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Air Date: Jan. 31, 2021
1794 lines.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And it's the final day of this incredible first month in the year 2021.
January 31st.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, from the embattled Information Warfare Center, InfoWars.
You know, I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of me now that we're openly in world government, it's openly anti-human, openly anti-family, openly anti-small business, and completely satanic.
We were right.
We weren't wrong.
I'm very sad.
I'm very disgusted.
But it is said in the book of Revelation that John the Revelator on the Isle of Patmos marveled at the beast, looking forward through an interdimensional wormhole that God opened up to show him, the Antichrist and the world government, what would be happening in the future.
He marveled at the beast.
World government cannot buy nor sell without a mark on the forehead of the hand.
You must turn over your children to the state.
You must destroy your very genetics.
You must kill the earth.
You must worship Satan.
Or you will not be allowed to live.
You will not be allowed to have a job.
Well, whether you believe John was the greatest science fiction writer ever, 2,000 years ago, or whether you believe he was inspired by God, it's being manifested.
It's being set up right now.
The old Chinese proverb says, may you live in interesting times.
And we certainly are interesting times.
And then you have the battle of Armageddon with the dragon.
And all the rest of it now unfolding.
So, get your popcorn out!
Because you got front row seats to the big finale.
Is it 10 years, 100 years out, or 60 minutes away?
All I know is it's satanic and it's moving quick.
And the mask is the sign that we're dirty, and we're evil, and we're made in the image of God, so we gotta cover that dirty face.
We gotta believe all those lies.
Now, I'm gonna explain something here.
I'm gonna be as calm as I can about this, and I just hope to God Almighty that you'll share the live link of this show from Band.Video and InfoWars.com, and that you'll also share the archive later, and you'll tell folks at the local stations they're picking it up, because if this information gets out, it will
Greatly affect things for the better.
If it doesn't, the global is to win.
But why has Macron come out and basically suspended the vaccine?
Why has Merck come out and suspended their vaccine?
Why is Australia suspended their vaccine?
Because they realize this is the greatest crime ever committed by humanity now taking place.
And they got cold feet because they're like, oh my God.
You know what these four mRNA vaccines do?
They're so nightmarish, as the former Pfizer chief scientist said, that it's better to throw yourself into hell.
That was a quote.
This vaccine is a hole to hell, was the quote.
A hole to hell.
So what is Gates and Fauci thinking launching these things?
I mean, it's killing a lot of people, and it doesn't work!
And now that's admitted.
But we told you 11 months ago, we got a good look at this, we said, it's not very deadly, it's a genetically engineered common cold bug, but the vaccine that responds to it is what will actually kill you and maim you and sterilize you.
But they synthetically made it so they can own it, and it's a problem that they can never fix, because it will naturally mutate, and so there's never a vaccine for it, so there's never been a vaccine for the common cold.
And now they're saying, oh sorry, you never leave your house, you never go on a vacation, you never take the mask off, and you gotta take dozens of vaccines a year, the latest one, just to be able to have your phone app and leave, but it won't protect you.
So CNN and Fauci are telling you, Sali can't ever leave your house again, and there'll be dozens of vaccines a year, and don't leave your home.
And meanwhile, Merck says, oh it doesn't work, we're pulling back.
Macron says, oh it doesn't work, we're not doing it.
Australia says, oh sorry, it says it gives people AIDS, we're not doing it.
I mean folks, this is the biggest takeover I've ever even imagined.
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It is Sunday, January 31st, 2021.
The final day in the first nightmare month of the globalist full assault.
As we accelerate into their goal of world depopulation by 2030 of at least 80%.
The Demos Group says they will cure poverty and starvation by 2030.
By triggering
Worldwide starvation by the lockdown, not COVID.
And of course, it will end hunger if you kill most of the third world, because there won't be any people.
It's actually a true statement.
Everything has come into 2020 crystal focus.
And not to toot our horn, just to show that we understand the enemy program better than probably they even do in many levels.
You can go back to February and to March and to April and to May and to June and July and August, right through to now.
And I, with my guest, Dr. Francis Boyle, the guy that wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law and the U.N.
Treaty and all the rest of it, we laid out specifically what was going down.
There is no vaccine for the cold virus for corona.
You cannot make one because there's billions of variants.
It doesn't work.
That's known science.
So why did they say you'll be locked down until you have a vaccine?
Well, if you read deeper, what
The head of this operation, Klaus Schwab and his co-pilot, Bill Gates say, they said, oh really, you'll be totally locked down for two years and then really never again will you be out, and the vaccines aren't going to really work, so you'll need 5 to 10 to 15 a year because the viruses are going to mutate.
And when there's new variants, you're going to have to stay in your house.
Oh, and by the way, a worse variant's coming that terrorists are going to release, and it's going to kill billions.
They're telling you everything they're going to do, and then they do it.
I told you months ago they're going to start saying you need two, three, or four masks because I saw them preconditioning the public.
Showing Mitt Romney and Tom Cruise wearing two masks.
And now, just last week we had mask inflation.
Fauci goes, we need to wear two masks.
And within two days, I said, watch, they'll be calling for five masks.
They were.
They're like, actually, five masks is what's effective.
Yeah, to increase carbon dioxide by double levels and cause massive brain damage.
How about you just put a pillow over your face at night and have somebody sit on you?
That might do well as well.
It'll kill you.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
So now here's the big announcement.
A month ago, Australia suspends nationwide their entire vaccine program because it makes people deathly ill, killed a bunch of people, and they came up positive for HIV.
Can we put that on screen, please, for the team of viewers?
Now, now, ladies and gentlemen, last Tuesday, seems like 100 years ago, Merck, the largest pharma company in the world, says, we are ending our vaccine program.
It does not work.
We believe you cannot make a vaccine that works to cure the common cold, and that's what this is, except it's a chimera with even more mutations, so it's even more impossible.
Now, they knew this.
Because you see, folks, it's not about keeping you from getting COVID, it's about what's in the vaccine for all the people lining up at sports stadiums to be, quote, good Americans and protect other people.
And, oh, but sorry, it doesn't protect you from COVID, actually lowers your amenity to other COVID viruses, other coronaviruses.
Oh, it gets better.
So Australia abandons it.
Then who else abandons it?
Merck pulls out globally.
And who came out yesterday?
Macron, a top globalist.
But he understands that this is such a crime, he'll be torn limb from limb.
The riots are gigantic.
All their scientists are coming out saying this is insane.
Oh, the top ones!
Including the discoverer of HIV, who's a French scientist, and saying it's man-made in a lab, it's a power grab.
I told you months ago, I talked to the head of a major biotech company that has real gene therapy that cures things like colon cancer that the government's blocking.
And he said, you're absolutely right, it's a giant total takeover.
The vaccine will destroy and sterilize women, and it will kill your immune system or turn it way off the charts and give you cancer.
But they need to want to come on the show.
But I can tell you his name in five seconds, you can look at it and be like, whoa!
But see, this is all known.
I'm telling you, known science.
Now, Macron claims that the vaccine that they were going to use, it's an mRNA vaccine, AstraZeneca, is almost ineffective in over 65s.
Macron gambles by saying no to another lockdown, which is designed to bankrupt the French economy and consolidate control for the Great Reset, the UN, and the world government, and the big hedge funds that are consolidating power, who've all doubled their money.
Here's another one.
All the big tech and the JP Morgan's, the Goldman Sachs' in the last year have doubled their profits.
Some companies have doubled in size while you go bankrupt.
While you're taught you're not essential.
And because the scientists see through this, the head of the EU Commission Advisory Board, Wolfgang Wudarg,
Got the former chief scientist at Merck to join him and say, this vaccine will attack women's placenta, it'll turn off your immune system, it'll turn up your immune system, and it will make you have autoimmune responses to any coronavirus, and it will kill millions of people.
Just like the Spanish flu, it wasn't the flu replication that did it.
The autoimmune response in the lungs with a major storm caused you to die like a bee sting, but 100 times worse.
So, Australia, Merck, France, does not work, does not work, does not work, does not work, does not work, does not work.
Let's go now to America though.
Let's go to America.
Oh, France's vaccine delays symbolizes national decline for some.
Oh, China's so good they forcibly inoculate and lock everything down and have millions of people in death camps.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so great.
Oh, but France, their president says it doesn't work because it doesn't and he's bad now.
And here's CNN.
I told you this 11 months ago.
The lockdown, I said, by next winter,
I said, by next year, they'll tell you there's new, more deadly variants, and they're going to come get you.
How'd I know that?
Because I've studied these people, and I knew for sure six months ago when I started seeing the trailers for new Hollywood movies about COVID-2023 and almost half the planet dead and total martial law forever.
They're never taking the mask off.
