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Name: 20210126_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 26, 2021
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It's absolutely shameful how people have sat there and now all run for cover about January 6th.
They're all running away as if it's something to be ashamed of.
And what I want to state is this.
Yes, a few people did some bad things on January 6th.
But the majority of Americans that came there and expressed their First Amendment rights did so peacefully throughout the event, even after the breach occurred.
The majority, 95%, 98% of that crowd never went inside that Capitol.
And yet, we are being told that January 6th is something to be ashamed of.
We have the leaders in this country who are running away from that day and trying to disassociate themselves from any involvement with that day, when the opposite should be true.
We should be proud that Americans came from all over the United States to express their First Amendment rights peacefully and to stand up against the election fraud that we know that occurred.
19 days ago on January 6, 2021, we were told by the Democratic Party, by the mainstream media, that the greatest assault of U.S.
history happened, that it was as big as Pearl Harbor.
They've now likened it to World War II and the Nazis.
Well, it just so happens, I was there.
And you've seen the mainstream media, hundreds of publications, frontline, CNN, say that I led the assault, that I wanted to go there and destroy Trump's chances of having a 10 day investigation by the Senate that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and other senators were about to launch.
No, it's the last thing I would want.
But now.
Starting on February 8th, they're going to have the actual trial in the Senate of President Trump.
They talk about how he was basically convicted last time.
No, that was the indictment in the House.
And then the Senate acquitted Trump.
Seems like a million years ago, but it was only a year ago.
Then, they have brought forward new impeachment, saying he incited the mob to do this on purpose.
And they're claiming that he directed it.
That impeachment passed the indictment.
Now they're having the trial in the U.S.
So imagine, I'm one of the main organizers of the big stages and the secret services there and metal detectors and port-a-potties just like other big events we've put on.
Fighting election fraud previously in the months that preceded what happened on January 6th.
So I was talking to my head of security, Tim Inlow, he's a great guy, a veteran patriot, about what really transpired and how the media was lying about the timeline.
So I thought we'd put together as best we can.
This isn't exact, but it's close of what really happened because there's a trial of the former president of the United States coming up in mid-February saying he directed this, even though they now admit, we'll show you some articles,
That, okay, it wasn't his speech inside a desk, it was pre-planned.
And we know who the pre-planned groups were.
Strangely enough, they've all bragged about that.
But first, I wanted Tim to talk about what happened that day, what unfolded.
The fact that of my security team, that was more than 15 people, we sent an advance group down before Trump even spoke to witness what was going on at the Capitol.
And they texted back and called back to Tim.
I think?
Glad to be here.
So our part of this started probably around 7.45 in the morning on January 6th, when we proceeded to leave our hotel and go to the Ellipse where President Trump was going to be speaking.
By the time we got there and actually got inside the Ellipse, it was around 8.55 AM that morning.
Huge crowds outside the Ellipse stretching all the way back beyond the Washington Monument.
It was clear that only a very small percentage of that crowd was going to be able to get into the Ellipse.
President Trump was scheduled to come on around 11 a.m.
that morning.
I don't believe he actually hit the stage till closer till noon is when he hit the stage.
Now, some people may know this, some people may not.
We have been informed that the organizers who were handling the actual logistics of the stage and of the speakers and everything involving that event of Trump's speech,
That they wanted Alex to lead a march, along with some other personalities, from the Ellipse to the Capitol, okay?
That was planned, okay?
And it was always planned to be a peaceful march, okay?
There was no plans of violence or anything of that sort.
Now, what transpired was, or what the original plan was, that about 15 to 20 minutes before Trump was finishing his speech, they would come get us and escort us out of side entrance, past the Secret Service, to the 15th Street side there, and that's where we would meet the crowd to sit there and start the march to the Capitol.
Now, around noon, Trump comes on, okay?
And to everyone's surprise, around 12.05 p.m.
of his speech, he sits there and announces that he may even join the march.
We're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I love Pennsylvania Avenue.
And we're going to the Capitol.
And we're going to try and give... The Democrats are hopeless.
They're never voting for anything.
Not even one vote.
But we're going to try and give our Republicans the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help.
We're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I want to thank you all.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you all for being here.
This is incredible.
Thank you very much.
Around 12, 15 p.m., I started getting notification that they are going to pull us out any minute to take us out to the 15th Street side and await both the crowd and Trump's departure so that we could all march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.
That was the plan.
