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Name: 20210115_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 15, 2021
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In this episode of InfoWars podcast, Alex Jones discusses globalism as a negative force and its impact on politics. He highlights recent events such as COVID-19 restrictions, censorship, negative impacts of the COVID vaccine, and Joe Biden's lack of legitimacy. The speaker also talks about the need to value human life again and stand up for basic human rights. Throughout the podcast, Jones shares his opinion on various topics including chemtrails, Lena Del Rey's music video, Larry Pinckney's insights into current events, and the division in America. He warns listeners about potential dangers like QAnon and emphasizes the importance of preparation for possible upheaval. The speakers also discuss spiritual experiences, conspiracy theories, transhumanism, repentance, DNA manipulation, and staying informed while remaining vigilant in the face of challenges.

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And this is real evil we're facing.
And so folks need to understand that it's coming in to shut everything down.
There's a global revolution against the New World Order.
Globalism is a consortium of corporations that do not want free market.
They want fascist monopoly to carry out eugenics.
People are like, what's a globalist?
I call them globalists because they call themselves globalists starting in the 70s, Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Globalists believes in global government, not international man and libertarianism and you can travel and live wherever you want and there's standardized systems.
I'm all for that as long as it's free market and as long as people agree to it and it's not authoritarian.
But the great reset and saying you're not essential and shutting down small businesses and coming with forced inoculations and all of this is authoritarian globalism.
Technocracy in their own words.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are defining the reality of our world.
We're in the midst of a global corporate authoritarian consolidation.
Design collapse.
And only exposing it will defeat it.
I went to the dentist this morning.
To get fitted for one of my implants, from grinding my teeth off to bloody nubs.
And I talked to an old couple, talked to a young couple, talked to the two dental hygienists, and talked to the doctor.
And they all knew that COVID is a scam, and that they're using the deaths from other things in the COVID column.
And they all knew about basically the Great Reset.
And they just didn't know what to do about it.
So there is a level of understanding, but this is criminal what's happening.
And this is all the Great Reset.
This is all the UN World Government takeover.
This is 21st century war.
And these are the guys that say we can't have national borders, and that we got to take migrants, quote, into our homes, and we got to let drag queen story time out with our kids, but that we've all got to have COVID passports to travel even inside the country, and not even start your car.
That's where all this is going.
It's all being announced.
It's insane.
We're gonna lay it all out today, but Owen Schroyer, the host of The War Room...
Does a great job weekdays, 3 to 6 p.m., and then comes back with Sunday Live after my Sunday show, 6 to 8.
He does two hours after I go live, 4 to 6.
And so, he had a pretty good rant nailing it on what's happening with the wall going up around the Capitol.
So here is that report.
We'll come back.
Start your engines for the main transmission.
This is a big broadcast today.
Very, very important.
120 hours left until the Communist Chinese agent is installed.
They're now building barriers around the Capitol building, around the grounds, so that you can't even get within 500 yards of the Capitol.
So, the traitors, the biggest criminals in the United States work in Congress.
The biggest criminals that stole our election are in Congress.
And so, it's so typical.
This is what happens in third world dictatorships.
This is what happens in authoritarian regimes.
They build up barriers to protect themselves from the people because they're criminals.
Yeah, the people hate the government!
You suck!
You have sold us out, you have robbed us dry, you have taxed us without representation, you've given our money to foreign countries, you've stolen our elections, you've shut down our businesses, you have destroyed us, and we know it!
We know who the criminals are!
They live in DC!
They serve in the halls of Congress!
And we're so pissed!
And we know it!
So now you're building huge infrastructure, huge big walls, to protect your criminal behavior from us.
And it's disgusting!
But it's not going to stop the truth from coming out, and it's not going to stop the people from being informed and angry.
But see, now they're going after the information control system of social media, and they're just banning everybody.
They tested it with InfoWars.
We told you they'd do everybody else.
The president didn't listen.
His administration told him not to listen to us.
Now it's here.
So, how are you going to have the revolution when you can't communicate?
And they say they're going to take the Parler app off of smartphones.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen!
And this is what makes me so sad, that they've pit us against the police, and they've pit us against one another, when the real enemies are the ones betraying us in the halls of Congress.
The real enemies are the ones lying to us consciously in the media every night.
And they all know it.
And we all know it.
But see, they still have control of the infrastructure to protect themselves,
They still own the judges.
They still own the police commissioners.
They still own it all.
So they still have their fingers and feet on the levers of power until we wake up, until we unite, until we take action.
And I can feel it.
It's not going to be pretty.
It's not going to be perfect.
It's going to be rough and tumble.
We're going to make mistakes.
But this is the American way.
This is all about self-government.
And you know what?
Maybe America falls.
Maybe the flag falls.
But I tell you what.
Human freedom.
Free market.
That's what's successful.
That's what people want.
And that will be restored.
Everything is coming into crystal clear view now.
It's all out in the open.
The great time of revelation is taking place.
The enemy is striking.
We have Jack Dorsey caught secretly by Project Veritas communicating with, he believes, the top executives at Twitter about how they're going to censor everybody and this is just the beginning banning Trump.
We've got the Mexican president coming out saying he's going to lead a global movement.
Trump should have done this.
To stop big tech from abusing the people and censoring everyone.
And that this is a criminal combine that's one of the greatest dangers the world's ever seen.
That's what Ted Cruz says too.
It's true, by the way.
I mean, this is classic.
Like, if tyranny was a liquor, it's 200 proof, folks.
That means 100% liquor.
No, no non-alcohol.
This is pure.
This is rocket fuel.
Everything they're doing is just classic Godzilla-level corruption.
I mean, it's King Kong-level, whatever you want to call it.
It's colossal.
And we're just sleepwalking over the edge of a cliff, and they're just making their move.
And the global inflationary bubble is completely insane.
And what Joe Biden is announcing is completely insane.
And I'm just sitting here not even hating Joe Biden, not even hating Hillary Clinton.
I'm just thinking, God, every day that I'm not them and not involved in the incredible evil they're involved in, because these are enslaved, demonically controlled people.
I always try to do this.
I'm never successful at it, but I just think I want to start the show by just reading you from the stacks, because I went through all of these stacks.
We're talking probably 200, 300 articles here.
I looked at all of these.
I probably read 50 of them, but I scanned over the rest.
And it's just all over the top.
Here, let's just look at this stack first right here.
I mean, I could spend an hour just on this little, this little darling right here from Infowars.com, which has got links to mainstream Reuters, you name it, foreign news, Norway TV.
23 dead in Norway after taking COVID vaccine.
And they said, that's okay, it's gonna kill some people.
See, they're now just normalizing the death.
That's just one article here.
COVID lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits and causes more people to die from suicide, drug addiction, drug overdose, and more.
But that's okay.
Microsoft Big Tech Coalition developing Rockefeller-funded COVID passports.
They're already studied and deployed in Communist China.
It's all admitted.
It's called the Vaccine Credential Initiative.
But don't worry, Biden's got the Rescue America package.
He's gonna rescue us with ongoing lockdowns and teaching us to have a universal basic income.
You're like, oh, I live free at this Hilton and I get three meals a day.
Man, I'm really being taken care of.
Yeah, you're a prisoner.
That's what this is.
We tell you when you can leave your house.
We tell you how much food you get, and robots tell you when you can go on vacation.
I mean, this is all being announced.
This is the t-t-t-t-technocracy.
I hates technocracies.
Well, there you go.
Total tyranny!
New Jersey seizes 100% of Jim's assets for defying COVID lockdown, despite Supreme Court rulings and Supreme Court state rulings around the country saying what New Jersey's done is illegal.
They seized 100% of the Jim that said, we're essential, we're not going bankrupt.
Even after government payments have ended, they're saying, we're not going to give you payments to survive, which is bad enough.
You're just got to shut down.
Oh, but your bills are still due.
That's putting a gun to your head.
CDC projects up to 90,000 U.S.
COVID deaths in the next three weeks.
Oh, guess how many people die on average?
About 9,000 a day.
Guess what the worst day of the week for death is?
Guess what the worst month of the year for deaths is?
Up to 15,000 deaths a day.
It's, you guessed it, ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-ju-January.
Look it up.
I did this morning.
We've hired, again, an actuary.
Mathematician, we've got the numbers, but I'm getting them broke down more, but it's just what we thought.
More deaths in 2018 than there were in 2019, actually went down some that year, and then 61,000 more deaths in the year 2020.
And if you cut out population increase, the normal increase of deaths each year, and take out part of the suicide increase, well, you have less people dying.
So basically, the same amount died.
But the public doesn't understand statistics.
370 million people that, hey,
10,000 of those are coming in today and are going out today, baby.
Don't fear the Reaper.
They're coming in, they're coming out.
They're coming in, they're coming out.
Almost everybody I know and grew up and loved is dead.
It wasn't from COVID.
Coming in, going out.
The idea of, I saw this billboard this morning for Seton Medical Centers, and it said,
The uncontrollable, wear your mask.
It's a lie.
You can't.
But it's like, I have value.
I wear a mask all the time.
You show these people statistics, they go, I don't care.
It's mine.
It's my value.
They think it's like a billion dollars to wear the mask, even though statistically it was bacterial pneumonia.
Meanwhile, U.S.
COVID hospitalizations post first drop in months.
The new normal, Chinese citizens have to scan a tracking app to re-enter their own homes.
Paul Joseph Watson has the article.
It links to lockdownskeptics.org and the official Chinese government saying you have to scan a QR code to come and go from your home.
And again, you sit there and you tell the maskeys and people into all this that, hey, you're being incrementally enslaved, incrementally programmed for all this.
And they go, no, I'm not.
I go, well, they're going to come out with,
Global travel passports, medical passports, Global ID, they're going to make you take up to five shots a year.
It doesn't even protect you.
Here's the studies.
They just don't care because they don't think two or three steps.
People are very lazy, especially women.
And that's statistically.
I'm not saying women are bad, but they're very trusting.
That's why when any foreign group ever took over a culture, they kill all the adult men because they're not going to go along and keep the women.
And it's women, on average, serving the beast.
It's also women that are fighting it.
It's all statistical.
But men are even lazier today.
New normal.
Chinese citizens have to scan their tracking app to re-enter their homes.
Isn't that just darling?
Another fake poll.
Some polls show 80% will take the vaccine.
Three-quarters of Americans want vaccine passports.
What if three-quarters wanted to blow their heads off?
Should we help them do it?
New York restaurants clenched legal win against Cuomo's COVID-naught lockdown.
Court says they are essential.
He can't keep them closed.
They just keep doing it.
But these people don't care.
Defiant New Jersey gym has bank account wiped by Democrat governor.
Look at that little slimy rat.
And it just goes on and on and on from there.
Commodity boom isn't about economic growth, it's about inflation.
That's just some of the COVID news we're going to be covering today.
That's just one of the stacks.
23 dead in Norway.
And they admit, they say, yeah, the vaccine killed them.
And they actually say, but they were old.
Oh, it killed them, but they were old.
Remember, they want to get rid of old people, they want euthanasia, they want to call off everybody.
They go, there'll be more money for young people if you do that, but no, there'll be less for you too.
When we build up scalable economies that care about taking care of people, and they're complex and that are loving, we have a renaissance economy.
We have a barbarous economy where we kill babies and kill old people and all this.
We're in a nightmare economy.
And if you think a society that will treat old people or children or the mentally handicapped badly, well then how are you going to be treated?
And Christ told the disciples, suffer the little children.
That doesn't just mean be sweet to children.
It means mentally handicapped people, people that you're in control of, people that aren't as smart as you.
You abuse them.
And you hurt them, God says, I hate you more than anybody, and it'd be better for you to tie a giant boulder around your neck right now and throw it in the ocean.
I'm gonna get your butt.
And this whole system is based on dumbing people down so you can hurt them and control them.
So that's just some of the COVID stack.
That's one stack.
I've got the martial law stack.
I've got the censorship stack.
I've got the Trump getting ready to leave the White House and then putting lies out that he's stealing Abraham Lincoln.
I mean, it's just, it's all Trump's declassifying, just a bunch of key stuff.
It's all coming up on this Friday, January 15th, global transmission.
Five days left in the 79 days of hell.
Gonna fly!
Free bird, baby!
All right, listen, I'll hit all the news next segment.
I want to say something about President Trump right now, then I'll hit all the news.
There are so many people that enjoy throwing Trump under the bus.
There are so many people that now that he's had the election stolen from him and is being demonized and attacked and has such a hellish future ahead of him.
And this giant lynch mob of federal prosecutors and state prosecutors that are promising to put him in jail with all these trumped up charges, people are jumping ship on Trump.
And they're doing it in a really smart way.
Oh, Trump was never hardcore enough.
Trump wasn't a purist.
Trump couldn't get everything done the way we wanted.
Trump made mistakes.
When clearly he was an anti-globalist, clearly he was the president, clearly he actually tried to
Expand the country's success and wealth and tried to make better deals with China and turned our coal plants back on that are beautiful and do such a great job giving us cheap, inexpensive, high quality energy.
He signed executive orders massively curtailing child trafficking, sex trafficking.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
And as Christ said, when you are good, you will be persecuted.
So you're blessed if you're persecuted by the world.
And so, I support Trump more now that he doesn't have as much power.
I support Trump more now because he's being persecuted.
Because that's what the spirit in me says to do.
That doesn't mean I don't point out the incredible mistakes Trump made, and I've made mistakes as well.
But my spirit tells me Trump's good.
My spirit tells me to support Trump.
That's why when some people have said, oh, Jones supports Trump because of money, or Jones supports Trump because his audience wants that, that's not the case.
I have been persecuted, I have been sued over 50 times, I have been lied about, I have been physically attacked because I've supported Trump.
Hey, but listen, all the people that were armchair quarterback conservatives and patriots and people, you're not going to have Trump to kick around anymore, okay?
You're going to have a communist Chinese agent, okay?
And so, we'll see how you like that.
Because this man needs our prayers.
He's gone through hell, and they're coming after him.
And believe me, if they can censor him, and if they can put him in prison, they can put you in prison.
They're going to use him as the example of tearing a former president apart because he wasn't a globalist, to scare any other populist leaders in the world to not be like Trump or Bolsonaro.
And they can't make Bolsonaro back off.
That guy's even tougher than Trump.
I'm not going to go into it, but he's fearless.
So they don't grow on trees like Bolsonaro and Trump.
And this is real evil we're facing.
And so folks need to understand that it's coming in to shut everything down.
There's a global revolution against the New World Order.
Globalism is a consortium of corporations that do not want free market.
They want fascist monopoly to carry out eugenics.
People are like, what's a globalist?
I call them globalists because they call themselves globalists starting in the 70s, a big Brzezinski.
Globalist believes in global government, not international man and libertarianism and you can travel and live wherever you want and there's standardized systems.
I'm all for that as long as it's free market and as long as people agree to it and it's not authoritarian.
But the great reset and saying you're not essential and shutting down small businesses and coming with forced inoculations and all of this is authoritarian globalism.
Technocracy in their own words.
And so, we have to pray for President Trump, and I hope you'll pray for him for worse as well, because we're all in this together, and the truest thing Trump ever said is, listen, they don't hate me, they hate you.
I'm just standing between them and you, and they've got to come through me.
And that's absolutely true.
They say you will own nothing, you will have nothing, robots will control your life because you're dirty, you're bad.
So the freedom starts with not wearing your mask.
I went to a dental office this morning, didn't wear a mask, educated everybody there, stayed there 20 minutes longer to talk to everyone.
And because humans are supposed to talk, and we're supposed to warn people.
And I used the mask issue of wear your mask to talk to all those people I came in contact with.
And when I walked out, I wasn't wearing a mask.
And when I walked out, they weren't wearing their mask.
So that's what human intelligence is about.
It's about leadership.
It's not about how the strongman stumbled.
And while the critics sat up there in the bleachers that Teddy Roosevelt talked about, it's about what we do now together.
And we put Trump in.
Populist put him in.
Imagine him as like an arrow we fired.
Is every little feather
On the back of the arrow, perfect.
