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Air Date: Jan. 11, 2021
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In a transcription of parts of his show, Alex Jones discusses topics ranging from political violence to globalist agendas. He highlights clips of politicians endorsing violence against their opponents and talks about Agenda 2030, which he believes aims to destroy civilization through a medical technocracy. Additionally, he promotes DNA Force, a supplement containing an ionophore similar to hydroxychloroquine. The show delves into Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's admiration for China's basic dictatorship and its impact on their economy. Jones warns his listeners about the globalist agenda seeking to end America as an idea and create a new world order, urging resistance and fighting against tyranny. The speaker also discusses recent events such as the storming of the Capitol, COVID-19 lockdowns, and conspiracy theories involving Antifa members during the event.


I keep harping on the Q thing because I've got the 8chan printouts.
I've got all the stuff right here.
They were on there.
Oh, we're going.
You know, the breadcrumbs.
We're going to overthrow it.
This is the storming of the swamp.
This is the storm.
And it's going to happen.
It's all over.
And then Trump had a rally, I had a rally, to show that we're against election fraud to be peaceful.
Trump said it, I said it, Don Jr.
said it.
And before we could ever get there, you guys falling anti-fan and acting like idiots.
Now we're losing the whole country!
And now the very left that loves violence and says kill everybody and blah blah blah, like, arrest Alex Jones.
Like, why isn't Jones arrested?
He called for storming the Capitol.
Cause I didn't, you big fat lying scum!
Your people did it!
And let a bunch of cutards in there!
It's you that wants violence, you scum!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Where Trump supporters buffaloed by Marxist operatives and Civil War zealots into the Capitol to send the future of American liberties over a cliff, unknowingly driving America into a civil war as Democrats continue their one-party lust for power.
The President of the United States incited an armed insurrection against America.
The gleeful desecration of the U.S.
Capitol, which is the temple of our American democracy, and the violence targeting Congress are horrors that will forever stain our nation's history.
As Pelosi and company frantically attempt to impeach the president yet again in order to cover up verified election fraud and whatever was on the laptop possibly removed by special forces during the occupation of the U.S.
I, Professor Alfio D'Urso, lawyer of Via Vittoria Emanuele Catania, do hereby provide the following affidavit of facts as conveyed in several meetings with a high-level Army Security Services official.
Under instruction and direction of U.S.
The U.S.
Embassy in Rome undertook the operation to switch data from the U.S.
election of 3rd November 2020 from significant margin of victory from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in a number of states where Joe Biden was losing the vote totals.
And you see Pelosi, you see Schumer.
Ann just told me that Pelosi called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and they're trying to get him out on the 25th Amendment or to impeach him.
Well, because on Wednesday, they took Pelosi's laptop.
She's frantic.
There were some people in there that were special forces mixed with Antifa and they took her laptop and they had that data.
There are numerous videos detailing Antifa destroying Capitol property before they entered the building.
And watch the response of the Trump supporters as they call out the Antifa member doing the property damage.
So there's Antifa smashing a window.
And they're booing.
And they're chanting, that's Antifa.
They say, that's Antifa, that's Antifa, Trump supporter goes up, throws him to the ground, and the crowd cheers.
And a video revealing people inside the Capitol doling out weapons to Antifa through what appears to be an open window.
And former military with security clearances that penetrated into the chamber replete with zip ties, fueling the left's unhinged accusations of insurrection.
And wouldn't the intelligence of this premier security force known as the Capitol Police be ultimately responsible?
The plans and threats about what would intentionally transpire were readily available online for weeks.
Add to that there are videos of Capitol Police officers opening the doors and gates for Trump supporters
Adding to the false security that Trump supporters were welcome inside the Capitol.
And anyway, how the hell was anyone supposed to be aware that entering the taxpayer-funded U.S.
Capitol building would lead to prison time, job loss, and pariah status?
Ironically, there's video of these supposed domestic extremist terrorists respectfully staying within the velvet ropes in the National Statuary Hall.
Had Antifa been in that room, there would be nothing left.
And then there's the criticism of the response by President Trump.
Had the National Guard been called in, who's to say that far more than five people would have lost their lives?
And what does it say when politicians cower in fear when confronted by their own constituents?
Crawling back out of their holes and labeling millions of Americans as domestic terrorists.
I guarantee that the founders would have never left those chambers.
As more information trickles out, another simple question arises.
Was the Capitol insurrection as it's being called merely just a clever gambit in the New World Order's playbook to take down America?
John Bowne reporting.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
With the simplest of events, there's always at least two sides to any story.
But with big historic events, with hundreds of thousands of people involved, it's very important to take your time and look at the details.
You've heard that President Trump and myself wanted to storm the Capitol and kill people because that would give us power?
That would make us look like good guys?
Does anybody believe that on its face?
Well, that's what everyone's being told in every major publication on the planet.
We're good to go.
January 6, 2021, so that Congress, who was holding hearings and debate on the fraud, would see that the American people were upset and were not going to accept the fraudulent results.
I learned that there wasn't enough funding and that private groups were not donating enough, so I donated some and helped organize the peaceful events that happened on January 5th and the day of January 6th.
Then, President Trump said that he wanted me to go out and lead the peaceful crowd that was already there to the Capitol so that we could continue to peacefully demonstrate.
So here's the timeline as best as we can nail it down.
Right as President Trump starts to speak, tens of thousands of people had already shown up at the Capitol, miles away from where he was giving his address.
The police in some areas opened up barricades, in other areas kept them closed, and clashes between some of the demonstrators began.
That's when the provocateurs, who had already been there starting fights with the police, accelerated their violence.
There are literally hundreds of videos, like the one you're watching right now, where Trump patriots physically restrain individuals trying to break out windows and ram down doors.
This is how you take a massive, almost million-person march exposing election fraud and discredit it.
Because only a few hundred people actually attacked the police.
And most of them, we now know, were led by provocateurs commanded by antifa.
One such individual is John Sullivan.
He's an antifa leader from the West Coast.
He's been arrested for staging riots before.
This individual said online he was coming to D.C.
to overthrow Trump.
Well, he certainly did a good job at it.
Instead of saying he's openly against Trump, he helped lead the assault on the Capitol and even chanted over and over again that others need to join him in burning down the building.
We gotta, we gotta burn them.
We gotta get this shit burned.
But guess what?
After his arrest that night, he was then released and has not been charged.
John Sullivan is a smart member of Antifa.
Very Machiavelli.
If he just went out and knocked out some Starbucks windows and set a fire in a random neighborhood, like his type normally do, well, that would actually demonize the left.
But if he can lead a riot into the Capitol, when the Capitol police are outmanned and stand down, well then he can help bring down the whole country.
My name's John Sullivan.
I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah.
My group is Insurgents USA.
We fuckin' about to burn this shit down.
Fuck this shit.
We gotta, we gotta burn this.
We gotta get this shit burned.
The Washington Post, NBC, and others even reported in the days before the riot that Antifa and other organizations were recruiting on 8chan boards to go to D.C.
and stage an uprising.
Once the small agitator groups led by Antifa had forced their way in, some of the hundreds of thousands waiting outside decided to go in and behave like traditional tourists, taking selfies with police and, of course, paintings and statues of founding fathers.
And now you see the mainstream corporate media and big tech deplatforming the president off of nine major systems and shutting down parlor because they thought he might move there.
Pure authoritarianism.
I'm gonna end this with some footage of what I actually did
Before the march started, and once I got to the Capitol, how I tried to stop what was then unfolding.
It was only later I learned that that poor woman, Mrs. Babbitt, had died while I was outside, warning people that we didn't want another Kent State to happen.
Like Don Jr.
said, we're not burning buildings down or shooting cops.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully!
We're not Antifa!
We're not BLM!
You're amazing, I love you!
Let's march around to the other side!
And let's not fight the police and give the system what they want!
We are peaceful!
We won this election!
And as much as I love seeing the Trump clocks flying over this, we need to not have the confrontation with the police.
They're going to make that the story.
I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully.
Tell everybody behind you, march to the other side.
March to the other side.
Provocateurs have caused a problem, and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a Kent State here.
So, I love you.
We're saving the republic.
This is beautiful.
But please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
Do not be part of this!
Tell everybody to come out on the side!
Provocateurs are setting us up!
Here's what we know.
Close to a million people showed up in DC to exercise their sacred First Amendment right and they did it peacefully.
A couple hundred provocateurs were able to take over the Capitol because the police stood down and then tried to provocateur
Cue followers and others to attack the police so there were four deaths.
And now we're being told the entire Bill of Rights, the entire Constitution has to be completely thrown out because of the limited violence that was basically a riot at the Capitol that was mainly provocateured by leftist agitators who said they were going there to provocateur this and dress up as Trump supporters to again do exactly what has now unfolded.
But they don't have the real power.
They just staged the event.
It's mainstream media that allows the lies to continue and it's big tech that suppresses us from getting this truth out.
But I want to close with this important graph.
We'll put it on screen.
Your outrage is being manufactured.
Let's look at the BLM riots and left-wing violence from Antifa and others in the last seven months compared to what just happened at the Capitol.
It lasted seven months.
It was condemned mostly by Republicans and celebrated by the left, encouraged by media and politicians.
Police force was used massively.
23-plus people were shot dead by Antifa and BLM.
700 officers injured, many killed.
150-plus federal buildings damaged.
Hundreds of small businesses destroyed.
Entire neighborhoods burned down.
Now let's compare that with so-called right-wing violence in the Capitol that was triggered and provocateured by the left.
Lasted several hours.
Condemned by all Republicans and Democrats.
Encouraged only by fringe political groups.
Police force used.
That really is insane.
Imagine if Mr. Sullivan would have been successful trying to get others to burn down the building.
Imagine if those pipe bombs that were found, left by the left outside, had actually detonated.
I've talked to high-level law enforcement sources and folks high-level in the Pentagon, and they have confirmed to me that this was a globalist attempted false flag that misfired.
It only got about 1% of the violence they actually wanted because they just couldn't trick a giant crowd of Trump supporters into regular mob psychology you see after a football game or a basketball championship where you could see dozens of deaths, hundreds of fires, you name it.
Because Trump supporters were so law-abiding, this thing basically failed.
And I thank God for that.
Now it's up to us to get the truth of what really happened out to the world.
That raised $1,300,000,000 last year.
Black Lives Matter raised $10.6 billion because they're the establishment, we are the resistance.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
In exactly nine days from now, the globalists will be swearing in
They're installed puppet leader in exactly nine days.
To the minute, basically.
Things kick off at noon Eastern, but they say about 20 minutes in, he'll be sworn in.
Joe Biden, the open communist operative.
And that's why from LA to New York to Austin, Texas, and from March to the streets,
With shields and guns and weapons saying, we own this country, it is ours.
And next, they're coming to your houses.
Because by day and by night, they're Antifa, but their real job is contact tracers for the Clinton Global Initiative.
On record, these are the graduate students and students who are now your rulers.
Most of them pedophiles.
You notice when they get gunned down, large percentages of them are convicted pedophiles.
And here they are in New York just yesterday intimidating the population.
So those are thugs.
Those are terrorists.
They don't hate the police.
They want to be the police.
And they're the ones that went, over 100 of them on record, we know their names, dressed up like Trump supporters, and Trump supporters tried to stop them breaking into the Capitol.
But once they broke in, there was another contingent of morons there.
We've tracked it to 8chan and all the sites.
I usually thought the Q-tards wouldn't actually carry it out, but they did.
They believe with their zip ties and everything, that they were breaking in with special forces, undercover cops leading them in.
To, quote, capture Pelosi and, oh, the general saying, oh, the special forces got a laptop.
Oh, like Hunters?
And then, oh, Trump's about to win and all this crap.
That is a globalist mind control simulation through the computers, manipulating people in real time.
Augmented reality is what it's called.
Wasn't enough to have the Antifa break in.
They had to have somebody believe they were on a secret mission.
And they all brag, we're here for Q!
And the politicians pulled out on purpose so you could come in.
They opened the gates.
And then now they could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
When we had close to a million people there and Trump gave a great speech and we were going to expose the election fraud.
And now they get to sell this whole agenda.
And some Americans say to me, well, Jones, you know, you're just a wimp.
It's time for a violent revolution.
Okay, well, you guys stormed the place when we were having a peaceful event that we advertise as peaceful.
A small minority of you did, to then demonize and scapegoat the million peaceful folks that showed up, that the airlines are now putting on no-fly lists just because they flew into D.C.
the day before.
So, you walked right into their trap.
And that's the mind control of the situation.
Very, very sad.
Very, very disgusting.
And you're still saying Trump will be in office in nine days.
Well, let's sit back and watch.
And I know you Q folks aren't going to go away even once that happens because you bought into a lie, just like you sent the Nigerian email scammer that first thousand bucks.
And your family says that's a scam.
They need 5,000 more.
You'll never get that either.
No, I'll get a million now when I send Prince Obubu the 5,000.
And after you've said everything you've got to the scammers, you'll hate your family for warning.
But it doesn't matter.
We're going to move on from that.
I'm going to lay out what's really happening, what's going to unfold next.
Trump's got a big speech coming up in about 80 minutes that we're going to be covering live.
At that point, when he goes live, we're going to go commercial-free.
Stations will still fire.
They're ads, but we're not going to run ads.
They'll just cut into us.
So we're going to go commercial-free on the audio and video streams for the internet audience once the president goes live in this important speech.
And this will say it all.
I've got some inside intel on what he's going to be talking about, what he's going to be doing.
And this is definitely going to be historic.
We've asked him to use the EAS emergency alert system.
Because Twitter, Facebook, Google, the mainstream television is saying they're not going to be carrying it.
You've got to go to whitehouse.gov.
It will have the speech carried in full in its own posting to infowars.com.
But this is the fabled attempted takedown of our republic.
Separately, you remember me in the last six months ahead of the election saying we're trying to sell all the products out at discount prices because we're not going to even have that much stuff in the warehouse the new year because if Biden steals the election, they plan to shut us down.
Well, you now see that all over the news.
Arrest Alex Jones.
Shut Alex Jones down.
That's why if you want to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get a t-shirt or get a book or get the supplements, I would suggest you stock up now.
We need to bring in as much money as we can to operate into the future if we have our banking taking away, which they've already done at many levels, but now they're closing in for the full takeover.
And look, don't worry, you'll be joining me.
They plan to never turn the U.S.
economy back on, never take their boot off your neck.
The leftists going along with this are useful idiots.
They're going to be in the streets as well.
is slated for total destruction.
The U.S.
And so this is a foreign takeover.
Ten years after we're living in the streets and living in tents, they'll come in.
They'll have actual Chinese communists in the Capitol.
Communist minders with Americans under them in your neighborhood.
They'll rape your wife.
They'll rape your daughter.
You are going to be a total slave because you killed the babies and you turned things over to Satan.
Now, there may still be time to turn this around, but I just want you to know, in what could be some of our last broadcast here, where this is going.
All the comforts, all of it's going away.
Look at these headlines out of the UK.
UK government may only let people out once a week, just like Australia did.
You've got an app that shows you've been out longer than you're allowed, you get arrested.
They let the murderers and rapists out of jail, but you go to jail because you walked your dog.
Oh, a man got caught jogging.
Oh, he went to jail.
They're saying six months in jail.
But the police, they all get caught partying and drinking and restaurants are open for them because they're in the inner party.
They live by other rules.
So you're going to see most of these immoral people joining evil so they'll be partially exempt from the rules.
This is a class system.
Communism and fascism actually bring in total class systems claiming they're getting rid of them.
So, that's how these scum are.