Trump's speech went a little bit longer than anticipated around 1 p.m.
is just before 1 p.m.
I want to say maybe around 1250 they came and got us and asked and took us out the side entrance past the Secret Service to the 15th Street side.
As we got to the 15th Street side it was clear that many thousands of people were already starting to head toward the Capitol.
Now let me back up just a little bit as Alex mentioned earlier
My security team did a reconnaissance of the Capitol around 11.33 a.m.
that morning before Trump even came on stage.
And they reported at that time on the West side of the Capitol, there was already about 120 people gathering in front of the Capitol.
According to my advance team leader, it looked as if some of those people were already kind of, uh, uh, recognizing the Capitol and kind of checking things out.
Some of them had tactical gear on, things like that.
So there was already some concern.
12.05 PM, Trump announces that he may lead or he may join the march of Pennsylvania Avenue.
12.07 PM, two minutes later,
As Trump was speaking, we were already getting calls over the radios and on text messages that there were problems starting to happen, there was problems happening at the Capitol already between Capitol Police and some of the people that had made their way there.
Let me inject it right here.
We've been talking to multiple witnesses you've seen at VanDock Video.
Again, 12-07, we start getting reports over the radio and via text messages that there's starting to be problems at the Capitol.
1 p.m., we sit there and depart and go to 15th Street side.
We already see at this point thousands of people walking in the direction of the Capitol.
So, Alex made the decision at that time, along with Owen, that we were going to start walking to the Capitol as well.
We were not going to wait on the President, and we were going to just start doing the march.
When we get to 14th and Pennsylvania, right around Freedom Plaza, we got there, I believe, let's see here, we got there right around 110 p.m., we got to Freedom Plaza, and Owen and Alex addressed the crowd that had started to gather there on the way to the Capitol.
Alex stressed to the crowd that we needed to be peaceful.
He stressed that several times.
Like Don Jr.
said, we're not burning buildings down or shooting cops.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully!
Because we're not globalist antifa criminals!
So let's start marching and I salute you all!
Around 1.21 p.m.
we then begin to march to the Capitol because by that time Trump was wrapping up his speech.
A lot of the crowd was starting to walk and Alex started to lead a good-sized chunk of that crowd up toward the Capitol.
That's at 1.21 p.m.
that we start making our way up there.
As we're going up there, you can already hear some bangs going off where Capitol Police are deploying flashbangs and things like that.
Around 1.48 p.m., we arrive at the Capitol grounds.
Again, we can hear flashbangs going off.
Alex stated to me, hey, this is bad.
This is not good.
I need to talk to the crowd and do something here.
Around 1.50 p.m., Alex gets on a large stack of chairs about five feet high to get some high ground so more of the crowd can see him.
And he gets on the bullhorn and for about five minutes addresses the crowd and starts telling the crowd to be peaceful, not to antagonize the police, and not to go inside the Capitol.
You guys are great, but the police provocateurs have caused a problem and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a Kent State here.
So, I love you, we're saving the republic, this is beautiful, but please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
Now, around 1.55 he gets back down, and by the way, this is all backed up by our body cam footage from our security personnel with time stamps on that footage.
Around 1.55 p.m., he finishes his speech on top of the stairs, chairs, gets down, and we start making our way from the west side of the Capitol over to the east side of the Capitol.
Along the way, we encounter a Capitol Police officer.
We talk to him.
We try to get him to let Alex address the crowd, maybe on some type of PA system that the Capitol Police have access to.
That police officer was very unhelpful at that time, basically just told us to move along.
Bro, no hand, nothing.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
I'm telling you right now, he just tried to de-escalate this stuff.
If we can talk to someone and get him up there, we can get them to back off.
The East Front's a problem now.
This is a problem?
The East Front is a problem now.
Okay, so we need to get him up there to tell people to... The East Front's a problem now.
Is there a way that we can get him to a position?
Through the hole you guys breached right there.
We didn't breach anything.
Well, the whole group that was with you guys.
We just showed up.
The trucks that come down here.
We're trying to help.
Up through there.
All they are up there, take them up there.
Alright, let's go.
We get to the east side and let me check my timeline here.
We probably arrive right on the east side of the Capitol at 2.03 p.m.
Maybe a minute or so before that we arrive on the northeast corner of the Capitol.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
He's a big, big, like, populist movement guy.
He will de-escalate the situation, but we gotta put him somewhere to speak to them.
We just did it on that side to pull people off the scaffolds.