They're never letting you travel.
They're never letting you have a job.
They're going to bankrupt you, give you a universal income, put you in a 200-square-foot coffin apartment.
That's the public plan of Klaus Schwab.
I played Klipsch yesterday on the Saturday show of him at Davos this last week saying, industries with close physical contact are over.
No one will ever be out again.
Robots will deliver your food.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing.
And we will have exciting new factories run by robots that produce delicious mealworm bugs for you.
These are quotes.
He said that in German.
But I've got him in English saying, you have not had any job in close contact with other humans ever.
It is over.
Human age over.
These are quotes.
And then in German, meal bug hamburgers.
And if you're listening, you're like, no, I'm not kidding.
You will eat mealworms.
There it is.
Good grub.
Why we might be eating insects soon.
That's Klaus Schwab last year.
Good grub.
Can the arrival of new coronavirus variants scare Americans into better pandemic behavior?
Can they scare us better?
Because they count every flu death, and every pneumonia death, and every car wreck, and every gunshot, and they admit they count it, and basically almost no one's died of COVID.
All people can die is super old people if they don't have any vitamin D3.
And that's why Cuomo froze it at 4,000 deaths.
It was really 12,000 plus deaths.
He knew it and said he didn't care.
They had to have some deaths.
Over half the deaths in New York were old people they murdered.
Oh, oh, oh, yes.
The only people it can kill is above 75 with serious problems, diabetes, you name it.
And still, if you have supplementation, basically you can't, but it gets worse.
Guess who the vaccine's killing?
Not just the famous baseball player Hank Aaron.
I see articles everywhere in local news every day of 20-year-olds, 50-year-olds, 60-year-olds, 30-year-olds take it and die before they even leave the clinic.
They collapse and then have a convulsion and bye-bye an hour later.
Bye-bye, blue bird.
But it gets even more insane.
I mean, this is absolutely the biggest criminal power grab ever.
They are reporting in hospitals and in nursing homes that up to 5% of the patients are dying within a week when they take the mRNA shot.
So it's going to come out.
This was a giant eugenics operation that they did on purpose, thinking it's so evil, no one will be able to admit it themselves.
They'll set the precedent, just like autism.
This is the euthanasia of the old.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
February 31st, 2021.
Imagine February.
The time for games and denial is over.
Time of war is here.
21st century globalist war.
War against the nation state.
War against the individual.
War against our children.
War against our very genetics.
Final war.
The trap is set.
And we're inside the cage.
Globalists are in here with us.
So don't let them escape.
If you just joined us, I'm your host Alex Jones, and... It's one thing to know what the enemy's gonna do, and then time and time again see it go exactly as we said.
It's incredible.
This is the perfect planned obsolescence.
You know what planned obsolescence is?
They can make light bulbs and now there's markets in that because people don't play along with the planned obsolescence.
So you can pay twice as much and get a light bulb that'll burn for 10 years on average.
Or you can get an LED that does it even longer.
Well, when they came up with light bulbs over a hundred and something years ago with Thomas Edison, we started selling them.
They said, hey, why are we making these for the last three, four years?
Let's make them where they last six months, that way we keep our factories going and make more money.
And there's some arguments for plant obsolescence and things like that.
Because it has innovation, a new car every year, don't make it last 20 years, make it last five years.
The Japanese say screw that, we're not doing it.
That's why a Honda or a Toyota are still the best cars you can get for running the longest.
That doesn't mean I drive them, I drive American cars, I like them, but that's the way it is.
Wuhan franchise, funded by Bill Gates, funded by Dr. Fauci, 11 known programs, hundreds of millions of dollars a year, Newsweek, Time, Reuters, Journal of Science, Journal of Medicine, guys just type in Chapel Hill Research, gain of function.
That's six years ago saying, here's the projects, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they should be illegal, weaponize coronavirus, and then the projects run by Fauci and Bill Gates, and when there's a big stink about it, they move it to Wuhan.
Or just type in Fauci-funded controversial research at Wuhan.
But yeah, they found one of the scientist articles right there.
Now remember, Bill Gates came out Wednesday and said none of this is true, and conspiracy theorists are being made to be basically arrested and shut down.
That's how they operate.
So, Dr. Fauci backed funding for controversial Wuhan lab studying origin of coronavirus.
Now, they think you're an idiot, so they get up on CNN and they say, it doesn't exist, we're insane, and it didn't come from that lab.
Biden signed an executive order saying it's not from China, and that anybody in the government that uses it will be fired, and banning it from government bills and communications.
Totally authoritarian, out of control.
Biden just six months ago said executive orders outside of legislation are dictatorial and he would not do them.
He's now signed more executive orders as an incoming president than anybody else has ever.
And he's actively shutting down the U.S.
economy right now in everybody's face.
Cutting off our gas lines, cutting off our oil lines, cutting everything off, and the stock market's gonna go down, and you're gonna lose your job if you had already lost it because of the COVID lockdown, not because of COVID.
So if you just joined us,
It really is momentous news.
And it's very frustrating to me that not even the super smart folks at Zero Hedge, I know the super smart folks at Breitbart, super smart folks at OE, Internewsmax, get this.
And I don't sit there and say this to differentiate myself and say, boy, I wish you'd tune in to me because I know way more than they do.
No, no, it's the opposite.
Do you think I like being the main target and the enemy knowing that I know their whole operation better than anybody else?
I need everybody else to figure out how this works very quickly or we're going to lose this thing.
They're closing in to shut everybody down right now.
We have to expose their behind this.
We have to expose the criminal takeover plan.
And we have to get world leaders, starting with governors and starting with senators, to come out and point this out and it's game over.
Well, what do you think Merck knows?
What do you think Macron knows?
What do you think the Australians know?
Suspending their vaccine programs because it, quote, does not work and hurts people.
Because it does work, Macron!
It does work, Merck!
It does work, Australia!
It's a frickin' bioweapon!
The mRNA vaccines are gene therapy.
And they train your body to attack a protein that's in the placenta.
All four of the damn things are the same thing.
Then they got a bunch of other stuff loaded in there that I've been trying to figure out what is, reading stacks of scientific papers on it!
And even the top scientists and virologists and geneticists go, we don't know why they stuck the whole genetic code of a hybrid colony creature jellyfish in this damn thing.
That's the Pfizer one.
And then whole genomes of a little boy from 1966 from Chicago, Illinois.
This isn't a Stephen King movie, folks.
This is the world.
So, you start thinking about what Gates has done.
You look at that psycho.
Psychos want to rape and murder.
They want to kill.
They want to steal.
They can't help it.
And you look at him fidgeting and smiling and cackling and giggling.
When he's on with Fareed Zakaria and he goes, it's never gonna open.
Fareed goes, we're never opening.
People need to understand, this is six months ago.
We're never opening.
Gage goes, exactly!
What in the hell is going on here?
You're like, why did the Night Stalker
Just break into people's homes and murder them and torture them for no reason.
Well, he did it because he liked it.
And who do you think wants to control the UN and medicine?
I mean, every piece of culture you read, watch out for the mad scientist.
Who's the worst guys with secret labs, and kidnapping kids, and putting people's heads on other people's heads, and you know about Joseph Mengele that really did it.
Do you really think Joseph Mengele, who was German royalty, directly a cousin of John Paul Junker's grandfather, that ran Nazi Germany?
I mean, do you think they were putting people's heads on different heads, and putting other people's eyeballs, other people's eyeballs, and putting other pieces of people's brains, and other brains?
Because they were nice people.
They can't help it.
They want to hurt you.
They want to poison you.
And now it's official.
Their vaccines don't work.
They make you sick.
And they knew it from the start and said they wouldn't.
But you're already committed wearing the mask and being a hero.
You're already committed going to the sports stadium and lining up to get your shot.
You're already committed to be non-essential and never go back to work.
You're already committed because the news told you you're a hero, so you keep doing it and notice we're a year into this and they're like, we're never shaking hands again!
We're never taking the mask off again!
And I played the clip yesterday, I should play it again, at Davos this last week.
Klaus Schwab that cooked up this whole plan for the Great Reset to shut down the economy.
He says, quote, anyone that's in an industry with close physical contact to others will never have a job again.
Now unpack that.
You will never have a job close to people because you're dirty and you're evil and you're bad.
Robots are going to have to, they always said robots were going to take over by 2030.
Well, we don't want to have robots take over.
We like people.
We like people cooking our hamburgers and carrying out our trash and being our CPAs and all the rest of it.
What do you mean?
We're social!
We're humans!
No, baby!
You're going to have a pass to leave your house when we let you.
You're going to have a robot car if you're even rich.
And you're never going to be in physical contact with anybody that we don't say anymore.
