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Name: 20210209_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 9, 2021
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A study in Oman Medical Journal reveals high bacterial contamination on used surgical masks, especially when worn for prolonged periods. Hospital personnel often reuse the same mask, increasing contamination levels. The solution is to replace masks frequently. Alex Jones discusses his new website Bandai Video and the need for a platform for those suppressed by big tech. He also comments on Facebook's admission that they want users to feel depressed. Paul Joseph Watson talks about police investigating public spaces for noncompliance with mask rules, and British citizens facing prison time for not self-isolating after returning from red list countries. The speaker discusses how governments have been able to impose restrictions more easily due to the precedent set by COVID-19 and Mariana Mazzucato's proposal for "climate lockdowns". These measures include limiting private vehicle use, banning consumption of red meat, and imposing extreme energy saving measures. Proponents may argue that they are necessary based on decreased CO2 emissions during the pandemic.

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How do I not give these people my focus when I've got to sit there all day and track their lies and their fraud and their garbage?
You think I want to look at Nancy Pelosi and Junkie Schumer?
You think I want to read DNC lawyers?
Being sent to me?
They're not going to leave us alone.
They're not going to leave us alone in our houses, our bedrooms, anywhere.
They're not going to stop.
So if they want to fight, they're going to get one.
Oh my gosh, you're talking about fighting?
What's that mean?
You know what that means!
It means I'm going to fight you economically, culturally, spiritually, and if you keep pushing me and you try to attack me, of course I'll get up and smash your ass!
And you know that!
But when they see that Oak Farm Seed to Table, three big stores beating Whole Foods, beating everybody else, because it's mom and pop and it's quality, it's a little bit more because they know the other guys have a monopoly, and the system is crapping its dirty britches.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
In this article, the secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election, they say in there that it was a conspiracy of big money and big corporations of both parties.
Remove Trump and install Biden.
That's what super villains do.
They like to rub
Things end.
But let's begin by going behind the scenes of Fox's surprise ouster of Loot Ops.
It's not cancel culture here.
It is consequence culture.
We have a responsibility to not just build tools, but to make sure that they're used for good.
Ahead to 2020, are you ahead right now?
I'm confident in where we are now.
We've learned a lot since 2016, where obviously we were behind where we needed to be on defenses.
I think we at this point have probably some of the most advanced systems of any company or government in the world for preventing the kind of tactics that Russia and now other countries as well have tried, kind of copying what Russia did in 2016.
How many times have you blocked Democratic candidates for office?
How many times have you blocked Republican officeholders?
How many times have you blocked Democratic officeholders?
Twitter has repeatedly refused to answer that question with specific hard data.
Will you commit in this hearing right now to answer those questions in writing?
That's exactly what we're pushing for as we think about building upon 230.
Is that a yes that you will answer those questions in writing?
We're going to work to answering broader transparency around outcomes.
Alright, that's a no.
Mr. Zuckerberg, how about you?
Will you commit that Facebook will answer those specific questions cataloging the number of instances in which Democrats in 16, 18, and 20 have been silenced versus the number of instances in which Republicans have been silenced on Facebook?
Senator, I'm not sure if we have that data available, but I will follow up with you or your team.
There are now hundreds of current and former CIA desk jockeys, analysts, posing for mainstream TV, showing their CIA badges, and holding their finger up to their ear pieces with sunglasses on, saying they're coming to kill us.
It's very difficult for intelligence and law enforcement to find, to discover, and to disrupt lone wolves, right?
So we really need, we really need the help of the community, of the family and friends to give us warnings, right, about these kind of people.
Tradition is the incitement of insurrection against our government.
And clearly what Donald Trump has done, certainly over the past two months since the election, is to encourage this mob
And to encourage them to take these actions into their own hands.
This Homeland Security warning is stark, describing a heightened threat environment from domestic violent extremist groups that may be emboldened to act by the successful breach of the U.S.
These groups celebrated what they did on January 6.
Tom Warrick is a former Homeland Security official.
How severe is the threat?
This is based on what they must be seeing, that indeed everybody is seeing in social media, that these groups are continuing to say they're going to carry out acts of violence.
Following protests in the Pacific Northwest, The Warning says groups are also motivated by the 2020 election results, and extremists may be inspired to target elected officials.
They've captured America.
They've run America.
They didn't steal the election, they took it.
The U.S.-China relationship is probably one of the most important in the entire world.
Why haven't you called Xi Jinping?
Well, we haven't had occasion to talk to one another yet.
There's no reason not to call him.
I've said to him all along that we need not have a conflict, but there's going to be extreme competition.
And I'm not going to do it the way that he knows this because he's been sending signals as well that I'm not going to do it the way Trump did.
We're going to focus on international rules of the road.
Will that definition of bipartisanship be the one that's going forward with this White House?
Well, the president ran on unifying the country, not on creating one political party.
They're moving towards that existential battle they want to have with us.
Licking their chops.
They intend to make it racial, even though it's not.
It's a globalist, foreign, shycom takeover.
Very, very sad.
And the Pentagon is completely captured by traitors at the top.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live and we are broadcasting worldwide on this Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 transmission.
I do intend to open the phones up.
Some here today.
And we also, joining us in the second hour, have the owner of that grocery store in Naples, Florida, that's so popular, where they've never worn masks, we've now learned, and is really the epicenter of the mask rebellion that is now starting to take place.
Obviously, in the next hour, they say in the next 55 minutes or so, they're going to kick off the long, several-week-long impeachment trial in the Senate of the president.
Again, last January, in 2020, he was only indicted in the House, but never tried the Senate.
It was voted down by a simple downvote.
This time, ladies and gentlemen, they're going to actually have the trial.
You notice John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is not there.
Because under the Constitution, a 10-year-old can read it, you have to be a sitting president
in office to be impeached.
It's a constitutional fact that, again, a smart five-year-old could read it and understand it, but just your average dumb 10-year-old, maybe with a 70 IQ, could figure that out.
So instead, they're having Democrat senators carry it out, and it's just, it's total fraud.
Absolute, total, and complete fraud.
And so they're first going to have
Four hours of debate, and that's probably going to be longer than that.
So most of the day will be filled up, if not longer, with debate about the constitutionality
of what is about to unfold with the sham impeachment trial and it is a sham by the very definition.
We'll have a live feed from our satellite.
We want a nice crisp feed of the trial.
It is on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We'll be cutting in and out of it when there's something interesting to hear but I'm not going to object you to Chuckie Schumer.
I think so.
And just incredible COVID news.
You know, I've been talking a lot about this and nobody else really has.
It's been bizarre.
Thank God Tucker Carlson talked about it last night.
We're going to cover that next segment.
Illegal aliens just get released and don't get checked for COVID.
But if you're out wearing your mask at the Super Bowl or not wearing it, you need to go to jail, says the corrupt, crazy mayor of Tampa Bay.
We've got so much more.
Coming up on all of these different fronts here today.
But this is such an important report.
I don't normally air reports twice in a row, but we aired this at the end of the show yesterday.
This is one of the most important reports we've ever put out.
It's in the Gregory section of Band.Video.
It's titled, In Game Now, Globalist Purge Imminent, False Flags Imminent.
And so I am begging you, if you want to stop these people and also expose their operation, they're pre-programming the public, getting them ready right now, go to Banned.Video.
And I'm also going to ask in the live feed of the show today that we repost this on the live feed of the show on the front page of InfoWars.com.
So the end game is now.
The number one issue is imminent false flags.
Here it is.
During his inauguration speech, Joe Biden spoke of confronting and defeating domestic terrorism.
A rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.
John Brennan, former director of the CIA, went on MSNBC that evening and labeled libertarians as domestic terrorists.
I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed
...are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we've seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country, and they gain strength, and it brings together an unholy alliance, frequently, of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.
A libertarian is a supporter of a political philosophy that advocates minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens.
A person who advocates civil liberty.
But now, in America, a libertarian is a terrorist.
A Trump supporter is a terrorist.
A constitutional American is a terrorist.
Make no mistake, tyranny has arrived in America.
And history tells us what comes next.
The tyrants will now go after all political dissidents.
There was a time when the liberal media supported democracy and freedom.
During the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the American media seemed to recognize the dangers of the CCP.
But now, along with Hollywood and major sports, the news media is all owned by globalist multinational corporations and the CCP.
The pop culture media machine has made all of this possible, and it is now busy preparing their brainwashed flock for mass arrests and re-education camps.
A Bernie Sanders staffer and the principal counsel for PBS were separately caught on camera calling for rounding up Trump supporters and putting them in re-education camps.
But that was before Biden was in the White House.
Now it's all out in the open.
Popular Morning Television co-host Megan McCain, daughter of John McCain, who funded ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the ongoing war on terror debacle, says that American patriots need to be treated the same as Al-Qaeda terrorists.
I'm not against sending these people to Gitmo, and that may sound extreme.
These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own republic.
They should be treated the same way we treat Al-Qaeda.
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace suggests the possibility of killing Americans with drone strikes.
Attacking terrorism at its root, of going after and killing, and in the case of Omar al-Awlaki, an American, a Yemeni American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism.
Regional Director of California Democrats unapologetically suggests rounding up 75 million Americans and putting them in concentration camps.
Americans are now being psychologically prepared for the rounding up, brainwashing, torture, and mass murder of American patriots.
It is critical that the FBI does launch the largest manhunt in U.S.
history, drag all of these people into prison, and if they're inside the Capitol, for a full 20 years for committing sedition against the United States of America.
The question is, how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?
Almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow
Somehow need to be deprogrammed.
Once we educate them, we coach them on how to interact.
We probably need to double, triple, quadruple or increase funding for these de-radicalization programs.
Biden's press secretary announces how leftist NGOs will be involved in performing threat assessments on domestic terrorists.
Meaning, if you oppose their Marxist ideology, you're a threat to them.
This is all part of the leftist playbook.
The Weather Underground was planning for this in the 1970s.
They felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.
I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate?
That are die-hard capitalists?
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
It is now undeniably here.
HR 127 will require psychological evaluations and a public database for all gun owners.
With the entire nation divided into patriots and obedient cowards, they know who you are.
And they know they have the support of the brainwashed masses.
Alright folks, that is just part of the report.
There's three minutes left in it.
It is incredibly important.
It is at band.video.
Endgame now.
This is your mission.
Get it.
Email it.
Text message it.
Share it.
Show it to your work.
Show it to your church.
Do as I say, not as I do.
Every major Democrat.
But also the European leaders as well.
The Australian leaders.
The Mexican leaders.
The Canadian leaders.
The South African leaders.
They've all been caught not wearing their mask at dinner, at big parties, in public, not social distancing.
But then they say, you'll be prosecuted and you will be if they can catch you.
Well, you need to challenge it.
It's all unconstitutional.
That matter of state and federal courts have said it's unconstitutional.
They just keep writing the tickets.
They just keep oppressing the people, even though the masks don't protect you.
And Fauci has now come out, I'll play the clip coming up, and said, oh, when there's zero cases of coronavirus, you will not have to wear a mask.
Folks, it's the common cold.
It's a problem you can't fix.
It's why it's so genius what they did.
So now, one case ever, and 96% of the tests are false positive,
And now they admit.
Vaccines don't work, you will take them.
Masks don't work, you will wear them.
I loved Owen Schroeder's headline yesterday.
Whoever came up with it, either Owen or the producer Scott did, and it says it all.
Rules for clown world!
Masks don't work, wear it.
Vaccines don't work, take it.
And again, we name each live show, and when it's archived, it has that same name.
Very powerful broadcast.
I watched several hours of it yesterday when it was rebroadcasting.
Rules for Clown World.
You know, Fight Club's got its rules.
Same rule.
Don't talk about Fight Club.
Well, this is Rules for Clown World.
We're in Upside Down World.
And so now the latest thing...
You know, if the Democrats caught on hot mic saying, we just do this to create fear, we do it for optics, we do it for control, which we've caught them all, a bunch of them on tape saying that.
Now, the mayor of Tampa Bay gets up there in a press conference with the police and shakes her finger at everybody.
And she says, we're gonna prosecute you, we're gonna catch you!
Meanwhile, she got caught at a football game a few months ago, not wearing the damn mask with hundreds of people around her.
Because she's the establishment.
She doesn't have to.
That's why I love Tom Brady.
He's a Trump supporter.
He's criticized the mask.
He's a patriot.
He criticized when they said, remember they said he had COVID?
He demanded more tests and he didn't have COVID?
Then they were mad he was exercising in a park.
What a criminal!
You're supposed to be locked up in jail!
Tom Brady gets it.
That was real leadership, not wearing the damn mask.
I do it all the time.
Busybodies come over, and I explain to them how the cow ate the cabbage.
They want me to leave their facility?
I do.
I've never been thrown out one time.
Not one time.
You may be fine, but the point is the mask is never coming off, and then it bolsters all the lies about the whole thing.
So let's play clip one first.
Let's play the Tampa mayor, and then we'll put up some photos of her in public without mask, saying the police are coming to get you.
The borders are wide open.
The Border Patrol says they've been ordered to stand down.
So's the military.
60 days.
Just stand down.
Just do nothing but stare in the mirror of your white person.
You're a racist.
The Australian military stood down too.
They're all learning how they're racist.
This is Marxist, Leninist, social justice stuff.
That's what this is.
Ruling, laptop, lovey-dovey, liberal class.
I didn't know they call them the lovey-dovey lovey-loves, but I was watching a lot of Australian TV lately and they actually separately call them the same thing I call them.
I go, oh, so loving with your laptop and your ruling class and you don't lose your job, but we all do.
Oh, you're so good.
You're not like those nasty miners or truck drivers or farmers.
No, you don't get your hands dirty.
I mean, watch Australian national TV and they call them the loveys and all this, their lovey fest and all their lies.
I mean, people see the same thing no matter where you are in the world.
So anyways, here is this degenerate, evil, virtue-signaling mayor who joins Lightfoot and Pelosi and Wolf and... All of them!
They all... Cuomo!
They all do it!
Here it is.
Everyone knows that simply wearing a mask dramatically reduces the spread of COVID-19.
No we don't, you lying sack of garbage.
And I'm proud to say that the majority of individuals that I spoke to are talking about enjoying the festivities associated with the Super Bowl.
We're complying.
You know, we had tens of thousands of people all over the city.
Downtown, out by the stadium, Ybor City, down here in Channelside, and very, very few incidents.
So, I'm proud of our community, but those few bad actors will be identified, and the Tampa Police Department will handle it.
Oh, is your face scanning?
There just has to be that level of personal responsibility.
Oh yeah, we're all dirty, we're all evil.
Advise them of the science behind it.
Turn it off.
Oh, it's always the science.
Like, 5 million would be dead, 3 million would be dead, 4%, 5% death rate.
All of it lies.
All of it fraud.
All of it garbage.
With Democrat governors sending real COVID patients that can actually kill old people into the damn nursing homes.
To kill them!
Oh, there she is at the football party.
I mean, she's in hundreds of photos and videos just gallivanting around with all these other slugs.
Because the leftists, you know, they don't have to follow the same rules as us.
They are special!
Just like Governor Newsom!
So let's go to another crazy woman.
Gotta see the still shots of her on InfoWars.com.
This is CNN mask Karen.
Freaks out.
Looks like she's on, you know, 15 Adderalls.
Calls police on Super Bowl revelers because they're not buying the frickin' hoax.
I'm seriously considering moving to Florida.
It's got a lot of problems, but they got guts and common sense and that's enough.
I'm serious.
I go to Destin a couple times a year.
It's like more listeners than anywhere I've seen.
I can't walk in a parking lot, in a store, everybody... Half the people are awake.
The other half, though, get in your face, say wear a mask, and tell them burn in hell.
But it is just crazy, ladies and gentlemen.
I can't live in Austin anymore.
It is like the worst of LA.
It's right outside town.
It's great.
But I am, I am, I am imprisoned here!
You know, my frickin' family founded this damn state!
Let's go ahead and go to this clip.
Here is the CNN mask Nazi.
Look at that chicken neck dude.
Let me show you this.
This is a huge amount of people, hundreds of people in the street and you can see most of them are not even wearing masks.
We're also told that they were on the dance floors in a lot of these clubs and the dance floors right now during the pandemic are supposed to actually be closed.
I gave a call to Tampa police to ask them what's going on with all these people that are out and about and not wearing masks because there is a mask mandate in the city of Tampa while this pandemic is underway and during this time.
This pandemic is underway that never ends.
Well, there's not one case and the U.N.
runs everything.