If not, the mob's the mob.
But I'm telling you, this entire crowd will listen to him.
It's a fact.
So where can we take him and talk to the people so that this doesn't turn into something it doesn't need to be?
Who can we coordinate with?
We got tons of law enforcement with us.
Is there somebody you can speak to?
I get it.
And we're trying to help, dude.
And I'm telling you, you will see a miracle happen if it happens.
And just to add a point, I wanted permission to go up the big steps.
On the other side is where they had Biden's inaugural stage.
People taking over.
I tried to get folks off that.
A bunch came with us, but most of them couldn't hear me.
It was over 100,000 people were there already.
Hundreds of thousands more are already arriving because they think Trump's about to speak.
Most of them left once they saw Trump wasn't there and flashbangs were going off.
We're good to go.
Which they later use the next day announcing anyone around or after 6 will be arrested deafening for 500 yards away.
I said,
Let me get up there.
Let me use that.
They'll know my voice.
They'll get out of there.
But they said, hey, just go to the top and use your voice there.
Well, again, tell them the rest of the story.
I was unable to even reach anybody because it was such a huge crowd.
So 2.03 p.m., we started addressing the Capitol Police there on the northeast corner.
My advance team leader talks to Sergeant Dare, who then gets a lieutenant.
And that lieutenant then radios inside the Capitol building to try to get permission to see if Alex could get on that PA system.
So at this point precious minutes are ticking by and that's when we heard a roar go up in the crowd and we look toward the steps, the main steps, and we start seeing a surge of people up there, right?
So at that point we believed that the Capitol had been breached.
On that side, they'd already breached it.
Yeah, they'd already breached on the other side, but we had already made our way back around to that side.
So, at this point, again, as Alex said, the Capitol Police tell him, well, if you want to address the crowd, go up there to the steps.
So at 2.18, it took us a while to get through that crowd, and at 2.18 p.m., Alex makes his way up the steps to the top steps of the Capitol there on the east side, the Supreme Court side.
Trump's not gonna come if we don't come down!
Let's be peaceful!
You're doing a great job!
Everybody be peaceful!
So we could see things were going bad, obviously.
We spent about three minutes or so on the steps.
We got off, then they threw flashbangs as soon as we left.
So they gave us a chance.
Yeah, exactly.
So we come down the stairs, probably I think right around 2.21 p.m.
we come down the stairs.
235 p.m.
Alex interviews an individual there we have that footage as well and it was around just before that time that we see a red flare go up and that we took that to mean that was some kind of distress signal from the Capitol Police and right then we got radio traffic that there were shots fired inside the Capitol building near the Senate floor
And that a white female was down at that point.
So then around 2.30, 8pm is when we made the decision to get Alex off the Capitol grounds.
And I told everybody over and over again, it's on tape, I said, this is going to be a new Kent State.
And again, we were set up.
We walked through the trap, but it's not our fault.
We came to fight election fraud.
We came to support our president.
We had so many other events that were peaceful, other than Antifa attacking a few people, that we had a blindside that the Capitol Police would be outnumbered.
And that, of course, a group of Antifa we now know, along with the Boogaloos, who online said,
That they went, and they had teams, and they broke in, and they did this.
I'm not calling for their arrest.
I'm simply saying that all these other peaceful people that just wandered in there are facing 25 years in jail.
These guys are online saying, we went there, we broke in, we were part of it, and they're all just walking free.
And they run security for BLM, funded by George Soros and taxpayers, and $10.6 billion in donations just last year alone.
And I'm telling you, this is the establishment.
So most of the Boogaloos, I'm sure, are well-meaning people.
And maybe their leader is.
I don't know what you guys are doing, but boy you're sure helping the state and the system here.
Once the crowd went in, that doesn't sound like revolutionaries that were really trying to take the cap and hold it.
Sounds like a setup to me.
Of course, that's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Did some real people go in?
Yeah, mainly Q folks that thought, we're liberating!
This is the storm!
That's who's been indicted, most of the 125.
Ashley that got killed, she was a big Q person.
She believed she was there.
Liberating the facility I feel very sorry for her, but this was the psyop and and and you know Tim's a smart guy and a lot of stuff and a lot of agencies and groups and in his career And he believes this is a setup so does some of the other guys working with him They're also smart, but this is an obvious setup and so all I'm saying is people called me a wimp when I said don't go to these events on the 20th or
And then in Austin, other areas, we got video clandestinely and it was just Antifa.
