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Name: 20210125_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 25, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses globalist dangers including martial law, election fraud, media coverage of racism, political division, violence against white people, and foreign investment in China over the United States. The speaker encourages listeners to stand up for their rights and expose globalist forces. Other topics include treatment of veterans, Agenda 2030 debate, arrests of Trump supporters, hypocrisy of military personnel, and promotion of products such as Immune 10X and Alpha Power.

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Well, I'll tell you this.
I didn't start this fight and I'm not asking for this fight.
But I'll tell the globalists this.
Klaus Schwab and all of you, and Bill Gates, you're not getting away with this.
And I know you're really freaked out right now.
But I call on the American people not to be offensively violent against capitals or police stations or military bases.
The globalists train you to attack those.
They have Southern Poverty Law Center operatives infiltrating militias and other groups trying to get them to hit
We're good to go.
It's worked in North Korea.
It's worked in China.
It's worked in Europe.
It's worked in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland.
Would you like me to continue on for a while?
Because I can list every damn one of them.
This is a tried and true blueprint.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Monday, January 25th.
The year is 2021.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Owen Schroer is about to take over.
I'll be joining in the transmission in about 30 minutes live from the road.
Well, the big question is, are we under martial law?
That's what outgoing Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard just asked Joe Biden.
And the answer is, of course we are.
But it's not Joe Biden's martial law.
He's a figurehead.
There's a UN, Davos Group, world government reset.
All these unpopular governments that were hanging on by fraud in France, in Germany, in Spain and other areas, they have all used the ongoing lockdowns as their pretext for control.
And as I predicted six months ago, the lockdowns will be extended over and over again.
And then once they stole the election from Trump,
They would then morph the medical martial law, which is physical martial law already on the streets, into a permanent military martial law.
This is all part of normalization ahead of forced economic global collapse.
They want to put us onto a guaranteed universal income so they can dictate every aspect of our lives.
And now what we predicted decades ago is official.
Once they make everybody go on welfare, that's what this is.
Then they can make you all take whatever inoculations they want of gene therapies that aren't even vaccines that will then of course give you cancer, sterilize you, whatever the globalists want.
This is next level, and once the media and the culture goes along with this, it'll be too evil to fail, just like autism.
Hundreds of millions of people have gotten sick from the vaccine conservatively, but once the public goes along with the cover-up, it becomes too evil to fail, the term I've coined.
So I'll be on in 30 minutes with Owen laying all of this out.
Yes, it's despotic.
Yes, it's scary.
Yes, it's depressing.
But folks, now understand, I didn't say all this stuff just to scare you.
I didn't make this stuff up.
I talked about this in a special report we're going to put out later today, but in Secret Rulers of the World that came out over 20 years ago, Harry Shearer, of course, Spinal Tap and so many other great movies, but also The Simpsons, was talking about listening to me over a short radio with his family and how it was some of the best science fiction stuff he'd ever heard, some of the best writing, and that I was basically a masterful
No, I'm not Stephen King.
I'm covering with the gloveless hat and white papers.
It sounds unbelievable.
Now it's out in the open.
If somebody told you this would be going on 20 years ago, you wouldn't believe it.
But they were setting it all up.
They were planning it.
They were laying it all out.
And so, going along with it only puts you in more jeopardy.
Biden is striking out, of course, to ruin the military.
He's striking out to ruin women's sports.
He's striking out to just overturn all basic common sense and teach us that two plus two does not equal four.
It equals whatever they say.
We'll also be laying all of that out.
But focusing on Biden is really a distraction.
You have to focus on who controls him.
The Davos group is now meeting as we speak, plotting their next power grab and only becoming aware of this global order and the controllers.
Do we have any shot at turning the tide against him?
All right, back to Owen Schroeder on live transmission and I'll see you coming up at the bottom of the hour.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, a lot developing here today.
We're going to have all the latest breaking news for you on the Alex Jones Show.
All the latest breaking news at InfoWars.com.
There is one unifying presence in America today, and that's nobody likes Joe Biden.
Nobody likes Kamala Harris.
Only the most brainwashed mainstream media
Mainstream entertainment stooges can even stand Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being in the White House.
And of course, voters' remorse for Joe Biden is already off the charts.
But of course, we're seeing what Joe Biden was really all about, and that's the China first.
China first.
New World Order.
Lawmakers are coming after Trump supporters, coming after military vets, and they now even want to rewrite the military and purge all Trump supporters or conservatives from the military.
They are now proposing that legislation in Congress as we speak, as Biden
Surpasses 30 executive orders, a record, most executive orders in a president's first week.
That's an authoritarian.
Ladies and gentlemen, fellow comrades, it is Monday, January 25th, 2021.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer here sitting in for Alex.
We are going to be hearing from Alex throughout the broadcast, including live in T-minus 25 minutes.
Well, if you wanted to hurt the United States, if you wanted to permanently do damage to the United States and weaken it, or say you were a global
We're good to go.
You'd want to get the people to hate their own history, their own culture, hell, their own skin color.
You would propagandize the youth.
You would buy up the Hollywood celebrities and entertainers.
You would buy up all the major sports leagues so you could control that.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the formula that is being used right now by China, plus many other factors.
They don't have any limits on their pollution.
They don't have any minimum wage.
They have slave labor.
So they get all the advantages, and then you, the American, in the free market that industrialized the West, ended slavery, liberated women.
No, see, you're the bad guy.
You have to pay for it all.
And now you don't even get to elect a president.
China just gets to install
Whoever they want.
And in this case, that someone is Joe Biden.
But you see, Biden doesn't even know what's going on.
You notice you don't see much from Joe.
You don't hear much from Joe.
Joe's day is pretty low energy.
He rolls out of bed, maybe around 8 if he can do it.
If he can hack it that day.
They pump him up with meds.
They get him all rolled up.
They tell him what's going on.
He kind of has to open it.
Okay, Joe.
It's time to get dressed.
It's time to get ready, Joe.
He puts on his suit.
He gets his tie.
He gets all ready, and then he gets shuffled over to the desk.
He gets shuffled over.
He gets guided to the desk, where they have a stack of executive orders, and then two microphones, and he sits down, and he signs the executive orders.
And then he goes to the podium and reads a speech that he has no idea what it's about.
And then he calls a lid.
Because he needs more meds, he needs more attention, and quite frankly, he's just drained of energy.
And so that's Joe Biden.
That's the New World Order puppet.
That's the Chinese-owned operative.
Who, yes, got locked out of the White House in symbolic fashion.
In natural, real world irony, locked out of the White House because it's not his.
So he had to break and enter into the White House because he doesn't belong there.
Isn't that wild?
But if you were,
Well, there'd be two things on your agenda.
You'd want to make us energy dependent.
Oh, Biden did that.
Cancelled all federal drilling or oil deals.
Cancelled the Keystone Pipeline.
And then had it send it out on Warren Buffett's train lines straight over to China.
Way to go, Joe.
So you'd make us energy dependent.
You'd ship our energy out.
Let other countries have it.
Like China.
Instead of bringing it here.
When we already built the pipeline and had the deal done.
And then you would weaken the military.
Which now the Democrats are moving on two fronts right now.
Joe Biden signs an executive order.
It's time for transgenders to be back in the military.
It's time for the trannies to be back in the military.
We can't be bigoted here.
Oh, you don't even know what gender you are?
You don't know what sex you are?
Sounds great.
Get in.
You're hired.
Frontline Infantry.
In fact, forget about that.
It was just a general.
No military experience.
We're gonna call you Gender Transitional General.
In fact, it's a new post now.
The Gender Bending General.
Gender Bending General, appointed by Joe Biden.
And if you actually look at the executive orders, 30 plus now, three or four of them are transgender stuff.
Most of them are just China first, eliminating America first policy from Trump.
They got about 15 COVID nonsensical ones.
Again, he doesn't even know what's going on.
He just sits down at a desk.
There's a stack of executive orders.
He just signs them.
I mean, talk about how dangerous.
We don't even have a president, ladies and gentlemen.
The United States of America doesn't currently have a president.
And our Congress has bought off and paid for.
The media has bought off and paid for.
And now that China knows Biden's on the leash with them,
They're moving into Taiwan.
They're moving into Hong Kong.
They're expanding in the South China Sea.
They're getting in battles with India at the border.
Oh, yeah.
Now Walmart's canceling all their deals for Made in America products or buying from China.
Headline from CNN, foreign companies are giving up on the United States and betting big on China.
The China stock market's on the rise.
So what would you do if you wanted to weaken America?
Well, you'd do exactly what Joe Biden is doing.
You would do to a T what Joe Biden is doing.
And in fact, it's already having disastrous effects on people's lives.
And so here is a
One of the men who was working on the Keystone Pipeline, in clip four, talking about how Joe Biden has already cost them hundreds of jobs.
The numbers of jobs are thousands of jobs.
There's Michaels, there's Precision Pipeline.
Now, there were so many jobs in the oil industry under President Trump, they couldn't even hire enough people.
These are jobs starting at like 70k a year.
Biden just said, no more of that.
Oh, we got a booming energy industry.
We've got a booming oil industry.
And he gets up on the podium, reads off his little teleprompter.
We got to do what's best for American workers.
We got to get people back to work.
We're gonna fix this economy!
Oh, you thousands, tens of thousands in the oil industry?
Nah, screw you.
We will, oh, we won't ban fracking.
We will ban fracking.
We won't ban fracking.
We will ban fracking.
We won't ban fracking.
We did ban fracking.
Oh, and now?
Imagine this, you're president of Guatemala, Honduras,
Belize, you get a phone call.
United States, what's this?
Yeah, this is someone calling on behalf of Joe Biden.
He wants to offer you $4 billion.
For what?
We just want to give it to you.
For real.
Mexican leader says Joe Biden offered $4 billion for Central America.
Just called him up and said, hey, you want some money?
Not for you, though!
It keeps on raining.
Levy's gonna break.
If we keep introducing communism in the West, the West
Is going to break.
Back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones coming up here in 10 minutes.
We're going to play some other video clips and get some other news here in this segment.
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All right, so you've got the Democrats allied with the Chinese Communists.
Who have completely cucked the Republican Party, made the Republican Party their bitch, and so now they are bringing in the communist agenda into this entire planet through the West like a vaccine.
Because if they can defeat
The free market in the West, if they can defeat the rugged individual in the West, in the United States of America, then Chinese totalitarian communism can go worldwide.
And that's of course the agenda for the One World Government, the UN, the World Health Organization, you're already getting a taste of that with COVID.
And so, remember though, Biden said that
Trump doesn't know what he's doing.
As soon as Biden gets in, he's gonna have it under control.
He knows what he's doing.
Day one, he's gonna have the virus under control.
I'll have the virus under control.
That was his thing.
I'll have the virus under control.
I'll have the virus under control.
But then yesterday, he came out and made a statement during a press conference, and I guess he forgot his own campaign issue, because here's what he said yesterday.
If we fail to act,
There will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as this pandemic rages on.
Because there's nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.
Nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic now.
He said he'd be in control!
He said he'd get it under control!
All you had to do was vote Biden.
You didn't know.
Oh, but maybe you did.
You just vote Biden and then COVID magically.
Under control.
Of course, that was a lie.
And it's funny watching all these people squirm about the Biden voters remorse, which there's not much of because there wasn't much of a Biden vote anyway.
But for those that did, oh, they're getting it real, real fast.
And they're seeing Americans lose their jobs.
And you know, they are going to try to set Biden up for success with the reopening of the economy.
In fact, Gavin Newsom, California psycho,
Says that he's finally gonna lift the home, uh, house arrest that everyone was under.
He put everyone under house arrest.
He's a good commie.
A good dictator.
Destroyed the economy.
But see... Oh, you can open it back up, and they'll show all of these surges in the economy, and it'll be, oh my gosh, Biden!
Oh, you can just see the media gushing.
And it's not even legitimate.
They closed the economy for a year.
And then they reopen it, and it'll be, oh, Biden is so great!
No, you just reopened the economy.
You could have done it a year ago.
Just look at South Dakota, perhaps the best example.
Unemployment rate went down.
Went down.
South Dakota unemployment rate went down in 2020.
Because they never closed.
No pandemic there either.
But there are some developments in the fake pandemic.
This is a hoot.
China now claims that the coronavirus pandemic started in a U.S.
Well, I guess technically they're right.
It did start in a lab in North Carolina, but it was then sold to China by Obama and Fauci.
Or maybe it wasn't even sold.
In fact, I don't even know if they got money for that research, but they did transfer it.
So that was Fauci and Bill Gates' little baby, and Obama just had to sign off on it.
And so, Gates and Fauci successfully moved it over to Wuhan.
There it is right there.
Put it back up.
And we had the guest, Dr. Francis Boyle, that explained this a year ago.
In fact, probably almost a year ago to today, maybe around 11 months.
So once again, Infowars next year's news today.
And it's so funny because now everybody's admitting it.
You turn into mainstream news.
They show the Wuhan lab this, Wuhan lab that.
So everybody knows it came out of the Wuhan lab now.
But now China is going to shift the blame and say, no, it was you.
Which there is an element of truth to.
We didn't release it onto the world and then cause the collapse of the global economy.
They did that.
It was created in a lab in North Carolina run by Fauci.
And of course Gates had the interest of transferring it because he wants to run all the vaccines.
So anything that they're going to release, you know, he needs to know what's up so he can have the vaccine.
And then how about this one?
Dr. Anthony Fauci is the highest paid employee in the entire U.S.
federal government.
And of course, we know that his 2019 salary was $417,000.
And they say, oh, he made $400,000 more than President Trump.
Well, President Trump didn't make anything.
He donated all of his salary.
That dirtbag, that naked roll man, rat man, Anthony Fauci, highest paid government who killed the U.S.
economy, the highest paid government employee, killed our economy.
And that rat is still going on TV, and now he says we need to assume that the British virus strain is going to cause more damage.
So more fear mongering to kill the economy from the big pharma
Anti-freedom Nazi tyrant Anthony Fauci.
The highest paid federal employee who put you out of a job.
The highest paid federal employee who cost you your business.
The highest paid federal employee that destroyed the US economy.
Anthony Fauci.
He should pay every cent of that back.
Plus, he actually probably owes America about $500 billion, maybe even a trillion.
Let's fork it over, Fauci.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us on this worldwide broadcast.
Here we are, already January 25th, 2021.
Owen Schroer is back in the Austin Infowars News Center.
I am in Utah spending some time with family.
Here in God's country, but obviously wild horses couldn't drag me away.
There's a point I've been to make a lot in the last few months on air, but I never really gotten to it.
So I make it right now.
Almost every morning I wake up and I've had a good night's rest.
I feel good.
And then I get hit like with a ton of bricks that, oh my gosh, we're inside the new world order.
We're inside the great reset and it's only going to get worse until humanity stands up and takes action.
