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Name: 20210202_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 2, 2021
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Florida consumers deserve protection for their privacy.
With the help of our legislative partners, we're going to stand together in support of Floridians and put a stop to big tech's practice of preying on consumers.
Your privacy is important.
Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is doing what Trump should have done.
He has laid out in a powerful 45 minute speech posted below in the links that the big tech companies have set up a monopoly of political, corporate, and financial control over America and are acting as an organized crime syndicate.
Imagine if big telecoms would have spied on their users and then censored them.
People wouldn't put up with it.
Imagine if any other sector of government would have done this.
There would be a revolution.
But because big tech is acting as if it's a corporate government, outside of law they've gotten away with it.
Big tech on record admits that they spy on you from Spotify,
To Facebook, to Google, to Twitter, over the microphones on your phones and computers.
Samsung years ago said in their terms of service, you buy our smart TV, watch what you say and do.
Third parties are listening and watching you.
Big tech, because it's new, has gotten away with everything under the sun.
And now Governor DeSantis has come out in a major bullet point plan
And declared not war because big tech already attacked us, but declared defense against this.
This is everything we need to see leadership wise.
So Trump did an okay job, but not as good as DeSantis actually taking action.
Pretty obvious now, though, even the president's been censored, the former president.
But who really did a bad job?
Trump's not the villain here.
He just should have done it.
It's the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.
I mean, he is in the pocket of Apple and Google and Facebook and Twitter that have all moved here.
He is going along with masks forever.
He is going along with the inoculations, all of it.
DeSantis is the one leading the way out of this saying, basically COVID's an overblown hoax, that they're counting the flu deaths, the deaths from pneumonia, gunshots, car wrecks, motorcycle accidents.
Cancer is that.
And that's the type of leader we need.
We need DeSantis to be the president 2024.
This is the type of person I will support for president.
This is the type of leadership we need.
And I want to see other leaders like the South Dakota governor run for Senate or run for vice president, but they can't wait.
They've got to rally Americans now.
I wish Greg Abbott was a good guy.
He's not.
He knows all these facts.
I know people that know him, but he's decided to go along with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the Great Reset.
So there's an article on Infowars.com that has the full video, Governor DeSantis unveils crackdown against big tech cartel over rampant censorship.
And that's it.
This is beyond just censorship.
This is a cartel that spies on you, that controls you, that gets political money.
And foreign money to suppress American patriots and nationalists.
They promote communist Chinese propaganda, and Iranian propaganda, and Saudi Arabian propaganda, and Hollywood propaganda, and EU propaganda.
But everybody that's nationalistic, everybody that's patriotic, everybody that's American in common sense...
We're muzzled.
We're silenced.
We are shut down.
So here's some of the things that he laid out in his speech.
Mandatory op-outs for big tech content filters.
A solution to tech censorship.
A private right of action for Floridian residents against tech companies that violate the condition.
Fines of $100,000 per day levied on tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office in Florida from their platforms.
That's the big election meddling like Laura Loomer and others.
But they're doing it to even make mainline
Senators elect.
Senators that are already in office, who are incumbents.
They're even blocking Senators and House members.
I mean, this is bold.
Daily fines for any tech company that uses their content and user-related algorithms to suppress or promote access to any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot.
Greater transparency requirements.
Disclosure of requirements enforced by Florida's election authorities for tech companies that favor one candidate over another.
Power for the Florida Attorney General to bring cases against tech companies that violate these conditions under the state's Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act.
Because it is unfair to force feed you, like in California last year, that all Republicans were Nazis when you search Republican Party candidate, or when you search Republican candidate to send you the Democrat candidate.
All of this is a rigged game, a rigged casino.
And Governor DeSantis has proven himself to be a true leader, saying that COVID's an overblown hoax, not wearing a mask, trying to keep his counties and cities open, and pointing out that all you need is vitamins and minerals to protect yourself, and that COVID's only deadly to old people.
He also wouldn't put COVID patients in nursing homes like Democrats did across the country.
He didn't cover up the murder of 12,000 of them like Governor Cuomo.
This guy is a true leader.
It's very, very exciting to see DeSantis fighting hard.
And I believe DeSantis is the model of future leadership in this country through the states, through the House, through the Senate, through patriots organizing and going on the offense against the globalists.
This whole COVID hoax is a paper tiger.
They now admit the COVID vaccine doesn't protect you.
Even Macron of France is suspending the vaccine, saying it doesn't work.
Merck has pulled their vaccine, saying it doesn't work.
Just getting natural immunity is the way to go.
Australia's pulled their vaccine because it was showing false positives for HIV for people that took it.
This thing is a giant corporate power grab.
And tyranny always works at first, but then the wheels come off.
Look at the Soviet Union, look at Nazi Germany, look at so many other authoritarian systems.
So America is fighting for its life, but as Mark Twain said, a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
And so, at first it seems like we're losing, but then we're going to win.
As Mark Twain said again in closing, Governor DeSantis, we salute you.
We appreciate your leadership.
We know you're taking on the globalists.
We know that you're their main target now.
We understand that you understand that facing tyrants is the only way.
Thank you for being a great American and may your example
Help encourage others to be men and to be women and do the right thing.
Again, God bless and good luck.
What began as a group of upstart technology companies from the West Coast has since transformed into an industry of monopoly communications platforms that monitor, influence, and control the flow of information in our country and among our citizens.
And they do that to an extent hitherto unimaginable.
At the turn of the 21st century, online technology represented tools to liberate Americans from reliance on distrusted legacy media outlets.
As social media proliferated over the past decade, citizens could directly connect with large numbers of people and could cut out corporate media outlets entirely.