You're in a freaking Supermax prison!
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
We told you it was coming.
Under the United Nations pilot program in Singapore, for eight months they've made citizens wear bracelets on their arms that make them social distance and report them back to cell towers to track their every movement.
This is for everybody.
The wave gets better.
Now France has programs in their factories, government-pushed and sponsored, to make everyone wear actual dog collars so that we can make you social distance and report back to simple computers.
They're turning us into a commodity.
Human-animal clones have been around for 50 years.
It's all being announced.
They are literally taking over the life cycle of humans and making us obsolete.
And big corporations now claim that they own us with these gene therapy systems and patents that they've produced.
Do you understand?
It is a takeover.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I've studied history, I've interviewed all the experts, I have looked at every facet of this, and now, only days until the inauguration of the CHICOM agent, it's all coming into place.
That's how they changed the subject from election fraud.
It's how they changed the subject from Hunter's laptop.
It's how they changed the subject from Epstein and Obama and Al Qaeda and the New World Order and
Now, use the already martial law in place for COVID-19, and that's what it is, to then be expanded and become political and become permanent.
They train you to stay in your houses, they train you to be tracked, they train you to do what you're told for 9-10 months as training wheels, and now they launch the storm.
The storm is here.
It's a globalist storm.
There's not going to be martial law for Trump.
There's going to be martial law for the globalist.
They're trying to set you up.
Don't be involved in violence.
Expose the New World Order and expose the takeover with information.
That's how we beat these people.
With truth.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Mondays through Friday, from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., I'm live.
Then I return live Sundays, 4 to 6 p.m., with a Sunday transmission.
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We do afternoons, 3 to 6 p.m.
Owen Schroer and The War Room.
He's coming up tonight as the Sunday show.
6 to 8 p.m.
right after me.
Sunday live.
All right, we just tuned in.
I don't normally play a report.
Three shows in a row, but Greg Reese put one together that's so powerful.
We can put it up on screen.
I want to give people the headline.
And we're also posting it in the live show feed area of the broadcast today.
Sunday live, France says COVID vaccine does not work, collapsing the hoax.
And then if you go to band.video, I'll just go there.
You go to band.video, and then you go on the left-hand tab, and you go over to the Greg Reese section, a great researcher and reporter.
You go to that.
And you can click on it.
America being destroyed from within by globalist agents of the Great Reset.
Now it's got 86,000 views.
If it got 10 million views, and if every member of Congress saw it, that it'd be a traitor, we'd turn this around overnight.
We don't have time for people to say 20 years later Alex Jones was right again.
Or a year later.
We gotta get that it's not about who's right.
The enemy has written books and laid out their plans.
Of course I know their plans.
It's so easy to beat them.
It's a complete criminal takeover!
They said in Operation Lockstep 11 years ago, Rockefeller Foundation, with John Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, go read it!
It's online!
They'd bring in a planetary police state by disease X, something like a weaponized cold virus, and that there'd be no way to ever defeat it.
We could teach people to be tracked, controlled, and locked down, and that new variants would show up all the time so that the lockdown would never end.
This is the reorganization of society to collapse it in a post-industrial world, Agenda 2020.
Then we go into Agenda 2030, depopulation.
So please go to InfoWars.com and go to the live feed of the show and share it.
Sunday live, France says COVID vaccine does not work, collapsing the hoax.
And under the live feed is the video we're about to play, dealing with ages of the great reset, not destroying America, but destroying the entire world.
And in this, you'll see Klaus Schwab, director of the UN program on sustainability, telling you
That you will no longer have jobs in proximity to other people.
You will be isolated in your home, working for them, under their control.
A giant re-education camp.
Remember 10 years ago they had shows for kids in the UK called Plannedopolis.
In fact, find that and cue that up please.
I'm going to play that next segment.
Where it told kids by the year 2030, you will only be able to leave your house a few times a year.
A computerized car will take you where you go, you will get meat once a year on your birthday, but you will eat bugs the rest of the time.
You're like, my God, they're now launching that.
Yes, this is an exact plan.
They teach in elementary school in Germany, we've played the actual training videos, that when you're 7 years old you should be prepared to marry a Muslim by 14.
You should be dating a Muslim by 10.
And that Muslims will be the future of Europe and that Christianity is bad.
I can show you those newscasts if you like.
And they show little girls, here's how you put the hijabs on.
This is a total takeover plan of the most evil elements of the world.
Radical Islam, the nanotech genetic engineering program, the whole new world order.
So people used to hear me and think this guy's just trying to scare me.
Yeah, I'm concerned.
I know they're actually doing this.
And now you're seeing that we've gone from beta to operational right now.
And so this is real.
And Macron, and Merck, and the Australian government, the French government, the Australian government, and now
Merck have pulled the vaccine saying it hurts people, it doesn't help you.
Macron said it's nearly worthless, and we're not doing a lockdown anymore, you can't contain it.
Because it's all fake PCR testing!
And that's the last little piece when we come back after this report.
I saw six months ago that China said anal swabs may be the way.
It's always the same, whatever they say, it's always, oh, maybe the way.
Well, they're the globalist model, they're the boss.
So then about two weeks ago, they said, yeah, China's starting anal swabs.
Now China says the PCR test isn't good.
Oh, the one that locked everything down and 96% false positives.
No, no, no, no.
They're now setting up checkpoints for anal swabs.
And now CNN says, you're going to take anal swabs.
Anything to dominate you, anything to control you, anything to humiliate you, anything in a giant Stockholm syndrome, learned helplessness, Milgram experiment.
So here's the report.
I hope you share it if you want to beat these bastards.
Here it is.
At the age of 33, Klaus Schwab, a business professor at the University of Geneva, founded the World Economic Forum in 1971, originally known as the European Management Forum.
Nicknamed Davos after its annual meeting place, the World Economic Forum meets every January with hundreds of members of business, politics, banking, education and industry to quote, improve the state of the world.
Their globalist agenda is openly admitted and well documented.
United Nations Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, Build Back Better, are all the same globalist agenda, and all stem from the Club of Rome and the eugenics movement.
Davos claims to be looking to save the planet, and the UN claim that in 10 years they will end all hunger and poverty on Earth.
They admit that the technologies required to achieve these goals do not exist.
And yet, their solution is to bring the world to zero emissions in only 10 years.
They want to end the automobile and aviation industries in only 10 years.
This is why the Keystone Pipeline was halted on day one by globalist puppet Joe Biden.
Klaus Schwab says that industries which involve human interaction will not survive.
But we know that many industries which rely particularly on physical interaction will have difficulties to survive.
As if the destruction of an entire functioning society will inspire solutions to all of our problems, thereby bringing about an environmental utopia where there is no hunger and all the world is at peace.
As absurd as this all sounds, we know the sheep will accept it as gospel.
They already have.
When the WHO was caught faking a hoax 10 years ago, the media reported it, but nobody cared.
It was a beta test.
Now, the media ignores overwhelming evidence that COVID-19 is a hoax.
They go along with every contradiction and lie, and their audience obediently accepts it all as truth.
The COVID crisis will be used to imprison the population, whether it be in camps or their own home.
It is already happening.
Humanity is being imprisoned by psychopaths who see themselves as our saviors.
Order out of chaos.
The New World Order is nothing other than the decrepit Old World Order desperately clinging to power.
And their solution is to destroy the free market, to destroy the concept of freedom, privacy, and private property.
And to foment enough chaos and destruction to depopulate the earth into a manageable level of serfs and slaves, so they can continue on with the same old scams they've been running for millennia.
This is why Joe Biden signed a dozen executive orders, paving the way to opening the borders and shutting down the economy.
The New World Order cannot coexist with American civil liberties.
And now that the populist movement has been discarded, the destruction of America from within can commence again.
If the people of the world continue to comply to these unelected sycophants, then the people will get what they deserve.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
The more you submit, the worse it gets.
You must realize the world government's real and it wants to kill you.
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Globalists are taking control of the entire human genome.
They are forcing mutations.
This is forced evolution, or de-evolution.
When you look at all the major research, all the major progress they're carrying out, they are not to produce people that are smarter, or folks that live longer, or more moral.
It's turning humanity into a commodity.
Now we see some propaganda, like communist China bragging, Hey, we've done mRNA vaccines to make our soldiers supermen!
That's a way to make it sexy that, hey, we're experimenting on our troops.
Well, the same things would happen to our troops, and thousands and thousands have died each time they tried a new experimental vaccine.
And I'm talking to high-level folks inside the federal government and the state of Texas Health Department.
They say, Alex, we know it hurts a lot of people, but it's for a greater good.
But that's not even true.
And it violates the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code, and federal and state law.