It's kind of like, you know, you wake up, you remember you got a family member in the hospital.
You wake up, you feel good, you remember the bad news.
You wake up, you're in a good mood, you remember your girlfriend just broke up with you two days ago.
This is a hundred times worse than that.
And so I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but the attitude out there of not admitting how much trouble we're in is what's going to allow this to get a lot worse.
We are in the middle of a scientific global government takeover designed to collapse the economy.
And bring in a post-industrial world for 99% of the world population.
They have a lot of excuses, a lot of reasons they're doing this, but at the end of the day, it's all about raw power.
These are not guardians of the earth, guardians of the galaxy, guardians of God's creation.
These are really, really ruthless people that don't follow any of the rules they want for us.
And the fact is, the world is repudiating global government and repudiating corporate governance.
It's the opposite of free market capitalism.
It's a crony capitalist, communist, fascist model that you see in China.
It's the model of the world.
And that tyranny doesn't come from China.
It was set up and designed in China in consultation with the Chinese communists by David Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush, Henry Kissinger, and others.
And it's because they've not been held accountable for any of the things they've done.
They would now put Joe Biden in, who's incredibly unpopular, and Kamala Harris, who did not get one half of one percent
Of course.
Telling us about how America and freedom is racist and bad, to turn all the different groups against each other, collapse the third world with the COVID-19 lockdowns, flood us with third world populations that happen to be brown, while teaching them to hate white people and hate America, even though they're fighting to get here.
So, it's their admitted plan, the UN does not deny it.
That's what's so frustrating about all this is, Infowars credibility's gone through the roof.
Because everything we told you was coming is coming exactly as we said, and it keeps coming as we say.
But that is the enemy's weak point.
It's not that we're that good, it's that the enemy is so organized that that's their strength and also their weakness.
If you admit that you're under globalist attack, if you admit the mask are a fraud, if you admit the vaccine's a fraud, if you admit everything they do is a lie, if you admit they want to lock you down in your home and keep the borders wide open,
If you admit they're organizing the immigrant caravans, if you admit that they're organizing racist minority groups to attack whites all over the world in knockout games and pushing people onto oncoming subway trains, if you admit all of this and start saying no, then their whole plan falls.
But if they can accelerate their assault, burn down cities, attack you, get $10.6 billion of
Public funding to Soros' Black Lives Matter and let these horrible globalists speak for black people and everybody else, then they're going to win.
But that's their strategy.
Cloak their Chinese slave camps owned by Apple in Apple giving money to Black Lives Matter.
Cloak what all these other companies are doing that's corrupt and bad overseas with, oh, we fund Black Lives Matter.
That's all that is, is they're covered.
I don't know, you know that and I know that, but they have to be repudiated for the monsters they are.
For the authoritarianism they're involved in.
How Facebook is used to steal elections all over the world for authoritarians.
How all these companies, Google helps round up the Chinese political dissonance and help build that infrastructure of control.
And now they're not exporting the social credit score control grid here.
The globalists built it there, tested it there, and are now bringing it to our shores.
Now there are legislatures getting upset, there are some governors getting upset, there's Tulsi Gabbard saying this is martial law.
Having the former head of the CIA, the head of the intelligence committee, Schiff, the White House press secretary saying we're going to use the military, the CIA, to designate Americans as terrorists for their beliefs and then disrupt their networks and shut them down.
Disrupt networks means kill people.
Disrupt networks means not just take your bank accounts, folks, it means set you up.
So, and they go, oh, but it's okay, we're advised by third-party groups.
It's like, oh, it's okay, the Nazis took your neighbors away, the neighbors called on them.
Oh, it's okay, the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL said so.
So when you see the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center hate map,
of course.
Just for simply saying homosexuality is damaging and wrong, while they also say infidelity is not good.
You know, I really respect people I know that don't cheat on their wife.
That's a manly thing to do.
And, again, I've never claimed I'm the perfect person out here.
But the point is that it's their right to say whether it's true or whether it's not.
They were firebombed last night.
And on Facebook, the LBGT group, LBGTPQXYZ group that did it, or was associated with it, bragged about it.
They've tried to have the church shut down.
These are authoritarians.
They don't care if China's got 3 million slaves, just Muslim slaves alone, a million Christians and Buddhists in slave camps.
They love it.
They don't care if China executes homosexuals.
What they want is to go in and bully.
You see that Catholic church?
That pro-life church had everybody run into it, screaming, breaking stuff last week.
Bunch of weird leftists.
This is them doing their Maoist Brigade.
Doing their intimidation.
Making their move.
What do you think transgender in the military is about?
It's about wrecking the military.
You can't have women in frontline combat.
That wrecks any military.
Everybody knows that.
Well, now we're going to have dudes that say they're women and women that say they're dudes.
And oh, don't worry though.
Maybe pull up some of those photos of all the top wrestlers and women's wrestling now are huge dudes choking out little girls.
And they even keep their testicles and genitals.
They even get to have the testosterone the women don't have because they said they're a woman.
And now they've got thousands of pervert cases a month of pervs going into bathrooms, going into women's showers at YMCA's.
And the women see a man walk in with an erect penis, and they run out and cry.
And the YMCA says, hey, it's okay!
He's a woman!
You know, this doesn't make sense.
It makes perfect sense.
It's the sabotage of civilization.
It's the takedown of civilization.
And what did Biden say in his executive order last week?
They're not just going to say that men can be in all women's sports.
But now, because of all these lawsuits and states passing laws overturning it, he went further.
He said we're going to provide money for OBGYN
Full gynecological services for cervixes, vaginas, uteruses, and ovaries, including surgeries, to biological men that have male genitals.
Now that doesn't make sense.
They have fired, in the UK and the US, nurses that will not give crazy homeless men, in the two cases I've seen, they come in and they say, give me a pap smear.
And he pulls off his underwear, and the nurses responded, in one of the cases, that he had extremely large male genitals.
He was laughing at her, had a full mustache and beard, and vomiting.
That's who the globalists have unleashed is these demons, going, give me my rights, be nice to me.
That's called psychological rape.
That's called throwing your weight around.
What do you think Drag Queen Storytime is?
Literal videos we've shown you at schools and other areas, like libraries, where there's a weird fat pervert man with a big wig on, and little girls and boys jumping on their genitals, and then weird sick women getting off on how weird it is.
These are sickos who want to overturn society so we accept cloning.
Broadcasting worldwide in defense of human liberty.
Honored to be here, folks.
Look at that headline on Infowars.com for TV viewers.
Radio listeners, please go get it and share it.
America now officially under U.N.
directed martial law watch live.
That is not a clickbait.
That is the reality and outgoing Congresswoman from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard's one of the only Democrats that's decent.
She's like an old-fashioned Democrat, Army veteran, you name it.
She came out and said, this is martial law and we need to decry all these Democrat officials calling for literal secret police
To be turned loose against the American people.
And now, I was reading a CNN article today, it's like, well, almost all the charges are for being in a federal building unauthorized.
Almost no one actually broke anything or did anything.
But, that's the low-hanging fruit.
Now the FBI is going to go after the actual organized groups.
Well, we know who the organized groups are.
They bragged about what they did.
And it's very suspect that nothing's happened to those groups.
Extremely suspect.
And I'll be talking more about that later.
The actual groups that planned it.
The actual groups that launched the first attack and broke down the doors and got in.
Antifa and another group.
And then another group of mainly patriots did have some infiltrators and they got suckered in as well.
So yeah, once they got a big crowd going, they got out of 200,000 people a couple hundred to go inside.
They've already charged 125.
But who's been charged for violence?
The most deadly attack in U.S.
history, world history?
Worse than Pearl Harbor?
I've got an ABC News clip and a CBS News clip where they're comparing this to World War II.
And saying we've got to re-educate all these Nazis?
They're saying if you were a Trump supporter and voted for Trump, you can't be in the military or federal service?
I mean, that's the real Nazi Germany!
Owen Schroer, you're there in the ATX.
This isn't about us tooting our horn.
It's about listeners now realizing they want us off air, not because we're lying, but because we've told the truth and we're raising the alarm.
Is it not incredible to see 100% tyranny in our face?
And we're not really seeing any real action against it.
It's with a totally unpopular, shy, calm, agent president, moving to shut down the economy completely, obviously stole the election.
You know, the good news is people didn't actually vote this guy in, but oh, that's the big evil.
You're not allowed to say that, even though Democrats said, we will not accept Trump when he wins.
We will fight all the way through and we will have our own government and secede.
That was in the New York Times.
John Podesta was advising Democrats to secede and break the country up and have a civil war.
But oh my gosh, some provocateurs broke into the Capitol and four citizens died and then a cop died of a heart attack and brain damage or something.
They can't even say he actually died from this, but now they're saying a stroke or heart attack.
But again, the most deadly thing in history, free speech is gone, we've got to arrest all the patriots, Southern Poverty Law Center, attack maps, ADL attack maps, you know, where they put a red dot on your church, your business, your bookstore, burn it down, attack, attack.
Go to the Family Research Council, start firing your weapons, attack, attack.
I mean, that's the real groups doing this, Owen.
Well, imagine if the Democrats were actually honest about what they were doing, and this is why we haven't really seen any pushback on a mass scale, because the media is in their pocket and they're not honest.
Four years ago, if the Democrats would have said, or the media even, it's one and the same, would have said, anybody who supports Trump, we're going to
Politically persecute you.
We're going to try to put you in jail.
We're going to try to end your business.
We're going to come after your family.
We're going to come after... People would have been like, what?
What is going on?
But now here we are.
If the Democrats were being honest, they would say, all right, look, we're at war with America.
Biden's working for China.
And we want to put you in jail.
We want to throw you in jail.
We want to end your business.
We don't want you to have banking.
So they're just not honest.
And that's why we don't have the pushback.
These people are at war with us, Alex.
They want us in debt.
That's right.
They want us enslaved, and they want us with nothing.
No property, no assets, no family, no speech, no guns, nothing.
That's right.
This is a globalist, multinational takeover.
They've been setting up for decades.
It's here.
We warned you.
But the good news is it's so illegal and so corrupt, we can stop it.
Don't believe them when they say you're not allowed to question an election.
Don't believe them when you're allowed to say that Joe Biden isn't your president.
Whether that was right or wrong, it's your right to say it.
But it's actually true.
Here's Tulsi Gabbard on two different Fox News programs saying what Republicans and others should be saying.
I mean, we're not hearing much on White House press briefings, not just Brennan, repeating four days after Brennan said this on Monday, on Friday, the press secretary said, yes, we're going to arrest people for their views.
The CIA is watching you.
Total attempt at intimidation.
Well, guess what?
The globalists couldn't beat the North Vietnamese.
And the globalists can't beat the jihadis, they actually run themselves.
So they actually want to get going down that road and that war.
There's not going to be a war against the actual military they try to send for us.
It's going to be that very military, I guarantee you in the final equation, that's going to deal with the CIA leftist communist scumbags giving them those orders.
They are literally pushing us into war.
Biden started all these new wars.
These are criminals.
These are maniac psychos, ladies and gentlemen.
And they really want blood because they've never actually been in a fight.
They all want to play soldier like they're playing Risk or Dungeons and Dragons.
Hey liberals, this isn't Dungeons and Dragons, dumbasses.
This isn't Dungeons and Dragons, you dumb schmucks.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to Tulsi Gabbard.
It's so dangerous.
You know, as you guys have been talking about, this is an issue that all Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians should be extremely concerned about.
Especially because we don't have to guess about where this goes or how this ends when you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he's spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country
For these types of movements, similar to the insurgencies they've seen overseas, that in his words, he says, make up this unholy alliance of religious extremists, racists, bigots, he lists a few others, and adds at the end, even libertarians.
So, when you look at their process and they start looking at, okay, what characteristics are we looking for as we're building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about?
A religious extremist.
Are we talking about Christians?
Evangelical Christians?
What is a religious extremist?
Is it somebody who's pro-life?
I mean, where do you take this?
You start looking at, okay, well, obviously you have to be a white person, obviously.
Likely male.
Back this up 10 seconds.
She's reading directly what they said.
Of course, communists are never on the list.
Of course, socialists, antifa that actually burned down whole neighborhoods and police stations, they're never on the list.
But again, we don't want them on the list.
You don't use the Pentagon and the CIA against domestic groups.
You use the FBI.
By the way, the FBI is not even asking for these powers.
This is the left demanding all of this.
Let's continue.
So Congresswoman, we saw some really disgusting pictures of
Brave men and women who traveled from across the country to protect the Capitol, sleeping on cement, sleeping in parking garages, not having anywhere to go to the bathroom.
I just felt so terrible, especially because of the fact, did they really need to be there in that large a number?
First of all, it made me so angry to see all of these different images coming from National Guard soldiers, really posting the reality of the situation that they were in, being shoved into the parking garage that's freezing cold, all strewn about, lying on the ground, really being discarded as though they don't even matter.
Meanwhile, as you said, our troops, National Guard soldiers, some of whom I've served with, you know, 200 came from Hawaii, went to Washington, D.C., answered that call to serve like everybody else.
Only to be mistreated in this way.
No, to answer your question, the militarization of our nation's capital was not only unnecessary.
Yes, we need to make sure that this transition of power happens peacefully and safely, but to send that message both to the American people and to the world that somehow our nation's capital is under attack and threat of
And everybody wanted to have beefed up security.
We're not saying they didn't need security.
Okay, that's enough.
Go ahead and shut that down.
These are both like 10-minute long interviews.
They're both on Infowars.com.
The headline is, Tulsi Gabbard's asked Joe Biden, are we under martial law?
That's like asking the blue sky, is it a blue sky?
Yes, the COVID is martial law.
This is introducing tyranny to you.
And now in blue states, they put it, according to computers, just like they do in Europe, what can be open, what can't?
And they arbitrarily decide.
It's total power.
It's called a technocracy.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to spend some more time with Owen.
They'll be taking over the rest of the transmission today.
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Stay with us.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
I'll be here till the bottom of the hour, and then Owen Schroer is going to take over.
But, Owen, I've got a bunch of topics that I want to cover in the next few segments.
I know you've got a lot of the same topics to cover, but something separate I know the crew can pull up for not this segment, but the third segment is Merck just got out of the vaccine business.
They just got out of the COVID-19, saying that theirs isn't effective and it doesn't work.
Of course it doesn't work.
You can't produce something for the common cold.
They just manipulated the common cold where they can get their own separate test for the common cold to own the common cold and lock down the country using the common cold.
We've broken the code of what they're doing.
Meanwhile, Moderna...
And Pfizer have liability protection, so they're all just lying.
But it's coming out that this is not giving people any immunity to COVID-19 or any other cold viruses for that matter.
And it's actually causing major health problems and major deaths.
I mean, this is incredible.
Hank Aaron died after getting his second shot.
Media Matters attacks us saying, hey, this probably happened from the shot.