They even admitted they were Antifa dressed up like patriots.
Antifa now dresses like Boogaloo.
It's camouflaged with the floral Hawaiian shirts.
I'm not saying all Boogaloos are necessarily bad.
I know there are good people who get recruited by things.
But this is how they set up the militias in the 1990s, how they infiltrate them.
And this is going to be their model into the future, saying patriots are domestic terrorists.
The main threat is conservatives, nationalists, people that challenge election fraud, people that challenge Biden being a Chinese agent.
They're saying they want to use the CIA, FBI, and NSA.
We're good to go.
We don't have to guess about where this goes or how this ends when you have people like former CIA director John Brennan openly talking about how he's spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements similar to the insurgencies they've seen overseas that in his words he says make up this unholy alliance of
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Likely male libertarians.
Well, if anybody who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house or, uh, people who, you know, attended a Trump rally.
And so, uh, do I feel guilty for what happened?
No, absolutely not.
I'm in the arena.
I meant well, I went, we had all these other peaceful events.
We were rallying for our first amendment.
We were rallying for election integrity.
The Democrats said they were going to challenge the election no matter what.
They said that was the best thing you could ever do.
They challenged, um,
Electors four years before it got voted down by then Vice President Biden.
So we did everything with Democrats did four years ago, minus a couple hundred idiots going into the Capitol.
We didn't burn down cities like the Democrats.
We didn't shoot cops in the head and citizens.
We didn't burn down police stations.
And so to have this group calling us terrorists.
And to have Frontline, who I may have to sue, they don't have the money.
I mean, Frontline edited these tapes together last week and put me on air as leading the attack.
Had me at the Capitol breach going, 1776!
Get them!
Get them!
Cut out all the clips where I said be peaceful.
If they'll frame me on Frontline, they'll frame anybody.
And so, remember, how do we start?
There's a trial of the President coming up February 8th for inciting and running this.
Now they're going, okay, maybe he didn't, there was planned groups.
Yeah, groups, Southern Poverty Law Center that specializes, that's them saying that they're the main suspect, get into and provocateur.
So that's why I thought it was important to lay out the timeline.
Tim, I appreciate you doing a lot of research and get this together as best you can.
Most of it's 100% accurate, but nothing's perfect in the whole fog of this.
But I want to just get you as a citizen and a patriot, but also your law enforcement, military background, looking at this, talking to some of the other folks that are smart that you work with.
You guys think this was a failed bigger event, the pipe bombs that were found in Moore.
Thank God we did get there and help de-escalate some.
And again, for those that say Trump would want this, this totally hurt Trump.
This discredited everything he was doing.
This was a horrible disaster.
So just that idea that the left's pushing is also asinine.
So, Tim, any other points you'd like to add?
Yeah, I think first of all, what's concerning is that there was absolutely chatter before January 6th.
The FBI knew, Homeland Security knew that there was chatter.
That some of the fringe elements, not the main groups, not the main grassroots groups,
And yet, when we arrive there, there's not a single Secret Service advanced team person, there's no Secret Service uniformed police to supplement the Capitol Hill police, even though supposedly the President's going to be arriving in a few minutes.
I've protected Presidents from Bush, Obama, you know, every dignitary you can imagine over my career, okay?
And I've never seen security scale down for the President of the United States as it was that day at Capitol Hill.
So that's concerning.
Obviously there's some issues there.
Secondly, the FBI and Homeland Defense were aware that some of the groups had stated online that they wanted to engage in violence.
There were news articles everywhere.
Yet again, there was no proactive enforcement, no search warrants, nothing executed to sit there and prevent that violence from occurring.
Again, huge failure if you want to call it a failure or if you want to call it dereliction on the part of federal law enforcement.
And then the last point that I'd like to make is this.
It's absolutely shameful how people have sat there and now all run for cover about January 6th.
They're all running away as if it's something to be ashamed of.
And what I want to state is this.
Yes, a few people did some bad things on January 6th.
But the majority of Americans that came there and expressed their First Amendment rights did so peacefully throughout the event, even after the breach occurred.
The majority, 95%, 98% of that crowd never went inside that Capitol.
And yet, we are being told that January 6th is something to be ashamed of.
We have the leaders in this country who are running away from that day and trying to disassociate themselves from any involvement with that day when the opposite should be true.
We should be proud that Americans came from all over the United States to express their First Amendment rights peacefully and to stand up against the election fraud that we know that occurred.
