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Name: 20210210_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 10, 2021
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including lockdowns, COVID-19 vaccines, the United Nations, China's role in globalism, cooperation between American corporations and Chinese regime, control of major American corporations by Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street, and encourages listeners to support Infowars by purchasing products from InfoWarsStore.com.

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And you watch that first lawyer that got up and groveled like a dog with his tail between his legs that rolled over and pissed all over itself and just, oh you're so powerful Schumer, I love you sir.
Oh you're so much better than us.
Great job with your presentation on Trump.
He was just shaking because there's not men in this country.
I told you Trump was surrounded by a bunch of damn cowards!
Not by invincible 5D chess!
And that's what runs this country is, I mean, every morning, the last few mornings, it shows the Democrats strutting in their mask and their suits like some cheesy lawyer ad.
You see all these lawyer ads where they strut in and they're all confident and they're gonna take care of you.
These are the scum of the earth.
So, of course, his lead lawyer sabotaged him.
Who do you think these people are?
These are the worst people on earth that went and sold their soul to the system.
And the system came and like you get a piece of fruit or a vegetable and you squeeze it, smell it, look at it.
You want a nice juicy one that's ripe.
No, they see worms coming out of it.
It's ugly and pathetic and scared.
And the Satan goes, I like this one.
This will do anything, I tell it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
That is the secret of Soylent Green.
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
That is our secret name, Soylent Green.
Silent free these people!
[crowd cheering]
They keep saying they'll be breeding us like cattle for food.
You gotta tell 'em.
[crowd cheering]
In the midst of the worst health crisis we're facing in more than a century,
don't tell your supporters, don't be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Don't tell your supporters, don't be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
I just want to say they gave me Regeneron.
We have hundreds of thousands of doses that are just about ready.
And if you're in the hospital and you're feeling really bad, we're going to work it so that you
get them and you're going to get them free. And especially if you're a senior, we're going to get.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID. Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
Everyone should be afraid of COVID.
This is CNN.
Is there no one who can tell them don't do this?
Well, there you go.
All right, we're live.
And boy, have they created a fantastic background for the show today.
I think this may be the best one yet.
Those great artists in there.
I'm going to give you the full Lowdown when we come back.
I'm just going to let you have it, because I think you deserve to know the truth and get ready.
They are coming for all of us.
Ha ha ha!
But all the sitting on the fence is over, over, over, over.
We are not supposed to be on air right now.
We were supposed to be shut down long before they launched this operation.
If you saw my film, Endgame, also a green mist on the cover.
You will notice that I specifically say they're going to release bioweapons simulants to practice a lockdown and then that they would launch stronger attacks each successive wave while posing as the saviors while it will be the United Nations that launches the attack.
You guys just type into a search engine, in-game blueprints for global enslavement and click images or maybe go out on the bookshelf and bring a DVD and I want to show you the cover.
It's the UN building In New York City, paid for by the Rockefellers, and the land it sits on, paid for by the Rockefellers.
Strangely enough.
Well, I won't get into that story.
Well, I might as well.
It doesn't really matter.
My ancestor, my mom's side, owned that land, sold it to then come start the Texas Revolution.
That was the heir's family, but that is a side issue.
Owned slaughterhouses on it.
Yeah, that's right.
Back in the 1820s, that's not a family where Yankees in New York, folks.
See, you can't really count me as a Texan.
My family's only been around both sides since the 1820s, because once you're from New York, I guess you're always from New York.
But I am digressing, sorry.
Let's get deadly serious here.
You notice, on Endgame, it's the United Nations building.
And it's a skull, missing the lower mandible, looking down on you.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
And then you turn it around and it says they want you dead.
For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning.
Once in place, they can engage their plan to exterminate at least 80% of the world's population while enabling the elites to live forever with the aid of advanced technology.
For the first time, crusading filmmaker Alex Jones reveals their secret plan for humanity's extermination operation in-game.
Now, how did I know they would do all this?
Because they told us how they would do it, and they always do things in the same formula.
And so let me just give you the bad news.
They are never going to end the lockdowns.
They are never going to stop the mask.
And it's only going to get more intense and only going to get worse from here.
Unless we say no.
That's why they've announced emergency centers where people will be taken secretly by contact tracers that are of the political, cultural Marxist training.
Whether you're in Germany, Australia, the United States, Canada, England, it doesn't matter.
England is always five years ahead of us on average.
They're now announcing 10 years in prison if you leave your house, if you've flown back into the country, unless you're an illegal alien, then you're above the law.
Same thing here.
Within a year, things are accelerated now.
It's normally five years ahead.
Within a year, you'll be hearing 10 years in prison here.
And they say the police will come to your house to check on you daily.
And of course, there'll be special fines you have to pay to pay for them to come to your house.
This is just normalizing spying on each other, normalizing medical police coming with a little computer,
the size of a credit card, mobile scanner, mobile checkout kiosk, fits in the palm of your hand,
and they stick it up your nose and stick it in, and whatever they want,
they can pre-program that machine to do.
If they set it at 40 times, which is the average in the UK, about 100% come up false positive.
And they admit it's all a giant fraud.
So they just, like a corrupt cop, in Dukes of Hazzard, that's fiction,
but you know the cop's been caught doing it, rigging the radar guns,
setting them five, 10 miles faster than they are.
Well, this is just a totally rigged system.
And of course, Australia, many other nations, South Africa, Merck, have all pulled the vaccines, saying they don't help and they hurt people.
But Facebook put out new rules two days ago saying any criticism of vaccines, period, and you'll be banned.
Just period.
And they said again, in the statement I read yesterday, they said only the WHO may speak.
Not doctors, not members of Congress, not senators having hearings.
And they also said you don't talk about election fraud, it doesn't exist.
See how those dominoes, you ever seen the YouTube videos where they show a little bitty domino, and then the next domino is a little bigger, and the next domino is a little bit bigger, and the next domino is a little bit bigger, and suddenly a little bitty inch tall domino is knocking a five foot domino over.
That's successive approximation.
It couldn't knock over a medium-sized domino.
A one-inch domino couldn't knock over a six-inch domino.
Couldn't knock over a foot-tall domino, much less a five-foot-tall domino.
But when it knocks over a two-inch domino, that knocks over a four-inch domino, that knocks over an eight-inch domino, that knocks over a... You see how it works?
So the first domino was the KKK and the White Supremacists, most of them run by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL.
And the FBI, that's come out in mainstream news.
And then the next, like, oh, I'm all for the Nazis, so let's take their speech away, let's take their bank accounts away.
And then next it's, oh, it's Alex Jones.
Let's take everything he's got.
And then two years later, it's the President of the United States.
And so, "Oh, just wear these masks for 15 days."
Oh, just stay in your house for 15 days.
Sounds reasonable.
It's the little domino.
Then it's all six months.
Then it's all two years.
Well, just take this COVID test.
Well, just have a contact tracer in your house.
Well, it's 10 years in jail if you're seen outside your house, period.
I got the video.
They announced it yesterday.
In Parliament!
In Parliament, 10 years in prison if you're seen outside your house when they tell you to quarantine.
Even with a false positive.
So it's an arbitrary technocracy.
What is a technocracy?
A technocracy is ruled by an oligarchy of scientists that use technology and computer systems to manipulate and control every facet of life.
And the computers and robots make the decision for what you're going to go, What you'll be able to do, what job you're gonna have, all of it.
And they go, oh, it's fair, a computer did it.
Oh, the COVID test is fair, it's a little computer.
You know, it's science.
Hey, I don't want to take your vaccine.
It was not tested.
They skipped the trials.
People are dying.
Shut up.
Doesn't exist.
You're not allowed.
Are you the United Nations?
Actually, I'm a medical doctor.
I have a big practice.
We've had some of our patients get really ill.
Actually, you know, my mom runs a nursing home, and she said, well, you vaccinated 100 people.
Five of them died in a week.
Well, just shut up.
Don't talk about it on your Facebook.
We'll ban you.
So see, first it's the KKK, then it's Alex Jones, and now President Trump can't have any platforms.
Not a YouTube, not a Twitter.
You try to build your own, they try to come shut it down, they come up with your bank accounts.
We're going into the night.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's not the end of the night, it's the beginning of the long night.
So, I liken this to getting caught in a riptide.
And I, one time, foolishly, when I was a teenager, they had red flags out, I'm like, I'm a great swimmer.
I mean, hell, before I quit doing it when I was 13, I was a champion swimmer, went all the blue ribbons in Dallas, and I thought, I can get out there.
I'm 18 years old.
I got grabbed in one of those things, and I knew what to do, and it stuck me under.
I said, just hold your breath and relax.
Don't fight it, and it spit me out in 50 yards, and I was okay, but it scared the living hell out of me.
Well, let me just tell you, we're already being pulled under, so there's not time to even get air.
Not to, you're just hold it and relax, baby, because you panic, you're gonna die.
So, this is not negative.
This is biblical, it's all gonna happen, and it's gonna get so bad within a few years, you're just gonna be totally blown away.
They're gonna tighten, tighten, tighten, release a little, and then clamp down even harder, and then release a little, and clamp down even harder.
Mass suicides, death, there'll be COVID deaths from the vaccines everywhere, it's already happening, and they'll just normalize it, and then all these college students that don't have jobs are gonna have government paychecks, their own uniforms, they're already coming to your house, armed.
The communists are coming, armed for you and your family, and they're going to kill you.
So get ready.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Alex Jones Show.
Now, I was sitting there this morning.
At about 8 a.m., thinking about what I was going to come on the show today.
And I've got all these incredible clips and all this news and your calls and we've got election fraud just pouring out incredible evidence from Michigan and Pennsylvania and Georgia and Arizona and Nevada.
And Jim Hoff's going to join us and Joe Hoff's going to join us about what got them banned off of Twitter or blocked on Twitter.
Just the dramatic footage of the vans and the operatives illegally bringing in the votes at 2 a.m.
Everything's closed.
The monitors have been kicked out.
Our Republic being heisted right in front of us.
But I'll just go back to this.
I was sitting there in April of last year at my parents' house for breakfast, I think, on a Saturday morning.
I went and visited them with my wife and kids.
And my mom is sitting there talking about things.
And I said, Mom, you understand they're going to do cascading lockdowns forever.
It's never going to stop.
And this is the takeover.
And the tests are fraudulent.
They're going to have contact tracers that come to your house.
And she's like, well, by the time it gets that bad, I'll be dead.
And my mom cares.
She's a historian and a smart lady.
But to her, she's even punning into the future.
And I said, no, Mom, you're not going to have to.
You know, get out of this by dying in 10, 15 years, whatever.
You know, she's 71 years old, and she's in good health.
I said, nobody's going to escape out of this.
And she said, I know that.
It's just a saying.
But we're talking about the death of our species here.
We're not talking about being conquered by something.
So my film, Endgame, I think we still sell DVDs of this at m4store.com.
I'm not even sure.
It's still on YouTube.
They took it off a bunch of other places.
Amazon actually called it Nazi.
They said it doesn't matter when the endgame cartoon or movie came out.
I guess it's not a cartoon, but it's all green screen.
It might as well be a cartoon.
It's all CG.
When the Marvel comic show came out, Men's Soap Opera, Came out.
People didn't like it because my film was already one of the top documentaries for over a decade.
It was already listed in the top ten and then it just shot this film to number one.
And hundreds of thousands of people were downloading it.
And I didn't even make a big deal about it.
I knew if I went, oh, hey, a couple hundred thousand people just downloaded this film off Amazon, if I made an issue out of it, they would go ban it right away.
But of course, Vox and the New York Times, they all did articles about it, like, oh, let's go get this movie banned.
And they did.
And that didn't hurt my feelings that, you know, we lost the hundreds of thousands of dollars we would have made off getting paid a dollar or so per download.
It was just the issue that here is a film with all their quotes, all their statements of a plan to slowly poison, dumb down and kill every one of those New York Times writers, every one of those Vox reporters, every one of those Politico reporters.
I mean, it was hundreds of articles saying ban, ban Alex Jones on Amazon videos.
Don't let his films be there.
And they banned him.
This is a film distributed around the United States.
It won a major film festival awards.
It was made in 2007.
And I'm not even talking about the film itself.
But, I will assure you, in 10 years, you will watch this film, and instead of 70% of it coming true, it'll be 100% coming true.
It will be illegal, if the enemy wins, to even have this.
This, if we ever make it out of this, will end up being Famous across human expansion.
Because this, this is the testament.
This is their plan.
They want you dead.
You understand that?
So, to kill you, they have to get control of the medical system and train the medical system to do whatever they're told.
And then by increment, to get used to, well, send people with COVID into nursing homes to get the death number up and to see if people will follow orders.
And yeah, I know you can't have a hydroxychloroquine, you can't have the steroid, you can't have this drug, you can't have that drug, because it's so easy to meet a common cold.
We've got it where the United Nations says what you can have, and the United Nations says what you can say, and the United Nations controls through this big tech psychological straitjacket what you're allowed to hear and see and read.
And think!
And so this is a total takeover.
And it's accelerating from this point out.
Everything else was preparation.
It's like raising the horses, and breeding the horses, and training the horses, and finding the jockeys, and having the riders, and then, you know, getting into the business of the horse races, and going up through the ranks, and after your company's been around 50 years, suddenly you're at the Kentucky Derby.
It's the same thing.
Now the gates have opened.
The horses are loose.
The four horsemen... I don't need to go read Revelation.
I can go read what...
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say, they tell you, we're going to set up world government and forcibly reduce the population.
Ted Turner says we're going to forcibly hold it at 500 million people.
That's a 90-plus percent reduction, boys and girls.
Yeah, this is in-game 2.0.
I don't know where you guys found that.
I tried to find that.
Who just found this?
Because this is in-game 2.0.
Which was just a thing I released on the internet that exposes it all.
Now, that's not in-game, folks.
That's in-game 2.0 before Kaufman died.
He's a professor exposing a lot of this.
So, I'm going to say this and I'm going to come back and cover all the news that ties into this.
I'm sitting there this morning and I'm thinking about the job I've got to do.
And I'm thinking about how tough it is to come up here and tell you all this, but you deserve the truth, and you don't deserve lies.
And I told you, Trump's totally surrounded, he's gonna be removed.
I told Joe Rogan, three days before the election, I said he'll win in a landslide, which he did, and then they will steal it from him.
And then we'll have the 79 days of hell, and they will remove him, and they will install the dictator.
And that's what they've done.
And then they'll start the persecution of the military and the purging of the military.
All that's happening.
Because there's a handbook they follow in authoritarianism.
They've just got high-tech means of deploying it and carrying it out.
So you integrate those two systems, you have a total picture of what they're going to do next.
So we're just here watching them and now they tell us hell.
That report!
The endgame is now.
The endgame is now.
It's got 400,000 views on Banned.Video.
Needs 10 million.
If it had 10 million views, we'd turn this around probably.
Endgame now.
three hundred seventy six thousand years it's it's seven and a half minutes
of them on the news saying we're gonna arrest you were gonna drone strike you
were gonna kill you we're gonna re-educate you in camps were to take
your children we're gonna come in your home and take you we're gonna get
you you.
And then Jones is up here saying, hey, they're going to bring in martial law using medical tyranny, world government, the UN will be in charge of the response, and now it's all here.
And so I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's the way it is.
So a lot of people are going to get scared and just go back into denial.
But that's okay.
Because you're going to learn very, very quickly that it's not going to get better when you're in denial.
It's going to get worse.
You've got to admit how much trouble you're in to turn the tide.
We're going to do it because we have God's help.
And God is in control.
We'll be right back.
We interrupt this program with a special bulletin.
America is now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
All cops and all police officers are now under martial law.
under martial law. All time.
All constitutional rights have been suspended.
Stay in your home.
Do not attempt to contact loved ones, insurance agents, or attorneys.
