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Name: 20210207_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 7, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the globalist takeover of Earth, impeachment trial of President Trump, accusations against Ali Alexander for organizing Trump events, a Time magazine article detailing the shadow campaign that allegedly saved the 2020 election, state governments running TV and radio ads promoting vitamin D3, zinc, and C for maintaining health during the pandemic. He criticizes mainstream media's celebration of their role in controlling information and censoring citizens. Jones also discusses the Super Bowl, calling it a simulated warfare event with extensive propaganda and brainwashing, as well as the largest human trafficking operation aside from the Olympics and World Cup events. Jones emphasizes on freedom of speech and religion, criticizing the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment, state interference with people's religions, and protests and riots happening in various cities like Portland, Seattle, and Washington D.C. He promotes his supplement store, InfoWarsStore.com, urging listeners to support the platform by purchasing products. The speaker discusses various media jokes about children, particularly those involving drag queen story times, and claims that these jokes are part of a power grab by the trans movement to brainwash autistic boys into thinking they're girls for depopulation purposes. He also talks about how SNL made a joke about all this during the Super Bowl commercials and how it connected to the WikiLeaks documents which revealed that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were involved in pedophilia and child trafficking. Alex Jones discusses the ongoing issue of child sex trafficking, sharing stories from different news sources about the trafficking that occurs at major events like the Super Bowl, and criticizes mainstream media outlets for denying the existence of pedophilia while promoting it themselves. He mentions a Senate report on Obama's catch and release policy that placed thousands of children in the hands of human traffickers, as well as an issue in Germany where officials knowingly placed kids with known pedophiles for over 30 years. In this InfoWars podcast, the host discusses how high-quality supplements are in demand due to their effectiveness and importance in maintaining health. He also highlights the globalist agenda and their attempts to impose medical tyranny on the population. The show encourages listeners to support the platform by purchasing products from the InfoWars store. In this video, Alex Jones discusses how high-quality supplements are in demand due to their effectiveness and importance in maintaining health. He also talks about a mathematician's analysis that suggests Joe Biden's election win was statistically impossible, implying electoral fraud. He further discusses the need for people to secure their own food supply due to globalist control over it and promotes his website preparewithalex.com for high-quality food at reasonable prices.

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My friends, thank you for joining us.
It is Super Bowl 55.
February 7th, 2021.
On this live Sunday edition.
And we're going to be here live for the next two hours, and Owen Schroer's coming in during the Super Bowl, sacrilegious, to cover the globalist takeover of planet Earth and how to fight back.
Because as much as I like football, as much as I like watching Tom Brady, it really pales in significance compared to the information we're going to be covering here.
So when other people zig, we zag.
We really appreciate the audience that tunes in.
It's become quite a ritual.
I've been on there 27 years, but I have been hosting a Sunday show for, what is it, 12 years now at least.
4 to 6 p.m.
So, I'm basically always here during the Super Bowl.
And the pleasure of it is, I don't have to see all of the anti-God, anti-family, anti-male, anti-female, anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom messages that are in the ads.
And I, a lot of times, watch the end of the game or the highlights, but I do literally change the channel as soon as it goes to an ad, but there's so much globalist propaganda within it, how do you watch it?
But we will chronicle all of that.
Okay, wow.
Just the quickening is here, there's so much to cover.
The President's trial starts tomorrow, and I've been saying he should do this, and now they're saying he is.
It's common sense, I mean, I'm sure they didn't get this from me.
Trump lawyers to use videos of Democrats inciting violence during impeachment defense.
That is a one-on-one deal.
The first group out of, what, North Carolina, he just fired two weeks ago.
The media said quit.
They didn't want to go there.
No, that's exactly what you do.
You put your accusers, who are the real criminals, on trial.
Because most of the time that's what you get with a kangaroo court state prosecution like this is
Total projection.
And we've got a lot of inside baseball in the second hour.
Ali Alexander, who did help organize the big Trump events on the 5th and 6th.
The media has said $100,000 bounties on his head.
He's a terrorist.
He's a criminal.
Well, he's been getting his ducks in a row doing all the research on who was behind this.
He's now ready to break the news, and I concur with his analysis in the second hour of how Trump was betrayed, how America was betrayed, and how what we had set and planned was not executed by folks at the White House.
We know who was actually behind it.
And sadly, the higher-ups of the Secret Service went along with it as well.
So it's very, very sad.
I know most of the Secret Service are good men and women, but this is the setup of the President.
Very, very sick.
And by the way, we already knew this a week ago, but the secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election, it is a lengthy, 25-page article in Time magazine that's about 80% accurate, admitting
That powerful, multinational banks and corporations and big tech working with a shadow army of leftists basically stole the election.
