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Name: 20210116_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 16, 2021
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This monologue discusses QAnon, a conspiracy theory that is compared to Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984 - a false good guy who is actually part of the establishment. It also mentions Operation Trust, a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation that aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the impression of a powerful group organizing against the Communist takeover. The speaker cautions listeners not to trust false sources and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, independent sources of information, and standing up for one's rights and values in order to combat misinformation campaigns. Additionally, it addresses the consequences of being associated with QAnon and the need for constructive actions instead of engaging in digital warfare. The passage also touches on Alex Jones' views on current political events and his promotion of Infowars products.

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It's Saturday, January 16th, 2021.
Your four days out.
Tomorrow's news today.
It has been said a million times, because it's true, that in many cases, the situation or the time you live in Defines the man.
Or the woman.
Defines the person.
I began to study the New World Order, globalist system, more than 30 years ago because I found it to be fascinating.
And I am a leading expert on how it operates, if there is one, from the outside and the inside.
But I am exponentially learning more every day now than I learned in the previous month or even year, because now all the puzzle pieces are falling into place and we're not in theoretical authoritarian, anti-human world government.
We are now deeply embedded in it.
And it is a form of highly intelligent madness.
I can see it.
I know how it operates.
I understand it's sick logic.
I understand many of its next moves.
But now I am 100% sure of what I'm about to lay out.
And it disgusts me because I want to beat this system.
And we've had a lot of successes against this cancerous operation.
But let me tell you right now the enemy is running the tables on us.
And it's important when you're getting your ass kicked to recognize that.
For many years I was very negative.
I've been positive the last four overall because we made major inroads.
But now I can see the very sophisticated enemy operation and how they plan to counter us.
And when I say all this, you've already heard most of it.
You already know most of it yourself, but now it's here.
It's not over the horizon.
It's not down the street.
So best as I can break this down, here it is.
We've said, you've said, we all know the false flag is the scoundrels ace in the hole.
They're an ace of spades.
And now they've played it.
And it gives me a just surreal feeling to have walked right into it.
And then to have Steve Pachinic on a few days ago, chortling and celebrating that fact,
but not in the way he said.
It's a little bit different.
But see, that's the thing about the globalist mindset.
As the terrain changes and they flip sides and engage in Machiavellian behavior, they think that's intelligence.
They think the cold, hard, social, Darwinistic way they carry it out is proof of their righteousness, and it's not.
Because the agenda of the globalist is anti-human and is poisonous and is bad.
And all these groups that claim they're doing what they're doing to make us a stronger species, well, guess what?
That's not what's happening.
At every point of the compass, I see attacks on humanity.
And what it is, is really an appetite of evil and a sadistic mindset.
So let me go ahead and lay it out all out to you.
You notice I've compared the Q phenomenon.
To Emmanuel Goldstein.
The good guy or slash bad guy from 1984.
The Batman character.
To Q. And I'd say, you know, the Czars did stuff like this and the Bolsheviks did stuff like this where they would create false movements to find out where their opposition is and lead their opposition into criminal acts so they have a pretext to demonize them, arrest them, and eradicate them.
And then you keep controlling the opposition into the future so that anybody that was ever going to resist you is going to go out looking for the opposition and is going to come running Smack dab headlong into the system.
And I would liken that to the term full spectrum dominance where they want to be the opposition as well as the establishment.
You see a great example of how the left and liberals Have always been part of the establishment, but they have been completely co-opted by the worst elements of it now, and now support Chinese death camps for Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists, and now support total censorship, total war, total evil, and are the opposite of egalitarians or renaissance people.
They are foaming at the mouth warmongers.
But they have their cult-like religious canons of Pronouns and microaggressions to fritter away and pick at each other while they expand their neurosis.
So let me go ahead and give you the big news ahead of Mike Adams joining us on the special Emergency Saturday Transmission.
And then some other special guests as well coming up.
But let me just calmly lay this out for you and start at the beginning.
Since the days of Judas Iscariot, 2000 plus years ago, religious groups, military groups, political groups, Cultural groups always had secret agents and spies.
And they had secret agents that would also try to get people like Jesus to do bad things, so that the Sanhedrin could have him arrested and killed.
So when we talk about treachery, and we talk about people posing as if they're the good guys, when really they're the bad guys, that's as old as humanity itself.
And if I failed, I failed in going after Q enough.
Or I thought, well, it's been made to be so popular, and it covers a lot of the real stuff going on in the world.
Let me just try to be nice to its followers, so I don't have to fight with them, and then maybe they'll listen to me.
But they wouldn't, because they've been scientifically programmed to destroy the globalist opposition by leading it.
And then I was talking just last week about Immanuel Goldstein.
And how that was modeled after how Stalin really would lead the opposition.
And then this morning I got up and I saw an article on Infowars.com and I followed all the links and read back up on it and reminded me of several books I read several decades ago that I'll tell you about here in just a moment.
But here's what it comes down to.
Here's what it comes down to.
What does the Soviet secret internal police Had to do with 1984, published in 1948.
Have to do with New Lies for Old, published in 1984, by a high-level KGB defector.
What do those three things have to do with QAnon?
And the answer is, everything, my friends.
So, I saw this article by Chris Manahan from InformationLiberation.com, up on InfoWars.com.
This morning I went, of course!
The problem is you get so much knowledge and you've read so much and you know so much.
I mean, I used to get video interviews of these KGB defectors and of VHS and air them on Local Access TV.
I mean, I was deeply immersed in knowing all this when I was 22 years old.
And then here I am today just telling listeners, hey, Q is a counter insurgency operation to scoop you all up.
Similar to what the Russians used to do.
People don't listen to just the knowledge given to them.
They want to burrow in.
So let me give you Q guys something for you to burrow in before it's too late.
QAnon bears striking resemblance to Bolshevik PSYOP from the 1920s, known as Operation Trust.
And people, even after they were arrested by Operation Trust, when their torturers came in to torture them, They thought that they were actually their friends, because they couldn't believe they'd been conned.
Just like in 1984, O'Brien, and it's all just a fictional account of this, is torturing him to death, but he still thinks O'Brien's a good guy, and he's like, oh, O'Brien, they got you!
And O'Brien comes in his jail cell, he goes, O'Brien, they got you!
They got you too!
And he goes, oh, they got me a long time ago, Winston.
See, the difference is with somebody like me, I know Pachinick's an O'Brien type.
I'm just observing him and watching him.
I'm not Winston Smith.
See, I'm the full direct frontal assault against all this.
There's none of the Machiavelli.
There's none of the deception.
There's none of the manipulations.
There's none of the knowledge of evil.
I have the knowledge of evil, but I don't use the dark arts.
I use the knowledge of good, and I want those rediscovered.
That's what God smiles upon.
That's the engine that drives me.
So continuing, QAnon bears striking resemblance to Bolshevik PSYOP from the 1920s, known as Operation Trust.
Operation Trust is a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation, run from 1921 to 1926, aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the Communist takeover.
Now Flynn wasn't involved in the modern version of this, But when it was energized and given incredible Facebook promotion, and when Q exploded and became one of the biggest movements in the world, Flynn, getting the ring of Mordor, thought, well, I'll use this for good to stop the globalists, because people believe there's a secret military move to stop them.
Maybe we can use this to organize the military to actually stop it.
But again, that played right into the plans.
And Flynn now knows that.
Here's an excerpt from Trust Operation, pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoly Golitsyn's book, New Lies for Old.
I read that when I was about 16.
And I'm not bragging about that.
I'm saying, folks, it's incredible how this, when you read this.
And here's WikiLeaks warning people.
One of the more disturbing aspects of the QAnon online Trump pacification hoax Is that while it claims to be fighting the deep state permanent security complex, it promotes the rendition of Edward Snowden and a CIA regime change in Iran.
It also pushes going after Iran, which is a CIA Mossad goal.
It also attacks and says, don't pardon Julian Assange.
I mean, give me a break.
It goes into Mike Flynn putting out the QAnon stuff.
General Flynn to Alex Jones.
Donald Trump will continue to be president for the next four years, no doubt in my mind.
24 hours later, Trump said he was stepping down and would be leaving.
Again, that's not Flynn's fault.
He's good.
He's a good man.
That's why they targeted him.
But he sees an army built.
He sees the Chinese globalists taking over.
He sees Biden promising to keep the country locked down.
And he says, okay, well, I'll be George Washington.
I'll try to get Trump to make a move on this.
Because legally and lawfully, Trump really could.
But see, now there's an army assembled.
20,000 troops, hundreds of armored vehicles, F-16s in DC.
And it's not martial law, the storm.
It's not martial law, the storm of QAnon, it's the martial law storm of the globalist.
And now we've got all of the Democrats, Senator Manchin and all of them saying, let's just arrest Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who are the real opposition now.
They're going for a one party state, folks.
Go to Jack Posobiec's Twitter, guys, and show people The incredible footage, the stuff you're seeing is a few days old, but we'll put up on screen.
The hundreds of armored vehicles and troops with machine guns checking people's papers all over D.C.
and they're closing the bridges from Virginia and Maryland into D.C.
I mean, that's full-on martial law.
And yes, they're making martial law announcements that if you're caught on the streets after six, you'll be arrested.
They had huge loudspeakers all over the Capitol.
They had those 50 years ago.
They had them last month.
They had them last week.
But they didn't activate them when I asked them.
I said, get on the PA system.
Tell people, get out of the building.
People will respond to that authority, especially if it's my voice, not just one or two people trying to fight the cops here and there.
But alas, the head of Capitol Police said no, and now no one knows who ordered him to stand down because he's dead.
He killed himself, supposedly.
And then he's counted on the list of those that were killed by the, quote, insurrectionists that weren't insurrectionists at anything.
It was an Antifa-led riot.
So, here we are, positioned For martial law, not just in DC, but they're saying, oh, in the other 50 capitals, the right-wing terrorists that got shot and killed for trying to break a window are going to try to hit the other capitals and governor's mansions.
And we've got to have permanent martial law nationwide to stop these people.
So that's what you're seeing is, just like you saw in Communist China a year ago, an example of martial law at checkpoints, people welded into their homes.
So you'd accept that here.
Now China's open for business.
We're supposedly never going to reopen.
And now, oh, we're going to see troops in D.C.
It's not going to get hit, I would imagine, by the terrorist, the false flag.
But there will, I predict, sometime in the next five, four, Four or five days, be a terror attack or mass shooting or something, which they'll again use to submit this idea of authoritarianism.
And the very Democrats that hate the police and hate the military, they now fetishize the CIA and the FBI and the military, and they want them to arrest everybody, including myself and anybody that even protests against any type of election fraud, top Democrat officials at the state and federal level.
The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Congresswomen like AOC and Pelosi
are calling for the arrest of anyone that says the election was stolen,
even though Pelosi for four years said that the election was stolen by Trump
and that he should be thrown out, that there should be uprisings,
and when people burn down buildings, people do what they do.
All of that real incitement to real terrorism, that was good,
but now that they got maybe 50 people out of 200 that went in the Capitol to break windows or hit a cop
or do something stupid in a small riot, now all the hundreds of thousands that were there
are terrorists and are criminals, and anybody else that protests are terrorists and criminals.
And that, my friends, is a giant PSYOP and a giant victory for the globalists.
The first four or five days, they got the Republicans to collapse and just go, Oh, it's true.
We're all bad.
We're terrible.
These are all terrorists.
And then now they turn around the Republican Party and say, well, fine, you should all be kicked out of the Republican Party.
You were all part of it, too.
You talk about election fraud.
So you deserve to go to jail as well.
So let me get back to it before we get Mike Adams here on the line in just a few minutes.
The article's on Infowars.com.
It's the featured article right now.
Cueing on their striking resemblance to Bolshevik PSYOP for the 1920s known as Operation Trust.
Let's get into Operation Trust for you.
Here's from Wikipedia of all places.
Operation Trust was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate, GPU of the Soviet Union.
The operation which was set up by the GPU's predecessor from 21 to 26.
Set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization.
Monarchist Union of Central Russia.
And it goes on to say how they set up hundreds of thousands of people that believe they were working for the resistance and were really working for the Soviets and for V.I.
Lenin and for Joseph Stalin.
And they go on to break down in here that the mind control was so incredible that when they got the 30 plus volumes of it partially declassified in the 1990s, that it was also used to round up enemies of Stalin and enemies of Lenin, where they would actually get the trust tards of Operation Trust to go out and commit crimes and killings Against the Bolshevik system, so the Bolsheviks wouldn't even get the blame.
And that, my friends, is mission-oriented, operation-oriented mind control.
So I suggest you go read this for yourself.
Let's read a little bit from Anatoly Golitsyn's book, New Lies for Old, from 1984.
And this is just a boil down, but the book is free online.
Just type it in.
You'll find it on a whole bunch of sites.
It goes into KGB director and the other systems were absolutely able to control what was going on in the country and even able to lure people from outside the Soviet Union into the Soviet Union, believe they were going to be part of the resistance so they could set them up, arrest them, kill them, imprison them, or Co-op them believing they were still working for the resistance to again, go out and commit crimes to then be blamed on the general real resistance because members of the original Q-Tard force, again, could not believe they had been conned in something as sophisticated as this.
It's very, very important that you understand this.
Now let's look at George Orwell, who was a member of the British Secret Police.
Then he worked for the Soviets for a while in the Civil War and their operations in the Spanish Civil War.
Then he was a top leader in the Fabian Socialists, was actually controlling much of the Soviet Union, and was one of the highest levels of the control system.
That's why he wrote 1984 in 1948, and then died about a year later.
And in it, he externalized the method of what he learned from the Soviets and the British secret societies that he all were saying were just competing tyrannies of the same system.
Because obviously, you know, the British intelligence did similar things.
The FBI in modern times has been caught doing similar things.
But this particular blueprint is a Bolshevik blueprint that the left is using because they found it to be the most effective in many modern countries and in what happened in Communist China.
And then the cultural model they use once they take over of getting rid of an egalitarian or free society and creating one that is steadily worse and worse and more destructive is part of the plan.
And so Orwell did not like this and he wrote letters and gave speeches before he died explaining all that.
So that's directly from him, it's not debated.
Here it is, Emanuel Goldstein.
Emanuel Goldstein is a fictional character in George Orwell's 1949 dystopian novel, 1984.
He is the principal enemy of the state, according to the party of the totalitarian Oceania.
He is depicted as the head of a mysterious and possibly fictitious dissent organization called the Brotherhood.
Or trust, or Q. And as having written the book, The Theory and Practices of Oligarchical Collectivism, he is only seen and heard on telescreens, and may be a fabrication of the mystery of truth, the state propaganda department, which you later learn he is, O'Brien and others contribute to who he is, so that again, they can hand out little manuals, create dissent groups, so they have some fresh meat to torture and control, and to make sure any organic resistance ever pops up, gets caught in their net, gets scooped up in their webs.
And he's a former top member of the party and a military leader that turned against him.
It's going to take him down.
So again, George Orwell is warning you about this type of situation.
We have the Russian files on it.
The czars did similar things.
It goes on and on and on from there.
But I suggest you go read this and I suggest you spend some time.
It's on Scribd.com.
It's on all of them.
Go read the books written by Anatoly Golitsyn, New Lies for Old, and then also the Perestroika Deception.
And it is all there for you to understand.
