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Name: 20210202_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 2, 2021
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The speaker discusses the ongoing political crisis in the US, focusing on misinformation, indoctrination, constitutional law, and potential consequences. They argue that the impeachment trial of former President Trump threatens democracy and constitutional freedoms by setting a legal precedent for disbarring people from holding office based on their political beliefs. The speaker also criticizes Congress's attempts to convict people on impeachment without them even being in office and calls for the Senate to be put on trial. They discuss the martial law situation and how big tech companies are pushing policies that could lead to an explosion.

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Emergency transmission.
Globalist forces are at war with the United States.
Watch live.
The Great Reset is fifth-generational warfare against all forms of independent human activity.
That's where this is going.
Absolute corruption.
Joe Biden able to engage in any corruption he wants.
Oh, able to sell the office publicly with Hunter.
All of it being done in a spectacular fashion to rub your nose in it.
Well, they set up paramilitary martial law and troops saying that protesting election fraud or not agreeing with this is terrorism.
So they're making their move for your children, your health, your property, your guns, your psyche, your soul.
They want your soul.
They want control of your psyche, control of your focus.
They want to make you focus everything on them, which is a paradox.
I have to expose them to defeat them, but I hate having to focus on them.
That's the other part of the paradigm.
We have to all build our own systems now and celebrate those.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Troops occupying Washington, D.C.
haven't been sent home after the imaginary threat persisting on Inauguration Day.
Will they ever be sent home?
What is the specific threat?
What group?
What's the size of it?
What are its capabilities?
That requires us to have more soldiers sitting in a few square blocks on our capital than we have in all of Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
We will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives.
And let me be clear, the logistics involved in moving 25,000 people from every state and territory to D.C.
in less than two weeks and supporting them is unprecedented.
General, you know, 12 Guard soldiers were removed right before the inaugural.
I guess two for incendiary comments.
Ten others also removed.
Did that have to do with extremism?
And have you had to remove anyone else since then for whatever reason?
We had 25,000 plus guardsmen here.
The FBI said that 12, didn't tell us why, just said that 12 were questionable and we're not taking any chances.
We're not accepting any risk.
We sent those guardsmen back to their home state.
As the Wall Street Journal reported, some congressional staffers and extremism researchers say there are concerns about possible violence surrounding former President Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings, as well as in connection with March 4th, the nation's original inauguration day.
QAnon conspiracy theorists say that could be the day that Mr. Trump again becomes president.
So the best they can come up with
And it increasingly seems, unfortunately, that
In the House Republican Caucus, Kevin McCarthy answers to these QAnon members of Congress, not the other way around.
Joe Biden, sitting behind the razor wire and troops, has now signed a record 40 executive orders in a week's time, an autocratic act labeled a dictatorship in Biden's own words during the campaign.
We are a democracy.
Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, well, if you can't get the votes by executive order, you're going to do something.
Things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator.
We're democracy.
We need consensus.
Biden has also proceeded over a stock market rigged in favor of hedge fund billionaires tied to his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
Yeah, so she received $810,000 from Citadel for past speaking gigs.
And Citadel infused Melvin Capital Management with billions when they got hammered for their GameStop shorts.
So this raises the question, should Janet Yellen, as Treasury Secretary, recuse herself from advising the Biden administration on what to do about GameStop?
And here's the simple truth.
Our darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us.
Meanwhile, Biden's friends and family are licking their chops over further sweetheart foreign nepotism deals.
The Biden family apparently still using Joe and Joe's name for business.
Look at this ad that Joe Biden's brother has been promoting.
This is Frank Biden and he's promoting his relationship to his brother, the commander-in-chief, in an inauguration day advertisement for the law firm that he advises.
Well, Biden Inc.
is still in business.
And Maria, I just ask you, what does a senior non-attorney advisor do in a law firm?
He makes connections.
He peddles his influence.
And there was another report, by the way, that Hunter Biden was, you know, apparently he was supposed to give up all his ownership in these Chinese companies, but a report came out yesterday that Citi still apparently has his 10% stake in BHR, that private equity firm in China.
Of course we can't talk about this on social media because you will be labeled.
You will be attacked because you're talking about a truthful story.
At this rate, Biden will be known globally as the first dictator the United States has ever seen.
John Bowne reporting.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Huge broadcast this February 2, 2021 Tuesday edition.
Please spread the word about the broadcast.
It's Tuesday, February 2, 2021.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're gonna be here live for the next four hours, and I intend to open the phones up throughout the next four hours.
Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us coming up, and Robert Barnes is joining us again.
Not to talk about the Trump impeachment trial that's looming.
He joined us yesterday to talk about that.
No, to talk about the martial law being brought into the country and into the world right now, and why the globalists are doing that.
All right, a lot of news, a lot of incredible information that is empowering and enlightening, we'll be breaking down today.
And remember, when we cover all these negative, horrible things, the enemy wants to keep them a secret until they're able to take full control.
We are going to put the evidence out there that they're the bad guys, that they are usurping us, that they are enslaving us, in their own words, so that humanity can start non-compliance.
And then building our own economies and own systems so that we can live into the future outside of this super predatory system that's being established that will not let us live in peace, but will never stop until it dominates and control us.
Thomas Jefferson was asked in a letter from the French, what level of tyranny man would live under?
And he said, any amount of tyranny that you will allow, there is always a tyrant who will be willing to take you to that point and past it.
It's a vacuum.
And nature abhors a vacuum.
Submarines have thick armored bulkheads that seal.
Because under pressure, water begins to have incredible power to break through.
So if a submarine is at a couple thousand feet deep, it's got foot-thick walls on it and giant vacuum seals because that water wants to get in.
And when you don't have a Bill of Rights or Constitution, we don't have rugged individuals,
that stand up for freedom when you don't have people that are territorial about their basic rights.
It's like having a submarine with open doors on it.
The minute you go underwater, you flood out.
And we've gone over the edge.
The bottom's fallen out.
Use whatever analogy you want.
But every tyranny that has been pent up for thousands of years, every tyranny ever invented, and even new ones are now exploding
Like I'm a testicizing cancer throughout the body.
And so people ask, Jones, how are you taking it?
I know that my head's on the chopping block in this system, but so is yours.
And so, I don't fear this at all.
I actually just get extremely frustrated that we're going to have to go through this, which is part of the process and part of the cycle.
And the globalists know there's a cycle that tyranny builds up because of corruption and because of laziness and then collapses of its own weight.
They believe by building a post-human world and training us not to know how to take care of ourselves and domesticating us, that when we collapse this time, the machines will rise and we will never stand up again.
But history has shown that even though it'll be a minority of people that understand this and resist it, that minority is still so massive that there's no way the globalists are gonna win.
And I've got a lot of examples of this here today.
In fact, let's get this video clip.
I forgot to send it to you guys.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Talking to the crew.
Politico reporter panics.
Trump's base is getting stronger since he left office.
And that ties together with the lady that won
In the biggest landslide for Republicans, despite fraud in Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who's an awesome lady, they're calling her a cancer for the Republican Party.
That's Mitch McConnell.
So somebody that won 75% with 100% of Democrats voting, which we know is a lie.
So despite all the fraud, she won by 75.
She probably won by 90%.
Put the numbers show.
So winning like that is cancer.
She's real.
She's not backing down.
She's focused.
She's angry.
And she resonated with the people of Georgia, black, white, old, young.
So we'll be talking about some of that and just look at these incredible headlines.
New York Times calls for Biden to appoint a reality czar, that's not a joke, to fight misinformation.
And it sounds like someone writing a future part two of 1984, call it 2021, where you sickeningly talk about how great tyranny is and how wonderful it is, but you do it with a smile on your face to gaslight people.
It's like those cartoons they came out with from the UN and the Davos Group 10 years ago in England, where they teach school kids, you'll only leave your house once a year, you'll eat bugs, robots will run your life, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
And you watch it, you go, this is the most horrible supermax prison thing you can imagine.
But see, for children, they're being prepared.
They're adapting to the tyranny, not overcoming it.
Which is what the Globalists plan to do.
So look at that incredible headline.
And then it continues on.
Creepy Bill Gates calls for global alert system.
That means a global government.
And pandemic fire squad.
That's the UN Rapid Reaction Force with Dr. Green.
And Dr. Ryan?
Both of them have said, Ryan's the head, he said, we're going to come in your house and take your children and take your family.
So it's a UN force, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, controlled by them and the Clinton Global Initiative.
That's the contact tracers worldwide that come to your house with police power.
The CDC just announced police power and executive order over the weekend.
Signed by Biden saying you will wear two masks.
And if you're caught out in any type of transport without your mask, you will face federal prison.
It's total intimidation, total fraud.
As Biden said, the worst is yet to come.
Everybody's like, oh, as soon as Trump's out,
You know, they'll turn things back on because they like to make money.
No, they own the money machines.
They want to bankrupt you to fully control you.
They want trained prisoners.
Everything you see in China is coming here.
Not years from now, months from now.
Everything you see in the UK is coming here in months, not years.
The bottom has fallen out.
You let the submarine door open.
So it's here, and they're making their move.
For your guns, for your children, for your life.
By the way, they've introduced the bill, looks like it's going to pass.
House bill would require psych test, liability insurance for all gun owners, make everyone register their guns, and if anyone even says they think you're a threat, not a judge, not a jury, your guns are taken for good.
And Laura Loomer's already been put on the hyper red flag list.
So there you go.
Absolute end of due process.
Overturning the Constitution.
They don't care.
It looks like they have the votes in the Senate as well.
Tyranny incoming.
It's here.
But I want to hit the whole COVID lockdown and the war that it is.
The economic siege against free humanity when we come back from break.
And how only awakening to that fact and only admitting it to ourselves will ever turn this around.
It's censorship, it's disarmament, it's medical tyranny, it's squads coming to your house, it's political correctness, it's brainwashing, it's saying the country shouldn't even exist, it's a bankrupting system to bring you to your knees, it is a total surveillance grid to carry it out, and it's big tech and the UN and different agencies all declaring police powers over you and your family.
It is, in short, an authoritarian, post-human world government.
But their ushering in the straitjacket and the handcuffs is to bring in the phase-out of humanity with so much 5G and so much GMO and so many deadly vaccines that you're dying and you're begging to die because you're so miserable by the end of it, and then they just reclimate you out, phase you out.
That is the stated ultra psychotic gold of Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Prince William, Prince Charles, of course Jeffrey Epstein was in part of a sex club providing underage people for these scientists to induct them into the club.
Money, drugs, little kids, whatever they wanted, you got them.
And that's where this is going.
Absolute corruption.
Joe Biden able to engage in any corruption he wants.
Oh, able to sell the office publicly with Hunter.
All of it being done in a spectacular fashion to rub your nose in it.
While they set up paramilitary martial law and troops saying that protesting election fraud or not agreeing with this is terrorism.
So they're making their move for your children, your health, your property, your guns, your psyche, your soul.
They want your soul.
They want control of your psyche.
Control of your focus.
They want to make you focus everything on them, which is a paradox.
I have to expose them to defeat them, but I hate having to focus on them.
That's the other part of the paradigm.
We have to all build our own systems now and celebrate those.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Don't let them have it.
You have a spirit.
You have an energy resonance imprint.
of all of your ancestors and your original soul that merges at the point of the zygote forming a literal time-traveling super organism.
The enemy knows that, but there is subspace transmissions.
There is garbage in the universe.
There's free will.
So there's the heights of the heights and the lows of the low.
And these people choose to tune into that power like fire.
It can burn things down.
It is a absolutely deadly servant and an incredibly wicked master.
They know they're dialed into the dark side.
And they know it.
And they love it.
And they're gone.
And they're totally turned over to it.
And they have one desire, take you over, dominate you, annihilate you.
And so, Anthony Robbins,
In many cases, but then the evil will grow in parallel to you, so there's a balance there.
Remember, I had a chance to talk to him.
I know he's tweeted out some of our work.
I would get his view on how do you fight these people and really face how evil they are and not stare into the abyss, as Nietzsche said, and become the abyss?
Because I'll tell you, having to focus on these people, having to study them, is not fun and it's not good for you.
But that's what warriors are supposed to do, is do things that are not fun jobs.
And this is information war.
And that's why I got so mad at the Q people.
Cartooning, or exaggerating, or twisting all the real Satanism, all the real blood drinking, all the real destruction, and turning it into a cartoon fashion that could be discredited.
So they could then beat us over the head with that and put so many people that had partly woken up back to sleep now believing none of it's true.
No, they keep babies alive after they're born and sell their body parts.
No, Apple has 3 million people that they get components from, including body parts, out of the same facilities in China.
I mean, these are all mega massive corruptions going on.
Yes, there were 30,000 plus troops in D.C.
It got cut down to 10,000.
Now they want 10,000 more.
They want permanent 20,000 troops and permanent 20-foot walls with spikes on them.
And I've got the former director, deputy director of the CIA and counterterrorism last week and now another high-level CIA operative in the Washington Post today.
Saying we're going to hunt down conservatives.
That's a quote.
Hunt down conservatives.
Hunt down.
Incredibly provocative.
So they know they've stolen the country.
They know they're dividing it.
They know they're breaking it down.
They know they're going to bankrupt it fully.
And bring in a permanent lockdown.
That they'll turn up and down, but you'll always be in it.
It's all been announced.
And they know you're rejecting them.
And they know you elected Trump in a landslide.
And so they just want to start a physical fight with us now.
So navigating this is going to be extremely important.
We don't have a choice.
I mean, you're in this.
And so here's what Tony Robbins had to say.
The video is up on InfoWars.com.
I did a report last night accompanying it and backed up some of what he said.
The folks on Twitter looked into what he said.
It's the same thing we've told you.
We've got John Hopkins' own numbers.
We've got their own numbers now for the whole year.
Roughly the same number of people died in 2020 that died in 2019.
You'd think it would be more because the population goes up and the population's aging.
So it actually, each year had a bigger increase in death on average up until 2020 because a lot of folks weren't out driving cars, they think.
But those numbers are there, so I'm going to say it again.
Same number roughly died in 2020, died in 2019, but when you hear thousands a day dying in the winter of COVID, it's really pneumonia and colds, that always happens.
15,000 people coming in the U.S.
a day, coming out a day.
You know, the Reaper.
Some days it's 8,000, some days it's 20,000.
The average is about 14,000 people come in and come out of the world.
A little more come in than come out.
Coming in, coming out.
Coming in, but they can show, whoa!
They showed you those 10,000, 15,000 people dying a day, and you saw each one.
You go, my God, there's death everywhere!
No, there's 360 million people in this country.
10,000, 15,000 coming in, coming out every day.
A couple thousand, they say COVID.
It's none of it's true, but it's a perception.
It's why Stalin said.
One man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
He'd wipe out whole towns at 10,000 people, routinely.
Just starve them to death or kill them.
And nobody cared, because it was just, you just, how do you deal with millions killed?
The coolies, the poor Russians, but not the poorest.
They were the poor group that had a little bit of land.
Maybe 10 acres, 20 acres, the coolies.
And they killed 20 million of them.
And it's just, eh, 20 million, eh, 20 million.
It's like the 10 million extra starved of that from the lockdown.
And you can even argue, well, the third world's overpopulated.
Okay, you gonna go kill those kids?
The same people telling you Black Lives Matter and America's evil and all this crap are the very ones telling you, well, the Earth's overpopulated.
And the guy that runs the vaccine program in the world government, Bill Gates, is the guy that says he wants to reduce world population.
So see the full video at newswars.com.
Here is Tony Robbins.
Just go read John Hopkins' report.
They took it down after one day, but two weeks ago they came out here in America.
They took it down, but if you go on the Wayback Machine, you know, you can go back on your computer and go back in time on the web.