This is violence being carried out against this biomedical tyranny, and we have a right to resist it with any means necessary.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, if you just joined us, please, for yourself, for my family, for your family, we're all in this together.
Listen to me carefully.
I'm begging you.
This thing's like a wood chipper.
You don't want to get in it.
And our feet are already in it.
We gotta climb out.
You don't want to keep going down.
By going through the wood chipper, you don't get out of it alive.
The answer is get out of the wood chipper.
So we're missing some toes.
Another six months, we'll be missing our feet.
Then we're gone.
Then our legs.
That's the allegory, that's the parallel, that's the analogy.
So, I've studied, that's all I do.
I've studied every facet of this, and what's ridiculous is it's hiding in plain view.
It's like, I've studied 2 plus 2, and it equals 4.
Well, if what we're seeing equals 1984, I get it's scary, and I get people don't want to admit that.
Because that can't happen here, but it has happened here.
The vaccine doesn't protect you.
It's highly toxic.
It's killed a bunch of people.
They skipped all the trials on it and don't know what long-term side effects are.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a genetic re-engineering system, a gene therapy.
And Australia and France have quietly said that the vaccine doesn't work and pulled it back in the last month.
And now Merck pulled their vaccines.
Says it doesn't work.
And they're just getting it and getting immunities the best thing and turn the economy back on.
Because even the executives at that level are like, this is Hitler on steroids.
I mean, the permanent lockdown of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates that they said on TV.
I've played the clips.
If pushed much longer, we'll starve billions of people in the third world, which is already collapsing into the first world, and then they think the UN's gonna manage this insanity, and this collapse, and get power out of it, the UN says?
Back when Lou Dobbs, the judicial watch, 15 years ago, remember when he was number one on CNN?
14 years ago?
Lou Dobbs?
You know, then Fox buried him over on Fox Business.
They got the documents, and he's reading these on air, hundreds of pages.
I remember covering it.
The North American Union documents.
Remember they were secret at a BAMF Canada meeting?
I guess like 2016 or whatever?
And in there, they said, we're going to bring in world government using collapsing borders and mass migration, which they're engineering, and using disease X
And using economic collapse.
And we will achieve a corporate takeover.
And they had all the CEOs of the Fortune 100 in the secret meeting with the UN.
And the stuff we got, thousands of pages that Judicial Watch didn't get, they got a couple hundred pages, was incredible.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, we are living through this right now.
But how do you get the train to jump the tracks from mom and pops and, you know, boutiques and all the rest of it to small factories and small farms over to the globalist model?
All robot run.
You shut down the economy.
You tell people it's 15 days, it's 2 months, it's 6 months, it's a year, it's 3 years, it's 10 years.
Sorry, it never works.
Oh, you gotta have the vaccine.
Oh, sorry, there's other variants.
The vaccine doesn't work.
Sorry, it's over.
How would anyone commit their children to something this blasphemous and this evil?
And here's the deal.
They were supposed to have the whole internet shut down with independent media like us before they did this.
They weren't planning to launch this for a couple years.
They launched this early because they're behind schedules.
They thought they'd catch up by launching early.
Some future plans.
But all these different globalists know that everyone hates them now.
I mean, Bill Gates is the most hated man on Earth, then it's Klaus Schwab, then it's Macron, then it's the British Prime Minister that turned out to be a total traitor, Boris Johnson.
And everyone knows that's a thinker, a large part... Ladies and gentlemen, I was in a gas station today, and the woman behind the counter
About a 25-year-old Hispanic lady pulled her mask off and said, I listen to your show, and I want you to know everybody I know knows about the Great Reset, and we're ready for a real revolution.
And that's the thing.
If the globalists think they're going to have the CIA domestically come after citizens, as they're calling for on TV, and if they really think they're going to arrest half the country, you couldn't even conquer Afghanistan or Iraq!
Now you're going to conquer us?
You're crazy!
And so that's what this comes down to is people are awake now.
And they know what's going on and they're figuring it out very, very quickly.
And so just because the globalists see most people wearing masks and most people going along, those are sheeple.
They never counted, never will.
But when you talk about a good 20, 30% of people that get it now and don't comply and are pissed at you, you'll never get away with your plan now.
And so I remember, and I saw how weak they were, eight months ago.
You remember?
I said it so many times that the crew said to me, uh, I think you've said that enough.
And what did I say?
Thousands of times, probably.
Every segment, I said, for months.
Every segment, I said, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
Now they're saying 10 million extra people starved to death last year, instead of 15 million, it's 25 million.
That's 10 million dead people, mainly kids, starved to death because of the lockdown, not because of the virus.
So all you heroes that wear your mask, and all you heroes that, oh, take your vaccine, you're full of it!
You went along with the people that engineered this whole thing.
But here's the good news.
I'm not telling you that to remind you.
You say, oh yeah, he did say that ad nauseam.
I'm telling you that because as soon as we hammered that for months, the UN Global Envoy on COVID came out and said, millions have already died.
The public's pissed.
Stop the lockdowns in the third world because it's going to kill 100 million plus people next year, 200 million by the next year.
It'll cause a permanent collapse, could kill billions.
I've played the clip probably 20 times.
That was them covering their ass.
The UN ran it for the globalists.
They executed it.
They carried it out under Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, Club of Rome, Inheritance Group.
They're under Club of Rome.
That's the group that organized all the billionaires when they were really billionaires back in the 50s and 60s and 70s.
And so they now know, just like two Decembers ago, 13 months ago, remember?
They had an emergency meeting of the UN vaccine program with their head vaccination person at the WHO in
Geneva, Switzerland.
And they said vaccines don't work.
They're killing people.
It's causing autism.
There's a cover-up.
Doctors don't believe in it.
What are we going to do?
We've got to tell the world.
And that's when the higher-ups went, OK, the UN even knows.
OK, launch COVID.
Launch COVID.
And we'll have such a big, confusing thing.
And everybody's signing on to vaccines that don't work.
And people are dying.
And now hospitals are covering it up.
It's called corruption.
People think of corruption like happening by accident.
But if you watch that series, Rome, that was so good 15 years ago or whatever on HBO, and I got a chance to meet the producer of it, he's a patriot.
It's actually based on real letters and stuff that came out in Rome, where Caesar was corrupting people, and it wasn't that he even wanted them to take the money, he wanted them to be corrupt because it was known they took money, he could have them destroyed.
And so when they got hospitals, 50-something thousand dollars if they intubate somebody,
$13,000 if they say they have COVID.
And all the professionals went along with the PCR test, and went along with the corruption, and went along with 12,000 they killed in New York hospitals to get the numbers up.
And it was all incentives all over the world.
The globalists set this up through Big Pharma, because they're in all the countries.
Once they did this and had so many media corrupted, advertising agencies corrupted, doctors corrupted, once you had doctors,
Notice in New York, there's thousands of hospitals in New York State, but most of the deaths happen in five hospitals, over half, because that's where they had corrupt doctors killing people.
And so now they've had the whole medical system sign on to a fraud, the masks don't work, most of it's false positive, hardly anybody's dying from it, most of it's killed in the hospital by the doctors for the money with treatments written up by the UN to have it set that the WHO is the boss and the WHO is in charge.
And that was the goal, was it worked with autism.
Used to be 1 in 35,000 had it 30-something years ago, now it's 1 in 58 in America, 1 in 30-something in South Korea, the worst in the world.
The more you have vaccines, the higher your autism in boys.
It's a smaller blood-brain barrier.
Causes a big autoimmune response, number one cause of it.
And now you've got hundreds of millions of autistic boys worldwide, and the whole system got away with it, covered it up, paid out secret funds, suppressed the information, so now you just go and kill the old people!
And then sterilize the women!
And then it's all too big to fail because the whole system's going to cover it up!
And the insurance companies, for a year, have got to shut down all the hospitals and clinics for all the elective surgeries for your eyes, your knees, everything else, while you're still paying your full premium!
They stole trillions there!
And they bring in a whole world government and tracking systems and tracking apps and total control!
And legitimize themselves as saviors!
So then why are all these governments pulling out?
And why is Big Pharma pulling out?
Because they've looked at it and they know they're not going to get away with it.
Anybody listening to my voice can simply search into the term Davos Group, technocracy or technocrats.
You'll get Klaus Schwab and John Codd, Juncker and all the New World Order globalists like Xi Jinping saying,
That they no longer want elected leaders over governments.
That they want businessmen technocrats over them.
And that's who Klaus Schwab is.
You might want to look into the guy that says they watched the COVID-19 lockdowns to bankrupt you and make you poor.
You might want to find out who this supervillain is.
You see, he believes, because he's hidden it from playing you, and you're not speaking out against it, that he has a right to do it to you.
You might want to find out who he works for.
He works directly for Prince Charles.