Just don't get the mayor.
She's allowed to not wear it.
She's like, I gotta get my hair done.
Or Lightfoot.
I look like Admiral Atmar.
I gotta have a little, you know, Chia Pet thing growing on top of my ugly head.
Got eyeballs on each side of her head.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, I agree with Governor Lightfoot.
You should wear a mask, lady, because you're ugly.
But seriously.
You know that type of woman if she's got kids.
She's the type of woman that tells her kids they're all sick, keeps them sick, keeps them scared.
You know, mama's gonna put all her fears into you like Pink Floyd says.
These are monster chicken-neck control freak authoritarian women that serve big mega banker men who oppress and scare the hell out of you and keep you like scared kindergarten children.
It's like those nuns, you know, in Germany shipping the kids off to be gang raped.
All a bunch of sick freaks trying to rule over us.
Burn in hell, CNN!
Burn in hell!
I am so honored to be with you on air.
Every day we're here really could be our last.
And it's always that way.
You could be struck by a bolt of lightning.
You could have an aneurysm.
You could die in a car wreck.
You could have a nuclear war.
They're saying that's the highest threat level ever.
I tend to agree with them.
God could decide to go ahead and blow the planet up or one of God's servants.
We really are in the grip of an extremely authoritarian, out-of-control, globalist group.
And I really just want to say this up front.
In a way, that's positive, because all the sneaking around is over now.
They're just out in the open with their lies, out in the open with their control, out in the open wanting to depopulate this planet.
And they're totally ruthless, and they're distracting us with all this racism talk, whether you are in Europe, or Australia, or New Zealand, or the US, or Canada, or Iceland.
It doesn't matter, because the banks are robbing your future, they're robbing the value of your currencies.
They are vertically integrating economies where there's no basic real economy for the little guy.
This is a takeover just like has been done in the third world where they keep the third world from ever actually developing and only allow islands of development that exploit the populations.
I mean when I watch AOC say cauliflower is racist because it's white.
By the way, it's from Africa.
When I watch them do that, they're told to do that to where people are just paralyzed with seeing racism everywhere.
When the globalists are taking our rights, spying on us, destroying our children's attention spans with the phones and the laptops and the iPads, and just rendering down the population and putting the population into a trance,
To build a post-human world.
I mean, this is so big, so diabolical, and it's from them!
And I'll say this again, I haven't really told this story but a couple times in the last 20 years.
I told it a few weeks ago, not the whole story, but John Ronson put out Secret Rulers of the World.
It was a very popular show that aired in England and then in the U.S.
and all over the world.
And in it, he interviews Harry Shearer, that's at Spinal Tap.
Great actor, love him.
And Best in Show.
I mean, I love those movies they make.
And also, one of the voices, the main voice of The Simpsons.
And he said, he said, no, I mean, you listen to Alex Jones on shortwave radio, and this guy's one of the greatest writers ever.
And you're hearing this guy, and it's just, you're sitting with your kids in a cabin when you're on vacation, and it's just, it's totally frightening.
And you know, how does he come up with all this stuff?
I didn't come up with any of it.
And look, I've got hundreds of interesting articles, dozens of incredible video clips, the trial of Trump coming up next hour, special guests coming on, you know, the guy that owns the grocery store that said no to the mask and all the rest of it.
But why do I repeat that?
Because folks, this is not my opinion.
How did I know they'd end up taking Trump off the internet?
How did I know they'd engage AI to censor hundreds of millions of Americans?
How did I know what was happening next?
Because I know the enemy.
It's all I do is study what is really going on.
My earpiece popped off.
All I do is study what's really going on.
Not the different fantasy systems that are put out.
Because the globalists have their central groups, and their central documents, and their central admissions, and a lot of it's been declassified, and a lot of it's been leaked, and a lot of it's public.
And so you know their operation there.
And they've got different strata of high-level globalists who know the secret endgame, total exterminism, post-human, working with the off-world Satan.
That's what it is.
You're in a science fiction book, folks.
You're in a movie.
And then you've got those beneath it who believe they're actually saving the Earth, but want to be God, and are mad scientists that want to control everything.
And then you've got those beliefs that just think they're saving the planet, and that they're all kumbaya-loving liberals, and they've got to be authoritarian to crush other authoritarians, or there'll be a giant war, and so they've got to be more evil than evil to be guardians of good.
That's the bureaucratic level.
I mean, they all know vaccines give boys autism.
Well, boys are dangerous and start wars.
We've got to soft-kill them.
They all know that the vaccine's going to sterilize women or reduce fertility.
That's what these Rumpelstiltskin-type characters like Fauci do.
They're the ruling class.
They're the masters.
And they write books, like EcoScience that Jay Dyer was covering in studio yesterday, showing you, in 1974, the year I was born, 47 years ago, they published a book with the Rockefeller Foundation, 1,100 pages long, about their plan for total control over you and your family.
And so, when you figure out these are bad actors, and you figure out that they're malevolent, and you figure out that they are archetypally bad news, and you study history, you know that it is repeating again.
So I can sit here and cover all this news and all the symptoms of the disease, all the symptoms of the root, but it's the roots that matter.
But then there's also the suspension of common sense.
All the globalists, all the Democrats say you can't have a car or air conditioning.
Obama told Africans that and Latin Americans that.
And then he lives in giant mansions by the sea.
And Al Gore tells you by 2017
will be underwater, and New York will be, and then he buys a giant mansion on the sea, and it doesn't flood because he knows it's a lie.
They tell you wear masks.
They don't wear masks.
They tell you don't have a bunch of kids.
They have a bunch of kids.
They tell you don't fly on airplanes.
They own a bunch of private airplanes.
But John Kerry got questioned about that in Reykjavik, and he said, well, I'm different.
I'm a ruler.
You're not.
And they set up things where they're the saviors of racism, and of global warming, and then of climate change, and then, oh, to stop World War, but they're the ones actually fanning the flames.
The president goes on trial today.
They begin debating in just 30 minutes or so.
Whether it's constitutional, well, it's on its face.
You can read the Constitution, it's not constitutional.
It says it's sitting president only.
Supreme Court told them that.
They don't care.
There's not much point in watching that ridiculous debate, is there?
How many angels did Angela have of a pen?
But what we do know is that the very people running this entire system just want to discredit the nation-state.
And cultures and peoples that might be enough alike that they could organize together in their common defense against this scientific takeover that's taking place.
Because there's all these incredibly advanced technologies right now, and the system doesn't want the general public to have access to it.
They want to test it all on us, but they don't want us to have access to it.
And the plan is to poison the environment, while they claim they're the guardians of it, and make things so unlivable that you can't even have children naturally, and then they've won.
Everything then is a corporate creation and controlled, even for the quote, elite families.
And that's how the absorption in slow motion into this alien system happens.
If it attacked with a frontal assault, we would beat it.
No matter how high tech it was, there's enough of us, we'd dig in and defeat it.
Under pressure, we overcome if we know it's a threat and have leaders.
But instead, we evolve to submit and we evolve to our own destruction.
We devolve.
And that's really a mutagenic effect of what we witnessed.
So I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back with the big COVID news because Tucker Carlson's finally hitting on this and I'm glad he is.
The borders are wide open.
They've ordered the Border Patrol to stand down.
The head of the Border Patrol says that.
The evidence is there.
They admit they're not testing them for COVID or TB or anything else and they're just being let in.
And then the sanctuary cities are letting them be above the law because they're clients of the state and they can be given driver's licenses to vote and be exploited and used to lower the wages.
So the globalists are creating these criminal underground economies.
And then they sit there and tell you, though, if you don't wear a mask, you're going to jail.
Again, it's the next level.
Of the hypocrisy.
It's the next level of the fraud.
It's the next level of getting you used to rubbing it in that they're in jet airplanes and live in castles and get live extension technology and can do whatever they want.
They don't wear masks, but you do!
And then you comply because you're a good person, but you're not really a good person.
You're a sheep, and a nation of sheep will be ruled and eaten by wolves!
So stop acting like that!
You know, it'd be so nice if we just defeated the globalists, the big mega bankers that fund a communist system at the grassroots to control us like flypaper.
But on top is a corporate fascist crony system.
It'd be blue skies, but it's not.
But really, it is evil in high places, orchestrating these systems of control.
And if we could simply remove those evil people in high places, it would be very easy to turn civilization and society around.
So Fauci, who I call Rumpelstiltskin, evil little dwarf, wants us to prick our finger on the poison spinning wheel.
He literally looks like Rumpelstiltskin, that's why I make that joke.
Just type in Fauci, Rumpelstiltskin, it should be a great new meme.
He goes on TV and just says,
We stop wearing the mask when there's basically zero threat.
It's not a threat at all.
Well, I mean, if one death's too much and 96% of the tests say false positive, it's a coronavirus, the most common virus.
The common cold don't go away.
So he says, you're non-essential.
Your jobs never come back.
You never take your mask off.
You just take all these vaccines that don't even protect you.
And that's an even bigger story.
South Africa has suspended the vaccine, saying it's not even 10% effective and it's killing a bunch of people.
Barely made the news.
Australia suspended the shot over a month ago because it was making people sick, causing deaths, and showing false positive HIV.
Merck, three weeks ago, pulled out of the vaccines and said, we've developed two of them, they don't work, people should just get the virus and get over it, it's a common cold.
If you try to publish that on Facebook, Facebook put out new guidelines saying,
Only the UN can speak.
I've got the article right here.
There are no treatments.
Nothing will help you.
And vaccines won't help you either.
But no one's allowed to criticize the vaccines and say they're not effective.
I've got the quotes right here in my stack.
So this vaccine is a disaster.
It only makes people sick.
All the science shows it's going to make you have an autoimmune response to regular cold viruses later that causes a cytokine storm, which is really going to be the biggest scandal ever.
How are they going to get away with that?
Because they got to start killing us sometime.
Why did they do that?
They get down to that 90% reduction that Bill Gates talks about in speeches.
He says he wants to kill you.
He says he wants to sterilize you.
He says he wants to get rid of old people.
It's all on video.
I was on Joe Rogan's show and I quoted him saying 700,000 people are gonna get sick.
And that 80% of people that take the Pfizer vaccine get very ill.
20% go to the hospital.
And the National News said Joe Rogan's a liar.
Alex Jones is a liar.
And they said that I attacked Sandy Hook kids on the show.
Didn't even talk about that.
It's always the same lie.
And Joe put it out on his Instagram, four and a half million views, and they just didn't know what to do.
Bill Gates saying it.
So again, they want to just gaslight us, have fine print that it hurts us, and then we go, hey, they're pulling the vaccine everywhere, it doesn't work.
They flip out.
So it just gets crazier and crazier and crazier and crazier.
These people are nuts and they're attacking us.
So here is Rumpelstiltskin,
Telling you that the mask is never coming off.
Because there's always going to be a coronavirus.
There it is.
If you had to guess, going to a sports game, going to a theater, going to a concert without a mask?
You know, that will really be dependent upon how we get the level of virus in the community down.
Hit pause again.
Back it up.
I want to play from the start so you don't miss the first few seconds.
Listen to this.
It depends on how you submit.
If you just wore the mask all the time, if you just took all the shots, then we'll let you out of your cage.
Oh, sorry!
You didn't do a good job, only China can reopen.
This is total war!
Damn you to hell, Rumpelstiltskin!
And the collapse of the first world's gonna kill the third world.
Let's continue.
...asks, uh, when is that time?
If you had to guess, going to a sports game, going to a theater, going to a concert, without a mask.
You know, Brett, that will really be dependent upon how we get the level of virus in the community down.
If we can get, and I have used this as an estimate, it's not definitive, that if we can get 70 to 85 percent of our population vaccinated and get to what we would hope would be to a degree of herd immunity, which really is an umbrella or a veil of protection against the community,
Where the level of virus is so low, it's not a threat at all, then at that point you could start thinking in terms of not having to have a uniform wearing of masks.
But we're certainly not near there yet.
When do I think that would occur?
You know, it's very difficult to predict, Brett, but if everything falls into the right place and we get this under control, it is conceivable that you might be able to pull back a bit on some of the public health measures as we get into the late fall of this year.
But there's no guarantee of that, because if we don't get the overwhelming, there's still going to be a considerable amount of virus in the community.
And as long as that's the case, Brett, people are going to have to wear masks.
So there it is.
We're in control.
You're dirty.
You're bad.
It's all a giant fraud.
They lied about everything.
He ran the Wuhan lab.
He launched the attack.
He did it all.
But it never ends.
So here is Tucker Carlson pointing out that not only do these people not wear masks, not only do they go to their own big parties, not only are they on private jets, not only do they not follow their own rules, now they've announced, the Border Patrol's announced, that they're just not even testing people, just releasing them.
Which they've got real things like drug-resistant TB, you name it.
So this is a huge issue and it just shows the total hypocrisy and the fraud.
Here it is.
Maybe there's one standard for you, a member of the despised and much bullied plebe class, and another very different standard for politically favored groups who can do whatever they want.
Now, you'd hate to think that could be true in a country like this.
A country with such a long and noble history of egalitarianism and equality under the law.
Unfortunately, there has been growing evidence of that double standard.
Now there's hard proof.
Tonight we've learned the Joe Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus.
People from countries with high infection rates, living in crowded conditions, sent forth into the American population like COVID isn't real.
That's happening.
It is the official policy of the U.S.
On Friday, the White House was asked about this policy, and here was the response.
The U.S.
Customs and Border Protection is saying that they're having to catch and release some migrants without giving them any kind of COVID test before they're entering the community.
So what is being done?
What could be done?
Are you suggesting they're letting people in across the border without testing them?
Or just tell me a little bit more.
They're being released.
They're having to because of the executive order that the president signed earlier this week.
Which executive?
Which one?
Yeah, which one?
COVID-infected illegal aliens released into the United States?
It's not like there's a pandemic.
The Press Secretary didn't care enough to answer the question.
No big deal.
Can I remind you that our Treasury Secretary is a woman?
Shut up.
You've been empowered.
But people who know the details of what is going on right now feel very differently, and they are worried.
Brandon Judd runs the Border Patrol Union.
We do not test the illegal aliens we release, Judd told the show, quote, so we're releasing people without knowing, which obviously puts the public at risk.
Well, yes, it obviously does.
Leon Wilmot is the sheriff of Yuma.
I'm going to play more of this coming up in the next hour.
It's a very powerful piece that Carlson did.
Here's the issue.
If we play their game that COVID is really real and not just a regular cold that they patented and owned so they can control it, then we're never going to stop this, okay?
And I know what Tucker's game is.
He's showing they're hypocrites and that's important and showing it's a fraud.
So I agree with what he's doing overall, but he should then circle back around, next time I talk to him I'll tell him this, and just point out the real statistics of this and that it's just a selective power grab they turn on and turn off whenever they want.
Because the bigger issue is over a million people died in the last couple years of TB in this country.
The last number I saw was I think in the last three years, it's like 1.2 million.
That's way above COVID.
Those are real numbers and they let the illegals come in, don't even treat them for TB and then put them with your kids.
So it's bad for them and bad for us.
It's evil.
And it's a sabotaging of our country and it's done by design.
You know what I do to protect myself and my family?
I take the highest quality vitamin D3 out there.
Wintersun available at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's been sold out for a while.
We got a limited supply in because of the supply chains breaking down.
It'll be sold out in a week at current sales rates, but I'm keeping it discounted despite that at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's for adults.
It's for children.
It's good for everybody.
It's pure, high-quality vitamin D3 with vitamin K.
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We got plenty of Ultra 12 in, so it's 50% off.
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Synthetic D3 does nothing.
You need the real thing.
We have it.
Get your DNA Force Plus while you're at it.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I'm really excited about the next guest.
We've got Alfie Oaks.
Owns a great, very popular grocery store.
Or they don't wear the little slave mask.
They haven't done it from the beginning.
He joins us next segment.
The trial of the president is beginning.
It's a fake trial.
It's not even constitutional.
Supreme Court justice isn't over it, as the Constitution says.
So it's not really an impeachment.
So the Democrats have to run it.
It's a show event.
And it's being gabbled in by Leahy, or whatever the hell his name is.
Let's go ahead and fade this up.
All these mummies confuse me.
Look at these clowns wearing masks.
Turn this up.
He's talking.
Take control of this impeachment trial.
Lord, permit the words of the New England poet James Russell Lowell.
So the left wants religion out of everything, but then they say a fake prayer.
And Bruce Springsteen has, you know, these ads with crosses everywhere to buy a Jeep when Jeep openly endorsed Biden, the pedophile.