Well, we got a whole bunch of old folks dying from the shot.
You have the British government saying, don't give it to people above 75.
But then they still do it.
I mean, this is really murderous information.
And I wonder what it feels like to be Media Matters and be trying to suppress that this is hurting old people.
That's sick.
Well, you know, Alex, it's the same approach to everything.
Everything is destructive.
It destroys the human will, it destroys the human spirit, it destroys our freedoms.
But, I mean, the COVID thing is dying, I think, right in front of our face, Alex.
You know, every time I go out, I'm seeing more and more resistance to the mask.
Every time I go out, I'm hearing more and more people, you know, make cracks about the vaccine or make cracks about the mask.
So I think it's dead on arrival.
But really, if you look at the history, and we've been covering this at InfoWars for decades, if you look at the history, they even admit, Alex, the flu vaccine doesn't even work.
None of their vaccines work.
The HPV vaccine doesn't work, it gives girls cancer.
I mean, so none of their vaccines have actually been proven to be totally safe and effective.
Not a single one.
Let me correct you, Owen.
They do work at setting a standard for big pharma to be above the law and be able to hurt people and get away with it.
And to sterilize and give people cancer and depopulate.
So, they're working extremely well for their real aim.
The real motive of this weapon system is extravagantly successful.
Well, imagine if everyone else had the same immunity to litigation that big pharmaceutical companies had, or specifically vaccine manufacturers had.
I mean, they basically... I mean, Alex, if you went in and you had a doctor say,
I want you to sign this waiver before you get the vaccine.
You say, well, okay, what is this?
They're smart.
You say, well, what is this waiver?
Say, well, this waives any right you have that if you die or get paralyzed or can't have kids, any side effects, you have no right to sue, no right to litigation.
You just take it.
I bet you 90% of the people right there would say, you know what?
No, I'm not going to take this vaccine.
Something's a little off about that.
But see, they do that preemptively.
The answer is, and I'm not a litigious person, but in this case I am, sue Walgreens, sue CBS, sue the doctor.
Just because the vaccine maker got liability from Congress, that doctor doesn't.
And they knowingly prescribed you something that could hurt you.
That doesn't extend to them.
Now they're trying to extend it to doctors right now, so they'll carry out this crime.
But here's the good news.
Most doctors say it's a fraud.
I've talked to a bunch of them.
But see, they get censored too, Owen.
So Big Tech is super guilty in this whole situation.
Yeah, they even went after Dr. Simone Gold.
They actually arrested her because she was in D.C.
on January 6th.
And she was one of the first doctors to call out that hydroxychloroquine works.
She actually cited Anthony Fauci's 2005 essay about hydroxychloroquine working as a prophylactic and a preemptive with zinc.
And vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals.
So, I mean, they know all this.
And it really just shows how sick they are with Anthony Fauci now.
We've learned the highest paid federal employee.
He should pay every dime of that back.
I mean, this guy is a criminal fraud.
It gets worse, Owen.
Oh, by the way, is Biden going to give his paycheck like Trump does back?
I totally agree.
Don't hold your breath.
These are greedy people, even though Biden's worth hundreds of millions.
But let's expand on that.
Fauci owns part of four of the vaccines with Bill Gates.
But the New York Times just goes to conspiracy theory.
He's on record!
I mean, as you said earlier in the hour when I was listening to you about how the Chinese have said this came from a U.S.
It's on record.
lab because the Wuhan was a U.S.
We are back live.
Owen Schroyer is in the Maine News Center in Austin, Texas.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you from the beautiful mountains of Utah.
Spent some time with my family, but we are here obviously tracking the latest developments as they unfold.
The best way to describe things is a total collapse in the confidence system of America.
A total collapse of morals, a total collapse of the regulatory systems, a total collapse of the FBI, just a multinational corporate looting of the country.
COVID at every level is a fraud, is a lie, paid for by Fauci and Bill Gates on record at the Chapel Hill facility in North Carolina until scientists made a big deal about it.
2015, it was a top news story in hundreds of scientific journals, even in Newsweek.
They were doing illegal gain-of-function, super-spreader-type garbage.
People go, well, is it deadly or is it not?
It's a vaccine ingredient, live virus, to put in vaccines to test as a simulant for more deadly chimeras.
So they're developing treatments for really deadly Chimera COVID viruses that probably have 5, 10, 15, 20% death rates, which I know they've made in labs.
They admit they have.
So this is a simulant.
We caught them 10 years ago putting out that particular flu, the H1N1.
A couple of years before it actually popped up, they put it out as a simulant live virus in the vaccines to then track vaccine spread.
All of this is mad scientist testing.
And so we know there were at least 11 major studies for hundreds of millions of dollars a year at the Wuhan facility because China's where you go if you want to create animal human clones or if you want to create augmented humanoid clones or if you want to produce cows that produce human milk or goats that produce spider web that can be used for body armor.
Everything I mentioned was admitted by China and in major scientific publications
Twenty-six, seven years ago, when I was first on air, it was in scientific publications that they had spider goats, they had human-animal hybrids, they had humanses, they had pigs that were basically pure muscle, that were part human, they had humans growing inside pigs, humans growing inside cows, but it was all in the literature.
Underground bases all over the Western world doing stuff way advanced than that.
And like I told you, it's industrial scale.
It's like saying my dad worked in a steel mill.
They tried to hire my dad who was one of the first guys doing implants.
He taught implants at Baylor University.
I don't
Go in months at a time into an underground base, and then come back out, out of the base, okay?
So that's, I don't know, how old was I when I was like, what year was I?
Like eight years old.
I was born in 1974.
So I guess that'd be like 1982, 1983.
And a lot of my dad's friends went.
And they went, they moved to Maryland, they went to an underground base, and did God knows what, implanting things in bone.
That's all they were told, cyborgs, cybernetics.
And so, again, you go see movies like Terminator, you see these underground bases with all this stuff going on, that's actually going on, okay?
And the globalists are tired of hiding this.
They're tired of hiding the human-animal hybrids.
They've definitely got stuff like replicants, but here's the thing, it doesn't create the superhumans like they said.
It creates all sorts of medical problems and total mental illness, and there's just something wrong with these people.
That's what the transgenderism is about, is if you'll accept a man being in women's sports, or you'll accept a man with male genitals going to the doctor and saying he needs a pap smear, if you will accept all of that, well then you'll accept these clones they're going to start telling you about.
Oh, it's Billy, the first human clone.
His parents both had genetic disorders, but they deserve a child.
So, this major biotech company combined their genetics and fixed it, and he's the first humanoid.
But of course he has rights.
And once you say that humanoid has rights, well now the corporations can produce whatever they want and whoever they want.
And so that's the end of it.
This is a giant science race into the future to do gene therapy on you.
These are not vaccines.
These mRNA are reprogramming your DNA, reprogramming your cells to control you.
And so when they had a lockdown and showed you robots at the baseball games, and the football games, the basketball games, and the soccer games all dancing while you're locked up, they're telling you the age of humans is over.
Because the globalists want you to roll over, they want you to die, they want you to not know how to run a farm, or not know how to run a ranch, or not know how to run an auto parts store, or run an auto repair place.
All the new cars, you can't work on them.
Everything's going to be driverless.
And this Event 201, which is what you're seeing now, the Great Reset, is the beta test for the big, real bio-attacks that are coming.
And I told you that 12 months ago when it started.
Bill Gates, four months later, went on CoBear and said, this is a drill.
Terrorists are about to release a real bio-weapon.
Somebody thinks, oh, we're gonna get out of the mask, it's gonna be okay, we'll get a little COVID tracking, you know, still wear a mask to fly, and some people will have these COVID passports, it's whatever's convenient.
And then they hit you with a big bioweapon and really lock your ass down.
And this time hundreds of millions die and it's a real weapon.
And then the next time, billions die, but you've all learned how to stay locked down, how to behave, and not get out of control while they kill you.
So that's what the martial law is about, it's what the global government's about, is getting you all locked down and prepared ahead of this happening.
And look, I'm sorry this is so scary, but this is their admitted plan.
So you can live in denial all day long.
The age of humans is over.
That's why they're destroying the military.
That's why it's going all robot.
That's why they're destroying the family.
This is the shutdown of humanity.
And I could sit here all day and talk about Joe Biden's super unpopular, and Joe Biden can hardly talk, and his hot mic saying, I don't even know what I'm signing.
And while he's signing executive orders, there's a hot mic about, yeah, I did my plea bargain deal.
You've got a bunch of compromised Chinese communist agents in there.
The bureaucracy loves it because it can now literally make deals while using Biden as the fall guy to sell America out.
And then that further demoralizes America.
You see the Chinese troops all marching in lockstep with their parades, all exact.
Hundreds of thousands of them, Xi Jinping, not a citizen in sight, like the Hunger Games.
And then you see our events.
Total squalor.
No one there to see Biden.
Troops laying around in heaps everywhere.
Congresswoman saw troops asleep without masks on, came over and bitched at them like dogs had them thrown out.
Because it's all about demoralizing you.
It's all about running you down.
It's all about making you feel like you're pathetic.
Instead of absolutely never wearing the mask, never submitting to them, speaking up everywhere, saying no, telling doctors that when you take a vaccine, okay, you sign a liability form, getting aggressive outside of violence.
That's what it's going to take.
And violence isn't the answer here, because the public's too dumbed down about who the real enemy is.
We have to take our culture back.
We have to absolutely not support the globalists anymore.
That's how we're going to win.
Owen, I'm ranting here.
I'm going to do one more segment with you and cover some other important topics, but how surreal is it to see all of this unfolding and then going into overdrive?
Well, I didn't think we'd witness it this fast.
I mean, people always ask, oh, when is it going to get that bad?
I figured it would be more of the next generation that we're going to have to face this.
But they're really bringing all the heat on us right now.
And my biggest fear, I think, watching the COVID
Uh, rollout worldwide is exactly what you're talking about.
It was just a test.
They just tested something that wasn't deadly.
Maybe they have a deadly agent, maybe they don't.
Uh, but it was a test and they get all the testing worldwide so they can see how effective it is, they can see how it spreads.
A whole mass test, they can see how easy it'll lock down, which areas are easier, which are how to spread it, all of this stuff.
But you know, the surrealness is it's like, we had to do tornado drills in Missouri when we were in school, and so we'd do a tornado drill maybe every other month or something, and you'd go to a designated hallway or whatever in the basement, and you'd get down and you'd crouch down, that'd be the tornado drill.
Well, that would be like...
They have a tornado drill, and it's sunny outside, and you know, a couple of your classmates are actually panicked.
Oh my gosh!
Hey, it's just a drill.
Like, no reason.
And that's like the whole world.
It's like this whole drill of a pandemic that's not even happening, and yet they're crying, screaming out in total panic over a drill, over a test that's not even real.
Well, that's because people are primed that if they're a victim,
It's like a currency.
Oh, I'm a victim.
I went through COVID.
Oh, I survived it.
When all you're doing is having your future taken away, all you're doing is starving the third world to death so it collapses and the UN can organize it as an invasion force to take your country over, and then the UN again is the solution to the global migrant crisis which they created with the COVID lockdown.
COVID didn't cause the tens of millions to starve to death.
The lockdown did.
Two big articles.
Two big articles on InfoWars.com.
Ron Paul, when fascism comes it will be wearing a mask.
Very important article.
Another one, Gretchen Whitmer, the mass killer governor that sent the COVID positive patients to the one place that might kill somebody, old folks homes.
She's come out and said that she can't stand people that have one rule for others, but different one for themselves.
And wants anyone arrested, not social distancing, not wearing a mask, or out in public.
Even though she goes out on boats when she's not supposed to or tries to, she doesn't wear a mask in public, she doesn't social distance.
Because it's okay, because she's a globalist.
Just like the governor of New York, just like the governor of California, these people are piles of evil trash who flaunt all of this.
In your face.
Oh, and there is so much news to cover, so many issues to hit.
I've got a few final points that I want to hit here, but what else do you have coming up?
Tell folks what you've got coming up after I leave.
Well, we've got the Davos Forum that is meeting right now.
That's a totally anti-American group of globalist elites working on ways to defeat our free market.
You have all the evidence now of Joe Biden.
I mean, forget about the treason he committed before.
He's just committing open treason now right in the White House.
But I'm not even sure if he knows what's going on.
He even admits unwittingly in his own videos when signing the executive orders.
He might not even know he's on camera.
He just says, what am I signing?
I don't know what I'm signing.
And then of course you have the Democrats now targeting Alex.
Any Trump supporter, and they say any Trump supporter can be labeled a domestic terrorist.
Any Trump supporter should not be allowed to join the military.
And they want to send us to re-education camps and gulags.
There are a few Republicans fighting back, but it's not enough.
And then you of course have the race baiting of the mainstream media continuing.
But you know Alex, you said something earlier.
About how you go to bed and you sleep well and it's like, oh you wake up feeling refreshed and then it hits you about the New World Order.
I'm like the opposite.
I'll like go through a day with like gallows humor of having it all and then I lay in bed at night and I'm just like, is this the last night I get to lay in my bed?
Is this the last night I get to have a pillow under me?
Is this the last night I'm not sleeping on a cold hard cement before they haul us off to Gulags?
I mean...
It's a creeping thing, but as we see, it moves fast.
Let me just agree with you there.
Let me just agree with you.
I was laying in bed last night.
They're talking about putting us in prison for our political views and saying they're going to do it.
And I'm literally laying there going, man, this bed's comfortable compared to a prison bed, but this is going to burn itself out.
These crazies are already turning on each other.
They're not as well organized as the Soviets or the Nazis were.
They have more power, they have more high tech, but they're not, this is not going to go the way they want.
Their previous power grabs led to giant populist awakenings and huge landslides against them.
So now they've had to steal elections, provocateur our big event so that they could make millions or a million people look bad with a few hundred bad apples, and they call it the new Pearl Harbor when they only killed four of us.
And then one cop died of a stroke and heart attack two days later.
Still sorry for him.
People see through this.
And so as bad as it is, folks, hold the course.
Keep speaking out.
They can't get all of us.
They can't get 1% of us.
Yes, for people like Alex Jones and Owen Schroer, Democratic Party and the rigged court systems are suing the hell out of us with the aim to shut us down.
That's why buying our products, spreading the word now.
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You just saw them shut down Parler.
You see them shutting down all the rest of the infrastructure.
Folks, I don't spend time on air because it pleases the enemy talking about this, but they are pounding us.
They are attacking us.
I spend hours every day just keeping us on air, literally like a Star Trek episode where the ship's engine's going out, and we're still in the fight.
We're not making a big deal about it to you, but believe me,
I need your prayer, I need your support, and I need a crap ton of money.
I mean, if I had $10 million, because if you sell $10 million of product, if we sell $10 million of food, we get like a million dollars, okay?
Sounds like a lot, it's not running a network like this.