He developed, since the 80s, the plan for global sustainability.
That means worldwide neo-feudalism, in his own words.
So you might want to find out how he talks about using vaccines to sterilize you, before you take those shots.
You might just want to find out who this villain is, alright?
Mountain Patriot in Colorado.
Thank you for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm just working as hard as I can.
We're in such a critical time, brother.
How are you?
I love you, man.
I want to make a quick plug.
That DNA Force, I love it.
I've been using it quite a while, and I just went, looked at the ingredients again the other day, and I see that it contains quercetin, which according to some published studies that Dr. Merkula has cited, is an ionophore similar to hydroxychloroquine.
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So thanks for the plug.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
The enemy is committed to their criminal depopulation operation.
They have actually launched it.
I tried to fight their system, expose it, hoping they would be sane and not do it.
They are not sane.
That's why they've done it.
I want to play part of this Tucker Carlson report, then we'll come back and get into the really big news, the geopolitical operations, the trial against the president, that I'm right at the center of, of course.
It's totally nightmarish.
That's all coming up.
But imagine this.
Tucker Carlson having to say, we're now under martial law.
Got several clips where he says it.
And said the government is now at war with its own people.
That's what this is.
They're cutting off the energy.
They're bankrupting the country.
This is a CHICOM takeover.
This is not your government.
Biden is not your president.
He didn't just steal the election.
He's a CHICOM agent.
Here's Tucker Carlson.
Maybe the single biggest mystery, when you take three steps back, is why Democrats became so vicious after they won.
So Joe Biden got the White House, his party took the Congress.
You'd think they'd be thrilled, that's what they wanted.
You'd think they'd be celebrating, but no, instead they started a purge.
Within hours, Democrats began crushing even the mildest dissent.
They shut down an entire social media company called Parler, not because Parler had done anything wrong, but simply because they couldn't control it.
They couldn't take the chance that somebody on Parler might criticize them, so they eliminated it.
Then two days ago, they arrested a man, threw him in handcuffs, brought him up on federal charges because he made fun of Hillary Clinton on Twitter.
That man is now facing 10 years in prison.
Democrats then declared war on their rival political party.
Not, by the way, a metaphorical war, but an actual one, with soldiers and paramilitary law enforcement and the world's most powerful intelligence agencies.
They denounced Republicans, even in fairly moderate establishment figures who pose really no conceivable threat to anyone.
They denounce them as dangerous terrorists.
They liken them to ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
And anyone who complained about this or fought back in any way was threatened with expulsion from Congress.
In other words, it doesn't matter what voters decided in November.
In the name of democracy, you can no longer serve in the Congress.
That's what they said.
Nor are dissents permitted in the federal bureaucracy.
No one who disagrees with our beliefs, Democrats have announced, can work in the U.S.
We're not overstating it.
That all actually happened.
You saw it.
Nothing like that has ever taken place in this country before.
This is the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history.
So the question is, what accounts for this?
Why are they doing it?
It's worth figuring that out.
On the most basic level, of course, it's a power grab.
We've said that from the first day, and it remains true.
The Democratic Party doesn't exist to serve some abstract principle, liberty or justice or the Bill of Rights, no.
Nor is its primary goal improving the lives of its voters.
If you've been to Detroit, you know that's true.
The Democratic Party exists to accumulate power.
All of it.
Some is never enough.
The impulse is to control everything.
So that's what they're trying to do now amidst the chaos and tumult.
But that's not all that's going on right now.
There's more.
Look around.
Watch as Democrats erect a permanent steel prison fence around the United States Capitol.
Why is that fence there?
Well, to protect the people inside.
To keep the public out of what we used to call the People's House.
That's happening tonight as we speak.
Then notice the thousands of armed soldiers and law enforcement agents stationed outside that fence.
What's their purpose?
Again, protecting the people inside.
Then ask yourself, why are House Democrats planning to use federal committee funds to pay for more personal security for themselves?
Why the renewed push to seize firearms from law-abiding Americans who've committed no crime?
Why does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem on the verge of tears as she describes how she was almost murdered on January 6th at the Capitol?
She's not entirely putting it on.
She seems to mean it.
If you're sensing a theme here, there is in fact a theme, and the theme is panic, fear, and it's real.
You are looking at leaders who are genuinely afraid.
And let's explain why.
All of them are on the Chinese Communist payroll.
AOC, Swallow's Well, Pelosi.
Dianne Feinstein.
So the Chinese are giving orders with big corporations that stole the election.
I mean, Trump won with a giant landslide.
And they know the military is really pissed at them.
That's why they had provocateurs breaking the Capitol to demonize our crowd, so they could then vet the military, which they're now going after.
And so that's all that's happened.
I mean, we literally have a green zone.
As Stuart Rhodes said in the studio yesterday, we have a green zone.
A communist Chinese green zone, like we had a green zone in Iraq, is D.C.
The Chinese now run our Capitol.
They don't run the country.
All right, we'll be right back.
This is where we are in 2021.
This is going to get crazier.
President Trump wanted a landslide on November 3rd, but the globalists weren't going to let that happen.
They had to have some way to repudiate the populist movement emanating from the United States that had spread across the world from the UK to Brazil.
They were desperate.
They admitted their own publications.
They didn't know what to do.
And so they put out 80 million fake ballots, violated state law.
And stole it better than Dallas.
And now they're coming after the President, they're coming after you, they're coming after me.
They're shutting everybody off the Internet, they're trying to totally censor us.
And that's why InfoWars is still in the fight, because we knew this was coming.
We told you this was coming, we were the first main target, and we're still on air at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and Band.video.
Without your word of mouth, without your prayer, without your financial support, we can't stay on air.
So while you still can, go to mfourastore.com and get storable foods and high quality products, supplements, you name it, at mfourastore.com.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
So, I've had federal agencies, I've had the New York Times and the Washington Post, I've had them all ask me, what do you mean by, I don't know how old this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
Does that mean violence, Mr. Jones?
Well, if I thought violence against this spiritual sickness was the answer, I'd have done it a long time ago.
The pen is mightier than the sword, as William Shakespeare once said.
What do you mean?
If you want to fight, you've got one.
Well, what do you think all this is?
What do you think we're doing here?
We're fighting your agenda of lies, and globalism, and pedophilia, and corruption.
And we're opposing you.
And we know what Hollywood stands for.
And we know who you are.
And we know your tricks.
We're getting smarter and stronger every day.
And now you've shown how weak you are going after free humanity.
And saying you want to arrest Ted Cruz because he wants to kill AOC.
I mean, just, it's crap!
After Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down many cities, burned down neighborhoods, shot cops, innocent people, they're going to give them a peace prize, they're saying, from the Nobel Peace Committee.
The Nobel Laureate Committee.
What a joke the Nobel Prize is.
I guess the guy that invented modern white powder.
So guilty he set this up, and then they gave Obama a Peace Prize.
I guess he started a bunch of wars.
How about you give Hitler a Peace Prize?
You know, they give Pulitzer Prizes now to every, the most horrible writers you can imagine.
They can barely even spell.
Because it's all part of rubbing our noses in it all.
What did I cover last hour?
You know, I've got hundreds of articles, dozens of clips.
They're all interesting.
They're all informative.
But I want to get back before I hit the upcoming impeachment trial of President Trump that I'm right at the center of, so I can give you some inside takes on.
Let's go back.
So they're now saying, oh, this senator that got two shots a month ago, supposed to be immune to COVID, he got COVID.
Well, yeah, of course you got sick, buddy.
You tested positive for COVID because the tests are fake.
Oh, well, now we got an anal swab that's more accurate.
They just want to get in your business and literally rape you with the vaccine.
And they're perverts and they want to get into your space.
And you know, China's the model.
Oh, the Chinese are doing it.
Oh, the WHO says, well, they've got the training videos on how we do it.
The TSA saying, if you want to fly, we're going to pull you out of line and take you in a room and a person's going to stick a swab up your butt.
This is not a joke.
You're like, well, why would they do that?
Because they want to humiliate you.
They want to dominate you.
They want to control you.
They want to make you submit.
And they know they can get a bunch of sheep under this giant Milgram experiment to do whatever they're told.
So these are real videos.
Get into a comfortable position.
This is what they're now showing.
You're going to submit to this.
Hold it in front of the ridge.
And then, oh, there you go.
And next is coming taser bracelets and taser collars to fly.
That's being announced.
I'm not joking.
Because you keep submitting.
And you think if you just submit, you've been training your whole life at Six Flags and Disney World to go through the lines, wear the bracelets, and you get to go have the fun.
No, you don't get fun once you put the bracelet on.
It's a dog collar.