They even call it a cabal.
Because they want to throw it in your face, what they did, and they want the credit for what they carried out.
And it's really got a lot of Democrats mad, like you're not supposed to tell people what we did.
And even about censoring and not letting people expose the fraud or the election fraud and how important that was to control the flow of information and how they did a great job censoring over 100 million Americans.
They are very proud of their activities.
They said it's not a paranoid fever dream, it's a well-funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies.
Working together behind the scenes to influence, perception change, rules and laws, steer media, control information, censor, it's all there.
And it ties in, they even talk about the sixth and how they led us into a trap.
Oh yeah!
They're bragging.
Supervillains always do.
They brag how they let us right into the trap.
They're so proud of themselves.
They're gloating.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Well, well, well!
We've got a big game going on!
Simulated warfare from back in the days of the gladiators.
Bread and circus.
Super Bowl 55.
And I've always been a football fan, but there's so much propaganda involved with it, so much brainwashing, so much BLM communist garbage, that I don't watch a lot of football.
But tonight's the type of game I would watch because they want Mr. Brady to fail.
It's like rollerball.
Which was set in the year 2020, but this is 2021 actually coming true.
February 7th, 2021 on this Sunday, Super Bowl 55, Sunday Live.
Super Bowl 55 is a giant pedophile sex trafficking party and MSM loves it!
I'm gonna play some of those clips, mainstream news, SNL, making big jokes about all the pedophilia at the Super Bowl.
Even though I was briefed,
By folks in federal law enforcement and the Pentagon when they were having the Super Bowl in Houston.
About how they were even running small children and kidnapped women.
And who was involved in it to my incredible disgust.
As I was being filled in on some people that I thought were nice people actually weren't nice people.
And how they literally have these pimps with whole hotel levels, whole floors blocked off, with whatever you want.
Women, men, underage girls, boys, little kids.
The Super Bowl is the number one largest human trafficking operation other than the Olympics in the world!
It's up there at the top with the World Cup in soccer and, of course,
The Olympics and then the Super Bowl, they're all right up there at the top.
But does it matter?
The Democrats say pedophilia doesn't exist!
Sex trafficking doesn't exist!
It's all made up, it's a thing Q made up.
Nobody ever heard of this until three years ago when Q showed up and was the master of ceremonies about it all and put out this info to protect the perpetrators.
That's right, the perpetrators are Q.
The Huffington Post, though, tries to spin it.
Oh, it's a myth.
There's no sex trafficking at the Super Bowl.
No, no, no.
Well, I'm going to show you the documents.
I'm going to show you the proof.
I'm going to show you the court admissions.
And I'm going to show you next segment, SNL making a big, fat joke about it.
And they even tie me into it.
But I've been around the block a few times and I figured out how all this operates and just how sick it is.
So, that's all coming up.
Let me tell you some of the other big news.
We have...
The Massachusetts climate czar that works directly for John Kerry says the quiet part out loud in private meeting, we have the video, he says they're going to break the American people's will, close quote, including the old retiree down the street.
They're not going to stop till you're in a 200 square foot coffin apartment.
We actually have their plan.
We actually have video of the coffin apartments already being put in place in the U.S.
and the rest of the world.
That's coming up.
You're going to see that for yourself in their master plan.
And we've got this interesting headline that's actually not really accurate.
And I'm not knocking info wars my own sight.
They just kind of rewrote what the mainstream media was saying.
Supreme Court orders California to allow indoor church services.
And technically, that's a true headline.
I'm not bashing my own folks.
It's true.
Technically, you can call it a win.
It's like, we're only going to chop your legs off and let you bleed to death.
We're not going to shoot you in the head.
So your death will be long and painful.
They say, oh, you can have 25% capacity, and the state can still control you and inspect you.
Funny, there's something called the First Amendment, and I've read also what the founders said about it, but it's very easy to interpret.
A low-grade moron could.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.
Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to perform, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
So there's a lot of things there to unpack, but it's very simple.
Congress has no jurisdiction over religion and can make no law.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Congress shall make no law, no law, no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
And it was, they had debates about it, and so this is because certain states will try to say one's Protestant, one's Catholic, one's this, one's that, one's Masonic.
We're not going to allow that.
No state or the federal government can have any jurisdiction over religion.
That's how Hopi Indians and people can take mescaline and the FBI can't stop them because it's been part of their religion for thousands of years.
That's how different religious groups can butcher a goat in their backyard.
Everybody gets pissed off when the Satanists do it or when the Muslims do it.