Shut up!
Do not attempt to think or depression may occur.
Stay in your home.
Curfew is at 7 p.m.
sharp after work.
Anyone caught outside the gates of their subdivision sectors after curfew will be shot.
Remain calm.
Do not panic.
Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine samples in the morning.
Anyone caught interfering with the collection of urine samples will be shot.
Houses will be inspected for trace elements that do.
Anyone who fails to display the required embossed black velvet Mexican painting of Alexander Haig on their living room wall Shot!
Cameras and surveillance equipment will be posted on all lampposts and streetlights.
Anyone failing to attend required worship services on Sunday will be promptly arrested and dispatched to a re-education resource.
Stay in your home.
Remain calm.
The number one enemy of progress is questions.
National security is more important than individual will.
All sports broadcasts will proceed as normal.
No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission.
Use only the drugs prescribed by your boss or supervisor.
Shut up!
Be happy.
Obey all orders without question.
The comfort you've demanded is now mandatory.
Be happy.
At last, everything is done for you.
You will have nothing.
You will own nothing.
You will be happy.
You will have it all delivered to you by drone, Klaus Schwab, last year.
That was Jelebi Afra from the Ice-T album, Shut Up and Be Happy, that first came out in 1989.
That's why you heard the Alexander Haig statement.
And boy, did Jelebi Afra, who I got a chance to meet in Austin like 25 years ago, didn't he nail it with that.
Anyone interfering with the medical tyranny coming to take samples from your body will be shot.
He was extrapolating the tyranny of that time, in his view, with the phony drug war, to what it would be like in the future.
But, you see, it was medical tyranny under the Soviets, it was medical tyranny under the Nazis.
That's how it always begins.
And once you've got them on your side, well, it's very easy to take over the population.
Now, I said some really negative, scary things the last few segments, didn't I?
And I've already played, in the last few days, the video, the special report, the endgame is now.
We're at seven and a half minutes of all the different globalist leaders saying, we're gonna kill you.
We're coming to kill you.
We're coming to take your guns.
We're coming to put you in a FEMA can.
If you're outside your house during a lockdown, we're gonna kill you with a drone.
That's the same woman that interviewed Brennan when he said, we need to use the military against the American people.
We need to use the CIA against the American people.
And then the very same female reporter goes out the next week on TV and says, we need to start using drones to kill Trump supporters.
See, I should tell you, they're coming for you and your family.
You think I was just saying that?
Oh, Jones' film, Endgame, is a bunch of fear porn, the New York Times said.
They said Jones is at Bilderberg, or at a hotel, imagining that there's Secret Service and troops.
And he's completely psychotic.
And completely schizophrenic, and there's no one there, they said in the New York Times Review.
That's right.
Secret Service.
Police pulling us over, questioning us.
They're all there.
Videotape of David Rockefeller.
On super zoom cameras.
Up close.
Queen Beatrix.
All of them.
And It doesn't exist.
The New York Times said so.
Kind of like the New York Times said Joe Biden doesn't plan to shut down the Keystone Pipeline a year ago, even though he said he did.
Or kind of like, oh, there's no problem with the vaccine, anyone saying it's not effective, anyone saying it is dangerous, even though the damn insert says that, will be banned off Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of it.
Only the UN can give us orders.
See, we're in the UN, we're under world government, the UN is the boss, and it's the most bloodthirsty evil group you could ever imagine.
And it takes orders from Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and they say that, and here's Klaus Schwab and here's Bill Gates.
I remember five years ago, the Davos Group said, we need to just get where presidents and prime ministers are appointed and are like bankers and technocrats.
The quote was, we need world leaders to be appointed by the corporations for a technocracy.
And now that's basically what it is.
Oh, here's Bill Gates!
People are like, who died and made this guy God?
Who made Klaus Schwab God?
Well, he used to run the UN Sustainability Project!
That's who made him God!
You're under a United Nations... Let me give you a parallel.
Will you guys type in Pablo Escobar's hippos, please?
You know, Pablo Escobar down in South America got, what was it, four hippos something like 40 years ago.
Back in the 80s.
Back when I was a little kid.
And now reportedly there's just thousands of these hippos running around.
And by the way, if you didn't know, the hippo is the most deadly animal in the world.
It'll kill an elephant, it'll kill a lion, it'll kill a grizzly bear.
There's nothing more powerful on land than a hippopotamus.
Everything runs in fear.
The 20-foot crocodiles run in fear.
You can watch videos of a hippo just grabbing a 20-foot crocodile and just throwing it around like it's a toothpick.
Okay, so now all over where Pablo lived, there's this giant hippopotamuses everywhere.
And so now they want to cull him.
Now they want to cull the hippopotamuses.
And I'm like, yeah, they don't come from there.
Yeah, they're killing everything.
Okay, kill them.
But see, I'm a human being.
I don't need to be culled.
But see, the globalists, they say, Jones, you notice you're telling people this, and they don't care.
That's because they're not conscious, they're just eating food, and their genetics are bad, and they're breeding, and we need to get rid of them.
And we're not racist.
We're going to kill the dumb black people, the dumb white people, the dumb Hispanics, the dumb Asians.
And that itself is playing God and is evil.
And I don't support that.
But there's an argument there.
But then you say the globalists, they're into Satanism, they're into playing God, their real documents are they want to overwrite everything and not save the Earth, and believe they're going to just be able to make all the planets they want once they become AI, artificially intelligent, singularity, God-like, and they're just in a mad race sacrificing the Earth as a testing ground to this ascension.
And so that decision has been made and then they actually run programs that are not finding the best and the smartest to promote them from all the groups.
They are suppressing the best and making sure that that doesn't happen because they don't want a human biological system, a carbon-based system, to threaten whatever it is that they think they're building, that they say is a post-human silicon creature.
So see, when I say this is an alien takeover, Whether it's a program in our brain or we're so creative that the dark side has this plan, obviously it's being implanted there.
They are building a system that is post-human.
And they're saying that's their goal.
So, that's the only news there is.
Post-human, post-human, post-human, post-human, post-human.
That's all there is!
And this isn't like you get to opt into this, folks.
If you do everything Satan says, then maybe you become the Silicon Creature.
I mean, what type of insanity is that?
Take control of your destinies now!
I love humanity.
For all history, we've been fighting with each other.
We're sure good at killing each other.
But I love humanity.
Every shade, every color, every size.
I'm on Team H. Team Carbon.
And I've analyzed this thing from top to bottom, and I'm going to explain something.
If you get a jigsaw puzzle that's got 500 pieces, and you put it together, you know what it is.
Now, 10 years ago, there were 30 pieces that hadn't been put in place, but you could see what it was.
Hell, 20 years ago, most of the pieces were in place.
You could see what it was.
There's only two or three pieces left to put in place.
There's no debate now.
And that's why this is such a heavy moment.
Because there's not just evil in the universe, there's good as well.
So I've just spent 48 minutes giving you horrible news.
Hey, you got cancer.
It's really malignant.
It's very bad.
But the good news is, it's not metastasized, and we've got a 98% chance of removing it, and you're going to be just fine.
But see, if you don't recognize you have the damn cancer, we cannot turn this around, ladies and gentlemen.
So people ask how I'm doing.
I am totally committed.
I have no fear.
I've gone way past everything.
I'm not worried.
Even about my family.
I love my family, but I've just had to turn it over to God.
Because the enemy's done horrible things to my family.
Horrible things to me behind the scenes that you don't even know about.
And I've just said, hey, it's okay.
It's God's plan.
I'm not mad at God.
I appreciate it.
I understand.
Because my children don't have a future anyways if we don't beat this.
You don't either.
None of us.
It's okay.
And you watch that first lawyer that got up and groveled like a dog with his tail between his legs that rolled over and pissed all over itself and just, oh you're so powerful Schumer, I love you sir.
Oh you're so much better than us.
Great job with your presentation on Trump.
He was just shaking because there's not men in this country.
I told you Trump was surrounded by a bunch of damn cowards!
Not by invincible 5D chess!
And that's what runs this country is, I mean, every morning, the last two mornings, it shows the Democrats struttin' in their mask and their suits like some cheesy lawyer ad.
You see all these lawyer ads where they struttin' and they're all confident and they're gonna take care of you.
These are the scum of the earth.
They are literally trash.
So, of course, His lead lawyer sabotaged him.
Who do you think these people are?
These are the worst people on earth that went and sold their soul to the system.
And the system came and like you get a piece of fruit or a vegetable and you squeeze it, smell it, look at it.
You want a nice juicy one that's ripe?
No, they see worms coming out of it.
It's ugly and pathetic and scared.
And the Satan goes, I like this one.
This will do anything I tell it.
They're not the power.
They're a joke.
Trump's lawyers, they're lawyers, but the Democrats are 50 times worse.
And they will do anything to dominate you.
They have even no idea how things even work.
They are told by the corporations and governments that control them how to operate.
Most of the Democrats have Chinese spy handlers of Chinese intelligence.
So secret, the name of Chinese intelligence is not even known.
But I know its name.
And you all know its name.
Because everything hides in plain view.
America is the red, white, and blue.
China is the red dragon.
The old snake.
The old serpent.
So let's talk about some positive news here.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
Newtonian physics on the third dimension is real.
It's documented.
It's science.
And so as the abhorrence of the enemy gets so obvious, as their two-facedness gets obvious, as the fact that they don't live as we live gets more obvious, as we learn everything they do is poisonous and evil and has a Trojan horse in it, if not more, there will be a breaking away from this and a rediscovery of God.
But it's got to happen once we divorce ourselves from the gadgets and the Hollywood and the idols and the diversions that we have made our gods and our kings.
As Bob Dylan said in many interviews, he said, I sold my soul at the crossroads to Lucifer, the god of this world, the master and the commander.
And he goes, and you don't get where I got unless you bow down to Satan.
And he opens up all the doors.
I had the same Hollywood people try to get me to pledge myself to Lucifer.
They asked Mark Dyson to do it, too.
It's real, folks.
It's real as God.
The devil's just as real.
And you get all this power in the fancy $400,000 Mercedes, but you don't get your soul, and you don't get communion with God, and you get cut off.
And so to all the people serving the system, you gotta serve somebody, like Bob Dylan said.
And you think you're betting on the right team.
You think Lucifer is gonna create this advanced technology that makes you live forever, so you cheat the next dimension.
Does anything coming out of Satan ever deliver in the end?
No, it doesn't.
Why, if everything else this system does is a lie, and is rotten, and breaks before you take it out of the box, why would you keep feeding into the scam?
Why do you keep buying the lottery tickets when they're a scam?
It's the same mentality.
When being good and honest and just and upfront will absolutely deliver you, not just in this life, but into the next level.
And believe me, like everything else, as above so below, everything in life is levels.
This is levels.
I've seen it and the enemy knows that.
You see, I have epigenetics.
So do you.
And I've unlocked my epigenetics.
And let me tell you something.
In any of this world, and I mean it's like Helen Keller trying to figure out what something is, but I've seen it, I know it, I understand it, and I know way more than the enemy knows.
The enemy is scratching around in the dark trying to become God instead of being part of the God that created them.
So here's the good news.
We have people coming out and saying no to the system.
You have Governor DeSantis saying the mask is a fraud.
It's all a hoax.
Have a great time.
You shouldn't be arrested by these tyrants.
They want to take your rights.
You've got Senator Cotton coming out and saying, hey, The borders are wide open.
They let the illegals in with no testing.
It's all a fraud.
It's all a scam.
Yes, it's called leadership.
It's called not bowing down to the UN and the New World Order and finally deciding to turn away from Satan.
The only question is, how far is he going to take us down this rat hole before we understand it's bad and start pulling out?
They want you by increment to get caught by this and it'd be too late.
You've got the whole blueprint, folks.
The blueprint for global enslavement.
The blueprint for global extermination.
You have the enemy operation.
You have it in Revelation.
You have it in Daniel.
You have it in Ezekiel.
You have it all around you.
You have it in your soul.
All you've got to do is decide that you don't want to be part of it and make the metaphysical decision to cut yourself off from Satan.
Then God will extricate you out of that.
You need God to do it, but God says you've got to let me in, and I come knocking, I come knocking, let me in, let me in!
But you've got to open the door, because God isn't like Satan that rams down the door and lies to you from the time you're a child to steal your essence, to steal your will, to steal your ability to interface with God and your free will.
God doesn't touch that.
Satan's all about encasing you from birth in a matrix so he can fool your soul.
This is the only way he can win because he's not a god.
He's a fraud!
He's a liar!
He's a devil!
I'm gonna come back.
This is a little short segment.
Some stations don't carry it.
I'm gonna play Cotton.
I'm gonna play DeSantis.
But this is what we need.
Is men to be men and to not be scared, to not be little cowardly, piss-legged, yellow-bellied lawyers, but to do the right damn thing and to recognize the takeover.
Because when I say it's an alien takeover, what do you think all this GMO is?
What do you think computers designing new life forms with nanotech is?
It's alien.
It's not of this world.
They're telling you in Newsweek and Time and CNN and the Wall Street Journal and NBC News that the post-human world's here, and Klaus Schwab says, we're not going to change the environment, we're going to change you, your genetics.
He's telling you he's coming.
He's not even denying it.
Because metaphysically, he has to be honest about that.
This is the emergency transmission.
This is what you must get out.
This is what you must take action with now.
Your mortal soul, your actual energy is at stake.
Your energy will not die.
It will go on.
You must choose to resonate with God.
Let yourself go.
All right.
I let myself go.
I tell you, I'm not lying down to these globalists.
I don't give a rat's ass what they think of me either.
Cool it, baby!
You ain't got no place to go.
Good music, man.
I love Elvis, don't you?
You're like, that's not Elvis.
I know.
But it is Elvis.
He admits that.
He's just... You gotta have the voice to be able to do that, though.
Let yourself go.
It's evil Elvis.
Alright, let's get serious here on some positive news.
Because it is important.
You know, Tom Cotton.
Technically knew that Trump was walking into a trap, fighting the election fraud, but still Trump just did the right thing.
That's what 5D chess is.
It's not 5D chess, it's just actually doing the right thing.
And then in time, it outs over evil, but he's absolutely right that the border's wide open, they let people in with no testing, but when you come in, oh, you've got to be tested, because they're dog training you.
They want new slaves to come in.
They want new roaches to get into the Roach Motel because roaches don't get out.
So American citizens are seen as roaches by the globalists.
We're in the Roach Motel.
They just want more slaves to come in so they can exploit them and control them.
So here's Tom Cotton laying out the facts.
It's as much as wear your mask or take your test, you know, to go see a Dave Chappelle show with a rapid test at the door.
I mean, what kind of science fiction frickin' nightmare is that?
Here it is.
Yeah, Dana, it is crazy.
The Biden administration has put in place a moratorium on deportations, all deportations.
So murderers, rapists, drug dealers who shouldn't be in our country to begin with are not being deported.
They further are proposing that they will ignore serious crimes like assault or DUI when it comes to deportations.
And just recently we've learned that they are letting illegal aliens who show up at our border into the country without any coronavirus testing.
Unlike what you have to do if you want to fly into this country on an airplane, or reportedly what Joe Biden is thinking about requiring all Americans to do to fly domestically.
Just think about that.
Illegal aliens can come into our country without vaccination, without even a negative test, but we may not be able to fly in our own country without a negative test.
Joe Biden is keeping America closed, but he's keeping our borders open.
Well, that's the essence of tyranny.
Globalism opens your borders, but then puts you on house arrest.
But we shouldn't, as conservatives or nationalists or common sense people, Play the game of, oh, look, you're not following the COVID rule.
Oh, we need to enforce it.
It's all a fraud.
Here's DeSantis saying, of course you should celebrate and go out and have a good time as Americans.
And again, get back in their face.