So people have already published it again and again, and what it shows is the same number of people have died this year, 2020, has died in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.
2.8 million people.
It's within 10 to 15,000 people every year.
The same number of old people died in 2020.
The only difference is when they looked by disease.
Heart disease, for the first time in 30 years, has come down.
Cancer has come down.
But COVID has gone up in exact proportions.
Now that's interesting, isn't it?
Same number of people die.
By the way, in case you haven't noticed, the flu has disappeared!
It's flatlined!
What are the symptoms of the flu?
And by the way, flu kills people, and especially kills older people.
So we're living in a world where a lot of people might be overreacting because they're trying to protect us because they thought at a 3% mortality rate or 4%, that would be a pandemic.
But today, figure out whose research you read, it's 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, which is the same as the flu.
And if you're under 50, it's way below that.
So we live in a world that if we let people control our focus, we're just going to live in fear and do nothing.
And we're going to be people that manage our circumstances.
Powerful video.
It's at newswars.com and band.video with my ad analysis and documentation.
I suggest you share it.
We're in an info war.
If you don't, the lockdown's never ending.
Fight back through information warfare now!
Get up and attack!
Emergency transmission.
Globalist forces are at war with the United States.
Watch live.
The Great Reset is fifth-generational warfare against all forms of independent human activity.
But we know how to stop it.
We can work together.
Again, I've played this clip six times the last six shows.
I'm not going to play it again today.
Klaus Schwab at the Davos Group that met last week.
The former head of the UN Sustainability Project.
Agenda 2030.
He wrote the 10 to 21.
He's the main author.
Bunch of people were involved in it.
He said, there will be no more close proximity human activity ever.
And the lockdown never stops.
And this will save the carbon footprint and that robots will deliver you everything you need.
And that you will, quote, own nothing and have nothing.
And that you will eat bugs.
You understand?
These are exact quotes.
You will eat grubs and like them.
You will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
And robots will deliver everything to you.
And there will be no more industry or jobs where people are close to each other.
That's called a prison cell.
And even I'm shocked by how fast they moved.
Because they've been incremental, incremental, incremental, incremental, incremental.
Incremental, incremental, and then just BAM!
And three years ago I shot that video, or live rant, and they titled it,
Of course, this is why they banned Alex Jones.
And I say in all that, I expect them to have a big major event, probably a bioweapon release, that will just hit at a certain point.
And then everything caves in, and there's a total collapse by design, which they claim they're fighting.
Oh, they're fighting COVID, but notice, oh my god, none of the lockdowns are working, none of the vaccines are working, it's just, there's hundreds of thousands dying, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
Because the people don't have any perspective that there's 7.7 billion people, and that hundreds of thousands are dying a day worldwide!
Of everything.
And then the loss in the shuffle is that that's massively increased because of the COVID lockdown starvation.
And again, oh, they give money to Black Lives Matter.
All these big corporations, because then nobody talks about death camps in China.
Nobody talks about the raping of Africa.
And listen, I don't sit there with some virtue signal or
Oh, I love the Africans so much.
I'm so good.
I'm upset they're slaughtering them and killing them.
I innately have empathy because I know if it's done to them, it's done to me.
It's just hardwired.
It's not even a virtue.
It's just what I've got.
You know, you watch those videos in Saudi Arabia where somebody got caught stealing a
A loaf of bread and they chop their right hand off?
And man, even though I don't like thieves, I have empathy watching that hand fall off and blood shoot out of that sucker.
But see, these psychos and these sociopaths, they don't have empathy.
And once you don't resist them, once you grease the skids, the slippery slope is a cliff.
It's not a slope.
And baby, we're in freefall.
I got a million things to cover and I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls.
But the most positive thing you can do is realize that going along with this is not going to help you.
In fact, if you were just a real sociopath, but they always have that added evil.
So a sociopath doesn't just do what's good for them.
They like to do something that's actually bad.
Psychology gets that wrong with what they call a sociopath.
Most sociopaths I know actually want to make the wrong decision because they're screwed up.
It's not just that they do what's good for them.
They like to do bad stuff.
They like raw power.
But if you were just a clear, like, robotic sociopath, knowing about the New World Order and fighting it and building alternative systems
Would be extremely culturally, physically, and monetarily good for you.
But see, there's something about sociopaths, they like to join with the power structure, and they like hierarchical systems, so they're always wanting to get into something already established, and try to climb the ladder in that, because they're not creative people.
They miss the divine spark of God that we have.
And we do have it, my goodness.
Look at what we've built.
Look at our art, our literature, our music.
Look at what we can do.
Why can one music producer produce all the incredible music, and then the very same artist goes to another producer and can't make the beautiful music?
Because there isn't the master conductor there.
People may have one skill, they don't have the other.
So it takes that human Congress, that human coming together, like a man and woman, or a music producer and a artist, or a conductor and a symphony.
And as above, so below.
Well, everything you see done on the mass scale is done at the low scale.
So they don't want leadership.
They don't want families.
They don't want the coming together.
They don't want the communion of humanity.
That is the ritual God gave us of who we are.
The journey is the destination, it's totally true.
They want us to be the governor of California, the American psycho.
They want us to be the Michigan psycho.
They want us to be the New York psycho.
And you look at these people, and if you have a soul and discernment, no matter how physically ugly they are, or how physically attractive they are, they're dead, and they're synthetic, and there's something not human there.
It's a transmission.
You're seeing the twisted force of evil shine through their human flesh and out their eyes.
They're no longer a human, they are a cup, a container, holding something else.
And so they cannot create, they can only invert.
Alright, I got a lot of news to cover.
Who knew they'd openly declare martial law?
That's basically what we're in.
And thank God Tucker Carlson gets it.
He says, Democrats, mobilize U.S.
military to suppress domestic opinions.
Carlson just gets better and better.
And they go, oh my God, he's like Alex Jones.
No, he's not Alex Jones.
He sees the same thing I see.
It's out in the open.
I'm going to play some of that next segment, and then I'm going to go ahead and get the number out now.
We can take your calls on how do we peacefully resist this.
If you disagree and think we should be violent, I want to hear from you as well.
We should have a debate about that.
I think I can talk you out of it at this point.
But I'd like to hear about what do we do about this takeover.
If you disagree and think the Great Reset's a wonderful thing, or maybe you believe the New York Times, it doesn't exist, even though I can show you world leaders having meetings and saying it.
You agree, you disagree, the world, Biden's shutting the economy off automatically, devastating us, we're under globalist war, under globalist siege.
What is your take on this?
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
And some folks that can't call 1-800 numbers because they're on internet phones, 512-646-1776.
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If you study the Soviet Union, took the Bolsheviks 10 years to take over Russia, starting in 1917, 1918.
Study Nazi Germany, it took Hitler about seven years to really start actually arresting people and even putting them in prison.
Then in the next few years, he started murdering millions of people.
Jews, communists, basically Nazi party members that didn't do what he wanted.
And there's the old saying, first they came for this group, I did nothing because I wasn't part of that group, and they came for the next group, and I wasn't part of that group, so I did nothing.
And finally when they came for me, there was nobody left to stand up for me.
That was a famous, what was it, Lutheran preacher that wrote that in one of those forced labor camps.
You can pull up the exact name on all other, everybody knows it's famous and historical, I'm just not giving the name because it slips me at the moment.
And we're kind of in that point.
There it is.
Martin Niemoller.
First, they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I'm not a Jew.
Then they came for the socialists.
I did nothing because I'm not a socialist.
Then they came for the Catholics.
I did nothing because I was not a Catholic.
Finally, they came for me, but then there was no one left to help me.
And so, everybody was like, three years ago, oh, Jones, how is it?
I've been lying about you and deplatforming you and doing all this to you.
And I said, they're coming for you next.
And there's this weird thing I've noticed, like whoever they hit first, I told my dad this three years ago, about a month before I got deplatformed.
He came over to the house, he said, you're really pushing it.
You're really pushing them.
And I said, yeah, they're about to start the purge ahead of still in the election in three years from Trump.
I want to be banned first.
He goes, you want to be banned?
I said, no, I don't want to be banned, but I'm not going to hold back because they're censoring and threatening us.
And they had Facebook calling us and YouTube calling us.
They were warning us.
Just don't say this.
Just don't do that.
And you won't get banned.
And we even recorded some of it.
We never put it out.
And I knew, I said no.
So I didn't say stuff to get banned.
I just was hardcore to be banned first because then you get all the benefit of being banned first.
Nobody remembers everybody else that got banned.
And there's this weird thing where they double round back to you at last.
Historically, because history does repeat, doesn't just rhyme, it repeats just in a different people, different times, different technology.
It's almost like you're a relic or a museum piece that you're the first.
And so, everybody remembers who got killed first.
Kind of like the Holocaust.
You know, they remember the main group they went after first, but then everybody else that let it happen, well, you don't remember them.
So, this is like a gut-level spiritual thing I went with.
It was the right thing to do.
I'm not a Machiavelli.
But the discernment and the knowledge is like a hundred times more Machiavelli than the Machiavellians, but it's organic.
I don't need to describe a beautiful sunset or sunrise.
I don't need to describe a beautiful woman.
I don't need to describe an amazing vista and being in a forest and hearing the insects and the frogs and just that feeling of fulfillment.
You felt it, you know it, and there's no literature or no expression that can take you there.
You have to experience it yourself.
And you have to experience beauty and you have to experience bad.
That's why God gave you free will, the ultimate gift, the ultimate curse.
And so here's Tucker Carlson laying out everything we've already said, but in his great way.
And notice he talks about the Southern Poverty Law Center is running who is gonna be purged.
Well, let me show you.
And it's not about tootin' my horn.
Overhead shot, please.
A week ago, over a week ago, I first reported from their own documents
That they were saying they're going to have the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL run who's put on list.
Democrats call for more National Guard ahead of their illegal impeachment of Donald Trump.
Here's some of the headlines.
Democrat NGOs direct military, CIA, FBI in purge of conservatives.
January 23rd.
And now here's Tucker last night.
Tucker dims mobilizing U.S.
military to put down domestic opinions.
And that's why InfoWars is important, because we root out and find the acorns that grow out of the mighty trees.
How to fix our domestic terrorism problem.
And it's got CIA in here and the Deputy Homeland Security Director saying we're going to route out, quote, all conservatives.
And look at this chilling quote.
We're going to route out and hunt down conservatives like we did Al Qaeda.
So let's go ahead and go to part of the Tucker Carlson report.
Here it is.
We've done our best to bring you nightly updates on what's happening for the week and a half that Joe Biden has been president, but at times it's overwhelming.
There's just too much to cover.
The other day, for example, we learned that the Biden administration plans to make the tiny District of Columbia our 51st state, a more corrupt English-speaking version of Monaco.
As if lobbyists in Washington didn't have enough control over your life, now they'll be U.S.
But that's not even the biggest news.
Just a few hours ago, Biden officials informed us that after almost 65 years of working to build a nuclear weapon, the nation of Iran may be finally, and you'll find this amazing, quote, just weeks away from getting a bomb.
After 65 years of trying.
What a coincidence.
You already know how that story is going to end.
Another pointless foreign war.
Trillions spent, many dead, the United States gaining nothing.
We've seen that a lot.
And it's happening again.
Joe Biden just sent American troops to Syria.
Well, you didn't know that?
Hours after he became president, American soldiers crossed into the nation of Syria.
Sending them to Syria was one of the first things Joe Biden did.
Somehow most of the media forgot to even mention that.
In their defense, as noted, there's a lot going on in the news, including a lot of troop mobilization.
Syria's not the only place they're massing.
Washington, D.C.
looks like occupied Sarajevo tonight, a small city overflowing with soldiers.
The troops came last month, tens of thousands of them.
We were told they're going to protect the capital from the inevitable right-wing violence certain to accompany Joe Biden's inauguration.
Then Joe Biden was inaugurated, and there wasn't any violence.
Donald Trump didn't chain himself to North Portico.
Trump voters didn't rush the stage.
The Trump restoration never happened.
And yet, the troops stayed.
No one in Congress seemed to notice, but in fact they're still arriving as of tonight.
Thousands of them.
As of last Thursday, National Guard troops from 23 states were stationed in Washington.
That number seems to have risen over the past few days.
We called the National Guard today to find out by how much, but they couldn't give us numbers, or wouldn't.
We do know that more states have sent troops since last week.
You may have seen the video of soldiers getting off buses downtown near the Capitol.
What are they all doing there?
Again, National Guard leadership wouldn't tell us.
Quote, for operational security reasons, the spokesman said, we will not get into specific details of the ongoing mission.
Oh, soldiers in our capital, but we don't have a right to know.
Got it.
Pritzker, who's the governor of Illinois, was not so shy about the purpose.
He laid it out very clearly.
In a press release announcing the deployment of more soldiers to Washington, D.C., Pritzker explained that, quote, we must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy, and disinformation that have created this moment.
Let that sink in.
The military has been deployed to Washington, D.C., to fight disinformation.
So say something a Democratic governor doesn't like, and he will send troops.
Does that sound like the country that you grew up in?
It probably doesn't.
This is not the way things are done in America.
It's not the way they have been done since the Civil War.
No one alive has ever seen anything like this.
So why is everyone, everyone pretending it's totally normal to have thousands of troops in the Capitol to fight disinformation?
Because obviously they're in favor of it.
They think it's fine to mobilize the army in order to put down domestic opinions.
MSNBC, though, let us remind you an opinion channel is completely in favor of this.
And now, nearly 5,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in D.C.
through March, as some congressional staffers and extremism researchers say there are concerns about possible violence surrounding the upcoming impeachment proceedings.
The National Guard will have to stay there as a symbol to those people who think that that building is vulnerable, and that includes the American citizens who went up there and performed insurrection.
Inside the Pentagon's decision to keep thousands of National Guard troops in the streets of Washington DC.
As we get a new gut punch from the FBI affirming the greatest threat facing the American people is already among us.
Oh, extremism researchers.
So the Southern Poverty Law Center is now in charge of the Pentagon.
You should know that.
The whole thing's a gut punch, by the way, they just told you.
Not to the people in charge.
Gut punch?
They've ordered up an unspecified number of soldiers for an unspecified period of time for purposes they refuse to explain to us.
No, that's not a gut punch.
It's not a big deal.
It's business as usual here in Ferguson.
All right, the full report is 30 minutes long.
It's very powerful.
It's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
But notice the Pentagon has decided to keep trips there.
Oh, and the CDC said, we're going to arrest you if you don't wear a mask, drive in a car, or on a bus.
They said, we are announcing our new authority.
So it's just a bureaucracy and a giant, complete, total power grab.
Because we put up with all the other TSA power grabs and the rest of it.
The only place you can have a border is the border, where it's constitutional.
So this is a mass looting you're about to witness.
They're going to bring the country down, a depression, no doubt.
And they're going to activate riots across the country, and we're going to go into a total communist takeover.
And most men in America have been trained to submit, so it's going to get a thousand times worse.
Until they have nothing left and finally fight back.
Or we could just wake up and say no now.
I mean, the nightmare's here.
It's all out in the open.
World government's here.
All right, hour number two and your phone calls are coming up.
Knowledge is power.
You know, we were supposed to be off the air by now, though.
And Trump wanted a landslide.
So, they're doing all this because they're scared and they know they're on very tenuous ground.
So don't follow what they say and don't do what they say.
They're CHICOM agents and enemies.
All right, we're going to your phone calls here.
Amber, Joe, Kirk, Duncan, Jeremy, Melissa, Misha,
George, Judy, Misha.
That's a cool name.
We got a cat.
His name's Peanut, but my three-year-old daughter calls it Misha.
That's weird.
What does Misha mean?