With the supplements, it's a bigger profit than that, but still, if I had $10 million, I could absolutely do things you wouldn't believe and get ahead of the globalists.
All right, Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
I also shot a special report on martial law, the Davos Group, and what's coming next that we should probably air towards the end of the third hour or the beginning of the fourth hour today.
And I just want listeners to remember, I'm not kissing your butt, it's true, how important you are.
Out of the seven and a half billion people on the planet, the millions of you, conservatively tuned in right now,
Black, white, old, young, from Japan to Mexico, from Germany to South Africa, to right here in the good old USA, up to Canada, you name it.
To New Zealand, Australia, you need to understand something.
To Russia, you need to understand something.
This is real.
I wish this wasn't real.
I'm a major target of this.
They're trying to arrest me.
They're trying to indict me.
I'm not even supposed to tell you about all this, okay?
And I'm not a victim.
I chose this.
I expect this to happen.
Does it make it fun?
Does it make it happy?
But I realize they're just going to get me a year or two before you.
I mean, they have an insurance company actuaries we started covering with the Deagle report two years ago.
And this is for no other country, that there will be 200 million people in the U.S., that 150 million will be gone by 2022.
Now, I'm not saying that's going to happen, but insurance companies have us not even existing, basically.
They have us completely out of the game fried.
Well, I saw all these headlines on CNN, especially run by China, and it was like, oh, everyone's giving up on America.
No one's going to have jobs here because China shut down COVID properly and is better than us.
Everyone's moving to China because Joe Biden's announced we're not open for business.
This is economic warfare.
I look at the leftists with their thumbs in their mouths, domesticated, living off the carcass of America, having no idea what's about to hit them.
So, only realism is going to get us out of this.
Only admission of how much trouble we're in is going to get us out of this.
Let me tell you, the Democratic Party, Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, they're on record saying, for America to survive, Alex Jones and Infowars must be taken off the air.
So I have serious enemies.
And by the way, I'm proud to have those evil enemies.
Those sold-out nobodies.
But I need you to understand how important you are and don't take time for granted.
Yeah, we got five times the audience we had a year ago.
But that's still, I don't care about that.
If I'm going to get destroyed, I want to get destroyed for a good reason.
If I'm going to fly my, you know, kamikaze plane into the deck of the ship, metaphorically, the non-violent well, that's an allegory, not for real, CNN, that I want to go right into the engine room, I want to go right into the weapons magazine and sink the whole ship.
I don't want to just crash into the side and not do anything and spend my life needlessly.
But here's the deal.
We may just see a global revolt against this.
People don't comply.
We could turn it around.
They're burning cities down all over the world now and burning down COVID centers, knowing it's all a fraud in mainline conservative Europe.
And by conservative Europe, I mean conservative people that don't usually get out and get violent in Germany and in the Netherlands and all over are burning down the police stations and are burning down the COVID centers and are burning down the hospitals because they're not stupid.
They know the real numbers.
They know they're arresting doctors and scientists that tell the truth.
And by the way, I look at these crowds.
These are Europeans doing this.
Sick of the Islamic invasion.
Sick of the no-go zone.
Sick of the New World Order.
Am I saying it's good to go out and burn up police stations?
Am I saying it's good to go out and burn down COVID centers?
Well, I'll tell you this.
I didn't start this fight and I'm not asking for this fight.
But I'll tell the globalists this.
Klaus Schwab and all of you, and Bill Gates, you're not getting away with this.
And I know you're really freaked out right now.
But I call on the American people not to be offensively violent against capitals or police stations or military bases.
The globalists train you to attack those.
They have Southern Poverty Law Center operatives infiltrating militias and other groups trying to get them to hit
Do you understand?
It's worked in Vietnam.
It's worked in Venezuela.
It's worked in Cuba.
It's worked in North Korea.
It's worked in China.
It's worked in Europe.
It's worked in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland.
Would you like me to continue on for a while?
Because I can list every damn one of them.
This is a tried and true blueprint.
You ask why they don't stop?
Because nobody's ever stopped them.
Because we elect them.
Oh, while the left's building up their bases, while the left's training everybody, this stuff at universities, they're like, oh, don't shut us down.
We're just training to overthrow the country.
But we have free speech, right?
We're like, okay, you have your free speech to overthrow the country.
And then we're like, hey, don't overthrow the country.
Don't bankrupt us.
Oh, sorry, you're terrorists.
We're going to arrest you now.
See how they work?
So they're going for broke.
And they've got Biden in there because they know gutting the country is going to be incredibly unpopular.
So they've got him ready just to remove him again and bring in somebody more popular.
Probably not even Kamala Harris.
This is exchangeable people they're putting in.
And he's deteriorating fast.
You know, Owen didn't just say that.
We've got the audio.
He should play it next segment.
You can hear it.
They can boost it up.
Yesterday, he's like, I don't know what I'm signing.
Like, who am I?
Talk about 25th Amendment.
I mean, holy Toledo, ladies and gentlemen.
But I'll say this in closing.
When I talk about the New World Order coming after us, it's not a game, it's not a joke.
You have to remember, like dominoes, like Trump would always say, if they get me, they're going to get you.
They don't hate me, they hate you, they want to get through me.
And I still see everybody so mad at Trump.
That he was unable to stop all this, but now it's even coming out in the news that he was ordering people to fire attorney generals and ordering people to stop this, and no one would do it.
So we're like, hey, let's have a rally on the 6th to show our numbers peacefully.
And Trump's like, I'm all for that.
And let's march to the Capitol.
Little did he know it was all set up.
And now they're trying to indict.
Well, they have indicted him in the House.
They're now going to have a trial coming up in the middle of next month, in February.
This starts on the 8th, actually, so early February, trying to strip him.
And the Supreme Court's ruled it's in the Constitution.
You can't try a private citizen.
He's no longer the president.
But they don't care.
This is a tyranny.
People say, oh, well, screw him.
He didn't stand up for us.
No one's ever going to stand up for us for real if you throw people under the bus and try to do the best job they could.
It is the biggest wimp attitude out there, and the biggest loser attitude out there, that when somebody goes and busts their ass, and loses billions of dollars, and has their name destroyed, and is losing their golf courses, and losing everything, and is under total attack, that now that he's not up there, and you feel reflected glory through him, and, oh, he's invincible, and the cue stuff's crap, that now you're gonna turn your back on him.
Trump is an example to any other leaders.
They already stabbed Bolsonaro.
That if you run up against us and you don't do what we say in any way, we're going to destroy you and your family.
So instead of letting them destroy Trump, we should hold him up as an example of victory.
And the fact that he sacrificed so much.
That's why they want to destroy Infowars.
To teach anybody else never stand up and never take action or you'll get destroyed.
So instead of
Getting down when we lose a round, or when the enemy strikes back and steals an election, instead of acting like the person that got overwhelmed by a hundred hyenas, the lion, instead of celebrating that person, you throw them under the bus because that makes you feel good because you're not associated with a loser now.
That's loser behavior.
Remember the man in the arena, Teddy Roosevelt?
You've got to be in the arena before you can talk.
And Trump made a lot of mistakes.
But let me tell you, he had a bunch of cowards around him that weren't willing to take action.
That's the reason we're all in trouble.
And so all the guys talking about how you want civil war and how you want death and how you want to kill people, most of those are feds trying to hype you into going out and doing something stupid.
Ladies and gentlemen, if Joe Biden got shot tomorrow, it would turn a loser into a winner.
They understand that psychology.
They would celebrate him if that happened.
They're destroying Trump, tearing him to pieces, and so many people are cutting and running from Trump when they're really about to go after him even more.
And if they can get all his bank accounts, and if they can put him in prison, do you think you're safe?
He's a test case.
So I'll say this again in closing.
We've stood the test of time.
We fought the globalists incredibly hard.
And we need and deserve your support.
I'm very thankful for it.
But we need real hardcore support.
I mean aggressive support.
If you're never going to fight in a physical war, you're not going to fight an information war.
So however you want to aggressively get InfoWars out, and this live feed, the truth is alive.
What you're not supposed to hear, it's still on the air.
While you still can, we can win.
The enemy's not all powerful.
They need to shut us down because they're weak.
So again, however you can spread the word, and however you can get the word out in front of your church, or on local cable TV in front of the city council, or on the side of your barn, or flying an airplane up there with Infowars.com.
I don't know how you're going to do it, but don't ask for permission.
You got the permission.
You got me telling you, do it now!
Take action now!
Don't play games anymore, because it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, folks.
So I'm all in.
I'm betting on you, and I believe in you, but now I need you to take action and not play games.
All right?
Owen Troyer is coming up.
It should be our last broadcast any day now.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
I'm here taking a few days off with the family, enjoying the last glimmering... I am here with my family, enjoying the last glimmering moments of any freedom left in this country.
They're going to use domestic terror attacks, false flags that are staged, to bring in a permanent lockdown of this country.
Breaking America Down, officially under U.N.
Directed Martial Law.
Watch live.
Again, I hope you all share that link.
But I'm not Hunter S. Thompson that would go out and write myself into my own stories.
We are the story.
You are the story.
Fighting the New World Order.
You are in an occupied country with multinational corporations trying to break your will and take over.
Now, I grew up playing a little bit of football, and I grew up watching the Dallas Cowboys and was a big football fan.
But once I got older and learned about the New World Order and the takeover of my country, that it was American versus globalist,
Christian vs. Satanist, I stopped watching sports because I just can't give my emotions to something like that.
Sports were set up, as you know, thousands of years ago by every culture.
To ritualize war.
And in many cultures, they would actually kill each other in the sports games.
The Aztecs and others did that.
Of course, you know about gladiators and the Romans and the rest of it.
And that was also a religious ritual.
Most gladiatorial events were actually private at the homes of rich Romans.
And for a wedding or for a death of, say, the head of the household, you would have maybe 5, 10, 15 gladiators fight to the death.
I think so.
And they're not just going to let you go through life lackadaisical.
They are taking over the civilization.
They are taking over the society.
And so you absolutely must start valuing your speech and your freedom, because it was paid for in the last thousand years, basically starting in England with the Magna Carta, towards what you have.
And all that gas in the tank, hundreds and hundreds of years of freedom that was fought for, is being evaporated every few weeks now.
I mean, they only ran through half our fleet in the last 50 years.
And now, in the last couple years, they've run through most of the last half tank.
And we're down to an inch right now.
And it's all just been thrown to the wind.
It's no longer sacred anymore.
And so, I like Tom Brady, and I've watched some NFL football, and I guess it's healthy at a certain level to try to watch a little bit of it as a distraction to forget where you are.
Except you turn on the NFL, it's Black Lives Matter, it's world government, it's all these weird transgender ads, so they lost about half their audience the last few years.
But just take the Tom Brady case.
You see somebody, already the best in the league ever, their team's done with him, throw him out unceremoniously, he goes to a really bad team and takes them to the Super Bowl the first year.
Now why is everybody so excited about that and how is it bringing back most of the viewers that left overnight?
Because that's the real story of like America.
It's the best.
Everybody knows it's the best.
It's thrown out in the woods at night.
It's pissed on because they don't like its success because it makes everything else look so bad.
They're waiting for it to fail.
This is a known phenomenon.
Take the 1970s movie with James Caan that if you want to know about globalism, watch that movie.
They have cities that the globalists run.
Everybody else is under their control, just like the Hunger Games.
They have regions.
And they have districts, basically.
And only the corporate elite have rights.
And the corporate elite come in the movie, and they want his wife.
Oh, you're the number one superstar in the world?
We're really jealous of you.
We use this to distract the planet from corporate rule.
And it is a blood sport.
It's gladiatorial.
And if you won't give up, we are going to basically kill you.
Well, first they take his wife, then they want him to lose the game and go away.
So again, it's the Tom Brady story all over again, because the system doesn't want you to think it's the individual that's being strong or somebody being super excellent, and he's also been a Trump supporter, but everybody's tuning back in because they love that underdog.
Well, America is that underdog, and globalism is the whole system.
So the left calls themselves the resistance, and they call themselves the outsiders.
They have Hollywood.
They have the big banks.
They have the media.
They have academia.
They have the chi-coms.
They have the pedophiles.
They have the whole power structure.
They have the system.
And all the publications are left is because that's what the banks fund, is the poison of controlling us, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why...
They attack, and that's why they demonize anybody that stands up against them.
Well, instead of getting excited, nothing against Tom Brady, about him being an underdog, sure, that'll make Belichick and it'll make all these other people look like fools.
Who cares about all that, though?
That gets your emotions going.
This is the real game for your children, your fertility, your own body, being able to run your own life, being able to have the own sovereignty of your country, having due process.
That's all what is being flushed out and destroyed.
And so that's why I tell you again, if the globalists were all powerful, they wouldn't care what we were saying and doing.
If the globalists were all powerful, they wouldn't be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to silence us and engage in all this criminal activity.
And now they have overwhelmed the government, overwhelmed the states with total draconian censorship, now taking bank accounts away from the president, now calling for Senator Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz's expulsion from the Senate, all based on the lie that Trump sent people to ransack the Capitol, which absolutely hurt him and did not help him, which there's no evidence he did.
Instead, they had their own provocateurs ready and set, none of which have been arrested, only
The Q people that followed him in who were innocent and were not bad and thought they were on a tour and stayed within the velvet ropes.
They've all been indicted.
They're facing 25 years in prison.
The Q shaman, I may not disagree with him, but he's a nice guy.
An idiot.
Walked into a trap.
I feel sorry for him.
They're all indicted because they're nonviolent.
All the real operatives?
Even though they bragged about how they broke in and what they did.
Not the Antifa and not the other group.
Infiltrated Militias 2.0.
And so the folks that stayed in the velvet robes, they're all indicted.
But the people that actually broke down the windows and beat the cops' heads in, they are all saluted.
They've all done an excellent job because they work for the Southern Poverty Law Center, guaranteed.
I've seen their operatives.
I ran into them in D.C.
I saw their systems, how they try to hype you up.
Come on, let's be violent.
Don't be a wimp, Alex.
It's a revolution.
We know who you are.
We've got your number.
Southern Poverty Law Center's put up attack maps on what places to firebomb and shoot up.
Firebombings, shootings are happening every week now.
They firebombed a Baptist church in Southern California, a Hispanic church last night.
Burned it down.
Hey, there's your real terrorist attacks.
And so the Southern Poverty Law Center, we know you're a terrorist.
We know you got $2 billion offshore.
We know Morris Deese was compromised by sex operatives.
We know he's run by EU intelligence in Soros.
We know everything.
We know about Elohim City.
We know about who placed the bombs in the building.
We have all the information directly from the police in Oklahoma City.
We know the FBI came in their offices and threatened to kill him, Don Browning and others.
I interviewed all the families of the cop, Terence Yeagey.
They tortured to death.
We know.
We know who you are.
We know your number.
We're watching you.
And we know you're planning terror attacks, and you're going to get exposed when they come out, because we're not going to back down.