Or you can just continue to be foolish and be sucked into lies.
But I'm about to get Mike Adams on.
And lay out for you what is coming next.
And they don't have 20,000 troops in DC and a fighter wing of F-16s and hundreds of armored vehicles for no reason.
They have a reason.
And I'll get more into it in a moment when Mike's with us, but I want to just be very calm and very focused here with you and explain this.
The storm is real.
The storm is here.
They are planning to activate different dissident accelerationist groups to be blamed on the Groipers, the Boogaloos, the Proud Boys.
But the whole Q thing is the unifying theory of this.
So that it doesn't mean that Nick Fuentes did anything.
It doesn't mean that the Proud Boys actually did anything.
It doesn't mean that the quote Boogaloos overall are bad even though their ideology is totally controlled, they're led by feds.
What it means is those are just background groups that can be called the American resistance so that all future resistance can now be under counter-terrorism and basically outlawed and when you don't see terror attacks in D.C.
But you do see them either provocateured or purely staged.
Truck bombs, mass shootings, you name it, around the country.
Any moment now, right through next Friday or so.
They will say, oh, the martial law stopped it in DC.
We've got to have this everywhere else.
And that comes in to an already pre-primed, pre-conditioned public that's used to staying in their houses when they're told, and used to wearing masks, and used to keeping six feet apart.
All of this is prisoner training.
So they got you in the first stage of the lockdown to shut down the economy, to isolate the president, to lock you down.
They fetishize military martial law and control for years with Q.
And hoping Trump would use the military to quote, take out the deep state when you don't get more deep state than the military.
That doesn't mean I'm against the average rank and file enlisted people and non-commissioned officers.
But when you get into actual officers, they have been sent to globalist think tanks.
They have gotten PhDs in the New World Order.
They have been taught like the one professor that teaches them at the Army War College, Thomas Barnett, that we've got to end America and bring in global government.
They're doing diversity training at the military, making them wear red high heels and teaching them that men are bad and families are bad.
This is all going on.
This is the globalist military now.
It just needs an excuse to come after its own and to come after the American people and to change the subject from election fraud and Joe Biden being a communist Chinese agent and the ongoing lockdowns and the deindustrialization and the economic siege we're under.
To the subject of domestic terrorism, and then we just shoehorn from COVID right in to permanent martial law.
That's what you're seeing.
Everything I ever warned of, and they're bringing it to you in the name of the Q-Storm.
It was a handful of Antifa breaking in, initiating the police to start attacking the general crowd.
Some of the general crowd, just like a bar fight, one guy hits another guy, another guy starts fighting.
You don't know who started it, but pretty soon you're in a John Wayne bar scene.
Chairs are getting crashed overhead, you name it.
But out of hundreds of thousands, only a few hundred went in.
Most of them stayed in the velvet ropes.
They took selfies.
They were nice.
But four of them got killed.
And that situation has now been billed as an insurrection, as a total war.
Not as a Kent State.
Not the shot heard around the world at Lexington or Concord.
No, they fired the shot.
And they've got their excuse.
She's screaming and yelling and breaking a window out.
Where are the police with the beanbag guns?
Where are the police with the pepper spray?
They stood down.
They were undermanned that day on purpose.
They were sent for crowd control in the city for the big event down the street with Trump as if it was needed there.
And so all of it was set up with the perfect conditions.
To have that spectacle, but it was supposed to be a lot worse because the cue boards were saying, the storm's here, go in and arrest him.
I was busy trying to organize the peaceful events of days before and wasn't on the cue boards reading all of that.
And so a handful of men did go in.
A handful of men did go in with zip ties, believe they were about to arrest Pelosi, but she'd been taken to the basement.
But it was supposed to be a lot worse.
It didn't go off the way they wanted because the vast majority of people did not go in, did not engage in the augmented Pokemon Go programming that this is admittedly designed for.
So this isn't like Operation Trust 100 years ago or the other counter operations that they've had set up before.
Counterinsurgency operations.
Counterintelligence operations.
This is one even more advanced where they don't even have to have field agents out there winding people up anymore.
They can just do it through computers and find out who's highly suggestible and then tell them, you're a secret agent with Q. Go attack the Hoover Dam.
You're a secret agent with Q. Drive your train off into the hospital ship because that's where Hillary's being held.
And once people are invested in the scam, they never want to admit they were scammed.
Just like when you do the Nigerian email scam.
If you give them that first thousand dollars, because you think you're about to get a million dollars, they come back and say, we need five thousand now, but now you're going to get five million.
A lot of people put more and more money in because they don't want to admit they got conned.
But we now move past that at this point.
I was like General Flynn.
I didn't endorse Q. I said it's very dangerous.
It's clearly a pacification operation.
I didn't realize at the end it wouldn't be a pacification operation.
They would believe they were going to lead the storm and just be the cutouts for permanent martial law and the real storm.
There was a dud last week, and I talked to a lot of smart people, but I gotta tell you, I go with my own gut, my own research, but the smart people I talked to, they agree with me.
And I meet people in the highest, most elite army units, the most elite units in government that aren't part of this, and they say the whole time we've been set up and sucked into this, but that it was a misfire.
We're going to talk to Mike Adams on the other side of this break.
Thank you so much for joining us on a Saturday evening.
The only way we stop this globalist operation and foil their storm, Stormbusters, is by you taking this live feed and the archive feed from Bandot Video and telling everyone that they've got a martial law plan for the next few days and that only getting the word out can stop it.
We need this report to get 10 million views by Monday.
Hit your email list.
Hit your text message list.
Tell your neighbors to watch it.
Run down the street with a sign saying watch it.
Send the links out.
Whatever you do, this report is beyond critical.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've studied history, I've interviewed all the experts, I have looked at every facet of this, and now, only days until the inauguration of the CHICOM agent, it's all coming into place.
That's how they changed the subject from election fraud.
It's how they changed the subject from Hunter's laptop.
It's how they changed the subject from Epstein and Obama and Al Qaeda and the New World Order.
And now use the already martial law in place for COVID-19, and that's what it is, to then be expanded and become political and become permanent.
They train you to stay in your houses, they train you to be tracked, they train you to do what you're told for 9-10 months as training wheels, and now they launch the storm.
The storm is here.
It's a globalist storm.
There's not going to be martial law for Trump.
There's going to be martial law for the globalists.
They're trying to set you up.
Don't be involved in violence.
Expose the New World Order and expose the takeover with information.
That's how we beat these people, with truth.
All right, we just laid out what's really happened with QAnon and how it's Operation Trust 2.0.
And coming up, Mike Adams is going to join us and then constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
But I just want to impart to listeners and viewers that the entire New World Order operation is about censoring and blocking out real communications while they augment and promote stuff like the Boogaloo QAnon insurgency so they can bring in real martial law with their globalist storm.
Please promote InfoWars.com, Ford's last show, and Banned.Video, and all of it, because that's how we reach new people.
And right now, folks are ready for the truth.
They're planning terror attacks and false flags.
They've already told us to blame the Liberty Movement.
We have to expose They Stand to Gain, their history of it, and what really happened to the Capitol with the anti-villainy attacks show that good local police and citizens and FBI are on the watch for what's really happening, and we stop what's unfolding.
So, Please spread the word about the broadcast, and remember, we're listener-supported.
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We're going to go to one more very powerful report and then we'll be back with Mike Adams.
This is Goya's CEO who says, don't trust in man, trust in God.
And this COVID lockdown is a communist takeover.
This was on Fox and Friends.
And then we'll be right back on the other side of this clip with Mike Adams and then Robert Barnes.
Please stay with us and share this feed.
With control of both the House and the Senate, Democrats now have the chance to fast track President-elect Biden's plans for the economy, health care, and more.
But with Democratic administration set to take power next week and no reprieve from lockdowns, our next guest warns the iceberg of communism is ahead.
Goya Foods President and CEO Robert Unanwe joins us right now.
Mr. Unanwe, good morning to you.
Steve, you hit the name so great, correctly.
Thank you.
Good being with you this morning.
Well, you've been on a couple of times.
I figured it out.
So, Robert, what do you mean exactly?
The iceberg of communism is ahead.
Well, you know, we were the United States of America.
We've become divided.
We have states that have socialist tendencies and states that have democratic or capitalist tendencies.
And, you know, our economy is shut down.
We were doing fantastic.
We're one of the greatest economies of the world.
And along comes coronavirus and the perfect storm of, you know, division, quite honestly, hatred of the president and his followers.
And, you know, an economy that, you know, a division that exists in the country.
And nobody knows more about the division than you, because you were called during the pandemic.
And your company has donated millions of dollars of food to food banks all across the country.
You were called to the White House to talk about the coronavirus and the response, and you went.
And then people on the political left tried to cancel you.
With essentially a boycott, but then it turned around.
People were supporting you with a boycott.
And I understand Goya Foods has just finished your biggest, most successful year ever.
You know, the problem is it's a political year and, you know, they weaponized coronavirus, unfortunately, to shut down this economy.
The worst thing we can do is shut down our economy, kill our spirit.
You know, we have a We need a reason to get up in the morning.
God, family, work.
And they're taking away our spirit.
They're taking away our ability to work.
They essentially declared martial law, I believe, in this country, shutting everything down.
It's the worst thing we could have done just for political gain.
I think it's criminal.
I think it's immoral to shut down this economy for this basically political reasons.
And, you know, we're one nation under God.
We're not one nation under Twitter.
We're not one nation, you know, under big media or under central government.
We're trying to have media, big tech, control our lives, the government control our lives.
And, you know, we need to not move away from God.
We need to move closer to God.
They want to cancel God.
They want to cancel Our speech.
They want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty.
They want to control us.
The few controlling the many.
Like a bunch of sheep.
You know, none of these people care about us.
You know, we cannot move away from God.
We need to love and to build, not hate and destroy.
You know, some of us want to be one nation indivisible.
You can't be indivisible.
Without God.
We have to pray, we have to have hope, and we have to move closer to God.
Otherwise, it's not a pretty picture.
Because you are a CEO, I got to ask you, Joe Biden unveiled a close to $2 trillion plan to stimulate the economy and coronavirus response as well.
About half of it is going to go to direct payments to people who are hurting all across the country, and invariably other people will get the money as well.
But also, It's going to bail out.
We've heard from Michael Waltz, the congressman from Florida.
It's essentially a blue state bailout.
It's also essentially a big government takeover.
But then again, that should not surprise us because this is something that the Democrats have been talking about for a long time and elections have consequences.
It's typical politics to throw money at a problem.
A $600 check, a $1,200, a $1,400 check is people are out of work for a year.
That's $2,000 combined.
That doesn't do anything.
And trillions of dollars, where all that money goes?
We've got to get back to work.
We can't shut down.
We need to work.
We need to get up in the morning and worship.
Praise God, work, our family.
That's what we need to do.
We need to get back to work.
Otherwise, you know, and it's so much baloney that we're just throwing money at this.
People, you know, it's ridiculous.
Let the politicians do their stuff, but let us get back to work, please.
There you go.
Something to think about on this weekend.
He's the CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanwe.
Sir, thank you very much.
Have a great weekend.
God bless.
And we are back on this Saturday evening.
Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you be the Paul Reveres and share this with everyone you know, because we are now very, very close to what could be the final hours of this Republic.
But this can be stopped if you get the word out.
I can tell you the FBI, the CIA, the military, they all listen to this show to decompartmentalize and to figure out what's happening.
And that's not bragging.
You have to understand, we have made the most accurate positions, we have put out the most accurate predictions, we are on the ground, we have the best sources at multi-levels.
When Q tells you that military intelligence knows everything, that's not true.
Military intelligence is kept very sequestered in specific areas.
It's the think tanks, it's Harvard, it's the Davos Group, it's Bill Gates, it's the scientific dictatorship.
The Globalists are worried about the Green Berets.
They're worried about the Navy SEALs.
They're worried about the warrior class.
They're trying to phase out the same one they've got wearing red high heels and learning that America sucks at their training right now.
They're worried about that group phasing them out for technocracy and combat robots.
And so they're trying to sucker police and military in to a Q attack.
And that's why they're telling the military they've got so many troops and martial law ready is because the U.S.
military might try a coup to keep Trump in, a coup they've tried to sell Trump that he said no to.
So this is the setup.
And then, of course, it won't be real military because we're putting the warning out that will actually attack this weekend in the 50 capitals.
It will be globalist groups posing as those individuals.
Mike Adams is here.
He's a very smart person.
He's got an analysis on this and where he thinks all of this is going.
Mike, thank you so much for joining us.
You've heard some of my breakdown of what's unfolding.
This is obviously Emanuel Goldstein 2.0, the Soviet Trust Operation 2.0.
It's very clear now that's the case.
They're mobilized for something giant, something wicked this way comes.
What are we witnessing?
Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.
I'm very, very concerned.
America is in grave danger right now.
The buildup of the military forces in D.C.
are clearly about much more than just some knucklehead protesters who show up.
We're talking about 30,000 troops or close to that now in D.C.
with an entire air wing of F-16 air-to-air fighters now attached to that group.
We're talking about a group of striker vehicles with 50 cows.
Looks like it's over 50 of those vehicles, as well as a drone wing and a repair support battalion
as well-- or maybe battalion is not the right word--
but a squadron of repair units and 30,000 troops.
Now, remember, in Afghanistan, we only have about 3,000 troops, American troops there.
So this is 10 times the size of--
This is an invasion force.
This is using a cannon to kill a fly!
Right, so the explanation that this is just for the inauguration is complete nonsense.
There's something else happening.
I've been sent photos of Patriot missile banks being set up in other states in America.
And as you know, there is legitimate concern about Chinese troops in Canada, Chinese troops in Mexico, and also Chinese loyalists being activated in the United States.
And I've been told that there are Chinese weapons Well, I mean, you documented that a long time ago.
So what do you think the play is?
The Chinese will attack and blame it on the Patriots, or what do you think?
Well, first of all, I do think, I agree with your assessment, there are going to be major false flag events that are going to be blamed on Patriots.
And over the last few days, the FBI has been out knocking on doors of people who are pro-Second Amendment and people that they suspect are being part of the Boogaloo movement, for example.
And they're trying, the FBI is trying to recruit a susceptible Gun owners to come in and show up so they can be blamed for the false flag at the Capitol or even at a state Capitol.
CNN will have cameras ready, FBI is running the plans, and Antifa will provide actors who dress up as MAGA supporters.
So remember that.
It's CNN, FBI, and Antifa all together.
They're going to run the false flags, but they need a couple of escape routes.
And by the way, we know that from past stuff, but also at the Capitol, this young man, the Antifa anarchists that broke in with CNN with others helping lead the attack on the Capitol being a hero with CIA Anderson Cooper.
So we know that's what they've done.
They've been caught now.
And what do you make of the What do you make of the federal prosecutor in D.C.
now backing off and saying, okay, the Capitol wasn't a planned attack?
I think that's because we're exposing that Antifa and the FBI and Deep State were running it, and so now they want to drop that narrative.
It was falling apart, especially when the brother of John Sullivan came out and talked about, I think, 260 or 226 Antifa people were part of that PSYOP, the Capitol Raid, which was really initiated by Antifa, and also an embedded CNN reporter that we now know, and some patriots followed them in, but it was initiated by these radical left-wing actors in order to embarrass Trump supporters.