Is the point perfectly straight?
Is the shaft of the wood of the arrow the best arrow ever made?
But we set Trump to the bow.
We pulled back.
We released.
Trump fired and fired true and crippled the globalists and exposed them.
The arrow went through, missed the heart, hit a lung.
The enemy's coughing blood up metaphysically.
They're in trouble.
And they need to defeat us now, decisively, or they're going down.
So, that's an arrow we fired.
That's an arrow we summoned.
Appreciate that arrow.
The enemy needs you to forsake it, so it can pull the arrow out, and then if you let them, they will break the arrow, and metaphysically be healed.
They want to take Trump, a victory of ours, and make us forsake our victory, and make us not stand with our victory.
And when we join the timid souls in ganging up on him, we gang up on ourselves.
We learn from his mistakes.
We learn from our mistakes.
But Trump was risen up and given to us by God.
He was a sucker punch to the globalists.
But Trump didn't create the revolution.
He rode in on a surfboard on the waves that millions of us and our forebears created in the fight for liberty over thousands of years in this title struggle.
And so, I could snap my fingers and come out against Trump and come out against the Second Amendment.
And I can't get into details because it's private things that are done.
That's just how the law works.
As long as something is illegal, I will go have private meetings with the globalists and their minions.
But I mean, I can snap my fingers and betray the Second Amendment, betray America, betray Trump.
They make it so easy.
Just come out against the Second Amendment just a little bit.
Come out for red flag laws, or come out for just against Trump a little, or just leave radical Islam alone, or just stop harping on this pedophilia thing all day.
And all your problems will stop, Jones.
Yeah, Jones, you can come back into the fold right now.
Right now, Jones, you can come back in.
Really, I can?
No, I don't want to come back into your fold.
I've never been in your fold.
I don't want to be in your fold.
But that's where this is.
People say, well, Jones, you just said red flag laws was one of their stipulations.
Trump said he was for that.
Trump said that so they would say we want total gun confiscation until he would shut it all down.
I agree it was a mistake.
I said it was.
Whenever I talk about something Trump did, why he thought he did the right thing, I'm so you can get my take on why he did it doesn't mean I agree with it.
He said, hey, you shouldn't have to take the vaccine.
But, oh, here it is, let's turn the economy back on, because he gets, that's the main mission, is shut the economy back off.
Doesn't mean I agree with him trying to defeat them in that capacity, and it failed!
And he failed to do the right thing when it came to the censorship.
And now he knows that.
And now the whole world knows that.
It doesn't matter now.
We move on.
Now it's Joe Biden, who is a fraud, who we will never accept, who is going to come after us hardcore.
We have to go on the offense against him because he runs a globalist crime family against our nation and is fully compromised.
So, Trump will be gone in five days.
Trust the plan, right?
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today, InfoWars.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Well, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is like, you call that a riot?
Have you seen the Mexican riots we've got?
Sometimes hundreds dead.
That's what goes on.
That's what happened in England.
They used to have riots in England hundreds of years ago where half the city would burn.
And I'm not even saying riots are good, but they're calling what happened at the Capitol last week, Pearl Harbor, the end of the world.
He says, what is this, the Spanish Inquisition?
You kick a president off?
And his tweets weren't even bad?
You people are crazy and you're dangerous.
Now, why is he saying that?
Because it is.
And why is Merkel now saying, well, we're allowed to censor as the government, which she shouldn't do, but you can't, you know, have these people doing it.
And big tech is more powerful than governments now.
It's authoritarian.
So I said to libertarians out there, I get your libertarian ideals, but once corporations become governmental, how do you have a check and a balance?
Oh, start a new company.
And then they kick you off of every company you've got.
We've been kicked off of over a hundred platforms.
Parler says they may never come back up.
Because if you take Parler, which is conservatives, liberals, you name it, gay, straight, everything, just a more libertarian platform like Twitter used to be, or Facebook just a few years ago.
If you do that, then you get shut down.
And that's how this works.
I had a LinkedIn account.
That I guess one of the managers around here years ago set up so they could get more contacts for my contacts.
It wasn't even authorized.
They took that away from me.
Because I'm not supposed to even be able to get a job.
I'm an evil, red-blooded American.
I'm bad.
And how everybody wouldn't see that as a fundamental threat to themselves?
What you let happen to me could happen to you.
That's what empathy is.
That's why when you see a kid run over in the street, you feel like your child just died because you have the same wiring.
And if you didn't have empathy, you'd be a psycho.
So remember, build your own platform.
They have leftist organizations like Media Matters and people that run scripts on our shopping cart with hackers trying to find out what we're using so they can take it down.
They say, he shouldn't be allowed to operate.
They run around tattling constantly, filing false reports that Jones is a terrorist and he should be arrested.
Oh, and they're going to be really upset to hear this, and I'll get into the news.
Overhead shot, please.
Alex Jones, the FBI wants me to come in for questioning about the January 6th attack on the Capitol.
Well, I've got some bad news for you.
Our lawyers talked to the FBI.
They just said, look, we have to follow every fake report.
And the left has said, you did this, and we're just asking you, did you do it?
And no, we didn't.
The left is reporting that we attacked the building and commanded it all.
And to the FBI, that has to be... So, the crime is the left filing false reports.
You think I'm scared?
You ought to be scared that you think it's cool to do stuff like that.
I've never filed a fake report on Media Matters.
But the guy that bankrolls it, George Soros, has bought off over 500 district attorneys in this country.
That runs who gets charged and who doesn't.
What if Locosa Nostra was trying to control district attorneys?
They might have controlled one in Boston, and it was a huge scandal with Whitey Bulger.
They might have controlled one FBI agent, and then the district attorney in Boston, and it's an international scandal to this day.
Oh, but George Soros, he just runs almost every city and it's alright.
And you left us, like, feel powerful that you're involved with that?
Like, oh, that's cool.
They're all over Twitter, like, oh, Jones, we can't wait till you're in jail.
Oh, it's gonna be, oh, yeah, we gotta re-educate everybody.
We gotta arrest all the conservatives.
We gotta take their children from them.
The head lawyer, the chief counsel of PBS, billions in management, under management, sitting there like a super creepy, not saying he's a pedophile, I'm just saying he looks like one,
We're just going to take the parents to re-education camps and we're going to take their children.
Oh, we're going to have their children.
And their children are going to be with us.
And then the head of the U.N.
rapid response says, we've got to go in the houses and take the children.
Because he's just been... This weird little teeth.
He's like... There's all these videos of them getting their children.
I mean, what the hell is going on here?
And on the left, everyone wants to be signed on to all this.
Paul Watson asked me, like, what's going on with Jack Dorsey?
He says he's for free speech and he hates the fact that Trump was censored.
But then now there's this video where he's admitting it all, that he is censoring his employees.
He's like a man with a gun to his head.
And I think that's basically it.
He's blackmailed for whatever reason it is.
And so I told Paul, why not just tell you this now?
It's not like a bragging thing.
I don't care.
It's actually weird.
I think it's strange.
I've been told by two famous prominent people.
That Jack Dorsey says Alex Jones is always right and that I'm like his guru.
And then there's this big famous Hollywood producer.
I'm not going to go any further.
This big music producer that like is like their guru and then he's like listens to me all the time.
I'm being told this by two separate really famous people and this is like a while back and I'm like, okay.
All right.
I mean this is you can't make up the weirdness level.
So the reason I tell you the story now is
There are a lot of people that work in the system that don't actually run anything anymore and are just a front person and have a gun to their head.
And most men, I found, when there's a gun to their head, either for real or financially or metaphysically, they go along.
But then behind the scenes, they sneak around and try to fight the system.
And I'm not saying that's Jack Dorsey.
I'm not saying
But I'm like with one famous person.
I was like, I was talking about Jack about you today, how great you are and how you're always right.
I go, yeah, yeah, right.
Oh, here's a text message, Jack Dorsey.
I'm always right.
Well, she talks about you all the time.
And I'm just like, oh, really?
And I got told that years ago, but this isn't about me bragging.
It's the opposite of that.
What weird ass world is it that Jack Dorsey's obsessed with me
Well, of course they're all obsessed with this show.
What are we talking about here?
The real world, ladies and gentlemen?
It's not me.
Anybody can read The Great Reset.
Anybody can go look up this stuff.
I mean, the Mexican president says this is incredible tyranny, we've got to stop it.
Well, of course he's right!
I don't care if he's a socialist.
What matters is that you recognize truth, ladies and gentlemen.
And we have out-of-control tyranny attacking us.
You think Joe Biden's a real socialist when he works for the Chinese where they have hundreds and hundreds of billionaires and then they work families to death?
No, that's not communism.
That's not socialism.
Will it end up helping the Mexicans at the end of the day?
They got a socialist that actually tries to take some of the incredible wealth.
Mexico's the richest country in the world as far as their elite is the richest elite per capita.
For their population size of anywhere in the world, why are their people so poor?
Because they keep them that way to control them.
Could this guy fix it somehow by divesting it back to the people?
But it usually goes the way of Venezuela.
Free market's the way to go, but they never had an original revolution to get land and the means of production into the people's hands.
And the way to get the means of production into the people's hands is not communism and some central committee of professors that don't know how to wipe their ass distributing money.
You distribute the means of production into the middle class that vibrantly then competes and that produces wealth.
The problem is it then produces incredible decadence.
Okay, I'm done ranting.
I've got so much to hit when we come back.
And if I don't plug, we're not going to be here.
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By the way, folks, I didn't tell you that
Jack Dorsey's story, to sound powerful or cool, I don't want to be part of Hollywood, I want to be part of the Washington power structure, it really is true that you cannot register or fathom how popular InfoWars really is now.
And that was all God's plan.
And that was all you keeping us on air.
All of us together was a team effort.
It's an extremely dangerous position to be in as well.
But almost all these liberal talk show hosts that attack me, they actually listen.
I remember Mike Cernovich about five years ago, four years ago, he was visiting here.
He says, don't you know they all love you and they all listen all the time?
And don't you know all those big people like Jack Dorsey and all them are huge fans?
And I'm like, dude, stop trying to build my ego up.
I don't want to hear this.
That's bull.
It's all true.
But Cernovich was like, you just shouldn't be as hardcore, we ought to get it where we can get him on our side.
And then I had other big famous people tell me this, way more famous than him, and I was like, really?
So that's what I'm saying is, there's a big struggle in the power structure, and a lot of people that aren't devil worshippers, I mean, look, you look at Hillary Clinton, that's a devil worshipper.
You look at her, you look at her actions, you just see it.
Jack Dorsey, no.
Is that guy trying to act like Obi-Wan Kenobi?
I don't know.
But you get kind of an Obi-Wan Kenobi vibe, not the pedophile vibe.
But that's what I'm saying is our spirit already knows what's going on here.
Our subconscious, whatever you want to call it, is powerful.
Hundreds of times, thousands of times more powerful than our conscious mind.
And it's so crazy because this actually, this really happened.
I remember about a year ago, visiting my, a little bit over a year ago, my wife's mother.
In San Diego.
And so, her house is little, so we said, well, let's go to this nice country club that has a hotel.
I think it was the Fairmount.
Beautiful place.
Beautiful hotel and a golf course.
We could walk around the golf course and stuff.
And I remember there were all these chemtrails.
All the chemical spraying that they had to the jet fuel.
And it's all in the patents and it's all in the Nobel Prizes.
I mean, it's been going on since the mid-90s.
It's a perfect case of this industrial globalist takeover, how it's just there and the general public doesn't know, but it's hidden in plain view.
And I said, man, I want to have a website or a podcast.
I told my wife this called Kim Trails and Country Clubs.
Because here it is, beautiful country club, these beautiful pools, beautiful statues, five star hotel.
I never stayed somewhere that nice.
There's chemtrails everywhere, and it's just raining down on everyone, and it's that symbol of how this has happened to everyone.
So then, I get up about 5 a.m., I go get on the computer, I'm doing research, and I see... Oh, well, that's it!
This big pop star... She must be... an Alex Jones lister, because her new album is called...
Kim Trails over the Country Club.
Lena Del Rey.
And man, then the music video, Halfway In, has a turn.
I'm gonna play it at the end of the hour, or the end of the next hour.
And it goes into Jeffrey Epstein Devil Worship.
See, that's what I mean.
What we're covering here isn't the hottest thing in entertainment.
Because it's not entertainment.
What we're here covering is the awakening of humanity to the hidden that is now being brought up against us.
So it's an amazing time to be alive.
Larry Pinckney is one of the greatest patriots I know.
He's been a political prisoner.
He's been to the ringer.
He's one of the original founders of the Black Panther Party.
Not the new Black Panther Party that's just a black KKK group run by the feds, run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, but the real group.
And he always has a lot to say about what we're witnessing, what's unfolding.
He'll be with us.
And then I'm trying to get him on for a year.
People have been asking, where is Steve Quayle?
I don't know.
I really admire Steve Quayle as well.
He's a really smart guy.
Steve Quayle will be with us in the third hour.
I kind of call him the anti-Q.
You know, you're always being told everything's fine by Q and trust the plan and don't worry about it.
Well, Steve Quayle's kind of the anti-Q.
I mean, he's definitely not a Q person.
And you know, Quayle never told me this, but then I ran into real spooks.
And, uh, like real famous ones.
And they go, oh yeah, you don't, you don't know who Steve Quayle is?
He's a, he's something else.
So, Steve Quayle's had a long lifetime.
Let's just leave it at that.
And seen a lot.
And he is a smart guy.
And I knew the guy 27 years ago.
He's one of the first guests I ever had on.
And I had no idea back then what a visionary he was.
But he knew how to get his message out in a pop way.
So that it would actually get on national TV and things.
So he'll give us his take on the world coming up in the third hour.
I have another great friend of mine and that is a guy that we talk to every week and that is Dr. Nick Baggage.
His father was murdered.
His brother's been a U.S.
Senator and who has trailblazed all these top science systems being used to manipulate us, the 5G, all of it.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today ahead of the War Room.
The big news is now at InfoWars.com.
And it's exactly what I told you that I personally witnessed, because I know the cut of somebody's jib.
I saw over a hundred skinny jeans, uh, antifa types that I would call the upper crust, usually graduate students, sons of U.S.
I don't know.
I saw them there.
And I got there 30 minutes after it started.
And so I said, looks like Antifa.
Now they've had a lot of arrests of Antifa that we're posing as Trump people that did help break in and did say burn it down, did try to, and did egg the woman on to crash at the window that got shot.
I mean, it's, he's, he's been indicted for that.
And so the article's breaking at Infowars.com right now.
Feds admit Capitol siege was planned in advance by Trump haters, not Trump supporters.
The planning
Was done by Antifa posing as patriots online using the Q-Tard boards to hijack not what the Q-Lord was saying, because the Q-Lord doesn't want to get in trouble, but what Antifa posing as Q-Priests, Q-Leaders were doing.
And I don't think the Q-Shaman was involved, but it just shows that they all call themselves shamans.
This is an esoteric religion.
And the standard thing to attack me when I criticize Q is, oh, you don't want competition.
Let me explain something.
As this show went mainstream by the World World Cup of the Truth, we were exploding already.
Q helped us so much.
Q brought us so many new listeners.
The Q movement made it fun and non-threatening for people that can't face this evil and think that we could lose.
They wanted to hear, we can win.
And so I started thinking, well, maybe Q's all right about a year ago because it's getting so many people on board.
But then as I realized, no, they're going to betray us at the end with violence.
And make people stand down so Trump doesn't get reelected.
I saw it as a problem.
No, it hurts me and our audience to talk about Q, but I have to do it.
I have to do it.
It's not the average woman or man.
A lot of my crew have fathers that are engineers.
For whatever reason, a lot of people that work here as fathers are chemical engineers, electrical engineers.
You know what?
Doctorate degrees from major universities.
They all loved it.
It's designed to be augmented reality.
A lot of the stuff was in there was real.
intelligence was in Q, but not what you thought.
Real U.S.
It was giving you intel, so you'd see a lot of it is true, but at the end, it's like putting a big juicy worm on a hook, and I'm a bass saying, don't eat that.