So there's hundreds of articles, TV shows, all breathlessly
All breathlessly saying, oh, January 6th rally funded by top Trump donor, helped by Alex Jones, organizers say.
And it's word for word what I said day one.
Trump wanted to rally the 6th.
Nobody would step up with the money.
I stepped up.
Put $80-something thousand dollars down to try to secure the venues.
Park Service won't even let you authorize the permit unless you show you're going to have security and porta-potties and all the stuff.
And then a well-known donor heard I was doing it, contacted, and I was handing them over to big Republican fundraisers and to them.
And they tried to turn that into a big conspiracy that I was planning to try to do all of this so that we could storm the Capitol.
That ruined us wanting to have a million peaceful people there so Ted Cruz would get the votes to have an investigation of election fraud for 10 days.
That was not our goal.
Trump said be peaceful, so did I, so did Don Jr.
And the left is like, arrest Alex Jones, and oh, Jones is running scared.
I'm not running scared of anything.
I'm not cowardly trash like you.
I didn't sell out to the New World Order.
I'm freaked out for my country.
I would love to be in the Senate impeachment of Trump, but it's not going to be about the facts.
Any lawyer Trump tries to get into representing quits because of the death threats to their family.
I mean, you got Maxine Waters and you got Pelosi and all of them saying, burning stuff down is good, killing is good, people are patriots, Antifa is good, harass people in their houses, go to their homes.
You've got the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN saying, kill Trump.
Trump could go in there and just play an hour of that.
They're actual pundits.
Here's my defense.
You said kill everybody.
Here's where I said be peaceful.
Because the Capitol Police stood down.
Oh, and by the way, I forgot that article I covered yesterday on the Saturday Show.
The head of the new Capitol Police, she was a deputy, but she's now the head.
She came out and said, we stood down.
We knew the violence was coming, and for some reason, we were told to send half the police to do traffic control on the other side of town.
Yeah, you just heard me right.
The mayor of D.C.
controls the D.C.
And so, when 100,000 people before Trump even finished speaking showed up a mile and a half away at the Capitol, and a very select small group, commanded by Antifa, and some useful Q-idiot people, who thought they were there to storm the Capitol, part of the storm,
And a few people that were Boogaloos, a few people that were Proud Boys, a few people that were Oath Keepers, not officially under them, but I've studied this whole thing now, busted past less than 15 riot police.
And that was wrong to throw down those things and beat them up and to do that.
It was wrong, it was cowardly, it was stupid.
And then they broke in the rest of the people, maybe 200, followed them and walked between the velvet ropes.
And they're all being arrested as terrorists.
175 arrests now.
They're looking for like 25 more people.
I guess it was 200, that's exactly where it is.
But the ones that provocateured the break-in, well, they all evacuated themselves out once their job was done.
So you had very small numbers of people
Infiltrate all the major groups that were there so they could demonize those groups under Antifa command, up on the scaffold and yelling, attack, attack, take it at your capital.
But then the public saw that giant ocean of people who were told they were coming there to hear Trump.
That's more than a Super Bowl.
Way more than a Super Bowl.
And no crowd control, no nothing.
They don't know where to go.
They hear Trump's coming to speak.
Trump says, I'm going to be there.
We had a stage around the back.
But because no one was there and no police, the Secret Service knew Trump was planning to go there.
Why weren't there 500 Secret Service there?
Why weren't there 500?
Because they were all told not to.
And that's really the scandal.
That wherever the President of the United States goes, there's hundreds of Secret Service.
They knew he was going there.
Where were their advance teams?
There was no one there.
And I've got security that used to work for the Secret Service and used to work for the Pentagon.
They've been on all these details.
They said they've never seen anything like it.
So they just opened the door, knowing a crowd of hundreds of thousands is coming, probably a million there total.
I mean, it was just, everywhere in D.C.
was just people.
You look any direction when Trump's giving a speech, it was just, the hills were just full of people.
The Washington Monument, as far as you can see, every side road.
And then a few dozen break in past the cops, wave in people, maybe 200 follow, and then 99.9% are demonized, but the public sees that giant crowd thinking all of them attacked, they didn't attack.
So that's the reality of the setup, and now they've got the trial of Trump coming up in eight days.
You think I'll be called?
Absolutely not, because I tried to stop it.
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But they are the ones that are overriding every genetic system and poisoning the planet.
They are the ones that are now engaged in a genetic takeover of every human on Earth through the GMO crops.
And now they've moved on to their main target, humanity, with the mRNA vaccines, which are not vaccines.
They are recombinant DNA from aborted, cloned fetuses who are then inserted into your genome to take over your body's systems.
Go read the actual inserts for the mRNA vaccines and then remember you've been warned.
This is the equivalent of an alien takeover.
Whether it's interdimensional, whether it's little green men, the globals are acting like another species that's overtaking us and overriding us.
It's all the same in the end.
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I'm not being dramatic, but in the climate we're in with Parler and everything else getting shut down for no reason and they're trying to shut us down and saying shut us down and we're gonna have an impeachment of the president.
You don't think they want me on air while they're doing that while they say I'm guilty.
We need you to realize that they can take us off the internet.
We need your support.
We've still got radio and TV.
And a lot of those have internet feeds themselves.
They don't have the chutzpah right now to actually target radio stations and TV stations that pick us up, and a lot of them have giant online audiences on their own feed.
So if they take down InfoWars and take down Band.Video and take down PrisonPlanet.com and NewsWars, we'll still have our radio and TV satellite feeds that go out to stations around the country.
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I mean, most of them have feeds, but a few have really promoted feeds with us.
They're like, gosh, we've got more watching and listening to the feed than we have watching the local station or listening to the station.
I mean, I don't want to give away all the secrets here, but I mean, let's just say we got a lot of tentacles, we got a lot of hydra heads, and you cut one head off, you know what happens?
Two more grow back.
In its place.
And I guess we'll line up Harrison Smith.
He's ready to be fed into the meat grinder.
He's a Christian.
And so we got a few good men here.
We got some other folks lined up.
So we're on this mission.
We're not backing down.
We know we're right about all this.
We know there's no future until we defeat this.
But you should be supporting the local station.
You should be spreading the word about it.
And you should be finding all those alternative ways to listen to the backups of the show because
They are mercilessly hacking and attacking and DDoS attacks all our servers, our email, our systems, our shopping carts, just hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer.
And I just sit on there, blah, blah, blah, the bullets are flying by, beep, beep, beep.
So I'm not a drama queen, okay?
I mean, I actually, I don't enjoy this, but actually I do.
I didn't want it, but if I had to enjoy it, I'm going to enjoy it.
And so I'm super alive and I'm very blessed to be here and it's because you're praying for me and I can feel it, so please keep it up and I just appreciate you and thank you.
I told you they were going to steal the election from Trump.
I said he went on a landslide, they'd steal it.
And then I said they're going to internet kill switch online.
All the big tech companies are going to shut down.
All conservatives, including the president, said it 50 times.
We're good.
Because the enemy wants to act like they're the only game in town, so everybody forgets about TV that doesn't watch you.
You know, UHF, VHF, and AM and FM radio.
And so, AM radio was already obsolete in the 1980s, but because of censorship on TV, Roger Ailes was smart enough to go say, hey, let's put good stuff on AM and brought billions and billions of dollars of value back to it.
And so, people will listen to AM radio if they happen to get the truth.
We should be promoting AM stations to build small news teams, say, we're free, we're censorship-free, have their host, take calls, put it out over their own servers.
And that's the model.
And so, I told her why this was coming.
People were like, oh man, how are you handling it?
You just got taken off 60-plus platforms in one week.
And I said, I am the model of the future takeover operation.
They've done it in China.
They're going to do it here.
I would give it two to three years.
They're going to steal the election from Trump and do it.
I'm not an idiot.
I wasn't.
I wasn't.
Here's the thing.
I've been doing this so long.
I just know what they're going to do now.
I just know.
I mean, ask.
How do you know?
It's what's called wisdom.
It's called knowledge.
But as much knowledge as I have, I deferred my responsibility and my brain
On the 6th, and I went and let Trump and the Secret Service be in charge, and the Secret Service, whoever was in command of it, set us up.
And because I deferred to the President, and deferred, he sure, the President should be asking, why was there not Secret Service?
Why was there nobody at the Capitol?
Why did I say Jones leads a peaceful protest and already hundreds, because they set him up!
So as much as I know, I was expecting a mass shooting or a bombing that day to blame us.
They didn't have pipe bombs.
But instead they just provocateur the siege, got what they wanted, had their victory.
So as much as I know, I don't know.
But I do know about the enemy's big moves.
And I do understand it.
And so I'm telling you, AM and FM stations and UHF and VHF are the future.
