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Name: 20210129_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 29, 2021
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The speaker discusses Wall Street's exploitation of small investors and the "too big to fail" laws. He highlights how the Wall Street Bets community has banded together to support certain stocks such as GameStop, describing this movement as a socioeconomic uprising against hedge funds and traditional financial structures. The speaker criticizes Robinhood's limitations on trading certain stocks like GameStop and AMC, viewing it as an attempt to protect hedge fund billionaires losing money. He also addresses predatory short selling as the basis of modern stock markets and highlights the reversal of roles in the case of GameStop. Furthermore, he discusses the potential impact of people realizing manipulation in the silver market, which could bankrupt major financial institutions. The speaker concludes by stating that awareness of these scams will bring down globalist elites and encourages non-violent resistance against the Great Reset through investing in stocks and spreading truth about COVID-19's role in manipulating markets.

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Ladies and gentlemen, there is a literal silver bullet to slay the globalist werewolf, the globalist gargoyle.
I'm about to lay out the silver bullet.
If you think GameStop has brought the corrupt Wall Street hyenas to their knees, wait until you hear about this.
Wall Street screws over the little guy routinely on a daily basis, on a daily basis, and then when they screw up big time, guess what?
We're too big to fail, and the little guy bails them out.
We've seen it happen again and again, and it's maddening.
We are seeing a phenomenon that I have never seen.
And that is the phenomena of the Wall Street bets people.
And they have ganged up, and arguably it's allowed by free speech purposes, to center on a few stocks.
GameStop, right now, an astounding 144% of GameStop shares have been sold short.
That's far more than there is!
That's not right!
Shares can't be borrowed.
When you can't find shares to borrow, your broker will close out your short position, which is how something like GameStop could tack on 27% today.
The thing is, this is not a regular short squeeze.
We have a ton of enthusiastic young buyers in this market.
They love to get behind stocks and float all the social media sites with recommendations.
There are a lot of tears being felt throughout the business that you made your living in.
And I'm curious to get your reaction to this notion of this uprising, a revolt, if you will, against the hedge fund community.
Why did a $12 billion hedge fund implode basically overnight?
Because a lot of people saw that 130% you know, of all shares, we're in a short position.
We have that kind of leverage and reckless investing from hedge funds, and people see that
and take advantage of that.
That's what the free market is.
All of this nonsense, all of this noise, all of this whining by Wall Street, it's making me sick.
140% of GameStop was short.
I didn't hear one person on TV complaining about Wall Street trying to crush GameStop!
140% short!
I told my subscribers, buy this stock, and they made a fortune!
So they created an environment of free money...
We have no commissions anymore because of Robin Hood.
We have an administration that is spending money like drunken sailors.
Because of the power of the internet, it just shows you, it levels the playing field, it really does.
And it can really cause massive pain for the traditional financial structure where they think they have the access to all the information, the monopoly on how trading goes.
Look what happens when it gets reversed.
It can get very ugly, very fast.
I understand what's going on in the market.
This is not going to end well when it ends.
And the bigger question is when does it end?
I don't think it ends soon, but I think it will end, and it will end very badly for the public.
This isn't just a traditional kind of pump and dump, which I feel like a lot of people on your network are characterizing it as.
I think it's a much broader socioeconomic movement.
And a lot of these traders on Wall Street bets, quite frankly, don't care whether or not they make or lose money.
There are frankly, as you know, a lot of angry customers out there and a lot of questions about what took place and the decisions that you made to limit so many of your customers' ability to buy stocks like GameStop.
Questions about whether you have a liquidity problem, whether you're trying to protect them from themselves, whether Citadel did this.
Explain what happened today.
Hedge funds are getting smoked.
Billionaires are getting smoked.
So we're no longer going to let you trade on certain stocks.
We're just shutting it off.
You can't buy those stocks anymore.
You can only sell them.
We are going to crash those stocks so all our hedge fund billionaire friends can get out.
We made the decision in the morning to limit the buying of about 13 securities on our platform.
stories in the history in plain sight.
So, it was a difficult decision, and that's what we had to do as part of normal operations.
You can't allow Wall Street to short 75% of a stock, and nobody says anything, crush these companies into the dirt, and then when the individual investor makes money, everyone's up in arms.