Is that Russian or something?
Will, I'm not saying it's weird.
I'm not saying your name's weird.
I'm saying it's weird I have a cat named Misha, and you're called in now, Misha.
But we're taking your phone calls right now.
I'm not going to recap what I'm covering.
That's just, you know, good or dama wrong, war of the gods, new world order, world government, total insanity.
Amber in Arizona, you're on the air.
What up, brother?
It's Amir.
Amir, I'm sorry.
See, I can't read any of these things.
We spoke two months ago, brother, and you asked me what's going to happen in the next 54 days.
And I told you military takeover and a mass awakening is going to happen.
I remember you called, and here's what happened, at about 47 my eyes went out, and so I need to either get that screen closer or I need to get some glasses.
In fact, I need to go to an optometrist, because they're stuck.
You're all good.
I remember you called, I mean, how long ago did you call Amir?
You called a few months ago?
Yeah, in November.
So I remember you calling, so tell us what you predicted.
Go ahead.
I said that the military is going to take over, and a mass awakening of the people is going to happen.
The reason for that is...
The globalists, their time is up.
Their lives are over, and people need to wake up.
So let's go back to 1776.
Why is it so great?
That happened during the Iroquois Confederation, and when the Christians that left British, so they could have a free life, came out to America, and they all had an agreement.
I told you last time, there's a remedy for everything that happens in law.
The Master Remedy is in Article 6 of the Constitution.
I would like the Constitutional Lawyer Barnes to talk about that next time he comes on.
Next thing that happened with the globalists, they wanted to take the land from the heirs of the land.
They wanted to take it from the Christians, and at the time they called them Moors.
We call ourselves Moorish Americans now.
The land was taken over.
Um, when the Act of 1871 happened, to go around the original organic Constitution, that was the first globalist takeover by the bankers.
Now, what's happening now is the final completion of it.
They know that people are asleep, they know people are not educated, and they know people don't know how to handle their affairs in law.
The best thing to do is everybody download the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, which is the very first English dictionary.
Everybody download the Black's Law 3rd and 4th edition.
That's what the globalists and all around the world, they go off of.
And we need to teach ourselves civics again.
Because as long as we don't know anything, they can pull the wool over our eyes.
No, you're right.
They use black's law and now they're putting us into administrative law and U.N.
law and so they have their own language and we don't even understand it and that's how they dominate us.
We do understand it.
They just put the ones behind bars.
They do understand it so we don't wake the rest of the people up.
Beautifully said, Amir.
Thank you so much for the call.
You're absolutely right.
And that's why they call it stakeholders at the UN level under Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Great Reset.
They say, oh, don't worry.
Everybody in a corporation that's a stakeholder, meaning a made man, you're going to be left alone.
You're going to have all your rights, just like Rockefeller told Aaron Russo before he died.
We're all going to have a chip.
My chip says kiss my ass.
Your chip says you're a slave.
But even those people are deceived.
It's like the Ring of Mordor or the Ring of Plato.
You give it to somebody and it really enslaves them.
It gives them power for a while, but it enslaves them.
All right, Job, Kirk Duncan, Jeremy, Chris, Misha, George, if I'm pronouncing that right, Judy, and others.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The Democrats are mobilizing the U.S.
military to suppress domestic opinions.
I have the former deputy director of the CIA now being rehired by Biden to run counterterrorism in mainstream news.
Covered it last week, saying we are going to disrupt and attack conservatives.
We're going to arrest them.
We're going to come after them.
That doesn't intimidate me.
That really makes me scared for people like him, because they open that Pandora's box.
I understand they're real enemies, America, and they've got this existential desire to dominate and control it so they can be a real boy.
I mean, I get it.
It's like they want to mount our head on the wall.
We're the big trophy.
We're the big buck they want to get.
And they just are foaming at the mouth.
They were all hired to be traitors and bring the country down.
So they all have to hate the country to begin with to enjoy their work.
And so now they know they stole the election.
They know they're rejected.
They're scared.
They know they committed all these crimes.
They know they've put basically Skeletor in as the president.
They hardly talk.
A very bad, badly functioning zombie, and so they don't know what to do.
And so they go, let's just go with the template of absolute tyranny.
Let's just take what is in the literature, and in history, and in fiction, and in reality, and in false reality, and call every crazy inversion of justice, reality.
And so now here's the headline at fullwars.com.
It's no joke.
We have links to the New York Times article, New York Times calls for Biden to appoint reality czar.
To fight misinformation.
The New York Times has amplified claims by experts, Southern Poverty Law Center, who are calling for Joe Biden to appoint a reality czar.
That's a quote, that's not a joke, okay?
The actual ministry of truth.
Prompting critics to compare the idea to the mystery of truth in George Orwell's 1984.
An article entitled, How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis, because no one believes them.
The New York Times' Kevin Rose cites experts who are calling on the Biden administration to put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a reality czar.
Oh my God.
So they can tell us that there aren't just two sexes and that a man, a biological man, can have a baby?
You mean stuff like that?
The job of the reality czar would be to head up a centralized task force of the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, Democratic Party, and universities to coordinate a single strategic response.
To things like COVID-related and election fraud.
So, oh, all these doctors come out and say that COVID's an overblown hoax.
All these scientists to point out that we have the same number of deaths 2020-2019.
Oh, the head scientists from all these places say don't take the vaccine.
Macron says it doesn't work.
They need to stop it.
Australia stopped the vaccine because it had HIV false positives.
What they mean is, oh no, our shoddy program's so bad we've got to have total unification of control for it to work.
And Bill Gates has crawled out from under a rock.
Wait till we play these new videos.
I'll do it later.
I want to go to your phone calls right now.
Let's go to George in Connecticut.
George, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I've been trying to get through to you a long time, but unfortunately some of the solutions I had would have been more appropriate before Trump ducked out.
But one thing I think is still appropriate, we should support, disband the police unless they sign up to
I'm good.
Let me stop you.
What you're saying is really good, and I agree with it, but here's the issue.
The globalists are coming in, intimidating police, attacking them, dishonor their politics, and then any police mistakes or problems will be whitewashed and covered up.
Any problems that, you know, can't be covered up, they'll just basically punt on to the federal government.
You're always going to have problems.
People are people.
So they're creating fake police boards under Strong Cities Initiative of the UN that are actually globalist.
We need to say, hey, you need real police boards that are constitution boards that support good cops and help you stand up against bad cops and bad unions and really get the police, because they're of the people, working directly with the local communities.
I totally agree with you, but how do you navigate that?
We'd have to bring in experts that have dealt with this and there are plenty of people out there that are real loyalists in the sense of to the Constitution that are old military and intelligence people and people we know could will not turn on us or are phony but those are the type of people that should advise us.
That's another key point.
That's another key point.
We're the loyal Americans.
The globalists are the outside empire attacking us now, trying to overthrow the existence of our very republic.
So when they say they're the resistance, no they're not.
They're the big global corporate power against our little soul country, and so we are the resistance.
Another major point is that Camilla Ho Harris, or ladies on the air, Harris, is she really a natural born citizen?
Her parents were not under a regular visa when she was born, so under the definition she is not.
We should make an issue of that to the point where they know they can't hand off power to her.
I agree, I agree.
Guys, pull up the video.
Kamala Harris says she's coming after every Trump supporter when elected.
She also said she'd ban all the guns.
She also said Joe Biden's a racist.
She actually said something true, but so is she.
God bless you, brother.
Great points.
I agree.
Biden's hiding.
They're going to carry out this horribly un-American bankruptcy of the country.
Once they launch the depression in the next year or two, then he will step down and she'll come in as the savior to fix it all.
And that's definitely what they're doing.
So we need to start really going after her as the globalist operative that she is.
Misha in Chicago.
Then we'll go to Carlos.
Misha, thanks for calling.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm calling on peaceful solutions to the issues at hand, and I think that the shorting on the silver and all the stuff happening on Reddit is really phenomenal.
Amber, you talked about the movie THX 1183 a long time ago, and I watched it a few months ago, the remastered version.
And I think, you know, I think that's basically, you know, the future, right?
Well, yeah, that was George Lucas made a student film and then made his first big film with George Lucas with Robert Duvall and others.
Amazing film.
But it's based on Brave New World, which was actually Huxley's real plan.
So Huxley came and actually spoke to the same university that he even went to.
Lucas did a few years before he died and a few years before.
Lucas was actually at the school, so he made a dystopic film about people bucking the Brave New World scenario, THX 1138.
But you're right, that is one of the actual plans for us.
And at the end of the movie, if you recall, when Robert Duvall is trying to escape, the only reason they let him escape is because it started to cost too much.
Yeah, they say that it's gone over budget.
It's too late.
Come back.
Come back.
I'm over budget.
So we've got to make it too costly.
Resistance overrides that, doesn't it?
Yeah, and it's not breaking windows.
It's not conducting violence or doing anything like that.
It's hitting them where it hurts the most in the pocketbook.
Hold on, hold on, hang on!
Don't hang up.
We're going to come right back to you on the other side as you bring up THX 1138.
And then we're going to go to Carlos in Canada, always an amazing caller, and so many others on this live, February 2nd, 2021 transmission.
Remember, every time you're listening, it could be our last show.
That's not hyperbole.
That's not hype.
This is so hardcore.
So please tell folks to tune in.
This is so real.
Since I was about three years old, I have memories of going to the cafeteria.
There's a cafeteria all over the South and all over Texas.
It started in Texas called Luby.
It started after World War II.
And it's just a basic cafeteria.
It's the same food I ate there when I was a little kid.
I can order the food.
I order it probably about once a week here to the office.
It's like vegetables and cheesesteak and just basic, you know, Southern cooking.
There's chicken fried steak sometimes, but I don't eat that a lot these days.
Going out of business all over the state.
It's the same fish, the same macaroni.
It's the same thing I've been eating since I was a little kid.
It's gone.
Because of the lockdown.
Not because they weren't a successful company, but because of the lockdown.
Because they're non-essential.
And that's just an example of what it's like to have everything in America being shut down because it's not globalist.
And so there's like one left in Austin and that's closing.
So I was just in there eating it.
I was thinking, my God, I've been eating this macaroni and cheese since I was a baby.
I have memories of being like three years old eating this and it's gone.
Now I can survive that, but they're going to try to take our guns now.
House bill would require psych test retroactively for all gun owners, registration, license to own ammo, red flag law, no more second amendment.
You're like, well, I just won't comply.
The war starts that way though.
These people want a war.
They're spoiling for a war.
They want to conquer the country forever.
You rejected them with Trump.
You rejected them with Infowars.
So now they're coming down with both feet.
Governors and legislatures and senators need to stand up now and say no to this illegal activity.
My God, we're in martial law out in the open right now.
We got to do it.
Misha in Chicago, finish up your point about THX 1138.
Well, that was just making it more costly, you know, for the, you know, the hands of power, you know, and I think, you know, the whole surge on silver is a good thing, but I think there's going to be severe consequences on the dollar, right?
Because, I mean, I have Karl Schwab's book in front of me right now, you know, COVID-19, the Great Restart.
I mean, he talks about the fate of the dollar and in the US against China and monetary policies and whatnot.
And I think
You know, I think it's a blessing in disguise to get people rushing to silver to protect their assets and their interests, because they are going to collapse the dollar, right?
They have three things that they need to do.
They need to collapse the economy, and they have to create a civil war, and I think those two are interchangeable, right?
Because if they, you know, cause a civil war, it's obviously going to lead to an economic collapse, or if there's an economic collapse, then it causes a civil war, and obviously they're going to blame it on Russian agents and racists, right?
They talk to us like they're animals.
They're like, we're going to censor Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson and take them off the air.
They love to do it.
But that's not censorship.
And we're going to cut the carbon off to save the earth and the Great Reset's really for that.
And COVID's not really a problem.
Klaus Schwab said that.
But a big bioweapon's coming and it's going to kill most of you.
So did Bill Gates.
But that's OK.
Because there's too many of you.
They say all this.
And then Bill Gates bitches and says, why are you being so mean to me?
Why are you attacking me?
We've got new clips coming up later in the hour.
What do you think the psychology is of that?
To announce they're doing it, then say they're not doing it.
I guess it's just toying with us?
It's a psychological technique?
They've never been punched in the mouth.
You know, they've never had to have real struggle.
They've never had to live in reality, right?
I mean, they don't know.
If you gave the Queen of English a toilet brush, she wouldn't know what to do with it, right?
They don't know what's going on.
It's like that famous video of George Herbert Walker Bush, a decade after scanners were ubiquitous.
I mean, I know what a scanner was, again, when I was three years old at a grocery store.
He's in, like, 1992 and doesn't know what a scanner is at a grocery store.
Yeah, well you had Ron Paul ask Brian Bernanke, you know, who does your grocery shopping?
They don't get it.
They don't know.
We had that photo of Hillary Clinton when she went to someone's apartment in New York and they had a plant, you know, in their sink or something.
I mean, these people don't live in reality.
They're high off their own nonsense.
There was a big study came out last week, a big university study, that big tech people, even worse than royalty, don't
Live in the real world and live such a cloistered lifestyle that they're another species or another class.
I don't know what else to say on that.
They think, obviously, that they're better.
I've been listening to you for about 15 years, and I've been saying the info war is real, and it is effective.
It's all long-term.
I've had people who would laugh in my face, who would ridicule me, who would tell me I was family.
We're good.
His books, if you go on Amazon, on their section of books on economy, you go to all their subsections too, his books are in the top five being sold, right?
Oh, let's expand on that, and I'm going to go ahead and take more calls, but you're really bringing up some central points here.
It's like the Politico reporter, it's an article on Infowars.com, panics.
Says Trump base is getting stronger since he left.
I mean, I can tell you, we had a huge audience, but people didn't take it serious, a lot of them.
But now we have a bigger, hardcore audience after being persecuted.
So of course them stealing the election from Trump and persecuting him and trying to put him in jail is going to make him more popular.
I mean, don't they?
See, tyrants only think one step at a time.
And that's why they always get annihilated.
You had Zbigniew Brzezinski years ago before he died talked about a mass awakening, right?
He said the mass awakening's coming and it'll be easier to kill everyone than convince them.
And in his book, Technotronic Era, right?
I mean, there's terrifying things in that.
He talks about psychotronic weapons and all these things.
So there is a full-spectrum war happening on all of us, right?
It's not linear.
Oh, DARPA admits the cell tower is going to be activated as weapons to control emotions.
That was declassified in 1999.
Look at this.
Politico reporter panics.
Trump base getting stronger since he left.
And then this.
McConnell calls ZOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene a cancer to the Republican Party because she won by 75% the biggest margin of any national candidate.
So think about that.
Winning is what threatens them.
He means the establishment Republican Party, not the real one.
We all knew this was coming.
Alex, who was the number one threat in the Obama administration?
Who were they most afraid of?
It was the American people.
Returning veterans.
Yes, remember?
They were always demonizing veterans.
They had all those TV shows, like Homeland, where veterans are terrorists.
But the first four or five seasons of Homeland, it was veterans that were bad.
Then the last few seasons, it was Alex Jones was the bad guy.
Yeah, and the MIAC report, right?
The don't tread on me flag.
The America of Freedom from Fascism documentary was listed as a terroristic document.
Mulan Labe.
And you have that Congresswoman wearing Mulan Labe mask on her face.
They're in total panic mode.
No, I agree.
They've stolen things.
They're in a war to collapse us.
They're owned by China.
Here's the thing.
They're scared because they're slaves.
They're told by the EU.
They're told by the big banks.
They're told by China what to do.
They put Swallowswell on the Intelligence Committee when he's an admitted Chinese spy.
They are just going for broke to normalize treason, and it's not gonna work.