And they go to college to learn how to be a little elitist, and they come and they take over society.
So, if I was you, we've got 2020 prices on storable food.
The prices, they've extended until Friday.
Then they will go up.
People are buying through an explosive rate.
Go to preparewithalex.com.
That takes you right to the sub page of InfoWarsTore.com, where you'll find the best deals in the industry on high quality, fresh, durable food the last 25 years with great packaging.
One year supplies up to $850 off.
Last year's prices and discounts, it will go up, I'm told, one way or another.
Next Saturday, it's extended through Friday.
Only in maximum security prisons.
Are you restricted from coming out of your cell for only one hour a day?
Supermax is not allowed out ever unless you go see the doctor.
In Australia, they did beta test in communist-controlled cities under Chinese funding and the allowance of the central government, who keeps acting like they're fighting China while they actually sell out to them, because the Aussies woke up to it.
You are allowed out one hour a week.
That is super max level.
Well, now Boris Johnson is set to announce the UK will be a super max.
Even if you live on a sheep farm with your wife and children, you are not to leave.
You will basically starve to death.
UK government may only let people out once a week.
Super max.
Just like that.
And notice they're saying, oh, the vaccines don't work now.
Oh, it just keeps spreading.
Oh, people are reinfected because the tests are fake.
And people fetishize.
I know a neighbor that got it.
They coughed for a couple days.
One of my lawyers got it and had a headache and a fever for a day.
Oh, and everyone's freaking out around him and panicking and scared.
But China's open for business.
This is business-killing, culture-destroying system.
Agenda 2030.
Well, Easter Reel was Agenda 2021, and Agenda 2030.
Agenda 21.
It's on air, and people are like, oh, the New York Times said that's insane, all these zones you can't go into, and locked in your houses, and world government.
But the borders stay open.
Oh, the borders from the third world.
They stay open and third world populations get to pour in.
You'd have millions of tuberculosis deaths and real diseases.
All that's not a big deal.
Oh, but because of a couple hundred thousand deaths attributed to COVID, now you can't ever leave your house again.
And you notice it's the liberal, the socialist, the globalist, the communist areas where the lockdowns are the worst.
North Korea is the worst on the planet.
Because that's where people will put up with it.
And so the leftists think, wearing their mask and not going to work, that, oh, I'm really smart.
I don't have to go to work now.
And I get a paycheck.
And all you're doing is demonstrating you're obsolete, you're not essential.
All you're doing is demonstrating you're a useless idiot.
All you're doing is demonstrating you're going to be gotten rid of.
I talked to one of our security guys that, you know, bonded security, armed security that we have here at the office and his mom is one of the head nurses at a nursing home.
And she said, wow, they gave all the old people the shots and now a bunch are sick and none of them are getting up and coming to eat.
They just got the shots last week and they're real lethargic and they're worried they're going to start dying.
So I'll tell you next week, I'll tell you next week, how many
How many are dead?
They said, yeah, it's crazy.
Kind of like you give premature babies vaccines, they stop breathing.
About a third of them, they put them on respirators.
If your hospital even does that, somebody says let them die.
So it's all just setting up and practicing and testing killings.
And you know what?
If the public doesn't speak out against this and say no to this, then David Rockefeller, who will set this up and his protege,
Bill Gates and his protégé, his aide-de-camp, his apprentice, his minion, Zuckerberg, are right.
They are cleaning a scourge off the planet.
But then I look at Zuckerberg and I look at Gates and how they behave and act on their own.
These are the nastiest, sickest people out there.
They just sell that they're enslaving everyone and doing this for the betterment of the planet because they can get underlings to agree to it because of that.
But really they just want to play God.
And so we're set in an hour to go live to Trump.
I say an hour, he's set to speak at 1.30.
Eastern, but he'll usually be about 10 minutes late.
And we'll go live to him and we'll carry it.
Mike Adams is joining us for the big article he put together.
25 insane crazy agendas.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will push on America if they seize power after rigging the election.
And when their communist forces are out shooting people at their checkpoints and killing cops and burning down public housing and
Oh, that's all wonderful, but when a million people show up in D.C.
and a hundred or so, mainly their own antifa, rush into the Capitol, the police stand down, let folks in, most people take selfies with the cops, a few people break things, a few people steal things, one crazy woman thinking she was sent there by the President to invade and get the secret codes, she got shot and killed, poor lady, but she was a big Q person.
That augmented reality.
She wasn't looking for a
Pokemon card she was looking for the secret codes and She got killed and they tell you oh, that's the end of America now no more freedom after that went down That's coming up, but let's look at some of these headlines right here
House Dems voting Monday, today, to give Mike Pence 24 hours to do this.
So it's an ultimatum.
That's illegal right there.
You 25th Amendment Trump, or we're going to impeach you.
And I told you Pence would still try 25th Amendment.
They just wanted Trump to back down while they cut off all his communications.
And then they're going to go for him.
And that started happening.
Nancy Pelosi basically asked for civil war with insane gambit to expel GOP House members from the House.
She called for violence.
She called for insurrection.
All of her minions did.
They didn't do any of that.
They were part of a big rally to investigate election fraud, and less than 100 people assaulted the Capitol, and the police stood down and let everybody in for the setup.
Oh, and the police officer that gave the order?
We're not going to find out who gave him that order, because he committed suicide yesterday.
He first broke that.
The guy that gave the order for the stand-down committed suicide.
Oh, like Jeffrey Epstein's cellmate that met with Bill Barr the day before Epstein killed himself, supposedly?
I mean, boy, this is quite the time to be alive.
Pelosi, I like the 25th Amendment because it gets rid of Trump.
Pelosi's officially launching second Trump impeachment.
We'll also activate 25th amendment.
And then it gets really weird.
We'll cover this next segment.
Merkel says big tech shouldn't have power to decide who has free speech.
So does the Mexican president.
Because finally, even these governmental dictators
And the Mexican President isn't a dictator.
He got elected by a landslide.
They stole it from him.
He got elected again, and that this time got in.
I don't like socialism, but the way the Mexicans are doing it is the way to do it.
I mean, he's actually giving people jobs, redirecting big government corporate contracts that are socialism for the rich, for the public.
He likes Trump.
He got Trump's populism.
They met, spent several days together, and the guy came out and said, I like Trump.
And he also told the Mexicans, he's not going to be there long.
You notice what's going on.
Because Trump was giving people, like, you know, $2,000 and a $600?
That's what the Mexican socialist would do.
But that's a real socialist.
It has its own problems.
It makes people dependent.
We're already way past that.
Like Trump said in his speech, he said, the country's already bankrupt.
Only by us staying in the global superpower will we get out of this.
You lose that, it's all over.
We've got to keep the industry going.
People can't go bankrupt.
We have to do this because the left's lockdowns.
He said that in a speech.
Totally pragmatic.
The Mexican president said this is wrong, what's happening.
And there's evidence that it was stolen.
And he said this is fascism and dangerous to have Big Tech silence the president so they can then say whatever they want.
And suddenly Merkel, who's a dictator, she's manipulated those elections many times and been caught.
She's even scared now.
Because now they're getting it.
It's global dictatorship by Big Tech taking over with the Chai Comps.
So we're getting down to the endgame here.
That's all coming up on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
They're now announcing they're going to start blocking URLs.
You're going to have to get the actual code of our website to be able to go there soon.
All right, Alex Jones here back live with life-saving information.
So, you remember Bill Gates said, get ready, this vaccine is going to hurt a lot of people.
700,000 will get sick or die.
Remember that?
I can play the clip.
He was putting the proviso out up front, but then having mainstream media later say, oh, nobody gets sick, it's totally safe.
The mRNA vaccine is not normal.
It orders the ribosomes to then program your cells to produce proteins that attack your own body.
Well, guess what happened, ladies and gentlemen?
They've had a cluster of deaths in New York City.
At a nursing home that was first to get the vaccine.
That is coming up next hour.
But we have one of the crew members has been here many years.
They lost a family member from a vaccine.
A child.
Years later, their next door neighbor, they had him over for lunch yesterday.
The next door neighbor, the lady's mother, had a stroke and is basically paralyzed.
In California, on the West Coast, where she's a nurse.
So her neighbor's mother took the shot, had a convulsion, had a stroke, and is basically a vegetable.
So, that's how this works.
And I know so many people personally who go, yeah, my cousin, my mom, my neighbor got it, and now they're really sick.
And I just told you how one of the security guys said, my mom, one of the head nurses at hospital, they just gave him the shots and nobody's getting out of bed.
Everybody's real sick.
People aren't going to get food.
They're not going to dinner or lunch.
Now they're going to start dying.
Remember what Bill Gates said, we need to get rid of grandma so we can pay for 10 teachers.
That's a death penalty.
People don't like that.
So we've gone over the edge folks.
And here's what's happened.
The mega banks created trillions and trillions, thousands of trillions of fake derivatives.
They'd sell each mortgage 20 times, 100 times, some take cases more.
They've created a giant fraud.
They have a huge bubble.
They need an excuse to pop that bubble and make you think you did it.
They make you think you're getting checks from the government as if you caused that.
And that's what the COVID lockdown's about, is a great reset.
So they don't get the blame for what they've done.
Instead, big tech, all these big banks have doubled their stock the last year.
They've doubled their profits in most cases.
It goes from like 30 to 120% profit increase.
Just type into a search engine, big tech was biggest winners from COVID.
Well, not from COVID, from the lockdown.
Or type in third world starving to death.
Millions dead from COVID.
No, from COVID lockdown.
So this is 21st century war.
It's not Hitler and Panzer army tanks.
It's the medical corps.
It's propaganda.
It's disinfo.
Oh yeah, I mean, I know Austin doctors that are in intensive care from the shot.
But it's only in local news.
Healthy South Florida doctor died two weeks after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.
And you see the headline.
Young Mexican doctor in Mexico City dies.
They say, yes, he had a convulsion one hour after taking it, but it wasn't the COVID vaccine.
But it's not related.
So this is very powerful.
It's got to be powerful enough to make your body have an autoimmune response to the basic protein that builds up much of your body, because it's meant to eat the placenta.
A nursing home had zero coronavirus deaths.
Then it vaccinated residents for coronavirus and deaths began.
Ron Paul Institute.
So people ask me here on the eve of destruction, how are you doing Alex?
And I'm like, just like I was a few years ago, two plus years ago, when I went to Congress and I warned everybody, I said, what they're doing to me is a big tech cartel takeover.
You're under such attack.
That is meant to take over business in every facet of life.
You criticize the vaccine, you're banned.
Even if you're a medical doctor.
You criticize the lockdown, you're banned.
You criticize the election and show fraud, you're banned.
Now you say it's wrong, what's happened with open borders, you're banned.
It's in, it's AI.
They had hearings in Congress two years ago saying, why is Alex Jones even still online?
And they said, soon AI will be in control and no one will be allowed to visit him.
In Congress.
People said, man, Jones, how are you taking it?
I said, how am I taking it?
You're next!
You think I think I'm the primary target?
If they could get you to reject me, warning you, someone coming telling you the plan, hey, I've been in the enemy base, I've got the Death Star plans, and they're like, shut up!
Then you metaphysically were open for the attack.
If you killed the messenger, if you didn't support the messenger,
It's all metaphysical that they were allowed to come after you.
Well, you as an audience didn't reject us.
And I can tell you, I know how God works.
You will be blessed.
Compared to what happens to other people, you will be blessed in this.
I have been blessed through all of this, and I give it all to God, all the glory, and I thank you, God.
But I just want you to know, folks, this is so real.
I told this story last night, in my own gut level, this analysis.
Everything else was beta before and I was worried about it, but I didn't really think they'd go operational.
I thought we could stop them.
They did it.
They made the jump.
Because they never get held accountable.
And so now the UK is a supermax prison.
You can only leave your house.
They're now proposing once a week.
Just like Australia.
Has nothing to do with the virus, folks.
It's total control.
Ahead of bankruptcy, collapse, having you sign on to waive all your rights for universal income.
They're bringing you to your knees.
It's all Stanford Research Institute, Milgram Experiment, Stockholm Syndrome, mass control.
Here I am over two years ago in the halls of Congress at a press conference.
There was a hearing about me, but I wasn't allowed in.
But all the cameras turned to me, and this is what happened.
I am here because there is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices ahead of this critical midterm election.
And the big tech companies and the head of Apple admit that they met with Senator Warner, who's running this whole thing,
To begin shutting down conservatives or the Democrats threatened to federalize big tech if they did not basically roll over to them.
So the Republicans left a vacuum there by not coming in with regulations to say you cannot violate people's free speech.
So I want regulations like the First Amendment to be enforced to say you're not going to violate people's free speech.
You're not going to be able to shut people down like this.
And I'm also here to be able to face my accusers.
This is the 11th hearing they've had.
Where they make up all these incredible lies about me and others to sell the end of the First Amendment.
And so that's why I'm here to expose this.
I'm here to speak out about this.
And I'm here to discuss the reality that there is an attempted purge of the First Amendment taking place in this country.
And Apple and Google have already moved to China and are helping round up political dissidents.
They've had Senate hearings a decade ago saying that Google is now aiding evil in China and helping round people up.
Yes, it's happening to everybody now who's a libertarian or conservative.
The dominoes are falling.
The First Amendment's being destroyed.
But I think the corporate dying dinosaur media has bit off more than it can chew.
And what you've done is only going to make people be that much stronger and fight for free speech that much more.
But I'll say this.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent free press working with big tech.
These big monopolies need to be broken up, and these are digital commons.
They've said in their own words and under federal law, and they shouldn't be in there controlling what individuals are saying in those private discussions and in those discussions online, if it's not criminal what's being said and what's being done.
Obama signed the orders.
Go read the orders.
You can deny it all day long, okay?
That's how they play these games.
Pardon me?
Alright, so there you go.
Now what does the headline of the live show today?
Trump to issue emergency message to the people of America.
That's coming up in 30 minutes.
I hope you will share that link and I will separately tell you this.
They're taking all of Trump's main online banking, his credit card processing away, his golf courses are being shut down.
They're pulling all the major events out of them.
I told everybody this is coming and if you let it happen to Trump, it'll happen to all of you.
That's what the social credit score is.
Make you send your kids for sterilization training, or you have your banking taken away.
You might just start saying no now, and you better get your supplements, your books, your films, your shortwave radios, your non-genoma heirloom seeds, all of it at InfoWarstore.com.
Well, you still can because the left nationally is calling for us to even have credit cards itself taken away to be put in the gulag, like Hitler did to certain groups.
And now Sassaberry Cohen is calling for that to happen to us.
Sassaberry Cohen called for Trump to lose his YouTube channel so he has no voice, literally putting him in a Nazi gulag.
Wow, what a Nazi monster.
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So purchase from Infowars to keep us on air now more than ever.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here live.
I'm going to put on screen for you the live show feed from InfoWars.com.
Or if we can't do that, I'll pull it up on my phone, do it myself.
Let me go ahead and do that.
I'll go to InfoWars.com.
There it is, live link.
Trump issues emergency message to the nation.
That is scheduled to come up in T-minus 30 minutes.
House Dems introduced article of impeachment against Trump.
Have the necessary votes.
Joining us is Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com.
Appreciate him coming on with us.
He's written an excellent article, 25 insane crazy agendas Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will push on America if they seize power after rigging the election.
Mike, thanks for joining us.
What is your big takeaway about the state of the nation and where we are and what's unfolding before we come back next segment and get into your report?
Well thanks for having me on Alex and of course we're all waiting to see what Trump is going to say here in the next maybe 40 minutes or so.