These people are sick.
But that's what part of the Satanism is part of rubbing it in.
Here, let's go back to this clown wearing his mask.
To decide in the strife of truth with falsehood for the good or evil side.
Mighty God.
Could it really be that simple?
Could it really be just truth?
Striving against falsehood?
Striving against evil?
Powerful Redeemer?
Have mercy on our beloved land.
We pray in your magnificent name.
Oh, man.
Oh, in your name, but didn't say it!
Supposed to say, a woman.
These clowns.
It just never ends, man.
Oh, don't have crosses.
Oh, here they are in a G-pad.
To bring in a pedophile to sell us out to China.
I mean, it's just, it's totally sick.
Totally sick.
Morning business is closed.
Morning business is closed and the Senate will convene as a court of impeachment and ask senators to be seated.
If there's no objection, the journal of proceedings of the trial are approved to date and ask the Sergeant at Arms to make the proclamation.
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.
All persons are commanded to keep silence on pain of imprisonment while the Senate of the United States is sitting for the trial of the article of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives against Donald John Trump.
Again, look at this clown woman with her mask.
It's all clown garbage.
And big tech censors, as we point out, it's all bull.
All these criminal clowns.
How there's this deadly virus and you're all dirty and we've got to lock you up.
It's all just, and then we had a president try to actually take the country back from these communists, and here they are all pissed.
Now they march in the Democratic slimebag so-called prosecutors.
Just look at these people.
It's all like a lawyer ad on TV where the lawyer's coming to get you.
We're the lawyers.
They're all just presiding like demonic buzzards over the collapse of the republic.
Let's continue with that Leahy skeleton.
Again, the judge is of the other party.
In the Constitution, you can't do that.
In the Bill of Rights, you can't do that.
This is a sham on every front.
Look at Schumer!
Let's hear from that dog meat!
The structure of the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
You never had a trial, you lying sack of garments!
Everything out of his mouth is a freaking lie!
Ha ha ha!
Tell your children not to walk my way!
Oaks Farms.
Seed to table.
Man, I tell you, I live 100 miles from there.
I would definitely go there.
We've got the sham trial launched by Chuckie Schumer with Senator Leahy running it, not the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, because it's not in the Constitution that you can have a trial of a president after he's out of office.
A 10-year-old, again, can understand that.
We'll be tracking that and watching that.
For the next four hours, they're just debating whether they can have a trial or not.
Well, they already were told you can.
It's in the Constitution.
But nevertheless, they're having it.
But you talk about the archetype of free market, of what America's about, of private businesses leading the way.
Globalism is about private businesses getting together under the big banks and getting rid of the small businesses and having corporations have governance and force you to be bullied into their submission.
We're all being told we're non-essential.
We're all being told that
We have to submit to these people that, oh, their companies stay open, and, oh, the Democrats don't have to wear a mask, but you do.
Oh, Whitefoot of Chicago, she can get a haircut.
She's important, she said.
Just like Kerry said, I fly in a private jet.
You can't even have a car.
I'm important.
And it's the same thing Pelosi said.
Well, I gotta get my hair done.
You just can't get your hair done.
And so I've learned that Alfie Oaks, the owner and founder and from the grassroots creator of this great grocery store there in Naples, Florida,
That he has not been wearing masks since the beginning.
And so big things start small.
Everyone I know is totally sick of this garbage.
So you've seen the media attacking him.
Here's a two-minute video from his Facebook where he actually lays out why he's really doing all this.
It's amazing.
Here it is.
Hi, I'm Alfie Oaks with Oaks Longs, and recently there's been a viral explosion at our store for the great job that we're doing here in Naples, Florida.
We didn't start doing anything new.
We've never worn masks since day one.
I've never worn a mask in my life.
We have 3,200 employees, and everyone that wants to wear a mask can.
Every customer that comes in that wants to wear a mask can.
Just most people choose not to, and there's a reason for that, because people are not dying.
I know that a lot of people that have been deceived up in the Northeast really think that this and I can explain a lot more of this and we'll get into detail on a longer longer video but basically there's 1150 people moving to Florida
Every day because we don't have these ridiculous absurd lockdown measures.
We are the busiest store in all of Southwest Florida.
Every day our parking lot is jam-packed from morning to night because
We let people make the choice.
And most of the people choose not to wear a mask.
And that's personal responsibility.
And they're not getting sick.
There's really not... If this was a very contagious, deadly virus, like the media wants you to believe, why are my 3,200 employees not falling ill in the last year?
Why we're hugging, kissing,
We're just living our lives.
We're eating healthy.
We have strong immune systems.
We're not afraid of the virus.
I've had people laughably tell me that I shouldn't be able to get a vaccine.
I would never take a vaccine.
I would shoot myself in the shoulder before I would ever take a vaccine.
It's really scary.
The best thing you can do for yourself is eat these fresh fruits and vegetables, have a healthy lifestyle, breathe freely, breathe in and out freely, and love, love all the people that you're with.
Love your neighbor.
I've never felt more love.
In my life than I have in the last year because people are so happy that someone will stand up and come against this insanity.
And I understand so many of you that are scared to death because you're watching the media.
You got to turn the TV off.
The media is
The media is the virus.
The lies from the media are the virus.
God bless everybody.
Love you.
Stay safe and come down to Florida with the other 1,150 people a day if you're living in a tyrannical government.
Take care.
So Alfie Oaks joins us for the rest of the hour.
I know he's a busy guy.
You know, we sell winter sun.
It's high quality vitamin D3.
But what he's saying is true.
Look at the tan this guy has.
If I was in Florida, I'm a sun lover too.
If you've got a lot of sun, basically you never get sick.
I've been sick like one time in five years.
A little bitty fever that I had last January.
Probably COVID.
But all the medical scientists know what he's saying is true.
They just get censored.
And so you only got to see a little bitty clip of him on the national news.
That's what he actually has to say.
And again, it's popular.
It's free association.
It's what made America.
So, Mr. Oaks, I've got your bio here.
You're a self-made hardworking businessman inspired by heritage.
You grew up working your father's small roadside store near Moore Shore and East Fort Myers and started his own.
We're good to go.
Thank you so much Alex for having me.
I've been waiting for an opportunity to get the truth out to the nation here.
We've been, you know, as you saw in the video there, we've never been wearing masks and none of our employees have died.
According to the national average, 4.8 of our employees should have already died by now.
We have much
Much less illness than the national average around here.
And the reason is because we're getting plenty, we're breathing freely, we're getting plenty of sunshine, we're eating healthy.
Those are the things that the media should be harping on, not constantly this false narrative of wearing the mask.
You know, I hope that I can empower some other businesses.
You know, I'd like to get, maybe we could start some coalition, like Bold Business Owners for Liberty, to come out against this insanity.
Okay, well you're reading my mind, because I'll try to give you the floor, because I'll jump in a lot.
You got me excited here, sir.
You should be the leader of a national coalition, and a national movement, and an alliance.
And if people did these alliances, I would only shop with them.
Right now I feel like we have, the one thing that we have as the majority of the people in this country, because one thing I do think that we're the majority, those fake ballots don't buy products.
If we band together and we don't buy from the people that are supporting this false narrative, and we support the small businesses, I mean, that's what they're trying to crush here.
We know what the game is.
They're coming for one reason, to take out the small businesses in our country, and we need to unify.
There's really only one thing that we have left, the people that are the conservatives, the people that have their heads on right, is that we do have the dollars and we have the bullets.
Let's try before, hopefully we don't get to the bullets, but let's try to use our dollars first.
Let's join forces, get together, use our dollars, and we can make a huge difference just with that.
History shows, and it's even more important today, 90% of war is information and money.
That's right.
We have the truth.
We have the money while we still have it, while small business is still there.
So I'll say it right now.
General Oaks, you've showed the example.
You built your own company.
You're the first to stand up in a big way.
It's been wildly successful.
You are the model of leading us out of this darkness.
Well, I feel blessed to be here.
A lot of people have asked me why I'm taking, you know, putting myself out on the line.
I am concerned about three-letter agencies of the government already.
The very first day, you know, the ad came out on the National News on the 4th.
On the 5th, we already got letters from the Department of Labor wanting to investigate us.
So, we knew that that was coming.
We expect that to be the way that it's going to go down.
I am willing to risk whatever it takes to get the truth out.
I think our president was one of the few people that I've ever known in my lifetime that was willing to put it all on the line for the country.
That's why we love him.
That's why he reminds us of the patriots, the people that founded this country, that were willing to put, you know, everything on the line for our freedoms.
And I'm in for the fight.
Well, sir, I am so ready to do this.
And everybody I know, all my family, my wife, they're just, they want to go to stores that don't do this.
They want to support people that are patriots.
It's not even about left or right, it's about common sense.
And you're right, Trump put it all on the line.
He lost $2 billion, over 1,000 lawsuits against him.
They're trying to destroy him, but he didn't back down.
He said it six months ago.
He said, they're probably going to remove me through fraud.
I'm going to be gone for a while, meaning come back.
But I can't back down.
We have one shot at this.
We have to all, like Patrick Henry or George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, say, damn it, because here's the deal.
You're right.
It's only going to get worse if we keep laying down.
So it's only up from here.
We'll be right back with Alfie Oaks.
Facebook, Alfie Oaks.
Stay with us.
A hurricane of awakening is slamming into not just Florida, they're in Naples, but across the world.
Alfie Oaks is the founder and the owner of this very successful grocery store that's got over 2,000 employees.
He started working again in a little grocery store when he was a kid with his dad, a little store, and then now has built this from the ground up.
We've built InfoWars the last 27 years, and there's so many beautiful little businesses that the system wants to vertically integrate and shut down.
They admit the Great Reset is all about that.
And so, Mr. Oaks, talk to the media, but you only saw that one little short clip of him on every ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN.
Here he is, actually, on a big national show with millions of listeners, able to talk about the reality.
But he was bringing up the fraud of this.
Rules for Clown World.
Masks don't work, wear it.
Vaccines don't work, take it.
And now they've had Merck pull back their vaccine saying they don't work and hurt people.
South Africa pulled the vaccine saying it doesn't work.
Australia pulled the vaccine saying it didn't work.
But then, there's deaths all the time, they admit from it, but Facebook says you're not allowed to talk about it.
That is crazy.
And there in Florida again, Tamper Mayor threatens police investigations of Super Bowl fans who don't wear a mask.
But then she's caught at the game not wearing a mask, and at parties not wearing masks.
This is crazy.
Ladies and gentlemen, there it is.
Facebook to ban claims about man-made COVID-19, also unsafe.
People say vaccines aren't effective.
Or could have a problem, you're banned too, according to the U.N.
The U.N.
is the boss.
So going back to our guest, Alfie Oaks.
Sir, please continue with your data, why you did this, the response you've gotten.
Because I know when I'm seeing history happen.
When I had Trump on the show, when he was first running, I knew history was about to happen.
I can feel history with what you and others are doing.
So are you picking up the magic of how excited people are about what you've done?
I'm blown away at the response we've got.
First of all, I'd like to say that here in Florida, it's been good for business.
I know, you know, Sam Brock came to do this hit piece on me, but the truth is I own several
You know, I owe much to him, actually.
The hit piece he did actually brought about an extra million dollars worth of business to our company because everyone came out to support us here.
You're talking about the first reporter, the first reporter that, ooh, look, I caught him.
Here they are all smiling.
The store looks so happy.
Everybody looks so good.
And it's all big lines of happy people.
And, oh, my God, he caught you like you did this in the dark.
He came in and I could tell he was from New York or somewhere and I didn't know he was a reporter at that time.
Yes, 100%.
But later on I found out he was a reporter and he came in and really, the number one, he represents the number one thing that has destroyed this country.
It's the fake news, it's the false narrative that we get from the media.
If the media would have told the truth about our great President Donald Trump, he would
Forty out of fifty states, he would have won hands down, and I'm not certain that that didn't happen anyway, but a hundred percent, and they are the enemy of the people.
And this gentleman, I filmed the piece that he did.
It wasn't that great of audio, but they took everything that I said out of context, but we expected him to do that.
I knew that that was going to happen.
But they come with the headline and then create the story afterwards.
It's a total false narrative from the media and just about every single piece of trash that we listen to.
You've got the floor to say whatever you want, Mr. Oaks.
I'm just telling you that I know from first-hand experience that this is a farce.
I talked to one of the world's leading epidemiologists a year ago.
Senator Rick Scott put me in touch with him.
We got on the phone just because I wanted to make sure I wasn't making the wrong move here.
Senator Scott, to get to Trump and tell him not to fall into this trap, because it seemed like a trap to me to do the shutdown, because we know that without this shutdown, it's very likely Donald Trump would be our president right now.
All those pieces fell into place for no other reason than to take down our great president.
And I was begging him to try to get that truth up to the top and I talked to the epidemiologist for an hour and 45 minutes and I was convinced when I got done with him, this is back in February last year, that there was absolutely no reason to ever do a shutdown or to wear a mask.
Well, you can pull it up.
There are all these epidemiologists, all these virologists, all these scientists, like the head of the Rockefeller University and the head of the major hospital, and they come out and they say it's, quote, the biggest hoax.
Guys, just type into Google InfoWars.com as a prefix and then say...
COVID-19, biggest hoax in history.
And you will see these people saying it.
There's top pathologist claims coronavirus, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, and it's all the scientists.
My dad's a doctor.
I hadn't had a checkup in five years.
I was at the doctor's office getting a checkup and all that stuff yesterday, prodding and probing, and they were all listeners, and they were all saying it's a fraud.
There were three medical doctors.
I had one doctor there.
More came in to talk to me and tell me COVID was all BS.
I was mobbed by doctors.
I've had hundreds of doctors in here to the store, and they all come here, they're not wearing a mask, and I try to get them.
I said, will you please just do a little Facebook video with me and tell them how absurd it is?
And I'm telling you that maybe out of 300 will do it because they don't want to lose their job.
So it's cancel culture at its finest.
And we know, you know, the people that were bold enough to come against this, Dr. Simone Gold was here at the store, and I was up there supporting our president.
Yeah, and I was up there with her on the 6th supporting our president, and they arrested her for no other reason.
She put her whole career on the line to come out and speak the truth, and it's unbelievable.
It's not even in America that any of us have
You can recognize now that you can be, you know, there's just as many, maybe more, professionals that are coming out with just as many credentials against this whole lockdown and mask mandate as there is of the people that are sitting up there like Fauci saying to wear three masks or anything.
It's insanity.
You know, they keep saying hydroxychloroquine doesn't work.
Now all these studies came out confirming it's basically 99% effective.
Well, let me tell you something.
A handful of people that we've had, of anyone in our store that had illness, that's the treatment that they got.
And most of them were better in two or three days.
And that's another thing.
When in history has a drug ever that works in such an amazing way ever been taken off the market for that specific function?
Thank you.
Less people going through there than last year.
She said there's nothing going on there.
So how can this be the concern?
That's beautiful.
It's the truth.
Because again, it's the nurses and doctors are telling the truth, but they get censored.
We're going to come back from break, but think about that.
You have hundreds of doctors come through and maybe one would talk.
Oh, they'll tell you all day about how it's a fraud and it's a lie.
And as soon as you say, come on the air, oh no, can't do it.
Don't you think I asked those three doctors to come on yesterday?
Sorry, Alex, but hey, just keep it up.
We appreciate you.
And I'm not mad at them, but since when can a doctor not have speech?
Since when can they not tell you what they know?
This is insane.
But he's calling them out.
The Emperor's New Clothes, Alfie Oaks.
Find him on Facebook at Alfie Oaks.
And he's got his great Seed to Table operation right there in Naples, Florida.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, regular listeners of the Alex Jones Show know that I don't fawn over people.
I mean, hell, I've had Donald Trump on and I didn't get this excited.
But I know leadership when I see it.
I know victory.
It's not some cruddy store.
It's already a super successful store.
It's set up by a guy that built it from the ground up.
It's demonstrated that basically nobody got sick.
And it's called the whole hoax out.
And so if we can simply get these sheeple to see an example of a win, where they make money, they do the right thing, people are safe, they're happy, free association, wear a little clown mask if you want to, where you get viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia, all the studies show.
Fauci authored a study in 2008 that most of the people that died in the swine flu that killed 50 million people was the bacterial pneumonia.
Now they admit the mRNA vaccine is a gene therapy.
And that it's going to cause massive autoimmune responses to regular cold viruses.
Gates is doing something big and nasty here.