And the more you try to crush us, the stronger we get, because people are praying for info wars, and they're praying for a global awakening.
So don't let this get you down, folks.
We knew this was coming.
Trump was only a beachhead.
They overran that beachhead, but now they've got a corpse up there operating and trying to sell us on this.
Oh, and you go ahead and take over.
You're doing a fabulous job.
I love you to death, and I appreciate you.
I'm not going to be on tomorrow.
I'm going to let you run the show, because I promise to go to the top of the mountain and do some stuff with the children.
But I really appreciate you.
Give me your allegory or your parallel to my Tom Brady analogy.
Well, I actually have it written down here.
I'd like to get your response to this because we constantly talk about this and you had the knowledge of how the globalists have 50 years in advance of technology.
They had the internet well before it came out.
They had the TV years before it came out.
They have advanced technology they're basically sitting on waiting for the opportune time to release it or give it to an individual to release it to empower that individual as an operative.
Well, we have
The 50 years in advance spirit of resistance, the 50 years in advance spirit of liberty.
And so I'm starting to see it catch up, Alex.
My escape from the madness is, as you know, going to the gym.
And so it's like, I'm at the gym and we're playing basketball and I don't even have to be the one that tells the workers, hey, the mask doesn't work.
I don't have to be the one that says, hey, this whole COVID thing is nonsense.
Leave us alone.
It's like watching other people doing it.
And it's like the allegory of watching, you know, your kid take its first step, you know, to have its first word.
It's like, oh, my gosh, America's waking up.
Oh, my gosh, I'm not alone.
Oh, my gosh, finally, people are getting it.
So that 50 years in advance spirit of resistance, I think, is starting to catch up.
But it's like an immovable force or an unstoppable force and an immovable object that we're witnessing right here with the spirit of resistance and the New World Order.
I totally agree.
Their only hope is to provocateur our people to do stupid, mindless, violent stuff at targets that don't even matter and only hurt us.
So anybody tells you, you know, breaking into Capitol, beating people up is going to advance our cause, they're idiots.
Expose Davos.
Expose Schwab.
Expose Gates.
Expose Fauci.
Expose they launched the bio-attack.
Call for their imprisonment.
Call for an end to the lockdowns.
Expose China Joe.
Support free speech.
Demand governors and Congress take action against this globalist threat.
Call the enemy out for who they are.
Go 110% against them and don't back down and be a leader, Owen, just like you just said.
Alright, Owen, you're taking over.
I want to thank the listeners for their support.
Again, everyone listening, tell folks about the local stations you're listening to, TV and radio.
Tell people now.
Take the stream from InfoWars.com and Bandot Video and share it and say, here's the forbidden info about what's really happening, here's what's coming next, and here's how we stop it.
People are hungry for the truth.
We stayed on air, by the grace of God, for this time now.
All our work now comes together in 2021.
So, you have targeted political persecution of Trump supporters and patriots right now.
And of course, they are making the connection saying, oh, you thought the election was stolen, so therefore you're a terrorist.
Oh, you voted Trump, you supported Trump, so therefore anything that happens by a Trump supporter, you're guilty.
Now, can you imagine if the same standard applied to them?
I could go off with about 20 different examples right now, but let's just look here at today.
Spike Lee, anti-white bigot, comes out and makes a statement at the New York Film Critics Awards, and he says, Trump will go down in history with the likes of Hitler.
And of course, uses his whole speech to demonize America, demonize white people, demonize Trump, and then in unintentional irony, he says, I quote, The irony is, of course, it was slaves that built his iPhone.
Probably black ones.
But that's unimportant to an ignoramus racist like Spike Lee.
And then you had this story going viral today from The Hill.
Police have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed black people in the U.S.
since 2015, according to a report.
An NPR investigation.
You do the math, it's about 27 a year.
If you even believe those numbers.
But okay.
So, this then leads to media coverage and social commentary.
And I've seen it.
These tweets go viral, synthetically or organically, either way.
And it's just black people saying, when are white people going to stop killing us?
When are we going to stop having a country run by white supremacists?
And of course those that are still left on Twitter share the FBI statistics and show that unarmed white people are killed by black people at 500% the number of either cops being killed or cops killing unarmed black people or white people killing unarmed black people.
But see, it's all about pushing that narrative, pushing that big lie to divide us and pit one
Take a look at what happened last night in New York, where a group of criminals attack a 26-year-old man in Manhattan, and then in a, I guess, humiliation ritual, strip him down naked, and then take his cell phone.
Guys, roll the B-roll of this.
Now you tell me what you see here.
By the way, this guy has a BLM hoodie on.
One of the suspects of this mugging.
So there are the suspects right there, and then there's the victim.
Now do I... what do you notice here?
Do you need to state the obvious?
One white guy?
In the whole frame?
Getting stomped into the cement and publicly humiliated and having everything stolen off of him?
In broad daylight in Manhattan and you can't even have a gun to defend yourself.
That's attempted murder.
So there's your guy in your Black Lives Matter hoodie.
Attempted murder on Whitey walking down the block.
So, is Spike Lee responsible for that?
Is the media doing the racial division responsible for that?
Here's another video from Paris.
Same thing.
15-year-old Ukrainian.
Attacked and beaten viciously in the streets by a mob.
Same story that you see in New York.
They won't talk about this.
They'll never report on this.
They won't point out the obvious.
Because they know they did it.
But they love it.
So yeah.
This is what happens when racists
Anti-white racists are in politics and in government and then they complain and justify any crime against a white person as a good thing.
And now we open up the phone lines.
We are going to take first-time callers today.
First-time callers today.
In fact, that's the first time we've taken first-time callers.
In the year 2021.
First time callers today, 877-789-2539.
We're taking first time callers today.
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We set off to create our own turmeric extract that was even more powerful and high quality than what we had been selling.
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25% off and selling out fast.
Guys, make sure to give the guys down there at Copy a big round of applause for throwing an Indian IU verdict.
Really appreciate that one, guys.
Thank you so much.
Must be elite, though.
It's only elite if it's at Infowarsstore.com.
All right.
The crew is getting the first-time callers lined up here.
I've got news that I can pile drive through as we do that.
Davos, the World Economic Forum is meeting there.
And now they said, oh, we're permanently banning Donald Trump.
They don't even want him there.
They don't want him in there listening in on what they're doing.
And I wonder how many of the organizers of this actually made a billion dollars on their own accord, but not through non-governmental, but governmental, really world governmental entities.
Just shifting political money back and forth, government funding back and forth.
So they say, nope, we don't want Trump and he can never come back because he'll tell the world our plan to destroy the world economy in a great reset.
But Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator, he delivers speech to open up the World Economic Forum in Davos.
They are admitting they said it was a conspiracy theory.
They said, oh, conspiracy theory.
Remember that?
There's no Great Reset.
Well, that's the theme of the Davos 2021, to achieve a Great Reset.
And of course, the organizer, the head of it, Klaus Schwab, he says it.
I mean, he said Great Reset probably a dozen times.
And they just say, stop saying Great Reset.
That's a conspiracy theory.
And it just shows you how out of control, out of touch,
The mainstream media really is, it's unfathomable, quite frankly.
Other things that are being discussed, obviously how they're going to launch new world wars to consolidate even more power, how they're going to continue to siphon power off of the fake pandemic, just some of the other agenda
Items at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
But oh, it's a conspiracy theorist.
In fact, conspiracy theory.
President Xi Jinping probably doesn't even exist.
He's not even a real person.
In fact, China doesn't even exist.
It's a conspiracy theory.
There's no such thing as the Communist Chinese.
It doesn't even exist.
So just calm down.
All right?
The Great Reset is not happening.
There is no New World Order.
There is no World Economic Forum.
I mean, hell, they might as well go that far at this point.
It's just crazy, man.
Because all the double standard, all the hypocrisy, all the lies, all the deception just hits me like a wave.
And it's like, do I just cover the waterfront of all of it again?
I mean, Joe Biden?
Wasn't it Joe Biden at the World Economic Forum?
I blackmailed, I bribed Ukraine with billions of dollars in foreign aid to get my son a million dollar job on a oil company board, but the company was being investigated for criminal activity by a prosecutor, so I, Joe Biden, said on a live camera, on a live feed, I bragged!
I, Joe Biden, I bragged about how I got that prosecutor fired to enrich my family and how I used my position of political power and my country's taxpayer dollars to do it.
That's the response.
Oh, I'm sure it's a conspiracy theory that Biden wants to hurt America.
I'm sure that's just
A conspiracy theory.
The war machine is back on.
Paul Joseph Watson has the story at InfoWars.com.
Of course there's more.
Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese Air Force.
Soldiers injured in fresh border skirmish between India and China.
And now foreign companies are giving up on the United States and betting big on China, according to a CNN report, if you believe that.
Oh, but Biden is going to stand up to China, though.
Very, very sad.
And now the Democrats.
This is really just next level.
This is one of those things I didn't think I'd witness.
I knew it would come eventually.
I didn't think I'd be the one to witness it or be in the crosshairs of it.
Tulsi Cabbard gets it.
She says the domestic terrorism bill being proposed by the Democrats is a targeting of almost half the country.
Yeah, that's the point.
But see, it's Pelosi that's scared because she's the real criminal.
That's why they need all that military force in D.C.
because they're scared.
They know that we know they're criminals.
But see, they're so arrogant.
They're so punkish.
They're so snobby.
They still treat them like total garbage.
I mean, that is the sociopathic, psychotic element of these politicians that are living in fear now because they've committed crimes, and we all know about it.
We can read the U.S.
So we know.
And they know we know.
They've been caught red-handed stealing elections.
I don't think there are any legitimate elections.
In fact, you know, I was even thinking about this.
Remember AOC pulls off the big, big upset victory over that top-tier Democrat?
They probably stole that.
Probably totally fake.
It's all totally fake.
But see, they don't even have the common decency, they don't even have that human touch to act like they care about the military.
They still treat them like garbage, making them sleep on cold cement, making them sleep in masks, taking away their ammunition and magazines.
Because that's the essence of who these politicians are.
That's the essence of D.C.
That's the essence of the Democrat Party.
Like, hey, you know, you stick a guy up, give me your wallet, you know, give me your jewelry.
It's okay, okay, fine, fine.
You hand over the wallet, you hand over the jewelry, no one gets hurt.
All right, here's the wallet, here's the jewelry.
And then they just decide to shoot you in the leg and kick you in the head a couple times just for fun.
That's the essence of these sociopathic, psychotic politicians.
And yeah, they mean it.
They mean it.
They're coming for you.
The Hill headline, Lawmakers move to oust extremists from military.
I think you know what that means.
One in five people charged in connection with the riot have some form of military background.
Yeah, they signed up to defend the country.
You're attacking the country every day politically.
Biden's attacking the country every day with his legislation.
The media, the Democrats, are attacking the country every day when they censor free speech.
Biden just proposed a tax on firearms.
That's an attack on the country.
So, yeah.
The military that signed an oath to the... See, here's what it is.
But here's the real headline from Big League Politics.
Democrats move to ban Trump supporters from joining the military and holding federal jobs.
It's all about a total rewrite of American culture and just to make you afraid to breathe.
It's just unbelievable, man.
I mean, they're...
They're totally out of control, and now they feel more empowered because they stole an election in broad daylight.
See, it's all about the New World Order, the globalist agenda.
Anything else out of that is considered estranged, even if it's logical and common sense.
For example, the FBI is now admitting they have not opened a single case on a BLM or Antifa group, while there are hundreds of cases opened right now on people that stormed the Capitol.
See, that's the Democrats who now own the political infrastructure and have weaponized the bureaucracies.
And the media is just there as their safety net to make sure that we, the slaves, don't get out of line.
But I want to go back to this real quick, and then we're going to first-time callers.
Because it's all the same with them going after American patriots and Trump supporters with the entire
So, this really, if you can understand this,
And maybe people can't get it.
Maybe they really can't wrap their head around it.
Maybe they've taken so many drugs, drank so much fluoride that they really can't even get this.
The revelation that one in five people charged in connection with the riot may have some form of military background.
Now, I reported on that first because it was obvious.
But, see, when Americans sign up,
After the media lies about a terror attack, or the media lies about weapons of mass destruction, or the media lies about babies in incubators, and Americans sign up for that, and then they get put into the system of the military-industrial complex.
Okay, we'll fly them around the world, we'll send them on missions, whatever.
It's part of the plan.
It's part of the normal, everyday activity.
But you see, then, when the same people that put their name on the line, put their lives on the line to go overseas, when they see that happening in their country and they want to take action, then they're not allowed.
And so, if you understand that, you understand everything.
The corporate world government runs our military.
The military-industrial complex runs our military.
And so, as soon as they are not in the system of the New World Order, going to wherever they're told to go to, whether it's Vietnam or Iraq or Iran, wherever,
That's good.
That's praise.
That's accepted.
That's the military-industrial complex.
Funds the media.
Funds the ratings.
They're good for it.
But, oh!
If a single one of those guys dares say that there's something wrong with what's happening here in America, dares say it's Pelosi, dares say it's Biden who are the criminals, well, see, then they become the criminals.
They get arrested.
They get their free speech taken.
They get their Second Amendment taken.
And see, the diabolical nature of that shows you how screwed up it is.
The nonsensical bad formula that doesn't add up shows you how corrupt the world has become.
And I can't even imagine
What it's like for some of these veterans who are told, go over there and fight, go over there and put your life on the line.
That's the military industrial complex.
That's the system.
But as soon as they come home, they're told they're pieces of garbage and they can't even defend their own country, which they just flew halfway around the world to do, allegedly.
But now you're seeing the disgust.
Now you're seeing the hatred that the political establishment has for our military.
With Democrat lawmakers like Anthony Brown saying, and I quote, The attack on our Capitol was an insurrection fueled in large part by groups that espouse the same extreme white supremacist views that actively recruit veterans and form ranks of our military.
So now the entire military is white supremacists.
And even though they couldn't point out a single white supremacist at any of these events, a single organization
At any of these events that espouses any white supremacist ideologies, it doesn't matter.
By the way, they can espouse their black supremacist ideologies all day long.
There's about three of them on the Biden administration.
Fine, I don't care.
But see, that's their low IQ, lowest common denominator argument, is that you just say, oh, white supremacy, and then immediately everything's demonized.
It's incredible.
It's so evil.
It's so disgusting.
And it's so obvious.
Yeah, there's Biden saying, clap you stupid bastards.
Yeah, he cares about the military.
He cares enough to send you to die in another war.
Just like he cared to vote for to send you to die in every war that ever came up before.
Nowadays, he doesn't even know what's going on though.
All right, let's go back to the phone lines.
Oh, but don't worry, Biden cares so much.
Biden cares so much about the military.
He's going to make sure that there's transgender people back in the military.
And he says he's going to bring unity to the Middle East.
You know what that means.