God bless you.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
And Carlos is always a great caller.
I'm gonna go to him.
I recognize regular caller Carlos, who's, you know, basically worked on the inside.
And then we're gonna go to everybody else in the order that we received your calls.
And then, two days in a row, because I got so many questions for him, Robert Barnes.
Hey, it's a little crass, but this is the time for that type of behavior.
Wars aren't won with powder puffs or gloves.
Perfect example of people saying, I'm not going to follow this law, so they changed it.
It's a human planet for people, by people.
We're not building a post-human future.
We're building a post-globalist future.
And their attempt and their big gamble for total control is gonna blow up in their dirty New World Order eugenicist faces.
So here's where we are.
You have these mega banks that have created thousands of times fraudulent money for what there is, real assets in the world.
They've leveraged that fraud because we accept it to buy up everything.
They see the earth as theirs and they want to cut resources off and bankrupt all their physical competition because they want total control over the individual and your lifestyle and your body and your reproductive system.
They want to play God.
Corporations want to make you a commodity.
And that's what the Great Reset is.
And we have to have Congress, and legislatures, and governors, and people, and churches, and authors, and society say, no, we see where it is, we reject it.
But the psychologists that came up with this plan know, you like to be a hero.
Wear your mask, because you're a hero.
Don't go outside, you're a hero.
Be non-essential, you're a hero.
Well, they teach you to collapse and be serfs.
They're simply making you poor to control you.
It's called slavery.
It's called serfdom.
It's called feudalism.
Joining us is Carlos in Canada.
Biden administration quickly moving towards tyranny, he told the fellow that answered the phone.
Carlos, what in the hell's going on?
What do you expect to happen next?
Because the globalists are moving fast, I think because they're scared of something.
What do you think?
Well, I think they are scared, Alex.
But the important thing to keep in mind is that
Where there has been loss in a battle, there's also creation of opportunity.
Sure, you have to stop and pick up your casualties.
Sure, you have to start counting who's left and what assets you have to defend what you believe in.
But let me tell you, at the same time, the opportunity has risen.
We saw over a period of time how
You know, InfoWars has been an instrument of education, and I have always committed myself to the little time that I have on your program to educate.
You know, when I said, oh, here we have a president that has the presidency, the Congress, the Senate.
He has Jackson on the wall, Jefferson on the other wall, and Washington in the front of it.
The whole office is in good hands.
This man has good judgment.
Well, you know, he does have good judgment.
But he was a businessman who didn't know that, as he did not read Eustace Mullins.
He would have read, he would have learned, he would have seen that in, let's say, 1909, the Tsar of Russia, because there were revolutions in the making, transferred $400 million worth of, you know, money from the Treasury, just in case something were to be needed for an emergency, deposited in American banks.
You know, Warburgs.
You know, the kind, the people.
So, the bankers took the money.
In 2017, right, he was demolished, Russia was totally changed.
In 2013, sorry, my apologies.
In 1913, the Federal Reserve was founded from the money that these bankers took from Czar of Russia.
This you will see in just a moment.
I agree with you.
The globalists are making their move.
The AOCs, the Bidens are puppets.
But the power structure behind it, allied with China and others, are just bringing in policies that will devastate things on record, creating incredible resistance.
And now they're just going to try to label that terrorist and try to have the CIA silence everyone?
That's not going to go well.
Not going to go well at all.
But you see, ask yourself the questions, because the people, like, you know, the average person in the street can never believe his government is turning against them.
I mean, you finance the government.
There was once taxation without representation was a very important principle.
It led to 1776.
But now you have government turning against you, borrowing trillions of dollars.
And what, you have no control over that?
That's taxation without representation.
If there's ever another form of it.
Five hundred million dollars.
No, I know, but big picture here.
The globalists are putting the U.S.
into an exploitation phase, like communists do, collapsing us and using us to take over the next nation.
Clearly we're slated for destruction.
How fast do you think this is going to move, and what should people do to stop it?
Because we are just, we are in total peril right now.
Well, right now, there are solutions.
There were solutions when the President of the United States was Donald Trump with the Congress and the Senate, but he didn't know the solutions.
We talked about these solutions, you know, repatriate the Treasury.
Imagine the person that was running the Federal Reserve is now running the Treasury of the United States.
Can you believe that?
We're in so much trouble that the only solutions that are left are for us to understand the fundamental principles.
Ask yourself, is Russia first?
Taking care of Russia first?
Yes, Russia is taking care of Russia first.
Yeah, Biden said, he said, I don't like America first.
Well then, who is first?
Because there's always something first.
Like telling your wife, you're not the first in my life.
Or your children, you're not first in my life.
Well, who is then?
Just outrageous that they would talk to us directly like this.
Exactly, China the same thing.
China first, okay?
They're looking out to themselves.
Who are the globalists then?
Well, they're in your home.
They're inside here, in the United States.
They're the ones that are, they are the globalists destroying you.
What you have to do is to decide, are we going to be a human race or a robot race?
This is what Catherine Austen Fitz made it very, very clear.
And this is where you have to start thinking of the fundamentals.
Fundamentals are, I'm a human being, and I want my politicians to make sure that I, as a human being, have representation.
Well, that's right.
The social contract has been cut.
Thank you so much for the call, Carlos.
You're talking about the film that's coming out.
They already put, like, a 45-minute raw cut of her talking.
It's very powerful.
And it's, uh, what's the exact title?
It's on Bandot Video.
I aired it Saturday on a special show I did.
It's Planet Lockdown.
Planet lockdown, very powerful.
It's free at band.video.
Hope you go and check it out.
All right, who's been holding longest here?
That would be Jeremy.
And then Duncan and then Judy and Joe and everybody else.
We're going to get to you when we come back and start the next segment for a couple segments.
There it is, Planet Lockdown banned video.
Planet Lockdown full censored film, 285,000 views.
She's the former deputy head of HUD, very well respected, and she managed companies with 40-something billion dollars in them.
YouTube has banned it more than 10 times.
Think about that.
She's just up there talking about the Great Reset and what it's doing, and showing proof, and, oh, sorry, you can't talk because you were the deputy head of HUD under the Clintons.
And she's a liberal, but she's not a psychotic demon, and she cares about what's happening, and she's speaking up.
So this is a very important piece, and, you know, it should have 10 million views, but it has a little over a quarter million.
And I just wanted to get out to everybody.
It's so precious.
It's so important.
And you never know if we'll even be here next week.
Separately, speaking of that,
We have new t-shirts in.
We have actually six different designs.
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DNA Force Plus, discounted, selling out within a week or so.
We'll be right back.
Paul Joseph Watson has some big news breaking in the fourth hour today.
I'll tell you a little bit about it as soon as I'm authorized to next hour.
Very exciting information.
CNBC and MSNBC ratings crashed during first week of Biden era.
So now they're just trying to start a fight with the American people and say we're all Donald Trump.
Courtside Karen kicked out of NBA game after LeBron James allegedly called her a bitch.
So much insanity.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
Who has been holding the longest?
That would be... Jeremy in Texas.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
About an hour, sir.
That's how long I held.
We love you.
You're here.
We appreciate you.
Go ahead.
It's an absolute honor to be honest with you.
Hey, man.
Got chill bumps right now, but I want people to hear what I had to say.
That's one of the reasons I stayed on hold for so long.
Alex, I'm a normal guy.
Grew up in Calhoun County, Alabama, man.
I worked
At a place that National Geographic actually did a show about it.
They built M1 Abrams tanks, okay, in Army Depot, close to the old Fort McClellan base that once was the military police school for the Army, and I believe all of the uniformed services.
I'm a normal guy.
No war hero.
I'm no political expert.
I am a trucker, okay?
I've been hauling produce off the West Coast since this whole COVID deal started, right?
About 5,000 miles a week.
And I want your listeners, and new listeners especially, to know that the government, they have a lot more power than the average American gives them credit for.
You've said it many times, man.
You know, I'm going to tell you a quick story.
San Antonio, Texas.
There is a government installation that me and a few other DoD civilians actually did a little tour about four months.
We couldn't take our cell phones in.
This base was blacked out from aerial, you know, Google Maps, Google Earth, whatever you want to call it.
And this was in 2010.
And what we were actually doing, me and some of the other civilians that work for the DoD,
401st AFSB.
We was test firing, cleaning, and repackaging of Glocks and AK-47s, okay?
Which, you know, I'm a veteran and that kind of seemed kind of strange to me that, I mean, these massive amounts of weapons, okay, that were going out of this government installation and, you know, it's weapons that
You know, the majority of AK-47s kill American soldiers.
Would you agree, Alex?
I mean, did you know where they were being sent?
Because this has come out a lot.
The Chinese have been caught shipping them in.
That's even come out in the news.
Where did you think they were being distributed?
I'll put it to you like this.
Fast and the Furious with Clinton and the Obama administration.
Oh yeah, they got caught shipping them to Mexico to be sent to Al-Qaeda.
Very short thereafter this and the ones and I will say this Alex the ones that started asking questions like myself Alex I've never told this story before ever.
You're the first person.
I actually reached out to you three years ago via email, because I wanted to tell you this so bad, because I didn't think anybody would believe me.
Oh, no, no.
Now that you said Fast and Furious, that makes per- later we learned it was millions of firearms and ammunition.
Sir, you have no idea.
I'm talking 144 hours of overtime every two weeks worth of weapons.
There was 12 of us doing this, and we could not clean them, wipe the cosmoline off of them, test fire them.
Break them down, put them back up, and put them back on that 53 foot trailer.
Fast enough.
I don't know.
Uh, yes, sir.
That is what worries me.
And my whole point is, the ones like myself who started asking questions, you know, excuse my language, but why the hell are we, you know, why are we doing so many AK-47s in Boggs?
You know, shortly thereafter, we got sent home.
Other people stay, but the more literally Alex, we had to, they put us up in the six bedroom house in San Antonio, Texas, look like something off MTV Cribs.
We had to leave our cell phones.
We could not take our cell phones to work.
And if we had to make a personal call, it literally, my mother's listening right now.
555-555-5555 John Doe.
That's what would show up on the caller ID.
And the government has a way of manipulating people.
So that you don't know you're being manipulated.
Like you said earlier, oh, just be a good slave.
Do what we say.
The ones that question that, you know, well, why are we doing this?
Why are we doing that?
That makes, you know, I guess dangerous.
And I'm pulled over here on Interstate 10.
And, you know, I've been running COVID this whole time.
I mean, it's just time-crucial freight that we run here, Alex.
And I have, until 48 hours ago, man,
All the border patrols on 8, on 10, on 70, Alamogordo, New Mexico, okay?
Nobody's working.
Alex, this is the first time in three years that I haven't seen... Oh, absolutely.
Biden ordered the border patrol to stand down, and now there's a whistleblower that they released.
I literally asked a border patrol officer at a truck stop.
I said, hey man, what the hell is going on?
Why ain't y'all working?
He said, hey man, are y'all hired?
We're about to be looking for a job, you know?
I mean, so, people, be careful.
You know, I'm just a Donald.
I hear you, Jeremy.
I appreciate your calling.
I could talk to you for hours, but I gotta get to the next person.
Amazing story, but it's not his opinion.
I don't think he's lying about what he did.
I think it's true, but we know it's true.
That's what Obama did.
And then he blamed the guns and deaths in Mexico on gun owners in America and said, ban the guns.
He didn't just ship them to Al Qaeda to launch the Arab Spring.
That came out.
He then blamed us for it.
That's another false flag.
Fast and Furious is an open and shut false flag.
All right, let's take another call here.
Jam one more in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Alabama.
The John in North Carolina.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hey, Alex.
We have to look to our past to know where our future goes.
And when we look at Joe Cain, Joe Cain is a Confederate soldier from 1867 that stood up against the Union lockdown.
He paraded around Mobile with his band of the Lost Cause Minstrels.
And showed the Union soldiers that we were free people, that we could come together, that we could celebrate in the streets of our own city.
And I think that across the nation, we need to have Mardi Gras globally, nationwide, to show that we are not... I was thinking that the other day.
We need to call for anti-COVID block parties, and just organize them, and just have them in every city.
And most of the police will support you, but if they give you a problem, then you got to go to court.
I mean, let's come out, let's have parties, let's take the mask off, let's show the sheeple that it's a takeover plan.
Because they admit it's all a fraud, the takeover plan.
Have these parties to be educational events.
I totally agree with you.
Mobile County Sheriff's Department has said they are going to stand down during Mardi Gras and allow us to have our parties.
I think, you know, Mobile as a whole has a very checkered history.
Wasn't that beautiful how the Trump rallies, nobody was wearing masks at the end?
I mean, we see through this crap.
Oh, it was amazing.
I was not a Trump supporter when Trump ran, but I became a Trump supporter through his policies and his actions.
Boy, aren't folks gonna miss, aren't people gonna miss Trump under Biden?
I mean, he is just butcher in this country.
It's amazing what he's doing.
He is breaking us down as individuals, taking away all of our liberties, and we need to come together and stand up against it.
And fight in a peaceful way.
A bloody civil war.
We don't need another bloody civil war.
Oh, they all want us fighting and killing each other.
That's what the Chi-Coms and EU want.
We need to come out with peaceful demonstrations, non-violent, civil disobedience, and absolutely just say no to the whole city.
That means going to the mall, not wearing masks, having a demonstration.
That means going to your church, demanding they take the mask off.
Get out of your comfort zone, folks, or the masks are never coming off.
And we have the proof of Klaus Schwab and all the rest of them.
Now admitting that this is a permanent lockdown and a total power grab.
48% white and we all come together.
That's beautiful.
They don't want us coming together.
They want us watching MSNBC so we all hate each other and believe we're all racist.
Alright, hour number three coming up.
I'm going to take a few more calls before Robert Barnes joins us.
I never got to the Bill Gates incredible news.
Wow, that is just over the top.
He has a giant global board with us as pawns and he's in control of them and this is a real psycho mental patient.
That's coming up next hour.
Robert Barnes on the lockdown, the martial law constitutional lawyer.
I'm Alex Jones.
Your calls.
Please spread the word about that local station you're listening to.
Got down on his level.
I actually know the Whitleys.
Best part about fighting tyranny is I get to meet a lot of cool people.
They all got that light in their eyes.
They could be black, they could be Hispanic, they could be white, old, young, doesn't matter.
They have got that light in their eyes.
And those that serve Satan don't have that light, do they?
But the really sad part is most people don't have the light in their eyes, they don't have the evil in their eyes either.
They have the eyes of a sleeping man, a sleeping woman.
They're in a trance and I'm here.
To not show you the world, but to try to get you to wake up so you can see it for what it is.
I'm here to awaken you.
You will do the rest.
I'm not trying to make you see what I see or believe what I believe.
I'm not a Satanist.
I believe in you, and I believe once you see your free will and take your destiny in hand, that you will be an asset to humanity, and I need your help.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to John in North Carolina, then we'll go to
Duncan and others.
John, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I just wanted to try to awaken people just like yourself and say we got to realize, to put the normalcy bias down, we are under communist control right now.
And it's really time for folks to, if they haven't already done so, like you've said so many times, get hard copies of these things.
Look back at your documentaries.
Look back at the videos.
The first time I saw you was on Wake Up or Waco.
And I've been looking at some of the Hanson documentary.
Wow, that's a Mike Hanson documentary.
That's like 23 or 24 years old.
And I think so much people can draw from those parallels of how they demonized the Patriots with Ruby Ridge, with Waco, with Oklahoma City bombing.
It's a repeat of what they did in the 90s.
Those were all microcosm tests.
Now they're doing it on the big scale.
And people need to realize that who wins the war writes the history.
So if the patriots want to educate their children and their progeny, they need to get these documents now and start educating them and getting out of the re-education camps that are and is the cult of academia.