And now Fauci says the masks never come off.
So, I wish I was in Naples, Florida.
Gosh, one of the prettiest cities I've ever seen.
I've actually told my wife to move to Destin or Naples, but seriously, because, I mean, Texas is not Texas anymore.
I'm seriously considering, I don't have the money to move the whole operation, but I might move to Florida myself part of the time, to be away from these insane people.
Because it's like the Free State Project, it's so hard to take over a state.
But if you get business owners and employees to say, hey, we're a movie theater, we're not wearing masks, or wear one if you want to.
Or hey, because it's all color of law.
It's all a fraud.
It's all BS.
So I know you're busy running your great company, but I think you've stepped into destiny and history here, Mr. Oak.
And I think you should just start the website and the alliance.
And it's just an idea of an alliance and the code and the ideas for having meetings with different businesses.
I mean, here's an example.
I've seen some of your store.
I bet you've got your own line of products.
Maybe I should buy them in bulk and sell them myself.
I mean, we need to put money into things.
Money is power.
Money is a symbol of energy.
And it's literally like, if you didn't worship the old Greek gods, they thought they went away.
Well, if you don't support people with money, they go away.
And the globalists know that.
So they're waging war on us.
So the answer is support what you're doing.
And I love the fact that it looks like your store was already really busy, but has it gone up since you did the no mask or let people make their own decisions?
Well, we've always done the no mask.
So we've been, I mean, we actually, we just opened, we just opened this particular store, which is our third store in Collier County, about, you know, three months before this insanity started.
So we've never done the mask, but we are by far, we are the busiest store in all of Southwest Florida.
And the one thing that I'd like to tag along with what you said is, we've all looked at the geographical map of the United States.
Now, with the exception of Wright being in one of these, in the middle of one of these, you know,
Really liberal cities, which I even, I don't know if they're really as liberal as they make it out to be.
There could be a lot of fake votes that's been going on there.
That's if they're captured by election fraud.
You just said it.
These are permanently captured authoritarian dictatorships.
Little mini-dictatorships.
Go ahead.
So outside of that area, we know that around 95% of the geographical U.S.
is red.
We know that the majority of the people in those areas have their head screwed on right.
But there is a very vocal side of the left.
I came out against the BLM like early on.
I lost a school contract here.
We sold the schools, Lee County School System, all their produce and we lost the school contract.
And we're suing them and we're going to win because it's a very corrupt school district.
By the way, I don't mean to interrupt.
I saw the lunches from the local news you were sending out.
That looked gourmet, man.
I wish you were supplying my kids' lunches.
Well, all the people that work in the cafeterias say that they wish that we had our product again, but, you know, there's a, you know, the corrupt, that's one thing, another thing that we can jump on is that everyone's got to get involved with local politics, because this corruption is not just at the top, it's throughout, you know, I never knew until I really dug into this local school board with private investigators and such that how corrupted they were.
But there's corruption all through the United States.
Right now, if we take back to that map that you showed, you know, 90 plus percent are red.
Old business owners can come out, and even though they're going to get some nasty phone calls.
The other day we had a thousand phone calls.
I had people, even though our store has been much busier, we did more business than we've ever did on any Saturday, you know, since we've been open right after that piece.
But we had a thousand phone calls of people telling me that they were going to come kill everybody here.
These are the nice people from the left.
It's almost like a psychosis.
They said they're going to kill everyone here.
They said that they, you know, they're going to kill me.
They said I had a small penis.
They said, okay, you know, the most disgusting things that you see these people coming out and saying to the girls, to these nice young ladies that are answering the phones at our store.
And I just, it hit me.
I'm like, what could possibly be wrong with people
To go to this measure just because we're allowing people the choice.
We're not telling someone that they can't wear a mask.
We're giving them the choice to do what they think is best for their own body.
And I want you to get everything out here, because you're not being censored here, brother.
We're live.
But the leadership, you're right.
I talk to 80-90% of people.
I ask them at a grocery store or here where I can't get sun, a tanning salon or wherever.
I go, hey, you guys like wearing masks?
They go, no, we hate it.
And by the way, my dad listens to you, blah, blah, blah.
We don't want to wear a mask.
And then I go in the coffee shop, same deal.
I go to the store.
So, but it takes a leader to have a business.
That's where we congregate at Town Square to say, if you don't want to do it, you don't have to.
And it seems like your employees look super happy in the videos I've seen compared to what I see at Whole Foods.
I give my employees, all my employees that want to sign up and do a doctor every day, we gave them the opportunity to drink this doctor drink and it's loaded with a whole bucket full of vegetables.
I do two or three of them a day.
And I actually came out, I reposted up to the top of my Facebook page that, you know, this is back a year ago.
Don't worry about wearing a mask.
Don't worry about social distancing or for sure not confining yourself in your home.
Just drink.
Come and drink one of these doctors every day.
And that's the most important way to fight the coronavirus or any illness is good health.
And I even said to the gentleman, Sam Brock, I'm like, why?
Since all of a sudden the media's only concern seems to be everyone's health, which is something new, why don't you talk to them about, you know, eating healthy, because heart disease and these other things, we, you know... Hold on, because they've been trying to ban people talking about D3 zinc and C, which you die without, which is antiviral, which you must have.
Now they've had to admit it, but let's talk about that, because that's important, and then what you weren't able to say in the interview that they cut, this is your chance to put it on record.
Yeah, so what I said on that interview that they cut, that he tried to make me look like a fool as if I didn't know the difference between a heart disease or, you know, COVID that would be transmissible.
And what I was saying is that there's three times more people, maybe in reality, ten times more people that die every year of heart disease.
And why are we not talking about eating healthy?
First of all, this was a true pandemic, and you can go on the CDC website and verify this, I'm sure that you have, but it shows that 94% of the people that died, died of other comorbidities, right?
So, the difference between causation, you know, it's a big difference if it caused it or if it's correlation, where you just happen to be there.
And we know that
If it was a real pandemic, you wouldn't need 94% of the deaths to be from other illnesses.
They would be from the actual pandemic.
And that's why I said that this whole thing is a hoax.
And I came out last year and I called the whole thing a hoax.
I was probably one of the first people in the country to come out
Really strong against it, because this was back in February, March, when a lot of people were still fearful of it.
And believe me, the 80, 90-year-old people that were coming through the store with no masks and employees that are in their 70s, I was a little bit concerned for them, but it was up to them to make their own choice.
And they're all still with us here today.
Well, I totally agree.
I saw they were criticizing the governor of South Dakota for running AdSync, take vitamin D3.
It's a fact.
If you don't have it, you'll die.
I mean, why don't they want us to know this?
Well, first of all, they're not interested in the truth, and it really probably doesn't help them for us to live longer and do critical thinking.
So those are things that they're against.
I mean, my father spent his whole life
Preaching about healthy eating.
It's one of the reasons I've never had a cold in 20 years.
I've never missed a day of work ever in my life.
And it's all from what you put in your body.
I mean, it comes down to a few simple things.
Exercise, good healthy food, sunshine and breathing in and out freely.
And that's what's going to make us happy, healthy people.
And, you know, he was showing me these studies of people that eat really good that live up in some area.
Thank you.
Stay there.
Seed the table.
Oak Farms, folks, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Oaks Farms, that's Oaks in plural, is the website, oaksfarms.com.
Alfie Oaks is the owner and founder.
He's got, I guess, three stores or more.
We got one 10 and a half minute segment left.
I want to invite him back up on the other shows.
What he's doing is beautiful.
It's the way out of this.
There's not a law in Florida to wear these masks.
It's all intimidation.
If you want to wear it, wear it.
If you do want to wear it, go ahead.
So again, because I can jump in a lot.
What you're saying is all dead on and we're just agreeing with each other.
But in the 10 minutes we have left, what else you want to get on record, talk about and where this is all going?
Because Fauci now says it's never going to end.
They admit it is.
It's a power grab.
The Great Reset admits it's about, as you said, bankrupting small businesses.
You figured that out and sussed that out a year ago.
Others are figuring it out now.
So I think the backlash is just beginning.
But I mean, I already see it being huge.
Yeah, so the number one thing we have to band together, and I think we need a strong social media platform that won't be taken down so that we can band together.
There's a hundred million people in this country that are looking for direction.
Everybody kind of feels, for lack of a better term, they feel neutered right now.
They all know the truth, but they don't know where to join together.
And with your show, we can list all these companies that we have to get off of.
I can't even stand, it almost makes me want to throw up that I'm still on Facebook, but it's still a platform for me to reach a lot of people.
Absolutely, use it as much as you can, damn right.
Oh, use it!
Yeah, so I don't want to support them though.
I don't want to help them because we have lots of views on everything we put and I don't want to help them out, but I'd love to get on a great platform, but I'm hoping that Donald Trump will come up with a good media platform.
I'm actually going to have
I have a dinner with Tucker Carlson this Saturday and I'm hoping that he jumps over onto our platform because we like to give that money.
One of the things that disgusts me is everyone that all this, the media, you know, the media in this whole country, when you run for any, if I was to run for a Republican office or anything, you have to spend, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars, $50 million, you know, and the people that get this money are all the people that are against us.
It doesn't matter which party you're on.
They're all one and the same.
It's a political class, and I'm glad you're meeting with Tucker, who I know lives in Florida.
Tell him I said hi.
We talk sometimes.
That's why I'm saying he recognizes how important what you're doing.
You're a great guy.
You started your own business.
I think you're the perfect leader to launch the National Alliance.
Let's get a TV platform that's all conservative, that the money goes into the conservative pockets instead of basically the globalists.
Because we know that every national TV station is owned by these same globalists and where all the money goes.
The other thing I want to bring up is, I was talking to a teacher, I've got a lot of family back in Delaware, it's a huge shutdown state.
And they said the suicides up there are up 300%.
And it doesn't fit the media narrative, so they're not talking about it.
But when we look at how many people have really died in addition to, from 2020 to 2019, I think there's probably more people that died as suicide in addition than there were of COVID.
You know, of actual people.
You're right.
And roughly the same number died 2020, died 2019, and most of that was other deaths.
The flu, gunshot wounds.
It's a total fraud.
It's literally a paper tiger.
It's built on sand.
So what can we do?
I mean, we know Fauci is nothing more than a political activist.
We know, I even had this doctor call, you know, reported, I can't remember his name right now, but Cleavon Gilman, he's basically, he's a hack, a physician, he's a political activist, but he basically made this comment, he's got 180,000 followers, said, let him die.
He ironically said, he's telling, let us die when we're the only ones that are living.
The people that are in lockdown are the ones that are dying.
And it really hurts me that there's so many people that are so afraid of dying that they've chosen not to live anymore.
And that's exactly what we're seeing.
It's the most sad, sad thing.
Well, I'll say this.
I look at your store.
Everybody looks super healthy compared to like a Walmart or an H-E-B or a Whole Foods.
These places look... I'm not saying I'm in the best shape like you, but I'm in okay shape.
I work out.
These people look dead.
They're like waddling around and like wearing two masks.
You can't even breathe.
It's crazy.
So I built this store so that I could be around all the people that I want to be around, the energy that I want to be around.
And I have, there's, you know, the employees we have here are amazing.
The customer base, all of our customer base are all, I would say 95% of our customer base are all, are all Patriots because we can't, like I said, we came out against the other side early on a year ago and we,
Probably fly our Trump flags and a lot of those people just chose not to shop with us and and you know It is to have this I've been saying it all year.
This is possibly the happiest place in in the whole world
Alfie, again, I want listeners to recognize this, and Tucker Carlson is smart, he recognizes it, that you're Americana, and the fact that America was never perfect, but it had an idea of freedom, so as soon as we hung out our shingle, we became the most successful country in the world.
In 1955, we were 4% of the world's population.
96% of the world lives somewhere else.
We had 50% of the wealth in, but we generated it.
We didn't steal it from somebody, we generated it.
And so that's the example of you're like a little slice, a postage stamp of America.
But the success you've had then is a replicator to cure the disease.
So you're literally like penicillin when we've, you know, stepped on a nail.
And so that's why it's so beautiful and so great.
And I just want to see Austin businesses do this.
I want to see, you know, companies around the nation and the world
Capitalism is the greatest thing ever.
Nothing has ever unleashed the potential for people to get out of poverty and people to do well.
I grew up poor.
I'm living the American dream.
But capitalism, that they try to make seem like a bad thing to a lot of the left,
There's a big difference between capitalism and crony capitalism that's sponsored by the government.
And that's what all this, that's what this whole globalism thing is about.
It's not about true capitalism.
It's about, it's about, you know, the government backed crony capitalism.
And that's the worst.
That's even, that's the worst
Insider deals.
All of it's insider.
And now they're saying, you're not essential at your grocery store, but Walmart is essential.
You're not essential, Alfie Uggs.
You're not essential, Alex Jones.
You're not essential, Jane Doe.
Well, guess what?
I am essential, and I'm going to act like it.
So just to be clear, you're getting more business now that you did the right thing.
Well, like I said, we lost probably a $10 million school contract because it's the government-based.
But outside of that, we're getting more business around than ever.
2020 was probably a 300% increase over the year before.
We've been blessed.
I feel sorry for so many people that are suffering in these lockdown areas, especially the people that are in their houses scared to death.
We have literally every day, we probably have 8,000 people come through the door a day, literally every day maybe about 150 to 200 new people that haven't been here before, and they're all coming in.
We have 80 people a day moving to Florida.
We have people from New Jersey and Chicago and, you know, all these lockdown states coming here.
And when they come in, you can tell when they're the new customer, because they come in and they can't even believe their eyes.
And then they're like, no one's wearing a mask.
Like, listen, no one's getting sick.
You've been buying into a scam.
And a lot of times it's hard for them to believe.
But it doesn't take much for them to come in.
And the number one thing that I hear over and over and over again
I feel like where it's normal again.
It's the only place that I've been and I feel like, and the people come back.
I got people that come here seven days a week because it's the happiest place in the world.
Alpha, you just read my mind.
Regular viewers know I don't normally talk like this.
You read my mind.
I was literally about to say, what is it like when new people come in and it's like we're back in freedom?
Because all the time I wake up happy in the morning and I remember all the stuff.
I go, oh, you know.
It is.
First of all, I've never felt more love.
I've never had more people
You know, to show their affection.
We even went with this newscast that came out.
I probably got a hundred letters, people bringing me gifts saying, stand strong, don't let them break you down.
And it is amazing.
And I'm blessed to be here, blessed to be doing it.
We're going to, you know, we're going to keep fighting.
So many people that have come through these doors have awakened and went back to explain to the people back in these areas that are being riddled with tyranny, really, and fear.
And fear is the number one way.
The media keeps saying the lie a thousand times a day.
You can understand why people aren't, you know, the lie is so big.
The lie is so big you call out the Emperor's New Clothes.
Alvi Oaks, I know you're a busy American, a patriot, a businessman.
Promise me you'll come back next week and give us an update.
I'm going to try to send a reporter out there to do an HD interview so people can see how amazing your story is.
But again, we salute your leadership and you're right.
Those being gaslighted by media can now see the sanity and that your people aren't dying and that it's all a fraud.
So again, you give me hope in this very depressing time, my friend.
I'm so blessed to be on your show, to get the truth out, and we are soldiers on the same team.
We all need to band together, and I look forward to working with you to try to get this, you know, bold business owners for liberty together, because we can make the difference right now.
Now is our time to take this platform and move forward.
General Oaks, I am ready to line up and salute.
We love you and we appreciate you.
And when you get demonized, that's the sign of freedom, folks.
When he gets demonized, support him.
When I do get demonized, support Trump.
God bless you, sir.
We'll talk soon.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I smell victory.
I know victory.
I know a lot of stuff.
And what's going on in Naples, Florida has got X's written all over the eyeballs of the New World Order.
Alright, let's get serious here.
I need to find this operation.
I didn't plug last hour because I was so enamored with the last guest and what he's doing.
Total victory is written all over it.
Ladies and gentlemen, I go out and I treat you like I want to be treated.
Now, I'm not following some magic book or some weird spell.
No, I'm following what's written on my heart, what's written on my guts, what's written on my common sense.
I would not sell you something that I didn't think was the very best.
That's why when we sell high-quality, storable food, I go, yeah, you can pay three, four times, five times and get better gourmet food than this.
But for the price, this doesn't have bad additives.
A lot of it tastes great.
Most of it tastes okay.
This is where you should get your storable food at preparewithalex.com.
And it's the best prices you're going to find out there.