If they just act like it, stop being robots, put real people on, talk about we're pro-America, we're pro-free speech, get all the local sponsors, organize people against the lockdowns, and you will be the new leaders of your town.
We need leadership, and we need it now!
I'm waiting for you!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Webster's Dictionary has a very simple definition of terrorism.
Other dictionaries have similar ones.
Terrorism is the threat of force, or actually carrying out force, for a political or financial reason.
It's basically scaring the hell out of people until you submit to them.
That's exactly what all this overblown COVID-19 garbage is.
You see the headlines from CNN, ABC News.
Doctors say it's worse than they ever thought.
COVID more devastating than you'd ever imagine.
They told us that two and a half million people would be dead just eight months ago, within three months.
It's a quarter million if you count all of the people that died of other things.
We're talking 96% had comorbidity.
These are real numbers.
These are real facts.
This is the chicken little event where we all run in our houses, never come out, and are taught we're not essential.
All the big box stores and Amazon take over the planet.
Rebuke it.
Stand up against it.
This is slavery.
It is not something you can put up with and survive.
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The post-industrial world.
That's what George Herbert Walker Bush signed on to at the Rio de Janeiro Agenda 21 conference back in 1992.
Now they've launched Agenda 2030, which is a post-industrial world.
Klaus Schwab, the Davos Group, Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, they're all on record saying the Great Reset is Agenda 2030.
Well, you might want to find out what Agenda 2030 is.
It is the destruction of society as we know it.
It is making the population poor by design so we can be controlled with a medical technocracy over you and your family.
They're destroying civilization, rebuilding it, and they're dystopic.
We are fighting this at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
We are fighting for a pro-human future and we need you to get the facts, to research it and share it with others and join the fight.
God bless you.
Visit us, spread the word at Infowars.com.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You can face it!
I understand powerful men.
Most of them never do anything in their lives because they're ashamed of their power.
They don't want to force their way to the front.
They're humble.
They love their family.
They love their friends.
They love their community.
And so they defer to others.
You can't do that.
You belong in charge.
You belong in charge of your life, your family, your destiny.
And if you don't take control, this evil corrupt system that's laughing at us will.
I call on men to start acting like men.
I call on men to follow the basic code God wrote on your soul.
And to stop following what fallen men have put out.
Because they're not following God, they are following the fallen one.
You know, I didn't just have all these articles and all these video clips as props.
But quite frankly, I should probably just sit here for two hours tonight and say the same thing over and over again.
The biggest pharmaceutical company in the world and two major governments have said the vaccines don't work and they're dangerous, don't take them.
Two major governments and the largest vaccine maker in the world have said vaccines don't work and they're dangerous, don't take them.
See, there's so much chatter, thousands of channels of BS, that when the actual reality is going on, it's like just a fart in the wind.
Of course there isn't a vaccine for the common cold, because there's a hundred million variants of it!
And if you're not run down, you can't get sick from it!
It's the wimpiest virus on the planet!
And that's why there's 96% false positives because you're swimming in it.
Remember the Tanzanian president?
He's a big inventor and scientist.
What did he do 10 months ago?
He noticed that they were having 98% with a UN positive on the Tanzanian population, a UN program.
He said, send them in a Petri dish, papaya juice.
And they also sent a bunch of other animals, blood.
Type it in, Tanzanian president, what was it?
It was a goat?
It was a papaya in the headline.
It was like 12, 13 things he sent them.
And every damn one came back positive.
But see, they already had that planned.
Oh, you don't like our fake test for this?
Now we're gonna stick a swab up your rear end.
President queries Tanzanian coronavirus kids after goat test.
Yeah, Royers.
Oh yeah, the goat's got it!
My baby, she's got it!
What else are we gonna do?
Uh, we're gonna give it to, uh... Like hummingbirds?
Are they gonna wear a little mask?
How about aardvarks?
Where's their mask?
We all are exchanging with each other.
And if you're not super run down and diseased, you can't even get one of these weird diseases.
They don't want you to know that.
So, so, that's all I'm saying is, should your dog be wearing a mask?
And again, the average American has been taught to be a weird follower, so they love the virgins thing.
Getting into staying home and watching Netflix, getting into wearing the mask, getting into getting all upset about it.
But it's the agenda behind it.
So I'm done talking about that.
But it's important.
You might want to tell people.
And it's a very positive sign.
So let's, in the last 15 minutes, actually go over some of these stacks of news.
Here, let's start right here.
Politico claims Biden hiding from media and the public is part of a strategy to restore confidence in the White House because if a president leads and is seen a lot, it's narcissistic.
Let me tell you, the average leftist follows Frederick Nietzsche that believes those that do not stand up and dominate deserve to be destroyed.
It's like a psychotic, social Darwinistic view.
So they're always telling you that if you think you're good and you want to help people, you're mentally ill.
Burn in hell, Satanist!
See, we're not like you that want to hurt everybody like the guy
In the famous novel, There Will Be Blood, or made out of a famous novel into a movie, where he says, I hate other people doing well.
I want to kill everybody.
See, that's not how the rest of us are, Bubba Boy.
See what America is?
All this prosperity and stuff?
That's what we like, is the lake full of boats, with happy families, eating cheeseburgers, dumbass!
That's who we are!
We don't want to lock everybody in their houses and make them poor like you so you're better than somebody.
You're so low, you project the hatred of yourself, you project the shadow onto us.
Burn in hell, Frederick Nietzsche and Joe Biden and the rest of you Satanists.
You'll all end up in mental institutions anyways.
We'll end up surrounded by our great-grandchildren in Valhalla.
Now let's continue.
That's just one article about that sales.
Let's look at this one.
Tucker Carlson reports DOJ hired ex-business partner, the lawyer of Hunter Biden's criminal defense lawyer for the Chinese spy investigation in the Southern District of New York.
Let's move along right over to here.
Twitter suspends Christian group for accurately describing Biden's transgendered health official for being a biological male.
Yeah, you talk about an inversion of, you talk about antichrist, men posing as the goddess.
I mean, if a guy wants to do that, that's his issue, but the worshipping of men as women, and saying men will have women's sports, and men will go into women's sanctuaries, is the most satanic thing there is, and is at the heart of these satanic cults.
That's a ritual right there.
They want to defile the engine of human power!
The woman!
Let's continue!
Oh, but it's okay if they censor, but then it's a big national news story.
Religious books seized and burned in Communist China!
Believers given jail terms!
Well, I mean, why not?
Oh, there's so many of these.
Oh my goodness.
What should we get to next?
How'd he know?
Pelosi's husband makes huge Tesla buy right before Biden announces green vehicle policy.
Oh, but that's not insider trading.
And it goes on and on and on.
Los Angeles City Councilors each employ between 22 and 36 aides, some making up to $100,000 a day.
But they are essential.
You are not!
And then meanwhile, pull up that Republican congressman, please, he's in the clips, saying, oh, Republicans need to just accept the election.
Really, the Democrats said, no matter what happens, we're not going to accept Trump.
We'll have a secession.
We'll do all of this.
There's a red wave, and it'll look like he wins the first day, but don't worry, Biden's going to win, because they're going to stuff the ballot boxes.
And they did it!
And now the number one thing they don't want is for you to question that.
That's the new litmus test.
Oh, you don't question HR1 that cements this fraud.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with it.
But Gateway Pundit's still on their trail, even though you're not supposed to be.
That's terrorist.
Didn't you hear?
I mean, we need the CIA to interdict the bad Trump terrorist.
Oh, they don't accept Biden.
And what's that?
Oh, that's an act of terrorism.
Okay, I thought it was being American.
Maricopa County preventing valid auto 2020 election results.
And now media claims state law prevents the county from handing ballots over to the auditor, even though a court did.
Oh, that's right.
Canada joins New Zealand in shutting down virtually all air traffic indefinitely, and to and from countries, all just an exercise in total martial law.
But Bill Gates is sad.
He says he doesn't want a forced vaccine.
He doesn't want COVID passports.
He doesn't want a digital passport.
He doesn't want microchips inside the chips.
He just funds all the groups.
MIT two years ago.
Oh, Bill Gates funds us for these liquid microchips.
Here's a video of it.
Rice University in Texas.
Oh yeah!
The professor, oh Bill Gates funds this whole wing.
He wants stuff inside the microchips, inside the vaccines to make sure you've taken them.
Bill Gates is our boss, he wants microchips in you.
But now Bill Gates is sad.
He's wearing a blue sweater, not a pink one.
He's like, I'm nice, please just take the shot.
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God bless and good luck.
The Pope came out yesterday and announced a global government corporate alliance to redistribute wealth and create a planetary universal income, which of course the United Nations and global corporations will control through the apps on your phone and finally a chip under your skin.
It's all now completely official.