Stop laying down.
I'm going to arrest you for not wearing a mask.
You're bad.
These are just leftist tyrants.
Want to be able to bully you and imprison you and come in your house and take your kids away.
That's all this is.
Here it is.
Here it is.
The media is worried about that, obviously.
You guys really love that.
You don't care as much if it's a, quote, peaceful protest, then it's fine.
You don't care as much if they're celebrating a Biden election.
You only care about if it's people that you don't like.
So I'm a Bucs fan.
I'm damn proud of what they did on Sunday night.
And so in terms of the UK variant, here's what we know.
We know, based on all the evidence, that these vaccines are going to be effective against that.
And that's really the main concern.
I mean, we're getting our seniors vaccinated.
And see, he goes with the angle of, get us over it, reopen things, don't let them have the lockdown.
You can't do that, because they're going to keep the lockdown going anyways.
And by the way, we've got somebody coming on who is not just an expert on election fraud, but he's been one of the leading people exposing The whole COVID hoax.
So Joe Hoff joins us.
They've now been getting restricted on Twitter for showing surveillance camera footage of the vans and cars in the middle of the night when stuff shut down in Detroit, bringing in those ballots.
So not supposed to show that or show people grabbing the suitcases from out in front of the tables.
He's coming up.
And then his twin brother, Jim Hofft, is coming on in 30 minutes to give his take on it as well.
We'll be right back.
Well, I really appreciate Joe Hoft joining us.
He is a big international corporate auditor, fraud researcher for Fortune 100 companies, and he got drafted in the last year in the wars by his brother, Jim Hoff that heads up the amazing Gateway Pundit with all of their print journalism, their video journalism, their investigative journalism.
And so we got both the twin brothers coming on today, one for two segments, the other for the next two segments of the hour.
So Joe joins us now, thegatewaypundit.com.
To hit the fact that they actually go do FOIA requests and they go do the research.
They do the hard work and get the surveillance footage of those vans coming in in the middle of the night.
When things are shut down, bringing in the boxes, the cars, they start doing research.
You're not supposed to do that because none of this exists.
The video that got Gateway Pundit banned from Twitter, TGP's Jim Hoff joins Jack Posobiec on OAN.
They did a great job yesterday breaking it down.
We'll show you some of that video for TV viewers.
Radio listeners can again find it at InfoWars.com or GatewayPundit.com or on OAN, of course, as well.
But you need to share that because we're not supposed to look at election fraud.
It doesn't exist.
We're supposed to go to sleep.
So, Joe, thank you for joining us.
Please break down the latest, not just on this, but all the news since you were on a month ago.
There's just so much fraud coming out.
The investigations are moving forward.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
It's great to be in here again.
Yeah, I was thinking about the last time you had Jim and I on your show.
Roughly the same time was back in March, I guess, where we were saying, hey, this COVID thing is not what they're saying.
There's no way it's going to have a 3% mortality rate.
Sure enough, we were right and it's been proven now again and again and again.
Even another study was reported this weekend where they basically say that the CDC has
been totally invalidating the numbers that they're reporting.
We'll be sharing more about that I think in a post later today, but we were right on there.
This thing was never going to come close.
Well, let's dive into that first, because you've been on both these topics, spearheading things, but you were one of the first, because you were in, I guess, Hong Kong and Taiwan, living over there at the time, to lay out the real numbers, to lay out that it was all a fraud, to lay out the PCR test was BS.
How did you know that back then?
Now you've been vindicated.
Now suddenly the numbers are dropping because they're now admitting the fraud.
That's right.
Well, the thing that they did when they originally came out with these numbers, and this was coming out of the WHO, as you remember, this Tedros guy who's linked to China and to a radical Muslim, who we don't even know what sort of doctor degree he has.
He's not a medical doctor.
and he's running this WHO anyways, he came out and said that this thing's going to be
three and a half percent compared to 0.06 percent for the flu each year mortality rating.
And what I discovered when I just started looking into the numbers was that here's what he's doing
in the flu scenario.
We always include people that we don't know had the flu, but we expect they did because they never went to the hospital or whatnot.
So, in the US, they add about 25 million people to the number each year of people that are confirmed with the flu and people that eventually die from the flu and they come up with a mortality of 0.6.
in or maybe 0.06. And then when we compared the same to the WHO numbers, they were not adding in
this gross up of 25 million or so individuals that got coronavirus that we don't know about.
And so by eliminating 25 million from their calculation, they grossly overstated the mortality rating. And we can
see that right away.
And we got attacked for that.
We were hammered.
There was a number of fact-checkers that went after us.
Media Matters went after us.
And they were saying, this is not true.
This thing's going to be horrible.
I think you might recall we had another guy on your show who had a different opinion, and that was fine.
But we were proven true because this thing is not even close.
uh... to the mortality of a three percent at all they've tried to make it look as bad as they can
through faulty reporting through including cases and factors into the
reporting that they've never done before and that's a report that
came out this week so
uh... just uh...
that that the deal is and what's hit me this morning alex is just the massive
amount of censorship that's going on now i mean it says the election is just been uh... grotesque
it's taken on a new level i don't know if you've noticed that i feel like
since the election and and a bit before boom huge new level
We're not going to talk about election fraud, election theft, stolen election.
Massive, massive.
Over counts for Biden.
We, you know, and if you try then it's going to get censored.
So yesterday I put up a great video and maybe you've already seen it.
I expect you probably have.
It's called Unmasked.
And 20 minutes long.
Great video covering some of the exact things that we brought out early on right after the beginning of, right after the election.
We were on top of this.
Within about a week we uncovered this and it was the fact that What happened overnight in these swing states was Trump was way ahead.
He was crushing Biden, every state, including Virginia.
And all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, something happened, and we get these dumps of massive amounts of ballots.
And then what happens after that, though, that nobody's fully refuted, is the fact that every state that we looked at, in almost every entry, There was a percent calculation.
So for every, for every chunk of ballots that came in, Biden would get a certain percent and Trump a certain percent.
And in all cases, it was more for Biden than Trump.
And so there was no way Trump was going to pass him because they'd already locked in the lead.
And then they, after that point, every single entry got these same percentages.
And that came out in that video yesterday again.
And sure enough this morning it's censored.
And they've had a lot of other top mathematicians, inventors of the QR code, others, they just go to the state board numbers, these different states, and it shows at different times the exact number popping up in different precincts, and you also see where they're cutting votes in half, which you're not supposed to be able to cut a vote, I guess that's called fraction magic?
Yeah, yep, that's right.
And that was the thing that was unique about this video yesterday.
And I did find another version.
We've inserted it in our policy gateway pundit.
But the fact that in California, there was one vote that was added at one time, and that vote went 60% to Biden and 30% to Trump.
And it's like, Did the person vote, I want two-thirds of my vote to go to Biden and a third to Trump?
Or is there something else going on?
And this is on computers.
This is on the official record.
But they just stonewall and say, no, it doesn't exist.
Yeah, and the evidence right there.
I think that one vote, I wrote about it yesterday, I think it's one vote matters.
It was my thinking.
It's like this proves That there was massive fraud going on behind the scenes.
And that's why Dominion and the Democrats and everybody involved in this thing is doing all they can to cover it up.
Because, quite frankly, if this were all brought up, if we had a Department of Justice and FBI, these people would be going to jail and maybe even worse.
Oh, absolutely.
Let me raise this just briefly, because I know you guys had to put up big disclaimers.
You posted Mike Lindell's My Pillow Guy thing.
I think he's a great guy.
He means well.
A lot of what he says is accurate.
But when some of it's not, that's gonna be used to shoot it all down.
So we're not against Mike Lindell.
It's just that there's so much real evidence out there.
If you help him and say, hey, this isn't as strong as the other, then that's how we're actually gonna win this fight.
Yeah, you're right.
And Jim and I had some long discussions about this before we put anything up because I feel like, you know, Alex, there's just so few of us that are fighting for the truth.
Maybe there's more than we know, but it seems like sometimes we're very limited and the last thing we want to do is harm somebody who's fighting for the truth, and Mike Lindell certainly Certainly there.
He's in the middle of the fire.
He's he came out with, in my opinion, a great video up through about an hour and 36 minutes.
And then he had this piece from Mary Fanning where we we hadn't written about before and we hadn't been able to confirm.
And so, um, we tried to, you know, state that in our reporting on the video, but I loved it.
And I love that, you know, Lindell did so much work.
And listen, it's the globalists that did all this stealing.
So that's going to make everybody get concerned, but it's okay for all of us to critique each other.
I make mistakes sometimes.
Like I said, he gets like an A plus at 95.
I make mistakes when I'm on the wrong path, people help me out.
And so that's what that's all about.
I mean, we also know what went on.
And we know what Karl Rove did, famously sticking in the National Guard thing some fake news in Bush's file to then discredit the whole thing.
And so that's why we need to all help each other.
None of us are perfect.
We'll be right back.
Let's talk more about election fraud and more about the COVID lockdown and what you think's coming up next with Joe Hoft.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
The 3 p.m.
I'm here live.
Owen Schroeder's got The War Room, comes on 3 p.m.
every day.
And remember, only way this show gets out is your word of mouth.
And on Rumble, and on Gab, and all over the place, spreading the articles, spreading the videos, everything we do is copyright free, free to air, edit it, reload it, share it.
I don't care.
Just get it out.
Because conservatives and patriots and Christians are so conservative.
I get letters all the time.
Am I allowed to re-upload your videos?
Or can I paint on the side of my barn in fullwars.com?
Well, I hope you do.
Whatever important site you think is doing the best job informing people.
Speaking of that, we've got Joe Hoft here at GatewayPundit.com.
Again, drafted in the last few years in this fight as a big corporate fraud investigator and auditor.
Working with his brother, Jim Hoft of GatewayPundit.com that's joining us next segment.
There's so much to talk about, but big picture, wasn't it?
Of just how surrounded Trump has been with this Bruce Castor lawyer groveling and pissing himself and worshipping Schumer saying, you guys did a great job with your presentation on Trump.
And it just shows what Trump has to pull from this vat of cowards.
And these are the guys that were willing to actually defend Trump.
But really they're not, they're dropping the ball on purpose.
It shows how isolated Trump was and really why they were able to steal the election from him,
in my view, and how they were able to block a lot of his reform agenda.
Yeah, absolutely Alex. It's just shocking in their whole plan of attack going on.
For me, and for you I'm sure, it's like, why wouldn't you bring up the election fraud?
This is the biggest crime in world history.
The implications of this could last centuries.
If we have voting machines where we can't vote, basically for the votes, the winners are already chosen, well then, That's not democracy.
That's something else.
And if we can't share... But CNN said there is no fraud.
But they said, when Trump wins, we're going to break up the country and we'll never concede.
So, I mean, again, there's so much paradoxical hypocrisy here.
Yeah, and so that's why it's challenging.
I know you know this, to try to deal with this.
What do you do?
And somebody even asked me that, and I think the answer is, well, we just have to keep sharing the truth.
We're not going to lie.
That's against my constitution.
I don't want to lie.
If something's wrong, then we'll fess up, but we've got to share the truth about this.
And the media, their censorship and the big tech, this is not America.
That's what I was saying to myself this morning.
This isn't America.
I put a video up yesterday and it's down today.
It's the truth!
What's going on with this country?
We'll talk about this because you're right.
This is the country I grew up with.
Congress's failure to act, and that is one of the things Trump couldn't get done, is now emboldened.
I agree with you.
Breakdown because you're involved in IT as well.
How are you saying it's intensified?
Because I totally agree.
It's like massive.
It's total.
It's like AI watching everyone.
Well, you know, I think a big component of that was Fox News on Election Night.
I've hardly gone back there since.
I'm appalled by that place.
But the way they put, of all people up there, like Cavuto and Chris Wallace.
And the way they said Arizona went when it didn't.
Yeah, they literally...
I predicted it'd be Fox that would stick the knife in.
I predicted they would call the election for Biden first, and I was right.
Yeah, you were right.
So we lost Fox, and then after that, they're not saying, they're joining the team, they're not saying boo about the election being stolen.
And it's all, you know, they're not permitted.
So that was the one outlet we had on mainstream media.
That would often, you know, be great.
And their numbers showed it.
And now they fired their number one host on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs.
Yeah. Oh, yeah. We love Lou Dobbs.
What a great man.
You know, one thing, I look back at one video that he did.
Not only was he intelligent, not only was he a Trump supporter and an American lover.
I remember when he had that truck driver on, this young man, husky guy from Pennsylvania,
who had driven that truckload of ballots that he found, that his job was to pick it up in New York and drive it
over to Pennsylvania.
And there was something funny about it.
And he let the Trump people know.
And he had 100,000.
Illegal ballots on his truck, it turns out.
And that's smoking gun as it gets, already filled out, crossing state lines, violating law, on record, and instead the FBI came and threatened him.
That's right.
And that's what we're facing.
And the media doesn't say anything about it, and this poor guy is being harassed by the FBI.
And the thing that really moved me is when they introduced this guy, they said, this client guy mentioned, This young man was in prison, and he's now got two or three girls, and they didn't know it.
And he knew if he came out, this would be in the air, and the media would use that against this guy.
And yet he did it anyways, because he knew he wanted to, you know, he wanted the truth out there.
He couldn't live his life knowing that he had this truckload of ballots that he figured out must not, there's something not right about it, because he couldn't drop it off, and then that night they told him to park it somewhere.
And it went to go get it the next day.
The trailer had driven around for years.
It wasn't there.
That's when he knew something's going on.
And so, yeah, the FBI attacks him.
You know, you...
It's just like, what's going on?
We had no FBI.
We had no DOJ.
We had no big media.
The Republicans are horrible.
McConnell, it looks to me like, and you probably feel this way too, that he's going to try to do something to encourage the impeachment of Trump.
I expect what they'll do is try to put it under a vote where nobody can tell who, you know, which person voted for what.
They'll keep that sealed for years.
And a bunch of Republicans will vote for Trump's impeachment, whatever the hell that means.
And having the Democrat up at the front running the show, this whole thing is just, you know, the Constitution doesn't mean anything to these people.
It's all power.
They've broken every law imaginable with the election.
And here's one thing that Jim and I, you know, Jim put together, put up yesterday, I think this morning, actually, and it's on the The ballots and the fact that you have to have chain of custody on these ballots.
So my auditor background would say, OK, whenever, especially in the banking industry, if you have something that's important like money, you don't want one person just walking around with that.
If you're transferring, etc., you usually have a dual control.
Two people sign off on the money that was picked up.
Two people sign off on the money that was dropped off.
And so that you've got more than one person's word.
that this is what happened.
Same thing with ballots, and they were just as priceless.
And they didn't obtain this information.
In Georgia, we know 460,000 votes never had that documentation associated with it.
In Georgia alone, and— And that's why they're so desperate to say, "We're not
supposed to talk about it."
How un-American is that?
Even if we were wrong, we have a right.
But it's overwhelming.
That's why they even have major radio networks trying to threaten talk show hosts and saying, you don't discuss it.
I mean, it's just absolutely amazing.
And of course, they're trying to codify election fraud now in this HR1 bill.
It's just really scary.
That's why the implications of this election could last a thousand years.
Who knows how you're ever going to break out of it.
If you go and vote and your vote doesn't count anymore, it's already been somebody picked, which maybe has been going on for a while, by the way.
I was about to say, I live in Austin.
I was there.
I fought this stuff 20 years ago.
I watched them admit we caught fraud.
They still certified local elections with Denon and Ed DuBois.
She's the only person that matters.
Whoever they want, whoever Soros wants, there's no real elections in Travis County, and that's a problem, because in blue states and blue cities, people get to knowing that.
Once they take over, it's permanent, then we stop voting, then it makes it easier for them to cover up the fraud.
Say hi to your brother.