Oh, they're going to lose their shirt?
Don't you think people are trading?
If it traded 80 billion shares a day, People are ringing the register.
I have a kid who bought a house.
He made $50,000 and bought a house.
The reason the market is doing what it's doing is people are sitting at home getting checks from the government, and this fair share is a bullshit concept.
It's just a way of attacking wealthy people, and I think it's inappropriate.
We're all going to work together and pull together.
If you go back to what happened in 1929, it was something similar, but the banks cut off credit for 10 years to consolidate power and to take control of most of the land.
and businesses in the United States.
So since stock markets got invented in England over 500 years ago,
this has been a routine scam run by the elites to consolidate power and control.
That's how the Rothschilds in 1815 bought up 98% of the stock market on pennies on the pound
because they were able to get messenger pigeons back to fast corvette boats
that went across the English Channel from Europe say that Lord Wellington had lost to Napoleon at the Battle
of Waterloo.
Of course, we all know that that was Napoleon's Waterloo he really lost.
But by the Rothschilds putting it out that Lord Wellington had lost the stock market plunge they were able to consolidate control.
So what we're seeing with GameStop AMC and eight other stocks that these predatory hedge funds have been short selling and targeting is the reversal of the roles and that's why They're so upset.
That's why big tech has joined in along with this Robinhood trading platform and these other hedge funds to try to stop trading yesterday.
Now that is insider trading.
That's illegal.
So now there's criminal investigations of that.
There's also criminal investigations of who supposedly had the first idea to prop up this brick and mortar stock.
So yes, stock markets have always had a casino aspect to them.
But in the 500 plus years of stock markets that started in England, They've gotten more and more and more corrupt, and so you've got valuations of companies 100 to 1, 200 to 1, what their actual earnings are.
But GameStop scares the system for a much bigger reason.
It is a relatively small stock, and it's already caused tens of billions of dollars of loss by these hedge funds that were planning to bankrupt it.
If the people on Reddit and on Facebook and across the world ever realize what's happening with silver, and they are realizing it, it's game over for the globalists.
They are trading hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times, usually it's about 200 times the amount of paper silver that there actually is real silver in the world, and they use that to manipulate the price and hold it down anytime it starts going up.
Because then they can dump limited amounts of their paper silver, and it creates the illusion that silver actually doesn't have value, when really silver is hundreds of times more valued than what it really is.
You understand?
It's a real, tangible commodity that's used in construction, that's used in electronics, that's used in microchips.
It's been valued for over 6,000 years.
Same thing with gold.
So, Max Keiser came on my show 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago.
I'm gonna try to get him on next week.
And he hammered the point.
That if people simply start demanding physical delivery of silver in the market with their trades, that it will bankrupt JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, all of them will go down because the amount that they're leveraged against silver is again hundreds and hundreds of times bigger conservatively what GameStop is.
Now, even if the public starts trying to prop up these 10 stocks, not just GameStop and not just AMC, it's game over as well for the globalists.
So it shows they think they're masters of the universe, but they're just these little men behind the curtains.
And as soon as people are aware of the scam of the private Federal Reserve, As soon as they're aware of the scam of the Davos Group and Klaus Schwab, as soon as they're aware of the scams of the Great Reset and Operation Lockstep and Event 201 of the Rockefellers and Bill Gates, it's over, ladies and gentlemen!
They literally have set up these scams.
They admit that this Operation Lockstep, now known as the Great Reset
and Build Back Better, is meant to collapse the entire organic main street and
small town and middle class economies and vertically integrate all of those trillions of dollars
of wealth into the big mega banks that control big tech. That's why big tech has basically
doubled its profits last year under That's why the lockdown is permanent, because they're forcing the old economy to die and forcing onto their new economy to consolidate power.
And then they use the excuse of, well, it's for the environment.
So that's why we've cut the energy off.
That's why we're shutting down the pipelines.
That's why we're shutting down the travel, because it's good for the earth.
No, it's good for them to consolidate and bankrupt society into consolidation.
This is just a high tech model of what was done in 1929 in the global crash.
Again, Silver is the number one target to bring down these criminals and to expose the fact that the whole system is a fraud.