It's their religion.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Well, the Supreme Court said, oh no.
You can restrict it heavily.
You just can't totally ban it.
So you can have free speech.
Maybe at the bottom of a mine shaft with a thousand tons of concrete poured on top of you and you can scream at the walls in your 4x8 cell for eternity.
You have free speech at the bottom of a black hole!
And the same Supreme Court, you'd better bet, set to rule that big tech can monitor you, track you, algorithm you, block you, punish you, because this is an authoritarian move by the establishment to protect themselves.
Because most of them have been caught up in sex crimes, because that's how you get into the establishment.
And they're blackmailed by the globalists and the chi-coms and the EU.
And they're just following orders, and they're scared as hell, but they're moving forward.
So if you know who the pedophiles are and who they aren't, look at who voted to ban the First Amendment in the name of defending it, and then look at who didn't.
Because this is a pedophile army we're up against.
I've got a bunch of other COVID-19 news I haven't hit that we're going to be breaking down here, and the new federal law enforcement moves
So that's some of the news.
We're good to go.
In Portland, in Seattle, in D.C., and a whole bunch of other places.
They threw them all off cocktails.
They threw fireworks at police.
They knocked out windows.
They attacked people.
They ransacked businesses and they screamed.
They screamed, burn down D.C.
They said, give us what we want or we're going to burn it.
Start rolling the tape.
They say if we don't get it, we're going to burn it down.
And then they throw fireworks, those heavy
I think?
Oh, they're just admitting to their crimes openly because master criminals always have to brag.
They always have to gloat.
That's not just in cartoons or Marvel comics where the master villain gloats.
They actually do that in the real world.
Every product you hear me on air advertising, we have in stock in our warehouse in Austin, Texas.
Every product.
So if you order it, we've got it shipped out in a couple days, sometimes the same day.
Leisurers get confused when they hear me talk about the fact that the supply chain's breaking down and it's future orders.
It's product we're trying to reorder to get back in that we're having trouble with.
I mean, I'm talking about double, triple, quadruple delivery times.
I think so.
The world is awakening.
The world is beginning to understand the globalist paradigm.
They are discovering the globalists, the elites, the manipulation, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, the Club of Rome.
And so, even though it seems like the globalists are winning,
The truth is, they've had to come out in the open to attack human freedom because they're actually losing.
We have forced them out in the open.
So as bad as these times are, and a lot of negative things are about to happen, realize humanity is winning.
You've got to trust in the plan of God.
And trust in the plan of God's justice.
That is invincible.
That is ethereal, timeless and unstoppable.
So don't trust in man, trust in God to lead God and direct your soul and then take action against the globalists and realize you've got my commitment from Alex Jones and my crew to you.
We will never back down from the globalists and we will never surrender.
We're already in the second month of 2021.
And we all see it's a dystopia.
The globalists are out in the open announcing world government, announcing medical tyranny, UN contact tracers to come to your house, people having their doors kicked down.
This is all them trying to submit their dominance over us because they know humanity is waking up.
And is in the process of leaving one age, this whole globalist time of evil and darkness, and traveling not into some new, satanic, luciferian new age that's perfect, but into an age of what I call challenge.
We're the age of real conflict, the age of decision.
You're not going to read this stuff in books.
It comes from my soul, my prayer, my research, my understanding of the planet.
You may disagree with me, that's fine.
But I'm telling you, we're leaving the old age of being asleep.
We're in the new age of being awakened.
And not some new age of the new age, but God's age of the understanding.
So many people say to me, Alex, please stop being so negative.
Well, for me, admitting I've gotten a rotten tooth and going in a root canal is not negative.
It hurts, it stinks, it's got pus coming out of it.
I go to the doctor, they fix it.
That's not negative.
I'm not living in denial.
And so, think of globalism as being hidden, as an infection that we didn't feel yet, but now it's come to the surface.
That's actually a positive thing.
And so yeah, Trump did overall a great job.
They stole the election.
We can't get down about that.
We have forced them out in the open.
So now they're trying to suppress us because they know they've been exposed.
That's why, instead of saying, oh, we're a bunch of losers, look what happened.
They're scared.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
There are many underground currencies.
Art, drugs, gold, silver.
Ways to transfer wealth illicitly.
And one of the biggest is the sex trade and what's known as white slavery.
Now, white slavery doesn't mean that white people are the slaves.
It means white slavery is associated with the sex trade.
Meaning you've got black magic, white magic, it's just called white slavery.
Meaning the Harams of the Muslims where the women are held captive.
They really kind of wrote the book on that in the last couple thousand years.