About 30 Moab's coming your way.
All right.
To the phone line's first-time callers, we start with Derek in New Hampshire.
Derek, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing?
First of all, I'd like to salute you.
You're like a soldier in the Info War.
I equate this whole last year, you know, the coronavirus, since the coronavirus anyways,
That movie, They Live.
I don't know if you've seen that movie, but where you need a special pair of glasses to see what was going on.
And you guys are the glasses.
I feel like every time I try to tell somebody what's going on, I'm not the best debater.
I'm a fisherman, and I drive an oil truck in the off-season, and so I guess I'm really screwed, but I'm not the best debater.
Biden is literally attacking both of your professions, fishing and oil.
He wants to cancel them both.
That's something.
Yeah, both of them.
Both and oil.
I don't know.
Never mind, uh, what was I saying before?
Infowars as they live, the glasses.
Infowars, they live, that's right.
So the glasses, you guys are the glasses, and every time I try to tell somebody what's going on, I'm such a horrible debater.
You know the fight scene, that really long fight scene where you're really trying to get Keith David to wear those glasses?
I feel like that's what I'm doing every time I talk to somebody.
And I never get them to wear the glasses.
Somebody called earlier about an app.
There should be an app, something that we can go to really quick to go, all right, Littard, this is really what's going on.
And this is a fact.
And this is a fact.
And this is a fact.
And then there's the glasses.
But that's not why I called.
The reason why I called is I saw a documentary on Amazon of all places.
I'm surprised they haven't pulled it, but it's called Hidden Agenda, Real Conspiracies That Affect Our Lives Today.
And it was produced in 2017, but it's a compilation of a lot of documentaries that were made back in the 60s.
A lot of it's in black and white.
And it's like eight episodes.
I've only seen four so far, but I watched three twice.
And it made me call because Ronald Reagan narrates one of them in like 1962.
It's almost like you can feel like that when he was narrating this, this was like energizing him to get into politics.
And everything that they said in there,
To a T is what's been happening over the last four years.
And this is communism, folks.
And if you don't believe it, go watch this documentary, Hidden Agenda, Real Conspiracies That Affect Our Lives Today, and I swear you're going to be breathless.
Eric, thank you for the call.
And, you know, as far as the facts don't matter libtards out there, I don't know if there's any hope for them.
They've already bought into the lie.
They kind of like that.
But you know what?
There's going to be a lot of voters' remorse for Biden.
It's already happening.
So a lot of Democrats are about to wake up and realize how bad it is.
What a time to be alive, fighting for the Republic.
I'm going to be back hosting the War Room coming up 3 to 6 p.m.
So I'm going to take some more phone calls here.
We have a special report from Alex Jones.
Gerald Solante then takes over.
So we do have some other news developing.
I will get to that, covering that news on The War Room today.
But I want to go back to the first-time callers now.
And we go to Dave in Kansas.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Dave, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks for letting me in.
People in power for over 40 years are blaming all of the problems of the United States on Trump.
With the organizational power that InfoWars has, can it be mobilized like the Stop the Steal to help bypass Congress to get term limits, so much power in Congress, so that too much Congress and power is limited?
Most of the people I know would really like to see term limits, but have no organizations to make it happen.
China Joe would be irrelevant if term limits existed.
Pelosi, Schumer, all of those would be totally irrelevant.
And it would be much harder for the deep state to gain control over our Congress if term limits were involved.
Well, I'm not really sure what InfoWars would do about that.
I mean, if anything, if we tried to spearhead that, they would just demonize it and hate it even more.
I know Republicans have pushed for that.
In the past, Democrats have pushed for it.
So, I'm not really sure what InfoWars would do organizationally to implement something like that.
The reason I talk to you about it, you can get a million people to come for Stop the Steal.
If we had a rally in Austin, in Dallas, wherever, to get people to sign that form and get it delivered so that the legislatures would have to deal with it and have to put it on the ballot.
Yeah, in fact, there is a petition that's already live right now.
Guys, where is this?
Term limits on Congress petition.
I can't see where that's at, but it's a petition.
So the petition already exists.
We're in kind of a powder keg of free speech activity right now, where any free speech, any organizing like you're proposing is right for a false flag.
So I think that the day will come when we have to get back out on the streets, maybe sooner than later.
But we're going to have to have a serious discussion about how we approach that.
Knowing how we were set up on the 6th, and knowing how they want to set us up in the future, my goal is to unite with the anti-establishment left as much as we have, or I guess even if we have nothing in common politically, I would rather unite with the left to defeat the New World Order than be fighting with the left to be defeated by the New World Order.
So then maybe if you could do something like that, it could ease a little bit, because most of that is just going to be the left trying to set us up.
Yeah, term limits would be nice.
You wouldn't have the rotting corpses that have enriched themselves to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars like Pelosi and Biden there if you did.
I'm just not sure if InfoWars really is the one to spearhead that, but there are already groups doing that and petitions are out there.
So go sign those and share those.
If you really want to see that, get somewhere.
Dave, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Devin in Ohio.
Devin, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi Owen.
I wanted to let you know.
Thanks for taking my call.
So, I'm a senior in high school.
A lot of people my age, including myself, use Instagram.
One of the first things I did after the election was unfollow the White House account.
And so, the next day, it pops up in my feed, and it says I'm following it again.
And I didn't follow it again.
So, I was like, okay, that's weird.
About a week passes.
I unfollow it again.
I've been unfollowing it for a while.
And then it comes in my feed again and says I'm following it.
And so I was at work scrolling through my feed yesterday when I was on break and it said I was following it again even though I keep on following it.
So I go to the comments and it was like this the thing that popped in my feed was like a video of Fauci saying please wear a mask.
So I went to the comments just about every other comment were people saying why can't I follow this account?
Why does it keep?
So I think Instagram is
Shaking followers for Biden's White House account.
Yeah, absolutely.
We have the story and the screenshots at InfoWars.com on this exact story.
I was getting inundated with messages, I guess it was Sunday morning, saying the same thing.
And it's not only Instagram, folks.
They're not only forcing people to follow the White House on Instagram to make Biden seem popular, they are disabling comments on YouTube because all the comments are calling Joe Biden a pedophile, saying that he didn't win the election and Trump won, so they just cancelled the comments.
And then they're also removing the dislikes from the Biden speeches as well, because it was like 10 to 1 dislikes to likes.
So, Biden is the most unpopular person to ever be in the White House.
The Biden-Harris administration is already the most unpopular, and they haven't even been in for a month, but they've done so much damage to this country, so much damage to their own reputation, just proven liars and frauds at this point.
So, in a way, it's a good thing that Americans are waking up and having voters remorse with how bad Biden is and how flippant they are in their censorship and their manipulation of perceived reality.
So, you know, where do they go next?
They'll make you watch a Biden speech next because literally nobody watched it.
They'll say, you have to watch a Biden speech or we'll arrest you.
Devin, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Tyler in North Carolina.
Tyler, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Oh, I appreciate you taking the time, man.
You're the reason I started watching InfoWars.
I got a phone call from a wife a little bit ago.
She's a therapist at a rehab center.
I'll just leave it at that.
So, according to their corporate policy, now this is a company that manages facilities across the country.
If you do not take a COVID vaccine, they are no longer going to allow you to use PTO time that you approve to be off work when you're sick.
Now my wife is four months pregnant and they're trying to pressure her into a vaccine.
People really have to start waking up to the fact of what we're in and where we're headed.
So her facility does rapid tests, which we all know are inaccurate, every day.
So what happens when she comes in one day
Yeah, I mean, it's a horrible situation.
This is the medical tyranny, and of course it's being rolled out to the medical industry first to indoctrinate them into it so that then they have that implied pressure to bring everybody else into the system.
That's basic psychology.
And another thing I want you guys to read into, I've never heard you cover it on the show, have you read into blue walls in the new Green Deal?
Blue walls?
Blue walls.
Okay, so they're actually talking about this in Italy already.
It's a big push from the Catholic Church.
This is why they're kind of involved in the whole, you know, climate change and all this sort of crap.
Mark my words, people, what they're going to start pushing for is we get closer to the end and everybody needs to go home and read Ezekiel 2020.
They're going to start pushing for a mandatory day of worship, and this is already in the New Green Deal.
They're going to say, oh, look how much pollution is saved, you know, if everybody just sits at home one day.
They're going to start persecuting Christians dependent on the day of worship, if it differs from theirs.
And this is in the deal, you can read this for yourself, and they've had blue walls in the past in other countries.
So just read into it.
Yeah, and of course, they were even trying to push that at the beginning of COVID.
It didn't really take off, saying, oh, look, we're doing such great things for the earth and the climate and the environment.
Total lie.
In fact, science actually shows now it's been worse for the environment, uh, with the masks polluting the roads, polluting the waters.
There was no science.
I mean, so it's just crazy, man.
I mean, it's just, I can't even believe it.
Yeah, there's blue law right there.
The crew pulled it up.
But yeah, they'll say, oh, you know, you have to eat bugs if you're going to eat.
Drink your own urine if you're going to drink.
You know, otherwise you're killing the planet and you're a criminal.
So, you know, it's amazing.
These people believe in evolution, like we're all animals, but then they want to act like they can somehow control the planet.
As if they're divine created beings, but then they'll denounce that too.
So, incredible.
Special report coming up from Alex Jones next, ladies and gentlemen.
During this short break, go to InfoWarsStore.com and support us.
It's now official.
The United States, only six days into Joe Biden's administration, is now under martial law.
Martial law directed by the United Nations.
And as we speak, one of the key organizations quarterbacking the global takeover, the Davos Group, is meeting, plotting their next steps.
Outgoing Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbards called out the elephant in the room over the weekend and asked President Biden, are we under martial law?
Well, that's like asking a member of the mafia if they're a gangster.
Yes, we're under a civil emergency.
Yes, we're under martial law.
And it's directed by the United Nations.
It is directed by the Davos Group.
It is directed by the globalists.
And they used COVID-19 as the initial way to put the lockdown or the political clampdown in place in all these countries that were unpopular, like Spain and France, where the leaders were set to be toppled.
Where they had basically open civil war starting with the yellow jackets and the rest of it.
Suddenly they have the excuse to clamp down.
And what's really frustrating is none of this is even a secret.
The entire planet back in February and March of 2020 was put under United Nations directed global lockdown.
We were told the WHO is in charge.
Governments are taking its orders.
Big Tech is taking its orders.
It doesn't matter if thousands of doctors and scientists come out and say that COVID's overblown, or that hydroxychloroquine is basically a cure, or that they're listing people that died of other diseases.
As COVID, the same formula worldwide.
They were allowed to do it because it was a civil emergency.
And the UN said, send COVID patients to nursing homes, the one group of people that COVID actually has a good chance of killing.
For the rest of the public, it's 99.99999 that you can't die.
But yes, if you have cancer, if you're obese, if you're above 75, you are in trouble if you've got diabetes.
But again, this was their excuse to muzzle us, both our speech online and physically in
The real world.
And once that was in place, all over the planet now they are putting permanent forms of martial law in place and say they're going to have military on the streets.
But more importantly, they're announcing, and the White House has officially done this through their spokesperson last Friday, that they are going to work with the Defense Department, the FBI, the CIA, that's all illegal to have those groups domestically operating with the FBI, against
The American people, and they're going to create lists of people from religious extremists, that's whoever they want, pro-life people, folks like that, all the way to, quote, even libertarians.
Now, that was Brennan a few days before her that said that, but then the White House press secretary came out and she said, indeed, that's what we're doing.
But worse than that, we're going to have the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We're gonna have the ADL actually create these lists and give them to us.
Those are the same groups that have created the list of who gets banned online.
Facebook, when they named me as a dangerous person a few years ago, and said that you can't even be nice to me.
If you talk positively of me, the Facebook cult will kick you off or even remove you, not just suspend you.
And it was all because the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL, who are like gods,
These fascist authoritarian gods said that I'm a bad person.
So that's how this worked.
First they demonized me, built a straw man, twisted things I'd said, took things out of context, built this lie that I should be removed, unpersoned, and then once that domino fell, all the other dominoes fell.
That's the same thing with the Capitol.
Hundreds of thousands of people there, the police stand down, less than a hundred rioters,
We need to quote be routed out
By the Defense Department, the CIA, working with the FBI.
And again, the FBI can operate domestically, but when it works with the CIA and or the Defense Department, that is extremely illegal, that is extremely dangerous.
And that's why even the squad has come out and said this is wrong because they understand what's going on because they're connected to real terrorists.
And so even, you know, mainline, you know, terror-connected Democrats who are now given free reign in America are scared because they understand that that could be aimed at them legitimately in the future.
It's very important for me to reach out to any new viewers and listeners at this point and to beg you to go back and research globalist reports and documents from the last few decades so that when you understand this information is real and not my opinion, you'll be forced to either submit to this takeover or take action against it.
I believe you'll take action against it.
It needs your consent.
It needs you to submit.
The globalists are simply all the old money figuring out how to use technology and high-tech manipulation to control populations.
And back in the 40s...
They tasked the Carnegie Endowment, along with the Rockefeller Endowment, to create a world without conflict.
You can go read these documents.
And they developed plans like 7277, State Department memorandum, and others.
And much of this has now been declassified.
Back in the 70s by Anthony Sutton, that was the head archivist for the House and Senate.
And he wrote several big books with those documents in it.
Anthony Sutton also first got the secret Skull & Bones documents from Charlotte Iserby, whose father was a member of Skull & Bones.
So, that's how we know of his plan.
And their argument is, if they bring in a world government, and they get rid of male and female,
For most of the commoners.
1932, and this group has envisioned this, and they've done this.
Just like the Wright Brothers, you know, a hundred and something years ago, basically got a Bolswood airplane to take off.
It was bicycle power.
And then now we've got jets that go Mach 6, or, you know, space planes, the rest of it.
So, they envisioned all of this, and they've been slowly setting it up.
And now that they have the technocracy in place, they're trying to carry it out.
And they purposely wanted to get everybody in debt first.
So they've created
Well, now it's about $10 quadrillion, just the United States alone.
Worldwide, no one knows.
But we're talking about thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of just trillions of unlimited dollars.
It's all made up.
It's all fraudulent.
In the Great Depression, where you had to have a wheelbarrow of Deutsche Marks, millions of Deutsche Marks to be able to have a meal, and you'd pay for your meal up front, because by the time you finished the meal in two hours, it would be twice as much.
They've artificially created this, and now they need an excuse to pop the bubble, and then take over all the real land and real property.
And they also need to bankrupt all the real businesses to get people dependent on a universal guaranteed income of about $1,200 a month.
And with that comes all the strings and controls that are attached.
They're now announcing, if you don't take the vaccine, you don't get it.
If you don't send your children to the leftist programming, you don't get it.
This is all being announced.
And that's just in 2021.
So this is total control.
They have a name for it.
It's called serfdom.