Because they are leveraging 100, 200, 300, sometimes 400 or 500 times more silver paper in the market to suppress the value of silver, to basically short it, and then make billions and billions of dollars every month doing it.
So if that gets exposed, that they're engaged in basically fractional reserve banking manipulation of silver, it's game over.
This is the Achilles heel.
It's the soft underbelly.
It is the kill shot.
It is the target politically to expose these criminals.
Stop projecting your goodness onto the globalists and onto the top firms in Wall Street.
They are predatory.
Wall Street in general is great.
Stocks are wonderful to promote products and great companies.
But the top is predatory.
It's been predatory for a long time.
And it's seeking to break the social contract and consolidate power where there are no little guys anymore.
Well, it's time for us, the little guys, the little pusions, to get together and to stand up and say no to this.
It is the big banks, it is Wall Street that own big tech, and they are the ones running the Great Reset.
This is modern economic warfare against you and your family.
And so, all's fair in love and war, this is a peaceful, non-violent way to fight back.
I suggest silver and the other 8 big stocks they've been shorting.
Everybody should now get involved.
I have never traded stock online.
I've studied it.
I know how it works.
But I've stayed out of it because it's so corrupt.
But now at this point, as a weapon, I myself am going to get into the stock market today to fight back against these monsters and try to prop up brick and mortar The globalists don't want you to know how things work.
know that we're not going to let them impoverish us and bring us into Agenda 2030 and their
Great Reset.
We are going to build back better by defeating them with our Great Reset against their Great
That is what this is.
This is the real Great Awakening and all of you are part of it.
The globalists don't want you to know how things work.
They don't want you to study how the world really operates because the insiders can only
have power and control, they're like a magician and you're unaware of the rabbit trick.
You're unaware of the secret compartment at the table where he puts the hat down, reaches
down, opens up the compartment and the hat in the table and pulls out the rabbit beneath.
If you're a child it seems like magic, but if you don't know how it works, then it's
all a giant fraud.
Like anybody can go look up and find out that Bill Gates and Fauci were funding coronavirus,
COVID-19, Chimera, Dana Function stuff at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
It was in all the big publications.
And when it came out that it was so dangerous, they moved it to Wuhan.
And then it got leaked out of Wuhan.
That's all a fact.
But, oh, Bill Gates goes on TV and says, that's a conspiracy theory, hoping you don't go look up Newsweek and the Journal of Science and the Journal of Nature and just everything else.
Before this ever happened, they warned that it was dangerous and that Fauci was doing it.
And so it's the same thing.
If you have a knowledge of how these scams work, you can protect yourself.
Now, I don't ever give financial advice, and I'm not a financial advisor.
I told you, I've never invested in the stock market.
This is a populist movement against the worst elements of Wall Street, these big out-of-control hedge funds.
And so that's what I'm personally doing, and I think a lot of other people should do it.
But don't do it with money you can't lose.
That's what I've personally done to myself.
And I wouldn't do it with large amounts of money.
I'm personally interested in small amounts of money, just so I can be populist.
Just like I'll talk to somebody in the lobby of this hotel and say, hey, the masks are a fraud.
They don't protect you.
COVID's a fraud.
It's all a giant power grab.
They're counting all the deaths from other diseases.
Because I don't just talk on the radio.
I talk in the third dimension.
I talk on the streets.
So this is a real populist movement.
It's got the system scared.
Like I said, the silver thing is their Achilles heel.
It's the silver bullet.
And so that's what I'm doing.
Alright, I'll see you all live on the radio.
Owen Schroyer is hosting the rest of the show today, but then I'll be back with a special Saturday show tomorrow that's going to air at 4 p.m.
and the regular Sunday show at 4 p.m.
as well.
The only way the word gets out is you spreading the word about Band-Odd Video and InfoWars.com forward slash show.
You've been doing it.
Millions of visitors a day.
We're getting past the electronic Berlin Wall.
We're getting past the censors.
And it's all because of you.
So this is really, again, a populist team effort.
So wherever you are in the world, no matter what color you are, your religion doesn't matter.
If you love freedom, we're in this together.
So God bless, good luck, and please take action.