I know you're going to carry that live and I'd be happy to ride shotgun with you on that and just just just comment if there is any room to comment.
The thing is what we really know we know for sure that all the mechanisms had been put in place for Trump to be able to do things like invoke the Insurrection Act or invoke his 2018 executive order
You know, he put Chris Miller in place at the DoD, and so many things were put in place.
But that doesn't mean they're going to be used.
And where we all are right now is waiting to see if Trump is actually going to be able to invoke these things, or if he even has enough of an infrastructure of staff who will obey orders to carry these things out.
And this is the big problem, as you've spoken about many times, the betrayals
from the inside.
You know, every other person in Washington, D.C.
is a CIA puppet.
They're stabbing Trump in the back, mercilessly.
But think about this, Alex.
Nancy Pelosi would not be trying to remove Trump from power so desperately unless she knew that he had the power to do something dramatic and decisive.
Oh, you're right.
He has the EAS alert system.
I mean, these are Chinese Communist spies, all of them on record.
They don't even hide that.
I mean, exactly.
Yeah, right, so we're not out of all hope yet, but the situation is very dire.
It's very dark.
They did run, the left ran a successful false flag operation on the 6th, and they're using that to demonize Trump supporters.
They're going to roll out the military police state dictatorship under Biden that they claimed to oppose.
When they said Trump was going to do it.
So they're going to turn this country into a military dictatorship of sorts and use the Insurrection Act against patriots.
So that's all true.
That's all happening.
Trump has a very, very narrow window of opportunity to stop this now.
Alex, for all we know, Trump may have, he may have thrown in the towel at this point and said, you know what?
The swamp is too deep to drain.
You can't fix the system from the inside.
Perhaps Trump is deciding that the only way to really fix America is to let the corrupt system implode and fail and crater and then start a new system on the other side.
That may be what he's thinking.
We don't know.
You know, how can you be in Washington, D.C.?
You've seen the corruption yourself there and think there's any way to repair that system.
Right now, what I call it, Alex, is this is the last stage looting of the American empire.
Everybody has their hand out in D.C.
If Biden gets in, he's going to pump trillions of dollars into
No, I totally agree.
In fact, guys, will you pull it out of yesterday's stack or just go to Richard N. Haas, the head of the CFR's Twitter, Richard N. Haas.
He says, oh, this is the end of America and celebrates it and says it's Trump's fault.
They were the ones positioning us for collapse.
Trump tried to stop it.
But look, I know what's going on with Trump.
We've got, I've got his lawyers that are in the meetings with him.
I know what Trump...
I know what unfolded.
I know what happened to Trump.
We'll come back.
I'll tell you briefly, Mike, and get your take on it.
Then we'll go through these 25 key points of what they're planning to really break this country once and for all.
People go, why do they want to bankrupt things?
Because they want to consolidate power.
They want ideological control.
They want absolute tyranny over this nation.
Mike Adams is our guest, naturalnews.com.
I'm Alex Jones with newswars.com and Bandai Video.
Remember, remember, the only way you share these links during this revolution is by word of mouth, and you are the resistance.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
A million people show up in D.C.
for peaceful rallies to show that they are upset about election fraud.
And the puppet Joe Biden.
And a hundred people or so attack the Capitol.
The police stand down.
People go in.
They take selfies with the cops.
99% of it's peaceful.
99% of the crowd doesn't go in.
And then magically hours later, here comes Chucky Schumer and everybody else with prepared statements about the riots and Pearl Harbor and the worst thing.
But now we know that they sent Antifa in dressed up like patriots to try to get mob control going, try to trick that giant crowd, look at it going back for miles, into the building.
Absolutely insane, and we now know this was a false flag that dudded, it impacted on the surface, it didn't
Get the people that were being manipulated over 8chan with the zip ties and others to go in and quote hogtie Pelosi and those images.
Thank God that didn't happen.
Being provocateured, Mike.
I think we dodged a bullet on this one.
Trump's set to speak in about 30 minutes.
What do you think he's going to say?
Well, I have no idea what he's going to say, because all the options are on the table.
I suspect it's going to be kind of wishy-washy, because he's still got a week or more in office, and he's still got options on the table, and there are a lot of things that can happen.
So I suspect he's not going to concede, but he's also not going to commit.
You know, I'm sad to say, but we'll have to wait and see.
What I do want to mention, Alex, is that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a move that he could make right now to fight back against this big tech deplatforming of Parler and other conservative platforms and individuals.
Mike Pompeo could order the State Department to seize the domain names of Amazon.com, Google.com, Facebook.com, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.
Seize the domain names.
And charge those companies with acting as part of a foreign cyber warfare attack on the United States of America to rig our elections.
And he can cite John Ratcliffe's DNI report that contains that evidence as well as other evidence.
And by the way, Mike, people think that sounds radical.
They've seized the President's communications systems.
Exactly, and they've deplatformed Parler, so Amazon has chosen a side here, and they've chosen the side of China.
Amazon is making itself the enemy of America, as well as other big tech companies.
And by the way, the State Department routinely seizes domain names due to piracy issues and so on.
We're good to go.
Well, that's right.
And Trump has, even if he's going to leave office on the 20th, he has the declassification option right now.
He's got material that he could declassify.
We know they have.
Sidney Powell routinely spoke about the information, the Kraken details from the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion.
That wasn't just fiction.
They have evidence.
It's just that none of the courts will hear it.
And even today, the Supreme Court has thrown out two more cases proving that SCOTUS has betrayed America as well.
So now the only options are, as you've been encouraging, use the emergency broadcast alert system.
Declassify the information the American people need to know.
Use the power of the State Department while you have it to shut down the big tech enemies of America, the treasonous actors who are trying to de-platform all conservatives, because you know they're going to come for us.
And by the way, in my article, 25 Crazy Things, you know, and you've said this too, Alex, they're going to come for every gun owner, white person, Christian, Trump supporter, conservative.
They're not just, it's not enough for them to just silence you.
They're going to disarm you and then they're going to come to kill you.
This is genocide.
This is a cultural revolution.
It starts with silencing you and then next they take away the guns if you let them and then they come to kill you.
This has been done before over and over in history and it's coming to America.
Again, it's not that black people or brown people are bad.
You're married to a lady from Taiwan.
It's that the globalists set us against each other.
And Biden gave a speech yesterday, we have the clip, and he said, oh, we're going to keep the country locked down even worse, but only minority businesses get bailout money.
So think of that.
White businesses, if you're white, you're shut, you're non-essential, and you never get bailout.
I mean, that is the most racist, crazy stuff.
But that's what they're teaching us, is to accept the suspension of logic.
Well, well, right, exactly.
And that's going to characterize the Biden administration.
I believe that they will try to pursue the Green New Deal, which will lead to widespread famine, starvation across America, actual millions of people starving to death, potentially, if they shut down combustion engines that drive the agricultural industry and food transportation.
This is all part of the agenda of the left.
And you've said it before.
I've said it as well.
What people need to realize is this is a global genocide campaign.
It's not an accident that the vaccines are killing all those patients in the nursing home near Syracuse, New York.
It's all by design.
It's not an accident.
It's not an accident that the businesses were shut down and people are going to be homeless and dependent on government handouts.
It's not an accident that they want to shut down the food supplies, the farms, everything that you depend on, even your right to speak, because it is a global genocide depopulation agenda.
And you know, Alex, if I could just say,
You and I were really, I think, among the top two people in the world who warned about this starting six years ago.
We're monsters!
And, you know, we were mocked and they didn't listen to us.
And now people have come around to realize that everything that we warned about is here.
We told people, get off those platforms because they're going to ban you.
Why didn't people move off of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube sooner?
Because they thought, well, that's where the audience is.
Well, what's their audience today?
It's zero.
And that's another great point.
What about, like you said, Amazon and all of them saying that shutting down Parler, it's gone just because the Trump might move there.
I mean, the authority, that's beyond China.
Yeah, it's even worse than that.
There's credible information coming out today that left-wing Black Hat cyber hackers have been able to hack through the authentication system that ran Parler, and that they are right now downloading enormous amounts of data from Parler users, perhaps including the driver's licenses and metadata, geolocation data that people had uploaded.
That's a breaking story right now.
I've been getting that from multiple sources, because this was a planned takedown, but Amazon took it down in a way that left open back doors so that leftists could gather names of conservatives in order to terrorize them.
And they are going to go door-to-door.
There are going to be death squads under a Biden-Harris administration, and they're going to try to literally carry out genocide against conservatives across America.
Because it worked everywhere else.
Yeah, except, well, we have a Second Amendment, and in most places genocide succeeded without, you know, anyone having a Second Amendment.
We have a Second Amendment, and I don't think the American people are going to hand over their guns to any tyrant.
So, you know, we're headed for some interesting times, that's for sure, because when Harris or Biden calls for everybody to turn in your AR-15s, your Glocks, you know, your revolvers,
People are going to say no.
By the way, he just said he will defeat the Second Amendment and the NRA.
He will defeat us.
That's his plan.
That's absolutely his plan.
I mean, look, they've destroyed the First Amendment.
They're coming for the Second Amendment next.
They've already destroyed the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, essentially, as well.
This is really a global takedown of the human population that is being projected into the rigged
Authoritarian system of American politics.
Biden's just a puppet for the globalists and the globalists want all Americans to be dead.
That's really what's behind all of this.
And by the way, remember how, you know, a year ago we were talking about Bill Gates wants to dim the sun with the Scopex project and push pollutants into the stratosphere.
And everybody said, oh, you're crazy.
That's not happening.
Well, guess what?
It's all back in the media now.
It's being pursued again.
It's being ramped up.
This is the plan to shut down sunlight.
Shut down food crops from being able to grow and combine that with Green New Deal aspects to kill fossil fuels and combustion engines.
You have mass starvation, famine.
This is a planetary assault.
People say, oh, that's science fiction.
We're in the year 2021.
This is a planetary assault.
Yes, it is.
And we're all in the crosshairs.
It's unknown how long you or I will be able to continue to communicate with anyone, frankly.
I mean, that's the reality of the situation.
And folks, finally, we're not just saying that.
I mean, I told people six months ago, I said, they're going to steal the election.
They're going to move to shut everyone down.
And I said, you better spread the word.
You better start your own sites now.
Antifa are going to be Biden's shock troops.
So you're going to see Antifa in your face, in your cities, in your neighborhoods now for years to come.
And by the way, you said that.
We'll show New York last night and L.A.
when we come back.
Stay with us.
Boiling out of their globalist-funded rat holes, Antifa, the George Soros-funded world government group, anti-free speech,
Army of Methadone Devil Whispers attacked people in California, Texas, New York last night, going on the streets saying, we own this country.
Here's some of what happened in New York.
They get rid of families.
They get rid of parents.
They create these people.
And they turn them loose, saying you're going to have all this power and control.
What do you do when you have a million Trump supporters out exposing corruption?
Well, you just hire 100 people to break into the Capitol.
You have the Capitol Police stand down.
Now the Capitol Police officer reportedly gave the order, has committed suicide.
We're very sad for that.
Very convenient, though.
That should be investigated as more than just suicide, perhaps.
But, Mike Adams, you were getting into this.
You're not being dystopic.
This is World War III.
It's economic.
It's cultural.
It's digital.
It's technotronic.
It's a technocracy.
And they need America out of the way for their world government to go into place, which is designed to carry out the depopulation of the Earth the globalists have gotten control of.
They don't want to deal with people.
They want to cut the numbers by at least 90%.
So when you say that, it sounds outrageous, but it doesn't anymore, does it?
Because now people get it.
They're really moving.
They don't care if it comes out they're killing old folks with a vaccine.
They don't care if it turns out it's killing a large percentage of the nurses and doctors that take it.
They're just going to move forward.
Right, because now they have total information dominance, so they can push any narrative or engineer any lies that they want.
So when Antifa is in the streets burning down buildings, oh, that's peaceful resistance.
When patriots are in the streets not burning down buildings, that's terrorism and insurrection.
So total information dominance now, especially with the deplatforming that's going on.
I think all their hundreds of Soros DAs in.
The justice system is corrupt all the way up to the Supreme Court.
You know, the law enforcement at the city level is completely corrupted.
Not necessarily at the sheriff county level, but in the cities it is.
So, and by the way, to anybody who thinks that this is outrageous, you know, saying that this is a global depopulation agenda,
Look, that's what people were saying about what you said, Alex, or what I said two years ago.
And then there was 2020.
And now there's 2021, which is going to make 2020 look like a walk in the park.
Trust me.
That's why it's called Agenda 2030.
Explain what they're planning to do in the next nine years.
Well, look, they're going to forcibly remove people from rural areas.
They're going to stack people in the cities where they can monitor and control you.
They're going to take away all your assets with the global financial reset, take away your savings, take away the value of the U.S.
The dollar will collapse.
We are headed for an absolute collapse of the dollar at some point.
And by the way, Biden is going to celebrate that.
And let's explain.
This is a model of Mao.
That's even what...
The Prime Minister of Canada said, so what you said is key, they're going to force people out of the rural areas for re-education.
That means death in the cities.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I've got a contact, a very reputable former military contact on the ground in Maryland today texted me and said that they are setting up the FEMA operation there in Maryland, a specific county, I don't want to name, setting up tents and emergency equipment.
I've had Army Special Operations current call and confirm they are preparing for gun confiscation.
They're preparing FEMA camps right now.
Yep, yep.
They are setting it all up.
This is all in place.
And if you look around D.C.
right now, there are thousands of National Guard troops and a seven-foot-high fence around the Capitol building.
And this is all to protect Pelosi and Biden, to protect them with the military forces, to create their military dictatorship that they claimed to oppose.
Just as the Bolsheviks did in 1917.
It took them two years to get full control.
First they put a military cordon around Moscow.
People say, well they're not going to repeat an old plan.
No, they are because it worked.
They're going to follow that exact plan.
Now the war against the other cities and states and then rural areas begins.
And let me put out this warning.
So there are, I believe, protests being planned at state capitals around the country for, I think, the 19th or somewhere around that.
Yes, they've got provocateurs within the groups that are planning to attack the capitals and blame you.
I have that from, again, inside sources in D.C.
I'll leave it at that.
That's right, that's right.
So you're going to see, you know, 20 false flag operations across America on that day, and that's going to then give the Democrats and Biden the justification to pass whatever they want to pass to say that all guns are now illegal, gun confiscation is on.
And by the way, Alex, when that happens, I believe that that will set off the actual kinetic civil war across America, because
You don't let them take your guns because you know the only reason they want to take your guns is because they're planning to do something that you might resist.
And that is going to be to come kill you or arrest you.
Here's the ace in the hole.
They're right to say that most of the Capitol Police are on our side and others.
The very security people of these globalists are going to be the ones that are going to be key as an Operation Valkyrie if they try this.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
I just want to reiterate to everybody here, you know, never initiate violence.
We always have the right to self-defense if we are attacked.
But if the globalist commanders engage in violence against the American people, they're a general.
A general is more in command than the private that pulls the trigger.
They must be held accountable.
Well, I hope that Trump will announce shortly, although I doubt it, but I hope that Trump would say, we are in a state of war.
We are now enemy-occupied territory, and that Trump would invoke every American citizen to defend the Republic.
I hope that's what he says, but I don't think he will.
Well, I mean, let's be clear.
I'm saying, if they start arresting and gun confiscating and killing patriots,
The generals that are running this, they've started the war.
I'm all about defensive defense.
I'm not about offense, but Americans need to know that these guys are already violating the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, with the forced inoculations they're trying to push.
They've already put us under COVID martial law, and it's clear they're going to make their move, Mike.