It's called slavery.
The globalists for over a hundred years literally meet up on top mountains in Switzerland and other areas in Europe and plot the takeover of society.
And much of this again has come out in Senate reports as early as 1977 in the Church Committee reports.
This is the shadow government.
These are the oligarchs and they want a corporate takeover of the very biological function of humans.
You don't just think they want to control the biological
Life cycle of corn or of tomatoes where corn and tomatoes can't produce any new corn or tomatoes.
You have to go back to the corporation and buy the seeds from them that only live once.
You don't just think they want to control the salmon that they've spliced with grasshoppers that are twice as big and eat and kill the normal natural salmon.
They want us.
And they want to control that, and they want to be able to have clones and basically stuff right out of Blade Runner.
They want to be able to play God, and they've been doing all this underground, literally and figuratively, for at least 50 years.
And now they're emerging with all of it out in the open, and they want to be able to silence anybody that challenges them.
So, here's the most important point I want to make to everybody.
They're preparing a global financial collapse.
They're going to roll out new digital cryptocurrencies.
China is launching theirs in two months.
The system has bet everything on big tech and the social media.
Those are going to be the new digital countries.
And it's going to be in those digital countries minded and controlled by literal communist trained organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL that you'll be programmed to live in a new communist system where the corporations are above you and operate a corporate fascist crony capitalist system.
And so I know this has become a very partisan issue.
I didn't like George Bush because he was pro-war.
I exposed him.
I didn't like Bill Clinton because he was evil or Barack Obama because he was a fraud.
And a lot of Democrats like me and listen to me.
Because they're like, hey, this guy makes a lot of sense.
Trump came along, and I saw him as a chance to beat the globalists.
He had a lot of problems.
And it became partisan again.
But Trump's gone, OK?
And so that's a negative thing in some ways, as you're now seeing.
It's accelerating the globalist plan.
But at another level, it's time for people to come together and realize how serious this is.
It doesn't matter if it's Mitch McConnell or Chuck Schumer.
These are all very, very bad, very, very empty people put in power by the structure because they're puppets.
And they're preparing a global collapse.
They're accelerating a global collapse.
And you need to know that if you go along with this, you go along with wearing the mask and taking the inoculations and all this,
You're not having power over the system by joining it.
You are becoming a cog in the system and a slave.
And you are greasing the skids for all of our destruction.
Because this is all about depopulation at the end of the day.
So please, if you're a new viewer or a new listener, check out this information.
Look into the Davos Group.
Look into the Club of Rome.
Look into State Department memorandum 7277.
Look into State Department memorandum 200 from Kissinger.
Look into the Globalist Depopulation Plan.
They call it the good club, billionaire's club for global government and depopulation.
Look into the people that want you to take the inoculations and want to force all this on you, who they are and how they admit that through these mRNA vaccines they want to attack the placenta in women so they can't have children.
Look into Operation Lockstep.
Look into Operation Event 201.
Look into Fauci funding six years ago, the coronavirus research at Wuhan.
That's on record.
Hell, it was big news then.
It was very controversial.
But USA Today goes, oh, it's a conspiracy theory.
New York Times.
Don't let them lie to you.
Don't let them cut you off from the truth.
Because if they were so powerful, if they were invincible, they wouldn't want all of us shut down right now.
The truth is, we have a real shot at turning this around and changing all this, but you've got to do the core research and then say, I'm a human being, I have value, I have rights, and I declare them, and I do not accept this new world order takeover.
Because again, this is a design collapse.
They create quadrillions upon quadrillions of fake money.
They buy up the world.
But then there's so much debt that causes inflation, so they start hyperinflating.
And that's why these two Republicans didn't want to have big deficits, and neither did the Democrats, at least they claim.
But now Joe Biden doesn't care, just like Trump doesn't care, because it's too late.
They're going into the hyperinflation mode, and the average person's not going to be able to afford anything but a coffin-sized apartment, and you're only going to be able to use the credits on your universal credit score to get a 250-square-foot coffin apartment.
This is all official.
That's why they've been making it cool and saying it's trendy.
All of this is training you to accept less and to have no freedoms.
And they're going to merge the Western world with the Third World into one giant slum.
But the Third World will be corralled into these view-in corridors in the Western world where there's authorized human activity.
Everywhere else will be unauthorized.
We'll show you some UN maps.
And from the 90s, by the way.
Dr. Michael Coffin put together with their own documents.
And so, again, this is a dystopia.
All the other areas, all other farmland and rural areas, will be off-limits.
And the cars won't even start, because they're all going to be self-driving.
You won't be able to even get into those areas via the global social credit score, wherein Apple and Google and China's own words, if you haven't submitted to them, you won't be able to take one half step outside your front door.
So if you think they're just taking Trump's bank accounts away, or my bank accounts away, think again.
This is coming for everyone in a big, big way.
People are now figuring out that I didn't say this stuff over the years to just scare you.
I didn't just make this stuff up.
Harry Shearer once in a documentary talked about listening to me and he said, you know, I'll sit there listening to it with my family on a shortwave radio while we're out camping and, you know, this guy could be
You know, the most incredible fiction writer ever.
Because the stuff he makes up is just fantastical and so scary.
Well, see, sure, I didn't make it up, dude.
I'm not that smart or that cool.
But when I do read top rich people saying they're gonna do this, and then I watch them carry out each piece of it, I am smart enough to do something about it, buddy.
So, I'm not this master science fiction writer.
I'm not.
I'm just a father and an American and somebody that cares about humanity.
And this stuff's real, okay?
So I don't care if you're black, white, old, young, a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, an agnostic, an atheist, whatever the hell you are.
You're a human.
You better start valuing yourself because this world government is 100% real and it's 100% authoritarian.
And it's 100% anti-human.
And of course, if you think Joe Biden and martial law
That is the issue.
You're wrong.
This is way bigger than Joe Biden.
He's a husk, a puppet.
But the people behind him that pull the strings are very, very ruthless.
And they want you poor and under their control.
These are monsters.
Look into Klaus Schwab.
Look into Bill Gates.
Look into Jean-Claude Juncker, the heir to the entire Nazi fortune.
He owns Luxembourg.
German royalty.
Look into Prince Charles running the whole operation.
His father is saying he wants to be a virus to kill 80% of us.
Prince Philip.
And then realize that it doesn't matter if you're somebody that works at the Southern Poverty Law Center or whether you're somebody that works at the ADL or whether you're somebody that works at Media Matters.
I can get here on an animal level and hate you and get mad at you.
But I realize you're just taking a paycheck.
Okay, so I'm going to say this.
I actually care about you.
Because if we're going to turn this around, I need to reach out to people like you and get you to understand that you're destroying yourself.
I know they're just going to find somebody else to take your job if you grow a conscience and do the right thing.
I'm just speaking to you because your soul matters.
And I'm talking to right-wingers.
And I'm talking to left-wingers.
I'm talking to idiots in the KKK and real white supremacists.
There are some of them out there.
Do you understand this is an attack on humans, period?
Do you understand the so-called left you think you're fighting, George Soros and these people?
Are absolutely ruthless eugenicists that hate everybody and think that we all deserve to basically die under social Darwinistic systems?
So I don't care which one of these organizations or groups you're in.
We're all being targeted.
This is stupid.
This is stupid.
This is wrong.
Are some areas of Africa overpopulated or Latin America?
Damn right!
Are they not getting enough nutrition so they grow up with low IQs?
Yeah, it's sad.
I want to build them up, industrialize them, then their population will stabilize, all the studies show.
Instead, if you read deeper into the globalist models, they balloon the third world population to use that as a political weapon to actually take over the planet.
This is so cold-blooded.
So everything you hear the globalists saying they're doing, for one reason, is really for another.
Owen Schroer is sitting in this week for me, but I'll be popping in with a lot of reports as well.
Had to take some time off with the family, but these are just incredible times and I'm so glad that Tulsi Gabbards and that so many others are coming out and pointing out the elephant in the room that yes, it's martial law, but it's medical martial law.
It's cultural martial law.
It's big tech AI martial law.
And it's all about oppressing and dominating and getting past these barriers that our ancestors fought for thousands of years to develop of our own space and our own property and our own bodies and our own genetics and our own choices.
This is an authoritarian revolution taking over the planet.
It is the Great Reset.
It is the Great Takeover.
It is the cover for the global collapse to consolidate their control.
I don't know.
Get a universal income and do whatever they say?
Do you really think that's good to be like a cow or a pig or a duck that's in a pen that is ignorant to the day it's slaughtered and doesn't control its own destiny?
You're a human being.
You have free will.
We have incredible potential together.
But you've got to decide that you have that potential and you've got to declare that potential and you've got to stand for that potential.
We're all going to make mistakes, none of us are perfect.
And for my mistakes, I apologize.
For the things I haven't done, I apologize.
For the fact that I've been so threatened by this, knowing all this news for decades, and trying to warn people.
I've been obnoxious in the process, but it doesn't matter.
I've been the man of the arena, and at least we've raised the alarm and done a lot of good.
And in closing, I want to salute our listeners, and supporters, and the crew, and everybody that makes this happen.
Without you, we wouldn't be on air right now.
Without you, we couldn't have warned people how they were planting false fags on the 20th, and had America stand down and not walk into that trap.
And without you keeping us on air, God knows where we'd be now.
So it's a very great honor and a privilege to be on air.
And I'm your humble servant.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God bless and good luck.
Great being on with Alex Jones Show.
And boy, everything Alex said is so true.
This is the U.S.S.A., United Soviet States of America.
He's been warning about it and so have we.
The reality is hitting us in front of our eyes.
Who could have believed this would happen?
That we would lose our freedom, our peace and justice, being stolen from us right in front of our eyes.
And look at the freaks that are robbing it from us.
Which is your favorite freak?
You like Nancy Pelosi?
Now there he is, little Chuckie Shuma.
One little jerk after another.
I ain't Chuckie, that's another one.
Lindsey Graham?
Mitch McConnell?
Diane Not-So-Feinstein?
Look around your state.
Witless Whitmer.
Lola, L-O-L-A Lola.
Big news, big news.
This, this Rachel is our health secretary.
This guy got more chins or she got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
Look at the freaks that are destroying our lives.
It's not only in America, it's around the world.
There she is.
He is.
Again, this clown telling me about health?
You know, screw off!
I could outdo you in health, inside out, as I mentioned.
First book I worked on, Natural Healing.
What a book.
Back in 1986.
People aren't talking about this stuff.
An honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences.
They make a big deal about picking somebody transgender?
I could care what you cut off, what you didn't.
I just want the best person in there.
Look at this.
Look at this.
That's not my America.
This whole thing is a fraud right in front of our eyes.
New administration?
The new Trends Journal is coming out tomorrow.
You got the Obama administration back in.
Yeah, you remember the Obama administration?
Remember the Patriot Act?
That he doubled up on?
That they could kill us any place, anywhere, anytime, for any reason?
We had a Judge Joria trial?
And now we got this in there.
And boy, do the Lib Tods love Biden.
I call them Lib Tods because they're not liberals.
Liberals respect freedom.
Liberals respect individuality.
You look up the definition of the word.
Willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own.
Open to new ideas.
These aren't liberals.
They're murderers!
Not a war that Biden didn't love.
Didn't vote for.
Sending all our jobs over with NAFTA that he loved.
Bringing China into the World Trade Organization.
And what happened?
I guess that guy blinked in or blinked out.
That's the new
Secretary of State?
How come the Biden thing at Pennsylvania University got some $22 million?
And most of it from the Chinese?
And he wouldn't answer it?
Why do I have to answer it?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm a member of the club.
And all you are, everybody out there, are just
Workers on the global plantation of slavelandia.
They're libtards.
They're retarded freaks that are power hungry.
That have robbed us of our freedom.
Of our peace and our justice.
Look at this.
Look at the clown show.
Look at the clown show right in front of everybody's eyes.
Look at this.
Look at it.
Look at it.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, go back over there.
You got the guy.
That's the new defense secretary.
Oh, they got a black man for defense secretary.
First one.
We had a black president.
This guy was a general in Iraq.
Responsible for the slaughter of a lot of people.
But best of all, on the board of directors of Raytheon.
The big defense contractor.
They're taking over.
Unless we fight back.
Fight back with InfoWars.
Do your part.
We'll be right back.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And I want to thank Alex for having me on and all the staff and the great work that they do.
And these are critical times.
This is like nothing we've ever seen in our lifetime.
Our freedoms are being robbed in front of our eyes.
How they overblew what happened on January 6th.
The epiphany, huh?
No, it wasn't.
Again, you see the pictures.
A guy screaming at the cops, all dressed up in their military drag.
They could blow apart, you know,
Thousand people.
Why aren't you guys doing anything to stop this?
How come you're not doing anything?
What's going on?
And they just stood there.
You saw the pictures of the cops opening up doors and letting people come in.
You've seen the videos.
A guy smashing the window and the cops just standing there.
If this is a real deadly riot, as they're pushing it up to be, so now they could give us
Domestic terrorism.
The guys would have been in there with guns blowing everybody apart.
That would have been a riot.
That's what we would have seen.
But no.
This is what we saw.
Look at this.
You can't stop this?
What, are you kidding me?
Where are the cops?
What's going on?
You got a couple of losers there?
If this is a real riot, they would have gone in there with black and you wouldn't see their faces and they'd be shooting the hell out of everybody.
For this, for this we lose our rights.
For this freak show.
Robbed right in front of our eyes.
But hey, there he goes, there's that cop that killed that woman.
What a tough guy he is, huh?
Yeah, look at all the cops over there.
Look at all the ones behind her over there.
How come they weren't doing anything?
Yeah, look at that.
Yeah, that was... Look, he puts his gun up.
Look at that tough little boy!
Look how tough that little boy is now!
You slimy low lives!
You should all rot in hell!
You should rot in hell for what they did to that poor woman!
Look at them!
Look at them!
Little tough boys!
You're all tough when you've got your guns and your buddies behind you!
But you have a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball when you're man-to-man!
For that, our lives are being destroyed!
Domestic terrorism!
You got it!
It is domestic terrorism!
Right from the White House down!
Those are the terrorists!
They are the terrorists that take us to war!
Like the slimy, murderous George W. Bush!
Calm down, Solenti!
He's only another daddy's boy!
Like little Andy Cuomo, born on 3rd base and thought he had a home run!
An arrogant little nothing of a clownster!
Who'd be nobody!
If daddy wasn't Georgie and grandpa wasn't that other guy.
Taking us to war on lies.
Killing American soldiers, people that believed his lies.
And slaughtering over a million innocent Iraqis.
Prescott Bush was their grandpa.
Yeah, another murderer.
He loved Hitler.
Yeah, Heil Prescott.
These are the people that are destroying our lives.
Look at this.
Innocent people being murdered by our tax dollars.
Paid for by we the people.
Domestic terrorism?