That's where I'm working in the cult of academia.
I could talk ad nauseum about that, but I'll do it another time.
But those are some key issues that people really need to grasp here.
Well, academia and medicine are cloistered internal professions that tend to become cults.
But yeah, if you look at academia, now it's anti-free speech, now it's authoritarian.
I mean, speak a few minutes about what academia has become.
Oh, man.
I mean, I won't give too much away, but I'm in the university here.
It's nothing but indoctrination from, I say K-12 indoctrination, college, university weaponization, and that's exactly what it is.
So they indoctrinate the children K-12, and by the time they get to college, they can weaponize that with the Marxist full ideology once they've been conditioned to hate themselves, to hate their nation, to hate everything good, then they can really weaponize that.
And that's what you're seeing on the streets with BLM and Antifa and the like.
These are weaponized individuals.
It's almost sad when you look at what they've done to these people.
They do.
And they take God out of schools.
I mean, that's the key.
Take God out and put the state in.
Well said, my friend.
Thank you, John.
All right.
Freeman, Duncan, Chris, Anthony, Larry, Frankie, Judy.
I will get to every one of those calls, but no more.
I want to talk to you all.
But first, Barnes is on for a while, and he'll be happy to take calls on these subjects.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, good friend of mine.
He is straight ahead on the other side concerning martial law in America and what's being rolled out and how we counter it.
Stay with us.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... It's Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
So we are in a paradox right now.
Trump won on a landslide, surrounded by cowards, surrounded by bad advice, other than Barnes and a few others.
He had nobody there at the end and had to leave.
The Q phenomenon designed by the globalist deep state to make everybody think we were invincible so they wouldn't be mobilized.
Now they learned that most of the Q people arrested at the Capitol did not vote.
They thought there was no need to vote.
That's in the Associated Press today.
And I'm not bashing the Q people.
I know they're going to keep using this now to say, oh, there's no Jeffrey Epstein.
There's no world government.
There's no New World Order.
Q discredited all that.
Q made all that up.
No, Q came around and hijacked our awakening to the globalist and ran it in the ground.
It's okay.
I've been conned before.
I'm not perfect either.
I'm not judging you if you got into the Q lunacy.
I get these are scary times.
You want to believe everything's okay, but you've got to get down to brass tacks.
It's you working with others with God's help that's going to change this.
Barnes can only come on for 30 minutes yesterday, but I twisted his arm to come back today.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is one of the top First Amendment constitutional lawyers in the country, and he's one of the best spoken as well.
He's here with us to talk about, historically, politically, where we are.
Because we all have a normalcy bias, including myself.
I've lived in a free country so long that we're now going under martial law.
We have martial law censorship.
Everybody else is shut down but me.
We built the infrastructure knowing it was coming, literally.
And they are now coming in saying, former Deputy Director of CIA, we're going to hunt down Republicans.
We're going to get them.
You've got Tucker Carlson reading quotes on a show where Democrats want the military to crush their opposition.
Washington Post headline yesterday was, we're going to hunt down conservatives, like they're the Taliban or Al Qaeda.
Other quotes out of the new Obama administration, which is run by their puppet in a titular figurehead way, Joe Biden.
This is really Obama and his third administration is launching all these new wars, engaging in all the surveillance, persecution of whistleblowers.
I mean, this is bonafide tyranny.
So I want to speak to that and speak to the latest COVID information coming out from John Hopkins that indeed we had the same number of deaths roughly last year and the year before.
It is a fraud.
And now we learn from documents that came out on Meet the Press and other statements by Biden administration planners that it's a five-year lockdown.
He's going to take restrictions off in the summer and then bring them back permanently for four and a half years, bankrupting all small businesses.
This is something no foreign enemy can carry out.
The literal annihilation of Main Street and a corporate consolidation.
So Barnes, there's a lot I just put out there to unpack.
And we'll get into other issues as well, but what are we in historically and what do you expect to unfold out of this and what can we do?
Well, I mean, first we have an unprecedented attempt to bar someone from even running for office after they're no longer in office.
So, I mean, that's, I mean, today the president's lawyers filed their response, their answer to the impeachment.
Let's cover that first and we'll get into the martial law.
Go ahead.
So it was a solid response, but not spectacular.
You know, it reminded me a lot of Trump's tenure, that there were some real achievements and then some real missed opportunities.
Because the allegations in the impeachment are that merely raising questions about the election constituted illicit incitement.
And not only is that a threat to the First Amendment, it's also a threat to the way in which it's trying to gaslight everybody.
And that opens the door for Trump to bring up the election.
And so I had hoped that they would be aggressive.
This was a written response.
They could go into detail.
They could highlight the critical points about this.
That, you know, first, a bunch of people that didn't, were not legally qualified to vote, voted.
That a bunch of people that vote cast their ballots in a manner that were not legally qualified.
And third, the votes were counted in a manner that was not legally consistent or constitutional.
They don't raise any of the three.
Instead, they kind of hide.
So that was unfortunate to witness, and it suggests that they were only willing to go part of the way, compared to where the President had suggested he wanted them to go.
So we're still seeing some limits in his defense, which is unfortunate.
But it's the fact that they're willing to reinvigorate the 14th Amendment in a way that was never intended.
The 14th Amendment being passed during a Civil War amendment meant to prohibit people who were part of the Confederacy from joining the new federal government.
Congress is now claiming they can use that to bar anyone they want from office forever by just labeling what they did quote-unquote insurrection.
I mean this is an incredible consolidation of power and you have AOC and all the Democrats saying all Republicans basically are terrorists just because they're in a party and none of them even have a right to be in the chamber.
It's amazing.
I mean we haven't seen anything like this in the United States frankly ever.
We've seen it in places like Cuba, we've seen it in places like the Soviet Union, where what happens is, they often have elections in these countries, there's just only one party that's allowed to be on the ballot.
And that's functionally what they're looking to do.
They're looking to say that you won't even be allowed to vote for these people, because if you do, they won't be allowed to sit in office.
And that's the path, that's the perilous Pandora's box.
So they're really trying this expulsion.
Yes, absolutely.
They're doing it two-fold.
One, they want to say, claim, that just a majority vote in the Senate allows them to disbar from office forever anyone they want, regardless of whether it's the President, whether it's an existing officeholder, or a future potential officeholder.
They want to use this case to set legal precedent that they can go out and just start barring people from office on the grounds that they can live.
And wouldn't that officially put us in a dictatorship by oligarchy?
I mean, effectively, once you have one-party government, you no longer have a functional democracy, that's for sure.
You no longer have a representative democracy, that's for sure.
When the people can't even vote into office, the people they want to... So that'd be an oligarchy or a plutocracy?
Well, really, it's more like a... I call it statism writ large, but it's really a one-party state.
That's what it functionally is.
So a communist.
Yeah, exactly.
It's sort of an autocracy of kind.
Uh, where only one party in one group has all the power is allowed to permitted to have all the power.
So it's deeply problematic.
Where they're going, that's why.
The President has some good aspects he incorporated.
His lawyers incorporated all the defenses that we talked about, including the First Amendment defense that I've been urging, including the Bill of Attainment defense that I've been urging, as well as the unconstitutionality of the impeachment writ large.
They do do a good job of incorporating all of those aspects to preserve those for future reference.
But they could have been much more assertive on the 14th Amendment's limitations.
Congress has never made the claim that they're trying to make now.
That's why we're talking about what's the historical context.
We're seeing things we have never witnessed in American history.
We're seeing a militarily occupied Capitol that we haven't seen at times of war, and then we're seeing Congress attempt to do things in exclusion from people from the Senate, exclusion from people from being able to run for office, convicting people on impeachment when they're not even holding office, disbarring anybody they dislike from ever being able to run for office.
These are all unprecedented events, and using the power of impeachment, the power of disbarment,
The power of removal to punish speech they don't like.
And what do you expect of a group that just stole an election?
They know they're illegitimate.
And so now they've already gone this far, it's clear they're just going to keep going and going and going.
Exactly, and that's why I hope the President puts up a little bit more of a fight.
The Congress needs to be put on trial.
The Senate needs to be put on trial.
Because they are the ones threatening democracy.
They are the ones threatening constitutional freedom.
And you get that, and Senator Carlson gets that, and I get that, and Tulsi Gabbard gets it.
Why can't Trump find lawyers that aren't damn cowards?
It's been a constant problem.
Essentially, he goes back and forth between people that are so outside the system, they're ineffective.
The Sidney Powell's of the world.
Yeah, like martial law cue stuff or we can't do anything.
Or institutional insiders.
There was an Axios story today about the internal discussion that happened back on the 18th.
And it shows you, I mean, my view is both sides were embarrassing.
The side that Powell and Wood were arguing and Flynn was arguing was not credible, but so was the side of all these insiders.
These insiders made false statements about what was happening in the election, false statements about what Barr did, and people like me have occasionally been able to break through to the President and give him a third option, someone who's savvy and smart without being part of the institutional corruption.
But it's tough to do and it's tough to maintain it because he has all of these other people constantly whispering in his ear saying, go a different route.
You know, he's a good businessman and doesn't want to screw America, but he just doesn't have the conspiratorial understanding of the globalists and the history of this.
Robert Barnes, let's come back then and unpack what you think is going to happen at the trial that starts next week.
And then I want to look at COVID and the martial law and I mean just all of it.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Alright, Robert Barnes is our guest, constitutional lawyer, really smart historian, good friend of mine, one of the smartest people I know.
Bob, you said it, it's all uncharted territory, but it's classical tyranny.
I mean, if it was a whiskey, it'd be 200 proof, which means, for those that don't know, that means pure alcohol.
This is like moonshine, white lightning.
Hitler was like 100 proof rum.
And he was bad.
Stalin was about 100 proof rum as well.
This is white lightning.
I've never seen anything like it.
And it's a bureaucracy where Stalin and Hitler, the buck stopped there.
Mao Zedong, buck stopped there.
This is a bureaucracy of oligarchs and authoritarians.
I guess the word is it's a centralized fascist model.
You could call it communist.
They're all disconnected from what they're really doing.
Just like all the reports say that big tech is in their own class.
They don't know how to order food or live their lives and they're pushing something that personally I look at I know is explosive like a chemistry set combination.
This is going to cause an explosion.
This is not good.
I'm past even hating the globalists at this point.
They're just completely psychotic.
What is your view on that they want more troops in D.C.?
They're all over the news, as you know, announcing they're going to quote, root out and hunt down Trump supporters.
I could play the clips for hours here.
I mean, this is declaration of war foaming at the mouth insanity.
What is the psychology here or what is going on?
They're trying to normalize statism and oppression at an everyday level.
To where the next generation will think of these things as normal.
In the same way that the current generation, Gen X and Millennials, see what happens at airports as totally normal.
That in order to fly somewhere, you have to go through all of these securities, all these invasive mechanisms of looking at the bones underneath your own body, all of that.
They see as normal because they grew up with it if they were born after 2001 or started using airports after 2001.
They're trying to make normal things like wearing however many things on you, a medical sharia law, where now the CDC is claiming authority over buses.
I mean, the CDC is supposed to be the Center for Disease Control.
And Uber!
And Uber!
Just a total, just explain as a lawyer, the insanity of that jurisdictional announcement.
Totally illegal.
So what CDC is supposed to be about is mostly making recommendations, helping with vaccines, helping with drugs and disease control.
What they are not supposed to be is your local transit authority.
What they're not supposed to be is monitoring what happens on your local school bus, and your local Uber car, and your local taxi.
But that is what they're doing.
They have made themselves a supranational transit authority monitoring
For all means of transportation.
Oh, Warren Johnson said two months ago, he said, when we run the G8 this year, I'm in control of the G8, I'm putting Bill Gates in charge of the G8.
So what the, who is Bill Gates?
This is insane.
It is.
What it is, is taking what has traditionally been our right, our right by common law, our right by custom and tradition, our right by the Constitution as consecrated therein, and making them privileges subject to the monopolistic control of the state.
So simple things like being able to get in a car and go somewhere, being able to get a taxi somewhere, get a bus somewhere, get a subway somewhere, just be able to get on a plane somewhere, just to get on a train somewhere.
The basic means of transit and transportation is going from a core fundamentally protected right that goes
That has ancient histories of our ancient liberties and is being made a conditional contingent privilege which you could only exercise at the permission of the state.
And now they're saying anal swabs.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, where is it going to end?
They're going to keep escalating this to see how much they can have complete control over people to condition the future generations to see this as normal.
And they're now saying that Buttigieg, it's okay because he's gay.
It's just like Tim Cook runs death camps in China.
It's okay, he's gay.
Now, Buttigieg is going to stick Q-tips in your butt.
Yeah, it's insanity.
Basically, their identity politics is the mask.
It's kind of like, you look at the Titanic, and the sort of neoliberal class that Biden is part of, basically doesn't want to restructure who's where on the Titanic.
They just want to make the people that are in first class with protected privileged status, that they have different gender identities, different genders, different races, different ethnicities, different religions.
And somehow that masks the fact that they're still maintaining the same misallocation of power.
Pure fascism comes in and they just create all these little fake joke rights.
It's very much, they're using aspects of the fascistic model from Germany and Italy in World War II.
Well, that's the question.
Aspects of the communism.
Would Hitler have been good if he'd been gay?
Like, I don't hate gay people.
I'm just saying, it's like, it's okay if we're fascists, we're gay.
And it's like, okay, well, if Hitler was gay, would it have been okay?
Well, exactly.
Look at Janet Yellen.
Their whole defense to the fact that we have this corrupt Secretary of the Treasury trying to prevent a free market and protect the corrupt hedge funds who helped put the money in for Biden to get elected president, personally enriched her for millions and millions of dollars.
What was their defense?
She's a woman.
That was their only defense.
Their defense was not that she was not corrupt.
Their defense was not that they were not interfering on behalf of the hedge funds and the Wall Street corrupt actors.
But instead, she's a woman, so magically that means that she can do what she wants.
It very much is, Hitler would have been okay if he had been transgender defense.
Well, I gotta say, she's got a nice beard, though.
A judicious no comment.
So there's no doubt about these aspects that the system is trying to grab and seize power, condition the ordinary person's mind to accept that power as a condition of their personal and public safety, so that in the future they will see things as normal, that today we recognize as unprecedented, perilous, and against our ancient liberties.
And that's why it has to be fought back against at every single level that it possibly can.
Well, you say ancient liberties.
I mean, the right to travel, the right to speech.
I mean, this is stuff that literally tens of millions of mainly people in the British Isles fought and died for over their freedoms.
And now we're just crapping it in minutes.
I mean, we're just taking giant reserves of freedom and just flushing it.
They're getting people to forfeit and forego the most basic, most elemental rights that we have.
The right to an education, the right to transportation, the right to express yourself.
There's no more core rights than those, and all are under extraordinary threat from this new state.
And you gotta go through a Bill Gates global ID.
We'll play the clip when we come back.
It's all official.
A global ID.
He and the UN run with Xi Jinping to be able to even leave your house.
I mean, wow.
What a criminal action.
Where are the governors?
Where are the states?
Where is the Senate?
Where is the House?
We'll be right back with Robert Barnes.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are in the middle of a global corporate takeover whose endgame is depopulation.
We are back.
But there is the paradox, as the callers are pointing out, of the giant awakening happening.
Biden National Security Advisor told Hillary that Al Qaeda is on our side.
Those came out in 2012.
So we're Al Qaeda.
Those of us that don't want tyranny, the average gun owner veteran, but the people that actually work with Al Qaeda, they're good guys.
Robert Barnes is our guest, took a few calls next segment.
He'll be able to dial into whatever you bring up for people that have been holding like Larry and
Duncan and others that we'll get to, but what about the good news?