And biological weapons are already a form of violence, actually a form of warfare from communist China, as well as the cyber warfare that has been waged against us during this rigged election.
So we have been attacked with two weapons of mass destruction already, and we are in a state of war right now, and we are about to be living under enemy-occupied territory.
That's really where we are.
So, again, I hope Trump acknowledges that reality, and at least, if he's going to leave the White House, at least use these last few days to do everything he can to declassify, to empower the American people to defend their republic, and to seize the domain names of these tech giants that are waging war against America.
That's right, because here's the point.
I don't want destabilization.
I don't want civil war.
But the left keeps pushing it, and they want power.
They're involved in a takeover.
So we keep saying, let's not be violent, let's not be whatever.
Then they stage stuff to blame us anyway.
So, this is insane.
Right, well, the left wants a civil war, by the way.
They want that under a Biden presidency.
Because they want America destabilized, China wants America destabilized, and also China wants America to whip up new hostilities toward Russia.
And that narrative is also being put into place as well.
But at the end, I know we're about to go to break here, but at the end of the day, what Trump did is he handed America four years of delaying the globalist agenda.
That four years looks like it's now up.
That's where we are.
But their hate of Trump was used to build up their massive resistance and to get leftists now to support any form of evil.
They don't care about free speech.
They want to kill us.
They all talk about it, Mike.
They have been converted into foaming at the mouth crazies.
That's exactly who they are.
And they will come for you and they will say that they are tolerant and peaceful as they shoot you in the head.
They'll be mostly peaceful and they'll kill you.
And by the way, Trump's moved his speech to 2-15 central.
We'll have it commercial free live.
Mike Adams will go through the rest of his key article from naturalnews.com.
When we come back, stay with us.
All the leftist preparation, all of it, was for the moment you're now seeing unfold.
Of course they stole the election.
Of course they plan to never let us be unlocked.
We're gonna be like the UK and Australia where you get out of your house once a week until you're totally bankrupt.
That's the process of bringing you to your knees.
This is all a systematic plan.
But it can be stopped and we'll be here live when President Trump speaks at 2.15 Central Standard Time.
Mike Adams is trying to shotgun with us 25 insane crazy agendas.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will push in America if they seize power after ringing the election.
We'll go through some more of those in a moment.
But first, I don't want to make myself a story.
I'm not Hunter S. Thompson.
It's just true.
Dozens of publications an hour.
Top trending stuff on Twitter.
Arrest Alex Jones.
Because I said, yeah, I organized anti-corruption, anti-election fraud rallies.
I helped get the donors, because that's how that works, to pay for the stages and things.
Of course we meant it all to be peaceful.
Provocateurs set us up.
But that's where we are.
They want us off air.
So that's why I sold out most of our inventory last year.
Because I knew I was planning to steal it.
I could see the confidence in Pelosi.
I could see what the Globals were doing.
They intended to do this one way or the other.
Now they want to finish off his supporters.
Now they want to bring you to their knees.
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It's all here, folks, because the Republican establishment and others were never used to an attack like this.
They didn't understand this was a military takeover.
This wasn't just the left out of control.
This wasn't business as usual.
And so we'll continue to operate with capital that comes in, even if our finances get shut down, but we need to get that gas in the tank now.
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And I'm not worried about InfoWars.
It's all in God's hands.
But thank you for your prayers.
You're in God's hands.
And now your word of mouth about naturalnews.com.
It's really hardcore and telling the truth about InfoWars.com.
People saw us demonize.
They saw us lied about.
They saw us as a black sheep.
But now, that's a badge of honor.
And people go, wow, they did warn of all this.
So, Mike, we can go through their agenda and we'll do that next segment.
But the time we have left, what can we do on the offense?
What are other important points you want to make about this moment we're in?
And how are the Globalists positioned?
I see them, they always had this plan, but I see them accelerating it because it's not going well for them at many levels.
Yeah, well, one of the most important things that people can do is to, when gun registration comes down from the Biden administration, and they go after the arm braces and the 80% lowers and, you know, your pistols with an arm brace, there are simple things that you can do.
You can, for example, just with taking two pins out, the takedown pins of your pistol slash rifle, you can separate the upper and the upper receiver and the bolt carrier group.
From the lower receiver with the arm brace on it, it is no longer a firearm.
And that is no longer a functioning firearm.
It doesn't qualify as an SBR or anything.
Now, I'm not your gun attorney, everybody listening.
Check your own local laws, comply with your laws.
One thing that American people can do is just take down, take down those and store them, store them in your home.
You know, have them, have them ready for the, uh, the Chaikom invasion of America, because you're going to need to defend your country probably against, uh, uh, communist troops at some point.
And you're, you're going to need to, to, you know, put together those firearms again.
By the way, not to interrupt you, but I'll play this next segment.
They're training at eight bases for ground combat in Canada.
And Trudeau says he wants, he wants a Chinese dictatorship and admires
So just like Hitler admired Mussolini, we better pay attention to this.
Yeah, exactly.
And the second thing is, understand that the omnibus spending bill has put tens of billions of dollars into the vaccine deep state bioweapons industry through the NIH.
So they're now being funded to build more biological weapons.
And they're going to release them because the first one worked so well for their evil aims.
We're going to have COVID-21, COVID-22, COVID-23 forever with more vaccines, vaccine updates, vaccine boosters, mandatory masks, mandatory lockdowns forever until the system is dismantled.
This is a revenue model for them, as well as a tyranny model.
And they intend to do this forever.
It gives them the global social credit score, it gives them the depopulation, it's their master plan.
That's right.
And when you combine the COVID terrorism with carbon taxes that are coming back, carbon taxes allow them to control your movements and restrict your use of fossil fuels, and even to tax your very existence, because as you breathe, you're exhaling carbon dioxide.
It lists you as a pollutant.
Yeah, yeah.
You are a pollutant and you are a threat to the system.
The system no longer wants you or needs you.
I mean, let's be honest, they've got advanced robotic systems that are going to take over about 70% of human labor.
And so they intend to eliminate more than 70% of the human population.
On our planet.
We're talking about genocide to the tune of billions of people.
Probably six and a half billion people.
That's what they plan to eliminate, which is a thousand times larger than the Holocaust of World War II and the Third Reich.
A thousand times larger.
And they're on record saying, because we're obsolete, they're getting ready to get rid of us.
And we wonder, how are they going to do it?
It's here, Mike.
So people have to understand, wow, this is really happening.
Yeah, it is really happening, and the way you can survive it, because perhaps about 10% of the human population will make it through, is you have to be entirely self-reliant, off the grid as much as possible.
You need to be able to grow your own food, and to defend yourself, and then...
That's right.
That's right.
And, by the way, they're going to attack the churches.
Just like Communist China, they're going to try to burn down the churches and arrest the pastors who don't go along with the globalist agenda.
So, if your pastor is truly teaching the Word of Christ, he or she will be under attack.
If they're telling you to surrender, then they will be allowed to exist.
So we've got to have underground churches, underground farming.
Everybody needs to understand now.
We're losing the country.
We're going under long-term globalist occupation.
The Republicans didn't know what hit them.
Guerrilla food farming is going to be a very big thing.
Smuggling seeds.
It'll be just like growing marijuana, growing tomatoes, growing pumpkins, growing squash, growing... Everything's going to be under the radar now.
Including money, by the way, because the dollar will collapse.
Money will move to alternative systems, including crypto systems.
By the way, folks, I'm sorry to tell you this, but this is the world government takeover we warned you about.
It's now here.
They're coming to kill you and your family.
Sorry, folks, I didn't make it up.
I mean, they mean business.
Bill Gates wants to kill you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The enemy's plan is to slowly condition you to accept tyranny, and then when it finally hits you with the big megadose, you think, oh, this is just the next level.
I'll just adapt to being a slave, and it kills you.
That's why it's pouring in at my office.
People have neighbors and family that have had strokes or died from the COVID vaccine, whole nursing homes sick, and then it's even in the news.
But it becomes just a background chatter where they're normalizing all of this.
When medical doctors speak up, they get banned.
And so, this is the big fable takeover.
Why do you think they put a person who's so brain damaged, he's probably got about an 85 IQ in right now, and a crazy frontwoman who's just as dumb, Kamala Harris?
Because they're gonna get blamed with a collapse and everything, then they'll be replaced by a savior later.
No one wanted the position that Biden and Harris have been given by the establishment.
And so that's another sign, folks, that it's going to get civil war bad.
I don't want that to happen.
Mike Adams, you're dead on.
We are not exaggerating one centella.
It's frankly worse than you've even said, worse than I can describe.
And I just won't lie to the public.
This is the megaton attack.
This is the big assault.
People better get ready.
Yeah, absolutely.
And if I could just say on a personal note, because for all we know, this may be the last time I can ever even appear on your show.
Who knows?
But on a personal note, Alex, I'm one of the very few people in the world who I think can have just an inkling of an understanding of the personal sacrifice that you have made.
We're good to go.
For doing it.
We can only, really, I mean, I'm going to get a little bit biblical here, but the ultimate judge of this is God.
We are not.
The opinions of the radical left and the corrupt system and, you know, the satanic worshippers and the demons that are now running our country, their opinions don't matter.
It's God's opinion that matters.
We will never give in to the evil.
And remember, they can only take your soul if you surrender it.
Because your soul is bulletproof.
They can't take your soul.
They can beat your body, they can throw you in prison, they can crush your online reputation, but they can't take your soul.
As long as you have faith in God.
And right now, Alex, we've got to continue to have faith.
That humanity won't be destroyed by evil.
And I know it's difficult right now.
And I know that... But I totally... I just want to interrupt because you're so dead on target here.
This is a satanic rampage because they couldn't get full control.
And as long as people stay their eyes on God and are good and just tell the truth and recognize the enemy, what matters is the process we're going through.
And this is going to be rough.
But anybody that believes magic stuff about, oh, it's going to be fine and secret forces are going to save you.
No, no, folks.
Only us together with God are going to fix this.
Yeah, and also, by the way, just for people watching to know, you know, the way they know that you are authentic and that I'm authentic is, you know, even throughout 2020, you know, you and I didn't always see everything exactly the same way.
But that's just proof that we're not fake news.
We don't get a memo every day that tells us what to think or what to say.
We have different takes.
We have different sources, different interpretations.
That's the way it should be, because we're the real media.
We're the real news.
And in real news, you're going to get you have different guests that disagree with each other even.
And that's the way it should be.
And it's authentic, and if we survive this, then we are the real media for America.
Because if Trump gets a second term, if he pulls this out somehow that we don't yet know, he would take down, probably.
Well that's the thing, he's been surrounded, they've ignored him, his spirit was good, he did so much good, and everybody got mad at him that he wasn't perfect.
Well they're about to find out with Biden what Trump was holding back.
Well yeah, and also, I mean, I've got very good, incredible intelligence that Trump has been threatened with detonations of dirty bombs and nukes and all kinds of things.
And, you know, Trump doesn't want to see America turned into a radioactive wasteland.
Oh, he looked so strong at Wednesday's speech, so defiant.
I was there like 20 feet from him.
And I was like, my God, this is, he looked like a superhero up there, I'm serious.
And then compared to these, I mean, a semen person under attack.
We went there, they set us up, doesn't matter.
And then we just tried.
We were men in the arena like Teddy Roosevelt talked about.
Well, that's why we can't second guess Trump.
We don't know what he's dealing with.
We don't know the threats that are leveled against him.
So we just have to thank him for what he has done.
He has delayed evil for four years.
And we need to pray for him.
We need to pray for him.
That's right.
We need to pray for him, and we need to pray every day, and I've been doing that as well, and it has been quite an experience.
But I'm telling you, Alex, we are not, America is not finished yet.
We still have the Second Amendment, we have
A hundred million patriots?
More than that in this country.
Trump is still president for nine days.
Pompeo is still Secretary of State.
Chris Miller is still at the DOD and so on.
There are resources available.
Will they be used?
That's the question.
We can only pray and hope that... And we know he would do it, but he's surrounded by people that say they'll do it, then they run off and sabotage him and lie about what he said to the media to remove him.
He's just surrounded by trash.
But I would say to Trump, if he reached out to the people directly today, the people would come to his aid.
I agree.
He has to directly say, non-violently, you need to take to the streets, you need to whatever, this is a Chinese spy.
What would you do if you were Trump?
Tell us.
Well, I would invoke the Insurrection Act.
I would order Special Forces to arrest the traitors.
I would speak to the people.
I would activate the people.
And under the Second Amendment, to peacefully defend the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's very simple.
He could do that now.
And the people would respond in huge numbers nationwide.
Now, the left would try to hijack that and try to create false flags, but the overwhelming outflowing of patriots would be... I agree, because everything they fear is him being on air.
He needs an Oval Office, not a farewell address, but an emergency address.
Biden's a Chinese agent, here's the evidence.
He's gonna cut our power off.
This is a foreign takeover.
You've got, the governors must mobilize.
You must have a constitutional convention, whatever you gotta have.
We just have to, America's under attack, he must raise the alarm.
He must just tell it like it is.
Exactly right.
And if, for whatever reason, he is unable to do that, then the American people need to make it known to Biden and Harris and Pelosi and others that we, the people, do not consent to your tyranny, to your rigged elections, to your fraud, your false flag operations.
We do not consent.
In fact, we withdraw our consent from you.
And we, the people, will declare a new independence, I believe, all across this country.
We will set up a new government.
That competes with the fake Biden-Harris government.
I believe this is going to happen all across America, even in California, by the way, in Oregon, in Washington.
And the key, the key is understanding that Biden literally is a foreign agent.
I mean, separate from even election fraud, we've already proven that, but the way the ballots were sent in is a fraud, the way the legislators didn't vote, but it doesn't matter.
He's literally on the payroll of the Chinese on record.
Right, right.
And look, if Biden and Harris, if they were to hire good people like Pulitzer to come in and do a full audit of all the ballots, transparent audit, and not just have the FBI shredding ballots, if they were to do a full transparent audit and if they were able to show the American people that Biden legitimately won,
With real votes, I would absolutely accept that.
I'm not asking in any way to override a legitimate election.
I'm asking to defend the win that Trump actually earned.
Trump won.
The election was rigged.
They won't look at it.
They won't give us transparency because they know that they cheated.
And any look at the machines, the ballots, the source code, anything will expose all of that.
So they are illegitimate and they're proving it every day.
So we must withdraw our consent from those who have tried to steal our nation.
I totally agree.
And you know, Mike, I hope this is the last time we speak.
We've never talked like that before.
This is real.
And we don't get into all the stuff that's happened to both of us behind the scenes.
People, you know, this is intense.
This is serious.
And I wasn't up here telling you that if Biden got in, they'd shut everybody off the internet.
That was always the plan.
And now it's here.
So we're in very, very dark days.
In closing, Mike, you have five more minutes with us, and I know you got to go, and then Trump's coming up.
I want to ask you, when we come back from naturalnews.com, the big question here,
I mean, I've already kind of asked this, but I want to ask you again.
What would you do if you were not just Trump, but you were a state governor?
I think we need to see the Republican Party and Republican leaders and Republican senators get hardcore as well and stop playing politics.
This isn't politics.
Well, war is politics by other means.
This is war.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams, naturalnews.com in two minutes.
Be sure to check out his site.
Excellent products, excellent news, excellent information.
Some of the best out there at NaturalNews.com.
He has a lot of the great same products.
He consulted us on a lot of products we developed at InfoWareStore.com.
And get your storable food now.
I've ordered more storable food and I'm not going to lie to you.
I've already started moving and putting a trailer up as we speak.
Because I had a feeling Trump was going to have it stolen from him.