Let's talk about how we still get people to vote, even though we know it's a fraud.
Should we keep voting when we come back, or what is our recourse?
I mean, is it the cartridge box?
I hope not.
Monday through Friday.
11 a.m.
3 p.m.
We're here live.
Of course, we've got the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
8 a.m.
War Room with Owen Schroer and all the special reports we do throughout the weekend and on Sundays.
4 to 8 p.m.
Myself and Owen Schroer are live for four hours every Sunday evening.
Because freedom is important.
But now it's not just freedom, it's survival.
We're getting Jim Hoft on.
He's having some technical difficulties.
We've got Joe Hoft, his brother, on.
And I'll tell you, if If the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in the last year fighting the New World Order, exposing COVID as a fraud, exposing election fraud, I would give Most Valuable Player in the fight to Gateway Pundit.
And it's good to know there's other great folks out there.
But there's also a bandwagon effect.
That's why when the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, the Buccaneers now won the Super Bowl, they estimate that it goes from maybe just a few percentage of the sales being that team to it being over half.
There is a bandwagon effect.
And well, now that Trump had the election stolen, so many people are dejected.
They are saying, I'm not going to vote anymore.
I'm just going to give up.
And I think that's wrong.
You should poll watch.
You should vote more.
You should expose the fraud.
And you should get state laws to block the fraud.
So just giving up is what they want you to do, in my view.
So it's the apathy that has to be fought.
That's my view.
Joe Hoff, what do you think?
Yeah, that's a huge fear.
And it's probably natural.
It's human nature.
And so I think the answer is, we fight for the truth.
We don't give up on this last election.
We point out every single instance of fraud.
We make it so clear that there's no, you know, that there's just no opposition no matter how much The left tries to stop it.
A great example right now is what's going on in Maricopa County, down in where Phoenix is in Arizona.
There's this group of Board of Supervisors that continue to stall, to prevent an audit to be performed, to choose to bring in their own auditors, to lie about those auditors' credentials when they said they were certified and they were not.
And my understanding is they were supposed to hand over their ballots to the state treasurer some time ago.
And they haven't done it.
And that's according to the law.
And they're acting extremely, extremely suspicious.
That's it.
So we keep hammering people with the truth until there's nothing else that they can say.
And that's the kind of work that we've been trying to do.
Jim's done some great work here recently.
And we just got Jim.
Let me raise this.
He did a great interview yesterday.
It's posted on Infowars.com and GatewayPundit.com.
The video that got Gateway Pundit banned from Twitter.
And again, it's illegal.
It's closed.
The state law is clear.
It's been closed for hours.
Same place they're putting cardboard up on the windows.
This was on election night, election morning.
Last Friday, Gateway Pundit published footage of vehicles delivering over 50 boxes of fraudulent ballots because it's illegal after that point.
For Joe Biden at 3 a.m.
in Wayne County, Michigan on election night, prompting Big Tech to retaliate against the publication with a permanent suspension from the platform.
So congratulations.
I just wanted you to have a chance to say hi to your brother, Joe Hoff.
Jim Hoff is here.
It's kind of bittersweet, but congratulations getting your full Twitter ban.
That really shows you're over the target.
That's right.
We're with InfoWars now, Alex.
So we joined the club over the weekend.
You know, what's interesting about this Alex's story that we put up, I hope you can hear me.
Yes I can, you sound great.
What happened was on the day after the election, Wednesday morning, November 4th, I get a call from my friend who is actual poll observer inside the TCF Center in Detroit.
She says, Jim, I just heard that there was a ban coming in in the middle of the night dropping off boxes of ballots.
And so we were the first ones to report on this on November 4th.
Two weeks later, we interviewed several witnesses inside the TCF Center that night who gave
us the same story that a van drove in, in the middle of the night, drove into the TCF
Center, unloaded 61 boxes of ballots, and then brought them inside the center.
We have one witness who said that the ballots they unloaded in the boxes were all perfectly aligned.
They were all look the same like they came from a printer.
They all only had Joe Biden checked off and the Senate candidate who was a Democrat.
All the rest of the races were left open.
This is also a big red flag for fraud.
So I This is what we reported in the middle of November.
We finally get this video now about 10 days ago and we combed through it and we find the actual video.
I mean, after we had like 2000 segments of security camera footage that we had to go through
and Cassandra Fairbanks who writes for Gateway Pundit did an excellent job.
We found, she found the video here of these guys unloading the 61 boxes
in the middle of the night.
And not only that, they came back an hour later with more boxes full of ballots
at the TCF Center in Detroit.
So we busted them.
It's exactly what our sources said in November.
And yet today, even we have USA Today writing us, they're gonna do a hit piece on us over this evidence.
No one has done the research we did on this.
No one bothered to contact the TCF Center except us.
And now they're going to attack us for doing the legwork.
It's unbelievable what's happening in our country today.
And that's how it works.
Old Dinosaur Legacy Media.
After you're banned and can't on the open internet on these major platforms show your proof, then they come in and lie about you and I guarantee you they're not going to show the footage.
So I remember it was you guys that broke the news just a few days after of the guys outside in the vans with the dollies.
Bringing in the ballots.
Now you have them inside doing it and have confirmed they were let into the secure area, which again violates the law and the place was closed.
And we know those ballots were counted and we have those spikes for Biden.
I mean, this is hand in the cookie jar, open and shut in my view.
And one other thing, Alex.
For the mainstream media, the only source they have is an actual City of Detroit official named Chris Thomas.
He's their only source, and of course he says, oh, it's all good.
There was nothing wrong done here.
This was completely legitimate.
Same thing in Georgia.
Oh, we have a Secretary of State who says everything's fine.
And so we have several witnesses who are there.
Who are, you know, testifying with us and give a certain story, and instead the media takes the hack from downtown Detroit, who gives them a different story, and then they fact check us as putting up fake news.
You can't make it up.
Well, we're going to come back and talk about a battle plan to fight back against this, the fake trial of Trump and Moore with Jim Hoft.
Again, the founder of Gateway Pundit.
His brother's been here.
Just want to give you guys a chance to say hi to each other.
I know you're in different areas, and you both do a wonderful job.
I'm glad that you've joined the team in the last year or so.
Anything else you want to say to your brother, Joe, or Jim?
Well, it's great to see you, Jim.
Yeah, we're, yeah, you too, James.
Being identical twins, that's a nice compliment.
You're giving one to yourself as well.
No, thanks.
Thanks for being here.
You know, do you guys compare you guys to the Hodge brothers, the Hodge twins?
I haven't heard that yet, but uh... Well, I mean, you're both identical twins and you're both Patriots.
There you go.
That's us for sure.
Joe, thank you so much.
We appreciate you joining us.
Getting back to Jim.
Jim, we're about to go to break in a minute, but give us a preview of how you think we should be fighting back.
You know, we put something up today, Alex, and I think it's very important for your audience.
And that is that during this election, what we saw was violations of the custody.
It's the chain of custody laws.
I'm sorry, I'm cheating and looking at my website.
But we saw this in several states, all the swing states, they violated this.
The Democrats violated this.
You're supposed to have Republicans and Democrats sign off Whenever you're moving these ballots around, whenever there's ballot counting going on, whenever there's questions on if a ballot is legal or not, you're supposed to have these chain of custody rulings with both parties involved.
This was violated throughout the election this year.
They locked Republicans out of the voting centers in Detroit, in Philadelphia, in other places.
They brought in ballots in the middle of the night in Georgia and Detroit, Michigan.
They were moving ballots around.
Let's talk about it when we come back.
And the fact that Trump really should be presenting this right now would devastate the globalists.
Well, we cover such epic information here.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Joe Hoff, GatewayPundit.com.
If you're with us, TheGatewayPundit.com.
But, I mean, they've proven it, we've proven it.
I've traveled all over the country, I went and saw it for myself.
I went and looked at the election files.
I went with forensic people and actually looked, you know, at the Secretary of State.
I talked to top Trump lawyers and they're like, you know, we shouldn't go after random foreign governments breaking in.
It's ballots, fraudulent ballots being fed in at the machine level.
And the media wants to distract off into other things, and that's what happened.
But we have them.
I mean, we have illegal truckloads being driven across from other states into Pennsylvania and the truck driver going public.
We have the video in Michigan.
We have the flipping of the votes and the missing votes and the stuff in Georgia.
It's just really insane.
And thank God we've got InfoWars.com and GatewayPundit.com.
Yeah, they already had Gateway Pundit shadow banned for a while.
But now because Gateway Pundit is putting out such hardcore evidence, they've been blocked on Twitter.
That's when I tell the listeners, please share these articles, share these videos.
If you don't do it, no one will.
And it's only going to get worse.
They wouldn't be censoring us and making these bold moves if the information wouldn't bring them down.
So I'm ranting, we have limited time with Jim Hoft here.
This is so huge.
I mean, a radio listener's not seeing the van illegally pulling into the building and being offloaded.
The same Chinese dude.
I mean, Chinese planes landing, reportedly with the big things of ballots.
You've got them being printed up.
You've got them in the same order.
Scantroned out.
Not done with a pencil.
Not done with a pen.
I mean, this is ridiculous how nakedly and really ham-fistedly they did this in these at least six states.
So I guess they just knew they controlled the FBI, so it didn't matter.
What do you think about this?
Where does this go now?
How do we fight back?
Yeah, Alex, it's a travesty that this is happening.
And I'm with you and your audience.
We're wondering, where's the FBI?
Where's the DOJ?
Obviously, we don't have them right now.
And it doesn't look like we had them for four years under Trump either.
So we're going to have to do different things.
And I think one thing is to get involved in demand that these chain of custody rules and laws are that people are following these laws because Democrats can't cheat if there's a Republican standing right there.
And I know some people who are inside the TCF Center in Detroit who are being blocked
by these bullies.
They said they were only there to harass Republican observers.
So we need to have Republicans inside.
We need to have Republicans and conservatives and populists stand up and volunteer for some
of these roles that we have.
We have to have people outside of these ballot boxes.
That's the key.
What you're saying is instead of people pulling back because of fraud, we need, including myself, I've done it before, I'm going to do it again.
Everyone has to volunteer locally, and these people are so ham-fisted.
They will thug out on you.
They will expose their criminality.
I agree.
We need to see an army of people where we outnumber them.
And we have to be organized.
And we have to have people outside of these drop boxes.
If that continues to record everything.
That's the only way that we're going to be able to win again.
We know that Donald Trump won in such a landslide that they had to stop the counting and refinagle things and print out more ballots to feed into these machines in the middle of the night.
And, you know, we're not going to have another candidate like that for a while.
Donald Trump was, you know, a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.
So these Republicans better wake up.
And I think it's also imperative that a lot of these rhinos get replaced By other pro-Trump populist candidates in the next primary.
We have to get rid of some of this dead weight in the Republican Party.
Let me raise this point.
I know you've obviously been covering and watching yesterday and today.
That first lawyer, Bruce Taster, was obviously batting for the other team and was congratulating the Democrats on a great job, great presentation.
Oh, Chuckie Schumer, you're so amazing.
He was totally in fear.
Trump can't get any good lawyers because they're all scared.
He should have Jay Sekulow or somebody or, you know, the folks from Judicial watch, they would have done a good job.
But sitting there watching this, they make it a fraud that he's falsely claiming that there was fraud so he caused all this anger and he lied.
So they opened it up, bringing up that he lied about fraud.
So now he can bring in the evidence of why folks are upset.
And the fact that they're not doing that just shows that Trump literally cannot even get lawyers that will do what he wants because they are such a disgraceful pack of scum.
And you're not the only one saying this, Alex.
I saw Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist for Donald Trump, he was on this morning saying the same thing.
They have to bring in the evidence that there was fraud.
And if you watched the proceedings this morning, that's what the Democrats were bringing up.
That this fraud was somehow a hoax.
I mean, talk about sticking us in the eye.
Here they were, right in front of our face, stealing this election in several states.
And now they demand that we refuse to speak about this anymore.
And it's just outrageous.
And that's why they have to block Gateway Planet from Twitter.
Because we're putting up the video.
I mean, we actually have video, Alex.
Not just pictures, but video of them trucking in a van full of ballots.
And let's explain.
Once it closes state law, no more ballots.
Explain that to people.
Yeah, so in Michigan they have laws there and we have some people say that these were absentee ballots that should have already been in the center.
If that's what they were, then they should have been there before 8 p.m.
on election night.
There also should have been some calls made saying how many ballots are yet to come over.
Instead, we have these late night deliveries, right?
And also a couple things to note is the gate opened for this van, so they were expecting this van to come in.
And another thing is, when they brought these ballots in, they waited until the next shift to start counting these ballots.
There's, you know, there's a lot that needs to be investigated here.
Unfortunately, the Gateway Pundit is the only one in this instance that has, you know, sought out this information.
We don't believe the FBI or the Department of Justice is doing nothing on this.
So, it's a travesty.
Well, do you remember it is?
In all the old westerns, the guys are pinned down by the Native Americans, the Indians, and all of a sudden you hear... And here comes the cavalry in all these states!
They freeze the voting, they freeze the counting, everything closes, they put up cardboard, and then out come the suitcases and in drive the vans, and I mean, this is ridiculous!
Right, you'd think that Calvert would be coming for the good guys who would want the honesty and integrity and to have the fair election instead.
The Calvary comes and there are a bunch of thugs who put up cardboard on the windows so you can't see inside after they push you outside of the room when you're supposed to be an election observer.
Well you were right there in the row right beside me when we saw Trump's great speech and Don Jr.
said be peaceful and you know they got me to go out and try to lead it.
You can't lead a million people.
A few hundred idiots and provocateurs did all that and now they're calling it the new Pearl Harbor.
Nobody's buying into it and as negative as this all is, it's causing a massive awakening Jim, do you agree that this is going to backfire on the establishment in the long run if we hold our faith to the fire?
I think absolutely.
And I think you're right.
Trump has to bring out the evidence of fraud.
And I think another thing that's hurting the Democrats is they believe that most Americans want Barack Obama's failed policies.
So Joe Biden has pushed through 40-some executive orders.
Nobody wants that crap.
That's why Obama lost votes in his re-election.
They complete failures.
And I think Trump, one thing he did was he exposed all of this.
Americans are not fooled by this BS that the left is pushing and the bubble they live in.
And I think people are just simmering now, watching all of this play out.
And I don't think it's gonna help Democrats at all.
Here's a little side story.
I've had a doctor's appointment years.
I got a checkup and my doctor, the rotating doctor, is a female doctor.
She's a listener.
I've met her before at the clinic.
But she was at the event, didn't go in the Capitol.
FBI visited her at the doctor's office.
So that's the level of intimidation.
Jim Hoff, thank you and thank your brother and thank your great team at Gateway Pundit.
Hey, thanks a lot, Alex.
Good to be with you.
Good to have you.
Alright, we've got another guest coming up next hour.
We've got a bunch of news I haven't hit yet.
We've got some highlights of the ongoing trial.
Please remember, everything the enemy does is about shutting us down.
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That's why we updated InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Paul's got his Summit.News.
We should promote us more on there.
Whatever, still love Paul.
The point is, is that we're in a fight to get the truth out.
We're in a fight.
They want to suppress us.
So please, every day go to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Go to the Gregory section.
Those are my favorite videos.
Go get the Darren McBreen ones.
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This stuff's all Tucker Carlson good.
I see that as like the platinum standard.
So, uh, it's all there.
It's going to wake people up, but the only way the dog hunts is you do it.
So upload it anywhere you want from Rumble to Vimeo, whatever.
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And I haven't plugged in two hours.
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And winter sun is back in stock.
We have a special guest joining us coming up next segment.
I'll tell you about when we start that segment.
But right now, I just want to play a few clips from yesterday.
We got some of the new stuff today coming up as well.