Bob or Ralph, whatever the other bat, that's got a hook in it and they'll take you up to a whole nother galaxy, a whole nother dimension.
It's weird.
You'll die.
They'll eat you.
He's like, oh, shut up.
There's nothing up there.
That's a juicy worm.
You bite it and you got a hook in your mouth.
A lot of the info is real.
It's a big juicy worm, but there's a big metal spike inside there with a hook on it.
So that's where we're at.
So we're going to break all that down with Larry Pinckney coming up in the next hour.
And so
Much more Trump is set to declassify.
Today they're saying they'll drag their feet, don't worry.
All the FBI files on Russiagate.
Devastating stuff.
I mean, hell, Hunter Biden laptop is so devastating.
They don't deny that's him going, I work for the Chinese intelligence.
I'm under criminal investigation with my daddy.
The head of Alibaba is missing.
Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama.
I mean, these are a bunch of spoiled lawyers.
Biden's just going to sit in there and like literally just go, I don't get 50 million a month now, I get a billion a month.
That's all Biden's going to do is stare at his bank account numbers and like a little demon and then molest children.
I mean, that's all these, I mean, this guy's in photos molesting his niece.
We got, we got the diaries of the daughter, all of it with daddy screwing her and all the rest of it.
And look, people are like, oh, they're gonna come after you, Jones.
You help... Whatever!
I don't care!
Don't you get it?
I'm done with you people!
I will not be crying!
Oh, please don't come get me!
So as bad as a lot of stuff is, it's also good.
For every action, there's an opposite evil reaction.
And as evil rises, good is rising as well.
Hour number two is two minutes away.
Stay with us.
Coming up in the second hour, Larry Pinckney.
We're talking to him here in a moment.
Steve Quell in the third hour.
Nick Begich in the fourth.
Now some stations don't carry this first five minutes, but I don't want to waste any time with our guests.
We're going to go to him now.
We'll recap next section.
Larry Pinckney is a veteran of the Black Panther Party, the original one, not the new one, run by the Southern Property Law Center.
His book, Saying No to Power, blackactivistwg.org.
Black Activist Writers Guild, and he has been a political prisoner, you name it.
So Larry, we really appreciate you here in the 21st century, the 21st year of the 21st century, and just God bless you.
Give us all a prelude in the next 45 minutes or so, what you're going to break down for us, your view on where we are right now.
Okay, thank you, Alex.
You know, I believe that it is always a distinct pleasure spending time with you and all of my brothers and sisters of all colors at InfoWars and the wonderful audience.
Now, let me get right to it.
Some of the things I want to deal with would be, for example, the neoliberal fascism of the so-called Democrat Party.
That's one thing.
I also want to break down what they call inflammatory rhetoric, all right?
I also want to talk about
Well, as soon as the Capitol had that problem last week.
I knew that you've been through the wringer.
You've been set up as a political prisoner.
You can really warn people with your expert eye on what you see.
Because I see it from historical research.
You've lived it.
They're obviously trying to foment uprisings or trying to claim it's black against white, white against black.
It's obviously not.
And it is a corporate globalist system trying to divide this country yet again and trying to outlaw the practice of demonstrating.
Of course.
And you know, speaking of inflammatory and speaking of division, all right, the whole tactic has been all about
Divide and conquer.
Okay, that's what it's always been about.
And the neoliberal fascist Democrats and their allies of the so-called media have engaged in this and are continuing to engage in this.
I want you to think about the inflammatory rhetoric of people like Maxine Waters, who is telling people to go and to confront, quote, unquote,
People in their homes, in restaurants, wherever they might be, to confront those people who were exercising their constitutional rights as citizens to support the candidate of their choice, and in this case, it was President Donald J. Trump.
That's inflammatory rhetoric.
But of course, we never hear anything about that.
That's okay, right?
Well, let's talk about terrorism for a moment.
I want you to go back to me, or go back with me, very briefly in a time machine.
The time machine is just of a few years ago, alright?
We're talking the summer of 2017.
What happened?
What terrorist act took place?
Well, a man who hated Donald Trump publicly and repeatedly, a supporter of Democrats, and in this case, Bernie Sanders,
A man by the name of James T. Hodgkinson actually fired and wounded, okay, when I say fired I'm saying using a gun, and wounded multiple people, including, including a member of the U.S.
House of Representatives by the name of Steve Scalise, alright?
Stay there, we're going to recap this and you're going to go over all
The real agitating, the real terrorism versus what happened at the Capitol and where you think all this is going with Biden and Trump.
Larry Pinckney, one of the original founders of the real Black Panther Party.
Don't be confused with the new KKK one.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds with Larry Pinckney.
Please stay with us.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
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All right, Larry Pinckney is here.
He's a founder of the original Black Panther Party.
He's an author.
He's a researcher.
He was a political prisoner.
He can tell you about being set up at COINTELPRO by the FBI.
And that's what's going on right now.
We have the evidence of provocateurs.
We have the evidence now the feds are even having to admit that it was staged by Antifa that did indeed trick some patriots once the riot police started attacking to then attack the riot police.
So everyone's being played here.
And it turns out it's this former top general's son who was in trouble for having misplaced nuclear bomb triggers.
I'm not joking.
That has his son out there everywhere getting released, getting caught doing this.
BLM activist John Sullivan, arrested for storming Capitol, runs a group called Insurgents USA.
And I've got a six and a half minute video of him saying over and over again,
We'll play it later if we have time, saying, burn it down!
And he was getting that poor woman that Bobbitt got killed to attack.
He's finally been arrested for literally leading it.
He's on videos.
I don't
Black, white, hispanic, old, young, little ladies praying with their rosary.
I mean, everybody knows who Street Smartwell stuff looks like.
I get there, this melee's going on, and I see Antifa's already up there.
The cops attack the rednecks, the hillbillies.
They get mad.
I'm a hillbilly, too, folks.
I mean, they attack, and then only a few hundred out of hundreds of thousands go in, and we're told this is as big as Pearl Harbor.
But go back over what you were saying.
Maxine Waters, all of it saying,
Telling BLM go attack people at restaurants, not just exercising First Amendment.
They tried, I mean, I'm a tough guy, you're a tough guy.
I'm not, I don't want to go in a restaurant and randomly at night start throwing glasses at people's tables.
I'm gonna get my ass beat.
But they actually tell black folks and white folks go out and attack white people at restaurants.
That's a good way to get killed.
So, so they're definitely, they were trying an insurgency.
You're one of the leading experts on this over 50 years living through it.
What's really going on, Larry Pinkney?
What's really going on is we're seeing COINTELPRO on steroids.
Let me repeat that.
We're seeing COINTELPRO, the counterintelligence program, on steroids.
Let's understand that the neoliberal fascist Democrats have always been about subterfuge.
This is not new.
Goes back to the 1860s, alright?
But let's go back to the 1960s, alright?
The 1960s and the 1970s, for example.
We're good to go.
Called COINTELPRO, the counterintelligence program which was set up to frame, murder, discredit, imprison, etc.
Those who were dissidents.
It was almost like the former Soviet Union.
People need to understand where we are today.
Now, don't be intimidated, but understand it.
Now, I was talking about Maxine Waters as an example.
All right?
Inflammatory rhetoric?
Of course!
That's what Maxine Waters is all about!
Inflammatory rhetoric!
But is she called on the carpet?
Of course not!
What about James T. Hodgkinson, who actually fired shots and wounded a member of the U.S.
Congress in the summer of 2017?
What about him?
I guess he's okay.
Notice how the media played that down?
Where is their ongoing outrage at this?
If they want to talk about shots having been fired, let's go back to when the first ones were fired.
Let's go back to the Democrat supporters, alright?
Let's be honest, let's be real.
And if you don't believe me, Google it!
James T. Hodgkinson, summer of 2017.
Who did he support?
Okay, who was he for?
He was an avid hater of President Trump.
He was an avid hater of a free republic, and that's what we have, brothers and sisters.
This is a constitutional republic.
Now, what's been ushered in
Through cheating and other means, cheating and intimidation, what has been ushered in is what I call the hypocrisy of the Democrat so-called democracy.
The hypocrisy of the so-called Democrat so-called, okay, democracy.
Don't forget that.
Remember that.
And then let's stop and think for a moment, alright?
They use the, when I say they, let me be specific, the Democrats and their allies, so-called progressives, right?
Give me a break.
They're regrets.
We're talking about Mitt Romney, we're talking about Liz Cheney, all these war criminals.
That's correct.
That's correct.
And they are, indeed, war criminals.
All right?
It's a matter of documented fact.
But let's move on.
They use the race slash color
I don't think it was the majority.
Isn't that ridiculous?
Isn't it?
You know, we talk about the ultimate zenith of hypocrisy.
It's absurd.
But then let's understand something.
The Democrats and their allies in Antifa, Klantifa, Antifa, Klantifa, capital K, alright, and BLM,
They are allies working together to basically destroy traditional families and values.
But let's go back to this thing of color and race, so-called race.
All right.
Who is Joe Biden?
Let me tell you who Joe Biden is.
Joe Biden is the same person, all right, whose close friend and mentor was none other than the late Robert Byrd, a Democrat and former Ku Klux Klan leader and recruiter.
Good friend of Joe Biden, in Biden's own words.
But hey, that's not enough.
There's more.
What about, and there they are,
And what about today?
What did Biden say?
One of the most profoundly racist comments that has been made by any so-called political leader
Was made by Joe Biden, who actually had the unmitigated audacity of an alley cat to insult our entire republic and to actually say, if you don't vote for me, you quote, ain't unquote black.
All right?
That is the ultimate of racism.
That's what Biden is about.
Don't believe it?
Look up.
Look it up!
Well, boil that down.
What is he really saying?
I mean, he's saying, your identity I own.
Like... Exactly.
He's saying, let's be honest.
Let's be blunt.
Let's be candid.
He's saying, you're my slave, nigga.
That's what he's saying.
Let's be frank.
And I don't like the N-word.
But you know what?
The N-word is oftentimes summed up by the actions of people, just like Lyndon Baines Johnson, who used the N-word so much that his own aides had—another Democrat, by the way, a former president—who used the N-word so much that his own advisers had to tell him, look, no, tone this down.
This is too obvious.
But who also said, and look it up,
That, quote, niggers, unquote, will continue to vote for Democrats for the next 200 years.
That's Lyndon Johnson.
And what we have now with this Biden character, all right, is Lyndon Johnson on steroids.
Lyndon Johnson 2.0.
I totally agree.
It's the exact same crap.
And they want us all on their plantation.
Larry Pinckney is on fire as usual.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll be right back in a few minutes.
Stay with us.
You don't think that Senator Kaine's son got caught and convicted a few years ago of beating people with an inch of their lives, dressed up in an antifa outfit, do you?
And also reportedly staging stuff, blaming it on right-wingers for no reason.
Their kids have to all go out and do this.
And you've got this Sullivan character whose dad was a high-level Air Force general that got caught smuggling nuclear bomb fuses illegally but didn't get in trouble.
So, I'm telling you,
He was attached to CNN, CNN undercover, and they're leading the attack, trying to get people to burn things down.
Now, does that mean there wasn't some of the good old boys that got pissed off and went in there?
Some of the other folks were just having fun, taking selfies?
And a woman got killed, a few others had heart attacks, and a cop died later of a heart attack, and it's wrong.
We shouldn't act like that.
But compared to everything else we've seen, now they feign this is the end of the world.
Yeah, there's Anderson Cooper, CIA, by the way.
Up there with these folks lying about all the violence they saw.
And CNN knew damn well that their reporter was assigned to them to videotape all this.
And then there's CNN knowing he was part of staging the whole deal, with him on a few days after it, talking about how evil the right-wingers were and what he saw.
So, I mean, that's the circles complete right there.
Larry Pinckney's our guest.
We really appreciate him.
One of the former founders of the real Black Panther Party, not the modern one.
Continue on then with
Where this is going, what you expect them to do after stealing this election, what you expect Biden to do, and what you think we ought to do, because I'm really worried about them staging events this weekend and next week and blaming it on us.
Well, quite frankly, I'm glad you brought that up.
Because what we can expect, alright, is that you're going to see, or we are going to see, agent provocateurs getting involved directly in various nefarious actions to, again, try to discredit
Christians, conservatives, independents, patriots, alright?
Don't be surprised, because that's how they work!
That's what they do.
It's nothing new.
To my brothers and sisters of all colors, black, white, brown, red, and yellow, and especially to the audience of InfoWars, I send you my love and my strength, and I tell you that this is an ongoing struggle.
We are dealing with lunatics!
But they are devious lunatics.
If they... You dare to speak a narrative that they disagree with?
Why, they will do everything they can to silence you and or to discredit you.
We simply should expect that, but be prepared for that.
Don't go for the ghosts, as we used to say back in the 60s.
Don't go for the ghosts!
Now, what should we do?
We need to hold on tight, number one, to our own principles.
All right?
We need to understand that we are up against creatures, people if you will, who have no principles.
They are devoid of principles.
So understand that.
Stop expecting them to act in a principled fashion.
They don't do that.
They're hypocrites.
They're liars.
Their news media is nothing but a neoliberal fascist arm.
A propaganda media.
It's not news, it's propaganda.
And by the way, we're showing footage that's out on national news of Antifa shooting video themselves admitting they were dressing up like Trump supporters to go stage the riots.
And them inside the Capitol as well.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
Well, it is, in a sense, unbelievable.
But you're right, this is the same thing over and over again.
It's just unbelievable that they're so sloppy and they even get caught doing it.
And they're so arrogant about it.
I mean, imagine that!
They are so confident that they will continue to be supported by these neoliberal fascist Democrats that they, of course, are going to film themselves.
Look at us!
By the way, Larry, what is it?
Because you're a smart guy.
I don't know.
You can look in somebody's eyes and see what's wrong with them.
Why do these globalists and new order people all look like psycho crazies and then act like it?
What's up with the eyes?
That's a good question.
I'm looking at, and I've looked at this before.
I consider it, and this is my humble opinion, I think that they are lunatics.
I really do.
I think that they are maniacal, and again, I say that's who we're up against.
But that's them.
That's not us.
That's them.
I didn't mean to interrupt and digress.
I agree.
Continue on with what you said we should expect.
Well, we should expect more setups, alright?
We should expect more agent provocateur activity, just like in the 60s and 70s, only on steroids now!
We should expect, don't be surprised if we now hear about later somebody coming up dressed in a Make America Great Again shirt or hat, okay?
Who supposedly tried to commit violence, okay?
Don't be surprised, that's what they do.
Or people in MAGA gear saying we hate black people, crap like that.
We've caught them over and over again doing that.
That's correct.
So don't be bamboozled, as Brother Malcolm used to say.
Don't be bamboozled.
Think, for crying out loud.
This is still our republic.
Yes, they are doing their utmost to take it from us, from we the people.
Let me ask you this question.
How do the Democrats, because I know Republicans aren't perfect, especially back then, there have been a lot of bad ones, but the Democrats have always been the nasty leaders, we know that.
I know from the history books that Martin Luther King did not like the Democrats.
I know that Malcolm X thought they were the worst of the two groups.
How did they suddenly, after Martin Luther King and Malcolm X got killed, and then Kennedy, teach black people and white people that Democrats are the ones that are anti-racist and not the other way around?
Isn't that ironic?
It's really ironic.
I was thinking of that today before the show.
They have programmed
First of all, what they do is they dumb you down with distractions and with misinformation and disinformation.
And this has been going on, you know, since the 50s, 60s, 70s, all right?
And incessantly going on, all right?
So now the very party that founded the Ku Klux Klan, which by the way was a Democrat party, the very party that founded the Klan
And that's why I mentioned Robert Byrd, a former Klan leader and recruiter.
That very party is now put up as supposedly anti-racist, anti-fascist, when they are the racist.
So wake up, people!
I don't give a damn about your color.
I love you if you are a decent,
Patriot, republic-supporting human being.
That's what it's about.
And so, yes, Alex.
Yes, you're correct.
