And to voice suspicions and concerns that you had every right to voice.
And then a court took away a right of yours as a litigant based on things that you said outside of a courtroom and in the absence of any order that prohibited you from speaking and in the absence of any finding that you violated the law.
So basically the court made the law up as it went along.
And so will the Supreme Court stop every jurisdiction becoming its own national imperium?
Well, the Supreme Court is supposed to assure uniformity of federal law.
You know, I can't guarantee you that they will hear your case.
Writs of certiorari are rarely granted.
But as you know, we felt strongly enough that you had been given the rough end of justice, the wrong end of the stick, the wrong end of the gavel.
And that rather than slamming the gavel down on you, the gavel in this instance needs to be slammed back at the court.
And the court needs to be reminded that we, the people, are sovereign in this country.
And that the First Amendment now... Doesn't the court get that it's protected by due process as well?
That's what I see the left doing is just abandoning all chivalry, all due process, all common sense.
There is no mob as terrifying as a self-righteous mob.
That's one of my sayings.
And right now, we've got a bunch of self-righteous mobsters in Congress and in the White House.
We're out of time.
As soon as this is over, I'm going to call you.
I want to hear about this.
I know I'd agreed to it.
So I've got some stuff out today that will allow that to go forward.
Norm Pettis, how do people find your great work?
Hopefully you never need me, but if you do, normpettis.com or we're located in Connecticut.
There's the website.
And that's got a... They also write a lot of great articles on Norm Pettis' blog, right?
I do, yeah, I like to write and I've got great people.
I want to give a shout out to Cameron Atkinson, a young man who was instrumental in helping with your brief and other briefs.
We've got a few dedicated soldiers who are determined to fight for the rights of the people while we still can.
Alright, Norm Pattis, thank you so much for calling in about 10 minutes.
That's right.
We've got Dr. Nick Begich, a great patriot, taking over two segments.
I'm out of time.
Please remember, I can't fund this operation without you.
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Sign up for the newsletter, you get a code, 60% off.
Vitamin D3 is back in.
We have Winter Sun back in stock for your immune system.
40% off.
Great job to the crew.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here on this Friday afternoon in most of the country, just before noon here in Anchorage, Alaska.
And, you know, thinking about all of this stuff, the free speech issue, just as the last segment ended, I think is probably the most important issue in the country.
Not just about being banned from all the various platforms, but really the re-examination of the opportunity to have free speech.
I mean, this is really insane, what's been removed from us.
And the push polling, the way the mainstream media has been organized around really huge, huge interests that are not yours and mine.
And, you know, the press, the free press was always about keeping an informed electorate, an informed population so that we could have a vigorous public debate.
Which meant a lot of dissension, you know?
We used to have duels, too, but we don't do that anymore, you know?
But we have a lot of dissension, which is an appropriate way to develop public policy.
Not violent dissension, for sure.
We've decided that dueling is out of the order, out of order now, and a bunch of other things.
But the idea that our ability to speak in a digital world through the airwaves,
In the most open way in the 21st century is ridiculous what's happened.
So I hope at some point we get the way in from the U.S.
Supreme Court to dial back what's happened with social media, the idea of banning people because you don't like what they say or their politics.
This is a fundamental error taking place within this republic right now.
And everyone in this fight, every one of you listening,
Um, is in this fight because it's about us.
Um, it's about our grandchildren, our great grandchildren.
And no matter where you are, you know, in terms of your relations, your great, great, great grandchildren, and you don't even know yet, you know, we don't, we don't have any grudges against any of those people yet.
Um, what we do now is going to be for them.
All right.
For the people that are innocent of anything that we, we don't even know yet.
And it's this generation that's going to decide whether the digital world that's been created around us as we move into deeper into this century versus the material world that we functioned in with a set of values.
All right.
Should those values apply in the digital world of the 21st century?
I think most of you would agree they should.
And this is what's not being addressed by an archaic Congress, actually.
Because they don't have the technical knowledge.
They go into closed conferences where they can't take notes, they can't talk about what they heard, they can't do any of that.
And then they listen to these eggheads giving them the data, the BS on steroids, because there's no one there with enough technical knowledge to question what they're being told.
This is a scary time, ladies and gentlemen.
They can't even ask the right questions.
To the people that are in these closed conferences because they don't have the base of knowledge.
There's not enough technical people within the conference.
There's a bunch of lawyers.
There's a bunch of salesmen.
There's a bunch of people that shouldn't be there representing us for sure, but they're there and they got elected.
Most of them did anyway, legitimately, I think.
But the point is, they're at the national level.
They are all jerking our chain.
They are all feeding us fertilizer on steroids and you need to hold them accountable by making sure you're reaching in and demanding the right of free speech again.
And this, you have to do this.
This is fundamental to what's going on right now and everyone can take an action in support of this.
Whether you believe it or not, at least make the attempt.
You know, make the effort to do something.
And still within the Congress, a handwritten note matters.
Believe it or not, it still does.
Write them.
Tell them you want your privacy restored.