Well, that's right.
Perfectly said.
Totally true.
When the left goes out, BLM or Antifa, 80% of them are violent.
Breaking stuff, smashing things, beating people up, burning things.
And then we have probably a million people out there, and I'm surprised there weren't more people hurt.
I mean, a major football team wins a championship, and 10, 15 people die, and they overturn cars, and tear up 15 restaurants.
That's not right.
But we had this huge event, and it was a stand-down.
I mean, I got there and saw the flashbangs going off.
I couldn't see any cops.
A few dozen.
And there was like a hundred-something thousand just standing there waiting for the President.
And those troublemakers knew what they were doing, and
Buffalo jumped or stampeded people in, and then once the doors were open, and the police said, okay, it's been breached, let's not fight them, wave them in.
We need an investigation.
We need Freedom of Information Act requests.
We need to know what really happened that day.
And I'm not up here talking about this to protect my height.
I would love to be called before the Senate in Trump's trial.
I'm sure, Tim, you'd be happy to, but you know they're not going to let that happen.
They're going to lie about us like they have these hearings about me all the time.
Tim's been in hearings years ago with me.
When they're talking about me and how I'm banned off the internet and all this stuff and telling lies, while I'm out there in the
In the gallery, I'll wait and get in, be in the back row.
And they're sitting there talking about me up there while they have witnesses lying about me.
Well, imagine Trump.
This isn't about defending Trump, it's about defending the truth.
He's out there, he always has these peaceful rallies.
He thinks it'll be just like that.
He tells the Secret Service days before, I know that, hey, I want Alex Jones to lead it with other people.
I want you there.
I want it to be peaceful.
I want a stage set up.
And we get there and that's not the case, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're like, oh, he's coming.
Let's just not have any security.
Let's stand down and let's have our people, Antifa and other groups we've infiltrated, stir things up, attack the cops, get the cops to attack the crowd.
About 30 minutes before I got there, and 20 minutes before I got there, and then say, attack, attack, take it, take it!
And a bunch of witnesses told me they were saying, Alex Jones says do it!
And then the crowd still wouldn't really take over.
So then they got up on the scaffolding and they're like, attack, attack!
It's those people that aren't getting arrested.
So I want to know who's in the Uncle Sam outfit saying attack.
I want to know who these groups are, these people wearing masks doing all this stuff, okay?
Almost all of them are Antifa and FBI infiltrated militias.
The rest are accelerationists, criminals that just came because they're like pyromaniacs and want to see the Capitol burn.
And Tim, what about the point of dodging a bullet?
I know you're just sticking to the facts here, but I mean, talk about dodging a bullet.
They planned something much worse that day, I think.
Yeah, I mean obviously talking to some of the law enforcement people that were involved on January 6th, obviously they did discover some pipe bombs.
So this is not something you put together in your car five minutes before an event, right?
This is something you put together days, weeks in advance, okay?
You plan where you're going to plant it, you plan the actual
The devastation that you want to accomplish, right?
You're already taking all that into your planning considerations, okay?
And the reaction that you're going to get as a result from that, whether it's the media, whether it's the military, whether it's police, okay?
So this was absolutely planned to be much worse than what it was, and I agree with you.
I think we dodged a bullet that day, and again, that's not being talked about.
All that's being talked about is less than 200 people entering the Capitol.
And even a majority of those were, whatever phrase you want to use, they weren't hardcore extremists because they're walking around taking selfies in Congress and Senators' offices.
This wasn't worse in Pearl Harbor?
Yeah, I'd say no.
I'd say 100% not.
What do you think President Trump could do?
Because he never has good lawyers, he never has good defense.
That they're going to show clips of what he said out of context?
I mean, Don Jr.
said over and over again, we're not violent.
We don't burn down buildings and shoot cops like Andy, but we're going to march down there peacefully.
They edit the tapes so you watch the tapes.
It sounds like they were like, kill them!
Well, again, we were there.
We were right up by the front of the stage.
It's not like we misunderstood Trump.
And he was very clear that it was going to be a peaceful march.
Again, like you said, with Don Jr.
as well.
So, you know, one of the things I think that, again, needs to be looked at, and I agree with you, is who made these calls in these militias to sit there and break into the Capitol?
When were those calls made, right?
And the only way you're going to get to that is if those people actually pulled in and interviewed.
And so far, it seems like we're the only ones being contacted by the FBI, Alex, right?