You know, we need to understand, once we understand what and who we're dealing with, we have won half the battle.
Not the whole battle, but half the battle.
All right, we're going to break.
Longer segment coming up.
Larry, you've got so much to cover.
I've got so many questions.
What else is on your radar?
What do you want to tell us when we come back?
I want to talk more about some of their tactics and perhaps some of the things that we could and should or might be doing.
I agree, because here's my thing.
I don't want to get tricked into anything violent, but I also feel like I should start doing civil disobedience.
They stole the election.
I'm not going to shut up about that.
They're censoring everybody.
And so I'm going to ask you, because I know you've been to prison for doing nothing wrong because you were so effective.
I respect you.
I want to ask you, my elder.
What do you think I should do?
Because I actually feel guilty that I'm not doing enough.
People say, oh Alex, you're doing enough.
No, we need to start doing some civil disobedience, I think.
That's like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King.
That's very clear.
So they can't spin it.
We'll come back to Larry Pinckney on the other side.
Be sure and visit his excellent website, blackactivistwg.org.
And the book, Saying No to Power.
And you've got a Twitter too, right?
What's the Twitter, Larry?
Well, it's reality, the word reality underscored, and the number one.
Reality underscore one.
It's a great Twitter.
We won't abandon it.
I'm plugging it, but we'll talk about it when we come back.
There it is.
Be sure and follow that, folks.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
You know who I get on the show?
People that I know have been through the wringer.
We had Pete Santillan, a journalist, who covered the Bundy Ranch and covered the Oregon siege, and they set him up.
Multiple life sentences.
Didn't even have guns.
But as soon as he refused to plea bargain, it all got dropped.
And he says this is a false flag.
It doesn't mean we don't have a right to resist if tyranny is happening.
It's that we do it on our time and our place.
We exhaust every peaceful means.
Right now they want to brand all Trump supporters as terrorists.
They want to say that if we speak out, if we say no to this, that we've got to be censored because we're causing violence.
So it's important to expose who's really promoting the violence and to peacefully move forward to expose the crime boss, the Chinese Communist agent Joe Biden.
I don't know.
What do you think is about to happen?
What's your warning?
What are their tactics?
And then, what should we do legally and lawfully?
Because I really think that the time is for civil disobedience.
They're worried about that, so they want to provocateur violence to discredit us.
I mean, isn't that what they always want to do?
Of course.
And can you blame them?
They're neoliberal fascists!
That's what they do!
That's what fascists do!
And they, you know, whatever cloak they wear, we know is a cloak!
So, of course they're going to proceed to use Asian provocateurs and try to discredit us, but I keep saying this with all due respect, my dear brother.
You know, expect this.
Expect it.
It's not about our resisting on their terms.
It's about our resisting on our terms.
And let me distinguish what I mean.
Do not engage in quote-unquote violence.
You have the right to defend yourself, but do not engage in violence.
That's what they want you to do.
And even if you don't do it, you saw how they set people up, how Antifa, Klantifa just a few days ago in the Capitol set people up.
They're going to say we did it anyway, but don't do it.
All right?
Now, what should we do?
First of all, and this is not something that Alex asked me to say, first of all, support InfoWars!
Support the Patriots!
Support the Resistance!
And pass that information on!
Now more than ever before, there's a need to hold on tight to each other.
And any differences that we might have, because we are human, and we will have differences,
Let's have them in the closet, as Brother Malcolm X used to say.
But we must stay as a united front.
As a matter of fact, I think we're going to get a lot stronger, because some of the tactics that are being used, like that insane Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues like Maxine Waters of quote-unquote impeaching the president, all that has done actually is really made people see how maniacal
They are!
They, meaning the neoliberal fascist Democrats.
And I use that expression deliberately.
Neoliberal fascist Democrats.
It's like when I'm dealing or talking about, dealing with, discussing Antifa.
I say what it is.
It's Antifa slash Klantifa.
That's what it is.
So, let's remember our history.
They want us to forget about James T. Hodgkinson.
They want us to forget what this man did.
They want us to forget the multiple people that he shot.
We must remember that.
And, you know,
I believe that the family now, or families, be they black, white, brown, red, yellow, but American citizens' families are going to become stronger than they ever expected.
You know, the CIA has a term that it uses.
And by the way, it was the CIA who came up with the term conspiracy theory.
That came from the CIA.
Just think about that.
All right?
But the CIA has another term called blowback.
Blowback simply means, in layperson's terms, that when you engage in an action, meaning the CIA engages in an action like overthrowing a government, setting people up, blah blah blah, there's always going to be blowback, and they cannot, I repeat, they, the deep state Democrats and their despicable nefarious allies, cannot
Control blowback.
So let's you know, don't don't be getting down on your knees and saying oh it's over.
It's not over.
Are you kidding?
Let me hold you in the next segment.
I was gonna air a special report, but we need to keep talking because here's the deal.
People do things.
We all have differences.
People act in gangs.
Racist blacks do stuff.
Racist whites do stuff.
It's always white versus black.
What about all the other groups?
Humans are humans.
We have problems, but
Globalism is about bankrupting us all.
They want all our businesses shut down if we're small.
And that unifies me more than ever.
When the globalists have articles about a post-human world and machines are taking over, we need to rally together.
And that's where our real power is, is rallying together for the love of each other and for a future.
That's what we need.
And that will, I believe, in my gut, in my spirit, you're right, Brother Pinckney, I know this big assault we're about to go through is going to bring us together like never before.
That's right.
Absolutely correct.
And this is what they do not understand.
This is what... Because of their arrogance.
You see, they're arrogant.
What is it about these Satanists?
That's what I call them.
They're blinded by arrogance.
This cult.
They're so arrogant.
Yes, well, they're smug, self-righteous, neoliberal fascists.
They are smug, self-righteous, neoliberal fascists.
So, you know, this is what we need to understand.
If we know what we're dealing with, then we know better how to effectively deal with it.
So, of course, how do we deal with them?
Is there even any point trying to wake one of these people up or just move on?
I mean, what are other solutions?
Well, each to their own, but I, for myself, I will not try to wake them up, alright?
If after all these years, and after all this time, they have not seen how dastardly, okay, you know, the people that they support are, if they haven't seen that, well, all I can say is, and they say in French, c'est la vie!
C'est la vie!
And, but we, we, patriots, Christians, conservatives, independents, we must come to, not, we're already together, but we must get even closer, protect each other in every way we can, and when I, again, I don't want anybody trying to say, oh, Pinckney said to pick up the gun!
I didn't say to pick up the gun.
I said protect yourself both psychologically
We need to not feel like losers.
We've taken on the big corrupt system.
It's had to throw all this stuff at humanity because it's losing.
And I read their own internal reports that leak out.
They say they're losing.
So they're doing all this desperate stuff, just hoping it works.
And their own people don't like it.
They had all that UN footage leak where they're like, we don't want to give vaccines.
We're hurting people.
This is tainted.
That's their head scientist.
I mean, so they're not as good a shape as they look like.
That's a facade.
Well, of course it's a facade, and they control the so-called media, which I call propaganda machine.
And if you doubt it, just think about it!
They control the so-called mainstream media.
And I say so-called, because it's really not a media at all, other than it's a medium, but it's not the media.
And, you know, we have to, that's another thing I'm glad you mentioned, my brother Alex, because we need to support our media.
Real media, such as InfoWars.
We need to be creative about this struggle.
And we all need to be creative.
I agree.
Not just Larry Pinckney or Alex Jones.
In fact, again, give us your Twitter again.
People need to follow you.
I wish you'd do more videos every day.
You're always so spot on about every subject.
If you cut videos, even low-tech, just a quick five-minute video and send it to us, we'd air it every day, Larry.
How do people follow you?
They follow you at reality underscore one.
Reality underscore one.
That's right.
And, you know, the main thing is I believe ultimately in the power of the people.
I really do.
Ultimately, in the power of the people.
I do too.
Stay there.
And I think that was Trump's big crime.
He really believed in people.
He had optimism.
He, I know he's very, he's not giving up, but he's very upset that he thought we could beat him easier.
But no, it's not going to be that easy.
But I agree with you.
Their persecution of Trump's going to blow up in their face even bigger.
Larry Pinckney, final segment straight ahead.
Then we got
The guy coming on here.
Hadn't been on in over a year.
We got him coming on.
I'll tell you about it coming up.
We are back live.
I don't feel sorry for myself, but I know I'm under attack, so I need your prayer and support, and I appreciate it.
Roderick Stone's wife got beat up.
Didn't actually happen on Thursday.
His wife didn't want to tell him.
It happened the day before.
The guy ran her over with a bike in her front yard.
She got up.
He pushed her down two more times.
And she knew that Roger would go crazy.
So she just said a guy hit me with a bike.
Then she had to go to the hospital the next day.
And she told the rest of the story that he told me.
And he's so upset he can't even come on the air.
And she's going to have emergency surgery probably today.
So that's a 74-year-old wife.
And the guy beat her up.
Okay, so...
And they're trying to get Rogers to go crazy.
I mean, I understand.
But that's what's happening here.
And they did that to Larry Pinckney and others.
I need your support.
I appreciate your support.
A veteran friend of mine named Quentin, his nickname's Q, not the fake Q, the real Q, he had this idea a month ago.
And it came in today.
The 18-wheeler showed up today, made in America.
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China, Iran.
Russia, you name it, Ukraine.
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Trader Joe's with Joe Biden.
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I don't know.
The globalists rejoice that, you know, we're definitely not running a surplus.
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And we've got the Winter Sun about to sell out, and we've got so much more.
So, back to Larry Pinkney to give him the floor in the eight minutes we have left.
Looking at this anti-human future saying small businesses are not essential, saying that big box stores are, big techs doubled its profits, big banks, and then Klaus Schwab, literally a Nazi, I mean, talk about Nazis, literally run by Juncker, the heir to the Nazi fortune that owns Luxembourg, basically owns what's left of Europe.
They're above Prince Charles and all these people.
Because I know who they are.
I've researched them.
These are like super villains.
I'm not just saying they're Nazis to call them that.
They're literally calling Trump a Nazi when he's fighting them.
And these are literal grandchildren and children of top... I mean, the Jokers ran Hitler.
They were the top... It's royalty.
It's the Austro-Hungarian royalty.
They are literally bragging that they're running all of the lockdowns right now.
And all of us should unify against this crap, Larry.
Yes, absolutely.
And by the way, you mentioned Junkers.
If anybody happens to be an enthusiast of aircraft, such as I am, look it up.
The Junkers.
The bombers, okay, the fighters and bombers, meaning aircraft.
They were the biggest munitions.
They got no trouble.
See, you know your history.
I do.
Junker bombers.
It was the main German bomber.
And so, when you say things, Alex, my dear brother, I know that there are people out there that shake their head and say, oh, it couldn't be true.
He's over the line.
That's top of the line.
Well, you know what?
They're playing right into what people like Goebbels of the Third Reich said.
The bigger the lie, okay, the bigger they tell their lie.
And they keep pushing it, then you'll believe it!
But here are people like Alex, myself, Owen, Darren, you know, we're telling you the truth!
And we're asking you to do your own research!
Yep, JU87, of which I have a model, uh, it was a dive bomber and fighter.
But anyway.
Yeah, that's the famous dive bomber that made that horrible noise.
And yeah, the JU 87 Stuka.
Yonkers, okay?
But anyway, uh, so... But isn't it great that you're a historian and I'm into that too?
Like, we're not BSing.
And people, like, have you ever noticed when you're informed, Larry, because I know you're really informed on a lot of stuff, people think you're BSing, like you're showing off.
They don't get, like, we want to share the knowledge.
We're not trying to monopolize it here.
And that's the point.
They're not used to that.
They're used to just the opposite.
People monopolizing the knowledge and dispensing disinformation and misinformation.
Whereas we are saying, here's some information that you can check for yourself.
This is my position.
Check it out.
See if it's true.
See if it's accurate.
All right?
Then decide what you want to do.
So yeah, it's, you know, we're kindred spirits, my brother.
We are kindred spirits.
It's just crazy, though, that they couldn't beat us in World War II, so now they bomb us with fear and these lockdowns.
But China's totally open for business, laughing at us, saying America will never reopen.
Ha ha ha!
Telling foreign investors to come there.
And the left is rejoicing.
Trump's going, what are they going to do when the economy totally shuts down under Biden?
I don't know if I do, and don't get me wrong, I am a big supporter and have been for years of President Trump.
However, I don't know if President Trump really understood the devilish, and I'm using that word... Oh no, he even said he had no idea how bad it was.
So, I mean, but we the people, we get it, or if we don't get it, we should get it by now.
And let's understand something.
Think, folks.
Don't you think it's kind of strange?
You turn on your TV set or your radio or blah blah blah, and they're talking about pandemic this, pandemic that, but somehow they never mention the Chinese Communist Party!
They never mention Wuhan!
They never mention who gave the world!
Not just our nation, our republic, but who gave the world this virus?
Come on, that should tell us something.
Let's at least think as critical thinkers.
What about the Uighur camps?
Three million peaceful Muslims in camps, a million Christians and Buddhists, and Apple's the main contractor.
I mean, my God!
I'm not a violent person, but if there was a place we should burn down, I'm not saying do it, it would be Tim Cook.
And I'm not saying do that, but I mean, he literally runs death camps.
He's as close as you get to a real Nazi, but he's all liberal, so it's okay.
Well, actually, that's why I call them neoliberal fascists, because the neoliberal fascists are actually far worse than the Nazis ever could have been, all right?
Had the Nazis succeeded, and in a sense they did with these neoliberal fascist so-called Democrats, all right?
But that's why I keep using the expression that they are neoliberal fascist Democrats
And they are in league with the globalists, of course, including the Chinese Communist Party.
And that's not an exaggeration!
That's reality.
So, I implore all of my brothers and sisters of all colors,
Know who you're up against, who we're up against.
But most of all, come together.
You know, as we used to say back in the day, we use a Swahili term from East Africa, we would say, la sima tu shende unbele shaka.
And that simply means, all it means is, we shall succeed without a doubt.
But we will only succeed, my brothers and sisters.
The only way we will succeed is to gird our hips, not to be fair-weather patriots.
But admit what we're up against and admit it's the only shot we got and we're going to win.
Say that in Swahili again.
I love the way that sounds.
We shall succeed without a doubt.
We don't have a choice, but I agree with you.
We're not being optimistic.
Those of us that fight will succeed for future generations regardless.
And I think the enemy's on the ropes.
All right, Larry Pinckney, always impressive.
You gotta get on with us more often.
You gotta come on with all the shows.
And anytime I want to get McBreen out of semi-retirement and they're making graphics, he loves interviewing.
I used to tell McBreen, I'm like, you only interview Pinckney.
I love Pinckney.
You gotta get other people.
And he goes, oh, you don't like Pinckney?
I'm like, no, no, no.
I want McBreen to start doing interviews again.
He does a great job.
But hey, Larry, we love you.
Thank you so much, brother.
Much love to you.
Stay strong.
All power to the people.
Love to your audience.
Love to all of InfoWars.
That's right.
Love you, brother.
It's the human fist of liberty crushing the globalists.
Peacefully just annihilating their ideology.
Thank you, Larry.
Alright, folks.
Next hour, Steve Quayle is coming up.
Lana Del Rain's got her new album out about chemtrails and devil worshippers.
Wow, can't stop the signal.
Seems like there's nothing they can do.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Tamara's Culture, today.
We'll be right back.
The Democrats are acting as if we are under an alien invasion.
But it wasn't an invasion from the Pleiades.
It's merely their constituents who have had enough of their rights being stripped, the corruption that's been on parade, the blind eye to the destruction of our country by their supporters, and our vote being compromised.
President Trump has held over 600 rallies in the last four years.
None of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses, or burning down cities.
Democrats have spent all this time endorsing and enabling violent riots that left billions in property damage and 47 dead across the United States.
Democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause, in their own words, on social media, on interviews, and on fundraising platforms at Blue.
So Democrats can say, quote, I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, while there are uprisings happening around the country.
But they impeached the President of the United States for saying peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard.