And I would have
This insurance that you can eat for over a decade, and then the small amount of profit comes in, funds our operation, takes a lot of money to run this infrastructure, and to do all of this, we had to build it all.
But I don't tell ya, this is the most delicious food ever!
Oh no, their stuff costs four or five times more that tastes even better.
But I mean, theirs just gets better and better.
So I have to kind of stop saying that soon because almost all of it tastes gourmet now.
But the key is, it tastes good, it's got high calories, it takes care of you.
Most of the other big companies out there have a thousand calories or 1,500.
This is 2,000 every meal.
2,000 that you actually need.
And it's diverse.
And it's at preparewithalex.com.
And if we don't sell a lot of product, we're not on air.
Plus, I believe you need swearable food.
So everything I do is the best quality for the price, and I believe in it, and I personally use it, and I do it because I would not do that to you.
There's a thing called God-fearing.
It doesn't mean I'm crawling around on the ground scared of God.
It means I'm in touch with it.
And I do anything without even thinking about it.
I catch myself doing something evil, and I'm like, oh boy, I'm a villain with a big guy.
I don't like that.
Like a big ol' brush up against the graveyard, baby.
Like, whoo!
I don't like that, because it's God pulling back.
And then the devil and all that Satanism gets closer.
All God's got to do is move one degree away from you.
I'm like, ah!
No, no!
Please don't do that!
I mean, come back to me, please!
So I do these good things, I'll be honest, out of total selfishness.
I want to be close to God.
Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Yahweh, whatever you call it.
Please, come to me, Holy Spirit.
Please don't leave me.
I know I'm wicked and bad.
Please, stay with me.
Don't go.
Now, the food is the highest quality you're going to find for the price.
I mean, it's heads above anything else.
Stuff at that price everywhere else is total crap, makes you sick, tastes terrible, full of additives, doesn't last long, horrible packaging.
Our supplements, though, are the platinum at a price that you wouldn't find anywhere.
We sell the stuff they sell at medical clinics.
It's not prescription, but you go to the doctor's office, they got them.
Our stuff is as good or better as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical grade, and it is at prices no one else is going to offer.
We have Ultra 12 back in stock.
50% off.
We got a big shipment, so I got a 50% off.
Great for your immune system.
Essential vitamin D3.
Winter Sun.
Got a small shipment back in.
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Get both together.
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And I stay on air and you get things you need.
DNA Force is selling out.
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That is the Rolls Royce.
Look at this.
Activated charcoal toothpaste.
Comes in a nice little paper package.
Got the
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Super amazing toothpaste.
Doesn't have the fluoride, doesn't have the aspartame.
It's back in stock.
And it's you going to Infowarsstore.com that keeps us here in this critical time.
Who's left?
Tucker Carlson?
Alex Jones?
Rush Limbaugh's dying?
You know, I mean, we need to stay on air.
So thank you all for your support.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Now come back, get the number out and take your calls.
I got no friends because they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
And I'm feeling shot down.
I'm feeling mean.
Gotta hold up me.
They can't be seen.
And I'm feeling... I'm feeling mean.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Now I'm going to be Mr. Clean, because Mr. Clean cuts through the evil.
Let's twist those words back to where they're supposed to be.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, you know, just 30 years ago, just 20 years ago, did the media demonize you?
People believed it.
But it doesn't work like that.
And the enemy just keeps demonizing us.
They keep demonizing Trump.
And I've seen their own articles out, their own internal Democrat memos that we get.
I'm gone.
Probably 500 pages of their intelligence reports that only go to a few of their people.
A few thousand of their people that I've got to go read.
It's really hard to read their dribble, how they prey on us, how they manipulate us, their whole agenda to take all our freedoms away.
But they're scared.
And they're like, oh my gosh, Trump is reconstituting more powerful than ever.
His people have not been demoralized.
They're not believing that we didn't steal the election.
What are we going to do?
Well, the answer is they're going to blow stuff up and blame it on us.
But man, reading the stuff their lawyers write, I just... I've got 500 pages of it.
It's over 500 pages on my desk.
I tried to read 100 pages of it yesterday.
It made me so pissed.
I could barely do the show yesterday.
And that's the paradox.
Again, Tony Robinson talks about this.
He's like, don't give people that are bad your focus.
But then he goes on to expose how COVID's a giant hoax and a lie.
How do I do that, Tony?
Because he's a smart guy.
How do I not give these people my focus when I've got to sit there all day and track their lies and their fraud and their garbage?
You think I want to look at Nancy Pelosi and Junkie Schumer?
You think I want to read DNC lawyers' crap being sent to me?
That's why I'm glad Project Veritas is there.
That's why Veritas always comes on here and says, yeah, whistleblow with us.
Because they know I don't have the crew or the staff to watch this stuff.
Hey man, you get like three hours of Al Qaeda torturing children to death?
And like ripping kids' mandibles off, their tongues are flopping around, blood spraying out, going, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh.
You think I can watch that stuff?
You think I can, you think I can deal with it?
You think I want to look at Tony Podesta's art collection and him with images of kids getting raped?
You think I can handle that?
And then have them send it to my damn email trying to put me in prison?
So all I'm telling you is, I'm trying to figure out, because what they do is they're so evil when they just spread their big black wings and send out all their demon stench.
That most of us go like run away and like just try to hide from them.
They're not gonna leave us alone.
Not gonna leave us alone in our houses, our bedrooms, anywhere.
They're not gonna stop.
So if they want to fight, they're gonna get one.
Like, oh my gosh, you're talking about fighting?
What's that mean?
You know what that means?
It means I'm gonna fight you economically, culturally, spiritually, and if you keep pushing me and you trying to attack me, of course I'll get up and smash your ass.
And you know that!
But here's the thing, you're a demon.
You're lower than a bug.
You think I want to step on a cockroach that I find in my kitchen at night?
Yeah, because I don't want it in my food giving me diseases.
I'd kill its ass, but I don't take pleasure in it.
So just listen, you inferior Satanists want to feed on us because you feel inferior and you're projecting your hate of yourself onto us.
Get this through your head.
Joy reads wrong.
We don't like Hollywood.
We don't like Hollywood stars.
We don't want to be associated with you.
We don't have an inferior order complex.
We don't like you.
We don't want to be around you.
We can't stand you.
I want to be with the common people.
I want to be with the decent people.
And they're every damn color under the sky that God made.
And you know who they are.
They're God's children.
And you people are scared because you know the world's awakened to you, you Satanists.
And so you're doing all your mask and all your compliance to pretend you've got power, and you look at Fauci, and you look at Gates, and they look like they're having orgasms when they're on TV saying, we're never gonna reopen, things are never coming back, you're never taking your mask off, you're not essential, and they just look like they won the damn lotto.
Because for a Satanist, when they're telling you how you're a slave, and they're telling you the horrible future, and they're pretending to be God, and knowing the media and the system are going to back them, that to them is a religion!
But when they see that Oak Farm seed the table, three big stores beating Whole Foods, beating everybody else, because it's mom and pop and it's quality, it's a little bit more because they know the other guys have a monopoly, and the system is crapping its dirty britches because of one thing.
Free association that America was built on, you little rat bastards.
And even though you're making a run at our free economy and a run at our choice and a run at our freedoms,
And you're going to annihilate a lot of our businesses, you're going to make the other ones even stronger, and there's going to be a sticker on the door, meaning they're pro-America, they're pro-freedom, and they believe in humanity, and they believe in employing humans, and they dedicate themselves to being cheerful and having God-like energy.
You heard that fellow earlier, you heard him on, Alfie Oaks, he said, I built this to have good energy.
And that's what we need.
Let me tell you something.
I've been in CNN, I've been in ABC, I've been in MS, I've been in Fox Studios, I've been in them all.
It's like, it's like death inside those places.
And the people are totally unhappy.
Why do you think Tucker Carlson does his show out of Maine and out of Florida?
Nobody wants to be around that stuff.
Why do you think Rush Limbaugh did his show out of his house?
The type of people that are in Hollywood and in the media are scum.
I mean, look at this woman from CNN with her hateful eyes, going, I'm calling the police on these people.
They're not wearing masks, and you better!
Oh, but the illegal aliens don't wear masks.
They don't get an inoculation.
They don't get tested, because it's all a fraud!
And you know it's a fraud!
You hate her!
And you work for an evil, predatory, globalist organization that helps China run giant death camps.
So the next time they tell you you're a racist, and the next time they tell you America sucks, and the next time they tell you free speech is bad, you say, we know you work for the big megacorporations that run death camps in China and are trying to bankrupt the poor Indian farmers, and we know who you are!
And we will never submit to you!
Only God!
And once we submit to God, God says, resist these people.
And then, the more you prove yourself, it's like weapon systems just start opening up, understanding, discernment.
Do you think God would give Satan this understanding of the universe?
They have to technically manipulate it and have certain plays they do that's very robotic, very AI.
The Holy Spirit, ladies and gentlemen, will give you so much knowledge.
Like, John on the Isle of Patmos was like saying, this, I can't believe this, stop!
I can't, it's too much!
I'm marveling!
You want data?
You want to know the secrets of the universe?
But as soon as you know the secrets of the universe, you're like, oh, you fall down on your face to God.
Because you can't comprehend it.
You can look into one piece and get it, and another piece, and it's just like, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!
Total understanding!
We can only understand it when you interface with God in that moment.
And you can only understand God's superiority and supremacy of supremacy.
And the master plan, and you know it's good, and you know it's real, and you know you were designed by it, and you're where you're supposed to be.
These people are cut off, ladies and gentlemen, and you should thank God every day you're not a Satanist.
All right, here's the toll-free number.
I want to take calls throughout this hour.
A little bit in the next hour.
If you're international line and can't call 1-800-512-646-1776.
And I say this, and I've gotten better about calls.
But just, I love you.
You love me too.
Or you disagree, you hate me, that's fine.
I still love you.
Let's just go to the next person.
I'm just gonna go to you.
Please don't ask me what's going on or how I'm doing.
I mean, I'm in a total world government takeover.
Everything's happening.
We're dead on target.
I can't, I mean, I wish it wasn't true.
Sounds about to get a lot worse.
They're getting ready to mask false flags.
They're going to probably release new bioweapons soon.
COVID-19 was just a lockdown drill test.
I mean, you'll be lucky if half of us are alive in five years.
It's going to be bad.
The actuaries for insurance companies show 100 million dead Americans within two years.
So the globals are making their move on us right now.
This is World War III, folks.
So just get ready.
And all you little slickies and all you smarty-pantsies that serve the system.
Bless your soul, to quote Narls Barkley.
You think you're in control?
Ha ha!
Your calls are coming up.
Listen to that music!
That's inspired by God!
Go get that video, too, and share it.
The endgame is now.
There were a bunch of bombings the last few days in Europe.
Bizarrely blowing up medical clinics.
I didn't know what was going on.
Shooting up medical clinics.
Blowing up police stations.
Barely hit the news.
We just be like, I scanned thousands of articles, literally 500 articles a day, conservatively.
Some days thousands.
It's actually shameful.
Well, now there's been a shooting at health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota.
Leaves five injured.
A clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, multiple victims.
That's out of K-A-R-E-11.
CNN's reporting it, too.
And again, I'm not saying it's a false flag.
I'm just saying, some weird stuff's going on with these clinics.
They want to make the people victims that are given the shots.
It's like, I see these black people on TV.
It's been all over NPR.
It's been all over CNN.
You've seen it.
You're like, I know they shot up black people with syphilis, but I trust this old white lady.
And they'll show a white lady giving her a shot.
Now first they tried black people giving black people shots, but still black folks on average are the number one group not taking the shots.
Next is conservatives.
Because we're informed.
Of course the old white woman giving you the shot doesn't know what the hell's in it.
That is just ridiculous!
That's made by Big Pharma and The Globalist, and that's why this is so perfect.
It's a nice nurse selling it, it's a nice doctor selling it, they're going along with it, but behind the scenes, those nurses and doctors aren't taking any of that.
I've had four children at the same medical center, North Austin Medical Center.
First doctor delivered my first three.
She then retired.
Got another doctor.
He was a listener.
Nice guy.
I didn't even know he was a listener.
I just was high-rated.
I went up there.
But in all four cases, the nurses go, hey, ready for the vaccines?
And I go, nope, not doing it.
They go, actually, we don't vaccinate either.
We know it's terrible.
And they go, yeah, we're ordered to give the preemies the vaccines.
And a lot of times, their heart stops.
We've got to resuscitate them.
Now, that's in the news, too.
We've interviewed nurses, just not from where I had my babies, where my wife had the babies, or wives had the babies.
So that's what's going on here.
And so we know this.
I mean, I have stacks of articles of people dying every day from the vaccine.
But Facebook will block that.
So I want to go to your phone calls.
I just want to be very, very clear here that this is a master criminal takeover where they just want to normalize, oh yeah, 50 million, 100 million boys worldwide have autism.
Oh yeah, everybody's getting cancer.
Oh, we don't live as long.
Okay, a bunch of people died after the vaccine.
Oh yeah.
But now, a year into this, and all the scientists have come out, I mean, I'm not exaggerating, I've probably seen over a hundred doctors, epidemiologists, scientists, including at least ten of them, were like, head of the EU Commission, former chief science officer of Pfizer, head of a university.
I mean, when I say ten, hell, it's been like four or five the last week, prestigious.
I guess it's more than that.
Maybe 200 scientists we've talked about.
I don't know, it's so many.
It's been three or four this week.
And they just say, you look at this, this shouldn't be approved, it was never tested, and in the early trials it's causing autoimmune disorders, where people have a cytokine storms and kill them, or it turns off your immune system, or it gives you cancer, or it eats your placenta.
And then now they've confirmed that people that have gotten the two round shots, when they get a normal cold virus, they just swell up and their lungs fill up and they're dead.
So when they're all dying, because most scientists say it'll take six months for a year for it to really kick in, because what happens is it creates a protein with the mRNA inside the cells, not just the one it offsets.
And it looks like it kills a lot of cells and accelerates aging.
So when the cell dies and the membrane dissolves, it releases the bulk of the viruses that never got pushed out.
So it makes your cell grow
More the virus, basically.
Or more what the body recognizes as virus.
And then when the cell dies, it takes a dump inside of you.
And then your body goes, oh my god!
This is 50 million times what I was given in a vaccine!
I'm gonna explain that again.
It's going into your cell, teaching it to attack a protein, and then when your cell dies, it's full of that protein and now your body attacks itself.
Giant autoimmune disease, giant cytokine storm, and that scientist after scientist after scientist, and that's why you have even Fox News headlines like, top scientist says he'd rather go to hell than take shot.
Vaccine is gateway to hell!
Gateway to hell!
People say, well, I'll just go ahead and take it.
I'm tough.
I'll go ahead and take it.
Because I wanna be able to fly on a plane without a mask.
Oh, sorry, that didn't work either.
Oh, I wanna be able to fly without a... It's all a fraud.
All right, we got Jay, we got Justin, we got Michael, Josh, Chris, Brad, Charles, Henry, Casey, and others.
I'm gonna get to one call now, and then I'll come back and...
What's this?
COVID-19 vaccine?
They've killed God.
I can't feel God anymore.
My soul is dead?
What the hell is that?
You know, funny you bring that up.
Okay, I'll go to Carl's next segment.
Type this in.
Type in anti-depression vaccine.
And type in vaccine to stop cocaine or heroin use or drug use.
And it's not a vaccine, it's a virus that goes in and attacks your brain and eats certain synapses so that the cocaine and heroin goes and simulates normal stuff in your brain, normal endorphins.
Like I've got an endorphin right now, like I'm telling the truth.
I'm warning people about mass death and evil.
I'm high because my soul, my body's like, this is good.
What you're doing is good.
Like when you do bad things, you feel bad.
You do good things, you feel good.
And so they're calling these behavioral vaccines.
Type in vaccine to end depression.
And what it really does is goes and attacks proteins in the brain associated with high emotions or attacks the synapses.
There's whole classes of these.
They are
They're not vaccines.
Beyond mRNA, they are genetically engineered gene therapy mutanogens.
You're not supposed to mutate anything in the body.
That's called cancer.
And they go in and just mutate, and there's a giant move towards behavioral vaccine.
And so that's another issue, is that what else are these things doing?
Because the scientists, Wolfgang Ludarg and others, top scientists, looked at this and said,
There's no reason to have an entire human genome in this, Pfizer's.
There's no reason to have a jellyfish genome in this.
There's no reason to have, well, what is, what is this in here for?