And so this has become a currency traded in all over the world.
And it's a way to actually corrupt people and get them into gang initiations.
MS-13 puts people through these type of initiations to rape a young girl or torture her or even kill her.
You can look that up.
You can tune in to the Alex Jones Show on this live February 7th Sunday transmission.
So there's a lot of media jokes about children and about abusing children and you've seen the drag queen story times where men dressed as nuns say we're grooming the next generation of your children, your children belong to us whether you like it or not and they even go to city councils with their makeup off and say we're grooming
Your children for the future.
This is a power grab.
That's what the whole trans movement is about.
Brainwashing autistic boys that they're really a girl.
So you're really sterilizing people for depopulation.
And by the way, that's in the literature from the 60s.
They planned this.
So they know what they're doing.
Well now, SNL did a whole eight minute piece and only played part of it.
Super Bowl commercials featured BLM, QAnon, and COVID vaccines.
And they make jokes about Papa John.
Not Papa John's pizza, but Papa John.
And then they talk about sex slavery and Hillary and pizza.
So let's unpack that.
We got the WikiLeaks documents.
About two months before the election, in 2016.
And it was real.
They didn't deny it.
And it was John Podesta and Hillary and others and Obama.
And that, sir, $65,000 of hot dogs will be delivered to your party.
For, to Obama's credit, that's not children, that's male prostitutes in the FBI code.
That's a known code that the FBI's created handbooks on.
There was no pedophile stuff we found with Obama.
But with the Clintons, and with John Podesta, whose brother publishes that he likes pedophilia in the Washington Post, 2007, I mean, quote, deviant art, I don't even want to show it, even though we have a lot of stations complain, TV stations that simulcast the radio show, but you can look up John Podesta, Tony Podesta, deviant art.
And it ties all into the spirit cooking and the rest of it.
And talk about, we're going to have children in the hot tub for you.
They're ready to service you.
They're going to make this remote farmhouse for you.
That was all in New York and places like that.
So CNN and the New York Times go, oh my gosh, QAnon, or it wasn't called that then, it was called 4chan, they have all found where it said at a pizza place in D.C.
in an underground bunker.
None of that was true.
We covered the news covering it.
They went, oh, Jones says it's there.
So see, they distracted off of all the real stuff.
All right, parental discretion advised.
Pull up Tony Podesta, DeviantArt, Washington Post.
Just don't put the naked kids on screen.
They put this in the newspaper.
That was in 2007.
See, that's a lesser magic.
If they show you what they're doing, go ahead and show the paddled kids, the chained up kids.
Just don't show the naked ones.
And so it's a lesser magic to show you all this.
It throws it in your face and gives them more power, they believe, to be conditioning you.
And so again, what they're doing with this is throwing it in your face.
So they diverted off onto a pizza place that nothing was going on at.
But the Podestas were involved and did go there for fundraisers and things, so there was enough of a connection to then divert off of everything else that was really going on.
And so now they make a joke about it.
But I'm going to play you this SNL joke.
They're showing it, but not showing the naked children.
And good job.
They've cut that off.
And there's hundreds of these, ladies and gentlemen.
This was published in the Washington Post.
And I mean, looking at this, I feel degraded.
My soul feels bad.
I mean, he has a dungeon.
And there's images of children hanging, basically off hooks.
And just stuff you can't even imagine where he watches deviant art.
And it's all children tied up.
And I'm gonna leave it at that.
So, again, you have the Clintons and the UN history.
And you have the demons with children in cages on their backs.
It's just unbelievable.
I've forgotten more than most people even know about this stuff.
And you have the UN's own report.
You have the AP three years ago that Hillary helped traffic over 10,000 kidnapped children out of Haiti.
Many ended up in sex dungeons and dead.
I'm going to show you Hillary involved in all this and Obama not doing it himself, but helping deliver children when we come back.
I'm going to show you the Washington Post and a Senate report that Obama facilitated the trafficking of tens of thousands of children in sex slavery.
But I'm honest, he doesn't order them up himself.
He likes dudes.
But, I mean, look at his husband.
But that's what's going on here, Big Mike.
Who, by the way, is a man.
All the evidence is overwhelming.
So, SNL Super Bowl commercial features BLM, QAnon, and COVID vaccines.
All making jokes about it.
But when we come back, because it shows a horse kicking a vaccine at somebody.
Yeah, it's going to be like a horse kicking your ass.
So let's go ahead and roll them making a joke about what is one of the top sex trade, sex exploitation, sex slavery events in the world.
Here it is.
In history, you'll see impassioned commercials.
This one almost brought me to tears.
