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Name: 20210123_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 23, 2021
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Meteorologists are reporting that this is one of the coldest winters in North America in many, many decades.
But that doesn't stop the left from saying we have global warming, and so you need to turn over control of all oil, all gas, all natural resources to them, because again, carbon is a bad thing.
Think about that.
You're made up out of carbon.
The life cycle on this planet is the sun,
Water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
You gotta have those four things for life.
And they've named one of them toxic and bad.
And so they're saying all U.S.
power plants that put off any type of carbon dioxide must be banned and shut down.
Even though we have the cleanest plants in the world.
China has no controls on their plants.
And has energy about 20% the cost of ours when it comes from coal power.
If we don't have cheap electricity, you can't have factories and businesses and industries here in the United States.
That's why Elon Musk announced yesterday to the Texas Railroad Commission that runs oil and gas drilling that he's going to drill super deep wells all around his space launch bases that he just so happened to put his bases at, knowing he needs his own fuel in the future.
But if Obama has his way, those new permits will not be issued.
Did you hear what I just had to say?
It's very simple.
It's like turning a light switch from on to off.
As soon as Trump got in four plus years ago, the stock market went straight up because America was open for business again.
As soon as Biden got in, all the futures have gone straight down because he said we're going to phase out a fossil fuels period, even natural gas that is totally clean.
Ladies and gentlemen, with one signature, President Joe Biden put the whole project in jeopardy.
17 executive orders in action signed by President Joe Biden in his first few hours in office.
This represents an immediate loss of 10,000 union jobs.
Pink slips will be going out, unfortunately, in the very near future.
And so they believe whatever the UN says and whatever Bill Gates says and whatever the environmental groups say are good because they believe they're actually saving the earth.
But they're not saving the earth.
They're only selectively cutting off the energy to Europe and the United States.
Spain is the most advanced in bringing in the shutdown of fossil fuels in the last decade.
And they're in an ongoing depression.
Upwards of half their population is unemployed.
And in their youth in some areas, it's even worse.
This is the post-industrial world where we're built off of fossil fuels, we're built off of industry, and now they're taking it away, but only in select areas.
In World War II, when British and U.S.
bombers began to retake Europe, the first thing they did was bomb oil refineries, pipelines, and power plants.
Well, day one, Joe Biden, hours after being sworn in,
I think?
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, along with Soros, own and control the railway that goes out to the west coast of Canada, where the giant Chinese tankers will now load the oil and take it to China.
So literally, this is like a giant game of Risk, but it's more sophisticated.
Why didn't the Saudi Arabians fund all the anti-fracking movements?
Because they want to shut us down while they're open for business.
It's so transparent.
This is all, again, a military action against you and your family.
And people get convinced to root for their own destruction.
That is the purest form of mind control and brainwashing.
China's refusing to sign on to the Paris Accords.
So are other countries.
And so it's going to be impossible to develop anymore here.
You'll only be able to invest there.
And that's why they call it the Chinese Communist Century.
That's why Xi Jinping is celebrating helping get Joe Biden in through fraud, because this is real military conquest.
Now, right over here, there's a local hotel where we're hanging out here in America's, you know, beautiful mountains.
It's a perfect allegory of what energy does and what plentiful, cheap fossil fuel energy does versus not having it.
So this is really a stranglehold on our energy supplies and incredibly destructive and incredibly dangerous.
And it'll cause a lot of people to lose their jobs, become very, very poor in the United States.
But that's part of the Great Reset that Klaus Schwab and others want.
I think it's very important to know that the COVID-19 pandemics
Just has accelerated certain trends, which we had seen before, which actually were discussed in Davos this year, like the lack of paying sufficient attention to the environment.
So what we will see now is acceleration of those trends.
And of course, a unique opportunity to reset our global agenda.
To do something about all those negative developments.
I include also the lack of international cooperation.
So you see, leftist followers are really just useful idiots.
They are helping bring in total corporate discrimination, or siege.
An act of war.
To cut off Western Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada's energy.
But that every other country and every other major multinational corporation can still use energy with no restrictions or controls.
And then the taxes off of what carbon we're allowed to use are paid into private mercantile carbon trading systems literally owned by Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others.
Bill Clinton, Al Gore, they're all huge investors and even own part of the companies, large pieces.
So here's a great allegory.
We're out here in the freezing cold.
Cheap, plentiful natural gas allows this amazing fire for us to warm our hands, just like the sun gives almost all of the energy to the earth that we need for life to be sustainable.
So, again, if certain countries couldn't have the sun, and other countries could have the sun, would that be discriminatory?
Well, if certain countries can't have natural gas and oil and coal, that's also very discriminatory.
So this is really an act of war, and we've been convinced that, oh, it's for the earth, oh, fossil fuels are bad, and it's just not true.
The very same big multinational corporations have been suppressing a lot of new systems of energy that are almost free.
And then you also see Bill Gates, who's been involved since the mid-90s with geoengineering.
They've now declassified.
He's running a planetary program to practice blacking out the sun for certain countries.
Again, it's all about full-spectrum dominance.
It's all about total energy control.
So we need energy.
We need the sun.
We need volcanic energy.
We need hydrothermal energy.
We need hydroelectric energy.
We need fossil fuel energy.
We can take all these energies and make them extremely clean.
In fact, we've made them clean.
But now we're being told we can't have them at all.
This is dangerous.
This is war.
And it gives total power and control to the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, and the Davos Group that admit this is about a planetary takeover called the Great
Reset, which is really the great leap forward that Mao Zedong engaged in, that David Rockefeller engineered and wrote articles about in the New York Times.
So again, we have got to move against traitors in Congress with the political truth, and we have to support those in Congress that are actually exposing this before our main energy systems are shut down.
This is going to become very, very apparent in the next few months as the economy implodes, because the word is out, America's closed for business.
We have to stop this treachery, this siege, and this blockade against our Republic.
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