They go, we're not going to tell you, it's all wave.
You're like, okay, what's all this?
We're not going to tell you.
And they're looking at what's in the vaccine under electron microscopes.
They're like, we've never seen any of this.
This is not some contaminant.
What is that?
And it's little microchips.
Super nanotech.
And then DARPA came out last week and said, actually, we're looking at vaccines to put nanotech in your brain for a hive mind computer system.
Why, it's a big deal.
The first COVID vaccine is genetic.
And they go, oh, it doesn't go in your cell.
It programs the outside of the cell to go in.
So it's on.
Like it's never been on before, and we're not in Kansas anymore.
And I'm just here going, wow, the mad scientists have taken over.
And like, fighting with liberals that are part of the system?
They're just pretending they're part of the power structure.
They're just pretending they're on the winning team.
They're the biggest schmucks and the biggest losers in it!
So, this is hell on earth, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, I'm not going to lie to you.
And the answer is just fighting back and not supporting globalist stores or globalist ideas and just supporting freedom.
All right, I promise we're going to be back in a few minutes.
I'm going to go directly to calls here.
We got calls from Chicago, Kentucky, Virginia, California, Florida, all over the place.
Georgia, your phone calls are coming up on the other side.
We are about
Putting light on the occult and exposing the darkness.
We are here to energize you to be the leaders you are, to lead humanity out of destruction and into the next level in God's plan.
All right, I told you that every 30 minutes or so, there's another article, I just said this 30 minutes ago, of people dying from the vaccines.
People having miscarriages, people having convulsions.
We'll go to your calls in a moment, but a very sad article at InfoWars.com.
And it's an incredible article.
I just read it during the break.
It's a medical doctor.
She said, it's for my community.
I'm a hero.
I have a responsibility to protect my patients.
I'm a cancer doctor.
I'm going to take the mRNA.
And she had a miscarriage, and her and her husband are devastated.
She had a miscarriage days after the second round of the shot, which gave her body a total autoimmune response.
She took the mRNA vaccine.
She didn't read Wolfgang Wudar, the head of the EU Commission, warning him.
She didn't read that former head of Pfizer, top scientist thing, don't tell you.
No, she believed the media.
You know, the average doctor only knows their speciality.
And they don't know that much.
I've talked to a lot of doctors.
I'm surprised how much they don't know.
I read medical reports every day.
I've been doing this since I was 10 years old.
That's just who I am, though.
And I just look at these people pretending like they know what's going on.
They don't know what's going on.
You think Alfie Oaks started his own grocery store when he was 20 years old?
Now has the most successful in Naples, three branches.
Think he knows how things work?
Oh yeah, he knows how it works.
Because if he doesn't know every angle of everything about his business, he's out of business.
But see, a doctor goes in, they have their speciality, they're told by a computer, and they're bored, what to do.
The old days, doctors were all about what they figured out and what worked.
And those are real doctors, not these people.
And her baby's dead now.
And I'm sad for you, ma'am.
You're gonna have trouble having children here on out.
You know that, right?
Your body's gonna have an autoimmune response to that baby every time.
Just like the tetanus shots had the female hormone added that triggers the second trimester.
So far from gloating over this, I'm trying to use the death of your child to get you to wake others up before it's too late.
But lady, I don't think you'll ever be able to have children again.
You think you're devastated now?
You just had your fertility taken from you by Bill Gates.
Sarah Beltran-Ponce, I've always been open about my motherhood, journaling and medicine, and it's with a heavy heart I tell my hashtag-med-Twitter family that I suffered a miscarriage at 14 and a half weeks.
My husband and I are devastated, but blessed to have each other and our sweet Eva.
Rest in peace, Angel.
So, uh, Sarah, you want to tell us about it?
Because we've got your Facebook, we've got your post where you took that shot a few days before.
You want to tell folks?
Because, oh, oh, oh, oh, I get it.
It's Stockholm Syndrome.
Don't admit you've been abused.
Tell me you're a doctor, right?
You're a doctor?
Well, you should have known that they started two months ago in England with the Pfizer mRNA, and it caused massive miscarriages, massive death of the old, and serious problems of the young.
So, there it is for you, doctor!
It's not safe for three groups of people to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
Pregnant women, says the joint government task force of the UK, over 75 or under 16.
And that's why when I get up here and say it every hour, do not take this vaccine, especially if you're old or pregnant.
The insert said it, doctor.
But you were tough.
You lined up with that little baby.
Show her right here.
She got that shot.
She's a superhero like all the women in all the shows now.
But all you got was Bill Gates killing your baby, and I'm sorry for you.
You gotta go read this for yourself.
Tracking her pregnancy.
She says, oh, I know, you know, I'm doing this for everybody.
I'm taking the shot to protect people.
And now, her baby's dead.
And if she came out and said, oh my God, it's the vaccine, or oh, it might be, because it says in the insert, don't do it.
But no, no, no, no.
We're moving forward, my husband and I. Rest in peace, my darling.
So the preponderance of evidence is this killed your child.
But don't warn anybody!
And people will be like, oh be nice to this mother, you know.
Okay, give it to all the pregnant women then.
Hey ladies, you're pregnant, take it and see what happens for yourself.
Be a hero!
Why COVID vaccines are likely safe for pregnant women.
Yeah, the mRNA vaccine just attacks the same protein in the placenta and cuts the food supply off to the baby.
That's like a space, you know, an astronaut with a hose of oxygen.
You don't need that.
It did so well in 2001 Space Odyssey, right?
I mean, Bill Gates just says he wants to depopulate, right?
And they said, oh, well, I mean, of course, sir, please.
I mean, give, give me a shot.
All right, let's shut up.
I want to shut up.
Who should we go to?
He's been on the longest here.
Jay in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First thing, love your products.
Thank you.
Cava Chill, Survival Shield, Winter Sun.
Your pure turmeric extract, the liquid one.
Thank you.
I'm going to do your pregnenolone product.
I do pregnenolone on my own, and then vitamin C. Anyway, I want to get to my point real quick.
We're private people.
I don't go many places, but we've recently decided we're not wearing masks anymore.
So, we're really transitioning into, when we go to grocery stores, we don't wear them.
Nobody's said anything to us yet, but last week I went to the tax collector's office, and I knew
I'd actually decide to wear a mask.
I refuse to wear them over my nose, ever.
So I walk up to the- So he told you to pull it up over your nose?
Told me to pull it up.
There's a bouncer at the front door, basically.
Big dude, threatening.
Told me to pull it up.
I said, no thanks.
I walked right around him.
Into the facility.
Walked up to the front desk.
Next thing I know, he's hovering over me.
Like, intimidating me over my shoulder.
And I turn around and I look at him and I was like,
Who do you think you are, man?
What are you doing here?
I said, I get anxiety when I have these masks on.
I told you that.
I identified that medically I can't wear these masks without problems.
And now you're threatening me and you're intimidating me.
He just continued to hover over me as if he had a right to threaten me.
I'm in a public space.
This is the only place I can go.
It's a cult, sir.
It's a group of criminal thugs.
Now they're going to come with the contact tracers trained by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation to your house.
I think they are.
I think he's lucky you didn't get his ribs broken.
So what happened next?
So, they make me wait outside, which I was cool with, and I start talking to him, because I want to de-escalate, Alex.
This isn't about me getting in a fight with you.
I understand that he's a moron idiot.
Go ahead.
And I'm not participating in the rules.
So anyway, I look at him, I said, bro, look, I'm not trying to cause a problem here.
I said, but do you realize you threatened and intimidated me by hovering over me like that?
I said, that's bully.
That's threatening.
I said, I don't put up with it.
And I walked up into his face.
I said, how good does this feel?
To feel good to you?
To have someone try to intimidate you?
I was like, it's just not cool.
And then what happened?
I never treat people that way.
He stepped back.
He stepped off.
So then I go in the place, because my number was finally called.
I walk in the place, and you could tell everybody knew that I was a guy who didn't listen.
So I go up to the girl who's helping me, and I start transacting my business.
And I had an itch on my brow, literally an itch on my upper brow.
I pulled my mask down a little bit to itch my nose.
They threatened me.
They threatened me.
We're gonna kick you out.
We're gonna kick you out.
I said, no, you're not gonna kick me out.
Alex, I've been wanting to talk to you about this for a while.
We're good to go.
I agree with you.
I'm going to put you back on hold.
Go outside or get away from where you are.
Your phone's breaking up.
I want to hear what you have to say.
Put him on hold.
Let's go to Michael in California.
Hey, Alex.
Michael, go ahead.
I have a scholarly article here for you that I'd like to share.
And if you could please share with Mr. Oates, I'm sure he would love to print out a stack of these, have them at the front of his business.
You know, customers that walk past that are interested, they could take one, read it, and share it.
But the name of the paper here is
Microbial contamination on surgical masks among hospital personnel and microbial air quality in their working ward, a hospital in Bangkok.
And then I'll just read the conclusion, it's super brief.
But high bacterial contamination on outside area of the used mask was demonstrated and it showed a significant correlation with microbial air quality of working ward.
Yeah, for those who don't know, it's the same thing Fauci put out in 2008.
It causes massive bacterial pneumonia.
It's a petri dish of filth.
And a lot of these nurses wear the same masks.
They're like black.
It's like their baby blanket.
They love it.
And it's because they're under Satan's control.
It's literally a sacrament of death.
I'm not joking when I say that.
Give people slowly that study.
I haven't seen that study.
Slowly give them the study so the crew can put it in.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so you can find it on the ncbi.nlm.nih.gov website.
It was published in the Oman Medical Journal.
And the name of the paper, again, is Microbial Contamination on Used Surgical Masks.
Microbial Contamination on Used Surgical Masks.
That'll pull it up.
Microbial contamination on used surgical masks.
Guys, pull that up.
Yeah, no, it's actually a petri dish.
Most bacteria and viruses die in the air in seconds.
But a film of your spit and food and things creates a nice nesting area.
Yeah, there it is.
Microbial contamination of used surgical masks on hospital personnel and microbial air quality.
No, that's about it really.
But I have a doctor's note.
I'm an exempt individual.
I have anxiety and a history of asthma.
I had it when I was like 10.
I'm good.
Well, that's another thing.
They know it creates fear to have your face covered.
Guys, type in the name that must not be spoken.
Three years ago, even, what's it called?
Wired Magazine had the image of me as red, white, and blue, and a black hand covering my face.
But that's what this is.
This is literally a cult programming.
You're dirty, you're evil, you're bad.
He whose name must not be spoken, Alex Jones.
The name that must not be spoken.
It's Wired Magazine, guys.
Great, that's a great call, Michael.
We love you.
Thanks for giving us another study about the face diapers being bio-weapons.
Filth rags.
Yeah, your mouth's way dirtier than your butt, folks.
Just to give you a statistic.
And the human mouth's the second most dirty mouth there is.
You know what's number one?
Komodo dragons.
On Easter Island.
Wow, those are bad mouths.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
There it is.
He who must not be named.
What Alex Jones and Voldemort have in common.
Notice the psychology though.
I'm red, white, and blue.
The black hand's got me.
That's what the Globals... The Illuminati actually calls itself the black hand.
Don't do it, black folks.
Just calls it black hand.
Means they operate in darkness.
Charles in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, man.
Glad I got a hold of you.
Been trying to reach you for three months.
Here you are, brother.
Hit us.
This may sound ridiculous to say, but I know how to actually fix this whole situation with the elections.
There's four things we need to do right out of the gate.
First, we need to get the band back together from the Stop the Steal, and we need to go on a crusade against the red state governors and red state legislatures to clean up the elections and make them airtight.
Second, we need Trump to go back on rally tour.
By the way, I trillion percent agree with you.
They're doing this fake impeachment to keep him pinned down dealing with this while they cement their takeover and get their false flag ready.
I totally agree.
Yeah, but they're doing something else.
And the last thing we need to do is a boycott of four very specific things.
But the reason they're keeping Trump tied down with this thing is because there's one more big piece.
Um, if you'll let me explain, I'm telling you, this would be like a rear naked choke from Khabib Nurmagomedov.
They cannot get out of this if we actually take action.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Tell me!
There's three things that everybody forgets.
Three little details that people probably know but tend to forget.
One, we can fire the entire House of Representatives every two years in one day.
In this next election, there's 34 Senate seats up, 14 Democrat, 20 Republican.
Second thing people tend to forget,
There's no statute of limitations on high crimes and misdemeanors, which means everybody that just certified this election has pending treason charges hanging over their head.
And they know it, that's why they're hiding behind troops, you see.
And third, there are 20 states that allow recall petition to recall election, just like we saw with Scott Walker in Wisconsin a couple years ago.
20 states, Alex, okay?
Two of them, Illinois and Virginia.
Illinois, you can only recall the governor.
Virginia, it's kind of a nuanced thing.
You've got to go through the courts.
But the other 18 states, you can recall every single official in those states.
I totally agree.
They know there's been a total political realignment worldwide.
They know they're in crisis mode.
That's why they want to start a civil war.
They want to get martial law going with false flags.
And we've got to race to get governors and others on the offense before they do this.
Yeah, but what we have to do is recall every single politician.
And by the way, in 10 of those states, you can recall judges.
We already have it.
Liz Cheney has a 10% approval rating.
She's been censored.
So have all the other 11 that went after Trump.
They should all be run out of town on a rail legally and peacefully and lawfully.
We are in the position of victory.
I agree, Charles.
We can do that this year, though.
We can recall them right now and put Trump back in later this year.
We only need three states.
There's a guy by the name of Matthew Brainard.
The article's up on Natural News right now.
You can find it.
He's basically done all this.
He's the data expert.
We only need three states, okay?
Georgia, Arizona... Well, I agree the way to go is recall, the way to go is election, and the way to go is to kill HR1 so they can't codify election fraud.
I appreciate your call.
You're absolutely on target.
I don't know about putting Trump back in.
It's the optics of that.
The point is that we've got to destroy the globalist operation peacefully with the truth.
All right, Henry in Chicago.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Nice talking to you.
I have a suggestion and an idea.
I think it will work.
How about forming a coalition of constitutional attorneys called Saving America and the Constitution?
This way, all the perpetrators, they are fighting back to get support from constitutional attorneys.
Also, we can start using the U.S.
Code 18, federal 18 U.S.
Code section 242 on the color of law to fight back on the arrest, the illegal mandate, and take back our country.
Brother, it starts with just speaking up and saying no and taking the mask off and calling out Bill Gates and calling out Biden as a fake president.
I totally agree with you.
And getting governors to mobilize and legislators to mobilize.
And I love how Congress is trying to, you know, kick Cheney off her committees.
What happened to Greene should happen to Cheney.
And so it's really a process.
Thank you so much.
Anything else, Henry?
Oh, he's gone.
Casey in California real fast.
Go ahead, Casey.
Thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, it's the Breathwork guy.
I spoke to you a couple months back.
I remember, yes.
Yeah man, like a few days after we had spoke, I got totally deplatformed.
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal.
Thousands and thousands of followers.
Like, you know, half the stuff I post is your stuff.
You know, InfoWars, you guys are great.
Rebuild it, brother.
You're a leader.
That's why they targeted you.
If they didn't ban you, there'd be something wrong with you.
Yeah, definitely.
You know, like, half my stuff is just, you know, I'm talking about the breath being the breath of God, and, you know, cultivating the connection with that.
That's why they want to put the mask on us.
It's spiritual.
It's, yeah, they're trying to tamper with that breath algorithm, and, um, I was just wondering if, um, if there's any way I can pay to upload an instructional breathwork video to Vans?
No, don't pay for it.
We'd love you to do it.
Do it.
Send it to us.
Send it to Rob D. R-O-B-D.
Just the initial.
Rob D. at Infowars.com.
And we want to post a lot of Lister stuff.
The site just tells me we're allowed to post it.
But I'm going to break in a minute.
But Casey, get back into organizing a post-censorship Patriots operation.
I mean, I lived a life, you know, a communal life with a lot of people around me and everything, and I had a very personal life like that, so my network grew.
It was a very organic network.
I had tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.
That's totally gone forever.
I managed to get my Facebook and YouTube back, but my leash is so short now, I can't upload anything.
But see, that's what they do.
And here's the deal.
They're targeting everybody.
But it's because what you did was great.
So it's like the pebble in the pond.
What you did goes on forever.
So don't feel bad they did that to you.
Rebuild it again.
I'll come back to you in two minutes to finish up.
Then we'll talk to Brad.
And then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I built InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and now Bandai Video so that the people being suppressed could be heard.