I'm already moving outside Austin and already dug a well and the solar panels and all of it going in.
Because this place is all going to be like when Christ pointed and said in 70 years, there won't be one stone on the other.
Titus sacked it 70 years later.
I mean, I'm just telling you, none of this is going to be here anymore.
So we were first told that Trump was going to be speaking at 1230 Central, then it was going to be 1215 Central, and now the stream... Put it up on screen, please, guys.
There it is.
Earlier it was putting Joe Biden up.
So, wow, a lot of weirdness going on.
Are they 25th amendmenting the president right now?
Yeah, that's not just a possibility, that's a probability.
We are in an insane world.
We need to look more to governors now.
We need to look more to senators and ourselves.
What should they be saying and doing?
Because they keep acting with their normalcy bias like we're in normal times, Mike Adams.
Well, there are a number of things.
I'm really glad you asked that question.
In Texas, for example, AG Paxton has already said he's going to fight big tech censorship in a huge way.
But one of the things that Texas could do is move to shut down Amazon fulfillment centers in Texas until Amazon stops censoring citizens of Texans via the deplatforming of Parler.
And yes, these are big moves.
Texas could also pass
New legislation or even via a governor executive order to say that any instance of censorship by Big Tech against a citizen of Texas will result in a $1 million fine against Big Tech.
And then Texas could use that, well, it would very quickly be at least a trillion dollars in fines.
Texas could, to defy the rigged election, Texas could launch its own currency.
And remember, Texas has its own gold repository.
That's a good question.
In addition, Texas can nullify federal laws, such as any laws restricting Second Amendment rights.
And remember that Democrats have already set the example of the nullification through their sanctuary cities and sanctuary states.
And by the way, as you know, Mike, even foreign governments and the IMF, World Bank say only Texas could lead a successful breakaway because of its energy, its oil, its infrastructure, and then a large constellation of states from Arizona, you know, to the West, through New Mexico, to Colorado, to
Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida.
It would just be instant.
Texas could reconstitute the republic.
There's a mechanism for doing that.
Well, absolutely.
Texas could elect a new president of the new United States and bring together Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and other states that want to participate.
And then Texas could order its citizens to stop paying federal income taxes to Washington, D.C.
And by the way, this was done before.
We can do it right now.
This has been done many times throughout history.
Texas was its own republic, its own nation at one point, and that may happen again.
So I believe there's going to be a lot of pressure on state governors to pursue these types of strategies against censorship, against big tech, and against the tyranny of the federal government.
That sounds crazy, but we have a globalist takeover of our government, a U.N.
takeover of police.
We have to start moving towards the new United States of America.
I totally agree.
Yeah, absolutely.
And remember that
The money printing that's going to happen in D.C.
under Biden, if Biden indeed gets in, it's going to just, it's going to kill everybody's savings nationwide.
People had got, you've got to get out of the dollar.
I totally agree.
They're getting ready to gut it.
Did you see Richard N. Haas, the CFR bride, that America's over?
No, I didn't see that one, but it doesn't surprise me at this point.
But it's going to be states like Texas and like Idaho and Wyoming and so on that are going to really lead, I think, the new society out of the collapse of the old corrupt America swamp, the old empire that's just being looted in its final hour by Democrats.
And maybe you're right.
Maybe Trump doesn't want to be at the helm.
When that happens.
Trump would rather lead the new America out of darkness with a whole new honest money system, for example, and new laws written for the people, by the people, rather than for the corrupt criminals that are in the Senate and the GOP.
And by the way, I'm now part of the Never GOP movement.
I will not vote for any member of the GOP ever again unless their name is Trump.
So, that's my statement.
All right, I got a powerful interview.
Let's check in with you soon.
Although this is not our last interview, but it could be.
Naturalnews.com, thank you.
Thank you.
All right, they just blocked 25th Amendment in the House.
I've got that article coming up.
We'll be right back in just 60 seconds.
And we've got other big developments happening.
I want to elaborate on what Mike brought up about Texas being the heart of the new republic, or the old republic reborn.
Well, it was put out by Fox News this morning that Trump was going to speak at 1230 Central, then 12, then 215.
And now they're saying, will they speak?
Right side broadcasting has the same headline up.
We need to hear the president speak and not just let them set the agenda.
Not just let them burn and tear down the country and kill everybody.
And then we get a million people in D.C.
and a hundred or so led by Antifa going to Capitol.
Most of them take selfies, a few break things.
Folks get killed.
They call it the end of the world, say arrest all of us.
Now President Trump possibly speak this afternoon.
So who knows what's going on?
I know this.
The media is spitting it that Jones has confessed.
Reported the London Dependent, Newsweek and the Washington Post.
Jones inadvertently on a hot mic admitted that he led the attack on the Capitol and that he paid for it.
What a load of deceptive crap.
They put up an edited 17-second clip of me.
I told you all 50 times that we were organizing a march on the 6th, that Trump wanted it.
Then he announced weeks later he did want it.
And then, groups had the permits, but no one would pay the money.
So I put down the money, seed money, for both the 5th event and the 6th event, with the Secret Service and the porta-potties and the fence and the metal detectors.
That's expensive, and I didn't
Have the extra money and then a great donor came through and paid for 80% of it or more.
That turns into, I wanted to go have a rally like all the others we've had, that were peaceful, so then we wouldn't have a debate, and so then everything would fall apart?
That's ridiculous, but...
That's how the media operates, and they're just all over the news.
Arrest Jones.
Arrest Jones.
Arrest Jones.
You know, they're all for their demonstrations.
They're all for their rallies.
They're all for calling for violence like they've seen all the Democrats do.
In fact, you guys never gave me yesterday's list.
You guys are pretty pleased.
Sugar on top with cupcakes.
Or maybe you did give me yesterday's list.
I've lost it.
You give me yesterday's list because I want to play that two and a half minute compilation of Democrats calling for violence against Trump.
Pelosi and all of them.
Just give me yesterday's list and that'll be absolutely wonderful.
Yeah, there it is.
Let's go ahead and roll this because this is what they would have you believe we did.
And then I've got the videos.
I'll play them in a moment.
Of the airlines looked at people that booked to fly into DC the day of or day before and that flew out the next day.
And then randomly, when you showed up, they would say you're on a no-fly list and not let you fly.
No judge, no jury.
They were so proud of themselves.
And Forbes had called for them to do that the day of the event.
That's how this fascism works, is they get all these other enforcers on the ground to do it.
They weren't part of the hundred people that went in.
You know, the lead Antifa guy that led the attack, they dropped the charges on him.
He was screaming, burn this place down!
He was doing all of that.
But he's a good guy.
He got the charges dropped against him.
I never got to that clip of Chuckie Schumer either.
So I guess when I said I wanted Sunday's clip, I want Friday's list.
But I had yesterday's staple to this.
If we can get Friday's list, that'll be good too.
But since I mentioned it, here's that clip of the real folks calling for insurrection.
I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be.
People need to start taking to the streets.
This is a dictator.
You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives.
Enemies of the state.
Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.
Do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless!
They go low, we kick them.
How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck?
The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized, up to the right.
I thought he should have punched him in the face.
I said, even if you lost, he insulted your wife.
He came down the escalator and called Mexicans rapists and murderers.
He said, well what do you think I should have done?
I said, I think you should have punched him in the face and then gotten out of the race.
You would have been a hero.
I'd like to punch him in the face.
I said if we were in high school I'd take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
Punch some people in the face!
When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
They're still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that's a fact.
Look as his character is stabbed to death.
Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?
That's it right there, pull it up.
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
A Missouri State Senator is under investigation by the Secret Service after saying she hopes President Trump is assassinated.
I will go and take Trump out tonight.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
And you push back on them!
And you tell them they're not welcome!
Anymore, anywhere!
And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
They're not going to stop before Election Day in November and they're not going to stop after Election Day.
And that should be, everyone should take note of that on both levels.
That this isn't, they're not going to let up and they should not.
If you think we're rallying now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Way stronger than mine.
And I don't want violence.
I have ideas that defeat them.
That's why they're calling for violence.
Because we rejected them and Trump won in a giant landslide.
Everybody knows it.
But because the FBI is controlled, because the Justice Department is controlled, the globalists have been winning and getting away with crime.
So now they're upping the crime.
And now they're coming for your guns.
They're coming for your children.
Because they're evil and they have a desire to have power over you.
And so we're right back where our forebears were, with a great tyranny bearing down on us.
Here's another compilation, some of the same clips from other clubs, of the same people declaring war on America.
I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price!
You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.
If the president does go ahead and fire Robert Mueller, we would have people take to the streets.
I believe there would be widespread civil unrest because Americans understand that the rule of law is paramount.
You think there would be civil unrest?
Widespread civil unrest?
I think you're going to have protests and marches and rallies and sit-ins.
I do.
You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.
Michelle says that, you know, when they go low, we go up.
When they go low, we kick.
Please, don't just come here today and then go home.
Go to the Hill today.
Get up and, please, get up in the face of some Congress people.
What's the danger if Donald Trump wakes up angry, watches Fox & Friends, and fires Bob Mueller?
Well, I hope he doesn't do that.
He wakes up angry and watches Fox & Friends in those days.
It would set off a firestorm.
I think it would be not only on the Hill, but in the streets.
Let's save the dust!
Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd!
That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again.
But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.
What a group of sick freaks.
That's not even the Democrats calling for Trump's death, so... That's what these monsters have done.
A handful of Antifa and a handful of Q people that had zip ties that were gonna arrest Nancy and save the world for Trump.
All you did was blow Trump's legs off.
But it doesn't matter.
You'll go back to your H.N.
and be on a weird power trip.
So the Canadian Prime Minister said this a few years ago, it's been getting more attention, but I want to remind you that if you read deeper into the CFR documents, what Richard and Haas, head of the CFR, just said a few days ago, they said we want to end America as an idea.
We want our globalist system.
We want the Chinese system.
We want dictatorship.
So when they tell you they're liberal, they're good, and oh, Alex has hurt people's feelings, he needs to be banned.
All the idiots rolling over to tyranny think they're part of the power.
You're called useful idiots in the words of V.I.
You're not.
So here's what Justin Trudeau had to say.
There's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.
Let's hear that one more time.
There's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.
And again, he's asked by a woman in the can question, what is your favorite politician?
What's your favorite government?
Oh, it's Communist China.
So people keep thinking about themselves and about how they're doing and how their life is.
I was talking to a individual this morning who's successful in life and business.
And I was telling him, I said, the masks are never coming off.
They're going to implode the economy.
They're going to consolidate control.
He looked at me and he said, I'm part of the power structure.
So I'll just get richer.
He goes, I've given up on humanity.
I'm older now.
And I'm just going to worry about myself and my family.
And I said, but as things implode, it'll affect your family.
And he said, I'll be dead by then.
You know, they say, folks, as they get older, get more virtuous or they get less virtuous.
And a lot of people get really selfish and stayed in their ways.
It's very, very sad.
But everybody that thinks they're going to get ahead going along with this evil is wrong.
I want to open the phones up.
I want to take your calls.
Specifically, with nine days left, what do you make of the Capitol attack, if you were a witness there?
In fact, I want to do this.
I want to open the phone specifically, because I know it's our audience that was there.
So don't start calling yet.
For those that were at the Capitol or at the DC march and what you witnessed and what you thought and what you think President Trump should do with nine days out and what you think of the response calling 99.99% of you bad because 100 people went in there and broke some stuff and got shot and killed and the media said it's the new Pearl Harbor.
We're victims of a Pearl Harbor attack.
I mean that's so ridiculous.
So, if you were there, I want to hear from you.
No other callers, folks, or we'll never get these calls in.
Because thousands are calling to get the number out.
I want to hear from those that were at the Capitol Police.
For them, they were there.
I want to hear from them.
And did you have trouble flying home?
What did you witness?
What did you want to talk about?
And all the videos of Trump supporters trying to stop, anti-fund these other weird paramilitary groups.
And now we know the guys have been arrested.
They were Air Force and Army veterans from all over the country that thought they were there under Trump's orders.
With military intelligence to take out Pelosi and seize the Capitol, and that Trump would come be there with him, and then of course it didn't happen.
So, Q betrayed you.
Q betrayed you.
We're gonna go to break in four minutes and come back with this John Bowne report.
It's very important, and then go to your phone calls.
But I keep harping on the Q thing because I've got the 8chan printouts.
I've got all the stuff right here.
They were on there.
Oh, we're going.
You know, the breadcrumbs.
We're gonna overthrow it.
This is the storming of the swamp.
This is the storm.
And it's gonna happen.
It's all over.
And then Trump had a rally.
I had a rally to show that we're against election fraud to be peaceful.
Trump said it.
Don Jr.
I said it.
said it.
And before we could ever get there, you guys followed Antifa in and acted like idiots.
Now we're losing the whole country!
I mean, you guys fetishize.
I've literally been at rallies, and they always have this weird look like they're in a trance.
They walk over all, it's always like a guy wearing a Q shirt.
He goes, Alex, I used to like you, but now I'm with Q. I know you're bad.
And they'll always go, Army intelligence.
I'm with the intelligence.
And you're like, well, really, that's funny, because the highest levels of Army intelligence call up and ask me what's coming next, and so does the FBI, those that are good.
You think there's like some magic mountain up there?
The president calls us to see what we think.
You're like acting like there's some magic level up there.
It's not a power trip.
Yes, this is it, right here.
And I'm not trying to brag, it's so you figure that out.
I know more about this than anybody, basically.
Except for people on the other side.
A few of their top field marshals.
I live this.
I know how it works.
I understand it.
And I still got set up.
Because I underestimated how dumb some of these people are.
And how foolish it is.
But thank God they couldn't get more of you to invade and more of you to attack.
But I tell you, I've seen it all now, man.
Oh, Jones, you're just a coward.
You don't want a war.
It's time for a war.
The globalists want a physical altercation because they lost the election.
We're trying to prove that and then stop them.
Trump didn't want it.
Trump was coming to speak at the Capitol.
We had a stage.
But before the crowds ever got there, 100 Antifa were attacking cops at 10 a.m.
In the morning.
And they were allowed to do it, and the police were ordered to stand down, and the guy that reportedly gave the order has committed suicide.
If you believe that.
And so, here's the cops opening the doors and taking selfies with people.
And the vast majority were peaceful, but the media cherry picks it and uses the killing of that woman and a stroke and two heart attacks, four dead citizens, a dead cop, and cops got smashed and trampled.
It was terrible.
And the poor cop probably did have a heart attack because of this.
But he died two days later.
So a cop died.
The left doesn't usually care when cops die.
I care.
It's embarrassing.
It's like you throw a party for, you know, your daughter's wedding and 400 people show up, 200 crash it, and a fight breaks out.
You're not glad at a party 200 people extra showed up and a fight broke out.
Maybe somebody gets stabbed.
That's not your fault.
That's because a big party happened and things got out of hand.
And the left was there starting fights on purpose.
And that's about all they can do is screw stuff up.
Like the blue cities.
Like the blue states.
Like America.
They did another great job at that.
And now the very left that loves violence and says kill everybody and blah blah blah, like, arrest Alex Jones.
Like, why isn't Jones arrested?
He called for storming the Capitol.
Cause I didn't, you big fat lying scum!
Your people did it!
And let a bunch of cutards in there!
It's you that wants violence, you scum!
We'll be right back.
We are out of time for debate.
That's the name of the video at band.video.
Now I'm going to your phone calls.
Rebecca, Josh, California Refugee, Dylan, Dominic, Tom, Bob, and others.
And I'll be hosting right into the fourth hour.