Just to show you, with enemies like this, well, imagine what your real enemies are like.
Because that's the old saying, with friends like this, who needs enemies?
When you look at just this foppish, preening, Just classic BS artist lawyer in there ingratiating himself and groveling to Chuckie Schumer when all Schumer takes out is weakness and congratulating him and all of this and then saying this will turn around and bite you later if you do it.
Yeah, they're tyrants.
They don't care about chivalry.
They're going crazy.
They want a physical war.
And this is supposedly like the third round of lawyers Trump had to get.
So here's some of this This idiot.
And this is how Trump is surrounded.
And this is why we're in so much trouble.
Here it is.
So senators are patriots.
Senators are family men and women.
They're fierce advocates for the great state in which they represent.
And somewhere far down that list of attributes, way below patriot, and way below love of family and country, and way below fierce advocates for their states.
Far down.
At least that's what I thought, anyway.
And I still think that.
Somewhere far down that list, Senators have some obligation to be partisans.
To represent a group of beliefs that are similar to beliefs shared by other United States Senators.
I think that I want to give my colleague, Mr. Sean, an opportunity to explain to all of us the The legal analysis on jurisdiction.
I'll be quite frank with you.
We changed what we were going to do on account that we thought that the House manager's presentation was well done.
And I wanted you to know that we have responses to those things.
Sack of garbage.
I thought that what the first part of the case was Which was the equivalent of a motion to dismiss was going to be about jurisdiction alone.
And one of the fellows who spoke for the House managers, who was the former criminal defense attorney, seemed to suggest that there's something nefarious that we were discussing jurisdiction and trying to get the case dismissed.
But this is where it happens in the case, because jurisdiction is the first thing that has to be found.
We have counter-arguments to everything that they raised, and you will hear them later on in the case from Mr. Van Der Veen and from myself.
Listen, I can't watch anymore.
Let's turn it off.
It gets worse.
It gets worse.
I watched it last night from, you know, earlier in the day.
It was tape, and I just can't listen to it again.
He is literally dropping the ball up front in his opening statement.
This was an opening statement.
A weak sack of garbage.
The Tri-Com's just laughing at us.
They just brush us aside.
And the first thing you do is read the part in the Constitution where it says it has to be a sitting president.
And you say five-year-olds can understand that.
That's why the U.S.
Supreme Court Justice John Roberts refused to be part of it, because this is purely a political fraud, and you know you don't have the votes.
And you know that the political rhetoric your people put out was 50 times what President Trump did.
And it's outrageous that you would try to saddle him with what happened at that Capitol event when only a few hundred people broke in that building and most of them stayed within the velvet ropes.
And we're going to show all the evidence of that fraud and you put your foot in it, New World Order, you globalists.
When you got up here and you said there was no evidence of fraud and that Trump lied about that, you opened the door for that evidence to be brought in here even though this isn't a court of law.
That's a sham!
Even according to legal high standards, now we can bring in the evidence of the fraud!
You are in trouble!
They'd have top ratings, it would destroy them!
It'd be their Waterloo!
But no!
Because the very belly of the country's rotting with rotting sacks of pinstripe suit, filth, lawyers that are stupid and stunted in their own sick club, and they're destroying everything!
And they'll burn in goddamn fucking hell!
Well, I'm a big fan of his, watching many times online, seeing some of his big comedy shows, and of course, he also co-hosts shows with Anthony Cummium.
Dave Landau is going to be joining us here in just a few minutes.
I really look forward to that here in a second.
I've seen him on Comedy Central, NBC's Last Comic Standing, really funny stuff, and he's one of these thought criminals.
You know, like Anthony Cumia, or so many others that are very popular, but that the cancel culture is coming after.
Now we learn this isn't some badly coordinated, libtard thing off the universities.
This is big banks, big money, big tech, all over the world, unified, shutting everybody up.
Don't question vaccines effectiveness.
Don't question man-made global warming.
Don't question carbon taxes that the West has to do but China's exempt from.
Don't question election fraud.
Don't question anything!
Wow, you wake up in a literal hell of this system.
And here's the news, 8 million more living in poverty in the U.S., 9 million small businesses in danger of closing, 10 million people behind on rent for their homes.
But hey, that's in the first world.
We're just going bankrupt here on the third world.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are starving to death.
Extra 10 million people died last year, not a COVID, but a starvation.
I want to play this clip here in a moment.
Here is the UK Health Minister, Says if you go out of the country and come back in from any country, you've got to stay for several weeks in a hotel room or your house, and if they catch you leaving it, 10 years in prison.
And it doesn't matter even if your tests say that you're negative.
So, the borders are wide open.
They're bringing all these boat people that are coming in, you know, out of Africa, everywhere else.
George Soros funding it.
All that's fine.
All that's dandy.
It's the same thing here, it's the same thing that Senator Cotton, it's the same thing that I pointed out, it's the same thing that Tucker Carlson's pointed out.
They're just waving the illegal aliens in now.
They froze all the deportations.
They don't test you for bubonic plague, for hepatitis.
The big killer, that kills millions in the last few years, is drug-resistant TB.
So remember that when somebody's like, you wear that mask or it's a $1,000 fine, you're like, oh really, the illegal aliens are just waved in here, it's all BS from one level to the next.
and 96% of the tests are of course false positive.
So here is the Minister, the Health Minister, there in the UK laying this out.
People who flout these rules are putting us all at risk.
Passenger carriers will have a duty in law to make sure that passengers have signed up
for these new arrangements before they travel and will be fined if they don't.
And we'll be putting in place tough fines for people who don't comply.
This includes a £1,000 penalty for any international arrival who fails to take a mandatory test, A £2,000 penalty to any international arrival who fails to take the second mandatory test, as well as automatically extending their quarantine period to 14 days.
And a £5,000 fixed penalty notice, rising to £10,000 for arrivals who fail to quarantine in a designated hotel.
We're also coming down hard on people who provide false information on the passenger locator form.
Anyone who lies on the passenger locator form and tries to conceal that they've been in a country on the red list in the 10 days before arrival here will face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.
These measures will be put into law this week.
Okay, that's enough from Matt Hancock.
So, that's where we are.
And remember, wherever the UK is, that's where we'll be in a few years.
This is all a global system, all run by the UN, and I have this idiot saying it's the UN orders, I have Spain saying it, Australia saying it.
And remember, what Facebook, Twitter, Google all announced two days ago, in unison, no criticism of vaccines.
Do not say they're not effective, do not say there's a problem.
Well my goodness, then you must have not looked in South Africa or Australia or a bunch of other countries where the vaccines killed so many people and weren't effective that they just pulled them.
Or Merck pulled back both its vaccines and says it doesn't work.
This is all a fraud.
Who was the lady?
I keep forgetting her name.
I'm serious, I keep forgetting her name.
She was, you know, the big CEO lady.
She had the 20 million dollar company that could test for cancer, test for anything.
It's like a piece... Yeah, what was her name?
Yeah, your mic's so distorted I can't understand.
You just put it on screen for me.
Elizabeth Holmes.
Yes, so, so, Elizabeth Holmes, ladies and gentlemen.
And it was a PCR test.
Oh, we'll tell you got cancer, you got heart disease.
It's magic!
And all we had to do was have Toto pull it back with her company, Theranos, and it was all a fraud.
Oh, here, you take this robot pill and you crap it out and then we tell you everything about you.
And who was she a protege of?
Bill Gates.
We're gonna go to our guest here in just a moment.
Dave Landau.
I just want listeners to remember this.
I'm not funded by George Soros or any sugar daddies.
I'm funded by you.
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We have the highest quality.
Amber Selling out over liquid turmeric.
Which is also great for your immune system.
Okay, hey Dave, I really appreciate you coming on with us.
We're going to break here in a few minutes.
And I always love, you know, seeing you co-host with Anthony Comey.
And I'm going to kind of give you free reign here to talk about where you see all this going.
But I mean, what do you want to strike at first?
Obviously, cancer culture, this crazy trial.
How do we fight back?
I mean, this is nuts.
Well, yeah.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
I appreciate it.
Um, where, I mean, where do you start?
Cancel culture.
I mean, essentially liberals went from Questioning all authority to believing all authority no matter how dumb or arbitrary.
And I think right now we're just living inside of 12 monkeys and it's just getting scarier and scarier.
Now we have comics turning on each other.
You know, it's just become something that I can't wrap my head around.
There's no reason that this should be treated like this.
We've completely overdone it.
Even the video you just showed where you're talking about spending $1,000, $2,000 to go to these countries or go to jail, I do not wrap my head around it.
And Glenn Greenwald wrote an article a few days ago that broke it down.
He said it's like a mix of junior high hall monitor tattletaling with the Nazis and the Soviets.
I mean, it's really insane.
And you're right.
They suddenly flipped.
They love CCP.
They love death camps.
They love censorship.
They say they want to kill anybody they disagree with.
I mean, I've got like a seven-minute compilation from just the last week of high-level Democrats on TV saying, kill Trump supporters with predator drones.
Well, of course, because we went from George Carlin's seven dirty words you can't say on television to seven billion words you're not supposed to say ever.
And the fact that comics are just fighting against freedom of speech is the craziest thing imaginable.
It's the only thing we have is that's our last line of defense as comedians.
It's the thing that's most important.
So I love Anthony because he doesn't care at all what you say.
And that's why, you know, I'm in the situation that I am now.
I think I I mean, I know I was a liberal.
But I still consider myself to have certain ideologies.
But at this point, it's so beyond red and blue and just to a level of control that I'm confused how people don't notice.
You're walking around in masks.
You're not allowed to go out.
If you are, it's 25 percent capacity.
We're all being controlled to a level we've never been controlled before.
And people aren't questioning it.
In fact, they're tattling on you.
To like federal agents online.
It's insane.
And it's all a Milgram experiment.
I'm sure you're familiar with that, where they could get the majority of people to think that they were murdering other students in order to do so.
I don't know that one, but I'd like to hear it.
When we come back, I want to experience what you've gone through as a popular comic, the
type of craziness you've seen.
And of course, Anthony Cumia had the number one show on Terrestrial Radio in the morning,
got kicked off because he was too popular, then was on the number one show on Sirius
XM, got kicked off for just for saying Black Lives Matter sucks, which is totally true.
It's just insane.
So we'll be right back on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Info War.
The only way this dog hunts is you spread the word.
You're doing it and they hate it.
The show's actually growing in many ways, but not fast enough.
So please spread the word now about any station you're listening to.
You found it!
Yep, the number one most censored, most demonized, most lied about broadcast in the world.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Dave Landau is a very popular comedian.
DaveLandau.com, the co-host on the great network that Kumi has.
And people are like, man, what are you doing always promoting other people's networks?
I love the fact that Kumi's got a popular network.
I love the fact that Gab McGinnis has his operation.
I mean, I just promote all these people.
I just look at Tucker Carlson doing such a great job, and I'm just like, I sleep better at night because I'm not the guy from There Will Be Blood who's like, I don't like other people doing well.
It makes me angry.
But what I really don't like is globalists trying to keep me down so that they can dominate me.
Because it's that There Will Be Blood type character that actually runs things and actually wants to control society.
In fact, it turns out the author of the book that's based on was actually a proto-globalist and actually cooked up a lot of the modern globalist plans we live under.
But speaking of history, They have a Stanford Research Institute study that's just as important.
And then they have the other study that I was just mentioning as well.
And in these different university studies that they've done, they could get the majority of students to shock people to death or beat people to death.
In these different studies.
And it's not just those two universities.
It's a whole bunch of those universities where if an authority figure tells you to do it, you do it.
But I don't want to digress.
Dave, continuing your experience for people that don't know, that aren't inside comedy.
They hear Joe Rogan talking about how it's insane he left California.
They hear about everybody tattling and snitching and trying to get others banned.
And then the type of so-called comedy they want to push.
I turn on Netflix and it's just nothing but Marxist-Leninist, vile, America-hating trash.
Then they wonder why it gets Half a star, then Netflix takes away the ratings service.
I mean, YouTube's taking away the ratings for Biden because he's so hated.
I mean, they're force feeding this.
What is corporate America thinking?
Well, I'm completely with you.
What's funny about the Joe Rogan thing is they actually decided to listen to essentially interns versus their $100 million guy.
And I'm so glad that, you know, Joe obviously won that and he still has his show.
But yeah, it just shows that we're paying too much attention to people that don't matter.
And too many squeaky wheels are having a voice.
The voice that's given to everybody, I think, does deserve equality, but we're living in a time where everybody wants to be liked and not for the right reasons.
So we're just jumping on anybody for anything.
And that's the biggest problem with being a comic.
You can't say anything without pissing people off.
You can't say anything without somebody trying to cancel you.
You can't, like, if we make a joke on Anthony's show about the secretary of health, which is transgender, which seems silly, At times, there's something that you might make fun of.
People don't understand how we can't be sensitive to that.
And it has nothing to do with being sensitive to somebody's mental state.
It just has to do with what we think is funny as a comic.
I mean, you're... It's just everything that comes out of your mouth now is being watched by somebody.
And there's so much jealousy in this bit.
Like you just said with the guy from There Will Be Blood.
There's a bit of that inside of so many comedians where they do just want to take out the other guy instead of work hard to get ahead.
And now they have the opportunity.
You just have to scream racist, or scream sexist, or scream homophobic, or whatever it is, whatever will work for you, just to make sure that somebody else doesn't get a chance that you will never have.
What is it like to be somebody that makes their living talking to crowds, and there's that energy that's so much better than doing it online?
What is it like to be told you're not essential?
It sucks!
I mean, there's no doubt about it, but when you go to the clubs now, the ones that are allowed to open to, you know, 25% people that are Behind shields and six feet away from each other and sort of kills the roll of a room.
It's a better feeling now, though, because people do want to go out.
They're tired of this.
They don't want to be held inside.
They don't want to constantly be afraid.
And I look at a lot of my friends in the blue states and I just feel sort of bad for them at this point, because I see how much this has destroyed them, because they just believe it.
It's not that I'm so anti all of it.
I mean, I understand that washing your hands has always been a good thing.
But I mean, they're in a cult, and it's more and more and more, and they've inducted themselves into it, because they all knew it's how they get rid of Trump, shut the economy off.
But now they're freaking out.
It's like, oh, you mean I stay locked down?
Because a lot of leftists kind of wink wink.
Hey, this is us exercising our collective power.
Hey, you know, it's like Bill Maher said, we're going to shut the economy down to kick Trump out.
I mean, I think a lot of them thought that this was going to go away when Biden got in.
And I'm like, I'm sorry, it's going to get worse.
Well, yeah, you can't just light the entire house on fire and assume it's going to be, you know, it's going to keep its value.
That's essentially what they did.
They took down the entire country.
I mean, you can't just destroy everything and then put Mr. Magoo in charge and think that it's going to be fine.
It makes no sense.
You didn't want old, rich, white men in power, so you put in Joe Biden with Kamala Harris, who's essentially, what, a cop?
None of it makes any sense for any of these movements.
Well, that's right.
Folks, we're not just joking.
I've interviewed prosecutors.
I've seen others interview the prosecutors and people who are also defense lawyers.
She was known to particularly go after black people.
She's not black.
She's Indian.
It's all made up.
It's all a lie.
I mean, they might as well have just elected Hitler.
No, what it was, was they essentially liked the bottle, but they forgot to read the ingredients.
So you just get this complete package of everything that I would almost say is anti-black.
And that's who we have in office.
And like you said, yeah, she's Indian.
And that was after Elizabeth Warren claimed that she was Indian.
Until she got a 23andMe test and it's like, no, you're white, you're lily white.
Yeah, 0%.
There's no chance.
Something like 90% of people whose ancestors have been here over 150 years have some Native American.
I do.
I've been tested.
It's like 5% or something.