We see suddenly Macron saying the vaccine doesn't work, it's basically ineffective, almost completely ineffective is the quote.
Australia is suspending the vaccine because it had so many problems and deaths.
The UK saying don't give it to above 75, don't give it to under 16, don't give it to pregnant women.
You see Merck pulling back and saying we're not putting our vaccines out now, we had big problems.
This thing mutates too much, you can't protect anybody.
I had a virologist on 11 months ago saying this.
This is known science.
So what is Gates and Fauci and what are they thinking?
What do they think they're going to get away with here?
And now Biden's statements have come out on Meet the Press that they want a five-year lockdown.
I mean, this is...
A lot of businesses go, well, I'll just get bailouts.
But everyone's habituated not to go to your restaurant or go to your business again.
And then the economy consolidates under the big megatech.
I mean, what are they thinking?
What is your view on their plan?
Because they admit this is a corporate hoax, a takeover.
But are these good cracks we're starting to see?
Or is this just Macron realizing how deadly this is?
He's hedging his bets.
Well I think that from the get-go there was reasons to be worried about the vaccine.
Bill Gates acknowledged this when he said that the only way in which anybody would release a vaccine on this timetable for this kind of virus would be if they had complete immunity from any liability of any kind.
And so that was the giveaway that clearly this was not a safe and effective vaccine.
And he said 700,000 will get sick or die.
Now, the second problem was you have a contest, in my view, between Bill Gates' agenda and some of the government's agenda.
Bill Gates has hijacked effectively a lot of the public health authorities around the world to push his agenda, and his agenda is mass vaccination all the time.
To have maximum social control over the scale and the size of the population, the growth of the population, and ultimately the population itself.
It's probably not coincidental that Bill Gates is tied to a range of patent requests for things like chips in people's bodies that would control currency, control vaccines, control medication, act as a form of digital identification.
And by the way, he has those patents.
We have MIT two years ago saying, Bill Gates hired us to create chips in the vaccines.
But then he goes on TV last week and whines and calls it evil.
What's the exact?
Crazy and evil that we're saying this.
Because it's exactly what his real agenda is, and everybody who's studied the man over the last 20 years knows it.
You know his father, and you know it all the way back.
It's what we've been talking about for almost a year now.
So is he just a psycho that can't help it?
He's got to do this because he's into controlling and hurting people?
I mean, because what he's doing is so destructive for him, he'll never get out of this.
I mean, this is insane.
Well, I mean, he is more driven by control than he is anything else.
I mean, he's like a Bond villain.
Except Bond villains might be written with a better sense of character and likability than Bill Gates.
That's it.
He believes thoroughly in his goal and ideas like a Bond villain does.
Well, exactly.
And the more he goes public, the more he's hated.
He has a 99% negative rating now.
So now they just ban comments, which only pisses people off more.
Well, there's a reason why he's been buying off quote-unquote fact-checking organizations, particularly in the public health space and the international news space, for years.
Because when he got burned for what he did in India, got burned for what he did in Kenya, got burned for what he's done in other parts of the world,
He recognized that he needed to control both the health authorities and control the press that covers public health.
The problem is, it's getting exposed at too many levels.
I mean, from the get-go, this was just like swine flu 1976, where we rushed through a vaccine, it completely backfired.
CBS's 60 Minutes even did an expose on it a year later.
We've never had a successful coronavirus vaccine in our meaningful history.
Even the flu shot is sporadic in its success rate.
And it usually takes three to four years to even measure effectiveness and safety according to them.
And you just nailed it.
You just nailed it.
The UN came out in December of 2019, a year and a month ago.
And they said, our doctors don't believe it, there's no testing, we're killing people, autism, it's all collapsing, it's wobbly, we've got to go to the foundations, talking about Gates giving us this, and say no.
So instantly COVID's released to create a too big to fail thing where he gets everybody to have even bigger waivers, he normalizes death, and then he just thinks he'll be the hero in the middle of it, with, it's kind of like Red Adair blowing up an oil well that's on fire with explosives, but this didn't blow out the flame, it made it even bigger.
Exactly, and the states are addicted to the power.
So what you're seeing now is a conflict between Bill Gates' agenda, which was to get everybody so miserable that they begged for a vaccine as the solution, so they condition their mind to just take whatever the government says they want to put in your body in the future, against what the states like,
You said it, so that's why it's schizophrenic.
They're like, oh yeah, take the vaccines, it protects you, but it doesn't really.
They were just going to stop showing all the false positives and say they'd been the savior.
So Big Pharma wanted to be the savior, but they've walked into the trap because the deeper globalist group wants an endless lockdown and total control.
And so they're all fighting with each other now is why none of it even makes sense.
The vaccine boys, Big Pharma and Bill Gates, need the vaccine to be the cure-all so that they can condition the human mind to accept whatever Big Pharma wants to put in their bodies next.
While the state needs the vaccines not to be the cure-all because they need a convenient pretext to continue to seize power at a whim whenever, wherever, and however they want to because this has worked at such a global scale that even they couldn't have even imagined this.
This is like Hoover's wet dream times 10.
But it's said that evil only works the first few steps, doesn't work later.
I mean, what about the unforeseen, the global awakening that's happening and the fact that people are getting, the fact that our audience has exploded.
This cannot be good for them long term.
No, their problem is they're going against people's ordinary everyday experience.
As people's life experience refutes what these people are saying, both the big pharma side of the equation, the Bill Gates side of the equation, and the status side of the equation, they're recognizing these rules often make no sense on their own terms.
They're recognizing these rules don't actually produce the health benefit they claim.
I can sit right next to somebody on an airplane, but I gotta be six feet apart everywhere else.
And with my intimate other, I'm supposed to wear a mask?
I mean, this is ridiculous stuff.
So now they're saying when you masturbate, wear one.
People go, this doesn't make sense.
It's not supposed to, is it?
A cult wants you to do stupid things.
When you join the Marine Corps, it is a cult, maybe for good.
But they literally make you do silly things that don't make sense.
It's to make you stop thinking and do what they say.
Exactly, to have reflexive conformity.
And the problem is they're awakening more and more people to this because they're seeing the signs of it.
So you have record numbers of people questioning, hey, were vaccines ever really safe and effective?
Why is there special immunities for vaccine makers?
Why is it that you label a drug vaccine all of a sudden supposed to have this magical, mystical quality that has no problems associated with it?
How do these things actually work?
Why have they been lying to me?
Why do they say one thing about a mask, then another thing about a mask, and then a third thing about a mask?
They see this deception in live time.
They see the media deceiving in live time.
And they see their life experience that they don't know anybody under 50 years old that's healthy that's died from COVID.
They're like, if this is such a great threat, why is it I don't know of anyone who's experienced what they're claiming?
But we do know a bunch of people died who were even 20 years old or 50 years old from the vaccine and it's coming out.
That's when I saw Gates and them pull this and they admitted it was a plan to take over.
I'm like,
How does Klaus Schwab and Gates think they're not going to be known as saviors in this?
They're not going to be safe anywhere and I don't want any violence against them.
I just, these people are crazy, lunatic control freaks.
I mean, Schwab wears Star Trek outfits and is given holy scrolls on TV by bizarre cults?
I mean... Alright, we're back.
I'm going to take a few calls.
I've been holding patiently.
Barnes is just as smart as I am.
Responder, you'll be able to comment on those issues.
We'll do this longer segment, one little short segment, then Paul Joseph Watson takes over from England ahead of Owen Schroer in the war room.
But let me just give you an example of what's going on.
We have a lot of backup servers and big infrastructure systems because we're not allowed on any of the other big, big giant platforms.
We had to build our own things.
I'm going to leave it at that.
We also have a radio satellite that costs us, for how much we do it every year, over $100,000.
It's like $150,000.
We have a TV satellite that reaches all of North America, parts of Europe, hundreds of stations picking it up.
We also have a direct HD feed we send stations, but only about 50 or so pick that up.
Over 200 cable and TV stations pick up the satellite.
But a lot of those folks are new listeners, they don't really buy anything.
It's okay, but we hear about it, we get word of mouth about it, and then a lot of the stations stream their own internet, so it's hard for them to shut us down.
We're number one on cloud TV, we're number one on a bunch of other services we haven't been taken off of.
Number one, I just signed a $300,000 a year contract for the radio satellite for another year.
It'd be $200,000 if I signed a two-year.
I mean, that's what your money does here.
It takes a lot of cold, hard cash.
Because again, if you've got a cell phone, costs you $500 or whatever, it's an incredible supercomputer, it dials into trillions of infrastructure the globalists have built.
We've had to dial in and build our own infrastructure, but let's be conservative, $20 million a year.
Okay, nobody else did this, and that's why we're still here.
Everybody else is shut down.
So thank you for supporting us.
But people are like, why are you plugging?
Why do you have ads?
Well, we're on commercial radio that has 14 minutes of ads an hour.
If we wouldn't have been on that, we would have been shut down three years ago when they took us off everything.
So the fact that I'm still low tech, one foot in low tech, one foot in high tech,
Is the grace of God that we did this, because I'll always use any venue I can to reach people.
I pay $12,000 a month for WWCR to reach the third world.
I don't make any money off that.
Goes global.
It's a cost.
My mission is use business to finance the revolution, not just make money.
If I want to make money, I can sign a $100 million deal, at least last time they offered me, to sell it to the globalists.
People say, oh, well, expose that.
Well, it was an off-the-record meeting.
Wasn't illegal.
$100 million.
That means no employees, $100 million to Alex Jones to start.
They buy people like kids buy baseball cards.
I'm not for sale.
I'm only for sale for God and the truth.
That's why buy the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
Spread the word about this broadcast because any day could be our last.
We are in a serious globalist takeover.
And so, all I can offer you is the truth, nothing more.
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Barnes, I want to go to some calls.
They've been really patient, but I don't think the listener understands that there's not much infrastructure for independent media out there.
And I've actually tried to build this infrastructure for others.
It's just that patriots are so independent, everybody wants to do their own thing, which is fine.
But we're rapidly approaching a moment of Congress and the States Don't Act, where they're now taking down Parler.
They're taking down Telegram.
They're taking down anything independent.
This is a purge.
They don't want independent information to be available and InfoWars has been the template for how people can continue to have a free press, how people can have free speech, and how people can be able to support independent ideas outside of these institutional gatekeepers who want to enforce everything within the gates and anything that's not okay is going to be expelled and not allowed back in ever again.
No doubt about that.
And the template that InfoWars has been able to do is critical for people to be able to reuse, to replicate in the future.
Maybe one of the only mistakes the system made was going after InfoWars, someone that can fight back in a smart, intelligent manner, and thus blaze the path for other people to do the same thing now that they're all under assault.
We see the contrast.
I mean, Parler disappeared overnight.
Thought they had legal protection that they didn't.
Thought they had political protection that they didn't.
Thought they had technological protection that they didn't.
It's because of the Infowars audience that this method and mechanism of being able to maintain and sustain the biggest independent free press in the world has been around.
And I'm glad you say that because when I sit there and say we're still standing, I'm like a guy in the ring round 12 of Muhammad Ali.
I am not sitting here saying I'm tough, you know what.
And boy, no, it's all you folks.
I'm hanging on the ropes with blood coming out every part of my face.
But the other guys beat the hell too.
And so I'm just saying, folks, keep us in the fight.
Pray for us, because we're one of the last people standing right now.
It's like the GameStop Redditors.
They used the South Park meme, where the guy's coming out and saying, uh, I didn't hear any bell.
Even though he's beat up, he's more, the other side, the hedge funds are even more beat up.
And it shows the sign of the populist revolution, of people taking technology into their own hands, and looking at, you don't have to recreate the wheel, the wheel's already been created.
That's why I always recommend people support InfoWars, because it helps... Well here's an example, here's an example.
Ten years ago, then I'm gonna call.
12 years ago, we got dropped by, there was only three satellite carriers, ABC, Clear Channel and Jones.
No relation to me.
Clear Channel dumped us, even though I was paying, you know, 10 grand a month or whatever it was for the satellite.
And then ABC kicked us off.
The media spun that, oh, he's with ABC.
Well, yeah, it's like sitting with AT&T, if you call it an AT&T phone.
I paid for the service.
They took it away from me.
Jones didn't kick us off.
And then later it was other satellites we're on now.
I learned because the radio network I was on was being kicked off because they were carrying me.
I had to go pay for it myself and learn.
People go, how the hell did you know how to do all this?
They made us do it.
So what Nietzsche said was true.
That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
Absolutely, and it's the reason why I recommend people support InfoWars at infowarsstore.com.
You can get healthier, wealthier, and wiser because it's a model for everybody.
Like, for example, people out there are complaining about certain aspects of some of these new platforms cost some degree of money, $2, $5, $10, whatever it is.
The problem is people have been paying money and not recognizing it because they've been giving up their privacy, giving up their belief systems, subjecting themselves to censorship and suppression.
That's the cost, and that's a much higher cost compared to having an honest pricing mechanism up front.
And the utility with InfoWars is you're able to buy products that you want, that you need, that make you healthier, that make your life easier, while supporting this independent... And that's the key.
Let's just have to understand.
We have to pay, which is fine.
Every damn thing, every chain, we have to pay.
When you're on with big tech, you just get it all.
You just dial in, it's all there, you think it's all... No, it's warehouses of equipment, satellites, uplinks, encoders, de-scramblers, you know.
It's a damn mess, and I couldn't do it without these great engineers.
I'm just saying, that's what's so scary is other people are sitting ducks.
Let's take a phone call with Robert Barnes.
Really appreciate everybody patiently holding.
Duncan in Washington, you're awesome, go ahead.
Alex, hey, there is systematic evil in this world.
What's required now is systematic accountability of the traitors in our nation.
I agree.
Lack of accountability.
I meant to start the show today with the fact that globalists are unaccountable and operate through public politicians is why they're so reckless.
Keep going.
A week, probably the end of October, about a week before the election,
I had asked you regarding the on-air Committee of Correspondence, following the pattern of the founders, and you mentioned you would do that after the election.
I think what we need is a group of, I hate to use the word experts because that word doesn't mean anything anymore, but people like Robert Barnes, Joel Skousen, Dr. Edwin Vieira,
I agree.
We have to start organizing committees of correspondence to launch new declarations of independence.
And I appreciate your holding to say that.
Barnes, speak to that.
You agreed with me last week that a new declaration of independence, with some senators, with some governors, to let the people say they agree with it, that's the beginning of a real, not secession, but a reconstitution of the old republic.
No doubt.
In fact, I mean, under Article 5, you can have a Convention of the States.
Actually, I think 27 states have already approved it.
I think there's only 7 more that would be required.
And basically, there are areas that need clarity, that shouldn't need clarity, but frankly do because of our existing politicians and our constitutional republic.
And that includes protection from private monopolies who take over the public square.
That includes limitations on politicians and what they can do, whether it's insider dealing or other methods of corruption.
That includes the ability to have term limits, the ability to have more direct democracy in the sense of referendums and initiatives, and the right of recall of politicians who lie to get to office.
Let me ask you this, how do you challenge an institutional, corporate, governmental rape, a move against the people, a consolidated authoritarian takeover?
Because this is a revolution.
We're facing a revolution.
Well, look at how the Infowars model was built, and we saw it replicated just last week in the biggest revolution and revolt against Wall Street in Wall Street's history.
It's taking all of our individual power, collectively aggregating it, and then using it, leveraging it.
And that's what all those Redditors did.
They just did what keeps InfoWars around.
It's purely, solely, wholly its audience supporting it and keeping it alive to maintain independent means of communication, publication, and information.
Well, that's all the Redditors did.
They just formed a little board.