The great Gerald Sloan, he does a great job, but I'm going to be hosting that hour so we can take your calls and see if Trump gives this speech.
He keeps backing up.
I'm also going to show you a clip of a newscast from a few months ago when I did a march in Georgia and we marched into the Capitol peacefully with a state rep and did a great job.
We're very respectful.
That's how I storm a Capitol.
We're not shooting any cops like the Democrats.
We're not shooting citizens like the Capitol security for Chuckie Schumer.
No, we're standing up for what's right and telling the truth.
But again, you heard
Mike Adams last hour saying this will be one of the last times we ever talk.
Folks, it's that serious.
This is a takeover.
We've studied where they're going.
They're censoring the president.
They're saying they want to expel senators and House members and have votes to kick them out and overturn their elections.
The globalists are going for broke.
They have the media.
They have the FBI.
They're not stopping.
So I'll tell you, get your storable food now.
We're ready to ship it out.
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The globalists stole the
Election by fraud.
And they now want to start a fight, but like Martin Luther King, or Mahatma Gandhi, or who they were imitating, Jesus of Nazareth, we need to be non-violent at this point, because that's what exposes them as the thugs they are, not giving them the images that they got at a very limited level at the Capitol.
They intended to get citizens from all over to militarily storm it, and to, quote, citizens arrest the Democrats that were in a hostage situation,
That would have allowed the 25th Amendment the President and or impeach him and bring in total tyranny.
Thank God the Patriots fought and battled with the Antifa and the Q people that were totally under my control.
Not all Q people are bad.
A lot of folks get into it because it's fun, like an Easter egg hunt or whatever, a treasure hunt.
But a lot of folks don't get the larger picture of how they're using augmented reality online to manipulate you in the real world.
Now it's a globalist operation.
Remember, Trump was invincible, couldn't be beat.
Jeff Sessions was great.
Hillary was in Gitmo.
Bill Barr was great.
None of it was true, folks, but they know you want good news.
I could make stuff up and have it super viral all day.
That was something about David Knight.
And I really like David.
He could do whatever he wanted.
He asked me to hire his second son.
He basically to run a website for them just to promote his stuff alone.
And he didn't like the Q stuff.
And we'd have a few guests on here and there that would kind of promote that.
And then he would say, Jones is having these people on.
And I'm like, I don't agree with what those people are saying.
And then he's like, well, I'm going to quit.
I mean, I can't be around this.
I'm going to get fired.
I'm being censored.
And that's what hurts is I never censored him.
He took what I would say on air, if it disagreed with him, as censorship.
And it was so weird.
I've even seen some of his shows where he goes, censorship was bad over there.
I knew I'd be let go soon.
In the name of Jesus Christ and all my children, I never censored David Knight.
He's a liar.
He made that up on air.
And I see him like a devil on his show now.
Just all envious, hateful, deviling up there.
Said, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, David Knight.
You're a liar!
I never censored you, and I'm not with you, and you know that.
And that's why I let him go, because he hated me, and he hated InfoWars, and he told me in his studio that he didn't want me on his show, and he was ashamed of us.
Well, good!
Go away from us!
But you and your son stop lying about us, or I'll tell everybody about them!
And I'm gonna let everybody know, down at the end here, I'm gonna be totally truthful with everybody.
No more BS, no more games!
They wouldn't upload the videos for his show that he'd blame my crew for it when it was his crew.
Stuff like that.
And I barely watched him, man.
People send me clips.
He's like up there going, this censorship was so bad in InfoWars, I knew I'd be fired.
That's why I let him go!
Because the man was a walking pill!
A baby!
Roasting in his own elitism!
Got a lot more, David, if you want.
Say one more thing and lie about me, and I'm gonna tell him everything.
You go ahead and do it, you coward!
Ha ha ha!
Because the good part about being down at the end of the line here is I'm taking the gloves off.
Anyway, side issue.
Don't wanna talk about that anymore.
I'm pretty wound up today.
As I said, I never supported the Q stuff, but I underestimated how evil it was and how out of control it was.
You know, I've got at least five members of my crew that are great people whose mothers and fathers are obsessed with it, who are engineers, and who are scientists.
That's who believe all of it.
And who are literally obsessed with it, and it's unbelievable.
Absolutely incredible.
Absolutely amazing.
Absolutely crazy.
So when I'm on the David Knight thing, it's just, it's just, it's crazy how you hold somebody to your bosom and you're so nice to them.
And then I hired his other son six months ago when I'm censoring him so he could have his own website.
And then they bitched at my crew when they had, he had, David Knight had his own website we built and paid for, and then his sons didn't know how to run it.
And so he was on air saying we had the codes to his site and we're sabotaging him when it was his website and he had the codes I paid for!
When I gave him money, he hated me!
When I paid for everything, he hated me!
And he sits there like a big, fat baby, lying.
One more lie out of you, and I hope you do it.
It's not like your lies hurt me.
Nobody's even watching your ass.
Too bad.
I wish people were.
I wish all these other people, Millie Weaver wouldn't promote us.
I let her go.
Caitlin Bennett wouldn't do anything.
They just took our money!
And then, oh, you're censoring Millie!
Oh, you're censoring Caitlin!
They were ashamed of us!
They didn't want to get deplatformed!
That's why they're gone!
They all are!
It's BS!
Watson will probably be completely gone from us now.
Because everybody's cutting and running because they're scared.
Because I haven't backed off on defending America.
They're all cutting and running because they're scared.
Well guess what?
I'm not scared.
And I'm going to be truthful until the end.
And I'm not going to back down.
And that's how this works.
I took someone off air because I make money off Trump and because I don't want Trump criticized.
I criticize Trump constantly.
All I've been is persecuted for Trump.
We'll probably be off the air soon for Trump.
But the very people saying it have still got all their Twitter channels so they can sit up there like little toads and lie about us.
It's up to God how people are judged, but I'll tell you.
Gloves are off for all you wimps playing man, playing Big Daddy.
Let's play Big Daddy!
Let's talk about the love of Hitler that you hope I don't talk about.
We'll be right back.
The gloves are off here in the final countdown to the destruction of the Republic.
The good news is all the cowards and all the fakes are going to get exposed now as they run for the skirts of the New World Order.
Not me.
Not this audience of activists.
We're full steam ahead against the UN, against the CHICOMS, against the globalists, against the AI takeover.
And we'll never surrender.
I didn't mean to go on that rant earlier.
I was thinking how much the Q stuff's driven me up the wall and how much it pisses me off.
And how then I got accused of supposedly supporting that stuff because it leaks into my show.
I saw an article this weekend about whatever that general's name is.
It's not Flynn.
It's the other one.
Said he was at the White House.
Didn't see Trump there.
And he's like, oh, military intelligence used the Capitol event to get Pelosi's laptop.
And it's like, oh, but military intelligence is going to save us and all this stuff.
And how much that angers me.
And then being accused of being part of that because I've got an organization and what my other shows do.
And then to be accused of censoring people when people are pissed at me for what's on my show or what comes out.
Again, that's hypocritical, that's BS, but it's a side issue.
My rage is not for David when I was getting mad.
It's for the whole situation.
It's for everything.
And it's watching this country die minute by minute, watching all this unfold.
I'm hosting the fourth hour.
I just want to say this.
I went there to have a rally against election fraud.
I went there to have a rally for a president the globalists hated.
Didn't mean he was perfect.
I went there because it was hard.
I went there because the enemy didn't want it.
It wasn't easy.
I went there because they'd deplatform me if I did.
I went there because the fight was there.
And to quote John Paul Jones who said, I've only begun to fight, he also said, I will only be on fast ships because I intend to go into danger.
And here's a Teddy Roosevelt quote.
The man in the arena.
Citizenship in a republic.
You know, they were asking about this film they're making about me, this film group.
They said, what's the name of this film?
What should it be?
I think it should be The Man in the Arena.
That's what I want the film to be called.
It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out if the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again, then again.
Because there is no effort without error and shortcoming.
But who does actually strive to do the deeds?
Who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions?
Who spends himself in a worthy cause?
Who at best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement?
And who, at worst, if he fails at least, fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither nor victory nor defeat.
Read it again.
And that says it all, and I want the patriots together.
I want us to win.
I want us to defeat the globalists and build a society based on God and family and justice and real competition that builds up the species, not destroys it.
And I know we can do it together.
I told you I'd play that John Bowne report that I went off into a rant.
We got the whole next hour coming up.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls instead right now.
And I said this politely and graciously as I could before I blew up, getting mad about the Q stuff.
It just drives me crazy.
I have arguments with family.
I have arguments with so many people where they believed all that delusional crap and it really defeated us.
And then now I see how it's a robot army they control through 8chan who will do violence.
And now they're planning to attack a bunch of the capitals during the 20th.
Which denies us the capability to actually protest peacefully, because they're going to have Q-tards out there with their zip ties and their guns, believing they're about to overthrow the globalists.
And they're being secretly commanded by some magic group that is the globalists!
Q thinks it's good, but it's commanded by the enemy, for sure!
And it's roped in so many people that are now delusional.
All I want, man... You know, I really figured things out in the last couple days.
I kind of went next level.
And I already knew all of this, but now I'm totally in the dialectic.
I get the whole Machiavellian plan even better.
And now I'm sure they're operating according to it.
And God, is it diabolical.
Absolutely diabolical.
Can people take kindness for weakness?
And I just can't believe it.
I've always been so loyal.
I'm such a loyal person.
The people that treat me good, I treat them good.
And I've just experienced so many people that don't treat me like that.
But I finally, through the years of working hard, have found a career that treats me loyally.
I treat them loyally as I can.
I appreciate them.
But I've gotten to a point at 47 years old that I can't take disloyalty anymore.
And rat bastardness.
You know, I was watching There Will Be Blood Again a few nights ago with my wife.
And it's a great movie, it's very well done with Daniel Day-Lewis, but there's a lot of men like that where he says, you know, I have a competitiveness in me.
I don't like to see others do well.
I hate everyone.
Well, I love to see people do well.
I love to see progress.
As long as it isn't at my expense.
I see someone else's success as building us all up.
I love it.
But see, a lot of people in the establishment don't, and they want a monopoly of power.
But a lot of the general public doesn't like success either, and they think it brings them down.
I thought about that story this morning, talking to a prominent person here in town, where they looked at me and they said, I've given up on humanity.
I don't care anymore.
I only care about myself.
And the reason that person made me so mad is that even as I embrace humanity more than I've ever embraced humanity, and I get closer to God than ever, as my godly side gets bigger, the satanic side, by understanding, gets bigger because I'm fallen and have a knowledge of good and evil.
It doesn't dissipate, it becomes further away, but I have a greater knowledge of it than I ever had, and it makes it that much more disgusting.
And I see in people,
The bad traits in myself, but I see them manifest, and I see them flourishing in them, and it makes me hate them because I hate my own sinful nature.
But I have an understanding of it, past their understanding, way past them, and so it makes me frustrated that I can't get through to them.
They won't listen to me.
I mean, I know how the whole thing works, man.
You do, too.
You see it.
But we can't get the general public to see it.
They think we're crazy because we read government documents and we know what's going on.
And then I thought I'd wake people up and show them the New World Order, and then they'd say no to it when it started really going operational.
But instead, the dumb idiots that followed the government before, when I woke them up, I only woke them up to a cosmology of reality.
What a twisted fallen nature of it so they could still be controlled and manipulated.
And then it was like a classism with the Q people where they believe they've got the elite information and they territorialize it instead of trying to understand that it's transcendent.
It becomes this power trip.
They're dialed in to some mythical elitism.
As if the understanding of larger things and conspiracies isn't an innate awakening of an individual.
They believed it was them being given entree and entrance into the inner sanctums of the cult.
They believed they were fighting the cult, but really they were being led into the cult.
But not into the cult to fight the cult.
Into the cult from within to sabotage the new Renaissance.
To sabotage the new Atlantis.
To sabotage the next level of human development.
And I thought...
I thought when I'd say Q is okay, if you want to have fun with that, but just when someone tells you go do something violent online, you're part of a storm or a violent uprising, that's probably a Fed setting you up.
Don't do that.
And sure as hell, it was the Q people under Antifa's control who went in there like a group of morons.
Antifa breaches it, they start it.
A few people thought, there's the special forces, right on time, they told us to invade at this time, they would attack first, and they thought Antifa was special forces for Trump, breaking into the Capitol, so they then flooded in behind, waving in the masses, but luckily, by the blessing of God, 99% of the hundreds of thousands did not go in with them.
But I saw that and it made me sick.
We got a million people there.
It was beautiful.
Very race, color, and creed.
We were exposing election fraud.
Trump was coming to speak at the Capitol.
And here are these people taking dumps in the Punchbowl believing they were doing what Trump wanted when now you've crippled Trump.
And you'll go out on the 20th and attack the governor's mansions and hurt us even worse because you're mentally ill.
You're not a leader, and you're dialed into The Globalist because you want to believe you're a secret agent.
Alright, I'll take your calls when we come back.
Well, now Right Side Broadcasting is reporting that Trump's going to be reporting with a speech tomorrow at 2 from Alamo, Texas on the border, probably about his successes.
And I knew behind the scenes that
Governor Huckabee, because I've talked to a lawyer that was on the call, said, Sir, you got to talk about your successes and not about the negatives and not about the capital.
You can't just shut up your last days in office.
So looks like what he was advised to do is going to happen.
I talked about this a few days ago.
He'll do a trip around the country talking about successes.
He'll probably go to like Michigan and Ohio and talk about jobs he brought back.
He'll probably go do some nanotech talks or talk about how he got prescription drugs lower.
And that's better than just sitting there quiet and letting the Democrats control things.
So that's good news.
But that's another day we lose.
We need him to be giving speeches every day.
Every day.
Every day.
So, should we even send a crew down there?
Send myself?
Send Owen?
How long does it take to get to McAllen?
Four hours?
Five hours?
Six and a half?
Pull Alamo, Texas up for folks.
I guess so.
I probably do need to go down there.
I mean, this is history happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely history happening right now.
I guess we can do it next segment.
That's why I was saying I wanted to pull it up during before the break.
Here, I can do it on my phone.
All right, let's type in Alamo, Texas.
And that is not the Alamo at the downtown San Antonio.
That is by McAllen, a little incorporated area.
And what is there in Alamo?
I don't know where he's gonna be speaking at there.
But we'll look into that and make sure Right Side Broadcasting's right.
You know their name is right.
All right, I'm not going to waste your time in this segment taking your calls.
I'm going to go to Rebecca, Dave, Josh, California Refugee, Robin, Dominique, Tom, Bob, Kerry, and others.
On the other side, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
And there's so much more to get to, obviously, here before Owen Schroer takes over with the War Room.
I tell you, every day in Four Wars is on air is a blessing.
They're shutting everybody down.
There was just noise.
That Trump was going to go to Parler and they shut that sucker down and took its servers away and took all of its, just everything away just like that.
Banned on every platform.
More than now 50 groups all piled in.
I mean, I bet the CEO of Parler can't even get a cup of coffee if he's got money.
And that's the global social credit score.
It's not coming.
We're inside of it.
And so Infowars fought like the devil.
Build our own infrastructure and put money in the bank a little bit to keep operating.
But man, I got to tell you, I need you to go to ImpowarStore.com and get supplements and books and films and t-shirts and air filtration and water filtration you already need and stock up on it because I don't want to be making predictions here.
But you have a wood desk over here.
I can't knock on wood anymore.
I got a little marble desk.
I mean, it just really is.
Yeah, knock on my head, that's wood.
It really is important for you to put money into our bank accounts before they even take our power to take your money.