But what I really think is happening here, Alex, is that Remember, there is an Operation Trust operation happening in America today, just like during the Bolshevik Revolution that you mentioned before.
It is happening, and there are some bad faith actors that, even in the last 24 hours, I was able to confirm.
A particular bad faith actor, I don't want to mention any names, but someone who had fooled a lot of people with online videos that were popular saying that no, Trump's going to be sworn in on the 20th.
That person is a CIA operative.
I've been able to acquire his ID number working at the CIA.
So that's an op.
I also want to remind everybody, there are good faith actors out there who have pointed to things that were put in place for real.
For example, the 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Interference.
Trump signing the FEMA Emergency Management Order on January 11th.
Oh, that's how this works.
They take credit, these deep staters, for all the good stuff Trump did, then they have real intel on what's Trump doing so they can seed that out to give themselves more credibility.
Right, right.
But, you know, Chris Miller at the DoD, who says he's going to leave on Wednesday, I can't see Chris Miller betraying his country.
That's not the kind of guy he is.
Pompeo at the Department of State, who also says he's leaving on Wednesday, he has pointed out how China is a grave danger to this country.
Trump has been issuing executive orders over the last two weeks.
Basically declaring economic warfare against China.
That's happening right now.
There is a war with China underway.
Whether or not it has gone kinetic yet, it probably will soon.
But there are good people who are in place for the next few days.
And the question is, is there anything left that they can do?
Is there any patriot left in the military?
In, in the, at the top levels of the military.
And I'm afraid, I'm afraid that they've all been compromised.
I'm afraid they've all been threatened, extorted, paid off, or blackmailed.
I think we have to face the, the reality that the worst case scenario is what's about to unfold.
That's, I'm sad to say that, but that's the conclusion of I think where we are.
That's right, and there's the outgoing Secretary of Defense right there, former Special Operations head, and obviously a patriot, but they have been attacking him massively in the media.
But he says he can't wait to go.
That was just a statement out last night.
And let's expand on that.
Trump's put out videos saying, do not be violent.
We're going to have to transition out.
Sure, the elections are fraud, but we don't want violence.
They're trying to set us up.
And so again, but other people like the MyPillow guy, who I think means well, he comes out of the White House yesterday with a, you know, a thing about declaring martial law to declare the Insurrection Act, go to war with China.
That's the same stuff that Flynn was basically, you know, bringing Trump.
So this is being pushed out there.
But Trump clearly knows he's got to go gracefully.
Because they've got something big set up this week to blame him and really hurt the Liberty Movement and use the entire anti-terror apparatus against us.
And so we've got to give the white hats in government a chance to stabilize things so this doesn't happen.
Now that's one view.
But clearly, Mike, I've seen Blackhawks and stuff all over Austin.
I've seen them doing all sorts of maneuvers.
As you said, military's being pre-positioned all over the country.
The narrative inside government is, Trump military loyalists following the Q idea are going to attack and try to stop Biden.
Well, all the military is saying we're not doing that.
The brass is saying it's not happening.
The Pentagon put out letters saying Biden will be the next president.
Trump has said that now.
But then, oh, you don't listen to Trump.
You listen to Q on the H hand and a pig farmer in, you know, the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines.
So what do you think these scenarios could be?
What do you think they're telling Congress and then separately the incredible rhetoric out of the Democrats that, oh, we're just going to kick out of the Senate anybody that's challenged the election.
We're going to kick out of the House.
We've got the votes to now start kicking people that are elected out when the Democrats all challenged Bush and, excuse me, Trump in the last election.
They also challenged Bush's election.
So this is, I mean, they are really You have total censorship, authoritarian moves, and now the pretext for physical suppression and roundup with Democrats calling for patriots to be put in re-education camps.
I mean, it's coming.
It's here.
The real question is, what are the 30,000 troops in D.C.
truly intended for?
And there are really only three options, as I see it, Alex.
Number one, which would be the most optimistic kind of cue scenario, is that those troops are intended to arrest all the deep state traders all at once on January 20th.
The second outcome is that those troops are there to be turned against the American people once Biden is sworn in and they roll out a military police state and they stage a false flag event to then justify taking away guns nationwide.
That's the second outcome.
The third outcome is that the troops are there because Washington, D.C.
is anticipating a state, nation, a nation-state level act of aggression against the United
Some kind of attack, an invasion, cruise missiles, land invasion.
People talk about China as a possibility.
We've covered that before.
There could also be Iran, for example, or North Korea with an EMP weapon.
There are credible threats of, you know, EMP weapons that could take down most of the national power grid and put D.C.
in a state of emergency for continuity of government.
So, that's the real question, Alex.
What are those troops for?
If they are to be used against us, the people, then it's going to be bad.
We're about to descend into absolute hell.
A communist-run, authoritarian, Orwellian nightmare of dictatorship.
And they're going to come for our guns.
And I just, I don't believe anymore that they're going to magically arrest all the deep state traders there on that day.
I don't think it's a trap for the deep state, although I wish it were.
I certainly wish, but I don't think that that's what's going to happen.
But the third option, are we going to be attacked?
That's a very viable outcome as well.
So in other words, there are no good outcomes here that I see as being likely, Alex.
It's all bad news from here forward.
Sorry to say.
And again, if you just tuned in, we're showing the key article, QAnon Bear Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik PSYOP from the 1920s, known as Operation Trust.
And again, it builds up this giant movement.
It takes control of the liberty movement that you and I and Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan and, you know, going back to Barry Goldwater and Cleon Skousen built over 70 years against the globalists, against the New World Order.
And then it co-ops everything we've talked about, but says lay down, don't get involved, we're gonna win.
Oh, but now we've got to get violent, we've got to go take over, the storm is here, we've got to have our zip ties.
Because I was wondering, what happens to QAnon once they get rid of Trump?
They'll be discredited.
No, they'll just be the detonator to then blame all American patriots and start mass arrest.
And so the sealed indictments, the mass arrest are really coming.
It's for us.
And the big sick joke was Q really is the super high intel.
And that's how it had a lot of inside stuff because it was setting us up the whole time.
Well, I think there's also an AI element behind a lot of these trolls and online accounts.
I think there is very advanced artificial intelligence that's used for part of these psyops.
But also, I want to mention, I'm very, very concerned that the deep state is going to set off a dirty bomb.
In a U.S.
And they're going to blame that on patriots.
And that's why they're desperately knocking on doors looking for somebody to recruit.
Somebody who actually has a history of appearing on videos and podcasts and so on talking about guns or Trump or what have you.
So I think a dirty bomb, which is a conventional explosive but surrounded by radio isotopes basically, It's something they could set off and then they've got the
narrative ready to roll out.
And then they would, of course, say that all conservatives are terrorists.
I mean, they're practically already saying that right now.
And they would go door to door and round up conservatives and you'd be sent to basically,
you know, concentration camps or execution camps.
This is a communist takeover.
And sadly, they've managed to kind of lullaby the patriots to sleep for four years saying,
"Oh, trust Jeff Sessions.
Trust Jeff Sessions.
Well, Sessions was a traitor.
And then it was trust Bill Barr.
Well, Bill Barr didn't do anything.
And then it was trust Durham.
Durham hasn't done anything.
It's just been delayed, delayed, delayed the entire time, and now it's delayed all the way up to January 20th.
I mean, a few days left, but do you really think there's going to be a miracle in the next few days?
I don't have any faith that that's going to happen.
And I suspect this declassification that Trump's going to roll out on Monday will be underwhelming.
I don't think he's going to dump the documents that will really expose the full crimes of the deep state.
He could, but I don't think that's going to happen.
And this just now broke.
Judge releases left-wing agitator John Sullivan without bail against the pleas of prosecutors.
And this just happened.
This is the same guy that, with CNN, led the attack, reportedly organized over 100 Antifa to come and dress up as Make America Great Again people, led the attack, yelled over and over again, let's burn it down, tried to get people to burn it down.
He is released.
He was already released once, picked up again.
Without bail by Utah federal judge.
And his dad is a lieutenant general that got in big trouble for missing nuclear triggers.
You heard me right.
You can't make this up.
And his brother, who tried to get on the show on January 7th, was then stopped from getting on an airplane and getting to us.
I was told by the film crew that was there.
He has now, as you said earlier, come out.
and said his brother bragged about organizing hundreds of people. Well he said online over
100 but he's saying over 200 as you said and you hear the CNN reporter photojournalist,
a videographer, I can't believe you got in. You're right.
How'd you know you could make them storm?
So they're all bragging how they engineered the whole thing and just look at those eyes.
If that's what you see with mind control, ladies and gentlemen, when somebody's been drugged up, given amnesiacs, electroshock, and then programmed, that is the look.
Like the Aurora shooter, whose dad ran a giant NASA man-brain DARPA interface program.
He's told people, I'm under mind control, I've been electroshocked, I need my medication, and that's why they try to cover all up.
So mind control does go on sir hand, sir hand.
This guy has mind control written all over him, adopted by his very creepy General Father Air Force spook.
What do you make of that, Mike Adams?
Well, the rule of law has collapsed in this nation, and whether you're arrested just depends on which side you're working for.
So, if you're a pro-Trump patriot, you're going to be considered guilty no matter what you're doing.
If you're a radical leftist, you can throw Molotov cocktails and set fire to federal buildings and burn police cars and shine lasers at federal agents, and you will not be arrested.
Or you'll be arrested and the charges will be dropped within 24 hours by a George Soros-funded District Attorney in your local city. So we have now
entered the era of complete lawlessness.
There is no controlling legal authority that is legitimate in this nation,
which means the Constitutional Republic has fallen and even the Supreme Court has proven that by
not wanting to hear the Texas case and making up an excuse that says the state of Texas has no standing.
Well, Mike, let's talk about that. I want you to elaborate on that because I've got a feeling, not even a fear, not
even a mourning anymore, of just intensity, of just over-the-topness.
You could really put a date.
United States of America, born July 4th, 1776.
United States of America died, you could say January 6th.
2021, or really, I'd say January 20th, 2021.
Unlike a person, we can rise as the Phoenix, but this really is a lockdown, a globalist takeover, forced inoculation, world government, we're locked down, China's wide open, and now they're saying, yeah, questioning the elections, terrorists, and the army's coming to get you.
This is just unbelievable.
And then the FBI and CIA film up is on TV just this morning going, You watch!
The right-wingers are going to kill everybody!
They're coming!
We need to get them!
We need to arrest everybody!
I mean, they're the ones celebrating burning down cities and killing cops!
But just now they flipped the switch.
Well, and the problem is they create a situation where no rational person can have any reasonable expectation of equal justice under the law.
And especially when the FBI fabricates evidence, alters 302s, and frames people, like they did with Roger Stone, for example.
So, when you no longer have a functioning judiciary system, you no longer have a functioning election system, everybody knows that was rigged, when you're censored by big tech, so your free speech is taken away, the First Amendment is being banned, and you know they're coming for the Second Amendment, what they're doing is they're intentionally pushing patriots into a situation where they've got nothing left to lose.
And then they will claim, oh, the patriots are radicalized.
No, the FBI set them up, and left-wing culture marginalized them, got conservatives fired from their jobs, got them defamed all over the internet, got them blocked, and banks are cutting off their banking accounts.
You can't even use Uber in the case of Lola Loma.
This is the exact chain of events in history where first they demonize, then they censor, then they take the banking, then they arrest you.
We're following, and here's what I want to say to the establishment.
I know you've gotten away with this all so far.
But you see the populist movement worldwide, and I really don't see this going well for them if they keep pushing it.
They've already looted the country, they've already got everybody wearing masks, they've already got China open and shut us down.
Why do you think the globalists keep pushing and pushing and pushing, wanting an explosion?
I guess because the communist Chinese want a civil war?
Just totally take us out of the equation?
Yeah, you absolutely just nailed it.
They want America weakened by an internal civil war so that China can then invade and conquer and colonize the United States.
And remember that China will mass murder all of the complicit leftists who went along with the CCP.
So that is their long-term plan.
And of course, China, with the one-child policy and the disappearance of individuals related to Falun Gong and so on, the organ harvesting, the prison camps, that is the model for the world.
And they don't want the American people to exist at all because the American spirit is a spirit of individual
sovereignty or liberty, or speaking your mind, having your own firearm, being able
to be self-reliant, growing your own food.
All of these things are the antithesis of what the globalists want, which is global control, depopulation, mass genocide
against the human race.
And I have to keep reminding people of that, Alex, even your viewers and my own readers, that this, ultimately, everything leads to genocide.
It's about mass murdering 7 billion people on this planet.
And everything that you're seeing from COVID, you know, the bioweapons, the lockdowns, the masks, the vaccines that are now killing people over the age of 65 within hours, It's all about genocide, eliminating the human population, period.
That's the goal.
I don't want to have a George W. Bush moment with you where he said, you know, I think Putin's a good guy, looked in his eyes, he has a soul I can trust.
But everybody knows it's the eyes.
Everybody knows it's the wind of the soul.
I look at your eyes and I see a serious, intelligent, focused person that's really concerned.
You look at my eyes, you basically see the same thing.
I look at the eyes, and it's increasingly worse at the grocery store or in public, and I'm seeing more and more agitated, crazy-looking people that look like schizophrenics or demons.
And let's just put a photo up of a composite of some of the Democrat leader's eyes.
And folks, it's not like we're cherry-picking photos.
It's every photo of them, they look like they are from another dimension.
You know, back this out.
I mean, I've met some of these people.
I've been in rooms with these people.
And what is it about the eyes?
What is going on?
I know you study the medical issues, the 5G, the GMO, all of it.
But what is causing people to look like this and to act like this?
Well, in this case, it's not a medical issue, it's a spiritual issue.
They are demonically infested.
That's no joke.
It's not an exaggeration.
There are actual demon or demonic entities that are possessing these people.
And then what happens is the body, the physical body, begins to mirror the internal dark spirit structure.
That's what's actually happening.
So, you know, a good person on the inside, well at least in their face, you can see that they've enjoyed smiling, they've got, you know, joy wrinkles on the sides of their eyes, their eyes light up, they can experience humanity.
But evil people, it's like this dark black hole, soul, because they're sucking the souls out of children with their child trafficking and their pedophilia.
They're sucking the soul out of freedom by conquering America.
They enjoy it because they're not human any longer.
And I know this is another point that's just been difficult to get across to people.
Folks, I'm going to say it.
You better pick up your Bible and you better start reading if you haven't for a long time.
And I need to read more as well because the only long-term truth is going to be found there.
We can't put our faith in one man.
We can't put our faith in a military coup.
We can't put our faith in FEMA.
We can't put our faith in anything other than God.
At the end of the day, this is a spiritual battle between God and Satan.
And those who are trying to take down our country are worshiping Satan.
They are Satan's soldiers, literally.
Well, I know this.
Let's talk about Steve Pachinick here.
I've been interviewing him for 19 years.
He is a big spook.
He was involved in a lot of incredible stuff.
And he did help write Tom Clancy's novels.
And he has that twisted side where he laughs at you and says, you know, oh, we co-opted you.
And he exaggerates and, you know, does all that condescending stuff.
But he's an interesting guy, so I have him on.
But he's done a lot of good things, you know, exposing 9-11 as an inside job and things I respected him for.