You want equal footing on the Internet for contrarian voices, whether they're politically correct or not.
People have a right to change the channel, not preempt someone's speech.
You can change your channel.
You don't have to listen.
But you don't have the right to shut anyone down.
Now, I got a very diverse family.
I mean, super liberal Democrats, moderate Democrats.
Independents, libertarians, conservatives, super conservatives, you know, we have the whole spectrum in my family.
And a bunch of undeclared, I mean everything.
And we get together and we have these debates that other people call holidays.
And yet we walk away, we still love each other, as the nation should, as we disagree with each other around the country.
But the thing that's happening now is it's about controlling your thoughts and controlling your speech and controlling your mind.
And the techniques I've lectured on for over 30 years that are being applied right now to the very technologies that most people are dialed into without constraint.
And even more so now, the level of monitoring, the penetration of personal privacy, the kicking in of your digital doorway.
Every single moment, everything that you're doing digitally is tracked and monitored.
All of your emails, all of your everything.
Say, oh, not my emails.
Yes, your emails.
Take a look at that 2018 budget.
They hooked a little thing on the budget
Take a look at all international emails.
Well, that's a lot when they go through servers scattered around the world.
Among other things, you know, just one more layer, one more layer, one more layer of transparency for every private citizen as they kick in our digital doorways, as they limit our public speech, as they limit where we can travel, whether we can move about the country.
This is the hour, ladies and gentlemen, that we've all been talking about for decades.
And this is the hour.
This is the time that we have to wake up to what we are and begin taking specific action.
And I'm not talking about anything violent.
Don't give them an excuse to kick in your physical doorway, for God's sake.
But start
Talking, writing, use the mail system.
For goodness sake, take actions that you can take.
And that's what we've been talking about in the time I have at the end of each week for the last several months.
You know, do something.
Take your power back.
Don't let these guys tell you what to think and tell you what to say.
Because here's the first dictate in controlling you, is to get you to first stop speaking your truth.
And then to get you to start repeating theirs, even if you don't believe it.
And when you do this, you shut down aspects of your conscience, the part that connects you to the universal.
When you begin to lie by withholding your truth and then begin to lie deeper by repeating theirs.
This is the first step, the absolute necessary ingredient for taking control of your mind and your behavior.
Is for you to cede, for you to give up.
To give up your truth.
In favor of what?
No, we need to turn the cameras around.
We need to turn the microphones around.
They need to look at every aspect of government at the local, the state, the national level.
The cameras should be in those rooms.
They should be in your kid's classroom with code so you can dial up and see whether the teacher's doing the job that you think they ought to be doing.
Or whether your kid is goofing off, maybe needs your attention.
How come it's always the other way around?
Why don't we get to look at what our public employees are doing on the coffee break or not?
Because there's a lot of dedicated people out there doing a lot of good work all over this country.
And then there's some that don't.
And we're paying the bill.
And these people, you know, we need whistleblower laws.
We need ways to screw this down.
We have all kinds of regulation, but not in the right order.
And not to protect you and me as individual citizens, to guarantee those constitutional rights that we value still as American citizens.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're here on a Friday afternoon.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, it's always good to be here on a Friday afternoon.
And I always forget to mention my website, earthpulse.com, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-E, earthpulse.com.
And you're welcome to go there, check out our stuff.
It all links you back to the InfoWars store, which is exclusively distributing most of my books and videos.
And so I really appreciate that.
The other thing I want to say is on the supplement side.
There's nothing better, you know, than what is offered through the InfoWars store.
The line, the entire line, high quality, top of the line products, things you can use, and again, the twofer.
You get to help the network.
Uh, and, uh, take care of your health.
And there's nothing that will piss off the left more, uh, than living to be a hundred, right?
I mean, so, uh, be healthy, uh, piss off the left, live to be a hundred years old, uh, and do things that are beneficial to your, uh, overall health.
You know, getting back into this, um, topic, you know, today thinking about just
Just what's happened in terms of privacy, speech, basic liberties, and over the decades now, talking about this issue of controlling the human mind.
And that's one of my books, one of my videos out there.
And I talk a lot about this, you know, in the course of describing consciousness and aspects of it, you kind of weave in and out of the physics and the science.
But I want to talk about a
A couple of things of that that are really fundamental to this and first in the last segment, some of the basic kind of stuff about getting you to agree to certain things, but then there's ways to entrain to sort of get the mind to sort of follow a narrative.
And the way this is done is through electromagnetic fields being manipulated in specific ways.
And so you can create a pulsation, a pulse rate, you can flicker lights, you can create an electromagnetic field that creates a certain pulsed signal.
And the key is, it has to be kind of like a, like a little bit of a hammering, you know?
And so what it does in various modalities, you can create where the brain locks onto these external signals.
And then you begin to follow it or begin to mirror that.
So you can change an emotional state relatively easy.
You can jack a person up, get them fearful and riotous even.
Or you can calm them down and get them to be very passive.
And you won't affect everyone, but you'll affect a big enough percentage to matter, okay?
Now, where does it go from here?
