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Name: 20210128_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 28, 2021
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Build Back Better.
That is the official Davos Group slash UN slogan for collapsing the world economy, turning it off, and then forcing you on to the new green economy.
That is going to be a particular focus of the Build Back Better agenda.
Klaus Schwab has made many statements.
He's written a book saying that, oh, COVID-19 is not really a threat.
We're using it as a pretext to bring in the new economy that they own and they control.
They claim it's for the environment.
No, it's about consolidating control, starving the third world, and then flooding the first world with those giant migrant waves that are already surging.
You can't have a XL pipeline job, Keystone pipeline job, you can't have a oil field job, you can't have an actual gas job, you can't have a coal job, you can't have any job basically that's involved with fossil fuels because we're banning that.
And India, they're not banning it.
They're all open for business.
So is Mexico.
They're not signing on to the climate accords.
They're not cutting any of their industrial output.
Only Europe, only the U.S., only Canada, only Australia and New Zealand.
This is literally a tax on the first world, the globalists have invested in China and the third world, and then all the jobs move there.
That's why when Trump came in and took the restrictions off, it's like it turned the economy back on like flipping a light switch.
So there he is saying, build back better, and, oh, I'm sorry, why don't you go get a job building solar panels or being a technician on them?
Those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels.
If we know anything about that, it's very regulated, very, very controlled on who gets that money.
It's another boondoggle giving hundreds of billions of dollars to select globalist corporations and, of course, Communist China.
It is fossil fuel that decentralizes power.
Take electric cars.
They're built of fossil fuel.
They're mainly plastic.
And then you have these big power plants that are either natural gas, hydroelectric, or coal that then have to transfer the power down the power lines.
So when you see on the side of these that has zero emissions, that's a lot.
On average, an electric car running off of power from a power plant uses more fossil fuels
Thank you!
Windmills that they spent tens of billions of dollars on, that Boone Pickens was involved in the scam, up to 90% of the energy is lost by the time it hits Austin, Texas, its main stomp to be distributed across the state.
90% of the power is lost.
Do you understand what I just said?
90% of the power is lost.
Am I for solar and new technology?
If it's in your backyard,
If it's on your house, if it isn't hooked into the grid, but all the rest of it is a boondoggle and a scam.
But here is this monster telling Americans, oh, basically learn to code.
Hey, go build some solar panels.
Oh, yeah, right.
It's incredible.
The truth is, it's like a science fiction movie.
They say that Bill Gates has been secretly terraforming the earth for over 20 years.
They now declassified it last year.
Five years ago, the CIA director admitted to a lot of it.
And they say they're blocking sunlight to create a new ice age.
But they actually study the Earth's history from ice cores and mud samples that they've done.
Look this up.
There used to be much higher carbon dioxide and much higher oxygen on Earth.
Now they're just barely traces.
And they think that humans and other animals and plants have just basically evolved to deal with it.
But that's why dinosaurs used to be so big, trees used to grow so much bigger, so much healthier, was because it was a lot more carbon dioxide and a lot more oxygen.
That's why all of Africa used to be green.
The reason the Sahara Desert is expanding, scientists know this, is because of lower carbon dioxide.
So it's crazy that just about 140 years ago, the Rockefellers discovered oil.
Well, they first found it in Germany, but they learned how to exploit it.
You know, give them their credit.
And then suddenly they terraform all of this locked up carbon that the earth had produced back when we had more carbon.
Now it's locked up in the earth.
They bring it up and the earth starts re-greening.
That's been confirmed.
So it's crazy.
They're trying to terraform artificially by adding aluminum dioxide and barium salts to jet fuel to create nuclei and cause these artificial clouds to block solar radiation.
But meanwhile our own discovery of oil
We're good to go.
That's right.
That are for me.
I think of everybody, and I think about the reality of what's going on, but you talk about coal-blooded folks cutting off our coal, cutting off our oil, not having any new leases given out for oil drilling.
This is insane.
On over 60% of the U.S.
soil, we can't compete like this.
We're not open for business.
And so, remember, Build Back Better is about bankrupting the economy, saying you're not essential, shutting down small businesses.
So if we're going to put up with shutting down coal and oil, well, you're not essential too.
And that's what these big megacorporations, the big banks, the big financiers he talks about in the clips that are going to save us.
And, you know, he's also up there explaining how, oh, it actually creates a real economy to do this.
All of this is a lie.
If you actually read what the globalists say, they want to make you poor, they want to control you.
So that is the reality.
You cannot debate the facts.
Look them up yourself.
That is the real science.
They just hope you don't look at the science and go, oh, I'm against those big oil companies.
The big oil companies are all funding the carbon tax right now.
It's about global government.
They don't even care about resources anymore.
It's about control of you and micromanaging every aspect of your life.
And that's why they're censoring people that question the carbon taxes.
They're censoring people that question COVID as an overblown hoax.
They're censoring folks that question election fraud.
Even if I'm wrong about election fraud, which I'm not.
Or the carbon tax being a fraud.
Or the COVID vaccine not working and being dangerous.
I have a right to say that, don't I?
But oh no, we can't allow that.
This is so dangerous.
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And I'll read what you have to say in the comments below, probably on the radio tomorrow, because this is a big issue.
We should probably open the phones up and talk to Americans that work in the energy sector and talk about discrimination.
You're being told you're obsolete, but Saudi Arabia isn't, China isn't, Mexico isn't.
160 plus countries aren't signed on to this.
We didn't ask to be signed on to this.
They stole an election to install their globalist puppet who just signed an executive order banning the term China virus.
Go to hell, Biden.
I have to have my own website now, banned.video, just to say China virus.
If you say it on YouTube now, they take you down.
All right.
It's up to you now, folks.
You see this elitist John Kerry.
He doesn't care about you.
He wants to control your energy.
He wants to keep you locked up in your house.
They have a name for it.
It's called siege.
It's called slavery.
And it's time to say we're awake and we're not submitting to you anymore.
It's a very pertinent question to ask how do we build back better?
To build back better or whatever.
We have a chance to reset the clock and build back better than before.
To build back better than before.
Remember the terrible damage of COVID as we try to build back from this global pandemic.
Joe Biden calls it build back better.
Build back better.
Building back better.
To do things differently.
To build back better.
We're going to build it back better.
And build it back better.
My plan to build back better.
Start taking all the problems that have been created in education and mental health and start to build back in a positive way.
I have launched a booklet called Build Back Better.
Britain after coronavirus.
It's about building this country back better.
Growing conspiracy following it.
It is called The Great Reset.
Unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset the ways in which we live.
The great opportunity for reset.
The theory even calls Mr. Biden's campaign slogan, Build Back Better, a front for the conspiracy.
Build back better.
Building back better our economy.
Build back better.
All elements of the Great Reset are fundamental to building the future we need.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
It's a big effort.
Some would say to build back better.
We would say to really have a great reset.
Thank you all for your time.
Sir, what sacrifices are you asking Americans to make?
Sir, I want to call on Bernie.
Do you still support the impeachment process?