These people, I mean, she had almost, she had like less than one-tenth of 1%.
There's like, she's as white as you can get.
Yeah, she's never even met an Indian according to the results.
It's just unbelievable.
It's that and then there's just so many Things that just doesn't make sense.
And it seems they throw something new to pile on top of it so you forget about the last thing.
And I just walk around and I've been traveling this whole time and I, you know, I come back, I take tests, I do everything you're supposed to do because I don't want to deal with the, you know, crap around it.
But when I'm on a plane, you know, during the summer, it wasn't that bad because it's three people on a Delta flight wearing masks.
There's nobody to worry about.
And now it's starting to open up again.
And what do you see?
People going crazy on flights.
We're starting to see people going crazy everywhere more than they used to.
Oh, listen.
I'm not usually aggro, even though I'm aggro on air.
But when I wear a mask, I want to kill people.
I mean, it's just so suffocating.
My breath stinks.
You get zits.
I've had zits since I was a teenager.
Now I'm breaking out of it.
I just won't do it anymore.
No, yeah, you should wear two masks, and then two masks doesn't make any sense.
It's just unreal, the amount of information.
It's almost like he's just playing a game of Simon Says and seeing how bad he can fuck with you.
I want to ask you this question.
We have a longer segment coming up, but I want to ask you this.
How do we turn this around?
How do we fight back against this?
Because they're teaching us to be neurotic, to hate ourselves, to think of ourselves as dirty.
All the studies show being around more people actually boosts your immune system.
It's the opposite.
Wearing masks lowers your immune system, causes bacterial pneumonia.
I want to ask you, Dave, when we come back, how do you turn this around?
Or if we don't turn it around, where do you expect it to go?
Because as things escalate, as this neuroses gets worse, Some are saying wear five masks.
And so I've actually seen people now wear three masks.
So it's like mask inflation.
And some are saying, hell, just start wearing, you know, an entire bubble over your whole body.
We'll be right back on the other side of this break.
It's Dave L-A-N-D-A-U dot com.
That's how you spell it out.
And we'll be back to break down.
The rest of the story.
The truth is, though, every king, every emperor has been afraid of the court jester.
And so they can control music, control literature, control the art, control the comics.
They control the kingdom, and that's what's happening.
And it's shameful.
But the good news is, it is avant-garde comics that are politically correct and the hottest thing around.
Dave Landau, cousins of Lando Calrissian, is here with us, a popular comic, co-host with Anthony Cumia, Daily Show.
We've already shown this, but for TV viewers, I'm going to play it again, because I was telling one of my neighbors about it, they hadn't seen the video.
I sent it to them, they were shocked.
And when I was out in the mountains a few weeks ago, I should have done this same video, because it shows the steam coming out, and water vapor particles are much bigger than a virus, folks.
I mean, it's like It's like saying, basically, you've got a field goal post and you just throw the virus through.
The virus would be like one grain of sand through the fibers of an M95.
I mean, it's a total fraud.
It's a total lie.
None of it's true.
We already know that.
But it's a sign of the slavery.
It's the sign that you're under the control.
It's a sign that you're dirty and you're bad.
So here's that footage.
And again, I'll narrate it for radio listeners because obviously you can't see this, but it's reposted.
The video is reposted in a new article on InfoWars.com.
The CDC makes it official.
Wear two masks.
So you think you're getting out of one mask?
No, no, no, my dear.
Mass police are going to inspect you and control you and put you on a no-fly list or fine you.
And in England, 10 years in prison, if you don't submit to our cult, like they used to wear, black slaves had to wear masks over themselves.
Roman slaves had to wear masks when they were being punished.
This is all just suffocating people.
This video, again, is posted in the article.
Here it is.
Hey guys, is double masking work against coronavirus's transport?
Let's find out.
First, we're going to do the hospital masks.
Here's one.
Here's two.
Oh, hit pause for a minute.
This is what my dad said, who is a doctor.
He made the point that Those masks are mainly just like a ritual thing they do.
They weren't even sure 150 years ago, 180 years ago during the Civil War, why everybody was dying.
Then they invented Listerine right after that and deaths went down about 90% from infection.
Before that, they would try to cauterize wounds, like chop the leg off or whatever.
And so, they thought maybe it's something coming out of my mouth.
And so, yeah, it's okay, so hair doesn't fall in, some particles don't go out.
It does something.
But it only stops you over a patient breathing into the wound.
Instead, when you're in crowds, it shoots it out to the sides, if you really are worried about microbes, to a higher level.
So, again, it's beyond not even effective.
That's why Fauci originally said in a paper he wrote in 2008, and we're going to our guest, he said you shouldn't wear masks because it causes bacterial pneumonia and caused most of the deaths during the Spanish flu were really dirty masks because they didn't know back then.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen, this is all science.
It's all facts.
Listerine was the first thing.
It wasn't until World War II they discovered antibiotics.
That's what caused all the problems to stop, not the little dirty frickin' face diapers.
Sorry, play the video, then we'll go to our guest.
Here's one.
Here's two.
Next, we're going to try a cloth mask.
Remember, we want to stop this moisture that's coming out of our mouth because that's what COVID rides on.
Here's one.
Here's two.
Next we're going to try an N95 with a cloth mask.
Here's one.
Here's a cloth mask on the N95.
And it gets even worse.
So instead of it shooting straight out and dissipating, it literally, like a chimney, shoots out in all directions.
What do you make of this, Dave?
Well, if it actually works, why not just make thicker masks?
And wouldn't they have discovered a long time ago?
I mean, it's like you're saying the the medicine that they're using here and the logic behind it dates back so far to the days of like, oh, he he's got a cut on his foot.
What should we do?
Cut it off.
Let's just take it off at the knee.
Like, I think it's absurd.
There's if people were meant to wear masks, we would have had them by now.
The only person who wore a mask that was an American Before this year was Michael Jackson.
That should tell you something.
Oh, I forgot about that.
He also made his kids wear masks.
Remember that?
Yeah, he did.
Well, not all of them.
Some of them he needed the mouth, but he did have a lot of the kids.
But yeah, it's the same as this.
Why not just put a plastic bag over your head?
I don't understand either how dumping alcohol on everything is beneficial.
Because doesn't that make germs stronger?
I mean, obviously, I'm not a doctor, but... Uh, yes.
No, no.
That's why overuse of pesticide makes everything, the bugs, resistant.
When you do that, it only gives rise to really resistant, dangerous bacteria.
When you have a normal flora on yourself, all the studies show, it actually blocks the bad bacteria.
Yeah, like, I remember my mom was a nurse in RN, so I grew up, like, scrubbing my hands, terrified of germs, learning about Louis Pasteur, all that stuff.
She would.
You know, if I was wearing a scarf, for example, for a day, she would make sure it was washed very, very clean.
I would not let me wear it two days in a row if I was putting it over like my snotty nose and everything.
And I just keep thinking back to that as a little kid.
Like, why?
You know, why are we essentially doing this with cloth masks to like those that can't be good for you or anybody else to Well, what you said is true.
Anybody can pull the studies up.
Even new hospitals get very deadly quickly because they use so many chemicals and so many disinfectants, instead of just lots of hot water actually boiling things, getting all the detritus out.
Instead, they spray chemicals everywhere, and then only the toughest, meanest, nastiest superbugs, both viral and bacterial, can live, so you get those dirty, infested hospitals.
Yeah, and you see this and they keep saying, you know, they keep saying now there's a new strain of it.
There's another new strain of it.
And there's no proof of this.
This is just what you're hearing.
And I'm from Detroit and I was watching the news in Detroit and they were saying, a news anchor actually asked, I should have sent the video in, they asked the doctor, how many people have the flu this year?
And he said, just one, one case.
Oh, I saw that.
Worldwide, it's the lowest ever because they're adding all the flu cases on as this.
Right, so there's one in the history of time during flu season where there's millions and millions of people that always have the flu, where we now have a doctor saying, oh it's just one guy, that's the national average per state, one guy with the flu.
So Dave, what do we do about this?
Because you talk about the censorship, all of it goes together, the UN, the Davos Group, I don't know if you've seen the Great Reset, they admit this is a takeover plan.
What are you doing in your comedy?
Because they're all political.
They're comedy.
It's not funny.
But I guess you've already said some pretty funny, smart-ass stuff here.
I mean, what are you doing in your comedy to fight back against this?
Or is that not your place?
Well, I mean, just by doing this show, you know, being on Anthony's show, being on stage, I think it is my place to just call out all of it.
I mean, it's not even so much taking that big of a stand.
It's just telling people not to be completely blind.
And I think the only thing that most people are really saying is that this is going to end in some kind of bloody civil war.
And the way that it's starting to look, I can see that.
I can see their point.
But I just think if people just calm down and stop turning on mainstream media, which I just can't imagine what it's like to sit in your house all day long, stare at the television and have fear pumped into you, and then go and then just spend your days attacking people that aren't wearing masks.
Going online, and, you know, we had Lenny Bruce being arrested at one point as a comedian, and now we have people ratting out bricklayers to the feds on Twitter.
It's insane.
Like, we just have to calm down as a nation.
Like, people are sheep.
I mean, I hate to say it, but that's all I've learned from this last year, is that we are very easily controlled, and very easily manipulated, and I don't really know how to fix it.
I think it's just a matter of waking up and realizing that this isn't a political, racist, any issue.
It's just something that if it appears insane to you, it probably is, and this has been going on for over a year now.
We don't even have the ability for people, like, the pursuit of happiness has been taken away in this country over the last year, and that's never happened before.
Why does that not alarm more people?
Well, I want to invite you sometime to host an hour of the show if you'd like.
I'm going to come back and do one more segment where you can talk about any topics you want because I've been guiding things.
Maybe you'll do some of your older comedy for us.
I know people like to give their bits away on a radio show, but I'd love you to hear some of your politically incorrect stuff.
Even if there's some cuss words, we can delay it for the radio and TV stations.
But I mean, I really think we ought to start hosting a virtual comedy show sometime, you know, on the weekends here with a bunch of comics.
Because I've got millions of viewers and listeners and I think it's important to celebrate the people that are speaking up and aren't backing down.
I'll also ask you the question I asked last break I forgot to get to.
Am I right though that this suppression is causing a major backlash and that the comics that are bucking this are the most popular or is that just the sites I'm visiting?
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Dave Lando, talk show host, popular comedian, thought criminal.
He's with us.
So, Dave, what do you want to get into in the last 10-minute segment?
Or you want to do a little bit of your comedy for us here on The Family Show?
I mean, how do you want to close this out?
Yeah, no, I mean, I enjoyed the conversation we're having.
I think it's important to point out cancel culture and how you did ask the question about if we're becoming the most popular just by opening our mouths.
And I think that there is a benefit to that as the people that are speaking up Are getting the most attention and it shows in the number of followers that we lost recently.
Like I lost nine, I even tweeted out, call me Jim Jones because I lost 900 followers in a day.
And, and I just, you know, we're at this point where if there's nothing going on, why are you being silenced?
And even as a comedian, that's what's scary.
And now with cancel culture, you're not supposed to make any jokes except like you said, like I've Turning on Netflix and just watching somebody lip sync to Donald Trump, and I'm supposed to pretend it's funny, just makes me sad on every level imaginable.
And I think the jokes I did on TV, like you were saying with some of my old stand-up, like I did a joke on Last Comic Standing, which is, you know, my wife has a friend who likes showing pictures of her kid to everybody.
You know, I just look at my kid, picture my kid, see my kid, relax.
It's been two years.
You're not gonna find him.
Oh my god, yeah.
And that one was aired on, you know, NBC and people, you know, they people enjoyed it.
And now we're at a point where I'm not sure if you could even get away with that.
But a lot of what I talk about, too, is like, for example, I I I'm sober.
I was arrested 13 times, 12 before the age of 21.
I was an alcoholic and drug addict.
And a lot of my comedy is about that and helping other people.
So I'm always open.
To hearing other people's sides of the story, listening to other people, wanting to actually have a conversation.
But that's it.
They don't want to have a conversation.
They want a conduit where you're in a cult and you accept whatever they're telling you to receive.
And it changes all the time, too.
There's always some new leftist thing.
And I think you said at the start of the interview, you would count yourself as kind of an old-fashioned liberal, but now that's not the left now, or like super hardcore fascist or communist.
I mean, it's not what liberals... How did liberals suddenly flip?
Was it Trump?
Drove them so crazy that they just adopted every form of tyranny?
I think it has to do with being addicted to your phone to some degree.
Where you're looking at that constantly and somebody's telling you what to think, how to think, what you should blame.
I mean, the country burned down this summer because we were able to shoot propaganda through this entire country and let people react to it.
I think that that's part of it.
We're an addictive species.
And I even say that as somebody who is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic.
I've treated myself.
I know what it's like to be hooked on something that has control over you.
No, I totally agree.
We are addicted.
Well, I mean, that even came out with Facebook that they are manipulating our dopamine to make us depressed, to make us only be with them.
It's sick.
Well, yeah, and you have like, look, I don't want to upset anybody in the porn industry, but you have that that we know for a fact is addictive.
We know that it releases dopamines.
We know that it can affect your brain chemistry.
We know, like, there's all sorts of things that we are aware of, and then apps are designed to be addictive to you.
So if you get a bunch of junkies and convince them of doing anything, it's the same guy who would, like, suck dick for crack.
There's no difference between that and what you're going, I think I'm gonna go light a cop car on fire, or I'm gonna go burn down a black-owned bakery because I'm Black Lives Matter.
It makes no sense.
But as long as we're just following something and believing it, that's what addicts do.
What they do makes absolutely No sense, but they just want to get their fix.
And that's what I'm seeing going on in this country, is people trying to get their fix of likes and acceptance in the worst way possible.
Sorry to be so serious as a comic.
It's just, I really do love talking about the elements that are going on right now because it does affect us.
There's articles that come out about Anthony every day.
There's articles that come out about right-wing and alt-right and all the stuff that's completely untrue.
If anything, I would say that I'm still liberal, but liberalism doesn't exist anymore.
Well, listen, I've been listening to Anthony Cumia for 15 years, and I can tell you, I would even call him a conservative.
He's just a populist, regular, fun guy.
And that's what I would consider you, and they don't want us to have fun.
That's what it is.
We just want to joke around like a couple guys hanging out, having fun.
That's why Anthony's drinking the whole show.
I'm making joke.
We have a good time.
And that is really what they want to avoid.
It's just a bunch of people getting together and having fun.
And look, they locked us in long enough that a bunch of people were like, hey, let's take down Wall Street.
And they started selling GameStop stock.
I mean, you can only mess with people so long until eventually they start fighting back.
And I think the only way to actually fix this is by getting the right messages out there.
We're convincing each other.
That we're racist and homophobic and that you should be aware of everybody and everybody's sick and touching anybody is wrong.
Like you not even being able to hug somebody is it's detrimental to your health and your mental state.
And we're leaving people locked up.
And I think that at least with comedy, you're able to bring somebody out and shine some light on it in a way where even if you don't agree with the comic, you should laugh.
And that's what I don't get about what's going on now.
Like I never had to agree with the comedian to find him funny.
In fact, a lot of what comics say is completely immoral and baseless, but you would just laugh.
And now, comics, it's come down to agree with everything that I say and clap, and then you have an hour-long special about sexual assault instead of about comedy.
And that's what they're putting out now, and then you just kind of want to tell jokes or tell your side of the story, and it's like, nah, now we need bravery.
And by bravery, I just mean the exact same carbon copy of each special.
Well, I'm glad I shut up for a few minutes.
You got to say a lot of smart stuff there.
How do we fight back against this?
I was telling my family just last night, my children, everybody, I said, we got to put the phones away.
We all know it's true.
We got to lock them away.
They just steal your day.
Even though I want to keep up with what the enemy's doing, it's a paradox, though.