Democrats can say, you know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.
And unfortunately, there's plenty to go around.
Quote, you know, there needs to be unrest in the streets while there is unrest in the streets.
But they're going to impeach the president for saying peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard.
Make no mistake here, the hypocrisy of the left is on full display.
Quote, go to the Hill, get in the face of some Congress people.
We've got to fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets.
Take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
Take him, go and take Trump out tonight.
Sound familiar?
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
Burning cars and smashed windows.
A small group of protesters dressed in black, their faces covered, armed with hammers and bricks.
Facing off with thousands of officers on site, many in riot gear, confronting them with flashbang grenades and pepper spray.
Before the swearing-in ceremony even began, protesters tried to block checkpoint entrances.
During President Trump's speech, several demonstrators were escorted out of the area.
Several officers injured during the protest today, and more than a hundred people arrested.
Instead of throwing a blanket of calm and unification over the raging fire of frustration, the Corporacratic Country Club responds with gasoline.
After the attack on our Capitol, I hope that Congress can finally come together to do something to address this threat.
Senator Dick Durbin's Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act would establish offices at the DOJ, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security to prevent future attacks like the one this week at the U.S.
It would require these offices to regularly assess the domestic terrorism threat
This man is dangerous, he has defied the Constitution, he's incited sedition, and he must be removed.
If we fail to remove a white supremacist president who incited a white supremacist insurrection, it's communities like Missouri's 1st District that suffer the most.
The 117th Congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of black lives.
The first step in that process is to root out white supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacist-in-chief.
Thank you and I yield back.
Amongst themselves, the left foments a dangerous communistic narrative deeming all conservatives as subhuman trash.
As the Palmer Report tweeted, conservatives cannot be teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, coaches or bosses.
It's constitutionally unfair to others who are subjected to the conservatives deranged judgment.
Conservatives can do menial work until they are ready to join the human race.
Palmer is essentially calling for the very same Chinese-style re-education labor camps that former PBS counsel Michael Beller was arrogantly bragging about in a Project Veritas investigation.
They're nice.
They have Sesame Street characters in their classroom and they watch PBS all day.
We are going to break.
Steve Quayle hasn't been on in over a year.
I cannot wait to have him on with us back in 60 seconds.
The full report you just saw is at InfoWars.com.
Well of the Q movement was empty optimism and a esoteric cult of
Steve Quayle, I would call the anti-optimist and the realist.
I'm not attacking Q, I'm just saying, you know, trust the plan.
Trump's invincible.
That's what brought us to this point.
I think Q put the enemy over the top on this, but that's okay.
We'll regroup and move forward.
Biden will be their worst nightmare if they want to play a Machiavellian game.
But Steve Quayle's a best-selling author, filmmaker, researcher, survivalist.
I mean, he'd been around a long time when I first got on air, 27 years.
I'd get him on, he'd be like, they have human animal clones, pigs and human clones in China.
Years later it came out.
And so he talked about splicing our genetics and forced inoculations to change our DNA.
He predicted it all.
The GMO crops, everything.
And so I've been trying to get him on for like a year.
I guess he's been out of the country or somewhere else, but maybe next week he'll join us again because I love Steve Quayle.
I used to think that he was a little over the top, and now I think, my gosh, he's so accurate.
And so he joins us, stevequayle.com, gen6giants.com.
He's got a lot of Discovery Channel, History Channel, you name it shows.
So he's a very well-known fellow.
But here's the actual man behind it all.
And here we are with him.
Steve, where to start?
What would you call what's happening?
A communist takeover?
A globalist takeover?
I mean, it's all here.
Everything we ever said is like in triplicate.
There's no more denial now.
So, what do you call this point we've reached?
Well, we're at the point, Alex, that this is a full-scale communist revolution to overthrow the United States of America.
We're in the position right now of seeing and watching the greatest attack on a sitting president ever undertaken
Solonsky's rules for radicals, the rules of the radicals have brought us to this point where our nation is literally hanging the balance of whether we will exist or not.
Now from the beginning of President Trump's
He's been under total siege.
Total siege.
And here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen, this isn't a spontaneous uprising.
And I get so sick and tired of people that are saying, this is a white supremacist, white supremacist.
Drop the supremacist.
This is an attitude.
That is absolutely permeating everybody's everything.
Our country, Michael Savage used to say, our borders, language, culture, and now we've watched every bit of our heritage be erased.
There are people saying that if you are a constitutionalist, people that are Christians, and you have children, the state must take them away.
And Alex, this is the bottom line.
These are the days that after a quarter of a century of warning about, everything is in place to see, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump was hit with the whole Russian hoax in order to take the heat off of the traitors in Congress and the Senate that are under Chinese financial control.
And we now know the CCP advised Swallow's Well, who did the impeachment yesterday,
We are.
And even as I'm on the, you know, the podcast with you today, broadcast, forgive me, the bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, I'm getting reports
24-7, as Alex does, as others do.
But we literally, ladies and gentlemen, are being surrounded.
Whether it's the Chinese in the Caribbean, the Chinese in Mexico, the Chinese in Canada, which is true.
Now we have... Oh, you said that years ago.
And the Prime Minister says, I want to be a dictator like Xi Jinping.
But let me just stop you.
We'll get into it all.
How did you foresee all of this?
Because I'm not kissing your butt, it's true.
When I first started reading your books 27 years ago, I thought, well, this is interesting, but this is over the top.
Now it all came true.
How the hell did you know all this?
Well, quite candidly, my testimony is simply this.
I went from the Guntermost to the Uttermost.
I was a president of a fraternity, this is important, that was wild on Montana State University.
I went to Hal Lindsey talking about Jesus, never knew about Jesus, never knew anything.
And I accepted Jesus as my heart.
I went home that night.
I was living in my mother's house.
10 blocks from the University.
And Jesus literally, and I know this is going to flip people out, but he literally appeared to me.
I fell on my face.
He gave me a panorama of history and told me he was calling me.
Now understand, I just found out who Jesus was the day that the Spirit of God convicted my heart.
But here's the thing.
He gave me a panorama of history.
I saw it in the future.
Just imagine a motion picture.
And then he gave me a statement.
He said, Steve, I am going to hide the things from you until they're shortly to come to pass.
And he told me, he said, I want you to prepare my people for the end of the age.
I'll bring people that know to tell you what you need to know, but you must be faithful to warn them.
Alex, that's true.
From that, and that launched me into the study of ancient history.
You got a visit from Jesus.
I got a visit from the other guy.
So why'd you get a visit from the Jesus?
I got a visit from the devil.
Because I was serving the devil wholehearted and somebody somewhere touched God for me because I was totally beyond.
You're wiser than I am in one way.
So why did I get a visit from the devil?
Which I'm not going to get into on air, but I got the other visit because I was pretty, I love God actually, but I got a visit from the other guy.
Listen, you only get a visit from the devil.
Even Jesus was tempted by the devil.
I'm not saying either one of us are Jesus, but I think it's really important, Alex, that people understand something.
This is a spiritual war.
That's why Republicans are, in my opinion, that's why conservatives, and more importantly Christians, it should flip everybody out that the plan is to annihilate, to destroy every Christian in America.
And you always said that, forced inoculations, death, now they're reporting just death everywhere.
I was with a medical doctor this morning fixing my tooth and he said everyone I know is super sick that took it, I'm not taking it.
I mean it's like, it's just incredible!
It is.
And again, it was on your show that years ago, when the Ebola scare was, I came up with a statement.
Shot in the arm, shot in the head, either way, they want you dead.
And unfortunately, I think that the President
The sitting president, President Trump, did not have an appreciation for scientific, let's say, discussion based on fact.
I'm on record, Alex, as saying that the mask of the beast leads to the mark of the beast, leads to the murder of the beast.
We are being socially isolated.
Obviously, everyone's just cut off from, you know, all of the faces of Death Book.
When I called Facebook Faces of Death Book, it was because I knew it was a self-directing intelligence dossier.
By the way, you were saying that like six years ago, before it turned bad.
That's what I'm saying.
You have been way ahead of your time.
And I get it.
You're saying God even held back the knowledge.
Because if you've been saying it even before, it would have sounded even crazier.
Right, and let me explain it to people.
There's only a context of time where you have to be ready to hear the truth because when you're being manipulated by the mainstream media, by the way, I'm on record as calling them mainstream murderers, when you understand who controls them, the Luciferians, at the core of everything, everybody you see on earth is basically a hand puppet, okay?
And the devil gets his fingers into every single politician's life who sell out to him.
And notice how ugly and unanimated they are.
I don't mean they're old.
I mean, they look like they've been sucked dry.
All these Pelosi, Schumer, you can see they have no power.
There's nothing there.
If you look at their eyes, the Bible says that the eyes are windows to the soul.
And I want to make this statement.
You get blamed for a lot of stuff.
I get blamed for a lot of stuff.
But when you look at all of these, look specifically at AOC.
If the windows, eyes are windows to the soul, what do you see there?
That is a ravenous evil predator totally out to get you, maniac.
Or what would you say?
Yeah, and I would say this.
I would say you're now, and I bet you weren't before, but you're coming to the obvious conclusion that America has to come to.
This is a spiritual warfare.
This is a spiritual demonic invasion.
These are not humans.
These have been jacked into.
I would call these, I would call them entities.
When I use the term entity, Alex, it means someone that's no longer human.
It's real simple.
I remember you, 25 years ago, you said, Alex, these aren't people, these are entities.
And I just, but now you just say it.
Oh yeah, because again, the context of time has caught up with the revelation that people can now see it.
Look, Hollywood has primed the masses.
Every single
Movie priming the masses whether it's the series of surviving in times or Jericho or any of the other things But what we're getting ready Alex to deal with is Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood Exactly you told us what was coming now.
You'll tell us what's coming next Wow Steve Quayle, Steve Quayle.com, gen6giants.com is the new film I tell you it's it's crazy.
We'll be right back
The entire COVID pretext is a UN takeover.
Australia and Spain were the testing grounds.
Now it's expanded to the UK.
Germany has announced that if you don't wear a mask and if you don't stay in your house when they say, you're going to a detention camp.
This has been announced by Merkel.
Oh my gosh.
It is so incredible.
It is so real.
And you've got the head of the UN program, Rapid Reaction Force, saying, we want your children.
You've got the head of PBS saying, we want to put the parents in camps and take the children.
They're going to make their move.
This has all been a test of putting handcuffs on, seeing if we'll do it, seeing if we'll comply.
All right.
Steve Quayle.
People say Alex Jones is right.
Alex Jones knew way before.
Steve Quayle knew way before.
So Steve, I know you always have quick... You know I interrupt a lot, so you're always saying things fast.
Except on your own show, you do occasionally.
You really lay it out.
Lay out where we are, what we can do, what's really happening.
Well, first of all, we have to recognize we are under full-scale communist siege.
They have already taken us, the voice that we have, or are in the process of taking us out of the free speech realm.
The next thing that they're going for is the guns, that they, meaning the communists, there has never been a communist overthrow.
In which tens of millions of people have not died and the guns were the first thing they wanted.
I'm told Alex that the demand that the Chinese overlords of the Democrats and the Republicans that sold out traders in both are demanding that American people give up their guns.
They're demanding they be taken from us all.
And they demand that anybody who will not go along with, quote, the plan of revolution must be put to death.
Now, I want to make something really clear.
I'm sorry I'm getting fired up right now.
Thank you for the opportunity to come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Chinese are on record as saying when they invade the United States, they're going to kill every man, woman, and child.
By the way, that includes the Democratic and Republican traitors.
They do not have any qualms.
General Hao Xian, H-A-O-T-I-A-N, Jeff Nyquist did a fabulous article on him.
They plan to kill every man, woman, and child.
It is a spiritual war.
I'm calling everybody, Alex, worldwide to repentance before revolution.
Repentance will assure the people that know why this country is in the shape it is.
Because listen, everyone, we are at the end.
I'm just seeing that these are called your farewell broadcasts.
You and I both know, you were told by Matt Drudge, that our days are numbered, where our days are limited.
And it's imperative that people understand that there is no one coming to your rescue except the Living God.
This is a Luciferian, globalist cabal.
These people worship Lucifer.
We have slain the innocent 100 million.
People say, what does this abortion thing have to do with anything?
That was the fuel.
That was the fuel.
That opens the gate for God to remove the protection.
And so when people used to use this statement about some third world country, they used to say a God forsaken place.
I believe the United States has become that because, you know, even in biblical prophecy, there's statements in the book of Jeremiah that when nations turn against God, they become a hissing.
In other words, people hold us in contempt.
We've got enemies within our government.
And look at everything, treachery, treason.
The devils know we're open season.
That's what this is.
And you talk about it.
The tens of millions of children were killed.
We're not trying to be negative.
Give us your view on Q. Because again, we talk about a lot of real things were already going on.
You talked about 20 years ago.
But then it would claim everything's fine.
Go back to sleep.
No, no, we need to get close to God.
God is trust the plan.
Well, and I got to tell you something from the beginning, from the beginning,
I have absolutely stated Q Anonymous is not real.
I have stated from the beginning.
I've not posted one story outside of something I put up in my alerts.
Q Anonymous is counterintelligence.
They were put into practice because they know this.
Americans want to believe the best.
America's looking for a political solution.
There was no political solution.
There's only a spiritual solution to a spiritual problem.
And I'm on record, Alex, as saying Q is three, and this is what I was told by people that I know they know because they live in that world, is three intelligence heads running the themes through AI scanning programs of what is the hot button of the conservatives.
That is exactly what I was told by people in the White House.
But they said, but we're trying to get it on our side.
And I said, you can't get it on the side.
It'll only act like it's on your side and betray you later.
Now through Q, they're going to try to mass bloody uprisings to trigger the pretext for the gun confiscation you just mentioned.
I'm telling everybody, do not go to march on any capitals.
It's important you understand this.
Under the National Defense Authorization Act, you've covered it.
I've covered it.
But here's the deal.
They want to grab the low-hanging fruit.
They are going to introduce shooters.
Who is going to introduce shooters?
The people behind the false flag.
The false flags, we've talked about it, we've warned people about it, yet when they come to pass, people just don't see it.
The control of the narrative of President Donald Trump's presidency has resulted in where we're at right now, Alex.
And that place is a very tough place.
And so when people say, well, trust the program.
Here's the program.
You were isolated.
You were cut off.
You believed a lie.
It was designed to keep people, the common American citizen, from coming together and saying, there's something really funny with this.
Q is absolutely counterintelligence program being run by the heads of the different intelligence agencies to basically put people that care, concerned people, people who love the country, patriots to sleep.
So you think everything's fine?
So let's say this, because I've talked to a lot of people, I've seen the great relief programs you've done, all the stuff behind the scenes.
You've been around a long time.
There are good people in the FBI and the CIA and the government, but how do you know good from bad?
You just trust Christ and you just move forward yourself and be good.
You can't put faith in Alex Jones or Steve Quill or anybody.
You gotta put it in Jesus.
And the Bible literally says, Woe unto the man who leans on the arm of flesh should not a people created by the living God look to... Now I want to share something.
I don't apologize for the faith.
I don't apologize for Jesus Christ.
They've been warning people this day would come and we're at, we are in the end of the age.
Oh, they're saying Christians can't have jobs.
That next means they're gonna, I will never renounce Christ.
It's not even a hard choice.
I'm ready right now.
I will never renounce it.
And Alex, we've got to get everybody to that.
Because ladies and gentlemen, it's not that you have to go looking for the fight.
The fight is coming to you.
Choose the day of your battles wisely.
You just said it.
The fight's coming to us now.
It's on the offense.
And I got to share something.
What gave Q any authority?
Just like there's three screwballs out on the internet saying this is going to happen, this is going to happen, this is going to happen.
I want to ask you one simple question about Q, everyone.
Why did they say things would happen?
They never happened.
Why would the President make a statement, he's going to release this or that, and he didn't do it when he said it would?
Every time, watch this, every time the President said he's going to do something, he got circumvented and they're doing it under him.