It goes a lot deeper, in fact.
One of the concepts I talked about over a decade ago now, longer than that even, it was a PBS special and it was called The World Wide Mind.
And it was a concept that would be operating like the internet, except it would link us, biologically link all of our brains together.
And the thought is that this would be done without any implanted technology.
In fact, research was started over eight years ago now at the University of California, where they were looking at brain activity to see what a person was specifically thinking.
So moving from just emotional state, which has been a long time easily to do.
So you could walk through airports, for instance, and tell who's nervous, who's fearful.
No, whether you're the hijacker or whether you're just a guy who doesn't like flying, you know, but this is already being deployed in various places to detect what your emotional state is.
You know, one of the other things I mentioned you hear talked about, you know, in terms of personal privacy, so how about public urinals or toilets, which do a DNA analysis or a chemical analysis to tell what's in you, what medications you're on, blah, blah.
Well, they don't have cameras in the bathroom.
No, but they do when you come in, you go out.
I mean,
What do they have?
You know, do we really know?
The point of the matter is, we are living in the most directed and controlled society that anyone has ever contemplated in the history of man.
The technologies that are being deployed to override thinking and mind and emotion are extreme.
And I've talked a lot about this in the past number of shows on Fridays.
And this method is to keep us in the materialistic view of the world
Um, to keep our mind and emotions sort of locked into this fear mentality that activates the reptilian brain, that flight or fight response when the lion's jumping out at you, but it activates adrenals.
It does a lot of other things that really stress the system.
This is part of it.
Is that you maintain the population in a constant state of anxiety, low-level anxiety, and you'll never reach your higher states of awareness.
Now, I want to say that again.
If you can just keep the population in a constant state of low-level anxiety, you'll never reach your higher states of awareness.
Your brain will not reach those places easily for most people.
Where you make your best decisions, your best intellectual and emotional decisions that sort of pull down from the spiritual into the mind, into the brain and then work downward the way it's supposed to operate.
From a spiritual center into the mind and brain and then downward.
What's happening is artificial technologies to come from the bottom up and stop here and cut you off from your consciousness and feed into you an artificial layer.
A technical layer.
That's based on electromagnetic fields and what you can move through the airwaves.
Okay, this is a really basic concept that's being screwed with on the level that in 30 years we've been talking about it, documented in the four books that are available still, there's over 1,650 source documents cited.
And this is the old material, okay, ladies and gentlemen?
What's been happening over the last decade is phenomenal in terms of what's going on right now.
And look at what they've done to jack up the fear model to the point of absolute insanity.
And that's the point, is that's what it does.
It breaks your connection to consciousness, to that peace that brings it in a different way.
This is part of the mission, is to keep us locked into the flesh.
This is part of the programming that happens every day on the mainstream media.
When you plug into the mainstream media, you are plugging in to the biggest propaganda feed that has a layer of technology on it now and an understanding of what that technology does that is unprecedented.
It's, you know, this is not a theory.
This is the science of all of this.
And we've allowed our political system
This republic, this democratic republic, this country is being hijacked by a technocracy that is run by corporate giants that are globalist at every level.
It's you're just a consumer.
You're just a piece of meat in a system.
And that is not what we are.
We are way more than that.
And they know this at a fundamental level.
And it scares the hell out of them.
Let me say it again.
The globalists know that we have this potential as we travel back to the garden and remember again what we are is created in the image and likeness of God and claim our birthright, which is not some synthetic internet connection.
It is so fundamental to what we are as human beings that for centuries they've been suppressing it, trying to tell us that we're nothing.
All right?
And this is the wrong message.
We are way more than that.
And I've talked about doubt in the framework of faith in the past, because we need to start to hang a different framework.
Faith is what we know we can do and we act in a certain way.
Doubt is what we think we can't do and we act in a certain way.
A mustard seed of doubt is equal to a mustard seed of faith.
Mustard seed of faith will move mountains and a mustard seed of doubt will keep that mountain from moving.
They're equally powerful.
What do you have in your life?
A seed of doubt or a seed of faith?
Start doing the possible every day.
Take an action, even an action, a friendly action in favor of what we are as human beings.
As we roll into the weekend, as we think about our family and our friends and the generations to come that we do not know.
Take a few minutes.
Make it a family project.
Write some handwritten notes to your congressional delegation, your U.S.
Senators in your Congress, or Congresswoman.
Do it.
Just do it.
Pick up the phone if you're not going to do that and call them on Monday morning.
Just do it!
Do something in favor of reclaiming our republic.
Support this network, one of the free speech places left on the planet, the InfoWars.
And you're part of that war.
You are the InfoWarriors.
And it's made this all possible for all these years, for now decades.
And what we have to look forward to is the reclaiming of this democratic republic.
The reclaiming of our birthrights.
The reclaiming of those rights that our founding fathers understood.
That we've lost sight of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.
Let's make sure we re-engage those birthrights.
And make sure that our government projects those basic values back into this system.
Let us see our government come back to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.
You are the InfoWarriors.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, signing off on a Friday afternoon.
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