Him saying a military coup's good and saying, you know, really it doesn't matter whether Trump's in or Biden's in, now the country's accepted military rule because the politicians are sold out and are dumb, so we need the military to run America.
Okay, well let's just see.
If Biden was a puppet, let's just see if the military keeps selling us out to China.
Let's just see if the military cuts off the coal power plants where we can't do business here.
And you watch, it's going to happen.
Because the military doesn't run crap.
Those National Guard people that, you know, once a month for the weekend go in or whatever, aren't running anything.
And the idea that, oh, now our young cousins and brothers and people are out protecting us from the evil, you know, hundred people that came in and rioted or whatever.
I mean, this is a joke.
This is using a howitzer to kill a fly.
This is using a hydrogen bomb to cut your grass.
This is so obviously not good.
And we see the whole leftist agenda going into warp speed right now.
So it doesn't hold water.
Can you speak to that?
And then I wonder what they're going to do, what the Q folks are going to do on January 20th, in four days, in the afternoon when Joe Biden is sworn in as president.
What are they going to do?
Well, they're not going to be talking about how they were wrong.
It's going to be how there's terror attacks blamed on them.
And I notice they don't want to blame Q though.
They want to say it's other right-wing groups.
Because they want to keep using that Q army to not actually carry out the attacks, but to believe they're in a secret resistance.
And I just don't know how you reach out to them to get out of the mind control.
Yeah, well, to set some context for this, however, I could have understood a temporary military authority if we were cleaning up the country and cleaning out the deep state and responding to warfare from China.
And we have been under acts of war, biological warfare, information warfare, and cyber warfare from China.
That part is all true.
What Pchenik was promising you, what I noticed about that, he made a bet with you.
And you were going to offer to employ him if he's right, and he was going to offer to never come on your show again if he's wrong.
Well, there's no downside for him to offer that, because if he's playing us, it's his final play.
He will never want to come on your show again anyway.
Well, he was laughing at me.
It was very obvious that was the final play.
But I knew weeks ago that's what he was doing.
I know I predict it's the final play.
And I'm going to demand he come back on whenever what he said doesn't come true.
Yeah, well, you know, if Biden's sworn in, he can he can just say no.
And what are you going to do?
You know, go find them and put them on camera?
The thing is, we're all in deep trouble in this country.
Very deep trouble.
Not just you and me, Alex, and people like us who have fought for our republic.
I'm talking about all Americans, even leftists.
This is what they don't yet understand.
They have created the fascist police state that they warned Trump was going to create.
The left has created it.
And let me stop you.
What you're saying is so key.
I'll give you five minutes to have the floor.
I'm going to shut up, but I meant to make this point, and I keep forgetting.
The left thinks when I tell them, hey, this is going to hurt you too, that they're part of the power structure, kind of like Q thinks they're part of the power structure, and that we're just trying to get them to give up their power.
No, you're losing your jobs.
You're losing your future.
You're the useful idiots.
The globalists are laughing at you.
This is a historic fact.
And this deindustrialization, this great reset, is designed and Hillary talks in her emails how much she hates leftists because they think they're about to get a better job or more money when she says I'm really gonna make them so poor they can never bitch at me again these damn baristas so to explain to them what's going on here
Well, they are useful idiots in the eyes of the CCP and the conquerors of this nation, the globalists, who are working with the CCP.
So they're just useful for a temporary period of time.
But I'm telling you, the globalists don't even respect the leftists because the leftists are so gullible and so easy to manipulate that they haven't earned the right to even exist in the minds of the globalists, see?
So they want only They're people in charge, the global elite.
Why do you think Bill Gates is buying up farmland?
And guess what?
Jeff Bezos owns 400,000 acres of farmland in Texas alone, over 400,000 acres.
Why are they doing that?
Why do the globalists have this plan to survive and hide their assets in land while the global financial reset comes down?
Let me tell you something.
These leftists who think they've achieved a victory, they're lining up and saying, give me the vaccine shot.
They're lining up and saying, oh, the dollar is going to be great under Biden.
No, your dollar is going to be destroyed.
Your bank account is going to be looted by the Biden administration and your life will probably be sacrificed by this vaccine or you'll be made infertile.
You won't be able to reproduce.
And your parents are going to be killed by our grandparents.
So yeah, the leftists are in the target zone of the globalists.
I mean, again, it's like that poem that says, you know, by the time they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me.
That's the situation that they are in, leftists.
And that's why we've got to realize and even try to communicate to people on the left that this isn't about political parties.
I mean, you and I, I mean, I know for me, I'm not a member of the GOP.
I don't worship the GOP.
The GOP, they're traitors.
To America.
This is about the people versus the globalists who are trying to kill us.
That's what this is about.
And the people need to come together.
And areas where the left actually agrees with us is that, well, at least they used to.
They used to say the corporations were too powerful, right?
But now it seems that they love Apple.
They love the slave labor camps of Apple.
They love the Googles of the world.
But just two years ago, it used to be that they were worried about the power of the corporations.
Well, the corporations are running the world now.
That's the danger to us all.
There's absolutely no doubt.
And again, I thought Q was just a pacification system, and that's what WikiLeaks thought as well.
I knew they were trying to mobilize them for action as well, but I didn't think they'd actually do it.
This is so dangerous.
This is so real.
And we need to just let folks out there understand that now is the time to be diligent.
And I've said, don't bring your family to these Capitol events.
Don't go to D.C.
We're sending reporters.
I'll be here covering it live from studio because the D.C.
police said no demonstrations allowed.
We will arrest you, Jones, and we see you on the streets.
They followed me to my hotel and to the airport.
And I could have fought it.
But I understand this is martial law now.
And they were hoping that I didn't, you know, go with what they said.
And so I got back here.
They came to Roger Stone's hotel with a SWAT team.
He'd already left on the day, the 6th, to blame him because this group at the White House had asked us to lead the march.
They got Trump to convince us to do it.
It was a setup.
And Trump thought there'd be adequate security at the Capitol.
He had never imagined, because he has so many rallies that are peaceful, this would happen.
So, we walked right into that.
Luckily, we were able to de-escalate a lot of it.
The zip-tie guys, who were Q people, were not able to get their job done.
The one woman that got shot was totally into Q. She thought she was under the President's command.
She didn't deserve to be killed, but she was screaming, yelling, attacking, flailing, just hysterically.
And now we're here.
This is such an incredible moment in history, and none of us are perfect, none of us have all the answers, but I know you're a man in the arena, I'm a man in the arena, all the listeners, men and women, are humans in the arena, and all we can do now is speak out and expose this because...
This is an economic war.
This is a controlled economic collapse.
Now they need the political control over speech to demonize demonstrations as well.
And that's where we are now.
And I just hope and pray that there's ways to de-escalate, expose this, and warn people.
But we're totally shut off.
They're still allowing a lot of these Q people to actually operate.
Len Wood's one of their leaders.
online. And so again I'm not saying shut him down, I'm saying let all voices be in
there and we were asking police and good FBI and others to be on the lookout
for false flags. In closing what is your advice in the coming four days?
Well number one to everyone listening do not participate in any of these capital
Not that there are really any actually being organized by patriot groups, but don't participate in those.
Don't go to the Capitol.
This is all a false flag operation you're being set up.
What you can do is legally and lawfully prepare to defend your home, your family, and your local neighborhood or community against any kind of aggression that may happen if the left believes they can carry out a local uprising and go door-to-door
killing people like what happened in the Cultural Revolution in China.
And that's a very real possibility.
So this is not the time to try to mount some kind of attack anywhere. You're just going to get blamed.
But the other thing is, we do need to be prepared for what happens next.
And I believe that over the next few days, we're going to see a massive false flag operation, perhaps involving a
dirty bomb, that will be blamed on patriots.
And they're going to come for us.
They're going to shut us down at the browser level.
Shut down our websites.
They're going to come for our guns.
They're going to set up military roadside checkpoints to check your vehicle for guns.
And we have got to be ready to defend our rights and our republic when all that hammer drops on us, because it looks like it's coming.
And again, the globalists won't control the police and military.
That will cause a real rebellion, a real civil war if the police and military go along with this.
Where again, the globalists initiate, they trick us to go to the Capitol, their operatives get in, then they overreact to that, bring in martial law, stage some events, then launch major operations against real patriots and veterans, triggering a real response back, and then it's Katy bar the door, all these accelerationists, most of them led by globalists, are going to be getting what they want.
And then you're right, it goes into a position of just defending yourself and your family.
And if you look at Europe and the model they want here, every home they say is going to
have to take an African or Middle Eastern migrant, then that's a spy on your house that
works for the UN so they can do whatever they want and further break down your home.
I mean, this is literally the takeover of civilization and society with a 2.0 Bolshevik
So, naturalnews.com.
Mike Adams, I know you've got a lot of reports and a lot of podcasts reporting on this, and
so we'll track this together.
And what could be the final shows?
I mean, you heard Mike, like you said, this could be your last time coming on.
Steve Quayle said that, but notice Pchenik thought it was funny about, oh yeah, just
don't worry.
I won't be coming back on your show probably again.
Ha ha ha.
Because, uh, very maniacal, uh, or because I don't think he's delusional.
And I think he knows something really, really big is coming up here.
And then he wants to just put that last laugh in of, oh, and by the way, Jones, thanks for helping us get martial law with what happened to Capitol.
came as an American in the arena to demonstrate against election fraud and
exercise my first amendment I said be nonviolent but I said fight for our
freedoms legally lawfully and peacefully if people send in provocateurs to set us
up they've committed the crime not us and so I'm proud of being in the arena
and you know and look I hope Joe Biden resigns and they've got enough dirt on
him and magically he says okay and something happens but I don't think
that's gonna happen so so so and you didn't have the flavor of that it's
like Pachinko's everything either they've got their own operations
different sections different groups you know he's an older guy that just talks
to some of those higher level people I can just see the writing on the wall of
how super nasty all this is And I just wish these people would start being straightforward and build a civilization back on that.
But there's an old saying, you can't con an honest man.
It's all these people that live in this subterfuge, it becomes a form of mental illness, instead of just acting totally directly.
But even the common people I know think that I've always got an ulterior motive, or they think there's some subterfuge.
We're sure I can understand subterfuge, but it's not my nature to act out of subterfuge.
I want to act directly.
I'm a straight shooter, which Texas used to be known for that, but it's just so sad to see that idealism disappear.
They think that idealism is a weakness, Mike.
It's not.
It's called civilization.
Well, that's right.
And speaking out of subterfuge, it's too complex.
Who can keep track of all the lies like Bill Clinton?
So I can't deal with that either.
I just say it straight, and I get attacked for telling the truth that people don't want to hear sometimes.
I know you do as well.
It's part of the territory.
My responsibility as a researcher and a journalist is to tell people what I believe to be true.
It doesn't mean I'm always right, but to say it as I see it.
I'm not running any agendas.
I'm not covering for anything.
I'm just going to tell you the way it is, and it's your responsibility as the listener to deal with that and be spiritually prepared for what's coming.
I can't manage people's emotions for them.
I'm not here to do feel-good entertainment and give you your confirmation bias because you want to hear that everything's rosy.
I'm not going to play that game.
You know, if we put out a video, when I would just entertain Q-Stuff, and I don't like trying to just get views, I try to tell the truth and then reach as many people as I can with that truth.
That's the goal.
Because reaching a billion people to lie is worthless to a good future.
I don't see that as a victory.
But just when we would entertain the Q-Stuff, you know, on Bandot Video, 5 million views, 3 million views, 2 million views, our other average video like 50,000 views or less, And you could see the Ring of Mordor power of it.
People wanted Hopium to be part of this magic.
Everything's handled.
We're invincible because the real world of a QI-COM takeover and an endless lockdown and a New World Order is scary.
And so, but again, at the end of the day, it's like heroin.
It may feel good while you're on it.
It ends up killing you.
Well, yeah, and we've got to get people prepared for what's coming.
Because, you know, these years of darkness that are coming, it's not just going to be the winter of darkness or whatever Joe Biden said.
It's going to be years of suffering.
But it will end, okay?
So the message is it will end.
And this is why you better get right with God and be prepared to live off-grid and live without electricity and avoid the vaccine if you want to stay alive and so on.
That's my last question.
I'm going to give you ten minutes if you've got it.
And I'm literally turning my mic off because you're so on target.
I'll keep jumping in.
This is so desperate.
My goal, I woke up about 3 a.m.
this morning and couldn't sleep.
And you're so clear at like 3 a.m.
when you went to bed at like 8.
I went to bed early, got up at like 3 a.m., had some coffee.
I was really clear.
I was out on the back porch.
You look at the mist.
I thought I need to go on air tomorrow like it's my last show ever and say that to people and then I forgot to do that you just said that and and so people download this to hard drive save it this show next week show literally is a good chance as long as our last show that's not drama okay so so Mike speak to that then after you're gone I'll have my messages it was my last show because this is the knowledge now That if they just have this knowledge in the future, they're going to win and beat the Globalists.
There'll be a time where there's no information digitally, folks.
It's a digital gulag and AI takeover.
And we don't want to be negative, but it's positive if we've got an emergency transmission to get out that could change in the future when people in the darkness to come are really going to listen to this.
You think they listen now, folks, but you won't be able to get it.
And so you spend five, ten minutes on this.
You've got the floor, Mike Adams, as if this is your last broadcast, your last transmission, what people need to know before nightfall.
All right, you're giving me the floor, huh?
That's okay.
I'll run with it.
Thank you.
That's an honor to be on talking with you about this.
So folks, here's the way I see it.
There will be people who survive this that's coming.
We need to be prepared.
Brace for impact, as they say.
Because what's coming down is going to be pure evil.
People are going to suffer.
People are going to die.
They're going to try to ensnare you and trap you.
They will deceive you.
They'll try to haul you into court and charge you falsely and bear false witness against you to lock you away.
And they're going to try to take down all conservatives and all conservative speech.
This is the left-wing Marxist takeover of America.
And yet, the more you can isolate yourself, From the central control areas, which geographically is the cities, but informationally is big tech.
The more you can live off-grid in terms of getting out into the countryside, and also off-grid in terms of the internet, which means going to alternative platforms and alternative news sources, the safer you are going to be.
And if you have your own food supply, and know how to grow some of your own food to augment your stored food, and you have some self-reliance, you've got your rifles, you know, your pistols for self-defense, you can live off-grid, you can defend yourself against looters, perhaps defend yourself against an assault of left-wing lunatics, you know, then you can make it through this.
But there's one other element that's coming, that you need to be prepared for, and that's the spiritual element.
I don't believe it.
I'm not here trying to preach to anybody and I'm not a pastor, but I don't believe that any of us can make it through this without God on our side.
And you need to learn, you need to get closer to Jesus Christ and to God and read the Bible and understand that it's the spiritual strength that drives your physical and mental strength.
Because you can't just go off grid and say, oh, I'm going to do this all on my own, all alone.
I'm going to survive the downfall of society just by myself.
You need God with you to do that.
Because you've got to understand that they can never take your soul.
That your soul is bulletproof.
And what you're ultimately fighting for here, at the same time as the freedom of this constitutional republic, is the freedom of your eternal soul.
And remember, they can't take it.
The only way they can get it from you is if you surrender it to them.
Only if you hand yourself over to evil and go in with the globalists, then they can take your soul.
Well, because you've given it to them.
They can't take it from you by force.
