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Name: 20210128_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 28, 2021
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Well, they've introduced H.R.
1, the Democrats have, to allow the federal government to run elections.
Now, they said the federal government had no right to oversee last election.
Now they're claiming the states have no right with any oversight.
The truth is, the states have most of the oversight, but in emergencies, the federal government can then kick in, Congress can then kick in.
But that's not where they're stopping.
Oh, no, that's just the beginning.
Biden has set up a commission to pack the Supreme Court, and it gets better.
All other judgeships.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, all other judgeships.
So you're telling us you're going to study this issue about whether to pack the court?
No, there's a number of alternatives that go well beyond packing.
This is a live ball.
Oh, it is a live ball.
No, it is a live ball.
We're going to have to do that.
And you're going to find there's a lot of conservative constitutional scholars are saying it as well.
The last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into just a political football.
Whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want.
Presidents come and go.
Supreme Court justices stay for generations.
And so they may open the court 25, 30 justices, 50 justices, just like Venezuela and put all their people in.
Then for 30, 40 years, basically you can't ever change things.
So this is a globalist dictatorship being set up right now.
And it's all run out of the UN.
It's all run by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.
And this is how they've taken over other countries.
So I just hope you'll visit InfoWars.com and see the article for yourself and realize how much trouble we're in.
They did steal the election.
Now they're trying to cement that.
Remember, Trump had to have the federal government have oversight.
They said, oh, the feds can't be involved in the election.
It's all the states.
But then they also went and tried to block the states looking at it.
The truth is, in a federalist system, the powers split between the federal government and the state government.
But when it comes to elections, it's very clear most of the power resides with the states.
And now there's major reform going on at the state levels right now as they're going in and looking at the fraud and how they have these consent orders with governors, the Democratic Party to accept the mail-in ballots with no evidence, which was law outside of law.
Law was made in the legislature.
And then the courts look and see the laws constitutional, that's judiciary, the executive executes, whether it's a president or governor.
So this is a real revolution against our system happening.
And I hope the states will organize.
I hope people across the world will organize and say no to it and say no to the mask and the lockdowns and all of it, like Senator Rand Paul is now saying we should do.
It's time for civil disobedience.
I don't want a violent revolution.
I don't think that's the answer.
I disagree with some of the accelerationists out there that want that.
But I also understand their frustration because this is real tyranny and it's a medical tyranny with deadly mRNA gene therapy vaccines coming at us and our families.
So, again, I just want to thank you all for watching and I want you to realize that
There's not many outlets left that can even speak.
We're under total censorship for this takeover.
So please, while InfoWars is still on the air, share the videos from Bandai Video however you can and tell folks, hey, here's the forbidden information you're not supposed to see.
So it's official.
The Democratic Party to federalize elections under their control.
Because we never want Republicans to have that, and I wouldn't want to have that either.
But see, they're planning one-party rule, and to pack the courts, and to open the borders, and to arrest their political opposition, and to take your guns, and to brainwash your kids, and to teach them when they're five that they're a different sex.
I mean, this is just a total power grab cult takeover.
And it's just incredible.
We're inside of it.
World government, New World Order out in the open.
But thank God InfoWars is still in the air thanks to you, so I really thank you all.
Again, God bless, and good luck.
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