I need to track what they're doing, but it also ruins my life doing it.
So how do I do this show, fight what they're doing, but balance it out and not let it be my sinner?
Because I actually worship These people, I hate them, I can't stand them.
But I actually know everything about AOC, everything about Joe Biden, Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping.
I shouldn't be looking at Xi Jinping ever.
I mean, what the hell's going on?
But I have to, because he's always up my ass.
Well, yeah, you have to look at AOC, because that's what she wants is attention, and she makes up stories about almost getting killed.
I mean, that's...
That's just what she said.
She never said Ted Cruz almost got her killed.
She said, Ted Cruz almost got me killed.
I never said that!
It's like new levels of lying.
It's like Maxine Waters said, I never said go out and confront people.
Yeah, it's like, no, you typed it and we all saw it.
And then with her, yeah, with Maxine Waters, it's like you're on film saying it.
Like your whole idea has been, forgive the violence and this is the voice of the people.
Rioting is the voice of the unheard because Martin Luther King said that.
And, you know, again, I think you're misinterpreting what he was trying to say.
I don't think he was saying writing was a positive and how you should handle it.
He was a peaceful protester and he was shot for being that way.
Same as Malcolm X was killed once he realized that there weren't really, you know, once he saw the world is no longer a color and all people, they were like, well, I guess we got to take him out.
Well, I hope you'll join us again.
If you're ever in Austin, I'd love to have you in studio with us.
So, where are you living right now?
I'm actually in New York right now.
Yeah, so I'm just living not too far from our studio, which I'm going to go do at 4 o'clock.
What are you going to do when Anthony moves to, what is it, North Carolina or whatever?
I'm still in the air about it.
I don't know.
I'm not sure yet, but he's definitely going to go down south.
What about you?
Are you going to get out of there?
I'm getting the hell out of New York.
I hate this city.
This is the worst city.
It's the worst city in America.
And by the way, I mean, I used to like New York.
I had a lot of great restaurants, great museums, great everything.
I used to have a lot of energy to it.
Now, I'm told it's like a ghost town.
Yeah, the restaurants are at the curb with three tables and I'm surrounded by a tent and there's just homeless people having sex everywhere.
I'm not even kidding.
It's seriously- No, I know.
I was out in L.A.
a few years ago on Skid Row and I don't know what- I'm not saying it's trannies, but there were like literally trannies that looked like undead, like vomiting and having sex covered in semen.
And I thought, well that's only one or two.
And I kept like, what's going on?
They're all on fentanyl having sex.
I mean, dudes passed out everywhere and piles of feces.
I was like, and it's like it goes on for miles and miles.
Yeah, fentanyl is definitely the thing.
I don't know what about it makes you just wear a wig and get covered and come, but it is certainly one of the side effects.
But I agree.
I used to live in L.A.
and I remember when Skid Row was a small area and it was very, very disarming.
But now it's become a large portion of the city all the way into like nice areas where there's mansions and It's unreal and nobody does anything about this.
We all just ignore this giant crisis while people pretend to be woke.
Yeah, I thought I'd seen crazy stuff, but I mean, I was there, we got some of it on tape, and I turn around, like zombies that were coming, it was two dudes, but one had like bra-bra on, and you could see his spinal cord, he was so skinny, and it looked, his skin looked like dripping candle wax, like it was all hanging, but with desire!
They had desire in their eyes, and we actually ran, I started throwing up, it smelled, I mean, I'm not, folks, I've told the story.
All right, listen, Dave, we appreciate you, and we look forward to having you back again with us very, very soon.
I appreciate you.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
We ended it well, ladies and gentlemen.
Folks, I've never seen anything like it.
But the worst part was I gasped and took in air and began vomiting.
I mean, it was horrible.
The cops were like, you sure you want to go?
We had a police escort with us.
I mean, they had like gang members and brand new Escalades threatening us and everything.
It was like insane.
I'm going to start the next hour, then the guest house is coming up.
I got some other stuff I'm going to hit.
I don't mean to be gross, folks.
I'm telling the truth, though.
Well, they're now official.
The masks never come off.
You're going to wear two of them.
Investigative journalist, Rappaport is going to be taking over here in about 10 minutes.
You know, when I do satire pieces, the media picks them up and says that I'm being serious.
But they're always very popular and I like doing it and I like having fun.
Maybe we should have a vote on InfoWars.com tomorrow.
Because I don't normally ask listeners their opinion on what I should personally do, though I respect your opinion.
I just can't even follow my own opinion about myself most of the time.
I just do whatever feels best at the time.
But maybe we should have a vote like, should Jones do satire?
Or should Jones only be serious?
Or should he do more comedy, less comedy?
Because I really want to do a satire show.
Where I just come in here for like a week, and I work for the New World Order.
And I call for censorship, and I call for drag queen story time.
And I call for open borders, and I call for world government.
And I just explain to the public, you're all bad, you should all kill yourselves.
Because that might actually get people's attention, because that's how the globalists really are.
I just sit here and go, please look at what they're doing, it's horrible, please, please.
And it's like, a lot of folks listen, but it's still like, eh, that's just Jones' opinion, you know?
When this is not my opinion, do you understand that I started the show with this, my film, and I don't even, did you guys check, do we even still sell this at infowarestore.com?
We do still sell it.
See, things never go away on the website.
It's on a wait list.
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Like 8-pack Power Stack, you can't reorder it.
They just, for some reason, once it's on the cart, you don't get rid of it for whatever reason.
So, yes, it has 100% reviews, but it's never coming back.
Because I'm not going to have the crew call Chicago, where they print these, and actually have some printed.
Because that would actually fund our operation.
And we don't do that.
Oh, it is available.
Okay, we'll see.
And I'm even going off with the crew telling you, don't you love that?
So I'm not bashing the crew now.
It is available.
Last time I heard it wasn't available.
What does it even matter?
You don't want to film band everywhere.
You don't want to film tells you what's going down.
You don't want to fund this operation.
See, I start getting off into even thinking about being a satire character and It's just, it's just something I'd love to do.
Because then I can come in here in the voice of the enemy and tell you all this.
But then, I'll never forget, we lost like 200,000 subscribers in a couple days.
Ten years ago, it must have been, on YouTube, because I put on Joker paint, and I said, take fluoride, kill yourself, world government's good, eh, when I was showing you kind of the enemy's archetype, and listeners got so freaked out, because let's just face it, I was way better than the last couple of Jokers in the movies.
I mean, I'd blow them away.
And people couldn't handle it.
So, are you ready for the Antichrist?
Hell, we might even, I don't want to be blasphemous, but you call the character Jesus, and just come in here and tell you how you're going to merge with machines, it's going to be beautiful, but all the rest of you need to just fade away and just kill yourselves for Gaia, and it's beautiful and it's good, but really we're going to erase Gaia, and erase the Earth, haha, and play God.
Because, I mean, that's what this is.
It's a dystopic nightmare, and if you look at most of history, these evil psycho groups come along and want to play God, and they do this all the time, but now they've got nuclear weapons and 5G!
And little computers that follow us around and track everything we do and brainwash us.
And so I'm sitting here telling you the truth, and I know the majority of you get it.
And I don't want you to be depressed about it, because it is, as Tom Brady said, not about the destination, but the journey.
The imperfection is the perfection.
People go, well, that's clichéd.
Well, it's clichéd because it's true.
We have clichés and stereotypes because they're true most of the time, right?
Oh, I don't believe the stereotype!
Oh, I don't believe the cliché!
Yeah, go ahead and, uh... Go ahead and move those gypsies to the next door to you.
See how that goes for you.
Go ahead and take that vaccine.
Have a miscarriage.
Be right back.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, John Rapoport's about to take over.
You know, there's a post-human takeover taking place, the plan to cull the planet, and they're just normalizing killing old people, normalizing killing young people, normalizing, you know, giving the pregnant doctors shots and, you know, their kid dies and they still say, I still support the shot.
They're just getting us normalized to accepting our own destruction.
They're getting us to adapt to our annihilation.
Like that big banker head told me on the American Airlines flight when I was flying to New York 14, 15 years ago.
And I've told the story probably 5,000 times.
He said, Jones, you don't get it.
You're going to adapt to the public and adapt to being enslaved and controlled.
And that's how it works because humanity is a failure and we're taking control.
And I love listeners go, Oh yeah, Jones, tell us the name.
Like you're making this up.
No, it was off a record.
That's why I, people have those discussions.
They understand that the currency I trade in is unless something's illegal, I will not give someone up.
Even I hate their guts and tell them I'm going to defeat them.
But just, this is all extremely real.
And they've got, quote, our best men working for them.
And it's a culture of disdain for the public, and when the public sits there and acts lackadaisical and like sheep, it emboldens these people.
But I will tell you, I'm proud of the fact that we've scared them, and that we've got their number, and that they... We used to be so arrogant, they weren't even worried about us.
And now you notice they're really scared, and the more they squeeze, the more resistance takes place.
They thought they were never even gonna have to do what they're doing.
They were going to sail us right into this thing, and have it all be soft and cushy and fun, and drug us all out and brainwash us, but instead, it's in the WikiLeaks.
They're like, alright, we've lost control of the public mind, go to culture war.
They won't be under our control, but they'll be killing each other, and they won't see what we're doing.
This is all a rearguard action for the derivatives and the meltdown and the global government and all the crap they're doing.
Trump had all his big problems.
I was hoping that he could fix things, turn them around.
I was an optimist.
I didn't think he would, actually.
I thought he was more of a speed bump.
But instead, he just energized the enemy to come at us with everything they've got.
Which is fine if we don't adapt by submitting, but adapt by overcoming.
Adapt and overcome.
When I was younger, I know what a Marine Corps saying meant, like, okay, adapt and overcome.
Well, you have to adapt by overcoming, not adapt by spreading your legs back on your ears.
And then the New World Order rapes you with cyanide.
We're adapting, we're overcoming, we're not submitting.
And people can look at me, burnout, me stressed, me looking old, and I'll give them the quote
of O'Brien, 1994, right back to Wednesday, except I'm not O'Brien.
I'm the anti-O'Brien.
So you look at me with black circles around my eyes and wrinkles and I look really stressed
Take the fact that I'm falling apart as the symbol of the vigilance and the virality,
the virile nature of the resistance that I am given and everything I got.
And my cells are expressed and are at war and are stressed out because I'm not avoiding conflict and pain.
I'm not avoiding evil.
I'm taking it on and it's not fun!
But I'll tell you this, it is definitely taking a hold of the electrical system of the universe.
And let me tell you, I've seen things and know things now few people do, because I've actually tuned into the zeitgeist.
And believe me, I know why other people can't handle it.
The globalists sign on to their Satanism and playing like they're God because they're pretending, because they're scared of the universe and how big it is and how deep it is.
Well, I'm not scared of it.
I'll tell you what I'm scared of is being for eternity, my energy, my spirit, my will bound up with these people.
I don't want to be bound to Sauron and the ring of doom, the ring of the devil.
I do not want to be with them and every part of my energy is to pull away from them.
And no matter what happens to me or my family, it's in God's hands and I don't judge God for that.
That's what men have done.
And I thank God for free will.
I'll say this before we hand the baton to our guest, Jon Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com.
One of my greatest frustrations is I don't like to scratch and claw to raise money.
And I don't like spending half my time raising money to run this operation.
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Well, that's where some of the best coffee in the world that's wild harvested, above organic, in the volcanic soil, better than Guatemalan coffee, and yeah, we buy it from the little farmers that The media calls communists, but really they're just a commune and whatever the point is, is that it's good coffee and we've got it and the farmers don't want the Mexican government takeover.
So I actually buy this from the Mexican rebels and I've been buying it for what, 14 years and the price has never gone up.
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It's Wake Up America Patriot Blend from the Chiapas Rebels, literally.
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Anyway, so, so...
Anyways, it's InfowarsStore.com and that's how we fund this operation.
And if you don't fund us or don't want us there, that's fine.
Because it's all in God's hands.
I mean, I used to try to do everything myself.
And I just, I'm not even at that point anymore.
I'm just like, it's all up to God.
It's all up to the universe.
It's all up to your will.
And we are all connected to God.
It's all up to what you want to do, folks.
It's in your hands.
But now, I mean, you think I'm happy this has all been proven accurate?
You think I'm glad we've all been proven accurate?
You think it's like, oh Jones, your show's the most avant-garde, everybody blah blah blah.
Everybody else goes, oh well at least Jones talked about it, or at least John Rapport talked about it.
I don't need that.
I need you to do it.
I need everybody to start a website.
I need everybody to be prominent.
I need everybody to speak out.
I need everybody to get involved.
You don't fight the establishment to become part of it.
You fight the establishment to get rid of it because it's parasitic and it's evil.
The globalists are always like, Jones, you know the rule of Plato.
There's three kinds of people.
There's the proletariat that doesn't care and is like animals, and then there's those that are the aristocracy and those that wish to be the aristocracy.
Now, what do you want?
You want a position with us in the aristocracy?
I do not want to be in the aristocracy.
You are the most manipulated, cold, unhappy, devoid of God people in the world.
You are the polar opposite of where I want to be in the universe.
I reject you.
I do not want to be around you.
I don't even hate you.
I do not want to be in the same universe with you.
Joy Reid, who claims we want to be you.
Yeah, lady, I want to be you.
Give me a break.
I don't even want to know of your existence.
John Rappaport takes over.
Then the War Room, coming up in T-minus 46 minutes.
John Rappaport.
Thank you, Alex.
Okay, folks, here we go.
Trump, globalism, and the Chinese takeover of America.
That's where we're going here.
Like you, for some time now, I've been thinking about this question.
What is it about Trump, really at the core, that so disturbed the establishment that they had to do everything that they've done to try to destroy him?
I mean, Unless you've been living in a cave for the last five or six years, you know everything that's been happening.
I mean, this is a single-minded effort to completely wipe him out and wipe out his followers.
Millions and millions of people.
Is it this?
Is it that?
Is it all kinds of reopened borders?
And really, when you get down to the rock bottom of the rock bottom, it's the fact of his rhetoric, what he said about globalism, about nationalism.
Not even talking about what he did, whether you approve or disapprove, whether you think That he made great progress or not, it's what he said and the way that he said it and the way that it attracted interest.
And we'll get to exactly that after this break.
All right, so Trump says globalism is bad.
What we need instead is nationalism.
Now forget about All of the peripheral issues.
Maybe they're not even peripheral.
Forget about whether he meant it or how much he meant it or what he then did or didn't do, whatever.
It's just saying that.
Saying that.
Nationalism is much more important than globalism.
What we need to do is strengthen America and not cooperate in some spider's web of Global connections with everybody else and sacrifice America on that altar.
He says that in one way or another over and over and over again.
And what happens?
Millions of people start showing up.
Here they come out of the woodwork.
They're showing up at rallies.
They're voting.
They're a mighty force.
This is catching on in other countries.
Worse yet, indeed, other leaders are beginning to follow suit and saying the same thing.
Do they mean it?
Well, maybe they do.
Maybe they don't.
Maybe they're just trying to get reelected or get votes.
But nevertheless, the message is moving across the planet everywhere and people Who are not in positions of great political power are waking up to it and are being magnetized by it.
And saying, yeah, you know what?
That makes sense.
It makes a lot of sense because I lost my job when my company moved its manufacturing plant to China.
And then I didn't have any work anymore and everybody kept telling me it's a good thing because The stuff that we were making in the U.S.
in the factory was now being made in China and they would sell it back to us at much cheaper prices than we were producing it here in America.
But guess what?
I'm out of a job.
I can't afford to buy it.
Regardless, expensive, cheap, what difference does it make?
I'm screwed.
All those people and more began to come out of the woodwork and say, yeah, what have we been thinking?
Why should we be cooperating with everybody, everywhere, on some suicidal path of economic destruction?