They decided to discuss it.
They decided to leverage their power.
And what did they do?
They brought some of the most corrupt, most pernicious, nasty hedge fund Wall Street business entities in the world to their knees within a week.
So that's what the people can continue to leverage their individual influence.
I totally agree.
Stay there.
A few more calls.
Robert Barnes and Paul Watson takes over.
But think about that.
Think about it.
And people say, oh, well, they'll kill it in the end.
It doesn't matter.
It's our exercise of power that matters.
This isn't about money.
This is about taking these globalists to task so they aren't as out of control.
It's about war.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, last segment.
Trying to jam everybody in here.
I really appreciate everybody.
Paul Joseph Watson about to take over.
Every minute we're on air, it's a defiance of tyranny.
Fly Freebird.
Larry in Florida.
I'm here with Robert Barnes.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
You're asking, where are we going?
What's the next step?
Give us your idea.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
Yes, sir.
It's really, I wasn't going to bring this up, but you've been talking enough about
The technology and how it's been crushed and how the ability to communicate's been crushed.
One of the things that I've been wondering here for months as I'm listening to you and what you went through, because you went through it early, is there a way that InfoWars can be a vehicle to help basically the InfoWarrior patriots
Do some coordination and communication.
Uh, you know, Trump's problem, that's why they had the number one mission two years ago, I remember, was, uh, keep Alex Jones away from Trump.
Because every time I talk to him, he'll make the right, I'm not bragging, it actually happened.
Uh, and so, yeah, my big thing is capital.
I have enough money to pay the taxes and run the operation, but never really expand.
And then, if I, if I could get tied in with Trump,
We're tied in with any other big resistance operation.
We can turn things around very, very quickly.
The globalists have committed such crimes.
I would start with Klaus Schwab and Gates saying we want to depopulate.
COVID is meant to make you poor for carbon tax.
Tie it to that.
Presentation day one of COVID being a fraud and Trump admitting he got conned.
Day two showing that China Joe's a Chinese agent.
Day three show the election fraud.
But I wouldn't hit him election fraud up front.
I would hit him with they're the enemy of America.
Barnes, you got any points on that?
I think moving forward, it's building cross-party, cross-ideological alignments, like what I'm doing with Robert Kennedy Jr.
to take on the compelled and coerced vaccines, the medical sharia law, the invasion of people's privacy, conditioning employers.
There's an employer in the state of Texas, apparently, that's going to be one of the first employers to compel people to take a vaccine as a condition of employment, even for people that are legally exempt from the vaccine because of the risk.
Even if your doctor says it'll make you sick and you shouldn't take it, they're going to try to force it?
Exactly, and so we have to build a complete cross-party, cross-ideological attack, like what we saw Wall Street bets do against the Wall Street hedge funds.
They built the biggest hedge fund in the world by just collectively aggregating individual power and influence.
So that everybody can do the same thing.
We can take, find the parts of our life where we can take power.
Also in LA, where they had people die of the vaccine, the cops said, we don't care about liability protection, that's civil, this is criminal.
This is like, you know, while you pass a law that you can drink Drano, if somebody gives it to you, they're liable.
So this is starting to come out.
Anything else, Larry?
And one of the things that it was a little bit from yesterday's conversation with Mr. Barnes.
I actually did.
But what if President Trump does take advantage of the opportunity?
He never really got to talk about the election.
And if he's able to actually provide, you know, maybe he brings in
You know, the Supreme Court counsel from Italy, and makes a compelling case that that election was stolen.
I think Barnes agrees with you, is that he should turn this around on them, but I don't know where these lawyers come from, why they're such cowards.
I appreciate your call.
Norm Pattis, one of your friends, Barnes just sent me an article he wrote.
He thinks Trump might lose with what his lawyers filed.
I mean, you said it's not as good as it should be.
You think that's true?
I don't think there's much risk of him actually losing because the Republican Party's not willing to, there's not, they don't have enough suicidal, politically suicidal senators up there.
So the, Trump has all the leverage.
Exactly, so the lawyer's mission is just to make sure it doesn't embarrass the establishment.
Because they don't want to be targeted, if they actually defend Trump, they'll get targeted.
In fact, several of them started getting targeted as soon as their name was released.
So that's just the reality of it.
One of them is a good civil rights lawyer from Alabama.
They're trying to remove him from various boards.
So he needed a more fearless, intelligent legal defense than I think he has presented.
But, you know, we'll see.
There are strengths and weaknesses with Trump.
We just have to keep trying to reinforce the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.
All right.
Go to Twitter.
You'll find him there.
Type in Robert Barnes.
He's got some other platforms as well.
Hosts a lot of shows.
Barnes, thank you so much for the time.
Next week during the impeachment, we want you to co-host with us.
Thank you.
Yep, will do.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over now.
Hello everybody, we are live.
This is the Summit News Hour, where we are asking the question, are you patriotic enough to take the anal swab?
You've heard of Joe Biden's 100-day mask challenge.
You've seen how China's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been praised all across the board.
Well now China has a more efficient method to test for Covid and I don't see why President Joe Biden isn't vehemently encouraging, nay demanding, that you bend over and take the anal swab.
Yes, this is actually real.
It's not the Babylon Bee.
It's not the onion.
This is what Chinese people, thousands of them in Beijing, thousands of them in other cities, have been
Receiving, on the receiving end of at least, the Covid anal swab.
We're going to get into that a bit later on.
We're also going to get into Wokeyleaks.
This is a new insider who's basically a celebrity.
I'm not going to reveal much information about him because the whole point is that it's supposed to remain anonymous so he can infiltrate these circles which he's already basically a part of, but infiltrate them
And leak information without being detected, without his identity being revealed.
And in fact, the first video has gone up about this, which we're going to play later in the show.
But we're hoping to get him on for an interview over the course of the next week.
Basically, this is a leftist that disagrees with me on basically every issue whatsoever, is no fan of me, yet is so shocked at being around these celebrities, these actors, these models, these
Political campaigners and how different their personal lifestyles are to how they broadcast what they are to the general public on social media.
So I'm going to get into that later in the show and that is an ongoing thing.
I'm going to start with this though.
This is a headline out of Sky News a couple of days ago.
Covid-19 lockdowns and new health habits help number of flu sufferers fall to 130-year low.
Yes, flu has basically disappeared in the United Kingdom.
Oh gee, I wonder why?
Says the number of people suffering from the flu in England has plunged by more than 95% to levels not seen for 130 years.
Data experts at the Royal College of General Practices
Said that in the third week of January, usually a peak time for the flu, the number of flu-like illnesses reported to doctors was 0.9 per 100,000 people, compared with a five-year average of 27.
It's believed that measures designed to tame the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as increase publicity about the importance of having the flu vaccine, are quashing influenza and many other respiratory diseases.
They don't seem to be quashing Covid, do they?
Because we had a second wave higher than the first.
So basically they're pretending here that flu has completely disappeared in being reported in case numbers in the United Kingdom because of social distancing, because of people washing their hands, because of lockdown.
Well, I'm going to flash back to this headline, which was at the start of the month.
Epidemiologist says influenza cases are being counted as COVID-19.
Top epidemiologist, Nut Witowski, says that the massive drop in influenza cases can be attributed to the fact that many are being falsely counted as COVID-19 cases.
Now, this is no anti-vaxxer screeching on Facebook.
This is the former head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University, who cautioned that influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.
According to CDC figures, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 29th, December 19th, sorry, was just 0.2% compared to 8.7% from a year before.
So exactly the same phenomenon in the United States, where flu has basically disappeared, it's drastically been reduced, and they're saying, oh well, it must be because of lockdown.
It must be because of social distancing.
It must be because of people washing their hands.
Not according to this epidemiologist who has come out and said that flu cases are being counted as COVID cases so therefore you're obviously going to get more cases and you're going to get more fatalities if that flu number is included in the COVID number because it's a fact that many old people unfortunately die from the flu from pneumonia every single year.
Now this ties into another fact which
Now, if I posted this statistic on Twitter or Facebook, I bet they'd remove it.
I bet they'd remove it.
And yet it's from the UK government website.
It's from the Office of National Statistics.
There was a Freedom of Information Act request, which they have to respond to.
And somebody asked them,
To provide the following information.
One, the number of people who have died from COVID-19 without any pre-existing medical conditions.
And two, the number of people who have died from COVID-19 with pre-existing conditions.
So this was a Freedom of Information Act in the UK.
The headline on the ons.gov.uk website, again government website, is COVID-19 deaths
Deaths with and without pre-existing conditions.
This was filed on January 20th in response to this Freedom of Information Act request and it says the following.
Now they provided the data for coronavirus deaths between March and June 2020.
Later on in the statistical release they're basically refusing to provide data from July onwards.
They may provide it at a later date
But it says the publication states, and they're citing deaths involving COVID-19 in England and Wales.
These are official government numbers.
50,335 deaths occurred between March and June 2020 involving COVID-19 in England and Wales.
So this is between March and June last year. 45,859
of these deaths were people who had at least one pre-existing condition, while 4,476, that's 8.9% of the deaths, had not.
So again, it clarifies COVID-19 deaths where there was no pre-existing condition between March and June 2020.
Just 4,476 out of 50,000 deaths between those months are people who died of COVID-19 and only of COVID-19.
All the other deaths were people who died with comorbidities.
And this is the point we make over and over again.
Old people with serious illnesses, many of whom are in hospital, unfortunately die.
They die all the time.
That's not to say that their lives don't mean anything, but it's a fact.
And especially, they die at winter.
So only 8.9% of people who died, and you can extrapolate that out for the rest of the deaths that occurred afterwards,
Only 8.9% of the COVID deaths in England and Wales were people who died just from COVID.
And then, understand, a lot of those people will be in an at-risk age bracket.
So then if you take out the people below the age of 50, 60, that number will shrink even more.
And then, as I just pointed out, they're obviously including a lot of the flu deaths, a lot of the flu cases, in the coronavirus cases.
So that would shrink the number even more.
This is on the government's website.
They had to release this.
The UK government admits only 8.9% of total COVID deaths were actually COVID deaths of people who died only with COVID.
This is never discussed in the media because it doesn't fit their narrative, their fear-mongering consensus.
We had this article, similar in the USA.
COVID-19 only cause mentioned in 6% of total coronavirus deaths.
So it's even fewer in the United States.
The CDC published an update that acknowledges, quote, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned in 6% of total coronavirus deaths.
So the other 94% of deaths, they had other comorbidities, other serious illnesses when they died.
It's on the UK government website, it's on the official CDC website, but we never hear this narrative in the media.
And again, the way they've got the algorithms, the censorship set up on social media, if I posted these government statistics, they'd probably get removed within a heartbeat.
Don't go away, summit.news will be right back.
So we had the disappearance of flu deaths, the virtual disappearance of flu deaths in the United Kingdom, and indeed we've seen a similar effect in the United States.
They're not reporting why that is, which is what epidemiologist Witowski said, as we reported back on January 5th, is because they're including a lot of the flu cases, a lot of the flu fatalities in the COVID number.
That's why it's disappeared from the record books almost.
Then you have the UK government in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
Acknowledging, admitting and publishing on its own website that only 8.9% of COVID deaths occurred where COVID was the only cause of death listed on the death certificate.
The rest of them had serious illnesses.
Then, as the point I made, if you then account for the fact that a lot of those people who died only with COVID would have been in the at-risk age group category, that would reduce that number even more.
We've had the CDC acknowledge months ago now that only cause mentioned coronavirus is only 6% of death certificates.
So again, 94% of coronavirus deaths in the United States had two or three other serious illnesses when they died.
But again, it was listed as coronavirus.
There was a meme about somebody getting eaten by a shark and his cause of death being listed as coronavirus.
I think this is an important topic of conversation and it's not one that's ever included on the mainstream media.
It's barely even covered.
The people who make a point of making this point are called COVID deniers.
They're censored on social media.
Yet these are official government numbers.
So the flu cases have disappeared.
They're counting them as COVID.
8.9% of deaths in the United Kingdom are Covid only.
94% of deaths in America.
People have two, three other serious illnesses.
None of it is being discussed.
What is being discussed now though is whether you're patriotic enough to take the anal swab.
Anal swabs in China make kids walk like penguins?
Now I saw this footage a few days ago and I don't think
I don't think it's the aftermath of these kids receiving an anal swab.
That's not to say that these anal swabs aren't happening.
I made a video about this.
It's called How Much Would You Tolerate?
And I go for all the official pronouncements that they're very proud of the anal swabs, the experts in China.
And again, remember, the mainstream media, the WHO.
The WHO is in China right now, by the way, saying everything's hunky-dory and great.
There were no mistakes made whatsoever, despite the Communist Party literally telling the WHO on January 14th that there was no human-to-human transmission of coronavirus, having known that there was for at least a month before.
But you can trust them.
The Chinese state media has denied these videos, but video out of China has emerged pertaining to show the aftereffects of Covid anal swabs on children.
Video posted to Twitter shows several kids, obviously in discomfort, walking like penguins after reportedly undergoing the procedure.
This was tweeted by Jennifer Zeng, who is normally quite reliable, but obviously she's anti-communist Chinese government because she was pro the whole Hong Kong protest situation.
But others suggested that the video shows the after effects not of anal swabs but of circumcision.
Now, I saw this video days ago and I don't see what benefit the Communist Chinese Party would get in showing children waddling like penguins.
I don't think that would encourage other people to take the anal swab.
But you know, if they've got them at cattle prod point, maybe they're going to take the anal swab anyway.
The question I've asked is if Americans can take the anal swab, if they will, and if we can trick or fool someone in the Biden administration to advocating anal swabs, because I think it'll be hilarious and I think it'll be a good benchmark of exactly how much Americans would tolerate.
Because as I make the point in the video, how much would you tolerate?
I did a poll about, I think it was in 2013,
When the whole TSA controversy, the naked body body scanners, the groping was really at the top of the headlines in America for a period of years.
It really came to prominence 2010, 2011.
And it was still very much in the news as late as 2013, 2014.
So I commissioned a poll with Harris Interactive.
This is not some Twitter poll or some Facebook poll that you can totally game.
This is a proper poll.
It costs like $3,000, $4,000 to commission.
And people were asked if they would take a TSA body cavity probe in order to be allowed to fly.
Meaning, would you let some minimum wage TSA goon
Literally give you an anal probe for you to be able to get on an airplane.
Now, when Americans were asked this question back in 2013, 30% of them said yes.
So almost a third said they would literally take an anal probe to be allowed to travel.
So how many Americans would take the less invasive anal swab
To be clear of Covid.
Now if they can't get the vaccine, maybe the anal swab will be required to be allowed to fly, to be allowed to travel on public transport.
Of course over the weekend, the CDC came out and said you have to wear masks on public transport.
It's now mandatory.
If you don't, it may get enforced by somebody on the train, by some officious security guard or even the police.
And on that subject,
Zero Hedge reports double mask, double flip-flop.
Are you kidding?
It's all Fauci.
We had an article yesterday, which is about halfway down this article, pointing out that Dr. Fauci, less than one week after advising Americans that wearing two or even three masks would be more effective against the spread of coronavirus, has now done a complete 180 again and admitted that there's no data to suggest it will make any difference.
So Fauci came out, he said, yeah, you should probably be wearing two face masks.
Then he walked it back, said there's no data, you should only be wearing one.
Well, now he's changed his mind once again.
So at 48 minutes into this Washington Post discussion, Fauci again was asked about double masking.
His response, given his recent flip-flop, may surprise you.
Having said that double masking didn't make a difference he appears to flip-flop back saying that the CDC is investigating whether two masks may be better than one and added that it makes common sense.
So he's flipped back again!