Part of the UN Great Reset of the Davos Group.
And Klaus Schwab, all officially written about in hundreds of books by Schwab and Rockefeller Foundation, all the rest of them.
Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, it's here.
And only gets worse, like being fed into a wood chipper, or a meat grinder, until you reject it all.
And the rejection starts with realizing it's a spiritual battle, good versus evil, and stopping abortion.
We must start valuing human life again.
We must start saying that we are not expendable, that we are not disposable, that we are essential.
Until we do that, we are all slaves.
We must stand up and declare our basic God-given human rights now.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back, final segment before Owen Troyer takes over for two hours with Sunday Live, your phone calls and a lot more.
Owen coming in, two hours on local radio stations, TV stations picking it up.
If your station isn't picking it up, you should ask them to.
It's a great live Sunday broadcast.
And of course, the streams at band.video and infowars.com.
So, GOP Senator, Trump supporters have to acknowledge that the election was lost.
It doesn't matter if there's all the fraud.
It doesn't matter if six states pass consent agreements without state law to accept the fake ballots and not have signatures or addresses on them.
None of that matters.
All the video of the suitcases pulled out when they were closed, feeding them into machines with a spike for Biden.
No, there is no fraud.
Biden is the most popular man in history, even though he can't talk.
So here he is, Senator Rob Portman, with Republicans like this, who needs Democrats.
Which is that there was not adequate irregularities or fraud, not widespread enough to change the result of the election.
That's my view.
It's the view, by the way, of the Trump Department, of the Trump Justice Department.
Oh, the Justice Department!
Oh, wow!
And so I think we need to be very clear with the American people.
Those who voted for Donald Trump and I, you know, was a Trump supporter and I think his policies were better for the country and better for my state.
We have to acknowledge that this election was lost and we have to move on and Joe Biden is now the duly elected president of the United States.
So if the argument is not going to be made on issues like constitutionality, which are real issues and need to be addressed, I think it will not benefit the president.
I mean, Trump should go in there and do whatever he wants.
The impeachment is political, so they're scared he's going to get political.
But he should make the lion's share about he didn't incite, show how Democrats incite everywhere, show videos of that and show what he said, that destroys them.
Then he goes on and exposes, does whatever he wants.
So I think it should be basically both views.
I posted an article by Norm Pattis that basically says, just defeat the impeachment article.
That's what this is about.
You should do both.
This is a political function 100% up one side and down the other.
Now again, ladies and gentlemen, governments want power over corporations.
They want to be able to shut them down whenever they want.
Big banks want power over corporations.
This is a consolidation of corporations.
And when you get Kevin Trudeau,
It's another Trudeau.
When you get the sitting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the other guy is an infomercial guy.
When you get Justin Trudeau running around saying no air traffic in or out of Canada, remember they're still bringing in the illegal aliens.
They're still flying in from China.
He still wants open borders.
They're just selectively saying who can and can't come into the country.
And Joe Biden's doing the same thing.
He's saying, we're going to open the borders, freeze deportation, no testing on the border, but you've got to get an anal swab just as soon as you can get that set up.
It's absolutely insane.
But that's how these people are operating.
It's where they come from.
But if you really want to defeat these people, it just comes down to something I framed out there in the hall.
I read this quote one time on air, probably 10 years ago or longer, and a listener mailed me this nice frame.
And that really is true.
All of us are not perfect.
All of us have sinned.
All of us
We need to recognize the good of God in the universe and that we can resonate with that and choose that because this is a spiritual battle at the end of the day.
That's 110% what it is.
I have a few final news articles I want to hit ahead of Owen taking over.
I want to talk about GameStop, GameStop and more.
We've got a reporter on the ground to cover the demonstrations of Reoccupy Wall Street tomorrow.
But here's a few minutes from children's TV in 2010.
Showing to school children in the UK about the future that matches with Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset and how it sounds totally dystopian to you, but to children, they're being taught what the future is 10 years ago and now they're phasing it in now.
And by 2030, you can only leave your house when a smartphone says you're allowed to.
It's the Global Social Credit Score.
Here it is.
For and for the future.
Sustainable World.
We all live in megacities in the future.
And in the future, the computers will tell you what you buy, what you do, and where you go.
One of four possible scenarios.
It goes on to say the UN will run it, and the UN will decide what job you have, what you do, and everything else.
Everything's robot cars.
Climate challenge.
City signs agreement.
Floating cities approve.
Global Food Council Rations Water.
Welcome to Planopolis.
Oh, here it is.
Everything looks the same.
Box cities.
Oh, hi.
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm Vee.
I'm looking forward to showing you around Planopolis today.
My husband works from home.
He's a virtual engineer working on one of the city's desalination plants.
He controls the robots who do all the important maintenance.
See, robots do everything.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp.
the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
They've allotted you... Switch off brain and go to work.
Switch off brain?
I'm glad there's a mega computer in charge.
We're so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice so I can drop them off on the way.
Saves on our calorie ration.
Oh, she's the woman.
She's in charge.
Little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard.
Yeah, they tell you what you're gonna be.
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
What's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
I think it's probably easiest to walk from here.
You barely see a car in the city center nowadays, unless you're rich.
Look, Mom.
Oh, the state knows.
They just aren't practical anymore.
We're all trying to meet our global carbon deal.
Electric bikes are so much better for getting around our neighborhood.
Global carbon deal?
Why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food?
I don't care what you say, Alex.
They don't deserve to live in that ghetto.
They are completely disconnected.
No high-speed transport system.
No new internet.
They miss out on jobs.
So again, people that don't go along with this, they live in ghettos.
Surrounded like Jews in Nazi Germany.
I mean, this is a real show.
This is not against it.
This is put out by the You and the Debo script.
10 years ago for children.
I guess 11 years ago now.
And notice, Klaus Schwab just announced, you will eat bugs, and you will not be in contact with other humans.
So it's total dystopia by design and there's hours of this shown to school children.
But remember, you didn't grow up like this.
You're like, my God, this is a dystopic Twilight Zone movie.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is the reality.
Go outside.
You see it now.
And so again.
Everyone has to say no to this carrot-and-stick thing where, oh, do what we want, we'll let you have a little fun.
But over time, you lose everything.
This is a revolution against our freedom, a revolution against humanity, and it's absolutely disgusting.
And so, that's why we have to say no.
Open up a relationship with God.
The Communist Party China said no one is allowed to worship anything but the Communist Chinese Party.
That was an announcement yesterday.
They want the state worshipped.
But these aren't gods.
This isn't a real god.
You don't get choice.
You get to die.
You're post-human.
So you get to be comfortable while they phase you out, while you hand your children over to them, and they finally give you a euthanasia pill at 75.
That's what the author of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel, says.
Everyone should be executed at 75.
Read what they say.
Read what they do.
You want these psychos running things?
They're running the Great Reset.
And I'll just end with how I started before Owen takes over.
Ladies and gentlemen, why is France announcing the vaccine doesn't work and stopping it?
Why did Australia?
Why is Merck pulling back?
Because they know this crime is so big, they want to let other companies take the blame for the takeover.
This is end-of-the-world-level stuff.
This is so evil.
This is so out of control.
This is martial law.
This is tyranny.
This is the end of freedom.
So value your freedom.
Say no to it.
You're going to resist at one point.
But will it be when there are combat robots on every street and no one even knows how to grow food anymore?
You've got to realize how serious this is.
You've got to get involved in the information war and make it your main job to magnify institutions and outlets that are committed to a pro-human future and aren't backing down.
InfoWars is the tip of that spear.
The local stations we've got.
The local radio stations.
Tell folks about them now!
And take the live feed of this show and share it and say, tune in right now!
Learn what's happening!
Learn what's going on!
Fight back!
This is martial law with the cover of a virus!
It's here!
The wheels are already coming off this thing.
The Bible says the Antichrist has power for one year.
Is it 10 years off?
20 a year?
I don't know.
But this is real.
Get your soul right.
The struggle is empowering.
Submission is spiritual death and physical death.
Alright, Sunday Live coming up with Owen Schroer on the other side in two minutes, two minutes!
Tune in and share those links!
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Hey Alex, how you doing man?
Is this the guy that called in about Living Defense?
Yes sir, yes sir.
I've been trying to get a hold of you since Monday when I heard you got that fresh shipment of Living Defense in from Utah.
I said man, I gotta get on that show and give him an update.
I said if I ever get a chance to be on Alex Jones Show, I'm gonna tell the world about Living Defense and what it did for me personally.
Now look, I'm 64 years old going on 20 thanks to this.
So it's like God working is so amazing.
We didn't know, we didn't screen your call, we had no idea, and I go to you a year later and you're here telling people about Living Defense.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!