They can't put a gun to your head and say that you have to give us your soul.
Because you always have the option, even the last option, you can say, you're not taking my soul, pull the trigger.
And they still won't have taken your soul even though they could blow your brains out.
You still win in the eyes of God because you held your faith to the very end.
And I'm sad to say in some cases that may be exactly where this is going.
You may be killed.
I may be killed.
We may be completely isolated from society, completely banned.
We may have to live as outcasts for some period of time.
But it's the strength, the spiritual strength of God on our side that can allow us to Persevere.
Make it through that.
And then on the other side of this darkness, there is going to be a new day.
A new society.
The evil, fascist regime will eventually fall.
It will fall under its own arrogance.
It will fall under its own mistakes.
Under the weight of its own deception.
It will eventually fall.
As many evil regimes have fallen in the past.
You know, we defeated The Third Reich, the USSR, fell.
And this American, I can't even call it American, this globalist coup against America will not last forever.
It will fall.
And when it does fall, It's people like you and I, and the listeners to this show, who will be necessary to rebuild the next society in the image of Christian principles and values with added new freedoms that weren't in the original Bill of Rights, such as health freedom, the right to always say no to medical interventions, to say no to vaccines, to say no to chemotherapy.
That right, which was, I think, Dr. Benjamin Rush, wasn't it, who wanted to put that in the initial Bill of Rights, but it didn't make it in there.
We need that to be the Third Amendment, for example.
You know, we need the First Amendment, freedom of speech and religious expression, Second Amendment, but we need the Third Amendment, freedom, health freedom.
You always have the right to control your own body.
The government can never force anything upon you.
Well, that freedom can never come to fruition under this corrupt system.
So if you think about it, folks, this system must collapse.
It is a necessary prerequisite for there to be a new era of freedom on the other side.
How do we get to health freedom?
How do we get to freedom of speech?
How do we get to being free people with a free and honest money system that promotes abundance and economic freedom?
None of that can ever happen under this current system.
The system needs to collapse, and it will collapse.
So that's the other way to look at this.
As Joe Biden gets in, which is what it looks like it's going to happen, he's going to start spending trillions of dollars like mad.
He's going to do a final Federal Reserve blowout of the fiat currency system.
On the other side of that, I mean, the dollar will collapse.
The centralized U.S.
government will collapse.
At the same time, states and regions of states like the Pacific Northwest, you know, Idaho, rural Washington, rural Oregon, Wyoming, and so on, they will form their own probably new nation.
We'll see the Balkanization of the former United States of America.
Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and so on.
There'll be other regions all around America that will form new nation states.
And they will need your input.
To demand these freedoms.
I mean, we tried everything to save this constitutional republic, the United States of America.
It looks like it has fallen.
Well, Mike, absolutely.
And look, we gave them such a run for their money, they had to accelerate their plan that was behind schedule 10, 20 years.
They've compressed us to agenda 2030 in the year 2021.
And they're not hiding total censorship.
They're not hiding bullying people and arresting them or kicking and expelling from the U.S.
Senate Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.
I mean, this is outrageously dangerous over a small riot where they killed some U.S.
citizens like Kent State or something.
This is simply insane.
We really appreciate you at Natural News.
Very poignant, historic words.
And after our next guest, Robert Barnes, leaves us, I'm going to try to talk to folks about what I think the future is if the full kill switch goes in and if I get arrested in the coming days and disappeared.
Because that's where this is all going, if they can trick the QAnon people along with the Gripers and along with the Boogaloos and others to do any violent attacks.
And so that's where we now are.
Thank you so much, Mike Adams.
Thank you, Alex.
Honored to join you today.
Honored to have you here.
Washington, D.C.
is now under martial law.
Tanks, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, more than 20,000 troops.
But that's not where the attack's going to come.
I believe it will be in the 50 capitals across the United States where the globalists have activated a counterintelligence operation, Trust 2.0, modeled after a Bolshevik operation that was used to identify and round up dissidents in the 1920s.
I have studied this in depth.
Julian Assange also believes that's what Q is.
And I have high-level sources that are patriots that tell me, indeed, this is the globalist's final move.
The storm is here.
It is not a storm to take out the globalists.
It is a storm to begin the persecution of patriots.
They're going to show you 20,000 troops, barbed wire, armored vehicles, F-16s, helicopters, and then D.C.
will be safe.
But then when the capitals get attacked, they'll say, see, we need to federalize all the capitals to keep you safe, and we have to restrict and stop demonstrations.
The final pieces are going into the jigsaw puzzle right now.
I was there at the President's behest.
He got set up.
So did I. When the Capitol Police stood down, when they had Antifa breach and come into the building and the media called it an insurrection and called it a coordinated attack.
All of this is to now use all the counterterrorism laws against the American people.
People like Phil Mudd of the CIA are on CNN bragging that they're preparing for war against the American people.
Senator Manchin and others are talking about how they're going to expel Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley out of the Senate, all because they challenge fraud.
They're saying they're going to arrest people that question elections in the future.
This is the fall of America, and only recognizing it gives us a chance to stop it.
We have to pray to God, we have to educate others, and we have to stop complying with the system and let them know that we're aware of their criminal activities, or we'll never reverse it.
But violence is not the way.
They've already set that up with false flags they're preparing.
Don't be part of violence.
Let me tell you who even called it more than Mike Adams on the subject of QAnon, and that's Robert Barnes.
Mike called it on the GMO and the 5G and the New World Order.
That's who we have on, people that really call it, okay?
That know what they're talking about.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
He joins us.
I went a little bit over with Mike.
I apologize we're late here, but we're going for at least two hours tonight.
Basically commercial free.
We take breaks for local stations, but that's it.
There is a statement by the left out there that I saw on national news, CNN, online, all the big internet podcasts that Democrats say, Jones is just mad that the Q people are cutting into his market.
That's not how I operate.
The bigger the Liberty Movement gets, the bigger we get.
I don't care that Tucker Carlson on TV is bigger than me.
I love the fact he's awesome.
And I love the fact he's my friend and we talk.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And we're talking about populism and transcending the Republican and Democrat parties.
That's what Trump was supposed to be.
But the Q thing only made us bigger.
Because it took what I did without me saying, this is dangerous, this is scary, we're the underdog.
That scares people away.
Well, I don't think about psychology.
I tell you like it is.
That's why I got the military and police because they're ready to hear a dangerous message and want to deal with it.
And that's why I got a lot of the serious people.
But the soccer moms and the good old boys and kind of the football fans that love America but wanted to hear, hey, we're winning!
It's like a bandwagon team.
Like, when Michael Jordan was the best he was at the Bulls, and half the t-shirts sold in America for basketball were for Michael Jordan and his number.
At his peak, half the basketball shirts sold were him.
Well, because he's a winner!
When, uh, you know, Terry Bradshaw was a Steelers world champion.
Most of the shirts sold were Terry Bradshaw for a while.
I read the numbers.
Babe Ruth, you know, they launched merchandise with Babe Ruth.
So Q was like this Babe Ruth thing.
I mean, engineers I know, family, others, people I know that were in government, do that top secret security clearance.
It's like, well, Alex, they'll all be in Gitmo soon, about two years ago.
And I go, no, they won't.
This is a pacification operation.
Well, they figured that out, but so it gets smart people, but also gets, you know, really simple people.
And then I explained Emanuel Goldstein in 1984 as a Q character, because they want to lead the opposition and control it.
And then people went and rediscovered the Russians had a bunch of operations, but one of them was called Operation Trust.
There's a big article on Infowars.com right now, the live feed of the show there, and it explains how they led the opposition.
This is a historic fact.
Well, the British did that.
I had code name Steak Knife, British Special Forces SAS Commando on one month before he committed suicide.
They killed him.
I had no idea how big it was that I got Steak Knife on.
And Steak Knife was the guy that ran the Irish Republican Army.
Not Sinn Féin, but the militarized arm.
For over a decade, they would kill people that refused to carry out bombings and things.
British Special Forces led those attacks.
He got tired of being part of it.
They killed him one month after he was on my show.
They killed the DC Madam one month after she was on my show.
People ask how this show's so popular.
I've had a death-defying life.
I'm protected by God.
I also know the intelligence agencies have some sick thing where they think they can manipulate me into the future.
It's been bizarre.
I'll just leave it at that.
But I'll tell you this.
I'm pro-human 100%.
And so if I'm working for the deep state, I must be mind-controlled or something because I don't know it.
All I can tell you is I grew up with family telling me all about this stuff and telling me it was bad and it was corrupt and how it really worked and they were good people.
So now Q is gone fully operational.
They plan terror attacks across the country.
They use the threat of Q called for martial law and General Flynn bringing it to him and the MyPillow guy bringing it to him and everybody to Trump and photographing him outside with the martial law paperwork to get the military to go into martial law against itself and against Trump when there's no real danger of that.
And you watch, they're not going to hit the D.C.
Capitol, I don't think.
They're going to hit capitals outside so they then demand martial law and it goes nationwide.
D.C.' 's already locked down.
Now that's my expert take.
I get other experts on that I respect.
We think tank here on air.
But Robert Barnes, it should be a historian, he knows as much as I do or more, he literally has been calling this for over a year, hammering it.
Now it's here.
I'm going to try to shut up and give me the floor to lay out the battle plans, the latest, what's unfolding.
I'm not saying Flynn's bad.
Flynn saw an army appearing, saw it being this big Liberty movement, thought, well, okay, I'll go along with that, tell them what they want to hear.
But that was the setup.
I even kind of halfway said, okay, Q, I don't want to fight with you.
Everything Q was being force-fed by Facebook and Twitter.
It was being put to the front pages.
You couldn't stop it.
I tried to say, okay, don't fight with these people.
Try to tell them watch out, but tell them they're okay.
Be nice to them.
That didn't work because they were already hypnotized.
So start at the beginning with Q. Roll through current developments and what you expect to happen and what we can do to stop this setup to bring in nationwide Martian law.
Try to ban the First Amendment.
So, I mean, QAnon really was founded as a psyop, as an effective disinformation campaign from day one.
And the, I mean, the very first prediction of Q didn't come true.
Q got famous by saying Hillary Clinton was going to get arrested back in 2017.
But what it did was it used unique tactics, high-pressure techniques that you use in sales, high-pressure sales techniques, techniques you see used in persuasion for new religions, and also emerging new methods of persuasion, particularly in the field of disinformation, using reality games and things they've discovered from reality fantasy games that combine reality and fiction together to create the fantasy.
And incorporated psychological things they learned from that into Q to create something larger than Q, which was QAnon.
And the net effect of it was really quite extraordinary.
They also targeted three groups in particular.
QAnon targeted first people that otherwise are crowdsourcing, grassroots investigative journalists.
Second, they targeted soldiers and ex-soldiers.
Third, they targeted cops and ex-cops.
And people that also were religious.
So there are people that are accustomed to believing in a source of authority independent of and separate from the state.
Incorporated references to religious rhetoric.
Incorporated references to Bible verses.
Incorporated references to God.
This is Gnostic, Gnostic Roman cult stuff.
Explain that.
It's the people that the political establishment fears the most.
They fear the most people who crowdsource into independent information gathering and independent information distribution.
They fear the ordinary everyday level soldier and police officer following their own understanding of the Constitution and the law rather than the powers that be.
And then third, the deeply religious people who have shown capability of organization and extraordinary action.
And the Q incorporated things that would sound and appeal to those constituencies particularly, and QAnon more broadly, to trap them into this disinformation campaign that had a bifurcated objective.
First was to mislead them, to distract them, to detour them, to, as you note, pacify them from using their skill set, their organizational capabilities, their deep spiritual and political beliefs into a path that would be counterproductive.
Uh, and not be effective on behalf of the president.
Believe things like Julian Assange is safe and not really in danger, that other people connected to the president's not really at war with the deep state.
The deep state's really, uh, half of the deep state is on his side and the CIA is on his side and key military hierarchies on his side.
None of which was ever true, which now is manifest and made evident.
But then the second level of QAnon was beginning in late summer and early fall.
It's interesting what QAnon and Q never talked about.
A sign that you can see that someone's a deep state actor is who do they target their criticism of.
There was very little criticism of the Fed.
Very little criticism of the Lockdown.
Uh oh!
They said that I work for Israel and then that was the official Q God said that about me.
So you had Q attacking people who were very effective at resisting and providing independent information to challenge and contest deep state power, while at the same time not talking about the Federal Reserve printing more money than ever in our history in a single year.
Not talking about the lockdowns taking place that were the greatest threat to civil liberties in American modern history.
Maybe in American history ever.
Well, pretending that, you know, Pompeo was secretly on Trump's side, that the high-ranking FBI people are secretly on Trump's side.
None of which, that Barr was secretly on Trump's side, that before that, that Huber was secretly on Trump's side, that Durham was on.
So people weren't investigating where they should have been.
People weren't putting pressure where they needed to be.
And people weren't paying attention.
I mean, Q twice promised that the elections were safe for Republicans in 2018 and for Trump in 2020.
Lied both times!
And whenever Q was caught lying, Q would just say, "Oh, don't worry, that was disinformation to fool the enemy."
Well, it was disinformation, but it was to fool the people following Q.
That's right, because you're the enemy.
You, the people, are being fooled.
And the second level was, it started to transition in late summer
towards rather than just a pacification distraction campaign
where people were living a real-life fantasy, thinking they were investigating things
that actually were complete rabbit holes, thinking they were uncovering things
that actually weren't part of reality at all, thinking they were helping the president
in ways that actually didn't help him at all, but beginning to move it
into trying to re-trigger a militia movement to have staged false flag events all across the country,
not only to discredit the election contest challenge of what took place in the election,
but ultimately to discredit the president and everyone associated with him,
and to unleash both...
parts of the Great Reset.
Not only the economic part of the Great Reset that's coming, but the political part of the Great Reset,
which was not only to make Biden's election less subject to criticism,
but also to allow Biden to do what he's about to launch in terms of changing citizenship,
giving amnesty to 11 million people, to change the voting rules in the country
permanently on a continuous basis, issue $2 trillion in cash
to restructure the economic powers that be.
And I wanna go into all that, but I wanna ask you this.
Obviously they don't, they haven't put 27,000 troops in over a hundred armored vehicles and a F-16 wing
and all of this into DC.
for no reason, and they're saying there's this giant threat.
Well, we know.
The Pentagon said, we're not going to stop Biden.
We're not part of this Q thing, because that Q thing has created the illusion that the military and the police themselves are about to attack the Capitol, changing the subject from Biden being a communist Chinese agent and planning to cut off our coal power plants to keep us in lockdown, as you just said.
And so, now finally, in hundreds of years or since Lincoln, here's the military to control the people over a small riot.
I mean, this is a psy-op.
So, what do you think they're planning to pull at these capitals?
What should we do?
Because I'm really worried.
It's two-fold.
They want to justify, they want to say that if nothing happens, that it's only because they asserted extraordinary military power, and this whole goal is for a second Patriot Act.
And they're including in the definition of domestic terrorism anything anyone does that's, quote, dangerous to others.
It's the most extraordinary... In other words... And notice what Facebook said about me two years ago.
Dangerous person or dangerous to others.
Anything that they claim could trigger something, that's the EU rule, is now banned.
So, I mean, we already see the externalization of the method.
What's done in cyberspace is now expressed into the common law.