Now what's interesting about this is Newsweek keeps getting content out of fact-checking me only to prove that I'm actually right.
They did it with a story about Facebook banning Bible passages.
Facebook did ban Bible passages
And they had to come out after and admit that they did it and then restore the site, the Bible Hub site that they banned.
Newsweeks did a fact check and said that was only half true and claimed that I had said Facebook had banned all Bible passages, which I never said that.
Well, now they've come out and asked, fact check!
Did Dr. Anthony Fauci advise wearing two masks then reverse course?
And once again, despite the fact that he openly, explicitly did do that,
They say that this claim made by yours truly is only half true.
Even though he literally did come out and say yeah you should wear two masks, then flip-flopped back and said you should only wear one.
Literally the definition of reversing course.
So thanks Newsweek for proving me right once again.
Of course, we had another headline.
Doctor tells NBC Americans should consider wearing four face masks.
You're not a double-plus good person unless you wear four.
Maybe four's not enough.
Maybe you should start thinking about wearing five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Who knows what it's going to be next week.
We'll be right back.
Don't go away.
So for the rest of this segment we're going to go to this Wokeyleaks video and it's going to take us through to the end of the segment.
This is a celebrity insider blowing the whistle on the disgraceful scenes he's witnessed within the confines of the entertainment industry and what he's going to reveal as a whistleblower going forward.
Here is Wokeyleaks.
They're calling it Wokeyleaks.
An anonymous celebrity insider who has penetrated the heart of the entertainment industry and is so revolted by what he's experiencing he's decided to become a whistleblower.
He's dishing the dirt on the real behind-the-scenes behavior exhibited by actors, musicians, models, journalists and professional campaigners.
Full disclosure, I know who this person is, I've met him and I've spoken to him.
He is who he says he is and he does move in these circles in both the UK and the US and hopefully
Very soon we're going to do an interview where his voice is altered to hide his identity.
And no, I haven't put him up to this.
This is a genuine leftist, somebody who vehemently disagrees with me on many issues.
But what prompted him to spill the beans on his woke acquaintances, and what is he actually saying?
It's all explained in a Spectator US article in the first part of what is set to become a regular series, Woke Elite.
The Insider refers to himself as Day Them.
His fallout with the social justice left began when a friend of his started lecturing him about using POC hand emojis on Instagram, asserting that it was the equivalent of blackface.
Yeah, really.
This, along with what he was witnessing in the presence of the woke karate at events and parties,
Left they them so infuriated that he could remain silent no more.
From the Spectator article.
It was after a star-studded fundraising dinner when I watched a group of activists so engrossed in their cokey soliloquies on the refugee crisis that they left their guest, a Libyan refugee, alone outside an expensive private club, unable to get in.
It was witnessing the cowardice of an entire social group who completely abandoned a close friend when he became the subject of a MeToo allegation that they all knew to be bogus.
They were so afraid of being on the wrong side of a trendy cause that they all watched in silence as he was mauled by social media mobs and lost his career.
And as they then goes on to highlight, many of these people who adopt social justice causes don't do it because they actually believe in the cause or want to make the world better.
They do it because they feel guilty.
Many of these celebs are only famous because their parents worked in the same industry.
Or they went to the right school.
This is the Oxford-Cambridge set.
They had everything handed to them on a silver platter.
They didn't have to graft.
Many of them didn't even need to be particularly talented.
And privately, they feel guilty that their fame is unearned.
And in many cases, they're right!
I mean, have you seen what passes for comedy on television these days?
Their fame is their privilege.
And they won't hesitate to weaponise it in order to punch down.
To demonise millions of people who have no privilege as bigots, racists and homophobes.
They embody actual privilege.
While telling people like me who grew up working class that I should apologise for my privilege simply for being white.
Ironic then that the drive to broadcast to the world how virtuous they are is actually born out of malevolence and selfishness.
These people are also terrified that if they fail to display enough public loyalty to the woke mob, they'll become the next victim of it.
You also see that same pressure in TV movies and art, where a work won't get commissioned unless it carries a social justice message.
Even if it's just tokenism.
Because of social media, never before have so many people been famous.
Many friends of mine have 40,000 plus followers, many of them have close to a million.
Of Instagram's 1 billion plus users, only 9.1% have fewer than 1,000 followers, whereas 30% have between 1,000 and 10,000.
19.5% have 100,000 to a million.
36.7% have 10,000 to 100,000.
And 0.5% have over 10 million.
This is a large and entirely new social demographic.
A famous class, or famoise, if you will.
Unlike material wealth, there is no tax on this fame.
And yet it creates divisions in society and confers advantages to people which are extremely unjust.
It is often very unmeritocratically derived.
An inordinate number of the famoise have parents who are also famous.
In fact, I can't think of a single other industry that is so nepotistic, yet they are almost all strict followers of woke ideology.
The character trait that typically accompanies fame is extreme narcissism.
Many friends quickly went masonically deranged when their social media accounts exploded with followers.
I remember being in the backstage area of a Bernie rally thinking that it felt less like a protest,
And more like the green room at a pop concert.
People chatted to each other distractedly, glancing every few seconds at their phones or over each other's shoulders for someone more famous to talk to, before going on stage to passionately expostulate on the evils of inequality.
For all its supposed utopianism, this is a cynically competitive and rigidly hierarchical scene.
Social justice has become a product of social media, which itself exists not to make the world more equal, but to make a small number of people in Silicon Valley excessively rich.
He then goes on to expose how many of these race grifters who pose as champions of people of colour
are actually bankrolled by moneyed interests that plunder people of colour.
The blurring of the lines between social media and social justice was exemplified with excruciating awkwardness by the patronising trend of white celebrities giving black celebrities the logins to their social media accounts.
The famous Brit, Victoria Beckham, let a slightly less famous Brit, June Sarpongobe, take over her Instagram, which will undoubtedly go down with the Montgomery Bus Boycotts as a seminal moment in the history of the Civil Rights Movement.
The last time I saw June was in the Equality Lounge at Davos, where guests drank Verve Clicquot, courtesy of sponsors PwC,
Who had just been exposed for their role in helping Isabel Dos Santos steal billions from Angola.
He then skewers the rampant hypocrisy of woke corporations.
The same kind of companies, Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple, that will post black squares for Black Lives Matter.
That will engage in the most verbose, performative moralising around social justice issues, but then spend millions lobbying against a US ban on imports of products produced by Chinese slave labour.
We are so trapped within the algorithm that we're blind to the fact that social justice is no longer a political movement, but a branding exercise.
We are not activists and revolutionaries, but consumers, liking and sharing videos and memes about democracy and equality on phones built by serfs in faraway fiefdoms.
This is why the social justice movement has been so rapidly and seamlessly adopted by corporate America.
It's all PR with no action.
When you walk into the lobby of Netflix's headquarters in L.A., you're greeted by a huge megaphone prop with the words, Stay Woke, spray-painted across it.
This from a company that edits its content at the request of the Saudi Arabian regime.
I hear nervous misgivings from my fellow citizens of Wokonya.
I hear concerned whispers about the vicious attacks on trans rights heretics like J.K.
I hear cautious bitching about the hypocrisy of fashion influencers who scream for the removal of statues of long-dead slavers, while accepting large sums to appear in ads for fashion brands that rely on modern-day slavery to stitch their clothes.
But very few of them are willing to speak out against this phoniness.
I get it.
You're scared of the online abuse, you're scared of work mysteriously drying up if you have the wrong opinions, but above all, you're scared of being unpopular.
Well, now you have wokey leaks.
In addition to what's in the article, he also told me what I'd been suspecting all along.
That while publicly shaming and calling for the censorship of anyone who criticizes COVID lockdown policies,
These sneaky bastards are out virtually every weekend getting sh** faced at house parties in direct violation of the very Covid rules they demand everyone else should follow.
They then then told me about another lefty who is publicly faking being transgender for the griff.
While secretly living the life of a sex-mad heterosexual bachelor.
Many such cases.
And of course the fact that lefties are weapons-grade hypocrites who performatively broadcast their contrived virtue as part of a massively dishonest grift.
...is nothing new, but to have it confirmed in such colourful detail can only provide us deeper insights into the phenomenon known as virtue signalling.
As I explained in a previous video, there's a very tight correlation between virtue signalling and narcissistic personality disorders.
As opposed to psychopaths, the study found that narcissists are more likely to engage in virtue signalling than victimhood because of their grandiose view of themselves.
And as we know, virtue signalling is almost exclusively a behaviour exhibited by leftists.
Narcissists manipulate public behaviour by feigning concern for left-wing political causes.
By fabricating proactive behaviour while privately doing nothing, or even the opposite.
I'm so sorry!
Lily, would you take an unaccompanied child into your own home?
So, you heard the Wokie Leaks video in the previous segment.
We're going to try and get the guy on.
He's up for coming on.
A lot of people are speculating as to who it may be, and they're all completely wrong thus far, but obviously we're not going to reveal his identity.
But again, this is somebody that I've met, somebody who I know, somebody who I know moves in these circles and hangs out with all these people, whether it be at Davos-type events or at house parties, where as I said in the video, you know, they'll be on Twitter all day scolding people for criticizing lockdown policies and mask wearing,
The same night, there'll be a giant house party.
He's getting drunk.
Absolutely incredible.
In fact, I've been at house parties where I've had arguments with people who support lockdown policies and it's like, well, you're here.
You've already lost the argument.
So we're going to get plenty more juicy revelations from wokey leaks over the next few weeks.
And again, we'll try and get him on in disguise with a voice changer so as not to expose his identity.
Over the next week.
Meanwhile, Breitbart reports the UK government's scientific advisor predicts annual coronavirus vaccines.
So again, there's no getting back to normal.
This is the new normal.
They're now saying the South African strain has mutated once again.
Maybe the vaccines aren't going to cover that.
Now, a senior figure from the UK Government's Immunisation Committee predicts that Britons will have to have annual coronavirus vaccines as the Chinese coronavirus mutates into different strains.
So once again, they claim they weren't developing this vaccine passport.
Countries across the world are now developing it.
Airlines are saying that you'll have to prove you've had the vaccine to fly.
Then they'll probably expand that to trains, to taxis.
Every form of public transportation.
And again, it's about having you in the system.
One guy who wasn't in the system was this fella.
UK COVID cops arrest man for handing out free soup.
Oi mate, have you got a license for that soup?
No he didn't.
That was literally the reason they arrested him.
Despite the fact that he cited this exemption,
Which is in the UK coronavirus law, where you can actually meet with people.
God forbid!
Up to 15 people you can gather.
The government will let you meet people either indoors and outdoors, if you say you're volunteering, if you're helping to feed the homeless.
That's what this guy was doing.
He'd been handing out soup to people.
The thing is, it's 17 weeks before the police intervened, and the reason that they intervened was because they told him he didn't have a license to hand out food.
That's literally the meme come to fruition.
Meanwhile on the social media censorship front, and let's remember that leftists lobby for social media censorship because they want to silence their political adversaries.
Corporations lobby for social media censorship because they want to eliminate their competition.
It has nothing to do with hate speech whatsoever.
That's just a contrived moral panic that they use to get their agenda rammed through.
Well now we have the New York Times
Citing experts literally calling for a ministry of truth to be controlled by the Biden government to decide what is reality and what is not.
New York Times calls for Biden to appoint reality czar to fight misinformation.
This is up on Summit News.
The New York Times has amplified claims by experts who are calling for Joe Biden to appoint a reality czar, prompting critics to compare the idea to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984.
This was an article called How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis.
And the New York Times' Kevin Roos, who is constantly trying to get people banned and de-platformed on social media,
Cites experts who are calling on the Biden administration to put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a quote, realities are.
So they're still exploiting this capital breach from what was it now nearly a month ago.
Of course, apparently it was more devastating and deadly than 9-11, Pearl Harbor and Sandy Hook combined.
That's how the media is responding to it still.
You have AOC playing the victim again, going back to that study that I cited in the previous report.
People who claim fake victimhood have dark triad personalities.
They're literally psychotic.
And this is a method that people exploit and abuse to get their way and to have their adversaries crushed in whatever domain that might be.
AOC still talking about this Capitol breach like she was going to be killed.
She accused Ted Cruz
Of trying to have her murdered with no evidence whatsoever.
It's complete hysteria all the time and they're using it as the drumbeat for this increased social media censorship.
Like, you didn't do enough social media censorship before the election.
You need more.
Like, you haven't rigged the algorithms enough.
You need even more.
It says the job of this reality czar
...would be to head up a centralised task force that could coordinate a single strategic response to things like Covid-related and election-fraud conspiracy theories.
And as Raheem Kassam points out, this is precisely, mirrors precisely, and it's a cliché that's used, oh this is Orwellian, but this is an actual cliché that works.
There's no better comparison.
The Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984.
Because the Ministry of Truth in the book decided what the truth was in Oceania, no matter what the actual truth may have been.
They exercise the monopoly over reality by falsifying the nature of historical events, but that's not all.
In having that monopoly of power, the Ministry of Truth in 1984, they were able to redefine the very word truth under the rubric of newspeak, so that truth becomes whatever the government approved version of events is in that moment.
And that's precisely what they're trying to do with this realities are, and all these other methods of social media censorship, of rigging algorithms
Of Brian Stelter on CNN literally claiming in opposition to every legal precedent whatsoever, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out, that freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.
Well, no, as Greenwald pointed out, if a protest group files for permission to protest in a major city, the government, the authorities can't tell them, oh, you can go and protest in this little back street on the edge of town where no one will see you.
The legal precedent is completely against that.
But he's literally citing that you don't have the right to freedom of reach to get Newsmax and Fox News and all these others kicked off cable.
Again, it has nothing to do with hate speech and everything to do with them eliminating their competition.
That's what it's been about from the very start.
And again, they use this moral panic of conspiracy theories.
I'll make the point over and over again.
The most harmful, damaging conspiracy theories that caused the most deaths over the past two decades were both peddled by the mainstream media as a result of them amplifying government propaganda, which was proven to be completely incorrect.
It was a conspiracy theory amplified by the media that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
That led to the invasion of Iraq.
That led to hundreds of thousands of dead people.
It led to tens of thousands of US troops being maimed.
Well, five, six thousand of them being killed.
That was a conspiracy theory backed up with no real evidence peddled by the mainstream media.
These are the same people who hyperventilate all day about how conspiracy theorists are harming society.
They are the most harmful entities to society.
They were the ones pushing the freedom fighters in Iraq, Syria and Libya conspiracy theory for years on end.
The mainstream media said that we were arming the good guys in Libya, the good guys in Syria.
What happened?
ISIS took control of Libya.
They took control of large areas of Syria.
Gaddafi, the secular leader, was kicked out of office, was killed.
ISIS took over the area.
That precipitated, caused the international migrant crisis.
And again, it was all based on the conspiracy theory that we were supporting freedom fighters in Libya and Syria.
They weren't freedom fighters.
They were Islamic jihadists.
The media pushed that.
The New York Times pushed that.
CNN pushed that.
That was harmful.
That was one of the most harmful and damaging conspiracy theories
To have been foisted on society over the past decade and it continues to reverberate.
So when they fearmonger about conspiracy theories again, they always deny, ignore their own role in pushing the most harmful conspiracy theories to society.
And as I point out in this article,
Such lies are also far more harmful to society because mainstream media networks have the biggest platforms.
They're amplified by rigged social media platforms and they share a common consensus narrative with each other.
So the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC News, they will all push the same narrative which makes it even more harmful because it's amplified even more.
So if you want a realities R for the media,
The realities are should be over the corporate press because their conspiracies have proven time and time again to be the most harmful, the most damaging to society.
That's going to wrap it up for the Summit News Hour.
Summit.News for the latest.
War Room is coming right up.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
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