Insurrection, we heard the Insurrection Act was going to be enabled, we heard military tribunals were going to be convened.
But he was a political quadriplegic, not his fault, they weren't following orders.
But let me tell you how I see President Donald Trump.
People, whether you love him, whether you hate him, and people hate him without a cause.
Hold on, stay there.
We got to go.
Some of the next hour, Nick Beggars is coming up, but you're on fire.
Everybody's on fire.
This is the time of fire and the time of judgment.
And I just, I'm with Jesus 110%.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Steve Quayle, SteveQuayle.com.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
All right.
Steve Quayle is literally the man ahead of his time.
I mean, people ask, Jones, how'd you know all this stuff?
Well, from government documents, globalist statements, which I didn't take too seriously.
It sounded so crazy.
A post-human world, merging machines.
That wasn't stuff 25, 30 years ago from, you know, the Davos Group, the globalists, the Club of Rome.
But Quayle was taking it even further.
Then I got to know some of the people, high level, that were patriots of U.S.
They go, you should know, Quill's, like, highly respected.
He's not a joke.
I don't think he's a joke.
I just didn't understand that you guys all listen to him.
And so here's Steve Quill with us.
Next segment, we'll talk about some of the new information he's about to release, but about Antarctica and more.
And these secrets are trying to suppress.
And they say in 150 days, all this alien technology is going to be released.
I mean, big stuff's going down, obviously, but get back into
The Globalist Communist Takeover, what's about to unfold, and what they're doing.
All the stuff you were telling me during that break.
Well, first of all, people, we were all being starved into submission.
The famine that is coming, I'm talking a literal famine, is already starting to manifest.
People from all over the country, all over, actually, the world are saying, but we're seeing empty shelves.
We're seeing it.
Alex, the Henry Kissinger statement is absolutely coming into focus now.
You know, the fact is, with food, they control the people.
One of the UN spokeswomen said, we decide, the United Nations decides who lives, who dies.
Now enter the biggest food owner, the biggest company, food company owner in the world, Bill Gates.
OK, Bill Gates did more to validate the biblical Mark of the Beast.
And I would say ninety nine percent of preachers in America.
He said, you won't be able to buy, you won't be able to sell, you won't be able to trade.
And he added another to travel.
But isn't it interesting that you see the vaccination?
Shot in the arm, shot in the head.
Either way, you end up dead.
No trials.
And only hearing all of the, anything that you say that's scientifically accurate, assassinated.
So the truth has been assassinated, is being assassinated.
The truth tellers are being cut off.
We're being deplatformed.
And ladies and gentlemen, that's what you're saying is the assault is here.
The assault is here.
The assault started, Alex, with Faces of Death book and Twitter twatter pitter patter, okay?
Because, again, you control the narrative, you define the outcome.
This is psychological warfare.
I read one of your books a long time ago.
I forget that the, the, the, the, but it was about, it was like Endgame.
It was about extermination, depopulation.
What was the name of that book?
Genetic Armageddon, Today's Technology, Tomorrow's Monster.
I read that one too.
That was a long, but what was the other one?
You wrote another one about the plan to terminate humanity.
Well, Xenogenesis.
I mean, I've written three of them.
What was the other one?
There was another one.
That was it.
I remember reading that.
That scared the hell out of me because I knew all the stuff in the book, but I hadn't put it together.
And that's the key.
You know, here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen, we're seeing now, and I want to make this statement.
Seven years ago, before President Trump even, you know, obviously became President, I made this statement.
Before God allows China and Russia to destroy the United States in a nuclear attack, He's going to reveal the sins of the leaders to the people and the people's sins before a holy God.
Everybody has watched the narrative.
Some of the sickest SOBs on the planet.
Those are sons of Belial, meaning ball.
We've seen it.
We're seeing the deep state.
You are seeing the deep state absolutely exerting your control.
You're seeing Miss Peacock, Nancy Pelosi.
You're seeing the Hildibees, Hillary, calling the shots.
You saw Alex, and I want to share this formula.
I shared this formula almost 20 years ago on Talk Radio.
Now see where we're at.
India, Victor, November, Delta.
Identify, vilify, nullify, destroy.
Ladies and gentlemen, the devil has one purpose.
To destroy, first and foremost, all Christians, and then all humans.
The whole transhumanism movement, combining many machines, but there's another problem.
The demons, the disembodied spirits, the evil spirits are now possessing machines.
And this is why you said 25 years ago on my show, as it gets more obvious, they're going to be out of control.
And now, I mean, look at Brian Stelter and even Hillary.
They look like, like they're in the Exorcist movie, vomiting green pea soup.
They are all out of control.
What's going on with them?
Well, first of all, that which has been submerged and hidden is now being manifest.
The demons know, the fallen angels know, the devils know.
They know their time has come.
Even the Bible says, The devil woe unto you in the heavens and the earth, for the devil has come down amongst you, knowing his time is short.
Interesting, even the devil knows about time.
So, as he knows his time is short,
He's going to go into maximum overdrive.
He's going to kill, murder, slaughter.
Just like when Hitler knew he could have won World War II, but he wanted to kill as many people as he could, so he lost it just to kill people.
Because here's the thing.
Unless people understand the biblical war going on from the Genesis, the first couple chapters, to the end of the... And that's where you always explain.
It's always about genetic manipulation of humans, which Gates is obsessed with.
Explain that.
Well, first of all, again, the war on the human genome, the image and likeness of God has been tampered with by fallen angels.
That's what the basis of Genesis 6 was.
The sons of God saw that the daughters of earth, women were fair, came unto them and bore a race of giants.
Alex, I've spent 40 years of my life tracking all the legends, missing everything, making movies about it, getting eyewitness testimony on it.
But you see, it's one thing and it's a book.
It's another thing when it's a science fiction movie.
Then it really hits home when it's in your backyard.
By the way, you're always obsessed on this, but then they put out the Prometheus movie where the original aliens that look like Marlon Brando, they're this big alien creature that you basically track to globalist worship, and then the maker of it basically admitted to the New York Times, we believe this is our religion, we believe this is a real group that made us, this is our cult of trans-spermia or whatever it's called.
So the globalists are in a UFO cult and make movies showing us who they believe the rulers are, and I saw that movie and I go, this is what Steve Quayle said 20 years ago!
And it's called panspermia.
And here's what's going on.
I want everybody just to just take a look at Arthur C. Clarke's childhood.
And in essence, the aliens come and they mask their appearance and they do supposedly all these good things for earthlings.
I can tell you this, Alex.
From insiders that basically are as inside as you can get.
The Catholic Church had a meeting of all the cardinals.
A secret meeting.
They're getting ready to launch the aliens are our gods.
Because one of the most famous Catholic theologian scientists
Guy Cosmogono wrote a 50 page little essay book and I'll send it to you as soon as we're done the broadcast.
But the whole idea is this.
Mankind is out of control.
We can't even save our own race.
Aliens will come.
It's kind of like to serve man the Twilight Zone.
But here's what's happening, ladies and gentlemen.
The genetic manipulation of the human genome.
Secret labs are building things that came out of Jules Verne's The Island of Dr. Moreau or H.G.
Wells or all of the people that were futurists.
We're seeing that now.
Men into monsters.
Turning men into monsters.
And now, Alex, Terminator.
The human race is basically going to be terminated.
That's why some of the most famous transhumanists, those who believe that they can make a better man by combining genetic alteration with machines becoming singular, one with machines, the devil and the machine, the ghost and the machine, those are the people running the planet.
And Zoltan Istvan, a very famous transhumanist said, at the heart
At the heart of every transhumanist, they don't want to die.
And that's the same promise that the devil made to Eve, surely you will not die.
And so that promise is the biggest lie in the universe and it's now being perpetuated.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is our Red Sea moment.
The Red Sea means we've come up against odds we cannot overcome in our own strength.
And you're saying if the Bible's true, God is going to deliver us then?
I'm saying this, God delivers those who call upon his name.
God didn't deliver everybody.
Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea.
And so what I'm saying to people is that people have to appropriate God's provision by faith, and it starts with repentance as a nation.
You know, the prophet Daniel, most famous prophet in the Old Testament pretty much, when it comes to the end times or the end of the age, Daniel chapter 9 verses 4 through 19, just for those that want to go look it up.
Stay there, we're going to come back.
He foreshadows everything that comes true.
Alright, Steve Quill is again, all our guests are on fire.
This is flamethrower hot though right now.
Absolutely what's happening.
The globalists are not atheists.
They're all occultists.
They believe this is all happening.
Arthur C. Clarke admitted that there's like a psychic vision he had about childhood's end.
We'll be right back.
Alright, Steve Quayle has agreed to join us again next week.
I've been trying to get him on for a year.
We've spent all the world making films.
I don't know.
The first person I heard, other than callers, I had callers calling saying, you know, ice crystals, condensation clouds, used to disappear in like a few minutes.
I'm like, yeah.
When I was a kid, you'd watch one up high, cold weather, it would create nuclei off the tips of the plane, and you'd see an ice crystals for a while, and they would melt in the sun.
But then starting in the mid-90s, they didn't.
Sometimes the plane right next to another plane wouldn't.
Well, lately, the CIA director five years ago came out and said, oh, we're doing this on purpose, it's a secret weather modification.
And then now Bill Gates says he wants to dim the sun.
And now, we've got Lena Del Rey and her new music video coming up next hour.
Kim Trails and Country Clubs.
Kim Trails over the Country Clubs.
So, this is going mainstream no matter what they want, but they admit at the UN, they have treaties, they admit they're doing it on C-SPAN, but then we talk about it, we're crazy.
You were the first guy to write about Kim Trails, weren't you?
Yes, I was.
And you know, Alex, here's something that some people need to say.
There's a difference between claiming to be a prophet and being a... and I'm not.
I've never claimed that.
You know, you've listened to me 25 years.
Never have.
So when I put out the film, this is important, Cascadia, you know, that gets set because the scientists are really concerned with that and having massive attacks.
If it didn't happen during the time I'm warning about it,
You know, people automatically just dismiss it, you know?
But let me just put an end to this moronic thing that we're conspiracy theorists.
We are absolutely telling you of the secret plans ahead of time.
And here's what a conspiracy is.
A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
A conspiracy, an agreement to say nothing about an issue that should be generally known.
Are you kidding me?
But Steve, people really aren't questioning us now.
That's what I'm saying.
They should with their own research.
I'm saying people actually get it now.
So what is the system going to do as they're trying to declassify this as fast as they can to normalize it?
Why are they doing that?
Well, first of all, they're trying as fast as they can to deplatform us, to silence us.
Here, at the end of the day, Alex, let's just use the C word, control.
Anybody who tells the truth, and by the way, you know, the pundits will be the pundits, but anybody who tells the truth has to be shut up.
Because when you control the narrative, remember this, the narrative is the globalist plan
For complete New World Order takedown and takeover of the planet under Lucifer.
And you mean every plant, every animal, every cell.
Remember you 25 years ago saying they want to control Alex, not just the plants, they want to control us.
They're going to have vaccines that rewrite our genetics and it's all here now.
It's all here now.
And here's the thing.
When they make the statement that there's no guarantee the vaccine will keep you from getting COVID-19.
By the way, I'm on record.
It is not, shouldn't even be called that.
It should be called the Wuhan virus.
And it has multiple mutations.
The third mutation showing up in Brazil.
It's a bioweapon.
You can whitewash it, you can do everything.
But the reason, Alex, they wouldn't tell the truth on that, President told the truth, but the reason that the mainstream won't tell the truth is because of their ownership by the very people that released the bioweapon.
Wuhan is only one bio lab and remember... Is this a blackmail deal by the Chinese too?
Because Gates paid for it since 2015.
We know it moved their Chapel Hill.
Congressional debates about it.
Then Gates and Fauci do it.
Then they run the response to it.
I mean, it's ridiculous how obvious this is.
It is ridiculous.
You generate, you pay for the creation of a bioweapon.
Then you pay for the tests of the bioweapon.
Then you pay for the vaccine.
You control it all.
I think that... Then you profit from the lockdown and the control and push a global passport to travel and a world ID and forced inoculation and injectable nanochips.
I mean, it's their whole agenda.
But their agenda now is at your front door.
It's at my front door.
They're telling you gotta wear a face mask, which is biologically insane.
Anybody with a basic understanding of the size of a virus in microns... It's like having an open window.
It's like having a 5,000 foot wide window for a mosquito to fly through.
Yep, that's a great analogy.
But listen, it cuts off person-to-person contact.
Ladies and gentlemen, that thing the devil hates is the image of man.
Whether that image of man and woman... No, that's it.
Just like Islam covering a woman's face, it's covering us.
It's covering we're dirty, humans are bad.
The devil wants to kill, steal, and destroy.
He hates the image of God.
It's all about covering that face.
Right, and I tell you this, if America does not realize that that mask is our yellow star moment,
All right, that mask is a sign of submission.
There is no intellectual reason, there is no scientific reason, but look at the Nazis.
Their Milgram experiment, little monsters.
If your mask is down below your nose, if you gotta go, you gotta wear a mask, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
They're cutting off the children's oxygen supply.
Isn't that amazing?
They make little Johnny and Mary wear masks in school.
It's incredibly diabolical.
What about President Trump?
What should he do in the four and a half days left he has?
And what does it do to Q that said he was invincible?
Trust the plan.
Now the Q priests are saying, oh Trump was nothing.
Q continues on.
Well, that's total bull manure.
And the thing is, is it's just like this.
You know, I'm sure you get anti-Q emails.
I'm getting them now.
But the point that I'm trying to make is this.
It's one thing to say it at the beginning.
It's another thing to see the cop out at the end.
Look, I can't tell you when Yellowstone is not going to erupt.
I can tell you this.
I was on Coast to Coast.
This is important.
I want to just make one thing.
George Norrie interviewing me on Cascadia and the danger.
Scientists were out of country, running for their lives, threatened with literally their death if they talk.
They send them a fast blast or whatever it's called.
And they say, thank you for having Steve on.
He's telling you what we're not allowed to.
The truth is covered up.
The truth is covered over.
Jesus is the truth.
And the pulpits are now saying, don't listen to those conspiracy guys.
Oh, really?
Well, if you're preaching from the Bible, oh, you don't believe that anymore.
But if you're preaching even in the realm of why can you make a statement, don't believe the conspiracy guys, but you don't even know how to define the word conspiracy.
And what's happening now, Alex, you're seeing the stories.
You're seeing the stories of absolute, I would say this, surrender to the globalists at the expense, at the expense of our lives, our children's lives, and our grandchildren's lives.
Well, that's what they say.
They say, take the inoculation, we'll let you go back to work.
Now they go, oh, actually not.
And then mass death is happening from the vaccine.
What is this mRNA vaccine?
Messenger RNA vaccine is an interesting thing and it's interesting because messenger, and I'll say this, messenger, and it was pointed out to me, in Greek is angelos, so you can basically say angel RNA, angel, ribonucleic acid.
You got it.
It's a death angel.
And here's the thing.
In the Old Testament, the fallen angels, both before the flood and after the flood, came unto the women.
That's why the Bible says in Genesis 6, there were giants in those days and after those days.
See, all that giant stuff is relevant.
The DNA extracted from that's a super soldier program.
Remember when you and I talked about... Oh, you talked about that 20 years ago.
Now it's all confirmed.
They're mRNA, super soldier, the Chinese, you name it.
And so here's the deal.
People will believe the headlines, but they won't do their own research.
Yet they'll sit with a, you know, like, warrior, info warrior, this or that, and they don't even do theirs.
All they sit around is sitting and saying, well, I don't believe Alex.
I don't believe Steve.
I don't believe this guy.
I don't believe that guy.
Mike Adams is, you know, I don't believe him either.
And my answer to all those people, you're right, you don't believe.
You haven't done your homework.
And so now the fact came out, it just came out I think today, maybe yesterday, that Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland through his corporations.
While he tells us don't buy farmland six months ago.
You got it!
Do five more minutes with us.
Steve Quayle, SteveQuayle.com.
We'll talk about his new work, the Genesis 6 Giants.