And if they include dangerous to others as a definition of domestic terrorism, By that definition, not wearing a mask makes you a domestic terrorist under certain definitions currently.
Challenging COVID vaccines or any other vaccine could make you dangerous.
By the way, we've seen globalists say, make not wearing a mask a terrorism charge, Barnes.
And they're actually contemplating that in legislation they're looking at now.
So the goal was, they wanted to help stage an event.
QAnon was critical to staging the Capitol Hill riot.
And as soon as the COVID hoax runs out, you run into the military martial law hoax to keep the lockdown while you collapse the economy, bring in the global digital ID, bring in the global social credit score, bring in the forced inoculation.
This is it.
We're going to re-experience the mid-1990s all over again.
Stuff they never got away with, they're going to try to get away with this time.
Let me ask you this.
Coming up this week, you're a smart guy.
What do we do to stop provocative attacks?
What do you predict?
Obviously false flag time.
They haven't put all these troops in D.C.
for no reason.
What do you think is going to happen?
I think D.C.
will be safe.
normally is always safe.
Which is why there's major questions about what happened on the 6th.
When we discussed it going in, there was a risk of a staged event taking place, but the reason why none of us thought it was even possible is because D.C.
is one of the safest cities in the world.
It's very hard to breach unless security deliberately has lapses.
This time, nothing's going to happen in D.C.
because they're actually doing the normal and even more than normal security, but they're going to use it as a pretext to say this is what we have to do.
Around the world.
I mean, now we finally can build a wall.
But the only wall we're building is outside the Capitol.
So, to keep its own people away from it.
But the whole goal is to normalize the idea of a militarized presence in your everyday life.
And they're starting it with the inauguration.
To make that seem totally normal if the National Guard is walking down your street.
Totally normal if the Army is present in your local neighborhood.
Notice that at the same time, Biden announced he's going to incorporate the Army to deliver the vaccine.
Uh, in the COVID vaccine.
So it's to condition your mind to normalizing the everyday presence of military people in your everyday lives.
Because they're doing a great reset total collapse for a universal guaranteed income to then control every aspect of your life.
So they have to get a straitjacket on you before they collapse everything and this is simply putting the handcuffs on before they really go to work on us.
No doubt.
And they hope that QAnon can trigger some domestic violent event somewhere in the country at state capitals.
And that's where there was clearly a fake flyer being circulated trying to provoke people to go armed to state capitals.
People should not go to any state capital on Inauguration Day.
Shouldn't go anywhere near the nation's capital.
And notice the flyer was in communist colors.
They can't even hide that.
It was identical to another Antifa-type flyer that was being circulated at the same time.
I mean, it was clearly printed by the same people, designed by the same people.
But it used the language.
The first time we saw this was when Lin Wood was propagating a version of it.
By the way, Lin Wood's beyond suspicious now.
I don't think he's just a useful idiot.
Yeah, I mean the Lin Wood was always an easily susceptible individual.
He's someone that the disinformation campaigns succeed at.
That great one that InfoWars is talking about, Operation Trust.
You've got to love these people's names, you know, they come up with.
But was to find your Lin Wood types who are very susceptible for ego reasons to believe whatever they're spoon-fed to go out and repeat it to the world.
And, you know, it's now no doubt that deliberate misinformation was coming through Wood.
The only question is whether Wood knew about it or didn't know about it.
And if you look at this, it's almost identical to refuse fascism flyers put out by Soros' group.
All of it is the same images, the colors have been changed.
Sorry, go ahead.
That's exactly right.
That's exactly right.
So this clearly is designed.
We now know there was Antifa, BLM, informant involvement in the Capitol Hill riots because the person Anderson Cooper was promoting, including a CNN reporter, now that main guy has been arrested.
And by the way, a federal judge just ordered him to release no bail when he's on tape saying, oh, I'm having people burn it down to blame them.
He brought a hundred Antifa.
That's my next question.
Here's the good news.
The Feds have had to go from saying it was organized to kill everybody in the Capitol.
Okay, it wasn't organized.
Is that because we've exposed that Antifa led it?
And now they want to say it's a lone wolf?
Or is that because they're not all corrupt and they're realizing this was a setup and it's coming out that Antifa was actually at the heart of this?
The hard part the FBI is having is they have so many agents that they're not able to suppress the truth.
So if this was just the D.C.
FBI, we would still be getting the same misinformation that the D.C.
Department of Justice put out.
They claim that there are plans to kidnap people.
Totally false.
Plans to assassinate people.
Totally false.
The FBI agents, because there's so many of them, they are the ones doing grassroots investigation.
And what they are finding is that this was organized by someone other than Trump supporters.
And that in some cases it involves QAnon organizers, in some cases it involves Antifa and other insurrectionists.
It would not surprise me if we end up finding informants involved at some level.
Of course, exactly.
So now the DC people are like, oh no, no organization, because they know the FBI is actually onto it.
There's so many FBI agents out there that there's not enough they can control.
And because there's enough coming back with honest information and intel.
For example, FBI local agents in Virginia and in New York warned FBI DC that there was going to be a staged capital... They gave them a briefing three days before and the day before and said Antifa dressed as... and the very guy that led it came and indeed did it.
So they actually were giving warnings.
So FBI DC is trying to manage this political equation and manage the information that comes out.
Because the honest information will show this event involved the complicity and culpability, at least at some level, of high-ranking people in DC, in the FBI, in the Justice Department, and in the security parts controlled by McConnell and Pelosi.
Sure, let me bring this up to you now, talking about myself.
FBI contacted our security people, wanted to bring them in, wanted to talk to them.
Oh, we don't care about Alex, we want to talk to you.
And then we refused and got lawyers, and so they go, okay, don't worry about it, we just got false reports that you guys were in the Capitol.
Just tell us you weren't in the Capitol.
Yeah, we weren't in the Capitol.
So, that's the, what do you make of that?
There was an initial, I think this whole goal originally was to demonize all of Trump and Trump's movement.
They hope that something more drastic and terrible happened than did happen on the Capitol Hill.
They still have this imagination.
That is exactly what the Capitol Police have told my contacts.
Contacts in Army Special Operations, the real folks, this isn't like Q crap, okay?
And they said this was a dud, a misfire, the pipe bombs, all of it.
The Capitol Police weren't involved, they were just understaffed, told to stand down.
Most of the people were peaceful, they were trying to de-escalate, but once the provocateurs got past them acting peaceful, then they attacked inside.
And the fact that you and I, and I'm not just saying this, listeners, you're sharing this video, the fact that we're now on this may mean this is being derailed right now.
Yes, absolutely.
The initial attempt to demonize everybody there, to demonize Trump, to demonize Trumpism, failed for two reasons.
First, they did not have a Timmy McVeigh or Lee Harvey Oswald to do something really drastic or be accused of doing something really drastic, sufficient to be able to generate the kind of demonization and marginalization they wanted of Trump and his supporters.
That's problem one.
Problem two is they have so many people independently investigating this.
Their point, and their independent observers, there was a guy who wrote a good piece for Center for Security Policy, happened to be there that day.
He's very familiar with D.C.
security protocols and identifying the extraordinarily unusual ahistorical lapses in Capitol Police protections that now appear to have been at the behest and behalf of Speaker Pelosi, at the Mayor of D.C., and other, and the National FBI.
So, they can't really afford a Chicago 7 style trial that unfolds and unveils all of the facts and they're starting to back off of their initial accusations and allegations because the facts just don't support them.
So, because people have been getting out independent information, so much video was taken that day.
It's sort of like the Zapruder film x 1000.
There's too many independent films out there, independent documents out there.
Which is why they tried to use digital control instead of agent level control, so they're able to get enough out there to cause a problem, but they don't have Sirhan Sirhan or Lee Harvey Oswald control or McVay control to get exactly what they want.
As you remember, that requires great tutoring and training, usually for years.
And this was an attempt to substitute for it.
And I think because the system saw it work for BLM and Antifa, the difference is Antifa really has a bunch of sociopaths ready to commit violence at the drop of a dime.
And BLM is able to utilize gang members who use it as a pretext to just go out and commit suicide.
Oh yeah, I've been in Dallas, I've seen it.
BLM things aren't, any black people are not regular black folks.
It's like serious gang members, serious ex-cons.
And you start talking to them going, hey man, I know Louis Farrakhan.
I know I heard you're actually good Alex, well I just got paid to be out here 200 bucks.
I mean they'll actually tell you.
I'm like, dude, why are you starting a fight with me, man?
I'm not, I'm not your enemy.
I'm actually one of them.
They're like, actually, uh, yeah, you're Alex.
Cause I'm so well known that when I go to these things now, we caught it in Dallas.
We caught other areas.
Like the black gang members they hire usually have their own political view.
And they go, Oh yeah, you're Alex Jones.
I saw professor Griff on your show years ago.
They're like, Oh, okay.
Let's leave this guy alone.
So what you said is absolutely true.
They're just going and hiring list of ex-cons.
Like you're a black con.
Go out and beat white people up.
And the other thing they did is they used it as a cover to commit criminal acts.
So it's not only looting, but somewhat like you saw in New York, there were high-end heists going on under the guise of BLM.
While BLM protests were distracting police, they were doing high-end heists of jewelry stores.
Same thing happened in Minnesota.
They actually taped it, Vice taped it by accident.
There was a high-end group that was going in, that was following the protest path and making criminal robberies of banks.
That's what Kathryn Austen fits as, you know, a former top federal auditor and deputy head of the HUD.
She looked at maps of where it was all exact where they attacked the perfect things that the globalists wanted to buy up.
That's exactly right.
It's a real estate.
Somebody gave him a map of where to burn down real estate in order to basically make sure a developer's plans are going to go through next year.
And let's explain.
People go, well, why do it for just, you know, a hundred places in Minnesota?
Because once you've proven the program, you can activate mobs through this gang mentality, 2.0 operation trust, and like army ants, just do whatever you want and then have plausible liability because somebody with an 85 IQ that's on crack did it.
It goes back to James Elroy's American Tabloid trilogy that I really like, where in order for, and he gives sort of the template for how these kind of false flag staged events type events happen.
In order to make sure they happen, you need to give a monetary incentive to someone who's going to be complicit in helping organize and orchestrate it.
And that's why there's always a robbery angle, there's some sort of criminal angle, there's some sort of taking over a drug trade.
There's some component like that, because that's what's necessary to make sure sophisticated criminal actors do what you need them to do.
And, you know, it's not a coincidence there was a lot of gold that went missing from the World Trade Center afterwards.
So it's just the nature of the animal of how the system works.
And it's one of the things to look for as to whether staged events are going to take place.
So, I think where the system failed is they thought Trump supporters were like BLM associated gang members or Antifa, and they're not.
There's not enough people willing to be violent.
As people described it, most of the people there that were in the Capitol or around the Capitol ended up trapped there because of the way the Capitol Police had handled things.
They were trying to even get out of there.
They weren't trying to even be stuck in the middle of it.
Well, that's absolutely right.
So, let's, I mean, Bob, let's quantify this.
Let's quantify this.
You've got probably a million people in D.C.
It was just insane.
C's everywhere.
Hundreds of thousands.
Two hundred, three hundred thousand go to the Capitol, conservatively.
Fifty thousand get there before I'm there.
Antifa's already attacking cops.
Cops attack them.
A few people break through.
They finally open the barriers, let them in.
Maybe a couple hundred go in.
Maybe a couple hundred go in and then maybe 50 people get in fights.
This is the end of the world.
No, this was a provocateur set up.
Did people mob psychology get sucked in?
But I mean, how many, again, Trump supporters have mohawks and communist tattoos?
This was commies and anarchists that came out here to do this, to demonize Trump.
This was their day.
They had a big victory.
But how do we grab Victory away from these people.
Again, because so many people are watching this right now.
Millions are going to watch this interview, okay?
Because people know things are serious.
InfoWars is white hot because this will be our last broadcast.
The scenario, if there is a truck bomb, if there is a mass shooting, and I'm not blaming the Groypers, I'm not blaming the Boogaloos, I'm not blaming the Proud Boys, I'm saying that's who they're going to claim members of have done this.
They've already pre-programmed it.
Giuliani's out, you know, saying the Groypers stormed the Capitol.
I didn't really see evidence of that, but, you know, my point is, is there are folks that say they want a revolution or let's stop playing nice.
Well, play nice On whose terms?
Play mean?
What does that mean?
You certainly don't, when you want an investigation of election fraud, come storm the Capitol.
That hurts our movement.
And so people are like, Jones, you're being a wimp, not wanting violence.
Give me a break, folks.
Blow up a Capitol?
What's that going to do?
None of us know.
We need to ideologically defeat the globalist, Barnes.
What do we do?
Well, first of all, you can't achieve a constitutional republic or protect it by using unconstitutional, undemocratic, unrepublic means to do so.
You're going to crush the system.
The means become the ends at that objective.
So it fails by its own terms.
The second part, of course, is just a practical and pragmatic one.
Do people really think they're going to over... The real reason why you knew QAnon was deeply involved in this is a lot of those people that were participating in the raid or willing to participate in the raid on Capitol Hill really naively believed that the law enforcement and the Justice Department and the CIA and the military were on their side.
They're not.
That should be crystal clear now.
That's why you have the military joint chiefs All issuing that letter last week saying, this is the way the world's going to work.
And putting an end to all the nonsense.
So part of the genius of QAnon was convincing people that they had allies they didn't have.
So they would do things that were completely irrational and counterproductive.
And that's in fact what should happen from the Capitol Hill is a riot.
Is to discredit forever QAnon.
Not to discredit ever Trump supporters or Trumpism or Trump.
And that should be the way it's understood.
And I think that if we understand it from that perspective, and if more and more people get it from that perspective, then it can help counter what the institutional narrative will be.
That's so critical.
Repeat that again.
That's the most important takeaway of this amazing, so far, hour and forty-something minute transmission tonight, today, is We need the discrediting of the secret, esoteric Q movement that pacified voters and now has been used to lead this poor woman that got killed, believing she was there for Trump to effect these arrests.
Insanely smashing out windows, trying to go deeper in to get to Pelosi or whoever.
We're sad she's dead, but that was literally a woman mind-controlled via the computer, via a false culture, because they covered Jeffrey Epstein and the New World Order and GMO and all, and people said, oh Q told us this!
No, the globalists Messed up.
The information was coming out.
They're in trouble.
So they've got to desperately try to lead our populist movement, sprinkle it with disinfo, pepper it with lies, and then try to lead it into the middle of a fracas to then say it's a new Pearl Harbor.
But the bombs didn't go off.
They didn't zip tie the Congress people.
They didn't get the deaths they wanted, but they still went with the scripts that it was a new Pearl Harbor.
So nobody's bad that got suckered by Q.
Nobody's been, you know, that's okay.
Just admit now it's extremely dangerous and that it is an Operation Trust 2.0.
Absolutely, it's Operation Trust 2.0.
That Capitol Hill riots should forever discredit everything associated with QAnon and Q. That it was a disinformation campaign, it was a PSYOP campaign, and a good PSYOP campaign will convince very smart, very capable people of doing things that are counterproductive for the causes and ideas and ideals that they care about.
That's why they do PSYOP campaigns, that's why they have worked for centuries.
And it's just recognizing when you're in the middle of one, separating yourself from it, and getting back to what you do well in terms of protecting yourself, protecting your liberty, and sharing information and sharing things like the links to InfoWars.
