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Name: 20210128_SpecialReport-3_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 28, 2021
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Historically it's happened over and over again.
Tyranny seems like it's invincible until suddenly leadership stands up and calls out the elephant in the room and says no and then there's a chain reaction and now we're beginning to see that leadership take place.
So I've been saying this for a long time.
I don't think we've changed the trajectory of the virus at all with any of the things we're told to do.
And they're never going to let up on this.
But what I tell people is use common sense.
If you've had the disease or you've been vaccinated and you're several weeks out from your second dose, throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap.
Senator Rand Paul is known for being even-headed, scholarly.
He's a medical doctor.
So you know when he calls for a civil disobedience rebellion, it's serious, and it's time to do it.
Today, he went on Rush Limbaugh's syndicated program to 20 million people and said, it is time to rebel, it is time to not wear these masks.
First off, the masks don't protect you.
Secondarily, they said two and a half million people will be dead in the first two months of COVID.
It wasn't true.
They're putting all the names of people that died of other diseases and car wrecks and gunshot wounds in the COVID column.
This is all admitted.
Fauci said at first, don't wear masks, they don't protect you.
Because they don't.
Now they're saying, okay, wear two or three or four and it might.
Well, yeah, because you're not getting any oxygen, you'll die.
We have done this live on air, but so have scientists, so have engineers.
If you're wearing one mask, your carbon dioxide level goes up about 20%.
You are two, even higher.
We're talking dangerous levels.
This is a muzzled population.
It is a symbol of slavery.
So here's what the senator from Kentucky had to say.
This is why when you have these nanny staters who tell you you can go to church, you can't go to church.
You can go to the liquor store, but you can't go to church.
The government shouldn't be involved in these decisions and it's a mistake that we've allowed the government to get involved and we do need to push back because they will never relent.
These people are never going to let you not wear a mask.
I promise you, you will never get out from the mask because they're saying that even after we're all vaccinated, we don't know, you still might catch it a little bit, you still might transmit it, even after everybody's vaccinated.
So don't listen to these people.
The mask mandates have not worked.
None of the mandates have worked.
There's study after study after study that shows that when you put in place these mandates, guess what?
The incidence of the infection kept rising.
Even Biden admitted this the other day.
The trajectory of the virus has been unaffected by anything we've done so far.
Our only hope of changing the trajectory
Fight in a figurative way, but we should resist.
Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, they're all on record saying the mask never come off.
In fact, eight months ago, CNN ran headlines saying, and they've since run the headlines again, that, oh, it'll be just like wearing a seatbelt.
You're not going to ever take the mask off in public.
You should even wear it in your house with your family.
If you told somebody this two years ago, they'd laugh at you.
This is like a science fiction dystopic movie.
And along with it is the idea that we're dirty, we're bad, contact with each other is bad.
This is the same Democrat party, the same EU globalist party, that wants totally open borders and people with leprosy, TB, and hundreds of other diseases to come in untreated.
We lose millions of people in the last decade from TB in this country.
That's something that you actually should test for and then cure.
But instead, migrant children come across, you name it, and they're just put right in school with their children and TB's off the charts.
So we have real diseases.
We have real problems.
And we're not treating the migrants, the immigrants, the illegal aliens.
We're not treating our own citizens for things like drug-resistant TB.
Thousands of deaths literally a week from it.
So ladies and gentlemen, understand that we're at a fundamental crossroads here, and the big corporate technocracy wants an excuse to track you, to control you, to give you these passports, to forcibly inoculate you.
And Klaus Schwab wrote a book, I've read it, saying COVID-19, the Great Reset, and admits this is all the pretext for their takeover.
So we can make jokes about these masks all day and make fun of the maskies and how they submit, but the idea that, oh, you're a hero so you wear the mask to protect others, it's just not true.
It's all based on a fraud.
And then they say it's a conspiracy theory to talk about Fauci and Bill Gates funding, six years ago, the Wuhan lab.
It was all over the news then.
They were doing illegal chimera cross-species viral COVID coronavirus research at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and then it was moved by Fauci and Bill Gates to the Wuhan lab.
So this is big.
I don't know if China released it to blackmail Gates or whether the Global's made a deal with China to release it, but it sure helped China shut our economy down.
Their economy's open, but we do know it's man-made.
That's why people taking the vaccine in Australia came up HIV positive, because it has the HIV virus delivery system in it, as I told you almost a year ago.
So the science is clear, and big tech and big media has tried to suppress the scientists and the researchers and, you know, the former chief scientist at Pfizer and the head of the EU Medical Advisory Commission, Wolfgang Wudart, who warned of all of this before.
The symbol that we don't live in fear, the symbol that we love humanity, the symbol that we're not in a post-human era is to take the damn mask off.
I do it all the time.
I'm at a hotel here.
I take the mask off.
I don't wear it.
People say, hey, we agree with you.
It's true.
I'm on the slopes with my children skiing.
They'll have somebody walk over and say, sir, you didn't wear your mask.
I go, hey, listen, that's all BS from Bill Gates.
I know you're told to do it, but just leave me alone.
They go, I understand.
You're right.
They try to make you register to go into a restaurant, use the bathroom, hocus-a-covid, and I say, listen, it's all BS.
They go, you're right, come on in.
We have to start rebelling against this.
Our borders are wide open.
Joe Biden's totally opening them.
Freezing deportations of convicted child molesters and murderers.
But, oh, we've all got to register to go into a
bathroom at a restaurant.
Folks, this is about total control.
They admit it's about total control.
They have universities here in the U.S.
and Europe following China's lead where you have to scan to leave your dorm, scan to get in, you have to scan wherever you buy stuff.
You can't leave for the whole semester.
You have to carry a cell phone that tracks you.
Folks, this isn't 1984 coming.
It's 1984 here.
So I am so glad that Senator Paul is coming on and saying it's time for civil disobedience.
It is.
There are so many illnesses from these masks.
They cause bacterial pneumonia.
Fauci wrote a paper about it.
Back in 2008, admitting that most of the Spanish flu deaths were from the masks they were wearing.
They didn't understand the bacterial pneumonia then.
This is the reality.
And so this is really, really dangerous.
And now we've got all these vaccine deaths.
They're trying to cover those up.
It's not just Hank Aaron.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
And look into Merck.
They're not going to release a vaccine.
They pulled their two back because of bad reactions and said it doesn't protect you.
And now they're having to admit that the mRNA vaccines don't protect you.
You're gonna have five shots a year but still wear a mask?
This is a big octopus, a squid, that just grabs you and sucks you in.
And it's a made-up problem so they can give you all these fake solutions that give them power and control.
So again, Senator Paul is right.
We need leadership like the Governor of South Dakota.
We need the Governor of Texas to wake up and take action, or this nightmare is never going to end.
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Whatever you do, Paul Reveres,
Take action and get this information out or we're doomed!
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