In these times, what you stand for matters more than ever.
We've learned once again that freedom isn't free.
But we must always strive for equality.
And we must always reach for Cheez-Its.
Historically delicious.
Truly inspiring.
What the hell?
That was a commercial for Cheez-Its?
Really makes you think.
Right, boom.
But, look, don't worry.
To balance out the so-called progressive ads, we're also wearing something with a more conservative slant, like this one.
At Papa John's, we know you want real ingredients.
No additives, no preservatives, and no child sex trafficking in the basement.
Sorry, Democrats.
You'll have to get your child sex pizza over at Hillary's Pizzeria.
Papa John's.
It's A-OK.
Stop by with your coupon today.
Wait, that's a pizza man?
So imagine you've got 70 million people probably tuning in to the Super Bowl.
You've got all these children hearing about sex with children.
And conservatives, and then the Q movement.
And it shows Q supporters.
Again, I told you, Q is a discredit, and say there's millions of kids in underground bases, which isn't true, so that all the real stuff I'm going to show you when we come back doesn't get looked at.
You could never get Q. Hey, here's 30,000 children in a sex slave system run by the German government.
You're not Q level, buddy.
Oh, here's Trump busting thousands of these groups.
Because it was controlled by them, and I knew it was.
So now they can have a victory laugh and try to discredit all of the stuff.
Victory laugh, victory laugh.
When we come back, I'm going to just show you this week's news about the giant, industrial, government-run sex slave operations of Obama, the Democrats, and the German government.
The Germans are some of the worst.
The communists that run that, Merkel.
Oh, that's a pedophile army.
I mean, the German government is pedophile devil worshipers.
We'll be right back.
So it was four years ago, I was in a custody battle with my ex-wife, and her lawyers were trying to introduce a video of me, like ten years ago, and I dressed up like the Joker to do an anti-Prozac ad.
I said, oh kids, take your Prozac, you'll see pretty colors, and I act all crazy.
Because the inserts of the Prozac class of drugs
Antidepressants, serotonin, and reuptake inhibitors admit it increases suicide risk and all sorts of other problems.
And so my lawyer, at a hearing I wasn't even at, said, uh, he's playing the joker there, just like Jack Nicholson isn't really the joker.
That's not really Alex Jones.
And that got turned into, Jones admits he's a character in court.
Well, I'm the opposite of a character.
I am who I say I am.
I stand for how I stand.
I'm the most unscripted person out there.
That said, when I do research, and I'm getting ready to do a video, and I'm getting ready to break something down, I wouldn't call it performance anxiety.
Instead of getting butterflies when I get in front of a crowd, I get really hyper.
And then I have all these ideas and things I want to say so I move really, really fast.
And sometimes you can lose all the key information in how fast I'm moving.
But if you slowed it all down and search engine each thing I talked about, it's all huge stuff like world government, New World Order, eugenics, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030.
The Human Biological Diversity Assessment, 2002.
I mean, all these things open Pandora's boxes, but see, I'm already getting excited.
Let me, the time I have here, just be really straight with all this.
A part of me wants to not be able to continue on at this level because my body's exhausted, my spirit's not.
And so when I get up here and I talk about all these incredible things that have happened,
People can now see that I wasn't exaggerating.
I wasn't lying.
We're in a corrupt, psychotic, anti-human world government that wants to bankrupt us and make us really poor and control our lives.
And there's this paradox where people say, well, Jones, you've got so much credibility now, you need to continue on.
I do want to continue on.
It's just that I can't continue on because they took all my sponsors, they took most of my banking away, and I've had to rely basically purely on people buying products at InfoWarsTore.com.
So, I had a lister today on the Friday show calling and say, I wish you'd do more and expand your network.
Look, I'm not complaining, but I spent about half my time trying to raise money.
I'd rather be on air fighting the globalists instead of trying to raise money.
I don't like coming to you either.
I'm a proud person at a certain point.
But, look, we're all proud people.
The point is, if you want to keep us in this fight, you want to see big things happen and big action take place, you have to understand that you need to buy products at Infowars.com.
And I'm not bitching at you.
You can do whatever you want.
But these are great products and they've really helped a lot of people.
They're high quality.
No matter what the product is, they're all excellent.
And on top of it, our mission is absolutely clear, and we've been proven to be on target.
And so I understand that InfoWars is kind of past say now.
Because it's like, okay, Jones told us all this.
It came true.
Thank you, Jones.
What do we do?
Well, we have to continue fighting into the future.
So it's really up to you, whether we stay on air or not.
It's up to you, whether we're able to reach out to new people.