It's in Genesis 6 in the Bible.
All coming up.
I want to stay on air, folks.
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Thank you in the name of Jesus.
People say, oh man, you preach all the time.
Hey guys, that's where we get the power from.
I feel it and I know it.
It's my rock.
It's the real deal.
The enemy wants you to laugh at it because the enemy doesn't want you to have the power.
Cry out to Jesus.
I was intending to get into Bill Gates after our guest left us, but he's brought him up.
He's come out, he tried to keep it secret with Monsanto.
He's buying up the land all over the U.S.
for special GMO crops so you don't have a choice.
Alright, in closing, Steve Quayle, get into where you were going with Bill Gates and your latest work, Gen 6 Giants.
Well, first of all, Alex, the UFO phenomenon is being seen all over the world.
The Catholic Church, Tom Horn, has documented the Catholics' acceptance of aliens, how they're going to spring it on their flock.
I'm going to basically send you a document so you can have it and read it.
It'll just blow your mind.
Ladies and gentlemen, the telescope that the Vatican owns on Mount Graham, it's a binocular telescope, infrared.
And basically it's called the Lucifer scope.
OK, now people say, well, that's just by accident.
There's nothing by accident.
There's nothing by accident that the enzyme that's
Destroying humanity is called Luciferase.
What we're seeing, Alex, is this.
People can poo-poo the supernatural, and they can either do this.
That simply means saying, God, forgive me for my sins.
Forgive me, Lord.
Because God can't help you unless you explain God's free will.
The devil isn't.
We have to open the channel to God.
It isn't like just, oh, we're praying.
God wants us to worship.
We have to open the channel.
You can't just believe without repenting.
Repent and believe.
And again, I want to make it clear, Alex, nobody in the conservative movement that I know, and conservative movement is this, people who love life, I'm going to redefine the words, people who love life are not criminals.
People who hate life.
Isn't it interesting?
Those who want to take life, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.
It all boils down to this.
It all boils down to somebody wants to eradicate a hundred million people.
You and I did a report, excuse me, years ago on the Deagle report.
Ladies and gentlemen, the next five years, according to the Deagle report, and who's behind that?
The heads of the intel agencies.
So those who don't want to believe this, fine, but between this year and 2025, according to their report, Intelligence Insiders, they're going to take the American population down.
No, that's right.
Official insurance actuaries say 100 million less people in the U.S.
They've got a plan, folks.
They've got to fight it.
We gotta fight it.
And so again, well, Alex, I want people to understand something.
While they can get your supplements, okay, seriously, ladies and gentlemen, what everybody doesn't understand, there's nothing in the pipeline, what you use to make supplements.
I was about to say, that's why Pollen Block, we could usually get this in a month from France, from the quail eggs, they eat a special diet for antihistamine.
It was eight months until we could get any, it was like 25%.
Most of our products we can't get anymore.
Everything's breaking down.
Well, and here's the thing.
When the pipeline is empty, there's nothing else in the pipeline.
So ladies and gentlemen, seriously, get what you can get now.
The money, the development, the research that Alex's company puts into this stuff, get it now.
That's not a pitch.
It's a warning.
Because what's going to happen?
You're going to be given insect powder.
And oh, by the way, they're going to have urinal monitoring and toilet monitoring.
To make sure when you stand at a urinal with your smartphone or dumbass phone and basically, you know I said that Alex and people said, oh you're going for it.
Oh it's all been announced now.
It's all been announced now.
And they said you're going to eat bugs.
You're going to eat bugs.
Now it's official.
So you can go to McHoppers, I guess it'll be good.
And they said they're going to monitor your urine to make sure you're not eating more meat than you're allotted.
This is a total AI orgy and they're seeing if we'll put up with it.
Yep, and then Rand Paul brought out the fact that there was a $7 million appropriation for toilet cams to get, you know, butt prints.
I'll leave it at that.
So, ladies and gentlemen, just because you want to live in denial... The government is funding public toilets with cameras on them and scanning your butt.
And, you know, maybe that's why there's such a run on toilet paper, because there's so many people acting like butts.
I don't know.
The bottom line is... No, but it's all anti-human.
It's all to see what they get us to do.
It's all insane.
SteveQuell.com, Gen 6 Giants.
Find it all there.
Come back on next week.
We're glad you're back on the show, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
That was powerful.
That guy is amazing.
All right.
I've got this piece for you before Dick Baggage, another incredible person, comes up.
Lana Del Rey.
We're good to go.
John Brennan went on C-SPAN and said, we have secret treaties, we're doing weather modification, we add chemicals to the jet fuel, and it creates nuclei, then creates rain or ice clouds in the sky, and it blocks out the sun to stop global warming.
I'm like, yeah, we have the Nobel Prize from 1992, it's on the CFR website, it's all admitted.
But then if you talk about it, you're crazy, it doesn't exist.
Well, he says, well, we do this because other governments might get mad that we're causing droughts for their country and not for ours.
And this is a weather weapon.
So see, I live in the adult world, where I watch C-SPAN and watch Brennan admitting it.
I covered it 25 years ago, before it was even known.
Because people were noticing that suddenly condensation trails don't disappear in a few minutes like they used to.
Ice crystals, they stay and they become cloud banks because they're chem trails.
Aluminum dioxide, barium salts.
It becomes a litmus test to not cover it.
Kind of like human-animal hybrids.
That's been going on for 50 years.
I read it in the medical literature 25 years ago on air.
It was happening decades before.
Oh, Jones is crazy.
Now they're telling you all about it so it's admitted.
So here it is.
Is Bill Gates...
Financially backing Everest to dim the sun to fight global warming.
International Business Times, it goes on to say, yes, he is.
Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tons of dust in the atmosphere to stop global warming.
What puts him in charge to make us take vaccines or spray the clouds?
He wants that global authority.
He wants that power.
So, Lana Del Rey, who is a great artist,
Don't agree with all her politics, has come out with a new music video, the first of an album that comes out in March, titled, Kim Trails Over the Country Club.
And it's a very powerful, esoteric piece that's about to play because there's a surprise halfway through where they turn into vampires.
And that's the archetype of the feminine vampire.
And then they become the werewolf.
The race car becomes the werewolf.
And then she merges with that and kind of transmutes it, where she's not a parasite anymore, but she's a human, because the werewolf's kind of a symbol of our raw bestiality.
Vampirism is a sign of the demonic possession.
But you have this backdrop of beautiful mansion in the summer, and everybody's happy during the day, but there are witches and vampires and demons at night.
And what she's saying is, I wear a mask, but it's a mesh mask.
It's not protecting her.
The chemtrails are a symbol of the hidden evil.
Of the backdropping.
And she has anxiety about evil, but the evil's within her.
So the globalists know you have anxiety, you're scared.
But you're scared of them.
You're scared of what they're doing.
You're scared of what comes out at night.
And you're scared of what your own id is inside of you.
Like Forbidden Planet.
So it's a very sophisticated piece, and it's not that racy.
It's about as racy as a Miss America type video.
Except the women aren't anorexic, they're voluptuous.
But it really is powerful to see how something so hidden is now the biggest pop star, one of the biggest pop stars out there in the top three, saying, Kim trails over the country club.
Here it is.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, or SAI.
A method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
I'm on the run with you, my sweet love, there's nothing wrong.
Because they're vampires.
They want to block out the sun, don't they, Bennett?
The werewolves will save us.
Over the country club.
We're in our jewels In the swimming pool Me and my sister Just playing it cool Under the chemtrails Over the country clouds Take out your turquoise And all of your jewels Go to the market The kids' swimming pool
I don't care what they think Drag racing my little red sports car I'm not unhinged or unhappy I'm just wild
With you, my sweet love, there's nothing wrong Contemplating God under the chemtrails Over the country club Wearing our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playing it cool Under the chemtrails Over the country club Meet you for coffee
We're good to go.
Nobody's silent, nobody's talking Watching the chemtrails over the country club Suburbia, the Brentwood Market, what to do next?
Baby, what happened?
Why picking chemtrails over the country club?
There it is, the Smithsonian.
Airplane contrails may be creating artificial geoengineering.
Dissipating haze from plane exhaust.
Alters how sunlight reaches the earth and may be unintentionally affecting our climate.
It's never too late, baby, so don't give up
I can't say
So they're at the country club where they're being molested as children.
And the men that run the country club are spraying the atmosphere, blacking out the sky.
But it's okay, they go back to sleep during the day and it's alright.
They just get abused at night.
And so they're externalizing the method of the whole thing.
Let's pull it up.
It's at Band.Video.
It's an augmented version.
Lana Del Rey, Kim Trill's Over the Country Club, augmented by InfoWars.com with four giant views.
Just went live seconds ago at Band.Video.
There you go!
With the former CIA director admitting it all, but they say it doesn't exist.
As the level of aluminum goes up in the soil to levels where they can't even grow crops anymore.
But don't worry, Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland, and he's got seeds that can grow in aluminum!
What a nice man!
And he's got a shot for you!
It's gonna make you real sick, but it's okay.
He's Dr. Bill Gates.
All right, a good friend of mine and a great patriot, Dr. Nick Begich, takes over in T-minus four minutes on the other side.
Thank you all, God bless, and good luck.
And welcome back, and I'm really, really glad to be here today.
You know, we're right in the middle of walking through hell, and nobody needs to stop now, okay?
It's the wrong stop to make along the train of life.
But I do have a really important message today, and I'm not... I really appreciate where the last couple of hours have been, because it really brings us right to where I want to be right now, in this conversation with two million people that are listening right now.
That are in this conversation with Alex and I right now in a way that Alex gets a little differently from some of my sentiment.
I'm not getting into that.
But I got to tell you, you know, we're in this conversation on Alex's metaphysical level sometimes, you know, and we can use that word, too.
I like that word.
And listening to Quayle, you know, I worked with him years and years ago as a guest.
I'm talking about all that technology, you see, because where I brought my truth through was through the knothole of science, you see.
And one of my friends who just passed away, I got to grab the book, sorry for going out of the frame, but Elizabeth Rauscher, she was a triple PhD.
I've talked about her in the past as a reference.
And she wrote a few books.
She wrote The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse, formalizing the concept of geometry and reality.
She was a triple PhD in physics, astrophysics, biophysics, geophysics.
And then she wrote Orbiting the Moons of Pluto, Complex Solutions to Einstein, Maxwell, Schrodinger, and Dirac's Equations.
And that deals with reality.
And then the last one I'll mention, and these are all academic books, you won't find them on the shelf, and they're all in math.
The other one is Mind Dynamics, Inside Space and Time, A Physicist's Exploration of the Nature and Properties of Consciousness.
We were great friends all the way up until her passing, and I spent days with her at a time.
And what she wanted me to do was co-author a book about consciousness and reality, and I felt unqualified, and I said no.
And I didn't do it.
She's gone now.
She passed away.
And what I failed, I failed so miserably in that, missing the opportunity God gave me.
Because people, every one of us, need to hear, what does reality really look like, and how can we understand it without the map?
And see, I put that in words.
And that's what she wanted me to do with her math, was put her math in words so I could paint a picture for the world to see this math that could create a new reality.
Because if you can get into the math, and we can't because I don't do that math, but I came into the knowing a different path.
That's the only difference between her as a physicist and me as someone else.
A different path, the same finish line.
The path of math
Wow, that's complicated.
All right.
Now, I found in this last week the Mind Effects Conference, the closed conference, No One Got to Come, all the videos that were taken by one of my brothers in the world.
Very powerful information that we're going to get to get out.
And there's Elizabeth in the frame.
And I was their keynote speaker in the last consciousness event that she went to.
And it was on, it was like the 38th or 39th, I can't remember, but it was the Psychotronics Association, you know, where people figure out what's going on in the mind and try and figure out what's going on in the world.
You know, reality tracing kind of stuff.
That's been my whole life.
You know, as a little kid, I started thinking, what was my purpose in life?
And it's come so clear, so absolutely clear lately.
And this is me.
I asked my mom, send me some pictures of when I was a little kid, about two, when I was still holding the hand of God and knew it as a two year old.
Because I was closer to him and my vocal cords hadn't even developed enough to have a conversation.
Except the inner conversation I always had with God.
And then as I grew into the world, like everyone else, I lost that conversation somehow.
It got blurred by what everyone told me I was.
Or wasn't.
And this is the problem, see, it's how we see the world.
That's been my motto.
Information, in a different way, changed the way we see the world.
So I coupled up with the info war.
Three years ago, in a different way, because I came to Austin, I said, hey, I want to reformulate what I'm doing because I need to get the content out.
I'm 100 hours behind.
I'm so frustrated in that.
I can't tell you because I didn't do what Alex did.
We had different parts to play in this weird kind of maze we're in.
He created all this structure that requires all this noise and all this racket.
People always go, hey, pass this on to Alex, pass that on to Alex.
Hey, he is following a mission and a plan that is so complicated no one can understand it but Alex.
But you can give him a breath of life and don't expect him to always respond to your individual message or me or any of us.
Know that we are responding in the Spirit in every way.
Every wave put in the pond of a direction that changes where we go is the right one.
Do your part.
Don't judge whether he heard it, didn't hear it, whether he did the right thing, didn't do it.
That's not your judgment.
There's only two witnesses in the world.
Two witnesses in the world to your life.
Yours and God.
Those are the two witnesses that determine whether you're doing it or not.
Forget about everyone else's judgment.
You may see me going through hell and you say, oh Nick, I'm so sorry.
And I might be celebrating that because it's not hell to me.
And I can't make that any more clear, and I'm not going to have enough time in this hour to do it in a coherent way, so you've got to go backwards and look at all the old videos, you know?
A lot of people don't know, I go through crisis just like you.
So does Alex every day.
But we come here and we deliver what we know, because it's our gift and we're happy to do it.
And we do it with a lot of joy.
And I want to talk about a concept before the hour is up today about being born again.
I want to talk about the church in the world as I see it.
And I want to talk a little bit about what Christians call your testimony.
And I don't like the way that's framed in a lot of ways in the past as I've referenced it.
And the word prayer, what that means.
I want to explore that more because I think we have a false narrative going on that's been taught to us by a church that maybe needs a little bit of scrutiny these days.
A lot of scrutiny, in fact.
But the true temple of God is your body.
Look it up.
Christ said it.
You're the temple.
That's the structure of the church.
Not a building down the block.
It's you.
You're it.
You're it.
The image and likeness of God, if you can turn that on in the right way, get reoriented in the right way.
So I want to talk about what that means to me in the context of my own life experience, because that's the only thing that matters.
My path is my own, not yours to share, but yours to observe.
And that's called a witness.
It's not knocking on some door and kicking it in of your neighbor and intruding in the most sacred part of their life, their relationship with God and making assumptions about what that might look like.
Because the first assumption you make when you knock on that door is they don't know what you know.
Boy, man, that's a big judgment to make in my view of the world.
I would prefer to be an example of something and not mention my faith and let them see it radiate from me in the actions I live.
That's a witness.
That's what witnessing means.
I want to give that new meaning.
It's how you live your life.
How you express yourself in the world.
How the image and likeness of God created in you expresses itself in the world in your own very unique way that usually involves a crapload of trauma.
Mine has and anyone that's doing anything.
All of you have because we all have a roadmap through trauma.
So what does it mean to lift the trauma that you experience so you see it differently?
So when you see me going through hell and I'm not, and I could give you examples, we may not have time to do that today, but I'm going to get caught up.
I'm going to get that hundred hours and you're going to help me do it so that I can tell you what I want to say and you can sort it out against the background of your own heart and truth and throw it on the ground if you like.
Or let it echo in the chambers of your soul and let it be filtered by the wisdom of God in you, whether you know it or not.
And I've got a great show today.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
And welcome back.
You know, I want to jump right into this because I just defined witnessing in a different way, I'm sure, for a lot of people.
What is testimony?
It's not what you say with your mouth.
It's what you do with your life.
It's how you demonstrate what you are by your experience.
Doesn't matter what you say, how many people say stuff and don't do stuff.
Doesn't matter what you say if it's not lined up with what you do.
So what you do
It's just a little different way to look at it.