And we knew this whole moment was coming soon.
So Rob Duke deserves a week vacation with his family.
He's about to go on vacation tomorrow, but he's got to get a lot of stuff done.
So I'm going to have him get your number, because Casey, I know my breathing's terrible.
I know my diaphragm's messed up.
I know that my rib cage is kind of crushed in.
I've had it checked.
I've been doing breathing exercises the last six months, and it's actually really helped me sleep better and do better.
from all the stress.
So I know what you're saying is real.
So I want to see your video.
I don't want to even plug on air what your stuff is or the left tattletales will go have it removed because they don't want you breathing.
They don't want you healthy.
Facebook admits they want you depressed.
They're on an internal document show and suicidal.
They're doing a great job getting us to kill ourselves.
But anything else you wanted to add about organizing post censorship?
Um, I guess, yeah, if you don't want me to plug my gallery.
No, I want you to plug it.
They'll probably ban it even more.
They're like, oh, how dare you tell us to breathe?
Breathing is an act of a human.
That's an act of terror.
You're a carbon-based life form.
If you want to put out this racist, pro-human stuff, because to the aliens, you know, whoever runs this thing, humans are bad.
But yeah, no, no, I mean, yeah, sure, go ahead and give out your, give out your Facebook and your YouTube, a little bit of shadow ban.
Alright, so my YouTube is T-A-O-I-Z-M, it's Taoism, and then that's the same thing you can find me on Gab, it's T-A-O-I-Z-M, and then on Facebook it's T-A-O-I-Z-M.
And, yeah, they've all been pretty much as soon as I told them.
Well, breathing is key, so I'm going to put you on hold, and I'm sure your videos are great.
We'll check them, and we should have a listener site, like, where we decide the listener stuff, then we throw it up.
So I'm going to have Rob call you.
God bless you, brother.
All right, Brad in Michigan.
Last caller for Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, before I get to my point about how we can
What's it called?
What's the bistro?
Marlena's Bistro.
Her name is Marlena Pavlos.
And I love it.
I love it.
I want to get her on the show.
I want to celebrate everybody in defiance of tyranny.
We try to get those bar owners from New York on.
We couldn't get them on.
And here I came up with this great idea.
So the easiest way to resist is just to not wear a mask.
I haven't worn a mask the whole time.
And when I go places, it started out, I would see other people that weren't wearing masks and I, you know, I approach them and talk to them.
So what I did is,
I made a special email address just for this.
And what I did is I ordered business cards.
I'm going way old school.
I ordered business cards and they just say Freedom Lover on them, have my first name, my email address, and my Gab account.
And then when I see people that aren't wearing masks, I hand them to them and I say contact me because that's how locally we can get networking with other people without having to be on social media.
Well, this is a cult we're fighting, and again, the lawyers had to revise those.
They said 10 months ago, oh, if you have a medical condition or anxiety, don't wear a mask.
But the idiots still want to throw you out.
They want an emergency signal.
You go, listen to me.
If I have a medical condition, I don't have to wear a mask.
You get your manager, you're in a lot of trouble.
And I'm going to sue you, so I want your name, your number, and you make them wait, and you let everybody else make a big event about it.
We've got to stop giving in to this cult.
It's got to happen now because the masks never come off, and with that comes the contact tracers, the forced inoculations, which they admit the vaccines don't even work and are deadly.
So these are criminals.
This is their power grab right now.
This is our war.
We've got to resist it.
Yeah, and it's great, because the thing with giving out a business card is nobody can do anything about that.
Oh, it's third dimensional warfare, and it's beautiful.
All right, I'm out of time.
God bless you.
I appreciate you.
Thanks for telling me about that restaurant.
We'll get her on.
Paul Joseph Watson from the UK takes over.
Remember, Alex Jones is demonized.
But Paul Watson, not as much.
Alex Jones is banned.
So when he tweaks out, he's coming on, doing his own show right now, Summit.News.
Tell folks to tune in.
Promote that.
Paul's a really smart guy.
Another great guy is Owen Schroyer in 55 minutes.
He'll host for three hours, The War Room.
Got a bunch of special guests today, I'm told, on The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m., Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Bandai Video, and Paul's got his great site, Summit.News.
I'm jealous of that site.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hello, everyone, and we are back for another edition of the Summit News Hour.
We have people who visited the Super Bowl.
We've had fears and horrors in outside spaces being investigated by the police in Tampa by orders of the Democratic mayor for not wearing masks, God forbid, despite the fact that the governor says they don't even have to follow those rules, basically, throughout Florida.
We have people in the United Kingdom returning from red list countries back into the UK, and this includes British citizens, by the way,
Being threatened with 10 years in prison if they refuse or if they lie to the government and don't self-isolate, quarantine in hotels at the cost of thousands of pounds for 14 days when they come back into the country.
And again, the refugees, the migrants on boats continue to stream in.
They're given free hotel room and board, free food, free taxi service by the government.
But if you're a British citizen coming back in from
I don't know, Spain, France or wherever.
If you don't tell them that you're coming back in, if you don't imprison yourselves in a hotel for two weeks, you could get put in prison for 10 years.
And if you think this lockdown tyranny is ending anytime soon, then think again, because as I'm going to explain here in a moment, it's just going to come back again and again and again under a different incarnation.
I tweeted this a few days ago.
The government has now set the precedent that normal life is a privilege they allow us to have, something that can be withdrawn at any moment under any justification with the expectation of nothing in return but grovelling obedience and vitriolic repudiation of any dissenters.
And that's really intensified in terms of social media.
We've now got Facebook, as I'm going to get into,
Later in the show, saying that you can't now claim COVID-19 was man-made because the WHO visited the Wuhan Virology Lab and declared their investigation over.
They were there for a grand total of three hours and concluded that China had nothing to do with it.
Well, what a surprise!
Echoing, mimicking Chinese state propaganda once again, this visit
Took them months and months to set up.
China tried to block it again and again and again.
They said, we're going to do a thorough, serious investigation.
We're going to go to the lab, going to take data samples, going to talk to every employee there.
They go there for three hours, come out, refuse to even talk to the media and say, yeah, investigation over, case closed.
China had nothing to do with it.
Absolutely incredible.
And literally the day before, Facebook came out and said, yeah, by the way, if you say it's man-made, if you say it came from the lab,
That's bye-bye.
Bye-bye for you.
So again, massive corporations working hand-in-hand with government to stifle dissent, as we saw the other day in another story that I'm going to get into, with people being arrested for tweets, so basically making fun of the NHS.
We're going to get into that later in the show, but I'm going to set the table with this.
A vaunted scientific committee that steamrolls the UK government into locking down over and over again, despite all evidence to the contrary, despite numerous studies, including the recent Stanford University study, proving that lockdowns don't work, that they end up killing more people than the virus itself.
Doesn't matter.
Now they're saying we're going to have lockdowns for years and years into the future.
First it was three weeks to protect the NHS and now it's, oh yeah, maybe 2026 we'll let you out the house?
Of course they're going to phase it in and they're going to phase it out so people have this idea.
Oh, the government's given us two months of freedom!
No, they've stolen your liberty, your right to mobility for life if you tolerate this.
And the polls show that people are tolerating it in massive numbers.
A member of the UK Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, SAGE, has claimed that lockdowns could be a part of people's lives for several years as variants of COVID-19 mutate.
This new Oxford vaccine, by the way, they're saying it's only 10% effective against the new South African strain of coronavirus.
For the past three months they've been saying, don't worry about new mutant strains, the vaccines have it covered.
Now we find out, oh, actually they don't.
So any kind of new strain, whether it exists or not, the government just has to do a press conference and tell you that it exists.
Oh, well, we got a lockdown again because the virus didn't cover it.
The vaccine, sorry, didn't cover it.
So we have to do this over and over again.
Now, Professor Sir Ian Boyd, who teaches at the University of St Andrews School of Biology, warned this week against the frequent, the frequent lifting of lockdowns again.
We've got to this stage where we're now graciously enthusiastic and thankful for the fact that we get, you know, maybe a couple of months in summer, no lockdown.
That's the bar now.
He warned against the frequent lifting of lockdowns because it simply fuels a new wave of disease that can cause the virus to replicate more and mutate into new strains.
He said there are a lot of reasons for taking pain now in order to create conditions for controlled release from restrictions a lot easier.
Again, this is what they told us before Christmas.
They said at the start of December, oh, we just need to lock down for a few more weeks, get it under control, and guess what?
We'll give you a whole five days over Christmas of complete freedom.
Of course, what happened is, immediately before Christmas, they said, oh no, we're going to take that away as well.
And by the way, you're under lockdown for the next three months.
Again, see how the bar has been shifted.
So now, more experts who the government listens to without question, despite all evidence to the contrary, say that these lockdowns are going to continue for several years into the future.
We also have this headline out of Breitbart.
UK science advisors call for GPS phone tracking to enforce coronavirus quarantines.
Now, I posed the question a few weeks ago when this was first mooted,
How are they going to enforce it if people just leave their phones at home?
They don't have to take their phones with them.
In fact, a lot of people have two phones now.
You could just use a burner phone and give the government your phone number for that, leave it at home, go about your business as usual.
And I suggested, without wanting to give them ideas, that maybe they'd have to use electronic ankle bracelets to enforce this.
Now they're literally saying in the news, oh people are just going to have two phones and leave their phone at home.
So if the government tries to track you for violating your quarantine, or for being more than a couple of kilometres from where you live, well maybe then more invasive measures need to be used.
Maybe we do need the electronic tracking bracelets.
Maybe we do need the door-to-door visits, which I'm going to get on to.
But the British Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, SAGE, has suggested using GPS tracking to surveil travellers who are quarantining upon arrival in the United Kingdom.
Again, this isn't just foreign visitors, this is all people, including British citizens.
The UK's Health Congo said that electronic monitoring could replace the need for travellers to be quarantined in hotels.
So again, they
They give you this even more invasive form of imprisonment, basically by saying you're going to have to self-isolate in a hotel for two weeks under threat of 10 years in jail.
But then they say, no, we'll be reasonable.
We'll be reasonable.
Just give us complete access to your cell phone.
Let us track your every physical movement for the next two weeks.
Oh, it'll just be for two weeks.
Don't worry about that.
They won't keep doing it forever.
Like the NSA does.
No, no, no, no.
Like Echelon does.
So they come in with this stick, which is the hotel quarantine, which is the 10-year jail threat.
And then they say, no, we'll be reasonable.
We'll just track your phone and your physical movements.
Oh, OK, that sounds very reasonable.
Thank you, government.
Government sources told The Times on Monday that while there are currently no plans to track rivals through their mobile phones,
Which is the same thing they said about the hotel idea.
The government is increasingly under pressure to develop a solution to keep international travel open while preventing further outbreaks.
And again, they make the point in this article that people are just going to have two phones, they're going to get around it very easy, so then they're going to need even more invasive measures to enforce that.
After the break, though, I'm going to get into what the next incarnation of lockdown will be.
Obviously, they're going to say there's mutations of viruses, there's going to be new viruses, but another method that they could use and that they've been talking about using for many, many years is climate change lockdowns.
That's the next justification.
That's what we're going to get into after the break.
Summit.News, don't go away.
So we have experts advising the government in the UK that lockdowns are going to continue
Whatever incarnation or format for years to come, we have police in Tampa, or at least the Democratic mayor in Tampa, saying police will investigate people who failed to wear masks during outside Super Bowl celebrations.
We continue to see people being violently arrested in the United Kingdom for flouting lockdown rules, including a
Gym owner last night, I just saw a video about half an hour ago, literally about eight or ten police officers dragging him to the ground for the crime of opening his gym.
Of course, this is all derived from tattletale culture, which has been encouraged by the media, grass up your neighbours.
But now we have the necessity for justifications for lockdowns to be created years into the future.
Not just with mutations of coronavirus, but with other dire proclamations as well.
Because as I said beforehand, now that they've created the precedent that the sheep will comply immediately once the government presents them with any kind of threat whatsoever, now it's open reign.
You've seen the polls in the United Kingdom.
The support for lockdowns just keeps going up and up and up.
They love it!
Mainly because a lot of those people are being paid by the government to sit on their arses and watch Netflix with furlough money, which is another agenda of the Great Reset, of course.
They say they want universal basic income.
So nobody has really got an investment in society.
Nobody's got an investment in their own families in building their own wealth base or power structure.
And then they're completely dependent on the state, on the government forever, which can then threaten to remove that universal basic income at the drop of a hat if they don't comply with whatever the latest measure is.
And the next incarnation, according to this article, which is a great breakdown, posted on moonbattery.com, headline coming soon, climate lockdowns.
Now, they've been calling for this for years before the coronavirus was even a thing.
Nobody went along with it because the propaganda for man-made climate change wasn't convincing enough people.
In fact, polls routinely showed that a minority of Americans believed it, at least when they were pushing this 10 years ago.
It says, one thing big government has learned from the coronavirus crisis is that we will tolerate far more repression than might have been expected.
Even after the economic devastation wreaked with largely counterproductive lockdowns in states they controlled,
Democrats were able to seize power nationally.
They will use this power to apply their lessons.
Another lesson is that if COVID-19 was good for Democrats, an even bigger crisis will be better still.
How about a crisis that threatens all life on Earth, according to liberal rhetoric?
Now, of course, they've been spouting this hysterical rhetoric about the polar ice caps melting, the Arctic being ice-free,
UK being a Siberian climate.
They've been spouting it for decades.
Never comes true!
All their dire proclamations prove inaccurate time and time again.
Doesn't really matter now though, does it?
Because we've created a new benchmark of hysteria, of moral panic, where if the government says, stay home, you stay home and most people comply.
And that's why Stephen L. Miller expects climate lockdowns.
Mariana Mazzucato, an author and professor in Innovative Economics at the University of London, raised the prospect of climate lockdowns in Market Watch last September.
Under a climate lockdown, governments would limit private vehicle use, which they're already doing under the rubric of climate change regulations in many major cities,
Ban consumption of red meat.
We've seen that being pushed by the World Economic Forum.
Making people eat insects, eat bugs, eat worms instead of meat.
That's one of their agendas.
And impose extreme energy saving measures.
While fossil fuel companies would have to stop drilling.
To avoid such a scenario we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.
The idea of doing capitalism differently is the driving rhetorical motivation behind the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, another term for the implementation of global Marxism.
Recall, at the start of the first lockdown, we saw all these headlines in the media.
Oh, nature's returning!
Carbon emissions are way down!
This is fantastic!
Maybe we need to do this again.
After all,
What's staying home for two weeks if you're going to save the planet?
What's banning cars in certain areas?
What's banning driving on certain days?
Where's the harm in that?
It's for the greater good, and the greater good is the Great Reset.
Oh, by the way, Bill Gates is buying up massive acres of farmlands.
He's one of the biggest landowners now on the planet.
He controls large parts of the agriculture system.
The global elites are not going to give up their property, but they literally say in these great reset documents, you're going to have to give up yours.
You're going to own nothing.
You're going to own Sweet F.A.
while Bill Gates buys up record amounts of farmland because, again, he's part of the technocratic elite.
It's a big club and you're not part of it.
Climate Czar John Kerry is a proponent of imposing the Great Reset fast and hard.
Karl Lauterbach, an MP for the German Social Democratic Party, wrote in Develt last September, See, now they've set that benchmark, they can apply it to any perceived problem.
Of course, the problem of climate change is continually presented as an imminent threat.
Even when they put dates on when there's no, you know, the point of no return.
We've passed those dates time and time again.
The planet's still fine.
Doesn't matter.
They're just going to help you forget that they said that.
You know, Al Gore saying the Arctic will be ice free by 2013.
Just forget about that.
So the suppression of economic activity.
In the name of the Chycon virus caused a drop in supposedly harmful CO2 emissions.
Remember they said, oh nature's returning.
The globalist liberal ruling class has seized on this as evidence that economic suppression is good.
Despite the fact that it leads to business closures, poverty, mass unemployment.
Of course 1.4 million people will die from untreated TB infections in the third world.
550,000 children are malnutrition now because of these lockdowns.
10,000 children in the third world die every month because of these lockdowns.
Oh, but the liberals, the progressives, the philanthropists like Bill Gates really care about little black children even though they die in droves.
Precisely, specifically because of these global lockdowns pushed by the same technocratic elite
The same technocratic elite that has doubled their income over the past 11 months while saying you need to hand even more control over the economy, they need more centralisation over the economy, more power in their hands for the greater good, for the greater economic good of everyone, despite the fact that everyone's going broke and they're getting filthy rich.