So I know you already know all this stuff, but think about the new people and then just understand how important it is.
You buy products at m4store.com.
They're amazing products.
They make your life better and they fund the M4, a 360 win.
So think about where we are and what you've done funding this operation.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back on this live Sunday, February 7th, 2021.
Transmission Super Bowl 55.
Owen Schroyer's coming up post another two hours.
6 to 8 p.m.
as we all ride shotgun together into eternity.
Okay, so I have been on air 27 years.
And I'd read a lot of books and studied a lot of history and learned a lot of stuff from interesting family.
But I was still dumber than a box of rocks, even though I was light years ahead of the average person my age when I got on local access TV at 20, syndicated local radio at 21, syndicated at 22,
I've interviewed thousands and thousands of people, I've been on the street thousands of times, I've experienced a lot of things.
And so there I am.
This is the best way to understand what happened, because I experienced this.
You know, they say there's three ways to learn things.
Revelation, where you just, God beams it in your head, that's the best way.
Experience, that's the next best way.
Or you have to be taught, you have to be told.
But see, people don't tend to believe that.
If they're just
I don't know.
And we've got hundreds of thousands of emails.
I mean, we're doing Aleister Crowley rituals.
It says we're drinking blood, semen, women's milk.
We correlate it with photos and Hillary and world leaders together with vats of blood with children in it and just demons raping children and the Washington Post showing demons raping children.
I'm like, what the hell is this?
I just showed you some of it and I didn't show you the bad stuff.
Last segment of your TV viewer.
Tony Podesta promoting child rape, promoting pedophilia.
Can we stop in?
I mean, it's just everywhere.
They have damn art displays.
And then my crew, who are great people, some of them are not here now, they're like, Jones, this is the place, this pizza place.
And I said, you know, the media is all covering it.
It's proof.
I think it's a setup.
And then, of course, it was.
So when I saw Q come along,
And like, oh, there's 10 million kids in underground bases and, you know, but oh, Hillary's in Gitmo and, you know, oh, Tom Hanks is involved and he's in a prison.
I don't know if Tom Hanks is involved in this stuff.
There's no proof of that.
And he wasn't in prison.
It's like when Trump got up on January 7th and said, I concede the election, 8chan said, that is a deep fake.
I was talking to Roger.
He was talking to Trump every day.
Trump had conceded.
I could call up another lawyer.
Barnes was talking to Trump.
Still is every day.
And he's like, no, he conceded.
Trump has called me probably 50 times.
Oh, I'm a real person though.
Don't listen to me.
Don't listen to me.
Listen to 8chan.
And some dude that looks like, I don't know, the psychic creature in Total Recall.
So, here we are.
And then I get to see them rub it in everywhere, calling Republicans the Q Party, calling me the Q. Oh, Jones turned against Q. I tried to get the Q people to listen to me, so they wouldn't be set up.
And so when all this came out, they would be on the right side of it.
A lot of people listened to me, a lot of people didn't.
But a lot of my listeners are like, we're sick of Q, Alex.
We know it's a fraud.
I'm talking to the new people, and I'm explaining that there's going to be more of this to come.
So that's why I get so mad when I see shows like Saturday Night Live that's famous for promoting pedophilia, making a joke about the sex traffic of children, and Hillary, and pizza.
Because it's known.
It's in the FBI files.
We've checked it.
It's been in many court cases.
It's been confirmed.
They use, like in the old days, I guess if you're gonna order some marijuana over the phone, you go, I'd like some Mr. Green, or, you know, people have a code word.
Well, cheese pizza means child pornography.
Walnut sauce means brown children.
I'm not kidding.
And they got all these terms, and that's all in the John Podesta, Tony Podesta email stuff that's all confirmed.
Well, they didn't want us to look at that, so they go set up a thing that wasn't doing anything to divert us off.
It's a very simple distraction tactic.
But now here we are.
Here's an article.
Washington Examiner.
In the shadow of glory, a dirty secret.
Child sex trafficking at the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl remains target for human trafficking.
Two FBI agents killed serving warrants on Pedophile Network.
This is real, folks.
This is going on.
The denial of it is insane.
Look at Sandusky.
Look at Penn State.
Look at the Boys Club.
Look at all of it.
Look at Jimmy Savelle.
Look at the Royal Family.
This is out of control.
But I can show you... I can show you right now...
Huffington Post, CNN, all saying there's no such thing as pedophilia, period, while they promote sex with your children.
I mean, California's trying to pass a law that they can have sex with boys as young as 12.
Look at this.
What happened to the kids in cages?
CNN refers to immigrant detention centers as overflow facilities.
