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Name: 20210205_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 5, 2021
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According to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab that run the Davos Group of the United Nations, COVID response, the masks are never coming off.
Did you hear that?
The masks are never coming off and any business or any sport or any activity that has humans in close proximity is going to be ended.
This is the end of civilization and life as we know it and it's called living in a giant prison.
But we know that many industries which rely particularly on physical interaction
Uh, we'll have difficulties to survive.
You know, and manufacture, and do construction, and go to school.
But there will be things, like big public events, where the risk will outweigh the risk of a disease rebound.
Even after you get vaccinated, you still gotta keep taking the shots and wear the mask.
Even after you get vaccinated, you now learn it doesn't protect you from COVID.
Because they've never had a vaccine for the common cold, and COVID is based on that.
But even after you're vaccinated, social distancing, wearing masks are going to be essential and we'll need to continue communicating about that for health and medical experts.
This is not pre-pandemic video.
Shoppers at this Naples grocery store aren't wearing masks.
And employees aren't either.
So we've never been wearing masks.
Alfie Oaks is making national headlines for not enforcing mask wearing at his Oaks Farms Seat-to-Table Market.
Customers can wear a full bodysuit, and if you're afraid of bumping your head, then put on a football helmet.
Oats Seat-to-Table Market in Naples, Florida has committed an incredible thought crime.
They're looking at the science, the research, and the facts, and saying, if you don't want to wear a mask in our store, you don't have to.
Because after all, there's not a law in Florida.
And most areas that have put laws in place are unconstitutional, and courts have already found that.
Not just here, but in Germany, and in Sweden, and other areas, they have found that the masks do not protect you, they actually give you viral pneumonia in many cases, and that it's nothing but a giant virtue signal.
The sign out front outlines if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt.
And we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition.
Oh, all the mainstream media is gaslighting us.
They're so scared.
Look at the horror of these people inside a grocery store and almost no one's wearing masks.
How dare them?
Shepard Smith says, listen, we all dream of the day the masks come off, but that day's not here.
We all fantasize about a time when we won't have to wear the masks anymore.
It's not now.
Yes, Shep, we know it's not here because Biden, the UN, Bill Gates, all of them admit that the masks are permanent and we're being habituated to never take them off.
This is about humans being dirty, humans being bad, humans not even able to have sex without a mask on.
This is about the state literally coming to our lives and setting up a federal and international task force to come into people's houses and demand contact tracing
We're good.
And working with private companies and private corporations to decide that we're still human, we still have rights, and we're not going to live in this dystopic nightmare anymore.
Though the owner Alfie Oaks made it clear this is about much more than that.
You don't think masks work and that the virus is not a real thing?
I know that the masks don't work and I know that the virus has not killed 400,000 people in this country.
That's total hogwash.
In fact, the U.S.
COVID death toll has now exceeded 450,000, and health experts have been adamant that wearing masks would save countless lives.
Probably the most important thing is we've seen mask use up over 85 percent, and that's been a critical part of getting these numbers down.
But inside this supermarket, lines of uncovered faces prompting mostly heavy criticism.
I can't stop watching this.
My jaw is literally on my desk.
This should be a crime.
People across the country are dying because of behavior like this.
And from a woman mourning her father's death from COVID, this makes my stomach turn and my heart sink.
The horse can't be led to water, even though a tsunami is heading its way.
This is not about your health.
It's the Democrats in California that passed a law
That you can give people HIV or Hepatitis knowingly and not even get in trouble.
And it expands on from there.
In the last decade, millions of people have died in the U.S.
from drug-resistant TB, almost all of it coming in from the third world.
And under Obama, they stopped even testing people when they came in.
Trump started again.
Now, Biden is talking about killing that program as well and increasing the number of refugees that come to the United States.
But it's not just TB, it's bubonic plague and hundreds of other diseases that were cured, that were non-existent in the U.S.
and are now back with a vengeance.
And let's not forget all of the giant hepatitis outbreaks in Democrat-controlled cities in California and other areas where they allow all these drug addict homeless by the thousands to sleep on the street and deprecate on the street.
That's now spreading to the general public and police officers and trash collectors are catching these diseases.
No, the left doesn't care about the giant rat infestations in New York.
They don't care about the open borders.
They don't care about any of it.
They want you to wear a mask because they said so, and they want federal police, TSA, on checkpoints at bus stations and train stations to enforce it.
It's all happening.
It's a dystopia run out of the United Nations, and America is waking up.
So if I lived in Florida, I'd drive a hundred miles every week to shop at this store instead of other stores.
And I'm looking for stores in Austin, Texas that aren't in this cult.
We have family property out in East Texas.
I'm seriously thinking about moving there because when I went and visited family a few months ago, no one was wearing masks in the East Texas towns.
And on the way back to Austin, almost no one was wearing masks until we got into the town.
This is a leftist sacrament.
It's their new religion of humans are dirty.
We hurt the environment.