You bet!
You bet!
Domestic terrorism right from the top of the White House.
From the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, Barack Obama.
Right on through.
There wasn't a war that Biden didn't love.
Those are the terrorists that robbed us of our rights.
The Patriot Act.
Hey, how come you're not fighting all them terrorists over there?
I thought the Patriot Act wasn't against, didn't stop Al Qaeda.
It was an act against we the people.
Doubled up by Obama.
And now being put in full force by Biden.
Liberals, libtards who believe him.
Drone strike Obama.
Quote, I'm really good at killing people, as he's quoted in the book Double Down.
Celente, you should be calm.
You should speak like the English do.
They're so proper.
You know, the sun never set on the British Empire.
They've only conquered lands, slaughtered millions and millions of people, but did it properly.
And then occupied them like they did such a wonderful job in India, destroying it.
So you should calm down and be like us.
Be little gutless characters that America's become.
Except the people tuning into InfoWars.
You're here because you want the truth.
You're here because you want action.
And it has to be peaceful.
It must be in peace.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
Am I a fighter?
You bet I am.
I'll fight for my life.
But I won't harm anybody else that doesn't want to harm me.
I respect my neighbors, they respect me.
You won't respect me, it's gonna come back at you.
But no violence.
No violence, only if my life is threatened.
Break into my house, I'll blow your brains out.
Simple as that.
We need a peaceful movement.
Freedom, peace, and justice, we must have now.
If we don't,
We're going to be living hell on earth in the United States.
It's underway.
It's happening.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
They got great products.
I put my money where my mouth is.
I buy them.
I support them.
We must keep the truth alive.
It's being robbed from us.
And get ready for the next war.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And this economy is going to fail big time.
And when we get back, we're going to talk about it.
The worst is yet to come, like we've never seen before.
Oh, they're going to open things up.
Ain't going to work.
The ones that are gone, we'll be right back.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
We're in unprecedented times.
Nothing like this.
I've been at this for 40 years, and I've never seen the world going to hell like it is right now.
And so few people are leading us there.
You know, everybody's talking about the COVID, COVID, COVID.
As a report came out this past weekend, over there in India, 78
1.6% of the power generated during the day was coal-based.
So, I'm mentioning that because 1.67 million Indians die in other polluted-related diseases.
You know, it's not only coal.
But, you know, it's not the cleanest energy to burn.
And 1.67 million died last year.
I mean, that's every year they're dying.
China's about 1.5 million.
From air polluted related diseases.
All the pesticides in our food.
The chemicals.
The preservatives.
The artificial flavors, artificial colors.
Still can't drink the water in Flint.
Hey Obama, how come you didn't fix that?
Not only Flint, all over the country.
All over the world.
And you're worried about the COVID?
Again, we put out a weekly magazine, the Trends Journal, only put the facts in there.
The death rates and who's dying are facts.
In places like Sweden, for example, or most of the world, 90% of the people that are dying from the virus are over 70 years old.
Having pre-existing chronic conditions.
Over there in Canada, 70% of the people that have died are from nursing homes.
That's right.
That's according to government data.
And you got these little freaks up there locking the whole place down.
Little freaks and the tough COVID cops
Breaking people's chops, fining them.
Like, you know, $2,800 for having too many people.
Like, instead of, you only could have four and you had six.
Meanwhile, crime rising.
There's a 70%, there's 81% that's shown.
All right?
Again, these are the people that should be taken care of.
Why are you locking down everybody else?
Young people, you know what the from 1 to 20 years old, the recovery rate is 99.997% according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Yeah, violent crime.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
But what are the COVID cops doing?
They get the violent crime.
They're busting the chops of little people.
We the little people.
We the little people of Slavlandia.
I want to stay on the economy for a bit.
Did you see that?
Economists revise Eurozone growth 2021 downwards amid second COVID wave.
Not second COVID wave.
Not second COVID wave.
Second lockdown wave.
It's one after another.
IEA warns renewed COVID lockdowns will depress global crude demand.
That's the International Energy Agency.
Low oil prices.
It's one after another.
You look at the data.
It's depressing as can be.
But they take care of the bigs.
Commercial real estate and E.U.
get central bank boosts.
Wall Street Journal.
The quantitative easing.
You're a small real estate property owner.
You lose your house.
You can't pay your mortgage.
But Europe's downtown office buildings are empty and malls and main streets are deserted.
Yet the biggest landlords are staying afloat thanks to robust central bank buying of bonds backed by property debt.
Not making that up.
They get all they want.
As George Carlin said, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
Eurozone banks reduce lending as bad debt grows.
So where's the economy going?
There's going to be a bounce back.
Bank of Canada sees economy shrinking in first quarter as second wave makes for choppy recovery.
No, not second wave makes for choppy recovery.
Some little pieces of garbage slum crap
Called your premiers and this and that.
How about wankers?
Yeah, them are locking down everything.
Again, as the information shows, I said 70%.
They just put up one that showed 80% of the people in Canada that are dying from the virus are from eldercare homes.
Oh yes, Celente.
After they get out of eldercare homes and they're sick there, then we send them to day camp and they start all over again.
Look at that little freak.
Another daddy's boy.
Another little arrogant daddy's boy.
Born on Third Basin, thought he hit a home run.
You'd be nothing, you little clown of crap, if your daddy wasn't there before you.
Pee in the air!
Pee in the air, Trudeau!
Pee in the air, Trudeau!
Because that's all you are!
Look at it!
Look at the freaks running and ruining our lives!
Calm down, Selenki!
Be a coward like the rest of us!
Bend over and take it!
You can become a bureaucrat!
You see that one about Fauci?
How much money he's making?
He's like, over $400,000 a year?
Over $400,000 a year, we pay that bureaucratic crapster to shoot the crap out of his mouth.
$417,000 a year.
The highest sa- Look at him!
Look at him!
Look at this little freak!
That's destroyed our lives.
Sucked the joy out of life.
A lying little crap head.
Yeah, don't have to wear masks, he said in March.
But now you gotta wear them.
That's what Fauci means in Italian.
And he's nothing more than a jaw boner.
Look at him.
Look at the mascot.
Hey, freakhead!
What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere?
Oh, look at that.
Yankee Stadium.
Oh, it looks great, huh?
Look at it.
Good throw, man.
Good throw shows you who you are.
You're a nothing of a clown, a disgusting human being, and we pay you this kind of money.
Now, whatever stadium that was,
I stopped going after they redid the old Yankee Stadium.
I went there in the days of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Hank Bauer.
Yep, I was there in the best of times.
And then when they redid the stadium, it made it into junk town.
I stopped going.
I even went to World Series.
So listen, we're gonna be back in a bit.
You gotta prepare for what's ahead.
And again, support InfoWars.
Buy those products.
When we come back, I want to tell you which ones I like, which ones I'm going for, and what you might want to consider doing.
It's up to you to support the future of freedom.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
These are critical times like we've never had before in our lifetime.
Trump is gone.
He's finished, as I see it.
You know?
Alex may have his take on it.
I have mine.
We have nobody.
There's no other side.
You saw Mitch McConnell sold out like that.
Look at the freak!
Look at the freak!
Look at the freak!
Look who's running our government!
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Physical stresses.
And boy, do we have not only common physical stresses, but mental stresses like you can't imagine.
Who would imagine being locked down?
Who would imagine a bunch of slimy little low-life characters robbing us of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and locking us down?
So go to InfoWarsStores.com to keep the truth alive and keep yourself healthy.
Because this is taking a big toll on us.
And you better get strong and prepare.
As mentioned before about the markets, we're going to have the Biden bounce.
It's going to look like things are going to go up.
Oh, that little other slimeball lowlife piece of garbage, arrogant scum crapster over there in California.
Gruesome Newsome over there.
What did they announce?
Just came out.
Easing up restrictions.
Isn't that something?
Yeah, right after the election.
All of a sudden.
Easing up restrictions.
Just like they're doing in other places.
Look at that arrogant.
Look at that arrogant little nothing.
Another boy born on third base.
Member of the Getty Club.
Yeah, Getty it right here.
I know that, yeah.
Here we go.
After promising pandemic signs.
What a bunch of crap.
What a bunch of crap.
Officials with the California Department of Public Health have lifted the stay-at-home order for all counties amid signs that COVID-19 is spreading at a slower rate across the state.
I've been scaring the hell out of everybody for months.
All of a sudden, bam, like that, right at the... Oh, oh, by the way, the flu totally disappeared this year.
The toilet paper record, the New York Times did a whole story on it.
No flu this year.
A friend of mine, may he so rest in peace, just passed away last week.
This guy was really sick.
He had cancer.
I mean, this wonderful, kind man.
A real party man, too.
I mean, this guy's going down quick for years.
And he got COVID.
You know what he died of?
Not the cancer that was killing him, he hardly walked before.
Flu is gone.
You know the story, I heard it, Alex Jones doing it, about Hank Aaron dying after he got the vaccination, which is out of the news.
This is a headline from Newsweek.
What Newsweek?
Last week!
Last week's news, next week.
The Trends Journal's, tomorrow's news, today.
Time Magazine, Newsweek.
These are pieces of garbage rag.
So there's Hank Aaron, right?
This is the way they do it.
This is the propaganda they push out.
At the time, Aaron spoke about wanting to reassure people and do his part to slow the virus.
Quote, when you see Andy Young, myself, and some other civil rights leaders, it makes you feel good.
For so long, they've opened themselves to do things to help so many other people.
The Hall of Famer told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Now here's where Newsweek, who's the little crap piece of garbage that wrote this?
James Crowley.
How about James Lowley?
How about James, you little piece of prostitute crap, for writing this next line?
Following Aaron's death, a number of conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers shared the Braves' legend's death.
You see how they do that?
You're a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer because you see the guy get vaccinated and then him dying a few weeks later.
And then they put next to it, to demote you as questioning this, the Braves legend's death, as a warning about perceived dangers of the COVID vaccine.
Children's Health Defense, an organization that has shared other anti-vax propaganda.
All right!
All right!
Subscribe to Newsweek!
Be a piece of stupid crap!
Be a moronic imbecile!
Look how they do this.
Some people on Twitter appear to blame the vaccine for Aaron's death.
Despite some people's skepticism, health officials and those who receive
Health officials?
Little bought-off pieces of crap that get bureaucratic jobs for sucking down and bending over?
Health officials?
Shove it!
Another health expert described the timing between the vaccination and Aaron's death as coincidental.
You are a piece of crap.
Crowley, who wrote this using that kind of language.
There he is!
All right!
All right!
Never saw the picture, but a picture speaks a thousand words!
Crowley crap!
Crowley crap!
Calling people who question the man dying as conspiracy theorists
And pushing out propaganda.
But you gotta be a prostitute.
You gotta get paid to put out by your corporate pimp.
And your government whoremasters.
Subscribe to the Trends Journal.
You wanna see what's going on?
Because you better know what's going on next.
You better prepare for what's happening.
Last week's magazine was over a hundred pages.
Not one ad.
We're doing everything we can, like InfoWars is doing, to prepare you to prevail.
To prosper.
To do the best you can.
Look at him.
Look at that little jerkster.
Look at that little clown boy.
Yeah, subscribe to Newsweek.
Be a jerk.
So do what you can.
These are critical times.
Silver and I'm still.
Well, we have where we see Bitcoin going down to before it breaks below that point.
If it doesn't break below the point we have in the Trends Journal, we see it moving higher.
That's just on some of the front and get ready for the market crash.
The Biden bounce will be quick.
The worst, unfortunately, is yet to come unless we unite for freedom, peace and justice.
It'll be over.
See you next week.
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I want to thank you all for shopping with us and supporting us.
Without you, we will not be on air.
Infowars, the most banned network in the world.
Let's go ahead and talk to Diana in Michigan.
You're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hi, welcome.
Okay, I want to plug your Infowars mask, although I know that we are all against masks and that it's just basically a symbol of, you know, conformity and enslavement.
Because I want to say, every time I go out wearing it, when I go out to, you know, Shazza grocery stores and whatnot, at least one person, every single time, compliments me on the mask.
And they're like, oh Alex Jones, I love him.
And then I let them know, go to band.video.
Because sometimes when I say band.video, they think B-A-N-D.
So I make sure to clarify that.
But almost every single time I go out, I get compliments on that.
So it's definitely spreading the word.
And, you know, so it doesn't inhibit my breathing.
I wear it underneath my nose, and it's
Kind of like lets people know that I don't really believe in the mask either.
I'm wearing it just because I have to.
I live in Governor Whitmer's horrible state.
But I do want to say I did see one other person wear it at first earlier this year when you first came out with it and I literally got brought to tears because
I saw another person that believes like I do, and I didn't feel all alone out in this world.
And it meant so much to me to see someone taking action, so I went ahead and ordered one for myself.
And I swear to God, and I just had a baby too, on the 7th of December.
Oh, congratulations!
And I was like, I was mastering the whole time of, you know, like, when I was in the hospital.
And I just had to make sure that I'm putting that message out there, and it really makes an impact.
And we, like, have big, long conversations with, like, the workers at these different grocery stores and other customers and stuff, and it really is a feeling of empowerment to see that there are other people out there thinking like you, that you're not all alone.
So even though I don't believe in the mask, it's a great statement to get it out there to the rest of the world.
Anna, I'm so glad you got through.
God bless you and congratulations on that new wonderful life that you have brought into the world.
And I only wish the best for your new baby.
I'm glad she called because this is bigger than Alex Jones and this is one of my frustration points in my mind that people don't seem to get.
And when I've in general talked about Pharisees, I'm not talking about any particular individual.
I'm talking about the way a Pharisee brain works is
Very one-dimensional.
Like, you say the masks are a fraud and cause bacterial pneumonia.
You say they don't protect you.
You say they're a symbol of slavery.
Then what are you doing selling masks?
Well, when we launched them, I made the decision to print it with Infowars.com, so if you're on a plane or in a restaurant where it's a private place, and they're making you do it, and you need to go there for whatever reason, you wear it to fight back, and then use the abuse, like a judo move, they attack you, you use their momentum to throw them through the wall.
Separately, you remember me in the last six months ahead of the election saying we're trying to sell all the products out at discount prices because we're not going to even have that much stuff in the warehouse the new year because if Biden steals the election, they plan to shut us down.
Well, you now see that all over the news.
Arrest Alex Jones.
Shut Alex Jones down.
That's why if you want to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get a t-shirt or get a book or get the supplements, I would suggest you stock up now.
We need to bring in as much money as we can to operate into the future if we have our banking taking away, which they've already done at many levels, but now they're closing in for the full takeover.
And look, don't worry, you'll be joining me.
They plan to never turn the U.S.
economy back on, never take their boot off your neck.
The U.S.
is slated for total destruction.
Now, there may still be time to turn this around, but I just want you to know, in what could be some of our last broadcast here, where this is going.
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I think.
I don't know.