Over the years, however, these platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak to enforcers of preferred narratives.
Consequently, these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections and have negatively impacted Americans who dissent from orthodoxies favored by the big tech cartel.
We have seen the power of their censorship over individuals and organizations, including what I believe is clear viewpoint discrimination.
And as these companies have grown and their influence expanded, Big Tech has come to look more like Big Brother with each passing day.
But this is 2021, not 1984.
And this is real life, not George Orwell's fiction.
No group of people should exercise such power, especially not tech billionaires in Northern California.
Now, if I had to choose, I'd rather be governed by the first 50 names in the Tallahassee phone book than the CEOs of Big Tech companies.
If you don't like parlor, then don't read it.
Let's not have those choices made for us, or before long we will have nothing more than someone else's choices imposed upon us by a bunch of monopolies whose core business is to sell advertising.
And I'm committed to addressing what may be one of the most pervasive threats to American self-government in the 21st century, because I believe in individual rights, privacy rights, and property rights.
Because I trust Floridians to choose which content to consume and which to ignore.
Because I want to preserve Florida's rich, diverse public discourse and not allow corporate-owned, narrative-approved outlets to dominate our voices.
Florida consumers deserve protection for their privacy.
With the help of our legislative partners, we're going to stand together in support of Floridians and put a stop to big tech's practice of preying on consumers.
Your privacy is important.
Hunter Biden's story was true, okay?
We now know it was true.
And the typical corporate media outlets, they just chose to ignore it.
Obviously, they wanted to beat Trump.
They had a view on the election.
They didn't want to give it any air.
So we rely on social media to go around that, not let corporate legacy media outlets control the discourse and let us speak.
So you had the New York Post to run it, and you couldn't get any traction.
You couldn't get any reach on it.
Because Big Tech put their thumb on the scale.
So that was true.
What they said at the time, oh, it's a conspiracy, or it's based on hacked information.
Are you kidding me?
You're trying to tell me if there was hacked information that could damage me, you guys wouldn't print it?
Give me a break.
You can whiz on my leg, but don't tell me it's raining.
Every past generation has gone through tyranny.
We've faced different permutations of oppression.
But in the modern world, it is a sophisticated, creeping political and corporate cultural system that really seeks to divide and conquer and dumb us all down.
Now that we live in this giant cancel culture,
Where hundreds of millions of people, not just in America, but all over the world, really billions, are being suppressed and controlled by AI.
It is more important than ever in the third dimension here on the ground that bumper stickers, license plates, t-shirts,
Infowars.com on the side of your barn or launch your own website.
I don't care.
Just speak up and don't comply and don't go along with the Great Reset.
Don't go along with Operation Lockstep.
Don't go along with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden and all these other criminals.
So, a listener sent me an idea for a t-shirt and it looked basically like this.
We had our graphics department kind of beef it up and make it more high-res.
And it's a New York style license plate saying FK Mask.
I'm not normally kind of catty like that, but seriously, F the Global is saying we're dirty.
F the Global is trying to make us submit to them.
Fauci, all of them admit the masks are permanent.
They want a five-year lockdown to totally bankrupt all small businesses.
And it's time for people to realize that top scientists admit the masks don't even protect you.
It's a sign that you're dirty.
It's a sign that you're bad.
It's a sign that you're evil.
It's a sign that you submit to the big lie that you're not essential.
So, I have this new great t-shirt.
A limited edition.
I think it's going to be a bestseller.
And it's FK Mask.
And on the back, InfoWars.com.
But what about F. Biden?
That's right, the most popular president in U.S.
The president-elect forever.
Our leader, our king.
Oh, son of a bitch.
China Joe.
We have another great variant of this license plate shirt, F5.
And again, this is a major thought crime.
We are not worshipping our dear leader.
The Democrats at MSM have said it should be illegal to even criticize him or say he stole the election.
So we're going to exercise our first amendment in the face of the tyrants.
I'm going to get this second limited edition shirt at importandtour.com while you still can.
This one's really politically incorrect.
F-easy thing.
Yes, the third in this new line of limited editions.
F-the mass.
All available at importworkstore.com.
But wait!
There's more, ladies and gentlemen.
This design is already a bestseller.
It came out a month ago.
And people are ordering like hotcakes.
Biden is so upset.
How dare you thought criminals promote this?
How dare you wear this?
Trader Joe's.
To the four nations on record, Russia, China, Ukraine, you name it, Iran, that Biden has sold us out to.
Do what Tim Cook says, you dirty Americans, and do not get the Trader Joe's shirt at m4wrestling.com, whatever you do.
Don't get this best-selling hat we've had out for six years.
1776, baby.
Made in America.
Do not visit Infowars.com.
Give up.
Roll over and die.
Don't go to the organization Fighting Tyranny for 27 years.
Don't go to the group that raised the alarm first and has been the most hardcore.
Give up to Fauci.
Give up to Gates.
Give up to Klaus Schwab.
Give up to Biden.
It'll go better for you.
Take the shots.
Stay in your house.
You're obsolete.
Don't fight back.
Don't go to Infowarsstore.com and get these shirts and wear it out in public.
Submit to the Democrats.
Submit to the Satanists.
Or fight back what you've been doing.
Seriously, folks, thanks for your support.
These and other great shirts and ball caps are available at M4WarStore.com.
There's no telling how long we'll still be on air.
They're trying to shut us down, but thanks to you, we're still here on air fighting these tyrants.
You've done an incredible job, so visit M4WarStore.com today, because if you're watching and listening to this transmission and taking action, you are the Resistance!