I don't know.
I didn't fight hard enough, I didn't do enough to turn this back.
And there's so many people I tried to build up and work with pissed all over me and were big babies and didn't even appreciate me.
And you know, I'll be talking about some of those people on air because I'm not an infighter, but in case I'm never on air again soon, I want to go ahead and just get out the truth about everybody.
Not in a mean way, but just so that when I'm in the damn FEMA camp, they're not out there on TV lying about me.
I want you to know the truth of what I did.
I've always been a straight shooter to you and your family.
I'm as real as it gets.
And they all know it, the enemy knows it.
And I, by the way, am fearless.
Except for failure.
I fear failure, and I'm so pissed at myself.
So when I take these calls, don't you thank me.
I walked us right into a trap in D.C.
because I'm the man in the arena.
And I couldn't help but be in that arena.
All right, a new giant purge is happening of conservatives, nationals, libertarians, and patriots.
We'll tell you about it coming up, bottom of the hour.
And I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us on this live January 11th Monday transmission.
Let's go ahead and take calls.
California refugee, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, happy to be here.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
So, I had the realization during that march
Uh, the one thing is, is that there needs to be a max, max mass exodus from Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube, all social media websites, but not for the reason that you're necessarily thinking of.
Of course, we want to destroy these companies, but mainly, we have to slow down the information war.
Because right now, with all that data being sent, individuals can't keep track.
They can, because they have algorithms.
Brother, that's the singularity coming.
You're not going to be able to slow it down.
You've just got to go to trusted sources.
But, I mean, I hear what you're saying.
I don't want to destroy those companies for no reason.
I want to have independent groups that have the truth.
But they're battling to shut down Parler and Infowars and Bandot Video right now.
You understand?
They're battling so we don't even have an alternative.
Well, you know, you do have an alternative.
It's called magazines.
You need to start a magazine to where we can leave it at dentist's office, Walmart, call it Lifestyle of the Free.
You know, I tried a magazine, sir.
Lifestyle of the Free sounds great.
Do you understand that it had one one-millionth the response of a digital format?
Yeah, but the digital format's not doing anything either.
Look what it's done.
The country's still going down.
I appreciate your call, sir.
It's not that digital transmission is a bad way to communicate.
It's that we allow monopolies, oligopolies, cartels, to take shape.
But I agree.
Locally, printed magazines are the best mode.
It's national distribution that has a problem.
And we need local control, and you should do that.
Yes, sir, I agree with you.
Dominique in New Jersey, go ahead.
Alex, first off, I just want to say God bless you.
That's number one.
Thank you, sir.
I'm trying the best I can.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I know you're calling people like us who had our first hand observations on what happened.
And I am proud to be one of the 99% of the people that did not go into that Capitol building that day.
But I'm also proud that I was there to have my voice heard.
Oh, let me just say that.
This was a beautiful event, 99%.
Citizens came together, and a few idiots with the media focusing on that, with a magnifying glass, ruined the whole thing.
And I just want to make some other observations.
I was, anywhere that I go, I'm always prepared to go.
So with that being said, when we were at Trump's speech, I actually rented two electric bicycles so I could get
All the way up to that Capitol building that day because I wanted a first-hand view because that's why we're there and I wanted to be heard because I got a big mouth and we are from Jersey and I went with five strong but when I got there I noticed that there were less cops at that building than you would have at a sports event.
Number two, they were hitting us with tear gas and nobody was even up there so it's to me
Not only was the front line, so to speak, these Antifa actors that were trying to be Trump supporters, they were up there.
The tear gas was getting the Trump supporters a little bit riled up.
So when you say there's a hundred people that went in there, yes, most of them were bad actors.
Some of them were being played on with emotions.
It could have been anyone that could have been up there because they were riling us up, like I said, with those tear gas.
And Alex, do you remember the media tower right there up front and center?
In the back?
There was someone on that megaphone.
I know a little bit about neuro-linguistic programming, NLP.
Whoever was on that megaphone was literally
By the power of suggestion.
Hitting all those trigger words.
Take it now, people.
It's now or never.
This is China.
This is our house.
Storm it.
Push forward.
They were saying everything that would rile anyone.
Hold the line.
And also, Red, they said Alex Jones and Trump say so.
Did you hear that?
I did not say that.
But I hear that.
But I can tell you what I felt and the things that I did hear.
And we held the line.
And I did see Antif.
I took a selfie with one thinking that he thought thinking that I was taking a picture up front and I did snap someone that looked exactly like Antif and he had those beady eyes and when he saw me he ran back because he knew he was discovered.
Oh yeah we have the footage of Patriots trying to stop it so.
Here's the bottom line.
Hundreds of thousands of people show up.
Antifa attacks.
The police shoot tear gas.
They get a few of the crowd to attack.
The police back up.
They get the order to stand down.
Everybody comes in.
Most people take selfies with the cops.
There's a little bit of violence inside.
A few people die.
But if you look at sporting events, sometimes dozens die.
Or you have a Rolling Stone riot and a whole bunch of people die.
Or race car events, people die.
Or a race car goes to the stands and people die.
You know, I mean, there's so many sporting riots.
So this was like a sporting riot because of lack of security and provocateurs, and they turn this now into something completely different.
It is 2020.
Alex, I want to thank you for the call, for taking my call.
Hindsight is 2020.
If I could go back in time, I would have, I would, I would definitely do what those few Trump supporters did at that front window.
Pull these guys off the building and tell them to get the hell out of here because this is not what we stand for.
Oh, that night after it all happened, I had a feeling.
Thank you.
I was going with my gut.
And that day I did.
They said, wait till Trump starts to leave.
And I kept saying, we gotta get to the Capitol.
I kept telling my wife, we gotta leave during the speech.
We gotta get to the Capitol.
The Capitol.
The Capitol.
The Capitol.
I gotta get there.
And then after I asked security guys, I go, should we wait?
They go, well, what do you think?
And I said, let's run to the Capitol.
We got to the Capitol.
It was like 10 minutes late.
With my 20 security guys, we could have stopped.
If I'd have joined the cops.
Back up, guys, what you were just showing for TV viewers of the tear gassing when the lines broke.
If I'd have been there with my guys, and I'd have stood in front of that with the cops and said, don't do it, it wouldn't have happened.
Hindsight's 20-20, brother.
But man, I just thought the Capitol Police wouldn't have stepped down, wouldn't have stand down, but they did.
And so this is just something for us to learn from.
Anything else, Dominic?
That's it, man.
I'm just going to fight the good fight.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
Yeah, this is so real.
This is so real.
And then imagine being me.
They're on the news saying I led this, that I won at this.
Oh yeah, I want to have demonstrations and have a million people show up and then all go haywire and people die.
Yeah, that's exactly what I want.
Absolutely not.
It makes me sick.
But Antifa had their victory.
And again, Q people, believing that they had zip ties and were supposed to arrest Pelosi, got manipulated by 8chan and they went in.
And you notice 8chan congratulated Biden when they said he won a few months ago and again after this on Thursday night.
And if you're an 8chan person, you're not bad.
But I mean, the leadership of 8chan.
Who are they?
Why are they God?
Because they're the place that lets you LARP.
They're the place that lets you pretend that you work for America and work for Trump and you're battling the globalists.
Well, you just gave the globalists one of their biggest victories in a long time.
Gregg Reese, you got some breaking news?
Yeah, I saw that.
I just got sent that by Rodney Howard.
Bring that to me.
Yeah, look, they've already done the 20th Amendment.
This is a state.gov, State Department.
Can you guys do an overhead shot for me?
And it says, President of the United States, Donald J. Trump term ended on 2021-01-11, 1940-41.
That could be somebody inside there manipulating it, but that is the official State Department deal.
And we wonder what's even happened.
I mean, that's how crazy every moment of this is.
Rodney Howard just sent me that like 20 minutes ago.
I meant to have the crew look at it.
Thank you, sir.
All right, we're going to go to Robin and Tom and Bob and Kerry and Rebecca and Dave and Josh.
But you know what the Democrats have said?
They've said we've got to wage war on his supporters.
We got to bully him.
We got to bankrupt him.
We got to dominate him.
Well, if they're going to shut us down, we need provisions to operate as long as possible.
And their big move is to take the banking and credit card operations away from everybody.
They've already tried it with us.
So, as long as your order comes through, we get the money.
Order now, infowarestore.com.
Get the storable food.
What a time to be alive!
This is from the State Department's website.
We all trust computers like they're God.
There's lots of mistakes on them.
But there are calls for 25th Amendment.
There are votes going on that just failed in the House for 25th Amendment.
There are hearings about impeachment going forward.
So here it is on the State Department's website.
Donald John Trump's term ended 2021 at 749 tonight. 1940.
And that says 41.
So I guess the numbers are ticking up or something compared to what I just printed off minutes ago.
Overhead shot, please.
So I don't put a lot of stock in that.
I do put a lot of stock in the fact they're trying to remove President Trump right now.
Look at this InfoWars.com article.
Facebook blocks former Congressman Ron Paul, citing vague community standards violations.
So is Facebook's banned?
Because he's a medical doctor exposing COVID as an overblown oak.
And because he pointed out the Capitol riot was not 10% as bad as the average post-basketball game riot.
I mean, that's the stuff he's been reporting.
And by the way, I like Ron Paul.
You know, Ron Paul admitted to me back when he was running for president that half the money they got was from our audience.
We had him as a routine guest, helped his son run.
I remember back when Ron Paul was running for Congress again in 1996, having his son on dozens of times to get money collected for daddy.
But when I got deplatformed, Ron Paul told me, he said, Oh, we can't come on your show because you know, you're deplatformed.
And just gave us the cold shoulder, which is fine.
Because we made Ron Paul in the modern sense.
Our audience did.
Ron Paul's a great guy politically.
But I just saw everybody get like that.
And they always make up an excuse for why.
That's all they need.
But now, he's de-platformed.
Now the President's de-platformed.
See, now everybody is.
So folks kept asking me, how are you handling me de-platforming?
Well, you're next.
I don't know.
Zero Hedge has an important article.
Covid gone crazy.
An epidemic, a positive test.
In Germany and other places they've ruled 96% are false positives.
The inventor said that.
It's all a lie.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
We got Terry and Tom and we got Robin and we got so many others.
Let's go to Robin in Florida.
Robin, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, I love you brother.
Love you too.
Hey man, just real quick.
I was there January the 6th.
I want to tell you what I heard and what I heard said about you over a bullhorn.
But just before I do, thank you for the Survival Shield 2X3.
Awesome stuff.
There's a lot of us Christians that are praying for you.
I'm a full-time evangelist, so I travel for 20 years across the nation preaching revivals.
That's what I'm doing in Florida now.
Just before I tell you that, what I saw happen and what I heard said about you guys there at the Capitol, I just want to give you a quick scripture, bro.
I want to speak something over you.
I know you're under attack, but I got a word right here.
Matthew chapter 5.
Jesus said, Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven.
For so persecuted they the prophets.
I just want to tell you, bro, I know you're under attack from all angles, but we're holding you up.
And, uh, I'm just going to tell you, bro, prophetically, the more they battle you, the more God's going to bless you, the more they reject you.
Amen to that, brother.
I've never felt stronger.
I got to control myself because I actually am so fired up.
I hear you and God bless you and back at you.
So what did you witness at the Capitol, my friend?
I was pushed back.
Well, I was there.
I couldn't get into Lipsitz Park.
I had a couple guys doing security with me, you know, showing me where to go.
We were pushed back.
And the guy, the Marine guy, he kept pointing out to me, this is Antifa plants.
So we were noticing it.
But what I've done, we left early when Trump said, you know, that they were coming to the Capitol.
He said, at one point, he said, we're going to all march down there together.
But I said, well, let's head on back because we were pushed so far back.
I figured I'm at the back.
I can be first.
What's the capital?
We walk up.
First thing I noticed, very, uh, just zero police presence compared to all the snipers that we saw earlier.
When we get there immediately, I see these Antifa guys.
There's probably a hundred guys posted up there at the lower level, and they pulled the, uh, barricade down.
And on bullhorns, they start screaming, uh, you know, and this was just totally satanic.
They are saying, press forward.
It's our house.
Let's take it.
And I'm waiting, I'm standing back.
After a bit, these guys climb up and we climb up on the grass.
I'm about 50 yards from the Capitol steps.
They're up in that tower, that media tower.
And at one point I heard them say, Trump said take the house.
POTUS said take the house.
Alex Jones gives the command, go forward now.
And I'm just looking around like, what are these guys?
By the way, that's come out in the news and other people told me this.
I wasn't there yet.
So you have Antifa literally, because I heard they were wearing masks, they said, saying Alex Jones gives the order.
As if to say that on Infowars, which we knew you were there, that you were given some command.
But you know, we're not barging in the Capitol.
But 99% of us are around.
If I tell you to commit some crime, don't do it.
This is crazy.
And so I'm looking up on the steps of the Capitol.
A couple of the Capitol Police come down.
Just a couple, bro.
There's not even a hundred.
But they're shooting tear gas at us.
And this kid runs back.
And by now I can realize these are stage actors.
The Boffa Met guys there.
You know, he's up in the tower.
Total satanic.
He's one of the ones that's screaming on a bullhorn.
You know, Alex Jones says, take the house.
POTUS says, take the house.
These guys are screaming the key trigger words.
And they're shooting tear gas at us.
This kid runs back down, 20 years old.
He says, man, they just shot me in the eye.
Come help.
Come help.
You know, they're trying to incite those of us that would actually come to a brother's aide to rush up here and do something.
And so when I watched them literally go in, I left when I saw them storming in there.
But the storm was not a storm.
It was a walkthrough.
I watched them.
I have them on video.
They literally walked across the barricade.
Well, that's what experts say, and we've seen it.
The police weren't part of it.
They were just controlled by their orders.
You have Antifa attack, trick some patriots to go forward, get the photo op of the fight.
As soon as the photo ops ordered, the police were ordered to open the barricades, stand back.
They opened the barricades, let folks in, knowing Antifa inside would then do some violence and attack cops so cops would fight back.
Then they had the whole story they wanted all put together.
We're good to go.
But, you know, and I know enough about you that you're not saying, storm the house, take our house back.
Neither is Trump.
So I'm glad for the people that held restraint.
You know, there were a million... Well, our mission was clear.
Peacefully be there to let them know that America doesn't buy the frauds in an election.
Joe Biden can't get 10 people, we've got a million.
Well, the lie goes around the world before the truth puts its pants on as
A great American writer said, but where do you think this goes from here, my friend, in 20 seconds?
Well, you know, here's what I think.
I think Trump is still in much more control of the art of the deal.
He said you appear weak when you're strong.
I think he's much stronger than he actually is leading on.
We're going to hear something coming up, but I think that we've got to sit tight, pray to God.
I really feel like that one way God's going to turn this around for us.
I agree.
I agree.
Look at the protesters.
Oh, walking between the red velvet if you kick it over.
Wow, that's your big evil riot.
So America's over, end of the First Amendment, end of everything.
China runs us because people came in the Capitol.
Alright, we got an answer on this and I told you I didn't think that Trump had resigned or been impeached or the 25th Amendment.
Because the 25th Amendment vote failed in the House this morning.
For them to call for the Cabinet to do the 25th Amendment, that failed.
And the impeachment's moving forward, but that'll take time.
So I said, why would Trump do that when he has events scheduled?
Overhead shot, please.
So you can see where the State Department website said Trump is now in office.
Well, Christopher Miller is now reporting.
Sources tell BuzzFeed News that his Gruntled staffer is behind the State Department's site change of Trump and Pence's biographies.