Most people think of prayer.
Another word I want to redefine just a little bit.
Not really redefine, just get a little deeper with.
How about that?
A little deeper with prayer.
Here's it.
Everybody goes, oh, we pray.
God help, help, help.
Do, do, whatever.
No, that's not what prayer is.
Prayer is revealing your heart in a conversation with your friend who cares about you.
Who wants you back in the garden.
As a parent would want his son in the garden with him.
Think about this for just a moment.
Now I want to take it from two dimensions.
How did God feel?
What did he experience in the garden?
And what did maybe Adam and Eve experience?
You know, it's impossible for us to fully see that, but maybe we can just try and
Feel that a bit in our heart, because that's where it's going to be felt and known, understood in the world, because you're not going to do it in your head because you don't have any experience hooked up to it in the same way.
So think about this.
You're in the garden, you're with God, and God is teaching you about creation because you're co-creator with God in that garden, creating image and likeness.
Now imagine, can you even fathom what you were learning to do?
Oh my goodness!
I mean, it just makes our hair stand up, doesn't it?
When you contemplate that idea, that concept of being in communication with someone that cares for you as much as you do your children.
That's powerful, folks!
If you can feel it that way, as God wants you to.
Because that's really deep love, you see.
Deeper than we can even feel for our own children, even for ourselves, for anything.
It's a really deep thing.
And in that depth is where we get born again, you see.
It's not so complicated to start the mission of finding what we are again.
Because what God has always been about, now think about this too, as your child rebels, and I had one that rebelled horribly.
And I mean really horribly, I'm raising my youngest son,
Um, I'm raising my granddaughter.
She's now 14.
I have four more years of that 18-year commitment.
And, you know, so we all experience a lot of things.
And we all have wayward sons too.
And others that we're very, very proud of.
My eldest son is totally different, but I'm proud of them both.
And the fact that I know as much suffering as my youngest is going through right now, and he may not live another year.
It's his path somehow.
Um, and I can see that in it.
And be released to the burden of knowing that, deeply, as my son.
So think how God felt when Adam and Eve separated themselves from God.
That's a deep feeling, too.
That resonates through our living experience, which is what we are born into.
When we first come here when we're young and little and can't talk because our vocal cords haven't developed and our brains are still running in a pattern that somehow keeps us linked to the essence of what we are in a different way.
And I asked my mom a few years ago, send me some pictures that really say something about who I am from a mother's perspective.
And this is one of them.
This is one that resonates with me.
And it's me at two with a stack of books on my lap reading.
OK, that's a funny image.
I know it's a funny image, but I'm a scholar.
In all these closed cabinets are books.
And they represent about 10% of what I've read.
And there's a lot of books there.
As a person living in my head so much of my life, to find God in my heart was a really difficult journey.
And I'll tell you a little piece of it.
It started in the Catholic Church.
I was being raised a Catholic in my catechism at 12, 13, right around then, just before or just after my dad, in fact, had disappeared.
And I had consciously given up childhood in my mind and in my heart.
And I didn't know it then.
In that way.
But I said no when they said, because where you're confirmed at that age, where you come into the church and say, yes, I believe, I couldn't say that because I didn't.
And I was not going to lie to start out my relationship with God.
Wouldn't do it.
I had more integrity than that at 12 years old.
But the priest gets excited, you know, when you say no to that, you know, because you don't get hooked into the first way that brainwashing works.
You say something that you really don't believe at that level that you need to.
And you go along until you start repeating the lie, and then everything that you filter through that lie is a life lived through a lie.
Can't do that.
You've got to resonate back with your truth, and if you don't know, don't feel lost and helpless in that.
That's okay, any more than you're a two-year-old, because that's how God sees us.
No matter how complex, how intricate, how many pathways our life has taken, and how we see it, God still sees it.
As a two-year-old, same way you would.
In a loving, nurturing way, we'll help you kind of nudge you.
And as you get to be a teenager, they nudge less and let you make your own choices and fall and learn from those experiences that we call trauma.
And in those early days, you might even curse God during those traumas, not recognizing the depth of the lessons in suffering.
That's called long-suffering, a phrase in the Bible that confuses people.
And here, my own life is an example of it.
I've been crying for months and no one knows it.
Except God.
But not in sadness.
In gratitude.
Because when I do my 20 minutes of praying, and I pray all day in and out, but I do it in a... I speak it out, okay?
Makes... If you don't want to be around me much, you might think I'm... But I don't hear it back.
What I do is, all of a sudden, I get understandings.
That's called grace.
I'm in this... I'm going back to the garden.
That's what being born again is about.
It's finding your way back to the garden.
And so what did God do?
God broke himself up into three parts, right?
We can read this.
And again, you can also, if you don't believe this, it's okay, just accept nothing from me, except just let me give my words.
So there's three parts to God.
There's the God that creates and the God that created the second part, Christ, to have fellowship with.
And then there's third part, the Holy Spirit, these three parts.
And then God
Uh, sends part of himself to earth.
Well, which part shows up?
Christ, Jesus, a man, a man actually named Jesus, who's born in his home city where, where his relatives all live.
He's there for the census.
Remember the story?
And he, and God can't even get a room.
I mean, think of that.
You're God.
You can't even get a room in the city of your relatives because no one sees you.
Wow, that's kind of like an interesting thing.
So you're in a manger, and you're in what other people might say, well, that's an uncomfortable condition, but it wasn't for God.
The whole walk, even banging nails as a carpenter.
Because here's what God did when he put man in the earth, when man left the garden, when we got the knowledge of good and evil, which is the essence of duality.
And I could get into that, but that'd take another hour.
I'm hitting topics today that each take an hour to break down, and I'm not going to have that.
So this is what's happening as I'm packing.
I know what's in it.
I'm delivering the information with intention behind it.
That's the essence of the word, the spoken word coming from the heart, coming out of the mouth with everything I am behind it.
So I can say one word and the power in that word is all of my experience flowing into it through this vibration
That you pick up and translate as sound.
And within that is the spirit that guides it.
That's why I don't worry anymore.
That's why this law is finally, this jaw is finally unlocked so my voice can be freed.
Because God filters it out for everyone.
And what is my purpose today?
I want to tell you, I have been born again in a different way.
Even in this way.
In the midst of being born again over and over perhaps.
As we transform our lives.
Maybe that's the essence of it.
And I want people to start thinking about me differently.
I was given the name Nicholas.
That's my name, not Dr. Nick Begich.
Nicholas, please call me that when you see me.
Because that's the name God gave me in my parents' translated form, and that means victorious army.
That's what my name means.
Hey, welcome back.
You know, we're in the middle of this deep dive into reality, OK, with what we're seeing play out in the world.
And I want to talk about that, you know, in the last segment.
Everyone's talking about masking and how this thing about hiding our humanity, but I want to talk about a secret they don't know and they can hear it, but they can't turn this one off.
It's called through the eyes, because the eyes in fact are the window of the soul.
And what Alex was saying about these evil people, these evil actors, you see it in their eyes.
But let's focus on the other side of that equation.
When I look in people's eyes, and I've talked about it, I see the inner man, I see the soul.
And here's what you do when you see that.
In everyone else, what you can do when you see that is you begin responding to that inner soul, to that divinity in that person.
Even if they're your enemy, you can't help it.
You've got to respond to that divinity in them.
Even if they're your worst adversary, if you do that, if you look in the eyes and see the divinity and you begin behaving as if they're divine, what happens is they have no choice but to yield to the higher power, which is to then act divinely at least some level or be contained by the energy of it.
That's the power of acting divinely.
You know, it works.
Actually, it works.
It's about lowering.
Not for everyone.
See, this is the other thing that everyone gets confused about.
You know, people say, oh, you know, people interrupt too much.
You know, I hear that sometimes about Alex.
Well, I have that problem too.
My former fiancé told me that.
And I believe that.
I accept that.
That's true.
I need to learn to listen more.
Also, in my prayer life, I need to listen more.
Now, let me talk about that.
Everyone's praying, praying, praying, and they're waiting for some angel to show up and boom!
Deliver you the noise!
That's not how it happens, unfortunately, and if it did, it would make it sure a lot easier.
But it isn't meant to be easier.
It's meant to be instructive.
That's what all this drama is about.
When you can finally release it is when you've accepted grace.
Now think about the story again.
So God comes into the earth as a person that can't even get a decent room at a hotel in his own town.
And then what happens?
You don't hear much about it until he's 12 and he's in the temple having a big discussion.
You know, the building that later he showed up in and kicked all the money changers?
Because that's the old temple, the old structures, the Old Testament, if you will, the law, the old rules that had no forgiveness in them, the punishment of it all, if you will.
But think about God and his position in all of this.
You want to just beat your children forever?
No, you want them to wake up.
And remember who they are and where they came from.
That's what you want.
You want them to claim their heritage, their birthright, and embrace it with you.
That's what you want.
That's what God wants for us too.
Can you imagine it any other way?
And that's just a physical little tiny snapshot of what unconditional and unlimited love means.
That's a pretty
Big thing.
And it's so small in terms of what's available.
All right.
All right.
So let me switch gears a little bit here as I'm explaining this.
So at 12, you have this big conversation.
And again, he disappears.
You don't hear anything about him.
And he's off banging nails.
You know, what happened in the punishment to man?
OK, women had it one way and we can go look at that.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about men because I'm a man and I know that one better.
I don't know much about women.
I got a lot to learn, a tremendous amount to learn.
But as it goes for man, you know, we have to earn by the sweat of our brow.
We have to go out and toil in the soil.
We have to make it work, and it's hard every day, every single day.
So God comes down in the form of Christ, his second aspect in the three, and he sweats and bangs nails and has a job that's hard.
Some say he was a bricklayer.
I don't want to argue the point.
The point is he worked with his hands.
How many
So-called priests.
How many so-called ministers work with their hands?
I knew one who did.
His name was Eric Hewlett.
He was a wallpaper hanger that was an Assemblies of God minister, teaching other ministers to do it right.
Later in his life, I reconnected with him.
He taught people.
He had a heart for God, not a heart for a building program, you know?
And so he worked for a living and made sure all the resources went
To where it's supposed to go.
To redistribute in a way that's done from the heart, not from a socialistic system, driven by a bunch of assholes, excuse me.
But they are.
Telling us what to do.
And pushing us around.
And crushing our spirits.
Making us less than, less than, less than.
When we're more than we ever thought we were.
And so, I'm reframing who I am a bit.
And have been for the last several months, if you haven't noticed.
For less technology, and more about what drives the change.
Because that's the technology of the soul.
Let's jump up a bit, you know, and let's start retranslating the reality and recreating it in the image and likeness of God.
Let's bring heaven to earth.
That's what's going to happen in the end, but right now we're in the birth pain.
Nothing beautiful comes in the earth without pain, unfortunately.
Think of the transfiguration then.
What happened then?
Okay, what happened then, Christ?
Oh, he didn't have the Holy Spirit, right?
That wasn't there.
The power behind being God.
So he really was a person in the earth.
People don't want to talk about this.
They forget about all this.
This is the most important thing that identifies us, that pulls us into the life of God.
Oh, hadn't heard it that way before, have you?
Think about what the church is.
It's created distortion.
It's taken our power for 2,000 years in the current structures on the earth.
In the end, in the latter days, there would be a form of godliness that denies the inner power of it.
Look around.
Look around!
Which pews are you warming in the world?
Are you warming the pews of your temple, yourself, your soul, who you are?
Are you honoring that temple?
Are you giving back 10%?
Are you tithing to your own temple?
Think about that.
90% mission, 10% to keep you nurtured and connected to the creation where you should be happy in it.
Parents don't want their kids working to the bone till they die early of a heart attack.
Neither is God.
Plenty of people around.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Because the unconscious, and there's more of them than us, actually get used anyway.
They're the collateral damage.
They're the millions and millions that are going to die, and we're going to see it happen in our eyes.
The clouds are just now gathering, folks.
Dark days are headed our way in lots of different ways in the world.
And we need to prepare our spirit, mind and emotions, and our physical form, because we're still in the physical world.
And we all can be leaders, because here's what leaders do if they're really good, and all of you can get really good at this.
When you look in the eyes of another and you begin to do that, pull out of people what's possible, and they begin to act like you're envisioning, because they've got to respond to you.
That's how it works.
And you know what you do?
You do a great work.
That's the work of a leader.
See the higher and better person that even the person acting out in some crazy way can't see.
Now, the other caution is, and I didn't learn this until I was 52, because I just assumed everybody saw people that way, because I always have.
And they don't.
I was really disappointed.
It broke my heart.
I mentioned it in previous shows in the last six months.
But what broke my heart is I couldn't imagine going through life without being that connected to individuals.
That's why I've had so many friends.
And I've had 50 die.
I quit counting now.
I can't count them anymore.
I just don't want to.
But I have so many more.
And I have two million.
That are in union with me in this few moments each week, have a conversation about things that matter, that equip us to be calm in the middle of the storm that's coming.
Because at the end of all this, you know, blessed are the peacemakers for they inherit the earth.
And sometimes we can have the sword, the sword that we want to swing, but we keep it cheap in our heart.
And we swing the sword with our words and they come out of us in a different way because words are where the reality began.
In the beginning was the word.
The very first vibration comes into being and then in that vibration
Matter appears, and then Max Planck, one of the best quantum physicists, and this is where this lies, and this is my interpretation of quantum physics in this message I'm giving today, and it's in it all through it, and this is what Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, said, I regard consciousness as fundamental.
I regard matter as derivative of consciousness.
We cannot get behind consciousness.
Everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing,
In other words, it comes out of somebody's thinking something, and it's a big somebody thinking it all at once.
Even physicists get this, if they've gone deep enough within their own math through that pathway to discover the very beginning of God.
That's all it is, is the beginning of God.
Because the beginning of God starts with asking a question to your soul.
What is God?
I did it.
I did it when I told a priest when he drug me out, we had this conversation out in the outer vestibule of why I wasn't going to do it.
And I'm going to talk about that.
I'm going to talk about that.
But I'm out of time today.
So there it is.
You've got the only message I can give and the one I came from my heart.
We'll do this again next week and we're going to figure out a way to catch up with the backlog.
I love you all.
Have a wonderful weekend.
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Let's go ahead and talk to Diana in Michigan.
You're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hi, welcome.
Okay, I want to plug your InfoWars mask, although I know that we're all against masks and that it's just basically a symbol of, you know, conformity and enslavement.
But I want to say, every time I go out wearing it, when I go out to, you know, Shazza grocery stores and whatnot, at least one person, every single time, compliments me on the mask.
And they're like, oh Alex Jones, I love him.
And then I let them know, go to band.video, B-A-N-N-E-D, that video.
Because sometimes when I say band.video, they think B-A-N-D.
So I make sure to clarify that.
But almost every single time I go out, I get compliments on that.
So it's definitely spreading the word.
And, you know, so it doesn't inhibit my breathing.
I wear it underneath my nose.
Kind of like lets people know that I don't really believe in the mask either.
I'm wearing it just because I have to.
I live in Governor Whitmer's horrible state.
But I do want to say that I did see one other person wear it at first earlier this year when you first came out with it and I literally got brought to tears because
I saw another person that believes like I do, and I didn't feel all alone out in this world.
And it meant so much to me to see someone taking action, so I went ahead and ordered one for myself.
And I swear to God, and I just had a baby too, on the 7th of December.
And I was, like, boardmastering the whole time of, you know, like, when I was in the hospital.
Oh, congratulations.
And I just had to make sure that I'm putting that message out there, and it really makes an impact.
And we, like, have big, long conversations with, like, the workers at these different grocery stores and other customers and stuff, and it really is a feeling of empowerment to see that there are other people out there thinking like you, that you're not all alone.
So even though I don't believe in the mask, it's a great statement to get it out there to the rest of the world.
Anna, I'm so glad you got through.
God bless you and congratulations on that new wonderful life that you have brought into the world.
And I only wish the best for your new baby.
I'm glad she called because this is bigger than Alex Jones.
And this is one of my frustration points in my mind that people don't