Especially, why should we be cooperating with China?
Because China is not just an economic competitor.
China is an enemy.
And in that regard, I just want to recommend one article to you.
It's called 30 Tyrants by Lee Smith.
You can find it.
It's around.
It's online.
It's a fantastic article about America's elite class that has developed a more or less sworn allegiance to China and how that happened and what they are trying to protect in their Profit-making venture with China.
The 30 Tyrants, Lee Smith.
It's a real eye-opening article.
And it's about globalism of this particular brand.
When you think about the roots of globalism and how it grew as a movement, how insane it actually is.
Okay, so listen, this is what we're going to do.
We're going to take our manufacturing base and we're going to shut it down, basically.
And we're going to move all these companies to other nations where the labor is much cheaper and the products can be made at a lower price and then we'll ship the products back here for sale.
So, for the remaining companies here that are trying to manufacture those products in America, And sell them in America?
Trying to compete against these American companies that have moved offshore and are now making these products for pennies on the dollar?
What compete?
There is no compete.
There's only destruction of the American economy.
That's all that you could or would predict.
That's all that could possibly happen.
Especially when you're talking about China.
And then on top of that, the globalists say now, to be sure, we've got these free trade treaties that are going to guarantee that when these cheap, cheap, cheap products that are made offshore are shipped back here for sale, that there will be no tariffs whatsoever.
No tariffs, no taxes, so to speak, on the products to try to level the playing field No, we don't want that at all.
Well, that's called suicide.
That's called planned suicide.
And it's been growing as an economic elite movement, in case you haven't been aware, for the last 50, 60 years at a furious pace.
And there are many partners.
New York Times, Washington Post, all the television networks, major networks, major governments of the world, major banks, major intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, of course, big-time corporations, financiers like George Soros, investors.
Because another part of the globalist framework is that Major investors with deep pockets and international megacorporations can roam the global landscape like predators.
They can go to a country.
They can invest all kinds of money.
They can buy up, for example, say, in an African country, utilities like water and electricity and so on, and privatize them and own them.
But at the same time, if they don't like the setup, Or if they feel they're not making enough money, there's no law keeping them from just taking their money out and walking away, leaving everybody else on the hook.
Doesn't matter.
You roam free.
You're a predator.
This is not capitalism.
This is crony capitalism, which is far, far, far different.
So that's another tenet of globalism.
Another description of mass suicide.
Now China is a major, major, major player in globalism.
But China is basically the regime I'm talking about is for China.
China will cooperate in all globalist ventures when it sees that they are useful and worthwhile for themselves.
But they are not Rockefeller globalists in the traditional sense of we're in this to cooperate with high-level predators and thieves and murderers and so on to run the world economy.
Only if it suits us, but we China are in it basically for ourselves and there'll be more about this after break.
Okay, so China looks at Trump.
China is for China, the regime.
They cooperate in certain globalist ventures, to be sure.
But the last thing China wants is for America to suddenly become nationalistic.
And that's what Trump is talking about, regardless of what he's doing or is going to do or didn't do, whatever.
This is very dangerous language.
This is very dangerous rhetoric.
This is drawing in huge, huge, huge numbers of people who say, yeah, we like that.
We like that idea of nationalism.
We like the idea of bootstrapping our own lives and working and earning and not being harassed by the government and so on.
So we like being free.
That's basically it.
We don't want to have Entangling foreign alliances, as George Washington characterized.
China looks at this and says, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
And this guy, Trump, on top of that is trying to renegotiate deals with us.
He's trying to get American companies that have gone offshore to China, to us, where we are in China, where we can control them to a degree.
And he wants to bring back these countries to America.
Wait a minute.
We got to get rid of this guy.
We have to get rid of this guy.
Not because he's a racist, because he doesn't want open borders, because he is whatever he is or says, or things that he's supposedly done, or all of the because he cooperated with Russia, this, that, the Hillary emails, blah, blah, blah, all of this.
All of these attempts to take him down were part of a much larger operation that, as its seed, had the fact that the man was President of the United States, he was sitting in the Oval Office, and he was talking about anti-globalism, anti-China, anti-interdependence of everything, everywhere, in some vast spider web.
And instead was talking about nationalism.
Gotta go.
The man has to go.
So let's look at some of the Chinese operations here.
And there are many, too many to crowd into one hour.
First and foremost, the lockdowns, the COVID lockdowns.
I've talked about this to the point where, you know, I don't have any more left to say.
I've written and I've talked about it.
I've shown that there was no conclusive discovery of a new virus in Wuhan, that the whole lockdown was a political and economic move.
Suddenly 50 million, 60 million people locked down in China, supposedly to stop the spread of the virus.
But it was really part of the plan to signal a planetary lockdown so other nations would follow suit.
Which is a very, very good way to stop all kinds of nationalistic fervor and movements.
You lock down everybody.
You just lock them down.
You promote fear porn.
The virus, the virus is everywhere.
It's going to kill everybody.
No, it isn't.
No, it's not.
But that's the tune.
And World Health Organization picks up on it.
CDC, public health departments all over the world, fascist governors in America, fascist Premiers, Presidents, they're all locked in.
They're all ready.
What's really been planned as the so-called pandemic is the response, is the lockdowns, is the messaging wall-to-wall, is the captured major media news cycle 24-7 over and over and over and over again.
And that's what happens.
And it just so happens That is part of nationalism.
Trump's message was, of course, build up the U.S.
And so what takes the biggest gigantic hit during this fake COVID outbreak is the U.S.
Nobody is even willing to talk about on major media the true extent of the destruction in terms of small and medium-sized businesses People thrown out of work, bankruptcies, suicides, drug addictions, broken families, etc.
All stemming, not talking about coronavirus, talking about the lockdowns, the closures of businesses and so on.
This operation originated in China with the Chinese regime, the lockdowns.
The immediate lockdowns which were done for no real medical reason.
It was an economic move.
It was a Chinese regime move.
It was a globalist move.
Let's look at the fact that the Chinese were the first to reopen their economy.
You know, hey, we're booming again.
Everything's great.
Meanwhile, Italy is totally locked down.
Europe is locking down.
Trump is buying some insane computer model funded by Bill Gates at the Imperial College of London, Neil Ferguson, a failed modeler, saying two million deaths in America, 500,000 in England by last summer.
Destruction, destruction, destruction, destruction.
China reopens their economy.
Hey, we're booming.
Everything's great.
Let's look across the world at what we've instigated here.
Destruction of all of our enemies.
Isn't that terrific?
Isn't that fantastic?
Chinese regime for China.
We've got the fact that in America there's this thing called the Confucius Institute, which, in case you haven't noticed, has been pouring funds into American colleges and universities to start what ostensibly looked like Social organizations, they bring over Chinese students, they fund professorships at colleges and universities, but really they are propaganda outlets whose purpose is to make sure that these colleges and universities, which are sucking up Chinese regime money, are presenting a very good face in their descriptions of China.
That's what these things are all about.
So the Trump administration became aware of this and decided to cut off funding and to try to close down university and college support for Confucius Institutes, which I understand in the last week or two, now it's back on again.
Now under the Biden administration, it looks like all of this propaganda, Confucius Institute insanity is going to be reborn.
In American colleges and institutes.
In order to create, once again, a very good face on the description of the Chinese regime in America.
That's yet another operation.
And if you read thoroughly the article that I've recommended to you at the top of the show, 30 Tyrants by Lee Smith, you will see that there has been born in America Over the last, let's call it 50, 60 years, a congealing elite class of people who are making huge amounts of money off of relationships, financial, economic relationships with China.
And these people in America are recognizing each other and realizing that they have great commonality.
And so they have power.
They've come together.
Talking about people like Senator Dianne Feinstein.
And her husband, etc.
Read the article, you'll see all the people that are mentioned here.
And what they are doing is protecting their own interests, their financial interests, and their interest as an elite class in America from being exposed, from having this very beneficial economic surrender to China, cancelled by the Trump administration.
And so they have joined forces over the last five, six years to destroy Trump completely as well.
That's yet another facet of this whole globalist Chinese operation that you should be aware of.
Coming up on a break.
Don't go anywhere.
Much more to come.
Last segment here in this hour, John Rappaport on InfoWars.
Let's look at some of these other Chinese operations.
First of all, all the U.S.
That have now manufacturing facilities in China, headquarters in China.
They are being perverted completely because they are surrendering to the Chinese regime's policy on human rights.
Slavery, slave labor, concentration camps, breakup of families, destruction, human destruction on a vast scale, absolute control.
Wall-to-wall surveillance systems that are being developed in China that are growing by leaps and bounds.
Research by institutes and corporations cooperating with the Chinese regime in China.
And China is exporting pieces of those surveillance systems to other countries.
At last count, I counted at least 10 other countries that they are selling those surveillance systems to.
Locked down, again, from another vector.
The Chinese regime plan by 2030, hopefully, as far as they're concerned, is to have wall-to-wall, real-time surveillance, real-time, on every square inch of space, indoors and outdoors in China.
Everything happening.
In real-time.
Pieces of that system are what they are selling.
The tacit and overt cooperation from U.S.
corporations doing business in China and with China is what they're getting from those corporations, including, of course, big tech.
So this is a slave operation.
You know, I mean, it's saying, these companies are saying to the Chinese regime, we're going along with you.
We don't care.
You can have slave labor.
You can have disruption of human life.
We're in on this with you.
We're part of that system now.
We don't want to separate from you, China.
We want our globalist dream to come true to fruition because we're making all kinds of money off of it and exerting all kinds of control with it.
We don't want to separate.
So don't mistake us for Whatever, Trumpers, freedom lovers, patriots, nationalists, any of that.
We're not any of that.
We're against that.
We'll help you destroy it.
We will help you destroy it.
We'll make it destroyed.
Because we're with you, Chinese regime.
That's what is actually happening.
So when that dust up occurred, With the NBA, and the shoe contracts, and Nike in China, and people say, oh, you know, free speech is fine, but let's not take it too far, because some executive of an NBA team supported the Hong Kong protesters.
Ooh, you're endangering all of the shoe sales in China from the NBA stars.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're endangering the slavery operation in China.
That's what the media should have been reporting because that's what was hanging in the balance.
You betcha.
You betcha.
So that's happened.
That's the Chinese operation.
How do we pervert the will, the consciousness, the morality of American and other gigantic corporate people?
so that they will go along with our demonic plans for the planet.
Nixon Rockefeller Kissinger They opened up China to free trade, to diplomatic relations in the early 1970s.
That was a key moment.
And David Rockefeller had written in the New York Times in 1973, when he came back to China, Yes, we know they took, you know, radical means in order to bring their society under control.
But look at the miracle that they've wrought and the progress that they've made.
And it's quite fantastic.
And he praised China to the skies.
After the regime had killed, I don't know, between 30 and 70 million people in a famine, just as part of their gaining complete control over the country.
Not a problem.
Not a problem for the globalists.
Not a problem at all.
It's not a problem for any of those big tech corporations and major financiers and investors and so forth who are going along with the Chinese plan of complete slavery.
Complete and utter slavery.
All right.
I gotta go back to the corporations again.
The universities, rather.
Because there has been an endless, enormous leakage, planned leakage, of whatever you want to call it, classified, top secret data, science, research, particularly in the area of nanotechnology, but not confined to that.
Flowing from America to China.
There have been several arrests made during the Trump administration.
I have a feeling all that's going to be reversed now under the Biden administration.
Which is loyal to China.
But the idea was, under the guise of promoting openness, You know, love, international scientists all working together and so on and so on.
The actual Chinese operation is to have spies, agents, assets paid, planted in the U.S.
who would be carrying information back to China.
Very, very sensitive information.
Very sensitive.
Not just a little trickle.
But a Niagara Falls, and not just once or twice, but over a period of decades, to enable the Chinese military machine, to enable their medical machine.
Because one thing that I omitted when I was talking about the Chinese surveillance system that they're developing wall to wall is they also want to have interior surveillance.
Nanotechnology, nanotech, nanoparticles in the body that operate as both receivers of instructions and transmitters of information on physiological processes inside the body and brain in real time, which means that they are surveilling human body from an exterior point in real time.
And that is not science fiction.
That is the cutting edge of nanoparticle research.
And I've cited the journal studies and so forth in articles at NoMoreFakeNews that show this is a fact.
Chinese are utilizing, so are the Americans.
So are research labs in many countries.
But the Chinese want the best and the brightest information vis-a-vis this subject, and they're getting it.
By the truckload from America.
That's yet another Chinese operation.
And I'll close with this one.
There are three major entities, corporate entities, which control, to a fantastic extent, corporate America.
And they are investment funds.
Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street.
Owners of these companies are all hardwired into the medical establishment.
They all serve on boards of major hospitals and so on.
In other words, they completely buy into the medical paradigm.
So it's no surprise that because these three men who control Vanguard, Stage Treatment, BlackRock, have such fantastic control Over shareholder control, I'm talking about.
Over the majority of major American corporations.
The majority of major American corporations.
That they would be supporting the lockdowns and that the CEOs of these corporations, whose main shareholders are Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street would not be rebelling against the lockdowns.
They would be going along with it.
And now it turns out that these three giant investment funds have had relationships with China in the sense that they buy shares in Chinese companies that are related to the Chinese military.
And during the Trump administration, an executive order ordered them to stop doing that.
And now I expect that to be reversed soon.
And that's my segment today.
See you next time.
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The number one question I get on the street is, "Alex, I love your show, but are you for
Do you really mean the things you say?"
Well, I mean, anybody that's followed the show and written down what I said is going
to happen knows almost all of it's now unfolding.
So it's very, very frustrating.
You don't need to sit there and put your faith in me.
Or your faith in the Dalai Lama.
Or your faith in the Private Federal Reserve.
Or your faith in some televangelist on TV.
You just have to have a memory and write down and remember the things I've laid out.
You can go research those things for yourself.
You can find out, is this guy more often than not right?
You'll find out about 95% of the time I'm right.
There's nothing more I'd like than to be wrong, but here's the deal.
I am so angry at the Q people, not because they were awake to the new world order, not because they were exposing child kidnapping rings, that's all great, but because they had this feeling of invincibility.
And this attitude that they didn't have to document anything because they were just going off some 8-chan board.
I can show you DW.EU.
I can show you the London Guardian.
I can show you thousands of children a month kidnapped, tortured, some killed.
I can show you the Catholic Church with nuns delivering little boys to be gang raped by men.
That's just this week.
My God, there's so many articles and trials and convictions just on that subject that I can't even look at it all.
I don't want to.
I'm sick of it.
Even though it's my job to expose it, it's a horror to focus on it.
So people say, Jones, are you for real?
I mean, I'm as real as a heart attack.
I'm as real as getting hit by a bus.
I'm as real as a train wreck.
Because I'm covering what's really happening in the world.
Everybody else just sells out to the system.
They go on to get along.
But it's been my job to tell the truth, as best I can.
I'm not perfect.
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So when you support us, you've got a commitment from me that I'm going to support you and not sell out or back down.
That's a fact.
And so InfoWars is such a brain trust.
We've come so far together and I know our best work is to come.
I am literally in your hands.
And without your financial support, without your prayer, without your word of mouth, the Transfecta... InfoWars is done.
I'll have to phase it out in the next six months, and have a skeleton crew, and try to keep a defense up against the Globals, but it'll be a shadow of its former self.
And that's not some victimology there.
Everybody else has already been shut down.
That's the reality.
So I'm going to explain this again.
You invested in Infowars.
You built Infowars.
And it hit the motherlode of justice and truth and freedom.
So now it's under attack.
So now that it's proven, now that it's bonafide, now that it's the real McCoy and you know that, You don't have to ask whether I'm for real or not because you can see the proof right there.
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I'm in your hands, you're in my hands.
Let's take action and win together.