And the people who are online taking responsibility for the break-in, somehow the FBI is mysteriously just looking right over them.
So you draw whatever conclusions you want from that.
But as Alex said, we know that was a template that the feds used in the 1990s to infiltrate those militias.
They got them to believe that they were acting on their own accord when really they were being manipulated the entire time.
And I'll say this in closing.
We were watching the lady that was working with the Secret Service, with the Secret Service behind her.
I've been hearing for three days that they want me to lead this march.
I told them I can't do it with a bowl of orange.
It's going to be a million people.
They thought it would be 50,000.
That's the average Trump rally or smaller.
They were blown away.
And people told me, wow, Trump's blowing away.
And I see the lady with Trump and then behind the thing.
But me and Tim are sitting there, you know, right there in the front, front and second row.
And I'm going, I got a bad feeling.
I think we should get on down to the Capitol now.
And I don't know if this is real.
And he's like, yeah, we're supposed to lead this.
And then all of a sudden here comes the secret service, opens up the front gate right below the president.
Here's the president speaking.
They open the gate up.
I'm like, he's right there.
I'm like, okay.
And they open up the back and there's the secret service in the uniform back there.
And they let us out the back.
And then I'm there on the street and the people are already starting to march.
And I'm like, okay.
And so this was, the president was set up.
We were set up.
I'm not a whiny victim about this.
I mean, I admit we got set up.
I dropped the ball.
But I have no culpability in what the Antifa and other criminals did.
But this needs to get out.
And that's why they silenced everybody about this.
They put out false narratives.
False narratives about COVID.
False narratives about the election.
Narratives about Biden and Communist China.
False narratives about the Second Amendment.
This country's in a lot of trouble, and so that's why I want to ask listeners, send this out to all the media.
I'm going to send this to Frontline with a cease and desist letter as soon as this video goes out today.
I'm going to send one tomorrow for my lawyers.
The Wall Street Journal had to retract and say Jones, they said Jones was there on top of a car, no, he was on top of chairs, telling people to attack.
I sent them the video, they retracted.
I don't want to have to sue.
I'm being sued.
I don't want to be involved in this, but I cannot have frontline editing tapes of me saying attack the Capitol.
I mean, it just has to stop, okay?
I don't want stuff blown up in this country and have the country hurt, much less blame myself.
There are Democrats everywhere saying put me in prison, despite the fact they know the truth.
They know the opposite, and that we're on thousands of different videos trying to stop what happened there.
So, for the idea that I got power out of this, no, this was a defeat for us.
It was a great day for people coming out, but that little 1.5% messed it up.
And that was obviously engineered and improvocateur.
So the idea that I'm getting off on this, the left is getting off on this, is a huge victory for you and you know it.
And now you want to hang around my neck, all the things you're obsessed with.
Nancy Pelosi saying people burning down buildings and shooting people.
It's just what people do.
And Maxine Waters saying go out and attack conservatives and get their face everywhere.
That's BS.
So that's it for this piece.
I appreciate Tim Inlow speaking with us.
Rob Booze behind the camera.
Rob, you were there that day.
You want to make any comments?
Oh, you caught me off guard.
Yeah, and I actually went a little further than you guys.
I walked up the steps to the back area to see what that was looking like and I have video there.
Everybody's hanging out.
It was like a block party atmosphere.
It wasn't people trying to tear it out there.
Now, there was a small group scrumming with the police at the door.
I didn't even get that close to it.
I could see him from a distance.
But the majority of the people there were
We're good to go.
And we're being told we're terrorists if we question the election or support Trump.
So they've got us backed into a corner.
So it's our job just to keep getting the truth out by putting videos out like this and showing people what really happened.
Because we put out videos of Alex Jones all the times he said, we're going to go peacefully, we're not going to go in trying to get people pulled away from the area, talking with the cops.
We've put all those videos out and it doesn't matter.
Frontline still just says, oh, we're just going to frame him because we can do that.
And they get away with it and nothing ever happens to them.
Isn't that funny?
Nothing ever happens to them.
I'm sorry, I'm getting a little heated.
No, it's criminal.
I'm done.
They took the very videos of me saying don't be violent and have me saying be violent.
Alright folks, help us get this video out.
Thanks for supporting Banned.Video and FullWords.com.
Send this to everybody you know in Congress.
This is the truth from Alex Jones from Eyewitnesses.
Thanks for watching.
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