We've got to be depopulated.
The post-human future is here and it's a symbol of our surrender, a symbol of our slavery.
And to watch the horror and the fear and the
When it's all a fraud is incredibly disgusting.
So all of us have to start demonstrating.
We all have to start going into stores and pointing out this is a fraud because this is an oppressive system that's never going away.
Again, they tell you just a little bit longer.
15 days to cut the curve.
Three months to do this.
Oh, just wear your mask for another month.
And then, oh, you didn't do a good enough job.
Sorry, that mask is never coming off.
Now Communist China is invading Hong Kong.
And using the mask mandate and contact tracers as a pretext to grab and snatch people out of their homes.
And they're setting it up in Canada and Australia and Germany and England.
This is a worldwide UN takeover and a cover for literal martial law and secret arrest.
Our capital is surrounded by troops.
They're announcing there's an enemy within and the CIA is going to act domestically like Trump supporters or Al Qaeda to crush us.
We have to come together with our own communities, our own economies, as Americans, and reject this globalist takeover.
And it starts by having the facts, educating people with the facts, and taking the damn mask off.
Oaks has sparked controversy before.
His Facebook post calling the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement a hoax.
His comments costing him a multi-million dollar kids lunch contract with the Collier County School Board.
And while his no mask policy has generated criticism, it's also been bringing a lot of people.
What do you tell people or health officials who say you might be putting people at risk?
Just say, please do your research.
Please do your critical thinking and research.
Trump really fumbled the ball going along with this whole vaccine hoax.
And he did some other things that were really bad.
He let big tech take over and censor everybody and that was his undoing.
But the greatest thing about Trump in the last year was looking at those giant rallies of 20,000, 30,000, 100,000, 200,000, almost nobody wearing masks.
People sing to the hoax.
And now, that basic understanding is awakening people in a chain reaction.
The PCR tests are fake.
96% false positive.
It's like a bad cold.
Most people died of other things.
They put it in the column.
This is all admitted, but Big Tech is trying to censor this truth so big media, dinosaur media, can gaslight us and tell us to keep our damn mask on.
We all fantasize about a time when we won't have to wear the masks anymore.
It's not now.
But some at a supermarket in Florida appear to have decided that the time is now.
Look at this.
This was the scene at Oaks Farm Seed and To Table Market in Naples today.
NBC's Sam Brock took this video which went viral.
It looks like it was taken pre-pandemic, right?
Most customers and employees not wearing masks
At all.
The scene inside Oak's Farm's Seed to Table Market, taken less than 24 hours ago, shows employees and customers, young and old, almost entirely without masks.
The store's policy includes mask exemption guidelines.
The sign says if you have a medical condition that you don't have to wear a mask, and nobody inside will ask about medical conditions, so masks are not enforced.
The owner told Sam Brock this when questioned about the policy.
Is your position about medical exemptions or is it about the fact that you don't think masks work and the virus is not a real... I know that the masks don't work and I know that the virus has not has not killed 400,000 people in this country.
That's total hogwash.
In this world, we've faced backlash from this community before, not just for its positions on COVID and masks.
But also for how he characterized the social justice movement as well, dickhead.
Florida does not have a mask mandate, but masks do work.
The science is crystal clear.
In July, the CDC director said the United States could get COVID under control in four to eight weeks if we would only all wear masks.
Every past generation has gone through tyranny.
We face different permutations of oppression.
But in the modern world, it is a sophisticated, creeping political and corporate cultural system that really seeks to divide and conquer and dumb us all down.
Now we live in this giant cancel culture, where hundreds of millions of people, not just in America, but all over the world,
Really billions are being suppressed and controlled by AI.
It is more important than ever in the third dimension here on the ground that bumper stickers, license plates, t-shirts, InfoWars.com on the side of your barn or launch your own website, I don't care.
Just speak up and don't comply and don't go along with the Great Reset.
Don't go along with Operation Lockstep.
Don't go along with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden and all these other criminals.
So, a listener sent me an idea for a t-shirt, and it looked basically like this.
We had to grab his department, kind of beef it up, and make it more high-res.
And it's a New York-style license plate saying, FK Mask.
And I'm not normally kind of catty like that, but seriously, F the Global is saying we're dirty.
F the Global is trying to make us submit to them.
Fauci, all of them admit the masks are permanent.
They want a five-year lockdown to totally bankrupt all small businesses.
And it's time for people to realize that top scientists admit the masks don't even protect you.
It's a sign that you're dirty.
It's a sign that you're bad.
It's a sign that you're evil.
It's a sign that you submit to the big lie that you're not essential.
So, I have this new great t-shirt.
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China Joe.
We have another great variant of his license plate shirt.
F. Biden.
And again, this is a major thought crime.
We are not worshipping our dear leader.
The Democrats at MSN have said it should be illegal
To even criticize him or say he stole the election.
So, we're going to exercise our first amendment in the face of the tyrants.
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