More to come.
So exactly what I said is a computer glitch or some type of leftist behavior.
But that's the fraud they engage in as a group.
You can't believe a damn thing they say or they do.
All right, let's go ahead and take a call.
It's quick here.
We're good, everybody.
Let's go to Rebecca in Minnesota.
Rebecca, what is your view?
Were you at the march?
Give us your take.
All right.
First of all, Turbo Force, Rain Force X2 must-haves, and I will be getting some storable food.
No one has really talked about Tuesday night.
I just want to make mention of that in Freedom Plaza.
Awesome night, very spiritual.
I think you had, there was a pastor there, you yourself had some great peaceful messaging.
I've been listening every day.
There's been peaceful messaging as far as come to the march, let's march, nothing to entice violence or anything like that.
When we say we declare war on evil and we want 1776 and we love God and we stand up against that, that's energetically, spiritually, we are declaring that power.
So on Wednesday, we felt it was very odd that Trump was supposed to speak at 11 and didn't come until 12 o'clock.
And by that time, some of us had to use the restroom.
We noticed all the restrooms were locked up in the VIP area.
We thought that was extremely odd.
For all the hundreds of thousands or million people that were there, all the restrooms were locked up.
So just something to think about.
So that was a little bit of an issue.
I noticed that too in the VIP area.
There were all these porta-potties paid for by the donors, but they were locked.
They had padlocks on a little fence around them and on the porta-potties.
And so with our group, there was four in our group.
We're from Minnesota.
The Communist State of Minnesota.
And at about 1237, we headed back to our hotel because some people in our group had used restrooms.
We had came down, I think, I know we eventually ended up on Pennsylvania Avenue, and there was all sorts of different people.
I did feel that I spotted out some Antifa members in my view.
They just have a spirit about them that their movements are
A little bit more forceful and direct, and there's not a whole lot of interaction.
Other people I did witness, they looked maybe like military people.
I mean, very in shape, and perhaps, you know, camouflage on, but nothing out of the usual.
Most people were just dressed in Trump gear.
Of course, you get the people.
Sure, so what did you witness once you got to the Capitol?
So once I got to the Capitol, I was trying to figure out what the heck I was stepping on.
There was some green rolled fence and fencing posts at one point that I was stepping on.
We simply walked up to the front and got up on the platform.
We were peaceful and we were tear gassed.
I was around elders that were probably in their 70s, 80s.
I was also around children and we all were tear gassed.
For just standing there, so that was quite agitating.
Something to think about, too, is where the guards were lined up, and we were, and then back, not towards the Capitol, we were getting, a paramedic told me that they were shooting concussion bullets at us.
I did see rubber pellets
Sure, sure, sure.
What happened is they had you, they had Antifa attack the cops, and the cops attacked the crowd, then the cops were told to stand down, open the gates, to then flood the Capitol.
It was all scripted, it was all set up.
We know that now.
And the guy that was in charge of it committed suicide, conveniently, sadly, so we'll never know what actually happened.
Thank you, Rebecca.
Isn't that interesting?
Gotta get to everybody here.
Great points.
Alright, next caller up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Pennsylvania.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead, Dave.
Can you hear me?
Go ahead.
I can't.
Hey, I got to the Capitol about five minutes before you, and it was already gone by that time.
When you came, I saw you get up on a podium or something and try to tell the crowd to back off, but at that point, it was a lost cause.
I think you've said that.
The things that kind of struck me were there was a lot of people smoking pot out in the open around the crowds, which was kind of weird.
A lot of people that didn't fit the Trump supporter, I guess, mold.
So I went around the back of the Capitol with you, and I saw you get up on the steps to try to calm that crowd down.
That wasn't working either.
So I think you guys left right after that, but I stuck around.
And there were people coming out back to the Capitol, Trump people or whoever.
And at one point, one guy started yelling about how they shot a woman inside.
And he was really, really irate.
So I walked around where the people were coming out and I was talking to them.
And a few of the people I was talking to, they were actually invited in by police.
They were kind of happy and jovial about it.
Showing me pictures on their cell phones.
They were taking selfies with police.
That's what I'm telling you is, is that they had a riot, a little bit of riot at the front of the building.
They let folks in the other areas of the building and they took selfies inside.
This was a total setup.
And again, the police didn't know.
They were being given different mixed orders.
Talking to them, I asked them, did they
Look at any of your identification or anything.
They said no.
I was like, they didn't ask you for your name or anything.
They were like, no, no, it was, it was a great time and stuff.
And then I asked them, well, did you wear a face mask while you were in there?
And then I could see the concerned look creep in on them.
They had their staged event.
That's it.
They had to get a crowd in.
So that they can then demonize and say it was this big attack.
I mean, they did a great job.
And that shows when you've got big tech control what you can do.
Hell, they're rolling the vaccine out.
Thousands are dying.
Tens of thousands are getting sick.
I mean, I know people dying, people getting sick.
I know people that run nursing homes where their people are dying, getting sick.
And it's just, they control the media so no one knows.
It's incredible.
Here's the thing that really haunts me though from that day.
When I was standing there talking to them, over across the way there was a barricade with
Police inside, and I got called over.
One of the cops needed help, and I had some water in my backpack and paper towels, and another guy and me were helping the young police officer, and he was in distress.
He had stuff in his eyes.
But at that point, when I was standing there talking to the police, this camera crew came and set up, and I asked them who they were with, and they were like,
Just stared straight ahead, didn't acknowledge me, didn't say anything.
And I'm like, oh, great.
We got the fake news here.
And this is pushing an hour after the girl was shot, inside, after Ashley was shot.
So here's what these guys did.
They called the news crew in.
They were standing there.
They got their camera set up and everything.
Five minutes later, they brought a stretcher in.
Ten minutes later, they brought Ashley out.
She had been dead.
Everybody knows it.
She'd been dead for an hour.
I was five feet away from her when they wheeled her out.
Clearly she was dead, but they were faking chest compressions, faking air, and it was just a staged setup with this woman's corpse.
So MSNBC, that's who released this video, could put this on the internet.
I think it's just disgusting.
Wow, so your call is?
Man-witnessed MSNBC fake resuscitation of Ashley Babbitt.
And I think we should put your call out as a call because, I mean, we know that happened.
People said she was already dead inside.
And it's so sick.
And they turned them killing our people into us being bad.
Glad you called.
God bless you, Dave.
Very sad story.
All right, JD, Shane, Nicole, Tom, Josh, I got to get to all of you in a 10-minute, 50-second segment because the War Room is coming up.
This could be our last show, folks.
Everything's being shut down right now.
We're in a mayday situation.
Just tell everybody you know.
Tune in now to InfoWars.com and Bandod Video now.
Well, this will be a week of action.
And today we will seek a unanimous consent request to bring up a resolution authored by Congressman Jimmy Raskin to demand that the Vice President invoke the 25th Amendment.
I expect the Republicans will object, so tomorrow the Rules Committee, which I chair, will provide a rule to bring that legislation to the floor.
We will vote on it.
And then, 24 hours later, we will go back to the Rules Committee and then bring another resolution to deal with the issue of impeachment.
All right, this video is called, We Are Out Of Time For Debate.
And if you can pause that, please.
Notice the congressperson's wearing a mask as a virtue signaler that says, End Hunger Now.
Well, the whole COVID lockdown is meant to start a third world to death, and it is.
I mean, it's just everything they tell you is the opposite.
These are monster globalist operators.
These are the bad guys.
But they know because we have morals, they can show us something wrong.
Oh, look, a riot at the Capitol.
Oh, we're sorry, we're bad, we'll kill ourselves.
Meanwhile, they're running death camps in China.
I'll jam in as many of these calls as possible.
Let's talk to Nicole in California.
You're on the air.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Your phone sounds a little bit echoey.
Can you get off speakerphone?
Okay, um, I don't have you on speakerphone, but I want you to know that ever since... Okay, I can hear you now.
Go ahead.
Ever since we were at the Capitol, our phones have been acting very funny.
Um, we have video footage we tried to download as much as we could.
My husband had a GoPro.
Um, we're having a difficult time downloading everything right now.
Okay, so we're almost out of time.
What happened?
What'd you see?
Well, as we were walking towards the Capitol, um, I saw they were spraying tear gas, and
My husband and I were, like, getting very nervous, and there was people praying, praying for the police, praying for Antifa.
There was a lot of prayers going on.
And this couple comes down, and they look like they were heavily tear-gassed.
And the woman was visibly upset and crying, and the husband starts yelling, they killed a woman!
And everybody was like, let them through!
They killed a woman!
Let them through!
Because they were coming opposite direction of us.
And I told my husband, what are they talking about?
What are they talking about?
They just kept throwing tear gas at us.
There was no discrimination.
There were children there.
There was elderly.
There was no discrimination.
Antifa attacked the cops so they'd attack the crowd.
Then they opened the doors up so people would go in to set you up.
A total criminal conspiracy.
The left caught yet again.
We realized Antifa was very quickly because of the fact that they were wearing helmets with Trump stickers on top.
And we were like, where did they get their gas masks?
Why are they wearing gas masks?
And then they were coming, they were throwing tear gas from behind us.
So you're saying you were seeing people dressed like cops, but in plain clothes, but with body armor and masks, throwing tear gas behind you?
And they were saying, come through, come through, make a hole, make a hole, let us through.
And they were pushing, and I knew they weren't Trump supporters, I knew they weren't there for the march, because they had no hesitation.
Well that's what I'm saying, there was a lot of paramilitary, not just the Meth-Ed Antifa, that are all like rich kids, rich kids, you know, of Democrats.
I hear you ma'am, it's pure evil.
Trump needs to speak out against it.
Thank you so much.
in Arizona, you're on the air.
Alex, I'm a man of middle class means, but I spent five figures in the InfoWare store.
Anybody that doesn't buy your supplements should.
Well, they're really trying to shut us down, brother.
We need your financial support right now.
So thank you.
Yeah, and I was there.
I was there probably 20 minutes ahead of you.
I left after Trump's speech because I wanted to be in the front of lawn of the Capitol.
I had absolutely no intention of going in and I never did.
But while I was making my way to on the lawn, they started tear gassing us.
And I can tell you this, I can concur with the last caller said, but I also like to add it really pissed all of us off to be tear gassed.
And that enraged regular Trump supporters to go up in there.
And I have to tell you, I've been in this fight with you for the last five years.
I radio host on your Phoenix radio affiliate.
And I'm going to tell you something.
You need to get that.
Radio station owner to put you on daytime, okay?
Because he would be a millionaire instantly from that.
So what's the name of the station?
What's the call letters?
You're on in the middle of the night over here.
But I had an article five hour for five years on Sunday afternoon.
And I gotta tell you, I've got all my guests, including Ted Nugent, coming to my studio.
Thank you for all the great guests.
I know we've got a lot of affiliates having us on in the middle of the night.
They're all precious.
We appreciate them.
I gotta jump, J.D.
We'll talk more.
Call me back tomorrow.
But yeah, I want to get to all the callers.
This is just crazy what's going on.
You're hearing eyewitness accounts.
We have the video to back it up.
It's all at Band.Video.
Band.Video or TheResistance.Video.
Okay, Shane in Virginia.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, I just want to let you know we were down there to see the President speak and it was packed.
We didn't have a chance to get on the Ellipse.
And we were there about six o'clock in the morning.
I stood in a space about six inches for about three and a half, four hours.
And it was very claustrophobic.
Yeah, they didn't even give a chance to let everybody through to get onto the lips.
Anyway, listen to the entire speech that Trump gave.
Not one time did he incite violence.
So, it was all done.
We walked down to the backside of the Capitol.
There were already reports of people, like, trying to break in.
We were just on the outside.
On the back side of the Capitol, it was almost as packed as, you know, the space on the street outside the ellipse towards the Washington Monument.
We were singing the National Anthem, God Bless America, chanting USA, you know?
So if that's insurrection,
No, I hear you.
It was less than 100 people, brother, that broke in.
Most of them antifa.
God bless you.
That's what happens, folks.
They don't want people to see the images.
I'm going quick to everybody.
Let's go to Tom in Washington.
Go ahead, Tom.
Alex, you there?
Hey, this is Tom from Washington.
First of all, I want to say I've been listening to you for 15 years.
I appreciate you bringing the truth to me for all these years.
You broke Bilderberg.
People thought I was nuts.
I've been trying to spread the word ever since I really wanted to get on here to reiterate a few points.
I was there.
I was among the first group standing back like 20 feet from the barricade to get tear gassed.
I watched old women get tear gassed.
I can attest to what the previous caller said about the Trump supporters getting angry after they started getting tear gassed by police.
We had vets, I have video of this too if you need the video, we had vets up there preaching
You know, throughout the entire day, saying, hey, I'm a vet, I'll fight for you, I would die for you.
But this is, this is the, you know, we are on your, the police are on our side.
Sir, we know what happened now.
Antifa, before Trump's speech even began, attacked.
Riot cops came out.
Then as people pushed forward, not knowing where they were supposed to go, they got attacked.
It was bad management to stand down by the Capitol.
It was all a psychological setup, a powder keg.
What happened with a football crowd, a basketball crowd, a soccer crowd, it was a guaranteed operation.
I'm 100% with you, and I can also attest to the people on the media tower.
So I watched those people climb the media tower, and I kept telling everybody they're trying to antagonize us.
They are trying to antagonize us.
And like I said, people didn't start getting mad.
I saw some people in front of me get pissed off, and I tried to get video, but my video was pointed down.
I gotta get to every caller before the show ends.
I gotta jump.
Carrie and then Josh in Florida.
Carrie in Oregon.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, thanks.
God bless you.
I was at the Capitol and
Sounding like I was at the backside, but at the rally, I think you walked about five feet away from me as you guys were making your way through the crowd.
Everyone is yelling your name and cheering.
Anyway, we were up on the second level of the Capitol in the back, and this man you had on earlier saying we were singing the National Anthem.
I was up on that second level looking down at people.
We were all singing the National Anthem.
We were all yelling USA.
That is absolutely correct.
Now, I had a clear visual of the door, one of the doors, that where they were trying to break in.
Lots of guys dressed in black there.
Now, can I say it was Antifa?
Of course I can't.
Well, I can because Antifa wears pink on their breathers or bandanas.
If you look, they're almost all wearing pink markers on black.
They wear black on pink.
What I did see was right in front of me, I was standing on the rail, right in front of me, guys were being pulled up.
They were scaling the wall or being pushed up from below, being pulled over the rail right in front of me.
In fact, I actually helped some of them.
And as soon as they got up there, they walked straight for that door.
No, that's it.
Thank you, Carrie.
I gotta jump.
Call me back again tomorrow.
We'll open the phones up again for all this.
Josh in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, um, I just want to say I think this was maybe the biggest military blunder in our fight.
This is like the equivalent of having two generals with the same army and just getting annihilated.
Well, this was like Pearl Harbor, but not the way Schumer said, we got snuck attack here.
Yeah, that's, that's, that's, that's what I mean.
I was out there, got there around 730.
Everything was peaceful and loud.
We didn't see, I didn't see one Confederate flag out there.
I didn't see anything like that.
But what I did see, and I was telling my buddy, was watch out for the people in camo and wearing face masks because that's not Trump people.
That's right.
They sent in military provocateurs, mercenaries, and leftists.
We have all the video.
You're absolutely right.
Great point.
I'm out of time.
Owen Troyer is coming up with the War Room.
I'm going to be co-hosting.
I'll pop in with him.
We've got a couple of special reports right up front that are very powerful that are going to be aired.
Everyone tune in.
We're good.
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