So, Biden's going to put them back in the cages.
Let me show you the real trafficking.
Senate report.
Obama's catch-and-release policy placed kids in the hands of human traffickers, tens of thousands of them.
Report, German officials place children with known pedophiles for 30 years.
Tens of thousands of them in every German state saying a man and a boy is true love.
We're getting rid of the normal nuclear family and creating a family of homosexual pedophilic sex.
Go read the damn... The German government doesn't deny this now.
The German government ran this as the new family.
German nuns sold orphaned children to sexual predators, even the Daily Beast, to their credit.
Most leftist publications won't talk about it.
It's all confirmed.
They have admitted to it all.
Tens of thousands of boys as young as five years old given over in rituals, sex torture, gang rapes, all right here.
And if they complained, well, they would be beaten with an inch of life or killed.
Oh, but it's funny to everybody.
Police in Germany investigate 30,000 potential suspects in pedophile probe.
I mean, this is all the top German news.
It's not even tonight.
German nuns rented orphaned boys to businessmen for gangbangs and orgies suppressed report.
The boys, as young as five, would return covered in semen, bleeding, in many cases.
A lot of it's in the article, but the shocking revelations come in less than a year after a separate investigation found Berlin's educational authorities and Senate had support... The Senate, that was run by the government officially, I mean, had supported and defended placing foster children in the care of known pedophiles.
Go read it!
I read a translated 40-something page report, literally had nightmares.
They're like, this is true love, these young boys with their daddy.
They will no longer have children.
We will defeat the nuclear family.
When we come back, I'm going to show you a top Democrat saying, we're going to break America's will and take everything you've got.
When you finally realize this is an army of hell, organized soldiers, lawyers, bankers, they mean business.
But now you have Hillary making a joke, don't you?
SNL's Super Bowl commercial features BLM, QAnon, and COVID vaccines.
It's like an eight-minute piece of the full things on InfoWars.com.
If you want to see it, it gets even sicker, where a horse kicks a woman with a vaccine and almost kills her.
They're just bragging what they're doing to you.
It's all lesser magic.
Pure evil.
The boys and girls being sold for sex during COVID-19 and the Super Bowl.
Oh, senior establishment.
Anti-Trumper, supports impeachment, arrested for running pedophile ring.
He said he quote, dreamed of gang raping babies and was organizing the rape of a baby to hear it scream his favorite.
Oh, here's another article.
When Chelsea Handler met Woody Allen and Soon-Yi at Jeffrey Epstein's dinner party.
Oh, Soon-Yi.
Oh, his little girlfriend since she was eight.
Obama administration plays children with human traffickers.
Senate Report, Washington Post.
An army of evil.
There's the walnut sauce.
Brown children are walnut sauce.
And for whatever reason, they love walnut sauce.
Alright, that's who the Democrats are.
Remember it.
Understand it.
And the Republicans are involved as well.
They are the most evil people you could ever imagine.
And they all got that demon look.
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And again, I want to thank you all for keeping us on air at InfoWarsStore.com.
Look, a lot of people got mad at me during the Q thing.
When I told you Trump was in trouble, they were going to steal the election.
They said, Jones, we're invincible.
Everything's handled.
I get it.
We got the Super Bowl champion Trump.
He's invincible.
Jones, stop being pessimistic.
We're on the winning team.
Well, I started out on air 27 years ago when we were not the winning team.
When one out of a hundred people knew the Federal Reserve was private.
When almost no one knew about the Globalist, or Satanism, or international pedophile rigs, or Bohemian Grove, or Stone and Bones.
So see, I came from a time when nobody supported us.
I had to claw my way up and wake up the planet with your help.
And so when I got mad at you, singing people lullabies and making them go to sleep, I wasn't mad at you, I just wanted you to understand that we hadn't won the war yet.
So, InfoWars is real, we've been proven we're right, and we're still on air, fighting harder than ever.
But it's only your word of mouth about the local station you're listening to, or TV station you're watching, or InfoWars.com, or Band.Video, that circumvents the censors.
They want to censor us, so don't let them do it.
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It's so hard for me when I'm cutting ads and I get overly excited.
People ask me all the time, they go, Jones, are you on cocaine?
Are you on meth?
How are you so excited?
How do I not get excited about world government, forced masks, forced inoculations, open announcements that our country is going to be dissolved?
I'm sorry.
I'm a fighter.
And I know many of you out there watching and listening are fighters as well.
And so I'll just say this.
I try to be calm.
I try to be focused.
I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't still on air right now.
But I just really want to thank you for keeping us on air.
Because you have to realize, when I tell you that you're the InfoWar, that's not me patting you on the head.