But they really care about those black kids who are dying at the rate of 10,000 a month in the third world every month because of the same lockdowns that Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, all of them support.
Continued temporary measures to address the imaginary crisis will become the new normal.
Important people like John Kerry need to fly across the world on private jets to collect rewards.
But why should we little people be allowed to fly at all when it might offend the climate?
Then it goes on to how big government will then introduce climate lockdowns.
We're going to get into this more after the break.
Also going to talk about the WHO's non-investigation of the Wuhan virus.
So that's going to be the next incarnation of lockdowns.
They're going to say the virus has mutated.
There will be more viruses, but there'll also be climate lockdowns, which is what I've been talking about in the previous segment with this article, coming soon, climate lockdowns.
I'm continuing with this article.
Because as it explains, the suppression of economic activity in the name of the Chycon virus caused a drop in supposedly harmful CO2 emissions.
So again, they're going to present that as the great solution for saving the planet.
If we can all just stay home for two weeks, which would inevitably become four weeks, because it was three weeks for the UK back in March last year.
Now, almost a year later, we're still under lockdown.
It's worth it to save the planet!
Anyone who questions such proposals will be labelled a science denier and accused of wanting to kill their fellow neighbours.
You know, like what you hear if you don't wear a mask for a casual walk around the block.
Temporary measures to address the imaginary crisis will become the new normal.
Important people like John Kerry need to fly across the world on private jets to collect rewards.
But why should we little people be allowed to fly at all?
Big government could impose climate lockdowns by declaring that climate change is an immediate public health and national security crisis and using the same authority granted to them by public health departments to implement them under the same guidelines they did for COVID-19.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for Biden to declare a climate emergency.
Prominent Democrats Bernie Sanders and AOC have introduced a bill that would force him to do so.
The amount of tyranny we will tolerate is the amount that will be inflicted by Democrats, no less.
And then if you look at the polls, of course, huge numbers of people do support this.
This is an agenda a long time in the making.
In fact, if you remember, there was a commercial, a Super Bowl commercial, played during the Super Bowl back in 2010.
Audi's Green Police
Which kind of satirised how this economic, eco-fascist dictatorship would play out, with people being arrested for fitting incandescent light bulbs, with people being dragged out of their homes for having their hot tub at too high a temperature.
Almost, you know, as we see here, they're picking through people's garbage, finding batteries.
Not too dissimilar from what we see now, where literally in the UK, for example,
While we have stabbings continually on the increase, violent crime at record levels, what are the police doing?
Cruising round neighbourhoods looking for people having house parties.
This has happened to friends of mine on more than one occasion.
The police, while 10 people in Croydon in South London are being stabbed to death, they'll be out in a different area of town, a better, more upmarket area, where there's less crime.
Looking for people hanging out of a window smoking a cigarette and then they'll knock on the door and find people having, God forbid, a few people round for a house party.
That's the kind of crime they're tackling.
So we saw this with Audi's Green Police Super Bowl commercial as far back as 2010.
We had articles such as this.
Top eco-fascist calls for end of freedom to fight global warming.
And again, this was James Lovelock along similar lines calling for lockdowns, calling for traffic bans.
Another headline from 2015.
UK government announces plan to remotely control vehicles.
That's been a long time in the offing.
Having GPS tracker boxes fitted to vehicles to, quote, reduce congestion.
We have this headline from 2010.
Global warming alarmist calls for eco-gulags to re-educate climate deniers.
And what have the climate deniers now become?
Well, they've become the anti-vaxxers.
They've become the COVID deniers.
The headline from just last month, Germany set to detain COVID rule breakers in refugee camps.
So again, it's the same ingredients for absolute tyranny, and now they're going to do it in the name of man-made climate change.
That's looking like it's going to be the next push.
Moving on though, let's go to this clip from Mike Pompeo, where he's reacting to the WHO's announcement after it's
Exhaustive investigation into the origins of the Chinese coronavirus that China, Communist State Party there, had nothing whatsoever to do with it.
Here's Mike Pompeo on Fox News Today.
Let's go to the clip.
I want to take you back to May of last year, ABC interview.
The question was asked of you and the following answer went like this.
Just watch.
I can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.
Do you think they intentionally released that virus or it was an accident in the lab?
I don't have anything to say about that.
I think there's a lot to know.
But I can say this, we've done our best to try and answer all of those questions.
How do we look at that now, sir?
Your reaction on the story and the headline from the World Health Organization.
Well Bill, I've seen that headline and I must say the reason we left the World Health Organization was because we came to believe that it was corrupt, it had been politicized, it was bending a knee to General Secretary Xi Jinping in China.
I hope that's not the case here with what they've announced today.
I'll look forward to seeing their reports and analysis.
But I don't believe it's the case that they got access that they needed.
I know they didn't get access they needed in a timely fashion, and I hope that they got to see all the data, all the science, into the lab, talk to the doctors, interview them, interview them in private, in places where they could actually tell the truth about what took place, not under the supervision of a Communist Party person sitting in the back of the room making sure that they towed the Communist Party line.
I look forward to seeing the results.
I continue to know that there was significant evidence, Bill, that this may well have come from that laboratory.
So nothing has changed in your view that it came from the lab?
The Communist Chinese government literally imprisoned, and some of them actually went on to unfortunately be killed, imprisoned the whistleblowers who said there was a virus that existed in the first place.
At the time of course people like Nancy Pelosi and
Cuomo and others were out on television saying, yeah, let's all gather in giant crowds for Chinese New Year parties.
Anyone who says that's somewhat questionable, well, you're xenophobic.
You must hate Chinese people.
They literally had mayors in Florence and other Italian towns.
Sending Asian people out to go and hug everyone in the middle of major cities so as to prove that they weren't racist.
That was the foundation of it.
The Chinese government imprisoned the whistleblowers who tried to tell the world that this virus even existed.
No one's supposed to believe the Chinese government though.
The WHO is amplifying their talking points.
Headline out of Summit News.
WHO absolves China of blame for COVID after visiting virus lab for just three hours.
This is after spending months merely trying to secure rights to visit.
WHO officials largely absolved China of blame after visiting the virus lab in Wuhan for just three hours.
They went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
But Peter Daszak told reporters, we're looking forward to meeting with all the key people here and asking all the important questions that need to be asked.
He said the aim of the mission was to gather data and search for clues as to the origin and spread of the virus.
And yet, in commissioning that investigation and carrying it out, which again took months to plan, how long do you think they were at the lab gathering data and searching for clues and interviewing all these different people at the lab?
Well, the Associated Press reports, the team left after around three hours.
They were there for three hours having coffee and biscuits and then they buggered off!
They didn't talk to journalists when they left.
What a thorough investigation!
After nearly a year of trying to secure access to investigate the origin of this virus, they leave after three hours?
Okay, seems plausible.
In what must be one of the fastest major investigations ever concluded, WHO food safety and animal diseases expert Peter Ben-Amberek then revealed its conclusion, which virtually mirrored Chinese government and state media talking points, namely that China wasn't to blame.
So now they're saying it had nothing to do with the Wuhan wet market, had nothing to do with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
They're literally now aping, mirroring Chinese state propaganda talking points that it wasn't their fault, nothing to do with them, and it came on frozen meat packaging.
Of course, you can surely trust the WHO.
It's not as if they literally once again amplified Chinese Communist government propaganda back on January 14th, as late as that, when they said there was, quote, no human-to-human transmission of coronavirus.
You can surely trust them.
I'm going to throw to a report here in a second about the adulation of worship of the National Health Service here in the United Kingdom.
It's a think tank, a prominent think tank has come out with a new report saying
Lo and behold, that's totally unwarranted.
But it was kind of sparked by this article.
This is out of Breitbart.
Now, of course, we know, I think it's around 5,000 people in the UK are arrested every year for offensive tweets.
The police say they no longer have the resources or the time to visit many burglaries.
We have violent crime.
We have knife crime completely out of control.
We have gangs taking over increasingly large territories in the inner cities.
But if you write a mean tweet, they're coming for you!
Scottish police have charged the man for writing an offensive tweet about Sir Captain Tom Moore following his death.
Tom Moore is basically this
A hundred-year-old man who sadly died last week.
He raised a lot of money for the NHS.
So this nasty individual got onto Twitter and basically said something like, well, he was in the British Army, they all deserve to die.
Looks like he may have been an Islamist actually.
Or maybe he was just a far leftist.
But in a statement released on Monday, Lancashire Police said, on Friday 5th of February, we received a report of an offensive tweet about Captain Tom Moore.
A 35-year-old man has been charged in connection with communications offences.
So they've arrested him.
He's probably going to go to jail.
Minimum, he's going to get a big fine.
The founder of the anti-censorship political party, reclaimed British actor Lawrence Fox, condemned the arrest on the grounds of freedom of speech, writing on social media, the police should be free to do their jobs, which is investigate actual crime, not arresting idiots who tweet idiotic things.
But again, curtailing freedom of speech, enforcing newspeak, limiting vocabulary, intimidating people into conforming with this woke mob, that is now the role of the state, that's now the role of the government.
Real crime, if you're a victim of it, well, you can go whistle, because somebody said a mean thing on Twitter.com.
But again, why this has caused so much outrage, or, you know, contrived outrage,
is the fact that this Captain Tom Moore became a symbol of the NHS itself.
The NHS is basically now a religious institution in the United Kingdom, and to question it is to behave like somebody who drew cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in many people's eyes.
And on that subject, here is a video with a think tank saying how irrational this all is.
Let's roll the clip.
A prominent think tank has published a report concluding that adulation for the NHS, the British National Health Service, is not rational.
Dr Christian Niemietz of the Institute for Economic Affairs said, quote, there is nothing special about the NHS, neither during this pandemic nor any other time.
The doctor pointed out that countries like Taiwan and South Korea, which suffered the fewest COVID deaths and the least social disruption,
...had low public spending in the lead up to the outbreak of coronavirus and no public health services.
What is safe to say is that there is no rational basis for the adulation the NHS is currently receiving and no reason to be grateful for the fact we have it, wrote Nimiez.
Despite the NHS apparently being the envy of the world,
The UK has the highest per capita COVID death rate out of anywhere on the planet.
In comparison with healthcare systems in other European countries, the NHS has clearly been proven not fit for purpose.
Yet in the United Kingdom, the NHS is so slavishly worshipped, despite being objectively so crap, that it's come to represent something akin to a religious institution.
Churches even fly NHS flags outside their buildings.
And just like religions, criticism of the NHS is treated by many as a form of blasphemy.
Captain Tom Moore, who raised money for the NHS and sadly died last week, became a symbol for the NHS itself.
The man in Scotland who insulted Moore on Twitter after his death was immediately arrested by the police.
Because I'm sure that someone like Captain Moore, who fought fascists in a world war,
...would totally support arresting and imprisoning people for mean words.
But NHS worship really peaked during the first lockdown, when millions of people took part in a weekly clap for the NHS, which took place every Thursday at 8pm.
The event became a parody of itself, with effusively over-the-top displays of faux-virtuosity and genuflecting.
The fact that this quasi-religious fervor coincided with multiple viral videos of NHS nurses doing TikTok dances for social media clout at the height of a pandemic only added an extra layer of weirdness to the entire spectacle.
It's one hour into my shift.
Time for me to make another TikTok of myself dancing.
Help me, I'm dying.
This dopamine chasing continued despite family members of cancer victims who had their treatments cancelled complaining that they were disrespectful.
Punishments in the form of ostracization for not clapping the NHS were also meted out.
A mother who was having trouble getting her son to sleep that night missed the clap-a-thon by accident.
Only to then discover she had been named and shamed for failing to follow the herd by her local community Facebook group.
You must stay home, only the outside, for food, for health reasons.
Dr Niemietz made reference to the clapathon in his report saying it was part of a false Covid-19 narrative of how lucky we are to have the National Health Service and how grateful we have to be for that.
And as writer Theodore Dalrymple noted, the clapping bears the hallmark of how citizens and party members under communist regimes were forced to feverishly applaud despots or face being labelled a dissident.
It reminds me a little if
...and its tendency to get longer and louder and almost more hysterical... ...of the applause after a speech by Nikolai Ceausescu or other communist despots... ...in which everyone in the audience had to show himself as enthusiastic and the most enthusiastic applauder... ...and to continue applauding as long as someone else was applauding... ...for to be the first to stop might be taken as a sign of disloyalty and dissent from the official line.
But despite its endless failings, criticism of the NHS in the United Kingdom continues to be treated not that far removed from how the Muslim world views people who draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Please remember to hit subscribe and remember there's more content at Summit.News.
That is up on YouTube.
Moving on though now, because we've got a few minutes left.
Might want to hit a few final news stories.
Of course, leftists had a massive collective meltdown yesterday on Twitter because, God forbid, Mr Tom Brady was seen not wearing a mask.
They really hate Tom Brady, as I explained in a video yesterday, because he represents everything the system despises.
He's also racist, of course, for winning the Super Bowl during Black History Month.
Yes, thousands of people actually said that.
Well now it seems that the fans who celebrated, who mingled socially, how dare they, in outside areas at bars in Tampa, they're going to bear the brunt of people's frustration at Tom Brady not wearing a mask because Tampa Mayor threatens police investigations of Super Bowl fans who didn't wear masks.
Despite the fact that the Governor DeSantis said all these fines, all these restrictions were to be ignored in Florida, the Mayor is now saying that evildoers will be identified and investigated by the police.
She's a Democrat, of course.
She's saying this despite the fact that Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan told reporters last week that cops wouldn't be enforcing mask mandates aside from encouraging social distancing.
He said, literally, quote, we really don't want to get into being the mask police.
The reason why this has come to prominence is because you've had these mainstream news reporters, CNN, ABC, NBC specifically,
Turning up to Super Bowl parties outside bars, people drinking, people talking, and literally having panic attacks at the sight of them not wearing masks.
You saw it in Naples, Florida, with the footage inside the grocery store.
You know, Shep Smith expressing horror that people were going about their normal business without masks.
We have this headline, video CNN mask Karen freaks out, calls police on Super Bowl revelers.
She literally almost had a panic attack at seeing people drinking, laughing, talking without wearing masks.
And attempted to call the police on anyone who wasn't wearing a face mask.
She said, they're not all from the same party, obviously, or from the same family, which is what officials recommend, but they're outside.
She continued, this is a huge amount of people, hundreds of people in the street, and you can see most of them are not even wearing masks!
They're told that they were on dance floors!
And a lot of these clubs are dance floors right now!
During the pandemic, are supposed to actually be closed!
So she literally had a panic attack, called the police on them, and now those same people are being investigated by the police.
AOC lies, claims she never accused Ted Cruz of inciting her murder, refuses to apologize.
They're still comparing the January 6th Capitol Hill breach to 9-11, literally.
Of course, Ocasio-Cortez came out on Twitter last week and said,
That Cruz literally tried to have her murdered.
She then, with a straight face, told a reporter that she never said that and she wouldn't apologize for what she said, despite the fact that she literally tweeted it a few days ago.
And, of course, lied about her entire story of what happened to her during that Capitol Hill incident.
I was going to wrap it up.
Forum is coming up next.
Breaking News at Summit.News.
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Well, I mean, anybody that's followed the show and written down what I said is going to happen knows that almost all of it is now unfolding.
So it's very, very frustrating.
You don't need to sit there and put your faith in me.
Or your faith in the Dalai Lama.
Or your faith in the private Federal Reserve.
Or your faith in some televangelist on TV.
You just have to have a memory and write down and remember the things I've laid out.
You can go research those things for yourself.
You can find out, is this guy more often than not right?
You'll find out about 95% of the time I'm right.
There's nothing more I'd like than to be wrong, but here's the deal.
I am so angry at the Q people, not because they were awake to the new world order, not because they were exposing child kidnapping rings, that's all great, but because they had this feeling of invincibility.
And this feeling that everything's going to be handled, everything's taken care of.
And this attitude that they didn't have to document anything because they were just going off some 8-chan board.
I can show you DW.EU.
I can show you London Guardian.
I can show you thousands of children a month kidnapped, tortured, some killed.
I can show you the Catholic Church with nuns delivering little boys to be gang-raped by men.
That's just this week.
My God, there's so many articles and trials and convictions just on that subject that I can't even look at it all.
I don't want to.
I'm sick of it.
Even though it's my job to expose it, it's a horror to focus on it.
So people say, Jones, are you for real?
I mean, I'm as real as a heart attack.
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I'm as real as a train wreck.
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