I mean, one of the telltale indicators that QAnon from the inception was bogus Was attacking independent sources like InfoWars, which has been one of the primary if not the number one source for independent free press information outside of corporate control, outside of donor control, outside of advertiser control, outside of the gatekeeper institutional narrative of any source of media or information in the past 20 plus years.
that is challenged and contested and questioned establishment narratives that has exposed
the lies of deep state narratives. The term deep state was not new to Infowars supporters the way
it was to most Trump supporters over the past four years.
Once you see someone trying to discredit people that you know or your allies, that's immediate time
to know to discredit them.
Well, absolutely. And what about what you warned of, how they got General Flynn and others to pledge
allegiance to some foggy esoteric thing.
I mean, I won't pledge allegiance to anything unless it's God or the Republic that my forebearers found that has its own problems.
Just randomly pledge allegiance to a black hole of the internet, that's crazy.
Oh, exactly.
It was genius because what they did is they took people who have a respect for the authority of their country or their god and converted that into a respect for Q. It's very much a cultish technique.
It's a technique you see used by cults very effectively, like Nixxiom is the most recent example, to take your belief in allegiance to one thing and convert it into a belief in allegiance to an improper cause or person.
And it was a sign that they were intending to escalate and create a false flag staged event.
Because they were, one, having you take an oath.
Secondly, they were having you, so they were playing on your beliefs in God, playing on your beliefs in the country, to think that you're actually being deputized in the name of God, in the name of your country, when really you're being deputized by the deep state to discredit the causes you care about.
And the second part of it was to get people to take a dramatic action, but also getting them to film themselves.
This was a Q. I was telling people at the time, a strong Q, C-U-E, that Q, the letter, was bogus and QAnon was bogus, was why would they have you tape yourself and disclose to a tape your alignment and allegiance to a particular group or cause?
I mean, that's someone trying to get evidence against you for future use.
And right now they're looking at people that have taken part of those message boards and taken those broadcasts and seeing if they show up at the Capitol.
So it was used, it was an entrapment technique used to put people in a position of harm and to identify people who might be willing to resist oppressive aspects of the state.
They also said, I remember the Q people like 10 months ago, go along with the lockdown.
This is when we're rounding everybody up and arresting everybody.
Just take a nice vacation.
Everything's going to be okay.
They gave misinformation about the Fed, misinformation about Assange, misinformation about Trump, misinformation about the lockdowns, all in order to distract and detract long enough to get the Great Reset really in a position of power to do something.
Now they're there, and they're about to reach the second step.
So the first step for ordinary people is to disassociate and disaffiliate with Q. Don't even be on those message boards.
Don't be associated with them.
Right now, if you're on those message boards, you're writing love notes to the FBI.
That's what you're doing.
So the disassociate and disaffiliate from them, recognize the trap that it is, and be proactive in a way that is consistent to our founders.
You don't respect America's constitutional democratic founding by doing anything that is either unconstitutional or undemocratic.
That's right, the big tell is, FBI Director Wray and all of them love to say something's happening, Phil Mudd, CIA on CNN today, and then have it come true, go see how smart I was.
So they've been telling you, conservatives are terrorists, they're about to kill everybody.
And then they're on the cue boards, mainly Southern Poverty Law Center people.
Then they hand it over to the FBI.
You're a wimp.
You're not attacking.
You need to go kill some people.
You're not really a man.
Don't listen to Alex Jones.
He's a messiah.
And none of it has anything to do with anything.
And it's all just souping you up to say you're going to go out and do something.
And you see all these cases where Hattari and militias go into the machine gun shootout in Knob Creek, Kentucky.
And they've been infiltrating them for two years.
The number two and three guys were feds.
They're like, what do we do if the U.N.
invades and put people in camps?
I guess we get with local police and we fight them.
He indicted for saying we fight a U.N.
That's all.
And even the federal judge said you got to release them.
I mean, this is how bad it is, and this is how they've recruited leftists that hate America, communist red diaper doper babies at the FBI, who run those units who just want to put patriots in jail and overthrow the country.
And we just can't let those scum win.
I mean, it's the old history of the 1920s, 1930s.
We're reliving it.
Where communists need fascists and fascists need communists.
And they need street theater violence to justify one of them or both of them seizing control effectively.
And that's what they want to have happen.
That's why they unleashed Antifa and BLM during the summer.
Their hope was to provoke A sort of a Proud Boys group, a Groypers group, somebody on the right to be that equivalent of the street theater of fascists in the 1920s and 1930s so that either the fascists or the Nazis could take over.
And the fact that they infiltrated the MyPillow guy, other people believing that martial law is a good idea, that's purely a trap.
The President's not falling for that at all.
But they clearly want that to happen as an excuse and a pretext to remove the president from ever being able to run again and in order to demonize his followers and supporters.
What do you make of Steve McKinnick coming on and like, well, Alex, thank you for helping us get martial law, which I didn't do.
And, you know, yeah, Trump will still be in in a couple of days.
It's just like, the clear message from the establishment is Q, Q, Q. They don't call it Q, but that's what it is.
I guess just get Americans to think everything's fine the next few days and don't do anything, except that's trying to make them do something.
They really want something to happen.
There's no doubt about that.
They're not staging all that military presence in D.C.
for nothing to happen.
They really want something to occur.
They want something bad to occur.
And this is the badder elements of the Pentagon want to go to war with America.
I mean, they're all dressed up for the party.
They just want us to get in the ring with them.
Watch the movies like Parallax View and Arlington Road, particularly Arlington Road.
Don't fall into any trap for anybody out there of going anywhere on January 20th, definitely not to a state capital or to D.C.
or anywhere near D.C.
Stay away from it.
Don't be involved.
Don't be connected.
Don't be associated.
Don't be affiliated.
Don't be saying dumb—you know, a lot of people get hot-headed and say stupid stuff online.
Quit saying stupid stuff online.
Focus on where you can be productive, where you can be constructive.
That was the great lesson Nelson Mandela learned.
That they could put his body in prison, but they couldn't imprison his mind or his soul.
That as long as he was always the captain of his own fate, he was always the master of his own destiny, because he was the captain of his own soul, and he was the master of his own mind.
And that's true for every ordinary person.
Remember, we have been birthed this great constitutional democracy of real liberty.
We have to utilize those methods and those means, because those are the only ones that are persuasive in the end anyway.
I mean, no means or method of violence is going to persuade anybody except to persuade you against their cause.
Persuade them against your cause.
So if you want to be able to make change, make change the old constitutional democratic way.
And remember, first and foremost, you control your own mind, you control your own soul.
And you can do things like support InfoWars as an independent place where you can not only share the link, share information, you can buy the products at InfoWarsStore.com to keep it economically afloat, but that allow independent means of information to be independently distributed outside of corporatized control.
You can buy products that make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser all at the same time.
But doing things like that is far more effective than playing digital soldier in a Q fantasy game that only leads to the self-destruction and implosion of the Trump movement.
Buy things that are good for you, that protect your health.
People that have been getting vitamin D and other things are in a lot better shape than people that haven't in our current health environment.
And that's how you can do things that are productive and positive and make a difference.
And every little bit of difference in aggregate will make a great difference in the end.
They had to resort to these extraordinary techniques and tactics because of how much
success people have had by sharing information, by being independent of the corporate system,
by being outside of the matrix, by red-pilling their friends, family, and neighbors.
And that's the right way to continue to do so because that's how successful revolutions
of a peaceful democratic kind really change the world.
Well, I totally agree with you.
And again, I'm not bashing anybody that followed Q. It was very seductive to believe, secretly
get Mo, Trump's getting him, everything's fine.
And really, he was surrounded.
They were trying to get rid of him.
It was a lie from the beginning, and when you're conned, you've got to admit you were conned.
I want to show on screen a new article that just came out.
Let me tell my wife something.
I'm almost done.
I'll call you right back.
I want to show you this.
This is U.S.
Capitol Police Arrest a Virginia man with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded handgun, and more than 500 rounds of ammunition trying to get through a checkpoint in D.C.
So, martial law is set up, and this guy is going in there.
All of this is wrong.
Wesley Allen Beeler, from Front Royal, Virginia, has been arrested last night.
He tried to make his way through security checkpoints to downtown D.C.
and has been The outlet cited a police report and law enforcement sources.
They said Beeler drove his pickup truck into a police checkpoint close to the Capitol building, which just one week ago was the site of violent siege.
Siege of 150 people going in, maybe 15 of them fighting.
He then allegedly showed officers fake inauguration credentials.
Probably Q probably gave it to him. He admitted to cops. He was carrying a Glock semi-automatic handgun cops found it
goes on So this is just oh my gosh a citizen was caught driving
with a gun and it's normalization of martial law Just like everything else we see brother. This is all been
scripted So spend about five minutes closing comments Robert Barnes,
and thanks for joining us if the the QA non movement was a brilliant psyop and disinformation
campaign that everyone needs to disassociate and disaffiliate from
and advise everyone else not to be any part of it.
It is a PSYOP.
It is a disinformation campaign.
It is meant to undermine ordinary and everyday people and the goals and ideas and ideals that we all care about.
The second step is for people to start getting back to being proactive in ways that the QAnon campaign effectively pacified.
Because to go back to grassroots journalism and independent reporting, to go back to sharing the independent information like the information you can get from InfoWars by sharing the links outside of the big tech censors and suppressors so that people know accurate, honest, independent information and can see the world from multiple independent perspectives and decide for themselves what is truth rather than let Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg decide for them what is truth.
In the same capacity, start to be proactive in your everyday life.
Be able to learn the different ways you can be independent of the entire big tech censorship control system.
Whether it's through your phone, whether it's through the browser you use, whether it's through the email you use, whether it's through using Signal, whether in terms of text messaging.
Find ways to disassociate and disaffiliate yourself from big tech as much as practicable and possible.
While continuing to be involved and engaged in the real world and making real substantial change.
QAnon was an old PSYOP, just with new techniques and new technologies.
And it was meant to get people to believe that they were part of something unique.
They got to be part of a fantasy game.
They got to be a digital soldier in this fantasy game where they thought they were fighting the worst actors in the world, the most institutional elites, the most corrupt elites, the most deep state pernicious folks.
And they misled them into believing they had allies that they didn't, misled them into believing that certain actions were productive when they were counterproductive, and pacified them from getting honest information, accurate intel, and aligning themselves with those who were their true allies and associates in the cause.
So for ordinary, everyday people, it's very natural to get caught and entrapped in that.
Governments do it every single day.
It has great success at some level.
Well, exactly.
in the world every single day.
And if it's going to be where we go one, we go all, it's going to have to be something
different than the Q world and QAnon world.
There's ways to honor your constitutional democracy and republic in ways that continue
to do grassroots reporting, continue to do special actions.
Well, exactly.
They wanted an authority figure to give them permission.
No, God gives us permission.
The Bill of Rights gives us permission.
Common Sense gives us a demand.
The Declaration of Independence is a stand up for what's wrong.
And again, I just day one, everything it said was a lie.
But that's how the psychology works like a Nigerian email scam.
Once it gets you to go past that point of going against your instincts, it's got you and I just know so many good people that were totally conned by Q and it's very, very sad.
And then when I noticed a lot of mine knew that when it didn't happen, they blamed Trump, not Q. That was another sick thing.
No doubt.
In fact, I'm sure there's going to be new versions of Q to be out, so people should be out on the alert for that.
That Q will probably take new transformations in the new age.
This had too much success for them not to come back to use it again, for the PSYOPs people, the disinformation people, to continue to utilize it as a technique.
They likely, from people that have looked at it, they likely incorporated artificial intelligence methods and mechanisms in this as well.
So the likely incorporated bots in this as well.
So I think that's some of what the FBI is discovering.
Some of these people that were purported people turned out to be bots that were being promoted by somebody else, by some source.
Maybe they'll blame Russia, but my guess is an intel agency much closer to home.
So I think that's how we can make a difference and make it is to be on alert, use our understanding of the world, but do so and anytime anybody is saying something that says disassociate from your real allies, Trump or populism is bad, do something that would sound irrational on its face, that's when you should begin to distrust.
And start with counterintelligence.
Operations like Operation Trust.
Start researching there, folks, and begin with the history, because globalist and corrupt groups and communists do the same tricks over and over and over again.
Americans saw a threat, and they saw Joe Biden being a Chinese agent, and they saw it all, and they wanted to get involved.
But instead, they got involved through esoteric stuff because it was much more simpler.
They were on the winning team.
All I know is this is an incredible Next 24, 48, I don't know, the next 80 hours or so are absolutely critical, Robert Barnes.
And I just really appreciate you joining us.
Do you have any other advice to listeners or to President Trump?
What do you expect him to do, just to go gracefully?
And if we're able to stop any staged terror attacks or false flags, not by Q or the Boogaloos, but by people posing as them.
What happens to Q?
I mean, I agree they'll have new incarnations, new frauds that social media will push, and that's how you'll know it's bad, on its face, but what do the actual Q people do once they learn they were lied to?
That's going to be interesting to see.
I mean, hopefully they will be like people that recover from a cult.
And sometimes that takes time for some people to recover from a cult.
And if you have a friend or family member or other person that's in Q, look at the methods.
Don't research traditional mechanisms.
Look at ways that people are pulled out of cults, because often it's counterproductive to just bash them right away.
Sometimes there's other ways to get them out of the QAnon movement to treat it like you're
helping someone escape the cult.
Like they had people help escape the Nixxiom cult.
And there's still people still part of that Nixxiom cult.
And so the- By the way, I noticed talking to real QTards, they get this look of enjoyment and power trip like you don't
know, and they're just going like, "What is that?
What the hell is that?"
They use the same defense as cult defenders use.
Look at how Q people defend Q and then compare it to the way in live time people defended various cults they were a part of.
They almost parallel precisely.
There's a lot of confession through projection.
There's a lot of accusation, confession through accusation.
What they accuse you and other people of is what they are actually part of or know they're part of unconsciously.
And so that's a lot of the techniques that are tailored made.
It was a sign that this was a PSYOP, that it had induced people in this mindset.
And the genius of it was, they convinced people that they were digital soldiers in a reality world that was actually a fantasy game where they were going to take over the Constitutional Republic to restore it for ordinary people.
And again, it's not just...
The technology of the fantasy game this time is that everybody with TV and reality shows, reality novels and games, people are primed for this.
So it's really like augmented reality is what the crew was telling me it is, right?
That's exactly right.
Augmented reality, a version of virtual reality that incorporates real life in it.
And you've got to say that the lockdown probably had a major impetus for this.
It helped escalate this dramatically because people are sitting around bored and have nothing else to do.
Yeah, they're inside more now.
We'll take the Q Shaman.
I'm like warning him right before he got arrested.
I'm like, dude, he's like, army intelligence.
We don't worry about Trump.
He was only part of it.
Yeah, he's not.
Because already the Q shamans, the Q priests are saying, oh Trump's going, it's Q continuing.
Q is above Jesus.
And it's just like, no dude, Q is the most inaccurate compass on the planet.
It's ridiculous.
And that's very much the way cults operate.
That you start off believing in God, or you start off believing in politics, or you start to believe in your country, or something like that.
Some belief that's very important to you.
And pretty soon you're following a cult member.