You are 99% of the equation.
So when you decide to spread the word, when you decide to buy the products, InfoWarShore.com, when you decide to share the articles and videos we produce, it changes the world.
So, you are the InfoWar.
Thank you so much for the fight.
Thank you for all you've done.
Now let's take action together and take down the globalists.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance
By the way, my parents growing up, I'm your host Alex Jones, had every room basically full of books.
When I was about 10, I was already into history books, I was already just for racistly reading.
My dad was just taking me to the bookstore every weekend, into the library, I could just have whatever I wanted.
They wouldn't buy me a bunch of clothes, wouldn't buy me a new bike, but they'd buy books.
And I'm like, Dad, what are these books?
He goes, oh, those are books on black magic.
And what the establishment is into and how they try to harness their mind to control things for bad.
He said, you can read them if you want to.
And these were like the really famous ones, but like copies.
A lot of folks don't have like the Grand Grimoire and all this.
I probably read 10 books on black magic by the time I was about 12.
And so that's why when I'm explaining to you about Hillary Clinton and Alistair Crowley magic and all these people, I mean, it's 101.
I mean, I've actually studied it.
So when I explain lesser magic,
I guess like these different organizations, these different thug groups, uh, the insane clown posse, all those types of groups, they say, we want to punk somebody.
And you know, you see it in basic criminal psychology out there.
You got to tell somebody what you're doing to their face.
That makes it 10 times better.
And they believe it.
If they announce what they're going to do to you before they do it, it gives it more power when they do it.
And so that's what we're talking about right here.
These people mean business.
So when you see Hollywood promoting Satanism and pedophilia and all of that.
Depending on the statistics I've read.
Upwards of 80% of pedophiles were abused themselves, and so they're creating a system that self replicated.
And that's why.
You had these psychiatrists in every German state with the legislatures of the states, the senates.
I just showed you Daily Beast even.
To their credit, most liberal publications say it doesn't exist.
I just showed you DW.com, biggest TV station in Germany.
Highly respected, national news like ABC News.
Saying every major German state placed children knowingly with child rapists.
Now, why is that important?
The guys were telling me about a documentary I meant to see.
I actually read about it a while back, but never got to it.
The Truth About Three Identical Strangers.
Psychology Today.
Now, the psychiatrists and psychologists that convinced the mother to do a psychology experiment and split her three sons apart... I don't even know you have three, but I guess they do.
Is that impossible?
And to study how they would grow up, how they would behave, how it would operate.
Now think about it, that's just a psychiatrist making the decision to do that for a test.
And that's what Bill Gates' geoengineering is about.
That's what the mRNA vaccine is about.
That's what all this craziness is about, is these groups are doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and it's insane!
To show that I don't know my science.
I didn't know you could have three identical twins.
I've heard about this.
I never saw the documentary.
That's crazy.
I can tell you it'll be on my watching list as soon as I can.
But again, they split them up because the system felt like it.
Well, thank God these psychiatrists didn't decide to send them to live with pedophiles.
But that's how the scientists work.
Not the average scientists, but the elite scientists are mad scientists.
And you don't get in their ranks unless you treat people like they're absolutely nothing.
So I'm done talking about this.
I've got a lot of other news to hit.
We have gigantic news we're going to break about the Trump trial and why it affects you and why they're trying to demonize the American people and demonize every Trump supporter at this trial and how you're on trial during all of this next hour.
And I've got some big mask rebellion news.
People standing up the COVID-19 overblown hoax as well.
Here in just a moment.
That we're going to be looking at.
In fact, let's just start looking at this right now.
I saw a tweet about a news article yesterday with the left attacking Kristi Noem of the Dakotas, the governor of South Dakota.
Because she's got TV ads running saying, take your vitamins, that's what protects you.
And they go on to say that she is completely insane.
And that's not the case.
So, let's look at this.
She says that it's not even as bad as a regular cold or the flu, which is true.
It's now, you know, point zero, zero, zero, whatever.
She says her state has some of the lowest numbers because they haven't shut everybody inside their houses, not getting vitamin D. She's right.
And so she goes on and says people need to take their vitamins and their minerals.
They're essential, meaning you die without them.
Any virus will kill you if you're debilitated.
Now let's see if she's right.
I just searched
Vitamin, mineral deficiency, COVID-19.
This came up the first few.
Oregon Live.
Vitamin C, D can help prevent coronavirus, Oregon State University Research says.
Vitamin C, D may help immune system fight COVID-19.
Yeah, you die without it.
Oxygen tank might help you while you're scuba diving.
Gasoline in your engine.