Slowly but steadily, the cult leader replaces those other people.
He supplants.
Your belief in God becomes your belief in him.
Your belief in the state or the country becomes your, and patriotism becomes your belief in him.
And Q is very good at inducing people into that state of mind.
And that's how, that's why there's still risk that somebody does something stupid on the 20th.
And the insiders in the establishment hope, desperately hope, that happens.
Because it would give them the pretext for the massive crackdown they've been wanting to unleash.
I'll tell you, I've watched the videos, hours of it, of the Q people particularly.
You saw Antifun Mask going, I can't believe you set him up, he's like, with a scene reporter, yeah we set him up, it's great, oh they're idiots.
But you see the Q people, they're lounging, they're like, we just, they are high.
You see that look?
They get high.
Like, it's like they're part of the invincibility, they have ruled, and you try to talk to them, they won't listen.
It's weird.
Well, it's the way people describe when they're at a high level of success in a fantasy game.
That it's the same sort of psychological euphoria they experience.
Like, people become addicted to games.
It's the same kind of mindset.
No, I agree.
So let me ask you my psychology, because I really respect you, and I want to know about myself.
I'm being a little bit, let's just say, selfish here.
The more power I get, Barnes, the more I know, the more I don't know.
Like Socrates said, I know I know nothing.
I mean, I've got a lot of power now.
I mean, I don't, the enemy knows it.
I mean, the Bolsters know I'm for real.
I care about them.
They've got power.
The more power I get, the more concerned I get and the more freaked out I get.
So I don't get this delusion of like power, like real power.
Here's an example.
You've got a flamethrower.
You better aim it in the right direction or you're going to burn yourself up.
Or you're flying an airplane.
Yeah, you've got a lot of power.
You better watch your ass.
I don't get this through games because they're not really fighting barbarians.
They're not really fighting enemy spaceships.
But they get all the reward, none of the risk.
So then in the real world, they imagine they're having real victories and it's a game, though this is not a game.
You see what I'm saying?
Oh yeah, it's because your motivation is different.
So your motivation wasn't to get power.
Your motivation was to share a certain idea of the world and see if you could change it.
And so what QAnon targeted was people who feel powerless.
And Trump targeted a lot of these folks too to help be their voice.
But they felt powerless, and there's no better way to appeal to someone who feels powerless than to give them the intoxicant of the illusion of actual power.
And that's what you're witnessing when you see these Q- you take that young actor, he's kind of a nobody, he was trying to be somebody, living at home with his mom.
Now he gets to be the QAnon Shaman, right?
He gets to be this person of significance.
He's adopted a whole character outfit.
It actually mirrors, there's a great old book that I came across called Red Nurses, White Nurses, about the internal diaries of German soldiers from World War I that later became Nazis, and they could figure out which ones became Nazis and which ones did not, based solely on their diaries about how they described their self-perception and their perception of certain relationships with other people.
I've hung out with, like, famous people that were in Delta Force and all those other places, and they literally start telling me about Star Wars and Marvel Comics and how much they love it.
And I'm like, dude, that's for little kids.
Like, that's not the real world, brother.
And so I get they gotta have that Superman idea to do the things they do, but it's not real.
It's designed for people to play reality who feel completely useless in the world, so that when you tell them Q isn't real, it's to tell them they're actually still powerless.
And that's why psychologically they can't handle that communication.
Because you're trying to take their power when we're saying, no, you have the power by being your own person, not following this.
They just get real like, they're like, you don't know Q. And I'm like, well, I talked to the president, he's surrounded in trouble.
Yeah, exactly.
And they're just like, oh, he's invincible, that's all.
And you're just like, uh... And that's where the best way to sort of persuade a lot of these folks is to remind them of their power.
Hey, I wanted to tease you before.
We love it when you say precisely.
Say it.
Yeah, well precisely.
The main goal is to be able to, if you remind people that they actually have far more power than they recognize.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist.
The greatest trick tyrannies ever pulled was convincing people they didn't have the power all along.
That's right, so this is another priest class thing of, we already have a connection to God, we don't need a priest.
And so we, Q is just the new priest class.
Exactly, just convince people that feel that they're powerless, that they have power, but actually trick them into not recognizing their real power.
Yeah, so you can get power by giving over your power.
Which is the J.R.R.
Tolkien allegory of the ring race.
The Ten Kings thought they were getting power, but they actually gave their power up, put the ring on, and gave their power to Sauron.
That's exactly right.
And that's what QAnon trapped people into doing.
And the power that all these people have is the power of their own conscience, the power of their own mind, the power of their own activism, the power of their own connections.
And that's what they have to go back and utilize.
And they're feeling that power out there protesting.
That's not QAnon.
That's them.
So I wanted to co-op them away from Q and tell them, you are Q. You are the power.
Don't follow this message board.
You follow liberty and freedom and justice.
And some listened, some didn't.
But it does seem like that people are following away from the Q call.
I think people are starting to get it was a setup.
What do you think?
Yes, more and more people are, and there's people that regret ever being part of it.
I've seen the same reactions that people that escape cults have, which is they spend too much time blaming themselves for the next long period of time.
They're like, how did I ever get trapped by it?
How did I ever get?
Don't worry about that part.
Figure out how you can be productive and positive right now and making real lasting change.
That's how you escape any kind of cult set of beliefs, and that's how you counteract what its goal and objective always was.
That's right.
And don't end up like Gollum.
Don't hold on to the Q-Cult until you fall into the liquid magma.
All right, Barnes.
Folks can find you at your law website.
They did take your Twitter away for a while, but it's back.
Give people your Twitter account.
Sure, it's at Barnes underscore Law, and I'm on Locals at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com, where we're creating a little community outside of the big tech censors.
And I remind everybody, supporting InfoWars is as good a thing you can do to challenge the system as anything else, and it's been a lot more successful than QAnon ever was.
Well, God bless you.
We appreciate you.
These Saturday shows we've been doing have been 800,000 views, 500 million views, just separately from being aired on the network that reaches millions.
So I appreciate you coming on.
We can have limited ads and really reach a lot of folks.
Thank you so much.
Always glad to do it.
All right.
I want to thank the crew tonight for coming in.
I want to thank Robert Barnes.
I want to thank Mike Adams.
We covered a lot of the same ground a few times, but in different angles.
What's happening is so historic that I don't even have words to describe it.
I am just completely blown away right now by how dangerous things are, how out of control they are, and I just love God, and I'm going to give it to God.
I'm going to be the best man I can, and I'm going to be true, and I'm going to be good, and I'm going to let God take control of it because I'm just a human.
I'm failed.
I can't do it like God can.
I got very guilty a week and a half ago.
That obviously they were going to do a false flag trying to riot and storm the Capitol.
How did I not see it?
I was worried about a mass shooting.
I was worried about a truck bomb.
But you know, Trump says lead the march and I see this big crowd.
We'd already had all these rallies that were peaceful.
How did I not see that Antifa days before was saying we got hundreds coming dressed as patriots?
I saw that.
But I thought they were going to like start fights with us or something, not take the Capitol over.
But you know what?
It's okay.
I'm just a man.
And I didn't foresee that.
I was a man in the arena.
I went and I protested.
I exposed election fraud.
The fact that Antifa and Globalist staged an event and made us look bad, that's on them.
But see, I'm not like the Q people.
I'm going to admit I'm wrong.
I wasn't perfect.
I'm going to admit I got played.
So that doesn't happen next time.
I'm not going to be delusional.
When I go buy a used car from a car dealership and it turns out it's five years older than they said and breaks down.
I'm not going to buy another car there.
I'm going to admit I got conned.
But look at these Patriots attacking the Antifa that we're trying to break in.
Our people fought hard.
And I'm proud you came out to this event, probably a million or more.
I'm proud you did this.
And the enemy got us.
They set us up.
Next time we'll be smarter.
But that's why I want to read you these quotes.
I've got a whole stack of them.
And there's a lot of great quotes, but I just have to go back to this one.
The Man in the Arena, excerpt from Speech of Citizenship in a Republic, delivered at the Sorbonne in France, April 23, 1910.
It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who's actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who errors, who comes up short again and again.
Because there is no effort without error or shortcoming.
But who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
And I got more quotes for you, but I'm gonna say something right now.
They want you in your houses.
They want you on the AI.
They want you on the Zoom meetings.
They want you not in the arena.
They want you in cages.
They don't want you producing new ideas.
They don't want you doing new things.
They want control.
Bill Gates says, don't buy farmland.
He goes out and buys it all.
Bill Gates says, take a vaccine.
He doesn't take it.
Anything they're pushing, you've got to be against.
Politically, there's a differential where they'll put out something they want or they don't want to confuse you.
And they'll do feints and they'll do manipulations, but that's only on the political line.
99% of stuff is their main agenda.
Want to get on a plane?
Take this shot.
Want to have a job?
Take this shot.
They don't tell you there's no law, there's all the waivers.
They just sell it to you.
That's how Satan is.
He believes it's his right to rule you.
So understand, ladies and gentlemen, that This is the animating contest of liberty, and we've gotten where we're at going along with the system, but it's not time in this future war to kill people.
It's time to wake people up, and it's time to not comply with a corrupt system.
Let's continue.
This is Marcus Tullius Cicero, philosopher, member of the Senate.
A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.
An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.
But the traitor moves amongst those within the gates freely.
His sly whispering rustles through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
For the traitor appears on a traitor.
He speaks and acts as familiar to his victims, and he wears his face in their arguments.
He appeals to the basis that lies deep within the hearts of all men.
He rots the soul of a nation.
He works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city.
He infects the body politics so that it can no longer resist.
A murderer is less to fear.
The traitor is the plague.
Then a friend of mine sent me this text message this morning.
Subject forwarded from a friend.
A man named Tom Nicholson posted on Facebook his account.
The sports car that he had just bought.
Now a man approached and told him that the money used to buy the car could have fed thousands of less fortunate people.
But the industry and the factories that built it also built the factories that built the tractors, dumbass.
And also built the desire for people to have nicer things that then builds a desire for better medicine and better technology and a better future.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not reading what he said.
His response to the man made him famous on the Internet.
Read a story as stated on Facebook below.
A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.
I replied, I'm not sure.
It fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it.
It fed the people who made the tires.
It fed the people who made the components that went into it.
It fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires.
It fed the people at Caterpillar who made the trucks that hauled the copper ore.
It fed the trucking people who hauled it out in the plant to the dealer.
It fed the people working at the dealership, and their families, and the advertising companies, and the radio stations, and everybody else.
And it was really fun to drive down the road with his girlfriend, hearing the engine roar out of that part.
I have to admit, I guess I really don't know how many people it fed.
That's the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality.
When you buy something, you put money into people's pockets and give them the dignity for their own skills.
When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self-worth, and you steal from them the ability to make the choice with their money.
That's the key.
Because globalists don't want you extending.
With real choice and free market with money, it turns loose the god gene that we're master builders.
And what we dream of gets built.
They've got to cut the money off to not allow that to happen.
Because then there'll be no commerce to get people to do it.
Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.
Socialism is having the government take your money against your will to give it to someone else for doing nothing so they can control them and enslave them.
So that's that famous little piece augmented by AJ.
You know, I said this would be my last broadcast.
It really could, but I, it's just too heavy of a subject to say this is my last broadcast and then do it here.
I'm just too tired already, but I'm going to write some notes tonight, tomorrow and come on the Sunday show four to 6 PM and give you my view on the world.
But I know this.
The Great Reset in globalism is admittedly post-human.
It's admittedly an assault.
And everything you see the system pushing is a symptom of that overall operation.
And that's their excuse to act like tyrants and do all these horrible things.
And to fulfill their bloodlust as their saviors of the earth when they're far from saviors of the earth.
They are consuming the earth for their own personal power.
So I will end the transmission with this.
The Lord's Prayer.
All right, I appreciate the crew.
I appreciate their work.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
All right. I appreciate the crew. I appreciate their work.
I would just ask the listeners.
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I hope I'm wrong.
That's why Steve Pichinik said, oh, it's my last show with you because it's the jokes on me, he thinks.
Or he really believes what he's saying and he thinks he's going to get a job here if somehow Biden resigns and Trump's the president.
Well, yeah, he's got a job here if that moonshot happens.
People want to listen to Pchenik anyways.
Interesting guy.
But I think he's a little more on the devil's side than the angel's side.
And I'll tell him that the way he talks down to people, the way he pacifies people, the way he patronizes them.
But I let those guys act like that because, you know, they're the big guys.
They're in the system.
I'm the outsider.
I'm not the system.
That's who I'll always be because I'm here changing the system.
That's my job, not to be part of the system.
Okay, again, great job to the crew.
This has been an original transmission, but as soon as it's over, it'll reloop until 4 p.m.
Central tomorrow, where I'll hopefully have a show, and I'm going to come on and talk about if this is my last show.
And Monday and Tuesday's show will be, is this my last show?
Because it's that bad with the total censorship, the shutdown of Gab, now they're shutting down Or not Gab, the shutdown of Parler, the shutdown of Mines they're trying to do right now.
I mean, this is a total takeover.
This isn't 50 proof liquor.
This isn't 100 proof liquor.
This is 200 proof.
This is the real deal.
This is the fabled globalist takeover.
This is the operation.
This is the New World Order.
So, give you Chain Reaction this broadcast.
If you take this broadcast that's streaming and posted soon to Bandot Video and share it.
You can save the country and the world.
They can't do this if we have communication systems, but we are isolated down to Bandop Video and Infowars.com and radio stations and TV stations, and they want to shut us down.
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I don't care.
We're free to air.
Just use it, get it out.
I want to thank the crew coming in on Saturday.
I'm Alex Jones signing off for InfoWars.
God bless and good luck.
Washington D.C.
is now under martial law.
Tanks, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, more than 20,000 troops.
But that's not where the attack's going to come.
I believe it will be in the 50 capitals across the United States.
Where the globalists have activated a counterintelligence operation, Trust 2.0, modeled after a Bolshevik operation that was used to identify and round up dissidents in the 1920s.
I have studied this in depth.
Julian Assange also believes that's what Q is.
And I have high-level sources that are patriots that tell me, indeed, this is the globalist's final move.
The storm is here.
It is not a storm to take out the globalists.
It is a storm to begin the persecution of patriots.
They're going to show you 20,000 troops, barbed wire, armored vehicles, F-16s, helicopters, and then D.C.
will be safe.
But then when the capitals get attacked, they'll say, see, we need to federalize all the capitals to keep you safe, and we have to restrict and stop demonstrations.
The final pieces are going into the jigsaw puzzle right now.
I was there at the President's behest.
He got set up.
So did I. When the Capitol Police stood down, when they had Antifa breach and come into the building and the media called it an insurrection and called it a coordinated attack.
All of this is to now use all the counterterrorism laws against the American people.
People like Phil Mudd of the CIA are on CNN bragging that they're preparing for war against the American people.
Senator Manchin and others are talking about how they're going to expel Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley out of the Senate, all because they challenge fraud.
They're saying they're going to arrest people that question elections in the future.
This is the fall of America, and only recognizing it gives us a chance to stop it.
We have to pray to God, we have to educate others, and we have to stop complying with the system and let them know that we're aware of their criminal activities, or we'll never reverse it.
But violence is not the way.
They've already set that up with false flags they're preparing.
Don't be part of violence.